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#henry cavill
anya-chalotra · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
“We’re incredibly lucky to have Henry as our Geralt. He brings that quiet resolve and that natural strength, obviously, that he has. He does all his own stunts, which is a producer’s worst nightmare. If it’s Geralt on the screen, that’s Henry. He will probably have ten days of training to do those fights, and it’s interesting, because what the fight team will do is really lean into Henry’s strengths. I mean, he is a—you know, he’s a huge, strong person, and it’s really interesting, when you lean into people’s natural strengths, how much more believable something looks. But yeah, it’s about ten days of rehearsals for a fight that we’ll shoot in two days, that will be on screen for about two minutes.”
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fijefije · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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montedeto · a day ago
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Tumblr media
*understand each other without words*
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very-hairy-wizard · 2 days ago
I'm not against superstar or well known actors in the Percy Jackson series. I would actually encourage it. but only under specific circumstances.
the demigods all have to be unknown kids because that's who they are the demigods aren't some mighty heroes of song, they're kids trying to survive in the modern world.
The gods on the other hand... now that's where you put the superstars. The names and faces everyone recognizes. The actors that always look so good that it's almost not human.
imagine watching a show with kids trying their best to act but child actors are only so good, they have acne, their scrawny their voice breaks here and there. And contrast that with putting a professional actor as a god. They look flawless, they're acting is flawless, and they have that air of better than you around them.
I want to see a dingy elevator full of sweaty tourists in the Hoover damn contrasted by Gal Gadot, flawless hair and makeup giving the tour. Henry Cavill all perfect cheekbones in a suit suggesting he will blast Percy before the profecy comes true. Morgan Freeman telling grover to take care of the wild.
not to mention that there is only one man on earth I would trust to play the god of revelry, wine, and parties. because if we don't get jack black as Dionysus we riot.
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kh-ael · a day ago
Summary: Henry is angry about something but you have no idea what it is.
Pairing: Henry x Reader
Warning: RPF, fluff, smut, implied smut, insecure Henry, FEELS
Word Count: 1600+
Taglist:@kebabgirl67 ​@liecastillo​ @lumiousmoon @violacavs520 @summersong69 @est1887 @little-brattyangel @myloveforhenrycavill @calwitch @wheretheriversrunintothesea @pandaxnienke @a-little-counter-esperanto @cavillsthighs  @margauxmargaux07
A/N: So, uh, I was holding out and not post this GIF until I create a story really fitting. And HERE IT IS. Not beta’d, there will be errors. If you read, like, comment and reblog, I may not react to each one but I see you, I appreciate you!
Tumblr media
It's been days since your boyfriend decided not to talk to you. You don't know if it's the last dinner date or that late night party with friends. He just completely ghosted you. Well, not really ghosted since you live together.
After work, which is really the privilege of just staring at your laptop all day, you attempt cook dinner. Which you rarely do. And Henry knew that. You can't go on pretending you can cook a casserole rather than burn them when it's the other way around. But you're trying and that is what's important.
Henry's usually in the game room, raiding dungeons or completing mission at this hour. He can't go on a day without playing a game especially when it's his break from making movies.
You didn't find him in the game room, which is weird. So you try the home theater. An old western movie is playing, the cowboys running against the wind. He's here.
"Babe?" You call out and you see his feet propped up, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and he's watching the movie intently.
"Babe..." You call out again and you're pretty sure he can hear you, he's just choosing to ignore.
After a few seconds of him not acknowledging your existence, you grab the bowl of popcorn and place it on the table.
"Henry!" Your voice is a bit higher than usual and stressed out.
He doesn't say a word but just looks up at you, stands from where he's seated and walks towards the door. He's really getting into my nerves.
"Why can't you talk to me properly? When I try to talk to you, you pull away. What's wrong, baby?" You chose love today, not violence so even though you wanted to scream at his face and asked him what's wrong. You don't want to add fuel to the fire and he's definitely angry about something.
You step in front of him and caressed his cheek, he's looking down, obviously furious about something.
"Why don't you ask your friends about it?"
"Henry..." That last sentence confused you even more and sometimes he's can be stubborn as hell. But you love him just as much.
He walks out completely and leaves you in the room, speechless. The planned dinner was a disaster since he stayed in your room after that.
You pull out your phone from your pocket and call your friends. They must have known something or what caused this to happen. Even hard to admit, I was shit faced during the party we had with friends.
One of your friends answered giving the most vague response ever. If not for alcohol, you would remember and in the first place, not fuck up. So you scrolled through pictures, hoping to find a hint of what caused this behavior.
"Oh, shit." You say as you scroll through pictures and see the root of the problem. You're never more than one glass of alcohol in a party, ever.
You probably mistaken someone else for Henry and since the guy in the pictures is the same height as him, same body feature, your brain automatically thought it was him. Well, at least your alcohol dazed brain.
Now, you know what caused Henry's behavior, it's going to be easy to explain to him what happened. Well, you thought it was going to be easy.
Entering the room, you see him under the covers, obviously scrolling on his phone but still ignoring your presence. You want attention, his attention, and it's been days since you're writhing under him. But then it won't change a thing if you don't explain yourself.
You get under the covers and hug him from the back, sniffing his nape, planting soft kisses there. It's always been his weak spot and it frustrates you that he didn't have a reaction at all. He locks his phone and sinks in bed.
