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#bnha todoroki
hey i was wondering if you could do the main three (bakugou deku and todoroki) with a really rich so? like billionaire rich? but she’s kinda scared of telling people bc her parents have told her that people may try to take advantage of her? thank u !

My app crashed while i was writing this request and deleted half of it. 😡😡Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

Midoriya Izuku 💚

- It was no secret that you were doing well financially, so Izuku did know that you were rich.

- But what he didn’t know, was how actually rich you are.

- It all happened when one day you got so sick, that you couldn’t go to class.

-Being the angel he is, he decided to go give you the notes he took for you.

- He knew where you lived, but he never visited you before.

-He stood there, in front of the fanciest door he’s ever seen, so overwhelmed.

- A voice shook him out of his thoughts asking him if he was lost or was looking for something.

- Noticing it was a maid, he asked, ever so politely “Is this where l/n f/n, lives?”

-After getting the confirmation and the maid led him to your bedrom, he stood in your room mesmerizing every single detail; from your comfy queen sized bed, to all the jewelry you had on display, Wow that’s so beautiful!

- “Hey Izu, what brings you here?”

- He told you that he was just here to give you all the notes you missed on “but wow y/n, you never said you were so rich!”

- At this remark, your face contorted in a hurt expression, he didn’t have to say that.

- Once he saw your reaction, he felt so bad, but like he didn’t say something bad right?

- So you explained to him how you were raised to be cautious because people will use you for money.

- At that, he smiled “oh y/n, I’ll never do that, I love you for you, not for money.”

Todoroki Shouto💙❤️

- He knew you were rich rich, he’d seen you before at those fancy diners before.

-So he knew, but what he didn’t quite understand is why you always lied about going to those events.

- Whenever the girls tried to make plans with you, you always refused, coming up with some excuse.

- You never meant anything bad, it’s just your parents words that always lingered in your head, “y/n, beware of people, don’t flaunt your money, they might take advantage of you.”

-When you were younger, you didn’t quite understand, but the older you got, and the more pain you felt every time you realised that those words were true. So you decided to keep your wealth a secret.

- You never Todo about this, about how you feel it was no big deal for you. But for him, he didn’t enjoy feeling like you’re keeping things from him.

-So then, he decided to talk to you about it bluntly, asking why you’re lying, and not just say the truth.

-He won’t say that he didn’t understand how you felt when you explained to him about your beliefs, he also went through similar things.

-“But y/n, there’s no use to lying here, you know our classnates will never do something of this sort. So just tell them the truth, it’ll make them feel happier. Promise?”

Bakugou Katsuki 🧡

- It’s been one whole year that you two have been together!

- It was honestly a surprise to everyone that you two lasted that long.“y/n I can’t believe you were able to handle our angry porcupine for a year!”

- So you decided to get him something very special to celebrate this special day.

- You knew that Katsuki wasn’t really a materialistic person, he doesn’t care for presents as long as he got to spend the day with his special someone.

-But still, you got him a super super rare limited edition All Might poster that you knew he’d love.

-As he received the present, he complained and ranted about how you shouldn’t have gotten anything, but he soon shut his mouth as he laid eyes on the figurine.

- He kept glancing between you and your gift “y/n ! How did you even get that? It most have costed you a fortune.”

-You just smiled at him, telling hin it was ok, and it wasn’t that expensive for you. “What do you mean not that expensive? Are you millionaire or something?”

- You just nodded your head, but nade him promise to keep the secret between the two of you.

-He of course understood that you didn’t want anyone to know and you were afraid of the impact that it would have on your friendship if people knew that you were rich.

- He promised to keep it to himself and at the same time feeling so proud and happy knowing that you trusted him enough to tell him about that.

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Deku: do you ever feel bugs on you when there’s no bugs?

Todo: those are ghosts from all the bugs you’ve killed.


Baku: look what you did, you scared him you stupid idiot.

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BNHA x The Notebook Scene Pt 3
Todoroki: Why didn't you write me?
Deku: What?
Todoroki: Why? I waited for you for seven years. I waited for anything a card, a letter. It wasn't over for me and now it's too late for me to go back
Deku: *looks confused and insulted* Todoroki, I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year and a final letter to make my piece.
Todoroki: *confused* Y-you wrote to me?
Deku: Yes. *takes a step forward* It was never for me either. *stands in front of Todoroki* It still isn't over. *kisses*
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I’m tired

y'all Endeavor haters can go and whine to your blogs about how much you hate the redemption arc even though it’s the best character development in the series. People can CHANGE and GROW to become better. Stop going around pushing your interpretations to other people as undeniable facts. I’ll seat and enjoy the new arc with a cup of TEA. You can remain inside your little ‘interpretation’ bubble. Nobody is forcing you out. Just try not to become a pain in the ass for the people that are actually looking forward to this.

