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wordcount: 1k+ | pairing: lucifer x reader | rating: pg-15 | tw: none | others: mc has a sweet tooth
AUTHOR’S NOTE. this is inspired by his phone call “shopping”. hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think 💕
series m.list
Tumblr media
Lucifer hears your soft humming through the classroom door before he knocks on the wooden material and peeks inside. After finishing all his duties for the day, this is a rare moment where Lucifer got free time in his hands. And he decided to take this chance to get to know the new exchange student better.
“Lucifer…?” You call his name as he enters the potions classroom.
“Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?”
“Uh… no?
“In that case, would you mind tagging along with me?”
“Hold on a sec, as you can see—” You lift the empty glass bottles in your hands. “—my hands are quite full right now.”
“I’ll help.” He strides quickly to your side and grabs some of the potion bottles—ignoring your protests—and heads to the sink. He takes off his gloves, stuffing them inside his pockets and rinses the bottles.
At his unrelenting attitude, you huff in annoyance and step beside him to wash the other equipment. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here? Don’t you have other important things to do? Like your daily duties to assist Diavolo or something?”
And, of course, as if on brand, you are cautious of every demon that comes across your path, especially him. In these past three months, you managed to get along with his brothers (particularly Satan and Mammon). Not like he is jealous or anything, but you seem much more guarded whenever he’s around.
“It has been a while since I’ve had this much free time,” Lucifer answers casually, placing the washed glasses carefully on the rack. “So, I was thinking of using this opportunity to go shopping. And you haven’t been able to do any shopping for yourself, have you? If there is any store you’d like to go to, I’ll take you.”
“I don’t know….”
He sighs internally. Of course, you’d be hesitant to go out with him. But, fortunately, he has some information that might come in handy, especially when it comes to sweet-tooths like you.
“We can visit the newest café in Devildom too afterwards. I heard they sell unique sweets that even Barbatos complimented how well-made it was. It’ll be my treat.”
When your movements falter, Lucifer barely stifles his growing smirk. “Heard they have a wide range of desserts, even I can’t mention it one by one. You can get anything you like there. Consider it as payment for accompanying me to shop.”
Your eyes sparkle the moment your gaze lands on the desserts displayed behind the glass on the counter. Lucifer fights his urge to secretly snap a picture of your face since he has never seen such an expression on you before. He can also say that it’s as if you’re in paradise. 
“Are you going to keep staring?” Lucifer questions, snapping you out of your trance. 
“N-No, I’m thinking which one I should get,” you stammer, straightening your back. 
“Hmm… If I had known how much you love desserts, I would have brought you here sooner,” Lucifer muses before he turns to the waiting staff. “Which ones are your best sellers?”
“This section, sir,” They point out the variety of desserts.
“I’ll take one each.”
“What?!” You blurt out. “You’re eating them all?”
“Of course not. Only Beel would be capable of doing that. These are for us to try.”
“But isn’t it too—”
Lucifer grasps your wrist, leading you away to an empty booth. After you sit across from each other, he questions, “How is living in the Devildom so far? Is it to your liking?”
“I haven’t found any reason to dislike it after that demon incident…” you reply honestly, leaning back against your seat with your arms crossed.
Lucifer nods. “Understandable.”
It goes silent between you both as a waitress places Lucifer’s orders on the table, filling it entirely with different kinds of desserts. 
And once the waitress left, Lucifer asks, “How about classes so far?”
“... Surprisingly, it’s quite interesting.” You are definitely distracted by the desserts in front of you. “Not all the subjects, of course. But some I find fascinating.”
A small smile curls on his lips, watching your blatant astonishment as he grabs a spoon. “Well, why don’t we dig in—”
He freezes, his spoon already closing in on the princess’s poison apple pie. Glancing at you, he raises a brow. “What is it?”
“I’m taking a picture first!” You fish out your D.D.D., clearly excited. “You need to appreciate the visuals before digging in. It will taste even better!”
“That is ridiculous—” He moves to dig into the pie, but you’re quick to counter his movement with another spoon. 
“I just need five minutes,” you claim.
What the hell is this human doing? Lucifer gives you a perplexed look, and you take advantage of this time to take a picture of his pie before moving on to another. Lucifer can only observe you busy taking pictures of the desserts.
When you’re done taking all the pictures, you scoop up a spoonful of the pudding. “Let’s dig—wait, you haven’t eaten?” 
“Ah…” Lucifer blinks and stares down at his pie. “Thought we should start together.”
“Then let’s dig in!” You exclaim, bringing the pudding into your mouth. 
And yet, for some reason, Lucifer can’t seem to take his eyes off you as your expression only seems to brighten the more you try on the variety of sweets. Once he finally takes a bite of his pie, he is stunned by the flavour of it - way better than how he remembered.
“Is it true?”
“Hm?” You glance at him, swallowing down the piece of cake. “What is?”
“If you take a picture of your food, will it taste even better?”
You chuckle at his confusion. “It’s more like savouring it. Usually, you’d eat it immediately once the food is on the table. But, if you take the time to take a picture or at least just drink in the appearance of its presentation, you’ll learn to appreciate it more and—” You stop yourself. “—I’m rambling, am I?”
“No, please. Do go on. I’d love to hear it.” In fact, this is the most you have ever talked to him. And Lucifer plans to keep it that way, especially when you brighten at the topic in discussion. He can’t help feeling intrigued by the fact that there is so much more to you than he initially thought.
Who would have thought a human like you would stir up these feelings within me...
Tumblr media
note: she/her pronouns used.
LUCIFER [ 2:39 PM ]
Did you give the rest of the desserts to the Chihuahua?
YOU [ 2:39 PM ]
LUCIFER [ 2:39 PM ]
Oops, I meant Luke.
YOU [ 2:39 PM ]
That’s the first I’ve heard of that nickname.. And yes, I did share with him and the others too. They’re eating it right now.
LUCIFER [ 2:40 PM ]
You must be closer to the Purgatory Hall students more than I thought.
YOU [ 2:40 PM ]
Well, of course. I’ve spent so much time with them.
LUCIFER [ 2:41 PM ]
That’s a given. Did you by any chance tell Simeon it was from me?
YOU [ 2:41 PM ]
Yeah, I did. Why?
LUCIFER [ 2:41 PM ]
No wonder, he has been sending me hearts and crying stickers.
Please refrain from telling Simeon anything if it involves me.
YOU [ 2:42 PM ]
Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.
LUCIFER [ 2:50 PM ]
…You’re not asking?
YOU [ 2:53 PM ]
Ask what?
LUCIFER [ 2:53 PM ]
Why I’d like you to refrain from telling Simeon anything?
YOU [ 2:53 PM ]
Uh, no?
LUCIFER [ 2:53 PM ]
Simeon and I go a long way back. We were once brothers back in my Celestial Realm days. I also think he’s someone reliable, especially when I have my little brothers to deal with.
As much as I hate to admit, he does have good advice if you’re looking for one.
You can rely on him, ____.
YOU [ 2:54 PM ]
Tumblr media
LUCIFER [ 2:54 PM ]
YOU [ 2:54 PM ]
I didn’t know you feel that way about me
LUCIFER [ 2:54 PM ]
Excuse me?
YOU [ 2:54 PM ]
I’m so touched. Let’s have tea together this weekend!
Tumblr media
LUCIFER [ 2:55 PM ]
Where is ____?
YOU [ 2:57 PM ]
She left to go to the bathroom, said something about needing to wash her face and do her skincare routine before she left her phone on the table. 
I was surprised to see my name in your chat with her.
But anyways, shall we have tea over at Déjà Vu?
YOU [ 3:02 PM ]
Are you there?
I can invite ____ too if you want?
Tumblr media
 © coffeerecords — all rights reserved. copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform or by any means is not allowed.
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Obey me!Memes #87
Tumblr media
*Law & Order music*
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · 2 days ago
Hmm, what do you think on eating fem! Luci? 🤔🤔
Lucifer wants you to lick him like he's your last meal. He's left his pride behind the second he layed before you, pussy open and dripping without shame, so the demon expects you to eat him out the same way.
Keep it loud, groan against his flesh, carefully bite his most sensitive parts, press your face so hard against him to cover it all in his juice. Grip his thighs like he's your oxygen, close your eyes in bliss and tell him just how amazing he tastes.
