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posting this before i stare at it so much that i hate it
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this came to me in a dream
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Our fairytale
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So yeah uh...i finished 👉🏿👈🏿 btw i cutted some parts so its more short than it was before
Type: fluff
Year: year 6(during the events of the second valentines day)
Warnings: none(?kissing?)
"Cereza always loved fairytale books, especially romance ones. However she didn't expect that she would live one herself on valentines day."
It was valentine's day and a ball was made to celebrate the occasion. However there was so trouble with Madam Pince being in charge of the preparations, afraid the ball would be ruined by her ideas of what a valentine's day should be, Cereza and her friends all helped Madam Pince realize what valentine's day was truly about while also helping her and Mr Filch get more closer.
With that out of the way, Cereza asked Talbott to go with her, this was the second valentines day they celebrated as a couple, well at least they consider themselves as a couple. They were still "testing the waters'' and going slow being patient with each other, they were still young and had a lot of time left so why go fast?
The great hall was fully decorated for the ball, everything looked pink and red which suited the vibes for valentines day. Everyone did an amazing job helping with it.
The hufflepuff checked the ball room and saw all of her friends, they all looked amazing with their new outfits and style. When Cereza landed her eyes on Talbott, it felt like the world stopped for a split second.
He was still casual for the most part but seeing him in his new outfit, seemingly picked out especially for him if the boots had anything to say, Cereza felt her heart flutter a bit.
Talbott's eyes soon landed on Cereza, who was still at the entrance of the great hall. She saw him giving her a soft smile and she returned the smile. He rarely smiled before but being around her changed him.
She walked towards him and he also walked in her direction.
"Cereza, You're here. I was getting-" he paused, almost as if he was rewriting what he was going to say in his head, "-worried."
Cereza noticed he was looking at her up and down, as if he was just realizing what outfit she was wearing.
Andre helped Cereza with her outfit, and she thanked him for. if it wasnt for Andre, Cereza wouldnt have the perfect dress for the occasion.
"I see Andre managed to make time for you. And you look...well..." Talbott scratched the back of his head as he struggled to come up with a compliment, getting more nervous and a little embarrassed. Cereza chuckled a little at his reaction, he could be adorable in his own way, especially when he acted like that.
"Thank you, Tal. I know you say a lot with a little...so I will take your speechless as a compliment." Talbott sighed in relief as he heard these words coming out of her mouth, his shoulders relaxed knowing she understood him.
"I'm glad. And I'm sorry I'm not...very good with words."
"It's okay, you don't need to apologize." Cereza explained, trying to comfort him.
"I appreciate your understanding, Cereza. But...let me try again." Said Talbott who suddenly changed his voice tone and expression to a more serious one completely as if he wasn't embarrassed 5 seconds ago.
"Oh?" Cereza thought curiously, wondering what Talbott was going to say.
Talbott cleared his throat and looked at Cereza, who was waiting curiously to see what he was going to say:
"You're more lovely and temperate than a summer day."He recited, an air of confidence lingering in his words.
Cereza got surprised"when did he switch from being embarrassed to confident so fast?" She thought. She saw him smirk a little which didn't help her with her cheeks getting more warm and warm because of this turn of events.
"Oh! wow I... Talbott that was beautiful." Cereza complimented, she didn't understand fully what he meant. While she found poetry a beautiful thing half of the time she couldn't understand it. She was more taken back by how he was acting.
Cereza cleared her throat, trying to keep it cool.
"Well I will admit it, Andre was able to really wield some serious magic in making this outfit." She admitted while looking at her dress. Cereza knew Andre's talent of making beautiful outfits but everytime he did something for her she would be still amazed by it as if it was her first time seeing one of his outfits.
Before they could continue their conversation they noticed Madam Pince and Mr Filch walking towards them, Madam Pince still looked the same while Filch and Mrs Norris were still wearing the same outfit Andre gave it to both of them before. Filch and Pince were an... interesting couple.
After talking with them for a short while, Madam Pince suggested Cereza should start the dancing and this caught her off guard.
