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#om! simeon
sweetstarling · 10 hours ago
Simeon x Reader - Sickly Sweet
Tumblr media
Hello, lovelies, a few yandere Headcanons for our lovely angel^^
Warning: Yandere
~𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖊 𝖂𝖊 𝕲𝖔~
❄️He means the best for you, a caring Yandere in his nature or atleast he leads himself to think that way.
❄️He wants you to be safe, especially away from demons or Solomon. Keeping a close eye on you and warning you against them; He is not above punishing you for ignoring his warnings
❄️Punishments such as forcing you to the floor onto your knees and begging to be forgiven, wether to him your saviour or God himself.
❄️Soon enough, you’ll only be allowed around him or Luke, bring in the presence of those such as Diavolo would be restricted to the point where everyone believes you’ve gone home when really you’re trapped with your lover forever.
.𝕴𝖋 𝕴 𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖓𝖙 𝖕𝖚𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖊𝖉 𝖞𝖔𝖚, 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 𝖜𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉.
Clocks ticked, the atmosphere and icy cold sending chills down your spine, taking a breath felt a knife to your back each time. A glowing face jumped infront of you, hands on top of yours, a sun lit smile never leaving the young boy. “You’re finally safe away from those dangerous demons” Luke exclaimed, his grip tightening ever so slightly, a pair of glowing orbs standing not too far behind the figure of joy.
This place is too dangerous for you, Angel
Tumblr media
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bellphiie · a day ago
Holding their face trend
All Characters (platonic Luke)
remember that trend to randomly hold your friend/partners face to see their reaction? that’s what this is :)
note: this was a trend a while ago, and I just wanted to try writing my take on it. I tried to make them as different as possible, but some are kind of similar/repetitive
Tumblr media
☼ Lucifer struggles to keep a straight face. He glances up to meet your eyes, questioning what you’re doing. When you try to pull away, he catches your finger tips and gently leaves a kiss on the back of your hand.
☼ Mammon nearly cries. He isn’t used to such gentle affection, and subconsciously leans into your hand. He ends up hugging you and burying his head in your shoulder, leaving a gentle kiss and whispering that he loves you.
☼ Levi is very confused. He begins blushing and questioning why you are touching him, but makes no move to get away. He loves it, but is too embarrassed to say anything, so he silently relishes in your touch.
☼ Asmo has to fight to keep his emotions in check. Usually people only touch him with lustful intentions, but you’re holding his face with such love and adoration, he can’t help but smile and brings both hands to hold your face, too.
☼ Beel stopped eating his food to gaze lovingly into your eyes. He says nothing, but gently places your favorite candy in your mouth, a soft smile on his face as he nuzzles into your palm. He tells you he loves you before pulling you into a sweet kiss.
☼ Belphie begins complaining, but when you try to pull away he complains even more. You know he loves it when he closes his eyes and sighs in content. If you’re laying down, he would probably fall asleep and refuse to let you go.
☼ Satan smiles and grabs your wrist before softly kissing the palm of your hand. His other arm wraps around your waist to pull you close, leaning his forehead on yours and saying how much he loves you.
☼ Diavolo smiles so brightly, you might have to look away. He leans into your touch with his eyes closed, questioning why you are suddenly doing this. He decided to do it back when you’re least expecting it.
☼ Barbatos places his hand over yours, reaching his other out to cup your face. His thumb brushes your cheek with a gentle smile, leaning into your touch. It becomes his favorite way to pull you in for a kiss.
☼ Solomon has a smirk on his face, eyes narrowing with teasing words spilling from his mouth. He brings your other hand to his face before pulling you in for a passionate kiss, hoping you don’t see the deep blush on his cheeks.
☼ Simeon is startled, staring wide eyed at you. After a moment, he relaxes pulls you in for a tight hug. He loves it when you touch his face like that, it lets him feel your love in such a pure way. He would end up doing it back later.
☼ Luke pouts. He complains that he’s not a dog, but he can’t help but smile a bit when you ruffle his hair. He would never admit it, but he loves this kind of (platonic) affection
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bellphiie · a day ago
Sleepy Drabble
Simeon x gn!reader
warning: super fluff, unedited, possible grammar and spelling errors
note: might private in the morning, or edit, idk im sleepy and just wanted to write something
Tumblr media
By the second knock, you figured he wasn’t going to answer. He was most likely already asleep, and you debated on whether or not you should just open the door.
