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#lucifer x mc
lyssaterald · 6 hours ago
Tags: LuciferxMCxDiavolo, trauma, mention of rape, kidnapping, mentions of drugs
It had been months since you returned with Solomon to the human world, since the brothers had staged a small "kidnapping" and whisked you away to spend one last night with them. They had given you their most precious items to enable you to summon them. You had almost given up your life for them to continue on without you. You couldn't have, wouldn't taken his life, not after everything they had done with and for you.
So, it was a giant surprise to you when your ex picked a fight and the scale of the argument was almost epic. It was almost a knock down brawl, something he never expected and something his goons never expected, but in the end you weren't strong enough and you couldn't do more than veil Lucifer's ring and Mammon's key ring. Everything else tangible from the brothers was torn from you within a few moments and your ability to say the words cut off by a gag that wouldn't come out for months except when someone was using you.
It took months of compliance for them to believe you broken, months of abuse and changing hands when your ex got bored. They had started shooting you full of drugs the second they got you,but every exchange saw a new drug you were addicted to and withdrawing from.
But you never stopped trying. Never, for a second, stopped hoping they would respond to the aborted or butchered summonings. They knew you were missing, had to. Unless they had never cared for you beyond your connection to Lilith...
But you never stopped trying, no matter how they used you. Every scrap of freedom you could earn, every trick that would earn you words you could speak while they fucked you, it was always with hope.
And finally, finally it worked.
They had you at a hotel that night for whatever they would use you for and had just shot you up with a new drug. They thought it was funny to watch you stumble around the room, mumbling to yourself as the high took hold and crumbled your reality.
“Hear me, denizens of darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it.
Hear me and do as I command!
I, ___, call upon you to send forth one of your number!
I summon the avatar of Pride, Lucifer!”
Safety. You craved safety and Lucifer had always made you feel safe. No matter when he threatened you you had always understood his motives to protect his brothers, his lord, his realm.
It wasn't until after you stumbled into the bathroom to throw up that you heard the hard words and then the screams that you could feel the small seed of hope you'd been nurturing for months bloom.
You were sitting in the tub when he found you, vomit all down your clothes and the bathroom because the sounds of even your tormenters hadn't been easy to bear.
"You real?" you ask, because you have to.
It's the drugs that make you ask, that make you doubt, but it's the smell of blood and Demonus when he dips down to collect you that has you snuggling into his chest and curling your fingers into his best.
"I am so sorry," he murmurs into your hair and you feel the dampness of tears mix into the words.
"Don't leave me, Lu," you whimper, tears streaming now. "Don't leave me, don't leave me, don't leave me."
It's someone else's hands on you that have you screaming and fighting, words from another lost to your ears. There's a spray of warm blood, a rushing wind, and then the sulphuric smell of safety/home hits you and you let the darkness finally claim you.
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Mc: Hello nice to meet you, this is my ex-boyfriend Lucifer.
Lucifer: You've got to stop introducing me like that
Lucifer: I am their husband.
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devildomsexting · 13 hours ago
Luci + 🍑 (And can I get a side of extra dirty?👀)
He is asked to cover for one teacher who had an emergency and of course it happens to be your class… what a great opportunity
Tumblr media
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saeyoungchoismaid · 14 hours ago
Wedding Headcanon Moodboards
Fandom: Obey Me! Shall We Date? A/N: Despite what these hcs say, some of the dresses and whatnot don’t match bc yanno there’s only so many dress/cakes/etc. in those colors and whatnot. I hadn’t posted anything in a while bc I’ve been focusing on finishing fics for my anime acc @midgetleviackerman​ so I’m sorry for my absence. Ily <3 Also lmao Beel’s dress was so hard to find and I don’t even really like it but it was like all I could find that I thought was good PFFT. Also also I was gonna do the guys’ suits and their wedding venues but finding pics of that was hard so I gave up lmao
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰
More with Obey Me!
Tag List: @jungialo​, @fanfictwarrior​, @ohbbobeyme​, @zeldan7​, @otome-otakuwu​, @fandomsarepainful​, @foul-legasy​, @imhereforsmtng​, @katelynwithpaint​, @buzzybeebee​, @officialdevorak​, & @stressylexy​ ✦ if you would like to be added or removed, comment or send an ask. Also, remember to tell me if you ever change your username so I can continue to tag you :)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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blazedbakugou · 14 hours ago
he wants to start a family
a/n: I don’t really know how to write for lucifer yet as he’s sort of hard to grasp but I hope I did him justice
genre: fluff
warnings: children, spoilers for the “you’ve got to be kidding” event
word count: 400
pairing: lucifer x gn!mc
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer is not the type of man that willingly wears his heart on his sleeve, he much rather prefers to keep his thoughts to himself.
But when it comes to you?
He’s nothing but a fool with lips that listen to his heart rather than his head.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Watching you care for the copies of Little D. No. 2 made Lucifer realize just how good you were at taking care of children— you were a natural. He wasn’t quite sure how to feel about it at first, sure, it made him happy to see you thriving but was that something he wanted in the near future? Lucifer, himself, had experience with raising children; he'd raised his brothers after all, though he’d never put much thought into having a family of his own.
You’ve often told Lucifer how he’s so good at caring for others, that he’d be a great father one day, but you never discussed whether he’d have the opportunity of embarking on the journey of parenthood with you. It was a difficult topic to bring up, you couldn’t just ignore the fact that you were a human and your lifespan was much shorter than his, but you wanted to grow old beside him and raise children along the way.
“What’s on your mind?” You nudged Lucifer’s shoulder.
“What do you mean?” He turned to face you, setting his papers down on his desk.
You rolled your eyes, leaning against the dark wood, “Oh, come on. You and I both know that you’re smart enough to know what I mean. Tell me whatever it is that you’re thinking so hard about.”
“Would you consider starting a family with me?”
You let out a sigh of relief, “Oh, good. I thought you were thinking about something bad. Of course, I’d start a family with you.”
“Really?” Lucifer questioned.
Taking a seat on his lap, you caressed his face, “Yes, I would. Is this something that you want as well?”
He took a moment to respond, looking down at the floor as he contemplated an answer, “I admire how well you cared for Little D’s copies but I’m not sure if I’d be a good father.”
“Why do you think that?” You frowned.
“Not the loving type.”
“There’s not been one day that I have felt unloved since you’ve been by my side. Lucifer, you have always made decisions with the well-being of your brothers in mind. You’d be an excellent father.” You kissed his forehead lovingly.
Lucifer placed his much larger hand over yours with a smile, “Then I suppose we must start a family.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist // taglist open // requests open
@babyshoyo @shinsousliya @watercolour-sugar
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tea-and-swords · 20 hours ago
I’m now taking requests for obey me!! I started playing this game a few weeks ago and I am OBSESSED. Feel free to ask for any sfw headcanons for any of the brothers, Diavolo, or Simeon! Platonic headcanons for Luke are a-okay too! :)
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utopiaawritessv2 · 23 hours ago
Meeting MC Again After the Exchange Program
; This is my first work. Kind of nervous honestly. I also type in all lowercase letters, but for writings I go for proper lettering so it looks put together.
; This takes place after Chapter 20 so slight spoilers on that and the earlier chapters.
; Chapter 21-latest didn't happen either. This is an AU where after a year, MC goes back to the human world and doesn't come back till a few years later.
; Gender-neutral reader! Uses they/them and you.
Tumblr media
So, the exchange program ended. Although promising to keep in touch, the MC hasn't been present for... how long was it? A few years?
They waited and waited, but they also got busy, causing them to forget about their human. Until one faithful morning came. They were greeted with the MC coming out of a portal!
Did not expect Diavolo to throw the best surprise of his life truthfully speaking.
He's genuinely smiling for the first time in a few years, and his face is nothing but bliss.
