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#obey me satan x mc
devildomsexting9 hours ago
Leviathan x GN!Mc
What could your timid otaku boyfriend have possibly said that would be too vulgar for anyone to be willing to translate it?!
Find other public chats like this one on my patreon and subscribe for special perks including early access posts and Patron Exclusive chats馃А
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sooooo... any ideas what Levi said?!
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kpop-otome-yandere-here13 hours ago
Asmo:( Writing with great interest)
Satan: What are you writing?
Asmo: Something crucial.
Satan: (Looks at list)
Satan: (Reading) Top 10 cutest things in Existence. 1. Mc. 2. Mc in a bun. 3. Mc in a beret 4. Me... Asmo I can't believe you.
Asmo: Satan I can explain.
Satan: How could you forget to list Mc with her hair down!?
Asmo: S*** you are right. I feel ashamed.
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inkedoutprincea day ago
Satan keeps to himself in the library for most of the day. He鈥檚 almost as elusive as Levi, save for the times he gets together with the Anti-Lucifer League to make his life more difficult.
But why does he lock himself away?
You have yet to receive a straight answer from any of the brothers you have asked. Levi says he鈥檚 just a nerd.
鈥楲ike he鈥檚 one to talk.鈥
Beel and Belphie give you the same answer. They say he just likes to be left alone. You think it鈥檚 bull. If he wanted to be left alone, why did he always invite you to go to cafes or have book discussions. If anything, you鈥檇 say he almost seemed lonely.
Lucifer evades the question like the plague. He obviously knows why, he just won鈥檛 give you an answer. You don鈥檛 understand what鈥檚 keeping him from doing so.
It takes going to Asmo and Mammon for you to finally get your answers.
鈥淲ell sweetheart, Satan is rather, bitter about how he came about life.鈥
Asmo was the brother closet to Satan. They would regularly go to hot spots in the Devildom and rate them on Asmo鈥檚 Devilgram account. He was the brother Satan seemed to hang out with the most.
鈥淵eah, that鈥檚 puttin鈥 real light.鈥
Manmon had been the one to ease him into his newly formed life. Lucifer took to hiding in his office shortly after the fall, when all of his brothers had adjusted to their new lives. This left Mammon to deal with a feral demon. Needless to say, he knew him pretty well.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 he so bitter about?鈥
It was an innocent question really, but you still noticed both of them tense. You鈥檙e eyebrows raised in confusion.
鈥淲ell, he uh-鈥 This was the first time you had seen Asmo struggle to form a sentence. Usually he had himself composed with grace, but now he was floundering.
鈥淗e looks just like Lilith did.鈥
You stared at Mammon for a good minute, the silence in the room stifling. 鈥業s that really why?鈥
鈥淵es, as my brother has brazenly said, he looks almost identical to Lilith.鈥 Asmo sighed. He remembered the breakdown Belphie had when he first saw him. He tried to kill him on sight. He would have succeeded had Beel not been there to hold him back.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 actually why he reads so much. Lilith wasn鈥檛 a fan of reading, so he picked up the hobby so he would stop being seen as a replacement.鈥
鈥淗ey Satan?鈥 That still sounded strange to say. Being in the same room as Satan, discussing a mystery novel over tea on a Sunday afternoon.
鈥楬ow many people can say they鈥檝e done that?鈥
Satan hummed in acknowledgement, not taking his eyes off his book. He always got so absorbed with anything he read, the rest of the world ceased to exist to him.
You nervously swallowed. You weren鈥檛 quite sure how to bring the subject up. You were, however, absolutely certain that this would probably send him into rage.
鈥業 should ease him into. That should help him process it and maybe distill his anger. Don鈥檛 just go crashing into this full speed.鈥
鈥淵ou know you鈥檙e not a replacement to Lilith, right?鈥
鈥楴ice Job Y/N. Real smooth.鈥
Satan froze in his spot. He took a minute to process the information before putting his book down. Without the bookmark. This is bad.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 quite follow what you mean. Could you elaborate for me?鈥
Oh yeah, you鈥檙e screwed. The calmness he seemed to exude was a facade. You knew he was simmering with suppressed rage. You continued on in the face of danger.
鈥淛ust because you look like her doesn鈥檛 mean that you鈥檙e meant to replace her.鈥
鈥淲ho told you I look like her?鈥 His quick interjection made you flinch. This is never a good sign.
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 matter-鈥 鈥淚 beg to differ!鈥 He had dropped his calm facade and openly expressed his anger. His eyes flashing dangerously.
鈥淪atan please, just hear me out.鈥 You hoped to appease him by appealing to logical explanations, but he wasn鈥檛 having it.
鈥淭hey have no right to tell you these things! You have no right to bring this up to me!鈥 He turned around and lashed his tail out in anger, sending a pile of books toppling over. You hadn鈥檛 even seen him transform.
You reached out to touch his shoulder but drew back when you saw them shaking.
鈥淪atan, are you crying?鈥
He turned around to face you, tears streaming down his face. You had never seen him so distraught. You felt a pang of guilt put pushed through.
鈥淚-, that鈥檚 all I鈥檓 seen as!鈥 His voice was shaking. He tried to wipe the tears off to no avail. They continued to fall.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 all anyone see鈥檚 me as. That or Lucifer鈥檚 younger brother!鈥 The last part was spat out bitterly.
鈥淵ou know that鈥檚 not tr-鈥 鈥淵ES IT IS!鈥
The silence was deafening. His chest heaved silently as he glared at you through tears. The dust he had swirled up during his yell began to settle.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 all I am! That鈥檚 all I鈥檓 seen as! That鈥檚 all that I can achieve!鈥 He seemed to be spiraling down a rabbit hole here. So you did the one thing you could do. You tested death.
You threw your arms around him and held on loosely, so if he wanted he could break away. He could also easily tear out your throat with his claws like this.
He didn鈥檛 though. He gripped you tightly in his arms, his crying muffled in your shoulder. You stroked his hair to try and soothe him. Never once did you shush him nor tell him to stop crying. You would wait until the storm passes before trying this again.
