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Marry me?
obey me brothers x reader
wc : 2.k
warnings : references to lesson 16 (belphie), a bit of hurt/comfort (mammon, belphie)
synopsis : how spending the rest of your lives together began 
Tumblr media
Lucifer was tired. It had been a long day at RAD, an even longer student council meeting with his brothers acting like absolute fools, and now he had a mountain of paperwork to do— a solid stack consisting of only Mammon’s credit card bills. 
But you made it seem less tedious. 
Your presence alone could accomplish that, but there you sat beside him, chair pulled up with his jacket over your shoulders as you filed paperwork with him. 
And maybe from an outside perspective it wouldn’t mean a lot, but to Lucifer it meant so much. Because you weren’t actually fluent in his native tongue- which was what his important documents were written in. But you were doing it anyway- doing it correctly- just so you could take a load off his shoulders. 
It made him pause every so often to look at you in awe; no one had ever done anything like this for him. And on top of that, you would pause in your own work occasionally to squeeze his shoulder and go get some snacks for the two of you to share. 
Speaking of, you lifted your head when you felt his eyes on you, giving a knowing smile. “Hi, love. Need anything? More tea?” 
Lucifer shook his head, about to go back to his work before he paused. “There is actually one thing.”
“Anything for you.” You turned towards him, reaching to run a hand through his raven locks. 
“Marry me.” Like most things he said, it came out as a statement- a demand- rather than a question. It made him nervous, though he didn’t show it. 
But you knew. You could see it in the way his bottom lip quivered slightly and how the words came out shaky. It made you smile, “Of course. Yes.” 
His worries soothed and his heart soared. Lucifer beamed at you, taking your hand and standing. “Good.” A soft laugh left him as he twirled you around, “I’m glad.”
quiet sniffles and soft hushes filled his dimly lit room, the two sources of sound being huddled under a messily made blanket fort. 
Mammon had, truly accidentally, knocked into one of Diavolo’s vases while they were visiting the Demon Lord’s Castle hours earlier. The prince himself paid no mind to it- in fact, he laughed it off, as it held no real value- but Lucifer had been livid. Mammon was sure his older brother was going to get him real good right then and there but you’d done it again : jumping in front of him and loudly announcing that, no, it wasn’t Mammon who knocked over the vase. It was you. So Lucifer had given you a stack of homework to do because of it- on top of all your other school work.
And Mammon felt terrible. “I-I’m always gettin’ y-ya into trouble…m-makin’ ya take the f-fall. I’m s-supposed to be the o-one protecting you! I-”
“Mammon.” Your voice was firm, but affectionate. “You never make me do anything- I choose to take the blame for you. I know you don’t mean to do a lot of the things you do, you’re just…endearingly clumsy at times.” 
He scoffed, scrubbing angrily at the tears on his face; he hated crying in front of you. He blinked, blue hues staring into yours when you gently pulled his hands away from his face and started softly wiping.
“Mammon, I love you. I love all of you- including the clumsiness, the greed, the not-always-so-smart decisions.” You guided his hand to rest over his pact mark, “We’re partners in crime, yeah? You’re my first. I’m always gonna try and protect you, too.”
His fingers flexed against your skin, feeling the slightly raised mark of his pact. Mammon felt like he was floating and the words just fell from his lips. “Fuck, I wanna marry ya.” His eyes widened, watching yours do the same, but he didn’t back down- he knew what he wanted. 
“Let’s get married. S-seriously! I know it’s something that happens when people really l-love each other, so let’s do it! I was already plannin’ on spendin’ the rest of my life with ya and marriage is the way to officially do that, right? I-I’ll get ya a pretty ring a-and-” 
You cut him off with a kiss. A salty, breathless kiss. You pulled away, rubbing your own tears away this time. “Yes, Mammon. I’d love to marry you and I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you.” You went back to wiping away his tears, “I don’t need some expensive ring, though. All I need is you.”
Mammon took in a deep breath and exhaled with a loud, delighted laugh. “MC SAID YES! I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED!”
Levi didn’t really like going to public beaches. There’s too many people, not enough room, annoying children, and if he’s being honest…he doesn’t appreciate wandering around in front of all those people with such a lack of clothing. But this he could do. 
The two of you were out at sea— so far out, you couldn’t even see the sandbank anymore. Water sprayed you in the face as a tail splashed in the water, but it wasn’t Levi’s. It was much bigger. Lotan hissed contentedly when Levi patted his head, making you giggle and pet his back where you were sitting. 
Levi knew you’ve been wanting to go out to the ocean, but he always felt bad because he doesn’t like the beach itself. So he suggested a date out here : literally out in the ocean with Lotan (who was way better than a boat in his opinion).
“Levi, this is so cool!”
It was beautiful out here. Dark water that should be unsettling, but it only awed you as it was the perfect contrast for the colorful devildom fish that swam around your “boat”. (it also served as the perfect contrast against your bright anime swimwear, which was an added bonus)
And Levi was awed by you. The perfect embodiment of the light to his dark; his Henry. A single fleeting thought makes its way through his head as he watches you love on his monstrous pet. ‘I want to do this for the rest of our lives’. It makes him stiffen and he’s pretty sure you’d be able to hear his rapid heartbeat if it weren’t for the roaring waves.
You turn towards Levi, having not heard anything from him for a while. You thought he couldn’t hear you, so you started crawling your way up Lotan’s back to reach him, but an incoming wave knocked you off.
Or it would have if it weren’t for Levi’s tail. It wrapped around you almost immediately, pulling you closer and closer until you were practically on his lap. Its hold on you doesn’t falter, not even when Levi himself wraps his arms around your waist.
His heart nearly stops when you give him a sweet smile as thanks and he couldn’t stop the words tumbling out of his mouth even if tried, “Can I marry you?”
Your hands catch his wrists when they go to cover up his flushed face, thumbs moving to rub over his racing pulse points. You lean your forehead against his with a soft laugh, “You would make me the happiest human in history if you did.”
Levi lets out a breath, orange hues wide in surprise, before he’s smiling like an idiot. “You hear that, Lotan? Mc said I could marry them!” The giant splash of water makes him hold you closer, giving him the perfect opportunity to say, “Thank you.”
The two of you had spent all day out on the town, traveling to the places you both adored. The cat cafe, the museum, the bookstore. Now you were both at a secluded spot in the woods. 
Satan had stumbled upon it years ago and wanted to share it with you. There was a shimmering green pond that was so clear, you could see the bottom. Flowers bloomed everywhere and there was a pretty willow tree hanging over everything.
You’d never seen anything more beautiful. And seeing Satan surrounded by flowers was just the cherry on top, especially when you placed them in his hair. 
And as he stared into your eyes, he realized he didn’t want to wait a second longer; Satan knelt down on one knee and pulled out an elegant, yet simple, ring.
He was good with words, scary good, in fact. Satan could spout out pretty poems and pros and declarations, but he didn’t need to. Not when one simple look could portray everything he was thinking and feeling— he knew you’d understand his silence. 
And you did. But instead of saying anything, you began to giggle. Quiet, surprised giggles at first until they evolved into louder, amused ones. 
Satan’s blush darkened and he was about to ask just what the hell was so funny until you dropped down in front of him, hands bringing out a ring identical to the one he was holding. 
“They do say great minds think alike. I would love to marry you, Satan, yes.”
He blinked once. Then twice. And a third time before he started to chuckle, “I always did say we were meant for each other, and just look at this. I’d love to be your husband, Mc, yes.” 
