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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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@lghtpulled​ asked : “i’m not done with you yet.”


There’s a small laugh as she’s pulled back into the bed, landing on Ben’s chest with a wide smile. “Not done yet, huh?” she teases back. Her lips press against his jaw, and she tries rolling out of his arms again to no avail. He’s got a tight grip on her. “You’re free to join me in the shower, y’know. I definitely wouldn’t complain if you wanted to continue in there.”

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Dear Kodaline,

You said that it’s harder to see through the eyes of a stranger, but this right here is how much you mean to me. It started with me listening to All I want, and it stuck. For quite a few years, I just stuck to that one song. Never wandering to any other because I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to feel whatever would come up. All I want held so many emotions. From understanding the music video to being in love with the dog in it, it went on for quite a few years. Until I heard Brother. At that moment, I knew. I knew that there was no turning back. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried on all your songs. ALL of your songs hold so much emotion, I could hardly keep up. A chain broke and you held me. You held me with so emotion, it was breath-taking. It was no surprise that when I was in one of those moods, I came running back to you. Always. You were and are so special that you bring peace to me and so many others. Each song of yours is interpreted differently by people, be it them hurting themselves by their actions, or them losing someone. You held all of us. You are probably the most life-changing things that happened to me. If there was one band that I had to listen to every day I would choose you within a heartbeat. You make me smile, you make me cry, you make me follow my fire. Haha. Your growth left me in awe. All I could do was stare and not break eye-contact and gleam with tears in my eyes. You leave us to face our raw emotions, but you are right behind us. Supporting and encouraging us to be honest with ourselves. I never did get a chance to come for your show when you had come here, and I was heart-broken. However, the position you hold in my life is such that whenever I know you are coming back, I will right there and be in awe of you. I deserve that. The connection you have provided us is surreal. I never did think of music being an outlet until I came across you and now I know. Now I know how it feels to be one of those with headphones on and listening to music with such a blaring sound that our ear-drums are sure to be affected. You have helped people who have anxiety and depression to calm themselves down and everyone has their band or person who makes them feel this way. For me, it’s you, its always been you. Thank you for making me feel at home while you held me. This right here is how you make me feel. So much chaos, but oh so familiar.

Always with love and tears,


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You know, I’m really getting sort of obsessed with the Joey and Jason parallels because once you notice them, you can’t really stop noticing them. 

So here we have two great kids. Joey is basically all that’s good in the world. He loves life. Despite being the son of two murderers, he is kind and gentle where his parents are not. 

Jason is a good kid. Sheila even says she’s surprised at what a good kid Jason turned out to be. He’s smart. He wants to do his best and help others. There’s a reason he became the second Robin. In pre-crisis he donned the suit to save Bruce. In post-crisis, Bruce sees potential in him after Jason helps him fight against Ma Gunn’s jewelry heist. 

Joey and Jason are both good kids.  

And then things go sour. They both lose their lives trying to protect the ones they love. Jason loses his life trying to save his mom. He takes the main brunt of the blow when the warehouse explodes. Joey loses his life begging his dad to kill him so that his friends can be saved. They’re both willing to lose their life for their loved ones. 

Then they return

And it is not a welcome return for both of them.

Jason’s return is brought with UTRH, and then from Morrison onwards he’s written as a villain and antagonist to the bats. Ra’s explains that the lazarus pits bring madness to whoever bathes in them. It can last for days, months and maybe years later.

And Joey is written much the same. He comes back as a villain who’s ready to kill off the teen titans. Being in the bodies of different people has gotten to his head. He killed Billy and mounted his head on a wall. And that’s only just the beginning of the list of atrocities he committed. 

But now they’re getting better. 

Rebirth truly showed a new rebirth with the characters with Joey getting a full arc encompassing his trauma and recovery and Jason becoming more of an established anti-hero. 

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talk to me about stiles and jackson sharing clothes. jackson, who has never worn anything that isn’t designer, in stiles’ flannel shirts from walmart because they smell like him and they make him feel close to stiles when they’re apart all day at school. and stiles in jackson’s preppy little button-ups and his leather jackets, feeling a little ridiculous at first, but melting every time jackson grins and pulls him in for a hungry, possessive kiss :’)

It starts, like so many big things do, in a small way. 

They didn’t have a lot of opportunity to do something as simple as switching a shirt when they were in high school. They got together in their junior year, around Christmas break (in a way that both romantic and heartfelt and adorable, but that’s a tale for a different time) but all of the regular cute couples things were somewhat out of the question for them.

Date nights weren’t watching movies or going out to eat, they were fighting villains and dodging bullets.

Study breaks were spent scrabbling for any information on the newest mythological beings, not rewarding one another with kisses after mock SAT questions.

And Jackson felt a pang of irritation whenever a normal human couple did anything like wear a matching outfit in his visual range, because when it came to clothing, his concern was finding anything that was free of blood, tears, or other supernatural goop—not being cute with his boyfriend. He was… a little bitter about that particular path of things, honestly.

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