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#mammon x mc
thanthelion · 44 minutes ago
Evening Mammon brainrot. He's so adorable!
Tumblr media
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lotsoffandomimagines · an hour ago
~ lucifer + mammon + asmodeus + belphegor finding you sleeping in their bed waiting for them would include...
Tumblr media
It’s not unusual for Lucifer to stay out late to have meetings with Diavolo
However this time Lucifer was actually at home. He was just in his office handling documents for the student council
You knew better than to disturb him in his study without being invited. So instead you decided to wait in his bedroom for him
Lucifer’s bed is so large and comfy that you couldn’t help but curl up under the silk sheets as the hours went by
By the time the ever so hardworking demon chooses to get some rest you’re fast asleep
Lucifer’s a little surprised to find that you’ve tried waiting for him but it fuels his pride nonetheless that you’ve ever so loyally stayed here just for him
“You really are mine, aren’t you? What a good little human”
You hadn’t meant to drift off so you didn’t tuck yourself in properly. Not to worry, Lucifer takes care of that for you before crawling in next to you and kissing your forehead. It’s a rare gentle moment. If only you had been awake
Mammon had gone out for one of his photo shoots. He wasn’t supposed to be out so late but the magazine decided to take a few extra pictures and he couldn’t turn down the extra money
At the same time it always made Mammon anxious being away from you for so long, so he was happy that he was finally getting home
He knew you were probably asleep by now but greedily wanted to see you at least once that day he stopped by your bedroom
To his surprise you were nowhere to be seen. He starts to panic thinking one of his brothers might have lured you to their bedrooms instead
But when he stops by his room Mammon finds you in their gently snoozing away. Y-you were here the whole time? Waiting for him?!
You’re asleep and still Mammon can’t stop himself from getting all flustered finding you this way
Damn it... you’re just so cute. Mammon can’t stop himself from taking a photo who he swears no one else will ever lay eyes on. Only he gets to see you this way
Laying down next to you Mammon can’t resist the urge to pull you close. Gosh he’s so soft when he thinks you’re asleep
That night Asmo had gone out to one of the local clubs. You would have gone with him but you had some studying you had to do
At the same time you were worried about Asmo getting home safe do you studied in his bedroom so you could simultaneously wait for him
You continuously texted Asmo while he was out and only stopped when you in inevitably fell asleep. That was fine because Asmo was eventually to drunk to answer your messages anyway
He was tipsy when he returned home but managed to make his way to his bedroom anyway. That’s where Asmo finds you
How adorable! You stayed here waiting for him. How can Asmo possibly stop himself from smiling?
Taking a moment to admire your sleeping face, Asmo can’t help but think that he’s finally found someone even more pleasant to look at than himself
Asmo doesn’t want to disrupt whatever dream you’re having (it could be about him after all!) so he’s careful as he snuggles up next to you but don’t expect him to contain his urge to steal a little kiss from you :)
Belphie staying out late was actually a punishment. Trust me, he’s much rather be at home sleeping himself
Unfortunately Lucifer caught him taking a nap during a student council meeting and to teach him a lesson Lucifer made him stay at the school to work on a bunch of paperwork
You felt bad so you stayed with Beel as you both waited for Belphie to come back
Eventually chatting with Beel isn’t enough to distract you from your exhaustion and you slip away into unconsciousness in Belphie’s empty bed
By the time Belphie comes back to the house Beel is still up snacking as you sleep the night away
Smiling at his twin, Beel let’s Belphie know that you wanted to stay up until he returned but you were a human after all. You couldn’t help it
Beel offers to carry you back to your room but Belphie assures him it’s fine. He doesn’t want to bother you when you look so peaceful
After gently brushing your hair out of your face, Belphie climbs under the covers with you
What started out as a punishment from Lucifer turned into something much better. Now Belphie has an excuse to hold you as you both sleep. Maybe he should nap during meetings more often
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tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @czarinera / @crapimahuman / @tvwhoresblog / @bonnisimpparker / @chesirekittycat / @lise-mariebutfriendscallmelisa / @nnmesis / @leighbechilling / @mammonsbootycall / @duhsies / @mangoessassafras
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letmebeyourruri-chan · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Part1: mammon;leviathan
In which a spell gone wrong leaves poor m/c stuck in a wall...
Warnings: nsfw,minors dni. Slight dubcon,degradtion
A/n: i would like to thank the homies on the discord who listened to me rant about this a very pleasant evening 🧎🏼‍♀️
You weren’t very skilled when it came to magic. Sure,the ability had come somewhat naturally to you(you’re guessing it was because of your blood) but that didn’t mean you were any good at it.
You had told Solomon this multiple times as he handed you a quickly scribbled down spell in class,insisting that trying something like this would be near impossible. You already had a great deal of trouble with small spells,even with him helping you most of the time.
But he was persistent,assuring you that it was more than simple enough for you to cast on your own,and that it would really help you out in the long run.
So thats how you ended up in your current predicament.
He was right,the spell was relatively simple,a quick portal spell to help you move across short distances alot quicker.
Maybe you just drew the seal a little too small,you thought as you wiggled around,trying desperately to dislodge yourself from the hole that was wrapped tightly around your middle. “Or maybe it just closed too fast?”
You kept pondering what could have went wrong as you cursed yourself for drawing the magic circle so low on the wall. Your body was bent in an uncomfortable angle,bent at the waist with your feet just barely touching the ground.
You’re upper half was trapped staring at the piano in the music room,while your lower half was still back in your room,along with the spell you needed to get yourself out.
You wiggled around a little more before sighing. There was absolutely no way you were going to get out of this on your own.
You prepared yourself for the inevitable embarrassment as you mustered up the courage to yell out for help,but the sound of a doorknob wiggling abruptly stopped you.
Tumblr media
Mammon always loved this time of the day. Just after school,he knew his brothers would be too busy with homework or other stuff (like taking a a nap or raiding the fridge) to bother you,so that meant he had you all to himself!
He,of course didn’t care much if you were busy yourself,because you always indulged him regardless of whatever you had going on.
With a wide grin and a loud “hey hey hey” he swung open the door to your room,just barely stopping it from slamming into the wall (lest lucifer yell at him for slamming doors) before welcoming himself inside.
His eyes immediately went to the bed,expecting you to be huddled up there with school work or your DDD,but it was empty,much to his confusion.
“Ah! Mammon, is that you? Over here!” His eyes darted around the room in confusion as your muffled voice sounded out. He saw various pieces of chalk and a strange symbol scratched onto a piece of paper scattered on the floor,before his eyes finally landed on you.
Or rather your exposed bottom half.
Mammons eyes widened and his mouth went dry at the sight of your peach coloured panties only barely covering your ass.
Your skirt had completely ridden up,giving him the perfect view of your creamy tights rubbing together as you squirmed. He gulped as he felt his pants tighten at the sight,the sound of you pleading for his help falling on deaf ears.
“Mammon! A-are you listening? Can you please come to the music room with that spell on the ground? I-ah i cant get out.”
Mammon felt his cock twitch at the sounds you were making,biting his lip to suppress the groan what was threatening to escape his throat.
“Yeah yeah,gimme a sec.” He grunted,briefly looking behind him and shutting the door. He would much rather die than have any of his brothers see you like this. This was something only he was allowed to see.
Licking his lips, Mammon started walking towards you,stopping only inches away from your quivering legs. You wiggled a bit,sensing him behind you,suddenly feeling very aware of how close he was.
“T-the spell. Its over there on the ah!” You yelped as you felt a warm hand come to rest on your ass,thumb rubbing soft circles in your skin as a chuckle sounded out behind you.
💵once he gets over tue initial shock of seeing you in such a compromising position,he’d be so smug
💵this is a once in a lifetime opportunity right? His little M/C splayed out for him like this.
💵he’d start off by just rubbing you through your panties,taking in your little gasps and moans interrupting your protests.
💵but of course he wouldn’t keep teasing for long.
Mammon rubbed his skilled fingers over the growing wet spot on your panties,not missing the way your breath hitched as he pressed a little harder.
“M-mammon stop! Come on what if someone comes in?” He only grinned ,hooking his hingers into the waistband of your panties before slowly starting to pull them down.
“But look at how wet ya are M/C! What kinda demon would i be if i just left ya like this?” You could hear the smugness in his voice as he ran his fingertips over your wetness,soaking them thoroughly before pressing against your clit.
You couldn’t stop the moan from leaving your lips even if you wanted too,especially not with mammons skilled fingers moving to prod at your entrance.
“Awhh look at that! You’re dripping! So fuckin’ messy. Guess we dont need too much prep then huh?” He said slyly,suddenly pulling away from you.
In reality,he would have loved to keep teasing you till he had his fill,heck,he’d spend hours just eating you out right then and there if he could,but alas,the near painful strain of his hard cock in his jeans was becoming too much for him to handle.
You could only squirm as you heard him fiddle with his belt,trying very hard to get him to touch you again.
It wasn’t long before you felt the head of his cock pushing against you,only barely pushing inside your heat. He ran his tip over your folds,his precum mixing with your juices as he rubbed against your clit.
“Ma-mammon c’mon” you breathed out,again trying to push back against him
He scoffed,using his free hand to spread you open and watch as your hole clenched around nothing. “Just a second ago you were bout someone comin’ in,now you’re beggin for me? Doesn’t take much for you to turn into a messy lil whore huh?”
You could only whine at his harsh words,desperately struggling to move yourself backwards onto him. You’re movements were quickly stilled by a harsh slap to your ass,the sudden sting causing you to yelp.
“Be a good slut and stay still for me,then maybe I’ll give ya what you want”
Tumblr media
Of course as soon as levi heard you were home from school he was going straight to your room.
He knew that if he wasn’t fast enough,Mammon would most likely steal your attention first and he couldn’t have that. He had already prepared a whole setup for the two of you to spend the afternoon gaming together,and he’d be damned if one of his brothers were to mess up his plans.
Levi practically sprinted to your room,excited to tell you about the new episode of your favourite sports anime that had just come out. Heck he was so excited that he was already ranting about it before opening the door.
“M/C you won’t BELIEVE how this season ended! They left us with a total cliffhanger! But on the bright side the two main characters finally-“
Levi fell silent as soon as he stepped into the room,the words dying in his throat as his eyes landed on the shape stuck in the wall.
“Levi? Oh thank goodness! My spell went wrong now im stuck. I told Solomon I couldn’t do it but he didn’t listen!. Could you maybe please...”
Leviathan couldn’t hear a single word you were saying,his attention solely fixed on the violet lace that just barely left anything to the imagination,perfectly showing off the shape of your ass.
Not only that,but you were still in your school uniform,which meant that your legs were still covered by your thigh high socks,the sight alone was enough to make Levi to throb.
🐍Levi had many dreams similar to this before,so of course the next step would be obvious
🐍 He always made a point to read whatever lewd manga he could get his hands on,it was the only way he could obtain more dream scenarios.
🐍 Levi would not hesitate to start touching you right away,he’s been aching for this particular scene for so long after all.
“This can’t be real.” Levi gasped out,blinking hard asif to try and wake himself up. “Am i dreaming?” He muttered,slowly starting to walk closer to your form. “W-what? Hey c’mon Levi this is serious! I can’t get out!”
You squirmed a bit,causing your skirt to ride up higher and Levi couldn’t help but reach out to touch you.
You gasped at the feeling of his cold hand on your bare cheek,a dark blush spreading across your face. “This is like something straight out of a Doujin. This has to be a dream”
You heard Levi shuffle around behind you,your shameful excitement keeping you from saying anything. “Funny,I don’t remember falling asleep though”
Levi rubbed his large palm up your thigh,fingers only barely brushing against your heat. You prayed that he didn’t notice the subtle wet spot that was surely starting to form on your underwear by now. “Wow M/c.” You heard him groan,both of his hands coming up to firmly grip your ass,spreading your cheeks apart and watching your wetness stain the purple fabric.