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mokuhchi-manuscriptsa day ago
Satan and Beelzebub with an MC with Chronic Pain
A/N: Thank you so much for all the love on my last version of this; it means the absolute world to me! Here are two more of the brothers. Sorry that Satan's is on the shorter but I hope y'all enjoy none the less :)
CW(s): Mentions of chronic pain
鉃 Satan
Probably has the most understanding of chronic pain and treatments for it
If you鈥檙e okay with it, he can read aloud to you but if you鈥檇 rather have silence but still his presence then he鈥檒l just read to himself
He鈥檚 surprisingly gentle with you despite his sin, but the last thing he ever wants to do is hurt you
You were lying down in your bed, Satan sitting up next to you. Your head was placed on his chest, the sound of his heartbeat permeating through his skin and fabric of his shirt. His arm was around your body, holding up his book with both hands as he read aloud to the both of you. You could tell he had picked a book that would explicitly interest you. Every so often, before turning a page, he鈥檇 brush his hands through your hair and ask how you were feeling or if you needed anything.
If you鈥檇 rather be alone he鈥檒l check up on you every once in a while and maybe even leave you a book or two so you don鈥檛 get bored
鉃 Beelzebub
Beel鈥檚 probably the most confused on what to do
He鈥檒l definitely offer you food as a way to say 鈥淚 hope you feel better鈥
If you feel nauseous because of the pain, he鈥檒l try his best not to eat in front of you if the smell bothers you
But he will make sure that you eat at least a little something with any pain medicine you take as well as at meal times
鈥淏eel, I鈥檓 not hungry.鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 take this on an empty stomach.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e done it before.鈥
鈥淏ut you鈥檙e not supposed to.鈥 You could already tell Beel had dug his heels in regarding this issue. He was adamant on having you eat something, handing you crackers and a pill bottle once more. You reluctantly agreed, slowly placing a pill in your mouth and swallowing it with a small sip of water. Beel pushed the crackers into your palm again, a concerned expression painting his features. You couldn鈥檛 help but smile at him, even as you placed the first cracker in your mouth.
Whatever you request him to do, he鈥檒l probably do it
If you like to feel close to someone by cuddling on bad pain days, Beel is definitely a very good option as he鈥檚 basically just a giant teddy bear
If you鈥檙e chronic pain affects your legs and you need to go somewhere, you can bet he鈥檚 going to carry you as gently as he possibly can
If you prefer to be alone, he鈥檒l be hesitant but still give you the space you requested but he seems to be walking by your door a little bit more than usual
路 路 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路 鈽 路 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路 路
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weebswritesa day ago
hi! can i get a headcanon of the brothers with an m/c who has an eye smile? the kind of smile that looks like ^鈭嘵
The Demon Bros &聽^鈭嘵 MC
鈥 He wasn鈥檛 expecting it, he wasn鈥檛 sure what he was expecting, but it wasn鈥檛 for his heart to melt every time you smile !!
鈥 Notices himself trying to make you smile more
鈥 Makes you his favorite tea and lets you unwind around him, talking about your passions or anything you want as he lost himself in your beauty
鈥 One time you notice him staring and ask if there鈥檚 something on your face (you know there isn鈥檛)
鈥 He blushes and lies that he zoned out, and you reply聽鈥渟ure, Luci鈥 and give him a knowing wink
鈥 The first time he sees you smile he blushes so deeply he has to shake his head to come back to reality
鈥⒙犫淢ammon?鈥 you鈥檙e confused
鈥⒙犫淪orry MC! Got distracted for a second!鈥
鈥 You were confused but figured he was fine
鈥 Started asking you to take selfies for the secret reason of wanting to look at you鈥檙e smile more
鈥 He sees you smile and it reminds him of one of his favorite anime characters
鈥 He soon realizes that the anime character now reminds him of you
鈥 He sets a picture of you smiling as his lock screen on his D.D.D., and smiles a little every time he sees it
鈥 Watches for your smile when the two of you are hanging out, and every time he sees it he blushes
鈥 You鈥檇 never seen your smile have this effect on anyone before, so sometimes you鈥檇 smile around him just to mess with him
鈥⒙燞e鈥檚 telling you about a character from a book he鈥檚 reading, specifically about the smile of the main character. He was complimenting the way the author described it
鈥 鈥淟ike this!鈥 you smile at him, your eyes bunching shut as you attempt to recreate the smile he described
鈥 His heart fluttered, and he laughed a bit, 鈥淵eah, just like that鈥
鈥 鈥淚 could be an actor鈥 you jokingly brag, lightly punching Satan鈥檚 shoulder
鈥 He just smiles at you and continues describing his favorite bits of the story, but his mind kept replaying images of your smile in his head
鈥 You鈥檙e doing makeup together before a charity ball that Diavolo was throwing
鈥 Asmo applied his favorite shade of your preferred lip wear to your lips and instructed you to purse your lips together to fully apply it
鈥 鈥淪ooo, how do I look?鈥 you stood up and spun a bit, showing off a 360 of your outfit for the evening, a smile crossing your face
鈥 He blushed for a moment but didn鈥檛 skip a beat, 鈥淎mazing! If you aren鈥檛 careful you鈥檙e going to have everyone there falling for you鈥 he winked
鈥 His mind was full with thoughts of how cute your smile looked, though. The ways your eyes turned into almost arrows, and how your mouth moved. But he didn鈥檛 have a crush on you. Definitely not.
鈥 You鈥檙e studying when you hear a knock on your door. Glad for the break, whoever it ended up being, and you ran your hand through your hair as you walked to the door
鈥 You open it to see Beel, and a smile crosses your face, 鈥淏eel! What鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥 He loved your smile, it鈥檚 the whole reason he came to see you. He pulled a bag of your favorite Devildom chips from behind his back and gave you a wide grin, 鈥淚 thought you might need some study snacks鈥
鈥 You sat and chatted for a while, Beel鈥檚 eyes lighting up each time he made you smile, and it made him never want to leave
鈥 鈥淢CCCC I鈥檓 tired, can we nap together鈥 he pleaded, and who were you to say no to your favorite brother
鈥 鈥淥f course Belph, I鈥檓 tired too鈥 you smile at him and your eyes close
鈥 Seeing your smile makes his heart skip, and he鈥檚 suddenly very awake, his cheeks flushed pink
鈥 鈥淢mmm alright, let鈥檚 go鈥 he takes your hand in his and you walk together to his room in the attic
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levisanimebabea day ago
Request -> @anonymous | Can i get hcs/reactions for the brothers + solomon with an MC with a cat named solomon?
a/n: omg, having a cat named solomon was such a coincidence! i didn't put it in here cause i wanted to do the main req but i would love to know more about your kitty, (i need some updates on him too, if you want to, just because i love cats!!) he seems so cute 鈾鈾 i hope you enjoy this though, hun!!