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Ashido Mina: Can you do one of your impressions, Sero? You're so good at it.
Sero Hanta: Okay, then guess who I am! [inhales] Here goes.
Kaminari Denki: ...TODOROKI!!!
Sero Hanta: Uh... I hadn't started the impression yet...
Todoroki Shouto: [blandly] You will rue the day you mocked me.
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Bro’s before that kinda bro

Todoroki x reader


Authors note: 5k again!!! I’m on a roll 😳


You and Todoroki had kept the bet going for almost a week now. The both of you were way too competitive. To any normal eye it would look as if you two had gotten into a fight. The both of you didn’t talk to each other and if you did there would be a lot of tension behind the conversations. The truth was much different than it seemed.

You tried to trick him into saying your first name so much he doesn’t talk to you anymore. If you asked for something he would point to it. If the both of you hung out he would let you talk the whole time. If you FaceTimed him he would text you throughout the whole call. He wanted to win those noodles.

You couldn’t lose though! You had to stay strong so you could somehow have him cook a meal for you. You were both too stubborn to back down or call a truce.

You had been standing by Todoroki’s desk, communicating with him the same way you had been the past week. Ranting about how much homework you had to do for each class. As you were talking though you felt someone tap your shoulder.

You turned around to see it was Mina looking very excited. “(Y/n)! Guess what! A certain place opened can you guess what it is!?”

“Uhm….New Movie theater?”


“Amusement park?”

“I wish!”

“A cat cafe!?”

She made a buzzer sound. “Ok fine I’ll tell you, they opened up the cute spa I’ve been talking about!” She winked. “But that’s not even the best part!”

“There’s more!?” You exclaimed.

She nodded, “Yes and they said the students from UA can come in before anyone else! So I booked us an appointment after school!”

You gave her a tight hug and jumped with her in excitement. Going to UA did have some other advantages. A spa with the girls would be such a fun experience and way to spend more time with them! You found it important to keep up with your relationships even with how much training you guys had to do.

You began to ramble on with excitement, “Yes it’ll be us girls hanging out! This sounds great! I’ll tell Tsuyu cause she doesn’t have a phone and I’m not sure how Hagakure would get one but it wouldn’t hurt-”

Mina shook her head letting go of the hug, “Nope won’t only be us girls! I invited our whole class!” She looked over your shoulder, “Which means you’re invited Todoroki!”

You felt your mouth drop. Considering that this was Mina, this twist shouldn’t be surprising. She didn’t think about how chaotic the whole class of 1A in a spa would be. You shivered at the thought.

Mina hopped away to tell another person about the good news. You turned around to Todoroki, “You should go, it’ll be a fun experience with the class.”

He nodded in response making you smile. As soon as the bell rang you felt the day breeze by. You guys had training today, so going to the spa right after school felt perfect. As time passed on you decided to sit with the Baku squad for lunch.

Mina patted for a spot to sit right next to her. Bakugou had gotten into an argument with Kirishima about something.

You leaned over to Kaminari, “What is he yelling about now?”

He shook his head, “Kirishima is trying to convince him to go to the spa after school. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to go cause Midoriya will be there.”

Kirishima looked over to you all, “Come on guys, help me out here!”

“What the hell are you talking about? I’m not gonna be in the same room as that nerd.” Bakugou continued on like this to Kirishima.

“Oh c’mon It’ll be fun! It’s supposed to be a relaxing event!” You pleaded.

“Hell no! I don’t want a bunch of extras touching up on me.”

You rolled your eyes, “Bakugou that’s their job. I promise you none of the people working there will try to hit on you.”

“Man I wish one of the workers would hit on me though,” Kaminari sighed, falling onto your shoulder. You laughed, patting his head.

“Jeez it’s like you’ve never relaxed a day in your life!” Mina chimed in.

Bakugou launched from his seat and placed his hands on the table leaning forward. “The hell’d you say? Only weirdos do stuff like that to relax!”

“Wait a minute! Have you never gone to a spa before!?” Mina exclaimed, covering her mouth. Bakugou scoffed, now getting into an argument with Mina and Kirishima.

You felt surprised at the fact that Bakugou had never stepped foot into a spa. This was going to be a lot of fun. His impact on the class was so large he needed to come to this event. Same applied for Midoriya and Todoroki of course, but they were way easier to convince.

The bell rang for lunch to end and you gave them a thumbs up and said ‘good luck’. You hoped they would be able to convince the angry diva. Your mission for the spa was to get at least 1 good group picture with everyone in the class.

With all the training and studying you guys had to do, this would be a well deserved break. You sighed at the thought of getting your nails painted and getting a refreshing face mask. You couldn’t wait for the day to end.

By the time school ended you and your friends rushed out of class as fast as your legs allowed you to move. You ran with Mina and Ochaco, laughing the whole way down the halls. You guys had been talking about going to that cute spa when it was in construction. Based on the exterior alone, it already looked like a fancy spa.

