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#obey me mammon x reader
1funeralcake1 · 30 minutes ago
Satan and Nightmares
This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Lucifer’s, Mammon’s and Leviathan’s are done, you can find below.
Part One Part Two Part Three
Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.
Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall
Genre: fluff
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral so this is for everyone! No warnings!
Your eyes open to complete darkness. A few moments pass and you realize your situation, you had only been dreaming. You heave yourself off of your bed and gaze around your room. Squinting you can make out your phone and you grab it. It was three in morning. You knew that you needed more sleep. You curled up under your sheets again. Tossing and turning was doing you no good. Every time you felt your body relax you would relive your night terror.
You stood again and paced, you had no options currently. A few thoughts drifted by and your mind latched on to one of them. You shook your head, it was a silly thought, but your mind was insistent. You sighed and wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. Wearing your makeshift cape you scuffled down the hall to Satan’s door. 
Immediately after the first rap on the door you heard a shuffle inside. After the second knock the door was thrown open. Satan stood there, very aggravated. His hair was fluffed up and sticking every which way and he was wearing a fluffy green sweater and plush looking pants. He peered at you, his eyes still squinted from sleep. He yawned and gave you a scowl.
“MC, do you know what time it is? Please tell me you have a good reason for this,” He grumbled, running his fingers through his hair to smooth it somewhat.
“Can I talk to you for a bit? I know it’s late but I really need to talk right now,” you mumbled looking at the floor sheepishly. You already began to regret your decision, Satan was a light sleeper and did not appreciate being disturbed.
To your surprise, Satan stepped aside and allowed you into his room. You gently nudged the floating books away as you made your way through his room. His bed was covered in massive books so you settled on the plush, old couch. Satan trailed behind and stood in front of you and looked down. He quirked his eyebrow as if to ask you to tell him why you were here. You felt yourself shrink under his gaze but you explained to him what had happened.
Satan sighed and rubbed his temples, he felt a small twinge of anger flare up in him but he could not bring himself to be mad. He had watched you relay your dream. You had kept your face hidden from him but the cracks in your voice were undeniable. He crouched down and gazed up at your face. He offered you a weak smile. Unsure of how to give any solace he reached a hand up and cupped your face. 
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re with me now, and you’re okay. You’ll be alright,” Satan reassured.
You gave him a weak smile and leaned into his touch. Satan felt himself grow warmer and pulled himself away from you. He turned from you and reviewed his room. Tomes and enchanted books were laying all over the floor, many of them floated in the air and piles of volumes were stacked on his bed. Satan wished he had spent some time organizing earlier that day. He had been distracted by a new novel he got off of Akuzon and completely forgot. He muttered a few expletives under his breath. He didn’t want to kick you out so you could cower in fear all alone, but there was no way he could find room without spending an eon reorganizing.
Turning on his heel Satan faced you again, he cleared his throat and spoke, “I don’t have a lot of room so you can sleep on the couch and I guess, since I’m already awake, I’ll just read until morning comes.” 
“That doesn’t sound very fair, I could always curl up on the floor, I’m the one that’s intruding,” you responded waving your arms in defiance. 
Satan carefully clasped your arms and held them still, “it’s alright, you can sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. I can survive without a few hours of sleep. Besides, there’s nowhere on the floor to sleep,” Satan chuckled. He plopped himself on a stack of books and beckoned one of the novels floating through the air to come to him. You began to protest again but he was already entranced by the book.
You accepted that Satan would be too stubborn, so you curled up on the couch, the old couch creaked and you sank into the worn cushions. You felt yourself begin to calm but, just as before, you were visited by visions of your dream. You instead laid there, your eyes wide open and holding back tears. The Devildom was a terrifying place, you loved it, but not all of it. You found it hard to confide in the brothers for fear of sounding weak or whiny.
A loud yawn permeated the silence you had resolved yourself in. You were annoyed by Satan’s refusal to rest. You silently rose and tiptoed to Satan’s side. You clung to his sleeve and pulled. He didn’t move but his mouth pursed. You could see how he was holding back his smile and you frowned at him. You pulled again, he began to chuckle.
“MC, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable, you can have the couch,” Satan said, sighing with a smile and finally looking at you. His smile faded when he saw that your eyes were shining with tears. He tossed his book into the air, allowing it to float away. He stood quickly and began to truly fathom how bad that dream had been.
“MC, what do you need me to do? I-” Satan paused and looked over your shoulder at the couch. “Would you like to share the couch? Maybe I could read to you?” Satan rambled, hoping he could find a solution to help you.
You nodded, Satan took it as confirmation of both and loosely held your hand as he steered you back to the couch. He halted you from lying down and settled in first.
“MC, the only way we can make room for the two of us is if you lay on top of me, of course if that’s too weird then I’ll let you have the couch and I’ll still read to y-” A puff of air escaped from Satan’s chest, interrupting him as you laid on his chest.
You were terrified and tired, you weren’t busy or concerned by embarrassment currently. Satan reddened but managed to beckon his book back to his side. He opened it up and began again at the start. Every so often he would trip over his words when you would wriggle to be more comfortable. Your hands curled under him and your head rested on his chest. Satan’s heart would skip a beat but you hardly noticed, his low voice rumbling through his chest with every word was soothing. You felt your heart rate slow and breaths even.
Satan noticed that you were asleep. He pushed the book aside and gazed down at you asleep on his chest. He had always known himself as a creature of rage, nothing more than a creation made of Lucifer’s negative emotions. You made him feel like so much more. You sought him out as a source of comfort, he never thought that he would be a safe place for you. Now that he had you here with him he was determined to bring you to safety no matter what. 
Satan returned to reading the book when he saw you stir lightly. As he read he felt himself slip off into sleep as well, perfectly content to spend all of his lifetimes right there with you.
You awoke in a partial darkness, you didn’t move, rather you listened to the disaster unfolding. You heard the low rumbling of Satan’s voice through his chest. The aggravated tone was unmistakable. You felt your face blush furiously when you heard the scolding of Lucifer. As you continue to wake more you realize where you were. You were lying on top of Satan with an open faced book over your head.
After you had fallen asleep Satan kept reading until he had drifted off too. He dropped the book and now you had a paper tent over your head. You wanted to giggle, you couldn’t really hold it in any longer. You giggled softly and broke out into laughter. The other brothers walked in to see you laying on top of Satan laughing with a book on your head. Humans are really strange.
As more of the brothers entered the room and began to chime in on the display before them Satan got more and more annoyed. You could see Satan begin to breathe heavier. You knew he was about to blow but how he reacted shocked you. In one smooth motion he scooped you up and carried you out of his room. But, before he headed down the hall, Satan freed one hand quickly to flip off Lucifer. He began laughing as he ran down the hallway followed by the thunderous steps of an enraged Lucifer echoing behind the two of you.
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jellymoonbear · 3 hours ago
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Next
Pairing: Mammon x f!reader, featuring Belphie, Lucifer, Asmo and Beel
Words: 2.3k
Warnings: mentions of violence and death, hints of child abuse (warnings may change for future parts)
Diavolo wasn’t too pleased to hear of the news and Lucifer definitely noticed how he tried to hide his disappointment. But in the end, the only penalty that had fallen onto Mammon was ensure her safety until she returns to her natural form. In a way, Lucifer was relieved. But some part of him was nagging his brain.
He had asked, but there were no results. It was old magic and there wasn’t a known way to undo the magic on MC, given that the book was too worn away to provide a remedy. It had already been a few days and MC spent her time with the other brothers while Lucifer slaved away in his study to find a way to fix this mess. He sighs and sits back in his chair, relaxing the tension in his back and neck.
It’ll wear off eventually, he tells himself.
“Finish this now and I’ll have more time to fix MC later.” He mutters to himself. Regaining his focus on finishing the paperwork in front of him, he picks up his pen again and begins scribbling but barely fills in half a sheet before he hears his door click open.
“I was hoping for no interruptions given that you are all spending time with MC tonight.” He says without looking up. A few moments pass before Lucifer drops his fountain pen into the ink pot and glances up at the door only to find the face he least expected.
“Belphie…” Trying to not let the shock show on his face, Lucifer relaxes his features as a motion to usher his brother into the room. It’s been a long time since his youngest brother had entered his study. Centuries. Lucifer can’t even remember the last time Belphie had even sought after him. “Is something the matter?” He clears his throat.
Belphie mumbles in response and walks over to the chaise lounge. Letting out a sleepy sigh, he drops onto the settee. “I’ve been seeing MC’s dreams.”
Lucifer stares at him expecting him to elaborate and Belphie opens his eyes only to shy away from his older brother’s gaze. Centuries of hating the eldest made it awkward to finally confide in him again. “You know… that I can see into dreams, right? Well, since MC turned into a kid, I’ve been seeing them all the time.”
“I see.” Lucifer begins filling in his papers again, as an attempt to ease the sticky atmosphere in the room.
“I saw it once when MC first arrived in the Devildom, but now I literally can’t get any good sleep.” Belphie complains. “Even then when we were watching a movie, she fell asleep and now my nap is ruined.”
“I suppose that is due to the fact that MC is a child now. I assume that her mental block is a lot weaker so it’s easy for you to see into her dreams.”
