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#obey me beelzebub x mc
congratulations for getting 1000 followers! 👏 👏 now can you break my heart.
Angst # 39 “Because I know when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream and I’ll lose you again.” with Beelzebub and Mammon .
Oof, but these are the sweetest boys!!! (I can't promise I won't accidentally give them a happy ending... I don't want to hurt them 😭)
There are some minor spoilers in Beel's so I am going to put it under a cut to be safe!
39. "Because I know when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream and I will lose you again."
Mammon x MC
Mammon laid next to MC. Their bodies surrounded in the warm glow of the sunset. Mammon stared at their smiling face while they watched the sky turn pink.
"You like what you see?" MC turned to him with a grin as they talked.
His face broke out in a blush as he looked away, "Ya don't need to be so forward about it..."
Their laugh sent shivers down his spine.
He was acutely aware of everything happening in this moment. The grass poking through their blanket, the smell of MC's perfume, the sound of their angelic laughter. All he wanted to do was take it in.
MC's hand reached for him, caressing his face. "There's no need to be shy around me. I know you love me."
He smiled. He felt tears begin to burn in the corners of his eyes, "Do ya promise? Ya won't leave right?"
MC looked at him perplexed, before brushing away his tears and kissing his forehead gently, "I wouldn't dream of it why would you think that?"
Mammon smiled before choking on his words. A small sob left him, and then he continued, "Because I know when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream."
Mammon squeezed his eyes shut. Finally he began to stir. As he opened them up, he was met by the blinding light of his room. His face wet from tears. The bed next to him was cold and empty. He was alone, just like he was when he went to bed the night before. He sighed, "and I will lose you again."
Beelzebub x MC
Warning: Spoilers!, Mentions of violence and death
MC watched terrified as Beel stepped in front of a lunging Belphegor. Their screams seemed soundless compared to the growls of the two demons in front of them.
"Beel!" They watched as the demon they loved glanced at them, giving his twin the opportunity to slash.
All MC could do was wail in agony at the sight of Beel's mangled body before them.
MC shot up from their bed. Eyes wide and full of tears. They frantically looked around their room, but there was no sign of their demon lover.
They burst out of their room and started running through the House of Lamentations to get to Beel's room. When they get their they slam open the door only to find their groggy boyfriend.
"MC is everything okay?"
They run to him and collapse on his bed. Without hesitation, he pulls their body into his chest as they cry into it.
"What's wrong MC?"
Instead of answering his question, they ask their own, "Is this real? Are you real?"
Beel looks at them confused, "Um... I think so... Why?"
They sigh as they wipe the tears away, "Because I know when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream and I will lose you again."
Beel shushed them and pulled them close, "It's okay. You won't lose me. I'm right here."
"But I watched you die, Beel!"
He froze starring at them. He took a moment before answering them, "Well I am not dead here. You're in my arms. If that problem comes, we'll figure it out when we get there."
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justmywriting1313 · 2 days ago
Compliments (Beel x M/C x Belphie) Part 3
Heyyyyyo you guys!!!! hope you guys have been getting enough sleep and been taking care of yourselves!!!
So yeah this fic was requested by @beelzebaeby . Again I hope you like it!!! So you wanted something similar to “You are worth it!!” but with Beel.
Its not exactly the same but the essential crux of it is that the M/C sometimes doesn't see their own worth and so the boys help her out!! Sooo I’ve kinda added Belphie cause why not. Also both boys are very dominant in this.
Summary: you've always had a certain way with words which is great but when Beel sees you using it as a way of evading compliments and refusing to love yourself the big teddy bear gets concerned and feels the need for a sit down.
Warning: Self loathing feelings (severe severe self esteem issues like its no joke), Mentions of blood, horrible self esteem, unedited (let me know if there are more)
Recap: Before you could blink Beel had swept you up and placed back on the counter as Belphie followed in. An angry glint in his eyes. You gave an undignified squawk at that trying hard to fight them off, as both boys captured you in their arms like a little cage. You looked towards Beel who looked equally angry... Oh Boy!
You tried to slide out of the gap between Beel’s arms and the edge of the counter, but as you got down, you firstly put pressure on your hurt ankle making you cry out and lurch right into Beel’s arms. Secondly, Belphie’s hands slid under your skirt to grip at your hips bunching your skirt up as he lightly lifted you so you were supported by the edge of the counter. He didn't let go even as you got your bearings. The way he was holding you made you feel smaller than you were and though, you so desperately wanted to give into their care and let them make you feel like a little baby, you were tired of feeling like a burden. You wanted to hold your own and giving into them would be the exact opposite. However, it was bold of you to assume that your little fighting would get you out of their hold. 
Both boys, but Belphie specifically, was getting sick of your fighting, though it was more like a child fussing to them. Beel has always had more patience for you shenanigans since you are hyperactive and always fidgeting away and out of their hold, but even he was feeling himself get angry. Finally, Beel pushed you further onto the counter so it would be harder to jump of. He got a hold of both wrists and pinned them to the mirror behind you. It jarred you a little bit as you winced, so he eased his grip but he didn’t let go. Beel was always the one to give into you very quickly, so he was trying very hard to keep a grip on his anger and not coo at you like he wanted to. 
Belphie on the other hand was very much done. Especially when you tried to kick your legs out to get Beel to let go of you. It wasn't just cause you could hurt Beel, though honestly Beel was way too big for you to hurt but also cause you were causing yourself more pain. Beel moved to the side and let Belphie grab first both your ankles so he could spread your legs. You continued your childish behaviour even when he stood in between your legs, gripping one thigh with one hand. The other went to your shaking face which he gripped tightly making you look him in the eyes. Immediately you wanted to shrink back at the anger but you didn’t. Beel let Belphie handle discipling you and would only step in if Belphie was being too harsh. 
Honestly, if Belphie had it his own way, he would've punished you the minute they got to the house, the others be dammed. Beel has always been better at tolerating your self hate and refusal to accept compliments because Beel was more gentle but Belphie hated it. He never cared who was around, if you were behaving that way he would always pull you aside or even in-front of others, ask you why you never accepted peoples compliments. He didn't care if it became awkward. Belphie could not handle you thinking so badly of yourself. It killed him how you engaged in behaviours that put you in the state you were. He doesn't mind you acting bratty when you hide for them, its cute and puts him in the mood to be dominant. But this, this makes Belphie want to smash something. He hates the Idea that the ones person in the world he finds to be the most lovely in the whole world thinks the way they do. Beel had always told him to be patient but right now patience was lost when you kicked at him again,
“M/C continue acting like a child, fussing the way you are at us and I swear to Diavolo I will take you over my knees and spank you the way you seriously deserve right now!”
You looked Belphie in the eyes wanting to be defiant still. Both of them could see you weighing the pros and cons to what you should do, but then Beel took one of his hands to stroke your hair. You looked up at him towering over you but unlike Belphie he kept calm, 
“M/C baby please, no more fussing yeah? You know I don't like it when Belphie gets angry and has to punish you and I know you don't like it either.”
Listening to Beel’s voice your body sagged having no more energy to fight as you sunk down further. Both boys had been worried from the start and you had already cried cause of the physical pain which was expected. One thing, that remained consistent about these kind of events, that were way to common, is eventually you would cry because of how much the event had scared you, it took a while for that to settle in. Today however, since after they got you cleaned up they wanted to talk about the self esteem thing, they were trying to coax you into the mind-space which made you more open. It would also clue them into why you were fussing today as much as you were. Beel though smiled as you finally seemed to calm down. He leaned down to kiss your head, 
“Good Girl!”
“No! Not good girl!” 
Belphie's voice rang out sharply. You and Beel both snap your head to him. Beel frowning and you on the verge of crying for not getting the validation you need. Belphie continued, 
“Not good girl because a good girl would talk to us! Would tell us what makes her behave this way. A good girl would at least open up to us and come to her boyfriends when she needs help rather than putting herself in the position she has. She would try to work with her boyfriends to believe them when they say she is lovely and beautiful and deserving of so much rather than fight every chance she gets. Our good girl would tell us why in the world she is refusing our care when she needs it so much, and a good girl would most certainly not fuss at us the way you have been doing for the past 20 mins!!” 
Belphie was clear and he had a point. It wasn't just you who thought that. Beel agreed, as much as he wanted to use gentle words and voices to soothe you and praise you, right now you needed to know what you had done was not right. More so Beel realised, Belphie was spot on in that you needed to open up and talk to them. Even right now both of them could see, you desperately wanted to cry but weren't allowing yourself too. You and Belphie continued your little staring match when finally your bottom lip wobbled and your tears fell. Beel let go of your wrist whereas Belphie sighed in relief. Finally you would at-least let them take care of you and dry your tears and talk about the fear, a conversation they knew well. After that they could talk about your self sacrificing. You started to sob as you tightly wrapped your legs around Belphie’s waist pulling yourself closer, your arms gripping his jacket at his chest as Belphie wrapped hands around your waist. He dug his face into your neck, happy that you were finally giving into their comfort.
“I was so scared,” you wailed out.
“I know lovely, I know it was scary for you wasn’t it? But you’re here now okay baby?” 
Belphie muttered, his hands pushing your hair away from your face. You tried nodding as you continued to cry. You tried to wipe your eyes as Belphie pulled away. Beel leaned in cupping your face and wiping your cheeks for you, 
“We got you okay? can we get you cleaned up now hmmm? then we can go to your room okay? your surprise should still be waiting for you”
You perked up at surprise and both boys chuckled.
“While we do you'll talk to us right? We want to know whats on your mind okay?” 
Belphie again made you look at him. You nodded, your doe eyes making him slightly softer as he wiped another tear.
Both the boys tried to get you standing so they could take off your skirt but your ankle hurt really bad. They decided to just cut your skirt off since it was already torn. They immediately saw the way you started fidgeting, feeling bad about the wasted clothes and made you stop with firm looks. Beel got on his knees taking your ankle. He gently rubbed the spot muttering the healing spells. As he worked on your ankle occasionally kissing the inside of your knee, Belphie worked at cutting the heavy fabric of the skirt before pulling it away, leaving you in your panties. You blushed as Belphie now waited next to you. One hand trailing shapes on your hip, the other playing with the fabric of your untucked shirt. 
Beel finally finished. He then pulled of your one shoe, the other lost in the ruckus, before slowly rolling down the knee length socks. Whatever bruise that came into view being lightly kissed. Finally you could stand though it was still a little sore. Beel then pulled you forward, Belphie coming to stand behind you. Beel was quick to take of the torn shirt as it fell off behind you. He then took your arms and made you wrap them around his neck. He had to bend down a lot, but it worked, while he peppered kisses along your shoulder and arms as his own went to your back, unclipping your bra. Belphie in the mean time took to shimmying your panties of your hips before they fell to the floor and you stepped out of them. 
Finally you were completely bare. It made you nervous as you made to cover yourself but Belphie held you arms by your sides. Beel bent down to kiss along your collarbones. Your eyes fluttered shut, his soft lips causing goosebumps, but then you yelped when he lifted you from under your arms. Your legs jumping up to wrap around his waist where your groin pressed right into his making you whimper. Both boys chuckled at your sensitivity. You were taken to the tub and placed in the hot water and it instantly made you relax as your head lulled back, eyes half lidded. It was almost like flicking a switch, the way your shoulders relaxed and you smiled. Both boys felt softer when then saw you that way.
But it wasn’t long before you were pouting up at the two of them. The only place you ever weren’t fussing and squirming was in the tub since it relaxed you so much, but you were also used to taking a bath with one of them, so to sit in the large tub on your own made you feel lonely. At first they disagreed, but, eventually Beel gave in and forced Belphie into the tub. Belphie who had very grumpily disrobed sunk into the water behind you. He also groaned, the water feeling just perfect. Belphie wrapped his arms around you and let you play with his hands, knowing you needed something to do, while Beel collected everything he needed to clean you up. Shampoo, soaps a little mug and a washcloth. Your eyes were getting heavy, the heat making you sleepy but Belphie nudge you awake. Beel gave the mug to Belphie who set about filling it and then washing your hair. While Beel took to cleaning up your body. He first did your face as he swiped of all the grime, dirt and blood. When your clean face came into view he grinned at you and you shyly smiled back at him as he kissed the tip of your nose. He then took your hands beginning to wash off the dried blood. Belphie had finished lathering the shampoo into your hair. For awhile there was a comfortable silence as you let them take care of you. Beel’s hands were soft against your skin and the gentle tug of your hair made you incredibly subby. Belphie was doing that on purpose hoping it would make you more pliant. 
Belphie finished before Beel and once again let you play with his hands as Beel continued to clean you up. Belphie was also getting impatient. He wanted answers and explanations for the fussing and squirming and just the overall day, 
“Pretty Girl”
He muttered getting your attention as you bent his fingers a certain way leaning back into his chest.
“Do you want to start talking?” 
You hesitated. Its not that you weren't going to talk it was just you didn't want to spoil the mood of being in the bathtub. Also at the end of the day you weren't good at facing the hard questions.
“Once we leave the tub?”
You asked innocently and neither of them had the heart to say no. instead Belphie sighed before humming as a response. Beel now took to cleaning your legs, again getting the blood and grime off. His hands trailed your inner thighs before taking the washcloth to clean in between your legs. Both boys quickly realised that the bruises and what they implied made you incredibly nervous as you squeezed your thighs shut. Beel gave you a few minutes to relax and remember it’s him. Instead cleaning your chest and stomach. He let belphie wash your back. Eventually he tried to clean you down there but you clenched your legs again. Belphie kissed along your shoulders, letting his hands ghost the side of your thighs before he gripped and spread them. You immediately whimpered as Beel cleaned you up and Belphie made you focus on him. Turning your head his way and kissing you softly. You instantly relaxed and stopped trembling. 
Finally that you were clean both boys stood you up. Belphie went to go get changed while Beel dried you. He sat you back on the counter and bandaged what needed to be looked at before dressing you in a big shirt of his. You were about to hop off the counter but Beel came in to sweep you up before you could smiling softly at your giggle. 
