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sukunababy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 23. Cumflation
Tumblr media
Pairing: OG Ryōmen Sukuna x f!reader
Synopsis: What's a king without a queen?
Warning: soft!Sukuna, 4 arms + 2 cocks!Sukuna, breeding kink, cumflation, multiple orgasms, cunnilingus, size kink
wc: 1 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
The Curse stands triumphant on the battlefield, his enemies slaughtered and covered in blood at his feet.
His gaze wanders in search of what he came for.
When Sukuna finds you you are still trembling, "I found you" he murmurs taking you in his big beefy arms, "let's go home" he whispers in your ear.
His hands are gentle as he lays you down in bed, "I've been looking for you for a long time" he murmurs running his thumb over your bottom lip, "my queen".
The King of Curses before you is the creature the sorcerers were keeping you safe from.
You, the only woman capable of bearing children of the Curses, were carried from village to village so that He would not find you.
"What are you thinking?" he asks beginning to undress, the kimono slides to the floor releasing his two thick boners and grabbing you by one ankle Sukuna pulls you to the edge of the bed. "Be grateful," he says leaning down between your thighs, "I'm not always this nice."
He tosses your torn and bloodstained clothes to the side and with a snap of his tongue he bends his head, rolls his tongue out and begins to lick your warm folds, "n-no wait" you protest trying to kick him away but Sukuna holds you down, two hands clutching your ankles while two others hold you down by the waist.
The heat radiating through your body makes you moan, his tongue sneaks into your hole, exploring and savoring your body.
Your eyes sting from unshed tears as a tingling sensation makes you squirm, your nub now in his mouth being tortured by his tongue. Sukuna wraps his tongue around your clit and flicks it roughly making you squeak, "it's to-too much" you moan clinging to the sheets of that big bed.
Sukuna doesn't listen, he keeps hitting and sucking, his fingers dig into the flesh of your hips, and when you come he smirks wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, "that wasn't so bad" he murmurs towering over you.
"You're going to bear my heirs" he murmurs lining up one of his big cocks in your tight wet opening, "whether you like it or not" and so murmuring he thrusts into your folds tearing a scream from you.
His girth quickly stretches you and every inch of him entering you leaves you breathless, "hold on to me" he orders bending over with his face inches from yours, "I'll be gentle" he says brushing his lips with yours.
You feel your own flavor on his tongue as he explores your mouth and palate, his hands cupping your breasts, caressing the flesh, "so fragile" he murmurs starting to move his hips back and forth.
That tingling sensation felt just before returns to form in your lower belly and you begin to writhe under Sukuna who with a thrust of his hips makes you cream under him, "not long now" he murmurs kissing you tenderly.
As you come under his thrusts your head gets foggy and you can feel a warm liquid being squirted into your wet hole, "hold on" he says continuing to fuck his seed into you.
His thrusts become even more energetic and your eyes roll to the back of your head, and as if you can't stop anymore you cum one more time.
"It's too much" you blurt making him stop. Sukuna clicks his tongue before pulling out of your cunt, "I'm not done" he says stroking your face.
With his cock still covered in cum and your juices he lifts your legs up onto his shoulders and aligns his second cock with your pussy, this time he slowly thrusts in, trying not to let out the seed he has already poured into you.
Your cunt stretches under his slow thrusts, your legs that now feel like they're made of jelly barely manage to stay on his broad shoulders, "too much" you murmur as he starts licking your clit again with his big tongue sticking out of his muscular stomach, "I can't do this" you whimper moaning.
The licks are rough and fierce and as he gives no rest to your nipples being tortured by the mouths in his hands, you cum again creaming on his big cock.
Your orgasm makes your ears buzz and you can't keep up with him, Sukuna bends over you, pushing your legs close to your face, "I'm done" he murmurs thrusting his hips rapidly and a second wave of cum is poured inside your belly, "so good" he praises you rubbing his nose into your neck.
Sukuna pulls out his monstrous cock with a pop and pushes the seed, which starts to come out, back in with two big fingers, "don't let a drop come out" he says giggling letting go of your tired legs, "you're a pretty human, you could give me good heirs" he says getting off the bed and helping you up, "maybe even becoming my queen".
Tumblr media
Taglist: @im-eating-rn @liltals @fiona782 @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @imkumichan @roppongiperfume @yunho-leeknow @jean-prettyboy-kirschtein @joherfoo17 @dabishutup @yukikurankiryu @duskamethystgirl @dabismyprettyboy @gojousprincess @conchetucona @quacksonlover81 @christasano @roonilwazlibswhore @Hxrzvf @xowrae @hitoshitoshi @tojibreedingme @smallhybridart @saccharinegrll @akinokisetsu @kuroohoeee @cookiesformytummy @ghostietales @kamizama @eremikakisses @softjaegerhours @Nelvvyyy @NamiKawaiiNeko @haobrcndy @heichouswife @nezsded @mutsu422 @justcellie @tangorohamado @atshena @br4tsuki @shawtybethicc @akiko-cum @whalecage @daddykakashisensei @dibhachu @kamustyles @akaashi-todorki @katsuki-baby @zekesblckgf @smilling-death @suga-tofu @bluellama7 @tirzamisu @all--that--jazz @hoe-for-sukuna @sleepyamaya @ob-levi-on @tonaken @ilovealbert @sakhimeansfriend @fantasyfairysworld @sri-uwu
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kingkatsuki · 2 days ago
Shibari | Tokoyami Fumikage x Reader
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐢 - “𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐢𝐞”. 𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐣𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐛𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐠𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober masterlist.
Summary: Tokoyami thinks you look the prettiest when you’re all tied up for him.
Pairing: Tokoyami Fumikage x f!reader.
Warnings: 18+, bondage, pussy slapping, spanking, softdom!tokoyami, creampie.
Word Count: 2.1k.
Tumblr media
“I told you struggling will only make it worse.” Tokoyami’s husky voice spoke gently as he watched you writhe against the intricate knots that bound your body.
Each pattern was meticulously woven to keep you subdued for the dark man above you, the red rope dipping into your skin as it wrapped around your frame. His words did nothing to help the ache between your thighs as you made a feeble attempt to try and rub your legs together. Desperate for any kind of relief as you felt the rope begin to tighten from your actions, limiting your movements even more as he gazed down at you with keen eyes. Warm palms rubbed soft, soothing circles along the exposed skin of your inner thighs as he felt the plushness beneath his fingers. Goosebumps began to appear on your skin as you tried eagerly to get him to touch you where you needed it most.
“Please, Fumi.” You pouted as you tried to arch your body into his touch, ignoring the tightness of your binds as you attempted to get him to move his touch higher, his hands dangerously close to the apex of your thighs and where you needed him most.
“What did I say, my sweet?” You gasped in surprise as you felt Tokoyami’s palm slap down on your slit, the calloused pads of his fingers catching your clit as your body jerked in response. The pain quickly morphed into pleasure as you felt your cunt begin to tingle from the sensation, “You never listen.”
His hands were quick to move back to your inner thighs, continuing to rub gentle circles against your skin as you bit down on your bottom lip, trying desperately to ignore the throbbing in your core.
“Fumi, please-” You mumbled, feeling him begin to stroke his palms along either side of your thighs, his thumbs dipping into the junction at the top as your body jerked beneath his touch. Teasingly dancing along the red rope that circled your body, squeezing around the tops of your thighs as it spread you out for him. The desire inside you built as you felt him part your outer labia with his fingers, spreading your folds to see the culmination of his teasing.
“Look at you,” He hummed, gazing at the silvery lines of your slick as he unabashedly stared at your cunt, “Such a fucking mess for me.”
Your tight hole fluttered around nothing as you felt him drag his knuckles through your folds, coating his fingers with your essence as he nudged your clit. The sensation made you quiver as you tried to arch your body into his touch, desperate for more.
Catching you off guard as he pulled his hand back again, landing another smack to your slit as you cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Tears began to prickle your eyes and clump in your lashes from the intensity as you felt your bottom lip quiver from his touch.
“What did I say?” Tokoyami spoke darkly, his eyes narrowing as he gazed down at you, “You said you could be good.”
“I can, I promise I can. Just please-” The desire was becoming too much, too intense as you needed something to satiate you. Your words came out slurred as you tried to will your boyfriend to touch you, to finally allow you the sweet relief you craved.
“Please what?”
“Touch me-“ You felt like the breath was stolen from your lungs the moment he slipped a solo finger inside you, your head pressing back against the soft pillow as your eyes rolled back. Your tight walls fluttered around it as he curled it to press against the spongy spot inside you, his blunt nail dragging against you as you let out a loud whine.
“Don’t tell me one finger has you behaving like this, sweetheart.” Tokoyami murmured, beginning a languid pace as he pumped it inside your tight heat, “You’re acting like I’ve never touched you before, how do you expect to take my cock?”
“I can take it,” You gasped, trying to subdue the moans that threatened to spill from your lips, jolting when his thumb grazed your clit, “I promise I can take it-”
“Not going to cum already are you, pretty girl?” Tokoyami groaned, deliberately focusing his movements on the same spot inside you as he felt your cunt continue to tighten around him, “I can feel you clenching around me,”
“No, sir.” You gasped, your inner walls squeezing around his digit as you tried to stop yourself from tumbling into your bliss.
“Good, because you know better than to cum without permission.”
Tokoyami’s thumb against your clit was constant. Tight, meticulous circles pressed against it as you tried with every fibre of your being not to succumb to the pleasure. Not wanting to get into trouble as your boyfriend continued his assault on your body.
“Oh, shit.” You gasped, your legs jerking from the pleasure as the apex of your thighs rubbed against the red rope, tightening the binds as it dug into your skin, “‘m gonna cum.”
“No. You’re not.” Tokoyami replied bluntly, deliberately pressing his finger against the spongy spot inside you hard as he continued circling your clit.
“Shit, sir- please,” You choked, trying to think of anything but the red hot pleasure coursing through you, “Please, can I cum?”
“Fumi, please.” You whined, fresh tears clinging to your lashes as you tried to close your thighs, the rope too tight.
“What did I say?” Tokoyami glared down at you, deliberately pushing his free hand against your pelvis as he continued his movements, building up the pressure inside your lower half, “Remember, you were the one that begged for this.”
He knew exactly what he was doing—
He had this ability to have you completely at his mercy with the slightest of touches, your body caving completely whilst barely any contact. To anyone on the outside, it would be hard to believe that a man could have you completely intoxicated from just a single touch.
“F-fuck,” You writhed beneath him, trying to focus on anything but the pleasure inside you, “Fuck, fuck- I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum-”
“Don’t you dare,” He snarled, slowing his movements.
But it was too late, even as Tokoyami pulled his fingers away from your sloppy cunt your orgasm was already ricocheting through you in harsh waves. Crying out his name as you felt your inner walls pulsating around nothing, your clit throbbing in the aftershocks of your release.
You blinked back tears as your body came down from its high, your chest heaving whilst you tried to regain your breath.
Tokoyami was quick to lift you as though you weighed nothing, turning your body over as he pressed your head down into the mattress. Your ass poised in the air as his palm came down on one of your cheeks hard, making the skin ripple as he repeated the motion. Soft whines left your lips as he continued to spank your ass, darkening the skin as he settled behind you.
Looking back to meet Tokoyami’s harsh gaze, his hands moving to undo his belt. Freeing his aching bulge as he pulled his boxers down, the meaty weight of his cock hanging down as he wrapped a hand around his girth. Giving himself a languid pump as you saw the glistening bead of pre oozing from the tip. Gasping in surprise when you felt him drag the wet head through your slick folds, parting them as he deliberately nudged your sensitive clit. Making you cry out for him as he dragged it back up, feeling the head catch against your tight entrance.
“Remember, this is your fault.” He groaned as he pushed his hips forward, feeling the thick tip of his cock slowly begin to disappear inside your tight heat. The ache was even more intense due to the minimal prep you’d received, feeling your walls stretching to accommodate his size, “I would have prepped you better if you had just listened.”
“Fuck,” You mewled as you felt him press more of his thick cock inside your tight cunt, his balls snug against your clit as he finally bottomed out inside you.
“You feel so good. So tight.” He rasped.
A large palm moved to the intricate knot which bound your arms behind your back, holding onto it as he began a harsh pace. Pulling his hips back as the forking veins on his cock dragged along your inner walls before he plunged forward again, burying himself back inside your eager cunt.
Each motion had you crying out for him, turning your head to the side as you rambled out wild obscenities. Your body lurching forward with each rough thrust of his hips as he used you for his pleasure, canting into you with reckless abandon as he chased his release.
The rope that bound your body made it impossible to move as you lay beneath him, your shoulders digging into the mattress as he leaned back to see where your bodies were connected. Watching his thick cock disappear inside your tight walls, creamy lines of your slick creating rings around him and dampening the trimmed black hairs at the base of his cock.
“You’d let me do absolutely anything to you, wouldn’t you?” Tokoyami’s words made your cunt clench around him, moaning in pleasure as your eyes fluttered. Another smack to your ass made your cunt clench as he continued, “You don’t even care what as long as you get yourself off, hm?”
Already feeling another climax building inside you as he angled his hips, focusing his thrusts towards the exact same spot inside you that he knew with the utmost precision. The thick tip of his cock dragged against it with each roll of his hips as he focused on making you come undone for him.
“You’ve already cum once without permission, you might as well give me another.” He mused as he felt your walls squeezing him, your eyes shut tight as you tried to ignore the pleasure building up inside you.
“I know you want to cum, sweetheart.” He continued, using his grip on the rope to pull you back, bringing you back up toward his chest as he held you against him. Snaking his arms around you as his large hands reached up to palm your breasts, feeling your nipples stiffen into peaks under his touch.
Tokoyami’s beak tickled your neck as you felt his warm breath against your skin, leaving gentle pecks against you as he continued his harsh pace. Working you towards your release as he willed you to let go, feeling your head lull.
“Do it, cum for me.” He whispered against your ear as you felt your entire body spasm, his grip the only thing stopping you from falling forward as you felt your second orgasm wash over you. Your toes curled as you let out a high pitched keen, shuddering as Tokoyami continued thrusting into you from behind.
“Fuck, Fumikage.” You slurred, feeling his cock continue to delve into your depths.
“You’re so beautiful,” Tokoyami groaned, feeling you come undone on his cock, listening to the sweet sounds that left your lips, “Only I get to see you like this,”
Your body lulled forward as he kept his grip on you, your cunt continuing to flutter around his cock from his possessive tone.
“I’m going to cum,” Tokoyami grunted, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he worked himself towards his own release, “Be a good girl and take it all.”
He gave a few more messy thrusts before he buried himself inside you to the hilt. Emptying his thick balls inside you as he came. White, hot spurts of cum lining your insides as he gave a few more pumps of his cock inside you, pressing his forehead to your shoulder as he tried to calm his body down.
“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” Tokoyami murmured as he let your body fall forward gently. Your chest pressed against the mattress as his softening cock slipped from your folds. His eyes immediately transfixed on your fluttering hole as he watched some of his cum slowly leaking out of your messy hole.
Tokoyami made you cry out as you felt his fingers dipping inside your soaked entrance, pushing the cum that had leaked out of you back inside your cunt. Leaning down to press a gentle kiss against your shoulder blade as he began to slowly work through unfastening the intricate knots he’d used, freeing you from your binds as he took in the sight of the rope indents against your skin.
