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#obey me x reader

note from kin: once again i am writing for the boys because this fandom doesn’t have nearly enough content for them, especially for Big and Beefy Men. let them be in dating sim fandoms too!!!!!! give them more content!!!!!

anyway i’ve made you an angel since i don’t want to have to think about the deeper repercussions of what simeon dating a human would be (i mean we all know what happened to lilith when she tried it)

fandom: obey me!

character(s): male!reader, simeon, luke, belphegor, beelzebub, asmodeus, satan, leviathan, mammon, lucifer, barbatos, diavolo, solomon

pairing(s): simeon/reader but it accidentally becomes everyone/simeon’s boyfriend at some point whoops (this ended up as a pretty big block of text as a result so please let me know if you have difficulty reading it so that i can try to format it better!)

warning(s): nope!

genre: fluff!!!! fluff everywhere!!!!!!!!!

[the art used below is by @/augichii on twitter, so please show them so love if you have the time! i’m not sure if they’re on tumblr or not, but please let me know if they are so that i can tag them here as well! to augichii, if you see this, please let me know if you’d rather i link a different social media profile or if you’d like me to remove the art entirely, i don’t mind! it’s pretty much only here to divide the notes from the piece and provide a bit of visual interest ^^]

  • simeon thinks you’re the cutest goddamn thing in all three realms
  • you may be six foot four inches of muscle but to him that is six foot four inches of ADORABLE
  • you’re very strong so he likes to just run and jump up at you from behind and wrap his arms around your neck because he knows you won’t be fazed by it (physically anyways, emotionally is another story)
  • the other angels always gasp when he does this in public because it’s so far from his usual ‘poised and elegant’ thing but how is simeon NOT supposed to climb all over you like a koala when you’re so big and huggable???
  • simeon just really loves jumping at you like that okay
  • because every time he does you’ll just pause for a second and look very confused as to why your back has suddenly gotten heavier, and then you’ll turn your head, and your smile and excited little ‘simeon!!’ is to DIE for
  • he has to be incredibly upfront with you about what he wants because otherwise you will not understand
  • he has to say, word for word, “i want to sleep in the same bed as you every day” before you actually realise that that’s what he meant
  • the whole exchange kind of went like this:
  • simeon, being sappy at like seven in the morning: “i want to wake up like this all the time from now on”
  • you: “??? do you want me to come lie down next to you before you wake up tomorrow morning?”
  • simeon: “no, for the whole night”
  • you: “you want to wake up like this for the whole night??”
  • simeon: [sighs]
  • he also often has to be the one taking charge when it comes to physical affection  
  • like you’re always willing to give him hugs and carry him around and let him sleep sprawled out on your chest like a starfish and give him kisses but half the time simeon has to ask you because for some reason you just won’t do it on your own???
  • at one point simeon starts getting a little insecure that you don’t actually really like physical affection and are just going along with it for him
  • because he’s a sensible angel, he brings this up with you before jumping to conclusions
  • he was not prepared for you to reply that you always wait for him to confirm that he wants affection because you’re afraid that you’ll accidentally hurt him with your strength if you go for it by yourself
  • simeon doesn’t cry a lot but dear god did he come close that day
  • after that it’s just hand holding and hugs and forehead kisses galore from you and simeon couldn’t be happier
  • now, it’s time for a bit of backstory
  • you were created purely to fight during the big celestial war, which is why you are so Beefy and Stupid
  • the beefy is because they needed you to be both strong and intimidating, while the stupid is because they didn’t create you with anything but fist fighting in mind
  • during the war you were a force to be reckoned with because you could just run at and headbutt a demon and they’d immediately be flung straight out of the skies and back into the devildom
  • and, even better, this meant that you didn’t have to kill anyone! you could just punt them so hard that they’d be flung out of the realm where the battle’s taking place entirely
  • once the war was over though they didn’t really know what to do with you
  • you were basically just this giant baby who didn’t know how to do anything but war
  • so they just dumped you in a garden and told you to take care of the flowers
  • which was how simeon originally met you! he was taking a walk around the gardens and saw you crying over a tree that you accidentally snapped in half with your big clumsy hands
  • now, simeon wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but HOLY FUCK
  • if he hadn’t already been an angel in the celestial realm he’d have thought you were some divine being from the heavens
  • anyway long story short simeon consoled you and started helping you take care of the garden, taught you how to live a life in times of peace, spent entire nights just lying awake and thinking about your smile and your laugh and how warm your hands look to hold and how it would feel to hug you, and finally managed to confess to you without you misconstruing it as just a Friendly Act of Kindness, and now you two are the proud holders of the title Cutest Couple in The Universe
  • granted only asmo calls you two that but you’ll take it
  • speaking of asmo allow me to segue this to the rad exchange programme era
  • you get so sad when simeon tells you he’ll have to leave for a year
  • your face falls when he breaks the news and your voice is all lost and quiet when you ask, ‘does that mean i can’t see you?’
  • simeon is absolutely devastated
  • it’s like a thousand puppies and kittens are being murdered right in front of him
  • he nearly cries (when i say nearly i mean he does)
  • but he can’t back out of the exchange program now, and one year isn’t THAT much for beings that live for possibly forever, so in the end, giving you a giant hug and about a million kisses to make up for the ones you’ll miss over the coming year, simeon leaves for the devildom
  • he makes it about a month and a half without you before he starts getting all mopey
  • and you’re not doing much better up in the celestial realm
  • michael actually has to message simeon and ask him how to deal with you because you spend every day dejectedly shuffling around the gardens that you take care of and it’s making everyone sad just looking at you
  • simeon reads that message and immediately decides that either he’s going back to the celestial realm or you’re coming down to the devildom
  • the authorities are a little cautious about it because you’re one of the purest angels they have and they really don’t want you getting corrupted by demons
  • but simeon assures them that the few demons that you’ll actually be having contact with wouldn’t do that, and you’ll be under both his and lord diavolo’s protection
  • so you end up being allowed to join simeon in the devildom for his exchange year!!!
  • honestly with the way the two of you react when you see each other again you’d think you hadn’t seen each other in years
  • simeon runs up to you and jumps straight into your arms and you spin him around in a big hug and ahhhhhhhh it’s like a teen romance movie but with an actually compelling relationship
  • and so you move into his bedroom (because of course you’re still going to share one down here) and take up a temporary position as a gardener to take up time since you can’t really do school
  • pros: simeon now gets to see you every day again and you look very cute bustling around the devildom’s fancy gardens with a watering can and wheelbarrow. also he gets to watch you lift an entire shed and it’s the best thing he’s ever seen
  • cons: the others are all basically in love with you now as well
  • simeon’s torn between ‘why wouldn’t they be, he’s literally the most perfect being ever’ and ‘what the fuck, that’s MY boyfriend’
  • belphie likes you because you are similar to beel and you’re also warm and big and strong so he can take naps on you and you won’t be bothered in the slightest
  • one day simeon sees belphie just jump onto your back and start sleeping there while you’re crouched in the garden doing some weeding and he’s so stunned by the sheer audacity that he forgets to be mad about it
