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#om! simeon
thats-sami · a day ago
Solomon: I'd love to be able to meet you again, even in the human world.
Simeon: Yes, we should meet each other again! We can do it in the Celestial Realm next time.
Luke: ... Do you mean when MC dies?!
Simeon: ... That's not what I ment, but that can work to-
Tumblr media
Lesson 20-2
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inhuman-obey-me · 6 hours ago
Like I just thought of this but honestly why would the Celestial Realm choose Simeon for the exchange program in the first place? Seems like a pretty suspish task to assign an angel who already has history of being rebellious. I think either they want Simeon to be pushed that extra bit into falling, or maybe they just figured “pfft, send Simeon, hopefully he’ll get eaten” or something
It is definitely an interesting choice! There are a few different factors and possibilities here, so it's hard to draw a single solid conclusion, but we find Simeon and his position in all of this to be utterly fascinating, so let's talk about it!
(this got long, so sticking it behind a read more -- spoilers through season 3 below!)
First off, Simeon mentions that Luke was personally handpicked by Michael for the exchange program but never particularly mentions the same of himself, which does raise a potential question of whether he was actually chosen in the first place. Could it be that, out of all the angels, he was the only one to willingly volunteer himself? He certainly doesn't seem to share the predominant outlook on demons that other angels such as Luke, and formerly Lucifer, generally have. Given how differently he seems to look at things compared to the other angels, and seeing as he used to be quite high up himself, it wouldn't be entirely shocking if he had just offered to be one of the exchange students.
On the other hand, if he was chosen in particular, there's the question of why. Given his no-fucks-given attitude and willingness to talk back, he's not the easiest to work with, so maybe his superiors just wanted him out of his hair for a while. Perhaps it's a forceful test of loyalty because they don't trust him and want him to prove himself.
Or, more sinisterly, it's possible that it's a way of passive aggressively shutting down Diavolo's efforts at creating peace between the realms -- a goal which they don't seem outright opposed to, but which they also don't seem to really support. If they already dislike Simeon because of his attitude and think he might fall, a gentle push over the threshold that conveniently happens while he's down in the Devildom is a great excuse to shut that all down, or even declare war if that's a goal of theirs. After all, they previously sent Lucifer as their representative to communicate with Diavolo, and their conversations together planted such major doubts in the Celestial Realm that it eventually led to his rebellion and fall. Having another angel fall after spending time there is a great excuse to say, "Hey, you're doing something bad to our angels, so we refuse to cooperate anymore, and in fact we're going to destroy the Devildom to ensure no more angels fall."
While this is probably the most extreme take on the Celestial Realm, it's worth remembering that this game puts us on the side of the demons, and biblically, there is a predicted "end times" which involves angels battling and defeating demons once and for all. If there's conflict coming, it seems likely it'll originate from the Celestial Realm, and for a realm that seems to overall look down upon demons with disgust and distrust, it's possible they could be aiming for such an end result to come true. If that's the case, they might well be willing to sacrifice Simeon to do so.
The other major aspect to consider, however, is that he's acting as the primary diplomat between their realms. Simeon's job is to keep eyes on the Devildom's activities and pass messages from the Celestial Realm, especially from Michael, to Lord Diavolo. Much like MC is an exchange student mostly along for the ride while Solomon acts as a "leader" for the human realm, Luke is just a child, leaving Simeon to fulfill the diplomatic role for the angels. Considering what a critical role this is, we can at least say it's unlikely that he was sent just to get eaten, or as some kind of cruel bullying. And, whatever his personal feelings about the Celestial Realm, he does seem to act out this role quite deftly.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Season 2 especially, he gives away nothing about the Celestial Realm's intentions, while pointedly revealing that he is passing information about the Devildom back to the angels, and unflinchingly delivers a not-so-veiled threat to Lord Diavolo on Michael's behalf. As an ambassador, he's a pain to deal with, and maybe that's exactly why the Celestial Realm chose him -- as Solomon says, "He's not like the other angels." He's plainly willing to be disrespectful, regardless of whether he's talking to Michael, Diavolo, or anybody else. Simeon has a uniquely killer "I'm a polite diplomat who isn't saying anything actually wrong so you can't do anything to me, but I'm also totally threatening you" smile. And while he's not really high-ranking enough to come across as outright aggressive from the Celestial Realm, he used to be, which means they're likely more willing to entrust him with this role that might not normally fall upon such a "low-level grunt," and this has the added benefit of not really burdening the Celestial Realm with tying up a high-ranking angel long-term too. All of this makes him actually a perfect pick for handling a tense diplomatic relationship in which they want to be not-so-blatant aggressors.
