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We finally passed the point we had originally made it in season 4 of BNHA, and I love Tamaki so damn much. Look at this adorable bean.


Originally posted by stardustshinning

And I am super shipping Tamaki and Mirio. I can’t find any good gifs, so here is the clip from the episode last night. Spoilers obviously if you haven’t watched season 4 or past episode 7 I think.

Here, have this cause adorbs.


Originally posted by misawkward

Also, Kirishima is a sweet, precious bean, and I love him with my whole heart.


Originally posted by kiriragon

And Mina is pretty freaking awesome too. Again spoilers for season 4.

Ok. That is all for my gushing for now.

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Random MHA headcannons that may or may not be opposed in cannon because it’s late. (Tw: Mentions of abuse)

  • Bakugou can’t be called by his first name or name in full by anyone but his mother and even then he flinches. It can send him into panic attacks and overall trauma. (This is due to his mother always calling him it, he connects his name to a beating of shouting at him.)

  • One time Midoriya yelled at him using his fullname in their third year and it sent him into a panic attack. It then turned into Midoriya comforting him. (I’m currently writing a fic on this)

  • Iida’s calfs near the engines is actually more metal-like and look like it. Also Jiro’s earjacks turn white slowly after the ear lobe. I know this contradicts cannon, but I hate the thought of them all fleshy.

  • Kirishima’s teeth also act like a sharks when regrowing. He found this out after feeling so insecure about them he tried to file them down and popped a few off. They were back by the next morning. No one can explain it.

  • Bakugou needs both hearing aids and reading glasses because of his quirk. Though he can’t read lips to save his life, he’ll be damned if he wears either of them in class. Most people still know, though.

  • Despite Bakugou needing hearing aids because of his quirk he actually picks up on a lot of subtleties in music. Jiro takes full advantage of this.

  • Only Kirishima knows Bakugou’s home life and almost every time they have to be out of the dorms he invites him over of guilting another member of the Bakusquad do it.
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I do find it unfortunate when fandoms tend to make characters seem more one dimensional than they are. It kinda normal, everyone likes that one thing about these characters and want to represent it. I think that’s what happened for Kiri and anon. Everyone always portraying him as a beam of sunshine or the Bakugou whisperer when they haven’t really interacted in a while and have gotten more scenes with other characters, it can definitely wear you out on a character

It’s true. Ever since the Provisional Licence Exam Bakugou and Kirishima barely had scenes together. We see them every once in a while, depicted just hanging out together in the wider dorm setting, but their growth right now is focused elsewhere. 

Bakugou’s character arc was driven mostly by Deku, All Might, Todoroki and Endeavor. 

Kirishima in the meantime got closer to Midoriya, we see more content with Mina, and of course, his biggest influence seems to be Fatgum and Amajiki. But of course, since Kirishima is sort of a tertiary character, these relationships get much less content for fandom to work with. I could easily write a KiriBaku piece, because I feel like I know enough of their relationship, but it’s much harder to create something like Kirishima’s relationship with Fatgum or Amajiki or Mina, because there is just so much less to go on. 

And when there is more content, fandom tropes solidify and get copied over and over, until it becomes unclear what is canon and what is fanon. 

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i think the problem with kirishima is that there is the canon!kiri and the fanon!kiri. canon kiri is a good side character with a good characterization. fanon kiri is either the "bakugou's dog" who always follow him and who totally depends on him and their relationship or the one who manages to tame bkg like he was a beast and make him a totally different person with his presence. i think that's why many people started disliking kiri: his character is totally different in the fandom's mind :/

Yeah, I think that’s a bit the case for every character when you get into fanon!characterization - they tend to lose their complexity and often become very one-dimensional. 

I like in canon!Kirishima that especially in the later arcs, he got significant interactions with other characters than Bakugou. Like he’s one of the very early people who somehow manages to get Bakugou, but as he gets his own backstory, he becomes less about Bakugou and more a character on his own right. 

I loved his backstory with Mina, and his relationship with Fatgum and Amajiki was easily my favourite part of the Overhaul arc. He also gets closer to Deku and his kind of easy-going bro relationship with TetsuTetsu is always fun. The Bakusquad I think should rightfully be named Kiri-squad because he’s the glue who holds them together. 

He’s clearly a very important member of the class - someone without an official role, whose easygoing personality creates these neat little bridges between the different groups. 

And yes, he definitely has a very important role for Bakugou’s arc, but he’s also grown into a character with a more complex role. 