"Are you going to be like this for a long time?"
You remove your arms on him and rolled on your side of the bed, looking up at the ceiling.
"Look, I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't be as wasted as I am that day. If not, I wouldn't be sitting on some random dude's lap."
You look at him and still, no reaction.
"Just know that I wouldn't ever, ever cheat on you, Henry. You're the one I thought about the whole time I was, you know, on his lap. I thought it was you."
You curse under your breath, talking too much is not helping the situation. You sigh, closing your eyes.
"I'll give you space but please know it wasn't my intention to make it look like you think it is. I love you too much for that."
You kissed him one last time, this time your lips touching just the shell of his ear. And gave him his space. You mentally scold yourself of not drinking too much alcohol when out with him or with him and friends. It's too disastrous. You're just thankful he didn't go berserk on the guy or it would definitely be memorable.
You close your eyes, sleep coming early than usual. Your hand lifts on instinct but you stop yourself from hugging him once again. You've said your piece and you hope that's enough.
You suddenly felt the room being empty or was it just a dream? You reach out for Henry but he's not there. You sit up in panic, thinking he left you. The clock glared red. Blinking sleep from your eyes, you see it's 2 in the morning and Henry couldn't possibly be leaving at this hour. You tiptoed out of the room, not making any noise and startle him, wherever he is. Kal's head perched up and you shush him and he goes back to his bed.
There's light spilling from the far end of the hall, leading down to the basement where Henry usually trains at home and just do his daily workout routine. The door is ajar and you can hear grunts below.
You look down at yourself, his used shirt clinging to your skin, his smell seeping to your skin. And hearing him make those primal sounds, you missed him even more. You hope next day is better than today. You thought about your options. You can wait 'til morning or you can just invade his personal space right now and confront him about what he feels.
You decide on the latter.
You carefully walked down the stairs, your socks helping not to make a sound and have him walk away on me again.
He doesn't see you right away, this room is full of equipment bigger than you are, so understandable. Your ovaries just cried a whole lot when you see him punch the heavy sandbag in front of him. He's naked and sweating, only wearing his black gym shorts, black fitness gloves.
He punches one more before he notices you, his curls sticking out on his forehead, panting like he's been running all day. He looks at your body, eyes moving from your head to toe and you noticed how he swallowed. He's affected by your presence and you just want to be in his arms so he can kiss you senseless.
He picks up his bottle of water and gulps from it.
"Hi..." You say softly, walking towards where he's sitting. He doesn't say a word when you touched his face and stepped in between his legs, wiping sweat off of his face and forcing him to look up. His puppy eyes just warms your heart every time.
"Are you still mad at me?" You ask, testing the waters and he doesn't push you away. Instead, he nuzzled his face in between your breasts, his sweat creating a damp spot. Well, he's definitely not mad anymore.
"You said..." he took a deep breath and looked up at me again, now his hands on both sides of my waist, his fingers digging, creating that heat I crave, "you said, you love me too much to even cheat on me. It scared me a little bit."
You remove the hair over his face and brows furrowed, your tiny hands on both of his cheeks, you ask, "Why?"
He's silent for a moment and then took another deep breath. "Because I feel the same."
You chuckle and he does too and you sarcastically responded. "Well, I was hoping you actually do."
"It's just scary to feel all of this for someone and knowing they can just walk away."
You can see the pain in his eyes and the fact it's you who caused it, it's worse.
"I'm sorry if I ever made you feel that way, Henry. It wasn't my intention. I didn't even know until you pointed it out."
He nods, smiling. "You're infuriating sometimes but I'd have it than days without you."
You kiss him, chuckling while you do so. And as the kiss deepens, he lifts you to sit on your lap, your center rubbing on his hard on. With both hands on your ass, he kissed your neck, lightly biting on your skin. He pulls down his pants and slid your panties to the side. You held onto his shoulders and while he sinks into you, your reflection is just a sight to see. He looks at the mirror and smiles, revealing his very hot and full of sex appeal fangs.
You moan as he moved and both of you never break eye contact through the mirror. You've done this before but not with this intensity and surely not in the gym. You took control and he constantly grips your hips when it's becoming too much, not wanting this moment to end.
As you made love and as his gloved hands roamed your body, as both of your body glistened with sweat under the fluorescent light, as you looked into each other's eyes in the mirror while you both climax, that there's no material thing can ever match what both of you have.
All you want is nothing more. Just here, with him.
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kiwisomething · 16 hours ago
Barefoot & Pregnant
Summary: it’s just a somewhat productive Saturday.
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Pregnant!Reader
Tumblr media
“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed resting?” Henry asked hearing your footsteps followed by Kal’s. “I believe the doctor put you on bed rest.”
“Buzz off, bitch,” you sassed passing by him but not without flicking the side of his head.
He chuckled and turned his head away from the rugby game to see that you’re barefoot wearing one of his tshirts. He smiled at the sight. He still can’t believe it.
Henry got up and followed your footsteps into the kitchen. You’re already going for the pastries he brought home while you were asleep. He came up behind you and cupped the bottom of your baby bump. You automatically pressed your back against him and let him hold the weight of your baby bump like the tiktoks showed him.
“You feeling alright?” He asked.
You hummed before taking a bite of your favorite pastry. He kissed your cheek and let you relax against him.
