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#loki laufeyson

Summary: She calls him one last time, determined to put an end to their tryst. Loki feels differently.

Written for @fvckingavengers​ Quarantine Challenge, prompt #32: “After Midnight” by Dorothy. Be gentle, this is my first posted Loki story. Beautiful header by @there-must-be-a-lock​ ; thank you so much, friend!

Warnings: sexual content, Loki being persuasive. 

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Prompt: Two sisters fall for men that are absolute enemies. The love they have could tear all of them apart, or it could bring them together.

Word Count:2655

Warnings: Language, dark moment for reader, 5 yrs after the snap, grief, anger, killing spree, new love, endgame plot, enter Uncle  Wade Wilson,hope, worry,
Song for this part: Cruel Summer- Taylor swift
Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written (including my novels). It’s a collaboration with the amazing @mrs-dragneel-stark-solo​​. It started as a funny “What if…?” and it evolved and got huge. This took two years to write. We are both proud and happy and we hope you enjoy it. It follows from Thor 1 to Endgame in the MCU. Some of the timelines may be off in order to fit certain people, and some characters may show up earlier or in different ways than they have in the movie. But for the most part, it follows the MCU. It also has a bit of crossover with some other Marvel characters throughout the story.

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“Don’t kill me, I have family,” the man begged. 

“So did I.” 

You charged the knife and flung it at his head, stabbing him between the eyes instantly killing him. 

That was the last of one of the cartels in Brazil. He was a ruthless, horrible man that you’d been tracking for two months. Him and about ten others who worked for him. But you’d just single handedly killed all ten of them in their warehouse. 

About eight months ago, you ran into Clint Barton. Apparently, when the snap happened, he lost his entire family and went off the deep end like you did. He was filled with bitter rage. Wondering why monsters like this survived and his family was gone. You were both tracking the same people and when you found each other, you agreed to stay together. It made sense and both of you felt like it was nice to see a familiar face with a similar past and same vendetta.

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give and take

pairing: loki x reader

warnings: slight angst, some language here and there

a/n: hi there @accio-boys!  i’m not familiar with the song, but i tried my best 👉🏻👈🏻  also this turned out to be more angsty than originally planned, but i hope you like it!

permanent taglist: @kaitlynmalikisnotonfire 

** REQUESTS OPEN!!  lmk if you’d like to make one :) **



“Oh, please, you did not!” you laughed.

“Of course, I did!” Thor protested with a grin.  “Have you no faith in me?”

You shook your head.  “There’s absolutely no way you did that in the middle of a battle.  You wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale, god or not!”

“He’s lying,” Loki drawled from the other side of the room, not even bothering to look up from his book.  “Obviously.”

“Do you always have to take the fun out of everything, brother?” Thor asked with pursed lips.

Loki looked up, his eyes flashing green.  “Only when I feel like it.”

You rolled your eyes.

Their brotherly banter was all the same.  Sometimes you never quite understood it.  It was like Loki had a bone to pick with almost everything Thor did or said, and it was starting to get on your nerves.

He wasn’t always like that.  Sometimes the two of you would have strolls through the markets, or deep conversations about the stars and the galaxy, but recently, it was like he was pushing you away.

As if he was annoyed by you.

“Come on, Loki.  Don’t be such a spoilsport,” you teased.  “You’ll get your moment of fame soon enough.”

“Soon can’t come any sooner,” he said, looking down at his book again.  “And in the meantime, I can continue silently judging you.”

“Jerk,” you muttered.

He rose to his feet and walked over, his height towering over you.  

“What did you just say?”

Thor covered his face.  “Oh, no…”

Your eyes were locked with Loki’s, strong and unwavering.  Though every fiber of your being wanted to let it go, this wasn’t the time to back down.  

“You’re a complete jerk, Loki!” you shouted on your tiptoes, making him take a step back.  

“You’re always being an asshole to Thor! And to me!  I put up with your bullshit every single day, and what do I get?  Nothing but snarky comments from you!”

“Well maybe if you weren’t so fun to tease, I wouldn’t want to make those comments!” he argued back.

“But you make them anyway, and now I’ve finally had it!”

“Oh, wow, the great Y/N’s losing her composure!  Finally something worth talking about!”

“If you weren’t a prince, I would totally take you on right now,” you growled.

He smirked.  “Go ahead.  You wouldn’t be able to do much damage anyway…”


You flashed a cold smile.

Loki never used your parentage against you before.  It was your greatest secret, something you were ashamed of being.  Despite your being a half-mortal, living on Asgard prolonged your life and durability, along with Queen Frigga’s magic.

”Thor, please hand me my sword.”

Thor reached over to grab your weapon lying on the couch, but he held it firmly.  “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Y/N.”

“Thor Odinson, God of Thunder, you will give me my sword now,” you ordered, your voice low.

He momentarily considered it, but shook his head as he hid it behind him.   “Sword?  What sword?  I think you left it in your room.”

“Fine.”  You flashed your best friend a look of annoyance before turning and landing a punch that hooked Loki’s jaw.

He staggered back, his eyes shocked as his fingers ghosted over his jaw.