“Even in my dreams,you’re so warm” you gasped softly at his actions,once again starting to squirm. “L-levi this isn’t a-Ah!”
Levi pressed his face into your crotch,inhaling deeply before sticking his tongue out to lap at your juices that soaked through. You heard him moan as he sucked on the fabric,the action causing you to press yourself closer to him.
He pulled away for a second,panting as he licked his lips. The flavour of you lingering on his tongue was enough to convince him that this was definitely not a dream,but stopping now when he was so far gone was definitely not an option anymore. Especially not with his cock straining against his underwear.
There was a short pause before Levi started pulling your panties down,his eyes following the long string of arousal that clung to the material.
You felt him shuffle behind you again,his hands leaving your ass and coming up to rest on your hips as soon as he pulled his sweats down,just enough to free his cock.
The sound you made was downright sinful as you felt him press against you,burying himself snuggly between your thighs.
“Wha-what are you doing?” You gasped out feeling shame wash over you as your wetness started dripping down your legs.
“Well,If this is a doujin,that means I’m the protagonist right? Obviously,Im just moving on to the next chapter”
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weebswrites · 3 hours ago
Could i request some big brother Mammon headcanons?🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Your choice if it's with a little sibling!MC or him looking after his brothers!
Big Brother!Mammon and Little Sibling!MC
• He listens to all your rants about your favorite shows and hobbies, smiling and asking questions to show his engagement
• When you wrestle he always lets you win, but he doesn’t go down without a fight
• May or may not use the ‘but i’m your brother, you love me’ bit to get you to lend him money
• The brothers are always surprised at how caring he acts towards you (in contrast to how he acts towards them lol)
• Motivates you to do well with your schoolwork until one day you ask him “Mammon if I always have to do well in school, why don’t you?”
• That was the first time you’d seen Lucifer laugh so hard
• One time he overhears you telling Levi that you look up to him and he almost cries
• As soon as you turn the legal age, he takes you to The Fall and you spend the night partying and having the night of your life (Asmo 100% insists on going with you guys)
• He’s known to not keep a secret well, but that doesn't apply to you. Anything you tell him in confidence you know he’ll take to the grave
• The more time you spend with Lucifer and Satan, the more you pick up on their hobby of teasing him - to Mammon’s dismay
• He hates it less from you though, and just rolls his eyes and ruffles your hair in protest, sometimes crossing his arms and turning away from you as if he were really hurt
• Takes a selfie every time you hang out because he likes to look back on your memories
A/N: I’ve gotten so many good requests since posting the dying MC hc yesterday I literally love u guys so much. I will be posting a lot within the next week bc I am ~so~ inspired to write them hehe
Also! If you guys want me to do more of these for the other brothers / undatables lmk!
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otromeru · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry for being inactive lately! A bunch of things happened so i’ve been kinda on and off from social media. But may i offer you some mammoneru? 
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Hopefully I'm not bothering once again but I wanted to share yet another thingy thing I thought of
Mc suddenly didn't show up for 2 classes, so one of the brothers goes to search for them, and see that- They fell asleep, and a small cerberus puppy was asleep on them as well (basically just,, like a different breed of cerberus)
Awww this ask is so freaking adorable I can't~ thank you so much. YOU NEVER BOTHER ME. Ask as much as you want I'm always delighted.
Tumblr media
You're usually a pretty responsible student. Of course you occasionally bunk a class because either Mammon drags you onto one of his misadventures or Belphie doesn't let you leave till late.
But two classes in a row? He didn't like the sound of that. What are you becoming MC?
"Where did you see them last?" Lucifer inquires around as he tries to find you.
It didn't take him too long, you are at the house itself. In the living room, near the window.
With your head tilted against the headrest, your eyes closed in deep sleep. You even had your uniform on. And what's that in your lap? A puppy?
A three headed puppy lay curled up in your lap, all three heads asleep and nuzzling at stomach.
Lucifer broke into a smile, his face reddening. Damnit who gave you the right to look this cute?
If this is the reason you didn't show up... Well he can write some absent notes for you.
Gets his jacket to cover both and the pupper up.
Strictly warns his brothers not to go in and disturb you.
"Oi human! Pick up the damn phone!" He keeps trying to call but you don't pick up. And then sighs knowing you probably can't even hear your DDD cause you keep it on silent.
Classes are boring as they are, now he's even more restless. You are the one person who helps in concentrate in class. Two at a time is too much to take!
Starts hunting for you in the all classrooms and then heads home.
Oh look there's MC! "MC what are ya doing at home- OH!" Shuts up when he sees you sleeping, holding a puppy in your arms.
Involuntarily snaps like 50 pictures of you. One of them is his wallpaper now.
IT'S NOT LIKE YOU LOOK CUTE OR ANYTHING! He just couldn't help it!
Also grumbles at the puppy for a while out of jealousy.
Stays next to you until you wake up.
MC where are you!!! The second class just ended!!! Are you bunking on purpose LOL - Levi constantly kept texting you like this and yet no replies.
Now who will ramble to about the new TSL series? No this is too much.
Gets busy looking for you. Man this is just like that anime 'Hunting down my missing best friend or else I die of boredom'!
Starts a whole detective game sequence where he interacts with anything and everything to get a clue of where you are.
He almost nosebleeds when he sees you and the puppy curled up and sleeping.
Too cute MC. Too cute. You're killing him.
Took a lot of pictures and but it didn't feel like enough. Also low-key jealous of the puppy.
So he just sits there and starts drawing you and the puppy in anime style with different costumes.
'MC you're missing important classes, are you okay?' He also sends you a message. Usually you reply to him almost instantly. He gets worried when you don't.
He usually takes down notes for you and explains when he gets back. And he is certain that sometimes you miss classes just so he can teach you instead.
Detective Satan mode activated. He is also the fastest at finding you.
When he says fast asleep with a puppy on your lap, he breaks into a chuckle.
How typical. You fell asleep exactly the same way in his room with a two kittens on your lap last week.
He also takes a photo adding to his secret gallery 'MC + pets'. It's top secret.
Gently raises your head and places a pillow so your neck doesn't hurt when you wake up.
Decides to stay by your side and make notes for you till you wake up.
Why isn't MC picking up his calls?! MC stop stressing him out, it's bad for his skin!
If you were planning to skip classes, then you could have joined him in a shopping spree instead.
Promptly starts a search for you by charming whoever he can. Creates so much fuss over a missing human.
Eventually Satan tells him and he finds you at home in deep sleep with a cute puppy on your lap.
He will literally set up the lighting and clean up the surroundings so fast and so noiselessly.
He secretly marvels at how much you've accepted Devildom as your own.
A three headed puppy doesn't even faze you, you love and hold it all the same.
Falls asleep next to you. Extra beauty sleep? Yes please.
MC isn't in class? Perhaps they're in the cafeteria? He's usually lost in his own thoughts about what to have for lunch so he didn't notice at first
MC come back he needs to share his snacks. He even got your favourite pudding.
Almost sniffs you out like a dog when he goes home. He chuckles and smiles, as he sees you in deep sleep while the puppy lies on your lap, it's tail wrapped around your finger.
It reminds him of how Belphie used to hold Beel while sleeping when they were kids.
Carries you so gently to the bed, puppy and all and covers you up with a blanket. And he does it flawlessly cause he has had to do it with Belphie before.
Leaves your favorite pudding and school lunch all wrapped up on the table for you to have when you wake up.
He could tell MC wasnt in class cause he couldn't sleep well. He generally sat beside or behind MC, their presence gave him the better sleep.
Of course none of his idiot brothers know where MC is. Ugh. Why does he have to everything around here?
He goes straight home, he knows there is nowhere you like to be alone at school. And he is right when he finds you.
How can someone possibly look so cute when they're sleeping? He cups your cheek and runs a hand through your hair like you do to him when he's asleep.
Also that's a lucky puppy to be sleeping in your lap. He knows it's where he sleeps best.
Also takes a picture and sets it as his screensaver.
And then he gently shoves the puppy aside and rests his own head on your lap and falls fast asleep.
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obeythebutler · 10 hours ago
Request are open?? This is exciting! I was wondering, how would everyone (bros + new datables please if you could) react to a belly dancer MC? Just, you know, sexy hip rolls and all that?
Sorry, I recently started watching some videos on belly dancing and the thought has been in my head for a while.... And you're so amazing with the character's personalities that I just had to ask you!
Thank you so much!! I hope you like these!
Brothers And Dateables React To Belly Dancer MC
Lucifer had read in MC's file that they were a belly dancer. Being a demon who appreciates the fine arts, he was intrigued.
He never told them that they wanted to see them dance, being too prideful, until he chanced upon them practicing in their room. Really, if they didn't want anyone to come they should have locked the door, Lucifer already prepared his argument as he couldn't resist the temptation.
He was mesmerized. Never in his life as a demon had he seen such a beautiful, enthralling dance. Every lift of the hips, each chest and shoulder drop, the way they moved with such grace and confidence- he couldn't help but stare. It was alluring, enticing, enchanting.
MC is going to be teased once they notice the Avatar of Pride leaning against the doorframe. They might have gotten a few offers....which were requests in perform privately for Lucifer.
He has a very bad habit of barging into MC's room unannounced. Just like any other day, he barged into their room, but his speech was cut short when he saw MC dancing.
Every roll of the hips, each shoulder roll and circle had him gaping with his mouth wide open, and when MC turned around they screamed because- A. Mammon barged into their room unannounced B. He saw them dancing.
When the pair had calmed down after screaming the whole house down, Mammon was a blushing mess as he questioned how they managed to master and perform the art of belly dancing.
He was a spluttering mess the whole time, and as unaffected and somber he tried to pretend he was, we all know he was blushing furiously.
Mammon definitely asked pleaded MC to dance again as he stared in awe.
As much as Levi is concerned with his own privacy, locking his door and maintaining a secret password, he doesn't bother with others privacy if there is something of his interest.
He just wanted to inform MC about the new Ruri-Chan episodes that were airing tonight, but when he was passing by the planetarium he
There was MC, belly-dancing flawlessly. The phone in his hand might have dropped to the floor if not for his reflexes as he gaped at their form- each shoulder roll, each hip twist, each movement had him mesmerized, stuck in place as he stared, and when MC turned around, they shamefully stopped their dancing.
Leviathan really wanted them to continue, but all he could do was mutter about the new anime coming, and fled the scene. When MC comes into his room later, he will ask them to perform for him again, please, when he gathers enough confidence.
He has read about many dance forms, both in the human and demon realm, but never saw some in action, until that day.
Satan swears he isn't a creep to stalk people, but he couldn't help it when he saw MC belly-dancing in their room, and Satan stood in front of the half-open door as he watched, mesmerized by each movement- each hip roll, every arm and hip manipulation, their seductive aura, everything was exactly as how he had read in books-but nothing could compare to this moment.
He stood against the doorway, watching them with an enchanted look, taking in their every moment, every action with inquisitive eyes. He didn't notice that MC was staring bashfully at him until they called his name out loud.
He teased them, asking them to please continue with a teasing tone, even if his cheeks were red.
Asmodeus knows all about seduction- the ways and words to make someone weak in the knees, at his beck and call. But he never thought he would find himself seduced.
MC was dancing in the living room when all other brothers were out to the Demon Lord's castle for a meeting. Asmodeus had come back to change his shirt, as Beel had spilled ketchup on it. The sound of music in the living room made him go and see what his lovely MC was up to.
But what he saw made him blink in surprise and then sit down on a chair, thoroughly enjoying the show.
Every hip roll, every arm movement,every circle had him mesmerized as he watched, and he clapped when MC finished their performance. Asmo kept complimenting them as they blushed.
He is definitely going to ask MC to teach him that dance too and perhaps, join them?
