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Originally posted by thehumming6ird

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Characters: Loki Laufeyson

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon - Loki with the prompts “you’re in love with her, aren’t you?”

Word Count: 435

Author: Charlotte

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A/N: Chapter 5!! it is longer than I intended, but I got lost in the moment, I hope you like it.

Warnings: None, it is mostly a private fluffy moment between Winter and Loki

Summary: Winter shares a private day with Loki

Tag list: (Taglist is open, if you want to be tagged or untagged just ask mee!) @twhiddlestonsstuff @gaitwae @lucywrites02 @fckwkndd @delightfulheartdream


Winter woke up between his arms. Her face was still in his chest, listening to the soft heartbeat. They had stayed together all night sitting on the sofa in the common room. Softly speaking until she drifted to sleep, cuddled in his arms she slept without any dreams. For the first time in months she woke up feeling rested. 

She moved a little and Loki woke up too. For a moment he held her closer, and then releasing her slowly, he felt all the warmth in the world in his chest. How could someone warm him up so much? She was all heat and brightness. Even if her mind was haunted and her heart a stone, she was still good. Winter was the only one to come to him. She was the one he wanted to share all his secrets with. Stupid little mortal that had bewitched his mind and body. 

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Anna’s 100 followers celebration


ok i know i posted ealrier but i just need to say thank you again!!!! I can’t believe there is 100 people here. I don’t know why yous folow me cause I have no time and write at like 3 in the morning. So yeah thanks for putting up with my shit schedules. xxx#

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douglasnoemakeup on IG:

 #fbf 2017 Behind the scenes. ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Loki about to confront Thanos…

I actually thought this was the end for Loki. A few knew otherwise. Grateful the God of Mischief would live on, but aren’t we all!

#wehaveahulk #2017 #avengersinfinitywar #lokilives #tomhiddleston #ididthat #photoart #douglasnoe #ilovemyjob #continuityshot

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I fell down the “Loki phase” rabbit hole (again :}} )HARD, and I am not even mad 💁🏼‍♀️

And I came to multiple conclusions, again.

Odin is an idiot and I hate that jerk with my whole life.

Frigga is a literal queen and a legend and I just love her.

Thor, poor Thor. He deserved better, he lost so much. Like that guy went thru SH*T. He lost so many people, even himself. :,((((

Loki, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. AND I AM SO SORRY ABOUT WHAT HE MUST HAVE GONE THRU IN HIS LIFE. HDJDBFJSBJDSB. LIVING IN THOR’S SHADOW OR WHATEVER, ODIN USING HIM JUST AS A PAWN. That guy deserves so much. And torture he went thru because of Thanos, I hate that purple guy and his saggy nuts. And like, his mom loved him as his son with al his flaws and she died:))). He didnt even got to say goodbye, heck the last words he said to her were nasty because they were in a fight :(. And when he finally accepted Thor as his brother and himself as who he is(at least a bit) he was killed :)))). He deserves so much. And like I love him, sure he had flaws and made some dumb as* decisions in his life, but who hasn’t?? And I find his Jotun form hella adorable and hot :]]]]

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Originally posted by lawfeysoon

Loki x Fem!Reader - Unknown Chapters

Work Summary: Loki fakes his death when facing Thanos. Unbeknownst to him, he’s leaving his love, The Reader, alone and expecting their first child. When he finally comes back, will she forgive his disappearing act? And will Loki welcome becoming a father?

Requested by Anon

Chapter 1: The Titan

Summary: Loki helps you flee the Asgardian ship just before Thanos boards.

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I Love Living With You

Read this on Wattpad

✨Series Masterlist✨

Warnings: angst (I’m sorry). Food/eating.

Word Count: 1039


A/N ~ I don’t know how to write angst, but I tried my best.

Disclaimer: Gif is not mine {credit to the owner}


Originally posted by thedesire


<- previous chapter

Y/n woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and the sun shining through, perfectly illuminating the room she shared with her husband. Turning to her side, y/n took in the sight of her husband; he was laying on his back with one hand resting on his stomach while the other lay over his head. His long, black hair was messily cast over the pillow underneath him. Y/n reached over and brushed his hair out of his face, causing the prince’s eyes to flutter open.