  • honestly you don’t really notice that belphie is sleeping on you until you go to get up and feel something move on your back
  • and then, being the dumb precious idiot you are, you just lie face first there on the lawn so that he can carry on sleeping without being disturbed
  • consequence: simeon nearly cries at your sweetness but is also incredibly jealous and belphie is now having Feelings that he didn’t sign up for
  • beel meanwhile isn’t sure how to feel about you at first because he kind of feels like you’re stealing his twin all the time, but then you make him your special candied fruits (from produce that you grew yourself) and he loves you from that point forward
  • also PLEASE share your workout routine with him he wants to know your secret
  • it turns out that you don’t really have a workout routine?? you were just made like that
  • though the constant exercise and heavy lifting and stuff you do as part of your daily garden-care routine (you take care of basically all of the gardens back in the celestial realm) helps as well
  • he’s a bit disappointed but he does like that you can pick him up without any effort
  • one time he asked if you were capable of it and without missing a beat you went ‘let’s find out!’ and straight up swept him off his feet
  • beel was fucking screaming on the inside but no can’t feel feelings that’s simeon’s boyfriend
  • meanwhile asmo… okay we all know the way asmo is
  • boy took one look at you and immediately started drooling (figuratively anyway. physically his jaw just dropped)
  • kudos to him though, he backs off with the flirting as soon as simeon informs everyone that you’re his partner
  • asmo may be the avatar of lust but he is no home wrecker (he still finds an excuse to hug you every time he sees you though because awooga, muscles)
  • (he does know his boundaries so simeon doesn’t mind too much)
  • asmo also very likes the fact that you have such a green thumb because it means you can grow the prettiest flowers and you’re always willing to trim him a few to use as accessories
  • at some point simeon accidentally eavesdrops in on a conversation between the two of you where you’re just gushing about what kind of flowers he likes and how you’re going to plant them everywhere in the devildom because you like it when he smiles when he sees them
  • simeon is pretty sure he combusts on the spot, while asmo is just squealing
  • thus was the origin of the title ‘Cutest Couple in the Universe’
  • satan on the other hand is mostly disinterested in you at first
  • the two of you live in pretty different worlds even if you live within the a five minutes’ walk of each other. he prefers to stay locked up in his room or the library and just curl up with a good book or ten for hours on end, while you’re always outside, digging flower beds and pruning bushes and cleaning fences and walls and basically doing every other little bit of manual labour that none of the brothers could be bothered to do before
  • he does note that you’re pretty good at what you do but that’s about it
  • until one day
  • you’re just pottering about in the garden outside the house of lamentation doing your angelic gardener thing when the stray cat that satan’s secretly been feeding for the past month or so comes by for its usual afternoon meal
  • satan has the window overlooking the garden so he quickly spots its ginger fur as well as you staring directly at it, and he immediately panics because what if you scare it away with your intimidating stature???
  • (yes, part of the reason satan doesn’t acknowledge you before this is because he was kind of scared of you and your muscles that he heard could punt beings out of entire realms back in your hey-day)
  • so he quickly dumps his book (though not without carefully bookmarking his place first) and rushes down to the garden in hopes of salvaging the situation, only to find you lying face first on the grass once again, though this time it’s not his little brother on your back
  • it’s the cat, who is purring like a little motor and aggressively kneading its paws against your back
  • satan can’t even see your face in this moment but he still basically gets cupid-shot in the heart because this is the cutest thing he’s ever seen
  • he has to force himself to calm down for a bit before he approaches lest he get overexcited and accidentally incur simeon’s wrath in the process
  • anyway after that satan makes a beeline for you every time he sees you and learns that you are an Absolute Idiot, but it just makes him like you even more
  • if satan was intimidated by you at first though, levi is downright terrified
  • you look like you could snap him in half with a single punch
  • he doesn’t try to talk to you at all for the first few weeks because how could he possibly find common ground to talk to you about?? you probably hunt dragons and eat rocks or something in your spare time
  • it isn’t until satan brings you up one day and mentions that you are incredibly dumb of the ass and probably couldn’t hurt a fly even if you tried that levi even entertains the idea of befriending you
  • he’s still not making the first move though
  • but it turns out that he doesn’t have to! one day you just show up at his bedroom door holding a giant crate of his latest akuzon haul
  • turns it got dropped off at the local post office after traffic problems and you volunteered to go pick it up and bring it back
  • anyway levi thanks you and starts unpacking his stuff, expecting you to leave in silence, but then he looks over and sees you just standing in front of his tv and staring at it
  • he’d been playing some battle platformer to pass the time before you showed up, and while levi himself doesn’t consider it particularly remarkable, you’re absolutely fascinated
  • being a gardener in the celestial realm you’ve never really had experience with this kind of thing, and you’re even more tech-illiterate than simeon, so what you’re seeing is basically like magic to you
  • so levi takes it upon himself to teach you as much about the art of gaming as he can in the short span of the next four hours before simeon gets home from a meeting of some kind and you inevitably immediately run off to greet him
  • you learn the basics relatively quickly but you’re still pretty awful at it
  • levi loses count of the amount of times you’ve accidentally run right off the end of the platform and fallen to your death once it reaches thirty two
  • it’s pretty much the most he’s laughed in, like, forever
  • congratulations! you have gained a new member in your party! levi will now follow you to the ends of the earth because you are the first person he feels like he can just be totally at ease around without being judged at all and just have fun with
  • (once, after you leave another gaming session to go cuddle with your boyfriend in the garden, levi catches himself thinking that ‘it isn’t fair that simeon gets to date him’ and has to do some serious self assessment)
  • mammon meanwhile has none of the reverence for you that his brother does
  • the amount of times he’s tried to rope you into his money-making schemes (which never work because he fails to realise that you are incapable of doing anything malicious in the slightest) is honestly just embarrassing at this point
  • simeon has to step in more than a couple of times because honestly mammon could ask you for your wallet and you’d probably just give it to him without another thought
  • that being said your wallet wouldn’t be much use because you never have any money
  • you just don’t understand the concept of exchanging money for goods and/or services so you never see any need for it
  • that being said, simeon does give you some money every time you go out into town on your own because something will inevitably catch your eye and you’ll suddenly realise that you just cannot live without it
  • the thing is simeon spoils you ridiculously so he always gives you way more money than would be considered a reasonable allowance
  • which means all mammon has to do is tag along and ask you nicely and you’ll probably buy him anything he wants
  • he does this a couple of times but then stops because he actually starts feeling bad about it
  • something just doesn’t sit right with him when he’s walking around with a bunch of shiny new things you’ve bought him with money that was meant to be spent on you while the only thing you’ve bought of your own volition is a pack of chocolate lollipops shaped like rabbits to share with simeon and luke
  • he may be the demonic avatar of greed but even he has a line that he won’t cross
  • he makes up for it by buying you things instead
  • nothing too expensive (he’s still mammon after all), just little things like sweets or bulbs for flowers you haven’t tried planting yet or food colouring for you to use for your candied fruits
