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#seo changbin
incorrectskzquotes · 2 days ago
Chan: Why are you late?
Changbin: A technical error occurred causing an unexpectedly long bout of unconsciousness.
Chan: Overslept?
Changbin: Overslept.
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hanaridulsetcheese · 22 hours ago
stray kids : things he does as your boyfriend (hyung line)
Tumblr media
pairing : stray kids x fem!reader
genre : fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> leaves you little motivational quotes.
chan is very helpful as a boyfriend and would go out of his way to assist you with anything.
he's your biggest source of motivation and support. he'd always cheer you on no matter what it is that you're doing.
everyday he'd leave little notes in your pocket so you to find that always motivate you and remind you that he loves you a lot.
if he didn't have time to write a note, he'd send a voice message to you along with a bunch of heart emojis.
it's part of his daily routine to leave you these little notes and his day wouldn't feel the same if he didn't do it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> would cook you anything you want.
minho's the type of boyfriend who would love to feed and nuture you even if you're full.
he likes to make sure you're fed and healthy so when he started cooking, you were his taste tester.
it's no doubt that his food taste amazing so you would always as him to make you something and he's happily comply.
minho watches a lot of kdramas and would definitely be the type of boyfriend who'd make you cook with him just to try all the kdrama couple things for the fun of it.
a real romantic and would definitely go all out for special days like your birthday by making a huge, tasty meal for you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> teaching you things he knows.
he's a really talented person with a lot if different skills that you find interesting so when you ask him to teach you, he's happily do it.
he's a patient person and would teach you slowly so you fully understand.
he personally loves teaching you how to make music because it's something he really loves and he's so happy to share it with you.
he loves trying new things as well and always asks you if you want to try it with him so you can spend time together.
sometimes he likes to admire you as you do whatever he's taught you because he finds it heart warming that you took an interest in something he's passionate about.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> he likes to paint with you.
even if you're not good at painting, he'd still love painting with you because he just loves to have any excuse to paint with you.
he always ask for your opinion on what he should draw and you're always the first one he shows his drawings too.
always tells you he wants you to be his model for one of his drawings but he knows you won't be able to stay still for a long time.
if you decide that you want to paint with him, it always ends up messy because he likes to play around and goof off with you.
would also teach you different techniques on how to draw and paint so your art looks a little more decent (he still loves your messy paintings)
>> stream christmas evel
stray kids inspired playlist ↓
♡ chan
♡ minho
♡ changbin
♡ hyunjin
maknae line coming soon!
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icecreamstraykids · 2 days ago
Chan: favorite horror movie?
Lee Know: Saw
Changbin: Annabelle
Seungmin: It
Jeongin: High School Musical
Stray Kids:
Jeongin: after watching it, i spent all my high school days terrified that the entire school would start singing something and i‘d be the only one who didn’t know the lyrics
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blu-joons · 5 hours ago
Long Distance Struggles ~ Seo Changbin
Tumblr media
As silence descended between the two of you, you didn’t quite know where to look, struggling to keep yourself composed as Changbin took a moment to reply to a text with his phone beside him.
As soon as he looked up at the screen again, he noticed how distant you were once again, resting your head in the palm of your hand, unaware of the sigh that came from you as you sat.
“Are you alright?” Changbin questioned after watching you for a few moments, noticing how still you were. “You’ve been a little off since we decided to call, if you’ve got somewhere that you want to be, I understand, it is the middle of the day for you after all.”
Your head shook in reply, “it’s nothing, just one of those things.”
His eyebrows furrowed together as he noticed the pained tone in your voice. You were exhausted and fed up, staring at your laptop screen was just never the same, it was the physical side of things that you craved more than anything else after months apart from each other.
“You can’t lie Y/N, you should know I know you better than that,” he slightly laughed.
Your head dropped out of your hand as you moved it to run over the front of your face, trying to force a smile onto your face and stop Changbin from worrying about you so much.
“Talk to me Y/N, tell me what you’re thinking.”
You smiled weakly as you looked to the screen, “I’ve just been finding it a little bit difficult recently, it’s been a long time since we saw each other.”
Although he was able to mask it better than you were, Changbin was struggling too. He hated being away from you, not being able to text you or call you whenever he wanted whilst the other members were able to see their dates whenever they wanted to.
“I think this might be the longest that we’ve been apart from each other too,” you added, watching as the smile on his face finally dropped too, the realisation sinking in.
Time was something that Changbin didn’t like to think about, unless he was able to count down the days until he got to see you, he wasn’t interested at all.
“We’re going to be able to see each other soon, you’ve got some time off, and our promotion is nearly done,” he tried to assure you, “we can organise a week together, right?”
Your head nodded, although a week still felt as if it were nothing for you both. As much as you loved Changbin, the long-distance side of things was most definitely beginning to take its toll on the both of you.
“We tried that before, and then you got given a schedule,” you reminded him.