“I’m liking this whole look,” Henry said. “With you barefoot and pregnant. Should keep you this way.”
“You only get this look three more times unless there’s more than one baby,” you said. “‘Cause the max amount of kids I’m having is four and five if it’s twins in the last pregnancy. Then I’m getting rid of my uterus.”
“You’d get rid of your uterus?” he said.
“Yup. We have a toxic relationship and I’ll be cutting her off the second we’re done having kids,” you said.
“You sure?” your husband asked.
“Yeah. She serves no purpose after four kids,” you said. “And I don’t trust you to keep it in your pants after. I have to be the responsible adult.”
Henry laughed. You took another bite of your pastry.
“Yes, you’re totally the responsible one,” he said.
“I’m glad you agree,” you said smiling.
“I was thinking about finally building the crib,” he said.
“I’ll watch you,” you said.
“Good. You can sit in your rocking chair and judge from there,” Henry said.
“Sounds like a plan, Hennessy,” you said.
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ilovefandoms102 · a day ago
Pairing: Geralt of Rivia x Plus Size Reader
Summary: You and Geralt are due for a bath…
Note: i rewatched this series and forgot how much I loved this show and can’t wait for season 2 in December!😁😁😁😁
Warnings🛑: implied smut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There was nothing better after weeks of adventuring and slaying monsters than having a nice relaxing bath…
Especially the ones Geralt insisted on joining you. The two of you crossed paths many years ago when he first became a Witcher, for some reason you didn’t annoy him so he kept you for himself. It took time, but you slowly grew affections for your partner in crime.
It wasn’t long until he had you crawling in his bed and vice versa…
Tumblr media
You sighed as you sunk in the tub of warm water, making sure to wet your hair before leaning it on the ledge. Your muscles relaxed instantly, you were insanely grateful this inn was able to keep the water at a decent temperature so you could actually enjoy your bath.
“Starting without me?” Geralt teased as he entered your shared room.
“I couldn’t help myself love,” you chuckled lightly, eyes closed as you went back into relaxation mode.
Geralt hummed deep in his chest, that sound always made you shiver. It was so fucking sexy when he did that, and he knew the affect it had on you. He couldn’t help but to stare at your beautifully naked figure submerged in the water.
What light he had, and with his enhanced vision, he could make out every bump and outline of your curves. He was obsessed with your body.
“Staring is rude,” you called.
“I’m allowed to stare, you’re mine.” he huffed, quickly undressing himself.
“Am I?” you grinned teasingly, earning his low growl which made you excited.
“Do you want me to prove it?” he asked.
“Maybe later, we both need a good and proper wash.” you laughed, but it was completely true.
Geralt chuckled as he got undressed, pushing you forward a bit and sliding in behind you. His hands gently caressed your aching muscles, a hum of satisfaction escaped your lips.
“Love this,” you smiled, tilting your head back looking into his beautiful amber eyes.
“I know my love,” Geralt murmured against my hair line as he laid a gentle kiss there.
You and Geralt took your time bathing, the silence between the two of you so thick, but you two didn’t need to talk to communicate so much to the other. The rest of the night was spent making sweet and slow love to each other…
Tumblr media
@the-sky-writes @tamstrugglestowrite @holding-on-to-starwars @kmuir1 @myalupinblack @simpingbutch @halsmultibitch @jeyramarie
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Same energy 😉
Tumblr media
Found on Twitter.
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diegos-butt · a day ago
Tumblr media
Captain Syverson x (f)reader
Summary: you wake up in an unusual situation with all the memories of the night before.
Part one
Warnings: getting hit in the face with a snowball, awkwardness, fluff
Wordcount: 1.6k
A/N: there you go a part two! hope you like it! took a little longer than i wished, but i started my internship and therefore i have much less time to write unfortunately 🥺
When I woke up, my hand was touching something warm and furry, and the position I was in was quite comfortable. Still half asleep I snuggled further into the soft and furry, teddy bear like thing embracing me, feeling warm and safe.
Until the furry something moved. Up and down. Then it wiggled slightly. My eyes shot open, and I realized I was on the couch. With Sy. Half on top of Sy to be honest. My hand was underneath his shirt and rested on his furry chest. That explains the teddy bear feeling.
Memories of last night flooded back into my brain. Taking shots, me taking my bra off, me telling Sy what I thought of him. Oh god no, what did I tell him?!
“Mornin’ darlin’.” A deep, low voice pulled me out of my thoughts. “Did ya sleep well?” Sy tightened his arms around me, like he knew I would want to stand up immediately.
“Uhm, I think so yeah,” I muttered. My hand still rested underneath his shirt and as quick as lightening I retrieved it, only to awkwardly hold it to myself because I didn’t know where else to put it. My head rested in the crook of his neck, and I tried to lean back a little, to create a bit more distance between us.
“Good. Quite a night uh?” he smirked. The twinkle in his eyes unmistakable. “Told ya I could handle taking shots better.”
I hummed in response, not really knowing how to handle the situation. Sy stretched his legs out in front of him with a grunt, and I could hear his stomach grumble.
“What do you remember from last night?” he asked.
I went over my options in my head. I could tell him the truth, that the memories from last night flooded back into my brain, or I could lie. Tell him I didn’t remember anything; it would be easier. And, I would spare me the humiliating talk about it.
