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beels-burger-babe8 hours ago
Familial Attachments
Tumblr media
***Awwwww, I'm so happy that you're enjoying my blog! This request warms my heart and I am WEAK for soft big brother Lucifer. I hope you enjoy @lorkai! - B*** Summary: MC keeps favouring聽Lucifer. It baffles the other brothers. Lucifer is intrigued by the behaviour聽and slowly begins to open up to them.
No one really noticed it when you first arrived. You were new to the Devildom, and so much was foreign and scary around you. So you following orders without question and lingering near Lucifer, the strongest of the demons living with you, could've been passed off as a survival technique. But after a few months of you staying in the House of Lamentation, Lucifer thought the initial fear would wear off, and yet you still continued to follow him around like a little duckling. Still, Lucifer hadn't really clued in that there was perhaps sentiment behind your behaviour until he had walked in on a discussion between you, Mammon, Beelzebub and Leviathan. He had approached your bedroom door and raised his fist to knock when he heard Mammon's annoyingly loud voice. "I'm just sayin'! There ain't no reason for you go followin' mean old Lucifer around like that! He's old. He complains a lot. He never has any fun. You should be spendin' time with me! I'm supposed to be your protector ya know!" Lucifer huffed in annoyance and was about to barge in when he heard your giggle. "I'm hanging out with you now, aren't I?" "I don't know MC. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mammon has a point." Levi pipped in. At this point, Lucifer cracked open the door and peeked inside. You were sitting in Beel's lap as he munched away on a bowl of popcorn. Mammon was standing, punching harshly onto the buttons of the remote he was holding, while Levi sat playing with the ease and skill of the pro-gamer that he was. He didn't even look away from the screen as he spoke to you. Lucifer made a mental note to talk to him about conversation manners. Leviathan continued. "You're always hanging around Lucifer. You only spend time with us if we specifically ask you to, or if we arrange it ahead of time," Levi shifted uncomfortably as he pressed a button on his remote; Mammon cursed as a result. "I-I-Is he your favourite or something?" Lucifer couldn't help but perk at the question. He wasn't aware that you were spending particularly more time with him than the others. Sure, he noticed that you would listen to him much better than any of his brothers ever did (and that alone made him warm up to you), and you always seemed to smile when he was around. But he thought that was just the kind of person you were; happy and compliant. Much to his, and everyone in the room's, surprise, you nodded. "I guess he is." Chaos erupted inside the room.
Beel dropped his popcorn. Levi sputtered and actually looked away from the game to gape at you. Mammon threw his remote and whipped around to face you. "WHAT?!?! You mean you prefer that old bat to the GREAT MAMMON?!?!" to Mammon's defence, he looked genuinely hurt by the confession. "But I'm your first! I thought we were pals, MC?!" Levi tensed and sniffed before turning back at the game. "I'm not that surprised really. Makes sense that you wouldn't l-like a slimy gross otaku like me." Beel remained frozen and quiet. A frown etched on his face as his hands tightened around you. Your eyes widened at everyone's reactions. "Woah, woah, woah! Who said anything about not liking you guys? I love hanging out with you three, and I do see you as my friends," you looked directly at Levi. "Otaku or not. I treasure my time with you." Levi pouted and refused to look at you. "Then what does Lucifer have that we don't? Why does he get the title of your favourite?" Lucifer was shocked to see your expression soften as you smiled gently at just the thought. "He reminds me of my big brother in the human realm," everyone went quiet and looked at you. "I-It was hard being ripped away from everything I knew and be forced to live in a world that I didn't even know existed. When I saw Lucifer and got to know him a bit, I noticed how much he acted like my brother. It was comforting to have just that little bit of familiarity amongst all the chaos of the Devildom, you know?" The eldest brother's heart warmed at the statement. It stroked his pride in the best way possible. He loved his brothers, but none of them were very affectionate with one another with the exception of the twins. To hear that someone cared about him and saw him as an older brother was...touching. His younger brothers seemed to agree as, with a little irritation, they settled back down into their game. Forgetting what he came for, Lucifer smiled and went back to his office. Since that day, he was notably kinder and more vulnerable with you. If you saw him as an older brother then he was determined to be the best older brother you could ask for. He gave you a pat on the shoulder or ruffled your hair every time he saw you. He always made sure to congratulate or acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small they were. He asked you how your day was and allowed you to come to him with any troubles (which he would promptly take care of the moment you left the room). Every night he would invite you into his office for some tea and a round of chess before bed. It felt like in no time, he had begun to see you as a little sibling just as much as you saw him as an older brother. Lucifer did his best not to let his brothers catch on to how soft he was around you. He tried to compensate by teasing you a little more whenever they were around. Or pretend that he was taking you into his office to scold you when he really was going to look you over and make sure you weren't hurt in the most recent incident. The result was an endless amount of taunts and ridicule from his brothers on how he was a better sibling to you than he was them (which was mostly true), that you had thawed his ancient icy heart (which he would never admit), and that he couldn't say no to you (which he tried to prove wrong but inevitably failed, much to his embarrassment). Still, the bond between you two was one that was strong and pure. When it was finally time for you to go back to the human realm, you were in tears and refused to let go of Lucifer. Lucifer held onto you tightly. It was obvious to everyone there that he was just as reluctant to let you leave. "You have to go know MC. Your real big brother is up there worried about you, I'm sure," his voice was steady and firm. He refused to cry; no matter how badly his heart ached at that moment. You sniffled and buried your face deeper into his chest. "I know. But you've become just as much a brother to me as him, a-a-and I don't want to leave you. What if I never get to see you again?" Lucifer inhaled sharply at the thought.
