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❥Asleep with their child
Tumblr media
Characters: ken ‘Draken’ Ryuguji, Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano, Yasuhiro ‘Mucho’ Mutó, Shinichiro Sano, Takashi Mitsuya, Ran haitani, Souya ‘Angry’Kawata
Summary: you catch them asleep with their child in their arms or so. Fluff
Tumblr media
❥Ken ‘Draken’ Ryuguji❥
Draken is never a tired person unless he’s been working too hard. One days when you go to work he leaves his motorcycle shop to inui for the day. When you come home you think you're going to find your husband waiting for you in bed but in reality he’s asleep on top of the puzzle mats, with your son using his arm as a pillow. You go back to your room to retrieve extra pillows and a thick blanket. That night you sleep with them on the puzzle mats while kissing both their forehead and mumbling a soft “goodnight You two ”
❥Manjiro ‘Mikey’ Sano❥
You know Mikey loves to sleep, and so do your children. They unfortunately got that trait from their childish father. It really isn’t a surprise when you come home, from doing some personal errands, only to find your husband curled up on the couch with his son and daughter sleeping soundly on top of him while some children’s movies play on the TV. Somethings you like to sneak some pictures and send them to his sister Emma. She finds them adorable and teases him about it. But she also scolds him for sleeping too much. But it’s all good because you like coming home to a peaceful sight. Even if it’s early in the day you just smile and kiss their foreheads '' sleep tight, my three little babies~”
❥Yasuhiro ‘Mucho’ Muto❥
Mucho sleeps in most of the time because he’s always working late hours for Toman. So it minimizes the time he was with his little girls. However, his little girls like to spend quiet time with him while he sleeps soundly. They sleep with him. Mucho has his arms wrapped protectively around them. His little girls are his little sleeping buddies, and when they’re not sleeping with him he’s out looking for them. You always come into your and Muchos bedroom to see what they are doing. You tuck them in warmly as you kiss their cheeks. It’s the little things He does with your kids that make you want to have more with him
❥Shinichiro Sano❥
Your little girl has trouble sleeping most night. Mostly during thunderstorms. a thunderstorm hit and your daughter came running I to yours and shinichiro shared bedroom crying her little eyes out. Shinichiro volunteered to stay with her until she was full asleep. You waited for him to came back until he didn’t. So when you went out to look for him in your daughters room—there he was, knees almost up to his chest to make him fit on her little bed. Your daughters tiny hands gripping your husband fingers as she slept soundly. You can’t say the same for shinichiro though. The next morning Shinichiro woke you up to massage the tight knots in his back:)
❥Takashi Mitsuya❥
Takashi is a material husband fr. You gave birth to your precious daughter not long ago and you’ve been exhausted. Takashi was being generous and took a couple of days off his work. The minute you gave Takashi your daughter you knocked out cold, into a deep slumber. Takashi sighs as he tried to put his daughter down. But every time he would do so she would let out a sting of cries. The only solution he had left was to leave her laying on his chest while she slept soundly. And he did, but Takashi soon fell asleep too, with his arms gently draped over his baby. You woke up feeling a little refreshed and got out of bed to look for your husband and daughter only to find them knocked out on the couch, Takashi laying in his back and your daughter sleeping soundly on his chest. You smile softly as you grabbed a thin blanket and draped it over their bodies. Kissing their heads as you left to go get water.
❥Ran haitani
When you leave him alone to take care of your daughter for the night you always come home to find him asleep on the rocking chair with his daughter in his lap sleeping as well it’s a wholesome sight to see. Ran is the protective type with you and his daughter so the minute you take your daughter gently from his lap he jumps up to his feet ready to take on whoever is taking his precious daughter. His eyes soften once he realizes it’s you and watches as you tuck your daughter into her own bed before dragging Ran back to your shared bed.
❥Souya ‘Angry’ Kawata❥
Souya wanted you to spend quilts time with yourself. So he gave you money to treat yourself and wouldn’t let you back home until all the money he gave you was gone. So when you came back home, after only spending about half of the money because you felt bad for spending his money, you were surprised to come home to a very quiet one. Normally you can hear Souya talking to his child, trying to teach his son to say ‘Dada’ instead of ‘Mama’. You were even more surprised to find him asleep in your shared bedroom, curled up on the top corner of the mattress keeping his distance from the baby, scared he might accidentally roll over and squish the poor baby. While your son laid perfectly in the middle with pillows over the side souya wasn’t on. Your gaze softens as you gently push souya, so that he could lay comfortably next to his son. You kiss the top of his blue curls and tug the blankets, making sure he covered them perfectly.
