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#obey me satan

Did you know, dear anon, that you’re one of like maybe three people in total that have said you like these little things I do? It makes me really happy that you enjoy them! I like doing these, too, and knowing others like them makes me want to do more! Thank you!

(requests are currently not open)


  • It’s been a long day. It’s always a long day for Lucifer between keeping his brothers out of trouble, R.A.D classes and his student council duties, and ensuring Diavolo’s needs are met and he’s not sure if coming back to HoL seeing MC in that makes his day longer. 
  • There’s 500 hundred things going through his mind - where did they even get that? Did Levi make it? It’s quite nice but if he finds out someone put MC up to wearing it they’re not going to hear the end of it. If it was Mammon then-
  • “Welcome home, Master~”
  • All of Lucifer’s thoughts come to a stand still. 
  • Well then. If that’s how MC wants to dress and act, he’s going to make sure MC follows through
  • MC was probably expecting a slightly….more fun time with Lucifer when they wore it but instead Lucifer makes them clean up his study
  • His eyes are all on them, though, and he may ‘accidentally’ keep dropping his pen to watch them bend over and pick it up 


  • Whatever he was talking about before he walked through the door is gone, lost, brain empty no thoughts, as soon as he sees MC in a maid dress 
  • The opposite of Lucifer - his mind goes completely blank before it starts going a mile a minute
  • But, like Lucifer, he wants to know exactly where MC got that, who put them up to wearing it, and what MC thinks they’re doing
  • He’s a blushing mess the whole time. He’s stuttering and both trying not to look too closely at MC while only looking at MC
  • Finally grabs them by the shoulders and pushes them to their room telling them to get changed immediately before any of his other brothers see them - for their own safety of course!
  • Pretends to help them pick new clothes out but is actually just trying to look busy while he keeps ogling MC


  • He doesn’t notice MC at first, his head down and attention focused on the handheld game he was playing on the walk back from R.A.D
  • “Welcome home-” MC starts to say but Levi’s brow furrows as he wordlessly tells them to stay quiet so he can focus. He’s almost beat the final boss!
  • Except he walks right into MC and drops the game
  • He’s 0.3 seconds from snapping. Classes are difficult already with how many demons he has to be around all the time and how there isn’t enough time to play games or watch anime between them and now he has to start that game all over! 
  • MC can feel the frustration rolling off him but all it takes is one look at them and Levi is frozen
  • What is MC wearing? How did they get that? And they’re wearing it for…for him!!??
  • The game is forgotten, his homework is forgotten, he needs to get MC to his room right now! Not to keep them for himself! But that outfit would look so good next to all his Ruri-chan figures!
  • MC is in for a 3 hour photo session, whoops


  • A maid outfit? Was that the best MC could do?
  • Satan is amused when he comes home and hears them welcome him home. Their voice is always a welcome sound to his ears after a long day and the outfit brings a much needed chuckle to his lips
  • But then MC pulls out a pair of cat ears and places them on their head the amused expression on Satan’s face turns into a blush 
  • “Welcome home Meowster!~”
  • Satan all but drags MC back to his room. He half wants to punish them for doing something as cheeky as this by making them tidy up his room but the other half of him wants to do something more fun


  • Well isn’t MC just looking so cute in that outfit!
  • But you know what would be cuter? If it fit better!
  • Leviathan isn’t the only one that knows how to make clothes - Asmo designs his own brands after all!
  • Maid outfits aren’t his kind of style, though, but he’ll make an effort for MC! 
  • His hands are all over MC, fingers lightly skimming down their arms and hands touching gently around their stomach as he takes their measurements and tells them just how nice it was for them to give him this little treat after such a difficult day
  • After a few altercations the outfit fits and looks even better than before. Asmo is tempted to keep MC all to himself but the amount of chaos such a sight could incite among his brothers is too hard to resist


  • He’s hungry after classes and the one thing on his mind when walking back to HoL is to head to the kitchen
  • MC is already there making him a snack in the maid outfit and for a moment all hunger is forgotten as Beel watches them move from one thing to another, the uniform bouncing around their hips 
  • But once he smells what they’re cooking food is the only thing on his mind again 
  • He’s blushing, though, as MC welcomes him home and offers to feed him 
  • He doesn’t get to eat as fast as he’d like but something about it makes him willing to wait


