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#swd obey me
I love all OM boys and will definitely make a harem with them except Luke ofc but there's something about Mammon that makes me just love him more than anyone else, his interactions with MC sometimes is so domestic like i can't believe they aren't married yet ??? Sometime i just can feel that his love for MC is so overwhelming even to him and he just can't properly convey it thru word so his actions just speak about it ksldaksjd Mammon makes me soft af
Tumblr media
Mammon is ahsuwmxiw???? I never thought I'd end up liking him so much when I started playing? I was 100% ready to simp for lucifer and then quit the game in a month but Mammon came outta nowhere, ran me over, ruined all my irl standards and kept me simping for 1 and a half years help me
OK yes! MC and Mammon have the energy of two people who can have a whole conversation from across a crowded room with only their eyes?
(mild spoilers ahead)
MC genuinely loves all the brothers but even if you don't ship MC and Mammon together you gotta acknowledge that they've got a special type of relationship. Even in the game itself there are lots of instances where;
They don't need words to communicate (their S3 hello and goodbye chapters)
They fall back into each other easily after being apart. They just click. (Whenever they meet after being apart for a while, that Back to the Future meeting in S3)
Mammon puts MC first even when the other brothers don't (in the Dame event where when the explosions go off all the brothers move to protect the Rose Queen (? I can't remember her name tbh) but Mammon's first priority is keeping MC safe, in the first paws event where he's the only one who tries to get MC to keep away from him cause he felt himself losing control and when they don't listen he finally runs away, all those times in S1)
Despite being Greed he's always buying something for MC and always makes sure the money he uses to buy them things is always made in an honest way
He even prioritises MC above his own well being (in the spirits event where he's dead scared of the ghosts but if MC says they're scared he instantly jumps to protect them, in S2 when he's finally standing up to Lucifer but immediately backs down when Simeon says MC looks worried)
How he has definitely thought about marrying MC (he mentioned it thrice in S3)
How he wants MC involved with his professional life as well (using them as inspiration when he models in S2, asking them to model with him in a shoot in a chat, bringing them clothes he models)
How he's the only one who never tried to kill/seriously threaten MC. (Asmo never tried to kill them but he did pretty graphically threaten to rip their heart out (or something similar) before they became friends and I don't think MC could respond to that, while when Mammon threatened to eat MC before they became friends MC could snap back at him meaning that even when they first met they never registered him as a threat. He was always their safe space)
They're his safe space too. He comes to them after nightmares or when he can't sleep (the nightmares chat and the cinderella devilgram), or when he's overwhelmed with something (the TSL devilgram and the office devilgram)
How he values their consent over anything else even during mildly romantic or sexual activities (in S2 the one time he's cursed and throws himself at them against their wishes he immediately starts apologising when he's back to normal despite it not being his fault at all and how when they have sex afterwards he asks them to take the lead and set the pace)
How he just sobbed when they died. How he didn't even bother with whatever was going on with Belphie cause he was too busy trying to get MC to keep breathing
How MC is constantly called out for being too soft on Mammon
How in the circus event MC immediately recognises Mammon while they have to interact with the others to recognise them
How they can just be dicks to each other and tease each other and it's not taken seriously (my favourite is in S3 when Mammon starts teasing them about being jealous about the witches before reassuring them that they mean nothing to him)
How, according to Beel, he started liking them during the TSL marathon
In S2, in the Reaper's cave only Mammon & Lucifer's greatest desires were MC, while the others (rightfully) had different priorities
How Mammon said he always seems to be thinking about them (proving so when he almost unconsciously picks a love song in karaoke, in S3, and then freaks out when he remembers MC is there)
The fact that they made a promise in S1 after he found out they kept the Belphie in the attic thing a secret from him to not keep secrets again and then during his 2020 birthday event he gets upset that MC was hiding things from him?
