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sannan-pyon · a day ago
Tumblr media
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coffeerecords · 2 days ago
FAVOUR (m) | lucifer.
➾ in which you find yourself missing him
wordcount: 5.2k | genre: fluff, slight angst, eventual smut, established relationship au | pairing: lucifer x fem!reader ft. other brothers (platonic) | rating: 18+ | tw: drinking, insecurities, suggestive remarks, swear words | others: domestic moments with satan and belphie, the anti-lucifer league strikes, satan and belphie insists mc can do better so they suggest [redacted], brief mention of devildom politics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sudden ring of your D.D.D rouses you awake from your dreamless sleep. Groaning, you reach out blindly to find the chirping device. Looking at the screen, you squint at the brightness and press the green button.
“Hello to you too,” Satan’s voice greets you, amusement lacing his tone. “You’re still asleep?”
“No shit, Sherlock,” you grumble. “It’s freakin’ seven in the morning—”
“It’s ten,” Satan cuts you off.
Your eyes snap open, sleep gone instantly as you check the time. “Shit!”
“Yeah,” the blond demon laughs. “See you in thirty.”
More curses spill from your lips while you throw your covers and rush out of bed to shower. Twenty minutes later, you barely can catch your breath as you reach the living room where Satan told you he’d be. However, the blond demon is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find Belphegor sleeping on the couch.
Taking another five minutes to regain your breathing, you approach Belphie, nudging his shoulder until he peers his eyes open. “Hmm?”
“Where’s Satan?”
The indigo-haired demon merely yawns, throwing his hands overhead to stretch before sitting up. “He should be in the kitchen.”
“What? What for?”
“He said something about—”
Satan bursts into the room with a bag in hand, smiling ear-to-ear. “Good. You’re both here. Now, let’s get going!”
Almost an hour later, you arrive in a newly-opened café, following Satan through a sliding glass door alongside Belphie. Satan lets out an excited gasp at the sight of cats—running, playing, sleeping—all over the place. It’s basically cat heaven which also aligns with what Satan calls ‘paradise’.
“How the hell did they keep this place intact?” Belphie mutters, glancing around the place with curiosity. “I don’t think I can take a nap here.”
You chuckle, pointing at a sleeping cat on the sofa. “You can take a nap with that one.”
“And risk letting them sit on my face? No thanks,” Belphie sighs, recalling the past cat videos Satan has shown him.
“Oh, you won’t be troubled with that,” Satan interrupts you both. “Cats would only do so if they trust the person and you, Belphegor, still have a long way to go.”
Belphie sighs. “Then why did you invite me in the first place?”
“The café allows one person an hour to play with the cats. But, with us three, they let us play for three hours. And I’d rather be around those I know than strangers. You and ____ are the least troublesome among the others.”
“Care to explain?”
“Mammon would definitely attempt to steal one of the cats and sell them, Levi would refuse to leave his mancave, Asmo would hog the cats’ attention, and Beel….” Satan sighs heavily before zips open his bag, taking out some containers. “Do I really have to explain?
“Nope,” you and Belphie mutter in unison. Beel would definitely ditch the café to find food or, in a worst-case scenario, an attempt to eat the cat.
“Or, he will try to eat these nutritious meals I’ve prepared for the cats,” Satan adds, handing the both of you a container. “...Just like that one time—”
“Then why don’t you wait for Luci to come back?” You question him.
“I can barely stand spending an hour with him. What makes you think I’d go for three?”
“He’s got a good point,” Belphie muses, turning to you. “But I have to admit Lucifer has been a bit more tolerable when you’re around.”
You blink a few times. “He—Really? He doesn’t seem to act differently.”
Satan shakes his head. “____, we’ve lived together for centuries and never once have I seen Lucifer willingly take the day off just to nurse someone back to health.”
“I wasn’t exactly sick...” Your cheeks grow hot at the memory. “It’s just my period, and I didn’t know it’d be that painful!”
“Well, now Lucifer has scheduled a monthly outing—”
“...More like kicking us out if you ask me….” Belphie comments.
“—for the six of us to spend in Purgatory Hall whenever you’re on your—”
“Okay, okay!” You shoot a playful glare at the blond demon, preventing him from continuing. “I get it! Now, can we please go feed the cats? Wait, are we even allowed to feed them?” You eye the food inside the container Satan handed you.
“Right,” Satan nods excitedly, turning to the awaiting caretakers. “And yes, we’re allowed. I’ve done a lot of research and talked with the manager and the caretaker.”
Afterwards, Satan approaches a group of cats in the middle of the room, crouching down slowly to place the container. Meanwhile, Belphie then asks beside you, “You know, speaking of Lucifer, when is he coming back?”
The question causes you to falter slightly because the only answer you can give him is— “I don’t know, Belphie….”
Belphie tilts his head slightly. “You don’t know?
You sigh, debating internally on whether you should let the youngest demon know what’s been bothering you the past few days. “Look, I don’t exactly know what’s happening, but he hasn’t replied to any of my texts...”
Belphie’s brows furrowing in confusion. “Didn’t he mention he’d keep in touch with you before he went to the human world?”
You nod slowly.
That was two weeks ago, the beginning of your one-month break. You had looked forward to spending time with your boyfriend, but alas, duty calls. He said it was about maintaining the alliance with the witches for the sake of Diavolo’s future plans.
Taking out your D.D.D., you check if there’s any message from him. But you find none. The last message you sent last night is still unread… and the other two are from the previous days and a week ago. He must have been so busy. You know that you had accepted the fact that his work will always come first ever since the both of you had become a couple.
“What a prick,” Belphie scoffs, snapping you out of your thoughts. “You know what, you should forget about him in the meantime. Don’t let his ignorance get to you, ____. You deserve a good time with these cats. Look—!” He crouches down, luring a passing cat with the food. The cat comes closer to where both of you are standing.
You smile at Belphie’s attempt to cheer you up and follow suit, crouching down and placing the opened container beside his. More cats come near the both of you, eyeing the meal in the container cautiously before giving a taste. And soon, those cats surround the two of you, chomping down on the food until their stomachs are filled.
The cats then lay on your and Belphie’s lap, napping quietly. One has also settled on Belphie’s head, causing him to sigh in annoyance but with a smile on his face. Then your D.D.D. vibrates in your pocket, snapping you out of the quiet moment. You fish out your phone to see an unknown number pop up on your screen. Furrowing your brows, you press answer. “Hello...?”
“Luci?” You didn’t expect your boyfriend’s voice to greet you with an unknown number.
“Yes, it’s me.”
“What... Wait, what’s going on? Who’s phone are you using?”
The other end of the line grows silent for a moment. “... It’s a long story.”
“Where are you? Are you still in the human world?”
“I am. I should be back within this week.” Lucifer sighs, voice clearly distressed. “Things have gotten complicated here.”
“What’s wrong? Are you alright? Can I do anything to help?”
He chuckles at the franticness in your voice. “No, no. Everything’s fine, my love. But I need you and my brothers to head to the palace right now.”
“Ah...” You can’t help but feel a tad disappointed that he’d find the effort to call you when it involves Diavolo. But, nonetheless, you still agreed. “Okay, I’ll tell them.”
“Thank you.” He lets out a relieved sigh. “I’ll be back before you know it.”
