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#obey me fic

Oho, indeed I can! And as of now until stated otherwise, I am taking requests! When I get to it is another thing all together though~  Gn reader with amab body for this one, since anon didn’t specify.

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Simeon and Willow’s first date was sweet. He also worked with Diavolo for a date night. He found an air mattress on Akuzon that he set up in the garden at the castle, Diavolo had arranged for a 4 course meal to be brought out to them (each course was a favorite dish of Willow’s) as a small band played in the background (because Diavolo loves to be extra for those he cares about) after they finished their meal Simeon lead Willow to where the air mattress rested surrounded by Lilies, where they stargazed. Neither knew that Diavolo had arranged for a fireworks show to light up the sky for them, it touched him that two of the people he deeply cared about had found love in each other.

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Warning: Spoiler Lesson 1-2. 

Willow had recently returned to the Devildom after their first year at RAD. After being back for a few months Willow awoke to a loud knock on their bedroom door. “It’s open they called out” trying to wipe the sleep from their eyes, grabbing their phone. *5:15 am* The light seeping in from the door as Lucifer slowly opened the door and softly walked in. ‘Sorry to wake you so early, Lord Diavolo and Barbatos are requesting your presence” he said his tone seemed slightly irritated. “Please get ready and meet me in the lobby in 10 minutes.” He said as he walked out, slamming the door behind him. Hauling themself out of bed and over to their closet, pulling out a basic t-shirt and ripped jeans, throwing them on quickly. Grabbing a hoodie as they walked out of their bedroom. 

Lucifer looked at his phone briefly checking the time when he heard a loud series of thuds followed by a crash and stifled giggling. Normally he’d run to find out the cause of the noise, but hearing them giggle told him that it was just Willow falling down the stairs…Again. They were brushing themself off when they approached Lucifer with a small smile on their face, trying to hide the fact they were limping. “Sorry it took a bit longer. I..” They started to say but cut off “I know you fell down the stairs. I heard you. I’m surprised you didn’t wake the whole house. Let’s go” he chuckled. Watching Willow limp out of the corner of his eye. Sighing he turned around “Let me see your ankle, Will” He scolded, Irritated that they were behind schedule. “It’s fine, Lucifer. I just rolled it. It’ll stop hurting soon. I know you don’t want to be late” They said walking past him. 

Taking a deep breath inward he rolled his eyes and followed Willow out the door. Silently walking as they made their way to the Castle. Barbatos was waiting outside by the door. “Good Morning, Lucifer” bowing slightly as he opened the door. “Sorry to make you come so early Willow. I have a very important matter to discuss with you today. I asked Lucifer if we could have you for the day. I noticed that you are limping. Are you alright?” Barbatos said softly as he led them inside. “I’m fine, I just took a tumble this morning” they said as they turned to see Diavolo waiting in the lobby, grinning widely as he watched Lucifer approach, Willow trailing behind still making idle chatter with Barbatos as they walked. 

“Good Morning you too, would you like to join me for some tea before we get started?” He asked. His voice booming against the walls. “I’m afraid I have other matters to tend to this morning. I just wanted to make sure Willow got here safely. I’ll be back later to check in” He said as he turned to walk away. “How about you Willa, Would you like some tea?” He asked gesturing you to follow him outside into the garden where a tea table was set up. “Yes please” they said trying to stifle a yawn, they still hadn’t fully woken up yet. They felt bad still being half asleep in front of the Prince, and didn’t want to risk embarrassing Lucifer. Barbatos poured tea for the three of them, taking a seat a chair across from Willow. “What did you want to see me about sir?” They asked taking a small sip from their cup. “Actually I was the one who requested your presence today.” Barbatos responded softly resting his cup down in the saucer sitting up a bit straighter. “I have a gift for you” his cheeks flushed as he spoke.
“I have some business to attend to, I’ll check in on you two later” Diavolo said as he stood up and took his leave. “Take care sir” Willow said bowing their head slightly as they spoke. Turning towards Barbatos who had moved so he was now seated next to Willow. “As you know my powers allow me to work with time, I’ve noticed you’ve been trying to find reasons to stay here in the Devildom. I want to share with you some timelines that might help you make a decision” He said holding out a gloved hand. 

