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#obey me levi x reader
exchangestudentmicha · 23 days ago
The Brother’s Scenting Headcannons
Yeah yeah, I’m a little slut for the brothers having characteristics like scenting or other things like that, which means, expect more of it in the future
Warnings: none, very mild suggestion at most
Out of all the brothers, Lucifer is the most subtle with his scenting well, unless he doesn’t want to
Part of why he’s so subtle is because he’s usually just so busy. But to make up for that, he makes his scenting count
Mainly by running his hand over your pulse points, like by letting his fingers linger just a bit longer on your wrists, or by brushing your hair out of your face and maybe brushing his hand on your neck
He NEVER scents in public, he has an image to keep up after all
He and Satan have an ongoing scent war though
So watch out if Satan spends extra time with you
Lucifer might call you into his office and you might stay there for a while
This boi thinks he’s so slick when he’s trying to scent you spoilers, he’s not
His attempts to scent you are so painfully obvious. It’s honestly kinda adorable though
He’ll either try to brush off his scenting attempts as a way to help you (Under a veil of tsundere of course)
“I-Its kinda cold out here, huh? I-I guess you can borrow my jacket so that your weak little human self won’t freeze.” *amused MC noises* “Wha?! W-Why are you giggling like that?! I-I’m just making sure that you don’t freeze on me!” *BRIGHT RED*
*grabs you by the wrist* “D-Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m just doing this so you won’t get lost.”
Or he’ll just barge into your room like he always does and try to scent up your bed and stuff while hanging out with you
The only reason that he is subtle about scenting is because he’s too nervous to do it with you knowing he’s doing it
He would die if you figured out what he’s trying to do
That is, until his envy kicks in
If he even SUSPECTS that another demon is trying to scent you, you’re getting dragged to his room
And there you’ll stay for the rest of the day with him nuzzled up to you while his tail is wrapped around your body
He actually doesn’t scent you much unless he’s mad about something (and even then scenting you wasn’t the main goal)
But when he does scent you, WHOOOO BOI you’ll smell like him for like a week or two
But, he won’t drag you to his room like Levi, no, he has more class than that
Instead he’ll just steal everything you own and hoard it in his room (Ok maybe not much more class than Levi)
Your smell comforts him and helps calm him down, and due to that, he ends up inadvertently scenting you
The only reason he purposely scents you to mark you is to piss off Lucifer (Like I said he and Lucifer are in a scent war because of course they are)
He’s not even trying to be subtle with his scenting
He’ll just walk up to you, wrap his arms around you and then start nuzzling and nipping at your neck
Either that or he’ll just take you to his room to thoroughly scent you to his liking
By giving you some of his cologne and clothing for you to wear of course! What, did you think I meant something else?
(I mean, he does LOVE to scent you like that) but he also loves to scent you with his cologne and mark you with clothes that match his
Out of all the brothers Beel is the heaviest scenter
And that is all due to his incredible sense of smell
Thankfully though, he is also one of the sweetest in the way he does it
Hugs, cuddles, giving you his jacket, sharing food while you’re in his lap, you coming to sleep with him when he gets nightmares
It makes it painfully obvious to any demon in the area what he’s doing, but he doesn’t care
And he scents for the weirdest reasons too
Because he smells another demon on you, because he likes how you smell, you got food, he wants to comfort you, he wants attention, heck, sometimes he scents you purely because he likes how your shirt feels
He mainly scents you by napping with you, we all know it
And we all know that the stubborn cow man doesn’t really take a no for naps
Either you come nap with him, or he just naps on you, doesn’t matter the place or the time, he just lays on you or if you’re actually pretty busy he’ll just go nap in the attic or on your bed
The other way he scents you is by stealing your pillows, blankets, jackets, anything comfy that he can grab, don’t worry, it’ll appear again in a couple days, only now they smell like him
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obey-me-rot · 9 days ago
Praise Me?
A/N: Be a writing blog, they said, it'll be fun, they said. Next thing you know I'm swamped with graduate school and 100 different OC's that my mind decided to make. Long story short, this took far too long and I'm ashamed. I wanna dedicate this to @warm-meelk letting me rant to them as I as running out of ideas q wq Uhm, I'll post a pin of what I write and not write since I guess I'm taking requests. Anyways, enjoy my self indulgent shit. Warnings: Descriptions of gore, Emotional manipulation, implied cannibalism and just general no good bad behavior from the boys.
Demon culture is hard to grasp.
It wasn’t like good ol’ regular human culture. Sure there were some differences here and there but with enough practice anyone could work around them and possibly thrive.
But Devildom culture was another beast entirely.
Among all the dances, all the flirting, the parties and the cute touching moments, these seven demons didn’t fail to remind you that you were now the human master to the Seven Rulers of the Underworld.
And as your demons they had their own set of rules to obey.
As did you.
Tumblr media
You put your backpack down and squat in front of the school bench, coming face to face with Belphegor as the other continues to sleep despite your face being a mere inches away from his.
“Hey. Sleepyhead. Wake up.”
A smile appears on his face as he barely opens his eyes to look at you, instead giggling as he pretends to sleep on while you poke his cheek.
“I’m serious. We are supposed to be going home!”
“Mmmm...I’m perfectly comfortable here, though.”
Always the sweet talker, Belphie takes your hand and brings it close to his chest trying to pull you in as you laugh and try to pull your hand back.
“Come on MC, let’s just stay a little longer. I just made the bench comfy.”
“And where am I going to sit?”
The demon hums before sitting up and pointing at the seat next to him with a trademark shit eating grin.
“Here. So I can lay my head on your lap.”
At this point you can’t help it. You and Belphegor may have had a rocky start but he had deemed himself worthy to trust. Honestly, you never thought about it too hard. It was just family business after all, you had just been caught in the crossfire.
Not really, your brain fills in the gaps, you’ve been manipulated into believing him and had been promptly betrayed once your purpose was over…
But he apologized, right?
An apology from a demon. It was a big step.
You take your place and smile as the Avatar of Sloth’s hair now covers your lap. Soft and lush, Belphegor yawns again and makes himself comfortable while you run your fingers through his hair while closing your eyes and feeling a soft, cold breeze.
This wasn’t so bad...
A rough hand shakes you awake, knocking you out of your dream.
“Wake the hell up, human!”
Startled, you hold onto Belphie’s shoulders and look up at an angry looking demon, fangs out and ready to use as they point a finger at the bench.
“We’re trying to clean the school grounds and you’ve been loitering for an hour. Get out already!”
Oh. Oh! An hour? You fell asleep on a school bench for an hour!? Belphie was starting to rub off on you, wasn’t he? Your hands gently shake your demon awake while you give the other demon the most apologetic look you could.
“Belphie. You need to wake up.”
“Belphie we need to go!”
“I don’t wanna--!”
The demon speaks up again, getting closer and kicking right under the bench where your backpack was as hard as he could.
“Wake the fuck up already! Go and play with your human pet somewhere else!”
Belphie sits up slowly as you stand up and grab your backpack, wincing when you open it up and see the mess of books, notebooks and pencils now either bent, cracked or straight up destroyed.
Oh well, easy fix. These notebooks were easily replaceable and pencils you could get anywhere, book like this on the other hand would be a bit--
“...Did they do that?”
You jump as you feel Belphegor looking over you, bringing your backpack close to you and hiding it from view. He frowns at your actions before tugging the backpack out of your grip and looking inside, face devoid of any emotion as his gaze goes from the item in his hand to the demon now glaring at you both.
“Belphie. Come on. They need to clean.”
He growls. “They ruined something of yours.”
“It doesn’t matter I can just replace it, let’s go--”
Your demon moves faster than your words, Belphegor’s snarl ringing loud in your ears despite how far he is away from you. The lesser demon barely has time to react as Belphegor grabs him by the back of the head in full demon form and yanks him back onto the bench, his bright blue nails now far larger than you’ve ever seen them before as they dig deep into the scalp of his victim.
Belphegor grabs your backpack and empties it out, your belongings clattering onto the floor as he tilts the demon’s head back with one hand while the other starts bunching up your backpack into a small ball of nothing but zippers and strings.
In your head you are already yelling at Belphegor to stop but your brain is screaming at you to run away as fast as you can while your legs don’t respond to any of the distress signals and remain locked in place, forcing you to watch as the demon scratches at Belphegor’s skin but fails to do any damage as the hand holding his head now moves to his mouth and forces it open with a sickening crack.
“You were acting so high and mighty before.” Belphegor grins as he stuffs the bag into the demon’s mouth. “What’s wrong? Did you think I would let you walk away from ruining my master’s things?”
The demon scratches his throat when Belphegor pushes the bunched up ball deeper into their throat, a gasp escaping you as you see the outline of some of the zippers pressing right against the inside of their skin and threatening to pop out.
“Haha, I never knew scum could talk. Maybe if I shove this far enough down your throat and then pull it out, I’ll rip out your vocal cords as well. Then my master won’t have to hear your ugly voice--”
It’s pushing. Whatever is getting lodged in that demon’s throat is pushing to get out and you can almost see their nose bleeding from the pressure that is being created as their hands slowly stop moving and one of them falls limp--!
The words die in your throat as Belphegor’s hand is wretched out of the demon’s mouth, the bag now lodged in their throat as their fingers twitch against the now half destroyed bench. The Avatar of Sloth looks down at the demon before looking back at you, shoving him down so that they hit the ground with another sickening crack.
He smiles as he stands in front of you, your eyes looking at anywhere but him as Belphie waits a couple more minutes before clearing his throat.
You can only make a noise, it’s almost like you are trying to hold back from swallowing your tongue. He calls your name again before letting out a quick ‘oh’ and smiling as he pats your head.
“That’s right. You have no idea how to be a master. Haha, I forgot.”
His smile is soft compared to angry trails of blood running down his arms.
It takes every single ounce of your self control to not slap him away when he grabs your hand, Belphie leaning down to press your palm on the top of his head just like you had been doing before.
“You need to praise me...or else I’ll feel neglected...”
He closes his eyes and leans into your touch.
“And do something much worse.”
Praise? He wanted praise? For almost killing--no--he had just killed another demon in front of you in cold blood for something as simple as some ruined books! Your eyes actively refuse to look at the corpse a couple of feet away from you as your hands continue to run through Belphie’s soft hair, the shock leaving you to mutter a few words that you thought would be enough to satiate your demon’s bloodlust and keep you safe.
“Good...Good job Belphie…Thank you.”
Your demon smiled, letting out a soft hum as you two walked hand in hand back to the House of Lamentation.
He had a nap to catch up to.
Tumblr media
“You’ll like it.”
A bat’s eyes stares up at you as you do your best to not stare back.
“MC, just give it one bite.”
You give the sandwich in your hands a squeeze and see the eyeball pop out--
“Nope. Sorry Beel. That's just….this isn’t for me.”
Beel bumps you lightly as you both walk down the rather busy Devildom street, people walking around with several prime Devildom snacks as the food trucks behind you work overtime to try and feed all of the hungry demons that were patiently waiting their turn. It was rather sweet of your demon to invite you to one of his few lesser known hang out spots, one even his brothers didn’t know about, so they wouldn’t know about Beel eating half of these food trucks out of house and home.
Turning around, you look at the two food trucks that closed down already due to being labeled as Beel’s favourite.
Those poor souls, well at least they get their food’s worth in cash with how much Grim Beel was throwing at them to get the food out faster. The memory made you giggle as you hand the bat sandwich to Beel and look for something else to eat--
A large hand tugs you back as a demon speeds past you with cash in hand, your back pressing against Beel's chest as he looks down at you in worry.
“Don’t stray too far away from me, MC. I don’t want to lose you.”
The little flip flop your heart makes feels light and fluffy, a smile creeping up on your face as you nod and hold out your hand for him to take, Beel smiling as you two walk down the busy street to make your way back home.
Until you sniffed the air.
Your eyes turn to the direction of the delicious smell, your stomach growling as you tug on Beel’s hand and point to the only thing that seemed edible for a human person.
A popcorn stand.
Purple eyes shine as Beel repays the favor and tugs you towards it, a Little D running the concession looking up at you two and grinning as he sees Beel.
“Finally! Been waiting for the star of this whole show to notice me!”
“Aren’t you popular~?”
Your hand pokes Beel’s side but the demon is already drooling at the mouth, holding up one finger as he looks down at the very simple menu.
“One gargantuan bucket of popcorn with Devilcheese topping and chupacabra butter drizzled on top--”
Beel nods, realizing he almost forgot his manners.
“Coming right up!”
The Little D takes out a rather big bucket and starts filling it out, Beel’s eyes not once straying from the deliciously warm, popped kernels entering the bucket as you take your time to look at the rest of the concession stand. As much as you would love to eat some of the popcorn with Beel, your hand was most likely at risk if it ever came near the vicinity of Beel and his food.
Besides, your demon would most likely finish that in 5 minutes flat.
So you scan the other items in front of you before shrugging and deciding on a small bag of pre-popped popcorn. This was more your speed anyway.
“Oh and can we also get--”
The bag gets snatched away from you quickly as another demon stands beside you, slamming down a couple of Grim on the counter as he makes quick work of the snack. You can’t help but stare as the demon grabs a handful and starts eating, his eyes meeting yours once he finally felt you staring.
“...did you want this, human?”
The question isn’t asked with any apology or remorse. It’s almost as if he is daring you to say something. Something inside you wants to call out to Beel to come help you deal with the less than savory Devildom interactions but you had 6 months left in this needed to learn to stand up for yourself!
And by standing for yourself you meant saving your own ass.
With a grin, the demon laughs and throws a piece of popcorn at you.
“Good answer. At least you’re a human who knows their place.”
The piece lands on your jacket, your eyes rolling as you wipe it off and turn back to look at Beel.
Despite the sickening bone crushing sound as a spray of something flickered past your vision, nobody in the street seems to pay any attention to the now screaming demon behind you. You slowly turn around, looking down at the other demon now prostrated at your feet as the bag of popcorn was in Beel’s left hand--
And the demon’s arm was on his right.
“Order up--oh.”
The Little D blinks at the sight before frowning as he snaps his fingers at you, the demon’s screams now replaced with angry snarls and cries as Beel keeps holding him down onto the pavement. You put a hand over your mouth at the black blood now pooling under him and move away when the puddle starts growing outwards to you, your stomach churning and losing any sort of appetite you could have had at the sight.
“Hey human. I don’t care if one of your demons does this but mind taking it somewhere else? It’s going to wreck my shop.”
Wreck his--someone’s arm had just been ripped off!
Your eyes look to see if someone, anyone, was paying attention but the only thing you could seem to find were a couple of passing glances here and there as the rest of the Devildom went about its day despite the horrifying scene playing out next to them.
The Little D speaks up again.
“Aren’t you going to call him off?”
Beel’s usual friendly face is replaced with a calm anger as he stares down at the arm in front of him with a tentative look. He brings it close to his mouth, a similar string of saliva running down his lips as he opens his jaw---
He stops, eyes going back to stare at the way your legs were shaking and how much you were holding back from throwing up due to the smell of demon blood mixed with buttery popcorn.
“Scum like you aren’t worth eating.”
The Avatar of Gluttony drops the arm close to his victim, the demon quickly grabbing it and scampering off as you watch the droplets of black follow in his quick steps. You lean against the concession stand and put a hand over your heart as you try to calm yourself down and to get the bile in your throat to go back to where it belonged.
You jumped when you heard Beel calling out to you, your demon smiling as he took your hand and handed you the bag of popcorn you no longer wanted.
“This is the one you wanted, right?”
It was slimy. The popcorn inside was clearly not affected by the blood now sticking to the bag and your fingers.
“Or did you want some of mine? If it’s with you I’ll always share.”
That wasn’t the issue! He had just ripped another demon’s arm off and he was going to eat it--!
Beel calls out your name once again, smiling as he gets closer and looks down at you expectantly. You both look at each other for a good three seconds, the longest three seconds of your life, before the demon picks you up so that your backside is perched on his arm. A part of you was still willing to complain and demand that he get you down but he takes one of your hands and puts it on his cheek, kissing your palm while his tongue licks up some of the blood that had dried between your fingers.
“Did I do good?”
You can’t answer, the only thing you can do is watch as he presses another kiss to your hand.
“I heard human masters praise their demons when they do good…”
He nibbles on your thumb.
“Aren’t you going to praise me, master?”
A tongue licks right under your fingernail, trying to get to every nook and cranny almost as if he was savoring you--
Beel’s face lights up as he looks at you, eyes softening and bringing back the Beel you knew as you rub your thumb lightly across his cheek and do your best to swallow back the bile threatening to gargle its way up your throat once more.
“Thank you Beel...thank you.”
The touch of a master felt so nice, Beel thought, that it almost made it worth not eating what he had craved for in such a long time. But he was satiated with just this--the demon’s blood on your fingers tasted better than any topping he could think of.
Tumblr media
You laugh as you feel Asmo wrap his arms around you and tug you close, the music thumping in your ears as Solomon chuckles at the image you two make. It had been a rough week for Asmo with the launch of his new perfume line, the plans he had for his pop up stores and then the collaboration he wanted to do with Majolish that was almost late in its release--but somehow it had all finished right on time in what had to be the longest five days in your life.
