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#obey me belphie x reader
having a cat that looks and acts similar to him
Tumblr media
fandom: obey me! shall we date? | character: belphegor | genre: fluff | type: headcanon | reader: gender-neutral
»»————- ♡ ————-««
inspired by this post by @julie-ghouls
{💌} i'm so tired
Tumblr media
You turn around to show the small animal that was in your arms, a smile on your face caused by the fact that you have finally reunited with your beloved pet, and that the two of them could finally meet.
“Doesn’t he look just like you?” you said excitedly, a big grin on your face as you waited eagerly for his reaction.
When you mentioned that you wanted him to meet your four-legged friend, he didn’t expect you to introduce him to an animal that looked awfully familiar…
"It's cute," is all he says to you. Belphie didn't give much of a reaction when you showed him your pet. Its indigo-gray fur was a very similar color to his but he didn't think much of it.
"It likes to sleep a lot, so it makes a perfect cuddle buddy."
Hmm... he wouldn't mind another one, as long as it didn't take too much of your attention away from him.
It took a lot of MC's attention.
It was a brat- at least in Belphie's eyes, though he couldn't say much without sounding like a hypocrite.
It constantly needed to be coddled, it would make so much noise if it didn't get MC's attention.
And that got in the way of Belphie's cuddle session with them.
It spends most of its time asleep, but it obviously preferred MC's lap. And everyone knows that spot is reserved for Belphie only.
But he couldn't do anything without you getting mad so he had to deal with it.
Since the two of them were so similar, MC suggested Belphie try and warm up to the cat. And what better way to do that than follow it around everywhere. It slept most of the time anyway so it wouldn't move much.
It spent most of its time asleep, usually on MC's lap but if it couldn't find them or was too lazy; you could find it sleeping on the most random of places.
Under the couches and beds, inside the kitchen cabinets, squeezed into one of the gaps in between bookshelves; the list goes on. MC usually had to find it and carry it to their bed.
MC has a special pillow for it, though the cat rarely used it.
It would refuse to sleep in its own bed (the pillow) and instead slept with MC (much to Belphie's disdain).
After all this watching, Belphie still didn't like the cat nor did it like him. MC proposed Belphie take it to the planetarium, 'it liked watching the stars' they said.
So one day, he lifted the cat. It surprisingly didn't put up a fight, but he figured it would be too lazy to.
Once they arrived, it immediately jumped out of Belphie's arms and stared upwards at the stars.
Belphie figured it would be just like stargazing with anyone else, so he sat down and stared with it.
He surprisingly enjoyed the time with the pet, especially when it didn't take MC away from him.
He reached out to pet it but it moved away when he tried. Now that he thought about it, it only ever let MC stroke it. He guessed that was something they had in common.
They both slept in the planetarium that night.
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gxr-dove · a month ago
Hellooo I hope you are having a nice day ૮₍´。• ᵕ •。'₎ა I just thought of a good headcanon lol Where Mc sleeps in the brothers room. The demon wakes up seeing Mc sleeping with their shirt up. What will they react? a Gender Neutral Mc pls♡. Take as much time you like :DD
Obey Me! Brothers React to GN!MC Sleeping With Their Shirt Up
I love this request! I’m not sure if you wanted a long or short description of their reactions, so sorry if I did this wrong.
The moonlight bleeds through the curtains and onto his eyes
He’s used to waking up early, but with the amount of work he has to do today he can’t help but sigh
He hears a shift in your position next to him
He thinks he may have accidentally woke you up. But you only shifted a bit to the point where..oh..oh my
His eyes meet with your now exposed stomach.
Since you’re asleep he lets his pride down a bit to let some blush spread across his cheeks.
How can he start his day when you’re already effortlessly making him want to stay in bed
“My dear you really do have a strong influence on me.” He whispers.
He wants to stay with you, but he has a lot of student council business to do. He reluctantly gets out of bed, but before he does so he makes sure to pull down your shirt so that you aren’t cold, and kisses your forehead.
A sudden soft tap on his head wakes him up
“Oi whaddya think ye-” the sight of your lifted shirt cuts him off.
Your arm is stretched while your hand is slightly on top of Mammon’s head.
Your peaceful sleeping expression. Your steady breathing which he can see by the rise and fall of your exposed stomach
He recovers from his sudden shock and calms down
He takes his time to observe you while you’re asleep. It would be too embarrassing if you caught him staring at you the way he is now.
He’s not thinking about anything else right now except you. He wants to savor the sight of you all to himself right now.
“Why dya have to stretch so carelessly.” He mumbles while a flush takes over his cheeks.
Hesitantly he pulls down your shirt which slightly traces your side
If he knows you’re ticklish he’ll smirk and tickle you awake
There is a slight increase of heat on his stomach
He wakes up to this sudden change in temperature. Only to see that your shirt has lifted
Since you both practically sleep on top of each other in the cramped bathtub you accidentally lifted Levi’s shirt a bit as well. Your stomach pressed gently against his.
His face is flushed and his mouth agape as he processes the situation
He immediately moves back a bit to create some space, however, there’s not much room to back up.
He tries to look away, but he can’t help but look back down to your stomach against his. A now pleasant warmth between the two of you.
He then looks to see your peaceful facial expression. Now he really doesn't want to wake you up.
“Ehh why does this have to happen now.” He complains in an embarrassed tone
He tries his best to lower your shirt and his shirt. He won’t be able to fall back asleep after this, not when his heart is beating so fast.
Your back faces Satan as he slowly opens his eyes
This is around the time Satan wakes up, but you usually wake up a bit later, so he takes this time to enjoy this kind of moment of only you two together in each others company
He moves a bit closer to you which causes you to shift onto your back. At first, he freezes because he’s afraid he woke you up, but his expression quickly changes to amused as he sees your shirt lift a bit
He definitely doesn’t mind waking up to see you in such a peaceful yet vulnerable position
He’s happy that you feel comfortable enough to expose your stomach to him just like a cat who exposes its tummy to show trust in their owners
Thoughts of both you and cats make him smile contently as he admires you
“Such a cute kitten you are.” He says quietly while he gently places his hand over your stomach, rubbing it gently
Asmo follows his daily morning routine and wakes up before you
Normally he’ll let you get your beauty rest, and will kiss your cheek before he starts getting ready for the day
But as he lifts his mask off he sees a cute and pleasant surprise
Your shirt must’ve lifted up while you were turning in your sleep
He hums in amusement as he admires your sleeping form and your adorable exposed stomach
“How are you so effortlessly cute so early in the morning” He sighs in admiration to himself
He caresses your face and your arm, and he can’t help but give in to his urges as he moves down to flutter small kisses all over your stomach
You may giggle or wake up to the sudden gentle pressure of Asmo’s kisses
Beel wakes up to his daily cravings. He usually wakes up around the time breakfast is being made.
But before he can get up he remembers that you slept with him last night. Your weight on one of his arms.
He turns from his back to face you, only to look down and see that your shirt is up.
A prominent blush quickly spreads across his face as he quickly looks at your exposed stomach
Beel is a gentleman and will pull your shirt back down.
He huffs a bit and smiles at you, the blush still lingers across his cheeks as he plays with the end of your shirt.
“Oh, you almost made me forget about breakfast.” He says as he notices the time. He’ll caress your face as he moves his arm from under you and gently shakes you awake.
But if he were to see you with your stomach exposed like that again, he’ll play with you a bit and gently nibble your tummy, tickling you awake.