Finally, we should also consider what exactly Simeon's history of rebellion is. And the answer is, well...we don't actually know! Why was he demoted? Why did the game seem to suggest that their father is his greatest fear, not Lucifer's? Was the demotion one drastic kick down, or was it gradual? What is he actually like in the Celestial Realm? We certainly have our personal thoughts and headcanons around all of these questions, but the truth is, there's no canonical answer yet! But what we do know is this: Simeon has only much more recently come to realize just how unhappy he really was.
We see him sass Michael at the end of Season 2, but a major theme around Simeon following that is reflection. Throughout Season 3, he's grappling with the realization that the old Celestial Realm, before the brothers fell, were some of the happiest times of his life -- a happiness that has been depressingly missing from his life since then.
Tumblr media
Instead, he seems to have been just going through the motions of Celestial Realm life since then. So how rebellious was he actually, when he first arrived in the Devildom? We know that he was taking a very hands-off approach on mentoring Luke, having the young angel learn about how the world and demons really are on his own, but there's nothing in early game to suggest he's outright rebellious at that time. He's always had a teasing sense of humor, but the real shift seems to come during that critical Season 2 moment -- the moment where he realizes that the ones he loves are in danger, understands that there's something he can do about it, and makes the decision to act out and do what he believes is right, consequences be damned. It's only from that point that he seems to really become rebellious, and as Luke worriedly mentions in Season 3, he starts spacing out a lot and seemingly avoiding Michael.
Tumblr media
Compounded with the other events of Season 3, what this seems to suggest is that at the start of the game, Simeon might not actually have had such a rebellious streak. Instead, what it seems like is that he used to be quite defiant, but at some point, his spirit was broken down into obedience, until this incident wakes him up from the comforts of being numb. So, maybe his rebelliousness wasn't a factor in being chosen at all. Maybe it's just the reverse, and being chosen to spend all this time in the Devildom is what has reawakened the long-dormant defiance within him.
But we won't really know the answer to this or any other questions until Season 4, which will hopefully be coming very soon!
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Things you'd never think you'd see in the HOl
prt 2 requested by MANY people.
- Asmodeus livestreaming and reviewing bad pornos. Asmo is IN TEARS laughing so hard he's nearly wheezing.
- the consumption of MANY energy drinks. Belphie chugs drinks a monster ( or the devildom equivalent) meanwhile levi chugs like 4 G-fuels and then fucks off for the rest of the day. Lucifer whispers "amateurs " under his breathe as he drinks his 12th deathwish coffee for the day after staying awake for nearly 2 weeks straight.
- satan has a 'keep calm kitty' poster on the back of his door. Mc has witnessed him turn to it and say " oh mr.meow-meow, we're in for it now.."
- mc has introduced all of them to vines and they all abuse them to the fullest. Levi just slides in in his socks, mammon yells out " what's the scoop!?", " PENIS!-" levi slides out only to hit the door jam and fall over crying.
- speaking of socks mc loves to slide in them everywhere. They just slide past Lucifer and smack his ass, and then take off as fast as they can from the Eldest's wrath.
- Asmos' ring tone for mcs phone is khia- my neck, my back ( lick it) and so far he hasn't complained.
- levi taught himself a teleportation spell, whenever he makes a peace sign. So now it's just a lot of :
" levi I need to speak to you!" Levi makes a peace sign and just disappears.
- just demons playing poker on the ceiling.
- Lucifer will be on the phone and they'll just hand him things. He takes them,of course but now he's holding a bunch of stuff while being on the phone and is just like "???"
- when belphegor is awake he just pushes things off tables to be annoying. He also dabs at random times and it's so fast you only briefly see it happen.
- Lucifer very rarely loses an argument but when he does it's with mc. Bc mc will be like " beel back me up!" And beel will pick them up to be at Lucifer's eye level " what now fucker??" And then he slowly loses his composure and starts laughing.
- belphie t-posing on the ceiling in the RAD hallway corridor like a madman.
- bad jokes, so many bad jokes.
- satan:" okay mc now what do we say when we want to jump off buldings?"
Mc:"... YEET-"
Satan " NO-"
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obeythebutler · 13 days ago
Hello Rosh, I hope you're doing well :) for the kinktober I'll like to go for number 6 with Simeon + fem reader! Thank you so much! Also I just wanna let you know that I've always enjoyed reading your works ♥️
Overstimulation With Simeon + Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
Simeon once said he wouldn't mind falling if it were for you.
The angel was willing to fall if it meant he could love freely, and bare himself to you; mind, body and soul. He does the same now, letting himself indulge in the pleasures of the flesh with you, utterly vulnerable and so wholly in love.
And now that he's had a taste, Simeon finds it hard to not give you his everything.
“S-Simeon, it's too m-much!”
You whine, legs trembling under the angel's movements as he thrusts inside you, utterly rough and deep. You've already cum thrice, and even then Simeon's intent on bringing you on the brink of pleasure again and again. He's relentless, snapping his hips to meet your's, the sound lewd, and not something you'd associate with an angel like him.