Being a celebrity in the human world was hard, you thought, but being a celebrity in the Devildom was much harder when you had to do most of the collaborations and testing of products yourself.
Maybe that is why Asmo brought you along, you guessed. In a way, you were providing him with emotional support and praising him every step of the way whenever he managed to get one thing done and immediately move to the other.
There were no breaks this whole week, either for you or for him, so coming to the Fall after the announcement of the collaboration with Majolish was like the cherry on top of a pretty piled up ice cream sundae.
Asmo lets out a happy hum as he presses a kiss to your cheek, pulling away with a loud smooch as he settles into the backrest of the seat.
“Everything got done on time! I can’t believe those jerks at the perfume company thought to move up the launch to Monday when they knew that I would also be talking to the palette company the same day! I gave each and every one of those executives my calendar! It’s like they can’t even read…”
Solomon shrugs and takes a sip of his drink, looking out into the sea of bodies on the dance floor dancing along to the music.
“You are becoming increasingly popular lately, Asmo, maybe they just wanted to get the launch done soon so they could start another project with you.”
The Avatar of Lust sighs and leans against you, cuddling close as you run a hand through his hair instinctively.
You’ve been doing this two or three times for the past five days so it's almost become second nature.
“I understand that they do want to get me into as many ad campaigns as possible, but if that is cutting into the time I spend with MC then they can just wait.”
His eyes shine when he looks at you, your heart picking up in speed as he leans closer.
“Right, MC? You’re all mine tonight?”
You can’t help it, Asmo has been working hard and you knew he thrived off attention so you just answer without thinking.
“As long as you don’t tell the other’s about it...I’m all yours.”
Asmo’s squealing and his arms wrapping around you cover up the worried look Solomon sends your way--
Only to be interrupted by someone clearing their throat.
It’s hard not to stare at the pretty demon in front of you. She is wearing a beautiful dress that shows off every asset from her hips to her chest, making it hard to concentrate on just one thing as she sends Asmo a shy smile. Her wings twitch lightly, letting you see the way the inside skin of her bat-like wings caught the neon lights and made them shine even more.
You still hadn’t gotten used to seeing succubuses and it showed.
Your demon unwraps himself from you and sits up straight, the other sitting down beside him and subtly pulling him close to whisper something into his ear. He nods and lets her go, the demon waving at him and heading out to the dance floor as Asmo starts stepping out of the booth the three of you occupied.
You can't help but ask.
"What did she say?"
Asmo takes out a pocket mirror and fixes his hair.
“She wanted to dance. I think I saw her at the pop up store today so she’s most likely a fan.”
He snaps the mirror shut and sends a wink your way.
“I’ll see you two in a bit~! Don’t miss me too much, okay?”
Solomon waves goodbye as you watch Asmo get lost in the crowd, sighing as you let yourself relax.
“He certainly kept you busy.”
You chuckle and put your drink down, eyes staring at the demons losing themselves to the song.
“I didn’t was nice to see him work so hard on something he was passionate about. I never see him try this hard at RAD so I didn’t know he had such a work oriented attitude when it came to stuff like his product line. Especially when it comes to organizational skills.”
Solomon snorts.
“Did you see his face when one of the demons tried to stock the facial cream right next to the body wash in the store? I thought he was going to have a breakdown.”
Both of you laugh at the surreal memory as the music slows down to a smooth and intimate beat.
Swirling his drink in the glass, Solomon's voice gets serious as he speaks up again. “How much praise have you been giving Asmo lately?”
What...kind of question was that? Did he mean how much you had been praising Asmo this week or as a whole?
“A regular amount?”
There was Monday when you praised him with dealing with such a short notice change to the plans, Tuesday when Lucifer caught him trying to sneak away from RAD in order to talk to some other company that wanted to work with him and he ended up coming back to RAD instead, Wednesday was a day full of praise because you got to see Asmo’s work ethic first hand with the pop up store as well as how nice he had been to his fans, Thursday and Friday sort of blended together---
“You may want to cut it back.”
The beat drops low as the music gets more intense, the bodies on the floor grinding against each other as Solomon puts his drink down and makes an effort to look you in the eyes.
“Asmo hasn’t had a master like you before. You tend to be free and open with your affection and to a demon that is--”
“Sol, I'm not their master. I'm their friend. ”
You didn't want to explain this to Solomon again. The title of master was so pretentious, just because you shared a pact with the seven Lords of Hell didn't mean you could boss them around! And you didn't want to order them around in the first place!
The brothers were your family, Asmo was your family and you'd be damned if anyone tried to put you in a level above them.
Surprise is the first reaction you see in his eyes before Solomon concedes and drinks the rest of his cocktail, gently placing the glass down and sending you an understanding smile.
"The brothers really got lucky when they got you, didn't they? A human who is kind even to a demon."
He taps the table with his hand and stands up, a hand going up to stop you when you copy his movements.
"I'm sure Asmo will want to keep you here for a bit more. I think I can make my way to Purgatory Hall by myself."
Well, now you feel bad.
Solomon knew more than you on the matter of demons and pacts but you knew how to handle the brothers now. You’ve been with them a full year, that’s enough to know a person’s inner workings. You could handle Lucifer at his crankiest, Mammon at his craziest and Satan at his angriest. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to know more about pacts, it’s just that what you had with the brothers, what you had with Asmo, went beyond that--
Your view of the club is cut off as you feel a pair of hands cover your eyes.
"Guess who?"
Fight and flight instincts are subdued when you recognize the voice, your body relaxing and smiling as you touch the demon’s hand to pry it away--only to feel something warm and wet covering his skin.
"Ding! Ding!"
It's strange how quickly you’ve come to recognize the smell of demonic blood. The brothers had done their best to hide that side of the Devildom for you but you caught glimpses of the violence here and there. It was a demon’s nature, you supposed, but the strong odor always made your eyes tear up.
So having the smell so close to you now, it was making you dizzy and keeping you rooted to your spot.
"Oh? MC you are all tensed up--ah."
The tilt in his voice changes as Asmo pulls his hands away so you could blink away the spots dancing around your eyes.
"Do I smell bad, MC?"
You waste no time standing up, turning around and then walking behind the booth, pupils shrinking as you see the black liquid running from Asmo's arm all the way to the very tip of his fingers. Whatever isn't soaked up by Asmo's jacket drips onto the floor, each drop heavy and messy as they littered the flashing floor.
"I probably do to a human, huh? The feeling alone is disgusting--"
"Asmo what happened?!”
Why was he bleeding so much? There were no cuts in his jacket and he didn’t seem to be freaking out. Did something happen in the dancefloor, had someone tried to attack him--why wasn’t he more alarmed!? You stop investigating his arm when Asmo coos at you as he takes your hand and intertwines it with yours.
“Always so cute~ Are you worried for me, MC?”
“Yes?! Did you get into a fight--?”
“Shush shush.”
A blood stained finger taps your lips, Asmo letting out a sly grin as he leans close to whisper into your ear.
“It isn’t mine, darling, you don’t need to worry so much.”
Your hands try to tug away from his when he speaks but he keeps you close, his other hand wrapping around your waist as he forces your attention on his voice and his voice alone.
“The succubus I was dancing with? She was a bit...rude. I don’t know why she started making such accusatory comments about you keeping me all to yourself and not letting me pay attention to my fans, but she just let her mouth run anyway. She started saying such mean things about you, MC, I just couldn’t take it.”
He lets out a happy sigh, as if satisfied with the decision he had taken as he buries his face in your shoulder.
“So I just ripped one of her wings off to warn her. I didn’t think she’d spray this much out--ruined my entire outfit.”
Asmo presses a kiss to your neck as you try to pull away again but can only budge from his hold as he starts swaying you to the music.
“Hehe, I did a good thing, didn’t I? What is it Levi says? I protected your honor?”
His fingernails seem to almost dig into your back, your body now barely feeling like yours as you let Asmo move you side to side as the music switches to a love song from the human world.
“So shouldn’t I get some praise, master?”
You can’t breathe. It’s not just Asmo pulling you close as you feel yourself sag in his arms with how tightly he is holding you, you can’t breathe because of his confession and just how stupid you could be.
Solomon didn’t praise Asmo as much, in fact he was stricter with Asmo than the other demons you knew he had a pact with, and you had just blown off any sort of advice because you thought that you and the brothers were the same.
“Masteeeer~ Tell me something good...please~”
His words are no longer coherent but just mumbles as you feel him breathing you in as the music grows louder and louder and his grip grows tighter and tighter.
Asmo grins as he feels two hands embrace him, burying your face in his chest as you let him move you in whatever way he wants.
“...thank you...thank you for protecting me…”
He lets out a pleased sigh as he feels your arm rub his back up and down, his mouth opening up to lick and bite at the skin you were so carelessly letting him be so close but stopping himself. It wouldn’t make sense to worship his master with all this blood on one side of him. Words of praise were enough for now.
Once they get back to the House of Lamentation, he’ll ask for a different kind of reward~
Tumblr media
Demons do not necessarily have to please their masters but the stronger the connection the stronger the need to make their devotion shown. It is important that the connection between a demon and their master stays one of giving and taking. If the balance is shifted, the human or the demon may lose control of the pact entirely, leaving the remaining party to act irrationally. Just remember:
Your master is temporary.
What exists between you and your master is temporary.
Humans stay with humans, demons stay with demons.
You read the passage a couple more times and then take a peek at the blonde in front of you, blinking when you see Satan meeting your eyes. Both of you look at each other before he breaks first, smiling as he puts his book down and speaks up.
“How are you holding up?”
Looking down at your notes, you blink at the lack of writing on the page. You two had been studying here for an hour for your Pactology exam but your eyes had just been stuck on that passage since you first opened the book. You weren’t going to be forward enough to say that Satan was in love with you but you could admit that the feelings between him and you had certainly grown.
“I’m good just...studying, you know?” In fact, it had been that way with all of the brothers.
You weren’t necessarily friends but also not necessarily lovers. All of it was just a convoluted mess that all of you preferred to not give a name because of just how complicated it was.
Yet Satan had always been a bit more straightforward with you.
The rather direct straight messages, the always polite yet flirty attitude, the secret glances he thought you wouldn’t notice that used to make you laugh but now they made you worry.
Were you being too lenient?
The book was set up as a case study so there were some pages filled with stories about demons who had done atrocious things in order to please their masters in the name of 'love'. Some demons had killed entire royalty lines while others had topped over governments and kingdoms. It wasn’t necessarily spoken as if it was a bad thing, what a demon did when they were in love, it was just spoken as a sort of ‘warning’ that most demons should be the level headed ones in the pact relationship.
Lest they wish to be subjugated to a unilateral pact rather than a bilateral one, all for 'love'.
But maybe you didn't need to worry about that? The stories they spoke of were of some sort of twisted devotion a demon could have for their master! The brothers weren’t devoted to you like that. Satan still teased you from time to time and he knew you were still working your way around having seven pacts. Why would he be devoted to a human like yourself? Why would any of them be devoted to you in such a way!
You close the book as your demon comes to sit down next to you, Satan putting an arm around your chair and sliding closer so he could look at your notes. He hums at the blank pages before smiling and opening the book back up, scanning the index for a moment before tapping one line and flipping to the correct page.
“The test is going to be handwritten so you have to make sure you can explain this case in detail--” He flips back a couple pages, not noticing you looking at him as he clicks his tongue when he finds it.
“And this one as well. If you know these two by the time the test rolls around you should be fine, these are the professors favourite cases so they are bound to be on there--"
“Satan, how do you feel about me?”
Surprised wouldn't begin to cover what he looks like. Satan pulls away slightly to get a better look at you and then smiles as he tucks a stray piece of hair over your ear.
"Why the sudden question?"
You can't help but blush, he always acted like this even in public. Were you enabling him, maybe, by letting him do this? But it felt so nice--
"Just...want to know, you know?
Satan nods before flipping a couple of pages on the book and stopping on the page you were reading. He takes a couple of seconds to scan the words.
"Humans stay with humans...demons stay with demons."
He blinks and looks at you, his eyes fixated on every involuntary twitch as the library gets even more quiet.
"Do you believe this, MC?"
You look at Satan and then back to the book.
"What do you mean?"
His expression softens as he clears his throat.
"Well some of these books were written a very long time ago and times change. Just like the Devildom changes. Look at us, we have a library now. One with computers and everything."
"And not one with typewriters?"
Both of you laugh, the mundanity of it all setting in as you feel yourself relax. It was the same back in the human world, afterall. Things changed, people changed, everything was in a constant state of change so why shouldn't the Devildom experience the same thing?
You weren't doing anything wrong.
"I'll find a newer version then--"
"No need. The notes I took should be enough. Besides--"
Satan scoots even closer and leans over the table to grab his notebook, smiling as his hand grabs your shoulder and brings you closer to him.
"We can just study like this. Since we are at the library we should be keeping quiet."
With renewed confidence, you smile and lean against his shoulder as the hand on the back of your chair pulls you in closer to press a kiss on your cheek. The next few minutes are spent doing nothing but whispering to each other about the exam and several other questions you might have had before Satan mentions something about grabbing a book he needs and how you just needed to sit tight.
Your eyes had to stop staring at so many pact symbols so the break was highly welcome.
Rubbing them with your hands, you miss the demon standing up and walking towards your table.
The tone is stern but surprisingly polite, making you pay attention quickly as you greet the demon with a slight head nod. They take a minute to look at you up and down before speaking again.
“Listen...I really don’t mean to sound rude but I really don’t think you should be doing this outside.”
You blink and look around you, trying to find the clear social violation you had crossed, which only made the demon roll their eyes and tap their finger on the table to bring back your attention.
“I meant the affection, human. I understand that Lord Satan is proud or whatever of having you as his master but that sort of praise should be kept private. If you want to subjugate your demon like that, please do so where none of us can see---”
The liquid that hits your face is warm, disgustingly warm, that you immediately put a hand over your eyes and hiss at the small stinging sensation it seems to be leaving behind. A scream, far too close to you, makes you jump from your seat as you rub at your eyes furiously with your sleeve in order to see what had happened...or what was possibly attacking you.
You don't waste a second, you immediately react with your first instinct.
Your blood was pumping, your face was warm, every single hair on your body was standing on end as you finally rub and blink away the thing that was blinding you--
Only to be met with Satan's eyes shining as they look at you, a smile on his face while preening at the fact that you had called out his name, not once caring about the eyeball he was now holding in his hand and the demon kneeling in front of him gripping at the blood and skin that was now pooling and dripping down their face and to the floor while hazardously, screaming bloody murder.
Satan’s breathing is heavy as he throws the eye off to the side, smiling as he ignores the demon bleeding out on the floor in favor of taking care of you.
“What a shame, it got you all dirty.”
He takes a handkerchief from his pocket while his other hand went to delicately touch your chin--
Only to blink when you step away from him, his hand hanging in the air as he looks at you. You open your mouth to speak about what he had done, to give any sort of reprimand or punishment but the anger in your demon’s eyes as he smiled and tried to reach out for you again kept you from saying anything and only letting you close your mouth as his hand tilted your chin up.
“I was right. We should have just studied in my room. You shouldn’t have had to deal with someone like them.”
You can only stare at him in horror as he cleans away the blood slowly, licking his lips before leaning down to give your now clean cheek a brief peck.
“Aren’t you happy I was here to protect you, MC?”
Your eyes darted down to the demon on the floor, picking themselves up and running out of the library as everybody else continued working in silence, as if only a mild inconvenience had happened that had barely disrupted the atmosphere of the library.
“I did a good job, didn’t I? Getting them away from you..”
Why did no one help them? Why did no one stop it?
“You even called out to me.”
Your heart stops as your demon takes your hand and presses his lips to your knuckles.
“What sort of praise will you give me, master?”
No one stopped him because that was your job.
The text flashes in your head, a note you had also forgotten to jot down. You do not need praise from your master.
Humans do not realize it but their praise, due to the pact's effects, gives a sense of calm that is not present in a demon’s nature and can keep a demon subjugated and even persuade them to make the pact permanent. A demon will find themselves seeking out that praise indefinitely, leading to irrational acts of violence that aren’t stated in the pact and an increase in a demon’s possessive nature towards their master if praise isn’t given often.
Keep a level head and remember, you work for you and not for them.
Satan smiles as he feels your fingers on his cheek, wiping the blood away slowly as you try to continue the action despite the small thrum of pain on your thumb as you touched the now drying black blood.
“You did good...thank you…thank you Satan.”
It’s like he can breathe again, your demon thinks, with the way you are touching his hair and looking up at him. You looked so helpless and how could he possibly ignore such a cute look? He takes your hand and helps you pick the stuff strewn across the table, tutting at the mess the bug dared to leave behind on the notebooks.
But it didn’t matter now, his room was a lot quieter and a better place to study anyway.
If he and his master ended up studying at all.
Tumblr media
You sigh as your fingers move against the controllers, your character gliding on the screen as they did their signature move and jumped back onto the platform with great ease.
Good thing this was just the practice stage, you were pretty sure you wouldn't have made that smooth a-jump if you were playing against Levi.
