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hinoopipsqueak · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I really like this perspective for some reason…
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cozykaii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
—character(s), Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmo, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo, Barbatos, Solomon.
—genre, full on triggering angst.
—cw/tw, heavy description and signs of depression, very triggering! mentions of pills, mentions of suicide. (please dm or send an ask if i missed any!)
—notes, this is a bit too long, lol. very triggering! also, i'll be reblogging this with the taglist after i'm done editing it.
please do not plagiarize, copy, translate or repost on any platform/website without my consent. the headers used are mine and should not be used by anyone.
Tumblr media
how to be replaced 005
how to be replaced 007
Tumblr media
You never liked Ella.
She was manipulative, selfish, and worse of all, she despises you. Ella was fairly a decent and nice person before arriving at Devildom. But after she arrived, she changed.
She required and demanded for attention from the brothers, and the people around you.
Eventually, majority of them slowly drifted away from your grasp, leaving your embrace. Your eyes lost its shine— your personality changed.
The ones that stayed had comforted you, they really tried. But never succeeded in the end.
You neglected your health, both mentally and physically. As time went on, you didn't even care about yourself anymore. You're always in a state of emptiness— where it seems like you're stuck in a black void with no light, no lead of escape.
Your own form of coping mechanism was pushing yourself in academics, trying to escape the painful reality and your awaited death.
You were never really good at anything, you were decent. You can cook, but you can't cook like Ella. You were the definition of 'a jack of all trades is a master of none'.
You don't cry yourself to sleep every night, depression isn't only about crying yourself to sleep and feeling sad— it's also about feeling like there's no pleasure or joy in life. For many with depression, it feels like there's no way out. Everything felt... hopeless, like there is no light at the end of a tunnel.
As much as you like being alone, nobody likes feeling lonely.
At times, you've had delusions or hallucinations. Or sometimes, both.
You used to enjoy art, but you have lost interest in it. Same as other activities that you had took interest in, you didn't even bat an eye at them when your depression hits.
You got irritated much more easily. Even at the slightest mistake, you would throw a tantrum (and regret it afterwards).
You felt like your energy was being drained slowly, even if you've had extra sleep.
But, you kept yourself awake for days, and even a week. Sleep deprivation were painfully visible as the eyebags under your eyes got heavier and darker each day.
Of course, you hid it with a little foundation. They were stupid enough to believe them, it made you laugh.
Looking at your own reflection was getting harder and harder. You could see each flaw on your face and body, and it made you angry.
Why can't you be perfect?
Why can't you be better?
Why are you like this?
Battling depression was getting harder everyday. You would often stare at the extra pills that slipped out of the orange bottle in your hand— though, you brushed it off. After swallowing the medications, you'd think, 'i missed an opportunity'.
They didn't understand what you were going through! They never did. You'd vent to them, but they'd say, "relatable", "same lol", "me too", "people have it worse" and more.
It's not fair. Why can't it be about you for once? 'Just let me be selfish for once'.
They will never understand you. Heck, they wouldn't even notice the fact that you are literally dying!
Satan was reading, his slender fingers gently flipping the pages of the newly-bought book. You kept talking, with a smile on your face, eyes shining slightly.
You stopped talking when Ella arrived and sat beside Satan, hugging his side. Satan looked by his side to see Ella smiling at him, her blue orbs shining brightly. "Satan! Let's go to the library together,"
"Sure, why not."
You slowly put your hands on your lap— the shine disappearing from your eyes, yet again. Staring blankly at them, you pressed your lips into a thin line. "Sorry, Mc. I have to go,"
He stood up, Ella still connected to his arm. Their figures slowly started to disappear as they walk away.
'You said something dumb again'.
You shook your head and lowered it down, eyes being half-lidded as you stared at your lap. The room was filled with silence as you kept your lips shut, an unexpressive face visible.
Sighing, you smiled to yourself, fixing your posture as you leaned back on the wheelchair.
'How much longer?'
'When is the urge going away?'
You lift your dominant hand up and stared at your palm, wondering what you did wrong in life.
It's because you didn't listen to us.
Your eyes went wide as you froze, your body refusing to move as you were in a state of shock.
We tried warning you.
Don't get too close— but you didn't listen...
The second voice sighed. You were still in a shocked state— it has been so long since you've heard of these voices. You kinda missed them.