He looked over at Diavolo. Something in his eyes must have given away the hurt and inner turmoil he was feeling, for Diavolo's eyes widened in shock before he smiled softly at his friend. "You may take your D.D.D. with you, MC, to stay in contact with the brothers. Perhaps, on occasion, we can also organize visits. This will not be goodbye forever." Lucifer chuckled as you held him tighter and ran a hand through your hair. "See? You'll see me and everyone else again. But for now, it's time for you to return home." You shakily nodded and reluctantly pulled away from his arms; Lucifer felt his chest tighten as coldness filled the warmth where you once stood. Still, he refused to cry or show vulnerability. He would not become a blubbering mess like Mammon. He was better than that. He clenched his fists as you went around giving everyone final hugs goodbye. He held his breath as you picked up the bag the two of you had put together full of keepsakes from the Devildom. You took a step towards the portal. "MC, wait!" Lucifer rushed towards you, damning his own pride and reputation to hell, as he pulled you into one final tight hug and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. He held you there; closing his eyes and allowing himself to pretend for just a moment that he didn't have to let you go. He felt a tear roll down his cheek. "I love you, MC. I will miss having you here." Suddenly you were sobbing again. The two of you held each other for several minutes, as Diavolo had Barbartos escort the others out to give the two of you some privacy. Finally, he let you go, and within a second you were gone and back to your true family. Lucifer went home, and sat in his office, wondering what you were doing with your real big brother and if you were as happy up there as you were with him. ***HOW THE FUCK DID I MAKE THIS ANGST AND END UP CRYING WELL WRITING I AM SO SORRY I SERIOUSLY MEANT FOR THIS BE FLUFF GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *Wipes tears* Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this no matter how accidentally painful it was. Thank you for the lovely request @lorkai! I was touched by how personal it was!***
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beels-burger-babea day ago
Of Jealousy and Friendship - Epilogue
*** Back due to popular demand, here is a little epilogue for what happened at school the next day after pt. 2 Enjoy! - B***
Summary: MC makes a lower demon friend who may secretly be hoping for something more than friendship. The Demon Bros are not about to let this happen.
TW: Discussions about scenting and non-consensual physical contact. PART ONE, PART TWO
The next day of school was...interesting to say the least. For starters, the brothers refused to leave your side. There was one of them lingering near you at all times. Some of them had the decency to try and be subtle. Satan would just happen to be studying in the same room as you, or Belphie was napping and was wondering if you could keep an eye on his things while he did. But then there were the others who were more than obvious. Mammon and Asmodeus both had to pried off of your arms by Lucifer to get them to actually go to their own classes. Leviathan, despite usually doing his classes at home in his room, actually attended school that day and insisted that he needed your help finding a few rooms here and there. The normally sweet and friendly Beel was glaring at any lower demon that so much as looked in your direction. And boy did they look. The moment you took a step into a classroom, you could see a number of lower demons flinch back at the combined strong sent of seven of the most powerful demons in the Devildom. Everywhere you went, whispers seemed to follow you. There were undoubtedly rumours about what you might have done in order to trick the brothers into favouring you; though you never heard any of them since no one dared to come within a ten-foot radius of you.
This bothered you a little at first. Being the center of attention, especially this kind of attention, was never fun to anybody. But by the end of the day, rather than being disheartened by it, you were just exhausted. Finally, the last class of the day had arrived; the one you had been dreading since the moment your alarm went off that morning - Magical Potions.
Beel shifted from foot to foot as the two of you lingered in the entrance. "Do you really have to go to this class? You could just skip and come get some snacks with me instead." You smiled sympathetically at Beel and patted his shoulder. "Sorry, Beel. Diavolo expects good things from his exchange students. I need to keep my grades high, or who knows what Lucifer will do as punishment." The redhead pouted. "Lucifer would understand, I think. All things considered." You snorted and began to walk into the classroom. "Go to your own class, Beel. You can come to get me afterwards, and walk me home with Mammon if you really want."
Beelzebub mumbled to himself, before turning and finally walking off. You entered the class, ignoring the few gasps and gaping stares that you got as you walked through the room, and took your seat. You had been setting up for another class of note-taking when the door opened once more. Standing in the doorway, staring at you with wide eyes, was Cane. The moment your eyes met, the shocked expression on his face instantly dissipated and he flashed you a charming smile. You could feel a bubble of annoyance and anger begin to rise within you. The cocky demon swaggered over and plopped down into his seat beside you. "Hey, there Dare Devil. You didn't get in too much trouble last night with the big bad Avatars did you?" as he spoke he draped an arm on the back of your chair.
You eyed his exposed wrist and pushed his arm off of your chair. It seemed not even the obvious scenting that was supposed to tell him to back off would get him to take a hint. "No, I didn't. Though they did tell me a few interesting things last night." Cane chuckled and leaned into his palm as he smirked at you. "I'm assuming it has something to do with the reason why you smell like hell-incarnate?"