But Lucifer does not move an inch. He waits for you to greet him.
When you do, his smirk is almost cheeky and mischievous.
“Welcome back to Devildom, MC.”
Ah, just like old times. When you first came here, he only cared about your safety because of Diavolo's reputation and even his.
But, like the spectacular human you are, you actually managed to make him smitten for you.
Lucifer laughs, taking your hands in his, and in his eyes is a shine, for a moment. A glint. And you knew what that meant.
Visit my room later.
(not in a sexual way though. He just wants to catch up with you and make up for the time lost without his brothers interrupting and seeing him so open).
Honestly, will this demon ever forget about you? You're the most rare person he's ever met! Everyone insults and ridicules him, and you're the only one who's ever been nice. That should stay in his mind forever.
He's immediately running towards you with a smile.
But no, he doesn't care alright?! >:/
Mammon goes to hug you as tight as he can, afraid if he lets go you'd turn into dust. That you'd turn into a fragment of his imagination once again.
But you hug him just as tight, reassuring rubs on his back that expresses more than a thousand words could.
I'm here and I'm not going anywhere, you don't have to worry.
Once you two pull away, his cheeks and ears are dusted pink, but his smile is nothing short of blinding.
“I knew you'd come around again for The Great Mammon! Besides, I am your first.”
The day is spent with him glued to your side. He even waits outside the bathroom for you at home. He's so afraid you might go away and leave him again. :((
He didn't know what to do because he's short-circuiting.
You're back? His Henry's back?! This isn't a dream right?
Levi stands there kind of awkwardly, but when your eyes meet, he just can't resist. He immediately pulls you in a hug when you two start running towards each other.
Honestly it looked like a movie scene of two lovers reuniting. Which is probably what it was, yeah.
“You're real...”
“Yeah I'm real, Levi.” you laugh and hold him closer.
His eyes are slightly watery as he felt your hands grip him tighter. You were the only one that listened to him, you know?! He had to resort back to talking to Henry 2.0, which honestly isn't something to be proud of...
But you're back! You two can go back as you used to be; playing games, watching anime, filming his brothers shenanigans...
Leviathan asks you what happened while in the human world when you two are alone though. For once, he can be the listener as you ramble! :>
He's shocked, first of all. I mean, look at you! You're here after a few years, and you've changed, even a bit (or alot, it depends on you.)
But that's not the point. He's basically like a prince charming. Satan whisks you off, offering an arm or a hand.
“What a pleasant surprise. I need to make it up to you. Will you let me do so?”
(screams internally, I love Satan sm)
(I just realized that sounds awful to people who don't know obey me. I am a clown.)
If you decide yes, well he's going to tour you around Devildom again. After, he can settle down with you in his room, talking about what happened while both of you were away from each other. Will recite poems to you in between your rambles since he's reading.
If you decide no... then uh, you know, flashback to when the MC denied his pact. Just kidding. He'll sulk for a bit since he wanted to be a cool knight in shining armor type.
Satan is honestly relieved to have you back because his brothers were nothing but annoying. The first time he heard your voice again, he felt really nostalgic.
I'll just add here that he might buy you flowers during your date (or tour). Since he's making up for time, and he's a gentleman.
Oh dear, someone pick his jaw up from the floor. He's so happy but jeez, shocking! Darling MC changed quite a bit!
Will definitely run up and hug you. Comments about your outfit and asks about your time in the human world.
“You look wonderful as ever, MC!”
Intertwines your hands in his as he excitedly tells you about this skin product that he's been using (that's basically an indirect warning that he's certainly going to apply it on you later.)
He's just genuinely happy you're back. His hugs feel different than they were before. They feel more domestic and caring. (not implying he didn't care for you back then, it's more of he misses you and he's taking all his longing into the hug.)
Asmo just cannot shut up about you the next hour or so. It's even more a shock that he's not talking about himself. Definitely updates his Devilgram after an hour of you arriving.
“MC, I need you to pick an outfit! Which one do you prefer?”
“The one on the left.”
“Great, try it on!”
“Wait, it was for me—?”
Asmo certainly became a whole lot happier. His brothers even noticed a change in his nightly schedules! Instead of going club-hopping, he's glued to your side, peacefully sleeping.
MC? The same human that came years ago? As in, MC the former exchange student—
Yes, Beel cannot believe it. They're back! It's been quite awhile but that doesn't matter now, does it?
Bear hugs. Please, he would be engulfing you in the warmest, tightest and biggest hug you've ever experienced! Even lifts you off your feet accidentally, but do you really care? (please just cherish the moment, he's super happy—)
A hand rubs your hair lovingly. Even as his stomach rumbles like wolf growls, he focuses on you, forgetting about his hunger and the food that was on his mind.
It's one of those moments Beel truly feels happy. It's one of those moments that he'd remember forever, and one that he knows would make him smile just at the thought of it.
After that, being Beel, he proposes you go food touring around Devildom. But then he stopped and realized that he's already done that with you countless of times. So, he thinks of what can make you happy.
He asks you for your input of course. So you spend the day doing what you love, with a few food stops in between. Even if it's staying at home or going out, he doesn't mind as long as it's with you.
Congratulations, you made him wide awake! His eyes are wide but he also waits for you to notice him. If you don't immediately, he's gonna go, “I'm right here, you know?”
But when you do, he's smiling softly. Will a hundred percent go soft and get near to crying when you hug him.
As you hug him, his head rests on your shoulder. The height difference doesn't matter, he'd bend down or tip-toe if he has to. It just feels natural to lean his head there.
A minute passes and you'd think he dozed off due to how quiet he is. Even his breathing is silent. But no, Belphie is simply enjoying the moment.
You might think he'd want to cuddle up to you and sleep, maybe use you as a pillow while he's at it. But no. This demon would invite you to explore Devildom again.
Since he was locked up in the attic, he didn't have a chance to really hang out with you. Add the fact that you left after... well, he's a bit bitter that the others know you so well.
So he'd muster up all his energy for you. And during night time, you two stay in the planetarium, stargazing. How romantic for someone who *ehem* killed the MC... he's also sorry about that, that's why he took you out despite almost collapsing into a deep slumber numerous time during it...
It's the thought that counts though. •^•
Tumblr media
; Might do a part two for the side characters! But for now, here's the brothers while I wait for potential requests! <3
(you can tell i wrote this on impulse and in under two hours, so sorry if they're a bit out of character!)
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pen-ink-therapy · a day ago
MC: *looks pissed*
Mammon: I'm watching my tone dadadada I ain't talkin back
Levi: *agreeing shakes head and says* no
Beel: why?
Mammon: cuz I'ma get thrown
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devildomdisaster · a day ago
How would the brothers react to an mc who is very close to Mammon? For example MC has a pact with everyone but she still stays close to Mammon because he was the first? In a dangerous situation, he is the first person she turns to / if something good has happened, he is the first person the mc will tell / if she wants to hug, is she always looking for him? In general, he is always her first choice, even opening her eyes in the morning, her first question is "where is Mammon?"
How the brothers react when Mammon is always Mc’s first choice.
He hates it, but he couldn’t choose a better brother to be your first choice. In spite of all the stupid things Mammon does Lucifer loves him and wants him to be happy. And Mc, you make Mammon happy, so how could he ever hold that against you? It hurts his pride, quite a lot actually, but he knows how good Mammon truly is. How much Mammon deserves someone like you. Lucifer watched you bounce around each other, both denying your feelings, and he was so frustrated! How could Mammon not see it, see how much you love him? So when it finally, finally sunk into his brother’s thick skull, he was proud of him. So here you are skipping through the door, all smiles, and Lucifer knows something good has happened. But he also knows he’ll have to wait to hear it. “Lucifer! Have you seen Mammon?” He points up the stairs “He’s cleaning up his mess in the library,” Lucifer says. He watches you bolt up the stairs with a rueful smile.