“Thank you Beel”
“Hmmmm your welcome M/C...We love you M/C you know that right?”
“I know–”
“Do you? Cause you act as if no one cares about you least of all yourself and it scares me”
You stared up at Beel in shock. You didn’t know how to react. Usually it was Belphie who was straight up with you. Beel looked down at you shaking his head at the lack of response. He deposited you off on the bed in a nest of pillows that Belphie made as Beel took a quick shower. Belphie voice rung out as you continued to look down at your fiddling hands. 
“When was the last time you ate?”
You looked up at him with tired eyes as you continued to mull over Beel’s words. Belphie sighed and before running up to your room and the kitchen to grab some of your human world snacks. You were left to your own thoughts about today and it eventually led to you hiding under the covers refusing to come out happy and content your oblivion. Thats the way the boys found you. Holding the covers to yourself you ignored the calls of your name and the low growling of Beels voice. The Boys though had had it. 
And I decided to cut this into another part. Im sorry about that guys but yes I hope you guys enjoyyyyyy 
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absolutepokemontrash · a month ago
Date bled or demon bros react to mc likes to nap and cuddle throughout the day
I’ll do the brothers! :D
…MC get off of him. He’s in a meeting.
Aaaaaaaaand they’re napping. Wonderful.
At first, Lucifer is annoyed that he’s got another Belphie on his hands, especially during the time when Belphie’s locked in the attic. How dare MC remind him of the brother that he’s holding under house arrest >:c
But once the relationship grows, Lucifer submits to the snuggles. Luci quickly realizes that he’s very not used to cuddling.
As long as MC isn’t napping through their classes, they’re good. Nap whenever you want, MC, just make sure your homework is done.
MC should expect the cuddling to be one sided in public, but behind closed doors? Hoo boy, the man’s attached to MC like a koala to a tree.
MC may have also accidentally fixed his sleep schedule… it’s just… why does he feel sleepy when he sees them nap? *yawn*
He’s just going to rest his eyes for a second, the paperwork can wait.
G-gah! Stupid human! What do they think they’re doin’ cuddling up to him like that!? They do know he’s a demon right?
For the first little while, Mammon tsuderes it up, but he gets so easily flustered whenever MC leans on him that it renders everything he says pretty much meaningless.
The first time MC ever fell asleep on him it was absolutely magical. He slowly patted their head and refused to move until the next day. Sure, his back hurt and he didn’t get any sleep, but MC was just so cute dammit!
Deeper into the relationship, Mammon is the happiest demon alive because he doesn’t need to ask for snuggles! He just plops himself down next to MC and his human just cuddles up next to him!
His absolute favourite thing is when MC falls asleep on his lap. They did it in public once and Mammon took this opportunity to flex. Yeah, he has a cute human that likes to cuddle him, do you?!
Mammon’s only wish is that MC would be more awake when he’s explaining his totally legit business ideas, they always seem to fall asleep once he gets goin’
SISJDJSJSJDJDJSJJAJAKALSKA- PHYSICAL CONTACT?!?!?! WITH HIM?! it’s more likely than you’d think.
First part of the relationship when Levi had just made a pact with MC, he was kind of confused. He had tried to murk this normie just a couple of days ago and now they’re cuddling up next to him? What’s that abou-
Levi.exe has stopped working.
Yeah, Levi blue screening happens a LOT. It takes literal months for MC and Levi to snuggle properly on a regular basis.
As totally Kawaii MC is when they nap on him, they just need to see how this fight scene is animated! MC! MC! Look! Homura and Mami are- WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THIS!
Cuddling in public causes Levi to die a flustered death. Fs in the chat everyone, had a good life, he did.
Though, it makes him feel so much more comfortable whenever MC just holds his hand out in public and doesn’t make a big deal about it. It makes him feel safe ^.^
At first, Satan was taking notes on how this human got so comfortable so quickly that they just started cuddling people and napping everywhere. Hm, humans appear to be quite adaptable… interesting.
They also seem to lack any sense of danger. Well, at least this one does.
Later down the line though, when MC first crawled into Satan’s lap to nap, it rivalled the first time a cat chose him. This was wild.
Snuggles… while reading stories… yes please…
Okay, that part sounded better than it ended up being. MC fell asleep while cuddling and ended up right on Satan’s arm, then in their sleep, MC basically locked Satan’s entire right side into a vice grip and couldn’t be pried off. Basically, Satan had to reread the same page of his book over and over and over again because he didn’t want to wake up MC.
Well, call it a learning experience, and Satan loves to learn, so next time, he was prepared for MC’s death cuddles.
Apparently he wasn’t prepared enough because the exact same thing happened again… multiple times more.
MC is literally a walking relaxant, Satan is significantly less filled with burning rage when they’re around. Notice I said less filled, he will still cut a bitch.
Oh~ how bold! MC just plopped themselves down next to him and cuddled up close to him!
At first, Asmo was amused by all the cuddling MC was doing and made quite a few less than wholesome jokes about it. The Avatar of Lust has a dirty mind! Shocker!
But hark! (The herald angels siiiiing-) Asmo actually… likes platonic snuggles?!?! What is this sorcery?!
If MC and Asmo don’t enter a romantic relationship, my man still needs his cuddle quota met, ASAP.
If they do end up dating, hoo boy, MC and Asmo sure do a lot of snuggling, and “snuggling”.
But overall, Asmo loves being held and cuddled, and sleep is good for one’s skin!
*sniffle* Beeeeeeeeeelllllllllpppppphhhhhiiiiiiiiieeeeeee-
Congratulations MC, they have made Beel more sad about his twin being gone just by existing :D
Once the custard incident happens and MC and Beel grow closer, oh man, oh man oh man, is he in desperate need of cuddles.
If MC ever falls asleep anywhere and needs to get from point A to point B, fret not, Beel is prepared. He will gently pick them up and they will awaken at point B. How nice!
Once Belphie gets his ass out of the attic, MC has competition.
Not really, Beel has enough love to go around. Both his sleepy beans can get carried around and cuddled with. Beel is big and strong for a reason.
Since MC has a vice grip while they cuddle, Beel kind of walks around with them clinging to his arm like a sloth to a tree. Belphie also picks up on this behaviour and starts doing it too.
Someone (*cough* Levi and Mammon *cough*) took a picture and posted it on Devilgram and now it’s kind of a meme template.
Gasp! Whomst- whomst is this human who comes before him and cuddles up close to him? This must be his soulmate! His other half! His destined partner!
…his destined partner was drooling all over his cardigan.
Ah well, two can play that game motherfucker. *SNORE*
Anyway, Belphie and MC? I would say power couple but in reality, the two just do a lot of snuggling and sleeping, it’s like they’re attached at the hip.
The two are always touching in some way, Belphie resting his head on MC’s shoulder, MC attaching themselves to Belphie’s torso like a koala, the two of them trading spit with each other… you get the idea.
It gets weird when the two start legitimately visiting each other in dreams, it gets so frequent it basically becomes a date night thing to just sleep and do weird shit in dreamland.
“Hey MC do you wanna hang out?” “Sorry, can’t, it’s date night. *SNORE*” “Yeah, shoo. *S N O R E*”
On their most recent date, MC and Belphie fought a dragon and then ate a giant cake.
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awkward-turtles-world · a month ago
How The Demon Brothers React After Fighting With Their SO
tw: some angst with resolution at the end, mentions of past arguments, insecurity.
This man is petty as hell.
He doesn’t do the silent treatment, but he acts like you aren’t dating.
If you need to work on something together, you’re a co-worker.
At RAD you’re a classmate.
Around the house you’re just a housemate.
His poker face is immaculate and it will not crack when you’re around.
If someone didn’t know what was happening, they’d probably think you two barely knew each other.
However, you won’t notice, but as soon as you look the other way his eyes are on you.
He’s used to arguing with his brothers and is no stranger to explosive fights that end with he and the other person not being on speaking terms.
But you’re different.
He tries to go on with business as usual, but he can’t think about anything other than how much he misses you.
Yet, he lets it continue because he just can’t put his pride aside and apologize.
If you decide to sleep in your old room it’ll both hurt his feelings and royally piss him off.
He thinks you’re being childish and will be pretty rude about it, but that’s because internally his blood just ran cold.
It adds a degree of seriousness to the argument that he’s uncomfortable with.
Yes he’s mad, but he can’t lose you.
If you still sleep in his bed, he makes sure to scoot over to the very edge so he doesn’t cuddle you in his sleep.
In fact, the first night after the argument he’d probably put a pillow between you just to really punctuate the fact that he’s still upset.
I’d say it could go 4 days to a week tops without you making up.
After a point though, he just can’t function until the issue is resolved. He can’t sleep, he’s falling behind on his work, and he’s just generally not doing well.
You get called to his office one night and find him at his desk surrounded by piles of paper, disheveled and exhausted.
“MC, come sit down. I’d like to talk this through. Please.”
He’s so dramatic.
You dare defy him? The Great Mammon can’t believe this tiny fragile human would have the audacity.
The theatrics are just a front though.
His ‘The Great Mammon’ act is a mask for his insecurity, one he hasn’t had to use with you in awhile.
Even as the words leave his mouth he regrets them.
He’s going to be very uncomfortable with everything until the argument is resolved, but most of all himself.
He’s learned not to take his brothers too seriously when they toss insults his way, but words have a way of morphing to belief over time.
Internally he is going to be super hard on himself. 
Regardless of if the fight was his fault or not, he’s going to kick himself constantly for making yet another mistake.
He’s over the argument pretty fast. The anger quickly melts into anxiety.
Are you going to leave him? Do you hate him? Did he hurt your feelings? 
That being said, he doesn’t know if you’re still mad and he doesn’t know how to ask. 
As a defense mechanism, he defaults to how he treated you when you first arrived in the devildom.
Calls you human, disregards you, stuff like that.
If you decide to sleep in another room, before midnight expect him to be knocking on the door.
“Oi, MC. You awake? I just - I can’t - *sigh* Can we talk about this?”
If you sleep in his bed, he makes a point of sleeping with his back to you.
Less because he’s actually mad and more because he doesn’t want his image of you as he drifts to sleep to be a look of anger.
Though as soon as he passes out he’ll roll over and tuck you into his arms on instinct.
I’d say any after effects of an argument with Mammon would be resolved in a day, maybe two tops.
Arguing activates his trolling the forums mode.
Goes back to calling you a normie and contradicts everything you say.
He’s less mad about the argument and more using the bitterness to cope with how upset he is.
He feels like a break up is less of an if and more of a when.
Why would someone as amazing as you settle for weird otaku like him?
Honestly doesn’t understand why you’re with him in the first place, so when there’s a serious argument he assumes its over.
Tbh don’t know how you and Levi would sleep together being that I doubt two could fit in a tub, but any deviation to your routine sends him into a panic.
It’s his reality check that the situation is serious and he needs to fix it NOW.
He’d have trouble apologizing in person. He can’t think of what to say, he stumbles over his words, and he feels like he’s on the verge of a panic attack.
Instead, expect a long ass text message.
He says how sorry he is, how much he misses and loves you, and legit begs you to forgive him.
If you sleep with him like normal, he’ll probably try to make up after laying there for awhile. His mind is going a million miles an hour and there’s no way he can sleep.
Still really has trouble verbalizing how he feels, so give the poor boy a break and take over the conversation.
He hasn’t had a serious relationship before and he doesn’t know what he should do to make it better.
So the after effects will last however long it takes him to read several mangas, watch some anime, and play a few games to see how the characters get over arguments in the story.
Satan makes sure not to fight with you over minor issues.
He’s worked tirelessly to tame his wrath and he refuses to feed into it over a minor issue.
Thus, if you fight with Satan it’s a major argument and it’s explosive.
The aftermath isn’t much better.
He doesn’t want to risk blowing up again, so he’s frighteningly calm.
He’s an absolute master of the silent treatment.
He won’t say a word to you until he’s certain he’s calmed down enough.
For the first few days he’ll straight up leave a room if you enter.
For a good while the only way you can expect to communicate with him is through his body language and the expression in his eyes.
Satan’s biggest fear is losing control and lashing out at you. 
He couldn’t live with himself if he hurt you and he can’t stand the thought of you being afraid of him. 
He’s a whirlwind of emotions, so he isolates himself until he can figure out how to deal with it.
Not just from you, but from everyone else too. 
Satan will not share a bed with you for at least the first night.
If he got worked up enough to actually fight, it’s gonna take him time to simmer down.
And he’d rather not risk doing or saying something he regrets in the meantime.
Once he’s ready, he’ll approach you when he’s completely calmed down and has thoroughly analyzed the situation.
He’s considered both of your sides, tried to pinpoint what caused the disagreement to turn into a fight, and made a plan of action to prevent it from happening again.
“MC? I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what happened. Would you please talk it through with me?”
He won’t apologize for the argument if he feels like he was right, but he will apologize for letting the disagreement escalate into a fight.
Satan could go weeks without making up if necessary, but he tries to resolve it within a couple of days.
Wants to give you the silent treatment, but is physically incapable.
He can’t stand to have you ignore him.
He’s the type to go back to normal then suddenly remembers you guys had a fight.
“Wait, no! I’m not talking to you! I’m mad at you!”
His biggest downfall is that he’s so stubborn.
If he thinks he was right, he will die on that hill.
There are arguments with his brothers that happened a thousand years ago and he could still tell you exactly why he was right.
But with you, he realizes that doesn’t matter too him nearly as much as it usually does.
If it means going back to normal, he’ll forget who’s right or wrong.
If you sleep in another room, he’s beyond offended.
“What?! Well fine! I don’t want you in my bed anyway!”
Laying in bed alone is a different story though.
He can’t sleep. All he can think about is you. Your face when you sleep next to him, your smell, the feeling of his arms around you.
He 100% cries.
Finally goes and knocks on your door with wet, glossy eyes.