Tumblr media
How will they react?
'Isn't that one of the students?' He would probably assume that you like the man, seeing as your cat is named by a student he knows here. He isn't surprised but didn't expeect it to say the least.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
Lucifer is more of a dog person so I don't think he would play with Solomon. In front of his bros though. I def think if he is alone and Solomon comes running up to him and yearning for affection, he would probabaly pet him a little.
How will they react?
Mammon probably wouldn't even notice, only the little vermin that's in front of him. I'm sorry but he just doesn't like cats at all
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
As I said, Mammon hates cats. He's def a dog person so he wouldn't play with him at all. He would probs even try to avoid the poor thing :')
How will they react?
Levi probably wouldn't even care about the name, he would just be in awe at how cute the cat is. He's even glad that a normie like you would bring a cat here.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
YES! He loves cats so he would play with him and cuddle him if you allow him to. Solomon comes to his room so much that he hides his gaming equipment so he won't mess with them.
How will they react?
He wouldn't mind the name either, he loves the cat just the same as his older brother, Levi. Probably even more than him. Satan just loves cats, what can I tell ya鈥
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
Yes, of course! I mean, he loves cats! What do you expect from a cat lover, to just sit there and watch the thing? Even though it is MC's cat, he will cherish it with all his heart.
How will they react?
I think he'll be the second one to notice. He would ask you questions about it in an obviously teasing tone.
"Do you know Solomon, MC? I didn't know, you must like him a lot to call your little kitty that name!"
He knows that you don't know him but of you know he just wants to tease your ass to death.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
Only if Solomon comes to him. He would probably tell the cat that he's being needy in a teasing tone and then pet him. Asmo just likes to tease anything, I swear-
How will they react?
I don't think Beel will even notice, he's just too oblivious. Probably too hungry to notice. If you meet him with your cat at a bad time, he'll probably eat him if he's that hungry.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
Knowing him, he would probably eat the damn thing if he's hungry. But at the rarest times when he's not hungry, he might pet him a little bit.
How will they react?
He probably would be taking a nap right now instead of meeting your cat. But if he has a opportunity to see it, he wouldn't really ask about it.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
He has more important things to do. Napping. But I just imagine him sleeping with Solomon, most likely not even knowing that he is. Solomon just crawled himself up on the bed and made his own spot on his pillow next to him.
鈥 Solomon 鈥
How will they react?
A cat? Who has his name? He's utterly surprised and kind of honored that this cat had his name. Just because of that, he's quite fond of him.
Will they play with Solomon the cat?
Definitely. Like I said, just because he has Solomon's name, he would. And they actually bond really well. It seems like they would like each other a lot. They would always chill with each other and Solomon would always hold the little kitty too. The kitty even rubs against Solomon on his shoulder. I mean, they're so cute together-
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Okay, here is my favorite angst prompt: MC not being able to sleep due to horrible nightmares about ch 16 events and growing progressively more paranoid and deranged as a result. They're really struggling, but the brothers never notice, until it's too late. Cue the guilt and regretti!
Ah yes, trauma, insomnia, and paranoia 鈥 three big influencing factors of mental health issues that both cause mental illness and can be caused by mental illness. (Have I mentioned I鈥檓 taking a psychology class?) Thank you for this absolutely devastating prompt (just going to add this here: my requests are open!)
General things: spoilers for ch. 16 鈥 honestly most of chapters 1 through 20 (to be safe), this is what I call a 鈥渃anon (though good) wasn鈥檛 enough to give MC proper human mental processing so I take matters into my own hands鈥
Warnings: mildly graphic descriptions of violence, nightmares, descriptions of blood and injury, mentioned self inflicted injury, social isolation, guilt, crying, MC鈥檚 just in so much mental and emotional pain it hurts as a writer
If any of that makes you uncomfortable or may trigger certain reactions or thoughts, don鈥檛 read it. If you are reading anyway please be careful and take care of yourself. Your mental health is more important.
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
They should have seen it coming.
It鈥檚 not like MC hadn鈥檛 been acting off, they just seemed to be stressed from everything that had been happening, so none of them thought that something was truly wrong.
Avoiding them, skipping meals, focusing on their tasks, all had to be because they wanted to do good in their classes, right?
It was not the case 鈥 and soon they were forced to confront the truth 鈥 as they discovered MC locked in their closet and curled into a ball as they covered their ears, silently crying and body shaking from the effort to remain quiet. They hadn鈥檛 even noticed them opening the closet door, eyes fixated on the space in front of them while tears kept racing down their face with no sign of stopping.
It broke their hearts. They were the kindest and most empathetic person they鈥檇 ever lived with, always willing to put time aside to check on them 鈥 since when were they like this?
They鈥檇 tried to get MC鈥檚 attention, trying to get them to snap out of it but instead of helping they screamed, crawling back with a fear they鈥檇 expected back when they first met but did nothing but shoot pain into each brother鈥檚 heart.
They鈥檇 shared laughs, they鈥檇 shared memories, they鈥檇 shared pain, but to see them so broken and in suffering 鈥 it was like they鈥檇 failed them.
And, in a way, they had. If they鈥檇 been hiding this from them 鈥 if they鈥檇 been hiding from them then鈥
Once MC had gotten out of the memory that never ceased to catch them off guard, they kept their eyes on the floor, avoiding any of the brother鈥檚 touch. They didn鈥檛 answer many questions, only deflecting them by saying 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want to talk about it鈥 and 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 while holding back tears that none of them could help with. Then they noticed the scratches on their neck and legs.
A habit, they answered in a panic, so obviously lying when they said it was unconscious when they got stressed. No one scratches with such purpose to leave such deep indentations without having some acknowledgment of the habit.
After about an hour of questions without answers, MC began to pass out from exhaustion, most of the brothers leaving them to sleep. Mammon stayed behind, worried and hopeful that they鈥檇 talk once they woke up without his brothers listening in.