“That was a mistake that I won’t let happen again Y/N.”
You wanted to believe him and hold onto a small bit of hope, but most of the time when you did so, those hopes very quickly got dashed and you found yourself back to square one again.
“We’ve got to keep fighting and keep finding a way to get through this,” Changbin tried to encourage, offering you yet another smile, “it won’t be too long now.”
“I just wish that I could get on a flight and come and see you now,” you replied, resting your head back into the palm of your hand, “I’ve still got three weeks until I get some time off.”
Three weeks was nothing in comparison to the months that you had spent apart, but at the same time, Changbin got it. It was still three weeks too long for you both, but it would be time that you would get to spend together soon, which was all that you wanted.
“Please don’t start worrying now about us when we’ve done so well being apart for this long,” Changbin asked of you, “we’ve done so well.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “the last stretch always feels like it’s the hardest bit, at least for me anyway, it’s like being teased constantly.”
“Trust me, it will fly by,” he cheered, glancing across at the calendar hung up on his wall, “and we can call all the time to make the time go by faster.”
As ever, Changbin was the more optimistic one of the two of you, opting to look forward rather than back. He knew that you had a slightly different perspective on things, but that never stopped him trying his best to reassure you.
“I know being away from each other is overwhelming sometimes, but we’ll be together soon,” he promised you, “you’ll be back here, and it’ll be like you never left.”
“Coming back over makes me a little anxious too,” you admitted.
“I understand, it’s been a while since we got to see each other.”
It wasn’t just being apart that made you anxious but reuniting always made you worry too. There was always a panic in the back of your mind that made you think that maybe things wouldn’t quite be the same between the two of you.
“Give it an hour when you get here and you’ll remember why you love being in Seoul so much, and why you love me so much too,” he teased.
You knew that you adored Changbin, and that was only heightened when you were together in person, those nerves would soon subside, but they were definitely going to linger until the time came around to see him again too.
“Why don’t we discuss flights next week, I’ll make sure I have my schedule so we can organise plenty of time together,” he suggested.
“Will you be allowed to do that?”
He wasn’t convinced that the company would be quite so willing to let him off from work for the week, but after how hard he had been working for weeks on end, it was the least he deserved to be able to spend time with you.
“I’ll make sure that I have as much time as possible with you,” he vowed, “we’ll have a full time zone to spend together too.”
It was one of the biggest disadvantages for you both, whilst Changbin was talking to you with pitch black behind him, you were blinded by the sunshine reflecting off of the screen, barely able to see Changbin at several points throughout your conversation.
“It’ll be nice to talk to you without constantly watching you yawn,” you joked, as if on cue, another yawn struck him as his busy day concluded.
His head shook as he turned away from the camera, “I think I’m going to end up doing a few late nights at work to make up for the time that I’ll have off with you, best get used to me yawning all the time.”
“It’ll be worth it when we’re back together,” you smiled, beginning to feel a lot happier again, “I really can’t wait to be able to fly out and see you Changbin.”
“Try not to worry about it all either, we’ll make sure everything gets organised,” he promised, “and things will be alright between us too.”
You knew that you had nothing to worry about, things were going to be fine, and you were going to get to see Changbin, which was all that you wanted, you were nervous for now, but that would soon be forgotten about.
“Things will be alright, won’t they?” You asked him.
“Absolutely,” he chuckled, “trust me, the time will fly by, and you’ll be here before you know it. Three weeks at work and you’ll be flying, just a little bit more patience and we’ll be back together again.”
“I can’t wait, three weeks can’t come soon enough.”
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yovibeispretty · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
binnie got his revenge 😂✌🏼
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imagine-a-life-like-this · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
True Soulmate - Stray Kids Soulmate AU Series Masterlist
Here you will find all 8 soulmate stories. Each story is set in its own universe; meaning none of the stories are connected. You don’t need to read all of them to understand the others. These will be my first social media imagines so they honestly might suck, but I really hope you enjoy them! 
Bang Chan’s will be released first, after that I’m not sure. I’m currently writing all of them at the same time as ideas come to me. Chan’s is completely written hence why his is being posted first. If there’s any you want to see next, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
Song For You - Bang Chan
Soul Link - Every song your soulmate sings, you can hear.
Synopsis - Chan honestly believed he didn’t have a soulmate; still he wrote a song for a girl he wasn’t sure existed. A song she heard over and over in her mind. When he heard her singing a familiar song to herself, he was convinced she broke into his studio. How else could she know the song he never released?
Release - December 1, 2021 (subject to change depending on my schedule)
Dance With Me - Lee Minho
Soul Link - You share the same talents as your soulmate.
Synopsis - Lee Know is a famous dancer with a special talent for cooking. Ln Yn is a famous chef with a special talent for dancing. At the opening of her restaurant, their worlds collide for the first time. And it certainly won’t be the last.