  • He’s tired - of course he’s tired. Not only is he the Avatar of Sloth but the walk to and from R.A.D is pretty long and that’s after all the classes he had to sit through
  • He wants nothing more than to throw everything on the ground and go to bed
  • But MC is there welcoming home in….that
  • MC better hope it’s comfy because Belphie is about to hold onto them for the night and never let go 
  • A frilly maid outfit is not getting in the way of being a body pillow. It might actually be better - with all the skin exposed they wont get so overheated 
  • When Belphie wakes up he demands MC make him breakfast in the outfit
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Mammon: Don’t let Mc fool you. She’s not that scary and she actually used to do ballet

Satan: No way!!

Mc: Which gave me the physical skills I need to strangle you with my feet Satan

Mammon: *starts crying*

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Satan: Everyone pretend like we’re gardening…Um Mc grab that hoe.

Mc: *wraps her arm around Asmo* got it

Asmo: That’s not what he meant….is it?!

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Asmo: The food is too hot. I can’t eat it.

Mc: You’re too hot but I still eat you

Asmo: *blushes*

Mc: *winks at them*

Satan: One dinner. I just want ONE DINNER.

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Why did I just find out you can tap the little chat bubble for a surprise guest😃

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Satan’s song is still so soothing for me. I love it.

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Words: 556
Rating: T
Summary: Mammon doesn’t think the rules apply to him

Seven Days for Seven Brothers SeriesAO3

I lay wake
Conflicted by sorrow
No respite to be found
While demons time I borrow

It was a poem you’d read once about a man, conflicted with grief, and tormented by demons day & night until he eventually went mad.

It had been a scary poem. One that used to keep you up at night as the shadows on the wall, or mounds of clothes in your bedroom, would transform into shapeless monsters and you’d think about how awful it would be to try and sleep with that near you.

But who would have thought that sleeping with a demon could be so peaceful?

The warmth of his arms wrapped around you. The gentle rise & fall of his chest, matching yours, as you both sleep. The comfort of being held so gently, so lovingly by another who could easily shatter the bones of any Titan. It was remarkable how at peace you feel.

The peaceful moment was ended, however, when the door suddenly flung open with a hard kick. The loud sound of it cracking at the frame and door smacking against the wall nearly drowned out by the shout of, “[Y/N]!!”

“Ma-Mammon!? What are you doing?!”

“It’s midnight.” He said, matter-of-factly, as he scooped you up out of the bed and out of Beel’s arms; who was still too groggy and confused as to what was going on to fight back. “It’s my day now.”

“That’s not how it works Mammon.” Belphegor, oddly lucid for once at being woken up, argued with a scowl as he clutched is prized pillow to his chest.

“Yes it is! New day starts at midnight. That’s how time works.”

“You know the ‘new day’ starts at the beginning of school.” The ‘new day’ meaning which brother got to keep her for the time being. They’ve worked out a routine, to be fair and keep everyone from fighting. Seven days in a week meant [Y/N] spent one day a week with each brother. Day and night. Belphegor was technically right. They weren’t supposed to trade until after breakfast at the start of school the next day. “It’s the rules.”

“Rules-shmuls!” The silver head demons quipped back. Still holding you close to his chest. “New day means new day, and right now it’s tomorrow, not yesterday.”

“What…..?” Beelzebub asked, looking so positively confused by the situation that you could practically see floating little question mark bubbles over his sleep mussed head.

“I’m taking [Y/N]!”

That seemed to be the end of it for Mammon as he walked out of the door, still carrying you bridal style, down the hall and into his room. Not caring the least about his brother’s pouts, or shouts, or the rules at all.

“You really shouldn’t have don’t that Mammon.” You scold gently while you’re alone. Despite his sharpness with brothers, or gruff way he’d come to claim you in the middle of the night, the demon was remarkably gentle as he tucked you into his bed.

“I know,” Mammon admitted sullenly, making the last few adjustments to you before crawling into bed beside you. His arms wrapping around you as the final touch before nuzzling his face into your collarbone. “I just couldn’t wait until morning.”

You blush, and shake your head a little before bringing you hand up to pet his head.  “You really are hopeless Mammon. I love you.”

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@cosmic-whorror thank you for letting color that your piece 🌸it was fun😊 tho I made it pretty simple and didn’t change colors from canon, but I liked the process.