Air. Not enough air. Laughter. Violet eyes full of joy as the air in their lungs wasn鈥檛 enough, vision getting blurry as their heartbeat thundered in their ears but that laughter never got any more silent, the pressure around their neck tightening more and more until they couldn鈥檛 take it anymore-
Mammon had to get Lucifer to restrain them from seriously hurting their neck, their cries for what was happening to them in that nightmare to just stop and the tears that fell from their eyes as they came back to consciousness, immediately trying to get out of Lucifer鈥檚 grip but stopping as they recognized their surroundings.
They weren鈥檛 there, it was their room, not the attic, he wasn鈥檛 there, it鈥檚 not that day they-
They鈥檇 snapped out of their thoughts as the rest of the brothers came in with worry on their faces, a crushing guilt followed by a heart stopping panic as their eyes met Belphie鈥檚, looking away quickly and biting their tongue as Lucifer began to loosen his grip on their arms.
Belphegor knew immediately what was going on just from the way they鈥檇 tensed when his eyes met theirs. He鈥檇 apologized many times and MC had forgiven him, but the mind rarely forgets such events easily. He felt the gnawing pains in his chest of familiar guilt, similar to the guilt he鈥檇 felt when they all lost Lillith but more hurtful as this time he knew it was his fault MC was suffering. He knew why they scratched and drew blood at their neck. He knew he wasn鈥檛 welcome there. So he left. Slipping away without his brothers or MC noticing.
He鈥檇 caused enough pain for a lifetime.
MC tried to remain calm when the brothers approached them, tried not to flinch when one of them put an arm around them, tried to show them that they were the same as always 鈥 a kind person that was willing to forgive their mistakes.
That didn鈥檛 last long.
They eventually gave in to the pressures of the residents of Purgatory Hall to take a break from the House of Lamentation, get away from the place that had (ironically) become a place full of guilt and pain for its residents. It wasn鈥檛 that they particularly wanted to get away from the brothers, but perhaps, just maybe, the others were right, and if it meant sleeping for at least three hours without waking up and being able to eat without thinking about the feeling of not breathing as they swallowed for a moment, maybe it was for the best.
The brothers, as expected, initially took it harshly 鈥 trying to convince them that they should stay and that the brothers could help them through what they were going through 鈥 but after enough convincing from Simeon and Solomon they gave in, acknowledging that they had messed up enough already.
And just after three short days, they were gone.
How could they have let this happen? They wondered, why didn鈥檛 we do anything about it? Why did none of us think to ask them what was happening? What is wrong with us?
Why did we let this get this bad?
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
So, how was that for a longer angst piece? I hope you enjoyed (this might not be the best word) reading this. If you鈥檙e struggling with your mental health, you鈥檙e not alone in this. If you ever need someone to talk to in really bad days, here鈥檚 a list of international s*icide hotlines and if you鈥檙e in the US text 741-741 to text someone instead of calling. Please take care of yourself <3.
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floraotheidiot2 days ago
Beel: Why is Y/N crying?
Belphie: And Mammon.
Lucifer: I honestly have no idea.
Random student: Woah, that Lucifer guy is sure harsh!
Satan: First time?
I promise I鈥檒l try to upload more Obey me!
Made in: May 5, 2021
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cerebrumrott2 days ago
Obey Me! Shall we Date?
Brothers and Newly Dateables x MC
Synopsis: Where their pact marks would be and how they would appear...
His mark would appear on your throat. Below the chin and Above the adams apple is where the sigil lies but the patterns and runes that circle it seem to trickle down your throat to your collar bones. Some even tracing up along the under side of your jaw.
You would know the mark appeared here because its his favorite part of you. He would often hide his face into your neck after a stressful day kissing along your jaw, and breathing in your scent.
It's also where his hand would most often lay, whether he be mindlessly tracing patterns into your skin, tipping your face up to his for a kiss, or holding you in place for him.
The mark is gorgeous and intricate. In direct light it appears to be a plain black though every so often it will catch the light just so to reveal the color beneath. A dazzling and heavenly blue.
When your pact mark appears he can barely keep his hands to himself. Most often when passing one another is RAD he will stop you just to take a moment to admire the mark before ushering you on your way smirking as he warns you not to be late.
His mark will appear on the back of the neck where the skull meets the spine. Its a small and tight circle almost barely noticeable with it being faded into your hair line.
He is furious at first demanding to know why his mark is so small compared to the others and why its in such a hard to see place. He proceeds to pout to himself muttering about why it couldnt be somewhere obvious like your eyes or better yet in the middle of your forehead!
Once that was out of his system he began to truly appreciate the pact mark. He was the closest to your mind because he knew what you were really thinking sometimes without you even needing to say it. He often finds his hand coming to subconsciously rest on the back of your neck petting and massaging the mark as it also soothed him. Sometimes when he is thinking too hard he will start aggressively petting your head. It was funny the first time but the look your teacher gave you when Mammon accidentally started petting you in the middle of class was less so.
Whenever you wear hoodies or scarves he doesn't hesitate to walk up behind you and pull your hood down saying its disrespectful to cover up his pact mark and that you should be displaying it to the world. One time you shaved out a little triangle at the base of your hair line to fully expose the mark and with your hair tied up high. Mammon was just beaming with pride and joy following behind you like a love sick puppy just to stare at his mark.
When you made a pact with Levi you actually couldnt find it for weeks. You had cheeked every inch of your skin for a mark big or small but couldn't find anything.
That was until one day while hanging out with Levi you burnt the roof of your mouth so bad you thought the skin was peeling off. Levi worried used the flashlight on his phone to look in your mouth and let out of yelp of surprise at what he found. You also panicked thinking your mouth was now beyond saving from an all too hot bite of noodles.
No instead he had found where his pact mark lied. On the roof of your mouth was a relatively large and well detailed sigil and its surrounding runes. Interwoven between these runes were two serpents. The heads of each snake ending by your front canines the tails vanishing where your wisdom teeth should be.
It took you both weeks just to find the mark and even more so discussing why it would ever appear in such an odd place. It was one night during a TSL binge that it hit you. Levi hates touching but he loves talking with you. So of course his mark would have something to do with your mouth and since a mark can't be broken it couldnt go on your lips or near them.