It was currently 1 in the morning, and you were having trouble sleeping. Simeon had invited you to eat dinner with him, Solomon, and Luke, but by the time you finished your conversations, it was already too late to walk home. After two hours of tossing and turning in the unfamiliar bed, you decided to seek comfort in your lovers arms, wishing to sleep peacefully.
“Is everything okay, little lamb?” His tired voice brings you back out of your thoughts, eyes meeting his quickly. You stumble closer in your sleepy daze and wrap your arms around his waist, sighing in content.
“Can’t sleep. Can I stay with you?” His face suddenly felt hot as he tentatively wrapped his arms around you.
“Of course.” He leads you into his room and gently tells you to make yourself comfortable. When you have done so, he climbs in bed, laying on his side so you are face to face. “Feeling better?” His lips quirk up when you avert your gaze and nod slightly. He lets out a tired laugh and drapes one arm over you, pulling you into his warmth. “Goodnight, my love.”
“Goodnight. Love you,” your words become more and more mumbled as sleep overtakes your brain, “so.. much.”
He places a soft kiss on the top of your head before drifting off to sleep himself.
“Simeon! It’s time to get up! Come on- wait, huh, what?” Luke was about to jump on the bed to wake Simeon up, but stuttered to a halt when he caught sight of you sleeping peacefully. Simeon silently placed a finger in front of his lips, signaling Luke to quiet down.
Solomon heard the ruckus from his room, and when he saw you and Simeon together, he knew he had the perfect blackmail material. He snapped tons of pictures, and ended up sending them to the both of you. It’s now Simeons lock screen, much to your embarrassment.
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butlike-obeyme · 5 days ago
MC : you’re a good finder right?
Simeon : yeah why?
MC : could you help me find my will to live
Belphie, from across the room : relatable
Simeon : *slightly concerned*
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asmo-ds · 5 days ago
New dateables react if Luke managed to make a chaotic demon friend his own age and they did a bunch of stupid kid stuff together
Tumblr media
When Luke Makes a Demon Friend
Summary: How the undateables would react to Luke meeting a demon his age who he got along with and became best friends with over the course of the exchange program
Tumblr media
- He had transferred the young demon to RAD specifically to make Luke feel more comfortable seeing as most demons there were centuries older than him
- He made sure to put them in every class together and even asked Luke to give a tour to the new kid
- The entire tour that Luke gave, Diavolo stalked them and was pleased to see the two of them getting along
- He eventually stopped being so obsessed with their acquaintance and moved on to other things
- Until one day when all the exchange students were invited to dinner at the castle and Luke made a request to bring his friend along, and Diavolo 
Tumblr media
- Notices quite quickly
- A bit worried that Luke was having issues when he realized that Luke had missed their last two baking sessions
-Then he sees Luke laughing in the hall and assumed he is with Simeon but is shocked to see a young demon
- Luke texts him the next day asking if he and his friend could come bake at the castle and Barbatos happily agrees
- Won’t admit it but is a little jealous of all the attention his new friend is getting
- Overall is proud of Luke for conquering his fear of demons and abandoning his prejudices
Tumblr media
- He had initially made fun of Luke for being close with a “filthy demon”
- But then he realized how much Luke actually enjoys his company and he starts to get soft
- Whenever the demon comes to hangout at the house of Lamentation Solomon offers to show them some cool magic and potions
- Plays the “cool older brother” role
Tumblr media
- The overprotective momma bear
- When he finds Luke giving a tour of RAD to a demon alone he panics and offers to accompany them
- Panics more when Luke denies his offer and continues the tour
- Is mad at Diavolo because he knows that he was behind this
- Knows Luke won’t be happy to find out that he won’t be able to see the demon very often when they return to the Celestial Realm
- Worries because the demon seems to be influencing Luke into being too calm and relaxed
- He tries to prevent Luke from seeing the demon but struggles as Luke clearly enjoys the company of the demon and is unwilling to let them go
- Tried to remind Luke of how he is to behave as an angle and how he is not to act this way once they get home
- Would rather Luke be lonely than Luke be hurt or cast out the the celestial realm
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inhuman-obey-me · 6 days ago
On Simeon and what it means to be an angel
The beautiful, gentle angel who can smile through just about anything. But what's underneath the ever-present smile of his? Is he really just pure, sweet, and kind?