As toxic as they can be, they kept you company, and occasionally, they would offer useful advice when you didn't know what to do.
You learned to accept their annoying presences, but sometimes, they make you want to bash your head againts a wall. Once they decide to talk, they never shut up.
"It wasn't my fault... they love me, so maybe that's why they did that," You spoke, eyes half-lidded as you stared at the creaking floor.
Oh do they? If they did love you, things shouldn't of ended up this way.
It's pitiful, really... seeing you crawl back to the ones who don't even love you..
You love others but can't even love yourself. How is that going to work?
Stop being an idiot and quit crawling back to them.
They made different points, yes— but all of them had one thing in common, they made you realize on how many times you have been giving them second chances, even though its crystal clear on how they wouldn't change.
Even if they did, they wouldn't change for you— they would change for Ella, give extreme effort.
It's always Ella.
That two-faced bitch.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cactus-stories · 2 days ago
My NSFW headcanons for the brothers
My first try at obey me! smut, just so I don't let kinktober go without anything. Honestly these are just headcanons I enjoy and that I might use in the future 👀👀
TW: +18, smut under the cut.
Definitely enjoys BDSM, has all the nice expensive gadgets. Whips, cuffs, blidfolds, gags... if Asmo knew even he'd be a bit impressed!
Big dom! Call him "daddy" or "master" and he'll go feral.
It would take a LOT of convincing for this man to let you top him, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it, mf is too prideful for this.
Even when you're "on top" like riding him or anything like this, he's still the one holding you and guiding your movements.
Loves to praise you, and it's absolutely sincere about them, will find the exact thing he loves about what you're doing to him and tell you in great detail :)
HAIR PULLING KINK!! Tug on his hair and he'll absolutely melt, he loves the sensation and you can hear this man whimpering for more.
Also praise kink, he loves when you tell him how great he's doing, that's he's a good boy and that you're definitely enjoying it just as much, if not more, as he is.
Absolute switch, can go from completely overpowering you to a stuttering mess in a matter of seconds.
Probably one of the brothers that like cute laced lingerie the most. He likes to see you all wrapped up like a present just for him ~♡
Loud! I'm sorry MC but he's either whining for more or growling in satisfaction, your only bet on keeping him quiet is forcing him, and even then he might fail.
I think he'd be into both praise and degradation, if that even makes sense? It depends on the day and on his mood, absolutely.
Honestly I think he'd be absolutely turned off by cosplay and role-playing during sexy times, but that's mostly because he doesn't want you thinking he likes those characters more than you (and you don't really wanna risk not knowing enough about them to break the immersion).
Mostly a sub, but when his sin takes action he's the most possessive dom you'll ever meet. He'll always apologize after even when you assure him you enjoyed it.
CROSSDRESSING! Being pampered while getting to dress cute and express himself without the fear of being judged? Count him in! This isn't a very common thing but when it happens you both always enjoy it.
Definitely am a part of the double dick wagon. He's very shy about it, but if you reassure him you don't mind (in fact, you quite like it), he'll make sure to use both of them to the best of his abilities (and his tail ;) )
Contrary to what most people seem to think, I believe Satan would be absolutely against any kind of BDSM or rough sex, unless you directly ask him for it.
Man is a romantic by heart, he wants to make you feel good and loved and cared and being rough just isn't part of his itinerary.
Also add in the fact that he's really afraid of hurting you, angry sex is definitely off the table, no matter how much you ask. He can't focus on sex while his anger consumes him, and it'd just anger him more.
Would absolutely love to hear you, doesn't matter how loud. He's especislly fond of the tiny mewls you let out when he goes at a slower pace, and makes sure to get them out of you at least once.
Might have a librarian kink. If you dress up for him he'll make sure to shower you in compliments and praise. Second next to Mammon on the cute lingerie appreciation gang.
Biggest switch there is, do I even need to elaborate?
Despite his sin, he's determined to make you feel good before his needs even comes to play. Seeing you feel good is what drives him.
Has all the toys for every occasion. Will try anything at least once! Big fan of sex tapes, he just collects them like Pokemon cards.
King of aftercare! Prepare for the best bubble bath and massage you'll ever get, he's going above and beyond to be assured that you're doing good afterwards.