Another sigh escapes you as you look at the door.
Where did Levi even go?
What was the point of playing a new game if he wasn't around to tell you every single detail about it? That was the first reason you had bought Demonic Gear anyway, to laugh as Levi complained or praised a certain feature in the game.
This game specifically had been one Levi was extremely hyped to buy, even inviting you to wait with him outside one of the few game stores the Devildom had opened for the release.
The experience itself was one you had to take part in, Levi insisted as he dragged you outside, one that would take a normie like you and turn them into a hardcore gamer.
Which you honestly couldn't care less about.
You just liked seeing him excited.
Was it silly to say that it also got you excited as well? Levi tended to share everything with you when it came to his interests that it made it hard not to get excited as well.
And with how often Levi tended to put himself down for having no friends, inviting you to something he enjoyed was probably the biggest test of friendship he could give you.
One, you would like to say, you barely passed.
You look at your fingers on the controller, frowning as you tap 'A' to restart the match.
Waiting in line with Levi had been a good experience like you thought, he had a backpack full of snacks and even warmers for your pockets so that your hands wouldn't get cold.
It was cute when you offered to hold hands inside your jacket pocket so that he also wouldn't feel cold, Levi nearly dropping a full chip bag in surprise as he sputtered about how he needed to keep himself bright and alert in case the doors opened early--!
Only to mutter in a low voice how he wouldn't mind doing it for a few minutes, just as long as you paid attention as well.
You smiled and let his hand intertwine with yours while huddled close, smiling whenever you felt him squeeze down just to prove that this was in fact real.
Maybe that had been your first mistake.
The doors had opened earlier than they had advertised, people immediately rushing in as the line moved fast and hazardously--
"Move over, human trash!"
It was fast, whatever the demon did to make you trip, but you barely could pull your hand away as you felt yourself about to fall--
Levi's hands were rough as he caught and pulled you away from the sea of people, hugging you tight to his chest as the demons in line quickly shuffled into the store and out with their copies in hand.
By the time you two were able to go in, there wasn't a single copy left.
The walk back home had been quiet, a look of guilt on your face as you tell him that the moment a new shipment came you would go back and buy it yourself--
But Levi just said it wasn't your fault and that he was just happy he got to hold your hand.
You insisted on going to his room and playing a different game but Levi asked you to just wait for him there, stating that there was something he needed to do before he could be worthy to stand by your side again.
That line alone made you worried. He only talked like this when he was really upset about something.
Without waiting one second, you run to his room and search up the game on the online store. Levi was planning to spend this amount anyway so it didn’t matter whether you purchased it online or as a physical copy, right!
Who were you kidding? It mattered to him...and so it mattered to you.
“Maybe I can reserve a copy now? Surely the shipment will arrive soon--”
“MC?” You jump up and put the remote down on his chair, smiling as you turn around to at least tell him about how you got him a consolation prize--!
Yet your gasp interrupts any sort of good news that you could give, almost tripping over yourself as you watch a small drop of blood drip off from Levi’s nails, the rest matted to the clothes of his demon form as he gave you a small smile.
“Levi!” All your thoughts are on immediately making sure he isn’t hurt, going to reach for his arm--but feeling your hand stopped by his as he immediately gets down on one knee.
“I took care of them, Master.”
“...what? Levi--”
“The rats that tried to hurt you.”
He looks up and you feel yourself back away, the hand grabbing yours tugging you back slightly as you look away from him. Levi had never looked so focused, his eyes never once breaking eye contact with yours as he switched from grabbing onto your hand to holding it with both of his hands.
“I saw their faces...the ones who did something so unforgivable. My instincts had told me to get rid of them right that instant but my Master needed my protection first.”
Levi presses your hand to his cheek and closes his eyes.
“But I followed their scent afterwards, the sick scent they had left behind on you when they got too close. They hadn’t even gone straight home to play the game they had stolen from us--they were just bragging...bragging about their foolish attempt to hurt you.”
He smiles as his hold gets tighter.
“But a fool always gets what a fool deserves.”
You remembered that line. The fourth book from the TSL series, the line the Lord of Shadows whispers to Henry before killing off one of the Lord of Fool’s messengers who had been sent to take Henry away. You remember Levi talking about how that book nearly had not been printed because of such a graphic detail on the description of the murder, revealing a side of the Lord of Shadows that fans may not have seen before…
The quiet and reclusive Lord, ripping the arm of the messenger clean off before proceeding to gouge out the inside of the stump with just his nails, the messenger only being able to scream in pain as the viscera gathered in a pool of meat and blood right next to his feet--!
Your hand twitches in realization as the blood burns your skin slightly, like when you put it far too close to the stove when it was clear that you needed to pull away.
“And better news yet, I reaped their spoils for you...for us…”
He shakily presses your hand on his head, his smile getting wobbly as a small trace of saliva slowly drips down the side of his lips.
“S--So please...praise me, my Master! Praise the good job your demon has done for you…! The Hero he has become for you!”
In your head, you remember the rest of that scene. The Lord of Shadows had turned to Henry with a nervous but victorious smile, claiming how he had saved his friend from being taken away from his side. Yet the book spoke about Henry's sudden and tiny fear of what the Lord of Shadows was capable of, his praise not born from gratitude but from fear of what would happen if he didn't give the once evil Lord what he wanted.
So you spoke your line perfectly and with what must have been the same fear that Henry felt as you gently ran your fingers through Levi's hair.
" friend. My hero...thank you for keeping me safe...and keeping me close to you."
Levi feels his heart beat fast at your words, his breathing now ragged and heavy as he feels your words affect every single nerve in his body.
This...this was his first headpat! A headpat from his Master! Of all the items he could have possibly gotten from this quest--this was the rarest item of all! Even if he had to go and waste his time with some normie demons, it really had all been worth it! All for his master's praise!
Maybe if he begged enough...their Master would spend the night with him as well?
Tumblr media
Your leg was bouncing more than you’d care to think about.
How did you even get into this mess? It wasn’t that you were unsupervised at any time during the day, Mammon was always the one insisting he walk you to and from classes the first few months of your pact with him so it was almost impossible to be alone..
But demon's were crafty and you had let your guard down while in RAD.
You look around and sigh, Mammon was really late.
It had been his idea to meet in this cafe, why was he the one late!? Your leg starts bouncing again as you look down at your phone and the rather glaring message that was from an unmarked number.
[You better not forget your promise, human, else we'll go after your scumbag protector!]
As much as you loved Mammon, it was getting harder to get him out of his debts nowadays. Not that you could possibly pay off any sort of debts that he had, you were sure some of them were in the millions, but this one had been different.
Some demons had managed to corner you outside of RAD, telling you that Mammon had given them a fake human artifact and how they wanted the 'real' thing.
You had made a face apparently because they told you it wasn't something that disgusting and that they weren't the kind of demons to 'mess around' with humans and how that was only for freaks.
They just wanted something of yours that they could sell.
Which, okay, you could do that.
"Mammon, where are you…"
They had agreed to meet you in an alley near the cafe you were currently at, one of the reasons you said yes to Mammon in the first place. You were just going to have coffee with him and then excuse yourself to give the demons what they wanted. It was going to be the quickest exchange of your life if only your demon would get here!
You grab your phone and shoot back a quick message, telling them to be patient and that you would be there in a few minutes.
The promise was getting harder to keep though.
With the ghost waiters staring at you and the other demons looking at you pitifully for sitting at a table all alone, you were starting to get more and more upset by the minute.
This was spoiling Mammon. Lucifer was right, you were actively spoiling Mammon at this point.
But how could you say no to him! Mammon may have his moments and, yes, he may have tried to sell something of yours but almost all of that cash that he seemed to get back went to get small presents for you and him! Your entire shelf back at the House of Lamentation was filled with little knick knacks he had bought you over the past few months and even the sight of them were enough to send your heart flying.
Any gift that Mammon gave you was stored and kept away at a very special place, both in your room and in your heart.
You weren’t shy about it either, any sort of jewelry he would buy would be worn by you the next day. It was met by annoyed comments and an occasional outburst as to why Mammon had such bad taste in jewelry but you knew that was the brother’s usual way of teasing you and him.
Your eyes go down to the bracelet you were wearing, smiling as you rub your thumb over the small golden links that kept it hanging around your wrist.
He had done so much for you, it was time you did this for him.
[Mammon! I need to go somewhere first! I’ll meet you at the cafe when I can, okay?]
Good thing you didn’t tell him you got here first and even better thing that you didn’t order anything. The chair scrapes against the cobblestone as you make your way out of the cafe, running down a somewhat familiar street as you try to find the correct alleyway.
“In front of The Fall and then take a left, in front of The Fall and take a left--”
You smile as the lights of The Fall greet you, illuminating the only alleyway that could possibly fit the description. Digging into your pockets, you pull out the artifact you were going to hand over and nod in determination.
“Hand it over and get out...nothing hard about that.”
Your hand goes over your heart as you try to calm it down while you turn and take the first few steps in--
The name escapes you before you can take in the image in front of you, a pair of blueish eyes staring at you Mammon’s leathery wings open up to hide the splatters of blood all over the concrete walls, but failing to hide the thing that he was holding in his hand.
A head. A head with a spine underneath that curved so perfectly, just like horns adorsninf the top.
The horns of a demon who looked so so similar to the one you had spoken to today--
His fingers immediately drop what he is holding on the poorly hidden pool of viscera strewn around him before retracting back to the fingers you were so used to seeing steal that it was so different to see them covered in blood.
"Why didn't you wait a the cafe…?"
And although you know it's him, you know that Mammon would never hurt you, your body takes a few steps back when he turns around to face you entirely.
Mammon in his demon form wasn’t anything new but your brain had equated it to match more serious events such as being in the Demon Lord’s castle or a dangerous situation. So seeing him in this form, with blood almost dripping off the leathery garments as he turns to look at you and calls out your name again in a worried but serious tone.
It was getting harder to fight your survival instincts.
He holds out his hand and you quickly recoil away, Mammon looking down and cursing when he sees it is caked with viscera and demon blood, the stench of it getting heavier the closer he gets to you. Quickly wiping it away, your demon wastes no time in meeting your steps as his hand goes to grab the back of your head and his arm wraps around your waist to pull you close to him.
“Why didn’t you tell me they were bothering you?”
Your eyes were stinging from the smell of death all around him, which you guessed was a good thing since you didn’t even know how to answer his question.
“When did they get to you...I was with you this entire week…”
It was like he wasn’t even directing these questions at you, just thinking out loud to himself as you feel his wings stretch out so that you wouldn’t be able to see the bloody mess on the cobblestone street--
A hand runs through your hair as Mammon hugs you tighter, your lips now pressed in a thin line as you hear vague whispers of what he should have done to them in the first place if they had dared to come and talk to you so openly.
“They shouldn’t have been around you, none of them have, nobody but me should be around you always…”
Your hand grips at his bicep as you feel his hold tighten.
“I had to protect my master...who else is going to protect you but me?”
He quickly pulls you away slightly and cups your face, your skin crawling when you feel the other hand he had fail to clean press against your cheek as he forced your eyes on him.
“You really should have told me something sooner...but I don’t mind forgiving my Master for something they couldn’t control.”
Mammon smiles and wraps his wings around you, so that nothing could possibly deter you from staring only at him.
“...I’m your protector, aren’t I?”
His hands fingernails lightly dig into your cheek as you jump when he speaks again.
“Say I’m your protector...please Master…”
It was fight of flight for you and the only way you could defend yourself was to soothe the beast in front of you with the words he wanted to hear.
“You’’re my always protect me…”
Your eyes never tear away from him as you copy his movements, cupping his cheeks and doing your best to hold back tears as the worry inside of you morphs into an awful dreadful feeling.
“Say it again.”
“You’re my protector…”
“Thank you for protecting me…”
“Mammon please…”
Your demon lets go of your cheeks as you start to cry, smiling when he feels just how shaken you were by the whole situation. It must have been scary to be bullied by those scumbags, wasn’t it? But you didn’t have to cry anymore, your Mammon was here to protect you from everything that wished to take you away from him. He presses his lips to the corners of your eyes before hugging you close, reminding himself that from now on he would never dare to leave you alone.
His master deserved his protection, even if they didn’t know they needed it.
Tumblr media
“Nice to meet you!”
You try to hold your smile just as you are holding out your hand, looking at one of the many Dukes of Hell that Diavolo was introducing you to during one of his many birthday parties.
Only for them to once again ignore you, smiling at Lucifer as they shake his hand and go back to enjoying the party.
“...well so much for that.”
You sigh and let your hand flop to your side as Lucifer stares at the guest walk away before turning back to you and offering you a sympathetic smile. As much as you wish you could return it, it was annoying to think that Diavolo had once again invited you to one of his many parties and decided to ignore the very clear fact that you were still a human.
And that most demons, especially demon royalty, tended to hate your guts.
No matter what you could possibly represent, you were still one of the races that they believed themselves to be superior to and no amount of smiling and hand shaking could fix that.
So it was annoying that Diavolo still thought that he could put you in those situations and pretend like there was nothing wrong.
“Did you see how she looked at me?”
“They were most likely impressed by your outfit, they had the decency to look at you at least.”
“They stared into my eyes for one second before ignoring me and being all smiley with you.”
You make a face as you turn towards Lucifer and give him your best aristocratic ‘I’m so much better than you’ gesture.
“Why Lucifer, you look just as radiant as the day we met! Would you save a dance for me later on tonight?”
Lucifer chuckles and takes your hand, leading you towards the stairs of the great palace.
“As much as I enjoyed the joke, I will have to let you go. One of the Duchesses of the Seventh Layer of the Devidom has asked for a dance and Diavolo fears she might throw an earth shattering tantrum if she does not get her wish.”
Your eyes look out towards the crowd as you spot the duchess in question, her eyes not once staring at you but almost drilling holes into Lucifer’s back as she tapped her fingers against her arm in anger at the mere thought of being kept waiting.
“Oh her? I like the hairpin she has on.”
Letting go of Lucifer’s hand, you go up the first few steps as Lucifer’s eyes remain fixed on your form.
“Her hairpin?”
“Yeah. I think it was a ghost lily? Either way, it was beautiful. It looked like it could go well with either long or short hair, those kinds of hairpins are hard to come by.”
You grin and turn to look at Lucifer.
“You think it’d look good on me?”
He doesn’t get to answer the question as you feel a rumble underneath your feet, both of you turning to stare at the fuming woman making her way towards you.
“That’s my cue. Good luck!”
Lucifer calls out to you but you are already halfway up the stairs, giggling to yourself as you realize just what your poor demon had to go through by being Diavolo’s second right hand man. That Duchess looked far too angry to be a regular demon, if you had stayed any longer she would have probably killed you right where you stood!
Well, not like Lucifer would let that happen.
Despite already being far away from the crowd, your smile stays on your face as you make your way towards one of the many balconies around the castle. The air is fresh and cool on your face as you lean against the dark marble to take in the view of the Devildom from Diavolo’s castle.
Whatever this had been, whether a cultural exchange program or some form of divine punishment, it was becoming easier to manage.
In fact, it had become a lot easier to manage once you had Lucifer’s pact mark imprinted on your left eye, officially making it the most prominent pact mark on your body. As much as you wished to believe that you had accustomed yourself to regular ol' Devildom life, Lucifer's pact mark had done most of the heavy lifting.
And that alone was enough to make you feel guilty.
The point of this entire 'exchange' was to lessen the strain of many years of conflict between the three realms and while Simeon and Solomon were pulling their weight, with Luke following behind rather dutifully, you had still struggled with basic demon interactions.
Until you got Lucifer's mark.
It didn't necessarily get better, but you were snarled at less by those who didn't want you there and that was enough to count it as a positive.
You press your hands against the marble of the balcony and let out another sigh. Didn't this just prove you were also putting pressure on Lucifer? Ontop of what he already had?
No. You weren't about to be a dead weight to your demon.
With how often Lucifer took care of you? And how much he said he treasured you? No! You refused to be a burden to him!
Shaking off the sadness you take in two deep breaths before humming and thinking of a way to possibly repay it back to him. You two dancing at Diavolo's party would be a bit too much for guests--so maybe you could dance here?
Yes. Yes!
You grin and put your hands up as if you were with a partner, doing your best in imitating the basic waltz steps that Lucifer had taught you. Surprising him by offering to dance outside, with the moon shining down on you two as you thanked him for all he had done!
Best idea you've had this whole cultural exchange, really.
You laugh and spin around but a barrier stops you from making a full spin, hands grabbing your shoulders and keeping you in place.
"Are you enjoying the party, Master?"
Perfect! He had finished!
"Lucifer! I had an idea! How about we--"
The hairpin catches your attention first, the ornament being just as beautiful as close as it was at a distance yet speckled with something red against its shiny gold leaves as Lucifer held it up to you--
You push the hairpin away from your face as Lucifer smiles and leans into your touch, your left hand cupping the side of his face that had been sprinkled with the most blood. Your eyes go down to his collar and gasp when you see angry, red lines running from under his chin all the way to his collarbone, making his black shirt look even darker with the blood it was now absorbing.
