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#tmnt 2012
Leo: Raph isn’t answering his T-Phone.
Donnie: I’ll call him.
Leo: Mikey and I have both tried six times each. What makes you thi-
Raph, answering his T-Phone: Hey, Donnie.
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tmntxreader-fics · 2 days ago
TMNT Leo x Reader: Warming Up To You {PART 2}
Summary: After attempting to start a civil relationship between both you and Leo, everything is pleasantly less volatile. However, you discover that having Leo's attention is a lot more nerve-racking than being ignored.
Request by @loonahdhdiwi 
Song Rec: In The Middle Of The Night - Elley Duhe
A/N: This is literally just a whole bunch of weird romantic tension, pls excuse the shitty writing and horrible prose. I literally listened to the song and wanted to fuxkin finish the series 
WARNINGS: Cussing (as per usual), Tension (as per usual), Typos because I’m a dumb bitch (as per fuckin usual). Leo's lowkey OOC
Tumblr media
“So, you’re a nerd.”
“No,” Donatello mimics your sarcasm seamlessly. “I’m a genius.”
“Synonym of nerd,” you offer with a grin.
The poor turtle had stumbled into the lounge room with the intent of clearing his head. Failed experiments can be frustrating, especially when they've blown up 53 times consecutively.
“Jesus,” Don pinches the bridge of his nose, “you're one brain cell away from being classed as a sea sponge."
Your jaw drops and he takes advantage of your speechlessness. Stepping towards you with irritating bravado, he faux gasps.
“Oh!” the tall terrapin pouts mockingly, “I’m sorry, was that too many big people words?”
 You stumble to your feet, hands outstretched menacingly towards the grinning genius. “Oh, I’ll show you a ‘big people’ word you fucking bi-”
 “And that’s where you both shut up and split,” a familiar voice intones as you’re yanked rearwards. Your heart drops at the contact of your back against Leo’s body.
When you had agreed to be civil with each other you hadn’t been expecting him to literally manhandle you. Something has clearly been lost in translation. Although, in fairness, your last incident hadn’t exactly ended in discussing the terms and conditions of your ‘acquaintanceship.’  If anything, you’ve barely changed anything since that day in the dojo. You greet him and answer questions but for the most part you’ve just opted to steer clear when possible. Although, you’ve never been able to outrun the tension.
“She started it!” Donnie exclaims, offended.
Leo’s grip on your shoulders tighten, and you’re suddenly hyperaware of your position.
“I’m finishing it,” Leo says, soft and firm. His voice vibrates in his chest, sending a shiver down your spine at the intimacy.
“He’s right, though.” You finally force the words that were stuck in your throat. “I was stirring him up.”
The voice above you is silent and Donnie throws his hands up, validated.
“See?” The purple clad turtle rolls his eyes. “We were joking around, anyway.”
“Your ‘joking around’ was loud enough to interrupt Raphael’s meditation.” Leo’s tone is flat, and the implication makes you cringe.
The hot-headed meatball’s arch nemesis is meditation and only recently has he been able to slowly conquer it. The catch? He can only meditate in complete silence.
Donnie winces and his hand rises to scratch the back of his neck guiltily. “Suddenly, I’ll take my chances with the chronically explosive backpack.”
“Glad I can always trust you to make the wise decisions,” Leo drawls and you’re certain that he’s rolling his eyes.
Your heart squeezes tightly in your chest as you watch Donnie swiftly slink through the exit, leaving you alone with the leader. There’s a short silence as you both listen to his brother’s retreating footsteps then the click of his door.  
 “Didn’t we agree to be civil?” His words startle the stillness of the air. You notice the mocking edge in his voice has softened into something you can’t quite name.
Swallowing nervously, you try to ignore the sudden rush of adrenaline coursing through your system. Leo’s always had a talent for setting your fight or flight instincts on fire. Now that you’ve been left alone with him, you can’t stop replaying what had happened last time.
“This isn’t civil?” You question, forcing a false confidence into your words although you know there’s no point. He can see straight through it, he always has.
“Not if you don’t look at me,” he rebuts.
You raise an eyebrow and steel your nerves. “Hard to look at you when you’ve got me in a death grip,” you say pointedly.