I feel like he has a magic kink. Maybe being overpowered or restrained by it? Anyways, it drives him crazy and he's all for it, so try and learn some bounding spell, will ya, MC darling? ~♡
The one that goes the gentliest with you, he is aware of his size and doesn't wanna hurt you in any way, shape or form. He'll prep you for so long you'll need to beg him before he goes any further.
King of giving oral, he could spend hours down there, absolutely happy with just hearing you and feeling his hair being tugged on occasionally.
He's shy, but if you ask him nicely he'll be the best at sending you pictures or videos of him in the showers after training.
Please send him some back, MC, he wants to see you too :(
Finds it really cute when you ride him, seeing your smaller frame on top of him makes him all giddy and excited.
King of receiving oral. He'll be a bit more rough than the others, holding your head in place and tugging at your hair while buckling his hips. He'll control himself if you're really not into it, but that's his first nature.
You'd think he would want you to do all the work, but he doesn't wanna risk falling asleep in the middle of the fun, so prepare for him to be the top most of the time.
Sadist. He enjoys leaving marks and bruises from when he holds you in place. He finds them mesmerizing, and wouldn't feel ashamed at all if you didn't cover them.
The few times he doesn't top, he's a big fan of cockwarming. He can sleep AND keep you satisfied? Count him in! Loves cuddling after sex, so cuddling during sex blows his mind!
And don't even think that it ends when you guys fall asleep. If you want, he could get in your dreams and do so much more, but he'll love to see you beg first ;)
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pen-ink-therapy · 2 days ago
Finding you again
Series synopsis: What if you were kidnapped by the characters of a game you played? MC had a fairly good life; they had a job they loved, a roof above their head that they shared with their best friend, and plenty of other little happy things. But when they're taken by strangers who insist they know MC, what will they do? With missing memories, the fate of three realms resting in their hands, and everything they know being revealed as an illusion, will MC emerge as the hero of this ill-fated story? Or will they be lost, for good this time?
Part 1 (You're here)
"Please do visit again! Have a great day!"
You smiled as you watched your customer head off, a bag of baked goods in his hand and a small smile on his normally exhausted face. You turned to grab a few take-away boxes from the storage room, humming to yourself in happiness. Business had been going well for a few weeks now, and you hoped it would remain that way in the near future.
This was your life. A small bakery that you had managed to buy at a decent price, which you had made into your own little slice of paradise. It was located in a decent neighborhood, a tiny little corner where your pastries and cakes provided a sense of home and respite to those who wished for it. Combined with the fact that the bakery came attached to a three bedroom spacious apartment that you shared with your best friend, you felt truly blessed.
Speak of the devil. You walked out of the storage room, only to be barreled into. The contact sent you to the ground, but not before you could grab onto the culprit and take him down with you. There was a moment of silence as the two of you remained still, which was broken by a bag of flour emptying its contents on you and your companion.
You two descended into a fit of giggles, him getting up and dusting himself off, a thin layer of flour coating his brown hair. You shook your head, smiling as you reached out to ruffle his hair.
"'m sorry," he said, leaning into your touch while trying to hide his smile.
"You're really not," you replied in a smart-ass way, watching the mischievous glint in his eyes, "Or else you wouldn't have run me down for the third time this week."
"Maybe, maybe not~"
You lightly smacked his shoulder. "Ethan, stay out of my territory," you chided him playfully, wagging a finger at him. Your best friend stuck his tongue out at you, grabbing a broom and dust-pan to clear up the mess. You left him in the storage room, walking to the front of the bakery as you realized you'd have to close up a little early today. Turning the 'Open' sign to 'Close', you went on to lock the doors.
Ethan Harris, or as you liked to affectionately call him, 'a nuisance', was your oldest and dearest friend. The brunette with the lightest pair of blue eyes you had ever seen and freckles scattered on his face had befriended you when you were five, after saving you from some kids who picked on you for your height. Since then, you two had been quite close, sticking around each other nearly everywhere. Where one went, the other was sure to follow.
Your smile from before became melancholic as you reminisced of your childhood. Everything had gone downhill on your 10th birthday, when your parents met a horrible car crash. The doctors tried everything in their power, but they succumbed to their injuries. What was worse you had lost not only your parents, but also a sibling you had never even known of. Ethan and his family then took you in, and you grew up alongside the boy. You could recount every memory spent with him, except for the memories of the past year and half.
