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Heyy I hope you’re doing well. Make sure to take care of yourself, ok? I have an urgent request: (gn) reader whos feeling suicidal again. If you can write for Bakugou, Kirishima, and Amajiki that’s be great. If not just Amajiki will do. I understand if this is too much of a sensitive topic. It’s ok if you don’t do it, I’ll be ok. Thank you very much :)
Bakugou, Kirishima, and Tamaki (Seperate) With Reader Who Feels Suicidal
Pairings: Bakugou x Gn!Reader, Kirishima x Gn!Reader, Tamaki x Gn!Reader
Genre: Comfort
Post-Type: Headcanons
Word Count: 840
Summary: How the boys comfort you/respond to hearing that you're suicidal
[A/N: Helloooo. So so so sorry for the wait. It's been a busy weekend and I was just able to get over my exhaustion from having a horrible sleep schedule, but I finally got this done for you! I hope you're feeling okay, my messages and ask box are always open if you need anyone to talk to! <3]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugou is very observant so he notices the change in your behavior fairly quickly and isn’t shy to confront you about it at all
His approach is a bit rough with the way that he goes about telling you that he knows something is up, but as soon as you explain how you’re feeling to him, he instantly goes soft, knowing you don’t need his aggressiveness right now
Of course it hurts him to know that you feel like taking your own life, he’s can’t imagine being in a world that you no longer exist in, but he stays strong and composed for your sake–losing his cool wouldn’t do either of you any good
“What can I do to help?”
He really just wants to know if there’s anything in his power that he can do to have you not feel that way anymore
If there is anything he can do that would be helpful, he’d do it in a heartbeat, no matter what it is
After everything is said and done, he’d be more attentive towards you, inconspicuously checking up on you throughout the day by coming by to give you some food or just to “bother you,” as he’d put it, but he really just wants to make sure you’re doing well without it seeming like he’s breathing down your neck
Tumblr media
I also think Kirishima would be quick to notice your change in behavior, but maybe just not as quickly as Bakugou because his attention is all over the place
He asks you about it in a passive way to ensure that he doesn’t scare you or push you any further away from him
Once he does find out what’s going on with you, I think he’d resort to physical touch and telling you all the wonderful parts of you that he loves and appreciates
He really just wants to make sure that you know your worth and he’d remind you everyday about all your amazing qualities until you believe every single one of them
“How are you feeling today? Do you wanna go out and do something together?”
He’s checking in on you frequently, but not enough that you’d feel like he’s helicoptering you, but just enough so that you know he cares
Kirishima also tries his best to keep you occupied with him; going out and doing things together, eating together, going for a walk–anything to keep your mind off your negative thoughts
He’s always smiling, so being around someone like that does make you feel better, but of course if you reach out to him saying you’d like to talk to a professional about your feelings, he’d be more than happy to take you and sit with you while you speak to a professional if that’s what you would like
Tumblr media
Now, Tamaki notices any changes about you right away, but he can’t find the right opportunity to talk to you about it
Is it okay to bring it up? Will it make you run away from him or block him out? He’s 100% overthinking
So he resorts to keeping things to himself for a few days and just quietly observes you to make sure nothing bad happens to you
He’d only approach you if he could 100% see the struggle/sadness on your face or if he gets scared that you’d harm yourself or anything like that–He would definitely run to talk to you about things if he sees tears in your eyes
When you explain, he’s panicking, going over all the horrible scenarios of what would have happened if he had just observed you for a few more days instead of talking to you about it– just thinking about it scares the living lights out of him
He more so wants to understand why you feel this way so he can work on helping prevent these feelings from happening in the first place–Whether it’s a person, a memory, or just a feeling that suddenly comes over you, he wants to know it all
Being a shy and quiet person, Tamaki is an amazing listener, so he urges you to come to him if you ever need to get things off your chest, he’d love to listen to every word you have to say
I think Tamaki would also be the perfect person to go to about these kinds of feelings as he wouldn’t be judgmental at all–he’d be very careful with the way he speaks to you and would never do or say anything that would make you feel uncomfortable at all
“Please come to me if you need anything, I don’t want to lose you.”
He’s incredibly worried and it might show on his face at times, but he just wants to make sure that you’re okay and won’t ever leave him
I think he’d be a little clingier than the other two just because the fear of losing you weighs heavily on his mind and he doesn’t want to let you out of your sight, but he’d back off a little if it bothered you
Tumblr media
Posted: 1/24/2022
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takes1 · a day ago
Can't believe you invented polygamy with you Tamaki pining for reader pining for Mirio posts
tamaki/reader/mirio love triangle (final part)
WOW this is the compliment of the year right here i love you. hope you enjoy this one!! i would be very interested in writing more poly stuff, it's SO fun omg
Tumblr media
warnings. nsfw, cuddle sandwich
details. gn!reader / poly / one hotel bed trope / mirio is so much smarter than he lets on / suggestive fluff / 1.8k words
🤍 imagine series. part 1 / part 2 + more here.
more links. my ao3 / requests open!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A heavy warmth fought with your will to stay awake, to enjoy Mirio's light, painfully platonic touches where your tummy met your hip, but multiple reruns of the Great British Baking Show were not exciting enough to engage your mind.
You didn't want to sleep. Once you did, you wouldn't be able to get this close to him again-- at least not in this suggestive orientation.
He was propped up on a few pillows, while his puffy chest acted as your own, his massive arms and thighs your blanket, so you could both watch the television and not take up the entire bed.
Tamaki stopped watching long ago. His back was turned to you and he scrolled quietly through his phone. Sometimes, he would turn it off and try to sleep, but it never lasted for longer than two minutes. He would go right back to mindless searching.
Your cheek hit the side of Mirio's slowly rising chest, eyes low as you stared at the other boy's wide, relaxed shoulders.
The funny thought to reach out and touch him invaded your mind, but Mirio's words running over your scalp sucked you back in.
"No," You stretched, back arched with a big, inward breath and an even bigger sigh.
A stubbly chin bumped the top of your head and stayed there. Steady, even breath spread in tingly trails all the way down to the base of your spine, where something bulky nudged your lower back.
And he kept it there, pressed firm onto you instead of switching to another, safer, position where you wouldn't have to think about it so much. Big, thick fingers dragged, lazy and gentle, across the skin just under your accidentally raised shirt.
Your eyes started to unfocus much faster after that adjustment, lids falling before you could get angry with yourself.
"I think it's bedtime, huh?"
The observation didn't rouse you, but as he moved your torso to the bed, you groaned a quiet, "Noooo," and locked your arms around his middle before he could do the same for your tangled legs.
Mirio always made you feel so warm and fuzzy inside, so wanted, so included, you couldn't handle parting from him.
He gave a small chuckle and moved your legs, mostly so he wouldn't crush them as he shifted to his side, then pulled you effortlessly into his chest.
The weight of his bicep was heavy against the side of your head, but it was nice. Clean-man smell surrounded you.
"What are you doing?" The low vibration from his body buzzed you awake again.
When Tamaki's quiet voice barely reached your ears from under Mirio's arm, you understood the question was not for you.
"What? It's just so we don't--,"
He gave a short laugh, and there was movement, "You're seriously putting up an anti-gay barrier?"
"It's not a--! Whatever, dude," Tamaki sounded tired, disinterested, and possibly grumpy.
Mirio's irritated sigh was subtle, but unmistakable at your proximity.
Despite how perfect every bit of this was, you hated hearing them get tense with each other-- and would much rather give up your enjoyment so that they could be besties again.
It took some effort to wiggle your face out of Mirio's deep chest, to croak in a more tired voice than you were expecting, "I can sleep on the couch."
When Mirio looked down at you, his slight double chin was very cute, "Nobody's sleeping on the couch."
More moving around and the sound of a pillow hitting the floor, as well as Tamaki's still-not-happy 'There' made you flip around to see the commotion for yourself with a yawn.
There was plenty of room to not touch, or whatever reason Tamaki put the pillow there in the first place. When you reached out to feel the empty space, you could almost stretch your arm out all the way and still not touch him.
It was a little too far, you thought.
Mirio copied you and succeeded in grabbing Tamaki's veiny bicep-- you laughed into the covers at the side-eye he gave in response.
"C'mere, buddy--,"
"C'mooon, (Y/n) wants you over here," His sly grin was very audible.
His inflection was a little weird, so you glanced up at him, and found a look you couldn't quite read. Tamaki was frowning when you turned your head back. Was this some kind of inside joke?
You didn't know if you should keep trying to grab him, because maybe he really liked his space. But Mirio knew him better than you, and he was still joking around.
Since he was right on the edge of the bed, you decided to take a handful of his shirt at the hem and give a soft tug.
"You're gonna fall off if you don't move over," You explained.
The harsh look in his eyes disappeared when he looked at you. His jaw worked.
He took too long to decide, and with sound reasoning -his wellbeing- in mind, you didn't feel too weird pulling him towards you by his waist.
Tamaki was lean where Mirio was a little softer; his tummy, for example, was solid and had zero give under your hand. That could've been the nature of his Quirk, but you had to stop yourself from thinking about it too much.
Thinking about your friend's rock-hard abs was weird, right?
"You can let go," He spoke gentler this time, no longer ticked off, next to you.
Your arm was resting comfortably over his middle. You forgot he was not as comfortable with that as Mirio.
To make retracting it not as awkward, you turned back around towards the more receptive of the two and crammed yourself back into his hold.
His head rested just above yours, his leg casually kicked over your hips while he talked softly to his buddy.
Their words slowly started to blend into letters, then sounds, then noises as you drifted off. You barely felt a kiss on the top of your head and a thumb rubbing little circles in your scalp.
Hushed whispers, or better said, the feeling of whispers dancing across your skin, stirred you from your rest. You had no semblance of what time it was, or even where you were for a moment.
"Yeah they do--,"
"You've been saying that for months, why would should I believe you now?"
"Because!" Mirio sighed, "You saw with that hand thing. You know."
There was another pause where you tried to go back to sleep, but they started talking again. You thought to tell them to be quiet.
"(Y/n)'s-- (Y/n)'s all about you, and they've been all about you for months. That's not gonna change in one night."
Your body heat was suddenly too hot. If you didn't get far away from here, you were sure you'd burn up and die. That was your biggest secret, spoken so casually.
"I'm not saying it did," Mirio brushed over it entirely, "Liking two people at the same time isn't super uncommon."
"I know," Tamaki grumbled.
If Mirio knew this entire time, did that change all of the kisses, the touches, the jokes?
An involuntary hand twitch, derived from your spiraling panic, gave you away.
Mirio's still hand on your hip rubbed, firm and even, in an 'Oh, hello,' sort of response. It began the lull of electricity downstairs, taken to a tidal wave when he shoved his thigh in between yours and pulled you like a ragdoll onto him in a single motion.
Your brow furrowed against his upper chest in the effort it took to be silent.
"Just come here," He whispered, hand temporarily leaving the covers to Tamaki.
There was a long bit of quiet. You thought, once again, to say something, assert the fact that you heard their conversation and that you were awake.
The chance was soon over. Through a series of small motions, there was a new set of hands over you.
Tamaki's willowy, chilled fingers grazed one shoulder, while his opposite arm wrapped around your waist from underneath. A new body pressed against you.
You gripped Mirio's back and tried not to claw him. He flexed his thigh, eliciting a silent gasp, and kissed your head.
His arm was moving on something behind you, and through his insistent 'It'll be fine,' 'They're asleep, just come here,' whispers, you got what he meant when Tamaki set his leg over your hips, his hips weighing on your ass.
It was one hard cock or another. There was no room for you to move.
Your teeth sunk into his chest to quiet yourself.
"Not bad, huh?"
Dumb on the sensation of the two of them, you almost responded with a pitiful answer, but Tamaki's voice, hot and breathy on your neck, stopped you.
"Fuck you, dude," He laughed.
"Well, if you're offering," Mirio suggested.
Sounds of deep, loving kisses followed their shared, quiet chuckles. It was somehow the least surprising thing yet.
The slow roll of his hips inspired Mirio's adjustment between your legs-- so that his hard-on was trapped against your own excitement, throbbing and pushing whenever Tamaki wasn't.
They were both pulling and stretching you in both directions.
Not only did Mirio clearly return your (apparently well-known) feelings, and Tamaki's own desire stood alarmingly intense, but they seemed comfortable sharing you and each other.
The thought hit your stomach hard and made you cling to your big, buff lifeline.
The longer you stayed still and struggled with keeping quiet, the more you realized how many times the boy behind you had to listen to your rants, sit through so many sighs and pining looks while he felt the exact same way about you.
No wonder he was pissed off earlier, and no wonder he was getting that out now.
His hand found the same spot on your tummy where Mirio had earlier, and though he felt completely different, it sent an identical, debilitating level of fire through your body.
You tried to curl, slow and undetectable, into the bulky muscle mashed against your face, but fucked up and flinched as Tamaki's mouth sucked a gentle kiss to your shoulder.
A large hand kept you still with a loving knead by the back of the head so that it didn't happen again.
Tamaki must not have felt it. He kept up his soft kisses, short and sweet, over your shoulder and neck.
You held your breath to not make any detectable noise. It felt foolish, considering how close he was and how sensitive his ears were. There was no way he couldn't hear your shaky sighs and strangled gasps at their pushing, pulling, grabbing, groping.
Fingers tangled and tugging at your roots, Mirio copied his best friend's kisses to the top of your head.
This was so much better than having to choose.
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host-club-hq · 18 hours ago
Can I please request Tamaki having a crush on the reader but given his flirtatious/smooth nature can go overlooked or maybe he plays it down as to not seem obvious, which nonetheless becomes even more suspicious in itself. And then him contemplating in his head how to confess because he’s been masquerading as reader’s secret admirer but the other hosts start implying that it could be another host. If that makes sense?
Tumblr media
➼ pairing: tamaki suoh x reader
➼ summary: tamaki is the master at charming his guests, so when he acts so disinterested with you, people start to question. when your secret admirer gets mistaken for someone else in the club, tamaki knows he has to do something about it...
➼ word count: 3k
➼ what to expect: "I've got a secret admirer, isn't it wonderful?"
➼ warnings: only fluff!
➼ tyyyy so much for the detailed request! i had some fun with this :) so sorry it's a bit short, but I wanted to make it short and sweet!
Tumblr media
"Please, guys, I don't want to go today." You try your best to tug your arms free from Hikaru and Kaoru as they drag you down the hallway of Ouran Academy.
"But you come to the club every day-"
"-plus, Boss would be devastated." Ever in sync, the twins continue to lead you along with them.
"I-I don't think-"
It's too late; they burst through the doors to music room 3 with you in tow. You cringe with a groan as they continue to lug you across the floor.
At the obnoxious slam, Haruhi peeks over her shoulder and spots you trying to tug free from Hikaru and Kaoru's grips.
"y/n-Senpai?" she tilts her head as the twins practically toss you down onto a love seat. You grunt and nearly fall over. You straighten quickly and smooth down your uniform dress as best you can.
Haruhi sets down a cup of your usual tea and takes a seat next to you.
"Nice to see you again, Senpai. Here for your usual?" She inquires, pouring your favored assortment of milk and sugar into your beverage and stirring it accordingly.
"Um- yes, thank you, Haruhi." you straighten your hair neatly and nod to her in thanks.
"I'll go let Kyoya know." she smiles and wanders off to fetch your regular host.
Although Kyoya doesn't match your personality one bit, it's nice to have an intellectual conversation once in a while. And, while you would like to have one with Haruhi, she's always busy with guests, and you don't want to impose.
"Boss, look who's here!" The twins wave Tamaki down loudly.
Tamaki glances over at the call of his name, once with a smile on his face with two arms thrown around his guests. When he catches your eyes, his smile fades. He clears his throat.
"Oh, hello, Miss l/n." he greets nonchalantly and returns to his guests without another spare glance thrown your way.
You growl and smack Hikaru in the arm, who happens to be standing closest to you. "I told you he wouldn't be happy to see me!" you huff.
"-So much for trying that again." The twins shrug in unison and turn to find their guests once again and apologize for the interruption.
You sigh pensively, staring down into your cup of tea and stroking your finger along the warmed china. Harboring affection for someone becomes increasingly difficult when they not only don't return it but openly humiliate you whenever you try to have the smallest of contact with them.
You know Tamaki probably isn't one to humiliate you on purpose- you've heard much too great things about him to think such a thing. He's probably only trying to spare your feelings by having the most minimal interactions with you as possible.
Still, you find it hard not to think as highly of him as you do. You find him exceedingly charming, and when observing the way he treats his friends and fellow hosts, you can't help but swoon.
You're shaking from your sulking daydreams when Kyoya strides over to you with a polite grin.
"Lovely to see you today, y/n. I hope your day is going well." Kyoya seats himself a reasonable distance from you and folds his hands in front of him.
"And you as well, Kyoya." you sip your tea quietly, and you soon fall into a comfortable silence with your host. Kyoya resumes his hostly duties... or whatever he does in that mysterious little thin, black notebook of his, and you take to finishing an essay, your teacup resting in your free hand, the both of you simply sitting in each others' presence.
There are times you and Kyoya do have nearly heated conversations, and then there are times where you say nothing. Silence is sometimes what you both need. It gives Kyoya an excuse for the other club members not to bother him; he is on duty. But, of course, you don't mind in the least when providing him that excuse.
When you start to get bored with your essay, Kyoya notices the sneaking glances you keep throwing Tamaki's way. He simpers.
"Haven't progressed with Tamaki?"