Normally you wake up before Belphie, but today he wakes up before you
His tired eyes slowly open to meet your face
When he looks down he sees your shirt that’s lifted up a bit showing your stomach
His eyes widen for a split second in surprise to your stomach displayed before him
His lips curl into a small smirk as he quietly chuckles to himself
You look so lazily cute he can’t help but lay back and look at you for a bit
He moves his hand to trace your side. He won’t pull it down right away, he likes feeling your skin, but after he’s satisfied he’ll pull your shirt back down
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hoesoflamentation · 21 days ago
K!nktober 2021: Open your mouth. | Beel x GN!MC x Belphie | 18+
Tumblr media
Prompt: Bukkake
Pairing: Beel x GN!MC x Belphie
Warnings: established relationship, consensual non-monogamy, somnophilia (sort of), penetration, masturbation, exhibitionism/voyeurism, spanking, mild overstimulation, implied bukkake
A/N: this wound up being very long. please don't expect this from all my k!nktober pieces -- but do enjoy the first attic club sandwich of the month!! dedicated to my lovely mutual wren, whose birthday is today <3
Tumblr media
Nuzzling their face into the pillow, MC hummed contentedly as a heavy arm was slung over their shoulders. A pair of lips pressed against their hair; a sleepy smile spread across their face.
These days, this was a pretty typical way for MC to wake up. They spent the night in Beel and Belphie's room more often than not, roused by the familiar feeling of their boyfriend's arm around their shoulders -- and the comfortable sound of his brother's soft snores.
MC's eyes remained closed as they rolled over, their arms winding around the figure's neck. They kissed him, their lips lingering on his as they relished each other's warmth.
"Mmm, good morning, Beel," MC hummed, nuzzling their face into the crook of his neck.
Uncharacteristically, their boyfriend did not greet them back -- and as MC inhaled, they realized why. Instead of Beel's comforting, musky scent, they were met with a pleasant but foreign aroma: a mixture of pine-scented cologne and peppermint toothpaste.
Instinctively, MC's eyes snapped open. They pulled away, but Belphie's surprisingly strong arms instinctively yanked them closer, trapping them flush against his chest. However, they relaxed when they realized that the seventh-born had not woken up yet.
Belphie whimpered in his sleep, humping needily into their back as he tightened his grip on their body. MC told themself that he was probably having a dream, a dream about someone completely different. Even so, the scandalous sensation of his morning wood ignited flames between their legs.
This is wrong, MC thought -- even as they were unable to stop themself from sighing contentedly, greedily pushing back into the lazy movements of Belphie's hips. I'm with Beel.
Just as his name crossed MC's mind, Beel rolled over with a groan. MC's heart pounded as their boyfriend rubbed the sleep from his eyes, slowly blinking awake.
As his gaze sharpened, MC realized that Beel clearly knew what Belphie was doing. Yet, his response was the opposite of what MC had expected.
Rather than getting angry, Beel smirked teasingly. "Getting started without me, Belphie?"
MC began to open their mouth to protest, to tell Beel that his twin was still asleep -- but surprisingly, the seventh-born spoke before they could interject.
"Shut up and go back to sleep, Beel. I want a turn with MC."
Liquid arousal pooled between MC's thighs despite themself. From the way the twins spoke, Beel and Belphie seemed to have an understanding that MC's body was shared property.
MC knew they should be angry about this, that their boyfriend would volunteer them to their brother without their permission. But all it did was turn them on, to imagine the overstimulation from two demons encircling them with their ravenous touch.
Before they knew it, they were moaning, grinding their hips hungrily against Belphie's ever-hardening cock. The youngest brother chuckled, his hands wandering down to their hips to press their bodies even closer together.
"Sounds like MC agrees," Belphie teased, arching an eyebrow at Beel.
MC merely watched, enthralled, as Beel's growing erection twitched through the thin fabric of his sweatpants. Meanwhile, Belphie's hands began to wander aimlessly over their body, eliciting gasps as they discovered new erogenous zones MC hadn't known existed.
"Is that what you want, baby?" Beel murmured provocatively. "You want Belphie to ruin you while I watch?"
Cheeks reddening with embarrassment, MC could only nod in agreement, unable to bring themself to admit their obscene desires aloud.
Behind them, MC felt Belphie smirk. His hands found their way to MC's ass cheeks as he replied sadistically:
"Well then, MC. Let's see how much of a mess we can make."
He spanked them, hard, emphasizing his words.
"On your knees," Belphie ordered. "Now."
MC hesitated for the briefest of seconds, their gaze flickering back to Beel. Reassuringly, their boyfriend gave them a tiny nod.
"Do what Belphie says, baby," Beel encouraged. "Show him how well you can listen for me."
With Beel's explicit permission, all MC's reservations disappeared. Obediently, they perched on their hands and knees as Belphie positioned himself, standing, behind them. His pants lay in a heap on the floor, long forgotten.
The way they were kneeling gave MC a perfect view of Beel, who was reclining against the headboard with his legs stretched out long in front of him. They watched as he wriggled out of his bottoms, his impressive cock springing free in front of him.
At the same time, Belphie was already massaging the precum leaking from his tip down his shaft. His cock wasn't as thick as Beel's, but it was longer, with a slight upward curve that promised to make MC's legs quiver. Belphie smirked as he caught them admiring its length over their shoulder.
"Aww, such a needy little slut," he cooed. "You can't stop staring, can you? You like what you see, baby?"
MC whimpered in reply as Belphie began to rut against their sopping wet hole, the tip teasing them with the promise of his length. In front of them, Beel had started pumping his shaft, his hips bucking slightly into his grip.
"Be good for him, sweetheart," Beel breathed. "I want you to take the whole thing for me."
At his words, MC tried to press back into Belphie's hardened length -- but the seventh-born cruelly pulled away. Over their shoulder, they glared at him expectantly, letting out an involuntary whine.
"Beg for it," Belphie barked in reply, with about as much empathy in his voice as Lucifer when he yelled at Mammon.
"Please, Belphie," MC complied. "Need you inside of me. Wanna feel full."
"Mm, you're such a good little slut," Belphie praised as, without warning, he plunged his entire length into their aching hole. "You'll do anything we ask, won't you, MC?"
MC struggled to form words as Belphie began to rock into them with deliberate thrusts. Swallowing hard, they nodded in agreement, the silent acknowledgement of their subordinance making Beel moan as he stroked himself.
Both brothers' movements started out slow and rapidly became more frenetic as they each approached their climax. The only sound in the room was labored breathing from all three of them -- until, somewhere amid the frenzy of pleasure, Beel reached forward with his free hand to caress MC's sweet spot with languid circles of his thumb.
In their overstimulated state, these tiny strokes alone, combined with Belphie's enthusiastic fucking, were enough to send MC over the edge. Moaning unabashedly, they felt their knees wobble slightly as stars gathered behind their vision; the intoxicating buzz of pleasure building up at their core.
"Beel, Belphie," MC whined. "I'm gonna cum."
The proclamation gave Belphie a sudden burst of energy. He propped one foot up on the bed, using it as leverage to force his length even deeper inside of them. The slight upward curve of his cock hit exactly the right spot with every thrust.
Belphie continued to fuck them relentlessly, refusing to slow down even as they overflowed with pleasure. Without warning, their arousal gushed over. Beel's rhythmic touch matched his brother's pace, milking every last drop of MC's orgasm from their sensitive spot as both brothers eagerly chased their own climax.
Suddenly, Belphie pulled out, beginning to stroke his cock without missing a beat. Already, Beel had stood to join him, his own length pulsing with the promise of his impending finish.
Both angled their dicks toward MC's face, intending to paint their skin milky white, as Belphie barked his final order of the morning:
"That's it, baby. Open your mouth."
Tumblr media
taglist: @everyday-girl9041-blog @bunna-does-stuff @obey-me-tho
(dm me if you would like to be added!)
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hell-temptations · a month ago
The moments they realised they have fallen in love with you
Pairing: Demon brothers (-beelzebub) x gn! Mc
Genre: SWF
Warnings: mild angst then fluff, Satan,s part has mention of blood and mild gore so avoid his part if you're uncomfortable with those topics.
Reposting some old works from my previous blog. Satan's one is new.
Tumblr media
For Lucifer, it was not any particular moment, it was every little moment in your day to day life where he slowly felt himself yearning for more of your time. He found himself setting his pride aside little by little to ask your opinion for the things he would always have decided alone in the past, to let you do improvisation on his daily life’s little things like lessening sugar from his coffee or you slicing his princess poison apples into bunny shapes. Everything was so domestic and so Perfect to him. You would come every night when he would overwork himself and force him to leave his desk,you would forcefully occupy his lap to make him stop from working and if he fell asleep on his desk,you would silently clean up his desk do finish his remaining work.
