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#shall we date
sakelocc · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can I Touch Your Tail!?
I had to draw it. ^^;;; I really... REALLY want to touch Barbatos' tail. It's "wet but not slimy" ... wₕₐₜ? 
i  ຖēē໓   t໐    t໐น¢h    it.
┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ Art by Cheru ~ Don’t forget to follow! ♡ Pls don’t repost, quote RT, or alter my art. Share the original instead!
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devildomqueen · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I really NEED to know who’s grave this is????
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fallowdoe · 20 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw that new Satan card and well... It just went this way
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thanthelion · 37 minutes ago
Alex's designs for the second season.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The one with Mammon's demon form is her costume from the time they went to human world Halloween party together. Definitely the best couple costume there. 😏
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the-mourning-stars · 47 minutes ago
Daily dose of Miura
Masquerade Butterfly is such a good song but also overrated. I said what I said
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ghostyghost666 · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I started playing obey me again lol
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mowuune · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New demon OC drop !!
Ba'al is the First of Solomon's pacts.. the form depicted here is the most conceivable to the human eye 👁
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guesswhosbitchin · an hour ago
If you feel up to it, Asmo? Since his bday is coming up?
I'm sorry this took so long, but that gold thing took forever to shade 🥲
Tumblr media
From what I remember i never did a full piece of Asmo with his original design so thank you for giving me an excuse to actually sit down and do it.
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eye-burning · an hour ago
ok ok. I jumped straight into trying a full body with this style 
Tumblr media
I feel like its a good start for sure! I do have to work on coloring the hair better but that’s nothing new. (really proud of the line art of it tho) 
Anyway, A look into a few years before she and Zeus even knew of each other’s existence! She used to have straight, red hair and red eyes but one day her eyes started getting orange and, her hair started to curl up and take a orange color. This is during that time.  
But for her coronation she did straighten and dye it back to it’s original form! It wasn't for nostalgia purposes tho. 
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lahamham · an hour ago
OBEY ME characters as McDonald workers
-I was eating McDonalds and remembered all the edits of people giving the OBEY ME characters McDonald’s hats and mics-
Assistant manager
He’s only called upon to deal with unruly customers; Karens, Richards, and others
Spends most of his time in the back since he’ll act up too much dealing with customers; and steal from the register
Cashier or drive through window
Absolutely doesn’t want to do it but no one wanted to switch; people would say so he could work on his social skills
Will snap at a customer and when the customer says “you just lost a customer” he’d just smile and say next in line without a care
Would try flirting with the customers if he’s able to so they make him clean the bathrooms; other workers would have to make sure he doesn’t go to the play area, he’d be there trying to find a milf/dilf/nbilf
He’s not allowed anywhere near the back or he’ll start snacking on fries, burgers, nuggets, etc.
Assembly line
It’s minimal work most of the time but he can also keep up with rush hour; has gone on lunch break with Beelzebub and gone through the drive through to order
Brings in doughnuts as well as coffee to every employee since he doesn’t want to be seen as a bad manager, but won’t shy away to fire a employee
Assistant manager
Always helping the other workers if they’re understaffed or if he thinks something needs to be done; doesn’t get paid enough for what he does
Would know how to talk down a customer if needed and get a apology; but could also vaguely threaten them so they leave
Cant be trusted near the food because somehow he’ll mess it up and the customers will complain asking for another order
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diavolosthots · an hour ago
Felt like crying, so I came to you, my friend! Mc and Mammon went out shopping, specifically to buy gifts for his brothers, as an apology. When they get back home they are met with hostility. They berate Mammon until Mc screams at them to shut up, then rips into each of them for their treatment of Mammon. Then finishes with "Don't expect Mammon to stay here when he can live with me in the humanworld. I'm done with you. Mammon, lets go, you deserve better, love" and leaves w/ Mammon. Thank you!
You came to me because you felt like crying and that gives me two (2) things to think about. 1.) I'm apparently someone who people see as a tissue? 2.) My angst is just THAT good. Also! Apparently today is rain on Mammon day and I'm here for it not me avoiding my exam to write these things
Warning: uh.... Angst?