You grumble in annoyance and cross your arms, "No. I'm just so confused. It's not like I'm super obvious, am I?" You pout.
Kyoya shuts his notebook and turns to face you, "Not exceedingly, no."
"Then I don't know what the problem is." you take a thoughtful sip of your tea and contemplate.
"Our King is a confusing creature; no one can blame you."
Meanwhile, Tamaki's ears perk up at the sound of his name in your conversation with Kyoya. When his guests are otherwise occupied, he ever so subtly turns his head to sneak a glance at you. He watches carefully as you seem so comfortable with his best friend; it almost makes him angry. He sighs nonetheless and tries to return to his patient guests.
♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡
The very next day, you stand before your desk, speechless. You've arrived in your homeroom not moments ago, and you can barely believe your eyes.
On your desk is perched a neatly addressed, stark white envelope with ruby red wax in the shape of a heart sealing it shut. Your mind races for answers. It's not February, so it can't be a simple valentine from one of your friends. That's really the only explanation you can think of, so you're still thoroughly confused.
You place your school bag beside your desk and sit in your chair, taking the envelope carefully and turning it over.
There's no addresser, only the recipient, which indeed is you, despite your doubts.
y/n ❤️
You regret ruining the beautiful wax heart on the front, but your curiosity has peaked.
Tumblr media
In silence, I long for your affection, but I suffer no more
For now, I send you the first of many letters; I can no longer ignore
The way my heart beats for you and only you
I can barely deny it; this love so new
So for now, within my heart, you shall stay
Until I reveal myself, until that day
- Your Secret Admirer
Tumblr media
Inside the letter are a few pressed and dried rose petals that fall out when you open it. As you watch them fall onto your desk, you try to decipher the words.
This seems like either a cruel joke or what you might call the cheesiest way to get your attention. But, you can't help but admire how thoughtful the words in the cute little poem are.
As you look once more at the rose petals and the nature of the note, you realize what's happening-
One of the members of the Ouran Host Club has a crush on you.
♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡
It becomes a sort of a daily routine. You enter your homeroom in hopes of another note, and some days there is one; some days, there isn't a single trace of one. On the days you receive the letters, your heart soars on cloud nine of the rest of the day, and you find yourself even disregarding the uninterested looks Tamaki throws your way.
The poems are always beautiful, intelligent, creative. Whoever it is, seems to know you quite well, for all of your interests and attributes have each been appreciated in at least one letter.
The poems are always beautiful, intelligent, creative. Whoever it is seems to know you quite well, for all of your interests and attributes have each been appreciated in at least one letter.
On a particularly happy day, you find Haruhi in the library and present her with your armful of opened letters and tell her to read them. As she reads through a few, she becomes more confused and eventually asks you what in the world is going on.
Dreamily, you sigh, "I've got a secret admirer, isn't it wonderful?" you have that far-off look in your eye and, Haruhi smiles.
"That is wonderful; I'm happy for you." She pats you on the shoulder. You sigh again, "Tell Kyoya I won't be in for a few days. I'm no longer in need of the host club's services for now." You begin your journey back, leaving Haruhi with all the letters and a befuddled expression.
Of course, the first thing she does is take them to the club room. She sets them all down in front of the twins and sighs.
"Whoa, whatcha got there, Haruhi?" Kaoru peeks over his brother's shoulder as Hikaru picks up a letter.
"Has someone been writing love letters to you?" He raises an eyebrow.
"No, they're not my letters. They're y/n-Senpai's." Haruhi voices her shock with the emphasis on your name in her tone.
Hikaru hums, "Well, it's not all that surprising-"
"- she is pretty attractive; we've heard that a lot of our guests are kind of jealous of her." Kaoru picks at a letter this time.
"Yeah, well, some of the rose petals in here lead me to believe it's one of us." Haruhi shakes a letter, and, on cue, several rose petals fall loose.
"Couldn't be me." They shrug indifferently as they scan over the poems in the letters.
"Hm... these poems seem really articulate. And it wasn't me... so..." Haruhi takes a scan around the club room and gasps when her eyes land on a certain someone.
"Guys, what if it's Kyoya-Senpai?"
The twins raise their eyebrows, "Kyoya-Senpai would never write love letters." They remind her.
"But it makes perfect sense. These letters are poetic, well thought out, and all about y/n. Which host spends the most time with y/n?" Haruhi cocks a brow.
The twins think a moment, "... Kyoya-Senpai."
At your name, although he's on the opposite side of the room otherwise occupied, Tamaki starts listening in. His heart drops into the bottom of his stomach when Haruhi starts speculating about who could be sending those notes to you.
In fact, he's working on the following letter as they speak. He quickly shuts it and tucks it away in his blazer pocket, not so subtly now listening to the twins' and Haruhi's conversation.
"It has to be. Kyoya-Senpai's sending love letters to y/n."
"Think we should ask?" Hikaru and Kaoru peek at Kyoya perched at an empty table on his laptop.
"He's probably working on ideas right now." Haruhi speculates.
Tamaki fumes, clutching his pink-ink pen in his hand angrily, his knuckles turning white. He did not work on his penmanship for so long just for it to go unappreciated.
"Nah, let's let y/n figure it out." Haruhi decides, waving the idea off as she sets down the letters.
Tamaki breathes a sigh of relief. He quickly tucks away his pen into his school bag and pretends he wasn't just pouring his heart out to you on a piece of paper.
He'll have to gift you something a bit obvious next time. Something so obviously him that you won't mistake it for his best friend.
♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡        ♡
This time, there's no letter on your desk. No neatly decorated envelope containing red or pink words of affection.
No, not this time. Now, there's the biggest teddy bear you've ever seen sitting in your chair, holding a beautiful, colossal bouquet of flawless white roses.
This type of teddy bear seems oddly familiar.
The entire class swarms you and your desk, fawning over the teddy bear and telling you how lucky you are, and some even congratulate you. Everyone seems to know what's going on or who's behind this except for you.
After school, you spend a good deal of time lugging the bear gently across the school and to the club room.
When you burst through the doors, your grunt with exertion to bring the bear inside, "Alright. Who's responsible for this?" you tug at the bear's arm, being careful of the bouquet in its arms.
Haruhi is the first to greet you at the door, although most guests' eyes are trained on you now anyway, "Whoa, y/n. Need some help?" She takes the bear by one of its legs and helps you drag it to the nearest love seat.
You fall onto the sofa with a relieved sigh, "Thanks... took me so long to get it here." you pant.
"I was beginning to wonder why you were late." Kyoya materializes beside you and Haruhi.
Now that Haruhi thinks about it- there's no way Kyoya would have gifted you something so juvenile as a teddy bear, especially with white roses-
But... she knows someone who would.
A lightbulb flickers to life in her mind, and she gasps. Both you and Kyoya glance over at her exclamation, confused.
Haruhi quickly searches the room and finds Tamaki occupied with a group of guests, laughing along to whatever they've said with his arms thrown across two of their shoulders.
"Tamaki-Senpai, can I borrow you for a moment?" Haruhi strides quickly over to Tamaki's group and tugs him by the wrist.
He yelps, "Well, I- Goodbye, ladies! I guess..." Tamaki stumbles along behind Haruhi as she pulls him up from the sofa and drags him over to you.
Haruhi comes to a halt before they reach within earshot of you.
"The roses smell nice, but the teddy bear is a bit big- I'm not sure what I'll do with it." You stroke one of the bear's stubby ears as Kyoya, seated on the other side of the bear, peers through the multitude of white roses.
"That bear looks awfully familiar, don't you think, Senpai?" Haruhi peers up at Tamaki as his face goes white, draining of blood when he watches you caress his gift with a delicate hand.
"Uhm... I have no idea what you're talking about." Tamaki crosses his arms and turns his head up into the air.
"Come on. Your exact teddy bear but ten times in size, and the white roses?" Haruhi crosses her arms as well. Tamaki huffs.
"You like y/n-Senpai, don't you?" Haruhi points an accusing finger his way. Tamaki lets out a noise in surprise at her accusation, his expression softening slightly.
Sneakily, the twins conveniently appear on either side of Tamaki, startling him.
"Ohhh~, so that's why-"
"-you've been so cold with her." They smirk knowingly. Tamaki scoffs.
"I'm not cold with her." He shakes his head defiantly.
Haruhi deadpans, "Senpai, she clearly likes you, and you ignore her."
"Well, what was I supposed to do?! If I treated her differently, everyone would know-! Wait, she likes me?" Tamaki stops himself mid-tirade and glances at you laughing with Kyoya and hugging onto the bear.
"Come on, Boss." Kaoru groans.
"Like that wasn't the most obvious thing in the world. She's always trying to get your attention!" Hikaru points out dramatically.
"It seems you know everyone, but when it comes to yourself, you're completely oblivious." Haruhi grumbles under her breath.
With the twins' shove to his back, Tamaki's heels skid against the floor as they shove him over to where you're sitting.
"Hey-! What are you two punks-"
Before he can finish, however, the twins plant him directly in front of you and Kyoya. Mid-conversation, you turn to look at him, and your heart skips a beat.
"Tamaki?" You question in surprise.
Tamaki presses his lips together, and his shoulders tense near his ears. He's usually much more composed around his guests, but around you... he feels something real. And feeling something real scares him more than putting up a facade for near strangers. When the moment comes, he's a fantastic actor... but this isn't acting. This is how he really feels.
You glance back and forth apprehensively, "Is something wrong?" You tilt your head.
Oh, so very wrong. The words are stuck in his throat, and he feels as though he's straining for air.
Kyoya adjusts his glasses as he notices Tamaki might need some assistance.
"Tamaki, do you have something to say to y/n?"
Tamaki squeaks, "... yes."
"Go on, then."
"Oh, would you get out of here?!" Tamaki stamps his foot and glares in Kyoya's direction. Kyoya merely shrugs.
"Fine. Have it your way." He bids you farewell and wanders off to attend to other needs.
Now that he thinks about it, he would have liked Kyoya to stay. Or would he? No, he wants to do this alone.
But he's not alone. Most of the club and its guests have tuned in to this potential confession. He can feel his heartbeat loudly in his ears, and he gulps.
"Are you okay?" You start to notice all of the eyes trained on the pair of you, and your face starts to tint a warm color.
"y/n... I know I might not treat you with the utmost charm, but..." Tamaki suddenly kneels by your seat and takes you gingerly by the hand. You let out a hitched breath as your free arm draws close to your chest, a nervous habit.
You aren't used to having any attention from Tamaki, except a few words and a disinterested glance thrown your way, so you're exactly sure how you're supposed to react right now. So, you remain speechless.
"Over time, I realized how it pained me to keep you at such a distance. I can deny it no longer; my infatuation with you has grown far too much." Tamaki slips a hand over his chest.
"Infatuation?" You whimper pathetically.
"Indeed, my dear. I sincerely hope you return my affection." His eyes sparkle.
Your eyes flit over to the teddy bear and bouquet of roses. "Was this you?" You point to the bear.
Tamaki's eyes land on the bear, and his face goes beet red.
"Umm..." His facade starts to fade when your smile widens.
"I love it!" You lunge forward and swing your arms around his neck. Tamaki grunts and nearly falls backward.
The guests around you cheer, and the hosts join in. The red in Tamaki's face spreads to his ears when he catches a whiff of your intoxicating scent.
"Took him long enough," Haruhi grumbles. The twins grin devilishly.
"And now we don't have to watch them pine after each other!"
"... that's one way to put it."
A smile tugs at Tamaki's lips, and his arms wrap themselves around you securely. Unfortunately, you pull away far too soon for his liking.
Tamaki takes a rose from the bear's embrace and presents it to you.
"Would you be my rose?" His princely facade quickly returns.
"How very cliché of you, Suoh." Your lips playfully press into a thin line.
"But yes... I would love to be your rose." You giggle, accepting his offering and bringing it up to your nose to catch the scent.
You lean forward and peck him on the cheek; he nearly falls flat on his ass.
Tumblr media
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have any questions? talk to my characters! 🙏🏻
Adieu~ 🌹🌹🌹
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escapenightmare · a month ago
when you catch them staring at you.
Tumblr media
izuku flushes a bright red, a shaky smile adorning his face. he lifts the hand that wasn't holding his pencil up and gives you a small wave despite the fact that his hand itself was shaking due to his nervousness. he wants you to forget all about it, because god that was embarrassing.
shoto feels his heterochromatic eyes go wide, and then blinks to cover it up. the tips of his ears are a slight pink out of embarassment, but he still gives you a small smile before going back to paying attention to the lesson that was being taught.
bakugou had an unreadable look on his face but as soon as you notice, a red spreads across his face. he looks away with his eyes wide, looking as if he'd seen something he shouldn't have. doesn't look your way again and will instinctively deny if you ever call him out on it.
denki grins in spite of his entire face being red. he looks around to see if anyone's paying attention to him before bringing his hand up to wave at you, then he points at the clock in front of the classroom, looking back at you with bright eyes filled with excitement. he's embarassed, but he knows how to cover it up.
kirishima gives you a toothy smile, feeling a little embarrassed and shy since he got caught staring at you with literal heart eyes, he averts his attention back to class when you wave at him and he waves back, his smile becoming even brighter.
sero sits up straight when you turn your head and catch him in the act of staring at you like a lovesick idiot. he forces out a smile — mentally bashing himself as he thought you would think he's a weirdo now. but when you return it, a genuinely grin replaces the fake smile before he goes back to taking notes.
tamaki who thinks he might just pass out or wishes he could just slink back and disappear under the earth. his eyes are wide like saucers, he feels like his heart just stopped. but then you smile, and he blushes, giving a painfully obvious shaky smile before he turns around and looks down at his completed notes in embarassment.
Tumblr media
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veenxys · a month ago
「BNHA Boys reacting to you calling them ‘husband’」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
he was driving; one hand on the steering wheel and the other on your thigh. he stop at the traffic lights and you pretend someone called you "oh hi! no i'm not home. i'm spending the day with my husband" at that moment bakugou's eyes meet yours; you can't tell what was in his eyes though, it was a mixture of surprise, fun, love, and even… anger? maybe he wanted to call you wife first because you know, he doesn't want to be last. he just raises an eyebrow when you 'hang up.' "what did you call me?" he asks in a mocking tone, "my husband?" you say as if you didn't give much of a ball. he then takes your chin in one hand and kisses you passionately, whispering against your lips "never stop calling me that, brat", a teasing smile appears on his lips before he kisses you again; he just stops when the car behind him starts honking at him, he just rolls his eyes and sticks his middle finger out the window.
⤷ Deku
you told deku that you wanted to record a video for your friends updating them about your life and deku's since you haven't seen each other for a long time, he readily agreed and started the video beside you. "hey guys, i wanted to update you guys about my life and my husband's!" his neck turns so quickly towards you that you are worried if it has broken or not; his eyes widened as he looked at you and your cell phone, not knowing what to do. "i'm… i'm your husband? like.. LIKE IM YOUR HUSBAND?!??" you just smile and leave a peck on his lips, nodding. he then smiles hugely and hugs your waist, leaving kisses on your neck and jaw, "deku.. the video!" he then remembers the cell phone in your hand and looks at the screen. "did you hear that? husband!! husband! i'm their husband!!!"
⤷ Kirishima
you place the phone on the table and cover it slightly so that only the camera is visible; kirishima arrives in the room and throws himself right beside you on the couch and looks for a movie on the tv. you hit the record button and start talking like you're on a call with your friend. "heyy! i'm at my house with my husband." kirishima turns his head so quickly towards you that your eyes widen; he then looks at you amused and you could see his cheeks turning red; he hugs your waist tightly and puts his head on your chest, saying things like "don't ever call me baby again, just call me husband!! no wait... your husband", "repeat this please, it's my new daily serotonin..."
⤷ Todoroki
you had booked a table at todoroki's favorite restaurant to surprise him. when you two arrived, the waiter greeted you both with a smile but all todoroki could hear was "...mr and mrs/mr todoroki"; at that moment he froze and stared at you, mouth half-open as his glowing eyes meet yours; he just shakes his head and spends the rest of the night calling you mrs todoroki while gently holding your hand on the table.
⤷ Denki
you were ordering pizza and denki was whispering under his breath about what he wanted, so you said over the phone "yeah, and my husband wants a large sprite". he stops for a second and looks at you with his eyes shining like he can't believe what he just heard. a huge smile curls his lips as he hugs you, secretly taking the phone from your hand and saying "did you hear that? husband wants a large sprite! husband bro!!" and after he ends the call, he looks at you and shakes his head, still smiling; "fuck i love you so much my lovely wife/husband!!" then he starts dropping lots of tender kisses all over your face, making you smile <3
⤷ Tamaki
"can i have more water for my husband please?" you say and the waiter just nods before leaving; tamaki stops eating and looks at you, eyes wide and cheeks starting to blush; he lifts a hand to his mouth. his eyes so bright you couldn't help but smile; an embarrassed smile starts to appear on his lips but he doesn't let you see and he looks again at the plate in front of him, not knowing what to say. you just take his free hand and repeat the word that stirred him "you are my husband, aren't you?" and he just squeezes your hand in response, looking back at you and finally letting you see the beautiful smile he has on his lips because of you.
⤷ Shinsou
his brain would suddenly malfunction before he could even understand what you just said - you would probably pause for a second too. you two will be staring at each other for a second when you two realize what you just said; he starts to blush and you smile nervously, "so...well... i didn't lie, right?" he smiles and nods, "no, of course not... my wife/husband."
