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#loki laufeyson

Bro the MCU did so many characters dirty it’s ridiculous but like specifically Bruce and Loki

First off, they both don’t have consistent characters. Like at all. You watch the movies with them in it back to back and you pay attention to only them and you’re like wow! That is Not the same as before that is not even character development that’s just a whole ass different character

Don’t even get me STARTED on how the MCU treats the two like Jesus fuck- Bruce’s backstory was almost completely disregarded in that deleted scene where he talked about missing his father’s death and Bruce’s whole relationship with hulk is that they’re two different people and his arch being wrapped up off camera to professor hulk jus. >:/


The fact that Taika has the AUDACITY to watch the movies and disregard them as bad and only read one Thor comic without Loki is annoying enough, but to have the movies repeatedly mention that Loki was TORTURED for TWO WHOLE ASS YEARS into the events of the first Avengers, have Odin just treat Loki like a lesser being to Thor, and have Frigga be a gaslighting asshole THEN HAVE ODINS DEATH BE LIKE IT WAS jUst >:(((((( AND THEN TO HAVE LOKIS ARCH FINISH UP WITH HIM FUCKING DYING AFTER A DITCH ATTEMPT TO KILL THE MAN WHO MADE HIM INTO A VILLAIN AND SAVE HIS BROTHER I JUS D:<

The MCU treats people with trauma fucking awfully and at points only showcases their trauma when it’s interesting (ie Steve and his war nightmare in civil war) or just flat out doesn’t give them the ending they deserve (see Tony Stark, Loki, Gamora, etc etc) and then fucking validate abusive parents (Howard Stark, Thanos, Odin) I jus like >:(

This turned into a rant but Jesus its getting so fucking hard to stay into the MCU when i know they’re gonna give traumatized characters awful endings. Literally everyone in the MCU but the people who got good wrap ups deserved better.

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Part 62 of Unforseen Chasm

Prompt: Two sisters fall for men that are absolute enemies. The love they have could tear all of them apart, or it could bring them together.
Word Count: 2392
Warnings: Language, self-isolation, fighting, attempted robbery, misery, keeping memories alive, hopeful new start.
Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written (including my other fic series). first major Collab with my best friend @thorne93​ what was first a simple “what if” moment turned into a two year writing session and I’ve never been more prouder of myself than when i started my first series. goes through most of the MCU plots there are some changes to accommodate for what we wanted and there is a bit of a crossover between the MCU and other characters. I hope you guys enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Time seemed to pass… slowly as it were. 

You’d begun a new chapter in your life. If you could call this your life. It was just sort of existing at this point. You didn’t want to hurt Shannon with an untimely death, but you didn’t see much point in going on. Shannon had her life. She had Tony, Bruce, Steve, Nat, Rhodey. She was surrounded by those that she loved. Sure, she lost Peter in the snap, but in the grand scheme of things she’d lost very little. 

You on the other hand had lost your homeland. Your birth parents – dead. Your semi-adoptive parents, Odin and Frigga – dead. Your closest friends, Stephen, Vision, Wanda, Pietro – gone. No one knew where Clint was. Thor didn’t even talk to you now. No one at the Avengers Compound would even miss you besides Shannon. 

Although, at this point, you might as well be dead. You left no clue for Shannon to find you. You left behind your phone. You’d completely gone undercover. 

The world was fragile, more so than it had been before. Governments were falling apart. There were societies crumbling. World leaders had disappeared. People that were heavily needed to run the world, were gone: doctors, nurses, engineers, politicians, police, mechanics, scientists, veterinarians, farmers… everyone. Every person in this world had a vital role and for the last two months it had been scrambling to make up for the gap. 

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Synopsis: A night time conversation leads to some revelations.

Words: 1150

Warnings: Like one swear words

AN: Having writing block sucks but I think I’ve finally gotten past it. Let me know if you want to be tagged in future chapters!

**GIF not mine**

You lay in the bed, staring up at the ceiling. The only things you were aware of were the soft glow in Loki’s hand and the rustling of turning pages. You couldn’t get your mind to shut off for even a second. All you could focus on was the demigod sitting in the corner of the room.

