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#simeon obey me
certified-sloth · 19 hours ago
I know you did the brothers reaction but I what to know how the dateables whould act when given headpats and called a good boy.
I'm adding platonic Luke here as well, baby needs headpats too
Hm? What's this? You're giving him headpats?
Is very pleased you would do this to him
How long has it been since someone was comfortable enough to treat him like this?
Smiles and bows his head to let you give him more headpats
At first he would blush in embarrassment because he wasn't used to it
But now he also expects it after a hard days work as a butler
More of a person to give headpats and praises than the one receiving
But this doesn't feel at all bad
Shall he return you the same favor?
He's not open with much affectionate interaction
So the fact that you're doing this surprises him
It's not that he minds it as long as it's from you
Luke (Platonic)
Normally, he would be very annoyed
Because he usually gets headpats because he's short
But the fact that you're doing this out of affection makes him very happy
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How would Simeon react to artist!MC saying they should work on a project together? Where he writes and they draw.
Aaaw I love this request :)
Tumblr media
Oh yes.
Simeon is a very busy man and any further help is welcome.
Simeon’s writings are not hastened by the fact that whenever he steps out of his room Leviathan appears from scratch and begins to ask questions.
He secretly hopes he never mentioned to Leviathan that he will make a new light novel in honor of the anniversary of Tsl.
So when you offer help Simeon could cry for happiness.
He wonders for a moment that you are an angel.
( And then he remembers the truth about who here is that real angel )
However, this means that Leviathan assumes that you will tell him everything about the upcoming book because you are his "best friend".
And he’s very disappointed when you don’t do it.
( That is, Leviathan continues his espionage attempts )
You work very hard on light novels.
Simeon often praises the drawings you make.
It’s very hard for him to say if you need to change something.
( This boy has a heart that is too soft )
And when you finally get your work done on schedule, you’re relieved.
You no longer need someone to evaluate your work.
cough cough Leviathan cough cough
Simeon would like to pay you for the work you do.
It's up to you whether you accept the money.
And you can be sure that Simeon wants to work with you again as well.
Because you had a lot of fun.
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Tumblr media
I drew a soft boy Simeon for yall! I really like how this came out! He's fun to draw.
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Lucifer and Simeon with a mc who laughs when people/children fall over
I fucking love this request omg
-Ngl, he has to hold in a laugh when a child falls over to, so when he sees you laughing, he lets out a small chuckle
+Will probably encourage you to go help them up or smth, unless it’s a video or smth
-If you laugh at the child in front of one of the angels and they get upset and whatnot, he’s trying to not burst out laughing
-His first reaction when he saw the child fall was to go over and help after gasping and covering his mouth
+When he saw you doubled over laughing he just says in a slightly shocked voice “Mc! Do not laugh!”
-His reaction only made you laugh more
+He’s quite in shock, but quickly goes back to helping the child
-After you guys are in a more private space he scolds you for it lmao
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obeythebutler · 3 months ago
those mate hcs made me go feral i swear please tell me someone requested for simeon too please please- i wanna see this man go absolutely apeshit if thats eveb possible for simeon but i mean- he was snappy with the brothers during the rehersals of TSL and has wrath glowsticks 👀👀👀
Solomon's Part
Brothers Part
Diavolo and Barbatos's Part
He knew something was wrong when they weren't picking up his calls or answering his texts. Simeon's not a worrywart, but this time he had a feeling that something was very, very wrong.
So he rushed towards the House of Lamentation, but when he reached he saw...
Something that would haunt his dreams. MC, dead on the floor, with bruises on their neck and a laughing Belphegor.
The brothers were all in disarray, and Simeon rushed towards their body, and tried to frantically heal their bruises and wounds. But no matter how many spells he put, they won't move.
All Simeon could do was weep shiny tears as he grieved, but Belphegor's remarks made something inside snap.
" A human for a partner? Simeon, you of all should know better."
Wiping away his tears, he stood up and glared at Belphegor, a glare that made the seventh-born flinch.
