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#obey me leviathan x reader
asmosmainhoe11 months ago
MC is a sleep hugger
I finally have some headcanons for you my lovely people~
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
Everytime you hug him in your sleep a proud smile forms on his face.
He can and will tease you about it after you wake up, but in a playful and joking way. We all know that he enjoyed every second of it.
When you sleep hug him Lucifer doesn't hesitate to wrap his arms around you too.
It's just that you're so super soft and cute when you do that. He sometimes has the feeling that his heart is about to jump out of his chest in those moments.
Yes, Lucifer can control his feelings quite well, but when it comes to you and your affection he's dying from the inside. Sometimes even stops functioning, but that doesn't mean you can stop.
The fact that you hug him in your sleep out of all people gives him the ultimate ego boost.
He's a mess. His face turns red and it feels like it's on fire and he's afraid that his heart is about to explode.
At first he has no idea what to do. Wrap his arms around you? Smooch you? Play with you hair? There are just too many options.
Immediately turns super soft and slowly hugs you back.
Mammon carefully leans his head against yours so that he doesn't wake you up.
When you wake up and see the position you're in you quickly apologize for bothering him.
The blush is coming back.
"No, no, no! Of course ya wanna hug THE great Mammon!"
He tries to act all smug and confident about it, but couldn't fail more at it tbh.
Doesn't even notice that you're asleep tbh.
He's busy playing his games and when you put your arms around him he thinks you want something from him.
"Oi, MC what-"
Another mess when he sees that you're actually asleep.
Carefully puts his controller down and puts both of you in a more comfortable position. He doesn't want to sit while you hug him. Levi wants to enjoy the cuddling session to its fullest.
He's a bit awkward at first ngl. He has no idea what to do with his arms or where to put them so he just wraps them around you kinda helplessly.
Levi quickly calms down though and soon falls asleep too.
You two are both reading in his room. At least you're supposed to, but then you fell asleep and hugged the blonde demon.
Ngl he's surprised by it at first and blushes a little. I mean how can he not? You never looked cuter with your eyes closed and your face squished against his shoulder.
He puts the book down and pulls you on top of him before continuing to read.
That is a position he could stay in forever.
It's so peaceful as if the world around you two stopped except in that room with all those books.
With moments like these you make him feel like he has never even known the meaning of anger. Like the wrath hidden within him under all those other emotions has never existed.
His first impulse was to scream and take a picture of you, but he could restrain himself.
Immediately grabs all of his pillows to make it as comfortable for you as he possibly can.
Then he relaxes and embraces you in his arms.
The man knows exactly what to do and when he plays with your hair a sigh escapes your lips.
Asmo also caresses your back which feels extremely good too.
His hands work magic and not just in a sexy way like everyone might think.
He's surprisingly one of the best cuddle buddies you've ever had and you always wake up well rested and refreshed when you sleep by his side.
Let's be honest here. Beel is a living teddy bear.
When you hug him in your sleep he couldn't be happier.
Immediately pulls you on top of him and returns the hug.
Even if you're as tall as him he absolutely loves being your bed. The feeling of your steady heartbeat against him calms him down and the sight of your cheek on his chest? Wholesome!
He treasures those moments.
Beel even pulls you close before you fall asleep. He simply wants to cuddle as long with you as he can.
100% plays with your hair. How can you expect him to resist?
This is another sleep hugger and you can't change my mind on that, but he doesn't hug everyone. Only you and Beel.
On the rare occasions when you fall asleep before him and hug him? He couldn't be happier.
It's scientifically proven that Belphie sleeps better when you're by his side and he has told you that many times. Scratch that. He has said that to everyone.
You're his number one cuddle buddy just like he's yours.
He could stay like this forever tbh.
"Belphie, we have to get up."
He clings onto you as if his life depends on it.
"Five more minutes."
"You said that an hour ago."
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obeythebutler3 months ago
Sitting on the Laps of The Seven Demon Brothers
Prologue: Sometimes the best way to grab your demonic boyfriend's attention is to go and sit on his lap. Be warned, reactions will vary, and you might find yourself doomed or not wanting to leave at all....馃槒
When he's too occupied in his work, and won't even spare a glance at you, or is simply lounging by the fireplace, with a vinyl record playing, then these are the right circumstances to go and plop yourself on his lap.
Lucifer will be shocked..for a moment, and his eyes will widen before that infamous smirk comes along, and he'll adjust his position accordingly to make you comfortable.
Depending on the situation, he will rest his face in the crook of your neck and hug you tiredly, or kiss your neck before holding you close gently and smile that adorable, serene one where his eyes are full of love for you and you feel weak in the knees and gooey inside. A blush will be visible at both times.
If you want to make him blush a bit more, go ahead, and kiss him.
They can escalate into...something more...if you wish...
What can I say, go and plop yourself on the Avatar of Pride's lap, and watch his reaction.
As these moments become common, you might find yourself involuntary going to sit on his lap, and even find Lucifer's hand motioning for you to come.
Sometimes, he's too occupied in one of his schemes or too engrossed in his DDD, browsing through God knows what, and won't even spare a glance at you, then this, my friend, is the right moment for you to go and declare his lap as your personal resting space.
Mammon will blush, and the item in his hands might get thrown across the room or on the nearest surface, and he will mutter how about how you surprised him, and just to tease, get up from his lap, I dare you.
You'll be pulled back, as he mutters about how you would want to sit on the Great Mammon's lap, after all !
Arms will be draped across your torso as he hold you close, and if you hug him tighter and lean into him he might combust from happiness.
And if you kiss him?
Mammon is going to blush hard as he recovers from the blow you gave him, and leans forward to give you a kiss of his own.
Depending on how you play your cards, you won't be able to walk tomorrow or might have an impromptu cuddling session, which you initiated by plopping on his lap.
And as this becomes a common occurrence, you might find yourself being dragged on Mammon's lap, but who are you to deny him ?
Sit on his lap in front of his brothers, please.
Sometimes Leviathan gets so engrossed in his games and anime that he zones out, and refuses to even acknowledge your presence, and if he does, all he answers is in hums and nods.
So, the best way to make him give you attention? Plop on his lap and watch his reaction.
He is going to take a hot moment to register that you are sitting on his lap, and then he's going to remove his headphones and splutter, questioning your motives.
Hold him tight, hold him close and then a shaky arm will come to wrap itself around your midriff as he blushes, muttering about how this isn't so bad.
As he slowly gets used to your 'blatant and sudden' displays of affection, he's going to want you to game with you sitting on his lap. A controller in both of your hands, as each tried to defeat the other.
And of course, Leviathan will win, because he has probably about thousand's years of experience at games. So, how to distract him? Kiss him.
Oh, he's going to short-circuit when you do that. He's going to probably have you thrown from his lap as he recovers from the shock.
But please give him time, and soon he will reciprocate with his own kisses.
And, if you do it right, you might just want to cover Henry's tank, to avoid your adopted son from seeing something that will scar him forever.
He gets so immersed in his books that he doesn't even care what's happening to his surroundings anymore. You could have an earthquake going on and he won't notice.
So, to grab your bookworm boyfriend's attention, go and plop on his lap like a kitty, and demand attention. Rub against his chest, and swat at the book.
He's going to chuckle as he puts the book down, and a Chesire grin adores his face. Satan will hold you close, and bury his face in your hair, because being like this brings him peace, rests his mind.
If you kiss him, he's going to go still for a moment but then kiss you back, with a light blush on his face.
It becomes a habit, whenever Satan is going to read he will mention it to you, which is an invitation to come and sit on his lap, and distract him from his books.
Meow at him, I dare you. Meow at him like a cat would, and watch the demon become putty.
If this might just have to distract him from his reading more often....
Asmodeus can get a bit..too focused while reading a magazine or browsing through Devilgram, and might hush at you when you try to grab his attention.
How to make him focus on you? Sit on his lap.
He's going to go silent, and blink once, twice, and then a grin spreads across his face. My, my, getting bold, aren't we? The item in his hands is going to be put down, as he wraps his arms around you.
You're going to get so many kisses! On the top of your head, on your forehead, nose, lips, wherever he can reach. And he smells so nice...
A giddy blush adores his face as he looks down at you in his lap, and you might even find him shed a few tears...
He's going to have you sit on his lap a lot, doesn't matter in private or on in front of his brothers! And, if you don't, he's going to come and sit on your lap!
And if you're feeling a bit frisky, just move your hips when on his lap. He's absolutely delighted!
Better makes the house's inhabitants wear earplugs then....
Who doesn't want to sit on the lap of Beelzebub?
Most of the time, he's eating his fiftieth sandwich or roast while staring off into space, with a thoughtful expression on his face. And his lap looks...too inviting....
So you go and declare his lap your personal pillow. Beel is taken aback, but then he adjust his posture and offers you a piece of whatever he's eating. It's sweet, to be snuggled up on the furnace known as Beelzebub.
If you look up to him, he is going to find it hard to resist kissing you. Anytime you want a kiss, look up. Once you looked up with a strawberry between your lips, and Beel almost bit your lips off.
If you want attention, go and sit on his lap, with some snacks. And the scene is so wholesome that there are many pictures of you two like this.
His arms wrap themselves around you, and it's so snug and comfortable you might find yourself dozing off.
If you want to get a little frisky, grind your hips against his crotch and give him the sweetest look you can muster.
You might have trouble walking later though.
Getting the attention of the Avatar of Sloth is pretty easy if he's awake. Only if he's awake.
Just go and plop yourself on his lap. He'll raise an eye at your boldness but let you snuggle into him nonetheless, and his face will be hidden in the crook of your neck. Oh, he's definitely blushing.
His arms will wrap around you like a koala and depending on his mood, he will place his chin on your head to tease you or lean into your scent. His fingers card through your hair as he hums.
Perhaps it's the snugness of your position or perhaps his sin is at work that you find yourself sleepy. And Belphegor makes for an excellent body pillow.
Kiss him like this, I dare you. Belphegor is going to go all shades of red at once before reciprocating with a kiss of his own.
And you might just fall asleep together like this.
Anytime you want attention, throw yourself on his lap, as he grumbles but cuddles you nonetheless.
If you do it right, you will find your sleep schedule extended, or perhaps, delayed...but hey, this means more time with your demon!
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s8nluvra year ago
What if the boys went into MC's room and accidentally found MC's sex toy 馃槀
ooh a spicy one! let鈥檚 say the setting here is before anything romantic happens between MC and the brothers鈥 also forgive me for making this kind of repetitive鈥
How the brothers react to finding MC鈥檚 sex toy:
slight NSFW and suggestive themes! proceed at your own risk
he didn鈥檛 plan on going to your room while you weren鈥檛 home, but something urgent came up and he needed to see your Devildom ID
he texted you about it first, and you had no choice but to let him go into your room, seeing as you were only going to come back in a few hours
you told him your ID was in one of your bedside drawers鈥 but you should鈥檝e been more specific
when he started looking through them, something small and red caught his eye
at first, lucifer didn鈥檛 realize what he was looking at, not expecting to find such a thing laying around in your room
then, his mouth formed into a smirk
if he didn鈥檛 know you better he would鈥檝e thought you purposefully left the toy for him to see
if he鈥檚 in a teasing mood, he鈥檒l ask you about it when you come back
mammon was rummaging through your stuff in hopes of finding something valuable to sell
at first, when he saw the glint of metal from the corner of his eye, he thought he hit jackpot
but soon enough, his expression morphed from a victorious one, to a mortified one
the shiny metal was not an expensive valuable like he鈥檇 thought, but a pair of handcuffs instead
even though he was alone in your room, he couldn鈥檛 help blushing like he was standing in front of a big audience, completely butt naked
lewd thoughts filled his mind immediately at the sight of the cuffs
he scurried out of your room, leaving everything behind
poor mammon couldn鈥檛 look you in the eye for several days without blushing
you and levi made plans to watch a TSL special in your room, but you were suddenly summoned to lucifer鈥檚 office, leaving the demon alone
he was starting to grow bored, not wanting to watch the special without you
he remembered lending you some of his manga, so he figured he鈥檇 might as well read it while waiting for you
but the problem was, he didn鈥檛 know where you kept it
so he started looking through your bedside drawers, which were the closest to him
did he find the manga? nope
what he found, though, was a small bullet vibrator
the demon quickly slammed the drawer shut and hurried back to where he was previously sitting, face now beet red
when you came back, he tried to act like nothing happened, but the blush on his face was still very much prominent
when you worriedly asked if he had a fever and pressed your hand to his forehead, he backed away from you, spluttering out some incoherent words
throughout the whole special, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice levi continuously shifting in his seat
satan would usually respect your privacy, but now he really needed to find the book he鈥檇 lent you the previous week
he knew you weren鈥檛 in your room, and he did feel slightly guilty for entering without your permission, but the need to find the book won him over
the book wasn鈥檛 on any of your shelves, so his next stop was your desk
the desk itself was a cluttered mess of papers and satan made a mental note to annoy you into cleaning up later
he found his book in no time, after opening the first drawer in your desk
however, a small box, which was under the book, piqued satan鈥檚 interest
what鈥檚 the harm in taking a quick glance inside?