“Yeah… I thought so too. But, you know, it’s some really dark stuff.”
“What exactly did you see?” Lucifer’s eyes meets his brother laying on the couch, combing lighter strands away from his eyes.
It is a few moments before Belphegor answers, almost like he was coining the best way to say it. “Well, one of her favourite dreams is of a woman getting stabbed… I think it must be her mother, maybe.” Small lines appear on Lucifer’s forehead as he frowns. “She’s had that one a few times. But the others are mainly filled with a lot of shouting, some of her being beaten.” He sighs. “They’re all similar, too, and super vivid. The same people, same place…”
“So, you think you are seeing her memories rather than dreams?”
“I guess so.” He sighs. “I didn’t at first since kids can have a pretty wild imagination. But if they are memories…” Belphie couldn’t even finish his sentence. And Lucifer understood fully.
Dragging his chair back, Lucifer picks up his empty cup of coffee and make his way to the kitchen. The thought of yesterday’s conversation had clouded his mind while he was reading through some old books and now, he was on his way to find the young girl who was probably spending time with the others, again. A week had passed already since MC was turned to a child and he had barely had any alone time with her. Lucifer wouldn’t admit it, but he did miss the sweet smile she gave him every morning when she greeted him and his brothers. Just thinking of it made the corners of his own lips twitch upwards.
He soon finds a pouting MC in the dining room, sat atop the dining table with her small legs swinging over the side. Beelzebub sits in front of her with an overflowing mountain of cakes and sweets on the plate, from which both him and MC had been picking from.
“Hey, Lucifer!” Asmo sits at the table too holding up little pastel dresses for MC. “Look at these dresses we got for MC! They’re so cute!” He picks up a yellow pinafore with matching yellow boots. “What about this one, hmm? You can wear this one tomorrow?” Asmo giggles.
“Tch, can’t you see that she isn’t enjoying this?” Lucifer sighs and all three of them look to MC sat on the table. Her eyes had already teared up and her lips quivering.
“My tummy hurts.” She whines quietly and she clutches her stomach.
“Beel, I told you not to let her eat too many sweets.” He walks to her and rest his palms on her sides after setting down his cup.
“Where’s Mammon-sama?” Fat tears begin slipping down her cheeks.
“He’s probably still at the library with Satan.” Asmo informs them, he, too, now pouting at the little girls discomfort, almost as if he knew exactly how it felt to miss the person you need the most.
“I want Mammon-sama!” She cries louder in between big gasps for air.
The three of them watch her wailing, unsure of what to do to make her stop since Mammon wasn’t around. However, Lucifer is the first to try as he picks her up and cradles her.
“Why don’t you come with me until Mammon comes back?” MC nuzzles her face into his chest, still weeping. Surely she wasn’t going to answer him in that state. Lucifer sighs and begins to carry her back to his office.
“Get a hold of Mammon. Tell him to come home as soon as possible.” He orders over his shoulders and makes his way through that halls back to his study.
He had left for another cup of coffee and returned with a crying child. But now, at least, MC’s weeping had turned into quiet blubbering. It’s amazing how affection can quickly change the mood of a child. However mild the affection Lucifer gave her was.
Closing the door behind him, he looks down at MC in his arms as he moves to sit at his desk again with her in his lap, her back touching against his chest. He passes her a tissue and she messily wipes her wet face.
They sit for a while until only tiny sniffles fill the room and Lucifer rests one arm around her waist with his palm spread over her abdomen, and the other turns the page of the old and crusty book that lay on his desk. His ebony eyes begin flitting over the letters; every so often, the light glinting in his eye shines ruby.
“Wha-What is that?” MC questions, without taking her eyes off the writing that was indescribable to her.
“Hm?” Lucifer looks down at her. “This is an old spellbook. It contains some of the most powerful magic known. Perhaps we will find a way to turn you back to normal, MC.” His face is soft as he watched her mindlessly looking at the book. Wanting to engage with her small mind a little more, he begins to explain the spells on the open page.
“This one is a revival spell. It can bring a dead tree back to life no matter how old it is.” He turns the pages. “And this one is to communicate with sea animals. Of course, Levi can do that anyway, but the rest of us use this spell if we ever need to speak to a fish… not that it happens often.”
“You can really talk to fish?” MC questions, half in a disbelief and half intrigued. Lucifer reaches his hand up to gently rest on her head, silently noticing the way she rocks her body slightly with excitement.
Lucifer smiles with her and goes along through the book with her, explaining each spell and reading some out to show the young girl that it was real. She bounced in his lap when he murmured the spell to make snow fall from the ceiling.
“It was snowing last time too!” She giggles, Lucifer not yet paying close attention to her words. “The last time I saw Mummy and Daddy.”
“Hm?” Inquiring, he releases his magic and the twinkling snowflakes slow down and dissipate from the room. “And when was that?”
“Mmh” Little MC mumbles and counts on her fingers. “4 days!” She laughs and holds up her 4 fingers in front of Lucifer’s face. “Sister Mary is looking after me now, but I’m going to live with Mama and Papa.”
It was known to the brothers that MC had been raised by her grandparents, assuming that maybe her parents had died while she was still young. They’d known it to be a pretty basic upbringing, she spoke well of the two that raised her but had always avoided any conversations regarding her actual parents.
Ultimately, they had never questioned it any further thinking that there wasn’t anything else behind it. They understood more than anyone how difficult it is for a person to live without their parents.
“I see.” His gloved hand turns the page once more.
“What’s this one?” She asks.
Lucifer’s eyes freeze momentarily on the page filled with scribbles and crosses. “Well,” How exactly should he explain a death spell to a five-year-old.
“This spell puts you to sleep for a very long time.”
Yeah. Nailed it.
“Oh,” Her eyes droop. “Like Daddy did to Mummy.”
In that moment, Lucifer’s entire body stiffens in his seat, the hand he had laid atop of MC’s head was now softly gripping the hair at her scalp, not hurting her though. He suddenly thinks back to his conversation with Belphie. He had said something about this. Could it be…?
“MC, what do you mean by that?” He looks down at her but now notices that she had slumped over a bit, her head down and fists resting heavily on her knees.
“MC?” he asks her again, but she gives no response. Perhaps it would be better to not pry.
Letting the matter be, he strokes her hair again to comfort her. Swiftly changing the topic, he asks if her stomach ache had gone but before she can answer they both hear hurried footsteps and yelling coming closer to the room.
“Oi! MC!” Muffled shouts come from the other side of the door.
The door flies open and there stands Mammon, breathless, with his hand gripping the doorknob. “What’s up with ya? Asmo called and said you were sick.” The sweating demon treads over to behind Lucifers desk and grabs MC’s hand. “I got here as fast as I could.”
“Mammon,” she beamed at him. “My tummy was hurting, but it’s better now.” MC smiles and shuffles so that she can climb off of Lucifer’s lap and her feet gently make land with the ground again. And Lucifer takes note of how much her mood improves whem
“Yeah? I bet you were eating too much with Beel again. I already told ya to not do that.” Mammon brings a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose in annoyance with his brothers. “Geez, can’t trust her around any of yas.” He stated to no one in particular.
“Let’s go play!” She tells him and drags him out of the office. Lucifer smirks at the sight of the small girl pulling along the big demon behind her excitedly.
“Alright, Alright! I’m coming.” Mammon complains, making comments every few seconds about how much of a hassle it is. But it seems that MC, as well as Lucifer, had already realised it was Mammon’s way of showing he cares.
Their words get quieter and quieter and Lucifer is then left alone in his office. Huffing, he stretches out his back before focusing on the spellbook once again. But MC doesn’t seem to leave his thoughts.
Soon enough he can hear the gentle pattering of her shoes running to him. And her innocent giggles ring in his ears. He only realises that it is actually MC when she appears in his doorway calling for him.
Lucifer raises his gloved hand and ushers her in, then she hurries towards him with a spring in her step.
The young child pulls out her hands from behind her back and holds them up to him. In them is a single gold coin. A Grimm. Her small hands exaggerating the size of the single coin.
“This is for you.” She starts, and Lucifer’s eyes widen. “You made my tummy better with a spell, didn’t you?” She mumbles shyly.
Lucifer chuckles and takes it from her. “Thank you, MC.” He is pleasantly surprised that MC had realised when he put his hand over her belly and incanted a spell. “I’ll cherish this.”
He brings his hand to ruffle her hair and off she goes, running out again back to Mammon’s room to continue their silly endeavours.
To be continued.
Taglist: @whatishappinesswhatislove @justa-booknerd @meanduck @jollyjudgewolfegg @cherrychuu @dweeb-central @witch-o-memes @lilred8220 @uh-kay-shuh (let me know in the comments if you want to be added)
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Hey! Could I get a reaction/headcanon(you choose) with mammon and his demon s/o? She rather cold,mysterious and quiet. She’s indeed calm and quiet but won’t hesitate to defend mammon! Behind the closed doors she’s showering mammon with affection, such as cuddles and head pats.
And I have another question 👉🏻👈🏻 mammon is low-key a masochist- and his s/o is sadomasochistic, would he allow her to bite him and suck his blood??
