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#i love them
waitformethistime · a minute ago
All three Kyoru kids have orange hair (Hajimes atleast is more of brownish-orange) but they're all little carrot-tops.
Kyo is disappointed because "ugh they're gonna get bullied like I did" and he also not so secretly wanted them to look like Tohru because shes precious and gorgeous.
Tohru, however, is elated. "Your hair is so pretty, Kyo-kun!"
She just thinks its the best thing ever to have her little orange family running around and theres a small part of her that's glad because there will be absolutely no doubt who the father is (not like there was with her as a child).
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fontonascreen · 3 minutes ago
Me when Green Day does literally anything:
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rose-aime-m · 6 minutes ago
Currently writing a story about Dean and Cas. They are on a case, and the suspect is a wedding planner. She think they are soulmate, so they have to act like they are fiancee
So imagine : Cass being super lovey dovey because he saw this things on television. Dean being embarrassed AF all the time.
Jack and Sam coming to the city, and seeing the guys, trying suits, while the girl can't stop seeing how cute they are together.
Sam can't stop laughing about it, even helping to plan the wedding, and even call their mum. And Jack being super happy, because he think it's real
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diddybops · 7 minutes ago
y'all gone hate me for this, but another family rp would be nice. lol.
LMFAOOOOOOO. i can’t hate you cause i def said the same thing, but we ain’t getting one so we might as well move on. 💀💀
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gentle-horrors · 10 minutes ago
the unexpected f/o ask game made me remember I have two f/os with the last name valentine and they could literally not be anymore different. The one constant is that they both have guns
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hey-hamlet · 12 minutes ago
vnnfhrJFHDNDN hey got typoed, a new way this time...... im. so sorry— like, im not asking you to fix it for me, i can just like— skip over it, it’s fine, i just. wanted to let you know TUNGLR did a Thing and all @staff PLEASE fix this, this is not a good update
tumblr im going to eat you in the least sexy way possible
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kdramaxoxo · 13 minutes ago
Hey! Have you seen W:two worlds apart? I may start watching it but I have seen some mixed opinions, so I’m asking for yours :)
W: Two Worlds deserves mixed reviews.
If you read my blog, you might notice that I give creativity extra points, even if the drama has flaws. I'd rather they try something new than not try at all!
W: Two Worlds is the perfect example of this. Without giving any spoilers, it's a super creative and really fun setup. The couple is so so cute and I LOVED the first half so much I'll forgive the second. But it IS flawed and loses its footing a bit as it moves forward in the plot.
I still think it's worth watching though!
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gunthermunch · 20 minutes ago
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i forgot to tell you but while i was gone i studied character design just so i could make this
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blairwitchz · 20 minutes ago
vera farmiga just be chilling in her farm with her family and her goats... that's what i want to achieve
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equalseleventhirds · 22 minutes ago
also i know that i am just like every other tma villain fan who gripes abt how the story did their fave wrong....... but also i'm right. like, annabelle more than other villains, listen, i can also explain,
#u kno how i said that like a lot of ppl were mad abt helen being killed bcos they'd made her into something she wasn't?#like there were Points Made abt her being sympathetic and tragic and having parallels to jon#but a. she didn't actually have nearly as many parallels to jon as annabelle does#and b. the story said YES she's presented as sympathetic and tragic and a foil to jon and that is the POINT#the story said she's been doing this on purpose in order to weasel her way into the place she is#she's that seemingly-nice but actually toxic friend#her parallels to jon served Narrative Purpose#just not the purpose some of her fans wanted her to serve#IN CONTRAST. annabelle's parallel's to jon? her own tragedy and sympathy and previously noted possible-unwillingness/resignation to#her status as avatar/servant of the web etc etc?#those aren't even ADDRESSED#they're never brought up in that final confrontation not even to call them all lies :(#annabelle is in fact the tragic sympathetic woc girlboss done wrong by tma that some ppl think helen is IN THIS ESSAY I#............i already did the essay huh. welp.#fandom wank#jfdklsfjs i'm SORRY i had a perfectly nice day i have just suddenly started This Whole Thing out of nowhere#look i loved helen but also i liked how the narrative handled her like... on a metaphorical level#did NOT like how the narrative handled annabelle. she deserved some depth gdi.#............this is what i mean abt how any story can be any character's story but annabelle more than most.
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deathbyjoong · 24 minutes ago
Wooyoung: There are five chairs and eight kids. What do we do?
Mingi: Have everyone stand.
Seonghwa: Find three more chairs.
Hongjoong: The best five can sit down.
Jongho: Kill three.
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