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#levi obey me

Mammon: [about MC] I can feel them undressing me with their eyes.

Levi: I don’t know man, they aren’t laughing.

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Hello everyone! This is based on the chat, ‘Worst Punishment Ever’ so there will be spoilers for a chat, but no story/lesson spoilers! SFW. There won’t be any romance in this scenario, just pure, 3am crack. Reblogs, likes, and comments are greatly appreciated!

Mammon and Levi Holding Hands for 24 Hours (SFW/Crack)

  • Oh you bet this is prime blackmail material-
  • So to start with, Mammon had pawned off a Ruri-chan limited edition key-chain.
  • He had been in a pinch with the witches, and one of them was an anime fan, specifically “The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl”.
  • Well…he did recall Levi fanboying about a keychain he had won recently…surely Levi wouldn’t mind helping his brother out, right?
  • Unfortunately, it’s the same one that Levi had waited 24 hours outside of a building for.
  • So when Levi had discovered his most recent treasure missing….
  • You can guess what happened.
  • They got in a fight, a verbal one of insults, mind you.
  • With Levi calling Mammon a scummy, thieving older brother, and Mammon defending himself, on the verge of tears by the time Lucifer stepped in.
  • The argument had gotten so heated, that Lucifer had to insert himself in to resolve the argument.
  • His solution?
  • To curse their hands together, for 24 hours.
  • It was a way to supposedly ‘bring them together.’
  • Which you supposed was true, just not in the way most would think so.
  • So for the next day, their hands were bound together by invisible glue, fingers intertwined.
  • There was immediate retaliation from both demons.
  • “How am I supposed ta go ta tha casino now? I can’t take Levi, he’ll reveal mah hand!”
  • “Like I would want to be stuck with you. I can’t even play Devil Kart now!”
  • Lucifer gave them a withering glare, immediately silencing both demons.
  • “You will both be stuck with each other for 24 hours, so unless you’d like me to extend the time, I’d suggest you stop squabbling like children.”
  • Well great, this wasn’t going to end well.
  • First off, was preparing dinner.
  • It was originally Lucifer’s turn, but he had told Mammon and Levi to take over, as part of their ‘brotherly bonding’.
  • As the icing on the cake, they weren’t allowed to use magic as well.
  • At first, they had got on decently enough, maneuvering their way through gathering and measuring the ingredients.
  • But then came the actual cooking.
  • Oil had ended up covering the floor, flour coating both of their heads a powdery white, and the ingredients were scattered everywhere.
  • How in Diavolo’s name did they end up making such a mess?
  • Nonetheless, they were scolded by Lucifer, for failing their task, and for wasting food as well.
  • At night, neither agreed to let the other in their own room, so they decided to sleep on the couch, which was an unpleasant sight for Levi since Mammon sleeps commando.
  • It’s a sight to see when you wake up, seeing your brother’s junk in your face.
  • The whole house was shaken, hearing Levi’s inhuman screech
  • Everyone had woken up, even Belphie.
  • Entering the living room, they were greeted by the sight of Mammon and Levi tangled up, Ruri-chan and faux fur blankets covering them.
  • While Levi looked absolutely mortified, Mammon had just woken up, groggy and confused as all of his brothers stared at him with annoyance, anger, mortification, and/or amusement.
  • Already off to a bad start, they progressed with their usual routines to the best of their abilities.
  • How did they use the bathroom, you ask?
  • Trust me, you don’t wanna know.
  • For breakfast, they had spilled Lucifer’s coffee by accident, earning a tired and exasperated expression from the workaholic.
  • Luckily, it was the weekend so they didn’t have to attend to R.A.D tasks.
  • They decided to stay home the entire day, as to not let rumors about them dating start up.
  • Unfortunately, Asmo had decided it would be a ‘cute’ idea to take pictures of them and upload them to Devilgram.
  • Within minutes, it had gained thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments.
  • Suffice to say, Levi and Mammon memes were born, covering every inch of social media.
  • While humiliating, their current predicament also made daily activities more difficult.
  • For example, hobbies.
  • They had decided to attempt to get work done together, as challenging as that may be.
  • So, they mutually agreed on staying in Levi’s room, as long as Mammon didn’t touch any of his prized merch.
  • Mammon was calculating stocks while Levi simultaneously attempted to participate in a raid.
  • Needless to say, Levi’s teammates could hear Mammon muttering stock rates to himself, and Levi’s increasingly annoyed tone of voice.
  • When Mammon exclaimed in joy from his predictions being correct, it’d end up with Levi getting spooked, and possibly dropping his controller.
  • In which his teammates could hear Mammon and Levi being petty, insulting each other and making small jabs here and there.
  • During meals they had struggled in eating, as they ended up accidentally poking each other with forks, or flinging food on the other.
  • Don’t get me started on their attempts to brush their teeth.
  • Toothpaste foam. Everywhere.
  • Somehow, in mere minutes, they’ve managed to spill toothpaste all over the floor, sink, mirror, and their own clothes.
  • By the time their time was up, both demons were mentally and physically tuckered out.
  • They had fought, slept together, eaten together, went to the bathroom together, and had given up on fighting, all in the span of 24 hours.
  • As they stood in front of Lucifer, excited for their punishment to be undone, it was the first moment of peace between the two since their punishment originally began.
  • With a satisfied smile, Lucifer undid the curse, Mammon and Levi letting go of each other’s hand as fast as lighting.
  • “Hm, this punishment has brought you two closer, has it not? It’s been a while since the two of you have been this close.”
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Of course I can angel~


