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Obey Me! Brother’s reactions to PMS

The reader is still gonna have gender-neutral pronouns.

Also unedited and written at 3 am


He had agreed to help you study and had set up in your room. You had had your nose in the book as Lucifer explained the subject, but you had blanked.

You were just sitting there rubbing your head with heavy breath. Your eyes were scrunched shut and you weren’t paying attention to Lucifer.

Lucifer placed a hand on your shoulder to get your attention, ”Are you alright?”

You nodded just saying it was a headache and nothing to worry about.

”Do you want me to get you something for it?”

”Please, ” you were out of breath and just wanted to put your head down on something cool.

Lucifer returned shortly; a cool pack, meds, and a glass of water in hand. He let you take the medicine. The demon offered to let you lay down for a bit before continuing with the study session.

Lucifer can definitely tell when you are having PMS and he knows what to do to help. He will get you what you ask for, but he will not stand for any comments about it from his brothers.


You had been hidden in your room curled up in your blankets. You wanted nothing more than to just die. Your body hates you and you hate it right now.

Mammon had burst into your room wanting to drag you into some plot. Upon seeing you laying pitifully in your bed, hardly noticeable under all the sheets he stopped.

”You look like shit.”

“No shit genius, ” you grumbled before rolling over.

Mammon definitely didn’t realize what was wrong. At first, he thought he did something or someone else did. He was extremely close to killing someone if needed.

”What’s wrong?”


The fluffy-haired idiot didn’t really know what to say in response. ”Should I leave?”

”No.” you held up the blanket a little signaling him to join you under the covers.


He doesn’t know what to do, at all. It was a simple movie night and you were binging a new anime Levi had demanded you watch with him.

You started getting hot, at first it was a mild discomfort but in less than a few minuets you we’re taking off your jacket.

Levi, noticed but was to focused on the show to really care. It was fine after all you had your shirt on after all.

Yeah, you got too hot to even keep that on. Levi definitely cares now. Why did you take off your shirt? Your cheeks we’re bright red, are you okay? Are you sick? He’s panicking and embarrassed.

Once he finds out your fine and that this happens pretty much every month he’s shocked. How can you deal with that!


Satan is Satan it’s not surprising that he figures out what is going on. He isn’t really prepared for it though.

You had gotten much more clingy, you didn’t want to let go of him and just wanted to stay in bed all day. Yet you couldn’t sleep.

Satan felt bad watching you suffer. You couldn’t sleep at all and only got a few naps every so often before waking up again.

Since you couldn’t sleep, Satan offered to read to you. He hoped that maybe this would help you fall asleep.


You were upset, that much was clear. You weren’t upset at anyone just felt down. The acne didn’t help that either.

Asmo caught you looking at your newly broken out face in the mirror. He figured out what was going on as soon as you started acting down.

Asmo didn’t bring it up just put on his usual smile and pulled you over to his room. He babbled on about some face masks we wanted to try with you. He was more than happy to assist with this little problem.


Beel noticed your change in appetite. You were eating much more than you usually did. He ended up running into you on his third trip to the kitchen for food.

You had been digging through the fridge for something. He could hear your stomach from the kitchen entrance. You ended up pulling out a piece of cake before muttering.

”That’s Beel’s, ” you spoke setting the cake back in the fridge.

”You want some popcorn?” he asked making his presence known.

You jumped at his voice and turned to see him holding a bag of popcorn. Happily, you nodded before making you way over.

He probably doesn’t realize it’s PMS he just thinks you’ve just been hungry lately. He will slip you some of his food.


He was trying to sleep but you were not making it easy. You kept squirming and whining.

”Stop moving, ” he yawned, pulling you closer.

”It hurts and it won’t stop.”

”What?” he cracked one eye open to look at you.

”The cramps! I’ve taken pain meds but they didn’t do shit!” you whined hiding your face under the covers.

As soon as you said cramps he figures it out and silently just pulls you close and rubs your stomach, in the hopes of helping. Eventually, you both end up falling asleep.

