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MCR MK Night 3
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help me sleep?
characters~ toman founders
genre~ fluff, comfort
tw~ usage of cuss words and established relationship in mitsuya's and kazutora's part. draken's a bit ambiguous because it is up for your interpretation. sorry for any typos, i'll edit them soon.
a/n~ i'm depressed so i can't write but here's something till i get back to writing. i'll prolly vanish again
Tumblr media
mikey was busy reading a manga when you plopped down next to him on the sofa.
you didn't say anything for a few minutes and he kept reading on, thinking nothing of it. now what you were going to ask could be interpreted as absurd or even illogical by him so you were a bit hesitant to approach him about this.
he was your best friend though. time and time again he has offered to help you and stated that you could always come to him if you needed any help. he wouldn't judge you, right?
"hey mikey..." you began.
"so... i have been having trouble falling asleep lately,"
"oh, why?"
"i don't know about that but uhm, i kind of wanted to ask for a small favor." you said before quickly adding. "only if you are okay with it, of course. no pressure."
leaving his manga aside, he shifted his position and was now completely facing you. "what is it, y/n?"
"could you keep talking while i try to sleep? just talk about anything in general, i don't really care but don't stop till you think i have fallen asleep."
mikey stared at you for a couple of seconds, just blinking before asking, "you want me to keep talking while you try to sleep?"
you nodded.
"but wouldn't that be distracting?"
"no actually. your voice..." you cleared your throat. "your voice is very soothing. and it helps me calm down. whenever you're talking, i feel at ease. i have noticed it quite a few times. i don't wanna resort to pills so i thought of asking you first."
slowly, very slowly pretty pink started creeping up his round cheeks. his eyes softened and he clicked his tongue in hopes of hiding the blushing smile threatening to show his real emotions. so he turned away from your observing gaze, suddenly feeling overwhelmed.
"is that so, hun..." he got off the sofa and sat at the carpet now. "here-" he placed a cushion. "lay down and get comfortable, kay? i'll- do you need a blanket?"
"nah i am fine." you got conformable and he nodded in response. "it's too hot, can you switch on the a/c though?"
"cool, shall we start?" you gave him an affirmative nod but he looked a little confused.
"what is it?" you questioned.
"uh, what should i talk about?"
"anything mikey, really. talk to me like you normally do, it would definitely work. you have a pretty voice."
a cough was let out by the blond to cover up his smile. boy was his heart racing. he was on cloud nine today.
and he began. talking about his shenanigans with the founders since his early childhood, and he didn't even realise how invested he got in the stories, replaying it all in front of you so happily, that he forgot what he actually was supposed to be doing this for.
"and then you know what hap-" his charcoal black eyes, usually devoid of emotions darted towards you.
you slept like a little baby. with one arm under your head and one on the pillow, you were curled up. your breathing was slow and light. your body moved up and down gently due to your shallow breathing. and he noticed then how there was a small smile adorning your face.
"beautiful..." was all he could say and he never realised when his thoughts slipped past his lips. well good for him, you were in a very deep sleep to hear his words.
he spent the next five minutes staring at your pretty sleeping form before releasing how creepy it was to stare at someone who's sleeping so he scrambled to get a hold of that manga he was reading.
"oi Mikey-" draken opened the door, rather harshly.
"shhh!" mikey glared at his best friend with a finger to his lips.
"y/n is sleeping. don't make so much noise." he whisper-yelled.
"oh, sorry." draken mumbled before pointing at the watermelon in his hands, effectively delivering the question to which the 5'3 nodded excitedly.
tip-toe-ing to the dining table, behind the living room he made a beeline towards the watermelon. "we'll save some for them too. remind me to give them, soon as they wake up."
Tumblr media
"draken, are you busy right now?" you asked as you closed the door to the room you just entered.
The aforementioned person looked up and smiled. "oh hey y/n. no i am not, what's up?"
"i... uh... i kind of wanted to ask for a favor if that's alright with you."
"favor you say. let's hear it."
"yes, so uh lately i have been having some trouble falling asleep. don't ask why because i myself don't know but it's annoying to say the least. it leaves me all tired and exhausted the next day. pills are a stronger option, so i wanted to ask if you could help me a little."
"me?" he frowned. "how can i help in this?"