well鈥 the demon soon understood his mistake
inside the box was a small yellow vibrator and satan almost laughed at how cute it looked
still, he knew he saw something he shouldn鈥檛 have, so the demon closed the box and left your room, making it seem like he was never there
he desired to tease you, but he knew how unethical it鈥檇 be, seeing as he did violate your privacy
so, he decided to bring it up only when the two of you got close enough to feel comfortable talking about such things
you guys were hanging out in your room, when asmo decided to go into the bathroom
he wanted to see what kind of skincare products you used, so he started looking through your cabinets
bad asmo. you can鈥檛 do that
when he took your bottle of perfume, interested in the brand, something fell from behind it
asmo isn鈥檛 a stranger to sex toys in the slightest, so he quickly recognized your little friend
he felt joy and sadness fill his body at the same time
joy, because of your newfound naughty side and sadness, because why wouldn鈥檛 you just come to him if you wanted to get off :(
he puts the toy back and comes out, a teasing smile now dancing on his face
鈥渙h, MC ~鈥
beel was just innocently trying to find some food
he didn鈥檛 mean to look through your stuff鈥 he really didn鈥檛鈥 but the hunger was getting the best of him and he knew you had a secret stash of candy hidden somewhere
a small box, which was placed in the deepest corner under your bed, caught his eye and the demon had to stop himself from almost drooling on your floor
he excitedly grabbed the box and opened the lid, expecting to find some sweets, only coming face to face with something entirely different
beel blinked once. then twice
he wasn鈥檛 stupid. he knew what sex toys are
he suddenly started feeling incredibly bad for going through your stuff, so the demon placed the small box back under your bed and left the room, trying to shake the guilt that came from invading your privacy
though, he couldn鈥檛 help the naughty thoughts that were now spinning inside his head
if you wanted to get off, you could always come to him. it鈥檇 be a win-win situation - you鈥檇 be satisfied and he wouldn鈥檛 be hungry anymore
you were at RAD and he missed you, so he decided it鈥檇 be a good idea to take a nap in your bed
when he went to lift up your covers, however, something fell from under the sheets
belphie furrowed his eyebrows, picking up the mysterious object
then realization hit him like a ton of bricks
he quickly dropped the vibrator back on your bed, mouth inaudibly opening and closing from the shock of finding something so intimate just laying around
let鈥檚 just say, he wasn鈥檛 feeling sleepy anymore
he sent you a quick text, asking you when you鈥檇 be back from school
then he went to take a cold shower
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darkdevasofdestructiona year ago
Hiiii yes!!! I absolutely love the way you write!! I'm so glad I accidentally stumbled across your blog!!! If it's okay, may I ask for some nsfw headcanons with Beelzebub and Mammon (separately) with a VERY sub female s/o? Completely fine if not tho!! Keep up with the amazing work!!!
Say Hiiii so yes I saw that you write nsfw now and uhhhhhhh, may I ask for some headcanons with Beel x a very sub!f!reader? Completely fine if not!!! Thank you :) hewwo 馃挄nsfw for the obey me boys with a really sub mc who just wants to be dominated?聽
(idk if i wrote the fandom, so sending it twice, sorry) nsfw headcanons for obey me with a sub/bottom reader
Tumblr media
I hope nobody minds, but I got 4 different asks with the same type of request, so I鈥檓 mashing them together
Also, I really hope any NSFW stuff I write is okay! I鈥檓 really not that great at writing it, so I hope you all enjoy this!
Tumblr media
( I鈥檓 so happy that I got this sticker okay - And the other side of the card now, too, thanks Devil Flower! )
Lucifer is the epitome of a dominant top, so he鈥檚 perfect for you, especially if you WANT him to dominate you.
He doesn鈥檛 even try, it only comes natural to him - Everything about him - His gaze, his composure, his self-esteem, his pride, his confidence, his aura, his stature, everything about him SCREAMS dominant.
While yes, he will be having you squirming under him, a moaning mess calling our his name with no inhibitions or shame, he will still hold himself back the first few times, until/if he knows your boundaries, kinks and fetishes.
Lucifer would either have you undress for him, slowly, to admire your whole body, or would tease you with his ungloved hands by tracing every curve of your body with gentle and soft touches that make you want more.
His kisses are out of this world, hot and passionate with a small tint of rough, but never messy.
He actually loves biting your bottom lip, tugging on it slightly, teasing you a lot, loving to hear your whimper.
Prepare for either multiple orgasms, or a lot of edging and orgasm denial, because unless you鈥檙e begging for your sweet release, you won鈥檛 have any mercy from this one.
Tumblr media
Despite having a huge power bottom or submissive energy, he won鈥檛 care what role he has to do, as long as you鈥檙e enjoying it.
He has some big self-esteem issues, but honestly, if you two are having fun in bed, then he really trusts you a lot, and he won鈥檛 think or feel down in any way, so he will focus only on you and your pleasure.
He loves you so much that he wants to make sure you get multiple orgasms, he wants you to be happy, to love him, to enjoy being in his arms, to enjoy his touch.
He loves the Missionary position, if he has to top, because he can hold you close to his body, look you in the eyes, kiss your cheeks, forehead, lips, neck, jawline and cleavage as much as he wants.
Mammon loves seeing your cheeks get pink and when you look away as you鈥檙e feeling good and shift around, panting for air or biting your lip, trying to hide your moans.
Expect a loooot of compliments and body-worship because this boy literally venerates the ground you walk on, that鈥檚 how much he loves you, and he will do anything to make sure you鈥檙e happy, and you know you鈥檙e perfect inside and out, and that you鈥檙e more beautiful than any star, in his eyes.
Tumblr media
With Levi, it takes long until he gets riled up enough for him to be a DomTop, especially since he鈥檚 such a SubBot, a little blushy tsundere who likes to have someone dominate/top him, since it will spare him a lot of embarrassment.
However, that doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 a bad DomTop, on the contrary, if he鈥檚 in the mood, he will be the best guy you鈥檝e ever made love with.
It鈥檚 enough for him to see you in a short skirt, thigh highs, cute hairstyles that look anime-ish, or any cosplay/clothes with cosplay potential, and that鈥檚 it, he鈥檚 your guy for the whole night, he won鈥檛 leave you alone.
He鈥檇 put you in his lap and caress your thighs up and down, muttering how beautiful you are, and how much he wants to make love to you, hold you close to his chest, slowly undress you, pinching every inch of your body, commenting how much he loves every party of you and how beautiful you are.
Levi would make sure to kiss your lips and neck a lot, not caring if he leaves hickeys, mostly because he sees you enjoying those kisses so he doesn鈥檛 think about anything else, having it as an incentive to keep on going.
Say his name, say how much you love him, say how good he鈥檚 making you feel, and oh boy, you will see Valhalla in a way you鈥檝e never dreamt of.
Also, he鈥檚 VERY good with his hands鈥ingers鈥hanks to all the gaming he鈥檚 done, and he鈥檚 veeeeery patient, and will know every little inch of your body and how it reacts, and you better bet that he鈥檒l take advantage of that, only to hear your cute squeaks or whimpers.
Tumblr media
He can either be super gentle, or super rough, depending on how you like it.聽
He鈥檚 a gentleman and he cares a lot about your pleasure, so he won鈥檛 do anything you鈥檙e uncomfortable with or dislike.
As well as that, Satan is afraid he鈥檒l unintentionally hurt you by being too rough, since he鈥檚 a demon and compared to humans, he sometimes doesn鈥檛 realise the difference in strength, so he鈥檇 rather be gentle and know that you鈥檙e enjoying it, than seeing crude bruises or scratches.
He enjoys being a top and loves teasing you so much, being a lot into senses-play, so blindfolds, a bit of playful messing around, soft touches, messy kisses, he just wants both of you to have fun, so if you giggle and then moan, godamn, you鈥檙e killing his heart.
Satan likes hearing your voice while making love to you, and even more, when he鈥檚 in the prelude mode, just enjoying how wet he can get you only with his words, touches and kisses.
Sometimes, however, he can鈥檛 resist your charm too much, seeing you so vulnerable and ready to take him, so he doesn鈥檛 tease you too much, enough to beg and whimper for him, he will go right at it when he knows you鈥檙e ready and will rock your world like never before.
Your innocence is such a turn on, and the thought of somehow tainting you, in a devilish way, makes him want to do filthy things with you, enough for you to never want to let go of him, to never get enough of him, and love only him.
Tumblr media
Avatar of Lust? God of Lust? God of Love? God of Pleasure?
Honestly, Asmodeus is everything you would ever wish for in a love partner.
He makes you feel safe and secure, he makes you feel beautiful and love, and will give you enough self-confidence for you to be able to speak out anything you want.
There鈥檚 a weird fetish you have? Okay, Asmo鈥檚 gonna make sure he integrates it next time you make love.
You want to try out a new kink, but you鈥檙e ashamed or scared of it? No worries, Asmo will be gentle, and there is nobody more knowledgeable in this department, so you know everything he says is legit.
You just want to have a tender and passionate love-session with him, where all he does is pamper you and makes you feel loved? Yep, Asmo will be more than happy to ensure that happens.
You want to go rough and get dominated in a filthy way? No shame, Asmo will dirty talk in your ear how much of a slut you are for his dick with no problem or second thought.
He will NEVER judge you for anything you do in bed, and it only stays between the two of you, although he鈥檚 never going to shy away from complimenting you outside of your bedroom and saying how lovely you were and all that.
As well as that, Asmo would like to make sure you are pampered before and after your love-session, so he will make you do the whole skin-care routine with him, including a rose-bath with a glass of rose-wine or champagne.
Asmo is always very attentive at your every need, even if he doesn鈥檛 seem like that while at it, but it鈥檚 thanks to his experience that he doesn鈥檛 need to think about anything, and he can still make you scream his name with no real effort.
Tumblr media
(( I just got this too hnnnng, but no Alice in Devildom event card from Draw 10, I鈥檓 mad, lemme cry ))
He鈥檚 a very chill baby, so he won鈥檛 really care much about dom or sub, top or bot, basically, he鈥檚 a switch and will do whatever you鈥檙e comfortable with.
If he鈥檚 on top, he鈥檒l be a bit wary because he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt you in any way, either from his demon strength, his huge body, or the fact that he constantly works out, so he鈥檚 even physically stronger than average.
Beel is very soft and will put your needs above his own, so he would give you so many tender kisses, will ask if you鈥檙e okay and feeling good, will touch you a lot, and of course, he will eat you out like there鈥檚 no tomorrow, provided you鈥檙e okay with it.
He will make sure you cum a few times before he goes further, wanting to be extra sure that you鈥檙e okay at all times, that he won鈥檛 hurt you, that he won鈥檛 be too rough without realising and all that.
Honestly, Beel is such a loving babe, he doesn鈥檛 believe in roles and anything of the sort, he lets emotion take over him, and makes sure to pleasure you, and if he sees you like it, he鈥檒l continue with even more passion.
Can go on all night with no problem, but will go for as long as you鈥檙e able to, since human stamina isn鈥檛 as high as demon stamina.
He just really wants to love you and show you in any way possible that his feelings for you are infinite, so at the end, he will hold you tight to his chest, kissing your forehead and playing with your hair soothingly, staying awake until you fall asleep, just happy that he can look at you and indulge in your beauty and the fact that you really love him as much as he loves you.
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obeythebutler11 days ago
Undateables and brothers with an MC playing with their horns
Brothers and Royals With A MC That Plays With Their Horns
For the sake of this fic, demon horns are going to be sensitive here. That's all I have to say. I'd play with Satan's horns any day.
Brothers and Dateables With A MC Touching their Wings here.
"I don't know why you insist on touching鈥攁h, gentle."
A sigh escapes Lucifer when your fingers brush against the base of his horns. You can see the effect it has on the demon: he is now sighing in your lap, in bliss as you pet his horns.
"Are they sensitive?"
The demon shoots you a scowl. You chuckle, fingers finding their way again to the horns adorning his head. You already know the effect your touch has on him, reduced to a sighing mess, like a cat in pure bliss when you pet it.
But you like to tease Lucifer.
The next few moments pass in silence as you continue petting his horns, with your prideful demon in your lap. You can faintly hear the cacophony of the others in the hallway, but that's a noise you're both willing to ignore for the sake of each other.
But when another noise joins, Lucifer squints as he stares at the shiny object in your hand, and you freeze; having been caught in the act.
None of you move for a hot minute, with Lucifer staring at the offending item in your hand like it's going to bite his ankles, and you freeze in shame.
He closes his eyes again.
"Aren't you going to say anything?"
"Even if I do, you're still not going to cease your attempts."
You grin, resuming the action of placing the anklet on his horns, draping the jewellery carefully so that it doesn't tangle but neither falls off.
And when you look back to admire your work, you can imagine the halo that must have been on his head, brighter and shinier than any jewel.
No reply.
You smile again at the scowling demon, resuming your ministrations on his horn and hair. You thought demon horns weren't sensitive, but here are you.
"Don't you dare."
But you dare. You know you're the only person Lucifer would ever allow to call him such atrocious titles and pet his hair, stroke his horns and place jewellery on them.
When your fingers brush at the tip, a noise escapes Lucifer.
Not a moan, not a sigh, not a gasp.
The rumbling noise is enough to tell the answer: it's a purr.
Lucifer Morningstar, Avatar of Pride and Eldest of the Seven Brothers, is now lying on your lap and purring like a cat as you stroke the horns adoring his head.
The horns are a replacement for the halo, another sign of the change he has undergone. With the jewels, the black horns are brought to life.
But no halo or jewellery can compare to the light the Morningstar radiates. Even in the darkest days and times, Lucifer shines the brightest, as he was intended too.
And you wouldn't have it any other way.
"Your horns are very useful."
You murmur, noticing how the demon immediately blushes at your statement. His horns are indeed, very useful. From the shape to their design鈥攅verything about them is unique. Including its use.
"I'm not a bottlescrew!"