You sighed, sitting up. Loki didn’t even notice, his eyes trained on the pages in his book. You huffed, pushing the covered off your body. The air was somehow still warm against your skin. You glanced over at Loki. He still wasn’t looking at you.

And that was the problem.

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I drew Thor n Loki!!!!!

This was a rp thing with a fren so Loki looks a little different also I did Thor’s hair kinda nicely????? High-key proud of myself don’t @ me

(Loki’s outfit/general design by @m0rbs uwu)

((if you tag as ship I’ll us ur spine as a bat 🤗))

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with you

pairing: loki x avenger!reader

warnings: slight violence, blood, loki being an absolute lil bean at times

a/n: tysm anon!  i got excited for this one, cuz i’m a sucker for anything fantasy :)  also i put loki on the team because i believe that’s beautiful *wipes eyes* hope you guys like it!

** REQUESTS OPEN!!  lmk if you’d like to make one :) **



You were grooming your large white wings, sitting on the edge of the Avengers Tower.  You relished the cool breeze circling your legs as they dangled over the side of the building.  Some pedestrians recognized you from down below and waved, and you smiled and waved back with a wing.

Life as an Avenger was strange but good.  Though you did appreciate them, you just couldn’t get used to the way humans went about their days.  They were odd yet endearing creatures.

When they asked you to be part of their team, you couldn’t refuse their cause to protect the world.

“Avengers, please report to Hangar 1,” JARVIS’ voice echoed through the comms.

Without hesitation, you folded your wings comfortably and made your way downstairs until you arrived at the hangar, where everyone was waiting.

You naturally gravitated towards Loki, who was surveying the scene before him.

“What’s going on?” you asked.

“Not the slightest idea,” he said.  “Something about Hydra, I assume.”

You frowned.

As far as you knew, Tony and Steve had been tracking down numerous Hydra forts looking for the stolen sceptre Loki wielded once before.  He had since then broken away from the effects, but you knew it still haunted him.

“What’s the situation, Tony?” Steve asked as he came forward.

“JARVIS picked something up over in Sokovia.  I think we should check it out,” Tony explained.  He brought up a hologram of a fort.  “It’s small and abandoned.”

“Which would make it easy for them to hide more numbers underground,” Natasha concluded.

Bruce raised an eyebrow.  “C-can they do that?”

“We must be prepared for whatever they throw our way,” Thor said.  “If that means to fight fire with fire, then we’ll do so.”

Clint shrugged.  “Seems sketchy, but this is the first lead we’ve had in a few weeks.”

Steve nodded.  “We’ll have two parties.  Y/N and Loki can sneak inside and look for the sceptre while the rest of us take them on from outside,” he directed.  “If they find it, then by the time they get out and get back to us, we’ll already be long gone before Hydra can do anything.”

“You heard the captain,” Tony said, quirking an eyebrow.  “Let’s move, people.”

You followed everyone onto the Quinjet when Loki grabbed hold of your wrist.   You turned to face him, seeing the concern in his eyes.


“I don’t think this is a good idea,” he said.

“Why not?  I have you.”

He sighed.  “Yes, but if we manage to find the sceptre, what if i turn against you?”  He looked away.  “What if I can’t save you?”

You laughed.  “I’m an angel, dear.  I don’t need saving.”  You brushed his hair back gently.  “And you won’t turn.  I won’t let you, I promise.”

He closed his eyes, inhaling softly.  “Okay.”

“Come on, Rock of Ages,” Tony called.  “Waiting on you!”

Loki chuckled, rolling his eyes.  “You’re lucky I quietly deal with your antics, Stark.”

You pat his shoulder before getting yourself situated.  “Just let it go,” you teased.

You flew stealthily through the trees, carrying Loki as you went.  Gunshots and canon fire echoed in the distance, signaling that the Hydra soldiers were distracted by the rest of the Avengers.  

