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#loki one shot
youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Counting the Seconds 》 Loki x Reader
request: Tay, I am in need of something angsty but also super fluffy. Could you do number 46 with Loki, please? 🥺 (holdmytesseract)
a/n: girlll, you always pull at my heartstrings with your requests! i hope this is what you were looking for! ❤️
summary: Loki tried to make you stay out of the fight, but that was no use. When he sees you get hit and taken to the ground, he assumes you're dead... and his life flashes before his eyes.
Drabble Prompt #46: “I thought you were dead.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He saw you.
Your lifeless body clinging to the ground after you took the direct hit. You were face-first against the concrete, any movement whatsoever ceasing from your body. His blue eyes were zeroed in, his footsteps getting faster, the strides longer as he rushed to you.
Thor saw the commotion from the corner of his eye, doing his best to keep up in the fight.
“Brother! Is Y/N okay?” He yelled out over the loud sounds.
Loki found himself hurdling to the ground where you lay, his hands reaching out to grab you. He had to shield you from the fight that was still pressing on around him. But his chest grew heavy at the sight of you. He pulled you over, your nose bloody and your head wounded.
“Darling!” Loki reached out and shook you, his tears welling. “Y/N!” He tried again, but it was no use. You were completely limp.
“Brother, I have to get her out of here!” Loki exclaimed. Thor’s eyes locked on his younger brother whose body was hovered over that of his girlfriend’s. He knew the most important person in Loki’s life was you. If he somehow lost you, Thor was afraid that any good Loki had in his body would resort back to hatred, envy, and jealousy.
He would set himself up for domination and wouldn’t stop until he had the entire world in his hands.
“Go!” Thor waved him off.
Loki teleported the two of you to a location of safety.
When Loki arrived with you in his arms in Asgard, he knew he needed to get to Eir. It wasn’t long before the Asgardian physician had your body whisked into a locked room where Loki couldn’t even see you.
Loki was pacing the floors outside of the room, his hands behind his back. He truly never felt fear like this. The love of his life could potentially be dead and there was nothing he could do to save her. How would he live with himself?
He knew you getting out there on the battlefield alongside him and Thor was a mistake. You were a powerful force to the point even you scared Loki, but he loved you all the same. You two had a rocky beginning to your relationship. When you were first taken to Asgard by Thor and you recognized Loki as being the one to bring torment on New York in 2012, you stomped on his foot and slapped him in the face.
The recoil of your slap made Loki groan, but a wicked smile plastered across his face.
“I like her,” He said to his brother. “You should’ve brought her here sooner.”
And although you witnessed Loki die what felt like a hundred times already, you found yourself falling hopelessly in love with Mischief, your life centers around him. He understood you in ways that no one else could. He reflected on you, his mind opening up to the new realms that you invited him to join.
Loki could be himself with you.
Now, he was standing outside of the room you were sealed inside of, hoping that you were still with him. He wasn’t able to get a clear view of what happened, all he saw was your body hurtling towards the pavement and he heard the loud smack when you connected with the ground.
He was counting the seconds before he could have any word on your condition.
Loki was suddenly pulled out of his agonizing thoughts by Eir walking out. She had her hands crossed, her eyes locking on the raven-haired male in front of her. His eyes picked up and quickly traced over her.
“Is she okay?” He immediately asked.
Eir smiled softly. “She’s okay, Loki… She’s pretty hurt, but she’ll make a good recovery… She’s awake and is asking for you.”
That was all it took for Loki to barge past Eir. She smiled gently at the sight of him pushing his way inside. Nestled in a bed was you, bandaged up and on your way to healing. Your eyes fluttered open when you saw him approaching you.
“Loki,” You whispered with a hurt smile.
He gasped, the sound of your voice like music to his ears, even if it wasn’t as cheerful as it was normal. He closed the distance between the two of you, settling himself in a chair at your side. Taking your hands into his, he kissed your knuckles. You grinned at him, coughing which made you wince.
Loki reached out and stroked your hair behind your ear.
“I thought you were dead!” He suddenly exclaimed, tears filling his eyes. Your heart shattered at the sight of him, a deep sigh emerging from your sealed lips.
“Loki…” You whined, watching as his head fell at your side. His shoulders rocked, a cry overcoming him. You felt your own tears well up in your eyes at the sound of his sadness. You reached out and ran your fingers through his hair. “Baby, I’m right here… I’m okay.”
Loki’s head picked back up, his tears free falling. He stared at you.
“When I saw you on the ground… Darling, I just knew I had lost you forever. I couldn’t bear to think of that! You are my purpose.” He announced.
His words made your own tears fall. You motioned him to come closer. When he did, you pulled his head against your chest. Wrapping your arms around him, you cradled him closer, kissing his forehead.
“Loki, darling, I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” You sobbed. “I thought I was dead, too. And my first thought was... What would happen to you?”
He pulled back and wrapped a hand around your neck, his finger brushing underneath your eye.
“Don’t you ever scare me like that again. I shouldn’t have even let you go with Thor and me.” He sighed.
You smiled softly. “But you boys needed a strong woman to balance the power…”
Loki glared at you. “That woman? Is the love of my life. We can handle ourselves without her having to join the fight. You’re going to be out of commission for a while, anyway. And I’m not leaving your side.” He reached forward and brushed his lips across yours.
You whined against his mouth, the softness of his mouth completely melting against yours.
“I have a strong feeling I won’t be able to argue myself out of this one...” You trailed with a small laugh.
Loki shook his head.
“No, you’re being kept under my supervision, Love.” He kissed you again.
Yet that didn’t seem like such a bad idea...
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stuckybarton · a month ago
Day xi: Breeding
Tumblr media
Summary: Things go into an interesting turn when the Work Wife also become the official wife--soon. Words: 4,457 (i-I don't know how this happened) Warning: Smut. Vaginal Intercourse. Fingering. Creampie. Light Breeding Kink. Slight Angst. Mention of Guns. Slight Profanities. Characters: Mob! Loki Laufeyson x Secretary!Reader
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Tumblr media
"Your usual Coffee?"
"I want something strong today, Love."
Before he could even process what was happening, a steaming cup of double shot espresso was already under his nose, all thanks to his ever proficient and ever dependable secretary, Y/N Y/L/N.
"Thank you." Accepting the cup, his mood had lighten, barely but still much compared to the meeting he had to make with the family and more so his idiotic brother.
You had been his support system for the past three years, from the company to the family business, it was always you by his side to bring even just a smidge of control in his chaotic and far too dangerous life. Thanking the high heavens and one little Jane Foster for recommending you to him, now his life, was perfectly scheduled and arrange for the next two months.
It also didn't hurt to have such a beautiful dame that dressed well enough and always knew how put him on his place too.
"I also need the--" He has barely even said what he had needed but here you were already handing the files for the Avengers joint project. Looking right back at you, the familiar knowing smile rested on your lips. Had he become this predictable that every step he took, you were already a few steps ahead of him?
"Marry me?" He asked and instantly your eyes rolled and you took a sip of your own coffee.
"I'm practically your work wife, I'm practically living in your apartment since someone needed to keep an eye on you and make sure you're actually sleeping, and no, Mr. Laufeyson, I prefer having kids before marriage."
And somehow those fact still haunted him.
It was the truth, after all. You were his wife, in every sense of the world without the documents for it. To be honest, with himself and even the people around him, he preferred your presence over any of the women's he had random romps with. It was never about sex when it comes to you, sure, the idea of turning you into a blissful mess under him was a dream, but you were more than that to him. More than any whores he had ever thought would bring warmth to his constantly cold bed.
Then kids, God the idea of kids during the start of his tenure sounded like a nightmare, a kid did not deserve to endure the same abuse he had to endure at the hands of his father, of his family business, of all the blood and gore that came with this life he was to live. But then he had seen you countless of times, Jane and Thor's children were the apple of your eyes, how little Mary was cradle in your arms, the maternal look looked so perfect on you.
"How many kids then?" He asked smiling, taking a sip of his coffee, a smile on his lips at the hint of caramel against his taste buds. You really know him so well and his secret sweet tooth.
"How many can you handle?" You asked right back.
"If I give you a number, are we gonna start as soon as possible?"
And this was how the conversation usually ended, pinning for one another until you decide it was too much. Unprofessional, was your constant excuse but there wasn't such a thing with the line of work he controls. No one will bat an eye if they love their lives.
"I'll think about it." You smiled, finally excusing yourself before leaving his office. Loki was growing more curious with what he needed to do with you.
"He really has a type." You sneered watching your boss talking to another one of the skanks in the bar.
This had now become a common occurrence in Loki's household that you had decided to stop sleeping in the guest room and allow him to suffer his hangover all on his own. You were not to entertain the idea of another one of his whores belittling you, and calling you every name in the book just because Loki would always choose you at the end of the day. But you knew constantly why he would chose you instead of the women he sleeps with, he has his fill with the women on his bed and he has no more use of any of them.
So this is where it leave you. The secretary that has been always in love with your own boss. No matter how many times he would propose to you, no matter how many times he would ask how many kids you would want to have with him, it would always be the same. He will get bored of you and you will be discarded like the rest of the women that had been on his bed.
You loved your job, more than you had initially expected to. Jane Foster was both your best friend and your former boss before she got involved with Thor, with college debt pushing you to your limit, you decided to accept the offer of temporarily working for one Loki Laufeyson. Things just escalated for the next few months and you were no longer the reliever but now a permanent fixture in Loki's work, both for the company and for the family's criminal activities.
"Why don't you two start dating or something?" Darcy had inquired finally making you turn to face your other best friend.
You two were in your usual booth in one of Loki's many bars in the city, it was the weekends and you would be spending time with Darcy and Jane that was taking forever to arrive. You know perfectly well it is because of her clingy giant of a husband, Thor.
"I don't do relationships, Dar." You muttered taking another sip of your gin and tonic before your eyes betrayed you and moved back towards where Loki was. You were lying to yourself. Darcy knew it, and you knew as much.
The handsome man was still in a conversation with the woman. Still in the suit he wore back in the office, he was sin on legs. The custom-made Armani suit radiated power, brought fear on every single men in the room, but the desire of every single women, including you. No one was immune to his charms, not even you, but you loved your job too much to let anything come from the little interaction (flirting, as Darcy points out) you constantly have with you boss.
"You really need to save your boss, I'm perfectly sure he's inches away from shooting the bimbo from the looks of it." Darcy's voice made you look at the scene more critically.
The frown that fell on Loki's face as he looked anywhere else but the woman now, even as she tried to leaning closer to him, breasts almost spilling from the small piece of cloth she would call a dress. Knowing the man for as long as you had, you know that look on his face, he was losing his patience and that was a very dangerous situation.
"Fucking Laufeyson." You muttered under your breath before downing the rest of your drink and standing back up and giving the much needed courage you could muster from the two drinks you've already downed.
"Ten bucks, the chicks gonna cause a scene." Darcy called out as you finally made a beeline towards where the two were. Who knew it would be the best decision you could make.
Loki Laufeyson has a code he had always kept. He was never to intentionally hurt a woman or a child.
But the further the night passes, the more and more he is contemplating of whether or not he was going to break his code, even for just tonight. Shooting the annoying bitch might be better than enduring this shit.
Jerking his head, the sight of you took his breath away.
He had seen you in something else but your work clothes. But things were different with you now. How just a simple word from your lips had already had him hard in the pants, something the women besides you has been trying and failing to do.
"Love," he turned his full attention to you, ignoring the protest of the woman besides him.
Just like that, things were different with you. How quick you were to wrap your arms around his waist, the smell of you he was so familiar with grow stronger with your proximity to one another.
"I could have chosen someone prettier, but beggars can't choosers, right?" The venom in your tone surprised him but he feigned amusement.
"And who are you?" The woman--Bunny? Brianna? He really didn't know or had the will to even know at this point.
"Y/N, I'm Loki's wife." You purred, hand resting on his chest, such a simple gesture sent a shiver down his spine. "And who the fuck are you?"
"I don't see a ring."
"And I don't see any clue that Loki want anything to fucking do with you."
He really tried his best, he really did. But he couldn't help but laugh at how feisty you were. How the dumbfounded the woman was. She could never amount to you, no matter how much she tries.
"So is that enough for you to understand you're not wanted in this situation or do you want me to spell it out for you more?" You inquired and both you and Loki had watched the girl huff before walking away.
Before Loki could say anything, you had already turned on your heels and made your way  back to your usual booth with your best friends, Darcy Lewis and Jane Foster-Odinson. Huh, he's gonna wait for Thor to hound him once again about you.
"Someone's jealous." Speak of the devil.
"My secretary is just looking out for me." He was known as the God of Lies in the family, anyone and everyone could never see through this mask he had made for himself, except you that is. And he knew the title was slowly wearing down at Thor could only look at him knowingly.
"So no feelings for her whatsoever?"
"That is unprofessional." He scoffed.
"Unprofessional?" Thor chuckle clasping on to his shoulders. "Just as unprofessional as fucking the secretary you had before her? Firing her when she caught feelings?"
And just like that, the gun was pointed straight at Thor that barely bat his eyes at his antics.
"It's weird isn't it? How you could have any woman you could ever want but you somehow find yourself falling for the only woman that isn't scared to call you out of your own bullshit and loves her job more than a romp on your infamous bed."
Thor was really testing his patience and Loki was thinking of all the possible reasons not to shoot him then and there. He didn't care that everyone was leaving the bar, he didn't care of the possible consequence this would entail for the rest of the family if he kills Thor.
"You can kill me, Brother. But you need to admit that you love her and you're just too idiotic to admit you know how to love."
"And if I do? If I do love her, then can I place a bullet between your eyes now?"
"No you're not doing such a thing."
Jerking his head, all the blood had drained his face, what had you heard? Before he could even ask the very question, you held onto the gun and switching the safety lock on before shoving it back to the hidden holder in his side.
You really know him too well.
"We're going home. We're sobering you up and you're gonna apologize to your brother in the morning."
For anyone else, Loki being ordered around would mean a bullet to the head, but with you, he complied without much of a protest and everyone could see it. As idiotic as the two of you were acting, there was something more that neither of you wanted to admit.
As your hand held onto his own, he didn't want to let go, didn't want to let you go.
"Here." You shoved a bottle of water towards your boss.
It was one thing saving him from another one of his one night stands, it was another to have to save him from starting a war from the family. Loki was becoming more and more of an idiot, and you didn't know if you could deal with him more than you already do on a daily basis.
What if you weren't there to stop him? What if you had chosen a different bar with you friends? Where would Loki be? Would he had fucked the woman at the bar or would he be dead for pointing a gun at Thor, or worse, would be have a target on his back for killing him instead.
"You can't keep acting like Thor wouldn't keep up with your shit."
There was a rule between you and Loki, you were as professional as you could possibly be in the confinements of his office, but as soon as there were things he could need from you outside of it, in his home, things grows personal and the mask you try your best to stay was slid away.
"You keep up with my shit." Loki retorts, taking a sip of the water.
"Because you pay me well enough to keep up with it." You muttered finally slipping off your heels and made your way to the kitchen, as much as you were trying to sober up Loki for his antics, you wanted nothing more than to drink yourself to sleep.
"I don't pay you enough." He retorts right back following you into the kitchen.
"We're not talking about my wage, Laufeyson." You hissed, shoving the fridge open and frowning at the lack of beer or anything you're used to drinking in his home. "We're talking about me getting so tired of saving your ass from your brother and from every skank in New York that think you're God's gift to the female anatomy."
You could deal with an angry Loki, but the sight of Loki smiling only confirmed your resolve about him and about your growing feelings for him.
"Are you jealous, Love?"
Then there was the nickname. A nickname only reserved to you. A nickname that gave you even a twinge of hope that it wasn't one-sided as you always thought it would be. Hope even when you kicked one woman after another from his apartment.
"I'm tired, Loki." You admit instead. Of course you were jealous of the woman that comes and goes in his bed. How could had countless of sleepless nights where you wish it was you in his bed. Loving him, behind the money, behind his position in the mafia, behind the mystery that always come with someone like Loki.
The silence in the kitchen was so unusual, whenever you were in his place, may it be you cooking for him or him washing the dishes for you, there was never a dull moment, conversation was flowing alongside the jabs and laughter.
It was domestic. A life you know you had no right to have with your own boss, but you could dream. Dream as much as you dream until it was no longer possible as you either need to wake up or stay in the nightmare.
You felt so lonely in his home. Just simple question from him broke every little dream you had and it was enough to finally wake up from your own little delusion once and for all.
"So you're leaving?"
"Maybe." You shrugged.
Working for one Loki Laufeyson meant the possibility of your name becoming blacklisted if ever the time comes that you quit, but there would be more opportunities, it might not be here in New York, but your world has been your oyster. With no debt to your name anymore, you could be what you want to be.
But you wanted Loki and that was something that just cannot happen for you and for the man.
It was the marble island separating you two that gave you the chance to just look at him. The anger, the panic, and the hopelessness in his features. This was not the same Loki you had been working for the past three years for. For the first time, you couldn't really read him.
"Don't do this to me, Love." He begged, making a mad dash towards you now until he stood in front of you, in all his dangerous glory.
Without your heels on, he practically over towered you. But the thought was quickly stamped as he falls to his knees in front of you.
"What are you doing?!" You questioned as he held onto hands.
"Marry me, Love."
You tensed, what was going on with him?
"I need you because I love you and I don't know what I will do with my life if you're not here."
You gasped, his confession was the last thing you would have ever thought could happen. But as much as your mind and heart knew the genuinely in his statement, a voice in the back of your head still screamed at you that he was just saying what you wanted to hear. Saying what you wanted to hear, to make you stay and continue with this bullshit.
"You don't." You protested instead.
But the blues in his eyes shone his truth, and in the years of knowing him, you know when he was lying from when he was not. But why did your mind still continue to deny such a fact. All you ever wanted but still it wasn't enough for you to believe.
Why would you? Loki could have any woman he could ever want and you're just--you. The secretary that constantly cleans up for him. Deal with his shit over and over with a smile on your face.
"I do!" He snapped, his voice dropped searching for something in your face. "Don't you get it? Those weren't just jokes with you in the office. I want you, I want you to marry me and have my last name, to give me as many kids as you could handle. All of the things I had once loathed, I want them with you."
"If you don't want to be my secretary anymore, then I'll find someone else, but you need to stay with me. I can't let you go, no matter what you say, you mean more to me than any of this bullshit. The company, the business, they can all burn to the very depths of hell for all I care, but if you leave me, I will go mad and I won't know how to live my life anymore."
"Get up, Loki." You pleaded, denying as much as you could, you were nothing compared to the man, why would he say such things.
He huffed finally standing up and walking away. As his figure disappeared, the first line of tears had fallen from your eyes and you had finally ruined the last chance you could ever have of believing that there was something more with you and with Loki. You fucked up and it was time to leave.
As quick as he left, he had returned right in front of you and back to his knees. But the difference now was the ring that had now was in his grasp. Clenching tightly.
"When I interviewed you for the position, one of your best qualities was how headstrong you were." He began, shaking hand finally opened the velvet box. "But now I've come to realize just how fucking stubborn you were, but I still love you and I would want nothing more than to have you make an honest man out of me."
He was serious, and as your eyes fell at the ring, the sight of Frigga's engagement ring had your heart clenching. From generation to generation, the ring was part of his family. The silver band with a huge emerald was a signature jewelry of the Odinson-Laufeyson clan, a union that everyone took seriously.
"How many can you handle?" You asked right back. The smile finally breaking from your face, at peace with Loki's confession.
"If I give you a number, are we gonna start as soon as possible?"
"Yes." You answered.
"Seven." He whispered, slipping the ring into your finger, a perfect fit.
"How soon are we talking about?"
"As soon as you would want me." Loki's voice grows low as he finally stood right back to his feet in front of you. Lips kissing your hand, close to your new ring. "Y/N Laufeyson does have a ring to it."
"Who ever said I'm taking your name?" You teased before finally pulling the man for your first shared kiss.