I love your art! 💕 Thank you for blessing us with your works🌸🌸🌸

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Diavolo: I can be your sexy military husband. *winks*

MC: …

Satan: *goes to them and is holding a kitten* MC! I have found an abandoned kitten in the street. 

MC: *moves closer to Satan and holds the kitten* Does it have any injury?

Satan: I think it doesn’t.

MC: *holds the kitten closer to their face to check for themselves*

The kitten: *puts its paw on MC’s lips*

Satan: … *blushes* 

MC: This kitten is conservative.

Satan: Y-Yes…

Diavolo: *glaring at the two* *especially to the poor kitten* 

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Always wanted to try one of these, so here is my take. I hope you all enjoy =D


· He will know what they’re planning long before they get close. He uses the same 6th sense he uses when dealing with his brother’s shenanigans to detect any incoming tickle attacks.

· All its takes is a glare or an “I know what you’re up to” and they have no choice but to retreat.

· What Lucifer will never admit is that they were successful one time.

· He was busy with paperwork, and as he often does, invited them to keep him company. While he was finishing up the Student Council’s budgets, they pounced from behind, causing him to knock all the paper off the table as he was overcome with laughter from the tickles.

· He immensely enjoyed it but lightly chided them anyway (this is Lucifer after all).


· Complains and acts like he hates the surprise tickle attacks but secretly looks forward to them.

· Loves that they get close to him to do it and give him so much affection.

· If he’s in a bad mood, he will sometimes leave himself open to an attack. They always make him feel better.

· Doesn’t like it when anyone else sees because its embarrassing and worries it could be used as blackmail material later.

· If his crow minions are in earshot, they caw along with his laughter. He asked them to stop and they said no.


· Finds it very embarrassing every time it happens.

· But will get jealous and complain if he notices they do it to others and not him.

· Will be red-faced for hours after it happens. Not just because he’s embarrassed but because he laughed so hard he was out of breath.

· Often invites MC to his room to play games knowing they’ll surprise tickle him but lets it happen.

· Will ask them not to if they’re doing something important like a challenging boss or watching the premiere of a new anime.

· Once accidentally summoned Lotan after they snuck up on during a speedrun. It got them both grounded and sneak tickle attacks banned for a month.


· Like Lucifer, he knows when the attacks are coming.

· Will let them happen if Lucifer is in the room because making Lucifer jealous is worth it.

· Otherwise will let them know he’s onto their attempt to tickle him and force them to back down.

· But he has a weak point: cats.

· When there is a cat around his attention is 100% on them, leaving him open to MC’s tickle attack of doom.

· MC has worked with the cats in the past to attack Satan with tickles and cat snuggles double if he is in a bad mood.


· Loves the tickle attacks and will tickle back with even more ferocity.

· Doesn’t bother keeping an eye out for MC. He loves the surprise tickle attacks so much and doesn’t want them to stop ever.

· Will often turn it around on MC and sneak attack them. This lead to a war where they both kept trying to get each other. It spread out of the House of Lamentation to wherever they went in the Devildom.

· When the month long ban was in effect, Asmodeus was constantly nagging Lucifer to lift it. He eventually realised it was only surprise attacks banned, so he would announce his attack just before he did it.

· This didn’t impress Lucifer and got the ban extended for another month, and him grounded too.


· Has a hard time keeping himself from being tickle attacked because he is so big.

· Is MC’s favourite target because he is very ticklish and will collapse like a big teddy bear into a laughing ball when they start tickling him.

· Will attempt to counter-attack but isn’t always successful. Sometimes MC’s tickles are too good and he’s paralysed with laughter.

· Decided to wear a bunch of workout gear to make himself immune to tickles. It worked but the disappointment on MC’s face made him feel so guilty that he didn’t wear it anymore.

· Will become immune to tickles if he’s immersed in eating something. No amount of tickles can keep Beel away from food, but he will still tickle MC back.


· Easiest to tickle attack because he is asleep so much.

· Sometimes won’t even notice it happened, much to MC’s annoyance.

· It’s a risk to attack him if he’s napping though because there is a risk of it being turned into a snuggle fest instead. He will grab them mid-nap and hug them until he wakes.

· Will pretend to be asleep sometimes so MC will try to tickle him.

