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#loki laufeyson
his-glorious-writer · 2 days ago
Under the table
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Public blow job, reader is a cheeky little shit.
Authors note: 
Was payback really worth it?
You shuffle your feet closer to your chest as to not accidentally bump any of the other table guests and give away your hiding spot. At first, blowing Loki under the table at a royal family dinner seemed like a great revenge for the stunt he pulled last week, using his powers to play with your clit in front of the council of Asgard.
But feeling Loki’s thighs tense against your palms? Ok that definitely made it worth it.
You pull back a bit, releasing Loki from the confines of your throat  and hear a sigh of relief escape his lungs. But you don’t give him a moment to relax as you swirl your tongue around the soft head, before taking him all the way into the back of you throat again causing him to choke on his bite of food. You wait for a moment, holding him In your throat and letting him catch his breath before beginning to bob your head back and forth.
Loki is already on edge after hours of your teasing, and he tries to shut his thighs and force you off, but you grip his knees and force them apart. You give 100% then, pulling him down your throat with each bob, sucking his entire shaft, and swirling your tongue over his underside.
It’s only a moment later that he cries out and spills his seed down your throat. You swallow all of it, grinning to yourself. You have to stifle a laugh when you hear Thor ask Loki if he’s ok.
Oh yeah. Payback is worth it.
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Y/n: I don't think I'm going to put up a Christmas tree this year
Nat: why not?
Y/n: I already think the tree is a person when I walk past it real fast, and since I have loki on my ass 24/7 I'm probably gonna think hes a Christmas tree and walk past him then im gonna get kidnapped again
Nat: good point
Loki: *disguised by magic* damn it, well there goes that plan
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lindsey-laufeyson · a day ago
Texts from Loki
Request by @anonymousfiction211: “Maybe something before they were dating. Loki trying to get used to earth technology (coffee maker for example). He doesn't get it, but doesn't want to be made fun off. So he texts you?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TFL tag list: @ietss @theaudacitytowrite @anonymousfiction211 @shadyfarmcookiefish @tiredmamamac @69dyn420 @bisexualmess69 @kneelingsince2012 @winchestersgirl222 @storytheanimist @wildflowerwattpad0217 @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @dunohilly @darkacademicfrom2021 @browneyedgirl365 @youonlylizonce @blackwidownat2814 @d1a2n389 @idkdude44 @raven762 @immersed-in-mischief @ice-queen-of-music @likeitloveitblogit @owldwagitoutofyou @1marvelnerd3000 @nevenabadr @gabewerk @oceanmermaidwitch
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theaudacitytowrite · a day ago
Tony: So how long have you two been together?
Y/N: Oh, we're not dating.
Tony: Really? I mean you two hang out all the time, I was just thinking that-
Loki: Yeah, but we are just best friends.
Tony: And you're not talking to anyone else?
Y/N: Yeah, but it's not like we're together tho.
Tony: But when he just left he said "Bye, love you." and you said "I love you too."
Y/N: We're just friends.
Tony: Then you guys kissed? Like right on the lips.
Nat from the couch: It was passionate, I won't lie...
Loki: Ok, I can see how that one is a little confusing.
Tony: A little, yeah...
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clandestineloki · 9 hours ago
tony: y/n, you are beautiful, charming, elegant, and ethereal, would you like to date loki?
y/n: i'm sorr- wait what?
tony: what?
loki, walking in on the conversation: what?
tony: well SOMEONE had to do it, reindeer games
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3lenificrecs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
in a world where the old gods never truly died, you must learn to navigate your way through the ups and downs of immortality. and if living forever wasn’t hard enough, an ancient evil is now threatening to break free after centuries of silence. and as if that still wasn’t hard enough for you, now a pesky and infuriatingly handsome god is trying to wedge his way into your life. gods, work, love, and conflict—what more could a goddess need? [hades & persephone AU]
the things we’ve done
all you wanted was simplicity. you had moved to washington, DC for a better start - to get away from what you were, to get away from what you were expected to be. you never thought you’d meet the captain america in a bar just three days after moving. you never thought there would be a dangerous person in your apartment just hours after meeting him.
beginning with the events of captain america: the winter soldier, hydra sends its most deadly weapon after a powerful telepath untested in the range of her abilities. intrigued by the broken pieces of his mind, the two of you make an agreement: he helps you hide from hydra, and you repair and salvage what’s left of his memories.
guiding light
it was supposed to be a simple mission. get the intel and go home. until everything goes wrong and you’re taken captive by hydra. while you struggle to stay alive and hold your sanity, bucky begins to lose himself to a darkness and gives into the soldier because he doesn’t know how to breathe without you. not until he brings you home. if he even can.
the witness
owner of a bar full of criminals, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re the sole witness to a hydra hit. in comes detective barnes, the quick-witted, flirtatious cop who somehow became a regular at your misfit bar. when he takes it upon himself to ensure your safety off the books, you learn to rely on someone else for a change and find you don’t mind it at all. not when it’s him.
nothing to despair
bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to europe. he feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
vacant mirrors
shit’s been rough. shit was rough even before the blip. dr. hart shares an office with dr. raynor, and you share with waiting room with bucky barnes. set before tfatws; a friends-to-lovers, slowburn, eventual smut.
after an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. left with a storm of unchecked guilt, bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. this is, until sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you. [modern AU]
Tumblr media
all the kingdom lights shine just for me and you
you'd known this day would come since you were a child and learned you were the daughter of a king. knew you would be married off to a man in a foreign land for political gain and assurances of safety for your people. you'd prepared yourself for the eventuality that you would be given to a stranger, likely old and cruel and foul. you knew your fate would not be sweet.
you never expected this. you never expected him. a man with broad shoulders and golden hair and a kind face who laughs like claps of thunder and touches you with gentle hands. you never let yourself dream of this.
all there’s left to do is run
horse warlord thor finds you a captive in a raid of a desert village and gives you a choice. freedom by a quick death or taking his hand and going with him, to be his. you choose life, and with it, a husband who is wild and fierce and more than you could have ever imagined. [very rough dothraki AU]
tale as old as time
thor is a beast, prowling the halls of an empty castle alone, living a life of cold, barren solitude. villagers visit once yearly to bring him gifts he does not seek, piling valueless trinkets at his gate they feel will keep him appeased. they hate thor and thor knows, someday, that they will breach his gates and come for his head. he wonders to himself, often, if he will try to stop them when they do. this year, though, the offering has changed. thor finds not trinkets at his front gate, but a girl, and then everything begins to change. [a beauty and the beast AU]
Tumblr media
asgardian men and women normally fought battles side by side, so when the allfather strips away your opportunity to seek your revenge, you disguise yourself as a man. your pride prevents you from quitting, but how long can you keep your walls built up before someone sees through the cracks?
from the void, with love
a revisitation of a well-loved story; watch two forever-lovers fall in love again. canon divergent, set during loki (2020). 
of gilded cages and heart-shaped keys
loki odinson is the silver-tongued prince of asgard. a powerful user of magic, a wicked warrior in his own right — and, in an effort to strengthen relationships, your new husband.
