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#solomon x reader
leviathans-watching · a day ago
comparing them to cute animals pt 3
for @humans-are-weird-by-an-alien who requested a datables version!!
includes: simeon, solomon, barbatos, diavolo x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated t | m.list | pt 1 | pt 2
warnings: half-joking threat of violence, swearing, awful cat puns
a/n: hope you like it! it did tun unexpectedly serious and sincere for a moment there but i hope it flows well <3 my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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thewritetofreespeech · 5 hours ago
Halloween Costumes pt. 2
Solomon - Harry Potter Costumes
He knows it’s ridiculous, he an actual magician a fan of a fictional series, but he loves it so much!!
Obviously he’s a Ravenclaw. Happy to have joint house costumes, or opposing house match ups (anything but Gryffindor though).
Makes you your own, real wand for the costume
Enchants said wand with it’s on spell to cast a real Patronus of your choosing. Dedication to the craft is important.
Simeon - Arabian Nights
Selected for the completely selfish purpose of us not being blessed with arabiannights!Simeon in the Rub That Lamp event
He really does like it though. The colors and material are something he would never wear, so he likes the change.
Makes him want to dance. He’s extremely graceful.
Jokingly calls you his ‘Mata Hari’ the whole night
Barbatos - The Phantom & Christine
Always a fan of classic music, the tragic story has always struck a cord with him.
Plus who doesn’t love a cape and a mask
Would tailor both costumes himself to meet expectations. He won’t have you going out in anything but looking your best.
Can actually sing most of the songs, in their intended haunting beauty, to serenade you
Diavolo - The Prince/ess & the Pauper
Choosen by Diavolo. You’ll be the prince/princess, and he’ll be the pauper
Just loves the idea, and thinks it’s super funny, to run around in rags for a change
Really thinks he’s ‘fooling’ people with his costume (he’s a 6′7″ hulk, with red hair, and a very distinctive laugh. he’s fooling no one)
Lends you actual pieces from the royal jewelry to wear so you feel like a real prince/princess.
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hinajiki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! dateables x reader
content warning: 18+ content, humiliation, swearing, mentions of corruption and public sex.
💭: you requested it so, here's part two!!ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
this poor, poor angel
he has seen some things before, but he was not prepared to see his innocent dove having sexual intercourse with solomon in the common room
he instantly gasps, covering his eyes and turning away from the sinful act
he can't help the warmth that spreads through him and the tightening of his pants
he imagines what it would be like to have you underneath him instead
he quickly rushes out of the room, cheeks ablaze
he knows it's wrong and he prays to the celestial realm that he hasn't overstepped
he is disgusted with himself for thinking such dirty thoughts about you
but you just looked so pretty like that
he will rush to your room at night when he can't get any sleep; your moans plague his mind
he begs for your touch even though he knows it will corrupt his nature and make him a sinner
all he knows is that he needs you
when he sees you both, he finds it intriguing
two humans, one of them a powerful sorcerer, freely fucking in the common room where anyone, and any demon, could walk in
he chuckles, crossing his arms over his chest and he watches as you both scramble up to get into a less intimate position
you apologise bashfully and he shakes his head, amused "oh no, don't worry, it's okay."
the next day, you receive an invitation to go to diavolo's castle and once you arrive, you are met with the demon prince on his throne, mirroring the same smirk he had on yesterday
there was no one in the hall and once you stood before him, he grabbed your wrist, pulling you onto his lap, a shocked gasp escaping your lips
"I want to try having public sex with a human, would you help?" he whispered in your ear, nipping at your jaw and smirking against your skin "I couldn't stop thinking about wanting to try it out with you ever since yesterday; seeing you like that... wow, you naughty little thing"
I mean, how could you decline him? getting a chance to fuck a prince on his throne?
you knew you had to oblige
probably the only respectful one
just leaves the room and closes the door
as a butler of diavolo, he has walked into the prince having sex many times, so this wasn't an unusual sight to see
he probably won't mention it to you, but he knows you had noticed him that day and have been trying to avoid his presence since
when you go to help him cook, he blatently asks "do you like to feel humiliated?"
you blush, trying to deny his words but you just can't get the words out with him looking at you
he pushes you up against the kitchen counter and smiles, standing between your legs, brushing a gloved finger against your cheek
"don't lie to me, it's not very polite, mc. I know you saw me enter the room that day... did you like knowing that I saw you in such a humiliating position? was it your idea to be so exposed?"
I'm sorry diavolo, dinner was very late that night
Tumblr media
taglist: @i9luc, @tallbrunettehoelovemilfs, @sia00612, @yuckyskies, @moonjellymermaid + @minkarexx
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panicattheattic · 17 days ago
Falling Asleep on Them Headcanons
(The "It's complicated" cast)
He had asked you to come over so that you could answer some questions about the human world.
Solomon was supposed to be there too, but he had a prior engagement with Asmodeus.
Unfortunately, the meeting was to take place not only after school, but also after the prince managed to finish all of his tasks for the day.
Barbatos wouldn't allow anything less.
So when you finally did go over to the castle, it was well into the night.
Diavolo was somehow as cheery as ever.
You tried your best to engage actively in the conversation.
But you were just so sleepy.
You were both sitting on a couch, side by side.
Diavolo was in the middle of asking another question when he felt you fall limp at his side.
He quickly realized you had fallen asleep.
Smiling to himself, thinking about how sweet you looked, he asked Barbatos for a blanket.
There both of you slept, cuddled up for the rest of the night.
You'd been having trouble sleeping recently.
So Barbatos offered to make you a special tea that could help you.
At first you politely declined.
The first time someone in the Devildom offered you tea was not exactly a happy memory.
But after another night of not sleeping you took him up on his offer.
He was very much delighted to help, and welcomed you with tea and pastries to go along with it.
His skills in the kitchen were nothing short of magical.
Before you knew it, you had fallen asleep on his shoulder.
With a serene happiness, Barbatos carried you to a guest bedroom and tucked you in.
He stayed with you throughout the night to make sure you would finally be able to rest well.
Never again would you let Solomon practice magic on you.
Well, until the next time he came back with his sweet pleading eyes.
To say you were upset at him would be an understatement.
This wasn't the first of his magic mishaps that had affected you.
And despite knowing that mistakes happen...
Did they really have to happen at 3 in the morning?
Who in their right mind practices magic at 3am?
To be fair, who in their right mind agrees to be a magic guinea pig at 3am?
So this is how you got here.
Quite literally stuck to the only other human in the Devildom.
He kept apologizing and saying he'd figure out a way to reverse the spell as soon as possible.
But you did not want to hear it.
You told him in no uncertain terms that he'd best get ready to be a pillow for the rest of the night, because until you got your much needed sleep, he would not be subjecting you to more magical experimentation.
You then promptly went to sleep.
It was rare to see Solomon flustered, so he was lucky you weren't looking at him.
Not that he was unhappy with this arrangement.
And not that he planned it all along.
Acting is fun.
You love acting.
You love school projects that involve acting.
You love Simeon.
You love writer Simeon.
You do not love director Simeon.
You know he's a good director, and his methods assure success but...
Come on!
This is insane.
So you kept messing up your monologue.
Big woop.
Who's fault is it that the writer included a word you can't pronounce?
Like, "Floccinaucinihilipilification", really, Simeon?
But, maybe you shouldn't have complained to him about it.
The "smile" he gives whenever he's unhappy with something as a director...
Yeah, that'll be haunting your nightmares.
If you even got the CHANCE to have nightmares.
He wouldn't let you stop rehearsing until you got it right.
But you wanted to sleep!!
Still, maybe you shouldn't have rolled your eyes at him.
His scary smile was back with even more fury than before.
You needed to remedy this!
But all your sleepy mind could come up with was throwing your arms around Simeon in an impromptu hug.
At least it caught him off guard enough that he seemingly forgot he was about to lecture you.
The hug was only meant as a short distraction.
But he was so warm...
And you were so sleepy...
When Simeon noticed you had fallen asleep he sighed.
But he also smiled (an actual smile) warmly, a decided to let you rest.
You'd keep rehearsing once you woke up.
There was no way around it. =)
Babysitting Luke was usually fun.
(Do not say the word "babysitting" around him and you'll be fine.)
But the truth was that Simeon had asked you to keep an eye on him.
You didn't mind one bit.
Hanging out with Luke meant that you got to eat anything he baked.
And he baked a lot when you were around.
He was so cute, you wanted to pinch his cheeks sometimes.
Though you never did; that would have been a terrible idea.
But you couldn't help resting your head on his when you had both sat down to eat slices of butterscotch and cinnamon pie.
He was just so fluffy!
Like a puppy.
He wanted to complain but he bit his tongue.
He'll admit it.
He doesn't hate the older sibling affection he gets from you.
You both fell asleep at around the same time, your head on his and his on your shoulder.
Unfortunately for Luke, there would be photographic evidence of this moment.
You thought it was adorable, but he didn't share the sentiment.
Simeon had shown up late at night, with Mammon in tow.
Simeon took the opportunity to take pictures.