You giggled again, falling forward to knock you both over onto the grass. Your hands smoothed over his red cheeks and felt yourself begin to blush when he slid the ring onto your finger. 
Satan hummed when you slid his ring on for him, arms reaching over your shoulders. “I think we should be qualified to be written into a fairy tail after this.” He smiled when you snorted, feeling your head shake in disbelief against him. The two of you were definitely his favorite story.
When the weekend came, it was always quiet in the mornings. The want to sleep in was always high— no one wanted to disturb the peacefulness, at least not until breakfast. 
And it was on these mornings that you thought Asmo looked the most beautiful. He was pretty at all hours of any day, but…these mornings were something special. 
He wasn’t in a rush to put on any makeup. His nails weren’t pristine. Currently, he had a shimmering face mask slathered on with his hair pushed back. There weren’t many people that got to see him like this. 
But you were glad you could. Because even if he thought he wasn’t beautiful like this, you did. Right now, he was just Asmo. Your Asmo. 
“What’s with that look, Darling? Am I taking your breath away already?” 
Your eyes met his, feeling yourself start to drift away in those orange-yellow hues. “Azzy…”
“Mc?” Asmo puts down his nail polish, shifting his full attention onto you worriedly. 
You reach out and take a hold of his hand, “Will you marry me?” Feeling his hand begin to tremble, you bring it to your lips and kiss each fingertip. 
“Mc…did you have to ask when I look absolutely unprepared?! Look at me! I-“ 
“You look gorgeous. You look like Asmo. You look like the man I want to spend the rest of my mornings with. I fell in love with you, Azzy. Not the ‘Avatar of Lust’.” 
Asmo gulped, taking in a deep breath, before he started to let out soft sobs. His face nuzzled yours, no doubt spreading his face mask over your skin. “Mc! Yes yes yes! I’ll marry you! Of course I’ll marry you!” 
You chuckled, imagining just what kind of mess the two of you looked like right now. “I am very glad to hear it.”
Even though you could never eat as much as Beel, you adored going out to different restaurants with him every week. 
Beel would always tear off small bites of his food to give to you; he wanted you to be able to try everything but knew you couldn’t eat quite like him. 
“Here you go, Mc! It's a wedding cake, but they needed to get rid of it, and it’s really good!” He beamed at you before going back to his own, bigger, slice of cake. 
You gazed at him lovingly, slowly munching on cake until something caught your attention. It was a fondant “wedding ring” stuffed right in the middle of your cake. 
The ginger had all but swallowed the cake whole, moving on to his other plates. He paused, “Mc?” Beel hadn't heard you speak in a minute. 
“Yes?” You took another bite of the cake, giving a closed-mouth smile. 
Beel smiled right back, happy you were still enjoying yourself. “I’m glad I get to eat with you, it makes me happy!” 
You hummed, discreetly grabbing the edible ring, “Me too, bub. I’d like it if we could do this for the rest of our lives.” Your eyes peered up at him, “Say…what if we got married?”
Beel stopped. The food in his hands slowly fell back onto the plate and he blinked at you owlishly. He blinked more viciously when you kneeled, trying to keep the tears at bay. 
“Beelzebub,” you presented the ring with a grin, “May I have the honor of marrying you?”
He mumbled something about him being the one receiving the honor before he was lifting you up into his arms. “Yes please.” 
You huffed out a laugh, ignoring all the claps and cheers you were receiving. “Here, you can eat it. I’ll get you a real ring later, okay?”
Sleep was a precious thing to humans, but for Belphie, it was just a thing. Something he enjoyed doing, something he knew with every fiber of his being, something that was normal. 
It was also normal for him to toss and turn, kicking at the constricting covers as the events of that night invaded his sleeping mind. 
Even years later, it still haunts him. You’ve told him over and over again that you forgave him then and you forgive him now, but he doesn’t deserve it (he thinks). The guilt ate at him so badly some nights, it made him physically sick when he woke up. 
And you tried your best to help ease it. Soothing him while he was asleep, reassuring him when he was awake. Nothing seemed to lessen his guilt or pain, but you never stopped trying. 
Belphie woke up screaming. Raw, gut-wrenching screams that made your heart shoot through the roof and shatter at the same time. 
He watched you scramble over to the bed and wrap him in your arms, visibly startled. His body began to relax when it felt yours relax, but his mind was still racing. 
That wouldn’t do. Your hands cupped his cheeks softly, squishing them, before moving to push back the damp hair off his forehead. “Belphegor…”
Belphie could do nothing but lay there as you kissed all over his face, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He couldn’t stop his eyes from tearing up— you were there to wipe his tears away, though. 
“I’m not leaving, Belphie. Ever.” You shifted, moving to sit on top of him. “In fact…” 
The seventh-born stared up at you with wide eyes, “Mc? What are you…!”
You pulled out a silver ring engraved with stars. “Marry me?” A gentle smile tugged at your lips when he choked up, hands trailing along his own until you reached his left ring finger. 
Belphie inhaled sharply, nodding frantically, “Yes, please, yes, I’ll marry you- I want to marry you, yes!” He watched as you slid the ring onto his finger. And when he felt the cold metal on his skin, he began to sob, fingers gripping at your wrists to bring you down in a tight embrace.
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headcannons about poly / freeuse vibes with the brothers and mc? not anything cest, they’re just demons and don’t care about monogamy and each find time throughout the day to use mc to relieve some stress 💕
Tumblr media
❝ the obey me brothers vs. poly agreement mc ❞
ft. lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmodeus, beel, belphie — obey me!
requests — open!
dni if under 16
Tumblr media
— honestly, it starts when the brothers start falling in love with you one by one, but they don't know how to work around each other. — so, of course asmo being asmo, he suggests that they just all each have one day a week to be with you. — everyone casually being like, "did you have fun with [other brother] yesterday?" no jealousy. only vibes. — the public finding out about this arrangement with the seven top demons of the devildom and starting to flirt with you when you go out because they think you're up for grabs for anyone who wants you. — and subsequently getting the shit beat out of them by the brothers. even levi joins in beating them up for daring to flirt with you — and double dates with beel and belphie!!! a date at the ice cream place where you lean over and give beel a kiss, and then belphie gets pouty!! so you kiss him too!! and they're happy!! — no because i'd like to suggest satan always trying to outdo lucifer!! a competition where they bond over pleasing you, jokingly "arguing" over who did it better! — movie nights. one demon in your lap, one on either side, two sitting on the floor with their cheeks resting on each of your knees, someone behind you on the couch with their arms draped gently on your neck and shoulders!! — also getting all the food. like, they would constantly be sharing food with you. — it would be a FIGHT to share food with you. like, they would compete with each other over who gets to share their snacks with you. — belphie would absolutely steal you away from dates with the other brothers to do Things
— and now the nsfw!! — the brothers going one after another in a day. you fucked out, having had lips and tongues and teeth and dicks all over you all day. being blissed out. — the brothers after beel complaining quietly because his massive horsecock stretched you out, but not finding it in themselves to be mad because you feel so good. — satan asking things like "can he (lucifer) make you feel this good?" — please say no for your own safety. mans will get like 200x rougher if you say yes. — having different experiences with the brothers!! slow, teasing, sensual sex with asmo, but rough, animal fucking with beel and satan!! — THE BRAINROT IS REAL
Tumblr media
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onixtri · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
individual imgs →_→
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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May I please request baby satan booping diavolos nose? 🙂 Congrats on your growing blog!