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y/n: sometimes i feel something crawl over me at night
draken: it's the consequences of your actions
mitsuya: the guilt that comes with your choices
baji: past trauma
mikey: oops that was me. i sneak in your room to cuddle
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Waste it on me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takeomi Akashi x f!reader
Genre: Crack, SMAU
Word count: 100ish and pictures
Warnings: Canon divergent, profanity, ooc, sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship, age gap (both are consenting adults), suggestive
pt. 1 | previous | pt. 22 | next |playlist | backstory
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪
ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪ ִֶָ࣪ ° .* ʚ♡ɞ *. °ִֶָ ࣪
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rindou gave you a blank look as you waltzed into the meeting room, sprawling over Takeomi’s lap.
“Y/n, did you know someone stole Ran’s credit card yesterday?”
You clutched your chest, dramatically slumping over the armrest of the chair.
Takeomi put a hand under your upper back, holding you to make sure you don’t fall off the chair and split your head open like a dumbass.
“Oh no Rindou! That is awful!”
He nodded, taking a drag of his cigarette.
“Truly a tragedy.”
“What a horrid crime!”
Kakucho looked at you both skeptically.
You turned to Ran.
“Ran, I am so sorry, I heard about your car from Takeomi too. I got you a gift card for repairs!”
Ran looked at you as if he was done with life.
“My car is totally wrecked,” He squinted at the gift card, “And this a 750 yen gift card for a quarter of an oil change.”
Mikey threw an ashtray at Ran’s head.
“Don’t be ungrateful.”
Tumblr media
🔖Taglist (closed):
@1818cigarettes @dilf-city @wakasa-wifey @rinsie @kisekihany @missarabellla @bajifairyy @cryszus @r-xochitl @emilywaters @dinve @levistiddies @bxnten @spookykoko @graythecoffeebean @yukihime-mikeys-girl @mukounisuru-gashadokuro @sunahyejin @crybabylisa @yamaguccitadashi @minoozi @gigibobigi @trashmemebitch @frogtits1 @sup-zfam @whydohumansss @xashiui @bontens-whore @nqctre @kennyb0y @chaoticyuna @haitanihime @adeptiixiao @denkis-slut @wakasagurl @dontfollowmelol @yukimaniac @marrymemanjiro @bajitorasprincess @somniari-94 @haikyuu-simps-assemble @gulfkfl @the-invincible-mikey @lumi-does-some-stuff @hana-patata @snowyseungs @sanzuswh0re @itsyournumber1whore @lem0nsquizy @nana-phobia (second taglist in the comments! please let me know if i forgot to tag you 💕)
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raniiee · 2 days ago
hi i was wondering if you can write for tokyo revengers bonten, if you can could you write them as the readers boyfriend? tyy :)
yes ty for requesting bab !
Bonten men as your bf [+fluffy]
Tumblr media
warnings: readers gender isn’t specified, many emoticons, not the best writing
characters: Manjiro Sano, Ran & Rindou Haitani
Tumblr media
• Manjiro Sano - Mikey
Not very affectionate (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅). Listen okay i’m not a liar, Mikey just doesn’t seem like the type of person to be…lovey dovey. He loves you of course, he just shows it differently. For example, instead of Mikey hugging and being all kissy kissy with you [Toman Mikey is different] he would simply hold your hand or plant a small kiss onto your temple. Very soft around you, totally whipped. I mean you guys have your fair share of arguments [he could be real cold] but most of the time he’s softer than usual, he just loves you (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ◡ˆc). Buys your anything you ask for, he’s rich duh. When you do argue tho, expect him to be cold and distant for few days. Man’s just needs to cool down (ง'̀-'́)ง. Probably won’t be the one to apologize first, sorry guys :(. 7-8/10 Bf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, if you like guys who aren’t very affectionate, whipped for you, soft only around you, and never apologize first after a argument then Mikey is the one for you.