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Safe Space

One day I’ll write something not a week after I said I would. Today is not that day. So sorry. Anyway! This was inspired by an ask received on @devildomsexting ​ by @devildom-thot ​  about an MC who needs some safe space cuddles from ya snake boi.

Hope you guys enjoy and that I did the idea justice!

Warnings: None, just some fluff

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MC Buys Dinner

Okay, so I’m a hoe for Little Ceasar’s pretzel crust pizza, and it just came back, so here is some dumb bullshit. Okay bye!


7:39 PM- Human World Manor

Lucifer, walking into the kitchen where Beel is snacking: Beel, have you seen MC? It’s past 7:30, and dinner isn’t ready.

Beel: MC left. They were watching TV before running out of the door.

Lucifer, aura rising: Well, I suppose a punishment is in order-

MC, kicking the door for help: I’m back, and I bought pizza!

Beel, runs to the door and opens it: You had me at pizza.

MC, carrying 20 boxes of pizza, 5 boxes of cheese bread and a bag with Asmo’s salad: Thanks, Beel!


7:45 PM

Mammon, sitting in the living room for movie night: Finally! I’m starving. What kind of pizza did you get?

MC: It’s something you’ve never had before, something only humans would be chaotic enough to create.

Lucifer, opening the first box: MC, I swear, if you got pineapple pizza, I-

Lucifer, sighing and pinching his nose: MC, what the FUCK is this?

MC, grinning from ear to ear: It’s pizza! Pretzel crust pizza. It’s a pretzel with salt on the outside with liquid cheese sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. It sounds disgusting, but it’s the best thing that has ever been created.

Belphie: Okay, but WHY did you get 15 boxes of it???

Beel, drooling and grabbing 10 boxes for himself: That sounds fantastic.

Asmo: Yuck! Honey, just think of the grease and the sodium in those things. You’re going to have a heart attack. Thank Diavolo you got my salad.

Levi: Whatever. At least I still got my veggie pizza.

MC: Oh come on!!! You gotta try it. It’s to DIE for. Please~?

Satan, frowning: Fine… but just one.

Beel, eats 3 slices at once, tears in his eyes: MC, I wanna marry you.

Mammon: Tears, really? It can’t be that good. ………. Oh shit.

Belphie, curled up with 4 slices: Okay this is worth it.

Levi, angrily taking 2 slices: Hey, don’t take a box for yourself!

Satan, genuinely surprised: Hmm. Not bad. The cheese sauce and pepperoni work surprisingly well…

Lucifer: This is extremely unhealthy. ……You’re safe this time, but don’t expect another pass MC.

Asmo, sighs, taking the smallest slice: Have you all lost your minds? That will be awful for your pores! I’ll take a tiny one to make you happy, but that’s it. I have to keep up this regimen.

MC: Of course, King!


7:50 PM

MC, talking about the movie: Oh, come on! That plan won’t work at all!

Levi: I didn’t realize Mammon was in this movie.

Mammon: Oi! Are ya calling me dumb again?!?

Asmo: *grabs one more slice when no one is looking*

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HCs if the boys each chose a day of the week to be with you, no interruptions.


  • He originally wanted Friday or Saturday but realized there’s always stuff going on
  • Boy wants you all to himself, no sharing. The best way to do that is pick a day no one wants
  • Also how catchy is Mammon Monday?
  • Monday is a good day to run errands because “I guess I’ll go ‘cuz it’s my day and all…”
  • Mammon is not leaving your side for a SECOND and you both know it
  • He doesn’t care what you do. You’re his human.
  • Afterwards, he drags you to his favorite hideout spots that he goes to when he’s in trouble.
  • When you told him your favorite one, it became The Monday Spot and you just chill there as late as possible, talking about anything and everything
  • If he’s lucky, you’ll get cold and cuddle up against him for warmth.
  • (You might do it anyway)