At this Levi brings up the point of why not the tongue then? To that you counter its because he is a shut in and never sees the light of day. You had meant it as a joke but the dawning look on his face made you realize that is exactly why it was on the roof of your mouth.
When he kisses you he likes to drag his tongue over the mark the sensation sending sparks through his body.
His mark would appear on your outer thigh. This is where his hand would always fall when you both read together in the afternoons, or when you would sit at the table beside each other.
The mark itself is made up of sharp and bold lines that take up a majority of your leg reaching down to your knee and all the way up to your hip. The center of the mark is a deep forest green that fades away into a black. Similar to Lucifer's it too has a duo chrome effect where in certain lighting a vivid green can be seen glittering through the patterns and runes of the mark.
Satan will often find himself staring at you legs throughout the day envisioning the mark beneath connecting the two of you together. Many days he doesn't even attempt to hide his blatant stares as he longs to run his hands over the mark unhindered by cloth. Perhaps later when the two of you are back at home...
His mark lies above your sternum and your heart. Asmodeus often jokes that it means you are hopelessly in love with him but the truth is that he is the one hopelessly in love. The many nights before you had made your pact where he would just dream of you. His love was not that of lust but of true and honest emotion the likes he had never felt before.
His mark is small, tightly packed in the space on the chest with the most minuscule and delicate details. The shapes and runes take on an appearance akin to that of a rose bush. Beautiful blossoms encased in a myriad of thorns protecting and guarding what lies beneath.
The thorns and vines interlaced with Asmodeus' pact mark when looked at from afar takes the shape of a heart matching the marks on his own skin.
Every time he sees the petals of his mark peeking out from a shirt of yours he can't help the way his heart fills and nearly weeps in happiness. While others may try to claim he is just oogling at your chest you both know its much more than that. Its much deeper than any of that.
His pact mark is on your dominant hand. He had laughed at the time when it appeared saying it was because he couldn't think of anywhere else to place it but you both knew that demons don't choose where a pact forms. It appears in a place of significance to the both of them.
It took a week before you made the connections as to why it was your dominant hand that it appeared on. Everytime you took a drink or ate you would catch a glimpse of Beels large and chunky pact mark curling over the back of your hand and over your knuckles almost trickling down your fingers. You couldn't help but laugh almost choking on your food at the time as everyone at the table looked to you like you were mad.
Beel was all smiles as you told him about your discovery his cheeks flustered red as he too realized that was indeed a great reason as to why it might appear there. In all honesty he had been truly as clueless as you as to why it was your hand but now. Now it made perfect sense and he loved it so so much.
Beel loves his pact mark with you so much he will often just take your hand in his and press a soft kiss to your knuckles, or when he is feeling mischievous he will take your hand and drag a long lick up your arm before commenting on how delicious you are.
Belphegors mark forms on your non-dominant hand parallel to his twins. Though rather than drift down over the knuckles it instead crawls up the arm towards the elbow. Thin and curling lines make out the shapes of clouds that encircle the runes and sigil of his pact.
You both knew why his mark appeared here and it wasn't simply to mirror his twin much to Belphie's embarrassment. He always held your hand when he napped. It got to the point he couldnt sleep if you weren't holding his hand or petting his hair.
With your mark now on full display he doesn't even attempt to hide his need to hold your hand just walking up to you and taking it into his own even when not looking for a quick nap.
Long after you have gone to bed at night he will crack an eye open making sure you really are out for the night before carefully sitting up to take your hand into his and trace over the patterns there. You most likely would never notice but when his mark hit the moonlight just so. Brilliant white speckles like stars could be seen mixed among the markings.
Interlacing your fingers together Belphegor brings your knuckles to his lips falling asleep with your hand cradled to his face hoping to wake up still holding you.
His mark is the biggest out of all the demons. Shocker. The sigil and runes sit between your shoulder blades and the massive and intricate detailing the sprout outwards from that trails upwards and over yours shoulders and down your sides like a hug from behind. In the light it has a golden shimmer to it giving it a regal apperance.
If you have a pact with Barbatos it connects to his encircling your entire back and upper legs.
The mark appears where it does because that's where his hand is just drawn to rest on you. When he hugs you it presses there to draw you in closer, When guiding you around the castle he places it there when leading you through a door way and into another, even when just standing beside you his hand drifts to settle there.
When the pact mark appears it becomes his favorite place to kiss. Often walking up behind you and leaning down to press a quick kiss to the space regardless of the clothing in the way before smiling at you happily.
His mark appears on your lower back. The sigil and the runes themselves and small and concentrated into your lower back. Though the curling and spiraling patterns that extend outwards from it cover most of your lower back trailing up your spine. It even extends out and down the back of your thighs only stopping when it reaches the back of your knees.
The mark appears pure black to the naked eye but to those with magical capabilities it is a sparkling mixture of metallic blacks and sparkling blues.
If you have a pact with Diavolo the two pacts seem to blend together creating a dazzling shimmering affect of the gold and the blue/black.
He often takes the time just to appreciate the beauty of your pact mark. Asking in a soft voice before pushing up the back of your shirt to run a gloved hand carefully over the lines that trail along your spine and to your lower back.
When it is just the two of you he will place his hand on your lower back and rub small circles against the place where the mark lies reassuringly.
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hey-its-spades2 days ago
Beel:"Why is mc hauled up in his room?"
Lucifer:" satan explain-" * looking over the bill "
Satan:"Mammon snuck up on him and he screamed so loud that his magic spiked and caused all the electrical sockets to burst, nearly starting a fire."
Mammon:* hanging from the ceiling gagged*
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cerebrumrott2 days ago
Requests Open
Writing for Obey Me! Shall we date?
Willing to write:
Short fic
Non-blacklisted Kinks/Topics
Not Willing to Write:
Any NonCon elements
Age Play or Underaged characters in non suitable settings
Will not write about real life events EX- Poli//tics, Pand//emic, ETC
This blog is used as a method of escapism for myself and others. Lets not bring the outside world in.