Tumblr media
One side sees a boop, the other one feels a smack 😌
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Paws That Follow Close Behind
***As some of you may know, today marks one year since my precious kitty Oliver passed away. I've cried a lot over the past 24 hours, and I'll probably cry even more as I write this, but I wanted to write a little something to say goodbye and what I would do if I could see him one last time. I promise no animals will die in this fic. So, in memory of Oliver, let's do this.***
Tumblr media
Summary: MC and Satan are walking around downtown when MC spots a familiar face ... a small, furry face.
CW: Grief, mentions of past animal death
You giggled at Satan as he walked ahead of you shaking a bag of treats. "This is ridiculous," you teased as softly called out to the invisible cats that he seemed to tracking.
He shot you a quick glare, that held embarrassment more than anything, "No. What's ridiculous is that you're not helping me. I thought you agreed to come along to help me find and check on any strays we find, not mock me."
You smiled fondly at the demon as you began to lightly shake your own bag of treats. "My bad. I guess I'm not used to seeing you so ... relaxed."
Satan averted his eyes; you weren't wrong of course. But he had cats and you — two of his most favourite things in the world — there wasn't much to be stressed or defensive about with that combination.
"Meow." Speaking of cats... Satan's head whipped around, trying to find the source of the adorable noise. You looked alongside him, but at a notably slower speed with a nostalgic smile on your face. "Huh. That sounded just like-" Your breath hitched as your eyes landed on a small, fluffy grey lump sitting in the ally way before you — A white-tipped, tail swished nervously behind it.
Satan frowned in confusion as he glanced between you and the cat. You had gone completely still. Your eyes were wide in complete disbelief as, much to Satan's horror, tears began to line them. The cat on the other hand stared straight back at you, equally as still, only breaking eye contact to glance over at Satan with a mistrusting squint.
"O-Oliver?" You choked, and the cat's ears perked right back up as it turned its attention back to you. As though responding to your call, he let out a soft mewl and rose onto all fours.
Satan watched in equal parts bewilderment and fascination as you ever so slowly kneeled close to the ground and stuck out your hand. "Ollie. Oliver. Hi," you breathed. "Hi baby. Come here. What are you doing out here, huh?"
The cat meowed again, louder this time, taking a small step back as he glanced at Satan. Your breath caught as panic filled your face for a split moment as you took a step closer to the creature. "Hey, it's alright. That's just Satan," you replied as though you could perfectly understand what the cat had sad. "He won't hurt you. I promise, baby. J-Just come here. Come here, p-please."
Satan had never heard you sound both relieved and happy and so incredibly heartbroken.
And then, with one final glare over to the blond, the cat slowly and cautiously approached you. You froze, holding your breath, until it gently nuzzled its head against your hand.
Both you and the cat seemed to melt at the contact.
Your shoulders shook with repressed sobs as you quietly ran your fingers through its long, grey and white fur with one hand and covered your mouth with the other.
Now Satan was truly and genuinely concerned.
He carefully placed a hand on your shoulder, allowing his thumb to rub small circles into your shoulder. "MC... Do you know this cat?"
You hiccupped as you nodded and began to scratch the under the cat's chin — which the animal eagerly leaned into. "This is Oliver. H-He, oh god, He was my cat," your lip wobbled as you looked up at Satan in pure, desperate, loss — Satan felt his heart crumble at the sight. "He died last year. I-It was really sudden and unexpected. I d-don't understand. How is he- It shouldn't be possible for me to pet him right now," Oliver butted his head against your knuckles, as though reminding you of the reality of his presence — the action only moved to draw a sob from you.
Satan smiled sadly at the sight. "Ah, I understand. Well, MC, you know how you humans tend to call cats 'little demons' or 'the embodiment of Satan?'" He questioned.
You sniffled as you narrowed your eyebrows at him. "Y-You're joking."
The demon laughed, causing the cat to flinch back a bit. "I'm afraid not. While they aren't remotely demonic while on earth, they do come down here to enjoy the chaos of the Devildom in their afterlife. It's why we have so many strays."
You squeezed your eyes shut as the hand you were petting with gently clenched around the fur on the back of his head. "S-So this ... This is actually him?"
You cried when Satan nodded in response. He watched quietly, his heart both clenching at the sight of you mourning, and warming at the sound of the purrs that Oliver was releasing.
Once your eyes were red and puffy and your chest ached from sobbing, you massaged the tip of one of his ears and finally smiled. "I can't believe it's really him," Oliver lifted his white chin, seeking the comfort of your palm. You were quick to oblige him. "I never thought I'd see him again. I never thought I'd hold him. The last time I held him, h-he was so still and heavy. When ... When the vet brought him out to us, he was wrapped in a blanket and they had him on his back, a-a-and I just knew that he wasn't there anymore, even if they said he was still alive. Ollie hates being o-on his back while being held. He likes know-knowing he can get away if he wants to. I-It was my last time holding him, a-and he wasn't even there."
Satan squeezed your shoulder, wishing nothing more than to scoop you into his arms and comfort you. But he saw the way the cat was still eying him with caution. He didn't want to risk spooking the poor thing.
"He's here now," Satan whispered instead. "I know this must hurt, but he's not going anywhere. He appears to have made himself very comfortable in your lap," you let out a wet giggle gently kissed the top of Ollie's head. "If you'd like ... We could take him back to the house with us."
Your grip momentarily tightened around the cat as you looked up at the demon with watery eyes. "R-Really? B-B-But what about-"
"I'll take care of Lucifer," Satan reassured gently. "Don't worry about that. Just focus on getting reunited with your cat. I have all the supplies you'll need in my room."
You reached up and grabbed onto Satan's hand, gripping tightly as tears ran down your cheeks. "Yes. Yes! Th-Thank you so much. You ... You have no idea how much this means to me."
He chuckled and affectionately ruffled your hair. "I think I have an idea."
Lucifer eyed Satan and the empty chair beside him suspiciously as his brothers began to scoop food onto their plates.
The two of you had left earlier that morning for Satan's usual Saturday morning search for felines. He had heard the door open upon your return, but by the time he made it to the lounge, he could hear the echoing of your bedroom door slamming shut.
Now you were absent, and Satan was smiling. None of these meant good things for him.
Lucifer cleared his throat as he began to cut into the meat on his plate. "Satan, where's MC?"
The blond's expression didn't budge in the slightest as he grabbed a second plate and began to put a portion onto it. "They probably won't be down tonight. In fact, I'll be bringing them their meal in a minute."
The table went quiet as they all turned to Satan — he continued to carry about his business as though nothing was wrong.
Lucifer felt his forehead pulse in annoyance. "What do you mean they won't be down? Why?"
Satan shrugged and scooped an extra portion of fish onto the plate. "They're spending time with Oliver."
What quiet had remained from the last time the Avatar of Wrath opened its mouth was instantly shattered. "WHAT?!" Mammon screeched. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! Who the hell is Oliver?"
Levi nodded frantically as he pointed at Mammon in agreement. "A-And why is he in their room?! How are you so calm about this!?"
Lucifer groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Satan," he growled. "I swear, if I go to their room and there is a fucking cat in there I'm-"
"Going to do absolutely nothing." Lucifer paused at the deadly cold tone lacing Satan's tone. He looked up and found himself instantly drowning in vats of boiling acid as his younger brother scowled at him. "They have already been separated for far too long. That cat is everything to them, and they just got him back. If you so much as think about separating them I will rip your arms straight from your corpse and turn them into kitten chow."
Lucifer would've rolled his eyes — he always does whenever Satan gets protective over those stupid little creatures.
But Satan didn't even blink, his voice never once raised above the icy calm it was now. Goosebumps raised on Lucifer's arms as he realized that the blond was serious.