Once you were close to the back entrance, you set Loki down and ran alongside him, meeting a few soldiers head on.

You swung your arm out in front of you, flashing a blinding light that made the soldiers collapse.  You twirled around and blew down the door with one powerful gust from your wings.

“You know, I could’ve handled that,” Loki said as he followed you through the door.

“I know,” you explained.  “But we don’t have much time.”

“I know,” he said quietly with a smirk as the two of you continued down the dark hallway.

Most of the soldiers had cleared out, either evacuating or going out to assist against the rest of the Avengers.  The lucky few you encountered either instantly fainted upon looking into your golden eyes, or screamed in horror at the illusions Loki cast.

At last, you made it to a secret passageway that deviated far from the original hallway.  Your wings shivered from the chilled air that swept through the narrow tunnel.

Your breath was a cloud that barely escaped your lips as you were nearly knocked from your feet by a blur.


You turned to see Loki draw his daggers as he wrestled with a young teenage boy with silver hair.

Before you could go and help, your vision grew red before settling.  You turned to see a girl retreating to the shadows, her irises an extreme crimson.  Confusion took a hold of you as old memories clouded your eyes, but you were still able to fight through it and pin her against the stone wall.

“It didn’t work,” she breathed, staring at you with wide eyes.

“Who are you?” you questioned.  

You tightened your grip around her arms, feeling an intense fire rise to your fingertips.  The girl cried out.

“Let me go!” she hissed.  

“Answer my question,” you said calmly, raising your other flaming hand.  “I may be an angel, but I can be the devil if I want to.”

Before you could inflict any more harm, she disappeared in a blur.

You turned to see Loki wiping his bleeding lip, his daggers dissolving within his long fingers.  You rushed over, running your fingers along his lip.

He chuckled.  “I’m fine.”

Your eyes were filled with concern.  “Who were they?” you asked as you began to heal him.

“I’m not sure, but they were young,” he said.  “Maybe enhanced.”

Your fingertips gave off a soft golden glow, sealing the cut back together.  He touched his lip when you were finished, a small smile of gratitude appearing.

“Let’s get the sceptre and get out of here,” you said.

“Great plan.”

The said sceptre lay in the middle of the room under a large Chitauri Leviathan.  Other broken parts of the Chitauri soldiers lay around on various tables, making the room smell strongly of burnt flesh.  

Loki cautiously took the sceptre in his hands, shakily breathing out as he touched the gold staff.

You touched his shoulder.  “You okay?”

He sighed, which was enough for you.  “Let’s get back.”

“Captain, we have the sceptre,” you said in your earpiece as the two of you walked back through the tunnel.  

“Good.  We’re by the edge of the forest.”

“Copy that.”

You were suffocating before the two of you emerged out in the snowy forest, the fresh cold air filling your chest.

And without a warning, your knees buckled.


You watched drops of blood fall onto the white snow beneath your feet.  They fell one by one, staining the pure white until a pool was created around you.

Shaking, you lifted your gaze up to see someone aiming a bow and arrow at you.  His face was blurred and dark in the red fire of the forest.

A shot rang through the air, and moments later, the arrow dug itself into your stomach.

You fell to your knees, feeling the one thing you were promised you wouldn’t feel.  Pain blossomed from the wound, making you double over.


Your eyes shot open, staring directly into Loki’s.  

Breathe! your mind screamed.

Your eyes darted around, trying to grasp where you were.

“It’s okay!  You’re safe,” he said.  “You’re at home.”

“Home,” you murmured.  After a few deep breaths, you closed your eyes.  “What happened?”

“The enhanced we ran into…”

“What about them?”

“We think one of them might have affected you,” he explained.

You shook your head.  “That’s impossible.”

“They got their powers from the sceptre,” he said.  “Who’s to say they can’t knock an angel or a god off their feet?”

You sighed, covering your face in your hands.  You could almost still feel the snow against your skin.

“That vision you had,” Loki began.  “Who was that?”

“A fallen angel.  A comrade I tried to save,” you replied.  You looked at him and raised an eyebrow.  “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t look into my head anymore.”