His hands don’t move.
You loose a shaky breath.
“I’d hardly call this a death grip,” he murmurs, sending something aflutter within your chest. He’s right, of course. You know exactly what Leo’s death grip feels like and this was nothing like that.
Heat rushes to your cheeks as you try to shake the implicative thoughts from your head. Not long ago you had been strangers at each other’s throats.
Well, you had been at his throat. Leo was only avoiding you, but what he had meant when he’d said that you were a ‘distraction’ remains a mystery.
The only thing you’re truly sure of is the tension between the both of you, so indescribably intense and thick enough to drown you.
“What would you call it then?” Your words are barely a whisper.
Leo falls silent for a long moment and suddenly you have the irrational fear that he can hear your heart pounding in the quiet of the room.
“You’ve been ignoring me,” he finally says. You blink at the abrupt change, though you know you shouldn’t be surprised. He’s never bothered with subtlety before, when he doesn’t want to answer something he simply doesn’t.
“I haven’t,” you say quickly, too quickly.
“You have,” he corrects gently.
You fall silent, unsure of how to explain yourself. How could anyone explain it? How does he expect you to respond?
Another silence sweeps over the room and the tension throbs in the air like a tangible being. It’s drowning you, suffocating you with an intensity you’ve never experienced.
“Turn around.”
The words aren’t a demand, they’re an invitation.
You can’t think of anything more disorienting than looking into that piercing gaze of his. You can already feel him watching you as it is, your skin on fire beneath his appraisal.
“I’m sorry for avoiding you,” you say instead, the words a throwaway tool meant to distract.
“Turn around,” he ignores your apology, “please.”  
The longer you avoid being face to face with him, the weirder you make it. You know that, logically, you look strange avoiding such a simple question. If he didn’t suspect anything before, he definitely does now.
You steel your nerves and hold your breath as you turn to face him.
You knew he was close; hell, you had felt his chest against your back that entire time. However, being face to face with him at this distance is an entirely different thing.
Leo’s face is inches from yours, his every breath dancing against your lips tantalisingly.
“There you go,” his mouth quirks upwards and the smirk is almost sultry. “This is civil.”
His hooded gaze explores your features slowly, almost lazily, if it weren’t for the clear attentiveness in his observations. 
“Is it?” You whisper distractedly, almost stunned by the intimacy of your situation. The electric blue of his eyes put his mask to shame, dancing with amusement and a hunger you’d never seen before.
“You’re nervous,” he murmurs, “breathe.”
“No shit,” you quip, embarrassment heating your cheeks as you realise you had been holding your breath. “Last time we did this you were trying to kill me.”
 He raises a brow ridge, leaning back slightly. You relish in the breathing space, drunk on his presence. “What is ‘this’ exactly?”
You’d love to know the answer, yourself.
“You tell me,” you say, watching him guardedly from beneath your lashes. “You’re the one whose got his hands on me.”
It’s his turn to blush now and the sense of awe for the being before you is almost overwhelming. Everything about this situation just seems ridiculously impossible, completely surreal. Yet, your feet are glued to the ground as you remain enraptured by his presence.
“Are you uncomfortable?” The question is softly spoken but the tone is jarringly serious. You feel his grip soften and shift from your arms and an inexplicable panic grips your heart.
“No!” you say quickly, and his hands freeze, his fingertips resting hesitantly against your skin. He’s cold-blooded but somehow his touch is addictively warm, you don’t want to lose it. “Not uncomfortable.”
For the first time in this entire encounter, he seems unsure of himself.
“You make me nervous,” he says slowly. You can’t help the small laugh of disbelief that leaves you.
“And you terrify me,” you counter truthfully. “You’re intimidating and unreadable.”
His posture relaxes again, and his hands return to gently rest against your arms.
“Intimidating can’t be helped when you’re a 6’2 turtle,” Leo retorts with a raised brow ridge.
“Believe me,” you say, “the ‘turtle’ part is the least intimidating thing about of you.”
The corner of his lip quirks upward and his thumb absentmindedly rubs against your skin. Just like it had that day.
Leo shrugs slightly, “that’s refreshing. As for unreadable, I feel as though I’ve been clear.”
