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#loki laufeyson

A/N: It’s a story for @the-emo-asgardianwriting challenge! I used  the prompts:  1. A lesson in ice skating. and  17. “It’s something about this time of year that just make the world glow a little brighter, you know?”

Pairing: Loki x Reader (gender neutral)

Word count:  1770

Summary: We have read so many times about Loki teaching the Reader how to ice skate but what if this time it’t the god of mischief himself needs help. In other words you take Loki ice skating and it resolves in, well, you will need to read it to find out <insert wink face>

Warnings: none

Tags: @twhiddlestonsstuff​  @dreamingyouth


Originally posted by tricksterspawn

“Would you be so kind and tell me where we are going?” Loki said as the two of you walked through the snow covered sidewalk.

“You wanted to know what the big deal with Christmas was, “ you replied “so I want you to have the full winter experience!” you heard Loki growl and smacked his shoulder “It will be fun I promise!”

Loki couldn’t care less about some silly midgardian tradition but you seemed to be excited. He couldn’t understand why you enjoyed this season so much. The snow was everywhere and the god of mischief knew how much you despide the cold. And yet here you were. Loki wondered if you ever were together with him, would you mind his body temperature. Would you find him disgusting and never touch him or would you accept it and love him the same way he loved you? The trickster tried to focus on the colourful lights hanging around the park but his eyes would always end up looking at your face.

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AN: Another one for the bookshelf, I honestly can’t believe I managed to finish it. Thank you all for the patience as I have been struggling this year to put my stories out but I hope that brighter days are ahead. Thank you so much for reading! I gatta go to sleep now.

Who Is She.

Part One!

Part Two!

Part Three!

Part Four!

Part Five!

Part Six!

Part Seven!

Part Eight!

Part Nine!

Part Ten!

Part Eleven!


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Frigga looks down at her son, his face looked quite filthy. His cheeks speckled with dried mud, almost like freckles. As sweet as the sight of him was, she wasn’t all that fond of him playing with mud. Loki was such a stubborn child at times, too busy to attend his studies and definitely too busy to bathe. Too busy looking for those fairies she reckons, Frigga admired his dedication however. Such a sweet child deserved so many things, she knew he would grow into a fine young man one day. All he needed was a little guidance, preferably on how to get to his studies on time.

“Why are you all dirty?”

Loki’s face reddens, Frigga couldn’t help but smile. To think that she was given this little boy, her son. She enjoyed watching him grown, she loved to see him smile. Loki kicks the dirt beneath him, digging his heel into the ground.

“I crawled into the burrow…”

Her eyes widened, the only burrow he could be talking about was the one in the garden. She had been tackling with a bit of a rodent problem, eating from her rosebush. Frigga didn’t have it in her heart to turn the poor animals away but she had to redirect them to another area or at least get them to stop eating her flowers. She’s spent a great time on those flowers, it would be a shame to have them all eaten away by wild animals.

“What for?”

That semi toothless smile, she loved it so much. Soon enough he’ll grow new teeth, there’ll be more than just teeth coming his way. Soon enough he’ll become stronger, taller and older. The thought of her children aging didn’t sit well with her but such is life, it goes on and one must grow. She was happy to be there to witness it in person, that she had the privilege to watch them as both Loki and his brother grow together.

“To see if the fairies were hiding inside.”

Frigga laughs and shakes her head.

“Oh Loki…”

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Only on Tumblr can I reblog posts on the November 2020 Destielgate, Taylor Swift’s Disney+ special, pure unadulterated Loki crack, my love of Martin Septim and TES sh*tposts, and the Tangled’s ten anniversary in one day and isn’t that beautiful?

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[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader]

[SUMMARY: You and Loki are going to engage in more kinky sex for the first time. You try really hard to come off as dominant, but Loki can obviously tell that you aren’t in the least. He plans to show you how it’s done.]

[(requested by anonymous) “Loki and his lover are going to be together for the first time and the reader is trying really really hard to come off as a dominant but Loki can obviously tell that she isn’t a dom in the least and maybe teases her about it and is like “aw, it’s so cute you think you’re a dom, now let me show you how it’s really done” obviously not those exact words but you get the idea?”]