Lucifer loved every bit of it,he cherished everything about it. It’s not like he never had lovers or he doesn’t know how love feels like, he had his fair share in those. Yet he never felt a love so strong,so pure, never he has ever been asked by any of his ex lovers to let them hold him when they sleep,or how his day was. It was always about so much physical with them. But then there was this human, who doesn’t only takes care of him, they will literally handle his millennia old yet pea size brained brothers. It’s like he knew, he always knew but never actually wanted to admit it out loud. But oneday at night when everyone in the house was asleep and Lucifer, was reminiscing about his past and his choices and his heart was getting heavy,so heavy that even demonous and his favourite vinyl records couldn’t chug down his pain,he suddenly felt himself yearning for your presence but you’d probably be asleep and even if he calls you,what reason would he give? But suddenly he heard a knock on his door and a sweet & very familiar voice,
“Lucifer,can I come in?”
“Mc, oh yes please, but what brings you here at night? Don’t you have classes tomorrow? You should be-”
Before he could even finish mc tightly hugged him by pressing their small frame to his chest.
“I don’t know Luci, I just felt like I wanted to stay by your side, I know you don’t need me to confront you for anything but still please know that I am here and I will always be here for you. if you don’t like it please tell me, I will leave”
Lucifer hugged them back fiercely after hearing that,
They took him to lie down on his bed where they put his head on their chest Lucifer didn’t protest,he closed his eyes in deep slumber. That moment he realised what exactly he wanted. As they keep running their hand on his back he hugged them tightly by their waste burying his head a little too deep on their chest not wanting to let them go, not only for that moment,but also for the rest of his life because they were his home, his true peace and he loved them with everything he had.
Tumblr media
It was not something surprising because Mammon had always been infatuated with you, but love? He actually didn’t understood the concept of Love before you came into his life. He may have lived more than thousands of years yet most of the relationships he had were always either physical or materialistic either because of his status or because of his image. Neither He believed anyone would love a ‘greedy scumbug’ like him nor He actually had the chance to feel what real love was so he had no idea how every day he was falling in love with you deeper and deeper until one day he got injured while running away from the witches and came home at mid night limping,and Mc literally was standing at the door for him…w-why they were waiting for him at the door at this hour even? Didn’t Lucifer scold you for staying awake till so late? Didn’t his brothers told you to not wait for a scumbug like him? Yet you…..he didn’t want to think more because he already felt his eyes were tearing up, as soon as he reached the door you literally shot him a death glare and dragged him inside the room and turned your back at him. Mammon was confused because even after almost 5 minutes you weren’t saying anything,
“Y-yo Mc w-what’s up? Watchu doin in my room at this hour”
“M-Mc will ya answer d-damnit ”
“Oh shit Mc are ya cryin, hey don’t cry. What happened tell me,great Mammon will take care of anythin just except troubles with Lucifer”
“Where were you Mammon, *sob* do you know how worried I was? Do you have any idea how afraid I was when I couldn’t reach you on call or on text this whole time? *Sob* how could you be so selfish Mammon, I hate you *sob*”
You continued to sob without realising Mammon has started crying too. He was worried about you too,but he didn’t expect you’d be this worried about a scum like him.
“But why? I’m a scum Mc”
“Shut the hell up Mammon!! Who says that? Do you think I don’t know? You don’t say you love your brothers yet I have seen you sneaking Levi’s favourite games & Satan’s favourite books from human world without their knowledge, going on pointless parties with Asmo and even I have seen you leaving your custard for Beel in the refrigerator several times on midnight, you even protect me all the time even though you mess up almost every time. Listen I will say this once and you should take a mental note of this! Even if you were a scum, you would be my scum! got it?? You’re so mean Mammon so mean!!”
Probably that was the first time in Mammon’s thousand years of life,he felt someone’s pure love and adoration so strongly that he tackled your small body in a bone crushing hug ignoring all your fake protests, someone actually looked at him not for his status or for his external features… someone looked at him for what he truly was,what he truly did, he realised that time it was him before you who already was crazily in love with you and that moment he took a vow that he would do anything in his power to protect this human and make this human his, only his for rest of the eternity no matter whatever happens because he loves you to death.
Tumblr media
Levi has always been an introvert, always. He was always one step behind when it came to any kind of relationship because he also thought he was never worthy of love anyway. But does that mean he never had relationships in past? Well that’s questionable because most of the relationships were either one night stand or just leeches clinging onto him for materialistic things. Slowly he immersed himself in the world of his 2D world to get rid of all self deprecating feelings his sin imposed on him. His sin was envy, that brought the immense amount of inferiority complex within him that he started to hate seeing himself in the mirror. He drowned himself in the virtual world to avoid all kind of interactions with the real world except with his brothers. Then oneday you came into his world. You accepted him the way he was, all of his flaws, all of his shortcomings. You showed great interest in the things he poured his all heart and soul on, you never let him feel he was inferior in any way, he called you best friend but did he really want to be just friends with you? One night Lucifer put all of them on curfew, but that night there was a live concert of his favourite Ruri chan’s voice actor on the outskirts of Devildom. He was upset and didn’t come out of his room entire day but then there was a knock on his door at late evening,
“The seven lords are all brothers, and each has a specific name that people know them by. In birth order, who were the oldest, second-oldest, and third-oldest lords?”
“Corruption, then Fools, then Shadow.”
“Unfortunately you were right, you can come in”
“M-Mc???? What are you doing here?And what’s up with that dress and Make up? Are you and Asmo sneaking out for party again?”
“Levi, I swear, you talk too much! Now get ready we are going to the concert!”
“What?! What do you mean we are going? And how do You remembered about the concert?! I told you a month ago”
“Yes silly, how could I forget? You have been anticipating it from last year didn’t you?, Don’t worry I have bribed Satan already, he will keep Lucifer busy and look what I got!! These are enchanted shoes, these will help us to reach our desirable place within a blink of an eye if we chant this incantation Solomon has gifted me last year, but we can only use it twice so we have to be careful”
“Mc those shoes are really one of the rarest magical items of Devildom, and we could only use it twice, why would you use something so precious for me?”
“Because I can and I will and I want to see you smile, I won’t let my player 1 get sad, nope nope, now get ready before Mr. Prideypants finds us, hurry up!”
Levi’s eyes widened in shock, honestly he expected you to ask something valuable from him in return, because that’s what everyone else used to do with him. They would always get closer to him to get something from him and you also did something like that in the beginning but then again it was to let his youngest brother out from behind the bars. But today….you are taking so much risk of disobeying Lucifer & using one of your life’s worth thing just because you wanted to see him smile? If Levi could he would have cried on the spot but he couldn’t because you were tightly holding onto his hands and chanting the spells, he looked at your closed eyes and told himself no he didn’t want to be friends with you, not anymore, he wants to make you his and his only because he has fallen in love with you.
Tumblr media
Shivering dark silence was pricking on his skin as Satan was walking through an endless road. There was nothing,no one beside or around him, only a pooling darkness that could devour any sign of living was now swirling. And Satan was just walking and walking. His mana was blocked for some reason,his throat was howling with thirst, he has never felt such thirst before... His throat was choking with every passing breath,the gulps of saliva wasn't able to satiate the burn even the slightest, it was as if his salivary glands were slowly paralyzing, his body was almost at it's breaking point yet he had to walk,he had to find the water... water...
Suddenly a flash of Ivory light and Satan's now weak demonic senses perked.
"What was that?"
Satan squinted his eyes to find out and his heartbeat quickened when he saw a pond. He gulped and gathered remaining strength in his body to run towards it.
His emerald eyes sparkled after reaching near the softly rippling water and he finally fell down on his knees letting his wobbly frame surrender.
He had to drink water, yes water..Satsn dragged himself by his knees to quench his thirst,but as soon as he took out his cupped palms out of the water, the water dissipate.