Asmodeus seemed to realize this too as he chuckled nervously and wrapped an arm around his brother. "He's not going to do anything to them. Calm down, you drama queen," he casually taunted while shooting Lucifer a look that pleaded for him to fix this.
The eldest demon sighed and stood from his chair. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to at least meet the furball first."
Satan watched him for a moment, assessing the lack of a threat in his brother's stance before nodding. "Fine. But no actually going in. MC said that Oliver was a rescue when they got him, and is very skittish around everyone except them. So ... Just be quiet," his mouth twitched as he peered over at Lucifer. "You'll see why the cat gets to stay when we get there."
As Satan and Lucifer left the room, all the rest of the brothers stood too follow.
The blond lifted a finger to his lips as they reached your door. As quietly as he could, he creaked the door open, revealing what was inside.
You sat on your bed, cheeks tear-stained but a bright smile gracing your lips, with a long-furred cat sitting in "loaf mode" on your lap while you attempted to draw. The keyword being attempted, as Oliver kept sniffing at your pencils and looking up at you and your hands in confusion.
The brothers watched as you let out the purest laugh they'd ever heard and lovingly scratched the top of his head. "Such a big sook, aren't you baby boy?" you cooed gently as the cat let out loud purrs. Your shoulders slumped in contentment as you stared at the creature in your lap with eyes filled with nothing except pure, unyielding love. "I missed you so much, Ollie," you whispered so quietly that the brothers could barely hear it. "I missed this. I ... I miss our cuddles, even if you do drool a little," you chuckled as you lightly wiped at his chin. Oliver used the move as an excuse to raise his head and demand more chin scratches. Fondness flooded your expression as you bent down and kissed his head. "I'm so happy your home."
The cat mewled lightly and curled up onto your lap, causing you to positively melt. You gently wrapped yourself around him, abandoning your sketchbook and squeezed your eyes shut as, for the first time in a year, you got to properly hold your baby once more.
Lucifer pursed his lips as he watched the scene. A cat would certainly be difficult to keep around with Cerberus living just outside but ...
He sighed affectionately and softly closed the door. He turned and began to walk back to his office, mentally listing the different supplies he would need to buy.
"The cat can stay."
Anything that made you this happy would always be welcome into his house.
***Thank you all for reading and for all your constant love and support. I love you guys. Thank you for remembering Oliver with me ❤️ ***
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · a day ago
Satan: Is there even anything that you can do?
MC: Look at you with contempt.
Satan: Listen here, you little-
MC: Cat boy.
Lucifer: MC, I bought you some- What the heck is going on here?
MC: *sad face* Papa, brother is bullying me.
Satan: No, I'm not! And don't call me "brother"!
Lucifer: *frowns* Satan, the least you can do is to be nice.
Satan: What?!
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levi-but-human · 22 hours ago
Please tell us about the weirdest thing MC (or anyone else) have witnessed Brothers doing
The weirdest thing the brothers were seen doing! Featuring: Students of RAD
What is the strangest thing you’ve seen Lucifer do? “Chug a bottle of monster energy drink. And i know people do this all the time, but to see HIM do it? Nuh-uh.”
“Oh! I saw him do a cartwheel in the yard! It was after school, and I was on duty, and i dont think he knew I was there! So he just— Cartwheel!”
“Saw him eat pizza with copsticks. Use your hands fam, ain’t nobody gonna judge you for that. Eating it with shopsticks tho? Nahhhhhh.”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen Mammon do?
“A backflip! A BACKFLIP. Backflips aren’t weird I understand how you’d want to do thay randomly, but YOU, can do a BACKFLIP? UNHEARD OF!”
“He walked pass me and I SWEAR i heard him say something along the lines of — nah he got a big booty — under his breath. I swear.”
“He— he just. He just threw balloon art at his brother in class? Where the hell did you get that, how the hell did you make that, and how did nobody hear you making it.”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen leviathan do?
“come to school. Seeing his face here is so rare that we often ask ourselves— who the hell is that? but then we notice oh its that guy we played pubG with.”
“you know how guys do that thing where they re-arrange their hair by running a hand through it? I saw him do that, and boy oh boy… that forehead was HUGE. It was weird.”
“He talked in class. Man never says nothin’ and then he just does randomly?? Ain’t no way fr.”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen Satan do?
“Be with a group of friends. Yeah, its like… normal to have friends, but seeing him just be with them is weird cause he mentions them but is never WITH them.”
“Heard the man swear. I turned my head ‘round so fast, I swear I broke my neck. I was like ??? it was funny”
“HE STARTED MEOWING OUT OF NOWHERE?? At your big age you’re pretending to be a cat? IM SCARED!”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen Asmodeus do?
“Uh, everything he does is weird.”
“My boy brought a whole 20 pack makeup set to school, for what babes? Who the hell did you need to clown up this time?”
“This was a long time ago but he once dyed his hair green it was so ugly. im sorry asmo!”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen Beelzebub do?
“Pick up random guys. Like no, he legit, physically picked them up. Like… how..??? Like yes king deadlift 300 pounds on one arm but, why?”
“He just eats everything like a vaccum. We students are in full SPRINT when its lunch time so he doesnt eat everhthing.”
Whats the weirdest thing you’ve seen Belphegor do?
“I don’t see him do much.”
“He’s always laying around, nothing weird about that. Every time I see him Im like same cause bro these classes make me wanna *hand gestures to death*”
“He’s cute sleeping. Hes always sleeping? I know, its really fucking hot to miss classes because lmao im tired”
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beelscustard · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mc with chibi bros
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bitchyhuman · 2 days ago
Bestfriend's Forever
- The one who can tell if you're uncomfortable and if that happens he will immediately snatch you up.- The type of person who can walk into you in the bathroom while you're showering and discuss matters with you.
- Encourages you to talk to other people but if you actually do he will wear some cheap ass disguise and follow you.
- Pulls your bra strap for fun.
- The type of friend that if a sad anime episode came up he will not watch it if you're not with him because through sadness and health bitch.
- He loves leaning on you for some reason.
- You two go on a late-night drive and instead of relaxing it turned into a comedy show because of how angry he is as a driver.
- If you like someone he will write a book about you two and your happy ever after with that person. But he will write a story about you and him being best friends forever first.
- He might not seem like it but he will purposely dress down so you look sexier.
- He will ask you "How many times do you shave your pubes?" or "Can you check if I have an ingrown hair in my ass?"
- You two will dress really nice and act like rich ass motherfuckers then come up to AkuDonalds and ask how much the whole store is.
- He has the type of mindset that says "Your property is also my property". So don't expect to eat something without him asking for a bite.
- You two hate each other at first then Beel locked you both up in the same room and then you two started talking about how shit humans are.
- If you post a picture of you on Devilgram he is the type of person to comment "I'll murder for you."
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tsumutiny · 3 days ago
>Angry fucking
Pairing: Satan
wc: 760
cw: Degrading, dubconish, manhandling, Spanking, Breeding kink, mention of unprotected sex, overstimulation and demon form, implied exhibitionism and blood sucking.
Tumblr media
This man is the literal avatar of Wrath. Rage running in his blood. Not only does he have anger issues, he also doesn't really know how to control it. Sure, he's working on it, but would he be able to fully master the red filling his head? No.
So there's definitely going to be a lot of pissed-off Satan—fucking through his fit of rage. Hot and irritated from the slightest bit of inconvenience as he folds you over any surface. Makes you kneel with a hand pressed to your forehead as he goes base deep into your throat. He surely loves you equally as hard as he fucks you just like his daddy, but your embarrassed, flushed red face and teary eyes wouldn't matter a bit while he takes you raw.
