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#obey me levi x mc
voltagesmutter · 9 months ago
The Dickening.
Kink: Masochism || Hair-pulling || Orgy 
Pairing: 7 Demons x MC (F) [Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmo x MC, Beelzebub x Belphegor x MC]. 
Fandom: Obey Me.
Warning: Fingering, Oral (Male and female), vaginal sex,   over-stimulation, breath-play, multiple-partners, spit-roasting, marking, rough-play, internal cum-shot, aphrodisiac. 
Day 14 of  @alloveroliver​.
Including prompts from @xxsycamore​​​
Thank you once more to @theinariakuma​​, @crystal13unny​​ and @andinewton​​​ for beta-ing (You are all angels).
Part 2
Tags: @thequeenofotakus-blog​, @kumovii @fairstival @acr2m @lilliansstuff @coldnachopeace @omg-mz-fanfic  @mammonsmainsimp​​​ @0-miles-away
“These should… help with the process,” Lucifer presented to you a table full of different bottles. Half of them glistening pink with shimmers of glitter, the others sky-blue with swirls of green inside. “The pink should help to… how do I put this… give additional help for you to ease the entry,” Lucifer turned slightly red as he gestured to the bottles.
“It’s an aphrodisiac sweetie,” Asmo giggled, “It will help you to take us,”.
“T-Take us? How big exactly are you!”  You questioned, eye’s widening as a blush took over your face.
“Well speaking for myself, you’ll need a whole bottle, maybe two,” He winks in response to you, causing a shot of arousal to tingle down your spine, thighs clenching in anticipation. “Oh sweetie, you already smell so good, I can’t wait to simply taste your delicate flower,” Asmo already sensed your arousal as he ran a hand up your thigh, causing a hitched breath from you. 
“Hey hands off my human! Once I’m done with her, she’ll simply be begging for me and forget about the rest of ya,” Mammon huffed, a pink tint to his cheeks as he caught your eye. When you turned back to face Lucifer, Mammon made a gesture with his fingers in the shapes of ‘L’s to try to show to his brothers just how big his cock was. 
“Anyway,” Lucifer rolled his eyes at the annoyance of being interrupted, “The blue is for afterwards, I dare say my brothers might get a bit handsy during their time and I want, - I mean we want no discomfort on your behalf, any bruises, marks, bites, any… of their…” Lucifer went redder and redder as he spoke. 
“Basically we can cum in ya with no worries,” Beelzebub finally took over, “Of course if that's okay with you,”. 
“As Beelze so crudely put it, but what he said is true, there is no fear of any… mistakes happening, in heat our product tends to be extremely fertile and urges take over, when we… well you know,” Lucifer once again fading out. You can’t help but try not to laugh at his awkwardness, but this is clearly new territory to his and them all as it is to you. “Solomon has worked tirelessly to perfect these, you have nothing to fear, I assure you,”.
“Okay,” You nod with a swallow, “So how does this work? Are you all, like at the same time?”.
“No,” Lucifer quickly interrupts your question, “No, heat will last over the next week, each of my brothers have chosen a day to spend with you as long as you wish to continue,”.
“We wanted to give you a day of rest so me and Beelze have shared a day,” Belphegor perked up. “I hope you handle two demon cocks at the same time princess,” He whispers into your ear as he leans over your shoulder, causing a deep blush to rise on you. The remaining brothers protesting to see it and yell at Belph to get off you.
“I apologise for him, he always seems to be most affected when the build up starts,” Lucifer scowls as Belph quickly pulls back from you. “Is there anything?”.
“No, that's all,” You smile softly as Lucifer takes your hand and gently squeezes it, his own kind smile matching yours, “I- I know you guys won’t hurt me, I trust you,”.
It was a rare time in the house of Lamentation, for the first time ever all the brothers' heat were syncing up to take place over the same week. Normally they had separate weeks spread throughout the year, only this time heat week occurred from the eldest to the youngest. And to make matters worse, you, their little precious human, was there. They all knew heat was coming two weeks before it started, intolerable lust coursing through their veins, extra sensitive to smell, being in demon form without any control. All were suffering.
Lucifer had offered for you to stay with Solomon, but his at times harsh humour and persona would make it a very un-enjoyable week. In all honesty you wanted to help the brothers, they did so much for you that you were desperate to give back.
You couldn’t even deny the sexual tension between each and everyone of them. As if each one wanted to claim you, pact with you, but couldn’t due to their brothers. It lingered thick in the air, a too long touch of the hand from Satan, a heated gaze from Lucifer when no one was looking, a playful grab to your ass from Mammon. All little things that held value to you, cherished moments and feelings towards them all.
So when you awoke a week before their heat, all of their faces shocked at your words during the morning meeting over breakfast, “Well, what if I help you?” After some much needed discussion, Mammon, Levi and Asmo needing no persuasion, you came to an agreement with the brothers.
And that is how you found yourself being prepared to be the ultimate sex toy amongst six devilishly handsome demons. 
Day One:
Lucifer was right, the potion you drank in the morning had sent your nerves alight, heat and want pulsing throughout your body. Your stomach twisted in knots, arousal shooting straight down your spine and to your core.  
With bated breath you made your way to Beelzebub and Belphegor’s room, dressed in only a thin tank top and shorts. You didn’t even make it to the door where it was flung open, Beel eagerly licking his lips, eyes the colour of the galaxy now swarmed with a clear lusting cover. 
“I could smell you all the way down the corridor,” He hummed, holding your waist and pulling you into his room, his face buried in your neck, “You smell delicious, almost too good to eat,”. A groan comes from the other side of the room, Belphegor sat atop of his bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a sly grin. Both were already in their demonic forms, heads adorned with onyx horns as iridescent wings slowly fanned the room. A thick tail with hair fanned out at the bottom twitched occasionally as they undressed you with their eyes. 
There was no time for formalities or jokes in the situation, you were here to help them with heat and that was exactly what you were going to do. Clothes dispersed around the room, two sets of hands stripping them off you as fingers touched every inch of your freshly exposed skin. Sandwiched between the two, lips fighting a tongue battle with Beel as Belphie sucked on your neck, leaving red growing marks in their wake. The size of their cocks had made you clench over nothing, both long with thick girths, Belphies with a thick meaty vein running from base to tip on the underside. They both growled to see your eyes widen at them, red-hot and pulsing with need.
“You're so wet already,” Belphie hummed lowly into your ear, the soft brush of his tail grazing between your spread legs to feel the wetness already at your slit, before sinking his teeth into your lower lobe. You moaned into Beels mouth, unsure of whose fingers were running circle motions over your clit whilst two more pushed straight into you. 
A sharp hand in your hair turned your face to the side so Belphie could kiss you, his teeth nipping at your lower lip, leaving it red and bruised as he sucked on it before releasing with a lewd pop. Beel kissed his way down your torso before dropping to his knees. The fingers on your clit stopped at he slid them to your ankle to grip it gently and lift your leg to rest on his shoulder. 
“Fuck you smell so good,” He muttered bringing his nose to your exposed flesh and inhaling deeply. The tiniest flick of his tongue over your clit sent you clenching over Belphie’s fingers causing a hiss from the demon behind you. 
‘Move!” Beel growled at his brother's fingers as he licked a long stripe from where they entered you to the end of your clit. 
“I wanna make her cum first,” Belphie hissed, pulling himself away from the red-marks he was leaving along your neck, moving his fingers to curl inside you. You let out a whimper, the potion inside you drastically increasing your sensitivity. Every little touch, breath or noise was tenfold the usual, your skin and blood on fire as you craved more and more. 
“Please,” You whimpered, “Please I need more.” The two brothers exchanged a nod in silence, both of them stepping away as you whined at the loss, only for them to guide you onto one of their beds. From there they lay you down on your back, head hanging off the edge of the bed. Beel sat between your spread thighs whilst Belphie stood in front of you. His cock right in your eye-line as you stared up at it with hooded eyes, tongue darting out to wet your lips.
“Now be a good princess,” Belphie cooed softly as you let out a high pitched whine to feel Beel already with his head between your thighs, licking and sucking on your heated flesh like it was his first meal of his life, “Let Beel eat that pretty little pussy of yours whilst I fuck your pretty little mouth.” His cock already in your mouth by the time he finished his sentence, groaning loudly to see your lips stretch as he pushed more of him into you. 
It was awkward in the position to move your head, letting Belphie cup the back of your head where it met your neck as he thrusted into your mouth with wild abandonment. “Oh you can take more, I know you can,” The pink liquid you had taken helped to ease the motion as his head hit the back of your throat, choking you slightly without the repercussion of a gag-reflex. One hand grasped on his thigh while the other sought purchase in Beelze's hair, tugging and grasping at each movement of his tongue.
Saliva pooled in your mouth, running down your face each time he thrusted out and back in, a twisted smile on his face as he kept his eyes focused on you at all times. A humming growl of primal instinct came as he thrust faster, watching the outline of his cock at the top of your throat appear and disappear each time. 
Your throat tightened as Beel’s tongue thrusted into your core after such teasing of his tongue over your clit causing your eyes to widen and a low groan to roll in your throat.. 
“Do that again and I’ll cum.” Belphie groaned with his head tossed back, a particular harsher thrust down your throat as you attempted to swallow the pre-cum already releasing from him. 
Beel did the action again, this time curling his tongue which made your back arch off the bed, thighs pushing tightly against either side of his head. The grip in his hair tightened, anchoring him in place to where you needed him most. You were already so close. You hummed again but this time louder, the vibrations of your enclosed throat proving to be too much as Belphie gripped your head tightly, pushing his cock to be fully hilted inside you as you choked around him once more as he came. Hot-white salted release dribbling down the back of your throat, filling your mouth to the point it leaked from your lips leaving a trail of essence and saliva down your mouth.
“What a pretty sight princess, what a good girl you are taking all of me like that,” Belphie running his thumb along your cheek as you tried to catch your breath but mewls fell from it as Beel tongue fucked you harder. Belphie dropped to his knees, leaning your chest up and resting your head on his shoulder as he cupped your breasts, tugging sharply at your nipples causing another moan and buck of the hips from you to Beel’s face. The angle Belphie put you in gave you a perfect view of the ginger brother between your thighs. The hand now free from Belphie’s thigh joined the other to grasp Beelze’s hair, clutching to it to ground you as he brought you closer and closer to ecstasy. “Now be even better and cum all over his face,”.
It didn’t take much more than those words and Beel’s heated gaze as he peered up from between your thighs whilst his tongue twisted and curled inside you to find a release. Only you didn’t cum. 
Hot arousal pulsed from within you, starting from your scalp down to your toes as your back arched full of Belphie, fingers now twisting into the bed sheets below. Your hips bucked wildly as you cried out, core pulsing tighter and tighter.  Your eyes screwed shut as you collapsed back down, ragged breaths from you and deep monstrous groans from the two brothers. Only when you open your eyes did you realise what had happened. 
You’d squirted. 
Something you didn’t know you were able to do, all over Beel’s face which was dripping down onto his godly-defined torso. The sight itself made you clench and thighs clamp together. 
A snarl came from Beel, as Belphie continued to thumb over your nipples, gripping your thighs and wrenching them open as he knelt back between them. One hand keeping them open as the other wrapped around his throbbing cock, his eyes focused on your pulsing core before moving up to whine at your cum stained mouth which was still dripping with Belphies release. His wings fluttered quickly, the horns embedded in his orange hair seemed to throb in time to his cock. Two quick jerks, a deep groan and Beel found his release, spewing hot seed onto your stomach and thighs. 
His cock still stood solid after as had Belphies, arousal still high in the air between all three of you as you realised none of you would be satisfied until you were passing out.
“I can’t wait to feel you squirt all over my cock,” Belphie groaned into your ear followed by a groan from Beel as they moved you into position on your hands and knees.
Day two:
The bites and marks the two brothers had left all over your skin were no-longer visible the following morning, the seed that filled you to the point of dripping from you was also gone. No aches, no pains, nothing. 
“I trust my brothers treated you well yesterday?” Leviathan asked when you turned up to his room, inspecting your skin for any marks or bruises.
“Yes, Beel and Belphi-!” You started only to be cut off as Leviathan pinned you to the solid oak door.
“Oh normie, normie, normie,” He chuckled darkly, his orange eyes burning into your soul as they hinted a darkness behind them, “Don’t you know who you're dealing with?” His tail snaked up around your abdomen before curling gently around your neck, “Don’t ever mention another man's name when in my presence.” followed by a light squeeze to your neck. 
The avatar of envy for clear reasons.
Levi led you over to his bed, a bathtub now filled with water and the heavenly scent of rose. Your normally shy friend wasted no time, pulling you to him as he kissed you softly, holding you close to him as he gently tugged at your clothes. “Off!’ He whispered as he bit your lip before pulling back, pulling off the large hoodie he was wearing along with jeans with pure commando underneath. You couldn’t help but gasp to see the already-semi he’d gotten, although between your thighs were also already wet.
He helped you into the water, lying down as he pulled you to straddle him, his lips already re-attaching to yours as his hands fondled your breasts. The snake-like feel of his tail inching up your thighs to brush against your sex, both of you hissing at the feel of it. Thick and smooth. 
He moved one hand down to cup your ass, whilst the other held your waist as he moved hot kisses down to your collarbone, a sharp bite every now and then before focusing his attention on your breasts. Capturing them in his mouth as he sucked on a nipple, sharp teeth grazing over them as you threw your head back, unable to stop yourself from grinding over his tail that rested against your clit. 
“Oh Levi…” You moaned out, the gentle push of the tip of his tail into your core. Never had you felt something like this, warm yet cold, thicker and thicker it went as he slowly pushed more into you, stretching you ready for the girth of his cock. You cling to his shoulders for support as he thrusts slowly in and out until your arousal runs down his tail and mixes into the water below.  
Heat rose to your cheeks as the tip of his tail curled inside you, searching until-
“Oh!” You cried out, clenching tightly as he found the spot he was looking for. 
“I want you to cum on my tail,” He groaned against your skin, continuing to repeatedly hit that spot over and over again. Your vision flooded with stars, breaths becoming more sparse with each second as you grinded down against his movements.
“I- I wanna...Levi...I,” You whimper, scratching red marks down his chest, the pit of your stomach dropping as the coil tightened like your muscles around him.
“Words baby, tell me,” He gently pushed a piece of hair stuck to your sweating forehead behind your ear. 
“I wanna cum on your cock…” Embarrassment pushed to the side as you felt him still for a mere second. A lowly chuckle fell from his lips, sitting up in the water to slap your ass before squeezing it.
“Begging to be fucked already I see?” He sucks on your lower lobe, “You good girl.” The motion of his tail quickens, bringing on your orgasm in rushed speed as you wither in his hold, circling your hips as they buck against him. Head thrown back with a trail of sweat running down your back as you collapse against his chest. “Now,” He pulls his tail out of you as you whimper slightly, only to have the head of his cock pushing into you, “You can come on my cock,”. He pushed into you slowly, he was thick with a stretch that still burned slightly even with the potion and you were still sensitive from your orgasm. 
“L-Levi! S-Stop!” You gasp, pushing your hand to his chest as he completely stilled, even in heat a demon knew ‘no’. 
“Is everything okay? Should I pull out? I-I,” Levi’s normal persona slipping through the cracks of his heat, cock still buried partly inside you. 
“N-no I, I’m gonna cum,” You say in short breaths, focusing your hardest not to move as his cock currently pressed against a spot inside you that was about to have you undone in seconds. 
“Oh baby girl,” He grins with a cheshire smile, “Then cum.”. With that he shallowly thrusts into the same spot, the angle of his cock, the throbbing of his head, the push of his tail against your clit sent you hurtling off the edge with only half of his cock inside you. You convulsed around him, squeezing him as you pulsed, only for him to push further into you, fighting against your tightening walls. Your head dropped to his shoulder moaning loudly, your chest pressed to his as he held your hips to guide you into a grind. You whimpered from over-sensitivity, tears pooling in your eyes as you glanced up to see Levi smirking down at you. 
“Don’t worry baby,” He thrusted into the grind, tail never slowing its movements on your clit as you spasmed over him, “I’ll give you exactly what you asked for.” Thrusting into you at a speed where water splashed out of the side, another wave of pleasure hit you as you bonelessly collapsed against him, letting orgasm after orgasm wave across you until your mind was blank.
Day 3:
Sore muscle? None.
Imprints around your neck from where Levi’s tail had gripped you? None.
