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Ok so hear me out, young dialuci au

Lucifer and his brothers are still in heaven, Diavolos father is still around, running devildom. They’re practically kids. Diavolo has always admired lucifer, even from afar when he was unallowed to speak to lucifer. He is infatuated and he doesn’t try to hide it, but he’s also doesn’t know why. Lucifer is just this gorgeous angel who he longs to be in the presence of, but only sees him maybe, once every hundred years (or whatever time frame works for demon biology). Diavolo has effectivly been pining for centuries, and lucifer, thanks to his father, never so much as looked twice at diavolo, believing himself to be above demons, not wanting to be tempted etc etc. So one day when he suddenly notices hike, he is shocked. Has that demon always been here? Why is he acting like he remeber me? Isn’t he the demon kings son? Maybe he’s just carrying out formalities, they must be different there, right? Lucifer is just starting to form his own ideas about life, no longer blindly following what his father and the other, older angels tell him. His conversation with diavolo never progeresses beyond introducing themselves and polite conversation before Micheal comes over to retrieve him, claiming their father wanted to speak to them. Diavolo Is upset but doesn’t want to cause a scene or ruin lucifers perception of him, he realises that this is the first time lucifer has really recognised him and whilst it hurts that he’d spent centuries thinking about a boy who would only have given him the time of day out of a sense of duty, he can’t help but be delighted, running every word, every facial expression lucifer made back in his mind, determined not to forgot even a single second.

Cue Diavolo going home and telling Barbatos all about the conversation. Barbatos has watched his lord pine for lucifer and no matter how friendly diavolo wants them to be, he can’t tell diavolo that it will never happen. The demon king is strict about letting him see timelines (much more so than diavolo as we know him) and he’s still young, he doesn’t yet know that one day they wil fall. He does everything he can and more to try keep diavolo happy, believing that there’s no hope for him, wondering if it’s better to try and steer diavolos interests away from the angel, or indulge him and hopes he grows bored. Diavolo can often be found ‘exploring’ the crossover between heaven and hell whenever he has free time, hoping to catch a glimpse of lucifer. At first it seemed hopeless, but one time Lucifer had been passing on patrol with Micheal, spotting him, amd diavolo could have sworn lucifer face brightened even just a little upon seeing him.

Cue Lucifer being strictly reprimanded for conversing with demons beyond strictly necessary, he is the pride of the heavens and it wouldn’t do to have him sully himself with the likes of the demon lords son. Lucifer disagrees, thinking about how much more kindness diavolo, Prince of hell, showed him in those few minutes, than the entirety of heaven ever has in its long, sterile existence. He doesn’t speakup though, wanting to set a good example for his younger brothers. Lucifer never speaks of his encounter with diavolo, eventually almost convincing himself that diavolo was trying to lure him in with false kindness, and whilst deep in his heart he knows it isn’t true, he tells himself this often enough that he can never think of the conversation without the doubt seeping in. His holds true until he one day spots Diavolo whilst patrolling with Micheal and wonders how he ever believed that. He can feel the Diavolos joy and overwhelming love for him and he’d never felt lighter. He wishes he could feel that lighthearted every day, but it’s over in seconds, Micheal grimacing at diavolo in polite warning. Lucifer knows he can’t go back without raising suspicions, especially after his patrol paths are changed. Diavolos infatuation with lucifer was mistaken as malicious by the heavens, believing that the soon to be king would love to claim ruin to one of heavens favourite angels.

Diavolo doesn’t know about the change, and still visits the inbetween, it’s his escape. He’s crown Prince and just become an adult, and with a mother no longer in the picture, the court is desperate to have him marry soon. He hates it, he doesn’t want to force any of these women to be with him. Months and months of countless ladies, dutches, baroness and even other princesses pass before he is shouted at, told what a pain he is being for them, how he’s only thinking of himself, they need a new heir and he needs someone to rule alongside. He’s a demon, not a saint, he snaps back, he doesn’t want to be with a woman, please stop trying. He Court Are annoyed beyond belief but start sending princes, barons and the like, thinking that maybe that would appease him. And thats when Diavolo realises, looking at these men that they want him to marry, he already knows who he wants to be with, and it’s the one he knows he can’t have. But Diavolo is so much stronger than anyone gives him credit for, he knows that he cannot truly love any of these people and as such, refuses to marry. He buries himself in other royal duties in hopes of appeasing the King, his father, amd whilst the king isn’t happy, he chooses to let it go, even if only for a few centuries, it’s good to see diavolo applying himself instead of wandering the realm and chattering time away and attending parties.