He just wanted to ask MC if they had any snacks since he ate everything in the fridge..he didn't expect to hear the sound of music from their room, and when he saw them dancing- he stood there, mouth agape as he took in every move- every hip roll, every drop and arm wave, he was mesmerized.
Never had he seen such a graceful and seductive dance. Almost like being hypnotized, all he could do was stare in awe and admiration. Apparently he must have been standing there for what must be a long time because MC was now staring at him, and the music had long stopped.
He bashfully apologized for coming in unannounced, but at the end he shyly muttered that they danced beautifully..and MC smiled.
Beel might shyly ask them to perform again sometime, if they wish.
He often went down to the planetarium on nights he couldn't sleep, and when his brothers were all sleeping too. But then he heard music coming from there- which was strange, because he never heard any of his brothers practice with such instruments.
He dragged himself and watched from the shadows- MC was dancing to the music, and every move of the hips-every little roll, every twist, every drop, the way their arms moved- had him staring shamelessly with a blush painted on his cheeks.
He might have looked very frightening from the shadows, as MC jumped on seeing him, and he hurriedly showed himself.
Really, if they didn't want anyone to come they should have knocked, Belphegor had muttered as he blushed furiously. But he won't deny he enjoyed the show.
He's going to ask MC to dance for him again, only for him.
He was curious about all things related to the human realm as it is, and what better way to understand their culture than through their customs,traditions and art?
He might have called MC to the castle and ask them to perform in front of him. As intimidating the request was, MC agreed, because Diavolo was making puppy eyes at them.
But when they started performing he almost fell from his seat. Every hip roll, every arm wave, each hip twist and drop had him staring in awe. Never had he seen such a dance, that too done by a human. He had observed the performances of many dancers in his court before, but none of them could compare to what this human was doing.
They keep surprising him, he thought as he sprang from his seat to congratulate their performance with ruddy cheeks.
Maybe, if they allow it, maybe, they could dance again and he would join too..? After they teach him too, of course!
He already predicted he would see MC dancing, when they had to stay at the Castle for a night due to the heavy storm. But he never had expected that seeing them dance in reality was even better than his visions.
Every little move, every roll, every drop of the hips- Barbatos's observant eyes took it all in as he stood in place, staring, admiring it all. It was beautiful, the way they moved, their focused expression, their aura- if he could, he'd have this moment repeat itself infinitely.
As their performance finished and they noticed Barbatos staring, he quickly adjusted his posture and apologized for snooping in, but couldn't help complimenting their skills, nevertheless, with a blush.
If possible, if they may allow him this luxury, perhaps, they could dance again, for him?
Dance was a form of expression in both the three realms- of joy, anger,sorrow, love, of diverse emotions and thoughts.
But Simeon couldn't help but think that the dance he currently has the pleasure of seeing was nothing short of seductive and alluring.
Every hip roll, every circle, every arm wave had him in awe, mesmerized, by the sheer beauty. All he could do was stare as MC danced, unaware of his gaze. And when it was over, he revealed himself to compliment them, and apologize for snooping on them, but their dance was so alluring, he couldn't help it!
Maybe, when they're both free, maybe MC could teach him too?
In his immortal life, he had seen many cultures, many architectures, many traditions, and each one made him study it in fascination.
Until now.
Never had he seen such alluring, tempting dance that MC was doing. Their focused expression, the way their hips rolled, twisted and dropped- every move had his knees feeling weak and refusing to move. Solomon was enraptured, mesmerized, hypnotized by them.
He just have given them quite a fright, because they were now staring at him with bashfully, and he's sure he had one on his face too.
He shyly complimented them before placing their forgotten R.A.D. ID on the table, and running away, both in embarrassment at barging in on them and at his own sinful thoughts.
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1funeralcake1 · 19 hours ago
Mammon and Nightmares
This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, you can find Lucifer’s here
Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.
Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall
Genre: fluff
Warnings: reader is gender neutral so this can be as inclusive as possible :) swearing in the bonus section
Your dream slowly faded away as you opened your eyes. Gazing up at the ceiling, you sigh. Night terrors were difficult to deal with. After needlessly rolling in bed trying to go back to bed you sit up. Your D.D. tells you that it’s 2 am, you really didn’t want to stay up. You knew Lucifer was going to require that you go to classes. Your mind was still foggy, your thoughts wouldn’t stop drifting to your dreams. You cover your eyes and tilt your head up, trying to think. Sitting in the dark did nothing to soothe your fears. It felt childish to sit awake, afraid of a dream. Running through your options you finally give in to the first idea that had come to mind. Mammon. Though he could seem outwardly rude and selfish he was one of the kinder demons in the House of Lamentation.
You stumbled in the dark and fumbled with the doorknob until you managed to peek your head into the hall. Your cold feet on the tile caused a shiver to run up your spine. The sudden chill startles you to hurry down the hall. The tapping of your bare feet echoed through the hall, it didn’t matter to you in the moment. The empty hall was not soothing your mind in the slightest, so making a noisy disturbance was the least of your worries. 
Standing at Mammon’s door you pause, this was going to sound so stupid once you actually explained it to him. It was Mammon though, how bad would he really be? Your knocks thundered in the dark hall, you hoped that Mammon would hurry to the door, waking up Lucifer at this hour would most definitely end with you punished. You were met with silence. Placing your head on the door you heard the whistling snores inside. So Mammon was a heavy sleeper, this would require a more direct approach. 
Avoiding all the furniture in Mammon’s room you stood over his sleeping form and considered turning around and staying awake for a few more hours. The memories of your horrific dream were too much to bear, ever since coming to the devildom you had lost all the people you would have confided with, now you were stuck. Hiding how you felt was too much to handle in the moment. Turns out hiding your emotions in a foreign place will overflow eventually. You felt your eyes grow hotter, tears gathering on your lash line. You shook Mammon’s shoulder and whispered his name.
Tears were beginning to roll down your cheeks, gently falling on Mammon’s sheets. Mammon grumbled and turned away, you squeezed his shoulder, this caused him to groan even louder.
“What, am I late to breakfast again, I’ll be down in a minute,” Mammon grumbled, his voice muffled by his pillow.
“Mammon, I need to talk to you, please,” you leaned down and whispered to him “I-I’m scared.”
Mammon rolled over, “MC? What are you doing here, what happened to you, are you hurt?” Eyes wide once he saw your expression, Mammon sat up with a start. 
“I was scared, and I didn’t know who else to talk to Mammon, so I came here,” you sputtered out, feeling embarrassed, Mammon looked so worried, and here you were shivering from a nightmare.
“Well, Mammon’s here to protect ya’!” Mammon grinned sleepily, a yawn stretching his face as he slowly stretched his arms.
“I had a really bad nightmare, and I can’t sleep, I’m sorry for waking you up for something so little like this. I was hoping you would let me talk to you for a little bit,” You shifted your weight a few times, unsure what to do next.
Mammon sat still for a moment, at first he thought you might have been making a joke, but your eyes pooling with tears were not lying to him. He felt a twinge of pain seeing you so frightened. He hesitantly reached for you, his fingers grazed your arm, you subconsciously leaned into his touch. He noticed and grew bright red as he came up with an idea. He withdrew his hand and struggled to find the words.
“MC, if you can’t sleep, you can stay here with me, I have to protect my human after all,” he stated, trying to puff up his chest and act cool. His attempt was failing. Darkness was failing to hide the blush that crawled up his face to his ears. 
You felt heat rise to your face, but you had noticed how you had calmed as soon as Mammon had awoken and began to speak to you. You gave a small nod and shifted closer. Mammon scooted over in his bed and held the sheets open for you. You sat on the edge and sank in. Kicking your feet up and on the bed you turned on your side and faced Mammon. He had scooted further away, hoping you wouldn’t see his face or hear his heart pounding. 
Mammon was elated but he stopped himself short, he shouldn’t be excited, your face was still creased with concern. It was his job right now to comfort you, at least that’s what he told himself. He made eye contact and nudged himself closer.
“MC, do you wanna talk about it?” He whispered, his breath just reaching you to send a shiver over your face.
You shook your head, it was too overwhelming to talk about right now, seeing the concerned sheen in Mammon’s eyes caused you to tear up again. You reached out and clung to his arm. He shifted closer but stopped, allowing you to make the final shift so that you were resting against his chest. 
“MC, I’m not the best at talking, or comforting, or really anything, but I promise that right here and right now, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll hold you for as long as you want, you are safe right now, promise,” Mammon spoke with a low voice.
Mammon gradually wrapped his arms loosely around you, one hand curled under you and cradled your head while the other rested atop your midriff. Mammon felt his own throat tighten, he forced himself to hold it in, he wanted to make sure you were okay, he pulled back slightly. He rubbed his thumb across your cheek, wiping away your tears that were slowly stopping. He looked into your eyes and smiled softly. He pulled you back in, resting his chin overtop your head. He hummed a little as you curled in against him. 
Unintentionally Mammon fell asleep, his soft snores and rising and falling of his body calmed the tizzy your mind had been. Before sleep captured you fully you looked up at Mammon’s face, he looked so serene, you saved the image in your mind while you still held consciousness. You knew that Mammon would always hold you, for as long as you needed.
Levi was already convinced that Mammon was a scumbag, he stole his money, he gambled, he was greedy, he obviously liked MC, and now this. He was upset that his record for being the latest to breakfast had been broken. (Though frequently Belphie also beats him) But being beaten by not one but TWO people. It was unacceptable, so he went to pester Mammon, he didn’t want to bother MC. He couldn’t bring himself to knock on the door to MC’s room. Instead he barged into Mammon’s room, not caring if his older brother would be aggravated. What he found was worse than his late record being broken. At first, he stood there, frozen in place. He made a strangled noise with his throat, it grew louder until he managed to wail out, “LUCIFER!!” (snitch)
Lucifer, who was seated at the table, huffed in frustration and took his time strolling down the hall, prepared to beat the shit out of Mammon again. Much like Levi when he saw you and Mammon clinging to one another was not what he was expecting to see. Of course you had woken up, Levi had screamed awfully loud. Mammon. . . was still asleep. You were blushing furiously, you tried squeeze yourself out of Mammon’s grip to escape the embarrassing scene but Mammon was not giving up. His hands were clamped onto your arms. You avoid looking at the brothers as one by one they make their way to Mammon’s room. They all came in hoping to catch a glimpse of Mammon being humorously scolded only to see you and Mammon holding one another. Mammon slowly opened his eyes as more and more people made their way into the room, the volume increasing. He yawned and looked at you. He almost had a heart attack. He had completely forgotten about the previous night. He yelped a little, his face turning fuchsia. His brothers began to scold him and your tired mind twinged from all the unwanted noise. You stood and entwined your fingers with Mammon’s. 
“We are going to breakfast, excuse me,” you pushed your way past all six of them with Mammon tagging along behind you looking at his feet to hide his flushed face.
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oceanatydes · a day ago
Tumblr media
wanted to do this adorable relationship meme by blewbeary on twitter for nishith! I added a friends category bc I needed smth btw acquaintances and best friends for some of nishith’s relationships :)
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therobinswritings · a day ago
Hello love! I managed to get a black eye today as result of being an idiot at work. I was wondering if I could get some reactions from our lovely demon boyz when MC comes home with a black eye as a result of something stupid.
🩹ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛᴀʟʟʏ ʙʀᴜɪsᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ 🩹 (Brothers)
I assumed 'demon boyz' meant the brothers so if it meant all of them I apologise 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️ but!! I know it's been a while since you sent this in but I hope your eye is okay 🥺
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂
+ He didn't notice at first, idling chatting and welcoming you home as he flipped through a document
+ When he finally raised his eyes to you, a flash of red panic jumped across them before he fought to keep his composure , tightening the grip on his document behind his back.
+ "You've gone injuring yourself once more I see. . .unless, did someone do this?" He subtly tries to find out if someone hurt you without letting on how much he cares.
+ After you explain the incident he blinks at you for a few silent moments before sighing like a disappointed parent.