He's always trying to be a man who you can dearly love, have all faith in. Striving hard to change a lot after you came into his life, but how can thousands of years of habits change in a few years, darling? So come here like a doll you are and push your ass up for me.
It's out of your understanding how someone as rage like him even has a liking towards such pretty little creatures as he pets some stray kittens—looking like an absolute angel, giggling and blushing, right after he shoved your head into the carpet to fill your cunt.
This demon is unpredictable, having insanely rapid mood swings. One minute he's snuggling on your chest, badmouthing Lucifer and how he's definitely better than him; the next minute he's biting your sensitive buds as he sucks them with all his might because somewhere between the minutes he got triggered with his ranting.
Satan hates kids, it's a fact. Experiencing his own relation and flaws he's afraid if he might even make a good father, plus he's only some thousand years—the youngest of all, but boy would he not keep filling you again and again even after he came once. Absolutely loving the feeling of orgasming multiple times when he's full-on wrath. Head and dick both hot and aching.
From all the anger filling his head, it gets clouded for him to understand you're weeping and moaning so loudly that his brothers might break in the room, and the way they would get embarrassed—seeing you open in the most vulgar position, eyes puffed from continues cries of overstimulation as spit dribbles down your chin into the sheets. Somewhere in his twisted head he so wants it to happen, letting his brothers know to who the little human belongs the most.
Fat drops of tears and saliva wet his bedsheet as you are shoved yet again into the satin material "Satan" you whine loudly, hands struggling to free from the cloth around your wrist as you lay uncomfortably on the demon's lap "too much" another obnoxious slap makes contact with your skin, making you yelp loud into the bedsheet. You can't count the number the times you have been spanked by now. It hurts, you think you might pass out, but the uncontrollable tingling in your pussy contradicts. Body twitching and filled with bruises from his manhandling.
"You think that low-class demon would make you a slut like this " He growls above you, black spiky tail caressing the hot skin of your back as he suddenly slaps your unclothed sex, gaining a squeal from you. "ah satan..ah please I'm gonna die" you dig your nails into your skin around your hands and mewl loudly, not knowing how to describe your lightheadedness.
That's enough to have him twist you immediately and throw you facing up on the mattress, lips going straight to your peaked nipples, sucking blotchy spots into the skin while his fingers work between your legs "you're a whore" he speaks "and if you use the pact on me I swear I'll really make you taste what it feels like to be a cumdump"
He has a bad fucking mouth, making more liquid to flow down your hole "will fill your pussy so much you'll be knocked up. Bet you'll like being a mommy huh?" He asks and all you do is moan dumbly.
The youngest Demon slowly drags his razor-like tail across your breasts "want me to suck your blood sweetie?" He asks, increasing the pace of his fingers in your gummy walls, making you unable to respond.
You bet his eyes gleamed like a kid's when he mouths near your skin "let's try it"
Tumblr media
ngl i would really do the pact play with this mf next time. Make him cum and writhe with your pact? Yes.
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akanesheep · a day ago
What our boys and dateables gain from MC is fulfillment in whatever form that needs to take. For Beel, he’s less hungry for food; Mammon doesn’t need to gamble as much (he will, because he’s also a creature of habit); Belphie feels less empty inside, willing to be awake more. Satan can expand his emotions, especially the ones that are harder for him, like passion and love, without falling back into anger. (I hc that strong emotions for him tend to be very difficult for him to achieve because of his wrath) Diavolo finds you not only interesting and exciting, but also finds a warmth from you he’s never experienced. Levi finds new purpose within him with you around, and finds ways to believe in himself again (slowly tho…) Asmo finds himself not having to seek attention from others, his heart is full around you. Lucifer fills unburdened by you. Yes you prank him with Satan and Belphie, and sometimes get drug into Mammon’s schemes; but you also bring him coffee at the end of the night, you assist him with his work, and the warmth and happiness you’ve brought him and his brothers is deeply appreciated. You’ve allowed this eternally worrying man to have less to worry about. You brought Solomon something he hasn’t had in hundreds of years, companionship. You brought Luke a surrogate mother XD, but have also helped expand his horizons and bridge the feelings he has for both humans and demons.
The only one I stick on is Simeon. It’s obvious you’ve brought him friendship, sparked romantic feelings in him. This will sound weird, but bear with me, you’ve brought him out of the shadows. Since the fall of the brothers, he’s never seen the celestial realm the same, he’s said so in multiple ways. I think he viewed everything and everywhere in muted tones. Until he met you, and suddenly the world he saw was vibrant again. He would never risk you to the point he stole from Michael to save you and the brothers. He’s realized that there is more, so much more beyond the celestial realm that he’s willing to risk everything for you.
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avonyxx · a day ago
Hello guys haven’t posted in a while after taking a brake and heading for exams hhh now it’s over time to feed u guys with lucifer in his top tier outfit of all time 👌👌👌😘😘😘😘😘
Tumblr media
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mammonloverr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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l3v1-m0rn1n95tar · 3 days ago
Obey Me! Funny Scenarios Pt. 1
MC: *sandwiches the boys' heads between two pieces of bread* What are you?
Lucifer: Fucking exhausted.
Mammon: Broke. ^^
Levi: Sad and alone.
Satan: About to smack you... -_-
Asmo: Sexy~
Beel: *eats bread*
Belphie: *snores*
Dia: Confused...
Barb: Done with your shit. :)))
Sims: An angel! ^^
Luke: If you say Chihuahua--
Solo: An idiot sandwich...
--I edited cuz I forgot to put something lol--
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animetrashlord-007 · 2 days ago
Kitten Ears;; Satan
Word Count;; 2.5k
Genre;; Smut
Pairing;; Satan [Obey Me!] x Reader
Tight ropes grace your figure. You’re expected to sit pretty and await his command… but you’ve always had a rebellious streak. If he’d rather spend the night reading his silly little book, you’ll just have to give him a reason to focus on you instead.
Masochist Bratty Rope Bunny!Reader + Mean Dom!Satan
Explicit language, explicit BDSM, Shibari / Bondage, pain kink + dacryphilia, improper use of a belt (as a gag), pet names (kitten, toy, etc), thigh riding, rough nipple play and clit stimulation, degradation (including some slutshaming), biting, choking, edging and orgasm denial, & of course cockwarming eventually lmfao
Anon said: “Obey me satan cock warming please! 🙏”
It’s;;; about the control. The shibari position is called ‘Bunny Ears’ or Futomomo Delta if you’re curious. AlsO i Think this awoke something within me lmfao the lines left on the skin after shibari are so pretty??
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
   Tears well in your eyes from the stretch. Tied behind your back by jute rope, your arms are growing tired. Due to the sharp angle your fingers dangle against the shallow indents of your shoulder blades. Your elbows extend overhead in what Satan refers to as ‘kitten ears’. Each wrist is bound together in a criss-cross while also connecting with the opposite limb’s forearm. Forearms and biceps are locked against one another by forest green rope.
   It didn’t seem like a difficult position when he first suggested it. How wrong you were. Within minutes your upper half had begun to ache. Even now the soft expanses of your inner arms rest against the back of your head, pushing it forward. There’s no end to this gentle torture; you can’t relieve the tension building within your strained neck.
   When you look up at Satan, you turn a little too fast and pull a little too hard at your restraints. Each string is interwoven and reacts to the smallest movement. The ropes tighten against the flex of your arms, constricting the two lone strands wrapped around your naked torso, one above your breasts and the other below. Digging deep into your smooth skin, they etch their mark upon you, leaving behind a masterpiece to be admired once he deems this torment enough.