Tumblr media
“You know, I’m proud of you for suggesting this.” Truly, you were. Mammon was your favorite and you felt for him, but you also completely understood where his brothers came from. At first, it honestly annoyed you as well; the constant stealing, the lying… You tried blaming it on his avatar, but even then it doesn’t explain the lying that comes with it. However, you do realize that it’s a habit and it’s a habit that is hard to fix, so instead of constantly getting onto him like the rest, you tried to understand him a bit more and give him some life advice. So far, you have managed to get Mammon to give back all the things he has recently taken from his brothers, and some of them even got an apology. You’ll be working on how to properly apologize, though, because oof, that was a mess. 
And now? Now you managed to take a small trip with him downtown to at least attempt to make things better. Mammon is now, or at least today, using his own money to buy some things that his brothers would be fond of: a new vinyl player for Lucifer (non-cursed), a new Ruri-chan t-shirt for Leviathan, a neck pillow for Satan because lord knows he has some cramps back there with the way he leans over and down to read his books. Then some perfume for Asmodeus that he had been swooning about, a gift card to Beel’s favorite restaurant for the glutton, and a heated blanket for Belphie. You were proud, truly, that Mammon wanted to do this. As a matter of fact, he was the one who suggested it. “Maybe… uh.. I could… ya know… buy somethin’ they like” is what he said. You were just excited and agreed to help. 
Now you were going back to the house with a few shopping bags and ice cream almost fully eaten. You paid for the ice cream, as a way to reward Mammon, and you’re sure he’s secretly thanking you for that because some of these items truly did burn a hole into his credit card, which is partially his fault. “Lucifer deserves more than some random vinyl player.” his words, not yours. Also “satan needs one of them neck pillows that massage it, too!” again, his words. So yeah, some money was definitely spent on these items, but… once again, you were proud. “I think they’ll love everything, Mam. They’d be fools if they didn’t.” Hearing you say that made Mammon feel a lot better, honestly, and a small rush of confidence came to the surface “Ya betcha they will! Nothin’ but the best from the Great Mammon!” You just laughed. 
However, upon arrival, it was a different sight. As a matter of fact, you barely made it through the door before Beel was grumbling something about Mammon eating his custard, which is true, but it’s just a custard? “MAAMMMOONNN!!” and then there was Lucifer who appeared so fast you wondered if he was even real. He went on a whole rant about how irresponsible Mammon is and how another bill came in the mail that talks about Mammon’s debt. Satan and Belphegor teamed up to show empty hands, which left both you and Mammon confused, but then “do you see anything here? No? That’s because you sold our belongings, Mammon!” Mammon can be lucky that Leviathan was still holed up in his room because he just remembered that he also, at some point in the past, sold one of Levi’s figures. Asmodeus came last and honestly he wasn’t mad, he was just annoyed. “I saw you go through my things, Mammon. Nothing was taken, but it was still so incredibly rude!” 
Next followed a screaming match which was basically just Mammon trying to defend himself, trying to show the bags and apologize, but none of them would have it. It irritated you. Yes, they had every right to be mad because personal belongings should stay with their owner(s), but at the same time, they didn’t even give Mammon a chance to explain, especially after he’s been holding the bags up and attempting to apologize. “You’re so stupid, Mammon” “StupidMammon” “so irresponsible. You know better than that. Do you need another time out session, Mammon?” “I can’t believe you’d go through my stuff again!” by now your eyes were twitching and the voices echoing off the walls surely didn’t help your case. One more word and you’d snap, surely, especially since Mammon’s hand is now shaking and you grabbing it did nothing at all. “We would be better off without you.”
Ah yes, there it is. The final straw. The amount of anger boiling inside you right now isn’t even manageable anymore and you’re surprised that Satan, as the Avatar of Wrath, has yet to notice it. “Shut up! Shut up, Shut up, Shut up! All of you!” You yanked Mammon behind you, almost protectively and Belphegor found the need to laugh at it. “Really? You’re going to protect him?” Oh, there. That’s your first victim. “Are you really that dense, Belphegor, or is sleep still clouding your brain cells? That is your brother you’re currently making fun of and I don’t know about you, but I was taught that family sticks together, blood related or by choice. So how about you get your head out of dreamland, take this stupid heated blanket that he bought for you, as an apology, and wake up for a second.” yes, you did throw the bag at him and then you pointed your finger at Beel. You’d regret later on that you’re tearing into him as well because Beel means well at the end of the day, but still, he was also part of this. 
