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the-mcyt-quotebook · 2 days ago
wilbur: did i ever tell you about the time i almost got a leech on me?
tommy: i had a leech on me the other day.
wilbur: what- where were you?
tommy: river.
wilbur: why were you at a river?
tommy: to meet the leeches.
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[At Mc's funeral]
Solomon: Look, can I have a moment alone with them?
[Everyone leaves]
Solomon to Mc: Alright listen fucker I know you are not actually dead.
Mc: *opens eyes* yEAH NO SHIT!
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beverlyhillsgang · a day ago
Tumblr media
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ddlc-incorrect-quotes · 8 hours ago
Monika: Hey MC, uh, listen, the school makes us do this every year, but this just a little club evaluation form. Just fill it out, let them know how I’m doing.
MC: Alright. (starts reading the form) …uh, “Is your Club President manipulative?”
Monika: I’d say no to that if I were you.
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radarchives · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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incorrectnessduskwood · 2 days ago
Jake: What's this?
MC, hugging Jake: Affection!
Jake: Disgusting.
Jake: ... Do it again.
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gay-slime · 2 days ago
I am losing my shit at the clip of the goat absolutely eviscerating an axolotl and punting it into the sea
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the-mcyt-quotebook · 2 days ago
dream: oh there’s some more fish here, i’m gonna get them.
george: where?
dream: in the ocean, george.
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incorrect-mm-quotes · 2 days ago
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kicelyn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lacy Things
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Hello, I struggle to understand this placement and was hoping you'd educate me in an understanding manner.....sun Square uranus and pluto square MC
Hello. I hope that I’m able to enlighten you with my answer. 
  Sun square Uranus
The Sun represents our outward personality, whilst Uranus relates to innovation and change. The square is a negative aspect; therefore, in broad terms, the person who has this pair in their chart will struggle with their uniqueness and ability to conform.
Firstly, the Sun-Uranus person will exhibit pronounced originality or quirkiness. The square suggests that these themes will not be dealt with easily. The native may struggle with their unique self-expression, which can result in either a wish to conform, in order to be more accepted or to force their “social exile” by showing their rebellious nature, being different for the sake of it.
These natives will also struggle with change, particularly within themselves. Whilst they seek to completely transform society, they very much want to avoid any type of change in themselves. This also causes them to be quite stubborn, but also very whimsical and willful. They love their freedom and will not allow anyone to take it from them. They’re the kind to always do the opposite of what they’re told. The Sun also represents the father, so these people may have had one who wasn’t very present or who was quite different from the regular fathers, or even who showed authoritarian traits. 
  Pluto square MC
As mentioned in my post about Pluto conjunct MC, people with the planet of life and death in aspect with the cusp of the 10th house exude power, ambition and privacy. They often seek positions of power to satisfy their need for control, which can stem from their childhood years. They may come from a difficult family background which makes them distance themselves from it through becoming “someone”, making a name from themselves. With the square, which is not a harmonious aspect, these controlling tendencies may be the native’s primary goal. Nevertheless, the goal may be difficult to achieve because this is an aspect that causes problems in communicating and relating to others. They can perceive the native as a shrewd, cunning, ambitious person who will not hesitate to use them as a means to achieve their end. At any rate, since Pluto also rules rebirth and transformations, these people have the ability to bring deep change to society. ⬛️
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microsaia · 2 days ago
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matsuobsession · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bloodbound aesthetics!! You guys all know how much I love Bloodbound and I had to make another edit for this beautiful, amazing, badass story!!😍
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incorrectnessduskwood · 2 days ago
MC: Sometimes I get so caught up on being gay that I forget I’m actually bi.
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obeythedemons · 16 hours ago
Their Favorite [Obey Me!: Barbatos/MC]
Obey Me! Masterlist
"So MC, who is your favorite?” Asmo asked while all the brothers lounged in the living room. “It’s me, right?”
“I’m not answering that question,” MC spoke. Their eyes skimmed their homework for any errors. “I care about all of you, and no matter how I’d answer it’d hurt most of you.”
“Ah, that’s no fun,” the Avatar of Lust whined with his bottom lip poking out in a pout. His orange eyes traced over MC’s body as they continued to work on their homework. “But one of us is your favorite demon, right?”
“Again, I’m not answering that.”
“Your favorite demon isn’t one of us.” Satan put a bookmark in his book and set his book down on the coffee table with a light thump.
MC huffed out of frustration and met Satan’s scrutinizing eyes. “Why would you think that?”
“It’s only us here. If you said one of us was your favorite demon, then no one’s feelings would get hurt. Because you didn’t, there is someone else that’s your favorite demon.”
“Or I could just be worried that one of you would run off and tell Barbatos and Lord Diavolo.”
“So Barbatos is your favorite.”
MC felt their face and ears burn. They buried their face back into their homework. “You’re delusional, Satan.”
“No, I don’t think I am.” Satan smirked, the thrill of solving a mystery excited him. “Most refer to those two as Lord Diavolo and Barbatos – with Lord Diavolo coming first. It’s only natural given that he’s the next crowned King of Devildom.”
“Oh! That makes so much sense!” Asmo clapped his hands together. “I did see the two of them out on a date.”