You roll your eyes. "Sure you are," You declare, easing the wine bottle closer towards his horns. They're shaped like a corkscrew, but do they also work like that as well?
"No touching! Grrr!"
You raise your hands in defeat. "Alright, alright," You counter, gazing at the demon whose flustered by holding your hand to stop your movements. "Should I stop touching you then?"
The look on Mammon's face is worthy of a picture.
"No鈥擸es! AHHH! I mean鈥"
The demon splutters, stumbling over his own words as he blushes. You know it's all an act, that Mammon wants nothing more than you to touch him. He's always been greedy for you.
So you do.
Reaching out, you place a careful finger on the tip of the appendages on his head. The action immediately silences Mammon, who now stands frozen. You can see his eyes trace your every movement. Every careful stroke and touch, he observes with intensity.
And soon, it isn't long before Mammon is now draped in your lap, your hands soothingly massaging his horns and hair. You can feel him sigh in contentment as you card your fingers through his hair.
He's always been greedy for you.
And who are you to refuse?
He'd fit right in amongst the fishes.
That's the first thing you notice on seeing the coral horns on Levi's head. Given that water is his domain, his more 'demonic' parts would be that of a sea serpent and coral horns.
"Fishy," You whisper, gazing at the demon whose focused on his game, the bass of the final boss reverberating in the air. Levi doesn't hear your observation, but he definetly feels a pair of eyes ogling his head.
"W-What are y-you doing?"
His citrine eyes dart nervously between you and the screen. Instinctively, the tail reaches for his head as his hands are occupied with the controller.
On feeling nothing strange there, Levi shoots you a nervous look.
"Your horns," You declare, not tearing your gaze away from the appendages on his head. At your statement, the purple-haired demon gets up from his chair to inspect his reflection in the glass screen.
But when he doesn't find anything out of the ordinary, a frown falls on his face.
Your eyebrows furrow at the action. You know what is going on in the demon's mind; that he's simply a worthless and ugly shut-in who looks like a freak.
"MC, I鈥擧uh?!"
Words fail Leviathan when your hands come to rest on his horns. His posture stiffens, and Levi would be in a stupor right now if not for your words.
A gentle touch against his horns.
"You're not what you think you are."
A brush against his tail.
"You're unique."
A kiss to his horns.
"You're Leviathan."
Levi doesn't know what he's done to deserve you. Time and time again, you come and make him see the things he's refused, imagined, twisted in his mind.
You're going to be the death of him one day, with your love.
But Levi's going to die a happy death.
Satan doesn't dislike his more..demonic features.
He simply prefers being calm and polite. With his sharp horns and tail coiled around his leg as a sign of control, Satan is a perfect member of the knowledgeable demon elite.
But he doesn't want you to get hurt because of him.
"Careful," Satan warns as he observes your movements. He had been puzzled yet intrigued at your request to inspect his demon form, and he obliged.
You nod in response, gently tracing a finger from the base to the curved tip. Satan was right, they indeed are sharp if not handled carefully, but there's nothing stopping you from showering your beloved demon in affection.
They're covered with scales, you only realize when you feel the sensation of his appendages in your hands.
"Is this鈥"
"Ah, I'm so sorry!"
The blonde demon stumbles over his words at having caught his unruly tail in the action of coiling itself around your leg. That's why he keeps it close to his body, but it seems the heart never listens.
"It's alright," You mumble, gently taking the appendage in your hands as you observe the green scales. You can feel it tremble under your touch.
"You aren't hurt, right?"
"Not at all. In fact, your tail seems to particularly like me."
The blush on Satan's face is adorable, yet embarrassed.
"Can you..touch my horns again, please?"
You find him lowering his head so that you can easily access his horns, like a cat.
If anything, Asmodeus adores his demon form.
The demon flaunts his wings and horns pridefully. He has had many touch his horns and tail in amorous encounters, and Asmo has welcomed it.
But there's a certain emotion brewing in his heart when you massage his horns.
"Your horns are so smooth to the touch!" You exclaim, marvelling over each smooth appendage as you glide a finger across. The demon's horns are ending in pink at the tip, with delicate patterns .
Underneath you, Asmodeus shivers.
"Indeed they are! I make sure to polish them regularly! Smoother and more alluring than others!"
You nod in reply, stroking the area around where his horns emerge. At that action, the demon sighs before leaning into you more.
You let him, placing a hand on the nape of the neck as Asmo adjusts his position to ensure that his horns don't accidentally hurt you. He could never let that happen.
"Would you like me to decorate your horns with some jewellery?"
The demon immediately perks up, excitement thrumming in his veins at your question. Before you know it, Asmodeus has intertwined his fingers with yours, and now your lips are barely apart.
He doesn't give a reply, instead choosing to bury his face in the crevice of your neck. His wings flutter softly, silently, as you feel Asmodeus smile.
"I would love that."
Beel doesn't play much attention to his more demonic traits. Like the horns on his head or the wings on his back, the demon doesn't fawn over them like Asmodeus, or take pride in them.
He can't be bothered, when his hunger prevents him.
But if you seem to find amusement in his horns, who is he to deny?
"Your horns are so big!" You point out, tracing a finger over each ridge that clearly defines itself. The demon had been a bit confused at your request to touch his horns, but sat down nevertheless so that you could easily access his head.
Beel says nothing, but buries himself in your chest. He doesn't feel the need to voice a reply, not when it can be said in a simple action.
Your heartbeat is soothing, just like those times when he'd get nightmares and Lilith and Belphegor would let him fall asleep to the sound of their heartbeat.
Alive and Breathing.
But then he feels something being placed on his head, even lighter and delicate than your hands. A careful feel of the object tells him it's soft, and when Beel takes a deep breath, the familiar fragrance taking his mind back to the garden.
A flower crown.
Looking at the mirror behind you, the demon can briefly make out the flowers delicately woven together, now placed on his head, adoring his horns.
"Is this alright? Asmodeus showed me how to weave a flower crown one time and I thought they would look鈥"
Beelzebub finds himself giggling. Cute, he thinks, gazing at the flowers on his head and the confusion on your face.
Well, a kiss would clear it all away.
Belphegor snorts at the inneudo, gently wacking you on the head with his tail. Softly, meant in good fun.
You giggle, resuming your ministrations of gently touching his horns. They're twisted like a ram's, and another pun is already on your mind, but you don't voice it out loud.
"I like your horns," You declare, massaging his head harder to emphasize your point; making Belphegor sleepily hum.
"They're a pain to care for." He mumbles, your scent already pulling him to the brink of sleep. Or maybe he's just finding an excuse to sleep in your arms.
"If you want, I could file them down for you."
The sleepy demon nods his head. Belphegor would often fall asleep in the middle of grooming, and then Beel would come to help him. Or until Lucifer scolded him for his disheveled horns.
The prospect of annoying Lucifer does sound interesting.
But his mouth opens, and he finds himself already giving permission as he's pulled into bliss by your ministrations. Your hands work their magic on his scalp and horns, and if the demon isn't careful he might just doze off.
Belphegor doesn't mind that.
In your lap, with you massaging his head and horns, he feels as if this moment would be disturbed any moment. Soon one of his brothers will come rushing in and take you away from themselves. They always want more time, but Belphegor will make up for what was lost.
For now, he's in your arms.
That's the first thing one would notice about Diavolo's demon form. Even the most extravagant beings would be overshadowed by the grandeur of the Prince's demon form.
Adored with gold at the tips, each wing and horn is elegant, large, a display of sheer power and authority that the demon possesses.
And yet, you have the formidable demon Prince in your lap, whose seeking respite from the ever-lasting pile of paperwork and Barbatos's nagging.
"That feels good." He mumbles, closing his eyes to savour the sensation of having your undivided attention without any paperwork or royal duties, if only for fleeting moments.
Never had the demon thought that he'd find solace in having his horns played with it. Maybe is it because he never had experienced affection?
But then you came along.
"Your horns sure are big, Dia," You tease, tracing a finger across the length, down to the very ends in gold.
"You're quite bold," He murmurs, inhaling your scent as it calms his nerves. And then, he abruptly sits up straight, letting the mattress dip under his weight until your eyes are at level with his. A finger is placed under your chin, and your lips are barely apart.
"But that's what I like about you."
The space between two lovers ceases to be.
The butler never acts improper.
His position calls for it, to be ready to serve and help his Lord in his time of need, to be dedicated and composed as ever.
Barbatos remains a mystery to many, but to you, he'll break down his walls.
"Your horns are deceiving. Frail at first glance, but they're strong and firm." You observe, placing a finger across the thin branches of his horns.
"Just like you."
The demon smiles, feeling something warm brew in his chest. "I don't share my secrets with anyone," He whispers, leaning forward to place a flower in your hair and give you a chaste kiss. Leaning back against the tree trunk, Barbatos admires his work.
"But you have my heart."
Gently feeling the petal, you flash the demon a grin. "I sure do, Barb. But it looks like someone else has found an affinity for your horns."
His eyes immediately dart towards the chirp of a bird, which seems to be coming from his head. A Devildom sparrow now proudly perches on his horns, merrily enjoying the view.
Barbatos and you share a chuckle together.
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asmosmainhoe6 months ago
How about an mc that gets pissed of and they do a glare that freezes all the boys from where they stand.
MC's death glare
Sorry that they ended up so short!
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
Who would have thought that someone like him would ever freeze, because of a simple glare of a mortal
Has never seen that side of you and doesn't ever wanna see it again tbh
Beyond surprised by the strong effect
Tries not to get you mad anymore, because wow
Doesn't admit that he's kinda scared of you now
Let's out a small scream
You make the impossible possible
Your death glare scares him more than Lucifer's and that's a huge accomplishment
Falls down to his knees to apologize for making you angry
Avoids your glare in the future
Instantly freezes when you give him the glare
Doesn't even dare to blink
Frantically tries to remember what he did that could have made you so mad
"Is it because I called you a normie? Is it? I'm so sorry, MC! It won't happen again! You're my best friend after all!"
Please don't stay mad at him
He heard from others that your glare is dangerous, but refused to believe it
Why would he? A human making demons tremble and scared for their life sounds so unreal
Until he gets the said glare
There are no words that could describe how he's feeling
Knows that only a fool would anger you twice
So shocked that you give him that look
Immediately hides from you behind Beel, because he knows that you would never hurt our big man
You just see Asmo's eyes being wide open after he takes a peak from behind his younger brother
Doesn't ever wanna see that glare again
Of course you don't shoot him your famous death glare
You look at someone entirely else, but he still feels something cold running down his spine
Starts to shiver
There's no way this man could ever piss you off, but he still makes a mental note to do everything in his power to avoid that
Your glare wakes him up better than several espressos at once
Honestly he's more confused by that than scared
Too lazy to hide or run from you so he does his best to look back
And fails
You gotta give him credit for trying tho
Mumbles a small apology for making you mad
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darkdevasofdestructiona year ago
Where they take you on vacation - 7 Brothers + Diavolo
Found out the edits are made by @devilgram鈥 who has such a beautiful blog and posts so many Obey Me! things that are so cool! You did a great job with all the edits! <3
Tumblr media
Lucifer would like to take you to Romania, mostly because of all the stories of the great Wallachian ruler Vlad Tepes/The Impaler and wants to find out more about his ruthless yet effective methods of insuring no crime happens in his country ( and hopes they will work on his brothers too ).
Apart from the gorgeous landscapes from the mountainside, the possibility to go to the seaside, or see the different types of regional architecture ( like the unique Black Church ) from different cities, he鈥檇 also like to get a full experience of the language, the music, the traditions ( customs, clothes, foo ) and feel for a day like a native from the old ages.聽
Even more, he鈥檇 find it very nice if you were to try out one of the traditional outfits, and would take a picture of you at the mountains, on a nice field, and put the developed picture in his coat, looking at it whenever he is working and misses you.
He can get pretty salty about the fact that there are still people who believe the Bran castle is Dracula鈥檚 true castle, instead of the Poienari fortress and wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to express his displeasure, but would appreciate the castle and everything displayed there nonetheless.
Also, would be the first to go to the Horror house, holding your hand if you get scared, and would feel incredibly proud that you trust him and feel safe around him, but would get such a kick out of using his demon form while at it, to scare the actors there.
His whole aesthetic draws people near as if they would actually approach a vampire royalty, which allows him to puff his chest out in pride, so hey, you鈥檙e dating a vampire now!
Would take you out at the fanciest restaurant, just to feel how the life at this place is.
Would love to take long walks on the beach at the sea, your feet in the water, holding hands, and just admiring the moon and stars while waves are your music.
You鈥檇 mostly stay silent and enjoy the atmosphere, but sometimes you talk a few words, and that鈥檚 when Lucifer is the most relaxed, calm and tender.
He would saying that he loves you with such ease for the first time in so long, and the kiss on your forehead would be so soft that it brings you more butterflies than any kiss ever could.
Lucifer looks so ethereal in the light of the moon, it鈥檚 almost like he鈥檚 glowing, and when you tell him, he鈥檇 actually blush softly, before chuckling and stroking your hair, not denying, nor agreeing with your statement.
Tumblr media
Mammon loves to spend money and grab it, so what better place than Las Vegas?
He鈥檇 love for the two of you to dress super fancy and flashy, in matching colours if possible, go gambling, scam people and experience the luxury night lifestyle, go to clubs, loud music and expensive alcohol and all that.
But Mammon isn鈥檛 all about the flashy and exciting night time, instead, he would mostly love to just see the world with you by his side, and his goals is to make you happy, to he does everything he can to go sightseeing with you and reads in advance about whatever places you could visit and tells you some fun trivia about the place, he鈥檚 treating you to the fanciest food and drink places, and would spoil you rotten when going shopping, loving to see you do a little catwalk for him every time you get out of the changing booth.