  • You’d think Levi was just left out of the conversation but no, he wanted Tuesday
  • A lot of good animes come out on Tuesday and he wants to be able to watch them with you
  • He’ll find you between classes and the two of you recap everything that happened the last week like it’s your homework
  • He came up with a rating system so after each new episode you can rate your feelings on the characters/happenings
  • It’s very meticulous 
  • (he’s definitely using it to make sure he doesn’t upset you unexpectedly)
  • When your head falls on his shoulder mid-episode he melts and loses track of what is happening in the episode
  • Definitely has to rewatch it later without your knowledge to make sure he caught everything
  • You praise him for such an amazing memory and attention to detail


  • Hump day? You know that’s gotta be Asmo
  • The middle of the week is a great time for self care and rejuvenation for the rest of the week
  • But also he thought it was hilarious when you told him humans call it hump day and may or may not want to explore the meaning…
  • Asmodeus always picks a scent of the week based on the lunar calendar and positions of the planets.
  • It’s very complicated. It always smells amazing though and that’s what’s important.
  • I hope you love baths bc Asmo wants you in his tub with him
  • You can wear a swimsuit if you’re more comfortable (in fact that’s an excellent excuse to go shopping for cute swimsuits together)
  • But he’s totally cool with nudity whether or not it leads anywhere
  • Once you’re done in the bath, you cuddle up in matching fluffy robes and gossip about the latest RAD developments


  • Satan is smart enough to know a weeknight would have the least disturbance from his brothers
  • He still put up a fight for Saturday just to anger Lucifer (it worked)
  • He actually volunteers at the animal shelter on Thursdays and he’s always wanted to bring you
  • His heart melts at how excited you get playing with the animals.
  • Obviously he’s covered in cats (yes, they just crawl all over him while he’s there. he loves it)
  • When the time comes to leave, Satan has the saddest look on his face. Every week you are almost convinced to stay forever with him.
  • Almost.
  • Unspeakable horrors await from you-know-who if you don’t finish your homework.
  • Satan doesn’t mind helping you as long as he gets something in return.
  • Your rooms are so close anyway, what’s the harm in you staying with him tonight?


  • Beel didn’t really know how he ended up with Friday, he’s just glad to have you to himself once a week
  • Probably his brothers scheming because they know Beel won’t mind taking you out with them
  • They forgot to take into account his away games- every other Friday you go with him to cheer him on
  • He loves seeing you in the audience and Belphie swears he plays harder knowing you’re there. (Of course Belphie comes so you’re not alone in a crowd of demons)
  • When he doesn’t have games, Beel takes you out with his brothers.
  • He doesn’t mind if you want to dance with Asmo while he’s snacking or watch Mammon lose a hand of poker. He’s there for you. 
  • Beel is just happy knowing you’re happy- and knowing that when you’re ready to go he’ll take you straight to his room.
  • He’ll even carry you if you ask nicely.
  • He loves holding you in his arms as you fall asleep next to him.


  • Lucifer insisted. It’s his only day off.
  • He only got away with it because he still ends up getting called in by Diavolo half the time
  • Of course, Diavolo is now aware of the situation and leaves Lucifer alone
  • Lucifer will do whatever you like in the day- whether it is going out or staying in.
  • He wouldn’t admit it, but his favorite Saturdays are when the two of you are just listening to records in his room, cuddling by the fire. 
  • He loves hearing your stories and sharing his own as the fire crackles. 
  • Even though he’d prefer to have you the full day, he knows you like to go out sometimes on Saturdays. 
  • He allows it- and sometimes even goes with. It’s rare Lucifer agrees to drink with you but his pride won’t allow him to back down from a Demonus challenge. 
  • The winner decides what next week’s activity is. He might always win but he always lets you choose anyway. 
  • On the nights he doesn’t go with you- you better be home by his curfew. He will punish you.