You had told Todoroki beforehand to meet you guys up at the location. He agreed he would bring Midoriya with him. You hoped you could get Todoroki to sit next to you. You needed to figure out how to get him to do that without seeming desperate for his attention.

You girls had arrived very much out of breath. You all stood outside the store trying to catch your breath before going in. Mina walked up to the door to see a sign on the door that read their opening hours.

“Aw no way!” Mina exclaimed.

You and Ochaco both turned your head to look up at her. “What’s wrong?” Ochaco asked.

“The sign says they don’t open till 30 minutes from now! What are we supposed to do till then?”

You sighed. “We can wait for everyone else to come then. I’m guessing Bakugou will come late if Kirishima does end up convincing him.”

The girls nodded at your response. You all sat in front of the store and talked for a while. A few kids passed by asking to take a picture with you guys. People recognized the UA uniform everywhere at this point. Mina checked the time to see that only a couple of minutes had gone by.

Mina leaned her head back letting out an exasperated sigh, “(y/n) can you check in on where everyone is right now?”

You nodded, pulling out your phone to message each of your group chats.


You covered your mouth to hold back from laughing. Good news: they convinced Bakugou to come. Bad news: All your dummy friends were going to be racing each other. You explained the situation to the girls and they both started laughing.

Ochaco smiled, “Oh jeez I can imagine Izuku trying so hard to win. Aw it’d be so cute!“

Your eyes widened in shock, “Wait! When did you start calling him by his first name!?”

“Oh right! I forgot to tell you guys.” She looked between the both of you, ”We asked each other out at the same time yesterday!”

You and Mina both gasped. Mina started to shake Ochaco back and forth, “How did this happen! Tell me woman, tell me!”

She laughed, already flustered, “Well I went outside to look at the sunset, and I saw that he was there! So we began talking about our feelings and then it slipped out that I liked him.” She looked away blushing. “And then he told me he liked me too!”

“No way that’s so cute Ochaco! I can’t believe he asked you out before I could though.” You whined pinching her cheek.

She laughed pushing Mina and you away from her. You continued to ask more questions about their relationship. As you all talked you then heard rumbling from behind the building. You rolled your eyes and put your face into your hands. These idiots were actually running.

You could hear shouts and laughter from down the block, lots of running footsteps as well. Mina dragged you two to the side of the building to get a good view of them running down.

You moved your hands away from your face to see Bakugou bolting through the front of the crowd. With Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero following behind him. Then it was Todoroki, Midoriya and Iida running side by side. Other boys of the class were running quite fast behind them as well. It appeared that none of the boys were using their quirks.

Mina held her hand out as the boys ran past for a high five. Ochaco cheered on for Midoriya to win. You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing at how ridiculous this whole situation was. You joined the best class.

The boys slowed to a stop when they went past the spa. Bakugou had won and started to walk back with Kirishima’s arm around his shoulder. Kaminari gloomed on how he lost to Kirishima.

You couldn’t help but smile when you saw Todoroki walking back. He started walking to you guys with Midoriya, he also had the cutest smile on his face. Although both the boys didn’t win they looked like they enjoyed running around the town.

You ran up to them, with the girls following behind you, “Good job guys, you both did really good!”

Midoriya gave his thanks as Todoroki nodded. Ochaco began to talk about how cute Midoriya looked while running. Causing the poor boy to go red.

Mina looked back at Todoroki, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile that much Todorki! Was it fun?”

He smiled, “It wasn’t important but still felt nice.”

“Wow I never thought you’d be the type of person to like that kind of stuff!”

He shrugged, “I don’t think I ever told anyone what I did and didn’t like.”

“You’re just full of surprises Todroki! I hope we get to know each other some more before the year ends.”

“I’m sure we can hang out often if the year continues to go this smoothly.” He smiled.

You felt giddy hearing his voice again. Not something you expected to miss. As embarrassing as it was to say, you wanted to hear more of his voice.

“Aww I’m happy you’re having fun with the class!” She patted your shoulder. “I’m going to go say hi to the boys.”

You nodded and then looked back to Todoroki. You decided to hold his hand as you walked. Any other sane person would take it as you flirting with them. Todoroki on the other hand, only saw it as a friendly action.

“I’m happy you’re having fun too. Hopefully we can make more memories.” You laughed.

He nodded, looking down at your hands.

You began to walk closer to the spa, “And hey!” You turned around to whisper, “Did you know that Midoriya and Ochaco are dating!?”

He didn’t respond. He looked dazed.

You began to talk slower. “I just find it so crazy! Like they were both crushing for each other so hard and now they’re together! How does that happen!?”

He shrugged.