He puts on a good show of “Of course Mc chose me, I was her first after all.” But below the surface, Mammon can’t believe it. Why him out of everyone else? Why would you choose him? After years of his brothers telling him he is greedy and scummy and stupid, he began to see himself that way too. But here you are running to him, for everything. He can’t understand why. Wouldn’t someone else make you happier? At first, he wants to push you away. He thinks that he’s protecting you by pushing you away from him. But you just don’t give up. And eventually, he finds himself sinking into the love you give him. It’s warm and kind and you just want him for him. You want to share the things that make you happy and come to him to protect you from the things that scare you or make you sad and he loves you. All of you.
Really? Scummy Mammon? You can’t be serious! It’s just not fair! Of course, you wouldn’t choose a yucky otaku like him, but he never thought you’d choose Mammon either! He can’t fathom why, and he’ll ask you. “Mc, how could you choose Mammon? Do you pity him or something?” You’ll have to explain it, how Mammon makes you feel safe, how you truly feel about him before Levi gets it. But once he does Levi will take a step back and stop being so angry at you. He’s still jealous when you hide behind Mammon or run to tell him your good news first. But he tends to just sulk to himself so he doesn’t make you feel bad.
He’s happy for Mammon. Really he is, but he has to come to terms with the fact that you chose Mammon and not him. He loves you too Mc. Still, he wants you to be happy and Mammon makes you happy. There are pangs of anger when you ignore him and run straight for Mammon in pretty much any situation. But Satan has had years of practice controlling his anger and he has a lot of respect for Mammon as his older brother, even if he does think Mammon is irresponsible and stupid. It’s hard for him to accept at first, but he comes to terms with it, and even drops hints for Mammon about how close you are to him if he hasn’t realized it yet.
Asmo can’t understand why you’d pick Mammon when you could have had him. Sure mammon was your first protector, but he was assigned that job by Lucifer. “Just because he was first doesn’t mean he is the best Mc.” Asmo will try to pull you away for spa days and shopping, both to get your attention and make Mammon jealous. Asmo wants real love, even if he says he’s happy with all his admirers. Even though he doesn’t understand why you are closer to Mammon and why you always choose him, Asmo will respect your decision. He cares for you far too much to hurt you by making you feel bad for choosing his brother over him.
Beel is a little disappointed honestly but he understands. The heart wants what it wants. And if yours wants Mammon, then he’ll support you Mc. Beel will definitely threaten Mammon in that stereotypical big sibling way “If you ever hurt Mc, then you’ll have to deal with me” type of thing. It’s sweet how protective Beel is. Well, that is until he says something similar to you. “Mc, I know you wouldn’t do it on purpose but please don’t hurt Mammon.”
Belphie is angry about it at first. But he comes to understand. He sees the way you run into Mammon’s arms after being frightened by some demon at RAD and he just sort of realizes that this is how it is and he’s actually ok with that. He still thinks Mammon is an oblivious idiot when he gets jealous about you spending time with one of the others. And Belphie is so done with his shit. “Don’t be an idiot Mammon, haven’t you realized how she feels by now?” Queue blushy Mammon being offended at being called an idiot. “H-Hey! Who are you calling an idiot? I’m your big brother you should respect me! Besides Mc don’t feel that way about me what’re you implying?!” Belphie just sighs and wonders what exactly you see in Mammon, but whatever as long as he makes you happy.
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frozen-tear-sword · a day ago
Obey Me - RAD has a Prom
This one is a tad self indulgent because I was robbed of a prom and prom with the brothers sounds so fun. If you guys like these headcanons, I might be able to write a little fic/drabble for it...? If this goes over well, I mean.
The Idea: MC proposed the idea of having a Prom to Diavolo and he thought it was a splendid idea to continue to blend cultures together! Headcanons of the brothers going with MC to prom. (they/them pronouns for MC here).
Headcanons under the break!
- What an intriguing idea. A dance sounds like so much fun. He has only danced inside of Diavolo's ballroom for purely formal reasons, and at the retreat. Dancing for fun sounds enjoyable.
- He has no issue dressing up, of course. He does wait for MC to ask him. What? The man is busy. If MC wants to go, they have to tell Luci they want to. He would be more than happy to accompany them to this prom they have arranged with Diavolo. Not to mention, it would make Diavolo happy to see this plan working out - anything for his wife uh... dearest friend.
- Lucifer already has plenty of suits to wear, but he allows MC decide what color the two of you will be wearing... as long as it includes some black? He won't complain either way, but he does prefer sticking to his normal color palette.
- he took MC to Diavolo's castle with them on his arm the entire time. He is proud to have such a lovely prom date.
- As for dancing, Lucifer does formally extend his hand to MC. "May I have this dance?" It was cheesy and cliche, but he heard humans did this for each other. MC was the one who wanted to have a prom, so he wanted to make sure they were happy.
- He could've danced with them all night. Nothing is more soothing than having them close.
- Oh, a school dance? pffft. Dorky.... wait- you can ask people?! Okay, he's uh in on this
- No, he's not thinking about asking MC. Are you crazy?! Him and his human?
- Okay, yes. That is his human after all. He heard about promposals though, so he does something super cheesy for MC. He totally tells MC he earned the grimm himself and Lucifer doesn't know he used Goldie, but Lucifer gave him permission. Mammon should be allowed to make his s/o happy!
- Mammon 100% complains about having to get a tuxedo, but gets over it when he sees how happy MC looks. They are smiling and happy. Anything for his human, right?
- Mammon escorts MC to prom while holding hands. He keeps their fingers interlocked the whole time. Mammon even rambles as he plays with MC's hand. MC just looks so stunning! He couldn't hold his tongue.
- Mammon obviously knows how to dance. The loud pop music suits him better than anything else.
- a slow song? shit.... well, he'll give it his best shot. Don't think about dancing with another demon, okay? He can handle this!
- He awkwardly offers a hand to MC as he rubs the back of his neck. "Shall we?" he asks. Mammon seems to loosen up a bit as MC leans their head on his shoulder.
- ... okay so prom wasn't as stupid as he thought it would be.
- A... a dance? He doesn't know about this! Sure, he's played dating simulators with them before, but him? ahaha. As he would say "lololololol" MC, you wanna see him at a dance? That's crazy !!
- But MC really would want to be seen with lil ol' him? He's honored, and a big flustered mess not to mention.
- It would give him a chance to be like those video games he's played with school dances before! He's really excited MC had asked him in the first place; despite the fact he hates social outings.
- Levi asks for Lucifer's help getting the proper garments for this prom. He knows if he goes onto akuzon he's just going to get distracted and he wants to do this right for MC! He knows he's not the best boyfriend - he just tries his best.
- He got MC a little corsage. He heard they are traditionally for females, but he.. just didn't know if MC wouldn't want one so he got one anyways! Corsages don't have to have gender, right? Just like clothes.
- Leviathan does seem very nervous. MC has had to straighten out his tie multiple times. Levi tried his best! Satan does come over and teach him how to tie a tie halfway through the prom.
- At first, Leviathan is a really awkward dancer, but MC requested a song they were certain Levi knew. He seemed to loosen up after that! Who cares if he looks like a dork? His MC is smiling! This was... a lot more fun than he thought it would be. Maybe he'd be willing to do this again in the future.
- Still, it was very draining. So the night likely ends with Levi and MC just watching some anime in Leviathan's room until they both fall asleep beside each other.
- Interesting. He had gone to formal events before (every brother had really), but nothing simply just because it was happening at RAD. The concept interests him.
- A get together for just enjoying time with friends seems intriguing. When MC proposes it, it takes Satan only a few hours to set up a small romantic scene in the library. He kisses their hand and asks if they would like to accompany him to this Prom Mc cooked up with Diavolo.
