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ilysmbaji · 2 days ago
y/n, trying to come up a conversation: bro, have you seen izana play mario kart?
rindou: i hate to admit it, but he fucking sucks at it
ran, nodding his head: i agree.
*somewhere far from the trio*
izana: *eyes started twitching*
kakucho: izana, your eyes...?
izana, massaging his temple: someone's talking shit about me, i can feel it.
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lordofchaosblog · 2 days ago
Nicknames they give you (Part 2)
Characters: Hanma, Kazutora, Chifuyu, Baji, Draken
Summary: Nicknames they give you and why they call you that
Warnings: None! It's cute and fluffy!
Part 1 (Wakasa, Ran, Sanzu, Rindou, Benkei)
Tumblr media
🧁Cupcake — You're sweet, soft and he finds it amusing. He called you cupcake because he sees you as a piece of dessert he can't get enough of.
Tumblr media
🐯Tiger — He means it in the sweetest way. His favorite animal is a tiger and you two made a great duo. He is the monstrous tiger and you're his sweet, tiny tiger.
Tumblr media
🐱Kitten — Also means it in a sweet way. He loves cats. He thinks you're just as — even more — adorable than a kitten and he wants to spoil you rotten.
Tumblr media
🔆Sunshine — You are his little ray of sunshine. The way you smile, the way you laugh and are so happy around him brings happiness and light to his day. Therefore you are his sunshine!
Tumblr media
👑Princess — Draken is so soft behind closed doors, its tooth rotting. He calls you princess because he thinks you deserve to be treated like one… Which he does.
Tumblr media
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kairos-adventures · a day ago
Do hcs for Mikey baji and smiley with an S/O that’s being bullied by their division (gang in Mikey’s case) bc they don’t know that the reader is their captain’s lover and the character finds out
Tumblr media
Toman members reacting to their S/O being bullied
Tumblr media
Pairing : various x gn! bullied! reader
Character(s) : Manjiro Sano, Baji Keisuki, Nahoya Kawata, Peh- Yan
Warning(s) : mentions of bullying, cursing, mentions of physical harm(not self inflicted)
Summary : what happens when some of the division captains over hear someone bullying their S/O?
Note : Hi hi ! Thank you for the request, I have been wanting to do this for a while, never found time though, so thank you so much for requesting it! Hope I did your idea justice. Likes and reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
Mikey wasn’t really sure what was going on. I mean one minute your excited to go to toman meetings with, and you ask him to go every time, but now, you won’t even speak to him about toman! He finds it weird of course but he doesn’t indulge himself on asking you about it, if you wanted to tell him, you would so he’s going to wait for that moment.
That is until him and Draken are walking with takemitchi and annoying him, that he finally sees it.
So there you were, minding your own business on the way home from the store with some things your mom asked you to get, it was the weekend and you thought that maybe the people you were trying to avoid, wouldn’t be out today roaming the streets due to some fight with toman. But oh, how that ignorant bliss got you into this situation in the first place.
At first it was just teasing but it turned into more than that over time. They saw how you were an easy target, how you were being a good partner to Mikey and not worrying him at all with the situation, so they decided to take it a bit farther, and by a bit I mean make it physical… and they caught you on your way home from the store for your mother.
Mikey wasn’t supposed to see. No one was. But I guess some things just can’t be helped.
He saw everything, from the moment you got out of the store he was already trying to get to you! And when he saw what those vile people who have the audacity to call themselves toman members and wear the toman uniform, we’re doing?
How he went bizzerk.
The darkness took over and the Mikey everyone knows wasn’t in control anymore…
Eventually Draken and takemitchi both had to try and pull Mikey off both the guys before he went to prison for murder, but he didn’t stop there. Once he saw them at a meeting again, he humiliated them and made them strip themselves of their uniforms, saying that they didn’t deserve to wear a name such as toman.
All you were trying to do was go home and have a leisurely time there, seeing as how your boyfriend, Baji, didn’t want you staying any later than you had to. But could you? No, no you couldn’t. Not when some of the members of toman had thought you were an easy target to get something out of.
It was later than usually, almost nighttime, when Baji had walked out of the school wondering why the damn teachers had to keep him go so long. What he didn’t expect to hear, was the sounds of punching, and some very exaggerated threats. He had thought he heard those voices somewhere, and Baji being Baji, he had to go check it out. But when he saw you being the victim of those punches and threats he was livid, and he had tunnel vision.
Baji had beaten those who decided to lay a finger on you, and he gave them a lecture about how no one messes with someone he loves. And only when he really got a good look at them, did he realize that these were people from his division in toman.
He knew that later that night they had a meeting, so of course he was going to help patch you up first, then later that night was when shit was really going to go down. Oh they thought that was it from Baji Keisuki ? They were dead wrong..
When he saw them at the meeting he didn’t hesitate to beat them into oblivion again, even when all the other captains were watching, and they weren’t going to stop him either. Keisuki may be dumb, but when it comes to fighting, he never does it without a reason and the knew this, so they let him continue.
He tore their toman uniforms to shreds and if they ever dared to mention the toman ever again, he would find them. He said that if toman members go around bullying other people for no reason, they have no right to go around calling themselves apart of toman, or either a part of his division.
Nahoya is a very violent and brutal person. Anyone who knows him, knows this.
So when he’s aiming out of the supermarket with his brother, to go to your house and he sees you best believe he’s running up to you, now what makes him drop his smile a little is when he sees other toman members surrounding you, that’s what makes him stop dead in his tracks.
He decided to see what was happening, so he stood there listening to how you begged them to let you go, and that you didn’t mean any harm. He also heard them say exactly what they were planning for you, just for bumping into one of them. That’s when he decided it was enough, he handed his bags to his little brother and told him to wait for him. He walked to the group laughing, and cracking his fist.
Don’t worry, he beat them alright! And on top of that when they were all unconscious, he and his brother both stole all of their toman uniforms, meaning they had to not only walk home naked, they also had to ask for new ones, and when they would, that when they would get another beat down. All while nahoya ask them if they think they really deserve a new one for what they did.
Peh - yan
You were just trying to go see your boyfriend peh after school. Low and behold some idiots from toman just had to stop you on your way there, and start harassing you you for money and such.
None the less when you told them you didn’t have any and to just let you go, they didn’t listen and had started to shake you down.
Peh had went looking for you around your school expecting you to meet him at your usual spot about 30 minutes ago. So when he went, what he didn’t expect was to see you being shaken and on the floor while a few toman members taunted you. That’s when all hell broke loose.
He didn’t hesitate to ask questions, he had always leaned towards letting his fist do the talking for him. So that’s what he did, and of course he had kicked a few down the sidewalk but that doesn’t matter.
Boy was breathing so hard by the time he had finished. Not because he was tired, but because he was livid. How could he let this happen to you! Of course he stole all their uniforms and he and pah had set them on fire in front of them all the next day, taunting them the same way they taunted you. And basically telling them if he saw them doing that to someone else, he would ruin their life.
And trust me when I say this, peh-yan has connections and he’s not afraid to use them.
Tumblr media
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kisaki-s · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
꒰ 2:13pm ꒱ keisuke baji.
Tumblr media
“it’s cold.” keisuke tows the line between smart and incompetent, especially when it comes to women. but, he thinks he’s got you all figured out. your lips are puckered— scrunched up to the side and flat at the corners— and the dimples in your cheeks are prominent in a way that predicts the passive offense at whining you’re about to display.
“are you cold?” it’s amusing, he thinks. you’re doe eyed, lashes and all playing a role, rehearsing a little scene he watches unfold at least five times a day. “it’s really chilly today.” it reminds him of when he was a kid, when he’d get his hands on a warm meal or a bag of chips and his friends would flock with greedy eyes and inadvertent compliments. it wasn’t very charming then (more embarrassing than anything), but he thinks it’s cute on you right now.
your fingers fiddle with the short sleeve of your shirt, crossed arms loosening before they fall to your sides and then raise back up to the sleeve of his coat. your plan is in action, obvious and cutesy with your amplified pout. he could just give in, or he could call you out and tease you a little, but baji likes making you work for it.
“not really, i’m comfortable.” your lips twitch, your brow furrows, and you grip onto the fleece of the cuff a little tighter.
“yeah, well, that’s ‘cuz you’re hot blooded.” a little huff leaves you and then you let go of him. keisuke finds that he likes to use the word adorable when it comes to you, and it’s not because you’re something sweet or childish or too cute for your own good— because you’re not, you’re much worse than that— but because you’re something to adore.
“and what would that make you?”
“fucking cold.” he laughs, full and at you and he watches your pout turn sour; put out but not really mad. you huff again, staring at him and his teeth and his smile before you look away indignantly.
“y’know, you’re a real piece of shit.” baji laughs again— more of a chuckle this time— as you cross your arms back over your chest. “yeah, laugh away. i’ll just freeze to death then.”
“right now?” and now you’re turning away from him— the way you do, the way he knew you would— and he loves you. “that’s a bummer, you look kinda shit today.” his joke meets the back of your head and he wonders if your scalp is laughing along with him.
his arms, big and broad and meant for you, sling around your shoulders, which you try to shrug in defiance.
“fuck off,” you squirm and he holds you tighter. he thinks this is what connection is supposed to feel like, he thinks maybe this is the reason he feels so comfortable and not his jacket that he was going to give you to begin with.
“i thought you were cold?” you guffaw, head turning to glare back at him. you’re much too close together; your neck folds weird and he can see all the spots on your face and the expression you dawn is unpleasant if anything.
“oh, so now you care.” and baji thinks you are perfect. he lets go of you— and he doesn’t miss the flash of sadness in your eyes and that little moue you pull far too often when he does— and in turn peels his jacket off himself, haphazardly putting it on you.
“here, quit bitching.” he turns on his foot, pivots on his heel, and paces off a couple steps away from you like he always does when he’s done something nice and doesn’t know how to respond afterwards. but you don’t let him stand lonesome long; your arms, much less brawn in comparison to his own, wrap around his own torso and your cheek presses into his now chilled shoulder blade, and he can feel your grin.
“thank you, keisuke.” you’re so simple it makes sense even baji could figure you out. but you’ve got him wrapped around your finger, and he sinks back into you for just a second before he turns around and shoves your head away just barely.
Tumblr media
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420sano · 15 hours ago
feminist where? feat. baji keisuke
warnings. swearing + fem!reader
a/n. i work at publix as a cashier and i witnessed this from a couple and it was so funny so i had to write about it. also this isn't proofread so ignore any mistakes.....
Tumblr media
"hi! how are you today?" the cashier greeted you and baji enthusiastically, already sliding your groceries across the scanner, quick with her movements all while engaging with you.
