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#diavolo x reader
littleheartsong · 18 hours ago
i dont have much coherent thought other than like. imagine topping doppio. imagine topping doppio and diavolo switches out and ur like omg do u want me to stop and hes like you better fucking keep going
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Dia 🥰
Tumblr media
He’s too cute too wholesome too sweet✨💘
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belphe-whore · a day ago
Random Headcannon:
so like you know how there are character cards obviously right? Whole game around the cards.
Levi and MC making these cards with charms or whatever to summon them and use certain abilities.
Helps MC use their magic but is also hilarious because of course Levi would support making Yugioh obey me boy cards. Or Pokémon lol pocket demons.
This probably makes no sense but I’m having a hahaha.
Imagine “Lucifer use hyper beam”
*pinches his nose bridge*
Anyways don’t disappoint Diavolo.
-Vex 🦃
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obeymematches · a day ago
Yo. How about dad Lucifer, dad Satan,dad Diabolo and dad Levi?
anon i love your mind<3 had so much fun writing this, i tried to keep it short & simple but i failed :(
Dad Lucifer, Satan, Diavolo, and Levi (GN MC btw)
I did something like this for him in this post already, but to highlight some stuff:
Answering kids’ questions about life can be rough, you know? I feel like sometimes he’d answer w/ some complete bs on purpose. (which, according to him encourages critical thinking of the world and it teaches how you shouldn’t trust just anyone. don’t buy.)
I think teenagers don’t like him for several reasons (being bossy, thinking he’s better than anyone, etc.) which leaves him surprised, mostly, but he only really cares if he is the parent.
Regardless of what the kids think he’d still love them though. Like he might complain and all but at the end he loves his kid and if he has to he can go the extra mile for them. 
Also I think he doesn’t spend as much time with them as he’d want to so that is one problem to be solved. You know he is very family oriented but he is also busy all the time - this can make kids think he doesn’t care about them at all, or worst, they might think he doesn’t even love them...
I think when both of you are busy / out on a date he’d trust uncle Mammon to do his babysitting duty.
This goes without saying but anyways, I think we can all agree that he’d be a strict parent, like if the poor kid gets a B they are getting punished, unless they have a good reason in their defense. Also they have to help with chores obviously. 
As much as he’d like to be different than his father, some of his ways he just can’t help. I think he wouldn’t reply with nonsense as often, but sometimes he definitely does it on purpose.
Spends much more time with them thus they have a better bond. They can and will team up against you for example when you need to decide what to have for dinner. But also they always surprise you on your Bday as a team.
I think he’d prepare them for domestic life, as in teaching them how to change a light bulb, how to cook/bake and very simple DIY stuff. (like putting on a shelf) (also how and what to recycle, how not to waste food, etc) Makes them pay close attention to their emotions and helps them gain control.
Though he also wants them to refine their intellectuality so he’d urge them to get higher education. This will probably cause problems if the kid doesn’t want it though, so you might have to step in.
Dad puns / jokes all day.
I feel like he’d be the dad who embarrasses his kids at like. grocery stores (or public in general), mainly because of his sense of fashion.
ah..imagine kids running up to him in a fit after they fell and hurt their knees or something... oh no he has to be so gentle now... (also. very quick to figure out the trick of “if you pretend you didn’t see they’ll just move on”)
I think he’d make a fun dad despite not knowing so much about parenting. That is why he is insecure and not so sure about it at first, but I think he’d have it in him to be a great dad. (makes mistakes sometimes though)
Every weekend you go somewhere with the family, a zoo, an amusement park, the beach, sledding, maybe just fishing. His kids love him so much and want to do everything with him all the time (and so does him). When they are babies he gets himself this baby carrier and might even take them to work sometimes. No need to feel jealous though, they get to spend time with you too when he is busy on the week days.
I feel like he’d spoil them so much though, something he just can’t help. I mean he doesn’t want to be like his father was to him, obviously. (also like... as they are royals... how are they supposed to not be spoiled...)
I think the main lessons he’d teach them is honesty and learning to balance work and free time. Also as he is probably the first pacifist prince / king in history he’d want his kids to continue on this road, but obviously he can only do so much about that.
