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Can I request Todoroki with a S/O that has a very motherly personality

Todoroki with a Motherly S/O


Originally posted by amider

  • Before the attending UA or the sports festival, Shoto’s mind was not set on forming any bonds or making friends. In fact, he dismissed his classmates attempts to befriend him, viewing them just as a mere distraction that would keep him from achieveing his goals. He didn’t need any affection, or so he thought
  • His world was turned upside down when he crossed paths with Y/N. Her tender and gentle eyes were reminiscent of that time during his childhood where his mother would smile at him and pat his head lovingly and delicately
  • Before he knew it, she had already won his heart, and honestly, he wasn’t complaining.
  • There wasn’t a day that went by without his precious S/O sending him messages reminding him to drink, eat, and get enough sleep. So many heartfelt compliments were thrown his way and he could feel that his S/O truly loved him
  • He loves the way she strokes his scar and compliments his quirk and progress in class. It makes him wonder how he was so lucky to encounter the love of his life
  • Although Todoroki is rather dense, he can feel that she is deeply in love with him. In return, he has the same feelings. This is why he tries to be more careful while battling opponents or while training. He loathes seeing her eyes filled with worry or distress
  • He will also take better care of himself. Of course, he feels that his well-being and quality of life have greatly improved due to his relationship with his S/O
  • He loves the affection she gives him. Right after a day of enduring his training, he loves to approach her and just hold her hand lightly. Although this sanction is rather simple, it gives him so much joy and enthusiasm
  • He is incredibly touch starved! But there’s nothing he loves more than those quiet nights were his S/O gently massages his scalp, rub her fingers through his hair while telling him how much she appreciates him
  • He has been through so much already. Having an S/O with a motherly personality will give him a taste of what it is like to have someone that is there for him. It doesn’t matter what day or how late it is, Todoroki knows that he can always count on his beloved



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Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia
Warnings: Angst but nothing else :p Todoroki’s a little ooc, but does that really matter in the long run?
Words: 4,255
Requested by: No one, but feel free to request!
Request/ Prompt: Monoma has to cope with his loss. Sure Y/n had been upgraded in class level, but that doesn’t mean she’ll upgrade out of him, right?   

    After the Sports Competition, held annually in UA, everything seemed to be a little different. Sure the competition itself had been a little weird, the students were exposed to each other and the world- for better or worse.

For Y/n, it was for the best. The entrance exam had worked against her in many ways. For one, it was against robots- rendering her quirk useless. Secondly, she was placed with all of the heavy-hitters, leaving her ranking very far down on the scale. She placed twenty third out of all first years in the exams, leaving her in class 1-B. 

During her time there, she grew extraordinarily close to the students in the class. Tetsutetsu had become like an older brother to her, he trained her tirelessly in hand-to-hand combat until she was one of the best in the class. She knew that he was there for her, and he had earned her respect very quickly.

Pony had also grown close to Y/n. They got on like a house on fire, mostly to them both having not an ill-willed bone in their bodies. They were often seen as ‘the sweethearts of 1-b’ and were protected by their class, even though they were both arguably the strongest people in the class. They’re some of the only people who hang out activities outside of school (i.e. movies, parties, sleep-overs).

And then there was Neito. They hadn’t started out on the best of terms- Y/n had told him to never copy her quirk, “It’s too dangerous”. Sadly, Monoma took this as a challenge. During their first group fight, he copied off of her without knowing what she could do. 

Y/n’s quirk is known as “Blinding,” a quirk that allows her, when someone makes eye-contact with her left eye, to blind them or gives them a ‘blinding’ headache. While this is dependent on how long they stare, it automatically stuns her opponent. 

Monoma had no clue that, because of this, her left eye can never be used as an actual eye, so he was blind out of his eye for two days, and hee blinded Kendo. Lesson learned, he never copied her again. For the two days, he was half-sighted.

From then on, before she trained with Tetsutetsu, Y/n would spend an hour helping Monoma use her quirk, so if he ever had to he wouldn’t be hurt too much by it. Needless to say, they ended up spending a good chunk of time together.

Oh, sweet Neito, who was able to charm and hair-sweep his way into Y/n’s heart. In a month the two were dating, and everything was warm cuddles and hand-holding. Locked pinkies in the halls and ‘I love you’ notes left on their desks filled their lives, and they’ve never been happier. 

Y/n had comforted him after 1-A fought the villains, she was the only one able to help him with the inferiority complex that ate away at his head and chained him to his bed every morning.  She glared at the other class for reasons they had no control over, and even though everyone held her much higher than that, she loathed them for it.