"we're okay, and you?" your response was automatic and not too genuine, but you wanted to be respectful anyways, since baji was busy sticking his card in the chip reader, ignoring everything going on around him (per usual).
"i'm doing well! did you find everything alright?" she asked with a polite smile, another worker walking up to help organize the groceries into paper bags, greeting you once again.
"yes ma'am!"
you snaked an arm around baji's waist once you finished putting the items on the conveyer belt and you've passed the cart to the man with the bags so he had somewhere to place them.
baji pocketed his wallet, leaning down to place a kiss on the top of your head. he watched as the total continued to increase, the expensive groceries adding up quickly. he'd playfully pinch you every once and while when catching the price of some unnecessary item you snuck into the buggy get rung up.
"would you like the drink out of the bag?" the young man asked politely, your juice in hand, but you didn't respond as you were wondering off to glance at the latest front covers of magazines.
baji smacked his lips after noticing your lack of presence. "yeah, you can leave it out." he took the drink from his hands, sitting it in front of the payment terminal.
"kei, can i get-"
"no." your boyfriend didn't even spare you a glance when denying you.
"wha- you don't even know what i was asking for?" you whined, grabbing the magazine from the shelf to try and convince him further. "look."
baji swatted your hand from in front of him when you shoved the cover of the magazine in front of his face, waving it around slightly as if he was blind.
"no, y/n. you already got a shit ton of books the other day, why do you want that? you don't even bake." his eyes rolled to the back of his head, irritated with you as always, but he couldn't sit there and say he didn't love it.
"you're only saying no because you hate women and don't want me to educate myself." you complained with a pout, putting the magazine back in its respective place on the shelf, muttering something about your voice being silenced.
he could've sworn he heard his neck snap with how fast he whipped it to the side to throw menacing glares at you. it was even worse when he could hear the lady behind the register snickering at your comment. of course she'd find it funny.
damn brat. "and how did you come to that conclusion?" you side-eyed him, still pouting.
"i don't know. i don't know anything, apparently. i'm just a dumb woman." jesus christ.
"get the magazine, y/n." he didn't even have to fully look at you to catch the slight upturn of your lips, snatching the magazine up and tossing it on the belt.
you returned to his side, fingers intertwining with his shyly. "thank you, kei! love you."
"love you too, brat." his grin made your heart jump, but it was quickly replaced with a sneer when he caught the wink you sent the cashier at your successful bribe as you two exited through the automatic doors.
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hataini · 4 hours ago
.+ tags: baji keisuke, mitsuya takashi, kakucho, ran haitani, rindou haitani x fem!reader, angst (?) in ran's part,
Tumblr media
♡ BAJI KEISUKE is the type of boyfriend who always waits for you after school. He's never missed a day, even when you have to stay late at school to finish a group project. He insists that you are way safer when you're with him and also because he wants to see you one last time before going home, he'll never tell you that though. “What are you doing here?! I told you to go home because i'll finish late” he takes your bag from you and scoffs, “And let you go home alone this late? Never.”
♡ MITSUYA TAKASHI doesn't need to ask you what your favorites are, he can find them out himself. He loves listening to you talk and gives you 100% of his attention. You sometimes think that he isn't listening or that you're annoying him but whenever you stop in the middle of your sentence he looks up from the work he's doing, “Why did you stop talking?” you feel your cheeks heating from embarrassment “Oh, i thought i was boring you or something...” you hesitated. “No, in fact i was loving the way you were talking about the cute cat video you saw online.”
♡ KAKUCHO believes that action speaks louder than words. Although he never fails to tell you that he loves you every single day, he doesn't forget to always make you feel that you deserve the whole world. It's either he does it by bringing you on dates, surprising you with gifts, or holding you hands on public, he does it all very genuinely. “You are my one certainty in a thousand of doubts. Remember that, my love.”
♡ RAN HAITANI is the parent's favorite. He is a brown noser knows exactly what to say to your parents. Sometimes you even think that your parents love him more than you. That's why when you two took a break from each other, your parents was so insistent that you two fix whatever you fought about. He visits your house everyday and everyday your parents would let him in, but everyday you would also be out to avoid him. Soon when he realized that you were hellbent on ignoring him he left a message for you to your father. “I'm sorry, i really am. I love you more than anything else, so please, can we talk? If not, please just answer my calls or text me.”
♡ RINDOU HAITANI knows that you are very shy about pda and honestly, so is he. Don't get him wrong, he loves touching you and being near you but he knows that you get uncomfortable when it's in public. When behind closed doors or close circle of friends, he gives it his all. He always needs to touch you in some way whenever you two are alone, and when waking up? he is so whiny when you try to break away from his embrace that it's almost cute if only you don't have work to do. “Where are you going? It's cold without you, come back here.”
Tumblr media
© hataini 2022
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dorarakei · 2 days ago
i just know that baji secretly has a big fat crush on the class nerd but he always act all big and tough around them bcs he didn't want to get busted. cuz like, why would a prodigy fell for a gang member like him?? surely they know better than that.
little did baji know, they have the same feeling as him. ever since baji saved them from local bullies, they just know that baji's the one. <3
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cheesus-doodles · 8 hours ago
Heya it’s Winky Wink!
After a few days of contemplating on how on earth can I turn sweet as cinnamon rolls reader to cheat on the TR boys, I come to a conclusion that it’s impossible, UNLESS, the boys are the ones who accused reader of such act.
According to “Am I Ugly”, lots of the boys think our reader is so beautiful that for her to have such thought is a blasphemy. Therefore, I guess lots of them find her to be so pretty that she is an “insects magnet”. They probably feel insecure of leaving reader unmonitored, what if some bozos look at her and fell in love at first sight? Sometimes they realize that it’s not reader intention but another time, they felt like they were played by this person, who are they to play with their hearts so easily, and who are they to make them worry about reader to this extend. Thus, some of them may feel that reader intentionally want to make them jealous with how many men surrounded her (of course all of these are just their delusional talk). Some of them will accused reader for it despite the fact that they know it’s not reader’s fault just to make an excuse to keep reader for themselves and some may deeply believe that reader is actually cheating with one their low ranking members. Some may punished her severely and some just punished her to make the acting more believable.
winky wink why do you like to put me through this... /jk this is a super interesting scenario, if you want to see anyone else just hmu - but each scenario is too long help me
Izana would definitely be delusional enough to believe that you were actively trying to cheat on him, just from the sole fact that you attract a lot of unwanted attention from other guys. You know this baby boy is super insecure stemming from his rocky childhood, and probably has recurring nightmares about you abandoning him like everyone else has in his past - and you don't blame him in the slightest or really mind to be honest. If not for the fact that the only reason you were drawing so much attention was his fault to begin with. Izana absolutely loves to show you off as much as he can and as often as he can, especially so when you're on his arm and the two of you are out together. So be prepared to be begged and whined and pleaded (and sometimes just shoved) into wearing something shorter, more revealing than would ever consider yourself, so that Izana could revel in all the envious eyes on the two of you.
Nothing happens when he shows you off to the rest of Tenjiku - everyone knows the fate awaiting them if they even breathe wrong in your direction. But Izana's outfit choices become a problem when you two are out in public. This boy hates leaving your side for any reason, because like a swarm of flies to honey all these scum will descend on you the moment you don't have him there, all vying for a chance at your hand. And the churn of anger when he finds you flustered and surrounded and in his eyes, not trying hard enough to send away the trash is not anything he can ignore - you must be trying to make him feel jealous. You must be thinking of leaving him. It's okay if everyone else fell in love with you, that was basically a given since you were his, but you falling for anyone else was absolutely illegal. You can be sure Izana would come to your rescue in a heartbeat, but don't think that you would be free from your own punishment once he was done handing out thrashings to all these insects - he certainly won't let you off so easily for giving away your priceless attention so freely.
Mikey, on the other hand, would be the complete opposite of his adopted brother. He knows you well - almost better than the back of his own hand if he was being true to himself - there was not much about you or the way your mind ticks that surprises him anymore. This boy is nothing but confident in himself, confident in his relationship with you, and of course, confident in his own reputation that you carry everyone you go. Doesn't matter whether he is out on the streets with you or you go alone when he is busy with Toman matters, Mikey has never doubted that your loyalty to him - just wasn't in your gentle nature. Love to bring you out to show you off, be it to the rest of Toman or on the streets (the only similarity with Izana you can get him to admit). Still, even with his security, Mikey hates to leave you alone to your own devices - seeing the danger more from the fawning crowd that seem to sprout around you the moment he isn't there rather than from you.
Wannabes never quite bothered this boy, but Mikey will still take the opportunity to tighten your ties to him. Clears out the crowd simply by staring down at them or with a few swipes of his leg - if this was outside on the streets where there are convenient tucked away alleys, even better. Because he'll have to punish you for "playing with his heart" like that, but first things first would be to make a show in front of you of almost toying with the poor souls that thought they had a chance. This boy would never bother to waste his time if you weren't here - just beat them up, break a few bones, and then leave to wander off and find you. But ah since you were here, this would be part of your punishment too. The pleas of you offering to take some of their beatings yourself do make him unhappy for the first time during the course of this outing - he wasn't planning on hurting you that bad, but for you to step in for some nobodies? Mikey had to teach you a lesson.
Chifuyu is probably the kindest of the bunch when it comes to this sticky situation, and why would he not be? He's a total sweet bean. This boy tries to be reassured and confident in the relationship he has with you - after all, you haven't shown any sign of being unhappy with him or jumping ship. Makes his day when he does have the down time to hang out with you between school, Baji and Toman, absolutely love to take you out to do whatever you want, be it just hanging out, walking the street or cafe hopping. Chifuyu wants nothing more than to feel secure in leaving you unmonitored out in public - that you would be safe, but he knows that isn't quite possible. Feels a mix of pride, anger and jealousy when he sees the lingering gazes on you while you were out with him; pride that you chose him out of all the simpering messes, anger at where these nobodies think they can leave their gazes on you, and jealousy at the thought that some bozo could fall in love with you.
This boy know better than to think you actually want this attention: you look way too uncomfortable in the mess of people flirting and crowding and touching. Chifuyu always steps in and dishes out thrashings, but never beyond what these scum deserve pushing past your boundaries. And he would never, ever lay a hand on you - you never asked to be involved in any of this, a victim. Tries to help desuade trash from messing with you whenever he isn't available by lending you his Toman jacket to wear or by asking someone he trusts to accompany you instead, but he still feels better if its him by your side. But don't forget to take the time to reassure and soothe him as well in the coming days - the only person Chifuyu is really punishing is himself. He's scared that he didn't protect you well enough, that you might leave him for someone more worthy, that your heart was stolen. This baby boy just needs some loving after a rough day.