Tumblr media
The silence is deadly as the three of you arrive at the palace’s door. Satan’s current demeanour is like a ticking bomb while you and Belphie tread carefully around him to not trigger his wrath.
“It’s a bad idea to cut the playtime short, you know,” Belphie whispers in your ear.
“I know,” you sigh, recalling to wait another hour before telling Satan that playing with the cats must be cut short. “I really didn’t want to. But I had no choice.”
“What’s so urgent for Lucifer to call you to go to Diavolo’s place?”
“We’re about to find out,” you respond, glancing back and forth between Satan and the heavy doors. However, before you can knock, the door bursts open as a chicken flies out and lands on Satan’s face, causing the blond demon to fall on his butt at the impact.
“Don’t let the chicken escape!” A familiar shout follows behind. Mammon runs to the three of you, aggravated. “Yo! Thanks, man!” He plucks the chicken out of Satan’s arms. “What took ya guys so long? Barbatos is on the brink of having a fit and—”
“Umm, Mammon?”
“What’s up, ____?”
“You might want to apologise to—”
“Mammon...” Satan seethes. “You’re gonna pay for this.”
“Eh?! Wait, what—” Mammon shrieks, barely dodging Satan’s incoming punch. “Hold on a sec— What did I do?! Hey!”
You and Belphie stand still, utterly speechless, as Mammon rushes back into the palace lobby with Satan hot on his trail. Leviathan appears out from the kitchen, exhaustion weighing on his expression. “You guys... What took you so long?! You called Beel to round us all up here like an hour ago!”
“S-Sorry, Levi...” You scratch the back of your head, heading inside towards the kitchen. “We were in a cat café, and Satan was having so much fun there. I felt bad cutting his hours short...”
Levi sighs heavily. “You should have seen how terrifying Barbatos was...”
“Why? What happened?”
“A group of witches is coming tonight from the human world. It’s about some alliance of some sorts with Diavolo. So, we’re ordered to make them feel welcome at tonight’s party.”
“That sounds like a lot of work,” Belphie sighs.
“No wonder Luci sounds so stressed,” you add, earning a confused look from the two brothers.
“Lucifer is stressed?” Levi questions, eyes widening. “He’s usually the one doing the stressing.”
Belphie chuckles at his brother’s comment. “So, Mr Loyal-and-Obedient does have his limits as well. But not surprised that he’d do anything for Diavolo.”
Hearing those words causes your eye to twitch. As if it hits a bullseye in your growing insecurity. After all, he hasn’t messaged you back since last week and only called you earlier per Diavolo’s request.
Your steps falter momentarily as a thought occurs in your mind. What does this mean... But that’s not fair! Of course, you can never compare to the future king of Devildom! Who in their right mind would choose a measly human over a powerful demon?!
However, your wretched mind continues to hound you as it starts recalling how much effort Lucifer puts into his companionship with Diavolo. And... How long will it take before Lucifer breaks up with you? The day he arrives? A week after? A month—
“Uh, ____?” Belphie calls you from the kitchen’s doorway. “Why are you standing there in the corner?”
You blink, realising what you should be doing. Letting out a heavy sigh, you rush towards the kitchen. “Right, sorry!”
“What’s wrong?” Belphie hands you an apron once you stand beside him.
“Nothing... Just have a lot in my mind.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
You shake your head. “It’s fine. I’m just overthinking things.”
“Why do I get the feeling that it’s about Lucifer?”
“Well... You’re not wrong.”
“I knew it,” Belphie sighs, putting on plastic gloves before handing in another pair to you. You take it and help prepare the vegetables on the counter. “But, you know, it’s never too late to ditch him and go for someone else.”
The onion you’re peeling slips from your hold, rolling on the surface towards the edge of the counter. Belphie catches it with ease, handing it back to you.
“What do you mean—”
“I agree with Belphie.”
You jolt and turn towards the figure. Satan stands on your other side—seemingly regained his composure from earlier—and you shoot him a slight glare. “Were you eavesdropping?!”
“Well, I can’t help it when it involves the possibility of Lucifer fucking up. But judging from your tone, I’m almost hundred per cent sure he did. Which sounds like a valid reason for you to ditch his ass and find another,” Satan muses, not bothering to hide the satisfied smile on his face.
“Hell no!” You cross your arms across your chest. “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t plan on leaving Lucifer—”
“I knew it. Lucifer did fucked up,” Belphie exhales. “But what if there’s someone else better than Lucifer? Someone like… Diavolo?”
Satan lets out a hum of approval with a scheming expression. “Oh, just imagine Lucifer’s face when Diavolo sweeps you off your feet.”
“Hold on,” You stop them from speaking. “I don’t see Diavolo that way, and you both don’t even like Diavolo.”
“Well…” Belphie trails.
“He’s definitely the better choice than my disappointment of a brother,” Satan remarks. “I mean Diavolo is the future king of Devildom, no?”
“But, I lo—”
“Good afternoon, everyone!” Diavolo greets the entire room with a smile. “I apologise for the sudden request of your presence to help out with tonight’s party preparation.”
Speaking of the Devil…
“My Lord,” Barbatos greets him with a bow. “The preparation is almost complete. Tonight’s party is going to be a success.”
“That’s wonderful news!” Diavolo claps his hands in excitement. “Now, is ____ here?”
Wait, what—
“She’s there.” Barbatos points to the back row of the kitchen. The young Lord’s eyes brighten as it lands on you.
“This is your chance, ____!” Belphie nudges you. “Go seduce him—”
“I am not doing that!” You hiss in annoyance.
“I think he likes you, ____,” Satan comments in amusement as Diavolo walks over to where you’re standing. “Good luck!”
“You two—” You watch Satan and Belphie move to another station in the kitchen with teasing smirks on their faces.
“____,” Diavolo greets you. “Care to join me?”
You blink, registering his words. “Uh, I’m not finished with these—” You point at the half-cut vegetables. “—and I’m supposed to help—”
“Barbatos mentioned he’s almost done with the preparation,” the prince assures you. “Now, come with me.”
And he whisks you away out of the kitchen. Within minutes, you find yourself in a dressing room.
“I don’t understand,” you blurt out, breaking the awkward silence.
The prince merely laughs as he hands you a few documents. “I’d like you to help the dressmakers pick dresses for these witches.”
You skim through it, reading the profile of the witches before looking back at him. “Isn’t Asmo more capable of helping you with this?”
Diavolo sighs, shaking his head. “If I were to pick him, we would not get anywhere. He’d pick outfits for himself instead. Also, I know you have quite the eye in fashion.”
“I see…” you mumble. “Alright then.”
“Excellent!” Diavolo exclaims, clapping his hands as the dressmakers begin to scurry here and there. “I trust you can handle this, ____. Lucifer said you’re very responsible, and he’d trust you with his life, even.”
The mention of your boyfriend from Diavolo’s lips grabs your attention. Slowly, you ask, “He did?”
“Yes, he did. He seems very fond of you, but not as much as I am.” He shoots you a million-dollar smile and wink.
“Oh…” You mutter, unsure of what to say. “Well, I’ll go and help the dressmakers and pick the gifts for the witches. You can count on me.”
“I certainly can. You look beautiful, by the way.” With that, Diavolo leaves you to your own devices, leaving you in a state of confusion and slight, no, full panic. You did not expect Diavolo to compliment you so casually. Is he perhaps flirting with you?