Pulled into his chest, he continued to kiss you. In nothing but the red lace set Darcy had suggested you were for the night, Loki was close to losing what little control he had left in his body, for you and for finally having you like he had always wanted from you.
You laid down on his bed, with him hovering above you. Coat discarded and his shirt and pants unbuttoned. The light wisp on his happy trail slowly had your hand make their journey towards his underwear, pulling him free earning a surprised gasp from him.
"Someone's eager." He whispered against your lips, jerking his hips against your hands that now held to his growing erection.
"Are you sure you're not talking about yourself?" You retort right back.
His own hands finally slipping through your panties and was welcomed to your own wetness from just his kisses. His fingers creeped towards your fold, wetness making it easy for him to thrust his fingers inside of you. Slowly, you felt the build up, Loki's lips now fell to your neck, the gentle nipping turned into a full on mission to mark you, in every shape and form he could think of.
You moaned, as the coil was close to snapping, he pulled away.
"Loki," You mewled but the man has other plans as he finally discarded the rest of his clothes until he was butt naked in front of you.
You had seen him shirtless a few times when you has stayed in his apartment, but never under such close proximity. Never when he was the one to finally give you your pleasure that you know perfectly well he was capable of doing.
The last remaining clothes were discarded, glaring at the man for tearing the lace material off--it was growing to become your favorite lingerie after all.
"I promise to buy you new one, as many as you will desire." He vowed pulling you back into a kiss. Fingers returning back to your slit while you continued jerking him off.
The thought of flimsy underwear was momentarily forgotten as you turned your full attention back to him, and back to the pleasure he was handing over to you.
And like a freight train, your first release overpowered all of your senses, Loki was there all throughout, fucking you with his fingers and lips swallowing all of your moans and screams. Your preoccupied hands had also rose towards his shoulder, hoping to pull him away from you, but Loki had another mission as he prolonged your first orgasm for as long as he possibly could.
"Are you sure about this?" was Loki's question as he pulled away from your overstimulated core. A few twitching still remained on your thighs but you nodded at him, trusting him with what he wants. "You ready to give me a baby, Love?" He asked.
The lack of condoms in his drawer made it obvious now to you that he was serious about this, about having kids with you. You wanted it, to have the same thing that Jane had. Your own little Loki you would love more than life itself. You nodded before finally pulling him back into a kiss.
Before long he finally guided his length into you. An unfamiliar burn begins, you knew Loki was big, but you never thought it was this big. So big that you felt so full even when he wasn't even half way inside you.
You groaned when he was finally seethed completely inside of you. Looking up at Loki, he was still. Elbows resting on either side of your head and the thin line between control and just thoroughly fucking you passed through his eyes.
"Let go, Loki." You whispered, cupping his cheeks. "You can fuck me, Loki." You announced and everything just went downhill from that moment on.
Taking a deep breath, he pulled right back and thrusted right back in earning a hiss to pass through your lips but you allowed him to continue with the torturous pace. The impact of his thrust slowly rekindled another buildup inside of you. The moan that escaped Loki's lips was your undoing, as his hands held onto your hips, digging against your skin as his pace turned sloppy and he was close to his own release.
"Tell me to pull out." He demanded, still giving you the choice even after everything.
You whimpered as his dick continued to hit your g-spot. You shook your head, refusing to have him pull out now. Legs now locked around his waist, stopping any attempt of his to try pulling out.
"Come inside me, Loki." You pleaded. "Please, give me a baby, Loki."
Bottoming out, the moaned his lips at the same time he found his release, ropes upon ropes of his come painted your insides. It triggered your own release as you moaned against the crook of his neck. Feeling everything all at the same time as Loki continued to ride out his pleasure alongside you.
Gently, Loki placed most of his weight on top of you. It wasn't as heavy as he had his elbow caging you still as support. He cupped your face and kissed you on top of your forehead. Dick softening inside you still.
"I love you." You finally whispered getting much of Loki's dazed attention.
"I love you too." He whispered and somehow just as quick as the confession left you lips, you felt him grow hard again inside of you. "And I'm keeping your word that you want kids before marriage." He announced before going right back to it.
You both didn't realize that neither of you had to wait long as you found out you were pregnant with your first child before the world had become aware that you two were an official couple.
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spideyhexx · 4 months ago
brat; L. L.
Tumblr media
pairing; president!loki x female reader
a/n: self indulgent fic :) cause we deserve more of this loki
masterlist part two!!! part three!!!
reblogs/comments/feedback is appreciated!
summary; you attempt to trust loki but that never works out and he has an idea for a going away present.
WARNINGS; mean!loki. name calling (slut...little one...whore...bitch). oral (male receiving). thigh riding. dirty talk. sort of loki episode five spoilers.
word count: 1.4k
You should’ve known. Loki is never true to his word, but you hoped just maybe he would be different this time.
The Void put you in a constant state of trying to survive and although you were doing just fine on your own, but Loki, with his fitted suit and “vote loki” pin refusing to leave his suit jacket pushed his way into your life.
He’s tricked you countless times already and for some reason you keep trusting him.
Maybe it’s his smooth voice or his enchanting eyes. Or maybe you were just desperate to have more supplies.
This time he promised he would provide you with supplies on your trek to find a new place to take shelter. His sweet ‘of course I’ll help you little one’ led you to believe he’d follow through.
Now, you stand in his “lair” that he took from Kid Loki and he is nowhere to be seen.
A desolate quietness surrounds the room. You stay there, getting more impatient by the minute.
Just as you decide to leave, you hear the hatch opening and Loki climbs down the ladder. He spots you and his smirk deepens.
“Oh, love! You actually came,” he sneers and walks right past you. Loki settles into the throne in the center of the room and spreads his legs leisurely.
You try not to look at how good his thighs look in his pants, but you can’t help it and your eyes quickly look at them, then away. He chuckles, clearly noticing and rests his hand on his thigh.
“Of course I came, you promised me supplies? I was waiting here forever,” you exaggerate and he scoffs.
“Come on, you truly think I care about your little adventure? Enough to give you stuff I earned?”
You’re at a loss for words. You try to say something but he waves you off. The anger he’s igniting in you is only increasing as he keeps that stupid, sexy smirk on his face.
“I will miss you though, little one. Never get tired of messing with you,” he says, winking at you.
“Won’t miss you at all. You’re an asshole, Loki.” He raises an eyebrow at your words.
“I may be a jerk, sweetheart but you love it.”
His voice drops in a growl as he says it. You shift on your feet.
“Fuck you,” you snapped, trying to stand your own ground against him. You wanted to see his face drop and it does, then he smiles.
“That’s not a no.” You huff and he dramatically pouts.
“You’re so annoyed aren’t you? Asshole Loki makes you heated. So much in fact, you could’ve left by now...yet you’re still here. Pathetic...isn’t it?”
He doesn’t hide it when he looks you up and down. He leans further back into the throne and spreads his legs wider, which only adds more sparks to the ever growing fire instead of you.
“How about we have some goodbye fun, love? Your only chance.”
Loki moves his hand to the bulge in his pants, lightly pressing against it. He sighs, then while keeping his eyes on yours, slowly unzips his pants.
Your body moves without another question. You stride over to him and he reaches up to push you down to your knees.
“Take care of it,” he says and points to his crotch, widening his legs for you to settle between them.
You attempt to pull his pants down but Loki grabs your wrist. He holds it tightly as he takes his cock out, leaving the pants still on. He lets go of your wrist and looks at you expectantly.
“Well? Are you going to suck on it?”
You are, but you’re taken aback, both by his size and how good he looks staring down at you.
Loki scoffs and grabs your jaw, sticking his thumb into your mouth.
You suck on it and he groans.
“See? You can suck on my thumb, so I think you can suck on my cock. Or is that too hard for you?”
He taunts and removes his thumb from your mouth, smearing your saliva against his cock. You lean forward and wrap your lips around the tip. He grunts and you smile.
“Don’t get cocky, little one. I can ruin that smile in two seconds,” he growls, watching as you take more of him in your mouth. You can’t help but moan around him as you bob your head up and down, your underwear already soaked from sucking him off.
“This is turning you on a lot, isn’t it? Fucking whore, aren’t you? Getting horny over my cock in your mouth?”
His voice is gravelly and spurs on your moaning. He bucks his hips up, practically fucking into your mouth.
“Take all of it bitch.” You moan at his harsh words and he laughs breathily.
“You like being called a bitch too? Hell, I should’ve fucked your face sooner.”
His movements quicken, tears threatening to spill from your eyes until you need to pull away for a breath and he surprisingly lets you. Loki waits only a few moments before pulling your head back to his cock.
You choose to instead kiss down the length of him and then attach your lips to his balls, sucking, kissing, licking whatever you could do to hear him spew filth at you.
“I’m gonna cum, put me back in your mouth little one.”
You don’t listen, but suck harder at the base of his cock, using your hand to jerk off the rest.
“Did you hear me, little one?”
Loki is about to say something else but he groans instead, not being able to stop himself from cumming. It lands on his shirt and a bit on his pants. He growls and pulls your head back from his cock.
“Fucking whore you are. Look at this mess?”
You feel a little proud, making him more pissed off as a last hoorah. You stand, shrugging his hand away and wiping your lips.
“You deserve it,” you quip. Loki reaches out, grabbing your waist and pulling you back to him.
“Do I? If I deserve a mess then maybe you should contribute to it.”
He yanks your pants down along with your underwear, then pulls you into his lap.
Loki sits you directly on one of his thighs and you can feel some of his cum on your own thigh.
“Rub against me, little one. Make a fucking mess,” he orders.
You hold onto his shoulders, so broad, so strong against the fabric of his jacket as you slowly start to grind on him. He smirks and looks down, watching as your cunt rubs his thigh.
“My leg’s already wet from you. Desperate...horny...soaked...little whore.”
You moan his name and he laughs.
“Please,” you mumble, moving faster, tilting your head back to focus more on the pleasure.
“Please what? Oh dear, do you want to cum?” His voice is teasing and you look back at him just as he dips his fingers down to rub at your clit.
“Holy….fuck yes. Want your cock too,” you stammer out, trying to press yourself against his fingers.
He takes them away and you whine. Loki sucks his fingers into his mouth and hums.
“Too bad, little one. You’re not cumming yet. I don’t think you really deserve it after being a pathetic brat. Just keep humping me like a cock hungry whore. Not allowed to stop.”
You whine at him again and he leans back, keeping his hands off of you.
The urge to finish was lurking and threatening to occur and you try to hold it back but it seems useless.
“Please, Loki. I need it, please I need it.” He sighs and moves closer to his, his lips lingering on yours.
He smirks, “I don’t fucking care.”
Those words should not do something to you, but they do and you can’t stop your release from exploding through you.
It’s stronger than anything you’ve ever felt, your mind numbing as you ride out your high.
You can’t enjoy it for too long though because Loki pushes you off of him and you fall onto the floor. He looks down at your release soaking his thigh.
“You didn’t listen, again. What was I saying before? Oh! Pitiful little brat, you are. So much of a slut that you can’t hold yourself back, hm? Can’t listen?”
He stands up and begins to walk to the ladder.
“W-Where are you going?” You ask him and he reluctantly turns back.
“Sweetheart, you don’t deserve more of my cock. Go fuck off on your adventure. Learn to behave like a good whore. Maybe if we cross paths again, I’ll be able to fuck deep into that cunt while you listen to me,” he sneers before climbing up the ladder and out of the hatch.
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I need more jotun loki x female reader your fic Just like a spell is great the size difference is really great !!
At your service 💚 Here you go and I hope you like it!
Btw sorry it took too long, thank you so much for your patience! 💚💚
*Requests are open*
Pairing: Jotun Loki x Fem!Reader
Words: 1268
Warning: Nothing, just a giant softie
Summary: Thor has to pay a visit to his bff the prince of Jotunheim, Jane tags along and kind of drags you with her to help her woo Thor, little did you know who you were going to meet.
Tumblr media
"Woah! That was quite a ride" Jane said in between giggles while being held by Thor. Meanwhile you fell downright against the freezing snow.
"Lady Y/N, are you okay?" Thor offered his hand to you but kindly rejected it, "I'm fine, thanks. Where are we?".
It was as if someone threw a whole bag of Styrofoam balls into the air, just huge white streams of snow that rise easily in the wind, a spectacular sight for which you weren't properly dressed.
Thor had mentioned that the weather was cold, so in your head it was logical to wear a long-sleeved shirt, jeans and a jacket, but it did not occur to you that he is more or less a god compared to you, the perception of temperature was remarkably different.
"Shit" you cursed under your breath as you tried to keep the fact that you were freezing cold to yourself, although it wasn't that necessary, Jane was too busy flirting with the demigod to notice and Thor only had eyes for her.
Thor guided them towards an ice palace, the reflection of the dark clouds on it made it appear blue, being near the gigantic doors two guards took a second to analyze the prince before letting them enter.
You felt tiny, the pillars were almost as tall as the skyscrapers in New York, so tall that walking beside them and trying to see the top made the illusion that they would fall on you, so you preferred to look at the floor.
"Loki!" Thor yelled as another set of doors opened, ushering them into the throne room.
Who is he? you thought when you saw the giant rise from the frozen seat, only his legs were much taller than you, but it was relieving that he was much less tall than the pillars.
The two men greeted each other, while Jane approached you and whispered in your ear, "He's the prince of this planet, Loki" now the throne made sense to you. "Thank you very much for coming" she forced you to go as the third wheel to help her flirt with the god, which had already happened too many times, and still nothing, so you felt like you were left over between them.
"And who is this?" you knew that the prince was in front of you when you saw your calves in front of you, "She's lady Y/n, Jane's friend" Thor spoke for you while Loki extended his hand towards you, making you realize that your body could fit in his palm, although your legs would remain dangling.
Without making him wait, you raised your gaze until you met his, his eyes were red, his ruby color, 'what a warm look' you thought, taking your hand on his index finger, smiling when he did. "Welcome to Jotunheim miss." With a little effort, he leaned in just enough to plant a kiss on your knuckles.
"Well bro, I'm sure my lady would love to see the surroundings, do you mind if I take Jane for a walk around the palace?" Thor asked causing both of them to look away from the other, "Sure bro, no problem" your hand slipped from his finger, causing him to miss the warmth of your touch.
"Are you alright, miss Y/n?" The giant realized the obvious, you were shivering with cold, and given the shame it gave you to admit it, you just nodded. But Loki was not stupid nor blind, so he took the liberty of carefully lifting you to accommodate your body in the fur of his coat, right at the curve of his neck.
"Better my dear?" you laughed, the heavenly sound reaching his ear, giving him a tingly sensation, "Much better, thank you your majesty".
"Forget the titles, just call me Loki" he looked at you, realizing you weren't so tiny, you actually were a tad taller than his head, still as light as a feather.
"Would you like to see the garden?" he asked, arranging his coat over your shoulder, so that as a consequence you were in direct contact with his neck, although it was little, he really enjoyed your warmth, just like you did his.
"I would love to" you replied, and immediately you had to hold on, let's say you more or less felt like on a roller coaster. One of your hands lay under the line of his jaw and the other clutched the edge of his shoulder.
Loki found it amusing that despite your attempts you still managed to stagger on top of him, so he found the best solution, offering you his hand. Your legs dangled between his index finger and his middle finger, while he used the other three to support your back.
Because of the weather problem, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and placed it on your back.
"Thank you Loki, I'm sorry to be a tiny bother" he shook his head lightly, got you close and kissed your right temple, "You're not, trust me, having you like this is actually very reassuring" you gave him a confused look, "Everything and everyone here is cold, even the flowers" he picked up something that looked like a dahlia, only that it was transparent and made of green ice, "You are warm, its a nice change".
His voice gave you such a funny feeling in your stomach, it kept on as you two chatted, talking about their interests and normal life, he loved to listen to you, and you found his stories very interesting.
And so the day went by, unfortunately Loki had royal duties, and Thor wanted to take Jane home, consequently Loki feared that you were going to go with them, he wanted to ask you to stay, but would it be asking too much? the weather was not ideal for you, and he doubted that the food would be to your liking, apart from that he felt very insecure if what he was beginning to feel for you was not the same as you for him.
His internal conflict between letting you go or ask if you would like to stay left him in silence, until you, with your hands gently caressing under his eyes, caught his attention.
"Are you okay?" you asked worried.
"You don't have to go if you don't want to, I mean, I would have no problem taking you back to earth tomorrow, or maybe after dinner? You must be hungry" he looked so cute while making excuses that you just couldn't resist.
"If there's no trouble in it, then I would love to stay" you shyly smiled, looking down onto his blue skin.
"Very well, take good care of her brother!" Thor said while Jane waved goodbye to you, before disappearing through the doors.
"I have a few meetings with the council, if you don't mind staying on my shoulder for a while, after that I'm all yours snowflake" he blushed at his own words, a deep blue spreading on his cheeks.
"No problem, you are very comfortable" if he read minds he would probably hear all your internal screaming, he had called you what?!
"Uhm, can I ask about the nickname?" why were you suddenly so shy? He placed you back on your shoulder as he started walking down a hallway.
"Well, each snowflake is unique here, you will never find two with the same design or density, our goddess Ymir makes sure of that" he looked up like thanking his goddess for your presence.
"You think I'm unique?" you blushed.
"More like a miracle" he whispered.
(Do you want part 2 of this one?)
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ghostfacesvalentine · 3 months ago
Good girl - Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Literally no plot, just smut, head empty no thoughts, only Loki. Fingering, oral fem--receiving. A tiny bit of degrading “dumb baby” Pet names, daddy kink etc. you know the filth.
Type: One shot
Request: N/A
Word Count: 1,630
Prompt: No prompt, Loki just wants a good girl to play with for the night.
Notes: I don’t know I was left unsupervised.
Tumblr media
You’ve always been wrapped around Loki’s finger, since the day you met him, Something in your heart always felt like it belonged to him. You noticed him through that cold glaze and he noticed you.
Loki was expected to help the avengers out with some of their homework, whether it’d be knowledge of the outer realms that Thor never managed to venture to, or working some of his magic in certain missions.
It was the least he could do apparently, after New York.
Though, this became a way for you to bond rather quickly. Loki began by complaining about Thor and his team of power rangers, then slit into a conversation with you, asking you questions about yourself. 
Before you knew it, you had been bewitched by the God of Mischief.
Although in fear of being separated, you both agreed to keeping your relationship quiet and were cautious of wandering eyes.
It was then that you heard the door shuffle open, you squinted your eyes trying to make sense of the figure. It didn’t take long for you to recognize it was Loki. A wave of relief overcame you. Shifting yourself upwards and holding yourself up by your elbows, you looked to him in the darkness.
He responded in the gentle soothing tone he always equipped. “What’s wrong?” You rubbed the back of your hand against your eye as you reached for your phone, the screen then displaying the time. Your eyes took some time to adjust, before they looked to him again.
“It’s one in the morning-”
You whispered before being interrupted by a plain kiss. Loki was the best kisser you’ve encountered by far, no doubt about it. No matter what you were doing or what you were saying, it seemed like he could wipe your mind with just one kiss.
He’d take his advantages of it at times, it seemed, but you knew it was all in harmless fun. Was it?
You felt your heart accelerate as Loki pulled away, licking your lips, you finished pushing yourself up. “Loki” You uttered out before you hooked you from underneath your legs, pulling you towards him.
Even in the dark, you still managed to feel yourself blush when he made you face him. you shivered when his fingertips traced your cheeks, then the bottom of your lip. 
“I just felt too eager to wait for tomorrow.’ Loki whispered to you, all of which sent shivers down your spine. You sat still, waiting for him to say something, do anything. Locking your ankles across one another and doing your best to keep your knees together, there was just way too much going on in your head. 
“You’ll be a good girl for me tonight won’t you?” 
Your stomach dropped at the moment Loki whispered that into your ear. A moan huffed out of your lips as his hand outlined your jaw, tracing it down to your chin. He lifted your face up some more, leaving you with a terrible tremble in your breath, but it was just the way he liked it.
“What a pretty face, I can’t wait to see it beg me to stop.” 