+ Brushing over your bruise lightly with a delicate hesitance, he holds his usual stern expression.
+ "Be careful, you're my responsibility so I can't have you getting hurt on my watch," he explains in a monotone as he shifts back to his documents before muttering, "and I don't like seeing someone I care for injured."
+ Mammon has this annoying- sorry- sweet habit of running up behind you and poking your face.
+ So when he saw you get home he obviously threw on his devilish grin and did his usual scene.
+ However, he jumped at your yelp of pain, believing he had hurt you. Hunching over in some guilt, his face melted into one of a puppy who accidentally bit their owner too hard until he saw the bruise.
+ "Ehhh?! Who dared t'lay a hand on me human?" Mammon grumbled as he cupped your face, a focused expression on the otherwise easily distracted demon.
+ Once you explained the situation to him, he blushed furiously and weakly flicked your forehead. "Tch, s-stupid human! Gettin' me worried for nothin'. . ."
+ Throughout the day he'd keep looking over at the purple-yellow mark and pouting to himself.
+ "Bruise ya'self again 'nd I'll start bruising ya!" Mammon what??
+ "HOLD ON MC IM ABOUT TO WIN-" The demon shouted enthusiastically as you entered his room.
+ Only a few moments later his match finished and he spun in his chair only to squeak when he saw the bruise painting your face.
+ Hurriedly getting up, he accidentally pulled his headphone cord, forgetting to take off the headset but it didn't even phase him as he sputtered out questions.
+ After you explain that you're fine and that it was an accident (a bloody stupid one at that) Levi wavers slightly before giving you one of his rare, tight hugs.
+ "Mmph, be careful you normie! I don't want other people laying hands on you- violent or not."
+ It's lucky that it was just an accident, otherwise Levi would have had to rip up a demon into itsy bitsy little pieces and that ruins the limited edition Ruri-Chan carpets!
+ Our Satan is quite the observant one, so when you had gotten home with a mark of violence on your face he quickly noticed.
+ His position remained calm, hands folded in his lap as one leg lay over the other, however his frown deepened. Why were you casually conversing with him as if you didn't have a huge bruise on your face?
+ Patiently waiting for you to finish whatever you were saying, the demon finally asked, "who hurt you?"
+ At first you were confused at the sudden change of topic but then you realised, and as you explained you noticed the deep and shaded twist in his eyes even out to the usual bright green.
+ "Ah, so that was it, what a relief." Satan held his heart with a sigh before simply pointing out, "you should really be more careful, seeing someone I love get hurt doesn't help me keep my wrath under wraps," as if that wasn't a really touching thing to say.
+ Although he did chuckle and tease you slightly at how silly you are for managing to injure yourself in such a way.
+ He also offered to heal the bruise with some magic, saying something about how seeing you hurt disturbed him.
+ The avatar of Lust is probably the brother who pays the most attention to your face, so he immediately noticed the mark that ruined his perfect art piece.
+ With a dramatic gasp he (gracefully) jogged up to you and held your face tenderly with a somewhat peeved expression.
+ "Oh darling, what did you get yourself into now?" He attempted to honey his voice but a clear spit of venom was present in his tone.
+ As you explained to him that you're just a dumbass (sorry MC) he gently peppered kisses over and around the bruise, making you giggle through your words.
+ He offered to cover it up with foundation and to be honest when it comes to Asmo you can't refuse- if he wants to put foundation on it's going on.
+ So he settled down in the cushioned seat by his vanity, sitting you on his lap as he patted on the coverage, all the while scolding you for not taking better care of yourself.
+ Your legs swung by his hips as you grinned childishly, if it meant getting pampered you'd make dumb mistakes every day.
+ Having finally arrived home you made your way to the kitchen for a snack, only to find Beel cooking up one of your favourite meals.
+ And as much as your mouth watered you knew it was better not to steal food from the avatar of gluttony.
+ When Beel spotted you, he dropped his spoon into the dish and stared before giving you a look you'd never seen on him before. Eyes serious, his brows furrowed in a way similar to Lucifer's, his jaw tensing.
+ Apron still on, he rolled up his sleeves and started marching up to you. "Who?" He asked bluntly, throwing his coat that lay on the counter over him.
+ You blinked confusedly before realising oh yeah, I have a bruise just on my face. Helping him slide his coat back off, you told him about your silly incident.
+ He gave a soul crushing hug afterwards before his expression turned back to the usual him as he sweetly requested you be more careful when he's not there to protect you.
+ "Also, I made you some food. . ." He handed over the plate of your favourite meal newly cooked. As you happily scarfed it down, he stroked your head and muttered, "had a feeling something happened. . ."
+ Belphie had just woken from a nap when he saw you laying beside him. You were shattered when you got back so you decided to slept next to your reliably sleepy demon.
+ He inspected your face whilst you lay there peacefully as a mildly stormy look grew on his own.
+ Debating on whether or not to wake you, he say up and peered over your still body. He never had much patience anyways. But before he could break your slumber, your eyes shot open, presumably the feeling of his figure awakening you.
+ As you stared right back at him in silence, you felt some anxiousness grow- why was he just l o o k i n g at you like that?
+ "Who did you fight?" He asked uncharacteristically softly. Realising what he was talking about, you explained to him that you had just got into a little accident. "Tch, dummy." He turned over on the bed in annoyance like an angry spouse, his back facing you for a few seconds before he turned back around again.
+ Like a koala he clung onto you, his arms and legs wrapped around you like a comfy weighted blanket. "It's not fair, just stay in bed with me here where nothing can hurt you."
+ "But Belphie, I hurt myself-"
+ "Shut up and sleep with me."
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moemammon · a day ago
Running in the Rain 🌧
(Mammon x GN!MC)
You and Mammon got caught in the rain, and now you're both soaked through and through. The chill of the wind makes you shiver, but luckily you both managed to make it back to the house of Lamentation pretty quickly. But just as you reach out to open the door, Mammon pulls you a little closer, pressing you flush against him.
He stares down at you quietly, and is cheeks are flushed and the look on his face is solemn, but he doesn't say anything at all. Only the sound of the heavy rainfall echoes around the two of you, mingling with the sound of your heavy breaths, making you feel like you're the only two people on earth.
Mammon reaches up just a bit, pressing the back of his hand against your forehead. He lets his touch linger for a moment, before wiping away the water that's settled there. But now he reels back, and you don't understand why he's laughing so hard.
You use your D.D.D's blank screen as a mirror and realize Mammon has wiped your left eyebrow off.
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iwannabehisbunny · a day ago
This is a soft request but how would the Brothers react to a hella babyfaced and chipmunk like MC? They’re the cutest thing with their chubby cheeks, big eyes, and cinnamon roll attitude. They’re so affectionate, helpful and happy to assist others, and expressive with them (they could practically see imaginary chipmunk ears and tail wagging or perk whenever they show a certain emotions). They’ll perk when excited or surprised, pout when angy (yes, angy) or annoyed, and make a “🥺” face when sad. Lord, don’t get me started on when they eat, their cheeks unintentionally puff making their face look cuter. The kicker:
They’re not aware of how cute they are
Also the MC doesn’t mind people squishing or poking their face since they love affection and doesn’t even deny being compared to a chipmunk. They also climb at random because they can’t help it and was literally on Beel’s back without him or anyone noticing until they popped their head over his shoulder and said “I’ve been here the whole time :3”
Baby-Faced MC
🥺 as someone with a baby (chubby I should say, lol) face, this makes me so happy
TW: none
This man is so soft for MC
He watches the way they pout, with their cheeks all puffed out
Their arms crossed
They’re just so cute
It actually gets them out of trouble sometimes, and they don’t even realize it
When they’re alone, if MC does something particularly cute, Lucifer will grab their chin and squish their cheeks
He will mumble something about they’re “lucky they’re so cute”
And kiss em
Refuses to acknowledge the fact that MCs baby face gets them out of trouble
Excuse me, someone who helps Mammon and doesn’t make his self esteem worse (actually boosts it?)
Mans in love
But he will be in denial and may accidentally say something sure about their weight
It’s just how he copes with uncomfortable emotions!
Absolutely makes it up to them later
When he and MC get together he is always poking their cheeks or smushing their face
It’s just so cute, and he likes the expressions they make
Also loves that they don’t mind
“You’re my little chipmunk, ya got that?”
Shocked when they just agree lol
Okay, Leviathan loves a chubby significant other
He meets MC and just !!!! Right in the heart
Will also deny his feelings, but is less likely to accidentally say something hurtful
One time MC grabbed Leviathans arm and squished their cheek on his shoulder while looking up at him
Mans hasn’t breathed since.
He particularly loves when they pour after loosing a game to him
He leans over and pokes their cheek, gloating his victory
But MC gets revenge by straddling him with their equally squishy thighs 😉
The cheeks remind him of those like,,, perfectly round faced cats??
You know the ones, with the cute bows and they make food on Tik Tok for some reason
He loves em
His favorite is pulling MC into his lap to read a book, and pressing their cheek to his while he reads over their shoulder
Thinks everything about them is cute, the pout, the sad face, everything
Loves leaving little kisses on MCs cheeks and watching them get flustered and hide their face in their hands
Thinks they’re adorable
This man
This freaking man
Loves MCs chubby little face SO MUCH
My goodness, he is constantly pinching their cheeks, poking them, asking questions
And he loves that they don’t mind
Coos over them when they pout or look happy, and will join in to help too
Really likes to lay on their chest and just touch them
Not necessarily in a sexual way
He just likes how soft and squishy they are
Most demons are hard muscle or lean at most
So he likes the softness
This man also has a baby face- but mostly when he’s eating lol
Beel may not squish MCs cheeks like the others do, but he is weak to their cute puppy face
Also calls them his little chipmunk
Loves feeding MC
Beel just likes the way their cheeks puff out a little when he gives them a bite
This is a little nsfw, but
Beel also loves to be buried between MCs thick ass thighs, eating to his hearts content
He just loves how soft and plush they are, and thinks they’re the most adorable thing
And he is weak to their faces
He also is all for them climbing him.
He is a tree and very strong, he can handle it without a sweat
Plus he just likes carrying MC
This seems like the obvious take, but
Soft chubby MC = pillow, I don’t make the rules
Well I do but
He thinks it’s cute
I don’t think he would make as big of a deal about their cheeks as the others
But Belphie definitely has a weakness for MCs puppy eyes
He will every once and a while poke their cheek out of nowhere while cuddling
Just to make sure their squishiness is in tact
Thinks they’re super cute, but isn’t super obsessed with it either
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ashmiq · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙘𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙚 𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙝𝙢𝙖, 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩'𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙮 𝙞'𝙢 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙜. ❞
Tumblr media
desc. : a series of angst one-shots based off of wilbur soot's album, ycgma. there's no actual plot nor will it always be related to the actual canon story of obey me, just a whole load of angst.
rating : sfw, some parts may include mature themes, but never anything sexual.
warnings : just angst. individual warnings will be added before every chapter
Tumblr media
༄ no taglist for this series, sorry!
Tumblr media
~ this series does not come in a certain order! feel free to start at any chapter as there are no actual plot points.
𖦹 jubilee line
𖦹 saline solution
𖦹 since i saw vienna
𖦹 losing face
𖦹 your (brother) was right
𖦹 la jolla
𖦹 i'm sorry.
Tumblr media
a/n.: hi so for those who followed for dwt/mcyt, so sorry but again, my smau is on hiatus for a while until my exams are over. if you're interested in the game obey me then pls take this series WHAHAHA 💀 genuinely won't really put much effort into this bc its more of a vent/brainrot thing so — yeah
Tumblr media
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cah0mie · a day ago
Ok how would the brothers react when you use a mood octopus
This ↓↓↓
Tumblr media
Like mc is not talking to the brothers instead they respond by flipping the plush inside out or something like taht
I am SO sorry this took so long. I wanted to create a scenario that wasn't so cliché, but in the end I feel like I still did 💦 I hope you still enjoy it regardless.