Have a nice day🏩
Tumblr media
Mammon would be happy to finally have someone who loves and appreciates him.
And every time you defend him, Mammon almost starts to cry.
He would feel good with you and he enjoyed the way you gave him attention in private.
He would love to hug you almost all the time as you spend time together.
You can give him a lot of attention but Mammon is greedy and always just wants more.
Because you are cold and quiet around others, Mammon feels special.
He also believes that it is one of your ways to show that you belong to him.
Your serenity would calm Mammon as well and as a result he wouldn’t get into trouble so often.
He would brag about his relationship to his brothers.
You can be sure he'll let you drink his blood when you "play adult games".
He wants you to mark him so that hevpi shows the whole world that you are a couple.
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kurooscake · 8 hours ago
To everyone who read Fate or Chance chapter 7,
I am so sorry! I didn’t include two of the text photos that were very important to the plot :( I was so exhausted from work yesterday I didn’t realize my mistake. Again, I am so sorry 😞
I’m tagging everybody on the taglist here and if you see this and you’ve read chapter 7 but you’re not on the taglist, I just fixed it it’s up now!! Thanks everyone <33
@aleag @reallydelicate-cycle @iris-archive @t-misaki @belphiesbodypillow @aj-1154 @fernisasinner @hellodeath20
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mammonprotectionsquad · 10 hours ago
mysme is cool and all BUT IMAGINE a scenario where Tsundere Mammon™ subtly hints for mc to shower him with kisses 🙏
Smart move. Reeeeal smart move to yeet my out of my MysMe writing bubble by requesting something adorable as that for my favorite man xD
Ngl, I'm still a bit insecure about this, but I still hope you enjoy this, dear anon 💕
And I went with a headcanon like approach, because that was somehow less scary for me 😂
Also I'd like to thank my little sis @purple-trash-talks for encouraging me to actually post this 💖
Mammon hinting at wanting kisses
It wasn't out of the ordinary for Mammon to burst into your room. At the very least it happened once a day.
And while it also wasn't uncommon to sometimes see him with some kind of injuries, it didn't make you worry less whenever that happened.
So when he once again threw your door open with so much force that it crashed loudly into the wall, you were just about to complain to him for nearly giving you a heart attack. But the second your eyes landed on him, you fell completely silent.
"Yo, MC! What are ya doin' hanging around like that here? I thought we wanted to-", Mammon cut himself off when you were suddenly standing in front of him and you cupped his cheeks in your hands.
"W-what do you think you're doin' there, huh?", he spluttered, face going red and he grabbed your wrists. Though he didn't try to push you away just yet.
"What happened?", you murmured, instead of answering his question. Your eyes full of concern as you brushed your thumb delicately over the skin just under the small cut on his cheekbone.
"Ah, nothin' worth mentioning. A lil cut like that ain't gonna make me cry or something like that. After all I'm THE great Mammon!"
"You sure it doesn't hurt? I could kiss it better~", you hummed.
It was impossible not to chuckle at the way his brain visibly shut down and his cheeks turned an even brighter red. Even behind his sunglasses you were able to see just how big and round his eyes had gotten.
"But when you say it doesn't hurt, I guess there's no reason for a kiss."
You dropped your hands again and had just turned around to sit back down on your bed, when a hand landed on your shoulder to make you stop.
"No, wait! Actually it uh... It does still hurt a bit, ya know?"
Biting your lower lip, in order to keep yourself from grinning, you turned back around to look at him. "Oh? So you do want me to kiss it better?"
Mammon only nodded and already leaned forward a bit, with his head tilted to the side for, what you assumed, easier access to his cheek.
And who were you to deny him when he was actually being pretty adorable about it? So you brushed your lips over the small cut, planting a feather light kiss to it.
When you pulled back, the demon looked like he was contemplating something, his lower lip slightly pushed out.
"Ya know... It also kinda hurts here", he eventually muttered and pointed at his jaw. "M-maybe you kissin' it will make it hurt less?"
He avoided your gaze when he said that and at first you didn't think much of it. After all, getting a punch to the face could indeed injure you in more than just one spot. Without any hesitation you leaned back in to press another gentle kiss to his jawline.
"And here as well..."
When he pointed at his other cheek, you slowly began to catch up on what he was trying to achieve.
And even though you would've never said no to him asking for kisses, you knew he struggled with voicing those wishes. Which was why you decided to take matters into your own hands.
Resting your hands on his shoulders, you started by pecking the indicated spot first. Followed by one right under his eye. Another to the tip of his nose. Then his temple and his forehead. Taking your sweet time to move to the next spot.
It didn't take long until you felt him melt into your affection, with his arms encircling your waist to keep you nice and close.
"You could've just said, if you wanted me to shower your face in kisses, you know?", you snickered, before you pressed another kiss right below his ear. Causing him to squirm ever so slightly.
"Tsk. As if I'd want a human to do that...", he grumbled, still leaning further into you at the same time.
"Guess I'll stop, then. Maybe-"
"No!", he was quick to interrupt you, his grip on you tightening and you just couldn't help but chuckle quietly at his quick change of behavior.
"I-I guess it's somethin' else, because you're my human, ya know? But don't ya dare go around doin' that with the others! Those kisses are only for me! Got it?"
"Got it." You were still snickering when you two waddled over to the bed and flopped down on it. His grip on you never loosening for even a second.
So with you two all cuddled up like that, it actually made it easier for you to continue to shower his face in small, affectionate kisses. And you could've sworn you even heard him purr quietly, at some point.
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obeythebutler · 10 hours ago
May I request the brothers reacting to an MC who lost a bet with someone and now they have been cleaning the entirety of HoL in a very cute maid outfit? >< It doesnt have to be spicy, it can be just vibes where the MC cant even walk properly cause they arent used to high heels haha
Brothers React To MC Having To Wear A Maid Outfit
Betting with Asmodeus was a trap in itself, and MC lost. It was a fitting punishment that they would have to clean the entirety of HoL in a maid outfit, to never bet on stupid things again.
The house would be cleaned and MC would learn their lesson. Sounds like a win-win situation, but wait...
They simply look too adorable for their own good..! Lucifer has to hide his blush in seeing them, its that level of cute!
They keep falling due to their heels, and Lucifer's lost count of how many times he had saved MC from falling, but hey, he isn't complaining when the MC leans against him for support..
But his brothers try to divert MC's attention to them..! Perhaps he should spill a few papers on the floor, it's an accident, the wind blew through the open window, of course!
That's what you get for betting with Asmo! He's going to relentlessly tease MC as they prepare for their punishment, but when they came out of their room in a cute maid outfit Mammon blushed furiously as he tried to keep all their attention on him, which failed, of course.
The maid outfit looks so adorable on them! Just like that time he wore a maid outfit for Leviathan....
MC keeps tripping on their heels and Mammon is always there to catch them. Always. They could fall from the railing and he'd run to catch 'em.
Every time he looks at MC, all he can focus on is how cute they look! And perhaps offer for them to clean his room, it's filthy, after all
But MC keeps turning around to find things lying on the floor that weren't there before, such as the clothes they folded....
Asmo likes to keep the punishment...raunchy or straight up hilarious....and he laughed when he got to know that MC lost.
But when he saw them in that maid outfit? Leviathan ran to his room. For someone whose physical fitness isn't very good, he ran fast.
He was spluttering as he tried to calm himself down, because they looked so cute just like Ruri-Chan in that maid outfit and he couldn't even look them in the eye properly...
They kept tripping over their heels, something which Leviathan both laughed and cooed inside at. But when they held his arm for support, he malfunctioned...
He should probably spill a few drinks or chips here and there, it's purely an accident, not an excuse for them to come into his room where he can ogle at them, of course!
He knew MC would lose, the odds were calculated by him, and smirked when thinking of what punishment Asmo would come up with..
They had to wear a maid outfit. Kind of embarrassing, but they looked adorable. But perhaps Asmodeus knew how to kill Satan because he also made them wear a pair of cat ears.
He couldn't look at them without blushing furiously as he tried to maintain his composure, and kept failing, miserably.
MC kept tripping over their heels, and Satan made sure to be near at all times, to save them from injuring themselves, of course! And not to see their giddy smile...
His room is cluttered with books...that means you need to get started on his room first, because according to his calculations, it's going to take the most time!
He knew he would win! Now he gets MC to wear the outfit he brought specially for them!
They had to clean the house in that outfit too! How's that?! Although he may have gotten a bit too excited...
They looked so adorable in that outfit! Asmodeus simply had to take a photo of them, he couldn't help it! With that outfit, and those ears specifically for Satan, they could kill anyone with their cuteness!
They kept tripping over their heels, and Asmo feels bad but hey! That means he gets to 'save them' more often!
His room isn't dirty, not at all, but would the MC mind sorting through his wardrobe of outfits? He swears they were wrinkled and unfolded like this before too, and he didn't purposefully unfold it!
Oh dear...let's hope Asmo's punishment isn't a harsh one, because he would sometimes be up to no good.
Beel thought they looked cute in the maid outfit, until they were cooking some stew from him, and when he took in the scene of them in the maid outfit, cooking for him Beel blushed softly..