There are none who are needier than Kazutora, or any more insecure than him. Another extremely insecure boy, Kazutora struggles regularly in even believing that you wanted to be with him, because how could he not? Someone as kind and gentle as perfect as you had no business being with people like him - scarred, mean and with a bloodied history and stained hands. Yet you are the sun that his world revolves around, and this baby boy have no idea if he could go on living should you ever get stolen away from him. Kazutora sees threats in every corner and every one, boys and girls alike, and he would never dream of letting you leave the house without him - not to attend school, not to walk out in public, nothing. Though unfortunately as much as he is clingy and glued to your side, you ultimately have to be out by yourself at times when he gets called away.
Kazutora thought that the one place you would be safe would be at gang meetings, be it Toman or Valhalla, because the lower ranks would think twice before making a move. But seeing you being kind to one of the members, essentially just being yourself, made all the self-doubt swell up in a tidal wave, and this boy could think of nothing else. This scum - this absolute trash of society - he must have fallen in love with you, and was trying to steal you away from him. You wouldn't cheat on him, would you? You must be cheating on him, you must be playing playing games with his heart. No amount of reassurances from you that no, you weren't in love just because you helped them, would soothe Kazutora's jealousy. Revenge would come fast and brutally, whether or not you were there to witness - whoever takes the brunt of his wrath would be lucky to be able to walk again. Though he would never dream of touching you, there's no telling what he'll do if he spirals.
Sanzu is similar to yet worlds apart from Mikey, another one who is extremely confident in the relationship he shared with you. You live rent-free on a pedestal in his mind alongside Mikey whether you like it or not, and this boy would go to any lengths to make sure you get the respect you deserve. Honestly, Sanzu cares little about whether you're actually cheating on him, even if you would never (he knew you were as loyal as he was and that's why he fell). But how could he expect someone as perfect as you to settle for a dog like him? Would 100% tag along with you as much as he possibly can (especially when he can't follow Mikey around), happy to do whatever you wanted - he's really up for anything if it's with you. Not fond of calling his stalking tendencies as "stalking" per se, so one could say he hates to leave you "unmonitored": too easy to get you corrupted without him there to keep you safe.
Looks down on the fawning messes that gather around you with a sneer of disgust mixed with pride - pride that you were his, that these lesser beings who didn't even deserve to breathe the same air as you would never get a chance to bathe in your presence like he does. Sanzu certainly enjoys every beating he gets to dish out in your name whenever someone has the balls to approach you, but its when you break rank to help a rival gang member that he snaps - how dare you? How dare you sully yourself with such filth? How dare you be kind to some nobody that wasn't him? How dare you try and get down from your pedestal? It's really then when the brutality comes out in waves, not only to the wretched soul who you unknowingly dragged into Sanzu's warpath, but yourself in particular. He'll teach you from scratch again how to be perfect since you couldn't just follow along.
Tumblr media
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clovers-garden-co · a day ago
You’ve got the funk ! ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“gets me stupid gets me drunk, ill do anything that you want :P”
A/N: just.. late night rides with kei ♡♡ | I haven’t been posting jack shit so here. |
it’s completely out of the blue. 
another one of those not planned events but that’s what makes it special 
Tumblr media
uh.. rude? anyways—
once you actually do sneak go outside, you both are on the bike and ready to go :D
y’all aren’t sure where you’ll go, but it’s nice to spend time alone. with him
y’know without the grubby lil mfs in toman tagging along 
it’s literally 2 in the morning, so nothing is really open besides a few convenient stores and such
as if you didn’t snag the hell out of them snacks wtf. 
finally, you both decided to settle on top of a hill so you can watch the stars above while you munch on snacks and treats 
and asffeoe boy oh boy does he just ADMIRE you ugh 
he wants to hold your hand but at the same time he thinks that shit is corny and cheesy as hell 
no one cares lmao, he holds your hand anyway 💀
“..keisuke?” you shift your gaze from the stars to him, curious as to why he just randomly decided to hold your hand. 
Literally out of nowhere. 
“just hush.” even though it was dark out, you could make out a blush rising onto his cheeks, giggling at the sight. to which his gaze focused on you with a furrow in his brow. “what’s so funny?” 
“it’s nothing, you’re just.. cute. pretty even.”
this mf gave you a side eye because aint no way you can find a guy who burns cars randomly “cute”
and yet here you were. 
you’re so… weird. to him at least.
you both laid on the grass for about another hour, and were starting to feel a lil… tired (damn i wonder why 😀)
he told you to hold onto him close so you don’t fall off the bike just in case you fall asleep 
when you got home, you gave him a sweet kiss before waving him off 
and he had to uh.. stop himself from malfunctioning. 
“so… same time next week?”
you rolled your eyes. “definitely not the same time.” he flashed a fangy grin as he hopped on his bike. you couldn’t help but let a smile rise on your face too. 
“gotcha babe <3 see ya!” 
and he was off…
at least it wasn’t a school night.
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ladyoftheheart · 2 months ago
Are we really sure Mikey is the big boss of Toman?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You got all these boys looking dapper in their outfits
Tumblr media
And then there’s Mikey who’s pissed he’s not wearing any pants 😅
At least he’s got his basket full of taiyakis
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igumie · 3 months ago
Random fluffy Tokyo Rev bf hcs
Tumblr media
[haikyuu ver] [Obey Me ver] [bnha ver] [genshin ver]
Tumblr media
Rindou who will break in a museum at 3 am with you so that you have the place for you two only, since lately you’ve been wanting to go on a museum date with him. And who is he to deny your request?
Hanma who tattoos your name on his neck in a horizontal direction right below his ear with a small heart at the end.
Kazutora who once found a stray cat and decided to bring it back home, also naming it after you because it reminded him of you.
Mikey who stares up at you from your lap, a mouth full of doroyaki, admiring your focused face as you watch your favourite show.
Draken who teaches you how to drive a motorcycle and who gets scared out of his mind when you go suddenly too fast. Scolds you afterwards but you find it cute at how much he worries.
Baji who agrees to have a Disney karaoke with you and yells back at your neighbours who complain about the noise— you’re having the time of your life and a few old grumpy people will certainly not get in the way of that he also slays How Far I Go and will for sure record you two singing We Don’t Talk About Bruno.
Ran who lets you put stickers on his baton because you seemed to like it and said it give it more style. And let’s be honest, he’s also a simp.
Mitsuya who remembered what your favourite flowers were and crocheted you a handbag and added a few of them that he made himself on it for decoration.
Hakkai who cant spend a day without having kissing your forehead. He’s so tall and he can’t help but find you adorable whenever you blush at his action his blush is ten times more red than yours but you can’t find the will to tease him
Kokonoi who buys you the most prepossessing ring you’ve ever seen and says that one day, you’ll have an ever more beautiful one except that this one will be on your ring finger.
Izana who squeezes your hand and pulls you closer to him whenever you’re about to cross the road. It is a way to reassure him that you’re safe and a way to tell you that he’ll protect you no matter what.
Kakucho who always opens the door for you, pulls out the chair you’re gonna sit on, makes sure you don’t walk into a puddle and who presses soft kisses on your hand as a way to say your welcome.
Chifuyu who gifts you one of these cheesy couple matching necklaces except that this one reveals two cats hugging when they’re attached. It‘s cheesy but you still find it cute and wear it everyday.
Sanzu who starts to tear up and remember why he fell in love with you whenever you kiss his scar and tell him he did nothing wrong, that he’s okay and that you’ll always be there with him through the good and the bad.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @uniquabackyardigans ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @kanatakyoya ; @erishaitto ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @anonymossii ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @crazycookies73307 ; @kodzukoi ; @cherry-ades
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demeto-anima · 4 months ago
Mikey: Can you guys at least try to see
this from my perspective?
Baji: *crouches down*
Mitsuya: *kneels down*
Draken: *sits on the floor*
Mikey: I hate all of you.
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hanmine · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: sano manjiro, ryuguji ken, hanma shuji, matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi, baji keisuke, kisaki tetta, haitani rindou
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: mentions of alcohol, slightly suggestive in draken’s and hanma’s
Tumblr media
THE POUTY/CLINGY DRUNK: clings to you the whole night, pouts when your attention’s not on him, sulks when you talk to other people, death glares anyone who tries to get too close to you, and probably tries to fight someone at some point but he’s too out of it so you stop him before he makes a fool of himself
“mikey, can you at least stop leaning so much weight on me? you’re heavy,” you insist, sighing when his arms squeeze around your waist tighter. you run a finger through his hair as he death glares the bar tender behind you.
“bar tender keeps smiling at you,” he spits. “imma fight him, show him what ‘m made of.”
“you’re made of a wobbly idiot who can’t stand on his own right now,” you say flatly, chuckling when he whines and digs his face into your neck. “and it’s his job to smile.”
“don’ go falling in love with the bartender. love me, kay?”
“okay,” you chuckle.
“‘m still gonna fight ‘im. roundhouse his ass after his shift,” he glowers, tugging you closer to him with a pout.
Tumblr media
THE TEASING DRUNK: rare time he lets go and just relaxes, and he makes it his mission to fluster you. thinks he’s being incredibly funny, interrupts your sentences for kisses, compliments you out of the blue, makes suggestive comments, winks at you after saying something flirty, he’s just intolerable. but you love him <3
“babe, babe, guess what?” draken smirks, poking your cheek. sighing, you try to wrestle his six foot figure into the passenger seat, but he’s not having it.
“what? what is it, ken?”
“you’re really hot,” he says with a wide grin, hands wandering down your waist. sighing, you tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, rolling your eyes.
“thank you, ken. now please get in—”
“really hot without clothes too. take ‘em off,” he winks as he interrupts you, making you groan when people passing by chuckle. shoving him, you force him into the car.
“swear to god, ken. cut it out, you menace.”
Tumblr media
THE OBNOXIOUS DRUNK: it’s his life goal to let everyone and their mom know you’re his, tries to make out with you in front of everyone, grabs your ass, steals your drink, pokes your cheek, asks to go home so he can do other things, but you only drag him home to save your dignity
“yeah, have them screamin’ my name every night,” hanma grins, pointing at you with his thumb and making the couple beside you shuffle awkwardly as they give him tight smiles.
“he does no such thing,” you try to laugh off.
“oh, i do,” he calls over your shoulder as you shove him towards the door. “that’s why i’m being dragged out right no—”
“have a nice rest of your night,” you interrupt. “shuji, shut up,” you warn. smirking, hanma leans in and kisses you, hungrily trying to deepen it while you pull away.
“baby, c’mon,” he groans. “jus’ tryna get some.”
