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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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#i love them

Everday i have to remind myself not to ghost the people i love

So if its even one text to let them know im alive i do it

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Is there anything more joyful than seeing a potted pothos plant sitting in the sunlight?

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I love how they both worked together to hunt down the creature to get materials it shows just how much they trust each other and how well they work together They are an unstoppable dream team!!!

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yes!!! ugh, i can totally see vana’s short ass asking to get on vincent’s shoulders if she can’t see, or both of them just ruthlessly shoving to the front of the crowd to get a look. Oh my godddd i just KNOW they’d be the coolest looking punks there too omfg. Truly the power duo night city needs

vana’s usually quiet and kind of shy too, but i know as soon as she and vincent set foot in there she’ll just toootally feel herself- probably to the extent that they encourage each other to do the dumbest shit just to get johnny n kerry’s attention sksjsjjsksjssk

(also i can’t stop thinking ab them helping each other pick outfits and vana doing vincent’s eyeliner before the concert HELPPPPPP)

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I wanna see a Lemon Boy Omori animatic between him and Basil. Not even sure which would be which

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Current!Allen: I should’ve let you on that wall when you were dying

Nea taking over: BuT yA dInD’t

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Watch “10 minutes your life changing/Motivation video/ English” on YouTube

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I love them look at them they’re babies then 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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BatJokes Idea if anyone wants it!

Can someone please make a animatic/comic of Joker singing this song to Batman?


I think it would be fun having them dancing to it lol

  • Joker crashes Bruce Waynes party/event shoking the guests

OR You Have

  • Joker rents a ballroom and has hostages for baiting batman traumatizing the souls who are stuck watching

The doodle I was drawing when the idea popped up lol

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i have basically read everything in the johnny silverhand/female v tag on ao3 because fuck the canon endings and romance options

we are fucking our brain parasite and finding his cryogenically frozen body and shoving him back in it to fuck some more

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