Tumblr media
far from you (home)
y/n stark is really not here for this european school vacay because in this post-endgame world, she’s mourning the loss of her dad. but one (1) sticky boi peter parker is just trying to be the friend he once was while also trying not to flirt too much because if she rejects him (which she wouldn’t, not that he knows that) while they’re in venice holy hell he’ll just pitch himself off the gondola right then and there. basically, y/n has been distancing herself & peter misses her & this school trip is a great way for him to coax her back into the real world & y/n really loves peter but is super sensitive and scared to lose him & also mysterio shows up at some point ugh  @ nick fury leave ned leeds alone
something sinister → second installation of “far from you (home)”
y/n stark & peter parker are finally dating & they are all about it. senior year is only barely underway but they are ready to party hard with their friends, sneak around the compound to make out, & enjoy the last year before their future begins with college & more schooling. the future is unknown, but one thing is for sure - y/n & peter just want a freaking break. that field trip was a shit show & things are finally back to normal. but they’re both avengers & powerful ones at that, so they have to make some idiot enemies along the way that are obviously going to try & wreck their lives. villains really have no class anymore; can’t they see that peter just wants to snuggle his girlfriend?
secret wars → third installation of “far from you (home)”
all peter & y/n want to do is graduate college & get to work in the real world without any distractions. they just want to hang out with their friends, redecorate their apartment, & finally go on the spring break trip they’ve planned now for four (4) years that always ends up not happening. but of course when some weird stuff starts happening & avengers start going missing, the two youngest avengers have to get their shit together & figure out what the hell a beyonder is & where all their teammates are disappearing to. not to mention y/n is really done with the human torch trying to flirt with her boyfriend literally right in front of her like wtf does she have to do shove her tongue down peter’s throat in front of him? maybe. 
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Okay but like....
Tom hiddleston is 40
His character loki is like.. thousands of years old
Sebastian Stan is 39...
And bruno is 50
What is my obsession with older men? What the fork?
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Something Good (Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader) Part 57
Summary: You and Tom meet with the realtor before his movie premiere. With so many big events happening all at once, you do a lot of thinking and reflecting.
Read the previous parts here
Mischief Makers: @ruiningthe1975 @nms224 @youlightmeupfinn @salempoe @lokiprompts @oasiswithmyg @saltandapepper @chwlogy @locht3ssmonster @mad4marvelloki @sititran @dryyoursaltyoceantears @ca-loki @nurisiliel @thankyouforanonymity @tgaylorxoxo @ordinarylokix @1marvelnerd3000 @queenofallhobos @marvelgirl0515 @augusta-imperatrix @deanaddicted2 @geekwritersworld @donttouchmylaevateinn @rogerrhqpsody @artof-aristocracy @vampire7595 @naturalavenger @dangertoozmanykids101 @nicole-lightfoot @mm2305 @lokistoriesblog @rosec0lored @lokiswildheartcantbebroken @morganmofresh @lienoec @christineblood @asgardianprincess1050 @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @prettylittlepluviophile @michakune @lizolsensgf @pakalanalei @develin13 @mariahlaufeyson @huntress-artemiss @newtomofgods @agentkinghorn @d1a2n389 @gold-bea @bouffantofdoom @toujurspure @moon-mayari @sleutherclaw @my-river-lilly @blackwidownat2814 @olaxhollander @paetonnn
Tumblr media
The sound of the alarm seemed to be at unacceptably high decibels as the beeps ricocheted off the walls of the hotel suite. You let out a whiney groan as Tom blindly felt around on the nightstand beside him for the disrespectful device.
“Blood hell!”
Finally throwing on his glasses, he realized it wasn’t there and was still in the back pocket of his jeans that had been carelessly discarded on the floor at the foot of the bed.
“Please make it stop!”
After what felt like an eternity, the room returned to a tolerable silence. When Tom collapsed back onto the bed, you curled into him for comfort.
“I hate you, Hiddleston.”
With his face buried into the bed as he laid on his stomach, you felt the laughter more than you actually heard it. Turning to look at you, he sighed and tucked the hair behind your ear.
“Now love, is that anyway to greet your fiancé?”
You smiled as you looked down at the rock on your left hand and remembered last night… well the parts that were still clear. The excitement was short lived as your hangover made its presence known once again.
“Explain to me again, why it was a good idea to finish off the entire bottle of champagne? I feel like someone killed me then brought me back to life.”
He pulled you against him as he rolled up onto his side. His voice was low and soft to not increase the headaches you both had in the moment.
“Because you decided it was your turn to use the champagne on me, with a few drinks from the bottle yourself. By then we were already tipsy and thought it was best to finish off the entire thing while stuffing our faces with cheeseburgers and chocolate cake at 3am, my love.”
At the mention of the extremely late dinner, you moaned out loud.
“Mmmm those cheeseburgers were the best though. Even better than I remember.”
Leaving a gentle kiss on your cheek as he snuggled into you, he chuckled in your ear.
“I do believe that would have been the alcohol, baby. Cheeseburgers are always better when drunk. How about I go grab us some water and aspirin then we get in a quick shower before we have to meet the realtor? How does that sound?”
“Nothing is quick when we shower together, babe…”
He leaned in to leave a series of kisses down your neck before slowly rolling himself out of the bed.
“Oh, I’m counting on that, darling. That’s why I set the alarm to allow time for delays.”
The wink he gave you made you laugh as you tried to force yourself out of the comfort of the plush cocoon.
Even with the extra time set aside for distractions, the two of you made it right on time to the small café the realtor had suggested. Luckily Tom knew who you were meeting since you were still trying to feel human after the private celebrating the two of you had done until the early morning hours.
“Ah, there you are, dear!”
With his hand laced through yours, he led you to a corner booth where a woman close to your age was seated. You watched as he leaned in and kissed her cheek and gave her a quick hug before turning to you with a huge grin on his face.
“Darling, this is Jen. She sold me the house years back and has found both of Ben and Sophie’s homes for them. Jen, this is Y/N. Although, I’m sure you know her as Georgia.”
Her eyes lit up when she heard the name and immediately pulled you in for a hug.
“The famous Georgia! Yes! I’ve heard so much about you, love! The way these three go on about you, I’ve wanted to meet you for ages. You’re practically all that boyfriend of yours will talk about!”
You smiled up at him to see him already smiling down at you. Without looking back at her, he corrected the title.
Now noticing the ring on your hand, her squeals broke the trance the two of you were under. You laughed as she took your hand to get a better look at the ring.
“Congratulations, you two! Oh, it’s gorgeous! Good job, Thomas! Now, I really can’t wait to find you the perfect home!”
Their initial greeting with each other made you the slightest bit on edge until you got to know Jen better over the lunch. She really was a sweetheart and it helped that Tom could barely take his eyes off you.
“I think I have a pretty good understanding of what you two are looking for based on the information you sent over last night, but I have a few more questions… which is more important, a bigger yard or closer to downtown London?”
The two of you looked at each other and you already knew each other’s answer. Tom decided to speak up on this one.
“A bigger yard. I really like the space Bobby has at the home we are currently renting in Atlanta. Plus, it would be nice to have the space for children someday.”
She eagerly took notes as you couldn’t peel your eyes away from his. It was so hard to believe that this was your reality right now. In the span of 24 hours, the two of you were now getting married and buying a house together.