Not at all. Simeon can be very mischievous at some times, and scarily wrathful at others. Some of you may be thinking, just what kind of angel is someone like that? Well, let's talk about that.
(includes spoilers up to lesson 52)
Starting with the idea of what angels are supposed to be like - the common, pop-culture characterization of angels is that they are pure, merciful, peaceful beings who can only do good and are horrified by anything dark or bad.
Tumblr media
And admittedly, Simeon doesn't seem to quite perfectly fit that mold.
[Disclaimer: Neither mod of this blog belong to the Abrahamic religions, so this is purely from our own research]
In terms of how angels have been described in various scriptures, however, this isn't actually what they are like. Angels act on behalf of God, and are usually not meant to have any free will of their own. The thing that separates angels from demons is not a tendency towards kindness and purity, but that their actions are aligned with God's desires rather than their own. What this means in effect is that, both in actual scripture and in the game, angels can and will do things that are a lot less pure and peaceful than their modern mainstream depictions would suggest.
For example, there is a part of the Bible (at least in various versions) where it is mentioned that an angel was ordered by God to kill one hundred eighty-five Assyrians, leaving their camp full of dead bodies in the morning.
The poet Rainer Maria Rilke states in his The Duino Elegies - "Every Angel is terror".
Seraphim - which is what OM!'s renditions of Simeon and Lucifer both formerly were - are basically six-winged snakes. Cherubim, as OM!'s Beelzebub formerly was, are actually multi-faced humanoid-lions with wings. "Do not be afraid," is a line angels often say when they meet humans because they are just as scary-looking as demons - just they're, you know, the "good" ones.
Actual descriptions of angels aside, even in-game, we are presented with example after example that angels are not perfect "pure and good" beings either. The game itself emphasizes this point at various times - if you upset Simeon during Surprise Guest interactions, one of his displeased lines is: "Just because I'm an angel doesn't mean I'm all forgiving." In lesson 51, though he initially says he left Satan to be with the Angel versions of his brothers for Satan's benefit, if MC actually agrees that he was just being kind, he is surprised that they really believed him.
Tumblr media
It's not just him, either. Similar to Simeon's upset reaction, if you give Luke a present he doesn't like, he says, "I know I'm an all-forgiving angel and everything, but even so, this is a little too much..." When MC briefly lands in the past, the brothers actually describe Simeon as the least intense of the seraphim. Back when the brothers were angels, Lucifer was still known for being strict and arrogant. On the more extreme end, Raphael was known for keeping the angels in line via the pointy end of his spear, as Asmodeus fears will happen to him as punishment for going to a party. And Michael himself, the top-ranking leader, who one might think should be the most angelic of angels, is described as a sadist. In the Angelic Demons event, Michael even gets Simeon to give the demon brothers cursed bracelets that temporarily turn them into angels. It's not a very nice prank to pull on them, as it makes the brothers miserable to be converted back to their old forms, not to mention that the curse goes so far that they are turned into the caricature of overly nice and polite angels - but as it could be considered more in line with pulling them towards "God's will," this would actually be considered a good angel thing to do.
As the game points out, being the least intense doesn't exactly make Simeon easygoing, either. In fact, we have seen at this point quite a few examples of Simeon's rage. As a play director, he berates the brothers so much over any mistakes that they call him a dictator. Not to mention, the reason they are in the play in the first place is because the entire previous cast quit because they couldn't deal with him.
Tumblr media
Later, when he and Luke are running the Angel's Halo, he drags the brothers into helping out. Though he is shown still smiling, everyone agrees because they are terrified of his menacing aura. Even Diavolo, when on the home screen, remarks about hiding because he made Lucifer mad again, but it's Simeon who he calls "the one person in this world I don't want to anger."
On a much lighter note, some of his less "angelic" behavior also comes from his playful, mischievous side. As referenced earlier, he is surprised if MC believes he was just being nice, but if the player says they thought he was pranking Satan, it gives intimacy points with him, and he says:
Tumblr media
He also joins in on the teasing of Luke, having his name as "Luke (Chihuahua)" in his D.D.D. contacts. Multiple of his home screen lines also show how much he loves messing with Luke in general:
"I'm free right now, so I think I might go and tease Luke."