They look so adorable and so cute! All the while helping his brothers clean their rooms.. they're too kind for their own good!
MC kept tripping over their heels and Beel helped them stabilise themselves, although he blushed when he saw them look up from his chest and shyly mutter a thank you..
His room isn't dirty, but can they please cook something for him....?
They got what was coming to them, Belphegor knew that Asmo was planning something while giggling at his phone...
It's MC in a maid outfit! And now Belphegor is blushing! Because they look too adorable for their own good! He wants to smoosh them with cuddles!
They were running around the house, whenever one of his brothers called for them. Sounds exhausting, let him sleep for a while. But he couldn't, because MC kept showing up in his mind...
They keep falling due to their heels! The first time Belphegor laughed, because it was hilarious, but when he saw his brothers rushing forward to stabilise them, he had to come forward.
Forget your chores for a while and let him sleep on your lap, MC.
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writer-akihiko · 11 hours ago
Hello I have a request idea for obey me if your still taking them. How would the brothers react to Mc if she ran to them during school cry saying that a demon was following her?
ObeyMe!Brothers + Protecting MC
This ask was a nice, simple ask to calm the day down so I hope it's enjoyable for you requester!
Some possible warnings: possessiveness, slight yandere [Belphegor] and jealousy
The ominous feeling of being watched haunted you, but you couldn't shake off the feeling…
He was surprised seeing you run to him. The only difference he had noticed that you weren't running to him with joy, but with fear
He caught you and the moment he felt your tears soak his shirt, his rage was immeasurable
He really wanted to comfort you, but he must deal with a pest first…
He sent you to your room, not before kissing a trail of your tears away
Now… To trace the pest… Lucifer thought. He quickly transformed to his demon form, casting his magic
"Oh… so bold huh? I'd doubt you'd pursue my YN any further once I'm finished with you."
"M-Mammon! Help me!"
"Woah! Barely gotcha-"
He'd try his best to hold you, but seeing your tears shook his core
You were a little frightened that Mammon's grip got tighter
"Hey Treasure… Who did this to you?"
You shook your head, not knowing who. Mammon shrugged off his jacket, draping it over your head and telling you to stay with at least one of his brothers
"Sorry YN… I've gotta deal with some punk."
"Levi! Levi!"
For the first time he was out of his room in a while, he comes across you crying
You both fell with a crash, but Levi still protected you from the fall
His heart broke feeling you tremble in his arms
Leviathan hugged you one more time, shifting to his demon form and wrapping his tail around your waist
He cuddled you in the blankets on his bed in his room before leaving you to drift off to sleep
"Now… surely Henry 1.0's super attack would be enough to finish off the annoying mob who's hurting what's mine…"
"Satan where are you?!"
You called for him desperately, and he responded in mere nanoseconds in his demon form, slinging his arm over you
His magic seeped out, shielding away any lesser demons away from you two as he brushed the tears slipping out near your lashes
"My dear… I am here," He whispered, patting your head. "I am here…"
He was not crowned the Avatar of Wrath for nothing, for when you told him what happened…
His wrath was made known throughout the entire school, the aura of his magic sending chills down every lesser demon's core
"My dear, I'll have to leave you," He said. "There is a cretin I must destroy…"
He found his beloved curled up in his arms, shaking under his touch
He pulled you up to him, rubbing your shoulders to calm you down as you hung on to him
"YN, you're safe," He whispered, peppering your skin with butterfly kisses. "You're safe with me, you're safe with me…"
He got you to calm down, his hands running over your palms to soothe you. He listened attentively to whatever you have to say
Once you had finished, his heart was filled with concern for you. "Oh, my beloved…"
He left you in his room once you were alright. "Ara... whoever decided to approach my beloved shouldn't underestimate me…"
He immediately caught you before you fell, but he felt as if he were about to drop you after seeing your tears staining your uniform and your cheeks
He wasn't that great at comforting you, but he tried his best
"Y-YN? YN who hurt you? Show me where it hurts," He pestered over you, checking to make sure if you were alright.
Beel covered you in his jacket, using it to wipe your tears away too
He tied his jacket on your shoulders, asking you to wait for him back home
"I've got to do something YN, wait for me."
"Belphie- Belphie!"
He was wondering what caused you to run to him in such a panicked state
He was actually looking for you, and the moment he saw the tears, he pulled you close to him. "YN… who did this to you?"
When you hugged him, you could feel how tense he was getting with every passing second of you telling him what you were feeling
He hugged you close, making sure that you were comfortable, carrying you all the way to his room princess style and cuddling you until you fell asleep
Before tucking you away, he kissed your brow. "YN, I'll find out whoever did this."
The moment your eyelids closed, he continued his statement. "Those lesser beings forget that the weakest demon brother could still erase their existence…"
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stanmammon · 13 hours ago
Can you do the bros with an MC who is nervous around Belphegor? It's understandable given how he murdered them. Twice. Once in front of them.
Either platonic, romantic, or both!
(I’m just gonna rearrange it to being almost murdered just so it makes more sense)
It almost feels like Asmo is talking down to you when he tells you that Belphie is harmless as he had proven he was very much not harmless, but you supposed that’s what happens when you live with a group of demons. Giving Asmo the cold shoulder for a few days has him finally giving in, admitting that things were different because of Belphie being back, but that he wanted you to realize that you were safer than you ever were as everyone single brother in the house would be looking out for you just in case he did lash out again. He promised to never let Belphie get that close again, holding you in his arms as he insisted that his great love for you would repel any negativity Belphie threw your way. 
It truly hurts Beel the most as he loved Belphie, his twin, so much that knowing you were afraid of him could be a deal breaker. He would try the hardest to repair the relationship between you and Belphie which only seems to further your distrust, telling Beel that he can’t just force you to get over almost having your life taken. He understands it, he had been just as mad at Belphegor for striking out against you when you were so kind and innocent, but he still secretly hoped that you would be able to move past it. Belphie had long since accepted you as he could see how much Beel loved you and he would never do anything to hurt his twin, feeling immensely guilty for even doing so in the first place. 
Levi had really thought it was game over, bad end locked in, but was thankful that you managed to come back from your zero health state. He had held you even closer since then, more protective over you than he had ever been as he didn’t know what he might do if you were taken away from him. He had scolded Belphie at the time but he had also understood that his feelings came from anger at Lucifer, and that you had just gotten stuck in the crossfire. He doesn’t blame you for your relationship bar with Belphegor being in the negative but he hopes with time the distrust will decay; as long as you’re still afraid though Levi will be there to hold your hand, reassuring that nothing bad would happen to you again. 
Lucifer is quietly distressed to see that you’re still frightened of Belphie despite the constant reassurance that Belphie now respected who you were. He understood that such a traumatic experience would probably leave you wary of the demon for the rest of your days but he hoped it would come to the point where the two of you could at least live together without you cowering behind Lucifer whenever Belphegor entered a room. He had come to an understanding with his younger brother to never address you without someone else around until you were comfortable with him, not wanting Belphegor to get frustrated and lash out. 
Mammon is, understandably, a little on edge as the image of your bloodied form in his arms had haunted his nightmares for weeks after. He hadn’t lost you in that moment but there was another him in a parallel timeline who might have had to deal with the grief of losing you before he had ever managed to confess his feelings (Levi had planted that thought in his head from some sci-fi anime and it had unfortunately plagued Mammon). He didn’t want to be afraid of what Belphie might do forever, especially since peace seemed to return to the house, but he’s still wary whenever he sees Belphie in a bad mood about keeping himself between the two of you. 
Satan is notably distraught about the entire situation, unhappy that you feel unsafe and that you constantly feel the need to hide behind him whenever Belphie enters a room. He wants to repair the root problem but has no idea how to go about it, trying to read up on how to form a bond between a human and demon (which doesn’t provide him with exactly what he needs as most relationships like that aren’t made to be friendly in nature). He doesn’t try to force it but he is subtly encouraging, telling you that there’s nothing to fear and that he’s here to protect you without a doubt.  
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sweetstarling · 17 hours ago
Mammon x Reader - Why’d you only call me when you’re high?
Tumblr media
Hello, lovelies, please enjoy some Mammon content!
Warning: Slight Angst/NSFW
~𝕯𝖔𝖜𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕽𝖆𝖇𝖇𝖎𝖙 𝕳𝖔𝖑𝖊 𝖂𝖊 𝕲𝖔~
Buzzes went off into the distant, the vibration of the DDD alarming you of multiple missed calls. The name tag clearly evident of the second born, The numbers 3:00 displayed on the screen, sighing you tilted the phone into a comfortable position in your hands to open messages.
Message after message appeared, the same words repeating themselves “Come Over”, you shuffled slightly; Fingers tracing over the keys to quickly reply, “You said you need to get up in the morning, have an early night.” Silence from his side waiting for you to continue your demise “Yet, You’re calling me late at night”, no more words left you but you sat up knowing full well there was no point going back to bed.
Footsteps trailed outside your door, back and forth before throwing the door open, a tall lean figure standing in its place where the the noise footsteps once came from. A huff heard before he decided to lean against the door frame, almost as bare as his shadow, shorts hastily put on and the rest left forgotten back where he was supposed to belong so late at night.