Diavolo does not know that you had made it official with Lucifer. And Lucifer would have told his own best friend unless there is something that... Satan’s previous words ring in your mind, ‘I think he likes you, ____.’
Shaking your head, you stop your trail of thoughts and pick up a paper from the stack. You bring it to the head dressmaker to discuss which dress is most suitable. By the time you’ve managed to pick dresses for all thirty witches, it was six in the evening. You are helping one of the dressmakers arrange the last of the dresses on the mannequin when Diavolo returns.
He lets out a hum of approval at the prepared gifts before he beams at you. “You truly exceeded my expectations, ____!”
Your cheeks grow gradually hot at the attention as you nod.
“Well, I think it’s time for you to return home to get changed,” he continues. “I owe you a favour.”
Shaking your head, you chuckle nervously. “It’s an honour, Your Highness.”
“I insist, ____,” Diavolo takes your hand in his, placing a kiss on your knuckle. “Until we meet again tonight.”
Tumblr media
“So, anything happened between you and Diavolo?” Belphie asks as you head back to House of Lamentation with the brothers.
“____ and Diavolo?” Asmodeus questions, overhearing the conversation. “What is this? Are you having an affair with the future king of Devildom?”
“No!” You exclaim. “He just wanted me to help the dressmakers pick something for the invited witches.”
Asmo gasps, “Why wasn’t I invited?”
“You’d hog all the dresses for yourself, Asmo,” Belphie states bluntly.
“That is nonsense!” The Avatar of Lust denies dramatically. “But let’s go back to the more interesting topic. Is Diavolo hitting on you, ____? What would our dear brother think of it?”
“It’s not like that,” you sigh exasperatedly. “He just needs some help to prepare some gifts for the witches who are attending the party tonight.”
“Hm, is that all?” Belphie does not bother hiding his disappointment. “I thought there was some spark between the both of you.”
Satan barges into the conversation suddenly. “Even when Diavolo compliments you and kisses your knuckle like a gentleman. Are you sure there’s no spark?”
“Where the hell did you even get that information?” You stare at him in bewilderment as Belphie and Asmo’s faces light up in delight.
“A little bird told me,” Satan muses, all smug. “I have to say, Diavolo knows what he’s doing.”
“If you’re not careful, you might get snatched up by the prince without knowing,” Asmo giggles.
Your eye twitches in annoyance. “You guys better stop this Diavolo nonsense. I have no interest in the prince at all.”
Asmo wraps his arm around your shoulder, shaking his head. “And that is what makes you simply more desirable, ____.”
The event starts at midnight, leaving you enough time to freshen up. Asmo insists on helping you to pick an outfit. The party won’t be like the usual fancy ball. Instead, Diavolo planned on a nightclub-themed party. Excited about the change of theme, Asmo had made sure you are ‘dressed-to-kill and maybe lure in some other potential suitors to keep your mind away from the thoughts of your boyfriend.
“If you’re sad, I’m sad too, ____,” Asmo clutches your shoulders. “So, let’s enjoy tonight to the fullest. Forget about my brother just this one night. He won’t attend the party, am I right?”
You shake your head. “He’ll be back in a few days.”
“That’s good news!” Asmo clasps your hands in his. “I’m planning to go all out tonight and maybe have an orgy if I’m lucky. Would you like to join—”
“That is an absolute no.”
“Is Lucifer enough to keep you satisfied?”
“Asmo… You know I don’t kiss and tell,” you answer with a smirk curling up on the corner of your lips.
“You’re no fun, ____….” The Avatar of Lust pouts playfully before he exits your bedroom to get changed himself.
You are in the middle of finishing your makeup when there’s a set of knocks on your door. “Come in,” you call out. The door swings open with Satan and Belphie standing there.
“Wow, aren’t you two a sight for sore eyes?” You comment at the rare sight of the two brothers all dressed up.
“Speak for yourself, ____,” Belphie chuckles.
“I’m nothing compared to the two of you,” you shrug. “Those witches will literally be vying for your attention!”
“Please, don’t.” Satan shudders noticeably. “Reminds me of a bad experience.”
Right. You stifle your laughter.
Two witches had fought over him once, and it did not end well for the rest of the party. Or so, they said. It happened during a festival held by Diavolo to maintain the peace between Devildom and the human realm. Asmo—as always—had taken the role to be in charge of the brothers’ outfit, including yours.
Let’s just say his suggestion did not disappoint. You can still remember how handsome the eldest brother looked and how he couldn’t keep his eyes (and hands) off you throughout the whole night. You both had sneaked out in the middle of the party to indulge in each others’ presence privately. Hence, you did not stay long enough to see how chaotic the party became when the witches fought over Satan, casting spells and curses here and there.
“Anyways,” Satan clears his throat. “We should come up with a prank on Lucifer.”
...Ah, of course. It’s not Satan if he does not hold a grudge after getting his bonding-with-cats time is cut short.
“I’m sitting this one out,” You reply while checking your appearance before spraying your face with a setting spray.
“____, we talked about this,” Belphie sighs dramatically. “He did something that upsets you. This can help release your pent-up disappointment.” Before you can say anything else, he turns to Satan. “What do you have in mind?”
Satan crosses his arms in deep thought. “As much as it pains me to say it, we did fail the last time we tried to spike his Demonus. So, that’s out of the question. Not to mention we still don’t know the phrase for his secret door. So…” There’s a delighted glint in his gaze as you catch his eye. “...Why don’t we continue Operation Flirt with Diavolo in the party?”
Belphie agrees almost immediately.
“Good luck flirting with Diavolo yourselves,” you hum, closing your makeup kit.
“Who says we’ll be the ones flirting?”
“Again, I won’t partake in this—”
“Oh, you won’t have to do a single thing, ____,” Satan grins. “Nothing at all.”
Tumblr media
Demons and witches dance across the scarlet floor in the dim-lighted room while some sit and chat amongst themselves in the booths by the time you arrive at The Fall. You squint at the colourful lights that hit your face while you make your way through with the brothers. Asmo and Mammon had found themselves joining the crowd, thriving on this kind of atmosphere. Reaching one of the empty booths, you plop down on the cushioned seat with Belphie and Beel—
Nevermind. Beel has also gone missing. Probably in search of the delicacies Barbatos prepared earlier on the grazing table. Satan and Levi sit across from you and Belphie. Not a moment later, Satan clears his throat. “So, we’re still on with the plan.”
You sigh defeatedly, hoping that he’d forgotten or something. Honestly, there’s no stopping the blond demon once he puts his mind on pranking Lucifer. Whatever this prank entails must have been foolproof, considering the devious grin growing on his face.
“Plan? What plan?” Levi tilts his head questioningly.
“We’re pranking Lucifer,” Belphie answers. “Do you want to join?”
“Why am I not surprised?” The otaku sighs, shaking his head. “But count me in. It’s not like I have anything better to do in this crowd.”
Satan nods, pleased with his older brother’s answer. “We’re going to sit in a different booth from ____.”
Your eyes widen. “What?”
“You want to leave the normie—alone—when this place is packed with demons and witches?” Levi gapes at his brother, who’s nodding at every word.
“Don’t worry, we’ll still keep an eye on her in case things go south. But I can assure you that she will be safe. In fact, no one would dare to approach her.” Satan casts a glance around the room before he looks you in the eye. “So, ____, just stay here.”