“MC? Can we talk about this? I can’t get my beauty sleep and my tears are wiping off all of my skin care lotion!”
Will throw himself into your arms before you can answer.
If you sleep next to him still, he rolls over and watches you sleep.
It puts him at peace and he decides seeing your sweet, resting face every morning is worth more to him than the argument.
He’ll initiate the conversation the next morning.
I think Asmo could make it a few days if it was a really serious argument, but he will not function well until you make up.
Wants to make up immediately.
He doesn’t like to argue, even less so with you.
Whether he was right or wrong, he blames himself. He’ll take all the blame in the world if it makes you happy.
He’ll go make you your favorite food and bring it to you.
If he thinks you don’t want to talk to him, he’ll leave it outside your door and text you to let you know it’s there.
He’s honestly devastated if you decide to sleep in another room.
You guys migrate to your old room when you want privacy from Belphie, but you almost never sleep separately.
Seeing you grab your pillows and march out of the room nearly stops his heart.
He goes completely numb and silent as he just stares at the space you had just occupied.
Like Levi, he thinks this means the relationship is over and he genuinely does not know what to do with himself.
He can’t even bring himself to eat, he just wants to lie there, lost and trying to grapple with his emotions. 
He’s another one who will absolutely cry, but unlike Asmo he will make sure no one knows it.
If you still sleep in his bed, he’s very nervous about it.
He doesn’t know if it’s okay to touch you, what he can or can’t say, stuff like that.
He just lays there stiff as a board not even able to close his eyes.
Honestly the fight would probably have to be resolved before bed. His anxiety just can’t take it.
I don’t think he’d initiate the apology. Not because he doesn’t want to make up but because his confidence is rock bottom in these situations.
He catastophizes and honestly thinks you hate him.
If you don’t initiate the apology soon, Belphie will. He can feel what his twin won’t say, and he knows Beel won’t approach you about it for fear of making it worse.
Belphie will lock you two in a room if that’s what it takes for you to make up.
The embodiment of if looks could kill.
He won’t talk to you, won’t look at you, basically pretends you aren’t there.
If he must interact with you he’ll roll his eyes and sigh the whole time.
Tries to sleep through any interaction so he doesn’t have to deal with it.
He feels almost betrayed by the fight.
He thought the relationship was stronger than to have such a huge divide, so he’s really insecure about it.
After the first day, the anger has melted away to guilt.
He ‘s not guilty that you fought, but he is guilty about how he treated you after.
Guilt and self-blame have become unwelcome friends at this point. Guilt over Lilith, over his plans to destroy the human world, everything.
But more than anything else, the guilt for the fact that he attacked you weighs on him every day.
He moved past it quickly after, essentially pretending he hadn’t killed you, but that’s because he just couldn’t confront what he’d done. 
He feels like the luckiest demon alive that you forgave him, let alone  opened you heart enough to love him, and now it’s all in tatters.
Another thing to regret.
If you decide to sleep separately, it’ll hit him like a bag of bricks.
“You - what? Where are you going?” 
It’ll take him a second to process what you were doing, but then he’ll roll over and let you leave.
“Fine. Don’t let the door hit you.”
No one will see him for awhile. 
Belphie sleeps all the time anyway, but he just can’t make himself get out of bed.
If you don’t approach him to apologize, Beel will tell you that he’s been nauseous and randomly emotional which must mean his twin is coping very badly. 
Will beg you to go make Belphie happy again. 
If you sleep in his bed still, the argument will be resolved by morning.
He can’t keep himself from embracing you in his sleep, and it’s hard to say you’re mad at someone when you wake up in their loving arms.
It’s hard to pinpoint how long it could last with Belphie. If you don’t apologize first, he won’t let himself be conscious long enough to approach you.
This is both my first hc post as well as my first obey me post so I’m sorry if le boys are ooc. I just got this idea and couldn’t stop thinking about it so here we are.  Especially Belphie, he was hard to me for some reason. Let me know if you guys agree or disagree and if you want to send a request or ask, my box is open! 
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voltagesmutter · 11 months ago
The Dickening.
Kink: Masochism || Hair-pulling || Orgy 
Pairing: 7 Demons x MC (F) [Lucifer x MC, Mammon x MC, Leviathan x MC, Satan x MC, Asmo x MC, Beelzebub x Belphegor x MC]. 
Fandom: Obey Me.
Warning: Fingering, Oral (Male and female), vaginal sex,   over-stimulation, breath-play, multiple-partners, spit-roasting, marking, rough-play, internal cum-shot, aphrodisiac. 
Day 14 of  @alloveroliver​.
Including prompts from @xxsycamore​​​
Thank you once more to @theinariakuma​​, @crystal13unny​​ and @andinewton​​​ for beta-ing (You are all angels).
Part 2
Tags: @thequeenofotakus-blog​, @kumovii @fairstival @acr2m @lilliansstuff @coldnachopeace @omg-mz-fanfic  @mammonsmainsimp​​​ @0-miles-away
“These should… help with the process,” Lucifer presented to you a table full of different bottles. Half of them glistening pink with shimmers of glitter, the others sky-blue with swirls of green inside. “The pink should help to… how do I put this… give additional help for you to ease the entry,” Lucifer turned slightly red as he gestured to the bottles.
“It’s an aphrodisiac sweetie,” Asmo giggled, “It will help you to take us,”.
“T-Take us? How big exactly are you!”  You questioned, eye’s widening as a blush took over your face.
“Well speaking for myself, you’ll need a whole bottle, maybe two,” He winks in response to you, causing a shot of arousal to tingle down your spine, thighs clenching in anticipation. “Oh sweetie, you already smell so good, I can’t wait to simply taste your delicate flower,” Asmo already sensed your arousal as he ran a hand up your thigh, causing a hitched breath from you. 
“Hey hands off my human! Once I’m done with her, she’ll simply be begging for me and forget about the rest of ya,” Mammon huffed, a pink tint to his cheeks as he caught your eye. When you turned back to face Lucifer, Mammon made a gesture with his fingers in the shapes of ‘L’s to try to show to his brothers just how big his cock was. 
“Anyway,” Lucifer rolled his eyes at the annoyance of being interrupted, “The blue is for afterwards, I dare say my brothers might get a bit handsy during their time and I want, - I mean we want no discomfort on your behalf, any bruises, marks, bites, any… of their…” Lucifer went redder and redder as he spoke. 
“Basically we can cum in ya with no worries,” Beelzebub finally took over, “Of course if that's okay with you,”. 
“As Beelze so crudely put it, but what he said is true, there is no fear of any… mistakes happening, in heat our product tends to be extremely fertile and urges take over, when we… well you know,” Lucifer once again fading out. You can’t help but try not to laugh at his awkwardness, but this is clearly new territory to his and them all as it is to you. “Solomon has worked tirelessly to perfect these, you have nothing to fear, I assure you,”.
“Okay,” You nod with a swallow, “So how does this work? Are you all, like at the same time?”.
“No,” Lucifer quickly interrupts your question, “No, heat will last over the next week, each of my brothers have chosen a day to spend with you as long as you wish to continue,”.
“We wanted to give you a day of rest so me and Beelze have shared a day,” Belphegor perked up. “I hope you handle two demon cocks at the same time princess,” He whispers into your ear as he leans over your shoulder, causing a deep blush to rise on you. The remaining brothers protesting to see it and yell at Belph to get off you.
“I apologise for him, he always seems to be most affected when the build up starts,” Lucifer scowls as Belph quickly pulls back from you. “Is there anything?”.
“No, that's all,” You smile softly as Lucifer takes your hand and gently squeezes it, his own kind smile matching yours, “I- I know you guys won’t hurt me, I trust you,”.
It was a rare time in the house of Lamentation, for the first time ever all the brothers' heat were syncing up to take place over the same week. Normally they had separate weeks spread throughout the year, only this time heat week occurred from the eldest to the youngest. And to make matters worse, you, their little precious human, was there. They all knew heat was coming two weeks before it started, intolerable lust coursing through their veins, extra sensitive to smell, being in demon form without any control. All were suffering.
Lucifer had offered for you to stay with Solomon, but his at times harsh humour and persona would make it a very un-enjoyable week. In all honesty you wanted to help the brothers, they did so much for you that you were desperate to give back.
You couldn’t even deny the sexual tension between each and everyone of them. As if each one wanted to claim you, pact with you, but couldn’t due to their brothers. It lingered thick in the air, a too long touch of the hand from Satan, a heated gaze from Lucifer when no one was looking, a playful grab to your ass from Mammon. All little things that held value to you, cherished moments and feelings towards them all.
So when you awoke a week before their heat, all of their faces shocked at your words during the morning meeting over breakfast, “Well, what if I help you?” After some much needed discussion, Mammon, Levi and Asmo needing no persuasion, you came to an agreement with the brothers.
And that is how you found yourself being prepared to be the ultimate sex toy amongst six devilishly handsome demons. 
Day One:
Lucifer was right, the potion you drank in the morning had sent your nerves alight, heat and want pulsing throughout your body. Your stomach twisted in knots, arousal shooting straight down your spine and to your core.  
With bated breath you made your way to Beelzebub and Belphegor’s room, dressed in only a thin tank top and shorts. You didn’t even make it to the door where it was flung open, Beel eagerly licking his lips, eyes the colour of the galaxy now swarmed with a clear lusting cover. 
“I could smell you all the way down the corridor,” He hummed, holding your waist and pulling you into his room, his face buried in your neck, “You smell delicious, almost too good to eat,”. A groan comes from the other side of the room, Belphegor sat atop of his bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a sly grin. Both were already in their demonic forms, heads adorned with onyx horns as iridescent wings slowly fanned the room. A thick tail with hair fanned out at the bottom twitched occasionally as they undressed you with their eyes. 
There was no time for formalities or jokes in the situation, you were here to help them with heat and that was exactly what you were going to do. Clothes dispersed around the room, two sets of hands stripping them off you as fingers touched every inch of your freshly exposed skin. Sandwiched between the two, lips fighting a tongue battle with Beel as Belphie sucked on your neck, leaving red growing marks in their wake. The size of their cocks had made you clench over nothing, both long with thick girths, Belphies with a thick meaty vein running from base to tip on the underside. They both growled to see your eyes widen at them, red-hot and pulsing with need.
“You're so wet already,” Belphie hummed lowly into your ear, the soft brush of his tail grazing between your spread legs to feel the wetness already at your slit, before sinking his teeth into your lower lobe. You moaned into Beels mouth, unsure of whose fingers were running circle motions over your clit whilst two more pushed straight into you. 
A sharp hand in your hair turned your face to the side so Belphie could kiss you, his teeth nipping at your lower lip, leaving it red and bruised as he sucked on it before releasing with a lewd pop. Beel kissed his way down your torso before dropping to his knees. The fingers on your clit stopped at he slid them to your ankle to grip it gently and lift your leg to rest on his shoulder. 
“Fuck you smell so good,” He muttered bringing his nose to your exposed flesh and inhaling deeply. The tiniest flick of his tongue over your clit sent you clenching over Belphie’s fingers causing a hiss from the demon behind you. 
‘Move!” Beel growled at his brother's fingers as he licked a long stripe from where they entered you to the end of your clit. 
“I wanna make her cum first,” Belphie hissed, pulling himself away from the red-marks he was leaving along your neck, moving his fingers to curl inside you. You let out a whimper, the potion inside you drastically increasing your sensitivity. Every little touch, breath or noise was tenfold the usual, your skin and blood on fire as you craved more and more. 
“Please,” You whimpered, “Please I need more.” The two brothers exchanged a nod in silence, both of them stepping away as you whined at the loss, only for them to guide you onto one of their beds. From there they lay you down on your back, head hanging off the edge of the bed. Beel sat between your spread thighs whilst Belphie stood in front of you. His cock right in your eye-line as you stared up at it with hooded eyes, tongue darting out to wet your lips.
“Now be a good princess,” Belphie cooed softly as you let out a high pitched whine to feel Beel already with his head between your thighs, licking and sucking on your heated flesh like it was his first meal of his life, “Let Beel eat that pretty little pussy of yours whilst I fuck your pretty little mouth.” His cock already in your mouth by the time he finished his sentence, groaning loudly to see your lips stretch as he pushed more of him into you. 
It was awkward in the position to move your head, letting Belphie cup the back of your head where it met your neck as he thrusted into your mouth with wild abandonment. “Oh you can take more, I know you can,” The pink liquid you had taken helped to ease the motion as his head hit the back of your throat, choking you slightly without the repercussion of a gag-reflex. One hand grasped on his thigh while the other sought purchase in Beelze's hair, tugging and grasping at each movement of his tongue.
Saliva pooled in your mouth, running down your face each time he thrusted out and back in, a twisted smile on his face as he kept his eyes focused on you at all times. A humming growl of primal instinct came as he thrust faster, watching the outline of his cock at the top of your throat appear and disappear each time. 
Your throat tightened as Beel’s tongue thrusted into your core after such teasing of his tongue over your clit causing your eyes to widen and a low groan to roll in your throat.. 
“Do that again and I’ll cum.” Belphie groaned with his head tossed back, a particular harsher thrust down your throat as you attempted to swallow the pre-cum already releasing from him. 
Beel did the action again, this time curling his tongue which made your back arch off the bed, thighs pushing tightly against either side of his head. The grip in his hair tightened, anchoring him in place to where you needed him most. You were already so close. You hummed again but this time louder, the vibrations of your enclosed throat proving to be too much as Belphie gripped your head tightly, pushing his cock to be fully hilted inside you as you choked around him once more as he came. Hot-white salted release dribbling down the back of your throat, filling your mouth to the point it leaked from your lips leaving a trail of essence and saliva down your mouth.