But sometimes, when diavolo can’t sleep, he returns to the inbetween, his safe place, away from all the rules, regulations and royalties of his day to day life, just to fantasise of how different it could have been. Demons can’t become angels, he knows that, maybe they could have lived a life on Earth together, among humans, he always had a soft spot for humans, would lucifer? Could the two of them run away together, never returning, forgotten by time to live the life they wanted? But he knows that it’s not possible, that time never forgets, and that lucifer couldn’t love him, he’s an angel, he’s a demon, he’s told himself a thousand times, but he can’t help but daydream, filling every resting moment with his ideal reality. He almost asks Barbatos if it’s possible, but after a millennia of longing he stopped, not wanting to worry the poor man, he works so much. So that’s where he stays, in the dead of night, streetlights long since darkened, looking over, he knows lucifer must be out there and well, he supposes he’s always been alone, it’s nothing he can’t handle

Lucifer knows. Lucifer dreams of going to talk to the Prince who loiters by the inbetween. The Prince who he knows as helped lost angels, sending them back to where they’re safe. If he truly was waiting to kill him like the vicious beast heaven depicts him as, surely he wouldn’t be so kind, so understanding.

Diavolo Is still at the inbetween when he’s alerted by Barbatos‘ Pressence. Theres a war, and not just a small territorial one, angels are rebelling. Armies are being sent to attack heaven whilst it’s weakest. Diavolo doesn’t agree with war, but his father is acting monarch, he can’t stop this. He almost prays that night, to god, for lucifers safety.

[Mr Rose by Spence Hood, the song that hit me like a truck before I wrote this. I can’t but imagine diavolo singing it, about lucifer, Someone Said it sounded like something a Disney Prince would sing and I couldn’t stop untill I’d written this]

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After getting adopted by the Demon King * better known as Diavolos dad *, you get sent to the demon prince castle.

There you are supposed to get your proper education from your new adoptive brother and his butler.


Gn. Reader insert


Being summoned to the Devildom out of nowhere is a massive shock to say it lightly.

Yet here I am standing in front of a huge throne in a massive room. An equally impressive man sitting on the throne.


His sheer presence demands my full attention.

I can only swallow my saliva. I’m sure that my life is over.

The demon stares at me, my body naturally trembles.


When he opens his mouth, I hold my breath in anticipation. “Mortal child, I have summoned you here in order to adopt you. Henceforth you shall be recognized as my heir and potential future ruler of this realm.” His voice almost shakes the foundation of the room.

My mouth starts moving almost on its own. Before I realized it, words spilled from my mouth. “Wait a moment; I’m an adult. I already have a life in the human world and ruler of the underworld? Do I get no say in this?”

I instantly regret my big mouth. Feeling like his gaze burns a hole through me.

“I have already decided. I’m not concerned about your options. You will stay with my son and will be properly instructed by him. I wish to see results or else I will replace you with someone more capable.” His words echo in the huge room.


I know what this implies, I have to play along or I will be dead.

And so in a single moment my whole world is turned upside down.


Without any further explanation I once more find myself in a completely new environment.

This also appears to be a castle or at least an enormous mansion, at least by judging the interior.

I stare in awe at the place, feeling overwhelmed by this whole ordeal.


At this moment I notice a slightly concerned looking man staring at me. Normally I would find this rude, but he is very handsome, so I let it slide.

He gives me the brightest of smiles. Is it possible this day isn’t all terrible?


“Welcome to my castle. My name is Diavolo and according to my father we are now siblings. I know this must be a lot to take in, but I’m sure we will get along just fine.” Diavolo seems to take this new development pretty easy.

I wonder if he is used to antics like these. Maybe his father pulls stunts like this all the time?

“Hello… To be completely honest I would rather just go back home but I assume that is not an option.” I feel a bit wary of him, despite his seemingly welcoming attitude.


Diavolo has an otherworldly feel to him that I can’t quite pinpoint, but I’m certain that he is a demon.


