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#bnha todoroki

Fic where Bakugou, Todoroki, and Shinsou are all passed out asleep on the sofa on top of each other and slowly their classmates trickle downstairs and are like ‘aw, they’re so cute’ because they think the boys were cuddling or something. But then the three of them wake up and it turns out they were all blackout drunk the night before and passed out on the sofa because it was the closest surface. And now they’re painfully hungover and Todoroki has several dicks drawn on his face and Bakugou has a black eye, neither of which the class could see because of how they were laying, and Shinsou just reeks of alcohol. And as soon as they wake up the three of them are just cursing each other out and the class is just like ‘oh, nevermind’.

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okay so… i had a random thought about my hair… (just to give more input in here.. my hair is half black half green dyed!)

sooo back to the though: I’m standing in the kitchen my cat on my arm… why ever starting to think about my hair and which bnha characters it looks a like. So I get to Kirideku in my mind… what leads me to think about kiris natural black hair .. i forget that sometimes…
but yeah! Me now thinking about how my hair looks like the Todo version of kirideku! 
And so my thoughs starting to just drive away to other half n hlaf hair color combos.. ending with Kiribaku! 

ig that gets to be a head canon something thing now but yeah…:

So like Kiri and baku have a kid and they hair r half black half blond natural just like Shoto hair halfs and one day the kid decide to dye his black hair side to red, what let them look like his dad had something with Todo.
And later when Baku realieses that he just wants to tell his kid to dye it back to black, but kiri gets in the room and so baku just can’t! Letting him think they child just wanted to have the same red hair like kiri when he sees them side by side

and it is also to adorable for him to be mad with his kid.

But what he is not knowing his kid did that with the though of having the same hair like Shoto his fav hero, but was to lazy to make the blond to white 


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Foxyyyy thank you for always being here with me during this journey ndjsnsj! You’re the sweetest! Thank you for celebrating with me!! ❤️💜❤️

Warning: smut…

        Aries: aww, don’t go shy on me now.

    With the way he’s been looking at you all day long, you can’t help but feel a little bit intimidated. In the morning, you could feel his eyes burn holes into your very soul, watching your every movement as you were serving up breakfast. The way he eyed you up and down multiple times today, has shivers running down your spine, has you pressing your thighs together, because you know exactly what those looks meant, and you’re just waiting for the moment he’ll act up on it.

Now Todoroki wasn’t one to hold back, always one to go after what he wants, whenever he wants it the most. But not tonight, and who knows why. Which made you feel even more frustrated, irritated; do something if you’re going to givre me those eyes all day long! But he never did, so you took the matter into your own hands. When he’s fresh out of the shower, steam following him as he made his way out of thr bathroom, minty smell invading the room and made you just a little more excited. Your fingers finding his exposed torso, caressing up and down, relishing in the way his abs felt under your very touch. Pressing yourself onto to him, your chest glued to his back and your arms wrapped around his waist, pulling him in closer. Your lips on his neck, nipping and biting, kissing him all over and not forgetting to leave marks on him. His head thrown back, he wants to ask you what has gotten you into the mood, but one, he already knows, and two, there’s no way he’s letting this opportunity slip away from him. Finding the elastic band of his sweats, you started pulling them down, loving that you could feel the waves of goosebumps you were eliciting from him. And as much as he loved it, he wasn’t used to your direct approach, to your straight-forward attitude, it took him aback, pushing away from you “Darling, what-what are you doing?” Red hue on his face, his eyes diverting from your form, for the first time today, but you where having none of that. Your laugh made him blush even more, excited him nonetheless; “Aww shoto, you’ve been wanting this all day no? Don’t go shy on my now baby…” Words barely spoken, you pulled his sweatpants all the way down now, urging him to step out of them as you pushed him back, making sure he landed on the soft mattress.