· If they try to get him while he’s awake, he’ll tickle them back just like Beel.

· Brings up when he notices MC has been sneak ticking others but not him. He totally doesn’t care and totally doesn’t wish they’d tickle him more.

· Once teamed up with Beel to get MC after they got them both three times in one day. The ensuing tickle fight lasted 5 hours and three vases and a lamp were lost.

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yall im fr still stuck on lesson 40-23 and i want to scream. i have actually gone as far as paying real dollars to level up my cards only for it to do absolutely nothing for me. i even got that little face to jump up and down and yet i still dont have a skip. the only thing i can do is play and hope that on one round the enemies dont activate their powers or level up my cards again but you need daggers which you can only obtain during events which cost more AP. it will be another 500 gd years before i can get to season 3 and i think the worst part of it is that by the end of season 3, lesson 40-23 is going to look like child’s play. im sure if i got to the next chapter id probably still get stuck on lesson 41s boss level. mayne what the actual fuck. ive replayed season 1 and 2 in the time these lessons came out. I had just finish 2 when 3 dropped. I went back and replayed 2 then replayed 1 and 2 and still cant get to 3. this is some straight booty. who even though this was okay? 🤥

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I don’t think ive ever done this before but now I want to do it before I go to sleep myself lol

THE BROTHERS and how they sleep alone vs. with MC


Lucifer is… an odd one. Firstly, the guy works himself to death so there’s a 90% chance he’ll fall asleep at his desk. On the off chance that he does make it to bed, he prefers to sleep naked, or with boxers on at MOST. He also prefers his room colder than his heart. JK, he actually prefers the heater on, or at least the fireplace. Cuddles up in his blanket and sleeps with like 4 pillows because he’s lonely, but no one will ever know because his door is locked shut to the max. If he decides to take the next step with his MC and invite them to sleep with him, he’s very reluctant to let them into his personal space, at first. Don’t expect cuddling right off the bat, okay, they have to let him ease into that. Once he’s comfortable, he actually prefers to sleep on his back and have their head on his chest, one arm wrapped around them, that way, if something happens, he can quickly get up. Oh… and he stays naked. 


Homie is a different breed okay. He sleeps in his boxers, mainly, sometimes a loose shirt if he forgot to take it off. His room is usually a little bit on the cooler side, and he doesn’t really mind it. Mammon falls asleep on his stomach but he moves around a LOT during the night and he may find himself waking up in a starfish position, or even hanging half of the bed, which is actually really funny to see. Sadly, none of that changes with his MC. As a matter of fact, he’s sure to drag them with him. They fell asleep safe and sound in his arms? They better be prepared to wake up on the floor holding onto his big toe or something. It’s weird, like, genuinely, but here’s the weirder part: they’ll never notice. He’ll miss having them close at some point and wake up, pulling them back onto the bed only to restart the process. 


Much like Lucifer, he’s more likely to fall asleep at his desk, in the middle of an anime episode, if he even sleeps that is. Now, he has a bathtub that he sleeps in, which is cushioned and actually very sleep-able. His room is usually at room temperature, sometimes a bit warmer because he has this ridiculous fear that Henry might get cold (kinda cute honestly). He usually sleeps in sweats and a t-shirt and is ALWAYS holding something, usually his Ruri-chan pillow. He’s a fairly light sleeper and the slightest noise could, potentially, wake him. With his MC, he’s very stiff at first, barely getting any sleep because now he has to get used to someone beside him. Tries being the big spoon, but figures out he prefers being the little spoon. Being the little spoon kind of.. Makes him relax more, ya know? Another position he really likes is when him and his MC are just facing each other, holding each other lazily, their foreheads touching. 


Satan has a surprisingly good sleep schedule, even with the amount he reads. He gets a good 7-8 hours most nights. His room is on the colder sides, although the fireplace is always on, and he prefers sleeping in pyjama sets, so pants and a nice button up. Usually they’re one color and made of silk (a little fancy up in here), but he also has several plaid and polka dot ones. Sleeps on his back and doesn’t really move a lot. With his MC, he tries to somewhat accommodate them and may turn the heater on in his room, although he secretly hates it lol. His sleeping position changes from his back to spooning them. He very much likes being the big spoon and holding them in his arms. His bed is also the only space that is relatively free of books; perfect for cuddling! 