   Shifting from knee to knee, you appreciate the (albeit limited) freedom you have. Your legs remain bare of the green ropes and the artwork that follows. Despite how much he loves playing with the intricate designs forged upon your skin, fleeting yet enticing, this time is different, perhaps even special. Pressing your thighs together, you once again gaze at him. He’s reading some old book in some dead language, ignoring you.
   Unable to bear the sting licking at your muscles any longer, you try to stand but fail, unable to unfurl a single leg. Top heavy and numb from remaining in one spot for far too long, you crumple back down to your knees. His artisan rope-work is formidable, inescapable. Threaded together to immobilise you for his own entertainment, you remain still and silent, too proud to concede.
   Another minute passes and a shiver trickles down your spine. He’s looking at you. No, he’s devouring you. Call it a sixth sense – you know he’s to blame for the goosebumps rising across your skin. Risking a glance at the expense of your comfort, you seek his attention. Emerald eyes drink you in. A small smile forms on his lips as he places his book aside. When he gazes upon you, it’s electrifying. Pressing your face against your bicep, you relish in the throb of your overextended shoulder. The ropes tighten, crawling inch by inch along your ribcage in a slow, delightful burn.
   “What a beautiful little toy you are.”
   You want to reply but the words are muffled by the belt in your mouth. The taste of leather lingers on your tongue as you bite down a little harder. Saliva dribbles down your chin. Despite how sore your jaw is, you’d choose the gag over the ‘kitten ears’ any day of the week.
   “Are you tired, pretty one?”
   Trying to nod elicits a whimper from deep within your throat. His eyes shine a shade brighter at the sound. Leaning forward to capture your face within his slender fingers, his smile widens. A single tear rolls down your cheek, leading the charge with the promise of more to follow. Satan collects the droplet on his thumb before smearing it across your heated skin. Your eyelids flutter shut at his gentle caress, forcing more tears to spill forth.
   “Irresistible,” he murmurs. A breeze whisks around you. While refreshing, you don’t have time to appreciate it. Strong arms lift you to your feet, holding you steady as you open your bleary eyes. Satan’s hair appears as strands of gold through your filter of tears. Mesmerised, you watch the way it bounces around his petite features as he tilts his head. “Does my pretty kitten need to tap out?”
   When you shake your head and furrow your brow, he smirks. Part of the fun is seeing if he can break you just so he can put you back together again, to be the knight that cares for his little damsel. There’s also some appeal in the fact that you’re too stubborn (or perhaps stupid) to give in. No matter what he throws your way, you take it. Despite the pain, you beg for him. You refuse to use the safe signal, allowing him to use you as he pleases, but that just makes it more of a challenge. It isn’t enough to control your body, he wants your mind too – he wants to possess every last piece of you.
   “Would you like to hear a story, kitten?” You nod. “Good. Let’s get you comfortable, then.”
   Expecting him to untie the ropes, you shuffle on the spot. His fingers ghost over the elaborate cluster of knots that adorn your back. With the amount of time he spent on perfecting them, you’re eager to view the end product. The lines left behind on your skin from his binds are always clean and captivating.
   There’s a clink! like that of a belt buckle. It rings in your ears. Before you can turn, his arms wrap around your waist. The fabric of his jacket sleeve tickles your skin. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re irritated by the fact that he’s fully dressed but the thought dispels as fast as it came. He falls back onto his lounge chair without loosening his hold on you, dragging you down with him.
   Between your bodies lies empty space; miles of it, cold and unwelcome. Seeking his warmth, you rock on the spot as you try to wiggle closer to him. It’s unintentional at first but the motion triggers a wave of yearning that you’re eager to sate. Balancing on his leg, your bare cunt rubs against his thigh. Cool air kisses your pulsing heat and pleasure grips your core from the sensation. Remaining cautious, you spread your legs open wider, pressing down hard against him. You pick up a subtle pace as you ride him. It takes a lot of effort to make it look natural, like you’re just trying to readjust yourself rather than chasing the slightest stimulation.
   Pages rustle behind you as he grabs the book he was reading. He holds it within one hand while the other draws symbols on your stomach. While innocuous at first, his relentless teasing eats away at your willpower. You can’t hold yourself back when the answer to your carnal desires is within reach. A flash of bliss tears down your spine as your body reacts to the mere thought of him. Ravenous from the delectable memory of him pounding you into the sheets, your cunt clenches around nothing, hungry to be filled to the brim.
   Your nails dig into your back the longer your little charade continues, teetering between obedience and pursuing what you crave. Satan’s breath warms the nape of your neck as he recites some ancient poem from his stupid little book. The words are lost on you; everything he rattles off is ignored in favour of eliciting every ounce of pleasure possible from your rocking.
   It isn’t until he pinches one of your nipples, twisting the sensitive bud between his smooth fingertips, that you crash back down to earth. His tone is harsh as he addresses you, cracking down upon you like a whip. “You’re going to stain my pants if you keep doing that, slut.”
   Ceasing your actions with a low whine, you tremble on his lap. He, however, doesn’t stop. Releasing your nipple, he grabs a fistful of your tit and squeezes until your back arches. You fall back against him, fleeing the biting pain that erupts where his claws mark you. When he sees the red indents later he’ll frown, disappointed in how his beautiful canvas is marred, but in the heat of the moment he’s enslaved by his sin. He scratches your delicate skin to quell his anger, scraping deep enough to paint you in various shades but never deep enough to draw blood.
   “You’re too pretty to act up like this. Haven’t I trained you well enough?” he spits the words out. Slamming the book shut, his hand snakes around your neck. The veins in his arm bulge as he tenses, straining to hold himself back. “Are you broken? Should I throw you away? Or…” He adds some pressure to your throat. It’s when your breath hitches that you notice he’s hard, his cock twitching within its confines. “Or would my little kitten like a second chance?”
   It’s a trap, of course. There’s no way to win – he wants you to fail.
   Even so you nod, desperate to be used despite how pathetic you feel.
   “Good girl.”
   He pulls his cock free and it rests against the curve of your arse. Much hotter than your own skin, you fight the urge to rut against him. Instead you sit still and pretty, awaiting his next move. You forget to breathe during the long seconds that pass. It isn’t until he lifts your hips in one swift movement that you let your hopes up. Shivering in excitement, you whimper against your gag.
   “You’re soaked already.” He tuts, flicking your clit with his middle finger. “I don’t even have to prepare you. Your greedy little hole is always ready to be fucked, isn’t it? Disgusting.”
   Aligning himself with your entrance, he pushes inside. Pulling you down further on his cock by his tight grip on your hips, your muscles tremble. It’s hard to maintain such a slow pace. Inch by inch, he fills you. The stretch is exquisite. Once he bottoms out, sheathed within you in his entirety, you expect a punishing speed to be set. What you receive, however, is quite the opposite.
   “Now where were we?”
   With no regard for your needs, he flips open his book and begins reading once more. Frustration surges through you – why must he always be difficult? It’s one thing to tease, but this is just cruel. Every time you inhale, chest rising to utilise every last ounce of your lung capacity, your hips rise ever so slightly. When you exhale and sink back down, his cock nudges against your g-spot. It’s an endless cycle of gentle stimulation.