Treat him like your queen and he'll reward you like one, his rich cum sweeter than honey sometimes. Let him be part of his reward and kiss his lips with your still sticky lips while your fingers continue what your mouth started, rough and fast.
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myetherealmelody · 2 days ago
I think Mammon would have a praise kink that only gets intensified when combined with Mommy kink tbh. Getting told he's mommy's good boy drives him crazy and he gets so flustered he can barely form sentences. So of course, his Mommy makes him use his words and tell her exactly what he wants and how good it feels.
yup yup yup-
"you're mommy's good boy, aren't you?" you coo as you grind yourself down onto mammon's cock-his wrists are pinned to the bed underneath your hand, above his head, and his eyes are unfocused, desperate whines and pants leaving his mouth as you fuck yourself onto his cock-
"wanna hear you say it~" you whisper, feeling mammon's cock twitch inside you, his face hopelessly flushed, because he loves it, he wants to be a good boy for you so badly-
mammon whimpers as you clench around his cock, stilling his hips so he doesn't fuck up into you, because you didn't give him permission yet and he's trying his hardest to be good, he really is-
"tell me what you want, baby~"
"wanna fuck you-" mammon finally admits in a huff of breath, bright white hair plastered to his forehead from sweat, his fingers twisting into the bedsheets as he watches you use his cock. "please, mommy?"
"then fuck me," you say, and he lets out a groan, finally lifting his hips up so he can fuck his cock up into you with desperate thrusts, fingers digging into your waist, messy and slick. "be a good boy and fuck me~"
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deathisawitch · a day ago
hi! could you write the brothers reacting to an mc with a surgically split tongue? i love your writing btw!!💕
OM! demon bros vs mc’s split tongue
warnings: gender neutral reader, cosmetic surgery (body mod) mention, !some nsfw!
Tumblr media
it will depend weather you have other obvious body mods as to if he's surprised or not.
he finds it mildly interesting that humans desire to alter themselves in such ways
overal he finds it oddly endearing and would compliment you saying it suits you nicely.
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Lucifer
Lucifer plays with your body like its a finely tuned instrument, your split tongue is simply one more thing for him to use
hes quite fond of sucking on only one side at a time while making out
will make you suck on his fingers, just to have you use the two halves and work his fingers in your mouth like it were his dick
thinks its badass as fuck
lowkey I headcannon he had or does have a tongue piercing of his own
Mammon loves piercings or body mods aesthetically so he absolutely thinks youre dope as hell
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Mammon
the first time he sees it the only thought in his lil crow brain is "f u c k that's so h o t"
moans like a porn star when you go down on him
also: play with his nipples with that tongue of yours. just a pro tip <3
hes kinda confused why humans would want a split tongue and go through the pain of getting one since it can be a scary surgery
but he will also stare at it when you do things with it. won't admit it makes him feel less insecure
he has a split tongue, but not only is his tongue much longer then yours its split wayyy farther back. but he mostly hides it anyway
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Levi
the novelty is lost on him unfortunately. however, he still finds the things you can do with it hot
when the pair of you makeout its truly a unique experience
he very much enjoys it when you give him hickies, the two points of pressure from your tongue add to the experience
greatly impressed by it. not bc its unique in the devildom (split tongues on demons are not uncommon for those of reptilian nature Barbatos and Levi to name a few)
hes impressed by the devotion to the body modification.
most likely to ask you about your research before the surgery, recovery time, and any complications you experienced
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Satan
didn't find it inherently sexy at first, however
now its one of his favorite parts of your body
when hes feeling needy he'll convince you to suck him off, mainly playing with the very tip of his cock and massaging it with that split tongue of yours
first thoughts with Asmo as always are dirty thoughts but hes not a creep he'll keep them to himself.
compliments you immediately, cooing that it some how make you cuter??
Asmo is also a fan of body mods aesthetically so he will look at you with heart eyes like he wasn't already doing that
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Asmo
okay maybe he will share those dirty thoughts with you after all.
also loud while making out with you when you suck on his tongue or bite and suck on his lips with your split tongue
may sound weird but while you're marking him up pull his earlobe into your mouth and suck on it. his back with arch all nice and pretty
fascinated. can you taste more now that your tongue has more surface area since its split???
he also thinks its cool/pretty to look at
would be sad on your behalf of the food you couldn't eat while it was healing
if you have a sexual relationship w/ Beel
lets be honest he's got the best tongue of the brothers anyway so you unfortunately don't hold a candle to him
Beel's tongue is long and thick with ridges almost like a cats (made for scraping meat off bone) and the strength of the muscle is insane
he thinks it cute tho when you run it over his cock head.
and it feels nice in his mouth when he kisses you
probably calls you a masochist for getting it
hes pretty indifferent on body mods overall but he can't deny he got some dirty thoughts upon first glance
beyond teasing he doesn't comment on it
of you have a sexual relationship w/ Belphie
whiny boy when you suck him off. would try and fuck your face just to feel more of your tongue on him
will want you to mark every part of his body just to feel it
the type to press his thumb on your tongue to watch the two halves separate and slobber on him
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Yandere Diavolo but he is your big brother.
Tumblr media
Diavolo would be a really overprotective big brother.
He really doesn’t want anyone to hurt his sibling.
Plus, you're the only "friend" Diavolo has had.
That’s why Diavolo doesn’t want you to spend time with others.
He believes that "others" are not good enough for you.
However, you are really free to be with Diavolo.
Diavolo doesn’t check your phone (because Barbatos knows when you’re going to do something forbidden.), You get to move really freely and you usually get almost anything you want.
But he treats you like a child.
Diavolo also tells you about how hell is a really scary and horrible place.
( What would be true if you were human but probably no one would dare hurt you. )
However, you do not know that.
The only people who can meet you besides Diavolo are Lucifer and Barbatos.
Diavolo knows they won't do anything against him.
Diavolo really cares about you a lot and he wants you to be happy.
There is nothing wrong with that, is there?
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misty-purple-haze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I wanted to start off this blog with a replaced! Mc au But the Mc does not give so much importance to the bros or the datables so all in all a badass, respectful Mc who is least bothered of the obey me! Cast replacing them 😊 also thanks to @camagueyys for the wonderful idea <33
TW: OOC brothers, OOC datables , abandonment, minor cusses, berating behaviours, please let me know if I missed something 💖
Tumblr media
You knew these were scummy demons. You expected it too, especially from the demon prince and his butler himself. But never did you expect this from the angels and the sorcerer. You were glad of course, that this happened else you wouldn’t be able to see their true ugly faces until now. You scoffed at the brothers, the royals, the angels, and the sorcerer looking at their sorry state in front of you now. Talk about acting pathetic. You merely glared at them and went on about with your friends in the human world. Mannerless, disgusting beings, thinking they can throw you away and still expect you to stay like a loyal lapdog waiting it’s master’s return. You wouldn’t give them that satisfaction. They didn’t deserve it.
Lucifer knocked on your door while you were talking with your mother. Talk about a bad timing. “Oh sweetie, someone seems to be knocking on your door. We shall talk later okay?” You smiled at her. “Sure mom! I’ll tell you all about what happened today later tonight!!” She laughed “sure you will. Now go and open the door. Love you” “love you too mom” you smiled at her and cut the call and made your way to the door. “How long do I have to knock to get your attention Mc..” “oops sorry Lucifer, I was talking to my mother before you oh so rudely interrupted us.” You sneered. He merely rolled his eyes and started speaking again, much to your dismay. “Lord Diavolo wants us at his castle. Get ready.” And with that he left. “Imagine knocking and interrupting my time for that.” You whispered to yourself and got ready and hurried down the stairs to see the seven brothers waiting for you. “Took ya long enough, human.” Mammon said with a sigh. You rolled your eyes and got into the carriage and went to the castle with the brothers. There you found The prince and a human? A witch? You really couldn’t tell. “Ah I’m so glad you all made it here!” The prince exclaimed. You smiled at him “how the fuck is this man even a prince” you thought to yourself when suddenly the prince introduced the new student Alya. They seemed nice and genuinely interested in you. You gave a warm welcoming smile to them. You were tasked with showing the new student around and boy did you and Alya have fun. You chatted with them, showed them the palace, library, boutiques, restaurants and all the famous spots of Devildom. They practically had stars in their eyes as they watched you explain the famous spots, the pastries, and clung on to you while you showed them around the place.