Just the whole 2020 birthday event!? The notes!? How MC started preparing for it a whole week before the actual date and got the brothers into writing sweet notes too, the fact that they wrote a whole box of notes for him to read later, the fact that they took complete charge of his whole birthday event while for every other birthday event they had a more passive role?
I could keep on going, Mammon & MC are just friendship goals and the best friends + partners in crime who are stupidly in love with each other trope is just💯👌🏼 And the thing that kills me is that Mammon was literally created to be MC's best friend - or as the creators' notes said 'their sidekick' , he was meant to be by their side from the beginning
Where's that 'gaming style' fanart where the achievement MC reached was 'making a pact with Mammon' and they unlocked 'Mammon will now die for you'
AND these idiots actually exchanged rings for BOTH of Mammon's Birthday events???? And the last ring he gave them was actually an engagement ring that the previous owner wanted whoever found it to use on their 'true love' and Mammon actually gives a whole speech before he puts that ring on them? How are they not married?
And the office devilgram! The office devilgram!! I've read that so many times and it's the most domestic thing ever? MC defending him against his brothers and bringing his lunch to work and giving him a massage after work that leads to them sleeping together? They've being married for 50 years in this devilgram and are still head over heels in love with each other and you can't convince me otherwise
And yes! Mammon's love is definitely overwhelming! He even says so while he's wearing the truth bracelet in S2 and that whole confession had me melting. Mammon's love for MC is just so pure?
This got really long...believe it or not this was me cutting it short.... when you got me talking about Mammon it's hard to stop. Nearly wrote an entire dissertation here before I cut it down to the foot notes
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twiceasfrustrating · 15 hours ago
May I request demon form sex with Mammon or Beelzebub with a gender neutral or female MC? Your Satan fic did things to me 😖
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/M
Fandom: Shall We Date?: Obey Me!
Characters: F!MC, Beel
Additional Tags: Thigh fucking, Thicc thighs, Monster dick
A/N: This request has been sitting in my inbox for a long time. Sorry it took so long. I get to them when the inspiration strikes me.
"We'll go slow, okay?" He whispers softly in your ear as his fingers rub along your folds.
Your back presses against his chest and you swallow your nerves as you stare at the monstrous thing settled between your legs. There were no words you could voice to explain your shock at just how different and intimidating Beel was in his demonic form. He had always been large, having to stretch you open slowly so his size didn't hurt you, but this was more than that. This was the first time you really thought about how inhuman he really was.
His cock was beautiful as he began pumping it between your thick thighs, barely brushing it against your dripping sex as he gave you just the smallest taste of how it would feel to take him once you were ready.
He was girthy, as thick as your fist and so long that he couldn't fit everything inside of you without it feeling like he was pushing organs out of place. His cock was fatest in the middle, but even the head of it would be a rough initial stretch. The part you had to adjust to most, however, was that it was covered in small, intricately laid bumps that make you squirm each time they managed to catch on your clit; fuck, it felt like you would cum from that alone.
"Are you okay?" He asks, seeing how you bite your lip to hold back your shameful cries that are just begging him for more.
You only nod, but keep your eyes transfixed on where he humps into your thighs
He nods in kind, sinking his head into the crook of your neck and trailing kisses across your shoulder, trying desperately not to sink his teeth into you like the decadent treat you are. He's throbbing between your legs, small spurts of precum dribbling out in sign that he wants more than he should.
He's quiet, the only noises coming from him being the small grunts muffled by your shoulder that are timed perfectly to his thrusts. Slick coats his length as he rubs against you, your own panting mingling with his as your body shakes in desperation for more.
"Just the tip?" You ask as you look back to him with pleading eyes he can't deny.
He wraps his large hands around your hips, dragging your cunt along his length one more time as he lifts you up to hover over him. He hasn't been inside of you, but his cock shines with the arousal he'd been coaxing out of your desperate, needy body all the same.
Slowly, so agonizingly slowly, he lowers your pussy to press against his dick's bulbous head. There is only a faint second passed between both of you before he begins to push you down onto him, the initial stretch already feeling like you are being torn in two in the most delicious of ways. You gasp, a groan escaping as you cry out to numb the feeling of being opened further than you ever have been before.
