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#obey me levi x reader
louobeyme · 2 days ago
Thank God for Periods- Part 1
Obey Me Brothers x F!Reader. - 18+ Content
Tumblr media
Kinky shit ahead, not really any smut in this part but definitely implications of horny.
CW- Talk of periods, mentions of female anatomy, rough handling, blood, implications of period sex
Hi there! This is my first obey me fanfiction. The next part will actually contain smut. If you enjoy let me know.
If you're not into talking about kinky period sex, don't read lmaoo
The first time you got your period after arriving at the House of Lamentation was hilarious, concerning and somehow had everlasting effects on everyone involved. And somehow that wasn't just you.
You'd recently ran out of birth control, not really thinking anything of it, due to the fact you weren't currently getting any. The amount of school work and shenanigans you had to put up with in Devildom, didn't really give you a minute more to think on the matter. That's why, when you woke up with an uncomfortable ache in your stomach and a lingering wetness between your thighs, you almost just went back to sleep in annoyance. With a long groan you peel yourself out of bed, waddling to the bathroom to shower and get rid of your ruined sheets in the laundry. You make a mental note to speak to...someone, about getting sanitary products. Toilet paper would just have to do for right now.
You lazily shrug yourself into your RAD uniform and do your best to make yourself look a bit more presentable with some makeup Asmo had lent you. Your hair seems to be particularly ratty today, no doubt with the restless sleep your period seems to bring. With one final glance in the mirror, you decide it'll just have to do if you don't want to be late for breakfast.
The walk to the dining room was quiet apart from the shuffling of your feet until you got close enough to hear the usual bickering from the brothers within. Now normally, when they're like this in the morning, they don't pay you much attention. Only noticing you and speaking once Lucifer's voice raises loudly to calm them. This was not the case today.
All eyes had swung towards you whenever your feet pass the threshold to the room. The brothers' bizarre, wide eyed expressions were enough to force a squeak from your throat and your back to press against the door that had closed behind you.
No one spoke.
Beel was the first to move, suddenly shoveling more food into his mouth than you'd ever seen before. He practically inhaled everyone's plate in seconds.
Lucifer quietly clears his throat after regaining some composure. His hands press against the wood of the table as he rises to his feet, then he is tenderly splaying one across his chest.
"Y/N, are you hurt?" The eldest asks, the corners of his lips tilting down into a frown of concern.
"Uh...No. Why?" You question.
"H-Hey! Don't lie to us Y/N! If someone has laid a hand on you, I'll kill them! Who was it huh???" Mammon yelled, his own hand smacking the table hard enough that everything left on it rattled loudly.
"You guys are scaring me. I'm not hurt. Please calm down Mammon."
The other brothers hadn't spoken yet but there was fear in their eyes as they stared you down. There was something else too though that you couldn't quite place. Was it tears in their eyes? Or were they just clouded over?
Beel stopped inhaling food suddenly. Seemingly looking you over to check you were infact not wounded. You see his nostrils flare as he inhales deeply only for his stomach to growl LOUDLY. His eyes leave your frightened form to dart around the messy table for more food, he looks desperate.
"No, there's not enough. More." He jumps up and stalks away from the room towards to kitchen.
"Okay what the FUCK is going on? Did Levi order more Golden Hellfire Newt Syrup or something?"
"You're bleeding. You smell like...blood." Lucifer sighs, rubbing the spot between his brows, almost as if he's trying to get rid of the crease that had formed there.
Oh. Ohhhhhhh.
"What do you mean 'oh?'. You are clearly bleeding and not telling us. And from what we can all smell, it's not just a small cut either." Satan growls, shaking his head from side to side. "You're human, you could bleed out at this rate. Tell us where the injury is before I have to find it myself."
"No! Okay. You really really really don't need to do that." You know you must sound hysterical. The words leave your lips followed by high pitched nervous laughter. "It's just my period, I haven't had it in a while."
The concern on their faces doesn't seem to fade away after your explanation. But..
"WAIT...DID BEEL WANT TO EAT ME!?" You yelp. Quickly slapping a hand over your mouth and blushing once you realize how that sounds considering...where the blood is coming from...
"Yep." Belphie sighs, popping the p loudly. "You do smell pretty delicious right now. But what's a period?"
You blink once. Twice. Three times. Bubbling laughter pours past your lips at the utter absurdity of the situation. They've somehow lived for millennia and don't know about periods?
"M-menstrual cycle." You manage to get out between your giggles. Tears forming in the corners of your eyes and threatening to fall down your cheeks. "You know? Shark Week? That time of the month? Aunt Flo?"
"Is this a normie thing? Are you going crazy?" Levi whimpers, his eyes wide.
"Y/N. Please refrain from laughing and explain yourself." The Avatar of Pride snarls, no doubt hating he doesn't have the knowledge to explain the situation himself to his brothers.
You take a deep inhale to try and stop laughing but Lucifer's unusually unpolished appearance is making it difficult.
"Rose's are red..."
"Y/N, now is hardly to time to recite me a love poem." Asmo sighs.
"Violet's are blue..."
"Hey! If she's reciting anyone a love poem while dying, it better be for the Great Mammon!"
"I'm bleeding out of my vagina and there's nothing I can do!" You finish, bowing, waiting for your standing ovation that would never come.
"YOUR WHAT?" A bright red Levi screeches.
"Oh." Satan speaks, a tinge of pink on his own face. "I have actually heard of this."
You smile and walk towards the table at long last, most of the brothers shrinking away in what could be fear. Asmo's eyes remain locked straight to your crotch. Lucifer has a far off look in his eyes, as if he's back in the celestial war. You think Mammon may be dead.
You grab a singular slice of toast that somehow hadn't been demolished by Beel earlier and walk back towards the door.
"You'll all be late for RAD, hurry up."
As you practically skip down the front steps towards the gate, ecstatic with your own performance, a hand gripping your collar from behind hauls you back.
As you begin to fall with a choked scream, two arms circle around your waist and pick you up, spinning you around and marching you straight back inside.
"What the hell do you think you're doing going to school in this state!?" Lucifer roars whenever the doors slam shut. "You think lesser demons will be able to control themselves when they get the slightest smell of you right now!?"
His red eyes are bright with anger and he's in his demon form. Towering above you in a way that really, really shouldn't be so hot.
"I still don't fully understand what is wrong with you but the smell of blood alone is enough to send them into a frenzy! Let alone if they realize it's coming from your..." He trails off, eyes flickering downwards.
"Vagina." You finish for him.
His nostrils flare and he shuts his eyes. Taking a step back from you.
"You don't seem to be doing a very good job of controlling yourself either."
Ruby eyes snap open once again and you find yourself pinned against a wall by the hips. Lucifer's composure is long gone and there is an usual aura around him. His breathing is heavy, almost like he's panting. You swear you can even see a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead.
"You have absolutely no idea." He snarls, face coming even closer to your own, his grip on your hips threatening the appearance of bruises.
"Lucifer. Stop." Satan's voice sounds from your right, sounding angry himself but battling to try and take some of the heavy atmosphere out of the entrance hall. "She doesn't understand. She can't smell herself."
Your previously cocky demeanor is long gone and a million questions are rattling through your brain. First and foremost.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?" You whimper, shimmying your hips in an attempt to break free and make a run for it.
Lucifer's eyes meet his brothers sharply, before he lets go of your hips. He groans like it was an impossible task and then whirls around so his back faces you.
"Go to your room Y/N."
You slowly walk towards Satan on shaky legs, hoping he'd console you. But he takes a few steps away from you like you're infectious. It's rather rude actually. You can't help the way your heart crumbles when you realize you've somehow caused this mess.
"Please just go, kitten." Satan speak between gritted teeth.
The fast walk back to your room isn't quiet like this morning, you can hear angry voices and the sound of your own sobs. Tears are blurring your vision and all you want to do is disappear. Once inside your room, you slam the door shut, tear off your uniform, throw on a t-shirt over your underwear and climb back into your unmade bed. The mattress slightly scratchy now it doesn't have on a sheet. The tears don't stop flowing until you fall asleep.
You don't awaken again until much later in the day. Confusion filling your head before the memories of this morning unpleasantly greet you. You bury your head further into your pillows, hoping somehow it was a dream. When you finally leave the comfort of you bedding to clean yourself up, you can't help but think that you even forgot to ask if anywhere in Devildom would have tampons.
Then you hear it. Shuffling outside your door. Muffled voices.
Your head swoops round the corner of your en-suite to stare at the shadows of movement underneath the wooden door. You hear quiet shushes and bickering to further back up the knowledge that someone is there.
You find yourself tiptoeing towards the door to try and listen.
"Why are we torturing ourselves here again?" You recognize Belphie's voice first.
"I'm personally making sure my favourite human doesn't get eaten by anyone but me."
"She smells so good Mammon..." Beel mutters. "Can't help it."
"Like she'd want you anywhere near her in such an intimate way anyway Mammon." Satan chimes in.
"Yeah, Stupidmammon." Levi eggs him on.
"I never knew humans had such an interesting feature. Poor darling hasn't been bred." Asmo coos.
You've had enough. You grip the handle and fling open the door. Startled shrieks leave the offending demons as they scurry backwards. Beel's stomach rumbles, his eyes widen and he turns to made a run for it down the corridor.
"NO! ALL OF YOU. STAY." You shout, using the pacts the halt their movements. "What the hell are you doing hanging outside my door talking like perverts!?"
"Y/N! There you are! We were looking for you!" Mammon shouts, his voice shaky.
"Mammon." You seethe.
His eyes drop down and then widen, raking up and down your body. He smirks, momentarily forgetting the situation he's in.
His expression causes another surge of rage to course through you until you feel the slightly chilly air against your... bare skin. You glance down realizing your stood with your panties visible, midrift showing from where your top had ridden up in your sleep.
"Y/N..." Asmo whines, eyes flashing bright pink with lust. You notice the front of his tight trousers look even tighter and he wriggles under your stare.
You glance towards Beel, who's eyes are scrunched shut tightly and one of his large hands are pressed firm to his stomach. Belphie who stood beside him was trying desperately to look not interested. Satan is tapping his foot impatiently. Levi looks like he's having a panic attack.
"Okay." You start. "Okay." You don't know where your going with this.
"What are you all doing outside Y/N's room?" Lucifer's voice booms from further down the corridor. "Move, now!"
When they don't, you hear him growl and they look at him fearfully. The tap of his shoes echoes closer at an alarming speed until he sees you stood there also. The Avatar of Pride's eyes scan you from head to toe before he groans and tilts his head straight up to stare at the cobwebbed ceilings.
"Will you please release my stupid brothers so I can punish them for disobeying my orders?"
"No. And you can shut up." You bark the command at him.
Prideful eyes meet yours and his brow furrows in anger, his mouth opens and closes but no words come out.
"Okay. So I think I get it. Human blood smells good to you guy's right?"
Beel's stomach groans in response and his eyes scrunch shut ever tighter.
"Okay. Now what that doesn't explain, is why you're all acting like you suddenly want to fuck me into another realm. You have never spoken of me like this before, what the FUCK is wrong with you guys?"
The silence is palpable and Asmo in particular looks as if he's about to spontaneously combust.
"No one care to share with the class?"
Lucifer taps his lips. You feel like screaming.
"Explain." You order him.
"Y/N. Please. Let's discuss this another time."
"No. If you're not going to explain I will just have to make you shut up again Lucif-"
"You smell like you're in heat. It isn't just blood. You smell like arousal. You smell like a demon's last supper. Infuriatingly divine." He grunts out, eyebrows furrowed and trying to inconspicuously adjust his suit trousers.
"You don't even know just what you do to us all normally Y/N..." Asmo whimpers. "You always smell so pretty, look so beautiful, I find it hard holding back from taking you on every piece of furniture in the house."
"Hey! No one wants her as bad as I do! Not even you, Lusty." Mammon growls, finger pointed sharply at his younger brother.
"Please Y/N, just a little taste... I'm so hungry." Beel says pitifully as the rest of the brothers bickering continues.
Against your better judgements you can't help but feel yourself grow slicker between your legs. A mix of blood and arousal at their words. You'd always found them attractive, but thought all their harmless flirting was just that. You never thought you'd measure up to anything in their eyes at all.
Though you were certain this was simply that their admissions were out of the somewhat...intoxicated state your period has left them in. You weren't apposed to having some fun on your cycle. But you didn't want them to regret it after it had finished and the spell was lifted.
"You're all the leave me alone for the rest of this week. If you can't I'll let Diavolo know that I need to be taken somewhere else." You state as calmly as you can.
"Y/N you sound like Lucifer right now. It is so not a turn on." Asmo whines.
"No way! If I can't have you no way Lord Diavolo is. I'm your first man after all!" Mammon shouts.
"No one will be having me."
"Y/N. Diavolo may be the strongest demon here but I cannot allow it. He may not be able to control his urges." Lucifer groans, lips pursed. He's looking increasingly more disheveled by the minute.
"It doesn't look like you guys can either! It isn't safe for me or any of you whilst I'm here. None of this would have happened if Devildom sold fucking human birth control!" You snarl.
"That isn't a problem. I've got plenty condoms in my room if you don't want to get pregnant. Although you would look lovely carrying my baby." Asmo cooed, his hand brushing the waistline of his jeans a little too dangerously close to his burning arousal.
"I think our baby would be much cuter Y/N. But I just want to touch you." Belphie sighs.
"Y/N, can I please be excused. I- I need to go take care of something." Levi questions fearfully.
"You idiots don't listen. She doesn't feel safe. And she didn't say about birth control because of that, that's the reason she got her period after so long. You know it wouldn't kill any of you to read a book right?" Satan shouts.
"The book you finished reading an hour ago? How thoughtful Satan." Grumbles Lucifer.
"All of you. Go. Before you end up doing something you'll regret."
"Regret? You really are clueless you know that! Dumb human." Mammon scowls.
"That was an order Mammon. All of you. Now."
The 7 brothers legs uncomfortably turn and rush themselves from the room much to their distress. Loud grumbles and whines sound down the corridors as they all scramble in various directions.
You bang your head back against the wooden surface, trying to force away your lust and focus. Hopefully once your cycle was finished things would go back to normal after some awkwardness. And probably a punishment from Lucifer for your carelessness and backtalk.
When you finally close the door behind you, you curse the arousal you still feel at their words. You wished they'd say such things normally. Any time where they'd come on to you in such a direct way would be welcome, unless it was another encounter with a strong aphrodisiac.
It's going to be a long, fucking, week.
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plush-rabbit · 7 months ago
Aphrodisiac Induced Reader + The Brothers
A/N: The brothers!! I hope yall enjoy!! Aphrodisiac induced is always a fun thing to play with. The brothers,, my beloved
You really should have known better than to take food that was offered by Beel. You know that he has the right intentions in mind- that him sharing food is a miracle of itself and rejecting him would have his brows furrowed and lips pursed into a pout- but he’s also gluttony. He can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants without so much of a stomach ache. You, on the other hand, cannot. You should have seen this coming when the cupcake you bite into filled your mouth with such an indescribable sweetness that it made your teeth ache, the flavor otherworldly and leaving you hungry for me, taking greedy bites out of the cutely decorated pastry. There was a sharp pang in your stomach, your body on fire and sex dripping with every nudge that your body made.
You couldn’t be alone right now- or maybe you should have been left alone, maybe that would have saved you from humiliation of your dripping arousal that was leaking past your slit. You’re quick to rise, standing on shaky legs, curled over as your cheeks burn, sweat beading against your skin, only worsening the sensitive state that you are in. It’s fast-acting, making your breaths come out in heated gasps, and everything just feels a bit too much, just too good for it to be normal. An aphrodisiac- a strong one that is making you impossibly aroused. You suck in a sharp breath and go to the person who you know will treat you right.
Lucifer is a gentleman- most of the time at least. But during your time of need he is perfect to go to. He’ll allow you- or more like insist- that you stay in his office until the aphrodisiac’s effects have passed. You’ll lay on the couch, face buried into a throw pillow while the other one is between your legs. Shame has long been gone since you’ve entered his domain, his eyes never really leaving your shaky frame. When you moan his name, he stiffens, the pen in his hand is held tighter but he still rises, walking towards you in concern. He’ll sit beside you, let his hand curve over your forehead, feeling the heat go through his glove.
He clears his throat, pulling his hand away, and there’s this heavy look on your face, the pillow squeezed tight between your legs, the pillow under your head has faint imprints of your teeth. He’ll avoid touching you, pulling his hand away from you and walking briskly to his desk chair. He can hear your steps across the floor, the way you gasp his name and seem to rub your thighs together for any sort of friction. He won’t spare you a glance, eyes focused on the paperwork in front of him. Underneath the desk, his leg jolts as you snake your arms around his shoulders, your lips wet as they touch his neck.
There isn’t enough time in the day and night for him to focus on his work and on your growing needs that are starting to mark everything in his office. Black ink scratches along the pape, the letters growing shaky as you snake your way onto him. He’s actually startled when you situate yourself on his lap, your sex pressed against his erection. He’s surprised by your sudden confidence but writes it off due to the effects of the aphrodisiac. You’re above him, arms snaked once more on his shoulders and you play with the hair that rests on the nape of his neck.
The feeling of shame is not foreign to the Avatar of Pride but even then, letting you know that he is indeed aroused given the situation does bring a bit of heat to his body. His hands find their way to hold onto your hips, trying to ignore the way that you have begun to grind against his. But there is work to do and despite the growing need to pleasure both you and himself, he displaces you, ignoring the way that you call his name and can’t seem to stop touching him.
The only way to gain his attention that you desperately long for is to push him away, the wheels locking against an edge of the floor and you bend yourself over the desk. Lucifer wants to throw you out so you can be another’s problem but you pull your bottom layer off, your fingers searching inside your leaking hole and pride starts to fuel him. You touch yourself in front of him, beg for him to touch you- of course you would. Slender hands come to touch your body, and you’re already leaking onto the floor, thick, sweet arousal staining the very room that he allowed you to enter. His cock is against you, rimming around your entrance, hearing your cries and please for him to simply fuck you but you did cause him to become distracted from very important work and he is going to punish you for that.
Of course you’d go to him. He is your first after all, why wouldn’t you go to The Great Mammon? But wow, he was over his head when you came knocking at his door. Always eager to see and spend time with you, he allows you to enter without seeing the state you’re in. You stagger into his room, holding his hand and stumbling into him and it’s only then that he can smell the sweet, lingering aroma in the air. He wants to believe you’re just trying a new perfume and now it's made you sick, but it’s worse than that when the hand you’re holding moves to your chest. He can feel your rapid heartbeat, the way your body is in flames that can rival hellfire itself, the pained cry of his name as you try to pinch your legs together in the awkward embrace.
Frozen for a moment, Mammon completely blanks on what to do. He can feel your pain, the aching need in your entire body that makes you feel as if you’re going to combust into flames. He doesn’t know whether to touch you or not. But then you cry his name- sobbing it out in broken syllabus and you cry that it hurts and you think you might die and you're in his arms. Your hold on him tightens and he thinks he can leave you to be- let you wait out the excruciating pain in his room until the feeling fades and just thank him with attention or material objects later. He fails to consider that he is weak to you and when you look at him with teary eyes, he falters.
He stutters in his explanation, talking about how he can maybe go out and get you a toy or something- and he promises to be quick, he is the fastest after all. But then the thought lingers and he imagines your sex stretched with some toy that he chose, and his body jerks. Your vision is growing blurrier by the second and the hold on his hand tightens until your knuckles pale. You pull on him, thanking whatever God is watching down on you, that the door to the prized car he keeps in is open. Even he’s unable to know what is going on until you push him inside, crawling onto the back seat, calling his name and begging for him to join you.
