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#obey me fic
plumeriaheart · a year ago
You can keep the shirt [Mammon/Reader]
It’s Mammon loving hours, lads! Jk, it’s always Mammon loving hours on this blog. Thank you so much @mcfishayy-blog for commissioning me to write this, I had a lot of fun doing so! I hope you enjoy this fic ♡
I’m currently accepting writing commissions for Obey Me!, so if you like my writing, feel free to check them out! 
FANDOM: Obey Me!
RATING: pure smut
PROMPT: “You’re not wearing anything underneath that, are you?”
Maybe it is a bold decision to leave your room in the middle of the night, but what else are you supposed to do? Sleep wouldn't find you either way, you might as well keep yourself entertained, you think. As you look around your room, trying to find something that piqued your interest, your gaze falls upon a piece of clothing – a black shirt, too big for your small frame. You don't remember when he left it here, but it couldn’t have been too long ago. Otherwise, you would’ve noticed it sooner.
As you walk over and pick up the shirt, an idea strikes you. Maybe you could bring the shirt back to Mammon, and for once stay the night at his room? You’re certain that Mammon would not kick you out of his room. He’d think of some silly excuse to allow a human like you to stay, sure, but you don’t think he’d make you leave again.
You gingerly strip out of your nightgown and replace it with his shirt. It’s a bit shorter than your nightgown was, ever so slightly slipping off of one shoulder. When you take a look at yourself in the mirror, blood rushes to your cheeks. His warmth may be missing from the shirt, but his scent still lingers and when you close your eyes, you can almost imagine his arms wrapped around you. Then you shake your head to snap out of it – you’re not the one supposed to get flustered by this!
Peeking out of the door crack to see whether the coast is clear, you take a deep breath and step out of your room. Mammon’s room isn’t far away, and you pray that Lucifer isn’t patrolling the hallway tonight. If he saw you like this, you would surely die of shame!
But luck is on your side tonight, and you get to Mammon’s room without being spotted. You knock on the door and wait. A couple of seconds pass and you almost begin to worry that Mammon is fast asleep, that he can't hear you knock and maybe your little plan has failed already… Then, the door opens. Before you stands Mammon, half-awake, ready to complain about being woken up.  
“Sorry, did I wake you?” Heat rises to your cheeks when you become aware of how silly your plan must’ve been after all. But his ears seem to perk up at the sound of your voice, eyes widening as if he just realised who was standing in front of him.
“What are ya’ doing here? Ain’t you supposed to sleep at a time like this?” Well, look who’s talking! You only shrug your shoulders, causing the shirt to slip further down your arm. It’s now that Mammon takes a closer look at you, and you can see his face redden within an instant.
“W-What are… What are ya’ wearing?!" He pulls you into his room and shuts the door behind him – locks it, even – to make sure nobody can get a glimpse of you. You can tell he's torn between staring at you and not letting you see his beet-red face.
“I couldn’t sleep, and, well… You left your shirt in my room, so I thought I’d return it,” you say as nonchalantly as you can, letting an innocent smile dance along your lips. Mammon lifts his head to look at you once more, blushing more as his eyes wander up your legs, your torso and finally meet yours. He’s mesmerised by you, rendered speechless by the sight in front of him.
To take things even further, you step closer to him, letting your fingertips trail along his collar. You can see the shiver running up his spine, hear him take in a sharp breath at how close you are.
"Wh… What game are ya' playin'?" The demon asks you breathlessly. His eyes never leave yours, and it seems that something within them gives him the courage to touch you. His hands come to rest on your hips, setting your skin aflame where he touches you. You’re about to open your mouth to answer his question when he abruptly pulls back, starting to stammer and avoid your gaze.
“Y-you're not… You're not wearing anything underneath… that, are you?" You can tell it's taking all of his self-control to keep his eyes averted. And he's torn – torn between wanting to see you in his clothes and wanting to see you stripped bare just for him.  
“Nothing but your shirt, Mammon.” With a gulp, he looks up at you and when he sees your innocent smile, he curses. How can you act so devious and still look so pure while doing it? He’s completely at your mercy, and both of you know it. You beckon him to come closer, and he’s not going to be told twice. His fingers tangle in your hair as he makes you look up at him.
“You’re… awfully bold for some human, aren’t ya?” His voice is but a whisper, and his newly found confidence falters when you place your arms around his neck. Being this close, he can’t hide his reddened cheeks from you. You wouldn’t want him to, either.
“One of us had to make the first move eventually, don’t you think?” You smirk before you pull yourself up just enough to place your lips on his. For a single second, he freezes, but then he kisses you back. It feels so much better than all the times he imagined what your lips would feel like, the times he imagined dragging his tongue along your lower lip and savouring the sweet expression on your face. There are so many times he imagined what it would be like to kiss you, how you would feel in his arms and what kind of enticing sounds you'd make – but none of his dreams could come close to this. Your warmth burns his skin and he begins to trail kisses down your neck, sucking the soft skin until it darkens. He hears your sigh, taking it as encouragement to keep going and plasters further kisses down to your collarbone, making sure to mark you as his. As much as he wants to take a step back and admire his work on your skin, he lets his lips trail back to your mouth so that he can recapture your lips in another heated kiss.  
His hands slip under your shirt, fingers tracing up your spine and pulling you closer. Your thigh brushes up against his crotch, and you’re surprised to find him hard already. He groans into the kiss, his body shivering at your touch. Now you’re the one placing kisses upon kisses down his neck, one of your hands tugging at his shirt.
“Take that off for me, will you?” You whisper against his skin, and it takes only one second of him stepping away, pulling his shirt over his head before he pulls you close against his body once more. Your lips find his again, hands roaming over his chest, fingertips caressing his firm muscles. Your touch makes him shiver, goosebumps appearing on his skin. It takes a little bit of strength, but you manage to lead him towards his bed without breaking the kiss – but then you give him a little push, and he falls on his bed. He looks at you with hunger as you climb on top of him, making sure to brush your butt against his crotch. An involuntary whimper falls from his lips, and it makes you melt. You decide to try his limits, slowly grinding against his clothed member and you see him biting down on his lip, trying to remain silent.
“Don't do that. I want to hear you, Mammon," you tell him, and he nods slowly. Soon enough, the room is filled with his heavy breathing and moans. The heat begins to pool at your core, the friction against your clit driving you wild. Your hips move on your own as you watch the way his chest rises and falls with ragged breaths. Mammon's hips buck up against you, causing a squeal to slip from your lips. You have to resist the urge to press your hand over your mouth to keep quiet; you want him to hear just how good he's making you feel.  
As you keep riding him, you throw your head back and let the pleasure run through you. You don’t notice him reaching for you, letting his hand slip beneath your shirt and cup your breast, but you sigh contently at the sensation. His thumb toys with your nipple, sending multiple shivers down your spine, and you find yourself moaning his name as pleasure takes you over for the first time tonight. Your hips keep rocking against his as your body shakes from the high, pure electricity running through your nerves.
“Fuck, you… You look so good like that,” Mammon breathes beneath you, doing his best to memorise the way your lips parted as you reached your climax, the way you kept moaning his name – all of it is art to him, and he knows he would never tire of it.
Your grip on the bedsheets tightens as you climax, looking for any kind of support as ecstasy runs through your body. Your head feels hazy, overwhelmed by how much pleasure you’re feeling – maybe his presence is the reason for how intense your feelings have become? A few moments pass as you try to catch your breath, hips slowing to a halt eventually.
“Hah, sorry… I got carried away,” you mumble sheepishly, embarrassed at your loss of control, moving to get off his lap. He stops you as he sits up, one arm snaking around your waist. Adoration lingers in his gaze, the slightest hint of a smile visible on his lips. Your heart skips a beat at the way he looks at you.
“No wonder, you’re with THE Mammon, after all!” Seeing you come undone must’ve given him a new sense of confidence. Your thoughts are still running wild and you’re lost in his eyes, so you don’t notice how one of his hands travels between your thighs until he touches your slick pussy. You’re still sensitive from your orgasm, and a jolt of pleasure runs through you as he lets his fingers circle your clit. Your breath hitches in your throat and you can’t help but rest your forehead against the crook of his neck. The way you react to him and his touch makes his chest swell with pride, and he wants to see more of it; he wants to be the reason you feel good.
You gasp when he slips two fingers inside of you, giving you only a few moments to adjust to the new sensation before he begins pumping them into you at a fast pace. An involuntary cry falls from your lips, enough to make him stop dead in his tracks.
“You okay?” His voice is suddenly laced with worry, and you don’t have the words to respond. You take a couple of seconds to get used to this feeling before you raise your head. The worry in his voice is nothing compared to the one in his eyes; afraid that he might do something that could hurt you. It almost makes you want to cry at how much he cares.
“Yeah, I’m… I’m okay. Please… keep going,” you plead. Something about the way your voice sounds colours his cheeks red, but he’s too enchanted by your begging expression to notice. He begins to move his fingers slowly, taking them out almost entirely before pushing them back in. His thumb works your clit, putting pressure on it in the right moments to give you the most pleasure. It’s easy for him to read your reactions; after all, he’s been taking note of you ever since you arrived in the Devildom. When your eyes roll back in pleasure, he increases the speed ever so slightly. When you bite your lip, he coaxes out another moan by circling your clit faster.
You’ve lost yourself to his touch by now, and yet he can’t take his eyes off of your face. He takes note of your flushed cheeks, parted lips, and the hair sticking to your temples. In all the millennia he has lived, he has never seen anything or anybody as beautiful as you in this moment. Perhaps you had some magic in you after all.
Your walls begin to tighten around his digits, causing him to pick up his speed. The heat begins to build inside of you once more, muscles tensing as you get closer to your climax. You let your fingers curl in his hair, pulling on it ever so slightly as he fingers you. Your moans begin to increase in volume before his lips find yours again, locking them in a kiss as you reach your second orgasm of the night.
It takes all of his self-control to eventually break the kiss so he can look at you again. A content smile graces your face, eyes hazy from the pleasure but filled with affection for… him?
He slowly pulls out his fingers, drenched in your juices, and lifts them to his face as if to admire how wet you are – how wet he made you! You blush furiously when he starts to lick his fingers clean, grinning at you, and yet you seem to be unable to take your eyes off of the sight in front of you. The obscene gesture embarrasses you, so you press your lips against his to stop him, tasting your salty essence on his lips.
Your hands wander down his chest towards his pants, and you waste no time in pulling them down enough for his cock to spring free. When you let your fingers wrap around the slick head, Mammon lets out a groan. You realise how sensitive he must be, watching you cum twice and not being able to do find any release. To remedy that, you shift and position yourself on his lap so that his cock is aligned right under your pussy.
“You sure you can go for another round?” He begins to question you, taking note of the way your thighs tremble. His genuine concern for you, especially in a situation such as this, makes your heart flutter.
“Yeah. I want this,” you tell him before you lower your hips. His length slips inside of you with no problem, but you allow yourself a couple of seconds to adjust to his size before you continue moving your hips. You savour the way he fills you up, the feeling of his cock stretching your walls to accommodate him.
He places his hands beneath your thighs, helping you ride him in case your strength gives out. The feeling of your tight walls around him could be enough to let his carnal desire take over, but he is way too aware of how sensitive you must be right now. It’s not normal for him to be this considerate, especially not in a situation like this. He’s the Avatar of Greed, for hell’s sake!
As if you can read his thoughts, you let out a breathy chuckle. “You don’t have to hold back for my sake, Mammon.” You’re surprised at how slow he’s fucking you right now, and by the look on his face you can tell something is bothering him. You cup one of his cheeks and kiss him, and this is when he finally cracks.
His lips crash into yours over and over again; sucking on the soft skin of your neck; biting your shoulder. It’s as if he’s trying to devour you, and you can feel the greed radiating from him, infecting you. He pulls you close to him as he lowers himself back on the bed, your chest pressed to his. You hold onto him, nails digging into his skin and surely leaving marks, and yet all you can think about is that you want him – all of him.
When he begins to thrust his cock into you, your moans grow louder and louder, and his lips can only muffle the sound of them so much. Soon, the room is filled with sounds of skin slapping against skin, heavy breathing and loud moaning; a symphony of lust that would render even Asmodeus jealous.
You wish you had more energy to grind your hips against his, helping him cum faster, but as soon as he notices your effort, he stops you. Guiding your ass up and down his cock, he brings one hand to your face and lets you suck on his fingers. The way you hungrily lick at them and take them into your mouth makes him moan, before he moves his fingers to your clit, teasing it as he fucks you faster. You’re aware of what he’s about to do, and yet you cry out when you feel him flicking the sensitive bundle of nerves.
“I don’t… Think I can hold out much longer,” the demon groans, and you can tell by the way his thrusts start to become more sloppy that he’s close. His fingertips dig deeper into your skin, and you can tell that he’s going to leave bruises on your skin.
“Me neither,” you breathe, and it’s as if that alone is enough to push him over the edge. You feel the way his cock pulsates before his load fills you, heat burning inside of your core. A strangled moan escapes your lips as both of you cum, feeling the way his hips buck into you sporadically before he comes to a stop. You’re sure he can feel your heart racing in your chest as you try to regain your breath.
For a while, your ragged breathing is the only sound filling the room. You slowly begin to sit up, feeling his member twitch inside of you as you move. He lets out a quiet whimper as you raise your hips just enough for his cock to slip out, his seed dripping down your legs. His eyes roam your body, stopping at your legs as he watched the white spill out of you ever so slowly.
You let yourself fall onto the bed next to him, turning to the side so you can look at him properly. His hair is a total mess, his cheeks flushed and a couple of love bites decorate his neck. Reaching out to push his hair out of his face, you smile.
“I don’t think I can walk after that.”
A/N: I don’t think i’ve written smut on this scale before, so I hope it reads okay~ it was a lot of fun to explore Mammon in this setting, tbh!
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
The Demon Brothers + comforting a self-conscious MC/Reader
So a while ago an anon sent me the below ask
Tumblr media
And I kind of adored the idea, considering I am also insecure, and chubby, and in need of some demon bro comfort. Hence, here we are.
Rather than bullet point, I ended up writing short stories for each brother. Hopefully you still enjoy 💕
Tumblr media
The eldest brother is not unaware of the way your eyes stray when the two of you are in public together—your gaze raking over the other inhabitants of the Devildom as you traverse the busy streets.
At first, he assumes the array of creatures—some far less human-like than he and his brothers—are interesting to you. Then, he notices the way you begin hugging yourself with your arms. As if trying to hide yourself away from any prying eyes.
It is indeed out of place for a human to be seen in the Devildom, and you do get some stares, but...he has a suspicion that the sudden shyness you exhibit stems from feelings that reach beyond what strangers may think of you.
He doesn’t like seeing you in such a state.
“Y/N,” he addresses you after tugging you into a small, scarcely populated side alley. One of his gloved fingers curls beneath your chin, and he guides your hung head to look at him. “I can tell you’re upset. Explain to me why.”
You glance away from him, cheeks heating up, and your arms hugging your sides a bit tighter.
“I, and your brothers are all so beautiful,” you start by saying, causing him to blink in surprise. “And...whenever we’re out like this, and I see all of the other demons living here, I can’t help but feel like I pale in comparison...”
Lucifer’s features soften as he stares at you. You’re worried about such a silly thing?
“Y/N.” He steps forward, his thumb moving to hold your chin. He tilts your head up, guiding you into a kiss. It’s soft, and loving, and immediately your fingers are twitching against your sides—itching to reach out and hold him.
“You are perfect as you are, and I have never thought otherwise.”
He kisses you again, his free arm moving to curl around your waist and tug you closer. You feel your heart aching in your chest.
“You need not compare yourself to others, because there is no one else like you—and you are radiant in every sense of the word. I give you my word as the Avatar of Pride that what I speak is the absolute truth.”
His voice is quiet, and tender, and full of adoration. You feel like crying.
“I love you,” you whisper the words against him, voice a little broken, and Lucifer smiles before kissing you again. He will try his best from now on to help you feel a little more comfortable in your own skin.
The second brother invites you to Majolish to watch one of his fashion shoots, and you agree despite knowing how self conscious it will make you, because you know it will make him happy.
So, you find yourself standing in the back of the studio, watching Mammon on the temporary set—which is composed of an oversized mattress, and colorful pillows. He’s wearing slacks, and a button up that’s not buttoned at all—revealing his toned body. Since it’s a group shoot, he’s surrounded by equally enticing male and female demons. And while the sight should get you going, considering they’re all so attractive, it just makes you feel...bad.
Biting your lip, a sick feeling rising in your chest, you end up stepping out into the hall. Mammon finds you there soon after, a look of relief on his face when he spots you with your back against the wall—arms hugged together.
“There ya are! I thought you had left!” He runs up to greet you, but his smile wavers. He can tell you’re upset—gaze straying away from him. 
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He reaches out, hands hovering nervously. Had he done something? “I...if I did something wrong you can tell me...I didn’t mean to upset ya—”
“No, it’s not you,” you mumble, cutting him off. Now he’s even more confused. “I guess...I got upset seeing you and all the models. I know I don’t look anywhere near as attractive, and that thought started to gnaw at me, so—”
“What are ya talking about?” he interrupts you, head cocked to the side curiously. “I think you’re hot as hell.”
You feel your cheeks heat up, surprised at his words. “What?”
“I-I mean!” suddenly he’s turning red, hand lifting to sheepishly rub at his neck. “I’ve never thought that ya weren’t attractive, ya know? Ever since you came here my heart can’t help but flutter whenever I see ya…”
Your heart aches. “Mammon…”
“Listen! I just…,” his shy gaze turns back to you, and he reaches a hand out, cupping your cheek. “I think you’re one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”
He leans in, but hesitates for a moment, so you’re the one who ends up sealing the kiss.
“Don’t worry about that kinda crap, okay?” he whispers against you, his arms lowering to wrap around your waist—holding you tightly. “Or else The Great Mammon will have to start knocking some sense into that silly human brain of yours.”
Tears blot your eyelashes, but you can’t help but giggle.
You love Levi dearly, but he has an Akuzon addiction that needs to be addressed.
Recently, Akuzon had apparently expanded their clothing options—stocking more cosplay-like pieces—and Levi had thrown them all into his cart without second thought. Now that they’ve arrived, he’s begging you to come over.
Except, he doesn’t tell you why he wants you to come to his room until you’re already there—watching as he unpacks the multiple bags worth of questionable clothing.
“Ooooo~! This one is especially cute!!” He holds up something pastel, and undeniably adorable. You don’t disagree—it is cute, you stare at it, an uncomfortable feeling settles in your stomach.
Can you even pull off something like that? You’re sure Levi is hoping that you’ll look like one of the cute anime characters in his favorite shows, and you don’t want to disappoint him. 
As much as you would love to try on the clothing and model for him, you don’t believe you’ll be able to do the outfits any justice.
“Y/N?” the demon calls your name curiously, noting how you’ve gone silent. You’re no longer paying attention to him, your head hung as you stare off to the side—a perplexed look on your face.
“W-What’s wrong?” Leviathan drops the clothing held in his grap, stepping towards you. He knows that he can get a little overly excited about this stuff, but you’re typically tolerant of it…
“I don’t know if I’m the right person to model for you,” you end up saying, voice quiet. An array of negative feelings are swirling in your head, making it hard for you to say what you want to without vomiting all your worries at him.
“I’m not...built the same as an anime character, or the cute 2-D people in your video games. The clothing won’t look the same on me, and I don’t want to ruin the images you probably have in your head.”
“Y/N—,” he cuts you off, his hand grabbing your own. He lifts your hand until your fingers are splayed against his chest. You can feel the rapid beat of his heart beneath your palm.
When you glance up, his face is flushed.
“I...this is how I get every time I’m around you,” he tells you honestly. “Whether you’re in your RAD outfit, or pajamas, or just a t-shirt and jeans...I...m-my heart always beats l-like this.”
He looks like he’s about to phase out of existence—embarrassed beyond belief with everything he’s currently confessing to you—so you instinctively reach your free hand up and cup his cheek. He leans into your touch, cheeks aflame. 
“I think you’re so cute,” he mumbles, amber eyes staring right at you. “You don’t have to look like Ruri-chan, or anyone else. I...I like you. So, please don’t think those things about yourself...”
“Levi…” There’s adoration in his gaze, and you can’t help but kiss him. 
Beneath your palm, you feel his heart skip a beat. 
The Avatar of Wrath has recently become accustomed to inviting you out on little coffee dates. It’s a chance for both you and him to escape his brothers, and have a space to yourselves where you’ll be able to talk freely.
The cafe the two of you frequent is dark, and cozy, and right up Satan’s alley. So far, all of your experiences there have been pleasant. 
Today, however, the stunningly attractive barista is throwing herself at Satan as he orders your drinks, and a familiar uncomfortable feeling begins rising in your throat.
Just great. 
Chin resting in your palm, you watch the two interact—Satan maintaining his pleasant composure, even when she presses her arms beneath her chest and asks if he wants any company. You see him shake his head, and you assume he mentions that he’s already here with someone, considering the barista’s gaze strays to you. She looks you up and down, an unkind amusement swimming in her eyes, before she turns back to Satan. 
You face yourself away, feeling bitter, and anxious as you wait for the fourth brother to return to your side. That assuming he does. You wouldn’t blame him for running off with the Barista—
“Y/N,” two hands reach out and cup your cheeks, guiding your head to the side. You manage to note that Satan is now crouched beside your chair—barista abandoned—before his lips connect with yours.
“I love you. You’re absolutely stunning.”
“Wha—,” you flush red as he pulls back, shocked at his actions. Satan usually isn’t so open about his affections in public. “ did you—?”
“I was watching the barista when she glanced past me. The rude, yet satisfied look on her face was telling enough,” he says, a bit of anger slipping into his tone. However, it’s quick to melt away when his gaze refocuses on your blushing cheeks. 
“Just so you know, I think you’re beautiful. I’ve always thought so.” He presses back to his feet, the tips of his ears turning red. “So...don’t mind what others say, and be kind to yourself, okay?”
At a loss for words, you reach your arms out and hug him around the middle. He blinks in surprise, but a chuckle leaves his lips—his hand petting against your hair.
“Do I need to start telling you how much I adore you every day?”
“I might die,” you mumble into his shirt, and he feels his heart ache. He’ll be sure to start expressing his affections for you more often. He doesn’t want you feeling down about the way you look, because he has never given it a second thought. 
In his eyes, you’ve always been perfect.
Asmo is unfortunately stellar at reading your body language. So on the days where your self-confidence and self-image aren’t best, he’s right there, trying to subtly raise your spirits.
Today, when he notices you picking at your food during breakfast, a frown on your face, he knows it’s going to be one of those days. And he doesn’t like seeing you upset. 
So, he invites you to come to his room for a nice, relaxing spa day.
You agree, although it takes a little bit of convincing on his end. 
Soon enough, you find yourself standing in front of Asmo’s outrageously large tub. He’d prepared a milk bath for you—the white, swirling liquid thick, and heavenly smelling. You’re a little nervous to disrobe and sink inside—especially considering your current mental state— end up doing it anyway.
Once you’re shoulder deep into the tub, Asmo knocks on the door, making you jump.
“Are you up for getting a scalp massage?” he questions, peeking his head in. There’s a kind smile on his face. “I’d love to give you one.”
It takes you a moment to answer—your gaze lowering to look at yourself. It’d be impossible for him to see you beneath the milk, so that helps you feel a bit better…
“Okay,” you say, and Asmo is quick to skip inside. He rolls up his pants to his knees, his calves dipping into the bath on either side of your shoulders. A moment later, you feel his fingers rub through your hair, and you can’t help but sigh.
“Feel good?” he questions, and you hum in acknowledgement. Silence falls for a short while—Asmo simply focusing on easing the tension from your body—but he can’t let his thoughts go unheard.
“You know,” he starts by saying. “I don’t understand why you’re so hard on yourself. I think you’re positively stunning.”
“No, I really mean it!” he pouts, getting the feeling that you think he’s just saying that to try and make you feel better. “You’re cute, and scrumptious just the way you are! And I’ve always thought so—since the moment I laid my eyes on you when you were summoned by Lord Diavolo for the exchange program. 
“So just...take my word for it, please, and let me be the positive voice in your life when your silly brain is making you think otherwise.”
He leans down, pressing a kiss to the top of your head, and his hands move to gently hold your cheeks. After a moment, you reach up and place your hands on his own. Your chest aches at his words, conflicted, but more than anything, you feel grateful.
“Thank you, Asmo.”
“Anytime, darling. I’ll always be more than happy to shower you with the love, praise, and affection that you rightfully deserve.”
Beel loves inviting you to the gym with him, because when he’s done working out, he’s starving, which means it’s a good excuse to go out and have a meal with you.
Most days, sitting on the sidelines at the gym, or hopping on the treadmill and getting a good walk in doesn’t really bother you. Especially because you get to watch Beel as he exercises.
Today, however, you’re feeling entirely too self conscious as you sit on the empty bench press beside the Avatar of Gluttony—watching the way his arms flex as he lifts the heavy weights.
You know that the gym is typically an accepting place—an area where people (or in this case, demons) of any shape and size can come to work out—but you just feel like you don’t belong. Not accompanying Beel, at the very least.
He basically looks like he was handcrafted by god himself (and very well may have been)—his face handsome, and body toned in all of the right places. And here you are, unable to compare to him.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
His voice reaches your ears, and you look up to find him staring at you in concern. You can only guess that you’d had a pretty sour look on your face while you’d been lost in your thoughts.
“It’’s nothing, Beel.” You force a smile, not wanting to burden him with your current emotions. He frowns, regarding you for a moment, before he lets it go.
“Okay, I’m gonna change, and then we’ll go eat.”
“Alright,” you respond, immediately pressing to your feet. You head for the door without saying anything, intending to wait for him outside per usual. 
A few minutes later, Beel exits the gym to find you sitting on a bench nearby. Your leg is bouncing anxiously, gaze zoned on the concrete at your feet.
“What’s wrong?” he questions again, taking a seat beside you. His tone indicates that he won’t be accepting “nothing” for an answer this time. 
You knot your hands together in your lap. “I you ever get embarrassed? Bringing me to the gym with you?”
He blinks. “Embarrassed? Why would I?”
“I don’t know, because I’m...not...up to par with a lot of the demons in there? Or, because you look like that, and I look like this, and—”
“I’m lost,” he cuts you off, looking confused. “Are you saying I should be embarrassed because I’m bringing a cute human with me to the gym? Maybe it is a little weird, considering this is the Devildom, but—”
“No, not just because I’m human. I meant—”
This time, he silences you with a kiss. His large hands cup your cheeks, holding you tenderly.
“I know what you meant, Y/N, but I disagree,” he tells you, uncharacteristically serious as he sits back. Then, a bashful smile spreads on his face. “I actually think you’re really adorable. Anytime I look at you I think of my favorite food. I love you just how you are, and will never feel embarrassed having you at my side. So, you should remember that from now on, okay?”
He reaches over and slots your hands together, tugging you to your feet.
“Now, let’s go get some ice cream.”
Both you and Belphie are aware that one of Belphie’s favorite activities is napping with you. Particularly, with his hands wrapped around you, and his face pressed between your shoulder blades.
Recently, you’ve been passing on all of his invitations to share a nap.
And he’s seriously starting to go crazy.
Had he done something to upset you? You always seem normal whenever you’re talking with him and his brothers, but when he sends a text asking you to come over and nap, you’re either busy, or just don’t feel like it.
Today, he decides to try and bring the nap to you.
He waltzes into your room mid-afternoon—pillows and blankets tucked beneath his arms. Without waiting for a response, he makes his way to your bed and sets everything up, making a perfect little fort for the two of you to nap in.
Once it’s set up, he crawls his way inside and then rolls over, turning to face you. 
You’re stood at the edge of the bed, arm awkwardly held in your grasp. You don’t move to join him. Belphie sighs.
“Did I do something wrong?” he finally asks, wanting to resolve the issue if he has. He can’t take this anymore.
“What? No, it’s not you,” you tell him, surprised to hear his question. The demon blinks at you, now even more confused. If he’s not the reason you’ve been avoiding napping with him, then what is?
He fixes you with a curious stare—letting you know that he won’t be leaving until you tell him the truth—and you sigh. 
“I just...haven’t been feeling too good about myself lately,” you admit to him, eyes glancing off to the side. “And because of that, I started thinking about you holding me when we nap, and ended up getting self conscious, wondering if I felt weird in your arms, or if—”
Before you get the chance to continue, Belphegor is grabbing your wrist—tugging you down against the mattress. With your back facing him, he’s quick to scoot up behind you, his arms wrapping around your midsection like normal.
“I never have cared about looks, or any of that stuff,” he mumbles, giving you a squeeze. “You fit perfectly in my arms, and always will, so don’t overthink it.”
“I love you for you, okay? I think you’re cute, and all that jazz. Now don’t make me say it again…”
Sounding embarrassed, Belphegor presses a kiss to the back of your head. You place your arms atop his own, smiling softly.
“Thank you.”
And for the first time in weeks, you fall asleep in his arms.