He鈥檇 definitely insist on buying super cute animal Pyjamas.
He鈥檚 a huuuuuge fan of the聽鈥淗is Queen/Her King鈥 trope and loves showing you off as much as possible, so get matching Tshirts or jackets and he would be SOOO proud and would laugh confidently and proud all the time, his arm around you, saying how cool you two are together and all that.
He wouldn鈥檛 admit it out loud, but he honestly doesn鈥檛 believe he鈥檚 good enough for you, but when he sees how your dazzling smile is always directed to him and you cling on his arm whenever you watch the Lights Show on the big buildings, see the beautiful fireworks or watch the impressive singing fountain...Well, he can鈥檛 help but blush and kiss your forehead, feeling butterflies in his stomach.
He鈥檚 the kind of guy who would spam his DevilGram with either couple pictures in different places you visit, or just cute pics of you or you two messing around, and his account is actually very popular for the #CoupleGoalz trend.
At night, he would like to either cuddle with you and watch a movie, or go drive through the city at night, watch the night lights, and go on a cliff, stargazing and chatting openly about everything, because honestly, this guy is always dismissed and insulted by his brothers, it鈥檚 always a relief and a fresh air when he can be himself and just...Talk with someone.聽
Tumblr media
Levi is the biggest weeb in the world, so the first place you鈥檇 visit together is Japan.
Anime conventions, wearing cute kimonos while going to festivals or roaming the streets of Kyoto or Akihabara, couple cosplay (Henry and the Lord of Shadows), buying merch of your favourite anime/manga/game, going to Vocaloid concerts, buying the newest Ruri-chan figurines, trying out new video games that just came out and so on.
Actually wants to go to a Pokemon cafe and fangirls SO much about all the cute pokemon themes there.
He would get you all the cutest Pokemon plushies, especially if you鈥檙e not all that into Pokemon but want to share that interest with him, so expect a Skitty, Vulpix, Shaymin, Eevee and all its Eeveelutions, Milotic plushie, while he would already be collecting plushies for the rarest Pokemons, but he鈥檚 incredibly happy that you want to do this with him.
He also gets an Ekans just for the Lolz and let鈥檚 out his tail, mostly for troll purposes, but it makes you laugh and he could swear his heart stopped beating and his cheeks were redder than ever.
He secretly got you a maid outfit and would love to see you wearing it, but he鈥檚 too embarrassed to actually say.
He would blush SO much seeing you in a kimono with a nice hair pin and a fan, while going to see the Sakura trees blossoming and you look like the Sengoku type of heroines from the dating sims he plays so much (to get experience and not fuck up with you), but somehow, you鈥檙e so much beautiful than any CG he鈥檚 every seen, no matter how gorgeous the art is.
He would get lots of packs of Pocky and despite not saying it out loud, would put a pocky in his mouth and you鈥檇 get the hint and munch on the other end of the pocky, in the end kissing him softly.
Levi.exe stopped working.
He would love taking pics of you alone, because you鈥檙e so beautiful, and would edit them to look as ethereal as possible, if you want, to even have fantastic backgrounds, and would take pride in how popular your DevilGram/InstaGram is.
He also changed his Lockscreen to have you with your hand in a half-heart gesture, while yours has him with the other half, so whenever he looks at the clock, or sees a new notif, he sees you smiling, with a cute kitten filter.
His Wallpaper is the two of you kissing, edited with a few hearts, sparkles and a little聽鈥淚 love you鈥 written in cursive in a corner (you edited the pic and suggested you both use it, but he denied, so you changed it yourself for him too, while he was busy gaming, and he liked it so much that he couldn鈥檛 change it back to Ruri-chan.)
Tumblr media
Satan would choose England first for so many reasons!
He鈥檚 such a perfect gentleman and seeing everyone so polite and chivalrous there makes his heart bloom and would up his gentleman shills even more, wanting to impress you and make your heart skip with everything he does.
Loves to take you to different castles, see in real life everything he read in books and saw in movies or TV series, and he鈥檚 so mesmerised by the beauty of everything that he forgets he promised to be your guide, but his bright smile and the way his eyes sparkle in curiosity and glee make up for everything.
Besides, he鈥檇 definitely go back to you and explain in very precise detail the reason for his fangirling.
He鈥檚 a little nerd so bookstore dates are a huge YES, and more - CAT CAFES where you can read at your heart鈥檚 content. HUGE YES.
You鈥檇 both get our of there with tons of books that you will read together, cuddled up under the blankets while enjoying an aromatic tea that Satan prepared for you, together with some nice scones.
He鈥檇 want to go with you to Shakespeare鈥檚 grave, Dicken鈥檚 house, would like to see anything involving the Romantics and so on, since he鈥檚 in love with British literature.
Satan wants to go see the Harry Potter theme park so much, and would buy tons of merch for the two of you, and wants to go in full Hogwarts robes and wand with you.
Would take a gazillion pics of you together, that only you can see since it may ruin his reputation with his brothers for geeking out, but he鈥檇 love it if the universe was actually real.
He鈥檇 also take you to King鈥檚 Cross to take pic near the wall where you get to the 9 3/4 Platform.
And no trip to England could exist without a visit to Sherlock鈥檚 house, pretending to be detectives, and at Madam Tussaud鈥檚 Wax Museum to admire all the figures and potentially take troll pics with them.
Tumblr media
Asmo wastes no time in taking you to Paris, of course!
And the first thing you do is have a coffee at the restaurant located on top of the Eiffel Tower.
He would, throughout all the trip, take tons of selfies EVERYWHERE, and aeshtetic pics of either you alone, him alone, or together.
He鈥檚 a Devilgram and Devilr celebrity, after all!
Loves going to all the little cafes and drink a hot beverage with you while looking and judging all the passer-bys, how they would never compare to how beautiful and fashionable you two are.
He takes you to the Versailles Palace while wearing the most glamorous outfits, and despite all the pics taken, he will tell you stories of when he visited the place long ago, and more, will tell you of the paintings displayed, since he鈥檚 rather knowledgeable.
Asmodeus will take you everywhere, but first, the Lafayette Galleries, all while streaming every second there, to shop everyone how amazing the place is.
Would pics the both of you sooo many pretty brand clothes, new skin care routine and make up products, that you almost wonder where he has all the money from, especially to pay someone to carry them back to your place.
Would take you to a lingerie shop where he鈥檇 make you try on all the cutest outfits and would buy them all, especially because he thinks they will make you more confident and wants to make sure you never thing bad of yourself, because if you鈥檙e dating him, then you鈥檙e obviously the most beautiful being he鈥檚 ever seen, inside and out. (he doesn鈥檛 count here, of course)
His wallpaper is a selfie of you two smiling and making a peace sign, from the top of the Eiffel Tower, seeing all Paris in the background, at evening, with the beautiful sky and the night lights all over.
Would take you on a cruise on Seine, serenading and drinking a glass of bubbly champagne, admiring all the buildings and the happy people sitting on the banks of the River, enjoying the scenery.
And of course, there鈥檚 no perfect trip to the City of聽 Love without some very tender and sensual love-making, with so many compliments, praises, soft touches and gentle kisses from Asmodeus, followed by a relaxing bath with milk, honey and rose petals, scented candles, bubbles and ambiental music, and of course, a lot of cuddling all night long.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub would want to go to Italy, since it鈥檚 the country with the best human food, and what better place to eat it them its home country?
Would actually love to go sightseeing with you and seeing all the pretty stuff there is.
He appreciates the architecture, statues and paintings of every historical place, loves to find out more about the country鈥檚 history and traditions and would like to take scenic pictures of all the places you visit...
And make a couple album where he puts pics with either you alone or together.
It鈥檚 his most treasured possession and nobody except Belphie knows about it, and while he is happy that his brother is happy, he would say it鈥檚 so cheesy.
Would have fun when doing the classic聽鈥淧ushing the Pisa Tower鈥 picture, would like to sing when you go on a Gondola ride in Venice, and pretend to be a gladiator at the Colosseum, while you鈥檙e his Caesar.
If you get him a necklace or a keychain, he鈥檇 never take it off and has it as his lucky charm, kissing it whenever he misses you or wants the day to go good.
After he understands how the food is made, he鈥檇 want to make it himself, so you cooking together would be so cute and fun, and the way you see the love and tenderness in his eyes as he looks at you laughing, while your face is covered in flour...
He鈥檚 such a precious and soft baby, and he loves you so much.
Also, he鈥檇 love to carry you around just for fun and because he loves holding you close to him, so either bridal style on on his shoulder, you say it, and he鈥檚 gonna do it.
Will also like to take lots of short videos with you two, just fooling around, giggling, laughing, making jokes, kissing, pretending to be kittens, having flour fights and all that, since they鈥檙e beautiful memories and whenever he鈥檚 sad, he watches them and he forgets the reason he was sad in the first place.
Tumblr media
Belphegor would take you to New Zealand, because he saw how beautiful and green the landscape were, thanks to the Lord of the Rings movies, so he wanted to see what would be like stargazing on such a flowery field, or sleeping in a Hobbit hole.
He鈥檚 pretty sleepy all the time, but that doesn鈥檛 mean he wouldn鈥檛 take you to see the big cities as well, eat out, shop for souvenirs and so on, but his heart is taken by the simplicity and peace the countryside and forests hold.
Belphie would actually like to have his head on your lap as you stay at the bottom of a tree and read, much like Froddo Baggings would, waiting for Gandalf.
It鈥檚 a guilty pleasure of his, but he wants to see聽鈥楪andalf鈥檚鈥 fireworks, and when a festival like that happens, he鈥檇 hold your hand tight, having a soft smile on his face and a tender look in his eyes.
Despite not saying it very often, he will confess his love for you.
It鈥檚 barely above a whispers, but it鈥檚 genuine.
It鈥檚 simple, small, but meaningful and beautiful nonetheless.
As you stargaze on the field, he鈥檇 tell you the names of all stars and constellations that you can see, and would tell you some trivia he knows about them.
Would take a few pics here and there, but his favourite one is one where you two are on the ground outside, both your heads on his favourite pillow, while looking at each other, both of you having such genuine and pure love in your expressions.
If he ever wakes up earlier than you, and likes to troll a bit, he鈥檇 get his tail out and tickle your noes, smirking at how cute your half-asleep reactions were, but would play innocent when you ask about it, only kissing your nose to make you forget and reassure you that it was only a dream (it wasn鈥檛).
Tumblr media
Diavolo is so easily excitable, despite his age and title for the next Devil Lord, but honestly, he wants to take you to Iceland to see the Northern Lights that you spoke so fondly about.
There are so many pretty things to see in the Devildom alright, but none of them quite as fascinating to him as how the sky lights up with so many different and beautiful shades of green, blue and pink, it鈥檚 almost unreal!
Who would have thought that the Human world could hold such natural wonders?
He could have sword you were a witch or something, and just wanted to impress him with your magic, as if charming him wasn鈥檛 enough, but this beauty makes him behave even more like a child, leaving him speechless and breathless.
Diavolo would kiss and hug you, spinning your around so many times, if you allow him, you forgot to count, which is his way of thanking you for showing him this place and he鈥檚 honestly just so happy that he can share this precious moment together with you.
You tell him some old stories about how they say the ancestors鈥 souls watch over everyone from up there, and that even the animals who died have their souls there, living in peace and quiet.
Despite knowing it鈥檚 obviously not true, the tales humans come up with are so creative and make so much sense to their beliefs, he鈥檚 genuinely fascinated by all these old stories and would like for you to tell him more.
Iceland鈥檚 landscapes are also to be taken into account, and Diavolo will take thousands of pics of you literally everywhere, just because you鈥檙e so cute and he鈥檚 so damn happy and wants many memories together.
Would like for you to take a selfie with his phone, while at the Northern Lights, and would make Lucifer frame it so he can have it on his desk whenever he鈥檚 working, and whenever he gets bored, tired, or just misses you, he鈥檇 gaze fondly at the picture and would occasionally kiss it.
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yandere-wishesa year ago
//Yandere Obey Me//
I鈥檝e been addicted to this game since it鈥檚 relese! I just had to write a quick something something! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Lucifer is a sadistic and controlling yandere who wants his darling's pure devotion. He wants his darling to obey him to devote her entire soul to him. To be at his beck and call. In reality, the views his darling as a pet of sorts more than a lover.
He takes a long time to select a darling wanting one that Is already somewhat superior compared to others of their kind. Someone who will be slightly easier for him to mold. He kidnaps you the moment he's sure that you are the right one.
He has so many strict rules that you must follow. They're even worse than the laws set for the other members of the house of lamination. He controls every word you speak, every direction you step in, every person you talk to. He suffocates you with his presence and commands, depriving you of your thoughts until all you can think of him and what he wants. 聽
His punishments are harsh and frequent, even the smallest mistake will earn you many cuts and bruises. He adores physical torment, leaving markings on your flesh, bruises on places you can't cover-up. He relishes in it and the sounds of agony and pain that you make are hymns to his ears.
He also finds pleasure in degrading his darling. Reminding them of how weak and useless they are and how powerful and flawless he is. He even likes to make a show of it sometimes calling you names and even punishing you in front of his brothers.
"Behave yourself!"
Additional notes
He always dresses you in the finest and most lavish dresses. They vary in length and brand but are always in shades of black, grey and red. You always have gold necklaces around your neck, earrings that may be a little too long and bracelets that shimmer far too brightly. He even has a custom made ring with his name in graved in it. It one of his "rules" that that ring is never to leave your finger.