“Goodmorning, love,” he sighed.

Y/n leaned over and kissed his cheek as his hands came to rest behind her back. “Goodmorning.”

It was Loki’s turn to move the hair out of your face. “Have you been watching me sleep?”

“You’re just so pretty,” she buried her head in the crook of his neck and began peppering soft kisses.

“You’re the pretty one darling,” he said as he pulled her up so that he was now looking into her deep y/e/c eyes. He swore that he could stare into them forever. “Now how about some breakfast?”

Y/n sat up, allowing Loki to crawl out of the bed and pull on some sweatpants and a t-shirt; as opposed to his plain boxers.

“That sounds great,” y/n said, stretching her arms and yawning. “What do you have in mind?”

“What about french toast and strawberries?” He grabbed her hands and pulled her out of the bed. He moved his hand to cup her cheek, moving his thumb along the smooth skin.

“Mmm, my favorite,” their lips connected for a brief second. “You know me so well.”

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen,” Loki drawled and very reluctantly released his wife’s hands.

Looking down, y/n realized she was only wearing a pair of underwear and one of Loki’s shirts that he had given her to wear the night before.

She thought back to last night and smiled. How close the two had been; hands all over each other as their lips moved together like the ocean. So engulfed in each other that nothing else in the world mattered except for the two of them right at that moment.

Pulling on some pajama shorts, y/n made her way out into the kitchen of the cottage that they shared in the countryside of Asgard. Thor had tried his hardest to convince the couple to live at the palace, but Loki was dead set on keeping y/n away from that life; the life he grew up with and grew to hate.

Y/n walked into the kitchen and found Loki leaning over the stove, a sight that would have been weird to anyone who wasn’t the god’s wife. She made her over to Loki and wrapped her arms around his middle. “Smells so good, Lo.”

Loki unwrapped y/n’s arms from around him and shifted so that he could place the french toast onto two plates. He grabbed a couple of fresh strawberries from the bowl and delicately placed them onto the french toast. He then sprinkled some powdered sugar onto them and handed one to y/n.

“Here you are, love,” he said kissing her forehead.

Y/n smiled and sat down at the island bar, Loki following. She took a bite and said, “tell me how the God of Mischief learned to make food this good?”

Loki shrugged, taking another bite. “It’s all in the mystery, darling.”

“Y’know,” Y/n said in between bites. “We’re married now…”


“So, you really shouldn’t be keeping secrets from me anymore. I mean, we’re gonna be partners for the rest of our lives, right?”

Loki’s face fell, and his eyes dropped down to his plate as he started to play with his fork, “right.”

Y/n noticed his change in demeanor, letting a look of concern take over her features. “L-Loki?” she asked, lightly brushing his arm with her fingers. “Is everything alright?”

Loki didn’t look her in the eyes; instead, he said, “yea, everything’s fine,” and stood up, bringing his half-eaten plate of breakfast to the sink and using magic to clean it and put it in the dish drainer.

Y/n, even more concerned now, followed him to where he was leaning against the counter-top. “Loki, please tell me wー, did I, did I do somethingー”

He cut her off, “No y/n! You did absolutely nothing wrong, darling.”

Y/n was confused by the way he raised his voice at her (which he had never even thought about doing before) and how sweet his words were. She choked back a sob, but it was no use; the tears were already flowing down her cheeks. ‘Did he regret the marriage? Did he not want to spend the rest of his life with me? The rest of my life… ohーOH’

Y/n placed her hand underneath his chin and lifted his gaze to meet her y/e/c eyes. “Hey, Lo it’s okay, it’s okay.” She stroked the sides of his face with her thumbs and stared deeply into his green eyes.

“I’m sorry, y/n/n. It’s just that…”

“I know.”

“I can’t lose you y/n/n. I can’t just watch you grow old while I stay the same age.”

Y/n’s heart broke with these words. She knew one day they would have to face the issue of her mortality one day, she just didn’t expect that day to come so soon. “Listen, I know you feel that way, but that’s just how it is; I’m mortal and you’re, well, you know what you are, but there is only one person I want to spend the rest of my mortal life with, and that person is you.”

Loki reached up and wiped the tears from your face. “I love you so much,” he said.

“I love you, too.”