Eyes blown out, and blood rushing south, it’s not often that you’re this aggressive when it comes to this, but he doesn’t mind, one bit. His heterochromatic eyes following your every step. From how your body bent and moved as you were taking you own clothes off, to the way you made your way to him, straddling him carefully. His hands found purchase on your hip instantly, pulling you in closer, and the other, traveled between your thighs, to find its way between your already sopping walls. Digits expertly finding your clit, circling it a few moments before dipping between you walls, stretching you open, thrusting them in and out of you, watching you squeal above him. Fingers curling and hitting that spongy spot inside you, your eyes rolled back, but consciousness still present, that’s not what you had in mind. Pushing his hand away, you lifted yourself slightly, only to sink back down, the stretch of his fingers couldn’t compare to the burn of his cock, splitting you in half. Inch by inch you’re taking him slowly, as you watched his face contort into a blissed out expression, trying to hold himself back. Your hands on his shoulders, using it as leverage to pick yourself back up, and let gravity do its thing, slamming back down on his dick. Head pressing against that spot again, you were already so close before. Setting a slow pace, though it doesn’t seem to satisfy him “Don’t go shy on me now baby He’s mocking you. His pearly whites digging into his bottom lip and making it bleed, his grip on your hip and thighs so tight it’s for sure leaving bruises the next day, his eyes rolled back and his chest heaving, and he dares to have the audacity to mock you! And what’s worse is that it worked. Picking up the pace, boucing on his dick and feeling him oh so deep inside you, feeling every vein grazing your velvety walls, every press on your gspot, every kiss against your cervix. Your mind going hazzy, losing it all, you came crashing down with his name leaving your lips like a mantra, you barely could keep yourself up, in fact you didn’t, collapsing on him and feeling the chuckle vibrating through his body, but he kept going. Using you at his own wish, slamming up inside you and loving the way your walls clenched rapidly around him. With all the dirty thoughts and fantasy of the days, it all brought him closer to the edge, reaching his high as he painted your walls white….

He’s been staring at you all day, now that he has you, he’ll be keeping you up all night…

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𝐭𝐨𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐤𝐢 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬 | h.c


navigation | requests : open | 26th feb 2021 | part 1


pairing : todoroki x fem!reader

genre : very fluffy, teensy bit of angst

themes : mutual pining, violence, tiny bit clichè,

request : heyy can you do a todoroki and bakugo, bestfriends to lovers troupe ? fem reader please >:)) feel free to decline or anything !!

quirk: telekinesis, you get lightheaded when you use too much and your nose bleeds

note : you are all mights neice, you live with him. you don’t have parents and in this storyline you move into the dorms after the USJ attack


Originally posted by drunkencaterpillars

[ todoroki ]

> honestly he didn’t understand the difference between bestfriends and what he was feeling

> he thought what he was feeling for you was normal since he’s never had a bestfriend before pain

> he met you around 2 years before you got into UA

-> meeting you

> you were waiting outside of a meeting room your uncle was in and you weren’t the only one

> you weren’t allowed to actually go into the meeting room so you sat outside opposite the dual haired boy

> his hair reminded you of a candycane

> you were curious as to why you hadn’t see him there before especially if his parent is a pro

> you tried not to look at him too much but it was near impossible when he looks the way he does

> you opted to just play with your rings instead you didn’t want to freak him out

> after a couple minutes he noticed your gaze shifted from your rings to the setting sky and since you were too immersed in the red and pink clouds you didn’t notice him staring at you

> honestly i think he loved you from then, watching your eyes light up at the sky was so endearing he didn’t want to look away

> imagine someone being that in love with youi’m so sad rn i’m sorry

> a couple minutes later your uncle walked out of the room along with a couple other heroes including the flame hero endeavor

> ‘shoto i’ll be bringing you along to these meetings often!’

> his voice was loud while the boy looked sick of him, he gritted his teeth a little agreeing

> so that’s why you hadn’t seen him here before

> ‘young y/n! ah this is shoto todoroki you’ll be seeing a lot more of him, endeavor and i have agreed on training you together’

> you have wanted to become a pro-hero like your uncle and since they’re busy it’d be easier having one of them take turns each week

> the heroes explained to shoto that no one can know your last name or your connection to all might since it makes it dangerous for you

> during training you noticed how similar you are, you were both quite reserved and quiet at first

> the first time you talked to him was during your 4th or 5th training session and it was because all might told you to try be more open to friends

> ‘um, hi’

> ‘hello’

> and that’s how you got here

> your friendship was one people only wished to have

> whenever todoroki came around you were both a whole new level of chaotic

> your go to was to either watch terrible films together and make fun of them or bake together

> you were watching the kissing booth and you had to pause it every couple minutes to stop yourself from cringing so much

> he laughed watching your disgusted expression

> he loved seeing your nose scrunch up at the terrible scenes

> you’re not the only one who cringed ‘y/n please pause it again, that was disgusting i need a moment’

> when baking it was usually biscuits and it always resulted in you getting flour everywhere

> ‘wait wait shoto we need to add more sugar’

> ‘uhh but we used all the sugar’