Eyes glowed cold as the ocean with envy, memories of you spending time with the others flooding into his brain, causing a sigh to be released. “You’re starting to bore me, baby” shaking his head with a light tone before heading towards you, his motions swift and almost silent.
A thick aroma coming from his breath as he leaned in towards you, his head slightly above yours leaning to look at you. “Baby, why’d you only call me when you’re high?” You replied, questioning his presence, hands gliding over his chest and encouraging Mammon to do the same, his stature changing as he started undressing you.
Clothes soon left forgotten while bite marks took the honours of dressing you into perfection.
..............𝕬𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖙𝖗𝖞𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖔 𝕽𝖊𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖊 𝕸𝖊?...............
The break of the morning sun came much sooner then expected, breakfast left forgotten as you accompanied the demon in bed. Knocks echoed causing a slight shift from you, to no avail the person behind the door slammed in, before a screech was heard belonging to the third born. “MAMMON’S HERE” was all that echoed alarming both Mammon to wake hastily up and the rest of the brothers who ran towards the room.
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obeythebutler · 18 hours ago
Requests are open! Can i ask for MC with a pet parrot? And the parrot is always repeating random phrases it heard throughout the day which may or may not reveal a few brothers' schemes? Bonus, the parrot has incredible hearing and can hear everything in a 100 meters radius. Even Lucifer isn't safe from having a few embarrassing mutterings outed by the parrot. And imagine Satan's and Mammon's schemes failing 'cause the parrot snitched to Luci and they can't do anything 'cause MC loves it.
Brothers React To MC With A Parrot That Repeats Random Phrases Throughout The Day
If he has known that the damned bird would say such thing he would never have allowed it in the first place...!
At least it was a parrot, not a cat or a dog, fairly easy for him, and Lucifer allowed MC to keep the parrot in the house. The problem was, he soon started allowing the parrot in his room while he did paperwork, and often motioned for the parrot to pass him a pen,which it did.
And Lucifer, after watching a good play, has the habit of rambling and reciting his favourite parts, and what better listening partner than the parrot?
He never knew that it would recite the things he said! Safe to say, he won't ever allow the parrot in a hundred mile radius of him.
And that time when he was in a grumpy mood while drinking coffee in the kitchen, and the parrot, shamelessly, in front of his brothers, started quoting, " I fucking swear Mammon I will hang you from the roof of the house one day."
And why was the parrot moaning at the breakfast table, dictating graphic words....
Lucifer doesn't need to threaten Mammon now, because the parrot does.
As much as Lucifer claims to dislike the parrot, he can't disagree that it's his ally sometimes.
Satan's and Belphegor's schemes to make his life miserable? Not happening any more. Mammon's money-making schemes? Not a chance.
But it swears like a sailor! Seriously, which one of you taught the parrot to swear?! What do you mean it's him?! And why does it proclaim it's love at random times?!
He's only tolerating it for MC's sake, he swears as he teaches the parrot to dictate subtle threats to his brothers...
It's a bird! It's lovely! But everything comes with a price...
The parrot was something Mammon grew found of quickly, always sneaking it pieces of fruits and veggies. The parrot also listens well, so what better partner for his get-rich schemes than the bird?
But the damn thing recited his plans, in the living room, and everyone heard it...
His back was screaming in pain when he managed to break free from the ropes...Betrayal of the highest degree!
And the parrot now threatens him like Lucifer! He swears wherever he goes he can feel the parrot's eyes staring into his very soul, reminding him to not do anything that would bring Lord Diavolo shame or the consequences would be bad....
The parrot started mimicking Beel's feral state when he was hungry...and now Mammon goes and tosses snacks at Beel whenever he hears the parrot speak in that tone...
One time he was planning to sneak a vase and sell it in the back market for some sweet Grimm but the parrot looked at him, straight into his soul and screamed,
" Mammmmooonnn...!"
Satan's and Belphegor's schemes have started failing due to the parrot, and hidden secrets are coming to light...
Also, who taught it to curse ?! And say I love you..?!
He's only bearing the bird for MC's sake, says Mammon as he offers it a piece of fruit.
Ugh, normie with a normie pet. Get a Henry!
The parrot was tolerable at first, as long as it didn't touch any of his Ruri-Chan figurines and meddle with his things. Levi might have even grown found of him, reciting to it anime openings, and teaching him the lines of the Lord of Shadows and Henry, and the parrot seemed to listen...until....
The parrot started gushing about a hentai he was watching, complete with tone of voice and Levi's comments! This is betrayal, you backstabber parrot!
The parrot ensured that Mammon's schemes never came to be successful, which they already weren't though...
Satan's and Belphegor's pranks also started failing....although Levi adores the peace and quiet, there's no amusement left anymore!
And what to you mean he taught the parrot to curse?! Oh...that's what he screams during my gaming raids...
But he never called Lucifer an insufferable goat! And who taught it to say I love you? Asmo?
At least the parrot is good friends with Henry and knows some of Henry's lines...
When a new episode of Ruri-Chan releases, both Levi and the parrot scream together.
Even if the parrot sometimes snatches chips and snacks out of his hand, he's still tolerable compared to normies...
A parrot...was an interesting creature as a pet...still, nothing to a cat. Speaking of which, he'll have to keep his feline companions away from the parrot, lest he come back and finds only feathers on the ground....
The bird wasn't that bad of a first. It would sit silently most of the times and contend itself with fiddling with sticks and pencils. Satan tried a lot of times to get it to talk, but it never did, until that one day when he cursed and the parrot parroted it back in front of Lucifer.
Finally, someone said it to his face. But the parrot never said that particular curse word again, instead choosing to say...even filthier words, even worse than what Asmo used to shout in bed.
The drawback was..that the parrot heard every prank he and Belphegor planned, hence ruining their efforts. How does it have such a sharp hearing?!
And Mammon, his every scheme wasn't even able to start, because of the damned parrot.
The bird has an..odd habit of proclaiming love at random times...Satan wonders why...
And the anime openings, oh the anime openings! Levi could be already heard singing them in the bath, and now the parrot too?! He's considering moving out...
And the parrot once meowed as a cat, and then proceeded to coo and go 'pspsps' like Satan does...he doesn't know whether to be embarrassed or proud!
A parrot? Lovely ! Just the perfect addition for his Devilgram!
Asmodeus had pulled out his phone and started taking pictures in a flash but then the parrot pulled at his earring...
The photoshoot ended quickly. Now he will not wear his flower earrings in front of the bird, because it lunges for them at him!
He tried to teach the parrot a few words..but guess what it learnt? That's right, Asmodeus's dirty talking when he had company over.
Breakfast never tasted better with the sound of moans and pleas to go faster or harder. Lucifer gave Asmodeus a look, but even he couldn't do anything because MC was laughing in a corner while clutching their stomach...
The parrot is a lovely bird to go for gossip! It recites his skincare routine every night! That's why he wants to keep the parrot close..
Satan and Belphegor's schemes to make Lucifer's life miserable have gone to waste now, the parrot goes and dictates it to Lucifer, who feeds it fruits in return!
And Mammon. His schemes can never even start, failing is another thing, because the parrot knows every. single. detail.
The parrot has an odd habit of proclaming it's love at random times in the night, even though Asmodeus never told him to..
He has mixed feelings about the parrot- on one hand it recites his skincare routine, on the other it pulls at his earrings...
A parrot? Let's hope he doesn't eat it...
Beelzebub hands the parrot pieces of fruits and veggies regularly, and allows it to climb on his shoulders and head, and judge everyone from its position.
When he got to know that the parrot regularly recites Asmodeus's skincare routine, he taught it to say 'I love you' to the inhabitants of the house, which it did, and Beel fed it even more fruits in happiness.
But the parrot curses like a sailor, and Beel isn't sure who taught it- Levi or Satan and his brother....
It sometimes wakes him up by reciting anime openings, and Beel isn't sure whether to make it sleep in MC's room or tell it to quieten down....
Every one of Belphegor and Satan's schemes goes to waste, because the parrot goes and recites it all to Lucifer, and the pair had to sulk in dissapointment.
Mammon's scheme also suffer the same fate...
The parrot started moaning when he was eating breakfast once...
But the bird is the only one apart from Beel at making Belphegor wake up, so that's a positive point.
He doesn't know whether to throw the parrot out of the house or join it's shenanigans ..
The parrot was quiet, at first. It let him sleep, and ate from his hand, and was effective at fetching pens and pencils for him, until..
Until the day he got the wicked idea of teaching it to swear. Belphegor pulled out every swear word in the book and recited it to the parrot religiously every well, until the bird learnt to swear.
From then onwards, the parrots vocabulary widened.
It mimicked meows, curse words and Asmodeus's dirty talk.
It wasn't so bad until the damn thing started reciting his and Satan's ideas to make Lucifer's life miserable, who seems very smug nowadays...
And Mammon, his money-making schemes won't get to see the light of day...
But the thing that Belphegor hates the worst is that the damn parrot wakes him up whenever he's sleeping. Using it's legs to claw at his hair, pecking at his head, and causing a ruckus.