  • Who better for lazy Sunday than Belphegor?
  • He just said “Sunday” and went back to bed.
  • Maybe his brothers were coddling him because he’s the youngest but it’s hard to argue with him
  • Plus they know he’ll make sure you’re rested for the start of a new week
  • He doesn’t really care what you do as long as you’re always touching (and preferably not leaving the house)
  • You like to watch movies with everyone, of course Belphie is basically on top of you the second you get comfortable.
  • No one else is allowed to be near you.
  • It’s Belphie day.
  • He’s already doing them a favor by letting them watch a movie with you.
  • Even though he’s asleep for half the day, he’s always smiling.
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Howl: Sneak Peek

As I mentioned in today’s fic update, the story in Wolf At Your Door will continue in the second volume, Howl.

This a) prevents me writing one single fic that ends up a million words long 😂, and b) has a narrative purpose.

Howl will pick up where Wolf leaves off, after a couple of weeks break. With Howl, there will also be some one shots published featuring my side ships: Beel and Dantalion, Satan and [redacted], and a mystery ship!

Howl covers some of the season 2 events, as well as continuing original storylines.

Buuuuut, I may give one little sneak peek here…

I was doing an outfits meme for Tabby and got a little carried away with this piece!


A certain someone is not best pleased when they are turned into a fuzzy widdle bunbun while everyone else (except Levi, poor thing) gets sharp claws and fangs!

Oh the Paws and Claws chapters are fun!

And very very spicy 😇

(I hope you enjoy my art, I think I’m slowly improving! 😳)

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OM Fic: Wolf At Your Door update!

New chapter, No One Can Hear Me Scream, is out now on ao3, and well. Time to catch up with Mammon after his control completely snapped 👀

Tabby tries to forget what the witches did, but finally starts making some good choices about how to process what she’s been through.

While Mammon struggles to put himself back together, his monster unleashed 😱

Wolf At Your Door is my Obey Me longfic told from the perspectives of both Mammon and Tabby, integrating many of my theories, and is rated E! 🔞

Excerpt below 👇

(Shorter excerpt as chapter contains much of an adult rating)




The creature stretched its hand, clenching and unclenching its fist slowly, again and again, focusing only on this one set of movements, claws flashing in the moonlight. Its bones didn’t quite fit beneath its skin, its larger demonic - beastial - form straining to stay in place, chafing against the constriction.

Mammon was sat on a felled log, the forest quiet and yet not silent as it had been before. He could hear insects now, the breeze in the trees, the rustle of small creatures, and the occasional call of a nearby owl.

All the things Tabs would point out ta me. She loves bein’ in nature like this. Why’d they have ta bring her here of all places?


[Continue reading Wolf At Your Door on ao3!]


We are… much closer to the end of Wolf than I realised 😭 This fic will be wrapping up soon, but pls remember that it will continue in a second volume - titled Howl - after a very short break.

In fact, I’ll post an artwork tease from Howl in my next post!

I’m a little nervous about putting the fic out in two instalments, but it’s for an important reason plot wise, and hopefully readers will enjoy the second volume just as much! (A large % of it is already written ^^)

The main reason I’m nervous is because Wolf has done so well and I am SUPER grateful for all the love people have shown my fic 🥺 This story means a huge amount to me, and being able to share it and hear from others who are enjoying it is amazing 💖

Thank you, for all the comments, kudos, shares, reads, support, everything! 😭💖


Commissioned art by the WONDERFUL @huaino who’s commissions are currently open!

(if on app, click image for full detail)

I’m so in love with this piece, it captures Mammon and Tabby so well! 🥺😭🥰💕💕


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Obey Me Theory: Levi’s Profile Pic

With the various critters confirmed as existing in the world of OM, one fairly obvious question remains - what on earth is the red fiery dragon creature in Levi’s chat profile pic?

Lotan, we know, is a sea monster which seems at odds with this opposite elemental beastie, right?


So here we have Cerberus as he appears in game, and the fire dragon type creature that appears in Levi’s chat profile pic:


Cerberus is a well known mythological beastie, primarily for his three heads and canine features. Originally, he had many more heads, various snakes, and, importantly, eyes that flashed fire.