You woke up the next morning to an ache between your thighs, as if you were already desperate to be filled once more by another brother. 
Only it turned out the ache wasn’t purely from you.
“Good morning sweetie,” Rose studded eyes peering from between your thighs as you looked down, Asmo with his chin and mouth slick, “I must say I’m surprised it’s taken you so long to wake up after the way you’ve been calling out for me all morning,”. You can feel the slickness already dripping down your thighs and ruining your bedsheets.
“Asmo…” You wither, throwing your head back as a long stripe of his tongue started from your core to your clit, a hum of approval as he does. You try to reach down and bury your fingers in his hair but a cold movement stops you, your hands bound by handcuffs to the bed. 
“Sorry sweetie, but the way you were tugging my hair, I was going to lose control,” Followed by a gentle nip to your thigh. 
“How long-... how long have you.. fuck,” You whimper, pushing your heels down as you feel two fingers thrusting into you, the sound of wet arousal already filling your room.
“Three my dove, and I think,” He twists his fingers causing your back to arch with a pleasant sigh, “Your about to give me a fourth.” And just like that you came again around his fingers, crying out to feel your walls tense and pulse. “I knew you would taste sweet.” He whispered against your clit, pulling his fingers out to replace them with his tongue. Curling the lengthy muscle inside you to lap up all your sweet release. 
“Looks like the aphrodisiac is starting to work on you.” He teases, head still buried between your thighs as you turn to see two empty bottles of it beside you, Asmo had clearly poured them into your mouth whilst you were asleep. Not that you minded, this was a beyond pleasant way to wake up.
“Asmo!” Hips bucking, fists tugging against the steel of the cuffs around you, “More, god please more.” The lips around your lower ones suck once before releasing with a wet pop. 
“Oh sweetie…” He hums, pulling himself away, crawling slowly up your body to press his wet lips against your ear, “There is no god here, there is only me.” Your eyes widen to feel the heated length sliding against your folds, coaxing himself in your arousal. He leans over to press a kiss to your lips, tongue running around your lower before pulling back. “You taste like sweet berries,” He giggles. “Now,” He strokes a finger down your arm before it meets the handcuffs, “Shall I take these off… oh I guess I’ll leave them on then”. Half through his sentence you shook your head, a meek ‘Please keep them on’ came from you. 
Kneeling up, Asmo kept himself between your parted legs as he stroked himself. You let out a whimper to see him-
-Asmo was right, you definitely needed two bottles to take him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Asmo stroked your thigh as if sensing your nerves at his size. The stretch of him as he pushed in brought tears to your eyes, the drag of him against your velvet walls sent a heat across your body. Cheeks rising as you panted already, the feeling of being so full as he buried himself to the hilt inside you. His name fell over and over from your mouth as he pulled back to thrust forward, the squeak of the bed growing louder with each quickening thrust. His hands gripped on to your waist as your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer as he thrusted into you, your ass resting upon his thighs. 
“You feel so good,” Asmo rolled his hips into you, hitting every sweet spot inside you that made you sing out to him.
“Oh… fuck Asmo… harder.” You moaned beneath him, digging your heels into his lower back to spur him on.
A chuckle isn’t the reaction you expected. 
“You want it harder sweetie? My beautiful little human likes it rough?” He teased, peering down to watch you nod eagerly.
“Oh sweetie.” He smirked, hoisting your legs off of him and throwing them over his shoulders as he slammed into you, hands tightly holding your ankles. Your heated screams of pleasure were drowned out by the headboard shunting against the wall, the mattress struggling to cope with the roughening thrusts. Springs beneath you threatening to snap, like the coil within you that was already on the verge of breaking. 
The position of your hands above you gave him a perfect view of the way your breasts bounced with each thrust, admiring the way they slapped against your skin like the way his hips did against yours. 
“Gonna… gonna cum Asmo…” You groaned, back raising off the bed as your thighs began to tremble. Within the next breath Asmo pulled out and flipped you over, pulling your hips up as he thrusted back into you, he’d been kind enough to cross your arms when he cuffed them so during the flip it was a comfortable position. 
“Cum for me my sweetie, let my brothers know who’s making you feel so good,” He sings out, thrusting in abandonment into you. A bite to your neck pushes you over the edge, his name crying from your mouth so loud it could be heard throughout the house. 
Day 4: 
The moans from you getting louder and louder in pitch from the kitchen. Sat upon the wooden work surface, legs spread wide with white tufts of hair between them. Mammon ravaged you on the spot after he told you, ‘I need my breakfast’. The normally teasing demon swept you up straight up on the counter and tugged your shorts and panties down before you could even take another breath. 
“So good, so sweet my human.” He groaned, holding your lower lips apart with one hand as the other pushed against your thighs to stop them from crushing his head. 
Head thrown back to hit the tiled wall behind you, fingers grasping on to his horns causing him to rutt his hips against the cabinets, the lewd wet noises of him eating you like a feast filled in the air. Chest rising up and down as you tugged your top down with one hand, toying with your own exposed nipples for a slight added stimulation. The grunt that left Mammon to peer up and see it, was all you needed to be pushed over the edge. It was a purely erotic sight to be hold. 
He took you against the counter, hips thrusting into you with pure control and precision. Mammon unraveled you faster than he could swipe Goldie. Only the orgasm you gave him was much more satisfying to his needs than spending money. Leaving a sticky trail of evidence upon the counter, for only someone else to discover later in the day. 
Your lips were wrapped around his cock at least three times. One in the shower, once on his bed and once upon the pool table. Each time ending in your mouth full of his release, too much for you to swallow causing it to dribble out down your chin and spread against your chest. Mammon burning the sight into his mind. 
He bent you over every piece of furniture he could find, ramming his cock into you from behind until your legs threatened to buckle from under you. He’d lean over and whisper dirty words into you just to feel you clench over him, your muscles trying to stop him from pulling away each time his hips pulled backwards. 
“My tight human pussy,”, “Ya so wet and it’s all for me,”, “Fuck, ya look so good with my huge cock pounding you like this,”, “Cumming again? Yeah that’s right baby girl, let go and let me just take care of ya,”, “Ngh-Ya squeeze me so much, ya pussy already knows who it really belongs to, look how sensitive it is just from me pushing my cock into ya,”, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna cum over and over again. Fill this tight pink pussy up with the Great Mammon’s sperm,”. 
His personal favourite position of the day was when he fucked you atop of the pool table. You’d engaged in foreplay to start with, three fingers curling inside you as you leaned over and sucked his cock. Mammon under-exaggerated his length to say the least. You could barely wrap a hand around it, not even fitting half of it into your mouth before it was hitting the back of your throat. Thanking the heavens (and Solomon) for the potions allowing your gag-reflex to vanish for the time, taking Mammon down your throat until you almost choked without air. A ‘Fucking hell human. Fuck that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,’ groaned from Mammon as throbbed in your mouth, threatening to release as his eyes watched you. Nothing in his lifetime could compare to the sight. 
By the time you were close to coming, he pulled his fingers away before slamming his cock into you from behind, pushing your face down against the green felt. From the edging of the foreplay and the feeling of his head hitting your cervix you came instantly. Mammon gripping your shoulders tightly to the point they drew blood, trying to hold back his release. whilst he could hold it for a few deep thrusts, it was the whimper of his name as you turned your head over your shoulders to meet his gaze, watery blue eyes hinted with coin bronzed yellow swimming within a pool of lust that pushed him head first off the edge. He came so much he filled you to the point it gushed out onto your thighs and puddled upon the green felt of the table, hand having to jerk himself off as he continued to spurt his release onto your ass. 
The sight of white upon your skin, just like his markings, set off a primal instinct within him and within minutes he was ready and roaring for more, determined to paint your skin in his essence and markings. 
Day 5:
You were mind-blanked. Nothing but Satan filling your mind and body, lost in the white light of pleasure. Unable to form sentences, a babbling mess of incoherent words as you let pleasure ripple across your body like a surging river. 
“I’m not like my brothers,” He cooed softly when you walked into his room, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You’d seen Satan in demon form before but this was a softer side to him, demon form by lust and not from anger. “We’ll do this however you feel comfortable,”. 
“I like to be on top.” You smile, bringing a hand to cup his face. Satan was the one you were most worried about seeing his anger from before and almost, extremely mildly almost, frightened that he would bring this anger out into his lust. Alas, Satan cared for you the most and wanted to attend to your needs. ‘I can control myself in heat’ he told you. Words he soon forget in moments later. 
“You're so big!” You mewled, digging your fingers into his chest as you rose your hips once more before lowering down, this time taking him fully. His back rested against the headboard as he sat up, you straddled across him with your hands splayed across his chest whilst he rested his on your waist. “Oh fuck Satan, Yes...Yes!” fell from your mouth in-time to your slowly rolling hips. 
Whilst he wasn’t as thick as the others he was by far the longest, able to hit every needed spot within you as you grinded over him. Flush spread across your cheeks and down your neck, heated pleasure coursing through your veins as your mouth dropped into an ‘o’. One hand scratched at his chest leaving red marks in their wake whilst the other reached into the blonde of his hair and gripped onto his curled horns. It caused a hiss from him, eyes widening open as he panted heavily, the grip of his fingers sinking harshly into your skin. His self control slipped quickly with each roll of you upon him. Calling his name in a trembled voice, back arching so your breasts pressed against his chest, full skin on skin contact with him as he held you tightly. Your grip on his horns tightened like your muscles over his cock, the motion being his undoing.
With a strangulated groan followed by a whimper, heat surged inside you, one you had grown accustomed to over the last week. Satan’s head collapsed against your chest leaving you stilling your movements, to feel him continue to pulse and throb into you as he breathed heavily against your chest. 
You’d heard demon horns were sensitive during heat, but you never expected it to be that sensitive. 
“ everything okay?” Awkwardly still straddling him, his cock still hard inside you as you waited in suspense. You weren't far off finding a release yourself but now you felt it slipping further and further away. 
A growl unlike you’d heard anything before left from Satan, the noise purely demonic. With a scream you were pulled from off of him, a demonstration of his hidden strength as he held onto you, pushing off the bed and slamming you into the nearby wall. 
“Oh my little kitten,” A toothy grin meets your eyes, a slick tongue darting out to lick his lower lip as his eyes practically glow whilst covered in lust, “You have no idea what you do to me.” The vibrant green of his tail worms it way up across your body, taking its time to fondle and press over your dripping folds before continuing its way up to your body. You feel the scales of it wrap once around your neck and just as it squeezes slightly with control, his cock once again fills you to the hilt as he slams his hips into yours. Eyes roll from both of you to the back of your head, one arm holding beneath one of your thighs whilst the other pushes onto the wall next to your head to keep you caged in his hold. 
The roar from him makes the desk nearby tremble, objects perfectly placed on his desk rolling around and spilling onto the floor. He effortlessly bounces you off his cock in a pace that brings stars to your eyes in seconds, gasping as his tail continues to gently squeeze your throat until he feels you withering whilst you cum around him. 
“Yeah that’s right kitten, give into how good I make you feel.” Snarling as he says it, leaning down to catch a bouncing breast into his mouth as he sharply nips at your nipple causing a large red mark to form upon your skin. Unable to help you cling to him, red marks of dark lines grace his back as you claw into him, on the verge of a second orgasm already from how he’s pounding up and into you. 
“D-Don’t stop.” You manage between moans, unable to hold back at how good this feels. Your skin and blood almost on fire, one or two tears rolling down your cheek only to be licked up by Satan, groaning as he laps up the saltiness. 
The movement that made your mind blank into boneless-ness was when the tip of his tail pushes into your mouth, forcing its way into your wet cavern as he thrusts it in in-time to the thrust of his cock. Unable to focus you let it twirl in a battle with your tongue, drool pooling from your lips as it drips down your body to mix with sweat before hitting the point of where Satan and you meet. Weakly, you drag your arms up to once more grip his horns, danger threatening in Satan’s eyes as you tightly hold onto them. 
It was fair to say Satan completely lost-control, roughly taking orgasm after orgasm until you blackout from over stimulation.
Day 6:
You’d be fucked to an inch of your life and it felt like it. Whilst the potions you took helped to remove muscle ache, the vast amounts of sperm pumped into you, bites, marks and everything else, it couldn’t remove the memories of feelings of the brothers upon you.
You spent more of the day in bed, just lying in a complete bliss of contentedness. Heat turned out to be just as enjoyable for you as it had the brothers, using you to fulfil their needs whilst also ensuring your own outer-body pleasurable experience. Even after their way with you they still cared for you like they normally would, ensuring you were okay, making sure you took the potion to heal your ruined body before carrying you to bed and letting you rest. Heat would definitely change the way you saw them all, the softness of Levi now filled with memories of him fucking you with his tail, Satan drawing out as many orgasms as he could before filling you over and over, Beel’s cock in your mouth as you choked on it whilst Belphie pounded into you from behind, Asmo teasing your clit to the point you came from a few quick strokes against it with the head of his cock and Mammon unable to control when he needed you taking you against the nearest surface he could. 
The only brother you hadn’t come into contact with over the week was Lucifer. He refused to partake in your offering over heat, deeming he was a man and that he “should be able to control his urges without the help of a human.” That was Lucifer's way of putting it but what he really meant was he loved you too much and was too frightened he might lose control around you and ruin whatever this ‘friendship’ between you was. It scared him how much he lost himself around you, worried he would become a feral beast if he even got a whiff of your scent whilst he was in heat. And for that he kept himself locked away in his room.
Day 7:
It was the last day of heat and the rest of the brothers were slowly calming down, you could finally be in a room with them without them trying to tear off your clothes or burying their noses onto your skin just to get a smell of you. 
As you sat in the kitchen, a noise so loud it made the cabinets near by rock on their study legs, the solid oak door to the exit of the house squeaked on its hinges and plates threatened to break from the way they shook. It was a noise similar to the one Satan had made, a growl from the deep depths of within a demon. One that made your core clench tightly. 
You’d already taken the last potion you had in the morning, just in case one of the brothers' needs hadn’t been filled, it was better to be prepared. And as you stood outside Lucifer's door, slowly pushing it open to be emerged into a darkening sight. You knew there was one last brother who needed you. 
The inside of Lucifer's room was dark, tatters of thick curtains ripped apart letting light inside the room. Stacks of paper were tossed onto the floor in shreds, ruins of books and momentous were scattered amongst the room, marks upon the wall where they’d been thrown leaving huge dents. In the midst of the room stood a figure hunched over, black as dark as night heaving on the toned back that raised and lowered with deep breaths. Clothes ripped upon his body, as if he’d torn at them themselves, unable to keep himself caged within them. 
“Lucifer…” You meekly called out into the room, taking a bold step forward into the room, letting the door shut behind you softly. When no reply came you took another step forward, closing the distance between you and him. 
And on your third step, red-beaded eyes glowing like the rising sun turned to find you, staring at you like a predator upon prey. It made you freeze. For the first time you weren't seeing Lucifer as Lucifer, you were seeing a really powerful demon. 
“I said go!” Lucifer's plea came out in a yell, one that echoed off the walls and ricocheted off the furniture in its way. He turned on the spot, standing tall and proud, the exposure of his toned abdomen beneath peering through the barely together shirt. The normal trousers he wore were nothing but torn shorts, half opened and falling down his waist as black boxers poked from underneath them and as your eyes travelled down-
-A bulge clearly visible travelling far down his thigh, thick in girth and straining to be freed. 
“Lucifer I-“ You take a step forward, you should have been frozen in fear from the way he was hungrily staring at you but this beast, this demon, was still your protector Lucifer.
In the next moment he was stalking towards you at breakneck speed, clutching his hands to your forearms as his breath came in waves. 
“Your aroma is so… powerful,” Leaning down to slowly lick your neck causing a soft whimper as you tilted your head to allow him better access. As if realising his actions he pulled away, dropping his hands from you. “Please- I… I can’t control myself around you,” His voice breaking as he tried to keep himself away from you.
“Lucifer please, let me help you.” You softly whispered, reaching a hand out to gently cup his sharply defined jawline, a growl stirring in his throat. 
“I won’t be able to hold back… I- I’ll hurt you… I’m not like my brothers, my heat is worse…” Lucifer swallowing, the bob of his adam’s apple clear from above you. The reason as to why Lucifer kept pushing you away for heat was clearly visible. 
“I’m not scared of you Lucifer,” Softly rubbing your thumb over his skin, “Please, let me help you, I want to help you.”
