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#loki laufeyson
marvelheroes · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki - Episode 1 - Glorious Purpose
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pointlessnachos · 9 hours ago
mobius is the gentleness that loki has needed all his life and loki is the excitement that mobius has needed all his life
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lovethedanielhd · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made my very own Loki variant with the only purpose of cosplay him later 🥲
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startrekkingaroundasgard · 19 hours ago
I'll Be Here When You Wake Up (Loki x Reader)
Summary: When a mission goes badly and you are injured, Loki sits by your bedside until you wake.
Gender: neutral
Rating: Teen
Tags: Avenger!Loki, SHIELD Agent!Reader, what timeline, texting, injuries (mentions of bruises, cuts, medically induced coma), hurt/comfort, feelings, pining, invasion of privacy (Loki looks through R's phone), no Y/N, developing relationship, light angst
Words: 2667
Note: I really can't say how happy it makes me to see how much you have been enjoying the other parts to this series! Like the others, this can be read as a one shot but is a part of the wider texting universe (name in progress aha).
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Tumblr media
Loki_Laufeyson to A-00382690: Tell me you weren’t tracking Escarro.
Message recalled under SHIELD guideline 173-A54, Section 2a, pertaining active mission details.
He swore, loudly, hating this infernal device a little more with every second that it kept him from confirming your safety. He was being rash, foolish even, but it had already been three days since Loki last received a message from you and his nerves were already right on the edge when he’d seen coverage of the explosion on the news.
For a good minute he had held himself together. After all, with the entire world at your feet, what were the chances that you were anywhere near that specific building? Loki had seen the inside of your Quinjet; supplies were low, there was no heavy artillery and you were clearly on a simple reconnaissance trip.
But then it came out that some of the bodies belonged to Escarro’s cartel, a vicious group of drug traffickers that had on multiple occasions sided with Kosek – the same monster responsible for the death of your childhood friend – and that was too much of a coincidence for Loki to ignore.
Loki_Laufeyson to A-00382690: Are you in Caracas?
Message recalled under SHIELD guideline 162-E42, Section 1c, pertaining active location details.
He swore again, even louder. He so nearly tossed the tablet out of his window but stopped himself just in time, realising that it would only make contacting you harder. Drawing a deep breath, Loki re-entered his access codes and sent as vague a message as he dare.
Loki_Laufeyson to A-00382690: I saw the news. Are you okay?
Loki_Laufeyson to A-00382690: Please reply.
Loki_Laufeyson to A-00382690: I’m worried about you.
Message unsent. User: A-00382690 currently unavailable on all networks.
For his understanding of Midgardian technology, Loki often struggled to make his tablet do anything more than what he had explicitly been shown. SHIELD privacy protocols made the simplest searches far more difficult than they needed to be and there was simply no time to waste with your life on the line.
He had to know where you were, what the official record notes for your mission were, but he would need help to do that. Natasha was the first person Loki found. He’d rather have asked a tech, a passing agent, a chef… Literally anyone other than her for assistance but the pressing fear for your safety held his pride at bay.
He grabbed Natasha’s arm and immediately regretted it. Loki leapt away, barely avoiding her vicious backhand, and took up a defensive stance. Though it was still his first instinct, Loki didn’t pull a blade on her. Loki had a huge respect for Natasha’s combative skills and knew bringing a weapon into play would only make things worse – for him, obviously; he might have trained with Asgardian warriors but she had an agility that often caught him off guard.
Palms open and in the air, Loki said stiffly, “Romanoff, I need access to a file.”
“I need to know where someone is.”
“If you’re trying to stalk that cute designer from Beverly Hills do it on Instagram like everyone else. SHIELD doesn’t have active traces on members of the public.”
Loki bit his tongue at the sly mention of Tomas. Truthfully, he thought he had been very subtle in his interest in the young man but Natasha noticed the smallest things with unsettling clarity. It was, more than any other, the reason Loki felt so unnerved by the spy. There was still a lot that he hadn’t shared with the team, most prominently his Jotun bloodline and the harshest truths of his dealings with Thanos, but on more than one occasion Loki had gotten the feeling that Natasha saw through every one of his carefully woven lies.
Shaking his head, Loki fell into step with Natasha as she strode off down the hallway. “I want to track an agent.”
Her pace faltered momentarily before she plastered over her surprise with a sharp glare. It was the kind which had once been reserved for Loki by Thor alone, a disappointment that could only be mustered by a sibling that was still sort of rooting for you, the sort that asked, do I need to kick your ass or someone else’s?
“Who are you hiding from now? Do I even want to know how you managed to piss off another agent when you haven’t left the Compound in over a week?”
“Not hiding. I’m… concerned about their well being.”
Usually Natasha was so good at concealing her emotions but Loki could read the returning surprise as if someone had written it across her forehead. Though she clearly wanted to question him, Natasha pushed back her own interest and asked, “Do you have their ID number?”
00382690. Loki reeled it off memory, those eight digits his favourite in the world.
The seconds that followed after she typed it into her tablet were perhaps the longest Loki had ever suffered. He saw the screen change in the corner of his eye, noticed instantly how Natasha shifted her body from his, tightened her grip on the edges of the pad. “The Quinjet has been recovered and the crew are currently being transported to a SHIELD medical facility.”
“The doctors are the best in the world.” Her tone was gentle but it only served to tighten the coil around his heart. “They will take care of them both.”
“Where is it, Romanoff?” he growled.
She shook her head, eyes desperately kind even as he backed her against the wall. “You aren’t cleared.”
All of the Avengers had level five clearance, even Loki himself, so he knew she was lying. Once upon a time he could, he would, have forced her to speak but now, even if he could muster the anger to make her quiver, she knew that he would never actually turn his blades on her. It had been a long road to get to this point and Loki wasn’t about to throw that away.
But he had to know where you were. He needed to see you with his own eyes.
Loki fell against the wall beside her, fingers clawing at his hair. “Natasha, please. I can’t… I need to know.”
Twenty minutes later, they strode into the SHIELD medical facility in Chelsea. Passing nurses shot each other concerned glances, already too busy to cope with another battle worn patient. It was a familiar doctor that took upon the task of talking to them, the stress of his work visible in the deep lines and dark circles beneath his eyes.
One look at Loki was apparently enough for him to determine that he was the cause of their visit. Regretfully, the doctor informed them, “Allinar is our resident Asgardian consultant but she is off world at the moment. Doctor Raji is the next best acquainted with your physiology if you’d follow -”
“We’re not here for me,” Loki said.
“Thank god. I need to go prep for surgery with Raji. Wait here.”
The doctor was already half way down the hall when Loki tried to call him back. Logically he had known that field work with SHIELD was dangerous but to be in the midst of the chaos was something else entirely. His thoughts turned to you once again, hurt and confused, surrounded by a constant barrage of high pitched noises and a never ending drone of quick footsteps between the rooms. The nurses and doctors shouted to one another, their words practically indecipherable amid the cacophony, and it was already giving Loki a headache.
Loki stiffened, staring at the hand placed gently over his arm. He looked up to Natasha’s face, and the attempt at a comforting smile. “Room one twenty four. I’ll leave you to find it on your own but Loki… Just be patient with everyone here, alright? They know what they’re doing. They’ll make sure the team are okay.”
He nodded a quiet thanks, though he wasn’t all that interested in the rest of your team. All that mattered to him was you.
The SHIELD medical team were good, Loki had to admit. They were patient with him when he demanded answers and updates about your condition and were never once anything less than completely optimistic that you would come back around to full health. Having heard them deliver less good news to other patients in the facility, Loki knew they weren’t lying to him there.
What they couldn’t tell him, though, was when you’d wake up. Their estimations varied wildly. The hopeful, or those hoping to appease him, suggested that you’d wake up in a matter of hours. The cautious thought it would be closer to days as your mind and body came back together. Though he hoped it would be sooner, Loki would not move from your bedside, would count the passing days by the steady beating of your heart rate monitor, until you returned to him.
The only time Loki left you was to gather provisions. He sourced plush cushions from his own room, confident that his bedding would be much more comfortable than the flat thing the hospital provided. His softest, woven blanket, a gift from Frigga, sat across your body, the dark green and gold edges beginning to tatter after so many years. Every few hours it needed a small adjustment but Loki didn’t mind at all; it moved because you moved and that proved you were still alive.
It was a good distraction but, inevitably, when the job was done there was nothing more Loki could do for you but sit there and wait. He tried, he tried so hard, not to count the bruises on your arms or spread his hand over your neck to try and sooth the dark marks left by the bastard that had dared to grab your throat.
In expanding his seidr to cover you, to give his strength to you and ease your pain, Loki experienced the true extent of your internal injuries himself. The depth of the injuries that marked your skin, the slow tender process of your body pulling itself back together after surgery. He shared the effort needed to take each breath, to force each new beat of your heart, amazed by the fighting spark inside you.
Some time later, Loki’s shameless curiosity got a hold of him. He simply couldn’t help himself.
He’d already completed the crossword in three different papers from the reception. He’d helped a confused agent find their keys (perhaps less of a kind gesture given he’d hidden them himself). Loki had even convinced the raven – a wonderfully chatty bird, actually – on the window ledge not to shit on a passing doctor.
So, really, it was SHIELD’s fault for not having a more interesting hospital. If there had been other things to entertain himself, Loki would never have had to look in your bag.
The first thing he found was a small carry case. Inside, a clear indent of a memory drive, bravely recovered by you and then reclaimed by SHIELD while you were unconscious. There were a selection of pens (only one of which worked – and Loki used to draw a selection of protective runes on the cast around your ankle), a half stamped loyalty card for a café he recognised as the one you always brought him coffee from, and a set of keys to a car that Loki would absolutely not allow you drive home.
Then, he found your phone. Loki knew he should leave it be but you didn’t even have a password and were basically inviting him to look. It was… sad, honestly. You only had a few contacts saved: family, a couple of friends you never spoke about and a handy man named Jeff. The last time you’d messaged any of them was over three months ago (and that was to get your washing machine fixed).
Without thinking, Loki opened a new contact and typed in his own mobile number. There were only two people in the world that knew it aside from him: his therapist and, now, you. He saved the contact as L. then promptly closed the contact book and wiped his surprisingly clammy hands on his trousers.
Your photo album was filled with a series of shots snapped from crappy hotel rooms while you’d been away on missions, or small details on buildings or signs that had made you smile. Loki was glad to know that not every mission went sideways like this one had. He was hardly one to talk, given the shit that the Avengers led him into, but he was a god, damn near invulnerable and you…
You were bloody and bruised and unconscious and, Norns, why did you have to be so stupid and brave?