  • speaking of those candied fruits, guess who loves and would probably kill a man for them?
  • lucifer
  • man may not seem like it but he has a hell of a sweet tooth
  • there was a bit of tension between the two of you when you first met (well there was tension from lucifer anyway) because he’d never met you like he had simeon and luke and had no idea what you were like
  • plus he’d heard about how you’re everyone’s favourite now back in the celestial realm and the little piece of him that still misses his life as an angel is a little petty about it
  • but then he interacts with you more and he realises that that favouritism is absolutely deserved
  • he will not admit it but he has wondered what being carried by you would feel like on multiple occasions
  • figures out how to read you really well which isn’t much of an achievement when you wear every single feeling you have on your sleeve but it still brings him a bit of satisfaction when he notices something that simeon doesn’t
  • he may be a pridey mcprideface but he is willing to give up a bit of that pride by pretending he can’t carry something heavy so that he can watch you do it
  • simeon acts like he doesn’t notice this but he absolutely does and he doesn’t know if he should tease lucifer about it or whack him over the head with a newspaper for it
  • all that aside though, much like simeon,  lucifer also thinks you’re just the cutest
  • he comes across you building a pillow fortress in the middle of the house of lamentation’s living room one day and is understandably like “what are you doing in my house and what are you doing with those pillows”
  • you explain very seriously that satan asked you for help in an apparently pre-arranged pillow fight with mammon and that every warrior needs a well-protected base of operations and offer to show him all the optimised battle features somehow recreated from nothing but cushions and blankets and chairs 
  • lucifer’s heart goes d o k i  d o k i
  • he also has experience with Big and Dumb men from dealing with both beel and diavolo (when the three of you are together it’s just himbo3) so the stupid doesn’t bother him much
  • speaking of diavolo (wow i am nailing all of these transitions from character to character look at me go)
  • this man is basically just a grown up golden retriever boy and you are a big gentle st. bernard so the two of you get along like a house on fire
  • you’ve seen how much this man gushes about lucifer. now imagine that times a thousand
  • that is how he talks about you
  • honestly sometimes you’d think HE’S the one dating you
  • simeon would probably get defensive if he didn’t get so much whiplash from their conversations about you
  • diavolo: “i must say, i never would have pinned [name] as being your type”
  • simeon, ready to Fucking Brawl: “excuse me?”
  • diavolo: “though i don’t blame you, have you seen his page in that book about the celestial war? the illustration does his true beauty no justice, of course, but it’s enchanting in and of itself. to be honest i’d have loved to have seen him in action during the war, i imagine it would have been quite breath-taking to see”
  • simeon: “…what”
  • barbatos is usually just there in the background during half of these exchanges and he has to seriously stiffen up his poker face to resist just bursting into laughter
  • the other half of the time the conversation is just simeon and diavolo going back and forth gushing about you
  • barbatos honestly dislikes you a bit at first
  • not for any personal faults of your own! it’s just that all your garden work + your very forgetful mind means that you’re often tracking dirt everywhere
  • it doesn’t help that diavolo keeps inviting you over to the castle for tea and a chat and half the time you leave these big footprints on the floor and he wants to cry because he just spent four hours mopping that
  • he mentions it to diavolo in passing at one point, who then passes the message on to simeon
  • barbatos kind of gets concerned for himself because he knows simeon does not take well to you being insulted (one time a demon at the r.a.d. called you an ‘unintelligent buffoon’ and he was ready to start a fist fight right then and there)
  • not that it was an insult, but you never know how love can blind you to reason
  • but simeon just assures him not to worry and tells you to remember to clean your shoes as well as changing clothes after doing some gardening
  • normally you’d forget being told these things within a few hours but simeon offers to give you a kiss every time you remember to do this so now you remember every single time you’re about to enter a building after doing some gardening
  • after that barbatos holds no ill will to you at all
  • he teaches you how to bake and is honestly so endeared by how clumsy you get in the kitchen
  • you knock an entire container of salt into the cake mix by accident because your hands are too big and you moved too fast and barbatos is just like 🥺
  • he low-key babies you even though he’s like an entire two heads shorter than you
  • you don’t mind though because getting babied by barbatos means you get given all sorts of cakes and sweets all the time
  • simeon isn’t sure how to feel about it but it doesn’t seem to be the patronising kind of babying (it’s more of an affectionate doting) so he lets it happen
  • what he doesn’t let happen is solomon’s relentless attempts to feed you his food
  • you are both too dumb and too nice to realise just how bad his cooking is, but simeon knows you have a sensitive stomach and are actually a pretty fussy eater - you just tend to stay quiet when something isn’t to your liking because you don’t want to complain
  • having had a sample of solomon’s food himself in the past, he knows that you’ll probably get sick eating it, and he doesn’t want you to be uncomfy so he refuses to let you try even a bite
  • it’s like he has a radar in his head that goes off every time solomon approaches you will a bowl of ‘noodle soup’ that looks more like something he’s fished out of a nuclear waste tank
  • solomon, when he’s not trying to indirectly poison you, is probably the guy you spend the most time with apart from simeon and luke
  • he’ll just hang around nearby with a spell book while you do your gardening and show you some neat little magic tricks every now and then
  • he tries to help with the gardening but he’s not exactly physically strong and he nearly breaks his back trying to lift a giant bag of compost
  • so he decides it’s probably better for him to just watch from afar
  • kind of wants to conduct an experiment to see just how much weight you can lift before you start getting tired
  • one time he sees you cut down a whole tree with one hard swat of your hand and just walk off carrying it over your shoulder and he has to take several deep breaths
  • luke knew you already, so not much changes while you’re in the devildom
  • he really wants to learn to make candied fruits the same way you do but he can never get the hang of boiling the sugar mixture to the right heat and consistency (plus he’s kind of scared of how hot it gets)
  • you like to just carry him around on your shoulders and while luke would normally bristle at being treated like a child, you act like this with nearly everyone
  • (once he sees you running around the garden with diavolo of all people perched on your shoulders, arms raised in the air like he’s on a rollercoaster ride, and he nearly passes out on the spot)
  • he seriously adores you and acts like a guard dog whenever he feels like any of the others are trying to take advantage of your dim-witted naïveté because NO demons are allowed to harm his big brother like that
  • he will also chase them off with a stick if he has to if they get too close because no being is allowed to even remotely try to disrupt your relationship with simeon 
  • simeon himself is no fool, and he’s well aware of the effect you have on pretty much everyone you come across, but he trusts them because they’re his friends
  • besides (and he isn’t being cocky or anything), it’s not like the relationship you have with them even holds a candle to what you have with him
  • they’ve all known you for less than a year, he’s loved you for nearly two millennia
  • they might be allowed take naps on your back while you work or be carried about on your shoulders, but do they get to spend every night snuggled up in your arms, feeling your chest rise and fall with every breath you take? no, he doesn’t think so
  • in conclusion: one day himbos like you will probably take over the world with their big muscles and unwavering loyalty and clueless grins that could make anyone’s heart skip a beat, and simeon’s pretty sure he’d be okay with it