The hands that held your arms came back to grip your face, pulling you up as he leaned down, pressing his lips tightly to yours as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. He gripped the back of your neck forcing an angle so his tongue could slide further into your throat, pushing the full length of his body against yours. The hand on your arm bunched your shirt up and ripped it off your body, leaving your torso exposed as he bit your bottom lip. Greedily he palmed your breasts, pulling his mouth away from you, you fell to your knees.
You were lost in the haze, completely taken over in lust as Lucifer’s grip in your hair tightened. One hand wrapped partly around his base whilst your mouth worked down over him, thrusting and fucking your mouth until your eyes watered and spit fell from your lips and onto the floor below. His cock was bigger than the rest, solid and pulsing it stood, flushed red with veins that throbbed down the side of it just aching to be touched. Growls and grunts fell over and over from him, fucking your face as he pushed the whole of his cock down your throat until you gagged and choked over it. He spilled into your mouth with nothing more than a few ragged breaths, the fingers in your hair twisted and tugged as he throbbed. Thick spurts of white falling with saliva from your lips, running down your throat as you held eye-contact with him, swallowing the more than plentiful release. 
Your shorts were ripped from you as well, the sound of fabric tearing filling the room as he positioned you upon the bed on your hands and knees. He wasted no time lining up and thrusting into you, groaning so loudly that the bed rocked beneath you. Even with your own arousal and the potion, it was still a matter of patience for him to fully enter you, patience which Lucifer currently didn’t have. He shallowly thrusted with urgency until half of him slid in without any resistance, your tight walls clenching over him to stop him pulling out with every thrust. Until finally, he spat down to where you met and hilted himself fully into you.
“Lucifer!” You grip tightly to the bed-sheets, the force of him enough to make the air inside your lungs leave your body. Painted red nails of sharp spiked fingers clutch to your waist as he pulls your body back, not giving moments to adjust as he pushes over and over into you until slapping of wet skin is almost louder than the noises you're both making. He drives purposefully to the spot that makes your back arch, an orgasm building up already with little to no second to savour the feeling. The blood inside you is flaming, spreading a heated wild-fire inside you as every nerve is set alight with intensity. 
As your muscles tighten rapidly, Lucifer roars out as sweat drips down his body completely giving into his heated need as he fucks you with primal urgency. His pace growing rapid as he feels your orgasm so close, unable to stop his nails breaking into your skin as he grips at you. The experience verging on painful as your elbows collapse, your face falling onto the pillows beneath as your body shunts forward with every powerful thrust. 
“Fuck you look so good taking me like this,” His eyes focusing on the way his meaty cock stretches you over and over again as he thrusts in and out of you in tight controlled movements, unwanting and unwilling to even pull himself fully out of you. 
You couldn’t help but scream out as you came, watery tears leaking from your eyes at the intensity of the white flooding your eyes, whilst highly pleasurable to a new level, it came fast and hard from Lucifer's punishing movements into you. The hands on your waist move, one leaning over you to grip the headboard showing his strength as it snapped. Splintering wood now lay in his hand as his whole body shook from the grip whilst you pulsed over him. The other hand clutched at the back of your neck and sunk scratches upon your shoulders that threatened to bleed. The sound of all four wings racing in speed to match his thrusts, unbridled passion of lust seeping from every inch of him.
Lucifer continued to thrust, the over-sensitivity of your spot being repeatedly hit boarded on painful. 
This was no longer Lucifer, this was a creature pulled from the deepest pits of hell, brutally taking you until you could give no more. 
Your teeth bit into the pillow, trying to obscure your whimpers but Lucifer heard them loud and clear. Pulling you up gently by the back of your hair, pulling up until you rested on your knees, your ass resting on the top of his thighs as his chest pressed against your back. A strong arm curved around the front of you to cup a breast, the weight of it bouncing in his hand with each thrust as his index and thumb rolled your nipple between them. The hand in your hair loosening to run his palm down your stomach, crying out loudly to feel his fingers spread your folds and rub tight circles around your clit. Head rolling against his shoulder, eyes falling to the back of your head as his lips press soft kisses down the contour of your neck, pleasure taking over every sense in your body. ‘Lucifer… Lucifer… Lucifer’ Over and over it falls from your mouth like a sinful prayer, body’s entwined like those of lovers. An erotic sight of pure loving pleasure upon his satin sheets. Gone was the rough fucking from moments before, Lucifer kissing the areas up on your shoulders where red marks lay as if trying to melt the pain away. 
The softening tenderness was a surprise side of him you never expected. Deep penetrating thrusts, hitting inside you as he pulled partly out to thrust back in, groaning deeply as you came around him again in little time. This time feeling the full force of pleasure spread through your veins, not rough or forced like the one before, this one connecting you and Lucifer in an almost spiritual experience as you cried out his name to the highest of heavens. Skin ablaze whilst your toes curled, arms reaching behind you to wrap around his neck, burying in his raven hair to pull his face to yours. One hand wrapped around the ebony horn to keep him close, the added stimulation of that and your tightening walls was all he needed. The stuttering flutter of his rapid wings from behind indicated his release before you felt it. Lips meeting in a sloppy kiss, as you felt his heat surge inside you, biting his lower by accident as another orgasm blends into your waves of pleasure. 
Trembling in his hold, hips rocking against his as you pulse to the point mixed arousal dripped down your thighs as he pulled his softening cock from you. Whimpering from over sensitivity as your muscles still squeezed him to try stop him from pulling out. “Shh little one, I’ve got you.” He cooed softly, kissing your lips over and over in softening pecks, hands running up and down your sides. Both of your skins aglow with sweat, ragged breaths meeting together, foreheads stuck and pressed against each other. Sharing a tender embrace with the eldest brother, two racing hearts beating at the same time. 
“I hurt you.” His eyes full of shame to see the marks upon you caused by his own hand, his heart heavy and wounded to know that he did this to you. 
“I’m okay, Lucifer I’m okay.” You whisper against his lips, slowly turning to face him. None of it hurt, all that mattered was that Lucifer knew you were fine and that whatever happened didn’t change your opinion on him. You bury your hands once more in his hair to kiss him, softly pushing him back until he lay on the bed as you straddled him, lips never parting for a second. He was still erect and most likely would be until the end of his heat that night. Slowly, you lifted your hips and let yourself sink back down onto him. He groaned so softly into your mouth as he protested at your slowly grinding hips, you interlaced your fingers with his. “Just let me take care of you.” Pooling eyes full of lust and love meeting each other as Lucifer nodded at your words, giving you full control to him as his thumb slowly rubbed over yours. Rocking your hips slowly, a complete change in atmosphere as you brought each other to a slow burning climax for the following of the night.
Day 8:
You woke up wrapped in satin sheets, a strong arm around your waist and a heavy breath against the back of your neck. Turning in the embrace to see Lucifer, sound asleep and more importantly back to his human form, heat was finally over. Lucifer had been the first brother to spend the night with you after sex, watching you drink every drop of the blue potions until he knew for sure that no-harm had come to you for his actions. 
“Good morning.” A groggy voice yawned as the arm around you pulled you closer, resting you against his chest.
“Good morning,.” You whispered, pressing a sweet chaste kiss to where his heart lay. 
Whilst heat may have given you the experience to be an individual part of the brothers for a week, when you woke up today was where you were meant to belong. In the strong hold of your loving protector, Lucifer.
Tumblr media
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rulerofmyworld · 11 months ago
May I request the brothers reactions to getting a love letter from mc?
I hope you like these!! This was such a cute request! So thank you for requesting!!!!
Also thank you @justsomeobeymestuff for helping me with Beel’s part😅 Go check them out!! They’re wonderful!!!💖
Upon receiving it, he will read it preferably after finishing his paperwork but curiosity got the best of him.
He will be extremely careful with opening the envelope, using his crimson red nails to slowly tear it open. 
When unfolding the letter his breath will catch when he starts reading over the content.
His eyes widen, his heart beats faster and his mouth can’t help but form a content smile.
Lucifer will commend you for being bold, for putting your most inner feelings onto paper and telling him the emotions that swirl within you. 
He will send you a teasing smile as he asks you to come and meet him in his office after school.
And so you do.
He won’t be rough, he won’t hurry to get you in his bed. No, he will kiss you softly, telling you his feelings in a soft tone and looking at you with adoration.
That evening is spent talking, listening to your voice. It’s filled with softness, tender touches and loving kisses.
After that, the letter is sealed in a small, beautiful box. A protective spell placed upon it so that only he can look at it and take in your words.
He’ll make it custom to send you love letters to tell you his most hidden feelings, feelings he can not speak out loud without his pride blocking him.
He’s not nearly as careful as Lucifer. 
When Mammon receives it, his eagerness wins over his calm and he tears the envelope to shreds which causes a small tear to the letter.
He’s quick to fix that tear with some handy tape but only after reading the letter a dozen times.
By the end, it’s not only the tear he will need to fix.
The letter is now tearstained, ink messed up and words eligible yet it doesn’t matter to Mammon.
He’s got the words memorised, swimming through his minds with your voice speaking them. 
He will either: frame it or hide it away so that only he can see it. He might circulate between doing both. 
Mammon will pull you into his room as soon as possible, rambling about how it’s “only normal you would fall for THE great Mammon”
Inside his heart was beating rapidly, his hands were clammy and his mind was worrying.
He didn’t know if the letter was sincere yet he couldn’t help but wish it was.
He’ll take your hands in his, letting the façade fade away as he thinks of the words you wrote.
Before he fully understands what’s going on he’s got his arms around you while tears stream down his cheeks.
That day is spent holding each other, choked sobs and wet kisses. Spent in the warmth you share, whispering words of love afraid that if spoken too loudly it will shatter everything. 
His thoughts are too messy to be put to paper but he won’t hesitate to whisper them in your ear as you sleep, hoping you never hear them but sometimes you do
He doesn’t know what to do with the envelope addressed to him. At first, he assumed it’s some sort of joke. 
Who would send a letter this day and age?
Although eager, he opens it carefully. Maybe it’s a letter from his favourite idol? He did enter a contest where one of the prizes was a letter.
His excitement soon faded into pure disbelief as he read the words carefully. 
His laughter was loud but his sobs louder. Why were you so cruel?
Levi was quick to tear up the letter and discarding it in his trashcan although he had preferred burning but couldn’t find a lighter.
Days passed without a response from the otaku demon and soon you found knocking harshly on his door, desperate for answers. 
Levi didn’t kiss you, hug you or took your hands. He fell to the floor as he listened to you pouring out your heart.
He laughed without joy instead it was a hollow one, one filled with sadness and held back rage.
He’ll ask you a thousand questions, hoping for it to be a lie, a silly prank. Hoping that these feelings you held were nothing but a joke, something he could cry over, be angry about but eventually move on.
His heart sores when you take him in your arms, yet his mind remains questioning. “How could you love me?”
It’ll take a while to reassure him but his love for you is strong, stronger than his hatred against himself. 
Having a letter addressed to him wasn’t anything too peculiar. 
He had many connections many of whom had no other means of reaching him then through the written word.
The only thing that surprises him is the handwriting he knows is yours.
He’ll take out his knife opener and carefully slides through the top of the envelope, making sure not to cut through what could be a serious letter. 
As he unfolds the letter his mind is pondering over what it may say and although it had given him the possibility of a love letter to Satan that was highly unlikely.
He couldn’t help but smile as he read over your words.
A sense of longing overcame in, wanting you near him right this second so he could declare his affections for you.
So he did just that.
After school he was sure to be the first by your side, guiding you to his room and sitting you down on his bed. 
He tries to speak yet can’t find the right words to truly express how much you mean to him. 
Satan’s mind betrays him at that moment as it refuses to speak his feelings so he does the only thing he thinks will make it even clearer.
He presses his lips against yours, trying to pour the feelings into it as he pulls you closer into him. 
Satan will lean his forehead against yours, smiling as he utters the three words that make the world around you fade away. 
At first glance, he assumes it was a letter from one of his many admirers. Something to give him a temporary high from the compliments.
Yet as he reads through the letter for the umpteenth time, he’s feeling more than that. He feels seen, alive and pure happiness.
He’s soon to text you, urging you to come to his room.
The moment you’re there he’ll be jittery inside yet composed on the outside. 
He wants to come across calm, collected, maybe even a little bit smug yet his heart is pumping, fingers clammy and brain running a 100 miles an hour.
Amso will smile at you brightly before taking the love letter of the desk and thanking you.
At first, you might think this is a rejection but with how close he’s coming you’re not so sure anymore.
He’ll drop the letter instead using his hands to cup your face and planting his lips on yours with vigour. 
The kiss is nothing short of passionate, hungry and filled with lust yet when Asmo opens his eyes they shine with pure love.
If you let him, he’ll take you to bed, showing you just how much he adores every inch of you and giving you a first-hand experience of the skill set the avatar of lust possesses. 
But the night can also be spent laying on his bed, relishing in the feeling of mutual affection. He’ll hold your hand, pull you close into his side, he’ll sing songs and whisper gossip in your ear. 
Asmo will kiss you until your lungs burn, your head spins.
He’ll kiss for as long as the earth keeps spinning.
He is confusion. 
A letter addressed to him? How unusual.
Beel becomes a flushed mess the more he reads, his heart is pounding and his smile is brighter than it normally is.
He has a hard time figuring out to express his true emotions with how shocked he is at the revelation that you like him, no, love him!
So he decides to make it clear in the only way he thinks will make you understand.
Beel begrudgingly walks up to Purgatory Hall in search of the only one who can help in making this a success. 
He knows he could’ve gone to the demon butler but he also knows that poor Barbatos was already swamped with work given to him by Diavolo. 
Luckily the small angel agreed with little hesitation, gathering a plethora of cooking supplies and pushing them in Beel’s large arms.
It took an entire afternoon to make the heart-shaped cake along with decorating it.
Both of them were incredibly happy with the end result. 
Luke even went ahead to write “I love you MC” on the top in elegant handwriting fitting for an angel. 
Beel soon texted you to come to the kitchen for an afternoon snack yet his thumbs hardly worked and he ended up typing “come to kicthen” before realizing his mistake.
Luckily you were quick to come without complaints. 
With a beaming smile he presents you the cake, dropping down to give you a small kiss on the cheek.
You both ate the cake while stealing kisses from the other in between bites.
When he found an envelope with his name on in front of his door, he was amused and intrigued. 
It wasn’t often he received a letter let alone a letter written in your handwriting.
He ripped the envelope open while falling down on his bed, not caring all that much about its state. All he cared about was the letter.
He read it over and over again with a bright smile and fast-beating heart.
If Beel saw him he would make a comment on the blush that dusted his cheeks.
Like a schoolgirl in a cheesy romcom, he clutched the letter to his chest but unlike them, he didn’t squeal or rapidly move his legs as if he was cycling.
No, instead, he fell asleep, hugging your letter close. 
He woke up with you standing over him, ready to wake him up for what he thinks is dinner.
Belphie just smiles and grabs your arm, making you fall onto the bed next to him.
Don’t expect to be leaving any time soon.
He puts the letter on his nightstand, wraps his arms and legs around while whispering. “I love you too.” before planting soft kisses on your exposed skin.
Later on, Belphie will drag you to the attic, hoping to get you away from prying eyes and the loud rumbling of his twin’s stomach.
There he’ll whisper songs of praise into your ears, he’ll hold you close to him even going as far as following you to just outside the bathroom. 
If you thought he was clingy before, you don’t know what awaits you.
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sawaruuu · a year ago
Tumblr media
(Imagine a funny title for the comic)
Mc and Lucifer swapping bodies, what a disaster
*THIS COMIC IS INSPIRED BY Kimi No Koto Ga Daidaidaidaidai Suki Na 100 Nin No Kanojo MANGA*
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the-purpleblushh · 3 months ago
Heyyyy, I'm your suggestive anon :D
And today I'm back with another suggestive request,
So how about brothers reaction on Mc leaving Visible Hickeys on them?
Hope you have a great day dear, Ty (And I freaking loved the last one :))
Hey my suggestive anon, I hope you're doing fine too, mc is gender neutral here (no pronounciation actually) so here you go 💜
Tumblr media
Brothers when you leave a visible hickey on them:
Warnings: 18+, NSFW, do not read if you're underage
*Smug smirk* touches the hicky infront of you while you both get ready to start your day, "my my, looks like someone was too eager last night, what should we do darling?"
Keeps his head high while walking so the hicky gets enough jealous stares.