Tumblr media
THE FLUSTERED DRUNK: blushes when you grab his hand, stutters when you call him babe, practically passes out when you push away hair from his sweaty forehead. he probably forgets you’re dating by the end of the night, shocked to his core when you call him babe
“h-hi there,” chifuyu stutters, waving at you shyly when you walk up to him with a soft smile. stroking a hand through his hair, you move the sweaty locks away from his forehead. he gulps at the gesture.
“ready to go home, baby?”
“h-huh? did you say baby?” he stares at you with wide eyes, cheeks flushing a dark crimson at your words.
“chifuyu? are you okay, babe?” leaning in, you press a gentle kiss to his jaw, making his breath hitch. he stumbles back, making you furrow your brows, grabbing his hand and steadying him.
“wha—who are you?”
Tumblr media
THE EMOTIONAL DRUNK: tries to give you a whole emotional speech of why he’s grateful for you and how you’ve changed his life for the better and how much you mean to him, and you have to stand there in the middle of the parking lot and listen because you just can’t bring yourself to interrupt him
“and…and you’re so sweet, you know? you help me take care of my sisters, make sure i eat, gimme kisses,” mitsuya lists, putting a finger up for each reason he loves you. “and you always put ‘lil smiley faces when you text me g’night. those make me happy,” he rambles.
“i’m so glad you like them, baby,” you nod. “how about you tell me the rest in the car—”
“and when ‘m sad, we cuddle. and you play with my hair, and cheer me up, and then ‘m not sad anymore,” he adds, hugging you tightly and leaning his head into your shoulder. “gonna marry you some day,” he murmurs. smiling, you run your fingers through his hair, kissing his temple.
“some day,” you agree. “we’ll get married some day. but for now, we’re gonna go into the—”
“and i love how supportive you are too, ya know?” you sigh, nodding along as he continues.
Tumblr media
THE TIRED DRUNK: he’s always got so much energy, it finally dwindles when he’s too drunk, stumbling and almost falling asleep at every corner as you try to drag him home. tries to cuddle you and sleep in the car, doesn’t want to hear it when you tell him you have to get home first
“keisuke, lift your arms,” you scold, patting his cheek and forcing his eyes open. grumbling, he grabs your wrist and tugs, trying to bring you closer.
“‘m tired, lay with me,” he mutters.
“keisuke, you did this on the way home too in the car,” you groan, snatching your wrist from his grip. “just let me get you dressed for bed and you can—no! keisuke open your eyes this instant,” you warn.
“not my mom,” he huffs, “can’t tell me what to do.”
“baji keisuke,” you snap, wrestling his shirt off and making him slip off his jeans. you tie his hair into a ponytail as his head lolls from side to side while he fights off the sleep in his eyes.
“g’night,” he mumbles, falling asleep on your side of the bed.
Tumblr media
THE IN-DENIAL DRUNK: doesn’t believe he’s drunk, he’s low key a lightweight too, so he doesn’t wanna admit he’s this out of it when he’s barely even had much to drink. tries to do everything on his own, but you can just see him struggling
“gimme that,” kisaki snatches his car keys from your hand, fumbling around with them to try and unlock the car. raising a brow, you stare at him as he tries to find the right button. “can do it myself,” he mutters.
“tetta,” you sigh. “you’re not in the right mind to drive.” he scoffs, finally finding the right button and unlocking the vehicle.
“yes i am,” he argues. “barely had anything to drink. i’ll be fine,” he insists, climbing into the driver’s seat. he doesn’t make it very far, struggling to fit the keys and start the engine. “damn thing won’t go in,” he grumbles.
“tetta, baby,” you sigh, grabbing his wrist and taking the keys from him. he crosses his arms and stays seated. “you can’t drive. you’re drunk.”
“you’re imagining it.” he finally moves to the passenger seat when you threaten to scratch the car with the keys.
Tumblr media
THE AGGRESSIVE DRUNK: picking fights with everyone he sees, trying to provoke people. he’s causing a scene no matter where you are, everyone is either stopping to stare or trying to fight him. on the bright side, he’s a bit looser, and more expressive, so you see him smile a bit more.
“you got somethin’ to say? i can fight,” rindou calls to the man glaring at you both, making you sigh and tug at his wrist.
“rin, don’t start—”
“don’t worry, baby,” he grins, smirking over at the man that’s making his way over. “tough guy thinks he’s a match against me,” he cackles, shrugging his jacket off and handing it to you.
“rin, you’re gonna get us thrown out,” you pinch your nose. “you always do this.”
“wanted to order my drink before him,” he huffs. “not my fault he cut me and started it.” he knocks the man out with one punch, a smile erupting across his face as he turns to you. “did ya see that?”
“i saw,” you say flatly, rolling your eyes at him. but he looks happy, and it’s rare he smiles this big, so you let him bask in his pride for a bit.
Tumblr media
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hosikas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hot things the tokyo revengers boys do
attractive things they do without trying/ being aware of it
trigger warning: nothing
Tumblr media
─ mikey
he hums softly whenever you talk to him. it's hot because it proves that he's listening to you, but it's also hot because his low tone seems to resonate into your whole body, curling around you like a snake would curl around his prey.
the way he knows he has you wrapped around his finger. the confidence he has whenever he's asking you to do something for him and the way he smiles knowing you can't say no to him.
he gets super close to your face whenever you're saying something that has anything to do with your romantic feelings toward him. "oh really? that's really sweet of you to say." he usually answers, in a voice that seems like velvet to your ears. he often looks at your lips with lewd eyes after that but move away before you can kiss him. yes he's a piece of shit.
─ draken
always touch your hips to move you a little whenever he passes behind you. (bonus point when sometimes he quickly kisses you under your ear or on your neck.)
he willingly becomes your personal heater whenever you're cold. you don't even have to ask him to hold you, as soon as he sees the tip of your nose and of yours ears starting to get red you're already in his arms.
his.fucking.smirk. it's almost imperceptible, a little smile cross his lips and he slightly nods in your direction. it lasts a few seconds but it's enough to make you fall on the floor. he usually does it when he sees you during a gang meeting, when he can't talk to you for the moment. or when he has to go because mikey called him, before he's out of sight he turns his head and smirks at you.
─ mitsuya
he's so mature and responsible. he handles every conflict with calm and rationality and never loses his temper, you know you can rely on him, (bonus points bc he's good with kids and nice with your family too)
sometimes, when he's really tired, he just lifts your hoodie/shirt and pass his head under it. "you're really warm, I like it." you can feel his breath brushing against your skin and you're even more warm if it's even possible. the best part is that he does it without any ulterior motive, he just really likes being this close to you.
idk man he's just so nice to everyone, and respectful, he gives his seat to a pregnant woman in the train, he helps an old man to cross the road, he offers his hand whenever you're walking together, totally husband material, green flags everywhere, he would treat you better than your shitty boyfriend
─ chifuyu
he loves to talk to you really close to your ear, he says the most innocent and random shit like asking you if you want to eat italian food tonight and let out a surprised laugh when he sees your blushing face.
he kisses your knuckles, then the back of your hand, and he slowly raises up to your shoulder by tracing light kisses all over your arm, when he's at your shoulder he lifts his head to smile to you and god wouldn't be nice to be in a relationship with him-
he unconsciously licks his lips whenever he's hungry and sees some food he likes yes it also applies to you
─ baji
everything he does is hot, and yes it is objectively said by a professional baji's slut
but enough of exposing myself, baji acts like he owns every place he goes to. when he sits somewhere, he makes sure to spread his legs and extend his arm against the back of his sit. he looks down at everyone even if they're taller than him, he just knows how to look scary and intimidating. a confident queen
"look at me" you hear these words pretty often, like when you're anxious and too busy over thinking, he asks you softly to look into his eyes and calm you down. or whenever you act shy around him, he really can't help it, he wants to stare into your eyes
moans like a slut when he stretches. he's not even ashamed of it. when you hear his soft whines you usually drop everything you have in your hands while he's looking at you with an innocent smile. this man truly doesn't know the power he holds
─ kazutora
this mf smells really good. it's not even perfume, it's his own body scent, and it just makes it 10x times hotter. sometimes you nuzzle your head into his neck, drowning in his scent while he laughs a little because your hot breath against his skin tingles him.
you know the famous fuck me eyes trend on tik tok? we found the winner you can stop searching. I know that he has like, gigantic eyes that seem to want to swallow your soul but he can make them look really soft when he wants. his big ass eyes usually soften when he's looking at you, staring without realizing it.
he falls asleep on your shoulder or lap pretty often. he feels at peace when he's around you, and this shows how much he trusts you, letting his guard down and being vulnerable around you.
Tumblr media
tokyo revengers masterlist
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haruchyio · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
dreaming of their s/o cheating even though they're not in a relationship hcs
— characters. sano manjiro, ryuguji ken, baji keisuke x reader (separate)
— themes. fluff, crack
Tumblr media
# sano manjiro.
this guy will be all pouty for the whole day, as well as purposely ignoring you when you're there
there are times when you'll catch him glaring your way and whenever you give him a small smile and a wave, he'll puff his cheeks and look away
naturally, you felt guilty and you began thinking of the possible reasons that may have caused his odd behaviour towards you
in the end, though, you couldn't think of one decent reason
in hopes to ease up the tension between the two of you and so you could properly apologize to him for... whatever mistake you might have done to offend him, you decided to approach him, facing the problem head on
"mikey, are you mad at me?"
the boy will huff like a child and glare at you, though it isn't as intense as when he's really really angry so this may be a sign that he's just having his normal mikey tantrum
"you!" he will point accusingly at you and you gulped the lump that was stuck in your throat. the members of toman that heard his shout stopped whatever they were doing to watch the scene unfold.
"why would you cheat on me in my dreams, huh? was i not enough for you?! why would you cheat on me with kenchin of all people!"
you could hear baji laughing in the background, followed by a few more members. mikey didn't seem to notice this, however, and kept his lips pursed.
"kenchin is too tall for you! you'll have to get a stool when you kiss. don't you think that's too much of a hassle?! i'm better suited for you, you know—"
you heard draken's loud huh?! among the loud laughters from your little crowd, and mitsuya's comforting slap on his back. don't mind.
"but mikey..."
he turns to you, "don't go making excuses-"
"we're not dating though..."
baji explodes, clutching his stomach as he wheezed, knees buckling at the ground. several members of toman followed suit, laughing their asses off at the scene.
mikey's cheeks reddened as he registered what you had said, opting to shut up for once and look away. his pout deepened in embarassment, his eyes not meeting yours.