Of course, he has a whole beauty routine before bed and his sheets have to lay just right. His room is at room temperature; not too hot and not too cold. Depending on his mood, he might join Satan in the pyjama set wearing squad or he may opt for a nightgown, depending on his mood. He likes to sleep on his sides, holding a pillow or clutching his blanket, but he always finds himself waking up on his back. With his MC, he kind of leaves it up to them. If they want to cuddle? Fine by him. If they want their space, also fine by him. If he had to choose, he’d probably just hold their hand, or put his head on their chest. One thing they will figure out pretty quickly though, is that he does snore. It’s a flaw he’s super ashamed of and having someone sleep with him shows that he trusts them enough to expose that flaw. 


He’s super simple. He either puts on his pyjama set or just the pyjama pants and sleeps shirtless. Of course, he does have a burger plush he sleeps with every night that totally, get this, smells like a burger. His room is on the colder side, since he shares it with Belphie and Belphie prefers it cold. He drools in his sleep and moves around a lot but all of that changes with his MC. He’s very much a cuddler so his MC has to be okay with that. Doesn’t matter how they cuddle with him, he just wants them close. Their head on his chest, spooning, facing each other, etc… just something that has him knowing they’re there. Probably gets a second blanket just in case they get cold. He also snores so his MC has to get used to that lol but it’s honestly kind of cute. 


Well you’ll never have to worry about him not coming to bed lol. As mentioned above, he prefers the room a little chilly so he can snuggle up in his sweatshirt/hoodie and a nice warm blanket. He cuddles with his pillow, of course, and much like his twin, he has to hold something in his arms at all times. Sleeps in fetal position mostly. With his MC, that doesn’t really change. His MC has to be okay with being the big spoon more often than not, and or be okay with his head on their chest. He already has a lot of blankets and his body heat is immaculate so no way his MC would be freezing, even with the room set so coldly. His pillow stays, by the way, like he may hold onto you, but that pillow is either still in his hand or under his head. No exceptions to the pillow. 

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Yes! This is so soft and fluffy… the request, I mean, not the cat; though probably also the cat 😂

Satan With An MC Who Sneaks A Cat Into The HoL

  • He returns home from one of his walks thinking it’s just another day; he says hi to Asmo, gently pulls Beel away from the fridge, sees Lucifer rubbing his temples in annoyance at something and chuckles at the sight…
  • But then, he gets a text from the human.
  • ‘Come to my room. It’s important.’
  • Satan is worried. Are they hurt? Is something wrong?
  • Another text, simply reading: 'Come alone.’
  • Scratch that: Satan is terrified. He keeps his cool and calm composure, though make no mistake, he is running to the human’s room.
  • Though it’s also kind of exciting… kind of like something from a thriller novel!
  • He knocks on the door, and they ask again if he’s alone. He’s confused, but at least they don’t sound like they’re in trouble…
  • Once he’s finally allowed to enter, he sternly asks the human what’s going on, now feeling a little annoyed that he’d been made to worry over what’s seemingly nothing.
  • That is, until MC brings out something from behind their back: a little, shiny, beautiful black cat with the brightest green eyes.
  • The anger and tension melts from his face. His eyes go round and wide with pure love. He is immediately kneeling in front of the bed to pet the little one.
  • 'Ohh, you’re so cute! Yes you are! Yes you are! …A-ah… ahem. Please pretend you didn’t hear what you just heard…’
  • The human does not make any promises about that one.
  • He immediately strikes up a deal with them: he’ll help them with the cat however they need, help them hide the fact she exists from Lucifer, whatever… so long as he’s allowed to see her whenever he wants.
  • And so, the human and Satan basically become this little green-eyed kitten’s parents.
  • They have many discussions over what diet will be best for her, what toys they should get her, how much exercise she should take, the works…
  • Of course, Satan can find lots of books on the matter, so they spend a good long while pouring over those together.
  • The human decides that the cat’s name will be 'Sachan,’ after another person they know with striking green eyes.
  • (Satan blushes profusely, and he’ll won’t admit it easily, but he’s never felt quite so honoured in all his days.)
  • It’s an odd situation, seeing as how no-one else can ever get to know… but Sachan and her two 'parents’ really do end up having a great time of it together.
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