Loki squeezed your hand in his, curled uncomfortably against the edge of your bed. Despite everything he’d done to try and make it better, the mattress was still hard and lumpy beneath his cheek. The longer Loki studied the dark marks and the cuts on your face, the harder he had to focus to feel your gentle pulse beneath his fingers, the easier the tears fell.
You were his closest friend on Midgard, smart and funny and, beyond everything else, kind. Loki couldn’t imagine a life on this miserable planet without you in it. If either one of you deserved this fate, it was most certainly him. It wasn’t fair.
“I hope you’re not crying for me.” Your fingers slipped from his tight grip, face twisting in a slight grimace as you lifted your hand to wipe away the tears from his cheek. “What happened?”
“You were reckless.”
“I bloody well was not. I did my job,” you snapped, though it lacked any bite. “Help me sit up.”
Loki noticed how your broken lips twitched at the sheer grandness of the nest of green and gold that he had built around you, something painfully soft flickering across your face as you toyed with the tattered edge of his blanket. So slowly that he could practically feel his own muscles cry out at the effort, you shuffled across the mattress to make space for him.
Your laugh was more of a croak, your throat still tight and vocal chords stiff from lack of use, but it was full of light as you took in his surprise. “Come on, I won’t break. Just sit with me. I’ve been in those chairs enough to know what they do to your back.”
Hyper aware of every place your arms and legs touched, Loki tried to put as much distance between you as he could before giving up all together. It was easier to pretend it was for you, that he was entertaining your whims, but the truth was far more simple: he wanted to feel you, the rise and fall of your breathing, the clammy heat of your skin. Proof you were alive, that the universe had decided not to take you from him today.
The unexpected but totally welcome way you curled into him, drawing on his strength and settling against his side like it was the most natural thing in the world, brought a warmth to Loki’s chest. He turned his head, pressed his lips to the crown of your skull, and muttered, “Don’t do that to me again.”
“I’ll try.”
“I mean it.”
“So do I.” Your hand found his once again, fingers curling slowly around his. “Thank you for being here, Loki.”
“There’s nowhere else in the nine realms that I’d rather be right now. Get some rest.” You looked up at him with wide, but tired eyes and he said, “I’ll be here when you wake up. You have my word.”
As you drifted off, Loki wondered to himself how lucky he would be to wake up beside you every day and not just when you were confined to a hospital bed. Trailing his thumb down the curve of your jaw, he sighed. One day, perhaps. One day.
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lokifantasies · 6 hours ago
Ready When You Are (Loki/Reader) FLUFF/SMUT
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki wants a baby. Bonus: he wants it with you.
Word count: 2631
You and Loki, the God of Mischief, have spent the last three years together. All the Avengers were taken aback when your relationship was discovered, but they were even more shocked when they saw how serious it was and how much love was shared. Thor believed that it was your love that changed his brother for the better. Loki has shown complete transparency, his feelings, and he has trusted you with his heart more than anyone else. While no relationship is completely perfect, and you have little spats here and there, the idea of breaking up is torturous to both of you. You and he would much rather be angry at the other for a day or so and make-up. He spoils you in ways you never imagined he would or could. Secret dates are one of his favorites, and he will always give you the things you love. When he goes out without you, he always returns with a bouquet of your favorite flowers, candy, or an adorable stuffed animal. Tonight, however, a rare event was unfolding. He had cooked dinner in the home that you share at the Avengers Compound, and he wouldn’t answer you when you kept asking why he was cooking miniature finger foods. On the table in the kitchen, there was a red candle that was sitting on the white table cloth covering the wooden table. He seemed nervous while the two of you ate, but you could tell that he was also excited about something – what that was, you didn’t know – yet.
“So, are you going to tell me why we’re eating little finger foods?” you asked with a giggle.
Loki smiled. “Because I want to talk to you about something,” he finally answered.
You gave him a confused expression. “And you couldn’t talk with regular food?”
He let out a laugh – finding your confusion adorable. “I thought you would have figured it out by now,” he told you.
“Figure what out?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow. He extended his hand over the table, and you gave him yours. He held your hand and gently stroked the back of your palm with his thumb. You sat silently, waiting for some kind of explanation about his weirdness.
“I love you,” he said as he looked into your eyes.
“And I love you,” you responded with a smile.
You could tell he was growing more nervous. He took a deep breath in and exhaled. “I want to have a baby with you.”
Those words hit you like a freight train, and your eyes widened with shock as they sunk in. No one had ever shown you this level of devotion before, and you were unsure of how to respond. Loki understood your shock, and he just continued to hold your hand and stroke it softly.
“What?” you finally managed to whisper. “I mean – I don’t – are you -,” you stuttered. Loki chuckled in response to your shock. He had expected it.
“Yes,” he finally said. “Yes, I’m sure.”
“Um, okay,” you finally got out. “When?”
“Whenever you’re ready,” he replied – lifting a ton of weight off your shoulders. “It can be tonight, a year, five years – however long I have to wait, I will.”
“So, why tell me now?” you asked, finally coming back from the shock train.
“Because I’m ready now,” he answered. “I would expect you to tell me when or if you’re ever ready. I’m not trying to push you into this, alright? I just want you to know that whenever you’re ready, I will be too.”
The shock on your face was replaced with a smile. “What if I’m ready tonight?” you questioned. Loki was taken by surprise, but he knew you meant it just by looking at your expression. Your eyes – dilated. Your lips – open. Still, he wanted to be sure.
“Are you?” he retorted in a flirtatious manner. You answer with a small nod, and the smile on his face grew. “So am I.”
You and Loki got up from the table, and the clothes immediately started flying around the living room. Both of you wanted nothing more than to be as close as possible with the other – to be one. Unable to make it to the bedroom, he sat on the couch, and you straddled his lap. He lifted your shirt off your body, and you did the same for him. Immediately, he was unhooking your bra while you left love bites on his neck. Once he got the bra off, he love-bombed your breasts that he loved so much. You went to get off him so you could take your jeans off, but he wasn’t going to let you move. With a wave of his hand, his and your jeans were off, and all that remained what your thong and his boxer briefs. You could feel his rock-hard length pressing against your sex – wanting him in you more than anything else at that moment. Finally, he captured your lips with his, and your tongues battled for dominance – with Loki’s ultimately winning. He ran his hand down your torso, and when he got to your lower stomach, he gently pressed his hand against it, and you felt a slight tickle. Finally, his hand was where you needed him the most.
“My oh my,” he purred in your ear as his fingers played with your wetness. “You’re soaking wet, my love.” You moaned in response, unable to form any coherent words. He coated his fingers with your juice and slipped them into his mouth to taste as much as he could. “You taste divine,” he moaned. Immediately, he coated them again and held his hand up to you. “Have a taste,” he ordered. You complied and took each of his fingers into your mouth. You moaned in satisfaction, and as much as you were embarrassed to admit, he was right. You reached your own hand down and coated your fingers – putting them up to his face to feed him, and he did the same to you. “Are you still hungry, my love?” he asked with the deep voice he got when he was extremely turned on. You nodded as you bit your bottom lip, and he took himself out of his underwear, giving you full permission to explore him. He was already leaking with precum, so you wiped his tip and held your finger up to him.
“Your turn,” you hummed in his ear, biting at his earlobe as he took your finger into his mouth. Like you, he moaned in satisfaction. You took your finger back and deeply kissed him, tasting what you could on his tongue. “I need a proper taste.” You got off his lap, and he let out a small whine. You pushed the coffee table back, so you had room to kneel down in front of the couch. He opened his legs for you to come in between, and you excitedly grabbed hold of his godlike member. You placed a light kiss on his testicles, smiling at the fact that the two of you were actually going to try for a baby. You teased him by licking every inch of his member until you had him pleading to take him into your mouth.
“You think it’s fun to tease me, huh?” he said in a threatening yet playful voice. You moaned and nodded in response, causing him to throw his head back. Throughout, you could taste the precum that kept coming out in small spurts. He tasted divine. “Just like that,” he whispered as he grabbed hold of your hair – pulling it just as you loved. “Keep going, my love. I’m so close.” You felt him start shaking, and a mischievous smile appeared on your face. “So close,” he repeated. Right before he was going to climax, you took your mouth off him and let go. Not believing what you had just done, he opened his eyes and looked at you in disbelief.
“Did I do something wrong?” you asked, playing innocent. “Was I supposed to keep going?” You giggled, and instantly, he carried you to the bedroom and lay you down on the bed. He placed his hands on either side of your head and his knees on either side of your body. His eyes were darker than you had ever seen them. He bent down and placed light kisses on your neck.
“You, my dear,” he began, “are going to wish you hadn’t done that. You won’t be walking for a few days.”
“And what if that’s what I was going for?” you chuckled as he placed a hickey on the side of your neck. He snapped his fingers, and the last bit of clothing was gone. Once both of you were completely nude, you realized just how vulnerable you were with each other and how no one else would ever know these hidden sides. He placed a deep kiss and tasted himself on your tongue. He worked his way down your body, placing kisses the whole way. He seemed to hover around your lower stomach, clearly looking forward to what was to come. Once he was at your feet, you bent your knees so that he could devour the treasure in between. He pushed your knees down so that they were almost flat against the comforter – giving him as much access as possible. He placed gentle kisses on your thighs and moved closer to your aching core. After a few minutes, he couldn’t hold back anymore, and his mouth completely covered your entrance as his tongue plunged inside. He was like a ravenous lion – taking in as much as he could. He licked up all of the juices that came out of you like one would lick an ice cream cone. He could tell that you were close due to the swollen size of your clit. He played with and gently sucked on it. You grabbed his long, dark hair and held him tight against your body, hoping that he wouldn’t try to pull away. You started squirming and whining – begging for him to keep going. You felt him chuckle against you, and as soon as you approached the cliff’s edge, ready to fall over into the orgasmic bliss, he pulled away from you and quickly captured your lips in a deep kiss – letting you taste yourself on him. “You are so mean,” you moaned as you opened your eyes and watched him grin at you with love in his eyes from above.
“That was revenge,” he whispered in your ear, nipping at your neck before he held himself up again.
You reached up and held his cheeks in your hands. “I love you,” you said quietly before placing a kiss on his nose.
“I love you more,” was his response. “We’re really doing this, huh?”
You nodded with a smile. “Could you hurry up please,” you begged as you tried to guide Loki’s member into your aching core.