If you see that I could have done something better, please don't hesitate to inform me. I take all forms of constructive criticism.
To all my MCs that had the Brothers a little TOO concerned
Lucifer: Alright. We have just returned from the doctors, and it turns out MC has strep throat. So they cannot voice anything for at least two weeks.
Satan: Then we should probably get them something to help communicate. Like a notebook, or a dry erase board.
Asmo: Hold on! I have a better idea!! *Runs to his room*
Belphie: Anyone else feeling a bit anxious. ASMO, has an IDEA.
Mammon: Yeah, I'm not trusting this.
Asmo: *runs back holding a doll of some sort* This here is a mood octopus! One side has a happy face! But when you flip it, it has an angry face! We can just ask MC yes or no questions! Keep it simple.
Satan: I still think a dry erase board is much easier, but It's really up to you MC. You being the one having to use one of these.
MC: ..... *Takes the mood octopus* (It's cute)
Lucifer: Alright then, it's decided. Remember, don't make MC do anything vocal. It will only make them worse. MC, I would also like you to watch what you eat in the future. You can't have anything that's too strenuous on your throat. Understood?
MC: .... *Happy octo*
Lucifer: Good, you're all excused.
-next morning, during breakfast-
MC: *getting favorite cereal*
Satan: *snatches bowl immediately* I don't think so. These chunks will scratch your throat up more. You need to have something that will go down easier.
MC: ..... *Mad octo*
Satan: Be mad all you want, you still won't have it. I'll make you some of the creamy human food. I believe it's called Cream of Wheat.
MC: *repeatedly beats mad octo on counter* (I want my damn cereal! Beel is going to eat it!!)
Mammon: Alright, I'm going out!
Lucifer: Be back by dinner! I don't get into trouble!
Mammon: Wha-!? Of course I wouldn't get in trouble!
MC: *rushes to meet him at the door ready to tag along*
Mammon: uuhhhh... MC, I think you should stay here. You're sick remember? And who knows who will try to talk to you while we're out. And you, you'll be afraid that they will see you as rude and try to reply.
MC: ..... *Mad octo* (I won't talk to anyone! I just want some fresh air!)
Lucifer: I never thought I'd say this, but Mammon is right....... I REALLY thought I'd never say that.
Mammon: What the hell!?
Lucifer: You should stay here and rest, we can't afford you going out and getting worse.
MC: *swinging around mad octo* (Dammit! I'm getting cooped up!)
Lucifer: I don't care how upset you get, you're not going out. END OF STORY.
MC: ..... *Walks away to room*
-dinner time-
-While the lot share a whole roasted havoc devil, you are stuck with tomato soup-
MC: .........
Beel: Guys, I feel kinda bad. This is their favorite.
Lucifer: Just ignore them Beel, they're trying to guilt you into giving them some.
Satan: MC, this is for your own good and you know it. That soup will help you.
Belphie: If it helps at all the meat is kinda dry, so it's not that great.....
Lucifer: We probably would've gotten better quality if someone hadn't decided to steal the food money and spend it on themselves.
Mammon: *nervously sweating* Ha ha... What a scumbag that guy must be.
Lucifer: INDEED.
MC: ........ *Sets down mad octo as they slowly eat* (all I wanted was a bite...)
-later that night in their room-
Levi: Hey! We can always play video games! That always cheers you up!
Asmo: Don't they get pretty loud and aggressive when they play with you though?
Levi:..... Yeah that's true, they are a bit competitive.
Mammon: Then how about some gambling?! That always helps me when I'm down!
Belphie: That has never helped you. AT ALL.
Beel: ..... MC, are you ok?
MC: ........ *Angry octo*
Asmo: Of course you're not. That strep throat must be doing a number on you huh?
MC: (NO!! You all are fucking smothering me!!! I'm going insane!!)
Beel: In that case, we have to support them! Keep them company! Right?
Belphie: *nods* Yup.
Asmo: Of course!
Levi: I brought some movies to watch instead!
Mammon: I guess I got some time to spare for the human...
MC: ......(Guys ....I love you....but can I be alone for FIVE MINUTES!?!)
-Next morning-
Lucifer: That plushie seems to be doing a good job.
MC: (No it's not!)
Lucifer: Make sure you don't lose it, cause what you did yesterday is going to repeat for the next two weeks. *Leaves*
MC: ....... *Bangs head against the wall repeatedly* ..... (I HATE THEM..... I love them! But I hate them!)
-two weeks go by-
Lucifer: Alright MC. After two weeks if keeping silent, how are you feeling?
MC: ....... *Happy octo*
Mammon: Uuhhhh MC, you know you can talk now right?
MC: ...... *Makes the octo nod*
Mammon: Then why.....?
Beel: Is their throat still hurting??
Belphie: It should be fine now though right?
Asmo: Satan, do your detective instincts tell you anything?
Satan: .... I can't help but feel like they're holding a grudge against us for trying to take care of them these past two weeks and are now giving us the silent treatment.
Mammon: But what did we do wrong!?
Lucifer: MC, care to answer?
MC: ...... *Angry octo*
Lucifer: *sighs* Looks like we're not done with the octopus just yet...
Again, SO sorry how long this took. I loved the idea SO much that I wanted to come up with an equally good idea, but unfortunately this was the best that I could come up with not wanting to make you wait any longer.
I hope you all enjoyed regardless, please inform how it could've been better - cause I know it could've been
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
I couldn't do the royals, please excuse~
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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obey-me-rot · a day ago
You're Mine
A/N: I guess as a writing blog I should be doing some writing right? Honestly this has just been the biggest headcanon I've had in a while since I started playing Obey Me of the brothers Devildom culture must be so different! And then the whole pact thing with human masters must be so different as well! I just view them as big animals just wanting to get your attention u wu. Warnings: Jealous boys, public shows of dominance and a lot of biting.
It's almost painful being in the Devildom sometimes.
A cultural exchange program amped up to 100 %.
As much as you loved the brothers, you also were meeting some pretty cool demons in RAD. Surely you were the human student everyone was so excited to meet, but none of them really talked to you, you know? But there were some that were brave enough to overlook your pact marks and dive into a conversation.
Even some were bold enough to talk to you out of school!
Making so many friends was so exciting, especially since you still thought of yourself as new! Wait till the brothers see how many new demons you have met!
Problem is you forgot how weird demon culture is, especially when it has to do with a demon and their master.
Tumblr media
Lucifer blinks as he notices the demon approaching the two of you, pausing your daily walk with him as confusion turns to familiarity and you run up to greet your friend.
The first thing he notices is how they are a low ranking demon, so there’s no need to be hyper aware of any sort of threat. In this instance he doesn’t need to look to make sure his pact mark is visible to the demon.
His mark was embedded right in your iris, so anyone could see whose protection you were under.
He smiles politely as you turn around to introduce them, the demon waving at him shyly as if remembering that, yes, this human made a pact with Lucifer and therefore should not be messed with in any way. Yet there was no sort of violent tendencies coming from this demon, which put him at somewhat of an ease.
That is, until the demon takes a hold of your hand.
It’s a simple touch, one that a human would mistaken for a sign of friendship and camaraderie. The demon was speaking excitedly about a new flower they had seen over at the Botanical gardens and how much they wanted to show it off to you.They tighten their hold and Lucifer has to dig his fingernails into his palm from ripping their hand off.
You had no idea what it meant and the action would most likely scare you.
And Lucifer wanted you to trust him as much as possible.
“Would it be okay if Lucifer comes along?”
“...y--yeah! I don’t mind!”
Hesitation mixed with fake happiness, this demon really thought that he would get some time alone with you, didn’t they? They probably planned this whole thing out and whatever excitement they were showing you was just a front to hide their true intentions. Besides, look how they are hanging off of you, they want to make a pact with you so badly it’s almost disgusting.
Might as well get rid of the pest now.
“Come on MC, I want to show you the huge petals--!”
You and the demon look back to see Lucifer biting down on one of your fingers, your ring finger to be exact, while making eye contact with the pest. His teeth are not necessarily breaking skin but the pain of the bite made all your attention go back on him, turning around to tug your finger away and cradle it close. “Lucifer what the hell!”
He smiles and tells you not to worry about it, your retort falling on deaf ears as Lucifer’s eyes fall on the demon one more time. Their eyes are wide and they have immediately taken two steps back, their back as straight as a needle as Lucifer sends them one last look that lets them know of his intentions.
Leave now or I will gut you in front of my human.
You turn to apologize to your friend for putting them in such a weird situation but the demon is already long gone, no sign of them ever being in your presence as you look around aimlessly.
“They left...” you frown and look at Lucifer, “Next time at least warn me.”
“If I did then you would have probably forbidden me from doing so.”
The Avatar of Pride smiles as he takes your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as you kept talking about how you would apologize the next day. But Lucifer wasn’t listening, he just kept staring at you as you talked, happy that his master wasn’t particularly mad.
That demon would have to learn to get his own, this human was already his.
Tumblr media
He had finally gotten you all to himself.
Mammon had a photoshoot today, making you tag along so he could finally show off his modeling skills. And it would help him out as well. The product they were trying to sell did not appeal to him one bit and he just really needed you as inspiration.
And inspiration did you give.
“Oh gorgeous Mammon gorgeous! Lean back and close your eyes.”
The cameraman was giving him compliment after compliment, excellent after excellent, it was as if all eyes were on him at that exact moment. He smiled as he thought about how you must be looking at him. His shirt was open, letting the cloth hang off the side of the couch as the camera focused primarily on the low riding jeans that showed off the boxers he was promoting.
“Perfect! Perfect!! Now turn around and stare into the camera!”
His eyes opened and his head turned expertly, Mammon smiling as he tried to make eye contact with you--
Only to see that you were gone.
Camera flashes stop as he bolts up, turning to look for you before his eyes focused on your form.
There you were...talking with someone else.
He doesn’t stare at the cameraman, only gets up and stalks towards you and the demon currently holding up the lights. Both of you turn to face him, a voice speaking loudly about a five minute break as Mammon stands behind you and hugs you from behind, placing his chin right on your shoulder as he looks at the interloper.
“Are you taking a break?”
Mammon smiles as he buries his face in your shoulder, hugging you tight as the demon tells him he did a wonderful job. Without raising his head, Mammon speaks up.
“MC, who is this?”
“Oh right! Haven’t introduced you. He is a friend from RAD! We sit together in Pactology 101.”
“Well we used to sit together...”
“We talked way too much in class, didn’t we?”
It’s like nails on a chalkboard when he laughs, Mammon feeling glad that he was closer to you so he could hear the sound of your laughter instead of the ugly screeching of the intruder taking up your attention. Did this guy think he was stupid? That he couldn’t notice all the goddamn pheromones he was releasing? Mammon shakes his head back and forth, breathing in your scent heavily as he tries to leave his own behind.
This guy was embarrassing himself with how badly he wanted to form a pact with you.
“Oh oh, remember when the teacher caught us texting in class?”
“I think he might want to just put us back together cause we are still causing trouble!”
The Avatar of Greed frowns, did you not hear him?
“Well the teacher knows we are a good match, doesn’t he?”
“A match made in hell, I would say.”
Why was this guy still talking? Why were you still listening to him?
“Hey after this...would you want to go get some coffee, MC? If you’re not busy.”
“Nah, I only have this toda---FUCK!”
A pair of teeth tug at your earlobe, Mammon growling in your ear as he makes eye contact with the annoyance in front of him. He should be counting his lucky stars that you were still in the room, if Mammon found him anywhere else this demon would be nothing more than a meal for his familiars.
“MC, you have to stare at me or else I’m going to take longer.”
You rub at your ear as Mammon lets go of you, breaking eye contact with the other demon as he gives you his signature pout. He didn’t want you to see him be all scary, Mammon wanted you to see him like the number one demon he always tried to be for you.