There was a sudden intrusion that parted your lips, Loki’s thumb slipped right into your mouth, rubbing against your tongue. You pathetically slid it outwards, letting Loki push down some of your drool, which fell all along your bottom lip and down onto parts of your shirt.
“We’re off to a good start. Suck”
He ordered you, which you followed promptly. Hollowing your cheeks just the way he liked it, there was a sudden pop coming out of your mouth when you accidentally pulled back a little too far. Your heart sank, knowing he never really liked that ungodly popping noise, especially in such closed quarters.
Loki then smeared your own drool against your cheek, a dark chuckle escaped his lips at your sudden reaction. 
You sat up straight, waiting for his next move. You could already feel your legs whimpering out for more. Your feet were unable to stay still for long, which was always a great indicator for Loki.
“Calm down, don’t be such an eager dumb baby.” 
You could then see Loki push his buttoned up sleeves upwards, exposing his skin some more. Though it wasn’t as much as you’d like, you knew better than to tug at his clothes.
Still, that didn’t stop him from stripping you down to only your oversized shirt and socks. Your shorts dropped to the floor, followed by your panties, all of which, Loki made sure you felt his fingertips graze at whatever skin he had to go over to remove whatever clothing off of you that was pestering him. He knew this would make you more than uneasy, but after all what’s playtime without a good buildup?
After a long pause, Loki stood before you, watching you wither away in the darkness, almost soaked without even having a finger laid on you. To say he was enjoying this was an understatement. 
You had to give it to him, the amount of self control Loki had to not tear your remainder of clothes off was ungodly.
“Come here sweetheart let me touch you.” 
It didn’t even take a second for your to perk up, sitting up and sliding towards the end of the bed, eagerly waiting for Loki to plunge-- at this point anything, into you.
Loki, however, had something else in mind, although his eyes were lust-filled and his crotch twitched with an ache to be smothered by your walls, Loki took the time to kneel down, towards the edge of your bed. Admiring your bare skin, grazing his cold fingertips along your goosebumps.
As much as you tried to hold still, your legs couldn’t, they shifted and tried to close to attempt any kind of pathetic friction. You heard a chuckle come from Loki again, this time, he looked up to you in the sinful darkness.
“We agreed that you’d be a good girl tonight, no?”
This was torture and Loki was enjoying every second of it.
“I believe I asked you a question Y/N”
“Yes what?”
“Yes daddy.” You whimpered out, you thought that if Loki didn’t touch you in the next two seconds you were going to explode.
“Good girl.” 
Was all you heard before you felt a slick wet tongue lavish upon your folds. Trying to withhold your moans, you pressed your lips shut, trying to fall back against the bed, but Loki grabbed your bicep before you could fall. 
He wanted you to sit up, knowing full well. you’d be able to feel everything much better this way, or maybe a little more intense. 
Loki pressed his open mouthed kisses all along your mound, you could’ve sworn you even felt him moan a few times. With his free hand, he pushed a finger into your opening as he pulled away for a quick breath. He was far more invested in your soaked folds than any noise you were trying to hide.
When he picked up the pace, you closed your eyes shut, trying to concentrate on not yelling out his name. Though when he added the second finger, you thought you couldn’t keep quiet any longer.
At the moment you felt yourself close, you pushed Loki away, though your pathetic efforts were laughable, to say the least and in any other situation, Loki would’ve punished you.
“What the hell do you think you’re-”
But when he saw you press your hands against your mouth to withhold any more noise, there was a devious chuckle that emitted from the dark. 
“What a good fucking girl huh, trying her best to keep quiet so the rest of the team doesn’t know who’s making her cum over and over.” 
Your eyes, watery and eager to keep going met his, just barely with whatever light was available in your bedroom.
“Come here princess.” 
Loki pulled you towards him again, this time standing you up, his hand coming around you to cover your mouth once he sat down with you on top of his lap. Plunging two fingers into you he pumped them in and out at a speed you were barely able to handle on your own. 
Your hips bucked and shifted as his speed remained the same, his hand pressed tightly against your lips, the back of your head firm against his neck. This seemed to be Loki’s drug, to watch you come undone.
“Good baby-- Now be a good princess and cum on my fingers.” Loki ordered into your ear as tears fell from your eyes, muffled cries fell from your lips as Loki toyed with your folds, pumping in and out repeatedly.
 Your stomach clenched as you rode out your high on Loki’s fingers, huffs and delighted moans were still stifled by Loki’s hand. He wanted to make sure you completely came down before he let your mouth go. 
You slid off of Loki’s lap and onto your bed, your legs still clenched together as you laid there, waiting for Loki to come for you,
“You did so good today sweetheart” You heard him whisper as he shifted your body in the right way the bed was settled. Covering you with your blankets, he kissed your forehead, moving some of the hair away from your face. 
“Stay with me, please?” You hoped as Loki admired you for a moment. There was a silence, Loki sometimes stayed after, not always, or when the avengers were home, but your bed seemed so inviting and how could he say no to you.
“Always.” Loki replied as he shifted into your bed, letting you cling onto him as you closed your eyes ready to fall asleep in his arms.
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angelkurenai · 3 months ago
Party’s just getting started - Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Title: Party’s just getting started
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: None
Prompt: oh my god yes can you write one where y/n moves in next door to tom in london. and he’s in awe of her, and after meeting a few times he invites her to one of his parties where she buys a book for tom instead of a bottle of wine. and a famous friend of tom’s is there and he’s like “ohhhhhh so this is the girl?” thanks a million. and obviously tom is a bit younger than he is now in this x
Tumblr media
"Didn't know there was a zombie apocalypse fast approaching. Should I stock up as well?" being able to hear, and therefore picture before actually seeing,the smile on the man's face was enough to brighten your mood despite how long of a day you'd already had.
"Ah didn't you know?" you pretended, eyes widening in fake horror "I heard that we will have to lock ourselves up for the next three months, people are going crazy, dry food and toilet paper are disappearing faster than a blink of an eye. Better hurry Tom, otherwise you won't be able to find any tea on the market." You said with all the seriousness you could master as he took some of the bags you were carrying and the both of you entered the lift.
"Ah and what a tragedy that would be!" he gasped "Well, at least fate has spared me some of the pain by making this torture we shall endure the sweetest possible for me."
"Do tell Mr Hiddleston, how has fate blessed you so?" you raised an eyebrow as he smiled easily at you.
"Simple, with you as my lovely neighbor I believe I could easily quarantine for an entire year." he grinned as you scoffed and looked away from him, to hopefully prevent yourself from blushing any harder.
"Careful what you ask for there, Tom. You never know what kind of consequences your words will have." You said with a smirk and hoped it sounded as confident as it did in your head.
"I am willing to face whatever consequences for you darling. Besides, I am most certain you could figure a way to keep us both entertained." his tone was playful as it was almost a habit these days after all the conversations you'd had but something to those particular words had your heart leaping to your throat. Luckily for you and before you could come up with something witty enough to play it all off as a joke, he spoke up again "So, you didn't tell me, who's all that for? If I remember correctly, you went to the market two days ago too."
"Got a great memory I see?"
"Only when it comes to people I care for." his replies were as easy as breathing, which was a perfect comparison for you too because you were currently struggling at both "Besides… I am mostly saying this to make sure everything's alright?"
"Ah if only I'd known how much I've been missing in life not having a neighbor as wonderful as you." you smiled to yourself "You're right they're not for me. I will be visiting a friend later and she asked for this favor."
"Ah I see, then my time is limited. I must hurry."
"Hurry?" you questioned as you exited the elevator.
"To abduct you of course. And take advantage of you and your precious little time. If you will allow me to?"
"You know Tom, knowing you are probably the next sweetest thing to the caramel latte my friends had me try, I don't worry when you say things like that. But, friendly advice, you don't really ask the victim their permission to kidnap them before you do."
"Ah I am helpless apparently. But seeing as I would wish you to be my only victim, no harm done right?"
"Hmh and what kind of victim shall I be then?" you raised an eyebrow of interest at Jim as a grin slowly started spreading on his face again.
"Ideally?" he asked far too adorably from your heart to take and you nodded your head "To my charm."
Oh if only he knew.
"Ah we will have to see about that then. Perhaps if I were to know your hideout is, I could consider it…?" you said innocently but the smile on your face was far from it.
"Easy. My house." the words came out easily and casually and you would have been absolutely comfortable with any of it because you knew to trust him. It was yourself that you didn't trust and possibly misunderstanding anything he said or did because you couldn't fight your own feelings.
"P-Pardon?" you whispered.
"I uh-" he hesitated, blinking several times when he realized how it might have sounded "I just realized- You know, I did not get the opportunity to invite you over all here months and thought if you do have some time before you go visit your friend that you could come over for some tea?" he suggested with a possibly shy and definitely adorable and hopeful smile on his face. You even took a couple seconds to take in and admire how cute it was to see him bite his lower lip like some teenage boy in front of his crush- Wait, no that was a dangerous thought to have and you really couldn't afford to at the moment.
"Well, actually-" you offered him a soft and sweet smile, trying to ease his nerves (the thought of which made your own nerves even worse) "I would like that very much. Could you Wait a bit, just give me a couple minutes yeah?"
"I could wait as long as you need me to." he said in a voice as low as a whisper as you unlocked the door to your apartment, but made sure to repeat the words he said in your mind once or twice. Or more.
And if that only made your infatuation grow any more beyond control to the point you could see yourself developing feelings for him, then there was no way to help it.
"Yeah I don't know." the voice broke your trail of thoughts and you blinked twice to focus.
“Still skeptical about it?” taking a sip of your tea, you couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at your best friend who wouldn't stop glaring at the bookshelf that covered one of the walls of the living room in its entirety.
“I'm just wondering, when did you really get to this point without me noticing? By the time I come visit next, I fear I will walk into a library instead of an apartment. Honestly-” she laughed, shaking her head in disbelief “It's not humanly possible to own these many books. It can't be!”
“Well, maybe if you visited more often then you'd have the chance to actually watch my collection grow and see it's totally possible.” you smiled sweetly while she narrowed her eyes playfully at you “Besides, don't be dramatic. I'm not the only one who owns this many books... especially not in the building.”
“Wait-” she paused from drinking her tea and raised an eyebrow at you “There's another one of your species in this building? How have I missed that?” he blinked “Based on your descriptions none of the tenants sounds like the type to read and hoard books like they will go extinct come next morning.”
“I don't-” you started, about to defend yourself but she cut you off with an exclamation.
“Oh maybe it's that sweet old guy that has a hearing issue on the first floor?”
“Uhm, no, why would he-”
“Or maybe that kind middle-aged lady who you said keeps bringing you cookies?”
“Why does it have to be old people? Books are not just for-”
“Or do you mean that weird professor dude on the highest floor who could easily be pregnant with twins with that belly of hi-”
“Oh dear, do you really think I would talk with him of all people about books? He's so-”
“Then it's that nerdy guy on the second floor who barely looks you in the eyes when you-”
“Oh for the love, it's the guy down the hall!” you exclaimed, maybe a little too loud, but at least were able to cut off her rambling. Effectively so, if you could say yourself, because her lips sealed shut and her eyes widened more than was humanly possible.
“Th- the guy d-down the hall?” she repeated and you nodded your head “The guy-who-could-totally-get-it-if-he-asked down the hall?” she asked again and despite your frown, you nodded your head “The guy that looks like he walked out of some sort of photoshoot every time I've seen him?” you gave her a funny look but slowly nodded your head anyway “The life-is-a-runway guy down the hall?”
“Yes, yes that guy. We get it, you can describe him in many ways but his name is Tom. And in case you have forgotten, he's an actor, so it's not a surprise how he looks good every time you see him.” you tried to shrug it off, playing the uninterested part you knew you should around your friend because if she realized you held even the smallest bit of interest in a man then there was nothing that could stop her from playing matchmaker. And you couldn't afford to live through any of the embarrassing moment that would surely come because of her, in front of Tom. The fact that you felt like the guy was totally out of your league was another thing altogether. You were no model or actress, and with all the beautiful and interesting women surrounding him every day as he rose higher and higher to become an A-list actor (which you were more than certain would happen very soon, even if he denied it every time you talked) you knew you stood no chance. Much as he looked like the normal guy next door, he was not really part of your world. Those kind of differences could not be easily overcome when fame got involved in the end.
So you had, early on, convinced yourself to be content with his friendship, which he eagerly seemed to want to give you based on how often he visited you or tried to initiate a conversation, and not dare to ask or even dare to dream about there being something more. Your heart wouldn't be able to take that kind of heartbreak when it inevitably came.
“Trust me, there's not a single detail I've forgotten about that man. I, however, seemed unaware of the fact that he's one of your kind. He looks sophisticated enough, I suppose, and quiet- Wait!” she raised a finger mid-rant, pausing to narrow her eyes at you again, terrifying you even more when a smile slowly started creeping on her lips “How do you know of how many books he owns hm?”
Of course. Trust her to turn everything you say against you.
Considering you probably should have kept your mouth shut and let her drag your love for books through the mud the way she always playfully did, you looked away from her and tried to play innocent despite how it was far from convincing “We just happened to talk about it once or twice when we ran into each other.”
"Just happened to talk about it?" her voice was filled with disbelief "Alright, say I believe that for a second, yeah? And say that I won't question just how long or how often did those conversations happen." the way she said made you wish she would ask that instead of what was to come "How come that he knows of the great collection of books you have? Even more, how do you know he has just as many? I don't suppose it's something that you bring up out of nowhere during a three-minute-conversation in the elevator, yeah?" you parted your lips to speak but in reality you had no idea what to say and she took advantage of the fact to keep going with a suspiciously sweet voice "Unless you've been inside his apartment before? Or maybe he's been in here? I can only wonder what happened on this cou-"
"Aaah-" you exclaimed "Enough. That's- enough talking for you. Seriously with such a wild imagination you should just write a book or something. But reality is not like the books you could write and much as you'd like to think that my insanely attractive neighbor has the hots for me after barely knowing me for a little over six months, it's beyond the realm of possibilities."
You didn't know if you should be thankful for how your phone chose that very moment to pipe with a message but with your luck these days you knew it would be only a temporary relief before it all only got worse. And it would.
"No, go ahead and answer that. You might get some more time to come up with a better non-answer than what you just said."
You wanted nothing more than to retort to her but once you took a look at who the message was from, all words died out in your lips. Feeling your mouth go dry, you tried your best to not let your friend see it. If only. The squeal that left her lips, loud enough to cause a quick pain to shoot through your ear, verified that you had failed miserably and that you hadn't been fast enough.
It, in fact, did get worse.
"He's even got your phone? And he's texting you too?!" you didn't think it was possible for a person's eyes to go even more wide but he was proving you wrong "Why?! What have I missed?! What are you really not telling me?! I need to know everything now!"
Well, at least you hadn't gotten to open the message yet so there was some sort of saving grace. It wasn't like you needed to anyway. Both in your mind to remember what Tom had messaged you for and in your heart to feel that soft flutter in anticipation at the prospect of what was to come.
"Hey!" you said more shyly than you would have wanted to but you could barely get words out. You had spent the entire afternoon trying to pick out an outfit and worrying about whether you would say or do something to mess it up. Not to mention on how to act around his friends, most of whom were actors or famous artists or anything probably the furthest away possible from the normal everyday people that you happened to surround yourself with. Not the kind of person you actually were yourself.
Not that you had dared voice the concern of standing out from everyone else in the party to Tom. Not directly at least but even so, the man was an absolute sweetheart that saw nothing wrong with inviting you over to his party. And you didn't have the heart to tell him no in any way.
So here you were.
"(Y/n), hi!" his entire face brightened up as a big smile formed on his lips, enough to make you relax at least a bit "You actually made it. I'm so glad to see you!" he didn't miss the chance to pull you in for a hug and you weren't about to decline that was for sure.
“I really hope I am not late. I didn’t even realize how time flew by just like that. I’ve been so busy with uh-” yeah busy “Anyway-” you cleared your throat, offering a nervous laugh because really worrying over your looks and how to not mess up things for Tom didn’t qualify for a really busy schedule “I sincerely hope the British in you will forgive me for my tardiness.”
“Why, I would say it’s no problem but since you point it out, I might have to take advantage of that.” he grinned, leaning closer to you with that ever present mischievous smile of his that you knew could mean trouble for you and your poor heart but you couldn’t resist all the same “Though-” he glanced over his shoulder, before looking back at you “There are too many people here, so perhaps when we’re alo- Ow!” he huffed a small breath, mixed with a laugh, as you punched his arm playfully.
“It seems you’ve forgotten there are no cameras rolling, Mr Hiddleston. You can break character now.” you gave him a look, pleased nonetheless about how you managed to let go of the nerves that had taken over you.
“Ah you say that now, but when the movie comes out, I know, you will fall in love with Loki. Mark my words, and then-"
"And then what? What are you gonna do about it sir?" you leaned forward as well, feeling bold enough to smirk at him and add "Nothing you would want your esteemed guests to hear about right now, am I right?"
"Hm, perhaps I underestimated you. I would have to reevaluate." he winked at you before he let a soft sigh and straightened his back "Sadly not now as there are people waiting for us. So before you get whisked or, I fear, too enraptured by some of my guests tonight, let me be the first of many to tell you how truly wonderful you look tonight. Just as I thought you couldn't possibly get more captivating."
To say that you didn't bask in the warmth of his compliments that made his voice sound a little more sweet than when he talked to others, would be a major lie. You took it in, you took it all in and let your heart swell in adoration. Too much or too little, and it always seemed to be the first rather than the latter if you could go by comparison at least, you enjoyed being the center of his attention and admiration.
"The first of many? Oh now you are certainly exa-" but before you could get to complete your sentence another very enthusiastic voice came from behind the door. There was an accent to it that was certainly not British and before you realized it a tall blonde was standing right next to Tom and looking at you.
"What in heaven's name are you doing out there this whole time? Who's- oh. Oh!" the man instantly paused, eyes widening in surprise and a bright smile forming on his face "Now I see why he didn't want to bring you inside. I have certainly never seen you before around him. Hi I'm Chris, Chris Hemsworth!" his grin was warm and you found yourself smiling back despite your worries. Maybe it had something to do with the way Tom rolled his eyes, only the way a sibling would for their brother, and maybe, just maybe, the way it meant there was a chance you were about to see and hear some interesting facts about your neighbor that you didn't know yet.
You giggled, only having the chance to mumble a shy "Hi." yourself before Tom spoke up.
"I am only taking my time to warn the poor girl of what she is about to witness in there. But now that she's met the worst one, there is only so much I can do. And yes-" he looked at you with an apologetic smile for this or more possibly what was to come "This is my costar Chris, apologies for whatever comes."
"Now he reduced me to a simple costar, alright. Fine." he nodded his head seriously "I will keep that in mind and not filter a single thing while I tell this beautiful friend of yours, whom you seem to have been rather impatiently waiting for this whole time,everything she needs to know about you."
"You plan to do that here then too? Should I put up a table with drinks right here at the door perhaps?" Tom countered and held back a grin, enjoying too much of this playful nature of his.
"As interesting and entertaining as this is, already, I do think it would be best to head inside actually." you piped in, grinning when Tom narrowed his eyes at you.
"Entertaining? You traitor." he said with a huff pulling the door wide open for you to enter.
You only shrugged giving him a small innocent smile "It's just… you know, useful… to have a little bit of blackmail info on everyone I know." You broke into a grin when Tom shook his head and as Chris laughed.
"I like this one! Wait, hold up I'll get you a drink and call my wife for you to meet. I feel like you're going to be best friends." he was already halfway to do so but enthusiastically spoke loud enough for you to hear.