“I needed to know if you were alright,” he said.  “If you died, I’d be beside myself.”

You pursed your lips.  “I’m fine,” you said.  “Just shaken, that’s all.”  You laughed bitterly.  “I thought I forgot it all, but I guess no matter how long you live, you’ll always remember something like that.”

Loki nodded.  “I know what you mean.”

You took one long look at the god and smiled sadly.  “Yes, you do.”

He brushed his black locks back.  “I’m sorry, Y/N.  I should’ve sensed them coming.”

“It’s okay,” you said.  “Truly, it’s okay.  It’s a good thing we were prepared anyways, otherwise, we would’ve had a hard time making it out.”

He chuckled.  “True, but nothing’s impossible for this god,” he said as he pointed to himself.

You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing, making Loki grin from ear to ear.  Hearing your laugh was enough to cure all the sicknesses in the world and ban darkness to the edges of the galaxy.  

It was a sound that vividly spelled, “Everything’s going to be okay.”

And it was.

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The moon rose high above the trees, the shadows danced and weaved between and around the large Evergreens. A lone woman walked amongst the darkened path, her golden eyes looked around as the crickets played their soothing songs and soon the fairies of old came out to commence their lovely ballads. A spectacle most would not have the privilege to see. The moon illuminated their wings in such a way that to the untrained eye they appeared to be like fireflies, but not to her. Her black hair danced as the wind picked up, blowing the leaves from where she stood and led her toward a small wooden stump.

She allowed a small smile to graced her features for it seemed the wind was showing her grand seat to the performance. Minding her black silken wrapping, she took a seat, enjoying the sights the beheld her and the music that played. However, her attention was completely taken away when a silky smooth male voice spoke,

“Now this is a sight one would not see.”

Calmly she turned to face the intruder, and was met with a pair of green eyes. She instantly took notice of the black, green, and golden attire.

“A sight indeed. What brings a god of mischief into these solemn woods? I highly doubt it is to watch a beautiful sight.” 

She watched as the dark-haired god stepped closer, his boots crushing the leaves under his feet as he made his way to her side. She returned her attention to the faeries ballet, after nearly a few moments of silence he spoke once more,

“You seem to know me… Yet I know nothing of you. I have not seen you around these Migardian lands.”

She allowed a humorous smile to play upon her lips as she stood. Her long black dress flowed as she stood, shadows softly misted from the very ends of the dress as she simply glanced at him once more. She then began to walk as around him as she spoke in an almost coy fashion,

“Oh? You know not of me, Mischievous God Loki? I must say I am quite disheartened by that.” 

Loki trained his eyes on her like a hawk watching for prey. She couldn’t help feeling amused by the situation at hand. She finally stops in front of him once more as  she takes her long silken scarf, and places it over her head making a makeshift hood. She allows her eyes to glance over at the fairies once more only to see that they had finished their balled and were now leaving.

“My… It appears I have missed the ending to a glorious performance. I shall have to return soon. It seems I don’t have time for your questions-” She had begun to speak, however, she was cut off by the sounds branches breaking and a loud booming voice calling out,

“Brother! Where are you!?”

She couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped her lips when she witnessed Loki’s face fill with a look of exaggerated dread.

“Seems the God of Thunder is searching for you, mischievous one. I shall take this as my cue to leave. May one day we meet again.” She stated as she turned to face the moon.

“You still have not answered me! Who are you?” Loki called out with a slight demand coating his tone.

She turned, staring at him with bright golden eyes, that slowly began to turn to silver as they matched the moon’s glow.

“I am what comes when the sun sleeps and the sky turns dark. I walk this place every night and every waking eve.” She responded cryptically as her body slowly appeared to disintegrate into white petals.

Just as Loki stepped forward the woman had vanished, leaving nothing but a single white petal in place of where she stood. Kneeling, Loki picked up the petal, casting his gaze upon it before clenching it into his hand. 