" Do you even realize the consequences of your action?" Simeon asked him in a bitter tone, as Belphegor chuckled and mocked their human nature again.
Angels forgive only when one truly expresses regret. In this case, Belphegor only laughed harder. So Simeon did what he thought was appropriate, in his eyes, he was punishing Belphegor for his sin, for killing MC.
He shifted into his angelic form as he charged, the brightness making Belphegor close his eyes shut.
Simeon was ready to kill if not for Lucifer and Beelzebub holding him back. He snarled and growled as he tried to escape their grip, and Satan could tell that the angel was consumed by wrath.
When MC came out of the shadows, Simeon shifted back in shock and relief as he cried in their embrace, glad and happy.
He leads them to Purgatory Hall without glancing back at the brothers. Even demons knew that angels forgive, but not forget.
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Running 10 min late. Wait for me in my room, no clothes on. I’m bringing Demonius & sweets. Love you.”
Mammon: “Heeeeeeeey where u at?? Bring noodles plz, i’m in ur room. And guess what I’m wearin’?? :PPPPP”
Leviathan: “U wanna watch anime for 24 hours straight? JK lol, miss you. Call me when you get back from school.”
Satan: “Hey kitten, I miss you. Want to go out tonight? And then we can do something interesting ;) Kisses.”
Asmodeus: “Check this out! *15 attached files* Which one looks best on me? Help me choose pleeeease!! Oh and I got ya this! *27 attached files* UH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA”
Beelzebub: “Hey, meet me after practice? I miss you lots. We can then go eat someplace nice. My treat, love.”
Belphegor: “Where r u? Wake me up when you arrive, please. Oh, and can you grab coffee too? Kiss.”
Solomon: “Hey, want to check out this new store with me? They have enchanted jewelry and I really think some of it would suit you so much ;) Missing you, baby.”
Simeon: “I miss you. Please come see me in the Purgatory Hall. I’ve prepared a small surprise for you :) xxxx”
Barbatos: “We spent the whole morning together yet it’s nearly not enough for me. Can I see you again tonight? Love you, my dear”.
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certified-sloth · 11 hours ago
Requests are open right? 🥺👉👈 if I misunderstood you can ignore this :)
But! Hear me out, how would the brothers react to instantly just falling in love with an Angel MC. (Created after the Celestial War but older than Luke so it’s not weird)
Let’s say, Simeon and Luke are down in the Devil dom visiting and they come to the HoL, and all of a sudden a loud “simeEEOONN!?” And the brothers watch as a flash of white and gold collides right into Simeon, he catches MC and placed her down and she’s beaming up at him, But she has GOLD AND WHITE HORN THAT GROW AND CONNECT IN A “o” shape kinda and it causes this golden light to shine from behind her head.
(A friend And I were talking about some story ideas and for one of our stories she said “Angels are supposed to walk by faith, so they’ll have horns that connect and causes such a bright light they’re blinded and have to walk guided by their faith on God, while DEMONS! Have distorted and broken horns because they pulled them and broke the loop breaking the faith they have in God causing them to fall from his grace and distorting their appearance and horns as they fall, but for MC’s sake the light doesn’t shine so bright in the Devildom.)
Continuing: Brothers just feel a connection and fall and want to keep the Angel for themselves and MC is just oblivious to their attempts at advancing romantically and Simeon is beyond ✨entertained✨ and Luke is 🔥Livid🔥 that a couple of Demons want to take his precious “older sister figure” away from him.
You can call me the “Mammon Simp” :)
(Maybe Female, if you prefer gender neutral that’s cool!) Thank you for taking the time to read this! And if you do it thank you 🙏
If you don’t, still thanks 🙏 daddy didn’t raise an impolite monster 😤
Yes, hello! Requests are open, though I'm working on a lot of drafts atm, so sorry if asks relating to requests come late
We'll keep this GN! for others to enjoy as well, thank you for the idea! ^^
Also what dadd-
The two angels only wished to visit the brothers, not expecting something to happen.
Just as the door opened to reveal Lucifer and his brothers, Simeon smiled at them as Luke had hid himself behind the older angel.
