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softbajis · a day ago
Y'know what I feel like many people don't get? Yeah takemichi probably SHOULDN'T be making such reckless decisions regarding how he'll save Mikey, but that is exactly what people do. When they care about someone, YOU WILL sacrifice others for them. It won't matter who they are, that sort of selfishness is very human. Takemichi does do stupid things, and other people do get hurt. But he cares about Mikey on some level, and when you care, you'd do anything for them, even if other people are hurt on the way. IT'S TRAGIC BUT IT'S HUMAN.
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · a day ago
This is how I remember Kisaki's death going
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What do you mean it didn't happen like this?
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amethystroselily · 2 days ago
Damn, Takemichi’s life has really been going downhill ever since he lost his arch nemesis. At least he had resolve and a plan back then, now all he has is a crazy ex he’s trying to pick-me-girl into being a functioning member of society and a cat tshirt. No plans, no direction, just desperation and vibes.
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takuscoloringblog · 2 days ago
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to the birthday boy
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chifuyuangry · 2 days ago
Some Tokyo Revengers headcanons that have been living in my head for a while now:
Mitsuya: the biggest clean freak among all Toman members. Which I feel like it makes sense cuz he takes care of his sisters
Smiley & Angry: they can play the drums, guitar, piano, and any instrument that comes to mind. Not to mention that they can sing really well.
Chifuyu: he can dance. Really well.
Draken: an artist. He draws when he’s bored. Has a stack hidden in his closet and refuses to let anyone see (probably because 99% of them are drawings of Emma).
Takemichi: he’s really good at ice skating.
Wakasa: idk why but I feel like he’d be really good at doing makeup. Would sometimes do Senju’s makeup to make her feel more in touch with her feminine side.
Hakkai: doesn’t show it, but he’s actually a really good cook. Always cooks for Yuzuha and Mitsuya when he visits.
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allukay · a day ago
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from the very beginning up to now, takemichi will do anything for mikey 🥲
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mulletmitsuya · 2 days ago
Toman groupchat
Warnings: swearing, suggestive, dark humor
Mikey: homosexuals of Toman
Mikey: what was your gay awakening
Mitsuya: ....
Mitsuya: why did you have to start it like that
Mikey: so that all of you could get online
Baji: so everyone who likes men or??
Smiley: wtf does homosexual mean you dumb bitch🤨
Mikey: yes and straights have to answer with who they'd fuck with if they liked dudes
Smiley: I simply cannot imagine myself being homo
Hakkai: what's the point of this tho?
Mikey: social experiment
Mikey: ok and go!
Baji: ngl mine was Shinichiro
Baji: he was pretty cool, like he was musty but the cool type of musty
Baji: I could imagine our future together😍❤️
Smiley: killed off that imagination real quick huh
Baji: ........
Hakkai: I-
Mitsuya: you did not
Draken: that's.......
Chifuyu: outta pocket 🤕
Baji: you always running that big mouth of yours
Baji: you got no bitches
Baji: your lil bro can only catch hands when he's crying
Baji: you have ugly ass hair
Baji: you have big teeth
Baji: you straight up ugly honestly
Angry: Smiley apologize now that was too far
Smiley: for what??💀
Smiley: shouldn't have used Shinichiro as my emoji, my bad
Baji: ok that's it, let's go outside
Mikey: can y'all stfu please we were in the middle of something 😭
Chifuyu: mine was Baji-san but that was obvious
Hakkai: Taka-chan😊
Takemichi: Mikey-kun made me realize I was bi haha😅
Mikey: ONG?
Draken: yo chill
Mikey: I knew I was a homo when I saw Takemichi get his ass beat with no shame😍
Mikey: love at first sight
Takemichi: ..uhm😟
Draken: Mikey I know you think you're being romantic but stop 💀
Draken: oh and ig if I were I'd dig Mitsuya since we've know each other for so long and like ig he's attractive
Mitsuya: that's crazy
Mitsuya: unfortunately my awakening was you
Draken: HUH
Mitsuya: shut up I was having issues at the time and for some reason I thought you were hot 😕
Mitsuya: no??? did you not just read what I said🤨
Draken: it's okay to be embarrassed Mitsuya 😁
Mitsuya: before you even try making fun of me go tell Emma how long you spent in the arcade trying to win that prize for her
Draken: why can't you let me live
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baji-san · 7 months ago
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dailytokrev · a month ago
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nnobara · 8 months ago
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ewitsren · 5 months ago
Hello this is a request, how would baji and mikey react if his female s/o got home crying with ripped clothes and bruises after being assaulted? Scenario pls, thank you ❣️
when their s/o comes home assulted ft # baji, mikey !!