"I am so terribly sorry for that… and what will no doubt follow." Tom whispered apologetically once Chris was out of earshot "He's a great guy, it's just that he is a little too friendly sometimes that he doesn't understand it could make people uncomfortable. If it bothers you at any point just tell me and I-"
"Tom" you cut him off with a reassuring smile "It's fine. Really. More than it actually. If I don't feel fine I will let you know immediately, I promise. But before I forget, here-" you brought up the bag containing the book you got him, your nerves only getting the best of you and your hands faltering a bit when you saw the way his eyes widened when he took in the contents "I- I thought you might like but seeing you now I uh-" you sighed, shaking your head softly "On second thought I should have probably gotten you a bottle of wine or something but then I remembered how you've been talking non-stop about the book and thought you might-"
"I beg your pardon? What in the heavens could make you believe that I don't like it? (Y/n), this is truly the best thing I could ever receive, no doubt! Do you have any idea how long I've been struggling to find it. I-" he laughed breathlessly "I honestly can't find the words to thank you enough. To think I should have gotten used to it by now but alas." he sighed, still grinning.
"Gotten used to what?" you asked softly, barely able to contain your own smile.
"To you leaving me speechless and stunned in the best ways possible. Ah honestly, what are you doing to me?" he breathed out and the sincere awe and adoration on his face, showing without a single attempt to conceal it.
"Oh hush, I am not doing anything." you brushed it off with a shake of your hand "What are friends for? We are not just neighbors after all."
"No, really, (Y/n), I-" he started but before he had the chance to continue a familiar voice poke up again.
"Wait- (Y/n)? This- this is (Y/n)? You neighbor (Y/n)? Why didn't you say so before?!" Chris asked with a smile that you were surprised to see was even more wide "Oooh so this is her then. Huh, would you look at that. Well good luck with that then." he chuckled a bit to himself and you raised an eyebrow.
Your own smile only got more intrigued as you saw Tom shake his head with a sigh "I- yes I am. I moved in not that long ago. I'm sorry but- how do you know me?"
"Wha-" he laughed loudly "Are you kidding me? He doesn't shut up about you!" the way he said it made it sound like there was more to it.
"Oh oh" you blinked because that too was enough for you. Tom really talked about you to his friends? "Really?" you asked softly and he nodded his head.
"Yeah, why would I lie about it? He talks more about you than he mentions Shakespeare these days. Which let me tell you was a bit worrying at first but now we are all used to it. We just walk in on set with one thought in mind-"
"Chris no-" Tom started but it was pretty weak and you knew as well as he did that there wasn't really any chance of stopping Chris.
"We go there thinking Oh what new interesting thing will I find out about (Y/n) today? and let me tell you every time he doesn't fail to deliver." he didn't even try to hide his grin as he outed his friend, all the while you couldn't help but take in the horrified expression on Tom's face.
"That's- That's really not the-" the British man tried to defend himself but it was too weak and Chris didn't leave him any room.
"Ah there she is!" he exclaimed this time "Come on, (Y/n), I'll introduce you to my wife and tell you more about it!" he was already turning away from you before you could react, calling for a blonde woman not far away "Honey? Honey, guess what? You'll never believe who I have finally met!"
"Heavens help me." Tom breathed out still in horror while you bit your lip, trying to keep yourself from laughing.
"Why? This is already far better than I ever anticipated. Party’s just getting started Mr. Hiddleston."
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shiningloki · 5 months ago
I Don't Want You
I Don't Want You - A Loki One Shot
As someone who has studied Loki's entire life, it's your job to guard his cell at the TVA when he gets captured. Nothing is ever easy with Loki, and you should know that. You know what to do to keep him from getting under your skin and breaking your resolve, but nothing can prepare you for when it actually happens.
Word Count: 4678
Master List
Tumblr media
“You should let me go.”
You groaned, rolling your eyes. “And you should stop talking.”
“Talking is the only liberty you and your immaculate organization have granted me. I will continue to take advantage of it.”
“Take too much advantage of it and we’ll take it away,” you countered.
You weren’t looking at the prisoner behind you, but you could hear his cocky chuckle and envision the conniving look on his face when he whispered, “I’d like to see you try.”
The prisoner in question, was none other than Loki Odinson, or Loki Laufeyson, depending on which part of his timeline he was on and frankly what kind of mood he was in that day. You were pretty sure right now he was going by Laufeyson, but when Maxwell from the BR department - Being Relations, to be more specific - tried asking him, Loki just growled.
After a swift escape with the Tesseract, Loki practically landed in the lap of the TVA. He was well known, of course, since the TVA had labelled him a Being of High Value. He was powerful, intelligent, gifted with magic, and born of one race and raised by another, both of which being some of the strongest in existence. It made Loki a vital prisoner, a person that perhaps was worth more than a jumpsuit, handcuffs, and a few thousand years behind bars. Due to his impressive capabilities, the TVA were now considering actually adding him to the organization - under deep surveillance of course.
That was where you came in.
Fic requests are CLOSED! Be sure to check out my AO3 for more Tom Hiddleston and Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!
Like what you see? Support me on ko-fi!
Want to be added to my tag list for my one shots? Send me a message, an ask, or leave a comment letting me know you would like to be added!
Bee’s One Shots Tag List: @lots-of-loki @hiddlesholic @procrastinatinglikeabitch @nancybenson @ladyblablabla @anagrom @heartforhiddles @memenerdlover @bellesque @fluffyfanficangel @frostbitten-written @toozmanykids @dangertoozmanykids101 @eli-vibes @michellearel1 @nomadmilk @cholcomb01 @myraiswack @hanyasnape @merrymaking88 @jessip1ier @lordofthenerds97 @worshipping-skarsgard @siochan-leat @fixatedfandomhunter @davidbuddbg @readsalot73 @caffiend-queen @wine-and-whines @myblissfulparadise @tea4sykes @arianoct @cap-n-ce @bourbon-in-my-coffee @rogueheretic555 @sifinskies @astheworlddturns @harold231 @creator-appreciator @ohdearhiddles @luna-viola-delmare @beanisintrovert @sllooney @imnotrevealingmyname @cottoncandy1010-blog @coastall-girll @lokislastlove @americaan-tragedy @kiliskywalker666 @tom-ben4ever @rhemasky @ragnarachael @catsladen @dragonmaiden70 @fyrecrafted (TAGS CONTINUED IN REBLOG)
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justthehiddleswrites · 4 months ago
Please Forgive Me | Loki x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: I have started on the requests! This one was an anon request:  a Loki x needy reader where the reader asks Loki to “make love to me” to make the reader remember every inch of Loki against their skin even days after. Just the reader and Loki passionately having sex/love.
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader
Summary: Loki spends a passionate night with his queen only to wake in the morning to bad news.
Warnings:  Smut, angst, vaginal sex, fingering, one curse word, breeding if you squint, D/s dynamics if you squint, spanking, orgasm delay/denial
One glance at the healers and you knew. You knew even before then, but their face sealed your fate. 
“How long?” you asked , your expression flat. 
“By morning. I’m so sor—”
You held up your hand. “Please! I don’t want or need your apologies. Your pity.” You stand and tug on your tunic. “Tell no one.”
“NO ONE!” Your voice bouncing off the stone walls of the healing chambers. “Especially the king. He does not need to worry. There are important matters to attend to. The Nine Realms need him strong.”
The healers bowed their heads. “Yes, Your Majesty.” 
One more tug on your tunic and you turned and marched out and straight to your bedchambers. Only when you heard the heavy thud of the door shutting behind you did you allow yourself to fall apart. 
After several hours, you dragged yourself to shower, clean your face and prepare for Loki’s arrival. He sent several servants throughout the day to check in on you. You pulled yourself together long enough to tell them you were fine. You lied to them. That place far away from fine was where you were. But there was nothing to be done at this point. The die had been cast. 
Loki hurried down the hall, his dark green cape billowing behind him.
“Forty-five minutes. The boar of a man prattled on for forty-five minutes about trade routes.” His fists clenched at his side. 
When he reached the door of your shared bedchambers, he took several breaths, calming his body and his mind as best he could. 
“Darling…” Loki’s rich, deep timbre reached you by the windows where you gazed upon the palace gardens. It was late spring, and the blooms created rainbows in the setting Asgardian sun. 
“Loki?” You glanced over your shoulder and gave him a smile. 
His long legs carried him across the mirror surface of the floor. Once he reached you, his arm wrapped around your waist and Loki pulled you back, flat against his chest. 
“These meetings are unbearable without you by my side.” He buried his face against your neck, inhaling deeply to smell the scent of your coconut scented shampoo. “Tell me good news, my love.”
Your body relaxed against him and you let loose a ragged breath. “Everything should be done by tomorrow morning.” You turn in his embrace, pressing your hands against his chest. “It will have run its course.” Your chin tilted up to gaze into Loki’s blue-green eyes and you smiled. 
Loki hugged you tight. “Darling, that is fantastic! I knew this would work out.” He pulled away, only to catch your lips in a kiss. 
With a soft gasp, you returned the kiss, your arms wrapping around Loki’s neck, pulling him closer. He grew more insistent as his tongue explored your mouth, stealing your breath. His fingers laced into your hair, pressing you against him. You broke the kiss and gazed up at him. His pupils dark and large as his chest heaved.
“Take me to bed. I want to feel you for days.”
It took no time for Loki to sweep you into his arm and carrying you to the oversized bed in the room. As your bodies hit the cool sheets, a shimmer of gold and green light surrounded the two of you, both Loki’s and your clothing melting away with magic. 
“I shall never tire of that, my love.” you giggled as you bounced before Loki’s muscular and lean form caged you against the mattress. 
“And I shall never tire of you, my sweet.” His nose ran along the curve of your neck, causing your skin to break out in goosebumps. Loki nipped at your skin as his hands skimmed over your body. When his lips reached that sweet spot on your neck, Loki sucked hard, teeth grazing along the delicate skin, and when he pulled a dark mark remained. 
Your body arched into his touch, desperate for more. “More, please.” Your hips bucked up to meet him as your legs fell open. Loki settled between them, his hips lazily rocking against you. 
“I want to take my time.” He squeezed your breast, earning a squeak from your lips. “To feel you completely.”
 He lowered his head to take your nipple in his mouth, sucking and rolling his tongue over it. His other hand snaked between your bodies to find your folds and he teased with his long fingers.
“Dripping already?” he commented with one brow raised as he released you with a wet, soft pop. “We have barely started. You are eager, darling.” 
“Yes.” you responded with a pant. “Please… I… need…” Your body writhed under him. 
Loki chuckled low against your body, sending vibrations through you. “I know what you need.” He pressed two fingers into you with little pretense. “What you crave.” His fingers slowly pumped inside of you, curling to reach the stop your own fingers cannot. “But first.” His thumb pressed against your clit and you groaned loudly. “You will give me what I want.”
“Yes!” Your body rocked against his fingers, desperate for more. “I can do that.” 
Loki’s lips curved into a devious smile. “You should know better than to make deals with gods. The deal is done.” 
His finger pumped in and out of you, growing in speed with each thrust as his thumb stroked and teased your clit, soon bringing you to a frenzy, teetering on the edge. You pleaded and begged for him to give you release, but each time Loki only slowed, teasing you further. 
With tears of pleasure, pain, and frustration pricking at your eyes, you gazed up at him. “Please, Loki…” your voice hoarse and rough. “… I can’t. I need to feel you. Now.” 
He leaned over you to whisper in your ear. “When I let you cum, I want you to scream my name so loud the guards fear I am harming you.” 
You nodded your head and Loki thrusted his fingers deep into you, hard and fast and his thumb pressed hard against your clit, rubbing a tight circle. “Cum, pet. Now.”
As the words left his lips, your body stiffened as his expert fingers ripped the orgasm from you. “LOKI!” Your voice sounded as though it came from another creature, some feral animal from the wilds of Asgard, not its queen. The sounds echoed around the chamber, a symphony to Loki’s ears. 
He continued to thrust into you, allowing you to ride the waves of pleasure before removing his glistening fingers. He brought them to his mouth and sucked your juices from him as you watched with lust blown eyes. Loki slurped and moaned as he tasted you before pulling his fingers away. 
“Sweeter than Asgardian wine, darling. As always.” His hands gripped your hips tight, massaging the flesh with his hands. “Now to give you what you crave.” Your face softened into a smile. In a flash, Loki flipped you onto all fours. “As I see fit.” And with that, he pushed himself into you with a sharp thrust.
“Fuck!” you cursed as the force of him pushed your torso against the mattress.
SMACK! Loki’s hand landed hard against your ass. “That is no way for Asgard’s queen to speak!” His hips snapped against your body as the sound of skin against skin filled the room. 
“Yes, my king.” Your body dropped further against the bed. 
His hand rubbed along your back as his hand laced deep in your hair, pulling your head around to see his face. “Such a good pet. Now to punish you.”
CRACK! Another swat landed against your ass, and you moaned in pleasure. Loki’s fingers dug into your hips as you rocked back against his cock, feeling every inch of him inside of you, stretching your walls. Loki’s pace varied from agonizingly slow to brutally fast, never allowing you to reach orgasm. And soon you were once again a whimpering mess writhing under his touch.
“I need to cum, Loki. Please let me cum.” you cried into the mattress. Your ass was reddened by Loki’s hand, and his thrusts were punctuated with a labored grunt. “I need you to fill me.” Your head dropped against the sheets.
Loki leaned over your back, covering it with his. “Clench around me, my love, and I shall fill you to the brim. Fill you with my seed in hopes of giving us a child.” 
You let loose a wracked cry as you came hard, your juices flooding against him and your walls clenched him tight. Loki’s thrusts faltered for a moment before his body grew rigid. He pumped ropes of cum into you and then he stilled, slowly pulling out of you and his spend leaked out. You fall onto the pillows and Loki settled next to you, his arms pulling you into him. He pressed soft kisses against your forehead. 
“I love you, my queen.” His face nuzzled into your neck.
“I love you, my king.” You kissed along his sharp jaw. “Always. Now let us rest.” You turned to settle against him. 
Loki hummed in contentment. “And in the morning, I shall have my fill of you again.”
You did not respond for fear he would hear the crack of your voice and see the tear in your eye. 
When Loki woke the next morning to find your side of the bed cold and empty. He overheard the sound of water running in the bathroom. With a lazy stretch, he sat up working out of the muscle kinks from last night. His gaze caught a letter on a table by his side of the bed in your handwriting. With a bemused smile, he opened the letter.
“A love letter after all these years. Darling, you romantic…” his voice trailed away as he read the first words of your letter.
Please forgive me. Forgive me for being a coward. For not telling you the truth until it was too late for you to do something. The healers tried everything they could, but they could not reverse the effects of the poison. Poison meant for you. Little did the Dark Elves know you are allergic to Asgardian honey mead, and it is my favorite. Just another cruel twist of fate. 
When I emerge from the shower, I will no longer remember our relationship. I will know I am queen and you are king, but in my mind, there is no love, no passion. The poison will have stolen that from me, my most precious memories. The memories of us. 
Always know that I love you, darling. I love more than anything in all of the Nine Realms. We will survive this. I hope you can find the strength to help me find us again. But until then, keep us safe in your heart and mind. 
Always Yours,
Loki barely finished reading the letter before he crumpled it into a tight ball and hurled it across the room, letting loose a pained and visceral scream, shaking the windows. As if on cue, you emerged from the bathroom, hair wrapped to dry and already dressed. 
“Oh. You’re awake.” You gave Loki a polite smile. “I had hoped to slip out before you woke.” You busied yourself with finishing your hair and getting ready as Loki watched on in disbelief. The woman he loved, his other half, treating him as nothing more than a friendly acquaintance. 
“I have a… a… late meeting with the advisors.” He stumbled over the words as his tears hit the sheets. 
You turned and gave him the same polite smile, walking towards him. You planted a chaste kiss to his cheek. “Sounds tiring. I wish you luck. Now I have my own matters to attend to.” You hurried to the door. “Will I see you at dinner?”
Loki’s hand reached up to touch his cheek. Everything was so cordial, so amiable. So not you. “Huh… um… yeah…” Loki lost in thought. 
You nodded and turned to leave.
“WAIT!” Loki rushed to stop you, holding your hand. “Perhaps we could have dinner here. The two of us. It’s much more intimate.”
Your brow furrowed before your face returned to the same polite expression. “If you wish, my king. I am at your service. But there is no need to make a fuss. I’m nothing special.” And you headed out the door, leaving Loki to crumple against the door, clutching his chest.
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moonlight-prose · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pleasure is a Kind of Pain
a/n: who asked for president loki ruining them? no one, but i literally can't get that man out of my HEAD. so here we are. this is just filth with no plot and a sprinkle of poetic bullshit.
Not tagging anyone cause it's pretty filthy and idk who wants to read this. Not beta read OR edited so if there are mistakes....that's my bad.
summary: pissing him off never goes well, but you seem to never get enough of pressing his buttons.
word count: 2.5k
pairing: president!loki x fem!reader
warnings: ooohhhh boy your girl went batshit insane on this one; EXPLICIT SO MINORS YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T BE HERE, knife play, knife kink cause it's me, hate fucking turned to love, cussing, prez loki being mean, choking, tw: blood, fingering, cum play, p in v sex, dominant president loki, slight submission, tenderness cause i'm a softie.
You were fucked.
Literally as well as figuratively, because you had cussed him out using some of the most vulgar language you could fit into a single sentence. Knew that the second the words left your mouth you’d find yourself in a situation similar to the one you were in now. Shoved against the wall with a dagger to your throat. It was dramatic - even for him - but you couldn’t deny the way you physically reacted to riling him up.
Watching his face contort into an expression of absolute rage. A part of you didn't mind that the fury was directed at you, and perhaps that the part you should have shut down. The sick portion of your brain that kept you in place. Leaving you wondering if it was you or him that had created this burning need in your body. That had you unconsciously arching yourself towards his blade.
A smile begins to spread on your lips at the sight of him baring his teeth at you.
"What are you going to do prez?" you asked with a taunting lilt behind your words. Already prepared for what was to come with the storm behind the false calm in his eyes.
There wasn't much that had to be done in order for his strands of control to snap. Hell, he'd sever them himself happily if it meant getting to see you this way. Willingly resign himself to being forever known as the devil. A temper that would put other Lokis to shame.
"You seem to be in a playful mood," he replied, his voice teeming with venom.
How could you not be? When he held a knife so delicately, so reverently, against your throat that it could be deemed as romantic. The type that he portrayed that is. No words to be said; merely a few grunted words, spit in your direction as you pressed the buttons under his skin. A delight you partook in far too often for your own good, for your own sanity. But what was the point of sanity when the opposite was - oh so - delicious.
When what he offered you - chaos on a gold platter served with a side of pain - was better than anything you had before. Better than never playing in this game he enjoyed.
"That's putting it lightly."
That made him smile. His lips curling up into a look that could be its own version of lethal.
He had an ego that was for sure. You knew it the second you met him. Charm that could sweep anyone off their feet, with eyes that made deals with the devil.
“I would ask what you want, but it seems to me like you’ve already decided on something.” A lie that you’d grown fond of hearing, unlike all the other ones. He already knew what you wanted, what he wanted more specifically, and you wanted to bet it had something to do with the way he was looking at you.
Wetting your lips you reached for the hand that wasn’t gripping his weapon, dragging it down towards the button of your pants. Showing him exactly what you desired, what you’d be giving him if he willed it, if he wished for it. People would call it a mistake to let him consume you, to have him drag you into the whirlwind storm that was his love. Yet the mistake had already been made.
Again, and again. You continued to choose him over anything else. Chose his silvertongue that whispered lies of sweetness to you; promised a love that you fell for each time. Because it was addicting. He was your drug, the one thing you’d never be rid of. The person you couldn’t say goodbye to.
“Good girl,” he whispered, knife pressing further into your throat until it bordered on pain. Until it had your heart racing, eyes fluttering closed in euphoric passion.
His lips met yours in a bruising kiss, teeth and tongue rendering you useless as his hand popped the button on your pants effortlessly. A move he’d done more times than you could count. And yet you still fall apart for it each time. Begged for it, because it was just what he made you out to be; his perfect spitfire. Someone who could go toe-to-toe with him in both combat and the throes of passion.
“You’re already a mess for me.” Another taunt, followed by a kiss that had you gasping for air. His teeth pricking open the skin of your bottom lip; a coppery taste of your blood mixing with the taste of him.
Both complementary of each other as they should be. Balance in its darkest form.
A smile curved on your lips, eyes lighting up with a challenge. “I could make myself a better mess...since you’re taking so long.”