Pride level +99999999999
Examines the hicky everytime uses the washroom.
Goes to meet prince and *unintentionally* shows off to Diavolo, "well Lucifer, looks like your and Mc's relationship is on full bloom"
Gets embarrassed,blushes yet doesn't try to hide it daddy takes pride in it duh what are you saying instead plans on getting revenge from you by not letting you walk straight for next few days :').
50 shades of red Mammon in the morning is a nice view, you can bet your life on it :')
"O-oi human look w-what ya did, I have a s-shoot today d-damnit"
Insists his director & make up artist to do shirtless shoots and keep his hicky intact so he can ✨flex✨.
Whenever someone points out he snorts, "well I'm the great Mammon after all, of course I get plenty of chicks"
Your glare at him -> he gets a heart attack -> you leave from the place -> he runs after you -> he kabedons you -> ✨make out session ✨
| You: 0 | Mammon:0 | Hickeys; 100|
Conclusion: you both are covered with Hickeys now congratulations.
Screams Internally + Externally in the washroom early in the morning.
"Levi ?! what happened are you okay????"
*Unrecognisable screach....*
"Levi I don't understand alien language..."
Doesn't know what to do infront of his brothers, should he hide or should he show off? diavolo have mercy on him...
Stays shirtless while playing with his entire guild because it's 'hot' outside:')
When someone points it out "Oh Lol it's from my partner"
Confidence level: +9999999
Tries to rile you up entire day *unintentionally* so you would give him more Hickeys (hehe sneaky snake).
He loves marking you so when you mark him instead, he's Initially Blushing, but within a split second lips curled into smirk which he only shows when his pride level literally exceeds Lucifer's.
"Well well looks like my kitty has become rebellious"
Keeps his shirt's collar button open so everyone can have the best view.
Whenever someone stares extra hard, satan smirks and sends you the update with some ✨wisdom✨ like what he's going to do with you at night as a revenge and so on :').
Toward the end of day everyone in the bookclub knows that Satan's partner is ✨eager✨.
Makes sure to give you plenty of matching marks that night and forbids you from using concealer to hide it.
Hickeys ? On Avatar of lust? From YOU??? Asmo is a sucker of it.
Give him marks please, show both of your marks off together, show the world that you both belong to each other.
No matter how much make up he uses, he never covers up the Hickeys you leave on him.
He encourages you to give him more.
Wears more revealing outfits to flex more.
He loves you ,he takes pride on it and don't worry he's going to show his appreciation for the Hickey tonight in the most sensual and productive way.
Doesn't notice at first until someone else (specifically you) points it out.
He's the most chill brother about it though.
He loves the fact that you have marked him,he loves to be called as yours.
When his teammates points it out after the match he feels like Lucifer's sin has possessed him, he feels so prideful.
Plans on thanking you by pleasuring you like the royalty at night.
*At dinner table*
Beel: Belphie what's that above your collarbone? Is that a mosquito bite?
Belphie: Yes.
Beel: That mark is really deep, was the mosquito big?
Belphie: dunno, take measurement if you want, they are sitting beside you *points at you*.
Lucifer & Mammon: *chokes*
Belphie has no filter about it, why should he? He loves you, you love him and he lives to mark you as his and so do you. He's not only the spoiled brat, you're a spoiled gremlin too :').
Whenever someone stares for very long at his hicky he would go to them and ask with a cocky look "like what you see?" And then leaves the place with a chuckle.
Flexes extra hard whenever you both are in the same place, be it outdoor or indoor.
Keeps collar button open of his R.A.D shirt turning a deaf ear to Lucifer's warnings.
At night throws baseless accusations on you so he can punish you nice and hard.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and stay safe everyone and please take care of yourself 💜
@mammonprotectionsquad <3
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voltagesmutter · 10 months ago
Underwear Shopping
Pairing: All Demons x MC (F).
Fandom: Obey Me.
Warning/Notes: Slight and suggestive NSFW. Underwear shopping with the demon brothers.
Acts as if it doesn’t bother him but deep down he’s excited to see what you buy. 
Of course he keeps trying to play cool and that he’s an older male, not a giggling schoolboy like his brothers and something so simple as underwear shopping can phase him. 
But boy is he wrong. 
You hold up multiple designs to your chest, “What do you think about these?”, “Oh these are pretty!”, “Do you like this set in this colour or that one?”. And whilst he agrees and nods along to it all, you can’t help but notice the sly way his eyes dart back to a crimson red set on display. 
You threw a set of it into your basket when he is looking, heading off to the empty changing room before slipping into it. The red lace settled perfectly against you, the colour of it perfectly matching the gemstone-red of Lucifer's eyes.
Taking out your D.D.D you drop him a message, telling him you need his assistance which being the devoted boyfriend he is, comes straight away to the changing rooms.
“Can’t an assistant help you out, I don’t think I should-...” His words come to a halt as you pull back the curtain, letting him get a full few of the set you had on. His jaw hanging open wide and the avatar of pride is for once speechless. But with a quick blink of your eyes it’s over and Lucifer has pulled the curtain shut, hissing at you to get dressed leaving you feeling rather embarrassed.
Throwing back on your clothes to step out to see Lucifer impatiently scowling and tapping his foot. He grabs your wrist and leads straight out the store with a bag in his hand.
“Lucifer!” You protest as he leads you out to an empty alley beside the shop, pushing you against the wall as he cages you in. 
“I brought you multiple sets of that outfit,” He hums leaning dangerously close, a hint of mischief in his eyes, “So we’re going to go home and you're going to try it on again, then,”. He gives you a toothy grin before leaning into the shell of your ear, “You're going to let me tear it off your body so you can feel just how beautiful you look in it,” The bulge of his trousers pressing against your thigh as he nips your ear lobe. 
“Do you really like it?” You whispered meekly, with a hitched gasp.
“If I even re-imagine you in it, I don’t think I’ll make it home before I have to have you in it,” Huskily replied, before a bold strike of his tongue licks the course of your neck. 
Any self control he had was hanging by a thread, the minute he saw you in it at home it snapped like a rubber band, just like the underwear set as he clawed at it to pull from your body. 
Thank goodness he brought over 10 sets of it because by the end of the week, 6 of them were in ruins. 
“Pft clothes shopping with the little human doesn’t bother the Great Mammon!” Words lived to regret.
He goes from strong bound Mammon to shy blushy boy the minute you tug him into the shop full of panties and bras. 
He literally dies from blushing overload.
“Well I like these, but what do you like?” You asked, holding up a tiny thong in yellow and watching his eyes widen. Mammon had never actually seen your underwear properly, too busy tugging it off your body to actually admire it. 
“B-buy whatcha like,” Pulling his sunglasses down to try hide the shade of red on his face.
“Or what about these?”, “Oh I like these!”, “Mammon, what do you think?” Holding up a thrilled black set of a bralette and thong, matching suspenders and stockings with it.
All Mammon can do is cough to try hide the squeal that left his mouth as he saw it. 
“I- I uh… I like it better… in white,” His face a blaze as he awkwardly scratches his neck trying to hide his face. 
“White it is then!” You smile, grabbing it off the shelf and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“You know,” You leaned into his chest as he pulled you close, resting his head on top of yours, “Since you were such a good boyfriend for helping me pick, I’ll wear it especially for you when we get home,”. 
Mammon doesn’t need to hear another word, holding your hand he throws the outfit at the till and swipes goldie so fast it could have set the card machine on fire. You barely have time to even unzip your bag to get your card out by the time he’s already pulling you out of the shop. 
A huge grin on his face as he tells you, ‘He’s down to come underwear shopping with you again anytime’.
“What do you think?” You teased, watching your boyfriend gawp at what you were holding, big panties with ugly patterns on them that looked like your grandma’s curtains. 
“I mean sure, whatever you feel comfortable in,” He nods, hands fisting around a lace thong the same colour of his latest console controller, a deep purple. 
Giggling you put them down, walking to him and asking what he has there. 
“Oh Levi these are perfect! This is just what I was looking for,” You take the underwear from his hands as you hold it up, twisting them in the light to get a good look. 
Levi looks like he could burst into flames on the spot with how red he is.
“I- I… I was just holding them because they were in the wrong place… I… you don’t need… I” He mumbles off but you shut him up with a smile.
“They are just what I wanted, now I just need to find a bra to match,” You smiled, heading straight over to them as Levi follows behind you.
“I saw one over there…” He points in the direction to where the matching bra was, as he said he ‘just happened to notice it’. 
You brought the set and went home together holding hands, swinging your arms in a playful manner. As soon as you get home you give Levi some space, letting him jump on to his console for a few hours.
“Oh Levi,” You knocked on his door and pushed it open to see him sitting on his gaming chair, controller in hand. With a light smirk you walk in, shutting the door and dropping your dressing gown showing him the purple set from earlier on you complimented with knee high socks and your hair in low pigtails. You’d done your makeup and hair to resemble one of his favourite characters you’d seen from his online manga series. Your dressing gown and his controller hit the floor at the same time.
“Think you have time for a two player game?” You whispered as you made your way over to him, straddling him in his chair as he can do is nod at your question.
He was grumpy. He stropped the whole time you were in the shop.
“Oh this is the bra I’ve been looking for for ages!” You squeal, dropping his hand and darting across the empty store to clutch the yellow material with daisies on.
“Satan look they even have my size, oh this is perfect!” You grab the last one of your size, yelling over your shoulder, “Can you grab me the panties?”. 
When no response comes you turn around and find Satan still standing at the entrance huffing as he crossed his arms.
Sighing, you trek across the shop and grab what you need, before heading to your boyfriend.
“Can you at least pretend to be interested please, I need to try this on to check it’s the right fit,” You pouted as he sighed softly, wrapping his arm around your waist and guiding you to the changing rooms.
“What’s wrong with you today, I-!” You squeal softly as he pushes you against a wall, face pulled close to yours as he licks his lips hungrily.
“I already told you before we left,” Pressing kisses down your chin with a little groan, “I already like with you nothing on, this is a waste of time,”. 
“S-Satan I need new underwear for school,” You replied, trying to hold in the moan in your throat as he nipped your neck.
“Whenever you're with me,” His hands curve around your thighs before slowly moving up to cup your ass over your jeans, “You never need to wear any because you know I’ll have them off in seconds,”.
“Is this why you’ve been mardy?” You wrap your arms around his neck forgetting where you are in the back of the store.
“Maybe,” He hums softly with a smile, pulling back, “Try these on if you need too and let’s go home, I can’t wait to see you in my favourite outfit,”. 
He leans forward one more, whispering “Naked and below me,” with a pinch to your ass. 
“Oh sweetie your bra is just- ugh no my eyes,” Asmo had protested that morning whilst you got dressed, a horrific squeal coming from your boyfriend.
He insisted you go shopping and buy new underwear.
By insisted, he literally took your whole underwear drawer and threw it into the bin, forcing you to go out shopping.
“These are pretty,” You hold up a few casual bras for under your uniform, an eye roll and a tut comes from Asmo. 
“I mean for school, but sweetie come on push the boat out and treat yourself,” He holds up a hot pink bra that leaves little to the imagination.
“Right take these and try them on,” Asmo bunching a half the shop into your hands and shoving you into the dressing room.
A lot of them were beautiful and you fell in love instantly with them, matching sets of multiple colours and different designs.
The last one you had was lace with different strings on it, an intricate design that you couldn’t do alone.
“Asmo!” You call out, wanting to tell him to get an assistant but instead he comes into the room.
“Oh sweetie…” He grins in the mirror as he shuts the curtain, watching as you cup your breasts in modesty, not that he’d never seen them before.
“I need help, can you get the lady,” You shuffle on the spot, watching the rose-tinted eyes taking in your form in the mirror in front of you.
“Oh let me, I’ll be much better than them,” He giggles as he brushes your hair over your shoulder, delicate fingers working the lace and ribbon into knots. 
As he pulls the last one, he places soft kisses to the nape of your neck, one hand moving to your front to move your hand from chest to show yourself properly.
“You are so beautiful,” He continues his soft kisses, eyes meeting yours in a loving gaze in the mirror.
“Asmo I-“ A blush forming on your cheeks as you admire the underwear upon your skin, accentuating your breasts and curves in a manner you didn’t know it could.
“Let me buy you it,” He purrs against you, his two hands moving to stroke your bare waist softly, “Let me forever be the only person to see you like this,”. 
You turn your neck to face him, lips so close you can his breath against you, nothing but love in his eyes. 
The avart of lust he may be, but as well a boyfriend who stole your heart and wears it on his sleeve.
“Only for you Asmo,” You reply before he kisses you softly, embracing you from behind as the mirror captures your tender moment. 
A voice outside from the assistant pulls you apart, asking if you need any help.
“No I’m fine thank you!” You yelled, Asmo giggling into your neck as he finally lets you go.
“Now let's go home so I can get a proper look at you in this,” His finger snapping the back of your thong, making the skin beneath it ripple.
“Belph?’... “Belph!”... “Fuck sake, Belphegor!”.
Finally a violet eye peered from beneath a shut eye-lid, Belphegor falling asleep in the chair as you tried on the underwear you had picked.
“Looks nice,” He yawned as you threw your hands up in frustration.
“I’m not even wearing anything, I’ve tried it all on,” You huffed, throwing every single item to the ‘not wanted’ pile in the dressing room.
“Woah after all this you're not getting anything?” Belph emphasised the annoyance in his voice.
“Oh I’m sorry, is spending time with your girlfriend an issue,” You sighed.
Multiple times you’d called out to him whilst trying things on for his opinion until after no response for the fourth time you peered out to find him asleep. Whilst he was a real-life sloth, he had promised to come with you and spend some alone time together. 
“No, I.. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” He bashfully replies, “What's wrong with all of them?.
He gestures to the pile and you let out a wounded sigh.
“They made me… thrumpy… that’s why I wanted your opinion,” Turning your head and missing the way he sprang to his feet to be by your side.
“I’ve seen you in underwear enough times to tell you how beautiful you look,” The softness of his voice as he cups your cheeks to hold your gaze. Love mixed into a whirling pool of sleep, a galaxy lost amongst the purple haze of admiration.
“Why don’t we look at them pad free things,” He offers a suggestion.
“You mean the bralettes?”.
“Yeah the ones you say are really comfortable, let’s get some of them so when we nap you’ll be fine,” He softly chuckles as he presses a kiss to your temple, “Or you could just go braless I don’t mind,”.
“Belph!” You laugh back with a light blush.
“You look the most gorgeous creature whatever you wear, so let’s go get and get some comfy clothes so we can go home,”.
“And nap?” You teased.
“A nap is on the list, but first, I want to hold you and love you until you can take no more,” His voice is in a hushed whisper for only you. “I want to remind you of just how perfect and unthrumpy you are, in whatever you want to wear, or not wear. And then we can nap,”.
“Put them down!” You yelled quietly, balling up some underwear and throwing it at the ginger haired boy standing a few rows in front of you.
“But look!” He almost squeals like a child, waving a box in his hand.
Said box was a pair of panties made out of candy.
“Beel, will you please be serious,”.
You choose to ignore his pout and protest, completely blanking out the way he over dramatically sighs when he puts down the box, coming to stand beside you as you flick through boxes of sale underwear.
“Oooh what about these,” He laughs, holding up a ridiculously tiny thong in blue.
All you think is why did I bring him.
“Actually I like thongs, so put that in the basket,”
Beel goes red and thumbles slightly, “W-what wait? I was joking, are you serious?”.
“Yeah? I mean I’d say have you seen my underwear but you’ve torn so many…” Your voice quietens as you finish the sentence, losing yourself in the playful banter with your boyfriend you forgot other people were in the shop.
“I- I mean I don’t because I- shut up!” Beels' face is still red as he drops the garments into the basket. 
Finding fun in teasing him, you pick up more of the same ones and inspect them before dropping them into the basket, continuing to ask for his opinion.
By the end you purchase plenty of backup underwear in case Beel’s panty ripping faze continues and throw in a surprise extra just for Beel as a gift for coming with you.
“Tch! What’s the rush, dinners almost ready and I’m starving,” Beel huffing as you pull him into your room, sitting him down on the bed.
“Good, I was hoping you would be,” You unbutton your jeans and slowly pull them down until they pool at your ankles, fingers quickly tugging off your shirt. Beneath lays a matching candy underwear set.
You’ve never seen someone move so quickly, Beel pinning you against the wall as he practically drools on you.