As he is strong he’d do so much physical play with them when they are still very young, like playing airplanes, spinning them, etc. On that note, he is the best to keep up with their energy levels, playing tag, etc. Depending on the number of kids he might get tired at some point, but 1-3 kids he can handle perfectly fine.
 Oh on that note, in case he has multiple kids he is the best dad at teaching them how to get over their sibling-rivalry. Listen since he is an only child this would be a very foreign concept & it worries him more than anything to see his kids fight each other. Must find a solution to this!!
Hmm I not sure if he’d really want kids, but if you manage to convince him he’d make a conscious father.
Does his best not to embarrass them but he might fail at that sometimes.
Unlike Diavolo, he’d much rather quiet, stay-in weekends. Sometimes visiting a body of water is fine though (imagine him teaching them how to swim aaa). Or if his kid preforms something at a school event he is there to see and take a video!!!! even if he is the only parent at the event!!!!
Can’t handle rebellious phases at all though. Gets very emotional.
Similar to Satan, he’d team up with his kids to surprise you on special days. Obviously him and his kids have a special bond since they always play video games together. (You included of course!!!!!)
Playing Devil Kart so often and sometimes he lets his kid win, all fun and games until the kid(s) gets better at it than him...
The main lessons he’d teach them is to be passionate, go all in, and not to be afraid to like whatever they do. If he learns his kid loves something he makes them a personalized birthday cake in that theme.
Would continue cosplaying but obviously now he includes his kid(s) as well!! can’t get over how adorable the little overall is which he made for them.
In case you manage to have him leave his room, maybe to go to the playground or on a trek or something, he is a very well prepared parent (that’s why you might have to wait for him before you go), ready to carry the heaviest backpack if needed (do it for the team✊), full of sandwiches and water bottles.
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Awesome! Okay, I know I *technically* asked this before, but: Set in the universe of your “Nightmare” story, what would happen if our princess protagonist fell pregnant and gave birth while still in her coma? What would life be like for the little half-fairy Trish with a mom who is pretty much unconscious?
Poor Trish would be living a life beyond the norm.
As a baby it would be hard to seperate her from her unconscious mother's tight grip, almost as if she knew there was something to protect. Of course Diavolo tried to bring himself to get rid of her but deep down just made it too hard to bring himself to do it.
As a small child she'd roam the castle with no idea of the outside world but as she grows older misery would loom over here, the thought of having a mother that she knows yet doesn't know her and the boredom of being confined from the rest of the world for the rest of her life.
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cherry-flavoured-thot · 2 days ago
Diavolo cuddle hcs? I wanna cuddle the prince!
-Diavolo is always looking for an excuse to lie around and cuddle with his s/o, he is incredibly disappointed when Barbatos notices that he’s been slipping away to go and crawl into their arms and sigh about how he can’t stay being held by them forever. Because now he’s has to wait even longer. He literally sighs in disappointment, thinking about how instead of doing paperwork he could be using this time to cuddle with his s/o.
-He likes being the little spoon, he breathes out of sigh relief the moment he finds his way into his s/o’s arms. But he also is happy to be the big spoon, holding them close and letting them use his chest as a pillow, he likes hearing them tell stories about the human world while they cuddle together. He’s also happy to share some history about the Devildom if they want.
-If he’s come back after a long day, he will fall asleep while cuddling his s/o but he absolutely will not allow them to move from his hold. And will immediately wake up if they attempt to move, then he’s all pouty because it feels so lonely with them close to him, s/o come back.
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hey-its-spades · 2 days ago
Okay so
I have been in the om! Fandom for a few months, and the more we learn abt the celestial realm the more excited I get abt it.
It's an entirely different culture just like hell.
This being said, whenever I think abt the celestial realm my brain thinks back to certain stages and levels out of bayonetta 1-2.
More specifically the gates of paradiso, the garden of light, and sigrid city of deja vu.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like straight up the floating islands,beautiful ruins and architecture, and gold aesthetic hits different.
It might just be me but I've been a die hard bayonetta fan since day 1 of playing it. Obey me! Swd has made my love for the level design and art for it even more. When I think of the celestial realm I think of these level stages.