In such a closed space, the Avatar of Greed is trying desperately to avoid touching you. He stays seated in the front seat, fingers drumming along the steering wheel. He cares for the car deeply- one of the few things that gives him freedom that is indescribable and yet, here you are. Your sex is leaking, your cries echoing across the closed space and what is music to his ears in his dreams is now a horrible reminder that you are seated behind him, victim to an aphrodisiac. He needs an excuse to touch you, needs to just feel you for a moment and when you threaten to stain the flawless leather seats with your slick, it’s enough for him to crawl to the back seat.
He never realized how crowded it was, how his elbows and knees tend to knock into things. He doesn’t notice how you’ve kicked your shorts off, how your underwear has become dark in color to your dripping sex. You kiss him, and Mammon is weak to you. His hands are on you, the scent overpowering and he promises to keep the touching to a minimum to only touch what you’ll let him touch and kiss where you want him to. But you’re huffing, grabbing onto him and trying to meet his crotch. The windows grow foggy, the car begins to creak but neither of you pay it any mind. It’s cramped and you’re too close but not close enough, you ache to be closer to him, to have him pressed against you until all you can remember is the way that his chest feels against your skin, the warmth of him, and the way his kisses are so tender and feverish all at once.
Leviathan refuses to make eye contact with you. He won’t even address you. He sits on his desk chair, playing a game that doesn’t need half of the attention he usually gives. You rest inside his bathtub, curled over he presumes, whining and mumbling something that sounds like his name but he can't be so sure nor does he expect you to mumble his name in your current state. But as much as he wants to drown you out, he can’t. You’re too whiny, crying and begging for a solution, peeling your shirt off because it’s too hot. He reasons that’s because of the aphrodisiac because his room is always kept to a cool temperature. So now, he has you topless in his bathtub and the only proof is your shirt that was tossed where he sits and the reflection above, portraying a teasing, blurry image of your torso.
It’s possibly the worst situation for the poor, introverted demon. He finally has you all to himself and you’re in such a needy state and the plot is so close to a top tier hentai of his- Help! My Friend Took a Drug and Now They Won’t Stop Grinding on Me But I Also Don’t Want Them To Stop. But You came to him, you trusted that he would watch over you and whether it was because he kept his room so guarded or because you trust him, he really doesn’t know which. It’s just too muddled for him to believe that you would actively choose him. So, he does what he does best- he immerses himself in a game. The cutest game that he could think of- one that even if he grew and remained hard would make him feel more like a degenerate than he already does. He puts his headphones on and as if everything is trying to punish him, the loading screen takes forever.
The soundtrack plays loud, booming in his headset and effectively drowning you out. But he knows you’re still crying for him- that you're still in the same room with him. The perverted otuka glances up where he can see your reflection and he catches a glimpse of your hands cupping the swell of your chest and his face burns. Had you caught him peeking before? Was this a way for you to play with yourself without actively touching yourself? He can feel his growing arousal, translucent pre-ejaculate spilling past his slit and staining his boxers. It’s humiliating and he hates that the idea of you touching yourself in his room is more than enough for him to get in the mood.
He’s ignoring you- the only way that he can hopefully soften without actually creaming his pants. He avoids your reflection, ignores how your hands grip the curve of the tub until your knuckles pale, how you swing a leg over and it meets the hard layer of the bath, and for a moment, you still. He’s ignoring your decision to remove yourself from the place he rests and staggering to him. When he feels your hands on his thighs, he startles and the game minimizes into a small box. Unaware of what to do in this situation, he freezes, letting his body tense as you crawl onto his lap, your eyes heavy with lust and body feeling so warm above him that he’s unable to breathe.
His breathing is ragged, his hands stopping on the curve of your bum, as he’s unable to look anywhere else but your face. You’re flushed, gripping onto him, your tongue out as you pant and you’re so desperate for his attention that you lean close. His hands raise in an attempt to push you off but as if it were a cliché moment, his hands curve over your chest and you whimper his name at the simple touch. The third born should have been careful, he shouldn’t have let you grind against him and he surely shouldn’t have let himself becomes distracted by a kiss and yet, here he is, undressing himself as you greedily slide yourself onto his cock, your face scrunching up as every scale is pushed further into your aching hole. Leviathan is holding you close, the computer screen dimming as your can fill him spill inside of you.
Eager to learn, he knows the effects of what an aphrodisiac can do to a being. So when you come knocking at Satan’s door, begging for refuge, leaning against him and gripping at his shirt, he pats your hand, and welcomes you inside. He allows you to rest on his bed, letting you bury yourself under his blankets. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea for either of you- you’re inhaling his scent during a time of desperate need, and soon when the effects wear off, he’ll be left in a bed that is drenched in your scent. That, however, is a problem for another day.
In order to keep his mind and hands busy, he’ll finally organize his room. He’s able to ignore your whining, the way that you shiver under the covers and bury yourself into his pillow, how you spread your legs so they are uncovered by the blanket; he ignores the sweet scent of your arousal that fills the room and his lungs. He holds his breath, taking few, deep breaths every now and then to avoid inhaling too much of you. You’re whining, talking through the pillow about how it hurts and you just need something- and doesn’t he have a spell he can use to just rid you of at least a tiny bit of it.
It’s the growing arousal of himself and your constant whining that edges him closer to annoyance. He holds books tight in his hand, orders them by author and published years, height and volumes, but it isn’t enough to drown you out. He regrets letting you enter his room but in the same second, he regrets having the thought. He’s happy that you came to him, trusted him enough to see you in a disheveled state. He doesn’t want to scare you off or make you feel unwanted, so he edges closer to you, tugging on the bottom of his shirt as if he were a nervous boy instead of a grown demon. The bed creaks under his weight and your hand latches onto his thigh. He jerks his leg, your hand only squeezing tighter and when he makes eye contact, your eyes are filled with tears, glistening and catching on your lashes like fresh dew.
You’re aroused, deeply and sweetly. It's a nervous thing to be attracted to someone like you, a demon that has been round and born with blood and wrath etched deep into soul and yet here he is, nervous to even touch your trembling hand. He knows the effects of something as strong as an aphrodisiac and for a demon made one, there is no real spell for it. He lets you lay on his lap, your mouth close to his sex, eyes lidded and holding tight to his hand. His control is fading, his growing need pushing past logical thought. He offers himself, and you rise quickly, already straddling his lap, your chest pressed against his, asking if it is okay. A cold shiver runs through his spine and he nods, offering that he’ll take care of you.
The trembling, nervous demon fades just as quick as it came when your lips are on his. You kiss him, need so transparent that he’s teasing, pulling away, letting your back meet the bed. His smile is sharp, leaning to kiss your pursed lips, grabbing your leg and pulling it upwards, mumbling praise under his breath when you hook your leg around his waist. Satan is heavy when above you, and maybe it’s the aphrodisiac that still lingers on your tongue, but he is unwilling to move away from you, kissing you and hooking his fingers in your mouth when you moan. You’re needy and he wants to hear you beg for him, calling his name. He cups your face with spit coated fingers, asking you to be good for him and mew for him.
As the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus immediately knew something was off in the house when he felt lust in the air. It’s sweet. Intoxicating and bitter all at once. It’s like the sweetest honey known to mankind and he knows the feeling well enough to open his door before you have the thought to knock. He welcomes you into his room, letting you rest on the bed, a small part of him on the inside crinkling when you ruffle the sheets. But, of course, he knows this isn’t you- you would never be so careless. It’s all because of the aphrodisiac making your movements more frantic.
He knows the cure to end it- sex, plain and simple. Masturbation might help but he fears your hand will become sore. Always eager to have somebody in bed with him- out of his own sin and own need for company- he offers you two choices. You can borrow a toy- new, still in the box and all- or he could take care of you. Perhaps he shouldn’t have offered the second option, he knew how excited you were to simply enter a room with another living being but he couldn’t help himself. You look absolutely adorable with your flustered face.
A kiss from the living Avatar of Lust is better than any pleasure that you’ve ever received. And he knows it. You moan under him, your body shaking and eyes rolling to the back of your head, clawing at the shirt on his back. He smiles into the kiss. So eager to be taken care of that a simple kiss was enough to make you climax, your arousal dripping onto your underwear, so heavy in the air, that he pulls away as he feels your breaths start to shorten due to lack of air. But even as he pulls away, you still reach to pepper him with kisses, your breathing reggae against his face, gasping for breath with every parting kiss.
Your hands are on him, eager to pull him into another kiss. You want him and it’s evident from the way that you don’t push away when he removes his clothing. But, he stops for a moment, watching your gaze on him, wide and dazed and you stare at him as if he was something more than just a demon, you give him your worship and you pull him into another kiss. He stiffens, pulling away and asking if this is what you want, touching your bare skin only to flinch away as if it burned him. And when your lips are on him, your smile returns for a moment, telling him that you came to him because you knew he would tend to you in any way, and he melts.
His lips return to yours, kissing you eagerly, wanting nothing more than to just keep his lips on you. And as last time, you shudder beneath him, another orgasm washing through your body, your release spilling pass your slit. Limps entangle with each other and you cry the name Asmodeus, moaning it as if it were the only thing on your mind, sobbing under him and telling him how good it feels. You pet his head and let him bury his face into our chest, peppering kisses until he reaches your neck. His eyes close, an unexpected climax teases at him, as you pull him closer to your aching body. Every sigh from you in a gentle gust of wind, every cry a song that not even choir from the Celestial Realm can rival. He pushes deep inside of you, letting you feel every curve and texture from his cock as it molds your leaking hole into his shape.
Beelzebub feels incredibly guilty when you come to him, his shirt knotted in your hands as you explain what you ate. He blames himself, going to hold you only to flinch when you hiss and pull yourself closer to him. It’s an aphrodisiac, he should have known that you’ll be more sensitive to touch during this time. He apologizes as he leads you to his bed, shaking his head and holding your hand. He’s gluttony- he should have been able to smell the scent of an aphrodisiac.
Of course, he’ll let you hide in his room until the effects wear off. He won’t make a single peep but it’s difficult for him. His clothes are sticking to him, his body is in an odd sticky situation where sex clings to him clothes and skin. He knows the effects of the aphrodisiac but he feels guilty for giving it to you so when you cling to him, begging for him to not let go of you, he sighs and stays beside you. He’s stiff, unwilling to move and can only let out a shaky breath, when you press yourself closer to him, hooking a leg over his and curling it over. He can feel your sex- hot and pulsing and he leaves ripped bedsheets as his hand curls into the comforter.
He’s rubbing your back, letting his fingers drum against your spine as he hears your panted breaths. He knows he should stop, that he should at least go and take a shower so he can at least smell good but you hold a tight grip on him. You’re feverish, burning against him and he can tell you want more, your lips open up and kiss along the side of his ribcage but he can’t move.
It’s getting too much- even for him. He doesn’t want to take advantage of this needy state that you’re in but as he rises with a feeble explanation that he’s going to take a shower, you pull him down. He’s above you, your eyes watery and cheating rising and falling with heavy breaths. He can’t kiss you but you’re leaning closer, your lips brushing against his and he can smell the aphrodisiac that still rests like heaven on your tongue. You don’t blame him for the accident slip, you’re just begging for him to take care of you, letting your hand rest over the swell of his breast and he’s growing weaker by the second.
When your lips are on his, your tongue slipping past your lips, Beelzebub can taste the aphrodisiac and he’s melting. His tongue has made its home on your mouth, curving over your pink muscle and feeling the way you shudder beneath him. His name is muted by the kiss, your hands clawing at his clothing and he’s sweaty and aroused, watching you as you strip yourself of your clothes. The lovely pastry that still lingers isn’t enough for him to go into a full rut, but it’s enough for him to bend your legs to your chest, your hole pulsing as his cock aligns to it. The way that you call his name is enough for him to push himself fully into you.
Belphegor is asleep under the covers, pillow tucked under his head and he does not awaken to your scent growing closer and closer, heavier and sweeter than usual. He doesn’t awaken when the doorknob wiggles, a frantic turning but he does awaken when you slam the door. He is startled awake, his eyes wide for a second before narrowing, teeth flashing as he lets out a low growl. He stops when he notices it's you, yawning and telling you to get into bed with him. It’s only until you’re beside him, greedily taking the invitation, that he realizes the state you’re in.
He has to prod you until you tell him what’s happened, watching as you bury your face into a pillow, whining out pathetically as you tell him what happened. He laughs, it’s sharp and teasing. Of course, you took an aphrodisiac by accident. It could only happen to you. He tries to be sympathetic with you. He knows you must be in a great deal of pain, but then again you came to him and that makes him stay awake for a bit longer, turning over on his side and watching you struggle to not touch yourself despite the aroma of your arousal that is thick in the room.
Sloth offers to put you under a deep sleep- he can’t promise that you’ll be still- but he can promise that you’ll wake up without the effects of the aphrodisiac. When you refuse, he merely shrugs, turning over with a pout. He’s disappointed but he can’t do much. He does tell you that he is tired, so he’ll be sleeping but you’re allowed to spend the rest of your heightened arousal in the attic with him. The power of an aphrodisiac- one made a devil no less- is strong, and giving it you in even worse. He can sense the neediness in you, the way you watch him with lustful eyes, your mouth parted the eagerness to get into bed with him.
As promised, he slips off into a sleep, leaving you alone. But your body is on his, legs parted with his single leg. He isn’t asleep long enough for him to be in an actual slumber before he feels the bed move ever so slightly. It’s constant and your whining, mumbling apologies and he opens his eyes to find you humping his leg. It’s pathetic and hot all at once, watching you get off on his leg alone, so desperate for release that you’ve succumbed to humping him. His smile is tight, turning over and letting his tail curl around you, the static in the air only causing you to arch your back when his demon form pops out. It pricks against your wrists, the fur unkempt as he rises above you.
You wanted his attention and now you’ve gotten it. You’ve woken him up from nap, it’s normal and expected for him to be grouchy but thank goodness that the smell from your leaking sex is more arousing that anything else he’s encountered. You’re on your knees on the mattress, his hips meeting yours and letting out a loud grunt when he finishes. He’s tired and over it but his cock still stands upright and you’re still needy and awake, your sex leaking with his arousal. Belphegor will lay on his back, offer himself in his sleep to you until you’re content. The last coherent thought he has is sighing at how warm and squishy you feel against him.
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hell-temptations · a month ago
Big spoons and Little spoons in bed
Tumblr media
Pairing: brothers x gn! Mc
Genre: SFW,fluff
Warnings: none, just some fluff to compensate the next Angst :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both. Yes, he's both. Though his personality may seem like he is 200% the big spoon, but this man is like a big ol' Doberman. At night either you are being crushed by him or he's purposefully not spooning you so that you'll spoon him. If you think he not spooning you might end up you two sleeping side by side, think again... because if you don't spoon him, he will just get up and start working until you forcefully drag him to bed and start spooning him and then finally you two will get some sleep. In short, behind the closed doors Luci is the baby,big baby,but only for you :3.
Little spoon mainly, "of course ya wanna hug the great Mammon!" (Read it as, "please hug me I'm so nervous that I could accidentally crush your little body with my powerful hug!"). He Loves it when you pull him to your chest while you run your hands through his hair and talk about your day, he just feels loved, his chest feels like it'll burst out with overwhelming emotions, hold him, hold him a little more tighter and never ever let go of him Mc :)
Legitimate little spoon. He used to sleep alone before with his figurines but after you two started sleeping together He has become the type of guy who can't fall asleep if he's not being hugged. He feels like crying when you spoon him on your own, he feels like he has gotten the world. He's precious, take care of him Mc :)
You two sleep facing each other, your limbs entangled with the other. But if you ask, then Satan prefers being the big spoon. At night when you roll over to the other side, within a few seconds two hands will sneak around your waist from behind. Satan is attentive even when he sleeps, when you accepted his love you became his world and after all he and you have been through he wants to protect his world out of all cost. Your kitty boyfriend loves you a lot Mc :)
Another one who is both. As much as he loves to spoon you, on his insecure nights he loves nothing more than you spooning him and telling him how much he means to you. On the other side,he spoons you all the time to let you know how much he loves you and how beautiful your soul is. Asmo loves you to death, please keep his fragile heart safe in yours Mc :)
Big spoon! And maybe 20% little spoon. He's cannonically the teddy bear, so when you two sleep he'll spoon you like your giant teddy bear and sometimes you also spoon him ,trying squish his muscles (he's a squishy guy, so much muscle hhhh). And your squishy guy is in love with how small his hooman his, so he loves to spoon his little hooman while they keep squishing his muscles and talk about how spicy the Devildom hot chips were today.
Mostly little spoon but actually he's both. Look do whatever you want, he wants your warmth when he sleeps, so either you spoon him or he will spoon you. It's generally you spooning him because if he starts then you know you won't be able to get rid of his death grip for next 18 hours so better you become the big spoon. But well it doesn't matter though because when you wake up you will always find him sleeping on your chest or back while arms hugging your waist :') goodluck Mc we will see you tomorrow at lunch.
Tumblr media
Tag: @mammonprotectionsquad @yukihaie @candymeowz @alexaizawa @sparkbeast20 @nishayuro @sucker-for-angst-and-fluff @amyfrysk
Thank you so much for reading stay healthy and safe love love 💜
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baalism · 3 months ago
Non-binary afab MC getting bred by Diavolo, Levi, Satan, Asmo, and Simeon
For you anon, hope you like~
Diavolo, Levi, Satan, Asmo and Simeon breeding afab nb!mc
Tumblr media
Only after he's done preparing you for hours is that he dares suggest you might be ready.
But obviously, by the time Diavolo's thick fingers leave your cunt and his kissing and biting stops for a moment to reasses you, you're too far gone to care about what he does to your body anymore. Unable to remember just how many times the prince has made you cum, so far.
You only know one thing, and just because he says it to you now. Leaning over your shoulder and pressing kisses all over your neck and the shell of your ear. He can't help needing to feel you under his lips, before declaring in a sweet, low command.
'I'm gonna try to fit my cock in you now, yes? And if I can, then I'm gonna breed you.'
Awfully controlled for the amount of foreplay that has been done. Makes you wonder just how long has he been holding onto this all, on this need to mark you as his this way.
And you shudder, useless under him but anticipating the stretch anyway.
'Is that okay with you, my love?' his grip on your chin is firm when Diavolo seeks for approval in your eyes.
And you do try. To voice that yes, it is. That you want him inside already, need him to fuck you. But your breath is hitching and your sex raw and throbbing at his word, clenching around nothing.
So all it comes out of your bitten mouth is a pathetic whimper. You manage to nod though, and so he is quickly back at kissing your lips with adoration.
Just as he is fast to put you into a mating press, thighs up as he downright mounts you.
But he is gentle, or tries to. Diavolo takes his time even now, rutting against your folds to get himself wet for you. His head tilting back at the feeling. But every time the tip of his cock gets too close to your hole, he realizes he's barely keeping it together.
This is how he likes it, he says. You open, legs above your head and then over his shoulders as he finally starts to fuck into you. Slow, the first few inches of him go in.
And Diavolo didn't deceive you, the stretch is, even as prepared as this, unimaginable. But you want it, can't help throbbing around him and urging him for more. Yes, even if this close his infernal skin burns you to an uncomfortable level.
So he complies, it is what he wanted anyway. Pushing himself into you to the hilt until his pelvis touches yours and he has to hold you closer so you stop squirming.
Begins a pace relentless. He pounds you into the mattress all while sucking kisses on your neck.
Reaching your chin and mouth to kiss deep as he goes in and out hard.
It's difficult to keep up, you're rendered to this: a weak thing he has to hold so you do not break apart. But you're incorregible. Spurr him further.