The two of you haven't done anything yet, but you're already shaking and melting against him as you ask for more. He will not answer your pleas, however, only pushing in enough to wrap his very tip in your warmth and then pulling out again before sinking the same amount back into you. Even that much is enough to leave you feeling like you will be left gaping when he's done.
He's so slow, so gentle with your body as he guides you entirely. The faint sound of buzzing fills the room as his wings rub together just behind his back from the joy of finally being allowed to share the experience of being in his more natural form with you. The buzzing becomes even more frantic as he imagines practicing with you to take all of him. Between his own fantasies and the tightness of your walls around the tip of his cock, he wonders how he is supposed to keep his calm.
He wants you just as badly as you want him, and waiting will be the ruin of both of you.
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tweenytwinkies · 2 days ago
Goth drabble about obey me boys
Tumblr media
Lucifer in romantic goth subculture type - vest corsets and layered blouses… or aristocratic goth, black silk dress shirts with a vest, he occasionally rolls up his sleeves to show his very flashy watches and rings with ruby jewels shimmering and glimmering when he makes a slight of hand to go through his paperwork.
Mammon would be in industrial gothic or steampunk as a jewel keeper or jewellery maker. Trading fine jewels for information or anything of that sort, never admitting to give help but always putting a price to it.
Leviathan def being Lolita gothic, wearing bloomers and shit. Not necessarily pastel, but cream, white and very “doll like” colours and accents. Would say puppeteer but he’s too much of a weeb.
Satan would def be a type of librarian of sorts - not the wholesome kind, the cursed books or books of cults and very rare tattered writings of old torture mechanisms and sketches. Books in every language even of the demons.
Asmodeus bubble goth (just learned about this genre) making the creepy beautiful dolls , making the beautiful dolls creepy. White ghostly face foundation but eyeshadow of hot pink accentuating the decor on his platform heels and his nails. White cream fluffy crop top with a false sense of purity and dolls. Thigh highs with garters connecting the tiny skirt that shows off the white fluffy bloomers with hearts on them.
Beelzebub gothabilly / Diner like scenery. Rollerskates?! Maybe he rolls around with his loosely buttoned up dress shirt that has cherry and milkshakes on it. Lazily tucked into his slacks with a red crimson belt. The slacks having a vertical line pattern that is faint but accentuates his legs
Belphegor hippie goth/mall goth - Loose and draped over him, always ready for a nap. If he could get over himself and wear a long ankle length flowing skirt he would because its so comfortable. Shoes? Whos that? If he does wear whatever ur saying it’s sandals, thin ones, some that use straps to hold to his feet and can easily be removed. Not flip flops you behemoth.
Let me know if you want a other datables version!
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thegreatmammon · a day ago
A soulmate who wasn’t meant to be
Helllooooo back with another drabble lol. 
Mammon yearning, pining but not wanting to lose his friend. The one person who has been on his side, who they can confide in him and him to them. Mammon cries and breaks down in his bathroom, knowing you won’t return his feelings and not wanting to risk losing you. 
recommend some slow, sad music! i listened to this
words: about 750+
How did this happen...? What a stupid question. He rubs at his eyes, his throat aching, blurred vision as he runs the water in the sink.
It happened because he got stupid. Clumsy, dumb, moron Mammon. That's what everyone called him to his face and behind his back and they were right; he fell like a complete chump.
He splashed the water on his face, rubbing it on his eyelids and cheeks. Wiping away any evidence of tears that were there before. Of the weakness spilling out of him, no longer hidden back by the wall he tried to keep up. Away from his brothers, away from them, he could unload these stupid feelings.
Stupid feelings you did to him. You were just another person, a new exchange student. Someone to scam, to fraud and laugh at it later. A thing he had to babysit. How the fuck did you turn it around so quick?