“It’s all edible,” You smile, “Now eat up,”.
Enjoy my work, visit my Masterlist here. 
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goblins-writing · a year ago
Request: Demon brother HCs for an MC who is fucking terrified of raised voices. They hide it really well, but given half a chance they will leave the area to go hide in their room under the covers. If someone yells at them they are 110% guaranteed to start crying, even if they don’t want to
A/N: Not super proud of how these turned out but I loved this request. Please don’t hesitate to request more, dear anon!
Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmodeus x MC, Beelzebub x MC, Belphegor x MC 
Warnings: Mentions and descriptions of confrontation 
- Knew there was something up when you kept disappearing when his brothers got loud
- Thought you were leaving out of annoyance, however, because he does the same thing when his brothers get loud 
- When you tell him it scares you, he sighs
- Is frustrated that his brothers antics are causing you harm; wants you to have a good time during your stay in the Devildom 
- afterall Diavolo’s reputation is on the line if you’re having a bad time
- He talks to his brothers about it and they immediately feel guilty, but it’s not guaranteed that they will stop entirely 
- When it happens again he yells at his brothers out of habit, and then realizes what he did and quickly hunts you down to apologize
- Finds you crying in the library, and something in his heart tightens
- Walks over and sits by you, resting his hand on your shoulder and rubbing circles with his thumb
- He’s not one to coddle, but will do so for your sake
- If you’re comfortable with it, he pulls you into him and starts trying to comfort you
- Will stay as long as you want him to, given he has the spare time
- “You’re safe here with me, dove.” 
- Most of the time, the loud voices are either caused by him or ARE him
- He doesn’t mean to upset you, and when you tell him that what he’s doing is upsetting you he feels incredibly guilty 
- Plays it up at first, acting like he’s not bothered by it and places the blame on you 
- “Well if you weren’t so sensitive--” 
- Mammon, shut up
- One day, however, his yelling causes you to cry and run out of the room
- Ignores his brothers accusing glares and runs after you 
- Finds you in your room under a blanket, sniffling 
- Ouch. He never meant to do this 
- Sucks up his pride and ego and sits next to you, resting his hand on the lump that is your torso
- Is silent for a few minutes before finally deciding to do something
- Lays besides you and pulls the blanket away from your face
- Get ready for a night of him apologizing and trying to make it up to you 
- “I’m sorry for scaring you, but I’m here to protect my human now. Wanna watch a movie? Your pick.” 
- Understands the most out of all of them 
- Loud voices don’t necessarily scare him, though 
- They just bother him (A/N: I headcanon him to be easily bothered by things, from someone tapping their fingers to chewing sounds) 
- Finds you crying in the hallway one day after a family argument and is immediately alarmed
- Rushes over to you and makes the mistake of raising his voice in concern when he asks you whats wrong 
- You tearfully explain to him what happened and he apologizes and then invites you to his room
- Turns on relaxing music and lays on the floor next to you, watching the fish in his aquarium while trying to get you out of your panic
- “Do you see the blue and yellow fish? I named it Dory after one of your human movies.” 
- Might end up slipping his hand into yours and cuddling up into your side
- Like Levi, he also gets it 
- Afterall, reading is easier when it’s quiet 
- One day he’s in his demon form and yelling at everyone during dinner
- You’re tense sitting besides him, trying to keep your calm
- That is until he yells at you 
- You run out of the room crying 
- He goes silent realizing he messed up and quickly goes back to his normal form
- Decides to give you space until after dinner, then he tracks you down
- You’re on the stairs in the entrance hall, crying 
- He slowly approaches and sits besides you 
- Apologizes and asks if there’s anything he can do to make it up to you 
- If there is, he won’t hesitate to do whatever it is 
- If there isn’t, he’ll sit there with you and explain why he was angry and continue to apologize
- Eventually lays his head on your shoulder and sighs
- “I’m sorry, dear. Come, let me read to you. Maybe that can help calm you down.” 
- You agree to go to The Fall with him one night, not quite expecting it to be so loud
- One patron yells at you when you bump into them and you’re quick to run off 
- You run into the family bathroom, but Asmo is quick so before you can close the door he’s entering behind you 
- Immediately he’s pulling you into his arms and cooing to you
- “Shhh, I’m here. We can go home. You’ll be okay.” 
- Can’t relate to your struggle but does understand where you’re coming from
- Raised voices and other loud noises can be very overwhelming and upsetting 
- Like an expensive nail polish that ends up chipping easily 
- Takes you home and runs you a relaxing bath 
- “I’m here if you need me. And if you need some company ;)” 
- Understands more than you’d think 
- He doesn’t like raised voices because most of the time they mean conflict 
- Soft baby does not like conflict :(( 
- One day Belphie and you are arguing and he says something mean really loudly 
- You run off crying and Belphie stops yelling
- Beel comforts and scolds his twin before going off to find you 
- He finds you in the kitchen staring aimlessly into the refrigerator 
- Comes up behind you and closes the refrigerator door not before grabbing something small to eat though
- Rests back against the counter and asks you whats wrong 
- Listens attentively while you explain and then carefully pulls you into a bear hug
- Offers to bake you something and stay with you as long as you’d like 
- “It’ll be alright, sweetness. I’ve got you. Always.” 
- Like Mammon and Satan, was probably the cause for your meltdown 
- He’ll go find you in the planetarium, and sits across from you 
- Starts to apologize and you in turn explain how and why he upset you
- He gets it, loud noises and raised voices also upset him when they ruin his naps 
- You two make a pillow fort in the planetarium while you talk about everything
- In the finished pillow fort he pulls you in for cuddles
- “I apologize, lovey. I’ll make sure not to raise my voice at you again. And I am always here for you when you need somewhere to calm down.” 
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husky-twst-and-obeyme · a year ago
Embarrassing Things MC likes to do to the Brothers(Plus un-datables)
-He’s the most serious one, so he’s the best one to tease especially if he’s highly flusterer -At Dinner , It was quiet, you all were enjoying dinner until you said  -”can you pass the salt daddy?” -He chokes for a second  -the brothers chuckle and snicker  -He knew you did that purposely and he’ll make sure to punish you gravely tonight
-This is mammon we’re talking about, he’s the easiest prey ~ -All you do is just call him cute embarrassing pet names, anywhere, anytime -”Where’s my smoochie poochie?~”  “Oi!! quit calling me that!” His face is completely red -”don’t you want my love, Mammy Pammy?~” -”STOOOOOOOP-” -you give him kisses but he’s still salty
-Just like Mammon, easy prey -all you would do is just always be real close to him where every he goes  -He’ll be flustered especially if you show PDE(Public Display of Effection) -It’s not that he doesn’t like it, he’s just sees it as embarrassing  -Sometimes you go an extra step but yelling in a crowd “THIS IS MY BEAUTIFUL ADORABLE HUBBY” -You would see him on the ground red faced , but he loved it lowkey-
-He was a bit harder to Embarrass but you eventually figure it out (it was cat based of course-) -He’d be reading in the living area with some of the brothers and you would walk in normal but you had a noticeable accessory, A collar -He was shocked but he did really blush deep until he noticed the tag  -”Satan’s bad kitty” -Now he did want people to know you’re his but this was embarrassing for him-   -You;d soften him up by purring which semi turns him on a little
-Nothing. Nothing you do will embarrass him XD  -He loves every little thing you do -He enjoys seeing your attempts to try and fail everytime -He gets curious as to how far you’ll go 
-He was hard to embarrass at first but you found a way very quickly -He gets embarrassed by you when you treat him like a baby  -Such as Cleaning him up, pinching his cheeks , call him soft cute names ,etc -”You’re such a messy boy~”  -things like that make him a blushy mess
-You would think the wouldn’t be be flustered at all but there’s one way he can be~ -All you would have to do is steal his Jacket (sometimes shirt too ) and wear it for the whole day while wearing short shorts , so that looks like you have nothing under and thigh stockings -When he seems you like this, he’s a blushing mess and will keep you from his brothers  -He’ll trap you in his bed with you in his arms , he’ll be slightly irritated as well
-He’s easy to embarrass  -One thing you’d love to do is sit on his lap while during a meeting  -He’d be as red as his hair in his demon form  -Lucifer would scold you but you wouldn’t care since you’ve completed your mission  -He low-key doesn't mind you on his lap 
-He’s almost like Asmo, Not really bothered by your attempts but he can get caught off guard sometimes -The one that makes him flustered is when you guys are around people and you rush from behind and hug him from behind -He’d be surprised and blushed , He knew it was you because only you would have the guts to do so  -Afterwards, he’d lightly scold you to behave yourself but he already knew you wouldn’t listen, much at least
-He’s basically immune to your attempts -but he’ll uno reverse you  -You end up being a red mess when he does the same thing to you or counters you -When it was physical, he really knew how to make you blush hard  -you’d later attempt to kick his butt but failed because he dodges right as you came rushing in
-He doesn’t mind the affection you give him but gets nervous when you tease him  -He has nothing  against PDA but when you take it too far , he gets flustered  -Like when you overly cuddle *cough*squeeze*cough* him or cling onto him  -he appreciates your love but he’d prefer this when he has you all to himself  Luke (Non Romantic) 
-He is your child, why would you not embarrass him?? -One of the things he finds embarrassing is when you claim your dominance as his mom  -He hates it when you scream “EVERYONE ,THIS IS MY SON, HURT HIM AND YOU DIE “ -He gets so embarrassed but proves your point yelling “MOOOM/DAAAD!!!”
(Hope you enjoyed this post! LEave some  suggestions for more scnerios!)
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rulerofmyworld · 6 months ago
Taking a nap in MC’s lap...
✨ Older brothers edition✨
It was a rare occurrence for this man to even close his eyes for sleep, only out of annoyance.
When after a lovely cuddle session on his, albeit too large, loveseat his head -adorned with the blackest locks with bangs that faded into an angelic white- fell into your lap you didn't have the heart to move him.
His breathing was so soft, calm and it seemed he was finally at rest, dreaming peacefully while regaining his energy which he would stretch out over the span of the next couple of days. 
This will most likely just become a cycle, knowing him
You raked your fingers through his hair; first you only them softly glide against his scalp hoping that he wouldn't wake - he didn't. 
So you grew bolder with your strokes, his content sighs only spurring you on.
He didn’t wake for another hour or so and his well rested face along with his soft blush made you want to paint that picture for ever to be remembered.
“You must allow me to use your lap as a pillow again, please,” 
His tired voice drawled before peppering your neck in soft kisses.
In the end, you were both ‘replenished.”
(You both went to sleep in his very comfy bed! What were you thinking about? Tsk tsk.)
A movie night after one of Mammon’s shoots had seemed like a good idea at first. 
But now as he was halfway between sleep and awake, you couldn’t help but pity him so you offered to end movie night earlier and crawl into bed with him.
Being the stubborn man demon that he is, he refused, saying that he was “totally fine MC.” 
Yet as his head somehow ended up in your lap you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. 
He always wanted to impress, not knowing that even the smallest thing he did made you stare at him in complete love fool awe.
His white locks felt softer than your bed, pillows, comforter and best pyjamas combined. 
You swept them away from his forehead before planting a soft kiss on the middle of it, hoping that his dreaming brain could still catch the love you held for him. 
His soft sigh was all the encouragement you needed before peppering his face in loving kisses. 
“MC?” he groaned out, wiping away the sleeping dust in his eyes. All he got in return was a cheeky smile. “True love kisses woke my prince charming,” you whispered before planting another kiss on his cheek. “W-what are ya saying you you dummie!”
You were sure to tug him into bed after that, claiming that a prince like him needs proper beauty sleep. His blush was redder than Diavolo’s hair.
You were already half asleep when Leviathan stormed in your room in full demon form tail angrily wagging behind him. If steam could come out of people’s ears, your room would be a sauna.
He plopped down onto the bed, lying next to you in silence but with a frown that needed to be turned upside down. 
As the awesome partner you were, you inquired as to what was wrong only to be met with a groan before his body crushed yours in a tight grip - his way of angry hugging?
“Some guys totally cheated during Demon ops 3 and had the guts to blame me and cursed my game so it crashed,” 
You hugged him back, feeling his arms loosen up and his head nuzzling itself in your neck.
You patted his back, pressing soft kisses into his hair. “Go and have a shower Levi, cool off and then come join me. I’m reading a new manga~” 
He was up and in your bathroom in mere seconds, he’s always loved hearing you out loud manga; hearing you try and portray all these different character, your commentaries, the way you set scenes. 
He loved it.
After a lovely shower, he rejoined you, this time settling into your lap but not before bemusing how you would look in a maid outfit making you both let out a chuckle.
You hadn’t even gotten to the fifth page yet when soft snoring caught your attention, his quiet demeanor had been chalked up to him just enjoying your reading but in actuality he was asleep, his vendetta against the cheating demons forgotten.
You smiled and decided to continue with the manga. You were out not long after, just to awake with killer neck pain wich Levi offered to massage for you so really? Did you lose? No ♥
What did you think? Let me know! ♥
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byawji · 2 months ago
Stealing Their Clothes! | Obey Me Headcanons Part 1
Fandom: Obey me, GN! Reader
Summary: How the different brothers react to you stealing their clothes
Warnings: Sexual jokes
Tumblr media
Lucifer is huge, so everything that he owns looks big on you
And you noticed that he doesn't really have any sweaters you can steal, he only owns turtlenecks and white polo shirts
You don't often steal his clothes, because he knows when something of his goes missing
But when you need something to wear, you turn to Lucifer's closet, because we all know that Lucifer is fashionable
Sometimes when you steal his clothes you swap it with a shirt that has a similar colour and hope he doesn't notice... He notices
He doesn't say anything and lets you believe that you successfully tricked him
However, if you steal one of his favourite items of clothing he will go find you
"MC.. I believe you have something of mine."
"What? I don't know what you're talking about Luci.." You try playing it off as cool but deep down you know you're in trouble
"MC, you know what I'm talking about... It's fine, just please don't get it dirty.."
Other times, when you steal something like one of his t-shirts and wear it to bed, he smiles and finds you cute
He doesn't say you look cute, instead, he shows his love for you by cuddling you all night
Tumblr media
Mammon secretly loves it when you steal his clothes
"Hey, MC?! Why are ya wearing my clothes again, do ya not have any clothes of yer own?"
"You have so many black shirts Mammon, I don't think you can wear them all at the same time."
He's gotten used to just coming to his room and seeing you in his shirt, doing nothing
You love wearing them because they all smell like his cologne
You also love to wear his brown jacket, but since he always has it on it's impossible to take it
When you do manage to steal it, he starts getting really shy and flustered
“Wha?! Hey! That’s mine... But you can wear it for now.. Not like I’m calling you cute or anything... Just saying.”
Tumblr media
You love wearing his signature hoodie but Levi never washes it, ever
When he’s not looking you toss it into the laundry for him
There’s a golden hour for wearing his hoodie, where he’s only worn it a few times
The hoodie still has his scent on it, and the faint smell of cologne, but nothing too overbearing
Both of you love that hoodie so it becomes a competition to who can get it first
“Hey.. MC! Did you take my sweater again?!”
“Hmm what if I did??”
“Take it off!”
“What an interesting way to tell me you want me to strip.”
“I— I didn’t mean it like that!”
Tumblr media
All of his clothes smell good, unlike Levi he regularly washes it and spritzes cologne all over
He also does not mind when you wear his clothes, and isn’t afraid to tell you when you look cute
Isn’t scared to put his hands on you either...
He probably encourages you wearing his clothes, and like the gentleman he is he offers you his jacket when it gets chilly
When he misses you, he wears what you wore because he loves the smell of the fragrance you leave on it
“You should wear my shirts more, I love how you look in them.”
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Hi boo I heard you want cute asks 💖 So can we have cute hcs of your faves with a s/o who likes to play with their hair, I hope you feel better 💗💓
It’s been a while, so I feel better now lol 💓
The brothers’ reaction to MC playing with their hair (Leviathan and Belphegor)
The first time that you started playing with his hair he was startled
It happened after he kept getting frustrated over a game and you just wanted him to relax for a bit
So, when Levi sighed in defeat, head hanging low, you gently pulled his head on your lap
“U-Uh...What are you doing, MC?”