“My father can be quite hard headed at times. I know he means well, though. It’s been my dream to make our realms come closer, for an extremely long time. I guess this is just how my father decided to help with that.” Diavolo sounds nonchalant about this whole situation.

I’m unsure what I can even say to that logic. “Was it necessary to kidnap me?”

“I’m certain there must be better methods but it’s too late for that now. Regardless, I’m pretty thrilled to have a little sibling now. So let’s do our best to get along.” Diavolo smiles at me, bright as the sun.

Somehow I get swept away by his beaming smile and friendly behavior. “Sure, let’s do that.”


Diavolo seems extremely pleased by my answer, and his smile somehow gets even more beaming.

At this point I start wondering if he might be secretly an angel but I keep that to myself.


“Barbatos will you show my sibling their room?” Diavolo speaks to someone behind me.

I turn my head and am surprised by a man right behind me. I had not noticed him at all. I’m unsure if I should be terrified or impressed.

“Of course, my lord. Please follow me, young liege.” Barbatos turns to me with a courteous smile. It’s easy to see that he is the butler of my new brother.

It’s very hard to say no to this, so I simply give Diavolo a slight bow and follow after Barbatos.


He escorts me deeper into the castle, it looks like a confusing maze to me.

I look in awe at the new scenery. I still can’t comprehend that I will stay here.


Then Barbatos stops in front of a door.

I practically run into him.

He opens the door and motions to me to follow him.

Carefully I step inside of the room, unsure what I should expect. The room is extremely luxurious. Even the curtains look more expensive than my entire previous house.

The bed is big enough for at least five people and there are two other doors in the room.


“This is your room. You should be able to find whatever you require. You have your own private bathroom and dressing room. In addition you have a private study, small library and a room to meet with your guests.” Barbatos explains everything very calmly.

I hope that I don’t have a foolish expression on my face right now. My mind is completely vacant. “Is all of this really for me?” I look at Barbatos, still waiting for someone to wake me up from this dream.

“Yes indeed. You should rest a little until dinner time. I’m sure all of this is quite a lot for you to handle.” Barbatos is smiling as usual but I feel like I can see a twinkle of kindness. Maybe I’m just imagining it.

“Alright, umm what kind of clothes should I wear for dinner?” I honestly feel lost and hope they don’t expect me to wear some uncomfortable fancy clothes.

“You can keep wearing your current attire but I also supplied your dressing room with some essentials. I know the collection is still relatively lacking, but I was in a bit of a bind since we only heard about your arrival today. I’m sure you will find something that is to your liking.” Barbatos seems slightly upset, as if he failed by only getting essentials. Honestly, I can’t even start imagining what he finds essential.

“I’m sure that I will find something to wear.” I try to reassure him.


Barbatos looks relieved. “I will let you rest now but please don’t hesitate to call me if you find anything missing or have any questions.”

I’m about to ask if he will hear me but then I remember that he is a demon and decide to just accept it.

Barbatos silently leaves the room.



Unsure what to do, I stand in the room for a few moments.

Next I decide to look at my new clothes. I hope that Barbatos’ work attire is a good sign for his general taste in clothes.

With trembling hands I open the door to the dressing room. It’s massive and filled with clothes.

My eyes are wide open. I’m convinced that I forgot to breathe for about a minute.

The sheer amount of clothing is absolutely overwhelming.

Everything looks perfect, so perfect it’s kinda scary.



I just step backward and close the door. I’m definitely not prepared for any of these.

In the end I stay in the clothes that are on my body. Barbatos said this would be fine after all.

I look around a bit, but I’m kinda frightened to touch anything and just awkwardly sit down on the bed.

It’s extremely soft and comfortable. I wasn’t expecting it to be this nice.

I lay down and just enjoy the soft comfort of my new bed for a bit, well at least that’s the plan.


- I still haven’t decided who the end goal here is. Well it’s a ride for sure.

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Y'all know the 2nd OM OP we got? Yeah, I had to after seeing that scene of Lucifer.

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Loosely based on a request for you having a penpal but this just gave me more ideas. 

Your penpal is one of the obey me boys but neither of you knows.