“I know those eyes… They were the eyes of a goddess… Looks like we will meet again.” Loki muttered as he stood up one more and turned in the direction of his brother’s booming voice. As he walked away a single heavenly laugh echoed behind him.

(For @tilltheendwilliwrite and her prompt challenge! I hope everyone enjoyed reading. Let me know if I should continue or not. ^^)

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Thorki prompts

Angst w/happy ending

After infinity war


Thor settles on midgard. Depressed thor sees loki once again where loki says “surprise brother” for one second he thought thor will punch him or hug him. But instead of that thor walked away without any emotions which loki never thought it will happen. Everytime loki tried to talk thor ignored him, loki never thought his indifference behaviour toward him can cut so deep.


“Do you know how much freaking unit this tiny shit cost me” Roket said handing the tiny glass vial to thor “but everything for you friend ”

“Thank you sweet rabbit”


Loki sees thor sitting on a rock where asking for forgiveness from parents that he won’t be able to join them in valhalla, where loki teases he is golden son of odin.

At end thor tells loki “hope oneday he will understand what it feel like closed one dies in your arms”

Thor tries to kill himself with poison, loki saves him it but it lead thor coma , i would like see here loki comes everyday (months) talks with him, curse him, but never respond at end loki breaks down seeing thor like where he wake up every morning, keep staring white ceiling and close his eyes at night. where loki confess about his feelings.

( no knowledge in medical ).

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A/N : fic contains implied smut read on your own you have been warned before hand. This just came to mind bleh.


taglist { @sabrinasbitches, @aryxstxrk, @wittywitchh, @imnotrevealingmyname, @lokilaufeyr}

Warnings : kissing, i think that’s it.

Loki and you were sent on a mission, a bad decision really because now you both were standing in the middle of a desert in your suit standing under the scorching sun.

Loki somehow with his magic had tried to communicate with the team and they had informed that they will try to reach there as soon as possible.

Apparently not now which was the problem. You were sweating like hell but the heat didn’t bother loki he was sitting on a rock and was observing his surroundings if he could find something useful.

You were bothered by the sun you were bothered by him just sitting there and your mouth had a mind of its own so you started “We are here because of you” “what?” he looked up at your small figure and you repeated this time more confidently “we’re here because of you”.

That is when he got up and walked towards you like he was a predator and you his prey.

You stumbled backwards when he got to close he leaned in and said “are we?” “let me recall was I the one who ran into the guards when I told not to go?” “no” you gulped he just hummed and went and sat on the rock again while you were processing what had just happened.

After standing there for a few minutes your feet started hurting so you took the empty spot on the rock loki was sitting on. He didn’t look at you as if he didn’t care.

The thought of just removing your clothes had crossed your mind many times even if there was no heat, because the heat which pooled in your core because of loki himself had alone made you hot and bothered at times.

‘No such thoughts, y/n’ you told yourself when you started feeling uncomfortable and were squirming on the rock.

It had been 2 hours the Quinjet wasn’t there yet and the sun was still shining brightly.

That is when you heard the shuffling of clothes, Loki had removed his clothes and had magicked himself tennis shorts and tied his hair in a bun.

This wasn’t helping nor the heat above nor the heat down. You were staring and loki had caught you doing “see something you like” he teased as he stretched his muscles.

Such a tease.

You stared past him trying to look at other things but that was the problem there was nothing in the desert except from a few rocks.

“you know it would be more fun if you remove your clothes I know you are being bothered by the heat too” he purred and winked at you a smug grin plastered on his face as your eyes widened at his confidence and you tried to look annoyed but that just resulted in you staring at his man bun.

“you are staring, again” you looked away if only he had caught the sight of pink while he talked to you.

“aren’t you feeling hot?” he questioned “I am” you replied “why don’t you remove your clothes don’t fret I won’t do anything it’s for your best because you are sweating like hell” “why do you care?” you asked, a part of you thought he would say he did care but as you knew he was the God of Mischief he would rather come up with some snarky comment then express his feelings and he did.