You looked at him with furrowed brows. This whole conversation felt weird to you. He didn’t say a single word to you but went into full detail when talking to Mina. You knew that he didn’t want to talk so he didn’t say your name but… you shook the thoughts out of your head. No time to feel annoyed, just enjoy the moment to come.

“Well anyways, i’m happy you’re feeling good with everyone here. I really think your social skills have gotten so much better. I’m really proud of you!”

He looked down at you for a moment. Then looked away, taking his hand out of your grip.

He didn’t even nod this time.

“Woah, what’s your problem?”

He still didn’t respond.

You scoffed, if he wanted to be that way, fine. Him being silent when you wanted to support him put a sour taste in your mouth. You didn’t understand why he started acting like that. Mina didn’t say anything weird to him and you didn’t either.

The doors finally opened up, two women stood outside the place and bowed to everyone. All the students bowed back and began to walk in one by one. You saw Jiro and the girls as they were coming down to where the spa was. Ignoring your initial plans on sitting with Todoroki, you decided to go in with them.

The interior was huge enough to fit more than your class. The massage chairs had large spacings’ between each other. A large selection of face creams, masks, nail polish, essential oils, and flower petals lined the walls. The place smelled like lavender and relaxing instrumental music played in the background.

The girls all picked out nail polishes and face masks for each other. While the boys already began to sit at the massage chairs. Bakugou complained about how he didn’t need any of this stuff but only came because they wanted him to.

“(Y/n)! Should I choose red or purple?” Hagakure asked, raising the nail polishes to what you assumed as her face. You pointed to whichever nail polish, you felt too lost in your thoughts to pay attention.

You all began getting settled into some massage chairs. You sat as far as you could from Todoroki, not wanting to deal with his issues right now. Tsuyu was to your right and Mina to your left. Uraraka sat across from you with Midoriya by her side. They both sat there with red faces as Midoriya rested his hand atop of hers.

‘If he wasn’t so dense we’d be like them already.’ You thought.

Your eyes shot wide open, no way did you have a jealous thought of your friend and her boyfriend! You needed to calm down. You patted your cheeks trying to focus on something else.

You focused your eyes onto the workers setting a few more things up before starting. You shifted your attention to Kaminari and Kirishima laughing.

‘If he wasn’t being so stubborn we would be laughing like that too.’ You thought not noticing the scowl forming on your face.

You groaned, hiding your face into your hands. Why were you jealous of your friends talking and laughing? He shouldn’t be making you feel so weird.

Mina poked your shoulder, making you look up to meet her gaze. “Hey did something happen between you two?” She looked over to Todorkoki, then back to you. “I thought you said you were going to sit next to him.”

You loudly exhaled, “Yeah we were supposed to. Then he started acting all weird, I don’t even know why!”

Mina pursed her lips, “Oh no! Did I say something that made him uncomfortable?”

You shook your head. “Nah I doubt he would be mad at you. He would tell me if that were the case.”

Mina nodded, looking away in thought. You still didn’t know what made him have an attitude. You didn’t do anything new, you’ve always held his hand randomly.

Mina then made a sound of exclamation. She looked at you before covering her mouth to hide her giggle. “I’ll make sure you have fun today.” She hopped out of her seat and skipped to the other side of the room. It appeared as though she was talking to someone.

You rolled your eyes deciding to go back onto your phone. You had no idea what she got up for. After a minute of scrolling on your phone you felt Mina sit back in the chair. You turned off your phone and turned to look at her, “Did you accidentally leave your phone with-” you quickly covered your mouth when you saw Todoroki in her place.

You looked to where Mina actually was and saw her lean forward and wave back to you. You slowly turned around and sunk back into your chair.

Todoroki sat next to you in silence. This silence felt different from the comfortable one you two often shared. You felt very uneasy sitting next to him. What did she say to make him come over?

The workers began to get started with massaging everyone’s feet. Tsuyu was in a deep conversation with Momo, so talking to her was a no. You weren’t sure if he would be ready to talk to you yet. So you decided to talk to Ochaco.

You glanced away from your phone, “Hey Ochaco, what do you think we’re gonna do after this?”

“Oh right!” Ochaco leaned over to look at Mina. “Mina did have something planned for us after the spa. Did she tell you?”

You shook your head. “No… what did she say?”

Ochaco shrugged. “I thought you knew! She told me it would be a surprise.”

You and her both cringed at the last ‘surprise’ Mina threw for you all. Surprises from Mina were usually a hazardous situation. You and Ochaco began talking about all the times Mina threw surprises. The both of you laughed and face palmed at all the stories.

Talking to her felt nice, but the tension between you and him felt harder to ignore. It seemed that Midoriya felt the tension too.

“Ah well how have you been Todoroki?” Midoriya asked.

Todoroki glanced up at him and shrugged. Midoriya looked at you with concern. You shrugged responding to his silent, “what’s wrong with him?”. It seemed that the only people in class who could diagnose him were Midoriya and you. So if he wasn’t talking to either of you it felt like a code: red.