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luciferdefenseteam · 9 months ago
Taking a bath with the brothers
Hi guys, I hope you guys like this and thank you so much for waiting. Also thank you so much for being patience with my inconsisten post schedule
• It’s not everyday that you get to have a bath with the avatar of pride • You most likely earned it as a reward for doing good on a test • It’s not that he is insecure about how he looks naked, no it’s just that he never has the time for long baths • He normally just has a quick shower and he prefers to spend that time alone • But today he has gone all out. He has borrowed Asmos giant bathtub, he has gotten some candles and some good smelling shampoo • He has even sent all his brothers out the house for a few hours. He said it was so ‘you could enjoy your reward to the fullest’ but you know it’s just so he won’t get caught being so soft • When you arrive for your bath time Lucifer has put on some soft classical music and is sitting on the edge of the tub, checking the temperature • “You’re early, were you that excited?” • Normally you would come up with a witty reply but that’s a bit hard when he is sitting there in only his boxers • “Uh....umm..uh... you’re....” • You are lost for words and the demon is soaking in every second of it • “Cats got your tongue?” Lucifer asks with an amused smirk • You had expected that you guys would be wearing swimwear so obviously you got a shock when you saw the normally quite conservative avatar of pride in just his boxers • “I ... umm... was expecting we would be wearing swimwear” you stammer out trying to keep your eyes from wandering • “Do you wish that I change?” Lucifer asks, already knowing the answer by how flustered you are • “No no... just give a moment” • “That’s what I thought” • He watches you strip down to your undergarments before gesturing for you to get into the water • Only after you have gotten settled does he get into the water • There is a comfortable silence for a bit before you feel Lucifers hands on your waist pulling you in between his legs • This is one of the few times that he will speak freely, telling you all the things that goes through his head. And all the ways he loves you, all while he washes your hair • He’s careful not to knot your hair or pull on it • In conclusion: Baths with Lucifer is a rare treat but it’s worth all the trouble
• Baths with Mammon tend to happen when he has had a rough day or if he is feeling particularly needy • The first time it happened he had probably gotten himself all worked up after having seen you talking to some random demon at RAD • He had been locked up in his room for hours at this point refusing to talk to you, not even Lucifer threatening to take away goldie got him to unlock his door • “Mammon come onnnn, open the door” • You beg, starting to get just as upset as your hopelessly jealous boyfriend • “You can literally have whatever you would like if you just open that door” you beg, tears threatening to spill when the door is swung open • And there is your hopelessly jealous boyfriend, puffy eyed and blushing • “You idiot” • You huff out before bringing him into a tight hug • He won’t say anything but you know that he’s feeling insecure so you pull him into his room where you two cuddle for a few hours before he feels okay again • “Wanna take a bath together?” • Your question is innocent enough but Mammon still blushes like crazy • “You don’t have to if you don’t want to” • “No no I want to!” • And that’s how you guys ended up in Asmos bathtub, Mammon sitting between your legs while you wash his hair • Much like his other brothers he feels it’s easier being upfront with his feelings when you guys are in such a intimate situation • He’ll tell you why the situation earlier made him upset and won’t argue when you explain it to him • Also you’ll whisper praise and affirmations in his ear while you massage his shoulders • If he’s not in the mood for talking you guys will bring a laptop to stand on the counter and will watch a movie together • When he finally starts to feel better he will begin to crack jokes, like when you were washing his chest • “Aren’t ya happy ya get to see the great Mammon!” • In conclusion: A bath is a sure way of making Mammon feel loved again
• When you ask Levi if you guys can take a bath together two things can happen • He is either way too excited at the opportunity to show off in his natural environment that he forgets how embarrassed he is • Or he’ll blush like you broke a blusher on his face (Can you tell I love this phrase?) • Either way he’ll agree but only if you both wear swimwear, baby boys too shy to not wear anything • It ends up happening after you guys have been gaming all day, he’s used to going for days on ends but he does recognise that you aren’t used to it • So when you yawn and say that you are ready to call it quits he doesn’t resist • “You’re probably tired of spending time with such a yucky otaku” • Levi sulks, wanting to spend more time with you but not wanting to admit it • “Why don’t you come take a bath with me?” • You smile as you asks the question you have wanted to ask for a while • Sorry but I think you broke Levi cause he’s silent for a moment before squealing about how it’s just like an anime he saw • You’re not really sure how he got water in the tub (his bed) but you don’t complain • After that Levi seems hesitant and you catch on to what he wants • “Should I go put on some swimwear then you can change as well?” • Levi nods and you rush off to find a cute set of swimwear • When you get back Levi is standing in just his swimming trunks and you think it’s the first time you have really noticed how ripped he actually is • You guys are a little unsure on how to be in the tub but it ends up with you between Levi’s legs and his arms wrapped around you • Levi seems a bit tense at first but after you suggest bringing Henry in as well he gets so excited • This is one of those times were Levi will talk freely about anything other than anime or manga • In conclusion: Bathing with Levi is good for his confidence and your relationship
• Bathing with Satan happens occasionally, cause even though he loves you more than anything he still does like his alone time • But the first time it happened was after you guys had been a date to the museum • It had been a lovely date but the only problem was that when you were walking home it had started raining, like heavy rain • Satan is a sap for romantic cliches so of course he initiates dancing in the rain. It was actually quite romantic until you started shivering and Satan decided you should probably hurry home • When you come through the door you are soaking wet and getting water everywhere • Satan is secretly happy cause Lucifer is pissed off • Satan is actually the one to suggest that you take a bath together cause “We can’t have you getting sick” • Satan isn’t like Asmo or Lucifer, he doesn’t bother or need any fancy things • He just fills up the tub, gets you to approve of the temperature and then strips to his boxers before getting in • He believes that though all those things are nice he would rather spend this rare moment with his undivided attention on you • When he gets in he gestures for you to join him and after stripping to your undergarments you join him • Often the avatar of wrath enjoys a good book but like any good reader he would never bring a book close to water • This is were his love for story telling really comes out, he’ll make up a story for you • As he’s telling the story you realise it’s awfully close to something that happened a few days ago, but only this time you get to hear what Satan actually thinks of the situation • He tries to hide the way it made him feel but you can tell by the way he’s telling the story that it’s his true emotions shinning through • While he’s telling the story you start to wash him, he’s also probably the only one that transfers into demon form without noticing • He can’t help it though, he’s just so relaxed and into his story that he doesn’t notice until you start washing his horns • You might have just killed Satan • He’s a blushing mess and can’t continue telling his story but when you try to remove your hand he gently moves it back • In conclusion: Baths with Satan doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s very special
• Bathing with Asmo happens often, but not as much as the avatar of lust wishes • He has always joked about how he wouldn’t mind you joining him in the shower or in the bath • But the first time you guys have a bath together is after a night out • Asmo had been talking about a specific party all week, jabbering about how amazing it was gonna be and how much he was looking forward to taking you with him • Unfortunately on the day of the party Diavolo had given you a whole stack of papers to fill out before the next day so you couldn’t go • Asmo was really bummed about it but decided to go anyways after some encouraging from you • More like you told him to go so he wouldn’t distract you • You spend all night filling out paperwork in Asmos room that you don’t even notice that it’s 3 am before Asmo comes through the door • “Darling what are you still doing up?!” • He looks a little drunk but he isn’t slurring as he asks you why your still up so you assume everything’s fine • “I actually just finished the last one” • You smile proudly at your boyfriend who in turn pulls you up into a hug • “Let me relax you” • He says as he pulls you into his bathroom were he starts filling up the tub • “And up you go!” • Asmo giggles as he lifts you up onto of the bathroom counter, giving you a tiny kiss before turning on some soft music • He walks around the room gathering things for the bath, shampoo, body lotion, body scrubs, all that stuff • He then gestures for you to get in the water and you do after quickly stripping off your clothes • Asmo does the same as crawls in behind you, gently massaging your shoulders as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear • His words soon turn to praise “You worked so hard” “You did so good” “You’re the most wonderful being I have ever seen” • He’ll be very careful as he washes you, not wanting to spoil the moment by making a move for anything more intimate • Bathing with Asmo is one of the only times he doesn’t have a flirty remark to everything, he’s being genuine and doesn’t need to keep up the act of being perfect • In conclusion: Bathing with Asmo is pure relaxation and a thing you do often
• Taking a bath with Beel happens rarely as it’s hard to fit you both in a tub • It does happen though, it’s mostly after Beel has had a big game • So he’ll get home all sweaty and exhausted, feeling like he can’t stand on his feet for another second • When you pull him with you into the bathroom where you have prepared the most wonderful bath • The bath smells of either coconut or fruity depending on which shampoo you used for the bubbles • And beside the bath stands a light snack, well a light snack for Beel so probably almost a buffet • Beels eyes lights up and before you know it you are engulfed in a big bear hug • “Thank you so much” • He’ll get into the bath first and then you guys figure out how to get you in there as well • It’s not the most comfortable on your part but baby boy looks so happy that you don’t mind • Beel isn’t a man of many words so he likes to just listen to you, you can honestly be talking about anything and he’ll be happy • If you asks then he will also tell you about his game and how it went in more details • If you first get him started then he’ll talk for hours, about his brothers, his favourite food, all the reasons he loves you • He does that a lot already but he basically showers you in love when you guys bathe together • If you ask then he’ll try to wash your hair, he’s not as bad at it as you might think but he’s not the best • But hey it’s the thought that counts and honestly his smile is enough to make everything perfect • He also loves when you wash his hair, but you’ll probably need to get out of the tub to do that • When you wash his hair you tend to sing to him, he loves your voice even if it’s really out of pitch • He loves you and therefore he loves your singing and the way your nails feel in his hair • Conclusion: Baths with Beel is filled with so much love it almost feels overwhelming
• Baths with Belfie happen semi often • It started after Belfie fell asleep in the tub and now Beel is worried he might drown • Of course Belfie insists Beel is just being paranoid and that he doesn’t need a babysitter to watch over him • “But if you were to take a bath with me... well that would be a different case” • Cheeky shit, but you decided that it’s better than him drowning and also who doesn’t want a nice relaxing bath with their boyfriend • You’ll probably need to get the bath ready while he sleeps, cause else he’ll use up all his energy on making the bath and not actually taking it • I can imagine Belfie liking galaxy themed bath bombs and lavender smell • So the bath is filled with lavender soap and a galaxy bath bomb and probably also has one of those headrests • You’ll ask Belfie if he wants you to wear swimwear and his answer is to just strip naked and get in • Cheeky fucker • So you do the same and sit between his legs, he’ll wrap his arms around you and burry his face in your shoulder • “Hey don’t fall asleep there” • You tease but all you get is a playful nibble to your neck • “Shut up” • He says that but in reality he is just thinking of how amazing you are, even after all that has happened you still allow him to be this intimate with you • The bath is mostly silent except for the occasional whisper of how much he loves you • Don’t call him out on it though cause then he’ll deny even wanting you around • You’ll have to ask him to wash your hair cause he won’t initiate it in fear of freaking you out • Honestly his hands feel magical as they lazily work their way through your hair • He’ll gladly let you do the same just don’t get soap in his eyes • After you guys have a nap, I mean what could you expect when you used lavender soap • In conclusion: Baths with Belfie always make him feel warm and fuzzy cause he gets reminded of how much you love him
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bbnibini · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Shall we dance, m̵̮̯͆̃̑̈́͆̐̔͋̕͝͝y̴̗̪͓̹͓̱̜̯̻͗̒̌͗̈́͂̇͌̐̉̓̋͆ ̵̘́̃̓̆͝ḏ̷̣̫̻̯̮͚͂̏̽̌̚͘͝͠ȩ̸̝͖̣͍͉̫̊͂͑̃̇͐̓̿̈́̅̑̓̚͘a̸̡̱̠̱̘̰̦͕̣͎͊̀r̴̩̯̓͗̍̏̍́͒͐̽?̶̡̧̺̞̺̼̳̠̺̣͊͂͂͛̔̋̑́̚͝ ̵̦̰̼̗̆̃͆͒̌͋̋̿̌̕"
This fanart is one of the many planned CGs for my Obey Me! CYOA fanfic, P.S. I Still Love You.
I wanted to show it to all of you so you would know I'm still working on it! I've just been terribly busy with RL.
You can read it here on tumblr on my pinned posts, as well as on AO3.
(c) Art commissioned from the talented Airin!Special shoutout to @lexsssu as well! ♡
EDIT: Since I've seen tags of people mistaking me as the illustrator of this art, I'm not. I commissioned it from Airin for my fic so if y'all want to support her, please go to her twitter and show your love!!♡
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harus-lucidream · a year ago
ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇʏ ꜱᴇᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀᴡᴇᴀʀ
Imagine: The demon brothers see you in your underwear: their reactions!
Tumblr media
You slept in his master bedroom last night.
He was busy so he had to step out in the morning to send some last minute documents to Diavolo.
You get up and decide to take a shower.
You have the room to yourself and hardly does any of the brothers ever barge in. So you're walking around in your underwear, applying body lotion to your arms and singing.
Suddenly the door slides open and Lucifer walks in. You meet eyes, and he smirks. You know, the smirk? The satisfied one? Yes.
"Was last night not enough for you, dear?" he asks, approaching you. You're blushing all over, unable to move your feet.
He throws his coat around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him.
"You smell so good, but I like it much better when you're covered in my scent." Patting your shoulder, he then grabs a bunch of documents he'd forgotten to pick up earlier, and walks out the room.
"Don't let the others forget who you belong to."
Tumblr media
You left your favorite dress in Mammon's room. Its the dress he especially bought for you, and you were trying it on for him in his bedroom, but you forgot to take it back with you. You had to go out with a friend soon, so you rushed to his room, only to find that he was gone.
"Well, might as well change here and go!" you thought to yourself while taking off your pajamas.
You were about to pick up the dress, when you heard voices outside the door.
"Hey I'll totally beat ya, just watch!" Mammon's excited voice became louder and clearer as he pushed the door open. He saw you and screamed, pushing Levi on the face and away from the door. They had both come together to play videogames. He rushed in, closing the door behind his back.
"What do you think you're doing here all naked??!" he threw one of his shirts in your head.
You couldn't help but laugh at his panicked expression.
"Don't you laugh at me! Hurry!! Cover your body!"
Tumblr media
You and Levi were playing games in his room, just the usual. This one however, had its rules which slightly differed from the other games.
"Strip for everytime you lose."
Now, you were a good player, also, you weren't planning to lose so easily. But Levi was a better player. You have to admit, its all about skills and experience.
He saw you bite your lip as your fingers picked on the sides of your shorts, pulling them down, now standing in your underwear. He thought you were adorable, and the matching pastel blue set nearly gave him a heart attack.
"God, I don't mean to sound creepy but... Blue goes so well with your skin tone..." he half whispers, his eyes roaming on your body. He's not ashamed at all, besides, he's also almost naked as well.
Tumblr media
Satan was walking down the hall, heading to the library. It was a quiet day, and almost all the other brothers were out doing something.
He was passing by your door when he heard a screech.
In no time, you came out running, straight crashing against his body.
"Please help me! There's a spider on my back!!" you cried, turning around and showing him your back.
He panicked and scanned your body, but there was no spider. Wait, your body? Oh god, you're naked?!!
He turned red and looked away, his lip trembling.
"There's... No spider on your back... Its just your hair... tickling you." he mumbled, his hand softly pushing your hair aside.
You turned around, and his eyes fell on your underwear. He quickly covered his mouth with a hand, blushing even harder, as he walked past you.
"Anyway!! I'm leaving!"
Tumblr media
"How's this! I love this shirt, the pattern is so... Hey?... Are you asleep?"
Asmo pouted, looking at you sleeping so soundly on his bed. You were supposed to hype his new outfit up, or better say, his new wardrobe, but look at you.
He walked over, sighed then pulled your body under the sheets.
" Hey, come on, lift your arms." he called, gently pulling your shirt up, rolling it over your head. Then his fingers picked over the zipper, undoing in and pulling down your skirt.
"Don't you think you're old enough to wear your sleepwear on your own ?" he said, although he didn't mean any of it. But looking at your naked body, he couldn't help but lick his lips. His hands on your hips, and his eyes glued on you, he bent over. His lips left a soft kiss on your collarbone, where you moaned in your sleep, turning on the other side.
"... Asmo..." you mumbled.
"If you're gonna be naughty, do it when you're awake, not now. You know I can't take advantage of your body like this." he whispered in your ear, pulling the sheets over your body.
Tumblr media
You and Beel love going out on the weekend. He takes you to the best restaurants of Devildom, and you try all kinds of good food and drinks.
This time you had too much to drink. This devil punch contained alcohol, but it tasted so good you couldn't stop.
He had to bring you home after you drank too much, and were barely walking straight.
He'd never seen you drunk before, so he was so curious, observing your every move.
"Why so hot here...? Oh wait! Is it me? Beel? You hot?" you slurred, a mess of giggling and drooling.
"You feel hot?" he repeated, wiping the side of your lip with his thumb as he gently let you fall on his bed. It was comfy, but your body felt so hot.
Just as he turned his back on you, you got up, struggling to take off your dress.
"Wait! You're going to hurt yourself!" he rushed to you, pulling the dress up and off your arms. You smiled, finally free of that uncomfy outfit.
"You'll get a cold if you stay like that!" Beel gently scolded, but he soon gave up. You looked cute like that anyway.
Tumblr media
You were about to go to bed. You turned off your DDD, let down your hair and took off your clothes. As you were about to turn off the lamp, someone knocked on the door.
You could tell by the soft noise that it was Belphie.
"Hey... Can I sleep over? Beel is snoring so loudly..." he softly said.
You turned the lamp back on and smiled.
"Sure. There's plenty of space here!" and you scooted over to the other side of the bed.
When Belphie jumped on the bed, he noticed you weren't wearing anything but your underwear.
"Uh... Do you sleep naked?" he hesitantly asked.
"Yes! Its so comfy!" you happily responded, as he lied next to you, faces inches away. Although dark, you could feel the way he was looking at your body.
"You're so soft..." he whispered, his hand feeling up your body.
"Belphie...?" you called, and he hummed in response.
"Do you want to take your sweater off too?"
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word Count: 2,093
Preview: Lucifer is described as a sadist, and as his favorite toy, you learn this first hand.
Sometimes he can be gentle but…tonight, he intends to make you cry.
So, I’m cross-posting this chapter on Tumblr, because why not.
This is from my series on AO3 called “Devil Doms” (basically, a collection of one-shot smuts revolving around the Obey Me boys). If you enjoy this read, and want to see more, please click the link above and head over to read the rest!
Tumblr media
Lucifer can be nice…when he wants to be.
His love making with you ranges anything from “soft, doting romantic interest” to “hardcore, hogtied dungeon master”. And currently, on a scale of one to ten— (one being gentle vanilla sex, and ten being “Lucifer may be the king of sadists”)—the situation you’re in is about a 9.5.
You’d known this morning—when Lucifer had curled a finger beneath your chin, guiding you into a tease of a kiss—that today, you were in for a treat. There had been a distinct twinkle in his crimson eyes—one that you knew from experience spelled out trouble—but you were hopeless to escape.
If you ran, Lucifer would pursue you—like a predator hunting prey—and pay you back for your disobedience. You had learned this once, after he’d instructed you to come to his room at a specific time, and you had forgotten. He had immediately tracked you down—displeased to find you with Mammon, of all people—and dragged you into his room.
The next morning, you could hardly sit, or stand. Your ass had been so bruised that any simple movement became a reminder to not forget Lucifer’s orders.
However, today, you haven’t disobeyed. You haven’t done anything to warrant his wrath.
Lucifer just loves to be mean.
“Please,” you beg him, your voice coming out in a near whisper as you attempt to catch your breath. The bed frame rocks with each of Lucifer’s powerful thrusts—wet noises filling the spacious room as your arousal begins to pool against the sheets.
Every inch of your pretty pussy is on full view—your ankles wrapped with red rope and secured to the headboard above you. There’s a pillow beneath your hips, propping your body off the mattress for more comfortability in the position, but also so that Lucifer can pound into you while truly seeing all you have to offer.
He watches the way your clit twitches—desperate to be touched, even if just for a moment. He knows it’s your favorite spot, which is why he purposefully ignores it.
Once before, he’d made you cum in less than 2 minutes, just by holding a vibrator to the small bundle of nerves. It’d been quite an enjoyable experience to observe—you, writhing, your body shifting from zero to a hundred in such a short span of time. But now…now he has no intention of letting you climax so quickly and painlessly.
“Hnn–!” you gasp as Lucifer tugs at the clamps on your nipples. Your breasts ache—small red squares dotting the soft skin in the places he had attached clothes pins earlier on. Each one had made you want to cry—your flesh feeling like it was burning as he put them all in place, and then slowly plucked them off one by one.
And, just when you had believed he was finally done torturing your chest, he’d pulled a pair of chained nipple clamps out of nowhere—tightening them until you were hissing from the pain.
Now, as he fucks you, each tug of the clamps has your pussy clenching around him. Despite how it may hurt, every mean action Lucifer inflicts upon you makes you wetter—more desperate—and that’s what he craves.
“Please, Lucifer,” you beg once more, your gaze watching him as he studies the space between your bodies.
“Don’t let this come out,” he responds, completely ignoring your words. His fingers reach down to press against the jeweled plug currently filling your ass. With each of his thrusts, the toy threatens to push out of you.
“You won’t like the consequences.”
You can only nod, gasping for air as the intensity of the current situation begins to overwhelm you. You’re completely helpless to him—both your arms and legs tied above you, and all of your most sensitive parts at his disposal.
At this point, you’re not sure how long this session has lasted, but it has to be drawing near an hour. He’d spent lots of time breaking you into perfect submission before finally fucking you. The pain of the clothes pins on your tits had just been the final straw in breaking you down.
You’d promised your body, and mind—begging him to take you however he desired, so long as he properly touch you. And, after throwing you onto the bed, tying you so truly had no way to resist, and shoving a plug into your ass—he had.
His dick had pushed between your walls with no hesitation—gasps and whines sneaking past your lips as his girth stretched and filled you. Lucifer didn’t give you time to adjust to the intrusion, his hips bucking into you with fervor as he began to pursue his own release.
After all, as the perfect slut, your orgasm shouldn’t matter, right?
“Please, please let me cum,” you try again, tears wetting your eyelashes. Lucifer’s hard gaze shifts up to you, and he sees the desperation painted on your face. A sick pleasure grows in his gut.
“Are you sure you want to?”
You nod quickly, and Lucifer sighs.
“Fine then.” He reaches to the side, producing the vibrator that makes you cum in record time, and your eyes go wide. Dread seeps into your bones as he grins down at you—truly a sadistic bastard—and he presses the head of the toy to your clit.
“But only if you can last 30 seconds.”
He hits the power button, and cranks it up to high. Immediately, your skull is pressing back into the mattress, a frustrated and desperate sob ripping from your chest as your leering orgasm rockets to the surface.
“Fuck,” you bite, genuinely attempting to hold your climax at bay, but it’s hopeless. Your spine curves, eyes rolling back as your walls tighten around Lucifer’s cock.
“Y/N–,” he begins to warn, but it’s too late. With a guttural moan, you find your release. The waves of pleasure course through your lower half—both your pussy and ass riding out the sensation. However, unlike your pussy, which is being forcefully stuffed with Lucifer’s cock—your ass has nothing holding it back. So, the plug subsequently slips from inside of you—falling against the messy sheets—and almost instantly you feel Lucifer’s length disappear from between your walls.
You begin to whine—missing the feeling of him—but the sound quickly changes to a cry when something quite large shoves into your other hole. Your legs strain against their restraints, eyes flying to Lucifer as he gives the chain on your chest a poignant tug.
There’s displeasure in his eyes.
“You didn’t listen,” he says, his hips grinding down against your own. Your mind is overwhelmed—too many feelings assaulting you at once. Your orgasm has yet to entirely fade—your walls still grasping around nothing—as Lucifer begins fucking your ass just as roughly as he had your pussy. The sensation is foreign, and perhaps a bit painful, but you’re sure that’s the point. He’s never used your ass before now, but considering the orders you’d failed to heed, re-stuffing your rear with his own length is truly the only fitting punishment (or, at least, you’re sure that’s what Lucifer is thinking).
“Fuck, Lucifer,” you sob, exhausted. Your legs go limp against their bonds, your body becoming nothing more than Lucifer’s play thing as he claims your ass as his own.
You gaze follows him as he drags two of his fingers between your sopping folds. When he reaches his hand forward, instinctively, you open your mouth—tasting yourself on your tongue as he shoves the digits inside of you. You gag as he ventures farther than he knows you’re comfortable—a new bout of tears welling in your eyes—but Lucifer doesn’t plan on giving you any mercy.
“Suck,” he commands, and you obey. Your eyes are out of focus as you look at him—his strong, toned body flexing with every movement. His fingers curl against your tongue, his other hand moving to grip the chained clamps, and you scream as he abruptly tugs them. The strength applied to the action rips the clamps from your nipples, but Lucifer is quick to silence your cries—his fingers once again venturing deep and making you gag.
Now, you’re truly at your breaking point—tears escaping the corners of your eyes as he continues to ruthlessly fuck you. At this point, he’s simply chasing his own release, and how you feel about it doesn’t quite matter, now does it?
Mind a bit numb, your lips enclose over his fingers, half-lidded eyes zoning on him as you begin sucking on the long digits once more. Lucifer’s stare is still trailed on the space between your bodies, his free hand gripping your thigh tightly. The Avatar of Pride gets sick pleasure out of seeing the way your pussy clenches—desiring to be filled while he fucks your ass instead—the cute, puckered hole being nothing short of abused by him.
“Mm,” the small groan is muffled behind his closed lips, but you note the way his eyebrows pinch together. Lucifer’s face becomes a bit pained, and you know that he’s finally going to cum. You clench around him—his fingernails digging into the soft flesh on your thigh, and you’re sure you’ll be bruised, but—
Lucifer hisses quietly, his hips smacking against you one last time before he finally unravels. He bottoms out inside of you, his seed painting your walls and marking you as his. Your tongue swirls around his fingers faithfully, and after a moment he pulls his hand from your mouth—a trail of spit stretching between your bodies.
Then—for the first time in a while—Lucifer’s eyes rake over your form, taking in the sight of you. Your tits, pussy and ass are red with abuse. There are marks on your thighs where he’d grabbed you, and tears on your blushing face—your skin damp with sweat, and eyes clouded from exhaustion.
Gently, he pulls his softening length from inside of you—eyeing your fluttering hole as it attempts to readjust to not being filled—a small dribble of his cum dripping out of you.
“Lucifer…,” you breathe, voice quivering.
“Shh,” he responds, bending down to press a kiss against your soon-to-be-bruised thigh. He then reaches over you—his fingers working to unknot the rope holding you in place. You’re a little impatient as he works—desperate for a taste of affection after being used by him for so long. (You’re almost positive this is the longest period of time he’s tortured you to date).
Luckily, Lucifer is versed in his knowledge of rope work (strangely, you have Mammon to thank for that) and manages to free you quickly. Your legs and arms feel the strain from being stuck in one position for so long, and Lucifer helps you ease your limbs down onto the mattress. Once more comfortable, he immediately leans over your torso and cups your cheeks with his hands.
“My love,” he speaks, drawing you into a kiss. You press into him, craving his touch. He only calls you such sweet things when he’s satisfied, and because he knows you need to affection. Despite his sadistic nature, he is not a fool who overlooks proper aftercare.
“You did so well.”
You’re too tired to respond. You simply reach up to hug him, and the Avatar of Pride chuckles. Settling beside you, he holds you to his chest—his lips pressing into your hair as he rubs a hand between your shoulder blades.
For a short while, you both stay like that—his warmth seeping into your bones as you slowly release all the tension held in your body. Once you’re finally relaxed—breathing slow, and deep—Lucifer shifts.
“Will you be alright if I leave you for a moment? You need water, and I can clean you up.”
“Please,” you respond, nodding. He presses one last kiss to your head, and then scoots off the bed. As he walks towards the bathroom to gather what he needs, Lucifer glances back at you—your naked body snuggled beneath his covers—and a sense of pride settles in his chest.
You are his to have.
And as much as he can’t wait to learn every little spec of information about you—
He just as much can’t wait to push you to your limits.
A grin pulls at Lucifer’s lips.
Frankly, he’ll make it a point to do both.
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merakiulous-k · 11 months ago
Obey Me: MC is Hiding Something
When MC first awakens in the council room no one thinks much of them. They’re sitting there shivering like a dog left out in the rain and refuses to meet anyone’s eyes.
Lucifer starts to wonder what in devil’s name made you a good candidate for this exchange program. You barely had enough courage to answer when Lord Diavolo welcomed you so graciously, much less look dignified in any way.
Something odd he does observe though is, despite your silence and obvious terror, you seemed to accept the concepts of a Devildom and of RAD and him and his brother very easily or maybe you were just nodding along insipidly.
Mammon’s opinion of you is even lower. He already hated the idea of having to watch and make sure some stupid human didn’t get themselves killed on their first week. Damn it! That wasn’t his job! They can’t even carry a conversation, always just staring and watching everybody.
The human doesnt seem to have any kind of motivations or idea as to what they wanna do. Lucifer will never know if he leaves you alone at school for a while considering you’ve found your friends group with the other exchange students. And at home he sees no problem with letting you go off for just an hour or two. All you really do is walk around and examine the rooms and grounds. Maybe you’re an architecture freak or something.
Leviathan barely pays you any mind when you arrive, not like he ever has the chance to, being that he never leaves his room outside of going to class. But during breakfast he does notice how interested you seemed in the game console he’s playing on. And for a moment he wonders if you’re a gamer or an otaku too
but no, ugh you’re just some normie. You watch Asmo obsess over his compact mirror and Satan over whatever book he’s holding just the same. And you’re conversation is shit like Mammon said. Listless and lacking enthusiasm. But he doesnt stop you when you watch over his shoulder when he plays.
Satan doesn’t have a problem with you. That said, he doesn’t particularly like you. But he can respect how much time you seem to spend in the library, and how many books you borrow about the devildom and kinds of demons. It made sense, you wanted to know the kind of creatures you were surrounded by.
he does wonder though, why one day you seem to be borrowing a lot of Solomon’s books and Solomon’s time as well. But then again, that makes sense too, you were both human after all. Maybe you would stop flinching and get even a little more comortable with someone your race around. When one of his tomes disappear, he interrogates Mammon because of course, it’s Mammon.
Asmo likes your style. It’s not particularly glamorous or eye-catching but it matches your aesthetic. He especially admired your choices in acessories. The amulet you’re always wearing is so pretty and he swears sometimes it almost glows. And your rings were peak Devildom fashion, sharp, edgy iron designs. But he especially adored the silver spike earring you wore.
He was both delighted and smug that he was the first one to get a little closer to you. But of course, how could you resist! You even complimented the perfume he was wearing and asked where he got it. And he directed you to his favorite oils and essences shop that supplied products and ingredients from every realm. And while applying some to your wrist he catches a glimpse of a tattoo peeking out from under your sleeve but you pull your hand away, bashful. Oh, he’ll get you to show him someday. Heehee.
Beel is curious how a human can eat so much. He’s been told human athletes apparently eat a lot to maintain muscle mass and strength and the like but looking at you, you didn’t seem the type to do anything strenuous. Except he does notice that when a demon bumps you in the hall, you’re not hurt or thrown off despite the size difference. And when you’re purposely knocked into by someone else, your reaction is fast, pivoting out of the way and behind the demon and you almost look like...
Nah. You weren’t going to attack him, you began to cower and apologize again and again until Mammon had to drag you way before it got any more embarrassing. The next time you pique his interest is at the gym in the house. You always make sure to go at a time when there isn’t anyone else and he happened to go after you. But it couldn’t have been you that just used that machine. Were you really capable of lifting that much?
Luke and Simeon are sympathetic, Simeon understands the discomfort and the adjustment and answers any questions you have about the brothers and how not to piss them off or placate them if ever you did make them angry. He answers your questions about RAD and the program but does wonder. Wherever did you get an angel relic like the one hanging from your ear?
Luke says you shouldn’t be afraid of those no good demons, if anything happens you can run to Purgatory Hall and they’ll help. He promises. He likes your company and starts up baking with you, teaching dishes and pastries. He tells you a lot about Michael and lets slip things about Lucifer and the brothers back when they were still angels. You don’t push him on the subjects but you do seem pretty interested.
it all came together, very easily. First the lights, Leviathan’s screams echo in the halls as he laments not having saved soon enough. Asmodeus’ whining about losing such good selfie lighting came next and both come out into the hall, yelling for their older brother. “Lucifer!”
If not for that, Lucifer probably wouldn’t have noticed, having been locked up in his firelit office since dinner was over. Heaving a sigh he gets up. All of the yelling told him the lights were out so how could he have expected the brilliant flash of white that burned his eyes when he opened his door. He stumbles, leaning on the door frame for support as footfalls race down the hall.
He growls, feeling his wings and horns materialize but something isn’t right. His vision doesn’t return and his skin starts to burn. In the air he catches the faintest scent of something he hasn’t smelled in a long time. Holy oil.
When the little light in the fridge fades, Beel thinks he may have fucked up. But then it turns out the whole house is out so it must just be some prank. He keeps eating, uncaring whether or not he identifies what it is he’s shoveling into his mouth. Then he smells it.
once upon a time he’d caught Luke with some kind of cookies from the celestial realm. And they were some of the best cookies he’d ever had in his existence. He could never forget that smell, so when it wafts through the air coming from the main hall, he follows. Drool begins to gather beneath his tongue.
He misses the sharp, metallic scent drifting beneath it.
Satan’s vexation spikes when his reading light goes out and his peace and quiet is distrubed by his idiot brothers. Mammon probably tried to turn the power off in Levi’s room to get him out so he can sneak in and steal his stuff again. But then Asmo starts yelling, and one cry from Lucifer rattles his bones.
It’s enough to get him on his feet. But what draws a gasp from him is the flash of lightning that gives him his sight for a moment. White lightning, an impossibility in the devildom’s ever red tinged sky. He goes to the window, knocking a stack of tomes over and unlatches it. But it doesn’t budge. Using the light on his D.D.D. he tries again but it just won’t open.
Outside Satan’s door heavy footsteps, thump along in a slow rhythm. Satan races to the door and Beel is there trudging along the carpet like a zombie, his nose perched in the air.
“Beel?! What the-? What are you doing?”
“Hey what’s the big idea!? Where are you guys!? Who’s doing that weird singing?!”
Mammon calls out into the mansions, just as confused as everyone else. Satan’s brows furrow; he didn’t cause this, then. He’s about to answer but Mammon yelps, and a resounding thwack has Satan grab Beel, and race towards the sound, almost stumbling over each other’s feet in the dark. They’re only guide is the ocassional flash of white and the sound of chanting growing louder as they grow near.