He slid down on the bathroom tile, the sink turned off now as he tried to collect himself and reflect on everything. Maybe there was still a way to escape this and everything could go back to normal. Normal is what everyone wanted, that's what you wanted... right? Because it could never be— it could never be the other thing.
No, no, he didn't he want to go back down this train of thought. He held his head, pressing his hands into it from the sides. He didn't want to entertain the thought you could possibly ever feel the same. That when you called him yours, or when you called out for him, when you messaged him to go do something; it was because you just liked being with him.
Which is fine! Shit, he loved being with you too. The trouble you two would get in, the lectures from Lucifer. The late night snacks and movie nights. When you rest your head on his shoulder and cuddled up late into a movie. Your inside jokes, the trust you two developed. He didn't know he could feel this way with anyone, safe and understood. And that maybe, just maybe, he really understood you too.
He pulled his knees into himself, resting his arm over his knee. He bit into his thumb while thinking. Anyone could have that! You two could continue to have your special relationship. People had friendships like that all the time and they don't think about them as something more. So, why? He then made a fist with his hand and pressed into his forehead a few times.
Why did he have to start thinking about you like that? Your voice, your smile, the way you were a bumbling dork. You challenged him, called him out on his shit. You defended him when no one would or really, ever did. When you looked his way, it was unsettling but became comforting over time. You really looked at him, through his scummy façade everyone else fell into.
These feelings? They risked everything. He couldn't tell you. You wouldn't look at him the same way anymore, you wouldn't reciprocate those feelings and he knew it. Right? No, no, please thoughts, don't do this. Don't have it thought otherwise. No, you for sure wouldn't. And knowing all this, it would never be the same. You would become distant, keep him at arm's length. The secrets you two shared, the closeness, all of it gone.
He couldn't handle that. So he just had to keep it held in. It wasn't allowed back out except in moments like this. He cared about you so much, even when he got jealous about you spending time with his brothers, as long in some way you were still his... fine, he'd accept it. As long as he was still your confidant, your closest, the one you came to. Greedy, keeping you all to himself. His secret treasure that he cherished above all glittering prizes.
Nights like these he'd just deal with it if it meant keeping you still. He promised, he won't entertain those thoughts with you possibly feeling... the same. Just please, don't find out and go away. Don't hate him, don't think of him as a scumbag like everyone else. Please, still give your affection and attention. He was so desperate for an ounce of you that he would do whatever it takes to still be close to you.
His throat hitched as another wave of tears threatened him, the pinching in his throat giving a warning. “Please... I don’t wanna lose ya...” His only true friend. His not to be soulmate.
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mambeelz · 5 hours ago
It's been brought to my attention we all say the brothers names differently?
How the fuck do YALL pronounce Mammon? Belphegor?? Asmodeus???
I pronounce them as Ma-Mon, Bell-pha-gore and As-mo-deus
Edit: I am now aware I've been butching Asmos name for the last fucking year I've played this game
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rk26000 · a day ago
Angst time:)
Mammon started cutting and one day he just had a really shitty day it was so bad that even the brothers couldn't bring themselves to talk shit about him in front or behind his back he closed his door (he forgot to lock it) and started cutting and he didn't stop when he felt dizzy or the pain became so bad he kept going until he couldn't move because idk blood loss? Lol anyways and Because i want him to suffer for no reason he was still conscious and in so much fucking pain beel/belphie/asmo one of them enter the room because they heard him crying they find him and get traumatized Because also why not:)
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moemammon · 6 months ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
asking them for their coat
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, beel, belphie, diavolo x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list | pt 2
a/n: this is a little something that buried itself in my brain. i'll get to the rest of the characters eventually i swear, haha! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so come say hi!!