Your mouth dries instantly. Your heart begins to race in your chest and you’re hyperaware of the adrenaline in your system. To your dismay, your hands begin to tremble as you watch him with wide eyes.
His gaze dart to your shaking limbs and back, sending a flush of embarrassment through your body.
“Clear?” You scoff uncertainly, “until a couple of weeks ago, you hated me, Leo.”
To your surprise, he snickers.
You’ve never heard him make that noise before and you immediately capture the memory and store it.
“Hate you?” He chuckles. “I’ve never hated you.”
You stare at him for a long moment.
Leo leans forward, ignoring your disbelief. “I wanted to hate you because it was the opposite.”
“The opposite?”
He nods slowly, “It’s hard to address your own feelings when you’re taught to put everyone else’s above yours.” 
There’s a moment of silence, nothing but the sound of your quick breathing and the steady rise and fall of his chest between you both. His hand rises to rest against your cheek and for a brief moment you’re reminded of the size of him. A warrior riddled with battle scars, holding you as though you are the most precious thing he’s ever encountered.
“Just say the word,” he murmurs with a hooded gaze and lips an inch away from yours. The words themselves are close enough that you can taste them. “Say the word and I’ll leave you be. We can be civil. We can forget this ever happened. The decision is completely yours; I won’t make anything difficult.”
You can’t think of anything further from what you want. This person before you is completely unrecognisable from the turtle you had longed for. The complete opposite of the mask he wore as the leader of his band of ninjas.
It’s raw and vulnerable and starved for some sort of emotional intimacy.
This is what he had been afraid of, why he had pushed you away for those months. He has a mountain of responsibilities and the things he secretly desires have always seemed completely unattainable to him. Until that day in the dojo.
“Just say the word,” Leo says again, his lips brushing against yours for a brief, electrifying moment as he spoke. It’s as though he’s almost begging for you to snap him back into place.
“And if I don’t?” You whisper, your hands rising shakily to rest against his plastron. “What if I don’t want to forget this? If I don’t want you to leave?”
“Then I stay,” he says, gentle but firm, “I stay for as long as you’ll have me.”
You watch him carefully and he strokes your cheek softly. His electric gaze almost glows in the darkness of the space you’ve both created. His thumb wanders slowly to your mouth, outlining the pout of your skin carefully.
His eyes ask the question, and when your lips finally meet, you guess he must have found the answer in yours. 
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Ok so do you know any good fics where Mikey just straight up suffers? For some reason I just want to see my favorite boy have a bad time, but yeah. Please and thank you!!!
Let's see....
Well, like I said, Devil took your hand by moogsthewriter, taizi (2012, soooo dark and soooo good)
Brother, Interrupted by taizi (2012, Amnesia Mikey for the win!)
where the good men go by taizi (IDW/SAINW with Mikey losing Woody; now that I think about, almost everything this author writes in the Mikey tag is angst)
I, Alone by sleepingseeker (All media types, a story where Mikey gets abducted and there are ALL THE WARNINGS, including explicit rape, graphic violence, and torture)
Into The Fire by staringatstars (2012, Leo and Mikey lose their memories and are "taken in" by the Foot; abuse and angst ensue)
Fixer-upper by leones (2012, Mikey struggles to keep his incredibly dysfunctional family together, warning for discussions of sex, eating disorders, and past abuse)
Baby Brother by PrincessFreak (All media types, Mikey is sexually assaulted by Donnie)
i can make you happy, too! by paindump (2012, a dangerously depressed Mikey prepares to make his family "happy" by robbing them of one of the most precious things in their lives: himself)
Interrogation or Malpractice? by Professor_Anxietree (2012, Mikey is tortured by the Triceratons; again, pretty much everything the author writes for TMNT is Mikey angst)
Mutant Nightmare by HamsterMasterSamster (2003, angsty Bishop trauma)