And yet he didn't seem panicked, just smiling calmly as he holds your hand and presses it against the harsh wounds.
"Lucifer, we need to get you some help! We--We need to get Barbatos or Diavolo! Oh my stars you're bleeding so much--!'
"What happened! Is anybody else hurt? Why didn't you call for me--!"
You yelp when you feel Lucifer pressing your hands against the wound, the blood feeling wrong against your hand and skin but it does help from feeling the angry ridges from where the skin had been ripped.
"Do I look in pain?"
No. And that's what worried you the most.
" don't but--"
"Believe me, these wounds are more than welcomed. Especially when they are a sign of how I protected you."
He keeps your hand pressed against his wound, pressing it closer and closer until you were sure that the tingling sensation in your hand was the feeling of it lightly burning your skin.
"The Duchess was just a pest as I thought but one good thing came from her corpse. I figured if a demoness that could run her tongue for so long didn't need her head to begin with."
The words don't hit you until you feel the hairpin pressed against your hair, feeling it clip into place as Lucifer adjusted it just a bit.
"No matter if short or long...I think this hairpin suits you best."
Lucifer smiles as he wraps one arm around your waist, keeping your hand trapped against his wound while he pressed a kiss to the tears now forming around the corner of your eyes.
"It's alright, Master, no need to thank me with your words. This should have been expected of me in the beginning..."
He smiles as he takes your other hand and places it on his shoulder, gently guiding you through the steps you had danced by yourself as his lips move from your eyes to your own trembling ones.
"Although it would be a shame if I had to go after another duke or duchess all to seek out my master's would be a hassle for Barbatos to clean up…"
Lucifer smiles as your lips quickly press against his, your entire body trembling against him as he continues to guide you through your little dance. How awful, you were probably cold from standing outside so long…
He'd be a waste of a demon if he didn't warm his master up, but he guessed that it would be appropriate to look for a private room first.
No need to let the pests see how cutely his Master cried for him.
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jellymoonbear · a month ago
Revoking Their Kisses and Cuddles Privileges
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
acts like it isn’t a big deal and will get on with things like normal
but it actually is a big deal
in fact it’s the biggest deal he’s ever had to deal with
bc he never actually realised how much he relies on your hugs and kisses until you stop doing it 
would probably go a week at most before he caves in bc how can you expect him to get through all that damn paperwork without you dropping in and giving him a smooch on the cheek 
he’ll sit you down and talk through whatever he did to upset you, heck, maybe he’ll even apologise like man would get down on his knees just for you to touch him again
Tumblr media
he’s not wrong
it is his legal right for you to give him kisses and cuddles whenever he demands and if you don’t agree then you’re the most evil person I’ve ever come across
baby would be so sulky, like he’d sit cross-legged on the bed with his back to you and his arms crossed. he wouldn’t cry, but he would brood so heavily that it becomes more of a punishment for you than for him
man has puppy eyes and he knows how to use them
he’d promise to never sell your things again or never spend all his grimm or whatever he did to upset you, he promises not to do it again and will nag you to the end of the devildom for you to forgive him
and he also makes you promise to never do that again bc that shit really hurts
Tumblr media
immediately locks himself up in his room and will not answer for anyone even if you get the password right
“of course you wouldn’t want to kiss a yucky otaku like me...” he mumbles and walks away from you
and this was all probably bc he watched the next episode of a show you watch together without you
I don’t wanna say he manipulates you, but he makes you feel really bad even if it was meant as a light-hearted joke
so you gotta ambush him when he finally leaves his room for food lmao give him all the smooches he deserves and let him know ur sorry for playing around like that
he’ll also apologise too, just make sure you’re not late next time or he’ll watch it without you again
Tumblr media
no. 2 at acting like it’s not a big deal
but with satan he just knows you’re gonna come around eventually
don’t get him wrong he seriously does miss all the body contact - specifically hand holding - but this man ain’t weak and will tell you that you need to get over it to convince you to touch him again
obviously if he seriously upset you he will try and talk it out, but if not he’ll go to the garden and look for some cats to snuggle with instead
and then the day comes when you find him in the library reading and you sit on his lap, cuddling him. he is surprised bc damn that was quicker than he thought, but he hugs you back and gives you all the kissies in the world
he will never EVER let go of you after this, don’t even try and deprive him again
Tumblr media
pls this bby thinks you’re joking at first, or like this is a fun game you want to try so he’s down for it
but when he realises that you’re actually serious he is like “really? why tf would you be so mean to me?” 
and he just... doesn’t care lmao. as if ur actually gonna get away with this haha stop it or you’ll give him wrinkles
he tries to be his cheery self until your done with your mood, but at night when he puts his arm around you in bed and you don’t snuggle into him... he will literally tear up
he doesn’t do it in a forceful way but he will still find ways to touch you throughout the day, like grabbing your hand when you’re not looking or running his fingers through your hair when you’re distracted and his heart melts at the moments when you don’t even realise so you can’t scold him
when you finally give him attention again he will be so happy, will literally squeeze you so hard you cant breathe
Tumblr media
first of all how dare you
secondly, it really must have been some mad shit for you to actually say no to him - like he ate your pudding or smth
we know how bad he gets when someone eats his food but none of that compares to you taking hugs and kisses away from him for doing the exact same thing
it’s just so cruel but at the same time he will just let you get on with it, of course he misses being all touchy with you but he loves and respects you so if you don’t wanna touch him that’s fine he says with a sad face
would definitely make it up to you tho - like he buys you any food you want, plans a fun date with you, helps you clean and rearrange your room whatever it is he is down
he doesn’t even realise that he’s being extra sweet to get those brownie points but hey at least his touch deprivation doesn’t last for more than a few hours
Tumblr media
the last one who will act like it’s no biggie
y’all never acknowledge the softie that he really is but I do and I’m telling you he will cry in secret when you don’t cuddle him
it’s truly devastating - his entire day is ruined because you didn’t give him his morning kiss and so he is noticeably more cranky during the day
whether he apologises to get his privileges back or not depends - like if he understands he did wrong then he will muster the courage to apologise with a weak smile while grabbing your pinky and carrying his cow cushion in his arm, ready to just collapse and snuggle with you as soon as you forgive him
but if it was over something minor or petty then hell no there is no way he will apologise bc he knows you will come crawling back at some point. he’ll just sulk alone quietly until then
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hoodedpanda333 · 8 days ago
The boys react to MC falling asleep on their shoulder while watching a movie.
(I'm 3/3 on the sleeping head canons. I write these when I'm super tired so perhaps my subconscious is telling me something? Nah!)
At first he stiffens at the sudden contact
Once he realizes what's happening, his signature smirk snakes its way onto his face
He supposes he could allow you to rest for a bit
He certainly doesn't wish to be the one waking you up
Won't hesitate to pull you closer to him
You'd be more comfortable with your head in his lap
So that's where he puts you
He's careful not to wake you up
Is no longer paying attention to the movie
After all
What scene could be better than the one before him?
Literally jumps when you're head makes contact with his shoulder
Makes his surprised sound, you know the one
Tries to play it off like it's nothing
Everybody can clearly see he is struggling™
His eyes keep darting between you and the screen
His hands are so fidgety that he eventually pulls out his DDD in order to distract himself
He keeps coughing so he can hide his blush with his hand
Never wants this moment to end but holy hell MC how do you expect him to be ok after this???
Wasn't really watching the movie anyway
Too busy playing his NinDevil Switch (idk) to look up at the screen
That all changes when the fire nation attacks
And by fire nation, I mean Levi's fiery red face
The second he feels you on his shoulder he is gone
No Levi here, nope
Just a life sized cardboard cutout he got from some human world convention in Tokyo
No but really
It's hard to tell the difference with how still he is
Without moving a muscle he looks at your sleeping face
Bad idea
He isn't sure what he's supposed to do in this situation
What would The Lord of Shadows do at a time like this????
Please stop cozying up to him like that MC, you're killing him!!!
The movie was boring him anyway so he was, of course, reading instead
He didn't even notice you laying your head on his shoulder
Upon feeling the weight, he just assumed you were reading along with him
He starts to whisper the story aloud to you
Loud enough for you to hear him
But quiet enough so he didn't disturb the others
It makes it halfway through the rest of the book before he hears your soft breaths
He steals a glance and can't help the light blush that comes over his face when he sees you sound asleep
He's unsure if you had been asleep the whole time or not
He hopes him reading was soothing enough for you to fall asleep
He continues reading the story to himself
Absentmindedly, his hand begins to pet your head
His focus is too shot to continue reading
His mind too busy imaging him reading you to sleep every night
Oh no
MC you fool!
The second your head rests on Asmo's shoulder, your peaceful sleep was as good as gone
He immediately scoops you up and sits you in his lap
The rest of the night he is just gushing about how cute you looked
At some point he goes off about getting a pair of matching…
We'll just call them Pj's
Eventually he starts nuzzling against you
He's so warm and soft, no wonder you fell asleep on him
You'd honestly do it again–
He squeezes you in the midst of your thoughts
Or...maybe not
Can you blame him, though?
Already on his fourth bowl, Beelzebub is more interested in his popcorn than anything on the screen
Ever had the argument of what snacks belong at a movie theater?
Beel just says "yes"
And yet, somehow, even with all the scents and flavors around him
He instantly recognizes yours
When you rest your head on his bicep (he's a tall boi ok?) he thinks you're asking for some food
It takes him eating the share he put aside for you before he notices you're asleep
He's just so precious ok
He immediately picks you up and carries you to your room
He gently places you in your bed
Before he leaves, however, he's stopped by a sleepy little tug on his tank top
Chuckling, he lays beside you
He's too nervous to hold you in fear of crushing you accidentally
So instead he decides to continue his binge with the snacks he took with him
After all, carrying someone works up quite the appetite
Would you be surprised to hear that he was asleep?
It's already super late and sitting next to Belphie always makes you slightly tired due to his demonic influence
That and the face that his pillow is against your arm
And he always looks so cozy
Just watching him was enough to cause you to drift away
You're head rests against his
The cow patterned pillow is barely enough for the two of you to share
You're both sound asleep with the remaining brothers watching you
Perhaps feeling their jealousy, Belphie grins and pulls you closer to him
Amazing what he can do in his sleep
The un/datables
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obeythebutler · a month ago
Can we have headcannons like Levi’s tail with the rest of the brothers?
Tumblr media
Brothers and Dateables With A MC That Touches Their Tail/Wings
[Lucifer here] [Leviathan here]
They've always been there.
They're very expressive, you realize, with the pinions revealing the demon's emotions which Mammon tries to keep hidden.
When you glide a finger across the membrane, the demon shivers, his body going rigid as Mammon stared at you in bewilderment.
"W-What are ya doing?"
You smile as you glide another hand over the wing, taking delight in the way they spread even further at your touch. "Touching your wings. Do you mind?"
Mammon splutters.
You raise an eyebrow. "Do you want me to stop?" You whisper, already preparing to lower your hand away from the wing, but as soon as you do that, Mammon immediately leads your hand back to his wing.
"I mean—I mean," He fumbles with his words, his eyes frantically darting between your hand and eyes, not stopping for a moment too long. "You'd want to touch the Great Mammon's wings, of course!"
A chuckle escapes you. "Of course," You trail off, utterly mesmerized by the way in which his wings open even wider, until they're spread across the room, and only then do you realize how big his wings actually are.
They've always spread and curled around to protect you, you realize, remembering the way those same wings cradled you when a demon tried to attack you. Before you knew it, his wings were shielding you as Mammon growled at the filth, who ran away with his tail between his legs.
So when your heart is heavy and your voice betrays you, you walk forward and embrace your demon from behind, place gentle hands on his skin and give a fleeting kiss between his spine, where his wings emerge.
You don't see the tears that fall from his face too.
Satan appears composed and calm, but his tail says something else.
It flickers when he's irritated, lashes out when he's angry and coils around your leg in a display of affection. You suppose that's the reason the demon keeps the appendage tightly wound around his leg to prevent it from revealing his true feelings. But when you're alone with him, there's no need to wear the mask any longer.
"Be careful, you'll get hurt otherwise." The blonde demon remarks, utterly mesmerized by the way your fingers trail over his tail, along each and every ridge, and Satan shivers when you massage a spot.
"Is this...okay?" You murmur, not wanting to cause him discomfort by your actions, and you stop momentarily, waiting for a reply.
But the only reply you get is when his tails nudges your arm, gently reminding you to continue your ministrations. When you look up, Satan blushes as he stares at his tail, cursing himself for appearing so needy.
But it's okay to be needy sometimes.
So you gently touch the tail, feeling every ridge and bump, until you reach the tip, to which you place a chaste kiss on.
Satan doesn't say a word, but from the sign that escapes his lips you can tell he'd unwinding.
"Thank you," The demon whispers, ignoring the way his lips tremble when he attempts to mutter your name, the sound muffled by an bird chirping in the distance.
This must be love, he thinks, when you gently hold his tail and cradle his heart, Satan feel something flutter in his chest, something light and warm.
"Can I touch—oompfh?!"
An ungraceful squawk spills past your lips as you attempt to steady yourself. No sooner had the question been spoken did his tail pull you forward, straight at Satan.
All protests die down on your tongue when you feel the demon pull you closer to his body.
You can feel each sob that reverberates through his chest as the blonde demon weeps, and what you can make out from the garbled whimpers is a muffled word.
I love you.
He's the very personification of beauty.
Every movement, every word that Asmodeus carries out is done with a flamboyance that only he can muster. His love is no exception.
"Careful with the wings!" The demon playfully chides, humming when your hands gently trace over each curve of his bat-like wings. He had almost rejoiced in delight when you asked if you could touch his wings, and so you're both here now.
His wings are soft, but strong. Shiny and smooth, but powerful. You've seen the way they flutter when he's happy, droop when he's sad and tremble in pleasure.
You've seen all of Asmodeus.
"Is this okay?" You question, stopping your fingers on the place where his wings sprout from. That is sensitive spot from what he told you, but you know the reason why.
Sensitive to touch, but also because they weren't always there. Only after the Fall.
The demon nudges himself towards your hand, like a cat does when it wants to be pet, and you comply, giggling as you stroke the spine.
The skin is even softer there, smooth as silk when you touch. The way his wings flutter in delight at your touch doesn't go unnoticed by you.
The silence that envelops you two is pleasant, but it's soon broken.
"Tell me," He whispers, and his wings stop flicking at those words. Your moments immediately halt. Did you do or say something wrong?
Your silence signals for him to continue.
"Tell me you love me. I want to hear you say it." He questions, utterly firm at the beginning but his voice trembles at the end. Asmodeus doesn't say a word after that, all his flirty demeanour gone and replaced with his insecurity.
"I love you," You mumble, kissing his spine and trailing up to his neck, where you wrap your arms around his waist and stay still. "I love you, Asmodeus."
You swear you can feel his smile through his tears, even when you're not looking at him.
When Beel's quiet, he's thinking about family.
When the hunger pangs are bearable enough that they won't consume his mind, Beel diverts his attention towards his loved ones.
He thinks about a lot of things—of the guilt that plagued his mind, whether Belphegor would forgive him or about how it's his job to protect Lucifer. Beel doesn't say it out loud, but it's evident in his actions that he loves.
There's no need to, when he wears his heart on his sleeve.
And just like now, he's quiet when you touch his wings.
They're thin at first, shiny and transparent, but only when you touch them with your fingertips do you realize how strong they actually are.
"Is this okay?" You murmur, tearing your gaze from his wings to Beel's face, but when he offers you a small smile as he cards his fingers through your hair, you smile too before continuing.
They buzz loudly, like that time when he was angry when it was revealed it was Lucifer who had caged him. Or that time when he took you on a flight across the Devildom, where you could see every building against the dark backdrop of the sky.
This very wings were the one that dived in to save you when you almost fell, and caught you from falling into the depths.
Beel protects those he loves with every inch of his being.
Your heart aches at that, feeling the burden and the weight of his sin that he carries. So you intertwine your fingers with his, and savour the sensation of him.
You'll protect him too.
The hair is coarse.
That's the first thing you notice when you touch his tail, and Belphegor merely opens one eye to observe your actions.
"Be careful, or I might smack you with."
"Try me," You challenge, running your finger across the skin, and when you start braiding the hair on his tail the demon doesn't hold back a snort.
"Are you going to braid it?"
"Of course!" You declare, already preparing to cover his tail in all the clips and ribbons you can find. But something compells you to stay—something warm and inviting.
You suppose it's his sin at work, but you aren't complaining.
It wraps itself around you when his brothers are occupying too much of your attention, or when Belphegor is tired and he just wants to cuddle.
Lost time has to be made up for, after all.
You barely notice when his fingers intertwine with yours. Flashing a smile at your needy demon, you look down where your fingers are intertwined.
You give his hand a squeeze, and he gives one back.
This continues two more times, for you told him three squeezes meant 'I love you.' In Belphegor's eyes, actions have always spoken louder than words.
So when you lean down to give his tail three squeezes, Belphegor gets flustered in a way you haven't seen before.