This class had hurt her wonderful boyfriend who was ashamed of his own quirk, who wanted him and his classmates to have a chance to prove themselves. This class had unknowingly ruined him for days, the class that thought they were famous because of their misfortune- they knew nothing of misfortune.

And then the sports festival came along, and class 1-B made a group pact not to be spiteful towards their partner class, and even though he was very reluctant, Y/n made sure Neito did it as well. They would be humble winners or gracious losers, they would be better than everyone thought they would be.

The first round started all too suddenly. The crowds seemed to suffocate Y/n, her quirk-driven social anxiety was at a high peak, and her only current comfort was the eye-patch that laid over her left would-be eye. 

Hyperveteling and shaking, a hand grabbed her waist and pulled her forward, swooping of the wall and sliding to the front. With her eye shut (thank god it was) she hadn’t seen herself glid along the ice that her savior was pulling her on. 

“Sorry for grabbing you like that, I just recognized some signs and didn’t want to risk a possible anxiety-attack,”

Finding her grounding, Y/n finally saw the heterochromatic boy who saved her. “Thank you,” she breathed out, before looking forward with the few other people. 

At the end of the day, she had finished fifth in the race. Her quirk didn’t help, but her training sessions with Tetsutetsu did. The observers hadn’t said much about her, but they all noticed her appearance and the lack of quirk usage in that match. 

The second stage started, and most of Class 1-B flocked to Y/n or Ibara. She had ended up hand-picking her team. Sadly, Monoma had already been a part of a team, so she recruited Shinso, her friend from General Studies, Shoda, and Tetsutetsu to be her teammates. 

They faired very well with little drama, and Shinso had been kept in line and only brainwashed Shoda and Tetsutesu, leaving Y/n well aware and able to front the team with Shinso on top. Y/n hadn’t used her quirk during the Cavalry Battle, as she supported her team with strategy and strength. 

They ended up in second place, much to three of their’s delight. Shoda had excused himself from the festival, leaving Y/n with one less friendly face going into the next round.

And finally, the one-on-one fighting, and the drama it brought with it. Neito hadn’t passed the calvary battle, but he supported her through her battles. He cheered loudly for her, and he waited for her after her match.  

Her first opponent was Ashido, a pink-haired girl from 1-A that always seemed to be yelling about one thing or another. Y/n had removed her eye-patch for the match, and she was prepared to use her quirk if she had to.

It ended quickly, a nice warm up her boyfriend would have called it. The other girl had put up a good fight, but her curiosity got the best of her during the very beginning. The blindness made her easy to maneuver, and her fear only helped Y/n win, but it weighed heavily on her conscience. 

Y/n sat with her class during the other battles. She watched the match between her savior and another student in awe. Her eye sparkled brightly and she sat on the edge of her seat. It was the kind of match that left both members and the audience satisfied, but Monoma was less than pleased at her fawning.

Y/n rolled her eyes at his remark, slightly annoyed but unwilling to make more of it than it was. She made her way to her second match- the nerves had eaten at her, and she had hoped her boyfriend would give her words of comfort. That didn’t work out. 

The match had gone on for longer. Tokoyami’s quirk was terrifying to her, but he had looked her in the eyes when calling upon it. Her fear may have pushed her to go further with her quirk than she thought she was going to. 

He fought with the pain, and he tried to stand after falling to the ground. Tears had started to fall from his eyes, and Y/n started to plead with him to forfeit. She had planned on giving him enough of a headache for him not to be able to tell Dark Shadow where to go, but she had pushed too hard. 

He fought, but the pain wore him down to surrender. She was quick to release her hold on him, but she was afraid to look up from the floor after that. Y/n had rushed away from the peering eyes, and tears began to fall to the floor.


She collided with a chest in her rush, a hand stabilized her before she could fall back. 

“Sorry about that, I don’t mean to be grabbing your waist so often,” a quiet voice resonated above her. She took a step back to see a new familiar face.

“It’s not a problem,” she rushed out before looking back to the floor.

“Hey, I wanted to congratulate you on your win, your quirk is very powerful,”

“Yeah,” she whispered, “I know.”

“Is everything okay?” He placed a hand on her shoulder, but she refused to look at him.

“Your friend, the one I was fighting, I hurt him more than I meant to,”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” he soothed her shoulder, “his ego’s bruised more than anything else. It’s not your fault, you were doing what you were supposed to do- as was he. This is the one time we, as students, are allowed to use our powers like we’re being threatened. And you had medical on call, it was the safest place for it to have happened. You were just in the festival spirit.”

“I was careless,” she argued.