Ochaco seemed to notice the awkward silence. “Midoriya did you tell Shoto that we’re dating now?”

You gasped, “Since when did you start calling him Shoto?”

There was a moment of silence.

You felt all eyes on you. “Oh no! I’m so sorry (Y/n), I didn’t mean to make you say it I swear!” Ochacho rambled.

You cocked your head, “What do you mean? What did I say?”

Midoriya pointed towards Todoroki, “I think you lost the bet (y/l/n)….”

You slapped your hands over your mouth in surprise. “No way….”

You whined covering your face into your hands. How did you lose the bet so quickly. It hadn’t even been a full week. As you were being miserable about your loss, you felt him shift in his chair.

You looked up and saw him looking away trying to cover the smile on his mouth. You flicked his arm. “I can still see you smiling dummy.”

He waved you off, “I told you, I knew it would be sometime soon.”

“I knew it would be sometime soon blah blah, shut up” you mimed.

He flashed a smile, making you smile back. “Well, I guess I can say your name freely now.” You leaned closer to him. “Shoto Todoroki.”

He pushed your face away which made you laugh. It seemed that his mood was better now. You happily wiggled in your seat; as much as you could without annoying the woman painting your nails. “It sounds so nice though. Listen, Shoto, Shoto, Shoto, Shoto-”

He winced every time you said his name, “You’re going to make it lose meaning.” You shook your head, “No It’s still really meaningful to me.”

He stared at you and then shook his head turning away. You felt confused. Is he still mad? Why does his mood shift so much? You sighed sinking into the chair. The two of you could discuss this later. For the meantime you decided to just relax and let the workers give you a face mask.

By the time everyone was done night rolled in. You decided on taking the group photo another time. It didn’t feel right to take it just yet. Chatter filled the streets as you all began walking home. Classmates showed off their nails and skin to each other. The spa gave out complimentary face masks for everyone to take home.

Once you reached the dorms you decided to change into your pajamas and watch a movie before falling asleep. You heard a few notifications go off your phone as you brushed your teeth. You checked it out and saw Mina texting the group chats.


Of course he left you on read. He was being so confusing, the whole day didn’t make any sense. You thought after making him laugh you fixed everything. What made him so moody all of a sudden? You decided to clear your mind and go downstairs before Mina got fussy.

By the time you got downstairs a few friends were there. Most of the girls were there, except for Momo and Ochaco. The boys didn’t show up yet, except for Mineta of course but he doesn’t count. The girls threw him out before he did anything gross.

You threw yourself onto the couch after handing over your cords and laptop to Mina. “Why are boys so confusing?”

Mina continued setting up the TV, looking at all the wires behind the screen. “I don’t know…. where do I plug this in?” You got up and plugged it in the right place for her. “Thanks, what’s wrong? I heard you and Todoroki made amends or something.”

You paced around the couch, “That’s what I thought! I don’t understand what’s making him so confusing.”

Jiro shook her head in the kitchen while she poured some cereal. “Well he sucks.” She pointed her spoon towards you. “You shouldn’t have to put up with that.”

You nodded walking over to the freezer for a popsicle. She did have a point though. You didn’t have to deal with all the problems he gave you. You could walk away! But your feelings would never allow you to do that. You cared for him too much to leave.

You ate your ice cream while waiting for the others to show up. Hopefully the movie they decided to watch would clear your mind. You didn’t feel like thinking about how to fix the problem all day.

After a few minutes of waiting most of the boys along with Momo showed up. You talked to Momo for a while before hearing Mina finally announce that she would start the movie. Ochaco, Midoriya, and Todoroki still haven’t shown up. Maybe they would show up later into the movie?


40 minutes later and you threw all hopes for them showing up out the window. You looked around the room to see everyone completely engaged with the screen. Some kids popped popcorn or ate snacks. Kaminari kept falling asleep on your shoulder. You pushed him off whenever he started to drool, making him wake up each time. The 700th time he did it you decided to take a break.

You wiggled yourself out from between Kaminari and Kirishima, watching your step for anyone sitting on the floor. You successfully slid out the room without getting asked any questions. You decided to get some fresh air on the school roof. Weather said there would be a high chance of seeing a shooting star. So you had something to look forward to.

You snuck onto the roof through a secret entrance you and your friends found a while ago. You carefully went up the stairs to prevent any noise. Once getting to the roof you felt awestruck. The sky looked straight from a movie. It wasn’t pitch black, purple and blue hues filled the sky. The stars clustered together in the distance. The moon was full and bright.

You leaned yourself on the railing and decided to stay out here. Maybe until you got cold. Which wouldn’t be long considering you only had your pajamas on. You checked for the time the shooting star would show up. You felt a chill down your spine when you heard footsteps. You quickly spun around to see the intruder.

