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#obey me satan
omkookie · 8 minutes ago
MC : *Falls on top of Satan while teleporting* Satan... I'm sorry I fell for you again,,
Satan : You sure do love me since you always fall for me
MC : yep!
Satan : this is the sixth time in two days
MC : I just fall for you a lot *wink wink*
Satan : Your teleportation is terrible... *Chuckles*
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the-mourning-stars · 34 minutes ago
I can't add lines but here. Correct me if I'm wrong
Tumblr media
Clearly Kobayashi-san is the shortest. We don't need to mention that haha. Then it looks like Ayme-san is next? Maybe the same height as Oni-chan or shorter. Sumi-san is the tiniest bit taller then Ayme-san. Then I think it's Yaguchi-kun? Then Kazuya-kun and then Satoshi-san. Satoshi-san is definitely the tallest and Kobayashi-san is definitely the shortest
So, shortest to tallest from this single image:
Hirotaka Kobayashi
Miura Ayme/Satoshi Onishi
Shinya Sumi
Kyohei Yaguchi
Kazuya Yamashita
Satoshi Kada
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levisanimebabe · an hour ago
Hi! May I request Satan with a very lazy but bookworm MC ? (It's my case and if e-books didn't exist I would have picked a paper book but unfortunately I am in a comfy bed with wattapd/quotev/tumblr/oa3)
a/n: hello hello! yep, yep! of course, hun! i feel that though, i wish i wasn't so lazy to read a book or an e-book or just a book in general :') you could say that i have never read in my entire life— anyway, i hope you enjoy this hehe!! ^-^
Tumblr media
Satan knows that MC are rather lazy and unproductive but he thinks it's a very good thing
Not because MC likes to sit around a lot but MC likes to sit around a lot and read books. It was probably how he took a liking to them in the first place
Them two would be couped up in the library and read books together, recommending books you can read together, and fun of all picking new and exciting ones on the shelves
Since he is kind of a bookworm like MC, he enjoys picking books and wouldn't mind reading with them. Not much demons like to read books so he's glad he actually found a reading buddy like MC
He would even recommend them books MC hasn't read before and introduce MC to them. If they like them, he would be so happy and recommend more books to them similar to the one before
Some of the time, him and MC would pick a seperate book and read quietly next to each other, enjoying the silence and not saying a single word.
Sometimes they would fall asleep just from sitting too comfortably and Satan would put a blanket on them and continue reading, checking on you from time to time
I mean, overall, he doesn't mind if your lazy and basically is happy with them since they like books so much. He doesn't mind spending time together while reading
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fluffimemes · 3 hours ago
Belphegor: This may be one of the best death-related celebrations I've ever seen.
Satan: Top five at least.
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obeymeobsession · 4 hours ago
Rules And Guidelines for Requests
Firstly my Requests are open!
I won't be the one to write your smut/lemon/sexual headcanons I'm sorry! I have my reasons for doing so. with that said I won't tolerate anything that's: homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, racist. I shouldn't have to say these things but if anything vaguely like this enters my requests it'll be deleted.
I'm not against writing things that are angsty/gory/violent. I will have content warnings and trigger warnings and a whole paragraph explaining the prompt and what kind of content is within the post.
if there is something I'm, not comfortable writing I will most likely respond by saying so and explaining why. (that's if its a reasonable request and doesn't get deleted for one reason or another)
Sorry if sometimes takes me a while to respond, I often struggle to figure out the best way to respond for some characters.
You can ask me about my oc and about my art, I don't really mind. I don't do commissions tho. (please ask me about my concepts for the archangels)
I'm more likely to do headcanons for readers rather than mc and I'll likely consider them vastly different. so please be clear on which one you want.
I think that's mostly everything.
Admin out ~ <3
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arcadejohn127-9 · 4 hours ago
Don't like demoncest? Here's some artists to block!
Proof below
If you have artists or writers that support and make demoncest material, reblog and let's make a block list/chain - we can't keep waiting for these people to be called out or waiting for people to care and pop on a trend of cancelling someone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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👉👈 I saw your post and uh, 2 headcanons to offer
1)Satan having a weird fixation on dinosaurs just sounds adorable to me. Like if you randomly walk into his room you might find him in a T Rex onesie and if you tell anyone about it he will end you.
2)Asmo is genderfluid and honestly nothing will change my mind
Tumblr media
TO ADD ON TO YOUR DINO HEADCANON; HIS FAVORITE DINOSAUR IS  CARCHARODONTOSAURUS- (quite the mouthful I know-) He loves the Jurassic Park films, but he always points out how inaccurate they are-  “Velociraptors weren’t that large, the dinosaur they’re referring to as a Velociraptor, is most likely a Utahraptor. Velociraptors were less than a meter tall and-”
Yeah, you get the point- 
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lethargicobeyme · 5 hours ago
theres a big storm happening right now :"(( i really need some comfort ,, if youve already done this before just ignore me,, ;;;
can i maybe get something with the boys about mc who is deathly afraid of storms? like, maybe she goes to them and hides in their shirt or something idk anything would work im just rlly scared rn ;;;;;;
(Sorry for the late answer boo, been inactive for a bit cuz life stuff)
Doesn't understand how you're scared of storms when there is much scarier stuff in the Devildom.
But comforts you nonetheless.
Loves being viewed as someone who can protect you, even if it's just from the weather.
Gentle cuddles, puts a favoured record on to mask the storm sounds.
Does something to distract you ;)
Like a book, or dancing, homework, chatting, other ;>
He's probably spooked too but seeing you all scared brings out his Must Protecc feelings
Blasts music or T.V
"D-do ya wanna... hwold h-hwands?"👉👈
Wants to cuddle so bAd but he needs you to make the first move because he's a disaster.