You had woken up in a hospital a few months back, Ethan's sleeping form in a chair beside you and an IV in your hand. When you managed to wake Ethan up, you learned that you had been in coma for a year after falling ill with some weird disease. It was then that Ethan told you that he'd be moving in with you, claiming that he wouldn't be able to rest easy unless he took care of you. That was how you were in your current living situation, not that you minded it.
A small 'ding' broke your reverie, the notification lighting up the screen of your phone in your pocket. Taking it out, you saw that it was a notification from the otome game everyone had been raving about, Obey Me. You had downloaded it to satiate your curiosity after hearing many of your regular customers talk about it. It was safe to say that you were hooked from the moment you started playing, the story and characters far too entertaining and engaging. Plus you may or may not have started simping for some of the characters. Now on chapter 20 and struggling as a f2p player to pass the levels, you wished the devs would make the battles a little easier. Making a mental note to check it later, you finished double-checking the doors, telling Ethan that you'd be in the apartment taking a shower.
After a quick shower you lay on your bed, contemplating the meaning of life when you got a message from an online friend of yours who also played the game.
But yeah
Thanks for the update boo😘
You're welcome hun😎
Doing as you were told, you found out that they were indeed telling the truth. Thanking whatever god above that had heard your prayers, you started doing your daily tasks, collecting the Devil Points and just generally having a good time. Ethan popped his head in your room once to ask you what you wanted for dinner since it was his turn to cook, and for a moment you swore you saw him glare at Belphie who you had set as your screen avatar. The harsh look went away as quickly as it came though, and once you told him what you wanted, he left you alone, telling you that dinner would be ready in half an hour.
You shrugged it off, turning your attention back to the task at hand; summoning cards from Nightmare. Your gacha luck was mediocre on the best of days, so you didn't exactly love to do this one particular task. However, luck seemed to be on your side today. After doing a ten pull and getting several UR and UR+ cards from the latest event that was going on, you felt as if you could conquer the world. It seemed like the forces that ran the world were on your side for a day, and it was an exhilarating feeling. Looking through the cards and quickly levelling them up, you exited the game. You let out a chuckle, a smile making its way to your face.
You sighed, running a hand through your hair, your smile content but still longing. "I wish they were real," you let out, the words soft. It would have been hard for anyone but you to have heard them. You closed your eyes, holding onto the warmth that sprung in your chest at the thought of being with the brothers and everyone else in Devildom, only opening them to find Ethan gently waking you for dinner.
As you left the room, you missed the pair of bottle green eyes that watched you walk away. The owner of the eyes smiled softly, eyes brimming with tears. "We will meet soon, dear MC. I promise."
Part 2 , Part 3 (Coming soon)
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abelthehuman · 9 hours ago
1A with Satan
Tumblr media
thank you so much for the request!!
(expression prompts here)
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xxsxturnghxstxx · a day ago
MC: Fun Fact; If I really, r e a l l y wanted to, I could probably kill you
Lucifer: MC it is 6 in the morning, for the love of diavolo, please shut the fuck up
MC, not even 2 hours later: so about what I said earlier-
Lucifer, who had the great idea of grabbing MC by the throat: S H U T-
Mammon, who's been waiting for this exact moment for months: I'll save you MC!
MC and Lucifer: Bro shut the fuck up
Mammon: :( *sadge*
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fxrstmemer · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Big Brothers
I’ll probably remake this drawing at some point
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animeweirdo111 · 2 days ago
MC, talking to Solomon: Well Solomon, whenever I'm about to do something, I think 'would Mammon do that?' and if he would, I do not do that thing.
Solomon: ...
Mammon, from the distance: They're not wrong though!
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keuriseunim · a day ago
When you open your eyes and look around you, seeing a familiar place. The RAD's Student Council room?
"What am I doing here? Why am I on the floor?" You ask to no one particularly. Your head starts to pound intensely. You squeeze you eyes shut as you try to remember what happened and how you ended up here.
The attic. The unlocked door. The 7th brother. Belphie. Anger. A madman smiling at you. Difficulty breathing. A hand on your throat. Then, darkness.
Your eyes open abruptly and you gasp loudly as though coming up for air after nearly drowning, your hands flying to your neck. You feel yourself trembling all over.
You then hear voices speak above you. You look up and see the Devildom's Prince smiling worriedly at you, and 3 of the brothers curiously staring at you.