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I think why I have so much difficulty finding Kirishima appealing is that his flaws are all mistakes or shortcomings. They’re not decision based. Him freezing in the face of danger isn’t a decision, it’s unfortunate a knee-jerk reaction to danger. He does headlong into danger without thinking, but it’s always with good intentions to help. He’s scared he’s not strong enough but it never stops him for fighting (as far as I can remember). He has no moral failings and that’s what I find kinda boring

But yes I completely agree that this is completely a personal preference and no one who like Kirishima is wrong to do so in anyway! I really don’t want to put that message across, I just like more compromised characters

I like to think of this more in the sense that his morals haven’t yet been challenged enough, which is true for most of the class. The one time they are - when he’s going after Bakugou, he chooses to defy the rules to ease his own conscience, so there is that. 

But generally, in the class, not many people have been put through the grinder. Bakugou has darkness as part of his character and Todoroki knows darkness intimately and to me that’s why their arcs stand out. 

Iida was challenged by the narrative when his brother got injured but it was an arc that was concluded in a few chapters. Out of the more side characters Aoyama battles with his cowardice and unsuited quirk. And I guess, I could add Tokoyami losing control of his quirk and hurting a friend, though I wish it was explored more how he overcame it. 

So I hear what you are saying, and I certainly enjoy the more complex dynamics of many shades of moral greys and impossible choices.

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Cheer For Me - Bakugo Katsuki

Overview: After finding out the devastating news that use of his explosive quirk has damaged his hearing, Bakugo believes he has failed as a hero in training. However, a certain support class student isn’t ready to give up on him yet.

Pairing: hard of hearing!Bakugo x support!reader

Warnings: partial loss of hearing, angst from a grieving Bakugo.

Author’s note: Hi lovelies! This is my first ever BNHA fic. THe idea came to me a while ago and I just couldn’t rest until it was all written out. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


He never though that this would happen to him.

He was Bakugo Katsuki. He couldn’t possibly be suffering from damaged hearing. No. That was impossible. Illness and other handicaps, those were incidents that happened to all those other extras in this school and the world, not to him. He was a hero in training. He had to be at the top of his game, dammit.

“I’m afraid all those loud explosions you’ve let off in close proximity to your ears has provided extensive and lasting damage to your hearing. I’m sorry Bakugo”. Recovery Girl gazed up at him, leaning on her cane with a glimmer of pity in her eyes.

Bakugou gritted his teeth and balled his hands into fists, feeling a sheen of sweat stain his palms as he tried to contain his damaging explosions. “You can fix it though, right? You’re the best healer in Japan. I need to be perfect, you understand? I’m going to be number one”.

Recovery Girl sighed and shook her head. “Cuts, abrasions and physical wounds. All those I can fix, but even there is a limit to what I can heal. Sometimes the human body just can’t be repaired. I can’t fix your hearing young Bakugo”.

A wave of shock slammed into him, followed by shards of ice that pierced deep within his gut as effectively as if bloody Icy-Hot had just unleashed his right side. He stared blankly at Recovery Girl, noting her mouth moving as she continued to talk, but everything was muffled, as if he was submerged underwater. The only thing he was aware of was a sharp ringing in his ears as he looked around the sterile, white room.

Like a man who had had too much to drink, he lurched to his feet. Blindly he stumbled out of the room, shoulder crashing into the frame of the door as he moved past. Great. More pain.

“Woah woah dude! What happened!” Kirishima pounced as soon as Bakugo staggered into the corridor, arms reaching out to grab his shoulders as his crimson eyes filled with concern. He had brought Bakugo here as soon as training concluded after all.

It was Kirishima who had noticed something off about him. During a regular combat training session the two of them had partnered up like always. However, this was the first time something had gone wrong. Despite Kirishima’s loud yells, Bakugo had failed to dodge Deku’s punch to the jaw despite the loud warning. He had never failed to listen to Kirishima’s advice before, despite pretending otherwise.

“Out of my way Shitty Hair” Bakugo snarled at his friend. The last thing he wanted was more pity.

“But dude-“

“Leave me alone!”

Bakugo broke into a run, throwing himself through the corridors of U.A. At a sprint, shoving through crowds of surprised faces and letting muscle memory take over until finally he was slamming the door of his room closed, collapsing onto his bed with the breath puffing out of him. Heart pounding, he stuffed his face into his pillow, refusing to acknowledge the thin stream of tears that rolled down his cheek. He was not weak dammit! Heros don’t cry.