"well you know when I used to be a kid, i used to lay in my mom's lap and she would gently pat my ear. the sound of the rotating fan and then the muffled sound as soon as she would cover the ear canal, would always lull me to sleep. you can say it's one of my favourite sounds."
draken nodded, getting the message. "but are you sure you are comfortable with laying on my lap?"
turning to him, you flashed him a genuine smile. "i trust you draken and i feel safe when you are around. that's why i came to you instead of anyone else."
place a stethoscope against his chest and hear how crazy his heart started beating. had he not have mastered the art of always showing a grumpy face since his childhood, it would have been painfully obvious he was blushing.
draken knows he looks intimidating and his image as a gang member, doesn't help him much. but to think you feel safe with him so much so that you are willing to be vulnerable in his vicinity as well as asking him to help you, made him so very happy, you have no idea.
"sure, you wanna try it right now?" the sun was setting, casting an orange-ish glow to the room. with the cool atmosphere and comfortable lighting, this was the perfect opportunity for an afternoon/evening nap.
"i mean if it's okay with you then yes please. i am exhausted." you emphasised. one look at your dark circles and he didn't question further.
nodding his head, he patted his lap. draken was a large man, standing at 6'1 and bulky so it wasn't a surprise that his lap felt more like a warm pillow. a smile immediately crept up your face. it felt oh-so comfortable, plus he was warm.
he started gently, slowly. trying and testing. his eyes not leaving your face for even a second, he was trying to decipher what worked best based on your expressions. you took in a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. peace.
later he realised it had been quite some time and your breathing had started decreasing until it was shallow. you looked so peaceful. like someone finally at rest after a long day of work.
he just couldn't help but smile, a big one. a happy one. having you so close to him, resting as the sun went down and sleeping on his lap made him let out a happy chuckle. he pushed aside some hair that had covered your face due to the light breeze coming in from the open shoji doors.
you looked so soft and pretty. he wanted to kiss your face right then and there. but for now, he layed back, against the back rest and went deep into the slumber land.
this was nice.
Tumblr media
"kazu?" you called.
"yeah?" he replied.
it was a very pleasant weather today. the sky was clear with a few clouds floating above. cool breeze touched your skin, your hair, which were spread in all their glory - or not if they are very short - on the grass, ruffling slightly as you both laid on the soft, green grass staring up at the sky. it was kazu's idea to go to the hills and spend some alone, peaceful time, away from the hustling and bustling city life.
you couldn't deny. how could you? you often found yourself giving into whatever kazutora has to offer - it's always good though - it's kinda hard to say no to this cutie. he is just so adorable with his big golden eyes and cute puffy cheeks and awefully adorable laugh. you are just so mesmerized by him. but he doesn't need to know that, he would surely take it's disadvantage.
though you love everything about him, his voice - especially when he sings or even hums a tune - brings tranquility and solace to your often anxious mind. his voice is definitely your favourite thing about him. he brings peace and calmness like no other. ironic for someone with a not-so peaceful and calming past. but that's his beauty.
in all honesty all the credit goes to him, for his non-stop, determined efforts and his wonderful therapist. these two are doing amazing these past few years and bringing great results too. you are glad to have been able to witness his journey and outcomes alike. you are so very proud of him.
you turned from looking at the sky to his pretty face. cute.
"love, can you sing for me please?"
"hun?" you caught him off-gaurd. despite your love for his voice, you don't usually ask him to sing. wanting to save it for only special moments. "why all of a sudden?"
"i have been having trouble sleeping these past few weeks. i thought i'll just suck it up till i finally get back on track but this problem only seems to get worse." you let out an exhausted sigh. "so i thought maybe if your singing or even humming a tune could get me a wink of sleep, i'll be a happy human."
he let out a laugh, "you should have told me sooner, pretty." he traced his fingers on the outline of your face, taking in how gorgeous you looked to him before sinking his face and placing a feathery kiss to your lips. "sure."
and then he began, singing lyrics to a song you both loved. pushing his shoulder down, you moved to lay your head on his chest, wrapping your arms around his upper torso. he continued singing and his hands continued rubbing your sides.
you don't know when you fell asleep but you bet it was one of the best sleeps you had. being with him was heaven on earth.