“I swear if anything happens to me—”
“Nothing bad will happen,” Satan assures you. “In fact, you might enjoy a pleasant company. So, let loose for a while.”
You want to laugh and throw your drink on Satan’s face when your ‘pleasant company’ arrives. The brothers have left you alone, and they are two booths away from where you’re currently sitting.
“____,” Diavolo greets you with his handsome smile, sitting beside you. “Glad you can make it. Why are you sitting alone? Where are the brothers?”
“Your Highness,” you greet him back. “Yeah, I wonder where they are...”
“Have you danced yet? The witches seem to enjoy this kind of atmosphere.”
You shake your head. “It’s not really my thing. The music can get too loud, and it’s hard to have a proper conversation in the middle of the dancefloor.”
Diavolo nods in understanding. “I see... But I do hope this would strengthen the alliance with the witches. I plan to open more opportunities for exchange students from the human realm.”
“It’s a good start,” you respond, taking a sip of your drink. “But I think it would take more convincing for the witches to truly be open to the idea of an alliance.”
The prince stares at you with a widened gaze momentarily. “Will you elaborate more on that?”
“You’ve given them gifts and welcomed them with an amazing party. However, I personally think there should be a guarantee that shows the witches what they can gain from this alliance besides the education in RAD.”
Diavolo stays silent, urging you to continue.
“I don’t doubt your capabilities as a leader, Your Highness. But you’ve tasted what the human realm has to offer. It’s also one of the reasons why you wanted this alliance, right? What about giving the witches a chance as well? A chance to taste what Devildom has to offer by granting a longer time for them to stay and security? You’d win their hearts in no time.”
By the time you finish your statement, Diavolo stares at you in awe. “You’d make a good queen yourself, ____.”
You freeze at his words, blinking a few times as his words sink into your mind. “Um, thank you? But I’d rather not involve myself in political stuff. I saw how much paperwork Lucifer has to deal with daily.”
Diavolo chuckles. “I guess you have a point. He’s still dealing with things in the human realm.”
You sigh at that. “Indeed. Maybe you need to give him a break once he returns. His brothers are already a handful. He could be turning into a walking corpse without even knowing, considering how stubborn he is in not prioritising his own wellbeing—” You blink, realising how casually you just talk to the future king of Devildom. “I-I mean, Your Highness—”
A hearty laugh escapes his lips as he clutches his stomach. “He is stubborn, even I have to agree with that. No one dared to mention this to me, let alone telling me to give Lucifer a break. Look, I assure you, I didn’t mean for him to finish those paperwork so quickly. He had always submitted those papers weeks before the deadlines.”
“Right... He likes to keep himself busy.”
“Absolutely!” Diavolo claps his hands. “For centuries, I’ve tried to get him to relax! I had to drag him once from his office to go to the beach!”
“You dragged Lucifer out of his office?”
Diavolo nods repeatedly. “With the help of Barbatos, of course. Lucifer has a will of steel when it comes to his work.” And he continues to tell you stories of him having a hard time convincing his best friend to take days off.
“You are really fond of Lucifer, aren’t you?” Diavolo questions with a gentle smile when he finishes his story. The involuntary smile on your face disappears as you look away for the prince, flustered.
Diavolo laughs at your reaction. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s not every day that someone would bluntly point out his not-so-strong qualities.”
“Well, you’re not wrong…” you mumble, tucking your hair to the back of your ear. A strand of hair still falls on your face as Diavolo instinctively lifts his hand and tuck it behind your ear. For a moment, his hand lingers on your face, and you stiffen at the action.
“____, I’ve been wanting to tell you—“However, the sudden loud cough interrupts you both.
“What did we miss?” Satan asks casually, plopping beside Diavolo—who had already pulled his hand away from you—while Belphie takes the other side of the booth along with Levi and Beel.
“Nothing.” You don’t know whether to feel relieved or angry at the brothers. So, you merely shoot the blond demon a warning glare when he purposefully cramps the space to have Diavolo sit closer to you.
“Took you long enough,” Diavolo muses, unaware of the devious plans the brothers (except for innocent Beel, of course) had cooked up.
“Did you manage to bore ____ to death with your stories, Diavolo?” Belphie asks in a teasing manner.
“Nonsense! We’re both connected,” Diavolo replies happily.
You can sense the surprised and teasing glances the brothers are giving you. Delighted at Diavolo’s accidental confession about enjoying your time together. Sighing, you stand up. “I’m going to get a drink in the bar… Alone.”
Before any brothers can argue, you head to the bar, taking an empty seat before ordering a drink. You let out another deep sigh.
The long chat with Diavolo has made you do nothing but miss your boyfriend more. Sure, you love the stories Diavolo told you, but you wanted the said person here with you. But unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want. Your boyfriend is somewhere dealing with whatever needs to be done in the human world, leaving you back here in Devildom. Now, his brothers are trying to set you up with his best friend.
Speaking of which, you need to have a friendly long chat with Belphie and Satan. At first, you merely play along with their usual antics. But as it progresses, you realise how this could end badly with misunderstandings if Lucifer is here, judging from the way the prince openly flirts with you earlier and risking Diavolo getting the wrong idea.
You let out a dry chuckle to yourself, shaking your head before sipping on your drink when someone sits on the empty stool on your side. You weren’t in the mood for social interaction or the possibility of it. That’s why you chose the deserted area. Can’t this guy take a hint? There are other empty seats—
“May I buy a beautiful lady another drink?”
That voice. Your head snaps towards the deep voice, eyes meeting his bright ruby ones.
“Hello, my love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
next part
© coffeerecords — all rights reserved. copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform or by any means is not allowed.
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moemoemammon · a day ago
What kinda flowers do you think grow in the HoL's garden? What do you think they look like? Tbh I wanna see their plants in general, considering the whole 'lack of sunlight' thing 🤔
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thedevilsdom · 7 hours ago
kinktober 2021 day 9
small dick humiliation and intercrural with belphegor
“Your pathetic little dick doesn’t even deserve to fuck me, you piece of shit.” You sneer at Belphegor as he tries to hide in your chest while you lay on your side. He’s so painfully hard, though you had to pull his tiny cock out of his pants just to see that he was erect at all.
“You’re lucky I’m even giving you this.” You grab onto his hips and yank him forward, forcing his dick to slide between your soft thighs. He’s dripping precum, it makes it even easier for him to start humping at the space between your legs like a needy animal.
“Hah, Bel,” You thread your fingers through his hair and yank him out of your chest, forcing him to face you. With him positioned like this, it’s easy to see just how embarrassed he is. “Your little clit is so wet for me.” Blush racing across his cheeks and eyes shiny with tears, he’s downright desperate, yet he still tries to hold onto some shred of dignity as he has the audacity to growl at you.
“Hey,” You give a harsh tug on his hair and he yelps, “Behave yourself or you’ll be sleeping on the floor like the dog you are, do you understand me?"
“Yes, Master,” He grits out.
“What do good pets say when they get something they want?” Pushing the envelope a bit more, you smile at him.
“Thank you, Master.” His response comes out as a growl. “May I continue fucking your thighs, please, Master?”