> ‘fuck’ chaos

> whenever shoto had a bad day with his father he knew your house was always open to him

> the first time he got upset he came to you, you opened the door and immediately let him in

> ‘i can’t, i can’t live in that house with him’ you let him cry in your arms when he needed to

> to cheer him up you ate soba together and devised very well thought out plans on how to annoy the fuck out of endeavor

> you went over to todoroki’s as well usually when endeavor wasn’t home so he wouldn’t make you train

> fuyumi and natsuo were the first to notice your closeness and they never made fun of you for it but often said ‘they’re going to fall in love’

> there have been moments you’ll cherish

> when watching a movie marathon there have been many times when all might has come home to your head on todoroki’s shoulder while his head is on yours, you’re both fast asleep

> he draped a blanket over the both of you before telling endeavor he’ll drop shoto off later and that you’re busy training together

> when you first joined UA he finally made a few more friends as did you, at first you were worried that you’d grow apart but thankfully yoi didn’t

> during lunch you always met up after eating, you had gotten a lot closer with the bakusquad but still found time to be together

> walking towards the lunch hall he noticed you walking with midoriya, he was about to speed up to catch up with you guys but you went into a room together and he got very confused

> he went to his usual table ( dekutable )

> when you guys came back he innocently said ‘where were you guys’

> midoriya fumbled over his words while you replied ‘had to ask all might about some homework’ since only todoroki knows about your connection to the pro-hero you had to keep it discreet

> but now midoriya knows as well since he’s the next successor, since todoroki didn’t know that he got suspicous when he saw you heading out the training rooms together, what he didn’t see was all might walking out soon after

> he didn’t understand why this affected him so much, you’re his friend and midoriya is his friend so why does he feel rage when he sees you with him

> at one point he had enough and walked into the room you and midoriya had been going to every lunch ‘are you going to tell me what you’re hiding?’

> inside was you a very scared midoriya and a skeleton form all might

> yeah you had to explain everything but all might wasn’t mad since it’s shoto he knows he can trust him, you’ve trusted him with your name and secrets and he hasn’t said a word

> let’s just say shoto slept very well that night knowing you weren’t secretly dating midoriya

> speaking of that night you walked back to the dorms together, the sunset looked the same as the day you met him

> you got back to your room and sat on your bed after kicking your shoes off

> he watched you as you picked a movie, smiling a little at your pout

> ‘why’re you smiling at me like that icyhot’

> ‘hm just, feel happy’ you looked at him and layed your head in his lap as the light through the window hit your face

> he brought a hand to your forehead and ran his fingers through your hair slightly scratching at your scalp

> you hummed bringing your arms around his waist as he smiled down at you touchstarved, same

> you let the movie play and his eyes were stuck on the screen, you looked up at him and just admired him

> you knew your feeling for him haven’t changed since you met him but that doesn’t matter as long as this doesn’t change

> ‘y/n?’

> ‘hm’

> ‘what happened to that nickname you used to call me, candy cane?’

> ‘do you want me to call you it again’ you could see blush on his cheeks

> ‘yeah, i liked made me feel closer to you’

> you felt your heart swell at his words and you buried your face into his stomach as you felt it heat up

> he giggled at the feeling and pryed your face away from his ticklish stomach, he was now cupping your face

> his grey and blue eyes were stuck in your own [c] eyes

> it was as if you understood what you both wanted, he leaned down a little and when you lifted your head up he knew you wanted this too

> he brought your face towards his own and closed the gap between you both, his lips were gentle against your own

> you both smiled into the kiss

> ‘things won’t change right?’

> ‘never, we’ll only get closer’

> you nudged your nose against his and pecked him again before laying back into his lap

> you talked about how dumb you’ve both been and how long you’ve liked each other before

> an hour later you felt deep breathes coming from him, looking up he had fallen back onto the bed and was asleep with a small smile on his face


A/N :

i will literally never find real love bexause tHIS is so hard to come by and that :) is :) pain :)


taglist : @todoroki-shoto-is-life @blazedbakugou @luluwiie @blue-gold-demigod-clouds @gazelle-des-pres

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Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 301 & 302

Sooooo big bro Touya tried to French fry baby bro Shoto out of jealousy… That’s how this isolation of Shoto started



After All The Only Thing He Taught Me Was How To Turn Up The Heat

While it is Endeavor’s fault for starting this all, everybody is equally to blame.

Touya’s maniac expression before he attacked Shoto is kinda scary ngl.