And thankfully this was only Luke or else Mammon might have flown off the handle.
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Mc,waking up: Where am I?
Solomon, sarcastically: Heaven.
Mc: Oh!
Mc: Didn't expect to see you here.
Solomon: What that suppose to mean?!
Mc: You know damn well what I mean!
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Obey Me: MC is a nephalem 2
Tumblr media
"Nephalem are humanity's forebears. The offspring of angel and demon."
Tumblr media
Oh no, what? This wasn't supposed to happen! He needs a human!
He has a talk with you, and after realizing you're just as lost as him, and getting to know you a little better, he decided to keep you :).
Hold on, are you older than him??
He starts feeling somewhat safe with you, can't say why, though. It's just a very strange sense of stability that's radiating from you.
He opens up to you about his father and childhood. He also often talks to you about his dreams of the future, how he wants all realms to be happy together and his father to be proud.
He asks you about what angelicness feels like.
Diavolo's a little jealous of the fact that all three realms are somewhat combined within you. He wants to be like that too. He wants to see the world from more perspectives.
Barbatos knows.
It's scary, actually. He seems to know more about you than you know yourself.
He always wears that knowing smile, and acts really calm around you. More calm than usual.
Barbatos seems to hold a deep respect for you and the things you've done in your life.
He talks to you like you've known each other for a long time. He often invites you to small tea "dates" with him to converse about the past and present.
Barbatos actually lets his guard down around you and will allow you to know some about his secrets, which may be older than you.
He's heard about your kind.
For a few centuries now, your species has been heavily talked down on in heaven, you're said to be worse than some demons!
So Simeon is very shocked to find out a nephalem is participating in the exchange program, especially if it wasn't initially planned.
But because this is an exchange program, he decides to set his prejudice aside and approach you.
At first, he meets you with much curiosity. He wants to know as much about your family, upcoming, life, etc as possible.
He'll compare it to himself and tries to connect the way you currently see the world to your species.
He finds it really interesting how a mix of the most contradicting beings lives and will ask you for your opinion on things a lot.
He'll enjoy listening to your philosophies late at night and won't hesitate to write about you someday! You're his favorite muse now.
Solomon definitely hunted down your species long ago to find out more about you.
There's a good chance you two know each other, and it'll be quite awkward if you still hold a grudge against him.
He'll just treat you like an old friend, but doesn't bother to ever address the first time you met.
The others will definitely notice the tension but are too scared to say something about it. Who knows what the crazy wizard did and how you'll react to it if it's brought up again.
Solomon will still enjoy teasing you a lot. He likes the mix of angel and demon in you and he loves seeing the sides in action when you're annoyed.
If you ever get on good terms with him again he'll love to talk to you about wizard stuff. I mean, he's powerful, you're powerful? It's a perfect match, he'll teach you some of his supreme magic, and then you two can take over the world :)
Read the brothers here
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obeymeluv · 9 months ago
“I Got All A’s! Can I Have Some Dick?” (Bros + Undateables)
Just something stupid and funny I thought about. You had a very tough semester in the Devildom and you got good grades! You want to celebrate and go to your favorite demon to ask for a special reward.
Obvious NSFW warning. No minors allowed!
No Luke. Luke is baby.
I have a personal headcanon that Simeon likes to be totally cozy when he writes. We’re talking big fluffy sweaters or a blanket cozy. I like to think he wears glasses when he writes, too.
He’s part of a special committee who’s notified about your grades/progress so he actually knows before you do
Proud boyfriend is proud
Purrs when he opens up the wax-pressed envelope and reviews your marks
Secretly plans a cute, fancy dinner date at Ristorante Six
Is thinking of being suave and breaking the news to you when you bounce into his study (he may or may not have poured a couple of glasses of your favorite age-appropriate beverage)
He’s got something witty prepped and is ready to toast you and maybe steal a few kisses but you come out of left field like a bullet with a simple “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Lucifer.exe is broken
That’s what you want as a reward? No dinner, no date?
Literally doesn’t know what to say for a few seconds. Totally freezes. Starts to stutter.
His brain kicks back in when you start playing with the folds of his collar and petting his chest and staring at him with those wanting eyes
Sets his glass down, fixes the cuff of his gloves, and hoists you up to plant you on the nearest surface. “I will make it worth every point, and you will say all the letters.” he purrs.
He’s just happy he passed.
Mammon actually does pretty well, he’s just a very...chaotically successful type. A lot of last minute turn-ins and such. Not top marks, but no dunce either.
Now that the semester’s over he’s checking his schedule to see when the next shoot is or if he has time to squeeze in a party. Maybe a trip somewhere. Something fun!
He’s feeling lucky! Lucky enough to win some money and make Goldie happy!
If he’s going anywhere, he needs a good luck charm though! He goes to hunt you down and his stomach just warms because you’re smiling and clearly in a good mood
It makes him purr in that cute, curious little way. Basically using the demon’s language to ask you why you’re in such a good mood (but you don’t know that. It’s basically a cute chirp).
You both shout your good news at the same time.
His invite to go tear it up was a bit long so it takes a minute for his brain to process what you said. You want...his dick?
Boy wants to blush SO BAD. HE’S SO RED!
Well now his thing seems stupid, doesn’t it? He wants to do your thing! Your thing sounds GREAT!
“OF COURSE you want to be with the GREAT Mammon!” he’s got his hands on his hips and his chest is puffed out big in that happy, silly way he has about him.
No, really, you do your thing. It’s a great thing.
It’s a good way to unwind from exams, right? He likes it!
If Levi didn’t get good grades, Lucifer would kill him.
Probably force him to go to school physically ALL THE TIME!
He’s a solid B student (at least). No desire to be all A’s. Too much time away from other passions.
Because he’s well-behaved and leas likely to get on Lucifer’s nerves, he gets a little bit of bonus money for good grades.
Levi’s neck-deep in his charts and comparisons and muttering to himself about where to invest that money when you pop into his room
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?!”
You get The Noise
How indecent! How naughty of you to ask! But yes, yes you can. Absolutely. 100%!
He’s really shy about it because it’s sudden and you asked him instead of him having a cool moment or anything, but it ends up being a giggle-filled romp that ends with a cuddle in his bathtub bed and you wrapped up in his tail
He totally suggests a round two with a sexy VR game or just making bets with ‘winner take all’
He’s a grade juggernaut with lots of self-discipline so Satan expects to get out what he gets in
The type to be smug because he knows he did well. He owes it to himself and he’s glad.
Likes to treat himself to an outing, be it a simple walk or a visit to a cafe or even a new book
Satan’s 100% ready to settle down with some books by the fireplace. At the end of the semester he typically makes a one or two-portion charcuterie board and picks at it while he reads
Thumb keeping his place, Satan’s in the middle of stacking a fancy little cracker with meat and cheese when you let yourself in
His eyes flick to you and he smiles, eating his little cracker
You pick at his tray with him (he’ll let you, of course). “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Chokes on cracker. It’s not a good time
Almost drowns himself/further chokes trying to wash it down with drink
Can’t help but laugh at your...bold request
When he sees he’s kind of sputtered all over himself, he slips out of his clothes and makes a few witty jokes as your ‘naked butler’
Naked butler happily provides his services
Later he makes you picked crushed cracker off the floor with him
The second Asmo knew he passed everything (like he always does. Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he’s stupid!), he booked himself a full day pampering experience
His inner circle of beauty specialist know his routine so they save his spots for him
Asmo sweet-talked them into including his favorite human and he’s DYING to tell you and DYING to make his brothers jealous
You skip into his room, so bright and lovely, and hold his hands in the cute excited way he likes. Makes his heart skip a beat every time like it’s young love.
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Doesn’t expect it and has probably never been asked ‘Can I have some dick?’ in the thousands of years he’s been alive
Boy gives an airy laugh because he’s surprised and flattered. Of COURSE you want him (because who wouldn’t?) but he always gets a bit shy when it’s YOU asking
“Sounds amazing,” he’s already peppering you with kisses, “and I’m happy to provide but can we do it after our special spa day?”
You guys have a sweet, lazy round the day of the booking to ‘loosen up’ and ‘fully appreciate the services’ and he DEFINITELY worships you when all is said and done because ‘the epitome of beauty deserve the epitome of devotion’
Boy works hard and celebrates even harder. Usually with food
Because he’s always hungry and looking forward to eating, Beel likes to do his work ahead of time. The sooner he does it, the more time he has to eat!
He has to keep up good grades to stay on the sports teams, anyways
Solid B student, sometimes A’s. C’s and below aren’t a thing. He refuses.
Because he is also best boy and generally acts as Lucifer’s pseudo-enforcer, he also gets some bonus money.
The coach of his local sports team also pitches in because Beel is best boy and a TANK. He could literally carry the whole team
Beel’s all set to hit the town with his food money when find him and wrap your arms around him
He’s all excited and ready to tell you about the food money when you make his face catch fire. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Brain also stops. BEEL IS SO EMBARRASSED!
You’d rather have him than food? That’s pretty impressive! He’s honored!
