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pietrostits19 · 8 months ago
[Peter trying to stifle his laughter, while hiding in the vents] : Mr. White Wolf will never find me up here.
[Bucky looking around for Peter]: Peter this isn’t funny, where are you?
[Peter’s quiet laughter intensifies as he watches Bucky be clueless]
[Clint silently appearing behind Peter] : What are you laughing at Spider-baby?
[Peter screaming in surprise and falling through the vent and onto the floor in front of Bucky]: Oh hi Mr. White Wolf
[Bucky, unable to contain his laughter]: Thank you Clint, now, what does this message mean?
[Bucky points at his metal arm that has ‘GM Mr.WW’ in magnets on it]
Peter: Oh it means ‘Good Morning Mr. White Wolf’.
[Bucky, his face softening into a faint smile]: Good morning to you too Spidey
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sritzthefirefly · 10 months ago
Steve: I'm with you till the end of the line.
Bucky: Thanks Steve, that's nice, but I'm trying to use the bathroom here.
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strangerpsychofficeparks · 3 months ago
Tony: you know, Thor, I don't care what everyone else says. I think you're pretty smart.
Thor: :-)
Thor: :-O
Thor: |:-|
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insaneasgardian · 10 months ago
Calm Yelling
Bruce: Your tone is always so calm, I love that about you. How do you do it?
Y/N: I'm never 'calm' doctor, I'm just always yelling in lowercase.
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[Harley puts trick candles on Peter’s birthday cake that don’t blow out]
Harley: Haha now your wish can’t come true
Peter: Lucky for you I wished Tony would ship you back to Tennessee
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Tony: We’re very professional here in the lab
Peter and Harley: [wrestling on the floor]
Tony: Alright guys the next person to fart on someone else is getting a Wet Willy from Happy
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incorrectmarvelquote · a month ago
Bucky: [speaking into his arm that is recording] Day 14 in the Soul Stone, so far no notable incidents, people are finding various ways to amuse themselves. Right now the tree creature is singing “I am Groot” to the tune of Despacito, the greatest song of all time according to Spider-Boy. I can not detect any animosity between-
Peter: But why a falcon... why not- let’s say- and ostrich?
Bucky: Correction, Wilson is about to murder a minor. I have to go.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 3 months ago
Peter: I love sleepovers
Tony: This isn’t a sleepover you’re in the Medbay
Peter: But we got special drinks
Tony: That’s a blood transfusion you’re very hurt
Peter: Truth or dare
Tony: Dare
Bruce: TONY
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incorrectmarvelquote · 3 days ago
Harley: [placing down a card] King of Hearts
Peter: [places down a Pokemon card] Squirtle
Rhodey: What are they playing?
Tony: [sighing] Uno
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incorrectmarvelquote · 7 days ago
Harley: [drunk] Are we best friends?
Peter: [equally as drunk] Of course
Harley: Would you give me a kidney?
Peter: I would give you my left one
Harley: Well I want the right one
Peter: Well that’s just unreasonable
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incorrectmarvelquote · 13 days ago
Tony: What are you listening to?
Peter: A relaxation tape. Apparently rain sounds can help with anxiety
Tony: Is it working?
Peter: No the tape just made me have to pee and I had my panic attack on the toilet
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incorrectmarvelquote · 5 days ago
Tony: [Moving to give Peter a hug]
Peter: [flinches]
Tony: Why’d you move?
Peter: I thought you were gonna hit me
Tony: I was gonna hug you
Peter: Why would you hug me?
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incorrectmarvelquote · 11 days ago
Tony: [takes a deep breath] Today is gonna be a good day
Tony: [deep breath] There’s going to be no bullshit
Tony: [opens the door to see Peter standing there]
Peter: My shoes are on the roof again
Tony: [closes the door]
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incorrectmarvelquote · 3 months ago
Morgan: Dad, I’m a big girl, I don’t want dinosaur nuggets
Peter and Harley: [home from MIT for the weekend, sitting across the table after having a ketchup fight] Rawr rawr rawr rawr
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