The brothers were a bit hesitant at first. As expected of them. But you were surprised when the brothers took them in with welcoming arms. You were never treated this good when you first came in… what got into these brothers? At first Alya tried their level best to spend time with you as much as they could but the brothers did not like it one bit. They all literally forced Alya to spend time with them. You then started noticing the change in behaviour of the brothers towards you. You noticed how they would glare at you anytime you tried to interrupt their time with Alya while the student looked at you apologetically. They also started insulting you indirectly and stopped leaving food for you at all. It was Alya who gave you food when the brothers “forgot” . Alya even cancelled their plans with the brothers just to make up for all the lost time the brothers took away from you two. Even the royals, the angels, and the sorcerer started acting distant towards you as they all spent their time with Alya who seemed genuinely uncomfortable with them. You always helped them out of those uncomfortable situations. You noticed how Alya got all the recognition from the prince these days. You noticed how your work was almost never noticed and how Alya was congratulated for getting a 70% on their test while you were at the top of your class with a 99% . Maybe this was just a honeymoon phase. Wrong. In fact now, the brothers openly degraded and berated you while giving obvious favouritism to Alya. It was then you lost all hope in these brothers and the others. Maybe Diavolo would let you go back home? Yes. He should let you go back. You knew that by sticking around here longer the treatment would only get worse. It was then Alya barged into your room with no warning what so ever that scared the living daylights out of you. “Thank god they left me alone-“ they pant out and you laugh.
“You seem to be having fun” “Mc!” They hit you playfully and you giggled. “In all seriousness though… mc?” “Hmm?” “Did they… once… mean something to you?” You stared at them in surprise. “I’m not sure what are you talking about, Alya.” “I mean… did they treat you the same way before I came?” You sighed and put your books down and looked at them with a blank face. This caused them to become worried. “Did I say something wrong? You seem troubled..” “no Alya, don’t worry.” You patted her shoulder and motioned her to sit beside you. They complied and pulled out a chair and sat beside you. “No.” “What?” “No Alya. During my stay here I was never treated as good as you. I have been living here for 2 years straight but never have they once put so much care into me as much as they put into you. The way Lucifer looks at you with a strange fondness in his eyes, the way Mammon and Leviathan treat you gently, I was never treated that way. Infact I would be constantly mocked at and had to prove myself time and time again to win their hearts. It hurts you know.” Alya’s eyes widened. “I was forced to do things their way or else I would be ignored or hurtful words would be spat at me. I was lucky I didn’t develop any sort of emotional attachment to them so I’m not feeling sad or angry right now. But I was never treated with even half the care you receive now.” “It does hurt a little you know. To watch someone you cared for so much even if it’s fake or forced for that matter use you as a punching bag. But if you want to know if I’m feeling lonely or not don’t worry, I have made a bunch of friends here in RAD too who are much better than these brothers and the others.” You squeezed their hand with a reassuring smile while they felt disgusted with the audacity of these demons. They squeezed your hand in return. “Mc…” and do you want to know what Lucifer said to me yesterday?” They nodded. “I want to know Mc.. I know it’s not good but I still want to know.” You nodded and mimicked lucifer’s voice ”ehem. You are a disgrace Mc. A failure. Alya is doing so much better than you are here. Aren’t you ashamed? Don’t get too comfortable Mc. I’m warning you. Sometimes I wish I never chose you.” Alya’s eyes widened with rage. “That son of a bitch” you looked at her , amused at her choice of words. “They harmed you Mc! Why are you giggling??” “You sure got guts, Alya, calling Lucifer that.” They pouted. “He deserves it.” You both laughed. For the first time you felt good. Suddenly Alya grabbed your hand “Mc.. you don’t need to stay here.” “Hmm?” “I mean.. these guys treat you like thrash you know. They don’t deserve you. I mean i’m surprised that you never used all the information you have against them you know…” you stared at the floor trying to process what you had just heard. Should you… really leave? You were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts when you felt Alya grab your hand “Mc?” They asked looking worried. “I was never allowed to use my pacts for “useless matters” Alya. Though I suppose you are right. I’ve entertained these clowns for way too long. I’ll talk to Diavolo about this issue.” Alya stared at you with a smile. “Im happy you are finally acknowledging your worth Mc. And because of that I shall come along with you!” They declared by ending it on a loud note which caused you to giggle. “Well? Shall we go now?” They looked at you and smiled. “Of course!” And with that you both got ready and headed to the castle. Of course you received some glares from the brothers as you walked but felt Alya grab your hand as a form of reassurance. You squeezed it and walked ignoring the glares. It took a while but you both got there. Upon entering you noticed Barbatos smile at you but you just looked at him coldly and walked past him into the prince’s office which surprised him. Never had he seen you be this cold towards him. “Ah Alya! Mc! What a surprise! What brings you here today?” He approached to give you a friendly hug but you stopped him by raising a hand with a blank face. “Hmm? Mc? What happened?” “We need to talk. Diavolo”
Tumblr media
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 2 days ago
Mc: *yawns*
Asmo: Yeah, being that pretty must be tiring.
Mc: Then you must be exhausted.
Solomon: Will you two shut up? Some of us are lonely.
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cowmai · 2 days ago
I was wondering if I could request the mortality imagine but with the dateables+Luke (platonically)??
I love your writing sm. And i hope the new year treats you well and you stay healthy!! COVID’s gotten really bad recently and I hope you stay safe!!
Yes everyone please stay safe and be responsible! Sorry for the delay I get distracted easily.
Funnily enough I think that the datables are more accepting of the fact and able to deal with MC being mortal. Not that they like it or anything.
Pt 2. to this
Dateables and MC's mortality
TW: angst, implications of death
He finds you alone in the RAD gardens.
"Oh MC, it's lovely to see you. I heard about the commotion you caused the other day."
You give him a wistful smile, eyes sheepish. It makes the corners of his lip pull downwards. Your face looks too at ease with the fate given to those of your kind. Too accepting. He wishes, even if it's for selfish reasons, that the rebellious streak in you he's grown to love has enough fire to defy this too.
With you he feels a connectedness he's longed for such a long time. Everyone else feels so far separated from him, but there you are in the home you made for yourself within him. And the gap that you've filled wasn't a perfect fit, but his heart did the rest of the work and molded around you. If you left now it would leave a you-shaped hole in his heart, no longer satisfied by anything other than a custom fit.
And he knows there's more threatening to drag the two of you apart than just the limitations of human lives. Rules, expectations, the separation of the realms. However, he's willing to challenge it all to keep you with him.
He pulls you into a hug and his large palm gently cradles your head as you rest against his chest. You stay like that for a few breaths, feel the warmth of him against your cheek. He hopes that while you rest there you can feel the soft call of his heart for you.
"You need only ask MC, and I will do everything within my power."
Even if you had come from humble kitchen beginnings, Barbatos is set on turning you into an iron chef. Offering extremely technical advice on the proportions of baking soda to flour, he guides you through a baking session in the royal kitchen.
Its an odd thing, what he feels for you. But mostly it's soft and tender, found in the simple moments. Your presence is something he has grown fond of having besides him in the little monotonies of life. Yet its more rare than he would like to find the time to make new memories with you.
Time isn't a linear thing to him. There's loops and holes and suspended moments and separate tracks. All of which are extremely fickle. And the time and memories that are to be spent with the you before him will eventually come to a close, after which he will be forced to search for you outside of the realm of here and now. You'll be scattered amongst the there and far, always a little out of reach and always missing pieces of knowledge of the moments that made him value you so.
There's a distinguishable difference between having you with him completely from start to indefinite end, than being forced to fall back on glimpses of you in timelines he's not allowed to touch. However, he'll keep scouring through the threads of time hoping to find something suitable enough to last.
But in this moment in the kitchen with you he's got plenty of time though, MC, so don't dwell too much on running out.
Over tea you discuss with him the interesting conversation you've had with the brothers. The subject stays with him for the next several days.
You've become special to him, more special than a single human should be. And your flaws, your deep human flaws that you still don't understand how the others can even think to compare you to an angel because of, only make him that more endeared to you.
The loss of you from the realms is something that would weigh on him, tinge the white of his soul with a blot of grey grief.