But...what if you could have both? He’s totally down for both!
You celebrate your success by staying in (bed) and spoiling yourselves with food in-between rounds
Belphie is a ‘C’s get degrees’ kind of guy but C’s are his minimum. Tries for B’s and usually gets mid-to-low B’s.
With exams over he’s 100% down to sleep the day away and there’s NO REASON for ANYONE TO BUG HIM ABOUT IT!
Totally prepared to live in his finest pyjamas until school starts again. Might even treat himself to a new pillow or blanket!
If he hadn’t learned your scent by now, you wouldn’t have a face when you breach his blanket cocoon
Belphie just snorts and smiles at your little face and messy hair (the blankets give it static and mess it up)
You kiss his nose and wait to make sure he’s really awake before sharing the good news. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Laughs himself to the point of almost choking on one of his blankets
Throws himself out of the cocoon to breathe and wipe his tears away
But yes, yes you can. After he calms down, he pulls you onto his lap to straddle him. 
It’s fun and lazy but a genuine celebration of the end of the semester
He’s the other part of the committee that saw your grades, so he knows
It’s a bit off his plate so he won’t have as many duties to attend to
Diavolo wasn’t sure when you’d come over, but Barbatos assured him you’d be over that day. He did his best to speed through his meetings and arrange his schedule to have a rest period
He asked Barbatos to prepare a small, modest lunch of finger foods and some complimentary tea
You may have thought Diavolo was making himself a plate when you walked in, but it was actually a plate for you
The prince of the Devildom almost dropped that plate when you said, “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Prince of Hell is super blushy and flustered and awkward and almost knocks his teacup off the table. Is suddenly scrambling to make sure he doesn’t know anything else off the table
Tries to compose himself but can’t help the boyish smile and laugh that escapes him
You’re just such a lovely, fascinating person! He’s so happy to have you. His life seems eternal but you make it so fresh and new! His heart just bursts with love and delight.
Is no longer worried about the food or pushing in your chair for you. Offers his lap instead. “I have an opening for that,” he assures, pulling you onto his lap.
Diavolo likes to think he’s thoughtful about taking you on the floor because Barbatos doesn’t have much to clean up.
If your stomach grumbles after you’re settled and sleepy, he pulls himself off your body long enough to grab a plate from the table and put it beside your head. 
Demons have more stamina and it would be un-princely of him not to spoil you, so he feeds you until you’re too sleepy to eat.
It’s exhausting to be able to see multiple timelines and see into the future.
He never knows how far into the future he’s seeing, or if it’s in the timeline he’s currently in
All he knows is he heard you ask him for dick and almost dumped the wrong thing in the soup, okay? 
Had to excuse himself and ask someone on the cooking team to take over for him while he “dealt with another matter” (laughed it out where no one could hear him)
I’m not sure if Barbatos is considered a student at RAD, but Diavolo must be too. We’ll say he is. Boy is a master of self-discipline and scheduling so he’s fine. Flawless, as a butler should be. It carries over into all things.
It’s a delicate balance sometimes, but he’s type A and used to being busy so it works itself out. He does well.
Barbatos simply looks forward to having less to do. Focusing on Diavolo can be a job all its own.
He was planning on making a few sweets for Luke and the others. Diavolo suggested a “pot luck” to celebrate. It’s something the humans came up with and he seems to like it. It turns into sweets for the pot luck
Probably makes you a special mini-dessert or a special portion of the dessert
If he’s in control of plate presentation, you might get a special sauce heart of chocolate heart
When Diavolo is generous enough to include him in the celebration (because he deserves it and you’re there, so it’d be cruel not to), Barbatos makes small talk and woos you subtly
You ask him to “show you where to take the dishes” to get him alone. He can feel it in his little demon bones. You’re about to do it.
You do it.
You’re basically vibrating with excitement because you probably planned this and think you’re very clever. Human enthusiasm is so darling and it makes his heart pitter-patter to think you were simply bursting to ask HIM this.
“But of course,” he helps you stack the plates and guides your hand to the silverware sorter because you’re looking at him instead of what you’re doing. You almost put a fork in the spoon section. “Covered in chocolate? Plain?”
He’s trying to one-up you. He loves seeing his human change colors and not know what to do.
You whisper “I prefer wet,” back in his ear and Barbatos wonders how he didn’t see THAT in any of his visions
You: 1, Barbatos: 0. Helpless. Defenseless. Horny.
“That will be ready shortly,” he’s already pulling you away, down the hall, to meet your request.
It wouldn’t serve him to do poorly in the Devildom. Basically wasted opportunity
He’s not a straight A student but he does well. Really pulls out the stops on major projects and things that are worth more points than others
Isn’t perfect at everything but makes up for it. Solid B’s, always really close to A’s. At least a couple low A’s.
Solomon doesn’t quite know how he wants to celebrate. He knows Asmo’s already pestering him to go shopping or clubbing
He’s considering it. He’d like to drink, honestly
You show up, light of his life, his favorite person, and he feels himself warm with joy
He revels in being the only other human in the Devildom. It makes your relationship that much more special, he thinks. It’s kind of stupid, but it’s something to coyly hold over the others whenever he sees fit. All in play, of course (not).
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Pretends to think and looks anywhere but your face. If he looks at your face he’ll blush himself stupid and won’t be able to say anything smart.
He can’t lie. He’s already hard. He appreciates humor and wit and you’re all of it.
Very bold of you to come onto him like that, and he’s 100% for it.
“Can you take it?” Solomon wishes he said something smoother, that he wasn’t already slipping between your legs and grinding against you like the weak man he was. He doesn’t regret it though because the friction is good. Something you both need.
He whispers against your skin and gives you light, sloppy kisses with a hint of teeth.
He gives, and he’s generous. He wants to reward your efforts.
Simeon makes it a point of personal pride to do well in the Devildom
That’s the utmost symbol of peace and understanding, isn’t it? To embrace their culture and livelihood and do well? To do well means he’s understanding them and walking in their shoes. It’s only right
He works hard and does well. Doesn’t stress himself out with A’s since he’s keeping up his grades because it’s required. He’d rather reconnect with the brothers and try to help Luke enjoy the Devildom.
He’s happy to spend his free time taking Luke to places in the Devildom, trying to visit the House of Lamentation, and maybe working on some things for TSL since editors are clamoring for more
You stop by because he’s been fairly quiet, wrapped up in his favorite writing sweater with his little editing glasses on
Simeon smiles and greets you with his little ‘Hi, angel’ as he kisses your hand. 
Boy almost breaks his favorite pen when you ask him for...for dick?
He’s not absolutely clueless but this boy has been in ‘holy angel’ mode for centuries. He struggles with texting and stickers and you expect him to know slang?!
So confused he takes his glasses off. Boy can’t comprehend
“You’re asking me to procure one? Like...the ones humans use from those stores? You want mine? Well, I certainly hope so because we’re--oh...”
He could write books of poetry about you, and though he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s had those thoughts
“Well,” he’s standing up from his chair and guides you so gently to his bed it’s like you’re floating on a cloud. He lays you down just as gently, fabrics whispering as he slips out of his sweater and it pools at his feet. “I wouldn’t be a very good angel if I ignored the wishes of my dear human, would I?”
Doesn’t really see the point of sex as a reward, but will never turn down a moment to show how cherished you are. 
Hope you liked it :)
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the-abyss-of-fandoms · 10 months ago
Me going on OM! after seeing it trend on Tumblr after being inactive for awhile:
Tumblr media
Me seeing that Diavolo and Solomon are now romanceable and can be our D.D.D./phone sprite:
Tumblr media
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plush-rabbit · 2 months ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Angel and Sorcerer
Word Count: 1K Each
A/N: i have nothing to say except that grass can’t fix my thristing. i also like to think that solomon would be a complete mess if given the chance to be with mc in an intimate way
The angel can’t help but bounce in his steps as he walks up the steps of the House of Lamentation. You invited him over for help on a project. Simeon would be lying if he said that he didn’t feel a twinge of pride at you coming to him for help. Surely, you could have gone to the brothers or anyone else, but you chose him. He smiles at the thought, grabbing the handle of the front door and letting himself in. The cold air of the house stings against his skin, warm from his own internal heat but also from the walk. Perhaps, if he’s lucky, he’ll be able to spend time afterwards with you where studying won’t be the thing that keeps you two together but rather you wanting him to be there. For now, the time that he has with you will remain uninterrupted and while that may not last long, he only pleads with himself that perhaps you’ll become distracted and in turn you’ll lose focus and beg for him to pay attention to you, textbooks forgotten and only the sound of your laughter filling his ears.
It’s wishful thinking, thinking that has his face burn in fear that somehow Father is listening to his every thought and watching him with unblinking and judgemental eyes. His breath catches in his throat, suffocating him and he has to remind himself, mumbling under his breath that as long as he’s in Devildom, he remains unseen. He walks into the kitchen, opting to calm himself before he accompanies you- he doesn’t want the time that he spends with you to be sullied by something frivolous as thinking. At the kitchen table sits a plate of baked goods, a lovely handwritten note creeping from under it, warning the reader to not eat any of the treats.