Lucifer loves to hear his darling beg, it proves to him just how much control he has over her. He also enjoys humiliation making you feel ashamed and pleased simultaneously gives him another boost of pride.
Tumblr media
At first, Mammon views his darling as a possession that he can do with as he pleases. If they're using full he'll keep them around. If they start to bore him then he'll simply get rid of them right....?
Wrong! It doesn't take long for him to notice just how much he wants his darling. That they have to stay close to him for him to remain sain. He has to have them, only he can have them, touch them, hold them, own them.
He shifts so quickly into a possessive obsessive mix. He puts so much time and effort into learning everything about his darling, even certain details she may have not known herself. Still, it's not good enough, something is missing.
"Look (y/n) I don't love you, I own you!"
So he kidnaps them, locking them up in his room away from everybody else. He doesn't see it as a bad thing though. In his eyes, this is the safest option for his lover they are secure and safe and his. What else could they possibly need?
Mammon spares to expenses when it comes to his darling. He gets them the most expensive dazzling jewelry that he can find. All their clothes are over the top and a bit too revealing. Anything they have ever wanted is swiftly given to them. In a sense, it's the only way Mammon knows to show his affection for his lover.
鈥...Okay maybe just a little鈥
Additional details
He has a solid gold collar with his "property of the great Mammon" engraved into it. He insists that his darling wears it at all times.
He's very kinky and has very odd tastes in sexual activities. One thing he adores his laying his darling stark naked on a bed covered in grim and other jewels. It's a mix of his two favorite things; wealth and his darling!
Mammon's punishments are usually isolation. It's mostly due to his oversized ego. He believes that depriving you of his "great: presence will be enough punishment. To an extent he is right, Mammon is the only social connection that you have left. Having him leave you for so long crumbles you. By the time he gets back you are quick to hug him while sobbing and promising you'll be a better lover and do anything h says!
He also enjoys soft touches and sweet praises coming from his beloved. It means they like him! It has to! All he really wants is for them to love him.
Tumblr media
Levi is very possessive and very easy to drive into a jealous rage. He believes that he knows what's best for his darling, that's why he pushes his interests onto her as much as possible.
He keeps them locked up in his room alongside himself and Henry 2.0. Making them partake in playing video games, watching anime and reading manga with him throughout the day.
"You love me right (y/n)?"
He always dresses you up in "cute" clothing, usually mimicking Ruri-chan's outfits. He even does your hair to look like hers, heck he's probably already died it the same color too.
He's also very clingy wanting you to constantly be touching you. He makes you sit on his lap when he's on his computer. He always has an iron grip on your waist when the two of you are sleeping. Making it hard for you to move and sometimes even breathe.
鈥淥r are you just lying to me?!鈥
Additional notes Levi loves to role play it's his biggest kink. He loves to reenact scenes from his favorite shows or books with certain sexual twists.
He constantly has you shackled as a sort of reinsurance for himself. He loves you but he doesn't trust you. No matter how well behaved you are there is always still an inkling in the back of his mind saying you'll turn on him somehow.
His punishments are physical and sometimes degrading. If you make him too mad he might not even notice that he's gripping you too tight and leaving bruises. If you go over the board he may even start to punch you while screaming about how much of a "normie" you are and how useless you would be without him!
Tumblr media
Satan is a sneaky and manipulative yandere, he twists all your emotions and thoughts to better suit himself. At first, he may seem like the perfect boyfriend, kind, caring, a true gentleman. And he's happy to play the part to hide his true for just a little while longer.
Slowly Satan will convince you that you don't need your friends or your family members. That they never cared about, that he is the only one that ever truly cared. The thought hurts like salt to a wound. But the more you think about it the more the likely hood grows. It soon becomes evident to you that Satan is the only one that ever loved, ever cared about you! It's the truth it has to be!
Oh, how wrong you are...
"(Y/N) haven't you found out that I'm not the innocent flower..."
He tries all so had to make you into the "perfect darling". Teaching you all formes of etiquette, making you read his favorite books and memorizing the most famous quotes. 聽
Satan will even try to outdo Lucifer. Wanting you to dress and look even more glamorous than his brother darling. He wants everyone to talk about how well behaved and stunning his darling, he wants them all to drip in envy of him and his lover.
"...I'm the serpent underneath"
Additional notes
Satan isn't too big on physical punishments. He prefers scolding you and turning your own emotions on you. He morphs whatever it is you've done to upset him making you believe that he'll leave you and never come back. Despite the hatred you posses for him you still can't bear the thought of him leaving you. It sends you into a maniacal fit. You need him, you don't know why but you do.
He'll have you crying and begging for his forgiveness, clinging onto his leg pleading with him to stay. Promising that you'll be good that you'll never upset him ever again!
Satan likes to keep you close by at all times. One of his favorite things to do is to have you sit on his lap while he reads. Of course, that usually turns sexual very quickly.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus is a very tricky yandere to pin. He's not loyal to his darling he cheats constantly, always has a new "lover" clinging to his arm. At first, he doesn't even really "care" about his darling, they can do whatever they please as long as they always come running when he calls.
But then he sees you with someone else, talking and touching and kiss and... It's too much for him! The sight sickens him to his stomach! He doesn't get it. It shouldn't bother him that you have other lovers, God knows he has plenty. But he can't push the thought away. He needs you to be his to only touch him, to only kiss him, to only be with him!
"(y/n) put this on..."
One night he simply decides to take you. To keep you locked away forever as his own little pet! It's not a difficult task to accomplish, he simply uses calls you over to spend the night. It's happened so many times before that you don't even think twice about it.
The shock -and hindsight- hits you in the morning, when you can't move your aching body. Legs and arms spread at different angles. Asmodeus his sitting next to you tracing pattern of hearts and stars in your bare skin. He's never been so happy! Your all his now!
"...You鈥檒l look so sexy!"
Additional notes Asmodeus uses sexual punishments for when you misbehave. He gets you all turned on and then just leaves you for hours on end. When he gets back -most likely from a party- 聽you'll beg him to take you. Apologizing for misbehaving and vowing to do anything he asks if only he'll take you then and there.
If you've really made him angry than he'll make you watch as he "plays" with another one of his lovers. It'll break your heart but it'll also teach you a valuable lesson. That to him, you are replaceable.
He always dresses you in the most revealing outfits -if they can even be considered as "outfits". He personally does your hair and make up, wanting you to be almost as stunning as he is.
Asmodeus is very clingy he'll always be touching you in some way. It's not always sexual sometimes it's even very casual. Of course, it'll take time before you realize what Asmodeu's version of casual really is.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub is a soft yandere but also very possessive. In his mind, he owns you just as much as you own him! You belong to each other and no one can ever separate the two of you.
He treats you like a goddess, giving you everything you could ever dream of. The cutest stuffies, prettiest clothes, most delicious foods! Anything! Anything at all, say the word and Beel will do anything in his power to obtain it for you.
"I love kissing you..."
But there is another side to the affectionate demon. He's lost so many that he's cared about, he can't lose you! It will destroy him. It's for your own safety that he keeps you locked away in his shared room. It the only way to ensure that no harm comes your way.
Out of the seven brothers, Beelzebub is the most relaxed when it comes to showing off his darling. He wants his brothers to love and accept his darling as they do with him. He also wants his darling to befriend his bothers and their respective darling.
"...Your flavor is so addicting鈥
Additional notes Beel has a bit of an "older brother" complex especially after the "death" of Lilith. He may treat you as a sibling sometimes other than a lover.
He'll definitely want you to get close with Belphegor and his darling. It may even end up that the twins might share their darlings or go about choosing the same one.
Beel never uses sexual punishments. He prefers to keep sex as a reward much like food. He does, however, force his kinks on to his darling, under the pretext that they'll "learn" to like it/them.
Beelzebub's punishments are typically leaving you on your own. He hates getting mad at you or even hurting you. He'll probably just storm out and come back later after he's let off some steam. Then he'll sit his darling in his lap and ask them why they misbehaved and try to talk it out.
Tumblr media
The most delusional yet also most lax of all the seven brothers. In Belphi's mind, the two of you are already dating so there's no need to lock you up or even constantly follow you around.
Sure he gets jealous when he sees you with someone else. But even then all he does is drag you into his room after telling the other person off.
Belphegor has every inch of your flesh marked with wither hickys, love bites, bruises or cuts. He doesn't mind seeing you in pain if it's to "prove" his love for you.
He gets slightly tense when you go outside worrying that something bad might happen to you. That fear is enough to leave him awake. Eventually, he'll give up and just follow you around until you return home.
However, when it comes to school or the house of lamination he'll just leave you be. His brothers are around so you're practically untouchable. Sure some of them (*cough* Mammon and Asmodeus *cough*) are useless but Beeluzbub and Satan are trustworthy enough.
"...Come sleep with me"
Additional notes Belphegor has a very low sex drive. He enjoys marking you and even watching you touch yourself. But that's usually as far as it goes.
He really likes the idea of sharing a darling with Beeluzbub and maybe even Lilith if she was still "alive". It means his darling his much safer than if it was only him looking over them.
100% of the time he will cuddle his darling while he sleeps.
Tumblr media
Diavolo is an obsessive type with certain manipulative tendencies. He desperately wants to keep his darling safe from all three species and thinks the only way to do so is to keep them locked up in the devil king鈥檚 castle.
He uses blackmail as a means to keep them cooperative. He might just threaten to annihilate their family and friends or maybe he threatens to hurt them.
"I love you.."
Overall Diavolo tires to be as sweet and caring as he can. He rarely uses any painful punishments and even buys them rewards when they've been bad. He's so desperate to prove his love to his darling that it honestly sort of frightening.
Really it wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't always so close and frantic. Always touching you and praising you, kissing you. It's just so so much...
He always has you wearing long heavy dresses that rival those of the victorian era. Delicate golden crowns are elegantly placed in on your head. Nomerues rings and bracelets decore your fingers and wrists
"...My queen"
Additional notes
Diavolo loves to show you off. He wants everyone to see just how amazing you are!
He holds so many events/ parties in your name. "Oh, it's your birthday? Well, now it's going to be celebrated as a national holiday in the Devildom!"
Diavolo regularly plans to get together with Lucifer and his darling. They're mostly quiet tea parties where the boys can discuss matters regarding the student council and how to better control their lovers. While the two darlings whisper about how frighting and annoying their self proclaimed lovers are.
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obeythebutler4 months ago
Tumblr media
Thank you so much! I hope you like these. Also, thanks to @lusus--naturae for the original idea!
Prologue: The demons had assumed humans had a heat cycle too, but were severely disappointed to find out they don't. But MC offering to help them through their heat...? 馃槒
Humans don't...have a heat cycle?...Oh, how disappointing. He had hoped for some 'pleasant times' with MC,and prepared in advance, but sadly, they can never come.
Bastard doesn't let his disappointment show though. He hides it behind a pokerface. But the human offering to help him through their heat....?
Demon heat cycles/ruts leave the mating pair exhausted and spent, but here is MC offering him aid....they truly don't know what they are getting themselves into.
Lucifer smirks, finding this this both endearing and arousing. MC, ready to help him if needed through his heat, well, he can't say refuse such a generous offer, can he?
Be prepared, MC, because his heat cycle is an intense one..
Humans don't?! Ugh! His disappointment is immeasurable and his day is ruined. He had longed to be their mate, but dammit! Why do human and demon anatomy have to be so different !
He frowns and mutters curses under his breath. Chances for him to be closer to MC are gone. But is his human help him through his heat...?
Oh no, Mammon is overheating, judging by the redness of his face. He sputters and tries to save face by mumbling how they would want to spend time with the Great Mammon, but we all know it is a failed attempt.
But who is he to refuse? Mammon may have ended the conversation with his signature words of MC wanting to be with him, after all, but when the time comes..and his rut overpowers his thinking...
He is going to go feral.
Humans don't ? You mean, the months of preparation trying to convince himself that MC would want to be his mate have blown away with the wind?
Leviathan's forehead may be covered by his hair, but his eyebrows are furrowed together in frustration. MC offering to help him..through his heat...?
Sputtering and noises of surprise can be heard as he falls off his chair. MC, offering to help him through his heat, offering to mate with him ? Him ? A worthless otaku like him?!
The conversation may have been stopped by Leviathan falling on the floor, but he will remember. He will remember every single word.
Because, when MC is dragged into his room, he IS going to take up their offer after MC agrees.
Satan should have known, out of all his brother. He, who claims to be knowledgeable on various topics-physics, astrology,magic, failed to know that humans don't have a heat cycle ?
He huffs, crestfallen as he looks away. Now he can't have MC as his own....but,hold on, is the MC offering their assistance to him during his heat ?
Satan blushes as he hides his face behind his hand. His kitten, willing to help him through his rut..Oh, how generous of them.
All he does is offer a small smile with a muffled thanks as he hurriedly walks away to his room..thinking about their offer all night long...
Satan is going to remember MC's offer, and he WILL need their aid.
Oh, come on ! Such a spoilsport ! He had hoped for some fun and more..intimacy with MC, made intricate plans, but all that goes into the gutter now...
Asmo pouts as he whines, cursing the anatomy of humans mentally. All that stocking up on rations is going to be wasted....but MC offering their help through his heat...?
He grins widely as he pinches MC's cheeks...such a pleasant surprise ! His brain is already planning intricate ideas and ways....a part of him swells in pride.
Asmo never refuses, and tell them the expected week for when is heat is due. He is thinking of gifts for MC, for their selfless offer, to have him as their mate.. Preparation is key, after all~
Better be ready, MC.