- Satan agrees to match outfits with MC whether it's matching suits with them or if they want to wear a dress. Satan knows it is some kind of prom tradition. He read about it in a book. This man did his research, okay?
- Satan keeps close all night. He shares punch with MC, and enjoys some of the music. It's not really anything he enjoys, but he can sense the rhythm of it. Eventually, he extends a hand to Mc and takes them onto the dancefloor.
- It's odd enough to see Satan outside of the library, but to see him laughing and smiling while dancing with MC? Perhaps prom was much more successful than MC had planned it to be.
- Satan prefers the slower dances. He likes to twirl and dip MC. He likes when he can dip them and just gently press their forehead to his and gaze into their eyes. Those eyes... he could swim in their beauty.
- The night goes well with Satan as well. MC teaches him how to do some regular human dances like the Cupid Shuffle and the Cha Cha Slide. Small things like that, and Satan seems to take an interest in these human dances.
- oh YES HE IS IN. MC had him at dressing up in fancy clothes. Asmo starts skimming magazine and some social media to learn what is okay to wear to a prom.
- That's when he saw THE most incredible dress he had ever seen in his entire life. Could he wear a dress MC?! He'd look simply ravishing if he did.
- The outfits MC and Asmo wear are 100% coordinated. Asmodeus couldn't have them showing up looking like fashion disasters. He even has the two of them get ready in his room.
- Asmodeus takes hours to do his own hair and makeup. He offers to do MC's if they want him to! He'd be more than happy to help out. Not that MC needs makeup because they are so naturally beautiful.
- At the dance, he does not leave MC's side the entire time. He doesn't want to. Dancing close, and holding hands, and sharing some snacks there, and doing other small things like that. This night is all about MC's happiness, right? Asmodeus will make sure it's nothing short of perfect for his shining star.
- Asmodeus could dance all night honestly. Slow? Fast? Learning those adorable human dances! Darling, he is not leaving MC's side on the dancefloor.
- He does spend a lot of time twirling in his fancy dress though.
- He's going to ask Diavolo if this could happen more often at RAD. It made MC very happy, and everyone kept telling him how beautiful he looked in his dress! Could they have more school dances? This is so marvelous.
- dress up? I mean, he'll certainly try his best for you MC. He might need some help with the tie though. He always felt like his hands were too big to properly tie one.
- He heard there were special snacks and sometimes dinner served at prom? That certainly interests him. Is Barbatos cooking? Barb always cooks the best stuff.
- Of course, this about making MC happy, and he would do anything for them! He tries to make sure he does everything right. MC went through a lot of change coming to Devildom, so the leas the can do is bring in one night of normalcy for them, right? Hopefully he can get this right. Fingers crossed!
- Arriving at Diavolo's palace, Beel is interested by all the fancy decorations. Everything looks so incredible! He might try to eat some of the decor but shhh no one needs to know.
- Beelzebub himself is a very good dancer, but he does take up a lot of space on the dancefloor because hello, he's a very large man. Still, he tries to stay aware of that! He just wants to dance with MC.
- When slow dancing with them, Beelzebub blushes quite a bit. This is his partner and he is so close with them now. They seem so relaxed in his arms. Does he make them feel this way? Wow... Beelzebub feels very lucky.
- As long as MC has a good night, Beelzebub calls it a success! It means a lot to him that they would want to be with him at this prom thing. They could always go dancing again - provided the dinner beforehand is that amazing.
- ugh.. a social outing? When there's a perfect place for napping two steps away from him?
- Wait, uh, no! He wants to go with MC. Of course he wants to go with them. It sounds like they could have a fun time together. Maybe it'd make up for the time he missed out on having while he was in the attic?
- Belphegor finds something to wear. He doesn't normally dress up all formally, but he finds a comfortable tuxedo to wear. MC really wants this, and he's not one to get in the way of what they want.
- He wears a matching outfit with MC. He wears a clip of a crescent moon in his hair to keep his bangs out of his face. He just wanted to look nice for them, okay?
- Belphie is still his sleepy self, but he seems to have a really good time. He jokes with MC and Beelzebub that night. It's a. very good time for all of them
- Eventually, MC talks Belphie into dancing with them. Belphegor usually leans on MC and is slightly shocked when they lean on him. Well, whatever floats their boat, napping usually floats his.
- He has a good time with MC, but he is certainly going to need a quality nap after such a long, highly active outing. MC owes him some cuddle time.
- ... he does comment that they looked quite beautiful and he'd be happy to dance with them again another time. For now though? Nap time.
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koumine · a day ago
Chapter 3 updated! [WYILAC]
Chapter 3: interlude: how you got Lucifer a day off
Fic: wear your independence like a crown
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Author: Koumine
Rating: E (fic); T (ch 3)
Summary [ch 3]:
In the last moments before you yourself fall asleep, you think to snag your D.D.D. from the nightstand and send two sets of texts to ensure that Lucifer has the day off tomorrow, to properly rest and recover after such an intense scene. One set of texts involves a politely worded request. The other involves a liberal application of threats.
A humorous interlude set immediately after chapter 2.
Excerpt [ch 3]:
Direct Messages: Diavolo
You: Hello, Diavolo. You: I'd like to call in that favor.
Diavolo: Certainly! What can I do for you?
Group chat: Pact Posse
You: OK FUCKERS, LISTEN UP You: I am calling a Serious Conversation Time.
Leviathan: lolol we haven’t had one of those in a minute
Satan: Did something happen?
You: Lucifer is taking the day off tomorrow. And before you start celebrating (Mammon), let me tell you about the consequences for anyone who causes trouble while Lucifer is absent.
Mammon: [Sticker sent: crow demon, angry] Mammon: Hey! Quit makin’ out like I’m the only one here who would celebrate!
Belphegor: What makes you think we would ever take advantage of Lucifer’s absence like that? [emoji: innocent angel]
You: I love you all, but let’s be honest. You guys are chaos central. You: And don’t even try it, Belphie. [emoji: squinting]
Leviathan: lmao
Asmodeus: I wanna hear about the ~consequences~ [emoji: heart]
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hey-its-spades · a day ago
*the 6 youngest demon bros and mc,are putting up a large picture on the wall in the hall of paintings*
Lucifer:* walks down the hall and notices them* " what's all this about?"
Mc and mammon:* getting in front of the picture to block it * " damn it! Dia was supposed to distract you until we got it hung!"
Satan and levi :* sighs in defeat * " well there goes the suprise..."
Asmo:* pouts angrily*" dang so close"
Beel and belphie:* lifts their arms in surrender*" you caught us..."
Lucifer:* sus meter over 9000* " beg your pardon? A suprise? You lot know I dont DO suprises"
Lucifer:* crosses his arms and taps his foot impatiently *" what did you do?"
Mc:* sighs heavily * " WELL...we were GONNA show you later tonight when we got it up but since your here..."
Mc:* pulls off the cover on the picture,to reveal a beautifully painted picture of all 8 of them* "I commissioned a painting to replace the old one that was here previously. Since this family has gotten bigger I thought it would've been more appropriate to have a family portrait of all of us"
Mc:* asmo found out and then he told Satan, satan told beel,beel told levi,belphi and mammon. Sorry we had to leave you out,but we decided to make it a surprise. No offense but you'd try to micromanage everything and that would be hell for everyone. "
* all of them are looking to Lucifer who, has theist perplexed look on his face. He looks like he's gonna cry but you can see the corners of his mouth turn up a bit, his poster is stone stiff and he looks to the ground*
Lucifer:" i-"
Lucifer:* walks towards all of them and gives a big group hug, rare for him to do and even rarer for him to initiate *" thank you,sometime I forget our family has gotten a bit bigger since this exchange program started..."
Lucifer:* clears his throat and stand up straight, a hand petting through mc's hair *" how about we go out tonight, all of us, my treat "
Demon bros:* smiles and cheers *
As they are leaving to go out satan,mammon, and mc are talking.