“What a pretty sight princess, what a good girl you are taking all of me like that,” Belphie running his thumb along your cheek as you tried to catch your breath but mewls fell from it as Beel tongue fucked you harder. Belphie dropped to his knees, leaning your chest up and resting your head on his shoulder as he cupped your breasts, tugging sharply at your nipples causing another moan and buck of the hips from you to Beel’s face. The angle Belphie put you in gave you a perfect view of the ginger brother between your thighs. The hand now free from Belphie’s thigh joined the other to grasp Beelze’s hair, clutching to it to ground you as he brought you closer and closer to ecstasy. “Now be even better and cum all over his face,”.
It didn’t take much more than those words and Beel’s heated gaze as he peered up from between your thighs whilst his tongue twisted and curled inside you to find a release. Only you didn’t cum. 
Hot arousal pulsed from within you, starting from your scalp down to your toes as your back arched full of Belphie, fingers now twisting into the bed sheets below. Your hips bucked wildly as you cried out, core pulsing tighter and tighter.  Your eyes screwed shut as you collapsed back down, ragged breaths from you and deep monstrous groans from the two brothers. Only when you open your eyes did you realise what had happened. 
You’d squirted. 
Something you didn’t know you were able to do, all over Beel’s face which was dripping down onto his godly-defined torso. The sight itself made you clench and thighs clamp together. 
A snarl came from Beel, as Belphie continued to thumb over your nipples, gripping your thighs and wrenching them open as he knelt back between them. One hand keeping them open as the other wrapped around his throbbing cock, his eyes focused on your pulsing core before moving up to whine at your cum stained mouth which was still dripping with Belphies release. His wings fluttered quickly, the horns embedded in his orange hair seemed to throb in time to his cock. Two quick jerks, a deep groan and Beel found his release, spewing hot seed onto your stomach and thighs. 
His cock still stood solid after as had Belphies, arousal still high in the air between all three of you as you realised none of you would be satisfied until you were passing out.
“I can’t wait to feel you squirt all over my cock,” Belphie groaned into your ear followed by a groan from Beel as they moved you into position on your hands and knees.
Day two:
The bites and marks the two brothers had left all over your skin were no-longer visible the following morning, the seed that filled you to the point of dripping from you was also gone. No aches, no pains, nothing. 
“I trust my brothers treated you well yesterday?” Leviathan asked when you turned up to his room, inspecting your skin for any marks or bruises.
“Yes, Beel and Belphi-!” You started only to be cut off as Leviathan pinned you to the solid oak door.
“Oh normie, normie, normie,” He chuckled darkly, his orange eyes burning into your soul as they hinted a darkness behind them, “Don’t you know who you're dealing with?” His tail snaked up around your abdomen before curling gently around your neck, “Don’t ever mention another man's name when in my presence.” followed by a light squeeze to your neck. 
The avatar of envy for clear reasons.
Levi led you over to his bed, a bathtub now filled with water and the heavenly scent of rose. Your normally shy friend wasted no time, pulling you to him as he kissed you softly, holding you close to him as he gently tugged at your clothes. “Off!’ He whispered as he bit your lip before pulling back, pulling off the large hoodie he was wearing along with jeans with pure commando underneath. You couldn’t help but gasp to see the already-semi he’d gotten, although between your thighs were also already wet.
He helped you into the water, lying down as he pulled you to straddle him, his lips already re-attaching to yours as his hands fondled your breasts. The snake-like feel of his tail inching up your thighs to brush against your sex, both of you hissing at the feel of it. Thick and smooth. 
He moved one hand down to cup your ass, whilst the other held your waist as he moved hot kisses down to your collarbone, a sharp bite every now and then before focusing his attention on your breasts. Capturing them in his mouth as he sucked on a nipple, sharp teeth grazing over them as you threw your head back, unable to stop yourself from grinding over his tail that rested against your clit. 
“Oh Levi…” You moaned out, the gentle push of the tip of his tail into your core. Never had you felt something like this, warm yet cold, thicker and thicker it went as he slowly pushed more into you, stretching you ready for the girth of his cock. You cling to his shoulders for support as he thrusts slowly in and out until your arousal runs down his tail and mixes into the water below.  
Heat rose to your cheeks as the tip of his tail curled inside you, searching until-
“Oh!” You cried out, clenching tightly as he found the spot he was looking for. 
“I want you to cum on my tail,” He groaned against your skin, continuing to repeatedly hit that spot over and over again. Your vision flooded with stars, breaths becoming more sparse with each second as you grinded down against his movements.
“I- I wanna...Levi...I,” You whimper, scratching red marks down his chest, the pit of your stomach dropping as the coil tightened like your muscles around him.
“Words baby, tell me,” He gently pushed a piece of hair stuck to your sweating forehead behind your ear. 
“I wanna cum on your cock…” Embarrassment pushed to the side as you felt him still for a mere second. A lowly chuckle fell from his lips, sitting up in the water to slap your ass before squeezing it.
“Begging to be fucked already I see?” He sucks on your lower lobe, “You good girl.” The motion of his tail quickens, bringing on your orgasm in rushed speed as you wither in his hold, circling your hips as they buck against him. Head thrown back with a trail of sweat running down your back as you collapse against his chest. “Now,” He pulls his tail out of you as you whimper slightly, only to have the head of his cock pushing into you, “You can come on my cock,”. He pushed into you slowly, he was thick with a stretch that still burned slightly even with the potion and you were still sensitive from your orgasm. 
“L-Levi! S-Stop!” You gasp, pushing your hand to his chest as he completely stilled, even in heat a demon knew ‘no’. 
“Is everything okay? Should I pull out? I-I,” Levi’s normal persona slipping through the cracks of his heat, cock still buried partly inside you. 
“N-no I, I’m gonna cum,” You say in short breaths, focusing your hardest not to move as his cock currently pressed against a spot inside you that was about to have you undone in seconds. 
“Oh baby girl,” He grins with a cheshire smile, “Then cum.”. With that he shallowly thrusts into the same spot, the angle of his cock, the throbbing of his head, the push of his tail against your clit sent you hurtling off the edge with only half of his cock inside you. You convulsed around him, squeezing him as you pulsed, only for him to push further into you, fighting against your tightening walls. Your head dropped to his shoulder moaning loudly, your chest pressed to his as he held your hips to guide you into a grind. You whimpered from over-sensitivity, tears pooling in your eyes as you glanced up to see Levi smirking down at you. 
“Don’t worry baby,” He thrusted into the grind, tail never slowing its movements on your clit as you spasmed over him, “I’ll give you exactly what you asked for.” Thrusting into you at a speed where water splashed out of the side, another wave of pleasure hit you as you bonelessly collapsed against him, letting orgasm after orgasm wave across you until your mind was blank.
Day 3:
Sore muscle? None.
Imprints around your neck from where Levi’s tail had gripped you? None.
You woke up the next morning to an ache between your thighs, as if you were already desperate to be filled once more by another brother. 
Only it turned out the ache wasn’t purely from you.
“Good morning sweetie,” Rose studded eyes peering from between your thighs as you looked down, Asmo with his chin and mouth slick, “I must say I’m surprised it’s taken you so long to wake up after the way you’ve been calling out for me all morning,”. You can feel the slickness already dripping down your thighs and ruining your bedsheets.
“Asmo…” You wither, throwing your head back as a long stripe of his tongue started from your core to your clit, a hum of approval as he does. You try to reach down and bury your fingers in his hair but a cold movement stops you, your hands bound by handcuffs to the bed. 
“Sorry sweetie, but the way you were tugging my hair, I was going to lose control,” Followed by a gentle nip to your thigh. 
“How long-... how long have you.. fuck,” You whimper, pushing your heels down as you feel two fingers thrusting into you, the sound of wet arousal already filling your room.
“Three my dove, and I think,” He twists his fingers causing your back to arch with a pleasant sigh, “Your about to give me a fourth.” And just like that you came again around his fingers, crying out to feel your walls tense and pulse. “I knew you would taste sweet.” He whispered against your clit, pulling his fingers out to replace them with his tongue. Curling the lengthy muscle inside you to lap up all your sweet release. 
“Looks like the aphrodisiac is starting to work on you.” He teases, head still buried between your thighs as you turn to see two empty bottles of it beside you, Asmo had clearly poured them into your mouth whilst you were asleep. Not that you minded, this was a beyond pleasant way to wake up.
“Asmo!” Hips bucking, fists tugging against the steel of the cuffs around you, “More, god please more.” The lips around your lower ones suck once before releasing with a wet pop. 
“Oh sweetie…” He hums, pulling himself away, crawling slowly up your body to press his wet lips against your ear, “There is no god here, there is only me.” Your eyes widen to feel the heated length sliding against your folds, coaxing himself in your arousal. He leans over to press a kiss to your lips, tongue running around your lower before pulling back. “You taste like sweet berries,” He giggles. “Now,” He strokes a finger down your arm before it meets the handcuffs, “Shall I take these off… oh I guess I’ll leave them on then”. Half through his sentence you shook your head, a meek ‘Please keep them on’ came from you. 
Kneeling up, Asmo kept himself between your parted legs as he stroked himself. You let out a whimper to see him-
-Asmo was right, you definitely needed two bottles to take him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Asmo stroked your thigh as if sensing your nerves at his size. The stretch of him as he pushed in brought tears to your eyes, the drag of him against your velvet walls sent a heat across your body. Cheeks rising as you panted already, the feeling of being so full as he buried himself to the hilt inside you. His name fell over and over from your mouth as he pulled back to thrust forward, the squeak of the bed growing louder with each quickening thrust. His hands gripped on to your waist as your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer as he thrusted into you, your ass resting upon his thighs. 
“You feel so good,” Asmo rolled his hips into you, hitting every sweet spot inside you that made you sing out to him.
“Oh… fuck Asmo… harder.” You moaned beneath him, digging your heels into his lower back to spur him on.
A chuckle isn’t the reaction you expected. 
“You want it harder sweetie? My beautiful little human likes it rough?” He teased, peering down to watch you nod eagerly.
“Oh sweetie.” He smirked, hoisting your legs off of him and throwing them over his shoulders as he slammed into you, hands tightly holding your ankles. Your heated screams of pleasure were drowned out by the headboard shunting against the wall, the mattress struggling to cope with the roughening thrusts. Springs beneath you threatening to snap, like the coil within you that was already on the verge of breaking. 
The position of your hands above you gave him a perfect view of the way your breasts bounced with each thrust, admiring the way they slapped against your skin like the way his hips did against yours. 
“Gonna… gonna cum Asmo…” You groaned, back raising off the bed as your thighs began to tremble. Within the next breath Asmo pulled out and flipped you over, pulling your hips up as he thrusted back into you, he’d been kind enough to cross your arms when he cuffed them so during the flip it was a comfortable position. 
“Cum for me my sweetie, let my brothers know who’s making you feel so good,” He sings out, thrusting in abandonment into you. A bite to your neck pushes you over the edge, his name crying from your mouth so loud it could be heard throughout the house. 
Day 4: 
The moans from you getting louder and louder in pitch from the kitchen. Sat upon the wooden work surface, legs spread wide with white tufts of hair between them. Mammon ravaged you on the spot after he told you, ‘I need my breakfast’. The normally teasing demon swept you up straight up on the counter and tugged your shorts and panties down before you could even take another breath. 
“So good, so sweet my human.” He groaned, holding your lower lips apart with one hand as the other pushed against your thighs to stop them from crushing his head. 
Head thrown back to hit the tiled wall behind you, fingers grasping on to his horns causing him to rutt his hips against the cabinets, the lewd wet noises of him eating you like a feast filled in the air. Chest rising up and down as you tugged your top down with one hand, toying with your own exposed nipples for a slight added stimulation. The grunt that left Mammon to peer up and see it, was all you needed to be pushed over the edge. It was a purely erotic sight to be hold. 
He took you against the counter, hips thrusting into you with pure control and precision. Mammon unraveled you faster than he could swipe Goldie. Only the orgasm you gave him was much more satisfying to his needs than spending money. Leaving a sticky trail of evidence upon the counter, for only someone else to discover later in the day. 
Your lips were wrapped around his cock at least three times. One in the shower, once on his bed and once upon the pool table. Each time ending in your mouth full of his release, too much for you to swallow causing it to dribble out down your chin and spread against your chest. Mammon burning the sight into his mind. 
He bent you over every piece of furniture he could find, ramming his cock into you from behind until your legs threatened to buckle from under you. He’d lean over and whisper dirty words into you just to feel you clench over him, your muscles trying to stop him from pulling away each time his hips pulled backwards. 
“My tight human pussy,”, “Ya so wet and it’s all for me,”, “Fuck, ya look so good with my huge cock pounding you like this,”, “Cumming again? Yeah that’s right baby girl, let go and let me just take care of ya,”, “Ngh-Ya squeeze me so much, ya pussy already knows who it really belongs to, look how sensitive it is just from me pushing my cock into ya,”, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna cum over and over again. Fill this tight pink pussy up with the Great Mammon’s sperm,”. 
His personal favourite position of the day was when he fucked you atop of the pool table. You’d engaged in foreplay to start with, three fingers curling inside you as you leaned over and sucked his cock. Mammon under-exaggerated his length to say the least. You could barely wrap a hand around it, not even fitting half of it into your mouth before it was hitting the back of your throat. Thanking the heavens (and Solomon) for the potions allowing your gag-reflex to vanish for the time, taking Mammon down your throat until you almost choked without air. A ‘Fucking hell human. Fuck that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,’ groaned from Mammon as throbbed in your mouth, threatening to release as his eyes watched you. Nothing in his lifetime could compare to the sight. 
By the time you were close to coming, he pulled his fingers away before slamming his cock into you from behind, pushing your face down against the green felt. From the edging of the foreplay and the feeling of his head hitting your cervix you came instantly. Mammon gripping your shoulders tightly to the point they drew blood, trying to hold back his release. whilst he could hold it for a few deep thrusts, it was the whimper of his name as you turned your head over your shoulders to meet his gaze, watery blue eyes hinted with coin bronzed yellow swimming within a pool of lust that pushed him head first off the edge. He came so much he filled you to the point it gushed out onto your thighs and puddled upon the green felt of the table, hand having to jerk himself off as he continued to spurt his release onto your ass. 