[WORD COUNT: 1.2k]

[WARNINGS: smut, dom/sub dynamics, fingering, bondage, orgasm control, rough sex, a swat at the ass, hint of pain play, very brief temporary dom!reader]

[GENRE: smut]

[A/N: this was a crazy one, thats for sure! I changed it from the request slightly, but only in the sense that they have had sex before, it’s just been very vanilla (which for the record, is just as sweet and completely okay). i hope you like it!! thanks to the person who requested it! i hope i met your standards!


Originally posted by shakespearewasbi

Loki’s shocked expression is what makes you feel so powerful. You straddle his lap, pinning him down against the bed, incredibly excited. You’ve never done this with him. The two of you have only ever engaged in more vanilla forms of sex. You’d desired to get a bit more freaky but always felt much too bashful, so you’d waited. Tonight was the night, however, and you were on top.

In all honesty, you were not a dom. In fact, you were rather submissive. This was more of an effort to impress your lover.

How you ended up with your arms pinned beside your head, perched on top of Loki, is another story.

Loki chuckles darkly, his grip on your wrists firm. You can’t wiggle out of this one, that’s for sure. “It’s cute that you think you’re dominant, darling, but let me show you how it’s really done,” He growls, flipping you onto your back.

You let out a gasp at the sheer suddenness of it all, before moaning against his lips, which are now on yours. The moment your mouth opens, letting your moan out, Loki pushes his tongue into your mouth. Holy, you think. I’m kind of glad we switched positions, after all.

You lose your shirt fairly quickly, Lokis abandoned soon after. His hands caress anything they can. Your belly, sides, rib cage, and breasts are all being touched under his gorgeous hands. His lips are on your neck, sucking bruises into the skin. All you can do is moan and try to reach out to him, only to realize that you can’t move your arms. You instinctively flick your eyes upwards to what’s constraining you, gasping when you see green tendrils of light circling your wrists and fastening you to the bed frame.

“Is that alright?” Loki has paused his ministrations and is gazing down at you, his eyebrows knit together in concern.

“I-,” You’re at a loss for words and coherent speech, you’re so aroused. It takes a moment for you to gather yourself again. “Yes,” you breathe out, “yes, Loki. This is amazing.”

Loki chuckles in response, bringing his hands to the waistband of your pants. He gives you a look, asking for your consent to remove them, and you nod eagerly, feeding his ego further. He quickly and effectively makes work of them, pulling them down and off your body, your underwear and socks coming off as well.

You instinctively close your legs, the act of someone viewing you there still making you nervous, even after you’ve slept with Loki. He growls, grabbing your ankles and forcing your legs apart. The air hitting your wet core is just as much of a shock as the way his eyes devour you. You squirm shyly, and Lokis eyes flicker up to you.

“Is there something you would like, pet?” He asks, feigning confusion. You whimper and nod in response, his eyes staring hungrily into your own. “I’m afraid I don’t speak in whimpers. You’ll have to use your words, little one. Soon,” He pauses, chuckling, “You won’t be able to.”

Your eyes widen minutely, your core clenching and growing even wetter. You almost forget Loki’s request before he lands a gentle swat on your ass.

“P-please,” You stutter out, continuing when he gives you an expectant look. “Touch me,“ You’re blushing, but Loki grins nonetheless and brings one finger up to your cunt, dragging it through your folds and through your wetness.

You let out a gasp, arching your back. The small action has your head reeling, your clit finally getting the attention it craves as Loki begins to toy with it.

“So wet,” He chuckles, slipping a long finger into you, “and so tight too.”

Your toes are curling, your moans echoing off the walls of your shared bedroom. Loki fingers you like this for a while, your juices squelching throughout the room, before pulling his fingers out and licking them clean. You groan in frustration, throwing your head back against the bed, having been right on the edge of orgasming.

You look down again when you feel something against your thigh. Gasping, your eyes widen as you see Loki’s hardened member, dripping with precum and longing to be buried inside of your snug cunt.

He leans down to capture your lips with his own. The kiss is different from the previous one you exchanged. This one is messy, your teeth knocking once or twice, tongues mingling. You’re breathless when he pulls away.

You feel the head of his cock slip through your folds and into the welcoming heat of your cunt. The stretch is exquisite, as always, and you let out a drawn-out moan as Loki bottoms out, groaning softly.

He begins fucking you at a fairly fast pace, to your surprise. It feels good. The sounds your pussy is making really confirm that. You’ve never been this wet before.

Loki’s fingers dig into your hips and you know that they’ll leave bruises, but you love it. You cry out as his cock hits that one spot inside of you, and rake your nails down his back. In response, his hips stutter and he groans.