'M-more, please!'
And so, he says something. Completely disregarding pleads and selfish for once.
'I want to fill you up so good' Diavolo's only goal, declared as he ruts, pushing deeper and you clench around him. Kissing your crimson blushing face all over but giving you no break.
All you feel and know is him. The girth of his cock splitting you open over and over again and the notion that he's been wanting this just as bad as you or worse.
His noises, the hand pressing down your navel just where he wants you to feel him filling you up make you come and clench around him involuntarily.
Your cunt wanting to swallow up everything the prince offers.
As you pull him from his horns, jewelry knocking down, Diavolo groans, moans, your name and slams his few last thrusts.
'Aah- too- good, my love. Will you take it, for me?' All of him. His sounds, his cock dragging inside you, its pulsing and the inevitably ending, his seed spilling deep inside you too warm, too much.
Diavolo shivers and holds into you for dear life. Hips still rutting, an attempt at driving it all even further into you even if that's impossible.
He pants. Refuses to pull out until he has to.
But the load does not go to waste. He's keeping you like that: hips up and thighs spread open for him, as he pushes it all back in with his fingers and you whimper under his touch, his gaze eating up the sight.
He saw it on hentai: the love interest of the main character spread wide open and waiting to get fucked stupid. An uncensored dick going in and out of them, far too big, stretching them and then the spurts of cum dripping. A cunt so tight, not meant to hold in that much.
So even if it is only a passing thought, Levi's mind does wander, weaving images of you like that. Turns out painful to want it this bad. Wishing he was the one to have you like that, all exposed and willing: full of only him.
And to make matters worse, Levi also can't help thinking his demon cock is thick. Without prepping, undoubtely too much for your human sex. And he does come loads, too.
How nice would it feel to come inside you, then. His love, who would selflessly hug him tighter, beg he lets them milk him.
To mark you as his. Letting everyone know who you belong to.
So even if it sounds farfetched at first and too much of a lewd fantasy, he can't get the idea off his head.
And Levi thinks of it as he kisses you, a forked tongue slipping in in an act of too much need and impetu. As if he meant more than he lets on.
Thinks of it as his fingers find your folds, rub, go inside: just how nice you clench around him as he pumps them in and out. The wet sounds that fill the room a sign of your arousal and then your own moaning driving him crazy. He's rock hard, a wet patch of precum already on his boxers as he's can barely play it cool, trying hard to please you first.
But it escapes him. Something muttered.
' you'd like it'. As Levi begins to go kiss down your body.
'What...?' you ask and so shake his daydreams away. Levi hasn't realized he spoke out loud; red in the face and in evidence as he buries in your stomach to hide.
'Huh? N-nothing!'
But you won't let go of it. Run fingers through his soft purple him to ease him yet keep the question up there.
'What would I like, Levi? Please speak to me.'
And you say it so sweetly that this time he doesn't cower.
'M-my cum inside you, mc.'
Oh. All while biting his trembling lip. Looking up at you from between your thighs like pleading you let him.
''re right,' you say, no more words than needed.
'I would' and push him lower. Still not willing to let him have his way before he gives you head.
But your words work like magic on Levi. As if a switch flipped on his mind. Needing to get inside you as soon as possible, but determined to overstimulate you before he even gets to fuck you.
So Levi tastes all of you; buries his face between your legs until you're trembling and busies himself sucking soft on your clit. Lengthy tongue curling inside you, stimulating places no one else has ever reached and humming against you, pleased himself with the way you pant and grip his hair for more.
Hungry, needy and accomplished, all at knowing that you want him this much: enough to let him come deep inside you.
When he gauges you are ready to take him, he wants you on your back and so gets on top of you. In need of watching your every expression, spreading you as he goes in slowly. Hissing at the tightness but refusing to close his eyes.
It is senseless, the desire unmeasurable to watch as his cock disappears inside you, how you take it inch by inch even, hole widening at the intrusion. And he's mesmerized. And you do this to him, your body, your temperature against his cool skin, your sounds better than anything fictional.
'Too big- Le-vi hah...' make his ego swell, his dick twitch and he's barely doing anything.
And he'd like to tease you, of course, but words barely make sense anymore.
'Too much.' you cry once more.
His pace starts as measured, but gets wild too fast. Turns out your overwhelmed whimpers do terrible things to Leviathan.
He's soon enough wondering just how many times he could come inside you in one night. What would you look like, spent and with all of his seed dripping out.
And so he can't control himself or his thrusts, any longer. Levi resorts to briefly pulling out, holding his cock on a tight grasp so he doesn't come too soon. Only daring to rub lightly and tease after a minute, spreading fluids on him, and making it all worse.
Flushed to death, whimpering himself as you take in the beautiful sight of Levi breaking down above you.
But he grabs your hips hard then, determined, pushing deep once more. Makes you whine at the feeling.
And with you squeezing his cock like this, Levi knows one time will not be enough. So as he plows relentlessly, he orders you:
'Say my name now, who's making you moan like this, mc?'
And a hand goes to lightly wrap around your throat.
'Y-you, Levi. You are,' Almost broken yourself.
Harder in.
'Whose cum is g-gonna fill you now, huh?'
Forcing you to push back so he doesn't pull away.
'Yours,  yours, only yours Levi! Please, just- fuck. Come inside...'
And it's a plead. And he can no longer control his thrusts aloppy and rough as he hits two or three times more.
Filling you up just so good and to the brim, you feel it, him, everywhere.
Levi refuses to pull out, until you beg for it too in between panting and his aggressive kissing.
'Let- ah, let me see it, please. Let me watch it drip out of me...' and he whimpers too, at this. Feeling blood rushing down him again already.
Giving in, if only because Leviathan wants that too. And moving away so he can admire just what he did to you.
More often than not he likes to fuck you gentle. Just like he's now aiming to, spooning you, arms around you too tight and clear with intentions.
Means to worship you and your body this way: with tender hands and biting kisses, and these honey-dripping words of praise falling in between the space between his lips and your skin.
To make you shudder and mewl as he uncovers every bit of you there is to admire, peeling your clothes one after another and covering you with nibbles and sucking marks instead.
'You're so beautiful like this, like glowing' even in the dark of the devildom's night, and like every time, Satan means.
He's all bare as well, both inside and in his heart to you too. Because he needs the skin to skin contact if he wants to feel something, anything. To make it real, all he ever wants for you and him.
Lips conect in a heated lock that last and lasts, the taste of him seeping through you and his hard on pointedly pressing against the back your thigh. Almost impatient.
'I want everything of you, Satan' you hush, push back on him until he's rutting against your ass barely, lightly. Any friction just does it, and in return he makes sure you feel what you are doing to him.
'Have I ever given you anything less, love?' he utters, seemingly troubled at what you imply. Sex hot and jumping at how warm you feel against him.
And his clawed hand does wander too. Tracing, caressing: fingers slipping in finally for him to admire just how wet and ready you are to take him.
'But I want more,' more than usual, more of him and all he is willing to give, you confess in the haze of having him so close.
So Satan's kisses continue, just as his petting does. And it is almost cruel that he's got you so needy for him; his fingers pumping in and out you just the way you needed it the most, only to stop and make you an offer.
Nibbling at the back of your neck just as if he effectively never got enough of you either.
'Say the word then, what can I give, that I haven't already?'
And pressing, rubbing more. Hot. Hard and soft at the same time on you. Close and far away.
'What is it you need of me?'
Because need turns out to be the right word. It is no longer about merely wanting in all that regards closeness to Satan
You look back, pleading eyes meet his glowing green ones and you grind your ass back into him shameless, as if you were in heat.
'Breed me, Satan. Fill me of you, please...'
And like something snaps on him. His fingers leave you to support your hips and find a new position. Satan lifts one of your legs up and slowly begins to fuck between your thighs. Still teasing.
'How bad you need it then, my cum inside you?'
And another hand that finds your throat. Forcing you to lie back on him, so he can talk into your ear and make sure you are paying attention to the words.
All while his cock slips between your thighs, rutting relentless and slick. Him panting. This close to losing it.
'So bad. So much, just....please, Satan.' you, flushed, teary eyed. Insides turning at the thought of his seed spilling hot inside you.
Satan's pace just outside you quickening too.
'F-fuck, and you'll get it. All of it.'
Resorting to pushing in at last. Slow. And hissing at the feeling of your tight, greedy hole swallowing him up immediately until he is all the way in.
Can't help, then, moving rough, deep, hard.
Arms and claws coming up to tighten his grip around your middle. Emphatizing how with just how nice you feel around him, Satan is not leaving you go anywhere anytime soon.
He slams into you until you get flipped on your stomach and he mounts you, pressing you into the matress with ruthless thrusts.
'You're so good to me, taking me so well...'
His sharp teeth tugging at the skin of your neck and horns ocassionally knocking on you as his pace fastens, and movements turn less careful.
'Hah-- you deserve it, only you.' his voice almost breaking, moans leaving Satan as he ruts. Hands clawing on your lower belly as he thrusts down hard and spills, pumping you utterly full of him as you tremble.
A makeout session that escalated, that's all it was in the beggining. Asmodeus lips straying, just as his hands always do too.
And the familiar groping everywhere so hot, touch teasing your nipples under clothes before they are carefully removed, minding the claws.
Soon he is giving you the same treatment down there, where you ache the most, but taking his time. Massaging you tender but never stopping his warm kisses. Never relenting with the taunting either
'You're so wet for me already, and all I'm doing is touching you a little, baby.' he chuckles against your neck.
'Mmh, please, Asmo...'
But he won't have it. There is little to no room for ambiguity when all Asmodeus wants is to hear you say how much you need him.
'Use words with me, pretty. What do you want, now?'
Because your begging is music to his ears, and after your praise all he ever wants to listen to.
'Please Asmo, fuck me...fill me up, can't take it anymore!'
So when he does it, is as he likes it the most, of course: in front of the mirror, sitting you on his lap with your back to him and maneuvering you over his hard cock.
It's gentle but deceiving, and he intends for you to cockwarm him at first. Asmodeus slips inside inch by inch terribly slow, and once he is in, grips you hips and keeps you there. The fingers of his free hand rub circles on your clit at a pace both of you know so well, until your clenching around him and trying to milk him for all he's worth.
But your lover is not moving. And so you begin to sob a little, hiccups and trembling moving you a bit on him.
Asmo caresses tender your hair, your face, your neck.
'Be patient, please. I'll give you everything you want and more, yes?'
But as things go, you wonder if he will ever allow you some release.
He starts though by helping you move up and down on him. Lifting your hips up with ease until just the head of his cock remains inside, only to lower you tortuously slow again and repeat the same thing over and over.
And he moans on your ear, to make things worse. And you do so too,  tightly wound from a mix of too much stimulation and still not enough.
'A-asmo please, please fuck me good...' you plead, pray he does something, anything at all.
Yet he enjoys this all too much.
'But you feel so nice around me, love! What's the rush?'
Repeating the process Asmodeus makes you bounce dumb on his cock, and if you dare open your eyes, ib the haze of it all he us gazing at you through the mirror.
Taunts you.
'Want more, honey?'
Before he speeds up just the tiniest bit, cruel.
You don't know what he wants, why is he torturing you this much, until he speaks once more and sweet, so sweet in your ear.
Dropping you on him out of a sudden and having you take it all too fast, thighs barely able to hold you.
'Will you let me breed you now, baby?'
And it does take you off guard, but you don't fight what his words cause deep within you either.
Asmodeus tries to look into you for real, making you angle your face so he can takes your mouth. Keeps you still before resuming the movements on which you have no agency at all.
Because yes, he's using your body now. That is what he is doing, by also aiming to come in you. Mark you as his toy, his plaything, but the favorite of him at that.
'You said you wanted me to fill you up, didn't you?' like mocking, but better. Most gentle and most endearing.
'Will you let me, then?' its moans now, what he spits, 'It'll feel good, so good, I promise!'
And needy panting, a rouse maybe because he knows you love to listen to him, as he impales you again.
And he is so close, so sweet, so kind in the way he teases.
You will let him, you declare. And will take all of him, squeeze hard until he's dry.
Asmodeus laughs. As if you ever could. But invites you anyway: you can certainly try.
His grip on your hips turns bruising. Claws not just merely leaving imprints, but drawing blood this time as he bounces you while slamming from below.
Your name in between a string of whimpers, and how tight you squeeze him, how good to cum inside, have you swell with all he pushes in.
You can feel it just before it happens, how Asmodeus does it.
Making eye contact through the crystal and biting down on your shoulder with the last of his controlled, hard thrusts as he spills.
Pressing you down on him and don't letting you move until the spurts stop. But he keeps rutting, gasping breathless praises.
Of course it is you the one to bring it up first, idly tracing patterns on his stomach and chest under clothes as you cuddle.
Honeyed on his ear, asking when will he finally fuck you raw, and promise if he does you will let him come inside.
But the needy lilt in your voice hides nothing: your promises turn as almost a plead, and give away what you really want of him.
'Raw, you say?'
Simeon plays coy, yet only barely. His warm hands take yours and begin to guide them down the expanse of his stomach, then inside his underwear. He's so nice, helping you wrap one of them around him and start pumping together until he's swollen, ready. And challenges you to take charge of it if you want anything from him.
But you are not all that passive either, kissing his neck and nibbling until he's sighing airy.
Ultimately, when all is enough, he laughs. Looking back at you with that gaze that lets you know he's not playing.
'Hah, you're so dirty, mc...' still rutting in your hand for more until he can barely take the friction.
'And here I thought you only meant to cuddle today.'
Soon enough removing your grasp from him and flipping you over so he's got you caged under him.
And you love it, the way he can barely play innocent. Just how aroused he gets from the simplest things and willing to try anything for the sake of pleasure, both yours and his.
How he kisses up your chin and lips and regards you with a gaze that for an instant is almost stern.
Like you made him mad. But the game only lasts so long
'Who put you all these thoughts in your pretty little head, hm? I should be the only one doing that.' clear on what he wants. To possess you fully, too. Just as you want to get possessed by him.
Simeon peels what little clothes you still wear with ease.
His mouth goes everywhere. His hands do too. And before you know it, an angel is pushing you on your stomach and mounting you like he never did before. Hard length pressing against your ass as he maneuvers a pillow under your hips to hit deeper, do better.
He grabs a hold of your waist too, as he leans in and pushes more.
'But you're asking me, so I'll do it for you.'
Sliding inside with little to no preparation so the stretch stings a bit. With only your own arousals as lube and going too fast, too strong. Making you yelp and arch on him
'...since you want it so bad, my cum inside you.'
Simeon sets a rough pace, one you're not sure you can keep up it. Rendering you somewhat helpless as he pushes you down with his body, his strength.
His weight on you a thing so hot, so nice and comforting. His chest on your back as he slams in and out, and the feeling of his cock hitting every sweet spot you have.
He nips on shoulders, neck; pulls at the lobe of your ear with blunt teeth before you both moan, almost in unison.
And how wish you could see the expression that overtakes him. But can only hear Simeon pant breathless behind you.
'Is this what you want, angel?' pulling for once out, only to slide against your folds and dragging slowly inside again to the base and grind on you.
'To be always this full of me? Want more?'
Near to verwhelmed both of you. Sweet.
'Yes, yes, Simeon please, breed me!'
'You're filthy, but...'
So is he. So he wants to.
And what for, anyway, having you take every drop of him, then watch it pour out of you. Witness the mess he's made and know he's the one you come to for this. The one you want the most.
'so good...'
He groans, pushes. Down. Hard. Hot as he cums inside and it's loads.
You feel it spread. Feel it shift as he keeps fucking into you some more.
Whining, in the borderline between pain and ecstasy as Simeon realizes once time wasn't quite enough.
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imalivebarelystriving · 3 months ago
How the older brothers would react to you running up to them and giving them a tackle hug
I'm expecting absolutely no one to see this and if I change my mind and post it, oh well. this was written at literally 1 AM.
The dude was tired
He just told off Mammon for doing dumb shit again
and then suddenly
human running towards him
so his brain is just trying to recover from being frustrated and there's a human running to him at full speed
so what did he do
he opened his arms and caught you, of course
you should expect nothing less from the avatar of pride 😉
for a moment he's like "wtf human what are you doing"
then it kicks in like "oh this is affection. it's nice. I like."
but of course he'll never admit it
and yeah he's gonna lightly scold you for running into his arms without giving a warning.
"It seems you're getting a little too comfortable with me, hm? as much as I enjoy having you in my arms, I'd rather you ask me next time instead of running at me."
If you even manage to surprise him that would be impressive
no joke, this man is literally grabbing onto you for dear life at every given moment.
so if you do catch him off guard and just run at him, congrats!
Mammon has very fast reflexes, so he opens his arms just as you run at him, and you almost topple him over
so he goes from
"error. Mammon.exe has stopped working due to overheating. please try again later."
and of course he gets all red and tsundere-ish
but if you try to pull away he won't let you
congrats you're stuck with Mammon for the rest of the day
"O-oi! Human! W-what were ya tryna do, r-running into my arms like that... O-of course you'd wanna to tackle hug the Great Mammon! I'M NOT BLUSHING ITS JUST WARM IN HERE."
how did you even find him outside of his room???
I mean, you could try in his room but considering all the clutter in there...
so in the rare case of him being out of his room, that's when you strike
I'd like to say he'd catch you gracefully, like in a scene of an anime, but knowing him... poor otaku boy doesn't have the strength or reflexes for that
instead, you run straight into him and you both end up on the floor
and he gets redder than Mammon, if that's even possible
like I swear Levi straight up invented a new shade of red
he starts stuttering and the only way you can understand him is if you learn Morse code.
you thought the y/n in Wattpad fanfics stuttered a lot? check out Levi, who can barely form a sentence!
"I- You- wha- how- no- huh????"
and once he gets over it, he starts rambling about how it looked like a scene from an anime you guys watched.
"W-what you did... it was like what the main character did to their love interest on 'The Day I Thought I Was Going To Be Graduating From College But Then A Storm Came And I Got Struck By Lightning And Got Brought To A Different Dimension And Then Was Introduced To A Deity And I'm Now Her Apprentice Can Someone Please Tell Me What's Going On???'!"
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gxr-dove · 3 months ago
Hellooo I hope you are having a nice day ૮₍´。• ᵕ •。'₎ა I just thought of a good headcanon lol Where Mc sleeps in the brothers room. The demon wakes up seeing Mc sleeping with their shirt up. What will they react? a Gender Neutral Mc pls♡. Take as much time you like :DD
Obey Me! Brothers React to GN!MC Sleeping With Their Shirt Up
I love this request! I’m not sure if you wanted a long or short description of their reactions, so sorry if I did this wrong.
The moonlight bleeds through the curtains and onto his eyes
He’s used to waking up early, but with the amount of work he has to do today he can’t help but sigh
He hears a shift in your position next to him
He thinks he may have accidentally woke you up. But you only shifted a bit to the point where..oh..oh my
His eyes meet with your now exposed stomach.
Since you’re asleep he lets his pride down a bit to let some blush spread across his cheeks.
How can he start his day when you’re already effortlessly making him want to stay in bed
“My dear you really do have a strong influence on me.” He whispers.
He wants to stay with you, but he has a lot of student council business to do. He reluctantly gets out of bed, but before he does so he makes sure to pull down your shirt so that you aren’t cold, and kisses your forehead.
A sudden soft tap on his head wakes him up
“Oi whaddya think ye-” the sight of your lifted shirt cuts him off.
Your arm is stretched while your hand is slightly on top of Mammon’s head.
Your peaceful sleeping expression. Your steady breathing which he can see by the rise and fall of your exposed stomach.