"Don't worry, MC, The Great Mammon's got you"
Storms? BAH, he's the king of storms, y'know... sea boy.
Puts anime on, gets snacks, turns the lights off
Not even the biggest storm can penetrate the Weeb Zone
If a particularly loud clap of thunder or gust of wind spooks you he'll give a tsundere little speech and hold your hand
Definitely ends up cuddling you halfway through the second epsiode.
What storm??
He finds storms pretty peaceful, good reading ambience
But seeing you scared makes him upset so he'll do whatever he can to help.
Most likely read to you by a nice fireplace with gentle music in the background to block out the scary noise.
Or a romcom t.v. show, mystery or whatever.
Anything to help you out, finds you irrisistably cute when you're all spooked though.
Prolly squeals at loud storm sounds too
Will put pop music or makeup tutorials on
Or take a nice bath with you, painting nails n all that
Fashion show even, anything to see you in all sorts of outfits.
Or he'll be all saucy "Oh MC the storm is so scary isn't it? I'll put some music on and we can hide away from it under the covers~!"
Storms don't bother the big man
But he's the Big Protecc boy so he'll offer cuddles and snacks.
Warm snacks, orders takeout.
Cuddled up with yummy food, a huge soft boyfriend and something good on t.v. cooking shows most likely.
He hopes that the tasty food and good company will drown out the storm.
He loves storms, great to nap to.
But if you're bothered by them he'll put earplugs or headphones on you.
"Stop being scared, come here and nap with me, here take these. So you don't hear the storm."
Cuddles up to you and drifts off.
Beel is probably there, just keepn watch over ya both.
Oh no, you aren't comfortable, he must fix this
Tea is on, he's gathering together some snacks.
He'll find some form of entertainment to help distract you if polite conversation isn't quite enough.
Movies, music, books, whatever you need.
He'll distract you
Please spend time with this man he loves giving and receiving love.
Cuddles, games, he wants you to talk to him about whatever. It makes you feel better and he gets lovin.
Pillow fort? Pillow fort.
Luke gets the same way sometimes, he knows what to do.
Pillow fort.
And cake.
T.V shows, movies, board games.
Luke is with y'all until he has to go to bed, then Simeon is more affectionate.
Gentle touches n kisses.
Sorry, come here-
Definitely makes fun of you, but he does care trust me
Distracts you with magic lessons
Or just shows off his magic if you don't feel like a lesson
Probably shows you the beauty of the storm with some sort of spell, or just takes you to a window and says
"Look, isn't it amazing? All the energy, wind and moisture making a phenomenon. It's cool, isn't it?"
If you get too scared he'll say sorry n hold your hands n kiss em
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lolsatan · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
got this lovely commission done by the amazing @omnibread1 !! pls go show her some love for me!!
look how hes looking at her aaaa 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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insect-empire · 5 hours ago
Part-time Jobs Synopsis~
For anyone who may have missed it^^
Tumblr media
Part-time Jobs was available from 5/2/2021 through 5/13/2021.
Spoilers Ahead~
The event starts with the brothers, minus Lucifer, asking the MC to do small favors for them constantly. Though the MC can either express displeasure or be accomodating, Lucifer gets mad at his brothers nevertheless. He claims that his brothers have gotten lazy and constantly exploit the MC for their meaningless tasks. So, he gets Diavolo to help him get them all, including the dateables, part-time jobs.
To start their journey, the MC tags along with Lucifer, Mammon, and Barbatos to their firefighting job. They run through a simulation course to get ready for the real thing, each demon showing off how their personality and body types come in handy for each unique situation. Even the MC gets in on the risky maneuvers and ends up impressing their audience.
Next up, the MC visits the Akuzon factory to meet up with Luke, Beel, and Satan for a hard day's work of moving around heavy boxes. The MC ends up helping Luke pack and moves heavy boxes for him, which is quite sweet. Next, they visit Satan up in customer service to help him with some calls, and finally, they help Beelzebub deliver the packages.
Continuing, the next day the MC helps out Simeon, Solomon, and Leviathan at Majolish. Simeon calls upon the MC’s eye for fashion to help him with the displays, while Solomon asks them to fold clothes and fix the racks with him. Last but not least, there’s a nice scene of the MC hyping up Levi so he can be less nervous while he helps out customers.
Finally, on the last day, the MC gets to work with Asmo and Belphie at the post office. Mostly the two complain at first, but they do eventually work. Asmodeus works on sorting mail with the MC and ends up talking more about what he likes about the current position and what he doesn’t. Later, Belphie takes the MC to deliver the mail around town, similar to what they did with Beel earlier in the week.
Though, suddenly, it is discovered that a fire had broken out on the main street. Time for Lucifer, Mammon, and Barbatos to shine! They come to the rescue to snuff out the flames while the others brothers, dateables, and the MC help evacuate any smaller demons that may be lost and needing assistance. The MC also, halfway through, ends up recklessly running into the flames to save some citizens who were trapped under rubble. Luckily, they were all were rescued by the part-time firefighters.
Despite the many lessons learned during their part-time jobs, by the end of the week, the brothers are back to asking the MC many favors for their meaningless tasks. Which, of course, irritates Lucifer.
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obeymebot · 5 hours ago
Looks like you're on fridge duty again. You arrive at 11:55 AM. You're nervous. Will you be able to stop him this time?
11:56. You glance nervously into the hall.
11:57. You hear footsteps, but it's just Satan passing by.
11:58. Wait, what was that following him?
11:59. Oh my god is that a cat? You peek around the corner after it to see its little tail swishing.
12:00. You turn back to the fridge. Beel's entire upper body is inside of it. Damnit.
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