(un)reality by Werepirechick (2012, Mikey is captured by the Kraang to be brainwashed and tortured; it's awful and wonderful)
Play the Fool, Pity the Fool. by Werepirechick (2012, dealing with the lead-up to and aftermath of Mikey attempting suicide, and like with taizi you can probably find a lot of Suffering Mikey stuff in their fics)
Burying the Bone by squishyturtlefuckfics (2012, Mikey is assaulted by Rahzar and there's no happy ending)
On Some Days by Justalittleobsessed (2003 SAINW, Mikey copes with losing everyone he loves)
going under by redhairedmuses (2018, Mikey nearly drowns, complete with heart-rending art)
Be Careful What You Wish For by TotallyNotASecretAO3Account for MorikoTheHalfAngel (2012, Came Back Wrong with heavy violence and heartrending character death)
Never Meet Your Heroes by m4lware (2018, AU where Meat Sweats takes the opportunity to rape Mikey and everything is awful)
Scratch by yaoigirl22 (2012, aftermath of Mikey being assaulted by his brainwashed brothers)
Into Dimension X by HolyKingWasteLand (2012, Mikey is in Dimension X for much longer than a few hours)
They Are Perfect For You by BeemurBee (2012, short piece discussing the possible cruelty behind Splinter's choice of Mikey's weapon)
Sunny-Side Up by Basicallyjustatonofventfics (Captain_Jade) (2012, Mikey struggles with an escalating eating disorder)
Slaves of the Foot by Kamefootninja (Kame630) (All media types, Mikey and Donnie reunite with their long-lost brothers after Leo and Raph are raised in the Foot and it's not a happy meeting; warnings for rape)
The T Subjects by buttsbeyondbutts (2018, Mikey and Donnie are imprisoned and tortured by scientists)
Fire And Oxygen: Phoenix From Ashes by BrightLotusMoon (2012, Mikey recovers from a devastating sexual assault; probably the darkest of the author's various angsty Mikey stories)
Family Not Friends by MelancholicNoodles (2012, Human AU where Mikey wrestles with a severe mental illness)
Troubled Turtle by Crazy_Comet_97 (All media types, with a sad, bullied Mikey)
The Curse of Being the Cute One by TheKeybladeMaster1994 (All media types, interconnected stories where Mikey deals with the threat of sexual assault)
What he is by CathInTheBox (2012, a multiverse-spanning story with double the Mikey misery, including violence, death, and suicidal thoughts)
Black Out Days by renawaywithme (2012, a post-apocalyptic AU where Mikey experiences a horrific new mutation)
Falling grace by SeosaimhinFandoms: (2012, Mikey takes the only way out after the end of everything)
Hiraeth by orphan_account (2014, where Eric Sacks fixates him on Mikey and subjects him to torture, sexual assault, and abuse)
Watching the Sky by ShadeCrawler (2012, short, but with plenty of Mikey pain to spare)
Wonder by Keeryd (2012, deals with Splinter's flawed parenting and Mikey's slow turn to suicidal thoughts)
How Much is that Turtle in the Window by Zelgadis55 (2012, a captured Mikey experiences abusive and dehumanizing treatment, warnings for violence and elements of rape)
Did You Mean It by Raynefall (2012, Donnie and Mikey confront the repercussions of "Tokka VS The World," warning for discussions of abuse)
Aaaand some of my own garbage, since if you're still here I think I've earned the right to be a little arrogant. I have a habit of creating anthologies, so these pieces are kind of scattered around. I've provided links to the specific chapters where Mikey-Misery stories appear.
Secret Relationship (from Bitter Winter Nights) 2012 Drabble, rape warning.
Cooking Together (from Bitter Winter Nights) All media types Drabble, Cannibalism warning
Smile (from Bitter Winter Nights) All media types Drabble, death and violence warning
Cuddling (from Bitter Winter Nights) All media types Drabble, death and instability warning
Amaryllis (from A Deep And Thorny Tangle) TMNT 2012, Mikey refuses to let his brothers in.
Tubes And Butterflies (Purple) (from Covered In The Colors, Pulled Apart At The Seams) TMNT 2012, Mikey and Donnie bond in a fairly violent way after Mikey survives a brutal assault.
Empty Wrappers And Dead Trees (Brown) (from Covered In The Colors, Pulled Apart At The Seams) TMNT IDW, Mikey struggles to cope with the devastation of Slash's loss.