Oh no...humans don't...have a heat cycle.
Beelzebub frowns as he stares at the floor, with that kicked-puppy look. He was hoping they'd choose him as their mate, although a small part of him was worried for their well-being earlier, as Beel is big in many ways.
But MC offering to help them through his heat...? To be his mate ? To be his partner?
He blushes as he looks at them, and smiles shyly. MC is truly a helpful and generous person, inside and out. He wants to hug them...
Beel takes up their offer with hesitation, and needs a bit of convincing and affirmation from MC, as he fears he may harm them.
Beware MC, all concern gets thrown out the window when Beel goes into his heat.
Such a disappointment.. Belphegor had hoped to be their mate, and secretly prepared for it...but all that goes to waste now, doesn't it ?
He groans as he tries to hide his displeasure, peace will have to be made with the new fact that has come to light...but MC....offering themselves...?
Offering to be of assistance during his heat... Belphegor blushes as he hides his face in his pillow. MC, offering to be so intimate with him..
He is never going to refuse, though. There's no going back now, because Belphegor is already planning..
MC, best to stock up on food and water..
Humans don't...have heats..? They truly are a peculiar species...
Diavolo's disappointment is evident in his voice as he replies, because the months of planning have been futile now...hold MC offering aid during his heat....?
He blushes as he laughs nervously, because his heat is an intense one, and MC doesn't know what they are getting themselves into..
But their offer is too irresistible to refuse, and Diavolo is going to have blankets and spare sheets stocked in his room after they leave...
Better tell the brothers that MC isn't going to be in the House of Lamentation for quite some time.....
He already knew it, as a flashback came when he was serving dinner to the Young Master. Still, that does little to soften the harsh disappointment.
A glint of a frown can be seen as Barbatos quicky corrects it. One chance, this was the chance he had to have MC all to himself, without others intefering..all gone now..wait...the MC is offering their aid..?!
He blushes as he takes in their words...MC offering truly kind...
But he knows he isn't going to refuse, because his powers tell him so.....
Better be prepared, MC...
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asmosmainhoe2 months ago
Hii wondering... How would Lucifer, Levi, Satan, Barbatos, Solomon and Diavolo react to a crafty MC that is a silent gifter? Like for example they bring a cup of tea to Lucifer and his cup has a new cozy, or without knowing when Satan finds a new bookmark embroidered by MC, or Diavolo's a new journal in his bag made specifically for him, or something like that?
Anyways. Thank you very much for your writing!
MC is a silent gifter
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
The idea with the cup cozy has me screaming over here lmao I love it and so does he
Imagine you bring him tea or coffee without him asking you to do it
Quite surprised that you go out of your way just to bring him something to his office
Thanks you and extends his hand to take the cup from you, but doesn't look up from the paperwork
Then the moment he feels the cozy his head shoots up and he raises his eyebrows in confusion
"Mind telling me what exactly that is?"
"Oh, so you don't burn your hand. I've noticed how you never take your cup by the handle."
You do know he's a demon, right?
"O-oh, well, thank you."
Catch this man turning slightly red by these kind gestures
Oh, oh, my friend makes small sculptures out of gaming characters so imagine you're doing that too
Or making these glass paintings of anime characters, god I love these so much
If you give any of those things to this boy he will most definitely glitch out of existence
Great, you broke the grand admiral of hell's navy. Are you happy now?
Has a shelf in his room just with your stuff and if people ask him where he got all that cool merch he'd start bragging
"My friend did this all by themselves! You can't buy it! It's priceless!"
Okay, but imagine Mammon trying to sell one of those gifts, because he has no idea that you did them
Levi would tear the entire house down lmao
"Get the fleet ready!"
"But, sir-"
"I said what I said!"
Would treasure your bookmarks as if they're made of gold
And if you do one that matches the theme of a book he's currently reading then he'll die on the spot do you understand me?
The funny thing is that you leave them in his room or at the library at places where only he will find them
When you go back to the place where you left it to check if he took it you always find a small gift as a thank you
For example a wooden figurine of your favorite animal or a tiny box to put all the stuff you use to craft your gifts inside
Sometimes hides behind a bookshelf and when you pick the gift up he leans against the shelf with crossed arms and a smirk
"I assume you like it?"
"Oh, Satan, you really didn't have to give me something in return."
"I know."
Isn't used to receive gifts out of the blue so mans is shocked when you give him something for the first time
Like Levi he has a special shelf for your stuff
I can totally imagine him crafting things too so expect lots of gifts in return
"Barbatos, you don't have to do that! I give you those things to make your day and not to get something in return!"
"Maybe I wanna make your day too."
My man should start a Pinterest blog, because his stuff looks so neat and professional ugh
Only the best for his s/o
Or imagine you two crafting stuff together
Now that's a cute date idea oof
Gets so extremely excited and happy when you give him something that you made yourself
My big man over here just wants to find friends so what you're doing with your self-made gifts makes his heart go wownidhwiwbidjwis
Desperately wants to give you something in return, but it has to be just as personal and cool so he tries doing things on his own too
It doesn't end up that good...
His entire office is full with glue and glitter and Dia? Dia looks just as bad, covered with paint and what not
You love his gifts so much though so he gets prouder than Lucifer when he sees your big smile
Let's Barbatos teach him some stuff so his gifts and everything around him doesn't end up so messy
It still does
You'd also make those magick jars or pouches OR YOUR OWN CANDLES WITH COOL MARKINGS WOW
Do you know those good luck or protection jars that are so tiny you can use them as a necklace? Yea that's what you give him and he doesn't take it off at all
Okay, but imagine you make a candle by your own and he gives it back to you with sigils carved on it and you're all confused
"What does it mean?"
"It's a protection for loved ones."
You also make boxes for his herbs or candles and he swaps all his old boxes with yours, because they match his aesthetic more and well...they're yours
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darkdevasofdestructiona year ago
Nsfw headcanons for the Obey Me boys with a dom reader?
I鈥檓 so gonna regret this, but, as I had to do some...Educating (reading online ofc)...I hope this is actually okay and that I didn鈥檛 disappoint!
I will be using the聽鈥 Asmo Time聽鈥 (hope it鈥檚 not already taken or something) for any NSFW writing, I guess :D
Also, sorry for not actually writing for everyone, but rn I can鈥檛 really stand Belphegor, and I have a hard time coming up with something different for Beel, despite liking him a lot =/
So...Without further writing...
Tumblr media
Normally, this guy wouldn鈥檛, for the hell of it, let you dom, because obviously...He is THE Sadistic Dom Top!
But today is your birthday, your once in a lifetime opportunity, your lucky day to experience what鈥檚 it like to have Lucifer, the Avatar of Pride, look up at you with lust and need in his eyes, squirming so much in hope of release and biting his lip to stop his moans and will to beg, because of his pride not to step so low, so much that he draws blood unintentionally.
You tie his hands apart on the bed post, blindfold him, take his pants off and unbutton his shirt, all while talking in such a firm yet alluring voice that he almost doesn鈥檛 recognise you.
His dick is up before you even get to touch his skin.
You kept a feather from his wings from some time ago, and now it鈥檚 the perfect opportunity to tease him.
You softly trace his neck, down to his chest, and to his abdomen, until you reach the line of his boxers, where you just let the trail just barely touch his, and you can see his body arching slightly as it followed the feather, and a soft growl erupts from his throat.
鈥淲hat is it, darling~? Do you want me to touch you that badly? Why, then, you鈥檒l just have to ask me oh so very nicely for it, don鈥檛 you think~? Do you deserve to be touched by me, I wonder?鈥 you tease him SO much, because honestly, he deserves every little bit of it.
You trace his lips with your thumb, and then lift up his chin and make your lips barely brush his, as you say聽鈥淵ou don鈥檛 get to cum unless I say so, okay, darling? Otherwise...There will be consequences.鈥
鈥淵ou will have a lot to pay after this day is over, MC.鈥 he threatens, but you slap his face, before you put your hand on his throat.聽鈥淒id I allow you to speak, Lucifer? No? That鈥檚 what I thought. Now, now, how to punish you, I wonder...鈥 you would giggle darkly as you get out his riding crop and start tracing his chest and abdomen, until you hit the inner side of his thigh, making him squirm and barely hold in a groan of pleasure, as blood started to come out of his lip.
You finally take off his boxers, letting his erection stand tall, and you straddle his waist, grinding yourself on it, letting your wetness drive him crazy, as you roam your hand up and down his body, occasionally touching his erogenous zones, biting his neck, choking him or making him suck on your fingers, and in the end it was all so much, that he came without realising, not able to hold in his moan anymore.
You merely hummed in amusement, wiping away the cum and tutting in disappointment as you take off his blindfold and look at him with a mock-upset look.
鈥淲hat a naughty boy you鈥檝e been...Disobeying your Mistress...Tsk tsk, guess you really need a great dose of discipline.鈥 you put his dick inside you as you leaned in and started biting and tugging at his bottom lip, licking away all the blood, before sitting tall again, tracing your tongue over your lips with an amused face.聽鈥淵our blood is really sweet, Lucifer.鈥
Your ride him dangerously slow, teasing him with more dirty and teasing words, until you鈥檝e had enough and wanted to cum yourself, and you changed the pace, touching yourself, being on display, enjoying the torture that he can鈥檛 touch you.
This goes on for the rest of the right...Until midnight comes and your birthday is no more, and his smirk is so huge and evil, knowing that you鈥檙e really gonna regret (and enjoy) your little day of indulging in your fantasies.
Tumblr media
Mammon is already a switch very close to a Big Bottom Energy, so it鈥檚 really not all that difficult for you to take the reigns and dominate him, he will really enjoy it anyways.
He鈥檚 normally one for very soft and gentle love-making, not exactly into the whole inflicting pain thing, mostly wanting to having HIS MC close to him, feeling your body touching his and all that, but once in a while, he doesn鈥檛 mind letting you have your fun with him, whatever it is that you want.
Honestly, if you deprive him the possibility of touching you, he鈥檚 gonna be so whiny and pouty, so you better punish him so he will stop being such a baby.
Choke him, tie him up, talk filth to him, take his hands and suck on his fingers while straddling his waist and grinding on his erection through the fabric of his boxers, tease him while you guide his hands up and down your own body, you name it, he will do anything you want, especially if it pleases you.
But...Seeing you suck on his fingers with that expression of lust in your eyes, while you veeeery slowly rock your bottom part back and forth...
He鈥檚 gonna be SO loud, whining, panting, moaning your name, you think the whole Devildom will know that you鈥檙e the one that鈥檚 making him such a mess under you.
鈥淢ammon, dear, you should be more quiet, or else the whole house is gonna hear you. We wouldn鈥檛 want Lucifer barging in...Or would you...~?...Oh, I should shut you up myself.鈥 your devilish grin could put even Lucifer in his place.
You face sit him, letting him eat you out until you鈥檝e reached your orgasm, all while guiding his hands where you wanted, and making him lick you clean, because he鈥檚 a real good boy.
鈥淲hat a good boy, Mammon, I think you鈥檝e earned a little prize for today. Do you want it, Mammon? Tell me what you want.鈥 you grin as you tease him even more, making him whimper, his eyes glistering with tears from the teasing.
鈥淧-Please let me cum, M-Mistress!鈥 he鈥檇 moan as you already put his dick in you and started bouncing up and down, rewarding the both of you.
Tumblr media
You鈥檙e his Mistress and he will obey your every need, every wish, anything, with no protest, except his burning face, poor dear.
He is okay with topping and bottoming, but now you want to tease him by only allowing him to do what you say, with no exception.
鈥淐ome on, Levi, take off my clothes.鈥 ,聽鈥淟et me guide your hands, Levi. You need me for even that.鈥 ,聽鈥淏e a good boy and make me cum. If you do, I may think of letting you too, today.鈥
Hearing you speak like that will get him so eager to be the good boy you keep praising him that he is.
Will finger you while licking and sucking at your clit, wanting to put off the best performance he can, doing all the filth that he鈥檚 seen in his hentais, wanting to hear more praise, and your moans and telling him to go on, the tugging on his hair...
He鈥檚 so into it that he almost forgets about how painful his erection actually is, especially covered by his boxers and pants.
After he makes you cum, you tell him to lay down and you take off his clothes, tie his hands to the bed post, putting your hand around his shaft and slowly pumping up and down, holding eye contact and enjoying every little moan, whimper, groan and twitch of his body.
When you start licking the tip, you can already feel the salty taste of precum - which each lick, each provocative smirk, graze of your teeth against his sensitive skin and veins, with each moan you let out, he鈥檚 so close...
But you don鈥檛 let him.聽
You move away from him, leaving him a panting and begging mess, almost crying, saying how it鈥檚 not fair what you鈥檙e doing...But how could you not edge such a cute boy? Especially when he can鈥檛 touch himself?
So you take your phone and put on an episode of TSL, while you sit comfortably on his chest, not letting him watch it, only hear, and he鈥檚 so bratty, it鈥檚 adorable.
When you鈥檝e had enough fun teasing him, you take off the restraints and tell him to get on top, in the聽鈥淕lowing Triangle鈥 position, which is basically teasing him that he鈥檚 in control, but you鈥檙e the one who controls the thrusts and speed of it.
And what better way to continue teasing him with touches down his spine, pinching nipples and leaving love bites all over his body than this one~?
Tumblr media
It was during the Butler event, where he kept calling you Mistress and he made it a personal competition to be the best Butler from the 7 brothers, but even so, it was obvious he鈥檇 attend to your every need without a second thought.
