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#om swd
Most Otome game MCs: brunette white girl with bangs over her eyes
Obey Me:
Tumblr media
And this is one of many reasons why Obey Me is my favorite otome game and the only one I play regularly.
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shinyvoel · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I never knew how much I needed Mammon holding Sheep MC till I saw this comic. 🥺
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Hey guys you’ve most likely seen the clip of Obey Me! as an anime where Mc is a cute little sheep and where the Va’s are holding sheep plushies so let me put you into something if you want to get a similar sheep toy now
Tumblr media
I just got the pink one a few days ago and it’s super cute and soft it also has wings. It cost $37 but with shipping it cost me around $46.22.
They only ship to/within the US
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x4gay · 16 hours ago
the levi angst was so good once you’re up for it can you continue it
Yes darling ☺️
Levi x MC
I’m sorry
“Don’t touch me. You literally swooped in here and suddenly everyone likes you. Of course no one would like a yucky otaku but it’s not fair you were no one just a few months ago. I refuse to give you undeserved attention” Levi snapped. MC stood in shock. Those words felt like a thousand knives to the heart.
“Levi... I liked you.” MC ran off after saying that statement.
“Ugh you’re so stupid.” Levi said to himself. He walked to his room and shut himself out. He laid in bed staring at the ceiling. The words he said to MC replayed in his head. He stayed there not wanting to play any video games or anything. He thought that he didn’t feel anything towards MC but was it just a lie? Whatever it’s not like he could change anything with MC now. He covered his pillow with his face.
MC went back to their room they were in tears, why them. They actually wanted Levi to like them. It would’ve been impossible after all they’re just a human.
A few days pass by and MC gets a text from Lucifer.
Lucifer: Hey, have you seen Levi?
MC: Why?
Lucifer: He hasn’t been showing up to school or doing any of his assignments. If I find him and he hasn’t completed any of his assignments he’ll get fed to Cerberus.
MC: ok
Lucifer: Be on the look out.
MC turned off their DDD and sat up. On one hand Levi deserves it. On the other hand... they still like him. They grabbed their backpack and ran straight to Levi’s room. They entered without knocking.
“MC- what are you doing here?” Levi jumped out of bed.
“Well I get that you hate me but Lucifer says if he finds you and you haven’t done any assignments you’ll get fed to Cerberus.” MC grabbed their books and handed them to Levi.
“You’re helping me???” Levi stood next to MC.
“I didn’t want to but part of me still likes you. I hate it. Imagine liking someone who has no interest in you? It’s like a getting a new figurine that’s a bit messed up. It’s nothing you asked for, you could easily return it but you want to keep it because it’s one of a kind. I’m rambling at this point just take my notes i’ll be out your way.” MC walks a few steps but is suddenly halted with Levi grabbing their arm.
“Thank you, can you please stay with me. I know i’m awful but I need you here. Seeing you gives me motivation.” MC just nodded. They sat on Levi’s bed fixing it a bit to make it comfortable. A few hours passed and MC dozed off. They were holding a pillow of Levi’s squeezing it tightly. Levi just finished his assignments and turned to see the sleeping MC.
He walked over and stared for a bit.
How could he hate them they look so harmless so cute even. They even helped him after hurting them. Levi began to tear up he messed big time. He’d do anything just to start over again. He was jealous that they would give everyone but him attention.
Levi’s eyes watered but he covered MC with a blanket.
“I’m so sorry. I’m such a mess up. You’re amazing.” Levi whispered. Without thinking MC pulled Levi into the bed.
“What?” MC said slowly waking up.
“MC i’m so so sorry. I was so jealous of you giving the other brother’s attention and I thought you were just giving me attention because you felt bad. I shouldn’t have said that. You’re not nothing. You’re everything to me. You manage to make everyone’s day even mine. You don’t have to forget me I would forgive me but i’m deeply sorry.” Levi looked MC in the eyes. MC stared at Levi speechless all they did was hug Levi burying their face into Levi’s chest.
“MC let me start over.” Levi squeezed MC he didn’t want to let go he hoped MC would say yes.
“Okay...” MC smiled a bit.
“I promise you, I won’t say anything like that ever.” Levi pulled MC’s Chin so they could look at him.
MC kissed him. MC finally understood Levi’s actions though they aren’t justified he really is sorry and MC could tell.
“I will forgive you idiot.” MC laughed but Levi was a blushing mess.