The time that he spends in Devildom must be corrupting him. He’s sure of it. His glove is dotted with crumbs, his eyes glancing towards the entryway grateful that no one is there to watch as he takes a bite out of something that he was warned not to. It’s not as if there should be much harm to it, there were plenty on the plate and there still are. The treat melts in his mouth, burning his tongue and making his eyes water. It burns him and he takes more, scarfing down the treat and leaning over the counter, his eyes wide and body now aflame. It tastes so familiar, the way that the treat melts in his mouth and weighs heavy on his tongue, so sweet that it must be a crime.
His chest is tight, his hand scratching down the counter and his head grows foggy. Simeon walks towards you, knocking gingerly at the door, his chest still and lungs burning with the desire to breathe- to breathe in something, anything, your own scent, something so intoxicating that it fills his lungs with the sweet relief of air. Looking at you, he wonders if this is what it feels like to be human, to want and have your own body constrict around itself despite knowing its sin.
Simeon doesn’t know why he goes to you. He’s aware of what’s happening to him- the burning desire deep in him, the way that the thought of you makes his heart beat against his chest in a way that makes him scared it’ll actually rupture past his ribs and spill his blood on the floor beneath him. He can hear you come to the door, the shadow under the small space and the twisting of the knob. His breath hitches in his throat when he looks at you, his mind swirling with thoughts of you- wanting to hold you, wanting to kiss you, wanting to pin you against your bed and kiss your neck. You call his name and he collapses into your arms, his hands grasping fitsfuls of your shirt in his hand. His breath is ragged, heavy and puffing against your bare neck and you stumble when he walks forward, out of the way from the doorframe, far enough to kick the door close. He isn’t sure what he is doing, but he knows that when he’s beside you, he’s breathing in your scent and that only makes him want to pull you closer.
You’re the only thought he has in his mind- the only one that he is able to make sense of. He leans against you, his eyes closing and his grip on you tightening. He whispers an apology, his breath warm against the shell of your ear, his voice sweet as he lets his lips graze against your earlobe and rest on your neck. His apologies are slurred, his weight leaning against you as he clings to you tightly. He confesses that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have and now he stands in your arms with a cock that throbs in the confines of his pants. He flinches at your touch, burying his head into the crook of your neck, whining when your hand parts through his hair and your fingertips lay at the base of his neck. If he had known what the effects of the sweet would have been he would have never taken it, he promises with a shaky breath.
It’s hard to think when you’re so close to him. His mind is foggy and the only thing he can think about is how sweet you smell, how earthly and the scent of your cream faint against his nose. He’s desperate, gingerly pressing himself close to your thigh only to flinch when he makes contact. Your heart beats, pulsing against his lips and he wonders what you’d taste like, how you’d feel under his lips and before he’s even able to think about that, he starts to cry, clinging close to you with tears that glisten down the curve of his face. His eyes are brimmed with tears, begging for you to take care of him. The pulsing is too much, he can’t think and the only thing that can even come close to a thought is you. He falls to his knees, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you close to him, his face pressed against your plump stomach. He begs for your forgiveness- his straight up perversion as he cries against you, unable to take the growing ache in his pants.
Sin starts to overtake him, pulling him close and leading him to the bed where he lies above your comforter, his hands covering his face and his legs shaking. He can already feel semen leak past his briefs and stain the inside of his pants from just the simple guidance to your bed. Despite the sin that he commits, you treat him with kindness, cupping his face and shushing him when his sob catches in his throat. Your hands flutter to his thighs, squeezing the muscle and he can hear your breathless laugh when he jerks in response. He begs for no more teasing, he doesn’t think he can handle it when he’s already in such a vulnerable position. As pitiful as it is, he lets out a whine when you unzip his pants but you don’t laugh and through the gaps between his fingers, he can see you smile softly down at him. You pet his cock between the briefs, his breath catching is his throat as he watches you toy with the outline of his cock. More semen leaks, staining his briefs in a darker color.
His breath is still sweet, his heart beating against his chest and his eyes filled with tears, as he shuts his eyes when his cock meets the cool air of your room. Your hand wraps around his cock, and arches his back into your loose fist. His bulging base is firm as it throbs in your hand, small ripples that form underneath your palm as you give a tentative squeeze. The angel beside you is adorned with a flushed face, his eyes shining with unshed tears and your name on his lips. Your hands leave his cock and he shakes his head, muttering “no” under his breath. He’s already felt you and he’s so drunk off of love and want, that he can’t bear for you to move away from him. Not when you’re so close. You pull him upwards, letting him rest beside you, your body close to his as your hand wraps around his cock, lazily pumping him. He hides his face, panting and thrusting his hips in a sloppy fashion to meet your hand. Simeon is under the light of your room, the pale orange glow and the stars that peek between your curtain, his cock twitching and spilling in a pearly white onto your hand that cradles him gently. There’s a building pressure in his stomach, one that makes him eager to kiss you and touch you despite everything in him screaming that this action is already too far. As if you could read his distressed thoughts, your hand flutters to his face, lifting him upwards to kiss at the corner of his lips. His tongue lolls out, gasping for breath and your thumb runs over his ridges. Your name is repeated, sullied by the angel’s lustful nature as he spills his seed in your hands, and he reaches out, leaning forward to capture your lips in a kiss that only makes his leg shake in ecstasy.
Solomon walks into the House of Lamentation, taking great glee that everyone else happens to be busy with some task that pertains to their specific realm. While he, however, gets to indulge in some quality alone time with you. He walks into the house, his smile creeping as the house is silent. He really does have you all to himself- he gets to just sit around and talk to you without disturbance. His tongue peeks to wet his lips, his mouth dry and thirst lingers to linger. You already know that he’s here, having messaged you early, he calls your name, letting you know that he’s in the kitchen. He can hear a muffled reply, one that he can’t quite make out due to the thick walls. Assuming that you might have asked for a drink, he pulls two out of the fridge, setting them down on the counter.
In the corner of his eye, he catches a glimpse of something shining under the light, his attention now turned to it. On the counter sits a glass covered plate with neatly arranged baked sweets inside of it. There’s a sticky note attached- elegant handwriting that tells the reader not to take one without permission. There’s plenty of them, and finding no harm in taking just one, he does a quick glance around the room to make sure it is empty. With delicate hands, he lifts the glass cover, grabbing a sweet and taking a bite. It’s sweet, overly so, filling his mouth and yet, in the next bite, it’s perfect- soft and sweet, the sweet melting in his mouth. He eats the remainder, licking his lips, taking another quick glance to the entrance of the kitchen, he reaches for another. As he does so, you call his name, his body turning towards your voice and walking towards you as if he were in a trance.
Being around the Avatar of Lust should have prepared Solomon for any hints of aphrodisiacs. It wouldn’t be his time that he’s been engulfed with the sweet scent of one, nor the lingering taste that sits heavy on his tongue and makes his teeth ache with sweetness. And yet, he doesn’t notice the fogginess in his mind until he stands at your door. His mouth is filled with cotton, his chest tight with labored breathing that puffs past his lips, and he can hardly think straight. All that Solomon knows is that he wants to be near you and not in the way that he usually wants- to hold your hand and be seated by you, but in a way much more intimate that makes his face flush and skin burn. His feet drag against the floor, his eyes heavy and he can feel the pulsing of his cock, and the beating of his heart that beats in his rib cage. Your voice sounds closer, still muffled by the door, but he can hear you, he can hear your bed creak and the sound of your footsteps walking towards the door.
The few seconds that it takes you to arrive at your door are the longest that the sorcerer has ever gone through. He can hear your steps, he can feel the air shaft and his mouth is filled with drool. He wonders if his face is still flushed, blood pooling in his cheeks or he’s finally returned to a normal color. Despite the twisting in his stomach and the familiar pang of want, Solomon greets you at your door, smiling cheerfully and teasing at how fast you came rushing to the door. He’s quick to rush to your bed, sitting cross legged and trying to ignore the wave of pleasure that sends a chill down his spine. He lets out a shaky breath, masking it as a breathless laugh when you give him an odd look. He only shakes his head and asks for you to sit beside him, patting the bed as he smiles. He knows what courses through his veins, he’s felt this effect multiple times in his life, and while he’s dealt with them before, he doesn’t want you to see him in such a vulnerable state, not when he’d be so fixated on his own pleasure that he’d deprive you of your own. He bites at the inside of his cheek and chastises himself for thinking that you’d even help him with his issue. He got himself into this mess, and he won’t drag you into it.
He can’t stand the look in your eyes- the confusion mixed with concern as your brows furrow and your lips pout. Yet, he continues to smile, asking for you to join him on the bed, color returning to his face when his mind wanders at the sound of his sentence. You walk quickly to him and he looks down, staring at the floorboards and gulping the salvia that has pooled in his mouth. His name is called and the sweet sound of it leaving your lips makes his heart ache- a soft whisper, his name cooed and your hands resting over his shoulders. He hums in response, keeping his head down. Your hands are soft compared to his, calluses that have formed over the ages while yours remain soft, a gentle touch that has long been forgotten. He peers upwards, letting his chin rest against your palm and the look you give him makes his lungs deflate, his heart pounding reactivity against his chest and face going red once more. You ask him if he’s all right, and he wishes that he could say yes. He wishes that he could remember the spell it was to wash away the effects of the aphrodisiac. All he wanted to do was spend the day with you. He is unable to lie to you, chuckling nervously with his hand scratching at the back of his head.
