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#obey me beel x reader

18) “Are you wearing my shirt?”

68) “You know I don’t like to be teased.”

Gender Neutral Mc, Dom Beel

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Obey Me Brother + Amusement Park Hcs


  • Oh what fresh sweet hell is this
  • He would go, of course, if you ask him
  • But he would literally rather be anywhere else
  • Will hold your bag while you go on rides
  • Enjoys the fountain light show at the end of the evening


  • “It…It’s not like I’m excited to go or anything!”
  • Super excited though. Although he’s excited to go anywhere with you.
  • Wants to go on the haunted house ride so you get scared & he can comfort you. 
  • Ends up getting scared himself
  • Would try to win you a prize from the game stalls, but since they’re rigged (and he has the worst luck imaginable at gambling of any kind) ends up getting a pitty key chain from the vendor. You still love it though.


  • Excited beyond belief to go to the park with you
  • Will wait in line to take pictures with all the mascots
  • Exclusive Park Merch!
  • Wants to attend all the live show performances they have. Gets depressed when some overlap.
  • Would never ask, but wants a cute anime kiss on the ferris wheel


  • Not a big fan of crowds, but would go if you ask him
  • That weird-o that reads everything about the park so he can drop little trivia bits like, “did you know this waterfall feature uses 1800 gallons of recycled water a day?”
  • Wants to see the Hall of Demon Kings at the park (the Devildom equivalent of Disney’s Hall of Presidents feature)
  • If there is an animal feature at the park, like a petting zoo or drive through safari, that’s where you’ll find him
  • Refuses to eat any food presented on a stick


  • Goes for the gram!
  • Excited to go with you, of course. But cute park pics get a lot of likes.
  • Matching couples outfits like “you’re the Mickey to my Minnie”. Stuff like that
  • Will want to do a princess/prince makeover if they offer it at the park.
  • Mutters “I’m way prettier than her” under his breath at every official princess he sees


  • Excited to spend the day with you. No matter where it is.
  • Canon he’s a huge fan of Devilcat. The Devilgram of him meeting his ‘idol’ is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Please let him go see him again.
  • Eats all the food from the food stalls. Which is great for you, because you can make a meal out of getting a bite out of everything and pick your favorite. Beel gets to eat a ton of fried food.
  • Ice cream cones by the fountain. Want a lick? ;3
  • Wins you a prize from the game stalls pruely by brute strength and accident. Very proud.


  • Oh what fresh sweet hell is this x2
  • Hard to drag a boy who’s goal in life is to stay in bed around an amusement park
  • But he’ll do it for you
  • Better chance of him coming if Beel comes too. But would request ‘private time’ if his twin comes along
  • Likes the tea cup ride. Don’t ask me why.
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🧡🧡Hello, welcome to Belzeburgers!!

My name is Mumble!! I reblog fics/Headcanons about our best boy! Not to worry, I tag everything so you can easily filter out what you don’t like!!

A guide to the tags is below! 🧡🧡

#Bee’s Hugs = Fluffy and sweet fics!

#Bee’s Burgers = Anything particular spicy/nsfw!

#Bee’s Comfort = Angsty fics I probably ugly sobbed at :(

#Bee’s Talent = Amazing art I couldn’t help but reblog as well~

#Bee’s Bandages = The most important!! This tag can filter out anything that has to do with suicide/self harm/anything of those topics.

#Mumble mumbles = Any thoughts I wanted to share about Beel.

#Blog Info🧡🧡 = Important blog info, changes, etc!

#Bee’s Boy = Any works that partain to a male reader!

Anon will be turned on shortly, please feel free to come and gush about this handsome man, I’m right there with ya!!

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***goes to look for more of my masked anime crushes now***

Obey Me Boys + Masked Reader HCs


  • Doesn’t understand, but respect their decision
  • He’s lived a long time. So it’s not the weirdest thing he’s ever seen
  • Besides, a person’s attractiveness is not strictly defined by their physical appearance
  • He’s in love with the person. Not how the person looks.


  • Doesn’t not get it at all and thinks it’s annoying
  • It’s really hard to read a person if you can’t see their face. So he doesn’t know if they’re happy or sad. Or angry
  • Will try to steal it off them any chance he gets. With Willey Coyote results
  • Actually caught it once and was about to take it off, grinning at his victory, but backed out at the last moment before he took it off. “You can take it off when you’re ready.”


  • Into it!
  • Being an anime fan, there are so many great masked characters. Kagetane Hiruko, Ken Kaneki, Shin-ah, Ririka Momobami
  • Interested in the decision behind it, but would never ask too deep of a question on why and respect it
  • Likes it a lot because he feels less intimidating talking to them in a mask instead of a ‘live person’


  • Doesn’t get it, but doesn’t pry
  • Whatever makes them comfortable he supposed
  • Would be curious in their choice, whether it was cultural or just a preference, because knowledge brings understanding
  • Respects their choice but eager for the day they trust him enough to take it off


  • Why would anyone want to cover their face?!?!
  • Our beauty diva does not understand it at all. And being a maven of physical form must know what they look like
  • Will try to engineer situations where they have to take it off. Willey Coyote 2.0
  • Will eventually give up and let it go, but only because he’s decided he can now focus on masks as an accessory/fashion statement and go from there.


  • Has no opinion. Whatever makes them happy he supposed.
  • Has more practical questions like ‘isn’t it hot under there?’ ‘is that really comfortable?’
  • Tries to be respectful and look away when they have to eat or something, to respect their privacy
  • Won’t understand why they were hiding their face, if they eventually show it to him, because no matter what he’ll think they’re super cute.


  • Finds it annoying
  • He’s super sarcastic, and unintentionally brutal with his honesty sometimes. How is he supposed to tell if he upset them or not if he can’t see their face?
  • Thinks of it as a way for them to shut him out. So he feels rejected.
  • Asks a lot for them to take it off but eventually gives up and tries to deal with it.
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Mc: Do you see anything?

Beel: Just trees. And some bushes… and two squirrels wrestling!

Mc: … Beel…

Beel: Yeah?

