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#swd obey me

I.. I really need a hug from Mammon..

He probably gives the best hugs..

Can I please get a hug from him?

I’m sad and my dysphoria is starting up again and now I just really need a hug from my favorite Tsundere..

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Poor quality but- this bunny event has awakened something in me and I never want them to take their bunny boy outfits off. Here’s Lou in their bunny boy outfit because why tf not :D

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And I have a LOT of questions about Beel’s character song because I feel like it’s not too focused on the romantic side (I think?) I mean, sure he says things like ‘You’ll fulfill me, right?’ But like… instead of hunger for food, it’s about his hunger for answers to his questions? (He also says some stuff about delusions, illusions…) I mean idk tho, although I think it kinda makes sense because of the events up to chapter 16 ish. But then again… 🤷 And I’m still tryna figure out why it’s called 'Hungry Six-Pack’ like, ??? How are sets A to F significant? Why 6?? So many questions! 🤯

Also the drama cd 😂 Beel is a big babie, must protecc 🥺

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Okay, but this whole time we thought Beel was a precious baby,


I’m dead. I’m dead, and Simeon is laughing his ass off as I’m dragged to hell.

Why are all of these boys so beautiful, and why do the VAs sound so perfect???

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Imagine trying to steal Satan’s attention from one of his precious books. He’s seated in your room, legs crossed and eyes scanning the page. The demon is too engaged with the story to notice you’ve gone off to the bathroom with a devious smile on your face.

Six pages later and you’ve returned to your spot on the bed.

“Hey Satan, there’s something I wanted to show you.”

His assumption is you merely have another cat photo to share and doesn’t bother to look up from his story.

“Can you give me a minute? I’m almost finished with this chapter.” His eyes follow along the words.

It’s not until you purr his name in a more seductive tone that he glances up from his book and quickly does a double-take when he sees that you’ve put on lingerie he’s never had the pleasure to see you in before. 

Of course you pose your body so he can have the most delicious view of the lacy, sheer fabric that does absolutely nothing to hide your assets.

Suddenly aware that he has been openly staring for longer than what is considered appropriate, Satan promptly shuts his mouth (that he didn’t even know was open as he gaped at you) and returns his green gaze to the book in his lap.

A burst of emotions flood him. There’s a hint of anger and irritation because he can tell you had every intention of distracting him this evening. It’s clear from the teasing smile.

However, nothing is as overpowering as the pure desire and ache he feels at the sight of you dressed up like that for his eyes only.

“Need a break from your book?” you tease, staring at him with fake innocence. 

With practiced restraint, Satan returns his bookmark between the pages and sets the now closed book onto the table beside him. Standing up tall and straight, he prowls closer until he can reach out and touch you.

A strong hand rests on your inner thigh as he leans in close enough to kiss you. The smirk on his face certainly belongs to a demon.

“Are you prepared to find out what happens when you provoke a demon?

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Lucifer: Did you have to stab him?

Satan: You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what he said to me.

Lucifer: What did he say?

Satan: “What are you going to do? Stab me?”


Lucifer: Okay, fair enough.

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Every instance of Blushy Bunny Lucifer I managed to capture

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Is Beel’s character song giving anyone else huge voice envy?

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MC, trying to explain healthy love to the brothers: this stuffed Bulbasaur right here? I love this bulbasaur with every fiber of my being, but its inanimate, and therefore cannot love me back

MC, proceeds to kick the bulbasaur out of the room: that’s an example of an unhealthy relationship

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