He didn’t like that; eyes flashing with a look that told you everything you needed to know. You were challenging his pride. Teasing him with the insinuation that he wasn’t an adequate lover, that he couldn’t turn you into a puddle of nerves. Voice nearly gone from how loud he could make you scream. And while it was a statement you both knew to be false, he still didn’t like that you had the guts to say it aloud.
His hand slipped underneath the band of your pants, forehead pressing against yours as he found you to be soaked. His own smile took over; the knife still stuck in place.
“Now,” he breathed out, lips barely brushing against yours. “I believe I’m the only one allowed to lie.”
“Since when has that - fuck - been a rule?” You wanted to let him know that control went both ways in this fucked up situation you shared. Except that would only be another lie.
He had you wrapped around his fingers. The same ones that had plunged into you, finding the spot along your wall that had your legs shaking. It was unfair how fast he could shove you off the ledge. With only a few words that were borderline mean, the grin on his face was something you wanted to slap off. Yet you couldn’t move. Not when the knife was still against your throat; a piece of his dominance in such a pretty weapon.
Pressing his thumb against your clit he watched - enraptured - as your eyes fluttered shut, mouth falling open, another sinful sound echoing off the dirty walls. You were his; his love in the form of an angel with a bloodlust that would terrify the devil himself.
“It’s been a rule ever since you said you were mine.” His voice, sickly sweet, cooed in your ear. Eyes trained on your body that writhed underneath his touch.
Your impending orgasm building up in your body. The pressure, glorious in its own way; driving you to the very edge until you could no longer hear what he was saying. He crooked his finger in a certain way that changed the angle of the way they pumped into you, and that’s what did it. Had you clutching onto his tattered suit jacket, a high pitched sob falling from your lips as the pleasure crested and you were left in shatters.
Chest heaving as you tried to catch your breath. A sting of pain on your throat as your movement caused the blade to prick your skin. It didn’t matter. Didn’t bother you, because you were still coming down from your high, body floating above The Void in it’s own way.
His lips slotted against yours again. Roughly licking into your mouth as he sucked on your tongue, moaning when your hands dug into his hair. Yanking it painfully to pull his head back, giving you access to his neck. The knife shifted slightly to allow you room to place your mark on his skin; to show that not only were you his, but he was yours. He would always be yours.
Power play be damned.
A groan tore from his chest, hand gripping the back of your neck to keep you in place, the hardness that dug into your hip telling you how much he was enjoying this. How much he loved giving you a small piece of control. It didn’t border on give and take. Didn’t abide by those rules.
No, it was take and take and take, whenever he wanted. Whenever you wanted. You were desperate for one another; willing to go through pain for each other and beg for more. Beg to have a love that had been poisoned a long time ago.
“Enough.” One single word to get you to stop, but you were stubborn. Refused his every command, because it was fun.
A snarled out cuss word echoed off the walls, the knife pushing into your throat as he worked on your pants with the other; his teeth baring with feral need. You had your fun and now it was time for him to ruin you for everyone else. For him to hear you sweetly cry out for him. With your assistance you managed to yank your pants off, kicked them across the floor with your shoes; his trousers only needing to be opened to where you could pull him out.
“Someone’s desperate,” you whispered, lips pressing against the corner of his mouth, hand stroking him lightly. Just to feel his chest heave, his breath leaving his mouth in pants.
Gripping your thigh he slung your leg around his hip, lips brushing against your cheek in a move that was far too delicate for him. Too much romance and yet you welcome it. Kissed him softly, winding your arms around his neck, tongue meeting his as he pushed into you. The feeling familiar; something you couldn’t give up. And maybe this was the sick part. The poison that bled through your dynamic with him.
Except it was far too good to let it go. His hips meeting yours, the fullness of him too good for you to do anything else but cry into his mouth. The slight pinch of pain that came with taking all of him is just another addition to the euphoria he brought you Another reason you were addicted to him.
“So prez,” you said, knowing the next few words would diminish the romance, would tear it to shreds. “You going to fuck me like I’m yours?”
The smile he gave you was almost rueful. Malicious in all the right ways, because you still had a knife to your throat. Still had the tang of your blood on your tongue, and it wasn’t enough. Because you wanted the monster to come out. Wanted to see the Hyde to your Jekyll.
“Don’t ask for things that will break you,” he replied, his grip on your hip letting you know what he fully intended to do.
You returned his smile with fierce voracity, the need for him clear enough. “Maybe I want to be broken.”
His eyes flashed dangerously, a look that told you everything you needed to know, before he was pulling out. Slamming back into you hard enough for your head to hit the wall. A cry of surprise leaving your lips, hands digging into the fabric of his jacket to keep him close. It was brutally beautiful. Everything you wanted; everything you asked him for.
Words in a different language were spat out, hips slamming into yours as he dragged you to another blissful cliff. One you’d happily fall off of. It was madness in the purest form. Hatred coupled with a love so sinful it had your heart twisting violently in your chest, and you loved it. Ached for it. Moans tore from your throat, unabashedly loud, because you couldn’t give a shit. Not when he was fucking you like it was the last time.
The steady sound of your slick mixed with the sounds of skin slapping against skin. His grunts sounded just as pretty as your sobs. Nails began to prick at the skin of his neck as you wrapped your palms around it, wanting to show him that this was not his time to be in control. This was an equal show of dominance and if anything it had him slamming into you faster.
Eyes turning vicious in delight at the sight of your wrecked expression.
“So fucking pretty for me,” he harshly got out, knife tilting your chin up, until you were looking up into his eyes. “Bending to my will.”
“Fuck. You.”
He chuckled, shifting the angle of his thrusts, searching for one that would make you relent your hold on his throat. And he found it the second your head fell against the wall, eyes rolling back, a high pitched scream ripping from your chest. A sight that he wished to see over and over again. And he would get to. Each thrust focused on the same spot; your leg starting to shake violently until it was clear you were right there.
On the precipice.
“Oh but my sweet darling,” he whispered, his voice cracking slightly from holding his own pleasure at bay. “You are fucking me. Or is it me who is fucking you?”
Just as you were about to fall, crash into a heap and love every second. He froze. You screamed in anger, hands hitting his chest; tears falling from the corners of your eyes.
“Why?” you gasped out, desperate for him to move.
He simply smiled. “I want you to beg for it.”
Yet another taunt, another piece of the game, yet you were too far gone to fight him on it now. You needed it; craved it until you were walking the border of sanity and madness. The wave of emotions turning you into a whimpering mess, because you wanted him.
“Please,” you whispered, hands cupping his face as you arched your neck. Giving his blade more access to the delicate skin there. “Please fuck me. Ruin me Loki. I’m yours forever. I’ve always been yours. Everything about me is-”
You let out a strangled gasp when he moved again. The speed from before only grew until you could do nothing but fall against the wall. Melt into his grasp and cry out for him when he pressed against your clit to shove you off the edge. You were pretty sure you screamed until everyone could hear you, but that didn’t matter, because it was too good to stay silent. Far too much for you to handle.
He dropped the knife to the ground, burying his face into your neck until he was finding his own release. A moan of your name falling from his lips, only seeming to add to the pleasure that coursed through your body.
His cum dripped down your thighs even before he pulled out, and you knew he liked it.
Found it to be one of his favorite sights.
“My love,” he breathed out, tenderness showing through the fury. “You anger me on purpose.”
You sighed, content to remain there with him inside of you. “It’s worth it.”
He smiled, fingers dancing along your spine. “Perhaps it is.”
This was the side of him you rarely got the chance to see. The tender man behind the chaos, behind the cold exterior he showed to the rest of the world. The man who whispered promises to you that he intended on keeping. Ones that would result in situations like this; pleasure bordering on pain in its own delicious way.
A game you would never stop playing.
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 months ago
Wrong Number - Tom Hiddleston x Reader
a/n: this is something new I'm starting! A series based on getting a message from an unknown number, to which you find out is Tom Hiddleston... the idea sounded cute to me, ok? hope you enjoy!
| Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen | Part Twenty | Part Twenty-One | Twenty-Two | Twenty-Three | Twenty-Four | Twenty-Five | Twenty-Six | Twenty-Seven | Twenty-Eight | Wattpad Version of Wrong Number Link to Spotify Playlist
warnings: none... for now. will be a slight age gap I guess? reader is 25, so make that 15. Not bad though
Tumblr media
“(Y/N), are you almost ready?!” Your best friend’s voice rang loud from downstairs. You were currently in the process of trying to decide between the emerald dress or the royal blue. Tonight was one of Hollywood’s biggest parties and you had the privilege of attending, thanks to your best friend being buddy-buddy with various stars thanks to her work in the movie business.
“Yeah,” You called back out. “Give me about fifteen minutes.”
Grumbling to yourself, you jerked both dresses out of the closet and surveyed them. Emerald would accent your curves, while the royal blue looked sleeker, sexier. It’s not like you were sixteen and trying to impress high-school boys. You were all but twenty-five and a grown-ass woman. Although you had the mindset of a thirty-year-old, which made you seem much older than truly spoken.
As you were about to yell for your best friend to come upstairs and just choose for you, your phone buzzed with a text message. More than likely it was from your boss, asking if you had the completed documents she needed for Tuesday morning’s meeting, to which you could say yes. You ensured before you had fun, your daily duties were completed, especially when it came to working.
You glanced down at your phone to see that it was entirely unknown to you with an area code you recognized as none other than California.
Thanks for a spectacular time, darling. Can’t wait to do it again. xo T.H.
Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. At first, you thought to neglect the message, but you smirked.
Not sure what we did that was spectacular, but glad I could rock your world.
Snickering, you smiled to yourself and put your phone down, only to have to sound off once again.
It was from the same number.
My apologies, I must have texted the wrong number. Nice of you to play along though.
You inhaled and read the text over, thinking maybe this was the time to block the number and never text again, but for some odd reason, you felt obliged to entertain the individual.
Funny. If you and this person had such a great time, you’d think you would’ve texted the right number. Or maybe she just gave you the wrong number.
Did that sound harsh? Playful? You didn’t bother to think it over. You quickly pressed send and thought of an idea. Snapping a picture of the two dresses side by side, you sent it to the random number.
Emerald or royal?
You pressed send and waited. A few minutes passed by and you thought maybe you had pissed the person off. As you were about to just say screw it and throw on the royal blue, your phone buzzed.
Emerald. It’s a ravishing color. Accent with gold.
Your mouth fell open slightly and you giggled, throwing on the emerald dress. Taking the texter’s advice, you accented the dress with gold earrings and a few bracelets. Strapping on a pair of heels, you were ready to call it done. Checking your phone, you saw that the person had immediately double-texted upon sending the dress selection.
Based on the situation we encountered, I don’t think I would’ve gotten the wrong number. Could be wrong though. Thanks for the entertainment though.
Laughing, you walked downstairs to see your best friend with keys in hand.
“There you are,” She groaned. “Are you ready?”
You nodded and walked out of the door, racing to your best friend’s car. You thought about what to send the person back. You didn’t want to end the conversation there, so you decided to amp it up slightly.
So you slept with her. Got it, you’re saying your sex game is off the charts. Typical man.
Immediately, a response.
Who says you can’t have a good time without sex being involved? Sex isn’t everything. And did you just assume my gender?
You begged to differ, but then again, you weren’t getting much action on the side lately. You had a few flings, a long-term relationship with a few men, but as of now, you were quite alone in your bed at night.
Oo, I pinched a nerve, didn’t I? Sorry. Calling it for what it is… and based on the premise of your text, I’d say you're a male.
“Who are you texting? You’re smiling like an idiot.” Your best friend questioned you suddenly from the driver’s seat. You snickered, shaking your head.
“Some guy randomly texted me,” You inferred that he was a man. You could be completely wrong, though. “Just having some fun.”
Ding! There went the phone.
No nerves were pinched. You think you’re hilarious. That’s perfectly fine.
You chuckled.
Are you a male though? Serious question.
Yes. I presume you’re female?
You got it. You signed your text with T.H. What’s that stand for?
You waited for a response, only to have nothing for about thirty minutes. But when you did receive a notification, it was your Twitter. You and your best friend arrived at the party and before long, you pushed the guy’s random texting to the back of your mind as you danced and drank. The party was filled with Hollywood’s elites and your best friend proudly introduced you to many.
Before long, the night grew dark and you were starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. Once you arrived home and your best friend helped you into your bedroom for the night, your phone sounded off with a notification.
I apologize, I was at a party. But the T stands for Thomas, but you can call me Tom.
You read it over. Tom? You didn’t know any Tom’s. That was a first.
And the H? You tipsy-texted him.
Not too sure if I should tell you, yet.
Chuckling, you sighed.
You’re gonna make me work for it? Ugh. I’ll figure it out on my own. My first guess isssssss Harrison.
You sent the text and struggled to keep your eyes open.
As he texted back again, you read it over.
Harrison? Nice guess, but wrong. What’s your name?
Your fingers moved lazily over the keys of your phone.
(Y/N). you’ll have to work for the rest. But i’ll figure yours out… Thommmmass. Bet your ass is nice
Before your eyes officially closed, you read the final text.
Based on that text, you might be tired. Get some rest. We may talk again soon.
And that was the last you remembered.
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val-kay-rie · 5 months ago
We’ll Meet Again (Loki x f!Reader)
hello hello hello let’s ignore the two incomplete series I have and just take a moment to celebrate loki and his premiere okay cool thank you
summary: loki looks through the life he should’ve lived after leading agent mobius and the tva on a wild goose chase. he doesn’t expect to see the familial amends he makes in the future, and he certainly doesn’t expect to see your unfamiliar face.
warnings: I mean y’all have seen the scene, I did my best to not include details about the worst bits, so tread lightly; death, loki tears and sadness
word count: 2312
a/n: I officially made a ko-fi! I just graduated college and am poor as I search for a job, so if you like what you’re reading and are feeling generous, pls buy me a coffee/donate here:
GIF not mine!
Tumblr media
After an attempted escape from the Time Variance Authority, Loki found himself back in the original time theater that Agent Mobius had previously led him to. Seeing that it was now empty, the god decided to let his curiosity get the better of him and take a glimpse of the life that he was meant to have according to this “sacred timeline” he kept hearing about.
Loki fiddled with the machine a bit as he took a seat, allowing the projection to skim through moments of his life. He pressed play at the scene of his mother bleeding out on the ground as the result of himself giving the enemy forces directions.
The mischievous god sat and began to let tears silently flow down his face as feelings of grief, regret, and longing stirred within him. He hit fast forward on the machine, skimming through more of his unlived future, before letting a scene with Thor and Odin play out in real time.
“I love you my sons,” Odin spoke, and both the Loki on the projector and the Loki in the time theater found himself shocked, nearly at a loss for words at the inclusion. After all he and Odin had experienced, after years and years of trying to prove himself worthy to his father, the Allfather had still accepted and cared for him to some extent.
Loki watched as Odin faded away into gold particles, speckles of beautiful dust to be lost in the wind, and began to let a few tears stream at the loss of his adoptive father. He then let the machine fast forward even more before it eventually landed on a face that was entirely unfamiliar.
“The grandmaster asked that I seeked you out to make sure your lodgings were up to par,” the figure with the h/c locks said after a small knock on the open door. Loki had only landed on Sakaar a few mere hours ago, but was quickly working himself into the higher class of the community.
Loki nodded and noticed that there was some sort of hesitation and nervousness that surrounded her. The god decided to dig into that as he responded, “The room will suffice yes, thank you. Do we happen to know each other by any chance? You seem rather on edge.”
“Not personally, no,” the woman replied before elaborating, “I was in New York a couple of years ago when you tried to take over my planet.”
Loki’s eyebrows furrowed on screen, as did the eyebrows of the Loki sitting in front of the holoprojector, though for two completely different reasons. The Loki in the sacred timeline was more curious as to how the Midgardian had made her way to the distant land of Sakaar, while the Loki variant at the TVA was more confused as to why this woman had made it into his “greatest moments” and what purpose she served in his life.
“And how did you wind up here?” the projected Loki asked as the Loki in the theater skimmed through a bit more in his life to discover what was so meaningful about this Midgardian.
He stopped at another moment in which her face appeared, the surroundings matching the room he was given in the previous clip. On screen, Loki sat comfortably on his bed with a book in hand, the unfamiliar woman removing a pair of earrings nearby. She took them out and placed them atop his dresser as she spoke, “I hear your brother arrived today.”
Loki’s eyes instantly travelled up from his book and towards the newest addition in his life after the mention of Thor. He shut his novel, placing it on his nightstand, as he asked, “And how did you hear about that?”
“It’s all anyone’s been talking about,” she replied, moving to sit beside him in his bed, “the so-called ‘Lord of Thunder’ warrior that was found out in the scrap yards, just as you. It wasn’t that hard to make the leap.”
“It’s been nearly six weeks since I've seen him last. I was almost convinced I wouldn’t be seeing him again, and definitely not here,” Loki confessed.
The woman nestled up beside him, stroking his hair slightly as she spoke, “So what happens now?”
Loki’s eyes met her e/c ones, noticing the same feeling of nervousness that was present when they had first met over a month ago. The god was quick to reassure, “You’re certainly not getting rid of me that easily, if that’s your concern.”
“Oh, well that’s a relief,” she sarcastically responded, a small grin gracing her face as she did so. A hint of a smile was displayed upon Loki’s face as well before the woman leaned in for a quick kiss. It only lasted a few brief seconds before she pulled away from him and said, “You promise he won’t whisk you away?”
The god chuckled a bit before replying, “Darling, it’s gonna take a lot more than just Thor to separate the two of us. I only just got you after all, and I intend on keeping you around for a while.”
Loki’s expression on his face had grown much softer as he watched the moment between himself and this mysterious woman play out on the projector. More than anything, the god was in shock. Not only had his estranged father accepted him, but he had found a lover who accepted him as well?
Another kiss was exchanged between the two on the projector as the variant Loki reached for the dials on the machine once again. When the clip began to play at regular speed, a conversation between Loki and Thor in an elevator was broadcasted.
The variant’s expression became something that nearly resembled fondness at his brother’s words on the screen, “Loki, I thought the world of you.”
“I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever, but at end of the day you’re you and I’m me,” Thor said, “And I don’t know, maybe there’s still good in you, but let’s be honest, our paths diverged a long time ago.”
Loki took a moment to take in and process what his brother had just said to him before, almost hesitantly, responding, “Yeah… It’s probably for the best that we never see each other again.”
“It’s what you always wanted,” the god of thunder said, giving Loki a slight pat on the back before adding, “And at least you won’t be left here completely alone.”
At Thor’s words, Loki instantly casted his gaze towards the ground in a failed attempt to hide the sheepish smile on his face that he couldn’t help but produce anytime someone mentioned his beloved. Loki said to his brother, “I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.”
Thor laughed at Loki’s words and rhetorically said to him, “I thought you were supposed to be good at lying?”
Loki let out a sigh and shook his head as his brother’s laughter only grew. Once Thor had quieted down a bit, Loki quietly and sincerely admitted, “I am glad to have her.”
“And I am happy for you brother. Really, I am, she seems to keep you in line… mother would have loved her,” Thor said, causing Loki’s eyes to immediately snap up at his brother. The god of mischief simply nodded in agreement, more at a loss of words than anything, as he imagined his two favorite women in all the nine realms meeting. Thor eventually pulled him out of his thoughts as he struck up a plan, “Hey, let’s do ‘get help.’”
Loki stared up at the projection in awe. His entire family, albeit adoptive family, all respected and cared for him despite all his past wrongdoings and shortfalls. On top of it all, he had found someone who genuinely cared for him that was never present out of a familial obligation, someone who genuinely got to know him and adored him for who he was, both inside and out.
Loki had found you.
You, the woman with h/c hair and beautiful e/c eyes that he could apparently read so easily. You, the woman who had somehow wormed your way into his heart within a matter of a few short weeks. You, the woman that he suddenly desired to meet more than anything, though he feared he may never have the chance to after deviating away from the supposed sacred timeline.