But he's always been full of surprises, and that undying devotion for you.
The angel halts his movements, until what's left is both your sighs and huffs, and Simeon inspects your form, eyes trailing in the fear that he's hurt you.
“Do you want me to stop?” He asks, gaze fixated on your face, carefully searching for any signs of discomfort.
“No,” You rasp out, finally having got an opportunity to catch your breath from the overstimulation. “Want to feel you,” You attempt to widen your legs further, your cunt messy with your combined fluids. “Want you to fuck me.”
Simeon chuckles softly, leaning to press his lips onto yours, sliding back inside—picking up the pace from where he left off. When a thumb comes to rub at your clit, you moan at the extra stimulation, and the angel takes the opportunity to deepen the kiss further.
He's certainly grown bolder.
“Mhmmph!” You cry into his mouth, still sensitive from previous orgasms, and the angel grabs your hand when you attempt to reach your nether regions. Intertwining it with his own fingers, he presses into you, a moan escaping when you clench around him.
Simeon leans back, thrusting harder into you. Hair clings to his forehead, and yet, in such a lewd act he still looks as angelic as ever.
His thumb never leans your clit. A spot he's abused many times—the angel knows the ways to bring you to the throes of pleasure. Simeon feels as if he's your devotee, worshipping you like you were always meant to be. Two fingers, slick with your arousal slide into your mouth, muffling the whines and gaps that spill past your lips.
“It's too much! I—I,” The words die in your throat as another sob wrecks your body, now your fourth orgasm for the night. Simeon feels it in the way you clench around him, and he stops, revelling in the moment.
When he looks at your hand for any signal, he finds none.
"Safeword, MC?"
"G-Green," You gasp out, and Simeon is back to his relentless ministrations, snapping his hips into yours with renowned vigour, intent on you making you write under him as long as he pleases.
"S-So sinful," He mutters, the sound nearly drowned out by his movements. “Such a sinful human you are, t-tempting an angel.”
And yet Simeon thrusts harder, fingers digging into the soft flesh of your thighs as he abuses your clit further. Slow, tortures circles—driving you wild.
Your love is something his angelic heritage won't allow him, but Simeon has never been a strict follower of rules. They're made to be broken, after all.
And what is one more sin, if only to love?
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moonlightmiya · 16 days ago
[ Kinktober; Day 7 - Size Kink - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Solomon, Simeón x F!Reader (separate)
Includes; Size Kink; when your partner is bigger in girth making you struggle to fit him in, mentions of overstim, use of ‘kitten’, fingering, grinding, a pinch of orgasm denial (I had to), forced orgasm
>Kinktober Masterlist<
Tumblr media
A/N - This is drabbles of characters because I just couldn’t choose one! Also that’s obey me week finished ! :((
Tumblr media
You whimper as you slowly lower yourself down to your boyfriends cock, jumping slightly as his tip starts to prod at your hole. You’re so close to him being inside you, yet small fear takes over as you back away, kneeling just above him,
“You okay kitten, you need some help?” his thumb sits in between his lips, his other hand resting behind his head as he watches your smaller form struggle,
“Yeah, yeah I just need..” Solomon shakes his head, laughing lightly as he pulls you onto his lower stomach, sitting up straight to plant kisses onto your lips and cheeks,
“Don’t worry about it kitten, let me take the lead, yeah?” You nod, not fully trusting the sorcerer, but you let him have his way with you anyway,
His hand moves from his mouth, trailing down your naked body to your cunt. Slowly he starts circling your clenching hole, pressing two fingers into you and gathering your sweet slick
You moan in frustration as he pulls his fingers out of you, “now, now, be patient kitten, ill give you what you want” he laughs, his knee perking up to make you jump,
“Taste so good, remind me to eat you out until you fall asleep tonight, yeah?” You nod slowly, heat rushing to your face as you become mesmerised by the way he takes his fingers which were in your cunt and presses them to his lips, sucking on them lightly as his body remains relaxed
He reaches down for his still hard cock, “go ahead kitty, if you can’t take me then at least pleasure yourself” he taps it against your ass, making your cheeks grow red as you press your weeping cunt against him, moving you body down for further pleasure,
“Mmh, ‘s so good” you pant, moaning out as his tip catches your clit as you bounce on his cock, eyes rolling back when he twitches against you
Your torso collapses against your boyfriends, you cunt tingling as you force your legs to keep moving, “Mon.. can you please help me…” Solomon smiles at the little nickname, taking pity on your pouty face
“Of course, anything for my girl” he smiles brightly, trailing a hand through your hair gently stopping at the back of your head, gripping tightly and pulling your head back, making you wince
“Keep bouncing kitten, you’re a good girl right?” He questions, making you nod as you let out cute yelps, each from the pain and pleasure,
“Sol.. I think ‘m gonna..” you slurr, gripping onto his shoulders tightly as your speed increases,
“Nuh uh, the only way your getting to cum is if it’s wrapped around my cock” he spits, easily manhandling you onto the bed, holding your arms down as he ruts against you like an animal,
You moan, brain going fuzzy as he pushes the head of his cock into your dripping hole quickly, “You like that, hmm?” He groans, feeling the pre cum leaking inside of you,