pls reblog and like <3
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer lends you his jacket without hesitation, gently draping it over your shoulders. “i told you you should have brought a jacket,” he chides gently, “though i’ll admit it’s even colder than i thought it’d be.” his jacket is warm and thick, the pleasant and familiar smell of his cologne drifts off of the collar, and despite ourself, you can’t help but indulge in a good sniff, hoping lucifer doesn’t see. he totally does, but his stomach does a weird wiggly thing that keeps him from bringing it up. the idea of you enjoying the way he smells… well, it’s an intriguing thought.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon blinks at you. “oh! ya want to borrow my jacket? sure thing?” he shrugs out of it, passing it over without any fanfare. “sorry, i haven’t washed it in a few days.” you zip it up, the sleeves falling over your hands, and are instantly warmer, the thick material already heated thanks to mammon’s body heat. you shove your hands in the pockets, startled to feel stuff in them, and when you pull it out, you’re unsurprised to see a few crumpled up wrappers, some coins, and a few other random small items. it’s somehow so mammon, and you can't help but smile as you put it back.
Tumblr media
➳ beel skips handing his sweatshirt to you, instead tugging it gently over your head. the fabric pools around you, soft and warm, and it falls nearly to your knees. you’re grateful though, hugging yourself as you bask in not being cold anymore. “is that better?” beel asks earnestly, and you nod, rolling the sleeves up a couple of times. “good. you can keep it, if you want. i have a bunch of others.” beel isn’t lying, but his intentions aren’t completely pure; he likes seeing you in his clothes, likes being able to help when you need it.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie doesn’t really want to part with his jacket, but he supposes he should, for you. after all, he’s not going to be responsible for your suffering. besides, he’s a demon and can withstand the cold much longer than you can. your chilled fingers fumble on the buttons, making him sigh and gently push them aside. “what would you do without me?” he says with a little sigh, deftly finishing them, his hands lingering a little longer than they should have. “freeze,” he says, after a moment, answering his own question, pretending he’s unaffected by the bashful grin you’re giving him.
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo wraps his coat around you, the fabric soft against your neck. “i hope this helps,” he says, feeling somewhat responsible for your chattering teeth. “we’ll have to go shopping to get you a sturdier coat.” he likes seeing you in red, likes how it looks against your skin, likes how you were unafraid to ask him for it, even though he’s the demon lord. you shove your hands in the pockets, smiling up at him. the coat is thick and comfortable, and you like how he obviously likes seeing you in it. maybe you should ask him for it more often.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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I honestly believe mammon is the most thought out character, not to shit on the others of course but. Irk it just feels like he's been fleshed out way more and he's just so complex? If that makes sense. Its been a long time since I've hyperfixated on a character this much. He just- AAAAAA This man makes me feral.
Okay this.
I love the others but Mammon (and Lucifer) do feel like the most fleshed out and nuanced of the characters,
Almost like Solmare
Tumblr media
had a
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But that'd be insane!
Okay no for real Mammon's character design was finalised and perfect before they even put it on paper, while the others had their character designs constantly changing. The creator even said that they had a soft spot for the dark skin/light hair character trope. Mammon being MC's "sidekick" was also there from the start.
And no hate to Zeus but in lots of areas Mammon does feel like a more fleshed out version of him. Zeus' tits are huge though sorry Mammon
And it does feel like the devs/creators have a soft spot for Mammon? I mean I can't even imagine how frustrating that must be for someone who stans the others but as someone who's hardcore simping for Mammon I'm not gonna complain. I mean he's the only brother to have a whole lesson in both S2 and S3 dedicated just to MC going out on a date with him?? That's an insane amount of favouritism.
And he has such clear character development from the very start? And there's so much layers to him?
He's first presented as an incompetent irresponsible greedy idiot with a temper and a huge ego but we start learning almost immediately that none of that is true.
During the TSL quiz after Lucifer saves MC from Levi, Satan says that MC is important to Lucifer because he doesn't want to disappoint Diavolo. Meaning Lucifer made Mammon MC's babysitter because he was the only one Lucifer would trust to keep a human alive, even above himself. And Mammon constantly proves this is true - this happens in around Lesson 4? So then we start questioning whether he's actually irresponsible.