Satsn frantically tried several times to drink but when he realised all his efforts were in vein he took the last measure and jumped into the water.
The water was now finally reachiyhis aching throat but even what was happening....why he can't feel his thirst quenching...? It was as if water was passing through yet it wasn't drenching his throat..why couldn't he drink?
Satan was about to drink another gulp then he noticed it...his reflection on the crystal like water...
"Ahh ahhhhhhhhh!!!"
Satan felt the remaining loose string of his sanity to snap,he started thrashing into the water.
"No no no it can't be it's not true"
He felt his rationality slipping away as his claws broke his own skin. Scarlett drops fell onto the rippling water above his reflection...or better to say Lucifer's reflection. Satan stopped his movements when suddenly some whispers filled his head,
'Imposter... you're fake... you're a shadow...his shadow... imposter'
Wrath overtook his body and then Satan lost his senses. He couldn't remember what happened after that but when in the morning he opened his eyes his room was nothing less than a war field. Satan was alone on the ground bloody and bruised with only his regrets. Why it has to be like this ? Why he has to be someone's shadow? Why he has to be born like this? He didn't ask to be born like this...he didnt ask for a sin like wrath...he never wanted to fight himself for his individual existence. He was tired, tired of everyone telling him he's just Lucifer, tired of being someone else's shadow, tired of his own demons,his injer voice telling him he's no one..just a shadow.
And why would someone love a shadow? Why would someone adore a living volcano who only knows how to destroy?
All books those claimed that a love that makes someone forget about the whole world, a love that gives butterflies,a love that soothes one's soul,a love thst doesn't judge by one's appearance, a love that stays, an unconditional love... were all just pretty lies. That's why Satan closed the doors of his heart,of his emotions. They made him feel like a weakling, someone pathetic.
Then one day, you came. A little fearless dumb human who was pushed upon them by Demon prince. He doesn't need to get himself worked up over some nuisance like that, that human would leave after a year if stays alive in devildom and later die after some years anyway so why should he care?
But somehow..his all predictions,his presumptions were wrong..that human was slowly piercing through the indestructible wall around his heart and his every attempt to run or hide was futile. Was that what the Princess trapped on a lonely tower waiting for his knight in shining armour felt? No those are lies, he doesn't want to be no stop. But the more he ran the more he got caught up into the labyrinth of unknown feelings, unknown emotions.
Satan was confused, those feelings were making him vulnerable,those feelings were making him weak and he doesn't want to be like that, he was scared so scared. But what those feelings were? Why he felt like picking you in his arms whenever he saw you? Why he wanted to kiss you when you were just talking with him about a book? Why did his heart leaped in his chest when you called his name? Why he wanted to hold you whenever he felt lonely? Why he wanted you to see the real him? Why why why... everything was getting messed-up, his mind his thoughts everything...he needs to runaway from you, yes he needs to get away...
That's why he started avoiding you. He saw you approaching from the other side of hallway, he just picked his DDD and pretended to talk to someone and got lost in the crowd, he saw your texts but left them on read,he saw everyone telling you in the group ‘Satan is just being Satan, ignore him’ and he put down his DDD. They were right, you should ignore him. Feelings, emotions,care, adoration wasn't suitable for a ticking timebomb like him.
But one day something happened that changed his life for the rest of the life.
Satan opened his groggy eyes in a room filled with mirrors. Strange...why is everything so foggy...he flicked his fingers evoking a spark that glimmerd upon a certain mirror. He looked at the mirror…
W-what was he wearing?
Black cape drapped over shoulder, crimson tinted nails,red and black vest…
“No no no not again not again NO”
Satan screamed his lungs out breaking the mirror with one punch and when he took steps back his back met another mirror, Satan turned his head, ruby eyes, velvety onyx hair “NO” he plunged himself onto the mirror.
Satan fell down on his knees amidst the glittering broken shards of all mirrors in the room, scarlet trails pooling beneath his palms. After releasing all his wrath nothing was left within him other than muffled sobs. He felt his scar under his eye stinging when the salty tear stream touched the scar. Suddenly something popped in his mind...eyes...he picked up a shard. If there's no eye,he wouldn't have to see those illusions right?
Satan clutched the shard and was about to stab his eyes when he felt someone pushing him making him miss his target as something fell upon him. Satan opened his eyes to meet two utterly familiar puffy eyes above his piercing through his soul. Your cheeks look tear stained,your lips were also trembling...who dared to make you cry? Satan will chop their limbs off but then again it's another illusion isn't it? Satan raised his bruised hand to touch your cheeks and he felt... warmth? Illusions could have warmth…?
“Are you in my head too?”
“No but soon will smack your head”
“Do you even know how worried I was? I thought you were angry at me so I gave you space! but when I came here today to talk to you I only heard loud noises, do you know how scared I was, what if something happened to you? Look how much you are bleeding, I, I…*sobs*”
“Why do you care about me so much? You could have left me alone you know...I-I am just a shadow Mc I-”
“Who told you you're a shadow?”
“... don't you know how I was born Mc? I am just Lucifer's shadow,a personification of someone's emotions, my existence is meaningless, you can just approach Lucifer you know,I'm sure he has fondness towards you...”
“ are not a shadow,you may have born from him but you are not him Satan...we are not what our parents are. We are we, we are separate individuals. There's no way your existence is meaningless. Your purpose,your existence could never be fulfilled by anyone else. You are never replaceable. I've never seen Lucifer picking up injured animals from streets and treating them with utmost care, I've never seen Lucifer saving stray small animals from getting bullied by people, I've never seen Lucifer playing with poor animal souls who were stuck in the twilight world because of unfulfilled last wishes, Lucifer never buried that deaf cat and his family's body in the graveyard in the stormy night while shedding tears, it was always you Satan. All of these were your doings, not Lucifer nor someone else's. It has always been you. You are unique Satan, you're your own person and I admire you, I don't know if anyone has ever told you this or not but you are the kindest soul I've ever seen. Hell even god didn't bat an eye to those bloody, bruised bodies of animals but you did. You are someone I am fond of, you are someone I admire. You are just you, you are Satan.”
Satan's jewel toned gaze was almost foggy as he felt you wrapping your arms around him,his tears weren't listening to him anymore. He felt his an unfamiliar warmth filling his chest as his breathing became even with yours. He wrapped his arms around you looking at the destroyed room of his. Ah he have to clean his room soon for this person who unawarely has occupied all the empty rooms within his heart. Satan closed his eyes losing himself in their scent of his now found forever. Books were one could justify the feeling of being in Love through exact words.. it'll always be an enigma, just like now and it'll forever be just like his love for you.
Tumblr media
Blessed with the breathtaking beauty, avatar of Lust Asmodeus was always the most positive and happy go lucky among all of his brothers. He was always surrounded by Hell’s most gorgeous suitors and friends. So did he lack love? No,why would he? He’s overflowing with that obviously….was what everyone saw from. Fifth lord of hell,most precious jewel of Demons, Asmodeus’s beauty was like the shimmering moonlight, illuminating the darkest skies of Devildom, as if he was crafted carefully crafted by the most adept sculptor of Devil himself,but no one saw the fallen angel Asmodeus’s despair and crys for help. All of those pointless parties were only excuses to keep himself floating,to save himself from drowning in despair..
Whenever the night came & everything went silent ,Asmo drowned in the sea of depression and insecurities. His lonely nights were always occupied with nightmares that’s why he always tried to keep himself sane with the touch of another warm body. Night after nights plenty of living entities saw his naked body, but no one saw his naked soul which was torn, broken and gracefully hidden inside the deepest pit of his soul. Eons ago he had let someone see through the veil he always wore and they called him pathetic, his world crumbled beneath the footsteps of them as they walked away leaving the vulnerable fallen angel Asmo behind.