⤷ Hawks
the waiter arrives and places the bill on your table waiting for you to pay; hawks always liked to spoil you so he never lets you pay anything. he takes the credit card out of his wallet and hands the card to the waiter to put it in the machine. like his job, the waiter asks for feedback on the service, food, restaurant atmosphere, and things like that; you take the opportunity and say, "my husband and i really enjoy coming here on dates and it's very cute and your services are great too." you wink in his direction. and honestly, this boy stopped working. he turned his head towards the waiter and asked him while stammering “did they just call me husband? did thEY?!?” the waiter nods his head in amusement and smiles looking at you two. “well.. my wife/husband and i really like to come here, thanks for the good food as always” hawks winks at you only to see you as nervous as he is.
⤷ Dabi
he'll look at you seriously with his brows furrowed, but before you even know it, he's got a small smile on his lips. he's so arrogant. he's quite possessive of you, so when you call him your husband, he gets a sense of possessiveness from you too - which lights a fire in him. he'll ask you to repeat those words as he kisses you or bites your neck - he'll even pull you into a little make-out session to suppress his happiness when you call him your husband - like i said, he's quite possessive indeed when you know you just belonged to him and vice versa.
⤷ Shigaraki
"my husband is right here," you say into the phone you were holding before sitting next to shigaraki on the couch; he was playing, but instantly stops and looks at you with a confused expression. he never thought about marriage because the two of you already lived together, so for him, it wasn't something new or something he dreamed of; but the way you called him husband made his heart skip a beat. it was so genuine and caring that he melted a little more for you. you hang up the phone and look at him,"what?" "you called me your... your husband?" he asks gulping, "sure! you are my husband after all, love". he just nodded and went back to playing his game, pretending it was no big deal, but you could swear you saw a small smile curl his lips and his cheeks flushed.
Tumblr media
🏷️ - tags! @chuupetarou,@tiiredcorpse, @saturnmich, @yfneccentric, @nishayuro, @hazyspells, @belovedserenityy, @shrimpy109, @rorikau, @kirissluttypebble, @mlb-hp-hoo, @itisaclock, <3
.˳⁺⁎˚ taglist + masterlist! ˚⁎⁺˳ .
Tumblr media
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httptouya · 20 days ago
“ how they kiss ” [ bnha ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰┈➤ pairing: separate, bakugou, deku, kiri, shouto, denki, sero, mina, jirou, shinsou, tamaki, hawks, dabi x gn!reader
╰┈➤ a/n: no warnings i think, two more bnha girls!, mentions of reader being shorter than them in a few- not necessarily canon- i just like feeling small as a 5'11 person. once again, i tired to keep them even, favouritism is present tho!
Tumblr media
katsuki refuses to half-ass anything- affection included. every single kiss is meaningful and passionate. half the time he looks angry during them, brows furrowed and jaw tight, but he's always so tender. large hands soft as they grip your jaw and intertwine with your own. grumbles about your height difference, no matter if it even exists, so he can hook muscled arms around your thighs and lift you to meet him. Will never admit it, but the soft sound of surprise you make has him smiling into the kiss. another thing he'll never admit to is just how much he enjoys when you initiate kisses. the only reason he likes dressing up for hero galas is because anytime he's wearing a tie, you always use it to jerk him down to your level for a kiss. melts him into a puddle in the palm of your hand every time.
izuku is certainly not the most experienced person in the world, but he is incredibly eager to please. he's gentle in everything that involves you, but affection makes it so much worse- hands fluttering at his sides until you guide them to rest on your hips. it's rare for you to stop at one kiss either, the moment you pull away he's chasing your lips- flushed and panting. definitely whines and sighs during your more passionate moments, refusing to lift his mouth from yours. the more comfortable he gets in your relationship, the more touching gets involved. he loves cradling your face before leaning in for a kiss, fingers brushing your brow, your cheek, the bow of your lips- he just wants to touch you.
eijirou grins into every kiss, no matter what. he just gets so overwhelmed with love and presses a smile against your mouth. his enthusiasm does have its faults, though. he can be a pretty clumsy kisser, especially in the beginning- teeth clacking together and foreheads or noses knocking together. he always makes sure to pepper your entire face in kisses afterwards to make up for it. another who will just pick you up for easier access, but makes no excuses for it. just grips your thigh with one strong hand and lifts you to his level. the smile he gives you is always so bright and sincere and he seems to get even closer like that. he also loves when you do the run and jump thing. he'll catch you in a spin and give you a tad overly passionate kiss- he doesn't mind the stares.
shouto's kisses are always so soft, fingers finding your own and eliminating the already minimal space between you. the beginning of your relationship he was quite awkward, never initiating and stiff when reciprocating- but as soon as he's comfortable, expect them often. he always asks first, hand cupping your chin as he asks, eyes locked on your lips. he didn't grow up with very much affection, so he really likes when you shower him in it unprompted. loves when you hold onto him during kisses too, it helps him feel grounded and connected to you. every time you pull away he's always flushed, breathless and smiling softly. he can get very needy, pulling you back against him, "one more?"
denki only knows eager, teasy kisses. he's so happy that you love him and that you want to kiss him- so he puts all of that into your kiss. showers you in kisses all the time, no matter how inappropriate the timing. will hunt you down before class or in the halls just to shower you in affection. you have to kiss him before you leave to do something and whenever you get back, too. whether you just have to go get a drink from the kitchen or are getting back from patrol- kiss. he smirks against your mouth too, pressing his full weight against you- curving himself to fit against the contours of your body. teeth and tongue are often involved too, pulling your bottom lip between his teeth and pulling back with a smug smile.
hanta doesn't see the problem in pda- if the urge to kiss you, or make out, takes him- he's going through with it. his hands frame your face as he pulls you in, every movement full of passion and vigour before they wander to grip your waist. also really likes to pull you into a kiss and slip his hands into your back pockets. another teeth and tongue user, will lick into your mouth and smile into it if you let him. he's not even doing it out of jealousy or anything though, he just loves you a lot and doesn't see why it should matter if you have an audience.
ashido is a very excitable kisser, buzzing with energy all the time. she takes your face in both of her hands and tugs you against her, pouring every last drop of affection into her touch. she loves trying to fluster you and is usually pretty successful, sneaking up behind you just to pepper kisses over every square inch of your face. she's also a very touchy person, loves to not only have her hands on you but needs you to be holding her back just as tight- loves when you wrap your arms around her neck. she interrupts you with kisses a lot too, not in a mean way- she just sees you being all passionate about something, starts staring at your mouth, and suddenly she's kissing you.
jirou isn't the most affectionate person in the world, especially in public, so kisses are a lot rarer with her. when she does kiss you, it's always too short- a brush of skin and then she's pulling away all flushed. the small smile she has afterwards has you wanting to pull her into you and that's really the only way a kiss escalates past a peck. she does have her more intense moments, though, usually when you're both curled up together on something soft, she'll pull you to her by the nape of your neck and press a long kiss to your lips, pressing another to your forehead when she pulls away.
hitoshi treats you so gently, every kiss so delicate and warm- both hands moving to intertwine with your own. occasionally he'll raise one to cup the side of your face, running a thumb against the soft skin of your under eye. he's a simple kisser, not that makes them any less passionate, but he's just so soft with every move. he'll tilt your head towards him or tuck flyaway hairs behind your ears. any noise you make during the kiss, no matter how soft or short, is met with a huffed laugh from him. refuses to pull away immediately, resting his forehead against your own and nudging noses.
tamaki is not a fan of pda, unless he's in a place he feels comfortable or unnoticed. no matter how long you've been together, he will be nervous- the tips of his ears darkening and cheeks flushed. he likes to touch you though, shaky hands running up and down your arms or softly cupping the apple of your cheeks. his breath always stutters during them too, swallowing hard when you finally pull back. he doesn't like really aggressive affection in public, but he really loves more hidden, softer kisses when you're out. if you brush your lips over his knuckles when you're setting together or greet him from behind with a kiss underneath his ear- he melts.
keigo has two modes when it comes to kissing- teasing you and attempting to express all the love and appreciation he has for you. he'll tip your chin to look up at him, push his face an inch in front of yours, and hesitate. smirks if you pout or whine, laughing before finally meshing your lips together. his more intimate kisses are kind of a lot, all-consuming- all you can think about is him. he has one hand rooted at the back of your neck and one wrapped around your waist- pulling you flush against him. his wings wrap around you, all warm and soft brushing your skin. whimpers against your mouth if you tangle your hands in his hair.
touya has one mode when it comes to you- ardent. he kisses you like it's the last time he'll get the chance, which he might not be wrong. every second is important to him and he's trying to show it. his hands frame the sides of your neck, thumbs pressing against your ears as he tugs you into him. no matter how you started the kiss- you end up in his lap, fingers dug into you. he's clingy, even if he won't admit it- curving over you and pressing so close you think he's trying to claw his way into your skin.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 3 months ago
𝖘’𝖙𝖔𝖔 𝖒𝖚𝖈𝖍 | day eight.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. dilf tamaki amajiki — size kink.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. fingering, teasing, afab reader, daddy kink, fem reader, tummy bulge, dirty talk, size kink, dacryphilia, pet names, degradation, praise.
𝖉𝖗𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖑𝖊. 673 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. sorry for being a little mia, uni is just killing me right now. will try to be more active when i can!
𝖓𝖊𝖜 𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖗𝖞 𝖋𝖔𝖗.. @nkogneatho’s dilftober event.
kinktober masterlist.
Tumblr media
Tamaki was no longer the shy and quiet hero that people once knew of—he had grown stronger, braver and had gained a lot of confidence over the years of training and hero work he’s done. He stood tall and proud, his huge form intimidating to others but not to you. He’d always had a bit of a sweet spot for his little bunny after all.
He was huge, painfully so—he wished that he could deny the satisfaction it gave him as he stared down at you but he couldn’t. He loved the way your eyes seemed to fill with lust from just his lean muscles to the way he practically towered over you. The feeling of you being so small and vulnerable underneath him making his cock grow painfully hard.
Your wide, teary eyes glance up to meet his dark ones as he pumps you full of his fingers. The feeling was almost overwhelming and you couldn’t help but think to yourself that there was no way for you to take his cock, your thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his smooth voice filling the quiet room.
“You still with me, bunny? You’re doing so good, pretty girl. So fucking wet for daddy, aren’t you?” You nodded, whining as his fingers prod against your sensitive spots. Hating and loving the way he seemed to know your body better than you did. Your warm walls clamped down perfectly on his fingers like a vice, forcing an animalistic groan out of his throat as he finally pulls you into his lap.
Your entrance hovering right above his pulsating cock, the angry red tip dripping pre-cum from how much he’s been holding back. His grip on your hips are tight as he pulls you down onto him even just the burn of the tip of his cock was already painful, making you hiss out as he tries his best to not shove you down onto his cock and pound into you like his instincts were telling him to.
He lowly ushers you, kissing away the stray tears that stream down your cheeks as your hands dig crescent shaped indents into his shoulder. “Daddy—s’too much! I- I can’t!”
His hand moves to press against the spot just below your navel, the feeling of a slight bulge from his cock making him lose the last bit of his control as he growls out, “Too much, bunny? Your pathetic little cunt can’t take daddy’s cock. That’s too fuckin’ bad because you’re not the one in charge here, slut.”
And with that he forces you all the way down, the tip of his cock fucking into your cervix as a sadistic smile makes it’s way onto his face at the feeling of your juices dripping down his balls and your pussy squeezing down on his cock so much it’s like you’re trying to milk him.
“Tch, who said you could cum, bunny slut? I didn’t give you permission to, did I?”
“Such a disobedient brat.” He doesn’t give you the time to explain as he suddenly shoves his fingers into your mouth, forcing them down your throat as he watches you struggle to take them.
“I want you to cum on my cock again and again, until all you can think about is taking my cum and being my little breeding bitch, you fucking understand me slut? This is your punishment, bunny, and you better take it like a good girl.”
Tumblr media
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novasdarling · 3 months ago
Mermaid Problems
Kinktober 2021
Summary: Swimming in the water you grew up maybe wasn't the smartest idea while a certain desperate creature in need of a mate lurks beneath the waves.
TW: Mermaid, yandere ideas, water, kidnapping, noncon, breeding, sex, Aged Up!
Tumblr media
It was a calm day in terms of weather. Nice and sunny, the water was calm. Everything had pointed to a nice relaxing day at the beach. And everything had been great until you decided to take a swim. It wasn’t far out, you knew that it was best to stay by the dock or the shore. However, the water was too nice and you kept spotting more shells further and further. It should have been obvious that admiring the water could become dangerous. The rules from when you were young of having grown up near the sea didn’t seem to apply to you today. It was foolish, but it was the truth.
Your admiration of the water and the things it was what almost caused your death. It was supposed to be safe at least a kilometre offshore, predators just never seemed to come any closer for some reason. Maybe that explained your obliviousness, your carelessness of your surroundings and of your survival. The shark nearing your whereabouts was proof of how little attention was given to the water. You were too occupied admiring the small fish and the shells that littered the seabed to see the danger. Though you had missed it, another predator hadn’t. Tamaki was there to help you.
Humans weren’t rare around the shore, no they were common. Whether in boats, swimming or standing on the shore close to the water. He used to them, despised them, but nonetheless use to them. His hatred of them was what surprised him the most when he got the shark to head away from you. Knowing the shark wouldn’t have seriously harmed you, probably only given you a bite and then swam off. But then there was the blood and panic that would have destroyed his peaceful day.
Normally he would have swum because away from humans, ignored their presence as much as possible. But here he was, watching you swim around, admiring his world. You were something else, something inhuman. Different than the rest. How you swam as if you were made for the water. You were not like him, you didn’t have a tail with fins, you didn’t have gills yet here you were, Adapting in the water.
He wasn’t sure what sparked in him, what set of such a need for you. Could it be because Tamaki had been alone for all these years. Or was it cause he had reached the age of maturity a while ago and still hadn’t found a mate. But here you were, practically begging for him to take you. Take you far away from here and keep you safe. After what he just saw, safety was what you needed from him.
Swimming was so relaxing. The water against your skin, the fish that swam by. It was all so nice. Thank goodness you hadn’t thrown away those goggles from all those years ago. It made it easier to see the beauty the way around. Unfortunately, they were no help in aiding you to see the creature swimming towards you.
Arms were wrapped around your waist. Fear was beginning to set in. It was too fast to react, everything happened too fast for human reaction. Not long after arms were wrapped around your body, you were dragged through the water by something you weren’t able to fully see. Only feeling a human chest pressed against your back. Along with the arms that looked semi-human, with scales, securing your body against its.
The question of where you were headed had quickly been replaced with how you will breathe. The air was slowly running out. Instead of air, the pain was residing in your chest instead. This was how you died. Drowning. Not swallowing water was becoming harder and harder. The pain of being dragged and the lack of air was becoming painful. Becoming worse by the second. Why was this happening? Or better yet what was happening?
It was long until you passed out. Swallowing water along with passing out. Tamaki felt bad, but this needed to be done. Only he could provide you safety and soon you’d see this was all for the better.
The feeling was terrible, waking up and coughing what you felt like was a whole sea worth of water. As if it would never end. Realizing just how dark it was where here was. Feeling around to help you assess where this was. Rock, sand, water. Crawling around, trying to gain an understanding of where you were. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. You were cold, sick, and tired. The worst part was the unfamiliar surrounding. Your coughing hadn’t seized either. You weren’t sure
if it was still the water or maybe your anxiety taking on a physical form.
Rustling was coming from behind you. Freezing in place, waiting for any more movement. It was quiet for a moment. then more noise came. It sounded like it was all around. Not staying in one place. Then your eyes were blinded. Abruptly light had appeared. Was, was this a cave? It looked like one.
Once the shock of the lights had worn off, that’s when he became visible. Tamaki was sitting across from you, hiding in the shadows, but you could see him. He looked like a man, at least from the waist up. Some odd scales covering parts of his arms. Scars adorned his body as well. Moving up his neck you noticed more of his features. Where are those gills on his neck? He wasn’t human, but yet his face looked like he was. Mostly. His eyes were terrifyingly piercing. As if they could stare into you. Then there were his teeth. They were extremely noticeable when he gave you a grin. Sharp.
“I-I, I am Tamaki.” His voice was strained. Speaking must not be something he’s too used to. Then he began to move. That’s when you fully noticed his tail. The memory of the swim over had suddenly come back. He was the thing that brought you here.
“Where am I? W-what happened?” You were terrified. What did this thing want? “P-please I just want to go home.” Tamaki frowned at your words, confused about why you wanted to leave. Instead of letting you go, he made his way to you. Dragging himself towards you. There was nowhere you could go once you hit the wall behind you, yet he kept coming. Moving across the cave floor towards you. Avoiding eye contact at all costs. You realized something. The light. The light from the cave roof. That meant that some part of this cave was above water. So either it was breaking one of the tiny holes open. No, looking closer the rock was too thick. There had to be some other way. Tamaki was almost right in front of you when you noticed the water. A little bay. That's how you guys came in, maybe that’s how you could leave. But he had you trapped now. One hand is placed on your waist while the other stroking your cheek. Tears had begun to stream down your face. “Please, just please don’t hurt me. I wanna go home.” He began to shush you as his hand stroked your cheek. Rubbing away at the tears. It would have been a sweet gesture if he hadn’t been some creature that had kidnapped you for who-knows-what.