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So like I’m kinda sad lol I joined an rp group and I’m extremely new and awkward to the whole thing.

I joined the group to play one of the obey me characters but they’re mainly roleplaying with their OCs, which I do not have.

The group also expressed that they did not like the character that I have (they had 2 spots available) and it’s just weird cause how am I supposed to rp if you don’t even like the character, ya know.

I also feel kinda ignored in the group but honestly that’s just me.

Besides that the group is full of amazing people and I really like them.

Anyways… like anyone reads these

Have a great morning/ night and remember I love you 🥰

If you ever need someone to message, I’m here.

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I’m almost finished with my threesome fic when Lucifer and Satan switch bodies, competing with one another about who can fuck the reader better and omg 😳

I need to take a cold shower after this one. Especially after Satan’s (Lucifer’s) part.

It ended up being slightly different than what I originally had planned, BUT I’m happier with the outcome.

Just need to edit, then have one of my friends proofread. Hopefully in the next few days I will oblige all of you and fulfill your thirsty, sinful needs 😉

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[Levi and Mammon stoned in Levi’s room]

Levi: Mammon? *chuckles to himself* Hey, Mammon?

Mammon: Yooooo?

Levi: What do you call a man with a rubber toe?

Mammon: Go on?

Levi: Roberto.. *snort laughs*

Mammon: For fuck sake Levi *Breathless howling*

Satan: *walks in* what the hell are you two idiots laughing about?

Levi: What do you call a man with a rubber toe?

Satan: …..

Mammon: *trying not to laugh* Roberto

[Mammon and Levi die laughing again]

Satan: *looking at them both with furrowed brows* You’re both fools..


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"morning kisses; gentle and lazy, humming in contentment, limbs still tangled together, hands wandering over soft exposed skin." with Satan pls. also, i love your blog and your writing is amazing 💕

Ah, thank you, nonnie 💜

2. “Morning kisses; gentle and lazy, humming in contentment, limbs still tangled together, hands wandering over soft exposed skin” Satan x f!MC

Satan opened his eyes and smiled. He was lying in his bed, arms wrapped around MC’s waist, holding her close to him. MC’s face looked calm and relaxed in her sleep, and her body felt so delightfully soft and warm against his, that Satan could not resist leaning in and pressing a light kiss to her cheek.

He never imagined he could feel this happy – or be this in love. Having spent millennia consumed by rage, he thought he’d never be able to experience anything else. And he was wrong – yet, somehow, he did not mind. And the best part was that she loved him back.

Satan slowly traced his fingers over the bare skin of MC’s arm, then pressed a light kiss to her shoulder. MC shifted under his touch, then slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning,” she smiled.

Instead of answering, Satan leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were soft and warm under his, and their kiss was slow and gentle. Satan pulled MC closer to him, his hands wandering across her body, as she snaked her fingers though his hair eagerly responding to his kiss. His heart raced in his chest at the feeling of her pressed so close against him, and he could feel a slight blush rise in his cheeks.

When they pulled away, he noticed that MC was smiling.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“Almost eight,” Satan replied.

It was time to get ready to head over to the Academy, but there was nothing he wanted more at that moment than to spend all day in bed with MC.

“We should get ready,” MC said, frowning slightly.

“We will – in a bit,” Satan replied, kissing MC again.

The kiss was deeper and more ardent than the last one, but ended much too soon to Satan’s chagrin.

“If you keep kissing me like that we will be late to school,” MC let out a breathless laugh.

“Would that really be so bad?” Satan asked, looking at her with a mischievous smirk, “If we were late just this once.”

“I suppose not,” MC sighed, as she pulled him in for another kiss.

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Prompt: person A I love you

Person B- pathetic

Person A: MC

Person B: Mammon


Not my best work but enjoy

“What’s one thing ya wanted to say to someone special.” Mammon asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” MC smiled and rubbed Mammon’s head causing him to blush.

“Ya worthless human, entertain me.” Mammon started poking MC.

“I will bite you.” MC jumped on top of Mammon.