But how could he be a hero now? Everything he had worked for, his ambitions. His whole damn dream. Who had ever heard of a deaf hero? His hearing wasn’t gone yet, but Recovery Girl had warned him if he kept using his quirk….

His explosions. The one thing he was so proud of. The quirk that was going to make him number one was slowly destroying him instead.

Bakugo had never felt so lost. Refusing to accept his fate, he turned over and willed sleep to take him, deliberately ignoring the barrage of texts lighting up his phone in the dark gloom of his lonely dorm.


Blinking his eyes open in the glare of the morning sunlight, Bakugo stumbled out of bed, collecting the pieces of his uniform as he dressed ever so slowly. Dread filled his body as he remembered his situation. He didn’t want to face everyone else. If there was one thing that could be counted on at UA High, it was that gossip spread like wildfire.

He moved about his morning routine like a zombie, brushing his teeth at an extra slow pace, taking the time to double knot his shoes. Slow and stiff movements that signalled how unwilling he was to head to class and see his classmates and anyone else who now knew about him.

“Get yourself together. You’re Bakugo Katsuki. Who cares what all these extras think”.

He hyped himself up in his head before exiting his dorm room, making a quick stop by the kitchen to grab a protein bar before heading to class. No one was in sight, which meant he was going to be late. Shoulders held stiff, he made it to the giant door marked with his class number. Hearing the distinct chatter and buzz of the menagerie of voices inside, he braced himself before shoving open the door.

Avoiding eye contact with his classmates he stepped inside, immediately strutting to his desk and throwing himself into his chair, ignoring the nineteen different gazes of his classmates that roved over him. Uniform even more messy than usual, he sat with his head resting on a fist, waiting and praying for Aizawa to wake up from his stupid yellow sleeping bag and begin the class.

Bakugo could not have had a worse day in his life. It was bad enough with all the stares and whispers from other students in the hallways, but he couldn’t handle the soft murmurs of his classmates whenever they were near him, stealing glances when they thought he wasn’t looking. It was obvious to Bakugo that none of his classmates had a malicious intent. Quite the opposite actually, but he still didn’t want pity. He wasn’t weak.

It was hero training, the last class of the day where he felt broken inside. Taking Recovery Girl’s advice to the fullest, he tried to contain his explosions, letting off weak pops towards his opponents that definitely weren’t strong enough to take them down, only detain them for a moment. For the first time ever, he was defeated. Opponents slipping under his guard, easily able to evade the half-assed explosions propelled in their direction. Each sparring session ended with Bakugo taking the loss. Well, almost each one. He was still able to hold off that little weak pervert Mineta, and a few other fighters who heavily relied on their quirks, instead of good old fashioned hand to hand combat.

His lowest moment came though, when Deku’s fist slammed into his jaw in their last match, snapping his head backwards as his body fell heavily to the ground. Bakugo lay there panting as his mind clouded over in a mixture of anger and disgust at himself. It had finally happened. He was weak.

Deku’s eyes had widened as soon as Bakugo regained his feet, feet steady as he braced himself for a barrage of anger and explosions to come his way. Instead, Deku witnessed something he never thought he would see in his life. Bakugo simply glared, rubbing the large purple bruise forming on his jaw before walking away.

This wasn’t the Bakugo he knew. That Bakugo was so animated and full of passion, giving every match, every punch, every move, his all. Midoriya’s heart felt heavy. He had to do something. Even though Bakugo was never the nicest person to him, it was a completely alien feeling seeing his childhood friend brought so low.


The next day Bakugo repeated his routine of dressing slowly, moving in a stupor as he made his way to class again. He wasn’t looking forward to another crushing defeat in hero training again. He didn’t think he could handle the embarrassment. Now that he was aware of his condition, he couldn’t help but notice how every sound he picked up was just muffled enough to put him on edge, the way a radio may have been turned down slightly, just enough to not be comfortable.

He hated it.

His surprise came when he had made his way into home room again. Everything was the same except for a pale pink note on his desk, signed with a little heart in the corner.

“Bakugo - when you get a chance come to the design workshop. I have just the thing for you”

Bakugo was skeptical and confused. What the hell was this note for? It was definitely for him, that was obvious, but why the hell would someone from the support class need him? Tch. He thought about ignoring the note, but his curiosity was piqued. He glanced around at everyone in his home room chatting away, but no one payed him or the note any extra attention. He kept searching, looking at their faces to see if anyone had noticed the note, but no one appeared suspicious. He sat there pondering, until his eyes landed on Deku. Flicking his eyes from the note clutched in Bakugo’s hand to his face, Deku gave a soft nod, mouth forming into a small smile as he met Bakugos eyes.