“And you had to bite me because of that!?”
“Because you weren’t paying attention! You have to keep your eyes on me or else I’m not going to sell this stupid product. In fact--”
He drags you back to the couch, yelling at the cameraman that he would be posing with you so he could actually get through this photoshoot instead of doing a solo shoot. The man sighs but calls makeup to get you ready, Mammon smiling as he sits down right next to you.
The farther you were from that guy the better, all of his master’s attention needed to be on him after all.
Tumblr media
Of course something like this would happen. Bad luck seemed to follow Leviathan wherever he went.
"Did you see the finale of it live?"
"I did!!! My movie theatre put it on the big screen and everything!"
Levi was glad that you were a nerd just like him. It was refreshing and probably one of the biggest reasons he had decided to make a pact with you.
Well, he had tried to kill you first and then make a pact with you but it was still a special story! Who would have thought that he would land himself a human master with his own interests!
Though he guessed that was a bad thing now.
He couldn't keep his thoughts in check as the clerk of the comic store kept talking to you, Levi annoyed that he couldn't keep up with the conversation you two had. It was about some comic cinematic universe that had been adapted in the human world and he honestly didn’t want to put anymore thought into it because of how close the clerk was getting.
Dammit he should have bought the new manga volume in Akuzon...but you had been so cute irl asking him to get the manga in this comic store you found,and if his master was begging him so cutely then what else could he do?
“I actually got the limited edition of this one movie--”
Nobody cared.
“It was up for a lot in Akuzon but I’m glad I got my hands on it--”
Stop talking!
“And I have a pretty cool viewing set up in the back--!”
Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking, stop talking to MC!
Levi frowns as you gush about the movie some more, glaring down at you for letting your attention stray from him. But why should he be surprised, of course your attention would stray. Him being the yucky otaku that he is, of course you would go with the demon who took his interest and actually turned it into a profit--
No! It wasn’t your fault! It wasn’t even his fault! It was this demon’s fault!
Thinking they looked so cool with their most basic of interests. If Levi could expose them for the fraud that they were, MC would be able to see the absolute fool that this demon was making themselves out to be. Smiling a lot more, inching closer as they talked, even offering to take you to the back of the store--!
People may say what they want about Levi but at least he wasn’t this desperate to get on the good side of a least the first time he met you.
His eyes fall on the back of your neck, hair conveniently placed out of the way as he remembered something Lucifer had discussed with him and Mammon after they had made their pact.
You will not think rationally when you are with them, make sure to monitor your actions so you don’t embarrass yourself.
That’s what he said but…
Surely Levi wasn’t going to embarrass himself more than this demon already has.
“This is the one with the symbiote creature, right? And you got the bonus deleted scenes! Honestly I would be so down with watching it right--EEP!”
Levi made sure to let his tongue lick the back of your neck first before biting down, wanting to make the bite as painless as possible. Although he guessed that not making you feel pain was out of the question as he felt you tense up, his tongue swiping against your nape one last time as he pulled back and tugged on the back of your shirt.
“MC let’s go. They don’t have it.”
You turn to look at Levi, hand on the back of your neck as you tell him that he could have gotten your attention in any other way, but he knew for a fact that he had made his point across with the demon in front of him.
Summoning Lotan in his own home was one thing, summoning Lotan in a store would probably cost a lot…
Even if he knew brothers wouldn’t blame him with how nauseatingly this demon was trying to approach their master.
Tumblr media
“MC, here.”
Satan breaks his pencil, but it seems the two other people don’t seem to notice.
“And it's the first edition too, but I took it out just for you.”
You smile and mention about how you didn’t need anything fancy for the assignment, just a simple book that talked about Devildom history. Which Satan agreed, this bug was acting like he owned the entire Royal Library. A pass to get a first edition title wasn’t that rare of a fucking find--if he wanted, Satan could call up any of his connections and get about 16 copies of different first edition titles that spoke not just about the Devildom history but about whatever the hell topic he could get his hands on.
This guy wasn’t that special yet he was acting like he had just given you the world on a silver platter.
The demon sat down at the table you and Satan were studying at, looking at you the entire time he explained how to open the book and how to make sure it stays in its pristine condition.
Which made Satan break another pencil.
From what you had mentioned, this guy was just someone you knew from RAD. You labeled him as the ‘smartest person in the class’. Which was a bit of an insult on his part but he guessed that as long as he wasn’t the one in your class it didn’t count as an insult towards his person.
He, of course, being the smartest demon you know.
But Satan didn’t have to be the smartest demon in RAD to know what this nuisance was doing.
If he were to read you any book on Devildom demonology, certain demons needed a human master. This insect in front of you would count as one of them. Lower demons usually tend to be without guidance and need a soul to feed from. In comes a human master, being able to fulfill that need with a pure soul of their own. The demon feeds and in return, develops a sort of ‘affection’ towards their master since they are now the hand that feeds them.
The same couldn’t be applied to Satan or his brothers, however. As the seven demon lords, they are able to gain the sustenance they need from the feed of other lower demons under the sin they were made in.
They are free to form pacts, but it’s not like they need it.
A good metaphor would be that they are essentially ‘picking off the plate’ of the lower demons, making the lower demons only cause minimal casualties up in the human world as they feed and keeping the seven lords from going feral with hunger.
Of course, things were different now. Satan had you now, a human all of his own.
Essentially, someone was trying to ‘take a bite’ of his favourite food, and Satan hated sharing.
Friends be damned, politeness be damned, he needed to show this demon his place.
“Isn’t it fascinating? The cover was made with a demon’s skin.”
“Yes. I believe it was from recently dead demon’s during the first Celestial War. Do you want to feel?”
You nod, curious about the black and shiny cover as the demon holds out his hand for you to take--
Only for you to yelp as Satan takes it first, dragging your hand back so it would be close to his lips as the Avatar of Wrath’s teeth bite at the skin near your wrist. You hiss in pain at the sudden sharpness, quickly pulling your hand back and staring at your demon as he gives the annoyance one last pointed stare.
“That is how demons started their pacts before we arrived in the Devildom, wasn’t it?”
The demon nodded slowly, his eyes darting to the mark on your wrist and then back at Satan. He opened his mouth to try and speak up but seemed to decide better against it, giving you one last smile as he stood up. “...I’ll...I’ll go get you the second volume. That one might include more accurate and updated information on pact markings.”
Satan smiles and nods as he scoots his chair close to you, looking back at you tracing the mark on your wrist with a frown before putting all your attention back on him.
“Did demons really used to form pact marks like this?”
The Avatar of Wrath shrugs.
“I was only guessing, he was the one who left thinking it was the truth. Here, let’s go look for a book on our own.”
Tumblr media
Asmo would like to think that he had perfected the fake smile to the point he could keep it up for an indeterminate amount of time.
“MC! Try this!”
Yet the corners of his mouth twitched as he watched one of your friends, who happened to be a store clerk at Majolish, open the door to your dressing room to hand you another outfit they had picked out. And it wasn’t a bad outfit--!
Just...did they have to keep opening the door every single time?
Granted, he shouldn’t be in your dressing room in the first place but he insisted he would stay since you were only trying some shirts on! It wasn’t like he was seeing anything inappropriate and your pants were staying on the entire time.
This sight was okay for him because he was your demon and you were his master.
So it wasn’t right that some random nobody kept coming in to hand you shirts that they thought looked cute on you! That’s what you had Asmo for!
Yet here he was, secluded to sit down on the little chairs that someone would usually toss the unwanted clothes they wouldn’t buy. Which was already doing horrible things for his self-esteem.
“I learned a couple of things by working here. See? The color really matches your hair.”
The Avatar of Lust scoffs when he hears that. What exactly did the demon learn? How to match colors? Oh look, someone learned the basics of the color wheel, someone give them a medal.
“And since you are wearing something long at the bottom, it’s only fair that you go with something short on top.”
This demon is going to win an award for making basic observations, Asmo could already see it. What a future they had ahead of them.
“These colors are summery too goes great with the weather!”
Oh he wants to gag, Asmo’s heard enough.
“You don’t think it’s too revealing? I do like the color though…”
Before the demon can answer, Asmo grabs your shoulders and pulls you back to him with a smile as he makes you look in the mirror.
“I think it’s revealing enough for the summer look you are going for...except can you maybe get it in a light pastel? Any color would do it just needs to be a pastel color if we want it to go with the light color of your bottoms.”
The demon deflates at the sudden lack of contact with you but nods as they step out, waving goodbye and stating once again how ‘gorgeous’ you looked. Which Asmo guessed was the only compliment they had in their arsenal.
Gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe you.
“I did like this color, Asmo. Does it not look good?”
“No it looks perfect on you! But--”
He tugs on the floral print top and smiles as he wraps his arms around your shoulders.
“Floral prints are extremely last season and I want you to be on a more neutral type of clothing. Just simple colors. This way we can add some jewelry--some of my own creation of course.”
Asmo smiles when you giggle, fixing your top and looking at yourself in the mirror a couple more times as you mumble to yourself about how Devildom summers seem rather temperate compared to the ones you were used to and how you wouldn’t need anything sleeveless.
Damn the Devildom summers, if they could even be called that at all.
His ears twitch as he hears the pest start to make their way back, Asmo’s smile dropping slowly as he looks down at your neck. This was the spot they kept staring at, wasn’t it? Shame it wasn’t decorated--
But he could fix that~ “I found some other colors that would go well with you MC, do you want to--”
Asmo’s teeth are right on your neck, turning to look back at the clerk with a smile and a little wave as he hums at the way you clench and unclench your fingers while looking at him through the mirror, wanting to ask just why he was doing this but the pain keeping you quiet. It was cute how much you were hurting but how you were doing absolutely nothing to stop him. This could technically mean that you approved of what he was doing, correct?
He lets go as the clerk immediately closes the door, you calling out for your friend but Asmo brings you back and makes you look at the mirror one more time.
“There we go. That’s a pretty mark, right MC? An Asmodeus Limited Edition item, just for you~”
Tumblr media
If this kept happening, Beel was going to eat this demon.
“You need to try some Devildom food, MC! I promise it's good!”
Beel stomach growls again as you laugh, ignoring the parfait in front of you. He gives you a tap on the shoulder and your attention is right back to him. “Oh sorry, Beel. Here!” You scoop up the delicious frozen treat and feed it to him, Beel smiling as he takes another two bites of his hamburger and watches you and your friend talk. He actually had no idea that you had any friends in RAD and was happy to see that at least some demons were treating you nicely, compared to theo ones who had teased you when you first arrived.
Well he said teased, more like threatened to eat you.
He figured you would make friends fast though, you were nice and all the demons here were already attracted to human souls so it was bound to happen that one of them would have the courage to talk to you.
Yet this one seemed rather...eager.
“How about this. Hell’s Kitchen serves good food but I know this awesome corner in the wall place we can get some grilled bat sandwiches. Guts and everything.”
His stomach growls again, he knew of the place this demon was talking about and would most likely want to take you there himself if you ever asked.
Beel takes another two bites before waiting for you to feed him the parfait.
He frowns and stares at you again, the demon keeping your attention all to himself as you spoke about how you didn’t necessarily want to eat anything with guts in it. His eyes went to the parfait, watching some of the perfectly placed scoops slowly melt and droop down on the plate.
MC, pay attention to him!
This was his time with you! He didn’t mind if someone else stepped in and he was glad you were making friends but this demon was interrupting his mealtime!
He ate his burger, you fed him ice-cream, this is how it had always worked!
People could say what they wanted but Beel was a creature of habit, and he was in the habit of having you feed him.
Not just that, he was in the habit of having your attention all on him when it was his time to hang out with you.
Wasn’t this demon just being a bother? Didn’t you also want them gone?