You nod, even with an inch of him inside you it still fills you up, making you need him more,
“Sol.. please I wan’ more” you moan, rutting your hips down as you feel him inch more inside you, the stretch burning, yet pleasure pools in the bottom of your stomach
His fingers travel down your body to your clit, pressing down and circling it harshly “Solomon mmh ah feels good, I feel ‘s good” he smirks down at you, his balls tightening by looking at the expression on your face, your tongue lolling out and eyes rolling back whilst drool slowly escapes your lips as he pushes his cock in further, not stopping the pleasurable movements on your puffy clit
“Fuck kitten, taking me so good” he rasps, watching you cream on his dick as he pushes further inside of you, half of his cock still showing
Tears prick at your eyes as he bottoms out inside of you, his cock hitting your cervix every time he thrusts into you,
You cry out his name, arching your back as he hits your sensitive spots, using his free hand to pull your legs over his, his cock somehow hitting deeper spots inside of you,
“I- I think..” you mumble, your body shaking as your orgasm takes over your body. The tightness of your cunt making Solomon closer to his own,
“Fuck, baby, fuck ‘m gonna cum, gon’ cum..” his voice catches in his throat as he slams his hips against yours, ignoring the way your body shakes in overstimulation as his cock continues punching your gummy walls
He stops, pulling out of your tight cunt to catch his breath, “such a good little kitty for me,” he breaths, “such a tight fucking cunt” Solomon groans, gripping your thighs as he looks down at you with a smug look,
“Round two?”
Simeón hovers above you, playing with your pretty pussy with his cock, rubbing it up and down your slit, the wetness in between your folds and your pretty clit, the stimulation pleasurable even though he had taken almost two hours in between your legs, prepping you for his big cock
“Are you ready, honey?” His sweet voice floods your ears, his soft eyes looking into yours as his carved face drips with slight sweat,
You nod, pressing a soft saccharine kiss against his lips as he slowly guides the tip of his cock to your dripping pussy, not yet pushing it in
“Simeón, please,” you throw your head back as he litters your neck with light kisses, slowing down to place passionate deep kisses in the mix,
“Just wait honey, I want to make this special for you” you blush at his words, feeling the breath leave your throat as he starts a sucking motion on your sensitive spots, leaving gorgeous red and purple marks where his mouth would be
“You look divine like this,” he smiles, kissing your lips as a finale before sitting up, pulling your thighs over his as he gently places the tip of his cock against your tight hole
You pant as Simeón presses his tip into your hole, your eyes immediately widening from the stretch, “shh, shh, I’ve got you” he whispers, taking his time to push his tip into you,
“It’s-its so much, too big” your eyes roll to the back of your head as he circles your clit, pushing more of himself into you as he hunches over to mouth gently at your exposed chest,
“You can take it, don’t worry” his words are sweet yet it burns as he pushes more of himself in, not even halfway when you start to claw at his broad chest
He pants, hunching over as he fucks you with the few inches of his cock, moving your legs around his waist so he can slowly inch deeper into you,
“Such a pretty girl, you’re being such a good girl for me” he praises, nibbling your ear as he reaches his hand down to play with your clit, the stimulation making you arch your back into him, your soft breasts pressing against his chest,
Simeón softly plays with your breasts, twisting and groping them as he slowly pushes more of his fat cock inside of you, swallowing your pained moans as he kisses you more
“Mmh, Simeón, more..” he smirks at you, his large hands rubbing your naked chest as he fastens his pace, his cock ramming into your poor cunt as he plays with your clit more,
“Feels ‘s good,” your eyes roll to the back of your head as his cock reaches every sensitive spot inside of you, his fingers working you closer to your orgasm with every swipe of your clit and flick of your perked nipples
“Simeón!” You yell out as he thrusts the full length of his cock into you, forcing your orgasm to rip through you as he thrusts his cock into you, the tightness of your cunt making pretty moans escape from his mouth
Simeón ruts into you, listening to you moan and whine as he ravages your cunt. “I think I’m gonna.. your just.. so tight” he breaths, collapsing on your body as his hands lay on either side of the two of you,
“‘M sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” he smiles against your warm skin as he feels his cum leaking from your cunt, slowly pulling out of you and resting his body on-top of yours as he listens to your chest heave
“So pretty darling” he breaths out, sitting up to watch his cum leaking from your aching cunt, his words making your heart flutter,
“Sim.. ‘m feeling tired” you mumble out, hearing Simeon’s voice hush you quietly as he wraps his arm around your waist, telling you he’ll get you cleaned up soon,
“Such a good girl for me, you stay like that, yeah?” He smiles at you gently, scooping up his cum and fingering it back into your hole, kissing you lightly as he goes to stand up, quickly sending a wink your way as he walks into the bathroom.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @kurooslove , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- @cosmosassassin
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devildomsgod · 4 months ago
More Of You
Tumblr media
Simeon x gn!reader
Smut; Simeon takes a liking in the tentacles one of the brothers curses got you.