It is still pitch black but years of experience and spatial awareness tells him they’re in the foyer. Satan ventures out, almost tripping over something on the ground; it’s Mammon. He lays at the top of the steps, passed out. Satan is about to shake him awake when Leviathan and Asmo come out of a hall holding up Lucifer between them. Another flash. Lucifer’s demon form flickers in and out, smoke rising from his blistering skin. Satan freezes and Beel picks up Mammon in his arms.
“Satan! What the hell is going on!?” Levi calls out into the dark over the spell.
The chanting stops. So does the lightning and they’re plunged into complete darkness. They hear the sound of plastic and a baggie hits Beelzebub square in the chest, landing on Mammon’s stomach. “Cookies?”
He smells that first but then they recognise the other scent prominent in the air as blood.
Human blood.
“Wait, where’s MC?!” Asmo’s voice comes from the black. “Are they trapped somewhere?”
Someone laughs.
“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that.”
Lightning flashes again, bathing the foyer in glaring white. It’s only for a moment but their eyes are quick enough. It becomes clear where the stench of blood was coming from. “After all, I’m not trapped in here with you...”
Your eyes seem to glow, vacant of whatever fear or trepidation you’ve deceived them with for weeks. In your hand is the earring Asmo admired so much, the silver tip dripping red. At your side, your palm is sliced open, already clotting as you’ve used all you needed for the seal activating the devil’s trap around the entire house. Your sleeves are pushed up to the elbows the sigils and signs inked into your skin tasting air again after so long. As you place your hand on the seal they come alight. Your lips curl over your teeth.
“You’re trapped in here....with me.”
Solomon knows a demon slayer when he sees one. And he tells you right off the bat whatever you’re planning it isn’t a good idea. You’re outnumbered and overpowered by them.
but then he sees otherworldly magic light up the skies and decides maybe it’s a good time to visit the House of Lamentations.
Part 2
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beels-burger-babe · 18 days ago
The Five Times Mammon Did Something For The Others
(And the one time the others did something for him.)
Tumblr media
***So the votes were mainly for # 1 and # 2 on this post. So here we are! Thank you @hangryweeb for the prompt! I've been wanting to get to this one for a while now, just didn't quite know how. Will this probably end up angstier than I intended? Most likely. But hey! If you're a regular on my blog, you know the risk your taking. -B *** Summary: Without his brothers even realizing it, Mammon has gone out of his way time and time again to make sure that they are safe, happy, and healthy, and yet no one ever seems to do the same for him. Hell, no one even thanks him for it.
1) Leviathan
The House of Lamentation was awoken by an ear-splitting wail coming directly from Leviathan's room. You and Mammon groaned as you shifted from the beanie bag chairs you had fallen asleep in that night, and glanced over to the source of your disturbance. Levi was practically sobbing over his computer as he frantically clicked the refresh button. "No, no, no, no, no!!! I can't have missed it! Come on! Please!" From around him, you could see a large red bar covering the upper quarter of his screen, reading "sold out". You rubbed your groggy eyes and pushed yourself onto your feet to approach the distressed demon. "Levi, what's wrong?" Levi growled and punched his desk, causing Mammon to jump to his feet, ready to defend if needed, and you to take a step back. "The ultra-ultra rare, limited edition, Ruri-Chan doll that was only for sale today is sold out! I've been waiting MONTHS for its release, and I set an alarm and everything!" Levi's bottom lip trembled as tears formed in his overly tired eyes, "B-But I must have slept through it due to the all-nighter we pulled watching The Seven Lords last night," he squeezed his eyes shut as his hands wove their way through his hair gripped tightly onto the purple locks. "Gah! I'm so stupid!"
You rushed over to Levi, and gently placed your hands on his to carefully pry his hands from his hair. "Hey, hey! Levi, listen to me. You aren't stupid. You had fun last night, right? You probably just forgot. It happens to the best of us. Can't you see if it's for sale somewhere else maybe?" Levi's tears poured heavier down his cheeks. You could feel your heartbreak at the exhaustion and disappointment that laid behind them. "It's not for sale anywhere else. The developers were the only ones releasing the doll, and they only made 200 of them. If I wanted to get one now, I'd have to go to some kind of underground auction, but even then it'll be disgustingly overpriced and-" he was cut off as several broken sobs tore their way through his throat and he squeezed tightly onto your hands. "I can't get it. I won't be able to get it now." You pulled Levi into your arms and glanced back at Mammon. The second-born had a strange look on his face before he caught your stare. He smiled awkwardly at you and gestured to the door. "You seem to have this under control, MC. I'm gonna let the others know that Levi isn't really dyin'-" "Yes I am! My soul has been shattered, never to be rebuilt again!" "-and that he's just havin' another nerd breakdown," he sighed and walked towards the door. "You look after him; I'll look after the others." "Wha- Mammon!" but it was too late. Mammon had already taken off. You spent the next few days comforting a "grieving" Levi and worked on trying to get the otaku back onto his feet, but nothing seemed to be working. You were running out of ideas on ways to cheer him up when his bedroom door swung open. Mammon stood in the doorway, shades on, collar popped, looking almost too casual and nonchalant for it to be genuine. "Hey. I just got back from an auction, and when I thought I was bettin' on some super cool diamond-encrusted watch, it turns out I got the numbers mixed up and betted on some lame doll," he chucked a pink box at Levi, who fumbled before catching it. "You collect toys, or whatever, right? I figured you'd get more use outta it than me." Levi's breath hitched as he looked closely at the box. There in his hands, still in the original, unopened packaging, was the ultra-ultra-rare, limited edition Ruri-Chan doll. What's more, according to the label and authorized signature on the back, this was the factory floor test model making it even more valuable! "This...This isn't some 'lame' doll, Mammon!!! This is the Ruri-Chan ultra-ultra rare, limited edition doll test model, and you just thew it like it's trash?!?!" Mammon shrugged and pushed off of the door frame. "Does that mean it's special or something? It's just a toy." "Just-Just a toy?" your eyes widen as Levi set down the doll and burst into his demon form. "JUST A TOY?!?! MAMMON!!!!" You caught a glimpse of his face breaking out into a wide, satisfied, grin before he took off fleeing from a rampaging Levi.
2) Satan and Belphegor
"I know it was one of you two! This whole trap has one of your pranks written all over it! Now admit that you had set up a prank to harm me, resulting in the shattering of an ancient, irreplaceable vase, and perhaps I will go easy on your punishment." Satan glared up at Lucifer. "How can you be so certain it was one of us?" Belphie shrugged, "I was stargazing all night and Satan was helping me with some research on astrology. We were in the planetarium all night. It couldn't have been us." Lucifer scoffed and crossed his arms. "You seriously expect me to believe that? Your only alibis are each other." Satan growled and curled his hands into fists. If the prank had gone as plan and hit Lucifer instead of that stupid vase they wouldn't even be having this discussion. Lucifer sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look you can either come clean or-" "Wait, are you guys talking about my Coin Fairy trap?" Everyone whipped around to see Mammon looking uneasily between the three of them. Lucifer scowled and raised an eyebrow at him. "You're what?" Mammon glanced at Satan and Belphie. A strange shine of certainty flickered through his cyan eyes before he focused back on Lucifer. "Ya know, the Coin Fairy! Geez, I thought everyone knew about it." Lucifer looked up the ceiling murmuring under his breath in impatience. "What in the seven rings are you talking about, Mammon? Whatever it is, please get to the point. I am in the middle of something here." "Okay, okay! Since ya don't know, I guess I don't mind tellin' ya," as Mammon spoke, he slowly and casually moved himself in between Lucifer and Satan and Belphegor. "Ya see, I was readin' one of those human world books that MC has the other day, and it was goin' on about this story of a fairy that comes and just gives people money if they leave a small bone under their pillow! Pretty neat huh?" Lucifer looked at Mammon as though he had two heads. "Are you talking about the mythological creature of the Tooth Fairy?" Mammon put on a complexed expression on his face while one of his hands rested on his chin. "Nah. I'm pretty sure it was called the Coin Fairy," without Lucifer realizing, one of Mammon's hands went behind his back and began to gesture for Satan and Belphegor to leave. The two younger brothers looked at each other, and then at Mammon. He had to be wanting something in return for this. Surely he wasn't such an idiot to put himself in front of Lucifer's wrath without anything to gain. He had to be doing this for something. Regardless, the best course of action for the two of them at the moment was to take advantage of the situation and leave. As the guilty party began to make their way out of the room, Mammon continued his story. "Anyway, I figured I'd try catching it. Why would I just take one stupid coin when I could get it to give me its entire stash! Am I right? So I, and don't get mad or anythin', but I took a tooth from that skeleton you have up in your room and set up this trap to catch the fairy!" There was believable excitement in Mammon's tone, but just as Satan was leaving the room, he noted how Mammon shifted his weight on his feet, clearly ready to run, and the slight tremble in his hands. "You guys said I trap went off. That means I caught it, right?" "MAMOOOOOOON!!!" There was a yelp from Mammon before the white-haired figure took off through the House of Lamentation, leading the angry Lucifer away from Satan and Belphegor. That night he was strung up on the chandelier. If anyone noticed that he hadn't complained once the entire night, they didn't say anything.
3) Asmodeus
Asmodeus slammed the dining-room door behind him as he stormed into the room and threw himself into his chair. He began to aggressively scoop small portions of food onto his plate as silent tears rolled down his cheeks. His brothers exchanged glances with one another before Satan spoke up. "Is everything alright, Asmodeus?"
Asmo scoffed and glared at him. "Yes, Satan. Everything is perfect. It's wonderful. It's just fan-fucking-tastic!"
Everyone leaned back at the sheer amount of anger and sarcasm that radiated off of Asmo's broken voice. The fifth born growled and violently stabbed a piece of broccoli with his fork. "Why would I even want to model for Devil Style anyway?! It's not like I need them, or anyone for that matter! I'm fabulous without them! I don't need them! Or those stupid haters on DevilTube! Or anybody!" His growls turned into a shriek as his fork bent beneath his hand. Asmo let out a fury-filled scream and threw the fork across the room before storming out, cursing to himself as he did. Everyone stared at the place where the demon once sat in silence. "So...should we go after him?" Beel asked through a mouthful of food. Lucifer sighed and dismissed the thought with a wave of his hand. "No. He's too upset right now. I'll check in on him later. Just...let him get it out of his system." Satan rolled his eyes at Lucifer's words and grabbed Asmo's abused plate. "I'm going to pack this up for him so that, at the very least he'll have something to eat later." "He won't want to eat. You know that." Lucifer only got flipped off from Satan, in response, as he left towards the kitchens. You awkwardly sat in the tension-filled room and looked at a surprisingly calm Mammon. "Does this happen often?" Mammon shrugged and took out his D.D.D. "Every now and then. Mainly when Asmo hasn't been getting the amount of praise that he'd prefer from his fans or if things aren't really going his way. He doesn't take rejection well." A glance down at Mammon's device told you that he was opening up DevilTube. You frowned and looked at him. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Mammon paused and looked at you. There was a knowing smile graced his lips, though a certain kind of sadness lingered in his eyes. "Trust me, MC. Everything will work out. I promise." A couple days later, the dining room doors slammed open once more as a humming Asmo practically waltzed into the dining room. As he reached your chair, he scooped you up into his arms and brought you into an impromptu dance with him. You giggled at the demon's antics. "Asmodeus, what's got you in such a good mood?" He laughed brightly and kissed your cheek before setting you back down into your chair. "Well there has been a movement within my fans lately, of them defending me against those monstrous haters and I've been practically swimming in praise. Which, can you blame them? Look at me, I'm perfect."
Satan smiled and rolled his eyes as Asmodeus leaned onto his chair and dramatically flicked his hair. "So they've come to their senses then?" "Yes! And they're not the only ones! You are looking at the new cover model for Majolish!" Everyone congratulated and cheered for Asmodeus, Beel even got up and mentioned something about Demonous. But while everyone celebrated, you blinked at Asmo in shock and looked over at Mammon confused. Mammon stared at his plate with a sad little smile while playing with his food. You leaned over to him. "Mammon?" you whispered. He glanced up at you. "I thought you were the new cover model for Majolish? You had been talking to me about how excited you were about it all week?" Mammon dropped his gaze back to his plate. "There's other gigs. Besides, it's not that big of a deal. Asmo needed it more than I did." You opened your mouth to protest but were dragged into the party by an over-excited Asmodeus before you had the chance. Throughout the night, you kept glancing back at a notably melancholy Mammon.
4) Beelzebub
You and Beel were tearing apart the locker room frantically searching for the missing red duffle bag. "I'm sure it's here somewhere! It's gotta be!" You exclaimed as you quickly opened and closed lockers. Beel groaned and shook his head. "We've been looking for a half hour now MC. The team'll be almost done warm up now. I must've forgotten my gear bag at the House," he sighed as his shoulders dropped in defeat. "Come on. You have to get out of here before warm-up ends, and I have to tell Coach that I can't play this game." You gave him a sympathetic smile as you closed a locker door and followed Beel out of the locker rooms. As the coach caught sight of the two of you, he frowned and waved you both over. "Beelzebub, care to tell me why you're not in uniform?" Beel looked down shamefully. You gently placed a hand on his back in support. "I forgot my equipment Coach. I'm sorry." The Coach's eyes widened. "I'm sorry, you forgot your equipment?! Beelzebub, this is the quarter-finals!! What am I supposed to do without my best defenseman out there, huh?!" Beel winced and looked at his coach apologetically. "I know. I messed up. I can make it up-" "And just how do you plan on doing that?! Huh?!" The coach swore as he ran a hand through his blading hair. He shook his head before his eyes fell on you. His gaze hardened and his jaw clenched. "You know, Beel's been getting all kinds of distracted since you started showin' up to our practices and games."
Beel's head snapped up as the coach started to address you and he quickly stepped between the two of you. "Now hold on just a-" Beel never got the chance to finish his sentence. The sound of squealing tires and the scent of burning rubber filled the air. A streak of bright yellow ripped into the parking lot next to the stands and drifted to a stop. A wide-eyed Mammon popped his head out of the golden convertible's window, and he waved to the two of you. "Hey Meathead!!" He called out to Beel. He reached one hand into the car. "You forgot your stuff!" Single-handedly, Mammon grabbed a red duffle bag from inside the vehicle and biffed it over the fence into the field. The coach stared at the bag and Mammon in shock, while you grinned and waved at Mammon. "You're a lifesaver, Mams!"
Though you couldn't hear him over the roar of his car's engine, Mammon stuttered and blushed before waving off your thanks and tearing out of the parking lot. As Beel got ready for the game, he smiled softly at the handful of protein bars, shakes, and his special "pre-game" trail mix that Mammon had apparently thrown into his bag for him. That smile grew even wider once he was out on the field, and he noticed a yellow convertible watching from the parking lot.
5) Lucifer
Lucifer let out a long tired sigh and let his head fall onto his desk as he held his glasses in one hand. He had been doing nothing but paperwork for the past 48 hours and wanted nothing more than to sleep. He could barely keep his eyes open and head up, and yet he knew that he had to stay awake. It was his turn to cook supper, and if he didn't act soon, Beel would go on a rampage. He propped his head onto his arm and peered over at his phone. It was extremely tempting to just order take out from Hell's Kitchen, but after 48 hours of nothing but coffee, energy drinks, and princess poison apples, Lucifer knew he was in dire need of real food. With a groan, he pushed himself out of his chair, cracking several joints as he did. For the first time in at least five hours, he walked away from his desk and left his office. As Lucifer dragged himself towards the kitchen, the sent chili spices flooded his nostrils as a symphony of something boiling and pots clattering reached his ears. Fearing that he had been too late, and Beel had already begun to destroy the kitchen, Lucifer used what little energy he had to rush towards the scene. When he arrived, he was surprised to see Mammon cooking on the stove wearing the "kiss the chef" apron that Asmo had bought but seldom used after Lucifer banned him from wearing it in the buff. Lucifer's eyes widened as he spotted the extra-large pot of chilli that Mammon seemed to be making, and the bowl of salad that he had set out another counter. He blinked at the sight several times before clearing his throat. Mammon merely raised an eyebrow at him. "What? Ya gotta problem with what I'm makin' for dinner? Chilli ain't good enough for you, your highness?" The eldest frowned and glanced at the calendar, double-checking that it was in fact, his day to cook. "That's not the problem. The problem is that it's not your day to cook. It's mine." Mammon froze and whipped around to look at the calendar with almost comedic exaggeration. "What? No way! It's my day!" Lucifer huffed and tiredly pointed to the day's date on the calendar, which clearly had his name written on it. Mammon stared at it for a moment. "Huh. Guess I got the days mixed up," he glanced back at the pot of chilli and chuckled. "Well, supper's basically cooked already. No point of lettin' the food go to waste. I might as well finish up in here, and you can cook another day." Too tired and too relieved to argue, Lucifer grunted and left the room, missing the smirk that Mammon gave his retreating form.
+1) They take care of him
You fretted around the kitchen with a worried frown on your face, and lightly trembling hands. You quickly and carefully gathered select items; Hell-Sauce Noodles, a bottle of water, a tall mug of extra dark hot chocolate with whip cream, and a few random bags of comfort foods. With the tray loaded, you urgently began to make your way back to Mammon's room when you almost ran into Asmodeus. The Avatar of Lust quickly caught you and your tray and chuckled at your clumsiness. "Where's the fire, darling? What's got you all hot and bothered?" You huffed in impatience and glanced around to make sure nothing fell off of the tray. "Mammon's having a bad day. I'm putting together a comfort package to help make the day a little easier." Much to your surprise, your words weren't returned with a look of concern or even shock. Instead, Asmodeus began laughing loudly and nearly doubled over in effort. You frowned as you felt anger in Mammon's defence bubble up within you. "Oh sweetie," Asmo breathed as he wiped tears from his eyes. "Mammon doesn't have 'bad days'. It's just not him. He's probably just faking to get you to dote over him," he smirked and plucked one of the chocolate cover strawberries from your tray and popped it into his mouth. "Wouldn't you rather pamper me? I'll make it worth your time." You snarled and tore yourself away from Asmodeus. "Seriously? Your not even going to pretend to be concerned?" you scoffed in disgust at Asmo's shocked expression. "You seriously disgust me sometimes, you know that? He does nothing but look out for you guys and try and help you and this is the thanks he gets?" Now Asmo looked even more confused. He opened his mouth to retaliate but was interrupted by Lucifer. "What's going on in here?" Asmodeus rolled his eyes and gestured to your tray. "Apparently Mammon is having a 'bad day'."
Lucifer tensed at Asmodeus's words and looked over at you with analyzing and serious eyes. "Take me to him." You sighed heavily and nodded, leading the way towards Mammon's room as Asmo squawked in protest. As you arrived, you gave Lucifer a stern look before opening Mammon's bedroom door. Sitting in the dark, trembling, tangled in the blankets of his bed, was a teary-eyed, clearly shaken Mammon. His head snapped up at the sudden noise, as he looked at you and his brother with wide frantic eyes. Lucifer inhaled sharply at seeing Mammon so distraught, while you sighed and moved into action.
You gently placed the tray on the side table and sat down beside him, placing a delicate arm around his quivering shoulders. "I'm sorry," you whispered softly to him. "He followed me here. I can make him leave if you want?" Mammon simply whined and placed his head on your shoulder. Lucifer moving forward caught your attention. You glared at the eldest, daring him to say something bad about the demon in your arms. Lucifer's eyes pooled with pity and guilt as he knelt down by the bed. The words that came out of his mouth weren't mocking, or harsh, or judgemental. Instead, he only said one word: "Nightmare?" Mammon let out a choked sob and nodded as he clung on to you tighter. Lucifer nodded and sat down on Mammon's other side, silently pulling him in close. You watched in near awe, as Lucifer's expression shifted into one of familial protectiveness and held a softness that you had never seen him bear to anyone, let alone Mammon. As though something inside of him broke, Mammon collapsed into Lucifer's arms letting out heart-clenching wails as he clung onto his older brother's cloak. Lucifer's arms tightened around him as he curled in around him. "Your always taking care of us," Lucifer spoke gently, running a hand through Mammon's hair. "Always being strong, taking the brunt of everything, sacrificing yourself for the others," the eldest closed his eyes and just held his younger brother for a moment. "Let us take care of you for once." Your lips parted in shock at the sincere, emotion-filled scene. Mammon gave the smallest of nods as he seemed to curl into himself even more. Lucifer sighed and glanced over at you. "Will you get the others? Tell them Mammon needs their help." You frowned deeply at the instructions, "But Asmo-" "Was deflecting and jealous that you were putting your attention elsewhere. I assure you he would've had a very different reaction if he knew you were serious," Lucifer smiled gently at you. "We may not act like it sometimes, but we do love and care for each other. Just...tell them he had a bad nightmare. They all know better than to joke about that." You weren't sure if it was the desperation or sincerity in Lucifer's tone, or maybe it was the way that for the first time since you found him screaming this morning, Mammon was finally starting to calm down, but you believed Lucifer.
You reluctantly let go of Mammon and went to get the others.
Just as Lucifer had said, each of them took the news with grim seriousness. Asmo paled and looked like he was going to be sick when you told him. When you returned to Mammon's room, you found him asleep in the middle of a cuddle pile, surrounded by his brothers with a small smile on his face. You chuckled and leaned against the doorframe. You had always thought that Mammon's actions towards his brothers went unnoticed, but seeing them all like this, told you otherwise. They all knew exactly what Mammon did for them, and they were all extremely grateful for the brother that they adored. ***There ya have it! We get some fluff! We get some angst! We have some comfort! Honestly, this fic kinda has it all. 😅 I hope you guys enjoyed it! Thank you so much @hangryweeb for the great prompt! It was a treat to write once I realized what I wanted to do with it! *** Taglist: @thegrimgrinningghost @henry-and-the-seven-lords @satans-beloved-riv @cosmixbun @sufzku @simeonspebble @victoireshaven @obey-mes-treasure @kissed-by-a-dementor @yukihaie @justtiarra @mammoneybb @obeys-world @poly-bi-mf @armycandy10 @burrixino
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plumeriaheart · a year ago
No Competition [Mammon/F!Reader]
I was originally going to wait until I’m all caught up with the current story line but... Mammon has found his way into my heart and he won’t leave, so. I just wanna shower him with my love, okay?
FANDOM: Obey Me!
RATING: pure fluff, some mild swearing from Mammon’s side
Sounds of soft breathing filled the room, a tiny snore here and there. They were enough to lull you to sleep, eyes beginning to fall shut – how long have you been sitting there now, waiting for him to wake up? Mammon’s head was rested on your lap, a calm expression on his face that you weren’t quite used to seeing. All the more reason to enjoy this moment, you told yourself, as you let your fingers run through his hair. You were surprised to find it softer than you expected his hair to be.
You could feel the fatigue growing stronger with every minute that passed, fighting to stay awake until Mammon would finally wake up. Not only because your current position proved itself to be very uncomfortable to fall asleep in, but also because your worry wouldn’t stop gnawing at you.  
You hadn’t noticed your movements slowing until your hands came to a full stop, your eyelids feeling way too heavy to keep them open any longer. Closing them for just a couple of seconds couldn’t hurt, right?
“Eh, why are ya’ stopping?”
The voice coming from your lap startles you, almost forgetting to be quiet to not wake Asmodeus nor Simeon up. As realisation dawns on you – Mammon had been awake long enough to notice you playing with his hair! – you feel the blood rush to your cheeks.  
“When did you wake up, Mammon? And how are you feeling?” You whisper, trying to change the subject.  
“My head hurts like a motherfucker,” he grumbles. You take note of the way he ignores your first question, but stay silent. A wave of curses falls from his lips, all directed at the source of his headache – Lucifer. It’s not the first time that you wonder if demons had better eyesight in the dark... If so, Mammon could definitely see your red cheeks if only he bothered to look up at you. Would anybody hear your silent prayers while you’re in the Devildom?  
“Are you… not going to get up?” You quietly ask. He abruptly stops cursing, and you feel him turn his head to the side.  
“I don’t think I can… It feels like – like the world’s spinning, ya’ know? I gotta keep laying down,” Mammon mumbles with a stutter, “Don’t go ‘round thinking I wanna stay like this... ‘cause I don’t! I could think of a hundred – no, a thousand! – more comfortable places to rest on then on some human’s lap!”
And if you didn’t know Mammon so well, those words would’ve stung. But by now, you feel as if you know him like the back of your hand. You know his vehement denial is just a façade, a pretence to hide how fond he really is of you.
“I could get you a pillow from the bed,” you begin to offer, but he shuts you down almost immediately.
“NO!” He’s a bit too loud, earning him an annoyed grumble from one of the occupied beds. “No, ‘cause… ‘cause if ya’ did that, you’d have to move and it’d make it more difficult to get comfortable again.” His words cause a smile to appear on your face, and this time you believe he’s the one blushing. Even though your eyes have adjusted fairly well to the darkness of the room, you can’t make out such fine details – you’re a bit sad that you can’t see him blush right now.  
“All right, all right,” you whisper and slowly rest your hand back on his hair, slender fingers running through the soft strands. For a second, his whole body stiffens, but then he begins to relax once more. Neither of you says another word as you continue playing with his hair: he’s too focused on not passing out from pure bliss and embarrassment, and you’re simply enjoying how close he is to you. Sure, he’s fallen asleep in your bed a bunch of times already, his face only a couple of inches away from yours the next morning. But the way he let you caress his hair felt much more intimate than that. 
The silence between you two lasts for a few minutes, and you begin to wonder if he’s fallen asleep again.  
“Mammon?” You whisper slowly, trying not to wake him up if he did fall asleep again. But your worry proves to be unnecessary.
“Y-Yeah?” His voice cracks as he replies, seemingly surprised that you started talking again.
“Did you really start that fight because you were jealous of Asmodeus?” Although you feel nervous bringing this topic up, you try to focus on the soft sensation at your fingertips instead. You swear you hear him gulp before he answers.
“Pff… Me, jealous? No! I just… Thought you didn’t want him that close to ya’! You never know what he might do if you’re not careful around him…!” The demon sounds more flustered than before, trying to deny how much his jealousy affected him. Slowly, you begin to nod. You don’t think he’s at the point where he can admit to being jealous, and you don’t want to force him to admit it, either. It’s enough for you to know, and you believe that he’s aware that you know it, too.
“Good,” you begin, feeling your lips curl into a gentle smile. “Because there’s no reason for you to be jealous – after all, you’re my first man.” Mammon suddenly begins to cough, flustered to hear you say those words; his words. You can feel the heat as your fingers brush up against his ear, proof enough to know he’s a blushing mess. You expect him to say something back, an attempt to be witty, perhaps, but he remains quiet. Did you go too far by saying that?
You feel the slightest hint of guilt – you didn’t mean to tease him! Instead, you wanted to reassure him, to let him know how deeply you cared for him. Based on how the others treated him, and the first impression he made on you back then, you know he’s not used to such open kindness. Which is why you wanted to get him used to it… if not from his brothers, at least from you.
“You don’t have to compete with the others to gain my affection, okay?” You finally mumble, deciding to let it be for now. You’re about to close your eyes and try to nap before morning breaks when you feel his warm fingers wrap around your wrist. He doesn’t say a word as he guides your hand closer to his face, resting his cheek against the back of your hand. You almost think you felt his lips brush against your knuckles, but surely that was just your imagination… right? Instead, you notice his cheek burning up and you know it’s because of you. It melts your heart to witness him as soft as this.
“Sh-Shut up. You’re too kind for your own good...” He nuzzles his cheek further against your hand, almost desperate for your touch. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to leave you tonight, his jealousy and your words keeping him bound to you. You let out a quiet chuckle, wishing there was some way to capture this moment in a photograph.
A couple of minutes pass, Mammon quietly revelling in your gentle touch and your soft skin, before you have to stifle a yawn.
“I know you’re comfortable like this, but… I think I’d be more comfortable if I could lay down in my bed. Is that okay, Mammon?” After a couple of seconds, the warmth of his skin disappears from your hand.  
“Y-Yeah, you humans need your sleep more than us demons, don’t ya’? ‘cause you have so little energy, and what not...” His voice trails off, trying to regain his usual cool composure. He sounds a little defeated, having to let go off your touch. It makes your heart yearn to keep him close.
“We do, yes,” you begin to say, not wanting to let him go yet, either. “We also get cold more easily. Do you think you could stay here? So I don’t get cold?”
“Pfft, I guess you leave me no other choice… I can’t just let my human freeze to death, can I?” He’s not facing you as he speaks, waiting for you to get up and lay down in your bed. His heartbeat is racing, and for a moment he wants to curse himself – you’re inevitably going to notice how fast his heart is beating! And then you’re gonna think it’s because of you! Which it is, of course. But if it was up to him, you didn’t have to know that.
As soon as you’ve gotten comfortable in bed, he walks over and sits down on the mattress. He’s a bit unsure what to do next – should he just hold your hand to keep you warm, or do you expect him to do more? But then you pat the spot next to you and he lays down, almost obediently. You’ve closed your eyes already, but he’s still staring at your face, wondering why he’s the only one blushing furiously. He keeps opening his mouth, then closing it again, trying to think of something witty to say – but then he notices your heartbeat slowing down ever so slightly. Had you already fallen asleep!?
Well, better for him. Now you won’t notice how much of a mess he is. Mammon waits a few more minutes, begging his heart to slow down before he carefully places an arm over you. You did ask him to keep you warm! And he can’t just disobey you, what with your pact and all…
“Ohhh, what are my beautiful eyes seeing~? Mammon’s finally gotten to snuggle up to them!” Asmodeus’ giggles, trying not to wake you up. He couldn’t care less about waking Mammon, but surely you’d end up waking up if he did and… well, that’s not something he wanted to happen. Instead, he smirked at Simeon, taking a quick snapshot of the two of you. The demon brothers’ group chat received the image within seconds, getting immediate responses from the others.  
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
Pairing: Demon Brothers x Reader
Word Count: 2,998
Preview: The Demon Brothers plan something special for MC’s birthday, but things may not be as they seem...
I feel kinda bad about not writing much lately, but I got inspired by the idea of something special happening for MC’s birthday, and decided to whip this up! Even if it’s not your B-day, please pretend it is!
It’s not exactly smut, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable!
Tumblr media
When the boys ask you what you want for your birthday, you seriously don’t expect them to take your response of “a good dicking” seriously.
But now here you are, feeling tingly all over as Lucifer sits across from you, grinning. On the coffee table separating the both of you is an empty cup of tea. You’d thought it a little strange how the Avatar of Pride had demanded you come over to share morning tea with him, but had opted to not serve himself any. Now, you know why he hadn’t.
“My brothers and I don’t share often, but today we’ve decided to call a temporary truce—for you.”
He presses out of his seat, slowly making his way to you. You feel as if your heart is going a million miles an hour—every inch of your skin buzzing with sensitivity.
“The tea was a special blend. Satan helped me find the ingredients,” Lucifer tells you. He hooks a gloved finger beneath your chin, tilting your head upwards to face him. He can already see how your pupils are beginning to dilate—the hairs on your arms standing on end as the aphrodisiac in the drink starts to affect you.
“We all figured it would be a bit challenging for you to…well, handle all of us without a little help,” he chuckles at his own phrasing. There’s a playful, yet hungry glint in his eye.
Gently, he guides you into a kiss. Immediately, despite yourself, you’re moaning. Your arms lift to wrap around his neck, and Lucifer grins against your lips.
“Oh? The tea shouldn’t be affecting you too much after such a short amount of time, and yet you’re already this needy for me?”
Typically, you’d give him lip—not one to take his teasing quietly—but right now it’s the last thing on your mind. No, right now, all you can think about is the way arousal flares in your gut as you kiss him. Thankfully, Lucifer doesn’t waste any more time talking. He uses your hold on him to guide you to your feet—one of his arms securing around your waist, and the other moving to cradle the back of your head, his fingers tangling in your hair.
The kisses quickly turn heated—his mouth slotting against yours, and his tongue pressing between your lips. You moan into him, acutely aware of every inch of your bodies that are touching. You’ve never craved him more—wishing that he’d just shed his clothes and toss you onto his absurdly large bed.