In turn he replied “because the smell is disgusting” you looked at him and huffed before getting defeated by the sun and got up to shed your clothes so now you were standing in a sports bra and booty shorts, thank God that there was no one except you and Loki.

That is when you felt his gaze boring into you undressing the remaining of the clothes you had put on.

You both sat there awkwardly well apparently you were the only one who felt awkward and loki looked like he was too pleased with the sight in front of him.

You were familiar with the spark in his eyes when he caught the sight of you what you weren’t familiar was that the spark had became brighter.

Soon you felt his hands around your waist pulling you onto his lap as his breath fanned on the underside of your ear.

And when you didn’t complain he turned you around so you were facing him, his lips met yours in a gentle firm kiss his tongue licked your bottom lip and asked for entrance inside your mouth, which you obliged as his tongue explored your mouth, both of your tongues danced together beautifully his hands squeezed your breasts and soon the kiss became more rough he chewed on your bottom lip as his hand splayed across your stomach you pulled him more close to you trying not to break the kiss.

But soon he pulled away at the sound of the quinjet and magicked both of your clothes so that no one sees you like that as that sight only deserved to him from now.

When you both went and sat inside the quinjet silently pretending that you hadn’t just swallowed each other he whispered in your ear “we aren’t done yet, pet”

“oh who said we are” you replied with a smirk of yours.

A/N : I hope you liked it.

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Pairing: Loki/Reader

No insult intended! Just crack!

Taglist: @fairlightswiftly​, @javelinamilk​, @wannabebr1t​, @joyofbebbanburg​, @schmidten17​, @winterisakiller@addyliners, @iamverity@kybaeza@sherlokiholland


“Okay, even I think you’re being a little insane.”

“Insane? Me?!” Loki huffs, throwing his hands in the air. “Never.”

You raise your eyebrows, looking at the immense packages of toilet paper cluttered around your kitchen. Your small, New York City, galley kitchen. The packaging properly advertises itself with bright yellow lettering on its side: “FAMILY PACK”.

Sorry, forgot to emphasize – twenty-seven bundles of toilet paper.

“I don’t think we need this much toilet paper.”

“There’s a shortage!”

You don’t mean to laugh, but the absurdity of the entire situation just really gets the best of you. It’s just… well, when Loki’s voice breaks in the middle of his exclamation, trailing off in a high-pitched wail, there’s nothing else to do but laugh.

“This is not funny.” Loki puts his hands on his hips, taking one immense stride forward. God, his legs are long. He looms over you, leaning forward and using his height to full advantage. You have to crane your head back to look into his eyes.

“You’re right,” you sober, tempering your smile even though it’s the last thing you want to do. “Very serious.”

“It’s an illness, and we don’t know the effects it can cause.” His voice softens as he scans your face, memorizing every detail as if he has never seen it before. “You have to be careful.”  

“You are right,” you concede, noticing the shift in his eyes. “I’ll be okay, promise.”

“New York is a breeding ground for these kinds of things.”

“You are right,” you repeat, knowing that it is just easiest to agree.

“So,” Loki says, “I also got us this.” In a flash of his seidr a two-liter bottle of hand sanitizer dangles from his hand. You stare at it for a moment, dumbfounded at the immense packaging of the product. “Unfortunately, they were already out of Lysol wipes, but I am optimistic that we can swipe some from the compound.”


“You are at a loss for words, I know. My generosity is just -“

Your laughter cuts him off. Oh God. Your sides hurt.

“Hey,” he groans, when you collapse into his chest in a fit of laughter. “I’m being serious.”

Loki drops the Purell on the counter when you burrow your head into his sternum. His arms circle your waist, holding you tighter, as his smiling lips droop to the crown of your head.  

“I know,” you say into his shirt, “But I love you.”

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Finders Keepers


This is for @gingerwritess writing challenge! Congratulations again on 4K!!!

Disclaimer: This is in no way my best work, but I had fun writing this relatively short little thing.