His face quickly flushes from the sudden exposure
He tries to recover from his shock and calms down
He takes his time to observe you while you’re asleep. It would be too embarrassing if you caught him staring at you the way he is now.
He’s not thinking about anything else right now except you. He wants to savor the sight of you all to himself.
“Why dya have to stretch so carelessly.” He mumbles
Hesitantly he pulls down your shirt which slightly traces your side
If he knows you’re ticklish he’ll smirk and tickle you awake
There is a slight increase of heat on his stomach
He wakes up to this sudden change in temperature. Only to see that your shirt has lifted
Since you both practically sleep on top of each other in the cramped bathtub you accidentally lifted Levi’s shirt a bit as well. Your stomach pressed gently against his.
His face is flushed and his mouth agape as he processes the situation
He immediately moves back a bit to create some space, however, there’s not much room to back up.
He tries to look away, but he can’t help but look back down to your stomach against his. A now pleasant warmth between the two of you.
He then looks to see your peaceful facial expression. Now he really doesn't want to wake you up.
“Ehh why does this have to happen now.” He complains in an embarrassed tone
He tries his best to lower your shirt and his shirt. He won’t be able to fall back asleep after this, not when his heart is beating so fast.
Your back faces Satan as he slowly opens his eyes
This is around the time Satan wakes up, but you usually wake up a bit later, so he takes this time to enjoy this kind of moment of only you two together in each others company
He moves a bit closer to you which causes you to shift onto your back. At first, he freezes because he’s afraid he woke you up, but his expression quickly changes to amused as he sees your shirt lift a bit
He definitely doesn’t mind waking up to see you in such a peaceful yet vulnerable position
He’s happy that you feel comfortable enough to expose your stomach to him just like a cat who exposes its tummy to show trust in their owners
Thoughts of both you and cats make him smile contently as he admires you
“Such a cute kitten you are.” He says quietly while he gently places his hand over your stomach, rubbing it gently
Asmo follows his daily morning routine and wakes up before you
Normally he’ll let you get your beauty rest, and will kiss your cheek before he starts getting ready for the day
But as he lifts his mask off he sees a cute and pleasant surprise
Your shirt must’ve lifted up while you were turning in your sleep
He hums in amusement as he admires your sleeping form and your adorable exposed stomach
“How are you so effortlessly cute so early in the morning” He sighs in admiration to himself
He caresses your face and your arm, and he can’t help but give in to his urges as he moves down to flutter small kisses all over your stomach
You may giggle or wake up to the sudden gentle pressure of Asmo’s kisses
Beel wakes up to his daily cravings. He usually wakes up around the time breakfast is being made.
But before he can get up he remembers that you slept with him last night. Your weight on one of his arms.
He turns from his back to face you, only to look down and see that your shirt is up.
A prominent blush spreads across his face as he quickly glances at your exposed stomach
Beel is a gentleman and will pull your shirt back down.
He huffs a bit and smiles at you, the blush still lingers across his cheeks as he plays with the end of your shirt.
“Oh, you almost made me forget about breakfast.” He says as he notices the time. He’ll caress your face as he moves his arm from under you and gently shakes you awake.
But if he were to see you with your stomach exposed like that again, he’ll play with you a bit and gently nibble your tummy, tickling you awake.
Normally you wake up before Belphie, but today he wakes up before you
His tired eyes slowly open to meet yours
When he looks down he sees your shirt that’s lifted up a bit showing your stomach
His eyes widen for a split second in surprise to your stomach displayed before him
His lips curl into a small smirk as he quietly chuckles to himself
You look so lazily cute he can’t help but lay back and look at you for a bit
He moves his hand to trace your side. He won’t pull it down right away, he likes feeling your skin, but after he’s satisfied he’ll pull your shirt back down
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lucifersglasses · 21 days ago
Obey Me you get assaulted and they protect you headcanon
Female Reader
Big Brothers + Satan
Warnings: Sexual assault, Gore, Blood, Violence, Yandere Themes, Sadistic actions, Language
Tumblr media
Confused on why you aren’t back yet? You were supposed to be here 30 minutes ago, and still haven’t come back from the store Madam Screams for y’all’s date.
He feels an uneasy feeling, grabbing his coat in the process as he goes to Madam Screams.
He decided to call you but no answer..
You were just getting some tea packets and delicious treats for you and Lucifer’s little date night. He had to finish up his work so you offered to get some treats for you two. You both don’t have lots of time to spend together and tonight was finally a free one.
You happily skip along the shelves of the delicious pastries at Madame Screams, your eyes landing on a specific one, eclairs.
He told you the other day how he liked them so you wanted to be sweet, so you reached out for them.
But stopped to think about which flavor he would want.. OH!
How about every flavor? That would be fun!
You got a To-Go box to put them in, yourself going around the different flavors, analyzing each one you both would like.
You yourself started to feel hungry picking the different eclairs out.
You hurriedly ran to the checkout, paying with *Mammons Credit Card* you didn’t know of course but Lucifer did.
“Thank you” You then sped walked a bit to the exit, but felt super hungry.
“I’ll eat just one..” You smiled about to take one out to taste it.
“Those are great pastries hm?” Somebody appeared behind you, putting their hand on your shoulder.
You jumped, stepping away from the sudden touch..
It was a random demon guy, just a roundabout.
“U- Uh.. yes! My boyfriend loves these so-.”
“Is that so..?” He interrupted coming closer, a dark smirk forming on his figure.
You stepped back, starting to shake in fear..
“W- What are you doing-!.”
“Might as well get revenge on Lucifer’s little pet.. I must say, he has good taste..”
And with that he dragged you out of the store, your D.D.D being dropped in the process.
You tried screaming and getting out of his grip, but he was too strong..
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you..~.”
He shoved you hard against the alley wall, bruising your back.
Then suddenly grabbed your collar, pinning you against the wall.
You clench your teeth from the pain, tears starting to form..
He slapped you before you could yell your boyfriend's name..
“You will fucking obey me you little brat!”
He pushed his body closer to yours, your tears and screaming increasing. Until you bit his hand, making him scream loud (Damn that's some sharp teeth you have), as his grip lost your body.
You dropped to the ground, and ran with all your might, until you felt his hands on you again.
“Did you forget you're a slow ass weak human..? And I’m a demon?” He grabbed you by the throat, slamming you against the wall again.
Both of his hands choking you as you struggled and tried screaming-
Until he suddenly flung across the alleyway, and you were in a familiar grasp.
You looked up to see Lucifer in his demon form.
You smiled, seeing your knight in shining armor come to your rescue. He looked down to see the bruises on your neck..
“You.. dare.. lay a hand on her..?” Lucifer was calm when he said it, oh but beware he is beyond wrath right now..
The lesser demon was freaking out, on his knees begging for mercy.
“P- Please I never meant-.”
Lucifer quickly covered your eyes with his wings as you heard a ton of cracking and screaming..
You were both back at the House of Lamentation, in Lucifer’s office as *planned*, cuddled together on the chair in front of the fireplace.
“What happened to that demon?” You asked curiously.
“Oh, I took care of him, he needed some.. discipline..”
You looked at him confused but shook it off.
“I'm sure he got what he deserved'' You added, sipping some tea.. while Lucifer on the other hand was grinning sadistically secretly, while pulling you closer to him.
“Oh no the exclairs! Did they get dropped?!”
Lucifer raised a brow to your sudden outburst.
Oh but the way this man smiled hearing that- this man is so soft for you..
“You heard about Mammon eating my exclairs the other day, hm?” He wondered what you would say, but his pride knowing the answer, there was a hint of tease in the question.
“Y- yes..”
You got shy, as he just chuckled at your response, how did he deserve such a sweet girl as you? And to protect?
Tumblr media
You were both at a restaurant that just opened recently, Mammon was dying to try it so you both went on a date today.
Sitting down in a booth, talking about hobbies and such, the waiter comes to bring the menu.
“Hello, what would you like to eat at this fine Dev-Diner today?”
You both said your orders, the waiter gave you a *Interesting* side glance, then walked off.
“And then me and Levi got some blackmail on Lucifer, and got tons of grim, just between us by the way”
Mammon whispered the last part which made you giggle, sipping on some of your drink.
“So that’s why I wanted to take us to this new diner, since I had some grim.. on me..”
He blushed a bit.. some of his tsundere starting to appear as you just smiled.
“Awww is the Great Mammon being sweet?”
You teased.
“Oi! I’m always nice and sweet and whatever.. what do you mean?!”
“I’m just joking” You laughed, then suddenly felt the urge to go to the restroom.
“Oh I need to go to the restroom, I’ll be right back”
“Ok, don’t get kidnapped” He joked, you just rolled your eyes with a laugh.
As you walked, turning to the corner, about to enter the Women’s restroom until..
“Hey! Your uh Mammon’s girlfriend right?” You heard someone say behind you, seeing your *Waiter* there with a kind face.
But you got a weird feeling about him..
“Oh yea I am.. but how do you know that..?”
He stuttered, realizing he messed up. He started to hyperventilate, turning into somebody crazy..
“Ha.. HahahhahaHAHAHHA..!!!”
He just turned into a completely different person than you had anticipated..
“Oh MC.. do you not know how much I love you~?”
You looked at him in shock, confusion. “What..-?”
He suddenly grabs you and shoves you in the boys restroom.
He covered your mouth with his hand, dragging you all the way to the end stall, but you kicked him hard, doubling him over.
You then ran toward the door to exit until he grabbed your ankle, making you slam against the floor.
You coughed out blood, you suddenly turned around and slapped him in the face with your nails, as he was about to come on top of you.
“YOU'RE NOT ESCAPING ME DARLING!!” He grunted, using magic to keep you in place, you couldn’t move.. Until he was close enough, grabbing ahold of your arms and legs dropping you to the floor.
Covering your mouth again before you can scream for help, he went on top of you, with a creepy grin as if nothing is wrong..
“MC.. you don’t need him, you have me-.”
“GET OFF HER, DAMMIT!” You heard Mammon’s voice, leaning up to see him in his demon form brawling with the crazy weirdo.
Mammon blocked all his punches, then punching him so hard in the stomach he coughed out blood.
Mammon shoved him against the wall, holding him by the collar, his eyes glowing yellow and teeth clenching. The demon scared to death..
“If I ever see your dumbass again with my girl again.. it won’t be so pretty..”
The demon apologized right away then scattered out of the bathroom.
Mammon was by your side the rest of the next few weeks (Which is normal since he always wants to be with you lol), he was hugging you from behind, while you were fixing your hair.
“Mammon I could’ve took out that demon for sure, no need to be protective anymore”
“The Great Mammon will always be protective, and I just want cuddles..” He hugged you a bit tighter, digging his face in your neck.
You sighed in defeat with a smile forming on your face, leaning into his touch.
Tumblr media
You two were both walking to see a new anime movie that was exclusive to theaters only.
You were both so hyped for it! Rambling all about on the way there, even in some cosplay for it!
“The trailer showed a clip of the final battle! It looks super amazing and emotional!”
“I know right! I really hope-.”
You were interrupted by this lesser demon who bumped into you, who just tched, and walked off in the other direction of the theater.
“He could’ve said sorry, eh whatever” You muttered, Levi looking behind him a couple times with a glare.
“This is why I hate going out, people are rude for no reason” Levi commented, you nodding in the process.
You both were huge shut-in’s, so no wonder you both are a thing.
You both finally reached the ticket booth, Levi using his grim from the *Lucifer Blackmailing with Mammon*.
“Thankyou” You quickly answered, grabbing the tickets, as you and Levi rushed in the doors of the movie theater.
You both walked to the food section getting yalls favorite drink and snacks. You both were way too excited, you both seeing the movie was getting closer and closer.
Sitting down in your seats, it was much more crowded than you both anticipated. You both hated crowds, but Levi had more anxiety with it.
“Levi, I’m sure you will forget all about the demons once the movie starts, you will be fixated on that” You comforted him, nodding as he grabbed ahold of your hand.
You both blushed, but got over it once the movie started.
Y'all laughed and had surprised faces throughout the movie, not realizing someone familiar was sitting next to you..
About a little more than halfway through the movie, you wanted to refill your drink. You tried to stop thinking about it but simply couldn’t.
“Psst, Levi, I’m going to get some more of this drink” You whispered in his ear, as he turned to you.
“No I’ll get it, plus we're not to the good part yet anyway” Levi whispered back, gently letting go of your hand, getting up.
“Do you want more popcorn?”
“Yes!” You replied with the cutest smile-
Levi used his arm to cover his red face, then turned to walk down the stairs, disappearing around the corner.
You then focused your attention back onto the movie, seeing the protagonist draw his sword to some random enemy of the antagonist.
‘Oooooo I hope we find out more about the bad guy!’ You thought, until they were closed by a sudden weird aura you felt, a huge stare.
You started getting uncomfortable and irritated since this person next to you was distracting you from the movie.
You turned to him and saw the guy who bumped into earlier, he was giving you such an irritated look. Oh but you had enough!
“Excuse me, but would you please sto-.”
“Will you shut the fuck up?” He grunted quietly, while you yourself looked at him in in shock and confusion.
“Are you serious?! All because ‘you’ bumped into me and blamed me for it. You ruined my movie date damn bastard!!?” You shouted in irritation, some people looking over.
He tilted his head to the side with a deeper scowl on his face, his expression dark.
You just rolled your eyes at him about to get up and leave until he suddenly used magic on you, making you frozen, but you were still conscious.
He picked you up when the screen light wasn’t so bright, bringing you to the top of the theater where there were barely any other demons around.
“You're going to pay for bumping into me earlier little girl.. by pleasuring me~.” A dark smirk formed on his features, putting his hand on your thigh and giving it a little squeeze.
You started to freak out, you couldn’t move, scream, or cry.
“I’ll undo this spell, if only you don’t scream-.. A- argg ahh..” You looked to see a familiar black tail around the damn guy's neck to see your boyfriend's eyes glow orange.
He came down to the man's ear, and whispered something to him, making him zoom up and rush out of the movie theater immediately.
Then taking your hand immediately afterward, and drags you out of the theater, undoing that bastard's spell in the process.
“L- levi, are you ok..?”
You looked at him in concern, he was super possessive of you ever since that incident from last night.
“A- Are you jealous..?” Oh dear.. That word made him get up suddenly and pinning you against the wall.
“What does it look like?! That damn bastard ruined everything.. Almost taking you from me..”
Your eyes widened from his sudden words, this wasn’t Levi, it was the Avatar of Envy.
“Levi.. I would never love another man other than you, you are my boyfriend and bestfriend I would never replace” You softly replied, putting your hand on his cheek in the process.
A couple tears went down his cheeks as he just nodded, then softly hugged you, as you felt a smile form on your neck.
Tumblr media
It was storming outside, you could practically hear the rain against the glass and wooden walls, the thunder rumbling the floors ever so often, with the lighting shadows clawing the rooms.
You and Satan were currently at the library, and it just started raining out of nowhere.
But the two of you didn’t mind since you both love to read books, and it was nice hearing the rain in the background since it was so soothing to y’all’s ears.
Plus, nobody was here since it was close to closing time, and because of the storm of course.
“I’m relieved to not hear my brothers nor anybody else shout or even talk here” Satan started to speak, you yourself looking up from your book.
“It's just.. so hard to get you alone, and finally, it’s peace and quiet with just you love”
Your cheeks reddened a bit from his words, feeling his arm suddenly snake around your waist, moving you to his lap, as you gasped in his sudden movements.
He put his chin on your shoulder, his arms around your beautiful body.. (Don’t say you aren’t, everyone’s bodies are beautiful, don’t let other people nor have yourself think badly of you or yourself. I’ve never met you and I think you're beautiful. I believe everyone is unique in their own ways. Sorry for the interruption, I just wanted to put that out there, anyway continue lovely readers :D)
“S- Satan..?-.”
“You are so warm.. can we stay like this..?” He must’ve really missed you.. his brothers practically taking all your attention, no wonder your boyfriend’s so clingy.
You smiled, laying on his chest.
You both continued to read, until you were both interrupted by a rumble from your stomach.
“MC, since we’re going to be here so late- how about I get us some coffee and snacks from the cafe?”
You were delighted by his offer, nodding with an innocent smile, carefully moving you off his lap.
“I’ll be right back, also when it gets to the good part, don’t read it until I come back”
“Oh I won’t” You replied with a giggle, as he smiled, then walked to the cafe on the other side of the library.
It was silent, you could only hear the rain and thunder roaming throughout the library.
“Good thing I’m not scared of thunder and find it soothing” You muttered out loud.
It was a good silence of 3 minutes, and you started getting an uneasy feeling. Like you were being watched.
Until huge hands came out from behind, covering your mouth, locking his arms around your torso. You suddenly felt a warm breath against your ear.
“You seem such a treat, and letting nobody have this precious body of yours..” The man whispered, a chuckle in the process sending shivers through your body.
You screamed as hard as you could, but it was muffled by the big lesser demon's hands.
“I’m going to show you what a real demon can do with a cutie like you”
He picked you up roughly, dragging you to a corner in the library. It was dark.. Only the thunder produced light as it flickered.
You kicked and tried getting out of his grasp, but he was too strong..
He roughly pinned you against a wall, tears streaming down your cheeks.
“Shut up..” His voice was so horrifying.. his nails digging into your arm.
“If you don’t obey your master, I might have to-.”
“Kill you?” You suddenly heard your boyfriend's voice, seeing the avatar of wrath's eyes glow in hatred behind the victim.
“Damn you-.”
Before the man could lay a punch on Satan, Satan had cut his face in his demon form.
And the man punched Satan in the stomach at the same time.
They were both fighting in their demon forms, the thunder light reflecting off their faces and bloody hands.
Finally Satan grabbed hold of the man and launched him to the window as he crashed into it, hearing a huge thud in the process.
The lightning and storm stopped, as the big moon came out.
Satan was holding you a bit firmly in his lap, but not too hard.
He was going to be so protective of you from now on.
You yourself though, shocked by the scene that happened last night.
“S- Satan, your stomach..-.”
“It's alright.. I’m just glad you're okay..” He interrupted, giving you a sweet smile.
You smiled back at him, reading a sweet love story together for the rest of the calming night.
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asmosmainhoe · 7 months ago
Hii wondering... How would Lucifer, Levi, Satan, Barbatos, Solomon and Diavolo react to a crafty MC that is a silent gifter? Like for example they bring a cup of tea to Lucifer and his cup has a new cozy, or without knowing when Satan finds a new bookmark embroidered by MC, or Diavolo's a new journal in his bag made specifically for him, or something like that?
Anyways. Thank you very much for your writing!
MC is a silent gifter
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
The idea with the cup cozy has me screaming over here lmao I love it and so does he
Imagine you bring him tea or coffee without him asking you to do it
Quite surprised that you go out of your way just to bring him something to his office
Thanks you and extends his hand to take the cup from you, but doesn't look up from the paperwork
Then the moment he feels the cozy his head shoots up and he raises his eyebrows in confusion
"Mind telling me what exactly that is?"
"Oh, so you don't burn your hand. I've noticed how you never take your cup by the handle."
You do know he's a demon, right?
"O-oh, well, thank you."
Catch this man turning slightly red by these kind gestures
Oh, oh, my friend makes small sculptures out of gaming characters so imagine you're doing that too
Or making these glass paintings of anime characters, god I love these so much
If you give any of those things to this boy he will most definitely glitch out of existence
Great, you broke the grand admiral of hell's navy. Are you happy now?
Has a shelf in his room just with your stuff and if people ask him where he got all that cool merch he'd start bragging
"My friend did this all by themselves! You can't buy it! It's priceless!"