Leaning forward as he began to press gentle kisses against those marks, his hands massaging the abused skin as he slowly continued to untie you.
“You always look so beautiful in these binds I seldom want to let you go-"
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d1zzynsfw · 2 days ago
kinktober day 25: squirting
— georgenotfound x f! reader
Tumblr media
you already knew george was good with his fingers. but tonight was a whole different thing.
he was finger fucking you with absolutely no mercy. you moaned each time he brushed his fingers against your sweet spot, the pleasure sending your body into overdrive. “you fuckin’ love my fingers, don’t you, baby?” he had a filthy mouth when you were being sexual, and you adored it. “i love your fingers so much. please don’t stop,” you barely managed to say. he smirked at your broken voice and continued with his pace, desperate to help you reach your orgasm.
you felt the pit in your stomach grow as your high inched closer and closer. before you knew it, you were cumming. it only took a split second for you to notice that you weren’t necessarily cumming, you were squirting. you panicked, afraid of how george would react. he slowed his fingers. “did you just squirt?” you felt your face heat up. before you could speak, he spoke again. “that’s so fucking hot.” he pulled his fingers out and began sucking on them.
“squirt on my face now, yeah?”
Tumblr media
@whore4blocks @cybergnf @chaoscait @oldblackandwhitetown @edgelord505 @sapnapflame @eliferraris @fatherfigured @haannaa1 @gabbysblogthingy
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dr4cking · a day ago
draco malfoy x reader | kinktober #6
stalker perv!draco with masturbation and polaroid kink
(dark creepy content, please avoid if you’re uncomfortable)
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
“You look so gorgeous, my sweet Y/n.” He whispers under his breath, staring at the polaroid between his fingers,
To Draco, you were his everything, you’re a goddess. All this months he had been crushing on you but you weren’t aware of that, it made him so frustrated but admiring you like this, seeking the fun he never had in his life.
He managed to stay in close with you, he weren’t that close to you, all he got was a simple “hi” and a smile from you.
But he never failed to caught you stealing glances at him, in the class, the hallway or wherever he was.
Earlier, he was strolling through your dorm watching you like the usual but only this time he got quite lucky. Your door were open ajar but enough to show him while you were changing your clothes.
Taking this as a chance, he was thankful he brings a camera with him, he captured the moment very quietly to not make himself caught. At the end, he liked to believe you were secretly doing it for him.
And now here he is, in his own dorm, staring with full admiration in his eyes as he examining you in the picture he took. He can feel his pants tightening as he traced your half-bare body in the picture with his trembling fingers.
“Look at you.. imagine how gorgeous you would look under me,” He took off his pants along with his boxers making his erection slapped up to his stomach.
He gripped his hard cock in his hand, stroking up and down as his head fell backwards only for a second before he goes back to stare at your picture again. A throaty groan left his lips as he smeared his precum on your picture.
“Taste it Y/n.. I know you have been dying to feel me down your throat.” He pumped faster, fucking his cock into his fist, his breathing got heavy.
“Oh fuck- yes, take it like the good girl you are Y/n.” He moaned louder biting his bottom lip to prevent his noise to be heard by anyone.
His eyes never left your figure on the picture, imagining how ravishing you would look on your knees for him, begging for his cum to fill your mouth.
“Fuck.” He squeezed his sensitive tip getting more precum out of it, his other hand gripping tighter on your picture, the knot in his stomach tightened.
“Yes that’s it Y/n. Take it, all of me. You love being covered in my cum, don’t you? I’ll give you all of it.”
His white cum spilled out from his tip, landing onto the picture in his hand. Draco groaned as he rode his high, letting his never ending cum painting and decorating your picture.
He stares blankly at the soaked picture, feeling pathetic as he got back to the reality. He put the picture into the gift box before redressing himself.
He needs to make you feel the same way for him, he needs to have you beg for him, to show him who you always belong to. He needs you to be his good little pet.
You were walking downstairs with books in your hand, you were already late to the class. Your house seemed empty and quiet as you rushed your way to your destination.
But before you could step out of your house, you felt someone pulled your wrist and bring you into a familiar room,
“Hello, Y/n.” Your heart beating faster as you recognized your crush’s voice.
Tumblr media
tagging : @wolfstar-lb @onyourgoddamnleft @whoreforgeorgeandfred @turn-to-page-394-please @underappreciated-spoon-321 @littlemissnoname13 @youreso-golden @noceurwhore @dlmmdl @mvdbldd @f4iryluvy @starstruckgranger @lieswithoutfairytales @yiamalfoy @black-repunzel99 @acciodignity @riddleswh0r3crux @ameliasbitvh @hopelessbutterfly @rylynn-blog @miraclesoflove @i-love-scott-mccall @slythermuf @myshamalfoy @maybesandohnos @teenwolfbitches28 @desiredmalfoy @ferretboysupremacy @coolbeans32 @arianagreyy @sksliz @cupids-crystals @raajali3 @kayleiggh @amalfoyandariddle @madi0987 @mrs-dracofelton @itzzzzcookie @chloeluvsdray @padf00ts-l0ver @spencervera @wrongilbert @mischieftom @valentines-massacre13 @devilslxver @kitkatkaitin @nic0lodean @i-have-my-issues @heathericious @dracoslittlesunflower @weaselbrownie @fullcheeseengineer @hhishho @alexthealexthealex @iloveweasleyx @seriouslyinlove @arzfia
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cafedanslanuit · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ i knew you were the real thing when you walked through the door ̖́-
Tumblr media
day twenty loss of virginity ft. baji keisuke [tokyo revengers]
Tumblr media
☄  tags/warnings: +18, afab reader + she/her pronouns, university au - they're in their 20s, experienced reader, loss of virginity, first times, oral sex (m and f receiving), hand jobs, protected sex, cursing but it's baji what do you expect?
☄  words: 3.1k
☄  a/n: okay i had been wanting to write this for so long and finally had the chance today! so here you have university!baji wanting to share his first time with you <33 tagging @liamiya 'cause she's a baji stan c:
☄  masterlist
Tumblr media
Baji could have stayed for hours like that. Having you on top of him as you lazily kissed each other was his favourite activity and, due to the fact you had done that every opportunity both of you were done with classes, he liked to think it was one of your favourite things to do as well.
His black hair was sprawled on your bed after you had gotten ridden of his ponytail the second he entered your dorm, right after you had pushed him to your bed. Usually, you would make out for a while before your roommate knocked on the door and you had to pull away or either of you got a call from your jobs asking you to cover someone else’s shift. This time, neither of those things would bother you. You had informed him your roommate was staying over at her girlfriend’s place and neither of you were on call that day (and had turned off your phone just in case).
Baji wasn’t sure if that was the reason your kisses felt different that day. He paid no mind when you took off your sweatshirt and ended up just in a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap top. However, he did notice the way you straddled him on the bed, your bodies pressed tight together as your lips glided against each other. He grabbed a handful of your ass and you moaned against his mouth, rutting your hips against his crotch and making him groan in response.
Suddenly, it all made sense. The hotter kisses, the background music, a place for yourselves and your suggestion to turn off your phones. Baji felt embarrassed that it took him so long to realize what was happening that night.
He changed your positions, hovering over you as he nested between your legs. You laced your arms around his neck and kissed him again, chuckling softly against his lips.
“Now, gotta be gentle with me,” you warned him in between kisses. “This is my first time, after all.”
Baji felt his heart skipping a beat. “Yeah. Haven’t done this before either.”
“What, in a campus building?” you laughed. You opened your eyes when Baji pulled away, raising one of his eyebrows at you.
“Oh, I was just following the joke,” you explained, a ghost of laughter still on your lips. “I joked about this being my first time, you said the same joke and…”
In the past months, you had been with Baji, you had learnt to read his expressions since he wasn’t one to be good with words. Maybe that was why it was easier to catch the pink blush on his cheeks paired with his mouth turned into a tight line and his furrowed eyebrows.
Realization hit you like a bucket full of cold water.
“You weren’t joking,” you whispered.
Baji let himself fall on the bed by your side, too mortified with himself. You didn’t move for a second, trying to make sense of the new information you had gathered. Even before you had met your boyfriend, you had heard stories about his double-digit body count, how he could get with anyone he wanted at frat parties and even a couple of gossips about STIs. What did he mean he was a virgin?
You turned your body to your boyfriend, still a little shocked by the news.
“I’m sorry, love. I just wasn’t expecting that. I had heard so many stories about you that—”
“You truly believed all those rumours about me fucking my way through campus?”
You shrugged. “Well, yeah.”
“And you still agreed to be my girlfriend?” he asked, raising his eyebrow at you.
“I didn’t want to slut-shame.”
An honest cackle left Baji’s lips. You smiled, thanking the awkward moment had already passed.
“So…” you started, pushing back a strand of his hair away from his face. “You still wanna do this with me?”
Baji turned his body to you, so you were facing each other. “Yeah. I mean, I’ve made out with other people before. I just never felt… comfortable enough to have sex. I always told myself it wasn’t such a big deal and I just needed to get it done, like my friends from high school. But every time I had the opportunity, I stopped before anything happened. It was very uncomfortable for me. And to be honest, I didn’t care about the other person that much.”
“And you care about me,” you said with a soft smile.
“I love you,” Bahi reminded you. “Everything feels comfortable with you.”
It was enough for you to press your lips against his. He kissed you back just as eagerly, his hands roaming around your body as you rolled on the bed so you were on top of him. Temperature rose again between the two of you as you kept kissing, drunk on each other and feeling as if nothing else existed but the two of you on that bed. The level of trust Baji had put on you was something you had never seen coming and it only fueled your love for him even more. You wanted this to be as pleasurable for him as possible and to make his first time something he would cherish forever.
“Kei,” you whispered against his lips. He opened his eyes to look at you. “Take off my top, please.”
Doing as he was told, Baji removed your top, leaving you just with your bra. He watched with a flushed face as you sat and unhooked it, letting it fall on the floor. You smiled when you noticed his eyes widening at the sight of your breasts.
“Can I take off your sweatshirt?” you asked. Baji nodded quickly, discarding his sweatshirt and t-shirt.
He sat up on the bed, holding your body against his as both of you hissed at the skin-to-skin contact. You cradled his face with your hands, thumb caressing his cheek as you looked deeply into his brown eyes.
“Shit, I love you.” You let out a weak laugh as you smiled, entranced by just how handsome your boyfriend was and the level of trust he had in you. “I really do.”
“You’re so beautiful”, Baji sighs, pulling you by the back of your neck and kissing you again. His lips then lowered to your neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses all across your skin. “And— yeah, love you too. Of course.”
You giggled. “Of course.”
Baji turned and pushed you on the bed again so he was hovering over you. You watched his dark hair cascade on both sides of his face as his lips moved to your breasts, a little doubtful before pressing kisses on top of them and ever so gentle as he fondled them, taking his time as he made sure not to leave a single part of them untouched. Experimentally, he licked one of your nipples, smirking when you let out a small moan.
He turned out to be a fast learner. It didn’t take him a lot of time to figure out just how you liked him to touch you. Your fingers tangled in his hair as he devoured your breasts, and soon you discovered he really liked it when you pulled his long locks. Baji eventually pulled away and went to search for your lips, only to be met with a passionate and needy kiss from you.
Your shorts and his jeans followed your other clothes on the floor and now you were the one on top of Baji. He bit your bottom lip, eliciting a moan from you as your hips rutted against his. You could feel how hard he already was, his length erect and throbbing against your thigh. Still kissing him, you lowered your hand and closed your fingers around it, slowly pumping it, feeling how he was already leaking with precum.
Baji groaned at your touch, bucking his hips against your hand. You maintained a slow pace, just wanting him to experience the feeling before you started what you already had in mind.
“I wanna try something,” you told him, pulling away from him. Baji arched an eyebrow, curious.
“Okay,” you nodded, pressing one last kiss to his lips.
You shifted on the bed until you were kneeling between his legs, your eyes still on him so you could check if he was rethinking this. You knew he had to at least guess what you were planning to do while setting yourself in the middle of his parted legs, but still. Couldn’t hurt you to check and be sure.
You did your best to suppress a laugh when Baji loudly cursed the moment you had the tip of his cock inside your mouth. However, it seemed you didn’t do a good enough job, because Baji propped himself up on his elbows and frowned at you.
“Don’t fucking laugh at me!” he complained, red-faced with embarrassment. You pulled away from him and sat on your heels again.
“I’m not laughing at you!” you replied, a big smile on your face. “If anything, I really love it when you’re loud. Makes me feel proud of myself.”
Baji rolled his eyes a yor smug grin. “You’re insufferable.”
“Yeah, yeah, but you love me,” you reminded him. You watched amused as a smirk appeared on your boyfriend’s face.
“Weren’t you doing something?” he teased you, to which you nodded and went back to your original position.
Yes, Baji was loud. Mouth filled with curses as you slowly bobbed your head up and down his length, taking your time to find out how exactly he wanted you to touch him. You closed your hand around his base, as you couldn’t take him all inside your mouth. At least not now. As you pumped him, you let your tongue lick the underside of his cock, to then suck gently on his tip, feeling him shudder underneath.
Baji’s hands were tightly clasped on your bedsheets, trying his best to control himself. He knew this was barely the entrée of what was happening later and he didn’t want to finish yet, but it was you who had been given a road map to his body and you knew exactly what to do. He was trying his best to control himself, although it was a tall order considering how you were locking eyes with him while you sucked him with your pretty lips. You were only focused on his pleasure, hollowing your cheeks as you took him in and Baji suddenly understood why it never felt alright with anyone else.
It was always you. Even when he hadn’t met you, it had always been you.
Having had some time to prepare yourself, you started sinking your head down on Baji’s cock. When his tip hit the back of your throat, instead of pulling away as you had done, you pushed forward, relaxing as much as you could until you could feel his trimmed pubes tickling your nose.
“Fuck, fuck— stop, wait.”
You pulled away quickly and looked for your boyfriend’s eyes. He was lying on the bed, an arm draped over his eyes, his chest moving up and down as he breathed heavily.
“Are you okay? Did it hurt?”
Baji shook his head. “Shit, I was about to come. That felt so good, holy fuck.”
You smiled and laid over him again, moving his arm away so you could look at his face. Baji clashed his lips against yours, feeling a little of himself in your tongue as he kissed you deeply, one hand behind your head and the other holding your waist tightly.
“So… should we?” he asked, lips parted as he tried to regain his breath.
“Let me grab a condom,” you whispered, pressing a kiss on the top of his nose before you leaned to your nightstand. You rummaged inside your drawer until you found a condom.
“Wait, but I haven’t—” Baji said, caressing your thigh. You furrowed your eyebrows, confused. “I haven’t gone down on you yet.”
“Oh,” you sighed, giving him a small shrug. “Don’t worry about that.”
“I want to make you feel good,” he insisted.
You smiled and kissed him on the lips again. With your free hand, you guided his fingers between your legs, and slowly dragged them across your folds. Baji opened his eyes as he noticed how wet you already were.
“Trust me, you make me feel really good,” you sighed, pulling his hand away. “But, if you insist, you can go down on me later. We have all night after all,” you winked.
Baji smirked. “I like that idea.”
Grabbing the condom again, you ripped the package and glanced at him.
“Should I…?”