It’s much easier to stare at your closet as he explains. After all, it sounds so silly to tell you that he had eaten something that he was warned to not have eaten. He tells you how he had consumed something, an aphrodisiac that makes him unable to think properly. He’s lucky enough that he can explain it but even so, the ache in his stomach won’t lessen, his chest deflates, his voice going hoarse as he apologizes to you. He really had meant to spend the day with you, but now, he sits on your bed, defiling the very place you rest, with himself. Your hand falls from his face and for that short second where you aren’t touching him, makes his heart drop. But then, you cup his face and sit on his lap and it’s enough for his mind to spiral, his hands catching himself as he leans backwards,a heavy flush crossing over his nose and filling his face. Your hands cup his face and he can only stare at you with his mouth parted, his eyes glancing to your lips that smile at him. The aphrodisiac hits him hard when you touch him, his cock throbbing and pressing against the side of our thigh. He doesn’t know if you’re teasing him or if he’s allowed to lean into your touch. His body is on fire, his eyes widening and your lips ghost over his. You call his name and he nods his head, whispering a feeble plea for you to kiss him.
The kiss is soft, a gentle press against his lips but he wants more. He needs more. He feels as if he’s about to die if he doesn’t get more. He whines against your lips, grasping onto your shirt with shaky hands and pulling you closer to him, shifting to let the tent in his pants rub against your thigh. The tight friction makes him deepen the kiss, his tongue running over your bottom lip as his hands twist your shirt in his hands. He’s flustered, whining and breaking the kiss to whisper who he needs more, how he’s aching for your touch. Your hand rests over his thigh, his muscles twitching in response to you being there, to you even touching him. Slowly, you move upwards, every inch leaving him shaking. Finally, your hands reach over his cock, cupping the tent and palming it gently. He moans into your mouth, pulling away and resting his head on your shoulder, breathing heavily as you undo his zipper, and pull away at his briefs, letting his cock spring free, an opaque white dotting at his cock and slipping down his head.
Every feeling in his body is intensified, the blood that rushes throughout his body, the way that his saliva is heavy on his tongue, the vein on his cock that sends a pins and needles throughout his body when you rub your thumb over it- he’s breathing heavily, his hands loosening around you, only to tighten and grip at your shirt, pulling you close and telling you to continue, begging for more. His cock throbs in your hand, creamy discharge spilling over and staining himself. He lets out a moan, broken and rippled with gasps as he begs for you to continue, his cock still so sensitive and spurting out his seed. You continue on, leaving him with tears racing down his face, his voice cracking as he speaks, his cock still erect with your hand over it. You slowly lead him down, letting him lay above you, your legs spread and the shorts that you wear riding up, revealing your plump thighs. Solomon is above you, his lips pressing against yours, lining his cock between your thighs as he humps you, holding you close with tears in his eyes as he thanks you, letting his semen taint your covers.
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bbyzenny · 20 days ago
the dateables’ react to you having a nightmare
Tumblr media
+ INCLUDES. diavolo, barbatos, simeon, and solomon
+ WARNINGS. hurt/comfort, fluff
demon bros’ reaction
Tumblr media
the demon prince might not act so, but he’s a busy person.
even when he’s in the middle of hosting the humans, angels, and demon brothers at his home for the night, he is forced to split his time between his duties, and being a proper host.
due to balancing these tasks it causes him to up late at night, up at 3 am.
by then, the castle has gone quiet. the chattering of his guests have faded, indicating that they have gone to bed.
diavolo pauses when he walks past one of the many lounges, and spots you curled up at the end of one of the couches, the flame of the fire flickering in your glazed over eyes.
you looked exhausted, and yet, you were forcing yourself to stay awake.
“y/n,” he spoke softly, paddling into the room. you jump, eyes wide.
“i-i’m sorry. i know i shouldn’t be roaming around this late–“
“no, no, i do not mind,” he says with a small chuckle, sitting down besides you on the couch. he gives you a gentle smile. “i was just surprised to see you up so late. why are you up?”
“i…” you flush a little before moving to look back at the fireplace, once more.
you were a bit embarrassed to admit to him that something as silly as a scary dream is what’s keeping you up but diavolo was nothing but understanding.
“ahhh, i hate it when nightmares get in the way of a good night’s sleep.” he frowns and crosses his arms, glancing up at the ceiling as he ponders what he can do to help you.
“if you don’t mind, i would be more that happy to stay the night with you. i know that by having another person nearby can be helpful.”
you never imagined the demon prince offering to do something like this, and seeing how he genuinely wants to helps, makes you feel all warm inside.
“i… i think i would like that.”
without saying a word, diavolo quickly swoops you in his arms and teleports you back to your room. you blink up at him surprise as he set you down in bed, and then seats himself next to you.
“sleep, y/n.” you feel his hand rub against your back and suddenly you’re unable to keep your eyes open.
within seconds, you’re fast asleep (you’re not sure if he used his powers on you or if it’s because he’s just so much of a comforting person… demon, but either way, you’re out)
diavolo stays true to his word, he stayed the entire night and you woke up in the morning yo find his arm loosely curled around your torso.
the demon butler tends to get up early in order to prepare for the day.
he sees to that things are prepared for his lord, and also any guests. today, he needs to prepare breakfast for the exchange students as well.
his lord had invited them to stay the night after a casual check-in on their experience here, in devildom, turned into a night of drinking and tale-telling.
it’s a little past 5 am when barbatos makes his way to the kitchen when he notices you.
you sitting in the window seat, nursing a cup of coffee as you stare out into the yard.
“y/n.” he spoke up as he approaches you. barbatos watched as you blink out of your haze, eyes shifting over to him.
“i would say ‘good morning’ but i feel like you haven’t gotten that much sleep.” he comments, giving a smile. the corner of your mouth twitch. “do you have a hangover?”
it’s not like your group had been overly zealous with the drinks last night but maybe you were just a lightweight.
“no, ‘s just a nightmare,” you sighed, taking another sip from your coffee. barbatos throws you a sympathetic look.
“may i join you?”
you nodded, scooting over making room
for him. he seats himself next to you, legs crossed, and looks over at you.
“at the very least, i can help you take your mind off of it. i have some time before i need to prepare breakfast.”
“thank you, barbatos.” you smile at him.
you two began to chat away, talking random about things. barbatos makes sure to keep the questions and topics simple. and his efforts seem to pay off, because after a while your works begin to slur together.
your body slumps over, your head landing on his shoulder, and he pauses. barbatos was hoping to help lure you back to sleep.
but he didn’t expect for you to fall asleep on him.
fortunately for you, he does have a soft spot for you and doesn’t have the heart to move you. sighing, he leans against the window frame and closed his eyes.
diavolo, later finds you two alseep together in the window seat and makes sure to take multiple pictures before he wakes you up.
the angel was drawn out of his sleep by a small cry.
rubbing his eyes, he glanced over at his DDD and sees that it’s a little past 1 am; that’s strange… he usually had no trouble sleeping.
“n… no”
his eyes widen, simeon then remembers that he’s not alone. you were curled up under a blanket on the couch in his dorm room. he, along with the other residents of the purgatory hall had invited you over for a movie night and you ended up staying the night.
simeon offered to let you room with him. but now it seems to be that you’re having a nightmare.
he rushed out of bed and hurried over to you. he cups your face, frowning when he spots tears forming at the corner of your eyes.
“y/n,” he called softly, it was enough to pull you from your dream.
inhaling sharply, your eyes shoot open as you jolt up. simeon immediately wraps his arms around you as he attempts to comfort you.
“shhh, it’s okay. you’re okay,” he coos as your hands reach up to grip his shirt. your heart is still racing but with him being here was a huge relief.
“thank you.” you sighed after a few minutes. if it was in his power, simeon would have loved to protect you from bad dreams.
“would you… do you wanna join me in the bed?” he asks, his cheeks feeling a little warm as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “i would feel better if you were close. i don’t want you to have another bad dream.”
for a moment all you can do his stare at him while you try to process everything he just said. you then smile at him, “sure, simeon. i would like that too.”
you gasp quietly as he scoops you into his arms.
moments later, you find yourself beneath his sheets with him tucked up against your back.
“is this okay?” you nodded at his question, relaxing against him.
knowing that the angel was nearby, you managed to get back to sleep, this time with no nightmares. and the next morning, you wake up with his arms wrapped around your waist.
the sorcerer was on his way home from the house of lamentation in the early hours of the morning when he walks past your room and noticed the door is open ajar.
pausing, he curiously glances inside. your bed was a mess, covers were thrown to the side and pillows were on the floor.
solomon, worried, checks his DDD. it was only 4 am… where could you have gone?
