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turtle-babe83 · 2 days ago
This popped into my head! How about when the s/o comes into the lair to see their turtle, their turtle walks past them right as they are about to enter and the s/o slaps their ass flirting and says “Damn that ass be tight”
Turtle reactions coming right up! Hope this is what you were looking for.
Warning: Language and hints of NSFW
Did you-did you really just do that? His sweet, lovely sparrow? Love of his life? Who knows better than anyone how he feels about such displays in front of others.
The moment shocks him into a silent pause, before sly blue eyes turn to regard you. His lips are in a straight line, making it hard to read him.
You aren’t sure whether to be scared or turned on by the look on his face… decide on both.
The slap on his ass alerted his brothers and they all stop to see what happens next. Donnie is about to fall out of his chair from leaning over. Mikey is doing a horrible job at pretending to dust nearby. Raph is just openly grinning at the situation.
Leo leans in close to your ear, his hot breath eliciting shivers, and whispers low. “I don’t know what you are playing at, love, but I won’t tolerate such behavior in front of my brothers. My room, now.”
He then turns and walks away, knowing you will follow. He’s already mentally planning your ‘punishment’ and ignores the snickers as he passes his family.
Your ‘walk of shame’ is belied by the small smirk gracing your lips as you find yourself already growing wet in anticipation.
Mission accomplished.
Tumblr media
Poor nerdle was just getting himself another cup of coffee, when you scared the bejeezus out of him and he sloshed out half the mug.
Mikey just saw it from his place on the couch playing video games. He nearly choked on a slice of pizza in his fit of laughter.
His already amplified eyes are comically wide as he regards you with your shit-eating grin.
He’s thrown by the fact that you complimented his derrière when he thinks his arms and shoulders are more admirable.
Whoa, wait. Did you really slap his ass? Suddenly, his mind has wandered in a different direction and he looks you over. You can just see the wheels turning as he analyzes and theorizes. A decision is made.
Donnie clears his throat and places a hand on your lower back, gently guiding you towards his lab.
“You know, y/n, there are lots of good exercises to tighten the gluteus maximus. Would you like a demonstration of my favorite?” he murmurs softly.
You feign innocence but you know he isn’t buying it as he pushes you in ahead of him and pulls the curtain across the entrance.
Good thing your workaholic boyfriend is a genius. You plan to draw out his ‘demonstration’ for most of the night.
Tumblr media
Listen, Raph just reacts. It’s always instant and instinctual. The moment your hand connected with his ass, he was already pulling his hand back to return the smack.
His slap on your ass sends you stumbling before he grabs the back of your jacket to keep you from falling.
“My ass oughta be tight. I do enough squats!” he rumbles with a short laugh.
You yelp as his big hand connects with your cheeks again. This time he’s watching them jiggle with a tsk.
“Baby girl, we gotta work on that. C’mon.” He walks towards his room, when you expected him to go to his weight room.
Leo looks up from where he sits, polishing his katanas. He raises a brow, but refrains from saying anything. There’s a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth though. You aren’t sure if he’s amused with what you did to Raph, or what Raph is about to do to you.
You follow Raph into his room, where he shuts and locks the door. He has THAT look on his face and you’re a little confused.
“Uh, I thought you wanted me to work out?” you frown.
“Oh you will, babe. Let’s start with squats to warm up. You can do them right over my face.” he licks his lips with a depraved grin, as he pushes your pants down.
Well, if he insists.
Tumblr media
Oh yeah! Party dude is into this! He does a little dance, shaking his booty. Babycakes likes his ass? He’s gonna twerk it.
You better be prepared cause boy is gonna want you to join in. He’s encouraging you to ‘clap dat ass’ and his hands are going to be all over you.
You know you just opened a can of worms, right? The booty jokes and innuendos WILL NOT STOP.
“Oh my god, Becky. Look at her butt.”