“Fuck you, I had sex ed,” Baji said, taking the condom from you. You chuckled and nodded, rolling off of him.
It didn’t cause him too much trouble to put on the condom and soon he was hovering over you, the smirk on his face replaced by a concentrated look. He nested between your legs, and let you grab his cock and position it against your entrance. You shared a look, just to check on each other before he finally pushed inside.
This time, it was your turn to be loud. You had noticed the length when you had been sucking him off, yet you had forgotten his girth.
“Am I hurting you?” he asked. You grabbed onto his arms tightly, shaking your head.
“Shit, no. It feels so good, so— fuuuck.”
You felt your eyes rolling to the back as he continued to push himself inside, stretching you around him. Both of you were moaning as he bottomed out, too encaptured in the pleasure to even form a word. Baji was propped up on his elbows, his face centimetres away from you as he panted, trying to get used to the sensation. Your walls were fluttering around him and he couldn’t think of anything nearly as good as this.
His first experimental thrust made you both moan again. Baji took one of your legs and put it around his waist, wanting to be even closer to you. He started at a slow pace, a bit out of rhythm and unsure— however, his size made up for his lack of experience. Your eyes were set on his brown ones, both your faces twisted in pleasure as he thrusted against you.
Baji took one of your hands and pinned it above your head with his, intertwining your fingers with him. As a reply, you put your other leg around his waist, locking your ankles together.
“You feel so good,” he grunted, quickening the pace of his thrusts. “Fuck, baby— can’t get enough of you.”
Shit, when had he learnt to talk like that if this was his first time? You felt yourself tightening around him just because of his words. You felt already close to your edge, much sooner than you had ever experienced. And given how beautiful your boyfriend was and how good his dick was, it seemed it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.
You lowered your free hand and slid it between your bodies until you reached your clit. You started circling it, helping yourself to reach your impending orgasm. Baji noticed and upon seeing you touch yourself, he started thrusting faster.
“Fuck— you’re so hot. Keep— keep doing that.” A harsh thrust made you cry out, clenching your legs around his waist. “Shit, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I’m— was that too hard?”
You shook your head. “No, fuck— that was good. So good, baby, do it again,” you whimpered. “Please, do it again.”
Baji didn’t need to be told twice. He has been doing his best to contain himself and be as gentle as he could be, but once you gave him the green light, he let himself loose. His thrusts became harsher, faster, without any restraint. And God, how you loved that. You kept touching yourself as he kept moving and, to your surprise, you were the first to come undone.
You cried out as you orgasmed around Baji. Your vision went blank for a minute, your fingers still moving around your clit as you tried to make the orgasm last as much as you could. Feeling your walls clenching hard around him plus watching how beautiful you were as you reached your edge, Baji spilt himself inside of you with a loud moan. He cursed as he felt you milking him and tightened the grip he had on your hand above your head.
Neither of you moved as you rode out your orgasms, and it was clear neither of you had expected it to be this intense. Baji collapsed on top of your body, breathing heavily as he buried his head on the crook of your neck.
“That was…” Baji sighed, falling short when he had to think about a word that could describe what he was feeling.
“Hopefully as good as you thought it would be?” you teased him, as you circled your arms around him.
Baji turned his head to you.
“Are you fucking kidding? That was great. You’re never leaving this room again.”
You laughed before turning your head and meeting him with a kiss. Baji, drunk of love and adoration kissed you softly, cradling your face gently as he did so. You kissed him back, more in love than you had ever felt in your life. Baji had given you his first time, had admitted he only felt comfortable with you and you wondered what you had done to deserve someone as special as him.
“I love you,” you whispered. Baji pulled away and smirked.
“Nah, I see the way you look at me, woman. You only want me for my body.”
Both of you chuckled before kissing each other again. Baji made a pause to remove himself carefully from you, tying a knot on the condom and throwing it to the nearest bin. His lips were on yours before you knew it, his hands caressing your sides as you traced his spine with your fingers.
“Are you hungry?” you asked as Baji moved to kiss your neck, nipping on the skin gently. “I could order something for us if you want.”
“Don’t worry,” he muttered, as he lowered his lips to your chest, sucking on your skin to make sure he would leave a small mark. He looked up at you, a mischievous smirk on his face. “I’m planning on eating soon.”
You had no chance to reply before Baji was already setting himself between your legs, holding your thighs open. He gave your folds a long lick, from your entrance to your clit, making you sigh and throw your head back in the pillow.
He was right. You were definitely not leaving the room anytime soon.
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metalbuckaroo · a day ago
Kinktober Day 14: Daydream
SUMMARY// "Alright, Bambi. Let's get you to bed, then."
WARNINGS// smut, mental sex, mentions of male and female masturbation, mentions of sexting, unprotected sex, a hint of jealous reader, cursing, mentions of alcohol
AU// neighbor!bucky x f!reader
NOTE// this one is a lil longer than the last few 🤗 I didn't proofread though, so if you see any mistakes lemme know
Tumblr media
It had been an agonizing couple of weeks since the encounter on your next door neighbors counter.
Not that neither of you wanted to attempt to try something further since that day, but everything had gotten so- busy.
Bucky had left for almost two weeks for work, you had been working doubles at a new job. But, it didn't stop the occasional heated texts you'd send back and forth that helped some of the tension between one another.
Bucky had promised himself that he was going to wait until after his friend's birthday celebration to try anything. Until he got back into his apartment and could invite you over properly. So, he kept his distance for a bit.
Giving you small smiles from across the apartment as he talked with his friends, leaving you to enjoy your time with your own in the kitchen just off the living room.
The couple drinks you'd had seemed to have your mind racing when you'd moved onto the balcony. Sitting in the chair across from Bucky as he talked with Sam. His hearty laugh making your heart swell as you looked him over.
The way his plump lips curled into a smile, crinkling the corners of his eyes. How those same lips felt and tasted against yours. The scratch his stubble caused against the sensitive skin of your thighs when he nuzzled his face against your cunt.
Your mind wondering to how his neck would look littered with hickies that trailed down to his collarbone and chest. Scattering about his stomach and hips. What it would feel like for his bicep to curl around your neck as his hips snapped into yours.
How his release looked in the video you'd seen just days before when it coated his tense abdomen. The shuddery moans he made as he stroked himself through the aftershocks.
Wishing you had been in that motel room to help him instead of watching it through a shaky video on your phone. Aching for the stretch you just knew he would cause.
The constant thought in the back of your head of if he would be gentle and slow the first time, or slam his hips into yours as you cried out his name.
You could almost feel his smooth skin under your fingertips. How the muscles of his back would ripple as his hips rolled into yours, flexing and relaxing with each movement.
And he just had to sit with his legs so far apart. Smoothing metal and flesh hands against the tops of his thighs as he laughed at something Sam had said, making them look even more welcoming.
You hadn't realized how dry your mouth had went until you snapped yourself out of it. Lifting your beer bottle to find that it was empty.
"You want another, Jamie?" You asked when you stood, holding your hand out for the empty one in his hand. "Hm? Yeah," he smiled, looking up at you. Those striking blues almost burning through you as they trailed down.
Bucky watched as you walked back into Sam's apartment through the sliding doors, one of the females that your mutual friend with Sam had invited leaning toward Bucky.
"Jamie, huh? I like that?" She smirked, fingertips grazing along the sleek metal of his left arm. "It's actually James, well- uh, Bucky." He said with a tight lipped smile, catching your form from the corner of his eye.
"Here ya go," you chirped, Bucky sucking on a sharp breath when you sat on his lap. His right arm going tightly around your waist.
Sam looked shocked for a moment, mouth opening and shutting as if he wanted to say something. Ask when exactly the two of you had became that close. But, the goofy smile that stretched across Bucky's face as he talked to you kept him quiet.
"You're jealous." Bucky teased quietly, lips brushing the shell of your ear. "Am not, you're my neighbor." You shrugged with a light smile, lifting your arm to put it behind his head. "Your neighbor who'd really like to go back with you. Finish what we've started."
You bit down on your bottom lip when the cold metal of his left hand grazed the inside of your knee. "Sounds great." You whispered, watching the solid digits press gentle circles into your skin.
"Hey, hey- not on my balcony. Go to your own balcony." Sam chuckled, swatting at Bucky's shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow, Wilson. I have some... unfinished business." Bucky winked, urging you to stand- following close behind.
The two of you had barely made it into his apartment down the hall.
The edge of the kitchen counter digging into your front as Bucky rutted his hips into yours. Spilling filthy words into your ear as his cock slid against sweet spots you never imagined to exist. Sending sparks of bliss through every nerve as you cried out for him not to stop.
A full feeling you hadn't experienced before fogging over your mind as his right arm wrapped around your chest. Strong hand grasping onto your shoulder as he slammed into you, bionic fingers digging into your hip.
"S'fucking tight- don't ever wanna leave this sweet cunt, sugar." He groaned against your ear, a new wave of pleasure washing over you with each roll of his hips. His chest slick against your back.
"Don't stop, Bucky- please, please, don't stop-" you pleaded, tears prickling your lashline as you pushed your hips back to meet his vigorous thrusts. Chasing the bubbling pressure in your lower abdomen. "I've got you, darlin'. Let go, squeezin' me so fucking good."
The husky words were nearly enough to send you over the edge as he nipped the side of your neck. Filling your ears with filthy moans and praises as his left hand slipped between your thighs, pressing deliberate circles to your clit to snap the burning coil in your core.
"Buc-" the gasp of his name died on your tongue, replace with a high pitched moan that you would've been embarrassed of if you hadn't been so overtaken by the heat that spread through your veins.
Your vision whiting out as your head fell back against his shoulder, his arm tightening around your chest as you whined. His thrusts so deep, you could've swore you felt him in your chest. Prolonging the bliss of your orgasm with frantic thrusts as he chased his own.
"Wan' me to fill this pretty pussy, sugar?" Bucky huffed out through moans. Metal fingers still dancing over your sensitive clit as you keened. Nodding your head in response. "Need t'hear ya."
"Yes, Jamie, please." You mewled, your front suddenly being pressed to the cold counter top. Bucky's hips snapping into yours at a feverish pace that tightened the coil again. Swollen tip fucking into your deepest sweet spot at just the right angle to have your legs feeling like jelly.
There was something about that nickname that set him off. A feral need to feel your cunt clamp down on him once more before he spilled into you. His eyes casting down at the way you stretched around him, almost pulling him back in each time he'd pull his hips away.
"Best pussy I've ever had. S'wet and tight- fuck-"
Your spasming walls sent him flying over the edge with you. Falling forward onto his palms to hold himself up on the counter as his hips dug into yours. His low grunts almost drowning out your sweet sounds.
Bucky took a moment to ground himself, the aftershocks still leaving him fuzzy minded as he looked over your fucked out form sagging against the hard surface. Both panting and drunk on ecstasy.
"You alright, sweet girl?" He hummed, pressing his lips to your temple. Getting a happy hum in response, followed by a whine and wiggle of your hips when he slipped from between your thighs. The mixed release leaking onto your skin.
"Wanna stay?"
You nodded, not wanting to open your heavy lids as you stood straight. Forgetting about the wobble to your legs until Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist with a chuckle. "Alright, Bambi. Let's get you to bed, then."
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i4nanami · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— minors don’t interact.
— wc: 1K.
content + warnings: 18+, including: dom!todoroki touya, dry humping, public sex, exhibitionism, step-cest, voice kink, manipulation, mention of fingering & masturbation, voyeurism, names calling, coercion, dub-con, dark content.
pairings: step-bro!dabi x fem!reader.
my kinktober list.
Tumblr media
Touya leaned one of his hands on the transparent part of the subway door and put the other on his step-sister's waist, giving it a gentle squeeze and playing with the waistband of her short skirt before leaning his chest against her back and resting his face on one of her shoulders. Anyone who saw the two of them would no doubt say that it was just a random couple taking advantage of the subway ride to watch the images of a dusky Tokyo passing through the windows and the transparency of the door they were leaning against, but, oh no, Dabi had other plans for today, especially when Enji was trying harder than usual to keep the two of you apart in your weeks, he said your older brother was a bad influence.
And he was not at all wrong.
— Stop it, Touya. — You whispered, turning your head away from his face and leaning your hands on the door as a way to steady yourself now that your older brother had cut off your access to the metal bars on the sides of the seats and the doors of the subway.
— Or what? — Dabi answered and held you in place using his hand on your hip and beginning to rub his cock against the curve of your ass slowly. — I haven't even touched you for over three weeks because that old man is always watching you, but you still chose to go out with me today. — His nose sank into the curve of your neck inhaling copious amounts of the perfume you always wore and a shiver ran down your spine as your thighs pressed against each other. — I missed you, you know? Didn't you miss me? — You swallowed hard, trying to focus your eyes outside the doors without being brave enough to look around to see if anyone was paying attention to the two of you.
— How could I have missed you when we live together? — Touya increased the force of the thrusts against yours ass and yours shoulders shrugged in shame at feeling aroused by the actions of your step-brother.
— Don't play dumb with me, pretty girl. — Dabi squeezed yours hips a little harder before letting a hoarse moan escape in your ear, and again yours thighs pressed against each other as the bottom of the panties began to gradually get wetter and wetter as his thrusts became stronger and more aggressive as he rubbed his covered and painfully wedged cock against your body. — Last week I could hear the sound of your fingers slipping in and out of you in the middle of the night, you're not the quietest person in the world and you shouldn't leave your bedroom door open either. Someone might end up walking down the hall and see your degrading actions, you know?
An amused laugh escaped his lips as his body pulled yours to the side when the subway door opened and there were several people coming and going. It didn't take long for the two of you to return to your original position leaning against the door and Touya continuing to rub himself against you, your skirt almost lifting too dangerously.
— Tell me, were you thinking about me while his fingers were deep inside you? Thinking that your fingers were mine?
— I remember locking my door, Touya. — Your voice was now nothing more than a whisper, and your head leaned against the subway door as a way to try to hide the unregulated breathing.
— Maybe someone opened it. — Dabi replied, sticking out his tongue and licking a small part of your neck only to see you put your hand over your mouth to suppress a moan. — And why are you calling me "Touya", hm? What happened to "Onii-chan"? — His hand on your hip forced you to move your body against his with your ass rolling against his boner.
— I-I... — Your mind tried to think clearly, Touya's heavy, hot breath pounding against your neck making your concentration and focus melt away more and more and the only thing you could think was how you needed to have your own step-brother's cock buried deep inside your pussy the same way it had been the first time the two of you had kissed in his bedroom on a mid-week dawn and he had said he was "just going to put the tip in”. — I w-won't call you that, Touya, it's embarrassing.
— Embarrassing? You're an embarrassment, I'm an embarrassment, we're together, isn't it romantic? — You denied it with your head, biting your lower lip hard, thinking that a little pain would distract you from the pleasure eating away at your core. — And you didn't think it was "shameful" to call me Onii-chan when I was fucking you on the living room couch last month, did you? Nor when I had my fingers deep inside your pussy in the bathroom that day your friends came over.
— Stop, Touya! We should… — He pulled you away from the subway door again as soon as you both reached the other station only to return to the same starting position as soon as it closed.
— Stop? — Touya completed your sentence before denying it with his head. — If you wanted me to stop, you would have walked away from the start, I never forced you into anything. — His hips continued to thrust against your ass, and from the erratic movements of your older step-brother, you could tell he was about to cum in his own underwear.