"I love you," You whisper, and it doesn't go unnoticed by the demon, who stares baffled before speaking it out loud too.
I love you.
They're huge, to say the least.
Diavolo's wings are larger and more grander than any wings you have seen, and are yet to. They gradiate from a deep red to black, at end at the gilded tips which are decorated with gold, a reminder of his royal heritage.
"You're not afraid?" He questions, still not fully able to believe that you aren't scared when faced with a being never seen before.
"I ain't." You answer, tracing your fingers over each and every curve of his bat-like wings, the membrane of which is richly coloured with red at the base. It almost reminds you of his R.A.D. uniform.
The demon stands quiet for a moment before a booming laugh escapes him. "You sure are bold, but that's what I like about you!" He confesses, the grin now turning into a flustered smile as Diavolo looks down at your form stroking his wings.
When a finger glides across the edge, a shiver runs through his spine.
It's ironic, Diavolo thinks. Humans are the weakest in the three realms, easily lured by demons and angels alike for malicious and good-hearted reasons. And yet you're here, stroking his wings without any fear, without walking on eggshells.
There's no tongue to speak his praise, no form kneeling in respect for the crown, but only your honest form that sees him as a person other than a future ruler.
How long has he craved someone like you?
Diavolo says nothing as he basks in the sensation of your hands massaging his wings, utterly focused on savouring the moment. It's almost selfish, he thinks, to keep you all to himself for a while, but you're something he never knew he desperately needed.
Can he be as selfish as to express his desire?
Diavolo finds that the answer is indeed a yes, when he pulls you closer to his chest and holds you there. You let him, wrapping your arms tightly around his form and leaning further, until your head is on his heart.
It feels nice to hug you.
The demon mutters, not daring to speak louder in fear of ruining the moment as you gently run a hand across his forked tail. It was curiousity at first on your part, but it's now bliss for Barbatos.
When you trace a finger on the edges of his forked tail, the shudder that runs through his body is something he cannot prevent. But that's another effect of your touch, isn't it?
He's quite greedy for your affection, wanting more and more, never fully satisfied. But you let him be greedy for something you're willing to shower the demon in.
"Barbatos, your tail—"
All of a sudden, you find the appendage in question wrap itself around your waist and pull you closer until your bodies are touching. When you look into the eyes of the demon, Barbatos looks shocked himself before removing his tail.
"Sorry," He mutters, fumbling with his tail before settling it. "I got carried away."
"I don't mind you getting carried away." You whisper, leaning to hold the tail again in your hands, and Barbatos doesn't manage to surpress the giggle that escapes his lips.
He finds himself leaning into your touch as you stroke his tail, and when Barbatos rests his forehead in the crook of your neck he forgets everything for a moment.
He forgets the castle, forgets his role, forgets time.
All the he knows in this moment is you.
White, like the clouds. White, like his clothes. White, like frosting.
White are his wings, a refreshing contrast to the dark colours you've grown used to seeing in the Devildom. It's a part of him, after all. He's an angel, a Celestial being that brings along with him raidance and peace.
"Do you like them so much?" Simeon teases, finding amusement in the way you gently trace his wings and observe each feather. He's never been subjected to this kind of affection before, but your request of wanting to touch his wings was too tempting to deny.
"I do," You confess, massaging the place where his wings emerge as to prove your point, and you can feel Simeon's breath hitch at your action.
But he doesn't tell you to stop. No, what the angel does is lean more into you, his wings ruffling in delight at your touch.
It's quite fascinating to see them in action.
When you trace a finger over the edge of his wings, Simeon doesn't manage to escape the giggle that spills past his lips.
"Ticklish?" You murmur mischievously, already storing this information for later use in mind, but seeing his flustered face your resolve crumbles, and you resort to treating the area with even more tenderness, finding happiness in the way he sighs.
"Thank you for this," He mumbles, his shoulders being as if a burden's been lifted from them. Such is the magic of your touch, it seems.
"Anytime for you." You smile, reveling in the way his wings have now come to wrap themselves around you in protectiveness.
In a world of white, you don't complain when you see Simeon. Instead, you lean further towards his lips as if in a trance, and he does too.
You're tempting an angel, but Simeon doesn't mind.
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sawaruuu · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To win an Otaku’s heart, you gotta beat his waifu first
tho Levi has my heart already...
I thought this was a good idea...was I wrong..?;;
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sleepy-belphie · 8 months ago
The Demon Bros reaction to MC getting their nails painted the same color as theirs
This idea popped into my head so I had to give it a shot. This is my first time doing headcanons and first time writing for Obey Me! So I hope it’s okay and you enjoy it! :)
MC is already in a relationship with the boys in these btw!
He’s working in his study and you head in to just be around him for a bit
You sit on the armrest of his chair and just watch him for a little with your hands in your lap
After a few minutes, he glances over and that’s when he notices your nails
Lucifer was very observant, so you knew he would notice but not if he would comment
He gently takes your hand and brings it closer for a look
You watch as his gloved thumb brushes over your fingers
At this angle you can’t see his face so you wait in silent agony for his reaction
Would he think it was too much? 
Your worries are quelled when Lucifer gently kisses your knuckles and looks up at you with a smile
“This is one of those human matching couple things, correct? I see why you indulge in it, it’s nice seeing my color on you.”
He would let you choose if you wanted to keep up with the color
But you do notice he glances at your hands more often now
Your nails stick out like a sore thumb to him
He notices it immediately when he sees you at breakfast
“Hold on MC, give me your hand”
He smiles proudly, boasting to the entire table about how his color is on your nails
“Of course you’d want to have the same nail color as THE Great Mammon! You’re my human and everyone will know now!”
“As if anyone was unsure. You basically live up MC’s ass.”
“Shut up, Asmo!”
He would want you to keep it up
Any sign of you being his was welcomed
Because you are, in fact, his
He was handing you a controller to play a game with him when he noticed
He starts blushing and his mind immediately starts racing
Did you get it for him?
No, there’s no way
You probably just happened to pick that color and it means nothing to you
He shouldn’t think too hard about it
“Hey Levi, you okay?”
It’s then he realizes he hasn’t moved in a few minutes
“S-sorry! Your, your nails are...nice.”
“Oh, thanks! I was hoping you wouldn’t mind! I wanted us to match.”
…..what? You got them done with him in mind?
Levi.exe has stopped working
It takes you placing your hand over his for him to come back to reality
He stares at your hands for a moment before his entire face turns red 
He turns away and pretends to be plugging in his controller but really he’s just flustered
He would like it if you kept up with it
But there’s no way in hell he would tell you that
You were handing him one of his books from his shelf when he notices
“Nice color. Any reason you chose it?”
Your flustered expression makes him smirk
He loved how easily you squirmed under his stare
“Yeah, makes me think of a certain someone.”
He gets off his bed to embrace you from behind
His lips brush against the shell of your ear
“Wonder who that could be?”
He lets you choose if you want to keep it up or not
But you never miss his small satisfied smirk when he sees you with a fresh coat 
You were in his room for a spa and self-care day
You both were in his bath and you reached over to pick up a bottle of body wash
Before you can pick it up he’s lacing his fingers with yours
His eyes are bright and excited as he looks at your locked hands
The aesthetic of his and his lover’s hand adorned with the same colors pleases him immensely
“Look how cute we are with matching nails! You’re adorable, MC. Almost as adorable as me.”
He’ll keep looking at them throughout the entire day
“Let’s do them together next time.”
You bet your sweet ass he’s gonna keep doing matching nails 
Unless you request another color
Which makes him a pouty boy 
He came into the kitchen while you were cooking dinner
He was being nosy and peeking at what’s being made
As you stir something, he sees your nails
“MC, have you always had orange nails?”
“No, I got them because yours are orange. Is that okay?”
Beel doesn’t say anything as he takes a bite of a cream puff and chews
Then he walks over and places a gentle kiss on your forehead before smiling at you
“I let you steal some of my secret stash snacks and share half my food with you.”
He finds a lot of joy in seeing your matching nails as you feed him various snacks
So while he doesn’t outright say to keep it up, you can tell he enjoys it a lot
He’s napping (shocker)
You walk past him on the couch, intending to go to the kitchen
But as you pass him he grabs your hand and peeks an eye open to look at you
That’s when he sees your nails
He was already going to pull you over to him because he wants to cuddle
But this time he holds your hand to his chest while he sleeps
That alone is enough to tip you off that he saw your nails
You keep getting the same color because the sight of Belphie curled up and holding on to your hand like its the only thing keeping him grounded is too precious to let go of
You would get your nails painted the same color for the rest of your days if it meant you could see this sight every day
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solomonsmagicwand · 7 months ago
nsfw mini-scenarios with the obey me 7 + barbatos and solomon
Tumblr media
lucifer prefers having sex in either his bed or his study. he’s private, and isn't fond of the idea of one of his brothers interrupting the two of you. though he’s far from vanilla, his favorite method is rather simple-- you, bent over his desk, with your hair wrapped in his clenched fist. depending on the situation, he’s also not opposed to sneaking off to somewhere private in the middle of a party.
Tumblr media
like his older brother, mammon values privacy when it comes to sex. he hates the thought of anyone else seeing you in that way. mammon is down to do you on any piece of furniture in his room, but he loves having sex in one of his cars. his most prized possession and his most dear person is an undefeated combination for the avatar of greed. you riding him in the front seat of his demonia is his go-to fantasy.
Tumblr media
levi is not at all a risk taker when it comes to where he’s comfortable having sex. like mammon, he doesn't want his brothers to see you. levi will fuck you on his desk, in his gaming chair, in the bathtub, or in his bed-tub. you riding him while he sits in his chair gaming is his favorite, except he’s not able to concentrate on the game even a little.
Tumblr media
satan could rival asmo as the avatar of lust, though no one knows that except you. he has no qualms with having sex in risky places and the idea of getting caught-- especially by lucifer-- only fuels his fire. almost nothing would make him happier than the jealousy on his eldest brother’s face if he happened to walk in on you getting absolutely railed. satan will fuck you in his room, in the library, in an empty classroom or storage closet at RAD, but his favorite thing is sneaking away from his brothers at a party or gathering and fucking you in a secluded (but not exactly hard to find) place.
Tumblr media
asmo is the avatar of lust for a reason. there’s virtually nothing he won’t do, and nowhere he won’t do you. of course, his favorite is in his bathtub or his bed, but he’d also screw you in front of all his brothers if you wanted him to. sneaking out of class to have a quickie in a closet or bathroom is absolutely on his itinerary. asmo’s also down to share you with whomever you desire, just so long as you make sure to remind him he’s the only one for you. the avatar of lust doesn't get insecure usually, but when it comes to you he's extra sensitive.
Tumblr media
beel is probably the most prudish of the seven, but don’t be mistaken- his sex drive is plenty high, but he’s not one to initiate anything. the true definition of a service bottom, beel is game for pretty much whatever you want. his favorite place is his bed, but as long as it's not too public, he’ll do you anywhere you ask. he’s not opposed to sharing you with belphie, but other than that he’s very into monogamy.
Tumblr media
yet another demon that could rival asmo’s status as the avatar of lust, belphegor is probably the most depraved of the seven. he’ll take any opportunity he gets, regardless of the time or place. as lazy as he is in every other aspect, he may have too much energy when it comes to sex. if he’s not feeling particularly lecherous, he’ll usually hide away in the attic to fuck, but other times he will sneak away from anything to get some action. the two of you have most likely gotten scolded by lucifer for not showing up to student council meetings, but your apologies are completely fake.
Tumblr media
despite his calm and collected demeanor, solomon is surprisingly easy to turn on. he prefers being lavish and romantic most of the time, his bed being the usual place where you end up, but it’s not uncommon for the two of you to give into desire in less private places. your attempts at helping him in the kitchen often lead to sex right there, both of you too engrossed in what you're doing to consider the fact that there are other people in the house. the same happens in the common room of purgatory hall when it’s just the two of you, whether you're on the couch or floor is up to chance.
Tumblr media
reserved and proper barbatos is appalled by the idea of having sex anywhere risky. or so it seemed initially. though he definitely prefers to play it safe and stay in his room, occasionally he feels a little rebellious and will go for semi-public sex; in the kitchen of the palace when Diavolo is away, or in the RAD library after hours. he’s not the biggest risk taker obviously, but for barbatos being anywhere outside of the bedroom is being adventurous.
Tumblr media
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voltagesmutter · 10 months ago
Obey Me x Heat
Obey Me - Satan and Leviathan Head-canons
Prompt: ‘I’m in heat’
Warning: NSFW, Female MC.
Tumblr media
The avatar of wrath had learned to keep his emotions in-control, harvesting his anger and reining it in. But when heat comes it’s all thrown out of the window.
“Fuck you smell so good,” Whispered between his lips as he presses wet kisses to your weak spot on your neck. The blonde pushing you against the dusty bookcase in the remote corner of the library, a section that doesn’t look like it’s had contact for years, grinding into your waist from behind as he presses his erection to you through the layer of your clothes. “This fucking heat man… I don’t think I can wait to get back,”. One hand pops the button of your jeans, a deep groan from his chest to slide his hands down the fabrics of your clothes to feel the dampness of your underwear, “Oh kitten, it appears you can’t either,”. The shuffling sound of jeans unbuckling and material shifting comes from behind you, cool air hits your skin as he pushes your jeans down just enough, pulling your underwear to the side to feel his pulsing heat pressing against you, “Don’t scream too loud now kitten, we don’t want anyone to catch us,”.
Normally prefers you naked but in heat he’s weak for you in lingerie. Especially white. Feeling as if he’s tainting you and stripping you from your purity. 
Sharp teeth curl around the waistband of your panties, tugging them slightly before letting the material ping back against your skin. A small yap from your mouth follows causing a sinister chuckle from him. “Hush now kitten,” He purrs, teeth now licking down the stream of your underwear until it means the damped material between your thighs. Jewelled green eyes tinted with yellow meet yours, dominance and power pulsating from them as he rips them clean off your skin with an audible growl. Hands spread your thighs so he can delve his face where the cloth was sitting only milli-seconds ago, inhaling deeply before biting his lip hungrily, “You’ve been a good girl kitten, let me reward you”. No chance to register his words as lips suckle against your clit, rolling the delicate numb between his teeth leaving you at his mercy.
Want to see him lose all self-control? Dress up as a kitten, ear pieces, a bell collar, a cream bralette with matching underwear and he’s gone. Call him master for bonus points and you won’t leave the bedroom for the whole duality of his heat.
On the war path when it comes to his emotions, sparks flying between him and Lucifer before Beel’s even had his second breakfast. A lot of these emotions are pent up and spilled into his actions, thrusts fuelled by his attitude.
“Fuck,” It ripples off the walls and ceilings, loose items on the near by desk rattling from the volume on his groan. An argument with Lucifer had set his anger ablaze, demon form breaking through as his chest heaved whilst he gritted his teeth. That anger now reflected into his actions, dragging you by the wrist to his room and within minutes he had you pressed against the wall, bouncing you off his cock with no-end of stopping. “Satan!” You cried but it got lost in your throat, words lost as you felt another wave of release coming over you as he pounded against that delicate spot inside you. Bruising you from the inside whilst his fingertips left marks upon your waist. The sheer intensity ripped through you, leaving you a boneless mess in his arms as he continued to thrust into you. “One more baby, I’m close,” A hint of softness beneath his storm brewing eyes. His tail snaking up your thigh to rub circles of your clit, pace never faltering in a display of his strength continuing to move you over him. Small hands move from the back of his neck to fist his horns, gripping them with urgency as he pushes you over the edge one more. The growl that leaves him would wipe fear into any living being, dark and angry as he spills violently inside you, cock pulsing and twitching until he’s fully spent. 
Tumblr media
He’s the kindest of the brothers when it comes to heat, trying to hide it from you as if ashamed. But it’s only because heat brings out the darker side of him, the fine tuned self-control just slipping from his grasp.
“Levi, I refuse to have this anymore, what is going on with you!” You snap, cornering him in the living room, the first time you’d seen him in days. “It’s nothing I’m fine,” He grumbled unable to look you in the eye, his cheeks flushed red. “It’s your- your heat isn’t it?” You questioned, only to be met with a meek nod of his head. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just- the urges are so much, I- I’ve jacked off several times in the night but it’s not enough,” Levi finally opening up to you. “I mean… I could always help, it’s not as if we haven’t been having sex for months already,” You let out a light laugh, “I miss you, I miss being intimate with you,”. Taking a step forward and leaning into his purple hair, catching his lower lobe beneath your teeth causing a hiss from him, “Beside, I want to see what real demon Leviathan is really like when he gives into his needs,”. No more was said but a groan, Levi gripping you and pulling you down on the nearby sofa with his lips attacking yours.
He tries to continue his life like normal during heat, you and gaming being his number one priority, often mixing the two together for his pleasure.