The sight of white upon your skin, just like his markings, set off a primal instinct within him and within minutes he was ready and roaring for more, determined to paint your skin in his essence and markings. 
Day 5:
You were mind-blanked. Nothing but Satan filling your mind and body, lost in the white light of pleasure. Unable to form sentences, a babbling mess of incoherent words as you let pleasure ripple across your body like a surging river. 
“I’m not like my brothers,” He cooed softly when you walked into his room, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. You’d seen Satan in demon form before but this was a softer side to him, demon form by lust and not from anger. “We’ll do this however you feel comfortable,”. 
“I like to be on top.” You smile, bringing a hand to cup his face. Satan was the one you were most worried about seeing his anger from before and almost, extremely mildly almost, frightened that he would bring this anger out into his lust. Alas, Satan cared for you the most and wanted to attend to your needs. ‘I can control myself in heat’ he told you. Words he soon forget in moments later. 
“You're so big!” You mewled, digging your fingers into his chest as you rose your hips once more before lowering down, this time taking him fully. His back rested against the headboard as he sat up, you straddled across him with your hands splayed across his chest whilst he rested his on your waist. “Oh fuck Satan, Yes...Yes!” fell from your mouth in-time to your slowly rolling hips. 
Whilst he wasn’t as thick as the others he was by far the longest, able to hit every needed spot within you as you grinded over him. Flush spread across your cheeks and down your neck, heated pleasure coursing through your veins as your mouth dropped into an ‘o’. One hand scratched at his chest leaving red marks in their wake whilst the other reached into the blonde of his hair and gripped onto his curled horns. It caused a hiss from him, eyes widening open as he panted heavily, the grip of his fingers sinking harshly into your skin. His self control slipped quickly with each roll of you upon him. Calling his name in a trembled voice, back arching so your breasts pressed against his chest, full skin on skin contact with him as he held you tightly. Your grip on his horns tightened like your muscles over his cock, the motion being his undoing.
With a strangulated groan followed by a whimper, heat surged inside you, one you had grown accustomed to over the last week. Satan’s head collapsed against your chest leaving you stilling your movements, to feel him continue to pulse and throb into you as he breathed heavily against your chest. 
You’d heard demon horns were sensitive during heat, but you never expected it to be that sensitive. 
“ everything okay?” Awkwardly still straddling him, his cock still hard inside you as you waited in suspense. You weren't far off finding a release yourself but now you felt it slipping further and further away. 
A growl unlike you’d heard anything before left from Satan, the noise purely demonic. With a scream you were pulled from off of him, a demonstration of his hidden strength as he held onto you, pushing off the bed and slamming you into the nearby wall. 
“Oh my little kitten,” A toothy grin meets your eyes, a slick tongue darting out to lick his lower lip as his eyes practically glow whilst covered in lust, “You have no idea what you do to me.” The vibrant green of his tail worms it way up across your body, taking its time to fondle and press over your dripping folds before continuing its way up to your body. You feel the scales of it wrap once around your neck and just as it squeezes slightly with control, his cock once again fills you to the hilt as he slams his hips into yours. Eyes roll from both of you to the back of your head, one arm holding beneath one of your thighs whilst the other pushes onto the wall next to your head to keep you caged in his hold. 
The roar from him makes the desk nearby tremble, objects perfectly placed on his desk rolling around and spilling onto the floor. He effortlessly bounces you off his cock in a pace that brings stars to your eyes in seconds, gasping as his tail continues to gently squeeze your throat until he feels you withering whilst you cum around him. 
“Yeah that’s right kitten, give into how good I make you feel.” Snarling as he says it, leaning down to catch a bouncing breast into his mouth as he sharply nips at your nipple causing a large red mark to form upon your skin. Unable to help you cling to him, red marks of dark lines grace his back as you claw into him, on the verge of a second orgasm already from how he’s pounding up and into you. 
“D-Don’t stop.” You manage between moans, unable to hold back at how good this feels. Your skin and blood almost on fire, one or two tears rolling down your cheek only to be licked up by Satan, groaning as he laps up the saltiness. 
The movement that made your mind blank into boneless-ness was when the tip of his tail pushes into your mouth, forcing its way into your wet cavern as he thrusts it in in-time to the thrust of his cock. Unable to focus you let it twirl in a battle with your tongue, drool pooling from your lips as it drips down your body to mix with sweat before hitting the point of where Satan and you meet. Weakly, you drag your arms up to once more grip his horns, danger threatening in Satan’s eyes as you tightly hold onto them. 
It was fair to say Satan completely lost-control, roughly taking orgasm after orgasm until you blackout from over stimulation.
Day 6:
You’d be fucked to an inch of your life and it felt like it. Whilst the potions you took helped to remove muscle ache, the vast amounts of sperm pumped into you, bites, marks and everything else, it couldn’t remove the memories of feelings of the brothers upon you.
You spent more of the day in bed, just lying in a complete bliss of contentedness. Heat turned out to be just as enjoyable for you as it had the brothers, using you to fulfil their needs whilst also ensuring your own outer-body pleasurable experience. Even after their way with you they still cared for you like they normally would, ensuring you were okay, making sure you took the potion to heal your ruined body before carrying you to bed and letting you rest. Heat would definitely change the way you saw them all, the softness of Levi now filled with memories of him fucking you with his tail, Satan drawing out as many orgasms as he could before filling you over and over, Beel’s cock in your mouth as you choked on it whilst Belphie pounded into you from behind, Asmo teasing your clit to the point you came from a few quick strokes against it with the head of his cock and Mammon unable to control when he needed you taking you against the nearest surface he could. 
The only brother you hadn’t come into contact with over the week was Lucifer. He refused to partake in your offering over heat, deeming he was a man and that he “should be able to control his urges without the help of a human.” That was Lucifer's way of putting it but what he really meant was he loved you too much and was too frightened he might lose control around you and ruin whatever this ‘friendship’ between you was. It scared him how much he lost himself around you, worried he would become a feral beast if he even got a whiff of your scent whilst he was in heat. And for that he kept himself locked away in his room.
Day 7:
It was the last day of heat and the rest of the brothers were slowly calming down, you could finally be in a room with them without them trying to tear off your clothes or burying their noses onto your skin just to get a smell of you. 
As you sat in the kitchen, a noise so loud it made the cabinets near by rock on their study legs, the solid oak door to the exit of the house squeaked on its hinges and plates threatened to break from the way they shook. It was a noise similar to the one Satan had made, a growl from the deep depths of within a demon. One that made your core clench tightly. 
You’d already taken the last potion you had in the morning, just in case one of the brothers' needs hadn’t been filled, it was better to be prepared. And as you stood outside Lucifer's door, slowly pushing it open to be emerged into a darkening sight. You knew there was one last brother who needed you. 
The inside of Lucifer's room was dark, tatters of thick curtains ripped apart letting light inside the room. Stacks of paper were tossed onto the floor in shreds, ruins of books and momentous were scattered amongst the room, marks upon the wall where they’d been thrown leaving huge dents. In the midst of the room stood a figure hunched over, black as dark as night heaving on the toned back that raised and lowered with deep breaths. Clothes ripped upon his body, as if he’d torn at them themselves, unable to keep himself caged within them. 
“Lucifer…” You meekly called out into the room, taking a bold step forward into the room, letting the door shut behind you softly. When no reply came you took another step forward, closing the distance between you and him. 
And on your third step, red-beaded eyes glowing like the rising sun turned to find you, staring at you like a predator upon prey. It made you freeze. For the first time you weren't seeing Lucifer as Lucifer, you were seeing a really powerful demon. 
“I said go!” Lucifer's plea came out in a yell, one that echoed off the walls and ricocheted off the furniture in its way. He turned on the spot, standing tall and proud, the exposure of his toned abdomen beneath peering through the barely together shirt. The normal trousers he wore were nothing but torn shorts, half opened and falling down his waist as black boxers poked from underneath them and as your eyes travelled down-
-A bulge clearly visible travelling far down his thigh, thick in girth and straining to be freed. 
“Lucifer I-“ You take a step forward, you should have been frozen in fear from the way he was hungrily staring at you but this beast, this demon, was still your protector Lucifer.
In the next moment he was stalking towards you at breakneck speed, clutching his hands to your forearms as his breath came in waves. 
“Your aroma is so… powerful,” Leaning down to slowly lick your neck causing a soft whimper as you tilted your head to allow him better access. As if realising his actions he pulled away, dropping his hands from you. “Please- I… I can’t control myself around you,” His voice breaking as he tried to keep himself away from you.
“Lucifer please, let me help you.” You softly whispered, reaching a hand out to gently cup his sharply defined jawline, a growl stirring in his throat. 
“I won’t be able to hold back… I- I’ll hurt you… I’m not like my brothers, my heat is worse…” Lucifer swallowing, the bob of his adam’s apple clear from above you. The reason as to why Lucifer kept pushing you away for heat was clearly visible. 
“I’m not scared of you Lucifer,” Softly rubbing your thumb over his skin, “Please, let me help you, I want to help you.”
The hands that held your arms came back to grip your face, pulling you up as he leaned down, pressing his lips tightly to yours as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. He gripped the back of your neck forcing an angle so his tongue could slide further into your throat, pushing the full length of his body against yours. The hand on your arm bunched your shirt up and ripped it off your body, leaving your torso exposed as he bit your bottom lip. Greedily he palmed your breasts, pulling his mouth away from you, you fell to your knees.
You were lost in the haze, completely taken over in lust as Lucifer’s grip in your hair tightened. One hand wrapped partly around his base whilst your mouth worked down over him, thrusting and fucking your mouth until your eyes watered and spit fell from your lips and onto the floor below. His cock was bigger than the rest, solid and pulsing it stood, flushed red with veins that throbbed down the side of it just aching to be touched. Growls and grunts fell over and over from him, fucking your face as he pushed the whole of his cock down your throat until you gagged and choked over it. He spilled into your mouth with nothing more than a few ragged breaths, the fingers in your hair twisted and tugged as he throbbed. Thick spurts of white falling with saliva from your lips, running down your throat as you held eye-contact with him, swallowing the more than plentiful release. 
Your shorts were ripped from you as well, the sound of fabric tearing filling the room as he positioned you upon the bed on your hands and knees. He wasted no time lining up and thrusting into you, groaning so loudly that the bed rocked beneath you. Even with your own arousal and the potion, it was still a matter of patience for him to fully enter you, patience which Lucifer currently didn’t have. He shallowly thrusted with urgency until half of him slid in without any resistance, your tight walls clenching over him to stop him pulling out with every thrust. Until finally, he spat down to where you met and hilted himself fully into you.
“Lucifer!” You grip tightly to the bed-sheets, the force of him enough to make the air inside your lungs leave your body. Painted red nails of sharp spiked fingers clutch to your waist as he pulls your body back, not giving moments to adjust as he pushes over and over into you until slapping of wet skin is almost louder than the noises you're both making. He drives purposefully to the spot that makes your back arch, an orgasm building up already with little to no second to savour the feeling. The blood inside you is flaming, spreading a heated wild-fire inside you as every nerve is set alight with intensity. 
As your muscles tighten rapidly, Lucifer roars out as sweat drips down his body completely giving into his heated need as he fucks you with primal urgency. His pace growing rapid as he feels your orgasm so close, unable to stop his nails breaking into your skin as he grips at you. The experience verging on painful as your elbows collapse, your face falling onto the pillows beneath as your body shunts forward with every powerful thrust. 
“Fuck you look so good taking me like this,” His eyes focusing on the way his meaty cock stretches you over and over again as he thrusts in and out of you in tight controlled movements, unwanting and unwilling to even pull himself fully out of you. 
You couldn’t help but scream out as you came, watery tears leaking from your eyes at the intensity of the white flooding your eyes, whilst highly pleasurable to a new level, it came fast and hard from Lucifer's punishing movements into you. The hands on your waist move, one leaning over you to grip the headboard showing his strength as it snapped. Splintering wood now lay in his hand as his whole body shook from the grip whilst you pulsed over him. The other hand clutched at the back of your neck and sunk scratches upon your shoulders that threatened to bleed. The sound of all four wings racing in speed to match his thrusts, unbridled passion of lust seeping from every inch of him.
Lucifer continued to thrust, the over-sensitivity of your spot being repeatedly hit boarded on painful. 
This was no longer Lucifer, this was a creature pulled from the deepest pits of hell, brutally taking you until you could give no more. 
Your teeth bit into the pillow, trying to obscure your whimpers but Lucifer heard them loud and clear. Pulling you up gently by the back of your hair, pulling up until you rested on your knees, your ass resting on the top of his thighs as his chest pressed against your back. A strong arm curved around the front of you to cup a breast, the weight of it bouncing in his hand with each thrust as his index and thumb rolled your nipple between them. The hand in your hair loosening to run his palm down your stomach, crying out loudly to feel his fingers spread your folds and rub tight circles around your clit. Head rolling against his shoulder, eyes falling to the back of your head as his lips press soft kisses down the contour of your neck, pleasure taking over every sense in your body. ‘Lucifer… Lucifer… Lucifer’ Over and over it falls from your mouth like a sinful prayer, body’s entwined like those of lovers. An erotic sight of pure loving pleasure upon his satin sheets. Gone was the rough fucking from moments before, Lucifer kissing the areas up on your shoulders where red marks lay as if trying to melt the pain away. 
The softening tenderness was a surprise side of him you never expected. Deep penetrating thrusts, hitting inside you as he pulled partly out to thrust back in, groaning deeply as you came around him again in little time. This time feeling the full force of pleasure spread through your veins, not rough or forced like the one before, this one connecting you and Lucifer in an almost spiritual experience as you cried out his name to the highest of heavens. Skin ablaze whilst your toes curled, arms reaching behind you to wrap around his neck, burying in his raven hair to pull his face to yours. One hand wrapped around the ebony horn to keep him close, the added stimulation of that and your tightening walls was all he needed. The stuttering flutter of his rapid wings from behind indicated his release before you felt it. Lips meeting in a sloppy kiss, as you felt his heat surge inside you, biting his lower by accident as another orgasm blends into your waves of pleasure. 