You scoffed and narrowed your eyes at him. "I'm sure you'd rather I smell like you. Considering you apparently did your best to make that happen yesterday." Cane tensed for a moment, and you could practically see the gears turning in his head. Eventually, his expression fell into one of confusion as he frowned at you. "Are you talking about how I scented you? MC, do you really think I would do something like that without a good reason?" The frustration in you began to grow and grow inside you; somewhere across the school grounds, Satan sneezed. You weren't in the mood to have this talk now, and very much wished that your professor would hurry up and start the god damn class already. "I don't know you Cane. How am I supposed to know whether or not that's something you would do?" That stupid smug look on his face returned once more and you had to resist the urge to slap it off of him. "You seemed to know me well enough to go out with me yesterday. You didn't seem worried about whether or not I was too much of a stranger when we were dancing at the club and walking downtown late at night, where anything could've happened to a small little human like you," he chuckled as your face scrunched up in annoyance and leaned back into his chair. "I didn't scent you for any perverted reasons. I did it to keep you safe while we were out. I knew if you had my scent on you, you'd be less likely to get attacked, and I was right," he sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "Admittedly, I should've asked first, and that's on me. But I really just wanted to make sure that my new friend didn't get hurt." He was lying. He had to be. If that asshole seriously thought you were stupid enough to buy that lame excuse, he was extremely wrong. You opened your mouth to tell him as much but were interrupted by a familiar deep voice clearing their throat behind you. "That is the worse excuse I've ever heard, and I live with Mammon." Cane stiffened in front of you before he looked up to meet the glaring eyes of Lucifer, and smiled. "Lord Lucifer, I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. I would never lie, especially not to a friend like MC." The classroom seemed to be on the edge of their seats as everyone quickly picked up on the showdown that was happening right in front of them. One lower demon of gluttony even pulled out a bag of popcorn. Lucifer tsked and crossed his arms over his chest. "Do not insult mine and MC's intelligence like that. Sure scenting can be helpful to ward off other demons, but only if the scent is associated with a more powerful demon. Nobody would blink an eye at anything coated in your weak, disgusting scent." Cane scoffed and tilted his head. "Evidently you did last night. Don't think I didn't notice you and your brother's reactions." This gained a few gasps from your classmates. No one could believe that someone, that wasn't his brothers, was actually trying to stand up against Lucifer. The idea itself was insane. Even seeing it in front of their own eyes, most could hardly believe it, yourself included. Lucifer maintained his indifferent expression and raised an eyebrow at Cane. "You mistook our irritation and disbelief that someone would be so stupid as to even attempt scenting our charge for being even the slightest bit phased by you," he took a step closer to Cane, bending down to be eye level with him. "You should consider yourself lucky it was Asmodeus and myself that got to the two of you first. Should it have been one of my more reckless brothers, you would've been nothing but a pile of ribbons in our driveway," Lucifer's eyes gleamed with satisfaction as Cane gulped and took a step back. The Morningstar grinned dangerously. "MC is our charge. They are our family and our responsibility. Unlike you, we actually got their permission to be scented and bonded to them last night; meaning my brothers are more protective than ever. I would never stoop so low as to waste my energy on a pitiful excuse for a demon-like yourself. But I know for a fact, that Beelzebub eats demons like you as a snack on
days when he is particularly famished. Satan occasionally brings one home for his latest experiments. Belphegor has torn through an entire percentage of them when he hasn't gotten enough sleep. Asmodeus is surprisingly prone to temper tantrums and fits of jealousy. Leviathan drowns anyone that disrespects the things that he loves. And Mammon doesn't take too kindly to people touching things that he considers his." Cane's hands balled into fists, but even then, the tremble in them was still glaringly obvious. Lucifer remained unphased and unmoved by the reactions he was pulling from his victim; though anyone could sense the air of utter glee that was exuding off of him. "If I were you, Cane, I would sleep with one eye open." The teacher finally walked in and raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of them. "Lord Lucifer, is there a reason you are harassing my student?" Cane whimpered as Lucifer smirked at him before standing straight and turning to the teacher. "Not at all, professor. I am actually here to inform you that MC will no longer be enrolled in this class." You whipped your head up to look at him as he placed a hand on your shoulder. "The student council has realized it would be a much better decision to have the exchange students more knowledgable to the ways and customs of demons during their visit here, so MC will be enrolled in Devildom Culture Studies instead. We wouldn't want someone to take advantage of them just because they were taught our ways, now would we?" The last line was spoken coldly and pointedly as though to drive in his threats to Cane. The teacher sighed but seemed to know that there was no point arguing and instructed you to gather your things. You did so happily and quickly. As you left the classroom and walked through your halls with Lucifer, you bumped him gently with your hip. "Thanks, Lucifer. You really are the best." His chest puffed up the slightest bit in pride as he continued walking forward with his hand still on your shoulder. "There is nothing to thank me for MC. I was just doing my duty as Vice-President of the student council to ensure that the exchange students are happy and safe." But even as he said the words, you knew that wasn't the case. You were MC. The human that wormed their way into the hearts of the seven strongest demons in the Devildom. For that reason alone, you were untouchable to all others, and Lucifer and his brothers would ensure that for as long as they breathed. And whoever disagreed would have to be ready to face the consequences.
TAGLIST: @henry-and-the-seven-lords
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warm-meelk2 days ago
Tumblr media
local whale shark lover turns into a panda admirer
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dorkus-mcdingus6 days ago
Tumblr media
"Fleeting, graceful, beautiful, delicate, and soothing to the soul... you and cherry blossoms might have a few things in common."
I finally finished my first ship pic of Eva and Lucifer!
To commemorate my favorite demon/brother/OM! Character in general, enjoy the little piece I drew inspired by Lucifer's hanami card.
Nothing like a little stroll amongst the cherry blossoms to get the romance blooming.
Happy Birthday Lucifer!
Link to the speedpaint
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koffeebean9 days ago
"Go! Go!"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Joining this trend <3
I just love these cuties
(Outfit was designed by @/insanepepo on Twitter!!)
Click for better quality lol
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zackcrazyvalentine9 days ago
I finally watched the kidding event in Obey Me (on youtube 馃槩) It was super cute but it also made me think 馃 which of the guys do you think would actually have kids one day and which ones would remain childfree. Obvs Simeon would want some and I get the feeling Diavolo would like at least one but idk about the others. Maybe some would only have a kid if MC wanted one? What do you think?
I am.... very away from Obey Me, I think I've now officially left the fandom :'c Can't forget what I know of the characters tho, I still love them very much
This is a curious question... hmmm...
I agree, Simeon and Diavolo may want kids of their own one day (plus Diavolo may need to have a heir to the throne of the Devildom) Mammon I see wanting/dreaming of forming a family with MC, bringing children to the picture definitely once MC muses aloud how they wish to have kids some day. If they don't wish for any, Mammon is alright with just having some plants or pets! Satan would want to be a cat family with MC lol (aka kids will take A LOT of time and convincing to appear in the picture) Beel could be a contender for wanting kids Lucifer too, but it will take him a while to warm up to the idea of taking care of another person aside from his brothers and Diavolo Lastly, Barbatos goes with the flow with his partner's wish to have kids or not... he certainly would like to enjoy the kid-less life for a little while longer though, he likes being in charge of only the Prince for the time being
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koffeebean9 days ago
This was something I made a while ago, I just thought I'd post it.
