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#loki x yn
youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Counting the Seconds 》 Loki x Reader
request: Tay, I am in need of something angsty but also super fluffy. Could you do number 46 with Loki, please? 🥺 (holdmytesseract)
a/n: girlll, you always pull at my heartstrings with your requests! i hope this is what you were looking for! ❤️
summary: Loki tried to make you stay out of the fight, but that was no use. When he sees you get hit and taken to the ground, he assumes you're dead... and his life flashes before his eyes.
Drabble Prompt #46: “I thought you were dead.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He saw you.
Your lifeless body clinging to the ground after you took the direct hit. You were face-first against the concrete, any movement whatsoever ceasing from your body. His blue eyes were zeroed in, his footsteps getting faster, the strides longer as he rushed to you.
Thor saw the commotion from the corner of his eye, doing his best to keep up in the fight.
“Brother! Is Y/N okay?” He yelled out over the loud sounds.
Loki found himself hurdling to the ground where you lay, his hands reaching out to grab you. He had to shield you from the fight that was still pressing on around him. But his chest grew heavy at the sight of you. He pulled you over, your nose bloody and your head wounded.
“Darling!” Loki reached out and shook you, his tears welling. “Y/N!” He tried again, but it was no use. You were completely limp.
“Brother, I have to get her out of here!” Loki exclaimed. Thor’s eyes locked on his younger brother whose body was hovered over that of his girlfriend’s. He knew the most important person in Loki’s life was you. If he somehow lost you, Thor was afraid that any good Loki had in his body would resort back to hatred, envy, and jealousy.
He would set himself up for domination and wouldn’t stop until he had the entire world in his hands.
“Go!” Thor waved him off.
Loki teleported the two of you to a location of safety.
When Loki arrived with you in his arms in Asgard, he knew he needed to get to Eir. It wasn’t long before the Asgardian physician had your body whisked into a locked room where Loki couldn’t even see you.
Loki was pacing the floors outside of the room, his hands behind his back. He truly never felt fear like this. The love of his life could potentially be dead and there was nothing he could do to save her. How would he live with himself?
He knew you getting out there on the battlefield alongside him and Thor was a mistake. You were a powerful force to the point even you scared Loki, but he loved you all the same. You two had a rocky beginning to your relationship. When you were first taken to Asgard by Thor and you recognized Loki as being the one to bring torment on New York in 2012, you stomped on his foot and slapped him in the face.
The recoil of your slap made Loki groan, but a wicked smile plastered across his face.
“I like her,” He said to his brother. “You should’ve brought her here sooner.”
And although you witnessed Loki die what felt like a hundred times already, you found yourself falling hopelessly in love with Mischief, your life centers around him. He understood you in ways that no one else could. He reflected on you, his mind opening up to the new realms that you invited him to join.
Loki could be himself with you.
Now, he was standing outside of the room you were sealed inside of, hoping that you were still with him. He wasn’t able to get a clear view of what happened, all he saw was your body hurtling towards the pavement and he heard the loud smack when you connected with the ground.
He was counting the seconds before he could have any word on your condition.
Loki was suddenly pulled out of his agonizing thoughts by Eir walking out. She had her hands crossed, her eyes locking on the raven-haired male in front of her. His eyes picked up and quickly traced over her.
“Is she okay?” He immediately asked.
Eir smiled softly. “She’s okay, Loki… She’s pretty hurt, but she’ll make a good recovery… She’s awake and is asking for you.”
That was all it took for Loki to barge past Eir. She smiled gently at the sight of him pushing his way inside. Nestled in a bed was you, bandaged up and on your way to healing. Your eyes fluttered open when you saw him approaching you.
“Loki,” You whispered with a hurt smile.
He gasped, the sound of your voice like music to his ears, even if it wasn’t as cheerful as it was normal. He closed the distance between the two of you, settling himself in a chair at your side. Taking your hands into his, he kissed your knuckles. You grinned at him, coughing which made you wince.
Loki reached out and stroked your hair behind your ear.
“I thought you were dead!” He suddenly exclaimed, tears filling his eyes. Your heart shattered at the sight of him, a deep sigh emerging from your sealed lips.
“Loki…” You whined, watching as his head fell at your side. His shoulders rocked, a cry overcoming him. You felt your own tears well up in your eyes at the sound of his sadness. You reached out and ran your fingers through his hair. “Baby, I’m right here… I’m okay.”
Loki’s head picked back up, his tears free falling. He stared at you.
“When I saw you on the ground… Darling, I just knew I had lost you forever. I couldn’t bear to think of that! You are my purpose.” He announced.
His words made your own tears fall. You motioned him to come closer. When he did, you pulled his head against your chest. Wrapping your arms around him, you cradled him closer, kissing his forehead.
“Loki, darling, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” You sobbed. “I thought I was dead, too. And my first thought was... What would happen to you?”
He pulled back and wrapped a hand around your neck, his finger brushing underneath your eye.
“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. I shouldn’t have even let you go with Thor and me.” He sighed.
You smiled softly. “But you boys needed a strong woman to balance the power…”
Loki glared at you. “That woman? Is the love of my life. We can handle ourselves without her having to join the fight. You’re going to be out of commission for a while, anyway. And I’m not leaving your side.” He reached forward and brushed his lips across yours.
You whined against his mouth, the softness of his mouth completely melting against yours.
“I have a strong feeling I won’t be able to argue myself out of this one...” You trailed with a small laugh.
Loki shook his head.
“No, you’re being kept under my supervision, Love.” He kissed you again.
Yet that didn’t seem like such a bad idea...
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lov3nerdstuff · 3 months ago
All That Is
Tumblr media
*Loki x reader*
Parts: Oneshot
Words: 8.7k (you know me...)
Summary: Imagine being stuck in a dungeon cell with Loki for weeks on end and without any kind of nutrition. And if you don't want the god you have secretly been in love with for ages now to die alongside you in this hellhole, something will have to change before it's too late.
Warnings: talk about death, fear of abandonment, mention of blood, Vampire!Loki but with a twist
A.N.: This isn't actually as dark as it sounds... Nor as kinky as it seems ;) For every speckle of darkness, there is also a glimpse of light! Thinking about it, you might even call this truly fluffy at some points. Enjoy!
For more stories check out my Masterlist!
“Hey Loki?”
“How long has it been by now?”
“About six weeks… Perhaps one more or less.”
“I do not have a calendar in my head, nor a clock for that matter.” Loki rolled his eyes, sighing. “If you don't like my guess, feel free to make your own. It's all starting to swim together anyway.”
“Wow…” You let out a tired huff of bitter amusement, and let your eyes drop closed while your head slumped down against Loki's shoulder as if in slow motion. “I had no idea it would only take six weeks in a bloody prison cell to make the God of Mischief lose his mind.”
“Six weeks in a prison cell together with you, you mean.” Loki scoffed, but you could tell he sounded about as lifeless as you felt by now. No bite to his words. Besides, he was keeping still on purpose to let your head rest where it was… He was only being snarky to humour you. “That would make anyone lose their mind.”
“And here I was, thinking it was all just due to starvation and drinking nothing but bloody rainwater…”
“Don't curse the rainwater, Y/n… It's been the only thing keeping us alive, up to this point at least.”
“Hooray, I am so happy to still be alive…” At least your sarcasm wasn't lost on you just yet, even if your hope had long gone down the drain. “Because life in a cold, empty… gloomy and dirty prison cell in a remote Hydra base is just so much fun. A life truly worth living indeed.”
For a moment, Loki went completely still, so much so that you weren't even sure if he was still breathing, until he finally spoke up again. “Don't say it like that.”
“Like what?” You sighed in defeat and sheer weariness of mind, weariness of arguing with Loki. It had been fun for a few weeks, sure, but by now both of you had come to realise that in the end, you were far too similar and far too fond of each other to keep arguing for anything more than the entertainment it proved.
“Like you are giving up.” Loki snapped with a surprising determination behind his words that made you open your eyes and look up at him, only to find that his eyes were already intently focused on you. “Like you don't want to keep on choosing life over death down here with me.”
“Oh, Loki…” You sighed, resting your head on his shoulder again as you pushed yourself even closer to him where you both were sitting on the ground, reaching out to take his hand that was resting in his lap. A small, innocent gesture which surprisingly enough he let you do more and more often by now, with fading reluctance. In a way, you both had come to trust the other down here… And more often than not, you spent the nights cuddled up to stay warm enough under his green cape anyway. “I will always choose life over death if the choice is mine to make. You know that. And I would never choose to leave you alone. You need to know that, too.”
Despite your state of physical weakness, your heart still skipped a beat, a million sparks still fluttered around your chest when Loki's hold on your hand tightened, interlacing your fingers properly, and he released a long, quiet breath while resting his head atop of yours. But he stayed quiet, as did you… There was no need to say any more than that. Not for now.
It was only a couple hours later when Loki's voice drew you out of your half-asleep state, of your mental half-focus, as he spoke up in a quiet tone. “Do you think they're still looking for us?”
You knew who he meant… You knew why he was asking. The Avengers were neither of your favourite people, but neither of your enemies either. You were their colleagues, at best, and bate for their enemies, at worst. They were your only hope to get out of here. But still, you couldn't find it in yourself to give Loki anything but the truth right now. “No, I don't.” A pause. “To be fair though, I don't think they ever put much effort into finding us in the first place. Too much effort for too little gain.”
“How would that be fair?” He asked again, in a dark tone that gave you the shivers even beyond the cold of the moist stone around you. It really was a dreadful place you were stuck in, but at least you were somewhat kept warm, wrapped up in Loki's cape that he had worn to battle the day you both had been locked up down here. He let you have it for yourself during the day, so you could properly wrap it all around your body, but you always insisted on sharing it during the night at least. Then he would wrap his arms around you so tightly, hold you so close to his body, that for a moment you could almost forget where you were. But who wouldn't feel safe in the arms of the person they were most desperately in love with, huh? Not that Loki knew about that, of course, about your feelings for him… They had been a well-kept secret long before you'd gotten locked up down here together, and they would still be one once you left this place. Perhaps one day you would tell him, if you lived to make it out of here.
“How would what be fair?” You inquired back, in a sigh that was more resignation in the face of having to actually think again than anything else. If you weren't so tired by now, so weary and light-headed, you would have loved to have an intellectual debate with Loki. You always had, and always would, under normal circumstances.
“That they're making no effort whatsoever to find you here!” Loki replied with a frown that spoke volumes, even in the gloomy light that filled the short distance between you. “I get that they won't miss me being around, but you… They can't just abandon you like a lost trinket that can be replaced on a whim!”
Ironically, his words made you smile. Or perhaps it wasn't all that ironic, considering that you were well aware of the Avengers’ disregard for you, but always swooned a little when Loki pointed out how wrong they were in doing so. It was nice that at least one person in this world appreciated you, especially if that person was the only one that mattered to you in the first place.
“Perhaps they're thinking we simply took the opportunity and ran, escaped… Fled from their grasp.” You shrugged after a while, giving Loki a soft smile to hopefully calm him down a bit. There was no need for him to waste what precious little energy he still had left on thoughts of hatred. “It's not an unreasonable thought. You've been plotting escape for over a year, I've been plotting escape for over a year…”
“And yet we never took any of the many chances we had. Neither of us.”
“I couldn't have left without you, you know that. They know that.” You sighed, and closed your eyes again when they became too heavy to keep open. “I did mean it when I said that I would never abandon you, Loki. For better or worse.”
“Why wouldn't you though? I had many opportunities to abandon you in return.”
“But you didn't.”
“But I could have.”
“But you didn't.” You put as much emphasis on your words as you could, then let out another quiet sigh, but spoke on in no less conviction. “I trust you, Loki. I always have, even before all this happened.”
“I don't exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to being trustworthy.”
“You don't have the greatest track record when it comes to being trusted either.” You huffed in amusement, and felt him shifting ever so slightly next to you, while your eyes stayed closed. He didn't pull back from you though, not at all, actually. “But that never stopped me from trusting you either way. And considering that you have never, not even once, betrayed me – even when you could have, as you rightly so pointed out – I would say that I made the right decision.”
“You did.” He said softly, and you had to smile at the gentle sincerity in his words, as well as shudder at the smooth depth of his voice. “Thank you for that.”
… … …
“Hey, Loki?”
“Where… Where are we at by now?”
“Eight and a half weeks, I think…” He sighed, with his head leaned against the cold stone wall behind him, eyes closed. “But I honestly don't know anymore.”
Your head was resting in his lap, your body curled up on the ground in his cape. Looking up at him, you were wondering how he could still sit upright, still walk around occasionally, even. Collecting rainwater for both of you whenever it came running down the walls, or even just stretching his muscles like a graceful cat after an extended nap. Your own decreasing strength had long made you reduce your movements to the minimum; you'd rather speak than walk, now that it seemed unlikely that you would still need to walk at any point for the remainder of your life. You could make do for another week without it.
“We’re going to die down here, aren't we?” You asked in a whisper, even though you knew that it wouldn't make the question any less redundant. But you just liked hearing Loki's voice when he answered you… It was so comforting, so soothing, no matter what it was he was saying.
“We’re not.” He tried at least to give a sharp reply, even if it sounded more like a plea at this point. “I won't be mocked by fate like that.”
You let out a snort, or something they vaguely resembled one at least. “Hear hear… The immortal god is doomed to die at the cruel hands of his own body's human condition.”
“That's not what I meant.” He huffed, and finally lifted his head enough to look down at you with a frown. “But seeing you die right before me would just be another cruel twist of fate, even after a life that has never been kind enough to spare me from such torture either.”
“Poetic even to the death bed.” You gave him a weak grin, but his words touched and warmed you deeply nonetheless. “I do love that about you.”
“I mean it, Y/n, I will not let you die. That is not going to happen.”
“Then you better hurry with whatever you've got up your sleeves to prevent it… I don't think I will stay awake for much longer, and I cannot tell you how often I will be able to wake up again.” You sighed, and closed your eyes with a content smile when you felt Loki's fingers gently brushing small strands of hair out of your face. The longer you had been cooped up in here together, the more openly affectionate he had become with you, and that perhaps was the only good thing that had come out of it all. You loved his touch… Loved the way he let you have this last glimpse at a closeness you had always craved.
“Don't fall asleep on me, Y/n…” His voice was almost a whisper at this point, and while you could hear the deep despair in it nonetheless, you still chose to keep smiling, no matter how difficult. But that was the least you could do for him. “Not even for a nap. Please…”
“I'm still here.” You replied calmly, softly, and lifted your hand to hold onto his, which he responded to immediately by intertwining your fingers. His other hand stayed resting on your head, gently playing with your hair. Perhaps it would make him feel better if you changed the topic for now. “You know, sometimes I wish I was a cat…”
“A cat? Really?” His voice regained a few shades of humour at least, and you released a breath you hadn't known to be holding. “Why?”
“Oh, you know… They can lounge around all day, they have literally no responsibilities, they're smart and cunning, they look so cute but are so lethal at the same time…”
“Sounds like you already are a cat then.” The smirk you could hear in his voice was a delight, something you hadn't been blessed with in days, if not weeks. Your heart squeezed together in your chest, then nearly jumped out of your ribcage.
“Very funny, Mischief…” You huffed in amusement. “Don't tell me you never wanted to be one or the other animal for a day. To be able to fly, or to run fast… To have seven lives to live.”
“You are aware that cats don't actually have seven lives to live, right?” He sighed, almost remorseful, but then continued on a different path. “And to be honest, I have never wanted to be an animal. I didn't have to. I simply turned myself into whatever animal I was thinking of, and could live a day, or a week or a month, as whoever or whatever I wanted to be.”
“You can actually do that?” You asked in amazement, in a single breath. “Shapeshift into anything you want to be?”
“I can indeed.” Again, Loki only sighed. “But it takes up a lot of energy to actually turn into something or someone else.”
“But you do it all the time, at leisure or in battle… I mean you used to, before we ended up here.”
“Those were just illusions, projections in a way, they don't take more effort than breathing does. Illusions are simple, unless you actually push them to their limits, but that's another issue entirely.” He explained oh so easily, and you couldn't believe that he was willingly telling you all of this now. Trusting you with the knowledge of how his magic worked. “But actually, physically changing into another form takes a lot of effort, and a lot of energy. The bigger the change from my current form to the new one is, the more energy goes into the transformation. So much for a rough explanation, at least.”
“Is that why you haven't just turned yourself into a mosquito to escape this hellhole through one of the cracks in the walls?”
“One of the reasons.” He said, and his tone made you force open your eyes to look up at him again. It never ceased to amaze you, how his eyes could speak, could scream all the things he didn't say. Even while his lips moved to form different words. “When we were first locked up in here I had to use a lot of my magic to heal both you and myself, which was quite the strain after over twenty hours of battle. And by the time I had recovered from that, the lack of nutrition and proper sleep had already taken enough of a toll on me to make me not want to take that risk.”
“Using magic always poses a risk, especially in close proximity to another person you would rather not see torn to pieces. It’s best not to use it without the necessary amount of energy and focus to prevent things like that from happening.”
“Oh…” You let out a breath, and your hold on Loki's hand tightened at once. “Well, I'm glad you didn't risk tearing me to pieces then. Would've been quite the bloodshed.”
“And waste of valuable resources.”
“Yeah… I prefer all of our limbs intact and in place.”
“Believe me, so do I.”
For a while, you stayed quiet. Thinking, trying to find the right words for what you wanted to say, slipping in and out of consciousness. Perhaps, a question would fare better with Loki than a decision already made. So you opened your eyes, your head still in his lap, only to find him observing you already with the most heartbreaking expression you had ever seen. But you wouldn't let it distract you from your mission; it was perhaps the last one you would ever embark on. “What would happen if you did turn into someone else right now?”
“Depending on how much of a change we are speaking of, it would make me lose my remaining power even more rapidly than I already do as it is. Actually, at this point I’m fairly certain that any attempt to change into anything other than a different version of myself would leave me unconscious and dying within seconds as the only possible result.” He sighed, paused, jaw clenching for a second. “As you see, there is no point considering it.”
“But if you turned into a different version of yourself, if that technically could work, what would be then?”
“Just let it go, Y/n. I have spent weeks asking myself these questions; there is no scenario that would end well for both of us.”
“I can't let it go, Loki… You wanted me to keep choosing life over death, so that's what I'm doing. I'm choosing life.” You insisted, and for the first time in what seemed like a week you actually tried to sit up, more or less successfully, to be truly face to face with him. “Tell me what would happen. Please.”
“Nothing that would bring us any closer to escaping this place.”
“I don't know, alright?!” He snapped at you in frustration, but his features softened again in an instant even before you could show any kind of reaction, and he gave your hand a little squeeze as a silent apology. “It’s not a science. There is no formula or guaranteed outcome. All I can do is guess, and that won't help you find an answer.”
“But coming from you, it'll be an educated guess at least.” You tried, offering him a small smile. “C'mon, how often are you wrong about anything really, ever?”
“More often than I'd like people to know.”
“Still good enough for me.”
“Fine.” He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back at you. “If I changed into a slightly different version of myself right now, I would most likely only feel severely exhausted afterwards. It might take a few days off my limit for how long I can survive like this, but it would not kill me.”
“So could you change into someone strong enough to break open the door?”
“You really are going to be the death of me if this place doesn't kill me first.”
“Just answer the question…”
“Don't be ridiculous.”
“What!” He snapped back, despair written all over his sharp features like a shadow of tragedy. “I quite frankly do not see the point in even discussing this, it's not going to work, it's not going to change a thing! And having you pointing out to me all the ways in which I perhaps could have saved you if I wasn't the pathetic excuse of a god I am really does not help either of us!”
Silence. “That is not what I meant. That's not it, at all.”
“I know.” He sighed, then his eyes left yours to focus on the wall behind you instead, while his hold on your hand remained unfaltering, and rather tightened even. “I do know, and I… I'm sorry. It's just… Your questions force me to acknowledge the truth about our situation, in a way that I would rather not.”
“Tell me why? Please?”
Loki only closed his eyes for a moment, then they were back on yours with an expression of utter defeat. “If you insist, let me put it this way: In my current state, I would not even be strong enough to carry you over the threshold even if the door was wide open already. Leave alone having to open the door first. And if I don't have the strength to open the door right now as it is, no magic will be able to change that. I can't just make myself stronger like I've been doing with you…”
A pause. “What?”