They kept talking about all the stuff that clearly grossed you out, seemingly delighted with your reactions as they kept trying to egg you on to say yes to an outing. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were smiling the entire time, Beel would have already made the move to unhinging his jaw and--
“I promise I’ll treat you to the best ghost pepper pizza you’ve ever had. You’re free after this, right?”
Beel’s stomach growls, whether in hunger or anger Beel wouldn’t be able to say. All he knows is that this demon is bad news for both him and you.
So what would be the quickest way to make him back off?
“I’m not but I can take a raincheck--!”
You drop the spoon you were holding as Beel bites your cheek, throwing the demon one quick glimpse before letting out a few sounds that seemed to make up your name. The demon stares at you and Beel as the Avatar of Gluttony pulls away from you, licking his lips as you slowly put a hand on your cheek and turn to look at him.
“The parfait is gonna melt. I want another bite.”
Eyes turn to the demon once again, Beel frowning as he takes a hold of your hand underneath the table.
“Please leave. If MC is going to eat Devildom food then they’ll eat it with me. The only thing you are going to do is gross them out.”
Tumblr media
“So what did you want to talk about?”
Belphie frowned as your fingers gently played with his hair. That is not what he had asked for when he asked to lay on your lap. Belphegor wanted the usual way you would comb through his hair, both of you gently whispering to each other as the planetarium ambience lulled him to sleep.
“Well...uhm...I wanted to ask something important.”
And who the hell was this person? He peeked up to look at you smiling at the screen, frowning that you still didn’t seem to notice you were doing a shit job at giving him the attention he needed. Whoever this was had been on the line with you for a good solid ten minutes, talking about useless subjects such as their day and what they had for lunch. If anything, Belphegor had no idea how this thing was taking your attention. You were doing most of the talking anyway, they should just hang up and leave you alone to pay attention to your demon.
“We’ve known each other for a while.”
Belphegor most likely knew MC for longer...maybe.
“And honestly I haven’t met a human like you before. You just...I just expected humans to be something and you aren’t that so it threw me off.”
The Avatar of Sloth yawns as he buries his head in your lap, smiling at the darkness he found in the small crook of your thighs. He yawns again and closes his eyes to try and fall asleep but the grating voice of the demon on the phone was sending nothing but warning signals to his brain.
“So I wanted to ask something I didn’t think I would ask a human before.”
He really wanted to yell ‘get to the point’ or ‘hang up the phone’ but he knew that you would most likely shush him and tell him to be patient, which would then result in you gently pushing him away so you could talk somewhere more private. And he wasn’t ready to lose his favourite pillow just yet.
So he continued listening, tracing random shapes on your thighs as he felt his eyelids start to droop.
“I know you have seven pacts already…”
Damn straight.
“But would an eight be too much for you?”
That wakes Belphegor right up, eyes wide open and head turned to face up at you to see your reaction. Of course you would be surprised, this demon really had the guts to ask the current master of the Seven deadliest demons in the Devildom for a pact?
You better be grateful that Belphegor found comfort in your lap and would prefer to stay here, rather than go break the neck of the demon insolent enough to try to take his master away.
So go ahead, reject him.
“A pact? With me?”
What were you doing?
Don’t give him such a hopeful answer! Belphegor had to share you with six other demons constantly and those demons were his siblings! He was okay sharing with Beel but he drew the line at anyone else! Adding an eighth demon to that would be like asking for a bloodbath, a bloodbath with only one target.
Belphegor frowned as the demon started talking again, stuttering and jumping over his words like he was a dog who asked to eat their masters table. Which essentially he was, not like there was room for him anyway.
“I know I’m not like those brothers--”
Damn straight.
“But making a pact with you would make me really what I am trying to say.”
He wants to gag.
A part of him couldn’t blame the demon, you were perhaps the best master a demon could ask for, but you were already t a k e n.
And you were to blame too, you know?
You weren’t rejecting him like you should. The face you were making was far too surprised and flattered at the proposition given to you. Were you that greedy? Had Mammon rubbed off on you? You had seven of the most powerful demons under your command, what more could you possibly want?
As a master, you were doing a bad job at rejecting this insect and an even more horrible job at not paying attention to the actual demon you were tied to.
He turns his head back to the darkness of your thighs, feeling you shift as you also struggle to find an answer. This was becoming too much, if Belphegor didn’t act fast you were most likely going to say yes, just because you didn’t know any better!
Fuck it, you could try to push him off but Belphegor would hold on tightly, he had to save you from your mistake.
“Uhm. Well that is honestly really flattering. And eight pacts wouldn’t be so bad--”
You slap a hand over your mouth, your teeth biting into your tongue as you look down at the demon nipping at the inside of your thigh. Belphie looks up innocently, batting his eyelashes at you as he bites down a little harder--
Fingers hurry to end the call as Belphegor quickly lets go, smiling as you gape down at him.
“I was in the middle of a call!”
“I know.”
“Then what was that about!?”
The Avatar of Sloth shrugs as he closes his eyes.
“You weren’t paying attention to me. It made me mad.”
You sigh and lean back, Belphegor waiting for a few moments before smiling as he feels your fingers combing through his hair.
“Next time,just talk to me, Belphegor.”
He would have answered, but that would make him promise something he most likely was not going to do.
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weebswrites · a day ago
Heyy! I recently came across your blog and a absolutely love your writing! 🥰
Would it be possible to request an angst hc with the Obey me brothers? So maybe the bros were having a bad day and they lash out at the MC. The MC leaves them alone and the brothers don’t hear from them for hours and think MC just doesn’t want to talk to them but in reality MC got attacked and is barely alive. And maybe MC summons the brother with what little strength they have left so the brother is met with an MC laying in front of them almost dead.
Ah I’m sorry I know this is a lot so feel free to ignore this if it’s too much! Have a good day :D
The Demon Bros Saving Your Life (this will have swear words and light descriptions of violence so if that makes you uncomfortable read at your own discretion pls I love u guys)
“MC, please just leave me alone” he spat, trying to stay calm but losing his patience quickly
“Lucifer, I’m not letting you shove me away. You can do that to your brothers, but not to me” you insist, remembering your conversation where he said to ignore him when he tried to push you away
“I’ll do what I want to you, human, don’t forget your place” he boomed, so loud your eyes reactively filled with tears
“Fine, do what you want” you mutter at him before storming out, slamming the door behind you
He knew he fucked up, but wasn’t in the headspace to chase after you, so he stayed in his office and worked. He’d apologize later
You ran out of the HoL, just wanting to be out of Lucifer’s reach for a bit. You decide to go to Purgatory Hall to visit Simeon, your best friend outside of the HoL, but take the scenic route there to clear your head a bit and calm down. Before you know it the sun is setting, and figure you should get to Simeon’s sooner rather than later.
“Hey, aren’t you Lucifer’s bitch” you hear from an alleyway, and suddenly you’re just as annoyed as before. But you know better than to engage with any demons that are egging you on like that, so you keep walking
Then you’re grabbed from behind and slammed against a brick wall, hitting your head roughly against the surface
“Fuck” you exhale, vision already blurring
“Think you can ignore me, human? You’re weak here, nothing” the demon drove a fist into your stomach, causing you to cough
“I’ll show you not to come back to the Devildom ever again, filthy human”
By the time he was done you were a bloody mess crumpled on the ground, in the fetal position to protect your vital organs as much as you could, but you felt yourself losing consciousness
The demon spat on you before leaving, laughing as he walked away. Your body was in so much pain, and you felt yourself losing your grip on reality
You could felt your lips moving as your vision turned to black, and your last coherent thought before blacking out was realizing you were summoning Lucifer
“I...summon the Avatar of Pride...” you inhaled as much as you could, but his name came out a whisper, “Lucifer”
You saw his legs appear before you lost consciousness, thankful you were actually able to summon him
“What the fuck” was his first comment, as he didn’t see you at his feet, but as soon as he did he felt his heart shatter
“MC! Fuck, MC. MC?” he shook you very lightly, and when you didn’t respond he went into overdrive. He picked you up gently in his arms after examining where you were most badly injured, as to not make anything worse
He was in demon form from the moment he saw you, wanting as much of his strength at his disposal as he could have. He flew you to the nearest hospital (idk if there’s a hospital in the devildom but there is now) and demanded you be placed in the best care possible, and also made it very clear that he wasn’t going to leave your side
He watched as doctors sewed your wounds closed and put an IV in your arm, unable to take his eyes off their every move. After a few hours, the doctor turned to Lucifer
“They should wake up within a few hours,” the doctor said before leaving
“Thank you. Please mail the bill to Lord Diavolo and I’ll take care of it” he said, figuring that was easier than having to fill out the HoL on paperwork
He was then alone with you, and he scooted his chair next to your bed and took your hand in his, holding it gently
“I’m so sorry, MC” he whispered and pressed his lips to the top of your hand as he tried not to cry
He sat there for what felt like hours, but just twenty minutes passed before he felt you move slightly
Your eyes fluttered open, and you took a moment to adjust to the lights
You felt warmth around your hand, and recognized it instantly, looking to your side and locking eyes with Lucifer
“Luci” you whisper, voice hoarse from not having used it for hours
“MC, I’m so sorry” his voice was soft and you could tell how distraught he was, “I never should have snapped at you, it was out of place and rude and I’m sorry” he rambled on like this for a minute, and you just appreciated his genuine care for you as you listened to him speak
“Lucifer” you cut him off, “Thank you for taking care of me. I forgive you”
“Just get a job! Then your brothers won’t shit on you all the time” you suggested. Mammon had come to you venting about how some of his brothers had ganged up on him again and demanded that they pay him back. You were more understanding than you probably should have been with him, but wanted him to be proactive and get himself out of this on his own
“It isn’t that easy! Damnit MC, I thought you understood me!” he snapped, and you decided you should just let him cool down
“Look, Mammon. I’m always here for you with this, but you can’t keep complaining about this and not doing anything about it when there’s an easy solution. I have to go study with Satan for a test we have, so I’m going to go meet him. Text me when you’ve calmed down”
You meant it to be caring, but his mind was clouded, and he took it as you pitying him and running away - his greatest fear
“Fine!” he huffed, turning his back to you
You were saddened by this, but genuinely had to go, so you turned and left, thankful for the bit of time that you knew Mammon needed alone to clear his head
You were walking to the library, in the middle of a text to Satan when you accidentally bumped into another demon
“Shit, my bad” you apologize, but the demon had no intention of letting you get away with that
“A human, eh?” he grabbed your shirt collar and instantly drove a fist to your jaw
“What the fuck” you tried to say, but couldn’t really speak
The demon punched you a few more times, and you thought that they had the strength of Beel with how much it hurt
Your body was tossed to the ground and kicked before being abandoned, and you wished you didn’t take the back way to the library
“I summon the Avatar of Greed, Mammon” you whispered, hoping your words were enunciated enough for the summoning to work
“MC!” he noticed you instantly, crouching down and putting a hand on your arm, “MC what happened. Wait don’t talk, can you stand?”