Tumblr media
Its Yuri (My MC) with my friend's ocs Hotaru (left) and Thea (right).
Open the image for better quality
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warm-meelk13 days ago
Tumblr media
hhurrg聽 i haven鈥檛 been drawing properly lately since i鈥檓 doing school stuff so uhh here鈥檚 a coloring practice of mc while i鈥檓 at it
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beels-burger-babe13 days ago
Of Jealousy and Friendship - Pt. 2
**I'd like to first take a second thank @obey-mes-treasure for being so awesome being a beta reader for me for this! Your input really helped! Thank you so much 馃挀
Also THANK YOU EVERYONE SO SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE YOU'VE GIVEN THIS FIC, I'm so blown away that you guys really like this that much! I love you all 鉂も潳
Summary: MC makes a lower demon friend who may secretly be hoping for something more than friendship. The Demon Bros are not about to let this happen.
TW: Scenting (NOT SEX! I REPEAT! It is intimate, yes, but we鈥檙e just cuddling here. I put this just in case)
Part One: Here, Epilogue: Here
Previously on Of Jealousy and Friendship:
With another nod, the demon, Cane left, leaving you alone with six of the seven brothers bubbling with jealousy, anger, and concern.聽聽
The moment Cane was out of sight, Mammon, still in his demon form, grabbed onto your wrist and began to drag you inside.聽
You yelped at the tightness of his grip and tried to pull your hand away. 鈥淗ey! Mammon, stop it! That hurts!鈥澛
The second born merely growled and tossed you onto the couch. As you looked up you were met by the fierce glares of several of the brothers and looks of disappointments from the rest.
鈥淲hat the hell were ya thinkin鈥?鈥 Mammon wasn鈥檛 shouting. He wasn鈥檛 screaming. His voice remained low and steady with a dangerous venom that dripped off every word. 鈥淵a can鈥檛 just go frolickin鈥 through the Devildom with some second-rate demon ya just met. Especially not when ya haven鈥檛 told any of us where ya went or how long you鈥檇 be out. You could鈥檝e been killed tonight, MC! And none of us would鈥檝e known!鈥
You returned his glare as you shifted yourself to sit up on the couch. 鈥淚n case you鈥檝e forgotten, I鈥檓 allowed to make my own decisions. You guys don鈥檛 control me! If I want to make friends and hang out after school, that鈥檚 exactly what I鈥檓 going to do.鈥澛
鈥淲e aren鈥檛 trying to control you, MC,鈥 Beelzebub calmly stated. He stared down at you with a concerned frown and furrowed brows. 鈥淲e just want to make sure that you鈥檙e safe. You know from experience how dangerous it is down here, and we want to keep you from getting hurt any more than you already have.鈥澛
鈥淏esides that demon, Cane I believe you called him,鈥 Satan began, his arms still crossed in restrained frustration, 鈥渨as clearly after something a little more than friendship.鈥澛
You blinked at Satan in confusion before glancing at the others, who all seemed to be awaiting your response. 鈥淲h-What...What are you talking about? Cane鈥檚 just a friend.鈥澛
Belphegor tsked and rolled his eyes. 鈥淯gh, Diavolo, please tell me you are not this stupid. He鈥檚 saying that the pest obviously had a crush on you or at the very least wanted to get into your pants.鈥澛
鈥淲hich we can鈥檛 entirely blame him for, I mean, look at you, darling, you鈥檙e delicious,鈥 Asmodeus said聽 matter-of-factly as you squawked in protest. 鈥淏ut he stepped out of place,鈥 the Avatar of Lust鈥檚 eyes flashed as he gritted his teeth.聽
You felt your confusion grow more and more inside of you as questions swarmed inside your head. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand.鈥澛
Lucifer sighed and looked over at Beelzebub. 鈥淕o get Levi. He鈥檒l want to be here for this discussion.鈥澛
You frowned as Beel left the room and looked over at Lucifer. 鈥淲hat discussion? You guys are making no sense!鈥 You ran a frustrated hand through your hair as you groaned. 鈥淚 get it. I should鈥檝e been more cautious and let you guys know in advance. I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 your eyes desperately searched Lucifer鈥檚 gaze for answers. 鈥淏ut there鈥檚 really no need for this...this intervention! I鈥檓 fine! He didn鈥檛 hurt me. I鈥檓-鈥澛
You whipped around at Levi鈥檚 voice.聽 He stood in the entry way with Beel, his face bright red as he held a hand over his mouth and nose and shakily pointed at you. 鈥淗e scented you. Y-You let him scent you?鈥澛
Lucifer face palmed himself and slowly let his hand fall off his face in clear annoyance. 鈥淲e were just about to get to that, Leviathan.鈥 Lucifer鈥檚 black and red eyes found your own as he raised a single eyebrow. 鈥淲hat do you know about scenting?鈥澛
Your head tilted, even more dumbfounded than before. 鈥淵ou mean that were-wolf thing?鈥澛
鈥淲HAT?! NO, IT鈥橲 NOT A WERE-WOLF THING YOU NORMIE!!!鈥 Levi shouted, clearly flustered by the topic. 鈥淪centing i-is a... i-i-it鈥檚...when two people...GAAAAAH!鈥 he let out a shout as he threw himself into one of the chairs and hid his face in a cushion. 鈥淪omeone else explain it, please! I-I can鈥檛 do this! It鈥檚 too high level!鈥
The brothers all exchanged glances, all in varying states of blush, as they silently debated on who would explain the apparently taboo subject.聽
Eventually it was Lucifer who cleared his throat and seemed to be attempting to appear unbothered by all of this. 鈥淎s you know demons are very possessive creatures. We don鈥檛 particularly like when others meddle with things that either belong to us or that we are fond of. As a result of this behavior and our heightened sense of smell, when a demon finds a person whom they are greatly fond of, we have the tendency to transfer our scent onto that person鈥檚 being, clothing, and belongings. It鈥檚 meant to be a consensual act of intimacy and a mark of one鈥檚 close bond with someone. It strictly marks that person as 鈥渙ff-limits鈥 to all other demons.鈥