Then oneday you came. He thought of you as another soul to temporarily ease the pain of his despair but as the time passed and he realised there was something changing inside him, something which he could possibly never imagine…the attraction he felt towards you was far more than something physical. He found himself yearning for the warmth of your heart . Those feelings which he buried deep inside of his broken self were blossoming slowly in the darkness of his vulnerability. Asmodeus was aware of what love is but he was never aware how it feels when it’s mutual, when it binds souls,when it’s far from just bodily attraction. He knew being a demon of lust and being surrounded by darkness always made everyone fall for his alluring naked body, but he never wanted that, he was afraid of being judged, being judged for having those insecurities, for being emotionally miserable.
But from the deepest part of his bleeding soul, he always dreamt about someone to embrace his naked heart. When the nights came he didn’t feel the need inside him anymore to find another body to keep his bed warm because the warmth he felt when you came to his room and talked about both of your days and spend hours on self caring which was more like just taking care of you were enough to melt the golden cage where he imprisoned his heart centuries ago. Asmo found himself getting butterflies in stomach whenever you giggled while he massaged new foot creams on your feet, little by little the burnt soul inside him was healing he could feel that but he never wanted to accept because he was afraid of letting you see the real him, letting himself become vulnerable once again, letting himself fall deeper into the darkness he already was fighting to keep his head above from, no he wouldn’t let himself feel pathetic again, he won’t be able to pull himself once again, he won’t, there’s nothing between you two, you are a mortal with whom he had pact that’s it. But one day everything changed.
Asmo was trying out some new make up products in his room, but after putting on the new toner he felt his skin has started to burn, he thought maybe because this was the first time he was using that brand but slowly he felt the burning sensation was increasing and soon it turned into painful small lumps on his cheeks, Asmo ran towards the washroom and frantically cleaned his face, he was afraid to look at the mirror yet he gathered courage to look but when he saw his reflection where he was greeted by the small swollen lumps covering his cheeks ,he screamed in horror. As someone who loves make up so much Asmo, was very much aware of what suits his skin, so he couldn’t understand how could he get allergic reactions from the toner because he never bought any make without checking the ingredients, then how did this happen? He broke down crying, he hated to be like this, he hated how his emotions could easily get him yet he had no choice, he felt a little relief recalling that his brothers were outside of the house, otherwise they would have just called him dramatic and his face… No he can’t show his face to anyone till he finds a cure. He has to hide himself. Lost in his thought Asmo’s mind was brought back to reality by a soft knock on his door, who could be at this hour? No one was at house unless….there was another knock on the door again,
“Asmo? Are you there?“ That voice….that sweet voice…
"Asmo, are you there? Are you okay? I just heard a scream, please answer if you are there or I will just come inside”
Asmo jumped up,
“No, don’t, I’m fine Mc, t-there was just a b-bug inside, yes right! bug a big bug!”
“Gosh Asmo are you okay? Did you hurt yourself? Did it bite you?”
“Yes, I mean no, no it didn’t hurt me I just got scared”
“But I heard your sobs too… please Asmo let me in, let me be sure with my eyes that you are fine I promise I will leave as soon as I see you”
“No I can’t let you see me”
“ No I mean in my room, my room I can’t let you see my room at this moment Mc, it’s messy”
“H-Hey Mc are you gone already”
“If you don’t let me come in then I will definitely leave and I promise I definitely won’t go anywhere with you ever”
“That’s blackmailing Mc!”
“Bye,have a good day.”
“O-okay, don’t go”
Asmo opened the door and you almost jumped into his arms, examining if his frame was intact but your eyes stopped their skimming as soon as you saw his cheeks covered with rashes and his swollen red eyes. It didn’t take you much to put two into two and you let out a breathy chuckle to yourself. Asmo was still sniffling, he couldn’t met his gaze with yours, so carefully cupping you raised his face to let his gaze meet yours.
“Are you happy now?”
“Hm, yes I am. You are safe and sound why wouldn’t I be happy?”
“What do you mean Mc, you must be feeling disgusted by my face right now right? That’s why you are saying this”…
“Disgusted? Why would it be? Do you mean because of these rashes?”
Asmo turned his head to avert your gaze but you turned it to met yours once again,
“Look at me, what makes you think I would be disgusted by something so silly huh? Asmodeus do you even know how beautiful you are?”
“Don’t coax me Mc, I must look hideous right now”
He scoffed
“I was not talking about your face Asmo, I was talking about you, I was talking about who you are, I was talking about your soul and heart. Do you know how beautiful you are Asmodeus? Do you even know how pretty your bare soul is? If you don’t, then let me tell you, I don’t care about how you look in the mirror I care about how your heart is crippled yet made of gold, how your soul has so many scars yet it breathes so much zest even in the darkest night, I don’t give a damn about your face Asmo, all I care about is to me you are the most beautiful being in the three realms Asmodeus”
Asmo’s tears blurred his visions before you finished, his legs wanted to give out, he was suddenly feeling so much exposed,so much naked. He has never felt so much unveiled even when he let the bubbles consume his pain in the bathtub nights after night, y-you, were you really a mortal? A simple mortal? H-how could you possibly see everything inside him like this? Do you know how many night he has screamed in pain and asked for at least one person to take his hand and pull him out of his despair? That moment he felt like all his silent pleas have been answered. He put his head on your shoulder and let his weight fall over you, you both sat down where Asmodeus cried silently, but this time not because of despair, he cried because all his pleas were answered finally by his father, and it was you. His every answer was you, and his eternal love for you.
Tumblr media
Gentle breeze brushed away his dark livid locks as a pastoral aroma of saplings filled his nostrils. The warmth of the sunlight and the sound of her ethereal voice was enough lull Belphegor into the world of slumber. But another abrupt yet petrified sound pierced through the deep tranquil,
Amethyst pupils widened with shock of something foreboding.
That voice….that voice belonged to his twin, but why was he shouting?
The pastoral aroma was soon unsurped by the stench of metalic red and blue of despair. The ambience turned into something ominous,hi didn’t quite understand why was that happening…oh…now he remembered…
Lilith… Lilith? Where is Lilith? Lucifer had ordered everyone to keep her safe no matter even if death crushes them, and Belphegor can never disobey Lucifer’s orders even in his wildest dreams, then where is Lilith? Lilith?… before he could think anything a heavy weight of someone’s body fell on him, rolling them both away, at an instant with deafening head clasping sound a ball of fire collisions with the dampened mud of the ground. A burning wave whipped their face. Belphegor looked carefully at the body that saved him,
“ Are you okay? Beel answer me, beel??”
“ W-why are you crying Beel? Are you hurt? ”
“If you’re hurt then please take rest, and tell me where is Lilith, I will protect her on your behalf now, tell me where is she”
Beel’s intensity of sobbing drastically increased after hearing Belphie’s words. Belphegor was confused, an unknown yet terrifying uneasiness was grasping his mind slowly.
“Beel will you answer for father’s sake?!”
What does he mean by she’s gone…..gone? Where?
“Where Beel?”
“Where did she go?”
Beel kept sobbing instead of answering.
…No! He must be out of his mind… this… this must be a dream, yes right! This must be a dream, soon there someone will wake him up, right!… right?
The pain dissipating up from the depth of his soul clouded his vision, his body was becoming heavy,too heavy,he couldn’t breath. The pungent smell of burnt flesh, blood curdling screams everything was becoming fuzzy to his senses,his legs were violently shaking , the metalic taste in his tongue was becoming more salient..the scarlet patch on his left eye was oozing warm scarlet streams relentlessly…sleep…yes he needs sleep…just for a while..just for a while…..
The cold sensation of something under his cheeks forced Belphie to open his eyes in the darkness. Within a deep breath he turned around the tear stained side of his pillow, and closed his eyes again. Belphie really had nothing to do other than sleep, what could he do other than that? There were times when he didn’t want to close his eyes yet his senses were dragged by some invisible strings. End of the day He was mere a puppet in the charade of his sin. Belphegor never wanted this life, he never wanted to be like this. Why does he has to be tortured every night like this? Was this because he once loved humans? Was it because he took Lilith to the human world? does that mean It’s because of him? All of this despair,all of this…it was because of him… whenever Belphie wanted to accept the truth he felt like dying,he felt like he would die then and there. The weight of those guilts on his shoulder was too much for him to take in, if he could he would…
no he can’t, this life,it was given by his sister he couldn’t lose the only thing she left behind for him,so it must be because of those humans? Yes it must be because of that! It must be because of those vicious mortals! Because of them he lost his sister, he lost his home,he lost his divinity, because of them he lost his older brother too… this person was not his older brother! He could never be his older brother, this demon was just a pawn of the demon prince!