Tentacle sex, anal, slightly dom!reader
Tumblr media
A soft knock on the door makes you pause the episode of this anime Levi was forcing you to watch, your head turning to the door.
"It's me, mc," Simeon softly calls for you, "I wanted to see you..."
You feel your stomach tingle at his voice. Oh, how you missed the angel, but you couldn't let him see you like this! Not after what these stupid demons did to you. You stare at the tentacles twitching and winding around you, another knock pulling you out of your thoughts.
"You don't wanna see me like this, trust me," you call back, the disappointment in your voice clearer than you'd like to admit.
"You know I don't care what you look like, mc."
Your eyes are trained on the door for a long moment before sighing silently and allowing the angel to come in. Simeon curiously pops his head through the narrowly opened door, his warm smile illuminating the room as he spots you on the bed. He makes sure to properly close the door behind himself before approaching you, barely minding the winding limbs around while sitting next to you on the bed.
"You know they're working day and night on a cure for you, right?"
"They better be," you scoff while rolling your eyes, the tentacles becoming more unsteady as annoyance fills you, thinking of the brothers and their stupid prank experiments.
Simeon is quiet for a moment, his warm eyes trained on your extensions, hands lying steadily in his lap.
"May I touch them, mc?"
Your brows lift at the unexpected request, having thought these things would make anyone feel disgusted just by seeing them, but Simeon wanted to touch. You raise one of the tentacles, whispering a broken "sure" while watching him intently.
The angel reaches his fingertips for your extra limb, gently feeling the skin before curiously observing the suction cups. You watch the tentacle affectionately wrap around his finger, cringing at the subconscious action. Simeon smiles while allowing it to hug his whole hand, his eyes closing with the bright grin forming over his lips.
"They're cute," he finds fondly before turning his head to you again, leaning in to leave a quick peck on your cheek.
You feel your face heating up as the tentacles begin winding around his waist, possessively holding him tight. Simeon grins further as his hands come to rest on them. Your eyes widen as two of the limbs take off the long coat around his body, slinging around Simeon's upper arms now that they're free.
"Sorry..." you mumble, not bothering to hide your embarrassment, "I just missed you."
The almost fully tentacle-covered angel just chuckles before reaching his arms out for you, inviting you to scoot closer. You follow the invitation, your eyes trained on the angel's lips. Like through magical force, you're suddenly pulled in, your eyes closing right before your lips come in contact with his. Your tentacles retract from his body, allowing you to let your fingers trail from his neck to his shoulders, caressing his smooth biceps.
Simeon leans into the kiss, goosebumps looming under your familiar touch as he allows his arms to wrap around your body after the tentacles stopped restricting him. A soft sigh is shared between your lips, one that travels down your spine, leaving you shivering for more from him.
As the kiss gets more heated, you notice your tentacles beginning to slip past the narrow waistband of his white pants, teasing his angelic skin with borderline lewd touches. You feel like apologizing, sure that the angel isn't okay with this kind of thing by alien-like limbs, but before you can retract, Simeon lets himself fall back into the mattress, pulling you down with him, your lips still in passion.
"D-do you want this?"
Your slightly out-of-breath question makes the angel nod while still smiling so warmly up at you, his body twitching innocently as the tentacles tickle his sides while trying to get further into his pants. You let the angel adjust his position to be fully lying on the bed, his body invitingly exposed, and only baring further as the limbs finally pull his pants down the skinny legs, leaving his crotch in underwear. Even this sinful sight was as angelic as one could imagine.
He was already getting hard, a sight that is as arousing as it is surprising, considering that it's mostly tentacles that have been touching him. You reach your hand out to finally feel the angel's arousal, watching him shiver at the touch. You let your tentacles wind around his legs, having them pull his boxers down with them, finally revealing his proudly standing cock to you. You don't even have the chance to reach out for it, as your tentacles already claimed it.
Simeon moans out loud at the stimulation, the sound seeming to light up the room for a split second. Your hand rests on the angel's thigh as his cock is teased by your limbs, wrapping strongly around him while letting the suction cups gently run over his most sensitive head, making Simeon writhe in pleasure.
Simeon looks utterly blissed out, his hips lazily rolling up as he lets his head turn to the side, nuzzling his face into the pillow while seductively glancing at you with one eye. The smile on his lips is uncharacteristically teasing, but you can't say you're not enjoying this. You smirk right back, your fingernails dragging along his thighs, prompting him to prop his legs up, gasping as one of the tentacles immediately seizes the opportunity and slips between his cheeks.