And with a particularly tighter grip on your hips, forcing your body down as his went up, Dabi actually ended up cumming in his pants with a low, hoarse moan interspersed by his rapid breathing and you desperately needed to balance on his arm that was propped against the subway door by not trusting your own legs. Just the knowledge that your older step-brother was cumming because of you was enough to make your panties soaked and thighs press harder against each other in a failed attempt to get friction.
— Look at you, trying to relieve yourself without my help. — Touya whispered against your ear, staring at you with narrowed eyes, still breathing heavily. — Can you cum before we get home in about three seasons? — His hand went back to playing with the waistband of your skirt with no hurry or concern.
You mentally cursed him and swallowed hard, looking over your shoulder at him with shame burning inside your core.
— M-May… I borrow your hand... please?
— No. — Touya replied even as he slowly slipped his hand under your skirt.
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pumpkin-stars · 2 days ago
Mand’alor Din Djarin/Fem!Reader
Kinktober Day 24: Breeding
Word Count: 844
Warnings/Content: made up Mandalorian customs, breeding ritual, more build up than actual smut. Din and Reader are both confused, but Doing Their Best™
Tumblr media
My Kinktober Masterlist | Main Masterlist | Join my Taglist
@the-purity-pen‘s full kinktober list is here
Tumblr media
He never asked to be the kriffing Mand’alor. Never wanted to be, never knew that he would be… Gideon and his damn self confidence thinking he could take on  Mandalorian and win… fighting him with the damn laser sword… the kriffing bantha turd.
He’s learnt of several traditions in his short time on the throne, ones he’s half-sure are totally made up just to haze him, but he can’t say for certain.
He knows one of the non-Mandalorians to hold this saber in recent years didn’t have a lower half, more droid than whatever species he was… so the assertion that there’s a… breeding tradition… seems unlikely. Though when Bo Katan steps up and confirms it, he can’t deny that it must be true… even though it’s not been followed in his lifespan.
But Mand’alor the Reluctant is apparently an ideal ruler. His victory over his foundling’s captor means he’s proven himself as a good Buir in the eyes of his people. And now he has to…
He has to breed.
Just one person, but he has to. Every night until it takes.
There’s a line of Mandalorians in the throne room, all covered in their beskar, helmets in place. They’re the daughters of the leading families, all having proved themselves in battle, worthy of taking their Alor’s seed. He has to choose one, without even knowing their names, just… judge them by their beskar.
The blaster residue that scuffs paint on some, the freshly cleaned and painted others, the colours and their meanings filling his mind as he immediately decides not to breed with the woman whose gold armour screams vengeance. There’s duty before him, remembrance and honour littered through… justice and reliability…
None of them speak, nor give any indication that they’re interested in him, that there’s even someone beneath the armour. He suddenly understands what his bounties must have felt like… faced with an impenetrable opponent, with no idea what to do or where to turn.
Green for duty, blue for reliability, that’s… good. Yes? In a ruler? But in a partner? The duty of spreading her legs and baring him children… the reliability that she won’t complain about it.
He looks to the side, the end of the line where a maid stands holding two goblets, ready for the happy couple to drink from once the rest of the room clears, drenched in green, with flecks of white… a new start… she’s the only one that seems to look at him, the rest are… stoic, standing to attention as they make themselves look the ideal Mandalorian Bride.
He’s never been interested in the people in his covert. The Armourer taught him well, but other than her… the soldiers of his old clan were less appealing than other species, other people and mindsets… the soft spoken and gentle women he’d met in his travels.
“You,” he calls to her. “Come here.”
You stumble forward, keeping the goblets steady on the small tray, keeping your eyes on your ruler as you stop at the side of his throne..
“Your name?” He asks, curiously.
You tell him, adding a little curtsy. “I was a foundling, Lord Mand’alor, sir.”
He nods, “As was I.”
The room holds its breath as he stands, descends the few steps at the base of his chair. He’s making his choice… one of the women in the line is about to be chosen-
He turns to you. “You have a lovely voice. I would like to hear more of it.”
You blink beneath your helmet, unsure what he’s doing as he walks towards you, the intricacies of this tradition lost on you, just told of its existence and to stand with the drink until dismissed.
“Would you?” He wonders quietly, “If I chose you?”
“You must choose from them.” You’re sure of it.
“I must choose from those before me,” he nods, “But if none are pleasing I may overrule. But I won’t, if my choice is unwilling.”
Tumblr media
If someone had told you that morning that you’d end the day on your back for the Mand’alor, you’d have insisted they go to a medic. And yet here you are, his chosen mate, taking his cock like a champion, clinging to his shoulders as he looms above you, his head buried in your neck as his hips piston in and out and in and out…
“Take me so well,” he breathes into your skin, kissing and nipping at your neck as he goes, your chest already covered in marks from his eager mouth, your lips already swollen from kissing. “Gonna fuck you full, mesh’la. Give you all my warriors.”
“Yes…” you whisper, voice hoarse from the last three rounds, pussy slick with cum and sensitive to everything, “Yes Din…” but your new partner, your intended, your future riduur… he’s gentle, even when he’s rough.
“Fill you up,” he assures, “One last time tonight. Think it’ll take already?”
You swallow hard, “I… Din, I still have the implant.”
He laughs, “Then tonight’s just practice, hm? We have many nights to come.”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @99sth @amneris21 @apascalrascal @ashcamehome @aurelacrystal​ @cocolovesorcs @darnitdraco​ @elegantduckturtle​ @fastandfeminist @fisforfulcrum​ @galacticgraffiti​ @goldielocks2004​ @honestly-shite​ @idreamofboobear​ @iifloweringnightsii​ @im-a-mcsimp-for-mchotties​ @irrelevantbutembarrassing​ @jitterbugs927​ @kaybrownies​ @kirsteng42​ @lavenderluna10​ @littlemisspascal​ @mswarriorbabe80​ @mypedrom​ @pedrostories​ @pentechnics​ @phrog-seeds @practicalghost​ @princessxkenobi​ @readsalot73​ @salome-c​ @starxdame​ @the-little-ewok​ @the-scandalorian​ @thegirlsadventuresinwonderland​ @tobealostwanderer​ @what-iwish-you-knew​ @wildmoonflower​ @yours-truly-r​   
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jeontaeil · 2 days ago
jake had two fimgers stuffed straight down your throat. tears streamed down your face at the lack of oygen.seeing your cheeks shining with moisture made jake fuck you harder. the back of your thighs had gone numb due to his rough thrusts. every time you attempted to moan you ended up choking on jake’s fingers, which lef to more tesrs spilling. that's what jake loved most though. he wanted to see you as a crying mess. you looked so submissive like that. “cry for me bitch,” he spat, grabbing your face tightly. you squeezed your eyes shut. forcing a few tears out. jake groaning in satisfaction and started rubbing your clit incredibly fast, sending you over the edge in a matter of seconds. he didn't stop just because you'd finished though. jake knew pushing you ever the edge was the best way to catch a glimpse of your tears. and right now, he wanted nothing other than that.
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chaashni · 2 days ago
Hi!! I love your writings!! If you're still taking requests for kinktober, could you do a combo of aphrodisiac + body worship with loki and female reader?
Like, the reader comes back to the compound after party intoxicated, and loki is the only one around to help, sort of scenario? Please? 🛐💚
Your Lips, feat. My Neck
Tumblr media
Loki and pleasure mean the same thing to you, even if you say you can't stand the sight of him.
A/n: Thank you for this request lovely! I tweaked the scenario a little and this was so much fun to write!
Comments and reblogs are the little love notes you wrap around rocks and throw at my window. Send them in!!
Word Count: 4.5K
Warnings: Smut. Enemies to lovers sorta thing. A little delve into darkest desires because Loki is one. Lots of bad lanugage. Drinks and aphrodisiacs make appearances. Body worship and I worked slapping and spitting and pussy slapping into it too because I like em rough;-)
Kinktober: Day 15 Prompts: Body Worship + Darkest Desires + Loki
These heels would go straight into the trash bin after this evening. You staggered with unabashed lack of grace through the automated doors, throwing your bag in a heap on the first set of couches you found, frowning at the lack of lights awaiting for you in the compound.
Nobody's home. There goes your agenda of tossing a few beers with Nat and cursing at everybody and nobody and everything and nothing in particular.
You haphazardly slid some awry strands of hair away from your eyes, frowning when the sides of your fingers returned pooled in sweat. Did Stark have some electricity bill spike and decide to cut on the compound's air conditioning or were you close to a heat stroke?
You flopped sidewards on the couch, your heart doing a teensy drop when you felt you would crash your head at the edge of the glass table, but thankfully, your reflexes and elbows worked even when you were batshit intoxicated. Wouldn't it be great managing a set of kitten heels, a bleeding forehead, some out of control and count drinks and the cold, barren and bizarrely hot weather this room seemed to cohabitate in? - not necessary in that order, that is.
"And what, may I ask, are you doing this fine evening, little midgardian?"
Oh, someone Screw this midgardian referencing fucklet.
At Least you were not alone in the compound.
You looked up from your position, straining your eyes when the god of mischief- someone screw him to a wall and let him flex his cheekbones- had switched on the lights. Yellow lights? Orange? Oh- the other-than-ordinary god had used magic and conjured up a host of hanging candles all around you, illuminating the place with natural light. You surveyed the place, eyes resting on Loki who had his head tilted, lips curled in a resting smirk, his jade and gold flashing robes looking majestic in the teeming lights.
Fuck. Isn't it hot already?
You huffed, tearing your eyes away from the raven locks he had carefully combed back, hand rising to wipe the ocean pooling all over your forehead.
Mistake one.
You had forgotten you were supporting yourself on the edge of the sofa. Your elbow was mushed into one of the pillows, your other arm hanging limp like a chicken, and of course, you had uprooted your support system to give yourself the relief of wiping sweat off your brow.
Stupid you.
You couldn't say what was louder- the sound of your kneecaps cracking against the tiles or the engraged 'fuck this shit' that tore out of your lungs. Whatever it was, the exaggerated scoff from Loki was enough for you to whip your head up in burning anger, wishing you had something to brandish his way for just existing, and existing at the same time frame and place as you existed when he could be anywhere in the whole fucking galaxy, your mortification slowly rising in tidal waves as his eyebrows arched upwards, his lips following suit.
"A very foul tongue gracing a very pretty face." You were ready to commit arson. Or hope these tiles open to some secret chamber and deport you off to Narnia.
"I must say, your attachments to the floors seem very strong- or what is it that you mortals say?" Loki prodded, the thudding of his shoes reverberating the very meninges of your brain- yeah you know you sound drunk- an irritating smile finding its way in his words. "Gravity. It indeed, is working its charm on you, kitten."
You scowled, pushing the table away so you could get some leg space, the prick on your kneecaps dulling to a distant throb.
"Have you got nothing else to do today, Loki?"
"I'm afraid I don't. I'm here, visiting my brother, who happens to have a conflicting relationship with time and schedules." The footsteps halted, the zipping of a few flames tearing around you. You dug your hands to the floor, taking in a huge waft of the candle's scent, cursing Loki in your head as you wiped off the sweat dripping down from the clumps of your hair- thank fuck the AC is working now- before placing yourself on your knees.
Mistake two.
You lifted your head up to find the cheekbones-carved-out-of-celestial-gold extraordinaire right in front of you, looking down at you with a look that radiated waves of condescension and arrogance. He also wasn't trying- not even a little bit- to hide the boner proudly raised up in his pants.
Son of a witch.
Despite your grumbles of the high temperature, a shiver involuntarily slathered through your body, leaving you sucking at the air around yourself, all of the alcohol dumping itself effects into your right at that moment.
This guy isn't real.
"I'm doing all of the talking here, so it makes sense that you're on your knees. You look rather ravishing there," he stopped, sweeping his gaze to the side in a manner which stole your breath away. "But I can think of ways you would look better."
You wished you had some air left in your lungs, enough so you could push him away and chug your heels at his perfectly smug face, the innuendo slapping you on the face in a way which had your thigh clench in hunger- Loki's objective.
"I've seen you, in this very state, one too many times to not know what you're thinking off, little kitten."
A ship which traded stolen drugs. The abandoned office with a host of files which you should have been checking but you were busy sucking off Loki's cock, licking at the tip and humming satisfiedly against the underside at his shattered moan before deepthroating him and gagging around his balls- the visual of him, a literal god, desperately chanting your name as you gave him pleasure, was too good for you to ever forget.
Loki's never going to let you forget it anyway.
You sucked in another deep breath, shivering and shoving aside the dirty thoughts clogging your rational sense as you tried your best to glare at the trickster. He remained unphased, smiling and something dark flashed in his eyes when you parted your thighs, reaching back to pull out the heels from under your ass.
Loki magicked them out of your feet in a flash.
"I hate you." You pouted, not so irritated anymore because of course, he gets you to that state where reason is the last in your list of priorities, your cunt aching in want and pricking fingertips at the top of your list.
"Doesn't stop you from giving me a warm welcome each time I'm here."
"Why are you here?"
"Studying. Midgardians indeed have some astonishing discoveries. I was testing if they work with some of mine, now that we have established a thorough communication between both planets-"
"How are even hard while talking about this?" You frowned at the hard on which was mercilessly denting his garments, his hard on tempting you to take him in your mouth and tease him to an inch of his patience again.
"That, my dear, has to do something with what's happening around this room."
You looked down at yourself. Your dress ridden up, feet bare, a lot of skin on display. Another bout of electricity travelled down your arms when the god steeled his gaze at you, poking his tongue out and swiping them over his lower lip, the bright pink begging of you to push him against some wall and make out with him.
You felt a little cooled off than before, your mind still dizzy and movements slow under the intoxication. And then there was Loki. Frost giant and all, he looked like he was going to blow into flames. He was sweating, his roots glistening with lines of perspiration, a drop of which strolled down the slope of his cheeks and pooled at the curve of his jawbone- a part of you wished that it was you instead. The same part which was weeped out and fluttering and clenching around emptiness in a way to tempt you.
You still hated this guy.
"Are you going to do something about it or do I have to take the reigns again?"
Something flashed in his eyes. His cheekbones which you adored so much deepened and turned more saturated, some of the candles dying down and the glows around him dimmed a little. Lust swirling in his irises, Loki leisurely sauntered to you, letting the sounds of his boots bounce off the wall and vibrate on your skin in a delicious punishment, his beautiful, beautiful hands coming to hover lightly over your elbows.
"The thing is, my little kitten." He rasped, his flamboyance settling in your bones when he invaded your personal space, towering over you in his glaring godly aura, your body practically pressed against his, the thumps of your heartbeat just as fast as his. "You're being very disobedient and mouthy. The only thing I want for today is to be gentle. Allow me to have it."
And just like that, all your resistances crumbled. You would blame it on the alcohol and the sharp spikes of pain left on your body by those killer heels, or the fall that had dislodged your brain, or the little candles this fucker had lit across the place.
You were dropping to your knees. Again.
"No no no-" Loki stopped you before you could entirely kneel, hoisting you up before slowly backing you towards ths sofa."I don't want you there, kitten."
He pushed your shoulders back, gently letting you fall on the sofa, placing his arms on the sofa head on both sides of your body, trapping you under him.