He won't be able to be with you, he knows that his place is not beside you. No matter how much the urge to hold you close strikes him. Despite the fact that the draft of his next book features a romance with a character so similar to you. And even though lately you feel like what can only be described as the wind beneath his wings.
A deep, hidden, selfish part of him looks towards the brothers and their love for you. That something in their care for you might urge them to find a way to defy their father once more and extend the time allotted to you.
The prospect eases the bittersweet weight in his chest to know that you would still be traversing through existence, blessing whatever little corner of the realms you might find yourself. And that he can always invite you to tea.
Luke (platonic)
"Michael said he's already planning the centennial ball, Simeon! It's going to be so grand we have to invite MC!" Luke is practically bouncing on the balls of his feet at the idea of showing you such a wonderful, celestial occasion.
"Ahh Luke," Simeon scratches the back of his head, unsure how to word such a delicate thing, "I think that won't be possible."
He frowns, whole face scrunching with discontentment as Simeon reminds him that the things he wants to show you are a little too far in advance for a human schedule like yours.
You're the first real human he's ever interacted with (Solomon doesn't count). The first true mortal.
He's spent his life sheltered in the celestial realm. A place that feels so suspended and untouched by time he can easily forget it exists altogether. He came into creation after the brothers fell. He's never known them in order to miss them. Doesn't feel the grief his fellow angels feel for their absence.
But it's his duty as an angel to bring light to the lives of humans; to guide them and provide them comfort, warmth, joy. And there's no other human he could want to do so for more than you. So maybe the ball is too far out of reach, but not the sleepovers, or the bakeries, or the amusement parks, or all the selfies of you, him, and Simeon his phone can save.
He knows you'll have to leave one day, he might not understand the weight of it just yet, but he's decided that the time he has to spend with you he'll fill with joy and good memories. To him, you deserve the sweetest of lives MC.
You're in his workspace, trying to master some kind of enchantment, a look of concentration on your face as you reread the pages before you.
As he gazes at you he feels a pull in his chest. One that tells him letting you slip by him with the rest of time would create a small angry little wound in his heart. It wouldn't be the first wound of it's kind, no, his heart is already long since seared in scars.
He's said goodbye to family, friends, companions, lovers. Precious fleeting things he cannot get back.
And most of those hurts have hardened over. But he knows this wound, like a select few of the others left behind, would remain open and raw. Foster infected tendrils that would slowly dig and root much deeper into his soul. The kind of wound that no matter how much time has passed, will always feel recently carved.
Maybe he's becoming soft, or maybe his heart is close to hardening over under the scar tissue and you've claimed one of the last few tender spots left, he's not sure. But he doesn't intend to let the opportunity of your presence here in this era with him go to waste.
You finally make headway with your spell, a small thing, but your face lights up at your progress. He can't help but to grin back with you.
His lovely apprentice, won't you stay with him awhile?
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squid-god-supreme · a day ago
Okay so idk much about Twisted's plot, but basically Mc gets pulled into some weird magic world, right?
Can you imagine a Twisted/Obey Me cross-over where both games just share the same Mc
The same human gets pulled into some magical world not once but twice
First you're chilling with some demons and sooner or later you're pulled into another weird magic world
Malleus: You seem troubled, Child of man
Mc: If I had a dime for every time I got pulled into some weird, magical world, where I'm surrounded by cute magical and/or mythical beings, I'd have two dimes
Mc: Which isn't alot, but it's still weird to have that many
Meanwhile the Obey Me cast is freaking out because where's the human
Ok ok i see you
But i raise you this
Please imagine mammon, grim, ace and floyd fighting over being mcs "first/main man"
Mamon : human what are ya doing
Ace : YAH? Well im mcs MAIN man bozo
Floyd : shrimpy likes me more
Mamon : SHEEP!!
Floyd, scary face : S H R I M P Y
Or like diavolo and malleus being buddys- because theyre both lonely princes who are friends with a normal human who showed them one ounce of kidness one day
Barbatos and jade descussing the best ways to (torture people) cook mushrooms
Levi and idia...that is all.
Simeon and trey. SOLOMON AND LILIA
Both luke and epel being psudo adopted By jack
Satan haveing the time if his life in savana claw
Asmo carter and vill being #besties
Belphie v.s overblot boys in the running for "whos killed/almost killed mc more"
Lucifer and sebek will get into a fight.
Satan and azul will be friends by the end of this event.
Beel and jack. BEEL AND TREY????
Now i have big brainrot
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asmopet · a day ago
You paced back and forth outside the room where Lucifer was probably brooding while signing papers and whatever a good partner for Diavolo did.
You didn’t know how to properly get his attention because you didn’t want to cause a scene… Oh, who were you kidding?
You stared at the door intensely, silently giving Lucifer an opportunity to put a stop to what you were about to do. But, expectedly, he did not come out of the room.
“Oh no!” You fell over, your crash echoing in the area outside his office. “I’ve been stabbed!” You went silent, listening very carefully for any movement in the office.
When the unusually loud door doesn’t creak open, you finally give up. You let your head rest against the floor, the cold wood chilling your cheek.
Unfortunately, a shadow loomed over you and broke the somber mood you were going for. “Go away, Mammon. I’m waiting for Lucifer.”
“It’s not Mammon.”
“Lucifer!” You rushed to stand and saw his face just in time to see him force down a smile. “I knew you’d come to my rescue.”
Lucifer sighed, rubbing at his face tiredly. “Why didn’t you get back up?”
“Oh, I dunno.” You couldn’t hide your smile. Did he get worried when you didn’t get up because of the chance of you actually being hurt?
Lucifer rose an eyebrow. “You don’t know?”
“I just wanted your attention,” you admitted, rubbing at your cheek roughly with a hand to get the dust off. “‘m about to go to bed.”
“Well, I don’t know why you would come here for my attention.” Lucifer took your arm and began to lead you towards his room. “I was in bed waiting for you.”
“…You were in bed,” Lucifer nodded, “waiting for me?”
“That is what I said. I was waiting for a while, actually.”
“I love you.” You broke your arm away from his grip to curl an arm around his waist and squeeze him. He let out a surprised breath, his eyes flicking over to you with such a fierce fondness that you had to stop yourself from saying it again.
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chastiefoul · a day ago
moment of weakness | obey me
fluff and comfort
word count : 2204 words
a little bit of all the 7 brothers <3
lowercase intended
you've had a very bad day and you couldn’t wait to cry your heart out after class
except diavolo suddenly held an emergency council meeting.
you were running a little late.
which you think should be justified this time.
the announcement of the meeting was very sudden, you'd just step a foot right outside the school's gate just before you’ve got a message from diavolo telling you and the brothers to come to the meeting room.
and the timing couldn't be more off.
it has been a very tiring day for you. a day where things just went the opposite as to what you wanted.
you were exhausted, overwhelmed even. this has caused an unending case of deep breaths, biting the inside your cheeks, or whatever it is just to keep the tears that were threatening to reveal themself intact.
going home hasn't felt like a luxury in a long time when all you wanted to do was just to shut yourself in your room and weep along with your favorite snacks and entertainments. but alas, the emergency thing happened. not only know you have a stupid long meeting to go through, you also have to feign a neutral expression in front of everyone to top it off.
it's not that you don't share your worries and feelings with them, but the thought of all of them knowing at the same time and will probably make a big fuss out of it is already a headache just imagining it. but also there hasn’t been any tears spilled yet to have the need to tell it to anyone. so the plan is to get over it quickly, and go home.
yet you should have known that it was not going to be as simple as that. it never was.
you arrived finally at the meeting room, taking a few more round of breaths to calm your nerves. you put on the most smile you could manage, and swung the door open. the usual rowdiness from the seven brothers somehow calmed down upon your presence, greeting you. you waved back with the little energy you have left, refusing to say a word which promptly worked in your favor since the meeting started as soon as you arrived.