• Ran Haitani
Opposite from Mikey, like i’m talking opposite. Is very affectionate and teasing, and at times it could be really annoying ಠ_ಠ. Picture this: you’re trying to get some work done and this 6ft [probably higher], lanky, attractive man comes barging into your door demanding at least an ounce of attention. Now idk if you, yourself are into that but to me I think that’s a lil annoying ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°). Ran [like Mikey] is whipped for you, he spoils you, is very affectionate, and is caring. Will protect you, if someone hurts you? [physically or mentally] expect them to be on the news the next day. Deep down Ran doesn’t want you to get hurt, he’s a caring guy to the ones he loves. Take Rindou as an example, this man loves his brother and would do anything to protect him, much like how he is towards you :) [except you two aren’t brothers]. 8-9/10 pretty good Bf ଘ( ˊωˋ )ଓ. If you’re into hotties who are affectionate, caring, and spoil you then Ran is the one for you.
• Rindou Haitani
Confused mess. He contemplates his relationship with you for awhile. Is awkward but means well (。・・。) [he’s trying]. I personally don’t think he’s actually been in a relationship before so he’s kinda confused on what he should do, you wanna cuddle? okay but first you gotta explain what that is. Okayyy he’s not totally clueless, he just hasn’t had the actual experience before so like, you gotta explain what he needs to do. Likes to spoil you, and he will you just gotta at least earn it a little. If you had some big accomplishment expect him to take you out anywhere you want, because you earned it ^0^. After about 2-3 months into the relationship he starts to get comfortable, showing you his excited and passionate side. He‘s also really playful, so expect at least a little teasing. I mean cmon he was influenced by his brother and Sanzu (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。). 7/10 if you both are 1 month or so in the relationship and 8/10 when 2-3 months in.
[A/N: I plan on doing a p2 to this dw ;). ]
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unfinshedsentec · 2 days ago
Hii! Can I request gn!reader with Mikey, Chifuyu, mitsuki, smily (separated) the reader have a very protective dog and they love them to death so they want to introduce them to their boyfriends.
Heyy love! Thank you so much for requesting! I love seeing stories about protective dogs and I’m actually really happy I was able to write it myself💘
Also, sorry for taking a while! As I mentioned before, I was an Idiot and forgot my laptop at a friends, so writing this took pretty damn long
Tumblr media
When the Tokyo rev boys meet your protective dog!
Tumblr media
reader is gender neutral (as the request says)!
word count: 1.4k+
characters: mikey, chifuyu, mitsuya, and smiley
tw: occasional cursing
Tumblr media
 Mikey is the type of person who loves animals, but animals DO NOT love him
 In fact, animals hate him
 And that, includes your sweet, protective dog....who practically hated him from the moment he met him
 You see, they first met and hell began on a random Friday night
 As usual, Mikey was out beating up people with Toman, when he randomly texted you telling you he was coming over to watch movies with you
 You, were a little startled by this but, happy your boyfriend was finally coming over, especially because this meant you finally got the chance to introduce him to your dog
 Your dog was sweet. He loved you and always gave you the affection you needed, and you of course did the same in return. Because of that, you had a sweet, special connection with your pooch
 Is was also that reason that you really wanted your dog, whom you loved very much, to meet your boyfriend, whom you also love very much
 You had been hoping they would meet soon, and now that Mikey was coming over, they could finally do just that, which you were ecstatic about
 Unfortunately, the fact that your dog was....little protective exited your mind and you had forgotten he could be extravagant
 Well, you sure remembered that when Mikey finally came over
 The moment Mikey walked through the door, your dog FREAKED out
 He barked and growled at Mikey who, at first, was fine with it and ultimately ignored him
 Unfortunately, when your dog did it non-stop, Mikey got a little freaked out...
 "Y/n-chin? What do I do?! Your dog hates me!”
 "He doesn't hate you! He's just a little protective"
 "He's gonna kill me"
 "Mikey! He's not gonna kill you. Just pet him a bit, and he'll start calming down"
 Per your request, Mikey started to pet him
 Your dog was hesitant and frankly confused at first, but after a bit, he relaxed, and warmed up to Mikey
 Mikey on the other hand, did not warm up to him
 As strong and brave as Mikey is, protective dogs who could hurt him, still freaked him out a bit
 After all, it's not like he could fight the dog, and, it was without a doubt stronger than him
 That made him uneasy, and despite your dog warming up to him, he was still shaking, especially when he came and rested his head in Mikey's lap
 "Y-y/n-chin.....your dog" he muttered, looking at you.