Would he ever get the opportunity to meet you? To live in a world where he and his brother could live in some semblance of harmony? Where he wasn’t constantly standing in his shadow?
Loki skipped a bit more of his film, eager to see how much the TVA had captured of his life and if it was at all possible for him to find a way back into the sacred timeline. He stopped to watch something that appeared to be a shipwreck, smoke and fire scattered in the distance as bodies were laid out on the ground. It took Loki a moment to realize those were Asgardians, and his mood shifted entirely when he saw the mad titan appear in the projection.
Thanos, Thor, Heimdall and even the Hulk were easily spotted in the frame, but Loki couldn’t find you anywhere in the shot. This caused the god to rewind the film some, curious to know what your fate turned out to be and desperately hoping it wasn’t the same fate Frigga and Odin had met. Loki rapidly found what he was looking for and watched it play out on the holoprojector.
“You’re getting on that ship,” Loki sternly said to you, making it clear this was something he didn’t deem as up for debate.
The moment Thor and Loki saw Thanos’ ship approaching, they did the best they could to save as many as they could. Their last minute plan involved getting as many people onto a stowaway ship led by Valkyrie to continue their journey to earth while Thor and Loki stayed behind to deal with titan.
Though Loki’s tone felt final, you still attempted to argue, “I’m not leaving you—“
“Sweetheart,” he cut you off, placing his hands on your shoulder, “I admire your will so much, but believe me when I say that you absolutely can not stay here. Thanos is unlike any being you may have met on Sakaar and I’ll be damned if I let him anywhere near you.”
“But then how am I supposed to know if you’re okay?” you softly asked, quite scared about what the future was about to bring.
Loki felt his heart break ever so slightly at your question, therefore moving his hands from your arms to cup your face in hopes to provide a stronger sense of reassurance. He carefully spoke, “I told you that you weren’t getting rid of me any time soon, remember? I still fully intend on keeping you around, darling, so trust that I will return to you.”
A few tears began to blur your vision as they formed in your eyes. You felt as though your voice may have failed you in the moment, so you simply nodded in agreement, prompting Loki to close the distance between the two of you and leave a tender kiss on your lips. When the kiss had ended, you managed to muster out, “Don’t leave me waiting too long.”
“I’ll get to you as quickly as I can, now go on,” Loki said, placing another kiss on your forehead before removing his hands from you, gesturing you to head down the hall and towards the getaway ship. You reluctantly started down the hall, Loki calling out to you, “We’ll meet again, dear!”
A breath of relief escaped Loki’s lips as he got some kind of pleasure in learning you had at least escaped safely. He fast forwarded back to the scene of the wreckage he had seen before to let that moment play out on the projector.
The words “end of file” made their way onto the holoprojector after Loki had watched the last few minutes of his life before his very eyes. A million thoughts ran through the god’s head as he attempted to wrap his mind around all the footage he had just seen. Above all, he simply wondered if there was any way back to this set timeline as he took a seat on the ground of the theater.
Agent Mobius eventually returned to the time theater and carefully approached Loki, “Loki… Nowhere left to run.”
“I can’t go back, can I?” Loki asked the agent, lifting his head up to speak to him directly, “To my timeline.”
The TVA agent didn’t offer any kind of reply as Loki dwelled on some of the footage he had seen. The god soon broke the silence, “That woman… the Midgardian… What was her name?”
With a small sigh, Agent Mobius informed Loki, “Her name is Y/N. One of the best things to have happened to you, in my opinion.”
“And I’ll never get the chance to meet her now, will I?” Loki questioned, being met with silence from the agent for the second time. After a deep breath, Loki decided to comply and answer the question Agent Mobius had posed earlier in the day, “I don’t enjoy hurting people…”
In the end, Loki agreed to help the TVA against their current problem, which had evidently been a different variant of the god himself. He did keep his true intention of assisting the TVA to himself though, leaving it buried under the surface as he navigated through his new future.
The Loki in the sacred timeline had made a promise to you and this variant Loki decided it was his new goal to fulfill that vow to you.
The two of you would meet again, as quickly as he could manage it.
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loveaffaire · 4 months ago
Till Death Do Us Part
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: When you, a commoner, gets entangled in a forbidden love affair with Loki, the prince of Asgard— the allfather arranges your wedding to another man. You feel inclined to agree and Loki isn’t pleased with your decision.
Warnings/tags: NSFW, slight smut, angst, fluff, jealous + possessive!Loki, fwb kinda situation (do they even call it that in Asgard?), no Loki (series) spoilers — 18+ (MINORS DNI)
Word Count: 2k
A/N: I wrote this to ground myself after the finale of Loki because I was so unstable so let’s go lol. Feedback and reblogs are always appreciated, let me know what you think! <3
Tumblr media
Loki had a reputation, he was the god of mischief after all. He was known as the trickster, a man who was blinded by the thirst to rule a kingdom, a man who believed it was his birthright, a man who was incapable of loving anyone or anything but himself.
You were the daughter of a high order rank advisor of the king’s privy council. Far from a peasant but you were no princess either. The rank your father held gave you the freedom to roam around Asgard freely and you took full advantage of it.
Loki and you weren’t together, no, not at all. But when he saw you in the garden, picking out white flowers to put in your hair and gently humming a tune, he couldn’t help but be captivated by you.
It started slow. When he approached you that day in the garden, you were cautious. His reputation preceded him and you’ve heard all about his tricks but you couldn’t help but let your guard down when he talked to you in the most gentle voice he could master.
It seemed like he would always find you around the place and soon enough, he grew on you. He made you laugh, made you feel comfortable and would even do little bits of magic for you when you were sad like cast fireworks in the palm of his hands. You always loved the time you both spent together.
So it didn’t feel wrong when he put his hand a little too close to yours, it didn’t feel wrong when he kissed your cheek and wished you goodnight, it didn’t feel wrong when he placed a chaste kiss on your lips and it definitely didn’t feel wrong when he had taken you on his emerald coloured sheets that one night in his chamber.
And he didn’t stop. He kept touching your hand in secret, kept kissing you when no one was around, kept sneaking you in his chamber to devour your body each night.
But no, you both weren’t together. This relationship between you and him was more or less a secret. A forbidden affair that no one knew about. Okay, maybe Thor knew about it because he had caught his brother gawking at you like a lovesick little boy one day and teased him about it for two whole days.
And now, this entanglement had led to this situation right here, with Loki standing in your chamber, hands folded behind his back and looking at you with anger in his eyes.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Was his first question.
You didn’t answer as you continued to untie your hair and brush them out, too scared to look the prince in the eyes. You had just returned from the supper that Odin has arranged for you to meet your husband-to-be. He was nice, polite and well-mannered but he wasn’t Loki. Your Loki.
“Y/N, speak” Loki took long steps towards you, his face unreadable now.
“I don’t know what you want me to say” you said, your voice in a whisper as you looked at Loki through the mirror which was in front of you.
“I want you to answer my question” his voice was so calm, it almost shook you internally.
“I’m only doing this because it’s right”
“No, it’s not” he snapped
“Your father is only doing what’s best for you, Loki” you said, desperately trying to make this situation seem better than it really was.
“Oh, dear” he almost scoffed as he reached for your hands, “if you think my father does anything because ‘that is what’s best for me’ then you’re terribly mistaken”
Your mouth opened and closed like a fish, he was right. Odin definitely had a favourite and Loki wasn’t it, everyone knew this, the allfather didn’t even try to hide it. But you wanted to see the good in people, you wanted to believe that what Odin was doing was for the best for you and Loki.
“Your father knows about us-”
Loki turned away from you with a scowl on his face, “of course he does, it’s like he has got all his men looking out for when I cause trouble”
“Please listen to me” you begged, “this will only get harder if it doesn’t come to a stop at this very moment and with everything he has done for my family, how can I refuse this?” you hung your head low.
“It doesn’t have to stop” he whispered as he bit his lip, fidgeting with his fingers, he turned to look at you once again, “you didn’t answer my question”
You frowned, “what question?”
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” he asked, “I had to hear about this from my brother, do you know how it feels?”
His face flashed with anger by the end of his sentence but his eyes held something else. Maybe sadness?
“If I had told you about it, you would have killed that man before I got to meet him-”
Loki pressed his body to yours in a split second, his hands on your shoulder in a tight grip that almost made you wince as he pressed his forehead to yours.
“What makes you think that I won’t kill him now?” he whispered in a threatening tone.
You pulled away from him, wide-eyed as you took in his words.
A bust of anger spread in your chest as you made a sharp comeback, “that man is going to be my husband-”
“Not if I kill him first!”
Loki yelled, his fists clenched in anger as he glared at you. You almost screamed in frustration as you looked anywhere but him. You couldn’t believe the vile words that were coming out of his mouth.
“You’re being very cruel right now” you seethed.
You tried to move away from him but that only led him to grab your hand and pull you closer to him. As you stumbled into his chest, he bent down as he gritted his teeth to contain his rage.
“I’m only being cruel because he is taking what’s mine”
You pushed on his chest trying to pull away from him as you glanced up at his face.
“Yours?” you whispered. Your eyebrows knitted together in disbelief as tears filled your eyes. When he saw your glossy eyes, his face fell in a softer look now and his hold on your hand loosened.
Was the prince of Asgard here in your chamber calling you his?
The feelings that have blossomed between you and Loki were making an appearance again and you both were scared. You have tried so hard to suppress them and Loki had hidden them in his heart like his life depended on it. But here he was, telling you that you were his. Nobody else’s but his.
“Mine” he whispered back, sincerity evident in his voice. He bent down ever so slightly to kiss you but you were quick to pull away.
“Your father will never let that happen” you softly said so as to not hurt him, “this is the whole reason why he is marrying me off to someone else”
“I will murder that man-”
“Will you stop saying that!”
Loki’s hands found their way to your face as he pulled you in, his lips landing on yours in a rough kiss. You didn’t pull away, instead melted in his hands as you kissed him back with the same passion.
When the kiss finally broke, you glanced up at him only to find his eyes a little red and tears threatening to spill down his pale cheeks. You softly gasped, seeing the prince so broken down, you quickly swiped your thumb under his eye.
“You are mine” he spat out the words before you could say anything, his tears of sadness turning into tears of anger real quick, “and I’m yours. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me”
You gasped when you felt his fingers pulling on the strings at the back of your dress. He pressed his lips to yours once again as he pulled the dress off you and you were too lost in the kiss to mind the chiffon that was half torn by the time it was fully off your body.
You moaned against his mouth when you felt his hands all over you, his long dark hair tickling your neck when he bent down to press a kiss on your shoulder.
“Tell me you’re mine” he demanded when he gently pushed you to the bed. Getting out of his clothes in a blink of an eye when he saw you laying down there, naked, for him.
This wasn’t possession, after all he would never treat you like an object. This was fear— fear of losing you, fear of being alone again, he wasn’t ready for it. He wasn’t ready to lose you too.
“I’m yours” you whimpered when you saw him standing in all his glory, right between your legs.
“And that you’re not leaving me” he grunted as he rested his knees on the bed, spreading your legs even more.
“I’m not leaving you,” your voice wavered but you meant it.
As soon as the words left your mouth, he pushed inside of you. A growl left his lips as he pushed all the way inside making you clutch the sheets between your fingers, making you cry out in pleasure.
He took you with everything he had, he fucked you like he was reclaiming you, gripping your hips as he repeatedly thrusted inside of you with so much force, every movement made your eyes roll back and your legs shake.
Your fingertips dug into his snowkissed skin, nails leaving their trails on his back, marking him yours. And he was, he was yours as he tripped you over the edge and you came around his cock. Not long after, he coated your insides with his seed.
As he rested his head on your chest, his hand found your hand and he intertwined his fingers with yours. You slowly rubbed his back up and down like you always did to calm him down when he’s had a stressful day.
Loki slowly lifted his head up, his eyes now filled with tears as he looked at your face with a pained expression. You frowned as you slowly pushed his shoulder back— shivering as he slipped out of you—he was now laying beside you on the bed.
Your naked body rested on top of him, holding him close as you gently brushed your fingers over his cheeks, “what's wrong, my love”
You’ve never seen him so broken so this was new to you and you tried to be as gentle as possible.
“I’m going to talk to my father tomorrow,” he declared.
“About us”
A small smile tugged at your lips at his words but you were pulled back to reality just as quick.
“He won’t let it happen, Loki” you whispered, brushing his hair off his forehead.
“I meant it when I said you’re mine” he said as he looked at you, “and I’m yours”
“You’ll stand up against your father for me?” You asked.
“For you,” he took your hands in his, “for my love for you, yes I will” he kissed your knuckles as he promised.
Your heart swelled at his words, tears in your eyes spilled down your cheek as your lips stretched in a smile that you couldn’t contain anymore.
You pressed your lips to his in a chaste kiss, “and I will stand by you” you whispered against his lips.
“Forever and always” he said it like a prayer. His hands tangled in your hair as he laid feathery light kisses all over your face.
“Till death do us part” you finished with a kiss on his lips.
He gripped your body to his, both of your naked bodies intertwined in a mess on the bed as you giggled against his soft lips.
Loki, the God of mischief, might be a trickster, the one no one could trust, someone who has stabbed others in the back time and time again, but this was a promise he was going to keep. You were his and he was yours and no power in the world was going to change that.
Tumblr media
© loveaffaire
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stuckybarton · 2 months ago
Day ii: Lingerie
Tumblr media
Summary: In which the team's prank against you and your boyfriend backfires. Words: 1,890 Warning: Marking/Hickey, Exhibitionism, Prank gone wrong. Characters: Loki Laufeyson x Avenger!Reader
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Tumblr media
Pranking the God of Mischief was the biggest mistake the rest of the compound to ever make against you and your mischievous boyfriend.
It started small, missing phones here and there, until it turned to an all out chaos for every single one of them. Tony wanted to prove a point, Thor was enjoying seeing Loki become more open to the team in his own way, Steve just wanted to make sure you and Loki don't go overboard, Bruce was just in for the ride--surprisingly, and the duo of Nat and Clint that just loved to get back at you and Loki for the handful of pranks you've both thrown at them.
The war subsided--for now, since another one of Tony's parties was happening, a momentary truce was made between everyone. Or so you thought.
"I have this plan..."Loki began and you know perfectly well what that entitles to.
With the party slowly dying down, you and Loki had settled in the bar, away from everyone's eyes.
"Loki." You warned, as much as you did want to know about Loki's plans, you had made an aggreement with the rest of the team that there were no pranks to happen tonight.
Loki wasn't fond with the idea knowing it might be another one of the team's ploy, but you really did want to enjoy a single day of peace. As much fun as it was to prank everyone, it's good to not have to constantly looking behind your back because of them.
"This is for tomorrow." He snorts, cupping your cheeks, turning it away from the crowd slowly leaving. "I've keeping my end of the bargain."
It didn't miss your gaze how he was blatantly staring at your cleavage, and the little present you had for him at the end of the night. You had given him a sneak peak before the start of the party as he intends to break the truce.
Even Gods aren't immune to lace it seems.
"What do you got planned for me, Mischief?" You teased leaning closer to him, his minty breath fanning against your lips.
"I could think of many things, Pet." He smirked pulling away and taking a sip of his liquor. "Do you want an example?"
"Let's hear it." You smirked, enjoying this playful side of your boyfriend.
"I would have you right here, in nothing but that sorry excuse of lace, fucking you right here, for everyone in the team to see."
The warmth on your cheeks grew, eyes momentarily turning to the team that had now settled on the couch. It was impossible for any of them to hear anything that Loki was saying, but the paranoia comes rearing its ugly head.
"Come on you two, stop plotting World Domination." Tony's voice broke you from your heated conversation.
You tried your best to mask the flush in you at Loki's words and the mental image of being fucked in the bar for everyone to see. You weren't into public sex, but just the idea of it, it woken something out of you that you seem to have yet to acknowledge.
"Let's go, Pet. We can't keep them waiting." The smirk on Loki's lips made it more evident that he was aware of the double meaning behind his words just as much as you've noticed.
Following your boyfriend, the two of you had settled in the loveseat together, watching as everyone thought about what game they could play before heading out.
"What about Never Have I Ever?" Tony shrugged.
After explaining to Loki, Thor, Steve, and even Bucky what the game was about, everyone was somehow on board with the game and Vision would be the one to supervise along with Wanda that wasn't drinking.
"Let's start tame,  Never Have I Ever: Had sex on the Quintjet?" Nat smirked eyes watching every single individual, watching for a reaction.
You, Loki, Thor, Clint, and Steve had taken a sip of their drink with Tony mortified and almost disgusted with the fact.
For the next few hours, the questions became more heated, tidbits about the team's sex life was for everyone to discuss. Loki was somehow a bit more mum, much to everyone's protest, so they placed their focus on you instead.
"Reindeer games must be a bore in bed." Tony pointed out as you had refused to admit anything to do with your sex life with Loki--with him sitting besides you.
"I don't think so." You smirked finally sharing a knowing look with your boyfriend, a smile was etched on his face, far from what you would believe to be a scowl whenever Tony was up either of their asses about their personal life. "Where's the mystery in that if I told you everything?" You added, further adding fuel to whatever they have now have in mind.
"Well, it's either he's a vanilla or into some kinky shit."
You rolled your eyes, if only they knew the half of it. The bruises that painted your skin thanks to your far too possessive boyfriend was a sheer evidence of it.
When all of them had given up divulging in your sex life, their next focus had been on who could drink the two Super Soldiers under the table and the two candidates everyone had been rooting for was the two Gods that were never one to be affected by even the highest alcohol percentage known to earth--and you money had been on your boyfriend who many of the team were not aware could hold his drink more than Thor could.
"I can outdo you Midgardians," Thor's boisterous voice was also accompanied with a hand swing which ended right onto your head and your slightly too expensive dress.
"Thor, you oaf!" Loki growled quick to pull as many napkins to wipe away the sticky liquid off of you.
"Let's get you changed." Nat was quick to placate the situation, pulling you right up from Loki's grasp. "Let the boys handle their stupidity." Nat smirked dragging you out of the common room and towards the closest bathroom.
The sleek bathroom momentarily amazed you. Even after working for as long as you did for Tony and the team, it still surprised you somehow. But even with all the modern and high-tech equipment that filled the compound, you couldn't find yourself living here, much like some of your team mates. It was also important for you and for Loki to have your own space away from everyone--especially with the ongoing prank wars.
"Clean yourself up and I'll get you something to change into." Nat assured leaving you all on your own in the bathroom.
As soon as the door was closed again, you had stripped off of your dress and a sigh of relief slipped from your lips seeing your lingerie wasn't ruined from whatever Thor was drinking. You smiled at the little number you had wore, a green lace bra that barely even covered anything and the small piece of cloth you call a thong. It was also just a sight to see, all of the little marks your boyfriend had placed all over your body, everywhere he could think of that could be perfectly concealed by your clothes, and the amount of hickeys that also painted your inner thighs.
While waiting for Nat, you've gone ahead and removed the remaining clothing you had on before jumping into a shower.
"Y/N, my sweatshirt and pants are in the counter with the towel. I'm heading back to the others." Nat spoke from the other side of the shower.
"Thanks Nat." You called finishing up as soon as you had once again heard the door close.
Washing away the last remains of not only the drink but as well as your own makeup, you had finally slipped out of the shower stall to the sight of a bright red pair of sweatpants and matching sweatshirt. You dress was nowhere to be seen and the small towel and your lingerie was also the only thing remaining. Inspecting the article of clothing Nat left, you found it was one of Tony's various merch shirts.
Iron Man's Biggest Fan in bright yellow on both the sweatshirt and sweatpants. You will not be caught dead wearing anything that had the man's name on it. And Loki would surely kill you if he even sees you touching such a revolting
Oh so the truce was over? You smirked realizing that it's back to fucking with each and every one of them. Drying yourself up with the towel as best as you could, the amount of beers and tequila you've been having for the past few hours gave you enough courage as you slipped your lingerie back on as well as your heels before leaving the bathroom, two could play that game.
Loki was not called the God of Mischief for nothing. His eyes narrowed at the returning Nat, who settled back in her spot besides Clint and the shared look between the two of them already made him aware that they've got something under their sleeves and he was not there to protect you or to retaliate in whatever they had planned.