"you— wheeze you dumbass! that love confession is so uncool!" mikey throws his shoe at the laughing baji
# ryuguji ken.
Tumblr media
unlike mikey, he's very blunt and direct. his anger is evident by the way his nose scrunched up and eyebrows furrowed as he marched your way.
your chat with mikey was cut short when you could see his tall figure from your peripheral vision, the heavy sounds of his footsteps reaching your ears.
mikey only sits beside you, curiously staring at his bestie. the random conversation you both had was now long forgotten
"oh? ken!" you give him a big smile, waving your hand
draken had to stop walking for a minute to collect himself. he gives himself a pep talk in his mind, channelling all his jealousy in his veins.
there is no time to go soft over your cute little smile! no, sir! he's angry! very angry!
"are you okay?"
okay, so maybe only very slightly angry.
draken stopped walking when he finally reached you. his eyes downcast, staring into your concerned ones, shining in the sun.
he breathes to collect himself once again.
"why did you cheat on me?"
mikey chokes on his dorayaki, eyes blown wide as he looks at you and draken. you're in a relationship?! he screeched, but he was completely ignored.
you blinked, sweat rolling down your forehead.
draken takes a step forward, and you took a step back. his shadow loomed over you like a fucking building, and you were reduced to a cowering mess, confused at what's going on.
"i saw you cheat on me in my dream, and i remember chifuyu saying about how dreams can be considered predictions. why would you cheat on me, huh? did i do something wrong?"
you let out a confused noise. your back hitting a wall, draken cornered you with his arms propped up in each side of your head.
he stares at you, waiting for your answer.
"but ken... i don't know how to say this..." you stuttered, breaking eye contact and began fiddling with your fingers. "we're... not in a relationship...."
mikey then tells this story to the members who weren't present, and draken ignored you for a few days because the embarassment was eating him alive.
# baji keisuke.
Tumblr media
very verbal but he's also very aggressive???
he sits beside you one day, arms crossed and his eyes boring holes at mitsuya's head who only glanced at him in confusion.
he will continuously tap his foot impatiently, waiting for you to ask him what he's deal. when you decided to just leave him be so he could let his head cool down from whatever's getting him riled up, he'll be the one to initiate a conversation with you.
very loudly, might i add
his outburst almost had you jumping from your seat, heart racing in fright. mitsuya, who heard his name, turned to look, and this time, he watched in amusement as baji continued to glare at him.
not knowing why he's being the way he is and thinking he wasn't seriously asking you that, you jokingly told him everything, followed by a chuckle.
fucking clueless. clueless, that's what you were.
your answer only fuelled his anger ten times and you could practically feel the fire that enveloped his figure.
"baji what"
"...voodoo shit...?"
you cleared your throat, heat rushing up your neck. you placed a hand on his in an attempt to calm him down. which is quite effective since he finally stopped glaring at his friend to look at you with hurt swimming in his eyes.
"kei, what's wrong?" you asked, and he scoffed. his eyebrows twitched just thinking about it.
"i dreamt about you cheating on me, with mitsuya of all people! you— huh? why are you laughing? you think this is funny?!"
bringing your hands up to caress his cheeks, baji leans in and melts under your touch. you chuckled, giving him a light-hearted smile.
"but kei, we're not in a relationship. remember?"
oh fuck
expect dozens of news about burnt cars for the following days because he simply cannot fanthom how stupid he was.
Tumblr media
© sen (haruchyio). all rights reserved. no work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without my permission.
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slttygeto · 10 days ago
"you gotta hide! my boyfriend's coming!" | part 2
featuring: the kawata twins, baji, draken.
genre: fluff, crack.
tagging: @reiners-milkbiddies thank u for the nice comment!
Tumblr media
—baji keisuke
he's a messy sleeper
there's drool and hair all over his face but he always looks so peaceful so you'd feel bad about waking him up😭
then again, kei was definitely a good person to pull this prank on
"kei, baby" you shook him a little and watched his face contort into one of annoyance
"what? what's happening?" "you gotta hide baby,"
"hide? from who?" he's opened one eye and is staring at you with so much confusion, forgetting that the place was practically his place too 😭
"my boyfriend! he's coming, I can't let him see you."
he opens both eyes and stares at you with an "are you serious rn" look and you're pressing your lips together not to laugh.
"you better be glad i love you, otherwise i would've told our cat that you're being mean to me" what a baby
but he does ask for cuddles 🥺
Tumblr media
—kawata nahoya (smiley)
hes. crazy????
he's absolutely crazy idek where to start
not only is he a light sleeper, you literally sit down at the edge of the bed and his eyes shoot open like some sort of owl 😭
so when you tried to move away from him to be able to pull this prank at a safe distance, he was already opening his eyes and staring at you.
"you okay?" "yeah, I just need you to hide" he's literally squinting your eyes at you like???? in my own house???
"and why would I do that?" "my boyfriend's coming over so...yeah," you try to play it off by standing up from the bed and going to your closet to get something to wear and nahoya immediately sits up.
"your boyfriend" "my boyfriend"
another round of silence
he then opens his mouth but then closes it when he sees you laughing.
"your boyfriend huh?"
you better run because he's literally chasing you around to tickle you.
Tumblr media
—kawata souya (angry)
the opposite of nahoya
hes such a sleepy baby 🥺
a very heavy sleeper but he easily wakes up when you touch his nose
so you booped his nose gently and watched his eyes slowly flutter open.
"huh?" "souya baby you gotta hide!"
he takes a moment to register your words, still very confused but he stands up almost on command and is trying to hide.
"hide! hide I gotta hide—but why?" "my boyfriend is coming!" he nods along with your words, almost running into the closet door and yawning.
"shit- yeah your boyfriend is- your boyfriend is me?"
you literally squish his cheeks and kiss his lips and call him the cutest baby ever
god i love him hes so precious
Tumblr media
—ryuguji ken (draken)
he's not exactly a heavy nor a light sleeper but if something were to happen like an earthquake or the fire alarm going off he'd definitely be on his feet first
but when hes sleeping after a long day of work it's usually hard to wake him up
and hes very cranky after waking up so ooooo
he kinda gasps when you shake him awake and hes staring at you like wtf
"you gotta hide! my boyfriend's coming!"
your who now
he sits up and stares at you with a sleepy glare before he's getting under the covers again, facing away from you.
"once im fully awake, you're paying for this."
he'd probably keep his promise so YOU better hide 😭
Tumblr media
2022 © all works belong to slttygeto. do not repost my work anywhere else.
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itsstrawberrymochi · a month ago
Tr characters that are soft to you but a dick to others
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/n: I’m so in love with the I hate everyone but you trope~
Warnings: mild mentions of violence, implied manga spoilers for Mikey but if you’ve read the bonten arc you’re good
Characters: Bonten Mikey, Baji, Rindou and Wakasa
Sorry for any grammatical errors
Tumblr media
- Everyone and their mom knows not to fuck with Mikey
- They know that saying a single wrong word to him could send them at the bottom of some random river in Japan
- Even his the bonten executives whom have been working with him for years feel uneasy and are afraid of him
- After all the shit he’s been through there hasn’t been one single human Mikey has been the slightest bit kind to, he always has that bored and uninterested look on his face whenever he’s around people no matter how much they praise him or try to get on his good side
- Mikey isn’t dumb he knows everyone feels frightened and wants to avoid him and he simply doesn’t care he wants it that way
- So in the end Sano Manjiro really hates everyone…. wellll maybe not everyone
- You’re the only person on this earth that Mikey doesn’t act like that scary leader of the worst criminal organization in Japan he tries to be a more softer loving person
- HOWEVER he’s not as soft as he was back when he was happy and in Toman, Mikey still and will never be that boy from the past but he still treats you a lot more better that he does others
- Unlike with others he tries to be less cold and distant around you and make you feel comfortable in his presence
- You have so many “Mikey privileges” that not even Sanzu, Bonten’s number two could ever have no matter how long he’s been with Mikey
- For example you’re the only one allowed to walk into his office without his permission, raise your voice at him ( but you only do it to scold him like when he hasn’t eaten a proper meal in days) touch him, talk about the past and so on
- The bonten executives are very much not use to this and they can’t help but wince or get scared whenever you display one of those privileges in front them , every time it happens they think that Mikey would snap and punish you because they know if they were to do any one of them they’ll be for sure shot in cold blood
- There are a ton of good things you get out of being the one person Mikey doesn’t hate but in your opinion the best thing is the soft sweet smile only you get to see and the loving words he gives you when he thinks your sleeping
- You are and forever will be his person /3
- Baji is the text book definition of a tsundere
- If someone other than you was asked to describe the type of person he was they would probably use words like hothead, lose canon, aggressive, scary etc
- Baji isn’t exactly a horrible person like most people on this list cough cough Rindou he won’t torture someone or make their life a living hell buttttt he can still be really scary and unapproachable and Baji can be a huge dick to people who he doesn’t know
- A great example was the first time he met Takemichi he didn’t even know the guy but still went to town on his face because he felt like it
- And even with close friends he can still l come off as snappy and a “ bully” he loves to make fun of them because their upset reactions is hilarious to him, he only acts nice and calm when it’s necessary and they really need him
- But Baji never acts like a stick of dynamite ready to blow when he’s around you he’s rather kind, soft, and goofy
- Behind closed doors when it’s just you two dude turns into a big softie
- He is a lot more clinger, always wants to be near you, wants to cuddle, and do cute couple activists like face mask yes he’s the one who suggests it
- Baji knows he has anger issues but he always keeps them in check when he’s around you because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or scared around him
- You’re like a chill pill for him whenever he’s raging just one sight of you and he’s calm and suddenly feels better
- It’s like a switch goes off in his head and all the feelings of anger just vanishes and he’ll turn into mush if you place a hand on his face and tell him to calm down
- Baji is a major simp for you and does whatever you say, so if you tell him not to beat up that person just because they looked at him he won’t do it he’ll mumble a few complaints but he won’t do it but if someone else does it he’ll punch them and tell them not to tell him what to do
- Close friends often even use this advantage like Chifuyu would intentionally say something to piss off Baji but then he’ll immediately put you in the way because he knows Baji would instantly calm down
- It’s safe to say that there are only two things that Baji is soft for and that’s animals and you /3
- Rindou is the literal embodiment of I hate everyone but you’re ok~
- Like the way he treats you vs others is mind blowing
- He treats and sees everyone ( aside from Ran) like literal trash, he sees them as nothing more than pawns, peasants, people who’s not even significantly close to his level but when it comes to you he sees you as a perfect angel who deserves all the good things the world has to offer
- For someone who literally breaks bones for a living he’s extremely gentle with you, he sees you as glass that can be easily broken by only one touch, so whenever he touches you his touch is feather-like and soft
- Ran was too stunned to speak the first time he saw how sweet his usual feral brother treated you, he was 100% convinced that, that wasn’t Rindou but some annoyingly soft boyfriend who happened to look like his baby brother
- You’re the only one who’s allowed to make fun of him and away with it, Ran too but Rindou always has to throw a kick to the stomach for him