All you could do was whimper and beg him to let you go, but either he didn’t understand or didn’t care. He continues to coo and hush you. Mumbling under his breath, some words sounding like English and others not.
“Your name?” Tamaki pointed his finger in the middle of your chest and asked. “Oh” Maybe he did understand you and was just ignoring you. Introducing himself, hoping that would make him more likely to show mercy to you. “Pretty” Tamaki practically purred in response.
Leaving was not possible, he had made that very clear. You were to stay here and be with him. Asking him why had gotten you nowhere. All he offered in response was a smile and a blush. Hours went by and nothing had gotten clearer. No, instead you were now still wet and cold.
Tamaki only noticed you were cold when he saw you shivering in the corner. His heart sank. You were cold, of course, humans were so easily affected by temperature. He was being selfish with keeping all his body heat to himself. Moving closer to you, feeling worse when he saw how you flinched at his movements. You were his poor little baby, something he needed to protect and take care of. He could prove it to you, prove how he will be so good for you.
Wrapping his arms around you, pulling your body down in a spooning position. So soft, that’s all he could think of, all he could think of until you moved your ass against him. You awoke something in him. Something primal. Something he was hoping he could have kept at bay for at least tonight. To let you ease in. But how could he when you were being so tempting? He knew another way to warm you up.
You were flipped over suddenly. Layed on your back by Tamaki. He stared into your eyes, the look was something you couldn’t recognize what it was. But it was something dark and primal. Crawling away from him was not possible, his arms had you cagged in. Not to mention he was your only source of warmth. You two simply stared at each other. His large eyes scanning your face. His had lust, while yours held fear. Swiftly his lips were crashed onto yours. It was messy and wet. Desperate. Like he was trying to get closer to you, pushing his body as close to yours as possible.
The bathing suit you were wearing was no longer on your body, they had been ripped off. That’s when you were aware of just how dangerous Tamaki was. He could end your life with those claws so easily. It would be better to just stay still and try no to anger him. Hopefully, this will be over soon, then you could be safe at home. A thought that you weren’t aware of was never going to happen.
The feeling of his hands roaming your bare body was hard to ignore. A reminder of how espoused you were to him, how helpless you were in a cave with no easy exit and with a creature you weren’t sure what it wanted. Those breathing techniques you learned to help stay calm were useless. Nothing could save you from him, it was a fact you hated to admit.
While you were shaking at his touch, Tamaki was exploring your body with his hands. Taking in how your skin felt against his. How different the textures were. Coos and moans escaped his lips and his hands trailed to your breast. He knew what these were, even his species had them. For feeding the young. Yes, that meant you could produce young as well and nurture them. Oh, Tamaki couldn’t hide his excitement at that prospect. You with his young, being a mother to his offspring. Watching you grow a life inside of you, a life he would put there. Yes, that meant he would have to put it inside of you. fill you will his seed so you could be fully his. Proving to others who you belong to with your womb swollen because of him.
The excitement had gotten to him, there was no holding back now. In Tamaki’s eyes you were already his, the moment he decided he had to have you. That was how his kind was, if they wanted something they got it. Proved to their potential mate they could care for them, protect them and fill them with young. His lips latched onto one of your nipples, sucking and swirling his tongue around it. Tamaki had a hard time understanding human reactions, so he mistook your back arching in surprise as it arching in pleasure. Urging him to continue his onslaught on your chest. Hands pushed against him did no good, he simply batted them away or ignored them. This is all he had wanted for so long and now he had you, he had his little mate.
It felt like hours that he was at your chest, sucking and playing with them. Switching between each breast. Moaning into your skin. Then you felt him grind against your leg. He was going to try to have sex with you. This creature was going to try to fuck you. You weren’t sure what you were more scared of, the fact he probably wanted more than just sucking at your chest. Or how he was going to do it. He has a fish-like tail, how on earth was he going to do it? That’s when he answered your question for you. Letting your chest free from his grip and mouth he sat up. “G-good girl.” An odd smile adorned his face. Tamaki’s hand dragged down his body to below his hips. He released his dick from its confinement. It was hidden behind a few scales but was now fully out. The blush that now adorned his face was extreme, red to his ears. You could swear he almost looked shy as he showed himself off to you. But what really caught your attention was what had just come into view. He was large, at least larger than any man you had seen before. Your fears were coming to reality. Scurrying back away from Tamaki, until his hand gripped your ankle tightly. Pulling you back towards him as he crawled on top of you. “No, please. Be good for me. Please y/n” he was going to enter you without any preparations. Sure his attack on your chest had gotten you a bit wet, you hate to admit. But that was nothing compared to what you needed for this. “No, please no. I-it’s too much. It’s going to hurt.” It was wishful to think your pleas would do anything to him when he was in such a state. Instead, Tamaki cocked his head to the side confused. It would seem his kind don’t need to prepare the other. “Too much? Hurt? Why?” He looked sad, like the idea of hurting you could end him. If he only knew just how to hurt you already were from everything he had already done.
“You can’t just, uh” The words were difficult to find. How could you explain to this creature who was laying on you and looking straight down at you? That he won’t be able to get in without either tearing you, or he needed to prepare you. The thought made you realize you had accepted your fate. He was going to have his way for you. Then maybe he’d let you go or leave so you could find your way out. “It’s just. I, humans, need to be prepared before. Before things go in…” Confusion was written across his face. “Prepare?” You were going to have to show him. Gently grabbing his hand you guided it down to your cunt. Trying to get him to move his fingers around your clit. Your back arched and a moan escaped your lips when his finger found it. Trying to help him move them was difficult. He was so still, when you looked up at him you noticed his features. The shock was on his face and he stared at where his fingers were. “I need you to do this.”
With those words, his fingers began to move on their own. Picking up speed. Your moans only aided him in his attempt. He needed to see this, see what he was doing to you. Lowering his head to meet your cunt. He watched as his fingers rubbed your clit, he could see it. Looking up he watched as your face scrunched and moans escaped his lips. Yes, this was it. This is what he so desperately craved. A mate, a mate who had obviously accepted him. Tamaki could learn how to please you, how to make you feel good and want him.
You couldn’t stop yourself, your hand found Tamaki’s hair. Grabbing at him to push his face fulling into. You wanted his tongue on your clit. “Please Tamaki, please u-use your tongue.” You wanted him to taste you, oh he would happily comply. It would be a lie if he said that he wasn’t thinking of it himself. His kind usually doesn’t use their mouths down there. But he knows a few of his old friends use to talk about how it felt better for yourself and your mate when you found some land and used your mouths on each other. Leaving marks on your mate's body was normal, but a bit hard to do underwater. So the land was typically found when two wanted to try things. His lips were attached to your clit in a second. Moans caused vibrations around your clit. He was lapping at your core, trying to taste every inch of you. It wasn’t long until his tongue began to roam around your entrance. Pushing past it to tongue fuck you. it felt like he was going deeper than was possible. Then again, he wasn’t human so who knows how long his tongue truly was. Shifting your focus on his unnatural aspect, you focused on the feeling. The pleasure he was giving you. It was amazing. You could feel the pressure building up in you. Squeezing your walls, causing Tamaki to moan. He was going to make you cum. It was close, so close. All it took was him adding his fingers to your clit. Your moans had turned to screams as you finished on his face.
While you were coming down from your high Tamaki was shocked, he was slowly cleaning you off with his tongue, but was confused about what just happened. You had tasted so good and he was just trying to get more of you when you screamed. Then suddenly he was tasting more. He liked this and it seemed to have made you feel good. Tamaki wasn’t sure what just happened, but he wanted to do it more. He needed to make you do that again, but this time not on his face. “Are you okay? Ready now?” You nodded in response. In a rush, he suddenly laid in the position he was in before, where his face was against yours. The notion that this was all to warm you up was gone from his mind. Now, now this was for him. To claim his mate and have you. As he lined his dick up with your entrance. Pushing in, he slowed his pace when he saw how you grabbed his arm and whimpered in pain. He didn’t want this to be painful for you, no, he wanted you to enjoy this like he was going to.
The pain was harsh, even after he had made you cum on his face. There was still a burn happening. The stretch he was causing was bad, but at least he slowed down. This could be more bearable. Finally, he was fully in. Scales pressed against your hips and he waited a moment. Moans and grunts were falling from Tamaki’s lips. Pushing his face into your neck. Muttering how good you felt and how you were such a good girl. Praising you for taking him so well. Then he began to move. First, it was slow, but something must have switched in him as his pace picked up. Hips snapping against yours at a harsh rate. It felt nice, but the pain was outlaying the pleasure. Your pleas of mercy fell on deaf ears as Tamaki was busy pleasuring himself and trying to get another orgasm out of you. He was in a state of bliss right now. If only you could see his face. He already looked like he was fucked out and drunk on your cunt. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was enjoying it a bit too much. Feeling his drool makes its way onto your neck and shoulder.
The full pleasure eventually came, the pain had ceased. He was filling you up more than you had ever been. As if his dick was hitting all the right angles. Moans from both of you had filled the cave. The slap of skin and scales could be heard at a deafening volume. It all felt so wonderful that you almost didn’t want to believe this wasn’t against our will.
Things weren’t slowing down, Tamaki had his head still buried in your neck while violently hammering into you. His fingers suddenly moved down your body. Gliding across your skin until it reached its destination. Your slit. His fingers began to work at it again, trying to build you up once more. Your moans got louder. Swearing you could feel Tamaki smile against your skin. You arched into him, trying to get more. More of his fingers working on you. More of something to push you over the edge. And Tamaki was more than happy to comply. “Please. Please again. I want it again. I want more.”
His thrust got wild as he got close to finishing. He just wanted you to do what you did before. Make a mess on him and squeeze him again. Tamaki was desperate for you to cum on him now. As his fingers pushed you over the edge, he felt it. Your walls squeezing his dick, pulsing around it. This was bliss, the most bliss any creature could feel. To be fucking their mate and have them do this to them. Oh, it was perfect and he’d reward you. Pausing himself to catch his breath again. Then he continued his onslaught. His mouth got to work nibbling at your skin, sucking and biting. Leaving any kind of mark he could as he fucked into you as fast and hard as he could. He was going to fill you up. Fill you with his seed. You were his mate and he needed to breed you. Cries left his mouth and he desperately railed you. Trying to get deeper with every thrust. Tamaki ignored your whines of pains and pleas to stop. This was just too good for him. Little whimpers of “mine.mine.mine.” could be heard from him when he finally finished.
The feeling of him pumping you full was shattering to you. Feeling his cum coat your walls. It felt like forever that he laid on you pumping his seed into you. But in a way comforting. At least he was done. This was all done. You could leave now. Once you felt him stop you asked. “C-can I l-leave now?” Your voice was scratchy from all the moans and screams from earlier. Tamaki’s body suddenly moved, he was now facing you. Analyzing your face. He looked so confused and hurt. “No. You stay with me now. You’re mine.” His grip on you tightens as you tried to move away from him. “No. Stop. You’re mine. You’re my mate.” The word mate made you freeze. If he saw you as his “mate” that meant this wasn’t a one-time thing. He really was going to keep you here. “I’m not your mate.” You wanted to sound commanding, but instead, your voice sounded more like a plea. Tamaki’s hands began to hold you tighter. Anger was boiling in him. Anger and sadness. Thrown to the middle of the cave, he was back on you. Holding you down while yelling in your face. “No. You can’t. You can’t leave. No. Stay with me.” Yells of how you were his and his mate filled your ears. When tears escaped your eyes is when his voice softened. Kissing away the tears as his hands roamed your body. Stomping by your stomach. “Shh, shh, shh. It’s fine. You’re safe. You and our babies are safe.”
Tamaki’s words ringing in your ears, “You and our babies are safe.” He had just bred you. Even if you left this cave, you’d be leaving with a reminder of him. Escape only seemed further away from you now. He had laid his claim on you. You were his mate.
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nkogneatho · 7 months ago
Thoughts on bnha men fucking you in the shower?👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bakugou, Dabi, Aizawa
Literally ruts you against the wall. The cool tiles sending shivers down your body and stopping exactly at where they are fucking you.
Shigaraki, Chisaki, Shindo
Will probably agonize and edge tf out of you using the shower head to run against your sensitive spot. Will call you "my sweet little hoe".
Todoroki, Tamaki, Shinsou, Izuku, Mirio
Soft bathtub tex. Will massage your body while being buried deep in you. Humming to make you feal at ease when they are stretching you with their cock in that tub you both fit.
Kirishima, Hawks, Denki, Sero
Somewhere stuck between going rough or soft on you. Still makes you bounce on their cock while they are standing FIRM. Hands locked on your ass.
Tumblr media
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toji-bunny-girl · 2 months ago
Why you married the BNHA boys and divorced them on your wedding night 
Tags: Smut, crack, angst
Tumblr media
Midoriya Izuku
He’s literally the sweetest little bean that you can’t wait to have a family with…but also tried to finger you while reading off of a website on google teaching people how to have sex with a woman AND it wrote ‘bite their clit gently’, he doesn’t know how gently he needs to be 😬😬😬😬
Bakugou Katsuki
He was hot and rich and sweet although he tries to hide how much he cared…then on your wedding night you planned to drink wine and have a good long love-making but he slept at 9 pm sharp and was snoring so loud the wine glasses broke 😐
Todoroki Shoto
He was the perfect guy any person would want and you were ecstatic on the day the two of you becomes a married couple…until the wedding night where he tells you there’s no way he’s having kids because of his childhood trauma and he wore three layers of protections just in case 😐
Kirishima Ejirou
He was the exact meaning of a gentleman and you felt like a real princess when you were marrying each other…skip to when the he’s slipping into you and activated his quirk to be ‘extra hard’; needless to say your cunt was bleeding and his cock was literally rock hard 😭😭
Kaminari Denki
You thought he was your soulmate, funny and just your best friend turned lover...later on while you were giving him a blowjob, he couldn’t stop making deez nuts jokes; like, you were actually thinking that you could be intimate on your first night but he CANNOT stop meme-ing and joking around that you told him you were going to get milk from the store (and never returned)
Iida Tenya
You loved an earnest and respectful man for yourself and lucky for you, he was the one...but little did you know he’s also one who read off of a guide book on how to have sex on your first times. And when you got a single step wrong, he’s lecturing you like a teacher but you held it off, until you were moaning for him to go faster and he decided to use his stupid recipro burst or something and rammed into you so hard your body hit the wall and you passed out, also leaving a huge crack on the wall. 
Amajiki Tamaki
Another shy little bean that you fell in love with but it took him 5 years to finally propose because he was so shy but that’s fine...and you’re starting to think he doesn’t love you when he couldn’t get his dick hard because he was just too shy, he only got it hard after an hour and you’ve already fallen asleep. And you woke up to see him jerking off in front of your face at 2 am 😶.
Hawks - Takami Keigo
The process of arranging the whole wedding with the handsome hero was fun and all but after the wedding reception, you couldn't wait to have him all to yourself...until he got so excited and horny he forgot human language and chirped and tried to beak your face in the middle of the act until the end of it. You’re now traumatised and scream when you hear a bird. 
Shigaraki Tomura
Girl, idek why you decided to marry his crusty ass but it’s a huge mistake...this virgin bastard literally tried choking you like he saw in porn and he forgot his quirk for a sec because a vag just felt so good and he dusted you. You died having a literal man child drooling on you with his dry af fingers on your neck 🤤🤪
He told you his dad was Endeavour, number 1 hero, so you thought he was rich...and he deadass brought you to the back alley with rats as witness for your first night with him. He also smells like trash and tried to blame it on the back alley trashcans 🤮🤮
Aizawa Shota
One word, sexy majestic beast of a man and you thought you were lucky to get to be his wife...but you never notice how dedicated he was to his students and Eri until he had to change Eri’s diaper because she shitted her pants or something and had to bring his students back to the dorm when they sneaked out and were caught at 3 in the morning that he doesn’t even have time for you 😕. 
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gummie-s · 3 months ago
𖤐Hole in The Wall.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ORDER #3 -- glory hole, wall fucking (literally), blowjob, throat fucking, gagging, dirty talk. pronouns She/Her used, because tamaki doesn't know it is you.
WORD COUNT # -- 2.7k
HUNGRY FOR MORE? -- buffet entrance
Tumblr media Tumblr media
there was a rumor going around UA's third years that a girl was giving regular blowjobs in the last stall of the boys bathroom by the 3C classroom. every wednesday right before lunch.
tamaki heard about it, but he didn't really believe it. something so unprofessional and vulgar happening at such a prestigious school? it just wasn't possible. he tried not to think about it every wednesday on his way to lunch, or when he sat with his friends and stared at his bento with his chopsticks hovering above the steaming rice.
he thought about the stupid rumor when he laid in bed at night, his mind racing with images of plump, soft lips and pink tongues. those thoughts carried on into his dreams, where sweet sounding moans filled his ears and a hot mouth mouthed at his cock. it was when he woke up with a sticky stain on the front of his underwear for the third day in a row when he decided he needed to check it out for himself to put his mind at ease.
it's not like anything would happen. it was just a rumor, nothing more nothing less.
on the next wednesday in his third period class he excused himself to the restroom. tamaki never asked to go unless he felt sick to his stomach with anxiety. familiar with his nervous habits, his sensei let him go.
when he got up to leave tamaki shook his head at the concerned stare he got from hado-san before he scurried out into the hall. he knew she would follow him if he didn't placate her. luckily she got the hint, getting more comfortable in her seat and giving him a warm smile.
tamaki tried to snuff out the guilt that immediately began to gather in his chest for worrying his friend over something so stupid and immature.
his legs took him quickly though the empty hallways, all the way to the boys bathroom by the 3C classroom. the longer it took him to get to the stall the more his face screwed up, his cheeks hot with shame.
nothing was going to happen he kept telling himself, and he tried his best to ignore how that fact made him a little disappointed.
tamaki pushed open the large door and entered the last stall, locking it and standing there awkwardly.