 "Aww, he loves you!"
 "...he does?"
 "Yup, you guys are best friends now!"
 Needless to say, Mikey was stuck with your dog, and let's just say...it took him awhile to not shit his pants around him
 As we all know, Chifuyu is a cat person
 He has a cat, he loves cats, and pretty much has a personality of a cat
 Not to say that he doesn't like dogs, he just prefers cats more
 Well, unfortunately for him, you were a dog person...and well, he was now stuck with a dog
 You, being a dog person, of course meant you had a dog
 Your dog was amazing and loving with you, but could be a little protective when it came to other people
 He often growled and barked when new, possibly dangerous people came around, and when strange people tried to hurt you, he would naturally bite them
 This of course, was almost comforting to you, especially since he only took action when someone tried to hurt you, and never really went to far. You really loved him for that
 Of course, your love for your dog, led you to invite Chifuyu over so he could meet him and be close to him too
 Chifuyu was hesitant, but heard how excited you were and ultimately, gave in
 When the two met, your dog was, of course protective and growled at Chifuyu
 But, eventually after a bit of time, he warmed up to your boyfriend and sweetly curled up next to the blonde boy
 Though, even after that, Chifuyu had problems with your poor pooch
 He didn't hate your dog, he just was a little uncomfortable with him and maybe, possibly wished you had a cat
 Unfortunately for him, you didn't, and he had to get used to the dog
 He wasn't very fond of that, but you pushed him to be better with your dog, and after a while, he finally warmed up to him
 Now, they're best friends and your dog loves him more than he loves you
 Mitsuya over here is loved by all
 Kids love him, animals love him, older people love him, people love him, etc.
 He's pretty much loved and appreciated by everyone. Because of that , he never really had to experience something having hatred towards him
 Well, not until now
 You see, your sweet little protective dog that you loved oh so much, and that love you so much were very close
 Of course, you were also close with your boyfriend, and being close to your dog and your boyfriend meant you wanted the two to meet and be as close as you were
 As a result, when Mitsuya had a free day, you invited him over and had him meet your puppy
 Unfortunately, things didn't go a planned....
 You see, the exact moment Mitsuya casually walked through the door, your dog flipped out
 She started barking, growling, running at him, and even tried to fake nip him
 Mitsuya was, naturally, a little startled, but after realizing that she wasn't actually going to hurt him, he calmed down and tried to become friends with her
 He knelt down, slowly reached his hand out for the dog to smell it, and then proceeded to pet her
 Unfortunately, your dog wasn't a fan, and ultimately jerked away before barking again
 Mitsuya ultimately sighed, greeted you, and then sat next to you before talking to you a bit
 "Your dear dog doesn't seem to be very fond of me..." he sighed
 "Don't worry too much about it, she'll warm up to you eventually"
 She didn't
 Your dog didn't really ever warm up to your poor boyfriend
 The only the she did was quite down, but other than that, things never got better between her and Mitsuya
 She wouldn't let him touch, pet, or even get close to her unless he had treats
 Not matter what he did, your dog just never let Mitsuya become friends with her
 After a while of this,  Mitsuya just gave up and accepted that your dog didn't like him, and never would
   And they sadly, never became friends
 Smiley over here is a.... terrifying guy to say the least
 He's brutal, scary, and possibly a little bit crazy
 You weren't sure how you ended up with someone like that, but you did, and frankly, you couldn't be happier
 Unfortunately, your sweet protective dog, who was also your partner in crime, seemed to have sensed Smiley's.... odd possibly semi-crazy presence
 And boy was she unhappy
 You see, you always wanted your boyfriend to meet your dog
 You loved both unconditionally, so the idea of them meeting and getting close themselves made you really excited
 This, of course, led you to bringing Smiley home after school one day, in order to meet your lovely pooch
 Unfortunately, that little dream of yours immediately went to hell in an instant
 You see, moment Smiley walked through the door, your dog pretty much hated him
 She constantly barked and growled at him nonstop, and even tried to nip him once or twice
 Smiley was fine with it for a bit, especially since he was used to animals not liking him
 Unfortunately, he got a little angry after constant barking over the next few hours, and ultimately decided to give your dog a little scare to help keep her quite
 Unfortunately, that didn't go as planned
 The moment Smiley did the scare, your dog squealed, before she ran away absolutely terrified
 And after that traumatizing moment, your adorable puppy practically pissed herself when she saw Smiley
 She was absolutely terrified of him
    She refused to stay in the same room as him, and even whimpered whenever Smiley even walked in her direction
 Needless to say, the dog was terrified of your boyfriend and never recovered from that one scare
 You pretty much realized that Smiley was not one to deal with animals, and you decided you wouldn't have pets with the scary guy
 After all, he might just give a poor dog a heart attack (Smiley thought otherwise)
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miskasa · 2 days ago
dragging mikey along with you to the market on a quiet rainy morning wasn't your brightest idea. your umbrella shielding you both as he sleepwalks beside you, your hand tugging the half awake boy to safety under the market's entrance tarp. his hoodie shields his sleepy face from an audience and you tug on the strings to make the fabric fully swallow it laughing as he finally jolts awake and undoes the strings peering back at you with a sleepy frown.