  • He just started this since he saw it in an anime somewhere. 
  • I mean talk about old school right? 
  • Well, he really gets into it not much later. 
  • He loves hearing about human culture and you both have so much to talk about. 
  • His letters are more like books. 
  • Levi just always goes off a random topic about some anime, game or idol group. 
  • He even does small little doodles for you. 
  • It does bother him to have to lie to you about some things, like being a demon and all but it can’t be helped. 
  • Levi honestly wishes to get closer to his penpal but he can’t just go to the human realm and he is sure you wouldn’t like him in real life. 
  • When you come to the devildom you think that your penpal is human and so you just write that you are an exchange student in a different country. 
  • So it does take some time for you both to figure it out. 
  • I mean of course it seems odd to both of you that your penpal has so much in common with the other but it doesn’t really click until you see Levi writing one of his novel length letters. 
  • You are surprised and then do a lowkey face-palm, since you honestly should have seen it right away. 
  • Levi is equally surprised, mostly due to the fact that you aren’t running away screaming from him, honestly it’s a daily miracle. 
  • He is very happy that he can finally see his penpal and hey you are also friends. 
  • Levi is pretty glad that he overcame his fear of being in some sort of love triangle, since he is crushing pretty hard on his penpal and on you. 
  • So now where you are the same person Levi doesn’t feel like he is cheating anymore, crisis averted. 



  • You became penpals a pretty long time ago, when you were still a child. 
  • So to Mammon it was always like having a cute little sibling. 
  • One that actually adores him and that believes him. 
  • Mammon always loves to hear your little updates and he melts every time you add a little gift to your letter, like the snowflake you made for him after he told you that it doesn’t snow in his home country. 
  • His letters are usually short but it’s clear to see that he cares and he often gives you advice and encouragement. 
  • Over time your letter exchanges become more irregular.
  • Mammon is sad about this but he knows that you are getting older and you can’t write forever to him. 
  • It makes his heart ache but he hopes that you will be okay, even without big brother Mammon to help you. 
  • When you come to the devildom, honestly, it’s a lot to take in and as much as you always enjoy writing, your penpal life just kinda gets in the way. 
  • On top of that, you now have Mammon to give you support when you need it. 
  • Somehow he reminds you of your penpal, despite his tsundere ways. 
  • One day you notice that Mammon is a bit wistful, you wonder why and then you see something vaguely familiar. 
  • It’s a small felt plush toy that you made, you are surprised to see it and ask Mammon how he got it. 
  • Soon you both realize that Mammon is your old penpal. 
  • Mammon was sad this entire time about losing his penpal but here you are. 
  • He gives you a big hug. 
  • Of course now your relationship has changed but Mammon doesn’t mind that part at all. 



  • He always liked getting letters from his admirers. 
  • Asmo keeps these letters in a huge box and reads them from time to time. 
  • Then he has the idea to woo someone just with his words. 
  • In the end you become his penpal. 
  • Asmo resists the urge to send his pictures to you many times.
  • Over time Asmo forgets his original goal, he just enjoys writing to you. 
  • It’s funny to him how much these letters start to mean to him. 
  • Asmo waits for them and has a whole routine of relaxing and reading the letter. 
  • He is so glad that he had this idea. 
  • He never thought a relationship built from words could mean so much to him. 
  • As much as he would like to meet you he also doesn’t really want to change the type of relationship you have with each other. 
  • He is also scared that you might not click in reality. 
  • He is pretty content with this. 
  • Then you come to the devildom and become fast friends with Asmo. 
  • Since it just feels like you’ve known each other for ages. 
  • You talk for hours and just have a ton of fun. 
  • One day Asmo tells you about his penpal and how much he enjoys the letters, he even shows you one. 
  • Right away you admit that it’s your letter. 
  • Asmo finds this hilarious. 
  • How can you make him fall for you not just once but twice? 
  • Asmo wishes to continue your letters, since it’s just so enjoyable for him. 
  • You agree, since it’s equally important to you. 