“Oh don't look at me like that, Y/n…” He merely sighed in weak defensiveness at your expression of mild shock, of confusion. But it still was the kind of sigh that brought goosebumps to your skin. “How did you think you survived down here for over eight weeks without any form of nutrition?”
“Loki… What did you do?” Your voice was but a whisper, your gaze a silent plea for him to tell you the truth, and your face a mirror of a million shades of emotion he could easily unriddle with but a single glance.
“Nothing that would warrant this expression of reverence on your face.” He said almost softly, soothingly in return to what you were saying without words, yet your plea seemed to reach him as well and he gave in, taking a breath, releasing it again. “I only shared some of my own strength and energy with you, so you wouldn't die on me before I could get us out of here. But quite obviously that didn't work out as planned, so all I can do now is to wait until you slip from my grasp entirely, if it's not I who has to go first. And the latter case, at this point, would be the best outcome of our predicament I can think of. That we both go at once, together. Seeing as we're living off the same energy, it's not all that unlikely at least.”
“For how long have you been doing that?!” You asked quietly, incredulously, but not because you doubted his sincerity… There simply was no reality you could have imagined in which the god in front of you would rather save you than himself. But apparently you both had your secrets and hidden feelings about the other in the end. Perhaps, in one way or another, he did more than just tolerate you after all.
“About eight or nine weeks.” He replied easily, but then went right on as he saw your jaw dropping in an attempt to protest. “Don't even think about complaining, Y/n… You had practically nothing left after the battle, no strength, no energy, you were hardly even breathing. And after healing you, I just… kept on sharing with you what I could.”
“So I'm just a parasite to your life and your powers, stripping you of the little you still had this entire time?”
“Do not say it like that.”
“Am I wrong though?” You asked, in a tone coloured in confusion, remorse and desperation alike. “I’ve been living off borrowed time, time you will not get to live solely because of me, do you seriously expect me to be happy about that?”
“No, but I expect you to accept it. It's not your decision to make.”
“Loki, I'm actively killing you like this! How can you expect me not to care?!”
“You are passively killing me, at most.”
“That’s not the bloody point!” You whined, begging him with your eyes to see some sense in what you were saying, and in what you were saying without words. “Please, stop wasting the precious little you have left… Not on me. It's not worth it.”
“Don’t tell me what to do, Y/n.” He stared at you in irritation, in an intensity that made your skin scrawl, but there again was no bite behind his words, no conviction. That only came back to him in plenty when he spoke on after a moment of deep silence. “You cannot change my mind on this, so you might as well spare yourself the effort. I would give you every last bit of my strength, over and over and over again, if only to keep you from leaving me. To make sure you will be alright.”
“Oh Loki…” You sighed sadly under your breath, for every louder tone would have allowed your voice to break, your unshed tears to suffocate you. Your heart was soaring and constricting painfully in your chest at once as it was. So without having to think about it, you used every bit of strength you could fathom to move the small distance closer to him and let yourself lean into his side, curling up against him as he wrapped an arm around your body to pull you closer in return, without any hint of hesitation. You really hated how deeply you understood him sometimes… It was impossible to be anything but compassionate when it came to the lengths to which you would both go to keep the other safe. And in the end, you knew that you would have done the same for him if the means had been available to you. “I’m sorry… I'm so, so sorry; for all of this.”
“I know.” A pause. Deep silence, a quiet breath. “I'm sorry as well. For all that isn't.”
“It's not your fault…”
“It isn't yours either.”
“At least-…” You started, uncertain if you really should say, really wanted to say what was on your mind. But with the steady beating of Loki's heart right underneath your fingertips, echoing all the way to where your head was resting against his chest, you soon found any doubt erased by the comfort of his presence and touch. “At least it's still you and I; I don't think I would have survived eight weeks stuck in a tiny room with anyone else, figuratively or literally. Not just for the magic, but for everything else as well. For keeping on choosing the right thing.” A pause. “I’m glad that it's you.”
“Happy to be of service to you, not just for the magic.” Loki let out a humoured huff, a tiny smirk, and you could feel it to the bottom of your soul. Could feel him, entirely, all around you. “I'm glad that it's you as well.”
… … …
It was a few hours later when you woke up with a start, panting, panicked. It took a few seconds, but then you slowly started to take notice of your surroundings again… Raven hair tickling your face, a pair of strong arms tightly wrapped around your waist, the gentle rising and falling of his chest… You let out a long, shivery breath and finally returned to reality. Loki was perfectly alright, lying partially next to, partially beneath you on the cold floor of your cell. Asleep, and breathing. Thank god… It had only been a dream, a nightmare of the most cruel kind; you hadn't really stolen his life source from him like a bloody undead soul, hadn't killed the only person you sincerely loved in this world. But you were living off his energy still, and no matter how well you understood his motives for refusing to stop, you also couldn't ignore that you were passively killing him indeed. That much your bloody nightmare had just proven in vivid detail.
Breathing deeply now to calm down your heartbeat, and taking in Loki's scent like a soothing balm to the frayed strings and edges within your mind, you decided that you couldn't ignore your conscience any longer. Something needed to change, something needed to happen… You couldn't go on like this, knowing that by doing nothing you would inevitably kill both Loki and yourself. Nobody would come to rescue you… Nothing would give Loki his energy back for him to save you both. Not unless you did. And perhaps it was a desperate idea born of a twisted nightmare, but the echo of your own thoughts and the images from your dream combined to only one possible way to end this: If not by magic, you would have to go the literal way. What little life you still had in you, you would happily sacrifice for him to be okay. For him to regain his strength, to make it out of here. With or without you.
“Loki…” You nudged him in the chest to wake him up before you would lose your determination in the face of the comfort he surrounded you with. “Loki, wake up…”
He took a deep breath in return, one which gently fanned against your skin once he released it, then his hold on you loosened up a bit so he could lean back enough to look at you once his eyes fluttered open. “This has to be a first… Usually I wake you up before long.”
“I had a nightmare.” You told him in a breath, focusing on the tiny specks of dancing colour in his eyes through the minimal distance between your faces. “A bad one.”
“What happened?”
“I killed you.”
“That… is not what I expected to hear.”
“It gave me an idea.”
“That certainly isn't what I expected either.” He let out a partially amused, partially confused huff, but then offered you a half smile while drawing soothing patterns on the back of your shoulders. “But I would be far more concerned about that statement if you weren't clinging onto me for dear life with tears in your eyes right now.”
“I'm serious…” You breathed, and tried not to let his touch distract you from your mission. “In my dream, I drew every last bit of energy out of you for myself, and it killed you like you had been drained of all life… Like in those movies I made you watch however long ago it is by now. It was terrifying, but insightful.”
“What are you saying?” Loki inquired with a slightly alarmed frown, apparently not liking the direction you were taking with this. But you wouldn't back down this time… He needed to hear this, and he needed to see that you were absolutely serious.
“I’m saying that you have kept me alive for over eight bloody weeks by basically letting me suck the life right out of you… And it's due time for me to return what I took.”
“No. No Y/n, that's not-...” He sat up in an instant, thereby urging you to do the same, ready to go into a full fledged protest… But you cut him off before he could even get properly started for once.
“Listen, Loki… I couldn't get out of here even at my strongest, leave alone in the state I'm in right now. You, on the other hand, might just have a chance.” You said calmly but with certainty, kneeling in front of him now while keeping your eyes fixed on his as intently as you could. “With all of your strength restored… You could make it out of here.”
“As I have been trying to tell you, repeatedly, it doesn't work that way around!” He insisted while moving to lean against the wall once more, putting what little energy he regained through that into his words. “I can't just steal your life force or energy from you for my own gain, that's not how magic works!”
“But magic can turn you into someone who can use me as a source of energy. A source of sufficient nutrition to be able to make it out of here.”
“You can't be implying what I think you are…” He stared at you incredulously, taken aback by the easy seriousness, the calm and certainty in your voice. But when you only kept on looking at him in solemn determination, his brows furrowed even more, and his incredulity turned into a hiss of irritation. “How can you even consider such a thing?!”
“Because I can't let you die either! You have wanted to save me this entire time, you have wanted to keep me safe, and you have! In more ways than you can imagine.” Your calm was slowly slipping your grasp, turning into urgency, turning into desperation to make him see that this was the only way this could end. “Now let me do the same for you. Please, Loki… The idea isn't half bad if you really think about it for a moment.”
“I would kill you, Y/n!!! I am not going to do that!”
“Think about it, goddamnit! Please!” You begged him in every way you could, your hands coming to grasp at his shoulders without your doing yet with every intention to both shake some sense into him and to pull him close to your heart for safekeeping at once.
“I have enough deaths on my conscience as it is… I will not be responsible for yours as well. I can't.” He stated in his own calm determination now, his own despair, giving you one of those intense looks that spoke a million words more than came across his lips. He didn't even try to resist that you were pushing him into the wall by his shoulders by now. Perhaps he didn't even notice.
“It's not at all certain that I would die!” You argued back immediately, only half convinced of your own words. You were no expert, but you had seen enough bloodlust in your life to know that it never ended on a whim. You found that you didn't care, not here and now, not with Loki. Not when trying to save his life. “People can lose a lot of blood without dying right away… If there's still enough of it left, I will be fine.”
“Right… Because delivering a starving predator with their favourite meal is likely going to end with them leaving half of it untouched.” Loki snapped in sarcasm, but gave you a look that betrayed his facade. It was heartbreaking, mindbreaking, and a large part of you just wanted to curl up and weep in agony about forcing him closer and closer to doing this to the both of you. He was terrified of the idea, you could see it in his eyes… But you couldn't stop now if you wanted him to live longer than just for another week down here with you.
“Now you are being ridiculous…” You thus went along with it, in a huff, trying to at least ease his mind about what you were pushing him to do. “You're not sacrificing me to some mindless creature, it's still you we're talking about here! You and your wonderful mind and your incredible strength in all areas that matter to me. Just you and me, as always.”
“Don't make me do this… I don't want to kill you, Y/n. I cannot even imagine hurting you, for Hel’s sake! How do you think I am supposed to go through with this?!”
“I trust you, Loki… Without a single doubt. And no matter how this turns out, no matter what happens to me… It's going to be okay. You are going to be okay.”
“No…” He breathed, with tears both in his eyes and lacing his voice and you knew that you had reached his breaking point. The knowledge, the sight, the truth broke you right along with him, even if you had to force down your own tears and pain for his sake now. “No, please, I can't, I-…”
“Ssshh…” You tried to soothe him, moving your hands from his shoulders to the side of his face, caressing the fine line of his jaw with your fingertips, but once it failed to deliver any desired result, you gathered up your energy, bit down the pain, and moved to straddle his thighs so you were sitting on his lap, finally able to hug him to your body as closely as possible. Within the matter of a broken second his arms were tightly wrapped around your waist as well, holding onto you with an almost painful grip while he buried his face in the crook of your neck. The rush of emotions that came over you in return was so powerful that you had to squeeze your eyes closed for a moment to hold back the sob that burned in your throat and shook you to the core, suffocating you while you were at risk of drowning in sorrow. You didn't mind the prospect of dying… not for your own sake. But it broke you that you would have to leave Loki alone after all. “It's okay… It's going to be okay; all of this. All that isn't…”
“No…” His voice was cracking, all in but a shivering breath against the delicate skin of your neck, a soft brush of his lips that was far too great a delight for such a moment of sorrow. And no matter how hard you tried, you could not stop a few rogue tears from falling from your lashes either, dropping off your lips into a sea of raven hair. He was shaking as much as you were. “I can't, please…”
“Please, Loki…” You still made an effort not to sound as choked up as you were, to keep your voice somewhat calm and steady, even while you were clinging onto Loki for the very same support you were trying to provide for him. “I need it to end, no matter in which way. I can't keep going like this, can't keep on dooming both of us to die in crippling torture down here. It has to end now, in one way or another.”
“No… no no no no…” His hold on you tightened even more, far more than you yourself would even have had the strength left for. “Don't just leave me like that… Please…”
“It’s okay, I’m here…” You breathed, instantly regretting the way you had phrased your previous words. He didn't need to know that you were ready and willing to die if it had to be… It was enough for him to know that you still had hope that you would both make it out alive. And you did, you really did… You trusted him to make the right decision when it came down to it, whatever the outcome of that might be. Perhaps it would be best to focus on that for now. “You wanted me to choose life, and I'm choosing yours. I trust you, Loki, I trust you so much… You can get us both out of here, just like you wanted to. You can do this. It will be alright, we will be alright.”
“Why by the heavens do you trust me like that…”
“Because you are you, and I'm me.” You almost had to smile now, a bittersweet smile, seeing him come around to it at last. But it was no occasion for joy, only for a momentary relief in sorrow’s despite. Still, you would grasp at every straw of comfort you could give him. “We haven't made it this far together without a reason. And we can make it even further if only you start trusting me now as well.”
“I do. You know that…”
“Then please believe me that this is the only way out of here…” You couldn't raise your voice above a whisper, but your lips were close enough to his ear to get through to him. Your fingers were clawing at his shoulders, or tangled in his silky hair, but no matter how hard you tried you couldn't keep them from shaking. There was no way he wouldn't feel it, nor no way he could miss the racing pace of your heart. You hadn't spoken a single untruthful word to him, and still your body was betraying you… Was betraying your emotions. “It’s obvious that we have to make sacrifices to get out of here, but they don't have to be us… If a silly mortal like me can sacrifice herself to the fear of having to leave you, you can sacrifice yourself to the fear of being abandoned as well.”
“You aren't silly…” His breath tickled your neck, but it was the roughened depth of his voice that brought goosebumps to your skin. “You are terrifying. For making me want for you to hold such power over me as you do, making me long for it even. For making me crave it, and you, entirely.”
“I love you, too.” You replied in both a quiet sob and a broken laugh, squeezing your eyes shut to keep the tears in. This wasn't how you had wanted him to know, this wasn't even near it. But perhaps knowing that his feelings were returned after all would provide the same comfort to him as it did to you. Would provide an incentive to try. And if you were to go soon, he deserved to know that at least one person in the universe put him above absolutely anything else either way. “I love you so much.”
“Then how can you expect me to do this?!” He asked in breathless despair, frowning as he pressed his face further into the crook of your neck. “How can you know that this won't be the end even before the beginning?”
“All I know is that you are scared, and that I'm scared as well. But I also know that we can make it, and that we're going to be fine. I know, because I have to. Because we have to believe it. Because I need you to believe it. Can you do that for me, Loki? Please?”
“Okay…” He replied in a whisper, in breathless defeat, but you knew it was no victory for you, not really. Only a triumph of will over immediate fate, but still a loss under the flaws of circumstance.
For a moment Loki stayed silent, while the tremor in your hands spread over your entire body at last. You knew he was still at war with himself, knew that it would feel like a loss for him on either end. But you could ease the pain of the struggle on your front at least. “It's okay…” Was all you got out, yet in the knowledge that he would understand all the things you didn't say. Could feel them in the way you were still holding him close, as tightly as you could. “It's okay.”
Eternities in seconds later, a chilled brush of air on your skin, a tingle in shades of glowing green surrounded you both, and your lips tugged up into a bittersweet smile again, again you felt the tears drop down their gentle curve. Loki would be safe now, he would make it out of here. And if he could, he would take you with him to live another day as well. Together, somewhere far away from here.
“It's okay…” You spoke one more time, in but a whisper, one last time, when you felt him hesitating, when his lips trailed along the curve of your neck and made your heart try to break free from your chest to reach him while you were trembling in his arms anyway. “It will be okay, I promise.”
The sharp pain in your neck was lesser than expected, the feeling of your own blood running over your chilled skin in scorching little streams less sickening than you’d thought. The quiet moan that reached your ears only made you smile against any reason, through the pain and through the tears, and you did your best to tilt your head further to the side but to hold perfectly still for him beyond that. You could feel your stomach drop and your heart soar at once, could feel your skin tingling almost pleasantly all over while your mind grew dizzy, and your body lighter and lighter by the second. It was almost like floating, underwater yet high up in the air, in a washed out sensory softness that made you want to sink into its comfort with open arms. No pain, no cold, no weight holding you down. All you felt was Loki, surrounding you most pleasantly, clouding your senses in a way only he could. So you let out a soft sigh of pleasure and relief, a last breath, before you were swallowed by a gentle wave of nothingness.
… … …
You could hear voices before you could will your eyes to open. Everything was a blur, a fading in and out of sound beyond your comprehension, while you merely felt like someone had poured lead into your head and then slammed it against a wall. A sharp sting right between your eyes, and a dull ache everywhere else. You groaned involuntarily, and it made the voices around you fall silent in an instant. You hadn't recognised them anyway, and thinking too hard about it only caused you more pain right now. So you sighed, and succumbed to the darkness once more.
The next time you regained consciousness, it was your eyes that fluttered open first, the room around you silent for the most part. It was bright, too bright, and the light almost seemed tinted green. In quite a nice shade even, though still too bright, and you had to smile as you thought of how you preferred the slightly darker one that seemed inherently bound to Loki. Loki. Your mind clicked back into gear with a start, and you sat up so quickly that you felt dizzy again in an instant.
“Careful!” A woman's voice scolded you immediately, and your eyes finally focused on her as she came rushing to your side. You were in some kind of hut, one large room with walls and floors made of wood, but besides many cupboards and cabinets it was rather empty except for the bed you were placed in and the table the woman had been sitting at. “You should take it easy, dear, you have been without your senses for a while. And although we could begin to rebuild your physical strength, you will still be feeling weak for a while.”
“Where is Loki?” You croaked out in an instant, ignoring the odd way she spoke. There was nothing on your mind but him right now, the need to see him and make sure he was alright. Though would you still be alive and here, wherever that might be, if he wasn't? It didn't matter, you had to see him, had to have him close to you. Now.
“This is a healer's cabin, there are no visitors allowed in here. It is only you and I. How do you-...” She started, but you didn't wait to hear the remainder of the question.
“I have to find Loki. Everything else has to wait.” You stated in determination, and with more effort than you would have liked but less than you had expected, you climbed out of bed and took the first few steps towards the middle of the room. That was when your gaze became frozen on the sight outside the window; two large moons looming over the horizon in a green tinted sky. So… This wasn't earth then. Your stomach dropped, and you suddenly found yourself even more desperate to find Loki as quickly as possible.
In a slight stab of panic, you rushed to the door and ripped it open while the healer behind you made a vain attempt to protest, but you were already outside and nearly fell down the three steps in front of the cabin before you stumbled onto the grassy ground, looking around in sheer overwhelm. There were plenty of cabins like this one, slightly bigger perhaps, but you had no mind for them or for the natural spectacle you found yourself in. Your eyes quickly scanned the area, the many faces and spaces, in search of the only subject of your every thought and feeling, and you turned-...
“Y/N!” Loki’s voice registered in your mind not even a broken second before you were completely engulfed by black and green, pulled so tightly into his body that it stole every breath from your lungs for a moment. “You are okay you are okay you are okay you-...”
“Sshhh… It's alright.” You interrupted his rambling with a smile, and wrapped your arms around him in a squeezing embrace in return while you tried your hardest not to tear up too much. “I'm here, I'm fine… Are you okay?”
“I am now.” He replied while releasing a long but quiet breath, and still refused to release his hold on you even just enough to let you look at him. You honestly didn't mind, and only relished the moment and the overwhelming waves of happiness ebbing over you. He was alive, you were alive… And you were no longer prisoners, no longer doomed to die in a cell. No longer doomed to die. It didn't even matter where you were, or how you had gotten here… All of that could be dealt with later. In the end, you didn't care where you were as long as Loki was there, and you were both going to be safe.
“You got us out of there… You really did it, you saved us.” You finally made yourself say, smiling into his shirt while your tears finally spilled over. “I knew you would, I knew it… Thank you. For all that is, and will be now, because of you.”
“As much as I would love to claim the honours for this, I do have to admit that you played the most important part in literally every aspect of it.” He said softly, smiling, but his voice dropped lower in sincerity as he went on, gently tracing a single finger over the two already fading marks on your neck. “I believe that was one of the most terrifying, and without a doubt the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.”