Oh, you think. He likes that. For good measure, you do it again.

Very abruptly, Loki is pulling out and roughly throwing you onto your stomach. He grabs your hips and pulls you onto your knees, your front staying pressed against the sheets. He can reach much deeper in this position, you realize with a cry of pleasure as he slips himself back in and begins fucking you again.

His hips move harder against yours this time, setting a punishing pace. The sounds of your skin slapping together and your gasps and moans echo throughout the room. Without warning, he hits the spot that makes your body tremble again. Your legs are barely able to hold you up as Loki fucks you, your mind clouded with pleasure.

Loki leans himself over you, his chest pressing against your back, growling into your ear. “Your cunt feels like Valhalla, darling. So good for your king.” He groans.

You let out a high pitched whine, as Loki reaches his hand around you to rub your clit. “Loki—“ You gasp, “I’m— I’m—“. His fingers press more firmly against your clit, and he bites down on your shoulder.

“Cum. Cum now.”

You cum with a cry of your lover’s name, your body trembling and your cunt contracting rhythmically around Lokis cock. Shockwaves of pure pleasure spread throughout your body like a wildfire. You’ve never come this hard before, and fuck, it feels good.

Loki tenses, his thrusts growing sloppy, before groaning your name and spilling his seed inside of you. He holds onto your hip with the hand not at your clit, his forehead resting against your shoulder as he pants, slowing his thrusts as you both come down from your highs.

Loki presses a gentle kiss to your shoulder before pulling out. You collapse against the bed, exhausted and sated. A lazy smile graces your lips, and you do your best to look at Loki from your position.

He chuckles, running one hand down your back while he uses his seidr to remove the restraints from your wrists. Gently, Loki takes your wrists in his hands, massaging them to get the blood flowing again. He constantly whispers praises to you, making sure you know how well you did and how much he loves you. He’s gentle as he cleans you up, cleaning himself in the process. When he’s finished he adjusts the bedsheets and lays down, pulling you close.

“I love you, my darling.” He coos, hand stroking your back soothingly. “You were so good for me. My good, submissive girl.”

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Y/n: Bad News- Thor locked his keys inside his room.

Y/n: Good News- We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.

Y/nBad News- Thor finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my tragic backstory. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.

Y/n: Good News- A hot person saw me do it.

Y/n: Bad News- It was Loki, and since he’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. He knows.

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Synopsis: Loki is the original vampire. He has grown bored with the women he’s been with over the centuries. That all changes one day when he takes a second look at Y/N, the owner of a bar. Inspired by the song Bloodbath & Beyond by Ice Nine Kills.

Here is the link to the song:

Loki x reader

Word count: 855

Warnings: Fluff, slight angst

Here is the final chapter. This is one of my favorite songs by Ice Nine Kills, so it was fun to write something inspired by it.

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Request: twt@LUSTFORLOKI. To sum up this one, Reader is a college student who took a part-time job in the Avengers tower as a sort of housekeeper/maid/butler. Steve, for all of his self-righteousness, doesn’t know how to treat a housekeeper/maid properly in the 21st century. Thankfully, Loki shows up, and as usual, has a plan for everything. (I’m such a Steve-anti. Poor Steve.)Lots of angst, some fluff.

Fandom: MCU AU

Pairing: Loki x College!Reader.

Warnings: Angst, Abuse, Violence. OOC Steve, Major Steve bashing, so any Steve-stans, please look away.


You need this job.

That’s the only reason why you’re here, and why you tolerate some of the insanity that you’re forced to endure.

You saw the advertisement on the internet, it was hard to miss. Big, bright and attention grabbing, just like your employer, Tony Stark. He was looking for a butler basically, but also sort of a housekeeper. Someone to help keep the tower in order, but also to help the Avengers if they ever needed anything.

Surprisingly, for all of his melodrama, egotism and childishness, Tony Stark is a great boss, and his wife, Pepper, is an even better boss. They’re both always pleasant to you, they pay you well, they pay you on time, they’re never rude (despite Tony’s jokes sometimes being a little-uncalled for), and they never really ask much from you.

Sure, your job is to help keep the 90-something tower “in order”, but you, interestingly enough, don’t do much cleaning. As Tony once said “I have people I pay to do all of that.” Your job is mostly centered on making sure that Tony’s physical files are organized, that the training room has all of the practice weapons properly locked up, and to make sure that the kitchen and main lounge/living room isn’t a hot-mess-express.