You blinked a couple times as you took in the information, your cheeks heating up. 鈥淎-And you said Cane did that to me?鈥澛
You opened your mouth to argue, but then was suddenly hit by a flashback of the two of you dancing at the club. You could remember the music pulsing around the two of you and the way that Cane kept holding onto your shoulder, waist, or wrist with lingering touches. Thinking back on it, you remembered finding it odd that someone was so touchy with someone they just met, but blamed it on the cramped space that the dance floor provided. Your stomach twisted at the newly revealed implication. 鈥淪-So he was scenting me without me even knowing?鈥 The brothers鈥 concern and anger suddenly made a lot more sense as a wave of guilt and unease washed over you.聽
Mammon huffed, avoiding eye contact with you. 鈥淓xactly. The guys an asshole. I鈥檝e been wanting to scent ya since we made a pact but ya don鈥檛 see me gettin鈥 all touchy feely!鈥 He froze, with wide eyes as he realized what he just said. 鈥淚-I-I mean, what?! Pfft! Who would want to scent a human like you! Not-Not the GREAT Mammon, that鈥檚 for sure! I-It makes so sense!鈥澛
The brothers collectively sighed. 鈥淢ammon, you absolute moron.鈥 Belphegor mumbled as he shook his head.聽
鈥淥I! SHUT IT!鈥澛
Asmodeus laughed and plopped himself into the seat beside you. 鈥淧lease Mammon. You being love-sick over MC is old news. There鈥檚 no use even trying to cover it up. But even so, we all know there鈥檚 no way you鈥檇 be the first one MC chooses to scent them,鈥 he draped an arm over your shoulder and leaned in close, 鈥淚t鈥檇 obviously be me, right~?鈥
Levi scoffed from where he was still hiding behind the cushion on the chair. 鈥淲h-Whatever. Not that it even matters now. That nobody of a demon already scented them. Now none of us will get to be their first...鈥 He squeaked as he trailed off, suddenly shooting up from the chair. 鈥淚-I mean the first to scent you! N-Not anything weird! Not that you would do either of those things with a yucky otaku like me. I mean that kind of stuff only happens in animes.鈥
The brothers all went quiet after the first part of Levi鈥檚 rambling and seemed to become lost in their own train of thought. Your jaw dropped a little as realization finally clicked in. They hadn鈥檛 just been concerned about you missing or angry about you being so reckless... 鈥淵ou all wanted to scent me,鈥 the room froze at your words. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 why you were all so frustrated when I came back with him. You were jealous.鈥
鈥淲hat?! N-No!鈥 Mammon sputtered in defense, weakly glaring at you. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 get jealous! I鈥檓 Mammon! Avatar of Greed, second born of the Lords of Devildom! I can have anything I want! I especially don鈥檛 get jealous over wimpy, pathetic-鈥 鈥淵es we were jealous.鈥 Lucifer admitted, effectively cutting off Mammon and surprising everyone. He met your eyes and smirked. 鈥淚s that particularly surprising? I thought we had all been quite clear with our fondness of you.鈥
鈥淪centing you would have many benefits. It would help keep you safer when you鈥檙e alone. It鈥檇 also establish that, similar to how we all are yours through the pacts, you鈥檇 then be seen as ours by all demonic beings,鈥 Satan smiled as he placed a hand under his chin, seemingly unaffected by the implications of his own words. 鈥淭he idea is certainly appealing, don鈥檛 you think?鈥澛
You gaped at the group of them as your face became hot with blush. You weren鈥檛 expecting this. Even as you threw the idea into the air, you were not expecting the emotionally constipated brothers that you had become so fond of to actually admit that they cared about you.聽 鈥淵ou all...H-How would that even work?鈥
鈥淲ell we鈥檇 get his nasty, normie scent off of you for starters,鈥澛 Levi mumbled not quite as quietly as he meant to, and squeaked when he realized just how loud his words were. 鈥淚-It鈥檚 true! Scenting them will be more difficult since they鈥檙e already coated in his scent!鈥澛
Beel nodded scrunching up his nose. 鈥淚t does smell bad. It really doesn鈥檛 mix well with your scent at all.鈥澛
Asmo nuzzled his head against your shoulder. 鈥淲e鈥檇 have to cuddle you all night to cover it up. Not that any of us would mind~鈥澛 You yelped as Belphie plopped himself by your other side and put his head in your lap. 鈥淚 suppose I can just sleep with you as my pillow.鈥
You opened and closed your mouth several times as you felt your heart leap into your throat with all the sudden attention. After all the revelations of the night, the sudden contact just seemed too overwhelming.
鈥淭hat is if you would allow this, MC.鈥 Lucifer sharply cut in, causing Asmo and Belphie to stiffen. 鈥淚t鈥檚 like you said. We don鈥檛 control you. We will continue to respect that and you regardless of your decision,鈥
Belphegor huffed and looked up at you. 鈥淲ell? Are you gonna let us scent you or not?鈥澛
The air tensed as each of the brothers waited with bated breath for your answer.
You gulped as you thought about it for a minute. Being in the center of a cuddle pile of seven of the most powerful demons of the Devildom wouldn鈥檛 be that bad would it? Besides, it鈥檚 not like you didn鈥檛 love them all in their own special way. They annoyed you from time to time, and knew how to push your buttons, but at the end of the day, you all cared for another and you could depend on that. You knew that no matter what happened, they would always look out for you, and by the sounds of things this whole scenting thing would allow them to keep you safe even if they weren鈥檛 around. You could feel your heart warm at the sentiment of it all.聽
Your decision made, you smiled softly at them.聽
鈥淚 think I鈥檇 like that.鈥
Asmodeus let out a cheer and instantly starting snuggling up close to your arm as he nuzzled his face into your neck, causing you to giggle and gently push him back a little.