You pushed open the emerald beaded curtain and stepped inside the thrift shop, glancing around at the interior. The shop was separated into sections by era and you squealed, practically bubbling over with excitement. You turned to watch Loki’s reaction and your brow furrowed when you realized he wasn’t behind you. You looked behind the curtain and Loki stood glaring at the store, his arms folded across his chest. You pouted, “Aw, Loki, come on! This is the last store, I promise.”

He raised an eyebrow, grumbling, “That’s what you said about the last one, and the one before that. I abhor this establishment you call a mall.”

You stepped through the curtain once again, standing close to Loki so you could look up at him through your lashes. “You know, I was going to look at some lingerie at the shop next door, but if you want to leave now-”

You thought for sure that would work, but Loki didn’t take the bait. “Exactly my point, you said this was the last store.” You gave him your best puppy dog look and said, “If you come in this store and try on one outfit for me, we’ll go and I won’t ask you to come with me again. Just one! Pretty please?”

You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and when you pulled away, you met his gaze with a hopeful expression. His hands fell from across his chest as he sighed, looking at you for a moment. He relented, saying, “Alright, but only one.”

You smiled from ear to ear and took his hand in yours. “Thank you.” You tugged Loki through the curtain and pulled him through a few aisles before reaching the 70s style clothing.

You selected a few pieces for him to try on. The first item you pulled from the rack was a white and tangerine marbled shirt made of a silk material. The second was a pair of bright white jeans. Lastly, you picked a denim jacket and then held the clothes out for Loki to take. He obliged with a roll of his eyes, heading toward the fitting rooms.

You wandered over to the accessories, looking for anything that would go with the outfit you had just put together. Your eyes landed on a pair of orange-tinted Lennon style sunglasses. You smiled as you grabbed the glasses and turned to wait for Loki to come out of the dressing room.

It was another moment before the door swung open and there was a slight upwards curve to Loki’s lips. He had tucked the shirt into the pants and was shrugging on the jacket and your eyes tracked the movement, your mouth agape. You hadn’t expected him to look this good in an outfit like that, but you shouldn’t have been surprised. You found him attractive in anything.

“What do you think?” Loki smirked and did a little twirl. You bit your lip when you saw how tight the pants were in certain areas, but you quickly brushed that thought aside.

“I think it needs a last minute addition.” You stood on your tiptoes and Loki bent his head slightly to let you slide the sunglasses on.

You stepped back and grinned. “I have to admit, you really can pull anything off.”

His expression mirrored yours as he replied, “Thank you. Now it’s my turn.”

You raised an eyebrow, questioning, “Your turn? For what?”

“To pick something for you.” He went inside the dressing room and shut the door. You hadn’t expected him to want to do that, but you definitely weren’t complaining. Loki undressed fairly quickly and you followed as he put the items you had picked back in their spots.

When he had finished putting back the hat and sunglasses, he turned to glance around the store. His eyes swept over the aisles until he stopped on the 80s era section. Loki took your hand in his and led you over to the rack he’d chosen.

You watched as he scanned the rack for a few moments before his eyes lit up. Loki pulled a black leather jacket and matching pants from the rack and placed them in your waiting hands. He searched for something to go beneath the jacket and found a red velvet top. He nudged you toward the fitting rooms before you could protest.

Leather pants aren’t easy to get on so it took you a few minutes, but when you’d finally gotten dressed, you opened the door. Loki shifted his stance and cleared his throat as you did your own little twirl- as best as you could with all that leather.


Loki’s smile was breathtaking as he said, “You’re stunning, love.”

After you had changed back into your clothing and, at Loki’s insistence, bought the pants you’d tried on, you left the store hand in hand. Loki was beginning to think a mall wasn’t the most horrid place on Midgard after all.

“What was that you said about lingerie?”


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never believing in things unseen


pairing: loki x reader
summary: you don’t need anyone but he still needs you
wc: 2.9k+
genre: a little angsty, not much else

Mirage: mini series  —  01 | 02 | … |


“We think he’s after the Tesseract.” A holographic projection hummed a shifting blue in front of you. “And we don’t know why.” 