“You don’t really sound like you want it.” You state. He knows that you want him to beg, but some part of him wants to snap at you, saying how there are other places he’d rather fuck, but he also knows that that won’t get him anywhere. Just as he’s about to snarl out a response, your hand moves down and starts to stroke him. You hardly need two fingers to do so, but it has him gasping.
“P-Please,” His voice is ragged already. The touch of your warm hand makes his inhibitions disappear, and the begging floods out like a dam’s burst. “Let me fuck your thighs, please, I know I’ve been bad and I don’t deserve it but-!”
“That’s more like it. Fine, I’ll allow you to have the pleasure of using my thighs.” You pull your hand back and Belphegor immediately takes his position once again, pistoning his hips to push his dick against your skin. It’s cute, really, the way that his little cock doesn’t even come close to pushing through to the other side of your legs.
“Cum, Belphegor.” You incite the pact and force him to his peak long before he’s ready. He doesn’t deserve a proper orgasm. He gasps and shudders, grabbing at your arms and pushing himself as far as he can get as his dick throbs and spurts cum between your closed thighs. You pet the back of his head and he huffs.
“Come on,” You giggle, “You knew waking me up was going to earn you a punishment. Now clean me up so I can get back to sleep.”
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anekogia · a day ago
Tumblr media
To top it all off, my birthday is a day after Satan's...RIP my bank account. 💸💸💸
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Diavolo: this house *points to the house of lamination* can fit 7 demons and a human in
Mc: comfortably?
Diavolo: with out any problems
Mc: damn, my friends have that
Belphie: mc, we have a lot of problems
Mc: I have other friends
Satan: name one
Mc: erm, erm. Itachi
Levi: that an anime character
Mc: oh.... Erm, erm, Shani
Mammon: that's one of my crows.
Barbatos, lucifer, asmo, beel: *drinking tea peacefully watching the choas*
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lorkai · 2 days ago
🖼 Request: Can I request the brothers and (maybe the now datables-) with a mc who has a kinda resting bitch face but is really sweet and very innocent :D? AN: I KNOW! I said I would post part two next week but I was pretty excited. So here we are! In case you don’t have read the first part, here’s the link. Again thanks for requesting :) anon! Feel free to request something else anythime!
He doesn't know much about humans, despite having read some very interesting books that were written by human men and women. But that doesn't mean Diavolo will ask you right away if you're angry or unhappy about something, instead he wants to know more about you, to know what you like and don't like,and how he can make your stay in Devildom enjoyable. And you can bet he's going to do everything he can to make you smile and laugh so hard that your belly is going to hurt like hell and you're going to cry.
Diavolo has this influence on people. And when he knows that expression on your face is unintentional, he'll probably laugh a lot and be interested in why people have a resting bitch face. Yes, he will ask a lot of questions. No, he won't be able to keep an expression as closed and disinterested as you and he tried.
He knows what it is. He has a pact with Solomon and has probably heard the term from the sorcerer, although he finds it amusing how a simple facial expression can make someone unapproachable and frightening. But he better than anyone knows how much you have a sweet and innocent personality, as you really are, after all he was able to see through your eyes, known as the window of the soul, and all he saw there was strength and sweetness.
By also having an involuntary resting bitch face Barbatos always reminds you to smile, if that's a problem for you. After all, he knows how annoying it can be for people to always talk about your expression, but if you like the effect you have on people then he will let you act as you please.
He knows what it is. He knows and he's having the time of his life, watching how the demons are afraid of you and how some of them run away when they see you. Solomon thinks this is all so ironic, but he's definitely watching you closely so nothing bad can happen to you. Because eventually the demons will stop running and screaming, they'll try to take advantage of your sweet, innocent personality and Solomon won't let that happen. After all, humans get together. And you're just too adorable for him to let anyone else but him make fun of you.
And although he knows your resting bitch face is involuntary he will try to make you smile and laugh with his stories. He has good stories, you know? Mainly about the first time he made Barbatos taste his food and if that doesn't make you laugh then he's running out of options.
Judging people is very wrong. But again it's not like he's judging you, you're certainly like a fresh, refreshing breeze compared to Solomon, always so mischievous, or the brothers who are always so expressive and vocal. He knows that in time you'll feel comfortable enough to act like yourself instead of having that expression on your face, after all it's not like you're in Devildom willingly. Simeon still can't believe that the brothers and the royals just thought it would be a good idea to open a portal without first telling you about the exchange program.
Anyway, Simeon is always looking to understand you and make you comfortable. He accepts you with or without your resting bitch face and, by the way, he will probably write a stoic character in one of his books and that character will be based on you. He really thinks that's a funny concept, you see.
The poor Chihuahua is shaking with fear every time he sees you. I mean, you always seem to be angry or uninterested in what other people are saying or doing. And Luke also notices how you look at everyone with those eyes that look like you're judging every action someone does and every thing someone says. It's hard for him to be around you, but he's trying to see the good in you just like Simeon told him and instructed him to do. Everyone has a good side after all and he knows it. And he's an angel, he serves under Michael, so it's his job to accept you and try to understand you, even if he's scared.
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hell-temptations · a month ago
Moments at House of lamentation
Pairing: there's no specific pairing, it's mainly about brothers. You can consider mc as poly in this one, also mc is gender neutral.
Genre: SFW
Warnings: fluff, didn't proofread
Synopsis: Heartwarming moments/incidents you are allowed to witness at house of lamentation but aren't allowed to talk about ever. (These are more or less small headcanons I imagined instead of doing my assignment;;;)
You can read part 2 here
Tumblr media
Lucifer keeps the lights of corridor on at night and door of his bedroom open. Mainly for Mammon. Avatar of greed gets frequent nightmares and is afraid of darkness, whenever he is scared he would just climb up Lucifer's bed without making any sound and curl up there trembling. Lucifer would occasionally give him headpats till he fall asleep.
One night when you and Lucifer were sharing bed, Mammon came shaking because of a bad dream and you both made him sleep in your middle and hugged him till he fell asleep.
Whenever Mammon wins a gamble or bet, he secretly buys things for his brothers and sneaks in their rooms to leave those there.
No one in entire Devildom is allowed to speak ill about Mammon other than his brothers, if someone does they will be skinned alive by other six avatars of sins.
After getting strung up from ceiling or getting tortured by Cerberus as a punishment, Mammon always finds pain reliever and ointments in his desk's drawer.
Lucifer recieves six anonymous cards on mother's day and father's day both. He has kept all of them safe in his hidden Stash.
Whenever you are busy, Levi drags Mammon with him in his every rendezvous because Other than you He's most comfortable around Mammon.
Whenever there's a gathering Lucifer always give headpats to Levi before going, transferring a little bit of his sin to him because he knows how much insecure Levi feels in crowded places.
Asmodeus always hugs his brothers(including you) before any of their big events, rubbing his charms off on them secretly.
Satan has bought injured and dying animals several times and nursed them with Mammon,Asmo and You.
Several times Belphie has written his brother's assignments for them.
One family movie night is a must within interval of 15 days. No matter whatever everyone is doing, they will join.
Sometimes when Lucifer falls asleep in his desk due to overworking and exhaustion, he has found his remaining work done in the next morning with a lingering presence of wrath in his room.
Satan visits Cerberus secretly every night with treats in hopes of being friends with him. Once Cerberus fell sick and Satan cried entire day until Lucifer brought the four legged back on the next morning and Cerberus jumped on satan licking him to oblivion.