   Despite his excellent rope skills, he’d made a mistake: leaving your legs untied. If he won’t give you what you want, you’ll bypass him and take what you want. Biting down harder on his belt, you brace yourself. It’ll require precision and haste to get yourself off before your thighs grow exhausted from the exertion. With a final tweak of your neck, relishing in how it cracks and the relief that comes with it, you lift yourself. His cock slides out of your pussy until only the tip remains and you clench around him, preparing to bounce on his hard shaft.
   Your plan is thwarted when his hand wraps around your neck, using it as a point of leverage as he slams you back down on his cock. Tears spring from your eyes, cooling your warm cheeks as they run down your face. Tight around him, your cunt continues to clench, greedy and impatient. His breath fans against your shoulder before his teeth dig into your skin. A sharp pain explodes outward from the point of contact.
   Breaking away from you, a patch of wetness left in his wake, he growls, “Stop moving. I’m busy.”
   His bite is nothing compared to the need gnawing at your core. Heavy seconds tick by and you relent to the ache of your neck, dropping your head only for your arms to follow, pushing your whole body forward until your back is slumped. Satan doesn’t move, his voice like velvet as he reads his book uninterrupted. At this moment you might very well hate him, but still you refuse to tap out.
   Instead you opt to seek out any morsel of pleasure you can. Staggering breaths aid the incessant pulsing of your walls. The more light-headed you become, the closer you push yourself toward the edge. It’s a delicate yet dangerous game and that recklessness throws you into overdrive. Chasing the memory of how orgasmic bliss feels, your mind stimulates the sensation, and though it isn’t the real thing, it’s close, especially when his cock sitting inside you is very, very real.
   Eyes fluttering shut, you continue to clamp around him all without moving your upper body, intent to follow Satan’s rules while also breaking them. Your nostrils flare with each hindered breath. Orgasming without being touched is a difficult but not impossible phenomenon. With enough dedication and the right state of mind, you can do it, you know you can. And that’ll really piss him off… which very well might make you come a second time untouched.
   Satan’s irritated sigh is far away but his rough treatment of your clit is grounding. He rubs the bundle of nerves beneath his fingers, aiding in your endeavour to reach that heavenly precipice. While his is not a gentle touch, it doesn’t take much stimulation before your orgasm approaches. Throwing your head back against his chest despite the taut ropes chafing your breasts, you buck into his hand.
   “What a nasty little whore you are. Do you really need to come that badly?” Panting around the belt, you mumble out your pleas. It’s a jumbled, incoherent mess. “Then you should get yourself off, kitten.”
   Eyes locking, you take in his lazy smirk. You know that look. Racing toward your peak, you can’t push his sadistic smile out of your head. Even as your core starts to shake and your body quivers, your mind instead focuses on his cold expression. With a low whine that reverberates in your throat, you pause before you can reach the finish line. He, too, halts.
   “What’s wrong? You were so close. Don’t you want to come?” He pinches your clit, pulling on the small nub. You shake your head and close your eyes, unable to look at his deepening scowl. His fingers graze along your entrance, almost slipping inside only to disappear completely. Even with his cock filling your cunt, you feel empty without his hands warming your skin.
   “Since you want to play by yourself today, you can learn to play by yourself for the next couple of months, too.”
   From behind the belt comes your gargled cries. When you twist on his lap, his cock drives a little further into you, triggering a burst of pleasure to echo throughout every nerve in your body. Brilliant emerald eyes bore into you, widening in amusement as you squeeze your thighs shut. Moisture overflows from the corners of your eyes and your vision turns blurry. His cock twitches within your walls and it’s tantalising how easy it would be to come right here and now out of sheer rebellion. Yet you hold your ground, unwilling to go without him for such an unthinkable length of time.
   “Don’t cry, little one.” Patting the top of your head, he fixes your dishevelled appearance. “I’m starting the chapter over. Pay attention this time.”
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Mc: hey OP do you take constructive criticism?
Levi: no
Mc: you suck
Satan: would you two kindly SHUT UP!
Mc: but we're bored
Levi: and the internet is gone
Satan: read a book or go out for a walk
Levi: do we look like we would go outside
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harunayuuka2060 · 13 hours ago
Mammon: Hey, is it Monday already?
Belphie: Yes. How many times are you going to ask that?
Mammon: You were not the one who knocked out by a genie last week.
Belphie: *rolls eyes*
Beel: I'm hungry...
Satan: I'll cook. We can't really depend on Mammon.
Mammon: Okay-okay! I'll summon the genie now! *reluctantly rubs the lamp*
MC: *appears* *brushing their hair, while giving Mammon a judging look*
MC: What's your wish, master?
Mammon: Before that, are you not even going to apologize?
MC: Apologize? No. Not in my vocabulary.
Levi: Dude. Just state your wish.
Mammon: *frowns* Fine. You can grant unlimited wishes, right?
MC: That is confirmed.
Mammon: Yes! Well! I want a luxurious breakfast—
MC: What type of cuisine?
Mammon: Huh? You know, something luxurious?
MC: ...
MC: So you lack in culinary knowledge. What a shame. I'll just whip out everything.
Asmo: *yells from the dining room* Guys! The whole room is filled with food!
Beel: *immediately runs to the kitchen*
Beel: *yells* IT'S DELICIOUS!!!
Asmo: H-Hold up, Beel! That's our table!
Mammon: ...
Mammon: You're amazing!
MC: Hmph. Is there anything else, master? I still need my beauty sleep.
Mammon: U-Um... I want to be able to turn gold like Midas!
MC: So anything that touched by your hand turns into gold?
Mammon: Yes.
MC: Stupid.
Mammon: What?!
MC: I'll grant that wish of yours once you realize its consequences. You have 40 minutes to figure that out. And if you fail to do so, that wish will be permanently rejected.
Mammon: Wh-Why? I— Lucifer! I need your help! *runs to find him*
Levi: He's going to lose that wish.
Belphie: Why?
Satan: Didn't you know? Lucifer went on a trip with Lord Diavolo.
Belphie: But we can just tell him, right?
Satan and Levi: No.
MC: *is thinking* A bunch of selfish brats.
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aikofanfan · 2 days ago
Anon request!
Summary: MC comes home from a long work day at Hell’s Kitchen and they just wanna relax. But with the brothers, that’s wishful thinking. So what happens when the Wrathful Eyes land on the bros?
Tumblr media
You practically collapse through the front door of the House, dragging your feet and dropping your bag on a chair before flopping face down onto the couch.
“It’ll be worth it. You can save up and get that game.” You mumble, convincing yourself that this will be worth it in the end. But first you need a nap in your bed, with that in mind you drag yourself off the couch and shuffle up to your room.
“Are you kidding me…” you groan once you walk in. Belphie was fast asleep in your bed. You thought about using your pact to make him move but you really didn’t have the energy. With a whine you walk away and head to back down to the kitchen thinking about some donuts you had gotten from Akuber you had been saving.
“Hey I didn’t know you got back, MC.” Beel greets, you would’ve greeted him back if it wasn’t for the fact he was stuffing his face with your donuts.
“Beeeeeel.” You whine. The demon takes a moment to look at you then down at what he was eating and the dots connected.
“Oh I’m sorry!” He felt bad you knew this but just held a hand up.
“Don’t worry about it.” You quickly said. You made your way out of the kitchen and almost got knocked over when Mammon ran and hide behind you from Asmo and Levi, both in demon form.
“Mammon how dare you! That make up palette is a limited edition!” Asmo shouts.
“And so is that Rui-Chan plushie!” Levi added, his tail whipping around.
“You guys never use them for anythin! What’s the harm??” Mammon retorted.
“Can you guys keep it down?” Satan hisses as he walks in, Lucifer following behind him to see what was going on.
