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Henry Cavill Fanfic

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The Cafeteria:

Henry’s a hitman and he falls in love. Simple, but is it really?




Henry was watching the rain fall on the empty streets and on the windows around the neighborhood. He watched the large green trees sway back and forth, already sensing the chilly breeze that would be brought by the wind.

“I’ll be back at 8, as always.” Henry grabbed his mahogany leather jacket, taking his car keys in his hands and heading out.

Although he had money, (Ferris Inc. was a successful company for hitmen and he was the CEO and best hitmen in New York City), he didn’t have a chauffeur.

As well as his associates, the full brown haired man had many cars to choose from and today he chose a flashy car: the red Ferrari.

Did he want to impress her?

“I’m going with you.”

Helena grabbed her dark raincoat from a recliner in the small living room (yes, Henry was a minimalist despite having a fortune, being a hitman called for living quietly and not calling attention), tying it around her small waist and following behind him.

Henry watched as she walked inside the car, her big and black eyes watching him hesitate outside. It was not long before they were at Stephanie’s Cafe and Croissants - a small cafeteria that only opened evenings.

The drive to the cafe was quiet, Henry tried to play the music but he opted to leave the rain be their orchestra. No matter how hard the rain fell down, the dryness and quietness inside the car was insufferable.

“I know you’ve been visiting this cafe for a long time. I know you don’t even like coffee that much Henry. I’ve been with you for nine years. No other woman will put up with your lifestyle. Who wants to date a hit man? You can barely tell your partner these things. I know this because I found out by accident, remember?” Helena hissed, “we’ve been together since we were young. I was 18 and you were 21. Do you see this scar on my neck? It was because of you. Who is this woman Henry? I won’t let her ruin our relationship.”

Henry looked around the large cafeteria. Waitresses and waiters were walking around with trays, some had many drinks while others held barely two. The walls were painted black and white and elegance resonated through the ceilings accompanied by a live piano and singer.

The tall man, sculpted like Zeus, stayed calm despite his power, watching people walk inside and out as they finished business calls or got in from their jobs.

Helena looked beautiful tonight. Her short black hair reached her ears and she wore dark lipstick, dark purple, which brought out her eyes. Her eyes were shining with the story she told Henry, but he didn’t know if it reached either of their hearts.

She loved him and he loved her, but that wasn’t enough. They had fallen out of love, at least he had. Helena was too consumed in living a rich life. She was sweet and humble when they’d met, but as his success peaked she became more hungry for money. Henry always wanted to give her what she wanted but her care was too often in clothes, tea parties and cars.

So he met Alina at this cafe one night, not sharing a word with her ever, but she’d captured his eye.

Helena got attacked by an enemy of his, so she wore a scar on her neck. Henry would always love her, but the scar was not enough to keep him. He loved her and feared he would lose her when she’d been cut by Yankee, but it shouldn’t be a reason to be together. People fell out of love and he had.

The young couple hadn’t gotten married yet; Henry didn’t believe in marriage and Helena didn’t mind as long as she was by his side. He was the man she cherished, being next to him was enough for her.

“Who is she? Is it the singer?” Helena pointed to the blonde on the stage behind Henry. She had blue eyes and a lean and tall body. Helena felt threatened.

“Let it be.” Henry touched his facial hair. Helena hated his facial hair.

“Hello, Mr. Mrs.” a happy voice interrupted them.

The woman had brown hair, long and full, and olive skin accompanied by big brown eyes and a small nose, like that of a little hamster’s.

“I’m Alina. I’ll be your server tonight. I haven’t served you before sir, but I will be doing it tonight. I’ve noticed you before but never your company, is this your beautiful girlfriend?”

Henry swallowed hard. The hitman. Feared. Rich. Muscly man that could squash his enemies… was feeling nervous. He hadn’t felt anything in a while toward another female.

Helena glared at Henry, but Henry didn’t understand her anger. He would never cheat, he had just been admiring the waitress from afar when he visited the cafe. He was simply thinking about what to do his future.

At that point, Helena stood from the yellow cushioned seat she was on, screaming at the singer behind Henry that he was her man and no one would take him from her.