Whenever Beel hears any new food his brothers or you have fallen for, on the next morning you would get that on breakfast table. Fresh and homemade.
Once Lucifer cooked pudding for everyone as desert but neither you not he could taste it himself because the six of his brothers faught eachother and finished everything before he could eat it himself. While doing the dishes at night he licked the serving spoon to get a taste of his pudding and realised he had accidentally put salt in pudding instead of sugar.
As a child Satan used to enact as Lucifer infront of mirror with a spare Cape of him. Now whenever he gets episodes and you aren't around to calm him, he hugs that Cape to calm himself.
Whenever Asmo designs something new, he would first send it to Levi for his opinion. If Levi approves then Asmo sends it to his consecutive customer.
Belphie has charmed Lucifer several times to sleep to save him from collapsing.
Once Beel was extremely upset after losing a match that he refused to eat dinner and cried entire evening in his room. That night everyone watched comedy movie in a cuddle pile till Beel fell asleep.
Whenever Lucifer buys souvenirs from a new place, he always buys 8 in total.
Beel always goes to Lucifer's room before sleeping at night to remind him to take medicines.
Majority of the time in Asmo's fashion shows, show stopper is Mammon.
Whenever any of his brothers are upset, Levi forces them to play with him just to lose intentionally to make his brothers feel better.
Everyone has a secret folder/stash in their rooms or DDDs only filled with goofy family photos.
Lucifer has a drawer filled with his brother's childhood toys and some significant clothes. He cherishes them more than any jewel.
Tumblr media
I may or may not write bigger headcanons based on these small ones sometime but for now these are all I've got.
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and safe 💜
Taglist: @mammonprotectionsquad <3
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moemammon · 6 months ago
I live for the idea of MC and Mammon just doing dumb best friend stuff
Something funny happens in class, and literally all MC has to do is look at Mammon and he just bursts out laughing and gets in trouble
MC just takes off running down the hall so Mammon starts running too, and now they're both just running as fast as they can and fucking cackling for no reason until one of them almost slips and now neither of them can breathe because they're laughing so hard-
MC sitting in a shopping cart while Mammon keeps handing them things to add to the ever growing pile that's slowly burying them alive
MC and Mammon locking eyes at the dinner table, and now they're having a staring contest while everyone else is wondering what the hell is going on
MC: Right, Mammon?
Mammon, who doesn't know what the fuck is happening: Yeah
Mammon and MC having their picnic ruined because a wasp comes a little too close and they both immediately got up to run
Sitting in silence on the couch, legs draped over one another while they scroll through their phones and show each other stupid videos and memes
MC dares Mammon to jump as high as he can on his bed and he promptly breaks the frame, so now they have to explain to Lucifer what happened
Pointing to an ugly creature/monster in a movie and saying "that's you"
Mammon showing MC a picture of Lucifer's face zoomed in REALLY close and trying his damndest not to laugh because "SHH LUCIFER IS RIGHT THERE SHH-"
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di0s-library · 5 months ago
masturbation | demon brothers
Tumblr media
there’s technically no pairings but since theyre just thinking about the reader,, wait would they be? idk but i hate belphies but i really dont wanna go back and redo it or leave him out so,,
pairing(s): lucifer X reader, mammon X reader, leviathan X reader, satan X reader, asmodeus X reader, beelzebub X reader, belphegor X reader.
warning(s): nsfw, slight begging on lucifer’s, overstim & use of toys on mammon’s, use of toys on levi’s, use of the term “master” & handcuffs on satan’s, use of toys on asmo’s along with him being weird (per usual), pillow humping on beel’s.
Tumblr media
— luci : nothing too spicy; he usually just locks his door at 3am on a saturday night and jerks one out using his hands wishing they were yours.
lucifer grunted as his toes curled, sheets bunching under him. he could feel his balls tightening, his pants growing more frequent, and his moans trying to grow louder. “f-fuck, oh, shit, shit!” he moaned rather loudly as he came, the ribbons landing on his thighs and stomach.
he sighed, looking at the mess he made, then thought about how it would look if you were there to help him clean up. “oh, (y/n), p-please,” he mumbled as he took ahold of his cock once more. “please, i-i need you, please,,, touch my cock.”
— mammon : masochist mammon™️ that’s really it. he either edges himself for hours on end or makes himself cum for hours on end, no in between.
“(y/n), y’er gonna make me cum again, please i ain’t- fuck!” mammon moaned out as he came for the fourth time, the vibrator in his ass at max speed along with his hand still pumping his cock as fast as it could.
mammon thought of you calling him a good boy for taking this so well, a moan bellowing through his room as his free hand came down and adjusted the vibrator. he gasped as he came again due to the vibe brushing his prostate. “(y/n)!”
he whimpered quietly as he continued to jerk himself off, turning on his side and holding the vibrator against his prostate. “it’s gettin’ to be too much~” mammon panted as his other hand started squeezing his balls, causing his legs to start shaking. “gotta cum again,,, f-for (y/n).”
— levi : babi otaku definitely has plenty of toys like tentacles YES I WANT THIS TO BE CANON and pocket pussies of his favorite waifus.
levi’s legs shook as he stood on his knees, a vibrating cock ring on along with a glass tentacle toy in his ass. “fuck,” he groaned, falling forward and reaching behind him to take ahold of the glass toy. he started moving it in and out, causing him to bite his lip.
he shoved his face into the mattress to try and silence his moans and whines. “(y/n),” levi panted, turning his head to the side. “i wish this was you, oh f-fuck~”
his whines grew more frequent as he sped up the toy, it repeatedly hitting his prostate. “need to cum, fuck please i need to cum. it feels so good in my~” levi let out a gargled moan. “my ass. mm p-please.”
— satan : no one can tell me satan doesn’t read spicy romance and create masturbation scenarios where it’s you and him recreating it. im making a scene up cause i dont read books besides fanfic and manga at this point
“y-yeah, i’ll be your good boy, (y/n).” satan said while laying on his back, one hand cuffed to his headboard while the other held a pocket pussy on his cock. he gently bucked his hips, moaning quietly as his head tilted back and hand pulled against the restraint.
satan bit his lip and imagined you shunning him for moving without your permission. “sorry, master,” he moaned as his hand started to move the toy quickly. “t-too fast, please, oh~”
he mewled to himself as he continued at the unforgiving pace, panting and thrusting his hips. he knew if you were there you’d call the sight pitiful; and that kept him going. “cum, cum, cum!” satan chanted as he came into the toy.
satan’s head was resting against the headboard as he looked down at the toy starting to leak. “fuck, if only.”
— asmo : fuckin’ hell he’s a mirror masturbator. like,,, that’s the one thing that’s consistent with him.
asmo licked his top lip seductively as he looked at himself in the mirror. he glanced down to see his cock hitting his stomach as he bounced to the toy. he moaned, arching his back.
“mm, i look amazing like this, if only (y/n) was here to share the moment.” asmo leaned forward, putting one hand on the ground and the other jerking his cock in time with his bounces.
asmo’s breathing started to grow shallow and he started clenching around the toy. “fuck, i’m gonna cum (y/n). don’t you wish~” he moaned, watching his cum shoot onto the mirror. “you were here to witness the beautiful scene?”
