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bitchyhuman · 2 days ago
Luke: Ways to be more angelic? Always carry flowers, Be calm and if you put make make sure it's pink or gold and if you don't have them just make sure it's only light!
Leviathan: Wield a flaming sword.
MC: Be covered in eyes.
Lucifer: Three pair of wings.
Mammon: Wheel.
Asmodues: And shout "FEAR NOT!" Whenever you arrive.
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more-like-notome · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Friendship is magic
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sofiart-puddinheaddraws · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I played Obey Me again after a long while and I just really love this dorky otaku <3333
This was inspired by the Phantom Thief devilgram
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victoriankitty · a day ago
I think we all have this image in our heads 😏
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6mmad · a day ago
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demicaractere · 2 days ago
Charmed, I'm Sure
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Summary: No human has ever avoided Asmodeus's charm. Except for you.
Pairing: Asmodeus x GN Reader/MC
Genre: Drama, angst
Warnings: None in this chapter, suggestive content and alcohol use in previous chapters.
The light to Lucifer’s study was still on when Solomon dragged Asmodeus back to the House of Lamentation. They would have to use stealth magic to get inside, not that Lucifer wouldn't figure it out eventually, but it would buy them some time to get Asmo to his room before he noticed.
Solomon quickly disarmed the locking spell Lucifer had put on the door and he and Asmo went inside and up the stairs. Classical music could be heard faintly beyond the door of Lucifer’s study as they tiptoed past, human world classical music, to be precise. But Solomon could also hear light snoring which meant Lucifer had probably fallen asleep working. That was good. He didn't think Asmo could protect him from Lucifer’s fury in this state, and he’d never needed to fight a demon that strong using only his magic. He had no desire to test it out now.
Asmo had been quiet during the walk home, and that was very unlike him. You could hardly get the demon to stop talking most of the time. Solomon had given him his space. Asmo’s eyes were already red and puffy from crying when they got to his room, but he had sobered up a little. Almost automatically, he walked over to his massive closet and slipped out of his clothes and into a purple satin robe. He sat on the bed and stared at himself, unmoving, in the full length mirror that covered an entire wall of his bedroom.
“When I was in the Celestial Realm everyone loved me, I didn't even have to try. And I loved everyone. Lucifer may have been favored by Father but I was favored almost everyone else.” Asmo said, finally breaking his silence. “And then after we fell and my demon powers developed, people didn't just love me, they worshiped me.”
Solomon tossed Asmo a bottle of micellar water and a cloth to remove the smeared eyeliner and glitter that was streaked across his face, which again, he managed to make look good. Then Solomon went to the mini cosmetics fridge Asmo kept under his vanity and removed a chilled jade roller, night cream, and a sheet mask. He knew Asmo would never forgive himself if he didn't do the bare minimum of his multi-step skincare routine before going to bed.
“Thank you,” Asmo said quietly as Solomon handed him the items.
“You’re welcome,” Solomon sat down in the pink cushioned desk chair that was rarely used for doing schoolwork.
Asmo continued his train of thought from before, “I’ve lived under Lucifer’s shadow my whole life but if everyone else adored me, it was ok.”
Solomon didn't know what to say so he stayed silent. He thought about the exchange student. He would need to get to the bottom of this. There was a chance Asmo had panicked and missed some sort of enchanted object on the exchange student’s person. Even if they couldn't do magic themself, there was still the possibility they could be in possession of an item that blocked a demon’s powers. A normal human alone would not be able to resist the influence of one of the rulers of the Devildom. It just wasn't possible.
“Have I ever told you what it feels like to charm someone?” Asmo asked.
Solomon shook his head.
“It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world!” A smile lit his tear stained face. “I look at a person and it’s like there's a string around their heart. I can reach out and pull that string towards me; I can feel their desires, jealousies, the things they hold dear. If I want I can mold those things to look like me.”
The concept reminded Solomon a little of the ‘red string of fate’, something he’d been wanting to research for some time now. From what he knew of the red string, though, it couldn't be manipulated in the way Asmo described his charm.
“Mc…” Asmo said. “They just stared at me. It was like I was looking at one of my brothers. You know, I can’t charm them, but I know they love me because they tell me. With MC, I felt nothing.” The memory was unsettling, Asmo shivered a little.
“It shouldn't matter, right?” he said. “I’m being foolish. I can have anyone I want, so why am I hung up on this one person?” Tears started to fall again. Asmo curled up on the bed and cocooned himself in the blankets.
“I suppose it’s hard to let go of something you’ve always had,” said Solomon.
The pile of blankets twitched as Asmo nodded.