Satan:" this was heartwarming ,good thinking btw mc"
Mammon :* smiling* "yeah no kidding you ordered that painting at the right time"
Mc:* stressed asf*"yeah...but let's hope our family dosen't get any bigger anytime soon otherwise get gotta replace the picture and Lucifer might see the giant ass hole in the wall beel made when we were all rough housing-"
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 days ago
Hiii I'd like to request something if that's okay :) how would the demon bros and if it's not to much the other characters react to an mc who turns out to be some sort of pagan God?
Thank you so much if you write this and I hope you have a wonderful day 💙
Hi and sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm kinda buried underneath the messages lol
Is fascinated because power fascinates him
"I always felt you have this in you"
Will try to guess what sort of deity you are and will most probably be correct
Your power does not change anything though: to him, you'd always be his precious baby
"So how many poor souls have you destroyed with your beauty?"
Will be secretly immensely pleased to be your boyfriend because he is the Avatar of Pride, duh
Will also bring in the room some candles and scents: "I thought you'd like them".
Is honestly scared
Like, you can destroy him, right?!
"Oh snap I hope I didn't piss ya off much!"
Is amazed by your power and wisdom. You are like Lucifer but MORE BADASS
"Hey, can ya talk to dis witches and like burn them to ashes or something?"
Is flattered you chose him because well... he is the Great Mammon!
Is stunned: he thought you are a total normie!
But not scared or surprised because Levi himself is pretty darn powerful.
He is kinda excited to learn more because to him, it's like living his best anime fantasy.
Oh, you beat Ruri-chan here, 100%
Will probably ask like 100000 questions and is really interested on learning everything about you.
At some point, will get too embarrassed to keep asking because he honestly thinks he's been bothering you.
Same as Lucifer, he is fascinated by power and respects anyone who not only holds it but knows how to use it.
"A Pagan God, huh? Why don't you tell me more?"
He knows the price for power himself so his sympathy and respect for you be growing like crazy.
Despite you being a badass God, will still call you "kitten" because well, you are too cute!
Will also not hesitate to punish you if needed (he he he) because for some reason, it's a turn-on for him.
Will bombard you with questions because 1) he loves you and 2) he loves learning new things. Also, he is interested in learning how humans worship a deity.
Like, are you a real God? Like, for real?
It turns him on too, by the way
"Now I want you even more!"
Will explore every inch of your body "just to see what might be different, hon"
Would love to hear stories about your worshippers.
Actually, he really understands you because there are always crowds of people wanting him, too.
"Hm. That's interesting"
Is really curious to learn everything about you because he cares.
"Do you like any special treats?" Chances are, he'll cook you these treats when you don't expect it.
"Gods need hugs too"
/nearly smashes you in his arms
Is very respectful yet loving
"You are so amazing, I am not surprised so many people worship you"
Is intrigued but won't show it.
May think of ways how your power can combine with his.
"Do Pagan gods love napping?"
"I bet you can kick Lucifer's ass"
Will stay sarcastic and playful because well, it's Belphie
"Hmmmm.. so do you need an altar or something?"
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burnedrxses · 2 days ago
Obey me boys and my personal headcanons for them because brainrot go brrr
Lucifer editon
A fair warning some are agnsty and nsfw so please if you're a minor skip past the nsfw ones
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sfw and Angst
I feel like Luci is constantly tired
Like this man constantly over works himself please get some sleep hun
He always smells like coffee to not the nasty smell but the really nice and soothing one
But he occasionally smells like sweat cause of that big ass jacket he wears
He let's asmo do his nails and manage all his other health care shit cause lord knows he needs it 💀
I feel like there are days where he just locks himself away in his room to just have some alone time
Mans definitely has nightmares about the celestial war
Like they aren't about just Lilith like Beel, but about his family as a whole
He feels like as the oldest he should have done better
He shouldn't have been stronger and he regrets those days
His misses his angelic self
The beautiful white wings
The beauty of the celestial realm
Well it's too late to take it all back now
Like he deadass will be the sub and dom in the relationship
Pull his hair its such a turn on for him
Obviously a sadist
If youre the dom the peg/dick this man down
He needs to relax
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How He Loves - Fondly
Lucifer x MC | Song fic
How He Loves Series | Brothers Masterlist | Datables Masterlist
Inspiration ~ Come With Me by Chxrlotte
Decription: Lucifer is forced to watch MC die a gruesome death right before his eyes just like Lilith. Thus causes old memories to resurface for himself and others.
Warnings: spoilers for lessons 14-16, angst, fluff, mention of death
Lucifer watched in horror as his own brother slashed at MC, the human he had become so fond of. As their body began to fall, he ran to them followed closely by Mammon.
Mammon scooped them up and held them in his arms while Lucifer held their hand and stared down at them. Their breath was shallow and ragged as their skin slowly began to turn cold.
Slowly, MC took their hand from his own. They extended their arm and gently brushed his cheek. "My shining star. You are so beautiful." It almost sounded like their voice was being pulled out of them.
He leaned into their hand and held it tight against his face, "MC, now is not the time. You are going to be okay. I promised that I would protect you and I intend to keep that promise. Now we need to figure out how to fix this." Panic began to set in as he heard his words. He had said something very similar a long long time ago.
"Lilith!" He ran to his sister with his wings outstretched to give them cover. Her back torn open and bleeding from where her wings were ripped off.
"I have you Lilith. Everything's going to be okay." His voice shook as he picked her frail body up.
He began to fly, but as his feet started to lift off the ground, an excruciating pain came from his lower back as he heard skin tearing.
He fell with a scream, dropping his sister in the process. Turning around to see what happened, he sees a pair of his own wings missing. Despite the pain, he continued to push through as he grabbed her once again and began to make his escape from the Celestial Realm.
"Oh Lucifer, even with only four wings, you are still the most beautiful angel in the Celestial Realm." She smiled at him with a soft, somber smile.
"Now is not the time compliments. We need to find a way to fix you." As Lucifer ran, he could feel her body getting weaker and weaker until eventually her life-force was gone altogether.
*End Flashback*
MC's body felt just like her's in that moment. It was frail and nearly lifeless. They look at him again, their eyes getting more cloudy by the second, "I am glad you are the last thing I get to see. It is a shame, I never got to tell you how heavenly your voice sounds." Their smile looked just like her's too.
Their words made a smile creep onto his own face as tears welled up in his eyes, "It's funny that you say that, because I was about to say the same thing." Lucifer thought back to all the times MC had grounded him with a conversation, or their laughter put him into a blissful trance.
Mammon's own sniffles were heard as the two spoke along with Belphegor's cackling. All of his other brother's were distraught, but their eyes were filled with rage looking towards their laughing brother. Unlike the rest of them, Lucifer couldn't find it in him to look away from MC. They looked so angelic, even in death.
A few seconds after their banter, MC's body goes limp. Lucifer gently moves some of their hair before kissing their forehead and standing up. Mammon continues to cradle their lifeless body as his wails become louder.
Wiping his eyes of tears he would never let anyone see, Lucifer looks to Belphegor, "I think that is enough for today." Lucifer eyes harden as he transforms into his demon form. He is ready to pounce on his brother when he hears a voice.
Everyone in the room stops and whips their head towards the sound. Standing in front of them is MC. Lucifer immediately disregards Belphegor and runs to them engulfing them in a hug before quickly pulling away.
"MC, you are alright?" He quickly scans over their entire body checking for any lacerations or bleeding that were previously present.
They giggled at his protectiveness, "I am fine Lucifer. Lilith saved me." MC then begins to tell the Brothers of Lucifer's deal with Diavolo to save Lilith's life.