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asmosmainhoe · 2 days ago
The (un)dateables questioning their sexuality
This is the second part of the headcanons I did of the brothers which you can find here
Male MC
Warnings: cursing
Felt attracted to you the second he welcomed you to the Devildom and Dia isn't one to deny his feelings
Pretty open about it, but he also doesn't wanna make you uncomfortable, because the prince of hell confessing to you might be a bit overwhelming
His title is actually the main reason why he hasn't acted upon his emotions yet
Often lays in his bed at night, wide awake and staring at the ceiling, wishing he'd be a lesser demon just to be able to confess
Turns to Lucifer and Barbatos for advice and honestly? They're not surprised at all that their Lord has fallen for the human
Everyone knows that Dia has the hots for Lucifer so him coming out isn't a big deal at all
I also can't see Dia panicking over it, because he'd be extremely chill and accepting with his own feelings
Does panic though when you shoot him a smile or your shoulders/hands accidently brush against each other, because he's just that smitten
Whenever he's throwing a ball at his castle he dances with you and you only like it doesn't matter how long the line for him get, he'll ignore them all
When you accept his offer for a dance he'll have the goofiest grin and a too obvious blush on his cheeks
It takes longer for him to develop strong feelings for someone or a light crush in general
Too caught up in his work to actually pay any attention to potential partners or start a relationship
All of that doesn't mean he'd neglect you, oh no
Barb is one of the most caring and loving partner you could imagine, but that's not what we're here for isn't it?
Panics slightly internally, because having a crush at all is new ground to him so please give him some time to do the first step
Pretty mature about it so it won't take long for him to go into action
His feelings are kinda obvious for the people close to him like he puts it to display by pouring you the finest tea in the castle which is usually reserved for Dia only
Taken aback by every single gesture of kindness that you show him like mans over here will choke on his own spit because of a simple thank you
Sometimes doesn't know how to react to you helping him out or even surprise him by running errands so that he can lean back a little
"Oh please, MC, I'm grateful for you assistance, but it wasn't necessary."
He says as he quickly walks away with the groceries so you don't see him blushing
Has been with several men, but it was never anything serious
So being attracted to you? No big deal
But developing a serious crush? What the actual fuck
Hasn't felt like this in a very long time so it's just understandable that Solomon is a bit overwhelmed by all of this
You're such a dear friend to him and he seriously doesn't wanna mess things up with fEeLiNgS
Uses his magic for help and with that I don't mean he's doing any of those love rituals, no, no
He simply uses it to find out if you feel the same just to be on the safe side, but then it lands on no
"Solomon! Not infront of Luke!"
"Sorry, Simeon."
It would have landed on yes, but he didn't notice that he messed something up
"Asmo, I'm having a (y/n) moment."
"Stop talking like Levi and tell me what's bothering you already."
Makes his crush painfully obvious and the only reason why you haven't confronted him yet is because his gay panic is the funniest shit you've ever seen
Lord please have mercy on me~
At first thinks his feelings are just a part of a very strong friendship so he doesn't question them at all
It's normal for your heart to beat faster our of excitement everytime you see your friend right? Right?
Mentions it infront of Solomon and the magician's like "hun, I don't think this is platonic anymore"
So what does Simeon do? Yes, he uses that smart google thing on his phone to find some answers
Hey, Siri, is it gay if you tell your homie that his lips look very soft and pretty-
Now the gay panic starts, dear readers
Knows that love comes in many different shapes and forms, but good lord who gave you the right to be this attractive
His father took his time creating you
Always a bit nervous when you come over to purgatory hall, because everything has to be perfect for your arrival
"You're acting as if the demon prince is coming over and not MC."
"Hush now, Luke and get the good porcelain."
Mans taking out the good porcelain y'all, tonight's gonna be wild
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beelsbaby · 2 days ago
Fate or Chance
Chapter Ten: I request angelic assistance
Summary: You flip Mammon’s world upside down when he soon comes to terms that he likes you, but he has a pretty big obstacle in the way— your feelings for another. Can he win your heart or will he lose his chance?