- You’re also the only one who he ever apologies to, Rin may be way nicer to you than how he is with others but he’s still Rindou and there are times he accidentally slips up and makes you upset or cry and when that happens he freezes and guilt over flows him, he immediately starts racking through his brain trying to come up with a good apology but if it’s anyone else he’ll laugh in their face and gets a major confidence boost
- Rindou turns into putty when he’s around you, he always has a blush on his face
- When you two are alone in the comforts of you shared bed he would speak to you to you in a soft voice, head buried in your chest and mumbling soft praises and I love yous
- Ohhh but when it’s someone else including Ran he’ll have a scowl on his face and tell them to fuck off even if they weren’t looking or doing anything
- You’re the luckiest person in the world because this is a side you and only you get to see
- Wakasa isn’t exactly an ass to others buttt he isn’t a sweetheart either
- Rather than giving off total dick energy Wakasa instead gives off the idgaf I don’t want to be here energy
- When around people he barely shows any type of emotion aside from boredom or calmness he is even like this around his close friends
- It’s not like Waka doesn’t like to be around his friends he does, it’s just he’s more on the introverted side and he’s that type of introvert that still acts like an introvert even if he’s around his small circle of friends
- He doesn’t like to talk around people and rather stay silent only choosing to speak when he sees fit which not that often
- To see him smile in public is so mf rare and it when he does smile it’s probably because he made fun someone or is about beat the shit out of someone
- Other than that he always has that •_• face on
- But Wakasa’s personality does a whole 360° when he’s only with you, he always has a soft smile or teasing smirk graced upon his face
- and he talks a lot more often, he doesn’t quite suddenly become a talkative person but compared to when he’s around others it’s a major setup
- He also acts……. less dead inside
- He teases, affectionately bites you, tries to make you laugh, lays on top of you, drags you to the couch to cuddle, let you practice makeup on his face and the list goes on
- And Wakasa isn’t even afraid to act this way around you and for sure isn’t afraid you’ll tell anyone because he knows they won’t believe
- Wakasa would 100% make you feel special by how differently he treats you from others and it never make you doubt how much he loves you
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swtsuya · 13 days ago
characters: baji, mikey, mitsuya, ran, sanzu, shinichiro
content: fem!reader, sorry for errors
Tumblr media
BAJI KEISUKE : Baji wonders why you hate bringing him along to get groceries, but you think the reason behind it is quite obvious. "You can't make much noise or they'll run away, okay?" He tells your son, and the little boy nods at the older man while you load everything into your car. When you're finished doing so, you watch as both boys crouch in the middle of the parking lot of the grocery store, a few feet away from a white cat. "Now, take the treat and place it in your palm like this." Baji demonstrates by doing just that, and your child mimics with wide eyes, anticipating what's to come next. "Slowly move closer—but quietly." You imagine them as crabs as they move closer to the poor cat. It was enjoying its night, and now it was being interrupted by two weirdos. Though you think of them as weirdos, as expected of your boyfriend, the cat's fond of him much like any cat he manages to come across. He's like a cat whisperer or something. "See?" He holds the cat against his chest. "Lemme hold him." Your son says hopefully as he reaches for the white feline, but baji stands to his full height and steps back. "It's a girl, and no." "Why?!" You sigh and hop into your car knowing this is going to take a while, hopefully not too long like the last time. You spent an entire hour in the parking lot because of their bickering.
"Because . . ." Baji scans the parking lot as if doing so would magically give him the answer. "You're stupid." Your son tells him. He leaps and grabs the cat from baji's arms, sticking his tongue out when he does it triumphantly. "Why do you always do this?" Baji questions the boy, slapping his arms against his sides like a child not getting what they want. "Because you never let me hold the cats. You always say next time, and next time but then, when the next time comes, you never let me, so I have to do this," Your son lifts the cat slightly in his arms. "To get to hold the cats." This is why you don't like bringing baji along because despite him knowing your son was right, he chooses not to acknowledge that fact. Instead, he engages in a verbal fight with him. You stick your head out of the window and shout, "I'll leave you both here if you don't get in, in the next minute!" They both scowl at you and return to their conflict. You shrug your shoulders and wait for exactly a minute; when you notice they're not making any effort to clear their dispute, you start the car. The roar of the engine has them turning their heads. Without a second thought, you pull out of the parking lot with your adorable son and boyfriend screaming at you to stop. You fall into a laughing fit on your way home. They really thought I was joking. You think.
Tumblr media
SANO MANJIRO : Mikey and you have been together for a couple of months, and it's been well, it's been alright. You never expected a man like him, influential, ruthless, emotionless, to be interested in someone like you, pregnant. At the time of your meeting you were only three months along, and he wasn't phased in the slightest. If anything, he was more curious to know your story. And in a short time, you both grew a friendship. Instead of your baby's father being there, mikey was present. It hurt when he didn't show, but when the man clad in an oversized black t-shirt and pants came, movements frantic as he busted through your hospital room, it made the sadness that was swelling your heart ease so much. All of the things you heard about mikey were true, you knew that much, but they never gossipped about his sweet side. He visited you almost every day, ensuring you and your son were fine. Not long after, he confessed his feelings, and you've been together ever since.
There's just one thing you've noticed in the past month, he's never held your child. He's played with the little guy, laughed with him, talked with him, and he's even kissed his round chubby cheeks, but he's never held your baby. You can't help but wonder, why? "Yn? Are you still in bed?" Mikey questioned you from the hallway of his penthouse. Walking into his room, he sees you playing with your son. You both look so tiny in his ginormous bed. "There's not much for me to do today—there's nothing at all actually, so I came back." You smile at that. "Great, I need to pump more milk for him." You kiss the man on his cheek on your way out, and mikey looks to his bed to see your baby already looking at him. Because of the eye contact, a gummed smile takes over his little face, and mikey flashes a smile back while joining him on the bed. When the chubby baby begins to crawl onto him, he says, "What are you going to do? I don't have big tits with milk in them like your mom, so you should call her if that's what you're coming for." Your son chooses to stare at him with his big eyes and then starts chewing on his chin. "Okay," Mikey manages to say, "Let's go get you a bottle."
You're just finishing one bottle and moving on to do another when your boys walk into the kitchen. As expected, your son's fist is in his mouth, what's not so expected is mikey holding him. "You're-" "Are there any more bottles in the fridge? He's hungry." Mikey asks you as he opens the fridge, scanning for a baby bottle. "You're holding him?" You ask, but it comes out as a squeak making you grimace, and they both look at you simultaneously. "Yeah? You don't want me to?" He shifts your son from one arm to the other. "No, no, it's just you never hold him." Mikey's mouth forms a small o at your words. "He was really tiny back then. I felt like I would've broken him or dropped him, but now he has some weight to him because of all that milk he drinks." The usually calm and collected leader tickles the thighs of your baby, making him giggle. "And, I wasn't ready just yet, I haven't held a baby in a long time." He shrugs and takes the bottle you just finished filling a moment ago. You watch from the counter as mikey fed your baby, cooing at him as he did so.
Tumblr media
MITSUYA TAKASHI : "Are you and mom trying to scare me?" Mitsuya chuckles at the girl almost identical to you. "It's just a surprise. It's something you've wanted since you were little." Her head tilts behind mitsuya's hands that cover her eyes. "Since I was little? Is it some kid toy? I'm almost eighteen, I'm graduating next week, and you decide to get me a toy tsu-tsu?" Mitsuya let out an almost unheard tch, but she was too close to not hear him. "I told you stop calling me that, and no, it's not a toy." She giggles. He complains about the nickname she gave him when she was a babbling toddler, yet he's never made any serious demands for her to stop. She's been calling him that ever since incoherent sentences would fumble and tumble past her lips. She never learned to say mitsuya or takashi until she was four, and even then, her pronunciation was a bit off. So in the meantime, she called him su-su. And it stuck, with a slight change from su-su to tsu-tsu instead. "Okay, here you go." The darkness caused by mitsuya's hands fades as he moves them to his pockets. When she opened her eyes she expected . . . she can't say the exact item she expected but she did expect something, anything, not a white sheet. "Is this a Halloween costume or something tsu-tsu? Mom?" She looks back and forth between you two.
You can't contain your excitement as you ask, "Can I pull it off?" With a nod from your husband, you pull the white sheet up and off the mannequin to display your daughter's surprise. The squeal that leaves her has mitsuya's lips quirk into a genuine smile. "Is this the dress I drew when I was eight?!" Mitsuya is a bit worried to see how she will react. Will she like it, or will she not like it? It's been the question plaguing his mind ever since he began making it. With a shaky breath, he says, "Yeah. I did a few tweaks here and there, but it still looks the same as the drawing, right?" He doesn't get a response from the girl, but he notices her hands moving across her cheeks. He looks at you for help, and you motion to her. His steps are cautious as he walks to stand in front of her and he wasn't expecting her to be crying. The sight alone has him fighting back his own tears. "Come here." He tells her and opens his arms for her to walk into. She's smaller than mitsuya, so he dwarfs her in size. Her arms go around his back with tiny hands that clutch his leather jacket. You can't see her, but you can clearly hear her sobs. "Don't cry. I promised you I'd do this." Mitsuya looks down at her head buried in his chest. "Yeah, but I didn't expect you to actually do it." She manages to say through her sobs. "Of course I would. You're my princess."
Tumblr media
RAN HAITANI : After spending the entire day with your daughter and ran for her birthday, you're exhausted. You know that ran is capable of many things. Still, simply because you know that doesn't mean you won't be surprised when he manages to rent out an entire park to set up bouncy houses, balloon artists, a cake with your daughter's name on it, tables filled with all the treats a six-year-old would love and other activities, in only two hours. Is he a wizard? Maybe he is a wizard, or maybe the saying is true, money does talk. But before you can stray any further to more ridiculous ideas, ran's footsteps stop your train of thought. "Is she sleeping?" You ask, and he kisses the crown of your head before sitting next to you. "Yep." He lays down and pulls you with him, making you squeal. "Are you trying to wake her up already?" Looking up from your place on his chest, you see him grinning down at you. "No, but you surprised me. And you didn't have to do all of that today —I'm grateful you did, I've never seen her smile that bright before. But really, you didn't have to. I'll try to pay you back—"
Ran moves his hands from around your waist to your cheeks, and as he thought it would, you looked at him. "I see that look in your eye." "Look? What look?" "The look where you're all like, I don't want you thinking I'm a golddigger." You slapped his chest and whined his name, making a chuckle slip past his lips. "When she said you were only going to buy a cake and watch her favourite movie after school on her birthday, I wanted to do something bigger for her with my money. You don't have to pay me back. It's what she deserves." He shrugs as if spending probably thousands of dollars were no big deal. "And you need to stop telling me you'll pay me back. I will never take money from you. Whatever I buy for the two of you is because I feel happy doing that, okay?" You hum, not wanting to speak with how embarrassed you feel now. Why did you even say that? Scorning yourself seems to be the only answer to your own question. "Don't hum at me. Tell me that you understand." He taunts, and his familiar smirk spreads across his lips. "Okay. I understand."