The parrot started reciting anime openings one time, and Belphegor was torn between sending it back to MC's room and joining it.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
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kurooscake · 20 hours ago
Fate or Chance | Mammon
Chapter Seven: You’re right.
Summary: You flip Mammon’s world upside down when he soon comes to terms that he likes you, but he has a pretty big obstacle in the way— your feelings for another. Can he win your heart or will he lose his chance?
Hello hello! Here is the next chapter! I was supposed to post it like an hour ago but I am so addicted to webtoon 🙂🙂 somebody take away my phone lmao but here’s chapter 7 😬
Previous | Next
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Solomon‘s true colors are starting to show
Well Mammon be endgame ?? Or will Solomon win ? 🤔
Lucifer will make an appearance next chapter
Taglist (Open):
@aleag @reallydelicate-cycle @iris-archive @t-misaki @belphiesbodypillow @aj-1154 @fernisasinner @hellodeath20
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scarramucia · 21 hours ago
here it is! mc is playing an otome game and they like characters VERY similar to the brothers but mc doesn't realize that, how do the brothers react? note that mc is clueless but likes the brothers and the brothers also like them back but they haven't done anything romantic with anyone
Hi! Thanks for being my first request! :D
Warning: Implied, but not written lewd!
Tw: Food is with Beel’s part!
*  All  Of  Them
Tumblr media
- Had been curious as to why you were spending so much time on what you said to be an ‘Otome Game.’ He’s heard Levi talk about it before, but... honestly never cared enough about games to look into.
- Only requested that Leviathan explain it to him because of your sudden great interest. Even if his explanations are really long, they’re also in depth and gives him all of the information he needs.
- Especially about your favorite character, a prideful businessman that overworks himself. Somewhat of a sadist with a soft side that mainly leaves the Mc confused.
- When Levi had told compared them to each other, he didn’t admit that he saw the similarities out loud. They even had the same hairstyle...
- When Mc was playing the game at their computer for another five-hour run, he had to come and see what the hype was all about. Now he can see the many visual similarities for himself.
- “You went for a copy of me instead? You act so brave by pushing yourself into conflict, yet...” Hand cups chin. “You couldn’t come to me for actual experiences?”
- A smug grin matches the character on the screen as he watches you turn red. He delivers a kiss to your lips that has the possibility of escalating into something more if so desired.
- What the fuck is an Otome.
- Hello, Google? Send help.
-  Googled the game that you and Levi kept going on and on about... Oh, wait. There’s your favorite character! ...A greedy man with a sweet spot for the Mc. He keeps spoiling them, but is too embarrassed to let his family find out. They even look the same, except for a different hair and eye color...
- Totally ignored the similarities out of embarrassment until he noticed that the character is often bugged by witches as well. h...........
- Dashed into your room mid-romance scene and tugged you away from the computer.
- ...Looks at you. Looks at the screen. Look at y
- “Mc! Why the hell are ya givin’ some fictional guy more attention than me, damn it? I’m the one that’s right here-- I’ve BEEN the one that’s right here.” You go to shush him, but he won’t stop, or he’ll never be able to say what he wants. “I love you!”
- Love..? Your heart’s beating faster, and your lips are getting closer. In a total “fuck it” moment, he presses his to your own. Flushing, he pulls away after a few seconds.
- “...I’ve always been by yer side, so be by mine.”
- He’d noticed your sudden increased interest in Otome, and searched through forums to find one to recommend to you! I’m Trapped In Another World!
- Ah, yes. The Otaku love language. Recommendations based off of your own interests.
- But then you got in too deep..!! He noticed that you spent more and more time playing, and that your blog included retweets of a character that seemed awfully similar to him. Otaku search mode... GO!
- Even a few of his online friend had said that they’re a lot alike, and that he should go for it! With the cheering of even discord moderators, he summoned up his courage to go to your room!
- “M...Mc!--” He has to be bold, before his soul leaves his body like an anime cliche! Shaky hands rest on your shoulders. “I -- If you like otaku characters... THEN YOU SH -- SHOULD CHOOSE ME!”
-  ,,Huh? He totally caught you off guard! But... this means he likes you back, right? Before he can dash off, you capture his lips in a kiss! As nervous as he is, a goofy smile is on his lips when you pull away, face bright red.
- “I like you too, Levi! I’m sorry I didn’t notice that you liked me...”
- “It’s okay! I... I’m lightheaded, so I’m gonna lay down.”
- You brought him into your bed, and laid down with him until he woke up... He was just about as surprised, but not enough that he couldn’t cuddle up to you.
- Was already fully aware of what an otome game is. He’s the Smart One.
- He couldn’t resist but to play detective and ‘interrogate’ you about your favorite character. ...Mc, you literally just described him.
- He gives you an incredulous look. You’re... even oblivious enough to fall for a character that acts exactly like him, especially when he’s in love..? He turns red, eyes closed. “What am I going to do with you, Mc? Do you like me, too? Or only him?”
-  Help, you’re so embarrassed that you can’t even form words. You just. hold up two fingers to signify that you like the both of them. He laughs, cupping your chin and bringing you into a kiss.
- “I always manage to catch you off guard. Come on, we can read the light novel for your game that I found on Akuzon.” he care you /ref
- It’s only natural that someone would be too nervous to confess to him! (Insert sparkle emoji because I’m on PC.)
- He was actually going to confess to you, but your time went to that game instead of him... Ahaha,, everyone needs their alone time, right..?
- Yeah. After a day, he was already demanding attention from you. Until he looked at the character on the screen, and then put in the comparisons. How cute...
- “Aww, you’re projecting your love for me on to a dating sim? You’re so cute, Mc. I’m right here, you know.” Forward as usual, he leans in close. “Why don’t we have some fun? Tell me everything he did in your game.”
Beelzebub: (In this one Mc is is oblivious that they like Beel because I like that trope :D)
- Confused. Why are you suddenly shutting yourself in your room like Levi does..? He didn’t do anything, right..? You come out for meals, but maybe you’d like sweets? Yes, that’ll make you happy!
- He entered your room with a plate of cookies, matching posture with the on-screen character until he tilted his head. You haven’t been avoiding him, but you’ve been playing... a dating game?
- “Mc? I... brought you cookies.” An awkward utterance, lips pursed. He’s oblivious as to the character being like him, but finds himself turning pink at the expression on your face.
- “Th -- The character...”
- “The character?”
- “The character is like you..! I like you?!”
- “You do?!”
- You both... just kind of stare at each other for a full minute before hugging one another. A sweet embrace that leads to an even sweeter kiss, and relationship.
- He... didn’t mind too much at first, but then you literally stayed up all night to try and get all of the routes with your drowsy fave.
- He started sleeping in your room but. every time you looked over at him he was in a different position, or a few inches closer to you.
- At one point, he was literally upside down against the bed?? Hello??
- He EVENTUALLY is behind you, and almost makes you scream with surprise. ...He was doing that on purpose, by the way. Asshole.
- “...Why are you napping in a video game with a fictional character instead of me? Don’t you love me, Mc..?
-  He k nows. He knows you like him?!
- While you stare at him in shock, he gives you a kiss. Now it’s time to nap IRL with him. You shouldn’t be staying up all night just to get all of these video game routes, you know...
Simeon made the game with some help. You’re welcome, Mc. ...Wait, a bonus?!
- He’d made himself into a side character with a secret route, assuming that you love lay with one of the seven.
- But... you became more invested in, well, him. Instead of mainly interacting with one of the main characters. At first, he didn’t know how to handle it. First just smiling while watching you play.
- Then you realized... this is just like the TSL shit! He made this game and based it off of everyone! Slowly turning, you exchanged eye contact into his gaze.
- ...Cute. He’s coming closer, arms draping over your shoulders as his chin rests upon your shoulder.
- “Aha, I never would have thought that you preferred the side character, Mc. It makes me happy that you like me...”
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1funeralcake1 · a day ago
Leviathan and Nightmares
This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Lucifer’s and Mammon’s are done
Part One Part Two
Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.
Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall
Genre: fluff
Warnings: Reader is gender neutral so this is for everyone! No warnings!
You gasp as you are suddenly pulled from your dream. It was only a dream after all. You cover your face with your hands and sigh. Hugging yourself you stood and took a few deep breaths. Away from your blankets your arms prickled as goosebumps emerged. The thought of sleeping was appealing, but the visions of your nightmares were keeping you wide awake. You wanted some form of comfort, but who could you really offer that to you at the House of Lamentation? You thought that, just maybe, Levi would still be awake. 
As you shuffled down the hall you reconsidered, Levi was a hermit that probably would not enjoy being disturbed, but even so, Levi was always kind to you in a roundabout way. Even if his affection was somewhat indirect you were in need of it. Your assumption was confirmed at Levi’s door, you could hear his shouts and grunts of frustration. You had figured that since he always talked of gaming and came late to breakfast that he would be up. You promptly knocked on the door impatiently. After no response you knocked in quicker succession. The cold hallways were intimidating. 
“MC, you know you need the password,” Levi shouted from behind the door.
“Levi, please, I just need you right now,” you pleaded desperately.
That statement caught his attention, you had never said something like that before. He shouted to you over his headphones to come in. You hesitantly stalked into his room. He had already turned from the door and was peering into the screen. 