Pretty early on in the lessons Mammon brings up the kid he's fostering and the brothers dismiss it as lies but then in the Guardian Demon UR that is available in the usual nightmare pulls it's revealed that this is actually true and he's planning on fostering her till she's an adult. Which dismisses the fact that 'the only thing he is, is greedy'
His temper itself is very surface level. Even though he snaps and threatens MC in the first lesson they never take him seriously and even talk back. Even though he has enough (completely reasonable) opportunities to lose his cool he never does, he even let's Beel string him up when technically he's more powerful than Beel and he never snaps and tries to kill MC
His ego is also just a surface level thing. It's there solely to cover up an absolute mess of self-esteem issues and we can see it crack and see the doubt seep through whenever MC genuinely compliments him and he falters because not only is he not used to it, he also doesn't believe that he's anywhere near being the greatest. And the sad part is, in S3 we see that Mammon didn't always have self esteem issues. Angel Mammon had an easy sort of confidence that demon Mammon never had and the obvious reason for this is the way he is treated by his brothers as an angel vs as a demon. And obviously the brothers all love each other to death and back and I'm sure it wasn't intentional and the others don't even realise what they're doing but they're really fucking Mammon over
The Mammon Way SSR, also found in the normal nightmare, shows that he's not actually an idiot, he just can't find the motivation/desire/ability to focus on things like school work but if you find a way to connect school work with something he actually cares about he starts getting good at it. S3 later confirms that Mammon was never stupid but instead heavily gives the vibes of the gifted kid who got burnt out in highschool and then stopped trying (this shit is so relatable is2g)
The incompetent thing is also challenged throughout both the main storyline and events and devilgrams. We find out he has an insane amount of competency when he gets serious about something and has a variety of skills in a lot of different fields and picks up new skills really fast (I'm actually making a list of everything Mammon's canonically good at and it's long)
tldr: OM! Lesson 1 to 2 slaps you in the face with a first impression of Mammon and then from Lesson 3 onwards they start slowly dismantling that image showing you this compassionate, loyal, emotional, caring, sweet, hopelessly romantic person who, yes, is still kind of a dick but is also an amazing character. With each season, each event and devilgram, you get to uncover something new about Mammon, something that's always hard not to love and personally that's a major component of what's making me hyperfixate on him. The fact that he has multiple layers and you're always discovering a new one
S3 tells us that Mammon was a terrible angel because he was too mischievous and all three seasons show us that he's a terrible demon because he's too good. And you know what that makes him? Human. Mammon's a character who is terribly human. He's not wholly good or bad. He's got faults and vices and bad days. But he's still so lovable because with the way he's written we come into the realisation of who he is as a character at the same speed that MC does. And if you're willing to open yourself up to it you get to fall in love with him along with MC.
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scarybees · a month ago
Tumblr media
i love his princess look sm,,,,im so tempted to make an au with my mc 😭💕💕
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wraath · 6 months ago
look at him, love him, cherish him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh my god i love you so much mammon :(
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belphe-whore · 2 months ago
Obey Me has taken over my life. I was on Instagram and saw they posted this
Tumblr media
And I was like oh boy what are people gonna say about lucifers feet. And then I saw this comment
Tumblr media
Which fucking sent me. Then all I could think about was this
Tumblr media
And now you also have to see this because I’m rolling
-Vex 😹
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thot-writes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
how the demon brothers suck the strap (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Self-assuredly. He’s no beginner and he’s not modest either.
He’s almost cocky (haha) as he looks you straight in the eyes with your strap in his mouth. He’s so skilled at it you almost feel it like it’s your real flesh-and-blood dick.
His head bobs up and down expertly, able to take in a decent size - if you wanna fluster him, face-fuck him without warning.
He’ll sputter and cough but stick with it anyway; it’s a battle for power and he hates losing. His mask will crack a little the more erratic and vicious your thrusting is, but it takes a lot to break him.
With enough perseverance, a lot of unpredictability, and a fat enough cock, you can fuck his gorgeous face into submission.