Immediately Bakugo crushed the note in his fist, unsure of what to feel. Stupid Deku, why did he have to meddle everywhere? It was clear he was involved somehow. However… Bakugo couldn’t deny he was curious. Who had wrote the note and why did they need him? He resolved to go immediately after class.

Making his way down to a part of the school he rarely visited, Bakugo stopped in front of the design studio. This was so stupid, but he was here now. Raising his hand, he knocked hard against the door with his bruised knuckles, shoving his hand back in his pocket with a scowl. Power Loader was the one to open the door. Although his expression was hidden by the oversized helmet he wore, his body language was one of interest.

“Ah Bakugo. How can I help you?” Power Loader leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms.

Grimacing, Bakugo thrust the crumpled note in his direction. “I was told to come here, but I’ve got no idea why one these extras need me”.

Power Loader took the note in between his orange tipped fingers, glancing down at the pink paper before immediately straightening in surprise. “Ah yes.” He turned to yell over his shoulder back into the workshop. “Y/n! Come here please!” He turned back to Bakugo. “I believe Y/n was the one who sent for you. This is definitely her handwriting.”

What the-?

Bakugou raised his eyes to peer past Power Loader into the mess of the workshop, locking eyes onto a girl coming towards the door, spanner clutched in her left hand as she used the back of her arm to wipe a smudge of black grease off her face. Upon seeing Bakugo, her eyes lit up, smile spreading across her face as her steps quickened.

“Bakugo! Just the person I needed.” She bubbled over with energy, bouncing on the balls of her feet before she lunged forward, grabbing his wrist and dragging him into the room. “I’ve been working on these ever since I heard about your situation.”

Sputtering, Bakugo allowed himself to be dragged forward past an amused Power Loader, mind swimming with a million questions. “Tch, what the hell are you talking about?”

Y/n stopped by a workbench, letting go of his wrist and clasping her hands in front of her. “You got my note yes? Well, I’ve been working on a little something for you. I think this is the answer to your problem.”

Turning to the low bench strewn with various gadgets, tools and scraps, she reached across to a small black box, flipping the lid open as she pulled back and handed it to Bakugo.

“What do you think!”

Lowering his eyes to the box in his hand, Bakugo screwed up his eyes in confusion

“The hell is this?”

Rolling her eyes with a smile, Y/n took the box back and popped the two small objects out in her hand. “Hearing stabilisers! I made them for you. In record time actually. I doubt I’ve ever made an item for the hero students so fast before! I thought if you started to use them now, then they will help lessen the damage to your ears. Your explosions are ultra powerful, and I can’t heal your ears, but I can prevent you from causing anymore damage to your hearing.”

Shocked, Bakugo looked at the two small orange devices, meant to curl around the rim of his ears and nestle just underneath the lobe.

Silence was thick in the air. Y/n’s beaming smile began to slowly fall as words were yet to materialise from the aggressive student’s mouth.

“Look if you don’t like them, I can improve the design. Make it look-“

“Shut up.”


Finally, Bakugo raised his gaze, hard crimson eyes bearing into hers, the hard line of his mouth relaxing slightly as he looked at the stabilisers then back at her.

“I said shut up. These are… perfect”.

It was her turn for her mouth to drop open in shock. Stunned, she rocked back and forth on her heels as her beaming grin slowly spread its way back across her gentle face.

“I’m glad. After all, the future number 1 hero shouldn’t be damaging his ears. He needs to be able to hear his fans cheering him on.”

Catching the mischievous twinkle in her eye, an unfamiliar warmth stirred in his chest.

“I…I don’t say this much but… thank you.”

Once again bubbling over with energy and kindness, y/n stepped closer.

“You’re welcome Bakugo.”



The thunderous explosion tore through the perfect blue sky above the UA training grounds, bursting with every shade of burnt orange and yellow in the spectrum as the target dummy soared through the air, landing with a mangled thunk as it hit the earth halfway across the arena. If the dummy had been a villain, he would have literally been toast.

“Dude! That was awesome”. Kirishima cheered, awe flickering across his face as he whooped in admiration.

“Yeah Bakugo! That was sick.”

“Way to go Kacchan!”

The clamour of his classmates filled the air as Bakugo stood his ground, orange devices lodged firmly under his ears and panting heavily as Kirishima threw an arm around his shoulder.