Y'all is it time already to get Endeavor pre hero and marrying Rei life? Like WTH happened to him as a child and what kinda house hold did he have to be unable to deal with children? He says he can’t teach him anything but how to be a hero (which Rei has a nice reply to ngl lmao) was that how HE was raised? How a child is raised affects how they raise their own.

Either way we’ll get to know that soon I guess… At least I hope so

Bruh how do people update often? This is hard lmao

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i can’t believe that some of y'all want to see the todoroki’s bringing back dabi home like… he may be a character that you like, and you can be sorry for him and im not saying that what happened to him was ok (it was fucked up ok and he deserved better as a child fuck endeavor) but dabi is a fucking murderer and a terrorist. He’s a member of the fucking terrorist group that is detroying society : how can you even think for one second that he is going to be redeemed in the eyes of society???

The best thing that can happen to him is propably what shouto and his family plan to do : arrest him, and making sure he gets mental care. He’s not going to be a free man a the end : he is a villain and a criminal like!? how can you excuse murder, terrorism and kidnapping?

And WHY are y'all saying that the todo fam said that they wanted to kill dabi???? They want to stop him, not kill him??? You really think that shouto (who once again has to fix his family drama) is planning to do that? They want to stop hip because in their eyes what happened is their responsibility. Did we read the same manga??

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Alright yall, this is jealously, Todoroki edition. I might lowkey do this for most of the MHA boys, I only planned on doing my favs, but I’m a jealous whore and sex after mutual jealously is so hot to me. (Ok, I need to stop sharing what turns me on) I’m using Momo bc the ship pisses me off and makes me insecure, so, Todomomo slander is ok with me(I need to shut up and get to the story) also since it’s my daddy issues baby Todoroki, reader has daddy issues too.

“Today…in class, you walked in, holding hands.” “Oh yeah, that was just to piss you off.”

Todoroki and I are best friends. We both have daddy issues but took us months of getting to know each other before we opened up. But, is sharing daddy issues made me fall in love with him more. Yeah, when I first saw him on the first day of U.A I thought he was cute. But, I wasn’t gonna go up and talk to him, with everything’s that’s happened to me, I’m scared to socialize. I lose them anyways, whether it’s pushing them away without realizing or they die. But, Todoroki wasn’t like that, he stayed, no matter how many times I pissed him off without realizing. I talked to him how I cut people off without realizing, and he actually listened and understood.

It all started when Todoroki and Yamomo walked into the classroom hand in hand. My face fell, hoping it wasn’t true. Rumors went around that they kissed, I didn’t want to believe it, but there they were, giggling and holding hands. “I’m sorry y/n.” Kirishima whispered. “What do you mean? I’m fine, I’m happy for them.” I lied through my teeth. “It’s fine y/n. I know you like him. Well, maybe even love.” He said. “L-love? What are you talking about?” I asked, shocked. “Come on, you two are probably the closet in the class. It honestly shocked me when they came in holding hands.” Kirishima said. We both looked back at them just as Todoroki was putting his arm around her shoulder. “You wanna play that game, then game on, motherfucker.” I said silently. Kirishima looked at me, shocked. I smirked at him and walked up to Kaminari. “Hey Denki, wanna hang out after school?” I asked him, who was in Todoroki’s reach. “Wait, really? Oh yes, I’ll take you to this cafe I saw on my way home yesterday after school.” Kaminari said, holding my hands and shaking them up and down. He let go of them suddenly, realizing what he was doing. “It’s fine, I liked it, it was cute.” I said taking his hands into mine again. His face was bright red and had the biggest smile on his face. I giggled at his softness. “I’ll see you after school.” I said, kissing him on the cheek and walked to my desk.

Third person POV

“Guess who has a date with the hottest girl in the class?” Kaminari asked, joining the crowd that consisted of, Todoroki, Momo, Jiro, Deku, and Uraraka. “You got a date with y/n?” Mineta came out of nowhere, practically drooling. “Hey dude don’t do that. But yes I did.” He told the group. Todoroki’s eyes burned into Kaminari. Why was she going with him? He thought. She could’ve done better than some loser who turns into a useless peanut after using his quirk for too long. She could’ve been with me.