Trembling in his hold, hips rocking against his as you pulse to the point mixed arousal dripped down your thighs as he pulled his softening cock from you. Whimpering from over sensitivity as your muscles still squeezed him to try stop him from pulling out. “Shh little one, I’ve got you.” He cooed softly, kissing your lips over and over in softening pecks, hands running up and down your sides. Both of your skins aglow with sweat, ragged breaths meeting together, foreheads stuck and pressed against each other. Sharing a tender embrace with the eldest brother, two racing hearts beating at the same time. 
“I hurt you.” His eyes full of shame to see the marks upon you caused by his own hand, his heart heavy and wounded to know that he did this to you. 
“I’m okay, Lucifer I’m okay.” You whisper against his lips, slowly turning to face him. None of it hurt, all that mattered was that Lucifer knew you were fine and that whatever happened didn’t change your opinion on him. You bury your hands once more in his hair to kiss him, softly pushing him back until he lay on the bed as you straddled him, lips never parting for a second. He was still erect and most likely would be until the end of his heat that night. Slowly, you lifted your hips and let yourself sink back down onto him. He groaned so softly into your mouth as he protested at your slowly grinding hips, you interlaced your fingers with his. “Just let me take care of you.” Pooling eyes full of lust and love meeting each other as Lucifer nodded at your words, giving you full control to him as his thumb slowly rubbed over yours. Rocking your hips slowly, a complete change in atmosphere as you brought each other to a slow burning climax for the following of the night.
Day 8:
You woke up wrapped in satin sheets, a strong arm around your waist and a heavy breath against the back of your neck. Turning in the embrace to see Lucifer, sound asleep and more importantly back to his human form, heat was finally over. Lucifer had been the first brother to spend the night with you after sex, watching you drink every drop of the blue potions until he knew for sure that no-harm had come to you for his actions. 
“Good morning.” A groggy voice yawned as the arm around you pulled you closer, resting you against his chest.
“Good morning,.” You whispered, pressing a sweet chaste kiss to where his heart lay. 
Whilst heat may have given you the experience to be an individual part of the brothers for a week, when you woke up today was where you were meant to belong. In the strong hold of your loving protector, Lucifer.
Tumblr media
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"Someone is following me." feat. Satan and Beelzebub
pairings: satan x Female!reader, beelzebub x Female!reader
warnings: tw panic, tw sexual assault, tw molestation, tw harassment, lots and lots of fluff
Tumblr media
art by nDelacour on twitter
You were scared out of your mind, terrified as your brain presented the many prospects of outcomes in these situations to you rapid-fire as you walked quickly down the sidewalk with another demon in hot pursuit.
Except this time, you were in the demon realm, so if your stalker did manage to steal you away, the horrible images plaguing your mind from human world movies and presentations would be ten times as bad down here!
With trembling fingers you opened your DDD and pressed the most recent contact, praying to Diavolo that they would pick up.
It rang once...
Tears began dribbling down your cheeks and you felt like you were suffocating before you finally heard a click and a worried, "MC?"
"Satan? Thank Diavolo-"
"MC, where are you?"
"I-I'm almost home but someone is following me! Satan I'm scared, he's b-been following me since I got off the bus-" You whimpered, on the verge of tears.
"Ssh ssh, MC. It's going to be alright, don't cry. I'll meet you outside. How far away are you from home?" He said, trying to calm you.
The last thing you needed was a mind clouded with panic in this situation. Satan himself was becoming more and more fidgety as his brain reminded him of all of the detective shows and books he'd read and usually the one held hostage or kidnapped didn't come out of it okay.
Shuddering at the thought, he unlocked the front doors of the dorms and went outside.
"I'm really close. I can s-see the gates from where I am."
"Good, good. I'm gonna hang up now sweetheart. Is that okay? I'll see you in a minute."
"Yeah umm... yeah that's fine. See you in a sec."
The line went dead.
Satan heard the gates creaking and the quick pitter-patter of your little feet up the cement until your face came into view. You were gaunt with fear, eyes watery and cheeks damp as you threw yourself into the Avatar of Wrath's arms and clung to him, bursting into tears.
Satan picks you up and takes you into the house, locking and double-checking all of the locks before taking you to the sofa to calm down
He allows you to cry in his arms for as long as you need, no interruptions, no shushing, just lots of comfort and cuddles until you've calmed down enough to explain what happened
Apparently, you got on the bus, and some demon had leaned over and murmured 'I'll take you somewhere real nice and we can have a good time' while simultaneously sliding one big powerful hand along your thigh
Disgusted, you'd pushed his hand away without a second thought and tried to get up and find a different seat, but the demon acted quickly, pulling you back down and holding you there while he proceeded to grope you, unhindered by anyone, as there were only a few other people on the bus and none of them were sitting close by
Horrified, Satan rubbed your back to keep you from hyperventilating, as just reliving it through memory caused you great discomfort
Satan kissed your temple, rubbing your back and reassuring you softly
"What happened next?" He whispered, giving you a firm squeeze
Your stop was coming up and the demon was getting more adventurous with his touches. His hands crept lower and lower, but his grip on your neck grew looser and looser. So when the bus came to a halt in front of Hell's Kitchen, you tore yourself from his grasp and bolted
He'd been following you since you got off the bus
Satan's not letting you go anywhere alone for a long time after that
Once all of the brothers hear about this and you describe the features of the demon to them, you see a news report the next day of an extremely mutilated body found in an alleyway
Out of all the brothers watching the news with you, Satan's smile was the widest
"MC?" A pause, "MC we ate dinner without you. Why aren't you home yet?" He asked, genuine concern laced in his tone.
He couldn't fathom why you had missed his cooking!
"B-Beel? Can you come get me? I'm too scared to walk home by myself a-and I think someone's been following me." You murmured, terrified.
"What do you mean someone's following you? Are you okay?"
"Y-Yeah... I'm okay for now b-but I'm the last person on shift before closing at Majolish and he's in here... He's in the store just milling about. He does this at least once a week, but Solomon is usually here and tells this demon he needs to go but Solomon had to go home early though, and n-now it's just me."
"How do you know he's following you?" Beel asked, beginning the brisk jog to Majolish, with half a burger in his mouth.
"He just comes in and stares at me! Wherever I work, not just here. Every shift I have at Hell's Kitchen or the Mausoleum or the Library he's always there too! A lot of my coworkers have had to force him to leave because he makes everyone so uncomfy. I don't know Beel... Just... Just hurry!" You whimper as you hear the stalkers footsteps grow nearer.
"Mkay. I'm already on my way MC. Don't worry. 'M gonna hang up, okay?"
No response.
He heard your distressed cries, but they sounded so far away.
Something was wrong...
Beel broke into a sprint, dodging demons on the sidewalk with such agility and speed, they hardly noticed him rushing by. He burst through the front doors of Majolish and was witness to something that could make even the Avatar of Gluttony sick to his stomach.
You had been pinned against the shelves behind the counter by a towering demon who was so busy molesting you he didn't notice the doors crack off their hinges.
Beel changed to his demon form.
Your sobs drove him wild with rage and he lunged at the demon and grabbed him by the throat. He plucked your form away from the demon's filthy hands and shoved you behind the counter again while he moved the carnage to the street outside.
You didn't move until you heard ambulances screaming just outside the shop and you heard glass crunching underneath someone's feet.
You saw Beel, gingerly setting each door back on its hinges before walking to you and checking you all over for injuries.
The press gathered around him after he scooped you into his arms and began carrying you out of the store, ignoring their questions and cameras and continued his way home.
When you got there, he lumbered up to his room with you safely tucked in his embrace and tucked you in next to Belphie as he excused himself to the bathroom in order to clean the demon's blood off of him and put a fresh shirt on.
When he returned, he lifted both you and Belphie out of bed and brought both of you into his own bed to cuddle.
"MC, next time someone makes you sad, you have to tell me as soon as possible, okay? I never want that to happen to you again."
From then on, he or another brother is with you, should you leave the house to do ANYTHING
"Lucifer, where's MC?"
"She went to the mall."
"By herself???"
"Absolutely not. Asmodeus and Mammon went with her."
*cue immediate relief*
He never wants to see you cry again after that. You scared him really bad okay? What if he had gotten there too late? What if that demon had just taken you and made off with you and he never saw your beautiful face again?
He couldn't let that happen.
Not on his watch
Luckily, after the news circulated what information they knew about that night, no one really wants to eat or touch the MC now since Beel killed a demon so effortlessly for following you around.
Since this incident, Beel has become impossibly more cuddly with you, as he realized how important you are to him and all of the things that could happen to you should he be absent
It's okay though, Beel always has time for you, especially if it means he'll get to protect you and see you smile
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devildomqueen · 7 months ago
The Morning After Your First Time Together: Beelzebub
You could not move. You couldn’t even turn over. Not because your giant red-headed boyfriend had his arm over you—pinning you in place—but because your body had reached its physical limit last night, and apparently, it hadn’t healed any in the few hours you’d gotten sleep.
You had a feeling you’d be sore, but even when he held himself back, promising to be gentle your first time together, his thrusts felt anything but that.
It felt too good to stop him, but the current result was the inability to breathe without feeling sore all over.
As you lay trapped beneath him, images replayed of last night on a never-ending loop. You’d never forget how his tongue swirled inside you, how his long fingers pried you apart, how his hips collided with yours with every wet thrust, the way he growled hungrily for more of you— more of your body against his.
Beelzebub’s nose twitched in his sleep, and he started chewing on your hair without realizing it. You pulled your head away, but that didn’t seem to wake him, so you gently prodded his side until he woke up and realized what he was doing. He sat up in confusion, still groggy, and looked down at you, a blush on his face as he immediately apologized for almost eating your hair.
You sleepily told him it was fine, and he smiled happily. You were just thankful he hadn’t started chewing on your body instead. You had enough bite marks from last night deep enough to scar, but at least those bites had been from lustful affection.
Beelzebub noticed you staring off into space and realized you were lying completely still, unmoving.
“Yeah, Beel?”
“Are you still sleepy? We can go back to bed if you want?” He said sweetly even though his stomach growled as he offered this.
“No, I’ve been awake. You certainly wore me out, though,” you yawned, and he shifted bashfully, recalling last night and the many ways he’d drained your energy.
“Umm…MC…are you okay? Last night…I…I thought I was being gentle, but…” he looked remorseful as his eyes trailed over the many bruises and bites on your body. You followed his gaze and reached out to hold his hand.
“Don’t worry…I think I might be extra fragile,” you quickly excused, and he nodded but got a serious look in his eyes.
After finding what he was looking for, he propped your head upon the hamburger pillow and laid down again, facing you as you lay on your back staring at the ceiling.
“Umm…” he was blushing, and you knew he wanted to ask something, but the gentle giant was never the best with his words, especially when he found them to be sexual or romantic in nature.
“Last night… I-I had fun. Did…did you have fun too, MC?”
You nodded, and he brightened up instantly, nodding his head in agreement.
“Yeah! I’m glad. I’ve never felt so happy being with someone; maybe it’s because…” He trailed off, blushing, “because I love you.”
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hoesoflamentation · 28 days ago
Good enough to eat | Beel x GN!MC | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Carnivorous
Pairing: Beel x GN!MC
Warnings: sexual language, established relationship, kabedonning
A/N: another reposted request from @ belphicorn. enjoy bbys!! xx
Tumblr media
Beel was the last player left in the locker room after his Fangol match, just as MC had planned. They had enlisted Asmo’s help to distract Beel’s teammates, to ensure that MC could catch him alone.
Shirtless and drenched in sweat, Beel sat on one of the benches, completely unaware that he was being observed. The muscles in his back flexed invitingly as he leaned forward to untie one of his shoes.
MC’s dampening sex pulsed in anticipation as they watched him from afar. With one last glance over their shoulder to make sure no one was watching, they snuck into the locker room and tiptoed over to their boyfriend. Their heart pounded violently as they reached forward to trail a single, teasing finger down Beel’s spine.
Beneath their touch, Beel flinched – but he softened when he recognized the familiarity of the presence behind him.
“MC, hey! What are you-”
He trailed off, his jaw growing slack as he admired MC’s body from head to toe. It was common for the players’ partners to wear their jerseys to the games… but MC was wearing Beel’s jersey with nothing else underneath.
Was this the surprise they had hinted at earlier that morning?
“So,” MC said, striking a silly pose, “what do you think?”
For a moment, Beel merely gaped at them in silence. He knew that MC was teasing him with their joking stance, but incidentally, the position showed off all their best assets: his mesh jersey clung to his partner’s curves in a way that left little to the imagination, making his cock strain against the restrictive fabric of his uniform pants.
Beel rose to his feet, taking slow, deliberate steps toward MC. Reflexively, MC backed up, until they felt the cold metal of lockers pressing against their bare ass.
Grinning deviously, Beel slammed one hand onto the lockers on either side of them, his face close enough to MC that their noses were almost touching. He traced his tongue along his lower lip, eyeing MC’s body like a carnivorous predator evaluating its prey.
MC’s heart thudded erratically, their breath hitching in their throat as Beel leaned forward to press his lips against the side of their neck. Softly, he kissed his way up to their ear, teeth grazing the lobe before whispering with warm breath:
“I think you look good enough to eat.”
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leviscrybaby · 3 months ago
The Demon Brothers reacting to MC's stress cleaning
When he saw you in his office, his first thought was that you’re up to something.
Until he noticed the furniture polish and microfibre cloth in your hands, then he was a little offended.
His office is spotless, how high do your standards have to be if you think you need to clean in here?
His demeanour completely changes when you say it’s stress-cleaning.
He will want to know what’s causing your stress. Is it RAD? Are your classes getting on top of you? Is it his brothers? He knows they can be a bit much.