So my job has me doing this training course and it’s on weekends for 6 HOURS and in complete SPANISH
I speak Spanish but my writing and reading sucks 😖 and to pass I have to write 3 essays in Spanish 😀 I’ll do my best to update regularly but please forgive me my loves if my updates are here and there for the next month, i can’t afford to pay back my job if i fail this course 😭 but I’ll be posting chapter 11 on Tuesday/Wednesday bc I don’t want to leave y’all ❤️
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Calm down Solomon 🙄✋🏻
Shakespeare who? I only know Mammon The Great
I want a little brother like Luke 🥺
Taglist (Open):
@aleag @reallydelicate-cycle @iris-archives @t-misaki @belphiesbodypillow @aj-1154 @fernisasinner @hellodeath20
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devildomexpress · 3 days ago
How would the brothers react to seeing Mc in the kitchen holding a knife and has “blood” all over them?.
I kinda wrote a small scenario for this one.
It was a chilly night at the House of Lamentation, almost everyone was sleeping soundly:
Mammon cuddling a shirt he stole from Mc, Levi getting blinded by anime girls, Satan snoozing on his sofa while holding a book, Asmo trying a new facemask, Lucifer overworking again and Beel attempting to raid the fridge.
But where was Mc? Not in their room for sure.
Beel wandered silently to their room, in search of some company to eat- instead he found an open window and a mess.
This alerted the ginger for a moment, and being the kind giant he was he thought you werent feeling ok.
He rushed and looked everywhere he could, waking his brothers while doing so.
It was until they reached the kitchen that they felt his hearts race.
A shadow holding a knife with blood on it in a menacing way...
Mammon screamed thinking you were harmed but Belphegor was the first one to turn the lights on.
-Hi guys, sorry I was hungry- you muttered, holding the strawberry flavored "blood".
After that night, they didn't let you go to the kitchen at night alone.
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devildomexpress · 3 days ago
I really like your work, and I'm sorry for any mistake (english is not my first language). you could do a headcanon of an MC who has a curse that prevents her from dying (even if she / he wants to) and mc treats it naturally
Fo sho!
Tumblr media
It came as a surprise when Belphegor first tried to kill you
After some very long and agonizing minutes of his vice grip, he started to wonder if he was doing something wrong
Eventually, after the whole deal passed, he was the first one to ask
"Are you really human?"
The answer to the question was a simple yes
But then, how comes that even after trying with all his hate to kill were still there
Belphegor didn't want to seem interested, but he utterly was
He reunited his brother and explained the situation, causing awe and curiosity on them
"Maybe they are just strong enough" Beel commented
"Maybe they are half-demon?" Added Satan
"Maybe you should know that I'm cursed" you said, popping in the conversation
That's when you went into details about your curse, leaving everyone in the room with a mute mouth
"Well, at least we'll have you forever and ever" Asmo said happily.
"Yeah! No more worrying about demons harming you beyond repair" Mammon said.
However, you explained you were treating it naturally. Looking for plants, herbs and flower that could help in any way
They were lowkey sad bc that curse would mean you could stay forever with them
But they were very supportive
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devildomexpress · 3 days ago
I don’t know if this is the right place to send a request but can you do more voice actor mc? Like yagami yato? What would the brothers + diavolo react when like yagami mc is a girl and says “darling~” in there ear with a really deep voice deeper then anyone in obey me like i want- pwease and thank you sorry if I send this at a wrong time i am in love your work❤️✨
Y E S 👀
Voice acting isn't as common as you think in Devildom
Yeah, there are quite a few famous actors there but none of them are well-known or popular
Except for one particular person who had just arrived: Mc
Mc is a very special voice actress, known for having a particular trick under her sleeve...
-Mc, I can't believe you didn't tell me you were an actress!- Asmo whined as he dramatically dropped himself in your bed.
-I'm not the kind of actress you think, I only give my voice to animated characters and so- you explained.
-So you can change your voice?- he asked, curious about his famous friend.
You raised a brow and smiled, your mind quickly planning on surprising him.
You got closer to him, leaning slightly to his ear.
-Sure thing, darling- you replied in a voice so deep it could've easily made the Lord himself blush.