His bros are going from amused to annoyed real quick. Finally, Raph has had enough and tells the two of you to take it elsewhere.
Mikey pulls you to his room, laughing as he dodges a smack on the head from his big brother.
Seeing his bed gets him thinking about other booty stuff. His face breaks out into a wide grin, as he turns to you and starts doing a goofy striptease.
“Don’t leave me hanging, girl. You know what’s up. Get outta those clothes!”
You laugh and shake your head but his energy is infectious and you find yourself swaying your hips as you cheekily take off each article of clothing.
Mikey grabs his phone and searches his playlist for the perfect song to drown out the upcoming noise. Found it.
🎶 Let me see that booty wurk, booty wurk (left cheek, right cheek) 🎶
You climb onto the bed with your ass in the air, and Mikey gives it a hearty slap.
“Now that ass be tight!”
Tumblr media
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Shinigami: I just saw Karai at a lesbian bar!!
Leo: What we’re you doing at a lesbian bar?
Shinigami: ...
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disc-misc-02 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some Caseynardo doodles because I missed them 😔♥️ / And I honestly just wanted to practice hands, so I did that with Raph and Donnie-
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The boys if they chose a small animal as their pet if they can't get a dog nor cat:
Tumblr media
Leo would get two fancy parakeets as his pets. He isn't a big fan of four legged fuzzy critters like his other brothers do. He would give the birds japanese names which are Sake and Bao. They eventually would learn to speak, but then Raph and Mikey would try to teach them to swear and it would make Leo furious if the birds do learn to say "bitch" or "Pussy lips". He would always feed his birds every day even before patrol treating them with respect.
Tumblr media
For Donnie Boi here, I'd say he'd get a hamster as his small pet. Obviously he would name it Stephen named after the late Stephen Hawking. Not only he would take great care of the little creature, but he would also use it for mazes and obstacle course as his experiments testing its intellegence. He would always calculate the calories of the hamster food, and feed it the right amount of meals and treats to keep it healthy and in good shape. When the elecricity goes out, he would have the little guy run on its wheel to temporarily reactivate the lights so it would give Donnie time to fix it.
Tumblr media
Raph would definitely get a chinchilla. He would name it Rocky after his favorite Sylvester Stallone franchise. He would love the little critter and treat it like his own child. He would give it veggies and fruits to eat instead of the usual hay pet stores would sell. He would also give it chinchilla treats and have it sit on his head or shoulder from time to time as he walks around the lair or eats pizza. Giving it a dust bath makes him smile and he would laugh whenever it digs or rolls around in it. Mikey would try to hold or pet it but it would bite him making Raph laugh. Despite its small size, Raph would always think its like a mini version of a kangaroo since it can jump pretty high.
Tumblr media
Mikey Pie. For his pet, it was either between a guinea pig or a ferret. So In my opinion, he would get a Ferret and name it Slinky. Mikey wouldn't understand the rules of taking care of a ferret or any small animal so he would give it pepperoni to eat behind his brothers backs since Donnie would keep warning him giving any animal the wrong foods would get them sick. And turns out, Donnie would be right and he would nurse the little critter back to health when it's sick. Mikey would feel awful about it, but once after the ferret is better, that is when he would start playing with it. Having fun with a ferret is fun for him and playing dress up with it. Making it dance to the music always make him chuckle with glee since a ferret's spine is very twisty and lanky, he can make it do silly dance moves. He would even play video games and watch movies with it. At least Mikey wouldn't be as lonely when he has a small pet by his side.
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Rise!Leo: Everything's fine. The doctor said the bleeding is internal.
Rise!Leo: That's where all the blood is supposed to be anyways.
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optimist-pine · a day ago
The turtle bros reacting to reader showing up at the lair with a cut on their face?
A/n: Thanks for the request, Anon! :) (It made sense that possibly a low-level Foot member or some other thug would be the reason for the injury. I also picked the Rise turtles since no particular universe was specified. Hope it's what you had in mind.)