Mc: They’re not wrestling…

Beel: …Oh…

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Don’t be scared! You can send requests anytime. I swear I’m not scary ^_^
For the purposes of this assignment we will be working with an MC that ADD

Obey Me Boys + ADD Reader Headcanons


  • Mistakenly thinks that their lack of attention and forgetfulness is a lack of respect
  • But realizes that’s not the case
  • Their brain just doesn’t work that way
  • Once he realizes that, he’s a lot more patient with them
  • It’s still frustrating at time to have to explain things over and over, but certainly doesn’t show it as much


  • Oh boy. ADD + ADD = Super ADD!! *da dadada!*
  • Mammon has like….zero impulse control
  • So every time you have a squirrel moment, he’s right there with you
  • He’s just excitable and excited to be with you
  • Definitely hard to complete tasks when the objective changes every few minutes, but you make it work


  • Handles it ok
  • Has the opposite end of the spectrum, hyper fixation, with ADD
  • So sometimes he doesn’t get it why you don’t want to read manga or watch anime for hours on end
  • What could be more fun?
  • Tries to do more stimulating activities like gaming or games that change a lot to keep your short attention span active


  • Frustrated easily, but is trying to work on it
  • Like Lucifer and Levi, he doesn’t understand why you can’t just sit still and read for hours, and takes that as a lack of respect for his hobby
  • Reads up on the subject to become knowledgeable on it to help you
  • Comes up with techniques that can help you focus and improve memory
  • Though it’s frustrating at times, he does find your ‘spazz moments’ impossibly charming


  • Someone not able to give him their undivided attention any time he wants it? Impossible
  • Gets really pouty when you’re not totally focused on him
  • I think we can all agree he’s a bit of an attention whore.
  • So if he looses that, he gets in a bad mood
  • Tries to keep you entertained with shopping or looking at accessories, but that back fires because ‘ooo look! something shiny!!’


  • Love is patient. Love is kind.
  • Probably the best at dealing with an ADD partner
  • Patiently listens to their stories and ramblings.
  • Helps them sort out their thoughts like a sounding board if they need it
  • Give them lots of warm bear hugs when they get frustrated or upset because ADD is it’s own hellscape you can’t get out


  • Doesn’t understand at all
  • Can’t keep up with all the changing thoughts and doesn’t try to
  • He runs on a much slower speed
  • Not necessarily more focused. Just he’s running at a 1 while you’re running at a 10
  • Call him when your brain hurts and you want to cuddle
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I don’t get this meme. Like I get it, and it’s cute, but who asks for no pickles? Just give me your pickles. I love pickles. 

They asked for No Pickles


  • “Excuse me. I believe they asked for no pickles.”
  • Calm, stern, collected
  • Slides your tray back to the cashier firmly to have them make it again
  • Uses that smile that is 10% smile and 90% intimidating. We all know the one.


  • “Oy! What part of ‘no pickles’ did you not understand?!”
  • How dare you mess up his bae’s order on your special date
  • Shakes messed up burger angrily at the cashier like the personally spat in his food
  • Demands refund as well for them to make it again. Full Karen.


  • “Whhha? What should we do??!”
  • Confrontation and talking to people is not Levi’s strong suit
  • But if it’s for you, he’ll muster up the courage to ask them to make you a new one with no pickles
  • Actually, let’s just leave and go to a new restaurant and never speak of this again.


  • “Pardon me, but there’s a mistake with this order. They asked for no pickles.”
  • No reason to get excited over it. People make mistakes.
  • If they try to argue with him about you not not asking for pickles, now he’s excited.
  • Will jump a counter on this bitch and have to be escorted out.
    No burger also = no pickles


  • “Yooho! There seems to be a mistake. You gave my sweetheart pickles when they asked for none.”
  • Wink emoji
  • Will flirt with the cashier to get you a new one. 100% unnecessary because they’ll just make you a new one
  • Ends up with free milkshakes somehow. That’s the power of the wink.


  • “Oh? They gave you pickles anyway? I’ll take ‘em.”
  • It’s not a big deal. He’ll eat your pickles.
  • Will check to make sure that your non-pickle burger didn’t get mixed in with his 16
  • Will politely ask them to make it again, or buy you anything else for lunch if you want it.


  • “I will burn this place to the ground.”
  • You have been slighted. Time to stab.
  • His sleepy eyed, murderous intent seems to get the point across and they make you a new one
  • Deathcon sirens immediately turn off when you have your new burger, with no pickles, and smiles. Does he ever get dizzy from those 180s?
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Warm me up (Beelzebub x reader)

Beelzebub is like a waking furnace, always running hot. Between all the food his body breaks down and the workouts he does it’s really no surprise.

Pairing: Beel and gn!reader

Warnings: none, tis fluff

Word count: 1,320


For hell, the devildom wasn’t all that hot. Sure, it was constantly on the verge of what you’d call summer but not uncomfortably so. You’d think that it’d be warmer but considering the devildom isn’t really where souls are tortured by never-ending flames (aka hell), it made sense.

However, since it’s always comfortably warm with just a small decline in temperature during what constitutes as night here, you didn’t have a lot of anything to help you warm up. All your clothes were light and would be alright to wear in late spring or early autumn at most.

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beelzebub x dom!reader - nsfw

(reader’s gender/sex is not addressed in any way!!)

**smut!! phone sex, handjob, begging, edging.

it was late in devildom, you slumped down on your bed after another late study session in the library. the moment your body hit the matress, your D.D.D began to ring in your hand.

you desultorily answered it, not bothering to check who it was from since beel had been calling you at every hour of the night. “hello?” “are you done studying yet?” “yeah, i just got back to my room. i’m exhaused.” he only hummed in response, irking a sense of suspicion out of you.

“you’re awfully quiet, beel. everything alright?” “u-um.. could you.. come over?” you chuckled to yourself, his sheepishness unable to not be teased. “aw, do you miss me? it’s barely been a day, beel.” “i-i know, but.. i.. need you..”

the lightbulb finally enlightened your brain, so distracted with work you hadn’t realized it sooner. “so that’s why you couldn’t stop calling me.” he didn’t accept nor deny it, but your gut told you that your statement was nothing but correct.

please, can you come to my room?” “come on now, you’re no fun. i know you couldn’t have resisted this whole time, touching yourself for hours on end.. am i wrong?” a gasp of guilt travelled through the minuscule speakers, lending you your answer.

“have you cum?” “n-no!” he exclaimed, almost defensively. “that’s why..” “why what?” “why i need you..” while getting into a comfortable position, your tongue traced your bottom lip at the sound of his words. “let’s see if just my voice could help with that.”

his voice trembled as his hand travelled back to his pants, the thought of you only hearing his mere voice rather than touching him was inconveivibly uncanny. “how does it feel?” your voice carried to his ears just aside his phone. his prominent moans and grunts masking the words he desired to disclose, “g-good..”