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meanpauline01 · 17 hours ago
Comfort and Yearning
Tags: Angst, Lucifer x gn!reader
Word Count: 1.3k
A/N: I wanted to make this an intimate writing. Thus being in first pov, it’s not my preference but I would like the reader to experience what I imagine it’s like for the MC having to juggle between keeping everyone happy and not being able to choose between anyone. The MC I created is emotionally intelligent and very observant. The story pretty much jumps straight into business. I hope you’ll be able to understand what I’ve interpreted 💕
Lucifer was working late into the night once again. I knock on his office door, and tell him that it’s time to rest up. Although he protests against it, he eventually gives in when I pled with my eyes, begging “please, for me?”
A warm bath is already drawn for him with muscle relaxers and essential oils. “If it wasn’t for me, I would’ve assumed that this was for Asmodeus.” His heart swelled knowing that I prepared a bath just for him. “A bath for Asmo would’ve had the most luxurious products complete with bath bombs and rose petals. This is just a bath prepared with some home remedies.”
He stripped of his clothes and sat back in the tub. “You’re not going to join me?” I sat myself behind him on a stool beginning to rub his shoulders, “This is for you. YOU need to relax and distress a little. Although saying you need to distress a little is a bit of an understatement. He chucked under his breath.
We continued to sit there in silence as I continued to work on his back and shoulders. “Does that feel good?” He hummed in approval and continued to knead at his stiff shoulders. My eyes fell upon his scars, where his angel wings once protruded so gracefully. A sight I would’ve loved to see.
I stopped moving my hands subconsciously getting lost in thought. I suppose my hand lingered too much on his scars that when I reached for his shoulders once more he grabbed my hand to stop me before I could even start. His action forced me to look at him. His ruby eyes were so intense. It took a long time to memorize what his gaze meant without automatically assuming he wished for your death on the spot. His eyes were filled with curiosity and a hint of sorrow as he stared into my eyes. “Why... why aren’t you mine?” My heart pang at the question.
Why wasn’t I his? How could I be. How could a powerful demon such as himself filled with so much pride would ever want to be with a human who lived a meaningless life until their arrival at Devildom. A mere human who will only live for not even a 12th of his lifespan unless being able to live longer due to a supernatural occurrence. A human... a being so far more inferior to a demon like him. A fallen angel.
“I...” Lucifer stopped me before I could finish, “If your answer is anything along the lines of not being good enough for me then you can stop right there. I am choosing you, shouldn’t that be enough?” His words stung.
I knew he meant well but if only he could respond to me without such a backhanded compliment. “I don’t want to be just enough, I want to be more than enough, Lucifer. I cannot give you that. And I can’t be that to someone like you. Someone as powerful, as authoritative, and as mature as you. I’m so young and immature and so... so inferior to you. You deserve a partner who is so much more than what I am.”
In all truth. I love him. I love him more than anything in the world. But I love his brothers too. How can I tell him that I have relationships with them. I knew that if all of them knew that I have involved myself in intimate relationships with all of them, surely one of their hearts- no, all of their hearts would break when in the end, I wouldn’t be able to choose any of them due to my own insecurities.
I finally look back at him to see that his gaze still has not changed. Although not many can see it, but I could see how much my words hurt him despite his unmoving expression.
Finally after struggling to find the right words to say, he spoke. “If I can’t make you mine, then you will just have to make me yours. And just know this, darling. I’ll win in the end because nobody else, not even Diavolo, can give you what I have to offer you. And I will give you anything and everything you’ve ever wanted and needed. Even if that meant giving you all three realms, I would. Because you my dear, are worth everything.” My throat was already closing in on its self, as I tried my hardest to choke back my tears that so desperately wanted to fall.
He kissed the palm of the hand he was still holding and reached up to cup my face. “That’s what I love about you. You’re so strong and you think I didn’t notice your hitched breathing. When even you want to cry, you’ll hold them back to look strong.” I listened to his words intently. 
I swallowed my tears and spoke, “And that’s what I love about you. Always able to notice the little things.” I stood up from the stool I was sitting on. I reached out to stroke his face. I’ve always been told stories on how Lucifer was the most beautiful angel to ever exist, and I am thankful to finally see him in all of his beauty before my very eyes.
I stared into his eyes, and down to his lips contemplating my next action. I leaned in close to his face and brought my lips close to his. I kissed the corner of his lips, not a direct kiss, but one just close enough to let him know how I yearn for him and how I will never allow myself to have him. “Get some rest, Lucifer. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I walked out of his bathroom and headed back to my room across the hall. I desperately hoped he wouldn’t come see me. Several hours past, and not once did I hear his steps reach my room. I let a single tear roll down my cheek, “I’m sorry it has to be this way... Lucifer” I whispered to myself for the final time that night and slipped into a deep sleep to restart the cycle of yearning tomorrow.