“A breakfast nook in the kitchen or a formal dining room?”
That one was a tougher one. You laughed when you both gave each other the same confused expression at the same time.
“What do you think, baby? It’s your call.”
Jen smiled and decided to step in.
“If neither of you have a strong preference, we can look at both and go from there. If it’s not a factor for you now, then it will just depend on the home you fall in love with. Sound good?”
Both of you sighed as she moved on to her final question.
“Have you thought about schools?”
That one completely stumped you both as you blankly stared at each other then back at her again.
“I suppose that is something we would need to consider, isn’t it? I hadn’t thought much about when I bought the previous home.”
Nodding as she took notes, you watched her make a list of notes on the yellow pad of paper in the binder before flipping through a stack of pages in her hand.
“There are several great primary schools in the area. My suggestion would be to talk to Ben and Sophie about it since they did lots of research last year before moving since Kit was starting school. If you trust their opinion, we can begin with homes in their area and move out from there. While it is a factor, you both still have time before it needs to be decided. At the worst, if you choose to move to a different one, you have my number!”
Between the hangover and discussion about house shopping, your mind was spinning. As if she could tell that the two of you were overwhelmed, she suggested that it was enough for the day. Knowing you had plans for the evening, she promised to send over a few more listings to Tom’s email in a few hours and set a time for the three of you to meet up for a quick breakfast in the morning before going to look at homes.
The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity. After getting in a short nap, the two of you woke up a few minutes before the team showed up to get you ready for the premiere. Since they needed more space for the multiple racks of dresses for you, Tom elected to get ready in the guest room that had been yours before. Your mind drifted off to all the previous public events that you had endured in order to be on his arm. While sitting in the chair while a team of people rushed around you, you always thought back to the anxiety and panic of the first one. It still held some pain for you, but after everything that had taken place this year, it didn’t seem to have as much hold on your heart anymore. While each time had been slightly easier than before, it still wasn’t something you enjoyed. A smile graced your lips as you realized you were absentmindedly spinning the ring on your finger as if it was already a part of you now. His words from last night returned to the front of your mind. Tom was actually stepping down from acting for you. Yes, it had worried you still when you first came back, but now that so much time had passed since that day, you weren’t so sure. Maybe it had more to do with wanting to feel important to him than it did with you fitting in with the scene. The events just seemed to drive home the insecurities you felt that you wouldn’t be enough for him. Although you never looked forward to the press and attention surround these events, you hadn’t thought about what would happen if it was the last time. The thought crossed your mind that this could be Tom’s last movie. His last premiere. His last public appearance. He was nearly done with his obligations for Loki and then there was nothing scheduled after that. The thought was both relieving and somehow… sad. The sound of your text alert brought you back from the dark path you were taking in your mind. As if he could feel your tension from across the suite, he knew exactly what to say in the moment, even if he wasn’t in the room with you.
How are you, my love? If this is too much, just say the word and we won’t go. I can have everyone out of that room in two minutes.
You quickly typed out a response smiling at the device the entire time.
I’m doing okay, surprisingly. Nearly ready. I love you, handsome. Can’t wait to see you.
As you set the phone down on the vanity in front of you, an idea came to mind. You grabbed Trevor’s arm as he walked by.
“If I showed you a photograph, do you think you might have a dress that is similar?”
The gentleman overseeing the wardrobe for you two simply nodded as he glanced at your cell and then disappeared behind you to search through the racks. The dress he returned with happen to be extremely similar, while still different enough to not be a repeat of a past event.
“It’s perfect…”
The team shifted gears and made the last-minute changes with finesse. Seeing that he had replied, you glanced at the text as they talked about whether the new gown should be an updo or not.
I love you too, baby. So very much. I’m sure you will look gorgeous as always and I can’t wait to show you off tonight. I miss you.
Just as Tom was finishing the knot in his tie, Trevor walked into the room with another garment bag in his hand.
“Alright, take it off. Change of plans.”
He gave him a confused look as he looked down at the suit that was now completed and looked at the bag hanging on the door in front of him.
“Your girl decided to switch dresses. The two of you no longer coordinate in this suit. So, strip and put this one on. She should be ready in 10.”
Tom shook his head as he undid the tie and quickly stripped off the jacket and handed it off to him.
“Of course, she did…”
Ten minutes later, Tom was pacing the floor of the living room as he checked his watch. The wardrobe change had cost the two of you time but if you still left soon, you would be right on schedule. He was just about to go knock on the bedroom door when it opened. His jaw dropped as you stepped out.
“Baby… wow.”
You smiled at him and shifted your weight awkwardly.
“It’s not too much is it?”
Tom stared at you and took it all in. The dress was a form fitted navy blue gown like the one you had worn for the Oscars in 2014, the first awards show together that he had recently found out had been one of the worst nights of your life thanks to him. This one however was a one-shoulder style with a sheer lacy strap over your right shoulder with flowers that covered the bodice and ran down your left hip. Since they were the same color as the rest of the dress, they blended in perfectly and added the right amount of detail to the elegant dress. As you did a spin for him, he noticed the lace on your shoulder covered most of your back where it connected with the gown in the middle with the same flowers cascading down to your hip. Your hair was pulled up into a bun with each hair perfectly in place compared to the loose messy ones you normally sported. He was speechless…
“No, it’s incredible, darling… you’re…stunning. Not that you aren’t always! It’s just… breath taking.”
You couldn’t help but feel like you just stared at each other awkwardly while both trying to find the right words. Your eyes skipped over Tom’s body in a form fitted black suit with a crisp white dress shirt underneath. His tie was the exact color navy blue as your dress and reminded you of the bow tie he had worn to coordinate the night at the Oscar’s. Unlike that night though, you had his complete attention this time as his eyes never left you. It was somewhat comical to see him so stunned.
“You going to stand there and stare at me all night, Hollywood, or are you going to your premiere?”
That seemed to snap him out of it as he looked down at his watch and crossed the room to take your wrap from Trevor before guiding you to the door. As the town car winded through the streets of downtown London, you watched him sneak in glances over at you.
“You’re staring, Hiddleston…”
His cheeks held a blush from getting caught. Tom squeezed your hand a little tighter and fidgeted with the ring that now graced your left hand.
“Sorry, love. You just look magnificent tonight. The dress reminds me a lot of the one you wore that first time, at the Oscars. Was that intentional?”
Leaning over against his shoulder, you looked down at your hand as he twisted the ring the same way you had done earlier while getting ready. The motion was incredibly calming somehow.
“It was. Getting ready today just got me thinking about everything. If you’re really quitting, this could be the last event together and I wanted it to be memorable for you. I know you said the night we laid it all on the line that you loved that dress. Knowing what I know now, I wanted to replace my memories of that night with better ones. Besides, babe, this is the first event that we are officially together and it all just feels so… different for me.”
You turned to face him more as you rested your head against the back of the seat and studied his face.
“Can I tell you a secret, Hollywood?”
The corner of his lips curled up into the slightest smirk as he faced you and mirrored your position while keeping is grip on your hand.
“Always, George.”
Looking down at your intertwined fingers, you took a deep breath and tried to piece together your words.