School went by quickly. I walked up to Kaminari and asked him if he remembered that we were going to hang out still. “How could I forget?” He smiled and took my hand. “Hey Kaminari, weren’t we gonna play video games at Bakugo’s house?” Kirishima asked, then saw me. “O-oh, I forgot about that. Well, I’m taking y/n to that cafe we saw yesterday. Sorry bro.” Kaminari said. “Wait wait, it’s fine. Can I come too? Maybe, if you’d let me.” I asked. “You know how to play Mario Kart?” Kirishima asked. “I’m probably better than you.” I said. “Well, let me check with Bakugo.” He said, going over to his friend. “You any good at video games, extra?” Bakugo came up to me. “Who the fuck are you calling extra? If you knew my life, I’d be the main character. Anyways, yeah, been playing since I was 4.” I said. “Well, I guess.” Bakugo said, motioning me to come with them with his head.

When we made it to Bakugo’s house, it started off with 10 minutes of him and his mom yelling back and forth. “Is this normal?” I asked Kirishima and Kaminari. “Yep.” They both nodded. “Oh, who’s this? I know Katsuki can’t get a girlfriend for his life. You must be with them.” His mom looked at me. “Not his girlfriend. But can probably beat his ass in Mario kart.” I said. “Probably so, he really sucks at it.” His mom said. “I am not!” Bakugo yelled at his mom. “Shut up! I’m talking to the pretty girl.” She yelled back. “I’ll make you guys some cookies.” She looked back at me and smiled. “Ooh, I love cookies. And lowkey your mom.” I said to Bakugo. “Don’t get any ideas, extra.” He yelled. “Dumbass, what ideas? She’s probably like me better than you.” I said, slapping his head. “Don’t touch me!” He yelled, hitting me back. “Bakugo!” Kirishima and Kaminari said, trying to pull him off of me. “Someone needs to put your stupid ass in place.” I said, hitting him back. “Please, you couldn’t beat me even with your quirks.” He said, slapping me in the face. “You wanna go motherfucker, I’ll use your own fucking quirk to blast you into space.” I punched his chin. “KATSUKI! Stop hitting the girl!” His mom yelled at him. “Shit up old hag!” He yelled back. “Don’t talk to your mother that way!” I hit him and knocked him to the ground. “Get up, dude, lets play video games.” I said, holding out my hand to help him up. He reluctantly took it and got up.

5 hours later, we played about 20 Grand Prix’s and won first place everytime. I guess 13 years of Mario games paid off. “Guys I’m tired. Denki, walk me home?” I asked. “Yeah of course.” He said. We began to walk out of the house before Bakugo’s mom stopped me and gave me the rest of the cookies. “Please come over more often, you keep my Katuski in check.” She smiled. “Of course, if he’d let me.” I said. “KATSUKI! WHEN ARE YOU INVITING YOUR FRIENDS OVER AGAIN?” She yelled. “NEXT FRIDAY! AND THEY’RE NOT MY FRIENDS!” He yelled back. “Y/N BETTER BE HERE TOO!” She told him. “FINE!” He sighed loudly. “Bye, Mrs. Bakugo, have a good night.” I smiled and waved as I walked out the door. “Bye y/n! You too!” She said and shut the door.

“Can I take you to the cafe tomorrow maybe?” Denki asked as we arrived at my door. “I’ll have to see if I’m doing anything tomorrow. I’ll let you know.” I said. “Goodnight beautiful.” He said, going in for a kiss. “Goodnight sparky.” I giggled as I dodged the kiss and walked in my house. Hmm, I guess my moms working late tonight. I walked into my room and turned on my light. “Jesus.” I jumped, seeing Todoroki on my bed.

“Shoto, what are you doing here?” I asked. “Just wanted to see how your date went.” He said, getting up and walking towards me. He kept walking towards me until my back hit the wall. “It was fine. We ended up going to Bakugo’s and played video games the whole time.” I said quietly, feeling his hot breath on me. His fingers trailed up my thigh and in between my skirt. “Shoto, what-what are you doing?” I asked, looking up at him. His eyes were glazed and hooded. What had gotten into him? “What I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Will you let me?” He asked before his lips connected with mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing myself further into the kiss. He pushed me into the wall and took off my school jacket. “Wait, what about Yamomo?” I pushed back, asking. “What about her?” He asked, kissing my neck. “Aren’t you guys…dating?” I asked. “No. Why do you ask?” He said, looking up at me. “Because, today in class, you walked in holding hands.” I told him. “Oh yeah, that was just to piss you off.” He smirked against my neck. “I went on that date with Denki to piss you off. Did it work?” I pulled his face to face mine. He yanked my legs up to cross around his body and pushed me onto the bed. “Hell yeah it did. What do you want me to do about it?” He asked, taking off my skirt. “I want you to fuck me like it.” I said. He reattached his lips to mine aggressively as I tugged at his shirt. He took it off with his pants. I unbuttoned my shirt as he kissed me. He ripped the shirt off and unhooked my bra. I took off his boxers and my panties. He lined up his dick with my entrance and slid in silghtly. After a few thrusts, he went in all the way. My back arched, bringing my body closer to his. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed me onto his lips. I wrapped my hands around his neck to pull him as close as I possibly could. My mouth opened silghtly as moans escaped it. His thrusts became sloppier as he neared his high. “God, I love you so much.” He said in my ear. “I love you too Sho.” I whispered back. With that, we both came at the same time. He stayed inside me for a few more seconds before pulling out. He put his boxers on and gave me a t shirt. Before I could say anything’s he crawled back into bed with me and pulled my into his chest.