"come on mikey, if we don't do this quickly we won't get first pick."
you're halfway through your list when you are reminded of why you never bring manjiro sano on these trips. "three- no, four. six. babe you want one?" his dark eyes sparkle brightly back at you as he awaits your response, the six mini taiyakis were all for him then. the cook and you share a laugh as you softly shake your head no and follow it with a curt thank you. with a warm bag full of pastries in hand he accompanies you with a sunnier disposition as you continue your search for the stand with the best apples. you keep getting weird looks from the ladies at the stands and turn to find your boyfriend violently exhaling, half of the still steaming bread visible from his open mouth as he attempts to draw cool air into his mouth. as per usual mikey had refused to let the small pastries cool before biting into them and was acting like a giant baby, cheeks flushed and watery eyes as he chewed through the heat.
you turn around and walk faster pretending you didn't come as a pair which only makes him chase after you screaming your name.
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raysano · 22 hours ago
whenever you were eating any sort of food, mikey would be at your side in an instant, begging for a bite of your meal. if you yield to his puppy eyes, he doesn’t take just a bite, he eats half of the food in a mouthful. however, he always offers you a bit of his snack, no matter how much he wanted the whole thing for himself. it’s his way of showing you that he really cares about you, as everyone knows that mikey never shares his food.
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kirokochi · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Howl X Mikey
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c-cownies · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰︩︪۫𑁬֢ ᐢ..ᐢ ᭝ ܰ 💭.♡ 𖥻 ⋆ i'm afraid of your future !! ִ۟  ּ᥀ ּ  ִ۟✽🐾 〜
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kiluvent · a day ago
✧ what video games i think tr characters would like ✧
ft. mikey, chifuyu, draken, kazutora, baji
[fluff, crack, low key baji slander because i find it funny lmao] a/n: omori + sally face fans wya????
Tumblr media
♡ mikey ♡
sally face
- likes the spooky, dreary aesthetic. also absolutely loves each chapter- like, literally waited in horrible anticipation for each chapter to finally release. also probably kins sal or larry....
Tumblr media
♡ chifuyu ♡
animal crossing
- into the relaxing, adorable, "take it at your own pace and do what you want" vibe. his island consists of ONLY cats, his favorite villager is probably lolly
Tumblr media
♡ draken ♡
cookie run kingdom 💀
- okay, okay, okay, i know what you're thinking- "WHAT?? DRAKEN WOULD NEVER PLAY SUCH A CUTESY GAME" normally he wouldn't, but mikey was playing it for a bit, so he decided to try it out and now he has a gacha addiction,,, rip draken
Tumblr media
♡ kazutora ♡
- idk, i feel like he would love indie horror games, so omori was right up his alley. probably kins sunny and/or aubrey,,,,
Tumblr media
♡ baji ♡
- need i more???? this guys like, what, 14 canonically??? middle school guys + fortnite = classic mix.
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zephestia · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
masterlist | previously | next chapter
you set inui as your lockscreen as a joke once, but it actually saved you from creeps that won't leave you alone. he have been your pretend boyfriend ever since, and he's the only person other than your family that is listed as your emergency contact.
do not be fooled. your friendship with chifuyu isn't as wholesome as it seems. chifuyu may be a sweet friend but he could be an annoying little shit sometimes.
you and mikey was in the same highschool, and you've heard of mikey a lot from emma. he was also quite popular. not all the rumors you've heard of mikey are good, so you weren't joking when you told him that he's intimidating.
taglist. @gabytodd @spaggedy @elys1an-chrm @misinfe @manjirosanoswifey @chocoberries-keisuke @q-the-rockaholic @bubs-world @rvrindousvpet @crowbird @netzukochannn @denkis-slut — if your username is in bold, i couldn't tag you.