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27 notes

Warning: tiny nsfw drabble, degradation, orgasm denial. it’s really short I’m sorry

This is my first nsfw on here so ahaha lemme know what y’all think ig and if I should write more???

Diavolo x GN Reader

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11 notes

Decided to try and make Solomon more feral and hungry for human companionship compared to the sort of ‘proper and upstanding and passively better than you’ he’s normally displayed as.

(Preview only) tags: First time, feral!Solomon, M!Reader, moaning, really short but its currently over 1.8k words in my doc and not even through the sex part soooo

More tags for final piece when it comes out.

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4 notes

Mammon’s Reaction to Hearing Something Nice from his Brothers and MC HC!

I wrote Mammon angst and now I’m writing emotional fluff.


  • “Mammon your grades improved marginally since last year. Good job. Keep it up.”
  • It was said in such a monotone “I don’t care” kind of Lucifer voice but I kid you not
  • Mammon almost started crying.
  • He tried to play it off cool and act cocky but as soon as he got back to his room he sobbed happy tears for like
  • Hours
  • His older brother just told him something nice?
  • Holy fu-
  • Afterwards his confidence skyrockets


  • “You got me a in the box, new ultra special limited edition cottage core mixed with punk rock aethstetic Ruri~Chan figure that’s been sold out since the first five minutes after its original release?”
  • “Is that what it is? One of the witches got it as a gift from their fiancé but she’s mad at him and didn’t want it, wrong character or something, so she passed it on to me. Apparently he got the back of the box signed for her too! I didn’t recognize it as something you already have so I thought it wouldn’t be worth much and you might want it. You like it?”
  • “It’s perfect! Maybe deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deeep deeep deeerepde deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down you’re not a total scum bag after all! Still a norm or though.
  • I’m sorry
  • What????
  • He’s…
  • Not?
  • A scum bag?
  • Since WHEN!?
  • He smiles so bright and just acts so cocky about it, not caring when Levi says he takes it back


  • “Mammon these photos are great! You even got the upper angle I wanted! And I look amazing in every shot- as usual! You’re the best!”
  • He’s? The best??
  • He got good photos?
  • “And don’t you forget the great Mammon is great at everything!”
  • Internally hearing that from Asmo makes him want to melt
  • His little brother just called him the best that’s all he’s wanted in like forever oh my gosh-


  • Satan had snuck in a cat.
  • Again.
  • Mammon was at the door about to leave when Satan was coming in.
  • “Hold on I think I have cat food in my room, you make sure Lucifer doesn’t see it and I’ll meet you in your room.”
  • Satan just listens for once and rushes the cat to his room
  • When mammon came back with cat food and seemed to actually get along with the cat though?
  • “Since when do you like animals?”
  • “I have crows ya know? With them come pesky cats that try to eat them so I found out if you feed the cats they don’t attack the crows.”
  • “That’s actually pretty cool Mammon.”
  • Mammon’s heart is exploding.
  • Satan just indirectly called him cool!
  • He takes the fall when Lucifer finds the cat, taking all the blame for Satan.


  • “Thanks for running with me today, it gets lonely going on runs alone sometimes so it was nice to have your company with me.”
  • Mammon.exe has stopped working.
  • He tries to play it off obviously as if he totally gets it
  • But inside he is squealing
  • He missed being Beel’s work out buddy okay?
  • When he gets to the privacy of his room to take a shower he is doing a happy dance


  • It was Mammon’s day working at Hell’s Kitchen. And boy was he glad it was him and not someone else.
  • “Belphie! You forgot your pillow at Hell’s Kitchen, I snagged it before someone else found it don’t worry!”
  • “Oh, thanks Bruh bruh, I’m going to nap now.”
  • Bruh bruh?
  • Belphie hasn’t called him that since the celestial realm…
  • Mammon is literally so happy
  • He just stays quiet and lets Belphie find a comfortable spot on the floor, putting a blanket over him
  • He also gets out the wet floor signs and puts them around Belphie so no one trips over him and disturbs the youngest’s sleep
  • He can’t stop smiling though-
  • He missed his brothers man


  • If you say literally ANYTHING even mildly encouraging or nice?
  • Mans is out here acting tough and feeling INVINCIBLE
  • Don’t tell Luci
  • He’ll give you praises back of course
  • He feels great after hearing your words!
  • He makes sure you have fun for the rest of the day
  • And if you ask HIM for affection?
  • Oh honey you’re getting so much affection!
  • If there is one thing Mammon knows how to do it’s kiss.
  • And he will happily give you all his attention.
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Note: Obey Me! requests are now closed, this was sent in a long fucking time ago

Ghost! Ghoodle! Ghoonk! You’re so bodacious and pog! I’m so sorry this took a phat while! I love you!

I think the best cuddler would be Beel, because he just loves to wrap you in his arms and hold you as close as possible. It’s so goddamn sweet, he’s so goddamn sweet, fuck

Next up would most likely be Asmo, since he’s really cuddly and you could go up to him whenever and he’ll just. hold you in his arms. for hours,, it’s so warm and comforting TT

Belphie would be next because he’s hella comfy to cuddle with, especially with the pillow, but beware he never lets you go

Fourth up is probably either Mammon or Levi, I really can’t decide - neither of them initiate it but they’re both really good snugglers, especially when given a blanket to curl up under

I feel like Satan would be next but only if he wants to. Sometimes he feels like curling up close and holding you as tight as he can but other times he just wants to vibe on the sofa and read with you yknow?