"You look too beautiful not to be worshipped today."
Loki leant down, inhaling a waft of your scent as you whimpered from the sudden proximity, from a man you claimed to actively hate yet who held an aura you couldn't help but chase, your fingers pins and needles as you grabbed fistfulls of his robes, pulling him down to kiss him for the first time in months.
It was the hottest kiss you had shared with him. Like everything about Loki, it carried a white hot vehemence, dripping in passion. His tongue slid into your mouth, licking against yours with a hunger you had missed, a desperation driving you to melt with each watery moan he was stealing right off your lips, his mouth sucking off the air right from your lungs.
You had never been kissed like that before. Loki had, once again, ruined everybody else's lips for you.
Why did it have to be the enemy who could make your mind spin and the world turn upside down with just a kiss?
You had to shake your head and remind yourself this was the guy who had hit you with some magic hoodoo so you could fall in love with him for an hour just to fuck with you. The day had ended with you two fucking, an hour of lovey-dovey makeouts followed by a night full of hate sex of the roughest kind, Loki's skin littered with scratch marks and bites and evidences of you on him by the end of it. Your voice was gone from screaming so much, your ass red and tender from his massive hands kneading and slapping for 'teasing him till his final tick of impatience.'
The same god who fucked you everytime he was here, the hate pumping through your veins for him making each of his thrusts more pleasurable, his commands more exciting to follow. You loved to submit to the god you hated, loved leaving yourself bare and open to a man who could exploit you- who did exploit you- armed with the right way of exploiting. Despite all the hate you had locked for Loki in your head, your body belonged to him, and you would let him do anything to you.
You also put shock chips under his chair for each denied orgasm, but that's a story for another time
You were too gone for. And too drunk. Your mind spun a little from the after effects of the alcohol, most of the tiny candles Loki had decorated around the compound burnt off. Your thighs clenched and your thong was embarrassingly drenched. The AC was working to its full potential and the cold felt nice on your skin, but it barely satiated the heat of desire you felt for the god at the moment.
The god of mischief was on his knees for you.
You wanted him so bad.
"I want to be the one to take care of you," Loki whispered, pupils blown put in lust, words breathy. He pressed a kiss on your calf, sucking in a sharp breath, lining kisses down your leg softly, his large hands coming up to rub the sides of your things. "Will you allow me to do that, m'lady?"
How can you say no to that voice? That velvety texture hummed over your skin, Loki's eyes locked hungrily on your nipples which were hardened and pressing out of your flimsy dress, your hands moving up to slide into his tresses.
Testing the course of this evening, you tugged at his hair, pulling it backwards and attempting to guide him towards your pussy, your thighs spreading open.
Loki obliged. Slowly pushing the hemline of your dress upwards, he angled his nose down down, running the tip along the curve of your thigh, and kissing at the tiny dip just inches to where you needed him the most, before grinning at you cockily.
He pushed your hands away from his hair, placing them on the sofa before he lifted your dress higher up, allowing you to open your legs fully.
"My dear, when I say I wish to take care of you, it means you lay back and sing for me."
And just like that, he had you wrapped around his fingers, toying with the strings of your thong as you laid back and relaxed against the pillows, your knuckles clenched around the incase you topped off.
"Good girl."
He pulled off the strings one by one, his erratic breath fluttering on the insides of your thigh, his huge fingers tracing their courses over your calves. His lips pressed over the dampness nestled over your crotch, your body jumping up in shock when he did it once, twice.
Sweet fuck.
When Loki tore himself off of you, you cried out, hands shooting out to pull him back.
Two strong- huge- wrists wrapped around yours, a condescending sneer sent your way. "What is it, little girl? Don't you wish to be good for me?"
He was too enchanting for his own good. Alcohol sweeping through your veins, mind foggy and body desperate for release, the arrogance from Loki's words and actions just played catalyst in your dismantling, your defiance and restraint crumbling at once under his hold, the need to be good for him and give him pleasure and let him play with you ingraining itself into your head.
Didn't helped that Loki looked like he was struggling to keep his hands away from you. His fingers shook each time he had to pull away from your skin, his lips glistening and a bright pink from being dented by his teeth and having his tongue raved over it. He wanted you real bad.
"Let me have a taste."
Loki pulled your panties off, your wetness collecting to it in a sticky trail which he pooled over his fingers, ripping the article off of you. The cold around the room hit you all at once, the shiver breaking into a ragged convulsion when the god smeared your wetness over your clit, your moan tearing through the place.
Thank fuck there was nobody around. The mischief god dived his head into your weeping cunt, inhaling a waft of your scent and groaning before he placed the flat of his tongue directly over your hole, licking a stripe past your lips up to your clit. Your knees jerked up at the sensuality, before he was plunging his tongue into your hole, licking and sucking and drinking up your juices.
You held onto the sofa seats, your back arching as Loki licked up your clit, his hands coursing all through your legs, teasing, touching. Leaving you stretching out for more as he devoured your pussy, slurping and making the noises of a man starved as he drank up everything you had to offer, bobbing his head up and down and groaning as you clenched around him.
"Sweetest fruit I have tasted," he muttered, barely looking up as you whined and moaned, lost in his addiction to you and your taste. "Good girl," he panted, words wispy and breaths quick, like he couldn't afford stopping. "Does it feel good?"
He sucked at your clit, finally allowing his fingers to ghost over your glistening core, the cold touch eliciting another choked moan from you as your knees jerked up and wrapped around his head, a choked "yesyesyes please" shooting out of your lips.
You felt him smile against your clit, the tops of his fingers circling over your pussy lips and slowly sliding down your folds. Your back arched up, your hands flying out and tugging at his hair to pull his face up. You almost cried when you saw him, eyes blown out and your wetness smeared all over his face. Without thinking you pulled him towards you in a rushed kiss, slotting your lips against his. You whimpered when he dived his tongue into your mouth, his fingers stretching your pussy right at the same moment, everything a little much, too slow and too fast, too much and too less for you to handle.
Something told you would be passing out by the end of this.
He fingered you through the kiss, catching your bottom hip between his teeth and lolling them with his tongue. Loki pulled at your plushy lower lips, licking into your mouth desperately before pulling his teeth back with a plop, letting your lip snap back in place. And repeat. Each kiss more feverish than the one before. All while his thumb leisured through your folds, two fingers diving into your cunt, stretching out the walls in a pace way more languid and easy compared to his frantic kisses, his mouth swallowing each whimper right off your lips.
The first orgasm hit you like a fucking truck. Your back arched upwards, your teeth clamping on Loki's lips as his fingers massaged your walls, his thumb assaulting your clit and his other hand caressing the insides of your shaking things. You wailed out as you trembled and your pussy clenched around his fingers, Loki eyes darkening with lust as you panted and moaned under him, lips seeking for yours.
He placed his hands behind your knees and lifted your further upwards, splitting your legs open now that your dress had ridden up to your waist. Holding you all spread open and vulnerable, he dived his tongue into your pussy, your body firing upwards at the sudden assault which came so quickly after your release.
Loki licked and moaned around you, holding your quivering legs open as your mouth parted in a slow pleasure, the aftershocks of your orgasm amplified by the testing licks and light kisses Loki stamped all over your core.
"I could stay here all day," he hummed against your marked up inner thigh, leaving one of your legs and bringing the top of his fingers to land against your pussy in a stinging slap.
You shrieked, cursing out in shocked arousal. Your head hit the headrest, your breasts jiggling and pussy clenching again as the burn of humiliation travelled through your body, Loki's proud sneer reducing you to a groaning, heaving mess.
He bit his lips, chuckling with a lazy smile before he was slapping your cunt again, and you swore to whoever could hear your thoughts that if Loki kept up, you would cum from this alone. And right when you were closing your eyes in the pleasure that you derived from the pain, he spat on your pussy.
Oh damn.
You cursed and almost fell off of the sofa, his strong arms holding you in place. Loki came closer, softly catching your lips in his, once, twice, before he lifted you up again, laying you down along the length of the sofa.
He placed his knees on both sides of you, his dick pressing against his pants and still unattended to. As he worked at the chain running along the side of your dress, you lifted your hands, slowly brushing your knuckles against his bulge.
Loki hissed, his eyes flashing with something feral and you could see him push the urge back, focusing attention back on you. On your body. On sliding the little dress off your arms, dragging it down your waist and along your thighs, and throwing it in a crumb on the floor.
"No bra?" He chuckled," That makes you a very naughty girl. Do you do that to incite the mere boys you have running around your planet?"
How does his voice get deeper than velvet with each word? His hands hovered over the curve of your boobs, frustrating you in his endless tease.
"Many of those mere boys have kicked your ass before," you couldn't help shoot back, closing in on yourself when Loki's eyes snapped from your breasts back to yours, drilling into you. His jaw clenched, his cheekbones which you loved so much getting sharper as he neared your face, his fingers ghosting over your boobs and landing on the top of one. He glided it upwards, resting over your collarbones for a moment before curling around your throat, making his possession of you very clear.
"You make it so difficult to be patient with you." He chided, getting back to tracing a circle over your navel, his knuckles tracing maps over your stomach, hand still laced around your throat.
"Don't be," you tested, curling both hands around his wrist and staging an attempt to push it off your neck, failing when Loki's hands didn't move an inch. He dug his fingertips into the sides of your neck, squeezing your jugular which had you clenching around nothing, a breathless moan stuck in your throat.
"Do you recall what my intentions hold for this evening?" He prodded, leaving a lingering kiss at the side of your mouth, his fingers rubbing circles down the underside of your boobs, your nipples tightening and pussy wet in neglect.
"You wanted to take your time with me." You gritted out, chasing the touch which he offered to you in a bait to be good for him, only giving you bits and scraps of what you wanted. You wanted his cock in your mouth. You wanted his cock in your pussy too, his cum deep inside you.
"And am I not making you feel good, as I had promised?" He kissed the side of your shoulder, grazing the skin with his teeth before biting a bruise over it, humming satisfied at the result.
"Yes you are but at least let me touch you," losing all patience, you cuffed your hands around his, bringing his fingers to your mouth. You suckled on his fingers, eliciting a strangled gasp from him. Loki looked desperate for you, he looked feral, like someone who wouldn't stop if he once thrust into you. Yet he was taking his time, slowly turning you into a pliant, fluffy minded mess, so all you could think about was him and his cock.
Would it be a really had thing?
"Hmm, you wish to touch me, little girl?" He pressed his fungers down on your tongue, thumb pulling your lower lip and jaw downwards. He parted his fingers, looking down at your open mouth with a mind-exploding smirk before he spat into your mouth. Right between his fingers.
"Allow me to pull out two more orgasms. Two more," he gripped your jaw, pressing a kiss against your neck as you swallowed his spit, going downwards and sucking at the base of your neck. "And then you can have me all you want."
You knew this man got off on denial and what made this even more challenging was that you throve off of that look which washed over his face when he would cum in your mouth or inside you. It was a game at this point, both of you seeking out for the other, you could get the other to break and seek your pleasure from it.
His lips dusted up and down your neck, hands pulling your hair backwards to provide him more access to your neck, his lips and tongue marking you up just the way he had littered himself over your thighs, glaring marks of how he owned your body and played with it twinking back at him.
He sucked at your collarbones, your neck stinging from the trail of his tongue and the nick of his teeth at all tender places, your body a mess under his skilled fingers and sinful lips.
"Two more of them. I give you my word kitten, you can have me after that. Just let me make you feel good."
The next day you found yourself nestled against your favourite pillow. You were changed into your favourite tee shirt, a sheet covering your body. You stretched around, your mind occupied with thought sof Loki and the ride that was the night before.
You got out of bed, limping as your legs failed you, hoards of bruises and marks and hickeys glaring at you as you stumbled to the mirror, gasping at the artwork the trickster had created all over your neck and front.
You were going to kill that little shit the next time he dares to come around. You were grumbling out curses at him, wondering how would you find a way to hide this outrage from the team when you found something out of place in your room.
One of those candles which Loki had lit last night.
And a piece of paper with something sketched in colossal handwriting.
Loki had written you a letter?
You rolled your eyes at the visual, Loki writing this after cleaning you up, right after you had passed out after your fifth orgasm around his cock, his length jerking against your walls as he snapped his hips against your, hands pinning both of yours to the sofa. Great way to end the night.
And he had written what?
My dear kitten,
I hope this letter finds you well rested. An urgent appointment requires of me to leave, otherwise I wouldn't have considered leaving without letting you know about this. Doctor Banner had been experimenting with a rather remarkable mortal chemical, something which he refers to as an aphrodisiac. I borrowed some of it, with his permission of course, to experiment on a similar concept, which might work with gods. I am pleased to find out I worked it to near perfection, and I am leaving one of these for you to find out and possibly use when I come around the next time I come around. Till then, remember that you are always on my mind.
Your dearest enemy,
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sunshinebuckybarnes · a day ago
Missed you
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ari Levinson x female!reader
Summary: after a month away from you, Ari doesn't plan on stopping until you pass out.
Warnings: pet names (baby), smut; overstimulation, oral (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, squirting. THIS BLOG IS 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI.
Author's note: I wrote this at work and I don't regret it! I just wanna pass out at the hands of this man, it's really not asking a lot! (word count: 1.5k)
Kinktober 2021 masterlist
It had been one month since you'd last seen Ari. A whole 30 days since you'd been able to see him, touch him, taste him, and it was driving you crazy.
He was only supposed to be gone a week, which would have been bad enough, but unsuspected issues had kept him away longer.
All you'd had to get you through was the odd phone call whenever he had signal and it just wasn't enough.
As soon as he walked through the door to your shared apartment you were on him. Jumping straight into his arms, almost knocking the wind out of him as he stumbled back into the door.
His larger arms surrounded you, holding you impossibly tight to his body as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
"Hey baby, you miss me?" he smirks, pulling back slightly to get a look at you.
"Maybe a little," you smile, leaning in to give him a soft kiss.
When your lips meet a huge need takes over the two of you, Ari deepens the kiss, one large hand cradling the back of your head, his other lifting you from under your ass until your legs are around his waist.
"You've got no idea how much I missed you, baby," Ari murmurs, his lips descending down your neck as he moves you both towards your bedroom.
A giggle escapes you as he drops you on the bed and he can't help but smile as he looks down at you.
"Missed that laugh," he purrs, reaching for your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed, "missed your gorgeous face," he leans down so he's hovering over you, lips ghosting yours, "missed this perfect body," his hand trails delicately over the skin of your thigh pushing your skirt up and you can't stop the whimper that escapes you, "missed the pretty noises you make," his nose brushes down your throat, his beard a delightful burn against your skin, "missed my tight little pussy," his fingers connect with the damp spot on your panties and you keen into his touch, "missed ruining you."
He brings his face back up, crashing his lips onto yours in a kiss that devours you. Your fingers tangle in his long hair, tugging when you feel him move your panties to the side, his fingers collecting your arousal before rubbing soft circles against your clit.
You whimper against Ari's lips as he pulls back to look at you. He takes in the way your lips are parted, eyes scrunched shut in pleasure - he's never seen someone so beautiful.
He chuckles at the way your eyes snap open when he removes his fingers, "so needy for me already, baby?"
"Ari it's been a month, of course I'm needy," you pout.
"Where's this attitude coming from, huh? I'd hate not to give you what you want," he smirks, knowing he's got you exactly where he wants.