Tumblr media
↬ pairings: baji keisuke x reader, sano manjiro x reader
↬ cw/tws ⚠️: assult, blood, bruises
↬ requested: yes
↬ barrista's note ☕: i hope you'll like it, darling <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
um, he freaks out. like literally, he loses his shit.
the minute he saw fresh, purple bruises showing under your ripped clothes and the blood on your face; whoever had done this to you can be considered as dead, i mean it.
baji has been trying to reach you for the whole night but you didn't answer his calls and text, he also didn't know where you were so he felt so relieved when you cracked the door open and walked into the room
yeah, he was relieved. for just a second.
"y/n? where were you for fucks sake? i've been worried sick-"
baji's eyes widens and he cuts off his sentence when he sees you standing in front of him. tears streaming down your face covered in blood and wounds, purple bruises on your arms; legs and stomach, your ripped clothes... he freezes up for a second until you start sniveling.
"who did this to you?"
baji's voice comes out as cold as ice, a new kind of anger takes over his whole body; he feels cold from head to toe, thinking only about how he was gonna kill the scum(s) who dared to lay a hand on you.
"let's patch you up, aight? c'mere."
baji grabs your hand, gently sitting you on the couch before he make his way to the first aid kit. all he can think about is your health and safety, million questions run thru his head as he sits in front of you and gets to work. should he take you to the hospital? he could clean up your face but what if something happened to your organs? is he hurting you? were you gonna be okay? were you scared?
"brave girl, almost over 'kay? hold on a bit more."
helps you shower and makes you a warm tea before trying to bring who did this to you out of your mouth again.
"you're safe now, angel. no one will ever get to you again, i promise. i'll kill everyone who dares to lay a hand on you."
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mikey had just got home from a toman meeting when you rang the doorbell. the meeting took the whole night since they were preparing for a battle with one of the other gangs, he was tired.
but he forgot all about his tiredness, the meeting, the battle and the other gangs when he saw your face full of tears and cuts and your body full of purple bruises.
"y/n-cchi! today's meeting was to tiring-"
it took a few seconds for mikey to process you were standing in front of the door, with bruises and wounds because someone had assaulted you.
"who was it?"
same as baji, the very first thing he thought about was that who he was gonna kill. his voice was emotion-free, he spoke with that voice he uses when everybody knows he's gonna hurt someone real bad.
"it's okay, let's clean your wounds. we can talk about this later."
mikey's voice softens as he saw how scared you are, keeping the door wide open for you to get in.
he calls draken, since he's not good with cleaning wounds, and tries to act calm when every inch of his body burns with a new level of anger.
"this will never happen again, y/n. i'll protect you."
Tumblr media
@ewitsren 's work, do not translate/repost on other apps and platforms.
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cafedanslanuit · 5 months ago
drunk texting ft. mikey, draken, baji, chifuyu, mitsuya & takemichi
Tumblr media
♡   —   tags: post time skip, humour, cursing, a bit suggestive, gn!reader except for mikey's
♡   —   a/n: idea by @linmemories 💕 had sm fun making these!! also same takemichi, same
♡   —   masterlist
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
If I didn't know the context here then I would assume that Draken and Emma were having a moment while Takemichi awkwardly third wheels their moment. (Just look at the fear in Takemichi eyes, he does not want to be there.)
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amethystroselily · a day ago
You know what? At this point I hope that instead of a big fight, Takemichi just reveals that he’s a time traveler to everyone and it turns into a big group therapy session. Just everyone standing in a big circle, crying, talking about their childhood trauma.
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gallireis · 5 months ago
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Takemitchy, starting today, you’re my friend, all right?
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wishartszxxyuh · a month ago
At last, I realized why I wanted to be a cat since I was a kid.
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like & reblog if used :>
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allukay · a day ago
Tumblr media
maitake with the original artstyle look so exquisite i miss it
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notsuny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
literally how it happened in the manga
Based off: @msticray ‘s base and vm.tiktok.com/TTPdYCxTfv/
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chisuno · 7 months ago
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imodii · 3 months ago
Y/N: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
Draken: Wasn't Takemichi with you?
Takemichi: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.
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