When you started gently stroking his head he turned completely red, not being used to your soft touches
He may have complained for the first five minutes, but every time you would try to pull away he would pout, showing that he actually didn’t want you to stop
After a couple of times, he got used to it 
He would still blush every time you laced your finger in his hair but he wouldn’t complain anymore
Leviathan would even place his head on your thighs on his own
Silently pleading you with his big eyes to just play with his hair until your hands finally reached his purple locks
He just loves when you play with his hair because it’s something that you do just to him
And he can’t help but almost melt into your loving caresses because he’s just so hopelessly touch-starved
Belphie was actually the one who put his head on your thighs the first time
He was so casual about it, because he actually just wanted to sleep on there
So he gave you a curious look, half-opening only one of his eyes when he felt you adjusting your legs a bit and a questioning hum came out from his mouth when your hands started reaching for his head
You could clearly see his face lit up when you started playing with his hair
While he leaned in your touch, sighing in delight, almost like a cat
Since then it became a routine for the both of you
You would sit anywhere and he would just sit next to you and then lie his head on your legs/thighs until he fell asleep
But even then, if you tried to stop petting him, Belphegor would just reach for your hands and bring them in his hair again
He finds your touch so comforting that there are times when he turns in his demon form unconsciously
If you scratch the zone near his horns or you directly caress them, he will make a sound similar to a purr and just push himself even more against you, searching for your warm hands
Obey Me Masterlists
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asmosmainhoe · a year ago
i love your head canons so much i totally stayed up all night binge reading all of them,,may i request a shy mc who's protective over mammon and levi, who will fight people who make fun of them despite their shyness(for example, continuously calling mammon stupid, or making fun of levi's interests)
Thank you my dear💞
I already made Mammon with a protective MC here.
And, yes, you're totally right our Levi-Baby needs to be protected too.
MC protecting Levi
Gender neutral MC
Warnings: cursing
The second you and Levi meet it's decided. You'll protect him with everything you've got.
It makes you sad that he thinks so bad about himself so you give him compliments everyday.
You also ask him about the stuff he likes. For example a new anime he recently watched or a new game he bought on Akuzon.
The way his face lights up when you show interest makes your heart melt.
You notice how his brothers sometimes treat him poorly which is something you can't accept.
No sane person would ever consider to talk back to six of the most powerful demons of all time. Well, good thing you're not sane.
"Levi, for the love of Diavolo, shut up already! No one cares!"
When Levi's face drops your heart does too. You're about to throw hands.
"Bitch, first of all I care. What I don't care about is your opinion so do us all a favor and stop talking."
You have no idea where that came from and everyone including Levi looks at you with a shocked expression.
Do you regret your words? Oh hell no.
The purple haired demon deserves to be loved and supported.
He should better prepare himself, because you will shower him with affection.
Making him feel good about himself is your life mission now.
"MC, I don't get it. Why are you defending me all the time? You're also always complimenting me and I...I don't deserve that. I'm just a-"
You stop him by putting your finger on his lips which makes him blush like crazy.
"Listen carefully and don't you dare to disagree with me. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be praised. You're one of the best people I've ever met. I can't find the right words to describe how amazing and wonderful you are."
He looks like he's about to cry so you quickly pull him in for a hug.
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Tumblr media
NSFW Headcanons: “How the brothers react to MC unintentionally turning them on”
Accidentally made each a whole scenario oops. Headcannon who? This is my first attempt at a gender neutral MC so don’t come for me 🥺
Now don’t get him wrong, Lucifer has overall pretty good self control with his body but it’s become more and more hard to resist the temptation of you the more time you guys spend together
He’s hyper aware of your exposed neck, legs, clavicle, etc. and every little thing just has him on edge
One day, Lucifer was sat at his desk swamped with paperwork as you sat on the couch nearby quietly scrolling through your D.D.D when he groaned and slammed his head on the desk from exhaustion
“Darling, is there something wrong?” You ask, throwing your D.D.D aside as you make your way towards him.
“All this paperwork is giving me a headache. Once I finish one thing for Lord Diavolo something for Mammon comes in, once I finish that expenses from Asmo’s last shopping trip comes in, and it goes on and on,” he huffed out, looking up at you.
“Aw, I’m sorry, love,” you say, holding his head and pressing it against your stomach while running your hands through his hair. “Do you wanna rest a little?” You continue, beginning to give him a shoulder massage as he keeps his head buried in to the fabric of your shirt, inhaling your scent.
“Yes, please,” he sighs out, wrapping his arms around you waist and pulling you closer making you giggle.
You continue to stand there and run your fingers through his hair as he blissfully sighs, until he suddenly notices how you’re wearing shorts.
His hands begin to slip from your waist and slide downward towards your hips before eventually resting on the soft skin of your thighs. He rubs circles on them absentmindedly as he admires your figure, you being oblivious to the desire pooling in his eyes.
“Is that enough?” You ask, pulling away since you didn’t want him getting behind on work.
Your question pulls him out of his trance as he feels the now prominent tent in his pants as he looks up at your fond gaze. Quickly scooting forward to hide his hard-on with the desk, he nods and waves you off in an attempt to not be obvious.
“Yes, yes. I’ll be getting back to work now, perhaps can you check on my brothers for me? I don’t want them getting into any trouble while I’m...occupied,” he diverts his attention towards his paperwork, acting like he was reading but really he was solely focused on you through his peripheral vision.
“Hm, alright,” you hum in agreement. You say your goodbye with a brief kiss to his cheek before leaving.
He lets loose a sigh of relief when the door shuts completely closed and he listens to your footsteps walk away before hastily pushing away from his desk and unzipping his pants. Pushing them around his knees, he kneads his erection through his boxers as a damp spot appears from his precum.
Not wanting to wait any longer and in fear that someone will enter to disturb him, he pulls down his boxers and wraps his hand around his cock. Slicking the whole length of it with his precum, he begins to slowly pump it making sure to run his thumb against the head and slit.
Quiet groans spill out his mouth as imagines you being the one to do this to him, his hips automatically bucking as he imagines you looking at him with the same fond gaze from before. He uses his other hand to fondle his balls, his groans gradually becoming louder as he nears his climax.
This had been the quickest he had finished before and it was all because of how pent up you made him. He imagines using his fingers to stretch you out while he pumps himself in a rapid fashion, your name beginning to spill out his mouth in between loud growls.
“MC! F-fuck, FUCK!” He yells out as he finishes all over his hand, making sure to close over his head to not make a mess. He looks at the sticky substance on his hand with lidded eyes, wishing he could make you taste it. His head lolls backward against his chair as he lets out heavy breaths from his hard climax, a satisfied grin on his face as he keeps his eyes closed.
“Seems ya had some fun without me, Luci,” a voice tuts, making him jump and open his eyes quickly. You make your way towards him as he watches with anticipation.
“W-why are you back?” He asks, trying to regain composure.
Taking his covered in seed hand, you lick it daintily before smirking at him. “I left my phone.What? Are you just going to leave me out?”
Y’all can imagine what happened after that ;) MC can barely walk straight
Mammon (agh I can read smut about him but I feel weird writing it ever since my last one bc I love him so much 🥺 buut I’ll try ;)
Everyone already knows how clingy Mammon can be with you despite his tsundere fashion of doing it.
He always seems to touch you without knowing it whether it be a hand resting on your arm or stomach, his leg pressed against yours, or absentmindedly playing with your fingers.
Today he had decided to skip R.A.D and was now waiting for you on your bed, laying on his back with his hands holding his D.D.D over his head.
You entered the room sluggishly, dropping your bag beside your door with a sigh before making your way to the bathroom with a change of clothes. Mammon greeted you happily, but stayed in his position because he was too comfortable to move. You hummed lazily in reply.
You took your time in the bathroom, Mammon occupying himself with his phone before he suddenly felt a weight on top of him. You were quick to duck your head under his arms and bury yourself in the crook of his neck while lacing your arms around and under him. As you straddled his waist, you blissfully breathed in his scent as he short-circuited.
“O-Oi, what are ya doin’?” He stuttered out, red in the face as his D.D.D lay forgotten beside him. Despite his words, his hands were already settled on your hips and were rubbing small circles with his thumbs on them like they had a mind of its own.
“Mm, tired. Missed you. Smell good,” you replied lazily against him as you held him tired. His cheeks were ruddy.
“I-I missed ya too. That’s why ya shoulda skipped with me! No tiresome work and ya get to be with the Great Mammon!” He burst out, causing you to shift against him due to the volume. He sucked in a breath at the feeling as he looked down at you and realized you were wearing his shirt.
Oh jeez, oh jeez, you were wearing his shirt. And you looked so cute. His breath hitched as he tried to control himself.
Deeeep breaths, Mammon. Deeeep breaths. Don’t think about how you were straddling his waist with his shirt on along with your pajama shorts that hugged you so tightly.
Shit. He thought about it. He could feel himself get hard rather quickly underneath you as you seemed to not comment about it despite him knowing you felt it, much to his appreciation as he was too embarrassed.
But that was short-lived when you slowly grinded against it, not moving your position otherwise causing him to let out a choked groan at the feeling.
“I-I didn’t mean to! I swear!” He whimpered as you continued your movements against him. You shushed him with a tongue-filled kiss as you both moaned in each other’s mouths from the feeling, saliva following your mouths as you pulled away.
He was breathless as he scrunched his eyes shut while you went back to putting your face against his neck. You suckled and nibbled on his neck much to his liking as you continued your lazy movements on his dick, his breathing getting faster with every circle.
Your hands moved from underneath him and instead up his shirt, rubbing up and down his abs as he sighed. One hand reaching up to his nipple to rub and pinch at it to make it sensitive as he cried out.
“A-ah, right there!” He hissed, throwing his head further back. You quickened your hip movements, adding in the ever so often bounce, as you continued stimulating his nipples. Every nibble against his neck and earlobe mixed with the other stimulations was too much as he quickly reached his climax. “I-I’m cumming! F-f-fuck yeah, just like that! Just like that, MC!” He cursed, the words spilling out his mouth like rapid fire. “MC~~!” He cried out finally as he released in his boxers, relaxing against the bed when his high finally finished.
“You’re so cute, baby~” you praised with a giggle, peppering kisses all over his face. “I love you but I’m still tired so let’s take little nap?” You asked, sitting up to look at his flushed, lidded eyes face.
“Mhm, I’d like that,” he hummed in agreement, sighing at your scent that he loved so much. “B-but, I made a little bit of a mess in my pants...” he muttered out, embarrassed.
“Hmm, just sleep naked then. I’ll join ya,” you suggested.
You both did get a good rest...after some more fun time ;)
This boy literally short circuits from affection in front of others but loves it in privacy. He literally feeds off of it when you guys are alone.
Hand holding? Yes. Cuddling? Definitely. Kissing? Oh, get ready for a lot of sea monster tongue. He loved it all...buuut he never would actively ask for it. Being the tsundere that he is, he could never find it in himself to ask for affection but rather just hoped you’d give it to him all the time, despite that though he did have some slight quirks that made it obvious when he wanted some love.
You had been watching play his games beside him for a while now and your legs grew tired, so you began to go over to his bathtub bed to just relax and go on your D.D.D but even with his attention fully on the game, he subconsciously didn’t want you to leave.
His tail was quick to wrap around your waist and pull you on to his lap as you felt him tense underneath you at the sudden weight.
“W-what are you doing?” He sputtered out before looking down and noticing his tail wrapped around your waist. “O-oh, sorry. I hadn’t realized,” he apologized sheepishly but didn’t pull it away from you.
“It’s fine,” you laugh. “Mind if I touch it?” You ask, looking at him expectantly. He looked at you wide-eyed before returning half his attention back to the game in front of him with red cheeks as he nodded.
You took his tail in your hands, surprised at the heavy weight of it as you examined it closely. Nails running down his beautiful scales before your hand ran up the length of it and stopped at the tip. You rubbed your thumb against the pointed end of his tail, mesmerized by its feeling and how it glinted from the light of the computer, failing to realize how hard Levi was underneath you.
His breathing was rapid as his whole body heated up. His tail was extremely sensitive, even more right now than usual due to his erection, and it was when you touched the tip that made him lose all restraint.
“Fuck it, I can’t take it anymore,” he growled, pausing the game before his tail suddenly snaked itself up your shorts and past your underwear as he teased your hole to loosen it. His right hand took the task of rubbing your nipple while his other hand kneaded at his hard-on through his sweatpants. You were whining at the sudden stimulation and it was music to his ears.
When he felt you were prepped enough he pushed inside you and you moaned at the foreign feeling. His tail being able to reach places never felt before as he groaned at how tight you felt around his tail. With how sensitive he was at the tip, he thrust it against your walls, eyes rolling back at the feeling.
You took it upon yourself to stuff your tongue into his mouth, which he groaned at. One hand running through his purple hair, sweat causing some of it to stick to his forehead, while the other alternated from pinching his nipple to caressing his hard abs.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum from just tail-fucking you,” he cursed, speeding up his movements inside you as you screamed his name.
“Levi, Levi! Me too! I’m close!” You yelled out, trying to bounce so more of his tail went inside you.
His climax hit him hard as he continued pumping into you. His eyes rolled back, tongue lolled out, and drool dribbled from the sides of his mouth as he moaned loud and high-pitched. He released into his pants while you clamped around him and came soon after, biting down hard on his shoulder when you did.
You both breathed heavily as you guys came down from your highs, foreheads pressed together. You smiled at him goofily as his face reddened.
“Th-that was so fucking sexy,” Levi admitted, his hot breath hitting your lips causing you to dip in for another long kiss.
“Nah, I think it was all you that was sexy to me,” you replied, as he hid his face in your neck from embarrassment. You kissed your bite mark you left on his shoulder gently. “Now are ya gonna take your tail out of me or leave it there, I don’t mind if you do the latter,” you teased, directing his attention on his tail that was still deep inside.
“Hm, I think I can replace it with something better,” he smirked.
Y’all know what went down after that ;)
Everyone knows this boy loves cats
Which ties directly into his kink of pet play and seeing you dressed up as a neko.
One day after a day at R.A.D, he told you that he had club activities after school and that you two could hang out after he was done which you agreed to.
When you arrived at the House of Lamentation, you decided to clean your room in order to make time pass quicker. While cleaning, you found a pair of cat ears and a bell collar that Asmo had bought for you for a Halloween party he insisted you two attend. Deciding to wear it for fun, you put them both on along with a matching cute outfit and looked at yourself in the mirror.
Realizing how cute you looked, you decided to send a video to Satan since you knew he loved cats. Situating yourself in front of your full-body mirror, you sat on your knees while squeezing your thighs together. Holding out a fist in a cat pose, you held it up to your face and let out a “nyaa” at the camera before ending the video with a wink. Sending it to Satan, you didn’t think much of it and decided to finish up cleaning your room, forgetting to take off the attire while at it.
Satan sat in one of the chairs encircling a round table as multiple other students from R.A.D sat beside each other with the same copy book in hand. They were all conversing with one another when his phone rang on the table, diverting some attention to him.
“Ah, my apologies,” he nodded, before picking up his phone, getting ready to tell someone off thinking it was one of his brothers. Raising an eyebrow when he saw it was from you, he clicked the video making sure to turn down the volume since he didn’t want to bother the meeting. Holding it close to his face in order to hear it, his eyes widened and his face blushed when the video of you dressed up as a cat popped up on his screen along with your cute “nyaa”. His knee banged against the table loudly as he tried to stand up quickly, resulting in everyone to quiet down as they looked up at him. “There has been an emergency at the House of Lamentation, strict student council business so I must excuse myself,” he announced before quickly booking it out the room, arriving at the house in light speed. He quickly stopped by his room to grab a certain object before speedily arriving to your room.
He entered without knocking, breathing heavily as he stood at the entrance of your room. You looked up at him from your bed, phone in hand, and still in your cat attire despite being finished with cleaning a couple minutes ago.
“Oh, hey, you’re back earlier than expected. Did ya notice I cleaned my room-“ he cut you off with the slam of your door and the click of the lock before quickly jumping on top of you, hovering his face closely on top of yours.
“Do you know how difficult it was to hide how hard my dick turned when I saw that video of you during my meeting?” He growled before slamming his lips against yours, exploring every inch of your mouth as you groaned into it. When he pulled away, you were breathless.
“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...” you stuttered with lidded eyes and swollen lips, a beautiful sight to him.