“Your’re back! You’re kicking ass just like you used too! What changed Bakubro?”

Before he could answer, a distant whoop sounded across the arena. Squinting into the sunlight, Bakugo spied a figure sitting in the stands, waving enthusiastically.

Straightening with a snap, Bakugo dislodged Kirishima’s arm from around his shoulders as a small grin flickered across his face.


Breaking into a jog he headed for the spectator stands, aiming for the figure of the girl who had helped him get his confidence back.

Stopping a foot away from him, her signature smile was firmly locked in place as she took in his hero costume, now complete with the hearing devices of her making fixed behind his ears.

Looking at her form with a slight uncertainty, Bakugo spoke without harshness in his voice. “What are you doing here?”

Teasingly, she replied. “Like I said. You need to hear your fans cheering for you.”

Eyes widening slightly before a smirk settled on his face, Bakugo closed the distance between of them, seizing her waist and pulling her figure close before his lips met hers.

Her arms snaked around his shoulders, fingers settling in the soft blond hair at the base of his neck before they broke apart.

Breathing quickly, Bakugou leaned his forehead against hers, not believing his actions but simply unwilling to break the spell this girl from the support class had over him.

“You’re amazing, y/n.”

Smiling shyly and leaning up to place a kiss on his cheek, she spoke softly. “No Bakugou. That’s all you.”

Staring into her warm gaze, moving his hands to entwine them with hers, Bakugo had never been more certain of what was in store for him and his future at UA.

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"kirishima has done nothing wrong" adding another argument: he acted selfishly and by organising bakugou's rescue. todoroki says it: they acted for themselves, against rules and everyone's wishes. however heroic, what they did back then was reckless and could've resulted in their deaths or disrupting pros' and police rescue plans by having to be saved. that's a flaw, imho, wanting to be the one to help without thinking about consequences or if others could do it better. kirishima's complex.

Yes, definitely. 

And I think it didn’t hit Kirishima fully until Aizawa says that he would have expelled not just them - the ones directly involved - but everyone who knew about and didn’t say anything. He realizes that his choices put everyone else in a situation where they had to make a hard choice, and it was something that could have had a lot of negative consequences for everyone. So yeah, that’s definitely also a good example. 

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Feel free to ignore if you don’t want to talk about this cause it is negative, but the opinion is: Kirishima is one of the worst main-ish kids in bnha. I think his character is so weak cause so far he has never done anything wrong or, specifically, it’s never been a conscious decision. Can you imagine how much stronger the hospital scene would have been if he chose to run away from the villains at the camp? He’s just a sunshine boy and compared to the others it seems so bland and one dimensional

I think personal like or dislike of a character is normal and needs no justification, and I can definitely agree with you that I find characters without faults or not challenged enough by the narrative bland. I’ll take my morally grey chaos over the goody-two-shoes any day, thanks. That doesn’t mean someone who prefers the legit cinnamon rolls is wrong. It is what it is - you personal connection to the story / what resonates with you.  

For me, Kirishima is actually one of the characters with plenty of depth, conflicts and faults, so I personally find him compelling, and certainly more compelling than ¾ of the class. 

I think his backstory of being ordinary,  not being naturally heroic, but having to push himself to get there, to stand out, to be braver, be stronger resonates with plenty of people. 

He has obvious character flaws, like his low self-confidence and him not being particularly brilliant, creative or a strategic mastermind, and being more of a follower than a leader. He also sometimes gets carried away and doesn’t think things through. 

He does things wrong sometimes. At the USJ attack, he gets in Thirteen’s way together with Bakugou, allowing Kurogiri to scatter the students. 

In the Midterms exam, he fails because Cementoss uses his weaknesses against him, which means he’s stuck in the classroom during the attack unable to do anything as Bakugou gets kidnapped. (This parallels by the way perfectly with Bakugou failing the Provisional Licensing Exam for his own character faults and having to sit out the Raid arc, while Kirishima is in danger).

To me, Kirishima running away wouldn’t have made sense - his early characterization is always running into danger, rather than from it, driven by his heart (similarly to Deku), but without Deku’s on-the-fly strategic thinking. 

I also becomes obvious from his backstory that backing down that one time was a defining moment, such a deep disappointment in himself that I think he’d rather die than experience that again. It’s something that he worked hard to overcome before he was accepted into UA. 

But if you don’t care for his character, it’s really perfectly fine. It’s a big ensemble show - there are plenty to pick from.

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