Asmo's eyes widened and his face went beet red.
-Oh my Dia!- he squeaked, almost fainting.
WhY DIdnt YoU TElL Me sOonEr?!
Snek boy appreciates V.A's with his heart and soul
He admires your work when it comes to female characters
But boys? Nah, he believes you are using a voice changer for that
"That's not poggers"
You insist that you've made all those voices with no help
It was until one day, tires of his shit you finally decided it was enough
You walked to his room with no warning, surprising him
"Darling...come play with me"
*otaku gay panicc*
Lowkey wants you to cosplay male characters for his photo collection
"Can you say ___ with your voice? Please, Mc!"
Kinda horny
Like Levi, doesnt believe it
Huh?? But you are a wahman
Not sure how human voices work so he is confused
"You cant have a deeper voice than mine"
You two were chillin when all of a sudden you decided to surprise him
"Darling...I like you a lot"
??? *confused Mammon noises*
"Are you watching a video or sumthin-"
100% will use you for his scams
He actually did research on your works and is aware of your abilities
Quite childish, insists 24/7 that you should let him hear you irl
Will follow you around like gum on your shoe
"Fine! Do you wanna hear me...darling?"
*internal prince screams*
His face wilm burn and his lips will curl into the biggest grin ever
"Do you think you could do that in front of Barbatos?"
Will ask you to prank the House of Lamentation with him
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Lucifer: Mc is making me get eight hours of sleep each night, drink six cups of water each day, and, worst of all, she’s making me eat REGULARLY!
Diavolo: What?! Why?!
Lucifer: Because she ‘cares about me and my mental and physical health’. It’s not fair!
Diavolo: Totally not fair!
Lucifer: Stupid Mc and her stupid ‘caring about me’!
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Demon Brothers And Royals With AN MC That Wants to Become a Demon
A/N: Sudden urge to write this and was suddenly 3 pages into a google doc- have at thee-
Warnings: None??? I think??? Angst if you squint maybe-
Summary: You know you're life is barely a moment in the lives of the demons you love, so what better way than to become one, so they don't lose you.
(the Gif doesn't quite fit this but I look it so fuck it-)
Tumblr media
The eldest is... hesitant, to say the least.
Don't get him wrong, he understands, and he doesn't want to lose you either, but this could do more harm than good if something went wrong.
He won't stop you, and he doesn't hate the idea, it's more he's just worried.
He will definitely research it, asking everyone with knowledge on the subject for their opinion to relay to you later.
At the end of the day it is your decision, and he'll be by your side if you decide to go through with it.
At first doesn't agree, but the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes how little time he has left with you if you stay mortal.
Immediately on board.
Mammon isn't usually the most serious brother, but he loves you, and never wants to lose you again, so he's very openly supporting your decision.
Your his human, and while you may not be human much longer, he'll still love you either way!
You? A demon?
Will never admit it to anyone but the thought of you in a demon form made his nose bleed just a shit ton bit-
Unsure of it, but he trusts you, and he'll be by his Henry's side no matter what!
But when he realizes that if something doesn't happen, you'll be gone within the next 100 years, he's immediately hoping this will work.
Immediately hits the books.
You're extremely stubborn, so he knows the best course of action is help make this process as safe and comfortable as possible.
Completely understands, and is on board immediately.
He loves you, and you've made his life so much more lively and bright.
He'll do whatever he can to stay with you for the rest of eternity.
On board immediately.
The thought of you getting old in wrinkly is a huge fear of his, and if he can prevent it HE. WILL.
Doesn't understand why for a while, just thinking you want to be more like the brothers, but one night while he was taking a bath, it hit him like a truck. You were mortal. If you didn't do something like this, who knew what little time you'd have left.
Ran out of his room soaking wet and naked to hug you and cry, the thought of losing you for good was too much.
A lot more clingy after this.
He had thought about this before multiple times, how you wouldn't live forever.
But you thought of something he didn't think would be possible, becoming a demon to stay with them.
Low-key cried, was also on board.
Was more protective of you after this, the reminder of your mortality, coming from you, really shook him up.
Please give this man a hug.
Also thought about it before.