“Nothing really,” I decided to lie.
Sy just chuckled, but he released me from his grip as he stood up. Grabbing the blanket, he tucked me in a little bit and brought his face close to mine. “Why don’t you wake up a bit and try to remember something? I’ll take a quick shower and then I can fill in the blanks over breakfast.” He pressed a kiss to my forehead, and walked out of the room.
I was left behind on the couch in a bit of a shock. Why would he kiss my forehead after I blunted out all of those things last night?
To make sure I would not have a complete breakdown on the spot, I got up and make myself some breakfast. Once I finished eating it, I heard the shower had been turned off and I could hear Sy rummaging in his room.
Quickly I placed my plate in the sink, and rushed past Sy as he came back into the kitchen.
“Hey, I thought we were gonna have breakfast!” he yelled.
“Was hungry so I ate already! Taking a shower now!” Not looking back, I locked myself in the shower, taking a few deep breaths as I undressed and took a nice, hot shower.
Tumblr media
The shower helped me calm down a bit. But once I was fully dressed in a pair of jeans and a sweater, I sat on my bed, not really wanting to face Sy already. I knew he would make fun of me, about the things I said. And I couldn’t blame him, it was kind of funny from his point of view. I mean, I would totally do the same.
But the problem was, there was a truth to the things I said. Okay, maybe I could have phrased my words differently. I could have just told him I liked him, that I liked having him around, that I wanted to see if there was something more between us. But no, I had to tell him I had a thing for his thighs for fuck’s sake.
Resting my elbows on my knees, I hid my face in my hands. I need to get out of here. I looked outside, the storm had calmed down, the city covered in a nice, thick pack of snow. A walk in the cold wouldn’t hurt.
Quickly I put my boots on and grabbed my coat on my way out. “Going for a walk! See ya in a bit!” I yelled as I stormed out the door, snatching my keys out of the bowl by the door. While I slammed the door shut behind me, I heard Sy yell something, but I ignored it and ran off.
Once I was outside, the cold was a welcoming feeling. Ever since I woke up on Sy’s chest, I was warm. My cheeks had not stopped burning, luckily the cold made me cool down a bit.
Without a plan I wandered around, and soon I realized my feet were dragging me to the park. Some kids were playing, holding snowball fights, having fun.
“Hey!” I suddenly heard from behind, and when I turned around, I was hit in the face with a snowball. Hard.
“What the fuck,” I yelled and wiped the snow out of my face. After I finally could see normal again, I saw there was someone in front of me with the most annoying grin ever on his face. “What was that for?”
“You forgot your scarf,” Sy deadpanned, but handed me my wool green scarf. With a dead glare I snatched it out of his hands, and wrapped it around my neck.
“Okay, thanks,” I said and turned around to walk away from him, but his hand grabbed my upper arm firmly. Sy spun me around, so I was facing him. A small gasp left my lips, and a smile toyed on his lips.
"I wasn't done darlin'," he smirked. In the next moment Sy was fast, too fast. and before I knew it another snowball was crushed on my head.
"Hey!!" I yelled. Sy quickly ran off with a roaring laugh, hiding behind a tree. "Oh, you're a dead man!" I ran towards him while scooping snow up, making a snowball.
But Sy avoided getting hit, and for 10 minutes straight we threw snowballs at each other. Sy hitting me more than I hit him, but for a moment I forgot about last night, and everything felt normal again.
Until Sy had to ruin that again. We had just called a truce, and I rested with my back against the tree. "So, you ready to talk about last night now?"
I sighed heavily, and wiped some snow of my sleeves. "I have an idea, why don't we just forget about it and move on? Sound great uh?"
"Yeah, that's not gonna work baby," he said and moved closer to me. In mere seconds the space between us disappeared. Sy trapped my body between his firm chest and the tree, and I couldn't help myself to place my hands on his pecs.
After I realized what I did, I quickly retracted my hands and glared at my feet. Until I realized I couldn't see my feet, I just saw Sy's body pressed against mine.
But Sy's finger under my chin gave me no other option than to look him in the eyes. A slightly cocked eyebrow, bright curious eyes, soft look on his face; the Sy in front of me seemed confident, yet a bit nervous.
"What are you so scared about?" Sy asked softly. Snow suddenly falling again, little white speckles falling on his nose.
My hand reached up, and with a finger I wiped a snowflake of his nose. "I don't know, I embarrassed myself pretty big last night and I don't want anything to change between us," I smiled. "I like having you around."
"Alright, so you do remember last night," he winked. "I have two questions. One: you're not saying what you said last night wasn't true, so you were telling the truth? And two: who says a change between us means I won't be around anymore? Maybe a change means I'll be around even more?"
For a moment my brain stopped working. Sy chuckled, and brought his hand to my face to wipe a snowflake from my nose this time. In that moment I had forgotten about our surroundings, it was just us in the park, no screaming kids. My hands were suddenly no longer as cold as seconds ago.
"One: yes, I was speaking the truth, but you just have a really nice ass. No denying there!" I said after I pulled myself back together. Sy laughed, and leant a little closer, his cologne hitting my senses.
"Good to know."
"And two: care to elaborate on that one a little more?"
I noticed the grin on his face grow a little wider. He bumped his nose against mine, and I gripped his jacket while butterflies filled my stomach. He pressed a kiss on one cheek, and one on the other one.