“I know…” You breathed, tightening your arms around him in delight that the strength to do so was starting to return to your body, and that it was all your own. “I’m so proud of you, Loki… And I'm so glad that I'm still here to tell you that. Here to tell you that I love you, without the doubt of death or fear looming over us. That I will never ask you to leave me again.”
Your words at last made him pull back just enough to look at you, for just a broken second of silent questions, before he closed the distance between you once more and his lips were on yours, gentle and desperate and hungry and passionate all at once, saying again a million things that words never could have. Your hands moved up to his shoulders, his neck, tangling into his raven strands of liquid silk in an instant, and you pulled him closer and parted your lips for him with a soft sigh which he responded to in an instant. This one kiss, the first of many to come, was a silent promise that could not have been spoken in any other way than this.
“I was afraid I would never get to do that…” Loki finally breathed once you had to part for air, and he went back to holding you tightly against his body, as if afraid you would vanish after all, that this was just another illusion. He would need another while to truly get over what had happened, as would you. But you both were here, together, and like that you would be okay. “That I would never get to kiss you, to love you, to hold your hand in mine while we unriddle the universe together.”
“But you can, you will. As it is, we can do all of these things together, and so much more beyond that if only you want to.” You smiled, taking a deep breath to let his scent wash away anything but the happiness about what was still to come. “I certainly do.”
“Good.” His voice was filled with a smile, with an overwhelming happiness that mirrored yours, but you could also sense the return of his smirks, the return of the tease, after long months of their painful absence. By the time he went on to speak, you were already grinning to yourself just for the sake of what was to come. For all that is, and all that will be. “You know, in all those years I have been thinking about ravishing you... I have never imagined it to be in the literal way.”
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professorrw · 4 months ago
Accidently Calling Loki 'Daddy'
marvel masterlist
Pairing: female reader x Loki
Request: Reader accidentally calling Loki “daddy” in bed?
Warnings: smut, 18+, some fluff, unprotected sex, daddy kink, cum eating
A/N: Requests open, taglist open, inbox open! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
It started out as soft, loving sex. Which was normal because Loki wanted to make sure you knew how much he loved you and he wanted to make you feel good. Well, it escalated, reaching heights you had never imagined. There was no indication when Loki first inserted himself inside you that he would start being so rough. Not rough in a bad way, but much more intense and fast paced than usual.
He was smashing into you, groaning every time he did so. The whole bed was shaking. A good, sturdy bed was shaking from the force of his thrusts. The headboard was hitting the wall, and surely if you weren't alone everyone in the area would hear.
That sweet spot inside you was hit. Just for a second, but it was enough to make you moan out something you never had before.
The word came straight from your throat. "Daddy." The word was foreign to your bedroom, and not something Loki had been called before. You didn't mean to say it. You had heard it being used in porn before and for some reason that's what you said.
Loki's movements completely faltered. His eyes got big and he stared down at you. All you could do was blink. You were quick to apologize, assuming he didn't like it because of his reaction.
"I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
"It's okay darling. I quite enjoyed it." He chuckled and a wide grin replaced the shock that was previously on his face. He resumed his actions, and you pushed aside your outburst to focus on your orgasm that was right around the corner. Loki was laser focused on you, making sure that you would reach your climax. And you did not long after. The interruption only stalled the rising feeling, but it picked back up immediately.
You moaned again, a higher pitched moan than usual. Taking into account what your boyfriend had just told you, you whined, “Daddy,” again. He shut his eyes and relished in the name, loving how it sounded coming out of your mouth. It didn’t seem possible but his speed increased even more, but he became more sloppy. It wouldn’t have mattered either way, because your climax was there and your cum was seeping out of you.
Loki felt it, heard it in your voice. A grin was plastered on his face. His eyes were still closed but he could imagine that you looked ravishing. Just mere moments later his own orgasm was rippling through him. His cum spurted out, lining your walls with the sticky liquid. He groaned and he rode out his last thrust.
He pulled out but he wasn’t entirely finished yet. You were about to turn, but he held you in place, lowering his face to your cunt and licking up the cum dribbling out of you. He swallowed it all, yours and his alike. His little licks and gentle sucks were creating goosebumps all over your body. It was an action that he hadn’t done before either. The night was full of new things. You thoroughly enjoyed everything that had happened, and so did he.
An hour or so later you were still lying in bed. You had taken turns showering and you were now cuddled up against Loki, the gentle yet masculine scent of his body wash pleasant in your nose. There was something you wanted to say, but you weren’t sure if it was the right time, or if Loki would even agree.
Sensing that you had something on your mind, your boyfriend spoke up, “What’s on your mind darling?”
After a second's hesitation and a quick look at Loki’s encouraging face you decided to just say it. "Maybe we could try some other new things," you suggested, twirling your hoodie strings between your fingers.
"I think that would be a good idea." He smiled and kissed the top of your still wet hair.
You let out a relieved breath. “Really?”
“Yes. I think we could find many more ways to please each other. There’s infinite possibilities and we can try all of them.”
“When can we start?” you said. The eagerness in your voice made Loki chuckle. He loved your enthusiasm.
“As soon as you want darling. We have all the time in the world.”
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minamagnolia · 2 months ago
Music to Your Ears - Loki x reader
Summary: Loki, your roommate has made it his mission in life to torture you, often by playing music at the worst time. Today you've had enough. author! roommate! Loki
Warnings: minors dni, smut, hair pulling, oral sex both male and female receiving, vaginal sex, desk sex, dom/sub vibes, color system (no usage of yellow or red), creampie (wrap it before you tap it if you're not on birth control), light spanking, biting (?)
AO3 link
A/N: Hi, hope you're having a lovely day/night xx
word count: 5324
Tumblr media
You had liked classical music, initially, you really had. Until you heard it blasting from your roommate's room at all times but the daytime. It was driving you insane.
You had also come to the conclusion that Loki, who was quite wealthy either way, through his work as a coveted author or through his family name, adopted or not, had only looked for a roommate because he had been bored. Loki had clearly just been in need of someone to torture with his mere presence, his bank account being able to cover your rent on tight months multiple times while only asking for 1/3 of the rent for your maybe not so humble abode in the first place. But the deal was too good to turn down or move out. Plus, when Loki didn't open his mouth, he was exceptionally nice to look at.
Your eyes snapped up as you sat in the kitchen, a perfect view to the entrances to both of your rooms.
Speak of the devil.
"Oh wow, would you look at that? The night owl graces me with his presence during the day time, what a marvel to look at," you snickered and the raven haired man with luscious locks gave you a passing glance, raising his eyebrows as he moved from the door leading to his room to the cabinets and the fridge, beginning to fix himself a bowl of Froot Loops in your shared kitchen.
"Would you mind making me a coffee, dear?" he asked quietly, not even turning to face you.
You raised an eyebrow at the plane expanse of his back, covered like always by an expensive dress shirt that matched his slacks. "Would you mind letting me sleep tonight?" you retaliated.
His mouth quickly drew into a smirk as he moved to sit down at the table and replied, "thanks for asking, yes I would mind. But if you make me your lovely coffee, it can be up to you how I shall keep you awake."
His hand looked so delicate and pretty when he held the spoon, you nearly forgot he'd been taunting you. You shook your head at him, masking the slight shiver that rolled down your body at his empty threats with getting up from your chair.
You moved over to the coffee maker reluctantly, the coffee maker he had purchased only after you had moved in telling him about your side job as a barista while you were finishing your masters degree. You had never once seen him use the machine himself and you'd honestly be surprised if he even knew which button he had to push.
You turned on the machine, knowing that despite his teasing, he would work with (around) your set condition, probably playing his music way too loud the following morning instead of at night. He claimed it helped him with his creative process but you were sure he only did it to spite you. What joy he had found in annoying you to the point of anger was beyond you.
You took a mug, the pink flowery one that read "asshole" in pretty, cursive lettering that you'd gotten him for his last birthday, from the shelf and gathered the various ingredients from the fridge to pour into the mug.
Unlike what one might assume from Loki's, well, everything, from his mostly business attire closet to his slightly concerning blade collection, he liked his coffee not black, but actually quite sugary.
Caramel syrup collected on the bottom of the mug before you put in the coffee pod and started the procedure. Loki always complained that he could never get coffee anywhere quite like you made it and you were not about to give your secrets away. You quite enjoyed annoying the man named so fittingly after the trickster god back every now and then.
He gave you a grateful nod once you slid the mug across the table towards him, an actual 'thank you' wasn't quite his style.
And then his eyes raised up to meet your face for the first time. Well, for a second at least, because he was quickly busying himself with letting his eyes wander over your entire figure clad in your sleep shirt and sleep shorts still, but according to Loki's interested reaction, that didn't matter all that much. And you tried to ignore how it made your skin prickle.
"How's your writing going?" you broke the silence and effectively stopped Loki from continuing to check you out, his eyes snapping back to yours.
"Coming along swimmingly," he replied with a proud smile, always happy to talk about his work, "I shall be done with the first draft by next month."
"That's good to hear," you said, turning around to fix yourself your favorite beverage and breakfast, too, before you quipped, "then maybe I'll finally have some peace around here."
Loki chuckled delightedly, "with me?" he leaned forward over the table on his elbows, his green eyes sparkling and you leaned forward, too. You weren't intimidated by his antics in the least, you'd already put up with probably too much from him to be surprised or afraid.
A finger tapped on your chin before he grasped it in between two of his fingers, his eyes suspiciously looking down at your mouth. Loki's voice was smooth as his eyes shot back up to yours with a smirk and he told you, "with me, my pet, you'll never find peace again."
He let go of you then, and you shook your head and licked your lips suggestively. "I am counting on it," you said.
Loki was scanning your face as if he had already anticipated that reply and he decided to wink at you and give you a very obvious once over before he scooped up the last bit of his cereal and took his mug, saying, "unfortunately, my work is calling me, my sweet."
You thought that it was absolutely infuriating to live with him, because the moment he closed his door behind him, he forced you to listen to "Reverie" on a volume that simply was not made for a nice and quiet Saturday morning. Unfortunately, though, his teasing was also absolutely enticing and riveting. There was nothing quite like your roommate, you were sure of that.
You knocked on his door, twice, with no reply. Chances were he couldn't hear you anyway and you sighed.
You opened the door to his room. You had almost never been in this room before, you'd usually not even see it from afar. It had always been a sort of silent agreement that neither one of you snooped through the other's belongings or came into the other's room unasked, but you tended to be a lot more liberal about leaving your door open than him.
It looked comfortable. The nice emerald green on his walls contrasted his dark furniture, the coffee mug placed on the nightstand one desk chair roll away from him, and far more plants than you'd ever imagined Loki willing to take care of were sprawled across his room. His desk, the most prominent feature besides his bed, was pretty accessible and right in front of you now, only connecting to the pretty walls by the shorter right side, the light from the window illuminating him.
His eyes met yours in surprise as he looked up from his laptop at you.
Yes, you'd noticed that you seemed to be the only person who could ever surprise Loki Laufeyson.
"Hello, pet, is there anything I can help you with?" he asked smugly.
"Obviously," you yelled over the loud music. "Could you please keep the music down? I thought we'd had a moment in the kitchen?" you pointed back to the kitchen before you crossed your arms in front of your chest.
"Oh, we had a wonderful time in the kitchen, my darling," he grinned and turned down the volume to a low hum, "and if you really want the music gone I could think of a couple of things you could do about it."
You rolled your eyes at his implication, even if it wasn't something you'd be opposed to if he had been serious. He looked like a literal good, the first couple buttons of his black dress shirt unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled up, and you could only imagine he fucked like one, too.
"You're disgusting," you replied.
"Oh, don't be like that," Loki teased, closing his laptop and putting it away. He walked around the desk to stand in front of you, your back turned to his desk, "you love every second of my teasing."
You looked at him impatiently, knowing fully well that he had another snake up his sleeve.
You were proven right when he leaned in closer, crowding you in, his green eyes set on your lips as he proceeded to say, "and I bet you'd love another kind of my teasing even more." He gave you a taunting look, his eyes gleaming with mischief as he looked down at you waiting for your response.
"Loki, you're never going to take me to bed," you laughed, although your voice wavered slightly at the image his words had conjured up in your mind.
"It doesn't have to be a bed, darling," he smirked, "I could think of at least ten more exciting ideas than a bed in this very apartment."
"And I'm sure you've imagined every single one of them," you said leaning back against his desk and letting your eyes wander across his frame.
"You know me so well," he smirked.
You raised an eyebrow, "well, then I'll leave you to it so you can imagine it while jerking off. I'm sure our conversation," you gave him a heated look, "has been very stimulating for you."  You went to stand but Loki put his hands down on his desk on either side of your body caging you in.
"Oh, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is aroused by our conversations," he said leaning in slightly, making you aware that even with his body angled down to meet your eyes better, he was still taller than you. And his smell was way too enticing for your own good. Loki licked his lips to form his next words and you nearly forgot how to breathe, "You'd be the most gorgeous creature on the planet, kneeling for me."
One of his hands left the desk to give you an out if he was making you uncomfortable or did something you didn't want to be part of. Somehow, somewhere you did want to be part of this, though. Very much so. You were strung high with his proximity, the smell of bourbon and cinnamon, and the knowledge that Loki was probably the least predictable person to be in this position with, left you wanting to see what he would do next.
Loki continued talking, "your pretty eyes would look so beautiful watering with tears as you -" he said, trying to find your breaking point, how far you'd let him go.
Your eyes sparkled with a sudden idea and Loki was actually taken aback.
Your lip slowly drew up into a smirk.
"Oh no, what are you thinking of, you little devil?" he asked, sounding more intrigued than scared despite how his pretty eyes seemed to gape at you.
You laughed as your eyes wandered over his broad chest and further down, the same way Loki's always did when he decided to be annoying. Then you put your hands on his chest and you could hear him swallow as you smirked suggestively at him, making your ego swell.
And then you pushed him back making yourself some space. You let yourself fall to your knees in front of him. You were still kind of messing with him, but the moment you looked up at him you weren't so opposed to follow his instructions for real. He looked absolutely beautiful, shocked and turned on as he was.
"You mean like this?" you asked innocently, giving him your best doe eyes.
Loki didn't respond, his hands balling into fists next to him, presumably in order to not take things to far with your 'joke'. He just looked down at you, trying to burn the image of you on your knees for him into his brain.
"You can say stop at any time and I'll back off immediately, honey," you said quietly and looked him in the eyes, noticing how they glazed over as he tried to restrain himself and swallowed hard. But you weren't really joking anymore. He looked absolutely ethereal like this and hadn't even done anything yet; what would he be like if he gave in?
Your hands moved to his body, spreading out on his lower abs and really slowly, your fingers grazed the waistband of his pants, and you took note of the bulge forming in his slacks in front of you. You reached for the belt buckle, making sure to keep eye contact and realization dawned on him; this was no longer a test of who would back out first, this was an actual offer.
"If you're doing what I think you are doing, you have absolutely free reign." His voice was laced with something darker than you were used to from him and you didn't give yourself any more time to ponder. The two of you had been dancing around each other for forever. It was time.
Slowly, you guided his belt out of its loops and unzipped his pants. Loki swallowed. This was actually happening, neither one of you seemed to plan on backing out. He moaned a lot louder than you had expected when you reached inside of his boxers and gently pulled out his velvety smooth cock from his pants.
You smiled up at him innocently, "take off your shirt for me, Loki. I want to see you."
He followed suit almost hastily. Loki looked gorgeous, his smooth alabaster skin gleaming in the daylight as he looked at you with hunger in his eyes. You gave him a cheeky wink before setting your eyes back on what was in front of you. Knowing Loki and how cocky (pun intended) he was, his above average thick and veiny cock didn't surprise you.
"Your hot," you whispered to yourself as your thumb swiped over the head of his cock to collect the precum seeping from him and you heard Loki chuckle softly above you.
Your eyes met his hot gaze as you wet your lips and wrapped your mouth softly around the head of his cock. He moaned loudly in the back of his throat, throwing his head back, spurring you on to take in as much of his cock in one go as you could. Even when you almost choked, feeling him at the back of your throat, you kept going, fueled by the sinful sounds that fell so freely from Loki's mouth. You didn't know why you hadn't guessed that he was going to be a screamer.
You had bobbed your head only a couple of times, laying your tongue flat against the veiny underside of his dick, but before you could get into a good rhythm, he had placed his hands on your jaw and gently pulled you off.
"Turn around and put your elbows on the desk for me," Loki ordered softly.
You licked your lips in anticipation, the taste of him still on your tongue, and you followed suit. You could hear him walking around you to examine your work, not yet touching you but kicking your legs farther apart to correct your stance to his liking, making you bend over more.
Stepping around his desk to face you, laying his hand on your chin to angle it up, he looked into your eyes asking in a soft voice, "do you have a safe word, pet?"
You licked your lips, excitement spreading through your body at his words. "Green, yellow, red's okay?" you asked as hurriedly as possible, voice shaky in anticipation. You wanted him to touch you so bad.
When you met his with mischief glittering green eyes, he nodded and leaned down to kiss you for the first time. He stole your breath away. Loki took his time with the kiss despite the intensity of the situation, his thumb stroked over your cheek as his lips moved slowly and hotly against yours.
When your lips finally parted, swollen by the movement, the tiniest of smiles played on Loki's mouth as his thumb brushed slowly over your lower lip.
Quickly, you pulled your shirt over your head, leaving your upper body completely bare to his gaze, which Loki wasted no time to take full advantage of. His eyes wandered across every single centimeter and you leaned back onto your elbows on the desk in front of you feeling goosebumps spread across your body.
Then, Loki moved back around the desk, halting behind you and although you looked at him over your shoulder, you could see that his undivided attention was granted to your body, not your face. His gaze was almost burning into your skin as his eyes wandered from the nape of your neck over your smooth back and down to your bare legs.
He quickly tugged off your shorts, highlighting this action by trailing wet kisses from your lower back all the way up to your shoulder before placing another kiss on your lips. This kiss was a lot less innocent and probing, his tongue grazing yours.
As Loki parted from your lips, though, one of his hands slowly wandered up, his fingers delicately making their way up to your hip joint still covered by your panties.
You wanted him to touch you for real so badly.
You whined quietly when his thumb lightly swiped over your covered sex, laying your head on your arms and arching your back in anticipation.
You could hear him chuckle quietly and he practically ripped off your panties. Loki spread your legs apart gently and looked at you for a second commenting, "I've barely touched you, darling, and you are positively dripping for me," his voice was low, his grin evident in it.
And then he finally touched you where you wanted him most, his fingers swiping through the cool wetness of your folds, lubricating them before swirling them over your clit in deliciously slow but hard circles.
"Loki," you drawled in frustration trying to lean back up but the tall man wouldn't let you, his arm pushing your body back down onto the table harshly.
"What do you want, pet?" he asked, slowly, too slowly pushing his index finger into your entrance, rendering you speechless at the feeling.
Loki pulled his hand away from your pussy, bringing his finger up to your lips and you opened your mouth to swirl your tongue around it obediently. You couldn't believe how turned on you got from tasting yourself on Loki's finger but the way his eyes were completely taken over by lust, his mouth agape, definitely contributed.
And then his hand harshly came down on your ass cheek, quickly followed by Loki asking for your color.
"Green," you managed to reply as you felt yourself getting even wetter at being handled so roughly by this man.
"Good girl," he rasped before letting his hand come down again, making you moan embarassingly loudly at the impact. Loki massaged your sore cheek leaning forward to ask you again, "What do you want, pet? I want you do give me a verbal answer at all times or I will have to punish you."
"I want you inside me, Loki, please," you whimpered.
"How do you want me, dove?" he cooed.
"Whatever you'll give me I'll take," you croaked, "want to be good for you."
"Good girl," he said again and you pushed yourself further towards him. Maybe he could even make you cum with his words alone. You tried to even out your breathing, his light touches on your hot skin feeling like electricity.
Loki leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on your pussy before delvin his tongue into your core and you keened at the feeling.
You taste so sweet, darling," he gasped against your core and you could feel him kneeling down behind you to gain a better angle. His mouth connected with you again and you had to grip the desk hard to try to keep your knees from buckling beneath you as you heard the absurd noise from Loki smothering himself in your heat, burying two fingers inside you.