— beel : pillow humper cause gahdamn he’d go feral if he even got a feeling of your hole(s). and since he shares a room with belphie & he’s terrified one of his brothers but mainly you will walk in on him, he’s learned to keep quiet. [but for this we gonna toss that out the window]
beel’s hips were thrusting as fast and as hard as they could. it wasn’t everyday that he had to dorm to himself. usually, he’d have to hold in everything, but, the poor baby hated it so much.
his arms were wrapped around the pillow under him to keep it in place as he humped it. “f-feels so good,” he moaned. “(y/n),,, fuck please.”
he sat up on his knees, wrapping his fist around his cock and fucking his hand. beel’s moans were echoing off the walls of his shared room as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. “i-i’m cumming!” beel cried out as he came all over the pillow, panting.
he bit his lip in thought. the others wouldn’t be back for another hour,,, beel swallowed and hunched over the pillow again. “once more won’t hurt, i guess.”
— belphie : since he sleeps most of the time, he just relies on wet dreams to get him off, but when those don’t work he just sleepily plays with himself.
belphie gnawed on his sleeve to keep himself quiet as his other hand worked on his cock. “mm, (y/n), i wish you were her to do this for me,” he mumbled, his eyes half closed.
he sped his hand up slightly, gasping. belphie whimpered and turned on his side. he grabbed his pillow and shoved his face into it, moaning as his hand sped up even more. he slowed down to catch his breath, starting to feel sleepy again.
he spit out his sleeve, moving that hand so both of them were jerking him off. “i-it feels so good~” he let out a tired mewl while he came. belphie gently panted as he placed his head comfortably on his pillow. without even bothering to clean up, he fell asleep again.
Tumblr media
other obey me! works.
di0s-library © 2021 all rights reserved.
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moemoemammon · 2 days ago
(Start || Previous)
You have chosen: Share items with Levi AND Investigate locked chest
Tumblr media
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
❤️ ❤️ 🖤
Knowing you've got a limit to how much you can haul around leads to the only logical conclusion: split your inventory with Levi. He's also found a few good items, and also sports a set of armor, and a gun.
You're both geared up, and you choose to investigate the locked chest (ignoring that look of longing in Levi's eyes).
Tumblr media
You aren't sure how you didn't notice it at first, but there it is! You extend a hand toward the chest, wondering how it could be so pristine. Then again, those jars outside were in perfect condition too.
Levi seems to be fixated on the hat in his hands, currently equipping it, so he doesn't notice you reaching toward the chest.
...The chest suddenly snaps open, flashing rows of teeth! It bites down on your hand for -15 points of damage! A mimic!
Levi hears your cry of surprise as you withdraw and observe your HP. 45/60. It takes quick work getting rid of the mimic, but the sound of your struggle has attracted company. You can hear footsteps!
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Continue >>
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minteyeddevil · 6 hours ago
hi Toni!
i was wondering how you think the brothers and dateables would respond to finding out MC hasn't been eating due to self image issues?
definitely not asking because i'm in a rough spot and could use some relatable fluff ❤
(This hits really hard for me because I have this issue a lot too. I hope these come out okay for you, anon!)
Minor warning for mentions of eating disorders, okay? So please be careful. It's just bringing up that they can happen, not accusing MC of having one, so please don't panic. I've had an eating disorder before so in a way its therapeutic talking about.
Tumblr media
There isn't much of anything that can get by Lucifer, and he notices right away when they stop eating as much as they used to
He has a tendency to be very blunt, so he will go right away to MC ask what is going on; are they stressing because of school, just forgetting to eat in general?
Please let him be of assistance to you MC, he genuinely wants to help you
When they mention they don't feel right in their own skin and worry about what they look like, he understands
He is one who strives for perfection with himself, so it makes sense MC would want to feel that way about themselves
But he lectures them on the need to still eat because it can make them weak and sick if they don't, things that can cause all kinds of harm to their body, especially in the Devildom
He offers to help them think of a diet, if they want it, that can help them manage their weight better and make sure they are actually eating properly
I feel that if anyone would understand body image issues, it would be Mammon
He is a model after all and has to deal with keeping his body in shape for his shoots and all
(Even as a demon, I am sure he still stresses about making sure his body is healthy despite his natural abilities to be strong and such)
He also notices MC not eating right away and tries to go about asking them what is wrong; and once he knows it's about body image issues...
He just word vomits about how amazing he thinks they look and how awesome he thinks they are, and refuses to let them think down about themselves
He will compliment them as much as they need to hear it every chance he gets as well
And makes sure to bring them meals if he sees them not eating again (he tries to make them as healthy as he can on top of that)
He is their number one after all so it's his responsibility to make sure his human is doing well
The way he finds out MC isn't eating properly is when they practically pass out when having a gaming night with him
He can tell they are rather weak and when he offers them something to eat, they decline it and he definitely catches the sad look on their face when they do so
He isn't the best at talking about serious things, but he tries to get them to open up about what's really wrong, and he frowns when they mention the body image issues
He understands, having them himself, but MC? They don't deserve to feel that way
He gives them all the reassurance he can, and tries to make them feel better about how they look
So he makes a deal with them that if the promise to take better care of themselves and eat proper meals, he will do his best to stop with the self-deprecating comments that he makes so often
He notices how MC isn't eating much because he catches them skipping both breakfast and lunch
He is also a very blunt demon, so he confronts them on why they are not eating; it is essential for them to take care of their health because the last thing he wants is to see them get sick from malnutrition
When they bring up that they don't like how they look and figure not eating would change it, he speaks to them about eating disorders he had read about in the human world
The last thing he wants is to see them develop something like that, so he offers to help them manage their food intake, if that is something they would like
He keeps an eye on them and makes sure they at least eat something for their three meals, and tries to help them develop healthy habits like walking daily or doing exercise; things he knows help humans with their bodies
Another brother who I figure understands the issues with body image, and one that MC can genuinely reach out to
A lot of demons assume he is so into himself only; but he is also observant of MC because of how much they mean to him
He picks up on their lack of eating and notices how it's taking a toll on their body with the darkened eyes and brittle nails
He knows right away what it is about from experiencing it himself, and offers MC all the help he can give them
Helps them find clothing that flatters their form better; also helps them with make up and skin care if they wish for him to
And helps them work out a diet to make sure they are eating properly and enough times a day so that they don't get sick
Oh he notices immediate that MC isn't eating and it concerns him greatly because he knows how weak human bodies can become in the Devildom
Being the blunt demon that he is, he goes straight to them and tries to offer them food, showing his concern that they aren't eating enough and he doesn't want to see them sick
Body image issues? Do want to start working out with him, MC? Go to the gym when he does and see if that helps?