You throw your head back with a whine knowing he's trying to push your buttons because he knows just how desperate you are for him.
You hear Ari's soft laughter as you feel him pull your skirt and panties down as you quickly discard your top.
"Fuck, baby," he whispers, once your naked, a large rough palm caressing your cheek.
You think he's about to lean in for a kiss but he goes further to whisper in your ear, "I'm going to absolutely ruin you."
Before you get a chance to respond he pushes two thick fingers into your soaked pussy, your head tilting back in pleasure.
"Missed you like this, fuck, pussy's so tight around my fingers," Ari growls, fingers curling deliciously causing your back to arch.
His fingers continue to move inside of you as he plants kisses across your jaw and down your neck, biting and sucking his way across your skin, only moving on when he's satisfied with a blooming bruise.
When his thumb starts circling your clit you lose it. Back arching, toes curling, thighs trembling as his fingers work you through a shattering orgasm.
"Fuck, Ari," you breathe, a small smile on your face. Your eyes are closed so you don't see him move down your body.
Your eyes shoot open when you feel his tongue circle your sensitive clit, his fingers once again moving inside of you.
"Shit," you moan, fingers tangling in his hair tightly as you feel another orgasm approaching.
The growl he lets out when you pull on his hair vibrates against your sensitive core and you cum for a second time.
"Missed the taste of you, baby," he hums, lifting his head to rest on your thigh as you try and catch your breath.
You can't help the whimper that leaves your lips when you look at him. His full beard is covered with your release, his hair all over the place from your fingers and a look of lust in his eyes that has you clenching around him.
"Missed it that much," he continues, giving kitten licks to your clit that has you jolting each time, "I think I want another taste."
You're about to protest, the sensation almost too much, but he's diving back in and the words get caught in your throat.
"Ari, oh my god," you whine, your hips bucking in an attempt to get some reprieve.
He doesn't let you get far though, his spare hand coming round to pin your hips to the bed.
"Ari," you pant, fingers gripping the sheet next to you, toes curling against his broad back, "I can't, please."
He doesn't respond, too lost in the way you taste. You try to push his head away but he's quick to lace his fingers with yours to keep your hand resting on your stomach. His eyes meet yours and he winks before wrapping his lips around your clit and sucking hard as his fingers continue to curl against your g-spot.
Pathetic whimpers of "fuck" and "yes" and "please" fall from your lips as you cum again, your arousal coating Ari's face as he laps up all you have to offer.
You can feel tears in your eyes at the overwhelming pleasure, your limbs feeling like jelly as you lay there panting.
"God damn, can't get enough of you, baby," Ari praises, kissing your thighs as he removes his fingers.
You're too busy basking in the afterglow of three orgasms to notice Ari has moved away and undressed himself.
It's not until he's laying his body over you that you open your eyes, blessed with the view of Ari's teasing smirk, "you didn't think we were done did you?"
He chuckles at the way your eyes widen, distracting you with his lips as he grasps his hard cock and lines it up with your entrance.
You moan loudly against Ari's lips as he pushes into you, your hands coming up to grasp his biceps.
"Jesus christ, baby, will never get over how tight you are, squeezing the life out of me," Ari grunts as he pulls back leisurely before setting a deep and slow pace. His hips grinding into you each time.
You're so sensitive from your previous orgasms that it takes no time at all for you to reach the edge again.
With a tight grip on Ari's shoulders, nails biting into his skin, you cum with a cry around his cock.
"That's it baby, so gorgeous when you cum for me," you hear Ari murmur in your hazy state.
You whimper when he sits up slightly, his large hands grabbing your thighs and pushing them up to your chest. The new angle has you clenching hard around him, the pleasure teetering on the edge of pain.
"Ari," you cry, "I don't think I can."
"Well let's see shall we?" Ari winks, his fingers finding purchase on your thighs before he's pounding into your relentlessly.
You don't even have time to process your last orgasm before another one is careening through you. And when Ari's fingers find your clit you know you're fucked.
Ari continues to play your body like his favourite instrument, pulling out sounds from you that should have you hiding your face in embarrassment but you're far too gone to care.
You feel the pressure begin to build again, but stronger than the other times.
"Ari, fuck, fuck," you pant, your hands pushing at his stomach.
He pulls out of you almost all the way just as you squirt all over him. Your body convulses at the strength of your orgasm. Both yours and Ari's thighs covered in your release along with his stomach.
The sight sends Ari feral as he pushes back into you, hands gripping your hips tightly as he chases his own release.
You don't realise you've cum again, you don't even realise he's cum, until you feel a warm cloth between your legs.
Peering your eyes open you see Ari cleaning you up, a pair of grey sweatpants hanging low on his hips.
He looks up once he's cleaned you up, a soft smile gracing his lips, "welcome back, baby. Lost you for a moment there."
"I don't think I can survive you going away again," you chuckle breathlessly, still feeling light.
Ari throws the cloth to the side before crawling into bed with you, covering you both with the sheet and wrapping his arms around you.
"Well, now I know you can squirt, you're going to have to get used to that."
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed ❤️ as always comments and reblogs are super appreciated ✨🖤
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sukunababy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 25. Deepthroating
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mechanic!Ken “Draken” Ryuguji x milf!reader
Synopsis: after reading the bill from the car body shop, the mechanic offers to change the payment method 
Warning: mean Draken, choking, deepthroating, degradation, hair pulling, dry humping
wc: 0.8 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
When he speaks his words to you are like in an unfamiliar language, your thoughts are only on the money you'll have to shell out for that car damage.
"You know, I'm a single mother, I can't afford to throw money away" you say interrupting him. The man with the black braid smirks, "we can always work something out" he smirks laying on the tool table of received and putting your keys in his pocket, "don't you agree ma'am?".
His grip is rough as he grabs your wrist and pulls you to his chest, his bump is hard against your thighs, "show some appreciation" he says rubbing up against you, tightening his fingers on your throat and kissing you roughly.
His tongue slithers into your mouth as he caresses your breasts cupping them in his large hand. His boner presses against your covered nub making you moan, "ahm ..." your words are choked as Draken grinds you on his cock.
"That's cute" he murmurs in your ear, "how about I shove my cock down your throat?" he asks grabbing your chin to look up into his face.
Draken smirks as he unzips his mechanic suit and pulls out his heavy veiny cock, the thick red tip is already wet with pre cum as he forces you to your knees, immediately grabbing you by the back of the head to push his big cock past your lips.
"See, we found a solution," he groans watching as your eyes begin to sting with tears from the intrusion. Your jaw aches too much, but you take it anyway because you know it's the only way to repay him.
Tears slide down the sides of your cheeks as Draken forces his cock all the way down your throat, locking you there when you resist, your throat swells from sticking it in there, so deep with your nose pressed to his pubes you remain breathless, "come on mommy" he gasps, "suck it right".
As he lets go of your hair you begin to move back and forth on his shaft, swallowing every drop of salty pre cum that spills from his thick head, "what a fucking whore" he moans throwing his head back.
His cock bruises the back of your throat as he fucks your face, his calloused hands clutching the sides of your head as he begins to thrust his hips against you.
Drool slides down your chin from the fullness that fills your mouth, wetting your chin and his swollen balls, "shit how greedy you are mommy" he gasps sloppily as your eyes go white and a choked moan is ripped from your throat.
Draken is so big, so incredibly thick, you're completely in tears.
Your tears and saliva collect at the sides of your mouth, "slut, look at this mess," he says as he continues to use you as if you were his hot wet fleshlight, "suck it like a good whore," his veiny cock twitches in your mouth, coming filling you all up.
You're forced to swallow slowly as Draken continues to keep you pressed against his cock, moaning and slowing the movements of his weary hips.
His big cock is covered in drool as he pulls it out of your warm mouth, making you gasp, "ma'am, come anytime" he says settling his cock in his underpants, "I might give you a reduction next time" he chuckles as he gives you back your keys and walks away in another car.
Tumblr media
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Kinktober 2021: October 26th
Tumblr media
Day 26: Cock ring/Strap || Pregnancy || Latex/Leather
 Max Phillips
It’s not his, the little parasite that is currently residing in your body, but he likes to pretend it is. To everyone who doesn’t know Max Phillips, really knows him, it’s a surprise. That he would claim it, her. 
Some are betting how long until he eats it. Freshly baked and hot from the oven? Or would he let the infant at least tenderize for a few weeks? If he knew they were betting on that, he would drive a stake through each one of their hearts and gleefully watch them explode into a giant pile of goo. 
He met you before you were pregnant, when he had arrived at the office. A few weeks before that piece of shit had hit the bricks and left you. Before you even knew you were pregnant. He liked you, wanted you but he hadn’t tried to encroach on someone else’s territory. He waited until he knew you were single before he really ramped up the flirting. 
What he wouldn’t ever tell anyone is that he was the one that discovered you were pregnant. He tasted in your blood the first time he ever drank from you. Pulling back with his eyes wide when he tastes it in your veins. Telling you that you are carrying the little leech and pouting as his fangs retract because he’s not going to drink from you while you are pregnant. 
No, to everyone who doesn’t want to die an extremely violent death, this is Max Phillips’ baby. The rounder you grow the more he dotes on you. Insisting that you not push yourself too hard at work because he can’t convince you to just stay home and his hand is nearly always on your stomach. Especially if the little one is kicking. 
To the entire office, Max Phillips is an excited father to be. Because behind closed doors, that’s exactly what he is. That baby might not be his by blood, but it is his. He has staked his claim on her and no one would ever hurt you or her, otherwise Max would eat them. 
“God you are so beautiful like this.” Max has you on his desk, stripped out of the maternity dress that you are wearing and his hands are caressing your large bump tenderly, possessively. “Want you to be pregnant all the time, baby.” 
That makes you laugh and your walls clench down around his cock where he is buried inside you. Thrusting lightly and drawing out the famous nooners that Max is now infamous for while everyone else is at lunch break. Calling you into the office to give you a quick and hard orgasm on his tongue before he slowly fucks you and worships your body.
He loves the stretch marks, tracing them with his fingers and every night he rubs lotion into your stomach. Lovingly stroking them and caressing your expanding curves. The indentions in your skin didn’t bother him, he loved the ‘tiger stripes’ as he called them. Now he’s brushing them with his thumbs as his hips roll as slow as he can possibly muster. 
“You are horrible.” Your fingers are tangled in his hair and there is an indulgent grin on your face when he looks up and pouts at you. 
“What?” He sulks. “Is it wrong that I love you like this? Round and full of my baby?” You’ve given up reminding him that this little girl isn’t his. He had told you the last time that he had heard the heartbeat before you did, that was his little girl in his mind and nothing would ever change that. It always brings a tear to your eyes. 
“You just like my boobs being bigger.” You huff, making him grin and wink while his hands slide up to carefully cup your much larger breasts. He was ecstatic that they got bigger as your stomach grows. 
“Of course I do.” Max quips, weighing them in his hands. “Have to make sure they produce enough milk for our little girl. She’s gonna be hungry.” 
You give him a gentle kiss and you tug on his hair. “Max fuck me.” You whine. “Your baby mama needs to cum again.” 
That makes him move. He can’t deny you anything. He had even stopped taunting Evan so much because you told him that it was adding to your work stress and that wasn’t good for the baby. It makes you giggle every time he opens his mouth to give Evan a snarky, shitty comment and he catches himself. 
“Oof!” You hiss as the baby kicks you, a well aimed foot to the ribs, making you wince and his hands are immediately rubbing. 
“Come on sweetheart.” Max leans down to croon to your stomach. “Be nice to mama. She’s sore from you using her as a trampoline last night.”
It was one thing about not needing to sleep, Max would stay awake and watch your stomach move when the baby was active and he said that she had bounced around all night when you had woken up complaining of feeling like you had been used as a personal pinball machine. 
The baby loves Max’s voice, responds to it more than your own, even when he is singing badly off key. She loved it and to be honest, you loved listening to Max tell the baby bedtime stories that were modified for little ears. 
He grins when she calms down and comes back up to kiss you. “See? She listens to her daddy.” He hums happily when he starts moving inside you again. One hand sliding under your protruding belly to find your clit. Rubbing soft circles on the sensitive skin while he groans at how tight you get when he fucks you and rubs your clit. 
“Cum for me baby.” He coos, picking up his pace and grunting when you start to flutter around him. 
You cry out softly, the pleasure rolling through your body and making you gasp out his name while your legs shake around him. He quickly follows you, moaning your name out while he paints your walls with his useless seed. 
Turning his head, he presses his lips to yours again and gives a happy sigh. “Gotta take care of my pregnant girl. She won’t have another baby for me if I don’t.” He tells you with a wink, already planning on how he’s going to convince you to have another baby after his little girl is born. He really likes the look of pregnancy on you.  
Kinktober List
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kinktober day 26: dacryphilia
— sapnap x f! reader
Tumblr media
sapnap was pounding into you with absolutely no mercy. he wanted to watch you fall apart on his cock.
“taking me so good, baby,” he grunted. you moaned in response, too fucked out to even say anything. the pleasure was getting so overwhelming. he reached down and began toying with your clit, eliciting a gasp from you. “wanna watch you cum for me. wanna hear you moan.” you obeyed, throwing your head back and moaning pornographically. “fuck,” he uttered. though it seemed impossible, he sped his thrusts up, desperate to reach his high and desperate to get you to reach yours.
you couldn’t help it. it felt so, so good. before you knew it, there were tears rolling down your cheeks. sapnap noticed and threw his head back, groaning. “fuck, yeah. cry harder for me. cry while i cum deep inside your cunt.”
Tumblr media
@chaoscait @gabbysblogthingy @cybergnf @sapnapflame @edgelord505 @oldblackandwhitetown @whore4blocks @haannaa1
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Kinktober Day 22- Vibration feat. Shindo x Male!Reader
Tumblr media
tags/warnings: Exhibitionism, inappropriate usage of a quirk, Deku is a voyeurist, He/Him pronouns
word count: 1.2k
Kinktober Masterlist
summary: To get a man that had everything he wanted a gift for his birthday you had to get creative.
It’s not a surprise to anyone that your boyfriend is a prideful asshole. There was nothing he loved more than showing off to those around him. So as his birthday grew closer you were frantic for ideas. What could you get a man that had everything he wanted?
But when you walked through his agency on your way to bring him his birthday lunch you ran into the perfect gift. A new hero whose bright green eyes trailed helplessly over your body, his mouth agape and cheeks flushed.
You almost felt bad for the sweet new hero as you dragged him into the office with your free hand. He was uttering gibberish, trying to argue that he had not been fucking you with his eyes. It only took a few convincing whispers in his ear before he quickly grew quiet, probably from shock.
You did not even bother trying to convince your boyfriend to go along with this. The cocky bastard already had his hands around your waist, pulling your body flush against him. He took a few seconds to analyze the situation, making note of your guests' flushed face and the mock innocence your eyes held before smiling.
“Oh, I see what you have planned,” he purred, his eyes narrowing. Wrapping his hand around your wrist he wasted no time pulling you towards him before sitting in the chair directly across from your onlooker, pulling up your tight skirt to expose your cock.
“You know when I mentioned I wanted to try something new for my birthday, I never thought you would agree to something like this,” Shindo laughed, his strong fingers spreading apart your thighs.