“You were frightened,” he hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face up to meet his eyes, “and you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

A blush had betrayed her, and she was quick to put some distance between the two of them. 

“I- I’m sorry,” Todoroki was the one blushing now. “I just thought that you- I didn’t mean-”

“No! It’s okay, I’m just in a relationship and-”

“Y/n!” A voice echoed down the hall. Both parties looked to the dark, and they saw Monoma run up to them. “You did such a good job up there! I’m so proud of you,” Neito pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead.

“Thank’s babe,” she said back, awkwardly patting his back. “Hey, babe? Meet uhh…” she scratched the back of her neck.

“Todoroki Shoto, It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he stuck his hand out towards the blond.

“Monoma Neito, and I’m sure it is,” he shook his hand.

“Babe!” Y/n slapped his chest. “Remember the deal?”

“Right, right,” he sighed at her, “The pleasure is mine.”

“Thank’s again Todoroki, it meant a lot! I’ll see you around, okay?”

“Yeah,” he waved at her as the pair walked away. “I’ll see yah,” he whispered to an empty hall with only their bickering echoing back at him.

That was her first actual conversation with her savior, and to their words they did meet again. Y/n had fought one Iida Tenya in the semi-finals. He was quick and learned to not look her in the eyes, but after spending months training more than anything else, Y/n had gained enough muscle mass to prove herself worthy. 

She had managed to trick him out of the match- he was too distracted at not looking at her eyes to look where he was running. She felt a little dirty, but she won the match. He was gracious and shook her hand after it. He was a little embarrassed, but he wasn’t hurt.

The other semi-final match had started by the time she made it back to her seat. She was rushing, but it was futile. She didn’t miss much, however, as the first punch was thrown but nothing else.

Going back to her awe-struck position, she watched the match like it was the only other thing in the world. Class 1-B showered her with praise, but some of them had started to grow weary of their friends’ popularity. They saw where this was going.

Class 1-A watched the match with eager eyes, and they commented on Todoroki returning to only using his ice-side. They also seemed to notice that he fought much harder than he usually did. He was thought out- calculated. The complete opposite of Bakugo. And for this, he ended up scrapping his way to the winning position.

And then the finals. The last fight in the tournament and Y/n wasn’t sure if she was able to face him. Todoroki had started to consume every thought she had, and clearing her mind was too difficult of a task for her. 

It a blink of an eye she was standing across from him. “Hey, Todoroki!” She called across the small arena.


“Promise me you won’t hold back, okay?” She smiled at him, and Monoma glared from the stands.

“Only if you do the same,” he agreed before getting into his fighting stance.


The match had ended with ice scattered around the stadium, and charred marks up and down the walls. The fight felt like it wasn’t going to come to a close, but they promised each other not to hold back. So, of course, Y/n would stay true to her word.

The first was his sight that she took away. He responded with an ice dome surrounding himself- blocking her from any way to get to him. She knew that they didn’t look him in the eyes long enough for her to use a special ability- well at least not the one she was planning on using. 

Instead of Mealt-Down, she settled on using Nausea- by rapidly changing the severity of his blindness, she would cause server fatigue and pain, not to mention the distortion he would feel. 

He still fought back, slowly pushing his ice out trying to force her from the arena. She had made her way on top of the ice, slipping the entire way up. She continued to re-adjust her position, trying to ware down on him until he couldn’t do anything. 

After what felt like all too long, he had passed out from the vertigo that she inflicted on him. She was anything but proud of herself, as she made her way through his ice to carry his sleeping figure out of the arena. 

Crowds cheered for her, even though she never actually fought fought someone during the games- she had won, but it didn’t feel right. It felt dirty to take the win, but she knew that if someone had let her win after she passed out it would feel the same. 

The migraine that hit Y/n stayed for the rest of the day. Even on the podium getting the medal she didn’t deserve, she squinted at the sun. Her eye-patch in its place and her pride on the ground, she accepted what All-Might presented her with,  but she never looked up.


Y/n never had a formal chance to say goodbye to class 1-B. She had been called into the principal’s office before school two days later. She knocked on the door, anxiously waiting. 

“Come on in Y/L/N,” Principal Nezu’s high-pitched voice called her in.

“Senai Sekijiro?” Y/n questioned, before sitting across from her teacher at the long desk.

“Y/L/N, you fought extraordinarily well during the sports festival. Your control over your quirk has improved greatly over your time with me, and you have become physically stronger as well. Sadly, my time as your homeroom teacher has come to an end,” he sighed and looked down. The pain in his eyes was too visible for him to look at his prize pupil.

“Sensai? I don’t understand, am I being expelled?” She looked rapidly between the three men sitting across from her. 