But he’s largely recognised as the Hound of Hades, and is at the centre of various famous myths including being dognapped by Heracles, and being soothed to sleep by Orpheus playing his lyre (small harp like instrument) which wasn’t at all stolen for a series of books about magical teens 👀

The three heads and fire element that were most consistent found their way into the D&D iteration of Cerberus, this pretty beast, who bears more than a passing resemblance to the Cerberus in Obey Me:


In OM, Cerberus obeys Lucifer, who is not entirely dissimilar from that other ruler of the underworld, Hades himself.

-> Sidebar: I also spun the mythology of Cerberus in OM a little further in my fic recently:

“Cerberus…” Barbatos spoke quietly, and she leaned in closer to hear. “Did you know he lived here in the Devildom before the brothers arrived? He guarded the traditional gates to this realm, the only entry point before other doorways were created. The mighty hound of hell, who razed all before him, who had no master but the Infernal Realm itself, as large as the Leviathan, and as feared.”

She glanced down at the soppy dog, knowing the snores she could just about detect from him were fake, the hellhound fully aware of his surroundings as he now guarded not the realm, but a mere human.

The Cerberus of myth, he was the hound of Hades was he not? Captured by Heracles, charmed by Orpheus… but unfathomably strong, borne of two ancient monsters.

Certainly he was never supposed to be a friendly dog, and even tonight the other demons seem largely afraid of him. But what does this have to do with anything?

“How did he come to belong to Lucifer?” asked Tabby, her curiosity about all things Devildom winning out.

“After the angels fell, the old demon king had them enter the main gates. A formality and tradition, a way for his people to accept those they had long fought against-”

A humiliation then.

“As they approached, Cerberus saw them and began to shrink. From a size so vast to the larger size he often uses to this day. He ran at Lucifer, who did not move, even as the others readied themselves for battle once again, still exhausted. But when the hound reached them, he lay down in front of Lucifer, who touched his hand to the hound’s head, and murmured unheard words. Cerberus has followed him ever since, and has only ever barely tolerated any other. Until you.”

<- /Sidebar

Levi is also known to have a monster he can bring forth, known as Lotan. In mythology, Lotan is Leviathan, that is, Lotan is an older version that Leviathan was based upon. But Lotan himself was based on older forms - Têmtum, the seven headed dragon sea serpent, and Tiamat, an ancient goddess who turns to dragon sea serpent form to wage war upon her husband’s murderers. Lotan himself was described dually in tradition as sea serpent and dragon, with sea serpents assumed to have dragon features.

Guess who else shows up from the very first edition of D&D, with one of five heads being of fire…


D&D’s Tiamat has a mythology that connects her to the original Tiamat - her foe in both lives in the D&D realm of Arcadia - and in the fourth edition is described as “the evil goddess of wealth, greed and envy.” 👀

Each of the five heads represents the original five chromatic dragon species in D&D, with powers of ice (white), poison gas (green), (electric) blue, acid (black), fire (red).

As you can see, no water powers!

But if we compare the central (fire) head to Levi’s profile pic in the chats up top:


I’d say that’s a pretty good match, just like Cerberus up the page 👀

D&D has contributed hugely to how many mythological monsters and creatures are thought of today. Before D&D came along in the 70s, the fire of Cerberus was oft omitted, and Tiamat was largely forgotten.

I’m not saying Lotan has five heads, or definitively that one of those heads is Levi’s profile picture…

But I am saying that D&D has undoubtedly influenced artists seeking to portray these ancient critters 😊


Further reading:

Leviathan: The Grand Admiral of Hell

OM! Theories Masterpost

My OM fic: Wolf At Your Door


108 notes

(Give me a fake fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write for it!)

I think I would definitely write this one with one of the Other Dateables..

I guess what would be interesting is one where we’d see Diavolo and Simeon’s stream of thought and it being something like “I can wait for MC because they will eventually end up in heaven/hell”. (And either.. could be argued for I think. “MC is good and therefore when they die they’ll end up in heaven” vs “MC will choose the Devildom and when they die that can be arranged”.)

How these would be tied together.. would need more thought, but in the end it would be that both are willing to wait for MC to be in the Appropriate State (dead. State of Death? Haha) before really pursuing anything.