How the obey me brothers react to a goth/emo/alt mc


Originally posted by elopawa


  • Now now when he firsts sets eyes on you I have a feeling he will be a bit confused? He has gone to the human world of course but has never come across alt/goth/emo.
  • After a while and after speaking to you he started to find it really nice. He may even help you get makeup and ask asmodeus which eyeliner would be the best~ little things like that.
  • “Mc I got you some eyeliner. As a thank you for being an excellent student”
  • Oh bby he really likes you 🥺 so expect more little gifts from him here and there.
  • When going out together he will have a rather large sense of pride. Secretly likes to pretend you are his s/o.

Originally posted by sugarsugarunes


  • When he first set eyes on you. You know. Oh you fucking know this little shit will try and show off how cool he is to steal your attention.
  • We all know mammon would probably think it’s hot. He would.
  • At first he may tease you~ making little comments about your outfits here and there but then 👀 after some time he gonna ask for eyeliner tips TOTALLY ASKING FOR A FRIEND
  • He will want you to do his eyeliner for him. Sit on that boys lap and do his eyeliner and he will combust on the spot.
  • Wear some chains and cute skirts he will be a fucking simp and may become rather protective of you when going out together~

Originally posted by harujkookie


  • Poor bby 🥺 he is so so shy at first.
  • You fucking bet he has seen alt/goth/emo online and he definitely digs it.
  • He would sneak extra looks at you from across the room. Mammon may have called him out one or two times
  • “Hey Levi why are you looking at mc like that? Look your face is all red!!!”
  • When you both become closer he loves to play with your chains or maybe any extra rings you may have on your fingers. He will try and dress similar to you
  • Please help this simp boy out 🥺👉👈

Originally posted by elopawa


  • Ohhhh as soon as you met him you will most definitely feel his sharp gaze. Taking in every detail. Your makeup. Outfit. Accessories.
  • He was very much curious to say the least. He will never admit he likes your choice of clothes etc. But his actions will show how much he likes it.
  • He would play with the material of your skirt and ask questions about where you got it (oh real smooth Satan) bonus if you get flustered be prepared to see his lips curl to a satisfied smirk
  • Catch him reading up about it on his phone 👀 he may even find a book about alt/goth/emo it wouldn’t surprise me~

Originally posted by onemistresstorulethemall


  • Oh my 0-0 be prepared! When you both first meet he enthusiastically holds onto both of your hands.
  • “Oh your aesthetic is so beautiful and unique! You have to tell me more~ maybe we can go shopping some time!”
  • The brothers try to pry asmo away but no no he is attached to you at the hip. Expect many and I mean many shopping trips.
  • When trying on clothes he will be the type to play with the material of your clothes. His long slender fingers play with the end of your skirt.
  • Asmo will absolutely adore it! Overall, he will be so excited. His eyes shine with curiosity, always wanting to know more.