“Luci, please,” you whisper the plea against his lips, hands moving to cup his handsome face. Lucifer doesn’t respond right away, however. Simply gives you a few more passionate kisses before he finally pulls back.
“If only I could hog you to myself,” he says, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. His grip on you loosens, and he steps backwards. You feel lost without his warmth, and immediately you reach out to stop him, but someone snatches your other hand—tugging you backwards.
Your ass lands on the couch, and you feel a knee slide between your spread thighs. Blinking in surprise, you look up to find Mammon half-kneeling in front of you. There’s a blush on his cheeks, and a cute, albeit disgruntled, look on his face.
“What are ya doin’? Spendin’ all your time with that bastard…,” he reaches out and grabs your shoulders, moving you so you’re lying on the sofa. “Ya didn’t forget about me, did ya?”
“I could never,” you tell him honestly, making him pause. You reach your hand up, petting it through his soft white hair, and Mammon immediately melts. He bends down to kiss you—needy and desperate. His forearm rests on the cushion near your head, and you effectively find yourself caged in.
Not like you mind.
“Don’t ya ever forget that I was your first when you came here. I’ve been taking care of ya all this time…,” he mumbles against you. His knee grinds up against your pelvis.
“Even though you didn’t want me?” you question breathlessly, hoping to tease him, but the look on Mammon’s face is genuine when he pauses to look at you. His cheeks redden, but his eyes flash with hunger.
“I want you now.”
Without waiting for you to respond, Mammon is kissing you again. His free hand descends upon your breast—groping the soft flesh through the fabric of your shirt, and you feel more arousal pool between your legs.
Whining, you grind your body down against his thigh, and he grins.
“Can’t wait to be pleasured by thee Mammon, huh?” He kisses you playfully—a little less embarrassed, and a little surer of himself. His tongue slowly drags against your own, and he savors the way your body reacts to him—yearning for more.
He aches to give you what you want.
“You’ll always be mine,” he mumbles, giving your lips a soft kiss. You feel his touch disappear from around you, and you open your eyes—surprised. He’s gone.
Sitting up, you glance around the room—noting that you’re still in Lucifer’s bedroom. Although, neither he, nor Mammon, are anywhere to be seen.
What is going on? You think to yourself. You swing your legs off the couch, preparing to stand, but an arm wraps around your waist from behind.
“Don’t go anywhere,” the voice mumbles, dragging you backwards. A warm chest presses against your back—two spread thighs on either side of you.
“Levi?” you question, glancing over as you feel him set his chin on your shoulder. He grunts in affirmation, turning his head so he can nuzzle his face against your neck. His arms loop tightly around your torso, holding you against him as he presses a gentle kiss near your throat.
A small whine leaves you at the sensation—the soft feeling of his lips on your skin heightened by the aphrodisiac in the tea. Seriously, you’re starting to go insane at the fact that none of them are giving you what you’re craving.
“Levi—hah--,” you writhe when his kisses turn more heated—his tongue dragging against your neck. “W-What’s going on? Why are—?”
“I wish I could just keep you holed in my room all day with me…,” he mumbles, his teeth nipping at your skin. You wiggle in his hold as he tightens his grip you—the Avatar of Envy selfishly leaving a few marks against your skin. Surely, the tiny bites and hickeys will have bruised over nicely by tomorrow, and the thought leaves him feeling very self-satisfied.
“You’re the only one who understands me, who I want to be with forever,” Levi continues. His grip shifts upwards—his forearms resting beneath your breasts. He moves his hands so he can give the mounds a poignant squeeze, and you suddenly become aware of the fact that Levi has gotten hard. You can feel his length against your ass. Instinctively, you grind back against him. He groans quietly in your ear—giving your chest another hug.
You’re both craving more from this situation, and yet—
“Don’t give all your love to my brothers,” he says. He presses one last kiss to your neck, and then he’s gone. His presence disappears from around you, and once again you’re left blinking in surprise.
“Well this is just outrageous--,” you huff, pressing to your feet. You start towards the door with a frown on your face. Lucifer had given you the aphrodisiac, and yet none of them are touching you enough to give you any real satisfaction.
Are they just trying to rile you up? Because if so, it’s working, and you’re not sure you like it.
You reach out to grasp the doorknob, but a hand reaches past you and presses against the door beside your head—effectively keeping it shut.
“What? Trying to leave when it’s my turn?” a teasing voice reaches your ear. You release the knob, turning to face the blond demon standing behind you. He grins handsomely. “I thought you liked me.”
“I would like you a lot more if you told me why you and your brothers have decided to give me an aphrodisiac and then not fuck me,” you say, pouting angrily, but nonetheless reach your hands up to cup his face. He chuckles, leaning in.
“You mean you haven’t figured it out yet?”
He whispers the words against your lips, and when you open your mouth to scold him for not giving you a straight answer, he shuts you up with a kiss.
Your back hits the door as Satan gathers you in his arms—his thigh slotting between your own and rubbing up against your wet panties. You’re immediately whining into him, moaning around his tongue as he licks into your mouth.
“C’mon,” you plead, your hands tracing down the planes of his chest. You trail your fingers down his torso until they’re resting against the leather of his belt, however—
“Eager, are we?” His arms unwrap from around you, moving to quickly secure your wrists. He pins them against the door on either side of your hips. There’s an amused look on his face as he stares at you, and you tilt your chin up, hoping that he’ll at least kiss you again.
“Tell me what you want from me.”
“You know what I want,” you respond immediately, a little breathless. Your entire body feels like it’s on fire. You wish he would rip your clothes off and take you without hesitation, but you can’t bring yourself to say that. Instead, you settle for, “Make me yours, Satan.”
“Hmm~,” he leans down and presses a soft kiss to your lips. He gives you nothing more than that.
“Make sure you say that in front of Lucifer, next time,” he says with a quiet laugh, a fond look in his emerald eyes. Then, he’s tugging at your wrist—using his hold on you to spin you around. The world blurs, but it’s only for a brief moment, because soon a hand intertwines with your own, and another settles low on your hip.
“Funny meeting you here,” Asmodeus smiles, tugging you into him so your chests are flush together. The hand on your hip slides lower—moving to take a handful of your ass. He grunts in satisfaction.
“I want to touch you all over.”
“Please do, god,” you tell him, biting your lip. You’re so overwhelmed with need, and the Avatar of Lust honestly finds it so cute.
“All you need to do is ask, honey.” In the next beat, Asmo has tossed you onto Lucifer’s bed. Your half-lidded eyes watch him as he settles between your legs. He grips your outer thighs with his hands, holding them steady while he turns his head—peppering teasing, sensual kisses to your soft skin.
Pressing onto your elbow so you can watch him, you reach your other hand down and thread your fingers through his peachy blond hair.
“Mmm~ I can never get enough of you,” he remarks, his breath hot as he speaks the word into the soft flesh of your thigh. If he just moves a few inches up, his mouth will be aligned with your clothed sex. The idea of him pleasuring you with his tongue has your legs threatening to press closed around his head—heat flaring in your gut.
Asmodeus giggles, noticing the way your body reacts to his words and actions.
“I adore you, beautiful.”  The demon moves up your body—his lips meeting yours in a sweet kiss. As your torso’s press together, you feel his hard-on near your pelvis. Unabashedly, you grind your body up against him, and he moans.
“Never forget how much I cherish you, okay?” He gives you one last kiss, and then his weight disappears from atop you. You groan in disappointment, throwing an arm across your eyes.
“I hate thisssssssss—”
The bed dips beside you, and you glance over to find Beel sitting there. Without hesitation, you scramble onto your hands and knees and throw yourself at him. Beel’s eyes go wide in surprise as you press his back to the bed—straddling his torso.
“Y/N?” he questions, cheeks going pink as you slide your hands beneath his shirt—fingers coasting over the hard planes of his chest.
“You brothers are driving me absolutely insane,” you tell him, exasperated. Beel laughs a little at that, his hands lifting to rest against your hips.
“Actually, you’re the one always driving us insane.”
At that, you pause. “What do you mea--?”
Before you can even finish, Beelzebub is flipping you over—caging you against the mattress. His purple eyes are heated and hungry, his gaze falling to your lips.
“We all love you so much…especially me. Do you know how hard it is to keep myself from eating you up every time I see you?”
With that, the Avatar of Gluttony captures your mouth in a kiss—opened-mouth, and messy. He licks into you, tasting you on his tongue, and a satisfied groan rumbles in his chest.
Seriously, you can’t take this for much longer. You’re so horny that you think you may actually die.
“Beel--,” you beg, gasping when he moves to lap at your neck. He works at the unmarred skin with hunger—sucking and biting, and making you moan. The idea that you’ll be covered in bruises from Levi and Beel is so deliciously appealing.
“Please, please, I need—”
“A snack?” he asks with a laugh, sitting back. “I’ll go and get one.”
“Beel, wait--!” you reach out to stop him, but a hand covers your eyes from behind. By the time you manage to remove the hand, Beelzebub is gone.
“God?” An amused laugh cuts you off, and you angrily spin to find Belphie lounging on the mattress behind you. His arms are tucked behind his head, like he doesn’t have a care in the world.
“I don’t know if god is the person you should be praying to when you’re trying to fuck a bunch of demons.”
“If said demons know that I’m trying to fuck them, and have agreed to fuck me, why are they not fucking me?” you seethe, crawling over to him. When you’re within reaching distance, Belphie grabs your wrist and pulls you on top of him. His other hand reaches up and grabs a strand of your hair—tugging it. Soon enough, he has guided you into a kiss.
His pace is far too languid for your taste, though, as his tongue slides between your lips, and you quickly attempt to speed up the current situation. Your hands fumble at the waistband of his pants, fully prepared to throw away any of your remaining decency in order to rip the clothing off of him.
But, again, things never go your way.
Belphie’s hands move to grope your ass, and he gives you a rough squeeze—dragging you forward. In order to steady yourself, you’re forced to let go of his trousers—your hands instead moving to press against his chest.
You narrow your eyes at him. Why are they all being like this?! Hadn’t they given you the special tea so you’d be able to handle them all?? They’re barely even touching you!
“How are you still asleep?”
You pause at his words, blinking.
In that moment, the world comes crashing down around you. Your eyes fly open—gaze locking onto the ceiling as you suck in a deep breath of air. You reach a hand up to press against your chest, your mind and heart racing as you quickly come to realize that it had all been a dream.
Well…you move your legs a little, and realize that you’re actually…wet.
Oh god…you think to yourself, taking a few more seconds to breathe. Your eyes flutter shut as you attempt to get ahold of yourself. You must have been too excited at the idea of spending your birthday with the brothers, that you had actually conjured up a dream…fantasizing about all of the possibilities.
You laugh at yourself. “It’s not like all seven of them would actually want to fuck me…”
You freeze, eyes peeling open. The demon brothers are all standing around your bed, staring at you with varying degrees of surprise. At the foot of the bed, Mammon is stood holding a tray full of all of your favorite breakfast foods.
“Ooo~ Were you having naughty dreams about us?” Asmo asks, far too excited, and you feel your cheeks begin to heat up.
“At first we were worried we’d accidentally woken you up and ruined the surprise when you shot awake like that,” Belphie pipes up, smiling cheekily. “But it seems like we were worried for nothing.”
You seriously wish that you were still in your dream.
“Please kill me.”
“Never,” Beel responds, frowning. Satan hums considerately.
“Well, our plan to surprise Y/N didn’t work. Why don’t we give her some space?”
The others nod, moving to exit the room, and you sigh gratefully. One brother, however, lingers behind.
“You know…,” Lucifer says, seating himself on the edge of your mattress. He reaches out, his gloved fingers brushing against your warm cheek. “While many of us are selfish, I’m sure we could compromise for your birthday.”
A small grin pulls at his lips as he watches you turn even redder.
“Assuming that’s something you’d like; you only need ask. I have a special tea that may assist in the fun.”
Leaning over, he presses a kiss to your cheek, and then stands and starts for the door.
“Since you’re awake. We’ll all eat together. Clean yourself up and come join us.”
The door clicks shut behind him, and immediately you flip over, screaming into your pillow.
Well, this will surely be a birthday to remember.
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Tumblr media
MC having a crush on Levi/Mammon and faking to be offended by the two brothers calling them a normie/lowly human to tease them
Mammon wasn't really good at hiding his feelings, so you knew that he liked you
He could call you a dumb, weak or lowly human how many times he wanted but you still knew that it was all an act.
At the same time, you were tired of hearing you call those ways because, even if you knew that he didn't really mean it, it still bothered you a bit
And that's why you decided to find a way to confess to the obvious demon and make him stop calling you names.
The next day your plan was ready and it didn't take him a lot to fall right into your "trap"
You asked if he wanted to come with you the next day because you wanted to do some shopping and he accepted, but...
"I'm gonna come with ya, but only because Lucifer told me to take care of ya, not because I would ever like such a lowly human"
That was it. Your lips trembled and you faked a sob.
"...H-Hey, MC! What's going on with ya?"
"You're right...I'm just a lowly human and don't deserve to love you. I was just so foolish of me to think that you could ever love me back."
He thought that it was a prank. It had to be a prank, right? But he couldn't stand seeing you cry, not because of his own dumb ass.
Before you could even react he pulled you in his arms and started stuttering apologies
"I'm sorry, MC! Stop cryin', will ya? I'm such an idiot, please, don't cry."
"B-but I'm just a lowly human..."
"No, you ain't. You're MY human and...I love ya back, so stop cryin'" he said, trying to look at your face but was surprised when he saw you smirk at him before jumping back in his arms.
"Why it took you so long? I thought you would never confess it~" you beamed, making him blush.
"W-What? Where you lyin'?" He said with a disappointment tone, expecting his brothers to jump from their hiding spots to mock him for believing that you could ever love him.
"I wasn't actually so upset, but I don't like how you call me a lowly human and...I didn't lie about how I feel about you" you hummed with a happy tone.
He would literally start crying from happiness.
You loved him and for real
He would swear to you that he would never call you a lowly, dumb or weak human again
And would actually keep his promise and prepper you with praises instead
Since then you're his lovely human
You could know everything about his video games and favourite anime, but he would still call you a normie and it was becoming pretty tiring for you.
If he wasn't going to confess to you and stop calling you like that
Then you would give him a reason to stop
And that's why you ended going in his room.
You were playing Mario Kart and he was showing you no mercy
And it didn't took long before he won the game, while you still had to reach the end of that level
"'s not faaaair! You keep winning" you whined with a pout
"If you weren't a normie then you would win too" he grinned not expecting your expression to sadden, making his grin falter
"U-Uh...MC?" He tried to gently grab your shoulders but you escaped his grip with a fake sob
"You always call me like that. I'm tired of it..."
"MC...wait, pleas-" he knew that he fucked up but you didn't give any chance to talk
"It's already hard to accept that you don't reciprocate my feelings, why you have to make it worse by always calling me normie?"
Levichan.exe stopped working
You...liked him?
After two minutes of silence he slowly caressed one of your cheeks with his right hand, trying to make you look at him
"M-MC...I-...I love you too, look at me, please..."
He let a startled yell when you instantly looked up at him and tackled him to the ground with a cheerful laugh
"I thought you would never say it!" You happily said, leaving a quick kiss on his jaw before looking at his now red face
"I-Is this one of your normie tactics to make fun of me?"
You pouted again because he called you a normie again
"No, Levi. I really love you and I hate when you call me a normie"
He would need some minutes to recover after that, but then he would promise you to stop calling you a normie
And would let you hug him without pushing you away because he wouldn't need to hide his love for you anymore~
Obey Me Masterlist
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diavohno · a year ago
peccant pt.1
Tumblr media
▹ pairing: lucifer x fem!reader, mammon x fem!reader, leviathan x fem!reader, satan x fem!reader, asmodeus x fem!reader, beelzebub x fem!reader, belphegor x fem!reader
▹ genre: smut, rut!au
▹ words: 6.6k
▹ rating: nsfw
▹ warnings: mc curses like a sailor and solomon has no filter, lucifer’s had a rough time, a pinch of grinding, mentions of masturbation, hickies, explicit sexual content, vaginal sex, rough sex
▹ notes: tadaa! this took a bit longer than I had originally planned (hence the big gap between the sneak peek and the full release) but I was determined to crank this out for @hornywrath​‘s birthday! hope you enjoy a lil bit of mammon hun, and happy birthday! also, I guess this also counts for a 400 follower milestone, which we hit very recently! thank you all for being here, I hope the wait was worth it ;)
Tumblr media
“Solomon, I’m about ready to fight someone,” you seethed to the sorcerer as you glared up at his ceiling from your comfortable resting spot on top of his bed.
The entire situation was ridiculous. The brothers had been actively avoiding you almost all week, which was annoying enough, but today they had cut off all communication with you entirely. No one came down to breakfast, no one was in any of your shared classes, and no one even bothered to text you so you’d know what the hell was going on. If they were going to give you the cold shoulder the LEAST they could do would be to tell you why.
Instead, you were left to wonder what you had done wrong because surely there was some explanation for their behavior. After a full day of scouring your memory during boring classes (in which there was no one to distract you, unlike usual) you were still drawing a blank on what exactly you had done. 
This only meant one thing: you were 100% innocent in this situation, and the brothers would never live this down if you had anything to say about it.
When you were about halfway back to the House of Lamentation after class your D.D.D. buzzed. Your heart nearly leaped out of your chest seeing that the notification was a text from Lucifer. It was the first time any of the brothers had contacted you all day! With any luck, you’d finally get some explanation as to just what was going on, and (if you were lucky) an apology. The second one is highly unlikely given that it was Lucifer who had texted you, but you still had hope. That is, until you opened the message.
After class, immediately go to Purgatory Hall. You will be staying there with the other exchange students until further notice.
A second set of buzzes followed the first, in case one punch to your heart wasn’t enough.
Under no circumstances are you allowed to return to the House of Lamentation without permission.
Excuse you? Were you seriously just told that you weren’t allowed in your own house anymore? Sadly, yes, that seemed to be exactly what had just happened, and Lucifer isn’t the sort of person that you’d argue with about an order.
But come on, you hadn’t even gotten an explanation!
With no other choice, you turned your livid butt around and marched (read: stomped) over to your new home, ready to tell (read: rant to) your fellow exchange students of the injustices you had been served as of late. As if Lady Luck wanted to send an ‘F U’ herself, Solomon was the only one in Purgatory Hall when you arrived. Not the beautiful and benevolent Simeon, or Luke, who you thought of as an angelic younger brother, but Solomon, with a fox’s grin that was far too smug for your liking. And, unfortunately, the smugness only grew as you lamented about how abysmally bad your week had been thus far.
“Oh, y/n,” he said, a teasing coo woven into his tone. Your attention shifted from his incredibly interesting ceiling to his incredibly boring head that he was propping up on his desk with his incredibly boring hand. Solomon may be one of your best friends, but you’d be lying if you said he didn’t push your buttons all the damn time. “You’re so naive to the ways of the world.”
“Sorry I’m not a fancy pants magic bitch like you,” you grumbled with no real bite behind your words. Would you believe he then had the audacity to snicker at you? Because that’s exactly what he did. It took all of your strength plus a little extra from the Big Man Upstairs to not clock the white-haired menace into next week. “Solomon, explain to me what’s going on before I do something I won’t regret.”
Ever the fake pacifist, he raised his hands in mock surrender. “Alright, alright, no need for violence. And, really, it’s your own fault that you don’t know about demon ruts.”
Silence filled the room, leaving you to sit there and drown in it as Solomon seemingly decided the desk itself would make a much more comfortable seat than his chair. With just those few words he had managed to switch your brain from operating on Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, and what is the next thing he does? Perches on his desk like it was normal. 
After some time passed with you buffering and Solomon preening as if he had just been graced by God, you finally managed to spit out, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
More snickering. Try as you might, you couldn’t fight off the blush that had been steadily creeping onto your cheeks, so you instead gave in and decided to find out as much as you could. “You mean, right now, they’re at home—”
“Jacking themselves off on anything of yours that they can get their cummy little demon mitts on? Ding ding ding, you’ve guessed it! Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been in your room already. Having a—” calculating eyes swept your form from head to toe before continuing irritatingly hesitantly, “presumably fertile female so close is akin to torture when they’re rutting, so what remains of your pheromones are probably the only thing they can smell at the moment.”
Taking the high road for once in your little gremlin life, you chose to ignore the ‘presumably fertile’ comment and remained focused on the topic at hand: the brothers were going through a demon rutting period. “That is so unbelievably disgusting and hot at the same time.”
So some of your inner gremlin slipped out, sue you.
Solomon sighed as if he expected nothing more from you, white strands of hair falling onto his face as he pressed it into the palms of his hands. “Leave it to you to be turned on by the suffering of others.”
“Shut it, Solomon, you know what I mean.” Heat flared across your cheeks at the insinuation. You may be many things, but a sadist was not one of them; Lucifer had that title locked down anyway. “Dammit. What do I do, Solomon? Lucifer texted me saying that I can’t go back, so does he really expect me to wear the same clothes for however many days it takes for their ruts to end?”
“Probably. He’s twisted like that. Ooh, what if he’s getting off to the idea that you’re—”
Before you had a chance to cut Solomon off from finishing a sentence that would have undoubtedly mortified you to no end, a series of rapid-fire buzzes from your phone did it for you. You had patted both yourself and the area around you on the bed down thoroughly only for Solomon to dangle your phone in the air. Warning bells sounded off in your head loud and clear the moment you noticed his cheeky grin.
“I think you should put this one on speaker.”
With a flick of his wrist, your phone sailed through the air and landed on the bed next to you after you failed to catch it. Ignoring Solomon’s snort, you flipped your phone over to see who was calling you. The name, along with everything you had just discussed with Solomon, caused your pulse to pound in your ears.
It was Mammon.
Panic ran through your veins like liquid lightning. Should you answer it? There could only be one reason why he would be calling if he was rutting. Warmth shot straight to your core. Deep down, you realize that if he was calling you to ask for help, you’d say yes. Solomon cleared his throat and gestured at your phone, reminding you to answer before you lost your chance. Without hesitation, you answered the call, switching to speakerphone with a pointed glare from the man across from you.
Within seconds, breathy groans rang out from the phone. Your face flushed as you spared a glance at Solomon, who had donned a shit-eating grin, before your attention snapped back to the phone upon hearing Mammon’s voice. “Where are ya, y/n?” he whined. “I need ya so bad.”
Your teeth caught your bottom lip between them. “Lucifer told me not to come back for now, so I’m at Purgatory Hall.”
A string of expletives exploded from the speaker, although they died down as quickly as they started. When Mammon addressed you again, the pleading tone to his voice was in no way subtle. “Please. . . Please come help me, y/n. I need ya.”
“Mammon, babe, are you rutting?” Your eyes widened in horror while Solomon snickered gleefully; the question had fallen out before you could really even think about it. 
You weren’t given much time to worry over it, though, as Mammon answered in confirmation, “Yeah. And everythin’. . . Everythin’ fuckin’ HURTS. It hurts so bad, y/n, please.” Images of some of your succubi and incubi friends flashed through your head. It would probably be best that a demon helped him through his heat. If you helped, you’d likely get hurt. You had just begun to offer to call one of your friends when your words were cut short with a growl. “No, dammit! I only want you! Only you, ya hear me, y/n?”
A milky-white hand clamped firmly against his mouth was the only thing preventing Solomon from alerting Mammon to the fact that you were not the only human hearing him at that moment, and that hand was getting dangerously close to not being enough to save the two of you. The thought of how Mammon would react upon finding the two of you out sent a shiver down your back. You could NOT let that happen.
Executive authority coursed through you as you turned off the speakerphone and brought it up to your ear instead; a curling lick of satisfaction in your chest was the only thing Solomon’s huff of discontent managed to elicit. “Okay, Mammon, I’m on my way.”
A pleased groan answered your words, followed by a click. You blinked a few times, waiting to no avail for anything else— he had hung up on you. Although you’re not quite sure what you expected (some thanks would have been nice) you couldn’t help but to notice how your body seemed to be thrumming with anticipation.
“Oh, you’re on your way, are you? You DO realize that if you go to help one of them you’ll have to help ALL of them, right? So are you stupid? Is that it?” the whirlwind that was Solomon accused, white brows furrowed in total scorn. “And here I was, thinking that you were a creature of intelligence. Oh, how it pains me to be wrong.”
Already on your feet, you pocketed your phone and smoothed out your clothes, ready to head to the House of Lamentation at any moment. After concluding that you were presentable enough to go have a demon rip your clothes off your body— a matter that you had grown incredibly serious about in a somewhat suspiciously short amount of time, as if the thought of being ravaged by the brothers had crossed your mind before— you turned to address the snarky sorcerer in the room. “You heard him, Solomon. He’s in serious pain right now, and he wasn’t going to accept anyone else’s help getting through it.”
“That’s a bullshit excuse and you know it,” he said in exasperation. “He’s a DEMON. He’d say whatever he needed to in order to get you there!”
Arguing with him was clearly going to get you nowhere. Instead, you stared down Solomon, daring him to continue trying to change your mind. It was a battle of the minds, and luckily for you, you happened to be one of the most bull-headed humans to ever grace the earth. After what couldn’t have been more than a few minutes, Solomon relented with a burdened groan.
“Fine, just let me cast a spell on you so you aren’t impregnated and obliterated, for the love of God.” His eyes searched yours imploringly. If you didn’t know any better you’d almost think that he was worried about you, but that would be a ridiculous idea. Still, you agreed, to which he let out a breath of relief.
Without wasting any time he crossed the room and took your hands in his own. Low mutterings in a language you didn’t recognize left his mouth, so you focused on the feeling of his hands; they were surprisingly soft and a bit bigger than you had previously thought.
A faint warmth and a corresponding tingling sensation started at your fingertips and soon encased your entire body, the tingling somehow reassuring as it raised goosebumps to the surface of your skin. Your eyes flitted up to Solomon’s questioningly, only for them to widen in shock— his eyes had gone entirely white and were glowing. Just as you were about to admit that his magic was actually pretty cool, it stopped.
The warmth and tingling disappeared, and Solomon’s eyes blinked back to normal. The only effect of the magic that you could feel was a particular humming sensation in your lower abdomen. That, and you felt like you could take on Diavolo himself and win, but that wasn’t a new feeling; an uncommon one, sure, but definitely not new.
Satisfied with his work, Solomon staggered a few steps backward before flopping onto his bed. “You should be good to go.” He propped himself up on his elbows, fixing you with a squinted stare. “You’re lucky I enjoy our banter, y/n. Can’t let you go and get yourself fucked to death, now can I?”
“God, don’t phrase it like that,” you said in a strangled voice, to which Solomon cackled and dropped onto his back once again. Just when you thought the two of you might have grown closer, he had to go and say something as mortifying as that. With renewed vigor, you scurry out of the room.
Solomon’s silvery voice echoed through the open door behind you. “Like what, the truth?”
He just managed to catch your snort before you walked out of earshot, leaving the sorcerer sprawled out on his bed, his chest heaving in deep breaths of air. The spell he had cast on you had taken quite a bit out of him. Now, he struggled to even keep his eyes open as waves of sleep crashed over him.
Would it normally take this much energy to prepare a human body for a demon rut? He supposed not, although it wasn’t exactly something he did except on the rare occasion, but he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn’t just be dealing with one demon. There was something else, too. Something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.
Ah, well, it was sure to come to him after he had rested up again. The comforting blanket of sleep settled over him, as well as his own blankets after he slipped under their covers. Right before he entered dreamland, the vision of a glowing pact mark appeared in his mind. His eyebrows knitted together; was this a premonition?
However, the mark was soon swallowed up by the foggy mist of his mind, and Solomon drifted off to sleep. 
x x x x x
Never before had you gotten to the House of Lamentation faster than you did today. Just going home wasn’t nearly the same level of motivation as going to get some demon dick, so you hauled ass in record time, weaving in and out of random pedestrians you encountered that were walking the paths around the Devildom. Your friends really were right: you had no hope of making it into heaven. The worst part is, they had no clue whatsoever how true that statement was.
You came to a halt in front of the dorm you had recently come to call home, your hands on your knees as you struggled to regain your breath. It took everything you had not to just collapse into a weary heap on the front steps, but the promise of what was to come was enough to keep you going. Instead, you took a minute to steady your breathing before climbing the steps and slipping into the house. Technically, Lucifer had forbidden you from coming home, so it would probably be best to not alert him to your unwanted presence.
Thankfully, you had plenty of practice tip-toeing around from all of the times you’d snuck out with Asmo to go clubbing. Lucifer would never know you were there.
As you snuck past the kitchen toward the hallway of bedrooms, the sound of the tap turning on freeze you in your tracks. With your heart in your throat, you slowly twisted your head toward the direction of the sound, hoping from the bottom of your sin-stained heart that the person responsible wasn’t who you thought it was.
There, his bare back hunched over the sink with a glass of water clenched tightly in his degloved hand, stood Lucifer. Although the mere presence of the man had you rattled, what he was wearing— or rather, what he WASN’T wearing— made you even more so. He had donned a pair of baggy grey sweatpants that rested low on his hips and had lost the rest, leaving little to be imagined. Little to be imagined of HIM, that is— the sight sparked plenty of thoughts on your part. 
The temptation to slink away to Mammon before you were discovered was great, but the temptation of marveling this new side of Lucifer was greater; you steeled yourself and moved toward him.
His rut seemed to have taken quite the toll on him already, as his usually well-kept hair was now disheveled and somewhat damp as if he had just recently gotten out of the shower. A shiver ran down your spine as the image of Lucifer in his shower was plastered to the forefront of your mind. With much thanks to your abysmally short attention span, the thought was easily discarded when you noticed that his muscles rippled along his back with each movement he took: emptying his glass; placing it back down on the counter; pushing his hair back.
Even as he turned around and realized someone had joined him in the kitchen, you couldn’t find it in yourself to run for cover. Maybe you’d screwed up your survival instincts at some point?
“y/n?” Lucifer croaked, his gaze predatory as it raked down your form. Something akin to a harrowed smirk cracked across his face when you shivered at the intensity radiating off of him, yet it was soon replaced with a pained grimace. His hands clenched the edge of the counter behind him so tightly that his knuckles were white as he ripped his gaze away from you. “I believe I explicitly told you not to return here until you received further instruction. You disobeyed me.”
You’d be lying if you said that the commanding growl in his words didn’t turn you on. Hell, if anyone told YOU that you’d just laugh in their face because damn if that wasn’t the sexiest thing you’d ever heard. Not to mention the electrifying effect it had on your body; it was as if every fiber of your being was on edge right now, acutely aware of every single thing that Lucifer said or did.
You found yourself longing to press your body up onto his, to entangle your hands in his already messy hair and mesh your lips together while you hook one of your legs around his waist to keep him close as he slams you up against the counter—
The purposeful clearing of his throat snapped you out of your imagination. It’s odd for you to have become so withdrawn from reality, but you just chalked it up to it being a side effect from whatever spell Solomon had cast on you. Anyway, Lucifer had asked you a question, and while it may not have been the smartest decision in the long run, you were in no mental state to be pulling lies out of your ass. “Mammon asked me to come over and help him.”
“Oh really? So you’ve discovered our dirty little secret, but still came?” he hummed in thought, more to himself than to you. Some switch must have flipped in him as he had gone from very obviously holding himself back to slowly stalking toward you with a wolfish glint in his eyes. It was at that moment that your survival instincts kicked in and you took two small steps back for every one Lucifer took forward. Sadly, you seemed to have walked further into the kitchen than you had originally thought you did and soon found yourself pressed along the center table with nowhere else to run from the demon in front of you.
A pink tongue darted out from his mouth, wetting the bottom lip that it dragged along. Lucifer had you right where he wanted you. It took a total of three steps for him to close the gap between you two, his arms resting on either side of you to cage you in. Desire flickered in his half-lidded eyes as he stared you down. “Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you to be here?”