Loki leaned forward and the couple connected their lips.

“Don’t worry,” Loki said once they had pulled away from each other, causing y/n’s eyebrows to furrow. “I will find a way for us to be together for either the rest of my life,“ he paused. "Or the rest of yours.”

He pulled his wife into his chest and laid his head on top of hers.

“Thank you, Loki,” she sighed.

“For what darling?” their bodies started to rock as if music were playing.

“For being so great.”

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Title: Lazy Mornings
Pairing: FrostIron (Tony Stark / Loki)
Rating: Teen? Mature? I dunno, Loki has a naked booty
Summary: Tony isn’t a fae, but he fell in love with one and figured out how to make himself smaller with a pair of mechanical wings. 

Would Love someone to write this

For the @marvelartparty FebruFairy Challenge

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requested by anonymous

tw: mentions of sex, subspace, subdrop, unspecified stress, words of comfort, so much praise, fluffy smut, loki is a wholesome dom, pet name angel because i like it <3

loki gives off dom energy. admit it, one smirk and a drawl of your favorite pet name will have you on your knees in record time.

he could be kissing you softly, gently, or even literally just holding your hand and in less than fifteen minutes you’ll be under his spell.

you’ll feel sleepy, yet you’re wide awake. you’ll feel a pleasant magma warming your thighs, and you’ll know you’re in too deep.

loki knows when you’re in that floaty headspace, and he likes it just as much as you do, (if not more) because his little angel won’t have to think about anything besides her pleasure and his.

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Yeah. Im currently working on ch 2 of Fire and Ice right now but I just had to get this down and out. It seems as iff my creatvie jucies are flowing in a diffrent direction tonight since I cant sleep a wink I figured I would bless you guys with a little drabble.


After a Mission

The team had been called into the confrence room after the mission for a little debreifing, it was actually just for Tony to chew you and Loki a new ass but what was new? You normally didn’t get irritated at him for this, it was just his way of cooping with everything that had happened in the last 48 hours.

Besides the lack of food and sleep the whole team was on edge. You had taken a few cracked ribs and was pretty sure that you had sprang your ankle, Nat had a cut along her cheek and a bullet graze on her side, Thor was nursing a busted lip and limping a little, and Loki had used so much of his magic it was a wonder he wasnt slumped over the table passed out.

No one had made it out unscathed, but the four of you had probably gotten the worst of it.

“This was dumb on your guys part! Y/n what were you thinking going back in there!?” Tony yelled catching you off guard and causing you to flinch ever so slightly. No one else had caught it but Loki who was sitting next to you.

“I was thinking that there was another KID in that building that needed to be saved!”

“You put your group in danger!”

“My group is fully capable of making their own decisions on whether or not to follow me into a building thats about to blow! Don’t start your over protective bullshit now.”

“He is only being protective of the three of you, darling, he could care less about what happens to me.” Loki mumbled beside you.

“What was that Rudolph? Say it louder for the rest of the class.” The rest of the team was trying their hardest not to notice what was going on. Steve was slumpped back in his chair massaging between his eyes, Bucky was trying to stare you down with a look that said not tonight, and Clint had his head proped on his crossed arms and sighed deeply.

“I said that you could care less about what was to happen to me to pompous, egotistical asshole. You had any idea what she sacrificed for you or your team you wouldn’t be standing here jumping down her throat for actually accomplishing something that you failed to take notice of.” Loki said standing up. You grabbed onto his wrist, not trying to stop him from doing anything, just to try to calm him some. He had used to much energy tonight he was going to pass out eventually, you didn’t want that to be here.

“Your right I could care less about what happens to you. Your only here because of your brother. All you do is destract everyone around you. Your no good for anyone, much less this team.” By the end you and Thor were both standing up yelling at Tony, Steve and Bucky was trying to calm the situation, Nat was yelling for everyone to just shut up, and Clint, you was pretty sure, had fallen asleep.

“Thats IT, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. I’m leaving-” you started out the door but Tony grabbed onto your arm.

“We’re not done. We’ll finish this tomorrow after we’ve had some sleep.”

