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#geralt of rivia

When I drew fanart for @kiko–murda ’s Jarilo fanfic, I had already kind of accepted that there might not ever be an ending to the story. Luckily for me, however, Kiko finished it less than two weeks later, and it was such a satisfying ending!!!

Which is why I couldn’t help but draw some more fanart :D

I’ve cropped it and put the full drawing under a readmore because of some safe-for-tumblr content warnings (bruises, scratches, bloodied bandages, minor rope bondage in a non-sexual way, non-explicit nudity) that I don’t usually draw or put up here. I got a little carried away painting those injuries (painting bruises is fun!!), and I understand that that kind of stuff isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The same goes for the actual fic, by the way: Make sure to read those content warnings! :)


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Hello everyone! After a week of voting, the results are in.

The name for the AU Zine is: Alternate Melodies

The name for the NSFW Zine is: A Hint of Buttercup

Stay tuned for further updates! 

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Sorry for not posting anything for a bit, i finished this big work the other day and they already took me for the next project so I’m trying to enjoy my free time while it lasts ;;

Little wip of the next fill for my bingo card, still need to be corrected one last time before lineart, I CAN DO IT!!!

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Masterlist & More!

Here is where you can find all my writings, moodboards, and drinking games. ⚠️18 and older! Minors DNI!⚠️


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***Never happens***

Nope, nossiree… Lambert will never give up on the last mementos he has of Aiden. But sometimes he thinks on what it would be like, and he knows the others will be there for him.

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***The search begins***

Scene from one of my fics in the Resonance divergence series. Geralt and Regis are recovering and will soon set out with Dettlaff on the search for Rhenawedd.

And Roach finally gets some attention.

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some headcanons for my favourite witcher family ~

  • lambert is the fun uncle. the one who allows ciri to do whatever she wants and comes up with the funniest games and past times.
  • vesemir is only appatently strict. in reality, he lets ciri get away with much more than he wants to admit. after all, she’s the little she-devil of kaer morhen.
  • eskel teaches ciri useful tricks. he tells her about the different properties of plants and fungi. he’s the reason why ciri pranked lambert by hiding a very stinky plant in his room.
  • geralt is the one who’s always there when ciri gets injured or when she wakes up at night with nightmares. he scoops her up in his arms and holds her until she’s calmer. he’s also the one who comes up with bedtime stories.
  • dandelion is ciri’s favourite person when it comes to play pretend. he always makes her laugh with his dramatic acting. once, he made a very believable damsel in distress who had to be rescued by knight cirilla.
  • roach is ciri’s favourite horse and the one who gets most treats. geralt obviously knows about this but turns a blind eye.
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Originally posted by witches-ground

Geralt x Reader

“And the last thing I want is someone needing me.”

His words echoed in your head. 

As you tried to move your foot but you only made it worse. Perhaps, if Geralt wasn’t such an ass, you wouldn’t be buried under a collapsed castle, buried with stone and wood. Perhaps you wouldn’t be trapped under the heaviest pole and you could be in a warm bed sleeping, but no, Geralt had to be an ass.

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the winter before bringing jaskier to the keep, geralt pleaded, bargained, and threatened his brothers into not telling too many embarrassing stories, and especially not telling certain ones (*cough first choice of name cough*)

they agreed, only taking some of his best cards, a good chunk of his coin, and putting some of their chores on him. not as bad as he thought, but hey, maybe they’re being nice.

they weren’t. but they had an ace up their sleeve geralt missed. a very good loophole:

he forgot about Vesemir.

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do y’all want more of bratty!henry?? bc i am more than willing to write itttttt

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