You, however, decided to mess with him quite a lot, so while he brought you some tea and you took a sip from it, making sure it鈥檚 not too hot, you told him to kneel down in front of you, order to which he immediately submitted, and you poured the tea from your thigh down to your ankle, with a mock-gasp.
鈥淥h no, I spilled the tea, how awfully clumsy of me! Satan, would you be a dear and clean up this mess for me~?鈥 you lean back in the seat of the armchair you were sitting in, and raised your leg up, leaning your head on your hand, looking down at him with a condescending expression.
鈥淐ertainly, My Lady. I live to serve My Lady, so My Mistress鈥櫬 words are my command.鈥 he replies with a smug smile, as he started kissing, licking and leaving soft love bites from your foot, all the way up to your inner thigh, which he put on his shoulder, and looked at you with an obviously fake expression
鈥淲hat else would My Mistress want me to do for her?鈥 he asked, definitely enjoying this as much as you did.
He鈥檚 a God at eating you our and driving you crazy, and he obviously enjoyed pleasuring you so much, now being the perfect opportunity to see you in all the perfect light, a dominating Goddess, the only one who could ever tell him what to do.
When you鈥檙e done with that, pull on his hair until he鈥檚 to your eye level, pin him down on the armchair and start leaving love bites, from his jawline, to his neck, down to the chest, abdomen, teasing him just as you get to his dick.
Give the tip of his erection a kiss, a lick, let it wet, and then blow on it, and watch the way Satan grits his teeth in desperation, feeling exposed and unable to take away this feeling of need.
鈥淗ave you been a good slave, Satan?鈥 you ask, as he licks his lips in anticipation.
鈥淵es, Mistress, I would sure hope so.鈥 he asks, doing his best not to break character, as he鈥檇 just want to grab you and fuck you on the spot, but his ego doesn鈥檛 let him.
Lucky him, you were more merciful today, and with a sly smirk on your face, you take him in so fast that his snaps his head back with a groan, and your fast pace is so torturous yet so good that he finds himself lost in another world, and his sweet release is the best he鈥檚 ever had.
Tumblr media
He doesn鈥檛 care if you鈥檙e a dom or a sub, a top or a bottom, he just wants to enjoy himself and you, so who cares? Have fun, girl, go all in, do all your fantasies, he鈥檚 the perfect man to experience them with!
Put him on a leash and tell him to be a little obedient slave, and he鈥檚 already a mess below you.
He鈥檒l be so needy and would beg all the time for you to touch him and do what you want with him, to fuck him, to punish him, to make him forget his name and the world around him.
He鈥檚 not the Avatar of Lust after all, correct~?
鈥淎ww, Asmo, look at you. You look so good with that collar around your neck, and you staying on your knees at my feet...I might actually think of having you wear that every day from now on, just so you don鈥檛 forget who you belong to.鈥 you threaten with a sweet smile, as you grab his collar and pull him to your eye level.
You鈥檇 have had him on a chastity belt for just a few days, and now that you took it off, he was finally feeling better, so eager for you to touch and punish him in any way (as long as you don鈥檛 do anything to his precious face)
Whip him as much as you like, bring the riding crop, get the hitachi wand and edge him, leave bite marks all over his body, all while making sure he doesn鈥檛 touch you or himself, otherwise he鈥檚 gonna just suffer even more.
He鈥檒l moan and scream out your name even louder than Mammon, he has literally no shame or inhibitions, he just wants to let himself get lost in pleasure and emotion, and knowing it鈥檚 you who鈥檚 doing everything to him...Even hotter.
Edge him as many times as you feel like, only letting him cum after he鈥檚 done as much begging as you want, and when he鈥檚 crying from the need for release, and after that, he鈥檒l feel like on Cloud 9, so happy that he鈥檚 lost his mind.
Obviously, he鈥檚 going to return the favour some day, but for now, he loves being your slave and seeing you so full of confidence, enjoying yourself as you鈥檙e using him to feel pleasure.
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sadisticbottoma year ago
the brothers various stages of reactions to Reader patting their head鈥檚 after fights
please note I literally only just got into the series so I鈥檓 not far enough to have interacted with most the boys - but I have the internet for spoilers and personality help so that鈥檚 pretty much what I鈥檓 going off of - so pardon any ooc bits or whatever.
- A s m o d e u s -
In the beginning Asmo didn鈥檛 like it, he didn鈥檛 like that it felt like you a human聽was looking down on him even if it was supposed to be a聽鈥渒ind鈥 gesture - he just felt dirty and weird
When you continued to do it he begins to brush it off, he still doesn鈥檛 like it but you seem to do it despite his demands you don鈥檛
When you stop but continue to do it to his brother鈥檚 who seem to actually enjoy it he gets jealous - he鈥檒l childishly demand a head pat, after all didn鈥檛 you see how cool he was fighting just then?
After he gets use to it he enjoys it, he pushes through his brothers to be first, second and third in line for head pats - he鈥檚 a tease and with the clear height difference between the two of you he鈥檒l purposely cause you to miss his head and touch his face.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e so tiny and adorable, look you missed my head. I guess it鈥檚 okay if its you~鈥
鈱 B e e l z e b u b聽鈱
In the beginning Beel didn鈥檛 care, if anything it was entertaining watching your tiny frame try and even reach his head. More importantly he was hungry so you were wasting precious eating time.
When you continued to do it he found himself adjusting to it, it felt kind and reminded him of his sister.
If you ever stop or forget to give him his regular after fight head pat he鈥檒l whine like a child and tug on your shirt.聽鈥淚 thought you didn鈥檛 like wasting time when you could be eating?鈥 -聽鈥淏ut... head pat..鈥
After he gets use to it he takes to asking for them even outside of winning fights, he wants them every day whenever he can get them. If he鈥檚 been without one聽鈥渢oo long鈥 he鈥檒l hunt you down for one. Even to this day he still takes joy in watching you struggle to reach his height every single time.
- B e l p h e g o r -
In the beginning Bel hated your touch, he hated being even around you longer then he had to be. The fight was over, don鈥檛 look at him, don鈥檛 talk to him, especially don鈥檛 touch him.
When you continued to do it he鈥檇 take to slapping your hand away and acting disgusted, he wasn鈥檛 doing this to protect you - he didn鈥檛 have a choice.
When you stop but continue to do it to his brother鈥檚 who seem to actually enjoy it he鈥檚 a little jealous, he doesn鈥檛 hate you as much by this point but he refuses to out right ask聽for head pat鈥檚 again. He鈥檒l make a comment about how shitty your memory must be because you keep forgetting about him.
After he gets use to it he pretends like they bother him, typical tsundere - he doesn鈥檛 need the stupid head pats, you can鈥檛 even reach his head ha! Wait don鈥檛 actually ignore him, see he鈥檚 bending down so just get it over with okay?
鈱 L e v i a t h a n 鈱
In the beginning Levi disliked being touched by you because you were a聽鈥渘ormie鈥 - not to mention he just wasn鈥檛 good with physical contact so it startled him.
When you continued to do it he call you gross and swat at you like a cat, this was a waste of time he had games to play and anime to get emotional over.
When you stopped but continue to do it to his brother鈥檚 who seem to actually enjoy it he鈥檚 grossly jealous, he considered them lucky for getting a head pat. Did he not do a good enough job? What happened to doing it before? Was it because he called you a gross and a normie? After seeing his clear distress you give him a pat - which he totally denies made him happy.
After he gets use to it, like Bel he鈥檒l act like it鈥檚 a pain having to lean over every time for you - but he鈥檒l also make comments about how this reminds him of a manga he once read - no it totally wasn鈥檛 a stupid romance manga. Your just a normie don鈥檛 act like you know what he鈥檚 talking about!
- L u c i f e r -
In the beginning he brushes off the first two times, afterwards he鈥檚 a little annoyed. He鈥檚 a demon聽for god sake not a puppy, even if you remind him of a particular someone he鈥檚 not about to stand around he鈥檚 got work to do.
When you continue to do it he鈥檚 exhausted on trying to get you to quit because threatening you doesn鈥檛 seem to work - not that he鈥檇 actually hurt you and you know it. Which is why his words do nothing.
When you stopped but continued to do it to his brothers who seem to actually enjoy it he鈥檚 annoyed. Why are you patting them on the head but not him? He鈥檚 the strongest one, he did all the damn work. In stead he awards you聽a head pat this time - confusing you and his brothers.
After he gets use to it he looks forward to the attention - for a price though. He teases you on how tiny you are compared to him and will often pretend he can鈥檛 hear your plea鈥檚 for him to lean over, after all you are so聽tiny.聽
鈱 M a m m o n 鈱
In the beginning聽he 鈥渇ound it annoying鈥 and would complain and brush your hand away. You were awfully touchy for a human, were all of you squishy humans like that or something?
When you continue to do it he still聽鈥渃omplains鈥 about how touchy you are and might give you a compliment that鈥檚 laced to sound like an insult to mask his slight joy in the stupid gesture.
When you stopped but continued to do it to his brother鈥檚 who seem to actually enjoy it he鈥檒l whine, not that he needs a stupid head pat to know he did a damn good job fighting. When he鈥檚 pouting if you give him a head pat he鈥檒l whine saying he鈥檚 not a child - but he鈥檚 also whining because it鈥檚 about damn time why the hell did you stop?
After he gets use to it he hogs all the attention from the other two, they don鈥檛 need your attention - besides you have to make up for all that time you ignored him and didn鈥檛 give him head pats after fights. Screw them they鈥檒l get over it - now head pat time shorty.
- S a t a n -
In the beginning聽he finds it annoying, is that supposed to cheer him up? Because it鈥檚 just doing the opposite.. can he go now?
When you continue to do it he鈥檚 still not a big fan of it, he鈥檒l try and hurry it up if anything. There you got the pat in, are you happy? Can he go now?
When you stopped but continued to do it to his brothers who seem to actually enjoy it he鈥檒l stare at you, he kind of missed the stupid gesture but with his brothers around he鈥檚 a little embarrassed to outright say anything. So he鈥檒l use his smarts to get you to come to him and give him one.
After he gets use to it he鈥檒l tease you, you always give us head pats - why don鈥檛 I give you聽one? At some point he鈥檒l question why you feel the need to give them head pats, it鈥檚 their job to protect you so why are you聽happy?
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obeythebutler3 months ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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asmosmainhoe6 months ago
hiii!! i remembered seeing an artist from the obey me fandom drawing like a parellel universe where the player is a part of the original game and the characters are the ones enamored and spending all their money on trying to get them. i think your writing would suit it! you can write about any character you would like, i hope you have a nice day/night!! (喙懰兲滇礂藗痰)锘
MC is part of an otome game
I absolutely love this au oof oof
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
No one knows that he's playing a dating simulator and no one ever will
Isn't that addicted to it though like he only plays it late at night when he can't sleep
You're his favorite character
It's not like he spends all his money to get all your good cards or anything
Enjoying the scenes where he interacts with you is enough for him
Lucifer sometimes takes his D.D.D. away from him, because Mammon can't stop spending money on your cards or on your special scenes
Has tons of fanart downloaded on his phone
Doesn't admit that he plays the game just for you though
"It has a neat story so what? It's not like I'm in love with a fictional characters haha who am I? Levi?"
Owns so much merch
Has all your UR and UR+ cards
Even has a blog dedicated to you
We're talking about Levi here, of course he goes over the top
Also can't stop talking about you and how well written your character is and how amazing your design looks and-
It's even worse than with Ruri-chan
We all know that he's a big fanboy too ok
Probably writes fanfictions and headcanons for several books and tv shows
Why shouldn't he also write for a game then huh?
Talks a lot about it with Solomon
Has analyzed your character several times and posted it on his blog
Also has so many theories about the plot of the game even if it's just a simple dating sim
Fell in love with you the second he saw your design
Owns a key chain of your chibi version
Doesn't make it a secret that he likes the game
Even posts some screenshots on his Devilgrampage
Often uses your aesthetic for his makeup or clothes and posts that on Devilgram too
75% of the day he sings your character song
Talks about you all the time with Belphie
Actually spends money on the game
Mostly on food gifts for you
"You're turning into Mammon. Why are you wasting your money on a game?"
"You don't understand, Lucifer. I can't let them be hungry."
"You do realize that they're fictional right?"
Gets the widest grin whenever he gets a call from you
Even stops eating to listen to it
You're his number one comfort character
Honestly when he isn't asleep he's playing the game even during class
Reads tons of fluff fanfictions and headcanons with you
Also a big fan of angst
Sometimes gets sad out of a sudden, because he remembers that you aren't real and never will be
Dreams of you more often than he'd like to admit
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s8nluvra year ago
The normie way. (obey me!leviathan x reader)
In which MC can鈥檛 pass a level of a game and has to ask the great Leviathan for help. The original request can be found here!
You couldn鈥檛 help but sigh out of frustration. The bright red letters popped up on the screen yet again, signalling another loss on your part. You couldn鈥檛 pass this level no matter how hard you tried. The boss was just too tricky and you couldn鈥檛 figure out what combo you had to use to defeat it.
You were sitting on the floor in Levi鈥檚 room, playing a game he鈥檇 recommended you a while back. Your focus had been directed at the big TV for the past few hours, meanwhile the Avatar of Envy was lazily lounging on his bed, having busied himself with the newest Helltendo. But now, as your annoyance kept growing and your patience was starting to run thin, you realized that desperate times called for desperate measures.
鈥淟evi.鈥 You called out to the demon, trying to get his attention, but to no avail.