“now that everyone here, please return to your respective seats.” diavolo claimed cheerfully, already taking the reign for this meeting. you do what he said, putting a hand in front of your chest like a silent prayer to let you get through this last thing swiftly.
you weren’t surprised when all diavolo said was like a buzzing noise in your ear, you couldn’t focus since the only thing you wish to do at the time was not to cry. oh god, just imagining the awkwardness everyone had to go through if you just started weeping out of nowhere, you shuddered at the thought.
yet that notion suddenly felt so close to being happening.
now that everyone is quiet, listening intently—or at least some of them pretended to listen to what diavolo had to say, you suddenly felt small in the quietness. and in only silent moments like this you miss one of mammon’s dumb joke or levi’s sudden outburst over his latest series obsession. at least those were distracting. if it’s like this, you couldn’t help but let your mind wander—not to great places.
you wished you knew what the emergency was so at least you’d have a little understanding as to why you’re sitting there suppressing the unpleasant emotion instead of your room crying and swimming in a pool of self-pity.
but you didn’t. this just felt unfair, but above all of that suffocating. a thought of not attending the meeting flashes across your mind multiple times on the way to the room, but thinking about the aftermath and the trouble lucifer’s going to give you was when you decide that it wasn’t worth it.
although perhape he’d understand if you just explained, it wouldn’t be fair would it? everyone’s tired as well, a bad day shouldn’t be an excuse to get out of something important.
you let another quiet sigh escaped.
all the events that had happened slowly but surely coming down crashing at you at a crushing speed, and your train of thoughts wasn’t exactly forgiving either, until a call of your name startled you out of the phase.
your head snapped up, realizing that now every one of them had their stare on you, expecting you to say something.
but you couldn’t. you knew whatever the next word that came out from your mouth will be followed by a handful of tears and waves of sobs. the usual gentle gazes from each of them now felt like a heavy pressure, you couldn’t take it. a lump started to form at the back of your throat.
you stood up abruptly, “sorry, i-i’m going to wash my face real quick.” your voice was barely above a whisper, and that didn’t feel good, that felt weak and pathetic and you were never those words.somehow that day, returning to the usual you, seems so very far away.
you walked down the corridor to the direction of restroom but quickly stopped, looking at another turn that you remembered was a shortcut to the school’s park.
just for a while.
you thought to yourself, before going to the opposite way of the place you’d wash your face to.
you sat down in a bench, in a slightly more secluded area of the park. you looked up at the dark sky of devildom, feeling another heavy wave of sadness coming. it just kept coming until you couldn’t hold it, your vision was extremely blurry.
finally, you yielded and blinked, a drop of tear escaped, and another followed, and another, and another. it just wouldn’t stop. you let out a quiet sob, the one where you’d hold it in and your chest hurt yet you knew you needed to feel this sadness, to recognize it, and to let it go.
just before you felt another loud wave of cries coming, you heard a quiet shriek. at this, you stopped the sad parade altogether.
“who’s there!?” you claimed, somehow feeling mad someone had caught you in a moment of vulnerability and they had the audacity to sneak around like that instead of showing their face. there was a solid minute of silence before a quiet voice spoke.
“y-yo,” a very familiar demon with white hair reveal themself. he timidly went and stood in front of you, not knowing what to do with his hands—or his whole body for that matter. you closed your eyes in frustration, letting out a deep sigh. mammon just rubbed the back of his head, preparing himself for an earful.
“mammon you should’ve told me you’re here,” you said genly, although it lack the warmth you usually have when talking to him.
you stood up, having zero intention to talk about what happened. “c’mon let’s get back, sorry for delaying the meeting.
”mammon just widened his eyes at your nonchalant attitude. you walked past him, and he never felt more like a stranger. the fact that you thought he’s only there just to collect you for the meeting to get back started, that cuts deep.
he promptly grabbed your arm, stopping your steps. “hey y’know you can talk to me about anything, right?” his voice was spiked with worries, his gaze was the gentlest he’s ever been. “i know, i just—it’s nothing, really.”
“if it’s nothing then why are crying, stupid.” he pulled the hand he was grabbing, catching you into his chest. you went quiet, having no energy to let out an extreme reaction, though at the familiar scent you managed to calm down. you were comfortable until there’s an off-beat heaves of breathes, his body was shaky, you were just about to ask about it when another or rather multiple voices came to the scene.
“mammon we told you to stop them from crying which is great and all but why are you the one who’s crying right now?” asmo crossed his hands, staring at his brother in disbelief. “s-shut up, i’m not crying because the human cried or anything like that okay!!”
“yes and we have sunlights in devildom, mammon.” satan just sigh in discontent catching him in his usual blatant lies.
“fine, be that way!” mammon sulked turning his back, probably suddenly feeling embarrassed to be caught while in tears and hugging you like that.
“what are you guys doing out here?” you asked, grateful that your tears were long dried. “____!” asmo squealed, tackling you into a hug. “we’re sorry we didn’t notice sooner that you weren’t feeling well and that you had to go through that,” he frowned, rubbing your shoulder. your tensed body was then relieved beyond belief. you reciprocated the hug, wanting to lean in a bit further for comfort before levi chimed in.
“noooo fair!” it was obvious he was about the continue that line of thought before lucifer coldly cut him off.
“levi, quiet down.” at this the blue-haired demon formed a thin line with his mouth. you chuckled a little. ah yes, the usual ruckus.
asmo let them go, it’s me and belphie’s turn,” beel loomed over the two of you demandingly. asmo let you go reluctantly, giving your under eye a gentle rub with his thumb. it wasn’t even two milliseconds of freedom before both of the twin crushed you with the most comfortable sandwich hug, beel behind you with his big physique making you feel safe, and belphie resting his head on your shoulder, his hair tickling your jaw in the best way possible. “i am frankly offended that you’re not telling us anything, ___” belphie mumbled.
“sorry..” you quietly offered. “i’m not asking you to apologize or anything like that-“ belphie pulled away from your side, looking at you with the kindest smile.
“i’m only saying if you wanna talk, i’m-“a certain white-haired demon coughed. belphie scoffed, but humored him anyway. “-we’re here.”
“i don’t understand why you chose to go through it alone,” beel added his voice tinged in sadness. “but i will always be there if you need anything, next time just say the word and i’ll make your favorite meals for you to at least cheer you up,” you could feel the fondness behind the words, your heart filled with warmth. “thank you, you both.”
“beel, belphie i think you’re kinda crushing them,” satan voiced with worry. “no we’re not you just want a turn,” belphie sighed, but he and beel let go anyway. “can’t say you’re not wrong,” he said, the usual smile creeped up to his face.
satan walked up to you, holding both of your hands. “it’s been a long day yeah?” he said gently. you nodded meekly, “it has.”
“so proud of you for getting through it,” he leaned in, kissing your temple. the gesture made your chest fluttered with spring somehow you felt like crying again, but you held it in. “thank you,” you mumbled a whisper, satan’s gaze was soft and brimming with nothing but only kindness. “levi?” the yellow-haired demon called out, levi hummed an answer before knowing what his brother meant without words.
satan let go of you, you’re now face to face with the otaku. “s-so, i just—what i meant was—"you pulled him into a hug. levi was frantic for a moment before settling his warm hands on your back.
“you’re always helping me with my game and stuff, so let me help you out for once. just call me and i guarantee you i’ll prepare every single one of your favorite anime and games for you to enjoy when you’re sad!!”
“i would expect no less,” you smiled to yourself. you pulled away, looking at everyone in extreme fondness. “thank you everyone, truly.” they all smile in return before sneaking a quiet glance at their oldest, expecting him to do something, anything.
you couldn’t help but give a hopeful glance as well.
at this, he only smiled. “what? six people aren’t enough to cheer you up?” he teased. “ugh i hate it when he’s being like this, speaking as if he wasn’t the first one to notice that ____ isn’t acting like their usual self and propose the idea to come here together to try to cheer them up,” asmo protested, crossing his arms.
“i agree, although you can say it’s a very lucifer thing to do,” satan quickly jumped on the bandwagon. lucifer looked bashful for a second before letting out an exasperated sigh. finally he approached you putting his hand on your head, patting it gently. “great job today.” he smiled kindly, one that’s usually hidden before his business-like and textbook smile. you offered him the same smile in return.
and in moments like this where they just randomly bicker with each other while lucifer putting them in their place, you realize there’s a home for you in devildom. although it’s easy to be swept off by negative emotions, it’s only because of these brothers that you finally come to terms with the fact that you are so so loved.