“solomon?” your quiet voice rings out from behind him. he turns around to find you standing a few step away, arms hugging yourself, a cold sweat beading on your brow.
“are you alright?” he asked, frowning. “i got worried when i saw your door open.”
“i… umm i had a nightmare, and…” you pointed behind you, still looking a little dazed. “went for a walk to try to… ground myself. what are you doing here?”
“asmo.” he said simply, deciding not to explain further because right now he’s more concerned for you.
he steps forwards, reaching his hand out and rests his palm on your head. the sudden contact made you look up at him, and he can see just how tired you are. you needed some sleep but you were scared.
“i know a spell that might help you,” he says with a hint of amusement, and before you ask, you feel him press a kiss to your forehead.
you freeze and punch him lightly in the stomach when you hear him laugh.
“fuck you.” you push past him and trudge back into your room. solomon follows after you and watches you pick up your sheet and rearrange yourself back on your bed.
once you’ve settled, he joins you, sitting himself on the edge of the mattress.
“would you like it if i stayed?”
his voice was tender, understanding in his eyes as he gazed at you. as much as you hated him for his little stunt earlier, you can’t lie to yourself. you’d feel better if he stuck around.
“you can use my shower,” you mumble, rolling over. “i don’t want you to get my sheets dirty.”
“how rude.” he comments, but stands and moves to use your bathroom. the sound of the water turning on is the last thing you remember before falling asleep.
solomon does end up snuggling besides you.
the next morning, he is spotted sneaking out of the front door by asmo, who was very confused.
Tumblr media
© bbyzenny 2021. do not modify or repost.
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leviathans-watching · a month ago
HIIIIII I SEE YOUR PINNED POST AND IT SAID REQS ARE OPEN but if it isnt feel free to ignore !!
can i get some headcanons/reactions for the om brothers (with the dateables if you write for them !!) calm chaotic/feral mc ?
they would provoke people to argue and fight (them or eachother) by asknig funky questions like 「is soup a drink ? is hotdog a sandwich ? are pizzas an open-faced sandwich ?」
they also like to gently bully and tease people alot, they call everyone "nerd, losers, clown, fool" (its their version of petnames bc they)
their insults are very creative too, their favorite ones being "expired coupons, spam email, google classroom notification"
please dont feel pressured to do this request,,you dont have to do it if you dont feel like it and all. if you Do do it, they/them or he/him mc pls :D
chaotic/feral mc texts
includes: the bothers + dateables x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
rated g | m.list
a/n: hello! yes, reqs are open!! thi is such a cute prompt an i hope you don't mind i made it in smau format!! thanks for your sweet note at the bottom <3. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback!! (also i coulnd't resist making lucifer's username that, as it's my best friend's contact name for me hehe)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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nekoma-manager · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
includes: solomon, simeon, barbatos & diavolo
trigger warnings: none
a/n: hello :) i just started semester 2 of uni and i have to use rstudio for one of my classes and i’m ready to scream <3 enjoy part 3!
Tumblr media
solomon makes every hug a romantic experience
he takes you by the hand, kisses it gently and pulls you in
he will interlace your fingers together and whisper how much he adores you in your ear
you can usually feel his hair tickling your neck
you can’t see it but he has the widest grin on his face - he’s beaming with joy at the thought that you are his
Tumblr media
simeon holds you to his chest and sways with you
you can sometimes here him hum a tune while he does so
if he’s feeling extra romantic he will twirl you around and dance with you
other than his humming your hugs are silent - he likes to hear your breathing
it gives him a sense of peace
his eyes are closed as he relishes your calming aura
Tumblr media
barbatos is very reserved but caring
he prefers expressing affection through words or acts of kindness but that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge you, and himself, in a nice cuddle session
it takes every single ounce of your’s and diavolo’s effort to convince barbatos to take a day off
on these rare off days if you pamper barbatos with breakfast in bed he will tear up
after breakfast you’ll have to hold him down with a hug or he’ll try to be productive
once he settles into cuddling with you however, nothing will get him to leave
he has one hand on the small of your back and the other playing with your hair - no matter how much you try to get him to relax he will still find a way to spoil you
Tumblr media
get ready to be whirled around when diavolo goes in for a hug
you are his sun, moon and stars so when he finally gets to see you at the end of a long day he can’t help but pick you up and spin you around
and you can’t stop giggling
although he does it every evening, it never gets old
once he’s done spinning you around he sets you down gently a gives you a quick peck on the cheek (even though he gives off dominant and controlling vibes he’s really just a massive softy)
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | masterlist
Tumblr media
a/n: i hope you guys enjoyed reading that, I had a fun time writing it :) for those of you who play obey me! do you have recommendations for similar games?
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ashestospace-fics · 9 months ago
The "Undatetables" main Kinks
Characters Obey me: Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon
Reader: Gn
Tags: breeding kink, dumbfication, bondage, spanking, Chocking
Part 1 : the demon Brothers kinks
Breeding kink, it doesn't matter how you look at it this man has a huge breeding kink. It's almost intoxicating how much he can fill you up to the brim, round after round for hours. His words of making you his and filling you up with his offspring it's just another part of this huge plate. It will leave you shaking knowing that he could and probably knock you up with whatever magic he possess if you guys were actually planning on having kids. All while he has that sweet sunshine of a smile on his face.
He always starts so sweet and gentle with you, that it never fails to catch you off guard when he suddenly snaps his hips against you and goes into an animalistic speed, watching the small bulge in your stomach moving up and down as his face remains with a small content smile. It's near the end of each of his climax, that's when he starts to lose composure and start growling and saying he's gonna breed you like a whore. (Press breeding position A LOT)
Every time he overfills you to the point is spilling, he always catches what's leaking with his fingers and shoves it back in, the sight of you shaking always brings something in him as he cooe's words to you not to take his seed into waste.
Bondage, Barbatos is a very compose demon, so this was one of the least of things you expected to get yourself into when he said he wanted to try something out with you the first time he mentions something new in the bedroom. Let's say that after that things got upgraded as he bought new things to tie you up with.
Maybe is the weird sadist part of him that likes to see you struggle against handcuffs as he fingers you at a slow pace. Gloved hands gently stroking your inner thigh as he works his fingers into you as you squirm and shake under his grasp. The sound of his name giving him an ego bust each time you say how good it feels.
Very decorative when it comes to this stuff, everything he puts on you is a gothic aesthetic. Either weird skeleton hands holding you back to a black leather belt with jewels.
This guy is a sadist, so he's very into spanking and choking. His character really goes through either gentle Dom or a harsh one. Depends on how well behave really.
Solomon just loves having you bend over his lap as he spanks you over and over, skin darkening as you moan at each strike of his hand. Watching you get aroused just by a few hits has him smirking with how pathetic you can get.
But when he wraps his hands around your neck and watches your eyes cross back? He can't help but fuck you harder as you choke between each moan and attempt to breathe. Having you clench around him tight and down just makes him hold on grip tighter as he pulls you closer.
(Man had me thinking for hours)
Dumbfication, he never thought that getting fucked silly could make him actually forget all about his Sins at the moment. He never imagines how good something he swore never to do made him fall so quickly on cloud nine.
It's not like you guys have sex all the time, it's mainly on special occasions, of course, his still a holy man. But when you do get together, you make it worth it for him to ache for it later and make that little head of his wonder back to you. Just the overwhelming pleasure of him falling down the edge over and over again as you fuck him silly as you hold him still is always a dream as you hear his voice go horse. It's worth it forgetting all his pacts for a moment when it's with you making him feel so good.
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hiraethhh-h · 2 months ago
OM! Bros + Luke, Solomon, and Simeon’s Reactions to You Sacrificing Your Life for Luke if a Second Celestial War Occurred (scenarios)
Anon: <Obey me> Could you do the reactions for the brothers+ Luke, Solomon and Simeons reaction of MC sacrificing herself for Luke if Celestial War II happened? :D
it hurt my soul to write some of these, so, if you want music to cry to while reading this (i cried a little writing this), here you go <3
To the Moon - Jack Keyes
From Me, the Moon - Lav
I Want You - Mitski
Coloratura - Coldplay
Blame - Air Traffic Controller
warning(s): mcd, blood, gore, descriptions of death and violence, spoilers for lesson 16
wordcount: 1.7k
Tumblr media
With war breaking out between the Celestial Realm and the Devildom, the brothers, you, and Solomon prepare to go toe-to-toe with the angels. Amidst the battle, the brothers feel the link of their pact coming undone.
He had been busy fighting on the front lines and the feeling of his pact shattering with you sends an electric jolt down his spine. His first instinct is to find you so he uses his wings to fly, although it isn’t a pleasant feeling. He spots you and Luke from above, the younger angel holding onto you as he sobs.You sacrificed yourself for Luke..? The first thing Lucifer asks himself is why you would do such a thing, but he’ll remind himself that it’s just in your nature. Lucifer grieves. He grieves what he lost with you until he can no longer feel himself. The soft moments, the bond you both shared, and even the littlest of things he can remember. He doesn’t care that he’s in the midst of a battle, Lucifer will slaughter anyone who tries to approach him (unless it's one of his brothers). Lucifer lands next to Mammon, gently placing a hand on his younger brother’s shoulder. He tries to keep a brave face on for his brothers (especially as the eldest) but Lucifer simply shuts down. His pride is left in shambles because you were his pride.