Tumblr media
people often questioned baji about what was the secret to his beautiful hair? what products does he use? what fruits does he eat?
and he always responded with, "it's natural dude. all i do is oil them."
that never seemed to satisfy the interrogators because seriously? that's all it takes? they are sure he uses some secret shampoo he isn't letting them in on.
and they are right. baji has got lusciously long and thick hair. shining black with silkiness of satin itself. your fingers would slip right through the strands of his hair despite them being slightly wavy. they are not straight.
now perks of being baji's best friend is that you spend majority of your day in his house. no really because if somebody needs to contact you, the first place anyone would recommend would be the baji household. none of the bajis minded though, courtesy to you being both of them's absolute favourite.
and that is how you find yourself, sitting cross-legged on the floor between baji's legs with your head mercy to his long, slender fingers. behind you, baji was sitting on a stool whereas his mother sat on a chair with longer legs. baji sitting in between his mother's legs with his head, mercy to mrs. baji.
this is called champi in hindi. an intense massaging of the scalp with essential oils, used to strengthen and nourish the roots. while it does help in getting longer, smoother, thicker hair, it also makes people very very sleepy. i mean it is used to help relieve stress after all. and to top it all off, mrs. baji has made you both a glass of butter milk.
your head lolls in his hands and he smacks you, shouting at you to stop moving so much. but you let out an annoyed hiss because it feels so good. if you could, you would spend your entirety of your life like this. it feels as if the source of the sound is faraway but you make it out to be mrs. baji.
"they must be tired, kei. you know how it helps you sleep, right? massage the sides with your thumbs gently- yeah just like that and the bring the thumbs to rub circles on the forehead. it would help them relax. good, now-"
ten minutes later and mrs. baji is resting her head against the wall, with keisuke's head planted on her left thigh and you clinging to her son's left thigh, fast asleep.
the cooler made little rumbling noise in the background and for once, all was quite in the baji household during the day. you all definitely have to do this more often!
Tumblr media
your boyfriend and you had decided to spend the night together at his house. the plan was to put his sisters to bed by ten and then you two would do whatever the fuck you wanted all night. discussions reached from baking to trying a new ramen recipe to watching anime or some movies to bringing books for each other and reading in silence with each other's company and the list went on. a perfect plan, right?
wrong. had you known Mitsuya was a genius at putting people to sleep - both temporarily and permanently, your boyfriend can fight - you wouldn't have agreed to this.
here you were laying down next to luna as mitsuya held mana in his arms, all four of you clumped up in a bed made for two, with limbs entangled because apart from the lilac haired, none of you held enough consciousness to move aside. to sleepy to even register about whatever the fuck he was reading from a children's book.
luna and mana were understandable, what were you doing, as a grown up person, falling asleep to mitsuya's reading was the question. you were sure, this was some sort of trick on mitsuya's part because knowingly or unknowingly he hit the nail on every single thing that lulled you to sleep!
and just like that you were knocked out, asleep. mitsuya stifled a laugh. in his view was, you in the middle with luna and mana latched on your sides like little koalas. funnily all three of you had lips parted as slight drool dribbled down.
mitsuya was aware of your troubles with falling asleep so he didn't dare wake you up. your night date could wait, you needed to get a good night's sleep first. but not wanting to leave this adorable scene and also wanting to be a part of it, mitsuya muttered a fuck it and wrapped his arms around mana's back.
mrs. mitsuya would be sure to click hundreds of pictures tomorrow morning because her children looked so cute and sweet like this.
Tumblr media
☁️haruki hayashida (pah-chin)
"hey, can i talk to you for a minute?" pah looked up at you and grinned.
"yo y/n, wassup?" he excitedly got up and made his way upto you.
mirroring his smile you walked upto him, "no no, wait i'm coming."
squatting down, you pet Pochi's head to which the dog wagged their tail happily. you were one of the few people Pochi actually liked.
"though you're always welcome at my house and i always look forward to when you come but can i ask why are you here right now?" he religiously hoped he didn't come out rude. you were probably the only person after mikey and draken which he actually wanted to impress and actually respected.
"ah," you chuckled nervously, dreading the talk you came here for. "about that."
you stood up, signalling Pochi to walk away. shifting on your feet and eyes swerving left to right you thought upon your words again as if you hadn't prepared a pre-designed monologue because this was embarrassing.
"i wanted some help..."
absolutely elated about the fact that you came upto him for help he replied. "oh? what is it?"
"well, actually, the thing is..." taking a deep breath you said. "can i sleep in your bed?"
eyes shut close, the embarassment and horror of what you just said started settling in.
who the fuck says that?!