"what am i doing?" tamaki whispered to himself, hiding his face in his hands. he might as well go while he was there.
before he could unbuckle his belt he caught sight of something bizarre. his eyes widened at the hole in the stall wall. it was just about hip level, and it looked about large enough for him to fit three fingers inside without issue. his body was flooded with heat, his feet shuffled closer to the wall in shocked curiosity.
how long had it been there? who made it? tamaki peeked through the small circle and gazed at . . . the stall next door, obviously.
the hole was there, so that meant--
the bathroom door opened, the massive thing creaking on it's hinges. tamaki froze, eyes glued to the floor. the school assigned shoes clipping on the tile floor echoed around the room, and tamaki knew for a fact that those steps weren't from some dude. the sharper click was what the girls shoes made, shoes made with the short heel that the boys' didn't have.
his breathing sped up as the door next to him opened and closed, lock slipping into place. his eyes burned into the hole and the uniform skirt he could see swishing right in front of it.
"you here for what i think you're here for?" the girls voice asked.
tamaki's jaw hung open. "i . . ." silence hung heavy between them.
"or are you just taking a piss or something?"
he wiped his sweaty hands on his pants, "wha--? no! no . . ."
"then what's your answer? it's a yes or no question." her voice was so pretty, and he was already getting . . . excited. he couldn't leave and go back to class with a hard on.
tamaki shoved down the logic and sense that was trying to overwhelm his decision, this was his chance, he could indulge a little couldn't he? when would this opportunity come to him again?
he swallowed thickly as the girl got on her knees, a single finger poking through the hole and curling in an invitation. "alright then, c'mere, baby."
tamaki made a soft squeaky sound in surprise, no one's ever called him that before. he really liked it. he stepped closer to the wall, simply standing there and awkwardly wondering what to do.
"you gonna take it out?"
". . . your dick?"
"oh," tamaki croaked, "yeah, yeah, um. okay. sorry." his hands were shaking as he unbuckled his belt, the metal jingling when he shoved his pants down his thighs, his dick tenting his boxers.
she giggled, and it was so hot, so painfully hot but so embarassing, because-- fuck, was she laughing at him? anxiety and nerves washed over him, filling his body with incredible energy as that shame clawed to the surface with vengeance. he shouldn't be here, what made him think this was a good idea?
"you're cute." she told him, her voice light with laughter.
all it took were those two little words and those anxious feelings were ripped away and replaced with relief. tamaki's dick throbbed, and his hand went down to palm himself through his underwear, a small whimper stuck behind his clenched teeth. "oh! thanks," tamaki whispered belatedly.
she thought he was cute. he squeezed his tip, head lolling forward. she said he was cute.
he watched as her mouth hovered in front of the hole, her pretty lips pulled into an even prettier smile. "ready when you are, baby."
"okay," tamaki replied softly and fished his hard cock out of his boxers, the waistband resting under his balls in no time.
her face backed away from the wall, allowing him to come forward and guide his dick through the opening. his stomach was going wild with humiliation and anxiety, but he powered through it, too desperate to take this opportunity to get some action.
it took a moment before his hips bumped the wall, balls too, and a small gasp took from his lungs as his skin came in contact with the cool surface. he shivered, supporting himself on his palms. it was kind of nice, he was used to being up against walls when he got anxious. he tried to relax into his safe space.
"oh, would you look at that . . ." she murmured on the other side. before tamaki could spiral and scream internally over the idea of her thinking he's too small or ugly or weird or something, her hand wrapped around his shaft. "your cock is so big." her lips dragged against his tip when she spoke, breath warming him up. "you got a pretty one too."
his knees went weak and he slumped against the wall, eyes rolling shut as he relished the feeling of her hand on him, her lips-- shit, her voice alone was turning him on. "oh my god . . ." he groaned softly, shoes squeaking against the floor tile as he shifted impossibly closer.
she started by kissing and licking his shaft, using her tongue to get him lubed up and it was already blowing his mind. low, airy moans echoed around the bathroom and he quickly turned his head to shove his face into his shoulder and muffle himself against his shirt. the muscle was so wet and soft, he couldn't help but want more.
her mouth eased over his tip, her tongue flicking at his slit repeatedly and tamaki let out a small cry, hips humping uselessly against the wall, making a thump-thump sound, his belt jingling with the thrust of his hips.
"easy, big boy. i've barely gotten started, y'know?" she pulled away to sooth him, her soft hands pumping his dick as she talked, and it made it hard to process what she was saying.
"so--sorry . . ." tamaki rasped, "oh!" suddenly and without warning she went down, down, down, her mouth overwhelming him as she swallowed his cock, all of it. "fuck!" tamaki grunted, his forehead pressing firmly against the wall and sticking his bangs to his skin.
his mouth hung open as he felt his cockhead enter the clutches of her throat, massaging the swollen flesh when she gulped around it. it was so hot, burning even, and so tight and wet-- fuck, he could almost imagine it was a pussy. he didn't know what her cunt would feel like but right now he could argue this was better, her breath fanning over his pubic bone through the hole in the wall, her plush lips suctioning around his base and her tongue squirming perfectly under his shaft, right where a sensitive vein throbbed.
"ahh," tamaki moaned weakly, eyes half lidded and intense pleasure knotting up in his stomach.
he even liked how her teeth ever so carefully dragged against his dick when she pulled off of him, and he loved the new feeling of her spit coming with him on the way out of her mouth, wetting all over his erection.
"you might actually make me choke," the girl laughed hoarsely, stroking him again with her hand while she got a breath of air. "and i don't choke, baby."
tamaki was speechless, but the way his dick twitched in her hand spoke for him. a glob of precum and spit dropped onto the floor.
"gonna cum already?"
"no. well, uh . . ." tamaki took a deep breath, trying to make his brain work, "'m trying not to."
"good, because i wanna suck you off some more." just like that she went down on him again, throating his cock in one downward bob of her head.
tamaki moaned, his knees buckling as she went up and down, up and down on his cock, taking him deep inside her throat. deep enough she made these choked little sounds with every swallow, "gck, glck, ack," coming from behind the stall wall. tamaki panted heavily into the cool surface, rubbing his hips against the thing separating him from fucking her throat and letting his balls smack against her chin.
instead they grinded uselessly into the wall, heavy with cum he was trying so hard to keep from shooting inside her little throat.
her saliva was thick and hot, the copious amount drooling off her lips and coating his length. the cool air was a stark contrast to the addictive heat of her mouth, and tamaki was slowly beginning to realize masturbating wasn't gonna be the same after this little encounter.
tamaki threw his head back when she suddenly moaned around his cock that was shoved in her esophagus, the clutch of her throat vibrating so nicely on the swollen, sensitive tip of his dick. fuck, her voice was so nice, so pretty while she choked down his cock and shook her head back and forth, squishing her lips and nose as close as she possibly could to him.
she stayed there, with her mouth stretched wide around him, humming and moaning softly, dragging pitiful whines and low moans from tamaki's heaving chest. she pulsed around him, unlike anything he'd ever felt before and then pulled off with a gasping breath, her mouth suckling at his cock weakly, the tip stuffed into her cheek.
she panted, the sound uneven and wet, "your cock is so big, baby, oh, mm . . ." she whined, her hand pumping at his slick shaft while she rested. he throbbed atop her tongue, his hips jutting against the wall, "f--fuck," he groaned.
"'m rubbing my pussy right now, i just love having you in my throat. taste good." she announced suddenly. tamaki gasped, his hands reaching up to loosen his tie, "you--you really are?" he asked, he didn't think she enjoyed it that much.
"yeah, i am, baby. my clit is all puffy 'n i'm so wet, just because i love your dick so much," her lips were so plush, dragging against his shaft as she spoke, riling him up even more. "i'm soaking my panties. 'n they were such a cute pair, too."
"oh-- oh my god, that's so hot, oh my god," tamaki imagined it, her fingers rubbing desperately under her skirt while she sucked him off, pushing aside her wet panties so she could rub at her sticky lips. all because she was so turned on she got to throat his cock.
"i started touching myself when i first saw your pretty cock, babe."
"so, so this-- the whole time?" he asked needily, his head rushing with endorphins at this supposed fact.
"mhmm." she hummed her affirmation while precum dribbled out of his slit.
"fuck, oh my god." tamaki groaned.
"oh my god. " she mimicked as she went down again, his head dizzy and telling him to try harder to hold on for dear life.
"wait, wait! i'm . . . i'm gonna, i--" the wall was bruising his hips and his belt clanged against it, his breath steaming up his side and making the surface all humid. he swallowed hard, his adams apple bobbing painfully. she didn't stop engulfing his aching hard cock in her tight warmth. it sounded so messy, wet slurping echoing in the empty bathroom and the choked swallows and moans coming from her stall were deafening on his pointy ears.
he was kept lodged deep into the constricting space at the back of her throat, and he couldn't do it anymore, too turned on knowing she couldn't breathe around his dick and she was touching herself.
"cumming, 'm cumming!" he pitifully warned, and he heard and felt her suckle harder until she was gagging around him.
he took that as an invitation to cum inside. turns out he couldn't last much longer like they had both wanted.
tamaki's dick twitched hard and the huge knot in his belly snapped, cum shooting down her throat in great thick amounts and filling her mouth up. he shivered violently while slumping into the wall, gyrating his hips just slightly. she took it the best she could, swallowing around him repeatedly and gulping down his hot cum without complaint.
tamaki took a couple long seconds to finish dumping his load, and when he did he pulled away to let her breathe. loudly she gasped, mouth sticky with cum and spit even after she was done swallowing him all. she breathily lapped up the stray globs that clung to his hot flesh.
she gave him one last chaste kiss to the tip of his softening length and he then took the queue and pulled his dick out of the glory hole.
tamaki wasn't in much of a rush to pull his pants back up, his knees still quaking and his head spinning from the incredible high he just got to top of. best orgasm of his life.
he stumbled to sit on the toilet seat in an attempt to catch his breath.
"mm. you okay in there?" the nice girl asked, sounding sore.
tamaki looked up, "yes . . . thank you." he paused, gathering his scattered thoughts. "are you okay?" he returned the question.
she laughed, "i'm great. thanks for being so sweet." she paused too. "you should probably hurry back to class, baby."
tamaki blinked hard at the reminder, remembering he had quite literally ditched class in hopes of getting his dick wet. he glanced down at his crotch, still in shock that he actually succeeded.
"oh, yeah, you're right. um." tamaki pushed himself up to a stand, zipping his uniform pants up and tucking his shirt back in so he could buckle his belt. lastly he tried to tighten his tie back into place against his collarbones.
hesitantly he unlocked the door, stepping out and looking at himself in the mirror. his face was pink and he was very sweaty, his button up clammy against his back. he just looked . . . ruffled. the sight of his disheveled state made him flush pinker.
he washed his hands out of habit and snuck a glance at the girls' shoes in the stall.
he hovered by the door, "hey, uh. thank you." he awkwardly told her and slipped out of the bathroom with her charming giggle ringing in his ears.
Tumblr media
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cybersvoid · 3 months ago
yandere tamaki amajiki still fucking the reader even tho she already ovestimulated
You're just laying there, your body trembling from orgasm after orgasm. You're physically exhausted as tears are pouring down your face. Tamaki mumbling apologizes into your neck as his cock is just relentlessly ramming against your walls. He just has so much pent-up sexual frustration that at this point he's not even capable of stopping or slowing down.
He's like an animal in heat. Rearranging the fuck out of your guts, dumping load after load of cum inside you. After he cums, you can already feel him start to get hard again.
"Just one more time."
But he's been saying that the past three times! Horny bastard. Just can't get enough of being inside of you. Can definitely see him passing out with his dick still in your abused cunt. He's so tired and you just feel so good he can't bring himself to pull it out. He wraps his arms around you so you're stuck, and every time you try to wiggle away and remove him he just yanks you back down, pushing himself even deeper inside you.
Even in his dreams, he's still fucking you, so he'll hump you lazily while whimpering in his sleep. Literally fucks you in his sleep he's so obsessed with you.
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angeldlust · 5 months ago
MHA - Pulling them close by their belt
Characters : Various x reader
Tumblr media
Warnings : Suggestive content, Pining , use of brat, mention of choking. If I'm forgetting something pls let me know!!
A/N : quick hcs because I keep thinking about this but I'm to lazy to develop the rest adffyhjjootssgjicrddy
Navi || MasterList
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Are you sure you wanna do this here? Be careful you have a public image to keep, doll”
HAWKS, DABI, Shindo, Monoma, Mr.Compress
Babble Mess, would blush and hug you so he can hide his face and make you feel his er*ction
MIDORYA, TAMAKI, Kirishima, KAMINARI, Shoji, Vlad
(Hope you’re not next to a wall) Pins you against the wall, a hand around your neck, slightly squeezing, calls you a brat, while theirs thumb caresses your bottom lips, and then walks away.
DABI, AIZAWA **, Bakugo , Mirko , SHOTOOOOOO
“What do you think you’re doing?-Insert here an arched brow followed by an almost sadistic smirk- Don’t cry on me later”
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to bubblebeemie do not modify or repost; if found please let me know
Tumblr media
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escapenightmare · 17 days ago
bnha and innocent, fleeting touches.
Tumblr media
izuku turns around in his chair and hands you your book as the teacher had instructed him too, your fingers brush against each other when you take your book from his hand with a whispered “thank you” and he lets it linger for a split second before he turns back to face the whiteboard, thoughts racing and face burning.
shoto stares at you intently while you talk, making you stop and ask, “what is it?” his lips curve down a bit as he reaches forward and touches your head gently, taking the tiny leaf that had fallen onto your head without you knowing and tossing it to the side. “i'm sorry, the leaf was oddly distracting. but please continue.”
bakugou grumbles about something, as you look towards him with a dazed look on your face. he narrows his eyes, and reaches towards you to flick your forehead. you snap out of your thoughts and narrow your eyes back at him, and his thumb gently brushes the spot he flicked, before he pulls back. “glad you're back on earth.”
kirishima watches as your pencil rolls off the table and onto the floor, bending down to pick it up right as you do the same. his hand meets yours as you manage to take ahold of your pencil, it takes a few seconds for him to register what happened, before he pulls back with a sheepish smile, slightly red cheeks and a, “sorry.”
sero brings you your water bottle during another PE class, he stands by you under the shade of a tree while your classmates ran around playing soccer. you go to set your bottle down but he moves to take it from you, his hand covering yours while he uses his other hand to take it from your grasp, setting it down himself. “thanks.” he doesn't notice he's holding your hand until you pull back when your classmates beckon you both over.
tamaki goes to hand you your pen but accidently drops it onto the floor. he apologizes while watching you bend down and reach under the table to pick it up, tamaki scrambles to place his hand a little over your head (but still close enough for you to feel his fingertips on your head) to make sure you didn't knock your head on the table while sitting up again. “sorry.” he mumbles, and you nod, “don't worry about it.”
denki notices a piece of styrofoam next to your eyebrow, from the project that you had to work on last class he assumes. pointing at his eyebrow, he says, “you got a little something there.” he watches you rub the spot by your eyebrow, missing the piece of styrofoam by a milimeter. he reaches over himself and brushes the piece away with his pinky, “there you go.” his finger stays there for a quick second before he realizes what he's doing, pulling back and hoping you don't notice his ears that he's sure is red.
Tumblr media
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veenxys · a month ago
「BNHA Boys reacting to someone jokingly asking when the wedding is」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ Bakugou
he just says something like “at this point, it feels like we've been married forever. the real question is 'when is the fucking divorce?'” which leads to a fight between the two of you, almost forgetting that the person is still in front of you. as always, you eventually start laughing and smiling at each other, realizing how silly this is. but still looking at each other like there's no one else in the world.
⤷ Deku
he laughs a little in surprise before replying casually with a little shrug, "i'm ready when they are," he tells the person, meeting your eyes for a brief moment. later, when it's just the two of you, he brings it up again (most likely when he's kissing or hugging you), letting you know he meant what he said.
⤷ Kirishima
⤷ Kirishima
⤷ Kirishima
the question makes him smile hugely and his eyes sparkle; he turns to look at you as he responds to the person with a playful smile, something like "well, when this one is ready," although there is a sense of sincere tenderness in his words and especially in his eyes.
⤷ Todoroki
the question catches him a little off guard, but he can't help the smile forming on his face. "hopefully soon..." he says, lightly squeezing your hand while looking at you with his eyes shining with love.
⤷ Denki
happens on duty and he immediately starts playing a prank on the other person, saying that it happened a week ago: “we sent the invitation. thanks for coming!” he tries to sound sarcastic with his smile getting bigger. you immediately join in the fun, telling you how discreet you must be and why there are no wedding photos on social media. the two of you start making elaborate details of your wedding and honeymoon and the more details you add, the more serious the atmosphere gradually becomes as your eyes cross, speechless, letting each other know you're going to make a real one happen.
⤷ Tamaki
the question disturbs him and he ends up rambling about his plans for marriage. when you stare at him with pleasant shock, he replies, “what? of course i'm thinking about marrying you, why are you so surprised??”