“you must’ve missed me a lot, huh? clearly just the thought of me wasn’t enough to get you to cum. even now you don’t seem too desperate.” “ah!..please..” “please, what?” “i-i wanna cum..” “aw, listen to you. you’re so dependent on my touch aren’t you? like a good boy should be.” a sharp moan cut you off, soon followed by desolate words. “i’m gonna cum..”

a chuckle let itself loose from your lips, shaded by a clearing of your throat. “you’re gonna cum just to the sound of my voice? my voice, right in your ears, that’s what gets you going, huh?” he quickly hummed in approval, most likely accompanied by a nod made light by the soft rustling.

the thought of him being so close to the edge for hours, waiting and waiting for you, cock red and twitching sent your lust to meet the stars. “tell me, how does it feel to be jacking off to the sound of my voice without me even there?” his moans muffled behind his lips, as his response feasibly slipped out; “it’s good. i love your v-voice!”

beel, if you cum right now i promise to touch you all you want. sound good?” he didn’t even have to think to answer. his voice hitched as his pace increased, your name falling from his lips through whimpers as he finally came. his laboured breaths hit the microphone violently as he was finally able to ease up.

you did well, beel. now clean up, you’re coming over here.” “h-huh?! but i’m..” “hard? just hurry up, it won’t be that bad if you’re quick. i’m hanging up now.”

you had waited at least ten minutes before he finally arrived, he didn’t even bother to knock with how anxious he was of anyone seeing him. he was dressed in a grey hoodie and black sweat pants, standing before you with his eyes ceaselessly averted.

“any problems getting over here? took you a while.” you hummed as you approached him, taking a good look head to toe. “n-no.” he stammered, flustered as he met your gaze. “did you wear such dark clothes so no one could see this?” you questioned as your hand traced the tent in his pants, soon thrusting into your palm.

his lips quiverred as hot breaths and gentle moans hit your own. “are you that needy for my touch?” you didn’t have to pester before he nodded vigorously, aside the rose tint of his cheeks. “you’re so cute.” you cooed as your opposing hand slipped underneath his hoodie, pleasantly suprised to find a lack of anything under.

you pulled the fabric up to his collarbones, exposing his toned and bare chest. “hold it.” you demanded, to which he sheepishly complied, growing eager as you leisurely slid the rest of his clothing off his hips and to the ground. his cock gently hit his abdomen as you did so, red, pulsing and dripping pre-cum like no tomorrow.

your hand soon grew moist as you stoked him, leaving him to only slightly thrust his hips into your grasp. your opposing hand travelled up his torso, ever so gently meeting the hard buds of his chest. his breaths became slightly deeper, knuckles turning white as he held the buched up fabric as demanded.

as he got closer and closer, you easily took notice of his legs trembling underneath him, threatening to give out at any moment. his head slipped into the crook of your neck, moans and wet breaths hitting your skin. “i- can’t take it..!” he whined, working up a sweat.

“be a good boy, beel. just a little longer.” you hummed as you pinched one of his now sensitive nipples, sending a shock down his body with a jolt. “you’re still so sensitive.. did walking through the halls with a hard-on get you going?” you snickered, biting into the pale skin of his chest.

“i..i need.. you.” he huffed, desperate and growing frustrated. “i’m right here, beel. tell me what you want.” he could only whimper in response, head thrown back in ecstasy as he further lost his composure. “please….. please let me c-cum… to your touch.!” his sole words and expression barely satisfied you, his desperation only made you want to torture him more.

you drastically increased the pace of your hand, tongue travelling across your lips as his legs quivered and voice hitched. “w-wait.. if you continue like that… i-i can’t…” “if you can hold it as i count down from three i’ll be sure to treat you.” you advised, wanting to just barely push him over the edge.

as obedient as he was, he simply nodded, biting into his bottom lip as his voice could no longer be helped. “three..” as the numbers depleted, you only picked up the pace. “two… one and a half..” “p-please.!!” he whimpered, not wanting anything more than to hear that final number. “the more you beg, the more it makes me want to tease you.” you sneered, gaining yet another desperate cry in return.


as soon as he processed your words, his whole body tensed in relief, legs finally giving out underneath him. now kneeling on the floor, he looked up to you, hand covered in his release.

you gave him the honor of sucking your fingers, huffing as his eyes barely remained open. you found yourself admiring their teariness as he took your fingers willingly. “that’s my good boy.”

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I was going to say: please, and if you dont want to or arent comfortable please just let me know. I appreciate you. And your blog is amazing. Either way, thank you for your time sweetie!

Sorry for how long this took! This was a really cute request, I hope you like it! I haven’t written in a while so I’m a little rusty, I’m sorry if it isn’t great. But happy valentine’s day!

Midnight Burgers


You’ve always loved cooking and baking. This didn’t change a bit since you arrived in the devildom, on the contrary, with so many new recipes and ingredients you were more motivated than ever. There was also Beelzebub. You’ve liked him for quite a while now, and he always looked so happy when eating. You tend to admire him in silence, too shy to ever voice your feelings for the demon.

That’s what brought you here. It’s the middle of the night and you should be in bed, but Beel usually comes to get a nightly snack in about an hour, so you wanted to make him his favourite burgers.

Right when you took the buns out of the oven, your favourite demon walked into the kitchen. Woken up by hunger, he was pleasantly surprised by the aroma in the air, but as he entered the room he got worried that it was you who was still up.

“That smells nice. Shouldn’t you be asleep though?” He looks at you with his puppy eyes.

“Maybe, but I wanted to do something nice for you! I made your favourite!” You smile wildly at him as you put the last touches to the burger in front of you and slide it to him.

He stared at you for a second, which was worrying since he didn’t immediately start eating.

“I really appreciate it, but you shouldn’t exhaust yourself.” He looks no less worried than before. “Why would you stay up for me?”

You weren’t sure what to say. You did not want to tell him how you felt, but you don’t know what to use as an excuse. You felt bad for worrying him, but you just genuinely wanted to something nice for him.

You were broken from your thoughts when he spoke again.

“Name… do you like me?”


You started blushing as you panicked slightly, thinking on what to say. You figured that you’ve been caught and might as well admit it.

“Well… Y-yeah! I think you’re great and I like being around you a lot.” You said, avoiding his gaze untill you stopped speaking. You glanced up at him to see his reaction, and see him sweetly smiling at you.

“I like you too. Do you wanna share this?”

Beel sharing his food? He really likes you.