His teeth teased your clit as his fingers moved against your walls looking for your g-spot. Once he had found the spongy texture, he thrust his finger into you at the right angle over and over again with fervor making you shake. Your body felt so so hot.
You were moaning trying not to writhe around to much, as you felt your release creeping up on you.
That was when Loki had the audacity to stop and you protested loudly. He punished you by smacking your ass cheek again and you bit your lip harshly at the welcome impact.
"Sorry, dove, but the first time you cum at my hands, I want my cock rammed deep inside of you, no protest."
"Please Loki," you gasped and when he took his fingers out of you, you whimpered feeling empty.
"Do you want me to fuck you, pet?" He rasped into your ear. You could feel the bare skin of his toned and sweaty stomach on your back as he leaned over you, wedging his hardness in between your folds in the process.
You nodded frantically.
Loki's hand came down on your ass cheek again, the sting making the fire inside you light up, and the slight jump forward you made ramming your hips slightly painfully into the edge of the wooden desk created friction between Loki's cock and your pussy that you were so desperate for.
"I want you to respond verbally, at all times," he told you sternly, "is that clear, darling?"
"Yes, Loki," you replied breathlessly, your voice strained when you decided it would be smart to answer his previous question of your own volition, "please fuck me."
Loki dropped a peck onto the crown of your head, rutting his cock against your clit telling you, "you're doing so good for me. So ready for my cock," he said, rubbing his thumbs over your buttocks slowly.
Then, his hands wrapped tentatively around your waist as he straightened his back back up.
There was soemthing so wonderfully enticing about him touching you like this, in his sacred space that no one, no brother, no friend, no one night stand was allowed to enter.
Loki teased you with the head of his cock, swiping it against your entrance, warm and lubricated by the mix of both of your fluids, and you breathed out a loud "fuck," when he finally entered and stretched you out as deliciously as you'd always hoped he would.
"You feel absolutely divine, darling," Loki snarled and he leaned down to press kisses to your shoulder to soothe the slight ache as he bottomed out and kept still inside you let you get accustomed to his size, leaving marks in his wake, no doubt.
"Please, Loki," you panted.
He followed suit, digging his dull nails slightly into the skin of your waist and he shallowly began to thrust into you.
"Now that is like music to my ears," he commented when you began to cry out in delight and frustration at the too shallow drag of his cock against your sensitive walls.
"Better than your loud music?" you managed to gasp in between his harsher growing movement.
"Eons better, darling," he huffed, "if I could hear you moan for me while I work, I might consider never turning my music on again, it pales in uncountable incriments in comparison."
One of his hands moved to gather your hair at the nape of your neck and Loki leaned down, stilling inside you to let his teeth lightly drag across the skin of your neck, giving you goosebumps.
"Please just fuck me, Loki," you maned and tried to rock your hips back against him to pick up the pace but he had the iron grip of his left hand set around your waist.
"Beg me again," he whispered, "and I might comply."
You could feel his lips move against your hot skin, his cold breath making your skin tingle.
"Please, please, please, Loki. Please fuck me," you chanted and gripped the wooden desk tighter in anticipation of the fulfillment of your wishes.
"You are so beautiful when you beg for me," he said, letting his sculpted chest mold to your back once more before beginning to snap his hips against yours in just the right way.
"Loki," you yelled out his name upon which he let his teeth wander over your skin that he had already littered pretty marks across.
"My darling," he moaned and wound his hand into your hair more, beginning to lightly tug on it, "what is your color?" he asked while you could already feel the prickly heat in your face from the pleasurable pain.
Fuck, green," you managed to grit out between your teeth, panting, "harder," and Loki complied, yanking your hair slightly harder. He drove into you with renewed force accompanied by the sweet sounds he made that you'd play in your head over and over again forever if this was the only time you'd ever be able to hear them. You could already feel the bliss of release coming on.
And then he stopped. He pulled out of you, your pussy clenching around nothing as you felt the emptiness.
"What -" you began to ask slightly angry, but Loki made quick work of you, yanking you back by your hair to stand with a hiss, and turning you around making you lean against the desk. He hiked up your legs up to make room for him to stand in between so that you could look into his eyes now.
Loki took a moment to just look at you, his weeping cock resting against your pelvis, and you pushed one of your hands through his silky raven hair gently, to push it out of his face as his beautiful green eyes scanned your body with an unreadable look.
His eyes met yours again and his lips drew up in a mischievous smirk as he placed his hands on your hips and helped you up to sit on his desk, your hands wandering to his ass in an effort to get him to move back inside you, but Loki simply chuckled in amusement at your meek attempt to take over control.
His laugh was replaced by a surprised gasp as you dug your nails into his plump ass in retaliation and you'd never forget the way his face distorted in sudden pleasure. Apparently, you weren't the only sucker for pain in this room.
Loki drove back into you quickly, closing his eyes at the feeling of you around him as if it was heaven on earth. The depths he reached felt nearly impossible making your back arch and you leaned back to grip behind you for the edge of the desk.
His hips stilled again, much to your frustration, once he was fully sheathed inside you and he opened his eyes to search yours in a moment of silence, for what, you were unsure. What you knew, though, was that Loki was positively delighted to be torturing you in this way.
"You are about the prettiest creature I have ever seen, my pet," he said before he leaned down and his mouth latched onto your nipple.
He trailed his lips across your collarbone, leaving more pretty bruises in his wake and it was the hottest thing, marking you as his.
"Loki, please move, for fuck's sake," you moaned rolling your hips against his as much as you could while he was still holding onto your hips like that. "I hate you," you added and he chuckled at your impatience before picking up the pace again, hitting your sweet spot just right.
He went slower than before, but making sure he fucked you hard, leaning down to let his mouth wander to any place he could reach, his fingers delving down to play with your clit.
Your back arched when he lightly bit down on your nipple.
"Oh, I positively adore these, love," he purrs against your hardened nipple before biting down again and switching to your other breast to do the same, making you feel absolute ecstasy, "just as much as the delicious sounds you are making, darling."
He peppered kisses along your heated skin while driving into your clenching pussy harder and faster making your walls flutter around his thick length.
You were moaning for him loudly, you were so close, your hips stuttering as you tried to reciprocate the snapping of his hips.
Loki's mouth wandered back up to where your shoulder and neck connected. He swiped his tongue across it twice before he bit down on your neck, hard enough to draw blood probably, and your vision exploded as you came apart underneath him.
You were heaving as you came down, your lover not letting up from his relentless pace for even a second, you'd asked for it in the first place, and as his mouth wandered back up to yours to capture your lips in a lewd kiss, you felt that familiar feeling rising back up in your belly already.
"I knew you were going to like pain, darling," he whispered against your lips with a smirk, "I'm going to have so much fun with you, my little whore. You are mine, aren't you?" he mumbled as his thrusts became more erratic.
"Yes, Loki, I'm all yours," you moaned, his fingers pinching your clit before soothingly rubbing it in rough circles again, the sounds of your sweaty bodies rocking against each other driving you closer to your second orgasm.
"That's right, you're all mine, my pet," Loki grunted, pistoning into you.
"Where do you want it, pet?" he grunted.
"I'm on birth control," you panted, "please cum inside me, Loki."
He smirked at you, mumbling, "not before you cum again for me, darling," before putting his mouth back against the sweet spot on your neck, his tongue sliding over it.
When his teeth grazed the soft skin of your pulse point he filled you up just right, hitting your sensitive walls and you saw stars, crying out his name so loud your voice cracked as you clenched down uncontrollably on his large cock.
You sighed when you could finally feel Loki spill his hot release deep inside of you screaming out your name. His hips came to a halt and your eyes met again. Some of his hair was sticking to his sweaty forehead and you reached a hand up to swipe it away to see his pretty face. He'd always been so beautiful but he'd never looked as attractive as he did in that moment.
And then, the world stilled around you as he leaned down to capture your lips in a gentle, kiss, as he caught his breath. You winced slightly as he pulled out of you, you were definitely going to feel this tomorrow.
"Didn't think you'd be that possessive," you smirked.
A beat passed as he contemplated his next words. "Honestly, I've never been like this," he panted and took a step back, his eyes scanning your face.
And then he picked up his clothes from the floor and he was gone, leaving you alone in his room.
You'd known this would probably be a one time thing, even as he alluded to a future in his lust-frenzied dialogue, but this was kind of cold, even for Loki.
thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/night xx
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thatonebrazilian · 14 days ago
Y/N: I feel so burnt out
Loki: Don't worry, it'll all be over soon
Y/N: Are you going to assassinate me?
Loki: Well, not if you're expecting it
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your-highnessmarvel · 7 months ago
From Bleak to Bright
Requested by Anonymous: the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate. you’re Bruce’s little sister. you want to go with him during Avengers 2012 because you’re the only one that “can calm the beast” if ever he pops out. so you’re just chilling with the avengers in the flying thing. then they bring Loki in. the world goes to bright, bright colors. you don’t want it to be him. but it is. no one knows. no one knows but him.
AN: IM BACK. YES. AFTER LIKE A WHOLE YEAR. the flying thingy. me too i had to google it, ahaha
Warnings: angst, language
*gif not mine
Enjoyed this and want more? Send in your requests!
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Tumblr media
You spun on the stool, facing your brother with a sigh. He scratched the back of his head, the glow from Loki’s scepter reflecting on his specs in a grey light. 
“One more hour?” he asked with a wince. 
You rolled your eyes. “Okay,” you groaned. “But then we’re off to bed. And I’m putting Celine Dion on the stereo to sleep.”
“Not her again,” he groaned. 
You raised a finger, brows crawling up your forehead. “You made me come here on this ridiculous flying tank with the God damned Avengers, of all people, and we’ve been here for four days listening to sounds of water dripping and Cap’s fifties music.”
Bruce sighed, leaning his forehead into his palm. “Fine.” His hands went up in mock surrender. You could see the tension in his shoulders, straining against the material of his chemise. 
Not that you could see the color of it. You imagined it was blue. Bruce liked blue. Bruce knew colors. Of course he did. He’d met his soulmate such a long time ago, you’d forgotten she even existed. 
But not you. You’d gone through life in the dreary black and white of a world without a soulmate. But now you were curious. You knew the colors by name, but not sight. What does green even look like? Bruce had told you trees and grass were green. Some people’s eyes. Ever since he’d told you that, green became your favorite. Maybe blue could beat it, since Tony Stark had told you the sky was all shades of blue combined. 
An alarmed blared overhead, and your first instinct was to run to your brother’s side. Bruce’s eyes met yours, his mouth tugging up at the corners. 
He’s fine.
Your hand found the curve of his forearm, still. No one really knew what actually triggered the Hulk, and you, being his little sister, were the only human alive able to tame the beast. 
You heard footsteps, many, clambering loudly down the hall. The door to Bruce’s workspace was wide open, and you heard the telltale sound of security making their way down the hall. You frowned. What could they be doing so late at night, and so many all together?
At first, from the windows in the workspace, you only saw the black suits of the security patrol, their reflective masks bright in the hall. They walked in patterned, simultaneous movements, guns held firm in their grasps.
You saw the top of a really - no, seriously, really! - tall head, black hair. White skin. And as the small platoon of security walked passed your door, you saw the man walking in their midst, tied in shackles. 
He turned his head, buzzing in your mind, something deep in your chest tightening. And then you saw the color of his eyes. 
You couldn’t tell at first. Because the world became so vivid, so bright. He went from black and white to stark and bright and whole before your eyes, stealing the breath from your lungs. 
A ringing started in your ears, a burning in your throat. You couldn’t help but stare, watching his eyes drink you in as well, watching his own world turn from ash to bright as the sun. 
No, you thought. No. Not him. 
Anyone but him.
And just before he rounded the corner, his lips stretched into a smirk. 
A cold hand on your arm brought you back. As if slamming back into your body. 
“You okay?” Bruce asked. 
You gulped. Nodded. Felt your cheeks blooming with heat. “Yeah, of course.”
You could see the colors on your brother, now. Albeit, not being able to tell which specific color it was. And yet he was beautiful. Later, after hours of searching online for colors, you’d be able to tell his hair was black, his eyes a warmest brown, his skin a shade of white a few degrees darker than yours. 
But now, it took everything in you not to scream. 
You could finally see the entire world for what it truly was and all because of a demi-God wrought with darkness. 
No. It couldn’t be him.
You separated from your brother, your mouth dry, feeling his eyes on you. He could always tell when you were troubled. But there was just no way, no freaking way, you’d tell him that you’d just met your soulmate. If he knew who it was... No. You wouldn’t tell him. You wouldn’t tell anyone. 
You went to the computer and turned the screen away from Bruce, clearing your throat. Bruce went back to his own computer.
You didn’t even search up colors yet. You searched up the possibility of soulmates being wrong for each other. The computer spat out articles and data from hundreds of years, all proving that the soulmate trigger worked. That the signs of color all proved one had met the person right for them.
You sighed, dropping your head in your hands. 
You rubbed at your eyes, steeling yourself for what you were about to ask. 
“Did they just bring in Loki?”
His head raised from his computer. “Yeah.” He frowned. “I’m going to go ask why. Does it disturb you that he’s here?”
You scratched your jaw. “No, not at all,” you said quickly, too quickly. You cringed internally, hoping your face didn’t mimic the shame you felt. “Just - why?”
“I’ll go ask,” Bruce said. If he had any inkling as to why you were suddenly intrigued in God of mischief, he didn’t give any clue. 
He left. You took a second to steady yourself. You counted your fingers. Felt the shape of your face. 
Then you took a breath in and all but flew out the door. 
You followed the maze that was the inner organs of the Helicarrier until you reached the “jail”, which was, upon inquiry, meant to hold your brother if ever you weren’t there to calm him in time. 
You watched from outside the doors as Fury talked to Loki. You couldn’t help the fire in your chest as you watched. Loki seemed trapped, looking discreetly around the room, around his glass cage, his green eyes keen on any weakness.
You felt the sweat collecting in the palm of your hands. You waited patiently, praying whatever Bruce was up to would keep him long enough that he wouldn’t come looking for you. You heard broken pieces of the conversation on the other side of the steel enforced doors, but Loki’s voice was even, steady, unafraid. 
He knew he wouldn’t be beat here.
You counted to one hundred the moment Fury walked out. Your heart beat vehemently between your ribs, battering your bones. Your knees were putty when you finally, slowly, opened the doors.
The air ruffled your hair, blowing it out of your face. 
He stood tall, straight, unmoving, statuesque in the middle of his prison. Hands at his sides. Eyes mild. Mouth straight. He gave no indication that his world had finally shifted after millennia of black and white. 
“I didn’t have to wait long.” His voice sent shivers down your spine, your body so reactive to even the sound of his words that you wondered, for just a second, what his touch would do. 
You closed the door, tentatively approaching the control board. You saw a big red button and decided maybe touching random buttons wouldn’t do any of you any good. 
“What’s your name?” he asked, following your movements with his sharp emerald gaze. He still stood there, like cement was poured down the length of his spine. 
You darted your eyes back to his. He was glad in - what you later learned - was a green and gold ensemble, a green cotton cape grazing the floor of his cage. He was beautiful, really. Cut by the finest knife to the most perfect edge. 
He smiled then, creasing his cheeks in what you could only feel as adorable. 
“Didn’t expect it to be moi, did you, princess?”
You tried not to react, but heat bloomed across your cheeks, giving you away. 
“Why?” you asked.
He rolled his eyes, sighing dramatically, breaking his statuesque stance to throw his arms up. “By the Gods,” he groaned, accent thick on his tongue. “You humans are so pathetic. Why this? Why that? Why me? Oh, you want to be so special that you question the straight line of fate as if the entire meaning of the world revolved around you.”
You raised your brows. Wow. He’d been thinking of that for a while.
“Do you know the colors?” you asked, approaching the glass that separated you from your soulmate. 
He took you in, green eyes drinking you in from head to toe. He didn’t seem to think anything negative about his soulmate. “I’ve taken sense-enhancing drugs in my lifetime,” he said. “I’ve known colors briefly. Thor taught them to me.”
You nodded. “Your eyes are green.”
His lips split in a grin. “You’re very perceptive,” he chuckled. “And you’re wearing a powder blue sweater. Childish.”
Something in you shifted and you wanted to say something, something bad. Something along the lines of, “what is your favorite color?” and then run and wear it.
Instead, you approached the glass even more. By this distance, you could see he was significantly taller than you. He eyed you down his nose. 
“A human,” he said with distaste. 
“Maybe that’s your punishment,” you ventured, your heart railing against your ribs. “Maybe that’s your conundrum. You’ve thought nothing of humanity but the possibility to dominate and squander us under your boot like ants. Isn’t it fitting?”
You saw the anger cross his face before his lips spat the vile things he thought in his mind. “You are not worthy of a God, you fleeting, imbecile, nothingness of a human. I will outlive you before I even grow a white hair. Our children will watch you wither before they’ve even gone to school.”
“Our children?”
That seemed to faze him. 
Wow, you thought. Of all the things Loki was, he was traditional. He very well intended to follow through with the soulmate script; to marry you and have children with you.
The thought first amazed you, burning bright in your mind’s eye. Then you thought twice and feigned disgust. 
He laughed. “Oh, please, you’re the luckiest woman in the universe to have been bound to a God.”
“Aren’t you a demi?”
His gaze placated you. “I am, but the fact remains that I am greater than you, greater than anything your pathetic little human brain can conceive.”
You rolled your eyes with audacity you didn’t know you had. “Well,” you sighed, shrugging, hands in your back pockets. “What now?”
He cocked his head. “What do you mean?”
“Are we to start this - thing, or are we to go back to our normal lives and, hoping you don’t obliterate the planet, we never see each other again?”
His jaw clenched, working. “You know it’s physically impossible now for us to be apart.” He said this through clenched teeth, hands in fists. 
You shrugged again. “I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind never having to look at your ugly mug ever again.”
He frowned deeply. “Try it, then, you’ll see, mortal.”
You sighed apathetically, turning your back to him. 
“Before you go!” Loki called. You turned slowly on your heel, offering him nothing but your side profile. “Let your brother know I’m hoping to meet him soon.”
The blood in your veins went cold. 
Part 2? Anybody?
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Innocent addiction [Loki Laufeyson x Reader] - Requested
Tumblr media
Title: Innocent addiction Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader Word count: 1.9k Published: 7 June 2021 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Notes: It's a bit suggestive, but there's nothing that would require age appropriate warnings. And yes, it was supposed to be a blurb, but I can't seem to write under 1k. Warnings: Mention of food Summary: Loki knows he is foolish for loving you so much, but your mere presence makes him feel like an addict, needing to be beside you. Though you planned an innocent little date, it seems the two of you don't seem to be able to grasp the definition of innocent. Request: [x] Prompts requested below by @nuttytani for my celebration event.
Fluff #13 - "Uh oh, I know that look. What do you want?” Fluff #15 - "There’s something in the corner of your lips… can I?” Fluff #33 - "Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”
Marvel Characters Masterlist | Masterlists
Tom Hiddleston and Characters Masterlist
Battle of Swords; 2.9k followers and 1st anniversary celebration event
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Tumblr media
Addictive. The only word that seemed to be close enough to what Loki felt when he thought of you. You didn't need to kiss him, nor did you have to touch him, your simple presence made him addicted to you. It took you an effortless gesture, brushing your hair behind your ear, offering him a soft smile and he was ready to kneel for you, ready to do whatever you wanted from him.
He knew he was foolish; he was over a thousand years old. Still, a mortal being, someone who was supposed to be nothing but a life passing by had him begging for your presence just to be beside him. He could have claimed himself to be insane and that alone would have made more sense. A thousand years, maybe that's what it was. It was a possibility, he has gone mental, and it was all because you existed.
It was driving him crazy to know a human could have such a power over him. He tried to fight it. For months and months, he was battling his own feelings. But when it came to you, deep down he knew he lost the moment your gaze fell on him for the first time. Even the air stuck in his lungs, momentarily paralysing him as he caught your eyes resting on him. Even his lungs deemed you more important than oxygen itself.