"How about we figure that out together?" His thumb stroked my lower lip, and I slightly opened my lips. My gaze fell on his, he licked his lips and tucked my chin closer to him. His other hand fell to my waist, gripping me tight.
Slowly he closed the gap between us, my heartbeat rising. The moment his lips touched mine the ground beneath me disappeared. Everything felt right, as it was like it was supposed to be.
We broke apart, resting foreheads against each other. My hands slipped around his neck, and he gave me a kiss on my forehead.
"How about we get you drunk and let you make an awkward confession about me first?" I smirked.
taglist: @keanureevesisbae / @klaine-92 / @xxxkatxo / @stxlemate / @oddsnendsfanfics / @amberangel112 / @seriouslygoodlookinggents / @sillyrabbit81 / @pixie88 / @cynic-spirit / @rn7rocks / @daddys-littlewhitegirl / @little-brattyangel / @omgkatinka / @myloveforhenrycavill / @eldarwen333 / @kebabgirl67 / @mansaaay / @memoriesat30 / @marantha / @everleigh44 / @somethinginthewayiam / @themanfromu / @mis-lil-red / @aerynscrichton / @m07belzen / @greensleeves888 / @1960memories / @legendarywizarddetective / @alexa-fangirl-forever / @kingliam2019 / @introvertedmouse / @irishprincess89 / @henrycavillisbae / @traceyaudette / @ysmmsy / @inanna999 / @absolutepie / @beck07990 / @katie272903 / @enchantedbytomandhenry / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @zealoushound / @pandaxnienke / @wheretheriversrunintothesea / @cavillsthighs / @starstruckkittyangel / @kat2212 / @rmtndew / @happydistraction / @summersong69
I operate one taglist. If you want to be on it, let me know. If you want off, let me know as well 💗
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henrycavilledits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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docgold13 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out SuperHeroes - One Hero, Every Day, All Year…
September 15th - Superman
The hero and beacon of truth and justice called Superman was born Kal-L of the planet Krypton, far off in a distant universe. Krypton was populated by a technologically advanced species that resembles humans. Shortly after Kal-L’s birth, his planet was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. Kal-L’s scientist father, Jor-L, foresaw this calamity and he saved his son by sending the infant off in a specialized spacecraft. The ship traversed the cosmos while the baby remained in stasis. It arrived on earth, landing in Kansas where it was discovered by a kindly pair of farmers named Jonathan and Martha Kent. The Kents chose to adopt the baby as their own and named him Clark. It turned out that the solar energy of Earth’s yellow sun acted to empower Clark’s alien physiology, bestowing him incredible super strength, durability and speed. As he grew older Clark would discover additional powers, such as x-ray vision, heat vision, freezing breath and the capacity to fly at supersonic speeds. Ma and Pa Kent taught young Clark conceal his amazing powers and otherworldly origins as well as to use his abilities for good. Clark initially created the guise of Superboy, using the blankets he arrived in to fashion a colorful costume. Clark would have numerous adventures as Superboy. As an adult, he relocated to the city of Metropolis where he found work as a journalist and The Daily Planet Newspaper. Now older, Clark was called Superman and his acts of astounding heroism captivated the city and the world as a whole. Due to his incredible strength, Clark had to exercise the utmost of caution when interacting with regular humans, careful not to accidentally hurt anyone around him. For this, Clark was often viewed by his peers as meek and clumsy. Nevertheless, he was an excellent reporter and trusted friend and he grew very close with his colleagues at The Daily Planet, especially the intrepid Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Lois Lane. This closeness between Clark and Lois ultimately blossomed into a romance and Clark eventually divulged to Lois that he and Superman were one and the same. After a long courtship the two were married and would later have a son together who they named Jon after Clark’s adopted father. One of Superman’s few weaknesses is Kryptonite. This is the radioactive remnants of Superman’s home planet that have been scattered about the universe. Superman’s foes have periodically used Kryptonite in their efforts to defeat and kill The Man of Steel. Chief among these foes is the villainous genius Alexander ‘Lex’ Luthor, who has continued on as the hero’s primary arch nemesis. Following a terrible battle with the villain called Doomsday, Superman was believed to have died and Lois and the whole world mourned, facing the bleak prospect of world without Superman. Yet it turned out that Superman had not perished, rather he had entered into a comatose state allowing the energies of Earth’s sun to repair and revive him. Along with countless adventures on his own, Superman had additionally served as a central member of the Justice League. In his youth, Superboy spent time in the distant future as a member of The Legion of Superheroes. The Pre-Crisis/Earth II version of Superman was also a member of both the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron. Although the two are quite different, Superman has maintained a close friendship with his fellow hero Batman. Superman has featured in numerous movie serials, feature films and television shows. The various actors who have portrayed the Man of Steel including Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, John Haymes Newton, Gerard Christopher, Stacy Haiduk, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin. Superman first appeared in the pages of Action Comics #1 (1938).