He remembered his older brother. Shining brightly like the most beautiful star in the sky the morning star, his glory,his knowledge everything was unmatchable, Belphegor got astonished by Lucifer’s strength almost everytime,he adored and respected him the most, but what happened to his that older brother? What happened to the Morningstar?
Oh….he remembered now…
two vermillion eyes shot open as a skin crawling scream left his throat, blood gushed from the wound from where they torn off his two wings.
Why all of this happened? All Because of those damn humans right? He hates them,he hates them so much they took away everything from him…but was it really them…..? He knew deep down it wasn’t true but he knew if he accepted the truth he wouldn’t be able to live with that… that’s why he started to push everything on humans…he was a Demon who was trying to survive and his demonic nature pushed him deeper into the darkness with this. That’s why when Diavolo brought up the exchange program he was dread against it, he didn’t want to see another human, he didn’t want to feel the the things again which he felt centuries ago,he didn’t want to feel the guilt again,he didn’t want to face the truth, he would rather kill the human,yes he would rather kill. But then oneday you showed up, and you found him locked up alone in the attic. You were like a small ball of light glimmering in the darkness of Devildom, he could feel the serenity you radiated whenever you came to him but no, he will not feel any mercy for humans,never anymore. He should feel disgusted about them, he should be ashamed of feeling anything other than hatred towards them. He used your innocence to get out of the imprisonment that his beloved older brother put him in.
And then he killed you.
He didn’t feel guilty,why would he? He’s a Demon not some angel or damn human. Demons are supposed to kill humans so what did he do wrong? He was confused to see his brothers sobbing infront of your lifeless body, why are they crying? Did they forget? Their sister died because of loving a human like this! Did they forget humans took away everything from them?!
Afterwards Barbatos brought you back with his powers and Diavolo announced you were a distant descendant of his beloved sister…he didn’t know how to feel or what to feel about everything at that moment. Lilith…she didn’t die, his older brother was actually paying off the debt of her life to prince And he…what he was doing in between all of this? He killed you? Belphie has always be like an untamed wounded creature, emotions have been always something very confusing to him,he couldn’t understand what he was feeling that moment, anguish? Serendipity? He didn’t want to think anymore,he had nothing to offer you as an apology because what would he say when he will apologise?, He would go and ask you to forgive him for taking your life? And you would forgive him for that? As if it was that easy Hah….you would never forgive him for what he did and you weren’t even wrong there. So all he could think about was staying by your side maybe from the shadows but to his surprise, when he took a step back you stretched your arms towards him like a starry sky as if he was a lone child under the late autumn sky. That serenity you radiated stretched their their arms towards him to pull him back from the deep darkness he was inside, he didn’t know how you were doing that but all he could feel was a sense of euphoria which he used to feel centuries ago when he was in the celestial realm with his sister but it was a different type of serenity, way different from Lilith, he never felt this way for Lilith. It’s like his soul was seeking your presence regardless of his senses, his nightmares would stop screaming inside his head if you just run your hands through his hair, he would stay awake hours after hours just to see that breathtaking smile of yours, he couldn’t fall asleep when you weren’t around even though he was avatar of sloth himself. He didn’t know what it was but he decided maybe he could offer himself to you to satiate the desparation inside him so he offered to make a pact with you because he had nothing other than his existence to offer you and you accepted that, yet even after the pact the burning desire inside him didn’t satiate, he didn’t know what actually he was seeking yet he was seeking and he would do anything for that.
One day, he was waiting at the R.A.D entrance after school for your extra classes to finish. All others were having meeting with the prince regarding some new social activities.But even after the class was finished and all other students came out, you didn’t come.
Strange…did you leave already? But you weren’t someone who would go anywhere without informing any of them and he has checked groupchat just some seconds ago.
What happened to you Mc? He tried to call you several times but you weren’t picking up, absolutely abnormal because you were someone who picked up his calls even at 3 am. Belphegor returned back to classroom where your class was supposed to happen. His heart was thumping loud in his chest as if it would just burst out any moment. He knows this weird ominous feeling, he has been through this eons ago.
If he wasn’t a demon he would have prayed to his father for you at that moment. When he reached the classroom he was greeted by a scene that made his blood boil.You were pressed against the wall in a corner of the classroom by your throat,by two lesser demons. The Occasional sneakers of their voice made him ball his fist, he didn’t exactly remember what happened after that. All he knew that he launched himself fiercely onto them in his demon form and tore their limbs off and all he could mutter a few words, “don’t touch Them” . When he got back at you, you were still sobbing.
He screamed,
“Were you crazy?! Why didn’t you summon any of us?? You know what could have happened today if I haven’t found you in time?!”
“I-I don’t know.. I was so scared that I couldn’t think of anything *sobs*”
He looked at himself and realised you weren’t at fault here, he himself was at fault. He was the one who gave you that trauma. He shouldn’t come so closer to you anymore,he shouldn’t. But as soon as he tried to take a step back you jumped within his arms crying. Belphegor was shocked, what were you doing? Weren’t you scared of him? Weren’t you disappointed in him that he didn’t protect you well even though he himself made a pact with you? You should be more scared of him after what he did infront of you just now…
“A-aren’t you….”
“I’m not scared of you neither I’m disgusted”
“Why?, I-”
“Stop guilt trapping yourself everytime you face something obnoxious Belphie. Stop hating yourself. I know you hate yourself for what happened to your sister, you hate yourself for what happened to Lucifer, you hate yourself for what you did to me but please, please understand this that we have forgiven you long ago. You sister lived a life with his loved one Belphie, she died with the person she loved. Your brother may have become a demon,has been ripped off of his title yet he kept his family safe and was able to save his sister and I… I have forgiven you long long ago, now please stop torturing yourself Belphie. Please”
Belphegor couldn’t speak anymore, tears brimmed his eyes. He hugged you as tightly as possible. For the first time in centuries he was able to realise what he was feeling at that moment. It was Love. What he was feeling for you was love. At the end all the creatures out of three realms, He fell in love with a human, and…he will never regret this till his death.
Tumblr media
Tags: @mammonprotectionsquad <3
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and safe love love
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nerdy-weeb-7120 · a month ago
Hello! I saw that requests are open and I was wondering if you could write a scenario for the OM boys(minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator (I recommend looking at videos if you don’t know what I mean). I feel like they would be confused on why cramps are such a big deal for people AFAB and the MC would buy this so they could experience what it’s like- If you could use They/Them pronouns for the MC that would be great(if you include the MC at all), as I don’t identify as a female but most MCs with periods do. Please take your time and feel free to skip if you feel uncomfortable :)
(P.S. I hope you have a wonderful day & I love your writing ^^)
Obey Me! Boys (minus Luke) using a period cramp simulator
omgomgomg I love this aoihfdslknhjcadfsa
It would just be so chaotic--
Also I just did the brothers and royal duo because I couldn’t come up with anything for Simeon and Solomon (also bc I wanted to get it posted ASAP)
Let me know if there are any mistakes! Enjoy!
Will not judge or compare period cramp pain at all, but might have pondered how badly those cramps feel occasionally
So when you come back one day, weird looking device in hand, he is certainly thinking your facial expression is...
Upon further inspection, he sees it is a remote with wires attached to pads(?)
sorry idk what the pads thing is called--
"MC.... what is that?"
He demands asks you to explain to him exactly what it is
When you tell him it's a period cramp simulator and start bugging him to try it, he'll probably refuse
But with some begging, you could convince him to do it
Will not do it in front of his brothers.
So now here you are, in his room, pads attached to his abdomen
and you?