“If this is ya way of entertainin’ me, I have no complaints” Mammon winked at MC.

“You know what.” MC sat on Mammon’s chest and sat quietly.

“Get off of me or I’ll throw you.” Mammon started squirming under MC.

“No you won’t” MC smiled down at Mammon. MC sat there a bit longer but began to get uncomfortable. “Man Mammon you are so uncomfortable to sit on”

“I will show you uncomfortable to sit on” Mammon’s face is a deep shade of red realizing what he just said.

Mammon finally moved MC and got up.

“You monster” MC joked.

“You know what you’re my new human cushion.” Mammon jumped on top of MC.

“Oof- MAMMON GET OFF OF ME” MC started to laugh.

“Now tell me, What’s one thing ya wanted to say to someone special” Mammon asked MC. MC knee that there was no way out of this so they played along.

“I love you…” MC started into Mammon’s eyes as he blushed.

“Pathetic” Mammon let go of MC and walked away.

“W-what?” MC questioned him as he stopped.

“YOU NOT EXPECTING THIS” Mammon ran back and covered MC in kisses.

“You- you’re- WHAT” MC smiled at Mammon. It took all of their strength to push Mammon off but when they did they looked him in the eyes.

“Mammon, I love you.” MC said slowly so he could understand.

“Mc, I-I love youtoo” Mammon tried to mock their tone but he became a blushing mess. This was MC’s moment to shower him with affection. They started to kiss Mammon and he started to blush a deep deep red.

“What’s this about?” Mammon questioned.

“You deserve affection too Mammon” MC smiled at Mammon.

“I love you.” Mammon mumbled. The two spent the rest of the day kissing and cuddling.

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my ranking of the most to least dangerous of the brothers to summon (MC has not been snatched away to the Devildom yet)

1. Satan

WHY WOULD YOU SUMMON HIMFor the love of God, do you not have a single brain cell up in that head of yoursDon’t be fooled by his sickly sweet smile, he’s ready to strike at any momentYou’re probably cursed now tbhAnd if you’re not, then you’ve brought a different misfortune upon yourself“You’ve made a mistake of bringing me here.”
Danger Level: 10/10 - He is the pettiest of them all, so rest assured that he will take the time to get revenge. And it will be slow. And not at all pleasant. 1000 TIMES DO NOT RECOMMEND SUMMONING DO NOT DO IT

2. Lucifer

Seems dangerous and is dangerousVERY VERY DANGEROUSAgain, why would you summon himWHYHe’s forced to obey you due to the summoning ritual, but now he knows who you areAnd Lucifer doesn’t take kindly to being ordered around by anyone, let alone a human“It appears as if you’ve summoned me. How interesting.”
Danger Level: 9/10 - If you’re lucky and don’t do anything to upset him (other than summoning him you little silly goose) then he won’t want to waste his time on you. BUT. IF YOU DO UPSET HIM, HE WILL NOT BE NEARLY AS QUICK AS BELPHEGOR

3. Belphegor

For the third and final time, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SUMMON HIMYou can feel the murderous intent oozing off of himIf looks could kill, you’d already be six feet under“You dare to summon me?”Good Lord, make sure that you watch your back from then on
Danger Level: 8/10 - Is dangerous, DO NOT SUMMON. On the bright side, he’ll be quick about his revenge

4. Beelzebub

There’s something incredibly intimidating about a hulking mass of a man just glaring at youHe doesn’t speakEverJust looks down at you with narrowed eyesNot one for vengeance, but the fact that the entire time he’s around you feel like you’re about to pass out is a punishment in and of itself
Danger Level: 5/10 - Not physically dangerous, but is a danger to your heart

5. Leviathan

Surprisingly scary, like he’s got a really ominous aura around himVery cold and short in the way that he speaks“Why did you summon me, human?”Glaring daggers at youTheEntireTime
Danger Level: 3/10 - Very Angry and feels dangerous, but not dangerous on most days