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nashibirne · 2 days ago
Congrats on your milestone!! Love your writing and since you're doing the whole "milestone party" I would like to ask if you could write something about reader and first baby. It could be something like them being very happy in the beginning, anxious by the end of the pregnancy but in the first weeks after the baby is born everything being caotic, the reader is stressed and sometimes they fight for something silly and it could have a happy ending, maybe he preparing a special surprise for her, some smut and they kinda "reconnect"... I don't mind if it gets too big, I would appreciate if you like the idea, It can be sy or walter, their POV, the reader can have a name too if you'd like. Thank you so much and congratulations again 🎉🥳
Here comes the second fic for my milestone celebration 🥳
Dear nonie, thank you so much for your prompt 💜 I love it and it made me think of Walter and his bumblebee from my fic Closer immediately. So I hope you don't mind I made this a follow up.
I tried to include all your wishes and I hope you like the struggles, the fluff and the smut.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Walter Marshall x reader
Summary: Walt and his wife are stressed out and enjoy a little escape. Follow-up to Closer
Words: ~ 1.8 k
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, 18+, Sex (p in v), fingering, dirty talking, kinda light breeding kink, masturbation, mentioning of sex toys and voyeurism, mentioning of problematic birth
UNBETA'ED! English is not my mother tongue, so expect bad grammar, wrong spelling, chaotic punctuation and clumsy language. All mistakes are mine…
Credits: pics for the header from pinterest.
I don't own Walter Marshall (unfortunately)
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I'm sure it wasn't so stressful with Faye when she was a baby. She was a whirlwind, challenging her mum and me 24/7 as soon as she was able to walk but I'm pretty sure in the first year she was a little angel, not doing much more than sleeping, eating and lulling us into a false sense of security, making us think the peace would last forever.
Maybe it's gonna be the other way round with our little maybug. A chaotic first year and all the peace afterwards.
We've been on an emotional rollercoaster ride for almost two years now. Y/n stopped taking the pill shortly after our engagement and a few months before our wedding. I couldn't wait to get her pregnant, our sex life was great at that time, we did it as often as possible, having the time of our lives, enjoying each other and our deep connection. When my little bumblebee finally surprised me with a positive pregnancy test after 8 months of very intense trying, we were both beyond happy and completely over the moon and besides the usual pregnancy-related worries and difficulties everything went well.
That was until y/n went into labor and suddenly everything turned out to be very different from what we both had wished for. There was no calm atmosphere, no peaceful water birth but a lot of stress and anxiety instead when unexpected complications occured. I wasn't solid as a rock for her, I was a nervous wreck and very disappointed in myself but my wonderful wife was incredibly tough, fighting to be strong for both of us with fierce determination. She was no bumblebee that night, she was a hornet. In the end she had an emergency c-section and our little boy was born after almost 24 hours of labour on a mild Saturday night in May. When we finally held this perfect, beautiful little bundle of life in our arms all pain and fear was forgotten and we cried together for joy and gratefulness.
Now, six months later, we're still very happy, enjoying our family life and our time together. I've stepped back from work a little, doing office work mostly, staying away from the time consuming major cases. It's hard sometimes to be condemned to just watch my colleagues working in the front-line but I know it's worth it. I don't want to make the same mistakes again, the mistakes that ruined my first marriage and jeopardized my relationship with Faye. Besides that y/n needs my support, although she would never admit it. Our little maybug suffers from colic and cries a lot so she's constantly sleep-deprived and on top of that she tortures herself with self-reproach because breastfeeding didn't work and our baby son only gets formula, which -in her eyes- is the reason for his regular pain. She's constantly stressed out, tense and oversensitive and we fight over the most silly things.
When she had a nervous breakdown the other day because she hadn't managed to cook dinner for me after another night without sleep and a whole day of trying to calm down a crying baby in pain, I decided it was enough, that she needed a break, I needed a break and maybe even our little muffin needed a break from his worn out parents. So after y/n had a good cry on my shoulder, listening to my comforting words that made her relax a little, I made her her favorite sandwich, sent her to bed after she'd enjoyed it and took our little boy on a ride. He likes it when we drive around in my truck, the sonorous sound of the engine has a soothing effect on him and eventually he stopped crying and fell asleep, just as exhausted as his mom. I got myself a burger from the drive-through, ate it in the parking lot and I came up with an idea for a little treat for me and my wife.
And now here we are, sitting in the huge tub in the bathroom of a luxurious hotel suite in our hometown, just 20 minutes away from our little boy who's staying with y/n's sister for the weekend. It wasn't easy to convince my wife that he's going to survive one night without us and that we really need some time for us but now, after a romantic candle light dinner and a special treatment afterwards she really seems to enjoy our little escape.
"God, were right, I needed this. The food was delicious and your massage worked wonders. Thank you so much, papa bear."
She's sitting in front of me in the steaming hot water that smells like tropical flowers, her body covered with lush foam, her back resting against my chest, her butt between my spread legs, pressing against my cock.
"Well, it wasn't a Tantra massage but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway." I press a kiss on her hair and hug her from behind. "I enjoyed it too, by the way. My hands all over your wonderful backside, that was very sexy," I whisper in her ear before I start to caress her breasts while kissing her neck. Damn, I love her tits, even more now after the pregnancy. They are so soft, so welcoming and warm, plus they are bigger than before, perfect for burying my face in them or for a filthy boob fuck.
