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Slutmas Day 3: Wet and Wild

Slutmas Calendar!

Warning/s: smut (no frickin’ minor allowed!), shower sex, choking, metal hand kink if you squint, naked grinding, bodily fluids?, finger??? sucking???, honestly this one got away from me and not in a good way, conceive and written while cooking and listening to daddy issues by the neighbourhood

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“You are not allowed to wear that.” Sharp eyes met him and she laughed at him.

“I don’t think you can stop me.”

“You are going to be the death of me.” Her smile never fell as she walked towards him. He wasn’t sure if the rolling movements were for her pleasure or his but he was hypnotized nonetheless. The movement revealed the slit in the side, the skin of her thighs visible as she walked. It was a well fitted red dress with a plunging neckline. Most of the dress was lace and he could see the skin through the fine details of the whirls and swirls of the design. It was long-sleeved, not that it hid any of her skin, just made it more tantalizing somehow. It was a long dress, down to her calves but the slits in the side had her long legs exposed up to her upper thighs as she walked, the dress flitting about her. 

Her eyes stood out, bright with laughter and he tried not to swallow his tongue. 

“What’s wrong with my dress?” Her voice was sultry, her bedroom voice and he knew it intimately. 

“You know exactly what’s wrong with it.” His voice was breathier than he’d wanted.

“Well, if you are going to look like that, I have to dress to impress too. Make sure everyone knows there’s no upgrade for you.” He glanced down at himself.

“No one is going to pay attention to me even if you wore a sack.” 

“I can promise you, you’ll have eyes on you. The way your shoulders fill out that suit, the tightness here, just a tease.” Her hands stroked over the lines of his suit. They drifted over his shoulders, down his chest, and over his hips. “You clean up too well.” 

He could feel the blush starting over his face. 

“So you wear that?”

“I have to make sure that while the others might be looking at you, you are only looking at me.” She touched his tie, a soft gesture over the heat in their eyes.

“I will never take my eyes off you. No matter what you wear.”

“We could always take these things off and keep looking at each other.”

“Just looking?”

“Maybe more.” She smiled, feline, and pleased. He considered his responsibility and the idea of taking her out dressed like that.

“Fuck it. We can be very fashionably late.” And he pulled her close and kissed her. 

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Robert Sheehan x Reader


A night of drinking games leads to games of another kind 

CW: Smutty smut 

“Do you want to play a game?” she asks, her eyes moving behind you momentarily then coming back to your face.

“I’m trying to concentrate, you don’t want to look stupid do you?” you reply, carefully dotting the white paint around her eyes with a small paintbrush. 

“Eye spy, with my little eye, something beginning with ‘D’,” she says, ignoring you. 





“Dry shampoo.”

Just then, a loud voice interrupts your game: “Hello, ladies!” 

You turn and watch as a group of lads lugging boxes of beer and with bulging rucksacks slung over their shoulders begin pitching their tents next to yours. Alice mouths the word at you now: “Dick.”

“Yeah, I get it,” you say, rolling your eyes. “You think I can’t read your mind by now?” you add.

The noisy one gives you a friendly wave: “Hope you don’t mind if we invade your space over here, girls. Campsite is getting pretty crowded,” he says.

“Not at all,” says Alice with her custom charming smile. “The more the merrier.”

You sit back from your handiwork to admire it; the strings of dots curling around her eyes. “All done,” you say. 

She picks up a small mirror from the rug where you both sit and inspects your work, her brow furrowing slightly. “I thought you said it was glow in the dark?” she says, raking her hands through her wavy highlights and pursing her lips at her own reflection.


“Yeah, well, you’re not in the dark are you, you idiot,” you say, standing now. “I’m going to go grab us something to eat,” you say, glancing back at the group of young men wrangling their tent poles. “Don’t get into any trouble while I’m gone.”

She places her sunglasses on her face and blows you a kiss: “As if I would,” she says. 

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Please please no more asks about my KT not being finished. I’m very very sorry for slacking this badly, but I’m going through a ridiculously tough time emotionally/mentally and I just can’t give attention to my writing right now. I’ve been left to struggle and claw my way through my depression almost completely alone, leaving me with very long periods of unstability.

As I’ve said already, my KT has turned into a “POST IT WHEN I WANT TO” kind of thing!! Thank you ❤️

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Yes, Ma’am


Originally posted by sebstansmut

Pairing: Sub!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, soft domme/sub vibes, rimming, prostate massage, use of a cock ring, praise kink, slight cum play, aftercare and surprisingly, a lot of fluff. 18+.

Word Count: 2.6k

A/N: Huge thanks to @ozarkthedog and @msmarvelwrites for cheering me on, having my back, and making me believe that I could write this. Couldn’t have done it without either of you, truly.

Bucky Barnes was a monster of a man. Big, strong; literally superhuman.

And to have him at your mercy, on his knees and begging, it made you feel like the most powerful woman in existence.

He’d been squirming all night, the cock ring you’d placed around the base of his impressive length earlier that evening causing his skin to flush, and his jaw to tighten.

To everyone else, he was your protector, he was the dominant force in your relationship. But you knew better.

He knew better.

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Spicy lil’ drabbles starring our favorite boy in blue, Bucky Barnes!

(All entries will be NSFW so if you’re not 18, look the fuck away.)

Day 1: Soft and Sleepy

Day 2: Behaving in Public

Day 3: Wet and Wild

Day 4: Spit

Day 5: Bondage, Cuffs, and Ropes

Day 6: Choking

Day 7: Make That Ass Red

Day 8: Make Rihanna Proud

Day 9: Caught Red Handed

Day 10: Make Me Beg

Day 11: On Your Knees

Day 12: Pull Me Down 

Day 13: Mark Me Yours

Day 14: Watch Me Watch You

Day 15: Keeping Warm

Day 16: Enter Player 3

Day 17: See No Evil

Day 18: Speak No Evil

Day 19: Praise Me

Day 20: Pushing The Right (Wrong?) Buttons

Day 21: Put That Mouth To Good Use

Day 22: Stay Still for Daddy, Princess.

Day 23: Beardburn

Day 24: Bruises and Teethmarks

Day 25: Aftercare, Cuddles, and Kisses

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