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luxthestrange · 2 days ago
Obey me!Memes #88
Tumblr media
Beelzebub trains...to be able to hold his twin,His Human and his chihuahua child...all at once
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devildomsgod · a day ago
Can I request a Tall gn Mc teasing Mammon by not giving him a kiss and just keeping your lips out of reach? I wanna see him all pouty and tiptoeing to reach🥺
Just a simple kiss, that's all Mammon wanted. Somehow such easy plan backfired and now you're grinning down at him and he can't stop a fierce blush from covering his whole face.
He quickly replaces the embarrassment with an angry pout, asking you what the hell you thing you're doing while crossing his arms, subconsciously stretching his body to see if it's enough to reach you.
You, of course, notice the way he's trying to grow and your teasing laugh only makes it worse for the demon. Just gimme a stupid kiss he keeps complaining, threatening to leave you as you lift your head only a little, which somehow makes him still not reach, even on his tiptoes.
He finally gets his will when you seem to be overwhelmed by his cuteness and you lean down to give him as many kisses as he wants, and Mammon forgives the embarrassing adjective only this once.
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vibingandsimping · 2 days ago
On my knees begging.. I can’t find that fanfic where Solomon enchanted a dildo/pocket pussy to feel like you/your favorite demon. I need it for.. research purposes.
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deathisawitch · 23 hours ago
bad dreams
requested by @ravenina14
this content is not appropriate for minors
warnings: fem! afab! reader, monster fucking (tentacles specifically), both Levi and reader are autistic coded so heads up, fluff in the beginning spicy towards the end
authors note: this made me blush so hard writing it shehsjsf I hope at least someone likes it bc I am offering you whatever slice of my dignity remains.
words: 2k+
Tumblr media
your lower body felt cold and wet, the strangest sensation of something sucking at your thighs. it didn't feel like a mouth, at least, not quite. you tried to turn over and pull away but the thing just wrapped tighter around your legs.
panic rose in your throat as you felt yourself being dragged by whatever had its hold on you. it wasn't harsh but in your haze and inability to see it still frightened you. the coils of the creature slithered further up your legs, closer and closer to you until,
you awoke in a cold sweat.
throwing the blankets off your legs you looked down. you were in your night clothes, perfectly normal. it was just a dream, a weird dream. thinking back you felt a warmth on your cheeks, now able to identify what actually happened.
shaking your heard you realized by the heat in your stomach just where the dream would have went if you hadn't woken up.
turning over you checked the time on your D.D.D. 2:36AM, and just below it was a message notification.
you awake? - 2:31AM
you typed back a reply.
yeah. had a weird dream. - 2:36AM
a moment later your screen lit up once more
wanna hang out? - 2:37AM
you thought about it for a moment. usually spending your time with Levi was reserved for after school, and almost always happened in his room. however you loathed the idea of wandering the dark halls of the house alone at this hour. it was far to cold and your bed was warm.
idk you wanna come here? -2:39AM
if not you'd just go back to sleep and see him tomorrow.
ok omw - 2:40AM
that was quick. you thought little of it, curling back up in your blanket and scrolling through devilgam until a knock sounded at your door.
you cursed when you stood to answer it as the cold floor met your feet. opening the door you found Levi, hair disheveled and a plushie under his arm. he stared at the floor, picking at the plush's ears.
pulling the demon inside you closed the door behind him.
"what is it?" you asked as he sat on your bed, plush in his lap.
"bad dream." he admitted.
"wanna talk about it?" you offered, pulling your blanket back over you and laying to face him.
Levi shook his head, pulling the plush tighter in his arms. you patted the pillow beside you, gaining his attention. Levi looked to the pillow, then to you, silently asking if it was okay. you nodded and opened the blanket for him.
Levi was quick to curl into the warmth of your bed. he placed the plushie between you as you lay facing each other.
"my dream was weird. it felt like a nightmare at first but," you trailed off, collecting your thoughts. absentmindedly you reached out to pet the soft plush, relaxing when Levi took your hand to play with your fingers, indicating he was listening.
"I dunno I woke up before anything actually happened." you sighed.
"what do you mean?" he asked. you closed your eyes, deciding Levi was trustworthy you spoke again.
"I was scared at first, something had me by my legs. felt like a squid or an octopus or something. was dragging me off somewhere. I could feel the suckers on my bare skin." you clenched your thighs together at the memory.
out of your sight Levi's eyes widened. he swallowed, hand squeezing yours gently.
"I guess I kinda liked it." you admitted. now that the scene played over in your mind, you felt the heat return between your legs.
"...you liked that it was holding you? or," he started.
"I liked most of it. maybe not the being dragged part but, it was cold and wet, and the suckers tickled a little. almost felt like hickies." you giggled at the thought.
"guess I didn't think I'd be into that." you laughed, a slight warmth in your cheeks.
Levi was quiet, deep in thought for a minute.
"yaknow... I had a bad dream. you were in it. I thought I was gunna hurt you." Levi admitted quietly. it was your turn to take his hand now, holding it gently.
"why?" you asked. Biting his lip Levi buried his face in the plush more, hiding himself from you in the blankets.
"I was in my demon form, not the one you've seen, the other one." he began.
"other one?" you interrupted. Levi hid himself from your view more.
"...yeah I have another one. its ugly and gross and-"
"Levi you say that about your human form. I don't believe you." you poked at the puff of purple hair visible from under your blanket. "I like your human form, and your demon form, so I'm sure I'll like that one too."
the demon poked his head up more, amber eyes scanned your face as you looked down, playing with his long thin fingers.
"w-well anyway, I was in my sea form. you were there, but you were drowning. I panicked and tried to pull you up to the surface, but I was scared id crush you with my tenticles and-"
"you have tenticles??" you perked up, staring curiously at him. Levi hung his head again, trying to hide.
"I told you it was weird and gross and-"
"that's so cool Levi!" you grinned. he froze, completely stiff. "if you're okay with it id love to see sometime!" you squeezed his hand, fingers laced together.
Levi felt a warmth crawl up his chest. he was so glad he came to you. he could never quite wrap his head around why, but you always excepted him. never treated him as weird, just excepted him as he was.
"yeah okay, next time we go swimming I'll show you." he nodded in agreement.
spending your weekends with your reptilian friend usually consisted of gaming sessions in his room, but after your weird dream night, he'd been quick to want to go out. you two had agreed to take a day to the beach, he said he knew of a cool cave he wanted to show you.
Lucifer wasn't keen on the idea at first, originally going to apoint Mammon as your chaperone, but the anti Lucifer league had been successful at slipping salt into his tea. you giggled along with Levi as you slipped away, Lucifer's booming voice still audible from outside the house.
you were careful, the rocks along the alcove were slippery, and even with Levi's hand in yours you didn't want to bring you both crashing down into the sea.
"ta-da!" grinned your companion as he showed you the entrance to an alcove. "if you swim down there, you'll find a little cave. the walls sparkle when the sun shines in." he pointed to the water below.
"uh, im not super confident in my swimming Levi-"
"that's what I'm here for! a human like you is no match for a demon of the water. so just hold on and hold your breath okay." he grinned, quickly jumping into the water.
Levi beckoned you forward into the open water. you were a bit nervous, but you trusted your demon companion greatly, so you jumped in.
as you came up for air you felt something cool and firm wrap around your middle. at first you jumped in surprise but the muscle pulled you closer to Levi. upon a closer look you could see the black scales he usually hid along his neck and chest make their appearance.
"is that you Levi?" you asked, reaching your hands down to touch the appendage at your middle. you'd felt his serpentine tail many times, but the smooth scales felt very different from the squishy fleshy thing wrapped around you now.
"yeah, just- close your eyes and hold your breath, okay? ill pull you back up to the surface once we're inside." you nodded, taking a deep breath, you held your nose as you were pulled under, water filling your ears.
the appendages, multiple as you now realized, were just as Levi had mentioned. surely they must be tentacles you thought as youre held tight to the one around your chest. you were pulled to be cradled against Levi, you could feel his still humanoid torso you were pressed against.
it didn't take long before your head broke the surface again and you were able to gasp for air once more. blinking your eyes open you were greeted by a cave just as he'd said. the salt deposits on the walls glittered like diamonds in the sunlight, reflecting off the small holes in the roof of the cave.
"wow! its beautiful!" you commented, placing your hands on Levi's shoulders. you felt a squeezing sensation, much like a hug as the tentacles around you tightened their hold.
you gasped and they quickly stopped, starting to pull away.