Last but not least we have Lucifer, who tries to cuddle but man he really do be lackin’

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I want to peg lucifer so much

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I mean okay it’s not horrible


I like the chorus it’s kinda catchy but I really wasn’t expecting his voice to be so high! Hopefully we get the side characters 🙏

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Tysm for requesting this <3 I hope this was what you wanted! Also your profile picture I LOVE IT

Mammon with an S/O who’s a tease but malfunctions when receiving affection 

  • let me just say, you and Mammon are perfect for each other, because he’s exactly like this too
  • the first time he saw you get flustered, he thought it was just a fluke and wrote it off as bad timing
  • the second time, though, he started to suspect something, although he wasn’t sure if he believed it
  • his suspicions weren’t confirmed until the next time you two were in an ‘intimate’ position
  • it was a bit later at night, and he was in the kitchen sitting down to eat a midnight snack of his sacred ramen 
  • you, loving the reactions you always got out of him, surprised him by moving to sit on his lap and grind down on his member
  • smirking when you saw his eyes cloud with lust and his hands reach to grab your hips, you coolly moved off
  • to your surprise, though, he stopped you, and laced his hand in your hair while the other held your lower back, effectively keeping you close to him 
  • he kept his eyes cracked open to observe your reaction, and leaned in to press a gentle kiss on your lips
  • you could tell your face was getting red when you felt him smile into the kiss, lightly nibbling on your lower lip to keep himself from laughing 
  • when he pulled away and looked at you, he was pretty damn proud of himself for figuring it out 
  • this man sits back with his hands laced behind his head and the biggest shit-eating grin on his face, and you knew you were in for it 
  • after he finds out, he makes a habit of putting you in positions of receiving PDA (i.e, kissing you in front of his brothers, in the hallways of school, really anywhere in public)
  • you’re not happy about this, because it means you can get away with less teasing
  • that doesn’t stop you from trying, though, and your teasing plus his flustering you leads to intense power struggles
  • some so heated that the brothers have to intervene to finally make it stop!
  • overall, though, him finding out makes your relationship more fun, because now you both know how to make each other tick 
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Yandere Undateables Obey Me

Sorry it took me so long to finish these !!! Also, no Luke here.Luke is baby.

Yandere Demon Brothers here.



- Diavolo is delusional and protective.

-  He is caring and kind towards you, unlikely for the Prince of Devildom. Always inviting you to his castle, gifting you expensive items, chatting and gossiping with you over the delicious tea Barbatos has brewed.The Prince is not too big on PDA, he doesn’t need to, who would be foolish enough to even glance at the lover of Diavolo?

-He is a lonely demon, having had others constantly walk on eggshells around him. You noticed that and made sure to give him extra attention. Texting and calling him everyday, greeting and talking with him whenever you chanced upon him.In private, even calling him “Dia.”

- Diavolo is a giant puppy in a demon’s body. Always clinging to you, laughing his boyish laugh at your or the brother’s antics, even feeding you with his own hands. You sit in his lap as he does his paperwork, and give him a kiss on his neck .But at this point, you are spending more time with Diavolo than at the House Of Lamentation.

- You notice, and have to decline some of his invitations.It can’t be helped, you need time to yourself and the brothers.You will make it up to him later, you promise.So when you have to excuse yourself from his study, as it is past 6 and you must be back, its your turn to cook dinner today. Diavolo pouts, but reluctantly lets you go.You promise and fuss that you will be back tomorrow, and with a kiss you leave. But what you don’t know is that this is your last time going back.

- Diavolo wants you all to himself.He’s the Prince of fucking Hell, and you are just a little lamb among wolves.You need to be protected.You need to be cared for.You need to be loved by him.Only him.

- The next day, over tea, Diavolo mentions for you to stay permanently at his castle, with him.It’s a  generous offer, not everyday does the Prince of Hell offer for you to stay at the castle but you politely decline.Even though you are his lover, you still live with the brothers.You loved hearing Mammon and Lucifer bicker, and hear his screams with an amused grin when Lucifer was chasing after him, watching Satan fuss over cats( who knew wrath personified would baby talk with cats), game with Levi , do your nails with Asmodeus as he would ramble about his day, and eat and sleep together in a big cuddle pile with Beel and Belphie.You love them too.

- You try to reason with him, the whole time Diavolo’s smile never falters.In the middle of your ramble,he cuts you off.

“ Did I say you could leave ?”

This statement makes you gape at him.

-Diavolo now stands up, towering over you with his height.You’re tongue-tied and frozen in your seat, and can only watch as he leans down to your height, and his golden eyes bore into your scared ones, the smile never leaves his face.Lucifer once mentioned that even if Diavolo was fuming with anger, he never showed it. He smiled.

And now that smile was aimed at you.

“ You’re going to stay here with me, darling.You’re going to stay and be my bride.There is absolutely no need for you to go back.Everything you need is here.Perhaps, in the future, you will even give me an heir.We are going to be a family, my Queen.”

What exactly has gone into him?

Diavolo’s a gone man. He’s gone crazy.These outrageous statements, and a child?! He’s gone nuts.

-With a burst of adrenaline, you throw the teacup at his face,and as he’s momentarily blinded you kick his knee and wrestle out of his grasp. You try to run, but as your hand touches the door knob,a sickening crack is heard, and the world goes black.

- Diavolo finally has you in his grasp.And he’s not letting you go.Not that you can.

-Diavolo keeps a keen eye on you.And when he is not there, Barbatos watches your every move. There’s no escape, darling. And the brothers? Diavolo has convinced them that you have gone back to your realm as you were tired of them. And if they try to poke and prode further into the matter?

-Well, he isn’t the strongest demon in the Devildom for nothing.


-  Diavolo is aware of your limits.You’re a weak, fragile human, and he is afraid of breaking you.But there is a part, a part deep inside that wants to watch you break.

-He’s awfully gentle and sweet with you despite your reluctance and refusal.This man worships every inch of you.

 “ Hush darling, just a little more.You can take it.”

-  Even if you lash out, he will still have that sickening smile.

- He will have you sitting on his lap during meetings or as he works in his study. He will either finger you or cockwarm you until you can’t take it anymore.And if anyone notices, do they dare point out ?

- And if someone’s nearby, well, that adds to the thrill of it.He’ll have a hand over your mouth to prevent your moans and whimpers from spilling, as he either works his cock or fingers in you.

- Breeding kink.Breeding kink.Breeding kink. This man will have you in a mating press.The Devildom requires a heir, and Diavolo is more than happy to provide one.

          “ You’re going to look so beautiful, so beautiful.”