"Wait, Me??" Asked Cereza, then looked at Talbott. "Well I...are you okay with this?"
Cereza knew how Talbott didnt like a lot of attention on him and being the first ones to dance would bring attention towards both of them. However despite that Talbott looked...relaxed.
"Yes, I am." Talbott said, still looking pretty calm.
"Are you sure?" Asked Cereza once more.
"With you by my side, I don't care about getting other people's attention." Cereza was surprised by his words, however what he said meant a lot to her and she couldn't hide her joy on hearing that.
After another a short while, they could hear the music started playing, while there wasn't anyone on the stage there were some musical instruments and they were playing on their own.
"Sounds like it's time for the first dance, Cereza." Talbott looked at her with a proud look and posture as he reached his hand out, offering it to the hufflepuff.
Cereza couldn't help but giggle at his gesture.
"Are you asking me to dance, Talbott?" Asked Cereza, raising an eyebrow with a smirk on her face.
"Only if you want to." Replied Talbott.
"Of course I want to!" Cereza exclaimed with her eyes lighting up, holding his hand.
They walked to where the other students were. As they got in the middle of the dance floor.
Music was playing, fairies were flying around, it felt magical.
"I'm not usually the one for public display but…" Chuckled Talbott, looking kinda excited for the dance."I quite like this one...as much as I like you."
Cereza was content, she felt warm, she was feeling special at that moment and it was because of him. She loved him so much that there were not enough words that could describe her love for him and how he made her feel.
"Well I hope you like dancing, because this is our time to shine baby!" Cereza cheerfully said while grabbing both of his hands and pulling him for a dance, earning a surprised look and gasp that came from her ravenclaw partner.
Cereza loved dancing, she always danced ever since she was a child so she knew a few dance moves. However Talbott at first felt a little shy, but as the minutes passed, he started to loosen up more on the dance floor. His movements were kinda goofy but he tried to keep up with Cereza. She tried her best to guide him while dancing.
Both of them were soon laughing at each other while dancing, seeing which one could make the stupidest dance move, then switching up to trying to keep up with music and then going back to being two dorks.
Did they looked stupid? Definitely, but they didn't care. Besides everything for them it felt like there was no one else around, just both of them and the fairies.
Cereza was having the best night of her life, everything worked out perfectly in the end and everyone was having fun.
After dancing for a long while they got tired, they both left the dance floor still laughing a little. Both chatted for a while while their classmates were still dancing, they were just enjoying their time together.
However, the band switched up songs out of nowhere, making Talbott look surprised.
"Hey, is that an instrumental version of "Do the Hippogriff?" Asked Talbott, still looking surprised as if something important was about to happen.
"Oh! Yes it is!" Answered Cereza recognizing the song.
"I didn't expect to be so…." Talbott mumbled to himself.
"So…?" Cereza tilted her head, waiting for him to finish what he was about to say.
" Uh...So fun without the punk! Let's keep dancing." Talbott smiled nervously as he nervously bit his lip as he looked around. "Oh, I...I need to grab a refreshment first. All this dancing made me thirsty."
"A refreshment sounds great, I will go with y-"
"No!" Talbott almost yelled, making Cereza jump before she could even finish her sentence. "...what I mean is that I will grab one for you, stay right here, don't move!"
He then left running, leaving Cereza puzzled as to why he acted like that.
"Well that was...odd."
Cereza waited for Talbott to come back and was worried to why he was taking so long to get just some refreshments. She talked to Professor Dumbledore while she waited for him, he told her where he was and that there was a suprise waiting for her. She wondered what it was.
When she arrived at the entrance to the library she noticed that the door was half open and she could see some lights inside. Talbott was there.
She opened the door slowly and gaped at the scene she saw.
The library was different, different from before, it was decorated with books making a path on the floor and the lights were dim, there was only the light of some candles and the fairies. The book path followed to a heart shaped entrance, where Talbott was standing looking anxious as he scratched behind his head looking at her.