There’s no way to get out of it, either, he wants you to have a good experience in the Devildom, so if something’s bothering you, you really should tell him.
He will let you carry on if you just want to clean, though. He’ll probably point you towards areas of the house that actually need cleaning.
He was just on his way for a bath when he found you in rubber gloves, scrubbing the tub with what you hoped was the Devildom equivalent of Dettol.
He’s confused, honestly, because he’s almost certain it’s his turn to clean the bathroom today?
Not that he’s complaining! If you wanna take over his chores, you carry on!
Just don’t let Lucifer find out…
When you explain that you’re stress-cleaning he’s… even more confused.
So, you’re stressed, so you’re cleaning?
But cleaning is stressful, so wouldn’t just make you even more stressed?
You could just vent to him, y’know?
You tell him to think of it as taking your bad mood out on the bathroom, but it’s no use, he’s never gonna see cleaning as cathartic.
When you ask to clean his setup he’s low-key offended.
He takes very good care of his tech, he’ll have you know!
Have you ever seen a single speck of dust anywhere near his figures? Of course you haven’t!
You explain that you don’t think it’s messy or anything, you’re just stressing and need to do something with your hands.
Will whinge.
Do you have to clean? Can’t you just play games with him?
Take it out on some low level enemies or something!
Or at least talk it out with him and leave his setup alone!
If you’re insistent on cleaning, he’ll let you, but he will let you know he’s unhappy about it.
Sulks in his tub-bed reading a light novel while you disassemble his meticulous setup, deep clean the whole area, and carefully place everything back exactly where it was.
He’s impressed and, honestly, touched that you memorised his setup that well!
Also, now his setup smells faintly of cherry blossom, and he’s not mad about that…
Maybe you should clean his stuff more…
You want to organise his room?
Absolutely not!
First of all, it’s organised chaos! He likes it the way it is, he knows where everything is, it doesn’t need cleaning!
Secondly, do you realise how dangerous that would be?!
Seriously, there are so many cursed books in there, it’s not even slightly safe!
Once you let him know that cleaning is how you relieve stress, he’ll accompany you to the library and help you reorganise that, instead.
He gets it, he’s low-key a stress cleaner himself.
He’s here for you if you want to talk about it, but he won’t push you. Unlike someone.
When you ask to clean his brushes, he promises you that he cleans them well and regularly, but he’s flattered that you care enough to be concerned about it!
You tell him it’s not that you think they’re dirty, there’s just something on your mind right now, and you need something to do with your hands to distract you.
If he tries to make it spicy, spray him with a water bottle.
Just kidding. Though, he’s down if you’re down.
But seriously, if you wanna clean them, go ahead. He’ll set you up with his cleaning mat and brush shampoo and leave you to it.
He can’t guarantee it’ll be that satisfying, though. As previously mentioned, they get cleaned regularly.
He’ll happily sit and chat with you while you do it. If you want to talk about what’s bothering you, he’s there. If not, got any gossip?
Was mostly unconcerned when he found you in the kitchen with the contents of the fridge piled up on the island.
Honestly, he assumed you were just making snacks.
Can he get in on that?
When you explain that you’re cleaning the fridge, he asks if he can help.
He won’t be offended if you say no, but he’s damn good at cleaning, just so you know.
While he’s scrubbing and you’re towel drying the inner shelves of the fridge, you explain that when you get stressed out, you just need to do something with your hands, and most of the time, that something is cleaning.
He will ask about what’s stressing you out, but if you don’t want to talk about it, he’ll leave it at that.
You’d better have a damn good reason for making so much noise while he’s trying to nap!
You weren’t even making that much noise? You were just picking up the laundry off the floor, figuring out what was clean and what needed to be washed and putting them into the appropriate piles.
Then, you’d fold what was clean and put them away, and take the dirty ones to be washed.
You hadn’t even started vacuuming yet.
He will insist you're making far too much noise, and if you even think about vacuuming, he swears down!
When you tell him you’re stress cleaning, he’ll tell you to go stress clean somewhere else.
When you tell him you’ve already cleaned pretty much everywhere else, he knows it’s real shit.
Will pull you onto the bed and hold you there until you tell him what’s going on.
It’s up to you whether you tell him or not, but you’re not leaving until you do.
Or until you fall asleep with him, whichever comes first.
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41 fluff with Beelzebub
Beelzebub x MC
41. "You are crushing me right now."
Beel's day was the same as any other. Get up, workout, go to school, come home, with lots of meals in between. The days started to blur together ever since MC went back to the human world.
He missed all the fun things they would do together, but he knew there was no point in being sad about a problem he couldn't fix.
As Beel made his way to the kitchen he heard the door to the House of Lamentations jiggle. He went over to inspect it only to see MC standing in the door way looking around the foyer.
As their eyes lock Beel immediately runs to them engulfing them in a bone crushing hug.
They giggle greeting him, "Beel I have missed you so much."
"I missed you to MC, but why are you here?" Beel continues to hold them with his hold only getting tighter with the more they talk.
"Well I actually came to- uh... Beel... You are crushing me right now." Their voice sounds strained as they loose oxygen. Beel quickly releases them and they begin to cough.
"I'm sorry. I was just excited." They smile a sweet smile up at him.
"I know, but don't worry because I am here to stay. No more leaving my Beelzebub!"
This cued another bone crushing hug.
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ketsess · 2 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc who no sense of direction. And not just the regular kind of lost either. They could get lost in a walk-in closet.
MC with no sense of direction
(ft. The demon brothers)
Tumblr media
Writer's note: this was really fun to write- hopefully this is close enough to what you imagined!
Tumblr media
◇Lucifer, you and his brothers were out shopping in Majolish. Diavolo was going to be organizing a party and Lucifer insisted that everyone got new clothes
◇Lucifer found something that caught his eye and asked you if you could go grab it. The item was right around the corner but still in eyes view and he made sure that you took it.
◇… But the second he looked away and looked back at were you were supposed to be, you were gone. Best way to give this man more gray hairs!
◇Absolutely panicked but tries to calm down and tells his brothers to search for you. He said he’ll go where he last saw them and the other had to just go around Majolish
◇Every minute that passes makes him want to tear his hair out but when he finally finds you he is instantly relieved but you’re still in for a good lecture
◇“My Gods, MC, how can you get lost so easily? Please be careful, hold onto me from now on. For ‘safety’ reasons, of course.”
◇Oh, this is not good. Where did you go? You and Mammon went to the other side of Majolish to find more of the expensive products. You suggested that maybe there were better clothes further back.
◇Mammon thought that you’d be fine on your own and asked that if you found something interesting you call him immediately
◇Well, a few minutes pass and still no sign of you. A little... weird he thought and started to get a bit worried and hesitated to tell Lucifer about it
◇Either those clothes were really far back or you got lost, the second one seems more probable. Time to find you before Lucifer finds out
◇Searches for you like a lost dog looking for their owner, absolutely petrified of what might happen to you or where you even are. But he bumps into you the second he thinks that
◇ “There ya are! I was lookin' for you, you know? Don’t go roaming around anywhere, I wouldn’t want you bump into anyone else but me!”
◇Finds this whole thing a waste of time so he tried slipping you both out of Majolish to go outside and maybe go drink some Boba Tea
◇Lucifer unfortunately caught both of you right as you were around the corner of the street, how did he see you both anyway?
◇Whines in protest before ultimately accepting. Lucifer told him to go get you too. So, he went around the corner but you were no where to be found
◇Panic, panic, panic and more panic. Where did you go? Did you just leave him to go get yourself Boba Tea? No, you wouldn’t do that to him
◇Asks everyone around if they’ve seen a human, nobody says yes of course because you’re apparently the best at getting lost. But he sees you asking for directions and runs to you
◇“There you are, MC! I was looking for you like crazy, you can’t just leave me alone! Who am I going to take out for Boba Tea then?”
◇Hates this whole thing because Lucifer likes it but really wouldn’t mind getting a few extra clothes. He’ll take you to a quiet separate part of Majolish to not get bothered by anyone
◇Found a clothing item that really interested him and examined it for a while. You, on the other hand, thought that someone called your name so you naturally go look for that person
◇He looks up from the clothes and finds you no where to be seen, just great. Now he’ll have to look for you and possibly listen to Lucifer’s lecture if he finds out
◇Really worried now because he hasn’t seen you for a bit. Tries to call your name but to no avail, now he’s really nervous and worried, maybe even getting a little mad
◇Asks other demons if they’ve seen you but actually gives useful information. Your height, clothes, stuff that’ll maybe have him find you. After asking almost every demon he sees he finally finds you
◇“There you are! You gave me quite the fright, maybe you should stay a bit closer to me so that you don’t get lost again.”
◇Really isn’t complaining about this sudden trip to go buy clothes, he basically knows Majolish’s layout by heart but you don’t
◇Drags you along to every single section. You get a few glimpses here and there of a few outfits but you leave that section as quickly as you get in
◇Pauses at a certain rack of shirts and leaves you be for a moment. You decide to also look around but before you know it Asmo had already left and trying to find him got you lost, that’s great news for Asmo
◇Feels that something is wrong when he doesn’t really hear anything, did you stop following? He looks behind him and you’re gone. This is horrible, how did he already lose you
◇Asks every single person including employees to find you, even tells Lucifer about it, he is not going to lose you at Majolish of all places. Luckily he finds you stumbling around Majolish
◇ “You really can’t do that to me! I thought I’d have turn around the whole building to find you. But I have to say, getting lost that quickly is quite the feat!”
◇Beel probably stayed with one of his brothers, likely Lucifer of Belphegor but didn’t really pay attention. The occasional nods and hums to confirm something if someone asked him something
◇Though he was a bit more busy with you, asking you what sort of party you think Diavolo was organizing and wondering if it was going to be important
◇You said you wanted to go and check something nearby, he nodded and continued listening to whatever ramblings Lucifer had to say
◇But not even a minute later he starts peaking behind wondering when you’ll come back. And that moment didn’t happen so Beel went searching
◇He looked everywhere, under the racks, behind the mannequins, in the(available) dressing booths but you were not to be found until he found you standing awkwardly in the middle of the shoes section
◇ “I finally found you! Please don’t disappear like that again, I don’t want you to get hurt somehow.”
◇Is hating every single second of this and wants to get it over as quickly as possible so he really isn’t paying attention. Drags you along with him to the closet lounge area
◇When you’re there he almost immediately falls asleep but asks you to look around if there are any other pillows in other lounge areas because three pillows is just not enough
◇It’s not too far away so he let you go alone, that was his mistake! Even if bringing more pillows should’ve taken a minute maximum you still weren’t back
◇He can’t really sleep knowing that you might be lost(somehow) in Majolish so he starts looking. Not the brother with the most passion in search parties but he’s trying
◇He’ll call your name a few times but other than that it’s just walking around and hoping that he bumps into you. You find him instead but he’ll take the accomplishment anyway
◇ “How did you even get lost? You know what? Never mind, just come take a nap with me.”
Tumblr media
My masterlist
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absolutepokemontrash · 18 days ago
Hey this is from your friend(?) I'm sure you'll know which one by the request (maybe).
How about the bros with a super short MC? Like between 4ft9in to 5ft0in tall? Because, if we estimate that Luci is 6ft0in, that's at least a foot difference in height lmao
Sup dude!!! Sorry this request took so long, but it was super fun to write! Please enjoy~
Ah Yes, Height Differences My Beloved… (The Brothers and a Very Short MC)
The second tallest brother finds MC’s height to be just so damn adorable… and kind of funny.
This tiny human, barely reaching his shoulders, has the gall, I repeat, THE GALL, to stand up to him. It’s impressive, annoying, adorable, and comedy gold.
They’re also perfect height for kabedonning. MC was reaching up to close one of the kitchen cabinets when Lucifer appeared behind them, closed the cabinet door, and oh so suavely used his other hand to tilt MC’s chin up to look at him.
🙄 wow, so smooth. MC just wanted a mug!
During the group retreat when Lucifer decided to do the sexy ballroom dance/second threat to MC’s life, it got very awkward because in his demon form Lucifer is over seven feet tall. He had to awkwardly look down in order to threaten MC, who looked just so damn adorable-
Now, Lucifer is a gentleman, he would never use MC as an armrest… when sober. When he’s completely drunk he leans on MC and starts rambling about how he could literally throw them into the eighth circle of hell if he wanted because they’re so tiny, but he wouldn’t because he looooooooves them so much.
Lucifer vehemently denies this ever happened and may have made/forced MC to sign an NDA.
Ah yes, the human is tiny and pathetic. Just what Mammon wanted to babysit 🙄
Yeah yeah yeah, tsundere’s gotta tsundere. But beyond our greedy boy’s angy facade, he’s so smitten it’s insane. He is a certified simp.
The human’s just… so small, he wants to like… hold them??????
Cherish them???????
Give them hugs???????
But he is a bastard (tm) so he goes out of his way to move things onto higher shelves so the human has to ask the Great Mammon for help! Since Mammon is a wonderful first man, he obliges with minimal teasing. But minimal teasing is still teasing.
Mammon had moved the cereal from the lowest cabinet to the highest, and he did not expect MC to start climbing up onto the kitchen counters to reach. And of course, his dumb human slipped and fell.
Since MC’s first man is super dedicated to keepin’ em’ safe, he vaults over the centre counter and catches MC before they hit the floor. Cue romantic music as the two stare into each other’s eyes…
The moment is ruined when Mammon starts freaking out about how MC could have died from falling from that height since they’re so small! MC promptly grabbed their cereal and left.
Mammon also uses MC as an armrest because he is not a gentleman. He also picks them up and carries them away whenever he feels extra jealous. If they didn’t want to be picked up then they shouldn’t have been so small 😤
To be completely honest, when Mammon first sacrificed MC in order to run for his life, Levi’s mind was flooded with every single version of the how to talk to short people meme.
Since this human was so short it made it easy to kidnap bring MC to his room and demand that they help him with the Mammon money situation.
