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YALLLL I found out how to get some extra hourglasses !!! Idk if pll already knew this but im just happy i found this out ;D


If you go to the main screen, go to history > Guest > then click on the guest. Click on the “RFA comment” and a random member will say something about the guest. Youll get an hourglass !!! Bruh im so happy i found this

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Ben: we faced certain death (in the vault). Maybe you haven’t grown up because of it, but I have.

MC: stfu ben that was like my fourth cursed vault since i was 12 don’t act like you’re mister badass after your first one gtf out of here with your angsty bullshit i don’t have time for this

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@choicesmaychallenge, obviously I’m unoriginal with my title but day 29 prompt. @kinda-iconic.

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Kamilah x MC

⚠️ Warning: more fluffy than angsty! ⚠️

Kamilah finished cleaning up after dinner, enjoying having a few days alone with Alice, helping her desk with the loss of her family, she had dealt with losing humans in her life, but for Alice. This was the first time she was dealing with it, and she had helped her as much as a wife could, but knew Alice had her own ways of dealing with it. Drying her hands on the tea towel before folding it neatly and placing it on the kitchen counter. Glancing towards Alice whose back was turned to her. Normally she would talking her ears off whenever they were home alone. Asking about her day despite the fact she was just gardening. Alice would ask random questions but had no idea about half of what she doing. But it was endearing she still tried.

“You okay?”

“My family’s photo album arrived today.” Alice answered. Flipping through pages, sniffling.

Kamilah detected the sadness in her voice, having learnt everything about her wife in the decades of their married life. “I thought they were arriving tomorrow.” She walked over. Grabbing it and opening it up to the first page. Seeing baby pictures. “Is this you?”

“Yeah. That’s baby Alice.” Alice couldn’t help but smile at picture of her giggling in her fathers arms. “I had no idea what I would become.”

“My beautiful wife?” Kamilah small smile appeared every so often, but it was undeniably always in the presence of her wife.

Alice turned to see Kamilah’s smile, “suppose someone had to make an honest woman out of you.”

Kamilah shook her head. “I was surprised your niece didn’t get them.”

“I think my mother wanted me to have them. So I could always look at them.” Alice answered, flipping the page. Seeing a photo of her graduating college. “So I could look back.”

Kamilah gently rubbed Alice’s back, feeling her words became harder, her eyes glistening. “To be able to have photos to remember your family. I envy you. I wish I had a photo of my family, as frustrating as my cousin Cleopatra was. I could show you exactly what they looked like.”

Alice closed her photo album. “Your not upset with me for hav-“

“No.” Kamilah reassured her. “I could never be upset with you for wanting to keep these. They are your family, and what made you the incredible woman I love.”

Alice saw the blank pages at the back with a note, pulling it out and reading it aloud. “Sweetie. Fill these blank pages of your new life. I want our family’s story to have you and your wife. Love mum.” Her tears hitting the note. “Ps. Make sure you smile in your first photo. You have a great smile.” She softly chuckled. Wiping her tears. Kamilah stepping away before coming back with a photo frame.

“I think this should be the first one.”

Alice picked it up. Kamilah and her together in their wedding dresses. Smiles on both their faces, Kamilah’s eyes on Alice. Not even noticing the photographer. “It’s a beautiful photo.”

Kamilah opened the back. Handing Alice the photo. “I’ll let you have the honours.”

Alice placed it in. Smiling through her tears. “I can’t believe my mother wanted me to have these. I just thought she’d give them to my niece.”

“We can give them to her to add photos to. We don’t need to fill all these pages. I find it hard to believe you have enough photos for twenty pages.” Kamilah noted. Kissing Alice’s cheek. “We have plenty of time to make memories. To fill these pages with our happiest moments.”

“True. Our trip to England has been long planned.”

“I’m glad I can take you around the world. Show you everything that defined me.”

“Did you ever go to England?”

“Gaius and me were there to catch the boat to America. It was the new beginning we desired for the vampires.”

“And look what it got you.” Alice pressed her lips to Kamilah’s in a sweet kiss. “Might have taken time to get that new beginning but I don’t think the vampires could be safer.”

“All the fighting, the battles, the wars I fought in to make vampires safe from the humans who hunted us.” Kamilah wrapped her arms around Alice in a loving embrace.

“Turned out we just needed to reveal the truth.” Alice slid her hands up Kamilah’s arms to her shoulders.

Kamilah nuzzled Alice’s neck, inhaling her perfume. “I still can’t believe you picked me sometimes.”