Reblogs, likes, and comments are appreciated! 💕
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meenah-chan · 20 hours ago
Obey Me! Unit #0235 Choose Me
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amor-immortalem · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Baby fever
Not that he wouldn’t be happy to give her one but but he’d like her to give proper consent first.
Masterlist 1
Masterlist 2
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aiyakashi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Once you have seen the ocean, there's no other body of water that can compare”
— Yuan Zhen || 元稹
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obeymematches · a day ago
Hi ! I'm not sure if you're still taking requests for the emoji asks 2 masterlist
But if you are- could I get 💙💜💞💌🧲 for Solomon ?
I know they are a lot, so if you're busy feel free to only do one ☺️
thank you for sending in a request! i got you i’m doing all of them<3
emoji asks 2 - not taking these anymore, i’m clearing my inbox
💙— How do they say/show that they miss their partner?
I feel like he’d visit you without prior notice. Face time or calling just doesn’t do it for him, you know. Disappearing from his home for an entire day without telling anyone isn’t new anyway. He dropped by and the gift he got you is a home-baked gugelhupf <3 it is only slightly burned. 
💜— How do they say goodnight?
You’d recieve a message way into the night, at 1.46AM on the dot, and it’s a simple “good night, I hope you have sweet dreams tonight :)” , OR “good night and sweet dreams :)” OR “good night, I hope you sleep well tonight :)” listen he sends you a text before he goes to sleep.  In-person he says it out loud as you cuddle like you should before falling asleep. 
💞— Are they a big cuddler? What is cuddling them like?
hmmm.. I think he hardly ever initiates it but secretly would like to cuddle more than you do. Always cuddles you before falling asleep and after waking up, but you know some afternoon cuddles sound so good-  He always holds you very close and every day you go through the struggle of breathing way too close to each other until one of you gives in and pulls away- Kisses you so often when you cuddle, literally everywhere he can reach you. 
💌— What kind of love notes/messages do they leave their partner?
Oh...honestly I don’t think he does it often but when he does he goes all out, then gets embarassed and might change his mind about it. Asmo said it’s an adorable idea but homeboy struggles. I think he is better at saying it in person, that’s much more intimate, you know? 
🧲— What’s an easy way to turn them on/get them riled up?
just cuddle him / make-out with him, you can’t go wrong with that, can you. he be touch starved. make sure to kiss his earlobes!  when it comes to dressing i think it’s better to leave things up to his imagination, you know, don’t reveal too much-
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laundrymaggots · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lineart of pirate Lucifer is done >:)
Onto sketching out Royal Navy Simeon :,,,) And then flat colors and shading and rendering and rhegjwsg all the fun stuff
EDIT: totally just realized I shoulda put a bandana under that ridiculous hat but I like his hair :(
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So Simeon fell in love with Mc (Like every other obey me boy beside Luke) Yay! So how would all the boys react to Micheal storming down to Devildom during a meeting with the brothers and dateables, and pinning Mc to the wall by their collar and reprimanding them for being the cause of Simeon falling from grace cause he's in love with Mc. Mc is just like "?!?!?!?" But how'd everyone else react to that? Thank you!!!
(I'm not totally sure how to write Michael but I'll try! I don't know if you meant Simeon was already in a relationship with MC or just fell in love but never said anything but still managed to fall but I ended up going with the latter. This got long and is probably ooc but I tried)
Genre: Angst
Warnings: MAJOR SPOILERS! Slight violence
Brothers And Side Characters Reacting To Michael Getting Aggressive At MC For "Corrupting" Simeon
Diavolo had called everyone to discuss how the exchange program was going for them and discuss any possible ideas for it. Simeon was nowhere to be seen though. Solomon and even Luke didn't know where he was or the reason for his absence. When the door opened instead of the angel they were expecting to see Michael barged in. His eyes locked onto you and he headed straight to where you were seated. You were lifted up by your collar and slammed into the nearest wall, "You. Are you aware of what you've done?" you're lowered slightly when you shake your head, "Archangle Simeon. Fallen from grace because of you."
"Michael, this is certainly unexpected. What exactly is this about?" Diavolo steps in with his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"This human, Simeon fell in love with them and has fallen as a result."
Everyone, who were already standing from their seats, went silent.
The last person he thought he'd ever see again. Michael. Pinning one of the exchange students against a wall. And Simeon fell in love with you? The one he deemed was his? Well, no. You weren't his. He never spoke about his feelings to you. So he can't get that upset over it when you weren't really his. All that aside he's going to find Simeon after this. He's probably in a lot of pain...