The surprise on your face when you saw Todoroki stayed. You didn’t know what to say, he didn’t look ready to talk though. So you turned back around and acted like he wasn’t standing right next to you.

You cleared your throat, not looking at him, “Hi.”

He paused, looking at you from his peripheral. “Hi.”

You both stood there in the quietness. The silence didn’t feel as terrible as the one in the spa.

You hoped you could clear the air. “We don’t have to talk about what happened right now. I’m just waiting for the shooting stars.”

He didn’t react. He looked deep in thought.

You brought your attention back to the phone, trying to find what time the stars were coming. You really didn’t want to miss seeing a shooting star.

You froze when you heard your name come from his mouth. You turned your head to look at him.


He continued to look at his intertwined hands on the railing. “We should talk about today. We’re both here so we have to.”

You nodded, “Ok, Sure.” You put your phone away and scooted closer to him.

“I’m sorry. I was being rude.” he paused glancing to see if you were listening.

You had other words go through your brain, but decided to pick the most PG, “Yeah, you were being a brat.”

He nodded. “Something like that. I was talking to Izuku and Uraraka. They said you thought I was mad at you.” He looked at you.

You nodded, “Yeah…You weren’t? I thought I said something wrong.” He shook his head, looking to the ground again.

“I wasn’t mad at you. Not mad at anyone other than myself. I didn’t feel like I deserved you when you said you were proud of me.” He fiddled with his fingers. “And when you held my hand I felt really guilty. Why me of all people? I wanted you to focus on people who were better.”

You felt at a loss of words.

“I thought it would be better for you and Izuku if I didn’t bother you both so much. I wanted to push you away like I did in the beginning.” He continued.

You shook your head, his thinking did not align with yours. “Shoto… I never once thought of you as a bother. I actually enjoy being around you and calling you and stuff.” You held out your hand, not grabbing it without permission this time. “If anything i’d love to hang out with you more.”

He flickered his eyes between your hand and his. “Uraraka told me you’d say something like that too. She told me to go apologize to both of you.” He hesitated, slowly giving you his hand.

You placed your other hand atop his. You definitely needed to thank her later. “I’ve told you this a lot but I’ll say it again. I do care about you. We all do.” You began to play with the pads of his fingers. “I mean Shoto I think I like-“

He pulled his hand out of yours and pointed at the sky. You quickly turned your head, almost missing the shooting star. You made your wish before the star went away. You looked up at him doing the same thing.

He thankfully interrupted you before you could confess. Right now wasn’t the best time to confess your feelings for him. You knew he didn’t know how to interpret people caring for him correctly. So his line of thinking probably made the most sense to him. You wanted to break him out of that mindset, but confessing your feelings now would give him a heart attack.

“You wanna go back inside? They’re watching ratatouille. Your favorite.” You said sarcastically.

He gave a small smile, “Yeah. When are you planning on making the soba?” You mentally cringed and slapped his arm repeatedly, “Stop bringing that up! I’ll make your food stop talking about my loss!”

He laughed back at you. You began walking until you felt him intertwine his hand with yours. Your eyes widened and you looked up at him. He didn’t notice you and continued walking. He always did something to make your BPM go high.

The both of you snuck back into the main room. The movie was still going, so no one took notice of you two. You quietly prepared some snacks for the both of you, while Shoto continued talking about something that made you laugh. The silence you two had shared for most of the day disappeared. You felt comfortable with him again.

The both of you squeezed onto the couch as best as possible. You were basically leaned up on his side, it felt extremely uncomfortable. What you did not expect, however, was for him to move his arm and wrap it around you. You felt your brain malfunction as you were basically cuddled into his chest. That’s what is happening. You two are cuddling right now.

You didn’t know what to do. Whenever he touched you you felt as if you would die. You looked up, his eyes were glued onto the movie and his heart beat didn’t go up either. He really saw this as a friendly gesture. You tried to focus on the movie as best as possible. You heard a few yawns around the room, making you copy.

As the movie continued you felt yourself go in and out of consciousness. “Goodnight (y/n)” you felt a small kiss on your head. You fell asleep before you could react.


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Todoroki x Reader

Genre: Angst/comfort

Request on my Wattpad: “I was wondering if you can do a Todoroki x wolf reader where the reader is depressed and bullied because of her quirk and her family knows about her wolf quirk and disowns like they think she a disgrace abuse her and doesn’t want her and she feels so worthless she gets to a point where she feels not good enough and that she completely loses control of herself and turns into wolf or monster version wolf and Todorki he tries to help her I hope this makes sense and I hope it’s ok”

a/n: I’m not terribly happy with this, but it was a different kind of request, and I’m glad I did it.  If it’s cringey, I’m sorry, but I hope it meant something to someone.