Originally posted by vigilanteenforcer


  • Once again. He loves it! His actions alone will show that he absolutely adores youuu.
  • You may catch him eating slowly~ his eyes roaming over your body. The clothes, the accessories. He finds its so interesting and can’t seem to get his eyes off of you.
  • This results into him taking a liking to you. Maybe even sharing his food with you every now and then cue the other brothers being pisseddddddd
  • He may try and steal your clothes wanting to try them on- the clothes are tiny compared to him T^T poor bby just wants to be more like you.
  • Beware he will be very and I mean very protective of you.

Originally posted by thalfox


  • He 👏 fucking 👏 simps 👏
  • He loves loves loves it. Honestly, you may not think it but trust meeeee he thinks is so cool and hot
  • Those platforms you got?? He will have his eyes on them wanting to ask where you got them from
  • He will make little comments~ his cheeks with a little tint of pink ofc ofc
  • “I- I like your outfit today.. “
  • When he compliments you he will whisper~ he definitely loves it. Very much so 👏😌

This is the first time I have written for obey me, I’m sorry if they are a bit short 🥺👉👈 I really hope you like it~ have a lovely day/night~

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Hello dearie ❤️

May I request a romantic and a platonic matchup for the bro’s and undateables? If you’d rather only do one I totally understand! If so, romantic please ‘n thank you! I’m a straight female, in my early twenties. I don’t really know much about zodiacs, but I’m a Libra. I have shoulder length curly brown/blonde hair. Green eyes that tend to change color depending on what I wear. I’m a rather soft spoken individual and I’ve been told my voice is soothing to hear. Personality wise I’m your typical introvert^^ shy when I first meet you, but as we become friends I’ll come out of my shell. When I get excited about a topic I tend to rush through what I’m saying, and end up stumbling over my words^^’ I have no problem making a fool of myself as long as I feel I’m in a safe place to express myself! I was selectively mute throughout most of my middle and high-school years, due to bullying. During high-school I was mentally and emotionally abused, while in a toxic ‘friendship’ with a narcissist. I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but I have a skewed sense self confidence because of all that. I’m also incredibly easy to fluster! I blush soo easily T-T…I cannot take compliments! I flush when my family and close friends say anything nice! So forget a stranger trying to compliment me…I put the reddest tomatoes to shame^^’ While I’m most comfortable with my family and close friends I don’t mind meeting new people but I kinda have to be force into it^^’I love reading and have been known to mildly(read:completely) obsesses over my preferred fandoms! I enjoy cooking and love spending time with the kiddos I nanny! I also love the outdoors! Walking around the countryside, watching fireflies and the night sky, or splashing around in a creek equal hours of fun in my opinion!I also have a deep love for any type of water! Whether it’s floating down a river, swimming in a lake, or playing in the sea! I also have horrible balance, and have been known to run into walls, doorframes, counters, corners, and people on multiple occasions. welp I think that’s about it on me ^_^Hope you’re having a lovely day! 💕


Hello, @aizawasluckylady and sorry for taking so long with this request! I have it ready for you! Hope you’re doing well! ❤️

Platonic Matchup!


I could see you becoming really close friends with both Simeon and Luke. You are a kind and empathetic soul who has been through a lot and Simeon will recognize that and respect you for it. You are already great with kids so I could see you hitting it off with Luke right away! With Luke, comes Simeon and it will make him so happy to see you two getting along. The three of you would be really close friends, going on all sorts of adventures together in the great outdoors! Camping with angels would be one heck of an experience! Your presence is soothing to both Luke and Simeon and they will often seek you out when they’ve had a rough day, instantly feeling at ease around you.

Romantic Matchup

I could see you meshing really well with Leviathan or Beelzebub!

I’ll start with Leviathan!


You both share many similarities with being introverted, loving water, immersing yourself on your fandoms, how you both talk faster when the conversation turns to one of your interests, and you are both easy to fluster. I think the two of you could help each other build your self confidence up. We all know Levi needs some help in that department too and I think the two of you could heal and grow together. I am sure Leviathan has also experienced bullying and when you open up to him he will understand and be there for you. When you open up to Leviathan, he will open up to you as well and further strengthen your bond. He finds your shyness absolutely adorable and loves your blush. It also makes him feel less nervous as he is the same way.