You have Lucifer at your mercy, he just doesn't know it yet (okay maybe he does)
"Ready?" you ask him, and he nods
You'll start at a low level, progressively getting higher and higher but
He just doesn't??? React???
You are a little confused
"Is it not working? Do you feel anything?" you question
Lucifer, on the other hand, is wailing in pain on the inside
On the outside, he doesn't want to look weak
He's too prideful for that
"I feel a slight.. squeeze."
Studying him, you smile evilly upon noticing his hand gripping the sheets.
"I see.. How about now?"
You say, turning it up to the max to see his reaction
He lets out a strangled grunt before trying to cover it up with a grunt.
You smirk at him and he scoffs
"This.. feels as though, ahem, I'm just having pebbles thrown at me."
You don't miss that bead of sweat though
Once it's over and you leave the room, he sighs in relief
And you suddenly notice him being a little kinder than he already was to you during your periods.
“What’s a period--?”
After explaining to Mammon what a period was, he dismisses the matter
“Pshh, no way it hurts that bad. Lemme try this thing-a-majig.”
When you put the pads on him and ask him if he’s ready, he scoffs
“As if I need a warnin-- AHHH”
You smiled evilly at him after cutting him off by starting the simulator on the highest level
His body is just bending in pain and he’ll be clutching his stomach
Mammon will literally start crying
He might try to rip them off, it’s up to you if you want to stop him
When it’s over, he will be hicupping and sobbing, cradling himself on the floor
“You... Do you really go through *hic* this every month?” he’ll ask
When you confirm, adding that it’s sometimes worse for some people, his eyes widen in terror
May or may not demand cuddles from you as a “reward”
by the time he leaves he will be unusually quiet
And when your period comes around, he will be by your side a lot more, offering to carry you from time to time so your cramps aren’t as bad
Mammon would also do some research on periods and bring you a small heating pad
Basically, very helpful
But anytime you try to tease him about any “unprecedented kindness” he’ll deny everything and lovingly insult you 
He’ll do his best, so please give him a chance :’)
Has a general idea on what a period is, but not 100% educated on it
Might need some correcting on some aspects of periods (“The sticky part goes on the underwear, Levi, not the vagina—”)
If you ask him to wear the cramp simulator, he will be terrified
“No way! Period cramps are supposed to be like super painful, right? Why would I want to go through that?”
But because you’re his player 2, he would eventually give in
Will be mentally freaking out, a light sheen of sweat covering his body
“Okay, you ready?”
“Just get it over with, normie”
You turn it on at a mid level and boy istg
he is screeching
writhing in pain
Once it’s done, Levi is panting, and if you look closely you might spot him slightly shaking
“That… that felt like losing my entire inventory in that one video game where the heroine had to—“
And so, the comparisons begin
On your period, he will definitely linger around a bit more and invite you to video games to try and help get your mind off of the cramps
has a curious nature, and it applies to periods.
Satan will know exactly what a period is, how it works, the affects it has on the body, etc.
You might have to explain what a period cramp simulator is briefly, but he’ll def get the gist of it quickly
And will agree to trying it out almost immediately
Will be a tad bit hesitant as he knows just how bad cramps can be, but Satan has always wondered to what extent that pain could reach
and so, after asking him if he’s ready and getting the okay, you turn it on
Satan made this weird, pained, grunt
and it looked like he was constipated???
“Satan, are you oka—?”
“Yeah, I’m fiNE.”
“Do you want me to turn it up, or..?”
Satan looked extremely strained throughout the entire thing
and when you guys were done he said a brisk goodbye before going to play with some cats
that cramp simulator really did a number on him, huh?
Satan will give you some pain killers, amongst other things to help out with your period when it comes
also offers to do your schoolwork for you during those days so it’s less stressful
idk why but he is weirdly knowledgeable on periods
including yours???
you find out he actually is really good with picking up indicators for someone on their period
which makes him being strangely kind to you during those days make sense
Asmo has seen the period cramp simulator trend and wanted to hop in
although a little reluctant because he knows they hurt
Do it for the vine trend, I guess
“Oh honey I was born ready.”
You turn it on at the lowest setting
and, not surprisingly enough
he moans
but then it turns into this strangled noise?
it was honestly kinda chaotic
he was making all these weird noises, and you couldn’t tell at all if they were pleasured or pained ones
once you turn it off he will be panting
“Th.. That was certainly an experience.”
From then on, when your period comes around, you will be receiving bath bombs, fancy baths prepared for you, silky soft clothing
and an offer to bathe with him lmao
he has a general idea on what a period is
and he would be willing to try out the simulator thinking this would be a great way to workout (?)
when you turn it on, he’ll suck in a breath of air
his body will tense up
but the most reaction you will get is a scrunch of his eyebrows
when it’s done, he’ll grab you by the shoulders
“What you go through every month is tougher than any workout I have ever done. You are very strong, Y/n.”
pats you on the back
And during your period you’ll see Beel around because he’ll bring you lots of food
especially dark chocolate (after asking Satan what foods would make you feel better)
Oh, and a lot of praise!
because you’re tough, being able to go through that every month for days on end
lowkey admires you for it
Also has a general idea, but knows a bit more than Beel
Belphie will be more reluctant than his twin, but eventually agrees
he’ll do anything for you, after all
But you had to set it up and place the simulator on him
fell asleep during that process
“Okay, you ready?”
You get a half asleep, ‘mhm,’ so you go ahead and turn it on
Making him shoot forward
“What thE HELL”
he’ll definitely start cursing
but after a while, he tries to relax
and then he’ll start laughing???
“When you, heheh, relax it, ahhah, tickles!”
While the laughter seemed dismissive, by the end of it he’ll demand cuddles
And once your period comse by, he’ll start to cuddle and sleep with you a lot more
will be sure to bring a weighted blanket if they help you out
lots a pillows to make it comfier as well
While you may have been expecting him to be clueless
He’s actually really knowledgable on periods
Courtesy of Barbatos
but also because he wants to understand everyone as much as possible, including those with periods
Which is why he is quick to agree to trying out the simulator.
You turn it on,but he doesn’t react
like, at all
“Uh, are you feeling anything?”
“Yeah, it’s working. Why?”
“No reason.”
You amp it up gradually, but this man does. not. react.
You might think that the machine is broken, but he confirms several times throughout the experience that it’s on and working
Mans even went to a quick meeting with it on
all the way up
and he acted like everything was fine and dandy.
When you turned it off, he laughed and thanked you for giving him the opportunity to understand you further
He will also arrange for you to have a couple days off when you’re on your period so you can rest more
less school, more surviving the demonic cramps
Knows a lot about periods
Also knows about your cycles for some reason
When you ask him to try the simulator, he flat out refuses.
it takes you begging him to do it and him accepting after you promise to get him tea leaves
he’s a little skeptical but tea leaves are tea leaves
you’ll just get Lucifer to get you some later lmao
he places the pad thingys under his butler attire, calmly smiling
“You can start it whenever you’d like.”
so you do, and he does not show any reaction
“Can I turn it up?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
When you get to the top level, the most you’ll get out of him is a cough.
after taking the simulator off, he thanks you for the experience before excusing himeself
“If you’ll allow me, I must attend to my duties. I await the tea leaves.”
and you’re left there wondering what just happened
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plungerswritting · a month ago
Demon Brothers with a Stoner!Mc
A/n: I haven't smoked in YEARS- have gotten high with edibles recently tho
Part 2!
Warnings: Mentions of Marijuana, Smut/NFSW on Levi's part, Dom!Mc, thigh!riding, & Mentions of Insecurities on Asmo's part
Tumblr media
Literally so concerned
"Why are you high?"
"Isn't that bad for humans?"
Lectures you for about 2 hours
He's really good at lectures
Will go on about how you shouldn't be smoking
And will be super confused when you mention you don't smoke you take edibles
"What? What are edibles?"
