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“…” His eyes read over the note, and he immediately recognises the handwriting. In the privacy of his own study, he allows himself to smile, his eyes falling closed as he holds the note close to his heart. “If only you knew how much I believe in you…” he murmurs softly… before his hands tighten around the note, as he steels his resolve. If they don’t know that… then he’ll just go to them and tell them, personally.

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Lucifer: *hearing all of the suggestions* *walks to MC and kneels* Well, you can just make me beg for it.

MC: Um…

Beel: My suggestion got wasted.

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Ah… The LMC-RMC tandem… These split brains XD


RMC: *hugging LMC from behind* I’m sorry… *sniffle* Don’t get mad at me, please…

LMC: …

RMC: LMC? *cries* 

Lucifer and Satan: *watching them*

Satan: Why is LMC angry?

Lucifer: *sips his coffee* Well, LMC found out that RMC agreed to kiss Asmo without their permission.

Satan: Oh…

RMC: LMC, please….

LMC: *turns around* *and look at them with a stern face* And what? You’re going to do it again?

RMC: *sniffle* No.

LMC: *grab RMC by the back of their neck and kisses them*

Lucifer: *spits his coffee*

Satan: *utter shock*

LMC: *breaks the kiss and frowns at RMC* You’re lying.

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Lucifer: We don’t kill people!

Belphie: I think you mean you don’t kill people.

Lucifer: No. We don’t

Belphie: Ooh, look at Mr Bigshot over here, telling me who I can and can’t kill.

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MC T-posing on top of Lucifer’s desk: Good morning Lucifer

Lucifer walking in with his 10th cup of coffee: Good morning problem child.

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Lucifer: I’m home!

Mc: Welcome back! Do you want lunch or do you want me?

Lucifer: I’ll have lunch.

Mc: *Mumbles angrily*

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A/N: This idea definitely not just a 7-part self-callout has been rattling around in my brain for a while, and I decided that I may as well share the wealth with my fellow exchange students, considering anyone who’s been a student anywhere can confirm– none of us take proper care of ourselves. We could all probably use these talks. That being said, this is only the prologue, and each brother will eventually get a chapter of his own.

It wasn’t so much that they all noticed it at once. It was more about the little things that built up over time. Little things that got worse as time went on and stress built up.

For Lucifer, it was your humility. That isn’t to say he wanted your pride to rival his own, but he saw how you deflected compliments and avoided mirrors. The way you were sure that you were in no way good enough. It was bad enough that you let the lesser demons at RAD talked about you behind your back- no, oftentimes right in front of your face- it was worse that you didn’t disagree with anything they said. You did everything you could to hide your grades from Lucifer, even the good ones. When he brought them up, you’d claim it was just luck, and that you still needed to work harder. There was modesty, and then there was ignoring reality.

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He did, he really did… And we love to see it! It’s so cute when he’s open and straightforward about his feelings 😍

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Hello! Always nice to see a new follower!

I’m combining these two because I think they pair well together! Thank you as always for requesting !! 💖

(Would you like a request? Please check the blog description to see if they are open and the rules before doing so!)

(GN MC, they/them pronouns)

Warnings: None! Ask to tag if you think something is missing though.


  • An idol? 
  • … this won’t cause conflict with MC’s stay in the exchange program, will it? 
  • (How did he miss that in their application?) 
  • … Oh. They’re famous. 
  • Excellent, absolutely fantastic. This is definitely going to conflict with their stay in the devildom. 🙄
  • This is all just a headache waiting to happen, unfortunately.
  • Less of a headache when him and MC get closer, but a headache nonetheless 
  • Does not go to events, he’s too busy for it 
  • If MC REALLY insists and pulls the Stops, he… will think about it.
  • (He goes . But just the once.) 
  • Might not ever explicitly mention it, but actually very proud of them.. 
  • Perhaps if MC were to be able to look near his CDs they would find some copies of their releases. :) 

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i’ve come to the realization that somewhere during college i’ve lost the ability to automatically differentiate between my your/you’re’s, they’re/their/there’s and where/were/we’re’s. It might have something to do with me writing everything at 1-5AM haha

GN! MC (If there’s any mistakes please let me know)


-          “Hmpf…”

-          “?”

-          “I told you to bring your coat, didn’t i?”

-          The whole “I told you so” mom attitude

-          He’s doing all this while taking off his coat and giving it to you.

-          If you’re in a public space where people can see you his face and ears are red while he hands it to you

-          If you’re in a more secluded however, he takes the time to put it on you and pull collars up around you as well :>


-          If he’s in his little tsundere mode he’s all like “And who’s fault is that?”

-          The jacket that we see him in regularly isn’t really warming (atleast in my opinion) so he’d probably buy you a jacket on the spot

-          “And make sure ya pay me back tenfold! Kay?”

-          If he’s wearing a comfy jacket however, and you ask him for it he’ll seemingly begrudgingly hand it over.

-          We all know he’s only acting irritable, he’d kill to see you all huddled up in his clothes.

-          Vice versa if you can’t get a jacket from anywhere, he will walk closer to you to try to share his warmth

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Lucifer transforms, his dark wings fluttering as he strides to the door. “Mammon, Leviathan, with me. We’ll scout the area for anyone who may have followed our human. The rest of you, stay with them.”

“G-Got it!” Levi transforms as well, chasing after his older brother.

“…” Mammon reluctantly lets go of the human, so much concern in his eyes. “I’m really glad that you’re okay… I promise, I’m never gonna let you be hurt again, got it?!” That said, he transforms and rushes off to catch up with Lucifer and Levi.

“Here. Let me sit beside you and check you for injuries…” Satan says, gently sitting down at the human’s side, looking them over. “What did they do to you, exactly?”

“I can’t believe anyone would hurt you…” Asmo sniffles, tears in his eyes as he takes their hand. “How could anyone hurt you?!”

“I won’t let anyone hurt you again,” Beel speaks up, his eyes still teary, his hand tightly clasped around Belphie’s for comfort. “I already lost someone who mattered to me. I… I can’t lose you too. I couldn’t bear it…”

Belphie squeezes his twin’s hand reassuringly. “Don’t worry… the human isn’t going anywhere. We’ll keep them safe. Between the seven of us, we can make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

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Okay but how did Barbatos react to his poor excited master being forgotten and left in a prison cell???

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