“I’ll just have to teach you a lesson, right kitty?” He smirked, caressing your face as you nodded. He was quick to take off your clothes at your consent, leaving only the cat ears and collar on as he basically drooled at the sight. Taking out what he had grabbed from his room to reveal a butt plug with a tail at the end, he slicked your entrance with your wetness leaking out of you and inserted the plug as you yelped out. “Fuck, you’re such a slutty kitty, aren’t you? How can you look this damn good?” He cursed, throwing his pants and boxers off before he straddled your face and positioned his erection at your mouth.
Thrusting in with no restraint, he let out a loud groan at feeling of you gagging around his length. He continued to pound into your mouth with no mercy as you tried your best to run your tongue down the glands and around it, feeling him twitch in your mouth you braced for him to finish down your throat but he quickly pulled out and stroked himself rapidly, it being easier due to your saliva, before finishing all over your chest and stomach. You came from the stimulation of the butt plug and being fucked in the throat with a choked moan.
Pulling out his phone, he took numerous pictures of you with a satisfied smirk. “These will be perfect jack off pictures for when I miss you,” he spoke happily, making sure to include his dick in the photos hovering over you. “Mmm, I love you kitty,” he cooed, giving you kisses all over your body before pulling out the butt plug making you let out quiet sighs.
“I love you too,” you sighed out, curling up into his arms as you nodded off. He made sure to clean you up and hug you tight as you slept, watching you lovingly while wondering just how he was so lucky to have you.
Despite being the avatar of lust, that isn’t the only quality he has which many people often seem to forget. People were so quick to judge him for his sin and only see him as a lusty figure who wanted nothing but to get in your pants, but were so open to accepting his brothers with open arms despite them being the same case as he was.
He tried to hide his disappointment with narcissism and confident remarks, but MC knew that he was more than just the embodiment of lust and that he needed to be shown that he was loved not just lusted over.
So, that’s what led you two to sitting cross-legged in front of each other while you clipped back his bangs and applied makeup to his face. You had been pampering him all day, starting with combing his soft hair and then applying some skincare then moving on to makeup once it had absorbed into his skin.
You were completely focused as you applied some lip balm on his lips in order to prep it for some lip gloss, leaning in close in order to do so. Asmo watched you with loving eyes, his eyes darting to your lips before going in for a chaste kiss which you didn’t deny. The close proximity had been making him feel hot and bothered for a while now and not being able to hold out anymore, he acted upon it.
“Heyy, you can’t do that when I put lip gloss on you, alright?” You whined, a blush appearing on your cheeks.
“Hm? Why not? If I kiss you all over with lip stick on then it’ll leave beautiful kiss marks all over your pretty skin,” he giggled, kissing you again while pushing you back towards the bed but he stopped once he felt your hand on his chest. “Ah, do you want me to stop?” He asked seriously.
“N-no...I...I wanted to, ahem, make love to you,” you said sheepishly, playing with the buttons on his shirt and avoiding his eyes. It was his turn to blush, not used to it being called “making love” with him as he suddenly hugged you.
“Ugh, why are you so irresistibly cute?” Asmo sighed out before plopping down on his back beside you. Turning his head to the side, he locked eyes with you a blush appearing on his cheeks. “Alright then...make love to me,” he breathed out, eyes never leaving you as you straddled his hips.
He had been rock-hard for a while now, so it was no surprise when he cried out when your hand brushed against it while you took off his pants. He raised his hips in order to help you slide them down his legs and on the floor, along with his underwear. You kissed him passionately as you slipped his shirt off of him, your tongues intertwining as loud noises spilled out both your mouths. He tugged at your clothes to ask for them to be taken off with no words and you complied, ripping them off quickly in order for more skin to skin contact.
Asmo entered a finger inside you, pumping in and out in order to prep you for his length. You mewled at the feeling as he found himself entranced at the sight of his fingers disappearing inside you. After a minute, he added a second finger before deciding you were stretched enough for his cock. Pulling out his fingers, he raised them to his lips and sucked them in order to taste you as he groaned. This egged you on as you positioned yourself on top of him and pushed down, burying his length inside you all at once.
He threw his head back, bucking his hips in retaliation of the feeling of you encasing him tightly. “Ah, you’re so tight, darling,” he managed to get out as you began to bounce on top of him, his head hitting the soft mattress with every one. Using his hips to grind you on top of him, he let out a choked groan when you squeezed. You used your free hands to settle on his nipples as he began to drool from the stimulation, you lapped it up and then kissed him.
Speeding up, the bed creaked under you two as you both neared your finish. “I love you, Asmo,” you gasped out, causing him to go over the edge at your words as he spasmed and released inside you. He was extremely vocal, a string of cuss words and loud, whiny moans leaving his mouth as his eyes rolled back and tongue stuck out. You clamped around him as you came, seeing stars from how strong it was.
Collapsing on top of him, you both rested on each other’s sweaty bodies while calming down. “That was amazing. Are you sure you’re not some succubi?” He joked, kissing you gently.
“I’m sure,” you answered simply.
“Yeah, you’re even better,” he admitted as you pulled yourself off of him and to his side instead. Cuddling him as you both settled under his covers. “I love you too, MC. You’re the only one for me,” he breathed out.
Lovey doves cuddling ensues
This boyo is big, we’re talking huge here. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about height!
Since he works out so often and towers over you, it isn’t uncommon for him to pick up bridal style or give you piggy back rides but today was a bit different.
On the way back home from Hell’s Kitchen, you whined jokingly that you wanted to ride on his shoulders since that’s make you extra tall and he was quick to shrug and get down on one knee in order for you to climb on.
You wrapped your thighs around the back of his head, holding on his hair slightly for support. When he thought you were situated, he began to stand up and you accidentally steadied yourself by tugging at his hair which he let out a surprised moan at which you mistook as a yelp of pain.
“Oh, Beel, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, are you okay?” You worried, looking down at him while rubbing where you pulled.
“I-it’s fine, it didn’t hurt just...surprised me is all,” he mumbled out, embarrassed that it felt so good when you pulled his hair. He began walking towards the front door, suddenly hyper aware of your thighs wrapped around his head while you hands rest in his hair. Luckily the door to the House of Lamentation is extremely tall so you only had to duck a little to get both of you through.
Asmo greeted you both with a wicked grin at the sight of Beel in between your thighs. “Ara, ara, whats this?” He teased, running his hand up your calve before pulling away.
“Hey, quit it! You’re gonna make me fall!” You chastised, squeezing your thighs around Beel’s head without being able to help it causing him to groan out. Asmo smirked at the sound but oblivious you thought you hurt him again. “Jeez, I’m sorry Beelie. You can let me down, I keep hurting ya,” you sighed, he obliged and gently took you off his shoulders.
“Ooh, what’s this?” Asmo spoke up, eyes flitting towards Beel’s crotch before Beel quickly grabbed your hand and pulled you to your room speedily.
“Huh? Beel, what’s wrong?” You questioned but the only reply you got was him lifting you by your waist and slamming you onto your study desk. “Are you mad I accidentally hurt you earlier?” You continued to ask.
“You didn’t hurt me earlier, if anything you did the damn opposite,” he growled out, pointing at the very large tent in his gym shorts.
“O-oh!” You peeped, heat traveling up your neck and to your ears.
“So, please...can I eat you?” He begged, looking up at you from between your legs. You shuttered at the sight as you slowly nodded, Beel not wasting any time as he quickly took off your shorts and underwear.
His mouth latched on right away, loud slurps and groans coming from his mouth as he enjoyed your taste. You mewled on top of the desk, thighs encasing his head automatically to pull him closer which he appreciated. The obscene sounds came out from his mouth as he ate like a madman, enjoying every second as he entered his tongue into you. You bucked you’re hips against his face, grinding against his lips as he hummed from enjoyment.
“Fuck, you taste so good,” he growled out before instantly resuming his tongue inside you. You latched on to his hair and tugged as you neared your climax causing him to groan, the vibrations sending you over the edge as you came on his mouth, him not stopping for a second since he wanted every drop. After you came down from your high, he stood up while licking his lips with a satisfied smile his cheeks pink with content.
You jumped off the desk and fell to your knees in front of him. “Your turn?” And he was rock-hard in an instant.
Hungry boi who loves you 🥺
Now, we all know Belphie is a bit lazy but get him riled up and he’s a whole different person.
The two of you often cuddle together or sleep beside each other whenever you have time and today was no exception.
You had pulled away from his embrace in your sleep, which left Belphie feeling empty causing him to wake up. Looking at you on the other side of the bed with groggy eyes, he rubbed at them to focus on your figure. The first thing his eyes fell on was the pillow in between your legs, snugly fitted against your crotch.
He looked at it for a couple seconds before you shifted against it in your sleep, trying to find a comfortable spot and stopping once you did. His breathing had picked up a bit at the sight and he groaned annoyed at how easily you make him all riled up as he looked down at the annoying erection he’d have to deal with. Rolling over to your side, he sucked on your neck gently as you slept using one of his hands to rub at your nipple. After a minute, you began to respond in your sleep, small sighs coming out your mouth as your hips automatically rut against the pillow in between your legs which was a delicious sight for him.
He slipped his hand down your pants and inserted his middle finger into your hole, causing you to gasp but not enough to rouse you completely. Slowly pumping his finger in and out, he smirked at your reactions before pumping in a second finger. Not wanting to stretch you out too much but just enough to fit him since he was going to punish you for making him like this, he pulled out his fingers after a few more pumps. You mewled at the loss of something inside you which he chuckled darkly at.
“Still such a slut for me even in your sleep, huh?” He whispered into your ear before giving it a nibble. He pulled down your bottoms along with your underwear and thrust in you with no mercy. Your eyes flew open at the feeling of your walls being stretched so suddenly, a cry escaping your mouth. “Ah, finally awake baby?” He cooed, kissing away the tears that appeared in your eyes from the feeling of his cock.
“S-so it wasn’t a d-dream, ah!” You choked out as he thrusted again. Becoming a bit more used to his length, you slightly grinded against him before he pushed down your hips with both his hands to stop you from moving much to your chagrin.
“Oh~? So you dreamed about me,” he teased, thrusting in twice right after another.
“N-never s-said it was you, Belphie,” you replied, your bratty side coming out. His eyebrows furrowed from anger as he began thrusting rapidly into you, just what you wanted. Your whole body moved with every one of his thrusts as you cried out, his growls mixing with your voice. He spanked your inner thigh as you hissed from the sting.
“What was that?” He snarled, pulling out of you completely just to bury himself to the hilt yet again.
“A-Ah! I was k-kidding! It was a-about you!” You admitted, your voice jumpy due to his thrusts.
“About me what?” He taunted, now at such a rapid pace the whole bed was shaking and he was grunting rather loudly compared to how he usually was.
“About you fucking me! You pounding into me just like this!” You yelled.
“What a good slut. Say my name while I make you cum, alright?” He commanded, angling so he hit where he knew exactly where your spot was as your eyes rolled back and mouth opened.
“Belphie! Belphie!” You shouted out as you reached your climax, it hitting you in waves as you saw white from how strong it was.
“Fuck! MC, I’m gonna spill it inside!” He yelled before his body spasmed as he pumped you full of his load. Seeing stars as he continued rutting into your tight hole, watching as his seed spilled down your legs. When he was finally rung out dry, he collapsed on top of you and kissed your forehead with a chuckle. “Time for another nap then, love?”
You both passed tf out after that session, oh and you’ll definitely wake up sore.
Phew, that was long & dirty but I hope y’all enjoyed lmao. Just a bunch of kinks thrown all together honestly. This took a whole day to write with multiple breaks obvi because I slightly have a life haha but anywayy request if you have anything ;)
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goblins-writing · a year ago
Request: Could I get reactions for the Obey me! Brothers with a mc with a big bust? I understand if you don't feel comfy with writing it, btw love ur writing :D
A/N: Enjoy Belphies ;D
Big Boobs?? 
Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmodeus x MC, Beelzebub x MC, Belphegor x MC
Warnings: NSFW material 
- Doesn’t even notice at first
- When he does, he doesn’t really care 
- Unless you’re in a relationship 
- If you’re in a relationship then it’s immediate boner zone
- Luci is a thigh guy but I headcanon him as a boob guy after that
- Once you’re alone, be prepared to be pounced on
- Who gave you the right?? You’re distracting him!
- WILL get distracted at random times because of your titties 
- Again, won’t do anything unless you’re in a relationship
- So if you two are together, this man is all over you
- They’re his personal stress balls!! 
- and dick container
- You look just like his favorite anime character!!
- Will not elaborate on that 
- Will force you to cosplay said character (relationship or not)
- You’re gonna catch this boy ogling at them a lot
- If you’re in a relationship then this boy is gonna mention them a lot (will stop if you say so though) 
- Gonna smush his face in them, it’s inevitable
- Doesn’t really care, relationship or not 
- A good place to lay his head but other than that he’s just *shrugs* 
- Will use them as a place to hold his book while he reads
- If you’re together, he will also smush his face in them 
- Does it when he’s stressed or needs a distraction
- He’s an ass guy 
- Doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship, he’s gonna comment on them 
- Will stop if you ask him too but it might be a little difficult for him to do so 
- If you’re in a relationship get ready for tons of body worship
- He’s worshipping at the shrine of your boobies
- Will help you shop for bras and swimsuits
- Like Satan, he doesn’t really care 
- Likes the idea of squishing them
- Won’t do so unless you’re in a relationship, though
- Asks before putting food on them like a table doing anything
- Prepare for having the twins heads on each boob 
- Another ass guy
- Pillows. 
- That’s it, that’s the headcanon 
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fficway · 2 months ago
I had to put this somewhere as this has been living rent free in my head for the past week, so here it is:
Obey Me Brothers, and Their Preferred Sexual Positions/Kinks!
🔞 Minors DNI 🔞
This is written as headcannons and MC is Gender Neutral!
Firstly, Lucifer is definitely a switch.
He's a dominant person normally, but during Guest Appearances he enjoys when MC whips him, AND he's always willing to call MC "Master" when it comes up
Next, when everyone was sucked into Levi's game, Lucifer skipped classes because Diavolo wasn't in that world and he enjoyed the freedom
SO!! This makes me think he has fantasies of slacking off from his work as he pleasures you 👀
Specifically: it gives him a rush knowing that he's purposely not working just to fuck you, with the possibility of getting caught any time!
If you fuck in his office, he's the dom, no question!
He is still a work driven demon, so it would take some time pushing his buttons to get him to that point of abandoning his responsibilities
You do so by teasing him or by playing the sexy aloof card to get him almost drooling
If you fail, the worst that would happen is he would dismiss you from his office and punish you later in the bedroom when he's finished.
But if you succeed...
Your prize (punishment) will be Lucifer's favorite position:
You splayed across his desk, papers scattered everywhere as he rails you!
He'll first lock the door to give you a "proper lecture," and the look in his eye would make your lovely areas heat with excitement
He'll have you bent over his desk, pounding into you while lecturing you
Throwing in some degradation and spanking as he pleases (and it pleases you)
He loves to hear you get loud with his name on your tongue. He wants everyone in the House of Lamentation to KNOW your his, and being fucked good in his office.
Its also a dare for anyone to try to interrupt the two of you and reap the consequences
I repeat: Purposely slacking off from his work to rail you is such a rush for him
Of course, he also enjoys being pleasured from you under his desk as he works too ;)
For the Bedroom: I think Lucifer would def have a bondage kink (you or him wearing it, it doesn't matter to him!)
He is responsible with the after care as well!
It's literally a character trait of his that he's greedy. I mean, he IS the Avatar of Greed!
He's also a Tsundere who gets flustered easily!
So, Mammon always wants more of everything! You give him a kiss on the cheek, he'll want one on the mouth.
"How do you expect that to be enough to satisfy the great Mammon! That isn't nearly enough" (of course he says this with a blush as his Tsundere self can't just ASK for another kiss!)
So you give him a kiss on the lips.
Then another.
Then some tongue action.
Then his kisses will wander to your neck.
"More. I want all of you MC. Every inch. I want you to be mine"
HOWEVER! He would never push you to do anything you don't want to do or aren't ready for!!
Now going onto his favorite position 😏
Its canon that he likes to have things easily without having to work, so he'd love it if you ride him from on top!
He loves where he can see as much of you as possible! He wants to take all of you in!
Mammon is very vocal about what he wants from you during your sexy time!
As for his bedroom talk, his tsundere self would normally beat around the bush when he's trying to be honest, but once he's in an intimate position with you, he'd be showering you with all of the secret thoughts and feelings he has of you that he'd normally hide!
His hands would wander every inch as he'd praise your body
He would kiss you where he could and tell you about how much he adores you
When you talk to him, he'd definitely have a praise kink!