"Ah, what brings you here? You brought the chihuahua too." Lucifer spoke, glancing at Luke while he frowns at the demon in disapproval.
Simeon chuckled and shook his head. "Come now Lucifer, Luke isn't a chihuahua, we actually had thought of vi-" the angel has been interrupted by the sudden loud call of his name.
They all turned their attention to a sudden flash of white and gold colliding with the angels. For a moment, the brothers could've thought it was a strike of lightning.
But it was actually another angel.
Someone they're not familiar with, surely they would've remembered a face like that when they were still angels.
You were scolding the two for leaving you behind, until you turn your attention to the 7 demon brothers who were staring at you lovestruck.
"Are these the old friends you were talking about?" You ask the two.
"They're not my friends!" Luke retaliated with a frown, clutching onto Simeon's clothes.
Simeon saw the looks on their faces and smiled. "Yes, they are." He answered.
Asmo turned to Simeon with a grin. "I don't remember them existing back then."
Simeon laughed. "That's because they were born after the celestial war." He answers.
You turned to the brothers and smiled. "Hello~ I'm MC! It's a pleasure to meet you." You introduced.
The brothers seemed to have felt their hearts skip a beat.
Simeon had cleared his throat to bring the brothers back from their trance.
And with that, they had each introduced themselves to you.
It seemed that the brothers had been advancing their attempts to woo you for the next couple of days of your visit.
Yet you were oblivious enough to have mistaken their actions as being 'friendly'.
Simeon had been nothing but entertained with these turn of events while Luke was annoyed.
He noticed how they looked at you, how they wanted to keep you for themselves.
And you're just letting it go on because you don't think it's anything serious?
They're demons, he doesn't want you going near any of them at all.
Because the moment you fall for one of them, is the moment he feels his older sibling figure is taken away from him.
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diavolosthots · 3 months ago
Idk if you’ve done this cuz you have a lot of amazing content but how would the undates react to a S/O that babies them and is just very affectionate overall
Haven't done it for the undateables I dont think lol so here it is!
THE UNDATEABLES reacting to MC babying them
Barbatos stopped babying him years ago and he always gets sad. The most he may get is his regular glass of warm milk before bedtime and only because he made that a nightly rule and Barbatos HAS to follow it. So, to actually get attention, and love (and get away with shit) is the highlight of his life and he’s soaking ALL of it up. Careful MC, he’s figuring out your weaknesses in order to get exactly what he wants. Borderline manipulation? Guilt tripping? Oh absolutely. Better give him one more kiss and hold him while he falls asleep or he will cry. 
He finds it… odd and strangely comforting. Odd because he’s a demon that’s literally as old as your entire bloodline and he knows more than you ever will, why are you treating him like a baby? On the other hand, after a long day of dealing with diavolo of work, he does appreciate the attention. Do some chores for/with him. Make him dinner. Rub his back. Draw him a bath. Try to ‘protect’ him from dangers… it’s cute. It’s comforting. It reminds him of his baby days which were oh so long ago. Also please take care of any and all rats, thanks. 
Angels are caregivers anyway. They love to comfort and help each other out and they love it even more if their affection and efforts get returned, so baby him all you want. He’s soaking literally all of it up to the brim, but also expect that he’s going to do the same to you and that *may* cause a conflict. “It’s your turn to relax and let me do literally everything” “ no it’s your turn” “MC I’m not arguing with you” “I’m not either sit down.” and it either gets worse or both of you just cuddle up and nothing gets ever done. Who knows. Depends on the day. 
Luke (platonic):
Listen here he’s a BRAT. Once he figures out you baby him because you WANT to and that, in your eyes, he could do no harm and nothing wrong, boy oh boy you’re in for a ride. Solomon and him are literally the worst with this and I highly discourage you to do this, but whatever. He’s now got you wrapped around his pinky and for an angel, his guilt tripping tactics are on fleek. Simeon taught him but don’t tell anyone, just pat his head some more and coo him to sleep, away from the bad demons.