“No, that’s okay! I made it for you.”

“Well then, let’s go to Hell’s Kitchen together tomorrow. My treat.”

You were looking forward to it.

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Author’s notes: I’m salty that the event will not give me Lucifer and Luke’s card so instead I’m replacing it with sweet headcanons about the essence of the datables’ kisses and what chocolates you’d give, plus a little bit about how you and Luke teamed up to make them! 

Content warning: food, chocolate, candy

Length: 2.4 K


  • You make a coffee bonbon for Lucifer. The shell is dark chocolate with two streaks of colour painted on—one in your favourite colour and another in his. The filling is an espresso ganache that highlights the bitterness of chocolate and coffee while ensuring the bonbon is never too sweet
  • Lucifer is both impressed with the flavour and the obvious care you’ve put into crafting this confection. He offers to prepare some drinks so you two can enjoy the chocolate together
  • Kissing Lucifer is being swept up in each other. It feels like passing by each other in castle walls, then hiding behind pillar to exchange impassioned kisses and whispers of love. The world might be continuing around you, but in that moment only the two of you matter
  • Lucifer feels clarity when kissing you. Everything else melts away and all that is left is the feeling of your lips and the warmth of your love. Your kisses contain an oasis and Lucifer finally feels like he can relax


  • Mammon gets a fancy gold leaf bonbon that has a glossy shine. And to his delight you’ve gifted him liquor chocolate filled with an expensive Demonus that’s all the rage lately
  • Naturally, Mammon enjoys the chocolates because they’re fancy. However, the real reason he adores them is that they are proof that, to you, he is someone worth splurging on in both effort and money
  • Kisses with Mammon are messy and unexpected yet both of you feel like you’ve waited forever for this. The first taste of you isn’t enough, and Mammon becomes addicted pretty quickly. It’s a rush, like betting on a rolling dice or a flip of a card while on a winning streak. He feels like he’s losing all good sense yet so sure this is the right decision
  • His love for you is neither neat nor compartmentalized and neither are his kisses. It’s bubbling affection that he just can’t contain anymore. No matter how many lies he verbalizes, the blush on his visage and the way he greedily steals kiss after kiss says enough


  • You craft a chocolate treat based of a scene in TSL! There was a cute scene between Henry and the Lord of the Shadows where they eat chocolates, sharing one last sweet moment before having to part. You decide to recreate it by creating milk chocolate bonbons with a salted caramel filling, making sure to use a mold which creates the right shape!
  • Levi is floored. He knows EXACTLY which scene these chocolates are from, down to the page and line numbers. He simply gawks for a while and then proceeds to basically have a photoshoot. When he finally takes a bite, you can see the way his face lights up and it’s worth all the effort
  • Kisses with Levi are an adventure with ups and downs, bumps in the road, but a treasure chest at the end. When you first kiss him, he’s a blushing mess with brain working overtime to suppress his fight or flight instinct. But in spite of himself, Levi leans in and trusts you because no one treats him with this tenderness
  • His world is still small, aside from his brothers and Lotan, everything he loves could probably be contained in his room. But your kisses expand his horizons and maybe he thinks it’d be worth it to explore the world a little more, even if it leaves him vulnerable


  • You make Satan a combination of brigadeiros and mint discs for Valentine’s day! He enjoys that you’ve made chocolate confections but veered outside the classic bonbons. Satan likes the soft and chewy textures of the brigadeiros in contrast with the crunchy sprinkles and the unique texture of sugared mint atop dark chocolate discs
  • Satan happily opens the box of chocolate. He admires them for a bit and compliments you on their appearance before popping one in his mouth. He feels both loved and a little smug, Satan knows a bit about chocolate confections, enough that he’s certain you’ve put quite a bit of effort into this, which makes it all the more sweet
  • Lay on compliments about how he’s just as sweet as the chocolate, perhaps referencing a book he’s reading, and how all that work was worth it for his sake and you might get him blushing
  • Kisses with Satan are like browsing a library—the nostalgic smell of old books combined with excitement of discovering new worlds contained in pages. You’ve had more kisses with Satan than you can count, but even with that familiarity, you feel like you’re uncovering something new each time your lips meet


  • Asmo knows the value of appearance so you ensure your chocolates look just as good as they taste. You make white chocolate disc in the shape of hearts and adorn them with sugared petals. Additionally, you create passionfruit bonbons with cute heart indents which look picture perfect.
  • Asmo takes a selfie with you while you each hold a chocolate confection. Sweets for your sweetheart!~ It’s cute. 
  • But then you bring up how you chose passionfruit for its refreshing taste, so its easy to continually eat the chocolates, because just like the bonbons you’ll never get sick of him! It’s such a small detail but it warms his heart and suddenly you’re trapped in a hug
  • Asmo’s kisses don’t neatly fit into any single category. He is sweet, masterful and practiced, playful and lets you take the lead, but he is always sincere in his affection to you. Kisses are one of many ways to reaffirm your love
  • His kisses are like eating an assorted box of chocolates. One kiss is light and flirty, the next is sensual and stroking desire, then another which is teasing and light while interspersed with giggles. Yet all of them leave you with a sweet feeling


  • You make Beel a big pile of semi-sweet chocolate bark with variety of toppings, one has freeze dried raspberries, another has almonds, some use hellfire peppers, it’s a whole buffet
  • Beel plants a kiss on your forehead and thanks you so much for the gift! He begins to dig in to the treats you’ve made and has an endearing content grin the entire time he wolfs the chocolate down. He does his best to remember to offer you a bite too!
  • Many of Beel’s kisses start off as innocent fondness and true devotion. He loves you and you can feel it in the way he holds you close to him and devours all the affection you give. 
  • But many of his kisses turn hungry, because he can never get enough of you, the taste of your lips, your sweet moans, the way your hands roam, the puffs of hot breaths, they all never fail to leave him wanting more. His kisses feel satisfying and fulfilling, because you get to indulge to your heart’s content


  • You make Belphie coconut oil chocolates! They’re so easy to eat, he doesn’t even need to chew. You have to be careful to not melt them when making and handle the individual morsels, but it’s worth it all in the end
  • You surprise him by popping the chocolate into his mouth! You’re lucky he trusts you, if it was anyone else he’d probably have spit it out. It’s easy to bite through and melts to spread a pleasant chocolate taste across his mouth.
  • Probably muttered something under his breath, but he makes sure to thank you for the gift too, even if he is a little blasé about it. At least these ones aren’t dusty
  • Belphie’s kisses are lazy little things with missed lips and little laughs, huffs of air, and that smirk that makes you want to kiss him stupid until he can’t pretend to be relaxed. Random pecks in the morning, between naps, before bed, but if you ever ask why, the answer is “just because”
  • Occasionally your kisses are salvation and desperation. No life, no relationship, no person is without turbulence. Your hot breaths prove you’re alive and breathing, the love your pour into him as your lips meet prove he is worthy of affection, and he doesn’t intend to let go

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Paring: Beelzebub x gn!reader

Genre: fluff

Beel takes you out for a little date <3


“Could we… get cake?” Beelzebub asked as he slid his large hand into your smaller one. 