"Luke is like a Chihuahua who thinks it is a German Shepherd. Cute, huh?"
"I'm back! I was so excited to meet you that I left Luke behind."
"If you don't eat enough breakfast, you'll turn out tiny like Luke."
Plus, in dance battles, one of his chibi poses is him teasingly scaring someone, while Luke has a corresponding scared pose, suggesting that he may be meant to be scaring Luke in particular.
He also gets MC to mess with Belphegor when they are looking for him, instructing them to kick the tree that he knows he's probably asleep in as hard as they possibly can.
Tumblr media
However, while none of those things make him any less of an angel, there is evidence to support that he is, in fact, a "bad" angel in a different sense.
As the two Celestial Realm exchange students, Simeon and Luke represent two opposite ends of a spectrum of angel attitudes. Luke, having still been very young when the Great Celestial War happened, has been taught to have very uptight views of the demons, insisting that they are evil and should be avoided at all costs. When he first arrives in the Devildom, he is terrified at the idea that the two of them could get corrupted by the demons and fall. This is the prevailing attitude taught in the Celestial Realm: that demons are wicked, and that angels are inherently better than them.
Tumblr media
By contrast, Simeon does not hold this view at all. He is happy to spend time with the demon brothers, and doesn't look down on them for falling. On the home screen, Luke complains, "Simeon is too sweet to demons! He's sweeter than a cake from Madam Scream's!" In the Rain, a Fire and Simeon Devilgram story, Simeon even talks about how he actually prefers the hustle and bustle of the Devildom, feeling that the Celestial Realm feels too quiet now.
Tumblr media
This difference between him and Luke is not only expressed in his fondness for the demons, either. Simeon understands the nuances of good vs evil, and he himself seems to operate in shades of grey at times, rather than being perfectly aligned with Michael's (and by extension, it's implied, God's) wishes. More than once, he displays quite a flippant attitude towards following the rules, such as his very hand-wavey dismissal when MC asks about his lying.
Tumblr media
Luke also calls him out on his disregard for rules, saying that Simeon is just too loose about following them:
Tumblr media
However, this glib attitude should not be taken to mean that Simeon doesn't know exactly what he's doing. When it seems the only solution to restore stability to the three realms is for MC to sever all their pacts with the demon brothers, he quickly realizes that the other option, the Ring of Light that used to belong to Lucifer, must be hidden among Michael's things rather than lost to time as everyone thought. He tells Luke that he needs to go back to the Celestial Realm to take care of something, but he is firm that Luke should not come with him - because he is going to steal the ring from Michael, a risky, rebellious move that he doesn't want Luke to get involved in. He is perfectly aware of what he's doing, and actively chooses to do it anyway, consequences be damned, because he wants to do what he feels is right.
When Michael does confront him about it, he's not the least bit sorry, either. In fact, he sasses him and talks back, unafraid to show disrespect to God's top angel.
Tumblr media
We also know that he's been demoted at some point. Luke tells MC that Simeon is an archangel, making him one of the Celestial Realm's warriors, or as Simeon himself has jokingly described it, a "low-level grunt" who is overworked by higher-up angels like Michael. However, during MC's time travel back to the Celestial Realm, we learn that Simeon used to be a seraph right alongside Michael and Lucifer. It is again referenced during the fairy incident, when he makes the low-level grunt joke again but is then reminded that he was a seraph at this point in time. We're not sure yet why he was demoted - there's a lot of speculation on this point, and we can't draw any definitive conclusions yet - but if we take that being a "good" angel means being obedient to Michael and God, we start to get a far less rosy picture of Simeon's good standing as an angel.
What does this mean? Is he a "bad" angel? Kind of, but not for the reasons some may think. His mischievous, devious, and playful side is not what makes him less angelic. It is his more rebellious, nonconformist way of doing things that actually opens up the possibility of him gradually getting further and further away from being an ideal angel, and potentially putting him on the path of falling from grace.
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meenah-chan · 9 days ago
Simeon: Cats or dogs?
MC: That's a hard question... Dogs are so cute and loyal, while cats are cute and affectionate—
Leviathan: Henry are both, why bother have cats & dogs if you can have Henry in your life. Have Henry, choose Henry. Henry, HENRY, HENRY!! thank you for asking.