“Every single event that I can remember, at some point in the night, my mind would always return to the same thoughts every time. I would wonder if the way you looked at me and how affectionate you were being was just you caught up in the mood of the night or if it all meant something more. Now knowing how you felt all along, it makes sense that I would pick up on it. It’s like your guard would slip and you would show me your true feelings for just a few hours until we went back to being us the next morning. The first few events it hurt to think about, like it was some cruel joke after I started to believe that what we had wasn’t real. Eventually when I healed and moved on from it all, I would daydream and wonder what it would be like to be your actual date and not just a casual plus one. Sometimes I even let myself pretend for the night that we were something more, even if I had been dating someone else at the time. I guess in a way, even though I had let myself move on and come to terms with just being friends, a small part of me never quite gave up hope that in another place and another time, things had worked out for us.”
Tom was a lot for words as he just watched you. After a moment, he sighed and voiced his thoughts like the two of had promised to do the weekend you came back to him.
“I suppose you’re right, Georgia. Most of the time, I was able to pretend that you were simply my best friend and keep my feelings in check when we were together. Something about those nights made it impossible. I don’t know if it was having you by my side for something so special or like you said, the mood that surrounded the evening, but I was never able to act like I wasn’t madly in love with you during those moments. You were always the one person I wanted next to me at the premiere of a new movie or when I was nominated for another award. I’ll admit that I had the same thoughts, but in my mind, you were never just a plus one. Even if you weren’t aware of it, I brought you as my actual date every single time, darling. You were there as my best friend, my partner, my support system, and most importantly, the woman I love…”
With tears in your eyes, you pulled him in for a gentle kiss as you stroked his cheek.
“I love you so much.”
His deep blue eyes had started to glisten as well.
“I love you too, baby. More than you will ever know.”
The car slowed down to a stop as it pulled into the back of the line waiting for your turn on the red carpet. Knowing you only had a couple of minutes, you took both of his hands into yours and looked deep into his eyes.
“Thomas William. Before we go out there and the night gets insane, I just need to say something to you. I want you to know how incredibly proud of you I am. You have always put in a thousand percent of yourself into your work and never once stepped on anyone to do it. I know every single cast and crew member in this project would agree with me that you are the most humble and genuine person and always put everyone else above yourself. Every single person I spoke to during filming had the same thing to say about you. No matter how small a role they played in all of this, you still treated them like they were important. I feel truly blessed to have gotten the chance to experience this with you and the fact that I fell in love with you all over again during the process only makes it more special. If you truly decide to quit acting, I will support your decision. If you decide to not give up on this gift you have been given, I am still by your side for this journey. I have always been and will always be your biggest fan and supporter, babe. I want you to enjoy your night and know that there is no pretending or wishing tonight, my love. I am here tonight as the woman who loves you and wants to spend the rest of my life with you. I know it will be crazy out there but for the first time, I’m not scared, because I have you and all of you this time. I know we hadn’t really discussed how to release the news of our engagement to the press, but I am willing to step out onto the carpet on your arm with this rock on my hand and let the whole world know that I am yours, and that you are mine. It’s you and me forever, Hollywood.”
The smile that had crept across his face as you spoke immediately faded as he thought about the news for the first time.
“Oh, dear. I hadn’t even thought about the ring. Are you sure you want to do that, sweetheart? I understand if you want to keep it in your clutch for the evening. I mean we’ve been engaged for less than a day. The second one of them spots it, chaos is sure to erupt.”
You looked up to realize that your car was next, and the flashing was already in sight through the tinted windows.
“They will find out eventually, Thomas. It’s your call, but I say let’s give them something to talk about.”
He thought about it for a moment before returning your smile.
“Alright baby, if you insist. Luke will be waiting for us when we get out and I’ll fill him in. I promise I’ll stay by your side the entire time and if at any point it becomes too much, you know what to do, darling. I’m sure they will want interviews as well. If so, I’ll leave you with Luke and handle it for us. I can’t believe we’re doing this, George… I feel like I’m dreaming.”
When the car came to a stop, Luke was at Tom’s door. You both took a deep breath and shared a quick kiss. As soon as the door opened to reveal all 6 foot 2 inches of Tom Hiddleston stepping out, the screams and flashes kicked off. Quickly waving at the crowd of fans behind the barricades, he turned and offered you his hand to step out.
“Ready, George?”
You gave him the biggest smile.
“As ready as I’m going to be.”
As you took his hand and stepped out, he leaned down and whispered to Luke. You smiled as his eyes locked onto yours and widened before darting down to your left hand. The smile on his face and the tears that formed in the corners of his eyes told you everything. The nod he gave the two of you may have been a simple gesture to Tom, but to you, it meant so much more. It meant that all the pain and heartbreak Luke had helped you through during the first half of the year had brought you to this moment. Evil had lost and the simple girl from Georgia had gotten her happy ending. Giving you a kiss on the cheek, his words were only shared between the two of you.
Congrats, George. Now go show him off.
You didn’t miss the wink as he pulled away and lead the two of you through the tunnel of screaming fans as Tom stopped to sign a few autographs. Now at the beginning of the press line, Tom leaned down next to your ear.
“Deep breath, my love. Here we go…”
Just before stepping out onto the iconic red carpet, he took your left had that had been tucked into his and draped it through the crook of his arm. You both looked down at it at the same time before smiling at each other. The diamond sparkled in the lights and would be impossible to miss. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek and led the two of you out in front of the press line. As expected, within a few seconds, the engagement ring had been spotted and the sound was deafening. Trying to breath through the panic, you made sure to smile and continued to glance up at him to ground yourself. It surprised you when suddenly your name was being shouted as well. Of course, after attending so many events and being publicly tied to him for years, they would know your name.
When you looked back up at Tom just as the two of you made it to the middle of the line, he looked back at you with an expression of pure mischief. Understanding the look you gave in return, he leaned down to your ear.
“What do you say we really give the papers something to talk about, darling…”
Even though you didn’t know what exactly he had in mind, you knew that he knew what he was doing and you trusted him. With a shrug, you nodded your head. In front of some of the most well-known media outlets in the world, he gave you that signature sexy wink and pulled you in to him for a mind blowing kiss. Just as the noise around you disappeared and you got lost in the feel of his lips, you felt yourself being dipped backwards. Returning to your feet stunned and out of breath, the screams exploded around the two of you. Catching the glare that Luke was sending the two of you, you couldn’t help but laugh. You wrapped your arm around Tom’s right side and rested your left on his chest to make sure the ring was on full display.
“Mr. Windsor does not look pleased.”
He kissed the side of your head and chuckled.
“He’ll get over it, baby. I needed to show the world who I belong to.”
As promised, when he moved to the section of reporters waiting for interviews on his new movie, he gave you a quick kiss before handing you off to Luke and stepping forward to make his way down the line.
“So, was that little stunt your idea or his?”
You rolled your eyes at him before returning your attention to the gorgeous man who loved you.
“Like you really have to ask, Luke? He certainly broke the hearts of millions of men and women with the move. No denying he is off the market now.”
Luke shook his head as a smirk formed.
“Those poor Hiddlestoners.”