“By cake you mean…?” You giggled, your hold tightening around his hand as the two of you walked along the streets of Devildom. 

“Cake,” Beel answered bluntly. You let out a soft laugh. 

“Beel, I know you’re going to buy more than one cake.” You giggled. 

“… I’m hungry.” He muttered.

“We can get cake. As much as you want.” You laughed, your eyes closing for a moment. It was Valentine’s Day after all. His eyes seemed to light up as his pace quickened.

“Asmodeus told me that he saw some displayed in the headless café,” Beelzebub said with a light excitement in his low voice. 

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Ahhh…we’ve all been there…..

Dealing with Game Rage MC Headcanons


  • Does not appreciate this behavior
  • Even if you are upset, that is no reason to behave so boorishly
  • Pulls a real ‘dad move’ and takes the game from you until you calm down
  • Makes you some tea to help with the process and talk it out
  • Helps you strategize in a real Napoleonian way on how to beat the level.
  • No idea what he’s talking about, but it sounds really smart


  • Immediately heartbroken. But tries not to show it
  • More than any of the others Mammon can’t stand you being mad at him
  • Even if it’s ‘fake rage’
  • Will leave with a flippant “fine! Be that way! It’s not like I wanted to help anyway!”
  • Inside he’s devastated
  • Please go hug and apologize to him quickly


  • Totally gets it. He’s been there more than once
  • Leaves you alone until the rage-stage passes
  • Gives you some plushies to throw and beat up constructively, rather than irreplaceable things
  • Helps you tackle the level/problem together with his eons of gaming experience
  • If you win, you celebrate together and high five like he’s always wanted
  • If you lose, well now you’re just in the rage spiral together and can’t get out


  • Does not understand ‘gamer rage’ but understands rage
  • Immediate reaction is to get mad and yell back
  • But that doesn’t solve anything, so he takes a deep breath and leaves you alone
  • Returns with every gamer play walkthrough & handbook he could find from Levi and the library
  • Knowledge and solutions are the key to inner peace. Calmer head will prevail
  • Will 400% get madder than you if his perfect strategy plan fails, and now you have to get him out of game rage mode


  • Cue beautiful silken tears and a magically appearing chaise to drape himself on
  • Does not like to be yelled at, but is mostly hamming it up for sympathy
  • Insists that you ‘make it up to him’ by going shopping with or getting iced coffees with him
  • Actually, the break is a little nice. It gives you a chance to get out of game rage headspace
  • Tells you that you shouldn’t game so much because lack of sunlight and stress is bad for the skin
  • “Your skin will be as scaly as Levi’s and his fish if you’re not careful!”


  • Poor wounded himbo puppy!!!
  • Doesn’t understand what he did, but apologizes and leaves you alone
  • His feelings are really hurt. Getting yelled at is no fun
  • Quickly accepts your apology when you give it to him
  • Everyone has bad days, so he wouldn’t hold it against you
  • On his way to bring you some snacks when you came to apologize. He gets really cranky when he’s super hungry, so just assumed that eating something would help. Obviously your favorites.


  • Startled at first. Then angry
  • He didn’t do anything wrong! He was being a good person, who got all the way out of bed, to check on you!
  • Goes back to bed because he doesn’t deserve this
  • Will not come out of his blanket nest when you come to apologize because he’s a cranky brat
  • Eventually, with enough sweet words and coaxing, he comes out. Like a pouty rabbit
  • Enjoys his next nap beside you while you game because his calm sleeping position will keep you calm while you game.
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A New Kind Of Feeling (Beelzebub x Reader)

A/N: about our one and only baby boy. I hope you enjoy it.

They smell delicious. That was his first thought of you.

Granted, that probably wasn’t a good thing. But from someone like him, it was a huge compliment.

And believe him, he tried. Like, really, really hard to think of something else. But you were like an extra, extra, extra large serving of spicy devil bat ramen or a giant bowl of beetles, berries, and cream ice cream.

But uh, not in that way. He didn’t want to eat you! He just couldn’t! It’d be pretty messy if he did and probably super painful for you. Plus, Lucifer would yell at him.

Though technically, he did threaten to eat you…once, maybe twice, which probably hasn’t helped your image of him. He knew you found him scary, too or that’s what he assumed. Most demons do already, so what made you–a human–any different?

But hm? What’s this?

You only gave him a piece of candy, but this feeling. It’s hard for him to relax. And did you just call him “cute?” Belphie was cute, kittens were cute, but him?

After you said that, well, he hasn’t been very hungry lately. Just this morning, he only had 12 cheese omelettes instead of his usual 30.

His brothers think he’s dying and at first, so did he. It was Asmodeus, however, who told him otherwise.

“Oh, so that’s what it is. I can live with that.”

Now look at him. He remembers Mammon stating that the Devildom would “freeze over seven times before Beel would ever share his food,” yet here he was giving you the first bite of his swamp tarts. Your smile is so bright and your laugh is so warm. Joke’s on Mammon; it’s not even cold today.

He likes it, this new feeling you gave him. It happens every time he’s with you and even when he’s not. He wants more, a lot more. Does that make him selfish? Hopefully not…

…but even if it does, you’ll let him have it, right?

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“You know…” His voice is a harsh whisper, his hot tongue sliding down your neck. Sharp teeth scrape gently against your earlobe as his drooling mouth covers your nape and shoulder in love bites. “It’s not fair how delicious you smell.”

He pushes his knee further between your thighs, forcing you to grab the counter for support, arching your back against him. His huge, veiny hand reaches around and slips under your apron. Rough fingers tease your sex before retreating, then pop into his mouth with a warm hiss.

“So good. So so good. I can’t take it anymore. I need to devour you.”

Beelzebub’s Lover, The Sweetheart (INSERT YOUR FACE/OC HERE)

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yummy love | Beelzebub


Chapter Sixteen: I love you.