He wouldn’t let you take control. “No, my love,” he denied. “I want to savor this. After tonight, our child will begin to grow in here,” he said as he gently placed his hand on your womb.
You chuckled. “Loki, you do know that it may take more than one try, right?”
“Not for us,” he smiled.
You thought back to the weird tickle you felt in the beginning. “Was that the tickle I felt earlier?” you asked.
He nodded. “It’s a spell. It ensures that we have a one-hundred percent chance of conceiving tonight.” He noticed as some worry came across your face. “What’s wrong, my love?”
“That won’t hurt the baby, will it?” you asked.
He began placing small kisses on your face and neck. “No, my sweet,” he told you. “If I thought even for a moment that a spell could harm our little one, then I wouldn’t have done it.”
You gave him a deep kiss. “You’re already an amazing father.”
He grinned with pure joy and pride. “Are you ready?” he asked softly in your ear.
“Ready when you are,” you consented, excitement starting to boil over.
Loki smiled and bent down to link his mouth to yours. At the same time, he slowly and gently entered you, making sure to give you time to adjust. The two of you were no strangers to sex, but you were never able to stay permanently stretched to his size.
“I love you,” he moaned as he slowly began to move. “I love you so much.” He wrapped his arms around your back to pull you up so that you were in his lap with your chests pushed against each other.
“I love you,” you responded once you caught your breath. “Oh my God, you feel so amazing,” you moaned while throwing your head back with your eyes closed. He took the opportunity to leave little love bites on your exposed neck, and you didn’t try to argue. He pushed you back a little bit so that he could get to your breasts and gave them as much attention as he did to the rest of your body. You started riding him – moving opposite directions. When he thrust up, you bounced down. You could feel his tip press against your cervix and cried out when it gave the perfect mix of pain and pleasure. You leaned forward again and wrapped your arms around his neck, and ran your fingers through his hair. Little did you know that he was doing the same thing to you for exactly the same reason – tears were starting to gather in his eyes – just as they were yours. Loki ensured that you were pleasured as much as possible before he allowed himself to finish. He was covered with the evidence of your orgasms.
“Look at me,” he ordered softly. You did as he asked, and that’s when you saw the remnants of tears he had fought back. He saw yours as well, but neither one of you said anything about it because you both knew and understood why there were tears. “Finish with me.” You kissed him in response, and he slid his hand in between your bodies – giving your very swollen and sensitive clit some more attention. He knew just how to send you over the edge, and the feeling of you coming undone around him sent him over the same edge. Feeling his cum rush inside you caused your orgasm to become stronger. Your vision went blurry, and you almost fell back onto the bed, but he kept you wrapped in his arms as he made sure none of him left you. After bringing himself back from the bliss, he gently lay you down on the bed on your back. He waved his hand, and the two of you were cleaned up, in comfortable clothes, and under a new, clean blanket. While still trying to come to your senses, Loki pulled you into his side and gently stroked your hair while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. “Thank you, my love,” he whispered as he placed a kiss on your cheek. “I promise I’ll never let you down – or let our little one down.” He tenderly placed his hand on your lower stomach – imagining the little baby growing inside. Finally, you returned to the real world and immediately locked lips with Loki.
“Thank you, darling,” you said softly. “I’ll try to be the best mother to our child.”
He kissed the tip of your nose. “I know you will, my sweet,” he said as he stroked your cheek. “If you would do me the honor,” he began, “I’ll try to be the best husband to you.”
You smiled with teary eyes. “As long as I can try to be the best wife to you.”
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lalielis752018 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
His beautiful blue eyes ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙
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plainlo-inthemorning · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki season finale: Loses all and everyone.
WandaVision season finale: Loses all and everyone.
FATWS season finale: Former deadly assassin brings cake and cute ass babysitting skills to all-out sunset love fest.
Me: Ugly cries during all three.
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sigynart · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I painted a portrait of Ikol cosplay being the superior Loki~
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lokiskitten · 16 hours ago
I NEED a part two of “first time”
Loki Laufeyson | first time pt2
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : ( refer to pt1 ) after experiencing a first intercourse together, Loki insists on crossing the path towards the end. With only the fear of being seen by the other variants holding you back, you end up agreeing to follow the excited man’s proposition.
warnings : smut, extremely short moment of none-con followed by a consent check up, mention of virginity loss ( male ), unprotected sex ( pls for the love of god wrap it ) and lowkey sub!Loki.
“Now that was... ah. Nice.” You affirmed tiredly, knees colliding with one another though your feet remained slightly parted. Your organism was still trying to wash away the orgasm you had just reached with Loki’s divine help. Meanwhile, the god of mischief carried on staring at your body, resembling a scientist who led an experience on the human anatomy. He wanted to ask a thousand questions, but didn’t feel brave enough to dare to open his mouth just yet. In fact, he felt as if he was disturbing an intimate and personal moment of yours. It nearly managed to make the god feel flustered and awkward.
Looking closer, Loki was able to spot your own love juice dripping out of your entrance, coating your swollen lips and settling a deep emotion of lustful hunger within his soul. He wanted more, he needed more- and only you could potentially satisfy his crippling and frustrating sexual appetite at the moment. His hands rested on your knees, forcefully parting your thighs before he allowed himself to slip in between. Upon feeling a weight suddenly add up against your own mass, your eyelids moved open which allowed you to make eye contact with Loki. You felt surprised to see him there, and even more surprised to witness him behaving in such a way.
“What are you doing?” You asked, attempting to move your chest up with the help of your elbows- which led Loki to back away to sit down on his knees between your legs. “Well, I’m doing the thing. Isn’t that what people do next?” He explained, earning a frown from your shocked self. Though, you were still willing to be patient with him. “No, you always ask. Always. Do you understand?” You affirmed seriously, earning a shy nod from the demigod who didn’t really enjoy to be treated like a child. Though his aim wasn’t to ruin this moment by starting unnecessary drama- especially as he appeared to be in the wrong. But once this small moment of embarrassment had passed by, Loki felt like explaining the reason to why he appeared so frustrated.
“Look, I have a very painful..” he began, only to end up being cut off by your staring self who admired the long shape traced from within his pants. It was too big to miss. “Boner.” You finished before looking up at him, earning an embarrassed gasp coming from the demigod. “And I really want you.” He finished on a nearly sorrowful tone adding up to a puppy face- a note that managed to reach your heart. You shot a glare at the small wooden cabin in which Mobius and the other variants were having dinner, anxiety taking over your organism at the thought of potentially being seen or caught by them. “I don’t know..” You explained, earning a frown from Loki sitting before you who didn’t appear to understand why you were refusing the offer after you had both experienced such fun.
“Aw come on. What could possibly go wrong?” He cheered, giving your shoulder a gentle fist kick in order to lift the mood. Unfortunately, you couldn’t help but remain stoic. “Well, loads of things in fact.” You responded, leading Loki’s smile to drop instantly. “What if we get caught? That would be an embarrassment I’d never be able to get over. Not to mention the whole pregnancy issues if your princess self isn’t capable of pulling out at the right time.” You carried on, offering Loki multiple exemples to why this upcoming sexual intercourse could possibly go wrong. Ironically enough, he appeared more concerned and offended over the fact that you had just called him princess rather than getting worked up about the horrible consequences program you had just settled.
After spending a couple of seconds making useless eye contact with the raven haired man, you ended up breaking this one in order to shoot another glance towards the wooden cabin. The surroundings appeared calm, which managed to ease your anxiety. Besides, after leading you to cum in such an incredible way, you believed that maybe Loki deserved a release too- adding up to the fact that you’d feel proud to be the woman who would take care of breaking through his virginity. Turning your head back towards his, a nod was the only gesture that escaped your body. It instantly managed to lift the demigod’s mood. “Really?..” Loki asked, and that in order to make sure you weren’t tricking him, the most famous trickster.
“Yeah, lets give it a try.” You responded on a friendly tone, a discreet smile adorning your features as you watched Loki summon a blanket for the two of you. He had probably noticed the way you appeared to avoid dust with the help of your pants, and wanted to offer you better then this piece or clothing to protect your sensitive skin. However, he appeared to organize this upcoming event in quite a religious way. He made sure to keep the blanket flat against the floor, brushing away the wrinkles until you finally stopped him by taking ahold of his wrist. “This is the part where you take your clothes off.” You affirmed, underlining the fact that he probably should stop worrying about the wrong matters especially as you were running out of time.
“Oh, right right.” He answered politely, taking a seat on the green pled before he began to precariously unbutton his TVA shirt. You watched as his tone muscles were revealed, his abs shifting as he got rid of his upper piece of clothing for good. This checkpoint led you to look up at his greenish eyes again, the two of you exchanging a smile before he began to go for his belt. The shape of his hard member was still visible through his trousers, a length that would soon be set free once Loki would finally get rid of his pants. No shame or embarrassment seemed to fill his organism upon his lower clothes being pulled down to his knees- his crotch being revealed to your respectful sight. In contrary, Loki appeared more than proud of himself for finally getting to go through such a thing, which held him back from accumulating negative emotions.
Your two naked selves then laid down on the blanket, wrapping your arms around one another’s body and engaging in a rather friendly but passionate hug. You enjoyed this warm and safe physical contact, and you expected Loki to enjoy it too. The sensation of his moist tip rubbing against your stomach only made it better- as you still felt amazed regarding the size of his member. It combined both generous length and girth, and was also gifted with the perfect shape any woman, or man, could ever ask for. “You smell nice..” he affirmed, his nose being stuck to the crook of your neck as you happily passed your hands through his black hair. He ended up looking up at you, pressing a shy and respectful kiss to your lips. You smiled.
It didn’t take long for the two of you to roll around, switching to Loki now resting on top of you. He smiled down out you out of pure excitement, his tip already trying to find a way into your entrance- as clumsy as his hips could be. After taking notice that he appeared to have a hard time lining himself up with your hole, you slipped a hand down between your legs and gave his balls a gentle caress, earning a couple of sensitive moans coming from your excited partner. However, your hand then proceeded to slither it’s way up his shaft, delicate digits wrapping around this one’s girth in order to move it to where it should and wanted to be. When you felt like Loki was now ready to carry on on his own, your hand made its way back up to his shoulder before passing underneath his arm and wrapping around his smooth and muscular back.