"And I am one of her decendants. I saw your face as you carried her Lucifer." They reached out for his cheek again only for him to grab their hand and guide it there himself, "You looked so distraught, it was the same way you were looking at me while I was dying. I hope I never have to see that face again."
"I was distraught, but I am alright now that you are here with us. I hope I will never have to worry like that again because I will always be by your side to protect you."
"I know you will. You always have."
Mammon: "What about me!? I'm s'posed to be their protector. Ya told me to do so!"
Lucifer: "Well you're fired."
Mammon: "What? Ya can't just fire me!"
Lucifer: "Watch me."
Tag List:
@bunna-does-stuff @obeythebutler @ashxrsbeloveds
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devildomsexting · 2 days ago
Bottom!Characters List
Links to the bottom!characters chats below!
Get access 1 week early to chat posts like these as well as Patron Exclusive posts by subscribing to my Patreon at the link below🧡
Asmodeus (coming soon)
Satan (coming soon)
Lucifer (coming soon)
Solomon (coming soon)
Simeon (coming soon)
Diavolo (coming soon)
Barbatos (coming soon)
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pondwatr04 · 2 days ago
Who Obeys Who?
Part 1 / Part 2
~F!Mc~ Word Count: 4,494
Summary: After Mc’s latest brush with death, Lucifer has placed various rules to ensure her safety. However, the independent human will soon discover that the brothers have become increasingly possessive/protective over her, to the point where she begins to feel suffocated. In the heat of the moment during a particularly bad fight, Mc uses the power of her pacts and accidentally harms the brothers in the process. Anguished over this and the brothers’ behavior, she runs away and seeks a way to break the pacts, for their sake and her own!
Warnings: Mention of death, brief violence, aggressive scenarios.
It was no secret to anyone that the 7 Lords of Devildom were fiercely protective of their little human, however this was something that Mc was still adjusting to. Back in the human world, Mc was never really the center of attention or had particularly protective family/friends, and was quite content with the sense of freedom that came with such a life.
However, as the brothers began to grow closer and closer with her, their desire to guard the new member of their family also swelled. At first, she found this behavior somewhat endearing; it warmed her heart to know that such powerful and feared demons cared so deeply for her, a mere mortal human. With this new sensation of the brothers at her side, Mc felt safe in Devildom, despite the multiple times she had almost lost her life.
That was until she had a particularly bad run in with several lower demons at RAD once a day. Mc had left her classes mid-session to use the restroom, the hallways were silent and empty as everyone was seated in their classrooms. However, when she was making her way back to class, three lower demons jumped out and began attacking her, beating her nearly unconscious.
In between the grunts and deafening blows the demons dealt her, she could hear them shouting something about how she was making the Demon Lords soft, that her presence was ruining their reputation as fearsome, cruel creatures.
However, it was over as soon as it started; the demons left her gasping alone on the cool, tiled floor. Soon after Mammon (who had been in the process of skipping class) discovered her battered body and called his brothers for help. Although Mc hadn’t sustained any serious injuries, she was quickly raced to the nearest hospital and made a swift recovery with the help of Solomon and Simeon’s healing abilities.
In the days after the incident, Mc was feeling suprisingly unscatched, both physically and mentally. Despite how worried sick the brothers were, she was simply happy that the whole ordeal was over and done with, the perpetrators promptly beaten and jailed. However, Lucifer had decided this was not good enough for Mc, or rather, him.
Mc sat nervously at the dining table in the House of Lamentation, all the chairs filled with their respective brothers. Lucifer had called a “family meeting” earlier that day during RAD classes and had stressed that everyone must be there.
At first Mc hadn’t been too worried about the sudden order, but simply watching Mammon anxiously bounce his leg from next to her with his chin resting gravely on his palm, had her suddenly reconsidering. Everyone instantly perked up as Lucifer cleared his throat from the end of the long table.
“In light of… recent events...,” he begins his gaze sweeping from brother to brother, eventually landing firmly on Mc, making her jump slightly. He pauses for a moment, huffing slightly.
“...I have decided that there is an urgent need for new rules regarding Mc, more specifically on how to ensure she remains safe in her time at Devildom,” he announces.
“What do you mean ‘new rules’,” Mc questions, eyebrows furrowed slightly.
Lucifer shoots her a quick glare after being interrupted before continuing.
“I mean that as of today, you cannot be without an escort when leaving the House of Lamentation under any circumstances-,” he says as Mc rises quickly from her chair.
“What?! I need an escort?-'' she exclaims, hands placed definitely on the table before her.
“-That includes walking to and from RAD, walking between class periods, and anywhere else outside of the House of Lamentation,” he continues, ignoring Mc’s sudden outburst.
“That ridiculous, I can handle walking myself perfectly fine-,” Mc shouts.
“You will be required to have your D.D.D on you at all times, and you are not permitted to leave the house after 8pm,” he states coldly, staring down Mc. “All of which are effective for an indefinite amount of time.”
“This isn’t necessary, Lucifer! I know what happened last week, but that doesn’t mean you can just start making me follow all these crazy restrictions!” Mc pleads, desperately looking around the table at the brothers for any semblance of support.
However, they all avoid her gaze, a few of them taking sudden interest in the intricate carvings that adorn the side of the wooden table.
“It is necessary, Mc,” Lucifer says matter-of-factly, crossing his arms. “I know that you’re a very independent person, but these rules are for your own safety.”.
“I’m sorry Lucifer, but I won’t allow myself to submit to this-,” Mc begins defiantly.
“-You will follow these rules. This is not something that is up for discussion, Mc!” he bellows, causing everyone at the table to flinch at the sudden aggression.
“And that goes for all of you,” he commands, pointing accusingly at his brothers. “You all are to make sure that she adheres to these rules, you understand?”
They all exchange quick glaces between a fuming Mc and Lucifer’s stern expression. They all nod slowly, reluctantly submitting to Lucifer’s will. Mc flops angrily into her chair, teeth clenched as she festers silently in her own wrath.
As much as she wants to, she simply can’t win against Lucifer, especially not on this one. Seeing that none of the other brothers came to her aid, she decides she has no choice but to swallow her pride. Biting her tongue, she nods slightly along with the brothers.
“Then… that is all that I need to say,” Lucifer says, his composure restored as he rises from his seat. “This meeting is adjourned.”
In the days after Lucifer's declaration, Mc begrudgingly followed each rule. Although she was still fuming, she offered no further protest on the matter, electing to just wait until Lucifer decided these restrictions were no longer necessary.
After a while, Mc began to not be particularly bothered by these rules. Although she valued her occasional moments of solitude, having the brothers escort her from place to place proved to be somewhat enjoyable. Additionally, having her D.D.D on her at all times wasn’t too much of a hassle, and it wasn’t like she had many places to be in Devildom after 8pm.
However, Mc began to feel more concerned with the brothers’ behavior as more and more questionable moments occurred between them. She first took notice of this somewhat alarming shift in behavior when Mc was conversing with a new friend from her Curses and Hexes class; another demon, obviously.
Mc was always eager to make new friends, especially since she rarely had the chance to talk to any demons outside of the seven brothers. Her and this new demon had randomly sparked up a conversation when he had asked her for a spare pencil. He had noticed it had a design on it that originated from a popular movie franchise that he was also interested in, so the duo became engrossed in discussing the topic long into the class period. Even after the bell rang, they continued absentmindedly laughing and chatting with one another.
This caused Beel, who had recently begun waiting for Mc outside of each of her classes to walk her from period to period, to peek his head in the room worriedly. The redhead immediately noticed the lower demon and how he was leaning against Mc’s desk, deep in conversation with his human. Anger quickly sparked in the pit of his abdomen, prompting him to stalk swiftly towards the duo.
He planted a solid hand on Mc’s shoulder. “The bell rang, Mc. Let’s go to your next class,” he grunts, refusing to acknowledge the surprised demon beside him.