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prince-rukatinaka · 2 days ago
Can i have mikey and draken with male s/o who is shy and not fond of pda bc it's so embarrassing? And being little teaser they are, they do it anyway and make their s/o fainted in public
Hey hey hey
Huh, yall rlly like gettin teased, don't ya
But whoa- faint?? Not sure if I can include that due to my headcanons for Draken and lack of understanding of the human body, but we'll see lol
Tokyo Revengers Masterlist
I hope this is what you wanted & you enjoy reading!
X male! reader
Headcanon: Ken Ryuguji, Manjiro Sano with a shy s/o who is not fond of PDA
Draken isn't exactly all too fond of PDA himself, I mean, he isn't necessarily against it, he just wouldn't initiate it
Tumblr media
So he has no thoughts about his boyfriend not liking PDA, no matter what the reason behind that is
About (Y/N)'s shy part tho-
Cue to his protector-senses activating
Draken is the vice of a huge gang, so obviously he gets into fights and other trouble a lot. And that's what he doesn't want his boyfriend to get involved in. So he makes sure he stays as far away from it as possible
He never understood how the two of them got together. More specifically, how (Y/N) handled being in his presence and reciprocating his feelings
You'd think someone with such a shy nature would try to sneak away or make themselves invisible when they encounter a huge teenage gang member with a reputation to behold of
But (Y/N) somehow ended up with him and seemed content as ever
Unless Draken decides it was a good time to tease, or in his own words, 'toughen him up'. Draken says that (Y/N) needs to learn to at least handle some words and sudden physical touch to come out of his shell
Art is mine!
That, however, always ends in (Y/N) nearly overheating and trying to push Draken away, making him only laugh and halfheartedly apologize
Tumblr media
Mikey...(Y/N) should fear him, at least the first few weeks of being together
Mikey shows his love through surprise hugs and kisses, shoulder and headpats, all of that
And he probably wouldn't notice how embarrassed his boyfriend gets when he does that in public, unless someone tells him ofc
Once he knows (Y/N) isn't fond of PDA, he gets kind of sad- and you can clearly see how he's holding back or retracting his hand when he remembers it
But he overall respects his boyfriends bounderies (Even tho he rlly doesn't like it dfhgdfg)
He's also very pouty about it
"It's not fair that I can't touch you in public...What is so bad about being a bit embarrassed??"
Mikey can't help, but tease (Y/N) from time to time tho
Just a little, i swear
But he does it because he finds it cute when (Y/N) gets all shy about it
I swear, sometimes when they're alone somewhere, Mikey just keeps gushing about how cute his boyfriend is, making said boyfriend bury his face into the other's chest and make those cute lil noises, making Mikey fawn over his cuteness even more-
It's a never-ending circle sfdghdfghkdifg
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kazxtora · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
THEY would press your head down on your pillow as he rut into from behind, his hand wrapped around your neck. Boys that would fuck you infront of a mirror, his hand covering your tits fondling them as he whispers how nice you like and how your only his.
Tumblr media
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lhaitani · a day ago
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ it is hot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Taiju Shiba
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wearepurplejackets · a day ago
❌ Incorrect Tokyo Manji~ ❌
Takemichi: No way Mikey, you went too far this time!
Mikey: And what are you gonna do? Ground me??
Takemichi: Exactly.
Mikey: Well, you can't. I'm an adult now!
Takemichi: No dorayakis for... like a month.
Mikey: Okay, okay. Let's calm. Let's not say things that we can regret later.
Takemichi: Two months.
Mikey: oh MY GOD-
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bontenscumslut · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I literally wanna get gangbanged by bonten‘s gangmembers. I know that their cocks would satisfy my greedy pussy- I just know it. Jesus, I would do anything -ANYTHING- to be their fucking cockslut. Just for them to use, fill and stuff full of their cum.