"Happy Valentine 's Day, Cereza." Cereza looked at him standing there as he shyly said that.
Cereza was standing there, with her mouth open and her eyes wided. She struggled to come up with words.
She then finally walked towards him and stopped right in front of him.
"Talbott...wow I…" She tried to say something, Talbott chuckled at her reaction. "This...this is beautiful. How did you make all of this?"
Talbott nodded and explained how he managed to do all of that. He had everything planned way before the ball even started.
"Also I just thought after everything you did to make everyone's Valentines Day perfect you deserve a surprise yourself." Talbott said "I know how much you love fairytales, so I tried to make something based on that."
Talbott grabbed her hand gently and led Cereza to the center of the redecorated library, a stage-like platform with those same book arches, now in the shape of half hearts and in the middle a fully made one. As she stepped onto the platform of books, she noticed stray ones making small piles, with candles on them.
Her eyes widened, seeing the fairy tale-esque display in the library. Makeshift arches made of books, the colors blending together. Cereza felt her heart flutter again, looking at all the details and decorations, wondering how long this must have taken. Hours? Days? She refused to believe he planned all of this in a few hours only. It was like she stepped into the pages of her favorite fairy tale, the illustrations come to life.
"Talbott this is...all of this...it's beautiful." Cereza couldn't think of enough words to describe what she was feeling and how beautiful all of this was. "It's like I stepped into one of my old fairytale books, it's amazing!"
"I'm glad you liked it, but you are the amazing one here." Talbott explained. "All I did was ask Professor Dumbedore and Madam Pince if I could use the library."
So that's why Dumbledore knew about it. However, Cereza couldn't help but feel surprised by one thing.
"Wait really?? Pince let you do all of this??"
"I told her I was following my heart." Murmured Talbott. "You made this Valentine's Day perfect for everyone, even for Filch and Pince...And especially for me."
"All I wanted was a magical Valentine's Day with you, Talbott...And I got it." Admitted Cereza
"I feel the same way, Cereza." Mused Talbott." And...I made something for you. A storybook."
Talbott then proceeded to cast a spell and a floating book with a heart-shapped golden key appeared from it.
"A book! Let me guess…it's a fairytale about a loner with a poetic and a curse breaking witch..." Cereza described. "...who threw the best party this school has ever seen?"
"They might even...share a storybook romance along the way." Talbott suggested, feeling his cheeks turn pink as he said that.
"That sounds like a fairytale I'd read again and again!" Cereza giggled, she then grabbed the book along with the key and held it close to her chest.
Talbott then prooced to explain how the heart-shapped key could open the book and could be also used as necklace.
"Talbott, that's brilliant! I should've known you'd be a true romantic at heart." The hufflepuff cheerfully said while smiling like an idiot, an idiot who is in love.
"Well...I think you bring that out in me-"
Before Talbott could finish what he was saying Cereza interrupted him with a hug. She had left the book on one of the piles of books that was near her.
She held him tight as she sank her face into his chest. Talbott soon returned the hug holding her close to him with a gentle smile on his face. They stayed like that for a few seconds until Cereza looked up at Talbott and pulled him by his tie to give a kiss on the cheek, which surprised him a little and made his cheeks along with his ears turn dark red.
Cereza chuckled a little at his reaction.
Then Talbott gently smiled, raising his hand to Cereza's cheek and caressing it, his hand cupping her face as his thumb rubbed it like it was the most precious thing in the world. His eyes darted towards hers, taking in everything about her. Her freckles, her beautiful dark skin, the bits of hair that fell on her face, and the candlelight reflected in her glasses.
He felt something in his chest, nothing heavy but light, like he could relax for once. He felt safe. He felt like nothing could go wrong. His other hand reached for hers and gently held it, intertwining his fingers with hers.
His other hand that was on her cheek moved slowly to her chin, holding it there making her look at him directly.
His gaze was on her lips and Cereza felt her heartbeat quicken.