The raven haired man looked down at you with slight panic in his eyes upon being aware that a single hip thrust of his could begin the intercourse, his shoulders now having to carry a great responsibility he simply wasn’t ready to fail. Unfortunately, Loki once again appeared to struggle with pushing himself in. Even when looking down at your crotch, he still didn’t manage to properly slide inside of you. However, upon taking notice of his distress again, you agreed to slip your hand back down to his groin, taking a gentle hold of his shaft which you locked between your thumb and index finger before offering him a little bit of help regarding penetration. Thankfully, his cock was now able to slide inside of you on it’s own even if it remained a slow process.
Moving your hand away, you allowed Loki to fully take over the penetration process as you watched his facial expressions clench and contract. Eventually his eyelids shut close, hips colliding with yours as his tip dangerously brushed against your sensitive cervix. You could tell that this was brand new for him, and that he visibly had a hard time handling it. “You’re doing amazing.” You affirmed empathetically, your hand gently caressing his flexed biceps. Meanwhile, Loki couldn’t help but focus onto the warmth your walls provided him, his brain still attempting to process how nice it felt to finally get to be coated in a woman’s love juices. It was tight, moist, and warm- long story short : the perfect environnement for his needy member.
“Maybe try to give moving a try..” you proposed shyly, your organism beginning to feel more than overwhelmed by Loki’s filling presence inside of you. After hearing about this offer, Loki began to slowly back away from your crotch, shiny length, which was coated in your love juice, sliding out of you with relative ease. The two of your moaned, though you appeared calmer than your friend at first- who you didn’t forget was currently going through his first intercourse ever. Therefore, judgment wasn’t present. It didn’t take long for a regular thrusting process to take place, your overly sensitive walls nicely reacting to the friction caused by Loki’s cock especially after getting to orgasm beforehand. Your arms remained wrapped around his back, the two of you rocking back and forth against the green blanket.
“You’re doing so good..” you whispered in his ear, eyelids remaining closed as your hand had now taken ahold of his long raven hair. Your main goal was to enhance him through this event, and give him the happiness and recognition he clearly deserves as a bed partner. However, your natural tightness adding up to the more than large size of his girth was overstimulating Loki’s genitals, sending shockwaves of pleasure down his shaft and straight into his tensed balls which repetitively bumped against the area located beneath entrance. “Don’t forget to- to pull out.” You begged breathlessly, his thrusts becoming more primal and intense now that he had gained some extra self esteem regarding the situation.
You couldn’t help but grow worried and work yourself up over this intercourse’s potential end, wondering if the man on top of you was going to be able to control himself and pull out before his cum could penetrate into your womb. Thankfully, this annoying state didn’t last for long and you soon found yourself lost into lust again. Your arms wrapped around his neck, teeth gently biting down onto his earlobe as you allowed yourself to tug on it in a primal yet harmless manner. Loki seemingly appeared to appreciate this move, another wave of moans exiting his mouth as he unexpectedly pulled out of your cunt in order to allow his own hand to wrap around his shaft.
A couple of pumps were enough to see white liquid spring out of his urethra, the sperme landing on your stomach and staining your delicate skin. You were both left breathless, for nearly the exact same reason as one another. Resting your hand onto your chest, you panted whilst looking down at the substance on your tummy which appeared surprisingly appetizing. “Loki..” you moaned gently, fingers brushing against one of the stained parts of your stomach before you brought your digit up to your lips. Even if you hadn’t tasted many, his cum appeared different than the rest on the gustative level. “That was amazing.” You affirmed with a smile, extending your arm for him to join you on the blanket. You were craving for his touch, more than you had ever craved anything before.
[ part one available right here ]
As requested, here’s part two! I hope it was enjoyable for you guys to read. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback, it means tons. Stay safe and happy❤️
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atlas-of-the-universe · 10 hours ago
Brave, Naïve, or Stupid?
Tumblr media
Estimated Reading Time: 37 minutes 
Word Count: 10,193
YEAH, TRUST ME, I KNOW HOW LONG IT IS. Chugging this fic out was hard for whatever reason. I’m in the middle of school and work and everything in between LOL. College is kicking my ass. Don’t ask me why I decided to become a STEM student because I don’t know. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this. Keep in mind, if you have something you want me to do or write for, please let me know!
Loki stood in the doorway of the kitchen, leaning against the door frame with his leg crossed over the other and his arms folded in front of him. He had wanted to join the rest of the Avengers in their little get-together they had going on but found himself a little uncomfortable and out of place. He was able to acknowledge the lack of trust that the Avengers had from him, and reasonably so. His nerves got the best of him as he tried to step foot in the door, but of course he would never admit that. His ego was too great. Joining the Avengers meant making friends with the Avengers, however difficult that may be. These things did not necessarily come easy.
However, his curiosity piqued as he saw Bucky and Steve reaching down in the couch with bouncing, frantic movements. From Loki’s perspective, he was only able to see the back of Bucky’s frame and the side of Steve’s smiling profile. What he heard was another story: it was an uncommon sound coming from the pits of the couch, the sound of bubbly and panicked laughter. Not something completely unfamiliar, but he could only imagine what was happening.
Loki had yet to meet you except for one run-in in the halls when you had first arrived. Natasha was quick to escort you out of his path, even going so far as to hide you behind her as you passed each other in the hall. Again, nothing that he could ever admit, but it stung something inside of him. Especially as you turned your head and gave a little sympathetic smile as you were led down the hall. That was probably the friendliest greeting he had gotten from someone other than his brother in recent months, and something that Loki clung onto, reason being unknown. Regardless, that little semi-greeting had stuck with Loki and he was curious to find out just who you are. To smile at someone as powerful and as dangerous as he was, he thought you could only be one of three things: brave, stupid, or naïve. It was up to him to find out what.
Considering that the Avengers had kept you under safeguard ninety percent of the time, it would be difficult to meet you face to face. However, with Loki’s will, there’s Loki’s way, even if that meant catching you alone. How he would go about that, he was unsure.
Your frantic giggling and yelling out caught his attention and snapped him out of his thoughts. You sounded…sweet. Happy. Your laughing was a fresh noise that he, too often, did not get to experience as of late unless it was some mocking laugh that he would use to pester or taunt his opponents. Granted, he had never thought about tickling one of his opponents. Even in Asgard, his brother and him seldom had that type of relationship. Thor was more of the fighting type, less of the games type. Loki, however, was relatively opposite, though tickling rarely was something that the brothers or family engaged in. It was almost too mortal. He watched as everyone in the room watched you, smiling down at your squirming figure that he still had yet to see for a second time.
How childish, Loki thought. When did I become so sentimental?
Loki caught himself watching the actions of Bucky and Steve with a small smirk on his face. He squinted, bumped his eyebrows, and pushed off of the frame of the door, walking down the hall and away from the sound of your voice.
The next afternoon, Loki found himself drawn to the main room once again. However, this time around, he found himself alone. Normally, that would have meant trouble for him. That or he would have caused trouble for himself. However, his oath to the Avengers, more importantly to himself, kept him from causing any further ruckus, regardless of how much the rest of the Avengers expected it of him.  
The room was cleaner than he would have expected. Barely any dust, which was sort of a surprise. Stark had various empty room scattered around the tower that were not of much use. To see one that was in use be in such pristine condition, especially considering how chaotic Stark’s mind and actions tended to be, was a bit shocking. The leather couches had been freshly wiped down with some sort of wet wipe from the looks of it. The same could be said about the television, the table, the ottoman, and even the kitchenette off to the side. The only thing out of place was a lone blue coffee mug that sat on the table in front of the three-seater-couch. The mug was filled with dirtied water and a single speck of what was originally an ice cube, probably tea of some sort by the looks of it. Loki watched as the ice cube disintegrated into nothing, becoming just a plume of steam. The tea was still hot, so perhaps someone had just made it.
Loki pursed his lips and sighed. He sat down on the couch and glanced at a wet streak on the television screen. With a sarcastic chuckle, he took another deep breath and placed his head in his hands, rubbing his face. If there was anything that came with living at the tower, it was boredom. Especially if he wasn’t really allowed to do anything.
Just before Loki was about to stand and leave, he heard heavy bootfalls behind him. If there was anyone he knew just by their walking…
“Brother,” Thor’s voice called from the doorway behind him. Thor stepped into the room and glanced around before laying his eyes on Loki. “You’re up and about. Is something troubling you?” Thor asked.
Loki chuckled with his head still in his hands. “Dear brother, there is always something troubling me.”
Thor waited for Loki to continue. He had seen his brother like this before, but not since what happened with the Chitauri. When Loki didn’t continue, Thor took the reins. “Did something happen?”
“Yes, Thor, as a matter of fact, something did. I was captured by Midgard’s vigilantes and forced to obey them. Or do you not recall?” Loki griped.
Thor tightened his jaw and walked over to a recliner opposite of Loki. When he sat down, Loki took his face out of his hands and sat back, looking away towards the open wall of glass. The nighttime in New York reminded Thor of home, back on Asgard. With all the brilliant lights shining almost constantly, it felt familiar. Almost comforting if it hadn’t had been under constant threat as of late. Loki glanced at Thor and smirked, wondering if there was a reason that Thor had actually decided to come and stop by, or maybe if there was some ulterior motive. Perhaps Stark had asked him to keep an eye on Loki. It wouldn’t be unlike the environment that he was already faced with.
“Are you having a tea party?” Thor chuckled, glancing down at the fresh mug.
Loki glanced at Thor. “I’ve never been one for parties, brother. Unless it was my own, of course.”
“Of course.”
“It was…already here when I arrived.”
Loki paused, thinking about the events that took place on the previous day. He was still wildly curious about you. Loki was the only one who had not been able to greet you yet, and that stirred something negative in him. Even so, Loki was a determined individual. Knowing himself, he knew that he would find a way to greet you. Corner you, somehow and force you to shake his hand or—or maybe not. He was the God of mischief and yet not allowed to exist here on Earth.
“Where are your thoughts, Loki?” Thor asked, leaning back into his chair.
Loki sighed and tightened his jaw, searching for his words. “That new girl. The one Natasha had brought here. She didn’t seem…frightened of me. If anything, that insect prevented me from giving her a proper greeting.”
“Ah, you mean (Y/N),” Thor said, nodding. “Is that really what troubles you? You’re not one to typically care about mortals.”
That stung something in Loki. He scowled at Thor. “Just because I wasn’t swept off my feet by a mortal woman like you were does not mean that I don’t have any feelings at all. I am not as weak as you are, but I am certainly not much different.”