It seemed pretty easy to you. The Tesseract could guarantee infinite access to space and anything it encapsulates. It would mean control over galaxies upon galaxies of life, minerals, and whatever else he demes useful. Noteworthy. 

It was power, a desire rooted in the very essence of humanity, passed from bloodline to bloodline in a never ending spiral. Of course some were better than others in resisting its pull but everyone had to face the hunger of power at some point. 

But Loki wasn’t human. He was a god. And gods always wanted fame, power, adoration. 

It made sense. 

“Agent?” Your eyes shifted back into focus to find fury’s dark eyes watching you intently. You felt bare, like he could see the events of last night written all over your eyes. Clearing your throat, you took a breath.

“If we consider the idea that he’s a god, and inferior to his brother, it could explain his greed for the Tesseract.” You splayed your hand on the table and propped yourself up on it. 

He scanned your features again and you tried as best as you could to keep from shaking. You’d passed many simulations that included lying, heavily, but nothing unnerved you quite as much as fury’s stare — even with only one eye. 

He crossed his arms and turned towards you. “I’m listening.” 

You brought his attention to the Tesseract. “We don’t really understand the full potential of this object — and, to be frank, I’m not sure we ever will — but it’s likely he does. That makes it valuable to him. He has information we don’t which makes him valuable to us.” 

He frowned and he peered at you. “Your point?” 

You took a shaky breath, still surprised at you were about to do. 

“How about we offer a trade?” 

Fury visibly bristled at the idea and took a step back. “That’s not an option.” His tone, clipped and firm, deterred you a bit, but you needed him to at least listen. 

“Look, no one said anything about actually giving him what he wants — it’d be like giving the nuclear arsenal to a power hungry terrorist — but a disguised trade. We give him something that mimics the Tesseract, it’s glow, feeling, sound, and in order to exchange ownership of it, he has to tell us what the Tesseract is.” 

You watched his eyes shift, speculatory satisfaction flickering across them. You’d seen that look before; it always signaled how impressed he was. 

“Say we go along with this plan of yours, what makes you think he’ll fall for it?” He peered over to you, expectant. 

“I don’t think he will.” A flash of shock appeared in his features. “But if we give him something else to focus on, he’ll fold. All it takes is a distraction. Something to draw his attention away from the slight flaws in the fake Tesseract enough that he’ll cave. It’s like dreaming. You’ll never truly realize how strange it was until you’ve awoken.” You finish with what you hope is seen as reassurance. 

He seems pleased and his arms unfold. “Okay, officer. What will the distraction be?” 

You breathe before looking him in the eye. “Me.” 

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pairing : bucky barnes x reader ; slight loki x reader

a/n : so as you can see this is a bit of a marvel x criminal minds crossover now. you do not have to watch criminal minds to understand it though. this is a mostly marvel fic so yeah. as always feedback is appreciated! hope you enjoy! 


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I made bad art based on the @queenofthecrystalgems and I’s rp again because practice. also it makes the feelings feel better…

anyways yeah. It’s bad but at least three of the four look okay-ish. I promise I won’t do much more after this :/

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson &/x fem!gifted!reader
Angst. Feels. Plot. References to other MCU events.
Thanks for reblogs, comments, and likes <3 It has honestly made me get through these last two days. If you want on the taglist, just send an ask or reblog.


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9. Irresponsible Hate Anthem

…   Reader  …

At least Loki has allowed you to sit down, and good thing too considering that today is the most you’ve done since pushing yourself and your limits by healing the priestess. He has also brought you something to drink and some grape-like fruits. All in all: he is procrastinating and it’s making you awfully nervous.

“Loki.” The god scurries off to fetch you a blanket. “Loki!” you call after him. “Just get your ass back here and start talking!”

Whirling towards you, his jaw clenches and eyes darken with fury…but he stops himself and does as asked. “This is the last time I will allow such insubordination, mortal.”

Fine.” Ramping up the sarcasm, you clasp your hands and plead, “Oh, mighty Loki. Bestow your wisdom upon me!”

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