You could barely squeak out a reply, too focused on the pair of eyes analyzing your every move.
“You ever seen one of these Deku?” Shindo taunts, dragging one finger up your throbbing length.
“N-No sir,” Deku whispered, his eyes transfixed as he watched Shindo’s two fingers spread apart your ass to expose your hole.
“Well,” he laughs, “take a good look because you will never see a sex as pretty as this one again.” Two thick fingers easily breach your entrance, performing a few pumps before they withdrew. You could not stop the soft whine from leaving your throat as you mourn the contact.
“Look at how hot he gets just thinking about my cock,” he lifts his fingers into the light to show off to Deku whose hands hand had now moved to cover his lap. “But the best part about him is how fucking tight he feels around me,” he smiled, lifting your body up by the waist until the head of his cock kissed your entrance.
He did not bother to even give you time to adjust as his hips lift off the seat, burying almost half his length inside you with one strong thrust. Your head falls back to rest against his shoulder the strong pulses of pleasure already assaulting your senses.
“Ah look at him,” His hand slipped around to your front, “I’m not even halfway in and he is already zoning out, I didn’t know any better I would say he is enjoying this more than me.” He taunted, sinking another inch inside you.
You could not reply if you wanted to, your head fuzzy as his fingers glided over the head of your cock slick with precum.
“Such a needy boy huh? One thrust and your acting like you are in heat.” He uses the hand still on your waist to push you down the last couple inches, completely impaling you on his cock as Deku watches in awe.
“See how easily he can take my cock,” Shindo groans, lifting your hips until only the head of his cock was inside you, “It took weeks of breaking in this ass before he could take me without squirming around.” He pushes your hips back down, making you take his entire cock in one motion. Not that you minded, the slight burn you feel sinking down made the pleasure so much fucking sweeter.
“When you get your own toy you will have to be sure to take the time to stretch them out, get their hole trained to take you with only a little teasing. It makes moments like these so easy, I know I can pull down their pants and sink in whenever I want.”
Deku makes a soft sound as he watches you accept Shindo with ease, your body taut with pleasure. He wanted more than anything to have his journal with him so he could record every minute of this moment. How your face contorted in pleasure every time Shindo pushed your hips down. How he looked as though he was playing one of the world’s most expensive instruments, your moans a sweet symphony.
If you had your eyes open you would be able to see the absolute wrecked look on Deku’s face as your tight hole began to flutter around Shindos cock, your moans growing even louder as the pleasure strengthened.
Normally Shindo would drag this moment out, his touch would back off until the pleasure almost completely receded so he could build you back up. But having the new hero watch him fuck you was more pleasurable than he had thought. He was already close, his balls starting to tighten as the rhythmic tensing began to spread.
With little time left before he embarrassed himself he resorted to the surefire way to get you over the edge. His thick fingers wrap around the length of yoru cock and with a single thought, his fingers came to life.
You were sure the building over was able to hear the cry that fell from your lips as his quirk activated. Your vision grew white as the brewing pleasure spilled over sending thousands of small bursts through your body. Your mouth was open in a silent scream as Shindo left his quirk on, forcing your body to accept even more pleasure despite already being overloaded. You tried to reach back and grab his hair, begging silently for mercy but your boyfriend had none. He swatted away your weak fingers and continued his assault, not even letting your breath before another wave of convulsions took over.
You were unsure how long he forced your body to accept his pleasure but all the while Deku’s green eyes never left your body as you came over and over again, the waves of pleasure leaving you a trembling mess around Shindos cock. It was not long before your boyfriend finally followed in your footsteps, his cock pulsing as he emptied his hot cum inside you.
Only when every drop was emptied did he release your swollen cock, licking his fingers clean once again. Moaning as your flavor coated his tongue.
Your limp form falls back to rest against Shindo’s chest, his cock still lodged inside you. “So Deku,” Shindo smiled, “do you want another example of why my boyfriend is the best ?”
You only need to glance to see his eager head nod yes.
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Day 25, Size Kink with Bucky Barnes
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Day 25, Size Kink with Bucky Barnes
Warning: Smut, size kink, reader height is described
Words: 461
A/N: MINORS DNI! Thank you to @give-me-a-moose for beta-reading.
KINKTOBER Masterlist Masterlist Permanent Taglist
Tumblr media
Bucky was obsessed with you, there was no denying that. Wherever you went, he followed like a puppy. He would be at your side any moment he could, carrying your bags, helping with your workouts, cuddling you into his side while on the sofa, just standing quietly beside you while you worked.
Bucky was undeniably obsessed with you.
And there was one thing that he was really obsessed with. Your size.
You were tiny, standing at just 4’11 in comparison to Bucky’s six feet. He loved the difference in size between you both, and loved how small you were. He loved being able to come up behind you in the kitchen and get things off of high shelves for you. He loved curling around you at night and holding you close to his chest. He loved holding things high above his head, making you jump for the item before attempting to climb him.
He loved crowding you in and having his massive hands on you when he fucked you.
You laid beneath him, your legs stretched wide around his hips which were pressed tightly into yours. His body, much larger than yours, blocked your view of the room, his broad shoulders blocking the light. His arms crowded you in as he leaned over you, his face close to your own.
The stretch from his cock knocked the breath from your chest, leaving you gasping for air. His hips roughly met your own and you cried out at the force, your body moving with the pace. You cried out beneath him, your nails dragging lines down his back.
“Come on, little one,” he grunted into your ear, the private nickname sending thrills through you. “Wanna feel you. Come on, little lady, I know you’re close.”
He couldn’t help the nicknames, them just reminding him how small you are. As if having you in his arms, beneath him, wasn’t enough. He loved the knowledge that you were tiny in comparison to himself and anyone else he had been with previously.
Leaning on one arm, he reached his hand down to where you were connected. His large thumb rubbed over your clit and you cried out, your walls tightening around him. His thumb sped up, pushing you towards that burning light that was in sight.
“Cum for me, munchkin,” Bucky ordered.
You cried out, throwing your head back into the pillow as the dam burst and your orgasm flowed through you. The warmth and wetness from your orgasm pushed Bucky into his own and he moaned deeply into your ear.
“Yeah, baby, can you take it all?” he moaned, his hips snug to yours as he came deep within you.
“Yeah,” you breathed, legs tight around his hips.
“That’s my good girl,” he praised.
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October 23rd - Posted 25th. Kinky Halloween Special Masterlist
Kink: Hickies
Draco x Reader.
Words: 800.
Warnings: Smut18+, Fingering, Hickies. 
A/n: This is short and not one of my best. I wanted to get it out but I am having an allergic reaction (its not fun!) and i’m not dealing AHAH. I hope its still enjoyable! I’ll admit, hickies was hard to write. 
The library was always somewhere that I would wait for Draco. The tall bookshelves allowed for hidden moments to occur and the desks helped aid our secret rendezvous. 
I sit on one of the desks, flipping through a herbology book while waiting for Draco. 
“Excuse me, Y/n?” My head snaps up to the familiar voice, smiling at Harry Potter as he slowly walks closer to me. 
“Harry, how are you?” 
“Yeah, fine, what are you doing in the restricted section?” 
‘Can’t really tell him im here to fuck Malfoy, can I’ 
“I could ask you the same thing.” I cross my legs, closing the herbology book and resting it against my knee. 
Harry stumbles over his words, his mouth opening and closing. 
“I was wondering, do you have a date to the ball?” Harry asks, his hand scratching the back of his neck, a small smile creeps across my face at his question, Y/L/N and Potter at the Yule Ball, different, unexpected. 
“I’m sure she will find one Potter.” 
Butterflies flutter inside of me at Draco’s voice, Harry instantly groaning in response. 
“And why are you here?” 
My eyes widen at Harry's comment, unsure of what Draco is going to throw at him. 
“Checking different areas for Umbridge, unless you want another scar to add to your collection Potter, I’d suggest you leave.” 
I feel my panties dampen slightly, Draco’s attitude turning me on as his eyes linger on me. 
He knows what he’s doing. 
Harry scoffs, looking back at me as I stay completely still. 
“Don’t worry about her.” Draco smiles as Harry shakes his head walking out of the restricted section. 
“Flirting with Potter?” 
“He is the chosen one.” 
Draco rolls his eyes, his hands rubbing up and down my thighs as I open them, allowing for him to stand in between. 
“I don’t care what he is, you’re mine.” 
I roll my eyes at his statement, chuckle under my breath. My breath hitches as his fingers grip my throat. As our eyes lock together. 
“You think I'm yours?” 
Draco chuckles, his grip on my throat tightening as he leans forward. 
“You know you’re mine.” 
Draco closes the gap between us, his lips moving against mine in perfect sync. My fingers lace in his icy blonde hair, tugging at the strads as he pulls me closer, his grip removing from my throat. 
His fingers dancing up my thighs, his hand cups my core as I gasp against his lips. 
“You’re dripping for me darling.” 
I shake my head in response causing Draco to smirk, his grip returning to my throat, digging into my skin as my wind falls foggy. 
“Don’t you dare say Potter, we both know that's a lie.” 
I nod in response, the lack of oxygen causing my eyes to roll back. I gasp once his grip loosens, my eyes slightly watery. 
His fingers slip past my panties, sliding up and down my glistening slit as I moan, digging my nails into his forearms. His finger tilts my head up to look him in the eyes, my lips slightly parted as he slides a digit inside of me causing my eyes to flutter closed. 
“Your pussy knows who she belongs to.” 
“Shut up.” 
Draco chuckles at my response, pulling his finger in and out of me with practiced ease. 
“More, please Draco.” 
My walls stretch around his added finger, moaning at the slight burn the takes over my core. Draco’s lips place a small kiss to my cheek, slowly trailing his tongue and lips down the side of my neck. 
I hiss, gripping the back of his neck as his teeth bite my skin, sucking and kissing to soothe the mark. 
“Everyone will know you’re mine.” His thumb presses against my clit, feeling it throb, begging to be touched. 
I tilt my head back, a chorus of moans passing my lips as his thumb circles my clit, his fingers slowing down as they pump in and out of me.   
Draco continues to liter my skin with hickies, my eyes fluttering closed as tingles flow through my body. 
“Oh fuck, right there.” His fingers curl inside of me rocking against my g-spot as my fingers dig into his shoulders. I thrust my hips up allowing for his fingers to slip deeper inside of me. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” My legs shake around his hips, his lips brushing against my ear, whispering sweet nothings as I cum around his fingers. 
Draco places a light kiss to my lips as he pulls his fingers from my core. His eyes shine with a glimmer of pride as he pulls the collar of my shirt down a little more. My skin littered with dark purple marks, faint finger marks lingering on my throat from his grip.  
“Now they know you’re mine.”
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Still hate me? ¬ Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 6
Plot - You hated him. He hated you. But the line between normal tension and sexual tension is often hard to distinguish Genre - Smut ♧ {16+ Only} Pairing - Fred Weasley x Non-Gryffindor!Fem!reader Notes/Warnings - Hate sex (But like hate to cover up feelings), oral (female receiving), Fred is just cocky as hell, overstimulation, a height difference is in play, female masturbation kinda, its a bit of a dub-con as he walks in on her but all acts are consensual. This gets worst as it goes along, I'm sorry. Word Count - 2.6k
Identifying the exact moment you realised your hatred for the mischievous redhead was difficult. Maybe it was the time he charmed your hair with streaks of red and gold. Or could have been the time he broke your nose during a Quidditch match due to his reckless flying. Perhaps, it was how he constantly sought you out with the sole purpose of getting underneath your skin, and unfortunately, he always managed to rile you up.
Quidditch was like religion to many at Hogwarts and the final match was an epic showdown that no one dared to miss. Every student, teacher and creature watched anxiously from the stands as the two houses clashed with such passion and competition. The gaudy Gryffindors were always the favourites but no one could doubt that with a captain such as you, the newly revamped team was formidable.
The match felt like a blur of adrenaline for you. Shouts of strategy, quick manoeuvres and the childish remarks from a certain Gryffindor all muddled together in the giant portrait of your victory. The snitch was caught, the goals were scored and the House of Gold and Red sulked in their loss as your teammates burst into cheers of joy.
Cheering died down as the team gathered their gear in the desperate attempt to go party with their 'adoring fans'. Leaving you to enjoy the steaming showers in peace as you let the dirt of your victory wash away with the refreshing water, allowing your hands to roam your body to gently alleviate some of the ache dwelling in your muscles. The relief flooded your being as your body craved a different type of relief all together, the high of the win begging you to reach another kind of high.
Delicate digits slipped between your folds as you carefully pumped your fingers inside your tight hole, letting gentle moans fall from your lips as you grazed the needy nub. Thoughts of your pleasure and fantasies clouded your mind, so much so, that you didn't hear the stomping steps of a certain frustrated wizard. But he had heard all your pretty little moans.
Fred Weasley wasn't a saint. His mind had conjured up all types of images in the late nights as he hastily pumped his aching cock in search of release, but this, this image was enough to make him fall apart from just the sight. Soaked hair framed your face that depicted such pleasure, lower lip held tightly between your teeth as the strangled moans threaten to escape. Your figure leant against the wall as if needing the support as your fingers toyed with your perky nipples. Daring his eyes further, he watched as your small digits tirelessly thrusted into your pretty little pussy, the scene was enchanting but he knew, he couldn't just watch.
The dance your digits preformed became more sporadic as you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten, aching for the push of pleasure to help release your much needed orgasm. Both hands now focused on the heat between your thighs as the combination of the vicious assault on your clit was amplified by the rapid thrusts into your clenching warmth. Your eyes flung open as you felt the cord snap and the waves of pleasure crashed over your wet and needy body, shameless moans freely flowing.
Your foggy mind seemed to be playing tricks on you as the image of a certain redhead prankster appeared in your sights. Freshly washed hair darken the vibrant orange, his lean torso littered with tender freckles and those baggy sweatpants that hung loosely on his hips, allowing his rock-hard length to take form. Fred Weasley was indeed standing in front of you.
Suddenly recognising the situation, your small hands wrapped around your breasts as your legs crossed to in an attempt to retain some modesty. Already flushed cheeks now glowed with embarrassment but also with anger, directed at him and at yourself.
"Oh come on love, not like I didn't just see it all" The wizard smirked as he watched your flustered figure, trying to harness some self-control and act like the enemy he was meant to.
"What the fuck are you doing in here, Weasel?" As hard as you tried to keep your eyes planted on his, the prominent erection and chiselled body were pulling your attention and bringing back the bubbling need in your core.
Stalking closer with feigned nonchalance, the masterful trickster lined up his words carefully. "Well I was coming to congratulate you on your sub-par win. But after that little show, I think it would be better for me to show my congratulations a bit differently."
His large hand encompassed the shower handle and with a violent tug, the deafening sound of the rushing water disappeared. Heavy breaths and needy heartbeats filled the small gap between the two rivals as Fred ran his rough thumb across your lips before leaning closer to begin a deceivingly delicate dance of kisses against your glistening neck. Warmth radiated from his lips as he nibbled and sucked against your feverish skin, eliciting quiet whimpers that you willed to keep at bay.
"Aww those pretty little sounds for me?"
Defiance rattled your bones, "For you? Oh please, I hate you."