Asmo Levi and Mammon keep bickering back and forth with you in the middle until-
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” You scream as your eyes glow like a rainbow LED light. The pact magic flows through the brothers in the room and they snap their mouths shut. Beel finally peaks in and freezes.
“Mammon give back whatever the fuck you stole from these two. Now.” You ordered, lite up eyes landing on him. Like clock work he moves and hands back what he took and that made them calm down enough to change back.
“Why thank you MC~!” Amso purred but shuts his mouth again upon seeing the look on your face.
"I just worked twelve fucking hours, had my lunch stolen, was harassed by assholes who didn't tip, Belphie stole my bed, and Beel ate my snacks.” You ranted as you walked away from the group. “So, I'm going to sleep in Belphie's bed. If any of you wake me up before I have to get ready for school tomorrow, I'm going to destroy whatever thing you hold most dear."
You release the pact and slam the door shut to the twins’ room. The six of them look to one another as if asking what just happened.
“You know it’s one thing to see them snap at others.” Levi began. “But to be on the receiving end…”
“Scary.” Amso whispers.
“It was an empty threat. They’d never do something that rash to us.” Mammon laughs. “….right?”
“I don’t dare to wait and find out.” Satan turns around and goes back into his room. Lucifer on the other looks to the others.
“You’d be wise to follow that statement.” He warns.
Beel on the other goes back into the kitchen and thinks somethings over before making a plan to himself.
“Whoever that is, you have about 5 seconds to tell me why you’re in here before I-”
Your threat crumbles on your tongue when you sat up and find Beel trying to sneak a box with the Akuber logo onto the night stand by his twin’s bed.
“Sorry I was trying really hard not to wake you.” He frowns and hands you the box instead. “I feel bad so I got you some more donuts. Two of each.”
“Oh…thank you.” You smile.
“Since you’re awake, I can pick up Belphie so you can have your bed back.” Beel offers.
“That’s sweet Beel but I’m okay here.” You yawns. The demon nods and hurried back out to let you sleep.
Belphie grumbles at the loud voices. What did those idiots do now?
With a huff, he drags himself out of your bed and slowly walks out of your room, his pillow in his left arm.
He was expecting to find Levi Asmo and Mammon bowing on the ground begging mercy from Lucifer. What he does find leaves him holding in a laugh.
“MC PLEASE I’M SORRY!” Mammon begs.
“We didn’t mean to! Honest dear!” Amso cried.
“Have mercy!” Levi whined.
You were standing tall as the three demons beg at your feet, eyes a flame in wrath green as you hold a make up palette, Ruri-Chan plushie and Goldie in a death grip. The aura around you even matched Lucifer’s when he was in this position.
“What happened?” Belphie yawns as he joined his twin’s side.
“Idiots.” Satan groans.
“Should we do something?” Beel asks. Satan shakes his head. If anyone of them knew better it would be him since he can feel your anger.
“Just leave them be.” Satan answers.
Hell hath no fury like a pissed off human.
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starrynightlullaby · 2 days ago
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Disaster Alert!
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devildompossum · 14 hours ago
rough housing with the bros
AI cannot be the only one who wrestles to show love right??? Fighting over the remote, bumping into someone to knock them over, trying to push someone away only for it to turn into a wrestle- all done with playful love. And since no one else has written it, have this fully self indulgent list about how the brothers would rough house with you
gn!mc x demon bros, kinda romantic but not really, fluffy, slight spoilers for lesson 16 in belphie’s
Lucifer isn’t one to rough house. Sure, he’ll let you try and knock him over, but don’t expect any sort of full on wrestling. The best you’ll get out of him is Lucifer picking you up and holding you at arms length while you try and wiggle out of his grasp.
He thinks it’s cute, really, how the little human trusts him enough to try and play fight. He’d never tell you but it really makes his day.
The first time you tried he just about melted. He knows he’s given you every reason to not trust him, he knows that you know how much stronger than you he is. But you still trust him enough to try and wrestle the remote out of his hands? He doesn’t know what he did to deserve you.
You still aren’t getting the remote, though
Frankly, it was almost alarming how quickly you and Mammon fell into a routine of rough housing.
Mammon’s used to keeping his power in check with his brothers, so it comes naturally for him to do the same with you. And with Mammons tendancy to deny things and deflect his feelings insult you, it was very common to see the two of you rolling around on the ground trying to pin eachother.
One time after watching a scary movie you tackled Mammon onto the couch from behind and he screamed so loud that your ears rung.
At first Mammon never let you win, laughing at the weak human thinking they could pin the avatar of greed! But when you get closer he starts letting you win, if you point it out he’ll just blush and tell you to shut up
Oh boy, if you thought this would go any other way than him blushing and stuttering and calling you a normie, you’re dead wrong.
It takes a good while, but once he stops sputtering and blushing he completely shifts gears. Saying you’re so cool, how this is just like this anime he’s watching ‘Help, my best friend keeps trying to rough house and I’m just an otaku who doesn’t know how!”
He likes it, but don’t expect him to fight back.
Any time you go to push him or grab something from him, Levi short circuits a little bit and just lets you do it. He still mutters about ‘normie behaviour’ but the smile he’s hiding lets you know he really doesn’t mind.
Oh man you trusting him not to hurt you would be SO big for Satan. 
He’s so used to just being Wrath, so used to fighting and violence, he didn’t even know this was an option. It might take a bit for him to trust himself to properly rough house with you, but once he does oh boy are you in for it
Satan loves it, and once you’ve opened the floodgates you’re in for it. He regularly holds books out of your reach so you try and wrestle them out of his hands, and would often do little things that he knew would make you instigate a play fight
It’s about 50/50 who wins, mostly because Satan is actually fighting with you, not just letting you win like Mammon. He can keep his strength in check and actually properly rough house with you, it’s fun and a great bonding activity!
yeahhhhh..... not really his thing :/ sorry! He doesn’t mind if you bump into his shoulder or try and keep something away from him, but who wants to role around on the ground? yuck!
Be prepared for some flirty comments about moving to the bedroom if you try and rough house with him. He’ll stop if they make you uncomfortable of course, but it’s just where his mind goes naturally.
He thinks it’s cute, though! He appreciates the closeness of this kind of casual touch. It’s not something he’s used to, so he drinks it up when you push up against him, even if you’re trying to knock him over onto the couch and steal the remote.
Still prefers less violent intimacy, less of a chance of messing up his hair. But for you, maybe he wouldn’t mind his hair getting a little bit out of place.
He’s not fighting back. The most he does is hold the object you’re after up out of your reach. Beel is strong, and he just won’t allow himself to risk hurting you by accident.
You’re free to go all out though! Even with all your weight you won’t be able to knock Beel over, and he finds it cute when you try so win-win right?
 Sometimes he lets you ‘win’ by purposly falling onto whatever you were trying to push him on
If you want to really get a reaction out of him, though, poke him in the sides, the soft part between the ribs and hips (we called it tazering, idk if anyone else did this). He jumps about a mile high and he never expects it
Belphie won’t rough house with you. He just can’t. There’s nothing you can say that will convince him he won’t hurt you somehow. He’s more ok with you trying to push him over or playing keep away, but he won’t wrestle with you.
Frankly, he’s even surprised you’d put that kind of trust in him again, given everything that he did.
Sometimes when you’re trying to wake him up, he’ll either sleepily slap at your hands or pull you into bed with him. It’s the most you’ll get from him
Over time he gets more open to the idea, but he's never going to be able to fully wrestle with you like mammon or Satan
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