Okay, but imagine Mammon trying to sell one of those gifts, because he has no idea that you did them
Levi would tear the entire house down lmao
"Get the fleet ready!"
"But, sir-"
"I said what I said!"
Would treasure your bookmarks as if they're made of gold
And if you do one that matches the theme of a book he's currently reading then he'll die on the spot do you understand me?
The funny thing is that you leave them in his room or at the library at places where only he will find them
When you go back to the place where you left it to check if he took it you always find a small gift as a thank you
For example a wooden figurine of your favorite animal or a tiny box to put all the stuff you use to craft your gifts inside
Sometimes hides behind a bookshelf and when you pick the gift up he leans against the shelf with crossed arms and a smirk
"I assume you like it?"
"Oh, Satan, you really didn't have to give me something in return."
"I know."
Isn't used to receive gifts out of the blue so mans is shocked when you give him something for the first time
Like Levi he has a special shelf for your stuff
I can totally imagine him crafting things too so expect lots of gifts in return
"Barbatos, you don't have to do that! I give you those things to make your day and not to get something in return!"
"Maybe I wanna make your day too."
My man should start a Pinterest blog, because his stuff looks so neat and professional ugh
Only the best for his s/o
Or imagine you two crafting stuff together
Now that's a cute date idea oof
Gets so extremely excited and happy when you give him something that you made yourself
My big man over here just wants to find friends so what you're doing with your self-made gifts makes his heart go wownidhwiwbidjwis
Desperately wants to give you something in return, but it has to be just as personal and cool so he tries doing things on his own too
It doesn't end up that good...
His entire office is full with glue and glitter and Dia? Dia looks just as bad, covered with paint and what not
You love his gifts so much though so he gets prouder than Lucifer when he sees your big smile
Let's Barbatos teach him some stuff so his gifts and everything around him doesn't end up so messy
It still does
You'd also make those magick jars or pouches OR YOUR OWN CANDLES WITH COOL MARKINGS WOW
Do you know those good luck or protection jars that are so tiny you can use them as a necklace? Yea that's what you give him and he doesn't take it off at all
Okay, but imagine you make a candle by your own and he gives it back to you with sigils carved on it and you're all confused
"What does it mean?"
"It's a protection for loved ones."
You also make boxes for his herbs or candles and he swaps all his old boxes with yours, because they match his aesthetic more and well...they're yours
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exchangestudentmicha · 5 months ago
The Brother’s Scenting Headcannons
Yeah yeah, I’m a little slut for the brothers having characteristics like scenting or other things like that, which means, expect more of it in the future
Warnings: none, very mild suggestion at most
Out of all the brothers, Lucifer is the most subtle with his scenting well, unless he doesn’t want to
Part of why he’s so subtle is because he’s usually just so busy. But to make up for that, he makes his scenting count
Mainly by running his hand over your pulse points, like by letting his fingers linger just a bit longer on your wrists, or by brushing your hair out of your face and maybe brushing his hand on your neck
He NEVER scents in public, he has an image to keep up after all
He and Satan have an ongoing scent war though
So watch out if Satan spends extra time with you
Lucifer might call you into his office and you might stay there for a while
This boi thinks he’s so slick when he’s trying to scent you spoilers, he’s not
His attempts to scent you are so painfully obvious. It’s honestly kinda adorable though
He’ll either try to brush off his scenting attempts as a way to help you (Under a veil of tsundere of course)
“I-Its kinda cold out here, huh? I-I guess you can borrow my jacket so that your weak little human self won’t freeze.” *amused MC noises* “Wha?! W-Why are you giggling like that?! I-I’m just making sure that you don’t freeze on me!” *BRIGHT RED*
*grabs you by the wrist* “D-Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m just doing this so you won’t get lost.”
Or he’ll just barge into your room like he always does and try to scent up your bed and stuff while hanging out with you
The only reason that he is subtle about scenting is because he’s too nervous to do it with you knowing he’s doing it
He would die if you figured out what he’s trying to do
That is, until his envy kicks in
If he even SUSPECTS that another demon is trying to scent you, you’re getting dragged to his room
And there you’ll stay for the rest of the day with him nuzzled up to you while his tail is wrapped around your body
He actually doesn’t scent you much unless he’s mad about something (and even then scenting you wasn’t the main goal)
But when he does scent you, WHOOOO BOI you’ll smell like him for like a week or two
But, he won’t drag you to his room like Levi, no, he has more class than that
Instead he’ll just steal everything you own and hoard it in his room (Ok maybe not much more class than Levi)
Your smell comforts him and helps calm him down, and due to that, he ends up inadvertently scenting you
The only reason he purposely scents you to mark you is to piss off Lucifer (Like I said he and Lucifer are in a scent war because of course they are)
He’s not even trying to be subtle with his scenting
He’ll just walk up to you, wrap his arms around you and then start nuzzling and nipping at your neck
Either that or he’ll just take you to his room to thoroughly scent you to his liking
By giving you some of his cologne and clothing for you to wear of course! What, did you think I meant something else?
(I mean, he does LOVE to scent you like that) but he also loves to scent you with his cologne and mark you with clothes that match his
Out of all the brothers Beel is the heaviest scenter
And that is all due to his incredible sense of smell
Thankfully though, he is also one of the sweetest in the way he does it
Hugs, cuddles, giving you his jacket, sharing food while you’re in his lap, you coming to sleep with him when he gets nightmares
It makes it painfully obvious to any demon in the area what he’s doing, but he doesn’t care
And he scents for the weirdest reasons too
Because he smells another demon on you, because he likes how you smell, you got food, he wants to comfort you, he wants attention, heck, sometimes he scents you purely because he likes how your shirt feels
He mainly scents you by napping with you, we all know it
And we all know that the stubborn cow man doesn’t really take a no for naps
Either you come nap with him, or he just naps on you, doesn’t matter the place or the time, he just lays on you or if you’re actually pretty busy he’ll just go nap in the attic or on your bed
The other way he scents you is by stealing your pillows, blankets, jackets, anything comfy that he can grab, don’t worry, it’ll appear again in a couple days, only now they smell like him
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cafedanslanuit · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ i know that a few of them talked to you, but you always prefer me ̖́-
Tumblr media
day thirty monster-fucking ft. levi [obey me!]
Tumblr media
☄  tags/warnings: +18, gn reader + no pronouns, use of levi's tail ofc— it's monster-fucking season, established couple, dry humping, slight constriction?, inexperienced levi, experienced reader
☄  words: 0.9k
☄  words: i know i left the fandom a while ago but this thought has been inside my mind for ages!!!! so now i finally feel comfortable to share it, heh <3
☄  masterlist
Tumblr media
There’s innocence in the way he clutches your waist. Tight, a bit harder than necessary, but with such fervour, you would never dare to complain. His lips move inexpertly over yours— such devotion in each move you fall onto them again, and again, and again.
You hum when Levi pushes his tongue inside your mouth. With your own moves, you guide him until he syncs with your rhythm. Your hands are on the sides of his head, gently cupping his face as you straddle him on his old bathtub. The hard surface makes your knees hurt, but you wouldn’t dare to move. It has taken a lot of time for Levi to be comfortable with you kissing this way, and you wouldn’t dare to disrupt this.
He shudders underneath you and you can feel his bulge tightening underneath you.
“Sorry, sorry, just let me,” he whispers, but you just take the opportunity to leave a trail of kisses down his neck.
“It’s okay,” you assure him. “It’s normal, don’t be—”
“Listen, if this happens I—”
You feel him shuffle again and you move back to look at him, you see a pair of small horns on each side of his head. Levi’s cheeks are incredibly red and you can’t help but press a chaste kiss on his lips.
“It’s okay,” you insist, your breath against his mouth.
“You make me lose control,” he whines, and you feel him tugging at your clothes. You rock your hips over him as a response, his crotch getting harder with the friction. Suddenly, you’re glad this happened while you were wearing your pyjamas, as there’s only a thin cotton barrier between the two of you. “Shit, don’t be like this.”
“Is it uncomfortable?” you ask, looking at his amber eyes. You see him biting the inside of his cheek before shaking his head. “So, what’s wrong with this?”
“I can’t control myself like this and if you keep—”
“I keep doing what? This?” you tease him, rocking your hips against his again. A small whimper leaves Levi’s lips, but before you can say anything more, you feel something wrapping around your waist.
Levi drops his hands and covers his face, utterly embarrassed.
“That,” he sighs. “Sorry, just— give me a moment and I’ll take it off. Shit, my body responds faster than my mind when you’re around. Just— just give me a second and—”
“Keep it.”
Levi lowers his fingers enough to uncover his eyes, looking at you dumbfounded.
“Keep it,” you insist.
You lower one of your hands to his tail and softly trail your fingers alongside his tail. It clutches onto you a bit tighter, but you can’t stop yourself from touching every scale, admiring the thick complexion of it and how it seems to respond to you.
Levi’s tail starts wrapping itself more and more around your torso until the end of it rests on the side of your neck. You have never experienced this before and you can’t help but realize now both you and he are tip-toeing into unknown territory, wanting to discover more about the other.
When you look back at Levi, his pupils are dilated, watching your previous loose tee now showing him every curve of your skin, thanks to his tail wrapping around you. You take one of his hands and roll your hips over him again, now eliciting a louder moan.
The hold of his tail loosens and tightens with each of your moves. You can’t look anywhere else but his face. Your cheeks are burning, and yet you hardly think you look as beautiful and blissfully hot and bothered Levi underneath you.
He thrusts his hips up experimentally and Levi thinks the whimper that leaves your mouth reminds himself of Heaven. What follows is a series of uncoordinated thrusts, from both you and Levi, the rhythm you had set forgotten as you both just seek for your own high.
You hold onto his hand tightly as your other hand rests on his chest as you ride him over his clothes, closing your eyes shut when you feel a bolt of pleasure roaming your entire body. Your moan is overshadowed by Levi’s loud groan, his tail clutching around your torso tightening as he comes in his pants, jolting your body up and down as he gives his final thrusts.
His tail loosens its grip and pools down on top of your thighs. You look down at Levi— he looks spent, his eyes closed as he tries to catch his breath. Even if you’re still panting too, you bend down and press your lips against the corner of his mouth. He hums, turning his head to ask for another kiss and you oblige.
You were aware he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eyes for at least a couple of days, his cheeks hot pink while he earnt snorts and laughs from the rest of his brothers. Somehow, Levi really thought they didn’t know about your late-night visits to his room and the stolen glances you’d give at each other during group activities. He’d act as if he didn’t let you sit on his lap while he played video games or make out with you between chuckles and inexperienced nose bumps.
But of course, he’d steal you away the moment he noticed anyone being a bit too friendly with you. And you’d reply by whispering teasing comments to his ear that made him flustered enough to bury his face in his hands.
As you nuzzled your nose against the crook of his neck, you decided to just enjoy the moment. You inhaled, the sea breeze scent feeling your senses as you sighed happily.
Maybe you’d find a way to tease him about this too.
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louobeyme · a day ago
Thank God for Periods- Part 2
Obey Me Brothers x F! Reader- 18+ Content
Link to Part 1 below!
CW: Talk of periods, female anatomy, menstrual kink, masturbation, rough handling, angst
Thankyou so much for your love on Part 1, I wrote this is quick as possible as a thankyou! Part 3 will hopefully be done asap too once I've narrowed down just how kinky I want it to be lmao
This is part 2 of 3! This one's quite angst but leads into a much smuttier kind of discussion that will lead on to a full blown poly orgy in the next part! I hope you enjoy!
The first two days of their Y/N drought pass somewhat painfully easily for the demon brothers. Once they'd gathered enough distance from you to clear their heads, they feel ashamed of how they acted in your presence. Despite having only good intentions, they'd went overboard, probably bordering on creepy in your eyes. As much as they all wanted to be by your side, you'd ordered them otherwise with such strength that they were worried you'd never want to speak to them again. The fear of that made it easier to accept the distance.
There was no sight of you for those first days. Satan was the only one who'd come by to leave plates of food and some water by your door. You could sense when he was outside despite him barely making any noise. He had a particular lilt to his footsteps that you'd somehow learned during your time here, and normally, it's approach comforted you. The strange loaded atmosphere his aura created wafted though the cracks of your door. It made you question your own decisions to keep them away. He would linger for a moment or two after the clink of plates sounded out, as if he was awaiting your voice. You tightened your lips every single time to stop yourself.
On the third morning, you wake angrily at your particularly heavy flow. Screaming internally as you wad up fresh toilet paper into a makeshift pad, you shove it against the lining of your underwear furiously. You'd had it up to here with this shit.
Swiftly, you change out of your nightwear into some comfy clothes and march through the house towards the dining room. You knew they'd all be there eating breakfast by now. A short speech was prepared in your head that would leave no room for argument. Throwing the doors open to the dim room, you don't dare to make eye contact before speaking.
"Right. Someone's going to go get me tampons today, I don't care who." No reply. "And some chocolate."
You risk a quick glare at the brothers who seem thoroughly distressed by your surprise appearance. Mouths opening and closing like mindless goldfish.
"Yes?" You prompt.
"For Diavolo's sake! Answer me!"
"W-What are tampons? Does Akuzon not sell them???" Mammon squeaks.
When you turn your unimpressed eyes to his yellow fearful ones, he instantly clamps them shut and his throat bobs when he gulps.
"Lucifer, can you take me to the human world so I can get them myself?"
"...No?" You seethe, your anger reaching levels that rival any single demonic presence in Devildom.
"I cannot have you with me right now. I will go myself." His gloved hands are twitching tirelessly against the tabletop. You glance between them and his face a few times, finally responding only by crossing your arms tightly across your chest.
His chair screams over the floor as he quickly bolts from his seated position, patting his suit pockets and picking non existent lint from them. Finally he runs a hand through his dark hair.
"I will go right away. Chocolate and Tampons? Chocolate and Tampons. Okay. Tampons. Chocolate. Of course."
You nod and raise an eyebrow when he remains still. Looking anywhere but at you. His brothers are similarly avoiding your angry gaze. Levi is almost half way underneath the table with how far he's shrunken into his seat.
"Do you want me to run you a bath Y/N? I'll use my most expensive bath salts! Then perhaps I could give you a massage and-" Asmodeus blurts out, his voice a tone or two higher than normal.
"Y/N...Do you hate us now?" Beel's defeated voice cuts off the Avatar of Lust.
"Excuse me?" You spit incredulously.
"We're so sorry Treasure. We-We acted like monsters! Please don't leave us." Mammon replies. He looked far less put together today than normal. Was he crying???
"You don't need to forgive us right now, kitten. We will work to regain your trust." Satan snapped, elbowing his white haired brother sharply in the side.
You pinch the space between your eyebrows harshly, feeling a headache coming on rather quickly. You have a vision of yourself, looking alike to Lucifer during a lecture and swiftly stop. "What the hell are you idiots talking about now?"
"Oh no, you actually do hate us! Especially me! Of course you do, I'm just a gross otaku, no good-"
"Levi! I told you already to stop talking about yourself like that." You stomp your foot down in frustration, confusion and heartbreak at their words. "I don't hate any of you! I just...I could never hate you guys, okay?"
Momentarily you forget the reason for all of this mess. Rushing forward to comfort one of your favourite boys. You tenderly wrap your arms around Levi's shoulders, then press a chaste kiss against the crown of his purple locks. The actions normally soothes the tensions from his form but today, he practically becomes a statue.
Beside him sits Belphie, who's violet eyes are currently locked onto you so strongly you can physically feel them boring a hole into the side of your head. Before you can even react to the sensation, his arms grip your waist and drag you onto his lap. A gasp passes from your slightly parted lips when you feel something hard pressed against your ass. As soon as the soft noise escapes you, the youngest's hips roll up dangerously with a growl.
Time seems to move strangely after that. You're hauled backwards off of Belphie's lap and are slid across the table with a yelp. There's more than one set of hands on you, all trying to take you into their own embrace. Plates, food, glasses and cutlery clatter to the floor as your body is pulled across the smooth surface of the wood.
They're acting like vultures. Like your some kind of toy for them to play with...
'Like a demon's last meal.' Lucifer's voice from the days before echoes loudly in your subconscious.
Someone's fingertips dig harshly into the soft flesh of your inner thigh and bring you back to reality. You can't quite help the whine that it pulls from you. You really shouldn't find this as hot as you do.
In a flash, Asmo's perfect face is looming down over your own. His eyes blown wide with unadulterated lust. He is in his demon form. Pink tipped horns sprouting from his head, matching the rose glow in his eyes. A ravenous grin spreads across his glistening lips, no doubt sensing your strong arousal amongst the chaos.
"ENOUGH!" Lucifer's voice roars from the head of the table. "Get your hands off! You're scaring her!"
"Hmm...I don't think you can read her reactions as well as you think Luci~"
"Be quiet Asmodeus! All of you, stand back!"
Only one pair of hands remain, greedily running across your stomach and up your ribs. You feel hot breath dusting across your neck as a voice loudly speaks in your ear.
"I think our dear Y/N here, likes being treated like our little toy. Would I be right?"
"Asmo, I swear on Diavolo himself if you don't calm down right now-"
"Yessss...I love it." You whine. Eyes closing in pleasure when the Avatar of Lusts tongue runs a slick line down the column of your throat.
Wet lips smirk against your neck. Your hips wriggle impatiently, you feel incredibly overwhelmed and needy. A growing heat is forming between your thighs threatening to send any rational thought from you...Wait. WAIT.
"Asmo, OFF!" You order.
At his whiny retreat, you sit up crosslegged on the table. A hand pressed to your chest, trying to steady your shaky breaths.
"As much as I would normally love this attention. You guys aren't in the right frame of mind to make these decisions." Your chest tightens with the statement. You need to remember how affected they are. "You're going to regret being with me after this wears off and I don't know if my heart will be able to take it."
You keep rambling. "I know right now I probably seem like some kind of incubus or something, but I'm just me. I'm nothing special. You guys are way too far out of my league. I shouldn't even have the privilege of staying with you and yet here I am somehow making you act like animals. I mean it's hot, believe me. But I am not taking advantage of whatever biological reaction you're having."
At some point you've started crying, you swipe at your tear stained face irritatedly and squeeze your eyes shut. You bring your knees up to your chest, curling into a ball.
"I should never have come down here, I'm sorry. Lucifer, I know you can't stand to be near me right now but if you could take me home that'd be for the best."
The air in the room is still. You could almost convince yourself they'd vanished into thin air if you didn't know the brothers better.
"Do you forget who you're speaking with Y/N?" The Avatar of Pride growls from behind you. "If I did not want you so severely, I wouldn't be sacrificing my pride for your comfort."
"Huh?" You squeak dumbly.
"Do you really think any human woman would send ME into this state with just with a simple smell? What kind of lowly demon do you take me for?"
"How would you know!? You didn't even know what a period was until the other day Lucifer!"
"I have lived for millennia. I have walked the human world, and all the realms, longer than you have lived. I have never needed to involve myself with such primitive biological nonsense until now. I have no doubt passed thousands of bleeding women without even noticing their existence. You do not get to tell ME that my lack of composure is any less that my complete and utter desire for you!" He roars, gripping you tightly and spinning you around off the table and holding you firmly in place under his fiery gaze.
"You really are clueless Treasure if you think this is the first time we've thought about having our way with you." Mammon speaks from your side.
"He's right Y/N. We just never thought you'd want with us. Seeing as we're demon's and all." Says Beel.
You blame your mood swings for the way you start howling with laughter suddenly. The barking laugh you let out surely isn't attractive, but you cannot help it.
"Y/N...?" Belphie questions.
"So you're telling me..." You cut yourself off with another fit of laughter. "You're telling me I've been fucking myself in my room for MONTHS to the thought of a hot demon orgy...and you guys felt the same!?"