Universe: Rise
Word Count: 588
Warnings: Mentions of injury, implied physical assault, & negative emotions (anger, fear, etc.)
- Had a nightmare like this once, so he's feeling a lot of emotions at the same time
- The strongest of which is concern, yes because of your physical injuries, but more so concern for your mental/emotional wellbeing
- He can see how scared you are behind the reassurances that you're fine
- Once Donnie fixes you up, he manages to get the others to leave the two of you alone for a bit
- Just so he can reassure you that if you need to cry or anything, he's not going anywhere
- He takes in all of your leftover fear and panic, silently offering himself as a security blanket of sorts
- If you want him to he'll hold you until you're better, or until you've fallen asleep, whichever comes first
- There's a lot of anger and sadness in his heart, and it may be the first time he's been purely enraged
- When it comes to you, he doesn't take things lightly
- Instantly blames himself for not making sure you had better protection
- You aren't built like him and his brothers for starters, no protective shell makes you much more vulnerable
- You remind him that he was the one who made sure you had above average self-defense training, but he still can't help but dwell on thoughts about what would've happened if that hadn't been enough
- Hovers over you so much, there's no room left to wonder how much you're cared for
- It was a frightening situation, so if you need to cry or get anything out you know he's going to be right there for you
- He's adamant about the fact that you're never going to have to face anything like that on your own ever again
- He won't make the same mistake twice. Not when it comes to your safety
- Has to make sure you're okay before anything else
- Of course, he's 100% thorough checking you over, but to his relief, the only major thing is the scratch itself
- He's furious about the entire situation, but he processes such a strong emotion by becoming very silent, determined, and cold like he's directing all of the bad inward on himself
- Physical injuries make sense. But emotional ones? Not so much... He doesn't know where to begin trying to comfort you
- All he can think to do is put his hand on you
- If you need to, you'll pull him into a hug
- He'll let you be held as long as you need it. It's not everyday somebody relies on him in this way
- He'll always be there to take care of you, even if he doesn't know how to
- Immediately needs to know who he's gotta fight
- It takes some gentle nudging from Raph, but he's reminded that maybe he's needed more there comforting you, than out being reckless
- It kinda worries his older brothers, that change in him, and they realize it's because of how much he cares for you, and his lack of understanding on how to process what's happened
- It doesn't take him too long to calm down, but he's still a little on edge
- Will literally baby you, holding you and humming, and making sure you're cleaned up and comfortable
- And of course, he'll kiss it to make it all better
- Asks his brothers to order your favorite takeout, and you cuddle up and watch a favorite comfort movie or show
- He's always going to be there to make you feel better, and he swears to himself that he'll never hurt you
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exovapor · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes it is daddy.
@turtle-babe83 @tmntspidergirl @kokokatsworld
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turtle-babe83 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
@exovapor @kokokatsworld @tmntspidergirl @nittleboo @the-second-circle-of-shell @bluesakurablossom @southernblossoms @aurora-the-kunoichi @cowabunga-doll
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Leo: You’re the one whose fucking yelling!
Mikey: He’s right. That is his inside voice.
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moosopp-art · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lady-maria-the-wolf225 · 6 hours ago
Anyone noticed the news that the-second-circle-of-shell is leaving tumblr because someone has been stealing her content, and I believe she may have already deactivated her account sadly. We don't know where else she would post tmnt content, but we already miss her dearly, and we hope she can come back in the near future. 😭 I'm sobbing right now. This is devastating.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@nittleboo @kokokatsworld @exovapor @kawaiibunga @selfless1978 @cowabunga-doll @greenprincess @tmntspidergirl @turtle-babe83
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marsoid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the blue one!
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incorrect-pizza-kings · 7 hours ago
Rise!Mikey: I want to be as strong and as stable as Don!
Rise!Leo: I saw them drop a pizza and cry about it for 20 minutes.
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