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Mistaken Encounters of the First Kind - storybored - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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“Hurr Bdurr Dabi shouldn’t face ANY repercussions for his actions, bc his SHITTY DAD made him do it with his NEGLECT”

Bitch, I was dropped off at a drug house at 5 years old by my physically abusive grandmother, to my schizophrenic, teenage mother, the shithead adult man that took advantage of her twice, and his gang goons, then ripped away from even that to live with a mother who made it ever so clear that I was a broken, problematic mess of a child, and that I was never wanted in the first place.

I had one of my own friends tell me that he had expected me to snap and become a school shooter because of how much I’d been pushed around by my peers for my entire school life.

My entire life has been spent fighting abuse in some form or another. Where’s MY excuse to murder my parents? My grandmother? To kill the girls in my class who would touch me inappropriately, then laugh at me when I reacted? To wring the necks of every single bastard who decided they wanted to call me a “catfucking f*ggot” that day because they were bored?

If abuse gave me a “get out of jail free” card to cause pain and suffering out of a desire for vengeance against those who wronged me, the entire world would be up in flames.

These “piping hot takes” everyone’s been making about dabi seem to prove that nobody on this site has any measure of critical thinking skills, and it sickens me to no end.

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I’m so glad you liked the bakugou one!!

random bf headcanons with:

todoroki shoto

  • gn!reader :)
  • whenever he sees that you’ve been staring at a screen all day, body molded into a certain posture, he’ll softly place your favorite hot drink on the desk and gently squeeze your shoulder
  • you’d look up at him and he’d smile, leaning down to kiss your nose
  • “when was the last time you took a break?”
  • he’d have something planned for when ur done with work
  • whether it’s something small like buying your favorite snack, or a bathtub, or even setting up the living room for a movie night
  • shoto actually pays attention to the movies y'all watch
  • of course, if you don’t, his attention is on you and he’ll respond to any of your pleas for cuddles or general affection
  • when his head is resting on your stomach, you have to pet his hair
  • like that’s a must
  • it comes in the how to love todoroki shoto: the handbook
  • I have a copy of it
  • but if you pull away your hand for even a second, like to better text on your phone cuz I literally can’t type with one hand, then he will reach behind and put your hand back on his hair
  • that’s just how it works I don’t make the rules
  • he looooves anything you do with his hair
  • if you brush his bangs out of his eyes? 50 pts
  • if you ruffle it and give his scalp little scratchy scratches? 100 pts
  • if you put his bangs up to kiss his forehead? 200 pts
  • he also loves when you kiss his scar, just below his eye or his temple
  • he claims that he can feel it sometimes and that it stings a little but rly it’s just so you can kiss it again
  • omigod if you’re sitting on the counter or you’re chest is at his face level for whatever reason
  • he will bury his face in there and exhale
  • literally goes limp against your body, loosely wrapping his arms around your thighs
  • if he sees that you’re going to lay down or going to take a nap, he’ll drop everything and just spoon you <3
  • you can be lying down and going through your phone and his arms would be around your center, head on your shoulder and eyes closed
  • sometimes he’s the one taking a nap
  • it’s like you laying down for whatever reason is an open invitation for him to lay down too and get some shut eye 
  • pretty boi has a strict nighttime routine
  • he takes care of his face but he doesn’t overdo with the products
  • more like cuz he doesn’t need to
  • but anyways he’d much rather have you apply the skincare on him rather than he do it himself and you just watch him
  • like you got hands put em to good use 😐
  • and he will most definitely do it for you too if you let him
  • your face just feels so soft underneath his hands that he just-
  • misses a spot like every time
  • and you tell him like, “sho don’t forget my nose.”
  • “oh, sorry I got distracted.” he’ll say calmly.
  • then you smirk like “by me?”
  • “yes,” he’ll admit, trying to clear the ball in his throat and keeping his hands from sweating
  • if you guys pass by each other in the hallways and you haven’t seen each other all day, he’ll put his hands on your shoulders and give u a forehead kiss
  • “how has your day been, beautiful? any plans later?”
  • being with him, you’ll see sides that he doesn’t really show people
  • and I’m not talking about lovey dovey and soft
  • I’m saying like childish
  • I really think that he’ll mess around with you a little and have the smallest smile on his face, looking away and trying to cover it up
  • but it’s the smallest things
  • like you’ll be moving around the kitchen making a drink and when you’re not looking, he’ll move it to a different counter
  • and then peeks through his bangs to see your reaction
  • if you catch on that he did it, you have to do something back
  • if you don’t, it’s like leaving someone hanging on a high five
  • so todoroki’s not the best at cooking I mean he can cook a simple meal but he doesn’t do it too often so u guys have takeout a lot unless you can cook
  • he’ll anything you make though, picky ain’t in his vocab
  • if he’s home before you are and there are leftover, he’ll always reheat the food for you 
  • and he always gets the timing right
  • like he’s never too late or too early
  • you never have to sit down to steaming hot food that burns your tongue nor do you have to try to chew your way through ice blocks
  • like how does he do it
  • I’ve said this before in one of my hcs but being with you for so long has made his body accustomed to your temperature
  • like it’s steaming hot right and he’s able to emanate just enough cold that you’re able to cool down
  • he was super determined for the summer especially cuz no one will want to cuddle in the heat
  • and he kinda lives off of your cuddles
  • it’s like his life support sooo
  • take em away from him and he’ll do anything to get him back
  • y’all rarely get into an argument but when you do, he’ll give you silent apologies and just
  • hugs you from behind with his arms around your shoulders until you give in
  • take care of this man fellas 😩🤚🏻
  • note that this article was not sponsored by how to love todoroki shoto: the handbook