Your laughter is cut short when Lucifer lifts you up and drops you back on the messy table. His ruby eyes are positively frantic and his gloved grip on your hips reminds you of when he had you pinned to the wall.
"You've being doing what ?"
"Y/N...I literally almost just fucking creamed myself y-you can't just say those things." Levi whines from his spot crumpled over the table behind you.
"Does this mean I can taste you now?" Beel grumbles. Hand outstretched towards you.
"No way! If anyone's eating her sweet little pussy it's gonna be me!" Mammon shouts.
"You've probably never even seen a pussy before Mammon, how would you know what to do?" Comes the dangerously calm voice of Satan.
"Surely you want the Avatar of Lust to touch you first darling? I know what I'm doing better than anyone!"
"Maybe I'll just go back to my room and take care of myself..."
The icy grip on your hips tightens once more and your dragged to the end of the table until your heated core is pressed directly against the intimidating hardness of Lucifer's clothed erection. He stands proudly between your spread legs, a concentrated look on his face and rolls his hips in circles. It sends pulsing waves of much needed friction to your needy centre.
"How very brave of you to think you'll get away with touching yourself without our permission ever again, little girl."
Part 3!⬇️⬇️⬇️
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saeyoungchoismaid · 15 days ago
Levi Ness Monster
Pairing: Sea Monster!Leviathan x f!reader Genre: smut Warnings: aphrodisiac spit, dub-con, water sex, monster fucking, aquaphilia, tail sex, double penetration, rough-ish sex, unprotected sex, double creampie, tummy bulging Summary: Sea monster Leviathan spots a human going skinny dipping in his lake. How can he keep his hands to himself when you’re just so beautiful? Word Count: 2700 words A/N: Ha, get it? Levi Ness like Loch Ness? hahahahaha okay. I personally think this is some of the best smut I’ve ever written. Lmao lemme know what you think <3
Kinktober Day 10
Tumblr media
You’re not sure what came over you that night. One minute you were staring down at that stupid book, having to reread the same paragraph over and over again, and the next, you’re skinny dipping at the lake. You had never been to that lake before since there were rumors of the loch ness monster dwelling inside of it. 
So, what made you decide to go skinny dipping despite the horror stories? You’re honestly not sure. You were just reading that book and you hadn’t even realized you were staring out your window longingly in the direction of the lake. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but that summer night was so hot and you just knew it’d be worth it since the water would be the perfect temperature. 
So, here you are, stripping your clothes off and looking around the empty woods around you. No one ever comes out here, so you’re not really worried about someone spotting your naked figure. You are, however, worried that if there happens to be a monster hiding in the shadows of the water waiting for you that no one will be able to hear you scream for help if it decides to attack you. 
You go to the edge of the dock you’re on and dip your toe in, humming at the feel of the room-temperature water. It’s perfect. You stare down at the water for a minute or so, letting your eyes flicker this way and that way to make sure there’s no movement. After finding none, you take a deep breath and charge right off the dock and into the water. Goosebumps rise on your skin for a moment from your body’s shock at the change of temperature, but just as quickly, they’re gone. You swim to the surface and pop your head up out of the water, smiling as you splash the water a bit. You knew it, it’s perfect. 
You lazily swim around your dock for a moment before swimming to one of the other docks. Once reaching the dock, you take a break by floating on your back. You stare up at the sky and think of what shape the clouds make before letting your eyes fall closed. You don’t even realize the forest has fallen silent since your ears are below the water’s surface, all sound from the outside world blocked by the blue liquid. 
God, look at you. You’re just spreading yourself out for him, waiting for him to take you, to breed you. You look so vulnerable, so ready to please him. 
Your eyes snap open when you swear you feel something brush your leg. Before you can even think of swimming away and took the dock for safety, something is wrapping around your leg and snatching you into the water. You just manage to gasp air into your lungs before you’re being plunged down deep, deep into the water. You can’t see what’s dragging you down thanks to all the bubbles that have been created, but you can see that whatever it is is taking you into the inky corners of the lake. You thrash about in fear, hating yourself at that moment for allowing yourself to not believe in the rumors, in the stories. 
Just as your world starts to fade to black, your face meets air. You gasp for air and splutter out the bit of water that managed to slip into your lungs. You rub the water out of your eyes and then look to find a guy around your age staring back at you. “Did it get you too? Are you okay? Did you save me?” you ask the man, panic starting to swell in your chest at the idea of the monster circling your feet right now. 
The man’s brows furrow at you, as if he can’t understand you. You look around you then, finding that you’re in a cave-like area. Your lower half is still in the water but your hands are clinging to an edge of the cave, keeping your body partially out of the water. He must’ve helped you find your grip when…did you manage to get away from the monster? 
“Hey, do you know how to get out of here?” you ask, glad that your voice sounds more normal since you’re not freaking out as much and finally have all the air needed back into your lungs. Again, the man’s brows furrow but this time he tilts his head to the side, reminding you of a dog. He must not speak English. Before you can try to figure out what language he could speak or, better yet how to get out of there, he’s swimming closer to you. At first, you don’t mind, but then you remember you’re naked. 
“Hey! Woah! Dude, back up!” you screech in embarrassment, letting go of the wall to cover yourself to the best of your ability. When the kicking of your legs fails to be enough to keep you up and you start sinking, you reach out to grab the wall again. You gasp when he gets even closer to you, his body radiating heat to yours in the water. You turn your head to look at him, your chin practically resting on your shoulder. His eyes grow heavy then, his pupils growing in size as his gaze zeros in on your lips and you’re not sure why but when he leans in, you let him kiss you. 
You hum and close your eyes, letting his smooth lips slide against yours. His lips feel both rough and slick, but you don’t ponder on it long as you start getting more into the kiss. Your body turns to face his, the only thing keeping your bodies apart right now is the mere inches of water. 
You shudder when something touches your waist, it feeling like a fish brushing up against you. Except…it doesn’t have the form of a fish. It’s…more like a…starfish? You gasp louder when it goes up, your eyes discovering his arms are rising in your direction. 
Are those his…hands? 
You let out a shriek when one of his hands trails up past your hip and to the underside of your breast, his hands feeling similar to his lips. At the abrupt noise, he pulls his hands away in shock, your eyes finding orange scales littering his hands up to his forearms. Oh my god. Oh my god. What is he? 
You barely even get to freak out or at least ponder on him out of curiosity because the next thing you know, your head feels heavy and your stomach is churning with something akin to fire. You whimper when your cunt throbs, the ache in your core becoming the most noticeable thing. You’ve never been needier in your entire life, and you’re not even sure why. 
You shiver when his hands grope your chest, your head tilting down to watch his hands squeeze you. You whine when his sharp nails nick at your skin, causing red lines and welts to rise on your breasts. You cry out as he pushes you back into the wall again, his hands keeping you pinned in place against the rock. 
His eyes glow orange, one hand letting you go to grab ahold of your jaw and pull your face closest to his. You can do nothing as he leans into your space and connects your lips with his again, not that you’d want to do anything about it. You whimper as his tongue glides across yours. You hum into the kiss, liking the way his slippery tongue works your mouth open. His tongue, just like him, doesn’t feel human. It feels like…satin and lube had a baby. 
He pulls back from the kiss to look at you, his spessartite eyes glowing even brighter now. You let out a breathy sigh and buck your hips towards his, your pussy starting to drool with need. He says something in what you can only assume is a foreign language made up of clicks and murmurs before disappearing under the water. With him gone, you can kind of think a little more coherently, but something is still clouding your mind and keeping you from being able to grasp the entirety of what the actual fuck is going on. 
And before you can even try and untangle the shattered web that are your thoughts right now, you let out a squeal as something slides along your pussy lips, the monster’s hands suddenly grabbing ahold of your thighs and setting them onto his shoulders. A whimper escapes from your mouth as you bring your hands to his head, tightly weaving your fingers through the midnight purple strands. You shake and tremble against the rock wall as his tongue keeps licking along your slit, the snake-like tongue finally finding its way to your opening. You gasp and curve away from the wall, feeling his tongue slip deep inside of you and wiggle around. 
He goes at your heat like this for a while, continuing to suck on your clit and probe at your hole. Just when you can feel your orgasm creeping up on you, he pulls his mouth away from you, causing you to wail in despair. You struggle to catch your breath and stay afloat when he lets go of your legs, his head submerging from the inky water. 
You pule when he suddenly takes ahold of your thighs again, but this time, he hoists you up and wraps your legs around his waist. You only marvel at the fact that he can keep both of you up for a second before your thoughts take a sharp turn. You raise a brow when a closed hole on his naval suddenly slides open. You go to ask what’s up with that when suddenly, two giant cocks slip out at the same time. You mewl at the sight of them, a deep, dark desire inside of you wanting them both shoved deep inside your cunt now. 
The rational side of your mind though realizes that you probably couldn’t even fit one of them, let alone two. You gasp when he suddenly reaches down and takes ahold of one, starting to pump it before aligning it with your entrance. “Wait! Hey! You haven’t pre-” you cut yourself off with a lewd, wanton cry that would even put pornstars to shame. To your surprise, he slides inside of you with little to no problem. You’re not sure how, but you can’t really find it in yourself to care when your throbbing cunt is finally getting what it wants. 
You toss your head back with a moan, your body jolting with each of his thrusts despite the fact that it seems he’s trying to be gentle. His eyes attentively watch as your breasts bounce freely, his hips starting to move harder and faster. You can only whimper and mewl as he uses you as he pleases, controlling how you’re positioned and how you move. Your hands reach up behind you to the rock wall, trying to find some sort of anchor to keep you sane. 
Your head snaps back up though when you feel something else prodding at your entrance, your eyes blown wide with worry. “Is that you?” you stutter out, forgetting he can’t understand you. He just looks up at you with half-lidded eyes completely clouded over with lust and hunger. You go to try and feel what it is that’s prodding right beside his dick inside of you when it suddenly slips in, making a raunchy and sinful noise escape you. It has a different texture than his cock that’s currently still pounding away inside of you. No, this thing is bumpier and thinner. 
You look away from his face to gaze down at his body and with every thrust he makes, which causes the water to splash away from you both, you get a peek at his other cock that is impatiently waiting its turn. Your hand flies down into the water to feel the thing that’s sliding up and down in tandem with his dick. You trail your hand down as far as it can go on the unknown object, but it just keeps going and going. As you try to adjust yourself to get a better feel, your legs slink down his waist and that’s when you feel it. 
A tail. 
You let out an unabashed groan at the realization, feel his tail curl deeper inside of you than his cock could since it’s much, much longer. You turn your gaze to his face again to find him smirking at you, revealing to you that he is clearly enjoying the sounds you’re making for him. His eyes break from your to look at your bouncing chest once more, his dick twitching inside of you as his tail curls to press harder against your spongey walls. 
You throw your head back again when he leans down and starts sucking on your breasts, leaving marks around your nipples before moving to suck on the perky buds. You don’t even realize that you’re close to cumming until it’s already washing over you and you’re screaming in pure ecstasy. He just keeps going though, completely unbothered by the fact that you just came and you’re now sensitive. “Please,” you hiss out, unsure of what you’re really asking of him. 
To your surprise, his tail slips out of you, and you aren’t sure if it’s because he understood you or if he just decided to take it out. Your temporary relief is quickly thwarted when he reaches down and starts slipping his second cock in right alongside his other one. “Wait,” you stutter out, feeling your pussy stretch at the intrusion. Normally, you couldn’t have even dreamed of taking this much at a time, but he must have done something to help with the process. Maybe that’s why your vision is so foggy and you can only think about him pumping his seed deep inside of you. 
When he gets both of them in to the hilt, he pauses to let you get used to being stuffed so full. He hums, the noise coming out low and deep enough to make goosebumps rise on your skin, and he then says something else in his native tongue before pulling his dicks out just to shove them back in. Your body jolts at the single thrust, your voice sounding raw as you moan for him. 
After that, he goes right back to the rough and fast pace, more words falling from his lips and though you can’t understand him, you like to think that they were pure filth. They sure sound like they were, at least. 
Your legs tighten around his waist as he bullies his cocks deeper inside of you with every thrust. You can’t help but let your eyes roll back in your head and let your mouth fall completely open, letting drool glide down the corner of your mouth and onto your breasts. He licks up each drop though, continuing to suck and nibble on your bouncing chest. You shake in his hold, already getting closer to a second orgasm since you’re so sensitive. Plus, you’re so turned on right now that you wouldn’t mind letting him use you all night long. 
Your vision blacks out for a moment as you cum, white stars filling your vision. Your hands scrape down the rock wall above you, almost making your fingers bleed. Just as you get your vision back, he stuffs both of his cocks to the base and burrows as deep as he can inside of you before shooting load after load into your womb. You shake and cry as you feel his cum fill you up, your tummy feeling bloated and full. You look down when one of his rough hands places itself against your stomach, finding that your stomach seems to have inflated a bit. You mewl and drop your head back against the wall, feeling his cum drip out of you. 
You let out a thankful sigh when he stops cumming, the two of you panting against each other for a moment. God, you’re so exhausted. You slump against him and wrap your arms around his neck, burrowing your face into his neck. 
“Mm, what a good little human,” the creature purrs. 
⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰
More with Levi 
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 17 days ago
Can you do a headcanon post of the Obey Me boys (except Luke) do "Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge" with f!MC? I saw this on Youtube once and thought it would be an interesting scenario? Cheerio!
- trust him MC, he knows what he is doing.... maybe
- while lucifer isnt particulary skilled with makeup, he wont make you look like a clown... the final result will just look like you got a five year old do your makeup instead...
- not only that but if this idea is to be uploaded on youtube/deviltube, you can expect Lucifer to be a little more stiff and akward, to say he is a camera person would be like calling Asmo ugly, its just not true
- overall the result would look like this:
Tumblr media
- ah yes the great Mammon also... has no idea what he is doing
- dont point that out to him however, there is a camera on and his confidence is out of the roof. Add such confidence to the very shiny and pretty glitter palette you own and umm... yeah
- he wont realize the charming mistake he is doing on your face until he accidentally slips his hand with the glitter and lipstick, when he sees your face its pure silence and embarrassment, do understand he tried
Tumblr media
- why would you pick the stinky otaku man? To get an actual decent look? Have you lost it?
- levi is the second best option after Asmo and for obvious reasons, the main one is that he does cosplay, and in order to actually look like his characters he has has to master the art of makeup
- the final result is actually pretty good and the video results prove it, those who watch the video are quite impressed as well, please give him any sign of appretiation
Tumblr media
- he isnt the best, but he ain't the worst either, he knows enough to not make a disaster which is important
- spending enough time with Asmo has thought him a couple of tricks onto make one look nice with makeup
- the final result is pretty decent, not much color but it isnt all over the place unlike number 1 and 2
Tumblr media
- best option, this man knows everything about beauty and he knows how to make you look even more beautiful with makeup, not as beautiful as him however so dont get to excited
- while he'll try to push in some pink because its probably his favorite color, he'll make any color work on you, you'll look like those aesthetical pictures on devilgram by the time he is done with you
- no need to worry with Asmo, you can just relax and let him do all the beauty work
Tumblr media
- no beel you cant eat the makeup
- ok no but seriously, beel could easily get distracted so make sure to have some snacks with you and that his attention is at you while you two do this challenge, that and keep your hopes down
- he is so enchanted by the variety of colors your makeup has that your face could easily look like a rainbow, and you could even make the look work if it werent cause of the absolute mess everything looks like
- the colors are almost nice, but the execution is very messy
Tumblr media
- he started of decently but then got tired so he just drew a smile on your lips with the makeup
- the funniest thing is that he started nicely... he just got tired... why????
- then again this is the avatar of sloth we are talking about here, it was only a matter of time until he got tired doing your makeup, you're lucky he was even awake for when you started the video
Tumblr media
- as an individual of royalty you'd think he'd know what he is doing, however if you have read the rest of this post you can easily see that looks are tricky
- another victim of the colorful paletter, you become again a mess of a rainbow, and yet he is sure he did such a good job
- you have no other choice but to show some kind of appreciation to the prince, i mean come on that smile of his! You look like a shiny pretty rainbow! He loves it!!!
Tumblr media
- neutral and dark tones work for barb on you, and he manages to pull off a great look onto you
- it almost has a emo/goth look to it, if you wish you could add a bit more to it and actually fit such looks
- not what you were expecting, but its not horrible enough to hate, its pretty fitting to you as well...
Tumblr media
- simeon will try to keep the look as simple as posible, he'll also use more earthish tones since it makes your natural look pop out and he believes it fits you better
- he is surprisingly good as well and it looks very nice on you, these angels seem to know more than one could think
- the final result is simple but cute :)
Tumblr media
- solomon's look is so shocking you cant even get a picture of the final result ( and no it isnt cause i reached the limit of pictures why do you ask?)
- solomon has seen makeup throughout the ages of humanity, somehow he managed to combine them all but the strokes you felt on your face have scared you into looking into the mirror and checking the video
- the final result is a mistery for everyone, only Solomon knows what he did and seeing your expression of fear, he wont describe the final result to you, never, NEVER!!!!!!
- (i reached the limit of images sorry solomon fans :( )
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hell-temptations · 3 months ago
Little things that changed after they fell in love with you
Tumblr media
Synopsis: little things that has changed in demon brothers life after they fell for their new exchange student a punny little human.
Pairing: Lucifer x gn!Mc / Mammon x gn!mc / Leviathan x gn!Mc / Satan X gn!mc
Genre: SFW, pointless fluff lmao
Warnings: didn't proofread ;;;
Tumblr media
Prologue: Demons were never keen to love,not even the smallest and when they are seven Rulers of Hell then the concept of love or rather changing yourself for someone else was more or less a pathetic joke.
Desire wasn't unknown to them,but love? Heh,Demons are embodiment of everything that is considered as darkness, embodiment of great sins,they aren't supposed to fall for such foolish emotions like love.
But what if wheel of fate starts running on opposite directions suddenly? What if someone waits for you at the end of the darkest night with arms open? What if you are falling deeper everyday into an endless abyss but suddenly someone wraps their arms around you telling that you aren't alone anymore?
That's how everything changed in seven rulers of hell's life after they fell in love with a small human that has stormed into their life without any prior warnings.
Tumblr media
Being the eldest and the right hand man of Prince of Devildom, Lucifer's life has always been solely dedicated to everyone else other than him, he never believed he deserved any leisure,
In his mind he was always responsible for his brother's fall, he always loathed his existence, before you came into his life.
Before he even realised you have started to change him like how black hopes of the night changes into golden daylight after bathing in the sun.
Nowadays Lucifer doesn't skip his night sleeps, After checking if everyone has fallen asleep,he tucks himself under sheets where he presses his chest to your back and kisses a goodnight on the back of your head.
Every morning he waits for you to choose his cufflinks, which always follows by him to choosing a matching small trinket for you.
Most of days instead of going into the cafeteria he takes both of your lunch to his office just to spend a little more time with you.
Once he almost collapsed in your arms due to high blood pressure and sugar and woke up after almost 8 hrs later only to find seven kids lying here and there in his room, most of them in deep sleep and a crying and disheveled you being soothed by a Butler. Much to Lucifer's dismay, He has started to go for monthly check ups to Devildom hospital.
These days He doesn't drink coffee unless it's brought by you.
Surprisingly he has allowed satan to foster kittens,but not more than three, and everything happened after he saw a smiling picture of you holding a kitten. It's his screensaver now. Needless to say after that the father and son's brother's relationship has gotten a lot better after that. They don't burst out like coke and mentos while staying in same room now.