He was there. He watched your body fall lifelessly to the ground in front of Luke, crimson pooling around you. The sound that left his throat couldn’t even be described as a scream. All of his emotions came pouring out at that moment. Pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness. Mammon will move faster than light to get by your side. He’ll cradle your body in his arms, uncaring of the blood that stains his clothes and skin. He cries and cries, muttering about how sorry he is, and how much he loves you. Mammon begs for you to stay, but it's already too late. He blames himself for your death, beating himself up over the fact that if he was actually paying attention to you, you would’ve lived. Mammon failed as your protector, as your first.
He heard Mammon’s scream from afar. As Lotan raged behind him, he quickly surfaced out of the water to find his brother. Leviathan’s heart stopped at the sight that met him. Mammon was cradling your cold, lifeless body with Luke crying at his side. Two of Lotan’s heads trailed behind Levi, extending as far as they could. They knocked away (or devoured) any opponent who tried to get close to The Avatar of Envy, essentially clearing the way for him. The said demon paid no mind to the death and destruction occurring all around him, all of his attention is set on you. All of those sleepless nights he spent with you, binging anime or playing video games are reduced to nothing but memories. Especially the times when Leviathan truly opened up to you and put his heart on his sleeve just for you to bear witness to. His player two, his Henry… You’re gone.
He was fighting alongside Lucifer at the front lines, so when Simeon tells them the news… Satan does not take it lightly. Nauseating waves of wrath roll off of him as he storms off, Lucifer doing nothing to stop him since he’s in a silent stupor of shock. He kills anyone that stands in his path, regardless of if they are friend or foe. And when he gets his hands on whoever killed you, Satan will be sure they feel the pain. Beneath the armor of his wrath laid the grief that would come later. You were the only person he had truly opened up to in a millenia, and now you were just… Gone. Satan always lowered his mask around you after you knocked his walls down and helped him rebuild, but now… Now he would be sure no one else would be able to ever rid him of his mask.
The Avatar of Lust could see Satan flying into a blind rage from afar, striking down anyone in his way. He rushes to his brother’s aid, using his charm to subtly calm the demon, but it could only do so much. Only when Satan reveals why he’s so upset does Asmo let his powers slip. You sacrificed yourself for Luke..? He let’s Satan rage on, stopping in his tracks to process his thoughts. You couldn’t possibly be dead, right? Tears well up in Asmodeus’ eyes at the thought. But… You were the only one who saw him for who he truly was, not just as the Avatar of Lust. You were the only one he was feeling a different kind of love for, the only one who dared to waltz with the beast, but now he was simply dancing with your ghost.
The sound of Mammon’s scream reached his ears from afar. He calls to Belphie that he’s going to find the second born and he immediately sets off. Gaining a few more inches since he’s in his demon form, it’s easier to see across the battlefield. Beel catches a glimpse of Lotan’s heads retreating back into the water so he quickly makes his way there. When he gets close enough, his stomach drops at the sight of Mammon cradling your body. He wastes no more time in rushing over, his eyes wide with shock. Beel pieces everything together when he sees Luke there. You were always like that, putting on a brave face for others to help them no matter what. That was what he always admired most about you. He’s quiet as he stands there, but his heart is shattering into a million pieces. Beel would miss you, your smile, your laughter, the times you ate with him. Especially the times when you saw him for who he truly was, not just as a gluttonous eating machine.
Once he takes care of the angels after Beel left his side, he seeks out his twin immediately. It takes a bit since some others tried to attack him on the way, but he eventually spots the four of you. Belphie stops beside Beel, his eyes set on your lifeless body. Beel tells him that you stepped in front of Luke when a demon tried to attack him. He feels a dull sting in his chest, presumably the aftermath of the pact breaking. But Belphie feels that it’s something else. Tears silently stream down his cheeks as he lowers his head. That was just… So you. Belphie couldn’t help but lightly curse you for being so heroic, but he wasn’t upset with you at all. He’ll miss that you’re gone… You were the one who helped build the bridge between him and his brothers after years of being locked away, you would still look him in the eye after he killed you, nap with him, cuddle with him, and play with his hair until he fell asleep. He knew you would have to leave so soon since you were human, but why did fate snatch you away from him?
He stood his ground alongside Luke but got separated when three demons attempted to gang up on him. Simeon caught glimpses of the scene that unfolded and he wanted to rush over to help, but the onslaught of infernal beings never stopped. Only when he’s finally taken care of things does he see Luke sobbing beside Mammon, Lucifer standing beside them silently. He walks to stand beside Lucifer, shutting his eyes tightly. If only those damned demons hadn’t ganged up on him, he could’ve saved you… His wings stiffly pressed up against his back, his feathers ruffled from battle and standing from the shock. You… Had sacrificed yourself for Luke. A sad chuckle escaped his lips as he let the tears freely flow from his eyes. Of course you would do such a thing, he tells himself. Simeon always noticed how you were a light in everyone’s lives, which is part of the reason why he found himself constantly drawn to you. But your light went out too soon…
He’s fighting alongside Asmodeus, drawing out the demon’s power to amplify his own. After Satan passes them by, Asmodeus is left in a state of shock. And so is Solomon. So, you gave your life for Luke huh… He lets out a long sigh, his hand flying to his heart and gripping the fabric with a deathly grip. Solomon barely got to spend any time with you, your time having been mostly occupied by the brothers. He’ll never get to tell you how much he loved you, because god did he fall hard. Solomon will wipe the stray tears from his cheek, steeling himself for the rest of the battle. What he could not put into words for you, he’ll put into battle.
After Simeon was torn away from him, he fought on his own as best he could. But a bigger demon had sized him up and Luke knew he was at a loss. Before the infernal being could lay a finger on him, you intervened by throwing yourself at the demon to knock them off their feet. Unfortunately, this gave the demon enough time to strike back. Their hand went clean through your stomach. The demon cackled at the sight, throwing your body to the side before moving on. Luke is at your side immediately, trying his best to stop the bleeding. Crimson stained white, but that was the least of his concerns. Loud sobs leave the child’s lips, a stream of tears flowing from his blue eyes. He begs you to stay, saying that he saw you as family, an older sibling. He doesn’t notice everyone else gathered around him after Mammon takes you into his arms. Simeon pulls Luke into a warm hug, his white wings wrapping around them in a sense of comfort. Luke cries into Simeon’s clothes, choking out how he wishes he were stronger, bigger, and faster so he could’ve saved you. Simeon soothes him the best he can, whispering hushed things to the poor angel. Why did you have to sacrifice yourself for him..?
Tumblr media
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Cooking w/ Barb & Solo
Mc: Barb, can you get me the jar? It's really high up, I can't reach it.
Barbatos: Sure!
Barbatos: *places himself behind Mc, being unnecessarily close, and gets the jar*
Mc,blushing: Thanks Barb!
Solomon, later: Did you put the jar there so that Mc had to ask you to get it?.
Barbatos: One word and the next thing up there are your feet.
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Barbatos x Solomon poly relationship N-SFW HCs
Tumblr media
sub!Barbatos x switch!Solomon x dom!gn!reader
Tumblr media
Oh what a sweet duo
You got your trouble maker Solomon and the trophy housewife Barbatos
Barb will be such a willing slut for you and the wizard ahh what a beautiful thing to imagine
He'll let you fuck him whenever and wherever you want...
Solomon doesn't have anything to do while one of his potions has to rest? he just calls Barbatos over to fuck his throat 'til he's satisfied
you get frustrated while finishing a lesson for RAD? just call Barbatos over and finger/spank his pretty ass 'til you feel better
you can make Barb wear a maid dress too, Diavolo will be quite fond of it lol
if Solomon's acting a little too spoiled, just allow Barbatos to fuck him for some time! the sorcerer will feel so humiliated from getting fucked by his toy, he'll start listening to your orders again :)
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obeythebutler · 7 months ago
Just read the Dummy Thicc!MC head cannons and um...everything was immaculate 😫 Can I request the Undatables with a Dummy Thicc!MC of course without Luke 👀
I'm glad you like those headcannons! Hope you like these too!
He doesn't pay much attention at first.But once him and MC become lovers, prepare for the teasing and lingering touches.
Wherever MC goes, succubi stare at them with envy and jealousy, and that is why someone must accompany MC at all times if they are going out.And dare anyone touch MC, they are going to see something worse than hell.
Everything MC wears looks seductive on them.A shirt and jeans? Check.A dress? Check.That is why Diavolo has custom made clothes for MC, to help them feel comfortable.
Diavolo likes to have MC sit on his lap as he does paperwork.Its comforting, and he can just bury his face into their neck and relax.