After all that, Levi just really wants to try out every romance anime thing ever with MC, height difference between characters is his fourth favourite romance trope!
He sort of just awkwardly stands next to MC, and from MC’s perspective he’s just standing there, but Levi’s actually having this long internal monologue breaking down the situation and trying to analyze the perfect way to kabedon MC.
Levi also tries to work up the courage to pull MC into his lap whenever the two are gaming together, but it never happens… Levi has lost many a game of Smash Bros. due to being distracted by his indecision.
Sigh, it’s up to MC to initiate some cute moments, as usual. They should just plop themselves into his lap, no fear or hesitation.
When MC sits on his lap, he needs to reboot. MC swore they could hear the dial up Internet noises. When Levi finally collects himself, he slowly rests his chin on MC’s head and reaches nirvana.
At first Satan was like: Oh, small human. I am well aware they come in small sizes. It’ll be interesting to see how they adapt to life in the Devildom where everything is made with much taller people in mind.
After the body switching incident though? Holy fucking shit why is MC so cute-
Oh~ MC is having trouble getting that book off that high shelf~ allow him to help, MC- OW! FUCK! SON OF A BITCH!
The book fell right on Satan’s poor defenceless head :(
Every other time went much more smoothly after Satan drew out a plan and strategized. He was now perfectly suave (tm).
Once MC and Satan went to a cat cafe and a giant Maine Coon cat hopped up on MC’s lap and Satan almost had to be resuscitated because he was dying of cuteness. RIP Satan, he had a good run. 😔
Satan also really wants MC to sit on his lap while they’re both leaving, but unlike the situation with Levi, Satan has self confidence and just pulls MC into his lap.
O-m- SQUEEEEEE! SO CUTE! Asmo had totally forgotten how adorable humans could be! Oh he could just eat little MC up~
Asmo is 100% the type of person to stand behind MC and lean on them. Like “Oh~ MC, you make such a good armrest, you continue to entice me~” and MC’s like “:| I’m just standing here.”
As the shortest brother, Asmo totally relates to MC’s struggles, sometimes someone moves his fancy granola bars a shelf higher and Asmo has to really reach to get them… his life is just so hard 🥺
That doesn’t stop Asmo from playfully teasing MC when they can’t reach something.
Listen listen listen- hear me out. Asmo gives MC some of his sweaters and purposefully buys stuff that’s a little too big because they’re just so damn cute when the sleeves cover their widdle hands!
But anyway, Asmo also randomly picks MC up, but it’s in more of a bridal carry kind of way. Like he’s the dashing Prince Charming sent to rescue MC from his dumb and annoying brothers.
Quick! He must carry MC to the bed chambers so they can snuggle! Or y’know, “snuggle”…
*looks down* hello down there.
The human’s too small to even be a snack… guess Beel won’t be eating the human :/ not when he has food at home.
After Beel gets over his “human is delicious” phase, he’s kind of worried he might step on MC and squish them! They’re just so small!
He has to bend down to even kiss their forehead… hnnnnng his heart-
Beel is also the type to randomly pick up MC, but he doesn’t do it out of a desire to be smooth or jealousy, he does it to just get them out of the way or out of danger.
Like MC is blocking Beel’s locker? He picks them up and places them down a little to the left. MC is in the way of a quickly approaching frisbee? Beel picks them up and moves them over.
It’s not very romantic, mainly because he’s picking MC up with his hands under their armpits, so MC’s just in the air like 🧍
He’ll also give piggyback rides if requested.
Pfft, tiny human. They’re the size of a body pillow. Perfect size for snuggling. Come hither, human. The Avatar of Sloth demands their company.
Stupid Headcanons Inc. send our apologies to MC for how they’re about to be treated.
Drooled all over and cuddled like a stuffed animal… a moment of silence for the poor defenceless human… 😔
Belphie’s too lazy and tired to actively move things onto higher shelves in order to help/tease MC, all his energy is saved for tormenting Lucifer. Buuuuuuut if MC just happens to be struggling with getting something… after he’s done laughing at them he’ll help.
Since Belphie is also not a gentleman, he leans on MC constantly. They are his personal arm/headrest. At this time, MC can shove him onto the cold concrete where he belongs.
Sure he may wake up and be pissy, but MC should remind him that they’re at the perfect height to kick him in the balls. If he values his ability to have children he should cease being a bastard baby.
Me? Projecting Himiko while writing these Headcanons? It’s more likely than you’d think.
These were so fun to write! Thanks for the request ^.^
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awkward-turtles-world · a month ago
MC: *tries to sleep*
Leviathan and the bois at 3 am:
Tumblr media
They promised to give Beel popcorn
Based on convo with my hilarious friendo @wholelottatiffy
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Hi! Hope you're having a good day. I'm new to your blog, and I wanted to ask for a continuation to the Compliments series!
Take care❤️
I had honestly thought no one would be interested in it anymore lol OWO of course I will! I hope you like it! (Part 1)
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
MC Cannot Take a Compliment (pt 2 — Beelzebub, Belphegor, Diavolo, Barbatos)
“Thanks MC! Your food is always delicious.”
MC kept their mouth shut, giving Beel a nod but scrunching their nose and looking to the side as if they’d smelt something awful. He didn’t understand, their food was delicious as always and even if the smell might be a bit strong they normally wouldn’t react that way, so he didn’t hesitate in asking in his most gentle voice what was wrong.
Once they let it slip that they don’t really know how to accept compliments, instead acting off or defensive, Beel gave them a hug and reminded them of just how wonderful they are — they shouldn’t have to accept a compliment as truth if it’s already clear they are wonderful.
“You know, you always manage to keep me awake during meetings, thank you for doing that without me asking. You’re not so bad for a human.”
While not exactly a compliment, Belphie meant it that way, trying to show his affections. What he didn’t expect was MC to snort and say “Nice joke!”
He rolled his eyes, shoving them slightly as he reiterated his point, adding more compliments the more they deflected them, reminding them that he’s a petty demon and could do it all day kinda, hoping that MC would see themself as he sees them.
“Truly, you’ve done such a marvelous job on your exams, though that should be expected considering how intelligent you are!”
“What? No, me, smart? No way!”’Their response set him aback. Did-did they just underestimate how hard they’d worked both for classes they’d never taken before as well as handling the attention of the demon brothers at the same time?
He’d proceed to confront them about why they didn’t believe him, complimenting them even more until their conversation stopped being deflective on MC’s side, finally accepting everything he’d said about them.
“It looks absolutely delectable, I must say your baking skills are getting better each day.”
“Nah, you outdo yourself each time you bake, how much can a human truly improve?” Barbatos stared at them for a moment, both appreciating the compliment but also worried at the self deprecating way they conveyed it.
“You’d be surprised, though some are a lost cause.” The two of them grimaced as a certain wizard’s ‘cooking’ crossed their minds, Barbatos swiftly and surely changing the subject for now. He’s a master in everything, and so he’ll use his words to implant more positive ideas about themself to improve their self esteem.
~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
I hope you liked it! Reblogs are always appreciated, requests are open, and I hope you have a nice day! ^-^
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rulerofmyworld · 7 months ago
Taking a nap in MC’s lap...
✨Younger brothers edition✨
(technically Asmo doesn’t take a nap, but goddammit I liked his headcanon too much to change it up!)
It had been a rough day at R.A.D, so many people needed favors from the council, so many people needed to speak with Satan about the renovations on the library or how the curriculum just cut out yet another interesting story.
He was tired.
And by the end of the day all he wanted to do was curl up on his bed with a good book, a mug of coffee to keep him warm and you next to him asleep or reading like him.
When you asked him to read to you, he couldn’t possible decline.
You were too cute for that!
He patted his lap for you to nestle into but when he saw your mischievous smile, he knew that wasn’t happening.
“Lay in my lap.”
Satan raised his eyebrows but didn’t protest, his head quickly finding a home on your thighs. 
He rattle of the lines in the book, making you disappear in the story to the point where you eyes grew closed and eventually sleep overtook you.
Soft snoring woke you and you didn’t have to look far for the source; a head of blond locks laid buried in your lap, the book long forgotten.
Your fingers combed through the messy tresses, your eyes growing heavy once more.
“Good night devil of mine.”
After a night of clubbing, you were both tired and drained. Your feet hurt from dancing and the outfit you were did nothing to help against the cold wind outside the sweaty, hot club.
So when you were finally seated on Asmo’s bed, shoes thrown in a corner, you couldn’t help but fall back just praying that sleep would come and whisk you away.
But not with Asmo..Oh no
He’s got an after clubbing routine, one he so desperately wants to include you in!
“Oh but darling, trust me! I’ll take good care of you!”
He wipes away the dirt and sweat or makeup if he got you to wear it, he massages your face and shows you how to do his in return.
Asmo gets you the comfies pyj’s he has, while also making sure the room is on the perfect temperature.
It’s only an hour later when you finally felt the sheets of his bed under your fingers. The soft material begging you to drown in it
Asmo had other plans- facemasks!
He swears it’s just to destress your face and not at all so he can touch you more.
Your propped up against the headboard, eyes closed while you let the mask do its job, Asmo is talking to you about the recent trends. 
Soon you could feel a weight on your lap, his bright eyes staring up to you.
“I love you MC.”   
Football practice has him beat
Beel wasn’t usually this tired after a training but this time their coach had stepped up their game, resulting in every muscle Beel had to hurt as he walked home- too tired to fly.
He made a beeline for your room, knowing that at this time you would be most likely in bed already since humans need more sleep than demons do.
But when he arrived in your room, he saw that the lamp on your nightstand was on and your computer was on your lap, soft voices leaving the device.
He walked over, happy to have showered back at the school. Your eyes meet his and you smile up at him, putting away the pc in a matter of seconds.
Beel swears he’s never felt happier than when he sat next to you, feeling your warmth next to his as your laid your head on his shoulder, kissing it through his shirt.
Your fingers ran through his hair and he could’ve died happily like that but instead he turned to you with puppy dog eyes.
“Could I maybe.. Rest on your lap?”
When you agree, his too giddy too relax but with the way your basically massaging his scalp he can’t help it.
He’s asleep in no time dreaming of soft pillows and good head massages.
Belphie is always in search of better, softer, pillows and he has always suspected your lap to be a strong contender for the ultimate pillow spot.
He’s only never had the chance to test his theory out.
After the whole “murder” incident, he’s been treading carefully no matter how much you reassure him.
But luckily a perfect opportunity has presented itself: a big task in demon astrology by far the only subject he ever payed attention too.
So he goes up and asks you to be his project partner in observing the devildom sky and noting the different constellations.
Belphie’s over the moon when you say yes (hahah, you get it? Moon, astrology ;) Aight, I’ll see myself out)
He’s got a whole blanket fort set up in the greenhouse, the place looking like a sleep paradise when you enter. 
Hours later, after spotting many constellations, naming them and just having casual conversation. He goes for it, he lays on your lap only for his theory to be immediately confirmed.
Now he never wants to leave...
Instead of pushing him away like he expected, you let out a soft laugh.
“I see that somebody is tired,”
He only hums, nestling further in his new pillow which only gives you more reason to giggle.
“You’re just so comfortable,” he whispers back, hiding away his face that feels hot from blushing.
You only humm in response, letting the demon rest as you continued to stare at the sky and you could’ve sworn the stars now shone brighter than ever before.
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banettepost · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
We were robbed and Beel did not go through high heels training just to not be seen in a dress so I took matters into my own hands
And a bonus Beel and MC below >///>
Tumblr media
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devildomqueen · 3 months ago
You Go Shopping For Baby Clothes Together: Beelzebub
Beelzebub was definitely out of his familiar atmosphere as he stood behind you, watching you look through baby clothes.
He got a lot of looks from passing demons who recognized him.
You discovered you were expecting more than one baby at once and decided to go shopping for clothes before you got too big to move around.
Beelzebub naturally came with you. His brothers agreed to help, but all got distracted and went in opposite directions leaving Beel and you alone.
He wasn’t sure what to get the baby; he just knew it shouldn’t look anything like food. He’d never eat his own child, but he still worried about it since he’d woken up chewing your shoulder on more than one occasion.
Despite smelling the meat on the other side of the supermarket, Beelzebub was firmly planted behind you as you carefully bent over, looking through onesies.
Very new to being pregnant and knowing almost nothing about demon children despite Satan lending you books, you were very confused at the styles of clothing.
“Beel, are these supposed to have holes in them? Some of them have buttons, but others don’t?”
Beel froze, unprepared to answer questions about baby demons and a little nervous.
“I-um…wings,” he said, red in the face.
Beelzebub was thrilled to have kids with you, but he was still really embarrassed he’d knocked you up on accident.
“Oh, so these shapes are for if the babies have wings?” You asked him, and he nodded.
You saw how red his face was and shook your head.
“Beel, I’m nervous about all this too, but please help me out a little. You’re the demon here,” you urged, and he snapped out of his trance and nodded determinedly.
“Yeah, okay. You see this black one here,” he pointed, and you nodded. “This fabric is for aquatic-type demons, so we don’t need anything that feels like this.”
You nodded, listening carefully.
“The babies will be Insectoid demons like me, so they’ll probably have wings,” he fretted, looking in between two different styles of jumpers. “But…they could also have tails…probably?” He began sweating like he’d eaten something spicy, and you saw the nervous panic in his eyes and rubbed his back.
He rubbed your back, too, both of you trying to find comfort and assurance in your new situation.
“Well, either way, our kids need clothes, so…why don’t we get the wing ones first, and if one of them or all of them have tails, we can just let their tails stick out of the wing area until we get new ones. That’s okay, right?” You asked, and he nodded, thinking you were a genius for discovering a clothing compromise.
“Good. Now that that’s solved…we don’t know the gender…so let’s just get something really cute.” You decided, and he nodded enthusiastically.
Your eyes sparkled as you saw something adorable, “Beel, look at this one! It’s got a smiling burger on the front!”
“Umm…maybe let’s not get anything with food on it….”
“Beel, what the fuck?”
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