Thanks for your attention :)
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mikeysano-world · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mikey and his motorbike 卍🏳
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mystic2moon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
Manjiro Sano
Coloring by me!
tap for better quality!
panel credits : @/uwurmy on twitter
(a/n : i'd posted this on twitter a long time ago but forgot to do it here.... )
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twindevilgang · 15 hours ago
platonic night rides w mikey? pls and ty !!(;へ:)< 3
Ridding buddies~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Manjiro sano x platonic!FemReader
Warning: pure best friend energy
Tumblr media
Late night rides with Mikey are one of the most things in your life that you look forward to every time he sends you a message telling you to “get your ass out of bed and meet me outside :)” . At first you hate it because you don’t feel like getting up from the comfort of your own warm bed but you learn to love them over time
Late night rides with Mikey are a way for the both of you to just escape your responsibilities all together. Gangs, schools families all that type of stuff and just vent to each other under a tree or a bridge.
Mikey has a scheduled to bring you home school days he brings you home at 12 am, none school days, well….. be prepared to tell your family you went on a early run in your PJ.
Does not care if your in the middle of doing homework or something important. You better have your ass outside in the next 5 minutes or he’s going up to your room to bring you down himself. You his midnight ride buddy
“I don’t wanna put the damn helmet on, you always make fun of my helmet hair” you argued. Yet again Mikey had picked you up late at night in front of your own home. The blonde shoved the helmet on your head. You two caught, while sitting on his motorcycle. “Stop that! Or I’m going to bite you!” Mikey threatened glaring down at you, you rolled your eyes ``go ahead my skins already used to your damn pointy teeth you ankle biting asshole!” Mikey gasped dramatically as he placed a hand over your heart “that- that was so rude of you y/n. How could you say that to poor wittle old me?” You blinked “one of these days I’m going to sock you so hard you’ll grow a little taller” “I wish you would'' you two started pulling each other’s hair bickering with each other until an angry old man came out with a broom in his hand “would you two shut the hell up?! I got to work in the morning!” Then he started walking towards you. And you panicked a little. “Go, Go, GO!” You yelled, Mikey quickly placed the helmet on your head and drove off as fast as he could as his wheels screeched against the road. The men yell slowly fading in the distance. You let out a sigh and squeeze mikey's waste “that’s what you get for being a loud dumbass!” “Tch you started it!” “Did not!” Did too!” “not!” “Too!” You two just bickered all the way to a nearby convenient store where you two—well mostly you—bought some snakes which were mostly dorayaki for Mikey. You don’t really know if it’s safe or not but you feed him while he’s driving. You just don’t want him to complain while he drives the both of you around. He almost crashed because he dropped his dorayaki. You swear you have never witnessed your life flash before your eyes like that and it took you a while to go on rides with him again :)
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fvcking-l0rd · a day ago
Hi if your request is open can I get bonten executive with anoshima junko from danganronpa (I like her Psycho's behave)😂
great idea, anon. i hope you have a wonderful day <3 this post contains of: use of the name 'slut', swearing, grammar mistakes, typos, not proofread.
Tumblr media
## BONTEN EXECUTIVES WITH JUNKO! READER ; it started with you leading a gang that was rumored to be taking over the region. even one of your underlings declared war with the rival gangs. ; so kantou manji gang decided to stop you from causing chaos. you obviously didn't do as they demanded since destruction was what kept you going in life. ; eventually, you came in contact with mikey and got knocked out completely by his kicks, you never knew there would be someone with brutal strength until you met him. ; the war continued until you decided to join them, since there's no way you would be able to live on without despair in your life, that was always dull ever since the beginning. ; now that you're on the top, in a crime organization "bonten". has your life changed much now that more people are involved?