Tumblr media
SANZU HARUCHIYO : "Are you sure you can do this haru?" The pinkette sighs, probably for the tenth time that morning, and it's only eight thirty. "It's just a bunch of six year olds and their parents, it's not a big deal, right pinky?" Sanzu nudges your daughter while he holds her tiny hand. "Yeah, haru's gonna be the best parent there. Sara likes to brag about her dad being a cop. Wait till she hears sanzu has a sword." She beams at you. "You told her about that?" You ask him, wide eyed. "He showed me a picture on his phone. He said that when we go to his place again, he can show me how to use it if you give me permission. Can he, can he? Please, pleasseee?" Your shoulders slump. You can't handle these two sometimes. "We'll talk about this more when you get home. For now, you both need to get inside." Sanzu checks the time on his watch and confirms. "I'll see you two later." You tell them, and they bid you farewell in their own ways. Your daughter with a hug to your legs, and sanzu with a kiss to your lips.
"So," Sanzu couldn't help but ask, " Why did you ask me to come to this thing pinky?" She shrugs her shoulders while she guides him to her classroom. "Because you're cool." He doesn't get the opportunity to ask her to elaborate because they enter what he suspects is her classroom from all of the tiny tables and chairs, the drawing on the walls and numerous childlike activities littered across the room. "Good morning." She tells everyone and nudges sanzu to do so as well. "Good morning." There are more people than he initially suspected. "Hello, you two. Since you've just arrived, how about you start us off on our parent's day." The teacher no doubt said. Sanzu doesn't understand what's going on completely as he's dragged to a kid's seat at the front of the class, but he does make out the curious looks on everyone's faces, some astonished as he strides across the room. He's sure it's because of the obvious marks on his face. "Hello everyone." The little girl sanzu has come to adore waves her tiny hands at the audience, and some wave back at her. "This is my mommy's boyfriend, and he works in business—"
"What kind of business?" A little girl asks, and sanzu notices the tick in your daughter's jaw. "Really cool business, sara." Oh, this is sara. "Anyway, his name is sanzu, but I call him legs sometimes because he's really tall, and my mom calls him . . . she calls him a lot of things, like love, honey, baby, and bad words I'm not supposed to say." She earns a few chuckles from the adults along with sanzu's. "He's really cool. He has a sword, like an actual one." She beams, and there are numerous ous and ahs from the children, even some adults. "And he also has these scars right here," She touches them softly and shows everyone. "They're shaped like diamonds and really cool too. He also likes to match clothes with mommy and me sometimes. Right now we match. He's wearing a pink suit, and I'm wearing a pink dress he bought for me." She holds out her hand for sanzu to take, and when he does so, she twirls, showcasing the dress sanzu bought for her. "See?" The rest of her time was spent bragging about sanzu. He didn't even get the chance to say anything about himself—not like he needed to, she practically said everything there was to know, from his favourite colour to the colour of his underwear.
Tumblr media
SANO SHINICHIRO : "Can you tuck me in shinichiro?" The question has both you and your boyfriend stunned. In the three years you and the eldest sano have been together, your son has never asked him to do anything, save for the one time shin kept teasing him when you went to the mini-mart near your apartment. Shinichiro kept picking up two bags of chips, one that was your son's favourite and another he couldn't care for. He pretended to be torn between the two, and as he set your son's favourite back on the shelf, placing the other in the basket reserved for the items to be bought, your son asked, 'Can we get the other one shin?' You only looked on at your boyfriend's shenanigans. Your son's eyes would go wide every time shin picked up his favourite, and a pout would take over when shin picked up the other. It's no secret why shinichiro did that; he's expressed his concern many times. He thinks your son hates him. That's why you're both surprised at the sudden request, more so shin than you. You turn to look at shinichiro from your seat on the couch, waiting for his answer. "Y-yeah, yeah, of course. Let's go to your room little man." He wipes his hands down his pants. When did they start getting sweaty? He wonders as he follows behind your son.
It wasn't a hassle tucking your child in; he's seen you do it too many times to count, even if he were to use his toes. What was the problem was his nerves. He sat fidgeting next to your son's comfortable body, continuously wiping his hands down the thigh of his black sweats. "Can I ask you something?" The sudden question makes the older man jolt, and on instinct, your son begins apologising profusely. "It's okay. I didn't think you were going to say anything. What were you going to say?" Shinichiro faces the little boy that captured his heart just as quickly as you did. "C-can I call you dad?" The air around him and the air in his lungs seize instantly. If he's being completely honest with the world, he's wanted this for a year now. Call it one of the many dreams he has, your son, calling him dad. However, this dream faded when he thought he hated him, so his goal was to work his way up the eight year old's list before the word reserved for a parental figure could even be uttered by the boy. It seems he had the boy thought out all wrong. "It's okay if you don't want me to." The boy with identical eyes to yours rushed out.
"I just thought since you've been with us for so long, and I kinda see you as my dad—I thought I should ask first, but like I said before, it's okay if you're not okay with that. I'll keep calling you-" Larger arms encasing him in a warm hug stop his rambling. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to call me that." "Really?" Your son beams. Shinichiro has never seen the boy this happy. Only with you was that smile present, and it warns his heart knowing he was the cause of it. "Yeah, of course." They don't know how many minutes have passed embracing each other, but neither can bring themselves to care. They both had dreams that came true that day. How can they? "I should leave you to get some sleep. Goodnight." Shinichiro stands and walks to the door, flashing his son a small smile in the process. "Goodnight dad." You hear the click of the door, and your head falls in that direction. "How did it—Shin? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" The man who's been trying to act cool to impress your son—just as he did with you when you first met, falls to his knees with his head in his hands. "He asked me if he could call me dad. How could I not cry?"
Tumblr media
I have a part 2 with some other characters coming but I hope whoever reads enjoyed.
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fueledbysano · 5 months ago
𝙁𝘼𝙈𝙊𝙐𝙎 𝘽𝙊𝙔𝙁𝙍𝙄𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙎. ᴛᴏᴍᴀɴ + ʙᴏɴᴛᴇɴ
just famous boyfriend privileges...
ft; bonten!mikey, athlete!draken, designer!mitsuya, rockstar!baji, streamer!chifuyu, actor!ran, model!rindou, p0rnstar!sanzu, businessman!koko
includes: fem!reader, slightly suggestive for haitani brothers + koko, and highly suggestive for Sanzu.
a/n; I wanna be their little gf pls LOWKEY WANNA BE DRAKEN'S NBA WIFE?¿?¿?¿ Idk I'd be happy to be any of these tbh...
Tumblr media
♡ MIKEY — already famous
- He is your scary dog privilege in the streets.
- But behind closed doors, this man is severely touch starved for you.
- He may be the biggest gangster in the streets but he loves being the small spoon when you're cuddling.
- As much as he wants you out of his activities, you insist staying by his side.
- What's important to him, is just as important to you.
- The capital seat at the meeting room is your throne. Basically yours, you seat on it more than he does. and all you do is look pretty, just distracting him and his men during a discussion.
- Everyday is always a date with him. You never run out things to do together.
- From indoor dinners, movie bingeing, card games, and swimming in your million-dollar penthouse's pool to late night drive down the city, impulsive out of country trips, and trips to his favorite private spot at the beach.
- Although he disappears at times, it is to solely protect you from the dark impulse he had pent up, not wanting to have you around when he has burst outs.
- With you by his side, your relationship is a beautiful adventure.
- You're his escape, a constant reminder that there is still beauty in his life— someone worth holding on to.
♡ DRAKEN — the athlete
- We're not talking the university varsity boy, no.
- A professional athlete.
- You're the first person he looks for after training, and you're always ready to freshen him up.
- You're his number one cheerleader, cheering him on every score he makes and entrance in the court.
- The courtside front row is your throne.
- Wearing his jerseys, showing off that “DRAKEN” text above the number to show off you're his.
- Basically, you're an NBA wife in the making, yes.
- Cameras love you, showcasing the star player's pretty girlfriend.
- Training dates!
- Watching or joining him on training, forcing his personal trainer in getting used to having you around.
- Draken always takes you wherever he has a game, as he considers you his strength during matches.
- and when the team wins, he takes you with them to have a celebration party.
- and to show his gratitude, he'll treat you like a queen for the rest of your trip.
- Buying you anything you'd like, taking you anywhere you want, simply spoiling his number one.
♡ BAJI — the rockstar
- You're the rockstar's girlfriend, congratulations, what's that like?
- It all started when he made a mixtape entirely for you, easily capturing your heart.
- You often attend his band practices, getting a first listen to their singles and recordings.
- He is the bassist. and bassists typically have the reputation of being the favorite one in the band (next to the lead vocalist).
- and he was no exception to that.
- Girls at their live shows go overly crazy for him.
- You knew that, letting their screams of adoration slip as you didn't mind them.
- But throwing their bras at your man?
- Well, that's kinda hilarious.
- Baji just throws them to the vocalist anyways, and continues to play, occasionally keeping eye contact with you in the VIP lounge of the venue.
- Blows you kisses and sends winks, making the fangirls go crazy, thinking it was for them; which, you find particularly funny.
- But they all go silent when the setlist comes down to that one song— the tune he wrote specifically about you.
- He always looked forward to performing it live, as he gets to sing it especially to you in front of a crowd.
- But as the chords started play, with he could only focus on you entirely; pouring his heart into the lyrics as he sweetly offered them to you.
- They may perform it from night to night on different cities, but you'll never get tired of the beautiful masterpiece made for you, and still can't believe is loved by many others.
- You two have your own special bunk in the tour bus so you can share, leaving the other members jealous as they only get to have the cramped beds.
- But they genuinely adore their bassist's girlfriend; welcoming you as one of their best buds.
- Will teach you how to play the bass when you ask, which he'd been secretly hoping for sometime now.
♡ CHIFUYU — the streamer
- You make occasional appearances in his streams to play together, which his viewers love.
- The chat drowning in Hi's and Hello's every time you walk by the frame or leave Fuyu snacks and drinks.
- You're definitely a mod on his Discord server.