Being lectured by his brothers all the time just gets frustrating to him, and even if it were consensual, he wouldn't prefer being degraded sexually because this is the moment when he's the most honest and vulnerable with you
(Though I'm not saying he wouldn't like it every now and then 👀)
If you told him how great he is, and how amazing he makes you feel, he would be THRILLED
He wants you to feel as amazing as you are
He would be vocal through the entire thing, but as for volume, even though he normally has a loud mouth, he'd probably keep it down as he wouldn't want Lucifer interrupting you two 😂
Mammon on top would definitely bring out his true demon form, and he'd get more bossy with telling you what "more" he wants from you ;)
Of course he would push for aftercare in the most tsundere way
"You probably can't walk after I made you feel so good, so let me get what you need to clean up" (Face RED)
He loves cuddles and for you to fall asleep on his chest :3
(He also totally drools in his sleep!)
This Otaku would totally be into role playing xD
Would have you dress as one of his favorite characters (if you're willing)
At first he'd be so out of it trying to comprehend if this blessing of you in front of him is real life or not before ending up too nervous to do much at first.
So, you end up with a foreplay reward system as he plays his video games to comfortably ease into it!
The more he wins, the more action he gets ;D
From kissing, to groping, to giving him a blow job as he plays his games until he can't take it
Which leads to his favorite:
Shower Sex!
As Leviathan, the aquatic demon, he'd feel most comfortable (and feel like you have more privacy)
To him it feels like he gets to be closer to you
He loves to be able to touch you all over as you fuck
This boy is LOUD!!
(This is canon, we all know this xD)
As for vocal kinks, this Otaku would probably love it if you used allusions to his favorite games in some sexy way
"Like Ezio, I'm great from behind and above"
"I know my way around the cleft of dimension, want me to show you?"
"Are you up for a little tactical insertion?"
He'd also love skinny dipping and fucking you in pools and lakes too for sure! ;3
You can clean up easily in the shower afterwards!
Cuddles!!! (You replace his body pillow! What a privilege!)
It is no question this man has a LOT of experience
He loves it every which way and more!
He's all for the Vanilla but LIVES for the kinky stuff
Praise kink to the GODS!
As long as you're admiring him, he is happy!
He doesn't need a scene set to get to business, he's ready to go anytime!
Which is why its more than likely his favorite sex is Public Sex.
He loves to share with the world the art of sex and the beauty that is the two of you in intercourse!
This of course would depend on your comfort! If you wanted to keep your sexual encounters private, he would oblige!
He's a pleaser!!
He loves admiration, and he loves sex, so as long as you're happy with how he's fucking you, and you're vocal about it, he is pleased himself!
Position-wise, I think whatever is your favorite is what he'd be ready and willing to do!
Basically any and every kink he loves, and is more than willing to be the top or bottom!
He can go for MANY rounds!
((@mogmoe drew their headcanon for what the brothers' tongues would look like while in their full demon forms and gave Asmo tentacle tongue so do with that as you will ;3))
(Sorry this seems kinda vague but I mean anything you can think of he's probably already done it and more, and enjoys every bit of it!)
With how this man wants to be seen as an individual and not just a prior part of Lucifer, he wants to be SEEN during sex!
He's a dom! He can blush and act shy and all normally, but in the bedroom he is totally dominant!
Would definitely have some hot angry sex with you given his temper!
Pushing you up against a wall and fucking you stupid
Splay you across his book clad floor or toss you on the bed to rail you
But you always have to be looking at him!
"Who's the one fucking you right now?"
Loves hearing you say his name!
He'll kiss you every time just to taste his name coming off of your tongue
He also reads a ton of books, so this man has read his fair share about how to pleasure his partner properly ;)
No matter if you're on the bed or against the wall, you have to stay wrapped around him!
He wants to know how much you want him!
He'll deny you your orgasm to make you beg him and say his name
He'll eventually let you have your relief and loves if you'll hold him close as you do
Sweet forehead kisses after you both finish as he praises you
Proper aftercare! Whatever you need, he's sweetly obliging
He'll love to fall asleep in your arms! :)
First of all, this man almost never stops eating
He'll give you plenty of affection, but he'll usually be stuffing his mouth or snacking as he does.
But he's not neglectful! It's just his nature as the Avatar of Gluttony that he's always hungry!
So you play into this so that he enjoys the process as you get him in the mood 👀
Using whatever treat you like to eat, you eat it in front of him, but only have the smallest portion possible (for example, maybe just two or three pieces of candy)
Of course he'll ask for a piece, so that's when you'll hit him with "Oh I'm sorry Beel, but that was the last one"
Before he has a chance to get sad about it (or you can wait until he pouts since he's adorable) you offer to share the last piece
Naturally he'll want to share it
But its already in your mouth ;)
He'll shyly kiss you to get a taste of the treat off your lips
"So soft"
He'll kiss you again, but this time with a flick of his tongue
He'll make another remark, but this time about the taste of the treat
"I want to taste more"
Cue the tongue action!
If the treat is still in your mouth, prepare to fight to keep it
If it isn't still in your mouth, he'll explore every inch to taste what's left of it
This man uses his mouth muscles to eat pounds of food every day, so he is a fantastic kisser!
He'll get so invested in the taste of you that he forgets about the treat altogether
This is where it gets steamy 😏
He wants his mouth everywhere
On your neck
Your chest
Your shoulders
Your stomach
There's not much sex talk from him because his mouth is always busy on you, but he makes plenty of comments to compliment you and your body!
Eventually, he'll want to taste the best parts of you 😏
His favorite: having his mouth on your nether regions ;)
He'll get so invested that he'll accidentally transform into his true demon form
((@mogmoe 's headcanon for Beel's tongue while in his true form was large like the size of a cow's tongue, so I'm playing off that!))
If you're a person with a vagina, his large tongue will be pumping in and out to taste every inch of your walls/If you're a person with a penis, he'll suck you like a popsicle to get your juices, and you know he can deep throat with no issue
If you like getting your ass eaten, he'll do that too
All the while you hold onto his horns like handle bars as he works his magic tongue and mouth
He doesn't have a preference for how you talk during sex, but if you praise him, it would definitely make him happy and encourage him to do more for you!
If you want to get him off too, he definitely loves 69ing!!
It feels to him as if you're both sharing a meal together, but in a more special and intimate way!
Afterwards, he would be super sleepy. He'd pull you close and be like a very large teddy bear cuddling up to you.
(Though he would wake up later for some midnight snacks!)
I can already tell you now: Lazy Fucking!
This man loves to cuddle as much as possible!
He'll sleep with his head in your lap, he'll fall asleep on your shoulder, he'll spoon you (little or big, it doesn't matter to him!)
If he wants to get steamy after waking up with his head in your lap, he'll start to work with his mouth as his face is already down there
If he wakes up with his head on your shoulder, he'll start lazily kissing along your neck
During cuddling, his hands will mindlessly wander. He may reach back to get handsy if he's the little spoon. Or he might grind on you a little while kissing your neck from behind if he's the big spoon.
But his favorite: lazily fucking you from behind
Laying on top of you, his chest pressed to your back, his hand intertwined with yours, all as his dick slowly pumps in and out of you
He would whisper sweet praises to you, maybe tell you about what he dreamed while he was asleep!
His other hand would help to assist with your pleasure.
He probably would be too tired for aftercare, but for you he's always willing to do it!
Of course more cuddling will follow!
I dont know if it's obvious but I'm still kinda new to Obey Me! I'm in chapter/lesson 13, so if some of these seem OOC, please let me know! This is my first time publishing headcanons, or rather any of my writing in general, so let me know what you think!
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minniboe · 11 months ago
The brothers when MC calls them 'Baby Boy'
Thank you @mammons-creditcard for sparking this idea.
You get very different results depending on if you call him that in public or in private. Call him that in public and he will respond with the most intense eyebrow raise ever. 
“What did you just call me?” His voice very stern and you know he will punish you for it later.
However, if you call him that in private when the two of you are alone, he will let out an affectionate sigh, walk closer to you, and take your hand.
“You are probably the only one in all the realms who can call me that and live to tell the tale.” His voice surprisingly affectionate as he pulls you into a hug. He will also call you by a ‘silly little pet name’ as he calls it but only when you two are alone.
Mammon wasn’t expecting to be called baby boy in a million years so when you say it he stops whatever he is doing and looks at you. He doesn’t know how to respond until he gets this cocky smile on his face.
“Of course you would call me that! After all, I’m the great Mammon and you’re my human!"
He will honestly be so happy and he gets butterflies in his stomach whenever you call him that. He gets a little embarrassed if you say it in public but he loves it because it shows the whole world how much you care about him, he will also call you baby (boy/girl).
“Come on baby ya have been working all night. Give ya baby boy some affection will ya!”
When you say it he has to take a double-take, did you just call him grandmaster otaku and the ‘Grand Admiral of The Hell's Navy’ baby boy? You sure did. He’ll be blushing and mumbling like crazy which makes him even more adorable to you.
“Y- you can’t just call demons that out of nowhere!” He’ll yell at you but you can tell from his face that he loves it.
It takes him quite some time to get used to it but when he does he’ll try to give you a pet name too. The first time he tries it the poor thing chokes on his words, and calls you his ‘Henry’, you find it hilarious and very adorable, in the meantime, he is ready to move to the bottom of a lake and never come out again. Though when you hug him he gets a bit more confidant.
“Y- yes you are my... Henry, if anyone has a problem with that I’ll unleash Lothan upon them!”
Hearing you say those words to him he puts the book he was reading down and an amused smile appears on his face.
“Oh? Where did you get the idea to call me that?” He sais teasing you, before grabbing you and pulling you closer. Would it have been anybody else he would have gotten quite annoyed, but since it’s you he can’t help but find it adorable.
He will let you call him that whenever you want, as long as you are okay with him calling you ‘Kitten’. After all, it is no fun when it’s just him that is flustered, he’s going to try his best to make you blush just as much, if not more than he is.
“Come my kitten, why don’t you rest your head on my lap for a little while.”
He is used to being called all sorts cute pet names but that doesn’t mean that he finds it any less adorable. When he hears you say it he wants to jump in your arms but he is a bit too enthusiastic and ends up tackling you to the ground.
“You are so adorable, do you know me that? Please call me that as much as you like!”
You two end up cuddling on the floor since neither of you wants to get up. He starts to call you every cute name he knows to see which one he likes the best, but they all sound so adorable and he can’t choose. So he decides to kiss you all over that adorable face of yours, to show you how happy you have made him.”
“Oh my darling, your words are like music to my ears. I’ll make sure you’ll feel just as loved as I do!”
He stops eating to look at you, the biggest and warmest smile appears on his face as you call him ‘baby boy’. He quickly walks over to you and pulls you into a tight warm hug.
“I don’t think anyone has ever called me that before. I like it!” He wants to show you just how much those words mean to him, so he will hug you for as long as you want and he even kisses you on the top of your head.
When he stops hugging you he still has that wonderful smile on his face. He then offers you a bit of his food, by feeding it to you. Seeing you eat out of his hand makes his smile even brighter. 
“That was really adorable, but I’m not quite satisfied. Do you think you could call me ‘baby boy’ again?” You can’t deny him such a sweet request so you call him baby boy as much as he wants. He thinks of a cute name to call you and ends up going for ‘babycakes’, your heart practically mets as the words escape his lips.
At first, he thinks he’s dreaming but after a few seconds, he realizes that you actually said it. A grin appears on his face as he moves closer to you.
“So I’m your baby boy? That’s very cute, why don’t you come over here so we can cuddle together?”
You happily fulfill his request and lay next to him, he quickly wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer to him. You can hear him laugh as he places a quick kiss to the back of your head. He smiles to himself as you nestle yourself against him.
“You’re so adorable, I don’t think I want to let you go. So for tonight, you can sleep in the arms of your baby boy.” He sais as you both drift off to sleep.
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asmosmainhoe · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not sure why I made so many aot references at the beginning😂
And that was super fun to write oof💞
Levi with a gamer and otaku MC
Female MC
Warnings: none
"I'm Levi-"
"Oh, yes, please tell me your last name is Ackerman! That would be so cool you know, because there's this anime where-"
You guys haven't even met and you're practically making a presentation in front of him.
The entire time where you're telling him about that human anime with the character named Levi in it, the purple haired demon starts to blush more and more and thinks to himself "I have to marry this woman".
It's the first time he has ever thought about something like that and it definitely won't be the last time.
The fact that you're an otaku like him makes him super happy, but when he finds out you're a gamer too?! Oh this boy is falling quicker than wall Maria.
When you tell him about your anime and games his eyes start to shine and he looks at you with so much admiration.
As his feelings for you grow he stutters and blushes more around you. No one is surprised by that tbh. Just as no one is surprised when you start to behave like that too.
But the brothers have to admit that's it's extremely cute. Asmo even makes it his mission to get you guys together.
He first tells Levi that your crush for him is super obvious and that he should make the first step, but he doesn't believe one word his younger brother is saying. You're so awesome and pretty and cool. How could you ever like him in that way? It's simply impossible.
So Asmo turns to you and tells you the exact same thing.
"You're saying I should go for it? He really likes me too?"
"Totally, dear!"
So you organize a sleep over at your room where you and Levi binge watch some animes.
You're sitting on your bed and carefully lay your head on his shoulder. You should see his tomato face rn.
"Levi, I have to tell you something."
Your hand slowly finds his.
"Y-yea s-sure."
Girl, you're breaking that poor boy.
"I like you. I really like you. Much more than a friend."
You lift your head to look at him. Rn you two are just staring at each other.
His silence makes you worry. Was Asmo wrong? What if Levi doesn't return your feelings and now you've made a complete fool out of yourself?
"I-I like you t-too.", he whispers. You barely understand what he's saying.
With a big and happy grin on your face you hug him tightly and he returns it.
You're just sitting on your bed and laughing.
You brush his hair out of his face to have a better look at those beautiful golden eyes.
You don't notice how you slowly get closer and closer.
The kiss is cute and shy at first, but the more you guys do it the steamier it gets. When you guys stop you're both panting.
His face is so red you're worried he might faint. With a small laugh and lean on him and watch continue watching the anime.
At first no one gets it that you two are together now, because you're behaving like you always do.
But suddenly you take Levi's hand at the dinner table and the brothers either choke on their food or have a huge smile on their face.
You two are meant for each other and Levi is glad that he finally found someone just like him.
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goblins-writing · 12 months ago
Request: An Obey me request, but showering with the brothers and undateables? You could do nsfw things if you’re up to it but I’m thinking more along the lines of just wanting that skin-to-skin contact.
A/N: I’ll be posting the undatables headcanons on a different post, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!  
Showering Together 
Pairing: Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmodeus x MC, Beelzebub x MC, Belphegor x MC
Warnings: NSFW material 
Requests are open!! Send something in!
He’s down, wants to make sure you’re happy
Traces your features and compliments you 
Will help you wash if you ask, but only if you ask 
Will suck or lick the water off of you at random times 
Likes his showers lukewarm but will settle to whatever temperature you want 
Doesn’t want to at first (tsundere, duh) but caves in 
Is going to get a boner, it’s just inevitable 
Eager to help wash yourself 
Wants you to do the same back but won’t ask 
Likes his showers lukewarm, will not settle for less 
Makes fun of it at first but is secretly excited 
Asks to touch you before doing so 
Very timid the whole time 
Asks you to use his bath stuff; wants you to smell like him 
Likes his showers cold, will settle after some coaxing 
Is immediately ready to shower with you 
Has probably wanted to for some time 
Readily helps wash yourself, massages you while rubbing the soap in 
Will hold you under the shower stream, rocking side to side lightly 
Likes his showers hot, will settle for you 
^ Asmos exact reaction to you asking 
Lets you use his bath stuff, who wouldn’t want to? 
Is also going to get a boner, it’s him 
Kisses you and touches you constantly 
Likes his showers hot, will not settle no matter what 
A little confused, but he’s down 
Quickly gets the appeal once you’re in 
Wants to use your bath stuff, it just smells so good 
Will ask to wash your hair, gives you a scalp massage 
Likes his showers warm, will willingly settle for something else though 
Sure, he’s down 
It’s hard to wash yourselves though because he just wants to hold you 
Will let go on the promise that you wash his hair 
Starts to fall asleep in the shower 
The temperature he wants depends on his mood, so he’s pretty flexible 
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