I think I would either somehow show that through two different scenes where MC would come to these conclusions, or have it be a conversation (or series of conversations) between the two.

(Would this be current canon divergence..? It might be.. im not sure actually im not upto the latest lessons..)

27 notes

understandable have a nice day. dksfjhas mwah mwah ily2sm kai my love 🥰 i hope you enjoy and i will gladly write levi for you always. this literally got way longer than i thought but i’m happy with it so… yeah. also really truly whenever i post something i always forget how i format my writing lmao whoops ~ Mars <3

Sappy Line Prompt List

16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”



Between the lovestruck looks, the shy glances, and the wistful sighs, it was painfully obvious to everyone that you and Levi are pining after each other. Obvious to everyone except, of course, to the both of you. You’ve been dancing around each other for months, maybe even more. But your relationship lives in stasis, on the edge of the line that defines the two of you as “just friends” that you could get over if someone could please make the first move. Maybe it’s Levi’s low self-esteem that’s holding them back. Or maybe it was your inherent obliviousness; either way, the residents of the House of Lamentation have had enough.

After a looong conversation that included a seemingly endless back and forth of “But what if he doesn’t like me?” “He likes you, I promise.” “But what if-” “He likes you!” You were finally convinced enough to approach Levi about it. If what everyone was saying was true, then nothing but good can come from it. They could also be completely wrong, but if everyone is saying that Levi likes you, then Levi probably does like you. Right?

Keep reading

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So I actually had an idea without looking at the song lyrics.. I’m deciding to run with it even after looking at them! (I hope thats alright 😅)

Also more of a ramble-y (?) one/idea like than the one I answered before !

Send in a fake fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write for it!

Keep reading

15 notes

Under a read more bc this got LONG HAHA..

Warnings: none

Characters: Belphie, MC

Notes: implied feelings ! :)

(Send in a fake title and I’ll tell you what I would write for it!)

Keep reading

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Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Pairing: Diavolo/F!Reader
Genre: Soulmate AU, Fake Relationship (?), Misunderstandings, Fluff, Angst, Smut


Synopsis: During a confrontation between Diavolo and a certain witch who harbors unrequited feelings for him, he declares his intention to ask you to stand beside him in reigning over the Devildom someday. You conclude only one logical explanation for the insanity he uttered: this is his way of discouraging the witch from being so persistent. Although clueless, you play along and become ‘lovers’ with him.

Inevitably, your existing attraction for Diavolo grows, but the distinction between truth and lies, the crisscrossed lines of the right and the wrong, and the question of what’s real and what isn’t, begin to plague your mind and stir up trouble for your relationship with him with each passing day.

Entangled within the woven threads of soulmates and a royal prophecy, this is the story of the Demon Prince and his future Queen: you.


1 | 2 | 3
Chapter 3: Speak No Evil
Word Count: 5.6k


Keep reading

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MC having a nightmare (Belphegor)

“Belphegor…” you whisper. He doesn’t wake up. “Belphie…” you try again, this time shaking him slightly. He makes a face but still doesn’t wake up. You poke his cheek. He cracks one eye open, face frowning.

“What’s the matter?” he asks, slightly annoyed.

“I had a nightmare…”

“A nightmare? Okay…”

At first, it seems like he’ll brush you off and go back to sleep. He pauses and stares at you for a moment. Slowly, he moves aside so there’s an empty space next to him in his bed. “Come here.” he says. You creep into the bed, scooting close to him. He wraps his arms around you and gently starts rubbing circles your shoulder with his thumb. Your head lays on his chest and his breathing is slow. You think he fell asleep again, but then he asks, “What was your nightmare about? Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really…” you sigh.

It’s not that you didn’t trust Belphegor with the information. You’d just rather not remember the nightmare at all.

“Alright. Well, you can sleep with me. I won’t let you go.”

Within seconds, he’s sleeping again. The aura around him is soothing. Just being in his presence relaxes you. Immediately, you feel yourself dozing off. All the anxiety you felt drifts away. You’re warm, you’re safe, you’re comfortable.