Riding him in reverse, his tail swiping of your clit as his forefinger and thumb tugs your nipple, his left typing endless commands on his computer whilst playing games like normal. His teeth latch on to your ear, sucking it before tugging it proving to be the end of you as your walls pulse over him, letting your body rock to the waves of pleasure. “Tch, I though I made it clear you wasn’t to come until I finished this level, it’s a good thing my headphones are off, I don’t want anyone hearing the noises but me,” Biting again at your ear before sucking a red mark upon your neck, ‘Guess we’ll have to restart since you put me off,”. “Levi- Levi please,” You whimper, fingers digging into your thigh in desperate ache for him to give up his game and just fuck you properly. “Sorry my love, but you knew the rules, only once this level is finished will I give you what you really need, now be a good girl and let me finish or this time I’ll edge you until I’ve completed the whole game”.
He collects scratches on his skin and wears them like medals of honour, using them as a silent claim to you. After all the god of envy has to prove your his to keep his brothers away, often making them the jealous ones.
“The fuck is that!” Mammon scowled, Leviathan purposefully lifting his arms up so his hoodie would show the deep red scratches peaking from underneath. “Oh nothing, just a few tokens of appreciation from ____” He can’t help but smirk seeing the blood raise into Mammons head. “The human is mine!” He snarled, fists slamming down and standing up. “Funny that it’s my name she’s screaming,” Leviathan threatened, taking a step forward into the kitchen. Just as Mammon was about to throw something quick witted back, you called for Levi. “Babe, I didn’t realise how flexible I was, do you think we could do that one from last night again, it just hit all the right…” You mindlessly rambled, stepping out from his bedroom in just his shirt which skirted back your bum, “Spots… Fuck…”. Your face went as red as Beel’s hair, not realising the audience that was in the kitchen, all of the brothers bugged eyes and opened mouths to see you with deep bite marks tracing up your neck and collarbone. “Sure whatever you want babe,” Levi winked, quickly pushing you back into his room before his brothers could gawp any longer. Him and Lucifer could have swapped demonic titles in that moment, the prideful one lustfully jealous, whilst the jealous was beaming with pride.
Lucifer and Beel - Heat
Mammon and Asmodeus - Heat
Belphegor -Heat
Diavolo - Heat
Obey Me - Masterlist
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asmosmainhoe · 6 months ago
How about an mc that gets pissed of and they do a glare that freezes all the boys from where they stand.
MC's death glare
Sorry that they ended up so short!
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
Who would have thought that someone like him would ever freeze, because of a simple glare of a mortal
Has never seen that side of you and doesn't ever wanna see it again tbh
Beyond surprised by the strong effect
Tries not to get you mad anymore, because wow
Doesn't admit that he's kinda scared of you now
Let's out a small scream
You make the impossible possible
Your death glare scares him more than Lucifer's and that's a huge accomplishment
Falls down to his knees to apologize for making you angry
Avoids your glare in the future
Instantly freezes when you give him the glare
Doesn't even dare to blink
Frantically tries to remember what he did that could have made you so mad
"Is it because I called you a normie? Is it? I'm so sorry, MC! It won't happen again! You're my best friend after all!"
Please don't stay mad at him
He heard from others that your glare is dangerous, but refused to believe it
Why would he? A human making demons tremble and scared for their life sounds so unreal
Until he gets the said glare
There are no words that could describe how he's feeling
Knows that only a fool would anger you twice
So shocked that you give him that look
Immediately hides from you behind Beel, because he knows that you would never hurt our big man
You just see Asmo's eyes being wide open after he takes a peak from behind his younger brother
Doesn't ever wanna see that glare again
Of course you don't shoot him your famous death glare
You look at someone entirely else, but he still feels something cold running down his spine
Starts to shiver
There's no way this man could ever piss you off, but he still makes a mental note to do everything in his power to avoid that
Your glare wakes him up better than several espressos at once
Honestly he's more confused by that than scared
Too lazy to hide or run from you so he does his best to look back
And fails
You gotta give him credit for trying tho
Mumbles a small apology for making you mad
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luciferdefenseteam · 9 months ago
Taking a bath with the brothers
Hi guys, I hope you guys like this and thank you so much for waiting. Also thank you so much for being patience with my inconsisten post schedule
• It’s not everyday that you get to have a bath with the avatar of pride • You most likely earned it as a reward for doing good on a test • It’s not that he is insecure about how he looks naked, no it’s just that he never has the time for long baths • He normally just has a quick shower and he prefers to spend that time alone • But today he has gone all out. He has borrowed Asmos giant bathtub, he has gotten some candles and some good smelling shampoo • He has even sent all his brothers out the house for a few hours. He said it was so ‘you could enjoy your reward to the fullest’ but you know it’s just so he won’t get caught being so soft • When you arrive for your bath time Lucifer has put on some soft classical music and is sitting on the edge of the tub, checking the temperature • “You’re early, were you that excited?” • Normally you would come up with a witty reply but that’s a bit hard when he is sitting there in only his boxers • “Uh....umm..uh... you’re....” • You are lost for words and the demon is soaking in every second of it • “Cats got your tongue?” Lucifer asks with an amused smirk • You had expected that you guys would be wearing swimwear so obviously you got a shock when you saw the normally quite conservative avatar of pride in just his boxers • “I ... umm... was expecting we would be wearing swimwear” you stammer out trying to keep your eyes from wandering • “Do you wish that I change?” Lucifer asks, already knowing the answer by how flustered you are • “No no... just give a moment” • “That’s what I thought” • He watches you strip down to your undergarments before gesturing for you to get into the water • Only after you have gotten settled does he get into the water • There is a comfortable silence for a bit before you feel Lucifers hands on your waist pulling you in between his legs • This is one of the few times that he will speak freely, telling you all the things that goes through his head. And all the ways he loves you, all while he washes your hair • He’s careful not to knot your hair or pull on it • In conclusion: Baths with Lucifer is a rare treat but it’s worth all the trouble
• Baths with Mammon tend to happen when he has had a rough day or if he is feeling particularly needy • The first time it happened he had probably gotten himself all worked up after having seen you talking to some random demon at RAD • He had been locked up in his room for hours at this point refusing to talk to you, not even Lucifer threatening to take away goldie got him to unlock his door • “Mammon come onnnn, open the door” • You beg, starting to get just as upset as your hopelessly jealous boyfriend • “You can literally have whatever you would like if you just open that door” you beg, tears threatening to spill when the door is swung open • And there is your hopelessly jealous boyfriend, puffy eyed and blushing • “You idiot” • You huff out before bringing him into a tight hug • He won’t say anything but you know that he’s feeling insecure so you pull him into his room where you two cuddle for a few hours before he feels okay again • “Wanna take a bath together?” • Your question is innocent enough but Mammon still blushes like crazy • “You don’t have to if you don’t want to” • “No no I want to!” • And that’s how you guys ended up in Asmos bathtub, Mammon sitting between your legs while you wash his hair • Much like his other brothers he feels it’s easier being upfront with his feelings when you guys are in such a intimate situation • He’ll tell you why the situation earlier made him upset and won’t argue when you explain it to him • Also you’ll whisper praise and affirmations in his ear while you massage his shoulders • If he’s not in the mood for talking you guys will bring a laptop to stand on the counter and will watch a movie together • When he finally starts to feel better he will begin to crack jokes, like when you were washing his chest • “Aren’t ya happy ya get to see the great Mammon!” • In conclusion: A bath is a sure way of making Mammon feel loved again
• When you ask Levi if you guys can take a bath together two things can happen • He is either way too excited at the opportunity to show off in his natural environment that he forgets how embarrassed he is • Or he’ll blush like you broke a blusher on his face (Can you tell I love this phrase?) • Either way he’ll agree but only if you both wear swimwear, baby boys too shy to not wear anything • It ends up happening after you guys have been gaming all day, he’s used to going for days on ends but he does recognise that you aren’t used to it • So when you yawn and say that you are ready to call it quits he doesn’t resist • “You’re probably tired of spending time with such a yucky otaku” • Levi sulks, wanting to spend more time with you but not wanting to admit it • “Why don’t you come take a bath with me?” • You smile as you asks the question you have wanted to ask for a while • Sorry but I think you broke Levi cause he’s silent for a moment before squealing about how it’s just like an anime he saw • You’re not really sure how he got water in the tub (his bed) but you don’t complain • After that Levi seems hesitant and you catch on to what he wants • “Should I go put on some swimwear then you can change as well?” • Levi nods and you rush off to find a cute set of swimwear • When you get back Levi is standing in just his swimming trunks and you think it’s the first time you have really noticed how ripped he actually is • You guys are a little unsure on how to be in the tub but it ends up with you between Levi’s legs and his arms wrapped around you • Levi seems a bit tense at first but after you suggest bringing Henry in as well he gets so excited • This is one of those times were Levi will talk freely about anything other than anime or manga • In conclusion: Bathing with Levi is good for his confidence and your relationship
• Bathing with Satan happens occasionally, cause even though he loves you more than anything he still does like his alone time • But the first time it happened was after you guys had been a date to the museum • It had been a lovely date but the only problem was that when you were walking home it had started raining, like heavy rain • Satan is a sap for romantic cliches so of course he initiates dancing in the rain. It was actually quite romantic until you started shivering and Satan decided you should probably hurry home • When you come through the door you are soaking wet and getting water everywhere • Satan is secretly happy cause Lucifer is pissed off • Satan is actually the one to suggest that you take a bath together cause “We can’t have you getting sick” • Satan isn’t like Asmo or Lucifer, he doesn’t bother or need any fancy things • He just fills up the tub, gets you to approve of the temperature and then strips to his boxers before getting in • He believes that though all those things are nice he would rather spend this rare moment with his undivided attention on you • When he gets in he gestures for you to join him and after stripping to your undergarments you join him • Often the avatar of wrath enjoys a good book but like any good reader he would never bring a book close to water • This is were his love for story telling really comes out, he’ll make up a story for you • As he’s telling the story you realise it’s awfully close to something that happened a few days ago, but only this time you get to hear what Satan actually thinks of the situation • He tries to hide the way it made him feel but you can tell by the way he’s telling the story that it’s his true emotions shinning through • While he’s telling the story you start to wash him, he’s also probably the only one that transfers into demon form without noticing • He can’t help it though, he’s just so relaxed and into his story that he doesn’t notice until you start washing his horns • You might have just killed Satan • He’s a blushing mess and can’t continue telling his story but when you try to remove your hand he gently moves it back • In conclusion: Baths with Satan doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s very special
• Bathing with Asmo happens often, but not as much as the avatar of lust wishes • He has always joked about how he wouldn’t mind you joining him in the shower or in the bath • But the first time you guys have a bath together is after a night out • Asmo had been talking about a specific party all week, jabbering about how amazing it was gonna be and how much he was looking forward to taking you with him • Unfortunately on the day of the party Diavolo had given you a whole stack of papers to fill out before the next day so you couldn’t go • Asmo was really bummed about it but decided to go anyways after some encouraging from you • More like you told him to go so he wouldn’t distract you • You spend all night filling out paperwork in Asmos room that you don’t even notice that it’s 3 am before Asmo comes through the door • “Darling what are you still doing up?!” • He looks a little drunk but he isn’t slurring as he asks you why your still up so you assume everything’s fine • “I actually just finished the last one” • You smile proudly at your boyfriend who in turn pulls you up into a hug • “Let me relax you” • He says as he pulls you into his bathroom were he starts filling up the tub • “And up you go!” • Asmo giggles as he lifts you up onto of the bathroom counter, giving you a tiny kiss before turning on some soft music • He walks around the room gathering things for the bath, shampoo, body lotion, body scrubs, all that stuff • He then gestures for you to get in the water and you do after quickly stripping off your clothes • Asmo does the same as crawls in behind you, gently massaging your shoulders as he whispers sweet nothings in your ear • His words soon turn to praise “You worked so hard” “You did so good” “You’re the most wonderful being I have ever seen” • He’ll be very careful as he washes you, not wanting to spoil the moment by making a move for anything more intimate • Bathing with Asmo is one of the only times he doesn’t have a flirty remark to everything, he’s being genuine and doesn’t need to keep up the act of being perfect • In conclusion: Bathing with Asmo is pure relaxation and a thing you do often
• Taking a bath with Beel happens rarely as it’s hard to fit you both in a tub • It does happen though, it’s mostly after Beel has had a big game • So he’ll get home all sweaty and exhausted, feeling like he can’t stand on his feet for another second • When you pull him with you into the bathroom where you have prepared the most wonderful bath • The bath smells of either coconut or fruity depending on which shampoo you used for the bubbles • And beside the bath stands a light snack, well a light snack for Beel so probably almost a buffet • Beels eyes lights up and before you know it you are engulfed in a big bear hug • “Thank you so much” • He’ll get into the bath first and then you guys figure out how to get you in there as well • It’s not the most comfortable on your part but baby boy looks so happy that you don’t mind • Beel isn’t a man of many words so he likes to just listen to you, you can honestly be talking about anything and he’ll be happy • If you asks then he will also tell you about his game and how it went in more details • If you first get him started then he’ll talk for hours, about his brothers, his favourite food, all the reasons he loves you • He does that a lot already but he basically showers you in love when you guys bathe together • If you ask then he’ll try to wash your hair, he’s not as bad at it as you might think but he’s not the best • But hey it’s the thought that counts and honestly his smile is enough to make everything perfect • He also loves when you wash his hair, but you’ll probably need to get out of the tub to do that • When you wash his hair you tend to sing to him, he loves your voice even if it’s really out of pitch • He loves you and therefore he loves your singing and the way your nails feel in his hair • Conclusion: Baths with Beel is filled with so much love it almost feels overwhelming
• Baths with Belfie happen semi often • It started after Belfie fell asleep in the tub and now Beel is worried he might drown • Of course Belfie insists Beel is just being paranoid and that he doesn’t need a babysitter to watch over him • “But if you were to take a bath with me... well that would be a different case” • Cheeky shit, but you decided that it’s better than him drowning and also who doesn’t want a nice relaxing bath with their boyfriend • You’ll probably need to get the bath ready while he sleeps, cause else he’ll use up all his energy on making the bath and not actually taking it • I can imagine Belfie liking galaxy themed bath bombs and lavender smell • So the bath is filled with lavender soap and a galaxy bath bomb and probably also has one of those headrests • You’ll ask Belfie if he wants you to wear swimwear and his answer is to just strip naked and get in • Cheeky fucker • So you do the same and sit between his legs, he’ll wrap his arms around you and burry his face in your shoulder • “Hey don’t fall asleep there” • You tease but all you get is a playful nibble to your neck • “Shut up” • He says that but in reality he is just thinking of how amazing you are, even after all that has happened you still allow him to be this intimate with you • The bath is mostly silent except for the occasional whisper of how much he loves you • Don’t call him out on it though cause then he’ll deny even wanting you around • You’ll have to ask him to wash your hair cause he won’t initiate it in fear of freaking you out • Honestly his hands feel magical as they lazily work their way through your hair • He’ll gladly let you do the same just don’t get soap in his eyes • After you guys have a nap, I mean what could you expect when you used lavender soap • In conclusion: Baths with Belfie always make him feel warm and fuzzy cause he gets reminded of how much you love him
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the-purpleblushh · 3 months ago
Heyyyy, I'm your suggestive anon :D
And today I'm back with another suggestive request,
So how about brothers reaction on Mc leaving Visible Hickeys on them?
Hope you have a great day dear, Ty (And I freaking loved the last one :))
Hey my suggestive anon, I hope you're doing fine too, mc is gender neutral here (no pronounciation actually) so here you go 💜
Tumblr media
Brothers when you leave a visible hickey on them:
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, do not read if you're underage
*Smug smirk* touches the hicky infront of you while you both get ready to start your day, "my my, looks like someone was too eager last night, what should we do darling?"
Keeps his head high while walking so the hicky gets enough jealous stares.
Pride level +99999999999
Examines the hicky everytime uses the washroom.
Goes to meet prince and *unintentionally* shows off to Diavolo, "well Lucifer, looks like your and Mc's relationship is on full bloom"
Gets embarrassed,blushes yet doesn't try to hide it daddy takes pride in it duh what are you saying instead plans on getting revenge from you by not letting you walk straight for next few days :').
50 shades of red Mammon in the morning is a nice view, you can bet your life on it :')
"O-oi human look w-what ya did, I have a s-shoot today d-damnit"
Insists his director & make up artist to do shirtless shoots and keep his hicky intact so he can ✨flex✨.
Whenever someone points out he snorts, "well I'm the great Mammon after all, of course I get plenty of chicks"
Your glare at him -> he gets a heart attack -> you leave from the place -> he runs after you -> he kabedons you -> ✨make out session ✨
| You: 0 | Mammon:0 | Hickeys; 100|
Conclusion: you both are covered with Hickeys now congratulations.
Screams Internally + Externally in the washroom early in the morning.
"Levi ?! what happened are you okay????"
*Unrecognisable screach....*
"Levi I don't understand alien language..."
Doesn't know what to do infront of his brothers, should he hide or should he show off? diavolo have mercy on him...
Stays shirtless while playing with his entire guild because it's 'hot' outside:')
When someone points it out "Oh Lol it's from my partner"
Confidence level: +9999999
Tries to rile you up entire day *unintentionally* so you would give him more Hickeys (hehe sneaky snake).