Vivisection (from ABC TMNT II: Out Of The Ooze) TMNT 2012, Mikey wakes up in a strange place with some very immoral scientists (violence and torture, but no character death)
Jester (from TMNT ABC III: Lives And Times Of The Turtles) TMNT 2012, Mikey struggles to keep his brothers from falling into That Place in their heads; warnings for family violence, self-harm, and mental health issues.`
Quick (from TMNT ABC III: Lives And Times Of The Turtles) TMNT 2012, Mikey saves his brothers' lives, but at a high cost; warnings for violence, attempted rape, and trauma.
Ravaged (from TMNT ABC IV: Turtles Forever And Ever And Ever) TMNT 2012, Mikey deals with the fallout from 'Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind; warnings for violence and discussions of mental violation and suicide.
And a bunch of Mikey stories woven into the fabric of my The Waste Land universe.
Hope these all help, and happy reading!
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qiralync · 2 days ago
Here's a fun fact!
Did you know that Splinter yearly mourned his daughter's death on her birthday?
It was shown in one of the comics TMNT New Animated adventures volume 4 issue 15: the walkabout (not talking about the amazing adventures comics as those are uncanon to the TV show's universe) The turtles get curious to where Splinter Goes every year as he ventures out yearly and decide to follow him. They lose track of him and it shows Splinter wishing his daughter a happy birthday. We get a little flash back of Splinter carrying Miwa and showing her a comet or whatever. The next scene shows Karai in her snake form and then her human form looking up at a shooting star/comet
Also if we go by the comics date of release it means Karai's birthday is October 17th and if that doesn't count we can narrow down her birthdays as we know one of them (potentially two of em) featured a comet and her birthday takes place either in between season 2 episode 22: Vengeance is mine and season 2 episode 26: the Invasion part 2 or Season 3 episode 14: Casey Jones vs the underworld and Season 3 episode 18: the deadly venom as Karai is seen fully snake (which after her mutation is fixed she only goes fully snake when needed) and the turtles are living at the lair.
At the very least it means Karai's age at the minimum is 17 by the end of the series.
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amingethia · 13 hours ago
Love how Raphael went from
Sarcastic guy
Angry Mechanic
Just Angry Guy
BIG Angry Guy with MUSCLES
The Responsible One
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sushi-rat · 2 days ago
I saw a drawing and I just had to recreate it with Karai because it fit so well
Tumblr media
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tinywizardlizard120 · 2 months ago
My favorite thing ever is when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear clothes to disguise themselves as humans:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seeing them try to wear human clothes is one of my favorite things.
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layz-chipz-blog · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What a momentous occasion
(Btw I'm not the one who made the picture of the three other donnies but I cant find the original poster so if anyone knows then please tell me)
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Leo: I’m not going to make a fake appointment with a psychiatrist. What would I even say is wrong with me?
Mikey: Low self esteem.
Donnie: Social anxiety.
Raph: Trauma from being leader.
Leo: None of that is true!
April: Denial. See? The list goes on and on.
Leo: But what if I get caught?
Mikey: A fear of failure!
Donnie: Lack of confidence!
Raph: Kind of a wuss!
Leo: Fine! I’ll do it, but not because of them, because I want to help you, April.
April: Thanks, Leo!
Mikey: Push over.
Donnie: Spineless.
Raph: Still hasn’t bought milk even though I told him two days ago!
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lyse-474 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both Leos lost someone importante at the end of their stories so I wanted them to meet again even if they are not the same people... And I have a speedpaint :')
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nostalgiaruinedme · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Shout out to everyone who makes this huge fandom a great place to be!! Whether youre here for only one version, a couple, or for all of them, you make this fandom a great place. We dont have to like every single version of tmnt out there, but we're still all the TMNT fandom no matter which group of turtles we love. We gotta support each other!
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nerdinsandals · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
D is for Donatello!
Originally I wanted to draw every single Donnie in existence for this installment (because in this house we love and respect all the purple ones!), but unfortunately as time went on I realized that concept was way too ambitious for my current set of skills and energy levels. :Du So instead, here’s my favorite Donnie (2012) having some well-deserved downtime, doodling as he chats with the Donnies from the other main animated series!
[Available on Redbubble!]
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koresart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who’s the best ninja turtle and why is it Leonardo? 🤨
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