Thor smiled. “No, you’re right. You’re not.” Loki’s interest in you was interesting to Thor. He hadn’t ever seen his brother so concerned about the wellbeing of a mortal, let alone a human mortal that couldn’t exactly benefit him in some sort of power riddled way. “She’s young. Strong. A fast learner, as well. You’d be impressed at her combat skills.”
Loki scoffed and turned to Thor with furrowed brows. “She’s already started training?”
Thor nodded and raised his eyebrows. “Yes, and she’s actually quite good for someone her age. Not quite up to Natasha’s level or even Peter’s yet, but I have no doubt that she’ll be there soon enough. Though, she’s still a bit…fragile.”
Thor nodded. “Natasha found her during her mission in Russia. She still has yet to discuss it with us.”
“Frankly, I don’t expect her to.”
“Nor do I, brother.”
Loki opened his mouth as to say something but quickly shut it when he heard another pair of footsteps trudging down the hall. The footfalls were not as heavy as Thor’s; perhaps it had been Peter or one of the women in the tower. Loki made a note of how everyone tended to be up late in this place. Later than normal for most people, most people even in Asgard. Loki glanced over his shoulder to watch the frame of the door. Thor smiled and watched as well, watching how curious Loki had become since staying here. Curious or on guard, he couldn’t really tell the difference in his brother. Loki had a very good way of hiding the way he was feeling, but after knowing him for so many years, he was one of the only people who could read him.
It had been yet another long day of training with Natasha. To be fair, you were a bit surprised to find yourself not as sore as you once were after trainings which was a relatively hopeful sign. You could feel yourself getting stronger, your agility quicker, and your reaction times faster. Natasha was still always one step ahead of you, though, which you weren’t necessarily surprised with.
Earlier in the day, you found yourself alone in the living room where you were the night previous. The room was a bit out of order from where everything normally was. With all of the Avengers there cooking, laughing, and joking around, it wasn’t surprising that some of the chairs had been shifted a few inches over. Candy wrappers from Peter most likely were scattered across the table, and there was a circular condensation stain on the wooden table in front of the couch that…well, Bucky and Steve had tickled you on. You felt yourself blush and did your best to push past those thoughts. Granted, it was a super big relief that they had been so warm and welcoming to you, all of them. Sam was still a bit on edge with having someone else in his space, but you didn’t blame him. You probably would have been the same way. He had still been kind, nonetheless.
It was around 11 PM and you had a little bit too much energy. Without much of a thought, you began working on getting the room the way that it had been when you first arrived: clean, spotless, and practically shining.
You stood in the door way of the living room once again. You had only been gone for 10 minutes. When did they get here?
You found yourself standing as if you were a deer in headlights in the doorway. Loki was propped on the couch, only his side profile visible to you. His clothes were not that of a God, as you had pictured. You had seen Loki on television before, during the New York invasion that time ago. However, during that time, his clothes were rimmed with sparkling metal and emerald colored fabric that looked too expensive to even look at for someone of your nature. Atop his head, he wore a crown with two large prongs, not unlike golden ram’s horns. Now, it felt a bit unnatural to see him dressed so casually. He wore a grey t-shirt with black sweat pants, his hair falling to his shoulders with a greased shine. Loki had no expression on his face, except for something that you read as mild distaste. Across from Loki in one of the large recliners, Thor sat with his leg crossed over another, leaning back comfortably into the chair. He had a wide smile on his face, which was something that you found to be common for him. Thor was particularly friendly towards you, another thing you found yourself grateful for. Loki, on the other hand, you had only met in a passing glance in the hall.
“I—” you stuttered out, lifting a finger to point to the mug on the table. The tea had stopped steaming by now. “I forgot my tea,” you let out an awkward chuckle and shuffled your way over to the table to grab the mug. You could feel Loki’s eyes on you the entire time. It didn’t make you uncomfortable per say, but it certainly didn’t give you a sense of ease. When you grabbed the mug, you took a step back and smiled. First at Thor, then turning your face to smile at Loki whose eyebrows were furrowed with a small, curious smirk on his lips. “Sorry to disturb you both.”
Thor pursed his lips and shook his head. “Not at all,” he exclaimed. He waved his hand over to the opposite side of the couch as Loki. “Would you care to join us?”
You’d be lying if you told yourself that you weren’t excited to have an invitation to join two Gods in the midst of their conversation. Day by day, you found it increasingly difficult to see Thor as a God, rather than another person with powers that were way above your abilities. However, when it came to Loki, the images of him towering above the crowd of people in New York City were still in your mind. You were a bit surprised when you found yourself unafraid of him. Instead, it was just a bit awkward; almost the same way that you feel when you are placed in a room with someone you didn’t know for the first time. Loki watched you as you shuffled across to sit on the couch, the leather creaking underneath you as you found your seat.
“(Y/N), I don’t suppose you’ve met my brother before,” Thor said, glancing between you and Loki.
“Oh! Well, actually, we almost met when I first got here but…” You trailed off, your mind wandering back to the first (and only) time that you had seen him. “We never really got the chance to say hi,” You concluded, finally finding your words and doing your best to remain sensitive to the situation. You turned to face Loki, who still had his eyes on you. “I’m (Y/N).”
He nodded slowly and watched as you pulled your knees up close to your chest, both of your hands placed on your cup. “So I’ve heard.”
His answer didn’t necessarily take you by surprise, but it stirred a slightly negative feeling in you. Perhaps he already didn’t like you, and that was fair. You went back in your thoughts of the way he looked on television: high and mighty. Now, here he was sitting on a leather couch in the middle of one of New York’s largest tower with a theoretical chain around his neck. To be honest, you knew that this was the best way to keep him under wraps. Where else to keep him than one of the bases with the most advanced and well-trained groups of individuals in the world? Even with that thought in your head, you smiled at Loki, and watched how his eyebrows furrowed again in something between what you read as confusion. Possibly even curiosity.
“So you’ve heard about me then?” You asked, taking a sip of your tea. You watched the subtle emotions on his face shift here and there.
“No, more heard you,” He responded with a slight smirk. He tucked one of his legs close to the couch cushion and put his arm on the back of the couch to face you. You were confused. Did he hear you sparring with Natasha? Or maybe even Steve or Bucky? Bucky had this way of cheating during sparring which made you frustrated more often than not, so it wouldn’t be abnormal for any bystander walking by to hear your groans or laughs. “I was there last night.”
You opened your mouth to respond but shut it quickly and swallowed. You could feel the blood rush to your cheeks, which just made you more nervous. What a way to greet a God. You glanced to Thor who you also noticed looked oddly confused, or even surprised, but his eyes were on Loki. “I— Umm…did we—” You let out a breathy, awkward laugh. “Did we disturb you?” You asked. Loki kept his eyes on you with a little smirk playing at his lips.
“I’m surprised I did not see you, Loki,” Thor said.
Loki glanced at Thor. “No, I suppose not, brother. You’ve never been one to pay much attention to your surroundings, have you?”
Thor rolled his eyes, but his smile held back any negative feelings you would have gotten from the encounter. They were brothers, that was clear. “Och, you speak like a child.”
Loki turned to you again, but you noticed that his smirk had grown a bit bigger. He was properly smiling at this point, which relaxed you. Somehow, watching him interact with Thor was refreshing. Thor, from your experiences with him, was closer to the strong-stoic type, rather than the way he played with Loki. There was a good atmosphere in the room with you three. You sunk further into the couch and took another sip of your tea. It had grown cold by this point, but the cleaning that you had done had made you a bit parched.
“To answer your question,” Loki said, tilting his head. “No, you didn’t disturb me. I simply…followed the sound of panic.”
You chuckled and placed the cup to your lips. Loki’s eyes barely left you, watching every single one of your movements. For whatever reason, especially considering the things that he’s done, you didn’t feel uneasy. You perceived him as simply curious, which just made you curious. It could be that this man, this God rather, was simply the way that humans were built: power-hungry— riddles with mistakes and consequences, but good. Ultimately good. You had heard the stories of how Thor became the way he is now and how it took time for him to adjust to being good. Everyone was like that. Good, but with mistakes. It made you question Loki and how you saw him on the television. He had killed people, and yet…he sat before you, leaning into one of Tony Stark’s couches, having a conversation with you. No one was without fault, you knew that. No one.
“You’ve been busy, (Y/N),” Thor commented, gesturing around the room. “I’m surprised you’re not more fatigued from today’s trainings with Natasha.”
You smiled and nodded. “I’m a little tired…but the sparring has been getting easier. I don’t feel as exhausted as I did from the first few times.”
“That’s progress!” Thor exclaimed, lifting his fist in some sort of celebration. “You’ll be able to take on all of us soon enough, I’m sure. You’re progressing remarkably fast.”
You smiled and looked down at your mug, which had become empty at this point. “Thank you,” you spoke. “Luckily, I don’t plan to take you guys on anytime soon. I’d rather fight with you than against you.”
“You did say that last night, didn’t you? A fine answer.”
“And why not?” Loki chimed in. You turned your head to face him once again. Loki’s face had grown a bit sinister in that time. He looked at you through squinted eyes, his grin plastered on his face. “Pray tell, does Natasha use your little weakness against you during your training?” He asked. “Why not take us on?”
Your stomach seemed to drop in that instance. Loki had seen you the prior night being tickled to pieces by Bucky and Steve. You supposed it was only natural that he would ask about a potential weakness in somebody, but you felt an air of playfulness about him. Your heart rate increased a bit, and the heat returned to your cheeks once again. “I, uh—” You stuttered. Get it together. “No,” You answered, watching Loki’s subtle changes. “She doesn’t use it against me. Actually, she did ask me the other day if we wanted to use it during training, but I didn’t give her an answer. It’s—” Come on, find your words. “It’s a little embarrassing.”
“Embarrassing,” Loki repeated, eyeing you. It made you a bit nervous.
“Nonsense!” Thor exclaimed. “Some of our strongest warriors have been ticklish. It’s not abnormal to find someone of your nature in some of the most powerful beings in the realms. I dare admit that myself and Loki are as well,” Thor said with a grin. His face was calm, as if he wasn’t nervous about any impending tickle-attacks as you were. Maybe it was really only a human thing to exploit it once heard. Or…maybe that was just Thor being Thor.
When you turned to look at Loki, he glared at his brother. His eyes darted over to you, and once he saw that you were looking, he steeled his face and went back to his gaze on you. If he was anything, he was a good listener. A good actor. “Thor bluffs,” Loki said with a certain sharpness to his voice. “I’d suggest not believing him when it comes to topics like these.”