Just use common sense when requesting and honestly things will be fine
Side Notes:
If an ask makes me uncomfortable I have the right to refuse it
If you are a Minor and you are caught interacting with NSFW posts you will be blocked
These rules are subject to change with time
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plutosonmars2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
text with our favorite demons that don鈥檛 know what communication is
the groupchat name is a joke 鈥硷笍 pls don鈥檛 get mad at me 馃様馃馃従
also lucifer made mc wash the dishes as punishment for calling him 鈥榣uci鈥
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plooby3 days ago
So MC has basically been threatened to be killed by basically all the brothers. So Correct me if I鈥檓 wrong, but Mammon is the only brother who hasn鈥檛 flipped out and tried to murder MC right? Sooo, thoughts under the cut馃憖
Idk what would spur it, you could say Goldie, but once him and MC are really close I don鈥檛 see Goldie being a rampage flip switch, I feel like Mammon would only really loose it if MC hit something really personal.
(I hc MC being scarred from the brothers threatening them, trying to kill them, and Belphie succeeding and actually killing them) So imagine how he crumbles, loosing his demon form before actually getting to them when he sees the his human wide eyed and pale in fear. He didn鈥檛 care about them looking at his brothers like that, that was their problem because as long as MC found comfort in him he was okay. MC is his human anyways. They comforted him when his brothers harsh words took a toll on him, cleaned him up after Lucifer鈥檚 punishments, and genuinely cared about him. So to see them standing before him terrified looking at him like a prey to a predator, on the brink of tears and shaking broke him.
They thought they could trust Mammon, that Mammon would never hurt them, he promised. He told MC he would always be there for them. He was their Mammon. The Great Mammon who took care of them after one of his brothers threatened to kill them, the man who tried to provide them some comfort after Belphigor /his younger brother/ killed them without guilt or any second thought was standing right in front of them about to do the same.
He was very quick to apologize, hastily rushing forward and reaching out to them to pull them in. They needed to know he鈥檇 never want to hurt them, but all they did was back away. They were uncomfortable, uncomfortable with him.
Mammon broke MC鈥檚 trust in him and for the first time in a while he felt like he really was the scumbag his brothers accused him of being.
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hoodedpanda3333 days ago
MC Has A Nightmare
The brothers and the MC had spent the last movie night watching horror movies. Now, usually you're pretty good at compartmentalizing the movies you watch and reality, but for some reason this one really stuck with you. Enough to cause you to have a nightmare. Too scared to go back to sleep, you have no choice but to run to your favorite demon brother for comfort.
Now it isn't uncommon for Lucifer to be in his study at all hours of devildom time is weird)
In fact, he's fallen asleep on his desk more times that you can count
And far more than he'd ever admit
Fortunately for you though, he was still awake when you knocked on his door
He sounds annoyed when he tells you to come in, but it's gone when he sees your face
You explain to Lucifer that you had a nightmare and that you wanted to see him
He smirks, tilting his head at you
You can feel his patronizing gaze as he watches you in your Pj's, standing at his door
As much as he wants to tease you, he can't help but beam at the thought of you searching him out
It's not surprising, after all he is the Lucifer, but you're also his human and there's something about it being you that gets his heart beating
He once again glances at you, watching him like a deer caught in the headlights
Sitting back in his chair, he pats his lap for you sit
"If you can be a good little human and sit patiently while I finish my work, we can take this back to my room."
Who knows if you'll actually be sleeping or not though 炉\_( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)_/炉
The great Mammon can sometimes admit to his lesser attributes
It's hard not to when you're constantly reminded of your shortcomings by your entire family every day
Greedy? Yeah, it's in his name after all
Scumbag? Sure, fine, hurtful but he can accept it
But COWARD?? Nah fam, do people still say fam?
Anyway, he can admit to all of these things, BUT
he will never EVER admit to being scared
So, when he wakes up in a cold sweat, memories of his dream seeping into his conscious mind yet slowly slipping away
Of course he swears it has nothing to do with the movie he and his brothers (and MC) watched just a few hours prior
And he CERTAINLY does not scream at the top of his lungs when he sees you standing at the foot of his bed in the pitch black
But for real, MC, not cool. Not that he's scared or anything
When he finally calms down (not scared!!) and you manage to tell him of your own nightmare,
Well, who would he be if he didn't care about his human??
Of course the great Mammon will let you sleep next to him
And no, MC, he isn't blushing, it's just hot in his room ok???
Also, he is totally bragging the next morning about how you obviously knew he was the bravest demon in the devildom to have come to him
This fucking otaku hikikomori ass bitch over here
Dark circles under the eyes looking ass
*Ahem* sorry
Needless to say, he's so engrossed by the show on his television he doesn't even hear you enter his room
It isn't until you tap his shoulder that he even BLINKS
Once he sees you, though, he groans about how you are interrupting during his favorite part
After you manage to explain to him, his whining is now replaced by ridiculing
Of course he starts making fun of you, calling you a normie and a baby for being so scared at a movie
And leave it to him to bring up the fact that you literally live in the devildom with demons, so what movie could really be scarier than that?
Feeling worse about yourself, you cross your arms and pout, walking up to Henry's fish tank
Then you start talking about Levi like he isn't there, bringing up TSL and how Levi doesn't deserve a Henry for being so mean
Needless to say, he ends up being more upset that you're talking to Henry and not him that you end up making up silently and falling asleep to the sounds of anime in the background
Seriously, that fish needs a raise for babysitting the both of you
(Levi stans don't come for me, I love this fucker but it's true!!)
To your surprise Satan wasn't in his room
It took you longer to find him then it should have, however, seeing as the only logical location would be the library
but, in your defense, you are recovering from your nightly terror, so
Once you do manage to find him, though, you're actually no longer afraid
Not expecting to run into anyone else this late into the night, Satan is surprised to see you lurking at the entrance of the library
He motions you over and asks you what's wrong, not taking his eyes off of his book for more than a second
Feeling slightly self conscious, you're hesitant to tell Satan about your bad dreams
However, lying to Satan is nearly impossible, so the truth comes out on it's own
To your surprise, and to his credit, Satan doesn't tease you or laugh in your face
In fact, all he does is listen
Once you finish talking, he turns your attention to the book in his hand
First, he asks if you've ever read it, and when you tell him no it's as if a switch goes off in his head
Suddenly, in the midst of Satan's rambling and you somehow finding yourself leaning into his side,
You end up forgetting about your nightmare entirely 馃檪
Unlike the others so far, Asmo is the only one to actually be asleep when you find him
You might have regretted waking him up if you weren't so afraid, but it was a risk you were willing to take
As to be expected, Asmo wasn't too happy to be woken up so late...early...whatever
In fact you were just about to leave him to his rest when he grabs you by the arm and pulls you into him
He hums onto your ear about repaying him for being so rude
As this is the typical response from Asmo in regards to...well everything, you're actually not surprised
You end up pouring your heart out to him with him rubbing your shoulder
"Now, now, MC, keep furrowing your face and you'll cause wrinkles! Wouldn't want the second prettiest creature in the devildom to get wrinkles, now would we?"