“No, Y/l/n, you’ve misunderstood us,” Nezu voiced out.

“Quite the opposite, after much deliberation, you have been transferred into class 1-A,” a man who she hadn’t met before spoke for the first time.

“Y/l/n,” Sensai Sekijiro said, “I would like you to meet your new homeroom teacher, Sensai Aizawa. He is very skilled and I have the utmost faith in his ability to help you grow,”

Y/n had decided that if she were to say much she would begin to cry. She had grown attached to her teacher, he had supported her through a lot. Sure it hasn’t been more than a year, but he had helped her when her quirk became too much, when she couldn’t look from the floor, and when she couldn’t open her eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you sir, and it’s an honor to be taught under you,” Y/n’s y/e/c eye didn’t look up from the dark-oak desk that held her full attention. 

Yes it was rude, and yes Aizawa sent her previous teacher a look for it, but with the stress that the situation Y/n couldn’t guarantee that her quirk wouldn’t activate by itself. There were many precautions, but the eyepatch didn’t always work during extraordinarily emotionally taxing times. 

It took weeks before Y/n could look Sensai Sekijiro in the eye after she accidentally triggered her quirk during a science lab and gave him a slight headache.

“Y/l/n,” Sensai Aizawa voiced out. “You can look in my eyes, I promise that you won’t hurt me. If t would make you more comfortable, I will erase your quirk when you do. Just for a handshake,” he nudged her. 

The two teachers had talked before the meeting. Kan was very attached to his best student, so he wanted to make the transition as easy for her as possible. So, he gave Aizawa a few pointers. Like for one, seat her at the back of the room. Y/n likes to control who she looks at and when, and if she’s in the back she can easily advert her eyes if she has to. 

For another, she is very ashamed of her quirk. He told him that she has hurt many people by accident, and her insecurities are plentiful. For her to grow, she needs to be reassured that there is nothing wrong with her ability.

A third, the easiest way to establish a trusting relationship with her, is to have her look him in the eyes early on. If she’s looked into his eyes early on, she will feel more comfortable doing so in the future. 

And his last tip when handling her is to sit her near the students who aren’t too loud. She takes time to trust, and she’ll need a quick friend, and those with loud personalities can easily trigger her into a flight or fight response.

At the time Aizawa thought his pointers were stupid. This is a person who is going to be a hero, not a toddler. But now, as he sits so much higher up than she is, he understands. It’s not about how old she is. This is a girl who clearly has seen things that no one should, let alone a child. He knew nothing of her world outside of school, but he had his doubts on how kid-friendly those around her were.

So here he was, coaxing a girl afraid of her power to look him in the eyes. Once she lifted her head, he activated his quirk. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I have heard incredible things from Sensai Sekijiro, and I witnessed your abilities and the tournament. I look forward to teaching you,”


And then she was thrown into a new class. Sensai Aizawa had been very kind to her so far. He told her that she could introduce herself if she would like, and she will be sat in the middle of the back row, with his best students on her sides to help her if she ever needs it.

Y/n stood outside as class began until she got the signal to come in. Introductions had gone seamlessly, and she had started to answer questions.

Her first one was from one of the runner-ups in the festival, the one with green hair. “I was wondering what your quirk was, I mean we saw it at the festival, but it would be nice to know a bit more,”

“Of course, My quirk is called Blinding. I can give an opponent anything from a minor headache to taking away their ability to see or process sound. 

“What did you do to Todoroki?” A girl with long hair in a ponytail asked from the back, next to her empty seat. 

“I used one of my ultimate moves, Nausea. I worked on it for a very long time, but it’s kinda hard to explain,” Y/n scratched her neck embarrassed.

“I have a question,” Todoroki raised his hand.


“Do you still have a boyfriend?”


Transitioning went over very well. After a few weeks, it was like Y/n had always been a part of 1-A. Sure it was a little weird for the rest of the class when a few random members of 1-B would join them at lunch is Y/n sat at their table, or when they walk into homeroom to see a group of them at her desk, but they couldn’t expect her to just abandon all of her friends from her old class, right?

Slowly the crowds wore down, and only three or four people would be at her desk until the warning bell. Pony was always there, smiling and sweet and talking about everything that crossed her mind. 

Testsutestu was always there as well, he held constant arm-wrestles with Y/n every morning, and he always waited for her after class so they could continue to train together. 

A few others would rotate through in the morning, but not once did Neito walk into classroom 1-A. He would almost, every morning he would almost walk in to say hello, but he never could. Just like he could never sit with her at lunch if she sat with them.  It was petty, but that was just how it had to be.