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OM Fic: Wolf At Your Door update!

New chapter, Blood in the Water, is out now on ao3, and heck yeah we’re gonna get some answers after that huge cliffhanger!

The demon brothers work to hunt Tabby down, but Mammon is left reeling when he comes face to face with those who attacked her.

But first, before we see all seven demon brothers thrown into full battle(!!), Mammon has to deal with a problem a little too close to home… 😱

Wolf At Your Door is my Obey Me longfic told from the perspectives of both Mammon and Tabby, integrating many of my theories, and is rated E! 🔞

Excerpt below 👇




Barbatos was currently sitting in Lucifer’s study, sifting through all the possibilities he could see to try and find her location. Diavolo was assisting, which mostly meant preventing any interruptions, and the fact magic had been involved at least explained why the butler was having difficulty seeing what was usually so clear.

Mammon still felt like he was floating, everything a little too unreal, but he grasped that the birthday party had evidently ended early, not a wholly unique event but a rare one nonetheless.

“Sit down, Mammon,” Lucifer sighed heavily. “Pacing like that isn’t going to help.”

The guardian demon swallowed down his retort. The brothers were spread out on the various seats and couches, all looking fairly miserable. Patience was no demon’s strong suit, but all they could do was wait. Asmo had shot off, no doubt to get Solomon, and the guardian demon was thankful, even if his words stuck in his throat.

“I wanna talk ta ya,” he gritted out, trying to stay calm. “In private.”

Lucifer hesitated for a split second before nodding, walking towards the door.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” warned Belphie, but Mammon ignored him, following his elder brother into the hall.

The two had barely got enough distance from the others before Mammon snarled.

“What did you do?!”

“I understand you are upset but-”

“NO,” Mammon cut him off, and Lucifer should have stopped him, would have stopped him if he wasn’t obviously-


“You upset her,” he growled, “I know ya did. I know you. So cut the shit, an’ TELL ME.”

Lucifer’s power flickered dangerously in the air around them, but Mammon kept his burning gaze focused firmly on his brother’s eyes, and the Avatar of Pride collapsed against the wall in anguish.


[Continue reading Wolf At Your Door on ao3!]


Ahhh, I feel so bad for last chapter’s cliffhanger but we’re in the final climax of this fic, and it’s all gonna be a roller-coaster for sure 😱

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, the kudos, shares, reads, everything. It really makes me day when I see people enjoying Wolf At Your Door so much, thank you 😭💖💖💖


Commissioned art is from the earlier scene after Belphegor’s attack, by the wonderful @erabu-san 🥰


60 notes

Yes! I actually have some comissioned art that isn’t that exactly, but has a similar vibe:


By the amazing belphcgors!

In the first half of Wolf At Your Door especially, Tabby is very angrily defensive of Mammon, and to be fair, he does get picked on a hell of a lot compared to anyone else. She’s quite right to be furious!

As the story goes on, their roles switch a little, with Tabby being the one who needs protected, but overall I think they are both very protective of each other 🥺💕


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Mammon calls Lucifer ‘Luc’ and pronounces it the same as the name 'Luke’ 😇

You’ve probably noticed, but in my fic Mammon is the only one to call and refer to Lucifer this way, the others using his full name, and Tabby calling him 'Lu’.

As to why Mammon calls him that, all will be revealed in the second volume of Wolf At Your Door (which starts v soon!), Howl :D

My fic: Wolf At Your Door (rated E)


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Be My Valentine? (Side Characters) 🌹

How will the side characters spend Valentine’s Day with you? (established relationships +platonic HCs for Luke)


  • A literal forbidden getaway.
  • Forbidden mostly because he is swamped with work that day, so technically he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere—the getaway part is due to the stolen moments he could afford with you without Barbatos’ or Lucifer’s watchful eyes. It could be as simple as linked hands under a desk, to inside jokes and stolen kisses when no one’s looking. He had a date planned for both you in the human world, but he can hardly see it coming any time soon. He’s just happy he could even see you in the day of love itself.
  • The chocolate you’ve given him is a symbol of your “tryst”. He couldn’t make one for you without catching suspicion from Barbatos, but he was able to give you a matching keychain of the Valentine’s edition of Devilcoast’s mascot.