He fought hard; such feelings were foreign even to a god. But the harder he fought against his feelings to retain his sanity, the more difficult it seemed to keep himself away from you. Deep down, even though he didn't dare to admit it, he knew he couldn't stay away from you. A simple whisper, his name rolling off the tip of your tongue was enough for him to come crawling to you. You were a mortal indeed. But his mortal. Screw sanity, he needed you like addicts needed their daily dose. You were his personal drug, his doom, but one that he was ready to give up anything for, one that only needed to whisper his name in that sweet voice, making him shudder and fall to his knees.
"In the end, you will always kneel," he said once to all those mortals. He never thought he would be one of them, that his knees would ever touch the ground for anyone else. But that was before he met you and without a word, he was ready to do whatever you wished from him. The power you held over him was unearthly and you didn't even know. You were his even before you realised, even before he finally accepted, he was done for. But if being beside you was his doom, he was ready to take every blow just to spend one more second holding your hand, see that sweet smile spread across your face, the soft voice that always felt like home to him and the light caress of your thumb along his jawline. Each and any simple movement of yours was worth to be wrecked for.
"Uh oh, I know that look. What do you want? What are you planning?" You asked with a questioningly raised brow, squinting suspiciously, earning a stunned expression from Loki.
"Pardon?" He asked, trying to recall any of your words as he realised, he was sitting in the restaurant you had taken him to.
"Nothing, I've only been talking to myself for the past 10 minutes whilst you were clearly somewhere else," you replied with a smug grin. "Where were you? Planning another apocalypse?" You snickered playfully as you bit on your bottom lip, chewing on the skin.
"That depends. Would you be my queen if I was to attempt to take over Midgard again?" He smirked proudly, earning an eye roll from you.
"Firstly, I think Steve and Tony would have a couple of rather unkind words to offer you if you were to even try. Secondly, I have no intention of becoming a queen or rule over anyone. And thirdly, before you even think about taking over the Earth, you should learn how to pay attention to your girlfriend. If you can't deal with one person, I feel like billions of people might be a bit of a big bite for you, God of Mischief," you giggled at the deadpan expression he offered you.
"Forgive me for not paying attention. It seems you are in a rather feisty mood, aren't you? Maybe you should hold onto that attitude until we get home," he winked at you as his smile grew wider. You let out a scoff, but you couldn't hide the corner of your lip curving at the thought. Instead of offering him a reply, you turned back to your food, finding it more interesting than embarrassing yourself further. "How is that saying? Cat got your tongue?" He chuckled playfully, earning a silent snicker from you.
"It's a date, Loki. An innocent little date. Let's keep it that way," you tried to scold your boyfriend for his behaviour as he dug into his food. He tried, so hard he tried to concentrate on his food, but after each portion he found himself staring at you. You felt it, it was hard to even keep your eyes off him, but you knew if you gave him the satisfaction of looking up, you would lose.
For minutes you sat in silence. Not a comfortable one, nor an awkward one. It was a battle of silence. Which one of you could keep it shut for longer. Or at least it felt like that. But mostly it was simply to not look into each other's eyes and leave the restaurant like two hormonal teenagers unable to keep their desires at bay.
But then it went on for too long, it was becoming unbearable to sit in silence for so long. You lifted your gaze, hoping he wasn't looking. But he was, intently, studying every inch of your face as though he still found something new even after all this time. A small snickering sound left your vocal cords as your eyes wandered down to his lips. "There's something in the corner of your lips...," you snickered once again. He was a god, but he sure was clumsy at times. "Can I?" You asked as you leaned over the table with a napkin already in your hand and wiped off the corner of his lips, transferring the sauce onto the tissue paper.
A silent giggle left your lungs as you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to muffle the noise. You expected him to roll his eyes as a result of your humorous tone, you expected him to scold you for being so careless with a god as he liked to emphasise his title. But instead, you found yourself gazing into his vividly green eyes as he stared at you for what seemed to be forever. Whatever he found so interesting in you was unknown to you, but his intense gaze burned your face, beginning to cause your cheeks to heat up as his eyes studied every movement of yours.
Loki was always thinking, he always had something on his mind whether plotting his plans, thinking of a way to rile you up or coming up with a way to prank his brother which he never grew out of. But in that moment as he watched you, sitting across him with a soft expression across your face, just casually staring back at him, Loki couldn't begin to fathom what good he had done to deserve you by his side. He didn't think he deserved to be around you, let alone being loved by you, but still, you were there, mere inches away, a simple smile on your face, choosing to love him.
"You are staring," you spoke up nervously, swallowing hard under his heavy gaze.
"I know," he replied with a straight expression, not even trying to turn away or hide those eyes he had forgotten on you. "Have I ever told you how stunning you are?" He asked as though it was the most natural thing to say to someone.
"Erm— I think— I don't know," you struggled to create a coherent sentence, stuttering through the words. After all this time, Loki still had a way to make you feel slightly embarrassed. You didn't know how he did it, but a simple word, a simple look gave you butterflies, and he was giving them to you effortlessly. You played with your hands in your lap, not daring to look up. Running your tongue along your mouth, you wet your chapped lips and bit on the bottom one, hoping the slight pain would decrease your nerves.
"Princess," he called out to you, but you didn't move. He leaned over the table and placed a gentle finger under your chin to lift your gaze. "Sitting across from you and behaving myself is a struggle enough. So, can you please stop biting your lip?" He arched a brow in a questioning manner. "It's rather distracting and certainly doesn't help me in having innocent thoughts."
"As if you could ever have them," you scoffed, before you clapped your hand to your mouth, realising what you have said. You didn't mean to bark back, but that was an opportunity you couldn't miss, it was almost like a reflex.
"It's an innocent little date, you remember?" He offered you a smug grin as he ran his thumb along your lips.
"Well, I've finished with my food," you put on an innocent smile, but Loki knew better than to believe you.
"Have you now?" He nodded more to himself as he pulled back and waved at the waiter to ask for the bill, but his eyes never left yours, not even when the waiter took his card, Thor's card, which was actually Tony's card. You stared back at him just as intently, not even trying to look away, as if it was a silent agreement. "Are you ready to go?" He asked in a tone that sent a shiver down your spine, causing goosebumps to appear on your lower arm. Without a word, you just nodded and followed him out of the restaurant as he reached back to get a hold of your hand and interlock your fingers. Watching his hand around yours, it felt rather large beside your small, sweaty, and just plain human ones.
But before you could have pondered on the differences between your hands, Loki's arm sneaked around your waist, earning a surprised gasp from you as he pulled you into an alley and pushed you against the wall. Within a second he pressed his lips to yours, catching you slightly off-guard as your eyes fluttered shut at the feel of his warmth. His fingers found their way to the nape of your neck, angling your head to deepen the kiss as you grasped each side of his jacket and pulled him closer, the distance between you and him driving you crazy.
A silent chuckle left Loki's lips at your neediness as he placed his forehead against yours. "You don't even know what you are doing to me, woman,"
"Maybe we could hurry home so you can show me," you offered with a playfully smile across your face, earning a wholehearted laughter from the man, his voice music to your ears.
"Who am I to deny myself from you," he replied, hinting a small kiss on your lips before he got hold of your hand again and led you home. Though his steps were faster than usual, you couldn't blame him. It seemed innocent dates weren't your forte, though you knew you would try over and over again.
Notes: If you enjoyed reading this little piece, please don’t forget to leave a like, comment and/or reblog. Your opinion matters and gives us motivation. Thank you ^^
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haileygarciasunshine · 4 months ago
You’ve Been Hacked
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Written: July 18th, 2021
Posted: July 18th, 2021
Warning: Swear, Kidnapping, Use of Chloroform, choking description, Noncon make out (Not Loki)
Word Count: 3,179
Author’s Note: I’m planning on making a Pt. 2! :) Not me writing a new fic when I have 125 drafts and like 5 WIP :) Feedback is welcome!!! Send it Here
Summary: Loki pushes away those who care about him in attempt to protect them. What happens when he pushes away the only avenger that is on his team in attempt to protect her?
Loki Masterlist
Tumblr media
“How much longer until Jarvis, is ready to go?” Tony questioned as he placed a hand on the back of your chair.
“Huh?” You questioned before remembering what his question was. “Oh, it shouldn’t be much longer.” You shrugged without taking your eyes off the screen before you.
”Good.” Tony spoke. ”Is there a reason why Rock of Ages is in here?”
”Huh? Oh.” You spoke tilting your head to get a better look at the Asgardian God at the other end of the room. “I didn’t notice.”
“Uh huh.” Tony muttered quietly as he began towards the exit. “Come and see us in the Lab when you’re done.”
Nodding your head, you gave him a silent agreement. Once he was gone, Loki appeared beside you. Tilting your head, you gazed at the Raven haired man. He returned your smile allowing you to share an innocent moment. Somersaults formed again in your stomach. Your heart began beating rapidly the longer you observed your close proximity. Clearing your throat, you turned back to your computer screen. “I, uh.”
“What’s wrong, pet?” Loki questioned, his breath swirling around the shell of your ear. Closing your eyes, you allowed yourself to be in the moment. Shuddering, you clenched your hand into a fist in attempt at keeping yourself grounded.
Before either of you could respond, your computer let out a beep. Snapping your attention towards the computer, a thin layer of ice enveloped you. Upon the screen displayed the dreaded words you had been attempting to fight off.
’You’ve been hacked.’
Gasping, your jaw fell slack as you rushed to begin fighting off the cyberattack. Your heart raced as you felt a sheer layer of sweat beginning to form along your skin.
It wasn’t long before you had fended off the attack. Once you were sure that the Avengers cyber security was secure again, you turned back to where Loki was. Frowning, you scrunched your eyebrows together. Your heart felt into your stomach as you were met with an empty space.
Glancing down, there was a small note left in Loki’s seat. Grabbing the paper, you read it.
Meet me in my room.
Grinning to yourself, you left your desk stopping at a nearby coffee station to bring to Tony and Bruce, on your way through the compound.
“Finally decided to join us, I see.” Tony snarked as he glanced at you atop his computer monitor.
Giggling to yourself, you placed one of the two extra cups of coffee, you had walked into work with, upon his desk. “Good morning to you too, Tony.”
“I smell coffee-“ Cutting himself off, Bruce greeted you with a quick smile and hug. “I should’ve known it was you.” He chuckled softly. “Tony, never does anymore.” Raising the cup to his mouth, he gulped some down before he raised an eyebrow at Tony.
“Ouch, jolly green.” Tony smirked, knowing how Bruce felt about the nickname.
Sighing to himself, Bruce quickly moved, what felt like, as far away from Tony the lab would allow. However, a whispered ‘I hate you,’ that was directed at Tony, didn’t escape you. Snickering to yourself, you lifted your own cup to your lips before swallowing the now lukewarm caffeine.
“See you guys later.” You spoke turning on your heel making a hasty getaway not wanting to be roped into another buttering battle between the two science bros. “Try to get along today, shall we?”
“Don’t tell me what to do! You’re not Pepper!” Tony yelled before you left.
The corners of your lips lifted slightly in a smirk. Rolling your eyes, you shook your head as you continued making your way out of the lab.
Venturing through the compound, you were in search of one resident.
“Well, hello again, lady Y/N.” Thors booming voice echoed off the walls in the hallway.
Your lips promptly turned into a toothy grin as your best friends brother sped walked toward you.
Turning your head, you grinned up at the God. “Hey, Thor.”
“I presume you’re looking for my brother.” He spoke clasping his hands behind his back, matching his pace with yours.
Jokingly, you placed a hand over your heart as you gasped halting your movements. “Why Thor, how did you know that?” You teased raising an eyebrow. Placing your hands on your hips you giggled breaking character momentarily. “Did you look in my head?” Your tone resuming it’s previous tone.
Standing before you, he rolled his eyes as he shook his head slightly. “No wonder why you and Loki get along.” He sighed. Reaching up, he pinched the bridge of his nose.
Gasping, you stomped your foot. “How dare you!”
Your sudden shriek caused the shield agents in the hall to bring their attention towards you and Thor. Gazing around the hall, Thor groaned more audibly. “Okay, okay.” He spoke raising his hands in mock surrender, hushing you all the while. “As you were.” He spat at the rest of the agents.
Giggling, you batted your eyes at Thor, giving him your best innocent puppy dog eyes.
“He’s in his room.” He sighed as he rolled his eyes. “Go on now.”
Without waiting for Thor to continue speaking, you ventured towards the elevators before getting in and pressing the number for Loki’s floor.
Once the doors open, you practically skipped down the hallway. Your mind clouded with thoughts before you walked into something firm and strong. Wobbling slightly, arms gently gripped your biceps keeping you steady. “Easy there, petal.”
“Loki!” You exclaimed, feeling somersaults forming in your stomach. Your heart fluttering slightly, as his scent wafted in your nose.
His chuckle danced through your ears. “Hello, love.”
Throwing your arms around his shoulders, you gently tugged him downward allowing you more leverage to keep him tucked against you closely. Your eyes closing allowing you to savior the moment.
Loki stiffened at initial contact, however he quickly recovered wrapping his arms around your waist, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
It had taken you awhile, to get to where you were now with Loki. He wasn’t one for touch and everyone in the compound knew that. It wasn’t until you had formed a friendship with Loki, that he was more keen on the idea of being touched. Everyone was surprised at his sudden change in nature along with seeing the amount of times you shared casual touches. What took you by surprise, was the sudden daily increase of “casual,“ touches Loki shared with you.
Nuzzling your neck, Loki was quick to pull you out of your daydreams. Your opened your eyes, only to gasp at your different surroundings.
Opening and closing your mouth, you were slightly taken back at the sudden change.
“Sorry, petal.“ Loki shrugged, as a grin danced along his lips. “I wanted you to myself.” Lifting his hand, he cradled your jaw allowing his thumb to trace along your face.
Raising your hand, you gently grasped Loki’s wrist. Gazing at him, you saw a flash of a frown. It was gone before you could question him. Closing your eyes, you turned your head slightly, you placed a feather light kiss upon the digit. Loki‘s gasp filled your ears. Your eyes flying open at the sound, as thoughts of how you might’ve crossed a line in your friendship took over.
Scrunching your eyebrows together, you opened and closed your lips while gazing at Loki. “I-“
Manuvering his hand, Loki’s thumb followed the plains of your lips. Tracing your top lip gently, before traveling to your bottom one. Lightly, he tugged at the appendage as his eyes were trained on your lips. Your eyes popped out slightly while your heart beat picked up. Your breaths becoming hitched in your throat.
Lifting his eyes back up to yours, he held a slight question neither of you bothered to ask. Somersaults forming in your stomach as Y/E/C ones locked with his icy ones.
The sound of someone knocking jolted through you. Jumping away from Loki, you gasped as your mouth was suddenly drier than the dessert.
“I…I should…go.” Your cleared your throat. Nodding to yourself, you scurried towards the door. Yanking it open, Thor stood before you with his hand raised as he was about to knock again.
Gazing between you and his breath, a sly smirk made it’s way to his lips.
”Nothing happened.” You grumbled cutting him off as you left Loki’s room.
”Wait!” Loki raced to the door frame, leaning against it as he called after you.
Letting out a sigh, you rushed to the library. Once inside, you leaned against the door as you attempted to wrap your mind about what almost happened.
As the rest of the day flew by, you kept yourself busy in the library. Piles of read books littered a table you sat at all day. Sighing, you reached for another book you walked back towards the area you claimed. Lifting your eyes from the book in hand, you gasped.
“Hello, Petal.” Loki smiled, as he gazed at you. His eyes holding a softer emotion, you’ve become acustom to over the past few months.
Opening and closing your mouth, you frowned. It was the first time you had found yourself at a loss for words.
Standing before Loki, you shifted from foot to foot. Heat danced along your cheeks.
”I think we should…Forget it.” He spoke, his shoes coming into your peripheral sight.
Furrowing your eyebrows together, you heat expand in your chest. Your eyes snapped up gazing at him, searching for a sign.
”What?” You whispered, your heart falling into your stomach. Tear began forming in your eyes. “W-Why would I want to do that?”
”Because...” His voice trailed off. “It was just a joke.”
Snapping your head up, you gazed at Loki. Searching for any hint of a lie. Before you could catch them, tears began cascading down your cheeks. As you gazed at him, Loki’s features flashed sorrow before quickly replacing it with a hardened expression. Clenching his jaw, he knew he had to uphold his persona.
”I..I..” Your mind was going a million miles a minute as you attempted to soak in what Loki confessed. Tears began dripping onto your hand calling you back.
”I trusted you.” Your voice coming out hoarse.
”That was your mistake.” Loki spat, glaring down at you.
Flinching at his sudden harshness, you couldn’t stop the sobs that passed through your lips.
”Fuck you.”
Tossing the book onto the table, you whirled around on your heels rushing out of the library. For the second time that day, you heard Loki call after you. And for the second time that day, you neglected to turn around and acknowledge him.
As you rushed out of the library, you hadn’t been paying attention to where you were going. Colliding with muscly wall, you hadn’t bothered to identify who you walked into. Wrapping your arms around their waist, you buried your face into their chest allowing their shirt to soak up your tears. Sobs continued to wreck through your body as you began to tremble.
”Woah, doll.” Bucky’s voice rang through your ears. His arms quickly wrapping around you protectively. Placing a hand on your upper back, he began rubbing the area. “It’s okay.”
Shaking your head, you continued crying not caring to use your voice.
”Do you want to talk about it?” He questioned gently.
Shaking your head again, Bucky nodded to himself.
“Come on doll, let’s get you to your room.”
Nodding your head in agreement, you didn’t budge. Letting out a chuckle, Bucky maneuvered himself which allowed him to pick you up bridal style. Burying your face in his neck, you allowed the slight say of being carried lull you to sleep.
Once he reached your room, Bucky placed you carefully on the bed before pulling blankets over you. Moving to leave, your hand grasped his wrist preventing him from leaving. Glancing over his shoulder at you, he let a smile tug his lips.
”Stay?” You questioned meekly.
Nodding his head, he crawled over you, and pulled the blankets over him. Once he was comfortable on his back, you rolled onto your side. Throwing a leg over his hips, you laid your head over his heart allowing the steady beating to lull you back to sleep. Placing a kiss to your hair, Bucky tracked patterns on your back.
After that night, you told yourself, you wouldn’t be the one to break. In your mind, you wanted Loki to suffer slightly like you had. As you went out of your way to avoid him, your heart slowly mended itself back together, allowing you to form a friendship with Bucky.
Walking back to your room, you toed off your shoes once you were inside. Letting out a content sigh, you shrugged off your jacket.
“Petal.” Loki’s unfamiliar voice rang through your ears.
Halting your movements, you froze gazing at the space in front of you. Once you collected yourself, you whirled around to face the God. “Don’t call me that.” You snarled.
Frowning, he nodded in understandment. His hands were clasped behind his back, aiding him in puffing out his chest. “You don’t get to tell me I was a joke to you, leave, and then try and come back into my life months after!”
Loki continued holding a stoic expression along his features. Heat rose in your cheeks as your chest began rapidly rising and falling.
“Get out.” You spat crossing your arms along your chest.
”No, get out.”
Nodding his head, he let out a sigh. Once he was out of the room, relief washed over you. Letting out a huff, you plopped down on your bed before laying down. Throwing your arms across your eyes, you let out a hefty sigh.
The next day, Tony had sent you out on a solo grocery shopping trip. Reluctantly, you agreed. You had wanted to get out of the compound in attempt to gather your thoughts, however you were skeptical as Tony usually had ulterior motives behind his actions.
Pulling into the parking lot, you leaned your head back against the leather head rest. Closing your eyes, you attempted to clam yourself.
Once you felt that you were ready, you exited the car. As you began walking away from the car, you shoved your hand into your purse in search of your phone.
”Excuse me, miss?” A male voice questioned closely.
”Yes?” You questioned turning to face him.
“Are you…Y/N Y/L/N?” He questioned attempting to offer you a comforting smile.
A sudden eery feeling overwhelmed you. Your heart began beating rapidly, as the hair on your arms along with the hair on the back of your neck, stood at attention.