As mentioned above, he’s right there with Luke, although he has days where he prefers to just be treated normally, if that makes sense. He soaks it up, absolutely, but when he needs or wants a serious conversation, don’t come at him with the “awe that’s alright mon-mon… c’mere. Let MC help you.” Absolutely not. Also he knows he needs that kick in the ass sometimes so don’t make this a …. 24/7 type of deal. Also set him straight and call him out on his bullshit, he admires that more than you seeing the baby in him all the time (although he is baby. Big baby.). 
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diavolosqueen · 4 months ago
All Characters, the Nicknames MC has For Them, and the Events That Follow: A Wholly Unnecessary Thread
Tumblr media
Warnings: None, unless you count demon boys being butthurt about being called out
Enjoy my stupidity!
Pridey Pants
Gordon Ramsey of Life
Loosen-up Luci
Jesus's emo brother
*cough* Daddy *cough*
The results of these nicknames....they were not pretty. MC calls him Luci? He doesn't LOVE it. Does that small scary smile that MC knows (or should know) not to push.
Pridey pants...ohhh boy. MC says it at absolutely terrified when he doesnt do anything. After dinner, follows MC into the hallway to dole out *ahem* punishment
Beel is the only one to understand the Gordon Ramsey one. Starts booming laughter
Mom. Oho. This is the second worst. Happened when MC asked Luci to pass them a steak knife. Ended up with the knife being thrown into the table, inches from MC's hand.
Ah. The worst one. Jesus's emo brother. He doesnt even know where to begin. The brothers AND Diavolo have to SPRINT away to keep from cackling like crazed lunatics. Simeon is the only one who openly laughs. Kitchen duty for 2 months. Absolutely worth it. Would do it again without hesitation.
Mammory Gland
Finding Nemo Seagull (Mine! Mine!)
Tan Elsa
General Greedous
"Ehhhhh? What's a mammary gland?"
*muffled Satan laughter*
Mc has to explain the crow one, because apparently it isnt common knowledge that crows love shiny things?
Tan Elsa. Levi was crying when this one slipped out of MC's mouth. All Mammon could do was be offended. After much, MUCH coaxing, reluctantly agreed to dance to "Let it Go" in a dress.
Has a thing for degradation, so you can really only insult him with anime stuff
Levi Heichou (if you get this, we can be friends)
Leviathan the lonely
Snake man
Mermaid Boy
Snekky snek
He could ignore all of them.....except for
I mean come on!
"MC did you really have to go there? That was really-"
"Below the belt?"
*distant suggestive Asmo noises*
Angry bean
Grumpy kitty
Angry librarian
Blond, angsty James Charles
Fashion disaster
There isn't a single one of these that DOESNT make Satan want to break something.
Who is James Charles? Fashion disaster?! "I happen to dress very nicely, thank you very much"
"How am I a librarian? I just read, it's very different, honestly MC"
Refuses to even acknowledge "grumpy kitty"
Polly Pocket
The kinky one
*jokingly* slutttttt
He, surprisingly, doesn't mind any of them. He thinks it's really cute that MC has nicknames for him. He always encourages you to call him them more often, and even makes a bunch of them for MC. His favorite one is Momo, because:
"Its just so cuuuuuuute!"
Sexy Vacuum man
The last Weasley
Snack Buddy
Hungry Bean
These all make the boy SO HAPPY
MC cares enough to make nicknames for him?
*happy Beel noises*
Wait. MC thinks he's sexy?😳
What's a Weasley?
He has a snack buddy?☺☺☺
Sloth man
That bastard with a choking kink
Killer grip
The emo twin
Black Sheep
"I woke up like this" master
He wants to be mad. He really does. But there's a problem: he can't argue with ANY of them. Kinda makes him smile just a LITTLE
Is glad MC has forgiven him enough to actually JOKE about the choking incident.
Spends a lot of time trying to get someone to explain what "emo" means. Levi knows what it means, and refuses to tell him because he thinks its funnily accurate
Double D Dia
Big Tiddy Divvy
King of the Boobs
Milk man
The rich, gay uncle
There isnt a single minute he doesn't find these hysterical. He thinks it's a charming human world custom, to give someone a nickname. He also thinks it shows how comfortable with him MC is.