Simeon momentarily tenses in surprise before sighing in content after the tip of your limb slipped into him, increasing his sinful pleasure.
"You really like my tentacles, don't you, Simeon?" you taunt while moving one of your hands to his ass, teasing the stretching hole with your fingertips.
Simeon doesn't respond, softly moaning instead while letting his head roll around in bliss, hair growing devilish by the friction. You can feel the slickness of your tentacle dripping out of Simeon's hole, encouraging you to thrust one finger into him as well. The angel cries out in bliss, his slim fingers gripping the bed sheets tightly as you and the tentacle finger him intensely.
Only a few more tightly aimed strokes from the tentacle around his cock have the man sob out a few forbidden curses before his beautiful body tenses, letting the tan skin stretch over his muscles before it stains with white semen from his cock. The orgasm lets his cum squirt all over Simeon's waist, his face illuminated in utter lust, lips tightly trapped between clenched teeth to keep his loudest moans hidden.
The angel returns to reality with long breaths after your tentacles and touch left his sensitive areas, protectively lingering around his spent body to make sure he's okay. Simeon's eyes wander around the room, only focusing as they meet yours, a warm smile blooming on his face. He longingly reaches out for you, inviting your hug.
Not minding the sticky substance covering his lower half, you desperately move down to feel the angel's warmth around you, noting that you both should take a shower after this.
"... I love you, mc."
Simeon's voice sounds raw, unusual for his composed self, but it somehow made his words feel more important, prompting you to return the words just as sincerely.
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ashestospace-fics · 9 months ago
The "Undatetables" main Kinks
Characters Obey me: Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Solomon
Reader: Gn
Tags: breeding kink, dumbfication, bondage, spanking, Chocking
Part 1 : the demon Brothers kinks
Breeding kink, it doesn't matter how you look at it this man has a huge breeding kink. It's almost intoxicating how much he can fill you up to the brim, round after round for hours. His words of making you his and filling you up with his offspring it's just another part of this huge plate. It will leave you shaking knowing that he could and probably knock you up with whatever magic he possess if you guys were actually planning on having kids. All while he has that sweet sunshine of a smile on his face.
He always starts so sweet and gentle with you, that it never fails to catch you off guard when he suddenly snaps his hips against you and goes into an animalistic speed, watching the small bulge in your stomach moving up and down as his face remains with a small content smile. It's near the end of each of his climax, that's when he starts to lose composure and start growling and saying he's gonna breed you like a whore. (Press breeding position A LOT)
Every time he overfills you to the point is spilling, he always catches what's leaking with his fingers and shoves it back in, the sight of you shaking always brings something in him as he cooe's words to you not to take his seed into waste.
Bondage, Barbatos is a very compose demon, so this was one of the least of things you expected to get yourself into when he said he wanted to try something out with you the first time he mentions something new in the bedroom. Let's say that after that things got upgraded as he bought new things to tie you up with.
Maybe is the weird sadist part of him that likes to see you struggle against handcuffs as he fingers you at a slow pace. Gloved hands gently stroking your inner thigh as he works his fingers into you as you squirm and shake under his grasp. The sound of his name giving him an ego bust each time you say how good it feels.
Very decorative when it comes to this stuff, everything he puts on you is a gothic aesthetic. Either weird skeleton hands holding you back to a black leather belt with jewels.
This guy is a sadist, so he's very into spanking and choking. His character really goes through either gentle Dom or a harsh one. Depends on how well behave really.
Solomon just loves having you bend over his lap as he spanks you over and over, skin darkening as you moan at each strike of his hand. Watching you get aroused just by a few hits has him smirking with how pathetic you can get.
But when he wraps his hands around your neck and watches your eyes cross back? He can't help but fuck you harder as you choke between each moan and attempt to breathe. Having you clench around him tight and down just makes him hold on grip tighter as he pulls you closer.
(Man had me thinking for hours)
Dumbfication, he never thought that getting fucked silly could make him actually forget all about his Sins at the moment. He never imagines how good something he swore never to do made him fall so quickly on cloud nine.
It's not like you guys have sex all the time, it's mainly on special occasions, of course, his still a holy man. But when you do get together, you make it worth it for him to ache for it later and make that little head of his wonder back to you. Just the overwhelming pleasure of him falling down the edge over and over again as you fuck him silly as you hold him still is always a dream as you hear his voice go horse. It's worth it forgetting all his pacts for a moment when it's with you making him feel so good.