Your laugh was louder than you planned. He couldn’t help but join you until he pointed back towards Tom. When you turned your attention back to him, he was looking at you. The expression on his face let you know he was asking if you would be willing to join him. Stepping aside, he showed you the person interviewing him now was Josh Horowitz with MTV. Knowing how close they had been through the years and the fact that you had gotten to know him well over so many events, it made sense that Tom would want you to join him for the interview. With a smile you made your way over.
“Hi, Josh. It’s so good to see you!”
He immediately pulled you in for a hug.
“You too, Georgia! I’m so happy for you guys! Tom just told me the news. Do you mind if I interview you both for the story?”
Feeling Tom’s gaze on you, you looked up at him.
“He’s already gotten what he needs for the movie. I figured of anyone I would give an exclusive to about us, it would be Josh. That is, only if you want, love.”
Knowing that he had never crossed the line with Tom and always respected the topics that were off limits, he was honestly the only one you would feel comfortable being interviewed by.
“Sure, I’d be happy to.”
Josh quickly went over what he planned to ask to make sure it was alright and then the two of them switched back into their professional roles in front of your eyes.
“I’m here with the one and only Tom Hiddleston and I see that congrats are in order!”
Tom’s smile couldn’t have been any wider as he squeezed your hand and shot you a wink.
“Thank you, Josh. I couldn’t be any happier.”
Josh turned his attention to you.
“Y/N, you look gorgeous as always.”
“Thank you, Josh. You’re too sweet.”
“I’m sure this is an exciting night for you as well. I know you had the chance to be on set with Tom while he was filming. What was that like for you to go from attending so many of these premieres over the years to getting to see the other side of things?”
You smiled up at Tom before answering, luckily given the chance to come up with your answer knowing the question was coming.
“It was an amazing opportunity to see how it all comes together. The entire cast and crew were like a big family and it was an experience I am beyond grateful to have had. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch this guy work every day? He’s incredible!”
Tom immediately blushed and got embarrassed at the praise.
“You’re too kind, love. I promise I didn’t pay her to say that.”
The three of you shared a laugh before Josh directed his attention back to Tom.
“Now, I’ve known the two of you for years, so it’s no surprise to me that this amazing woman beside you is the future Mrs. Hiddleston. For those that don’t know your story, I’m sure the engagement is a shock. I know you like to keep your personal life private, but what can you tell us about what led up to that beautiful ring on her finger?”
He wrapped his arm tighter around your waist as he looked at you with absolute pride and affection.
“Thanks, mate. Y/N is most definitely an incredible woman. She and I met on a flight to London just before the premiere of Dark World over nine years ago and became instant best friends. Those that follow my career will recognize her as the mystery woman at most of my premieres and events. Y/N has been my biggest supporter through all of it and last year even filled in as my personal assistant for a time, which is why she was on the set during filming. I will forever be grateful for getting to spend so much time with her. I don’t think I would have the privilege to call her my fiancé without the chance to grow so close. This summer we began dating while I was in Atlanta filming the second season of Loki and I’ve never been more in love. I get to marry my best friend. It’s truly a dream come true.”
There were tears glistening in his eyes as he looked back to you to see tears in yours as well. Tom had so eloquently told your story while keeping all the important details private and between the two of you.
“That’s amazing, man. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that many people have been rooting for the two of you over the years. In fact, I heard that many of your Marvel castmates have already reached out to send their well wishes. I heard most of them even said it was about time!”
Both of you let out an awkward laugh as Tom rubbed the back of his neck.
“Yes, many of them had the chance to meet Y/N in 2014 and have been trying to get us together ever since. They are like a second family to me, to both of us really, and they couldn’t be happier that they get to finally officially bring this one into the family.”
Pulling you in, he gently kissed your cheek, causing you to smile up at him once again.
“Speaking of Marvel, I know you said you just wrapped the second season of Loki recently and that is scheduled to be released early next year. Any other projects in the works you can talk about? What’s next for Tom Hiddleston?”
He shared a look with you before looking back at Josh.
“I suppose planning a wedding is the next project for me, or for us I should say. I’ve actually chosen to step down from acting for the time being. I’ve been going for the last ten years without many breaks and I’d like some time to just enjoy being married and travel. There are a few destinations I’d like to check of someone’s bucket list.”
Josh seemed surprised at the answer but quickly recovered.
“Wow… well of course we’ll miss seeing the characters you bring to life but it’s a great reason to take some time to yourself. I know the two of you have a movie to go see so I won’t keep you any longer. Congratulations on the movie, Tom and of course congrats to you both on the engagement. As a friend, I wish guys a lifetime of happiness.”
The two of you both thanked him and gave him a quick hug before making your way inside finally. Once inside the privacy of the building and away from the press, you both took a deep breath and shared a moment together. No words were said, but they weren’t needed. The look of pure love and amazement on his face was enough to make you feel safe and secure. For the first time, you were perfectly calm and at peace at a public event with him. Tom knew by looking in your eyes that you were truly happy and felt loved and cherished. There wasn’t a single trace of panic on your face, and he felt like he had done his job and taken care of you. His purpose in life was not the fame and fortune. It was to protect you at all costs and put you first as his priority.
The moment came to an end when various cast and crew made their way over to you to give you hugs and well wishes and of course all the women had to see the ring. It felt amazing to share the excitement with those you cared about and made you even more eager to see your mother on Monday. Before you knew it, everyone was being ushered into the theatre towards their seats as the film appeared on the screen.
Even though you had seen many of the scenes already from a different angle, it felt magical to see it all tied together. Just as he did at every single premiere, Tom spend most of the movie watching you instead of the screen. There was just something about experiencing the film through your eyes. Your opinion was the only one that mattered to him and each shift in your expression or curl of your lips breathed life into him. This is why he did it. It was all for you.
Just as the scene began towards the end of the film, your breath caught in your throat. You must have read those lines hundreds of the times over the months during filming. Tom’s character was about to profess his love. As the lines quickly led up to the start of his monologue, your mind raced with memories of the shoot. You were hearing a very drugged Tom ask you to marry him. You were sharing your first kiss with him since London in the kitchen of the condo in New Zealand. You replayed a brief glimpse of the passion between the two of you. You experienced the confusion of your feelings and realizing you were in love. You felt the high of hearing him say he loved you on a snowy Christmas Eve and felt the low of the next four months. Tears began to stream down your face as the pain returned and brought with it the harsh words, the screaming, and the soul-crushing pain of having to walk away from him.
You felt him squeeze your hand as the monologue began. Returning your attention back to the screen, you quickly realized something. After spending so many hours on set, you knew the camera placements. You knew the exact layout surrounding the scene. You also knew where your chair was set up in reference to his mark. Because of this, you knew that his eyes were noton the actress in front of him, but over her head. To everyone else in the theatre, the characters on the screen were sharing a heartfelt moment. To you, the spell was broken and the man on the screen was just… Tom. As if he knew that you had just realized that his focus was on you as you watched him on set just over his costars shoulder, he placed his finger under your chin and softly turned your focus towards him as he sat in the seat next to you. With the light from the screen illuminating his face, you saw the tears in his eyes as he stared at you. Just as the monologue was wrapping up, he began to silently mouth the lines directly to you…
Don’t you see? It’s you. It’s always been you and it will always be you. I could spend an eternity with you, and it would never be enough time. I am so undeniably and uncontrollably in love with you. So, say yes. Just say you feel it too. Say you’ll be mine. Say you’ll let me love you and I promise you that you’ll never be alone ever again.