“I think you bewitched me.”

“I can cast spells now?” Kamilah’s muffled voice echoed. A small laugh leaving her throat.

Alice giggled when she felt Kamilah’s lips on her neck. “You know what that does to me.”

“Why do you think I do it?”

Alice rolled her eyes. “I don’t think those memories can go in my families photo album.”

Kamilah pulled back, raising an eyebrow at her wife. “Your not planning on putting our honeymoon photos in this are you?”

“Maybe some.” Alice’s eyes gleamed with mischief.

“You know we were naked for half our honeymoon right?” Kamilah remembered the moment Alice told her when she booked their honeymoon but refused to tell her where. A surprise, one well worth waiting for when they landed in France. Their first night spent at dinner in the Eiffel Tower, before travelling to the countryside where Alice had booked them a few nights at a French chateau. It was beyond gorgeous, and Alice revealed the place was for a sale. Kamilah insisted they buy it so they could enjoy France whenever they wanted.

“You sure?” Alice asked. “It’s beautiful but we wouldn’t be here much.”

“Yes. Imagine being able to visit France and staying here. In our own personal chateau. Where I could worship you like the queen you are.” Kamilah’s lips explored a trail up Alice’s naked back. Not a single scar on her, her skin so smooth, so perfect and it all belonged to her. It belonged to her for eternity. She pressed her lips to Alice’s shoulder before resting her chin on Alice’s shoulder. Seeing her look at the house on her phone. “What are you double checking? My people will look over it and tell me it’s value and I’ll make a good offer.”

“I’m reading the history. I wondered if any other star crossed lovers lived here.” Alice couldn’t help but wonder if there were others who found their way here. If they were star crossed lovers.

“I think you shouldn’t worry about them.” Kamilah closed the app on her phone. “I think you should just worry what we’ll eat for breakfast every morning we’re here.”

Alice turned enough for Kamilah to capture her lips with her own. Nipping at lower lip before feeling her hand trail down her side. Shivering when her nails scraped down her side.

“Wait.” Alice wiggled in Kamilah’s arms. “We haven’t got our photo of the day.”

“Haven’t you taken enough photos?” Kamilah groaned. Pushing off Alice and laying on the bed, the sheets covering her up enough, a hand propping her head up. “You have insisted on that many photos.”

“I need a photo of the landscape before we decide to buy it.”

“Really? It’s a pretty good view from here.” Kamilah glanced outside. The moon shining over the chateaus lake just outside the door.

“I’ve got a better view.” Alice insisted. Kamilah turning back with a smile, Alice capturing the photo. “A much better view. I think the curves of the landscape from here is perfect. You can’t do anymore to make it better.”

Kamilah sighed. “Just let me buy the chateau will you as a honeymoon gift.”

“We can discuss it later.” Alice threw the sheets aside. Pouncing on Kamilah with a flurry of kisses.

“And. We were dressed enough at times for me to take photos.” Alice pushed onto her tippy toes. Meeting Kamilah’s faraway gaze, realising she wasn’t listening, smirking a little. “The divorce was finalised yesterday. I suppose we won’t be able to put us in there. My mother won’t be that disappointed I will have to put another vampire in there. It will just have to be Lily and Adrian. I’m sure they will compete very well.”

“Yes. Yes.” Kamilah nodded. Not really listening until she felt Alice pinch her hard. “Hey!”

“Did you not hear a word I just said?”

“Ah…” Kamilah smiled. “We were talking about our honeymoon?”

“Sure sure. You just agreed us divorcing was a yes yes.” Alice laughed. Kamilah narrowing her eyes. “Now. Listen please.”

“I can’t enjoy thinking back on our honeymoon?” Kamilah suggested. “Your telling me you don’t think about certain parts.”

“I do. I remember my camera and how many photos I took-”

“Of the landscape. I remember your excuse now. You insisted the curves of the landscape in front of you needed a photo to remember them by so you could look back fondly on our honeymoon.”

“So I don’t catch you looking at those photos every now and then?!” Alice wiggled her eyebrows.

Kamilah softly kissed her, her lips lingering before moving to gently nip her ear. Her voice barely a husky whisper. “I don’t need photos to remember exactly what I did to you.” Her nails scraping down Alice’s back, arching into her with yearning. Feeling her body pressed up against Kamilah’s. Alice biting her lower lip, Kamilah smirking. “So when are we going to buy that chateau?”

“I love you too. But never.”

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