They never had their first kiss, every attempt always ended with one getting too nervous to do it or they were interrupted by one of their friends. But at that moment it felt like the perfect scenario, it was just them there no one was going to come there and interrupt it.
"Cereza…" Talbott murmured."May I...kiss you?"
Cereza's eyes widened, she wanted that for so long so she shyly nodded, feeling her cheeks warm.
Cereza closed her eyes and parted her lips softly as she waited for him, she could feel how close he was from his breath. Cereza felt like she had butterflies on her stomach, his lips softly brushed over hers and then…
He kissed her.
It felt like time stopped and it was just them, not just in the library but in the entire castle, maybe the entirety of Scotland. That moment, that wonderfully perfect moment was theirs and no one else's. No one who could stumble upon this scene, no one to interrupt them. As they kissed closer, he could even smell her strawberry perfume as his tall frame was learning over. They felt each other's heartbeats, as if they were in sync. It wasn't perfect, nothing ever is, but it was still perfect to them.
It lasted for a while until they had to pull back for air, they breathed deeply as their noses touched one another not letting go of each other's hand. Talbott's eyes were half open as he watched Cereza's face, her eyes were still closed and her cheeks were colored with a shade of red.
He then surprisingly pulled her for another kiss earning a gasp from her, this time he was more confident. It was more passionate and a little less awkward this time as he wrapped one arm around her while he continued holding her hand with the other one. Talbott then felt her fingers behind the back of his head and smirked a little against her lips.
His lips felt a little rough against hers but Cereza didn't mind,she could only focus on how addictively it felt making her wish this moment could last forever. While Talbott didn't feel shy, if anything the warm feeling on his chest and how her lips felt so soft against his made him feel more confident than ever and want more.
Cereza felt like she was in a dream. No, not a dream, more like a fairytale. A fairytale she would always daydream living it one day, getting her first kiss from her prince. Well Talbott was far from how a prince acted and looked in the books. But to her he was a prince, her prince.
Then they parted away once more, this time stopping for real. They just held each other and Cereza laid her head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat. His heart was pounding fast which she wasn't surprised since her heart was like that as well.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Talbott." She softly said with a smile on her face.
"Happy Valentine 's day, Cereza."
(Base used for the drawing)
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get tickets to watch miley and green day perform together
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The mobs are unionizing
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Quick, Eat The Soup..[minecraft slurping noises]….Good Soup
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part of the "lets finish every doodle I made" project KFKFKFKF cus I wanna finish obey me properly, this is archie, the oc I created for asmo
I created him like a year ago but surprisingly he's a lot like "beginning of the novel" Xie Lian, without the 800 years of torture KFKFKFK
He's also a demisexual, so, while asmo already fell for him, Achi still hasn't and asmo knows and he's crying KFKFKD
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ꕥ 𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟 𝕓𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕔𝕥 𝕥𝕠 𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕚𝕤𝕥 𝕞𝕔 ꕥ
Genre : fluff
Warning : non
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Sorry so lazy to write it again <3
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MC: We can bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.
Cleo: No, that's not how you make cookies.
Richy: FLOOR IT!!
MC: How about 4,000,000 degrees for 1 second?!?
Richy: DO IT!
Cleo: NO-
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I thought I should probably tell you all about another character who will have an impact on your MC’s high school life:
Their name was Lucas/Lucy, and was Surai’s childhood best friend from elementary school and into high school. They were the more outgoing friend and was the one who tried to befriend you first. They stood at 5’10” and had chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and an athletic build.
When MC was 16, they started taking you on casual dates, much to Surai’s delight and August's horror. After about a month, they asked you if you wanted to become an official couple, before you could respond, they keeled over and collapsed, dead. Later you learned that the cause of death was a heart attack, they had no preexisting medical conditions.
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(Almost) Every Costume Per Episode + Defne’s red velvet gown in 4x33
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If I was writing for the MC in chapter 1
MC: Um, you're clearly in violation of rule #6669.
Riddle: What kind of fool do you take me for? There is no such rule!
MC: Yeah there is, it's "suck my entire hog".
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