- His fans sometimes make edits and fan arts of the two of you, which you save and cherish dearly.
- While there are people who love the two of you together, there's also the ones who resent your relationship.
- Constantly posts you on his story to show em thirsty girls in his DMs that he's taken.
- Takes you to conventions and tournament events as his VIP.
- City walk dates every time he tours, even making a vlog for his channel to treasure the memories.
♡ MITSUYA — the designer
- we're talking.
- Firstly, you never run out of stuff to wear.
- Weirdly knows your measurements by heart from how much he's made clothes for you.
- You get first dibs on the first row seats on his runway shows.
- and he dresses you up all pretty too.
- Of course he's giving you the best pieces, almost outstaging his own models
- Complementing and matching outfits are a must everytime you go out together!!!
- You two make the articles and the "best dressed" lists.
- Taking you to runway shows and fashion week events.
- and the best one yet— he took you as his date to the fucking MET GALA when he got invited
- Slayed that event.
- Mitsuya loves spoiling you on trips he goes on.
- Which is a regular occurance. He loves his job so much, as he could do what he loves and still get to spend time with you.
- and your unconditional support means the world to him, he couldn't love you any more.
- Seriously thinking of proposing to you on your next trip to Paris...
♡ SANZU — the pornstar
- His contet started off solo.
- But his impressive performance somehow did amazingly well, making his way to stardom in the industry.
- You knew what he did for a living, cause, well, you were once just a viewer of him.
- So when you two got into a relationship, you didn't hesitate in making content with him when he asked to.
- Now, you have hundreds of thousands of people subscribed to you, with millions of views.
- You put out content at least twice a week but you had your own lives when you put the cameras down, of course.
- You spoil each other a lot with your hard-earned money.
- Mostly, he buys you the cutest lingerie sets you've been eyeing.
- and the most divulging ones he'd die to see on you.
- Getting recognized in public is really awkward, you got used to the— “Oh my god I know those people but I'm not gonna say from where” look.
- Livestreams... he gets feral during these.
- and you do go live regularly as well...
- Getting your pussy fucked on screen real-time is definitely one of the fan favorites.
- and yours, too, cause the donations ask not only to get you fucked by his cock but also some of the items from your impressive collection of sex toys.
- which you've been dying to try out every single one of, and every stream is that window of opportunity.
- One time, a donor asked him to do a line in between your breasts— which he did.
- and he's been obsessed since then, doing it regularly even off camera.
♡ RINDOU — the model
- Model boyfriend Rin... you're one damn lucky soul.
- You're always so mesmerized by his devastatingly handsome physique.
- So when he told you that he did modeling for a living, you weren't so surprised.
- He had quite the following and big brand partnerships, so you felt a little stupid when you didn't recognize who he was.
- Sends you the copies of his latest photoshoot to make it your wallpaper later on
- Always asks for your second opinion and lets you pick the headshots for his cv.
- You're basically his personal photographer, too.
- Loves to include you in his Instagram feed to show off the wonderful woman in his life.
- Well mainly to let the stalkers know he's taken.
- Lets you open brand deal packages with him and try them out together.
- Models' work is very unpredictable and often impulsive. You could be in the middle of lunch when his manager calls in for a photoshoot.
- Just like the other day, he was suddenly called in for a Calvin Klein photoshoot. He didn't wanna leave you alone and so he let you come on set.
- It's always a delight for him to have you at work, as he has all the inspiration he needed to get through the long shoot.
- Absolutely adoring the fresh photos displayed on the screen, beholding the beautiful sight of your boyfriend's fierce expression and poses.
- They let him keep the underwear along with some stuff afterwards, which you definitely tore off of him that night.
- Doesn't have a lot of friends in the industry, but when his close ones are with him, he doesn't make you feel left out, even showing off to them the love of his life.
♡ RAN — the actor
- His debut on the big screen was on a successful Netflix show you'd encouraged him to audition for.
- Since then, he'd have a huge following of people his performance and on social media.
- Your relationship with him isn't a secret but you two don't go flaunting each other either.
- He thought blancing being an actor and your boyfriend won't be an easy task.
- But with your support, you easily carried your relationship together.
- He hated paparazzis eyeing you around. Thankfully, that wasn't always the case. But when it happens, expect him to throw a coat over yourselves for privacy.
- You help him practice his lines at home, in the car, during a dinner date...
- He was beyond happy when you agreed to be his date at the red carpet premiere of his new movie.
- Everyone loved you, and the two of you together.
- On set visits are a regular occurrence. Bringing him food in his dressing room or to simply see your boyfriend and show up for support.
- and well, squeezing in a quickie in there, hopeing his co-stars and bosses didn't hear.
- You're more than alright with him kissing someone else for the film, It'ss his job. But, you just make sure you're not on set for that particular day.
- and he always, always asks you first.
- and when you happen to be on set, you make sure to give him a much, much better kiss when you get home...
- Takes you to award shows. You're automatically his date.
- Giving you the biggest kiss once the presenter announced his name, the camera panning to the two of you as everyone adored the sweet moment.
♡ KOKO — some sort of businessman.
- Owns one of the biggest night clubs in the city
- Along with numerous properties you're not sure what exactly are for...
- Makes deals and favors for people and meets rich personalities regularly.
- Basically, it's how he made a name of himself.
- You two are always at some luxurious hotel, spending the night at the best honeymoon suite after a fancy dinner.
- It makes you feel bad though that you're barely at your mansion, which is also an astonishingly lavish place.
- Shopping dates are your favorite. The both of you love strolling down designer outlets to buy yourselves (or each other) something nice.
- and after these, you bet there's gonna be a Versace on the floor later on tonight 😳😉
- That's not all, dating a rich man is living the premium life.
- He eventually gets you a black card of your own, even putting his last name as yours.
- Regular out of country trips. Craving for some Greek dish? This man takes you to the damn country. There's a summer festival in Bali? He's booking you tickets there. You feel like skiing? He's booking you plane seats to Canada right now.
- You also meet the other rich girlfriends and wives when Koko meets with their men.
- They secretly hate you, mainly for having your hands on the latest designer pieces, having a pass on the most exclusive places, and catching their mans' eyes...
Tumblr media
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y-umiko · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
CHARACTER(S): Baji . Ran . Wakasa
WARNING/S: curse and a bit suggestive in Baji's part
Tumblr media
Keisuke Baji
It was Saturday in the late afternoon, You sat on the couch wrapped around your boyfriend's arms, legs tangled with each other when your phone rang. reluctantly you pick up the phone as you sat up with you still cuddled into his side. all the while Baji was focused on the TV that was playing his favourite TV show.
He didn't pay much attention to your conversation just hearing bits and pieces of it, he was just minding his own business that is until he heard you say;
"Not much, I'm with a friend right now"
Baji pauses the TV in a heartbeat, a scowl present on his face which you only returned with an innocent confused gaze.
"who is that? tell me I didn't just hear what I heard you say" he said as he extend his hand to grab your phone but you were quick to dodge and distance yourself away from him, but you didn't even reach far as he has his gentle grip on you, determined to grab your phone - which he succeeded.
Baji always resorts to violence before anything so it's no surprise that he didn't even bother to check the caller ID before he began speaking nonsense.
"This is her boyfriend you a**hole, and before you say anything just you know I can fu*king fight"
There was complete silence on the other end and when Baji thinks he won he can't help but look up as you chuckle and a familiar voice speaks on the other end. "Uhm...I know Baji-san"
Baji watched you with the furrowed eyebrow as you completely lost it and laugh "It was Chifuyu, I wanted to see how you'll react, I was just messing with you babe"
while you laughed, Baji's eyebrows only bent in annoyance, before he sigh in relief, "Chifuyu I'll call you later" he grumpily mumbled before ending the call and making his way towards you, he leaned down and whispered into your ears.
"I've been soft these past weeks, I think you need a proper reminder of who you belong to"
Tumblr media
You boredly stare at your boyfriend beating who knows who for the last couple of minutes, with the scene being almost a daily occurrence you thought you'll get used to it but violence during a date gets annoying, especially when Ran seems to enjoy it more than the date itself.
Ran heard your phone ring but didn't think much of it as he pummel the poor delinquent to the ground. he does enjoy it, the thrill of the fight but the thrill he got with spending time with you is a different matter.
"no I'm not busy, I'm just hanging out with a friend"
though that got Ran's head whipping to your direction with his full attention quickly shiting to you, a playful grin quickly dances across his lips as he quickly catches on to what's going.
"that doesn't sound right -" he grins, stepping over the delinquent on the ground to make his way towards you, without breaking eye contact
"-it's an incredibly handsome friend" he whispered once he was close enough to you, his long limbs of hand immediately wrapping themself around your waist to pull you closer to him.
Ran heard what sounded to be a man on the other end of the line say something, but the way your look at him tells him you didn't hear a single word on it "sorry I didn't catch that? my... incredibly handsome friend was talking to me" you chuckled earning a satisfied grin from Ran.
"Yeah, I'll call you later"
as soon as you ended the call, Ran took hold of your hand, intertwined them together, and pulled you away from the bloody scene.
"let's go"
"Where to? how about your work?" you asked pointing to the pile of delinquents behind you two, which Ran only shrug.
"don't worry about it, this incredibly handsome friend of yours is gonna take you out to dinner before some asshole thinks he has a chance with you"
"This is why I love you" you replied, your plan perfectly working
"that was Rin by the way"
Tumblr media
you sigh for the 3rd time in the last hour, for the last couple of minutes you had tried to do stupid things just to get a reaction out of your boyfriend who appears to be bored all the time but it was as if it fell into deaf ears. luckily a phone call had saved the day.
You get on a call, close enough with Wakasa that he can overhear your conversation. there was nothing strange about it, so he didn't mind it one bit, not until you turned sideways and made eye contact with him before answering the other person on the line.
"I'm actually with a friend right now, how about we just get dinner later?" He looks back at you, the subtlest furrow on his eyebrow.
"a friend?" he asked pointing to himself in disbelief, the action leaving you feeling pride for getting a reaction out of him. You didn't respond to him, instead, you just put your finger over your mouth, indicating to him to be quiet, further annoying him.
he swiftly reaches for your phone and puts it over his ear, without breaking eye contact with you.
"This is her boyfriend, and she's not getting dinner with you anytime soon since she'll be busy with me so stop calling this number" he calmly said before ending the call not even letting the other person on the other end say anything.
"what?" he asked as you stared at him in awe
"That was so hot" you mumbled completely catching him off guard as he handed you back the phone, which you happily took feeling happy for some reason. "Stop talking to strangers" he cooly mumbled giving you lazy droopy eyes that you love.
"that was Shinichiro"
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