⤷ Shinsou
he acts nonchalantly with a polite laugh, but when the person leaves the two of you alone afterward, she nudges you aside and pulls you close to him, "do you want to get married someday?" when you half-jokingly reply that you thought the two of you were already married, the smile on his face is pure happiness, "oh yea... that's true."
⤷ Hawks
he laughs nonchalantly and turns to look at you with a smirk before asking directly if you want to marry him, right here and now. he's just kind of serious, waiting for you to say no, but when you say otherwise, his playful smile turns into a soft smile as he holds your gaze and takes your hand, squeezing it lightly in confirmation.
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httptouya · a month ago
“ pet names they use for you ” [ bnha ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰┈➤ pairing: separate, bakugou, deku, kiri, shouto, denki, sero, mina, momo, tamaki, hawks, dabi x gn!reader
╰┈➤ a/n: tried to keep them even, favoritism won out- whoops. also some bnha girls 'cause i don't see much content for them.
Tumblr media
babe, baby, angel, sweetheart. forgoing the obvious dumbass and idiot, babe/baby are his more “public” names. they’re still special to you, but they’re more simple and casual, he’s able to keep up his facade while using them. angel and sweetheart are the names he uses when it’s just the two of you or he’s very tired. his eyes get all soft and his sentences are drenched in affection. he’ll pull you into him, nosing into your temple with a quiet, “c'mere, angel.” you’re an angel to him, his angel.
my love, honey/hon. he’s a sap, therefore he needs the most sickeningly sweet nicknames ever. honey and its shortened version are what the general public hears, if he’s talking to a fan in front of you or if it’s an interview during a gala- that’s what he uses. “all done now, honey.” my love is the most used, he’ll use it for everything, all the time. you love the way he says it, all low and soft- so becoming of him. he’ll come home late at night, pulling off his gloves, and leaning over your shoulder as you cook to press a kiss and “smells delicious, my love.” into your shoulder.
baby, babe, pretty baby, pumpkin. simple nicknames that make you feel special. if it makes you feel small and safe, he uses it. he also has no shame when it comes to using them in public, if he sees you- no matter how far away you are- he’s calling out to you. you’ll be twelve feet away down a busy hallway and still hear him yell, “good morning, pumpkin!” he’s so enthusiastic that no matter how embarrassing it is you can’t help but smile and return the affection.
my love, darling, sweetheart. his possessiveness really jumps out when it comes to pet names. he favours simpler, more traditional nicknames; i.e “love, darling, sweetheart”, but its almost always prefaced with a “my.” he likes the way it makes you seem his, in the most innocent way- it simply attaches the two of you together. "how was your day, my darling?"
muffin, sparkplug, sweetcheeks, baby/pretty baby. exclusively uses disgustingly obnoxiously cute names. if it doesn’t make everyone in a five-mile radius groan and roll their eyes- he doesn’t want it. baby and pretty baby, however, are used only when you’re alone- his voice always gets all soft and the adoration he holds for you becomes so apparent when he mumbles a quiet, “love you, pretty baby,” into your hairline.
babe, baby, my love. low energy and casual but still fluster you when he says them. still, a menace, as he somehow makes even the most causal of pet names personal, flustering you so quickly. he’ll just drop an arm over your shoulder, hooking around your neck to pull you in for a kiss, mumbling a short, “g'morning, baby.” and send you spiralling and flustered for more than a minute.
baby, babe, sweetheart/sweets. she’s so excitable and clingy that she uses them all the time, which makes her prefer the shorter ones. she’ll see you pass by her in the halls and immediately redirect towards you, throwing herself over your shoulders with a, “i’ve missed you, babe!” concept of pda does not exist, will tell you, “i love you, sweets.” in the middle of a crowd without thinking twice.
love/lovely, darling. simple and sweet and proper- much like her. unlike shouto- she doesn’t often add a “my” in front of them though. momo likes the comfort in using such traditional pet names and how romantic they are- even if they’re a tad bit overused. anything would feel special when she says it with such reverence, a soft little smile on her lips and voice so smooth as she swipes a thumb under your eye, “thank you, lovely.”
honey, bunny. doesn’t particularly like using them in public, mostly because he just doesn’t really like talking in public- but honey, in particular, gets stuck on his tongue without him noticing. he catches himself saying in even when around other people, a quiet, “thank you, honey.” when you go out to eat or a “honey, i wanna go home.” it’s just fused to his vocabulary now, nothing he can do about it really. bunny's a bit rarer, usually when you're curled up together- warm and content, he'll mumble a, "love you, bunny," into the crook of your neck.
dove/dovie, birdie, sweetheart. listen, he overuses pet names all the time, but he’s hot and you love him so it’s fine. none of the pet names are really reserved for anything, he uses them all very often and it just depends on his mood for which one he uses. birdie is his casual endearment, he’ll brush past you in the kitchen with a, “excuse me, birdie.” sweetheart is his more teasing name, used when he’s whining, hanging off your shoulders, “c'monnn, stay in bed, sweetheart.” dove/dovie is the one he uses when the full force of his love for you takes over, his pupils get all fattened and his smile awed as he stares up at you, “so beautiful, dovie.” likes bird puns in general, and might just start planning the wedding if you call him pretty bird.
doll, gorgeous, babe. honestly, probably calls you your name the majority of the time once he gets comfortable around you and works through his emotions. his middle ground was babe, something casual and easy to use without much weight, even if further in the relationship it gains some. doll is by far his favourite, and after a while, it becomes your first name, used in both a very casual and more personal manner. “you know you love me, doll.” gorgeous is, of course, used in a more flirty manner, usually accompanied with a rather conceited smirk.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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itsruiblue · 4 months ago
MHA Boys Catch Mineta Perving On You - Pt 3
Ft. Amajiki, Hawks, Dabi, Shigaraki x fem!reader
Warnings: Sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence, mentions of death, swearing, Mineta hatred (I just love hating on that bitch)
Notes: Apologies its so late. This is very rushed and bad and pretty boring but I caved and wrote a part 3 to celebrate @fanficpandayt reading the first part on YouTube (go check it out)
Spoilers for Dabi’s backstory!
Part 1  Part 2
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
Being a third-year at UA high, it had become the norm that you demanded the respect of the classmates below you. 
That was just something that happened- the other students themselves seemed to understand this. You were going through the toughest hero course in the country, you were dealing with the stress of not only academics but juggling what was basically a position as a sidekick at your work-study agency and to top it all off, you were regarded as part of the UA's Big Three. There weren't many people who decided to test you. 
At least, that's what you thought. Until you had the misfortune of meeting one such person. 
It was the end of the day and you were dead tired. Not only had you been up until 3 am the previous morning trying to clear up a mess that had occurred during your work study, you also had exams fast approaching and the hours upon hours spent studying were weighing heavy on your shoulders. 
You were, to say the least, not in the mood to deal with anyone's shit. And you would have thought anyone who saw you making your way through the school hallways would be able to tell. 
Unfortunately, you just so happened to encounter someone who was not only disgusting but also incredibly stupid. 
You thought you were alone in the hallway. Your boyfriend had been trailing somewhere behind you, however, he seemed to have been carried off by Mirio, leaving you to make your way back to the dorms by yourself. Your eyelids were drooping as you walked, you vision slipping in and out of focus as you put all your attention on just getting your tired and aching muscles to move. 
You almost didn't notice when your skirt was suddenly pulled upwards. It was only when you heard a low whistle that your attention snapped to the feeling of an unnatural force stopping your skirt from falling as it normally did against your legs. 
Instinct took over and you spun around, yanking your skirt away from whatever was grabbing it in the process. For a moment your eyes scanned the hallway, finding no one. And then… 
"Nice ass." 
You jumped and looked down. A boy who looked to be even less than four feet tall stood before you, a smirk you guessed was supposed to be sensual on his pig-like face. 
"E-excuse me?" You asked, completely in shock over what had just happened. 
The boy's grin widened. He winked at you and you were suddenly overcome with the overwhelming urge to bleach your eyes. 
"I said, nice ass." 
You stared at him, jaw slack with pure shock. 
"I like your panties," the kid continued. "They're purple. Like my sticky balls." He wiggled his eyebrows. 
You were unable to explain how the colour of your undergarments was, in fact,  a running joke between you, your boyfriend and your boyfriend's best friend. You were also unable to tell this disgusting creature to shut his little mouth and remove himself before you did something that would get you expelled. 
In fact, all you were able to do was stand, eyes wide and muscles limp as you wondered when the fuck had pigs been allowed to enroll in UA and if so,  has one really just sexually harassed you right in the school hallway?
"It's a shame though. I would have preferred if you were wearing no panties. I'd sure like to get a look-" 
Thank fuck before the kid could finish his sentence he was cut off sharply by a loud thwack! 
You blinked, finally snapping out of your shock to see that a very recognizable tentacle had wrapped itself around the neck and chest of the child, lifting him into the air. 
You peered past your harasser to see your boyfriend, who had evidently just rounded the corner, standing at the end of the corridor. 
"Hey," Tamaki replied shortly and you realised it was one of the rare occasions he'd actually sounded confident in his own voice. 
The grape gasped, eyes bulging as he tried to sturggle against Tamaki's iron-grip. The older boy stepped forward.
"There's no point trying to struggle," Tamaki informed him, his usually soft eyes cold. He was staring at the younger boy as if he'd never seen anything more disgusting in his life. "My tentacles are incredibly strong and they're made of basically pure muscle. You're not going anyway." 
"Tamaki," you repeated, an edge in your voice now as you continued to stare at the smaller boy. "What're you-?" 
"Just… showing him something," Tamaki replied. You were sure you saw his grip on the tiny boy tighten. "I've heard about this guy from Kirishima. Apparently he's a real scumbag." 
Your eyes flickered from him to his victim and back again. Your expression darkened. "You can say that again." 
The initial shock of the encounter was wearing off now, leaving behind a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Suddenly you couldn't look at the boy, wanting nothing more than to curl up in bed with Tamaki and a good book. Shakily, you shuffled around so you were shielded behind your boyfriend's body. 
Tamaki's gaze flickered to yours and without needing you to ask, the fingers of his free hand linked with yours  
"Are you okay?" he mumbled in a low voice. "I heard what he was saying. Did he touch you?" 
"He… looked under my skirt." A shiver ran up your spine as you spoke the words aloud and then you leaned forward to press your forehead to the muscles of Tamaki's back. 
Tamaki squeezed your hand, reassuringly. "I'm sorry," he murmured. "I'm so sorry." 
"It's okay. Just… can we go?" 
You could see Tamaki's jaw clench out of the corner of your eye. However his grip on your hand remained tight and supportive and then he was retracting his grip on your harasser, his dark eyes flashing. 
"You," he spoke up so the boy could hear him from where he was cowering on the floor, coughing. "If you ever look at her again, you're getting more than just a few bruises. Scumbag." 
Without another word Tamaki turned and began to lead you away from the kid. You went with him, following the feeling of his fingers in yours blindly until the pair of you had reached another empty hallway. 
Then Tamaki turned and drew you into his arms. 
"Ah, that was scary." 
You chuckled weakly against his shoulder, allowing your eyes to slip shut as you held his body close to you. "I think he was more scared, Tamaki. Well done for being so bold." 
"This isn't about me," Tamaki mumbled. Then he sighed. "Honestly I saw him talking to you like that and I couldn't… it was like suddenly I didn't care about being anxious anymore. It was weird." 
You tilted your head upwards to kiss the underside of his jaw, which had him flushing pink. 
"Well, I really appreciate it. Thank you." 
"Of course. You're worth way more than social anxiety."
"I don't think that's how it works," you mumbled into his neck. You couldn't stop your smile though. "But thank you. I love you." 
"I l-love you too," Tamaki murmured and you felt his arms tighten around you. "And I promise I'll never leave you alone like that again." 
Keigo Takami / Hawks  
Tumblr media
It wasn't unusual for you to give talks at hero schools. Being in the top 10 on the hero charts, there were people all over the country scrambling to get even a second of your time. And you yourself felt it was most beneficial spending those seconds educating the future heros of the country. 
Of course, the students of the UA hero course were taught by top-class heroes every day. However it wasn't often they had someone as highly commended as you coming to give them a special training session - naturally both you and the students were excited. 
The training had gone smoothly, for the most part. Class 1A was definitely the most talented bunch of young heroes you'd ever seen, and despite the fact you were barely over six years older than they were, seeing them trying so hard to achieve their goals ignited a fire inside you about your own work. 
The clock was ticking towards seven when you started to wrap up the class. Most of the students were still going strong, however you knew you’d be held accountable if none of them could wake up for school the next morning. With this in mind, you called everyone in the centre of the training hall for a final debrief. 
“Great job everyone! You guys are improving so quickly, it’s amazing!” you grinned at them. “I’m really proud of all of you!” 
The students smiled back tiredly - evidently, they were also proud of themselves.  
With a final wave, you dismissed the class. “That’s it for today, you guys. Go shower and get a good night’s sleep, then we can pick up tomorrow where we left off, yeah?”
The students began to trail out of the room, talking quietly amongst themselves as they did. You watched for a moment before turning to start packing up the training centre for the night. After stacking the equipment away and doing a final sweep of the floor to make sure nothing was left behind, you made to switch off the overhead lights. However, you suddenly felt something brush across your leg that definitely was not supposed to be there.  
You jumped and looked down. 
The small boy smiled up at you, although his eyes weren’t on your face. “Excuse me, sensei, but I was wondering if you could help me?” 
You blinked at him in surprise, trying to ignore the way your skin was crawling. “Uh, sure. What was it you needed help with?” 
“Well I was havthing a litte bit of difficulty earlier.” His hand was on your leg again and you jerked away as his fingers squeezed at your thigh. “Your costume doesn’t do the best job of showing off your boobs, so I was wondering if I could get a closer look.” 
Your eyes widened as his hand suddenly slid upwards and on instinct, you jumped away. “Mineta!” 
“Don’t worry, sensai,” he smirked cruedly. “I won’t tell anyone.” 
“Mineta, that’s disgusting, I-” 
Before you could finished your outburst, you heard a dark chuckle emitting from the doorway of the room. 
“Well, what exactly is going on here?”
Both you and Mineta turned, you in search of the familair voice that almost instantiously helped to calm your pounding heart, and Mineta in a state of absolute fear. 
It was no secret that you were dating the Number 2 hero, Hawks. Your relationship had been made public almost from the moment you got together and Keigo liked to flaunt the fact that he was with you in every way he possibly could. You were usually a little more hesitatnt - after all Keigo was the kind of hero who had screaming fans following him wherever he went and you couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated whenever someone brought up his hugely public persona. 
However, right now, you couldn’t have been more grateful about how openly possessive Keigo was with you - seeing the look of cold terror on Mineta’s face when he realised he’d been caught assaulting you by none other than your boyfriend was all worth it. 
Keigo left his place leaning against the doorframe and sauntered casually into the room. His face was relaxed, an easy smile on his lips. However his eyes were slits and you could tell he was holding back the full force of his anger by the smallest thread. 
“H-Hawks,” Mineta stammered, his face paper white. “W-what’re you-?”
“I was on the way to pick up my girlfriend,” Keigo told him lazily. One of his eyebrows quirked. “Although it’s not really of your place to ask that, kid. “ 
You retreated from Mineta and moved towards Keigo, uncocniously seeking his comfort. Keigo gave Mineta a cold smirk. 
“Let me give you a piece of advice.” He leaned a little closer to Mineta, who was visibly shaking now. “Keep your hands to yourself. Otherwise, you might just end up losing them.” 
Mineta looked like he was about to pee his pants. 
"Keigo," you said softly and tugged at the back of his jacket. "Come on, you're scaring him." 
"That's the point, Little Bird." He met your gaze and his pupils dilated immediately, wide and worried. "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner." 
"It's fine." You shook your head, although the unsettled feeling in your stomach remained. "Let's just go." 
"Aww, can't I keep threatening him?" Keigo pouted. You gave him a look. 
"Unfortunately no. He is still my student." 
"He's a fucking asshole." 
"...true. But it’s not right for you to hurt him. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble over a scumbag like him." You grabbed his hand and began to pull him away in the direction of the door. "Let's just go home. We can cuddle and watch something nice." 
Keigo looked at you for a second, considering your proposal. Then he shrugged. "Okay. That sounds nice." One of his hands slipped around your waist. "Let's go, little bird." 
You pretended not to notice the way one of his scarlet feathers remained curling around Mineta's head as the pair of you turned and headed out of the training hall. 
Pro hero!Touya / Dabi
(I couldn't make it fit with the narrative so I wrote him as pro-hero!Touya. Hope that's alright)
Tumblr media
Most of the time, you accepted this. He'd been like this for as long as you'd known him and you respected his work ethic and dream to reach the top. However, that didn't mean that when an opportunity to get away from it all did make itself known, that you didn't snatched it up immediately. 
It was incredibly rare to get free time off to spend with your boyfriend. Not only was he the son of the Endevour and a top pro-hero in his own right, he was also a chronic workaholic and opted to spend every free second he had doing his hero duties. 
Today was one such exceedingly rare opportunity. Every single shift at Touya's agency was covered, every job taken care of, and to top things off, you had gotten a day off from your own work. The stars had aligned and you refused to squander your chance. 
Touya had wanted to spend the day in bed, however, you had refused. Instead you dragged both him and yourself to the beach with plans to fully utilize the day you had together. And while Touya grumbled and complained, he could never say no to you and so followed you reluctantly. 