- His hand is on your stomach, observing the bulge from his cock inside you.

- Not even death can make you leave him.


-Barbatos is possessive and protective.

- No matter where you go, Barbatos always has an eye on you. Walking, eating, bathing, he watches from the shadows.

- Barbatos regularly cooks for you. He has his way of knowing what exactly you want at that moment.He’s a brilliant chef and will gladly put his abilities to use for you. Barbatos bakes cookies and cakes for you with the utmost care at night, when the Young Master has been put to bed and feeds them to you with his own hands, lovingly.

- A majority of his time is spent caring and looking after his Prince, so he tries to spend time with you whenever he can.Going to the local port market? Come along.Baking? Good, you can taste test the ingredients.

- Cuddling at night in his bed, forehead kisses as you pass by, baking sweet treats specially for you,and bathing together are his favorites.Calls you ‘dove’, ‘honey’ and ‘love’ a lot Honestly, this demon is so subtle you won’t even notice his yandere traits for a good while.

- His protectiveness and possessiveness manifest itself as time passes. One day, everything sharp in the kitchen is baby-proofed.

“ Stay back,love ! You could get hurt !”

“ Barbatos, that is a butter knife you are holding.”

- You don’t know this, but Barbatos keeps a track of whosoever you have or are interacting with.The Young Master ? He’s eavesdropping. The Demon Brothers? He’s with you.Talking to an acquaintance? He’s watching from the shadows. And those who disrespected you or looked at you even a moment longer will perhaps have their eyes gouged out by him or tortured for eternity in his not so secret torture room.

- It is so endearing, your demon in love fussing over you. But isn’t baby-proofing every sharp corner in the castle a bit too much? And what happened to that succubus who was in your class ?

- Don’t try voicing your suspicions,darling. Because, if you do, you won’t ever get to see the sun shine again.

- He won’t harm you,oh no love, he’s going to keep you to himself for all eternity.


- Barbatos has a corner of his closet filled with ropes and toys.Who knew that such a collected and calm demon would be so kinky?

- He knows what to do to make you cry out in pleasure.His fingers work magic on you as you drown in ecstasy.He watches your every reaction, the slightest twitch, the quietest noises, Barbatos is a very observant demon.

- Sexual punishments will leave you a whimpering mess.He’ll gag and bound you for hours. He’s well aware of your pain threshold, and knows when to stop.

- His aftercare is the best.He’ll run you a bath if you’re sore and messy, and if you’re too tired, he’ll wipe you down with a washcloth and then make you eat nutritious food.

- On days when he has been too rough, he’ll tend to every bruise and bite mark, fussing over that patch of your skin.

- You can’t even escape.He can look into different timelines, even choose his desired reality.This is the one time he will have to defy Diavolo’s orders.

-Without you, he’ll go mad.


- Simeon is protective and manipulative.

- He takes upon himself to protect you.He’ll be besides you whenever you are talking to individuals deemed threatening.Simeon can sense true intentions very well.His fragile human alone with demons? Not a chance. In front of Luke, though,he lets his guard down a bit.

- Simeon adores you.Forehead kisses, cuddles,love letters and poems are regulars.He’ll cradle your face in his and look at you lovingly.He loves kisses.He’ll kiss you silly. He worships the ground you walk upon. You’ll be bathed in love, darling.

- Speaking of nicknames, he likes to call you ‘my angel’ and  ‘ little lamb’ often.

- His yandere traits barely show, almost as if they were never there.Simeon is very good at hiding them, can’t have his darling running away from him, can he? He’s proficient in the art of manipulation, and carefully crafts his words whenever he speaks to you.

- And don’t think he’s keen to keep his status as an angel.If the Celestial Realm denies him you,the Devildom won’t.He would willingly fall for you from the Celestial Realm, if it means having you in his arms.Simeon will commit sacrilege for you.

- A relationship with him is so loving, so intoxicating,so patient, its a dream come true. Your hand in his own, cooking together, going to sleep together, you in his lap as he writes,its heaven in hell.

- What you don’t know, honey, is the blood on his hands. Simeon will murder anyone who tries to take you away, taint you with their filthy hands.What you will see, is the love-stricken look he gives you.


- Like I said, Simeon is not afraid to deviate from the code of being an angel.He’ll make love to you, to have you so intimate with him, so vulnerable, so beautiful, only he can see you like this.

- Simeon will make sure of that.

- He is into body worship.Every inch of your skin deserves to be revered, to be pampered and praised, only by him. Your pleasure comes first.You are his God, and he, your devotee.

- He will get a bit rough if you desire so.He’ll leave hickeys and bitemarks on your skin, and have you leave some on him too.

- On days when he’s feeling particularly needy for you, he’ll whisk you away from whatever you are doing to touch you, to pleasure you, to love you.

- Let him worship you


- Solomon is possessive.

- He’s the perfect lover at first, you’re glad you could find a human amongst biblical entities who were trying to eat you.Handsome and charismatic, people are drawn like a moth to him.

- He doesn’t mind PDA, places his hand on the small of your back when you go out, hand on your waist, he’s an old fashioned sorcerer man.

- It’s normal at first.Lingering touches, unspoken words which grow bolder and more depraved with time,

- He invites you over frequently to Purgatory Hall, and you watch as he brews new potions or learns new spell( he always casts a protective spell on you to ensure you don’t get hurt) and converses with you in between.

- Solomon cooked for you once, once.You got sick and threw up.Safe to say, you don’t eat food cooked by him now.

- He is possessive to a suffocating degree.Hickeys and bite marks litter your neck whenever you go out.But, others won’t try to make a move on you, after all, Solomon is a powerful sorcerer with demons at his command.

- Let’s hope the idea to leave doesn’t cross your mind, because then,things will become a lot more unpleasant.


- Solomon is sadistic.

- He likes to make you beg for him, watch as you cry from over stimulation or when you are edged mercilessly, Solomon watches with a grin and taunts you on.

                        “ Pretty needy, are we ?”

- He doesn’t mind using aphrodisiacs, they heighten the senses and that makes it all more fun, doesn’t it ? To see his darling desperate and whining turns him on immensely.

- His kisses are suffocating, and he leaves hickeys and bitemarks on places not easily hidden by clothes.

- Solomon loves spanking.If you’ve been rebellious in the past he will spank you as punishment.Its humiliating, and your embarrassment and pain turns him on more.

- Solomon isn’t opposed to sharing you either.Perhaps Asmodeus can be invited for a fun night…

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Me: “Oh sweet, other people write inserts for Solomon. I’ll take a break from my library insert to–”

Solomon Inserts: *like 70 percent library inserts*

Me: Oh. I see.