“You’re my least worry, Beel. Honestly you’re too caught up in your burgers and brawns to care for a second that your brother tries very hard to be liked by all of you. Sad, really.” you threw the card at him too. As a matter of fact, you threw all of the bags right in front of them. “And then Asmo.. oh my God, first of all, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Shocker, I know. If you were half as empathetic toward your family as you are obsessed with yourself, maybe you wouldn’t feel the need to always go party and drink your life away. Oh, I’m sorry, did that hit just a little too hard? Can’t be harder than the hangovers you wake up with on a regular basis.” You glared at him before turning your attention to Satan. “Honestly, if you weren’t such a baby inside I may actually be scared of you. You always complain about how stupid he is, how he needs to just learn, but you? What do you do all day? You hole yourself up in your room and read about worlds that you wish you could enter. News flash: you’d die before you had the chance to say hello. People don’t like self-proclaimed assholes. Mammon IS smart. He’s very talented, too, but you’re too far up in Shakespeare’s ass that you fail to realize that everyone has knowledge in different fields of life. Give me a break.” 
Satan was about to retort but you already moved on to Levi. “and you! Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for you wallowing in self-pity and fake depression, you would have absolutely no personality traits. What are you again? The Avatar of Envy? How about instead of being envious of others’ accomplishments, you actually start working on yourself. It’s truly pathetic that a couple millenia old demon’s only purpose in life is ramen and self inflicted emotional pain. Seriously, what are you? A pitiful loner? I can’t even begin to empathize with you in any way, shape, or form.” Your blood was boiling right now and maybe if they hadn’t attacked Mammon like they did, you would’ve felt bad about Levi’s sad face right now, but there was still one person left to deal with.”
“And you… beautiful, responsible, way-too-good-for-you older brother, Lucifer.” He’s been glaring at you this whole time, arms crossed over his chest but you stood your ground. You’re not quite sure how you managed, but you did. “You call yourself the best, the most responsible. You constantly say this family would fall apart without you, but that’s not it, is it? I think you’re just lonely. You force these six to be by you, to respect you and borderline worship you. Not because you deserve it…” you chuckled, shaking your head, “no. You’re just so sad that Daddy and Michael left you, mocked you, that you turned your sadness into anger and took it out on these six, but especially Mammon. Why? Because you see yourself in him. You call him your favorite brother, but it’s not because he actually is… he just reminds you of everything you used to be: fun, reckless, and feeling. Now you’re just cold, mean, and bitter. Don’t bother calling yourself the mighty first because without him you would be neither. Maybe if you pulled that stick out of your arse and actually tried to get to know your brothers, maybe you wouldn’t be so lonely all the time. Family, right? That’s what you want. How about you start acting like one.” 
You shook your head after that, grabbing Mammon’s hand and kicking the bags in front of you before dragging Mammon back out the door. “Those are for you, by the way. Not that you deserve them, but they’re Mammon’s way of apologizing for all the things you accused him of the minute he set foot into the house. Have fun. We’re going to the castle and, if we’re lucky, to a real home.” 
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samdrawzzz · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me: It's cause' I'm gay, right?
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witchcraft-for-life · 2 hours ago
Lucifer : your existence confuses me human
MC or y/n : how so?
Lucifer : you constantly annoy me and sometimes I want to kill you, but then sometimes I can't stand the thought of anything bad happening to you ever.
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witchcraft-for-life · 2 hours ago
*MC and Lucifer angry at each other*
Lucifer : go on. insult me and I'll easily deflect it
MC or y/n : you definitely weren't hugged enough as a child
Lucifer *near tears* : that's a bit low don't you think...
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moemammon · 3 hours ago
The bros having to share a bed with Mc on a trip bc there is only one bed takes place early on getting to know each so their still that weird tension perhaps it goes away after the night 👀
(Like those fanfic tropes where they stay at a hotel but the hotel only has one bed so when they go to bed they put a bunch of pillows in between them to separate but in the morning they end up cuddling with the pillows on the ground)
"We Have to Share the Bed?!" (Feat. The Demon Bros)
Since things are still a little early in your relationship, Lucifer is trying to learn how to let his walls down
And the ultimate test is letting you sleep near him. He doesn't let ANYONE into his room while he's sleeping.