He just wants to be useful and helpful to them, offering everything he can think of that would make them feel better
Tells them over and over he thinks they look amazing as they are and they are such a good person, they don't deserve to feel or think that way about themselves
Brings them their favorite foods all the time and sits with them to make sure they actually eat something
He catches on that MC isn't eating when he sees them skipping lunch at RAD
He also sees how they look at themselves in the hallway mirrors, frowning and examining themselves in disgust
No, he needs to talk to them and see what's going on because he doesn't like that look on their face at all
He talks to MC and tries to give them reassurance that nothing is wrong with their body and they look completely fine; there is no need to change what they look like cause...well...he likes them the way they are
Lots of cuddles and hugs from this brother and he will offer his sincere compliments as well when they need to hear it
Usually he and Beel will come together to MC's room with food and sit and eat with them to make sure they get food in their belly
It would take a little bit for Dia to catch on to MC not eating because of how busy he is most of the time
He finally catches it though when he sees MC not eating at lunch and just looking so tired with dark eyes
He calls them to his office to have a talk about what is going on, and that is where he learns about their body image issues and how they don't like what they look like
Showers them in compliments and reassurance because he doesn't want to see his precious human so down on themselves
Studies up about human health to see what he can do for them (and help prevent them from developing an eating disorder, from what he learned)
Asks Barbatos to make them lunches that he brings to them at RAD and will talk to them as often as he can about their insecurities to help them work through them
Actually caught on to MC not wanting to eat because they would avoid touching the treats he would make for them
It sounds silly but that was a big red flag considering MC used to love to eat the sweets he would make
He wants to be direct with MC so he calls them over for a walk in the garden where he asks them what's been wrong, even though he has an idea
Like Satan, he has studied up on human world eating disorders and wants to prevent them from developing, so he comes up with a diet and exercise plan for them that can help them handle the insecurities better
Checks in with them constantly to make sure they are eating and taking care of themselves and invites them over to the Demon Lord's castle often so he can see them for himself
He and Luke are the ones who both notice how MC doesn't seem to eat much when either at school or even visiting them
It takes him a bit of watching to catch on to why and he brings up the insecurities to them rather bluntly
He reassures them that nothing is wrong with them and how they look is not something to worry about so much because they are perfect the way they are
He offers recipes for different variations of meals they can try that could be considered healthier, if they desire them
He wants them to be happy in their own skin and makes sure they know that with his actions and words
He and Luke always bring some kind of snack or meal for them when they meet up at RAD as well
He has seen things like this happen to a lot of his friends, so the last thing he wants is for it to happen to MC
He notices how they rarely eat around him when he invites them over to Purgatory Hall or out together when getting lunch
It worries him so much, and he lets MC know this
When they bring up the body image problems them have, he understands, and offers to help them
He showers them compliments and reassurance, being serious for once instead of his constant teasing that he usually gives them
Offers to cook for them, though the kindly decline; but he manages to get Simeon to help cook and brings them lunches to make sure they actually eat
Takes them out to walk around the Devildom as well the help them get exercise in if that will help too
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Mc: Caffeine no longer keeps me awake while I work, so instead I have Lucifer periodically send me texts saying ‘we need to talk.’
Mc: It gives me the right amount of adrenaline and fear I need to keep going.
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Mc: I just want someone to take me out
Solomon: with a gun or on a date
Asmo: a date? I'll go on a date
Mc: don't know suprise me
Mammon: Noooo
Levi: oh hell, please decide date
Lucifer: oh dear lord
Satan: *dieing of laughter*
belphie: *weezing*
Beel: is mc okay
Simeon: welp I can offer counseling
Luke: is mc okay
Barbatos: luke I'm sure she will be
Diavolo: *enjoying the choas*
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moemammon · 6 months ago
The brothers purr and I don’t accept criticism on this. How do they react to an MC who adores it when they purr?
Purring Demon Bros and an MC who Loves it!
(Fluffy romance because I'm a weak bitch)
He only ever purrs when the two of you are alone, most often in the comfort of his room.
Your very presence is soothing enough to get him purring, especially if you're close enough to touch... just how he likes it.
His days are always filled with work, stress, and work related stress. So unwinding like this with you, being able to wrap his arms around you and lean into the crook of your neck, is bliss.
And he knows you don't mind his purring. In fact, you've stated how much you like it. So he'll give you this rare treat on occasions like this, when he feels up to it.
"I can tell you're smiling. Do you really like the sound that much?" Lucifer chuckles at you, and eases your head against his chest, where you can get an earful of those purrs. "Is it better like this?"
The loudest bout of purring you coaxed out of him was when you came back to the devildom, and he got to wrap his arms around you.
And since then, it seems like it's a common occurrence. Anytime he hugs you, he's purring. If you touch him? Purring. You praise him? Purring.
Hell, if you guys even lock eyes for longer than two seconds, he's already purring.
You're like immediately serotonin to his brain, and he can't get enough of ya. And it does wonders for his ego when you tell him you like it!
"I'll only do it for you, ya got that? It's cuz I love ya, so..... anyway, put her arms around me already!"
When you caught him purring for the first time, you were leaning up against his arm while he played his handheld, and he accidentally let the sounds slip.
Cue all the hasty apologies, 'yucky otaku's, and "Th-Th-That was..-! Forget about that okay?! You didn't hear that! You didn't hear anything!"
It takes him FOREVER to be comfortable purring around you, but once he is, there's no going back.
He's purring the moment you come into his room. Just being around you has that motor inside of him going just as loudly as his heartbeat.
"If you... if you come a little closer, then you might be able t-to... to hear it better, or something.... m-maybe..."
The purring slipped out for the first time completely unannounced, while the two of you were studying together. And boy did it catch him by surprise.
He was seriously so relaxed that he couldn't help himself at all. You had that kind of effect on him.
But as soon as you say you don't mind, his moment of hesitation has disappeared.
Satan doesn't do it often but when he does purr, it's always in those quiet little moments where it's just the two of you, and he doesn't realize just how comfortable he is being near you.
"I'm doing it again? Hahaha... It's a little embarrassing, but I don't mind if you're the one to hear it. Sit closer to me, will you?"
Funny enough, Asmo rarely EVER purrs. Except for the day you return his affections and actually look at him for who he is. From that point on, it's almost all he ever does.
His purring is strictly reserved for conveying his deepest feelings. And those feelings are only for you, and no one else.
When he's with you, he just can't help himself! He wants to touch you, to always be with you, to go places with you...
Whether he's doing with you will always make him purr! It's like you know all the things to do that'll make him happy.
"MC, you're insatiable~! Making me purr this much... you must really love me, huh? That's good, because I love you too!"
Beel always purrs when he eats something he REALLY likes. Sometimes you aren't sure if that's just his stomach growling, though.
But when it happens more and more often the more he's around you, you quickly realize that the gentle giant is purring, and not fantasizing about eating you. Maybe.
When you tell him you like it, you get to see the softest of smiles on his face. "I don't get why I do it when I'm with you, but I think it's because I'm happy."
He purrs the loudest when he can hold you in his arms, cuddling you close like he never wants to let go. That gives you the best spot to hear those purrs in all their glory, too.
He always nuzzles into your hair, too. "I'm sorry if it's loud. I can't calm myself down when you're with me like this. Can we stay this way a little longer?"
You can always coax purrs out of Belphie when you run your fingers through his hair. Especially when he's chosen your lap as his pillow.
Gentle affections are the quickest way to his heart. Catch him when he's just about to drift off, and those are the loudest purrs you'll ever hear.
Not shy about it, either. He doesn't care if his brothers are around, as long as they don't harass him about it. All he cares about is the fact that you like his purring.
His purrs are surprisingly deep and rumbly. It's kind of soothing. Especially when you're cuddled up to him and the two of you are ready for a nap. The purrs paired with his gentle breathing make for the best white noise ever.
"Do you really like it that much? .....I don't mind purring for you, MC. That is, if you'll promise to stay close to me. Let's hold each other like this forever, okay?"
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