He loves marking you so when you mark him instead, he's Initially Blushing, but within a split second lips curled into smirk which he only shows when his pride level literally exceeds Lucifer's.
"Well well looks like my kitty has become rebellious"
Keeps his shirt's collar button open so everyone can have the best view.
Whenever someone stares extra hard, satan smirks and sends you the update with some ✨wisdom✨ like what he's going to do with you at night as a revenge and so on :').
Toward the end of day everyone in the bookclub knows that Satan's partner is ✨eager✨.
Makes sure to give you plenty of matching marks that night and forbids you from using concealer to hide it.
Hickeys ? On Avatar of lust? From YOU??? Asmo is a sucker of it.
Give him marks please, show both of your marks off together, show the world that you both belong to each other.
No matter how much make up he uses, he never covers up the Hickeys you leave on him.
He encourages you to give him more.
Wears more revealing outfits to flex more.
He loves you ,he takes pride on it and don't worry he's going to show his appreciation for the Hickey tonight in the most sensual and productive way.
Doesn't notice at first until someone else (specifically you) points it out.
He's the most chill brother about it though.
He loves the fact that you have marked him,he loves to be called as yours.
When his teammates points it out after the match he feels like Lucifer's sin has possessed him, he feels so prideful.
Plans on thanking you by pleasuring you like the royalty at night.
*At dinner table*
Beel: Belphie what's that above your collarbone? Is that a mosquito bite?
Belphie: Yes.
Beel: That mark is really deep, was the mosquito big?
Belphie: dunno, take measurement if you want, they are sitting beside you *points at you*.
Lucifer & Mammon: *chokes*
Belphie has no filter about it, why should he? He loves you, you love him and he lives to mark you as his and so do you. He's not only the spoiled brat, you're a spoiled gremlin too :').
Whenever someone stares for very long at his hicky he would go to them and ask with a cocky look "like what you see?" And then leaves the place with a chuckle.
Flexes extra hard whenever you both are in the same place, be it outdoor or indoor.
Keeps collar button open of his R.A.D shirt turning a deaf ear to Lucifer's warnings.
At night throws baseless accusations on you so he can punish you nice and hard.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and stay safe everyone and please take care of yourself 💜
@mammonprotectionsquad <3
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goblins-writing · a year ago
Request: Demon brother HCs for an MC who is fucking terrified of raised voices. They hide it really well, but given half a chance they will leave the area to go hide in their room under the covers. If someone yells at them they are 110% guaranteed to start crying, even if they don’t want to
A/N: Not super proud of how these turned out but I loved this request. Please don’t hesitate to request more, dear anon!
Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmodeus x MC, Beelzebub x MC, Belphegor x MC 
Warnings: Mentions and descriptions of confrontation 
- Knew there was something up when you kept disappearing when his brothers got loud
- Thought you were leaving out of annoyance, however, because he does the same thing when his brothers get loud 
- When you tell him it scares you, he sighs
- Is frustrated that his brothers antics are causing you harm; wants you to have a good time during your stay in the Devildom 
- afterall Diavolo’s reputation is on the line if you’re having a bad time
- He talks to his brothers about it and they immediately feel guilty, but it’s not guaranteed that they will stop entirely 
- When it happens again he yells at his brothers out of habit, and then realizes what he did and quickly hunts you down to apologize
- Finds you crying in the library, and something in his heart tightens
- Walks over and sits by you, resting his hand on your shoulder and rubbing circles with his thumb
- He’s not one to coddle, but will do so for your sake
- If you’re comfortable with it, he pulls you into him and starts trying to comfort you
- Will stay as long as you want him to, given he has the spare time
- “You’re safe here with me, dove.” 
- Most of the time, the loud voices are either caused by him or ARE him
- He doesn’t mean to upset you, and when you tell him that what he’s doing is upsetting you he feels incredibly guilty 
- Plays it up at first, acting like he’s not bothered by it and places the blame on you 
- “Well if you weren’t so sensitive--” 
- Mammon, shut up
- One day, however, his yelling causes you to cry and run out of the room
- Ignores his brothers accusing glares and runs after you 
- Finds you in your room under a blanket, sniffling 
- Ouch. He never meant to do this 
- Sucks up his pride and ego and sits next to you, resting his hand on the lump that is your torso
- Is silent for a few minutes before finally deciding to do something
- Lays besides you and pulls the blanket away from your face
- Get ready for a night of him apologizing and trying to make it up to you 
- “I’m sorry for scaring you, but I’m here to protect my human now. Wanna watch a movie? Your pick.” 
- Understands the most out of all of them 
- Loud voices don’t necessarily scare him, though 
- They just bother him (A/N: I headcanon him to be easily bothered by things, from someone tapping their fingers to chewing sounds) 
- Finds you crying in the hallway one day after a family argument and is immediately alarmed
- Rushes over to you and makes the mistake of raising his voice in concern when he asks you whats wrong 
- You tearfully explain to him what happened and he apologizes and then invites you to his room
- Turns on relaxing music and lays on the floor next to you, watching the fish in his aquarium while trying to get you out of your panic
- “Do you see the blue and yellow fish? I named it Dory after one of your human movies.” 
- Might end up slipping his hand into yours and cuddling up into your side
- Like Levi, he also gets it 
- Afterall, reading is easier when it’s quiet 
- One day he’s in his demon form and yelling at everyone during dinner
- You’re tense sitting besides him, trying to keep your calm
- That is until he yells at you 
- You run out of the room crying 
- He goes silent realizing he messed up and quickly goes back to his normal form
- Decides to give you space until after dinner, then he tracks you down
- You’re on the stairs in the entrance hall, crying 
- He slowly approaches and sits besides you 
- Apologizes and asks if there’s anything he can do to make it up to you 
- If there is, he won’t hesitate to do whatever it is 
- If there isn’t, he’ll sit there with you and explain why he was angry and continue to apologize
- Eventually lays his head on your shoulder and sighs
- “I’m sorry, dear. Come, let me read to you. Maybe that can help calm you down.” 
- You agree to go to The Fall with him one night, not quite expecting it to be so loud
- One patron yells at you when you bump into them and you’re quick to run off 
- You run into the family bathroom, but Asmo is quick so before you can close the door he’s entering behind you 
- Immediately he’s pulling you into his arms and cooing to you
- “Shhh, I’m here. We can go home. You’ll be okay.” 
- Can’t relate to your struggle but does understand where you’re coming from
- Raised voices and other loud noises can be very overwhelming and upsetting 
- Like an expensive nail polish that ends up chipping easily 
- Takes you home and runs you a relaxing bath 
- “I’m here if you need me. And if you need some company ;)” 
- Understands more than you’d think 
- He doesn’t like raised voices because most of the time they mean conflict 
- Soft baby does not like conflict :(( 
- One day Belphie and you are arguing and he says something mean really loudly 
- You run off crying and Belphie stops yelling
- Beel comforts and scolds his twin before going off to find you 
- He finds you in the kitchen staring aimlessly into the refrigerator 
- Comes up behind you and closes the refrigerator door not before grabbing something small to eat though
- Rests back against the counter and asks you whats wrong 
- Listens attentively while you explain and then carefully pulls you into a bear hug
- Offers to bake you something and stay with you as long as you’d like 
- “It’ll be alright, sweetness. I’ve got you. Always.” 
- Like Mammon and Satan, was probably the cause for your meltdown 
- He’ll go find you in the planetarium, and sits across from you 
- Starts to apologize and you in turn explain how and why he upset you
- He gets it, loud noises and raised voices also upset him when they ruin his naps 
- You two make a pillow fort in the planetarium while you talk about everything
- In the finished pillow fort he pulls you in for cuddles
- “I apologize, lovey. I’ll make sure not to raise my voice at you again. And I am always here for you when you need somewhere to calm down.” 
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asmosmainhoe · 2 months ago
Hii wondering... How would Lucifer, Levi, Satan, Barbatos, Solomon and Diavolo react to a crafty MC that is a silent gifter? Like for example they bring a cup of tea to Lucifer and his cup has a new cozy, or without knowing when Satan finds a new bookmark embroidered by MC, or Diavolo's a new journal in his bag made specifically for him, or something like that?
Anyways. Thank you very much for your writing!
MC is a silent gifter
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
The idea with the cup cozy has me screaming over here lmao I love it and so does he
Imagine you bring him tea or coffee without him asking you to do it
Quite surprised that you go out of your way just to bring him something to his office
Thanks you and extends his hand to take the cup from you, but doesn't look up from the paperwork
Then the moment he feels the cozy his head shoots up and he raises his eyebrows in confusion
"Mind telling me what exactly that is?"
"Oh, so you don't burn your hand. I've noticed how you never take your cup by the handle."
You do know he's a demon, right?
"O-oh, well, thank you."
Catch this man turning slightly red by these kind gestures
Oh, oh, my friend makes small sculptures out of gaming characters so imagine you're doing that too
Or making these glass paintings of anime characters, god I love these so much
If you give any of those things to this boy he will most definitely glitch out of existence
Great, you broke the grand admiral of hell's navy. Are you happy now?
Has a shelf in his room just with your stuff and if people ask him where he got all that cool merch he'd start bragging
"My friend did this all by themselves! You can't buy it! It's priceless!"
Okay, but imagine Mammon trying to sell one of those gifts, because he has no idea that you did them
Levi would tear the entire house down lmao
"Get the fleet ready!"
"But, sir-"
"I said what I said!"
Would treasure your bookmarks as if they're made of gold
And if you do one that matches the theme of a book he's currently reading then he'll die on the spot do you understand me?
The funny thing is that you leave them in his room or at the library at places where only he will find them
When you go back to the place where you left it to check if he took it you always find a small gift as a thank you
For example a wooden figurine of your favorite animal or a tiny box to put all the stuff you use to craft your gifts inside
Sometimes hides behind a bookshelf and when you pick the gift up he leans against the shelf with crossed arms and a smirk
"I assume you like it?"
"Oh, Satan, you really didn't have to give me something in return."
"I know."
Isn't used to receive gifts out of the blue so mans is shocked when you give him something for the first time
Like Levi he has a special shelf for your stuff
I can totally imagine him crafting things too so expect lots of gifts in return
"Barbatos, you don't have to do that! I give you those things to make your day and not to get something in return!"
"Maybe I wanna make your day too."
My man should start a Pinterest blog, because his stuff looks so neat and professional ugh
Only the best for his s/o
Or imagine you two crafting stuff together
Now that's a cute date idea oof
Gets so extremely excited and happy when you give him something that you made yourself
My big man over here just wants to find friends so what you're doing with your self-made gifts makes his heart go wownidhwiwbidjwis
Desperately wants to give you something in return, but it has to be just as personal and cool so he tries doing things on his own too
It doesn't end up that good...
His entire office is full with glue and glitter and Dia? Dia looks just as bad, covered with paint and what not
You love his gifts so much though so he gets prouder than Lucifer when he sees your big smile
Let's Barbatos teach him some stuff so his gifts and everything around him doesn't end up so messy
It still does
You'd also make those magick jars or pouches OR YOUR OWN CANDLES WITH COOL MARKINGS WOW
Do you know those good luck or protection jars that are so tiny you can use them as a necklace? Yea that's what you give him and he doesn't take it off at all
Okay, but imagine you make a candle by your own and he gives it back to you with sigils carved on it and you're all confused
"What does it mean?"
"It's a protection for loved ones."
You also make boxes for his herbs or candles and he swaps all his old boxes with yours, because they match his aesthetic more and well...they're yours
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s8nluvr · a year ago
The normie way. (obey me!leviathan x reader)
In which MC can’t pass a level of a game and has to ask the great Leviathan for help. The original request can be found here!
You couldn’t help but sigh out of frustration. The bright red letters popped up on the screen yet again, signalling another loss on your part. You couldn’t pass this level no matter how hard you tried. The boss was just too tricky and you couldn’t figure out what combo you had to use to defeat it.
You were sitting on the floor in Levi’s room, playing a game he’d recommended you a while back. Your focus had been directed at the big TV for the past few hours, meanwhile the Avatar of Envy was lazily lounging on his bed, having busied himself with the newest Helltendo. But now, as your annoyance kept growing and your patience was starting to run thin, you realized that desperate times called for desperate measures.
“Levi.” You called out to the demon, trying to get his attention, but to no avail.
“Leviiiiii…” You tried again, this time letting something that sounded like a whine escape your lips.
This caused the demon’s ears to finally perk up, head rising from the small console in hand. “What do you want?” His eyes were narrowed down at you, irritation dancing in them from being interrupted. But you didn’t care, knowing he wasn’t truly angry with you. He was the one that invited you to his room in the first place, anyways.
So, you simply pointed to the screen behind you, which had the flashing GAME OVER letters on full display, as if ridiculing you for your loss. Your gaze met Levi’s as you pouted. “I can’t pass this level. Can you help me?” You tried to muster up the cutest puppy eyes you could. “Pretty please?”
You knew you were in for a mocking the moment you decided to ask for help, so hearing him start to snicker didn’t surprise you in the slightest. “Pffft.” Levi snorted. “Of course, a normie like you can’t pass a level as simple as this.”
You rolled your eyes at the light hearted insult. “Yes, my liege, now get your ass off the bed and come help this loser out.” You waved the controller at him, seeing him start to stand up.
Before you could react, Levi pulled out his D.D.D. and snapped a picture of your frustrated expression. “Oh, this is gonna be so good.” The demon started typing on his phone. “ROLF LOLOL look at this normie human, who can’t beat a simple level LOLOL.” He snickered under his breath.
You started at him, lips pressed together in a tight line, a revenge plan already brewing in your head. “Done?” You raised an eyebrow at the demon as you saw him finally put his D.D.D. away, after publishing your failures to the entirety of the Devildom, and walk over to where you were sitting.
Levi didn’t respond, but plopped down next to you instead, hand outstretched for the controller. “Let me show you how true pros do it.” He smiled proudly.
This was where your masterplan had to be put into motion. You quickly jumped up to your feet and, before the demon could even think of protesting, sat down in his lap and made yourself comfortable.
Ignoring Levi’s flustered spluttering, you turned your body to look at his face, which was now completely crimson red. “I lost, so it’s fitting for me to watch closely and learn from the best on how to win.” You shot him a shit eating grin.
“Wha-“ Levi seemed to be malfunctioning. “THESE THIGHS ARE RESERVED FOR RURI-CHAN ONLY, MC.” You weren’t sure how, but the demon was even redder now.
“You know, we come as a package deal,” You lifted the controller up. “so, love it or leave it.” Then you quietly added, with a pout. “But if this makes you uncomfortable, I can get up.”
“N-no. Stay.” Levi responded, a little too quickly. “H-how else could a normie like you learn how to play.” He awkwardly cleared his throat, then lifted his arms and hesitantly wrapped his hands around your own, which were resting on the controller.
This time it was your turn to blush, not expecting him to actually do it.
You watched Levi’s fingers expertly navigate the cursor through the screen and start to load up the boss fight. “Well,” He began, a hint of embarrassment present in his voice. “you better be a pro after this.”
“I’m sure I will be.” You smiled to yourself.
You could only observe as Levi started the fight, using various combo moves you didn’t even think of using before. However, you were only half concentrated on the battle, the other half of your focus falling on the demon’s hands.
Since when were you into hands?
But you didn’t mind. They seemed incredibly attractive as they were doing what they knew best. The veins on his forearms were bulging ever so slightly and you couldn’t help but imagine how his long fingers would feel… elsewhere.
You were snapped out of your unholy thoughts when you felt something weighing down on your shoulder. It didn’t take long to figure out what it was as you felt Levi’s hot breath on your cheek and his back pressed against you more tightly than before. The demon was so concentrated on the fight before him, that he unconsciously started leaning in and placed his chin on your shoulder for a more comfortable position.
If you weren’t a blushing mess before, you certainly were now.
Your starting goal was to make the Avatar of Envy flustered, yet here you were, feeling so incredibly hot, meanwhile Levi was in his own element, not even realizing his actions.
You lifted your eyes up at the screen just as Levi was striking a finishing blow to the main boss, clearing the level.
“And that’s how you do it!” The demon exclaimed, lifting both of your arms up in glee. His chin wasn’t on your shoulder anymore and you found yourself missing the warmth. “Peace of cake.” You could feel his grin from behind you.
“Why, of course, the amazing Leviathan never loses.” You turned your head so you could see his face – cheeks tinted with a pink blush, smiling from ear to ear. “It was an honour to be in your presence, oh great one.” You teased him.
“You don’t know how lucky you are,” He rolled his eyes playfully. “many would sell their souls for the chance to be taught the art of gaming by me.”
“Oh, I don’t doubt that.” You responded, feeling the slightest hints of bitter sadness start to wash over you. You fully expected Levi to untangle himself from you and go back to playing on his Helltendo any second now.
But to your surprise, the demon placed his chin back on your shoulder, hands not moving from the controller.
“Y-you’re not going?” You asked, cursing at yourself for stuttering. You were glad he couldn’t see your face, which was beat red again.
“I figured a normie like you would lose again without my supervision.” Levi muttered out, sounding like a complete contrast to the prideful demon he was a few moments ago, when the euphoria of winning had washed over him.