His favorite is easily DD Dia. Mc noticed his body? *smirk* interesting
Why are so many of them boob related? MC does realize he is a male, right?
The rich, gay uncle. Diavolo has no words. Absolutely shook.
Lucifer overheard some of these...was appalled MC was harassing the PRINCE with their ridiculous nicknames.
He was about to go off on a terrified MC, when Diavolo stepped in laughing and told Lucifer....
"Calm down, Mom."
Mc nearly choked on their own suppressed laughter
Barbatos had to quickly usher them away so MC could openly laugh and therefore breathe
Barbatos 🧐👀🐀🕓
Simply one hell of a butler
Time warp man
Chuck E Cheese
The cake maker
Understands every single reference, is actually surprisingly cool with it, as long as MC doesn't embarrass him with it.
Diavolo catches wind of what MC is calling Barbaties, eventually starts adopting the nicknames
The only one Barbatos doesn't like is "Chuck E Cheese", because he hates rats so so much. How dare they compare him to one of those disgusting creatures?
Dad joke central
Beautiful man
Sinful shoulders
Angel Dad
Sin-ammon Roll
Simeon can't decide between being flattered or appalled. He's not THAT old. Nor is he a father! Well, maybe more of a father figure in regards to Luke, but still! He doesn't tell THAT many dad jokes.. right?
Blushes intensely at Beautiful man and Sinammon roll. Wonders if MC really means that or is just teasing him.
Eventually he makes the stupid decision to ask Asmo....wrong move. Asmo ends up laying out all of Simeon's desires towards MC, the week following he can't even look MC in the face. MC has no clue what happened and starts to think it was their fault.
They confront Simeon about it after a while, and Simeon full on breaks and confesses to MC
Asmo takes full credit for this happening
Shady Lady
The sus one
Kinky dude
Draco malfoy
Doesn't mind MC having insulting nicknames for him....he has them too. Starts swapping them with MC to see who can make the other laugh harder.
Sometimes, the brothers will sit in and listen while they exchange them, and they'll keep score and vote on who wins
Eventually, Diavolo and Simeon get involved
Barbatos caters these events
Baby angel
Little doggo
The poor boy has no idea which one he hates more. Gets so flustered whenever MC calls him one of these that his whole face turns red
Simeon tells him its adorable every time without fail
This makes Luke even worse. All MC has to do is call Luke one of the names and its fair game for Luke hunting
The only one he actually...kind of...likes is Son. He likes the idea of MC as a parent figure.
Which leads him to realize: what if MC and Simeon got together! Then MC WOULD be his parent
Gets Solomon and Barbatos to help bring MC and Simeon together
They end up bombarding the two with an obnoxious Valentine's day-esque cake
Did it work?
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gu-yay · 5 months ago
Imagine that you are a photographer and you are in a photo session on a lake with our good friend Simeon as a model... well, this is the result🙊You are very good at your job 👀👌🏻
(Simeon, you are a sin❤️)
Tumblr media
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potamikou · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a pretty old sketch about the idea of a jealous Lucifer during the ball at Diavolo’s castle.
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un-beel-lievable · 5 months ago
Brothers:🔥 or ❄️?
All about temperature. Favorite seasons? What they like to sleep in? Who in the house is a furnace and which boys are popsicles? From the events it does seem like the Devildom has different seasons, just no sun? Idk I feel like it’s mostly hot but for a few weeks out of the year it’ll get cooler. So in this headcanon it snows sue me
Lucifer is sort of in the middle on the body heat scale
He can sometimes feel on the warm side, mostly due to the fact that he wears gloves, a vest, and a goddamn fur cape all day
However, on rare occasions where he isn’t layered in clothing his skin is actually cool to the touch.
