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#lucifer x mc

Hi hi I made a quick sketch for tonight! Starring …Lucifer….. I love him… 💙❤️💙❤️

He is one of my favorites and he makes me very nervous. Lucifer exists? I blue screen. He would def take advantage of this information.

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Mc at the carnival: *sees a child with a balloon* Oh I want one of those

Lucifer: We can get you one


Mc: *Holding a balloon* I meant the kid but this works

Lucifer: *choking* Excuse me….. You wanna get one now or-

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question about obey me: can you romance multiple characters at once or can you only romance one? like will you lose points w the other LIs or smth?

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Solomon: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks in the room.
Mc: I’m not kissing anyone.
*Lucifer walks in*
Mc: Okay, I’ll do it. I mean rules are rules.

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my morning star.

lucifer / gen reader.

warning — fluff, teeth rotting fluff.

synopsis — lucifer (finally) understands what that strange look on your face meant.




“What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

Lucifer sighs. “Don’t play dumb. You know what I’m talking about.”

You look at him confused, and rightfully so. What the hell is he talking about? It’s not like Lucifer ever makes sense when he’s like this. He probably thinks I did something again. You let out a sigh, raising your arms up as if to signify that you’ve given up.

“Alright, alright. Whatever I did this time I’m sorry. Even though I literally don’t know what the hell I’m apologizing for.”

“Why bother with an apology if you don’t know what you’ve done?”

You gave him a glare. “Well, that’s what I’m tryna figure out! You always accuse me of something when half the time it isn’t even my fault. It’s your brothers who drag me into their plans!”

“But, you play along with their plans, don’t you? Especially with Mammon. He seems to always manage to get you to tag along with his schemes.” Lucifer retorts, staring at you with a raised eyebrow. Looking at you as if he one-uped you.

You open your mouth to say something but you couldn’t think of any clever jokes or a one liner to say so you clamp your mouth shut. You saw the satisfied look on his face and grumbled. I’m gonna wipe smug look on your stupidly attractive face.

You watch as he returns to his paperwork. You saw the way his pen gracefully slid from one side of the page to another, a speed at which your eyes couldn’t seem to keep up with. He pauses to reread the paper and then resumes once more. Watching him work is so boring, but..

Your gaze soften ever so slightly as you watched Lucifer work diligently. You never not found yourself admiring the Avator of Pride when he was concentrating at the task at hand. You came to his office earlie and told him his younger brothers were bugging you when really you just wanted to be in his presence. Not like you’ll ever tell him that. You’d rather die than to tell Lucifer of all people that you enjoyed his company.

“You’re doing it again.”

You snap out of your thoughts and saw him stare at you with a look of displeasure. “Huh?”

“You’re giving me that look. What is it? You look odd.”

You narrow your eyes, trying to figure out what kind of look is he talking about. All you did was stare at hi—oh.

“You mean this look?” You mimic your previous actions which made Lucifer look at you weirdly.

“Yes. That. What is that? And could you not?”

“Jeez. For someone who lived for almost a millennia you sure are stupid.”


Yikes. Shouldn’t have said that! You wave your hand in a dismissive manner. “Now, now, dont get angry. It’s alright, it happens to the best of us! I’ll spell it out for you since you don’t seem to understand it.”

“Are you trying to di—“

“O’ mighty Lucifer, the ever bright and dazzling morning star, the once beautiful and beloved angel of the Celestial Realm and now the most feared? Respected? I mean it’s not like you weren’t respected back in the clouds, since Luke did say everyone loved you, but like—“

Lucifer looked visibly irritated and you flinch, holding up your arms.

“Alright, alright I’ll get to the point! What I’m saying is, my beloved Luci, is that I find you so, so cute and can just stare at you all day. You’re so pretty. And so hard-working. You’re one of the most hard-working people I know. It’s okay to ask for help, y’know. And if you don’t wanna ask anyone that’s fine. But, I’m always here if you need me.”

It felt as if all the missing pieces of a puzzle had finally come together. Lucifer gaped at the person before him and just stared at them, dumbfounded by their words.

They said I’m hard-working and asked me to tell them if I ever need their help? Me? Ask them for help? What a joke. As if I’d need help. No, I’m perfectly capable on my own. Is what he wanted to say but he found himself chuckling instead.