“What do you need me for MC, I hope it can wait, I’m in the middle of something,” Levi mumbled, showing no regard for your shaken form.
You pulled on his sleeve, he sighed and looked at you, he was about to tell you that he didn’t have any time for this, but he stopped his mouth open. You were biting your bottom lip to stop it from trembling and your eyes were shining. He stuttered a little before he spoke into his mic ‘guys, I’m logging off’. He pulled his headset off and swiveled in his chair.
He suddenly had a sinking feeling, he had been a little rude, but when was he ever the best at social situations. He tried to make eye contact with you again but immediately diverted his eyes. That fearful expression was nerve wracking. You took a deep breath and rubbed your eyes.
“Levi, I can’t sleep, because… well I had this terrible dream and I didn’t know who to turn to. I know you’re busy with other things, but I’m just really scared,” you choked out, clenching your teeth to keep some composure.
Levi was staring at the floor, he wanted more than anything to jump up and hold you but he told himself that you would never want him to touch you. He forced himself to crane his neck up. You were staring at him, waiting for a response. Levi bit his lip and gazed around his room, he knew he had options, but he was nervous to offer. He gulped and took a shaky breath.
“Well, I mean, since you’re scared and all, I guess you could sleep in here. You wouldn’t have to be alone that way. That, o-or you could just talk to me for a bit,” Levi stuttered, fiddling with his fingers.
“I don’t really want to talk right now, it might make it worse. If you’re okay with it I’d like to stay,” your eyes drifted to the tub that was used as Levi’s bed. “I don’t want to take your bed though. I could always sleep on the floor.”
“N-NO, I don’t want you on the floor, you can sleep in my bed, I’ll sleep on the floor!” Levi blurted out, shaking his head.
You nodded and scampered over to the tub. Levi followed and removed some of his pillows (his Ruri-chan body pillow) to make more room for you. You gave him a curt smile as thanks and stepped in. You situated yourself on your side and closed your eyes. Levi turned away and was heading back to the computer but he noticed how late it was. He needed to turn in for the night too to avoid being punished. He paused, he really did not want to sleep on the floor.
He accepted his situation, curling on the floor with Ruri-chan. He grunted as he laid his head on the cold tile, he needed extra blankets if he wanted to sleep. He was heading to the door to get more when you popped your head up over the tub.
“Levi, we can share, the floor does not look comfortable at all. I’m sorry if that’s weird to offer but I’ll scooch over as much as I can,” you called out, you honestly just wanted him to be near you. You weren’t sure if you would be able to sleep unless he was close to you. Those few moments of rest in the tub were uncomfortable. You had been sure that just being with Levi would make the bad thoughts go, but it didn't work. You needed more than that.
Levi stood still, he was facing away from you, good thing too, he was opening and closing his mouth like Henry the fish. He was unsure of how to respond. He turned and felt himself involuntarily beginning to refuse. He forced himself to choke out the deferral before it happened. He wasn’t the bravest in social situations but now was the time to be there. You looked so small, not physically per se, but your eyes clouded with fear was consuming you. You looked genuinely disturbed, that Levi could not accept.
Stepping back over Ruri-chan Levi crawled in next to you. As he settled on his side he realized the proximity at which the two were resting. Your faces were inches from one another. He held his breath and waited for something to happen. You shivered and without a thought Levi pulled in to rest on his chest. He felt his entire soul leave his body. Levi froze in place, unsure of how you would react to his rudeness. When you tangled your legs with his to situate yourself closer to you he choked on the air. He took more shallow breaths and curled his hands into fists. You pulled away a little and gave him a little smile.
“Thank you for letting me stay Levi,” you whispered
“N-no need to thank me, I just ya know didn’t want you to get in trouble. I’ve gotta keep you doing okay, in my own way,” Levi muttered, looking away as you rested your head on his chest.
Lying there so close you could hear the harsh beating of Levi’s heart, it was honestly quite cute, but it only lasted a little. It slowed down more and more, you didn’t make it to when he fell asleep cause his warmth had already lured into sleep. Levi squeezed you a little tighter, relishing in the fact that you had trusted him to see you so vulnerable. He knew that he was going to look out for you for as long as he was able, no matter what.
Levi was always late to breakfast anyways, so Satan followed his usual routine of strolling into Levi’s room to furiously shake him once again. Satan usually held himself together, he wasn’t one to be shocked by things, but this, this was different. He stood over your sleeping forms and pulled out his phone. He took a picture and immediately sent it in the House of Lamentation group chat. He was determined to embarrass the both of you, in particular Levi. Satan smirked as he heard the approaching footsteps. Mammon burst in and stood, his mouth agape. Soon after all the others were standing there. One might expect a ruckus but instead, they all stood speechless. Levi? Really? Beel naively thought nothing of it and shook you both.
“MC, Levi breakfast, I’ll eat yours if you don’t wake up,” Beel said leaning down towards the two of you.
Levi jumped and sat up quickly, bashing his head against Beel’s. He groaned and fell back on top of you. Leaving you both groaning. You both began to realize what was happening. Levi didn’t know what to do so he hid his face in your chest. It made him blush harder but he was too nervous to raise his head again. You looked up at Beel who was gazing down at the two of you nonchalantly. Levi was refusing to budge.
“Beel, I don’t suppose you could carry the two of us to breakfast? I’ll buy you dinner from Hell’s Kitchen toni-” before you finished the sentence Beelzebub took the two of you and carried you to breakfast and thankfully away from that awkward scene. 
No one spoke of the incident at breakfast until Levi scrolled through his phone and saw the picture in chat. He let out a squeak. All the brother’s took that as an indication that it was time to tease Levi and you. They would probably never let you live this down.
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uvlill · a day ago
Hii!! I’m Klee/eula and I write hcs! My pronouns are she/her, I’m new and I’ll probably shit post a lot so watch out for that 😅
the things that I’ll write for are
• obey me! Shall we date?
(All brothers and side characters !luke platonic only!)
•Genshin impact
( kaeya, diluc, Childe, zhongli,) - I’ll add to this the more I go on
Please keep in mind that this is my first time ever using tumblr so if I mess up anything please don’t be afraid to tell me!
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burnedrxses · a day ago
Hello! I hope you are doing well!
I was wondering if you could do fluff hc's where GN!MC would be a "adoptive" sibling (also the youngest) of the demon brothers? Basically, the brothers kinda just accepted them as their sibling even though they aren't blood-related.
Have a nice day! :D
Can do!
GN!MC as an Adoptive sibling
Any 1c3st will have you blocked I’m not joking
Spoiler warning for those of you who didn’t finish the game yet!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay let’s be real here since you are a re-incarnation of Lilith they are likely to be even more protective of you
Mainly the twins
But they all treat you just like you are related to them by blood
Mammon likes to spoil you by buying pretty much whatever you ask for
Lucifer will bring you your favorite snacks, drinks, pretty much whatever you like from the human world
Satan likes you read you books and let’s you barrow them sometimes, just be sure to give them back unharmed
Asmo does your makeup whenever you ask him to, let you try on his clothes, does your hair, and anything else. He’s basically your personal cosmetologist
Levi will play games with you, read manga, and watch anime together with you. He likes your company
Beel will occasionally share his food with you and will make you some food too.
Belphie likes to take naps with you and will sometimes let you cuddle with his cow pillow
They like to bring you gifts all the time
Oh boy and just wait till your birthday comes around
They are gonna go all out
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halli-walli · a day ago
Heyo send me ideas to write :) I write for:
- the arcana
- obey me
-miraculous ladybug
- bnha
- Haikyuu
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kxyren · a day ago
Words Hurt (Mammon Oneshot)
I can’t come up with title names so we’re stuck with this :^)
a/n: despite being bad at it, I had the sudden urge to write some angst. It’s not the greatest but I tried. Enjoy :)
semi-angst with a fluffy ending :)
You were on cooking duty for the day and needed to buy groceries. Lucifer asked Mammon to accompany you and he did.
But it was one of those days. The one where Mammon would constantly remind you how much of a pain it was to look after you.
Of course, you knew he didn’t mean any of it but it didn’t help with the bad day you were already having.
You figured that he just lost a bet and Lucifer had just chewed him out for losing all his money again.
“I can’t believe that I, The GREAT Mammon, has to look after a pathetic hu-”
“Can you stop?” You stopped in your tracks, “I get you haven’t been having the best day, but that’s no excuse for you to lash out at me.”
“Oi MC, I was just kidding.” he responded.
There were those words again- “just kidding”. He always used those words as if it made things better. You were tired of it.
“I don’t care Mammon, if you’re SO done with looking out for me then just leave.” You said and kept walking “Go back home, I’ll get the groceries myself.”
He could tell you were upset by how you said those words and he cursed at himself. You kept on walking and Mammon stood there.
Perhaps you were harsh with him but he needed to understand that what he said hurt. You were going to apologize later so you proceeded to buy the groceries and head back.
When you arrived at HoL, you set aside the groceries and headed to your room to get changed.
You saw Mammon in front of your door with his head down.
“Mammon?” You called out.