Raising an eyebrow at him, you turned towards the man more. “Y-Yes-“
Barely finishing your sentence, a cloth was placed over your mouth and nose. Gasping, you scratched at the strangers arm. The other man yanked you backwards. Your back colliding with their chest. With widened eyes, you attempted to dig your heels into the cement in hopes of troubling the man who began dragging you. Your keys were long gone from your hands before the thought of using them crossed your mind.
Thrashing in the man’s arms, you felt yourself becoming weaker and weaker as consciousness was fading. Your grip on his wrist quickly loosening as you felt the word fade to black.
Jolting awake, you squinted your eyes as you adjusted to the shining light above you. Groaning, you lulled your head to the side as your body ached. Tugging at your hands, you were quick to realize they were bound as plastic dug into the skin around your wrists.
”Well, well, well.” One of the men from the grocery store parking lot spoke. Gazing up at him, you felt a flutter in your stomach. A sly smile made its way upon his lips. “Welcome back to the world of consciousness, Y/N.”
Grimacing at his words, you gazed around the room. Shivering, you realized you were in a dark and fridge place. As you were going to bite back at the man, you realized there was a cloth makeshift gag prying your mouth open slightly. Scrunching your eyebrows together, a soft whine left your lips as you tugged at your restrained hands.
”Don’t worry, sweetheart.” The man taunted, leaning in to place a hand upon the back of your chair. His nose tracing your jaw line before traveling down your neck. Inhaleing your scent, he chuckled. “You smell like Lavender. I can see why Loki likes you.”
Lifting his other hand, he twirled a strand of your hair around his finger. “Soft too.” He taunted.
Placing a kiss to your cheek, he chuckled darkly. Moving your head away from him, you squeezed your eyes shut. The hand that was twirling your hair, quickly clasped your throat that was directly under your jaw. Forcing you to look him, he began squeezing cutting your airway off. It wasn’t long before you began gasping for air. Attempting to shift in your chair, you continued gasping.
Once the man felt you had suffered long enough, he released you. The supply of air racing back into your lung forced you to cough.
Moving the cloth gag from your lips, he clasped his hand over your mouth. “If you bite me, you’ll live to regret it.” He spat.
Furrowing your eyebrows together, you were perplexed as to what he meant. Releasing his hand, his lips were quick to replace it. The man’s lips were harsh and unforgiving.
Clenching your eyes shut, you kissed the man back in fear of what the repercussions would be. He took your bottom lip between his teeth, giving it harsh bite. A whine escaped your lips as you flinched. Taking the chance, his tongue poked past your lips and traced over your tongue. The hand he choked you with, promptly reaching the back of your head, anchoring you firmly against him.
Another whine, sounded from you. His tongue traced the room of your mouth before wiggling around and tracing your teeth. Your air supply was quickly running out, as you felt your chest heave.
The man seemed to be on a mission to have the inside of your mouth committed to memory. His tongue tracing the underside of your tongue before returning to the top and sliding as far down as it could. Your teeth clashing slightly, as the feeling of his saliva dripping into your mouth overwhelmed you.
As the man pulled away from you, there was a line of saliva that connected you. Using the back of his hand, he wiped the access from his mouth. Panting, your chest rose and fell rapidly. Leaning back against the chair, you attempted to gather yourself.
”Did you get it?” The man questioned, his lust filled eyes not leaving you.
”Yep.” The second man stated, emerging from the shadows. A callous smile made its way to his lips.
”Good, send it to the Avengers compound.” The first man spoke. “Make sure it’s addressed to Loki.“
Tumblr media
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sidepartskinnyjeans · a month ago
Kinktober Day 30 - Orgasm Control
MCU fanfiction Prince Loki x Maid!Reader
Fictober Prompt "don't ruin this"
Summary: Loki likes to play with you while you're working
Warnings: 18+ sexual content, sex magic, teasing, edging, orgasm control, dom/sub, slightly public sex, unprotected sex.
Tumblr media
You pressed your knees harder together as you paused in the long corridor. For the last hour Loki had been using his magic to tease and torment you while you finished your days work. Making you fall to your knees with pleasure while you carried linens, groaning into your darning and thrashing quietly in a dark corner when it got too much.
Each time his voice would sound in your ear and tell you not to release. Under no circumstances were you to orgasm yet. You had to hold it.
Now that your day is done you hurry faster to your Prince's chambers, thrumming with need and desperate for sweet painful release bursting through the doors and falling to your knees on the rug by the fire at Loki's feet.
"Now, Kitten, please be a quiet, don't ruin this just because I have company" he raises his eyebrow and inclines his head towards Prince Thor in the chair next to him.
Thor, to his credit, averts his gaze and suggests that he should leave but Loki stills him with one hand and coaxes you closer with the other until your body is leaning against his thigh, your head in his lap.
"Brother, we should finalise our plans" his voice is rich and velvety, your senses heightened, nerve endings on fire as his words wash over you. Squirming desperately you press against him again, hoping he can feel how wet and needy you are through your silk knickers and his heavy trousers.
Instead he places his palm on top of your head, stroking absently at your hair, the shell of your ear and down your bare neck.
You can see and feel both of his hands so when you feel warm, searching fingers on your thighs you gasp in shock. As proof that he hasn't moved he slips a finger into your open mouth for you to suck.
The phantom fingers continue their ministrations, stroking gently over your clit, opening you slowly under their invisible ministrations. You moan around Loki's finger, nipping at the pad gently to get his attention.
He glances down only briefly and shakes his head sharply.
But you can't help it, you bite again, eyes pleading, thighs squeezed tight.
"Puh- puh-" you stutter, hoping he'll understand. And he does.
"I think that concludes our plans, Thor, I'll see you at dinner?"
"We'll see" Thor calls back as he strides out of the room leaving the air quiet and empty.
"Kitten you've been so good, do you think you can wait a few more minutes?"
"I- Master" the finger delves deeper pressing intently against your fluttering walls.
"I understand" the sensation vanishes along with Loki's clothing, his own arousal evident just inches from your drooling mouth. You lick, without permission, at the bead of precum charting it's way down the thick vein at the side "don't be naughty when you've been so well behaved" he chides, reaching to lift you into his lap.
Shuffling your knees you hover above him, the soft pink head spliting you only gently "sit down, Kitten" he demans and you do, falling flush against him, filled in one smooth movement. You clench but try to stay calm with a lung full of air "Well done, Pet. Cum for me"
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starrynocturne · a month ago
let my arms be your safety ➵ l.l
Tumblr media
fall fridays masterlist | main masterlist
summary ➞ you and loki go to a haunted house, but things don't go as planned.
pairing ➞ vampire!loki laufeyson x f!reader
warnings/tags ➞ reader has a panic attack [loki calms her down], mention of blood, gore and death, established relationship, fluff
word count ➞ 1K
note ➞ this is a lil sequel for my fic your light, it follows me in darkness! it's also fic #3 for 'fall fridays'. i love vampire!loki and wanted to bring him back, and i thought this would be a fun way to do it! comments and feedback are always appreciated 💗
You’re standing in line for the most famous (and scariest) haunted house in your city with your boyfriend, Loki. For his turn choosing the date night activity, he somehow decided that scaring his girlfriend was the best idea. It took a week of him practically begging before you caved; after all, it was his turn to pick, and he had to put up with all of your ideas he wasn’t so keen on.
“You look more scared now than when you found out about me.”
“Yeah, well, I trust you. I don’t trust the people inside.”
“It’ll be alright, love, I’ll be with you the entire time. They can’t hurt you.”
He’s right, and you know it, but that doesn’t stop you from being nervous. What makes you anxious is the unknowing; when will someone jump out? What will they look like? What are the rules for how the actors can go?
Loki owes you big time for this.
The worker rattles off the rules but a loud scream from inside distracts you. Her voice sounds a million miles away, but you’re able to catch a little of what she’s saying. Something about not touching the actors, and reporting them if they touch a guest.
Loki gives your hand a squeeze. “Take a deep breath,” he instructs. Once you have, he asks, “ready?”
You nod despite knowing you aren’t at all.
The darkness makes it nearly impossible to navigate your surroundings, and Loki has to catch you as you trip over something. There’s a noticeable difference in temperature from outside as well; the room is a lot warmer to the point where you can feel sweat beginning to drip down your back. They want you to feel as uncomfortable as possible and it’s working.
“Watch where you’re going,” an actor dressed as a knock-off Michael Myers jumps out from behind the wall and a flash of light shows you stumbled over a ‘dead body’. You scream and jump back while the man laughs before going back to his hiding spot. Just minutes in and you already want it to be over.
“Do you want to be in front or behind me?” Loki asks. You weigh your options: if he’s in front, you’ll know when something’s coming because they’ll get him first. If you trail behind, someone can creep up on you. Either way, you lose.
“Uh, I guess behind.”
Loki turns the corner and you get a glimpse of a man with a chainsaw before you turn and cover your eyes. The loud, sudden sound of the device being revved sends a chill down your spine despite the heat and you desperately try to block it out.
“It’s over, you’re okay.”
Yeah, for now.
You trail behind him and keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious, only making it a few steps before feeling someone breathe on your neck. Startled, you turn and come face to face with a man dressed as a clown. He’s holding a red balloon that he offers to you with a horrifying grin on his face.
“It’s just a balloon, love,” your eyes widen at his use of Loki’s nickname for you. He must’ve heard Loki say it before. “Why do you look so scared?” He tilts his head in curiosity.
“I promise I don’t bite,” the clown snickers before flashing a set of sharp teeth that are stained red. His mouth comes close to your hand, not enough to touch you, but enough to taunt you.
That’s the final straw.
“L-Loki,” you barely gasp his name out; it’s getting harder and harder to breathe. Tears prick the back of your eyes and you sink to the floor trying to steady your breathing. In, out. In, out. The music seems to get louder and the walls seem to be caving in on you. Everything is overwhelming.
“Love?” He turns and immediately knows what’s going on; he’s seen it numerous times before. “I got you, c’mon.”
His arms wrap around your waist as he leads you out to safety. “She’s having a panic attack, let us out safely please,” he tells the workers. The lights turn back on but the sudden change startles you and burns your eyes.
Once you’re outside, he guides you to a bench and sits next to you. “We’re safe, nothing can get you now. I’m right here, love, it’s okay,” he repeats this to you while rubbing your back. “Can you name five things you see for me?”
You nod weakly and look around. “A tree, the moon, a car, a woman, and a building.”
“Good,” he praises, “now four things you can touch.”
Loki guides you through the rest of the steps. That along with being out of the haunted house and back into the cooler weather helps you wind down. It’s quieter too and makes it easier to focus on one thing at a time.
The guilt is gnawing at him; if he wouldn’t have pushed you to come, this wouldn’t have happened. It was selfish of him to keep asking and asking until he finally got what he wanted. Now the night is ruined, and worse than that, he upset you. He caused you to suffer. How can you forgive him? How can he forgive himself?
“I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have come; when you said no, I should’ve dropped it and planned something else. This wasn’t fair for you, and I’m so sorry about what happened. Is there anything you need me to do? How else can I help? I want to make sure you’re okay.”
“I’m alright. You getting me out of there and doing the grounding techniques helped a lot. So don’t be sorry, you saw something was wrong and immediately knew what to do. I thought I’d be fine, but not knowing when something was going to happen and barely being able to see got to me. Plus the music and the heat were too much; it was very overwhelming.”
“I love you,” he murmurs before pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
“I love you more.”
You can barely keep your eyes open on the ride home; once you’re back, he carries you inside, tucks you under the weighted blanket and wraps his arms around you. Being in his arms makes you feel safe and secure, and you nuzzle yourself closer and close your eyes.
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Patching Up 》 Loki x Reader
request: Hii, your requests are still open? If they are, could you write what would happen if Y/N comes back home from a mission looking fine, but then Loki finds her in the bathroom bleeding and failing to tend to her wounds? Btw: I absolutely love your writings 💖(@christineblood)
a/n: doll, i absolutely loved writing this piece! thank you SO much for the request and thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy them! 💙
summary: You appeared fine when you came home from the mission, but when Loki walks into the bathroom to see you covered in wounds, Dr. Laufeyson enters the scene.
warnings: fluff, bruises/cuts/wounds, pain, language
word count: 1.7k
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You made your way through the doors of the elevator, heading straight for the bedroom you and Loki shared. Your face hid its grimace well, but on the inside, your body absolutely felt shattered, but you were stubborn. You never wanted anyone to worry about you.
Especially Loki.
And you had done well when you walked into the bedroom to see your boyfriend sprawled out across the large bed, a book in his hand. He ran a hand through his satin-black locks that were sitting just above his shoulders. His blue eyes cast themselves over to you.
You looked wonderful.
“Hi, love.” Loki’s voice trailed.
“Hi,” You smiled at him, headed straight for the bathroom.
His eyebrows knitted together in slight confusion, watching as you closed the door softly. Usually, you would walk over and lazily kiss him before making an attempt to undress after a mission. You looked perfectly fine from the outside.
Maybe your nerves had gotten the best of you. Either way, Loki knew to never intrude on you unless he felt it was absolutely necessary. So as he heard the bathroom sink turn on, he exhaled slowly and readjusted his eyes onto the book he was dissolving himself into. His day had gone quite normal. He awoke to you beside him this morning, peppered your gorgeous face with kisses until your eyes fluttered open to meet his. He wounded his arms tight around your body, his chin nuzzling into the crook of your neck until you finally had to force him off of you to get dressed for his training session with his dear brother.
You also had training, but with Natasha. And once training was finished, you were called out to a mission. Loki remembered earlier today you approached him, all dressed in your attire.
Once you gave him a kiss goodbye, you told him you would be home later. You were headed on a mission with Natasha, Steve, and Sam.
While he was inducing his panic-stricken thoughts of today’s events, you were settled in the bathroom, hands gripping the corners of the vanity. You had started to remove your clothes, hissing under your breath each time you made an attempt. Again, you looked absolutely fine.
But when you finally peeled the suit off of your body, your eyes were met with gruesome bruises, superficial and deep cuts dancing across your chest as well as abdomen. Blood was still pooling from a few of them which caused you to groan quietly. The first aid kit was settled underneath the cabinet. The motion of bending down hurt more than anything.
Natasha and you had found yourselves tangled up with a group of men who ultimately gained the upper hand on you. Although you and Nat defeated them with ease, it didn’t help that one attacked you with a knife. You then noticed the slashes all over your suit, but you also had a jacket on as you were walking inside due to the chill of October brushing across your exposed skin.
Loki, who was still on the bed, bit his lip when he heard the water continuously running. Bookmarking the page he was on, he placed the hardcover on the nightstand before hoisting himself out of the bed and walking to the bathroom. Drumming his knuckles across the wooden surface, your eyes widened and your breath was caught suddenly.
You didn’t want him to see you like this.
“Darling, can I please come in?” He asked you.
You closed your eyes tightly, cursing under your breath. “...No?” You said as a question.
Of course, he never bought it when your voice became high-pitched. He knew you far too well.
“That’s it,” He sighed, opening the door. When he walked inside of the bathroom, he saw you standing in front of the mirror, gauze, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and a rag displayed in front of you. Loki’s eyes surveyed your body. He walked over and held his hand on your shoulder, gently turning you. You were only wearing your pants and a bra, the rest of your body exposed.
Cuts danced across your abdomen and chest, the bruises forming quickly, blood seeping from others. Loki’s mouth fell open and his heart clenched.
“Darling,” He finally said after a moment of silence and staring at you. “You looked absolutely fine when you walked in.” Loki picked his eyes up to look into yours. You sheepishly smiled but winced, the pain building.
He glanced over your shoulder and saw the supplies, already shaking his head.
“For starters,” He picked up the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. “You never use this on cuts. Sometimes it does more harm than good to your skin.” He sighed, placing the bottle underneath the cabinet. He looked between you and the counter full of things to patch you up, shaking his head.
Without uttering a word, your eyebrows furrowed when Loki gently picked you up. He sat you on the counter, his body nestling in between your legs. He was wearing a black t-shirt and his gray sweatpants, his dark hair luscious and full. His blue eyes were pooled with worry but registered ease when he kissed your lips sweetly.
“Are you my doctor?” You chuckled quietly as Loki stared at you, offering you a mischievous wink, a cheeky smile spreading across his delicate features soon after.
“Dr. Laufeyson is in the house.” He murmured with a laugh and flirtatious wink, making you giggle.
He noticed the gash on your arm, deciding to start there first. Turning the sink water to a warmer temperature than the frigid cold you had it set to, he carefully put your arm under it. You hissed as the water rushed into the cut, your feet instinctively moving to wrap around Loki’s waist, his eyes focused on the wound.
“Just some warm water to flush the dirt out, I’m sorry, my love.” He cooed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
He tossed back the rough washcloth and resorted to a softer-feeling one. He was glad he had walked in when he did, or else you wouldn’t have properly taken care of yourself.
He grabbed a bottle of the saline solution instead, dabbing it onto the cloth. He wiped it over each of the cuts that appeared on your stomach and chest. Each subtle moment, he would feel you gazing at him. A smile would pull itself across his face and he’d reward your good behavior with sweet kisses to your mouth.
For the more gruesome cuts on your skin, Loki placed the antibiotic ointment across the opened ones, feeling as you jolted.
“Shit, Loki!” Your feet kicked back and forth, the stinging sensation making you squirm.
“I know, darling, I know. I’m sorry.” He apologized quickly. He applied the gauze and the tape soon after, your hand digging into his shoulder. He sighed, giving you another signature, rewarding kiss as you seethed in front of him.
“You can’t just snap your fingers and make it go away?” You asked him, referencing his magic. Loki laughed, his eyes staring deeply into yours.
“I wish, my beloved.” He kissed your forehead this time.
Nearly forty-five minutes later and your body donned band-aides, bandages, along with the bruising that added a distinct color to your complexion. Loki lifted you off of the counter and placed your feet on the floor. He quickly put all of the supplies away, the first aid kit finding itself concealed underneath the vanity yet again before he grabbed your hand and whisked you into the bedroom.
Leading you over to the bed, he did use magic to transform your clothes. You watched as your pants and bra were removed, leaving you in a pair of cozy sweatpants and one of his tees.
Smirking to yourself, you rolled your eyes.
“Can use magic to change my clothes but not to fix my wounds.” You huffed, crossing your arms over your chest, wincing. Loki stared at you, his hand cupping your cheek.
“I’m just glad I went in there when I did,” He huffed. “Hydrogen peroxide? A rough washcloth? Cold water? Darling, you were setting yourself up for failure.” He laughed, rubbing your cheek with his fingers. You giggled, shaking your head.
“Was the mission successful though, despite your damaged exterior?” He asked you. You nodded.
“Yeah,” You sighed. “Honestly, one minute Natasha and I had him on the ground. The next? Both of these guys came out of nowhere and basically jumped me.” You laughed.
Loki half-smiled before reaching down and pressing his mouth against yours, his lips moving against yours with absolute ease.
“What does Dr. Laufeyson suggest for treatment?” You wiggled your eyebrows, running your hands across your boyfriend’s chest. Loki grasped your hands, holding them in between his, kissing your knuckles.
As your back pressed against the mattress, Loki’s face hovered above yours, his eyes scanning yours.
“Sleep,” He whispered as his lips brushed against your ear, sending a shudder down your spine.
“But that sucks!” You laughed, your face contorting with pain as your abs ached from the events of earlier. Loki shook his head at you, rubbing your upper thigh.
“Let’s get you better and then Dr. Laufeyson will prescribe the aftercare.” He laughed, making your cheeks begin to heat up as you stared at him.
"What does aftercare involve?" You asked him with the lick of your lips. Your boyfriend stared down at you, the man's features breathtaking. With his mouth nestled against your head, he gently nipped at the flesh of your neck, making you groan.
"I will chain you to this bed and by the time I'm finished devouring you and taking what belongs to me," He whispered, making you shudder. "I will make your current bruises look like child's play."
Your eyed widened as he removed his mouth from your ear, poking the tip of your nose with a smile.
Loki smirked and kissed your lips passionately one last time before he wrapped his arms lightly around you, ensuring not to cause you any more pain.
Your head rested on his chest and you grew excited when he grasped the book he was reading when you first came home, his voice lulling you to sleep within thirty minutes of his voice mouthing the words from the pages.
Dr. Laufeyson was the best doctor.