You raised an eyebrow and tilted your head. You did your best to hold back a smile but found your efforts fruitless. “Listen, I’m not one to judge,” you said with a chuckle. “But I absolutely do not believe you, Loki.” You watched as Loki’s face went from confused to playful to devious to a myriad of different emotions in a matter of seconds. He knew your game, even though you didn’t think you were playing one. However, you knew his as well. Loki was good at making others believe his lies— that came with being the God of mischief. Even so, with topics such as this, it was easy to call when someone was fibbing. “Everyone lies about being ticklish.”
“Everyone…except you,” Loki said with a deep and soft tone, his head tilting down to mark his point. He was trying to intimidate you somehow. “No, you were very comfortable in admitting your little faults. I wonder why that is.”
You choked and placed down your mug on the table, forgetting that there was nothing in there at this point. Once recovered, you laughed and positioned yourself on the couch in a way that allowed you to be tucked against the armrest and the back. “I didn’t have much of a choice,” you defended. “Vision and Tony found out and then blabbed to everyone else. Trust me, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have let anyone know.”
“You don’t think they would have found out by themselves?” Loki asked in a more matter-of-fact way.
You chuckled. “Probably. But I still would have done my best to not have them find out.”
“Tell me, (Y/N),” Loki began. “Does it make you nervous? Knowing that I, the God of mischief, know about something like this?” His grin on his face grew and his eyes remained at yours. You needed to be careful with what you said, what you did, how you reacted. Any wrong movement could lead to an attack…if that were what he was getting at.
You giggled, nerves growing in your stomach that you had to suppress. Your heart rate picked up a bit.  “About as nervous as it does knowing any of you know about it.”
Loki sat back and squinted at you, the grin receding into more of a smile. Thor, on the other hand, watched you both with a curious eye. It had been a long while since him and his brother had played around with something like this, and certainly a long while since Loki had willingly engaged himself in something like this. Not to go unnoticed, engaged in something like this with a human. He was being playful, with his same air of deviousness that you could expect. To Thor, you looked nervous and if he could tell, Loki could definitely tell. Nonetheless, Thor watched you steel your nerves in a flash, and sit back comfortably on the couch in a confident position.
You took a breath, watching Loki shift himself further on the couch to face you more head on. His left arm rested on the back of the couch and his left knee pointed at you while his other foot was placed firmly on the ground. Your head screamed at you to run, hop up, get away; this was a predatory stance if you had ever seen one. It was the look of someone who just found out too much information about a surprise birthday party, but something a bit more devious than that.
Loki rested his head on his hand that was on the back of the couch. His features softened and he squinted at you, his mouth in a little bit of a smile. “You do understand who I am, don’t you?” He asked.
“Loki,” You answered, your voice trailing up as if you had asked a question. “The God of Mischief.” You looked at Thor as a sort of plea for help, but his eyes were on Loki. He watched Loki with a sort of amused smirk. As he finally looked at you, he winked and gestured with his eyes to face Loki again. Loki’s eyes had never left you.
“So, then you should know that lying falls within the parameters of ‘mischief’. I can always tell when I’m being lied to.” Loki stated. He glanced at Thor for a second and returned his gaze to you. “Let me ask you something different, if I may. Something a bit more personal.”
You noticed how Loki’s face fell serious, but still had an inquisitive look on it. Not in the same devious way that he had, you were able to pick up on. “Sure,” you said.
He pursed his lips and said, “You know who I am. You must know the things I’ve done. You’re mortal and yet you don’t fear me.” He paused. “Not including a moment ago, I mean when you met me.” He said, whooshing it away with his hand.
You paused. “Well…I figured that if you were really dangerous, then they probably wouldn’t be keeping you in the most lit up building in New York, right? Everyone has their past.” You paused and thought carefully about your words. Your past was still buried deep in your mind, and you were content with keeping it that way. You had seen your fair share of tragedy, ruin, fear. If you had any reason to fear, you would have already been out of here by now. “I’ve seen people change from bad to good. Good to bad, even,” you said, keeping your eyes down on your hands. Your thumb scratched along the center of your palms, trying to find the words without bringing anything painful up, for you or Loki. “We all have potential to be good, I think.” When you glanced up, you found Loki in the same position you were.
Loki’s hands resting in each other with his gaze cast down. When you paused, he locked eyes with you again. “And you…” He began. “You are able to discern good from bad? Evil from virtuous?” His eyebrows furrowed.
Thor cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. “Brother, humans and Asgardians are not so unalike. We have the same values, the same honors,” Thor spoke. His regard was followed by a short pause, but one that didn’t last very long. His face lit up with amusement at a new thought. “Do you remember when we found that terror bird chick in the back gardens?” Thor said with a bright smile on his face.
Loki smirked. “Mother was furious.”
“She was. But despite mother, we kept the bird. Raised it in our quarters.”
“Yes, and if I hadn’t cast that invisibility spell on the creature, Odin would have had our heads.”
Thor paused and looked over to the window. “That beast became a useful ally in our wars. It fought with us. Anyone who fights with us, I consider a friend.”
You watched as a content smile grew on both Thor and Loki’s face. It wasn’t difficult to picture the brothers as children, doing things that children do. Though, you guessed that things for royalty were just a bit flashier and more spectacular than normal brothers from a normal home. That was their normal. The more you thought about it, the more you realized how out of place Loki must feel. With Thor, he had his own time to adjust to the circumstances of living here on Earth; he had even fallen in love at one point. Loki on the other hand was obviously still struggling with adjustment to life here on Earth. With the Avengers, they were accommodating and relatively forgiving. Not with Loki, though. They seemed to be more tense around him than someone like Natasha or Bucky or even Wanda. You could understand. Most of their doings weren’t by their own volition, but through the actions of others. Loki, on the other hand, acted consciously. Even so, he had made changes to himself and his attitude the for the past while. It was impressive, and understandable. Maybe he was just looking for connection.
The rest of the night was filled with small talk, getting to know each other, and hearing about some stories from their childhood. Most of them consisted of devious stories of Loki pranking his friends and family, but some were kind. Some were special and obviously held close to them.
It felt as though by the time you had drifted off to sleep, your alarm on your phone began blaring. Desperately as to not fall asleep, you squinted open your eyes. You were on your stomach, your leg hitched up beside your ribs and your hands tucked under your pillow. The sun shone directly through your window, reflecting off your phone screen and shining in your eyes. You groaned and turned to smother your face in your pillow. You could feel it in your bones that today was going to be a long day. Between how you felt now, your impending training with Natasha, and last nights “Loki” events, there was too much on your mind for you to get enough sleep. Granted, you had also gone to bed around one or two in the morning, something that Natasha would have scolded you for. She never went any easier on you during training.
“You have to be prepared to fight in any state you’re in,” Natasha would say. “The enemy will never play fair.”
And she was totally right. You saw the way they fought, all of them. During the group sparring that Steve arranged once a week for the whole crew, it was a constant flurry of strategy, aggression, and one-upping one another. It was intense to see, and if you were honest, a bit intimidating. Natasha advised that you stay out of the group sparring the first few sessions so you could get a feel for the atmosphere. Today being Wednesday, you made sure to acknowledge that group-sparring was in about an hour. You sat up and swung your feet over the side of your bed. There was a solid chance that Natasha would want you to participate today. You had only completed about a months’ worth of training, but she was impressed enough by your skills to comment on the fact that it was almost time for you to join. The real question is…who would you fight?
The last few times you were at group spar, Bucky and Steve only fought each other. That was understandable. A super soldier against someone of your nature in hand-to-hand combat? No way.
There was also Wanda, but she almost exclusively fought Tony, Natasha and Peter.
There was Thor, of course. Thor would likely take it easy on you, knowing him. As much as you could appreciate his caring nature, you also searched for a challenge. You needed someone that would be able to be just a little better than you. Just enough to increase your skill. These individuals were all far ahead of you, but you were determined to become just as strong.
You wiped the sleep from your eyes and waddled over to your dresser to change into your gym clothes. You pulled out the first thing on top and threw on a pair of elastic shorts and a t-shirt. It was plain and simple, something that was dynamic and would not suffocate you. Your mind was racing from the thought of having to spar with someone else besides Natasha. You knew that she was right, that you needed as much experience you could get, but was this really the right way of doing it?
You cleared your throat and grabbed the duffel bag that sat in the corner of your room. A scrambled concoction of water bottles, gym tapes and gear were thrown about inside, cluttering about with every move you made. Nothing that wasn’t supposed to be there was in the bag, and you always made sure of that. Even so, you were a little chaotic in how you went about these things. Your gym bag was evidence enough.
You stepped out of the door and began your walk down the hall to the training room. At the moment, the halls were empty and silent, aside from the commotion of outside “New York City life”. Honking cars, people’s boisterous yelling, and music here and there that you didn’t recognize that you became suddenly aware of. For 5:45 in the morning, it was interesting to see that amount of people going about their day. The walls to your right were entirely glass, giving you a clear outside view. Had it not been so early, it may have even been captivating. However, you were on a schedule. No time to sit and admire.
You were lucky that the training room was so close to the quarters. Your feet and the rattling of the duffel bag were the only sounds in the hall. There was a chance that people had already arrived to the training room by now, most likely Steve, who was always there an hour before everyone to set up. He put a lot of work into the team, and you could see that. Even so, there were usually the stragglers who arrived late, unprepared or annoyed. Steve was consistent in giving those lucky individuals a difficult time, assigning them training partners that were above their level to knock them a few pegs back. If there was anything you knew, you knew to either be early, or arrive ready-to-fight on time.
As you grew closer to the steel door of the training room, you began to hear the sounds of a crowd, albeit a small one. Some of the Avengers were there obviously, but you noticed it was not as chaotic as it normally sounded. There must have been a couple of people missing from the clamor; there was always at least one. You took a breath and pressed your body up against the door and glanced around the room to get your bearings.
However, fully expecting to see only a few souls, you were taken by shock to be greeted with everyone already in action. Several fists threw landings around the room, smacks following sounds of grunts and groans. Dodges, flips, tosses and heavy thuds echoed in your ears and threw you off. You looked around in confusion and spotted Nat and Wanda sparring, mainly directing Wanda in which ways to move; there was Vision refereeing a fight between Steve and Bucky; Thor was pulling water bottles from a mini fridge in the corner with Dr. Banner next to him; Sam and Clint were sparring in the far-left corner and Loki… Loki sat on the window frame adjacent to the wall where you stood. His eyes were already locked on you as if you were the only one in the room. He had his same devious little smile that he always had, his head tilted downwards at you. He looked relaxed. Maybe a bit too relaxed for your liking. Just as your heart rate began to pick up, he turned away from you and locked eyes with Natasha.