You didn’t need to look at the screen to know that Tom’s character was staring into her eyes as his hand softly grazed her cheek because you could feel his hand on your own cheek. In perfect time with the movie that you were no longer paying attention to, Tom pulled you in for the passionate, time-stopping movie kiss that you had always wanted.
It was everything you had ever wanted. He was delivering the lines to you. He was kissing you. He was in love with you. He was choosing to spend forever with you. The memories of the last six months replaced your thoughts of the painful ones. You saw the look on his face as he ran towards you on the movie lot. You felt his relief when you told him you were staying. You replayed so many amazing moments together as you explored the love that had blossomed between you. You remembered the swirl of emotions at seeing him down on one knee last night and the words he said from his heart.
With his mouth exploring yours, it was enough to muffle the sob that broke free as the tears came all at once. The two of you paid no attention to the final few minutes of the film as you focused on conveying all the love and devotion you felt for each other in a single life-altering kiss. If the world ended in this very moment, you didn’t care, because for the first time in your life, you were truly loved and cherished and you would never be alone again.
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fanonical · 2 days ago
loki decides to quit villainy as a profession and instead take up a job as a singer. because he doesn't know human culture that well, he decides sticking to traditional tunes is better than guessing what's popular
of course, he calls himself folki
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lindsey-laufeyson · 18 hours ago
An idea for Texts from Loki: first time Loki is alone with the baby and she has a VERY 💩 diaper. I’m talkin’ liquid because maybe she ate something that didn’t sit well with her tummy. Loki freaks out and maybe doesn’t want her to think he’s incapable and texts Thor and other Avengers for help?
Texts from Loki
Oh Shit
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-emo-asgardian · 22 hours ago
Love Keeps Me Here
Pairing: Loki x reader Summary: After inviting you to the Tower for Christmas, Loki can’t help but find himself drawn ever closer to you. He hatches a plan to not only be able to see you again, but to make your dreams come true. Warnings: not proofread A/N: Part 2 to this (thanks to @abraodwaystateofmind​ @lokismidgardian and @electroma89​ for asking for it!)
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Tumblr media
The party wasn’t anything particularly spectacular; Tony had certainly thrown more extravagant ones. Still, it seemed enough to awe you just being in the Tower. Loki was, however, an odd mix of sad and glad that you were acting rather timid. On the one hand, he wanted you to be able to enjoy the party and go mingle with everyone. On the other, you were sticking by his side.
Either way, the god was glad he’d rescued you from spending Christmas alone. It wasn’t hard to miss how your eyes lit up at the huge, beautifully trimmed tree. And if tonight went well, who knows? Maybe he could see you again. After all, the diner you owned wasn’t that far from the city.
Thor was quicker to introduce you to the other Avengers than Loki was, telling them that you had saved his brother.
“I didn’t do anything as heroic as all that,” you protested, nervously waving off the notion. “Loki just happened to come into my diner is all.”
“Perhaps, but you did take rather good care of me,” Loki chimed in. Then he explained to the group, “Thor and I thought to return the favor.”
The general consensus seemed to be the more the merrier. Besides you and the Avengers, SHIELD agents, tower workers, and their families populated the party. Everyone looked relaxed, a calm vibe in the room that you were sure was far from the usual stressed one when they were on the clock. 
“I do hope this isn’t overwhelming,” Loki said to you once the rest of the group had dispersed. “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, yes?”
You nodded. “Of course.”
The two of you took a seat together, somewhat removed from the general hubbub of the party. Loki regarded you again as your wide eyes took in the scene again. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something about you was cute. Perhaps it was the way you fidgeted nervously with your hands. Or maybe the way you were so genuine and kind. Or maybe it was that soft look you had in your eye when you gazed at him.
“Loki, are you alright?” you asked. “Your face is all red!”
He was quick to cover his blushing face in his hands. “Yes, yes. Just a tad warm. I am going to fetch some water; I’ll bring you a glass too.”
He returned quickly, before you could get roped into another conversation or feel awkward for sitting all by your lonesome. You took a sip of the water he handed you, thanking the god with a smile.
“So do you like living in the city?” you questioned. “I imiagine it’s quite different from Asgard.”
“Quite indeed, and sometimes I find all the hustle and bustle and busy streets far too stressful, but overall I enjoy the experience. There are plenty of things to do, though I do prefer to stay in a decent amount. Ah, but the cafes and bookshops in the city are to die for.”
You chuckled. “You’ll have to take me to some.”
Blushing again, though less than last time, Loki nodded. “I would like that.”
“You know I was going to open my diner in the city, but rent was too expensive,” you chuckled. “It’s just a pipe dream at this point.”
An idea popped into his mind. “Well, they say to never give up on your dreams.”
“Why are you smiling like you know something I don’t?” you chuckled.
Loki took your hand without really thinking about it. “Maybe I do.”
You leaned in a little closer to him. “How mysterious.”
“Brother! Small friend!” Thor, looking like he was heading fast towards tipsy, greeted as he came over. “Come dance with me!”
Giggling, you agreed, figuring that if you were at the party, you might as well participate. Reluctantly, Loki followed, but not so fast that he got to be your dance partner. No, his oaf of a brother stole that position.
“Consider it motivation, brother,” Thor said, far too joyfully as he deigned to make room for his brother. “I’m going to go scope out the mistletoe locations.”
“Thor,” Loki hissed, but didn’t chase after him. He’d much rather dance with you.
The mischief god was loathe to admit it, but his brother was on to something. He was feeling… Well, he was feeling something for you. He certainly didn’t want to part any time soon. Alas, the end of the night came far too soon.
By some miracle, Thor hadn’t dragged to two of you under one of the hanging holiday plants, so Loki was saved from that embarrassment. Luckier still, he’d arranged to drive you home without interference from his fellow god. And if at the point when you’d arrived at your home, Loki hadn’t figured out he was head over heels in love with you, he would have figured it out when he gazed into your soft eyes as you invited him inside for a cup of coffee.
As he sat on your couch, waiting for you to bring some, he began to gather his courage. “I happen to have a gift for you,” he said once you’d taken a seat next to him.
“Oh? That’s so kind. But really, I don’t need anything!”
“I insist.”
Loki handed you an envelope, watching as you opened it and befuddlement overtook your features. You looked it over once, then twice.
“Loki, what is this?” You glanced down at the check again, made out to you. “You already paid for your meal, and anyway, this would be far too much.”
Feeling a bit nervous again, his words were a bit rushed. “Yes, well, you mentioned wanting to open a diner in the city and I’ve tasted your delicious food; I wouldn’t mind having easier access to it. So, I’m making an investment.”
He began to worry this was rude. Maybe you didn’t want his money and were offended by the notion. But in reality, he had an underlying motive: Loki wanted an excuse to see you more. Of course, he was too nervous to come right out and say that. Still, he began to panic, and rushed to explain himself in some way.