You start to ask "Wha-"
"M/c, welcome to the Devildom." Diavolo suddenly says, cutting you off.
You look at him with a confused face but he just continues speaking. You start to tune him out as you hear a speeh you've already heard before.
"Did I-?" You whisper. 'Did I go back to the past!?' you exclaim internally. Thinking of what happened with Belphie you realize, you must have died back then.
'So this means I can redo everything from the beginning? Then this time, I swear I will never go up the attic. I feel bad for Beel, but I'll let that liar rot in there for as long as I'm here.'
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cas-rivaille · 16 hours ago
auagagauagahah can i rq lucifer just taking care of mc when they are feeling down whether its because of sickness or just an off day 😳😳 we honestly need more domestic lucifer in the workd - leko
ofc ofc bestie and we do need more domestic lucifer😳😳
alright since i’m sick i decided to do this
Lucifer taking care of a sick MC
He never should have asked. He knew you were stressed an overworked. On top of that your immune system isn’t used to everything in the devildom. So it’s no surprise that you fell ill. Lucifer looked at you in your sorry state on the couch, tissues all over the blanket and floor. He brought you a glass of water and some painkillers, something well needed. Just from looking at you, he knew you barely had the energy to get up to take the meds. He knelt down beside you and gently moved his hand to the back of your neck. He helped you sit up, slowly and with great care.
As you sat up, guilt washed over him. He has never gotten sick from work, one because he’s a demon, and two he won’t allow himself to so he’s just used to it. However, your responses to paperwork are clearly different and he never should have asked for your help.
He assisted you with drinking the water and taking the meds. Neither you nor him was quite used to this newer, softer side of him. Somehow it only just surfaced because you feel ill, but Lucifer knew these feelings for you had been brewing for a while, and when you fell sick, partially due to his incompetence, he could no longer hide how much he cared for you.
Your presence fell through the cracks in his carefully crafted walls, and now even when he was sleeping he thought of you.
A part of him secretly reveled in the fact you were sick. It meant that solely he would take care of you. Barbatos was kind enough to take over his work for the time being and get your school situation worked out so you could rest up. Lucifer treasured every moment he got with you.
In the midst of your half asleep consciousness, you confessed to him, spilling all your feelings to him. Lucifer's face was redder than yours by the time you were done. You immediately fell back asleep, however Lucifer couldn't sleep that night. He lie awake thinking of you and what this means. He decided that when you wake up and are feeling better, he would confess to you.
- mars :)
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sharpie-sniffer · 2 days ago
"always with you."
warnings: blood, death mention, mc death, semi-yandere, angst, heartbreak.
diavolo x gn!mc
pls read at your own discretion!! <3 lmk if there are any more triggers i should tag!!
there you were, in all your glory. lying in a beautiful pool of your own blood. you've never looked prettier to him.
the light had faded from your eyes, skin colder. you weren't quite dead yet.
"diavolo?" your little voice had rasped.
"yes, im here. im right here."
reassurance wasn't needed, was it? you were dying, nothing could have stopped it. or him.
"it's okay, i promise..."
your blood splattered on your skin, the darkness of the devildom sky reflecting in your lifeless eyes. you watched him silently, your vision, your heartbeat, you, fading.
nothing could have stopped that monster. nothing. and yet this end, it was oh, so bittersweet.
for the first time in centuries, true, solemn tears formed in diavolo's eyes. he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. time passes by, demons don't die.
every mortal a demon could love or have loved, they would outlive them. their precious time waning, their lifespan dwindling.
only time could tell until he truly lost his mind. his heart wasn't gone just yet. no, no. he will lose it tonight, he already lost his heart.
his gaze focused on you, he brought you closer to him, laying you awkwardly in his lap. he watched as you coughed and heaved, suffering in true silence. there's nothing you would say, fuck, even could say.
and yet, he was holding you. holding onto that fragment of hope, the little spark of hope that maybe you would survive, that you wouldn't blame it all on him.
but it was his fault. he was the one that tore through your delicate flesh, shredding it mercilessly, hungrily, with his claws. he was the reason you were dying.
the unforgettable feeling of destroying you, hurting you, breaking you, it filled him with a demonic, unhuman joy. a one he didn't want to feel. a one he despises. the hunger for more of you. it drove him off the edge.
truth is, he loved you from the start. your personality, the first time he saw you smile, the butterflies that filled him up with joy. the warmth that filled his abandoned heart. he loved all of you. you were his.
no, but he couldn't have you. as much as he wanted you, he was a prince. you were human. he couldn't love you. you were his everything, but he would have to marry a beautiful demon maiden, no matter where his heart lied.
his love, crave, desire, need, for more and more of you drove him mad. he couldn't get enough, he tore your heart, your soul out of you. just for him. his selfishness. and now, he had to deal with the consequences. he lost you. his one and only.