“Did that feel like something a demigod could do?” you asked as you blew a raspberry.  “Call me a disgusting half-mortal again, and I’ll have you mortally regretting it.”

You grabbed your sword out of Thor’s hands as you stormed out of the room.  You didn’t care where you went, as long as it was away from Loki.

You ended up going back to your chambers, slamming the door behind you.  With a heavy sigh, you landed on your bed.

There was a gentle knock at the door, but you didn’t bother saying anything.

“Y/N?”  Thor’s voice sounded quiet.  “I’m sorry about Loki.  He can be…an idiot at times.”

You scoffed.

“But I’m here because Mother wanted me to remind you of the banquet tonight, since the battle was a success,” he said.  “We can drink and forget about everything for a few hours.  How does that sound?”

You slipped out of your bed and opened the door.  A look of concern flashed in his eyes when he saw your expression.  

“Thanks,” you mumbled.  “I don’t need your apology, but thanks.”

Thor grinned.  “I’ll see you in the great hall, yes?”

You nodded with a smile.

You never liked wearing dresses, but since it was the queen’s wish, you couldn’t refuse.

You smiled as you conversed with fellow officers and lords and ladies of the like.  You lost Thor about an hour ago to some drinking contest, and now you were feeling as lonely as ever.

You politely excused yourself to get another drink, not expecting to see Loki at the table.

Avoidance was crucial.  You didn’t want to make a scene.

You quickly got another glass of wine before making off in the crowd towards the edge, where you watched people continue to party and celebrate.  With every glance that came your way, you sent them a friendly nod and went back to enjoying your drink.


You closed your eyes briefly.  You didn’t expect Loki’s words to affect you so much.  What was done was done; you couldn’t help the fact that you were half a god.

Loki’s words could mean less to you.  You knew your worth.  You had no idea why you were so worked up about it.  Despite all of the ups and downs the two of you went through, at the end of the day, he was your friend.

Then you realized, you valued his opinion.  

You felt your glass slip through your fingers and shatter on the floor before you could do anything.  

The party ceased.  Everyone stared in your direction, but you were too shocked to notice.

Is that what Loki thinks of me?  A half-breed monster?

You felt a pair of cold hands cup yours and gently lead you out of the hall.  Your gaze was averted to the ground, watching your feet walk forward one after the other.

And then you stopped.


You looked up.


“Are you alright?”

You ripped your hands from his grasp.  “I’m fine.”

Really?  You don’t look fine,” he said sarcastically.

“Loki,” you started.  “I’m not in the mood to have another childish argument.  I’m drunk and tired.”

“I know,” he said.  “Well, actually, I wanted to talk about that…”

“How I’m drunk and tired?”

He rolled his eyes.  “No, you idiot.”  He bit his lip.  “I said something earlier today, something I shouldn’t have brought up.”

“You’re damn right.”  You reached up and grasped the collar of his robes.  “You know I’m not proud of where I’ve come from.  You know I despise both my mother and father for being lovesick fools.  Why did you have to dangle that in front of me today?”

“I’m sorry,” he said.  “Trust me, I know what it’s like to hate where I come from.  I crossed the line.”

You blinked.  “Am I hearing you right, or did Loki, the God of Mischief, just say ‘I’m sorry’?”

“Yeah, I’m not proud of it either,” he muttered.

“Damn you,” you breathed as you lightly punched his shoulder.

“Damn you, too,” he chuckled.  “By the way, you have a pretty mean punch.  I dare say it was stronger than Thor’s.”

You laughed.  “Trying to earn points with me, Loki?”

His eyes were soft.  “Just trying to make you feel better.”  He looked away, a light blush coloring his face.  “I figured that’s better than being more mean about it.”

“Thanks,” you said.  “I appreciate it.”


“Really.”  You chuckled.  “You know, I like you being nice and all.  It’s a good change of pace.”

“Likewise.  I like you better when you’re not trying to kill me,” he said.

You smirked.  “I’m glad the feeling’s mutual.”

“Me too.”

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A/N: Because @official-and-unstable-satan​ (who is a beautiful soul and I would go to the ends of the earth for her) said she was interested in this one-shot, you guys are getting one.

Word Count: 1.1K+

Warnings: None (I don’t think)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: There was only one bed! Shock! Whatever shall they do? Fluffy… kinda.


“I can’t believe this!”

You walk into your hotel room, utterly exhausted after your most recent mission. Tony said he would come by to pick you up, but did he? No, no he did not. He told you to find a place to sleep for the night because he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to pick you up.  Having scoured every hotel within a five mile radius, this was the only one that wasn’t completely booked. There was a single room available. At least the lady at the front desk assured you there were two beds.

However, that was clearly not the case when you entered your room with Loki behind. You’re greeted with the sight of a single bed.

“Well, this is clearly a predicament.”

“Yeah, no duh, Captain Obvious.” 

He scowls at you. “I shall speak with the woman at the desk.”

He leaves the room, his leather coat swishing behind him.