You hummed in response, too fixated on how alluring his slightly-parted, flushed lips looked. Due to your intense focus on said lips, you didn’t miss how the corners of his mouth quirked up before he leaned forward and out of your sight. Your breath caught in your throat as his heated breath fanned out across your neck while he spoke. “You’re lucky that you ran into myself and not one of my brothers. Unlike them,” his hips met yours and instantly began to slowly roll, “I can control myself.”
The hardness of his length and the waver in his tone seemed to suggest otherwise. 
A devious thought pushed itself to the forefront of your mind, one that you were all too willing to go along with. One of your hands ghosted down his chest, your nails lightly scratching his pale skin while the other snaked upward and caressed his cheek. Lucifer shuddered into your touch and bit back a quiet groan, his hips grinding against yours with a tad more urgency.
“What happened to being able to control yourself?” you asked breathily. With any luck, you’d be able to get his self-control to snap and he’d take you right then and there. Your thighs tensed slightly as heat shot to your core at the thought.
Then he pulled away and your entire mastermind plan came crashing down.
Lucifer stumbled backward, fingers pinching his nose tightly shut as he glared holes into the ground. Wait, do you smell or something? You could’ve sworn you had put deodorant on that morning. A discreet sniff of yourself reassured you that you did not stink, so why the abrupt stop?
“I believe that you should find Mammon in your room.” He staggered backward with urgency; so much so that he would have clipped his side on the counter had you not warned him. Pink dusted his cheeks for a moment as he cleared his throat, clearly embarrassed from not noticing the counter. Your bemusement was cut short, however, when he fixed you with a piercing look that sent shivers down your back. “I expect to see you in my room once you are finished.”
Unable to stop yourself, you quipped back, “I’ll think about it.”
“By all means, do,” he purred, red eyes narrowing into seductive slits. Even as he backed out of the room, sweat beads beginning to glisten on his forehead, he somehow still made you want to do nothing more than hand yourself over to him completely. “But let me assure you that the actual thing will be so much more enjoyable than whatever you end up imagining.”
With that, he was gone, and you were left with nothing but yourself and your newfound neediness. You had half a mind to chase after the first-born, but the other half of your mind was insisting that you go to Mammon, as he was the one who had called you in the first place. With a small sigh, you headed off down the hallway toward your room. It was a short walk, as per usual, but the anticipation that had once again began to swirl in your stomach lengthened it a good bit.
What, exactly, did helping a demon through their rut entail? You assumed that they needed help finishing, but was that it? Of course, you’d help the brothers out with anything, ESPECIALLY if they were in pain because of it, but it was a little unnerving not knowing exactly what you had gotten yourself into. Thank God that Solomon had been there to help cast a spell on you (which you still had no clue what it did, but you trusted him enough to believe that you’d be fine) because, now that you’ve had some more time to think about it, there was no way you’d be able to walk away from this little excursion of yours unscathed.
You hesitated outside of your partially opened door for just a moment before stepping inside and locking the door behind you. As you turned around to once again face the rest of your room, quiet huffing and groaning alerted you of the demon in the room with you.
The sight that blessed your eyes ignited a white-hot fire in your core.
Mammon was sprawled out buck-naked on your bed, your sheets and comforter rumpled enough to lead you to assume that he had been wriggling around on them for a while. As a surprise to no one, your eyes immediately zeroed in on his hand— namely, how said hand was loosely wrapped around his length and lightly jerking it. His caramel skin glistened under a sheen layer of sweat from his exertions, and his head was tipped back against your pillow as he chased a semblance of relief.
You mindlessly take a few steps toward the sight. Had he not noticed you were in the room yet? Considering how tightly his eyes were screwed shut and how his breathing was getting progressively louder, it wasn’t impossible.
“Mammon?” you called out hesitantly, unsure if you should be interrupting or not. Although, he had called you specifically to help him with this exact thing, so maybe you were worrying about nothing.
His eyes snapped wide open the moment his name came out of your mouth; he really hadn’t heard you enter then. A shuddering inhale shook his form for a moment before he pushed himself up to a seated position and said in disbelief, “You really came.”
As if you could ignore his phone call. You rolled your eyes as you finished closing the gap between the two of you, your hands lifting to cup Mammon’s warm cheeks. “I said I would, didn’t I?” Unintelligible mumbling followed that you silenced by pressing your thumb against his lips. “What do you want me to do?”
Without a word, Mammon’s hands gripped your waist and guided you onto his lap, your knees on either side of him. His hot mouth instantly found your neck, the feeling of his hasty kisses and the occasional nip stealing your breath away. Not staying in one place too long, the kisses quickly trailed their way down toward your collarbone, only for the fabric of your shirt to get in the way. Aside from his annoyed grumbling, Mammon didn’t make any comments about it and simply tugged at your shirt, wordlessly asking you to take it off.
Of course you complied (because why would you not?) and freed yourself from the now-restrictive fabric. No sooner had you wriggled out of your top than had Mammon’s hands begun to roam all over your body, almost as if he was attempting to commit your form to memory. 
Everywhere his hands went brought a tingling sensation to your skin. Eventually, one dipped low enough to fiddle with the band of your shorts, although it didn’t go any farther than that. As great as the makeout session was, a growing firmness pressing along the inside of your thigh and the unsteadiness of his touch reminded you of exactly why you were called in the first place.
“Mammon,” you tried, but your words fell on deaf ears as Mammon was too lost in the feeling and taste and touch of you to even register that you had spoken. Fog rolled across your mind as he found a particularly sensitive spot and capitalized on it, teeth gently scraping against the skin which was immediately followed by a soothing swipe of his tongue. Still, you found it somewhere within you to try again. “Mammon, wait.”
“Hm?” His lips buzzed pleasantly against your neck, eyes turning up toward your own.
Your stomach flipped at the sheer want pooling in their golden ichor. “I’m here to help you with your rut, but right now I feel more like we’re focusing on me.”
“Of course I’m focusin’ on you,” he harrumphed, a look of embarrassment shading his features. “You’re a human! There’s no way you’d be able to jump right on in without gettin’ hurt, so I’m… I’m tryin’ to warm you up a bit.”
You chuckled, running a hand through his hair reassuringly. “That’s awful sweet of you, babe, but I’m seriously fine. Solomon hooked me up with some magic before I came over, so I’m all set.”
His grip on your hips tightened at the mention of the sorcerer, but he didn’t say anything about it. Instead, his hands jumped from your hips to your shoulders, flipping you onto the bed with Mammon positioned between your legs. You’d never noticed it before, but his canines were slightly more pointed than a human’s; they’re all you focused on when a smirk crept onto his features. “You should’ve said somethin’ sooner.”
If before had been the warm-up, then the main event was the warm-up times ten. Your mouths crashed together, and you found yourself fighting to stay caught up with Mammon’s urgent pace. The bed creaked underneath the two of you as Mammon rushed to get the rest of your clothes off. It was impressive how he managed to slide off your shorts without breaking away from you, but you weren’t allowed to dwell on that thought for very long at all.
“You’re sure about this?” His breathless question warmed your heart. Even now, as his legs trembled with the discomfort he was surely in and his gaze grew hazy, he had the decency to make sure that you were sure. You hadn’t faltered from your original commitment once, but now you were certain you had made the right choice.
A cheeky grin split across your face. “I’ve never been more sure about something in my life.”
No sooner had you gotten the words out than had Mammon’s cock shoved its way through your entrance, his hips pressing flush against your own. The burning feeling of your walls stretching to take him in so suddenly proved too much to handle, your body arching into his own as a gasping whine tore from your lips.
For a moment— just a moment— he stilled, allowing you to adjust to his size. One of his hands hooked underneath your knee and pulled it closer to your side so he could get a better angle. A shot of pleasure ran through you as the repositioning briefly caused your muscles clenched around him. Seeing the shudder rack your form, Mammon rolled his hips into yours. Your head tipped back at the feeling of his swollen length dragging against your walls, and he wasted no time in leaving blossoms of orchid and rouge along the now-exposed column of your neck.
As your eyes rolled back at the feeling, you missed how he shifted above you, gripping the head of your headboard with his other hand for support. You didn’t miss how his hips pulled back and thrust up into you, nor did you miss how each thrust following that was just as strong.
Unrestrained sounds fell from your open mouth as Mammon launched into an aggressive pace that left you scrabbling for purchase on his shoulders or back so you wouldn’t hit your headboard. The moment your hands bumped into something protruding from his back, your eyes flew open to search for what exactly you had just touched. 
At some point, Mammon must have shifted to his demon form, as his wings were currently curling over the two of you almost like some sort of shield. Your legs squeezed together at the sight, allowing Mammon’s next thrusts to find your g-spot. 
“Fuck, Ma-Mammon,” you cursed, the demon on top of you growling lowly as he buried his face in the crook of your neck.
“You’re so tight,” he groaned before pressing a firm kiss along your jaw. “You’re doin’ so good for me, y/n.”
You answered with a keening moan, as you were sure that you wouldn’t be able to articulate any more actual words— not while Mammon kept plowing into you at this speed, anyway. Tension coiled tightly in your abdomen, each thrust drawing you closer and closer to your peak. You couldn’t tell how close Mammon was, but with as ragged as his panting was growing, you assumed he wasn’t all that far behind you.
With every passing moment, your body grew more and more flush with heat and your moans increased in volume, which Mammon encouraged with more whispered praise. One particularly strong smack of his hips against yours triggered the release of a loud whine from your throat, and you were sure you wouldn’t be able to last much longer. “Just like that, sweetheart.” His lips brushed tantalizingly against your ear, making sure that you heard him over yourself. “Let ‘em all know who’s makin’ you feel this good.”
A few more solid thrusts were all it took to make you unravel, your toes curling and your body arching into Mammon at the utter bliss engulfing you entirely. 
“Mammon!” you wailed, all other words escaping you as stars danced behind your eyes. Your walls clenching down on him pushed Mammon over the edge as well, his hips stuttering before pressing as deep inside of you as he could, release spilling into your throbbing core. A groan tumbled from his lips as his teeth sunk into the crook of your neck, the sharp stinging drawing a soft whine from yourself.
After a few moments of deepening his mark, Mammon flopped onto his back and rolled you on top of him, his arms wrapping tightly around your body to gently hold you against him. The bliss from orgasming was now wearing off and was being replaced with exhaustion. Tension seeped out of you in waves as you relaxed against Mammon’s heaving chest, his skin cool against your warm cheek.
Laughter soon met your ears, and the shaking body beneath you made it pretty obvious who it was coming from. Drowsily, you pushed yourself up to a sitting position and let Mammon slip himself out of you while you threw an inquisitive look his way. The eyes that met your own were no longer ones of a demon in rut, but ones filled with total admiration. “What are you laughing about?”
“You,” he answered simply, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear while his other hand rested loosely on your bare hip.
Your heart fluttered at that, but you played it off with a small smile and a tiny slap against his chest. “Why are you being so cheesy?”
He said nothing, only answering with another laugh as he leaned forward to pepper your face with soft kisses. His laughter turned out to be infectious as you, too, began to laugh, leaving the two of you giggling into each others’ mouths before he pulled away, resting his forehead against your own. “I’m just so happy you actually came, y/n.”
“Me too, I was starting to get worried there for a bit,” you snarked, the teasing lilt evident in your tone. Mammon scoffed at playfully rolled his eyes, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist as the corner of his mouth tugged up in a smirk. 
“Sure fooled me. You sure sounded like you were enjoying yourself.” Now it was your turn to fake being offended; you gasped indignantly before turning your head away in a fake pout.
“With this much disrespect, maybe I’ll just show myself out.” 
“Woah there, let’s not be too hasty.” A thumb and forefinger grip your chin and turn your head back toward Mammon, who had a peculiar twinkle in his eye. It was something warm and knowing and light, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it. The odd look didn’t leave when he pulled you against his chest for what felt like the hundredth time that day, nor did it leave when you tangled yourselves up in the other while you cuddled, just taking time to soak the other in.
Eventually, Mammon gave himself over to sleep, his light snores rumbling softly against the side of your neck as he unconsciously wriggled himself impossibly closer into you. You were just about to as well until two short sets of buzzes caught your attention.
Twisting around carefully in Mammon’s arms, you were just able to see your D.D.D. flicking off again after receiving the messages. Luckily, your shorts had ended up getting thrown onto your nightstand, so it wasn’t too much of a challenge to snag your D.D.D. from your back pocket without waking up the sleeping demon latched on to you.
Flicking it open, you saw that the messages had come from Levi.
come over please. I know your with mammon right now
I need help too y/n, please
You cast a glance over your shoulder at the said demon, guilt gnawing at your heart as memories resurfaced of how sweet he had been earlier; however, those memories were soon replaced with ones of Lucifer, disheveled and leaning into your touch, and of Solomon, warning you that you’d end up helping all of the brothers out. With a sigh, you tapped a quick reply to Levi that you were on your way and eased yourself out of Mammon’s arms.
As you got to your feet, you were surprised to find that you weren’t sore in the slightest, despite how rough Mammon had been. Solomon’s magic really was no joke. It didn’t take you long to slip back into your clothes (granted, you didn’t bother putting your bra and underwear back on because you’d just be taking them off again) and you soon found yourself staring down at Mammon.
You were still guilty about running off to go fuck his younger brother while he was sleeping, but at the same time, you’d feel even more guilty about only helping one brother and leaving the other six to deal with their ruts by themselves. Worrying your bottom lip between your teeth for a moment, you finally steel yourself and commit to your decision, pressing a chaste kiss to his forehead before turning around and marching yourself straight out of your door. You don’t look back, because you know that if you do, the rest of the brothers would end up suffering through their ruts alone.
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plumeriaheart · a year ago
Best Behaviour [Lucifer/F!Reader]
I have no excuse for this other than I wrote this in a single sitting last night... Should I have slept? Most definitely, but that didn’t stop me from punching out this filth lol. I hope you enjoy! ♡
FANDOM: Obey Me!
RATING: pure smut tbh
KINK: dom/sub relationship?? i suppose
"Do you enjoy behaving like a brat?" His voice is stern, expression indifferent as he looks at you. Lucifer is sitting in his chair, one leg crossed over the other while you're kneeling in front of him. Lacy lingerie adorns your figure, and the demon can see the way you shiver when he talks down to you. Goosebumps ripple along your skin, eliciting the slightest smirk on his lips. You're not surprised to see him enjoy this situation as much as he is, you knew what you were getting into with the Avatar of Pride.
"No, I… I'm sorry," you utter out quietly, eyes cast down. While Lucifer may be used to being the authoritative figure, you have little experience with your own role. The last time you were on your knees like this was to pray – how ironic.
"What was that? Speak up, MC," he orders in a cold tone. When you look up at him, you find him looking down at you expectantly.
"No, sir – I'm sorry." This earns you a nod and a smile from the demon, and you're surprised to find relief wash over you.
Both of you had discussed this several times before you felt comfortable submitting to him entirely, and Lucifer warned you that he might lose control once you get started. You told him you weren't afraid of that nor him, and if worst came to worst, you could command him to stop thanks to your pact with him. Still, you decided on a safe word early on, something to signal when you stopped feeling comfortable. After all, Lucifer cared about you deeply and would not want to harm you against your will.
"That's a good girl. Now, how do you intend to make it up to me?" He uncrosses his legs as if inviting you to come closer. When you do shuffle closer, though, he shakes his head. "What am I to do with you? I have yet to allow you to touch me." Heat rushes to your cheeks and you nod, moving away from him ever so slightly.
"Perhaps I ought to restrain you, my dear – what do you think?" You look up at him, eyes widening a bit at his question. You can tell he's taking it slow for you, making sure to check if you're doing okay, and in a weird way, it warms your heart. He begins to unbuckle his belt without breaking eye contact with you, awaiting your answer. The slight bulge in his pants does not go unnoticed by you.
"Yes, please. I… I think that's a good idea, sir," you reply, excited at the prospect. Lucifer nods before he gets up, walking around you and pulling your arms behind your back. Holding your breath as he ties your wrists together with his belt, your mind begins to wander to the enticing possibilities awaiting you.
"This is not too tight for you, is it?" A shiver runs down your spine when you feel his hot breath against your ear, his voice low and his fingers caressing your arms.
"No, it's okay," you reply. For a mere second, his lips connect with the back of your neck, leaving a hot sensation behind as he gets up and sits down in his chair again. Your skin begins to miss his touch immediately, an almost aching sensation spreading from where he had kissed you briefly.
"What a pretty sight you are, my dear," Lucifer hums, a teasing smile gracing his lips. "Now, where were we? Ah, right. What do you suggest you do to make me forgive you for disobeying me?" He spreads his knees a little further as he speaks, encouraging you to speak up.
"I want to make you feel good, sir," you say, cheeks growing hotter, and yet you refuse to look away. Red eyes meet yours, lust burning in them as he raises one brow at your words. His cock twitches in his pants as he looks at you like this, taking in every enticing detail about you. As if you could read his mind, you lick your lower lip slowly, making sure that he notices.
"...very well." With those words, he beckons you closer, and for a second you're taken aback. Is he not going to undo his pants and pull them down for you to lick his cock? The demon notices your hesitation and begins to smirk. "I'm waiting."
You take a deep breath and nod, more to yourself than to him. As you shuffle closer, you begin to place soft kisses along his clothed thighs. Your hands try to move almost involuntarily, searching for support only to be met by restraints. It makes your breath hitch in your throat, but you refuse to let that stop you. With each kiss coming closer to his crotch, you wonder if this is what Lucifer had in mind for you. As your lips connect with his crotch, you hear him take in a sharp breath, and something about it spurns you on.
Testing different pressures, you make sure to place kiss upon kiss against the fabric, feeling the heat of his cock through his pants. You glance up to see Lucifer with his eyes closed, head tipped back and your chest swells with pride. With your newly found courage, you decide to lick the fabric instead, drawing your tongue up dangerously slow. It doesn't take long for the fabric to become wet from your saliva, allowing you to feel the shape of his cock against your tongue a little better.
"Enough. A good girl like you deserves the real thing," Lucifer says, cupping your face with care before he pushes you back. Your eyes are glued to his hands as he finally undoes his pants, and when his cock springs free, you realise you were holding your breath. You dare not move until he tells you to, but luckily you don't have to wait long.
"Go on." Within an instant, you place your lips on the tip of his cock, suckling on it ever so gently before your mouth wanders further down. Precum wets your lips, leaving a slick trail on his hot skin. You allow your lips to linger in each spot, feeling the heat radiate from his skin. The demon is letting you take your time exploring, getting accustomed to your current position. He has no desire to rush you, after all – this should be as enjoyable for you as it is for him.
You grow bolder with each lick of your tongue, resting your head against one of his thighs as you place your lips on his shaft. This earns you a long sigh from Lucifer, letting you know that you're doing a good job. When he runs his fingers through your hair, encouraging you to go further up his cock, your heart skips a beat. You think back to when he said he might not be able to hold back, and yet here he is, encouraging you as gently as he can.
Your lips latch onto his tip, tongue drawing circles around it before you take him deeper into your mouth. You begin bobbing your head, feeling his cock slip deeper into your mouth each time until it becomes difficult to fit in more. Coming up for air, you feel drool dripping down your mouth – a lewd sight that the demon loved.
"Be a good girl for me and try to breathe through your nose, okay?" You only get a few seconds before he pushes your head down on his cock, filling your mouth entirely until he hits the back of your throat. You gag on his size, heartbeat starting to race before you try to calm yourself down, forcing yourself to breathe through your nose. You feel drool running down your chin, all the way down your neck, and a stinging sensation in your eyes as Lucifer begins to guide your head up and down his cock. Despite doing your best to do as he said, you find yourself gagging on his cock more and more until you break free from his hold, gasping for air.
"Hm… It seems we'll have to work on that, won't we?" Lucifer asks with a small chuckle, waiting for you to catch your breath. He musters you with love and lust in his eyes, and a hunger that makes you shiver – you want to give yourself to him, but you know you can't just yet.
"I'll do better this time. I promise," you tell him, taking a deep breath before you take his length into your mouth once more. You steel yourself to deepthroat him again, remembering his advice to breathe through your nose. The prickling sensation at the corners of your eyes returns as the head of Lucifer's cock meets the back of your throat, and you will yourself to keep him inside longer than before. With difficulty, you bob your head a little and receive a deep growl from your partner. You desperately wish you could use your hands to hold onto him, but every time you try to move your hands, you feel the restraints getting tighter against your wrists.
"Now that's… more like it," Lucifer says breathlessly, revelling in the heat your mouth offers. You notice one of his hands curl into a fist, knuckles turning white as you gag on his cock, and you notice the familiar feeling of pride rushing through you. You have to come up for air once more, chest heaving, but at this point, you're determined to make him cum just with your mouth. Once more your mouth encloses the familiar shape of his cock, cheeks hallowing as you suck on him, shameless slurping sounds filling the room. The demon can tell what you're trying to do, one of his hands running through your hair before he curls it into a fist, pulling your hair to guide you up and down his cock.
"Just like that, my dear. Keep going." He doesn't need to tell you twice, picking up the pace as you moan, letting him feel the vibrations within your mouth. Your eyes search for his, but his head is tipped back, lips parted ever so slightly. The inside of your mouth seems to grow hotter, his cock pulsating quickly, and you begin to mentally brace yourself for his load. Not even a moment later, he lets out another deep growl as he shoots his load inside of your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. As much as you want to pull away, you make yourself remain still until he's done, looking up at him expectantly. When his eyes meet yours, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue, covered in his white seed, as if you're begging for his praise.
And praise you he does. "Good girl. Swallow for me, will you?" You do as you're told, swallowing the thick load before you open your mouth once more for him, proof of your obedience. He smiles at the sight of you, the hunger for you not satiated in the least.
"It looks like I'll have to reward you now, doesn't it?" You notice the heat spreading between your legs at those words, realising that you've been longing to hear them all along. Lucifer gets up from his chair and helps you stand up, undoing the tie around your wrist. He brings one of your wrists to his face, checking to see if he left any marks on your skin before he presses a hungry kiss against your skin, earning him a little whimper.
"I want you to get on the bed on all fours now." You watch him with curious eyes as he begins to unbutton his shirt, but then you do as you're told. His bed feels comfortable as ever, and you wonder if Lucifer picked out his softest bedsheets in preparation for you. With your ass up in the air and your face pressed against his pillow, you're glad he can't see the way your face is burning up – you're not used to such an embarrassing position at all, but you don't want to disobey him. You have to fight the urge to look back at him, every second of uncertainty feeling like an eternity without his touch. Lucifer knows how impatient you are right now, and he's taking full advantage of it, undressing as slowly as he can. He notices the wet patch on your panties, grinning to himself as he steps closer to you. What a beautiful sight indeed, he thinks to himself as he runs his hands along your thighs, spreading them ever so slightly to tease you.
"You've gotten quite wet for me, haven't you?" He teases, a feather-light brush of his knuckles against your slick core making you shiver. You move your hips towards him, yearning for his touch, but Lucifer only chuckles. "So impatient," he says, and then you feel a jolt of pain run through your body as he spanks your ass. The pain is soon replaced by a soft wave of pleasure washing over you.
"I-I'm sorry," you breathe as you arch your back further. The sorrow in your voice almost makes the demon stop, but judging by the way your body reacts to his touch, he smacks your ass once more; drawing out a small cry from you this time. He makes sure to give you time to use your safe word should you want him to stop, but the only sound filling the room is your ragged breathing.
"Do you like being spanked like a little brat?" He runs his fingers over the red mark on your ass cheek, smooth touch soothing your sensitive skin.
"Y-Yes… I do," you whimper quietly, and when another smack resonates through the room, you let out a cry.
"I can't hear you, my dear – do you enjoy being spanked like this?" Lucifer can barely describe the pride within him as he watches the red mark in the shape of his hand grow on your ass, a sight he wants to cherish.
"I do!" You almost yell out, embarrassed by your needy voice and the low chuckle you get from the demon. Bracing yourself for another smack, you let out a yelp when instead you feel his fingers massaging your clit through your panties. Teeth dig into your lower lip, and you swear you can taste the iron-like taste of blood on your tongue as you try to hold back a moan.
"That's what I thought. Don't hold back, I want to hear you," Lucifer commands, applying more pressure on your sensitive nub. You do as you're told, allowing the moan to slip past your lips and fill the room. Satisfied by your response, he tugs your panties to the side and allows two fingers to slip inside your wet pussy, earning him a strangled moan. In true demon-like fashion, he gives you no time to adjust to the new feeling inside of you as he begins to thrust his fingers into you, his free hand gripped your hair and pulling your head back. His fingers curl inside of your core, looking for the spongy spot he knows drives you wild. He knows he found it when you buck your hips against his hand, searching for further stimulation.
As he gently massages the slick inside of your core, he gets down on his knees to bring his face closer. He gently blows on your clit, chuckling when you freeze at the sensation before his lips latch onto it in a hungry kiss. Your fingers grab onto the blanket, eyes rolling back in pleasure as he sucks on your clit, fingers still pumping into you relentlessly. It doesn't take very long for your head to start getting hazy, walls tightening around his fingers. The world feels like it's spinning when you climax, legs shaking and almost giving out. Lucifer lets go of your hair to support you by wrapping one arm around your waist, holding you up, but throughout the high you notice him still sucking on your clit hungrily, testing your limits as you feel the second wave of pleasure building deep inside your stomach.
You barely hear your own cries as you cum a second time, gasping for air. Your vision is blurred by bright sparks, and you're about to whimper your safe word when Lucifer stops, taking note of your threshold. He gently helps you lay down on the bed, running his fingers down your spine.
"You're doing so well, my dear – breathe slowly. Take your time," he says, allowing you to catch your breath. He feels his cock aching to be buried deep inside you, but he refuses to go further until you give him permission. You turn your head a little bit to look at him, and he meets your gaze with a smile. With your hair sticking to your temples, cheeks burning red and eyes glazed from your highs, he thinks you look beautiful. His heart skips a beat when he thinks about being the only one to see you like this, to be met with your loving gaze in such a vulnerable position, and he realises once more: he loves you.
"Do you think you can keep going?" Lucifer eventually asks when he notices your heartbeat returning to its usual pace, his thumb drawing soft circles on the back of your thigh.
"Yes. I want to see this through with you, Lucifer," you tell him in a soft whisper, and the demon has to wonder what he did to deserve you. He helps you get back into position, pulling down your panties and pushing your legs apart. Despite the little break you had to take, he can slip his cock into you with ease – now, he takes his time filling you to the brim. Both hands planted on your hips, he begins to guide them intact with his own movements, savouring the sloppy sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin. You mewl in pleasure as he pushes into you slowly, pulling out only to repeat the motion.
He takes his time getting you accustomed to his size before he picks up the pace, his hips almost moving on their own as he thrusts into your pussy. Your moans grow in volume, but you can still hear his low growls as pleasure washes over him.
"Do you like the way I fuck you, MC?" He asks in a husky voice in between growls, giving your ass another smack before you can reply.
"Y-Yes, I love it," you moan, choking on your moan when his palm connects with your ass, "please fuck me harder, Lucifer." Your plea is music to his ears, but he keeps a steady pace as he thrusts into you.
"Beg for it." You notice his thrusts gradually slowing down, and you feel a desperate need run through your veins.
"Lucifer, please! I-I need you to fuck me harder – your cock feels… feels so good inside of me, and I-I need you."
He seems satisfied with your begging, the desperate expression on your face turning him on and making him quicken his pace. He's met with surprised but happy moans of yours, grinning to himself at how well you're doing. One more time does he spank your ass, your delicious cry like a symphony to his ears, and he can feel your walls clenching in on his cock.
"Cum for me, my dear," Lucifer commands, coaxing another orgasm out of you as he fills you with quick, deep strokes. He watches you come undone once more, his name falling from your lips like a prayer, and it's enough to drive him over the edge as well. Ramming his cock into you a few more times, you feel him growing hotter inside of you before he throws back his head, one deep growl slipping past his lips as he empties his load inside of you.
You whimper a little when he pulls out his cock, your hand wandering towards your pussy and feeling his seed drip into your palm. Lucifer runs one hand through his hair, speechless by the erotic image in front of him, and once more does he wonder: how does he, out of all the people, deserve you?
Lucifer himself needs a few seconds to catch his breath, but before you can notice his flustered face, he's back to his composed self. He sits down next to you on the bed, helping you sit up and pushing a strand of your hair out of your face.
"You were wonderful, MC," he tells you, caressing your cheek with his thumb. You smile at him and he can't hold back, pressing his lips against yours almost desperately, and though his hunger for you seems reignited, he pulls away to look at your flushed face.
"Let me get you some water and help you get cleaned up, okay?" You give him a weak nod, fatigue beginning to settle within your body. He presses a quick kiss to your forehead before he gets up from his bed, returning with a glass of water only a couple of moments later.
"Thank you," you whisper before you take a sip, enjoying the refreshing feeling of cold water soothing your hot body. You cannot help but notice that Lucifer watches you with the patience of an angel, however ironic that may sound, and your chest swells with love for him once more. When you finish drinking, he takes the glass out of your hand and places it on his nightstand, then moving to stand up and bring you a warm, wet cloth. You feel embarrassed when he gently begins to clean your thighs and your core, wiping away any residue cum, but you're too tired to protest and you have to admit… it doesn't feel bad. His gentle touches feel like heaven after the way he fucked you, and you can't help but sigh contently when he presses a kiss to your now clean thigh.
"Thank you for indulging me tonight, MC," he whispers against your skin, a spark of adoration in his eyes. You barely notice him undoing the rest of your lingerie, gently sitting you up to help you put on one of his shirts, but by the time your head hits the pillow again, you're as good as asleep.
Lucifer lets you sleep, carefully getting up and cleaning up after the two of you – clothes folded and set aside, he makes his way to get a drink of water himself. His eyes rest on your sleeping frame, taking note of the content smile on your face. The demon moves around his room quietly, getting dressed in his own sleepwear before he joins you in bed once more, this time giving you nothing but gentle touches as he holds you close. He allows himself to run his fingers through your hair, gently untangling it and smoothing it down. You nuzzle your head against his hand in your sleep, coaxing a quiet chuckle out of him.
"Thank you for allowing me to love you, MC."
A/N: i couldn’t write something this long without adding some fluff here and there ngl :/ i really surprised myself while writing this though, and enjoyed it more than i expected – i hope you enjoyed it, too! <3
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justmywriting1313 · a year ago
You are Worth it!! Pt 2 (Luci x M/C)
Heyya guys this is part 2 and i hope you like it and please reblog if you do!! 
Also i am always open to requests so go for it!!
The biggest smile plastered on your face… Lucifer was getting angry. 
Even now you denied yourself the care and love he was offering. 
Lucifer was not having any of that anymore so he forcefully separated your knees and stood between your thighs. You tried to push him away but it didn't work. One hand grabs your waist tightly. He remembers to loosen though when you wince. With the other he cups your face. You could see on his face he wasn't liking this behaviour. 
You still don’t want his care… this was your fault why should he have to clean up your mess so again you push at him. Though he didn't move you could tell he had had enough. 
He caught both your wrists in one of his hands and pressed them to your chest. The other arm went around to the small of your back and he pushed you further to the edge of the counter, as he forced your legs farther apart with his body. Your eyes were level with his. 
“This is your last warning M/C… try that again and you will not like the consequences. Now we aren't moving from this position until you stop running from me and say what you need to.” 
It took a total of 6 mins of staying in that position showing you how serious he was. You gave in and even though you still didn't look at him you muttered the words that were weighing heavy. 
“I am so sorry!” You sniffled. Lucifer is surprised, “What need do you have for apologising M/C… if anything those demons should be apologising...Not you!”  
“No but I should be sorry because I am so burdensome for you and the others” your voice now louder as you start to sob “I mean one day I was left on my own and you ended up having to come and save me, get your hands dirty, ruin your clothes, probably get more paperwork, carry me which is no easy fucking feat and now bandage me up. To top it off I cause you all so much time, worry and effort when you could clearly put those things to better use on things that are way more important. I mean those demons were right… every word they said about my self worth rang with truth! it is true and I make so much work for you and the most annoying fucking part about this is I don't even know what I can do in return and I just… I don't know… I mean out of all the candidates you picked the most annoying and time consuming one… I just – I am sorry… I… Ill try to be better I promise… Just don't send me back” you mutter the last words and Lucifer basically dies on the inside. He had to stop himself from facepalming. 