A bit cautious at the idea of you going through a process to do it, but believes you, and trusts your decision.
Just hugged you for a while to calm himself down.
This does not mean he doesn't get more clingy- because now you are sandwiched between Beel and Belphie most nights now.
Thinks it's a great idea, in all honesty.
They all love you, and you've helped him and his brother more times than he can count.
You make the Devildom exciting, and honestly, the fact you treat him like a friend and don't put him on a pedestal is relieving and a wonderful change of pace.
The one to help you change from human to demon, with a little bit of Barbatos' help.
It's an exhausting transformation process, and he'll be there every step of the way.
Literally saw this coming, so he's not surprised.
That being said he still is doing his best to keep you comfortable and safe through the process, helping Diavolo when the prince needs.
He's had time to think it over, and accepted your decision, you make the Prince happy, as well as so many other people.
And though he'd never say it, he'd miss you dearly if you left.
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softpatts · 4 days ago
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
Warnings;; none !!
Notes;; HI- IM NOT DEAD LOL IVE JUST HAD NO MOTIVATION- schools been really stressful as well,, but hopefully i can get back to posting regularly soon :)) <3
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
okay first things first,, this man loves being called nicknames just as much as he loves calling you them !! 
he loves your reaction as well,, thats probably his favorite part !! whether you get embarrassed or retort with an equally adorable(or cringey) nickname <3
starting off with what he calls you,, he has called you,, many,, many nicknames
some of them are more of a spur of the moment thing,, those tend to be really cheesy n just,, why???
as for calling HIM nicknames,, anything works !! but his favorites are "darling" "my prince" and "my love"
they just make him melt !! <33
if it's in more of a professional setting,, hell get a bit embarrassed,, not because of the nickname itself of course !! but more because he knows that hell definitely get teased by some of his colleagues
though i suppose hell just have to retort and call you your nicknames in public as well !!
good luck with that though,, because as soon as he sees your reaction to it in public,, hes never gonna get enough <3 
Okay so this man,, as much as might not seem like it,, is an absolute sucker for nicknames
he loves some of the more proper sounding nicknames,, such as "dear" "darling" "my love" things like that !!
if youre one who gets more embarrassed when shown affection like that,, hell get somewhat smug about it
hell have a little smirk on his face,, n hell ask you whats wrong,, once again repeating the nickname at the end of the question
though if you dont have that reaction no worries !! if you call him one back,, youll probably manage to make this man blush ><
its quite the sight honestly,, a light pink dust across his cheeks as he struggles to form a sentence without stuttering
try not to tease him to much !! he can easily fire back with something thats sure to make you blush <33
some of his favorite moments are late in the night,, hes laying in bed whilst holding your sleeping body,, hell kiss your forehead and whisper "i love you dear, may you have the sweetest dreams."
its so adorable and sweet <33
when it comes to his favorite names youve called him,, its a tough choice between "dear" and "sugartits" (though said in a really weird voice)
no i will not provide context,, thats for another post im working on <3
WOOH okay,, so his nicknames are so,, so sweet
id like to think he isnt actually much into nicknames,, just your name seems a lot more intimate than any nickname could ever be
though he will slip in the occasional "angel" every once in a while
those occasions are usually after beinggg,, *ahem* intimate with each other,, or while you two are laying in each others arms
the origin for the nickname is quite simple,, he just finds you so,, angelic,, youre too good for this world and youre so pure,, no matter what you say !!
most of the time he calls you by your actual name,, but he says it in such a way that makes your heart melt !! <3
now onto calling hi m nicknames,, he loves them !!
he didnt actually care much for being called anything other than his name for a while,, but after you explained to him that it was,,, a tradition in a way !! when it comes to dating in the human world,, he was instantly hooked !