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So let me tell you: I started reading the manga but have yet to watch the anime 😭 it’s really good though and I’m probably gonna start it this week, but I’m not sure if I’m 100% confident in writing Sukuna. BUT this request was too good to pass up, so if you don’t like it I will write the other scenario instead just let me know!

So for these headcanons, I made it to where MC is Sukuna’s vessel like Yuji, and that they can manifest him if needed. But, I still kept it to where he’s not exactly a good guy with MC’s best interest at heart. Reader is gender neutral and younger than the Bros, so the dynamic is more family instead of romance just a heads up! Hope you enjoy!

TW: Minor cursing, spoilers for Lesson 16 in Mammon’s, Beel’s, and Belphie’s part

The Brothers with Teen MC who’s Sukuna’s Vessel

Keep reading

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Hi! I decided to try something new to get me out of writers block. Send me a scenario with a character and ill make a spotify/youtube playlist (just say which in your ask). I’ll only be accepting two or three, so send them in while you can!

(EDIT; This is now closed! Thank you for the asks!)

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I hate it when people are mean to mammon so here’s this

Mammon with a sweet and supporting s/o


Originally posted by tyto-izu

  • One of the first things you noticed during your stay at the devildom is how Mammon is treated by his brothers
  • No matter what goes wrong or who’s responsible, Mammon gets the blame every single time
  • Levi misplaced a figurine? Mammon must have stolen it. Someone breaks something? It must have been Mammon.
  • Although he may seem a bit arrogant at first, you soon learn that this behaviour is an act to cope with his insecurities
  • If you make the effort to do something for him or with him, he usually brags about how of course you’ll do this for/with the great Mammon
  • He never actually expected you to agree with him
  • And if you’re the first to say it, he’ll be redder than a tomato
  • “Could the great Mammon spare some time to hang out with his human?”
  • He nearly chokes
  • It means the world to him if you actually believe in him
  • He got good grades?
  • “Of course you did! You’re the great Mammon! I’m proud of you” he might tear up a little
  • But what gets to him the most is when you actually stand up for him
  • If his brothers are ganging up to him, step in. These are the moments he feels alone the most
  • Afterwards, when it’s just the two of you, he’ll quietly thank you
  • You can always count on him as well. No one is able to pick on you or harass you. He cares about you a lot and will always protect you
  • You’re the only one who can make jokes at his expense. He knows you mean no harm, and you’re there when he needs you
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Ya girl got it already 😎


Got any suggestions on what I should do to celebrate 100 followers?

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Interesting! This is definitely comedic and something I can do! I’m so happy you enjoy my writing! Stay safe yourself and have a nice day!


You were focusing on your phone; scrolling through devilgram as you lazily lounged on your sofa but you saw apples pop up on your feed. A new Apple based recipe coming up on some of the feed blogs you’ve followed.

You weren’t really sure how to bring up your DISDAIN for apples. Your absolute HATRED for them. Was it the texture? The taste? Who knows- you didn’t! You just couldn’t stand them.

You knew it was silly so you never brought it up. The poison apples in the Devildom only made your hate even more prominent.

You were so caught up on your thoughts so you didn’t expect someone to give you one, telling you to eat. Out of pure instinct you just chucked it to the closest person in the room.


  • Didn’t expect you to throw it at him
  • Hit him right in the shoulder
  • He saw you lounging on the sofa and noticed you haven’t ate yet
  • He stared at his shoulder, wincing as he rubbed it
  • You let out a scared apology
  • Dreading his reaction but he caught you off guard
  • He bursted out laughing, his brow raised as he just stared at you chuckling
  • “Was you really that startled? I didn’t think an apple would scare you that much.”
  • “i- I guess so…is your shoulder okay?”
  • He nodded, the pain already subsiding
  • “I’ll be sure to keep your Apple instincts in mind next time.”


  • He screamed in fright
  • Screamed more when it hit him right in the nose
  • You immediately shot up and rushed over to his side
  • “Mammon-! I’m so sorry-”
  • He immediately started bursting into laughter, stopping to sneeze but it never happened
  • You couldn’t help but giggle at his struggles between uncontrollable laughter and stopping as if he was about to sneeze
  • “You HAD to aim for the nose! You damn rascal!”
  • He tried to smack you but got caught off guard feeling his sneeze actually arrive
  • “I’m sorry! But why are you sneezing?!”
  • “I sneeze when i hurt my nose.”
  • You laughed even harder as he sniffled
  • “WHAT??!!”
  • “Did you seriously feel that threatened by a little apple ya had to throw it me?!”
  • “……..yes.”
  • This became an inside joke for you two quickly after
  • You smacked his nose and watched him struggle to sneeze and he’d give you apples to throw at people


  • It hit him right in the dickins
  • How it got that low was a shock to both of you
  • You tried not to laugh as he clutched his crotch, whimpering and slowly sinking the floor
  • “Levi, I’m so sorry, hopefully it didn’t absolutely destory it.”
  • You both just stared at each other before the both of you bursted out laughing
  • “I’m never doing that again- you could of shot it off with that throw!”
  • He winced, adjusting to sitting up as the pain subsided
  • “Are you okay though? It looked like it hurt.”
  • “I’m fine, are you going to do that if I give you more fruit? I don’t blame for not liking it.”
  • “no, just apples - promise.”
  • “you’re a weird human but could we test how your throw again some time? I might need your help.”


  • It hit him in the side of the face
  • You felt your heart drop straight to the floor
  • It wasn’t too long ago Satan was chewing out levi
  • Internally this was Satan:
  • “you ******* I will ************ rip your **** right out of your ******* spine and pull it through your nose ***** ***** ******************************************************* that hurt!”
  • Meanwhile the outside of him was just rubbing his cheek/ear
  • You screamed out an apology, fearing this was your last day
  • But he just chuckled, waving his hand
  • “it was an accident, let it be a reminder I don’t surprise you like that.”
  • You still frowned
  • “I’m still really sorry….does it hurt alot? I can get you some ice-”
  • “No need, it’ll be fine, no more apples for you though.”
  • “I have no issue with that, I hate apples.”
  • You both laughed, but you stared at him, completely serious
  • “I’m not kidding, I literally despise them and will keep throwing them out of instinct.”
  • It felt good to finally let that out
  • But Satan just bursted out laughing
  • A high pitched wheeze leaving him