Y/n moans softly under my touch and I go on, determined to make this date night unforgettable. After a while I let one of my hands glide over her belly, that wonderful part of her body that has carried our child and that is so smooth beneath my rough palm. I feel the stretch marks she hates so much but I kinda love them. They're like a map that shows what she's been through and what the female body is capable of. For her it's a flaw, when I look at it I see nothing but strength. With that thought I slip my hand between her legs, stroking her pussy, my fingers gliding through her swollen folds, provoking one of these drawn, hoarse moans that always escape her mouth when she likes what I'm doing and that turn me on so much. She cranes her neck to look at me and I bent my head to kiss her. The kiss is slow and sensual, tasting sweet and promising. I moan into her mouth, one hand on her tit, kneading it intensely, giving her erect nipple some extra attention with my thumb, one hand on her pussy. I keep on stroking her clit while we make out and she moves her hips, rolling them slowly against my rock-hard cock.
"You like that, baby?" I want to know, panting into her ear.
"I like it a lot…", y/n sighs, bucking her hips. I know exactly what she wants.
"How about that?" I stretch my arm, shifting my position a little to penetrate her slowly with two fingers, brushing them against her g-spot with light pressure.
Her moans are getting louder with each thrust into her cunt, her hips moving rhythmically. I stimulate her clit with my thumb and I can tell she's close, putty in my hands, a whimpering, panting mess and I love it.
"Mommy's still my little whore, right?" I ask, my voice rough and thick with arousal and desire, my dick throbbing, pressed against her ass. "Look at you, riding my fingers like the good girl you are. I love how that feels…"
I fingerfuck her harder and it doesn't take her long to cum with a loud moan, my name on her lips on top of her orgasm. She rides it out slowly, breathing heavily and I give her some time to recover before I grab her by her waist, lift her up and make her sit down on my cock. I can't wait another second, I need to feel her from the inside, her tight pussy stretching around my thick dick. She sighs when she easily sinks down on it, starting to ride me immediately, eagerly, greedy. She's still hungry, ready for more, giving me a hard time to pull myself together. I'd love to just rail her, to thrust into her cunt mercilessly to reach my own high but what I want even more is to see her come undone again, to make her fall apart on my dick, milking it when she cums again. So I hold her hips in a vice-like grip, pressing her down and she stops moving, waiting for me to take over. I let go of her hips and fuck her slowly, thrusting into her from underneath, caressing her tits, showering her shoulders with sloppy kisses.
She follows the rhythm and the pace I set and we both moan in unison. She reaches between her legs and starts touching herself which turns me on even further. I love watching her when she pleasures herself. She was a little hesitant about in the beginning of our relationship but when I even bought her some toys, she believed me that it was okay to masturbate in my presence, that it drove me absolutely wild to watch her, that I would fuck her like a predator after seeing her cum just by the touch of her own hands, using the toys I had chosen and allowed her to use. Today is no exception. Her soft moans and appreciative sighs are music to my ears and as soon as I fix my eyes on her fingers that circle her clit, while she strokes the shaft of my pounding cock with her other hand, I lose my shit.
I press her against my body and fuck her so hard and fast that the water spills all over the edge of the tub. She comes again shortly after I orgasm with a noise that's half grunt and half growl, arising deep from within my chest. My balls tighten and when I feel my cum shooting through my dick her pussy clenches around me and her body is trembling on top of mine. She cries out loud when I fill her up with my seed and I'm sure she knows that I imagine breeding her, when I keep on thrusting lightly, not pulling out even after we've both come down from our highs and my hard-on softens.
I know we still have to wait a few months till she gets pregnant again because her body needs time to heal but I guess it doesn't hurt to practice as often as we feel like it and to dream of adding another little bug to our family.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know it was said before but… it must be said again.
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Tumblr media
Fuck you y/n!
Y/n:Fuck me yourself coward 🤬
Y/n:Oh-shit no😳😰
Y/n:August i didnt mean it!😥😬
Tumblr media
Turn around.
Y/n:No! Augie 'msorry!🥺😢
Tumblr media
Turn around bunny.
Y/n:But it was an accident?😭😖
Tumblr media
Accident your ass!
Y/n:Isn't it meant to be accident my ass? 🤔🤨
Tumblr media
That what i said bunny~ now turn around
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𝒊 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒘𝒂𝒊𝒕 ✧ 𝒉. 𝒄.
pairing: henry cavill x f!reader
warnings: impostor syndrome at its finest, angst, insecurities, all that emotional baggage we all have + happy ending
word count: 1,4k
Tumblr media
the steady sensation of his heartbeats under your palm is comforting.
it’s terrifying how much you love to be in his arms. you bask in his warmth as if his embrace is the safest place on earth, and it is. he has said many times he would never let anything bad happen to you. he’s wonderful.
you abhor yourself for being this selfish, when you once condemned people who acted exactly like the way you are right now.
it’s always so distressing to enjoy moments like this, because your mind loves to make you suffer. all kinds of thoughts run through your head, and the majority of them make sense, which is awful.
you’re lucky.
henry is asleep. his lips are slightly parted, his cheek is perfectly smushed against the pillow you’re both sharing. he looks peaceful albeit the crinkles in between his eyebrows being slightly marked by a frown.
you wonder what he’s dreaming about.
the moonlight that invades the bedroom through the cracks in the curtain illuminates his face in a subtle and angelic way. nearly ethereal. his beard is growing and a little uneven, with a few grey hairs, just like the sides of his hair, the gray strands insisting on being present, and you love them. even apparently sloppy, he’s beautiful. every bit of him is beautiful. his geekiness, his love for animals, his sense of humor, his quietness, his introverted nature.
you’re so fucking lucky...
it’s impossible to resist the temptation to caress his gorgeous face — it looks like he was carved by the finest and most talented of artists.
although your touch is the gentlest, he wakes up from his sleep, and when he sees your face, wide awake, he smiles, a little sheepish, but happy to see that you haven’t left, as you usually do.