Its gotten to the point where if you call him something other than his designated nickname he begins to worry youre upset with him,,
but dont worry dear simeon !! im sure they just forgot,, or theyre having a bad day <3
his favorites out of what youve called him would have to be just "baby" its simple yet it makes his heart flutter ><
though some of them can get a bit strange,, he mostly sticks to the usual "babe" or "love",, but theres no promises he wont randomly come out with some weird extremely long name that makes you wanna barf
since hes a human too,, hell already know about calling your s/o petnames n such,, and i dont think youll have to ask him !! he quite likes it,, though i dont think he could love anything more than saying your name
hes another man whos an absolute sucker for just regular names,, he loves the way it feels when he says it ><
now when it comes to calling him nicknames,, he could really care less !! though be careful,, because if you call him some strange goes name he can sure as hell fire back with one twice as worse
though if he had to pick a favorite itd be "my love" not love,, but MY love
its the "my" part in there that he loves,, he loves the inotation that hes yours :))
══════ .・♡︎・.    ҉  ・゜✰・。.
Tags !! ➪
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lookabarbatossimp · 4 days ago
Obey Me || N/SFW Prompt Requests [OPEN]
i’m unsure what to write so i’m going to take a few requests. i have a list of prompts and you can select 1-3 numbers and 1-2 Obey Me characters (Luke is off limits). the character will be the one to saying the quote. i will close requests when i reach a certain number.
ex. 69, 420 with Mammon and Levi
the reader will be gender neutral. i will either leave the reader’s body unspecified or have two separate writings for AFAB and AMAB. they/them pronouns will be used. any pet names will be used as a gender neutral term (ex. slut, whore).
content warning: degradation 
18+ only! if i find out that you’re a minor, i will block you and redirect you to my SFW page! i trust that everyone sending requests is 18 and up. 
1. “Don’t make a sound, you hear me?”
2. “Don’t speak. Take your clothes off.”
3. “Oh, you like it when I touch you right there.”
4. “Beg for it.”
5. “Be a good little whore for me.”
6. “Take it like the good little slut you are.”
7. “You’re already so hard/wet and I’ve barely done anything.”
8. “Louder. Let everyone know how much of a slut you are.”
9. “Touch yourself, but don’t you dare fucking come.”
10. “Keep your eyes on the mirror while I fuck you.”
11. “You thought I was done with you?”
12. “I said, on your knees.”
13. “I’m going to fuck that attitude out of you.”
14. “That’s it, baby. Keep doing that.”
15. “Come all over my face.”
16. “That was so fucking hot.”
17. “Last warning.”
18. “This little hole is mine, you got that?”
19. “Don’t cover your face, darling. I wanna see you when you come.”
20. “How naughty. You take my dick so well.”
21. “Harder. Please!”
22. “Please! Fuck me until I can’t come anymore!”
23. “I need you so badly.”
24. “Please. I’ll be a good boy for you.”
25. “Make me.”
26. “I bet you can’t make me come.”
27. “Please, give me your cum.”
28. “I’ve had better.”
29. “Right there. Touch me right there.”
30. “Please, I wanna come so bad.”
31. “Ah, you feel so good.”
32. ““I’m going to fuck the attitude out of you (mocking tone)” try me.”
33. “What if someone sees/hears us?”
34. “No, I don’t think I will.”
35. “Fuck me harder. I can take it.”
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hey-its-spades · 4 days ago
Simeon was having a heated discussion with barbatos:
Simeon:" Just to settle an argument,everyone please Raise your hand if you've eaten human meat before"
All demons+Solomon: *raises their hands*
Simeon:" and I mean like actually consuming flesh not just sex stuff"
Asmo:* raises both his hands*
Beel: * looking down at mc* "mc raise your hand you know you've done it too"
Simeon: * shocked*" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? WHY?!?"
Lucifer:* smirking happily *"multiple times actually :)"
Mc: * blushing * "Okay look it was cut like a filet mignon! And I already ate half of it before Lucifer told me what it was!"
Simeon :* covering his face*"Oh my father..."
Mc:* crosses their arms in a cute huff* "It was labeled as STEAK on the menu! I thought it was as just regular beef steak! "
Asmo and satan:* snickering *
Mc: "It would've been rude too not finish it! We were at the restaurant six, Lucifer was paying and in my defense it was really good!"
Barbatos:* turns to Simeon, grinning from ear too ear* " mc I'd be happy to make you a homemade steak if you'd like :)"
Mc:* lookin pretty sus,contemplating the offer*
Simeon:* shoves past barbatos * " please REFRAIN-"
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