Belphie shrugged and closed his eyes as he laid back down on your lap. He was obviously trying to act as though he didn鈥檛 care, but the small smile that graced his lips gave him away in an instant.
Mammon鈥檚 face became extremely flushed as he shoved Asmodeus off of you. 鈥淥i! Don鈥檛 hog, MC! Y-You鈥檙e not the only one here!鈥 He avoided your eyes as he shakily took your hand into his and stared at the two of them intertwined.
Asmodeus snorted and merely moved over to the other arm, 鈥淚f you鈥檙e going to claim one of the prime cuddling spots Mammon, at least do something that鈥檚 actually effective in scenting them.鈥 You made the choice to mentally block out Mammon as he started arguing with Asmo.
Beel stood awkwardly beside you. 鈥淚鈥檒l, uh, I鈥檒l take up too much space for the others if I go by your side. So I was thinking maybe it鈥檇 be best if I sat behind you?鈥
You smiled fondly at the gentle giant and, with a bit of effort and complaining from the others, moved forward enough to make room for Beel to sit down behind you. Once comfy, you felt his two strong arms wrap around your waist and pull you against his chest with a satisfied hum.
Satan pushed up the sleeves of his jacket and took a seat beside Mammon. 鈥淪ince Mammon鈥檚 too idoitic to scent this side properly, I suppose I will have to suffice,鈥 he smirked as he tilted his head. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 mind that is?鈥
You huffed in amusement, much to Mammon鈥檚 displeasure, and nodded in consent.
Satan grinned brightly and began to rub his inner wrist along your shoulder and neck. He inhaled gently and sighed in relief, seemingly pleased with the result of his action before resting his head on your shoulder and continuing his ministrations. 鈥淐ontact from one鈥檚 inner wrist to another鈥檚 neck or wrist is one of the most effective ways to scent someone. You can rest assured that you won鈥檛 smell anything like him by the time we are through.鈥澛
You chuckled and patted Satan鈥檚 head. 鈥淭hank you, Satan.鈥
You glanced over at Levi as he shifted from foot to foot looking over at you anxiously. 鈥淎re you going to join us, Leviathan?鈥
His face turned bright red as he tensed at the question. 鈥淎-Are you sure you want a gross shut-in like me to scent you? C-Cause everyone will know! You won鈥檛 be able to h-h-hide it at school or pretend like it d-didn鈥檛 happen or-鈥
鈥淟evi?鈥 His head shot up as he looked at you once more. He gave him a reassuring smile and patted your other leg that wasn鈥檛 being used as a pillow by Belphie. 鈥淕et over here, please.鈥
He sputtered for a second before nodding, and nearly tripping over himself as he rushed over to the cuddle pile and hesitantly placed his head on your leg.
You could feel your heart flutter at being surrounded and held by the demons that you had come to love, but it still wasn鈥檛 perfect yet. You looked over at Lucifer, who stood watching the group with an uncharacteristically soft expression, in confusion.
Lucifer understood your thoughts without you even having to speak them. 鈥淚鈥檓 in no rush. Now that we have your consent, I鈥檓 sure there will be another time when I can personally scent you without the annoyances of my brothers being around.鈥 He stood and began to leave the room. 鈥淓njoy your night. I will see you tomo-鈥
鈥淟ucifer.鈥 You commanded, causing him to tense and freeze on the spot. 鈥淕et your pompous ass over here.鈥
The demon sighed and turned around, making his way back over to you. He moved between you and Asmo, and nudged Beel to scootch over, before settling in slightly behind you, nuzzling in close. 鈥淵ou really are insufferable.鈥 He mumbled as he pressed a gentle kiss to your shoulder.
You grinned, feeling joy and content buzz within you at finally being in the arms of your found family. In that moment, everything felt right and whole.
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koffeebean13 days ago
Yuri's height difference compared to the brothers
Tumblr media
He smol
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beels-burger-babe17 days ago
Of Jealousy and Friendship - Pt. 1
Topic number 2 won in the vote to be written next! So without further-a-do, let鈥檚 get going!...This ended up being a two part thing. Oh Well. Here鈥檚 part one. - B GN! MC Summary: MC makes a lower demon friend who may secretly be hoping for something more than friendship. The Demon Bros are not about to let this happen. Part Two: Here, Epilogue: Here It all started in magical potions. When you first arrived, the course wasn鈥檛 so bad since you took it with Beelzebub. The two of you always partnered up; the hour would consist of you jokingly scolding Beel for trying to eat ingredients and making light hearted jokes with one another whenever the teacher turned their back.聽 But once the second semester started, Beel was moved out of the course as it had gotten too expensive to keep him in a class where most of the subject matter was edible.聽 Which left you alone and bored in the classroom as the teacher went on and on about Mandrake roots and what they can be used for. You let out a heavy sigh and plopped your forehead onto the desk.聽 A soft snort came from beside you. You glanced over to see a demon with his feet propped up on his desk staring right back at you out of the corner of his dark green eyes. He smiled at you with a tilt of his head.聽 鈥淭he lectures are a total snooze fest right? I joined this class cause I thought we鈥檇 be making potions and causing stuff to explode. Not sitting here twisting our thumbs all day.鈥澛