"sorry- sorry, I knew this was a bad idea-" Levi sunk deeper into the water in embarrassment.
"nono, wait," you grabbed onto the tentacle around your chest, hugging it closer. Levi paused, blinking at you from just above the surface.
leaning your head down, you lay your face against it, exhaling in contentment. you were barely even treading water, Levi's hold on you keeping you afloat.
the tentacle slithered up, the tip of it resting on your cheek. a giggle passed your lips as you felt a sucker land on your cheek, leaving you a kiss.
"I like them. they're pretty." you hugged him closer, the blue purple color matching his hair perfectly.
Leviathan stared at you in disbelief. he slowly rolled them so the smooth flat side faced out, and the sucker side was pressed to your skin instead. you let out a gasp, followed by a giggle as they sucked at your flesh.
it tickle a little at first, the spots along your sides especially. you only counted two of them, one around your middle, it slowly began sneaking down to your leg, the suckers feeling quite different on your inner thigh.
the other was wrapped around your chest and shoulders, the end of it now laying against the side of your neck.
your gasp turned into a slight moan as, while sliding, the appendage around your chest moved your swim top by accident, a sucker now placed over your nipple.
Levi squeaked, quick to remove it but you caught the arm and placed it back over your chest.
"Levi... Levi please... squeeze me again?" you asked shyly. the poor demon before you was a mess. he bit his lip but did ask you asked. the arms around you tightened again, pulling you closer to his torso.
"...I was wondering if this was why you wanted to see." he chuckled. his voice was deeper then usual as he reached out a hand to your face. "...do you like this?" he asked.
you nodded, biting your lip to keep away your sounds. Levi brushed your cheek with his thumb.
"tell me, I need to hear you say it."
"yes! yes I like it very much-" you were silenced by his lips on yours. the kiss was sweet at first, he pulled away for a moment. reaching for him again you whined just slightly.
"don't hide your sounds. no ones going to hear you here but me." he spoke gently as he pressed a kiss to your cheek, then trailed his lips down to your jaw.
a gasp and a whine pulled from your lips as another sucker moved your swim top and landed squarely on your nipple. your back arched as both breasts now received the same attention. the sucking was gentle and rhythmic, and had your core clenching around nothing.
you moaned as his mouth met your neck. gently, he followed the same rhythm on your chest as he marked you as his own.
your eyes rolled back as the very tip of the second tentacle pulled at your bottoms, slipping under the material and making there way down towards your heat.
"is this okay?" Levi murmured against your neck, the appendage pausing just above where you wanted him.
"yes! yes please Levi- I wanna feel you-" your plea was broken by a gasp as the tip of his tentacle slid against your clit. it toyed with it for a moment before sliding down, placing a sucker right on the bundle of nerves.
your gasps and whines turned to moans and cries. your head was lulled back, one arm around your front to hold the tentacle around your chest, your other hand had tangled itself in Levi's wet hair.
he pulled his mouth up from your neck to meet your lips again, he groaned into your mouth when you tugged gently on his hair. his forked tongue had you drunk on the taste of him. it worked against yours persistently, sucking and sliding as his hand came up to rest on the back of your head.
the unrelenting sucking on your body had you pushed to the brink of an orgasm in no time flat. when Levi finally pulled away from your mouth for air you clutched him tighter, body starting to shake.
"Levi im gunna-"
"s'okay. cum for me pretty girl. I bet you'll look so pretty when you cum. let me see." his words are slurred, drunk on your current situation almost as much as you are.
you cry out his name as your body shuttered with your orgasm. he holds you somehow tighter, cooing and shushing you while petting your head as you slowly come down.
the tentacles are removed from your body until you are only floating in his arms. Levi holds you gently but firmly, letting you rest your head on his shoulder.
"how do you feel?" he pipes up.
"amazing." you respond. you can feel him giggle against you.
"that was one of the hottest things-" Levi hid his face in your hair, murmuring something you couldn't hear. "-when you're feeling stronger we can go back outside. get some food, you're probably hungry."
"I am a little hungry, but mostly for you." you purr, placing a kiss against his neck.
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slimeyjean · 2 days ago
– dating satan
previous part • next part (tba)
Tumblr media
satan is a true romantic through and through, and at times a bit old school in his approach
not necessarily the biggest fan of pda, unless it's to piss off lucifer, then he doesn't shy away from almost anything
the only thing he won't do in these instances is anything that could show too much of your skin, it's his possessive nature showing.
loves taking you to dinner dates, but won't do it all to often because he thinks there are definitely more excitable things you could be doing for date night
one of these things being murder mystery nights
the devildom surprisingly has a lot of events for wannabe detectives, take "hunt a killer" but make it weekly meetings at a café where several people try to solve fictional crimes.
he loves it and loves taking you with him and honestly you are quite the team
whenever you have to go to the human realm and he is able to join you, he would love to go to one of those bookshop cafés, it's a great opportunity to brows new books while also being able to relax and read them right away.
you took him to see the phantom of the opera once, it's his favourite musical now and there have been a few instances where you caught him singing "the point of no return"
definitely tried to make you sing "all i ask of you" with him
at one point you took him to an animal sanctuary, he was about ready to abandon his life in the devildom to move there full time.
satan is the perfect tutor, doesn't matter which subject, he will definitely be able to help you! but be prepared for lengthy explanations.
from time to time you like to join in on whatever shenanigans the anti lucifer league is up to. lucifer really isn't all too amused about it, but what can you do?
when you two first watched the last unicorn, satan basically had a full fledged identity crisis.
Tumblr media
content posted on @ slimeyjean belongs to me, please refrain from copying, plagiarizing and reposting in any way!
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misty-purple-haze · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Taglist: @dabiscrustyfeet , @cupsof-tea
TW: minor cusses, mentions of abuse, please let me know if I missed anything else 💖
Tumblr media
Diavolo just stared at you in confusion. Your cold expression, your entire demeanour and act confused and scared him. Had he done something wrong? From the looks of it he thought yes. He cleared his throat and spoke shakily “Ah Mc! Is something wrong dear? Are the brothers bothering you-“ you raised a hand and spoke coldly. “No.” “Pardon?” Both the prince and Alya stared at you in shock. “YOU listen and I talk here. Diavolo. I don’t think you deserve to talk to me. Not after what you have done.” The prince and his butler were both shocked. In 2 years of your stay here never had you talked to them this way. They were terrified as they could feel your wrath bubbling up. “Ah Mc, I’ll go get you some tea, you do look tense after all-“ “I do not need your stupid tea, Barbatos.” He stopped and stared at you in visible shock. You merely took a seat, crossed your legs and stared at him. “Take a seat, you all. We are going to have a long chat after all.” You gave a tight smile which only scared them more. “Now. I’m here to ask you to send me back to the human world.” “I’m afraid I can’t do that Mc.” You raised an eyebrow and spoke with a seemingly sweet yet mocking tone. “Oh? Why may I ask?” “We still need you here Mc. You were the one who helped us and we can’t let you go that easily-“ “if I was the one who helped you, why did you neglect and ignore me. My lord?” Your aura became more sinister by the second. “You know what is going on in the house of lamentation don’t you?” The prince felt a bead of cold sweat fall down his face. He looked guilty. “Yet you let them ignore me, you let them abuse and neglect me.” “I’m sorry Mc please-“ “no. I will not tolerate this treatment anymore. I expect you to send me back to the human realm. I’m not asking this time. I’m telling you. My lord.” You spoke while your smile dropped. He tried convincing you to stay but you never listened. You sat there with a stone cold face while he tried to convince you to stay. Finally when he noticed you wouldn’t budge he sighed and asked Barbatos to open a portal to the human realm. “Do you wish to take your items and belongings, Mc?” “No. I do not wish to have anything that reminds me of you all. Honestly, I’m glad Alya came to the Devildom. It’s because of them I found out how low you can actually go. I regret ever spending, sorry, wasting my time on you all. And Alya?” They looked at you with wide eyes . Were they happy that you were finally leaving the toxic atmosphere ? Yes but they would also miss you terribly. Who knows when they would see you again. They listened attentively to every word you said that moment. You gave them a gentle smile “take care of yourself, okay? And don’t let them use you like they used me. Okay?” Alya nodded and gave you one final hug as they watched you leave to your new life in the human world. Alya then turned to the prince and his butler “congratulations” they clapped at the distressed state of the royals faces. “How do you manage to do it my lord? You managed to drive away the one person who actually cared enough for you. Wonderful indeed!” They clapped and walked off not without giving one final glare at their faces. That’s when the royals knew, they had fucked up. Badly.