"little one."
his hands, formerly claws, stained with his beloved's blood. you were gone now. your breath shallowed. you couldn't go on. demonic selfishness was the end of you. of him.
"im always with you..." but he did not speak to you, rather, himself. a way of comforting the emptiness that ebbed throughout him. the immense guilt. you died. because of him.
"it'll always be your fault, diavolo."
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hinoopipsqueak · 2 days ago
Tw// Blood
Ruby going as Stephen King’s Carrie. 🤧
Tumblr media
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pen-ink-therapy · 2 days ago
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
I know it's been quite some time since Mammon's birthday event, but I couldn't get this out of my head. It's been in my drafts for so goddamn long, mainly 'cause I wasn't happy with how it was turning out. But finally, a version I am somewhat pleased with. So here you go
Synopsis: They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But as Mammon spends time with Simeon and Luke more and more each passing day, jealousy sets in each of the brothers. And MC's not happy 'bout it.
Warnings: Cursing
"Hey MC, I'm going to meet Simeon and Luke at Cafe Lament. Are ya comin' with me?" Mammon spoke, sky blue eyes looking at you from where he stood at the door. Your own eyes looked from him to the assignment in front of you, debating whether to join the trio or complete the mind-numbing essay on the uses of mandrakes in potions.
In the end, the thought of Lucifer chewing you out for not completing the assignment won, and you shook your head, giving the demon a smile. "Nah, not today Mams. You go and have fun, I'll come with you next time, alright?"
Mammon pouted slightly, but nodded in understanding. "Sure, but I'll drag you if I hafta next time," he said as he quickly walked into your room to ruffle your hair before he left. You lightly swatted his hand away, fixing the bird's nest he'd created on your head as you said, "Bring me something back, ok?"
"Ya got it," the demon said, leaving the room.
It had been like this for a couple weeks now, having started after the fiasco that occurred on Mammon's birthday. The white-haired demon had begun spending more time with the two angels, and you could see the favorable results their company had on him. Mammon now always had a little spring in his steps, and a spark in his eyes. And unlike other times, not even his brothers merciless teasing or taunting could dull the light that glowed in him. It was almost as if being with the angels rejuvenated him, and you were more than happy to see the second-oldest get the love he deserved not only from you but from others as well.
Unbeknownst to you, the other residents of the House of Lamentation didn't really share your sentiment.
You had never thought that Satan of all people would go and snitch to Lucifer about the 'alarming amount of time' Mammon spent with the angels. After all, the blonde demon had made his distaste for the eldest very clear early on.
And maybe that was why you itched to slap the smug look from his face as Mammon got lectured by Lucifer.
You had tuned everything out the moment Lucifer began berating Mammon in front of everyone, your attention on the fourth-born who had been thanked for 'bringing the matter to his attention'. You could only look on numbly as Lucifer went on and on, while Mammon never raised his head to even glance at the oldest. The parcel bag that he had brought with him, the one he'd told he was bringing for the brothers and you, had caught Beel's eye, and he was currently munching on the treats inside, not even coming to the defense of the one who had bought them.
You were desperately trying to contain the rage bubbling inside you, willing it to not spill over. But there's only so much you can take before you snap, and snap you did.
Groaning, you stood up from your place on the couch, making your way to stand between the two. Both of them looked at you, one's surprise clear on his face while the other's soon morphed into wrath.
"Back off Lucifer." The pact command worked, forcing the Avatar of Pride to do as told. Turning slightly to look at your first demon, you gave him a small smile. "Go to my room Mams, there's a little surprise for you there. Wait for me, ok?"
"But MC-"
"Just go Mammon. I'll be there in a few."
The white-haired demon looked cautiously from you to his eldest brother, only moving when he was sure he'd be safe. As he hurried off to the safe haven that was your room, you turned to face the remaining brothers, no hint of your previous caring and kind nature.