You bit back a laugh as you worried glanced over at the professor, who was none-the-wiser to the little conversation the two of you were sharing. You looked back over to the demon. His dark skin caused those hauntingly green eyes of his pop out at all who met his gaze, with carefully trimmed and styled black curls sitting stylishly on the top of his head.聽 There was a playful and mischievous energy to him that reminded you of Belphie, Asmo and Mammon.聽 鈥淯nfortunately suffering through this section of class is mandatory to be allowed to mess around with the fun stuff.鈥澛 The demon groaned and threw his head back.聽鈥淯rgh, that鈥檚 so unfair. What鈥檚 the worst that can happen? The potion explodes and kills us? Newsflash teach, we鈥檙e already dead.鈥澛 You couldn鈥檛 help the laugh that slipped out at that one.聽 鈥淲ell actually the worse that could happen, for you at least as I am a very mortal human, is that you鈥檇 suffer the consequences from one of the potions. Anything from shrinking to de-aging to charms, all kinds of things. I鈥檝e seen the effects of a potion gone wrong a number of times during my time down here. Trust me; you don鈥檛 want to be on the receiving end.鈥澛 He looked over at you with an analytical eye as the corners of his lips tilted upwards.聽鈥淪o you鈥檙e the human that everyone鈥檚 talking about.鈥 He trailed off, and glanced over at the teacher to make sure they weren鈥檛 looking before stretching out his hand towards you.聽鈥淚鈥檓 Cane. You know despite being the talk of RAD, I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever heard anyone mention your name?鈥澛 You took his hand into your own and lightly shook it.聽鈥淚鈥檓 MC.鈥澛
Cane leaned back into his chair,聽鈥淚t鈥檚 a pleasure to finally put a name and face to that glowing reputation of yours, MC. I see your pretty good at this potions thing, and I hear that you鈥檙e a lot of fun. How about you meet me downtown for supper later and we can study and get to know each other a little better?鈥澛 Your initial instinct was to agree, but then you paused as you thought of the brothers.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know. I don鈥檛 think that Lucifer or the others would like it much if I went out on my own.鈥澛 The demon huffed and light heartedly rolled his eyes.聽鈥淵ou won鈥檛 be alone, you鈥檒l be with me. I may not be as powerful as them, but I鈥檓 still a pretty good fighter.鈥 He teasingly placed a gentle punch onto your shoulder,聽鈥淏esides, it鈥檚 not like they鈥檙e boss of you. Are you really going to let a bunch of snobby Lords keep you from making the best of your time in the Devildom?鈥澛 That last remark hit a nerve. If there was one thing that had spread quite quickly about you around RAD, it was that you were known for being a little reckless, prideful, and never being able to back down from a challenge, and boy did that statement have you itching to prove him wrong.聽 You smiled, a sharp dangerous smile, at Cane.聽鈥淚鈥檒l go. And we鈥檙e going to do so much more than just go to a lame restaurant and study. You want to have fun and take risks? We鈥檒l have fun and take risks. Whatever you want to a degree,鈥 you added in quickly remembering that you were talking to a demon and if you didn鈥檛 implement any boundaries there was no telling what you鈥檇 get yourself into,聽鈥淚鈥檓 in.鈥澛 Cane鈥檚 eyes sparkled as his smile widened.聽鈥淒amn. I guess it鈥檚 true that you鈥檙e a bit of dare devil. Alright, you鈥檙e on. Meet me at Hell鈥檚 Kitchen a 4pm. We鈥檒l study and hit the books as promised, but afterwards...Get ready for the night of your life.鈥澛 ***
The brothers were concerned. You had rushed into the House of Lamentation after school and sprinted to your room, changed out of your uniform and promptly shouted that you were聽鈥済oing out鈥 before taking off before any of them could complain.聽 Mammon had tried to argue that someone should follow you, and while that wasn鈥檛 a terrible idea, Lucifer wanted to give you the question of the doubt. Worst case scenario, you come back home a little scratched up and learn your lesson about taking off into the dangers of the Devildom.聽 At least that鈥檚 what he had thought when you had initially left.聽 It was now bordering midnight, and you had yet to return home.聽 So yeah, the brothers were very concerned.聽 Mammon was pacing and ranting about how this all could鈥檝e been avoided if they had only listened to him for once.聽 Leviathan was trying to distract himself with his game, but everyone could see the worried glances he kept throwing to the entrance and clock as the minutes ticked by.聽 Satan sat near where Mammon and would occasionally scold or correct him, and sometimes even throw in his own ideas on what could be done while he thumbed through a book on location spells.聽 Asmodeus was strangely quiet, sitting near the fire by himself with arms wrapped around his torso as he stared into the flames. He would occasionally move a hand to wipe at his face before it went right back to hugging himself.聽 Beelzebub had lost his appetite. He sat next to Belphie, taking comfort in his twin鈥檚 presence, while Belphegor pretended to be unbothered and asleep, even though his mind was racing with the many stupid situations you could鈥檝e gotten yourself into.聽 And Lucifer...He just sat in a door near the entryway, his eyes fixed on the entrance as he silently waited.聽 Finally, just as the clock stroke midnight, they could hear your recognizable laugh from behind the door.聽 鈥淥h my god! That was incredible! I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever had so much fun in life!鈥 Leviathan stiffened at the statement, his hands gripping tighter onto his game.聽 鈥淲hat did I tell you? I promised you the night of your life, and I sure as Diavolo always make sure to deliver,鈥 everyone froze at the sound of the teasing male voice.聽鈥淭hough I didn鈥檛 expect the Seven Lords鈥 precious human to be a complete bad ass. You were amazing out there.鈥澛 Leviathan mumbled something before getting up and leaving the room. Mammon growled lowly and looked at the others,聽鈥淎nyone know who the hell that is?鈥澛 Asmo finally stood, wiping at his face as he did, and began to stride towards the door,聽鈥淲hy don鈥檛 we find out?鈥澛 Without waiting for a response, Asmodeus swung the door open and pulled on a bright smile as he reached out and wrapped an arm around you.聽鈥淢C, darling, you didn鈥檛 tell me you were bringing over guests! Don鈥檛 tell me you鈥檙e trying to have fun without me?鈥澛 You blinked up at the Asmo before smiling softly at his tactics.聽鈥淥h, hey Asmo! I didn鈥檛 expect you to be up. Cane here was just dropping me off.鈥澛 The demon in question didn鈥檛 even so much as stiffen as Asmodeus鈥檚 dangerous stare shifted over to him. Instead Cane stood there, relaxed, with a shit-eating grin on his face. Asmodeus raised an eyebrow at him and allowed a bit of his demonic aura to exude around him.