a/n: requests are closed atm but if you’ve already sent one, I’ll try to get to them asap!

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Your League looks like ****. Give me one good reason to join it.
Shigaraki Tomura
Well, we sort of intend to avenge people whom society has marginalized. People whose quirks have been deemed unsightly or inconvenient, and whom our current capitalistic dynamics have crushed under decades of system eugenics!
Meh! I'm out.
Shigaraki Tomura
We also avenge power bottoms.
I'm back in!
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“Is this what normalcy is? Four kids crowded together under a kind-of functioning kotatsu, with card games and cheap tea and shitty comedy television to pass the first day of the new year? It’s nothing like the New Year’s of his childhood - stiff, formal dinners in his finest clothes devolving into sullen silences and slammed doors and tears. Nothing like the ones from his university days, either - takeout in lonely silence with only a book and the grating noises of his neighbour’s celebrations for company.

It could be, he supposes.

It wouldn’t be that bad.


If this is normalcy, Touya couldn’t say. But it’s something as brand new and shivering as the first day of the year - that, at least, has to count for something.”

(Please click for better quality!)

A fanart for the fic series “touya and the apartment”, by crumbsfiction.

Basically, a year after dropping out of university and cutting contact with his family, Touya and his siblings try to reconnect. It’s a beautiful, bittersweet, but also wholesome, AU story about the todosiblings. I can’t recommend this enough. <3

Here’s the link: AO3

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shoto todoroki, katsuki bakugo, eijiro kirishima + surprise hugs


characters: shoto todoroki, katsuki bakugo, eijiro kirishima x gn!reader

genre: fluff

warnings: mild cussing

concept: dense!shoto, soft!bakugo and just normal cinnamon bun kiri with an s/o who jumps on their back for hugs

a/n: im pretty sure ive seen this concept before so if i find it ill link it here! i was just kinda upset today so i wanted to write something easy and sweet