“It’s quite exciting to be keeping it a secret like this, don’t you think so?”

  • Diavolo would seem rather wistful as he had spoken those words to you. “However, you deserve to be shown off as my lover–my future consort. I only wish the next time we celebrate Valentine’s, we can do so openly.”
  • And you know what? He made good of his promise the next year to come.


  • Barbatos doesn’t like surprises. Rather, the idea of being surprised is quite difficult, especially to someone with time bending abilities like him.
  • You tried your all to spook him even just a little with Valentine’s and your planned date with him that day, but the man is just so good with his foresight that he had caught you in a lie with just a mere glance.

“Don’t even think about it, dearest.”

  • You were so occupied with your plans to surprise him that the idea of him doing the same didn’t cross your mind until it actually happened to you.
  • Lanterns adorned the dark, Devildom sky as you entered the Demon Lord Castle’s gardens. Barbatos’ silhouette can be seen nearby, turning to you with a rare and warm smile on his face.

“Now don’t look so shocked. You aren’t the only one with surprises around here.”

  • His kisses that night tasted sweeter than any chocolate in the world.


  • Ever heard of the movie, “100 Poems for Stella?” Simeon watched it on Devilflix a few weeks ago and was inspired to do the same premise as the movie for his Valentine’s gift for you.
  • It was difficult to push you away so he can have time to write 100 poems just in time for Valentine’s. Even harder to make up with you without blurting out what he had in plan.

“I’m really sorry if I had no time for you lately, but I swear I have a reason, my dear.”

  • Was TSL more important than you, you ask? A no brainer–of course not! You were unbelievably adorable when you pout at him, and he felt quite bad finding pleasure with your cute reactions especially when he knew the longer he persists on keeping quiet, the more seeds of doubt will plant on your heart.
  • So…despite Luke’s vehement warnings for him to sleep properly, he persisted on writing poems. With you as an inspiration, writing comes as easy as breathing. However, the quantity wasn’t the issue, but the quality of those poems. The poetry book has to have a theme! It should do your wonderfulness justice!
  • Thankfully, he was able to make his quota on the day of Valentine’s day itself. Seeing your happy tears and feeling your warm and appreciative embraces made all those all-nighters worth it.

“Happy Valentine’s day, my darling. Let’s have another wonderful one next year.”


  • Luke is a precious angel who wears his heart on his sleeve. So despite how badly he wanted to keep the fact that he’s making chocolates for you, you were pretty easy to catch on.
  • It started with inquiries of your preferred chocolate type. Dark or sweet? Milk chocolate or white chocolate? Bonbons or cakes?

“Can you taste this, MC? Is this good?”

“So, I have this friend and he really wants to give a very important friend a gift in Valentine’s Day…”

  • Oh you poor sweet angel boy, bless your heart.
  • You better prepare those fake surprised reactions by the time Luke presents you his “secret chocolate gift”. Once you accept his gift, he would beam brightly at you and couldn’t hide his excitement and joy.

“I’m so glad you liked it! Happy Valentine’s day, MC!”


  • Pretends he forgot Valentine’s Day to get a rise out of you. In fact, that was his “master plan” all along.
  • The truth of the matter is that he had been planning for your Valentine’s Day for months in advance. He remembered how much you loved flying with him that one time, so he thought doing so again and holding your date midair would surely blow your socks off. Literally.
  • Was his plan too elaborate and convoluted for an uncertain reaction from you that would earn him a few seconds of entertainment? Probably. But he had plenty of time and zero fucks to give.
  • He had also poured his heart and soul into making you the best ever Valentine’s chocolate in the world. Why, he even prepared a few dishes and new recipes that he knew you might like.
  • …you better hope you have some stomach medicine ready if you don’t want to die a tragic death on Valentine’s Day itself.
  • But hey. It’s the thought that counts…right?
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