His brothers are notorious for trying to snag a picture of his sleeping face, to no avail.
Honestly, he doesn't seem the least bit embarrassed about it, even if you are.
Unfortunately there's no romantic trope to be had here, because Lucifer may or may not have used a sleeping spell on you to ensure you would sleep soundly throughout the night. (What a prude-)
"Haaaah?! Why do I hafta share a bed with a human??" He says, knowing damn well he's excited.
Mammon's literally been waiting for a chance to have some alone time with you, ever since he first started catching feelings.
And now he has that glorious chance, With no brothers around to interrupt him! But you know he's gotta play it tsundere and can't let you find out how hyped he is.
He makes sure to emphasize that you have to stay on your side of the bed, and threatens you not to hog the blankets, "Or else!"
Only for you to wake up in the middle of the night with the blanket nowhere to be seen, and Mammon holding you against him for warmth. Or if you asked him, he's say YOU looked cold, so he's doing it for your sake.
He'd be gushing about how this was something straight out of an anime if it weren't for the fact that his heart wasn't ready.
Sharing a bed with anyone, let alone YOU, was way too much! Where were the training wheels?? He wanted to ease into it!
Plus he's pretty sure you don't want to sleep in the same bed as him anyway, so he's doing everything he can to find somewhere else to sleep. He can sleep in the tub here too, right? What do you mean that's gross-
Literally did EVERYTHING he could to avoid getting in bed with you, but he actually accepts it once he settles down.
And then you'll find that his arms sneak around your waist and he curls up against your form. He's used to holding onto his Ruri-chan pillow, so this'll have to suffice. PLEASE don't call him out on it in the morning he'll actually die-
As a gentleman, he vouches to sleep somewhere else. He knows that it can be pretty awkward to share a bed with someone.
Even more so for him, since he's catching feelings for you. He doesn't think he'd try anything, but it'd definitely be a test of his mental strength.
He's pretty sure he'll do just fine sleeping in an armchair. He's notorious for being found that way at home, after all. But he can be persuaded to change his mind, considering how uncomfortable that chair looks...
Satan slides into bed with you, and pulls out a book to read. It's his nighttime ritual to read before sleeping, otherwise he can't sleep a wink. He falls asleep with the book on his chest...
And when you wake up, you find your head replacing the book. Big scary Satan cuddling you to sleep? It's more likely than you think
He has to share a bed with you? Oh nooo~ That sounds dreadful~ Whatever shall he do~
Jokes aside, do you really think Asmo is shy about sharing with you? If anything, he insists! He's just now coming to terms with his new, bizarre feelings, so he wants to show you how he feels about you.
You can expect wandering hands if you permit it, but otherwise, he'll stick to cuddling against you. Asmo claims he's doing it to keep warm, which is sort of believable with those silk pjs he's wearing.
He takes FOREVER to sleep, too. He's more concerned with talking to you about the trip there, about his brothers, the new perfume he bought yesterday, what color he’d love to paint your nails...
And when he DOES fall asleep, you get to see a rare bedhead Asmo all curled up against you, snuggling into your arm closer and closer every time.
He's used to sharing with Belphie sometimes, and it's not like Bee thinks there's anything weird about sharing a bed.
So when he sees that you two HAVE to share, he originally opts for the floor. This man took the couch for you that one time, so did you really not expect this?
He can definitely be coaxed into bed with you after a bit of insisting, but somehow it's not that weird..?
Beel keeps to his side of the bed as he's trying to fall asleep, though from the tossing and turning, you can sort of tell that he's having some trouble.
So what does he do? He rolls over and asks if you'd mind it if he held his hand. It's weird not sharing a room with Belphie, so... In the end, he ends up holding not only your hand, but your entire body as well.
Bold of you to assume he's embarrassed.... and you're correct. He may be old, but why wouldn't he be flustered about having to share a bed with you, who he may or may not have feelings for-
But he doesn't let that show at all, playing aloof like he always does. He tells you that you're the one being weird if you mention anything about sharing.
But if you insist..... then he'll happily let you take the floor :)
Jk. He pulls you into bed whether you like it or not, rolling so his back faces you in case you're uncomfortable. But don't think that'll last long-
It's only ten minutes in and Belphie is fast asleep, arms wrapped snuggly around you while he buries his face into your arm. Yeah, this was pretty unavoidable.
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