Summary: Everyone knows that Beel simps for you the most, even you, but you think Beel deserves better. Can Beelzebub break down your walls?

Last chapter 🥺 I’m low key emotional, but let me know if you guys want another text/smau and with who :)

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BeelY/n forever

Yes Satan, ignore it sweetie

I really really hope you guys liked yummy love as much as I did, please let me know if you’d all want another smau :)

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Author notes: yeah the brain rot from the event got to me, I am weak for the geometric ears.

All brothers included, read the rest under the cut

Warning: spicy content, general bunny boys nonsense, long post

Length: 2.7K



Warning: cockwarming, desk sex, mild spanking

  • Lucifer acts blasé even though he insists you spend time together. Maybe it’s just you sitting in his lap while he does paperwork or you’re both doing your own things in the same space
  • Want to make his prideful visage crumble? Lay on the praise about how cute he is! His ears twitch and the blush that blossoms on his cheeks is undeniable
  • In the privacy of his own room, with his favourite records playing and perhaps a glass of Demonus or two, he does enjoy when you pet his ears and comb through his hair. It’s a very relaxing and intimate experience
  • But he certainly has other ways of having a nice time, and he adores making you warm his cock as he works at his desk. If he’s going to sit there and sift through all that paper, it might as be with your velvety walls wrapped around him
  • Nuzzle your nose into his neck and you can feel the way his body relaxes. Having your body warm him and your affection manifest in adorable actions fuels his pride
  • Be careful, if you’re too needy and clenching a little too often, a swift smack to your rear will be delivered. He’s not against leaving several red handprints if that’s what it takes, even if you can feel his dick twitch whenever you successfully entice him

“Be patient, I only have one form left,” he scolds as you start to lay butterfly kisses on his neck.

“Please,” you whine, “You’re the only who can make me feel good.” You feel his cock throb within you but that does nothing to stop the swift smack to your bottom, which now has two matching red marks on it. He rubs your back as you whimper but continues to write. You swear, you hate sound of a pen scrawling against paper now. You try to think about anything except how good it feels to be full but when Lucifer adjusts his position, your trance is shattered and a whine leaves your lips.

You let out a moan as he lifts you, feeling every ridge and vein of his cock as it leaves you. Lucifer swiftly turns you over so you’re bent over his desk, and you can feel arousal build at the idea of finally getting what you’ve wanted all night.

“Good job.” His praise is whispered against your skin in a husky tone and the hot breath sends shiver down your spine.  You’re not given a chance to respond when his hips snap forward and slams you down you on his cock, all coherent speech leaving as each thrust hits your sweet spot.

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✨Younger brothers edition✨

(technically Asmo doesn’t take a nap, but goddammit I liked his headcanon too much to change it up!)


  • It had been a rough day at R.A.D, so many people needed favors from the council, so many people needed to speak with Satan about the renovations on the library or how the curriculum just cut out yet another interesting story.
  • He was tired.
  • And by the end of the day all he wanted to do was curl up on his bed with a good book, a mug of coffee to keep him warm and you next to him asleep or reading like him.
  • When you asked him to read to you, he couldn’t possible decline.
  • You were too cute for that!
  • He patted his lap for you to nestle into but when he saw your mischievous smile, he knew that wasn’t happening.
  • “Lay in my lap.”
  • Satan raised his eyebrows but didn’t protest, his head quickly finding a home on your thighs. 
  • He rattle of the lines in the book, making you disappear in the story to the point where you eyes grew closed and eventually sleep overtook you.
  • Soft snoring woke you and you didn’t have to look far for the source; a head of blond locks laid buried in your lap, the book long forgotten.
  • Your fingers combed through the messy tresses, your eyes growing heavy once more.
  • “Good night devil of mine.”


  • After a night of clubbing, you were both tired and drained. Your feet hurt from dancing and the outfit you were did nothing to help against the cold wind outside the sweaty, hot club.
  • So when you were finally seated on Asmo’s bed, shoes thrown in a corner, you couldn’t help but fall back just praying that sleep would come and whisk you away.
  • But not with Asmo..Oh no
  • He’s got an after clubbing routine, one he so desperately wants to include you in!
  • “Oh but darling, trust me! I’ll take good care of you!”
  • He wipes away the dirt and sweat or makeup if he got you to wear it, he massages your face and shows you how to do his in return.
  • Asmo gets you the comfies pyj’s he has, while also making sure the room is on the perfect temperature.
  • It’s only an hour later when you finally felt the sheets of his bed under your fingers. The soft material begging you to drown in it
  • Asmo had other plans- facemasks!
  • He swears it’s just to destress your face and not at all so he can touch you more.
  • Your propped up against the headboard, eyes closed while you let the mask do its job, Asmo is talking to you about the recent trends. 
  • Soon you could feel a weight on your lap, his bright eyes staring up to you.
  • “I love you MC.”   


  • Football practice has him beat
  • Beel wasn’t usually this tired after a training but this time their coach had stepped up their game, resulting in every muscle Beel had to hurt as he walked home- too tired to fly.
  • He made a beeline for your room, knowing that at this time you would be most likely in bed already since humans need more sleep than demons do.
  • But when he arrived in your room, he saw that the lamp on your nightstand was on and your computer was on your lap, soft voices leaving the device.
  • He walked over, happy to have showered back at the school. Your eyes meet his and you smile up at him, putting away the pc in a matter of seconds.
  • Beel swears he’s never felt happier than when he sat next to you, feeling your warmth next to his as your laid your head on his shoulder, kissing it through his shirt.
  • Your fingers ran through his hair and he could’ve died happily like that but instead he turned to you with puppy dog eyes.
  • “Could I maybe.. Rest on your lap?”
  • When you agree, his too giddy too relax but with the way your basically massaging his scalp he can’t help it.
  • He’s asleep in no time dreaming of soft pillows and good head massages.