As Wanda threw he final punch, Natasha countered it, throwing her left arm to the side to move the punches trajectory. She then pushed her forearm into Wanda, throwing Wanda backwards and into the mat. Wanda thudded against the ground and gave Natasha a thumbs up. When Natasha turned around to face you, her face looked more serious than you had seen it. There was no anger, but as if the teacher had caught you with a sticky pad full of notes during a test, you felt just as guilty. You placed down your duffel bag to the right of the door and glanced around the room again. You wanted to cower, but you held strong and bit your lip.
“Morning sleepyhead,” Natasha said, putting her hands on her hips. “Decide to sleep in?”
There was no way you could have been late. Group Sparring was always at 6AM, no matter who was coming or who was not. You felt as though there was a pit in your stomach. “Did- did we move the time, or…? It’s only…” You glanced at your watch which read out “5:48” in large, bright red print. Everything in you was screaming to defend yourself, but there would ultimately be no point arguing. Either way, you were going to get your ass beat today. Nonetheless, you showed your watch to Natasha and she glanced at it.
She looked back at you, but ultimately ignored the time that you had. Nat looked at you with discerning eyes and a pointed smirk. Maybe she was enjoying teasing you like this, maybe she wasn’t actually upset. She motioned to the back of the room where Loki sat. Oh.
In the boxing arena, Steve patted Bucky on the back and stood up. Neither of them had any gleam of sweat on them as they sauntered to the opposite side of the arena and gathered their things. You watched as Steve’s eyes glanced around the room, then finally fell on you. He took out his mouth guard, placed it in a small case, and swung himself over the barriers of the arena.
Steve pointed his palms to the ceiling and said, “(Y/N), where were you?” When he reached you, he put his hands on his hips in the same sort of way Natasha had hers.
“Am I late?” you asked. “I thought we started at 6.”
“We started at 5:30. I made the change last week to the schedule,” Steve said. “Did you not get the memo?”
You shrugged guiltily and raised your eyebrows. “I guess I didn’t. I’m sorry.”
“Well, I guess that’s fine,” Steve said. He looked behind him and your eyes followed. Loki was sitting there on the windowsill in the exact same position he was in before. He had stopped smiling at this point, as he was too busy looking around the room, scanning his surroundings. “I think I know what you can do,” Steve said. “To make it up to me, you can spar and win against Loki today.”
Against Loki? Against a literal God? You, Captain America, think that I, someone who has been training for like a month, should fight a literal God?, your thoughts screamed. Your head was in scrambles and your eyes darted back and forth between Steve, Nat, and Loki. When Loki’s gaze caught your eyes, your pulse spiked. There would really be no getting out of this one. If you had complained, you were afraid that the team would have labeled you childish, so you refused to open your mouth. However, there was something dangerous about the way Loki was looking at you. He looked at you the same way a detective looked at a suspect. His eyes were squinted, his arms and legs crossed. You pursed your lips and nodded your head, looking to Steve. “Right,” you said. You looked over to your bag to grab some gear, but Natasha stepped in front of you as you reached for it. That was answer enough: no gear. With the thoughts in your head still swarming, you walked over to the mat and towards Loki.
“Ah,” Loki said, swinging his foot in front of himself to hop off the window frame. “I was wondering when you’d show. He took a few steps towards you and clasped his hands in front of him.
In frustration, you leaned close to Loki. “I didn’t even know that we moved times,” you hissed. Your eyes were wide, and your shoulders hunched. Your voice was only barely above a whisper but it still carried your annoyance. “I think someone forgot to tell me.”
Loki tutted and placed his hand on the small of your back and gestured to the open area of mat next to you. “Why, because you’d be able to best me?” Loki said with a smirk. “I think we should face the fact that this was bound to happen eventually.”
You paused and turned to face him directly. Your eyebrows furrowed and you shook your head in confusion. “Hold on, did you know that I was supposed to spar with you today?”
Loki grinned. “Think about it, (Y/N). The newest members of the team, one who is too trustable and the other who isn’t trustable at all? It’s a perfect balance, if you ask me. That way we both get experience and I get to discover all of your little weak points.”
As Loki strolled to his spot on the mat and away from you, your mind scrambled for words to say. The only words you managed to say were “weak points” before Steve’s booming voice scolded you and Loki to get going. You shook your head and eyed Loki, who impatiently tapped his foot on the mat. His stance was relaxed, practically bored looking. Nonetheless, you took your spot on the mat and got into stance. Loki, on the other hand, had no stance. Your heart was racing already, your head alert to any obvious movements Loki might have done. The way he stood was strange, as if he were waiting for something. Perhaps waiting for you to attack. Natasha, you recalled, had taught you about situations like these. Enemies who looked bored, weren’t actually bored; instead, they were plotting. You took a deep breath and waited for Loki’s first move. Maybe if you were able to catch him off guard, you could take that advantage. Between you and a God, as impossible as it sounds, you needed to outwit him. Pure strength alone would get you nowhere.
He lifted his hands and looked at you from the side. “Come now, do we really have all da—”
Before he could finish his sentence, you placed your fingertips down on the ground and swept your leg underneath his ankles, causing him to collapse to the ground with a solid thud. You stood up and wiped the dirt off of your fingers with the sides of your clothes. As you took a breath, you heard Natasha behind you snicker. Loki, on the other hand, looked shocked. His hair was in his face and his words caught in his mouth: a mixture of “whats” and “hows” and everything in between. To be honest, you felt a little bad, but seeing as you could manage to pull off something as you just did gave you a bit of a confidence boost. You offered your hand to Loki who was recovering from being winded.
“So that’s how we’re playing it,” Loki said, pushing off of the ground and ignoring your hand. He dusted himself off and properly put himself in a fighting stance now, his elbows tucked in and his feet planted firmly. If it hadn’t been for his (now frightening) looking smile, you would have felt guilty. Now? Now you just felt scared. “Let’s have another go, shall we?”
           “If you’re okay,” you said, putting yourself back into fighting stance.
           Loki grinned with something devious behind his eyes. “Never better,” he said.
           For a while, you two circled each other like wolves, each of you waiting for the next opportunity to strike. He had tried distracting you with talking, with sudden jumpy movements, but none of them affected you. One of the first things that you were taught was to never let your guard down. This was one of those moments. Your feet treaded lightly on the mat, each step precise and calculated. You wished that you could say otherwise about Loki, but he was essentially copying your movements. He never let his guard down, even with his taunting. He never stepped out of place, even with his flinching at you. You were becoming stressed. Finally, when you were about to taunt him back, his fist went for a low punch and you dodged, leaning to the left to avoid his throw. However, as you leaned, he took his foot and swept under your leg that held most of your weight and you collapsed. Your breath was hot and your senses active. You saw the way he moved and noticed that his body was coming down towards you, perhaps in an effort to pin you. In an instant, you pushed your hands above your head and into the mat, making your body slide further down and behind Loki. You quickly got to your feet and took a deep breath to steady your mind. Your hands were shaking, your abdominal muscles tight as you prepared for the worst.
Loki stepped and turned around to face you. “Impressive,” he said. “Agent Romanoff taught you well.”
You nodded but even though you had held your own, something still bothered you. “I learn from the best,” you said. “But, Loki, I’ve seen how you fight before. You’re going easy on me.”
He chuckled. “What, are you asking me to best you? That wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment now, would it? Me, a God, besting someone such as yourself in combat.”
You shook your head and smiled. “So then you only have to worry about me beating you,” you said. You were feeling a bit ballsy. “I wouldn’t want to soil your reputation. Or maybe…maybe you’re scared of being bested by me.”
“Damn, (Y/N), I didn’t take you for a smack-talker,” Natasha said over Loki’s shoulder.
In response, Loki grinned deviously at you. He let out breathy chuckle and looked at you through squinted eyes. “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get,” Loki growled.
“What,” you began to taunt. “Are we going to dance again?”
Loki stood up straight and put his hands behind his back, a smug looking grin plastered on his face. “No,” he said, tilting his head downward at you. “However, you may want to be more aware of your surroundings.” He leered at you with a malicious smile.
This had to be one of Loki’s games. Maybe Loki was trying to get you to look away from him, which would not be unlikely. The best thing you can do in sparring is catch them off guard. You straightened your back a bit and stared at him with suspicious eyes. There was something about the way he looked completely blissful that threw you off. Had you not known who he was, Loki would have looked completely innocent. His eyes were ever so curious and his smile too naïve.
“Boo,” Loki’s voice whispered from behind you, his hot breath hitting your ear.
You gasped and tumbled to the floor, your hand swatting at the ear Loki whispered in. The image of the Loki you were speaking to glitched away as your body collided with it. The real Loki was already ahead of you, following your fall from behind. That fucking little trickster. You grappled with him for a bit, both rushing to get the upper hand. While your moves were quick, his moves were explicit, dodging every fist, kick, and thrust you could manage. Just as you managed to roll to your side, Loki planted himself on your hip and pinned your arm behind your back. You grunted and tried to kick out, but Loki held firm, twisting one of his legs to pin the leg closest to the ground down and out of the way. You struggled and groaned, pulling as hard as you could on both your leg and your arms, but with the way Loki sat on you, you were going nowhere.
“Such a shame,” Loki said, grunting and trying to keep you still. “And you were doing so well.”
His smack talk frustrated you. He was fighting dirty and he knew it. Even so, there really is no fighting dirty as long as you won in this world. Whatever you had to do to get there didn’t matter. At least…it did not matter with your situation. This could have been the reason why Steve and Natasha had assigned you to Loki for the day; something that would teach you about real fighting. You lifted your head and Loki pushed it back down to the mat. Again, you lifted your head and were greeted with the same outcome. Once again, and again.
“Oh- come now (Y/N), really, you- tsk, this doesn’t seem very necessary- ah, come on-“ Loki stuttered out each time he pushed your head back down onto the mat.
It was honestly a bit ridiculous. Even as uncomfortable as you were in the way you were positioned, you found yourself beginning to laugh at the stupidity of the little game you and he were playing. “Loki, cut it out!” You laughed and shook your head against the mat, glancing up at the individual perched on top of you. His smile was brighter than you had seen it before. There was something still devious that remained in his face, but he had this tilted look in his eyebrows that just screamed ‘I told you so’ . Before you had a chance to speak, Loki took his knees and shifted his weight to one side of you, causing you to fall to your back. Your left arm was free, your right arm pinned against your body and Loki’s leg. He straddled you, grasping at your free hand as you fought him off. He gripped your wrist and struggled to fight you to pin it down. When you finally gave in, He looked at you and chuckled lowly.