When he didn't speak again, Solomon took that as his cue to leave. It was late anyway, and tomorrow was officially the first day of the exchange program and a new term at RAD. He would need a good night’s sleep to be in peak performance as the famous Witty Sorcerer. He made a mental note to have Barbatos send over some hangover relief tea to Asmo’s room in the morning.
With one final look back, Solomon spread his arms wide and cast a comfort spell on Asmo’s room. The scent of lavender, ocean waves crashing, gentle piano music, drinking hot chocolate by a crackling fire; all things that were imbued in the spell. The room felt just a little bit lighter when he left, although he thought he could still hear Asmo’s soft sniffling as he closed the door behind him.
Solomon used the back stairs to avoid passing Lucifer’s study again. The kitchen light was on when he got to the first floor and someone was rustling around inside. He would bet all the years he had left that it was Beelzebub. It wouldn't necessarily be dangerous to be caught by Beel, he was a gentle giant for the most part, and had an even temper as long as he was well-fed. It would definitely be awkward to be caught by him, though.
As he crept through the hallway, sticking to the shadows, a certain door caught his eye.
The guest room.
That would be where the exchange student was staying. Solomon stood silently outside the guest room door and listened. In all likelihood they would be asleep and Solomon would have to continue his investigation in the morning at RAD.
Just as he was about to leave, he heard it. Crying. Heaving sobs that someone was trying, and failing, to keep quiet.
Solomon’s brow furrowed. He was given a choice to join the exchange program; judging by the crying coming from the room, apparently you had not. You sounded so pitiful.
Solomon stood there and listened a little while longer. At least two people in the House of Lamentation would be crying themselves to sleep tonight. Two people who had been ripped away from the things they were accustomed to. He pressed his hand to the door and repeated the same spell he’d used in Asmo’s room. It was the least Solomon could do to offer them what little comfort he could give.
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 5 days ago
Lucifer: Are you nervous?
Mc: Yes.
Lucifer: Is this your first time?
Mc: No, I have been nervous before.
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jellophoid · a month ago
he finally let the cuntress in him out,,
Tumblr media
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moon-kitsune · a month ago
Leviathan: I’m kind of crushing on someone, but I’m worried about telling you who it is, because you’re not going to like it
Mammon: Just rip the bandage off.
Leviathan: It’s MC.
Mammon: Put the bandage back on.
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liyacreate · 2 months ago
Dateables reacting to MC's thirst trap
Warning: Slightly suggestive content
Brothers ver.
Dia was just about to message you to ask you out for tea at his castle when one of the GCs he was in started to go haywire with the messages. Curious what made his friends so talkative that day, he checked it out. It was a video of you going from your normal outfit to a transition of you with red lighting and a hot outfit befitting of royalty.
He was very fascinated by it. Don't get him wrong, he thinks you're absolutely hot. Which is why he'll ask you to help him make a thirst trap of his own when you come over for tea. This is your chance to have Diavolo wear all the outfits you imagine him in in your fantasies much to Lucifer's dismay.
It was Diavolo that showed the pictures of you in a maid dress/butler outfit to Barbatos. It was when he was pouring a cup of tea for his master. The pictures temporarily caught the butler off guard that he had almost overflowed the cup. Almost. As he is after all one hell of a butler, he regained his composure and masked his flustered state with a small chuckle. Perhaps you should show off that outfit to him in person. He might give you some hands on advice on how to properly be a maid/butler.
Solomon had gotten a hold of one of your thirst traps through... connections cough Asmodeus cough. They were pictures of you with edited effects that made you look like a bad ass hottie.
Probably the least fazed about it. You wouldn't have been able to sense that he had seen it if it wasn't for the teasing he did. Would offer to help you make your thirst traps next time by using magic for the effects. Although if you let him, he'll use his magic for something a bit more intimate.
Simeon was in the middle of talking with Luke when his DDD kept on going off. He had to pause his conversation to check if anything bad happened to cause a spike in his notifications. He didn't expect a video of you in a demon outfit that barely covered your body dancing to a not very church friendly song.
His eyes widened upon seeing you in promiscuous clothing. So much so that Luke got worried and wanted to see what exactly got the older angel so shocked. Simeon was thankfully fast enough to block Luke's gaze from his screen and promptly turned it off. He refused to answer the cherub despite his pleas. Simeon will try to keep calm but you can see the soft pink of his cheeks when he's talking with you. How could a human give such unholy thoughts to an angel.
Simeon's fatherly instincts kicked in just in time and he was able to get a hold of Luke's phone before he was able to open the gc. The small angel was thankfully saved from your chaotic horny ass. Safe to say some people who accidentally sent the thirst trap to the GC Luke was in had been rightfully scolded.