The blonde on the stage stopped singing, not understanding what was going on.

Alina was shocked and Henry grabbed Helena, dragging her as she screamed and caused a scene. The people inside the cafe murmured as the young couple walked out.

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Summary: Elizabeth Rosehill is a talented dance instructor and a force of nature that beguiles her famous student. Events in her life, however, have led her to search for more creative ways for her to keep herself afloat. What will she do to keep her dreams secure and what will it mean for her blossoming relationship.

Warning: this passage contains some drunken shenanigans, heavy petting, making out, self deprecating humor, stripping down to ones underwear, sexual frustration, some insecurities, and angst. Oh and the beginning of Elizabeth showing her dominant side. If I missed anything please let me know

Word count: 2500

A/N: If you read it and like it, it would mean a lot to me if you could say something nice!

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Some thoughts on The Cold Light of Day:

- Will was really going through it. They should have called it Will Shaw and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Couple of Days because fucking yikes😬

- I loved Henry’s look in this. He looked soft, his tiddies and belly were all fuzzy, his ass look fabulous, his hair was beautiful, I liked the little bit of scruff. 100/10❤️🥵🥵

- I can’t believe Bruce Willis was only in this for like five minutes before getting sniped by fucking Benjen Stark but he still got top billing. Like he straight up got nerfed before the movie was half over, but he got higher than Sigourney Weaver, who makes it all the way to the end before getting iced?

- I knew Ellen Ripley was shady as shit the moment she set foot on screen. She did John McClane dirty.

- I loved that the rest of the movie was basically just: feral Henry Cavill runs around confused and screaming for an hour.

- I definitely thought him and Lucia were gonna bone

- Lucia and Will constantly screaming was a total mood

- I hope Will didn’t join the CIA. Let’s be real, he wasn’t that great at dealing with that situation. Lucia and her friends did most of the work. I mean yeah, he’d get training or whatever, but they gave him way too much credit.

I actually really liked this. Action flicks tend to be really hit-or-miss with me, but I liked this. I’ll probably watch Fallout tomorrow before I go to work, but I’m still on the fence about it. I really hate Tom Cruise. But I mean I’ll definitely be rooting for Auggie to get him, even though I already know he doesn’t😫 idk.

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HE CALLED YOU OUT LMFAO but ok girl I feeel you Henry really snapped as Superman and I stand by that I love him as Clark! We were blessed! 😍

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Sometime during the night, the unbearable heat returns to you. You feel the coiled tension in your lower body, your pulse thudding in your ears and echoing lower—but now you understand it. It was deeper, far worse than usual sexual tension. It is a fever, and lucky for you, the remedy is sleeping peacefully next to you.

You got up on your knees, and look down at Sy, not sure where to begin. How can you awaken him after what happened only a couple of hours ago? But your blood is singing, you inhaled his scent, and the only thing you can think of is tasting him, riding him…

You’d never seen such a good looking naked male in her life. His muscular body, even in repose, looks powerful and beckons to you in sexual challenge. His suntanned skin looks delicious, the muscles something you can sink your teeth into. You are getting impatient with arousal just looking at him…his eyes which are closed but intelligent and intense when open, his broad shoulders and chest…those powerful arms that held you just minutes ago it seemed…and then his abdomen is a valley of hills and clefts, strength and definition in masculine beauty. Your eyes drop to that part of him that is now at ease, but you want at attention.

You lean forward, and draw a line from the tip to the shaft of his manhood with your tongue, the scent of his sex filling your nostrils. You stifle a small moan, anticipation making you edgy, but you will yourself to concentrate.

At first he moans softly, as if he was dreaming. But then he goes still as if to savor your actions. He opens his eyes just in time to see you take him in. “Mmmm.” You cup him where he is soft, and massage him as you continue. “Mmmm…again, yes…” His voice is low and soft, the vibration snaking down your spine. Then, you pushed his legs open, and your mouth seizes one of his sacs, humming your pleasure. When you take in the other, he bent his knees, and you push his hips upward and trail your tongue back up his shaft. He gasps, but maintains the position, his hips beginning to move in rhythm with your mouth and hand as he begins to moan your name.