"...come again?"
a groan, "look, remember when the time when our parents went out for dinner together and we decided to have a movie night? but i fell asleep so you brought me to your bed? well i have never had a sleep like i had that night. it was fucking amazing. and the problem is, i can't seem to fall asleep as of late. i have no idea why but i desperately need the sleep. so please can i sleep in your bed?"
there was silence in the big room. pin drop silence. deafening silence.
"...okay." he nodded. "i mean if it helps you then uh sure."
you tilted your head, confused because pah's face looked seconds away from exploding. he was bright red.
"are you sure?"
"y-yeah." he replied. "do you wanna go to my room right now?"
and that's how you ended up in his bed, tugged inside the comforter on a soft satin pillow.
"right... so uh i'll be leaving then-"
"no wait! uhm can you... like... stay here?" you didn't dare look at him. "please?"
fumes were escaping his nostrils and ears. his eyes were wide and lips tugged inside by his teeth. oh how much he struggled with breathing and not showing what a mess he was, only he and God knew.
but he was delighted. he was bursting with happiness inside. every cell in his body was doing their own dance.
what a blessing... he sighed.
"okay." he nodded. he can never say no to you, can he?
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Here’s a animated version :)
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benkeibear · a day ago
could i please request a mikey x reader where reader is really stressed out from school and end up snapping at mikey :(
hurt to comfort if thats okay
you can ignore this if youre too busy !
i love you <3
Of course my Child 🥺 im never too busy for you!🖤
Tumblr media
Mikey x gn!Reader - Stressed out
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's been a few stressful weeks for you at School which had a great effect on your mood
Mikey, Who doesn't take School all too serious didn't understand why youre not hanging out with him as much anymore
You tried to explain that you need to study
"But we can study together" He tried to Protest
But you all know a study date with Mikey means riding on his bike or getting food, or even taking a nap
So it means you will get 0 studying done and will fail your class, so you tell him no
Mikey takes that very Personal. Who are you to say no to the invincible Mikey?
So He ignored you for a while until one evening He just Comes Into your room through your Window
"You could have just told me that you don't want to be my friend anymore" He mumbled upset, clearly still sulking
"Mikey that's not what this is about... I just can't fail this year and I actually need to study" you said serious, fed up with his whining
"See, that's what I said. You don't care for me anymore" He said hurt
It made you snap, how can He be this carefree and childish?
"Out of my house Manjiro" you say angry and He knows better than to disobey These words so He leaves
You didn't hear anything from Mikey for another few days
You felt Bad for snapping at him like that, He clearly needed his friend when He showed up
The day before your finals There was a knock on your door
It was Mikey, a bag of Dorayaki in his hands and the saddest Look you've ever Seen on him
"I'm sorry y/n... Can you let me in and we study together?" He mumbled upset
How could you say no to him, you missed him so much These past days
He actually helped you study and fed you the sweet treats in your study Breaks
It did end up with him fast asleep on your lap but you didn't mind it, playing with his blonde locks as you read through your notes
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unfinshedsentec · 5 hours ago
Heyyy I was wondering if requests were open . If so can we get something bf texts rin haitani and Mikey sano ✨
heyyy love! Thank you so so much for requesting! It’s nice to see you here, I love talking to you!!
Tumblr media
boyfriend texts (w/ mikey and rindou)!!
Tumblr media
reader is gender neutral
characters: mikey and rindou (obviously)
tw: cursing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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invaderzia1 · a day ago
pretty please can we get a, f, k, and v for Mikey 👁👁
nsfw alphabet list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a- aftercare
he’s very sleepy after sex, will always make sure you are okay afterward then will cuddle with you after you go to the bathroom.
f - favorite position
cowgirl and doggy. he has some very powerful thighs and he knows it’s, he’s also kinda lazy, so of course he loves cowgirl. doggy is also a powerful position he can forces your head into the bed while he fucks you.
k - kink
massive switch. pet play, something about either you or him collared with a cute set of ears gets him going. call him your cute little bunny boy or a good puppy and he’s whining. or seeing you on your knees with a pair of puppy ears and a tail makes his cock rock hard. also somnophilia, both ways. also a bully and humiliation kink
v - volume
loud and whiny. if you want to keep it secret then you’ll need to cover his mouth cuz the moment he feels you he’s making the cutest and loudest noises. also he loves to talk, can’t stop talking either.