Smiling against his drink, he's sure everyone would enjoy the snakes under their beds for the foreseeable future.
"What's taking Y/N so long?" Tony questioned turning his attention to Nat.
"Showering." Nat smirked her eyes turning towards Loki. "And someone's sure getting lucky tonight with those lace." She winked.
At the memory of you in nothing but your lingerie had once again had him hard. It was just a preview before they were to act civilize in front of all this fools--your bargain with him if he acts through with the momentary truce for the sake of the party.
"Let's head home, Loki." At the sound of your voice everyone's head had turned and Loki had heard a few glasses break at the process. All for a good reason, you, in nothing but the same lingerie you had promised he could unwrap once you had both head back to your shared apartment.
A satisfied smirk played on his lips at the sight of you. In all your beauty, tainted with his marks. To the unsuspecting eye, no one would believe you would be into this, to be marked as much as you were in this very moment. He made sure to keep them precisely hidden, away from the questions and teasing that was sure to follow when it comes to the members of the team. But that idea was thrown out of the window at the sight of you.
"I'm guessing Romanoff's little prank didn't work?" He asked finally standing up to meet you from where you stood.
"I wouldn't be caught dead in any Iron Man merch?" You pointed out, scrunching your nose in disgust.
"Good girl." He smirked, proud of you for your own little retaliation. His eyes turned back towards the team, everyone still gaping in show at the sight of you, not just for being buck naked as you were but the sight of the marks he guessed. "I think that answers your question about what we do in the bedroom." He smirked, wrapping his arm around your waist before teleporting the two of you back to your apartment to get his side of the bargain.
Thoroughly fucked until the next morning, everyone had finally raised a white flag more because of your stunt instead of the snake that Loki had may or may not have placed on everyone's bed before you had left the compound.
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lugialagia · a month ago
Not quite innocent
Summary : You were invited to Tony’s party with Loki and obviously, your conversation with Tony and Natasha started to get a bit embarassing for you. And Loki didn’t quite like your answer, deciding to make you say the truth, he led you to the bedroom.
Paring : Loki x NB!reader
Words : 1,907
TW! SMUT, unprotected sex, collar, blowjob (male receiving)
Tumblr media
It was one of those parties again that Tony was throwing at the tower. Of course, You and Loki couldn’t refuse to go. Well, Loki didn’t want to at first, but you convinced him to go because Tony would be mad at you...and you had bought a nice outfit you were dying to try out. And as always, the Prince couldn’t really refuse anything to you.  
So you were now in the crowd of people, a glass of your favorite drink in your hand. You didn’t know most of the people here except for the Avengers, since you were very close to them, even before Loki was one of them. Because that’s how you two met. In this tower. You were walking around all the time and Loki was curious to know who you were since you didn’t talk to him, nor even glanced at him at first. But then, Tony introduced you to the Aesir and since then, you were inseparable. You quickly bounded with the sorcerer and one day, he asked you out. Well, he asked if he could court you, but that was the same.
Since then, you never left his side. It had been a year now and it was a bliss. The two of you were really compatible. Based on character, likings or even sex. Everything was perfect and you thought that he was your soulmate. You never had and never would find someone like him.
Talking to some unknown men and women, letting go of Loki for him to talk with his brother, you were starting to have fun, have nice conversations and even think that some could be your friends. But this good time came to an end when Tony and Natasha dragged you away from the group just to have you for themselves. You were obviously very close to the two Avengers and laughed when they grabbed your arms to lead you out on the balcony. The conversation was nice and innocent at first, but with time, they started to talk about bedroom stuffs.  
“Alright I did that once!” Tony admitted. “But it was because I was really scared that she would crush me with her thighs if I didn’t obey!” Obviously, you and Natasha laughed quite loudly at that. “You’re a pussy, Tony.” You said in a mocking tone.  
“I’ve never refused anything, to be honest.” Natasha continued. “I’m pretty open to anything, I like to spice things up.” She grinned, wiggling her eyebrows. “Oh my god Nat!” You laughed, taking a sip of your drink.  
“And you Y/N? What’s the hottest things you’ve done?” Tony asked. “I’m sure Reindeer Games is a kinky one.” He continued with a playful smirk on his face. “You never talked about this.”  
“Yeah you always avoid the subject.” Natasha agreed with him. “We want to know, there’s no escape now!”
Suddenly, you grew very shy and you could feel your cheeks heat up a bit. “There’s nothing to know, really...” You tried to avoid the subject, once again.  
“Come on! There’s surely something you can tell us. We’re telling you everything, it’s time for ya to do the same.” Tony continued, wrapping his arm over your shoulders. “No really, there’s nothing to say...we’re not doing anything kinky.” You finally said trying to avoid their gaze.  
“Pfft no way. I’m definitely not buying this.” Natasha snorted. Discreetly, Loki opened the balcony door and sneak up behind you three. “What are you all talking about?” He asked with a low voice, even if he did hear that you were talking about sex. Jumping a bit in surprise, you bumped into Loki, spilling his glass all over you both. “Shit, I’m sorry!” You cursed, feeling the cold drink soak your back.  
“It’s alright darling.” Loki dismissed with a smile. It was part of his plan. “But we should go and change.” He said scrunching up his nose.  
“Yeah or you’re gonna smell all night.” Tony stated, shooing you both away with his hand. And that’s what you did, following the god toward the elevator and back to your shared bedroom. But as soon as you entered, Loki slammed you against the wall, a small yelp escaping your lips. “Is something wrong?” You asked, not sure why he suddenly pinned you like this, even if you had an idea.  
Chuckling lowly, Loki gave you a playful glare. “I think you very much know what’s wrong, pet.” He replied, his hand sneaking up to lightly choke you. “Playing innocent in front of your friends...when we both know how much of a whore you can be behind this door.” Obviously, you let out a small whimper, his voice and words already setting you in fire.  
“But I'm innocent.” You said, still trying to act pure and naïve. “Oh really now?” Loki aske with a raised brow. “Then...why do you like to wear this collar?” He continued, summoning your favorite black and golden collar around your neck. “You are dirty, Y/N. And I know you can’t resist anything when it comes to me.” Loki purred, lightly biting your ear lobe. “Now be a good pet and kneel.”  
The collar around your neck almost made you melt instantly, but you still tried to keep up the act, refusing to move and kneel in front of your lover. And this obviously fuel the god even more, his trousers getting tighter and thighter. “I said...kneel.” He repeated with a low and dangerous voice. Oh he knew very well how to make you pliant and for your inside to go crazy. This time, you couldn’t resist anymore and you sank to your knees, looking up at him with blown out eyes.  
“There, my good little pet is back.” Loki grinned, looking down at you. Instinctively, you folded your hands in your back and waited for his next order. Being rock hard by now, the god couldn’t manage to take his time, so he quickly worked on his pants and took his girth out. “Open.” He simply ordered and you complied, not hesitating to take half of his shaft in your mouth already. Loki let out a moan at this, his hand tangling into your hair to tug a bit at it.  
He let you suck him for a moment, both of you moaning at the ministration. But after a while, he took matters in his own hands and held your head still as he shoved his cock deep inside your throat. “Yes.” He hissed. “Such a good pet. Take me whole.” Your eyes fluttered shut, your throat swallowing around his girth, letting him completely use your mouth for his pleasure. Thrusting in and out of your wet cave, Loki could feel himself getting closer and it was only a few seconds later that he hit his climax with a groan, spilling his seed down your throat.  
When he pulled out, you swallowed every drop, licking at your lips with a hum. “Was I good, my King?” You asked batting your eyelashes. “Yes, you did very good, little one.” Loki replied. “You can stand.” And as soon as you did, your clothes disappeared, leaving you stark naked in front of him. His intense gaze roamed over your body, scared by thin line made by his dagger and bite marks all over your chest and thighs.  
“What a perfect sight.” Loki hummed appreciatively, dismissing his clothes as well. To be honest, the Prince loved to praise you, to let you know how good or gorgeous you were, no matter the time or the moment. “Get on the bed pretty pet.” Walking over to the large bed, you positioned yourself on your hands and knees. From there, Loki could see your still bruised ass from this morning, since you were being bad, and a nice plug as well. “And you stated you were innocent pet? You were walking around at this party being full?”  
“I just wanted to surprise you.” You said with a light chuckle, arching your back a bit more. “And surprised me you did.” Loki hummed, walking toward you to let his hand caress your sensitive skin and play with the toy. “You were just asking to be fucked, hm?”  
Biting your lip to supress a moan, you nodded. “Yes my King.” You whispered, just wishing for him to fill you again. “How could I resist to my dirty pet?” Loki tsked and pulled the plug out, watching your walls clenching around nothing. Reaching out for the back of your collar, he yanked it up, making you arch your back even more, as he thrust himself into you. Both of you let out a loud moan, loving the feeling of each other.  
“You feel wonderful little one.” Loki purred in bliss, his hips already moving and snapping against your bottom. Words couldn’t really form in your brain at this moment. No matter if Loki was going slow or rough and fast, your brain was in heaven the moment he was inside you. The only sounds you could manage to get out were moans and groans. And it was enough for Loki that continued to fuck into you, picking up his pace more and more.  
Soon enough, you were a moaning mess, Loki pounding into you and into your special spot, moaning praised about how tight and good you felt, how perfect you were for his godly cock. At some point, you were asking for him to let you cum, but he refused, preferring to torture you a bit more, strangling you with the collar. Tears started to run down your cheeks as pleasure was building up and ready to explode. “I love to destroy you, pet. It makes you look even prettier.” He said in your ear, groping your bruised ass. But after a moment, Loki was getting close as well and you could feel his cock twitching inside you. “Cum for me pet. Scream my name.” He ordered, snapping his hips hard.  
All you could do was obey. Screaming his name as loud as you can, your climax hitting you hard, you let your tears roll on your face as relief washed over you. You were almost a rag doll when the god finally reached his peak and filled you up. After taking a breather, he wrapped his arms around you, holding your body close. “You were wonderful my love.” He whispered. “My beautiful pet. I love you so much.” This would always surprise you how Loki could be so hard in the bedroom but so soft and loving the rest of the time.  
“I love you too Lo’.” You whispered, smiling in pure bliss. “We should get dressed, or we’ll get comments about where we went.” You continued with a chuckle.  
“You are very right.” Loki hummed and pulled out of you, making you whine a bit. He then walked toward the closet and took out an outfit for you and one for himself. Once you both were ready, you were about to open the door but turned around to face your lover. “I think you forgot something.” Loki looked at you with a curious raised brow and you immediately pointed to your collar, still around your neck.  
“Oh no darling, I want everyone to know how kinky you can be.” Loki said with a mischievous smirk on his lips. You obviously blushed at that but still walked out of the bedroom. The things you could do for your god...
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ghostfacesvalentine · 3 months ago
Soft!Dom!Loki x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Not many, but there may be some nsfw sprinkled in there hehe. Well kind of a good bit, I got carried away once again.
Type: Headcanons/blerps
Request: N/A
Word Count: N/A
Prompt: Loki as a soft!dom
Notes: Look I get it, I’m posting too much Loki content perhaps, but I just cannot stop. HELp mE, Plus, soft!doms own my heart.
Tumblr media
- Probably the best if not one of the best soft!doms in the marvel universe.
- He understands what it feels to feel unloved, so he does anything and everything to avoid you feeling that way.
- Forehead kisses when you’re standing in line anywhere, or just forehead kisses out of nowhere.
- Grabs a hold of your hand when you’re walking too fast in front of him to slow you down.
- Never lets you out of his sight honestly.
- Listens to you so effortlessly, but captures everything you have to say.
- Size kink, for sure. 
- Lets you balance yourself on the edge of the sidewalk but insists on holding your hand to keep you balanced.
- Braids your hair at night and brushes it out every morning for you.
- Helps you put on your socks and shoes every time before you go out.
- Insists on sitting you on the counter, the couches armrest or any higher surface to fix your shoes or laces if needed.
- Sometimes just picks you up out of nowhere, mostly to drive a giggle or two out of you.
- When you mention you’d like to learn how to dance, he kicks off your shoes and has you stand on his feet. 
- Probably will dance with you to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin honestly, but would do any love song of your choice.
- He’d shower you with gifts, lots of coloring books, sketch books, stuffed animals, video games and your personal favorite, books of his own collection.
- Loki would definitely be the kind to write you love letters before he goes away for a long time.
- Reading you to sleep is a given
- Really likes to fluster you honestly, whether it’s innocently or not so innocently.
- Likes to make you look at him when he touches you.
- I have a strong feeling Loki loves to cover your mouth at times and watch your eyes be overwhelmed with peasure
- Can get off on just your muffled moans against his hand
- Praises you so much
- “What a good girl.” “Now, be a good baby and cum on daddy’s cock.” “You look so pretty all filled up and helpless.” 
- Lots of dirty talking into your ear
- When are you never sitting on Loki’s lap honestly.
- Gets a little bit aggressive with his thrusts when you’re wet enough.
- Aftercare is constant with him.
- Always makes sure that you’re comfortable and you like the marks left behind.
- Cock warming is the best with Loki.
- Always grabbing your face and making you look at him.
- Holds your hands as he rails you into oblivion.
- Tells you he loves you more than anything as he does so.
- Overprotective is a given.
- Kind of easily jealous honestly.
- Loves when you dress up for him for playtime.
- Your whines are music to his ears.
- Anything you want it’s yours, you just have to ask.
- Sometimes you don’t even need to ask.
- Constantly cleaning you up, making sure you don’t have any food or cum on you or your face.
- Always saving your ass from your clumsiness.
- Loves when you’re shy.
- Burying your face into him? Chefs kiss to him.
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fiery-empath · 23 days ago
Silver Tongued Devil
Summary: Loki really knows how to move both on and off the dancefloor...
Pairing: Loki x Female Reader (first person pov-no use of y/n)
Word Count: 2453
Warnings: Strong language. Smut. Rough sex. Oral (m and f receiving). Slight dom/sub relationship.
Rating: M for Mature, E for Explicit. This is an 18+ only work. Minors DNI.
Author’s note: Just so there isn’t any confusion, this is posted on MY AO3 page (KTRob). Not beta’d but has been recently edited by me, so all mistakes are my own. I own nothing but my original characters and story lines. Nothing more than just a decadent smut filled one shot (and it may be the worst). And I can’t help it but I really have a thing for Loki’s pet name of Little One.
NSFW under cut.
He fucked the way he danced. Sensual. Slow. Smooth. His composure was confident if not arrogant. Every move was calculated and precise, from his hands on my hips to the caress of his lips on the back of my neck. The way he swayed me, in time with a rhythm in his head. His hands gliding up the small of my back, his expert fingers gripping the zipper of my strapless little black dress and pulling slowly. It fell to the floor, pooling around my ankles in a dark heap as I moved to step out of it. I was left in nothing but a strapless satin black and red embroidered bra, black satin panties, and black stiletto heels. His hands moved to my hips once again. His lips grazed the back of my neck as he swept my long caramel waves over my other shoulder.
“I’m going to make you cum like never before,” he whispered against the shell of my ear, raising goose bumps along my exposed peaches and cream colored skin. His tongue laved along the back of my ear, his teeth nipping at my earlobe. I gasped as my thighs clenched together for friction as my body tingled from his breath along my neck. They didn’t call him silver tongued for nothing. He slipped one hand down to my satin covered mound, stroking downward as his middle finger pressed lightly along the seam. I lifted my arms behind me to card my fingers through his long raven locks as his fingers glided back up the seam to ghost the over sensitive bundle of nerves that bedded between my folds. A warm wet gush soaked through my panties as I moaned.
“Loki,” I breathed.
“I love how you cry out my name, little one. After tonight, there is no going back. You’re mine, little one. No one else’s,” he rasped in my ear as he stroked my satin covered clit again. The sensation was all too great as I clenched my thighs again, my knees weak as he pressed me closer to his firm body, grinding his pelvis into my backside. I could feel the hardened length grow against the curve of my ass as he slipped his fingers over my still covered pussy lips.
“Gods…Loki…please!” I whimpered while my body quivered. I didn’t need to see his face to know he was smirking. He simply took my hand and spun me around to face him. Cradling my face in his hands, he closed the distance between us to capture my lips, his thumb sweeping across my full lower lips as he pulled away. His piercing blue eyes gazed into mine, heat crept into my cheeks.
“You are so beautiful,” he crooned, one hand moving to cradle the back of my head. He kissed my jaw, moving toward the juncture of my neck and shoulder. His other hand pressed to my lower back, arching me into a dip. His tongue laved along my collarbone, nipping at my skin affectionately. He then took advantage of the presentation of my breasts before him, softly kissing the skin above the satiny embroidery of the bra. His fingertips smoothed down from my neck to the eyelet clasp as he made quick work unsnapping the fasteners. He pulled the garment off to release my voluptuous breasts from their confines. He leaned in to latch one to one of my nipples, sucking it into a stiff peak. His other hand cupped the other breast, kneading it and pulling at the nipple. I could feel the shocks from his ministrations ripping through my body, making my clit pulse with need. My panties were now soaked.
“Please, Loki,” I whimpered as he moved his mouth to my other nipple. He chuckled and bit the bud, making me shake as I moaned.
“Please what, little one?” he asked as he eased me upright from my arched position. His lips ghosted mine as he waited.
“I want you,” I pleaded.
“You want me to…?” he trailed. I looked up into those blue eyes, darkened by desire. He pulled me closer, placing his leg between mine and settled his hands on my hips. He swayed me back and forth against his thigh, smirking as I mewled like a needy kitten when my bundle of nerves pressed against his rigid muscle. I was unable to think straight, bombarded with the need to seek more friction as I ground myself against him. He leaned in closer to me.
“Need me to do what, little one? I want to hear you beg for it,” he purred. My inner muscles tightened at his words. I knew how much he loved being in control.
“I need you in me, Loki, please,” I begged. He then placed his hands on my hips, guiding me step by step to the bed. He placed his hand on my shoulder, pushing me down to sit on the bed then guiding me back onto my elbows. His lips collided with mine in a breathless kiss. His long fingers glided down my body as he hooked his fingers into my panties, yanking them with such force he ripped in half.
“Loki!” I groaned. He grinned in amusement and lifted an eyebrow, pulling up the scrap of fabric. He kneeled down at the end of the bed, tossed the scrap away and grabbed my knees. He pushed them apart, exposing me to him. His hands smoothed up my thighs and rested his thumbs on my wet folds. I writhed and mewled as he pried them apart. He moved his mouth closer to my clit, his hot breath against it making me lose all thought. I felt his tongue lick around my clit as I gasped, wiggling myself closer to him.
“Gods, Loki!” I cried, helpless to the feeling of him lapping my entrance.
“Mmmmmm…my pretty one. You taste divine,” he moaned as he sucked my clit into his mouth. I bucked against his face, my legs nearly entrapping his head between my thighs. He pushed them apart and placed his hand on my lower abdomen to hold me steady as he continued his assault on my pussy. He pulled away and I whimpered at the loss, only to feel him slip a finger into my slickness and push it into my eager cunt. He moaned as he sucked in a breath, pumping his finger in and out of me.
“So tight, little one. So wet for me, he whispered in fascination. He pushed a second finger in, stretching me a little more. He chuckled as I tried to squirm out of his hold.
“Loki, please!” I cried at the heady fullness. His fingers pulsed on the sweet spot in me as he continued his ministrations.
“Patience, my little one. I want to make sure you’re properly ready for me,” he crooned. I could feel myself rapidly building towards climax, moaning and writhing when he suddenly slowed his pace, adding a third finger to my tight sheath. I cried out, my fingers combed through his dark hair, gripping it at the roots as I pulled him closer.
“More!” I cried out, desperate to cum. He responded by pressing his face into my pussy as his fingers worked my sweet spot at a maddening pace. My vision was swimming with stars as I felt my pussy tighten around his fingers.