6. Mammon

Is obnoxiously extravagant after being summoned (but kinda scared he’s going to be swindled out of money or indebted to more witches)“IT IS I, THE GREAT MAMMON. WHY HAVE YOU SUMMONED ME HERE TODAY, HUMAN?”Big gestures to accompany his Big PersonalityBy the time he’s left you will be missing some valuablesIt’s his charge of service fee
Danger Level: 1/10 - Only dangerous to your wallet

7. Asmodeus

Imagine a scantily clad woman approaching you on the streets of Los VegasThat’s what it’s like summoning Asmo“Let’s have some fun, shall we?”Very handsyAsmo is summoned for one reason and one reason only, so he’s ready to go the moment he appears
Danger Level: 0/10 - Literally all he wants to do is party and have a good time, 100% not dangerous

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Hello!! Do you mind doing headcanons of Lucifer and Satan with a cheerful, polite but shy and awkward s/o sfw and nsfw if possible. Thank you so much!

Sure thing! Hope you enjoy them <3





  • The fact that you’re so shy and polite is perfect for him because you will never tarnish his reputation, and honestly, he doesn’t think he could ever get mad at you, for whatever reason.

  • You’re just so adorable and frail, he feels that if he gets angry at you, you might just shatter or something.

  • Seeing you being cheerful is actually such a beautiful sight for him, because your happiness, for some reason, is so pure and innocent and we all know that’s what demons crave.

  • In a way, he has the urge to tarnish that kind of purity, it’s in his nature, but he will be able to erase such thoughts as soon as he sees your bright smile.

  • As soon as he notices that you’re uncomfortable or awkward with something, he would either resolve whatever the problem at hand was, or get you out of the environment, putting his hands on his shoulders, trying to keep you grounded and calm down.

  • He would, however, abuse the fact that you’re shy quite a lot - Not in front of the others, of course, because he cherishes your pride and wouldn’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position - But he would be a little jerk with you sometimes, while you’re alone, just to see you shy away from him, see you pout or look away, and even better, see your rosy cheeks and feel your heart beat faster.

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Follow up to the other anon who asked if the demon brothers were more into tits or ass: What other parts of [MC’s] body would you say they’re each fond of? Hands, thighs, back... something else?

This is cute little idea! 😊


He loves MC’s hands, he loves holding them and kissing them and running his fingers over them while you are sitting together, he always takes his gloves off when its just the two of you, so he can feel their warmth.


Adores MC’s legs, love seeing her in shorts and dresses, he loves feeling them when they are lay in bed together, and ALWAYS falls asleep quickly when he’s rubbing his own leg on hers.


Another leg man, but specifically the thigh’s, loves seeing her in knee high socks, and is always stroking them and squeezing them when they are together.


Loves MC’s cheeks, always pinching them and kissing them, and giving them a little nibble when they’re messing around.


He adores Mc’s feet! He thinks they’re adorable and beautiful, always painting them for her and giving her foot rubs.


LOVES MC’s stomach, loses his mind when he see’s her in crop tops and stuff like that, loves running his hands over it and kissing and nibbling it when they’re alone together.


The nape of her neck, adores kissing it and snuggling his face into it, it’s his favourite thing to do, loves rubbing it for her to relax her, and biting at it if they’re having a moment together.


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also a long… long time ago someone asked me for an artist!mc wanting to draw satan. I still 100% want to do it, but here’s a little placeholder in the meantime!!

Satan intensely examines the framed work in front of him–you think that it might be some kind of… statement on fertility? There’s definitely a feminine figure in the garish swathes of puke green. Maybe. Could also be a peanut. If you squint and tilt your head, it kind of looks like an animal? 

You’ve never had an eye for this sort of thing, only agreeing to come because Satan had invited you.

hope u guys don’t mind i completely veered off the request path.. but here’s something short!!

1.3kish words, gen, satan/gender neutral!mc 

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Okay so I'm shorter than most people around me, I like my height but sometimes I get fucking frustrated at how I have to look up at some of them specially if we're arguing AND standing close, I need to feel more serious and intimidating ffs 😂 can I request, short MC and Asmo, Diavolo, Satan and Luci (you can add your faves too💖) arguing when all of a sudden MC stands on a chair/bed or something to get taller? Or says something like I'm not arguing with you you're too tall 😂😂😂

Can’t relate, I just act confident enough to earn the taller person’s respect😂😂😂

But I love the idea nevertheless, this is gonna be a slightly funny one!