Release - TBD
Lost And Found - Seo Changbin
Soul Link - Everything you lose ends up in your soulmates possession.
Synopsis - Changbin has always made sure to keep track of all his things, not wanting to burden his soulmate with all his stuff. A courtesy his soulmate doesn’t seem to have. One night at a party, he runs into a girl wearing the exact sweater he seemed to misplace earlier that day. She must have stolen it; Changbin doesn’t lose anything.
Release - TBD
All I Know Is Your Name - Hwang Hyunjin
Soul Link - Name of your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist.
Synopsis - Hyunjin has been waiting for the day he meets his soulmate, but she couldn’t care less. She wanted nothing to do with Hwang Hyunjin, her heart beating for one man and one man only; an anonymous online friend.
Release - TBD
Love Sketched On Skin - Han Jisung
Soul Link - Everything you write on yourself appears on your soulmate.
Synopsis - Jisung would always draw on his arms; small pictures to get him through the day or messages of things he can’t forget. He had no idea someone else could see everything he wrote until he found small words of encouragement before a big performance. 
Release - TBD
Falling In Love - Lee Felix
Soul Link - All your injuries appear on your soulmate.
Synopsis - His friends all knew him as a clumsy guy, but the bruises on his skin seemed excessive. Her friends all saw her as a clumsy person, but she was hiding a dark secret. 
Release - TBD
Lie To Me - Kim Seungmin
Soul Link - You are unable to lie to your soulmate.
Synopsis - Kim Seungmin has harbored a (not so) small crush on his best friend, and that’s why his other friends believe he can never lie to her. There’s no way she could possibly be his soulmate. Seungmin refuses to believe she could ever love him and instead watches as she falls for someone else.
Release - TBD
Countdown To Love - Yang Jeongin
Soul Link - Timer goes off when you meet your soulmate.
Synopsis - The timer on his wrist seemed to take forever to go off. So long that Jeongin forgot it was even there, until he feels a buzzing on his wrist and comes face to face with the girl who was to be the love of his life. There’s only one problem; she’s the one girl in the world that’s off limits to Yang Jeongin.
Release - TBD
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mxxndreams · a day ago
loving you is easy with skz changbin (and maybe enemies to lovers) ✨
Hello anon, I hope you're doing well! Thank you for participating in the Weekend Event ✨
— Loving You Is Easy —
+ pairing: seo changbin x female reader + genre: fluff, angst, enemies to lovers, college!au, roadtrip!au + summary: After getting paired with Changbin for yet another project, you find yourself stuck between accepting your feelings for him and being an idiot about it.
+ excerpt (0.4k) +
“Maybe if you weren’t so stuck in your delusional world, this wouldn’t have happened!” You spat out at Changbin as the two of you waited for the mechanic to look over his car. “I knew doing this with you would not be a good thing. You always mess everything up. Always.”
“Last time I checked,” he started, glancing at his fingers as he leaned against the wall, “you were the one that decided we should go somewhere else to do this. I told you my car had some problems. But you ignored me anyway.”
“You forgot to put gas in the tank, Changbin! That’s your fault.”
“I thought it was enough! If you hadn’t asked me to stop by the restaurant, we wouldn’t be here.” He lifted his eyes to look at you and you couldn’t help but laugh in frustration.
“You could’ve said no, you know? You’re blaming me now?”
“You’re blaming me too!” He lifted his arms in desperation. “We’re both to blame.”
“No, you are.” You took one step closer to him, not breaking eye contact.
“No, you and I are!”
“This is all your fault, Changbin. If you had paid attention to the gas tank, we wouldn’t be here in the first place!” You pressed a finger against his chest, and he leaned back on the wall. “We better get a good grade on this freaking project, or I will—”
“You will what?!” His eyes travelled between your eyes to your lips, and he gulped. “Blame me again? Ignore me whenever I try to be nice? Tell everyone how much you despise me because I am terrible?” He looked back in your eyes. “What will it be this time, Y/N?”
There had been other instances where you had been this close to him, but never had you seen this much pain in his eyes and you had never felt like this either. You were embarrassed by your attitude, annoyed that you were once again blaming him for your shortcomings.
You wanted to despise him, but you truly couldn’t. No matter how hard you tried, no matter how much you wanted to make him the villain of whatever you were going through, you couldn’t. And you felt weak because of it. Changbin made you feel weak, and you didn’t like that. You weren’t used to it. You weren’t used to kindness from others.
“I’ll be outside,” you whispered, avoiding his gaze.
Slowly, you stepped away from him and walked outside of the car shop, the cold breeze greeting you. You leaned on the wall and buried your chin inside your jacket to keep yourself warm, trying to distract yourself from your thoughts but finding yourself crying in silence instead.
Want to participate in this weekend’s event? You can find out more about it here and send your title ideas here! Stay tuned so you can vote for your favourite drabble to be turned into a one-shot!
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