So, the only thing you really ever have to clean up is the kitchen, and on occasion, the living room. The Avengers don’t typically leave behind much of a mess.

Really, the insanity isn’t Tony, or Pepper, or cleaning, or the pay, it’s helping the Avengers when they “need something”.

Oh-correction. The insanity is helping Steve Rogers when he “needs something”.

The Avengers are all grown ass adult superheroes (minus Peter), and you’re a college student taking a part-time job so that you can take care of yourself. Most of them find it uncomfortable to ask you to do meager things for them, so they mostly ignore you, and do things for themselves like functional members of society.

Except for Steve Rogers.

You are unsure of what you did, but the moment you started working here, he’s been nothing but cold and mean to you. He asks you to bring him a drink, to bring him a snack, to bring him a napkin, to bring him his breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s gotten ridiculous. He’ll even ask you to make sure his bedroom is neat after he wakes up, and to make sure his bathroom is cleaned every few days.

This is behavior you expected from the Asgardian princes, Thor and Loki, but definitely not from Captain fucking America.

Then again, as Captain America, perhaps his behavior rightfully represents what a lot of Americans are; entitled.

(I’m American also, lol, no hate plz.)

He’s nothing like what he was supposed to be. On camera he was gentlemanly, kindhearted and appreciative. It was a shock to you when you found that Loki, of all the people in the tower, acts more like Captain America, than Captain America.

Which was truly bewildering to you at first. Just think about it for a moment…

The guy who tried to take over the whole world and enslave mankind is the one who greets you with a smile everyday, and offers to make you tea on Saturday and Sunday mornings (which are the only mornings you can work-you got those 7am college classes, RIP). He even helps you with your studies, homework and college essays if you find yourself falling behind. It took some time to get used to his kind gestures, which sometimes bewildered even Thor at times.

While Loki got familiar with you, your relationship with Steve Rogers, on the other hand, ended up only getting worse.

It turned abusive, sometimes violent, and the only reason you never went to Tony is because you know that the two are close friends and coworkers. You could go to the other Avengers, but you’re sure that their relationship to Steve is similar, as well.

Bucky Barnes is another person you know is close with Steve. Those two go way back-before you were even born.

One day, you were careless in leaving your house. It was a Saturday morning, you were tired and you hadn’t noticed that both of your arms had begun to bruise from Steve’s super soldier strength.

He had hit you a few times in anger yesterday. You can’t really recall why.

“What are those on your arms?” Loki asks, within seconds of seeing you. “What’s happened?”

“Nothing.” You say.

“I’m The God of Lies, my dear, you’ll have to do better than that.” Loki says, looking over your arms, carefully. “Is someone harming you?”

“No. I fell.”

“Try again.” Loki challenges, looking up at you sternly.

“I’m fine.”

“Who is harming you?” He asks, narrowing his eyes. “Is it someone in here?”


“Is it an Avenger?”

Loki catches the subtle change in your eyes, the spark of fear that lit up when he asked whether or not it was an Avenger.

He growls. “Who is it?

“Loki, please, I don’t want to talk about it.” You plead, getting rather uncomfortable now. “Can we just… play chess or something?”

Loki frowns at you for a while, before sighing in defeat. “Fine, alright.”

He doesn’t bring it up for the rest of the day.

You make sure to wear long sleeves to cover the bruises on your arms for the next couple of days, at least until the bruising goes down.

“What did I tell you about leaving my bedroom a mess?” Steve demands. “It’s a simple request. I’m not asking you to teach a dog to sing.”

Steve has decided to now confront you in an empty hallway about not tidying up his room yesterday.

“I’m sorry…” You mutter. “…Tony wanted me with him all day yesterday.”

“You couldn’t have come do it before you left? You just went home knowing my bedroom is a mess?” Steve asks, quickly getting upset.

“Tony clocked me out himself, so I was already off shift. Besides, it’s not like you can’t clean your bedroom yourself.” You answer.

Wrong answer, apparently.

He grabbed your arm and held it in a bruising grip, once again reminding you that he’s no ordinary human.

You let out a whimper and try to pull away, which proves no use. You’re not surprised when he slaps you. You’re surprised by how a super soldier serum can make a simple slap so painful. You’re even more surprised when your nose starts bleeding.

He must’ve inadvertently popped a blood vessel or something.