You began to sit up, which he took as a yes, and he wrapped his arm around you to help you stand
He studied your injured face as you stood, and wished he had the power to heal you instantly
“Come on MC, the hospital is close”
“T-Text Satan I’m not coming” you handed him your phone, not wanting Satan to think that you ditched him
Mammon exhaled a laugh through his nose, “You’re always thinking of others, MC” he commented, “We really don’t deserve you”
You just shook your head, feeling like you didn’t deserve the joy the demons brought you
Mammon stayed by your side until you were completely healed, which took a few weeks. He even signed up for a job with Akuzon DC. It was the most selfless you’d ever seen him, and you thanked him for his kindness once you were healed with a gift card to his favorite store
“Just stop! I get it, you have other friends, I don’t care. Go have fun with them” he snapped. Levi hadn’t slept in about 48 hours and you could tell
“Levi, please sleep. I’ll be back in a few hours” you try to comfort him, but he isn’t hearing it
“Whatever, MC”
You’re hurt by his attitude, but know he’s just exhausted. You turn to leave and plan to head back to him a bit sooner to spend extra time with him (quality time love language lookin demon) (also the avatar of envy but that’s not as funny of a joke so)
You were planning to meet with some classmates to study, but you ran into a demon on your way that had been bullying you for being human for the whole semester
You hadn’t told any of the brothers because you didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but you were worried suddenly what the demon would do to you outside of the school grounds
“Hey, it’s the human” she snarled, stepping in front of you to stop your path
“Sorry, I’m busy” you tried to walk around her, but she had no intention of letting you go unscathed
“Not so fast” she stomped her foot over yours to stop you and shoved you back against a light pole nearby
You felt the cold metal slam against your spine and grunted in discomfort
“Can’t take a little pain? That’s too bad” she said, taking you by your shirt and  throwing your body on the road
She kicked your body for what felt like minutes while spitting insults at you, before leaving your weakened body on the ground
You tried to get up once she was gone but screamed in pain, not able to move a muscle
“I summon the Avatar of Envy, Leviathan,” you said, tears starting to run down your face at his name
“Levi, Levi please, help me” you whispered as he appeared
“MC, I’m here” he kneeled down beside you and inspected your body, “I’m here, don’t worry”
“Levi” your hand tightened around his jacket, “Help”
He picked you up, maintaining your position in his arms, and took you to the hospital as fast as he could while keeping you comfortable
He stayed by your side as much as he was legally allowed to while the doctors cared for your torso and x-rayed your foot. After a day or so you were allowed home, and he insisted that he stayed by your side until you were completely healed
“MC, I’ve asked you eight times to leave me alone, I’m clearly trying to read, can’t you take the hint?” he sighed exasperatedly and waited for you to leave, not intending his words to be so harsh but he figured you’d be fine
You were not fine! What the fuck Satan.
“Fine, screw you then” you retorted and left, slamming the door behind you
He realized that you weren’t fine, but wanted to finish his book. Then he’d apologize. But when we went to your room later that night to talk, you didn’t answer.
“MC, come on, open up. I’m sorry for earlier, can we just talk?”
Beelzebub was walking by, “I haven’t seen them since this morning, they left the house crying” he said awfully casually, “I never saw them come back”
Satan felt the blood drain from his face and he ran out of the HoL, ignoring Beel’s “I’m sure they’re fine now!” from behind him
He barely made it out of the doors before he was summoned, and he was confused before he realized the only way he could be summoned was by you
As soon as he was there he saw you, thrown against a dumpster, barely able to hold yourself up
“Satan” you called, voice weak, and he was at your side in less than a second
He stood in front of you and you got on his back, wrapping your arms over his neck
“Tell me what happened. Who did this” his voice was firm and you could almost feel the anger radiating off him
You muttered a name under your breath before resting your head on his shoulder, trying everything you could to not pass out
“Satan, talk to me. I can’t stay awake”
That scared him, so he walked to the hospital a bit faster, but gently still as to not cause you any extra pain
He started telling you about his book since that was all he did that day, but it ended up turning into a long apology for pushing you away and raising his voice earlier. You would have cut him off but you didn’t have the strength to, so you just listened to his words, noticing the thought he had clearly put into them throughout the day
“Satan-” you started, and he instantly stopped to listen, “I forgive you”
He was silent, a sense of relief and appreciation for you washing over him and he thanked you for your understanding of his anger as you arrived at the hospital
Similar to Lucifer, he demanded you to be seen by the best doctor there was on staff, price be damned. He watched intensely as the doctor checked you out, eyeing them up and down to make sure they were good enough and treating you with the same care he would
Once you were released he had Diavolo send a car to drive the two of you back to the HoL, where Satan had had your room prepared with new pillows (the kind you mentioned liking from his room, as well as new ones of the ones you had), freshly washed sheets and duvet, and a cup of your favorite drink waiting for you (he definitely didn’t bribe his brothers to get your room ready, not that it took much bribing)
In addition, each of the brothers had pitched in to get you flowers and a stuffed animal that you’d mentioned wanting, a few weeks ago. The sight of it all made you tear up, and you wrapped Satan in the tightest hug he’d ever gotten
“I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, MC, but I just need some time by myself,” he said, and you could tell he was losing his patience
“Are you sure?” you offer one last time before leaving, wanting to make sure he really wanted to be alone
“Yes! I am!” he snapped, and you felt bad for pushing
“Sorry, Asmo. Feel better” you leave and take care to close the door as quietly as you can on your way out
You were having a bit of a bad day yourself, so you decide to go walk around the devildom and let the fresh air clear your head
Which ended up being a bad idea, as you ran into one of the demons that always hit on you in one of your classes.
“Hey, MC, you finally aren’t with any of those idiot brothers” he approached you and tried to touch your arm, but you pushed it away
“Oh, they’re fiesty. I’ll have to teach you a lesson” he spat on the ground next to you and before you knew it he pushed you against a wall and was punching you senseless
It felt like he’d never stop, but eventually it did, and he left you to bleed on the road. You tried to stand up, not thinking your injuries would be that servere, but you couldn’t move. You sighed and closed your eyes, exhaustion suddenly washing over you
You knew you probably had a concussion and some broken ribs, and that you shouldn’t lose consciousness, so you did the only thing you could think to do. You summoned Asmo.
“I summon the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus” you spoke, and there he was
“MC! Babes, what happened? Where are you hurt” he knelt in front of you and looked over your body
“Ribs...and my head...” you whined, leaning forward for him to take you in his arm
Asmodeus was stronger than you realized, and he picked you up easily and started walking you back to the HoL. “Let’s get you laying down and I’ll call a doctor” he said gently, “Then Satan and I will take care of the idiot who did this”
Until you were healed he was by your side, bringing you anything you even thought of wanting and getting the classwork you missed from your classes
“Hey Beel, what’s up!” you walked into the kitchen and greeted your favorite demon cheerily
He grunted, usually a sign that he should be left alone, but you wanted some Beel time and figured you’d just be cautious and give him his space
“How was your day” you asked innocently
“Not now, MC. I’m not in the mood” his voice was firm, and you took the message
“Got it, I’ll leave” you said apologetically, and left the kitchen. You were a bit upset by him pushing you away, but knew he just needed space. You decided to walk to get takeout for dinner, and made your way to the restaurant on your own.
That was a mistake. You weren’t even halfway there when you figured later you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time
“Is that a human? Here?” you heard from across the road, and sighed, hoping to get off easy
“Hey, human!” the demons walked over to you and you stopped, deciding to at least acknowledge them so they’d think they could insult you and move along
“Wow, I’ve never met a human in real life before” one of them smirked, “I wonder just how weak they really are”
“I wouldn’t test it, just because I’m a human doesn’t mean I don’t know some demons who would make your lives miserable if you hurt me”
The other demon scoffed, “You’re lying. What demon would befriend a human”
You were getting irritated at the attitude being thrown at you, so you decided to fight back with a little sass of your own, “Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, and Lord Diavolo, to name a few” you smirked and crossed your arms
“Bullshit” one of the two demons got in your face, “there’s no way a demon like that would look twice at you”, and before you could begin to think of a comeback you felt a sharp pain in your side
You looked down to see a gash in your side, thankfully seeming to not have hit an organ, but it was still bleeding pretty badly. You didn’t know what to do, but didn’t really have the chance to do much because a few strong punches were delivered to your core immediately after
“Fuck” you mumbled as you crumpled to the ground, and heard the demons laughing as they walked away. You felt yourself bleeding pretty heavily, and knew you wouldn’t be able to make it back to the HoL
“I summon the Avatar of Gluttony. Beelzebub” you said, hoping you remembered how to use your pact correctly
He appeared before you and you let out a sigh of relief, then wincing in pain at your own action
“MC!” he instantly took off his grey hoodie and pressed it to your wound, “There’s an underground hospital close, is it safe for me to lift you or can you walk”
“I think I can walk, but can you keep an arm around me” you ask, and he obviously does
You get to the hospital and are instantly checked in and brought to a care room. Beel holds your hand and lets you squeeze it as tightly as you need as your wound is sewn up, and then the nurses give you pain medication for the next few weeks
You didn’t know the names of the demons who hurt you, but Lucifer found out easily with his many connections, and he and the rest of his siblings, along with Lord Diavolo, made sure that the two demons never so much as thought about you ever again
“Belphie, please let me in” you knocked on his door again, not knowing what had caused him to storm off in the first place
The door opened, but before you could say anything Belphie was talking
“MC, I’m fucking pissed right now, and the last person I want to be around is you” his voice was sharp, and you almost teared up at how genuine his words seemed
“Fine, okay, I’m sorry for trying to help” you responded before turning and running down the stairs from his room in the attic, wanting to give him space but also run away from him
You were going to try not to cry, but as soon as you stepped outside the HoL you couldn’t hold back anymore. Sniffling, you walked to the park nearby to sit at a bench and think. You pulled out your D.D.D. to text Beelzebub and ask him to check up on Belphie, but didn’t even unlock it before someone sat down next to you
You didn’t recognize who it was, and you wiped under your eyes as the demon began to speak
But they didn’t say anything near what you expected. Well, you didn’t know what you were expecting, but it wasn’t to be called a filthy human by a stranger
The demon proceeded to call you names, but you were too mentally exhausted to fight back, so you just sat and listened as they tried to get a reaction from you
“What, aren’t you listening to me? Stupid human” and the demon started punching you. Hard.
You tried to fight back at first, but compared to the strength of a demon you couldn’t really do much. Once you started losing consciousness the other demon left you to sit, laughing at your wounds
You didn’t know what to do, you didn’t want to bother Belphie if he was still in a bad mood, but you needed help. You pulled out your D.D.D. and saw a text from him, reading: ‘MC, I’m sorry. Please come back, give me a chance to explain’
As you couldn’t move, you realized your only option was to summon him, so that’s exactly what you did
“I summon the Avatar of Sloth, Belphegor” you suddenly got nervous, unsure why since you and Belphie were so close, but you knew he’d help you no matter what
“MC? MC holy shit” he sat next to you on the bench and you instantly leaned into him and started sobbing
“MC I’m so sorry, this never should have happen” he had an arm around you
You sniffled, “It isn’t your fault, I was just clearing my head” you reassured him, still hurt by his previous words but not at all blaming him for the other demon’s attack
He brought you back to the HoL and gave you ice packs for the bruises that were starting to surface, making sure you had everything you needed for the next many days until you were healed
A/N: This took me longer than I thought it would to write but I also kept taking breaks and had three classes today lol. But here it is !!! I love writing angst hehe so this was really fun
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Commissions are finally here!! I will be posting some rules and pricing below, but please note that I will start with 10 commission slots. Depending on interest, I may open up more for the first round, but that will be determined later.
Tumblr media
Payments can be made through ko-fi or PayPal.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I will write SFW and NSFW. This does not have anything reflection on pricing.
Kinks are welcomed, but I reserve the right to refuse a request if it lies out of my comfort zone
Chats dialogue will be written by me at my own discretion, but a required phrase or wording from either party can be requested in the Additional Notes section of the Commission Request
I will write CharacterxCharacter chats or CharacterxMC chats.
I will not write BrotherxBrother ROMANTIC chats, but I will write brotherly fluff/platonic for them
NSFW or ROMANCING Luke requests will NOT be accepted. I will only write platonic chat interactions with Luke.
Expected turnaround will be about 24-48 hours after payment.
I reserve the right to add, edit, or discontinue any rules at any time.
Commission Slots:
1) Completed
2) Completed
3) Completed
4) Completed
5) Completed
6) In Progress
7) In Progress
8) In Progress
9) Pending
Commission Request Form:
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[MC and Mammon hiding from Lucifer.]
Mc: Are you scared??
Mammon: *trembling* I guess i am
Mc: *stoic expression* Very good
Mammon: *still trembling* How is that a good thing..?
Mc: It means that you are not totally stupid.
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