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lovelyunholyc · 4 months ago
he doesn't mean to say it, the first time. it slips out, unbidden, like the most natural thing to ever come out of his mouth, because for once, you don't try to silence him, don't try to jokingly tell him to shut up.
you blink at him, remote in one hand, the other shoved squarely against his cheek, frozen in place from how you'd fought him for control of the TV in your own room. "what'd you say?"
mammon's cheeks flush, he can't help it if he tried, his skin is so heated he's sure you'll burn from touching it. "n-nothing," he mumbles, looking away, though he knows it's too late.
"mammon." by the tone of your voice he already knows he won't win. you drop the remote uncaringly, clamber into his lap and hold his face in both your hands before he can hide it from you. "say that again, exactly what you said."
his pretty eyes dart around, anywhere except into your own. your thumbs soothe into the heat of his cheeks, the warmth of your body against his only making the emotion well up in his chest that much more, the beat of his heart quicken. he shakes his head stubbornly.
you hold him even more stubbornly. "don't make me use our pact."
and he realizes then why he'd said it; you're his perfect match, through and through.
he sighs, as if it's the most difficult thing for him to do, but he knows you see right through him, you always have. finally he meets your eyes, and he wonders why he'd looked away in the first place, because you're so beautiful he doesn't have the words for it. your eyes are sparkling with mischief, and so much fondness for him, more than he ever thinks he's deserved, that playful, irresistible little quirk to your lips, the warmth in your own cheeks. you hold him so gently, as if he isn't exponentially stronger than you, as if he wouldn't do anything in the world for you. when he speaks again, it's clear, though quiet, full of intention. "i said, 'you're lucky i love ya.'"
it was in his nature to run away. to hide his true feelings and ignore the way you made his heart race. he's thought to be selfish - it's part of his sin, after all - but then how, and why, did he care about you more than he had ever cared about anything else in his long lifetime?
this was something he'd known, deep down, for a while, but had never had the courage to face or much less admit to you.
his hands slide over your thighs bracketing his hips, squeeze gently at your flesh for reassurance.
your smile grows slowly, fingers trailing down to trace the line of his jaw before your arms are wrapping around his shoulders. "oh?" you touch your nose to his, then your forehead. "i love you, too."
mammon thinks his heart bursts in his chest. he blinks back at you once, unable to hide his own smile, but then you're capturing it in your lips, kissing at his nose and his stupid blushing cheeks and finally, his lips. you kiss him with such tenderness, such love, it melts into your every action, your every touch, every stuttered breath between you, every gentle nip, every cautious kitten lick. his hands slide to the small of your back, the nape of your neck, to hold you in place, as if you'd rather be anywhere else.
when you pull away to breathe, it's only an inch away, hands in his hair, fingers scratching soothingly at his scalp in a way that makes him want to purr. your smile is brilliant, so beautiful he hardly registers anything else, doesn't even realize he's smiling just as wide, lost in you and that lovely little sparkle in your eye, full of mischief and wonder and everything he's been missing. "so you love me, huh?"
he kisses you again. "don't tease me or i'll take it back."
he can't get enough of you.
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bitchyhuman · 8 hours ago
Accidental Overstim
Senario: You've already finished but they seem to be unsatisfied so they kept going until you're crying.
Lucifer: I know it hurts but I can’t help it I’m sorry.
Mammon: I’m so sorry- Fuck- you feel so good-
Leviathan: I’m sorry- the feeling of you cumming on my cock is just too good- I had to-
Satan: Sorry- your cunt is so tight I just had to use it.
Asmodues: See? Not so bad! I’ll clean you up before I go.
Beelzebub: It’s almost over I’m cumming soon.
Belphegor: It’s your fault you looked so good today- I can’t help it I see a cunt ready to breed and I have to Fuck it.
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cesavi13 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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devildom-doll · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
u seeing this?
Tumblr media
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · 5 days ago
MC is probably a BuzzFeed Unsolved missing person case. Some real True Crime ™ Podcast material. There's fan theories on Reddit about what happened to them. There's literally no leads as to where they went.
A normal person vanishes out of thin air? No sign of anything happening to them?
In this economy??
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obeymebutnotlikethat · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tetsu-chris · 6 months ago
Idk how obm tumblr is doin but twt is a hellhole so I made a meme for them, but I will show yall too
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · a month ago
Mc: Damn, the power went out.
Beel: I got this.
Beel: *Rapidly shakes and starts to illuminate*
Mc: What-
Beel: I swallowed a flashlight.
Mc, on the verge of a heart attack: WHY WOULD YOU SWALLOW A FLASHLIGHT!
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more-like-notome · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
POV: you follow Dia on Evil Twitter
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piee3142 · 4 days ago
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Read my heart 💚
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