The first few hours were heaven on earth. Lounging in the sun with sunscreen lathered skin, soaking up the summer heat with nothing to distract you but the smell of the sea, dragging your boyfriend into the water to mess around in the waves, dousing him with a monster splash when he wasn't looking - you couldn’t find words to describe the amount of fun you were having. 
It was only once the sun began its descent that things took a turn for the worst. 
From the start, you’d know it was only a matter of time before Touya was recognised. Not only was he in the Top 10 and one of the most prolific heroes alive, he was also incredibly gorgeous. The stupid man had seemed to have gotten the good genes from both his mother and father’s side and it meant that even those who didn’t already know his name would be bound to stop and stare. 
Although, despite its inevitability, you couldn’t deny the fact that you got salty when it happened. Sitting back sulkily on your towell, you watched ad Touya was swarmed by fangirls and boys alike, each of them clamoring for autographs or pictures. 
You knew it wasn't Touya's fault. Still, it upset you nonetheless. 
That is, until your attention was turned to something else. 
While your head was turned, you felt a very small, very gross hand come to rest itself on the curve of your hip. Letting out a small yelp, you jumped sideways, your head snapped round to stare in disgust at the culprit. 
A small boy was kneeling in the sand next to you. He was incredibly short and had a series of purple balls for hair. He was also wearing the most hideous smirk you'd ever seen. 
"Thank god, I thought he'd never leave." 
You blinked at him, confused. "What?" 
"Your boyfriend," the boy said, eyes flickering in Touya's direction. "He was getting in my way." 
"You stared at him. "Y-your way of what?" 
You didn't need his answer when his eyes dropped to stare directly at your chest and then down the rest of your body. Almost immediately you recoiled inwards, your back hunching as your body tried to fold in on itself. 
"Doesn't your boyfriend touch you?" He asked the question with so much confidence it made you splutter. 
"I bet he doesn't. I bet," the kid leaned closer. "I bet I could touch you so much better." 
Your disgust was evident on your face at this point and yet you could barely move, frozen in pure shock. 
What the fuck was wrong with this kid? 
Before you could formulate an answer, however, a shadow loomed over you and the boy. Then a hand brushed lightly against your bare shoulder. The touch was so familiar that you relaxed instantly, although your eyes never left the pervert in front of you. 
"Is there a problem here?" Touya's voice was quiet but serious and you knew that he was very much aware of the fact that there was a problem. 
The boy's eggplant coloured eyes flickered up to him and he seemed to judge Touya silently for a second. 
Then he said, "I could fuck your girlfriend better than you." 
Both you and Touya stared at him, mouths open in shock. He didn't back down, a crude smirk curling across his lips. 
"She needs some discipline. How can you let her lie around in that bathing suit? She looks like a slut." 
You knew you didn't know this kid and really, his words should hold absolutely no weight. However, hearing that comment stung. Immediately you began to wrap your towel around yourself, head ducked as you blinked back tears. 
Touya's firm hand on your wrist stopped you.
"First of all," your boyfriend began, his eyes still trained on the disgusting pervert in front of you. "I don't let her do shit. Because she's her own fucking person, and not my property. Second-" his voice dipped into a growl. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" 
The kid shrugged. "I’m just saying, dude. You gotta treat your women like you treat your dog-" 
He was cut off by a whoosh! of hot air as Touya's hand - the one not touching you - ignited. You stared up at him, almost feeling a little scared at the look of pure white-hot fury burning in his blue eyes. 
"Don't," Touya snapped a voice like getting nails, "call me ‘dude’. Do you have any idea who I fucking am, dipshit?" 
Silence followed his question. For a moment you thought the kid was coming up with another snarky comment but then you turned to look at him and realised the opposite was true. 
The boy's skin was practically translucent, as all the blood had drained from his face. He was staring with a kind of horrified fascination at your boyfriend's burning hand and you could practically see the puzzle pieces falling into place behind his eyes. 
The fact that this kid hadn’t recogniesd Touya as Blueflame was shocking - especially considering he’d just had about twenty people chanting his name not even five minutes earlier. However, you couldn’t help but be glad. After all, if he had known who Touya was from the start, you wouldn’t gave gotten to see the look of absolute terror in his eyes. 
Touya had evidently seen the kid’s expression too and the cruel smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Yeah." 
"I ...I…" the boy stammered. His entire body was trembling. 
Touya tilted his head down, staring the kid directly in the eyes. "I think you'd better run now. Before I turn you to ash." 
The kid took his advice and bolted immediately - you were sure you spotted tears in his eyes as he turned away and it almost made you laugh. Then you turned to look at Touya, who was watching the retreating figure of the pig with a dangerous glint in his pupils. 
Without warning, you leaned up to kiss his cheek. 
Touya blinked in surprise and looked down at you, his gaze softening immediately. Cocking an eyebrow, he said, “What was that for?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know. Protecting my dignity, I guess.” 
Touya frowned. “I just didn’t like the way he was looking at you. Or talking about you. Like you were just some thing.” His jaw clenched. “Fucking disgusting.” 
You kissed him again, if only to try soften the anger in the lines of his face. “Well, thank you. It really means a lot.” 
“Mm, ‘course, baby.” Touya flopped down to sit beside you on the sand. Closing his eyes, he let his head fall back, giving you ample opportunity to card your fingers through his thick white hair. “Now come gimme cuddles. I wanna watch the sunset with you.” 
Who were you to say no to that?
Tomura Shigaraki 
Tumblr media
That had been a condition from the start of this endeavor - you boyfriend could do whatever the fuck he wanted, whether it be screwing hero society, killing All Might or traumatising heros-in-training. You couldn’t give a shit. The one single rule you’d set was that you wouldn’t get roped into anything to do with UA. 
Primarily because you were once a student there yourself. But also because you didn’t want the trouble of having to deal with hawking teachers and hysterical parents whenever something was done. 
You’d told Tomura before, you’d told him, that you wanted absolutely nothing to do with the UA brats. 
That had been your one rule. Just one. 
And yet here you were, dragging a half-councious brat with purple balls for hair and dressed in that fucking UA uniform back towards the League Of Villain’s newest hiding place. 
Anger was boiling inside you, anger at Tomura, at the kid and at yourself. Because how the fuck had you let yourself get in this deep? 
It was all Tomura’s fault, you thought angrily as you struggled to carry the kid. If he hadn’t made you love him this much, none of this would have happened. If only he was more hateable. 
(Obviously, your opinions on such matters were skewed, however, you weren’t going to admit that) 
Thankfully the entrance of the newest hiding spot was just a few metres away at this point and it took only a few more huffing steps to haul the bound-up kid through the doorframe. 
Once the door had swung shut behind you, you allowed your grip on the UA student to slip and sent him tumbling to the ground, still barely conscious. Heaving a heavy sigh, you stumbled further into the room and collapsed on a chair. Letting your head hang back, you closed your eyes and let out a long sigh. 
All was quiet for a moment, save for the faint sound of your own breathing. 
Then your captive shifted and groaned. 
You were tempted to knock him out again immediately. However every muscle in your body was aching from dragging the fucking child for at least five kilometers, and so you decided against it. 
What the fuck could the kid get up to all tied up like that anyway?
Your head jerked upwards, eyes snapping open immediately. 
The UA student was awake, though groggy, and was staring up at you with wide eyes. 
"You have nice boobs." 
You stared at him. "I'm sorry… what?" 
The kid shrugged. 
You leaned forward in your seat, annoyance beginning to bubble beneath your skin. "Did you really just say what I thought you did?" 
The kid shrugged again. "Yeah. You have nice boobs." 
"What the fuck?!!" You stared at him. "Do you even know where you are right now?" 
The kid looked around, eyes still dull and groggy. For a moment he seemed unbothered by the fact that he was sitting smack bang in the centre of a League of Villains base. Then the realisation sank in. 
"Waaaaaaahahhhhh! What am I doing hereeeeeeee?" Thick tears began to well up in his eyes as he shrieked. The look of fear on his face was almost pathetic and you couldn't help but roll your eyes as you slid from your seat and went to crouch down before him. 
"God, could you shut up?" you grumbled, pulling at the gag that you'd had in your pocket. "You're going to wake up the entire hou-!" 
You froze. 
The boy had lurched forward, whether intentionally or not, and had slumped against you. Usually, you'd be upset by the amount of snot and tears he had running down his face and how that was probably being transferred to you now. 
However, this time you were more distracted by the way the kid had pressed his face right between your boobs. For a second you thought that maybe he’d passed out again. But then, suddenly, his entire body shuddered and he let out a sigh that had your skin crawling.
"Hey, baby, I heard someone yelling. What's going-" 
You looked up as a third voice spoke for a moment and then cut itself off as the door that led to the bedrooms opened. 
Tomura stood in the doorframe, one hand raised in the action to, you assume, rub at his eyes. However he froze as soon as his gaze fell on the scene before him. 
For a long moment, the pair of you looked at each other, both frozen by the fact that some child currently had his face buried in your cleavage. 
Then Tomura straightened, allowing his arm to fall back to his side. "What the fuck is going on?" 
You opened your mouth, ready to explain, when the boy sturred. You thought he was going to push himself away but he did quite the opposite. One of his hands slid upwards and then your eyes shot wide as he gave your breast a harsh squeeze. 
Everything seemed to happen at once. You recoiled with a yelp, not expected his sudden assaultt. Tomura lurched forward, an angry hiss escaping him. And the kid let out a long, gurgling whimper that sounded horrifyingly like a moan. 
"Ah fuck! Get off me!" You shrieked, delivering a hard slap to the boy's face. The force sent him reeling backwards, finally rolling off you. But it was too late and you skin was already crawling. 
"You little brat!" Tomura had reached your side by now. "You disgusting little-" 
He was cut off by a loud squeal. The kid had been slapped from his daze and, without the distraction of your chest, had been reduced to a trembling, sniffling, snot-covered disgusting mess once again. 
Tomura stared at him. Then he looked at you. You shrugged in reply. 
"Waaaaaaaahhhh," the boy continued to cry, Loud and obnoxiously enough to have a vein in Tomura's forehead twitching. He scowled at you. 
"Why did you have to get the most useless of all those brats?" 
You glared at him. "What the fuck, you were the one who told me to?!" you hissed in anger. Shivers ran up your spine. "Do you think I like getting sexually assaulted, Tomura?" 
Tomura blinked. Then his expression softened a little and a flash of guilt crossed his face. 
"You're right. I'm sorry." He reached out to smooth down a strand of your hair with two fingers. "He's just so… ngh, he makes me itchy." 
"He makes me sick," you mumbled and hugged your arms against your chest. "Can we just kill him?"
"Let's leave him for Dabi to find. That guy is pretty disgusting looking, hopefully, the brat will die of shock when he sees him." He held out a hand to you and tugged you to your feet. Then he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. 
Turning to look at the wailing student, Tomura sniffed. "Can you shut your mouth? Otherwise, I'll dust you, and I don't feel like having to go find another brat right now." 
The student did shut up. Closing his mouth, he stared at you and your boyfriend. Tomura flipped him off. "Stop looking at her, you nasty brat." Then he began to lead you back in the direction of the bedrooms. 
You glanced back at the boy, a little worried."Are you sure it's okay to leave him here by himself?" 
"Yeah yeah, he's tied up. Where’s he gonna go?" Tomura tugged you a little harder. "Now come on, let's go play Minecraft."
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iwasbunny · 3 months ago
𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙 | commission piece.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝖋𝖙. mean dom tamaki amajiki.
𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘. afab reader, name calling, face fucking, daddy kink, begging, degradation, humiliation, praise, fem reader, major breeding kink, marking, man-handling, creampies, teasing, spanking, slight bondage, brat taming, dacryphilia, choking, losing control of his quirk, growling, cervix fucking, dumbification, alludes to anal.
𝖋𝖚𝖑𝖑 𝖕𝖎𝖊𝖈𝖊. 2,642 words.
𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗’𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖙𝖊. thanks for commissioning, baby — and being so patient with me, hope you enjoy!
𝖜𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖓 𝖋𝖔𝖗.. anonymous.
Tumblr media
Tamaki had been through the wringer today, completely worn out and exhausted.
His feet trudged along the floor, lazily gliding along the entrance to your home—the one place he could finally catch a break, or so he thought. You’d been plaguing his mind all day and it was frustrating but now he could finally do as he pleased, his hand itched in anticipation as he finally reached the entrance, slowly turning the doorknob and making his way inside with a relieved sigh as he sees you lounging on the couch practically swallowed up by one of the many shirts youd stolen from him.
A small smile makes its way to his face as he watches you excitedly slip off the couch and skip over to him to press a chaste kiss against his lips, one that clearly wasn’t enough to sate his needs instead just leaving him wanting more.
“Welcome home, Tama.”
He chuckles at the cute nickname, instantly wrapping his arms around your waist and keeping you close as he pulls you into another hungry kiss. The neediness in it was clear and you could already feel yourself getting lost in the addictive sensation of his lips perfectly slotted against yours. You were about to deepen the kiss yet he somehow managed to pull away, just resting his forehead against yours while his soft pants ghosted your skin and an impatient expression showed on your face.
“Bad day?” you asked, curious as to what brought this on though you weren’t complaining in the least.
There were a few beats of silence before he gave you a curt nod, moving away only to let his heated gaze meet yours while his large and calloused palms gently cupped your face. “Terrible. But you know how just to make it better, don’t you, bunny?”
He doesn’t bother waiting for a response, already knowing that you’d agree anyways, you were always so eager to please—his good girl.
It doesn’t take more than a second for Tamaki to have you pinned against the wall, hands gripping your plush thighs and wrapping your legs around his waist as his lips find purchase in the crook of your neck, marking you up all while grinding his hips are eagerly rutting against yours.
His movements were rough and frantic, you could tell just how pent up he was and the fact that he was this worked up from you had your core throbbing with need.
“Slow down, baby, what’s the rush.” You voiced out, the tone in your voice coming out condescending and teasing—he didn’t like the sound of it at all, not one bit. Tamaki’s hands suddenly come down to harshly slap your ass, the slight stinging pain making you whimper and grip onto his shoulders just a little tighter as he catches you off guard.
“I don’t remember asking for your input, pretty girl. Getting bold on me now, hm. Do you need a little reminder of who’s in charge here? We both know it’s not you..” He raises his eyebrows challengingly, waiting for some kind of a response and when he is met with silence he thought you’d finally given in but he couldn’t have been more wrong.
The innocent look on your face was a huge contrast to your next words, “Well, for someone who’s in charge.. you’re acting a little desperate, Tama.”
And that was the last straw for him, the ever thinning string of patience in his body finally snapped as he let out an animalistic growl. “Shut up.”
He doesn’t even bother softening the blow as he backs away from the wall and forces you down onto your knees, a darker expression filling his usually meek features.
His hands tilt your face up, a silent reminder for you to keep your eyes on him as he slowly unbuckles his belt and slips it off of his hips. Your eyes widen as he reaches behind you, only for your arms to get pressed up against the wall while he tightly wraps his leather belt around your wrists and effectively ties you up. Leaving you completely at his mercy as his hands tangled up in your hair,
“I think you should put that bratty mouth of yours to better use. You know what to do, bunny.”
He doesn’t even try to help you out, he knows the position is uncomfortable and he knows you’re struggling but he could see the lust in your eyes, you were enjoying this just as much as he was.
You spoke through gritted teeth, desperately trying to hide the way your face was heating up at your vulnerable situation. “I can’t do anything, I’m tied up, remember.”
A patronizing smirk makes its way to his face, and he doesn’t miss the slight shakiness of your tone either. “Oh c’mon, you’re a smart girl. You can do a lot of things with that pretty little mouth of yours.. figure it out.”
You knew exactly what he meant and as embarrassing as that was you didn’t really have a choice, with a shaky breath you leant forward, bringing yourself face to face with his hardening cock. You sent him another glare before finally starting to undo his pants with your teeth, biting the zipper and slowly pulling it all the way down.
It was humiliating how much your own body betrayed you, the way he was talking down to you only made you even more eager to please him and you hated it.
You shamefully pulled away from him as soon as you finished undoing his zipper, unsure of what to do next since your hands were tied up. The way he was looking at you made you feel small and somehow all the confidence that you had earlier suddenly dissipated as you spoke, “I-I can’t do the rest..”
“No? You need help don’t you, bunny. Tell me what you want, use your words, hm.” His hand grips your chin and his thumb runs over your bottom lip while he looks at you expectantly, just.. waiting.
“Tama, I need you to help me undo your pants.. please.” Still, the humiliation wasn’t enough for him just yet.
“Asking so sweetly, aren’t you. But that’s not what I wanted to hear, do you need a reminder of who I am, princess? Ask again, do it properly this time cause I’m starting to get real impatient.”
You knew what he wanted, his dominating tone made it obvious—one he only used when he was deep in a mood. He knew he finally got through to you when your glossy eyes met his, sweet and obedient. “Daddy, help me, please.. want your cock so bad, I need it.”
A loud groan falls from his lips as he finally ends your embarrassment and slips off his pants, letting it pool around his ankle while his boxers come soon after. You were practically drooling at the sight as his cock stood proud and tall, the pretty pink tip dripping in pre-cum while the delicious vein that adorned the underside of it throbbed for attention.
You were promptly knocked out of your daze as he tapped the head of his length against your bottom lip, telling you to open up and who were you to deny him.
“Good girl, that’s it—fuck.”