Also even though the request indicated female pronouns, I didn’t really use any, so consider this gender neutral.  If anyone was wondering, I wanted the character to be kinda like Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs with the hair color and the personality, but also with wolf ears, so do with that info what you will.


I run through the dimly lit streets, tears streaking through my eyes as my heart pounds and chest heaves.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I have to get out of this hell I call life.  Everything I thought I knew was a lie, I was the only person who didn’t know it.

Tripping over my own feet, I finally tumble down a hill and land at the base of a tree, finally stopping my rabid movement, but it doesn’t help my mind running five hundred miles a minute.  I turn in on myself, trembling as the darkness surrounds me, clawing at me the same way I grip my legs to my chest.

The image of my parents smiling together with my younger sister is the only thing I see behind my eyelids.  The last time I saw my family, there was nothing but turmoil and contempt.  All the times my sister pulled at my ears, locked me in a closet, and cut me up; all the times my parents punished me by having me sleep outside “like the dog I am” for the slightest misdemeanors.  They used to always argue, there was always screaming in my house.

My former house.

When I got into UA and we were forced to live in the dorms, my parents couldn’t look happier.  In front of Aizawa and All Might, they contained the sheer joy they felt like the actors they are, and when my teachers left, they hurried to throw all of my things out the door.

“Finally, we can get rid of her!” they cheered.  I can only watch in horror as they pack all my stuff away before pulling me by the ear and setting me out next to my belongings.

“Don’t ever come back!  From now on, you’re on your own!”  That was the day I became an orphan.

My parents always had this vendetta against me because of my quirk.  They don’t know where it came from, no one in our family even had one like me.  My dad used to always accuse my mom of having an affair with another man after she had me.  I don’t know why he ever stayed, if he really believed that was true, but they both looked at me with contempt because of the quirk I shouldn’t have.  And then I did the worst thing I could’ve done: I lost control one day.  When I was playing with my sister, I don’t even remember why I got angry, but I bit her and scratched her.  The only person who loved me in that house suddenly became scared, and grew to hate me just as much.

School wasn’t any better.  Everyone teased me for being the tamest wolf they’ve ever seen.

“I thought you were supposed to be scary, you’re actually a huge wimp!”

“What kind of hero can you be when you can’t even stop mumbling to yourself?”

The only reason I was so quiet is because I couldn’t even raise my voice to assert myself in my house without being punished.  My parents were so scared of me losing control again that they put me down for getting the slightest bit aggravated, so I learned to just lay low and stay quiet.  And I couldn’t stand up to my bullies for fear of being punished at home.

I’m so ashamed of my quirk.

Going to UA was a dream of mine.  It was my ticket to being able to use my quirk freely, so I can learn to control it to become a great hero.  But I quickly realized how weak I and useless I was in comparison to the other students.  Not being able to use my quirk at home took a toll on me, it was a miracle I even passed the entrance exam.

Today was particularly bad.  I didn’t do well in quirk training today; I’ve been trying to partially manifest my quirk in some parts of my body to temporarily amplify my strength, but it’s just not working.  Going for a walk in town to clear my head, I spotted my family out together, happy and smiling without me around.  And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I tremble to myself under the tree, pushing against the rough bark biting into my forehead.  They’re so much better without me.  I was holding them back this entire time, I should’ve left years ago.

I’m a failure as a wolf.

What kind of wolf am I when I can’t even use my quirk?

I’ll never become a hero.

This is all because of my stupid quirk!

“Fuck everything!”  I don’t even realize when I’d stood up and started punching the thick trunk.  Blood drips from my knuckles, my vision blurry from tears.  "You’ll never be a hero!  You’re a failure!  All you did was tear your family apart because of the stupid quirk you can’t even use properly!  Idiot!  Stupid!  Weakling!  Dumbass!  Homewrecker!“

Fury rushes through me, the grayscale colors in front of me fuzzing together.  My arms grow in size suddenly, my punches boring a large hole the size of my head into the bark and my nails have grown.  Looking down, I’m farther off the ground, my clothes ripped to shreds on the grass, and teeth have grown into fangs.  The shadowed silhouette of a wolf figure on two legs presses against the ground behind me, cast by the light of the moon.  I scream, which sounds more like a gravelly growl into a howl.  My blood boils with all the anger built up over the past ten years, fueling this wolf form I’ve only taken twice in my entire life.

I catch a familiar scent in the distance, blood warming my body at the thought of fresh blood.

”(Y/n)!“  A voice screams from the top of the hill I rolled down as it runs towards me.  Once the owner closes in and notices what’s going on, he stops short, gawking up at my form.

I snarl, crouching down as if getting ready to strike.  My rage blinds me, only guiding myself by the smell of my prey as the shadows blur.

”(Y/n),“ he repeats, more carefully this time, "Calm down, it’s me.  I won’t harm you.”