  • It started more or less accidentally, by sending a letter to the wrong address. 
  • Your reply made his day and so your conversation continues with letters. 
  • Lucifer is starting to really enjoy the exchanges. 
  • He can just write about whatever he wants and you don’t judge him at all. 
  • It’s pretty relaxing for him to be able to be so open to someone. 
  • He has to change some details of course but it’s so refreshing. 
  • Your perspective on everything just feels really nice and he feels very understood. 
  • He finds himself reading your letters many times over, whenever he feels troubled. 
  • Lucifer always takes the evening off when he gets a new letter, since he takes his time reading it. 
  • His brothers are baffled but (ab)use the situation. 
  • Lucifer doesn’t realize that his penpal is you when you come to the devildom. 
  • Lucifer soon gets some suspicions after noticing the similarities between your way or writing and your way of speaking. 
  • When he sees your handwriting it’s confirmed. 
  • Lucifer isn’t sure if he should tell you for quite some time. 
  • He just really enjoys your letters. 
  • When you two grow closer he finally tells you that he figured out that you are his penpal. 
  • You are a bit upset, since he knew for so long but eventually got over it. 
  • Lucifer writing you a very heartfelt apology letter helps. 



  • He was always very interested in other realms but he has very little time as is. 
  • Still, when the opportunity arises, he joins a letter exchange program. 
  • You are the person to receive his letters. 
  • Of course Diavolo has to change a lot of details, so you believe he is just a very busy man. 
  • Diavolo always has so many questions that you come to the conclusion that he must be very sheltered but you think of him as very charming and gladly answer him all you can. 
  • Sometimes you even send him some pictures of your hometown. 
  • Diavolo always loves these very much. 
  • He keeps every letter in a binder and often reads parts of it to Barbatos. 
  • Diavolo often marks the days he got a letter in his calendar. 
  • Usually with a star or a heart. 
  • He enjoys writing long letters to you about whatever comes to his mind. 
  • Especially when there’s something funny about Lucifer or something cute like a random kitten that he saw. 
  • His letters always make you smile. 
  • Diavolo can’t always reply right away, due to his busy schedule and his long letters but he always shovels an evening free for this. 
  • He is very excited about meeting another human, you have set high expectations in your letters. 
  • Even when you are just a pretty regular human. 
  • You fit right in but now you are also very busy and you sadly have less and less time to be penpals with your mysterious penpal. 
  • It’s quite sad, since you always wanted to meet him. 
  • At some point you have to get something from Diavolo and go to his office. 
  • There you see a picture on his desk. 
  • The scenery looks awfully familiar to you. 
  • You take a closer look and see it’s your hometown. 
  • At first you don’t add two and two together and just casually ask him about it. 
  • After a bit of back and forth where you both take too long to realize that you are each other’s penpals it finally clicks. 
  • You both laugh about it and then spend hours talking. 
  • Now your letters turn into a weekly meeting to just talk about whatever. 



  • It started as a recipe exchange. 
  • Beel is always looking for new meals to make or give Satan a recipe to cook. 
  • Soon the recipes changed into questions about ingredients. 
  • Since Beel uses demon food you have never heard about and you use human food and appliances that Beel never heard about. 
  • Then you two talk about your family’s and other random things and soon you are normal penpals. 
  • You both just have fun exchanging letters. 
  • Beel doesn’t even notice how much your letters make his day great whenever he gets them.
  • He always has a huge silly smile on his face. 
  • Belphie shakes his head and rolls his eyes but Beel doesn’t care. 
  • Then you arrive in the devildom. 
  • Until this day you didn’t really believe that Beel was a demon and just thought that he was trying to be funny or was just strange. 
  • Much to your surprise the devildom is real and everything that Beel talked about is also real. 
  • It’s pretty amazing. 
  • After meeting Beel you can tell that he is the guy you have been writing to all this time. 
  • You confirm it rather quickly with him, Beel instantly gives you a  big hug. 
  • You are his cooking letter buddy after all! 
  • He is pretty happy to finally meet you. 
  • After cashing your breath, after the surprise hug, you are equally happy. 