Lucifer never preferred anything of anyone over solitude, especially when he is working but now he can't seem to revise a normal monthly budget without you sitting accross the room.
He never seeked help from anyone for anything, he never actually was sure if he was even allowed to but after you told him he could seek help too, he was allowed to be vulnerable too he felt waves of unknown emotions washing over him. Maybe for the first time in his eons old life he felt he wasn't alone. Though he still can't spell it out loud but whenever he feels like the weight of responsibilities crushing him down he seeks you and confusticates you in his lap pressing his face in the crook of your neck.
The second born, never believed he could actually be loved by anyone other than his older brother. On lonely winter nights when he wrapped himself in his blanket after getting tired of all the accusations world threw at him,he always thought love doesn't exist. And even if it does, it's not for someone so lowly like him.
But then you came into his life, Mammon got a glimmer of hope and then never understood how the small bead of light painted his whole world red.
Mammon never called someone his, ironically the only thing that was only his was his credit card Goldie. Everyone saw it like his money grabbing persona but the truth was he never had anyone or anything that was only his and his alone. His brothers,they were family they were his definitely but they weren't only his and being the second oldest he had taken upon Lucifer's persona of hiding his vulnerability. But when you came he first time got someone to call his, his and his alone. Someone living was willing to be his,to take care of him, someone out there was thinking about him, someone was waiting for him at his house all of this was enough to make him crazy for you.
And that's how things started change for him too.
Nowadays no matter wherever he is he always comes back house back before dinner.
Greed was his sin and he was epitome of his sin,there was absolutely no way for him to get rid of it but somehow after one night you took blame for him stealing something very expensive from a hotel, Mammon stopped stealing things that didn't belong to his family. It was given that there's no way his brothers would ever believe you could do something bad and at the same time no matter whatever he did at home at highest he will be tortured by Cerberus and then Lucifer will secretly put pain relievers in his bedside table's drawer but oh that's a grave secret but at least you won't ever be humiliated,and he would take any punishment for that.
Removing himself from the clutches of those shady witches was almost impossible but Mammon took the courage,the courage to change his life for you. He started working on part time jobs after school. Maybe it will take him a long road before he could come out clean but at least he was taking his baby steps.
Mammon goes to casino only once a week now and majority of the time he just watches people to play. It was extremely hard in the beginning for someone like him who used to spend 4-5 hours everyday there like it was his second home, but the fear that what if someday something happens to you because of his stupid bets? What is someday his greed takes over him? That's how he came to an agreement with himself that he would rather sacrifice his habit instead of sacrificing any single moment with you.
Avatar of greed never had anyone to hug him when he cried alone in the darkness but one night when he was drowning in his sorrows alone under his bed a small warm hand reached out to him, Mammon didn't feel ashamed to cry infront of you rather somehow he felt maybe you were the only person who would never judge him that's how now whenever he felt he was alone he would just plop himself in your lap hiding his face. He didn't need words of consolation, all he needed was you.
Avatar of Envy always believed love only existed in animes and mangas. He always believed it was impossible for someone to reciprocate his love, why would anyone do that though? He was envy, a sin that was better if never existed. He was scared of getting hurt after all people would either approach him if only they needed something from him or his brothers, other than that he was just a non existent side character in every story.
Little did Levi knew that he was going to have his own story and not only he will be the protagonist of the story he will find his true love too just like his mangas.
Before you no one ever showed interest in the things he loved, whenever he tried to talk to anyone about the game he played or the episode his saw majority of the time either the listener fell asleep or flat out ignored him. That's how slowly Levi became shy,shy to express his likes and dislikes because he was always criticized for them,he became the shut in otaku without any friends. But after you came and showed interest in the things he liked he felt like a dying man getting his breath back. He realised that his choices,his likes they all weren't worthless,they were as much important as others. You made him believe He was allowed to gush over his favorites,he was allowed to show off his knowledge about the shows he loved,he was allowed to be a fanboy and at the same time not weird,just liking something different doesn't made him weird or abnormal he was just like everyone.
Nowadays Levi doesn't skip meals be it dinner or lunch,no matter whatever he's watching or playing he pauses or leaves it in between to join dinner table with everyone.
He doesn't game or watch animes all night long now, no matter whatever happens you'll find him in his bed bathtub waiting for you with a blanket after dinner.
Beginning of your relationship was rocky. As an introvert it was very hard for him in the beginning to accept anyone in his personal space, countless betrayals from people for years who pretended to be his friends,who pretended to care but stabbed him on the back when he needed them. But with time he made progress,he let his wounded fragile heart's door open for you to enter and you did, you entered with utter sincerity and care and slowly his wounds started to heal.
Levi now self deprecates less than before, whenever he say something bad about himself he could clearly see how hurt you feel as if he wasn't deprecating himself but you. Everyday Your love has started to make him hate himself a little lesser than yesterday.
Love for the fourth born was something extremely surreal and bookish. He reads it in every book, different words yet the same emotions. Ironically none of the emotions described in any books never seemed true to him because no matter how many times he talked to people in love all of their explanations went above his head and more or less who was going to love him? He was nothing less than a ticking timebomb who could burst anytime any destroy everything and everyone around him. It's not like he has never been approached,he was told that he was loved,he was prince charming of lots of demons but in the end no one actually wanted him, everyone wanted his influence,his position,his knowledge, never him. Satan had read in books love is not something someone can find, it's something that comes like a storm in one's life and blew away everything that is rational and he never believed or understood that until the day You came into his life. And things started to change after he accepted the keeper of his heart is not him anymore.
Maybe it was hard to believe but Avatar of wrath is a hopeless romantic,he has read a lot of fairytale and somehow he always dreamt to mimic those in real life but he was extremely insecure about sharing such thoughts with anyone but when oneday he saw you holding a rose in your hand and pretending to be the prince in Cinderella and dancing with your pillow in his room, that day he realised he has finally found his soulmate and now whenever you both read any romantic book you close the doors and start acting like the protagonists with eachother.
Nowadays he doesn't do gruesome pranks on Lucifer like before, maybe he haven't forgiven him yet but yes he hates him less than before now and somehow he doesn't see the point in tormenting him everytime, he doesn't want to miss his sweet time with you just because he was strung up from ceiling. Let Belphie and Mammon handle that department,he is a retired man now.
He has started to go to therapist now for his anger issues, it was extremely hard to pursue him to go but oneday he accidentally broke a vase near the door while having his one of episodes and somehow you had ended up running after him and the shards of glasses injured you, Satan couldn't forgive himself for that no matter how many times you told him it was okay, and that's how he ended up booking an appointment with therapist next day. The only thing he asked from you in return was to go with him and you obliged. And now you two visit his therapist every week for his sessions.
He has stopped trying to look and judge everything from rational and logical point of view and has started to believe that everything isn't supposed to be rational or logical in his life, sometimes it's better if they stay unexplainable,crazy or illogical. He'd rather dance with you in your room while playing your favourite song instead of analysing which beat went wrong.
He smiles a lot nowadays.
You both feed stray kittens together everyday after dinner,sure you two sneak kittens every day into the house but somehow you both never got caught even though Satan has clearly heard footsteps outside his room when you and him were trying to feed the crying kitten.
Satan doesn't feel like Lucifer's shadow anymore, he doesn't get angry when they both were same coloured clothes or choose same food because He has realised the essence of his individual existence and at the same time he has realised that your love for him didn't depend on if he was a prince charming or not,you loved him for his soul,you loved him when he was beating up demons for bullying a stray kitten,you loved him when he was holding the trophie of quiz competition and you still loved him when he was shaking violently and crying in your chest at the middle of the night after having a nightmare. Your love for him was eternal.
Tumblr media
@mammonprotectionsquad <3
Thank you so much for reading stay healthy and safe 💜
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flwrem · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
tail smut event masterlist
good girl
༺ warnings; dumbification, slightly chocking, multiple orgasms, creampie, vaginal sex, oral sex male receiving, cursing
༺ characters; hard dom Levi, brat fem!reader
༺ a. n; i swear this was supposed to be a drabble,
Tumblr media
you knew it was never a good idea to bother Levi in the first place, but you were so needy and he was too busy ignoring you to play his video games
you and levi have been together for months now, he was always so nice and respectful to you, and you loved him of course, doing the same for him whenever you could
what you couldn’t handle was when he didn’t even gave you a side glance, just monosyllabic replies and an occasional hum
standing up from your spot in his tub you walked towards his chair, standing behind him and watching his his hands worked skillfully on the controller, oh how you wish he was playing with you instead of killing dumb monsters
“Levi” you whined, and he didn’t move an inch, eyes never tearing out of the screen, fingers still pressing buttons without a fail
“Levi!” you tried again, stomping on the floor right behind him, this time he mumbled something, your thought he finally answered, but when you crouched down to his level you heard him talking about his failing strategy
and you had enough, you admired the wires on the floor connected to his desktop, with furrowed brows thinking if that was a good or a bad idea
it was bad
the second his screen went black his eyes shifted to your hand holding a bunch of wires you randomly pulled out, you could see the confusion in his eyes turn into anger in a split second, horns peaking out of his hair
your whole body started to tremble lightly, “L-Levi i’m-”
“there is no use playing dumb, get on your knees” his jaw was clenched so tightly you could hear his teeth grinding
“w-what-” your brain was to confused and scared to death to even process his words properly, Levi moved in his chair closer to you, grabbing your checks and pinching them together to form a pout, his breath caressing your lips
“you heard me, get on your fucking knees, you wanted my attention didn’t you? i’ll give you what you want until you beg me to stop”
your knees met the carpeted floor and his hand buried on your hair tugging lightly for you to get closer to him, his other hand working to free his cock, you felt how wet you were getting, clenching your tights together trying to get a little relieve
Levi’s hand gripped on his length, hissing at the feeling and smearing the tip of his cock against your cheek before guiding it to your waiting mouth
a loud groan escaped him at the pleasure of your warm mouth, head thrown back watching your stretched lips around his thick cock with hooded eyes, your own were closed shut, too focused on pleasuring him to notice his tail slowly approaching you, the sudden grip around your neck making you choke on his cock and Levi pant louder
his right hand that never left your hair pulled you closer to him, face-fucking you with all his might, nose hitting his pelvis, gagging every time his tip touches the back of your throat, cheeks hollow and moaning around him, the lack of air slowly making you feel light headed
the grip on your neck fathered and a shiver ran down your spine when you felt his slippery tail tangling around your thigh, reaching your already soaked underwear, you weren’t going to admit it, but you loved to make Levi mad, always getting a good pound in return
you chocked down a sob, muffled by his cock deep inside your mouth when the tip of his tail rubbed against your drenched folds trough your underwear, teasingly moving it a side to touch your clit briefly, you cried out, blurry eyes filled with tears glancing at Levi when he chuckled
“you are so fucking needy, crying already, you want me to fuck you?” he pulled your mouth off his cock letting you breath finally, coughing and gasping for air, he was making fun of you, his eyes had a mischievous sparkle but you were to horny out to care, you nodded your head making eye contact with him
“please” you whined
he chuckled again, grabbing your chin with his hand, his mouth so close yet so far away from your trembling lips that begged for a kiss that was denied, the waiting seconds felt like hours until the touch you craved arrived, the tip of his tail moved your underwear aside, pressing agains your aching clit, your body shuddered, back arching and numb hands grasping onto Levi’s wrist, his eyes never tearing apart from yours, just what you wanted
you moaned loudly, almost a scream when his tail finally pushed between your wet folds, deep inside your throbbing pussy almost touching your cervix, a low grunt bubbled in his chest at the feeling of your warm walls enveloping him, the hand that wasn’t holding your chin up, stroking his cock at the sight of your parted red glossy lips trying so hard to breath between moaning at the speed of his trusts
the world started to fade away, your whole body trembling sightly and you neck was probably going to hurt tomorrow from the odd angle
breathless “uhs” was the only sound you could make, Levi smirked pushing his forehead against yours
“are you going to cum?” feeling your walls flutter around his tail he pulled out, the tip sliding against your clit and slit, collecting all your juices, just before plunging into you in a motion, crescent shapes marked on his wrists from the tight grip you held them
“oh fuck!” your eyes rolled back
“cum on my tail, baby”
and how could you disobey when his voice was so sweet and his tail was fucking you so good, you felt your orgasm hit you, clenching down hard on him, his brutal pace never faltering letting you ride out your high, making a mess around him with a strangled moan
“ngh, t-thank you..” brief puffs of air breathed in his lips that were millimeters away from you, you craved him, and when you finally thought he would kiss you, he leaned back in his chair, a thumb playing with your quivering bottom lip
“good girl, now get on the tub”
with wobbly legs you got up, feeling your slick drip down your thighs, you moaned when your body touched the mattress, your sore knees thanking you
you heard Levi get up from his chair, thinking that he will clean you up and cuddle, the stupid mistake you made long forgotten
but how wrong you were
you saw his silhouette approach you in the darkness, pale blue lightning reflecting on the bare skin of his chest, he was still at his demon form, the marks in his neck glowing and his abs contracting when he stepped on the tub, he was such a sight and you felt your mouth water
kneeling beside you, Levi held your hips, caressing the covered skin before flipping you in a swift motion making you yelp, your clothes disappearing in seconds, turning into scraps
both of his hands reaching under your body to cup your breasts playing with your nipples, his still clothed hips meeting yours, grinding his bulge against your pussy, you could feel your arousal build up again, chest and neck flushed from being so exposed
Levi’s body pressed against your back, pushing you deeper into the mattress, his breathing fanning over your neck making you shiver
“you are so wet, so wet and ready” he got up again, the noise of his pants hitting the floor preparing you for what was about to come “you wanted my attention, now you have it”
his length toyed with your over sensitive clit, smearing your slick with his tip before pushing into you finally, stretching you so good, your face pressed against the pillow to muffle your screams
his hands griped onto your hips, pulling them up sightly to pound into you, his cock glistening from your juices whenever he pulled out, your throat raw from screaming, toes curling and eyes rolling back
your cheek is now pressed against the pillow, whimpers escaping your lips when his trusts slowed down before speeding again, his hips smacking your ass, pounding hard into you from behind
Levi’s grunts mixing with your cries, mouth parted feeling his tip touch your g-spot, jackhammering you like his life depended on it, your whole body jolted up from the force of his trusts
Levi knows every spot that has you seeing stars, changing his angle sightly to hit deeper inside of you, you can’t form any coherent sound anymore, your eyes are pooled with tears, tongue lolling out of your mouth drooling all over the pillow
“oh, look at you, fucked dumb on my cock, you can cum again, actually you will cum all night” he chuckled when he felt your walls flutter around him, creaming all over his cock with a silent scream
black spots filling your vision from cuming so hard, you can’t think anymore, the pleasure clouding your brain
his fingers tangle in your locks, moving your face aside to finally kiss you, and you feel like you could cry, his hips ruthlessly smacking you and his tongue exploring your mouth, teeth clasping from how hard and messy he is kissing you, feeling another orgasm approach, you clench and whine on his mouth, swallowing each other’s noises
you cum first, trembling under his bruising grip, Levi follows shortly, filling your insides with his thick semen, the sight of his cock coated with the mixture of your fluids make him groan, his member twitching and growing hard again
you can’t take it anymore, too much in so little time, but after all this was your punishment, your thoughts get interrupted when you feel his cock dip into you once more
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hobin-gnoblin · a month ago
(Silly goofy quirky 🤪)
Lucifer: Has his own personal Keurig that Diavolo gifted him on his 1st Birthday in Devildom.
Mammon: Part of the Mile high club. Sneaks in to Levi's room when he's asleep and will watch the aquarium until he gets the munchies.
Leviathan: Is awake the entire time Mammon is there. Too scared to get up since Mammon gets into verbal fights daily with Henry.
Satan: Has a hanging cat poster that says, "Hang in There!" One of his prized possessions.
Asmodeus: Has a clusterf*ck of chapsticks hidden in every nook and cranny of the HoL.
Beelzebub: He has a stash of Fruit Gushers underneath his bed.
Belphie: Is the provider of said fruit gushers. Aww brotherly love ;)
Solomon: Will scream at the performing Magical at a children's party. He doesn't approve of their blashpheming schemes.
Simeon: Watches Reality TV and texts Micheal the latest tea.
Luke: Cropdusted Mammon once during a group project. When everyone asked who farted, Luke pointed at Mammon saying it was him. Everyone believed him.
Barbs: Keeps Jolly Ranchers in his pocket. He likes the Watermelon kind.
Diavolo: Wakes up at 5 o clock every morning and starts singing. He records himself doing so and sends it to Lucifer.
Henry the fish: Is the Zodiac Killer.
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gxr-dove · 4 months ago
Obey me! Brothers Help MC Sleep
I made the boys extra soft for comforting purposes. College applications coming up much stress no sleep. Also since most of my writing is going to be in reader perspective the MC is gender neutral.
Your restless mind was starting to get the better of you. You can’t stop your twisting and turning as you struggle to fall asleep. No matter what you do you just can’t seem to relax.
Lucifer easily wakes up from your shifting. Slowly opening his eyes he sees you’ve moved away from his arms. He frowns a bit, however the distance gives him a chance to observe your form. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone so beautiful and soothing to his soul.
You suddenly move snapping him back to reality. You stretch your arm over your head, and shift from your side to Lucifer’s side
You let out an exasperated sigh. Slowly, you open your eyes only to meet his dark crimson gaze look back at you
Your eyes widen in shock, but soften as you realize you are the one who probably woke him up. “I’m sorry Luci I didn’t mean to wake you. Please go back to sleep.” You say pressing a light kiss to his forehead. His brows furrow as he expresses his concern, “I should be the one telling you to go to sleep. What’s wrong dear?” He ask while rubbing small circles on your back with his thumb. The pressure relaxes you instantly and you start to lean into his hold around you. “I just have a lot of things going on, so my mind is a bit restless right now.”
After hearing your distress he will lightly kiss your forehead and move his hand to the small of your back and start rubbing circles with his hand until you relax.
If you just want some white noise to help you sleep Lucifer will gladly indulge you and talk to you about his day. He’ll also start to whisper sweet nothings and praises in your ear. His deep voice lulling you to sleep.
If you want to talk instead and have him listen he’s a good listener and will allow you to speak for as long as you like. If he hears an increase in stress in your voice he’ll try to console you the best he can while lightly rubbing/massaging some of your muscles to help you relax.
Mammon usually holds you close when you sleep together. But tonight he suddenly felt a change in warmth in his arms. He also started to feel the bed shift quite often. Blindly he tried to grab for you arm, but kept missing. He started getting a little irritated and decided to open his eyes. 
You were on your back with your eyes screwed shut. You looked like you were trying to focus on something, but also trying to sleep at the same times. Your face seemed to soften and you let out a sigh of defeat. He gazed over your face, mesmerized by his human. But, when a frown started to tug at your lips, he became worried.
“Oi what’s up with ya? Can’t sleep.” His voice surprising you. You quickly turn your head facing him. His blue hues move closer as he scoots towards you. You can start to clearly see his gold flecks that reflect in the moonlight from his window. “I’m sorry, I just can’t focus my mind on sleeping at the moment.” He can hear the frustration in your voice and starts to worry. 
Don’t worry The Great Mammon is gonna do all he can to help you.
He’ll pull you close to him and start tracing shapes in your palms or on your back. He wants nothing more than his precious human to relax and sleep next him so he’ll do whatever it takes to help you out.
If you just need to listen to his voice to lull you to sleep he’ll start talking about how he knows how you feel because sometimes he can’t sleep while thinking back and forth between you, the amount of money he owes, and Lucifer finding out. He’ll whisper about how much he thinks of you and how he can’t believe he’s spendin’ all his time thinkin’ of ya. Your small laughter in response to his comments is enough to make him smile and ease his concern for you.
