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incorrectmarvelquote · 19 hours ago
Harley: I made that whipped coffee thing today
Harley: I put like 6 packets of instant coffee in it
Tony: Please tell me you didn’t consume six shots of instant coffee?
Harley: [twitches]
Peter: I want that
Tony: No
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romanovanatalia · 3 years ago
Natasha: You deserve an award for putting up with me.
Bucky: You're my award.
Natasha: *blushes*
Steve: Ooh, let me try.
Steve: You deserve an award for putting up with me.
Tony: Yeah, you're a real bitch sometimes.
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Bucky: I hope you don’t do anything foolish.
Steve: I hope you’re not hoping too hard.
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theintrovertedmess · a year ago
Peter : I dare you to kiss the next person that enters the room
Bucky : I'm not kissing anybo-
Steve : *walks in*
Bucky :
Bucky : A dare is a dare so-
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incorrectmarvelquote · 17 hours ago
Peter: Well I mean if this school thing doesn’t work out then I’m gonna be a cowboy
Tony: [so tired] Kid, you’re the smartest kid in your whole school and you’ve never seen a cow in real life
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Steve, laying next to Bucky who is asleep: Nice.
Bucky, still asleep: [cuddles closer to Steve]
Steve, holding back tears: N I C E
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thjslove · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
incorrect marvel quotes this is for @superfandomqueen for the stevetony secret santa i hope this made you laugh and merry christmas!! 😊
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Steve: Stark! What are you doing tomorrow?
Tony: Having my day ruined with whatever you’re about to ask me to do.
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lulupoststhings · 2 years ago
Peter: hi everyone
Avengers&Loki: GOSH who g a v e you PERMISSION to be THIS 👏 DAMN 👏 CUTE 👏 like STOP this is t o o much for us WHAT wERE YOU thinking
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incorrectmarvelquote · 6 months ago
Peter: [whining] Mr Starrrk! Harley’s ugly!
Tony: [not paying attention, working on his suit] Harley, knock it off
Harley: [just chilling] what the fuck
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incorrectwintersoldier · 3 years ago
James 'Bucky' Barnes: I couldn't have done it without my sidekick.
Natasha Romanov: No offence James, but you're the sidekick.
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Bucky: If you would just let me murder your issues away, this wouldn’t be a problem.
Steve: You do realize murder is not the answer to everything, right?
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incorrectmarvelquote · a month ago
Steve: Whose turn is it to give the pep talk?
Tony: [sighing] It's Natasha’s turn…
Natasha: Fuck shit up out there but don't die
Clint: [wiping a tear away] Inspirational
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notonepiece · 8 months ago
Chopper: Everyone get their shots, it’s flu season.
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Go Crazy, Go Stupid
Peter: Mr Loki, can you say this? *shows picture*
Loki: what for?
Peter: just for educational purposes
Loki: *sighs* ok
Loki: go bonkers, go foolish
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sritzthefirefly · 6 months ago
Steve: I'm with you till the end of the line.
Bucky: Thanks Steve, that's nice, but I'm trying to use the bathroom here.
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