“No Tony I’m leaving the compound and going back to my apartment. I can’t take your suffocation any more, the way you put down Loki, degrade him. Hes worked his ass off trying to get into yours and everyone else’s good graces and its obviously not working. You all still stare at him when he walks into a room waiting for the other foot to drop, waiting for him to try and take over the world again. I wasn’t a part of you when he tried to take over New York but you fail to remember that was a nation wide thing and everyone seen what happened that day. Let’s not forget that the Avengers also helped destroy New York. I dont understand why if I can look over that and see that hes trying to change why you all can’t. Even Clint, who he brainwashed, is warming up to Loki. Like I said Tony, I’m through with the bullshit. If you ever change your mind send Cap to come for me.” You finished yanking your arm out of his grasp and storming off. Loki close behind.

“Your leaving me?” You stopped in your tracks and walked back to him. You had never seen such pain in his eyes before now. You placed your hand on his cheek and leaned up to kiss him.

“No, God no Loki. I never said you couldn’t come with me.” You smiled up at him and took his hand leading you both back to your room so that you could pack both Loki and your things before leaving the compound.



This was just one of those spure of the moments, had to get off my chest, couldnt go to bed without putting this out there type deals. All mistakes are mine. It was kinda made in a rush but I felt like I needed to give yall something since I havent posted in a little while. Like I said I am working on Ch 2 of Fire and Ice and I am really excited about it and my drabbles. It gives me something to look forward to and helps me escape the world. Thank you all so much for your support!!!

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader (female)

Genre: mild angst, fluff

Warnings: falling (from a building) - kind of

Summary: Loki wants revenge. And maybe, a little more can come from years of pranks and friendship.

Note: I put a cheeky little Captain America reference in here, if you get it I love you.

Part One 


Originally posted by lokihiddleston

Your dreams started out fun. They were filled with Loki’s pout and his crazy hair, and then they took a turn for the worst. You started dreaming of snake scales and fangs while a strange hissing noise filled your ears. 

When you woke you were met with the Asgardian morning sun streaming through open French windows. Strangely, the hissing noise failed to cease. Maybe it was some kind of dream residue? Although you’ve never had anything like that before. 

But then you rubbed your eyes and looked down to the left. And your soul left your body. 

Right next to you, coiled up, was a light tan snake that was inches wide and at least three feet long. You shrieked as it hissed at you. You scrambled out from under the sheets and started kicked the snake in the process. 

Then the snake suddenly turned into a cloud of green smoke. Loki’s figure morphed from out of the smoke a moment later. 

“Ow! What was that for?” Loki said indignantly while rubbing his nose. 

“What did you expect? You know I hate snakes!” You said while falling back onto your pillows. You placed a hand on your heart, trying to calm it. 

“Remember when I enchanted your hairbrush?” You asked.

“Yeah, and I chased you halfway across Asgard?”

“This isn’t payback, is it?”

He shrugged and smirked. You groaned and pulled the silk sheets over your head. 

“I don’t want to see you right now.” 


“I have a child’s birthday to make,” you said. “So I’ll be on my way, but those pastries better be there when I get back.” You looked pointedly at Loki who had his hands behind his back. 

“Why are you looking at me like that? I would never.” 



“Loki!” Your voice went shrill. 

He appeared in an instant but you weren’t phased. “Yes, love?”

“Remember when I told you these,” you motioned to the plate your pastries were last seen on, “were not to be touched?”

“I seem to recall something like that.”

“Now, do you by any chance, know where my pastries went?”

“Maybe,” he looked sheepish.

Your jaw dropped. “Loki did you actually eat them!”

You went to slap him on the shoulder before you saw what suddenly manifested in his hands. It was a plate, identical to the one on the counter, only this one was adorned with the missing pastries. 

“You actually thought for a moment didn’t you,” an irritatingly bright smile cracked onto his face. 

“You did not,” you dragged out your words in exasperation as you looked at the plate on his hand.

“I did.”

“You wasted all that time and effort, just to do this?”

He nodded and you brought a hand to your head. 


The only light illuminating the room was from Asgard’s moon. You hid in the shadows of your room as you watched your enchanted mannequin do its work. It was dressed in the night shift you were wearing currently. It looked exactly as you did when Loki bid you goodnight. 