He comforts you, in his own little way, and somehow it works
Whether or not it's because you take the compliment or if you think he's ridiculous, it works
Now this next part is up to you, but Asmo does make you an offer to stay the night
Surprisingly though, he seems genuinely open to solely cuddling back to sleep
You can decide if it goes further than that 馃槈鈽猴笍
Waking up after a nightmare is one thing
It's another thing entirely when you wake up to the sounds of the avatar of gluttony devouring everything in the kitchen
Especially how close it is to your room, you suddenly fear a monster lurking under your bed
Luckily for you it's only Beel having his late night...uh...snack? Sure.
You're shocked when he turns to look at you, some sort of red meat hanging out of his mouth
You have half the thought of still being in the nightmare, just waiting for a hunger fueled Beelzebub to switch to gnawing on you next
Much to your relief, however, he swallows down the last of his food and offers some to you
You explain that you're still shaken up from your dream and he gives the most puppy eyed look before giving you a hug, still munching away
You even believe he says something comforting between's the attempt that matters
Eventually he either gets his fill or, more likely, he eats everything
Point is, he now scoops you into his arms completely, finally able to form a coherent sentence
He explains that he's used to Belphie cuddling with him when he has a nightmare and finds that talking about it usually scares them away
At least, that's what Belphie tells him
You talk about the movie and how you felt stupid for letting it get to you, the whole time he's stroking your head/back listening to everything you say with a hum
It's hard not to feel relaxed after that
It's up to you if you go back to your room or if you stay with Beel
He gives you the option, and even offers to stay in your room for the night
Needless to say, you were no longer afraid the rest of the night
Ah yes it is he, the avatar of sloth, the narcoleptic man himself, the wears sunglasses to class but can't disguise his snoring, the sleepiest sleeper of them all
He's the one you expect to be passed out and you're not wrong... entirely
Belphegor is always tired, but it's not just because it's his nature
Surprisingly, he's a bit of an insomniac when it comes to sleeping at night
After all, it can hardly be a sin when you're supposed to be asleep now can it?
So, while he is lying down in his bed with his eyes closed that by no means entails he's actually asleep
In fact, he's been tossing and turning for hours and only stopped when he hears you enter
The two of you have an unspoken agreement
If one of you finds your way into the others room in the middle of the night there is always an open invitation to cuddle
So, much to his expectation, without a word you silently slip under his covers
To your shock, however, Belphegor turns over and hooks his arms around you, burying his face into your shoulder
"You want to talk about it?"
"Will you stay awake long enough to listen?"
He chuckles but you start telling him anyway
As you predicted, he fell asleep almost immediately
You honestly wouldn't have it any other way
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devildomsexting3 days ago
Lucifer x GN!Mc Crack
Operation: Save Brownie 馃惗
When you find a little buddy on your way home from class, do NOT tell your boyfriend...
Find public chat posts like this along with other exclusive content on my Patreon in the link below! 馃А
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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obeythebutler3 days ago
Crushed ( Solomon x Fem! Reader)
It's you.
You're standing in front of him. But when he looks beside him your body is on the floor and there's blood everywhere鈥攜our eyes won't blink and Solomon feels them stare into his very soul and鈥
" I'm here."
You rush forward to hug the bewildered man who is still gaping at the body on the floor, your corpse, which disappears into thin air as soon as you run forward, earning collective gasps from those around you.
But Solomon is still gawking at the spot where your body is supposed to be. His hands are still coated in blood, the floor is stained red, and the ring鈥
The ring is still on your finger.
It's really you.
This time, he can feel your heartbeat. Loud. Assuring. Rhythmic. Thumping against your ribcage as Solomon sighs in relief because you've guided your husband's ear on your chest鈥攖o calm him down and also hide him from prying eyes for a while, at least.
" I don't believe it. How can a human have that much willpower to cling to life like that ?" Belphegor groans in frustration as he stares at you, coughing as he tries to take in much-needed air. He's appalled at the turn of events, but that doesn't mean he won't try to kill you again, and ensure that the dead stay dead this time.
Solomon gently removes himself from your embrace as he glares at Belphegor, and everyone can feel the tension between the two men.
A demon that wants to kill the human.
A sorcerer that wants to protect the human.
Solomon won't let Belphegor do it again. He hides you behind his frame, shielding you with his own body as he stares at the demon and a ball of magic forms in his hand鈥攑urple, shining and bright.
" A sorcerer and a human, how romantic." Belphegor snorts as he pinches the bridge of his nose in annoyance. He leans on the wall, his carefree eyes going around the room, taking note of everyone's faces鈥攐f betrayal, sadness, anger and frustration.
He slowly walks towards the bottom of the stairs. Solomon and the brother's eyes are trained on his form, looking for any sudden movement or surprise attack鈥攁lmost waiting for him to strike.
But he doesn't. Choosing to rather descend up the stairs. His movements are slow and lazy, just like when he would drag himself to the nearest bed to nap, sometimes falling asleep on the floor out of sheer exhaustion.
" I'll kill and bury you both together!"
And Belphegor jumps from the railing in one smooth motion鈥攕traight at you and Solomon.
" Don't do it!" Beelzebub screams as Belphegor throws himself over the railing to attack you both. But the ball of magic that Solomon had created prevented him from attacking, rendering his body useless as he falls on the floor with a thud.
A paralysing spell.
Belphegor has been stopped, but that's the least of your problems now because Solomon is marching towards the demon with murder in his eyes, and you aren't sure if you can stop him.
" Solomon, wait! No鈥攄on't do it! Please!" You try to reason with him as you hold onto his arm, and then Solomon stares back at you with a ferocity that makes you take a step back out of fear.