From the moment Alya reached home they refused to acknowledge the brothers presence near them. The brothers tried again and again to talk to Alya. To get some sort of attention from them but nothing worked. It was then on one day they managed to get Alya’s attention. But in the worst way possible. It was at dinner. The table was unusually quiet mainly because of your absence. Normally your presence provided a sense of comfort to the brothers. But it had been a month and none of the brothers and the angels had seen you. The royals became closed off and reserved. The guilt of their actions weighing too much on their shoulders. Asmo suddenly spoke up “has anyone seen Mc? I mean not to be that guy but isn’t it rude to skip dinners especially when Lucifer put a rule on this very matter?” He sneered at the mention of your name. Lucifer rubbed his temples and spoke through gritted teeth.”Asmodeus, we do not need to mention their name now. Not at a joyous occasion.” He then looked at Alya with a soft expression “right Alya?” However Alya was having none of it. They merely rolled their eyes at him and continued eating. “Alya darling, don’t you think it’s rude to act like that hmm~” “ugh gross Asmodeus.” They muttered and ate ignoring all the brothers shocked faces. “What’s gotten into you recently, human?” Belphegor asked Alya and tried to hold their hand but instead Alya smacked it away. “You all are disgusting.” They sneered “Alya. Cut your act right now.” “And why should I? Didn’t you all treat Mc like this when they were living here?” Alya asked coldly. Their faces paled. “You all treated them like shit, abused them, neglected them, pointed out all their flaws and insecurities, called them a disgrace, a failure when infact Mc is not a disgrace. You all are.” “Honestly it’s a surprise to me seeing you all drive away the one person who cared for you no matter how you treated them. I was the one to dry their tears, to comfort them when they were feeling down. You all are pathetic excuses of demons. Especially you Lucifer.” They pointed a finger at Lucifer who looked visibly schocked at their words and with that they walked up to their room leaving behind the shocked brothers. Who would’ve guessed that a measly human would talk to them like this. “Mc would have never done this….” Muttered leviathan which only made the brothers regret their actions more. They went too far and now here they are. Do you even want to be near them now? Little did they know that this interaction would only be the start of the worst days of the brothers.
The following months Alya ignored everyone and never talked or initiated everything. Infact they only became more closed off and cold to everyone but they always cracked a smile everytime you called them. The brothers started to miss your presence. They missed the way you used to march up to them just to get their attention, everything you did for them just felt so genuine and natural. But they knew that they had lost you due to their blind obsession and excitement over the new student Alya. That’s when all the things they told you, the abuse, the neglect started catching up to them. They started experiencing all the things you went through as if it was their own memories. That’s when they started going back to how they were before you came. Lucifer was extra harsh on Mammon and punished him for the smallest of things, Mammon started to fall back into excessive gambling as a way to cope with his brothers bullying and your loss. Leviathan started coming out less and less and started spending more time staring at your oc and your save files that he oh so graciously erased all because Alya wanted to play. Satan found it harder to control his rage and lashed out at anyone or anything because of your absence. Beezlebub couldn’t control his appetite as well as he could when you were there. He devoured everything the moment it was even before him. Belphegor started having nightmares and everytime he tried to dream of you he only saw you staring at him with hatred and anger in your eyes. He missed the way your fingers ran through his hair everytime you soothed him when he was having a nightmare. It was pathetic. They all felt so horrible after treating you, the human that fixed their family, did so much for them, badly…over another human. That disgusted them as much as it should have. Everytime they tried to ask of the prince about your disappearance, the prince would merely say “they’re happier now. Let them be. It’s not like they would want to be anywhere near us after what we did.” They stopped asking the prince after that but still could never get over what they did. They continued to suffer without you and their lives only got worse. However it was one fateful day that would answer all their prayers and answers… the day that they found you.
Alya was walking down the stairs of the House of Lamentation when they were talking to you on her human world phone and that’s when they heard your joyful laughter coming from it as you were telling her about your day and your whereabouts and how you and your friends were having fun in a human world mall shopping. Never had you laughed this much in front of them. Your laughter put them at ease as they had heard your voice for the first time in months. Seems like you were happy without them. But even though they heard your voice they still needed to see you, to be near you. And they were willing to do anything to have you as happy as you were in your element next to them. They all tried to convince the prince but he denied everytime they asked. Ultimately after constant begging from the brothers, the royals side, he finally agreed to take them to where you lived currently. The brothers, the royals , and the angels and the sorcerer found themselves at a human world mall that you always used to gush about to them. That memory warmed their hearts and that’s when they all heard your melodious laughter coming from a cafe nearby. They watched as you laughed at your friends making jokes. You truly were happier without them huh… they continued to stare at you not minding the weird looks they got from people not only because of their clothing but the way they stared at you but it didn’t matter to them as they finally got to witness you at your full glory. It was then they decided to approach you to settle things out. You felt a tap at your shoulders. Thinking it was the waiter you turned around and smiled but it quickly disappeared as you saw…. them.
Tumblr media
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coxmii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗲 - 「 @7kr @mrskenmakozume @astralwaifu |ı bully-ish smut thots (yuck that felt so cringy to type ) // random-ish 」 !!
𝗰𝘄 - 「 strap-on , darcyphillia , dom/sub , overstim , double penetration , hair pulling , slapping , praise and degradation , sub characters , mean dom characters , soft dom / desperate characters , marking [giving and recieving] , ass play(?) , anal plug , titles , choking , bondage , nipple play(?) , mating press , yikes 」 !!
Tumblr media
is the one taking your strap in his ass. he sobs when you give a particularly hard thrust in his hot , twitching hole. his legs shake like a newborn as he continues whining for you. pearly tears cascade from his eyes as drool pools in his mouth and you can't resist plunging your fingers , wet from his cum into his mouth. the groan you let out with your hand gripping is hair rouses even more of those delicious whimpers and choked moans from his shining lips. gripping his waist with one hand , jerking him in a quick pace while keeping up the thrusts , filthy words with praise here and there leave your mouth as you suck hickies on his neck.
laughs meanly in your face as you whimper and babble and cry from being stretched out on his cock. has a plug in your ass and uses it like a dildo to fuck w you. if you call him anything other than his title , he will stop. won't start again until you scream that preferred title he so likes. when you do , a slap is landed on your cheek afterwards grabbing your throat and pushing your head back in the mattress. folds your body in the perfect mating press. fucks you in that position until you get tired and then lays you on your back. shaky legs on his shoulders while your hands are tied to the bed. his thrusts create lewd wet sounds and it makes you more flustered.
you're in his lap holding him as tight as he holds you. he's thrusting from below and you're you're bouncing on his cock . it's been hours , you're both whiny , shaking messes with hearts in your eyes and tears on your cheeks. you tease his hole with your dildo as he throws his head back in pleasure , his grip leaving marks on your precious body. his own dildo is in your mouth as his hand also draw fast circles on your clit. he knows how embarrased you get when everyone can hear your moans hence the dildo. your free hand is on his shoulder , grabbing his hair when he goes even harder or deeper. his face is busy squished in your chest , mouth sucking and biting those poor quivering , sensitive nipples.
Tumblr media
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squid-god-supreme · 14 hours ago
I'd assume Mc ends up in Twisted first, then the brothers follow, so just
Mc, sipping tea: I'm fine
Satan: Step away from them-
Mc, pointing at Leona: Satan. Look. A kitty cat
Leona: I'm-
Satan: Oh my me a kitty cat
Mc: Mammon, chill
Imagine if one of the brothers tries to attack the Twsted dudes, but before things can escalate, Mc just "Sit! That's an order!" And now all the brothers are stuck on the ground, complaining, meanwhile Mc's trying to explain everything to them
Mc a few weeks into nrc casually droping that back in their world they know the Demon Prince and all seven princes of hell not to mention two angels and Immortal sorcerer and the demon who is pretty much omnipotent and can manipulate time in the universe
Like just casually mentioning in conversation- and no one belives them until bam. THEY SHOW UP
Also mammon would 100% try to start a fight
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