“Now, do not feel obligated to take it! No, it is merely an offer if you wish me to be an investor, I suppose. I really think more people should taste your food, and it is your dream and all. But it is your call, and I shall respect whatever you deci-”
Stunned, the god cut off and became a blushing mess. You’d kissed his cheek! Oh, happy days! He was quite ready to burst with joy.  “I’ll accept on one condition; of this is truly an investment and not just charity, you actually have to be involved in the whole process. I know you’re busy with being an Avenger, but… But I think you should stop by sometimes, especially when I’m getting it off the ground.”
He smiled, almost cat-like. “Oh? Is that all? It would be my pleasure.”
His heart leapt at the idea of owning a restaurant with you. He always loved those charming little family-owned places. If he were lucky enough, maybe one day he could call you his family. 
Either way, he was sure he would love you, sure he was halfway there already. So for you, he’d always stay.
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justthehiddleswrites · 2 days ago
The Ties That Bind | Chapter 1 | Friday Night
Tumblr media
A/N:  This is unlike anything else I have ever written.  It is dark fic.  It is a Mafia AU. There may or may not have a happy ending.  So read at your own risk. The chapters are likely to be shorter in this fic from time to time.  Also writing credit goes to @fadingcoast , @lokifae42 , and @emeraldrosequartz​ . Not only did they write parts of the first few chapters, but they created the inspiration for the entire premise and fic.  And I am forever in their debt for it.  Thank you. 
Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x OFC (Jae Birichinata), Tom Hiddleston x OFC (Madison McMahon), Loki Laufeyson x OFC (Jae Birichinata)
Summary: When a one night stand with the only daughter of one of New York’s biggest crime bosses results in a pregnancy, Tom is trapped. Fast forward, now 10 years later, Tom is stuck in a loveless and cruel marriage with four kids (only one is his), a cheating wife, and no escape.  The only bright spot is in his life is his love, Madison, the sweet bookshop clerk working a block away from the university he teaches at.  Going on four years sneaking around with Madison, Tom is certain Madison’s important news is she is breaking up with him.  The truth rocks his core.  
Now Tom has only one goal, getting his son, William, and himself out of the hellscape called his life alive.  A vindictive wife, in laws with access to money, resources, and brute force, and not to mention his wife’s lover who is more than meets the eye, Tom is starting to wonder if his father-in-law is right. No one leaves the family alive.
Trigger Warnings:  Violence (both graphic and implied), forced marriage (sort of), infidelity, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of childhood physical abuse and sexual abuse, smut, death and more as I can continue to write it.  
Taglists are open, please let me know if you want to be tagged. 
“Tom, I’m going out. Watch the kids.” Jae tugged on a glittered thigh high boot to complement her short sequined dress, before grabbing a short black feathered jacket to go over the entire ensemble. 
Tom’s head popped out from his study, his one safe space in their sprawling New York apartment. “That’s the third time this week. I have papers to grade.” He frowned at his wife as he glared at her outfit. “Where are you going?”
“Out. With a friend.” She didn’t even bother to glance up at her husband. Jae smiled at him. “Are you saying you can’t handle your own children? I could always have my Ma come over to babysit while you work.” She tilted her head to the side, the same smile plastered on her face as she waited for his response. Jae already knew what it would be. 
Tom glanced into the living room to see the children. The twins, Frigga and Magnus, were currently fighting over the last package of fruit snacks, while LJ was doing something in a corner that appeared to involve fire but no matches. And his oldest, William, sat curled up in a beat up leather chair, glasses slipping as he read the Complete Works of Shakespeare. Again. His ginger curls a stark contrast to his siblings’ darker looks. 
“No, I’ll handle it. Have a good night. And I will see you later.” he sighed, his shoulders slumped in defeat. 
“Oh, Lucy and I will probably just get a hotel room.” A smirk came across her face. “And don’t forget dinner with my family on Friday night.” She walked over to pick a piece of lint off his sweater with disdain. “Daddy is looking forward to seeing you.”
“BUT FRIDAYS ARE MY NIGHT!” Tom’s voice boomed. The children not even pausing at the outburst. It wasn’t the first time they overheard this argument. “I‘ve had to cancel on the boys the past three Fridays.” He whined. 
“Then one more won’t make that much of a difference. Unless you want me to tell my father you couldn’t bother to come.”
Tom gulped. The last time he “missed” a family dinner with her family, his car was sideswiped and nearly totaled. “It’s not necessary to involve your father. I will be there.” He forced a smile. A skill he had perfected over the last ten years of marriage to Jae.
This is not what Tom imagined marriage to be. He imagined a wife that loved him. And he loved. That dream went out the window with two pink lines. Too much scotch at a bachelor party led to Tom grinding against Jae on the dance floor at a club he would normally never go. Which led to one drunken night of some wild sex in a hotel room. Tom didn’t realize that Jae was Jae Nicole Birichinata, only daughter of the infamous mafia boss, Michael Birichinata. Fast forward and Tom was stuck in a hellscape, which included a wife who could barely stand to be in the same room as him and three more children he knew weren’t his, despite his name being on the birth certificates. 
“Good to hear. Aren’t things better when I get my way?” There is a knock on the door. “Lucy’s here!!” She goes skittering to the door and opens it, blocking most of Tom’s view. 
“Ready to go, darling?” asks a deep voice belonging to someone not named Lucy. 
“Fuck yes I am. DON’T WAIT UP!!” she hustled out the door. 
Tom leaned over and swore he got a glimpse of a fine Italian suit. Men’s suit. He sighed and headed back to his study, and stared at the stack of ungraded English essays from his students. With a heavy heart, he pulled out his phone to text. I am sorry, but I am going to have to cancel our Friday date again, princess. He set the phone down and waited for the response. 
Loki grinned as Jae came bouncing out of the apartment, closing the door before her husband or kids could see who was behind it. 
“Ready for some fun, Jae? I’ve already booked us the VIP table at Marquee for later, and dinner tonight is sushi at Nakazawa.” Loki knew that would excite her. And she did not disappoint with an excited squeal and dance. 
He put his arm around her, always loving the way her boots clacked on the sidewalk. It was a reminder of her spark, her fire. The light that had almost been extinguished by domestic “bliss” thanks to her wet towel of a husband and the child they accidentally made together over a decade ago.
Well, he did what he could to rectify her situation. Making sure she still got to enjoy all the finer things in life. 
“I’m SO ready, Lucy.” She giggled a bit cruelly. Though who could blame her? “And I organized family dinner or Friday so Tom can’t go see his little ‘princess’… ugh, like I don’t know he’s not seeing ‘the boys’. What boys?! What FRIENDS, even?”
She laughed, and he joined her. Verbally beating down her husband was one of her favorite pastimes. He found it was best to let her release that pressure valve early in the night.
“Of course, darling. You deserve so much better…” He leaned over and kissed her cheek, grinning as she giggles and squeals. “And I plan to give it to you, husband or not.”
She leaned over and kissed his cheek back, not caring they weren’t even out of the apartment building. Her father paid off all the employees, anyway. “And I plan on taking it.” She grinned and throws her head back as they climb into Loki’s black town car, heading off to dinner.