"Michael, that's enough! They were not aware of this. You don't need to get violent with them. They are not at fault."
He was the first to stand up, but Lucifer had to keep him quiet for the sake of not accidentally invoking Michael further. The hell does he think he's doing!? Barging in here and putting his hands on you, Archangel or not he has some nerve! But Simeon... Fallen? And in love with his human? Yeah, yeah technically not his as nothing is established but he's your first man! Why is everyone chasing after you!?
"Oi! Lucifer has a point! Now can you put them down? There's better ways to handle this than putting your hands on them!"
Ohhh boy he did not sign up to deal with this today. Michael's pissed, Simeon's fallen both for you and from grace, and there goes his envy. His competition is his brothers AND now SIMEON? Even if he's no longer and angel he's probably still a better choice than an otaku shut in. He can't handle this. He growls at Michael.
"Get your hands off them..."
Well this is a mess. And he's also pissed. So what if Simeon's interested in you too? He doesn't like it but if he confesses and you accept then neither his brothers or Simeon can do anything about it. And if not then he won't force you regardless of his emotions. He's in his demon form, all his brothers are, but he tries to speak rationally.
"My brothers are right, they don't have any control over Simeon's feelings and getting violent will only make things worse. Let. Them. Go."
Oh dear... Simeon. Falling isn't pleasant. It's very, very painful. If he's found later he has some things from ages ago to help with the pain he can use. But Simeon being in love with you isn't a thing he would'e expected. But you are wonderful, aren't you? And he's not opposed to poly relationships if it goes that way. And if not then ah well. He can sit with his unrequited feelings in silence...
"Hey! You're going to leave a mark on their precious skin! Lay off already!"
He has to defend you. He has to. But violence is what made this situation this bad. But if he's given the word he won't hesitate. The idea of you with Simeon and not him does upset him but he values your happiness more than he wants to be a couple with you. And his concern for Simeon is greater than his jealousy.
"Put them down... MC, are you alright?"
He hates how close Michael's hands are to your throat. Regret washing through him. He can't focus on that right now but... Simeon. Demon or not you'd probably go with him or his brothers. He does feel a bit of sympathy. His fall was a painful one. Simeon's probably experiencing something similar.
"They didn't know... Now get your hands off them."
This is a disaster... If Simeon's no longer an angel what happens to the exchange program? He'll have to sort that out but right now he has to get Michael to put you down. In the back of his mind though he wonders... You are a very interesting person. He enjoys your company and wishes to indulge in it more... Indulge in you more. While it stings he already accepted that selfishness won't be granted to him.
"Everyone is right, Michael. Let them go. We can handle this in a better manner, all I'm asking is that this doesn't get more violent than it already is."
He didn't see this coming... How? He knew Simeon would become interested in you and he tried to prevent anything from happening. So why is he witnessing this? It doesn't make sense. Did he make a mistake? You... He does have a sort of desire to know you better. Simeon likely did too. But neither of them can. That's why this is happening.
"I advise you set them down. It'd be a shame if this were to escalate any further."
So his roommate and friend has lost his place in the Celestial Realm. Angels can be quite strict huh? Banished for loving a human. He's not sure he can totally understand it but angels run things differently than humans do. You do intrigue him. He may not fully understand what he feels for you, well he does but he's not fully sure what to do about with it, but he thinks this situation makes you more interesting. All that aside he isn't happy with the way Michael has decided to handle this. He'll find Simeon. Demon or not he has a bond with him.
"Is this really necessary? Surely you can discuss this without getting aggressive."
Michael... Why is he hurting you? Is that how angels are supposed to handle things? That's not what he was told. But what's going to happen to Simeon? He lost his rank and is probably a demon now but he doesn't want to hate him! He doesn't want to hate you either! Demons are vile beings but Simeon is still better than that, right!? And you had no knowledge of this! He doesn't want to resent you! He won't!
"Archangel... Michael! This-This isn't how angels are supposed to deal with things!"
This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. His wings... They're gone. He can feel new ones growing in. And what he thinks are horns trying to sprout are giving him a headache. All he can feel is worry as he holds one of his now black feathers in between his fingers. What's going to happen to you? To luke? The exchange program? To him? The Celestial Realm probably already knows. He can't do anything though. He feels like he's being seared from the inside. He can't get up with this pain and he can't think of a plan. Lucifer... Maybe he can help in some way. The pain or the situation either way he needs to find someone.
"Please don't hurt them. Please. Don't hurt them or Luke. I beg."
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