Here you are bruised and battered up and in need of medical care and yet you are worried about him and the boys. You don't realise that after having spent the better half of every day with you and coming to love you that to care for you was a gift for every one of them and most especially for Lucifer. Even though your relationship was new it meant a lot to him and even though he was not one to coddle and dote extensively over someone he wanted too for you.
His emotions take over and he presses his lips to yours with no regard for anything else. He pours what he feels into this one moment and even that is just an iota of what he feels for you and yet it is so much. Your squeak is absorbed by his mouth as he nibbles on your lip, you let him in and your tongues dance for dominance before he wins. However you wince and pull away, you hands coming to see your torso and specks of blood becoming bigger. He sighed they will continue this conversation after he knew you wouldn't die from blood-loss.
“What you just said along with what you had said to me earlier when trying to save the demons is a mindset that I will in no way tolerate…Understand? However it is a longer conversation and so we will have it once you are cleaned up and rested.” 
You had been looking at his chest and did not respond. “Yes?” he asked pulling your face up to meet his. 
You nodded your head. He could see the pout on your lips and he smiled on the inside. You looked like an angry Lion cub. He pecked your lips before trailing kisses down your neck. 
He whispered against your neck “Use your words my love.” 
“Yes Luci”
“Good girl” he praises. 
He pulls away enough now to undress you. First your blazer, then tie followed by your shirt. He leaves your bra for later before bending down to your feet. He removes your shoes. He rolls down your knee high socks, leaving small butterfly kisses. He then helps you hop down. He unzips your skirt and lets it fall to the floor. He then takes your arms and wraps them around his neck and though you have to tip toe you somehow manage. He rests his head on your shoulder and leaves more feather light pecks as he unhooks your bra and you both let it fall between you. His lips follow down your arm as his own come to your hips. He starts to shimmy your panties of you and when you step out of them Lucifer wastes no time in hefting you into his arms. 
It caught you by surprise as you squeal. You forget just how strong this demon really was. You wrap your legs around his waist and you can feel your most sensitive bits placed against his own. You bit your lip and nuzzle his neck. He carried you like a baby to the bath tub where you didn't even notice the water had been filled. This was not the first time you had bathed together, as it was the one place both of you got peace. So when he placed you in the tub and did not join you frowned.
“You have taken care of me love… let me return the favour” 
You smiled even though you already started to feel the guilt gnaw at you. Lucifer did not for one minute miss that as he very quickly made you look him in the eyes. There was a warning and so you did your best to let it go or rather to hide it. The warmth of the water was welcome the stinging of your cuts though was not and before you could squirm and wriggle Lucifer quickly placed his hands on your shoulders. 
“There are drops of rubbing alcohol in there love… it will help trust me” 
So you sit it out until the stinging stops 
Lucifer collected your favourite soaps and shampoos and a washcloth along with a small cup. He filled the cup with water and let your hair soak in the water. He let the shampoo foam as as he slowly washed you hair. He then dipped the washcloth in water and then putting soap on it he very gently cleaned your body. It was such an intimate act and you felt so much closer to him but there was still some shyness and worry in you. He continued with his gentle movements until the water was cold and then he got up to get a towel. 
You stood up on shaky legs trying not to fall as lucifer wrapped you up and again carried you to the counter. If he continued this carrying business you might get too used to it. He again sat you on the counter. He then bent down and started bandaging everything even the smallest of cuts. He noticed the cuts and bruises on your thighs and the thought occurred to him that those demons might have tried more than just beating you up… and you said you deserved it. He held back though. 
Lucifer’s eyes lingered on your throat where purple handprints were forming completely hiding the love bites he had left not two nights earlier. Something to remedy later. He finally reached your face and his heart stopped at how beautiful you were. Despite the cut on your lip, cheek and forehead. Despite the bruise growing on your chin. You held a small smile and your eyes were half lidded. 
Sweet lord 
He was finally done when he places the last plaster on your forehead… it had flowers on them and that made you giggle. He pulled one of his shirts over your head and then placing a kiss on your forehead he told you wait there. 
He changed. (Stopping to swat your hands away from fiddling with your bandages) 
Finally when he was dressed in lounge clothes, you hopped off the counter but you hadn't made it one step before Lucifer was in your space, his eyes disapproving. He lifted you with ease and again carried you into his room. 
“You know if you continue to carry me so much, I might just get too used to it.” Your voice having a teasing lilt as you looked up at him. 
“If I had known thats what it took for you to accept care, I would have started a long time back” 
His comment left you puzzled… accept care. He plopped you on the bed. Went and shut the curtains and then fell onto the bed with you. He sat against the headboard while you were at the end of the bed. His legs spread out with a space in between. You crawled to him and were about to turn your back to him, thats how he loved to sit with you. He had once told you it put him at peace because he could surround you and he knew no harm could come to you but right now he shook his head. It took a moment but you understood… he wanted you to straddle him. 
Your blush was now prominent as it crept down your neck, especially considering you weren't wearing any panties. However you are well aware Lucifer isn't a patient man and so you made your way onto him. You knees on either side, your back straight… it still took too long for Lucifer as he pulled you down onto his lap. Your unclothed groin pressed into his, and his hands gripped you just above your bottom. You were face to face with him. You felt your body sagging as the exhaustion rolled over you… god you were tired. 
Lucifer wrapped an arm around your chest as he firmly pressed your bodies together, but with a quick tug he pulled your face out of his shoulder. Lucifer almost gave in to letting you fall asleep with how you were looking at him. Eyes lidded but still sparkling with admiration, appreciation, relief and love. The flowery bandages stark against your skin. A light blush spread across your cheeks and finally your lips that looked sinful. But no this was a conversation that if not had right now would lose its impact on you. 
“Now I am going to speak and you are going to sit and listen patiently… yes?” 
“Yes Luci” 
“You’ll talk when i ask a question or when I have finished?”
“That wasn't a reply my beloved” He said tapping your chin. 
“Yes Luci” 
“I understand growing up you had a difficult time with everyone, you felt worthless, you felt like a waste of space, a waste of time, you felt you didn't deserve the care and love of others. You felt like just saying hello meant you were annoying and that anyone who you had any form of interaction with was because they were forced to do so not because they wanted to. You felt no matter how much effort you put into anything it would never be enough, You would never be enough. You grew up apologising for anything and everything because you blamed yourself for every negative facet of your life and the lives of your loved ones.You apologised for just existing… 
On one hand I cant help but be proud of you, you came so far and despite having this mindset you never stop smiling, you bring this light wherever you go and no matter how dark a place is you light it up. You sparkle with happiness despite having only gotten dealt a bad hand time and time again by life. Its made you such a kind, loving, forgiving and compassionate person… the kind of person my brothers and I have needed all our lives here… but on the other hand I am so angry. Angry because I am at my wits end on how to show you that you deserve every ounce of love care and compassion that you don't see every person you meet is willing to give you. You deserve everything good you deny yourself and not just because you are an amazing being but just because you are you. You don't have to give up a part of yourself and worth to be accepted you are already accepted… today when you stopped me from taking the life of those lowly demons the only reason I stoped was because I wanted to be able to tell you as soon as I can… you are and will always will be worth every second of my attention, you are worth every fight and every bruise, you are not burdensome and you certainly are not too much to handle, You deserve so much… even now I am at a loss of words because there are no words to describe the true extent life should offer you…” 
Lucifer savoured your expression as you looked at him with just pure and utter shock. For a minute he worried he broke your poor brain but then he continued. “I’ve been hurt many times in life but nothing has hurt me more than when you looked up at me, your face bruised and battered and told me that you probably deserved it. I am a demon M/C I will be the first to deal out punishment to those who deserve it but you M/C… to say you deserve that is the biggest sin you have ever committed. It hurt me even more when i saw cuts and bruises on your inner thighs… do not take me for a fool, I know what they must have done what they must have said and for you to deserve it… M/C that is something I just cannot forgive and forget. Its a crime that in Devildom even the highest of demons cannot escape and for you to even briefly think that you deserve it…You know if Lord DIavolo found this out not only would the demons be dead you would get it from him… But my point is M/C is I cant take this anymore I know this is how You’ve grown up but please… For me M/C it need to change yes?” Lucifer looked at you expectantly. 
He bought one of you hands and place it over his heart and held it there… 
“I need you to do this for me? Please my beloved.”
“I’ll try my best Lucifer, i cant promise it will happen now or even in a few months but I promise ill try… if that okay?” 
He held your gaze before giving you one of the prettiest smiles you have ever seen. 
“That is all I ask for my love” 
He pressed his lips to your forehead, he then kissed your nose making you giggle, then he moved to your cheeks, Finally your lips and he playfully pulled on them. But before you could continue he pulled away. 
“Rest now love, we still have much more I need to lecture you on and we will continue this game tomorrow” 
He smirked. His face holding promises you know he would keep. 
“Don't think I haven't forgotten your punishment” your eyes widened. 
“Punishment?” you squeaked. 
He slowly laid the both of you down, still clutching you to his chest 
“Why of course? Lets count shall we? Squirming when I carried you here, pushing me away three times, cursing twice… you have been misbehaving quite a bit...” 
He kissed your shoulder as you swallowed. But you didn't have enough time to ponder because when he shut the lights you could feel yourself drifting away. The last thing you remember was Lucifer whispering 
“I love you...please accept it!”
I hope you guys like it and let me know if you want a part 3 which will be smutty!!! 
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beels-burger-babe · a month ago
Mind Your Traps
Tumblr media
*** Ester, words cannot describe how much I love this request. When I saw it, I'm lucky no one was home, because I was cackling like a fricking gremlin. Thank you for giving me this glorious prompt. I hope you enjoy @ester-is-here***
Summary: After a few nights of Mammon consistently trying to break into his room and steal his cursed records, Lucifer decided to put up a trap for him. When he sees it's been triggered later that day, he just grins and carries on with his work, imagining the suffering his brother must be going through. It's not until his brothers start panicking and he sees Mammon panicking with them that he realizes he messed up...big time.
You shot up out of your bed, eyes wide in fear as your chest heaved with panic.
A nightmare; a bad one at that.
It seemed the longer you were in the Devidom, the more you would get them. Sometimes they were about the different traumas you had suffered in the human world. Other times they were based on one of the many incidents that had happened down here; whether that was experiencing your death at the hands of one of your lovers over and over again, or conjuring up the brothers being forced through some form of torture.
You bit back sobs and pressed a hand over your face to muffle the sound. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes as you attempted to take deep breaths to calm yourself.
There was no way you'd be falling back asleep that night. But luckily for you, there was another insomniac in the house.
With shaky legs, you pulled yourself out of the bed and slowly made your way to Lucifer's room. You knew he'd probably be fussing over paperwork and working away as he had mentioned having to go over new protocols during supper. You just hoped that your boyfriend wouldn't mind the interruption too badly.
You went to step up to his door, but the moment your foot hit the rug in front of his office, you felt your muscles freeze. A burning hot sensation climbed up your limbs causing you to cry out before you heard a loud crack! The air tightened around you and the room blurred. When everything came back into focus, you were falling from at least ten feet in the air.
You screamed and tried to position yourself to land properly, but you weren't fast enough. With a sickening snap, you felt your ankle give out underneath you. The cries that you had been holding back came out at full force as you trembled in pain, exhaustion, and fear.
Too out of it to be aware of your surroundings, you hadn't noticed the shift in the shadows, the sound of heavy footsteps walking towards you. It wasn't until a gust of warm, wet breath hit for face and a low growl finally pierced your panic-driven mind that you looked up and found three sets of glaring red eyes staring back at you.
The brothers all made their way around the breakfast table with varying degrees of consciousness. The only two people not at there were you and Lucifer.
Food was slowly passed around and divided among them with little to no conversation happening. It wasn't until Beelzebub shook a sleeping Belphegore awake, that someone finally spoke up. Belphie glanced around the table before frowning at your absence. "I'm not the only one who heard a yelp last night, right? Specifically a MC yelp?" Everyone froze and looked at Belphegore as he continued, "There's a chance it was a dream, but I could've sworn I heard them cry out in the middle of the night."
Asmodeus furrowed his brow in thought. "I don't think I heard anything, but I'm a pretty deep sleeper. Beauty sleep and all."
Everyone turned to look at Levi, as the otaku was notorious for his all-night gaming sessions. Leviathan blushed and looked at his plate. "I had my headphones on all night. I-I didn't hear anything besides the sweet sound of Ruri-Chan's voice."
Satan leaned back in his chair and held a finger under his chin. "The only other person, besides the two of you, who is usually up that late is Lucifer. Considering the two of them are missing currently, I wouldn't say it's unrealistic to assume that MC had a nightmare last night and went to Lucifer for comfort. You know how soft he is for them. They're probably sleeping in."
Leviathan huffed and stabbed a piece of fruit, obviously jealous that you had gone to Lucifer out of all the brothers.
Mammon made a similar noise and took a bite from his breakfast, "Yeah well, as long they're gettin' some sleep." Everyone looked at him strangely, obviously curious about the open show of concern. Mammon blushed and looked away from the staring eyes, "J-Just cause they're cranky when they're tired and it ain't no fun they're upset like that."
Asmodeus snorted and shook his head. "When will you stop covering up your feelings like that? You obviously love MC, Mammon. We all do. That's why we're dating them."
Mammon grumbled to himself and dug into his food, purposefully ignoring his brothers' laughter as they mocked his tsundere behaviour.
They carried on with their day, completely ignorant to the fact that you weren't, in fact, with Lucifer.
Lucifer finally came out of his office around lunchtime.
He had holed himself up there this morning after having his first peaceful sleep all week. Lucifer's few hours of sleep had been interrupted every night that week by a particularly greedy Mammon who had been trying to steal an expensive cursed record he had recently acquired.
But not last night.
Lucifer had prepared for Mammon and set up a trap for him. To his great pleasure, Lucifer had found it triggered this morning. He went to work smiling and productive, knowing that Mammon would learn the hard way to stay away from his room.
The eldest hummed to himself cheerfully as he entered the kitchen. He had just begun to assemble a sandwich when Satan entered.
Satan seemed to pay him no mind at first but then did a double-take as though realizing something. He glanced at Lucifer's sandwich, frowning, before peering around him.
Lucifer sighed and turned to face him. "Is there something about my lunch that is particularly bothersome to you?"
Satan's eyes glinted with annoyance as he continued to look around Lucifer. "Yes, actually. I was just wondering if you were planning on keeping MC with you all day and why you weren't making them lunch when I know for a fact that they haven't eaten all day," his arms crossed over his chest; clearly displeased with the alleged mistreatment of their partner.
It was Lucifer's turn to frown as he raised an eyebrow at Satan. "What are you talking about? I haven't seen MC since yesterday."
Satan's eyes widened and he moved towards Lucifer. The firstborn was shocked at the sudden distress and concern that coated Satan's expression. "You really haven't seen them all day? They didn't go to you last night?"
The repeated question caused even more suspicion to arise inside of Lucifer, especially since the situation involved his beloved. "No, not at all. Satan, what is going on?"
Satan took a step back and froze. His thoughts ran rapid, trying to think of all the possibilities of where you might be or what might've happened to you. If you weren't with Lucifer and no one had seen you all day, that only left a few options and none of them were good.
He turned to Lucifer. "MC and you were the only two not at breakfast this morning. We had all assumed that they were with you. But if they aren't and they haven't been with any of us..."
Lucifer's eyes widened in understanding before his brain picked up on something within Satan's words. "Wait, only MC and I were missing? Mammon was too, correct?"
Satan tensed and narrowed his eyes at his elder. "No. He was there being his normal stupid self. Where did you think he would be?"
Lucifer paled as the dots connected in his head. "Get the others. Now! I think I know where MC is," without waiting for a response, Lucifer took off towards his room, dread and regret swirling faster and faster in his stomach with every step he took.
All seven brothers stood furious around the rune circle in front of Lucifer's door.
"So you mean to tell me," Belphie growled lowly, "that because of your stupid, overly cruel, trap that you failed to warn the rest of us about, MC has most likely been hiding from Cerberus all day, if not being torn to pieces?"
Everyone flinched at the mental image.
Lucifer glared right back at him, "I wouldn't even have a need for such a trap if Mammon hadn't been such a greedy scumbag and continuously attempted to break into my room."
Mammon sneered at his brother and shoved him out of the way as he stormed towards the front entrance. "Yeah yeah. Blame it on me. That's what your best at. We ain't got time for arguin'. I don't know about you all of you, but I'm going to make sure that my significant other isn't dead because someone can't figure out how to punish people without at least half a pint of their blood spillin'."
It was obvious Mammon was pissed. They all were. But deep down, he couldn't help but feel partly responsible. Lucifer was right. The trap wouldn't even exist he hadn't been such a screw-up all the time.
As much as the others wanted to yell at Lucifer and demand how he could be so careless with something so dangerous when you, their precious fragile human, lived under the same roof as them, they knew they didn't have time to.
Time was of the essence. If there was any chance that you were still alive, you would most likely be greatly injured. They needed to get to you and get you help as soon as possible.
The brothers rushed through the gardens to the heavily locked back courtyard where Cerberus lived.
Lucifer began to cite the unlocking incantation, but Beelzebub couldn't wait, not when he knew that you could be in pain. He roared as he slammed his foot down on the lock of the door and broke open the metal door. Without waiting for the others, he surged forwards.
"MC?!" He called out, his eyes scanning the ground for any sign of you. "MC where are-" Beelzebub stumbled to a stop, his brothers slamming against his back, as he choked at the sight in front of him.
Cerberus laid asleep, just outside of his dog house. Laying unmoving between his huge paws with your foot twisted at a gruesome angle, was you. Your skin was pale, and coated in dirt. Your eyes were closed, and your face twisted in discomfort. From where your lovers were standing, you looked dead.
"O-Oh my God." Asmodeus breathed, his voice tight with tears as he looked at you.
Leviathan shook his head as he felt panic fill his chest. "Th-This has to be a dream right? Th-They can't actually...They aren't..."
A loud growl tore from Satan's throat as his demon form flickered into existence. He bared his claws and teeth, red filling his vision as he darted towards Cerberus with the intent to kill.
Before he could get too close, one of Cerberus's ears perked at the sound of the air shifting. He looked up and spotted the threat. His eyes narrowed dangerously and barked at Satan before sending him flying against the wall with a swipe of his paw.
"Satan!" Asmodeus rushed over to his brother, while the others quickly changed to their demon forms. Ready to fight Cerberus, and at the very least, get your body back.
The monstrous-sized dog took note of their defensive state and rumbled dangerously as he rose to his feet. Keeping your body between his paws as though you were a bone that they were attempting to take from him.
Lucifer felt sick at the sight and glared at his pet. "Cerberus! Stand down!" he commanded.
To his surprise, the dog's growls grew volume as one of his heads snapped at him.
A small groan caught everyone's attention.
In an instant, all of Cerberus's ears perked up as he turned away from the brothers and gently laid down to sniff at your body and whimper.
Mammon tried to charge forward, clearly thinking that beast was about to eat you, but Beel quickly caught him. "Wait," he pleaded, "I...I think he's helping them."
The brothers nearly collapsed in both relief and shock as they saw your eyes flutter open. As if the fact that you were alive wasn't enough of a surprise for their poor hearts, you smiled softly at the monster and reached out two arms to scratch two of his heads. "What's got you all worked up boy, huh? I'm trying to sleep here you know."
The boys' jaws dropped and the head that you weren't paying attention to barked and licked the side of your face, causing you to giggle. For Diavolo's sake, his tail was wagging!
"M-MC?" Levi finally stuttered out.
Both you and Cerberus turned to look at them. Your eyes widened as you finally noticed their arrival and you smiled brightly, while Cerberus's ears tilted back and growled in warning. You patted the dog's head. "Easy, Cerb. They're just here to help me," he glanced between you and the demons as though he was unsure and let out a whine that none of the brothers had ever heard him make. You just laughed and nuzzled one of his heads. "Thank you for protecting me, boy. Such a good guard dog. Yes, you are! My sweet boy!"
The brothers could only watch in bewilderment as Cerberus barked happily and gently nudged you back onto your feet.
With the oversized puppy satisfied you turned to the brothers. "So you figured out where I am, huh?" you laughed, but the sound didn't meet your eyes. "I-I was pretty scared, not gonna lie. I don't even know how I ended up here, or if anyone knew where I was or how long I'd be stuck here. Cerberus was great company though." The dog yipped at the mention of him.
Lucifer swallowed down the guilt that weighed heavily in his chest. "MC. We need to check you for injuries. Could make your way over to us? I don't believe Cerberus will let us any closer."
You frowned at the serious tone in his voice and gave Cerberus one final pat before limping over to the brothers.
The moment you were out of Cerberus's reach the brothers were crowding you, speaking over one another. Some were crying, others were shouting, some just held you and you mumbling to themselves.
You felt yourself become flooded with concern and worry as you gently kissed the top of Leviathan’s (the otaku was clinging onto your waist as he sobbed into your shirt). "Woah, everyone calm down. I'm alright, really!"
Mammon snarled as his hurt gaze frantically bore into yours. Your heart broke at the tears dripping down his cheeks. "We thought you were dead, MC! You were laying there, not movin' underneath Cerbeus a-and we thought we were too late! That Lucifer's stupid trap had killed ya!"
You pulled him in for a hug, and tightly held onto his shivering body as he cried against your shoulder. The distress of the brothers suddenly made complete sense. "I'm alive, loves. I'm safe and I'm alive." You reached an arm over to pat Beel's hand from where it was squeezing your shoulder. "Cerberus never hurt me. Sure he growled a little when I first fell into his yard. But, um, but I guess he just liked my vibe. He cuddled with me and let me sleep on his paw."
You decided now wasn't the time to tell them that what really caught the dog's attention was your cries. He noticed your obvious distress and your injury and tried to calm you. By the time you stopped crying, the dog had become attached and protective over you.
Still, Belphie frowned at your words. "What do you mean fell in here? Is that what happened to your leg?" he sneered at Lucifer who, you noticed, hadn't even approached the group. "Just how sadistic did you make that fucking spell?"
You paused as your brain finally processed what the boys were saying. You spent half a day, shivering, crying, and injured outside because of some kind of trap Lucifer made.
The firstborn looked defeated in a way you had never saw him. He stared at the ground with brow furrowed and head dropped in shame. His shaking fists were clenched so tightly that you just knew his nails must be breaking the skin of his palms.
"Lucifer?" He refused to look at you.
Satan scoffed and kissed your cheek as he nuzzled your shoulder. "Pathetic. He won't even admit it. Not even when it's his recklessness that could've killed you," Lucifer flinched at the venom in Satan's words. "Lucifer Morningstar and his fucking pride in all its glory."
"Enough," you ordered, causing everyone to look up at you in confusion. Your gaze wasn't angry or upset, simply stern. "I understand you're angry because of what happened, but look at him. He knows that he messed up. There's no need to rub it in even further."
Asmodeus whined and nudged your neck with his nose. "But MC! It was his trap for Mammon that got you hurt!"
You paused at that. You had no doubt that if it was Mammon that landed here and not you, Cerberus wouldn't have been nearly as friendly. Mammon would have been seriously injured.
"Is that true?"
Lucifer's knuckles turned white as he tightened his fists. "Yes," his eyes didn't once lift off the ground.
You inhaled sharply at his confession and held onto Mammon a little tighter. This had to stop. The brothers constantly going at one another with no regard for each other's safety had to end now. "Tell me Lucifer, why is it so wrong for me to have fallen through such a dangerous trap, but perfectly fine for your younger brother?" you frowned as he remained silent and sighed. "You boys have to stop this."
A couple of them squawked in defence at the accusation in tone as they finally began to release you from their tight grasps.
You held up a hand to silence them. "No. It's not right for you to always be hurting one another, whether that's verbally or physically," your gaze turned desperate as you looked at them. "Do you have any idea how much it hurts to see my boyfriends always degrading one another? How much it hurts knowing that you would laugh if one of your brothers came home bleeding?" they all looked away in shame. You crossed your arms over your chest, "I love you. All of you. I would spend my last breath defending you and doing everything I can to make you happy, just like I know you would me. But what am I supposed to do when it's one of my partners that is the reason that the other is sobbing into my lap?"
The lords were quiet as they took in your words. Guilt filled each of them as they thought of the way they had been treating one another.
"We're sorry MC," Beelzebub apologized, his eyes glistening in pain and disgust with himself.
You gave him a small smile. "Beel, darling, I love you and thank you for the apology, but you're probably the one with the least to apologize for. Besides, I'm not the one you should all be apologizing to, it's each other."
Asmodeus groaned and dramatically dropped his head on your shoulder, "Why are you always right?"
You giggled and ruffled his hair, "Because I know my boys, and I know that deep down you all love one another and would be horrified if one of you really were injured."
"MC's right," everyone whipped around to look at Lucifer in shock. He stared at the group, his head held high. His eyes were sharp with regret and remorse. It was clear to all present that your words had gotten through to him. "I, more so than everyone else, need to apologize for how I've mistreated all of you," he walked up to the group and lightly placed a hand on your elbow as he looked at the others. "Though perhaps we can continue this conversation inside? MC hasn't had anything to eat today, and I'd like to get their ankle checked. After that, I promise, I will sit down with you all and discuss this."
Though some of the brothers seemed reluctant to hold off the discussion, they silently agreed that your safety and health were most important.
Beel scooped you up in his arms and carried you back inside as Asmodeus walked by his side ranting about the spa treatment he was going to give you to get the dirt off your skin.
That night was one of the most open and vulnerable nights that the brothers had ever had with one another. Following Lucifer's lead, they each confessed their sins and expressed their pain. Though it didn't fix everything, it was a step in the right direction, and you couldn't be prouder of your boys.
***I feel kind of iffy about the ending, but I hope you enjoyed!! Excuse any weird formatting. I typed out most of this on my phone and will be going through it to edit when I get home! In the meantime, I hope you liked it @ester-is-here and thank you for this wonderful request!***
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plumeriaheart · a year ago
Cosplay Surprise [Leviathan/F!Reader]
This is the third(???) smut fic I’ve written and I still feel awkward about it rip... But also, Levi is a precious boy!!! Pls I just wanna make him flustered for days and shower him in love and affection!!!
FANDOM: Obey Me!
RATING: smut with some fluffy undertones~ 
Perhaps you had been in over your head when you ordered the costume and wig from Akuzon, but when the packages arrive at your doorstep, you feel like you have to go through with it. What's the worst thing that could happen? Leviathan would call you a normie, but that's nothing new. You don't think he'd be mad at you for trying to cosplay one of his favourite idols – at least you hope he wouldn't be. As long as the cosplay doesn't look cheap, you should be fine, right? Now it's just a matter of trying the costume on and making sure you look as similar to Ruri-chan as possible.
You're happy to find that both the costume and the wig seem to be of acceptable quality; Leviathan would have your head if you dared to wear a cheap costume of his beloved Ruri-chan. The fabric envelopes you in a soft hug, complimenting your best features. You don't recognise yourself in the mirror at first, so unusual does the long blonde hair and the green outfit look on you – but you find that it doesn't look bad, per se.
Grabbing your D.D.D., you scroll through your contacts and select Leviathan, sending him a text to ask whether you could come over to his room right now. You don't expect him to reply straight away, knowing that he might be busy with one of his games, and in the meantime, you could see if you could put on some make-up to make the cosplay perfect. But before you can even grab your make-up bag, your D.D.D. rings, and upon glancing at the screen you see one text message from Leviathan.
Leviachan: Perfect timing, I could use your help with some co-op dungeons. The door's unlocked :thumbsup:
His words bring a smile to your face, imagining what kind of reactions you'd get from him. You're not against playing games with him, but if he reacts to your cosplay the way you want him to, there would be something more important to do.
You listen at the door to hear if anybody is out and about before you leave your room, quickly making your way to your boyfriend's room. You knock to signal you're there, but don't wait for a response – he did say his door was unlocked. In true Leviathan fashion, he doesn't turn around right away to greet you, mumbling a quick 'Hey' as he's executing something that looks like a complicated combat combo. You remain by the door for a couple of seconds, taking a deep breath and finally going to join the demon by his desk.
Your eyes quietly follow his character on the screen, watching as he decimates a group of goblins – he must be nearing the final boss of this dungeon, and you know better than to interrupt him during an important battle like that. It doesn't bother you, you enjoy watching him play. Watching him do something that makes him as happy and as focused as this warms your heart, and though you came to his room with less pure intentions, you don't mind waiting if he looks this into it. You may also be curious to see how long it takes for him to notice the way you look.
"This boss fight shouldn't take long. I managed to get my hands on the legendary sword of ruination – it has a drop rate of 0.1 percent! Isn't it awesome?! The cursed flame enchantment should be strong enough to one hit regular enemies, but this boss here is special! He casts a drain health curse on you when you enter his dungeon and to lift it you have to defeat him. If you can't defeat him and have to leave so you can level up first, the curse is gonna stay on you! lol I bet so many noobs got killed by this boss when it's SO easy once you think about it!"
His eyes are glued to the screen as he enters what seems to be the final stage of the dungeon, the music picking up in pace and a brief cutscene commences. Something that looks like a giant mutated version of the goblins he fought before appears, clad in spiked armour and wielding a giant axe which seems to be emitting green smoke. Before you know it, you find your own eyes glued to the screen, rooting for your boyfriend to win the challenge ahead of him. He furrows his brows as he smashes the keys more aggressively, then finally lets out a sigh of relief when the boss goes down in one final move. He's about to turn his head and show you a brilliant smile when he suddenly freezes – finally, he notices what you look like right now.
"R-Ru-Ruri-chan?!" He squeals, eyes wide open and cheeks burning red. As much as he tries to hide his blush behind his hand, it's still visible to you. His eyes flit from your hair down to your face, and finally to your outfit. He's not sure where he's supposed to look, there's so much to take in.
"Do you like it, Leviachan?" You ask in a singsong voice, putting on a sweet smile and tilting your head to the side. The demon lets out a whimper, unable to form any words. "I thought I could make you happy by cosplaying as Ruri-chan..." As you come closer, he reacts by leaning back. His eyes roam your figure, taking in every detail of your appearance and you believe you've never seen him blush so aggressively. He looks at you with a mixture of disbelief, shyness, and even lust.
Would you really do something like that for someone like him? He can't believe it, and for a few seconds, he just keeps blinking, afraid he might wake up and find his room void of you. But you're sitting in front of him, looking at him with an uncertain smile. Quick, he has to say something before you get the wrong idea!
"R-really? For… For me?" The words come out more unsteady than he wanted them to, and he curses himself mentally. But then you give him a reassuring smile, a nod, and he's over the moon. In one quick motion, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close, burying his head in the crook of your neck. Leviathan can't find the words to describe how touched he is, but he's certain you can feel his heartbeat racing against your chest. Hell, he'd be surprised if you couldn't hear it at this rate.
You don't make any attempts to move, instead combing your fingers through his hair reassuringly. There is no denying that you enjoy the way he clings to you as if he had to make sure that you're real, that you're his.
"Leviachan?" You hum into his ear, taking pleasure from the way he shivers.
"Y-Yes?" His grip on you only tightens, head nuzzled further against your body.
"You can do more than just hug me, you know?" A chuckle escapes you as he looks up at you, eyes glassy from how flustered he is. Never in a million years would he have thought… Sure, there had been times where he fantasised about his favourite idol, but… Ugh, you're just too good for him! But you're here, in his arms, and the way you smile at him makes his heart flutter – a sudden wave of courage (and maybe desperate need) washes over him before his lips into yours. His kiss is clumsy, nervous and eager, but you've come to love the way his lips feel against yours. When you let your tongue caress his lower lip, he responds with an inevitable moan, allowing your tongue to meet his in a tender dance.