MC: He's not asking you!
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meenah-chan · 11 days ago
OOF— Simeon got tired. He had a tea time with Barbs for a sec, if you know what I mean 😏😆
Tumblr media
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lovethisletters · 12 days ago
The angel and hopelessness
Tumblr media
Honestly I don't even know what this is, I think a one-shot with an omniscient narrator but also...I just think this is some sort of writing rant(? I didn't have any clear view of what I wanted to write and I sort of...just went along with it and this is the end result...I guess (?) Idk I'm confused.
TW: Implied depression, self-destructive behavior and angst.
Disclaimer/additional notes: this is a one-shot written with an omniscient narrator andMC doesn't make an appearance here.
This is not a Simeon×Lucifer btw, this is all just from a platonic perspective!
Also!!!! I highly recommend listening to the song featured below for a better more immersive experience!
Summary: Simeon deals with his own guilt left after the celestial war and tries to re-establish his relationship with the brothers, however he soon learns how much self-pity can blind one's perspective.
“Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness.
Listen to it carefully.”
― Richard Bach
 The mornings in the Devildom have always been dark, but today you wonder... is it that your heart has been heard by the clouds that cover the sky and they’ve had a little sympathy?
That fantasy seems to lessen your grief, but still, you can't smile like always; right now, your body feels too heavy… it just can't.
You are about to pray like every morning ... but for some reason you feel that the words you are trying to formulate will vanish between sobs as soon as they leave your mouth.
So you decide to lie down on the floor for a while.
“Simeon, you should rest a bit, otherwise, Luke and I are going to end up carrying you back to your room.”
Solomon's words resonate in your mind and you just remember the expression of pure concern you saw in Luke from the corner of your eye when the sorcerer mentioned your pitiful appearance.
You laughed it off like it wasn’t a big deal; but deep down you knew no one is going to believe that bullshit anymore.
At least…not after what happened.
A past such as yours can only be ignored for so long…especially when the ones who are part of it and you’ve hurt are right in front of you.
Call it nativity or overly optimistic but when you first herd you had been selected for the exchange program there was this one thought that completely took over your mind:
“Do what’s right.”
You hadn't spoken to the brothers in a long time and there was still so much left to say.
And you tried, you really did!
But every time they even felt that you were about to bring up the subject, they changed it or even started fighting over…whatever. All to prevent you from starting that fearsome conversation.
So you let it be.
“Perhaps If I use a different approach…”
They may not want to talk, but you can feel their emotions, it is your special talent after all. You can feel their pain and you know that even though they appear fine they have not yet healed.
You feel that you can drown in their hardships and every day it is more difficult to pretend that nothing is happening.
You try again, this time with more tact and respecting the space that has been given to you.
Inside you there is still the hope that one day everything will go back to the way it was before.
But...sooner or later you must understand that wounds like these will always be open.
"Lucifer! Wait! "
You pushed too far and now the little pieces of the puzzle you managed to connect are breaking apart once again.
“No, Simeon! I don’t need your pity!”
Everything was going great, the two of you where reminiscing about the past after Mammon mentioned a funny anecdote that made Lucifer laugh, but then…you had to ruin everything, didn’t you?
You had to mention her name.
Everyone in the room froze, yet you didn’t stop! You went on a ramble of how you wished things could’ve been different.
If it weren’t because Satan placed a hand on your shoulder, stopping you from saying anything else, perhaps you would have missed the expression on his face.
And then you saw it.
Lucifer’s face twisted in anger, his eyes betraying him and threatening tears slipping from the corner of his eyes…
What a heartbreaking sight…who knew a demon could cry like that?...
“Lucifer! I’m sorry!”
The Demon stopped in his tracks, yet he didn’t dare to face you.
“I’m sorry…that I- I didn’t…do more, I’m sorry that I was there and didn’t said anything! I’m sorry for abandoning you!”
The words you’ve been holding since you came here finally slipped out with such ease yet so much pain you didn’t even realized you had started crying.
“I’m sorry, I truly am, I’ve should’ve done something…”
You took a step forward.
“But please, Lucifer, I don’t want to lose you again, brother.”
Silence, but then…a small and quiet “laugh” was heard.