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pluviiioo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I nearly lost the file on this one. May or may not have cried for a little bit before realizing Krita autosaves and I had to go searching 😭
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obeythebutler · 6 months ago
those mate hcs made me go feral i swear please tell me someone requested for simeon too please please- i wanna see this man go absolutely apeshit if thats eveb possible for simeon but i mean- he was snappy with the brothers during the rehersals of TSL and has wrath glowsticks 👀👀👀
Solomon's Part
Brothers Part
Diavolo and Barbatos's Part
He knew something was wrong when they weren't picking up his calls or answering his texts. Simeon's not a worrywart, but this time he had a feeling that something was very, very wrong.
So he rushed towards the House of Lamentation, but when he reached he saw...
Something that would haunt his dreams. MC, dead on the floor, with bruises on their neck and a laughing Belphegor.
The brothers were all in disarray, and Simeon rushed towards their body, and tried to frantically heal their bruises and wounds. But no matter how many spells he put, they won't move.
All Simeon could do was weep shiny tears as he grieved, but Belphegor's remarks made something inside snap.
" A human for a partner? Simeon, you of all should know better."
Wiping away his tears, he stood up and glared at Belphegor, a glare that made the seventh-born flinch.
" Do you even realize the consequences of your action?" Simeon asked him in a bitter tone, as Belphegor chuckled and mocked their human nature again.
Angels forgive only when one truly expresses regret. In this case, Belphegor only laughed harder. So Simeon did what he thought was appropriate, in his eyes, he was punishing Belphegor for his sin, for killing MC.
He shifted into his angelic form as he charged, the brightness making Belphegor close his eyes shut.
Simeon was ready to kill if not for Lucifer and Beelzebub holding him back. He snarled and growled as he tried to escape their grip, and Satan could tell that the angel was consumed by wrath.
When MC came out of the shadows, Simeon shifted back in shock and relief as he cried in their embrace, glad and happy.
He leads them to Purgatory Hall without glancing back at the brothers. Even demons knew that angels forgive, but not forget.
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v4mprs · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none
pairing: gn!mc x dateables
genre: fluff
title: MC asks for cuddles
a/n: this was a request but i accidentally deleted the draft, sorry ꒰𖦹ˊᯅˋ𖦹꒱
Tumblr media
𝐌𝐂 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬
Diavolo ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• Diavolo would be surprised at first because he usually never gets much affection, even if he is the prince of devildom.
• he has a big grin on his face as he nods.
• he makes sure you’re comfortable, he’ll even get you a certain pillow or blanket if it makes you better!
• he’s a big cuddle bear
• for someone who never cuddled he’s super good at it.
• i feel like he’s a big spooner but idk
• you guys will cuddle in the most comfortable place possible ^^
• if you stay the night be prepared to have a fancy ass breakfast in the morning
• he’ll give you his coat if you feel cold :)
• 90/10 cuddles, a big teddy bear to cuddle
Tumblr media
Barbatos ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• wait you wanna cuddle with a butler? hell yeah i do
• he stares for a few moments processing what you just said
• he smiles softly and nods
• he’ll request for a break from Diavolo just to cuddle with you
• becomes your cuddly butler for a day
• he’ll probably give you a blanket if you guys get cold
• he also makes you your favourite tea (or beverage if you don’t like tea)
• he’ll let you spoon him if thats what you want
• makes sure your comfortable every 5 minutes
• he’ll put one hand on your back and one stroking your hair (if you’re comfortable ofc)
• happy butler :)
• overall 100/10 cuddles, butlers are amazing at cuddles.
Tumblr media
Simeon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• nods almost instantly with a adorable smile
• he’s 100% about comfort
• makes sure you’re feeling warm and comfy (he’ll probably let you wear his pajamas if thats what you want!)
• if its a cold day he’ll make you both some hot chocolate and put on your fav movie
• wanna invite the other purgatory hall members for a sleepover? sure, but he wont share you with Solomon
• softly strokes your hair until you fall asleep
• in the morning he’ll bring you breakfast in bed !! luke probably helped
• 1000/10 cuddles, angel cuddles are just comforting af
• he’s 100% down for another cuddle session
Tumblr media
Solomon ﹆ׂׂ ˖
• oh loordd
• watch out he’ll tease you for a while
• but then he’ll stop when you say “fine ill just find someone else to cuddle with, you shady sorcerer”
• uses his magical wand to teleport you to his bed (sorry i had to)
• he jumps into bed successfully making you almost face plant on the floor but he grabs you before you fall
• he’s actually decent at cuddling but those cold hands of his need to be warm
• dw he eventually warms his hands up with a spell
• he’ll hug you protectively and make sure you get comfy
• if your cold he’ll put the fireplace on
• i feel like he’ll be a little shit and hog half the blankets in his sleep
• dw he’ll make you a snack!! (pls dont take it if you wanna live to see another day-)
• DEFINITELY gonna flex to the brothers
• takes a pic and hacks into the hol groupchat and send a text saying “ahaha got your mc you little shits”
• be prepared for 7 jealous demon brothers when you get back
• 8/10 cuddles
Tumblr media
© v4mprs, please do not translate my works in any languages, repost, steal or copy without permission.