  • Your letter friendship started with an angel letter exchange program. 
  • Simeon enjoys it, despite being forced into it. 
  • At the start there are many penpals but over time he has less and less people to reply to him. 
  • Simeon enjoys every single letter but somehow he always liked yours the most. 
  • He doesn’t even know why. 
  • It just feels like you two click the most. 
  • Simeon doesn’t think deeply about it. 
  • After all you are a human on earth. 
  • Some are unreachable on many levels. 
  • On top of that Simeon can’t be a hundred percent open with you, since he can’t just come out and say that he is an angel. 
  • So your relationship is always a bit distant in the letters, as much as he regrets it. 
  • Simeon knows that your relationship will end someday, no matter how it happens but your letters will stop. 
  • That’s fine with him, Simeon just cherishes whatever time you two have. 
  • Then he gets sent to the devildom. 
  • He takes his work very seriously and Simeon enjoys his stay in the devildom a lot. 
  • He still keeps in contact with you but it gets harder to keep up with it. 
  • Simeon has some regrets about it but can’t help himself but moving forward. 
  • Then you come to the devildom. 
  • Often you find yourself writing to your penpal about the, pretty crazy, events. 
  • Soon Simeon figures out that you are his penpal. 
  • He doesn’t want to end your letter based friendship, but he also feels like this is his only chance to meet you and talk to you without lies. 
  • Simeon invites you to some tea, while his roommates are out. 
  • He gently tells you everything, you don’t judge him at all, you are very happy to finally meet your penpal. 


Check my Obey me! Masterlist for more content

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Belphie has a habit of texting you at all hours of the night, whenever he wakes up needy and wanting. You’ll roll over in your bed and open your phone to messages of

“please I need you so bad”

“my fingers aren’t enough”

“come up here and fuck me, I need you”

Now, whole you most certainly could go up there and pound him into the mattress like he so desperately desires, you can also pretend you’d fallen asleep with your phone on mute. Read receipts off, you just let him flood your phone with desperate messages.

“please, please come on wake up, I need you so bad”

“master my master please I want you inside me so bad, I need you, I’ll be your good boy I’ll do anything please”

The messages only get more and more rambling, and less and less coherent, until Belphie gives up on typing at all, simply letting his D.D.D record him. It picks up on his high, breathy moans and the slick sound of his fingers fucking his tight little hole while his hand strokes his cock so fast its practically a blur.

“Master, Master, fuck, I want you instead of my fingers,” You hear him whine, “They’re not enough, I wanna be filled by you, I-I’m trying to find- hah- find that spot you press inside- ah! Oh, ohhh fuuuuck-”

You know he’s fucking back onto his hand as he’s trying to talk into his D.D.D, you hear the creaking of his bed rocking as he thrusts his hips back again and again, until his broken moans and cries fill the room.

Even after he’s cum, he’s still mumbling little murmurs of want and whines of “Master” into the D.D.D.

Then you finally grab what you need and head up to the attic, finding him needy, covered in lube and his own cum, and still desperate and aching for you.

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What scares me about Lucifer:

  • Black haired man that may shout at me

What doesn’t scare me about Lucifer:

  • Literal demon
  • Bitch could absolutely obliterate me if he wanted (kinda sexy)
  • I exist because he allows it
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“Why don’t we make a pact?”

Here’s cat in her element! She is pure evil <3

I’ll fill out a student ID for her later ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

I simp hard for my own design

And maybe you will too~

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The Bros In Heels, Mammon!!

Yep, this cheap style makes it easier and faster to draw sooo imma do them all!

And because I believe in men in heels this much

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Satan without a doubt loves on your scent. He can recognize your scent like a bloodhound. He, as a person, heavily enjoys smells in general- between a homey cafe or the old books in a library- so it isn’t surprising at all that you quickly become his favorite scent.

He loves burying his nose in your shoulder and letting your scent fill his senses. You smell like home to him, it makes him feel safe.

When you’re away and he’s needy and missing you, he’ll hug your pillow to his face, whimpering and humping against the bed or letting his hand slip into his pants to stroke himself as your scent surrounds him.

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Happy New Year everyone. I’ve been gone for a while, and I’m so sorry ! I hope it’s not too late for this scenario and I hope you enjoy it.

Genre : Fluff

New Year’s Eve has always been a time for you to do a little throwback. 

New Year’s Eve party was happening at the castle this year. The ballroom was crowded with demons in party suits, dancing and drinking as music blasted through your ears.

The 31st of December was a really special day for you. A time that allowed you to reflect on the year that just passed by. What a wonderful year you had. It started off a little unrealistically and chaotic, but you learned quickly that this nightmare was more of a blessing. After all, it granted you with the privilege of meeting them, of meeting him.


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