He raises his hand again, and you close your eyes, prepared for a punch or something worse, but it never comes. You open your eyes and see Steve looking at something behind you. You turn around and see Loki standing at the other end of the hall, his hands behind his back, an indifferent look on his face, but his eyes tell a different story.

You’ve known Loki long enough to realize that if you want to know his true emotions, you read his eyes, not his face. He’s a master at using his face to guard his true feelings.

And his eyes currently hold a barely contained storm of rage inside of them.

“I apologize for… interrupting…” Loki barely managed to keep his voice steady. “But dinner is ready, and I was wondering if (Y/N) would be joining us tonight.”

You nod, frantically. Steve releases your arm, and you rush over to Loki’s side.

“Loki Laufeyson, master of perfect timing, always ready to save the day.”

“Actually.” Loki corrects. “It’s Loki Odinson, master of sorcery, always ready to put ignorant Midgardians in their place.” He smiles a very unpleasant smile. “But yes… I suppose you’re also somewhat correct.”

“No one will believe you.” Steve says.

“Perhaps you’re correct.” Loki drones. “I am not here to hold a conversation with you, however, I am here to take (Y/N) to dinner.”

Steve snorts derisively, and walks by Loki, intentionally bumping shoulders with him.

Well, Steve was bumped, Loki didn’t move even a centimeter.

“Might want to clean her up first.” Steve says, as he retreats. “Wouldn’t want everyone to think you were beating up on her before dinner.”

Loki clenches his jaw. You look away, nervous about what he’s going to say.

You’re startled when he tilts your face up by your chin, and then slowly uses his seidr to heal any damage Steve has dealt you, including the bruises on your arms. He checks you over multiple times, making sure you aren’t still hurt.

Once he’s finished, he takes both of your hands and makes eye contact with you. He’s still upset, but the anger has tapered down to a manageable level.

“How did you know he was hurting me just now?” You ask, in a hushed tone.

“The same day I inquired about your bruises, I forged a… connection of sorts.” Loki explains. “Today, I felt that you were in danger, so I went looking for you. I have a similar connection with Thor, otherwise that oaf would’ve perished long ago.”

You nod, it makes sense, somewhat. You blush as he kisses your cheek and then your forehead.

“I am sorry.” Loki squeezes your hands, gently. “I wish I had noticed earlier. I would’ve killed him in that moment, would it not result in me being casted back to Asgard. The last thing I want, is for you to be left here to deal with all of this on your own.”

“Well… there’s nothing we can do about it now…” You murmur.

“I believe that to be untrue…” Loki’s eyes slowly shift up to the security cameras. “…Rogers appears to have forgotten about the many eyes this tower has.”

Your eyes widen. “The security cameras…!”

Loki smirks. “Stark will review the footage if you ask him to. I could accompany you to his lab tonight after dinner, if you so wish.”

“Yes, I’d love that.” You wrap your arms around Loki as tight as you possibly can. “Thank you!”

“You’re most certainly welcome.” Loki chuckles. “Time to cook up a scandal…


Also, I wrote this while struggling with depression (it’s been two weeks, and it seems to not be improving, and this crap can last as long as a couple of months, so I wrote it anyway. Better than waiting a few months to finally get on this), and I’m not sure if y’all have noticed, but my storytelling feels weird in this one. My ability to produce a thorough, flowing storyline appears to be sort of hindered right now. I’ll try to update it if I can.

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Is it just me or dose Hamilton kinda have Loki vibes in a way

. Alexander Hamilton as Loki

. Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton because Sigyn she Loki’s wife

. Aaron Burr as Heimdall just because Loki and Hemidall will kill each other at ragrock

. Maria Reynolds as Angrboða because she Loki’s other lover in some there she was Loki’s first wife

. George Washington as Odin or Thor

. Philip Hamilton as Narfi and Nari because they where both teenagers or young adults who die and it sad

And I lot of the songs as well especially

. Right hand man

. One last stand

. Cabin battle # 1

. Cabin battle # 2

But that might just be me begging a Hamilton and Norse mythology geek so ye

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Steve: Alright everyone, I thought it would be nice if we all went around the table and said what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for being thawed out of that ice.
Peter: I’m thankful that to be here with all of you.
Loki: *cupping your cheek* I’m thankful for (y/n).
Y/N: *leaning in* And I’m thankful for Loki.
Tony: I’m thankful you two are getting your own place.
Nat: *losing her appetite* Aren’t we all?
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