聽鈥淥h really? At this time of night? Makes a demon wonder what kind of mischief the two of you had gotten up to,鈥 while maintaining eye contact with Cane, Asmo rested his chin against your shoulder.聽鈥淵ou know dear, if you wanted聽鈥渇un鈥 that badly all you had to do was ask. I assure you I could鈥檝e shown you a much better time.鈥 He purred and softly kissed your shoulder.聽 You shivered, missing the way Asmo stiffened as he noticed something, and swatted at the Avatar of Lust as you moved away from him.聽鈥淒own Asmo. It鈥檚 nothing like that. Cane鈥檚 in my magical potions class. We went out to study together and decided to hit a couple clubs while we were out. No biggy.鈥澛 鈥淚f it鈥檚聽鈥榥o biggy鈥 then why were you out all night without giving us any kind of warning of where you were going or how long you鈥檇 be out?鈥 Everyone whirled around as Lucifer stood in the doorway with a frown etched on his face and his arms crossed.聽He took a step closer to you before freezing mid-step, his nose twitching. His eyes flared red as they fell onto Cane. The lower demon tensed and curled his hands into fists, but seemed to be refusing to back down. Lucifer snarled,聽鈥淲hat exactly聽was it that you said the two of you were up to tonight?鈥澛 You frowned and stepped between Lucifer and your new friend.聽鈥淗ey! Stop it! He didn鈥檛 do anything, if that鈥檚 what you鈥檙e implying. And I wasn鈥檛 aware that I needed permission聽for every single thing that I do!鈥 You snapped poking his chest as you moved into his space.聽鈥淪o excuse me for wanting to go out and enjoy myself for once!鈥澛 Whatever fear Cane had been showing, quickly slipped away at seeing you stand your ground against the mighty first born.聽鈥淵eah. What they said.鈥澛 Lucifer growled and caught your hand into his own, pulling you close and leaning in,聽鈥淵ou鈥檇 be wise to remember that you are in the Devildom and surrounded by beings that have no where near as good intentions as you鈥檇 assume. Being so reckless and na茂ve down here could get you killed again, I thought you had learned that.鈥 His tone was cold and unapologetic as he practically spat the words in your face.聽 You glared at Lucifer as you yanked your hand out of his grasp. There was so many things you wanted to say to him, but none of them would be right to say in front of an audience. You huffed and turned to face Cane.聽鈥淚 am so sorry about those two. Thanks again for tonight and bringing me home. I鈥檒l see you tomorrow in class, okay?鈥澛 Cane gave you a side smile as he scratched the back of his neck.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing. I had a great time hanging out with you. Hopefully we can do again...under better circumstances. Goodnight MC.鈥 He took a step towards you and pulled you into a hug.聽 You smiled, wondering how Lucifer and Asmo could be stirring up such a fuss about a guy who had been nothing but kind to you, and gently hugged him back.聽 What you couldn鈥檛 see, was Cane making direct eye contact with the two other demons, as one of his wrists gently brushed up and down you back and he very lightly nuzzled, so lightly that you could just barely feel it, his face against your neck.聽 鈥淗ey, what鈥檚 takin鈥 everyone so- WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?!鈥 Mammon stormed forward and yanked you out of the demon鈥檚 embrace, already changing into his demon form.聽鈥淲ho the hell do you think you are scenting our human, huh?!鈥 He lifted Cane off the ground by the collar of his shirt, causing the lower demon growl as he scratched at Mammon鈥檚 hands.聽 You yanked on Mammon鈥檚 jacket and arms and tried to get him to back off.聽鈥淲oah! Mammon, relax! It was just a hug!鈥澛 鈥淣o it wasn鈥檛,鈥 Satan grumbled as he and the rest of the brothers (excluding Leviathan who was now sulking in his room) stood in the door way.聽鈥淭he fact that you don鈥檛 know that makes this even worst. But this isn鈥檛 a conversation we should be having out here.鈥 Beel stared down at the demon with a fierce glare.聽鈥淵ou should leave while you鈥檙e still able. And if you know what鈥檚 best for you, you鈥檒l stay away from MC.鈥澛 鈥淲ha- Beel! Cut that out!鈥澛 Cane took a step backwards, fear beginning to spill into his expression as he finally realizes just how out-powered and out-numbered he is. Still, he was stubborn pain in the ass; it was part of the reason he had been so drawn to you in the first place as he related to your reckless habits. He held Beelzebub鈥檚 glare and returned it with one of his own.聽鈥淚 think that MC can choose for themself who they do and do not hang out with, thanks. They already said they wanted to see me tomorrow so they will. We鈥檙e friends聽after all. And classmates,鈥 his grin sharpened as he continued. 鈥淚 do have to thank you, Lord Beelzebub, for that opening in magical potions by the way. Never would鈥檝e got in if you hadn鈥檛 been kicked out.鈥澛 Before he could say anymore, he was met with a punch in the face. Belphegore lazily shook out his hand and his looked at Cane with an unbothered expression.聽鈥淚 believe we told you to leave. Now get. The. Fuck. Out.鈥澛 Cane scoffed and turned to you once more.聽鈥淚 guess I鈥檒l see you tomorrow, Dare Devil.鈥澛 You would鈥檝e snorted at the nickname, but you were to distracted from the brother鈥檚 behavior.聽鈥淵eah. I鈥檒l see you tomorrow. Get home safe, Cane.鈥 With another nod, the demon left; leaving you alone with six of the seven brothers bubbling with jealousy, anger, and concern.
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I have a few posts/projects planned soon, but for now, rest in peace to the very first otome game I ever played 馃様 I just found out it was taken off the play store
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A special RIP to my first otome man Benkei 馃槶
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amajiki-is-best-boi21 days ago
i asked my friend if she wanted to know about obey me and then she was like 鈥... i feel like obey is for horny and desperate people鈥
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warm-meelk21 days ago
Tumblr media
a self indulgent stupid au idea of mine where the demon bros are robots created by mc but mc seems to have made them a bit way smarter and special than they should be
thus robots having their own developed feelings and personalities on their own accord
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