After a while, class 1A won over Y/n. She spent a lot of her time with them. Whether it be with Mina, who always wanted to brush through her hair, or Tokoyami (who she never stopped apologizing to). She hung out with Midoriya and Yaoyarozu, and soon they all understood exactly why class 1-B was spending their free time with her. 

Even later though, Todoroki always seemed to be the one to catch her when she was falling. He told her on her second day that he still wanted a chance with her, and if anything ever changed with her and Monoma to tell him.

He wasn’t a bad guy, Y/n was well-aware that Todoroki was smart, strong, dedicate, very hot, and a guy that most girls dream about. But she already had her prince (maybe-not-so-charming), and she couldn’t cheat on him.

But with every ‘almost’ Y/n grew closer and closer to Todoroki, and she drifted further and further away from him. It was only a matter of time, he knew. He could feel it.


“Monoma,” Y/n smiled at her boyfriend before sitting across from him in their booth at the cafeteria. It was after school and empty, the perfect time. 

“Y/n… I missed you,” he whispered, looking in her eye.

“Yeah,” she sighed, “I missed you too.”

“I’ve been wanting to see you- I’ve been meaning to ask-”

“Monoma, I’m so sorry,” tears had gathered in her eyes before she even had the chance to say what she was apologizing for.

“Sorry? I don’t-” he stopped talking when he understood. “You’re leaving me.”

“I’m so sorry love,” she sniffled, “I love you so much,” her tears became sobs as she looked down. Her hand reached out to grab the back of his. “I never meant fo this to-”

“Who was it?” His cold voice was leveled, and it almost hid his sadness with anger.

“I don’t think that ma-”

“Who took you from me damn it!” He flung his hand away from hers.

“Monoma, I-”

“FIrst that awful class steals you away from me, and now one of those students took your heart, and I need to know who to blame,” he’s yelling, but he knows it won’t fool Y/n. She always saw right through it, right through him. 

Y/n stood up from her seat to face Monoma. He had stood during his yelling, but now he was shaking. Whether from his anger or sadness, he didn’t know, but Y/n did.

She pulled him into a hug, and he collapsed against her. Tears soaked her shoulder and his full weight slumped against her. “It’s okay, love. It’ll be okay,”

All the could do was ask himself what he did wrong, where he messed up. He finally scored the love of his life, and now she was gone- slipping through his fingers- into the arms of another.

Her phone rang from its place on the table, pulling their hug apart.

“Yes?” She answered. “Yeah, I remembered. Don’t worry about! Alright, I’ll be right there, see you soon,” she ended the call and slipped it into her bag. 

“I have to go,” she put her arm through her bag and stood up straight. “Will you be okay?” She walked right up to him, putting a hand on his cheek. 

He closed his eyes on instinct and leaned into her touch. She smiled softly at him, this would be the last time they saw each other like this. He opened his eyes and lifted her head up. Slowly, he leaned in, his eyes flickering up to hers once their lips are almost touching.

With a broken breath, she leaned in, kissing him harder than she ever has before. She traced her name into his lip with this kiss, and he poured all of his emotions into it, pulling her close with his left hand while his right tugged lightly at the base of her hair. Her lips felt a loss when they pulled away for air- their world had ended. 

“I’ll be just fine,”

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Todoroki: There’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Tokoyami:I have that one picture of you and Iida with the cardboard cutout of Principal Nezu during the cultural festival.

Todoroki: So?

Tokoyami: I can send it to Pro hero Hawks who will 100% send it to your dad.

Todoroki: Don’t you dare-

Tokoyami: Give me my damn apples back.

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Dood ur writing's awesome??!! 馃挴 Touya's Secretary is just too damn good like guuurl you are a god 馃槱So anyway, would it be too much trouble to request for a scenario/headcanons about dabi and his non-hero, non-villain girl who doesn't know that (bc i firmly believe that he is) he's a todo, and she meets shoto and tells dabi about their encounter? Thank you!! 馃榿

You don’t know Dabi is a villain. So you don’t filter any of you ‘hero’ topics in front of him. You had seen Shoto by coincidence, noticing him at the other side of a soba shop you had stopped by to pick up a late night snack. You had thought his hair was cute. You knew he was a student at UA, having seen his performance in the sports festival.

So when you got home, you casually mentioned it to Dabi. “I saw that kid with two kinds of hair, you know, the one from UA?”

Dabi tries to pretend that he’s not listening, but can’t help but ask a few questions. “Did he look sad?” “Did you notice any injuries?”

You think it’s a weird line of questioning, but you don’t ask.

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