“Loki! Fuck! Don’t stop!” I whimpered as I thrashed about, holding his head in place. His tongue stroked my clit, sending me over the edge as my orgasm violently tore through me, cumming around his fingers and on his hand. He greedily lapped up every last bit of my slick he could get to, moaning in delight. I released him from my grip and he pulled back, slowly drawing his fingers out of me. He stood up, leaning over me on the bed as he placed his slick fingers to my lips.
“Suck,” he commanded. Through my post orgasm haze I registered his demand, sucking his fingers into my mouth. I savored my juices, moaning as I pondered what it would taste like commingled with his.
“That’s a good little one,” he said as he withdrew them from my mouth. I heard a rustling sound while collecting myself and opened my eyes to see Loki’s gaze upon me as he stripped away his clothes. His alabaster skin was stunning, complementing the sinewy lean muscle he possessed. The way he slipped out of his clothing without taking his eyes off me was unnerving in the best way possible. His cock sprang free from his pants, curved up towards his stomach. I understood now why he was determined to work me as he did. He was going to be a tight fit despite my wetness. I pushed myself up and crawled on my hands and knees to the edge, beckoning him with a crooked finger. His eyes alight with curiosity, he obliged my silent command and gracefully stalked forward, muscles rippling with each step. I reached out my hand to take his dick into my grasp, palming the soft skin of his shaft into my fist. He sucked in a breath as I pumped once, feeling the thick rigidity of him. My gaze flicked to his as I lowered my mouth to him, licking along the tip to taste the precum that beaded there. I licked along the underside of the large purplish head and over the velvety smoothness of his skin. He flexed in response, groaning as he threw his head back. I sucked him into my mouth slowly to savor the taste and feel of him. A gasp escaped his lips followed by a sinful moan.
“Oh, little one,” he said between breaths, “I couldn’t have dreamed how amazing your mouth would be around my hard cock.”
His fingers laced into my hair on top of my head as he slowly pushed me down his shaft further until he hit the back of my throat. I gagged at first, not ready for him yet but quickly relaxed myself to take him to the hilt. My hands massaged his sack and I moaned around him.
“Oooh Gods, little one! You’re going to make me cum if you are not careful. I have plans for that glorious pussy of yours yet still,” he gasped. The thought alone was enough and a warm gush rushed along my thighs. I continued to moan around him, drawing him in and out of my mouth as I hollowed out my cheeks to take him in hard and quick. His moans, gasps and guidance of my head edged me on. I could feel him pulsing with each suck to the point I knew I had him. But he pushed my head up away from him and I released him with an audible pop. He tried to recover quickly as he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing to calm. Through hooded eyes I could see him gritting his teeth. My body tingled in anticipation of what was to come. He was so collected and controlled it drove me crazy. I had no notion it would arouse me as much as it did.
“You are mischievous, my pretty little one. I am going to have fun with you,” he purred, crawling up onto the bed. I leaned back on the bed, moving in time with him. He forced my legs apart with his knees, settling between my thighs with his dick pressed against my entrance. He grabbed his thick length and began to stroke himself, sliding the head between my slick lips. I shuddered at the feeling of the tip against my clit. His lips sealed over mine again as our tongues danced together, gliding over and under each other. I panted as he broke away, my blood heated like fire in my veins. I needed him desperately as I threw my head back, feeling him align his dick with my cunt. It was almost unbearable watching him fist himself in his hands while I wanted to feel him in me.
“Loki, please!” I begged. He smiled with his mischievous grin, one that had drawn me to him in the first place.
“Ever so eager,” he whispered. With one last pump he pushed his cock in, slowly sliding in to allow me to acclimate. I cried out at the sharp pain of him stretching me, clawing my nails along the skin of his arms.
“Breathe little one. It will pass soon,” he cooed as he kissed my neck. I tried to relax, taking deep breaths. The pain finally gave way to pleasure as my walls tightened around him. He grunted as he thrust the rest of the way in, seating himself as deep as he could. He looked as though he was fighting the urge to cum. Just when I thought I would have to tell him to move, he began thrusting in and out of me quick and hard. The sounds of moaning and skin on skin along with squelching of my wetness filled the room. It was raw and primal and turned me on more than I had thought possible. I could feel my climax building rapidly with each snap of his hips, his cock gliding over that sacred spot within me, over and over. My walls gripped him, reluctant to let go every time he pulled back just to push back in.
“Please don’t stop!” I cried, moaning through his kisses.
“Come undone for me, my little one,” he crooned. “Scream my name so that everyone will know. You. Are. Mine!”
His hips stuttered at those 3 words as he moved a hand between us, fingers sinking into my folds to circle my hardened bud. I screamed his name, my vision swam as I came hard, my walls milking his throbbing thickness. He gasped as his pace erratically faltered, his cock pulsed and spilled his cum within me, coating my walls. The onset of his orgasm spiraled me into a second release, both of us riding it out together, panting and moaning. Loki tried to support himself the best he could from crushing me as he collapsed, burying his face in the side of my neck. As soon as he was able, he rolled off, pulling me up to his chest as he settled on his back. His face came back into focus as I lifted my head and nipped his jaw. He captured my lips with his in a breathless kiss.
“Rest now, little one. I am not through with you yet,” he whispered suggestively. My body shivered in anticipation at his ominous promises but my eyes fluttered closed as I fell asleep with a smile on my face.
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shiningloki · 4 months ago
Pleasing Mr. President
Pleasing Mr. President - A Loki One Shot, Part of Loki's Library Discord Server's "Loki Series Branched Timeline Challenge"
You didn't expect to survive when you entered the Void. But President Loki found you, he was impressed with how long you managed to live in this wasteland by yourself, and he let you join his group. When President Loki's group invades and takes over the safety bunker in the Void, it is the first time that any of you have felt safety. And to celebrate, you and Loki decide to participate in some pleasurable activities - on his new throne with an audience watching, of course.
Word Count: 2759
Loki Series Branched Timeline Challenge
Master List
Tumblr media
The hidden bunker in the Void was not exactly what you expected.
Well, sort of. It was ruled by a child. A child Loki. Of course it would be a chaotic mess. That wasn’t the surprising part. What was surprising was how...quiet it was.
When you appeared in the Void after getting pruned, you woke up alone, cold, and scared - cliche, was your first thought. There was a billowing cloud of imminent doom swirling over you, so you ran. You ran and hid and survived. Somehow.
That was when you found Loki.
He called himself President Loki - adorned in short, elegant, golden horns, a torn up suit, and a pristine little button that promoted his presidential campaign - were those a thing here? He was beautiful, but above that, he was arrogant and cocky, radiating the aura of a political mastermind.
“You’re alive. How long have you been alive?” he had asked you with a tilt of his head.
“A while.” It wasn’t a lie. It was true. You just didn’t know how true. Did an hour pass? A day? A month? Similar to the TVA, it seemed time worked differently around here. That had earned a shrug from Loki.
“You’re a survivor. I take care of survivors. Most of the time. Come with me.”
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A Monster
Tumblr media
“Loki learns a little too late that he is capable of being loved, by none other than a kind hearted Avenger that he swore he would eliminate...”
Notes: I’m sorry in advance for writing this......
“I do not understand this, this hasn’t happened. This isn’t real. Where do you have her?” 
“These events were always supposed to happen, Loki. They’re a part of the sacred timeline.” Loki forced himself to tear his gaze away from the illuminated image of his mother lying murdered in front of him. 
“This is all real.” Mobius emphasised.
“But... but I-” Loki cut himself off as he stared back at the screen, his mind swimming with thoughts, desperately trying to conjure up some other explanation.
He could not have killed his mother. He could not.
“I’m going to ask you again, do you enjoy hurting people?” Mobius asked, shoving his hands in his pockets as he studied Loki.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Do you enjoy killing people?” Mobius spoke over the top of him as Loki shook his head.
“I’ll kill you.” He snapped back.
“What like you did your mother?” 
Those words made Loki take a step back, his eyes gleaming with unshed tears as he shook his head again once more. “I don’t hurt people because I enjoy it. I do it because it is my destiny. It is my purpose to rule midguard.” 
“Your purpose?” Mobius echoed, stuffing his hands back into his pockets as he made his way towards the projector. “That’s all you care about?”
“That's all I ever will care about.” Loki snapped back. “It is my one true calling. It is my right. Nothing could ever get in the way of that.”
“Really?” Mobius queried. “Not even for love?”
The words made Loki glance down at his feet, a humourless chuckle escaping his lips. “Love is for weak minded people. I am a God, I was born to be feared. To be worshipped.” 
“Interesting...” Mobius trailed off, an amused expression on his features as he sat back down at the table.
“What?” Loki asked, unable to hide his curiosity as he studied the agent.
“Oh nothing, I just find it interesting that you think you are incapable of love given what I have on your file.”
“And what is it that you have on my supposed ‘file’?” Loki queried, bringing his fingers up to mimic quotations marks.
“You remember *yn* *yln* right?” 
Loki felt his body freeze up the second that name left Mobius’ lips. “Of course I do.” He snapped, attempting to hide his surprise. “Just another avenger I have on my list to eliminate.” 
“Thought you might say that.” Mobius nodded as he fiddled with the projector. “You might want to take a look at this.” He continued before pressing a button. Loki glanced up at the screen to see an image of *yn*, although this time she looked slightly different, maybe slightly older perhaps. 
Mobius pressed a button and then the image of her sprung to life. Loki’s brow furrowed in confusion when he realised she was walking through the cells carved out underneath the Asgard castle. She came to a stop, pivoting her body to face one of the cells. Loki took a slight step back when he saw himself lazing on a chair inside.
“Well well well.” He heard himself say, a smirk on his lips as he turned to his visitor. “My dear brother cares so little about me that he sends one of his little mortal friends down to check up on me.”
“Your brother seems to think that you’ll actually listen to me, actually.” *yn* replied.
Her answer made Loki look up from the ceiling, a brow raised as he studied her. “And what gave him that impression darling?” 
“I don’t know, you’ll have to ask him.” She shot back, folding her arms in front of her chest. “So, will you listen to what I have to say or not?”
“Well it’s not like I have anything better to do while I sit here for the rest of eternity. I might as well have an insignificant midgardian entertain me for while.”
If *yn* was bothered by Loki’s snipe she didn’t show it, instead she stepped closer to the window and peered through at him. “I think you should show me your true self before I start.” 
Loki let out a laugh and rose to his feet, a smirk on his lips as he strode confidently towards the glass. He came to a stop, his face inches from the window so the pair were only centimetres apart. “I can assure you darling this is all real.” He answered, gesturing to himself proudly.
“Loki.” *yn* answered, her voice soft and free from anger. “I know an illusion when I see one. You don’t have to pretend in front of me.” 
“You don’t even know me.” Loki scoffed. 
“I know, but I think I got a pretty good read on you when we had that chat in the helicarrier.” She answered calmly, studying him intently as she observed his facial expressions. 
He studied her back, his face contorting in confusion at her kind voice and expressions. She was an avenger. Why was she being so kind to him? Finally after a few moments had passed, Loki snapped his fingers. A gold light passed over the room, revealing broken chairs and tattered books, scratches on the wall and a disheveled Loki lying slumped against the wall. 
“Are you happy now? The grand illusion is gone.” Loki mocked, throwing his hands up in the air. 
“I’m not happy, I don’t like seeing you in pain, no matter what you did in New York.” *yn* answered as she crouched down to take a seat on the floor of the prison. 
“I’m sorry about your mother.” She continued after a few moments of silence stretched out between them. 
“Do not talk about my mother you mewling quim!” Loki growled at her, his chest heaving with rage.
*yn*’s expression remained unchanged as she studied him, watching his breathing slow as he calmed himself back down. “Ok, we won’t talk about your mother.” 
“Why are you being so nice to me?” He spat at her as he turned to lock eyes with her. “I don’t want your sympathy.” 
“I’m not sympathetic of you Loki. I am just trying to understand you.” Her words made Loki let out another scoff of disbelief.
“You think that you can understand me? I am a God.” 
“That you are.” *yn* answered back, this time the ghost of an amused smile appeared on her lips. “Which is why we need your help defeating the dark elves.”
Loki turned back to Mobius when the film suddenly stopped. “I do not understand the point of this trickery. There was no love there, *yn* was merely using me for some foolish plan my brother had concocted.”
“You’re right maybe there was no love there. Not yet anyway. I was just showing you this to set the scene, so you could understand how this all started.” 
“How what all started? There is no way that someone like her could-” Loki cut himself off as he turned back to the screen, studying the frame of *yn*’s gentle expression. 
“Could what? Love a monster like you?” Mobius queried him. “And before you say ‘I never said that’, you might want to take a look at this.” Mobius continued, cutting off Loki before he could protest. 
This time, Loki’s eyes were glued to the screen as Mobius fast forwarded the tape, this time stopping at an image of him in an all black suit in an apartment that he did not recognise. 
“L-Loki?” *yn*’s voice could be heard off screen as the Loki in the black suit turned around, revealing *yn*. This time she was dressed in normal midgardian clothing, her hair up in a ponytail and a bag of groceries in her arms.
“Hello darling.” 
The grocery bag dropped to the floor. 
“H-how are you? I thought you- you were dead..” *yn* stammered, her eyes growing glassy as she stared at him in awe. “Is this some kind of trick?” 
“No illusions this time my dear.” Loki shook his head as he took a step towards her. “This is all real.”
“But Kurse, he stabbed you, you were dead. I watched you die I-” She cut herself off once more as Loki took a few more steps towards her.
“It was a trick. I was afraid that once we defeated the dark elves that my brother and Odin would imprison me once more. I thought it was my only way to have freedom.” 
“B-but where have you been?” 
“That is not important right now. What is important is that I am here, now.” He spoke, deflecting her question as he closed the gap between them. 
“All this time I thought you were dead Loki.” *yn* whispered hoarsely as tears began to stream down her cheeks. “Why are you here?”
“I was going to stay away. To leave you alone.” He admitted as he brought a hand up to brush a strand of hair behind her ear. “But I could not stay away. I-I have to know if you meant what you said when you thought I was dead.”
“You heard that?” *yn* breathed out, her cheeks growing red. 
“Every word.” Loki answered as he studied her intently. “Did you mean it? When you said you loved me, did you mean it?” 
“Y-yes.” *yn* nodded, “yes I meant it.” Her words made Loki take a step back and inhale a sharp breath, running a hand through his hair.
“I do not understand.” He shook his head, muttering to himself more than anything. “I cannot fathom how you of all people could love a monster like me.” 
“Loki... you are not a monster.” *yn* spoke as she approached him. “You... you have your demons yes but I can see you, the real you. The you that your mother saw too.” She continued as she reached a hand up to grab his arm, ceasing his movements. 
“I meant every word that I said when you were in my arms. I still do.” She admitted, as she brought a hand up to cradle his cheek. 
“What will the others think? My brother, Stark-” 
“I do not care what they think.” *yn* cut him off, shaking her head adamantly as she wiped a single tear from his cheekbone. 
“You are too good for me.” Loki murmured, his lips only millimetres from hers as he leant into her touch. “But I am too selfish and too in love with you to let you go.” He hoarsely whispered before pressing his lips to hers.
Mobius turned to look at Loki, whose eyes were fixated on the screen in front of him. This time there was no scoffing or sarcastic comments, just pure confusion and disbelief as he tried to wrap his head around what he was seeing. 
“Honestly it’s so romantic you’d think it was out of a movie or something huh?” He spoke which finally made Loki look away from the image of him and *yn* kissing. “So now we’ve proven that Loki does in fact have a heart and is capable of emotions, you want to explain to me if you actually enjoy killing people?”
“*yn* would not betray the Avengers like that for me.” Loki shook his head as Mobius let out a frustrated sigh. “This is all just another trick to get me to bend to your will. To give you answers.” 
“Just when I thought we were getting somewhere.” Mobius murmured, shaking his head in disappointment. “There are no tricks Loki.” Mobius answered calmly. “You must have felt some sort of initial attraction to her, doesn’t that support that this is all real?”
Loki would never admit to a single soul in any realm that there was a part of him that felt drawn to *yn*. He had first met her on the helicarrier before he had killed Phil Coulson and they had spoken. She had been quiet, unassuming. And completely resistant to Loki’s attempts to get under her skin. This had made Loki initially furious but also curious, he felt his mind gravitating to thoughts of her more often than he cared to admit. But never in his life did he imagine that she would love someone like him. 
Why would she?
“And what happened then? She turned me in to the Avengers?” Loki queried and even though he hated that he was giving into Mobius’ tricks, his curiosity was too great.
Mobius face faltered for a moment, an emotion that Loki could not quite place flashing across his features.
“No.” He spoke. “Your sister, Hela, came back to reek havoc on Asgard. Stuff happens in-between but I’ll let you watch that another time.” Mobius explained as he flicked through the footage.
“And in typical Loki fashion you attempted to backstab your brother and *yn* and then got ready to flee Hela’s impending wrath, leaving them to fight alone.” Mobius stopped moving the button, settling on a still shot of *yn* glaring defiantly at Hela.
“You’re a brave little mortal aren’t you?” Hela mused as she eyed *yn*. “Or maybe you’re just stupid. You did think that my little brother loved you.”
“He does love me.” *yn* answered back defiantly.
“Does he? Then why did he try to betray Thor and leave you here by yourself?” 
“Loki would never do that to me.” *yn* shot back and this was the first time that Loki had seen her truly angry. 
“Brother? Do you have something you want to tell *yn* here?” Hela smirked, a brow raised as she turned to Thor. 
“Thor? Tell me it is not true.” *yn* spoke, desperation laced through her tone as she turned to her friend. “Thor?” She repeated when Thor didn’t answer her. “P-please.” She begged, her eyes growing glassy with unshed tears.
“I’m sorry *yn*. I did not want to hurt your feelings.” Thor mumbled out.
Loki could visibly see her heart break on the screen as her eyes darted from Thor to Hela and then back. “H-he-” *yn* cut herself off and turned to Hela, her eyes swimming with grief and rage.
“You.” She snarled, her voice laced with venom as she glared at Hela. “*yn* no!” Thor shouted as *yn* took a step towards his sister.
But it was too late.  
“Come on.” Loki heard himself whisper under his breath, his eyes fixed on the screen as he watched *yn* clash with Hela. *yn* was powerful and skilled, there was no doubt of that, but she was no match for a God. “*yn*!” Thor screamed as he made a desperate dash to reach the pair. 
Hela overpowered *yn* all too quickly, and Loki could do nothing but watch on as she lifted a dagger up and buried it into *yn*’s chest. “No.” Loki breathed out as he watched a crimson stain appear on *yn*’s chest. 
“L-Loki.” *yn* whimpered, clutching at her own chest as her face began to pale. “Please.” She breathed out.
“My brother is not coming to save you child.” Hela chuckled before shoving *yn*’s body to the floor. 
“It can’t be.” Loki shook his head, tears clouding his vision as he stared at *yn*’s lifeless body. He was waiting for himself to appear, or for another avenger to come and miraculously save her. But no one came as her eyes glassed over and her chest stilled.
“For the record you did change your mind about betraying Thor and *yn*.” Mobius explained as Loki watched Thor and the others fight off Hela so they could retrieve *yn*.
He watched himself climb out of a ship just as Thor lifted *yn*’s limp body up and into his arms. He could feel tears spilling down his cheeks as he watched his future self’s face contort into a look of pure grief as he spotted *yn*’s body.
“You just left it far too late for *yn*.” Mobius murmured as the Loki on screen took *yn* into his own arms. He sunk to his knees, sobbing as he cradled her body in his arms, clutching onto her so tightly that his knuckles were turning white.
“And she spent her last moments alive thinking that the one she loved betrayed her.” 
Loki nodded numbly as he felt the tears continue to run down his cheekbones, his eyes never leaving the image of *yn* in front of him. He had found someone who loved him, who cherished him, who saw the real him. Yet he still managed to kill her. 
“I guess *yn* was wrong.” He murmured as he finally turned to look at Mobius.
“I am a monster.”
I’M SORRY FOR MAKING THIS SO ANGSTY BUT I JUST HAD TO GET MY FEELS OUT!!! If you have feedback please give it back here xx 
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