The kiss grows more forceful as he pulls you on his lap, and you can feel the bulge in his pants pressing against your core. Grinding your hips against his crotch, you feel his chest vibrate as he groans against your mouth, and, with one hand gently placed behind your head, he pulls you closer against him. His other hand travels down to your ass, fingers digging into the supple flesh. The sudden intensity of the kiss awakens butterflies in your stomach, your soft moans swallowed by his hungry lips.
He only breaks away to look at your face, to see your flushed cheeks and your lips parted with longing – his own face mirroring your expression perfectly.
"I'm all yours today, Levi," an almost plea falls from your lips, dripping with affection and lust. The tips of his ears tinged a dark shade of red, he nods to himself as if to calm himself down. Any attempt to calm down right now would be futile, you think, but it seems to do the job for him as his lips latch onto the soft skin of your neck, gently nibbling on it before suckling on it. A hot sensation begins to spread from the place where his lips connect with your skin, and you can tell that he'll be leaving a mark on your skin. As if only realising this now, the demon licks along your soft skin, soothing the red spot he created.
"I-Is this… okay?" Levi's voice is laced with uncertainty, and he barely allows his lips to graze your shoulder while awaiting your response.
"Of course it is, Levi – I think it's exciting, seeing you this needy." Your words are accompanied by a slight giggle, running one of your hands down his chest ever so slowly. The way your fingertips create the slightest sensation against his skin lets him crave you more, and when you begin to unzip his pants, he lets out an unholy moan.
"W-Wait..." He breathes, and you do as he says, looking at him with curiosity in your eyes. "Can you… sit on my desk?" When he raises his gaze to meet yours, you can tell how much self-control it took for him to ask this, and who are you to deny him? You meet his lips in a quick peck before you get up, hiking the skirt up at your waist as you sit down on his desk. You lean back a little, watching him get up and placing both of his hands by your hips, his face mere inches away from yours. He gulps, running his left hand over your thigh and inching closer to your core.
You loop your arms behind his neck to keep him close, eyes glued to his face as his confidence begins to grow. With an excited smile, he allows his fingers to run along your panties, and another blush rushes to his cheeks when you let out a content sigh. His fingertips begin to circle your clit through the fabric, and you can hear him take in a sharp breath when he feels your panties growing damp.
"Does… that feel good, MC?" The demon asks, trying out different pressures to see which one can coax out the sweetest reaction from you.
"Do you even have to ask? I love when you touch me, Levi – please, keep going," you whisper, shutting your eyes as you allow the pleasure to run course your body. Your words are music to his ears. With his right hand, he lifts your chin to kiss you; almost getting lost in the moment when you part your lips for him instantly. But you seem to be okay with him being more adventurous today, and so he begins to trail further kisses down your clothed body. He kneels, tugging at your panties, awkwardly fumbling with them before he manages to pull them further down. When his lips connect with your thighs, you've all but forgotten that, focusing instead on the way his mouth inches closer to your aching lips.
He doesn't waste any time and begins lapping at your pussy, allowing himself to savour your taste with every stroke of his tongue. It doesn't take long for your moans to fill his room, along with the lewd sounds of him sloppily licking your pussy. Levi shifts between your legs and before you know it, he's placed your thighs over his shoulders, hugging you closer. His tongue explores your folds with fervour, your essence coating his mouth and chin in the process. It reminds him that you're his, that no one else can taste you nor make you feel this way, and his chest swells with pride. As you tip your head back in pleasure, you run your fingers through his hair, tugging at it and urging him to go faster. Hyper-aware of your needy touches, Levi gives in to your desire.
When he lets out a shuddery moan, you feel it reverberate through your entire body. He goes from eagerly running his tongue along your slit to sucking on your clit, enveloping the sensitive nub with his lips. A jolt of electricity runs through you when he clumsily grazes his teeth against your swollen clit, a choked moan escaping from your lips. Searing heat grows within your body, pooling at your core, and the demon can tell by the way your hips try to buck against his face.
"L-Levi, I'm… ahh, so close," you whine in between moans, and the way you say his name, dripping with pleasure, makes him shudder once more. Spurned on by your involuntary reactions to his tongue's administrations, he finds the confidence to slip his tongue inside of your heat. You arch your back as his muscle teases your core, feeling your walls begin to clench as the unmistakable wave of your impending climax crashes over you. Your fingers curl in his hair when your orgasm crashes down on you, a string of curses falling from your lips. Even through your orgasm, Levi keeps licking at your pussy, driving you to a point of pleasure and ecstasy that makes your vision go blank for a couple of seconds. It's only when the sensation becomes too much that you attempt to clench your legs together, that he stops and looks up at you, admiring the mess that you have become thanks to him.
You are painfully aware that the only sound filling the room is your ragged breathing, but it takes you a few moments to catch your breath. When you look down at Leviathan, you notice his mesmerised gaze – and the fact that he's stroking his cock for you, now freed from the confines of his pants.
"Can… Can you keep your clothes on for… for the next part?" He asks you as he slowly gets up, crimson tingeing his cheeks. Your eyes wander from his dishevelled hair down to his glistening lips, taking note of the way he hungrily licks them, before you nod. Still dazed, he takes your hands and helps you get up, supporting your wobbly legs by swooping you up in his arms. It's easy to forget how powerful Levi really is when he shuts himself in his room most days, his shy nature not doing him many favours in that aspect. But he is the third-born for a reason, you think as you look up at his face.
Gently, he places you down on the ground before he begins grabbing pillows and blankets from the bathtub. He throws them on the ground, arranging them in a way that he believes is comfortable for you. You can't tear your eyes off of him, enthralled by his appearance. You know that he doesn't think much of his looks, belittling himself more often than not, but you think that if he could see himself through your eyes right now, he'd disagree. Such a vulgar image it is, and yet you can't think of any other word than beautiful to describe him.
"W-Why are you looking at me like that…? Do you… Do you not want to go further?" His question snaps you out of your thoughts, a flash of concern washing over his face, and you shake your head right away – you feel yourself aching for his cock to fill you up, a need throbbing deep within your core. The demon looks relieved at your response, and his abashed smile makes your heart skip a beat. Grabbing him by the collar of his hoodie, you pull him closer and your lips crash into his. You can taste your own essence as your tongue slips inside of his mouth, coaxing a muffled moan out of him.
It's all the encouragement he needs as he gently pushes you down, your own hands roaming down his chest and tugging at his hoodie. He gets your hint, he really does, but Levi doesn't seem to be able to tear himself away from you long enough to remove the hoodie. His cock is already aligned at your pussy, the tip of it prodding at your entrance, but despite his need for you, he seems to drown in your kiss instead. There's a hunger in his kiss that takes you by surprise, so unexpected from the usually submissive demon. When your fingers find his length and wrap around him, his entire body shivers. With slow motions, you begin to pump his cock, the heat of it teasing your slit. His hips move intact with your hand without entering you just yet, eliciting a deep growl from the back of his throat. Levi only breaks the kiss to look at you, eyes searching for permission.
"Take off your hoodie and you can fuck me," you say breathlessly, and with a small whimper, he complies. You let your eyes wander his pale skin, watching the way his breath catches in his chest as you work his cock faster, a red flush of passion adorning his fair skin. His gaze finds yours once more, asking for permission and when you finally nod, letting go of his cock, he buries himself inside of you with one swift motion.
The moan falling from your lips fills the entire room, followed by many more as the demon begins to thrust into you at a frantic pace. His strokes are quick and sloppy, hitting all the right spots to make you arch your back in pleasure. With every thrust inside you, you feel your mind growing hazy with lust once more, and the only thing on your mind is him. Levi's eyes remain on you as he fucks you, taking in the way your lips part, the way your tits bounce under your clothes and the way your eyes roll back when his cock hits your sweetest spots.
He's not new to the way your body reacts to him and vice versa, but seeing you in that costume is doing sinful things to him. Once more, he finds himself picking up the speed before he leans down, resting both of his hands next to your head while his face hovers above yours. Instinctively, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into a kiss, moaning his name against his lips.
It's enough for him to lose control of himself entirely, pounding into you as your moans grow in volume. You can feel his climax coming on by the way his thrusts become even more frantic, slamming his cock into you rougher than before, leaving your legs trembling.
His cock twitches inside of you before his hot seed floods your pussy, a surge of heat washing over you. Though his movements slow, he keeps rocking his hips into yours, panting heavily.
"Ahh, s-shit shit, s-sorry," Levi whimpers when his movements come to a halt. You're still breathing heavily, looking up at him with a questioning expression on your face. "You… You d-didn't… I-I mean, was that… was that enough?" You realise that he's apologising for coming before you could, and with how flustered and apologetic he looks, you cannot help but giggle. His eyes widen ever so slightly and he pouts a little, about to protest when you cup his cheeks in your hands.
"Levi, listen to me, okay? You're always enough for me. No one else can make me feel this good, and no one else can make my knees weak in more than just one way." Your words make him whimper again, his lips desperately pressing against yours once more until you're out of breath.
"I-I love you so… so much, MC!" Levi stammers, squeezing his eyes shut so you don't see him tearing up over his emotions.
"More than Ruri-chan?" You hum teasingly, not expecting any answer as you give him a quick kiss.
"Y-YES!" He almost shouts, only realising how loud his words were after they left his mouth. "S-Sorry," he adds, more quietly this time. How can he make such a fool out of himself when you're beneath him, looking like the epitome of beauty and passion?! Not too mention, he's still inside of you and – oh god, he's so embarrassed! The only thing stopping him from crawling into a hole to mope is the way you look at him, so much affection in your gaze that warms his heart.
"I love you, too, Leviachan~" You hum with a smile, and all his anxieties seem to wash away just like that. How…?
"I know this wasn't the type of co-op battle you had in mind when you texted me earlier, but… maybe we should go for another round – to grind some exp, you know?"
You can't just say those things without a warning! How is his heart supposed to handle you when you say those things, looking like that!?
His immediate response is a whimper before he presses his lips against yours once more. This time, he's going to complete all of the requirements for this quest.
A/N: I definitely feel like I could’ve done more with the cosplay aspect of this fic, but also, I don’t even know what Ruri rly looks like so who knows?? 
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justmywriting1313 · a year ago
You are Worth it!!! Part 3 (Luci x M/C)
Okie guys here it is the long awaited smutty Part 3 for You are Worth it!! 
Okay, some warnings about this Fic... It is Very Long and Very Smutty!!!! Also it is my first time writing smut so I wasn't really sure but i’ve had to write a smutty piece of writing before for my creative writing course in uni so I think I did okay. so I hope you like it. 
Next thing, the next fic will either be a fic similar to You are Worth it but with Beel or a request that came in for Mammon. If you have requested something please be patient i have so many requests (which i am really happy about and grateful for) and so much work and only so much time in the day. 
I’ve gotten some rude messages about how long its taking for me to post stuff which i think is a bit unfair cause I really write a lot so you guys can get the best fic I can possibly give so if those kind of messages continue then i really will stop taking requests cause at the end of the day my uni and course work is a lot more important...  anywhooo if you are reading this pretty please check out my other fic called Who you are. Its with Beel and I think its really cute as the song i’ve used is very apt for the brothers cause its about someone’s sister dying so yes pretty please show that fic some love anyway here ya gooooo loves!!!! also this is unedited cause reading it over over and made me blush and your girl is tired
Warning: Nudity, oral sex, penetrative sex, light bdsm but not really and language stuff. 
He kissed your shoulder as you swallowed. But you didn't have enough time to ponder because when he shut the lights you could feel yourself drifting away. The last thing you remember was Lucifer whispering 
“I love you...please accept it!”
Lucifer was the first to wake up the following morning and if he didn't know that you and him still had to talk he would have honestly gone right back to sleep never having been more comfortable and relaxed in all of his life. No work on his mind, his DDD far away so even Diavolo couldn't get to him, no-one barging in to complain about Mammon and most importantly Mammon not screaming/complaining first thing in the morning. He could very much get used to this. But what topped the cake was you. He was spooning you. One of his arms wrapped around your shoulders, his hand entangled with yours so it was kind of like you also had one wrapped around yourself. His other around your soft stomach, your back pressed into his chest. He kissed the crown of your head and smelt your hair. It still smelt of shea butter and lemons from the shampoo last night. Some time during last night he had put one of his legs between the both of yours. 
Lucifer smiled as he realised how his subconscious made him do what his conscious brain wouldn't let him do in the day which was find a way to be closer to you. Maybe it was because of decorum, or just to make sure his brothers couldn't tease you or him but he usually held back. Maybe briefly holding your hand or a fleeting kiss to your head. He also realised that that was probably one reason you were hesitant to approach him in the day and for a brief minute he felt guilt. Maybe if you didn't feel the need to help him maintain a sense of decorum you would have called sooner for him or your mission and his to improve your self image would have started a lot earlier. Lucifer made a small decision then that he would stop stopping himself. The thought making him happy, he sat savouring the feeling of just you when he noticed you waking up. 
But maybe not in as positive a way as he or you wanted. 
You started to tense up your back straightening rather than melding to his body, your toes pointing out, the one arm that was holding his around your stomach loosening coming instead to clutch your fist at your heart, the other hand which had been intertwined with his trying to escape his grip. 
Lucifer tightened his fingers and closed his eyes pretending to be asleep. He wanted to see what you would do. In a way he was testing you. If you got up and started cleaning up the messes from yesterday and didn't disturb him then he knew not a word of what he had told you and made you promise to do yesterday had you understood. However if you turned around and waited for him to wake up or in some way just stayed with him then he knew you must have understood something. Luci knew the events from yesterday would probably give you some scary dreams and now he wanted to see if you would seek comfort like he was expecting/ hoping you too. 
You fluttered your eyes open, and after realisation hit you that you were in Lucifers room your heart dropped. You felt your eyes start to water at not just what had happened to you but all the worry and trouble you had caused all the brothers. I mean you were an exchange student who literally managed to get beaten up in the one place she was allowed to be on her own. You felt Luci’s arm around your stomach tighten as he pulled you in to his chest. You unwrapped an arm and brought it up to your face to wipe away the tears that were already rolling down your face. One of your hands was intertwined with Luci’s which he had wrapped around your shoulder. You tried to pull it free but all that resulted in was his hand tightening. Your plan of squirming out of his hold and going back to you room in order to sit and stew in your thoughts on how dumb and troublesome you could be seemed to be put on hold. 
You took in a shuddering breath as you tried your best to calm your racing heart. As you sat and thought over everything, the leg Luci had around your own tightened. You realised that as much as that was your first instinct and it felt like the right thought. it basically went against everything Luci had said last night before you had drifted off. It went against everything you had promised him you would try to do. You were in pain, you were hurting and you knew you both needed and wanted someone… you wanted care. You had promised Luci you would stop denying yourself that. So as much as it went against every one of your instincts that were telling you to run away and hide and not let anyone care because you didn't deserve it… you stayed. 
Instead you took a deep breath hoping not to wake Lucifer up and then took his hand intertwined with yours and kissed the back of it. As you did you managed to get it out of his hold. Rather than getting up the way Lucifer was so scared you were going to do as he felt you move next to him you turned around so you were facing him. You let your fingers softly brush the hair out of his face as you softly sighed closing your eyes. You focused on the warm feeling growing in your chest as you realised just how comfortable you are and just how much you had craved moments like this with Lucifer. 
Its not like they never happened but for Lucifer to let his guard down like this with you was very rare. He was the hard line your relationship in the sense that he had taken on the role of being the ever strong one. He took the role of being the protector, the one who always seemed okay. For him to be vulnerable, for him to trust you enough to sleep next to you was incredibly rare and so you instead focused on those thoughts. You focused on the strong beat of his heart under your fingertips as you placed your hand on his chest. Your eyes opened suddenly but then closed again as you melted further into Lucifer if that was even possible as his soft lips pressed firmly and fiercely against yours. He didn't give you a chance to play games with him as you usually did as his tongue entered your mouth. You moaned into his mouth. The kiss was very different than usual. Luci and your private life was very much into rough sex and usually when he kissed you it mimicked that. But right now despite being rough, there was a gentleness to him. It was both sweet and languid but also strong. You heart was flipping in your chest at this new side to him. 
Finally he pulled away from you and you got a chance to admire him. His pale skin seemed to be glowing, his lips soft albeit a bit red. A light blush covering his cheeks and his eyes. Oh his eyes sparkled but they also seemed so clear… as if he had been awake for a while. The thought of that instantly made you shy.
Lucifer watched in light amusement as you suddenly tucked your chin in as your cheeks burned red. He placed another kiss on your cheek. God you looked fucking heavenly. He wasn't a man to curse but right now words escaped him and so he resorted to the crude language as he looked at your glowing face. The bruises and cuts still there and visible as he had gotten up in the middle of the night to take the bandages out, to air out the wounds… but nothing could pry away from the beauty of you in his head. Your eyes sparkling with relief and relaxation though hints of your earlier mood still fresh on your face with the tear tracks marring your cheeks. He brought his hand up and wiped them away.
“Good morning my love” 
“Good morning Luci… sleep well?” 
You asked not knowing what else to say. Your relationship was still new and so you were a bit at loss for what to do.  He laughed at your question as you fiddled with the bottom of his sleep shirt. Your coyness ever so endearing. Lucifer’s mood though could not been brought down currently cause you had stuck around. You did what you had promised him. 
“I most certainly did… though by the looks of these tear tracks it seems like you did not…”
He trails off again hoping you'll be honest with your answer and continue the good work you were  doing. You looked at him debating… 
“I slept well… the waking up was harder…”
“And why was that…” 
“Because I started thinking of how annoying and burdensome I had been and how much trouble I had caused and how I probably should get up and clean to make up for it… but then…”
He urges you to continue by trailing kisses down your neck. One hand pushing up your face the other resting under his shirt you had worn on your hip. His thumb making small circles. 
“But then I thought about how it went against everything you had asked of me yesterday and how it went against everything I promised you I would try to do… like accept care.” 
You gasped as his lips found the sensitive spot just below your ear, His teeth lightly nipping at it. Though he was careful and soft given you still had the purple bruises of someone else is hand he would fix that in a weeks time. You started to lightly squirm as he continued his ministrations down your throat and now to your collar bones. However he stopped to look at you, his eyes holding a mischievous glint. 
“Go on…”
“Okay so umm not to focus on the bad thoughts I ummm I turned to look at you and try to focus on the uhnnn good feelings…”
He had now turned you to lay flat on your back as he climbed over you, supporting himself on his knees. He peppered kisses over the curves of your breasts stopping when you made noises. He would sit at those sensitive spots. As much as you liked it you really wanted to feel his mouth and tongue on a different part of your body. But right before he got to your nipples that were rock hard and poking through the thin white shirt he stopped. He looked up at you. 
“Mhmmm good feelings you say? Good feelings like what exactly?”
You looked at anywhere but him feeling embarrassed not just with the way he was looking at you but because he seemed to be doing all the work even now and you so badly wanted to make him feel good. But Luci wasn't having that as he pulled your face to look down at him, he once again continued kissing your breasts through the shirt... everywhere but your nipples. With a shuddering breath you continued as you understood the game. 
“Uhnhhhhh feelings like, the warmth of your body next to mine…. Umm the way your arms made me feel safe and protected… like noone could ever hurt me. Umm, the beat of your heart and how strong it is… ummm the fact that  you're very pretty when you wake up… hmm the fact that you trust me enough to be soft with em and just sleep the way you dii-iiid.”
You barely got the words out as Lucifer had finally started to work his tongue around your nipple softly sucking and tugging it. He made sure you were looking him in the eyes as he held your face in one hand. The other and started running up and down your thigh as he slowly spread your legs. You had been feeling your wetness for the past few minutes and you felt your face heat up at the thought of him feeling just how wet you are. He finally left your nipple with a pop
“Good girl” 
He praised you as he made his way over to your other nipple. You whimpered in both excitement and sensitivity as he went much faster with this one. Biting a bit harder and tugging a bit more. He hooked one of his hands under one of your legs as he lifted it up. Softly scraping his nails under on the back of your thigh. You were now a whimpering and squirming mess under him as you felt you pussy pressed right above his hardening length. 
“I am so proud of you did so well and thank you for keeping your promise”
He muttered the words as he finally gave you a small minute of a break. Instead he sat back and looked at what he could only describe as one of the most beautiful sights he has ever seen. 
Your hair though messy was spread around you, your skin glowing, your lidded eyes again have the look of reverence and love that he was soooo addicted to. Your cheeks burning bright red and your lips swollen both from the kissing and you biting them right now. The shirt he had made you wear falling of your shoulder, your nipples clear as day from where he had sucked on them. The white shirt now clinging onto your skin. Lucifers eyes traveled further down where he had  bunched up the shirt around your waist letting him see the rolls of your stomach that he loved so much. One thick thigh he had made you wrap around his own waist, he held your leg loving the feeling of your skin… and finally your drenched pussy that was on display just for him… it took all of his self control not to speed things up right then and there.  
You squirmed as tried to get out of his hold when you saw him looking at your wetness. His eyes had darkened in lust but that didn't take from your shyness, you felt embarrassed but also you so desperately needed him. You had a hard time reconciling between those two thoughts. Oh but it wasn't that easy getting out… its Lucifer after all. 
He gripped your leg tighter as he hiked it further up his waist. Then taking his hand off when he knew you wouldn't take it of. Something he had made sure of from one look at you that said you wouldn't like the consequences. He let his hands gently brush the lips of your pussy.
You  quivered and when that wicked smile took over his features. Oh boiiii He parted your lips with two of his finger as he watched you drip… all for him. His pride was kicking in big time. He then lay down letting your leg come down. For a minute you were worried he was going to leave you like this… his sadistic tendencies coming out. Instead he held his face right above your pussy and you only had a minute to register what he was doing before you felt him press his tongue flat against your clit as he clamped one arm over your waist to keep you in place. 
Fuck was he strong.
You whimpered and moaned as with the other hand he pushed your leg up higher. He let his tongue wander along your pussy savouring the taste and the sounds that you made, he circled around your clit, then trailed his tongue down to your entrance where he teased you mercilessly. 
The sight of you like this enough for him to finish in his sleep shorts; a squirming, wet, needy and blushy mess all for him. Again he forced himself to stop, instead he pulled away because he had a fun little game in mind. A game that was going to get his point across as firmly as he could but also satisfy his sadistic tendencies. He looked at your flushed face… fuck. He kept himself in control before also lifting your other leg and pulling them both up high before placing them on his shoulders. Your pussy higher up and now Lucifer had full access to it and the growing smirk on his face had you terrified. When you tried to squirm and get out a quick smack to your most sensitive bits had you settling down. 
“Now love, we are going to play a little game yes? I am going to a play with this pretty little pussy of yours… while I do that I am going to ask you questions or ask you to repeat phrases for me… each time you reply and with a correct answer you get closer to cumming… but every time its a wrong answer well then I will back of instead edging you. If by the end you don't answer enough right questions then you don't get to cum and you stay a needy mess until tomorrow but if you do ill let you cum understood?” 
His eyes intense as they looked right into yours while he peppered kisses against your inner thighs. 
Is the only response you can manage. But when Lucifer nipped at the sensitive skin that was so close to your pussy you quickly tried to formulate a response. 
“Ye– yes Lucifer” 
“Good Girl one more thing.. Your hands stay by your sides yes? No touching any part of your body…. now shall we start?”
He settled down in front of you, your legs over his shoulders as one of his hands gripped the flesh of your thighs. The other going over your hips to keep you still something that you had never managed to do. Your were already shaking as nerves built up and he lightly blew on your exposed clit.
“Okay lets start simple shall we? Out of the following things what is it that you are not? a) A waste of space, b) beautiful, c) deserving of love?” 
You tried your best to focus on the question as Lucifer played with your clit rubbing circles around it. Your hands gripped the bedsheet. Your instincts told you to say option b and c but you knew the answer he wanted. 
Fuck he was cruel…  
“Option a’ 
You breathed out But oooh that didn't get you your reward. 
“Its not that easy beloved… I want to hear you say the words” he said as he continued his ministrations
“I am not worthless,” you whimpered out 
“Good girl… what that means is…?”
“I am beautiful and deserving of love” 
You squealed out as Lucifer finally put his tongue where you wanted it most. He played with you mercilessly flicking your clit. One hand coming up to swat your own from playing with your nipples. Instead he twisted your nipple making you gasp and arch your back as his other arm held you still. You could feel the tight coil build in your stomach already. He pulled back though his lips glistening, a string of saliva connecting his mouth to your pussy. 
“Next question; What are you of the following things worthless, undeserving of happiness and care, annoying and burdensome and lastly an absolute ray of sunshine?” 
You moaned as he continued but then he stopped instead raising an eyebrow. You quickly worked through the fog in your brain and as uncomfortable as it felt saying it you still muttered the answer out
“Options D” 
Again a quick smack to your pussy had you squealing the answer out
“An ab– An absolute ray of sunshine...uhnnnnn fuck” 
You gasped, as one hand of his was now teasing your entrance. His fingers running up and down.
“Mhmmm and what that infers is…”
“It infers the things I am not…”
“Which are?” 
“Fuck umm which are…?” You tried so hard to remember
“Time is running out…”
“Umm I am not worthless, underserving of–”
“No I want you to say each statement separately” 
Fuck fuck fuck
“I am not worthless. I am not underserving of happiness and care and I am not annoyING OR BURDENSOME.” 
The last part was again squealed out as this time Lucifer stuck two of his fingers inside you. Lucifer continued to very slowly pump them in and out of you as he leaned over you closer to the bed stand. He pulled out something from the drawer but you couldn't see it and again lost focus as he brought his thumb to rub at your clit. 
“You're doing so well love just a few more of these and you get to cum... Now we are going to move onto repeating after me yes?”
“Yes Lucifer,” 
Comes out of clenched teeth. He pulls his fingers out for a minute, and you are about to whine when he grabs the middle of his shirt and rips it in half so now you are completely bare to him, except for the sleeves.
you exclaim, that was his shirt and you try to voice your thoughts. 
“You could have asked and i could have just take–” 
You gasped loudly not finishing your thoughts. He had stuck his fingers right back inside of you, the slickness of your pussy making it very easy. So much so he added another finger. While you were busy gasping and biting your lip as you moaned, trying so hard to stay still. Lucifer settled back between your legs. You then get to see what his hand was holding and you gasp as he trails the nipple clamps up to your breasts. He clips one on each. 
“Oh love it seems like someone likes the clamps hmmmm. What if i pull on them, do you still like them beloved?” 
He chuckles as you basically mewl as a response getting wetter and wetter. 
“Well moving on… don't want to torture you too much now do we? Okay repeat after me beloved I am not annoying”
You can barely get the words out as Lucifer was holding you right on the edge as he fingered your pussy with one hand the other alternating between pulling at the clamps and playing with your clit. 
“I am not ann–annoying” 
“Good now say I am not burdensome”
“I fuck umm I am not burdensome”
“Okay now I am not worthless” 
“Lucifer please let me cum… please please” you sob out not being able to control yourself any longer. 
“Now now love I don't think that is what I said… you're so close my heart you can do it.” 
He at least took his hand off your clit giving you a minute.
“I am not worthless” you whine out 
“Good now I am beautiful”  
“I am beautiful” 
He now punctuated each statement with a flick to your clit and at this point you were drooling desperate for release as you bucked your hips up. You could see his prideful smirk through your lidded eyes. 
“Okay now love I deserve care” 
“I– unhnnn i deserve care” 
“Last two M/C you can do this… I deserve happiness” 
“I de-eserve happiness Luci” 
“and last one here we go... I deserve love.” 
You basically scream the last part out as Lucifer speeds up his fingers, slamming them in and out of you, your obscene moans and his grunts and chuckles can be heard as he observes you this way, imprinting the image in his brain as his other hands comes and pulls your nipple clamps. 
“Can i come Luci please, please please” You beg and sob
“Cum for me my heart. You've been such a good girl now cum for me”
The tight coil finally breaks when he gives you permission as you cum hard moaning Lucifers name loudly. Your hands gripping the bedsheets. Lucifer continues what he is doing letting you ride out your high and you think he is going to stop now but nooo. He wants this to be about you and so he lets himself fall back in one of his favourite places, between your legs as he now uses his tongue and mouth. Your poor pussy could not take more of the stimulation but you didn't get to escape as he kept you locked in the position with one arm around your waist and just like that you feel your second orgasm approach. Lucifer doesn't let up and you ride out your second orgasm. Lucifer could not be harder as he hears you moan, whimper and whine both for him and because of him. He continues pulling orgasms out of you like this enjoying all the sensations of your body, as your mind goes into a fog. The only thing registering is the constant pleasure you're receiving. Finally after what seems like forever but its your fifth orgasm. 
Lucifer pulls back giving you reprieve. Now he pulls his sleep shorts down, and pulls his shirt of. You stare at his lean body, the pale skin seeming to glimmer. Your eyes then roam down to his big cock and even though he has filled you up with it many times the size always makes you nervous. He lines himself up with your pussy looking down at you once before. 
“Do you think you can manage one more for me beloved? just one more” 
Him asking you shocks you cause usually he would pull as many orgasms out of you as he could and still fuck you without any worry. You barely have any capacity to say anything so you just nod and with that confirmation Lucifer very slowly pushes himself into you. Again the softness of his actions surprising you but you liked it. You felt him fill you up and stretch your walls and you whimpered. He filled you to the hilt before lifting both your thighs up and holding them there. He pressed your knees to your chest with his body when he bent over you and gently kissed you on the lips. Your pussy was so sensitive that you didn't realise you had let a few tears escape. He wiped them away with one hand as he cupped your face. He slowly shushed you when you whimpered gain as he pulled out slowly before again filling you up a bit faster this time. He continued these slow strokes and then starting speeding up when you started to moan again. 
You could feel the coil in your stomach build again. And since you both were so close to the edge it didn't take long. Lucifer cupped the back of your head with one hand and made you look at him right in the eyes. 
“Eyes open love I want to see you when you cum”
You could only nod as he went faster and faster… his thrusting making the clamps on your nipples jolt as well. 
“Luci can i please cum, please Luci can I come” 
“You’re so close my heart just one more moment.”
“Cum now love, cum all over my cock” 
As he said this he pulled the clamps off your nipples, they burned in both pain and pleasure as he continued to make you look at him. His hand then coming to rub your clit. You screamed as your orgasm rolled over you in waves of pleasure. Your thighs and body spasming with the intensity of the orgasm. Lucifers thrusts became sloppy as well and  finally with a grunt and thrust he came inside you. You could feel his cum shoot into you coating your walls as you both moaned. He stayed like that for a moment or two as you both caught your breath. His head on you chest your hands around his back where you were sure you had left scratches. He gently kissed your nipples making you jump before getting up and sitting on his calfs. 
He admired you like this so proud and so happy because he knew just how much he had satisfied you and himself while getting his point across. Your head tilted to the side so submissively. You looked so endearing as his eyes trailed over your body. Your eyes which seemed a bit hazy as they looked at him half lidded. It seems like he had exhausted you all over again but this reason seemed alot better than yesterdays. He then looked at your cheeks and nose, they burned red from the exhaustion. Your lips no better and completely swollen as you drooled slightly. Your neck still had the hand print but also one or two love bites now which Lucifer felt bad for but its one thing he had little control over. 
Your face, neck and chest red from the exertion as your chest heaved up and down. The marks of the clamps visible on your nipples, he looked down at your hips which seemed to be red as well, hand prints would form over there no doubt. 
Finally he looked at your red and dripping pussy. The lips swollen but glistening in your juices and as he spread the lips he saw both his and your juices mixed together spilling out of you. Your entire body was also glistening with sweat 
Fuck fuck fuck fuck 
He hand to force himself not go get his DDD and take a picture of you like this. A sight he wanted to look at forever, he also had to stop himself from taking you again then and there. He doesn't think your poor body could handle anymore. Instead he collects some of both of your juices with two of his fingers. The accidental brush against your clit causing to jolt and whimper as your legs were still shaking. He smiled at that. He then brought those fingers to your mouth and held them there. You didn't even need to be told as you opened your mouth and sucked on his fingers tasting yourself and him on them. With your head tilted to the side looking up at him the way you were, it was so submissive and Lucifer loved it. 