Arguably the most bashful out of them all (save for Levi). He sits on his knees and avoids your gaze, scared that if he catches your eye he might melt into the floor.
His face is flushed bright pink as he sucks you off tentatively, as if he’s worried that he’s doing it wrong.
It takes some praise and head pats before he gets comfortable enough to do it himself. He even ends up getting the courage to deepthroat you - completely unprompted! What a perfect boy!
It ends up making him so hard he cums as soon as you touch his dick. He gets so embarrassed about it he refuses to look you in the eye for the rest of the night (he needs a lot of snuggles & reassurance).
Ends up asking to suck you off again a few days later.
Similar to Lucifer, Satan is also too over-confident for his own good. Once you tell him to suck you, he goes in with no inhibitions and aims to wow you with his skill.
He’s more bashful than Lucifer is, his face is flushed as he holds your gaze, but he’s eager to please.
He can’t handle very much size-wise (but you can always rectify that).
Gets so focused he closes his eyes and eases the entire length in, hollowing his cheeks to coat it all in his hot saliva.
He makes quiet moans when he sucks, similar to what he does when he eats you out. Servicing you is enough to get him horny and he’s pretty desperate for some humping (giving or taking) once it’s over.
This fucking loser is a mess whenever you do anything sexual or romantic with him, so when you whip out the strap and tell him to suck he almost passes out.
You’d lie on the bed, propped up with some pillows behind your back as he - very slowly - makes his way to you.
He sticks his tongue out first, licking the silicone tip as if he’s worried it’d taste bad.
He won’t be good at it at all, but his sweet whines and constant need for reassurance is just too cute.
Fuck his face.
He’d sob, choke, and whine around your cock as the tip hits the back of his throat. His whole body shivers as he loses himself in the myriad of feelings you’re giving him.
Turns into a rabid animal and puts it in his mouth immediately.
His dick sucking is an art form of the highest caliber, once or twice you even find yourself moaning from how fucking hot it is.
He moans and whines wantonly as he sucks, his eyes clouded over with that familiar look of lust.
When you pull away, he sticks his tongue out as he eagerly awaits for you to give it back - or just put your pussy on his face, either way he’ll lap at it like it’s the last thing he’ll ever eat.
“Mmh, your cock is sooo good, Mistress, I want it inside me, please~”
Almost as lewd as Asmodeus, he sucks it like he’s hungry for it - because he is.
An absolute size queen, he can throat the biggest and fattest of straps. He’s at least a little bit ashamed of his eagerness though, he blushes a lot and can’t bring himself to keep eye contact for too long.
Can’t help but touch himself whenever he sucks it - he gets so irrationally horny he just has to relieve it somehow.
If you refuse to let him jack off, he’ll be pouty about it (he might even cry if you do it for too long).
He’ll whimper against your dick as he digs his nails into the palms of his hands. Tears pool at the corners of his eyes as his body is wracked with a need that’s being so cruelly, deliciously refused.
He’s an absolute brat about it. Barely makes an effort despite the fact that you both know he could do it.
“Eh..?” he says, glancing up at you lazily. “Why should I? Sounds like a pain.”
Face-fucking is essentially a given at this point. He’s so annoying to deal with that he goddamn deserves it.
He’s shocked at first, gripping onto your thighs as he tries to push you away, but he can’t deny the shock causes him to harden significantly.
He gags as fat teardrops fall freely down his cheeks, but you soon find his nails are digging into your thighs to pull you closer.
By the end of it his throat is so sore he doesn’t speak for the next few days (everyone else keeps making guesses as to why), but he’s still texting you asking when you can do it again.
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clabell · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Obey Me! characters with cat/dog ears ❤️️🐱🐶✨ Excuse my lame attempt to give animal puns to their name HAHAH I can’t think of anything better
You can purchase the hi-res version & without the watermark on my ko-fi for only USD $3! Any support on my ko-fi would be highly appreciated! 💖💖💖
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