You glance from side to side and watch as Lucifer practically giggled up a storm. Did you say too much? Was this the end as you knew it? Damn, you sure did live a boring life up until now.

“Ah. I see. Well, thank you for the offer. I trust that you won’t mind when I do ask.” Lucifer says, a gracious smile on his face. “And thank you. You’re quite industrious yourself.”

“Huh? What does that mean? Is that another one of your fancy ways of insulting me without me knowing it?”

“It means hard-working and diligent, [Name].”


Lucifer scoffs, his lips curving into a slight smile as he shook his head. Having nothing else to say, he went back to working. This time his heart a little lighter than before.

I do hope they don’t begin to realize the kind of effects they have on me.

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Why Mammon constantly gets in trouble with Lucifer

Lucifer: Ok mammon we have a meeting with Lord Diavolo and the rest of the student council after school today.

Mammon: Ok

Lucifer: (ten seconds later) Mammon?!

Mammon: If you’re asking where Diavolo’s wallet went it wasn’t me?


Mammon: shit-

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Some physical appearance hcs!

I had posted this to the discord server, it’s a very tiny list but i think I’ll put it here as reference if i ever need them 👀✨

List of things bc im weak for this characters:

  • Diavolo has dimples
  • Beel gets freckles from being in the sun
  • Belphie has a lots of piercings but doesn’t wear them too often
  • Solomon is covered in tattoos mixed with pact marks
  • Lucifer naturally grows a beard but hates it bc it reminds him of god so he makes it a point to never let it grow past stubble
  • Satan was born with black hair but it started changing to blonde as he grew (Giorno giovana style)
  • Mammon is the only one of his siblings who does not grow even a bit of stubble, he is mad
  • In canon Asmo had bright pink hair at one point, but before that he had mint green, it looked cute but he wanted something different
  • Levi shaves all his body hair bc thats what professional swimmers do right?
  • Barbatos has a tramp stamp, no one knows about this but MC
  • Simeon has a tongue piercing, he wants to do his ears next (but that might be too naughty for the seraphim so he is doubtful)
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synopsis: Diavolo and Lucifer have both loved you for a long time. Time has already been generous enough to you; you need to choose only one.

Diavolo x reader x Lucifer
word count: 700

What does it mean to be desired? What does it mean to be loved in this place of eternal darkness? Questions are unending and you suffer trying to define the answers. Does it mean protection? Does it mean passion? Does it simply mean the strong union fated through stars and galaxies that serves to connect two people?

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Hey guys! I’m back with another headcanon for the brothers, I have a lot more planned for the future and maybe with other characters too *ahem* Diavolo *ahem* I’ll be posting soon a wip post, and you can tell me which one you would like to see first! Anyways, I hope you enjoy ✌🏼😌


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🩸ᴍᴄ ɢᴇᴛs ᴀ ɴᴏsᴇʙʟᴇᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ sᴏ ᴅᴀᴍɴ ғɪɴᴇ🩸 (All)


TW: small mentions of blood 


Sorry if this is kinda low quality I do be a bit ill.

In other news I really like Simeon’s one dguhjsdghdu

᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂

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Wildflower | Lucifer | Heart Ache Mixtape | Part 4


S O N G : ALL I WANTED- Paramore

Hello my doves, I missed you! Welcome to Part 4- where we get a little glance into how you’re doing. Next chapter might be the final one, written from Lucifers perspective. My hearts not going to be able to handle it when they reunite ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

P L O T: MC had everything they wanted: they’re home, they seem happy, and they have a handsome boy begging to take them out. What more could they need? Even if they’re breaking, it’s probably time to move on, after all.

W O R D C O U N T: 2.5k

W A R N I N G S: missed messages, destructive tendancies, pining over a dickbag, sweet sweet heartache, d r a b b l e, maybe filler, I cannot stop CUSSING


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When Lucifer asked that in “Like a Dame” event, what my mc said was the first thing I thought (• ▽ •;)

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Supernatural awakened my wing!kink so I totally get this haha. It IS overwhelming at times and college is stressing me out right now so I have to cut down on writing way more than I would like to 😩 i hate it. Thank you so much, darling ❤

Warning: slight NSFW at the end-ish


(Shoutout if you realized that that GIF is from supernatural’s Michael lol the irony)


Originally posted by midnight-madonna

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