If you want to talk he will listen. “Come close so that The Great Mammon can hear ya. Tell me all ya troubles.” He’ll say while snuggling close to you. While you speak he will continue to trace your palm or the back of your hand. If he’s not doing that he’s playing with your hair threading his hands through it. He’ll occasionally make comments, but mostly listens to everything you have to say.
If you’re hungry he’ll get up with you so you can make ramen together. He’d pretend like there’s only one left so that he has to share with you he definitely doesn’t want you to feed him ramen or anything
The bathtub bed can be a bit squished especially with the Ruri-chan body pillow. Whether Levi is holding you or you are holding Levi it can be difficult to toss and turn.
If he starts to feel you squirming a bit he’ll try to brush it off. But when you start to squirm more he starts opening his eyes. He’ll open his eyes to see you staring at the ceiling. He wants to go back to sleep, but your tired eyes worry him.
As the avatar of envy it’s hard for Levi to believe that you are truly his. He doesn’t think he deserves that bright smile and heart warming laugh. But when his eyes meet yours you place a hand on his head distracting him from his thoughts.
“I thought you’d be tired after gaming for so long.” He manages to say. When you look back at him to give him a reassuring smile his face completely flushes. Why did you have to flash him that smile now the poor boy can’t think straight, but he tries to help you the best he can. He’s a bit shy to hold your hand or rub your shoulders, but he wants to help you relax and if you’re okay with it he’ll hide his face in you or rest his head on top of yours while rubbing your arm. That way you can’t see how red he’s getting.
If you want him to talk. He may stutter a lot because of the embarrassing situation, but it’ll stop once he starts talking about video games or his opinions on an anime character. He’ll try to speak in quiet voice, but sometimes he gets a little excited. It’s cute nonetheless so you don’t mind.
If you want to talk. Levi will listen and he’ll calm down enough to think seriously on your thoughts or troubles. He’ll become more confident and start to wrap his arms around you, holding you closer to him
Satan’s arms felt empty. You were tossing and turning and you didn’t want to accidentally wake him so you thought giving him space would help. However your absence in his arms wakes him up immediately. At first he’s a bit irritated to wake up abruptly and without you in his arms, but he sees your frustrated expression as you try and stretch your neck while laying down.
He decided to observe you a bit more while you were busy trying to stretch. He always observes you, but the time he takes to observe you when you’re all to himself is something completely different. You’re his human, the one he cares most about in all three realms and here you are glowing in the moonlight. He will absolutely not allow something he cherishes so much to be pestered with bothersome thoughts when you’re trying to sleep.
Your frustration is his frustration so he will do what he can to help you sleep.
He makes himself known by lightly caressing your cheek. You turn to face him. His blond hair slightly disheveled, a few strands cover his face. You try to stop focusing on what was bothering you and move your attention towards him. “My dear what’s wrong? Having trouble sleeping?” He asks while snaking his arm around you to pull you closer. 
You let out a tired sigh, “I just have too many things on my mind to sleep.” You quietly respond. He’ll brush a few strands of your hair out of your face and hum to himself.
If you want to hear Satan talk or just talk in general he’ll happily tell you about his opinion on any books he recently finished. He’ll describe the scenery from a romance novel that he read and he’ll recite the quotes where the characters declare their love and he’ll look at you with sincerity as if he’s declaring his own love to you which he is
If you need to talk to him he’ll rest his head on top of yours and rub your shoulders or lower back while you speak. He’ll play with strands of your hair while thinking carefully about your thoughts.
If you want him to read to you to help you sleep he’ll grab a book and let you snuggle next to him however you want while he reads to you. Even if you still have trouble sleeping at least your mind is now occupied by his sweet voice and the book he’s reading to you.
Asmo needs his beauty rest, but all your commotion stirs him awake. 
He opens an eye to see what’s going on. You have one leg outside of the covers with your  back turned to him. You start stretching your arm and drop it harshly on the sheets. You seem frustrated.
Even in your frustration he takes his time, eyes tracing over you in the rays of moon light that escape his curtains. He really does believe that besides him you are the most beautiful being he has ever laid eyes on. The fact that he gets to love you in a genuine and true way makes you all the more important to him. 
He wants you to have your beauty sleep so of course he’ll help you sleep
He smoothly moves his hands over your back and onto your shoulders, “What’s wrong sweetie? you look restless.” You turn towards him, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your beauty sleep” you apologize. But he’s much more concerned about your beauty rest. He’ll offer to give you a massage if you’re okay with it. If you are then he’ll rub and massage the tense muscles on your back and shoulders.
If you want him to talk and distract you, he’s ecstatic, he’d love to tell you more about himself. All while doing this he makes sure to tend to your tense muscles if you allow him to and he’ll gently talk about all the reasons he loves you.
If you want to talk he’s fine with that too. He’s always excited to learn more about you even if it’s just trivial things. He’s also great to complain to and will probably give you advice if you want his opinion.
Of course if those don’t work and you’d like to get rid of some energy he has no problem helping you with that too
Beel woke up a bit earlier than when he usually gets up to eat. It was pretty late and he could feel you moving next to him. He looked down at your face, you seemed to be concentrating really hard with your eyes forced shut. Your expression softened and you let out a frustrated sigh. He was a bit confused as to why you seemed frustrated maybe you needed more room on your side of the bed. But, the way you snuggled up to his arm overwhelmed his heart with warmth. 
Before you could turn again he pulls you towards him. Your eyes widen, “Oh did I wake you? Sorry I was trying not to move to much.” He shakes his head, “no I was thinking of getting up and getting a snack anyway.” His warm smile relaxing you more already. “I was just having a hard time sleeping.” You explain. Say no more, he picks you up and carries you to the kitchen with him. That way you can be close while he eats.
He would like to listen to you more than you listen to him. But if that’s what you need then he’ll talk to you about anything he and Belphie had done recently, or about the new treats at Madam Scream’s.
If you want to talk he’s an amazing listener. He won’t talk until you’re finished, and if you want to just enjoy a moment of silence he can provide that for you as well. He’ll quietly rub your back or give you a big bear hug, and after he’s done eating you both will go back to bed. 
If you still have trouble sleeping you can always help him clean out the fridge
Belphie was deep in sleep, but felt confused when you stopped snuggling him in his dreams. He woke up only to realize you really did stop snuggling him because of all your twisting and turning. Belphie would like his rest so he’s a bit irritated. But seeing your frustrated scrunched up face is so cute he doesn’t mind waking up to that. He brushes a few strands from your forehead.
You quickly open your eyes to see Belphie. His hair loosely falls in his face. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. I’m just having a hard time sleeping.” He pulls you in close and starts playing with the ends of your hair.
If you want him to talk then he’ll have you look up at the stars with him. He’ll explain his favorite constellations to you while holding you hand. You’ll both choose a star for each other and he’ll talk about how you both should name one with Beel.
If you want to talk and have him listen he’ll listen. He makes no promises to staying awake while you talk, but he’ll try his best for you. While you talk he’ll play with your hair or rub your shoulder while holding you close.
If nothing works to help you sleep then he’ll kiss your forehead using his sin to influence you to sleep, “Shh just go to sleep now MC” he coos.
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hoesoflamentation · 2 months ago
K!nktober: That's an order. | Leviathan x GN!MC | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Uniform k!nk
Pairing: Leviathan x GN!MC
Warnings: (sort of mutual) masturbation, uniform k!nk, dom!Levi, heavy degradation (use of "bitch," "slut," "whore"), praise k!nk, fingering, hair pulling, finger sucking, mouth covering, dacryphilia, choking, bruising, slight voyeurism/dubcon (listening to someone without their permission)
A/N: holy hell, fam -- i need to go touch some fucking grass. admiral levi horny hours have hit me HARD and i may never recover. it's a long one. brace yourselves.
Tumblr media
Laying on their side, MC shifted uncomfortably in bed, thighs rubbing together as they tried unsuccessfully to ignore their growing arousal -- and the scandalous thoughts that ran through their head.
That evening, MC had gotten home from RAD at the same time that Levi was leaving. Lucifer was busy, so Lord Diavolo had asked Levi to accompany him to a party in his place...
...and because it was a formal occasion, Levi had been wearing his naval uniform.
The brothers had often alluded to Levi's prestigious position in Hell's Navy, which Levi found mortifying. His ears flushed red with embarrassment every time someone brought it up, making him a blushy, stammering mess.
While MC was vaguely aware that Levi had obligations as an officer, he took precautions to avoid them whenever he had to put on his uniform -- so this accidental run-in was the first time MC had seen him in full regalia.
The tailored gray jacket accentuated the lean muscles Levi typically hid beneath his baggy clothes. Several medals decorated his breast, making MC wonder how he had earned them.
Dressed like this, the second-born seemed to stand a little bit straighter. However, any gravitas the uniform gave him disappeared the second he made eye contact with MC.
"M-MC!" Levi stuttered, his cheeks turning red enough to match the piping on his jacket. "You weren't supposed to see me like this!"
Unexpectedly, seeing Levi dressed like this... did something to MC. Freezing in their tracks, they instantly forgot how to use words, their tongue turning to putty in their mouth.
MC barely managed to squeak "bye Levi! Say hi to Diavolo for me!" before scurrying into the safety of the House of Lamentation. Their heart pounded wildly in their chest as they slammed the door and leaned back against it to catch their breath.
Now, laying in bed, MC couldn't help themself from replaying every detail of that moment. They had always thought that Levi was cute, but this was the first time he had made them feel so needy for something more.
Thinking about him kept them awake for what felt like hours, and it was driving them crazy.
The thing was, Levi was the first person they had truly connected with during their time in the Devildom (whatever Mammon said about being their "first," it had always been Levi for them). No matter how they felt about Levi, they couldn't just show up at their best friend's door, begging him to fulfill their fantasy of fucking an officer in uniform...
Yet they also realized that what Levi didn't know wouldn't hurt him. And in their imagination, they were free to let him do whatever he wanted.
So, their hand wandered down their chest, their stomach, to the throbbing space between their legs, teasing their most sensitive spot with their fingertips as they thought about his body on theirs...
Everything on the desk clattered to the floor as Levi reached around them and swept his hand across the tabletop in one fell swoop. The gold buttons on his uniform jacket glimmered in the dim light of the lamp, reflecting MC's desperate expression back to them.
"That's 'sir' to you," Levi barked, shoving MC into the now-empty table. "When you speak to an officer, you'll address him with respect."
Emitting a primal growl, Levi dug his claws into MC's hips, turning them to face away so their back lay flush against his throbbing cock. His arms wound around their waist, his calloused hands wandering up their torso until one found its way around their throat.
Breathlessly, MC managed to choke out the words, "Yes, sir."
They let out a tortured gasp as Levi clenched their neck, hard. Bruises in the shape of his fingertips were already beginning to form beneath his brutal grip.
"Bend over," Levi snarled. "That's an order."
Before MC could obey, Levi's hand was on their back, forcing their chest onto the desktop. They turned their head to one side, whimpering as the demon carelessly yanked a fistful of their hair.
"Mm, I love your pathetic little moans," Levi cooed, unbuckling his belt with his free hand. "You want it so badly, don't you? You fucking slut."
MC could already feel tears dampening their lashes, making their cheeks as wet as the space between their legs. "Please, Le- I mean, sir... I n-need you."
"Use your words, baby," he mocked cruelly. "What part of me do you need?"
"N-need your cock inside of me," they mumbled into the desk, their hips involuntarily grinding against his hardened length through his boxers. "W-wanna be your cumslut."
"That's my good little whore-" Levi bent to lay a series of affectionate kisses on their neck, sending shivers down their spine. "-showing your master the respect he deserves."
A high-pitched whine slipped from MC's lips as Levi roughly yanked their bottoms down.
"Suck," he ordered, reaching around to hook two fingers into their mouth.
Obediently, MC wrapped their lips around them, slobbering over them with their tongue to prep them for entry. But before drawing his fingers from their mouth, Levi first shoved them deeper into their throat, pushing past their tonsils until he felt the protest of their gag reflex.
The tears they had been trying to hold in immediately streamed down their cheeks. MC couldn't help but moan as they choked around his hand. Combined with the sight of them crying desperately, the noise made Levi smirk in satisfaction.
"That's it, baby," he praised, reaching around to slip his two lubed fingers into their hole. "You're doing so well."
They let out a tortured sob, bracing themself by gripping the edge of the desk as Levi pumped in and out.
"Aw, look how badly you want me," Levi teased mercilessly. "You're so desperate. I'm not even inside you yet."
Though his movements were aggressive, he still managed to glide his fingertips across every sensitive spot in their hole with each thrust of his hand.
Already, MC could feel the heat gathering in their core -- and Levi could tell.
"Mm, you're such a little whore. You just can't help yourself around me, can you?"
MC shrieked in surprise as Levi began to fuck them faster and harder with his fingers. He yanked them closer by their hair, eventually releasing his grip on it so he could cover their mouth with his hand.
"Shut up and cum for me, bitch," Levi growled. "Let's see how well you can keep quiet."
The feeling of being completely under his control, physically and emotionally, sent another gush of arousal straight to their pleasure spot. Something about fucking him in his uniform, and hearing him treat them with such irreverence, made them feral with lust.
They barely managed to whimper, "Y-yes, sir," as their walls clenched around Levi's fingers, his pace unrelenting even as it started to make them feel painfully sensitive.
"Fuck, Levi! You make me feel so good."
MC's thighs shook as they milked an intense orgasm from between their legs, writhing beneath their sheets. The fantasy was so vivid, so realistic, that they could practically feel Levi's hand covering their mouth, his breath warm and inviting against the nape of their neck.
But as the wave of pleasure dwindled, MC's cheeks grew instantly hot as they realized they had cried Levi's name aloud. Panicking, they yanked their pajama pants back on and dashed to the door, peering carefully into the hallway through a small crack.
They sighed in relief as they recognized that all the lights were off in the hallway, meaning the demon brothers were probably fast asleep (with the exception of Lucifer, who rarely slept -- but whose office was far enough from MC's room that he likely hadn't heard them, either).
With their little problem taken care of, MC was finally able to relax. They collapsed into bed and turned off the lamp on their nightstand, ready to drift into a peaceful sleep, when they were startled by a deep groan from beyond the wall:
"Yes, MC! That's it. Cum for me, baby..."
In the room next door, Levi had heard everything -- and when he realized they were fantasizing about him, he simply couldn't stop himself from stroking himself off to the sound of MC's pathetic cries.
Spurts of his seed streamed onto his bare stomach as his cheeks burned with embarrassment at the realization that he had said their name aloud.
Levi was absolutely mortified at the fact he was doing this at all, let alone the idea that his best friend might have heard him moaning their name...
Until he heard MC knock on his door, ready to make their shared fantasy into a reality.
Tumblr media
taglist: @everyday-girl9041-blog @bunna-does-stuff @obey-me-tho
(dm me if you would like to be added!)
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tojir · a month ago
it's the panties thief!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# summary: levi is a pervert and a panty stealer.
# cw: afab reader, levi steals your undies, he's a pervert, non-con/dub-con? (you don't know he is stealing but you do suspect), masturbation, mentions of: oral sex, riding, humiliation, foot job, lowkey sub levi.
# wc: 1k
# notes: THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A DRABBLE but i got inspired and posted this mess
Tumblr media
Poor Leviathan who thought you were a nuisance when you arrived at devildom. Just another dumb normie human ready to die. He does not even notice how... appetizing you look until he makes a pact with you.
It started with how you would casually touch him. He is sure you never meant anything by it, and you really never did. But after so much time with a 2D girl as his night partner and his fist the tightest grip he would get around his dick, it is hard for Levi to control his desires around you. A single brush on his chest, a knee touching his, and he is rock hard under the table, cock straining against his trousers as he watches the dumb smile you have on your face, not even aware of the effect you have on him.
Now, now. Levi does not like the thought of you discovering his dirty little secret. He is a popular otaku, at least, could never be told he is a normie like you and the rest of his family. In fact, he feels this uneasy feeling crawling up his spine when his fingers dig through your basket filled with dirty clothes, almost an expert to find lace or cotton material. Bingo. He clutches the black laced material and stuffs it into his pocket, walking back to his room, cursing himself for acting like a filthy demon and sex-deprived — which is indeed true.
The purple-haired demon plops down on his game chair. He can almost see your disgusted face as he lowers his pants, cock springing free and slapping against his abs, the tip already leaking. He fishes the flimsy material out of his pocket, taking a good look at it before bringing it to his nose. It is a fresh one, your scent still so strong and it drives him insane, bringing it down to his shaft, black lace hugging the sensitive skin. Wrapping his hand around it, pumping up and down and setting a frantic pace from the start. Your panties are getting wet and sticky with the clear liquid leaking out of the head, plus the spit Levi eventually let fall.
Is only normal his mind would wander. To the most deprived parts, where your face is full of tears, head bobbing up and down as you swallow his cock like it is your favorite snack — when he cums, you sit back on your calves to paint your face with his cum, staining your eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, and cheeks. Would you smile at him, gather some on your finger, and lap at it, looking straight into his eyes?
He wanted to see his cum fill your underwear, the harsh lace a contrast to a cunt or hand he was used to as he continued to move his hand up and down. As he went down on each harsh thrust almost moving his hips upwards to fuck his hand, even more, Leviathan thinks about your hips, seeing them move on top of him and your legs shake as you ride him. Your face of pleasure as your hands go down to touch your nipples, moans leaving your lips like a prayer.
He is panting, his hand clutching at the arm of the chair and hips bucking into his fist, your poor underwear being the victim of all this pent-up desire. Cock throbbing and ready to burst, lewd moaning even when his teeth are buried into his bottom lip, trying to contain his sounds so hard he is hurting it. Deep dark desires are up now, he muses, images of you calling him a dirty otaku and an unworthy demon, a shut-in weirdo while furrowing your brows, foot pressing into the obvious bulge of his pants. He would try to deny all of it with a flustered face and stuttering speak, but you would not believe it, pressing around his balls and the arch of your delicate foot — oh so smooth — molding into his erection.
When Levi from the fantasy gets his hair pulled by you, it is the end. He gasps, never stopping pumping his cock, the loudest groan of your name scaping his lips as he felt his cum gush out onto your tainted underwear. He opened his eyes looking down at the cum on his trembling fingers, the underwear coated his thick cum made him repulsed at himself but almost joyous as well.
Cleaning himself up and cleaning most of the cum out of your underwear, Levi leaves his room with his breathing still too fast. He carefully walks into your room, knowing you are out for a shopping spree with Asmodeus. The door creaks a little as his orange eyes search for the basket in your bathroom. He opens it and throws the still cum-stained material inside, putting some other clothes on top to cover it. He leaves before any of his brothers see him there.
Two hours later, your voice echoes around the House of Lamentation. You are chattering happily with Asmo about something you bought and he shares your excitement, voice reaching higher notes as he tells you all about the meeting he had with his fans and the fancy shoes they gave him. With perked ears, Levi waits to hear the sound of your door opening and you put your bags on the bed. The sound of the bathroom lights switching on, and the basket is opened.
He walks in at the exact moment your fingertips touch his dry cum, your frowning face as a mark on his memory. Your eyes examine the material, and in the end, facial expression still bothered, you let it fall back to the rest of the clothes. There is no doubt: you know what that stain could possibly be. But as you excuse yourself to take a bath, comes back as nothing happened and does not even mention it makes it clear how you are not going to do anything about this.
It is another day. You leave for the casino with Mammon.
Levi makes his way to his room — white cotton panties clutched tightly in his hand.
Tumblr media
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