  • you guys weren’t dating yet
  • mina suggested you go all in or else shoto would never get it (very true mina)
  • so the next morning when you saw him, you ran up and jumped on his back, clinging to him like a koala
  • almost killed you the first time
  • he thought you were a villian tbh
  • once he realised it was you (and you almost got your face burnt off) he was just tense
  • he thought it was just a one time thing until you did it all again. and again. and again.
  • he never responded to the hugs, and you slowly started to feel self conscious
  • one day you decide bring it up with him
  • you ask if you can talk to him after class and you bring up your concerns, how you’ve liked him for a while and you tried to subtlety show them, and you just assumed he didn’t get them until you started obviously showing affection with hugs and he still didn’t get it, so now you thought he just didn’t like you
  • and he just. blanks.
  • “those hugs were affection?”
  • “yes??”
  • “oh, i thought you were trying to train my reflexes.”
  • ??? what?
  • n e ways?? shoto noticed you looking at him expectantly, what did you want him to do?
  • obviously he wasn’t getting the hint again
  • “do you like me?”
  • “of course I do”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • “why would I be hanging out with you if I didn’t like you?”
  • “…shoto i mean i want to be in a relationship with you.”
  • shoto took a step back in shock.
  • “shoto are you ok-”
  • “id like if we had a relationship too..”
  • your face turned red, “what.” you squeaked
  • “was that not what i was supposed to say?”
  • you shook your head “no no-! im just- shocked.”
  • he tilted his head in confusion, a blush still on his cheeks “why? i showed an obvious liking towards you.”
  • now it was your turn to be confused, “like what?”
  • “once you borrowed a pencil and never gave it back and i never pestered for it.”
  • your face dropped for a second before you burst out laughing, making the poor boy more confused
  • “whats so funny? am i being rejected?”
  • you wiped your tears and grabbed his face, “no no! you’re just so cute!”
  • shoto couldn’t stop the small blush on his cheeks from getting redder, even more so when you gave his cheek a peck.
  • you smiled at eachother before you realized something
  • “wait if you thought i was tryna train you with all my hugs, why didn’t you ever fight back? or even dodge me? you just let me ‘attack’ you.”
  • “…i didn’t want to hurt you.”
  • my dude doesn’t even question why
  • you koala hug him? that’s an hour out of your day as all kiri’s gonna wanna do is snuggle you and hug you back
  • it became a routine for you guys, you’d jump on his back and he’d grab your thighs and carry you to the closest spot to sit down, and then it was cuddle time!
  • the first time you did this in front of the baku squad, mina was squealing and taking pictures (she sent them to you don’t worry), denki was nudging jirou and asking her when they were gonna do that, sero was impressed with the coordination and bakugo called you a simp (only for you to give him a raspberry and call him a virgin)
  • sometimes when you jump on his back, he’ll bring you to his front (through a lot of crawling, pulling and trust) amd carry you around like a baby
  • you guys really are the cutest couple
  • he’s the only one who doesn’t make a big fuss out of this, like bakugo tries to be angry and shoto is just confused but kiri is smart and he’s good at adapting to new things, expecially when the new things are his s/o giving him affection, he doesn’t care how
  • this makes it harder to write for but I need to love my boy
  • his hugs are the best though, he makes you feel so secure and safe, and after a stressful day the only thing that can cheer you up is cuddles with him
  • whenever he’s down on himself and he feels insecure, hugs are the go to
  • he’ll come into your room and before you can ask what was up, he’d already flop on top of you and curl around you
  • and hell yeah you stay, he’s fucking adorable
  • basically don’t hug him unless you’re ready to make a commitment
  • the first time you did it, you were immediately flung off
  • “what the fuck was that?!”
  • you propped yourself up and glared at your boyfriend, “a hug.”
  • bakugo’s eyes went soft for a second before yanking you up to your feet again, “well don’t fucking do it!”
  • you rolled your eyes but gave him a peck on the cheek
  • “THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR FOR TH-” shhh iida, let us have this please🙏🙏
  • you guys almost forgot it was before class and everyone could see you
  • mina: “i feel like im third wheeling by even looking at them.”
  • it wasn’t until later when you and bakugo were studying in his room that things got weird
  • it first started with a couple shoulder bumps, and bakugo didn’t yell like he usually did when you touched him during studying time (my boy takes his studies seriously😚)
  • it got even more weird when bakugo stood up to grab a glass of water and when he sat down he was significantly closer to you, like shoulder to shoulder
  • you try to ignore it but bakugo keeps nudging you
  • “bakugo…i need to study-”
  • “can you hug me again?” he mumbled
  • you’re shocked but once you register what he says you pounce
  • you’re book are immediately thrown aside and you pull him down with you to lay down
  • bakugo grabs you by the waist and pulls you in while you play with his hair
  • “you’re such a softie,” you giggle
  • he shoves his head into your neck, “shut it.”
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𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞 “𝑴𝒚 𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒐 𝒂𝒄𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒎𝒊𝒂”


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