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MC: I don’t even like thanksgiving that much to be honest. The food is good though

Asmo: Ooh! I love eating myself out on thanksgiving!

Lucifer: What did you say? Huh? Excuse me? Do you want to repeat that, Asmo?

Beel: I think he means eating out

Lucifer: He better have

Asmo: I meant eating myself out

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Reader x naga!leviathan (au)

The sun was swallowed up by the horizon before you realized how placid the water had become. The silence was… mildly unsettling after a few beats of your heart became noticeably louder than your environment. You felt a bizarre tension winding up in the air. No, it was the water. You weren’t sure why, but you became jarringly terrified of looking down below the pier. You figured all this sudden anxiety was all really for nothing, just one of those times when pleasant solitude gets slowly infected with the feeling of isolation.

Even though one of your shoes had sunk down to the sand below the now-opaque water, it felt like time to leave. You could stop by a corner store for some cheap sandals if you needed to. A sigh blew past your lips to ease some of the tension, you think you have a few bucks to spend…

The unnatural silence was broken by a gentle lap of waves. Your eyes flicked over to the noise as your body remained stock still. Your heart beat thumped loudly in your throat again, because what could be possibly coming out of the water??

The first thing you saw was a blue bioluminescent glow.. then two glowing amber lights. No, eyes? You still did not move.

A quiet voice came from whatever was covered in the little lights.

“I… I g-got your shoe f-for y-you..!” It stuttered, punctuated with a brief cough.

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I know I said I’d do a Thanksgiving marathon, but I decided to do something different that I think you guys will have fun with too.

So! I’m going to be doing an interactive fic all day. I’ll put out a starter prompt tomorrow morning, and then as I get asks I will use a random number generator to pick which ask to use next.

Will MC join Mint Eye? Will Saeyoung become a long cat? Will Jumin become a 7331 gamer? Will the demon brothers show up? Who knows! It’s up to you guys!

I will do my best to spin your asks into a semi-coherent plot!

All parts will be tagged with “Edgelord Fic Mess” so you can keep track of the different parts.

See you then!

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Anyways, Id like to give a special little shoutout to fan writers and artists for making up their own mythology/lore for Devildom and the other realms. Yall are the sexiest bitches out there and dont you forget it.

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