“oh hey,” he mumbles, his voice is low, but just as sweet as he is. “you’re still here.” he quietly celebrates as his eyes close up again, still tired from the night you both had.
“you want me to go?” you ask him, quite uncertain about you staying longer than usual. you’ve never actually slept together, that’d be a first. “i can go.”
“absolutely not, you stay right here.” he tightens his embrace, making you chuckle. he presses a kiss to your forehead and you feel the soft touch of his thumbs drawing circles on your back. it’s so soothing. it still amazes you how easily he can switch from rough to tender. the same hands that often hold you with gentleness and care are the ones that leave marks on your body and make you moan his name like a prayer. “i hate when you go.” he admits in a whisper.
you don’t mean to keep a conversation when he’s trying to sleep, but the thought of him actually not enjoying to sleep alone after sex never went through your head.
“you do?”
“yeah.” he answers and opens his eyes once again. “you never spend the night.”
he doesn’t mean to make things awkward between the two of you, but it’s been almost six months since you and henry have been seeing each other and it’s been going great. smoothly. he knows you’re a quite reserved person, you take things slower, you don’t let people in so easily, but he also knows he wants to be with you. do you want the same? he can’t really tell. to him, it feels like you’re not so sure about him yet, which he can understand to a certain point, since he’s a well known person and is on the spotlight, but these issues can be remedied.
“i didn’t know you wanted me to.” you admit.
“well, i’d love to have breakfast with you,” he grins. “but if you’re not there yet, i completely understand.”
you see, you are there.
the real problem is that you don’t want henry to know your issues. once things are officially official, you won’t be able to hide and mask yourself as much as you are right now. you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone and hide the most vital aspects of yourself and your life, that’s just as bad as lying, but you simply can’t let henry in completely. you’ve convinced yourself that he will leave you once he knows who you really are, and it may not be his intention, but you feel cornered.
you’re wasting his time.
“it’s not that i’m not there or not,” you begin. “i’m- i’m too difficult to deal with.”
henry’s lack of response makes you regret your words immediately. your heart is beating fast and he can see the fear and regret in your eyes.
“why do you say that?”
you’re not worthy of him.
you remove yourself from his arms and turn your back to him, but he reaches out and places the softest kiss on your shoulder.
“don’t you think it’s better to stay the way we are?” you ask in a mumble without looking back.
honestly, not really. he wants more, but he doesn’t want to scare you out completely.
“look at me,” he asks and you do, reluctantly. “i adore your company, i love when we do things together. i’d like to see you more times a week, and i’m not talking about sex, i’m talking about spending time with you.” 
in a moment of weakness, you allow yourself to believe that you are deserving of what he is offering, and the taste of such freedom is addictive but bitter, because you are used to mistreating yourself. it’s harder than it looks, and it’s a daily struggle.
he tilts your head back to softly press his lips against yours. he pecks your lips and then begins a real kiss — one you could never resist. the contrast of his soft lips and his beard against your skin is extraordinary.
you don’t deserve him.
life would be so much easier if you could just turn off your brain for a little while and allow yourself to truly enjoy something without the guilt, without feeling like you’re manipulating people and situations, without thinking you’re lucky to be with someone like henry, and mostly without feeling like a fraud.
you’re not lying when you say you’re complicated, but aren’t we all? aren’t we just a bunch of cells trying to figure it out? aren’t we just looking for what makes sense for us? why is it so hard to simply accept that life, sometimes, is kind to us?
fighting against the worst version of yourself every single day is the worst, because you know your own weak spots, and you’re ruthless.
“i’m scared that once you see me more than usual, you’ll get sick of me.” you confess in a whisper, but he can tell you’re being serious. “that happened before, and because of that, i tend to push people away when i’m close to loving them. it never ends well for me.”
“you’re pushing me away now.” he notes and you chuckle.
“i’m not saying i love you, ‘cause i don’t.” you say with a giggle. “but that can happen very easily, and once it does, you’ll see me being distant, and you have to let me go.”
there you are, openly admitting that you see yourself loving him. most people wouldn’t even dare to say the L word before a year together, but just after a few months, you’re saying it without any doubt or fear and yet, you’re afraid of allowing someone to love you, and allowing yourself to love back.
“i’m not letting you go, y/n.” henry is firm when he says it, and you just know he means it. “i’m falling in love with you more and more every day and i’ll wait for you if necessary. i’ll do whatever i have to do.”
when you think it’s impossible for your heart to melt for him anymore, he proves you otherwise. so this is how a person in love with another acts? damn.
“i… i don’t know what to say.” you express, genuinely surprised.
“say you’ll start spending the night.” he grins before pecking your lips. “we’ll figure out the rest another day.”
you turn around to face him again and you do see the honesty in his eyes. you may have issues, but you can tell when someone is bullshitting you, and he isn’t. he definitely isn’t.
“okay. spending the night from now on it is.”
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