鈥淟eviiiiii鈥︹ You tried again, this time letting something that sounded like a whine escape your lips.
This caused the demon鈥檚 ears to finally perk up, head rising from the small console in hand. 鈥淲hat do you want?鈥 His eyes were narrowed down at you, irritation dancing in them from being interrupted. But you didn鈥檛 care, knowing he wasn鈥檛 truly angry with you. He was the one that invited you to his room in the first place, anyways.
So, you simply pointed to the screen behind you, which had the flashing GAME OVER letters on full display, as if ridiculing you for your loss. Your gaze met Levi鈥檚 as you pouted. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 pass this level. Can you help me?鈥 You tried to muster up the cutest puppy eyes you could. 鈥淧retty please?鈥
You knew you were in for a mocking the moment you decided to ask for help, so hearing him start to snicker didn鈥檛 surprise you in the slightest. 鈥淧ffft.鈥 Levi snorted. 鈥淥f course, a normie like you can鈥檛 pass a level as simple as this.鈥
You rolled your eyes at the light hearted insult. 鈥淵es, my liege, now get your ass off the bed and come help this loser out.鈥 You waved the controller at him, seeing him start to stand up.
Before you could react, Levi pulled out his D.D.D. and snapped a picture of your frustrated expression. 鈥淥h, this is gonna be so good.鈥 The demon started typing on his phone. 鈥淩OLF LOLOL look at this normie human, who can鈥檛 beat a simple level LOLOL.鈥 He snickered under his breath.
You started at him, lips pressed together in a tight line, a revenge plan already brewing in your head. 鈥淒one?鈥 You raised an eyebrow at the demon as you saw him finally put his D.D.D. away, after publishing your failures to the entirety of the Devildom, and walk over to where you were sitting.
Levi didn鈥檛 respond, but plopped down next to you instead, hand outstretched for the controller. 鈥淟et me show you how true pros do it.鈥 He smiled proudly.
This was where your masterplan had to be put into motion. You quickly jumped up to your feet and, before the demon could even think of protesting, sat down in his lap and made yourself comfortable.
Ignoring Levi鈥檚 flustered spluttering, you turned your body to look at his face, which was now completely crimson red. 鈥淚 lost, so it鈥檚 fitting for me to watch closely and learn from the best on how to win.鈥 You shot him a shit eating grin.
鈥淲ha-鈥 Levi seemed to be malfunctioning. 鈥淭HESE THIGHS ARE RESERVED FOR RURI-CHAN ONLY, MC.鈥 You weren鈥檛 sure how, but the demon was even redder now.
鈥淵ou know, we come as a package deal,鈥 You lifted the controller up. 鈥渟o, love it or leave it.鈥 Then you quietly added, with a pout. 鈥淏ut if this makes you uncomfortable, I can get up.鈥
鈥淣-no. Stay.鈥 Levi responded, a little too quickly. 鈥淗-how else could a normie like you learn how to play.鈥 He awkwardly cleared his throat, then lifted his arms and hesitantly wrapped his hands around your own, which were resting on the controller.
This time it was your turn to blush, not expecting him to actually do it.
You watched Levi鈥檚 fingers expertly navigate the cursor through the screen and start to load up the boss fight. 鈥淲ell,鈥 He began, a hint of embarrassment present in his voice. 鈥測ou better be a pro after this.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure I will be.鈥 You smiled to yourself.
You could only observe as Levi started the fight, using various combo moves you didn鈥檛 even think of using before. However, you were only half concentrated on the battle, the other half of your focus falling on the demon鈥檚 hands.
Since when were you into hands?
But you didn鈥檛 mind. They seemed incredibly attractive as they were doing what they knew best. The veins on his forearms were bulging ever so slightly and you couldn鈥檛 help but imagine how his long fingers would feel鈥 elsewhere.
You were snapped out of your unholy thoughts when you felt something weighing down on your shoulder. It didn鈥檛 take long to figure out what it was as you felt Levi鈥檚 hot breath on your cheek and his back pressed against you more tightly than before. The demon was so concentrated on the fight before him, that he unconsciously started leaning in and placed his chin on your shoulder for a more comfortable position.
If you weren鈥檛 a blushing mess before, you certainly were now.
Your starting goal was to make the Avatar of Envy flustered, yet here you were, feeling so incredibly hot, meanwhile Levi was in his own element, not even realizing his actions.
You lifted your eyes up at the screen just as Levi was striking a finishing blow to the main boss, clearing the level.
鈥淎nd that鈥檚 how you do it!鈥 The demon exclaimed, lifting both of your arms up in glee. His chin wasn鈥檛 on your shoulder anymore and you found yourself missing the warmth. 鈥淧eace of cake.鈥 You could feel his grin from behind you.
鈥淲hy, of course, the amazing Leviathan never loses.鈥 You turned your head so you could see his face 鈥 cheeks tinted with a pink blush, smiling from ear to ear. 鈥淚t was an honour to be in your presence, oh great one.鈥 You teased him.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 know how lucky you are,鈥 He rolled his eyes playfully. 鈥渕any would sell their souls for the chance to be taught the art of gaming by me.鈥
鈥淥h, I don鈥檛 doubt that.鈥 You responded, feeling the slightest hints of bitter sadness start to wash over you. You fully expected Levi to untangle himself from you and go back to playing on his Helltendo any second now.
But to your surprise, the demon placed his chin back on your shoulder, hands not moving from the controller.
鈥淵-you鈥檙e not going?鈥 You asked, cursing at yourself for stuttering. You were glad he couldn鈥檛 see your face, which was beat red again.
鈥淚 figured a normie like you would lose again without my supervision.鈥 Levi muttered out, sounding like a complete contrast to the prideful demon he was a few moments ago, when the euphoria of winning had washed over him.
鈥淢aybe I should lose more often then.鈥 You giggled, feeling more confident. 鈥淚f it means that I get to stay in your lap.鈥
Now Levi was the one that was glad you couldn鈥檛 see his face, which was painted a few different shades of red. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath and unpaused the game.
The moment he started playing, he understood the reality of the situation he was in - winning was going to be far more difficult, now that he was so painfully aware of your body pressed up against his. But he had to concentrate. If he lost, he鈥檇 never live it down from you, plus, the longer he remained victorious, the longer your body was going to stay so close to his own.
And that鈥檚 what he, as a true gamer, called a double kill.
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obeythebutler3 months ago
Hey, hi, can't get this damn idea outta my head so here we go
Could you do hc's for the bros where they hear Mc just yell out to Lucifer like "HEY LUCIFER!"
"Don't yell Mc, just come here"
"OKAY COOL BUT IS IT LIKE,,, NORMAL DEMON COURTING TO SEND LETTERS WRITTEN IN BLOOD? Presumably their own" Then when they're at the door with Mc, Mc is just kinda staring at the note and being like "I wanna stop reading but it's like a car wreck you can't look away from" and just. It's got kinda fucked up shit written on it, even by demon standards
Brothers React To MC Getting A Letter Written In Blood
PROLOGUE: The brothers find out a demon has been sending MC depraved letters...what will they do?
What in the seven layers, who had the fucking audacity-
It was cute for the demon to think they even had a chance at MC, but this was something Lucifer would not tolerate...
And the letter's contents were disgusting, to say the least. Apart from being written in the filth's own blood, the letter explicitly mentioned the things they would like to do to MC..he instinctively pulled MC close...
The letter is getting taken out of MC's hand, and Lucifer is gently asking them if they're okay. One of his brothers now has to be with MC at all times, because the security in the mansion was not enough if the letter slipped by, unnoticed to MC's room.
If going to RAD is necessary, MC has to be with one of his brothers, no excuses. Lucifer might be found trailing behind them...
Together with his brothers help, the demon that had the guts to do this is going to be found, dragged out and given a fate worse than death.
What the hell-
He ran to MC's location after hearing what MC was shouting to Lucifer, and he has never been more jealous in his life. But when he heard about the letter...
He would have snatched the paper out of their hands if not for Lucifer beating him to it. But the contents must have been...disgusting, because his brother's brows furrowed while reading it.
Seeing the letter made him want to hide MC in his arms, no one touches his human, okay?!
He's going to be with them most of the time now, he's going to fight for it..
Mammon will now be a lot more clinger than usual, never wanting to leave the MC alone, even for going to the bathroom.
With the help of his crows, the demon that dare to commit such an act is going to be dragged out, and killed.
But for now, MC is going to stay with him.
Mammon's panicked shouts made him come out of his room with a grumbling face but then he saw them crowded around MC, in whose hands was a letter...
Even...reading...the contents...made him cringe. The contents were written in blood and disgusting, repulsive, depraved- even more than the most gorey yandere animes he has watched, and that's saying something.
If MC is going to be with him, it's all good, because his tail is going to be wrapped around them and he isn't letting them out of his room, and anyone that dare enter will have to face a hissing serpent first.
Perhaps classes at RAD can be turned online until the filth is disposed off...
He's going to dedicate all the nights into nitpicking every detail about the demon, and when all his deeds are laid bare for others to see, then he's going to swipe in for the kill.
MC's question about normal demon courting methods made him get up in concern...
And when he saw the letter, oh dear, his expression was scary enough to make the others back off...
The contents were revolting, disgusting and striaght up depraved, not to mention written in blood. The things mentioned in it made him want to tear up the letter...
Together with Lucifer, he's going to find out the filth that had the audacity to do such a thing, Satan has connections everywhere.
The security in the House Of Lamentation needs to be improved because hey, the demon was able to deliver a letter without being noticed!
If MC is with Satan, he's going to keep a close eye on them at all times, and be alert, waiting, for anything to happen.
The demon might be killed or tortured for an eternity perhaps, who knows?
The commotion in the hallway made him get up from doing his nails....but when he saw what the fuss was about he left his nails undone...and that's saying something.
The contents of the letter made Asmo want to throw up, he has received many love letters, but none of them were depraved and desperate as this...even written in blood!
Asmo's got may friends and demons he can charm into looking for the filth that dare to this, and perhaps charm the culprit himself into making the mistake of walking into the House of Lamentation....
MC is going to be whisked away into his room as he does his and their nails, all the while talking to them normally, but there's something brewing in those eyes of his...
He's going to ensure to keep them company all the time, and make sure his brothers do the same too.
But he's going to need a bath after the ordeal is over, come on, blood will make him smell repulsive!
He was in the middle of snacking when he joined the impromptu meeting in the hallway...
The letter in Lucifer's hands reeked strongly of blood, and when Beel read its contents it made him disgusted. The demon wrote explicit things about what they would do to MC, and it was unsettling...even for a demon.
Safe to say, MC isn't leaving Beel's sight anytime soon. Wherever they go, Beel is going to follow them like a hawk.
If they can't be with him, they will be with Belphegor, who's going to keep them close.
He has a strong sense of smell, and it isn't long before the culprit is identified from the crowd of demons in the streets.
Because when Beelzebub is done with them, there won't be even a single bone left to bury.
He was woken up from his nap due to the commotion....
When he saw what was in the letter, anger took over as he read each and every line carefully. It was written in blood and repulsive, to say the least.
MC is going to stay with him in his room now. No buts, no ifs. They aren't leaving his grip anytime soon...
MC might notice that as they drift off to sleep, his arm will be curled around them as Belphegor looks deep in thought....planning ways to find the filth that dare to such a thing.
And when the demon is caught, they aren't going to get proper sleep for a while, and when they do, all they will see is their own fear play out, again and again.
Well, even if the filth gets to sleep after the torture they go through.
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asmosmainhoe7 months ago
The Brothers reacting to MC randomly passing out due to being anemic during the tour in Diavolo鈥檚 castle. I just wanna see em panic when the human just randomly collapses after being quiet for too long
MC passes out
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: cursing
The first to notice it
Drops everything to rush over to you
Yells orders around
"Levi, get some water! Mammon, bring me a pillow!"
It's not the first time that someone passes out infront of him, but with you it's different
Checks if you hit your head somewhere
Has everything under control despite him panicking a bit (he doesn't show it tho)
Fuck this, he even shoves Diavolo out of his way to get to his human
Holds you and tries to wake you up by shaking you by the shoulders
Genuinely gets mad at you for scaring him like that
But can't stay angry for too long
Doesn't let anyone even touch you for the rest of the day
Not exactly sure what's happening
Confused as to what to do so he just holds you in his arms
"You damn normie! Stop scaring me like that!"
Can and will scold you, but quickly realizes that it's pointless
I mean it's not your fault if you pass out
So he apologizes and confesses to you how worried he was in his cute blushy way
Keeps his cool
Knows exactly what to do
Puts you feet up on a small object (idk a small stool maybe)
Sends someone to get you a glass of water
He would have gotten it himself, but he's busy holding your hand
Brushes your hair out of your face
Takes all in all such good care of you it's amazing
Makes a fuss
Of course he does it's about you so everyone should be on alert
Puts your head on his lap and carefully pets your head
Keeps repeating how everything will be fine and that you don't have to worry about anything
Says it more to himself than to you actually
Skips the tour to stay with you
He only has eyes for you
The only one to catch you before you hit the floor
Don't worry he doesn't mind that at all
Even keeps you in his arms to carry you to a sofa or back to your room so you can lay down on something comfortable
Makes sure you eat and drink enough after you wake up
Please don't be mad at him for almost eating the food
So protective of you
Let's pretend that he was there too ok
Genuinely scared, but tries not to show it
Unintentionally lashes out on everyone as if it's their fault on something
His brothers understand tho that he just wants you to be safe and all
Doesn't let go of you at all and if someone tries to separate you two then good luck
Talks you into taking a nap
For the whole day
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