"What the fuck is up with you all?" you asked calmly, venom coating your words as you narrowed your eyes at them. The brothers were all on their guard, seeing you worked up. Asmo huffed, "MC, you shouldn't have gotten in between Lucifer and that idiot. You're-"
"I'm what, Asmodeus? Wasting my breath? Getting wrinkles on my face? For fucks sake, look beyond appearances for one goddamn minute. Or is it something that you're not capable of?" you spat, indignation fueling your words as you stared down six of the seven rulers of hell.
"What's the big deal? Mammon hasn't even done anything wrong these past few days. He's just spending time with the angels, why is that so wrong?" you fumed, glaring at the brothers. Any sane person would back down at this particular moment, seeing as how you seemed ready to throttle the next person who defied you. But of course, someone had to open their mouth. And that someone was Belphie.
Yawning, he looked at you as if you were a child throwing a tantrum. "Aren't we his brothers? Shouldn't he be spending time with us instead of those angels?"
You gaped at the youngest brother, pieces falling into place in your brain. Taking advantage of your surprised state, Lucifer started talking, "No matter how close he gets to them, he's our brother. And we just wanted to remind him of the fact-"
"Not a word out of you, you pompous peacock," you snarled, finally understanding what this was all about. They were jealous. Jealous of Mammon finding people who valued him, angry at the fact that the brother they made fun of on a regular basis was no longer around. And it made your blood boil.
"I thought there was supposed to be only one Avatar of Envy," you spat out venomously, the coldness of your voice making even Lucifer wince. A sick, sadistic sort of glee washed over you at the sight of Lucifer, Avatar of Pride and the eldest of the Avatars of Sin, wincing in front of you. Sweeping your eyes over the sorry group in front of you, you chuckled humorlessly.
"So you mean to tell me, that you were ready to lecture him for Diavolo knows how long, possibly even string him upside down from the ceiling, just because you were jealous? Jealous that your brother was spending his time with those who actually valued him? Pathetic."
"None of you have a right to be jealous. Not when all you do is curse him and call him names. That kinda shit sticks with you, you know? It keeps haunting you till all you think about it how those words are probably right, even when they're not."
Your eyes ablaze with fury, you turned to Levi. The sickly sweet, yet fake smile on your face sent shivers down everyone's spine. "Hey Levi, do you get pleasure from mocking your elder brother? Perhaps you think 'Oh well, maybe I'm a worthless otaku and everything, but at least I'm not Mammon', right? You think right of course. Because if you'd have faced the treatment Mammon's got from all of you ever since you fell, you wouldn't have been able to take it."
"In fact, none of you would have been able to go through what Mammon has, and still care about the others so much. All the shit you give him for acting on his sin, he tries not to let it get to him. He always gets blamed when things go wrong. But when Beel's hunger or Satan's anger nearly destroys the house, it's glossed over and joked about. When Levi's enthusiasm for cursed games lands us in trouble, it's not that big of a deal. When Belphie's antics and Asmo's nature get us almost killed, that's all fine."
"But the moment Mammon does something wrong, he's treated harshly. And he lets himself be treated that way. He always look out for his brothers, because why would he not? It's in his nature to care, even if he's a tsundere about it."
"Satan once told me that the people Mammon favors always find themselves rich. And I'm pretty sure Levi's games and figurines, Beel's food costs, Asmo's beauty products all take a lot of grimm. Gee, I wonder why that's the way it is, especially when Mammon's the only one who has debts while the rest of you have enough grimm to blow on whatever you want," you said sarcastically, crossing your arms.
"I could go on and on, but right now I have my first man waiting for me in my room. And I don't intend to keep him waiting any longer, but just remember this. Mammon... is the second-strongest out of all of you."
"If he really wanted to, he could easily put all of you, except maybe Lucifer, in your places. Do not mistake his kindness and love for weakness." Saying that, you turned to leave, stopping near the door to look at the boys one last time.
"Oh, and we'll be going out tonight, so don't wait up for us."
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shygirlsimps · 2 days ago
Idk if this is a stupid questions but…
What are the brothers last names?
Do they have last names?
Like I know it’s Lucifer Morningstar but like do they all have the same last name or do none of them one like???
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mammon: I'm sorry mc it was me
mc: -iss you and give you some more....aww mams were you hungry??
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