You feel a tremor down your spine, hearing the lust in his voice. You push your tongue against his perineum, and he moans. You lick him over and over, then nip and suck a trail from there to his shaft, taking him in again and gently fondling him where your mouth had been. You’d never done this before, but seeing his reaction made it worth it.

His hips strain upward, and he groans, “Come on, love, come on.” He watches you crawl over him, and slowly take him in, your eyes locked with his. He begins to move, halfway sitting up, but then you push him back, pinning his shoulders down. You want him to stay still. His eyes widen with realization, looking like two small glistening pools in the moonlight. He submits0 to your silent demand.

At first you lean forward, slowly lowering yourself down his length. He feels so good! With your eyes closed you can envision his hardened length penetrating you again and again, and it makes you savor the feeling. You ride him slowly, your breasts gliding up and down his chest, his hardness teasing her senses. You cry out, whimpering as the first wave of pleasure seizes you. He grabs your hips, but exerts no strength, simply kneading in encouragement for you to do what you want. You sit up straight, and begin going up and down his length vertically, but somehow you can’t keep up the intensity. You begin to whimper your frustration, grinding your hips on him.

You watch his chest and arms begin to tighten, and his legs bend to cradle you. He licks his lips. “Now, love?”

You nod, and he begins using his strength to lift and crush you onto him. A cry escapes you almost instantly as your head falls back, your mouth open as your breath comes in gasps. He moans, feeling you clench as she bathe his manhood in your juices. He stirs inside you, rotating his hips and making you cry out yet again. He lifts you quickly, holding your hips as he pumps you and moves your body in perfect compliance with his demands. You are limp with pleasure; the only strength you seem to feel was where you are united, and at the moment you can’t help that any more than breathing. He resumes his rhythm, and silences your cries with hard but lingering kisses. “You coming, love?” You can only mewl, lost in sensation. He turns you underneath him and gathers you close, coming up on his elbows but balancing your upper body on his forearms so he could tangle his fingers in your hair. You begin to spasm and tremble, your lips dry from his sexual milking of you. “Now, love?” He thrusts harder to make his point. He doesn’t look like he could hold on much longer and truthfully you have no will to resist him at all. “Now?”

“Yes…yes!” You arch, your nails digging into his back as you pull him closer. You sob in release from someplace you never knew existed. He growls, the sensations from his chest vibrating against yours as he holds you in a vice like grip, rocking within you, spilling his life inside you. You feel the violent release inside and feel as if the moon’s fever had finally broken and released you from its spell.

You both collapsed, undone and trembling, limbs wrapping around each other. You lay  there with him for a long time, just enjoying silent understanding and fulfillment, simply being. He smooths your hair back from your face, and kisses your forehead. “Sleep now.”

He hadn’t been asleep an hour when his comm buzzed. You decide to remain still as if sleeping.

“Syverson.” He tries to control his yawn.

“Chief Tristan?” the voice on the other end says.


“This is Judge Cartero.”

“Yes, sir, what can I do for you?”

“I hear that Zenobia is coming along nicely. Why haven’t I gotten any reports on her?”

“There are some complications—our relationship is different.“

“What complications?”

He exhales. “She is not ready for bridal purchase. And I think she’s Orioni, sir. She may not even fall in our jurisdiction—“

“I assure you that Malcolm Marette doesn’t care where she is from,” Judge Cartero says quickly. “Sebastian Marette’s brother wants justice—“

“And her lands, right?”

“They are in holding until she can be bought properly.”

“I see.”

There was silence. “Careful, Captain Syverson.”

“I always am, sir. Good night.” He clicked off and sat in deep thought.

“Sy?” you ask. He looks distant and a little concerned to you.

He rises from bed, and walks out, but not before you hear him start his next call.

“Gunther?” he pauses “I need your help bro, I need you.”

He closes the door, and your open your eyes. What is going on?

Thanks, and let me know if you wish to be tagged. Thanks so much for the support and I look forward to any feed back 

@fckdeusername @maan24  @rn7rocks @kaatelyyynn  @october505

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