He then pulled his fingers out and kissed you softly tasting both of your juices and feeling addicted. He then got up and went to the bathroom and got a warm wet cloth to clean you up smiling at the events of today. Though when he came back he frowned as he saw you trying to get up despite being too sore from just now and yesterday to actually do so. He immediately reached you and lifted your chin to look at him. 
“What do you think you are doing and where do you think you are going love?” 
You hesitated before saying 
“I thought I would help you clean up... “ 
Again you didn't get to finish before he lifted your legs up and basically threw you back onto the bed. 
“Yes because thats exactly what you are meant to do after all the activities for lack of better term you have been through!” 
He frowned while he came and opened your legs again. Getting back into his earlier position he slowly started to rub the warm cloth against your pussy. Your legs again quivering. He was too busy to notice the soft smile you held at his concentrated albeit grumpy face. And with what he said all you could do was laugh which also lifted some of the seriousness of Lucifer as he also let a smile come though.
“Is activities really the best word you could find in that expansive vocabulary of yours” 
He continued his cleaning of your body.
“Yes well you try to find better words when you have someone who is basically the most beautiful and stubborn woman i have ever met looking at you with these big eyes… then we will see what you have to say”
At first you blushed but then you turned it on him.  
“Welcome to my world Luci!! thats why i can never articulate anything properly when i am around you!” 
Lucifer blushed before he finally finished cleaning your body up when he wiped some of the sweat of your neck and forehead. Gosh you are perfect.
He put the wash cloth on the side and then collecting you in his arms, you both once again lay down in bed though now completely naked. He looked down at you as you rested your head on his chest. 
“I hope some of those words have finally been stuck in your head” he muttered while lazily running his lips across your head. 
“Oh most certainly… though i might need a reminder again sometime soon” he chuckled at your coy yet sly remark. 
“Though in all honesty thank you Luci… not just for yesterday… when you saved me but just trying to make me love myself again.. I dont know if i’ll get there but I will try.” 
“Try is all one can do love… putting their best into something...  thats the most I can ask for from you! And you will get there!!! I am not going to let you leave until you do beloved... That isn't just a promise but a threat and you don’t have to thank me my heart… not when I get pleasure from being able to make you smile and love yourself...  Thats not just for me... That goes for my moronic brothers as well” 
You giggled at that and again kissed Luci with a smile, you loved this moment and who thought you getting beaten up is what would cause it.  You start peppering kisses all over his face and he scrunches his nose before he turns you both over and pins you under him. For a minute he just looks as you and while you're wondering what he is thinking he just keeps telling himself he is the luckiest being in all the realms and he hopes to god he doesn't drive you away with everything that has happened and will happen. To continue the playful mood though so you don’t ask he flops onto you, his head resting on your chest as he pretends to fall asleep on you. His arms wrap around you tightly and Luci pretends to not hear as you laugh and try to get out of his hold. Though the huge playful grin on his face gives him away.
“Speaking of your brothers I am surprised they are not awake yet!”
And as if on cue, you could hear Mammon screaming and the others laughing. That lasts for a minute before they all are screaming, from laughter or pain you cant tell. However it’s made clear when the next sentence is also shouted out by a mixture of Mammon’s terrified voice and Beel’s anguished and furious one.
“The kitchen is on fire!”
“NO NO BEEL– DON’T I AM SORRY” Mammon wails.
Lucifer almost starts crying as he buries his head in your shoulder and groans. His hair tickling you as you let out a loud laugh. One of Lucifers favourite sounds. You then lightly run your hands through his hair making him moan for a different reason before whispering 
“I love you” and the smile you get from him will be forever stuck in your head.
Sweet Jesus that is long and god it was smutty but anywhoooo i hope you like it guys!!!
And don’t forget to like, reblog and send more requests 🥰🥰🥰
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Leviathan x F!MC - A new kink (NSFW)
One scene in the Ruri-chan event inspired me to write this fic, so there will be some spoilers~.
TW: Degradation kink and light bdsm
"You pervert! Idiot! You weebish, pathetic excuse for a demon" exclaimed Belphie. MC observed him almost yelling at his older brother, Levi, after he accidentally played the video where the older was imitating you and saying the word "rurin" at the end of one of his phrases.
MC was looking at the two, thinking about a way to stop them, but was surprised when Levi, her boyfriend said something that she didn't expect from him.
"Oooh, this is actually kind of titillating...P-Please, go on...!" He said before realising what he said and blushing.
"...Did he just discover a new kink?" Said Simeon with a smirk, looking at the two bickering brothers and MC hummed with curiosity, but then decided to focus on resolving the actual problem.
"What should we do?
"I don't think we can do anything" replied Solomon, shaking his head.
"Levi, I have been thinking about something for the last five days" said MC, sitting with her boyfriend on her bed while he played one of his video games.
"Uh? About what?" He said, not removing his eyes from the video game in front of him.
"Do you remember when I came to ask you to delete the video that you took of me and Belphie? - She said and he replied with a nod. - I-I could be wrong, but it looked like you were enjoying what Belphie was saying about you and I was wondering if that really is a kink of yours"
At first, Levi didn't react at all. Until he completely understood what MC was trying to say and that's when he became beet red.
"W-what...H-how... - the controller that he had in his hands dropped to the ground and he looked at his girlfriend with a flustered expression. - W-Why are you asking?"
"Well... - MC started - I thought that if you liked it, then we could have tried it. I also did some research on it...But it's okay if you don't want to."
Levi lowered his eyes, he could feel his face burn because of embarrassment. He could sense MC's eyes on him and he didn't exactly know how to answer. The idea of being degraded always made him curious and he could feel his trousers tighten slightly at her request.
"I'm sorry, just forget what I said." She quickly said, looking away from him and thinking that she said something stupid.
"N-NO! - he said, keeping his eyes away from her - I'm actually interested in trying that, i-if you wa-want..."
MC looked at him again with a happy and amused expression.
"Then you won't mind if we try now...? - She said while crawling on his lap. She smiled at her boyfriend's flustered face and slowly stroked his erection through his trousers. - this really excites you." He shyly nodded, making MC smirk at his helpless expression.
"Get to the top of the bed, pull off your t-shirt and just lie back" she whispered on his lips and he eagerly obeyed. MC crawled on top of him again and sat on his thighs while searching for something in her bedside table. He held his breath in anticipation when he heard a metallic sound.
"What's your safe word?" She asked when he raised his arms to the headboard, waiting for her to handcuff him.
"U-Uh...H-Henry? Is it okay?" He said with a small blush on his cheeks and MC nodded with a playful smirk. She started by lightly kissing him, making Levi relax to her touch. When he was relaxed enough, she slowly began leaving small kisses on his right cheek, then she kept going down his jaw until her lips touched the skin of his neck.
Levi slowly breathed in and out while MC alternated kisses and bites on his neck, marking him with numerous lovebites.
'M-MC" he moaned and closed his eyes when she pushed her hips against his, while still marking his neck and collarbone.
"You're really enjoying this, uh?" She said and he quickly nodded without opening his eyes.
"Look at me when I talk to you - MC said, grabbing his face with her right hand. Levi slightly blushed again and looked at her straight in her eyes - Be a good boy and I might reward you, do you understand?" she questioned him in a strict tone and he nodded.
"Use your words." She said.
"Y-Yes, MC" He said and MC looked at him with a pleased expression before lowering her gaze on the bulge in his trousers.
"Eh? Look at you...You're already so hard and I haven't done anything yet. You're such a pervert!" She exclaimed with a fake disappointed tone, making him tremble under her while she slowly lowered her head towards his stomach.
A small whimper came out from his mouth when MC lewdly licked up his navel.
"M-MC...P-Please" he cried out.
"What? - She lightly scratched the skin of his abdomen with her nails and he shivered again, muttering something in a low voice. She tsked at him in disapproval.
"What do you want me to do? I can't know if I can't hear you."
"Kiss me, p-please"
"Where?" She replied in a mocking voice.
"K-Kiss me on the lips, please...please.." he kept repeating until MC's lips were at three centimetres from his lips.
"Why should I kiss such a pathetic demon who lets a human control him like this? Do you think you deserve it? - She said in a teasing tone and he trembled under her touch when one or her hands reached his neck. MC tightened her hold around his throat - Do you think you are a good boy?"
"Y-Yes" he said with a breathless voice, making her grin. She taunted him by giving him a small peck on the lips, making him wanting more.
"If you're a good boy then prove it and maybe I will give you a proper kiss" she whispered on his lips before starting to unbutton his trousers.
MC quickly pulled Levi's trousers and pants off and positioned herself on top of him with her clothes still on. She slowly started to rub her hips against his, making him moan softly because of the friction.
"How it feels to be used like this? You enjoy being my little fucktoy, don't you?"
"Y-Yes" he lowly whined and she decided to tease him a little more.
"Repeat what you said, I didn't hear you."
"Yes!" He said a little louder, but MC still wasn't satisfied.
"What? Do you want me to stop? Is that what you said?"
"N-No...Don't stop! I love being your fucktoy." He almost yelled.
"Mm, so you understand that you're my little and powerless fucktoy."
"Mmm...I'm not sure that you know it very well...What are you?"
"I'm your pathetic fucktoy." He whimpered. Mc started rubbing herself against him again, loving how needy his voice sounded.
"Scream it." She said in an authoritarian tone.
"I'm your fucktoy!" He desperately yelled, making her walls tighten around nothing and making her realise that was enough teasing for that night and that she couldn't wait anymore for him to fill her up, so she quickly got rid of her top, skirt and pants and positioned his hard cock at her entrance.
"You better be ready" she said in a playful way before dropping on his length making him cry out in pleasure.
MC slowly started moving her hips up and down, making sure to feel every bit of his dick, but that didn't seem to satisfy Levi.
"MC, faster... - he looked at her with need - P-please" he begged and she laughed at him.
"Look at you... asking for more like the little pathetic weeb that you are" she said, pulling his hair, but still decided to grant his request.
"Heh...Ha... - he moaned when she started riding him faster. - M-MC, I t-think-AGH...I think I'm going to cum!"
"You won't cum until I tell you to. Beg for it." She strictly said, starting to ride him even faster.
"P-Please...plea-AH-ase..." he kept repeating, but it wasn't enough.
"I-I won't...Ngggh...b-be able to s-stop myself...Pwwease~" he sobbed and she wickedly smiled.
'Cum. Cum inside of me." She ordered him.
Levi came screaming loudly her name and filling her up with his cum, while she kept moving slowly on top of him to let him ride out his orgasm.
When he was done he slowly closed his eyes, trying to breathe normally.
"That was...Amazing" he said, looking lovingly at her and she smiled while freeing his arms.
"It was" she agreed, kissing him slowly.
"Did you cum?" He asked her with a concerned voice.
"Don't worry about it." She reassured him, but he wasn't convinced by it, so he pushed her under him.
Levi quickly kissed MC, before trailing his mouth down her body, he kept gently kissing her tights until his mouth found her folds and let's just say that he didn't stop eating her out until everyone in the House of Lamentation could hear her.
Obey Me Masterlist
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plumeriaheart · a year ago
Matching [Mammon/Reader]
I wanted to write this for @mammon-chan as a little surprise because of how lovely and sweet they are. I hope this can bring a smile to your face, because you so do deserve to be happy! ♡ It’s just a quick fluffy drabble, but tbh I couldn’t get this scenario out of my head ever since reading the London chapter, so! I was bound to write this sooner or later.
FANDOM: Obey Me!
RATING: pure fluff 
Ever since your trip to London, each step of yours is accompanied by a little jingling. The chocolate lizard key chain that Lucifer had bought for you, Mammon, Satan and himself had already stolen a place inside your heart, and whenever your eyes fall upon it, you cannot help but smile. It reminds you of your trip to London – an exciting adventure in of itself, you’d say – and the bond between the demon brothers and you.
You cannot help but notice a lack of enthusiasm in Mammon, though, and you’re certain it’s because he now has to share such a precious memento of you with his brothers. The avatar of Greed doesn’t take kindly to sharing in general, but when it comes to you… Well, he’d rather have you all to himself. You want to tell him that he doesn’t have to worry about that, that you have been his for a while now, but whenever you try to bring up the topic, one of the other demons interrupts you.
You take it as a sign that the time to tell him hasn’t come yet and seal the words inside your heart for when the right time comes. But seeing him sulking whenever his eyes fall upon your key chain tugs at your heartstrings, and you have the perfect idea how to cheer him up. You order a couple of things from Akuzon, watching instruction videos on Deviltube whenever you’re by yourself – a rare occurrence, given that each of the demon brothers seem to beg for your presence in one way or another.
It takes roughly a week, much longer than you had expected for it to take, until you can examine the final product in your hands: two black and white friendship bracelets. A big smile on your lips, you take both of them with you as you make your way to your favourite demon’s room.
“Mammon, are you there?” You ask as you knock on his door, and you hear something clattering onto the floor before Mammon opens the door for you, giving you a huge grin.
“What’s up, MC?” He asks while you step into his room, eyes searching for the source of the noise you had just heard – you find a couple of trinkets cluttering the floor next to his desk. Deciding to ignore it, you make your way to the couch and pat the seat next to you. The demon sits by your side within a second, and it makes you laugh a little.
“I got you something. Hold out your arm and close your eyes, okay?”
“Eh, what? Alright, fine...” Mammon barely puts up a fight, lifting his arm and closing his eyes. You gently take his wrist and guide it to your lap, not noticing the blush creeping along his cheeks and tingeing the tips of his ears in a deep red. He finds it hard to keep his eyes shut and considers taking a peek, but then decides against it. He doesn’t want to disappoint you.
Once you’re done tying the friendship bracelet around his wrist, you clap your hands in excitement. “Okay, you can look!”
The first thing he sees is the beaming smile on your face, a faint hint of a blush adorning your cheeks and that alone is enough to make his heart skip a beat. If you were to tell him that this, the way you’re looking at him right now, is the surprise, he would believe it. But when he notices your expectant gaze travelling to his wrist, his eyes follow – and then his brows furrow in confusion.
“What’s that?” He lifts his wrist to his face, inspecting the bracelet and you begin to feel a little abashed. Maybe it had been a childish idea to make a friendship bracelet for him?
“I made you a friendship bracelet – do you like it? I made two of them, one for you and one for me,” you gingerly explain. How can you be so adorable? His heartbeat begins to race, beating painfully inside his chest as he looks at the sweet look on your face, the glimmer of affection in your eyes.
“You mean, l-like… like matching bracelets?” When you nod, his heart threatens to burst in his chest, and he turns his head to the side – he can’t let you see him tearing up over your gift!
“Can you help me with mine?” You slowly lift your wrist towards him, and with shaky hands, he takes the bracelet from your other hand. Try as he may, he can’t get his hands to stop shaking, and he fumbles with the bracelet before he manages to tie it with a knot.
“Now we’ve got something only the two of us share!” You exclaim, and as realisation begins to dawn on him, you wrap your arms around him. Did you really go out of your way to make this for him, just to make him feel better about the matching key chains? Slowly, he hugs you back, burying his head in the crook of your neck. You decide to ignore the sniffling sounds coming from him, allowing him to cling onto you for the time being.
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HC’s for level of protectiveness Part 1 (Lucifer, Mammon, Levi and Satan)
Heyyyo friends, I hope you all are getting 8 hours of sleep and eating right!!!! 😊
So I was just thinking about all the obey me boys and yes those we cant date as well and my interpretation of their characters and one of the things I couldn't help thinking about (especially after reading so many fics) was their kind of levels of protectiveness if that makes sense and since I know this would be short (considering what I usually write so still a bit long) I thought it would be cool to post like and HC about it?? I dont know but as always i hope you like it!! 😊😊
Also for this I am talking about protection in terms of various things so being protective in a physical sense vs and emotional sense... Another way you can kind of see this is as the manner in which they might take care of you... it might make more sense when you read it 😅😅
Also let me know what you think about it cause some of these might be different or controversial
Summary: How do the boys take care of you? (The list below is kind of like roughly who is most to least protective so this makes sense though overall they are all bloody protective. Also Luke = Baby therefore platonic )
Solomon and Diavolo (tied)
TW: None (let me know if they are any)
Okay so with Lucifer I actually don’t think he would be the most protective of M/C but hear me out okay! I think yes instinctually he would want to make sure no harm comes to them and like shelter them from the world but I think after the whole Lilith thing and also growing up with mainly brothers he would know that over-sheltering can lead to worse consequences than better ones and so I think he would hold back more than his brothers. I think he also knows that a part of your experience in Devildom is learning about demons and their life in general and yes you are more fragile compared to them so obviously it will be a bumpy ride but that is exactly whats going to make it an educational experience you know. 
Thats not to say he is not going to be protective at all because after all he is the oldest brother and I think he sees it as his duty to hold a balance between keeping you safe and making sure you walk away from an experience as stronger and more confident in yourself, something that would only be reinforced if you are already not that confident in yourself. I mean he already does it for all his brothers and he sees you as part of the family. 
I think for this reason he would be more protective of you based of physical safety rather than emotional. So say you were in a confrontation with another lower level demon, if it was verbal he would not step in, he would expect you to at least for the first few minutes hold your own and stand up for yourself, and seeing you do that would make him smile cause he would feel pride which is like you know his whole thing. But if it were to get even remotely physical, like if the demon were to even wave their hand angrily in your direction Lucifer is jumping in before anyone can say anything to literally hide you in the cocoon of his wings no questions asked. The other demon should have enough sense to walk away then cause otherwise Lucifer is not leaving him alone. 
This can be both positive and negative. Positive because at the end of the day they are demons and they are stronger and your life is in danger so having him step in is good but the emotional burden of this stuff could possibly be more hurtful than the physical part and so despite him stepping in the damage could already be done you know? 
He would notice the change in your behaviour where you would be more reserved but I don’t think he would understand until maybe one of the brothers like Asmo, Beel or even Satan who I would say read emotions better recognise that its the emotional aspect that is hurting you would point it out to Lucifer. 
He would try to make a change and to make sure that the emotional side of things doesn’t get too much from that point on but I also think it would take him time. 
I also firmly believe that as much as this being loves all of his brothers with all his heart and trusts most of them he would under no circumstance trust his brothers with you unless Beel is there, who could very easily, no matter how heavy you are, sling you over his shoulder and run away. This is not because his brothers don’t love you or take care of you, I mean usually they go overboard but because trouble seems to follow them as if it were literally a part of them. From Mammon dragging you into chaotic and worrisome schemes and interactions with witches, to Levi not being the least bothered by the outside world and forgetting 3D humans exist, to Satan losing his temper, to some old lovers of Asmo becoming angry, to Belphie falling asleep in dangerous places… Your life seems to be in a lot of danger and so unless Beel or himself is present Lucifer would have a hard time leaving you completely alone in their care. It would be even harder if you all were actually leaving the dorm. I do think though he would be most forgiving of what happened with Belphie because he would blame himself. 
I know this seems contradictory since he usually does leave you alone but its usually in places which are a) safe like RAD or the Dorm and b) places where Beel, Diavolo, Barbatros or himself would be easily accessible. 
Overall I don’t think he is the most protective but he is definitely up there in that he wants you to be safe, happy and not on the verge of death at any point of time. Yes you may get hurt sometimes especially emotionally and he might not be the most sympathetic but at the end of the day its only because he wants the best for you and if someone does go too far he is more than happy to pay the person a visit or even send Beel. 
Writing fluffy stuff for Mammon always makes my heart flutter because the poor thing is so sweet and sensitive even if he hates letting people see that side but I am still going to do my best. I think he is one of the main brothers who is not just protective by all standards but he is also the most protective in each and every manner and though he will deny it later he does not think at all before stepping in. 
Again I can see several reasons for it but the most prominent one that comes to mind is that he really likes the idea of taking care of someone, having someone depend on him and making him feel needed. This can also be why he feels so possessive of you and always claims to be your first man because he wants to be the first one to come your mind for anything. Despite being the second oldest, due to his sin and the reputation he holds, his brothers don’t depend on him as much as he may want them to which is why not only do their words hurt so much each time but he is really starved of love and so he takes that need to protect and directs all of it on you. His indulgence in his greed takes a toll on the relationship between him and his brothers and so they might not come to him seeming him as almost inadequate and that stings. For the first time there is someone who actually looks up to him for love, reassurance, comfort and safety and so he takes it very seriously. He never wants you to think that he can’t be there for you or that someone is more apt for looking after you other than him and this would be the case even if you guys were best friends and not in a relationship. 
Another reason I can see him being protective of you is because and this is especially if you are kind hearted or compassionate or even just naive; He knows people will take advantage of you and all that you have to offer. He is the literal Avatar of Greed, he knows that people are often greedy for things besides money and would take advantage of someone like you so he sees it as his moral duty to just keep you from this side of the world you know… Its just he knows the world can be cruel and he can’t help but want to shelter you from all of it. Despite being a demon he loves the innocence you hold and just keep with you. You are also probably the positive ray of sunshine for him no matter what your personality is. He looks to you for the very things he can’t find anywhere else and so he wants to protect your smile. 
Unlike Lucifer he won’t realise that some experiences in life are necessary. This would be reinforced when you open up to him about what you may or may not have gone through once you both get closer or when he sees you cry for the first time. In this sense I feel like Mammon’s protectiveness of you is the most pure and loving of the brothers not because the others love you less but because despite being greedy it doesn’t come from a place of selfishness or atoning for past mistakes. He is not going to hold back in favour of you learning things nor is the protectiveness driven by the fact that he lost Lilith. I think he does the best job at separating you from her, it is driven solely by love and genuine want to see you happy. 
With that said if he were to see any demon get verbally or physically rough with you he is immediately stepping in no matter what you say. A demon that had the gall to call you weak or say anything else; woman hold Goldie while Mammon clobbers them, only he gets to call you that. (you know that UR card of him shaking his fist while wearing bunny ears - I imagine that same image just without the ears). Someone tried to hit you in anyway; He gets someone else to cover your eyes or to distract you while he beats them into a pulp (I imagine like cartoon noises while Asmo covers your eyes and gets Solomon to cover your ears; boom/bamf/slap). On that note he is also protective of what you see; He doesn’t want you to lose your positivity so he doesn't like letting you see like bad things. I can see him like covering your ears when something dark graphic or sad is being said or like covering your eyes when someone is getting hurt or something. He would then take you back to your room all the while grumbling about how he did it cause Lucifer would chew him out when in reality the idea of you remotely hurt he just can’t stand. He would then sit and have a movie night with you which would eventually end up with him hugging you and making sure you are okay. 
When it comes to his brothers, I think yes, he trusts them and he knows you would be safe with them but I think he doesn’t like the idea that its true and this would only happen after everything has resolved itself. He is protective before because he knows he has the best control when it comes to not letting his anger get the best of him. Except for Asmo each brother has come close to literally obliterating you and so I can see him holding caution if that makes sense. I also can see him never leaving you alone after the Belphie situation (if you know you know). I think the Belphie thing will never leave him like ever, thats just going to sit in his chest because it would be a reality. He now knows exactly what will happen and what it feels to not have you and so in that sense with Belphie around he is protective. 
Overall, I genuinely think he is the most protective of the brothers. Some may argue that Beel is more but I think Mammon is the most sensitive when it comes to you and he is more protective of you. Whether Beel is better equipped to be protective of you is a different question but in my head Mammon tops the list. It comes from a place of love and sincerity and I think thats what would make it seem so beautiful. 
Okay for Levi I won’t lie it was a bit difficult for me to write only because his character was difficult to grasp in terms of character development (Same for Satan and Asmo btw). With that said I think his protection for you would come in a completely different form form the others. I think physically despite being a demon and being amazingly strong he underestimates himself and would not jump into a physical altercation with anyone. (unless his demon form took over or it is Mammon) He would probably leave that to Beel or one of his other brothers instead trash talking the other person as just support. Emotionally also I think he has such a bad self image that things that may be emotionally burdensome or hurtful for you he thinks are normal. Though after he spends time with you he will start changing that way of thinking. Emotionally he might just insult that person back for you though I think, regardless of whether it’s true or not, he believes that you can hold up your own and so would not get involved. 
His protection (though with Levi I genuinely don’t think thats the right word) would be giving you confidence when you need it most and backing you up if that makes sense? I guess you can see that as emotional protection but I genuinely only see him being protective when like someone is blaming you for something you haven't done or like your sincerity is being questioned. For him thats bigger than any physical or emotional insult, not because he thinks you are like invincible but because he has learnt to brush them of and he thinks everyone can do the same. However because he believes so strongly in your values and morals as a person he would not, could not and will not take any insult for you in that way. I think thats why he is so important as a character because he balances out the others by being sort of different because his way of protection is different. He is physically strong, he is also quick witted and has sharp tongue but unlike the others he doesn’t see these as his strengths. He sees support and diligence in being a friend as his strong suits and actively shows that to you; I think thats so beautiful. So for example if Lucifer is chewing you out for a bad grade despite the fact that you worked hard for it. I can see Levi standing up for you and telling Lucifer that the work you put in is what matters more. He would do it casually. Though these times are rare I think these are times Levi is most vocal. 
I also think he would be the first to realise that sometimes a person needs protection most from themselves and so another way he would protect you is by teaching you to brush of others or when you are being too harsh with yourself and just pushing yourself too much due to his persistence and somewhat loud reactions he will force you to take a break and take care of yourself even if you don’t want to. He understands pushing yourself also because he does it for his games but he does recognise the difference in seriousness of the situation and would step in. 
With his brothers it really depends on a) the situation b) the brother and c) the duration for which he has to be outside his room. For example if it is Beel, Asmo, Satan or Lucifer I think he would be completely fine and would not care because he would know that all four of them would not let anything happen to you or would step in before anything could (whether this judgement is true or not is still up for discussion). With Mammon I think because their sins are kind of similar but also different in that they are both greedy but unlike Mammon who would just indulge in the greed Levi sulks about not getting it. So he would not like leaving you with Mammon but at the end of the day he knows Mammon does love and care for you and so if there was a situation where he had to leave you with Mammon he would do it... while grumbling. The only person I can see him holding extreme caution with is Belphie. He would play it under the guise of either he doesn't want to leave you in an awkward situation with Belphie but I think the deeper insecurity would be having his friend taken away from him again. Here is someone who hasn't just agreed to be his friend but actively tried to engage and deepen the relationship and for him that is probably rare, even more so because unlike Solomon who wanted to make a pact with him your love for this relationship comes from a genuine care and want to get to know him and the fear of having someone take that away from him would mean he would be protective with Belphie around, maybe not as much as Mammon but still. 
Overall i’ve done my best to see him as somewhat protective but honestly in this character list for this trait he comes last. His relationship be it friendship or romantic is based more on mutual comfort and care and so I think him being protective is rare. He prefers to show his care and love for you by spending time with you, making you laugh, caring for you. The image I have is like there are two separate doors. One is to his world and the other is yours. Every morning you both go and deal with all the annoyances of your lives and then come back battered and bruised; sometimes it’s not that bad but other days its the worst right and then as you come back you both kind of nurse the life back into each other and just soak the comfort of the other in and thats the way I see that relationship build. The only other thing I could see is when envy turns into jealousy (and YES they are separate things) but that would be once you guys start going out. I also think no matter what personality you have, you would be the more protective one solely because he needs it more in life. 
Okay so Satan I think is very interesting in this regard because despite being the Avatar of Wrath he is not the most visibly protective. Key word; visibly. So far Lucifer; physically more so than emotionally, Mammon; the most in both regards, Levi; the least but all still very apparent in their protectiveness. I really think and actually like the idea of Satan being protective but kind of from a distance like he is watching over you without you ever realising it. This is for a couple reasons. 
The first being that he prides himself on his ability to control though obviously he doesn’t have the best control of the brothers I think proportional to the difficulty of his sin he does a pretty amazing fricking job. Given that, he wouldn’t at any point want M/C to see him lose control except for the times they already have right? And since being protective can mean he could lose control, he would not visibly be protective.
I also think he likes to hold onto this idea that he is the most nonchalant and unaffected by what goes on around him. He likes to hold a reputation of being cool, pragmatic and like he has control; a lot like Lucifer actually (what a surprise) and so if someone (especially M/C) were to see him get huffy he would be really irritated. Lastly again like Lucifer he thinks besides books the best way to enrich your own life is by experiencing things first hand or at least trying them once and so he would want M/C to learn to stand up for themselves especially in situations where the brothers may not be there and you would have to hold their own (this is rare but still).
With that said I think he actually is probably fourth most protective on this list (12 other character so thats pretty high) and this is only because he protects you from a distance. So say a demon had picked on you in class right or said something hurtful, something that you are insecure about. In the moment Satan would not react allowing you to handle it yourself, letting you feel the accomplishment of having gotten through it and standing up for yourself. Then later he would catch the demon when no one else was around and thats when he would make a move. He would make it clear that if the demon were to ever attack you in anyway again Satan would not be nearly as lenient as he is being now. He would definitely rough up said demon so that they knew he meant it. He is also a bit of sadist so if anyone were to hurt you he would let the person think they got away with it only because the chase for him would be all the sweeter and he would get to blow of steam. 
I also think that Satan is one of the more emotionally intelligent demons and does a better job on picking up on emotions faster similar to Levi the protectiveness or better yet the care would come after. He would make sure that whatever the situation, there were no long lasting effects on you. So say that demon had picked on an insecurity right, Satan would make sure you knew and understood that not a word of it were true and that you were oh so loved. He would make sure there were no nightmares following the situation and if you needed someone to be there and to talk to he would be there. 
I think if it had been physical right? Yes he would jump into it and make sure that the other person didn’t go too far but again to avoid showing you his true wrath he would find the demon later and would not let him get away. I think this is also where he might, despite his aversion to the oldest demon, ask Lucifer to step in and send one of the other brothers solely because like I said Satan’s protectiveness of you is based on this not having any long lasting effects. He would want to be the first one you go to for comfort or even to patch you up. He knows he has physical strength and obviously wants to hold this person accountable but your emotional well being comes first. 
When it comes to his brothers I see this going two ways. Firstly (this makes me sad) despite knowing his brothers do dumb stuff and keep getting everyone into trouble he trusts them in keeping you more safe than he ever could because he is the Avatar for Rage which just makes me want to cry. He feels like he is always strung too tight and despite having marvelous control (again proportionally) he would still be wary of being alone with you for too long and would think he is worse than his brothers. (On a similar note; it really pisses me of that it’s not recognised how unfair Satan’s sin truly is. The others are indulging in their sins and its written of as being okay but for Satan that is not a luxury he can afford) 
On the other hand I think he trusts Mammon, Levi, Belphie and even Beel as far as he could throw them when it comes to you. Mammon because well its Mammon. Levi because Satan is worried he would literally forget that you exist or might break your brain by talking like one of his 2D characters. Mammon and Levi together is an interaction Satan actively makes you avoid without even realising because Diavolo forbid you get caught in one of their squabbles. He would literally have you stand behind him when those two are together. Belphie because despite his possessiveness of you as the Avatar of Sloth he doesn’t like putting energy into things and would definitely not be fast enough to jump into saving you if the need arose. Also I think Satan would be somewhere in the middle on the scale of trusting Belphie because he understands anger better than anybody else but he also knows what Belphie did was not right. Beel only because despite Beel warning Mammon that whatever he is doing is not safe he waits until the last minute to intervene and for someone like Satan who literally plans for everything preemptively thats very draining to worry about. 
Overall he is protective on most standards but he likes to be protective from a distance almost like a guardian demon you know. He gets to keep to his ideas and values while still giving you space and not being suffocating but also still taking care of you and I think thats really beautiful that the avatar of wrath goes to such extents and its all for you like thats pretty amazing. 
Okay hopefully ill get the other brothers up soon enough but yeah as always i hope you guys like it and please reblog and request stuff :)
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