“Oh, it's okay Beel. You can go without me, I’ll be leaving after I finish up here in a second,” Mc says cheerfully, waving Beel on without much thought.
In response, his grip tightens every-so slightly on Mc’s shoulder, digging into the fabric of her uniform. “No. I have to go with you Mc,” he says firmly.
“Beel, seriously, it’s okay,” Mc responds in a quizzical tone, eyes flickering between his face and his hand on her shoulder. “I’ll just have my friend here walk me instead. Your class is on the other side of campus anyway, so you’ll be late if you wait for me.”
“I don’t care if I’m late. I’m not going to let you be alone with some other demon, Mc,” he growls.
Both Mc and the lower demon gape at Beel, taken aback by his sudden aggression.
“Beel! Don’t be rude! You don’t need to worry about him, he’s oka-,” Mc exclaims.
“Mc. I’m not leaving you with him,” Beel repeats, this time finally eyeing the fidgeting lower demon sitting across from him. He wilts slightly from Beel’s piercing gaze, feeling as if he’s somehow made a grave mistake by simply talking to Mc. Mc shakes Beel’s hand from her shoulder, rising from her desk to confront him head on.
“Beelzebub. I’m telling you-,” Mc begins before she’s abruptly interrupted by Beel grabbing her wrist and tugging her towards the classroom’s exit. Despite her protests, he managed to make it halfway to her next period before Mc finally wrenched herself from his grip. The other demons in the hallway disperse, fleeing to their classrooms after sensing the dangerous arua the Avatar of Gluttony was emitting.
“What the hell Beel?” she pants, rubbing the angry red skin on her wrist. She eyes him, feeling increasingly uneasy; what happened back in the was completely out of character for him. He never spoke to her, or anyone in that way, let alone put his hands on her like that.
“Lucifer said you can’t go anywhere by yourself,” he explains, placing a hand on his neck while shame begins to replace the wrath within him.
“Yeah, I wasn’t going by myself. I said that my friend was going to walk me instead,” Mc shoots back.
Beel frowns, “You can’t trust any demon you meet, Mc. You don’t know if you really would be safe with him.”
In the back of her mind, Mc knows he’s half right; she simply didn’t know that demon well enough to confidently say he wouldn’t try something the moment she was alone and vulnerable. However, she wasn’t upset that Beel questioned his integrity anymore, she was upset that he didn’t even take a moment to consider her feelings on the matter. He simply ran off with her without a second thought, completely disregarding her ability to judge a person’s character on her own without him or one of his brothers weighing in with their own cynical opinions.
They stood silently for a moment as Mc stewed in her thoughts, the hallway empty, its air turning stale around them. Before she could give a proper retort, the sound of the school’s bell rang around them, indicating that they were now both late for class. Mc clenched her firsts angrily.
She then turned sharply and stalked to her next period, allowing an uneasy Beel to accompany her from a distance. Once she entered her classroom and slammed the door behind her, Beel began the trek on his own class. When the next period ended, Mc found Belphie waiting outside to escort her in place of Beel.
Despite this concerning event, there was a brief lull in the brothers’ display of possessive behavior; whether that be because they finally realized that they were suffocating Mc with their antics, or because Mc had been more careful about complying to Lucifer’s rules.  However, this moment of peace was soon to be interrupted.
After Asmo accidentally spilled wine on Mc during a visit to Ristorante Six, he had vowed to take her shopping for a whole new outfit, even though it only really stained her blouse. When Levi caught wind of the excursion, he decided to tag along to go window shopping for some newly released Ruri-chan merchandise.
That weekend, the trio made their way to the bustling shopping center at the heart of Devildom; the majority of the day was very lighthearted and served as a much needed break from school and the crushing protectiveness of the brothers. They all spent hours browsing and trying on clothes in Majolish, laughing as Asmo forced Levi to briefly explore his fashion sense with them. After they finally left, Mc and Asmo struggled to carry the various bags filled to the brim with clothes and accessories while Levi happily snapped pictures of the exasperated pair, offering no help as he uploaded the photos to Devilgram.
After some more teasing, Levi finally slid his phone away before reaching to take one of the heavier bags from Mc’s hand. Mc gladly accepts the aid, shifting her weight forward to lean towards his extended hand. However, her shoe briefly caught the raised surface of a slightly out-of-place tile in the pavement, causing her to trip mid-step. Before she could sprawl across the floor below, she collides into a passing demon, falling face first into their chest.
“Hey! Watch it-,” the demon shouts, falling backwards from the force of the impact.
Mc instantly removes herself from the demon. “Ah-, I’m sorry! Are you okay?,” flustered from the embarrassing spectacle she’s caused. She offers a hand to the fallen demon, smiling politely as they glare at her from the floor.
“My apologies, I accidentally tripped, and you just happened to be in front of me...,” she says quickly as they begrudgingly reach to take her hand.
Before their palms can overlap, Levi moves in between the two, slapping the demon’s hand away from Mc’s. Shocked, the demon sharply pulls back his hand, hissing from the insult.
“Levi? What the fuck was that for?” Mc gasped, Levi’s expression startlingly contradicting the joyful demon he was moments ago.
“Don’t fucking talk to her like that,” Levi snarls at the demon, shoving Mc behind him despite her protests. “Stay the fuck away from us.”
At a loss for words, Mc desperately looks to Asmo for help. Rather than stepping forward to mitigate the situation as he so often does, Asmo simply moves to pick up the fallen bag and plants himself next to Levi, ignoring Mc’s aghast face.
“Guys, calm down! It was my fault, I was the one who bumped into them!” Mc exclaims, moving in front of the pair with raised hands.
“Yeah, what the hell? It was just an accident-,” the demon begins, moving to return to a standing position. Before they can get themselves completely upright, Levi shoves him to the ground.
“Levi-,” Mc yelped at the sudden display of violence. This time, she places a hand on the two advancing brothers’ chest, glaring at them both.
“If you two don’t knock this shit off right now, I’ll use our pacts to command you to stop,” she warns, hoping the anger in her tone masked the fear she felt creeping its way into the corners of her mind.
Levi clicks his tongue in frustration, reluctantly taking a step away from the terrified demon. Asmo slowly follows, never taking his eyes off them.
“Fine,” Asmo mutters. “But it would be in your best interest to leave, and never show your face around us ever again,” Asmo spat at the demon, his usually pristine face twisted into an irritated grimace.
The demon immediately takes off in the other direction, leaving the trio alone in the street. Before Mc could scold them, they both link their arms around her’s and stomp away.
“That was out-of-fucking line, guys!” Mc exclaims after a moment of stunned silence. The pair flinch a little but continue tugging her back to the House of Lamentation wordlessly.
“That was… that was absolutely ridiculous! It was just a simple mistake, and it was my fault! There was no reason for you guys to blow up on them like that!” she says, whipping her head from side to side in an attempt to read the faces of the two demons.
“Why’re you acting like that demon running into me was some kind of assasinaton attempt?! You guys didn’t used to be this… unreasonable…” she trails off, desperately trying to get Levi or Asmo to meet her eyes. “...What the fuck happened?” she asks the pair.
“I’ll tell you what the fuck happened, Mc,” Levi finally retorts, clenching his teeth as he lifts his head to look at her from behind his violet hair. “You… you were almost killed... not even a month ago. And if you think we’re just going to let something like that happen again then-”.
“But they weren’t trying to kill me!” Mc thundered, shaking with anger. “You both totally overreacted!”
“We can’t be too careful, Mc. I’m sorry we upset you, but I’d rather that than risk you being murdered!” Asmo admits, gripping her arm desperately.
“There was no danger, Asmo!” Mc yells. “Why can’t you two understand that?”
Levi and Asmo exchanged troubled glances.
“Mc, we’re just trying to do what’s best for you…” Levi pleads, Asmo nodding.