Especially his bare chest, which is good for hot nights cuddling in bed
Lucifer is the type wear a silk pajama set that’s smooth and cooling on his skin but then have a giant heavy comforter
You cuddle to keep HIM warm at night
Is nice to get a head rub or shoulder rub from since his hands are on the cooler side
Although the Devildom doesn’t really get to experience the joys of having regular full seasons much like here in Florida, he enjoys the Devildom’s equivalent of Autumn
Cool days and cold nights
He enjoys having the fireplace going in his office or in his room not only for aesthetics but just for a little extra coziness
This boy runs HOT
Nice warm skin
During the day his clothes don’t bother him so much. His jacket is suspiciously lightweight (I’m convinced he buys fake designer clothes when he’s strapped for cash)
But his RAD uniform is heavy so he always has the sleeves rolled up and the shirt untucked with the collar open
At night he likes to sleep in as little clothing as possible. He doesn’t need long pants and sleeves sticking to him all night
If he’s alone, he’ll definitely be naked but if you’re bunking with him a t shirt and boxers should suffice
He is nice to cuddle with
He is a summer boy!
He loves the sun and sand and loves to go to Diavolo’s private beach
He hates being cooped up in the drafty House Of Lamentation
Plus he gets to see you in a swimsuit so
Reptile boy
Cold blooded
Skin like ice
Save him
Hold him
His hands are always cold from typing and gaming (idk why maybe I have bad circulation but anytime I use my hands extensively they always get so cold they I dying?)
Levi doesn’t mind it being super cold in his room
He sleeps in a bathtub- I can’t imagine that’s particularly warm
He just wears a t shirt and sweats to bed
Levi doesn’t often think about how cold or warm he is. It’s not something he notices until someone points it out
“Levi your room is FREEZING!”
“...oh, huh...I guess”
Levi doesn’t leave his room and hates pretty much all weather. But he doesn’t mind a good snow day every once in a while. Playing and making snowdevils
Runs slightly warm?
Very comfortable average temperature
The guy that doesn’t mind wearing a jacket in the summer
He considers his comfort more than what the weather is like
His favorite type of weather is when it’s warm during the day but cooler later on
He likes to go for a stroll in the park on a cool, clear night
His room can be a little stuffy sometimes due to all the insulation from all the gotdam books
He sleeps with a light blanket
But wears pajama sets
If it’s laundry day you’ll see him in a hoodie and jeans and at night a loose long sleeve shirt and pajama pants
He likes how warm your human body is and loves to cuddle you
He tends to run on the cooler side
Doesn’t mind the heat or the cold
He has cute outfits for ALL climates!
Cool spring nights are good for trips the hot springs
Winter is good for saunas (plus they’re both great for sweating out toxins and circulation to keep your skin glowing!)
His room is always a maintained temperature of 71 degrees farenheit and keeps a humidifier on bc skin care
He too enjoys wearing cute pajama sets to bed
Lavish silk sheets that are cool to the touch
Definitely isn’t opposed to sleeping au natural, of course
Will use the excuse that he’s cold to get cuddles from you
He ain’t slick
The boy is a walking furnace
He doesn’t necessarily get hot however
Like Levi he doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about temperature
He’s usually too preoccupied with food
Speaking of food!
He loves when it gets cold out and he gets to eat soups and stews
And in summer he loves his frozen treats
A solidly spring weather type of guy
Likes when it’s warm but with a light cool breeze
Sleeps in just boxers and isn’t shy about it. Sweatpants when the cold creeps into the house
Sleeping with him is great...for five minutes. He’s the guy you go to bed cuddling but halfway throught the night you wake up sweating and you’re like I love you but you need to get off me
However, if Belphie decides to sleep in his own bed and not some random corner of the house or the attic it’s not so bad since Belph feezes their shared room out much to the benefit of anyone seeking cuddles with Beelie
Runs warm but not as warm as Mammon or Beel
Notorious for his love of loose long sleeve shirts and pajama pants
Has an impressive collection of different types of blankets for all types of weather
Big fleece ones
Thin knit ones
Weighted ones
Electric ones
Loves to turn the temperature in his room down to freezing and cuddle up with his blankets
Especially since it makes cuddling with you more comfortable
Like Levi, doesn’t leave the house much but he likes cold, rainy days, they help him sleep
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