  • You two are in a heated argument (again)
  • And you keep having to look up to him
  • Your neck is starting to hurt
  • But most of all
  • You hate how he towers above you
  • It makes you feel small and powerless
  • You despise that feeling
  • His eyes looking at you like you’re some kind of bug
  • The height difference making him more dominant than he already is
  • But your heart is filled with rage and you’re not accepting any of this
  • You want to fight him, punch him, anything to make you feel more equal to him
  • You want to be the same height as him
  • You want to look him straight in the eye and tell him exactly what you’re thinking
  • So in the middle of the fight
  • Your eyes are furiously looking at him and you mouth is twitching
  • But you bite your tongue and run away
  • Lucifer relaxes, thinking it is over and you will calm down in your room
  • But then you run back into the room and put the object you were carrying down
  • It is a ladder
  • And you get on the second step
  • To look him straight into his eyes and continue telling him why you’re right and grades are overrated
  • He takes you very seriously and doesn’t laugh and just continues fighting with you
  • But as he senses you’re winning
  • He just goes ‘Aagh’ as he now feels powerless
  • Suddenly he grabs you by your waist and just lifts you off the ladder
  • 'Grades are useful because enables me to kick Mammon’s ass monthly’
  • Where did the tall man find a partner? On the top of the ladder


  • So you two are fighting over wether flies are useful or not
  • And you hate how tall he is
  • He makes you feel small and like you don’t matter
  • But your mind is screaming for attention and it’s gonna get it
  • So you step on a pile of books mid-fight
  • W h a t
  • While you keep raging on, he just looks at you
  • His mind is just blank
  • And he walks out of the room, trying to understand what he just saw
  • After a short while he walks back in, takes a picture and laughs
  • He thinks it’s freaking hilarious to see the small love of his life standing on a pile of books, to even out their height
  • The other day I Googled “tall people.“ Funny thing was, Google only showed results for “dumb people


  • You two are in an argument over which makeup brand is the best
  • And you keep having to look up to look at him properly
  • And it’s frustrating you
  • So you grab his arms
  • And push him down on his bed behind him
  • 'Oh honey~’
  • He’s a bit surprised
  • But he likes this part of you
  • Now you’re taller than him and you continue defending your opinion
  • He just looks at you like 🤭😏
  • But he just smiles
  • And then grabs your arms and pulls you onto his lap
  • 'Why don’t we skip everything to the angry sex part already?’
  • He purrs
  • What do you call a tall, attractive person? An evolutionary miracle
  • Do you know why most supermodels are really tall? Because if they can look good in the outfit, anyone can
  • Honestly, don’t push him down but just start roasting him instead


  • So you get on a chair while you’re fighting with him
  • And he just laughs
  • And he can’t stop laughing
  • His laugh is very contagious as well
  • So you’ll forget what you were fighting about pretty quickly
  • So please, don’t
  • Just roast him like Asmodeus
  • Honestly, I except a fight with him to go like this:
  • 'What’s the difference between a tall person and a broom? A broom is useful.’
  • 'You could say you’re hitting below the belt.’
  • 'What’s the difference between a 5 foot-tall person and a 6-foot-tall person? One person has an extra foot of height, and the other has a brain.’
  • 'You’re a very honest person. You’re incapable of telling ‘tall tales’.’
  • 'If you don’t watch your mouth, I’ll buy you a Smart car.’
  • 'If short people formed their own country, what would their national anthem be? "It’s a small world after all”.’
  • 'How many tall people does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 2. One to get a chair and the other one to call a short person for help.’
  • 'I must be an amazing person. You always look up to me.’
  • 'What is the difference between a clown and a tall person? Their shoe store.’
  • 'When you cancel any plans, you always do it on such a short notice.’
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