There wasn’t a single speck of hesitation in his movements as soon as he feels your lips wrapped around his cock he snapped, instead fucking the rest of his cock into your face and forcing it down your throat. The tears that streamed down your flushed cheeks and the spit that dribbled down your chin made you look like a wrecked mess, and he still wanted to ruin you even more.
“You like it when daddy uses you like the little slut you are, this is what you wanted, yeah? God, you look so perfect like this.. my cute little cockwarmer, always ready for me to fuck.”
He barely gives you a moment of reprieve as he thrusts into your mouth with a newfound vigour, half-lidded eyes just entranced by the way you took him in so perfectly as his balls slapped against your chin. You could feel his cock throbbing, a tell tale sign of his getting close to his high yet his pace never falters.
His thighs started to grow shaky from the onslaught of pleasure you were bringing him, he was so fucking close already and the way you hollowed your cheeks and took him in even deeper was driving him crazy. He slowly pulls out of your mouth, giving you the chance to catch your breath while he lazily strokes his cock, “Doing such a good job for me, bunny. I want you to listen well..”
“I’m gonna cum in that bratty little mouth and you better not spill a drop, I want you to keep it in your mouth while I fuck your needy cunt—don’t fucking swallow it.”
He doesn’t give you a chance to argue as he slips his length back into your mouth, quickly picking up the pace. It doesn’t take much more stimulation for him to reach his high and he comes in your mouth with a loud growl of your name.
He pants at the feeling of the intense orgasm, shuddering as he grips your hair and pulls you off of his cock.
“Open up, and show me.” That’s all he says..
And you do just that, carefully tilting your head up to keep the mess in your mouth before showing him that you did just as he said. He lets out a pleased hum at the sight—so you did know how to be a good girl. He swiftly grabs your arms and helps you up only to lead you into the living room, bent over the table with your ass all exposed.
Tamaki let’s his rough fingers glide against your soaked panties, scoffing at the way you were dripping with arousal. “Look at you, bunny. This is all it took for you to shut up, hm. You just wanted to be stuffed with my cock, naughty little thing.”
He pushes your panties off to the side, eagerly rutting his half hard cock against your entrance, teasing you—the head of his cock nudges your clit with every thrust and it has you whining and whimpering, just turning into putty under his masterful touches. You arch your back and grind against him in a desperate attempt to tempt him, needing to feel his cock inside of you but he doesn’t give in.
Instead delivering another playful spank against your curvaceous backside, a silent warning for you to stop, “Tsk, where are you manners, baby. That’s not how you ask for something you want, is it?”
He watches you shake your head, desperately begging for him in garbled pleas as you try your best to keep his seed in your mouth. Tamaki can see how hard you’re trying to be good, maybe that’s why he decides to throw a doggy a bone, slipping his hands around your neck and making you look back at him before he meets your lips with his own. It was so lewd, being able to taste himself on your tongue, the desperation in your movements, it only served to make his cock grow that much harder.
When he pulls away, you’re left in a bit of a haze before the pleasurable tingles of his length still brushing against your cute cunt, covered in your juices bring you back into the moment as incessant begs begin to roll off your tongue without any hesitation. “Please, please, fuck me, daddy! I need it so bad.. m’sorry I was being a brat, only wanted you to fuck me.. to use me, ‘cause I’m yours.”
Your whines were oh-so sweet and he knew he couldn’t stop himself from indulging in your body now. “You want me to use you. Fuck this cute little cunny and stuff you so full, of course, you do. Such a needy thing.”
You were soaked and he took complete advantage of that, covering the rest of his length with your slick before he carefully eases himself inside of you, practically shaking as he desperately fought back against his instincts to pound his cock into you; however it seemed like you had other plans as you were grinding your hips against his. “Don't stop! I want to see you lose control.. breed me, daddy.”
Those words unlocked something inside of him as he grips your hips so hard he probably left bruises, all that was going through his mind right now were your words on repeat. Constantly telling him to breed you, stuff you, fuck you full of his fun.
And that’s exactly what he was planning on doing.
He pressed you down harder against the hardwood table, feverishly thrusting into you, paying no mind to all the papers and decorations that were falling from the desk with his frantic movements. He could feel himself start to lose control of his quirk and yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop fucking you, not when your cunt was sucking him in and practically milking his cock.
The angle he was hitting you wasn’t good enough and he growls in annoyance, letting his sharp nails dig even deeper into your skin while he rips you off of the couch and forces you down onto the carpet. He shoves your chest flush against the ground, forcing you to arch your back while he keeps on mercilessly pounding into you, unsatisfied until he finally feels the head of his cock prodding against your cervix.
“D-Daddy, fuck!” He was fucking you so good—so deep, and all you could do was take it.
“Such a fucking needy slut, my needy little slut.” He brings out as the rational thoughts left his mind, all he wanted to do was see you stuffed full.
The sight of you drowning in pleasure made his cock throb deep inside of you and he wasn’t even given a warning as you suddenly clamped down on him, creaming on his length and making a mess of yourself.
“Tsk..” He could feel your gummy walls wrapped around him like a vice, trying to milk him—empty his balls inside of you. “I don’t remember giving you permission to cum, sweetheart..”
You were too fucked out to even respond and it’s not like he even gave you the chance to as he wraps his hands around your neck even tighter while he slows his thrusts, making you listen to the disgustingly lewd squelches every time he pushed his cock further into your cunt.
“God, it’s like you want to get punished- agh, fuck. Of course, you do, that’s all you think about, hm. You dream of getting fucked by me.. just like this. Daddy’s being so nice letting you cum, yeah? Now, be a good girl and take my cum.”
He quickly picks up the pace, burying his cock deep inside of you before all the pleasure gets too much and he finally climaxes inside of you, harshly biting your shoulder to muffle his loud groans.
The feeling of his warm seed filling you up makes you shudder and you finally let yourself relax. You let out a hiss from the sensitivity as he pulled out of you, and you whined as you felt his fingers swiping at the cum that was starting to drip out of your abused hole before shoving it back in.
Your eyes suddenly widen when Tamaki’s hands wander back around your hips, propping you back up into the same position earlier while he settles himself in between your thighs once more, slapping his cock against your unclaimed hole.
“I told you I’d show you who you belong to right, princess? Which means I’ve got to claim you here too.. don’t worry, I’ll get you nice and ready..”
Tumblr media
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shurichi · 17 days ago
— Playing minecraft with the bnha boys
: bakugou, shoto, izuku, tamaki, kirishima
: gender neutral!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bakugou —
• definately the miner between the two of you.
• always in a cave looking for resources to “add to his collection”. always saying that he wont share the treasures he acquire and that you should stop being a scardy-cat and start mining for yourself whenever you ask for a peice of gold or smth.
• even though he says all those things, you somehow always find your chest/shulker box filled with resources you didn’t place there before. Or when he “secretly” goes through your chest and adds on to your small suply of iron. It’s just sweet of him, though you don’t bring it up cuz that man will deny everything you said.
• if you ask him to help you build your house, he’ll decline. Saying it’s boring n’ stuff. But with a lot of convincing, he’s in the chat box saying how you shouldn’t use acacia wood and instead use oak so it looks prettier.
Shoto —
• this man doesn’t know shit in this game at first.
• but he tries for you ofc.
• he follows you around everywhere, onetime he lost you and couldn’t track you in his map so he barged into your dorm and asked for help. But his pout gets wiped off his face as soon as the two of you are back together.
• very protective, mf is ready to fight any mobs that comes your way even though he only has a stone sword. He once got blown up by a creeper and respawned at his original spawn point. Which was far, far away from you.
• but don’t be fooled, shoto is a quick learner, once this man gets the hang of this block game, he’s out there slaying the enderdragon with full on diamond gear.
• takes the egg back home and gives it to you as a present. praise him for it.
Izuku —
• explores a lot. you guys have beds scattered everywhere in the server.
• he loves and hates exploring caves with you. on the first hand, exploring caves helps him get valuable items that he can gift to you, on the other hand though, you always die bc you were too busy protecting him while he looked at a chest in some random mineshaft.
• he makes you armor, naming it stuff like “y/n’s safety helmet” or “y/n’s sword<3”
• once he was too into his exploring episodes and completely forgot about you, not noticing your chats about how you lost and couldn’t find him.
• was very sorry abt it tho, he promised to not leave you behind and gave you an apology poppy after that.
Tamaki —
• builder. he’s the builder. don’t argue cuz i’m right.
• too scared to go outside at night and also doesn’t want you to go when there’s alot of mobs out there.
• you have to tell him that if you dont kill the mobs, the two of you can’t sleep.
• places his bed next to you, when you ask him about it, his character will just stand still before bolting away from you.
• he’s very blushy behind the screens.
• whenever he gives you smth valuable, he crouches down and drops the item, waiting for you to get it and get all excited when you noticed it was a bunch of diamonds.
• his builds are always very pretty, very cottagecore like.
• 10/10 minecrafter<3
Kirishima —
• this man is your knight in shining armor.
• you need coal? he’s out to get coal. you need warped wood? he’s building a nether portal. oh you’re in danger? he’s sacrificing his hard-earned exp just to save you from a bunch of mobs.
• he doesn’t really have a set role, he’s just here to vibe.
• likes building stuff with you though, specially houses, cuz it makes him think about the two of you building your own home like some married couple.
• brings you gifts. like a lot of them.
• he once bought you a polar bears head but you two were never in a snow biome before. Weird, but endearing.
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lilithbasically · 4 months ago
Pro Heroes x Reader w/ Big Thighs pt. 2
*Minors DNI*
Warnings: bondage, public sex, thigh slapping, thigh fucking, thigh riding, tentacle fucking, quirk play, degradation, mentions of dumbification, knife play, branding, biting, mention of blood, edging, overstimulation, dacryphilia, face sitting, breeding kink, oral (f receiving)
W.C.: 1.6K
*Aizawa, Hawks, Shinsou, Tamaki, Fatgum, Dabi*
Requested by @satans-butthole666
😴 Eraserhead:
-He didn't even know he necessarily had a thing for thighs.
-Not really one to be super picky with physical attributes, he just never put much thought into it
-Until you sparred with him for the first time
-The very second his capture weapon wrapped around your legs and he saw it squish the fat of your things, he lost it
-Mans fucked you right there in the gym
-His scarf kept your thighs open nice and wide for him, he had one hand gripping and squeezing at your right thigh while his left rubbed teasing circles over your clit.
-Stopping his teasing only to deliver a sharp slap to your left thigh when he felt you try to close them to shield your dripping pussy from his heated gaze
-"Don't even fuckin think about it, baby. Don't hide what's mine. These beautiful thighs? Mine. This sweet little pussy? Mine. That dumb little brain of yours? Mine."
-Definitely leaves plenty of proof just how much you belong to him littered across the flesh leading up to your core
-We're talkin hickies, bite marks, fingerprints
-Will never stop touching your thighs after this
🐤 Hawks:
-Thiiiiiigh fuckerrrrrr
-Thigh man through and through
-Another man that demands you avoid pants while at home
-"You're too sexy to hide, baby bird"
-Crush him. Please.
-Don't make him beg for it because he will absolutely start tearing up if you deny him for too long
-Why is that such a bad thing you ask? Well, he doesn't like to be the only one begging
-He'll put you on your back with your legs propped over one of his shoulders, squeezing them together. His cock placed firmly between them sitting snug against your pussy, slow calculated drags sliding across your folds. The tip of his cock catching your clit with every thrust.
-He makes you count every slap he delivers to the outsides of your thighs and don't you dare stop counting
-Bc if you do he'll just start all over never letting you get close enough to cum
-"Awww, baby bird, you sound so pretty begging for me to fuck you..." he'll say, giving you a fake pout as he continues to fuck your thighs until his cum covers your lower stomach and pussy
-"Maybe next time you'll be a little nicer"
-No he doesn't let you cum and he makes sure to leave your thighs bright red to match his wings
-He's even gone so far as to make you keep one of his longer feathers tucked between your thighs so he could feel their warmth and tease your clit all day
-Maybe he'll let you cum when he gets home...
🧠 Shinsou:
-Uhhhh you're lying to yourself if you think this man doesn't love thighs
-Saw you had a thigh tattoo and his brain went brrrrrr
-Another capture scarf user but he prefers to use his quirk (consensually of course)
-He makes sure to leave you enough control that he's able to hear all the pretty moans and whines you normally would. But a strict "no thigh closing" order is definitely given.
-Edging? Very much, thank you.
-His face will be buried in your cunt for at least 30 minutes before he even considers letting you cum. Considers being the key word there
-Similar to Kaminari, he loves that he's the reason your powerful thighs are shaking and trembling
-Like...he can reduce you to this sobbing, trembling mess? All for him?? He makes you feel this good??? It's definitely a power trip and major confidence boost for him. So, win-win.
-Edging and overstimulation go hand in hand with this man
-When he finally wants to see you lose yourself, he won't stop until he's had his fill.
-Feeling your thighs squeeze the sides of his neck almost makes him cum in his pants every time
-Oooooh but when you try to close your thighs from the overstimulation? Well...good luck. Have you seen his hands? They're fuckin huge. You're not closing your legs even without his quirk being used
-He might be slightly into dacryphilia
-"Awww pretty baby...you look so pretty when you cry for me...s'too much for you? Too fuckin bad. You'll take what I give you like a good girl...now, give me another yeah? I'm not done making you shake"
🐙 Suneater:
-🎶I think you know where this about to go🎶
-Hims a shy boy okay but when he saw your thighs peeking out from your skirt being hugged and spilling over your thigh highs, something snapped
-Will corner you in your office and lock the door
-"Bunny...you shouldn't have worn those..."
-Now...he is a thigh man but a bit different than the others. While he does love everything about them, his favorite thing is watching his tentacles move around them. Wrapping around, pulling, sucking, leaving little circular love marks all over and watching them jiggle as the suction breaks. And he loves to watch.
-Much more preoccupied with your pleasure than his own. He knows you'll repay him later when you can actually think again
-You weren't surprised when his did bring his tentacles out, it's not the first time, after all.
-You were surprised, however, when instead of keeping them to one hand, he did both.
-Shooting them toward you, gripping onto your waist, both arms, and legs, lifting you up and pinning you to the wall. Arms held above your head, your legs spread and knees bent exposing your already wet core
-"No panties, bunny? You were teasing me on purpose weren't you? You wanted me to lose control, didn't you? Oh bunny, I love you...so if you want to act like a slut, I have no choice but to fuck you like one"
-One tentacle entering your dripping cunt, another snaking it's way to your mouth to silence your cries, Tamaki just sat back to watch you writhe and squirm in pleasure against the strength of his appendages.
-His eyes constantly roaming back to your thighs, watching the plush skin contracting under the suction. His cock straining against his pants, leaking pre when he hears the "pop" of their release. Only for them to reattach to decorate your beautiful skin with more bruises
-You know better than to try to hide the evidence of his quirk use. He's not ashamed of it, so you shouldn't either. Besides, you already learned that lesson once before.
-"Wow, Tamaki...thigh man huh?" Mirio teases
-In which Tamaki will 1000% turn right back into a blushing mess
-Okay but imagine him eating whale one day a;sdlkfj;s okay sorry bye
💛 Fatgum:
-Is it not obvious that he loves big thighs? I mean, come on
-Wants you to sit on his face. None of that half assed, barely sitting shit either. No. Sit. On. His. Face.
-He loves feeling your thighs squish his face when his tongue is plunging in and out of you, his nose bumping your clit. Loves feeling the way the fat of your thighs swells between his fingers from his grip.
-He has to keep you still somehow, right? The bruises in the shape of his fingers are just a plus
-Loves slapping your thighs to feel the jiggle under his hands and against his face
-Big or little, he's hella into thigh riding
-"That's it, Little One...want you to cum just like this for me...you can do that for me, hmm? Wanna be good for me, yeah?"
-Imagine him flexing to make it easier to rub your clit back and forth, up and down his thigh, his strong hands controlling your motions by gripping your hips and thighs
-Your thigh rubbing against his painfully hard cock, giving just enough friction to tease, begging for sweet release
-Has cum in his pants from that before and he's not ashamed of it
⛓ Dabi:
-He didn't even know someone else was joining the league but he also didn't really care all that much.
-Until he walked down the stairs and saw you standing there in your short little skirt. Garters wrapped around both thighs, fat squeezed over and under the sides, wondering what it would be like to sink his teeth into them. Leave his marks all over you...
-Def into branding and knife play. That's the rules according to the law
-Pulls out his knife to run the tip up from your knee, cutting off each garter. Pressing the tip just enough to dig into the plushness and leave the faintest red scratch in its wake
-Will bite your thighs hard enough to bleed. You're his goddamn it, and everyone will know it
-Burns his name into your inner thigh while his tongue plunges in and out of your pussy, a little surprised when you cum from the combination
-Also surprised when you came from him slapping your inner thigh after edging you for an hour
-Ummm he has breeding kink without the kids please and thanks
-Mating press, mating press, mating press
-Because he can fold you in half by holding your thighs to your chest while the tip of his cock nudges your cervix
-Yes he definitely holds hard enough to bruise, intentionally. Will also press a finger onto one or more of his bite marks to make you cry out in a mix of pain and pleasure
-"You're such a little pain slut...my stupid breeding bitch...you like when I mark up your thighs? Hmm? How bout I burn my handprints onto them, huh? You'd like that wouldn't you, bitch? Gonna fuck you full of cum so I can watch it spill out all over your thighs...fuuuuuck"
-He does burn his handprints into your thighs and licks your tears from your cheeks when he's done
-He's a fuckin menace
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