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Pairing: loki x fem!reader

Chapter Summary: Things get a little heated when you’re fixing your ship 

Warnings: Angst & sexual tension 

Word Count: 2k 

A/N: So I got the inspiration for this scene watching Ragnarok with my nephew a while back and although it’s short it was one of my favourites to write! ope you guys enjoy it as well! <3 


Originally posted by sarolina-laufeyson20

Counterfeit Criminals | Part Four

With what you kept on your ship in case of emergencies, and with the few missing materials the Prince had managed to conjure up for you, you were confident that you’d be up and running within the next day or so.

You were pretty sure you’d go crazy if you had to stay here in any longer.

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hey nonnie! i would like to start this by saying you’re amazing and i love you.

follow up, any and all nice things y’all say make me cry out of happiness. if you have any nice thoughts on my writing, please share. it makes my fucking life y’all.

i shit you not, every time someone says something nice about my work i break down.

i promise, i’m a professional. i maintain my composure as necessary.

jk the best part of remote working is no one sees you crying.

anyhoo, a lotta y’all have asked for another part. i’m big time feeling daddy loki. i’m also feeling loki being a dickhead bc he likes a girl and can’t tell her. also fwb loki.

if you have strong feelings, pop them in my inbox. i’ll try not to cry. i’ll try super hard.

nonnie, please message me and let yourself be known, you’ve full on made my week and i have LOTS of other loki writing to share.

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omg yes because half the attraction would be the fact that Tony would have a literal stroke if he knew his daughter was with Loki, and you both would get off on having to keep it a secret and maybe Steve finds out (accidentally walking in on Loki railing you into next week on the Quinjet and practically having a stroke himself) and he keeps it from Tony only because he very much sees you as his own daughter and would very much like to see you alive for awhile still

so basically Loki gets hard thinking of how you are the ultimate Forbidden Treasure™ and you get wet thinking about getting caught with the one thing you can’t have and it makes for really, really, really, reALLY hot sex

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Warnings: smut [18+ please] fingering, dirty talk, biting, breath-play (very mild)
Word Count: 1,6K
Summary: Loki challenges you to stay quiet as he fingers you in the room next to the room with your teammates. You wouldn’t like to get caught in the action by the Avengers. 
Author´s Note: It’s 2AM. I tried to write a blurb…


Originally posted by badboys-imagines


“We have to be quiet!” Loki snarled as quietly as he could, reminding Y/N that the chance of getting caught was real. It was more of a challenge for her rather than for him, as Loki knew how to control himself to some extent. Besides, this was all about teasing her and pushing her closer to that sweet, sweet edge. 

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Loki: can i be frank with you?

Thor: i would love that, Loki

Loki: *changes shape into someone named Frank*


Thor: i really don’t know what i expected

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Loki learning about your fear of lightning and thunder, and comforts you often during thunderstorms to help you feel better. As well even tries to remind Thor to not use his power around you if possible, to not accidentally startle you. Which his brother completely understands, and tries to reassure you that he will never strike you with lightning ever in his life.

The God of Mischief won’t deny though, that he sees your instinct to cling to him for safety, quite adorable in his eyes. So much he low-key looks forward to thunderstorms now. Since he knows that will mean you holding onto to him for protection. Which is a perfect excuse to just cuddle with you and shower you with love the whole time.

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I had an epiphany: Loki reacts to MY favorite Disney movies. Because I missed some before.
Lilo And Stitch:
You: (pulling on Loki's sleeve) LOKI, LOKI, you ARE Stitch. YOU'RE THE SAME!
Loki: In what way am I related to a creature with six arms, pray tell?
You: Well, you're both aliens, you're both all 'world-domination' but in a kinda cute and not really all that scary way, knives to you is like guns to Stitch, and you both need to work on the anger levels.
Loki: This is incredibly demeaning. I AM NOT CUTE.
You: Yeah, sure.
The Emperor's New Groove:
Loki: That's not how magic works.
You: Lokes, it's a movie it's not supposed to be realistic. It's a comedy! For children!
Meet the Robinsons:
You: Hey, do you think you could do any of the things in this movie?
Loki: How do you mean?
You: Like, I dunno, make bubble transporters or singing frogs or dinosaurs.
Loki: I can do the bowler hat.
You: NOPE!
Loki: I am also proficient in horribly traumatising events for children, like seeing your entire future family attempt to kill you.
You: I think I'm just going to ask Tony on this one...
Beauty And The Beast:
Loki: I sympathize with the characters in this movie.
You: Yeah? I mean, I guess you're sorta like Beast. Tough exterior but all mushy inside.
You: (giggling) How so?
Loki, content: I rest my case.
You: Fair enough.
The Muppets:
You: This movie is so funny. Such a classic!
Loki: I do not understand your Midgardian humor.
You: Well, give me an example of what you find funny, and I'll think of a movie we can watch.
Loki: Hmmm.
Loki: Surprise stabbings. Primarily of Thor.
You: Uh... maybe we'll watch John Wick later.
You: The music here is so good!
Loki: There are so many things wrong with this.
You: DON'T!
Loki: I have met Hercules. Not only can he not sing a single note, but he is also a complete ass. Made fun of me.
You: Don't ruin this for me any more, Debbie Downer.
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