Tom sighed as he glimpsed the town car pulled away from the building. “She could at least have the decency to walk around the block.” He muttered to himself. Just then, his phone buzzed. 
THAT FUCKING BITCH! I swear, Tom, she does it on purpose! It’s like she knows exactly how to make our lives miserable.
A small smile crossed his face. He always enjoyed Maddie’s spirit. Her fire. It was one of her many qualities that made him fall in love with her. While his wife’s eyes reflected only contempt and disappointment, Madison’s shone with compassion and devotion. Their stolen pockets of time, clandestine dates at her cramped apartment in the Bronx, dinners at restaurants no one ever heard of; they were the lifeblood of the past four years for Tom. 
Of course she knows, darling. That is the entire purpose of this. To make my life miserable. Why else would she force me to raise kids that are not mine?
It takes several minutes before his phone buzzed again. 
I can’t, Thomas. I need to tell you something important. I was going to tell you in person. But since the hag won’t let that happen…
Tom inhaled sharply, and he shook, tears welling up in his eyes. This is it. She’s leaving. She has finally had it. His mind raced and what to say, how to cope.
I’m pregnant. 
And with two words, Tom realized he had to get out. 
I’m coming over.
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gaitwae · 3 days ago
Winter HC idea: Loki and reader snowed in and huddling for warmth
It took you a while before you started getting cold.
The hideout was warm up until the snow shut the power off.
The door was frozen shut, and sealed by four feet of snow.
"This can happen on your planet?" Loki murmured.
He didn't like you very much, but whatever friendship had been forming was nicer than being with a total stranger.
"Had you any idea that this could be a possibility?"
You shake your head.
The minute your teeth start chattering, Loki arches a brow. "What in the Nine is wrong with you?"
"I... I'm getting cold," you admit. You wrap your arms around yourself, looking for a blanket to cover yourself.
You're already layered from head to toe. The fact that it's growing colder is not helping you.
"Y/N...," Loki calls nervously. "Are you sure you're going to be alright?"
You shake your head, unable to move yourself from your spot. You haven't moved in an hour. You're shivering cold.
You could be dying.
Loki sits himself next to you.
"Open the blanket," he orders.
You do as he says. He pulls you onto his lap.
It's much warmer. You make a sound of gratitude, not caring about how close you are to the God of Mischief.
This is life or death. You can't think about things so trivially, now.
Once the snow starts to melt, you've been huddling with Loki for nearly three days. As soon as you can, you both leave.
You try not to mention the huddling, so it never gets spoken about.
However, Loki is much more protective once he saw you in such a state.
You're both closer to each other from the experience.
Tag List: @make-me-imagine @bwemph @myraiswack @rorybutnotgilmore @loki-snape-our-hero @wolfish-trickster @lucywrites02 @mostly-marvel-musings @winterfrostsarmy @superheroesandstardust @castiels-majestic-wings @geekns @naterson @cozy-the-overlord @megthemewlingquim @whatafuckingdumbass @thebookbakery @delightfulheartdream @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @the-emo-asgardian @itscomplicatedx @sophlubbwriting @darkacademicfrom2021 @lilyofthesword @xlehukax @electroma89 @joucebox @high-functioning-lokipath @lokislittlesigyn @funsized-mimi @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson @kingix-the-confused-earthling @nilavey @mayday-romanogers @moumouton4 @marvelouslovely @thewindandthewolves @theaudacitytowrite @lostgreekgod @agentkinghorn @lokistoriesblog @cosplayingwitch @myriad501st @wolfsmom1 
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undiscovered-horizon · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
REQUEST: Loki reader fic where Loki is seriously injured , in need of stitches, and the reader treats him despite Loki’s guilt that reader almost got injured herself
Author's note: this is me after three coffees, throwing a suggestive joke for your enjoyment and cringe
Imagine taking care of Loki's wounds despite almost injuring yourself too.
It was a miracle the two of you were alive. Everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. "A disaster" could work only as a humorous euphemism. The make the matters worse, you were absolutely sure Loki got his hand burned and yet the foolish man tried to play the hero and pretended he was fine. Instead, he seemed very adamant about checking for your injuries, after you escaped a knife by a hair-breadth. Was it pride or genuine worry, you were unsure. You knew he would wait until most of the court is asleep to sneak around, grab a few essentials, and treat his wound behind closed doors. For his misfortune, you knew him a little too well.
Tumblr media
You were opening the door to his bedroom when you heard him hiss from the pain. Loki winced as he put the ointment on his burn. The moment he heard the door creak, he hid his hand behind him and faced the stranger barging into his chamber at a late hour of the night: you.
Loki's face showed genuine surprise. Sitting in the dim lights of the candles, he was but a deer caught in the headlight, for more reasons than one.
"You're making it even more obvious, dear," you spoke as you moved towards him. "If I was more of a fool than I am, I would think you have a burned hand. But because I'm not, I know you have burned your hand, Loki," you sat across from him. "Come on, all cards on the table."
He let out a heavy sigh and he placed his reddened palm on the wooden table between the two of you. The areas where he managed to put the ointment were slightly shiny. Loki's burned hand was shaking slightly, although his face remained straight. Or rather, as straight as he was able to keep it, since you could see how hard he was clenching his jaw.
"It's nothing, really. Doesn't hurt, just a minor inconvenience. You shouldn't worry about me, (Y/N)," he said with confidence, nearly fooling you. "Are you sure you're okay? I saw the swing of the sword, you could have lost your head, (Y/N). He didn't manage to hurt you, did he? Turn around, let me see."
"Your Royal Highness prince Loki Odinson," you spoke firmly. "I am completely fine. The one hurt between the two of us, is you. Let me help you, just this once."
He did not respond, just simply leaned back in his chair and stared at the ground. Silently, you warmed some ointment between your fingers and gently spread it around the burn. Although Loki tried his best to seem tough, his hand would wince every now and then, showing that he wasn't as fine as he claimed to be.
"I'm sorry," he said quietly, not looking at you. Not that he didn't want to, he just couldn't.
"Don't apologize to me for burning your hand, dear," you answered absentmindedly.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N), for bringing you with me. It was all my fault," with each word his voice was losing audibility. Was it guilt rendering him speechless?
"But I'm fine, Loki. Nothing happened to me. I could never blame you for someone swinging their sword at me."
For a moment, he was watching your focused expression. Your eyes were completely fixed on his skin, the realization making him slightly nervous. He could feel your slow breath on his hand as you were patiently wrapping the bandage around his palm.
It wasn't how he imagined having you in his chamber at night, gently touching his skin. He was, however, grateful for any undivided attention he could get from you.
"You nearly died, (Y/N), and it was because of me. Guilty is the surface of what I'm feeling. You shouldn't be taking care of me, not after the danger I had put you into."
Your hands stopped and you lifted your gaze to look into his eyes. He was being honest, probably more honest than you could ever remember him being.
"Listen," you began softly as you reached for his healthy hand. "I don't blame you for what happened and neither should you. We're both alive and that is what matters. Don't you know me, Loki?" you chuckled. His heart skipped one or two of its beats. "I would follow you to Hel and back."
"I don't want you to. Not if you can get hurt."
"Too late," you smiled at him and squeezed his hand gently.
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