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xlappy · a day ago
Who idea was it to fight on the train tracks
Tumblr media
Mikey: so where should we fight at?
Koko: I’m thinking maybe at the-
Kantou gang: ……
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h4nagaki · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
黑人主宰水域 @waterrr
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inuiz · 13 hours ago
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the-chikyuu-times · 15 hours ago
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kssthrng · 2 days ago
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MCR MK Night 2
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kairos-adventures · a day ago
Could you do Mikey with a noble, aristocratic, wealthy reader who comes off as harsh, critical and possibly cold at times because they were sheltered all their life and do not have a real grasp of the ‘real world’. So they may be slightly conceited and pompous?
Tumblr media
What an asshole
Tumblr media
Pairing : Mikey x harsh aristocratic reader
Summary : what happens when the invincible Mikey starts to have feelings for an aristocratic person?
Character(s) : Mikey Sano (Manjiro Sano )
Warning(s) : None
Note : Hi hi ! Thank you so much for the request, I tried to make this light hearted but also a little harsh. I hope I did your idea justice! Likes and reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
★:∙━ At first, Mikey thought you were stuck up. And he didn’t like you for that at all. He hated that you always acted cold and never like to do anything with anyone simply because you were harsh to them.
★:∙━ Before he got to know who you were he didn’t really want to even be around you because you were so cold.
★:∙━ He would definitely always try to play pranks on you, like putting a farting cushion on your chair when you aren’t looking or even making your own combust. He knew you didn’t like it, but he just wanted to break your coldness to everyone and make you laugh for once.
★:∙━ You guys were definitely an enemy’s to lovers type cliche, you both hated each other, but some how one way or another you guys got together.
★:∙━ Even before you guys got together, and he knew he had feelings for you, he would just stare at you for some reason, no matter what your doing or who he is with his eyes are always on you.
★:∙━ He was kind of protective over you. He would always defend you if someone was speaking bad about you.
★:∙━ When he finally learned the truth about the way you acted, he wanted to do something to people that caused you to be this way, but he knew he couldn’t, so the best course of action to him was to show you everything you have been missing out on.
★:∙━ When you guys are together, it looks like you two don’t even belong in the same vicinity. Not with him being laidback constantly, and you always being pompous.
★:∙━ His friends thought he was joking when he told them he liked you, they all thought this was another prank to come, but once they finally learn that he was for real, they all laughed in his face, he just stares at them while they all laugh their ass off at how he could fall for someone that was definitely his polar opposite.
★:∙━ He follows you around everywhere, sometimes you’ll know he’s there other times you won’t. He’s just curious about what you do in your free time is all. Even though he does it every day….
★:∙━ Not only that but he always leaves you little snacks on your desk because of how much you study, he worries about you, so he wants to make sure you eat properly.
★:∙━ Later on he thinks your non existent grasp of “the real world” is a good thing, he doesn’t want you to experience the pain of it ever, so he literally wants to just keep you to himself as to not damage your view on everything yet.
★:∙━ When you guys are still in school, he takes you to toman meetings all the time, he wants to show you off. He’s proud of you.
★:∙━ He always drags you out of class to get doroyaki with him and Draken.
Tumblr media
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pixiexbites · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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ashieeeesh · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You and mikey hanging around the beach.
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coolxatu · a year ago
Tumblr media
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rin-haitani · 3 months ago
REBLOG golden mikey for good luck ✨
Tumblr media
idk lol dis statue just radiates good luck,,,, let see if something happens
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invaderzia1 · 12 hours ago
x, q, s for mikey? tysm <3
nsfw alphabet list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
s - stamina
he either goes for three round or knocks out after one. it really depends on his mood.
q - quickie
yes, a chance for your hands to be all over him. absolutely. or a chance from him to stuff your cunt with his fingers, of course.
x - x ray
5.5-6 inches hard, cut. might seem average but is ridiculously thick, needs to prep you everytime y’all do it. the cutest pink tip that leaks perfectly when he’s excited, his shaft is the palest color of his skin color. surprisingly big balls that dangle deliciously. i swear out of all the cocks here this is the second prettiest. when it’s soft, he’s not much of a shower but I wouldn’t tell him he’s small to his face or he’ll show you just how “small” it is.
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xlappy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kirokochi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Howl X Mikey
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