“Brother, you say?”
His tone was tranquil yet his words where infected in such poisonous rage.
“Simeon, I can think of many words to describe you, but brother is no longer one of them.”
It ached; not only in your heart but in your memories and hopes.
A whisper that intended to reach his hearth, yet it was lost and never found in this void of hopelessness.
“I never blamed you for it, I truly never did…It hurt me, yes, that you hadn’t joined us in our fight, in our grief, but never once I thought it was your fault.”
And slowly he turned once again towards you, his eyes hollow and devoid of any emotion.
“I never wanted to believe it, but I guess is true. Isn’t it, Simeon? Angels truly are selfish beings.”
There are no words to describe the horrid hit of truth. Fast and unforgiving of our own bubble.
“Don’t insult my sister’s memory with your self-centeredness.”
You don’t know when everyone left or how much time you stood there frozen, eyes lost in nothingness.
You only felt the small hand of Luke grasping your own and slowly guiding your zombie-like body towards the exit.
And now here you are, days later, unable to shake off those words now heavy in your mind; not allowing any thoughts to slip by.
But, how could you?
There was no lie in that demon’s words.
So caught up in your own feelings that you were unable to truly understand how others were hurting.
And you call yourself an angel?
A glance at the mirror in the side of your bed and you feel like now you can see it.
“We angels…truly are…pitiful beings.”
 A truth that binds you in hopelessness…
If you find any grammatical errors let me know! I'm trying to improve my english and that would help me so so much!
I will forever thank you if you go check out my other profile: @aileysmirnov  where I post things about my OC: edits, one-shots, imagines, art, etc. If you like Greek mythology and the bat family maybe you would get to be as fond of her as much as I am!
Anyway, thank you for reading!
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irgmugurg · 14 days ago
Solomon lets his fingers trail over the sore skin. The small black lines sunk into his flesh and pushed out in detailed markings. A new mark, one he hadn’t studied before but nonetheless, he knew it was powerful. He could feel the magic tingling in his blood, in the depth of his bones. Every glyph, every crest a sign, a testament to his power. He bristled, magic surging through him. The pacts breathing with him. The magic of demons whirling inside him. 
“Solomon, you stayed way later than you said you would. I was worried.” Simeon hummed, softly tapping on the door. He sighed, shoulders drooping as he pulled the fabric over his head, the soft cotton pressing ever so gently against the markings. Solomon grunted out an affirmation before laying the shirt aside. He fought back a shiver, the cold air bristling against the newfound pact. 
“Studying. The royal library has much more information than the human world can ever offer me and I plan on taking advantage of it.” He gently brought the long sleeve shirt over his arms, hunching over to pull his head through, careful to watch for the sore skin of the pact mark. There was no way he’d be able to handle Simeon’s disapproving smile, even with how he’d hide it with good intentions and sweeter gestures. 
“ sure not to overwork yourself, dinner will be done in a moment. Luke even made some cookies, I think you’ll like this recipe.” 
Solomon moved swiftly to the door, cape flowing behind him. “Oh, really? He does make the best cookies.” He pressed softly against the wall, a hand up against his chin. “Surely he didn’t add anything extra this time? I would hate to be turned into an animal.” Solomon teases as he walked down the hallway, Simeon swayed closer, humming. 
“Don’t worry-” He brought a hand to Solomon, fingers teasing against the silk material. He caught Solomon’s eye as he pressed two tan fingers into his chest. The sore skin light up with pain and Solomon could barely hide the pained look in his eyes. Oh, to think he could hide anything from an Angel. “I watched him bake them.” There was a look in his eyes, a mysterious one that Solomon had rarely seen. Simeon moved back, hand rested softly on his hip. “Now don’t expect me to go healing that.” It was almost a whisper, almost teasing. 
Solomon smiled back, falling in stride with the angel. 
“I wouldn’t think of it.” 
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moon-arin · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
It came to my attention that i have never drawn Simeon so i had to draw him.
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hey-its-spades · 17 days ago
In the paws&claws campaign. I can imagine Simeon in the fight seen just headbutting everyone with his antlers and it's been making me laugh the whole campaign
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dexpairs-blog · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
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witchofimagination · 19 days ago
Spoiler for the Event
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their faces when they heard romance 😂😂😂😂😂
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