  • Just caught it in time except in his scramble to catch it he got scared by your sudden throw
  • He football kicked the apple by accident and it went flying through the window
  • “Let’s not tell anyone, I’d rather not have Lucifer on me for breaking something.”
  • “my lips are sealed - trust me.”
  • He wiped his hands, pouting
  • “I try to give you something nice and you just throw it at me! What’s that all about?!”
  • You cringed, guilty about your reaction
  • But you couldn’t help it!
  • It was something you couldn’t control!
  • “Sorry, I just do that…with apples.”
  • He let out a sudden snort/scoff
  • Raising his brow at you
  • “I’m never giving you one again but~ if I were to get you to throw them at people, you wouldn’t mind, would you?”
  • You shook your head, laughing at his eagerness to cause issues
  • He couldn’t help but laugh himself
  • “I’ll do it if you give me something in return, okay?”
  • He happily agreed, nodding and throwing his arms around you
  • Though the moment ended when you both heard Lucifer outside
  • He found the Apple…..oh no


  • Man built like a brick wall
  • He couldn’t catch it and it hit him right in the chest
  • The apple got DENTED
  • You couldn’t even think about apologizing as you couldn’t stop your fit of laughter
  • The dented apple just rolled to your feet
  • “you didn’t want an apple?”
  • You shook your head furiously
  • “no- sorry, did that hurt? It dented-”
  • “I didn’t feel a thing, do you want a different snack?”
  • You nodded
  • He soon came back with food for himself and another healthy snack, offering you a sip of his smoothie
  • He sat with you, eating his food pile
  • “I hate apples….it’s best no one gives me one.”
  • “You had an impressive throw, I think you’d well in the R.A.D athlete team.”
  • “wait- really?! Thank you!”
  • He agreed, humming as he ate
  • It was safe to say he got you an apple to show your throwing skills without thinking about your throw
  • It got you a good score and even got praised for your instinct


  • The apple bonked him in the head
  • His forhead getting suddenly attacked
  • You rushed to his side, moving his fringe
  • “are you okay?! It’s not bruising is it?! I’m so sorry!”
  • But he just started laughing
  • “I didn’t expect that! You gonna do that everytime Someone surprises you?”
  • “no just apples - stop laughing! It isn’t - It’s not funny-!”
  • But you started to laugh too
  • “I’m not hurt, don’t worry.”
  • He huffed as he moved his fringe back over his eye again
  • You really weren’t sure why he insisted on his emo hairstyle but it was best not to question it
  • “Shame you aren’t, I could of kissed it better.”
  • Without missing a single beat
  • He suddenly clutched his head, howling in agony
  • “THE PAIN!!! ah!!! The pain-! You must kiss it better or else I will die.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • Moving his fringe once again and gave his forhead a quick kiss
  • He suddenly hugged you but it wasn’t long before he fell asleep
  • You landed on the floor
  • Letting out a pained ‘oof’ as you tried to shove him off you
  • But he refused to budge
  • Muttering a sleepy 'revenge’
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Hello love! Thanks for sending in a request, this was really cute to write! I mayyyy have gotten out of hand and made this longer than I meant to, but hey, brainworms demanded attention. GN! Reader, and SFW!

Context on the coffee:

Hell Coffee: Known to become bitter when the brewer has feelings for the someone who they’re brewing for. (Seen in chat Bittersweet)

My asks are open, but please check out my rules before sending in an ask! Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

Stoic! Reader Giving Satan Hell Coffee (SFW)

  • Over the course of your stay in the Devildom, you had fallen for Satan.
  • The masked brother, always hiding his true intentions, an approachable grin ever-present.
  • You were less emotional, more quiet and reserved than most.
  • And that wasn’t a bad thing in his opinion.
  • In fact, he liked your passive, stoic personality.
  • He could relate to you, not showing much emotion, and watching from the sidelines rather than jumping into action.
  • While you had a killer poker face, your stoicism had its disadvantages.
  • For example, confessing your feelings.
  • When you had arrived in the Devildom, you were drawn to Satan immediately.
  • He wasn’t overbearing, instead, he was patient, letting you start your interactions together.
  • He respected your boundaries, and hadn’t forced himself into your personal space, letting you come to him on your own time.
  • Satan understood you didn’t want to be in the spotlight, that you preferred to play behind the scenes.
  • It was…refreshing
  • The both of you had a weekly reading session together, with tea, (or any hot drink of your choice, a lovely book, and each other’s company.
  • It was pure bliss.
  • Until you caught feelings for him
  • Every day, your feelings grew, until you felt as if your heart would nearly burst.
  • You decided that the best course of action, was to confess, and soon.
  • The problem is, you’re not great at expressing emotions
  • So what was the best way you could make your feelings apparent without saying so?
  • While idly sipping some tea, it hit you.
  • A few weeks ago, you had heard about Hell Coffee, a coffee that conveyed a person’s feelings based on the bitterness of the brew.
  • This was perfect, you had thought.
  • You knew your feelings for Satan were deep, and that he would be sure to know how much you cared about him after drinking the coffee.
  • After purchasing the coffee grounds from Madam Scream’s, you waited until nighttime, just before your daily reading with Satan.
  • You carefully followed the instructions to the letter, not taking a chance to mess up.
  • Once the coffee was finished and brewed, you inhaled a whiff of the steam, a feeling of warmth and familiarity washing over you.
  • Perfect, now all you had to do was give it to him.
  • Heading over to the library, you step you way towards the library for your meeting with Satan.
  • The moonlight shone through the windows, illuminating your features, shadows dancing across the hallways.
  • Thoughts of how he would react flurried in your mind, a whirlwind of emotion, full of what ifs.
  • Stopping outside the library, you let out a deep sigh, before stepping into the room.
  • Satan, as per usual, was sitting in a loveseat by the fireplace, space left for you to sit next to him.
  • “Ah, Y/n! There you are. Oh? Why did you bring coffee? I usually have tea ready for us, is something wrong?”
  • Handing him the coffee, you spoke quietly, nerves getting to you,
  • “I made some Hell Coffee for you, I hope you enjoy it.”
  • You sat down next to him, as he looked down at the mug with curiosity, taking a small sip.
  • Immediately, he recoiled and set the mug down.
  • Grimacing, he begrudgingly swallowed the coffee, displeasure written across this face.
  • A second later, realization dawned on him, smugness replacing his previous disgust.
  • “Hell Coffee you say…I never expected you to confess like this Y/n. This is by far one of the most bitter brews I’ve ever tasted.”
  • Gently tilting your face towards him, a soft smile graced his features.
  • A real, genuine smile
  • “I’ve fallen for you as well. You’re the light of my life, the one who sees through my facade for who I am. To you, I’m not just the Avatar of Wrath, but an individual person. I’m eternally grateful to have you in my life, and I will do my best to be the partner of your dreams. ”
  • Kissing you lightly on the forehead, he pulled you into his lap, book open.
  • “Now, let’s finish up this novel, shall we?”
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