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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Ok, but has anybody noticed this tho? This sweet, adorable, little Niffler (I’m not sure if it’s Rakepick’s or it’s just Hagrid that brought one here idk) is getting all the ladies with those “gangnam style” moves, just sayin’.

Well all ladies except MC’s lady-

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I want to see content of all the culprits and people throughout all the cases in Ace Attorney that seemingly NEVER GET MENTIONED AGAIN. Where’s Gant????? Dee Vasquez? Matt Engarde, Mimi Miney, Iris Hawthorne, April May, Shelly de Killer, Ron DeLite, etc., etc… PLEEEAAASE, I wanna see them literally just be relevant again.

I KNOW THE CULPRITS ARE PROBABLY DEAD BUT LIKE, C’MON. I just wanna see them again, please. Just spare me a crumb. I need closure on why they do the things they do and how others are coping—

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1. Who wakes up first?

Jill falls asleep last and Jill wakes up first. The poor woman hardly gets any sleep. However, both Jill and Sheva are early birds and almost always make coffee and breakfast together.

27. Who cooks at 2 in the morning?

Sort of Jill, but she’s not a very good cook so it’s more like “goes out to buy junk food at 7/11 at 2 in the morning”. She sometimes wakes Sheva up by going in and out of the house, but she always has snacks to offer her to make up for it.

32. Who remembers what the other one orders at the restaraunt?

Both of them do! They like to switch up their orders, though, and sometimes will each choose dinner for the other based on what they think they’ll like.

43. What is the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for each other?

Sheva probably tried to distance herself from Jill when she first realized. This is both because she was worried Jill was out of her league, and because she was worried Jill and Chris were an exclusive couple. When she found out the latter wasn’t true (either because Chris and Jill aren’t together or maybe 👀 just not exclusive) she started gaining the courage to admit her feelings toward her. Jill finds her shy nature cute, but assured her she felt the same way.

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