“So, there’s a few things that we should knock out of the way,” Loki began, his hair dangling over your face. “First of all, you weren’t late. I convinced the team to show up a half hour early to prank you.”
“Wait, what? You little sneak!” You shook your body underneath him. It was useless. He had you completely immobilized.
“So, when Agent Romanoff presented me with the idea that being unprepared would be good for your training, I was happy to modify the plan,” Loki continued.
You scoffed and looked upside down at Natasha, who wore a sheepish smile. She shrugged and sipped from her water bottle. “You traitor!”
In that moment, Loki took the opportunity to drag his fingertips down from your jaw and to your collarbone. You immediately jumped and scrunched your shoulders up, avoiding any more contact with him. A fresh stream of giggles flowed lightly out of your lips. You struggled again, resulting the same as before. Loki grinned. “She also so happened to tell me that you and she had discussed using a certain weakness of yours during training. Purely for training purposes, of course.” He said and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.
“No, no, I never agreed to that!” You yelled. Frankly, it was a stupid cop-out answer. No matter what you agreed to, it would happen. There was little sway you had on Natasha’s training methods --- part of what made her a stern teacher. Your heart rate picked up and at the thought, you began giggling through your pleas. Loki simply watched you, occasionally glancing at Natasha and Steve to marvel in the mess that he had made you. The worst part is he wasn’t even touching you yet. You were embarrassed so your giggles became more frantic, your composure quickly slipping. Loki had pinned you in such a strange position that it left you no where to go and frankly, feeling a bit exposed. It was becoming increasingly difficult to not give up, but you wanted to prove Natasha proud. Not just that, but Steve had asked you to win against Loki. As unlikely as it was looking now, you were stubborn. When Loki’s tickling fingers landed against the armpit of your pinned wrist, you yelled out. Immediately, you fell into desperate giggles and shifted your torso as much as you could in your position. The pinned hand was going nowhere. His fingers shifted from malicious light wiggling to an ever so gentle tap, as if a wave were going through his fingers.
“Oh my,” Loki sounded. “Now I see what that brouhaha was in the living room those nights ago.”
You shook your head and squirmed against the weight of his body. His fingers were moving just enough to keep your nerves raw, but little enough that you could still think. “Don’t talk about it!” You yelled, a steady stream of giggles flowing from your lips. He was planted firmly on your hips, his body leaning down over you. Had he not been tickling the shit out of you, the position would have made you immensely nervous, but you were caught in a desperate arrangement between fight or flight.
“Fine, we don’t have to talk,” he said. Before you could even conjure any type of thought, he took his hand off of your wrist and jammed his fingers in the crease of both your underarms. The squeal that left your lips was embarrassing but somehow not as embarrassing as the position you were in. “Actually,” he continued. “I quite like talking. That should be obvious by this point.” With each sentence, his hands switched places. From briskly poking his fingers into your sides, to massaging the spaces between your ribs, he had you in complete shambles. Your laughter hitched and you squirmed just a bit harder.
“LOKIHIHI!” You yelled. With your free hand, you pushed against his chest and grappled with him to gain control of at least one arm. Alas, he managed to grip your wrist yet again and push it to your chest. Through your laughter, you looked up at him. His expression wore a concentrated and goofy smile, his hair shaggy and coming down from his face in strings. There were little to no thoughts coursing through your head --- only pure instinct. Your chest heaved up and down with your one wrist pressed up against it. You kicked both of your legs and did your best to reach them up so you could knee him in the back. Maybe that would get him off of you, but he sat just between your hips and your thighs, making it impossible to move your lower body. “This…” you struggled to say through your panting. “This is cheating.”
“Tsk, all’s fair in love and war, my dear,” Loki said, using his other hand to flit around your hips under his body. Once again, you barked out a laugh and struggled, finding yourself getting nowhere. Loki smirked and pinched the bones of your hips in a steady beat. Tears were beginning to form in your eyes. You stamped your heel against the ground and cackled. Loki grinned. “Really now, (Y/N), if I were an enemy, do you think I would go easy on you?”
Loki would never admit it. Not in one hundred years. But between the way he sat on top of you in such a precarious position, the way you giggled and laughed and squirmed, and the way you still said in some way that you trusted him, melted him from the inside out. His smile faded from his face and transformed into a sympathetic grin. He paused his pinching fingers and took his hand from your wrist.
You were a disheveled mess below the God. Your hair was thrown about in different directions, your clothes riding up and showing a small sliver of skin from your stomach. You groaned in some sort of relief when the weight from your midsection lifted, and Loki stepped over you. The way your lungs begged for air was taking up all of your conscious at the moment; well, aside from how hot the room was. The room was also oddly quiet. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you lifted your head and peaked at the room around you. To your dismay, everyone in the room who had been there when you arrived was looking over at you, the source of all the noise and commotion. Heat rose to your cheeks and your thoughts stopped.
Crap, you thought, putting your face in your hands. How long were they looking?
Above you, you heard Loki chuckle. “I suppose there have been easier fights that my brother and I have fought.”
You groaned but felt a smile rise to your lips. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?” You pushed the hair out of your face and glanced up at the God who was holding his hand down to you to help you stand. Graciously, you took his hand and pulled yourself up from your seat, immediately walking to grab your water bottle.
“(Y/N),” You heard Natasha call. You turned to face her. “Remind me that we should really work on that during next training.”
You scoffed and nodded.
Loki went back to sit down on the frame of the window as he had before. He was also out of breath, albeit not as much as you. Different, aching feelings swirled around in his head and clashed with his tongue. His clothes were rimmed with a line of sweat. He watched you as you trudged your way back to Natasha and Steve’s side, a glimmering smile on your face. For whatever reason (and reason that he expected fully to go away by the time he met you), Loki found himself continuing to be fascinated with your presence, the way you carried yourself, the way you fought, and just about everything else. His arms crossed in front of his chest. He recalled the way you taunted him during your fight. Sure, you were brave, but you were also naïve to think you could have bested him. Stupid…maybe not stupid. Just naïve. Loki smirked. You had been the only one in the tower to confess your trust in him, even if you had done it during strange circumstances. However, the fact that you had done it during a time where he had as much power over you as he did made him feel a little relieved, as if there was no room for any other options. Perhaps there wasn’t a need to classify you as anything. He scolded himself for attempting to place you in a category. Maybe you were just you. Maybe you were just that someone that he needed in this place.
Alright, so maybe you weren’t just brave, naïve, or stupid. Maybe you were something else.
Maybe you were just kind.
You looked back at Loki and locked eyes. He was watching you from a distance and smiling. However, the smile he wore wasn’t the same one as before. He wasn’t devious looking, nor did it look like he was plotting. He just looked…calm. Weirdly enough, he looked friendly.
You smiled at each other.
“Alright, (Y/N),” Natasha spoke. “Ready for round two?”
“Round two?”
 Oh, great.
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Away From the Edge
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x reader Warnings: panic attacks A/N: Requested by @mythicalgarlicknot​. Hope you enjoy!
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Tumblr media
Asgard didn’t much let its princes show fear, and if either of the young boys had, they most certainly would have been scorned. That, however, never stopped Loki from feeling afraid. When he was battling, when he was speaking for the court, when his father was yelling at him. Loki was actually afraid quite often, but he’d learned how to suppress it, how to hide it. No reason to make an even big mockery of himself.
Then came his fall from the Bifröst and into Thanos’s chokehold of a grip. Salvation. Glorious Purpose. A trembling god. Now to hide his fear, Loki had adopted a reserved mask of a face. Gone were the days of smiles and tricks played around the palace. Now there were only days of dark, gloomy grays. Yes, days clouded by fear.
He was abrasive, that he knew. It was a defense mechanism, one meant to keep everyone away. And it worked a little too well for the most part. Yet another fight with Thor had Loki choking back tears as he somberly paced about the Tower. He just wanted to get away from here, away from it all. Unfortunately, that thought brought him to Tower’s roof, staring over the railing. But below him, he did not see the busy New York City streets; for a minute, it was a void. The very void he’d fallen into it. Loki felt dizzy, looking down like that.
The God of Mischief was afraid of a lot, but if there was one thing that petrified him, it was heights.
Loki backed away from the edge. He just had to make it to the door. He pulled and pulled and pulled, but it would not budge. His hands were shaking something awful.
“Norns, please no. Please,” he gasped, stumbling a few steps back and collapsing to the ground on his knees.
Why was the world spinning? Was he falling? Norns, please don’t let him be falling. This was it, this was the end.
“Hey, Loki. Loki. Loki, it’s going to be alright. You can do this.”
Your voice cut through his panic, a ray of sunshine cutting through the dismal clouds of a week-long storm. Still, he shook his head. “No. No. No. I can’t. I c-can’t,” he choked through hyperventilations.
“Yes, you can. I’m not going anywhere.” You grip his hand and squeeze. “Just breathe. Everything is going to be ok, I promise. Just breathe. There you go. That’s good. We’re going to count to ten, ok?”
Slowly, you begin the count up. A few numbers on, Loki joins in, and by the time you reach ten, he’s calmed down considerably. He hasn’t quite stopped shaking yet, and he’s gripping your hand so hard his knuckles were white. He was, however, finally able to look at you.
Your free hand came to cup his face, and you offered him a smile. Still, there was concern behind your eyes. “Are you feeling better? Do you want to go somewhere else?”
He nods and you help him stand. You keep your grip on his hand as he opens the door. When you push it open, he practically wants to laugh at his own stupidity.
Once he’s finally back in his own room, and you’re seated next to him on the couch, he hides his face against your chest, shaking and sobbing. You wrap your arms around him.
“You’re safe now, I promise. Nothing can hurt you here.”
“T-thank you,” he stutters.
Loki really only had one friend in the Tower, one friend in the world. You. It baffled him to no end why you stuck around, but you did.
“Do you want to talk about it?” you ask in a soft voice when his tears subside. He shakes his head no against you. “Ok then. You never have to talk if you feel uncomfortable, but know I’m here if you ever do.”
He pulls back and nods. Using your thumb, you wipe away his last few tears, then kiss him on the forehead. The lonely but now less scared god hugged you against him as he whispered his thanks again. As Loki felt your arms encircle him once more, he wasn’t unafraid, but for the first time in a long time, he realized that was ok.
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