" He killed you." He whispers, grabbing your shoulders harshly as he stares into your eyes, "He killed you and he's going to do it again. I won't let that happen."
" He won't kill me again." Solomon's eyes widen at that, utterly bewildered as to why you would trust someone who killed you to not do it again, and it shocks him at how assertive and confident you are with your words. Part of him thinks you have gone mad.
" And how can you be so sure of that?" His voice is hushed, barely audible to you. But you cup his cheeks and look into his eyes鈥攁nd Solomon calms down鈥攈is shoulders sag as the man closes his eyes and sighs. He's quiet because he knows it won't happen again because he sees in your eyes the same unwavering determination that made him fall for you.
But then your next words take him by surprise.
" Lilith lived, and she was happy."
It's almost like your declaration alone affected the demons who are standing with their mouths open, and Solomon would have chuckled at the sight if not for the preposterous statement you so confidently announced. He has questions his tongue is begging him to ask.
" She lived and died as a human."
" How," Lucifer begins, utterly bewildered as everyone else. It's unusual, to see him baffled and shocked. He was the one to always remain calm in a difficult situation, and Solomon remembers the way the demon composed himself when he was 'accidentally' summoned by the mage. " How鈥攈ow do you know that ?"
" She was reborn..."
" She didn't鈥"
" You're lying."
" It's the truth." Lucifer confesses as he stares into his brother's eyes, and his posture is of a man having accepted defeat because this was something he was desperately trying to keep hidden.
And when Lord Diavolo and Barbatos come, all Solomon can do is listen intently as you recite the exact words Lucifer said to his dead sister. And he can see the effect they have on the brothers, who are equally shocked and happy.
Your angelic heritage has been revealed, but Solomon can't care less. All he wants to do is take you away from those demons and have you in his arms, back in your shared room.
So he does exactly as his heart tells him to and becomes selfish, taking you in his arms, away from the brothers鈥攊gnoring the way they gawk at you, ignoring the way the Prince and the butler look on in shock, ignoring the sounds of protest, and taking your hand in his, leads you back home. To Purgatory Hall.
The walk back is quiet, with neither Solomon nor you saying a word鈥攕imply enjoying the world again with your husband and Solomon with his wife even if no words are said, for none are needed.
Solomon holds your hand a bit tighter when you pass through the streets鈥 because there are demons still loitering around and they're unpredictable creatures. And you give him a reassuring squeeze, and Solomon smiles before leading you through the sea of demons.
When you both pass the bridge, however, is when Solomon stops in his tracks because you have stopped. But when he turns around and opens his mouth to ask if you're okay, it promptly shuts, because your eyes are cast upwards and when Solomon follows your gaze he gasps in surprise.
The sky, dark it is, is clear, devoid of any clouds. The stars and their constellations illuminate the sky with their patterns, some that Solomon can name, and some he doesn't know the name of. If he tries hard enough, he might remember one of the names he read in a thick book years ago.
He's mesmerized by the stars and the moon.
Your eyes have stopped admiring the sky, choosing instead to admire your husband instead. His mind is lost in the stars and their beauty, and it reflects perfectly in his eyes. In the way they shine brighter than any star, the way he's bathed in moonlight鈥攁nd you can't help but kiss the sorcerer in front of you. The sorcerer that loved you, that wed you, that laughed when you messed up a spell, the sorcerer that bore the pain of your death today.
Memories of today come flooding back, which make you cry, make your heart ache in pain, which make you feel guilty for leaving your husband.
And then you're struck with a realization that makes the pit of your stomach sink.
" Darling?" His voice is soft, a hushed whisper which makes you weep even harder.
" I'm sorry." You manage to blurt out between tears before sobs consume your voice again and you start weeping in his arms. "I'm sorry for leaving you." Your voice is broken and choked, and Solomon smiles softly with tears in his own eyes as he hugs you tightly. He was the one who couldn't protect you and you're the one apologizing.
" It's not your fault." He mumbles as he cups your face and wipes away your tears, smiling softly. But then you remove his hands and start crying harder.
" No! You鈥攜ou don't u-understand! " You scream these words as you bawl, falling to the ground as your knees give way. Solomon stares in bewilderment as he kneels too, not knowing what to do, utterly confused at your statement.
" When I came here," Your voice breaks again as you weep, and Solomon gently tries to console you, stunned at where this is going.
" Before I came from that timeline I had promised you that I'd come back, and now that I'm here you must be waiting for me to come back, you're alone in our room鈥攜ou're waiting for me! And I won't ever come back! I鈥擨'm sorry f-for leaving you all alone鈥"
Your voice is nearing hysterics as you're crying so hard that you can't even speak any more because your Solomon is waiting for you to come back, alone in your room, staring at the ring on his finger, desperately trying to feel your heartbeat as he rubs it鈥攕omething he won't feel any more as magic doesn't work in different timelines, and he must be sobbing as he waits for you to come back. You've left your husband and you're not going back, you're breaking your promise鈥攁nd, and yet here he is in front of you.
Solomon's eyes widen as he takes in the meaning of your words, and then he realizes that he's waiting in another timeline for you to come back, and he can only imagine what he would do if you won't come back.
Another Solomon is weeping in your room, wondering why his wife hasn't come back. Yet, here you are.
The situation is absurd because both of you lost each other in one timeline and were united in another.
Solomon tucks your head under his chin as he stares at the sky鈥攍ittered with stars and a moon far bigger than that of the human realm.
The sky is the witness of what happened today because the sky won't change鈥攏ot in this timeline nor another.
The sky witnessed a man seeing his wife dead, only for her to come back, saw a woman promise her husband that she'd come back, only for her to break and keep that promise at the same time.
The sky saw two soul's fate woven together intricately.
Today was eventful to say the least, a lesson for Solomon鈥攖hat time was something a God couldn't control but a demon could, that mortal lives were frail, that the Avatar of Pride is not what he seems to be,and the most important鈥攈e's reminded of his love for you.
Solomon cries with you under the starry night of the Devildom, and he forgets that he has to rush home before Simeon ventures out in search for you and him.
He laughs when he remembers he's on cooking duty today.
@turningmad @nataliahemsworth @kaijindesu100 @cheesey-fox
This made me cry at the end...I hope you all like it!
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