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baalism · 3 months ago
The dateables' kinks: Simeon
🔞 cw voyeurism
· I said it once and will say it again, he's a closet freak, and Simeon's thing is corruption on the receiving end.
· Don't get me wrong, his looks and demeanor are deceiving and he very well could be the one doing the corruption. But what really appeals to Simeon is the idea of risking it all for pleasure, to give you power over him and jeopardize his status, his holiness and reason of being for it, and show you you are worth the fall.
· And of course it doesn't takes sex to make an angel fall, it takes utter depravity, but he'll dare you try it. Go ahead, he's putting his body at your disposition: satisfy your curiosity and fuck him yourself. Try ruining him so much that he'll be put to shame in the celestial realm.
· He'll do it all with a strange mix of humilliation and praise.
· Oh and Simeon can be so sweet when he wants to though! Using his innocent image to lure you in, 'Won't you show me how to do this? I'd learn better from you' as he strokes himself and presses his cock to your lips, a blushing, panting mess himself. Would cum down your throat without a warning other than his moans, then bite his lip and beg for your forgiveness...
· But he can be cruel too, his praise and encouragement filthy. Oh you are that eager and for what, to get fucked numb, until you can't think straight? You really are unrepentant... But you should be thankful he's letting you do this to him. Aren't you enjoying yourself a little too much? Who would have known you would stoop so low so as to want to corrupt an angel, but he'll give it to you, since you are so desperate.
· And on him he likes it too, tell him either just how good he is, how much you love him and want to make him feel good for once, or how much of a whore he is for letting you use him like this, fucking his mouth so Simeon can't utter a word. How he's not seeing the gates of heaven again after you're done with him.
· That is also just to say he loves gagging on anything and everything and to make you gag on him as well, of course. A bit on hand with his oral fixation.
· But what Simeon really enjoys too is frottage and dry humping as an actual act rather than foreplay. Something about you grinding against him without giving him a break, covering his mouth with a hand so he can not utter a single moan and so get caught by Solomon in the other room or one of the brothers in HoL? Making him helplessly cum in his pants not even using your hands? He's lost in it.
· Also, he feels super awful about it, but Simeon is a bit of a voyeur and an exhibitionist too.
· You see him so coy, so proper and well behaved... While he wouldn't really act on his desire unless he knows you consent and are into it, that doesn't mean he's not thinking about it often. The mere idea of watching you unaware as you touch yourself to thoughts of him, or even doing a thing as simple as taking a shower can get him hard in a matter of instants.
· On the other hand (no pun), not that there would ever be a chance for it, but he can't stop fantasizing about you catching him jerking off or fucking himself with your name in his lips; whether you'd just watch and encourage, or belittle and humilliate him a little, doesn't matter.
· It's only about the forbidden aspect of it all, getting exposed doing every thing he can not do or act upon. A repressed angel is indeed repressed.
· And last this is pretty much a given, but Simeon is all about vicarphilia and dirty talk; he is a wordsmith, and with that innocent face of his he'll talk not dirty, but downright nasty to you.
· Not much of a sexting person though unfortunately, unless you're up to typo ridden messages such as
Tumblr media
· All that being said, if there is something he enjoys more than talking himself, that is listening. Go ahead, be descriptive and very specific with him and tell him all about your hottest escapade, or what you like the most and how you like done to you. Use your words wisely, maybe gently run a foot up his calf or put a hand to his thigh and Simeon will be hard in no time, struggling to keep a single pure thought in his head.
· Not having had much experience himself, he'd live vicariously through your vivid recounts and be so eager to try some of the things you speak about by himself, with you that is.
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mammonswhore · 2 months ago
Undateables and their Phone cases!
Tumblr media
a/n: again,purely a joke. Brothers here!
prompt: you already know,phone cases this beautiful people have❣
Tumblr media
His phone case reminds him of his demon form and it's pretty cool but not over the top and it can fit anything. Plus becahse it matches his RAD uniform.
Tumblr media
This pretty man has a fitting phone case and it's the Death Card from the Tarot. He finds it funny how people mistake the name of the card instead of actually paying attention to the meaning it holds. "Tsk,this is not even the card they should be afraid of. Are they really dumb enough to forget about the Tower?"
Tumblr media
I 100% think that Diavolo got this phone case for Barbatos when he bought his own and only because he felt weird to see Barbatos phone without a case. Fun fact: it reminds Barbatos of tea stain marks.
Tumblr media
Our beautiful angel has almost matching cases with Luke. Almost because Luke chose it for him to match but not entirely, they have similar cases but not the same ones.
Tumblr media
He was so happy to have a similar case to Simeon,he took his time choosing both of them because they reminded him of certain things as happy memories or certain laughing times they spent together.
Tumblr media
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