  • Belphie is always in search of better, softer, pillows and he has always suspected your lap to be a strong contender for the ultimate pillow spot.
  • He’s only never had the chance to test his theory out.
  • After the whole “murder” incident, he’s been treading carefully no matter how much you reassure him.
  • But luckily a perfect opportunity has presented itself: a big task in demon astrology by far the only subject he ever payed attention too.
  • So he goes up and asks you to be his project partner in observing the devildom sky and noting the different constellations.
  • Belphie’s over the moon when you say yes (hahah, you get it? Moon, astrology ;) Aight, I’ll see myself out)
  • He’s got a whole blanket fort set up in the greenhouse, the place looking like a sleep paradise when you enter. 
  • Hours later, after spotting many constellations, naming them and just having casual conversation. He goes for it, he lays on your lap only for his theory to be immediately confirmed.
  • Now he never wants to leave…
  • Instead of pushing him away like he expected, you let out a soft laugh.
  • “I see that somebody is tired,”
  • He only hums, nestling further in his new pillow which only gives you more reason to giggle.
  • “You’re just so comfortable,” he whispers back, hiding away his face that feels hot from blushing.
  • You only humm in response, letting the demon rest as you continued to stare at the sky and you could’ve sworn the stars now shone brighter than ever before.
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Words: 700+

Rating: T

Summary: Belphie has a nightmare, and you & Beel go to comfort him

Seven Days for Seven Brothers Series - AO3

It’s a familiar scene.

You were in Beel & Belphies’ room again, curled up in Beel’s arms like you had been so many months ago. You just hoped Mammon had the decency to not kick the door in this time.

Of course you’ve slept with Beel more times than that, after that incident, and always the same. His arm wrapped around you from behind. The even rise and fall of his chest against your back. His face buried into your neck and hair to take in your scent, the gentle breath of his breathe against your skin.

It was incredibly peaceful. You love all the boys, and sleeping with them, but there was something about Beel and his size that made the experience that much more comforting. Like sleeping with a huge teddy bear. If you had been awake you would have giggled at that.

You feel the demon at your back start to shift. An unusual occurrence as typically he slept like a log. You rouse a little yourself at the movement as well, so by the time he lifted his head out of your hair you were half-awake. “Belphie?”

Turning to look over your shoulder, you see Beel awake now. His normally placid, happy expression furrowed in concern. “Hmm? What’s wrong?” You ask in a sleep mottled voice.

“Belphie’s having a nightmare.”

You let out a soft, surprised noise before turning over to look across the room at Belphie’s bed. He doesn’t seem to be in any distress. He looked like he was sleeping normally, curled tight around his favorite pillow. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I can feel it.” His express looked pained in sympathy, and the arms still wrapped around your waist tighten slightly.

So that’s how he knew. Their link, their bond, as twins had tipped him off that Belphie was in distress. He must have felt his twins pain in his sleep and woken up; unable to help him when he was asleep.

“What should we do?” You ask curiously. Concerned for Belphie as well now.

“I don’t know.” Beel seemed to be getting more distressed now. He wanted to help, but doesn’t know what to do. If it was something physical he could fight it, but how do you fight something imaginary?

“Come on. Let’s go.”

The red head looked up at you confused. His expression hurt that you were pulling away from him, aside from being upset for Belphie, when you stood up. You offer him your hand and he seemed to understand then what was going on. You both get out of bed and go over to Belphie’s. Now that you were closer you can see that not all was well. His brow was slightly furrowed. Tiny, pinprick tears were collecting in his lashes. He really was having a nightmare. And if Beel hadn’t sensed it he would have just suffered alone.

You both crawl into bed with him. Beel taking the same position he had with you at his back, and you curling in tight against his front. He seemed to sense this in his sleep and immediately abandoned his precious pillow to cling to your front.

“It’s alright Belphie. We’re here for you.” Beel said quietly. Hoping his whispers got through to his twin’s subconscious.

“Yeah, we’re not going anywhere.” You mimic back as well.

It seemed to work as Belphie’s grip loosened a little and his body relaxed. Not to full peaceful sleep yet, but improving.

You lift your hand to lift brush his hair with your fingers, looking over to see Beel staring at you. His gaze intense in the dark. Seeming to say so many things like ‘I’m worried’, ‘thank you’, ‘I love you’. If his twin wasn’t an immediate barricade between you, you would have kissed him on the spot.

Eventually you all fall back asleep. Getting through the night without incident. Belphie doesn’t tell you what his nightmare was about, but you can guess by how much he clung to both of you the next day; luckily it was his day next otherwise someone was going to threaten to burn this house down. Things return to normal eventually and you all get a peaceful night’s sleep again the next evening.

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Oooooo this is really interesting! I can just imagine Doll!MC just making everyone so scared every time she moves because they could probably hurt themselves just bumping into a wall because they look so fragile lol. These were short, so hope you enjoy!

The Brothers and Diavolo Reacting to Doll!MC


  • …maybe he made a mistake in picking you for the exchange program after all
  • You just look so delicate, and just so pure. 
  • You have definitely made cute little snacks and brought it to him while he locked himself in the office with paperwork
  • He lowkey highkey likes it no matter how he brushes it off with the usual thanks. Keep doing it, MC, he really appreciates it
  • When you get in trouble and he gives you the usual lectures, he can’t look into your eyes for long
  • Geez, he already can’t stay mad at you for long but now he can just feel his resolve cracking
  • If you get hurt oh Diavolo prepare for helicopter parent Lucifer
  • As soon as you accidently cut yourself in the kitchen (it would be the tiniest cut, barely noticeable),  you’re no longer allowed in the kitchen unsupervised and can’t handle anything with a sharp end (whether its a butter knife or kid proof scissors that would be safe for Luke to use unsupervised)
  • “Let me do it for you, I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • “Lucifer, thank you but I’ll be okay. It’s just a frosting spatula it’s not sharp-”
  • Will punish his brothers 10x worse and demons 100x more if he finds out you got hurt (doesn’t matter what the injury is, could be so much as a paper cut there will be hell to pay)
  • Constantly checks on you when he can’t see you in person
  • Handles you so lightly that you barely feel his touch
  • Move over Belphie, you’re the baby of the house now 


  • Protective x100000
  • Is still tsudere around you, but doesn’t insult you as much
  • Who are you kidding as soon as he looks into your cute doe eyes, he forgets what he’s saying 
  • Complains about having to do stuff for you but doesn’t mind at all really. He loves it because it feels like you’re depending on him, and that makes him feel worth something.
  • “C’mon human, let the Great Mammon carry your books! You’re gonna hurt yourself and I don’t feel like hearing Lucifer’s mouth today!”
  • It was just your planner and a small recipe book that Luke gave you, and it weighed less than 10 pounds but okay. You don’t complain either when you see that he genuinely wants to help and do these things
  • Basically your loud guard dog and secret service agent rolled into one
  • He’s gotten into trouble more than once for “protecting you”. A student barely bumped your shoulder and Mammon already tackled him. Lucifer was not pleased (but he secretly understood)
  • He can’t help it that you’re weak and surrounded by hungry demons! It’s a pain to go through this much effort to just protect you, since you look so helpless
  • MC he’s just worried that you easily break if a demon so much as breathes on you but he likes that he can protect you because he knows that he can keep you safe. You’re just too cute and sweet okay??
  • Also stand in his room after watching a horror movie to freak him out and he’ll be sounding like Mariah Carey lmao