“Maybe I should lose more often then.” You giggled, feeling more confident. “If it means that I get to stay in your lap.”
Now Levi was the one that was glad you couldn’t see his face, which was painted a few different shades of red. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath and unpaused the game.
The moment he started playing, he understood the reality of the situation he was in - winning was going to be far more difficult, now that he was so painfully aware of your body pressed up against his. But he had to concentrate. If he lost, he’d never live it down from you, plus, the longer he remained victorious, the longer your body was going to stay so close to his own.
And that’s what he, as a true gamer, called a double kill.
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obeymesluts · a year ago
Ass Grabbing Headcanons [ Demon Brothers ] Slight NSFW
Thank You Teddy For The Inspiration!
On One Of The Many Occasions You Got In Trouble
Lucifer Made You Clean His Office
Taking A Break From His Work, Lucifer Checked On You
He Walked Into A Breathtaking Sight
You Were Bent Over, In The Process Of Picking Up Books That Fell Over
Smirking To Himself, He Approaches You Quietly
He Grabs Your Ass, Earning A Squeak From You
“You’re Doing Such A Good Job”
He Gives Your Ass A Small Squeeze
Before Leaving Your Flustered Form Alone
Let’s Be Honest, He Wouldn’t Have The Courage To Grab Your Ass
But Asmo Promised 10 000 Grimm If He Did It
Mammon’s Actually Shaking While He Makes His Way To You
He Goes In For The Grab
But You Turned Around Before He Could Grab Your Ass
Now His Hand Is Gripping Your Thigh
Mammon Blushes, Mumbling Excuses
“Do You Want To Try That Again?”
You Whispering That In His Ear Made His Knees Weak
Making It More Difficult To Follow You Back To His Room
Levi’s Not One To Just Grab Your Ass In Public
So While You Were Above Him,
Kissing Down His Neck Slowly,
He Let Out A Whine, Having Enough With Your Teasing
Before Both His Hands Reach Behind You
Getting A Good Firm Grip On Your Ass
This Earned A Glare From You
“You Impatient Brat”
Levi’s Grip Loosened,
Catching Sight Of The Rope You Had Retrieved
Satan Huffed,
Glaring Daggers At The Demon, Sitting Beside You
Their Hands Were Practically All Over You
But He Knew You Didn’t Want To Come Off Rude By Telling Them Off
So When You Stood Up From Your Seat
Satan Rushed Over, Giving Your Ass A Nice Slap
The Sound Caught Everyone’s Attention
You Blushed Deeply, Trying To Hide Behind Satan
But He Forced You At His Side
A Gentle Grip On Your Ass
The Demon Laughed Nervously, Trying Their Best To Get Away
Luke Placed Himself At The Corner Of The Classroom,
Terrified Of That Impact Of Satan’s Hand
You Both Were Shopping As Always,
And You’ve Just Gotten Out The Changing Room
Asmo Watched As You Made Your Way To The Mirror,
In Your Little Tight Pants
Asmo Giggled As He Approached You, Examining Your Outfit
“You Should Change The Top,”
“But This,”
His Hand Gave Your Ass A Smack
“Is Perfect!”
His Fingers Soothed Over The Area Of Impact,
One Had Gripping Your Ass Tightly,
While The Other Dared To Go For Another Slap
Beel Hummed As He Entered The Kitchen,
His Stomach Loudly Growling At The Delicious Aroma
In The Kitchen, He Found The Perfect Snack
Oh, He Found His Favourite Burgers On The Table As Well
Beel Made His Way Towards You With A Smile,
Wrapping His Arms Around You
You Let Out A Small Laugh,
Telling Him That You Made Him Food
His Grip On You Became Tighter As He Kissed Your Cheek
His Hand Finding Its Way To Your Ass,
Giving Them A Playful Squeeze
Before He Let Go Of You And Began Munching On The Snacks
Did He Even Realise What He Did?
You Thought To Yourself, Face Red From The Interaction
Belphie Was Wondering Around The House,
Looking For A Spot To Sleep
When He Ran Into You, Also Wondering The Halls
He Was About To Let You Be Until He Found The Perfect Pair Of Pillows
Quickening His Pace, He Stretched His Arm Out,
Grabbing A Handful Of Your Ass,
Then A Squeeze
“Belphie, What Are You-”
He Grunted When You Turned Around,
Pushing You Back Into Your Former Position,
Feeling The Soft Skin Once More
Belphie Decided From Then,
You’d Definitely Be A Perfect Pillow
Without Getting Any Answers,
He Takes Your Hand And Brings You To His Room
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rulerofmyworld · 6 months ago
Taking a nap in MC’s lap...
✨ Older brothers edition✨
It was a rare occurrence for this man to even close his eyes for sleep, only out of annoyance.
When after a lovely cuddle session on his, albeit too large, loveseat his head -adorned with the blackest locks with bangs that faded into an angelic white- fell into your lap you didn't have the heart to move him.
His breathing was so soft, calm and it seemed he was finally at rest, dreaming peacefully while regaining his energy which he would stretch out over the span of the next couple of days. 
This will most likely just become a cycle, knowing him
You raked your fingers through his hair; first you only them softly glide against his scalp hoping that he wouldn't wake - he didn't. 
So you grew bolder with your strokes, his content sighs only spurring you on.
He didn’t wake for another hour or so and his well rested face along with his soft blush made you want to paint that picture for ever to be remembered.
“You must allow me to use your lap as a pillow again, please,” 
His tired voice drawled before peppering your neck in soft kisses.
In the end, you were both ‘replenished.”
(You both went to sleep in his very comfy bed! What were you thinking about? Tsk tsk.)
A movie night after one of Mammon’s shoots had seemed like a good idea at first. 
But now as he was halfway between sleep and awake, you couldn’t help but pity him so you offered to end movie night earlier and crawl into bed with him.
Being the stubborn man demon that he is, he refused, saying that he was “totally fine MC.” 
Yet as his head somehow ended up in your lap you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. 
He always wanted to impress, not knowing that even the smallest thing he did made you stare at him in complete love fool awe.
His white locks felt softer than your bed, pillows, comforter and best pyjamas combined. 
You swept them away from his forehead before planting a soft kiss on the middle of it, hoping that his dreaming brain could still catch the love you held for him. 
His soft sigh was all the encouragement you needed before peppering his face in loving kisses. 
“MC?” he groaned out, wiping away the sleeping dust in his eyes. All he got in return was a cheeky smile. “True love kisses woke my prince charming,” you whispered before planting another kiss on his cheek. “W-what are ya saying you you dummie!”
You were sure to tug him into bed after that, claiming that a prince like him needs proper beauty sleep. His blush was redder than Diavolo’s hair.
You were already half asleep when Leviathan stormed in your room in full demon form tail angrily wagging behind him. If steam could come out of people’s ears, your room would be a sauna.
He plopped down onto the bed, lying next to you in silence but with a frown that needed to be turned upside down. 
As the awesome partner you were, you inquired as to what was wrong only to be met with a groan before his body crushed yours in a tight grip - his way of angry hugging?
“Some guys totally cheated during Demon ops 3 and had the guts to blame me and cursed my game so it crashed,” 
You hugged him back, feeling his arms loosen up and his head nuzzling itself in your neck.
You patted his back, pressing soft kisses into his hair. “Go and have a shower Levi, cool off and then come join me. I’m reading a new manga~” 
He was up and in your bathroom in mere seconds, he’s always loved hearing you out loud manga; hearing you try and portray all these different character, your commentaries, the way you set scenes. 
He loved it.
After a lovely shower, he rejoined you, this time settling into your lap but not before bemusing how you would look in a maid outfit making you both let out a chuckle.
You hadn’t even gotten to the fifth page yet when soft snoring caught your attention, his quiet demeanor had been chalked up to him just enjoying your reading but in actuality he was asleep, his vendetta against the cheating demons forgotten.
You smiled and decided to continue with the manga. You were out not long after, just to awake with killer neck pain wich Levi offered to massage for you so really? Did you lose? No ♥
What did you think? Let me know! ♥
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asmosmainhoe · 6 months ago
hiii!! i remembered seeing an artist from the obey me fandom drawing like a parellel universe where the player is a part of the original game and the characters are the ones enamored and spending all their money on trying to get them. i think your writing would suit it! you can write about any character you would like, i hope you have a nice day/night!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ
MC is part of an otome game
I absolutely love this au oof oof
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: none
No one knows that he's playing a dating simulator and no one ever will
Isn't that addicted to it though like he only plays it late at night when he can't sleep
You're his favorite character
It's not like he spends all his money to get all your good cards or anything
Enjoying the scenes where he interacts with you is enough for him
Lucifer sometimes takes his D.D.D. away from him, because Mammon can't stop spending money on your cards or on your special scenes
Has tons of fanart downloaded on his phone
Doesn't admit that he plays the game just for you though
"It has a neat story so what? It's not like I'm in love with a fictional characters haha who am I? Levi?"
Owns so much merch
Has all your UR and UR+ cards
Even has a blog dedicated to you
We're talking about Levi here, of course he goes over the top
Also can't stop talking about you and how well written your character is and how amazing your design looks and-
It's even worse than with Ruri-chan
We all know that he's a big fanboy too ok
Probably writes fanfictions and headcanons for several books and tv shows
Why shouldn't he also write for a game then huh?
Talks a lot about it with Solomon
Has analyzed your character several times and posted it on his blog
Also has so many theories about the plot of the game even if it's just a simple dating sim
Fell in love with you the second he saw your design
Owns a key chain of your chibi version
Doesn't make it a secret that he likes the game
Even posts some screenshots on his Devilgrampage
Often uses your aesthetic for his makeup or clothes and posts that on Devilgram too
75% of the day he sings your character song
Talks about you all the time with Belphie
Actually spends money on the game
Mostly on food gifts for you
"You're turning into Mammon. Why are you wasting your money on a game?"
"You don't understand, Lucifer. I can't let them be hungry."
"You do realize that they're fictional right?"
Gets the widest grin whenever he gets a call from you
Even stops eating to listen to it
You're his number one comfort character
Honestly when he isn't asleep he's playing the game even during class
Reads tons of fluff fanfictions and headcanons with you
Also a big fan of angst
Sometimes gets sad out of a sudden, because he remembers that you aren't real and never will be
Dreams of you more often than he'd like to admit
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dreamkidddream · 4 months ago
So it’s basically where one partner is complaining about how their shirt smells and when the other person leans down to smell it their forehead gets kissed 🥺 so I had to write it for the bros 😭 I’m still doing the prompt special tho but take this as a thank you gift/self indulgent. Heavy on the ✨self indulgent✨ Reader is gender neutral!
The Brothers and Forehead Kisses (Tiktok Trend)
MC ew, he doesn’t want to smell your shirt if it stinks
Why would he want to do that
But you were so persistent and would not stop pestering him until he sniffed it, and he has paperwork to do so he doesn’t have time to waste
If this was a prank and Satan and/or Belphie put you up to you’re going to regret it
Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to smell only to feel your lips gently kiss his forehead
Very confused until you asked him if he smelt it. He did the same thing and got the same result
So this was your little prank, huh?
Honeslty doesn’t mind it, and is a little smug about it too
If you just wanted to kiss him, why didn’t you say so? He will happily grant your request
He rather do the kissing and on another body part, but he can never complain when it comes to you
10/10 recommend forehead kisses with Lucifer
He won’t outright ask you for them, but he will be expecting them for now on (especially when he’s stressed). Your kisses are possibly his only weakness (not that he’ll ever say that), and makes him feel all warm inside
You make him feel warm inside MC
He’s definitely done the sniff test on his own clothes more than once, so has no problem smelling
The only problem he had was the instant butterflies in his stomach and the blush across his face after you kissed his forehead
“Oi human! W-what do ya think ya doin’?!”
Is embarrassed and acts like the kisses are unwanted (he’s not fooling anyone), until you do it again and again and again
Very dopey and starts to complain when you pull away
“Hey! You started this, s-so ya gotta finish it! And I’m- I’m not done yet!”
You dumb human! Making him feel all these emotions for you. Now you gotta take responsibility! He’s the Great Mammon after all, and he only gets the best!
He’s lying MC don’t ever stop loving on him you’re already the best
Bonus: give him forehead kisses whenever he’s upset during your pep talks and he’ll marry you on the spot. Also becomes his favorite kiss and expects them everyday
KING of the sniff test
Man almost never leaves his room and is either gaming or binging anime (sometimes both) 25/8 what do you expect?
Has a heart attack when you kissed his forehead
Not really but he felt like he was
Face completely red, including ears, he couldn’t even stutter out his question of why you were doing this
Were you pranking him? Was this a trick?! Why would someone like you (WAAY out of his league) kiss a yucky otaku like him?
You saw that he was getting that look again, so you pecked his forehead over and over
Completely shuts down, but in a good way!
Give him forehead kisses forever MC, especially when he’s upset in his degrading mood or about to go in a jealous rage
Becomes exclusively your thing
Another one that doesn’t want to smell your shirt
If you think it smells then change??? He doesn’t understand why you’re still wearing it
Have to practically FORCE his head to your chest, and he finally gives in
Was pleasantly surprised to feel the kiss
You make him fluster so bad MC that he chokes lmao
Tries to act smug about it at first, but you caught him off guard and he is not mad about that
Kisses your forehead everyday before you leave the house: whether it’s for RAD, hanging out, whatever reason doesn’t matter
Does it everyday, and in front of everyone ESPECIALLY in front of Lucifer, he lives to spite this man
Makes him feel like he’s a part of his own love story, and that he finally had a happy ending
You are NOT fooling this man
If you want him to smell you, you gotta lie and say you sprayed some perfume or cologne and want his opinion
Well why didn’t you say so? He’ll be honored that you want his opinion but who wouldn’t? He’s Asmodeus, the best-
Did you just kiss his forehead?
Naughty MC, if it’s a kiss you wanted you didn’t have to trick him to get it~
But he didn’t mind. It makes him feel loved, a different kind, way different than what he feels from his fans, if the deep blush on his face is anything to go off of
Forehead kisses are something reserved just for you! And it doesn’t matter if it’s him kissing yours or the opposite, he loves it. He lives for it now, but only for you. This is something that his fans can never have, and they feel just a little salty about it, but they can’t stay mad for long. It’s Asmo, and MC always brings out this glow from him, and they do kinda look cute together...
Surprisingly he rather do this behind closed doors. Has no problem with kissing you in public, but it’s just more personal when it’s just you two
Keep this up MC and he may start loving you more than himself-
JK he’s obviously first place
But you have him doubting that sometimes, and it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would
Does the sniff test sometimes, but only because if he smells food on it he gets hungry and sometimes tempted to eat the shirt
He can’t help it
You want him to smell you- your shirt? Doesn’t mind, you already smell good and he does have the strongest sense of smell in the house (probably ever tbh), so it makes sense
Now Beel is one tall demon. All the brothers are pretty tall, but he’s the tallest (even if he isn’t he’s still huge), so kissing his forehead was a challenge on his own
Is deathly quiet for a few seconds, expression serious. Then...
You see the widest smile along with the red spreading across his cheeks. Purposely continues to do it even after he knows it’s a prank, doesn’t care
You awakened the beast MC
Fully expects these kisses for now on. Every. Single. Day. Not that you mind in the slightest
He goes to you whenever he feels like he needs it. Feeling famished and food isn’t working? Forehead kisses make him feel full. Need good luck for practice and on game days? Those kisses give him an extra boost. Bored? You and your kisses are more than enough to entertain him
Comes to you literally any time of the day to get your kisses. It’s better than anything he ever eats. Makes him feel better too!
Anything filled with love from you is better
MC what do you want?? He’s trying to sleep, and he doesn’t want to smell your smelly sweatshirt
Does the sniff test on his own clothes, but is petty enough to turn his nose at you
Maybe if you lay down and cuddle with him, he can probably take a whiff...
You fall for it (or so he thinks). So when he feels your soft lips on him, it’s enough to wake him up
You humans, always finding a way to trick people! Not that he cares that this trick has his heart racing and the tip of his ears burning
We all know he’s a sucker for affection no matter how much he tries to lie and deny it. So imagine how much he’s loving something so domestic like this
Is acting so shy, complaining about how unfair you are in teasing him, but you don’t miss the way his eyes flick from your lips to your own eyes, and the way that he positions himself for you to have easy access to kiss him again
Becomes your thing whether you like or not (spoiler alert: you do) and I mean just your thing. Besides from Beel, he’s pouting if you decide to do this to his other brothers. He’s the only one that should have your kisses, not his annoying and undeserving brothers! If you’re really sorry, you can apologize by giving him 10x the usual pecks and sleeping in his arms
Forehead kisses before napping and before going to bed >>>
The thought that he shouldn’t be forgiven still lingers in the back of his head, but whenever you give him that soft smooch on his forehead, it’s forgotten momentarily
You’re too good for him MC
You make him feel so cherished, so loved. He doesn’t know how he can repay you, make you feel the same, but these kisses are a good start
SN: should I do this for the BSD and MHA crew too 🤔? Cause I will 🌚 it’ll probably get done anyway lmao
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