The false you wandered aimlessly around your bedroom as if it was sleepwalking. You winced as it crashed into your vanity, sending a glass bowl full of pearls spilling to the ground. 

There was a loud crash! a second later as it shattered. Loki, who was only across the hall from you and who was still up late with racing thoughts, raced to attention. You could hear hurried footsteps coming down the hallway and a moment later, your door swung open. 


You followed Loki’s eyes to where your mannequin was swaying at the balcony. Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen. 

Loki’s brows were furrowed and he looked ethereal in the silver moonlight. You figured he knew you were ‘sleepwalking’ when you didn’t reply to his call. 

The mannequin kept swaying until it completely tipped over the railing. Loki called your name even louder and all but sprinted to where ‘you’ fell. He started mumbling to himself and muttering curses under his breath. He was about to jump out after ‘you’ before real you stepped from the shadows. 

“Hey,” you touched his shoulder and he flinched. In the moonlight, you could see the sheen of unshed tears. 

Nausea washed over you in the form of guilt. You wrapped your arms around his stiff form. For a second he didn’t seem to be in touch with reality and he stood there. Frozen. His arms were poised around you as though he wasn’t sure whether or not his arms would go right through you. 

“Y/N? I just..” he paused, you’d never heard him stutter save for the occasional time his father raised his voice. “Weren’t you…”

Even though it made you shiver, you looked up and met his eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it would do that. It was meant to a simple prank,” you said in earnest. “I must have gotten the enchantment wrong,” you continued to mutter to yourself. 

And then an instant, you were silenced. Something soft and velvety was against your lips. Although you were startled, you didn’t pull away. You didn’t push his figure away from you. Instead, your stomach filled with butterflies. There were no sparks, no fireworks. Just an elation in your heart and a swell in your soul. 

You’d never thought of being anything more than best friends with Loki. Sure, when you were growing up you would occasionally daydream about the what-ifs. But truly, you’d never of thought that Loki would think of you as any more than a best friend or sister. 

However, as you were standing there under the painfully cliche, full moon, you felt, as cheesy as it sounds, like a piece of you fell into place. 

“I’m sorry,” his voice was as soft as the wind. 

“Why,” you held onto his forearms, even as he tried to pull away.

“I just ruined our friendship.” 

He said it with a finality that didn’t match the moment. 

“I disagree,” you stated. “I think you started something more.” 



“Yes, love?” 

Your heart still swelled when you heard him say your name. 

“Why is the bed on the ceiling?” 


there is beauty in everything, even darkness. -wynde

thank you for reading!

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hi! sure!! i think that this one leaves the opportunity to do headcanons in the usual way with the list, so i’m gonna organize it that way!

  • as a penalty for his crimes on midgard, Loki was forced to reside in the avengers tower as he regained the populations trust
  • it annoyed him to no end because it’s not like he’d wanted to do what he did. now he was stuck in a world with people who hated him and living with the people who defeated him*
  • (* which, in the long run, he was quite relieved about. he was very grateful to escape the torture of Thanos. …the hulk was the only one he really tried to steer clear from)
  • living on midgard became less annoying when he met you, a young girl, when he was coming back from a walk with Thor
  • the walk was intended to have him meet people and get them to like him, so it shocked him when he realized you already did like him, and he wouldn’t have to do anything to gain your trust
  • you were shy, but Loki didn’t mind. he’d grown up mostly reserved, and he understand why you might do it from a personal standpoint
  • you waved at him, smiling brightly
  • Loki was shocked
  • he’d be the one to initiate some sort of conversation, although a bit awkwardly, seeing as you are a child. he wanted to know if there was a reason behind your kindness
  • looking up, he’d notice your parent/guardian and would step away from you, worrying that he’d be reprimanded for being near you
  • but to his surprise, your parent/guardian would only shoot him a smile and nod as if to say that they’re alright with the two of you talking some more
  • “at first i’ll admit that i didn’t like you very much after what you did, but she saw through everything and got me to understand everything a bit more”
  • Loki would be completely bamboozled by this, wondering how you, a child, could see through the charade he was forced to take on
  • it was refreshing, honestly, and Loki hoped he’d see you again

Originally posted by rorybutnotgilmore

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y’all idk if i can handle tom hiddleston portraying a disney prince who’s not loki


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