Tumblr media
tagging: @immersed-in-mischief @high-functioning-lokipath @annoyingsweetsstranger @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston @spidyyparker @deanaddicted2 @ethanshide @lokistoriesblog @l0st-in-reality @shae-annelore @realandloud @marvelgirl0515 @tiredmamamac @cherii--bomb @stuckybarton @peachsteven @vampire7595 @moonshooter @knopewyattworld @holdmytesseract
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nelleicrain · 4 months ago
in any form | l.l
title: in any form
pairing: female!Loki x gender neutral!reader
summary: Loki has always felt this way, he just hasn't worked out how to tell anyone yet.
warning: self doubt, angst, fluff and think that's it. This was wrote before we knew about Sylvie so this isnt suppose to be her :)
word count: 598
a/n: wanted to write something that explores Loki being gender fluid with it becoming cannon in the show and this was the out come, please let me know of any changes i could make! Edited but might have missed something.
Tumblr media
To say Loki was nervous was an understatement, he was completely terrified. He didn’t even tell anyone what he was doing, too scared of their reaction. Odin would go mad, Frigga would pity him and Thor would just be confused. Maybe you would understand, you always did when it came to him. You knew how he was feeling even before he did most days.
He pushed open the door to the room he was hiding in and walked. No one gave him a second glance. He had no idea how, to him it was obviously he was Loki only in the form for a woman. Loki couldn’t explain it, he knew people had genders but he didn’t feel like just one, it was like fluid, he was, changing.
The thought had started small but over months it grew bigger and bigger, it brought him here. Walking down the halls of the palace wearing an old dress he had found in the laundry room. It was too short for him, but like his mother always said, Beggars can’t be choses.
10 minutes of anxiously walking around nodding and smiling to people he passed he started to gain some confidence. Smiling to himself, this isnt as hard as I thought. He said to himself.
“Hmmm, you know I prefer wearing green” a voice sighed ahead of Loki. His head snapped up to see you walking with your followers flipping through papers. “It’s Loki’s colour” you murmured.
“Yes, your highness but the seamstress doesn’t have any green yet and you need the dress for the ball next week” one said pointing to something on the page.
You pulled a face at the paper then sighed looking up again. Loki frozen when his eyes met yours. You stared back at Loki searching his whole face.
You held up your hand gesturing everyone to stop. “Take these to the seamstress and tell them I’ll have the gold one” you half turned for a moment handing the papers over, “then you can all go about your day, I won’t be needing you”.
Loki took the moment of distinction and turned in the other direction. He walked faster when he heard footsteps behind him. He rounded a corner fast speeding back to the spare room seeking safety.
“Wait!” he heard you called from behind him.
A hand grabbed his arm pulling him to a stop.
You stood there gasping for breath. “Gods, how can you run so fast in heels”.
“I think you have me mistake, your highness” Loki muttered not being able to meet your eyes.
He took a step forward but you pulled him back again. You looked behind him checking if you were alone, then spoke softly. “My love, I can recognise you anyway” you smiled, running your thumb over his knuckles. “In any form” you added.
Uncertainly flashed across his face, you gasped pulling him into a small nook.
“Why did you not tell me you had this planned?” you whispered in case anyone was close.
He closed his eyes not wanting to meet your eyes. “I didn’t know how you’d react. You fell for the male me, not this” he directed attention to his body.
“How could you think that?” you asked in disbelief. “I’m about to make vows to love you no matter what”.
“Do you truly mean that?” he asked still feeling doubt.
You pulled him closer and kissed him quickly. “Now come with me and I’ll help you with that god awful dress”.
He studied you carefully, “Like this?”.
You grinned, “I’d love you in any form”.
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Ok but like.. Soulmate at with Loki? That would be wjsoaou4mru.
HII!! No problem! Here you go and I hope you like it! 💚
*Requests are open!*
Pairing: Loki x Fem! Reader
Word count: 1311
Summary: Loki arrives to the Stark tower, nearly a month after the 2012 events, and he sees you again, the one that made time stop around him.
Warnings: Dubious concent.
(The gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You're mine, period.
“If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now” he joked defeated, staring at the moving shadow that jumped out the window seconds before literally kicking his ass against the floor.
What in the nine realms was that?
Could they have any idea? Unlikely.
He thought to himself watching Thor as he slid a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, sealing them tight.
A month passed after that.
The memory of the cloud of smoke that had left him in that weary state haunted him, to the point of believing he had seen a face in the stormy image.
But it wasn’t the only thing that bothered him. The avengers, who had grudgingly received him back in the remodeled tower, treated him with hostility, it wasn’t that he was very nice either, but the constant thought of the smoky vision calmed him somehow.
“Reindeer games, your ass on deck, now” Tony’s voice resounded through the speakers hidden in his room. He stirred in the green silky sheets of his bed; a groan escaped his throat as he set his book down.
Reluctantly, he got out of bed and headed down the stairs to the common wing, where Nat, Capitan, Thor, and Tony watched a black cloud float in different directions above them. Loki froze, watching the fluidity of their movements and landing in the middle of the group could only think of one thing, That damn cloud!
Enraged and summoning one of his daggers, he stepped forward to harm whoever was behind the surprise attack that day.
However, the air around him immediately became lighter, he felt as if he was breathing for the first time in a long time, his dagger disappeared, his heart was pounding against his bones, to the point that the palpitations rose to his head. He felt warm, relaxed. The looks of contempt that the group gave him didn’t affect him in the least, not when he was in front of that person.
“Her name is Y/N, and she’ll be the new member of our group, under the code name of Cloud 9” Cap announced patting your back, “Were the numbers one to eight occupied?” Loki taunted, earning a disapproval look from the group, but you laughed.
“You must be Loki, I’m so sorry for what happened that day, I didn’t wanted to hurt you that much, just neutralize you…It got out of hand” you walked up to him, your apology didn’t made him speak back, “You look okay to me, but are you hurting somewhere?” Threads of smoke emanated from your fingers that dissipated in the air, immediately Loki assimilated the image to how water evaporates at the end of a waterfall, it had the same movement.
“I can make it better, not fix it though, but I’ll try my best” you said with a smile that soon was wiped out by a slap.
The whole room erupted in protests, as Tony rushed to get you away from him, “What the hell is wrong with you?!” Tony shouted, why did he do that? Your hand went straight to your cheek, caressing the warm spot.
What is wrong with me?
I need her the furthest away from me.
“Brother, come with me” It was easy for Thor to get Loki out of the room, he didn't put up much resistance, which was very strange to him. "Could it be? Brother, tell me what you see" Loki looked up, "So are you really blonde, or did you ask mother to dye those roots for you?” he side smiled, Thor couldn’t stop himself from hugging him as tight as he could.
“Loki this is fantastic, you have to tell her now!” but how? ‘Hey, you and I are meant to be?’ no, that would scare her away.
“Wait, but why did you hit her?” the blonde asked, Loki shrugged, looking down at his hand, “I panicked” he confessed, never in his long life had ever shared something like that with his brother, which made Thor very internally happy.
“Apologize when things calm down, alright?” Loki nodded, still very confused.
Weeks passed, Loki still didn’t apologize and he tried to avoid you as much as he could, but he said that the universe was playing a bad joke on him, wherever he went he ran into you, the feeling of warmth inside him burned him, it put him in a very bad mood and unfortunately you spent being the first recipient of his mood.
Until one day he did the unthinkable.
The group was about to have a meeting, and even tough every member was present, you weren’t, and neither was Loki.
In the hallway, Loki ambushed you, the small cry of surprise you gave was soon drowned when he covered your mouth with his hand and teleported with you to his room.
Your back slammed into the wall, his breathing was ragged and he could barely keep a grip on your waist, his head fell over the curve of your neck.
It’s wet. You thought looking down on his raven locks falling onto your neck’s exposed skin.
“Loki?” you broke the silence, the sweetness in your voice despite how scared you were hit him hard.
He didn't say anything, but you felt his lips against your collarbone and up your neck. "Loki wait" his grip on your wrists became much stronger, and little could you move with his hips pushing yours against the wall. "Loki stop" you begged, but his mouth caught yours and neither could stop. Suddenly you did not want to fight against him, against that feeling of belonging that he gave you with each movement, it just felt right.
“I’m sorry” he breathed, leaving you feeling the cold of the absence of his body warmth.
“Thor told me in Asgard you guys don’t see colors until you meet ‘the one’, and told me you saw them when we met” Loki was too caught up in your gaze to feel angry with his brother, instead he backed up until the back of his knees hit the bed and lazily sat on top of the messy sheets.
“We have something similar, time sort of stops around us and our partner, and I was so happy because I’ve finally found my one, you”.
You walked towards him, which allowed him to have access to pull your legs to get you closer to him, your hands fell to the sides of his face, caressing his raised cheekbones and the gray lines on his nose that had resided from what happened in New York.
“I don’t know why I did it, I was scared, this is new to me” he melted against your touch, but he wanted more, so pulling your legs again, he made you fall into his lap, nuzzling his face against your neck.
“I didn’t mind anyways, thanks for letting me know though” you placed a kiss on his forehead, “Will you let me conquer your heart, Y/N?” you giggled, “You’re welcome to try, mon soleil*, it’s not like there’s anyone else anyway” he shook his head, kissing and nibbling on your skin, “You’re mine, period” you smiled, that void in your heart feeling so full in his arms.
“Only if you’re mine as well” you booped his nose, “Of course darling” he didn’t even hesitate on his response.
“Adaline and Ellis, come on we have a meeting” Tony’s voice stopped you both from kissing again, “I love that movie” you whispered against his lips before connecting them again.
“Let’s go” He did not care where you went, he wanted to be there with you, and he took an hour and a half of sermon by the captain, and then caught you in his arms again and took you to his room.
"Mine" he murmured before falling asleep, with you stroking his hair.
*Mon soleil: My sun
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professorrw · 5 months ago
hii can you do a professor loki x reader smut !! where she is being a tease and he punishes her over his desk with degrading or teasing ? thank you !!! 💘💘
Pairing: female reader x Prof!Loki
Requested: Yes
Warnings: smut, 18+, oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, pet names (kitten, darling), age gap (reader in college, Loki is 40), some degrading, light edging, fingering, swearing, begging
A/N: Requests are open for one-shots, headcanons, imagines, and drabbles for My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, and Marvel! My taglist is open so if you’d like to be on that just tell me! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
You were a broke student going to a prestigious college. Of course that school had the best professors. At least that’s what you had heard. But you weren’t prepared for one of your professors to be so hot. Compared to your other teachers he was one of the youngest at the ripe age of forty when you were in your senior year.
Everything about him just screamed sex appeal. You weren’t one to judge someone solely on appearances but damn, he was fine. He had a sexy British accent and dark black hair and the way he rolled his sleeves up showcased his arms in just the right way. It didn’t help your concentration when he wore those tight black khakis that squeezed against his ass.
To help pay for your college tuition you became a teachers’ assistant. You did a lot of work for Professor Laufeyson and soon something began to bud. At first it was just friendly banter but then it developed into more. By the end of the school year you and your professor had a secret relationship. It was easier to keep it a secret because you were a teachers’ assistant. You could go to his classroom after hours and no one would bat an eyelash.
Over the summer your romance really hit it off. By your senior year you two were still going strong. So strong in fact you would tease him during class. It was blistering hot one day, which gave you an excuse to wear a loose top and a skirt. When you leaned over your desk the top was just low enough that your cleavage would be on display.
When he was doing a lecture and caught sight of your chest his breath would catch and he would falter, then go straight back to teaching. After class though when you came back to drop off papers you knew what was going to happen.
You knocked on the door to his office and he called for you to come in. You stepped into the room which was only lit by the lamp next to him. The lamp shade casted his mahogany desk in an orange glow. His walls were lined with the same material of bookshelves, which were filled with a variety of books.
He was grading assignments but when he saw you he set his pen down and sat back in his chair. He took off his reading glasses and set them down on top of the paper he was previously looking at. He crossed one of his legs over the other and intertwined his fingers in his lap. His polished black shoes were bobbing up and down and tapping on the floor.
He gave you a sultry smile before he started talking. “You’re very naughty. I saw what you were doing earlier. Were you trying to tease me darling?”
He ‘tsked,’ “I think you’ll need to be punished. Don’t you agree?”
“I suppose I do.” You were looking forward to the so-called punishment. It wasn’t actually a punishment at all. He would bend you over his desk and fuck you until you couldn’t walk anymore. In your book that was a treat.
“Sassy little thing aren’t you? Well, you know how this goes,” he said. He picked up his stack of papers and put them in his seat which he had stood from. He set the books in a stack next to his desk and put the lamp on top of it. From the new position of the light it was harder to see than before. The light was still on the ceiling and the sides of the desk, but it wasn’t as bright as earlier.
You indeed knew how this went. You walked to his desk and bent over, plump ass sticking out just for him. He walked around his desk and placed a hand against your ass. He let out a low chuckle.
“No underwear darling? I hope you haven’t let other people see your tight little pussy.”
“I haven’t. It’s only for you,” you said.
“That’s what I like to hear.”
He rubbed and pinched your butt cheeks before he even went near your vagina. He slotted his hand between your legs and pushed your feet so they would be further apart. He ran his thumb along your folds before he put it inside you. You started moaning as he moved his thumb around inside you.
“Let me hear you kitten,” he purred.
You moaned more as he increased the intensity of his movements. He took his thumb out and added two other fingers. He curled and scissored and pumped them in and out, doing everything he knew would make you cum. You were gripping the edge of his desk and he was fingering you so intensely in a few minutes of his cooing and your moaning you were about to reach your orgasm.
“I’m- I’m about to cum.”
“Not yet kitten. You’ve been naughty.” He pulled his fingers completely out of you, making a whine come out of your lips.
“Being needy will only make your punishment worse. Do you want me to stop?” he asked.
He had built you up until you were seconds away from coming and then stopped. Of course you didn’t want him to stop. You wanted him to put his fingers or dick in your vagina or else you would finish yourself off.
“No. Please- Please fuck me. I’ll stop being naughty,” you begged.
“You like it when I fuck you?”
“Yes- Yes. Please-” you were cut off by something being pressed against your slit. He had unzipped his pants and lined himself up whilst you were talking.
You pushed the rest of his length in by the time he was fully in you were close to your orgasm again. He immediately started thrusting, fulfilling your need for him. He wasn’t going to go easy on you at all. He was already going fast when he started and he had to hold onto your shoulders for support. His balls were slapping against you at every thrust, filling the room with grunts, moans, and the sound of slapping.
Loki himself wasn’t the type to last rounds and if he really wanted he could cum quickly. He intended to cum right after you did so when you screamed out he knew it was time. Your cum spilled out and covered his dick, creating less friction.
Just moments later his seed squirted into you. After a few more slower thrusts he pulled out, cum dripping with his and your cum combined. You turned around slowly, trying not to aggravate your sensitive pussy. There in front of you was Loki, who hadn’t pulled his pants back up and had his dick just hanging out.
“Why don’t you make it up to me and clean this up?” He motioned to his cock and you eased yourself onto your knees. You licked and sucked on his dick until all the juices were cleaned off. When you were finished you stood back up and Loki pressed a kiss to your lips.
“Thank you kitten. Do you want to stay for a drink?”
You stayed for a few more hours and had a drink with your professor until you had to go back to your apartment for the night.
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jotunn-loki · 8 months ago
loki x fem!reader drabble
- - -
“Stay still, darling.”
“I’m trying,” you shot back, voice practically a whine. Loki had you spread out on the mattress, their long, perfect fingers working magic into your thighs and breasts—quite literally, in fact—and made you unable to keep still as they so commanded you. It was so difficult when you could feel those slim digits slipping ever so closer to your center, where you knew you were already dripping with want.
Sighing, you squirmed, physically begging for Loki to reach their destination.
But no.
Loki smirked, touch ghosting down the center of your stomach and over your cunt, sending light tickles across your pelvis. You bucked up to meet them, but they only shook their head. “So impatient, little one,” they murmured, and you groaned. Their voice alone could give you an orgasm.
And you were so fucking close already.
- - -
a/n: because i’ve had this in my docs just sitting there forever, why not get it out into the world?
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thatonebrazilian · 17 days ago
Y/N: If you had to choose between Loki and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Sylvie: That depends, how much money are we talking about?
Loki: Sylvie!
Y/N: 63 cents.
Sylvie: I'll take the money.
Loki: SYLVIE!!!
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your-highnessmarvel · 7 months ago
From Bleak to Bright ~ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary:  (Loki x reader) soulmate au. The world turns from black and white to color once you meet your soulmate, and oh Gods, please, not him. Angst. Future NSFW
* = smut/explicit content
All parts contain foul language
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heloisedaphnebrightmore · 6 months ago
Clouded judgement [Loki Laufeyson x Reader] - Challenge
Tumblr media
Title: Clouded judgement Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Asgardian!Female!Reader Word count: 4.8k Published: 25 May 2021 Author: Heloise Daphne Brightmore Warnings: Angst and fluff Summary: After years of living in his brother’s shadow, Loki feels as though he is an equal finally as things seem to fall into place. That is until he sees you with his brother, enjoying his company. His emotions start to cloud his judgement and in fear of having to go back where he was, he makes a decision he soon regrets. Challenge: [x] [x] This is for @sventeen-daybreak's 600 followers writing challenge and I used the overall vibe of the song.
“What would it feel like if you tore me apart? / Come on chew on my heart” [Chew on my heart by James Bay]
Marvel Characters Masterlist | Masterlists
Tom Hiddleston and Characters Masterlist
If you enjoy my stories, please consider donating and supporting me on Ko-fi. Of course, it’s completely your choice, I will continue updating for free anyway :) Thank you <3
Tumblr media
Thor has always been a brother figure to you, you grew up together after all. He was someone who was always there for you when you needed him, but mostly got on your nerves intentionally. He found enjoyment in your grimaces and child-like sulking. Regardless of how irritating he was at times, you loved him dearly. However, Loki was different. You never looked at him as a brother or a friend. You pretended to see him in that light, of course, not wanting your secret to be revealed, but your feelings for him were deeper, rooted in a romantic interest.
You tried to hide it and treat them equally, but at times you found it rather difficult. Sometimes you wished to run up to Loki to give him a hug, whilst you fist bumped Thor, but you knew if you differentiated them, your secret would be at risk. So, you pushed your emotions aside and used a logical part of your mind to make decisions that would ensure the safety of your secret.
Though you carefully planned out how to go about your feelings, others had different ideas. Loki always voiced how he just wanted to be an equal to Thor, someone who had just as much opportunity, someone who received as much love and care, someone who was no different, but when it came to you, he wanted to be above his brother, he wanted to be first and more important to you. He wasn't happy with your carefully concocted plan to be stuck on the same level as his brother, especially because he didn't feel he was.
Loki was growing tired of being a shadow of his brother once again. He wanted you to look at him differently, to treat him as though he was more important to you. He had to admit he was jealous and though the word itself made him enraged, he tried to conceal it. He envied the relationship you had with Thor. Even though you thought you were careful and treated them equally, Loki's genius mind was clouded by his emotions, his jealousy.
Thor and Loki's relationship had been a rollercoaster, but finally they were at peace with each other and even Odin was proud of his younger adopted son. Everything seemed finally calm between the brothers, but it didn't matter how proud his brother made him and how supportive he had been towards Thor, Loki found himself taken over by an envious storm once again.
He leaned against the door frame of your room in the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, his arms folded in front of his chest, his body language screaming indifference. He acted as though he couldn't care about the loud laughter that left your lips, the small crinkles appearing beside your eyes or the way you threw your head back as another fit of laughter erupted from your lungs. Loki tried to pretend that it didn't affect him, that his heart didn't ache from the sight of another man making you laugh wholeheartedly as he watched from the side-line. But deep down he was burning in jealousy, eating him up from the inside. He knew he should have been happy for you as a friend and he tried, many times before, but he couldn't control the little demons that discouraged him from ever expressing his feelings to you. He believed, if it came to making a decision between him and his brother, the mighty Thor, the God of Thunder, you would choose his brother without a hint of doubt. The feeling of not being equal, only a second to Thor once again messed with his head and as he stood in the doorway, watching you laughing at something his brother told you, he made a decision he felt was long awaited.