Tumblr media
#%; RAN ; he likes the way you act (a sociopath actually) ; definitely the type to flirt with you when you're going up with plans on how to take him down in the most inhumane ways possible, he's a sadomasochist so have fun making up all of the methods you could think of. ; when you two fight, it either ends with him dodging your punches while flirting or ends with you pinned down and cursing at him nonstop ; would watch you execute the traitors if you want to take sanzu's place and have the spotlight for awhile. then compliment how well you take them out as a way to tease you ; he enjoys it when you walk in with that infamous smile and yell, "PUNISHMENT TIME!!" to the ones that were tied up, crying for help but they were muffled ; you would definitely flirt back and it causes you both to have a flirting battle to no end ; he's a little concerned to see you switching from one personality to another, however. he's the "damn, she's nuts, but i like her!" kind of man
Tumblr media
#%; RINDOU ; y/n please shut the fuck up challenge ; you're quite loud, and he hates it but also likes it at the same time, cuz there are times where you're a little mad and you scream at him, he enjoys the angered look on your face ; you might act a little extra which makes him like you because he knows that he's going to spoil you with all his money and make you his little princess, that's why you should act like you're the shit lmao ; but still you're kinda loud and if you annoy him too much- there's a big chance that he would just lose interest in you and hope that somehow you get murdered during your mission ; would punch you without hesitation if you get too close to him ; you're both frenemies so it pretty much explains why he's being such an ass to you ; would be a little annoyed if you fake a schoolgirl's voice and run to his older brother because he 'bullied' you ; but you're quite sadistic and that's probably the only thing he likes about you
Tumblr media
#%; SANZU ; TWO PARTNERS IN CRIME I JUST KNOW IT ; you two are sadists and you would have a fun time backing up each other during missions ; he either starts to flirt or fight you when he's high, but you find it amusing since you're sure his vision is shit so he doesn't fight well ; however, it's not like you two would always get along- you fight quite often ; "GOD YOU'RE SO ANNOYING STFU" "HOW ABOUT YOU SHUT UP SLUT" "SLUT? YOU'RE SAYING I'M A SLUT? YOU'RE A DRUG ADDICT FREAK" ; that definitely didn't end well. you began to throw a punch at him and he started biting your arm
Tumblr media
#%; KOKONOI ; someone save him from this psychopath cuz i'm sure he's involved just to make money ; mikey do be hella rich as soon as he got kokonoi by his side lmaoo ; you act like a brat most of the time and it riles him up because he just.. likes seeing you begging him and it makes him want to spend some money on you so you could continue your bratty behavior ; kokonoi probably owns some strip club and he usually goes there for meetings with the executives, so he's surrounded by ladies when he's there ; but instead of seeing them, he imagines you sitting on his lap since he couldn't get enough of you ; but there are times, he would have to put a leash on you because you're too energetic calm the fuck down ffs ; he understands that you hate being told what to do because you can do whatever you want but at least don't sell information of your gang on the internet because you didn't get paid enough ??
Tumblr media
#%; KAKUCHO ; he tries to bear with you if you're acting like a child, because he doesn't like it when people are loud ; he just wants to finish his work in silence please y/n ; but would knock you out within a second if you continue your whining because there is nothing to do ; he's more reserved so be a pain all you want cuz he's not gonna do anything else other than watch you make a fool out of yourself ; sometimes tries to deal with you because he doesn't want you to leave his sight when he's assigned to babysit you ; when the others see him trying to look after you, they immediately feel pity because who would put a sociopath and a hardworking man in the same room and expect nothing to happen lmao ; just give him some time and he'll decide whether to quit his job or not
Tumblr media
#%; TAKEOMI ; "aight kid calm down-" "I WANT IT NOW I WANT IT NOW!" ; stop breaking his spine i'm begging you ; i may share the same mbti with junko but tf is she doing ; no but hear me out- if you met senju back then, you would know about his black card and steal it every time (well- if you did then you still do it in the timeskip, and you miss all the times you had with senju </3) ; you would drag him around the office if you ever need help with your paperwork ; i think you would be audacious, you would bully others so there are times where you make your coworkers finish your paperwork ; takeomi saw this and didn't like it at all, what are you doing with your job?? what if mikey sees this and shit goes down?? ; once confronted you about it but you still didn't listen
Tumblr media
#%; MOCHIZUKI ; flirts and fights you ; he finds you a little annoying tho,, you sometimes whine and act like you're the shit- but i mean yeah you're actually are the shit lmao ; tries to dodge your little kicks but fails because you're quite harsh and violent most of the time ; "OI GUYS GET THIS BITCH PINNED DOWN-"
Tumblr media
#%; MIKEY ; you would still act extra but not much around mikey- not after you got defeated by him back then ; it's a little weird for them to see you treat him with so much respect, but that's what they're supposed to do anyway ; you go by everything he told you to do ; you're like sanzu, loyal to their owner and just sick in the head ; immediately hates anyone who betrays mikey and the gang, how dare they? ; some might say you're a little obsessed with him but yeah you're no different from sanzu though-
Tumblr media
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