“Wait what?!” Mammon shrieked now becoming fully invested in the conversation. He leaped over the couch. His body nearly collided with MC’s. His white locks of hair flipped back and forth – his head shifting quickly from Asmo to Satan and then to MC.
“It’s true! I was out shopping and I saw them at the market.”
“We were just running an errand,” MC dismissed, though their darkening cheeks said otherwise.
“Oh?” Asmo cooed and leaned close to MC, trying to get a glimpse of their blush. His chest just leaning into MC’s arm. “Then why were you holding hands?”
“Holdin’ hands?” Mammon’s voice cracked.
“He was just making sure I didn’t get lost. There were a lot of other demons there,” MC’s voice shook as they spoke.
“And how about when you kissed at the café?”
“Kissed?” Lucifer looked up from his paperwork with a frown. He placed his pen down and sat up straight, fully facing MC.
“H-he ate the only dessert that they had and was letting me get a taste. That’s it,” MC’s voice was muffled. Their hands trembled while covering their face.
“And then why did he give your cheek a kiss when he walked you back home?” Asmo was practically draped over MC.
MC’s head shot up. “Just how long did you follow us?!”
“So it’s all true?” Lucifer sighed and shook his head.
“Yes,” MC gave in. They slowly stood up, shaking Asmo off of them. “I need to go make a call.” They quickly left away from the gazes of the brothers – some looked distraught, others disappointed, and others amused.
MC looked back to see if anyone followed them, but no one was there. Their hands shook while they reached into their pocket and took out their D.D.D. Their fingers swiped across the screen until they brought their D.D.D. to their ear. A dull ringing sounded.
“MC, what a surprise," Barbatos’s voice sounded from the other line.
“I’m sorry, am I interrupting you?”
“Not at all. Let me just step out for a moment.” Barbatos paused. “I’m going to step out for just a moment, young master,” his voice was quieter – as though he held the phone away from him. There was a moment of silence before he came back. “I apologize for the wait. How are you, MC?”
“Um, well,” MC hesitated. “Please don’t be mad at me.”
“Are you alright?” Concern laced his voice.
"I’m fine, it’s just…” MC took a deep breath to try and calm their nerves. “Asmo saw us the other day and told all of the brothers. I’m so sorry. I know we were trying to keep this quiet to make sure it’d work, but now they all know.” There was a brief lapse in conversation before MC heard Barbatos chuckle lightly. “Barbatos?”
“I’m sorry, MC. This is honestly a blessing.” MC could hear the smile in his voice. “To be honest, I wasn’t fond of us sneaking around. I hated being in the same room as you and had to keep my distance, to not hold your hand, kiss your cheek, or…No.” Barbatos paused. “I need to tell you this in person. MC, where are you?”
“At the house. Tell me what?”
"I’ll be there momentarily. Please wait for me.”
“Wait! Is it a good thing or a bad thing?” MC chewed on their lip, their anxiety bubbling up. Was he going to end things with them?
“It’s good,” Barbatos breathed out. “I promise it’s good. Please wait.”
“I promise, I’ll wait.” They hung up and looked back seeing a few of the brothers peeking around the corner at them. They sighed and hurried towards the front door to the house. Without thinking, their feet trotted back and forth. They kept tapping their phone screen to glance at the time and see how long it’s been since they spoke with Barbatos.
Then, a knock sounded past the wooden doors. MC quickly grasped the bronze handles and opened the doors. Barbatos straightened up, trying to hide how his chest heaved while trying to catch his breath. The corners of his mouth quickly turned up to a soft smile.
“Forgive me for making you wait,” he spoke. He paused for a moment to take a deep breath. He took in every detail of MC’s face and chuckled lightly. “You look nervous.”
“Well, I am,” MC huffed and crossed their arms. Their eyes looking off to the side.
“I should be the one that’s nervous,” Barbatos hummed. He took a small step forward and softly placed his hand on their shoulder. His hand traced down their arm until he gently uncrossed their arms. Soon, his hand found MC’s and he intertwined their fingers with his.
MC looked up at him, not bothering to hide their flushed face. “Why?”
Barbatos leaned forward and rested his forehead against MC’s. He closed his eyes, relishing in the warmth MC gave off. “I wanted to tell you this in person, not over the phone. It is a mystery as to when you became so important to me. Not being able to hold you, speak with you, or be blessed by your presence whenever we please has been pure torture for me. I have been yearning for the moment where we could be together, not that the others know, we can.” He opened his eyes and brought MC’s hands up to his lips and pressed a kiss to it. Barbatos then brought MC’s hand to his chest, where his heart was beating quickly just by looking at them. “I’m hopelessly in love with you, MC.”
MC’s breath hitched and their eyes widened. They threw themselves into his arms and clung onto the fabric of his jacket. “I love you, too.”
“Kiss them!” Asmo cried from a distance.
The two glanced over, seeing the swarm of demon brothers. MC felt embarrassment crawl up their neck, but a finger under their chin brought them to face Barbatos once more. His eyes glanced towards their lips.
“May I?”
MC slowly nodded and leaned up. Barbatos’s lips enraptured MC’s in a chaste kiss. They pulled apart and leaned into the other's embrace, not caring about the prying eyes and many photos Asmo was taking of Devildom’s newest couple.
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radarchives · a day ago
Tumblr media
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