And that day MC wore a form-fitting dress to the ball..Diavolo couldn't keep his hands to himself and was so tempted to cover you up with his coat, and also rip the dress...hands of the Demon Prince were on them all night...
Diavolo LOVES waking MC up with his head between their thighs, if you know what I mean..
Definitely wants to make MC sit on the throne with a crown and worship them like the goddess they are.
Acknowledged MC's body and didn't stare at first.
If MC gives him permission, only then will he touch them.As time passes Barbatos grows bolder, and grabs MC's ass as they are walking past.MC does the same to him later.Payback is due!
Barbatos has custom made outfits for MC, to ensure they stay comfortable, after all, the best for them.And if any demon dare harness them.....their remains can be collected from the castle Dungeon.
Likes to place a hand on MC's thigh if he's sitting with them.
That day when Barbatos woke up to the sight of MC wearing his shirt...he couldn't get that image out of his head, and made sure to show them his appreciation at night..
Barbatos has a habit of laying his head on MC's chest after a long day.He wants to hold them close, and this is the perfect way.
Shibari! Shibari! Shibari! Barbatos loves to tie you up!!
This demon worships every inch of you.
Holy angel boy is trying to stay holy.But his outfit says something else....
Very, very respectful of MC and their boundaries.Won't even hold hands until MC asks him to.He stares, but doesn't let it show.
Simeon knows that clothes sometimes get a bit too tight and constricting for MC, so he puts in orders for custom made clothes for them,and won't hesitate to lend them his cape.
He had noticed succubi stare at MC in envy and arousal, and that is why he insists on accompanying MC wherever they go, if Simeon can't come, he'll cast upon them a protection charm or spell.
If MC wants Simeon's attention what do they do? Climb in his lap and look at him with puppy eyes.Simeon can't resist those, even though he would gladly put down his work and pay attention to them, even without the puppy eyes.And then MC proceeds to shove their chest in his face.Oh, the ways the angel blushed that time....
Don't tell anyone but he craves for MC to jump into his arms and he holds them.Just their warm,plush body against his does things to him..
This man openly ogles MC, but will stop if they get uncomfortable.
Solomon knows that clothes often get too tight and restricting for MC, so he magic s the clothes to automatically adjust themselves if required.
Solomon regularly comes with MC to Hocus Pocus, and notices the stares and whispers of succubi nearby.Worry not, he has put a protection spell on MC, whomsoever touches them without their consent will burst into flames.
He likes to wake MC up in the morning by slapping their ass and loves spanking them.
He CANNOT keep his hands to himself whenever him and MC are alone.Always touching them, one way or the other.
One time MC wore a form-fitting gown to the Ball and Solomon had to use magic to keep people's hands off MC.But the time spent with MC later was worth it ....
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selcouth14 · 3 months ago
| When they have a crush on you and how they would confess pt. 2 |
parings: obey me dateables (-Luke) x GN reader
a/n: I just wanted to say thank you for all the love on my latest headcannons! It really means a lot of makes me really happy so I hope you enjoy this one!
• Invites you to the castle 24/7
- He’s genuinely considered letting you move into the castle with him but he couldn’t make up a reason why. Plus, there’s no way the brothers would let you move over there easily.
- with that being said he does invite you over a lot. He really likes your presence, with him being so busy all the time he doesn’t really get to have any time with you like he wants to. During these visits he has you help him with work or you to have a nice break and just talk to eachother while having some tea.
- He always gets so sad when you can’t come over or when you have to leave :( Barbatos notices this a lot and tries his best to make your schedule more free.
• Bringing you along for trips or organizing things
- You’re the first person he thinks of when he needs to organize a new festival or just go on a quick trip to the human world. So, he invites you to help out when Lucifer is there it is very hard to say no hahahaha
- Most of the time you don’t mind and it’s a good way to get closer to him.
- One time he brought you to a meeting and some witches and other people were trying to hit on him. So, he walked up to you, kissed you on the cheek, and led you out with him.
- HE PLAYS IT OFF AS “sorry to have to put you through that MC they just never stop” WE ALL KNOW HE CAN STOP THEM IN A SECOND -
How he would confess
• dinner date + stargazing
- he would take you out to dinner. He goes all out for this making sure to have all of your favorite foods, music, and scenery.
- you were very surprised by how much detail went into it actually.
- at the end of the night he takes you to this big stargazing spot. You two are sitting down well he turns around and looks you in the eye.
“MC, ever since you came to the devildom you have changed who I am. I realized how much of a wonderful person you are. You’re so caring, kind, considerate. All of those things and more have made me fall for you. I hope you can accept my confessions MC”
i love our barbra
• Always looking for you during dances/ events
- Being a butler for Diavolo doesn’t give Barbatos any time really to see or talk to you. But, the only time he is really free to do so is during dances and events. For example, when there is a ball.
- he looks for you beyond the crowd and once he finds you he asks you to dance. If you aren’t one for social gatherings he would offer to just have a nice talk/walk outside. This is where you see a different side of Barbatos. One that is laidback and somewhat flirty
• Glances/ staring
- When Barbatos can’t really talk to you but you’re in the same room he gives you these little glances/ stares. He doesn’t even care if he gets caught. If he DOES get caught he gives you a sweet smile while looking away leaving you flustered.
- he can stare for hours. Now I want to have a staring contest with him now.
- he likes when you get flustered so he enjoys when this happens. However, he would much rather have a one on one conversation with you. He loves your voice and your smile as much as he loves to see you flustered.
how he would confess
• During a dance/ Ball
- As I said before, one of the times he only really gets to talk to you is during one of these events. Here’s how he would do it.
- He once again looks for you amongst the crowd and once he finds you asks you to take a walk outside with him. Once you two are outside enjoying the walk he stops in his tracks and take a hold of your hand.
“ MC, despite us not really having time to ourselves, you’ve really shown me a feeling I never knew I could feel. I’ve fallen for you MC, every time we’re together I never want it to end. I hope you can accept my confession and we can be together at last.”
• learning more about the things you enjoy
- I feel that simeon doesn’t really act any different if he did have a crush on you. He’s just overall still going to be nice and sweet.
- but, that doesn’t mean some things don’t change. Simeon isn’t really good at holding good conversations with you because his emotions get so jumbled/excited whenever he’s with you. So, in order to be confident in his talking with you and have you both more engaged in the conversation he decided to learn more about the things you like.
- no matter what it is, Simeon would do the best he could to learn about it just to talk about it with you. He also may even ask you to teach him more about the subject or if it’s a tv/movie series he would ask to watch it with you.
• getting flustered easily around you
- with Simeon I think he gets more flustered around you. He’s always loved the idea of well love. He’s a hopeless romantic you can say. So when he noticed his growing feelings for you he was very excited but also nervous.
- whenever he would talk with you and something like your hands touching or you both make long eye contact it’s brought for him to have a blush on his face all looking flustered.
how he would confess
• taking you to a nice secluded spot where he confesses his feelings.
- He would invite you to the celestial realm just like any other time. But, when you show up he gives you a box of sweets he had asked luke to make.
- while you and him are enjoying the sweets he takes your hand and brings you along to a nice secluded area, the sky and scenery looks beautiful as he looks you in the eyes and confesses his feelings.
“ I’ve always loved you MC. The way you help others just out of the kindness of your heart, how you always listen to me and Luke whenever we need someone to talk to. You’re just such a wonderful person MC and I’ve fallen for you.”
• a lot more teasing
- we already know this was a given. But I feel that he would tease you a lot more just to make you flustered or to get you to smile. It’s the kind type of teasing and most of the times it’s complements/ flirting.
- “awww would you look at that smile?” he says after he sits next to you while you’re smiling.
- if you decided to flirt back/ tease him back he will be very happy and amused. He’ll go along with it for as long as he can because he wants to have a reason to flirt with you.
• a new side of Solomon
- only when you two are alone though! When he has a crush on you the teasing will still be there but at times when you two are alone and the time is nice he will show you a nicer and softer side of him. As opposed to the cold and sarcastic sorcerer.
- this is nice because you two can really spend a lot of time together like this. It shows that he really likes you and trusts you enough.
- “the stars are beautiful tonight? What do you think MC?” and then he turns to look you in the eyes.
how he would confess
• sneaks you out of the house of lamentation and confesses at your favorite viewing spot.
- you two go on late night adventures all the time but this was going to be different. You both still had to make sure you snuck out without a trace. Trust me it’s not easy
- but after you guys leave he takes you to one of your favorite viewing places, weather it’s up top somewhere or just on a simple park bench.
- he then looks at you in the eye and confesses his feelings in a simple but heartfelt confession.
“MC, Ive fallen in love with you. You truly bring me happiness, joy, and excitement every day. This isn’t a joke this time, I’m serious. ….. and I hope you feel the same”
Solomon’s part took me so long I’m sorry -
I hope you guys enjoyed this one and requests are open!
Have a lovely day and you matter!
- selcouth
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devildomsexting · 5 months ago
Solomon 🌙
Tumblr media
Someone PLEASE draw Solomon in a sailor senshi uniform... it’s for research purposes I swear.
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