Leviathan loves the water and would love to go swimming with you - he knows all the best beaches and lakes to go to. He’ll take you out on romantic dates to see the fireflies at one of his favorite lakes in the evening. Leviathan is a little clumsy too but he’ll try to catch you before you fall and stop you from running into things, I’d imagine he’d have fast reflexes.

Leviathan will also be protective of you. He is the grand admiral of Hell’s Navy and those who he loves he will always cherish and protect. He wants you to feel safe and he wants you to recover from the trauma you experienced earlier in your life. No one else will hurt his Henry as long as he’s around.

Leviathan enjoys quiet evenings with you and staying in to read or just talking about your favorite fandoms. He’ll often cuddle up to you while gaming and you’re reading a book. He likes the cozy little life he has with you and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Ruri-Chan who? He only thinks of you now.

And now Beelzebub!


I think the two of you would be a great match for each other two because you both have suffered from traumatic events in your life and you both are still loving and caring people despite it all which is amazing. Beelzebub is okay with you being shy. He is a gentle and patient soul and will wait for you to open up to him when you’re comfortable. Once you have, he will tell you about his own past too and you two can be there to support one another.

Your presence puts the big sweetheart at ease and even before you started dating he’d find himself in your room because he’d feel so relaxed around you. Beelzebub will also help you to build up your confidence. He’ll make sure to tell you how much you make him happy and why he loves you. Let this boy dote on you.

He is also protective of his loved ones and won’t let anyone hurt you again. Like Leviathan, he will catch you when you fall and stop you from bumping into things with better luck than his brother.

Dates with Beelzebub consists of nature hikes, swimming, going out to restaurants at the least busy times of day (less people), and picnics. He loves when you cook for him. Sometimes you’ll do the cooking and he’ll pick out the spot for your picnic. He always compliments you on your cooking.

At times when you’re reading or blogging in your favorite fandoms he’ll be cuddled up to your side, eating a snack, content with staying in with you.

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Painting, name; A New Guardian

(Lol everytime I think of water or sea monsters, I think of Levi from Obey me now lol😅)

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Their Pain is Our Pleasure: The Aftermath

Lucifer, eyes glowing with sadistic humor: Hahaha….. Now, both of you chose where you want to be hung.

Levi: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!

MC, thirsty and teasing: Does the chandelier in your room count? Don’t forget the tie gag. ;D

Lucifer: …………… *drags MC to his room*

It’s late, but I was kinda thirsty over hearing Luci’s voice in the story segment, sooooo………

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Levi (Obey Me) hates terfs more than Mammon!

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So I submitted this to the amazing @getlitaesthetic’s blog already but going to post it here too.


Rating: 18+

Pairing: Leviathan/reader

Reader is afab with she/her pronouns

Warnings: Violence, death, dubious consent

Keep reading

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So we all know Obey me is an Otome and typically in those kinds of games if it’s not marketed as a harem game you are eventually gonna have routes or make a choice between all the characters.

I mean fUck- I like Leviathan but at the same time it’s clear that all the other guys like you and it seems they’re even adding the previously non-datable characters and then it makes me think well damn. Will we end up tearing families and shit apart if we end up choosing someone?

Again, I’m a Levi simp all the way but what if his brothers end up resenting him cause he took the MC away from them??

Food for thought I suppose. aLSO please be careful with spoilers if you’re gonna comment I AM VERY BEHIND-

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I’m too addicted to Obey Me. Got a new phone and had to transfer everything over. Didn’t realize it would log me out of a bunch of stuff and when I went to get on the game, it made me restart. I was like “ohhhh nonono. I have too much time and money into these freaking demons”. Thankfully, I hadn’t reset my old phone yet. But I was very O__O u til I got it all back. We good now.

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This whole debacle reminds me of when I worked another job and Siri had just come out. A coworker was showing us all that Siri could do. He then asked, “Siri, do you love me?” To which Siri replied, “I am not capable of love.”

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