All the playful spirit vanished from his brown orbs, replaced by the competitive spark he held only for rivalling you. Standing to loom over your exposed figure, Fred couldn't help but chuckle at your lust-blown eyes. Letting his hands fall against your hips as he felt the goose-bumps reluctantly rise on your skin upon his contact. "See, I'm beginning to wonder. Do you actually hate me? Or are you just hiding your desire to be fucked?"
Swallowing a gasp, you allow your mind to run with the accusation as your memories flood with late night fantasies involving the arrogant redhead. "Nuh-uh, no, it's hate. Sorry but you have no effect on my desires." A pathetic poker face disguises your lie but a Gryffindor never turns down a challenge, especially one that he craves.
Sinking to his knees as his fingertips trail down your curves towards your glistening core, teasing the flesh of your inner thighs with chaste kisses and traced patterns. Anticipation built in your body as you felt heat rush to your pulsing warmth, refuelling your desire and the arrogant redhead was just amplifying your need.
Almost instinctively, you separated your legs, allowing your juices to coat the inside of your thighs and giving the lust-driven wizard complete access. Sliding a single digit through your slick folds before toying lightly with your plump clit, causing a strangled groan to tumble out.
"Already soaked for someone you hate apparently, can't wait to see how you are when you love me."
As the words left his lips, the slender digits entered your tight walls and began to stretch you out further than your fingers ever could. Leaning closer to lap up your delicious taste, Fred's mouth attached to your pulsing clit, sucking and flicking the sensitive nub with the rough of his tongue. The combination had you writhing in pleasure, your previous orgasm had left your senses fried and now, everything was filled with intensity.
Your fingers tangled into his fiery hair as you urged him for more. Moans of his name fell from your mouth in a string of chants, only to be broken by the strangled gasps he would pull from you when his long digits curled to reach that sweet spot. Your walls began to clench around him as you struggled to hold of your climax, trying to prolong the embarrassingly inevitable feeling. But Fred needed you to cum.
Knees weakened as the tsunami of ecstasy washed over you, Fred lapping up your sweetness as he steadied your hips. Lidded eyes watched as the redhead milked every last second of your climax, taking advantage of the overly sensitive little bud. Watching his confidence grow as his ego swelled from the thought of making you fall apart.
The calloused hands of the beater never left your trembling body as he rose to your level once again, smirk framed by the glisten of your undoing and eyes communicating the desperation he held for you. The imprint of his painfully hard cock now exigent, commanding your attention.
"For such a bitter girl, you taste so sweet." You fight the urge to roll your eyes at his teasing words but you can't contain the blush that rises. "So sweetheart, still hate me? Or wanna admit the truth?"
You didn't hate him. You wished you did but you truly never had, it was just easier to pretend. The realisation of the truth had lit up in your mind, but he didn't need to know that.
Puffing out your chest a little as you absentmindedly traced haphazard designs on his bare chest. "I have to admit Weasley, that mouth is good for something other than terrible pick-up lines but, I still hate you."
"I was hoping you'd say that"
Colliding his lips with your plump ones, the taste of yourself swirled on your tongue as the two of you competed for leadership within the battle of teeth and tongues. Fred took control quickly, he had waited too long to kiss you and he knew he wanted to explore everything. The hidden desires, the tension had all been thrusted into the kiss as if it was the stage in which everything would be resolved.
Your hand maneuvered down to caress the redheads impressive length through the strained fabric, your touch sent shivers down his spine as he released a groan that you so willingly drank in. Tugging at the waistline desperately, you muttered a plea "take these off please" and Fred was in no position to deny such a request.
The tall man unclothed himself quicker than you'd expected, the slap of his intimidating cock against his pale toned stomach rumbled through the room and the sight of his sheer size had you practically salivating. Your widened eyes had acted as an ego boost for the cocky man, taking you in his arms once again as he felt incomplete without your touch.
Sliding his erection between your slickened thighs, coating him in your juices as the thick length grazed your overworked nub. Anticipation bubbled up inside of you as you felt his engorged tip breach your entrance, causing you to grind against the teasing touch, but you released annoyed whimpers when the trickster halts your movements.
"God, you're desperate but don't worry baby, I'll give you my cock. As soon as you admit you don't hate me."
Shaking your head adamantly as you refuse to meet his gaze, knowing that those chocolatey orbs would unravel you. A sharp grasp of your breast caused a moan to erupt from your chest as the patient man toyed with your nipple, waiting for your answer.
"Please! Come on, you want this too"
"Yeah but I don't fuck liars. Admit you like me."
An internal battle took over as your heart fought with your head. Entire being begging to admit your affection for the tall redhead and to consummate this admission but your logic said no. What if this was another one of his elaborate pranks? Just wanted to hear me say it so he could fuck me then laugh. Your eyes accidently locked with his and before you could spend another second on debating, you spoke.
"Fine! I like you, a lot. Now please Freddie, fuck me"
His heart raced faster than possible at your words and his mind clouded at the nickname, it was the only thing he wanted to hear from your lips. Pressing a kiss against your lips, filling your body with passion and intimacy as he impaled you on his aching length.
The stretch sent pains of pleasure through your body as he ever-slowly began to speed up. Every thrust hit perfectly, as if the two of you were made for each other. Your walls squeezed around him as he hit your sweet spot in rhythm, his hand hoisting your leg further onto his waist so to reach deeper.
The remnants of your previous orgasms haunted you as your felt the sensitivity shake your being, climax already building with the smallest of movements. The feeling of intimacy and relief heightened every sense in you; the smell of cinnamon engulfed your nose as you leant closer to him, the symphony of your moans mixing together was better than any hymn, his touches were electric on your blazing skin.
"Holy fuck! Freddie, I'm gonna cum"
"That's it pretty girl, cum over my cock"
Your body took the permission he granted and released. Embarrassment at your rapid climax quickly faded as the shattering feeling of pleasure washing over you took hold, buckling your knees as Fred vigorously rubbed your puffy nub. Screams of his name bounced of the walls of the showers as the height of it ripped through you.
The beaters pace continued at a punishing speed as he thrust into your overworked hole with power fuelled by years of wanting. Not allowing your orgasm to wash away as you feel the cord begin to tighten, almost as if you had faced no release just moments before. Sobs of pained pleasure fell from you as Fred chased his orgasm and made it his mission to give you one more, to feel your cum around him again.
"I know you've got one more in there for me. Just hold it"
"It's too much! Please Freddie, let me cum"
Any semblance of self-control the Gryffindor had was gone. Thrusts doubled in speed as his assault on your aching clit increased, causing you to release moans and whimpers that only spurred him. Feeling his own knot begin to rattle, trying to break free and take over. Freddie leant into the crook of your neck and began to detail little marks of the affection they shared before a commanding whisper "Cum for me"
The two lovers melted into one another as their orgasms tore through. Fred's erratic ruts had stilled in your tight walls as you milked him for all he had. Chants of your name muffled into your neck as the moans of his name reverberated off the walls. Your convulsing figure shook at the final release, the overstimulation had left your bones feeling as if they had been jellified but somehow, you felt protected in his freckled arms.
The tall man's cock softly slipped out of you as the Weasley stood straight to truly look at you. Flushed cheeks, neck decorated, shaking legs and it was all his doing. He managed to get the girl after all these years of acting and hiding, it had worked out and there was no more dancing around with harsh insults and petty competitions.
Basking in the glow for just a few more moments, you began to laugh. Hand on chest, head thrown back laugher and it concerned Fred, sending worries to flourish in his mind, "What's so funny missy?"
"Only an hour ago we were hurling insults at each other and now look at us." Locking eyes with his as you noticed a loving glint sneak through the lush colour of his orbs. A beaming smile grace your face as you gazed upon the man.
Throwing a loose arm around your waist as his permanent grin returned, "Well Quidditch is different. Even now, don't expect me to go easy on you, I'm a romantic that way"
"Romantic, huh? Well let's see if you are as good at romance as you are at fucking my brains out."
"So, still hate me?"
"Depends on how well our date goes, Lover Boy"
Unable to contain the glowing smile any longer, Fred leaned in to embrace your plump lips in his once more. Lust had dissolved and now, all that was communicated was tender love.
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cantalouupe · 2 days ago
nsfw!!! diluc x gn!reader
mutual masturbation, sub!diluc, toys
There’s a sort of mean satisfaction in seeing Diluc squirm when he doesn’t get his way. His voice goes high with discontent and he pathetically tries to coerce you with nuzzles into your neck and hands against your waist. He listens, despite any complaining or pouting.
So, when you tell him one day while he’s rutting against you that he wasn’t going to be fucking you, he reacts exactly that way.
“I don’t like this idea.” Diluc tells you from his place on the ground. He’s sat on his knees, thighs tensed and thick, spread apart to give you a wonderful view of him. His dick stands erect, already hard from kissing you before you so rudely ushered him to where he is now.
“It’ll be fun,” you assure. “You like to watch me, don’t you?”
“Not if I can be touching instead.”
You tsk while grabbing something from a box. “That’s not what we’re doing, though, Diluc. I’m going to give you a show,” you hold up a pretty red dildo, “and you will sit and watch and behave.”
He huffs, cock bobbing with the exhale.
You situate yourself across from him, close enough for him to touch and caress you. Call it a test of sorts - or a tease.
You won’t be surprised if he does end up trying to - self control is not Diluc’s strong suit, especially when it comes to you. What sliver of restraint he has doesn’t last long, dissipating with every passing second.
He tries to be a good boy, he really does. Sitting - fidgeting - in place while watching you with a desperate look on his face. He’ll beg and beg, fist gliding along his cock while he cries that he needs to be inside you. He’s made it through, though, chest heaving and face flushed, dick still hard against his hand.
Other times you’ve tried this has ended with you pinned beneath the red head, with him telling you “Don’t fucking tease me.” When you push it a little too much, tease him for a little too long, he’ll snap and take what he wants from you. “I try to be good,” he’d say while shoving your legs apart, “but you’re unfair. This is what you want, to make me angry? Rough you up?”
Today he is whiny, and you know he’ll be like putty for you.
His cock is weeping, precum beading from the top and slipping down the length of him. He looks as though you edged him - tense and hard as ever, like he could come just by you sliding yourself down onto his length.
“Are you going to watch me?” You ask, and his hand goes to grip himself tight.
“I want to fuck you.”
“I already told you that’s not what we’re doing, Diluc.” You reach across to snatch his face, holding eye contact with him. “Are you going to be good for me or should I go get the ropes?”
In all honesty, that probably just made the man more excited, adrenaline pumping through his veins, blood settling low at the idea of being tied up and at your mercy. He must acknowledge the fact that he wouldn’t even be able to touch himself, deciding against disobedience.
“I’m good,” he promises, and you smile, pleased.
The dildo that sits up from its place on the ground is just about the size of Diluc, similar in both length and thickness. It is your favorite for that reason - along with its color, the same shade as Diluc’s hair.
He gasps when you finally finish preparing yourself and slide down, taking the whole thing inside you in one smooth motion. It feels good to have something in you and you shudder while adjusting to the girth.
A rhythm starts after a few shaky bounces, now a slick up, down, up, down movement that Diluc watches like a hawk, eyes following your hips. His hand begins to move along with your body as you fuck yourself. He tries to follow exactly how you go, but he’s a little needy, a little too excited, and finds himself falling out of tune multiple times.
You know he’ll cum soon if he doesn’t pace himself, so you slow into a roll, a back and forth gyration that has your head falling forward and a curse leaving your lips in pleasure. He follows, struggling to keep from stroking himself to completion - his hips jerk forward into his hand without him even realizing it.
The sounds you make don’t match up, but they intertwine to make a melody of pleasure. Diluc babbles, talking and whining about how bas he needs you wrapped around his cock, how good it’d feel if he got to come inside you. You pant and let out shaky moans with the exertion on picking yourself up and dropping yourself back down, over and over, thighs burning.
With Diluc’s dirty mouth, telling you things that sink in and make you want, you feel close. It builds, slow but steady as you keep up a tiring series of movements. You want to stop, muscles yelling to let the man in front of you take over, but it’s so good, so so good that you have to keep going. He’s watching you fuck yourself and he’s going to watch you come - you know he’s probably itching to jump in and thrust inside you.
It’s like a punch in the gut when you come, shaking apart with the toy seated in you. With what power you have left, you rise and fall with each wave of your orgasm. You struggle to keep your eyes open, but with the way Diluc curses you know you’ll want to be watching.
He’s beautiful when he comes, hand pausing over his cock and head falling back. A sobbed out “oh god,” sounds from him, spare hand gripping the thick meat of his thigh with the feeling.
His cock kicks once before spurts of cum flow over his knuckles, drips of white falling onto the floor. No matter how many times you see it’s still surprising just how much he comes. Something in the back of your brain tells you that all that cum would have been much better if it was inside you. You’re sure Diluc would agree.
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kitsflowers · 2 days ago
praisydom Kazuha / fem reader
kinktober day 25 : praise kink, cockwarming
Tumblr media
he started by pressing soft kisses along your collar
“so pretty” he whispers out, pausing
his hand trailing up to your waist
he went back to kissing your soft skin
one kiss
than another
than the third
after the third kiss he lingered, gently sucking
after a few seconds, he removed his lips
the area bloomed red
he whined softly, watching the area bloom red
moving down to kiss around your nipples
taking one bud into his mouth, he softly sucked
he flicked his tongue, trying to get a reaction out of you
hearing you whine only made his desires stronger
heat building up in his stomach
watching you squirm and react to his actions dosent help
“please kazuha” you say, pulling softly on his hair
“yes my love?” he questions quietly, acting as if he didn’t understand the tension
“p-please i-“ before you get to finish, he stops you, cutting of your sentence with a kiss
you feel hot, the want for him turning to need
he undressed you quickly, pulling you into his lap
hand working at your puffy clit, whispering only the sugariest of words
“you’re doing amazing my dear” “is this alright my love?” “good job”
you could feel yourself nearing orgasm
“kazuha ih-m”
“shh my love” he quiets you “i understand, its okay, cum on my hand”
giving into what he said, your orgasm comes crashing down
hugging kazuha as he rides you though it, fingers slowing to a steady pace
“good girl” he coos, moving your hair out of your face, delivering a kiss to your temple
his cock pokes at you, under his clothes
he sits you down and undresses himself, his pretty cock standing erect and leaking precum
“are you alright to go another round?” he questions sweetly
“yes, please” you mutter quietly
he grabs your hips, slowly lowering you down onto his tip
so softly, so slowly, it was almost agonizing
then after, his tip finally popped in
“so good..”he groaned softly
slowly, inch by inch, he finally got you to take his sensitive cock to the base
“you’re so good my love”
you ly still against his chest, purring at his praise
he felt you tighten at his sweet sweet words
“youre so beautiful” he said, softening his grip on your hips
“are you alright to keep going?”
“yes kazuha please-“
he suddenly lifted your hips up, then. down
slowly, softly
the veins on his cock rubbing you just the right way
his movements making his cock hit just the right places
“so beautiful..”
again, you feel yourself nearing
“kazuha i’m gonna c-um” you manage to moan out
“me too my love”
a few thrusts, you felt your orgasm build up then release
you felt his cock throb, releasing his thick cum into your wet cunt
he was about to pull out when you stopped him
“no no no no kazuha please just stay..” you say, tiredly
“i’d do anything for you, my muse” he smiled sweetly, kissing you before and pulling you closer, arms wrapping around you waist
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