"Why do you keep standing there? Come here," you smiled softly as you patted the golden couch beside you, offering him a place to sit. But instead of taking up on your offer, he just shook his head with a solemn expression. "Is everything okay?" You asked, slightly worried about the look on his face. Instead of a reply, he just nodded. With a heavily beating heart, you stood up from the sofa and walked up to him, placing a hand on his face, gently caressing his cheek with the tip of your thumb. "You look troubled. Is there a way I could help ease your worries?" You asked, eyes filled with hope to help the man you loved so dearly.
Loki wanted to lean into your palm, enjoying your soft touch against his skin, the connection making him feel as though your mere presence radiated safety, a feeling he only felt with you. But he had to remind himself of his plan. He grabbed your wrist and with a harsh movement pushed your hand away from him. His actions surprised you, making you slightly jump at the unexpected reaction. The coldness in his eyes was unfamiliar, your concern for him greatly growing. "I don't need your help," he replied firmly, a chill running through your spine at the emotionless tone. Even when you did something silly, he was always there to reassure you that it was all going to work out, because whatever you wanted, you were capable of achieving. He was always there to encourage you and offer you his endless support. He was the one who always kept you in one piece, even when you were going through hardships. But as he stood in front of you with his gaze empty, his jaw tightened, his tone cold and emotionless, something felt off and you weren't about to let it go.
"You are acting strange, Loki," you spoke with a deep frown across your brows, your eyes studying his face, trying to understand what could have gone through his mind.
He raised a questioning brow as he tilted his head. "No, I'm not. Perhaps you just don't know me well enough," he shrugged nonchalantly, his whole demeanour making you feel as though there was an invisible wall between the two of you.
"That's ridiculous. I know you, Loki. We have been friends for long enough," you scoffed at the absurdity of his words.
"You are no friend to me," he spat the words filled with hatred. A silent gasp left your lungs, his words painfully piercing through your chest, as though a dagger stabbed you in your heart. Feeling your chest tighten, your air cut off for a mere moment, you stumbled back in your place, your knees weakening as your brain processed his words. Loki didn't mean what he said, the words he spoke weren't the ones he meant to say, but they escaped involuntary and regardless of how painful it felt, he couldn't take them back.
"Loki!" Thor raised his voice warningly at his brother, but both you and Loki ignored him.
"What are you talking about? I don't understand you," you grabbed his arm desperately, but he just shook it off. He could see the pain in your eyes, the tears threatening to escape. His only wish was to wrap his arms around you and apologise repeatedly, to tell you that he didn't mean a word he said, but he couldn't do that. His pride stood in the way, the thought of being a second again enraged him.
"Wasn't I clear enough. Must I explain everything in detail?" He spat in anger. He didn't want to hurt you, but before he could have even thought of the words he wanted to say, they escaped him without a warning.
"But Loki, what have I done?" Your voice was tiny as though it wasn't even your voice. It was weak and desperate, somewhat needy. None of what Loki said made sense and the cold look in his eyes, the firm stance he took up on, it wasn't the Loki you knew.
"Nothing," he replied with a straight face. "You are simply no use to me anymore," he spoke, his words even surprising him. He didn't mean to make you feel as though you were a toy, he grew tired of. He realised it was time for him to not say another word. He knew what he had done, he knew you hated him and that it was too late for him to take it back. Opening your mouth, you were ready to strike back, but no sound left your vocal cords. You stood in front of him as if you were a fish out of water, suffocating. Tears fell down your cheeks, streaming down heavily as the words finally reached you. You were of no use to him anymore.
The sight of your tears, the devastation he saw in your eyes made Loki internally scream. It reminded him of the last words he spoke to his mother, breaking the heart of the person he loved more than anyone else. And now as he stood in front of you, intentionally hurting you, he just wanted to travel back in time and take it all back. The look on your face terrified him, the thought of causing you pain made his heart churn in agony. He couldn't bear to watch your heart shatter right in front of his eyes, all because he was a coward.
But you weren't a fool, you knew something was wrong. The unshed tears you desperately tried to keep from escaping blurred your vision as you stood in front of him unsteadily, wiping away the remaining evidence of your silent cries. Grabbing his arm once again, this time you didn't let him shake you off and you purposely changed your whole demeanour. You knew him, you knew who he really was, and you decided you weren't about to give up on him.
Your strong hold around him surprised Loki, he didn't expect you to cling to him after he treated you so disrespectfully. Once again, he tried to shake your hand off, but you didn't give in. There was a raging fire of determination in your eyes that Loki couldn't place and certainly couldn't understand. You caught his facade crumble for a mere moment only, wavering under your stubbornness, but it was enough for you to know there was something behind his nasty behaviour. "You can't fool me, you dumb man. It doesn't matter how hard you try," you hissed in anger as his cold exterior once again trembled at the sight of your firm stance against his ruthlessness, but he quickly rearranged himself as though he realised his slip-up.
He roughly removed his arm from your hold, your gaze capturing his stunned look once again, long enough for him to know you weren't hurt anymore, you were mad. Your eyes held anger as you looked up at the man and you didn't plan on hiding it. Loki knew he had gone too far and seeing your heart broken and enraged wasn't his plan. He just wanted to distance himself, never to feel like a second behind his brother, but he had gone too far. Before he could have made another foolish decision, he turned around with his jaw tightly shut, his fingers curving into a fist as he left you without a reply.
"Loki!" Thor shouted after his brother, but he didn't turn back. "I will talk to him," Thor shot up from the sofa and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly with a pained smile across his face.
"He is too stubborn to listen. There is something else behind his behaviour," you replied through gritted teeth, wanting nothing but to punch his younger brother.
"Then I shall bring him back so you can talk to him," he offered, earning a nod from you as he hurried after his brother, his heavy steps still audible from a distance.
You couldn't understand what had gotten into Loki, you couldn't pinpoint where this absurd behaviour and disrespectful manner came from, but the way he talked to you, the coldness in his eyes were ones you have never seen from him before. At least not towards you. His distanced behaviour lit a raging fire within you, wanting to confront the mischievous god, giving him a piece of your mind. He hurt you, it was terrifying to hear those words leave his lips, but the anger you felt towards him overpowered the initial aching in your heart, the heavy weight sitting on your chest.
Loki rushed through the corridors of the Royal Palace in haste, not being able to look at you any longer. He didn't mean for things to happen the way they did, he didn't mean to hurt you. When he realised what he had done, the only thing he could do was run. He knew he was a coward, but the pained look on your face terrified him and as soon as he realised you weren't having any of his foolish play, it scared him. His whole plan was reckless and stupid, he knew, but he couldn't find it in him to walk back to you and apologise. Loki thought if he was to go back, he would have to watch you growing closer to his brother and he couldn't bear the thought of you and Thor together.
So, he fled Asgard.
It's been a week since Loki disappeared and you couldn't handle not knowing where he was, what he has been doing, why he acted the way he did. You thought after all this time your anger would subside, but it weighed on you heavily just like on the day Loki decided to hurt you. A part of you was enraged, wanting nothing but return the pain you felt, however another part of you was worried about him, concerned for his safety. Walking up and down nervously in your room didn't help your case. Thor's letter about finding his brother awoke hope in you, but not the kind where you wanted to jump in his arms anymore. The kind that gave you the opportunity to tell him what a coward he was for running away.
A guard knocked on your door, pulling you out of your thoughts. He didn't need to speak, you knew Loki and Thor were back. You gave clear instructions to the guards to inform you upon their arrival. In haste, you headed to the entrance that led you to the Rainbow bridge, a storm of thoughts swirling around in your mind, scenarios upon scenarios playing every possibility of your reunion.
As you stepped outside the arch of the entrance, you caught sight of the brothers. Thor pushed on Loki's back as though he was a prisoner. He even wore a pair of handcuffs to stop him from trying anything. Frowning at the sight, you tilted your head innocently, Thor's actions seeming a bit much for your liking. You wanted Loki back, but if he didn't come on his own, did it really make a difference? You knew he would only listen to you because he had no other options.
Whilst Thor's extreme measures slightly bothered you, the anger that you have been harbouring screamed louder in your mind than to care about how he returned Loki. Whether with or without Loki's consent, you were to lash out on him, because he deserved it after the way he treated you.
"Well, well, well, look who found his way home," you arched a brow, but he didn't look at you. His gaze was fixed on the ground, not daring to meet your eyes. "Uncuff him, please" you instructed Thor, who did as he was told, knowing he had no place to join your disagreement. He helped as much as he could, he brought his brother back, but whatever was going on between you and Loki was none of his business, so after a reassuring nod, he left you.
Loki massaged his wrist where the handcuff cut into his flesh, but still didn't dare to lift his gaze. Everything seemed more interesting to him, but you. It angered you even more, but instead of losing control, you tightened your jaw and squeezed your lips shut. You patiently waited, though you didn't know for what. An apology maybe, an explanation, even an annoyed groan, but Loki was silent. Silence wasn't his strength, the man loved to talk, and this side was certainly new to you. For a mere second it occurred to you that he might have changed, and you just misinterpreted him the last time you met. But those thoughts quickly disappeared as you remembered his facade fall for a second, seeing him vulnerable even if for a mere moment.
"So, is this how it's going to be?" You asked with a straight face, hoping to earn a reply, some words maybe or even a sound. But Loki kept his lips sealed. "Look at me!" You raised your voice, but he didn't lift his gaze, he avoided meeting your eyes at all costs. There was a certain hopelessness you felt, a part of you burning in anger to know more, to have some sort of an explanation, but he didn't give in. "Talk to me!" You shouted at the man, but he just tightened his jaw and kept quiet.
Loki wanted to talk, he wanted to apologise, he wanted to look into your eyes and see what he had done to you. But he didn't have the courage to see the damage he had made. He was afraid of what he would see, the raging hatred in your eyes, the pity for the pathetic person he was, the anger his cowardness lit within you. It was all his fault, and he knew he had no right to speak, not even to apologise. His words would mean nothing to you, he let himself treat you so rudely after all.
"Talk to me! Open your mouth! You could never shut up, why are you starting now?" You asked, enraged at the silence. Walking up to him, you started hitting his chest, each blow harder than the previous one, but Loki just took it diligently. "Why are you doing this?" You shouted as you pushed on him, desperately trying to get him to say something, the silence driving you mad. Loki though he didn't have the right to stop you, each blow you struck at his chest was well deserved. He would have taken even harder punishments, he deserved it after all, but if that was what made you feel better, he would let you keep hitting him.
Your next blow halted in mid-air, tears collecting in your eyes, ready to escape. "Do you really hate me that much?" Your voice barely a whisper, a weak voice you have never heard from yourself. Loki's eyes found yours for the first time, swallowing visibly at the words you used. The thought of him ever hating you felt impossible for him and as he watched your desperate gaze, he knew he needed to say something.
"I could never," he replied finally, earning a shaky sigh from you.
"Then why are you doing this?" You asked, hoping that the barrier he so carefully pulled up between you would finally crumble. But no other words left his lips. He was silent once again. He didn't know what to say to you, he couldn't possibly be honest. He knew you would look at him as though he was a pathetic man and he never wanted to see you look down on him. He was better off being hated by you than to ever feel like you pitied him. He knew he deserved it, what he had done was unforgivable in his eyes, though he couldn't get himself to tell you that. "Speak!" You shouted once again; your desperate tone shook him out of his thoughts. He locked his eyes with yours, searching for more than rage, but you were harbouring so many emotions, he couldn't possibly read you.
You had no idea what was going through his mind, the only thing you could see in his eyes was a mess. Swirling emotions and thoughts, you could barely read the man. You needed answers, but as you looked into his eyes, you couldn't possibly find them. You needed words, confessions, explanations, apologies, it didn't matter, but the only way you could understand him was spoken words and he denied them from you. His silence made your head spin, feeling hopeless in your situation. Once again you hit him on the chest as though that was the only reason, he replied to you.
"You big, old, man-child, open your mouth and speak!" You shouted at him, striking another fist full of blow against his chest. "Say something!" You screamed, filled with rage. "After all you've said, you had the audacity to run away, flee from all the problems you have caused. How could you do that? Do you realise how worried I was? Not knowing where you went, what you were up to, if you were even in one piece," you cried. You thought he didn't care, but you had to say it, you had to let it all out. "Your words hurt me and I'm so mad at you, I want to hurt you as much as you hurt me, but I was still worried. I'm as much of a fool as you are," you breathed in a calmer manner. Loki's eyes grew in astonishment. He expected your anger, lashing out on him, but he never expected you to worry about him, to show such affection. Not after all he has done to you, not after he has broken your heart.
"I'm sorry," he breathed weakly against his better judgment. The desperate need in your eyes, the anger building up, the tears collecting, he knew he needed to say it. He didn't want to be a coward anymore and as hard as it was to accept it, he couldn't care less if he was only a second to his brother. If he could only remain beside you as a mere friend, he was to do everything in his power to earn your forgiveness. "I'm so sorry," he repeated himself. Your eyes grew wide at the apology, if anything those were the last words you expected to hear from him. His head fell forward, his gaze fixed on the ground. Loki was never one to apologise, let alone seem so guilty. You felt as though you had entered a completely new territory. But it didn't make you feel less hurt or upset.
"Do you think an apology can erase it all? Do you really think a simple sorry is enough?" You asked with a straight face, arms folded in front of your chest. Of course, Loki knew it wasn't enough, but it was a start, however minor it seemed to be.
"No, it's not. I know I've gone too far," he spoke as he lifted his head, searching for your eyes. His voice was heavy with emotions, his cold demeanour falling into pieces. "I didn't mean anything I said to you, I didn't mean to hurt you. It was not my intention," he took a deep breath as though he needed time to carefully plan his words. "I'm a fool and I don't expect you to forgive me, but I am sincerely sorry for what I have done," he breathed, his shoulders falling forward, his usually self-confident appearance now seemed weak and vulnerable. You had to stop the urge that wanted you to wrap your arms around his frame and tell him that it was alright, because whilst you felt bad for him, it was all his fault. He hurt you, he spoke those words that felt like daggers twisting your heart.
"Why, Loki? Why did you talk to me like that?" You asked, needing an explanation. The Loki you saw that day was indeed different from the person you knew, but the reasons behind his behaviour were beyond you.
"Because I thought it would be better," Loki debated to be honest with you, but as he looked into your eyes, your gaze desperate for the truth, he couldn't deny it from you. He knew you would look at him differently, he knew you would be even more enraged, but you deserved the truth. "I didn't want to be a second again. Finally, everything fell into place with my father and Thor. I felt equal, which I wanted to be for so long. But once again I found myself in my brother's shadow and I couldn't handle it. I was a fool and I thought if I pushed you away, I wouldn't have to repeat the same mistakes again, but I did," a heavy sigh left his lungs as he searched for the right words. "I never meant to hurt you, but I couldn't bear to be stuck in my brother's shadow again," you furrowed at the man, his words making no sense to you.
"I always treated you the same. Why would you think you were in his shadow? I love you equally," you attempted to convince him, but he just shook his head.
"Maybe you think you did, but I was envious of your relationship with him. I know, I'm the worst, but I couldn't control it," he scoffed at his own words. "I didn't want to be a close second, I didn't want to be an equal. I wanted to be more important to you, but I knew it would be impossible," your eyes widened as the words left his lips, a silent gasp escaping your lungs.
"More important?" You asked with a stunned expression. "Why?"
"Because my feelings for you aren't platonic," he confessed, his chest feeling lighter as the words finally left his mouth. He wished to say it for so long, regardless of how terrifying it seemed. Whether you felt the same or not, he felt as though the heavy weight previously seated across his chest was now finally gone.
You stood in front of him in utter shock. You longed to hear those words since the very first time you realised your own feelings, but you could never imagine hearing them. It felt like you were in a dream, a blissful moment. As the puzzles finally started to make sense, you walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck. "You are a fool," you breathed against the skin of his neck. Your sudden affection surprised Loki, but his arms involuntarily wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer. "Did you really push me away for this? Couldn't you just say something?" You asked as you tightened your arms around him.
"I was afraid," he confessed, his words weak as though he found them hard to declare.
"If you were just honest, this whole situation could have been easily avoided," you replied as you pulled back to be able to look at him. You placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it gently. "If you asked me, if you had spoken to me, I would have told you the truth. I haven't seen you as a friend for years. My feelings for you grew a long time ago," you confessed as Loki's eyes grew wider. "You were never a second or an equal to Thor in my eyes. You were always more important," you spoke as you brushed his hair behind his ear.
"I'm so sorry," he breathed as he finally found his voice and pulled you closer, hiding his face in the crook of your neck, enjoying your embrace around him. "Thank you," he murmured against your skin.
"What for?" You asked with a deep frown.
"For your existence," he replied, earning a loud chuckle from you.
"You're welcome," you snickered playfully. "Though I'm still mad at you," you warned him as you pulled back to establish eye contact. "You will have to make up for all the mess you have created," you spoke with a straight face, your words strict, but holding no anger.
"I will do anything in my power to earn your forgiveness. Anything!" He declared. He knew he was a fool, but he wasn't stupid enough to hurt you ever again. He needed you to forgive him, because he knew he couldn't forgive himself until you had done so.
"You could start by declaring your undying love for me," you giggled with a mischievous smile across your face.
"Excuse me?" He asked, eyes wide in surprise.
"You could start asking for my forgiveness by kissing me," your voice was less confident than the first time, fearing you have been too bold. But as soon as Loki processed your words, a heartfelt laughter escaped his lungs.
"Yes, ma'am," he replied as his laughter died down and placed a hand behind your neck, meeting your lips halfway, kissing you in haste, wanting to pour all his feelings in that kiss. He needed you to understand all those feelings he has been harbouring silently and he was ready to give you anything you ever wished, even after he has finally earned your forgiveness.
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rorybutnotgilmore · 10 months ago
rorys recs.
---> pt. 1 --- 9/1/21 --- Loki x Reader
credit to all of these lovely writers for blessing us with these works!
Tumblr media
----> [FLUFF]
~~ Secrets by @lokimostly
[Loki x Pregnant!Reader] ---  How would Loki react to an unplanned pregnancy?
~~ Not the First, But the Last by @thelokiimaginechronicles
[Loki x Female Reader] --- You ask Loki about his previous loves from his time on Asgard
~~ Winter with Loki by @lucywrites02
[Loki x Reader] --  A headcanon about you and Loki spending winter together
----> [ANGST]
~~ Process Of Healing by @lazydoodlesandfanfic
[Loki X Stark!Fem!Reader] ---  Spoilers for End Game, mourning, mention of death
~~ Imagine having to choose between saving the World and Loki by @imagine-it-like-this
[Loki x Reader]
~~ What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted? by @lehuka123
[Loki x Reader] ---  You had thought your relationship with Loki was the main story, the tale of two lovers, a romance. It was merely a preface, and that you now know.  
~~ Kissing Your Worries Away by @the-emo-asgardian
[Loki x Reader] ---  A bad dream interrupts your sleep, but Loki steps in to save you from your demons.
~~ Comfort in the dark by @gunpowder-and-smoke
[Loki x fem!reader] ---  Loki is tormented by nightmares since the day he found out his wife is pregnant. After one particularly bad night he finds comfort in the wife’s embrace.
~~ Frostbite by @maiden-of-asgard (link goes to AO3)
[Loki x Female Reader] --- Iceland is nice - sure, you probably should’ve picked a time of year when the weather was a little warmer, but it isn’t too bad, and at least you’re away from your desk job, right? It’s a pretty big adventure. You’ve always said that you wanted more adventure in your life.
~~ Loki’s Happy Ending by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] ---  a collection of a fifty+ part storyline aiming to give Loki the happy ending that he deserved.
// some of my personal favs from ‘Loki’s Happy Ending’ under the cut:
~~ ormstunga by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] ---  Prince Loki, fiance Loki, BLUSHING LOKI, and mentions of drinking and bars
~~ i’m in pain. period. by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] ---  Reader is having period pains and Loki tries to help
~~ baby’s first christmas by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] --- Baby Elliots first Christmas
~~ kings don’t change diapers by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] ---  Pure baby Elliot and Dad Loki fluff
~~ loki’s library by @gingerwritess
[Loki x Female Reader] 
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