My fangs bare at the boy.  I’m ready to take my anger out on anyone, friend or foe.  I stalk towards him.  No one’s my friend, I’m all alone.

He takes a step back.  "It’s me, Todoroki!  Get ahold of yourself!“


I grit my fangs at myself, clawing at the ground to keep myself from attacking him despite the rage instinct telling me to attack.  It hurts to fight, but I need to protect him.  He can’t turn out like her.

"I believe in you, (Y/n)!  I know you can fight it!”

Another piercing howl screeches out of my mouth, overwhelming my head with painfully conflicting emotions.

“Try to breathe.”  Shoto’s voice calms down.  "Relax and breathe.“

I loosen my tightened jaw and fists, smoke starting to come out of my nose in grunts.  I imagine it being my anger escaping out of me.  Feeling myself deflate, despair sets back in.  I almost hurt him.  I crouch down as my body shrinks back to normal, hugging my knees to my chest.  I’m physically and mentally burnt out, too numb to feel my emotions but I know they’re still there.

Shoto approaches me, slipping his oversized denim jacket over my naked form.  "Are you alright?  Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I should be asking you that,” I sigh, too tired to get up.  The wind brushes my skin and I clutch the jacket closed, slipping my arms through the sleeves.  "I almost attacked you, I’m sorry.“

He shakes his head, kneeling down in front of me.  "It’s fine.  Why are you out here alone anyway?”

“I…saw something.  And I just took off running and I got here.”  I rub my temples with my hand to ease an oncoming headache.  "Things just got overwhelming, but I’m okay now.“

Shoto’s mouth sets into a line.  "You’re not okay.  You haven’t turned into a wolf since you were eight, not even in training.  You must have been extremely distressed.”

I shrink into myself.  "I don’t want to talk about it…“

His bi-colored eyes rest on me, but he doesn’t push the matter further.  "You look exhausted, let me carry you.”  He squats down in front of me.  "Get on my back.“

I’m happy he’s much bigger than me, his jacket manages to cover everything down mid-thigh even while I’m on his back.  My arms hang loosely from his shoulders as he hikes up the hill and back to the main road.  It seems I ended up in a park near the town.  The streetlamps light the sidewalk, people staring at us as we walk by, but I’m too tired to care.

"Do you think it would calm you down to visit your parents?” Todoroki asks modestly.  "Or maybe you can go get some clothes-“

"My parents won’t want to see me, let’s just go back to school,” I interject feebly.  A fresh set of tears threaten to fill my eyes.

He doesn’t question it, continuing to walk as his gentle rocking pace persists.

“I’m surprised you aren’t running away from me,” I mumble as we reach the road going up the mountain to UA.  "I almost killed you.“

"I know you wouldn’t, I have faith in you.”

I close my eyes, leaning against the side of his head.  "I’m so ashamed you had to see me like that.  I probably looked like a monster.“

"Aside from the danger you posed in the moment, I think you looked…majestic.”

My eyes fly open and I tense, waiting for him to elaborate.  How could he possibly think that about me?

“Your fur matches the gray of your hair, gleaming in the moonlight.  It looked soft enough to touch, all the way down to your tail.  But your ice blue eyes were my favorite.  Once you calmed down, they were practically glowing.  I’d like to see you like that more often, once you’ve trained enough of course.”

My heart quickens at his compliments, heat rushing to my cheeks.  "Thank you, Sh-Shoto.  Though, I don’t know when exactly I’ll even get to that point.“

He’s silent for a moment, his steady rhythm continuing up the path.  "I’ve known you for a while, (Y/n), since we were younger.  I know I’ve never been much help with you and people teasing you for being weak, but I want you to know that you’re not weak.  Obviously, you have a lot of emotional baggage with your family, and it’s trickled into your own inner demons.  You should know that you’re strong for dealing with it on your own all this time, but you should find family elsewhere.  I know you’re stuck, but make your own family of people you care about, and - when you’re ready - confide in them about your problems, they’ll be there to help you.  I’m here to help you.”

Tears silently roll down my cheek, but I don’t want to wipe them and call attention to it, so I rest my chin on his shoulder.  "Do you think…my quirk is good, Shoto?“

"Of course I do,” he answers without missing a beat.  "It’s your’s to use as you wish.  I know you’ll use it to become a great hero someday.“  His footsteps stop and he gently puts me down to face me.  "You’re a good person, (Y/n).  Your quirk is an extension of yourself, and I know you’ll use it for the benefit of others, even if you’ve probably made mistakes in the past.”  His thumbs gently rub the wetness from my face.  "And nobody should tell you otherwise.“

I lean into his touch, my eyes flying open when he presses his lips to my forehead.  His mismatched eyes bore into mine, glistening under the dim lights of the streetlamps and the moon.  My heart pounds at the amount of pure affection he’s showering me with, it makes me want to cry even more.

"I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”

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