He pulled you into a tight hug, “I’m sorry for saying those things about ya.”
Shocked, you awkwardly put your arms around him “I forgive you,” you assured, “and I’m sorry too.”
He released you from his arms and you did the same.
“Wanna help me prepare dinner?” You asked.
Mammon’s face lit up, “Who wouldn’t want The Great Mammon’s help? Of course I’ll help ya!”
You chuckled and intertwined your arm with his and made your way to the kitchen.
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stanmammon · a day ago
can you write hcs where mammon, satan, diavolo, asmodeus and solomon play 7 minutes in heaven and they get chosen with mc?
(I love seven minutes in heaven stuff)
Asmo could’ve cried from how excited he was, standing up and clapping his hands immediately while the rest of his brothers looked incredibly distraught. He couldn’t care less about the faces his brothers were making as he got to be all alone with you, arms wrapping around you in a tight hug as he tells you how excited he is to be stuck with you. He was clinging close to your side even before you’re in the closet but once the door closes you can feel his lips on your skin, pressing your body against the wall so you were pinned between it and him. He’s not quite kissing you yet but he’s feeling you, grabbing your hands and encouraging you to do the same. There was something sensual about being this close in the dark, about using your sense of touch rather than your eyes, and Asmo seemed more than a little happy that you were the one he was doing this with. He whispered loving words in your ear, asking if you were okay with this, asking if you wanted a little bit more, telling you that he wanted every single part of you that you’d give him. Seven minutes is up in no time but Asmo had no intention of continuing on the night around the rest of them, hand grasping yours as he pulled you out of the party directly to his bedroom to continue on.
Diavolo, after hearing the rules of the game (which there weren’t many), seemed quite interested in participating despite Lucifer’s insistence that he shouldn’t. His eyes lit up when your name is selected as the one joining him in the closet, walking over to where you sat and offering a hand as he escorted you inside. There’s total silence once you’re in there together before Diavolo breaks it, asking what exactly the two participants were expected to do. He wasn’t born yesterday nor was he as innocent as he was acting, he knew exactly what happened in dark closets, he just wanted to hear you say what you wanted. A kiss? He acquiesced, holding your face in his hands carefully and turning your head so that he could press a gentle kiss to your jaw, chuckling when you let out a noise of disapproval. He seems to be in an especially teasing mood but he tells you that he can’t deny you or his magnetic attraction to you, wondering if he could request a little more than seven minutes with you as it just wasn’t enough. He looks quite pleased with himself as you exit the closet together, politely being escorted back to your seat once again as he wanted to remain ever chivalrous, winking at you when everyone turned their attention back to the game. 
Mammon let out the loudest cheer you’d ever heard come from the demon’s mouth, trying to hold back your laughter as he called his other brother’s losers and personally escorted you into the closet. He wished he could lock the door from the inside but now that the two of you are practically pressed up together his bravado is gone, the true anxiety of being trapped in a dark room with the person he’s in love with settling upon him. He would be perfectly content doing absolutely nothing here because since he was in here with you, that meant his brothers weren’t going to have a chance to make a move. He wants to do something, anything, lost in thought about how to word his request when he feels your hands on his chest. When you begin to softly touch his face, he can’t help but lean into your touch, desperate for it, realizing that he’s not content with simply nothing happening. His hands grab yours, pulling the hand that had just been touching his cheek to his lips so he could leave a trail of kisses along your fingers, to your palm, to your wrist, mumbling words of love that are barely audible. You’re both startled by the closet door swinging open and Mammon returned to his loud self, telling his brothers to at least give a warning before rudely interrupting his moment. He settled himself down next to you the rest of the night, not wanting to leave your side for a moment.
Satan hadn’t wanted to participate in this stupid game to begin with but he’s nothing short of relieved when the two of you end up in the closet together, knowing his other brothers would’ve likely been quick to put their hands on you. He retained his gentlemanly demeanor no matter how desperate he was to be close to you, tensing up when your hands brushed against each other, apologizing profusely despite the fact you didn’t seem to mind. He paused for a moment before he decided that it would be totally pointless to waste an opportunity like this, telling you that he had once read about a moment like this in one of his books. When you asked what happened he didn’t stutter as he said he’d much rather show you, grabbing ahold of your hand that was still close to his before tugging you into his arms in a move so smooth he’s reeling at the fact he could even pull it off. He’s making some sort of romantic speech, telling you how truly beautiful you are, telling you all the things you do to his heart, before his lips find yours like they were meant to be melded together. Even when the door is open he doesn’t stop until he’s had his fill though he grew to regret that moment, his cheeks pink as his brothers poked and prodded at the formerly assumed to be prude brother.
Solomon isn’t nervous at all, or at least it doesn’t seem so to you but he had always been hard to read. He politely holds the door to the closet open and lets you step inside first, watching where you settle yourself before promptly closing the door. There’s a moment of silence that Solomon decides to fill with words, talking about magic, almost rambling about it, which has you quickly coming to the realization that he is nervous. When you point out this obvious fact he simply chuckles, telling you that you had always been the observant type so he should’ve known he’d get nothing past you. As nerve-wracking as this situation was he was just as happy to actually be alone with you, mumbling that it wasn’t often he found the chance to have you all to himself. He asks if he can make use of it and when he receives your approval he leans forward, his lips briefly brushing across yours before he quickly pulls away as the door is yanked open. When you exit the closet you can see the slight flush to his cheeks as he pats Luke’s head and reassures nothing devious happened. He sends you a quick message afterward asking if you’d slip away with him when the party was over, wanting a bit more alone time so he could be fully satisfied. 
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~ lucifer + mammon + asmodeus + belphegor finding you sleeping in their bed waiting for them would include...
Tumblr media
It’s not unusual for Lucifer to stay out late to have meetings with Diavolo
However this time Lucifer was actually at home. He was just in his office handling documents for the student council
You knew better than to disturb him in his study without being invited. So instead you decided to wait in his bedroom for him
Lucifer’s bed is so large and comfy that you couldn’t help but curl up under the silk sheets as the hours went by
By the time the ever so hardworking demon chooses to get some rest you’re fast asleep
Lucifer’s a little surprised to find that you’ve tried waiting for him but it fuels his pride nonetheless that you’ve ever so loyally stayed here just for him
“You really are mine, aren’t you? What a good little human”
You hadn’t meant to drift off so you didn’t tuck yourself in properly. Not to worry, Lucifer takes care of that for you before crawling in next to you and kissing your forehead. It’s a rare gentle moment. If only you had been awake
Mammon had gone out for one of his photo shoots. He wasn’t supposed to be out so late but the magazine decided to take a few extra pictures and he couldn’t turn down the extra money
At the same time it always made Mammon anxious being away from you for so long, so he was happy that he was finally getting home
He knew you were probably asleep by now but greedily wanted to see you at least once that day he stopped by your bedroom
To his surprise you were nowhere to be seen. He starts to panic thinking one of his brothers might have lured you to their bedrooms instead
But when he stops by his room Mammon finds you in their gently snoozing away. Y-you were here the whole time? Waiting for him?!
You’re asleep and still Mammon can’t stop himself from getting all flustered finding you this way
Damn it... you’re just so cute. Mammon can’t stop himself from taking a photo who he swears no one else will ever lay eyes on. Only he gets to see you this way
Laying down next to you Mammon can’t resist the urge to pull you close. Gosh he’s so soft when he thinks you’re asleep
That night Asmo had gone out to one of the local clubs. You would have gone with him but you had some studying you had to do
At the same time you were worried about Asmo getting home safe do you studied in his bedroom so you could simultaneously wait for him
You continuously texted Asmo while he was out and only stopped when you in inevitably fell asleep. That was fine because Asmo was eventually to drunk to answer your messages anyway
He was tipsy when he returned home but managed to make his way to his bedroom anyway. That’s where Asmo finds you
How adorable! You stayed here waiting for him. How can Asmo possibly stop himself from smiling?
Taking a moment to admire your sleeping face, Asmo can’t help but think that he’s finally found someone even more pleasant to look at than himself
Asmo doesn’t want to disrupt whatever dream you’re having (it could be about him after all!) so he’s careful as he snuggles up next to you but don’t expect him to contain his urge to steal a little kiss from you :)
Belphie staying out late was actually a punishment. Trust me, he’s much rather be at home sleeping himself
Unfortunately Lucifer caught him taking a nap during a student council meeting and to teach him a lesson Lucifer made him stay at the school to work on a bunch of paperwork
You felt bad so you stayed with Beel as you both waited for Belphie to come back
Eventually chatting with Beel isn’t enough to distract you from your exhaustion and you slip away into unconsciousness in Belphie’s empty bed
By the time Belphie comes back to the house Beel is still up snacking as you sleep the night away
Smiling at his twin, Beel let’s Belphie know that you wanted to stay up until he returned but you were a human after all. You couldn’t help it
Beel offers to carry you back to your room but Belphie assures him it’s fine. He doesn’t want to bother you when you look so peaceful
After gently brushing your hair out of your face, Belphie climbs under the covers with you
What started out as a punishment from Lucifer turned into something much better. Now Belphie has an excuse to hold you as you both sleep. Maybe he should nap during meetings more often
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