“This is what you think is best for me?! Just tearing off with me the moment I interact with any demon aside from you guys?” Mc scoffs, struggling to wrap her mind around the ridiculousness of the whole situation.
The two demons are silent, festering in shame and frustration. They avoid her eyes, struggling to produce a proper retort.
“I decide what is best for me, got it?! Because clearly, you guys have lost all touch with reality!” she continues, beyond caring about softening her insults.
Although the brothers wanted to argue back, they both elected to bite their tongues for the rest of the walk home, hoping that Mc would eventually calm down and come around to their point of view.
However, when they finally arrived home Mc ripped her arms from their grip, storming to her room while Asmo and Levi frantically tried to apologize from behind her wake. She slammed the door in their faces; they knocked the wooden surface as they pleaded for her to let them so they could make it up to her.
After a while of fruitlessly calling to her, they finally gave up, leaving Mc alone to quietly sob in her room. She refused to speak to the pair for a couple days afterward, but eventually gave up on attempting to hold a grudge on the demons she loved so deeply. She tried to drop her guard around them once again, but still couldn’t shake that uneasy feeling that had been clouding her mind ever since that day.
Although Mc found these instances incredibly peculiar (alarmingly so), she still gave the demon brothers the benefit of the doubt. She understood that they cared for her fiercely, and that this could lead them to act aggressively; but she could not wrap her head around why they were starting to disregard how Mc felt. They had begun to handle her like a delicate piece of artwork; something to be admired from within a protective container, never to be touched by outside hands.
Despite this, she decided that for the time being she would simply grin a bear it all while she gave them a chance to calm themselves, hoping they would all eventually return to their normal selves. However, this was not the case as Mc would soon realize after she had forgotten to walk home with Mammon after classes at RAD.
As per Lucifer’s rules, Mc was to be accompanied by one of the brothers to and from school. After much pestering from Mammon, she agreed to make walking back with him a daily occurrence. The two would meet in the garden at the center of RAD’s campus and make the journey home together, chatting about their day. However, Mc had completely forgotten about this agreement one day.
Mc has a bad habit of becoming lost in thought, forgetting the world around her as she silently listens to music through a pair of tangled earbuds. Mc was often accompanied by at least 1-2 demon brothers at once, so she doesn't often get much time to simply explore her own thoughts without interruption. This, coupled with her bad habit of becoming detached from the present, caused her to simply walk straight to the House of Lamentation without the thought of meeting Mammon even crossing her mind.
She had gotten home before any of the others, and absentmindedly slumped into bed after changing out of her RAD uniform. Lazily rolling over, she reached out to pick up her previously discarded D.D.D and earbuds, music still faintly playing. She clicked on the screen to turn off the music and noticed she had 9 new notifications while her phone was on silent. There were 6 text messages from Mammon, and 4 new missed calls. Mc sat up in bed to read the texts:
“Oi! Where the hell are ya at Mc?” - 19 minutes ago
“Are you coming or not? Did ya forget about me?” - 16 minutes ago
1 missed call.
“Did ya walk home with Asmo instead of me? That hurts my feelings, ya know.” - 15 minutes ago
1 missed call.
“Hey! Respond to my calls… you’re startin’ to worry me”. - 12 minutes ago
"If you’re worried that I’m mad, I’m not! Just text me when ya get home safely, OK?” - 11 minutes ago
2 missed calls.
“That's it! You better call me back right now, or I’m gonna start freakin’ out!” - 6 minutes ago
Mc drags a hand over her face, annoyed by his gross overreaction. Mammon has always been the clingy type, something she had gotten used to and eventually found somewhat endearing. However, this was just too much…
Before she could even begin to return his calls, the door to her room burst open, swinging on its hinges and slamming into the wall with a loud bang. There in the doorway stood Mammon, sweaty, panting, and obviously very distressed. Alongside him stood Satan, Asmo, and Belphie, all looking slightly less disheveled but with equally concerned expressions. As soon as they laid their eyes on her, relief immediately flushed all other emotion from their faces.
“Wha-”, she began, but was swiftly cut off when Mammon leapt towards her to clutch her shoulders.
“What the hell happened Mc?!” he exclaims, shaking her before embracing her firmly. After a tense moment, he quickly peels himself from her form, his flushed face mere inches from her own as he continues his volley of questions.
“I really thought something bad happened to you!” he cries out, silvery eyebrows furrowed. Mc opened her mouth to explain but was interrupted once again.
“-and why didn’t ya answer my calls? I got so worried that I even called Asmo, and when he said that you weren’t with him, I totally freaked!” he says, his eyes wandering to inspect her body; still expecting her to be harmed in some way.
Mc pushes the babbling demon off of her as she explains, “I’m sorry, I had my D.D.D on silent, so I didn’t see any of your texts.”
As Mammon tumbles to the foot of her bed, Asmo quickly takes his place next to her.
“Mc! You can’t do that to us again! We really thought some other demon got to you!” he sobs, wrapping his arms around her , dramatically burying his face in the crook of her neck. Satan turns his back to them to make a call on his D.D.D, presumably to let the others know that Mc is safe and sound at home.
Overwhelmed by the sudden attention, Mc struggles to pry the weeping demon off of her. She looks to Belphie to help as he’s usually the brother that grants her the most freedom in situations like these. Meeting her gaze, Belphie moves forward, his facade of indifference faintly cracking.
“That doesn’t explain why you didn't wait for one of us to walk with you. You know you’re not supposed to go anywhere by yourself, Mc,” he says with a sigh, running a hand through his hair in an attempt to feign exasperation.
Mc glares at him; she half-expected him to be on her side, to scold Mammon and Asmo for their dramatic antics as he so often does.
“I’m sorry guys, I totally forgot to wait. I guess I just got so lost in thought that I didn’t realize I forgot about Mammon,” she admits, chuckling awkwardly at her rather anticlimactic explanation. Satan turns to face them as he places his D.D.D back into his pant pocket, frowning at her words.
“Well, it's a good thing that you at least went straight back to the House of Lamentation, because if we didn’t find you in your room, Lucifer would have asked Diavolo to form a royal search party for you,” he says, his hand cupping his chin thoughtfully.
“What?! A search party?” Mc exclaims, becoming more exasperated by the second. “Isn’t that a bit much? I mean… I was only unaccounted for for less than half an hour, right? Doesn’t that seem like overkill to you?” she questions, attempting to face Satan as Asmo and Mammon fuss over her.
Satan and Belpie, who normally jump at any chance to criticize Lucifer’s decisions, simply shook their heads.
“No, it’s understandable. We can’t afford to give you the benefit of the doubt anymore,” Satan sighs.
“Huh?” Mc says, completely vexed by his explanation.
Satan moves to place a hand on her head, his palm lovingly stroking her hair despite the troubled expression that lingers on his features.
“You better start working on your apology, because Lucifer and the others are on their way back now,” he says, only half-joking. “And from what he told me, Levi and Beel had been tearing up every inch of RAD’s campus looking for any trace of you.”
Before she can argue about the matter any further, the sound of 3 pairs of footsteps thunder against the hallway’s stairs and towards her room. The other brothers burst into her room, followed by another flurry of questions and quick embraces. After a while of explaining and apologizing, Mc finally managed to quell the fears of the brothers.
Later that afternoon, they all sat down to have dinner together, the brothers continuing to fuss over an annoyed Mc. Although this ridiculous incident hadn’t ended in complete disaster (aside from the scolding of a life-time from Lucifer), it still worried Mc. She could understand, to an extent, their protectiveness over her, especially after the most recent attempt on her life. However, she was only unresponsive for less than 30 minutes, and all of them had flown into a panic; it was completely out of character for most of the brothers.
She poked at her food, still sore about the lecturing she had received. Hopefully, this was the last incident for a long while. Little did she know, it would get much worse.
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