  • Is for sure having an otaku/weaboo freakout moment
  • You blend in with figurines so well, every time you come into his room he asks you to stand next to them so he can feel that his collection is complete 
  • He does it sometimes when he streams so people can think he has a rare limited-edition life sized doll that they can’t get. Makes him feel superior 
  • You’re like an anime character but in real life and he does not know how to handle it 
  • Can’t stare into your eyes, it makes them too flustered because he’s used to seeing it in his otome games and not from an actual person that he likes
  • Who needs maid cafes when he has you? You even dress and make anime themed desserts (once he built up the courage to ask you to make it for him)
  • Has to calm his beating heart every time he talks to you, you’re too precious for him MC! 
  • Your like his very own idol, minus the singing and dancing. However, if you can sing and dance….
  • Levi.exe has stopped working 


  • Thought you were a real doll until you introduced yourself
  • He really thought that someone brought you to life Pinocchio style
  • You looked like a princess from the many stories that he read, and he was smitten
  • Treated you so graceful and elegant like until he had his rage moments, which he told you to stay far, far, far away from him until he calmed down completely
  • Secretly placed a hex on you to where if someone tried to attack you or touch you with harmful intentions, they would be somehow be subjected to looking at their worst fear
  • You were wondering why that random stranger was just staring wide at you with extensive terror, but then you saw Satan grinning, so you left it alone. You thought it was just some weird demon thing
  • Loved when you made him cat-themed desserts
  • If you wore cat ears while doing it, he will turn extremely red
  • If you meow for him, he won’t know how to handle himself 


  • You are just the cutest thing he has ever laid his eyes on!!
  • Besides from himself of course, don’t get it twisted he’s still #1
  • He has most definitely had more than one photoshoot done with you both. And you guys have been trending on the Devilgram a couple of times already
  • Really you guys trend at least twice a month, and his fans love you!
  • They always ask where he got the doll from but he always laughs and says that “it’s a secret”
  • Imagine their shock when they see you walking and talking at RAD, some are amazed and some are downright scared
  • Fashion shows! 
  • He lives for dressing you up in cute clothes. Your style already suited you and he had great tastes so the new outfits he got you were just *chef’s kiss*
  • The cute little desserts that you made for him, he always posted it on the Devilgram before he ate it. They were just so cute MC and he couldn’t not show his fans!
  • Is the most careful brother when it comes to keeping you out of danger. He refused to let his body or skin damaged, and he wasn’t about to let it happen to you either! You are both way too dainty and fragile to let anything happen
  • Also spa days and self-care nights weekly!
  • You’re the perfect match made just for him MC
  • He finally has someone that can understand his struggle of being beautiful, bless you MC


  • Soft boy is scared of touching you :(
  • He towers over you, and he’s scared to even be near you
  • It takes some time, but he starts to warm up to you
  • Is always gentle with you, no matter the scenario
  • Holding hands? He is hardly gripping your hand, said hand fitting loosely in his
  • Getting hugs? He’s meagerly holding you, not wanting to crush you
  • You once complained to Beel that it wasn’t fair to get half done hugs (if you were hugging, you were getting a real hug, not a scared one). 
  • He made you swear that if he was hurting you to let him know, so now you have your very own signal to use for him just in case
  • He was very tempted to wrap you in bubble wrap and just carry you around like that
  • He LOVES your sweets, even more than Luke’s and Barbatos’
  • No matter the size, he loves them, mainly because you made them and it was made with love, just for him
  • It always makes him feel so warm inside, and he doesn’t feel his appetite gnawing at him like usual
  • No one is dumb enough to try anything with you both in his presence and not, unless they want to end up either a: deep into the ground or b: into his stomach
  • You just make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and he just loves everything about you. He just loves you


  • Hm, you look cute 
  • For a human
  • Acts like he doesn’t care, but you’ve caught him blushing before (he still does it too)
  • Won’t outright admit that you’re charming in your own little way, but he does in his sarcastic way like usual
  • “MC, you’re such a half-pint. You’re like my personal sized teddy bear.”
  • Has cuddled with you like you were his personal teddy bear (and still does, but you don’t complain at all)
  • Has a secret sweet tooth and eat your desserts whenever you make it just for him (and he doesn’t even share it with Beel, that monster)
  • Demons just have to look Belphie in the eyes, watch him flex his claws, and they all of a sudden forget about whatever they were planning. Good
  • He hates that you look so fragile, but at the same time he kinda likes it
  • You just look so soft, and you’re just so kind
  • It makes him feel like he’s protecting and caring for you, and that makes him feel calm and peaceful 
  • Please make sure that he’s okay MC, he’s scared that he’s gonna mess up again


  • The Prince of Hell is both surprised and pleased at your appearance
  • Do all humans look this charming or is it just you??
  • If someone as soft as you can survive living and going to school with demons, then this is great
  • Knew that you weren’t a doll, but still liked to admire you like one
  • Has asked more than once for pictures, you are just too enchanting!
  • Wants to have a portrait painted of you so he can hang it up in the castle
  • LOVES you baking for him! Loves when Barbatos does it too (even though it is kinda part of his job), but it feels different with you. It feels…domestic in a sense. Makes him feel like Diavolo, your friend and very interested in being your boyfriend, instead of Lord Diavolo, the prince that will be residing over Hell in the future
  • No one would be foolish enough to hurt you. If someone was, they wouldn’t even get the chance to lift a finger before they were directly dealing with him. Don’t take his kindness for weakness, he still is a demon after all, the future King of Hell to be exact
  • Was scared of touching you at first, but quickly grew out of it! He can handle his own strength, and you guys also have a signal to use just in case he does squeeze a little too tight
  • Will want to dress you up in royal clothes (if you were okay with it). Nothing is wrong with your current style, as a matter of fact it suits you! He basically just wants to play a fancy game of dress up/have a fashion show with royal clothing
  • Will take 100s of photos, no exaggeration
  • Asmo will be jealous, so be warned
  • Plus, he wants to know how his future lover/ruler would look in a crown so he can start taking measurements. You can never be too ready, right MC?
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