You literally had to explain that no, edibles are not just things you can eat
You suggest he takes one at night and hes offended
You shrug it off and leave him a 20mg muffin not thinking about it
Until you realize the next morning Lucifer is definitely high
"Mmmmm/ccccc!!" he giggled as he saw you walking out of your room, you blinked, feeling that something was wrong at Lucifers happy and non-serious tone. "Heeyy?" He hugged you tightly and kissed deeply for a few seconds, pulling away with a wide smile and giggle. Letting you go and walking away with a wink to the morning meeting
That meeting was fuckin something
Tumblr media
Walked in on you sitting by the window smoking out a bong
"What the hell are you doing??"
He's like a curious puppy
He asks if he can do it with you
You tell him it's called taking a hit and he's like
"Yeah ik ik I just don't care to say it"
Is suddenly pretending he knows what he's doing
So when you hand him the lighter and bong and tell him to huff out the window,
He has a coughing fit
Takes him like 6 tries to finally do it right
Then gets paranoid
"M/c! M/c!!! Do you hear them! They're talking talking to me!!!" You're kind of just blankly sitting on the floor when you feel him jump behind you and pull a blanket off you bed and cover himself with it. A childish form of protection that made you have a giggle fit. "Its not funny M/c!!"
You better reassure him it's okay afterwards
or you're just mean
Tumblr media
"Aye yo mind if I smoke in your room?"
you show him your rellos and lil bag of weed and he's like
v interested in what you're doing
Blushes as you lick the joint to hold it together
"What? Want me to lick you" you wink
But yeah he little ends up being horny when you get him high
"Nnghh please, please!!" he grinded down on you thigh, rubbing his clothed cock again it, whimpering and whining with his hands on your shoulders as you hold his hips. "M/c! J-just- ha!~" "Just what baby boy?" You giggled as he desperately kept up his pace, soon cumming in his own pants
Take care of him
He horni
Tumblr media
Knows what your doing when he sees your red eyes and bong
"Mc, I didn't take you for a smoker"
"Yeah it's 'cause I just got my bong back from Lucifer"
Your literally laying on the floor starfish position as you point and laugh at your ceiling
Wouldn't get high, but would sit with you as he reads you a children's story
Isn't worried about how you act with him, he knows you're at your most relaxed and he loves that
He's glad you're able to escape anxiety
While he's reading to you he has you sitting on his lap, holding his hand and he kisses your neck occasionally
Literally so affectionate with you when you high
He himself refuses to smoke or have an edible
He just doesn't want to
And is glad you don't push him
"Saaaattaaaan!" you turn around in his lap to face him better, your back still to his front. "Yes dear," "Kith," you demanded with a pout, he chuckled lightly before kiss you softly and quickly. You smile wide and big as you sink in his lap while he begins to read again. "The little devil-" "OMG LIKE YOU!!"
He loves you
Really, your so cute, high or not
Tumblr media
Knows what your doing
And thinks you look hella sexy
Would never smoke
Would, however, eat an edible
And just ends up sad
He rambles about how everyone only loves him for his looks
How he wishes he had a real lover
How he wishes his personality is as beautiful as appearance
"I just,-" he hiccupped, "I just want to feel genuine love M/c," you patted his back and kissed his forehead, whispering how you loved him for him. "R-really?" He looking up at you with red eyes as you nodded and soft asked if you could kiss him. He said yes and softly placed his lips on yours.
Please be nice to him
he desvers it
Tumblr media
You think his hunger is bad now?
Omfg he will get terrible munchies
Other than that it's all good
You'll have to explain to him that it helps and while it may be the smallest bit harmful to smoke it, it's overall safe
Much perfers you doing this than anything else
Also thinks you're hella funny
He'll laugh with you as you try to explain your eyes feel like the colour purple
"No im telling you!! They feel purple!!!" You yelled put as you layed on his bed, legs hanging off the e edge, "But they're not red OR purple," he chuckles, loving the passion on your face as you try and explain. "No! Omg- okay," you sit up, causing him to do the same as you two face each other. "You ever taste a colour?" He nodded, "Its like that!!" "...Ooooooh!!!"
10/10 great time
Yall end up making out too
Tumblr media
Sort of knows what your doing
Doesn't ask tho
Acts like he fully understands
When you offer him an edible he's like "Yeah sure fuck it"
This man has an experience
Youre both giggling little shits as you cuddle and make out
He loves seeing you so calm around him
High or not he can tell when you are
Never does it without you though
"I brought 30mgs this time," you say and lightly shake the bag of food around, he smiles lazily and sits up from his bundle of sheets. "Sweet!"
And like 20 minutes later you're both watch some devildom children's show laughing your asses off
Another 20 minutes and you're platonicly kissing/making out again
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flwrem · a month ago
When they get too worked up | obey me
➝ NSFW / smut, quite explicit. JUST A DRABBLE
➝ Beel, Belphie
Lucifer, Mammon, Levi here
Satan, Asmo here
➝ gn!reader, hard dom brothers
Tumblr media
Ok so I have two ideas for Beel that’s why this is quite long too
He can totally get off by eating you out, on his bed or the couch he would pin your hips down so you stop moving, your legs either on his shoulders or up next to your head, as long as he gets to see you all he don’t mind, as soon as he starts you’ll become a babbling mess, mind so clouded you can’t even think straight just focus on the growing pleasure all over your body, hands grabbing his hair to pull him away since you are so sensitive begging him to stop, but since Beel has a lot of stamina he could keep going for hours completely ignoring your pleas
Another one could be while he fucks you, it’s most likely that you ride him since he is so strong he could lose control and end up hurting you, but if you tell him to do it anyways he won’t stop, he’ll have one of your legs up his shoulder, a hand around your tight and the other holding the bed headboard so your head don’t hit it, your body bouncing with every trust so fucked up you can’t even moan just cry, or if you ride him your legs would go numb very fast so Beel helps you guiding your hips up and down so hard your whole body goes limp so you let him use you as he wants
Edging, he would let you ride him, not because he is lazy, but he loves to see you using him for your own pleasure, he loves the idea of him being the only one who can please you, but he also loves control that’s why he has your back facing him and holding both of your hands in one of his against your back not letting you touch yourself, it arouses him so much seeing you crying and begging him to let you cum, but he won’t let you even if his hips collide with yours with such a force your eyes get blurry with tears, he loves edging you and as he cums a few times already you won’t until he says so
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · a month ago
Scenario- MC is a single parent, had to bring their kid with them to the devildom. One night, the kid wakes up from a nightmare, and decides they need to wake up their favorite demon and drag him back to protect them and their parent.
MC's kid brings their favorite demon back with them after a nightmare
(This idea is adorable ♡♡♡)
Tumblr media
The idea of a human child in the devildom was concerning for all of the brothers, it was obvious that they would end up being overprotective of your both pretty quickly.
However how would they react to your kid waking them up and dragging them to your room?
- sleep isnt an option for lucifer
- the kid will end up finding him awake still working in his room
- even though you can see that luci is dead tired he wont go to sleep until he finishes all this paperwork
- *yawn* "oh hello child, why are you awake?"
- "i had a bad dream.."
- "oh really?"
- it would take a bit of begging for the kid to manage to drag lucifer to your room but once he does, everyone will be deep asleep
- you would be caught offguard by lucifer having your kid sleep between you two but he says that it's ok so no need to worry
- "MC im more than glad than to accompany you two in these situations, no need to worry about it"
- " i needed to sleep anyways"
- "wha-what.. kid what the hell are you doing here? What do you want? Cant you see how late it is??"
- he wont be happy with being awoken by your kid while sleeping, but honestly who would?
- "i had a nightmare, it was scary and um..."
- "oh! You want the GREAT MAMMON to protect you from the bad dreams?"
- he will gladly accompany you and youre child to your room to sleep with
- you wake up by mammon wrapping himself to you and your kid
- the next morning when you try to say sorry about the disturbance he shows off his quality tsundere act
- "yeah whatever its not like i care about you and your kid or something"
- "seriously MC keep that thing on a leash or something like-"
- your kid catches levi rewatching TSL since he couldnt sleep either
- after watching an episode or two with levi, the kid finally asks him to join you two in bed
- "y-you want me to sleep with you two? But why?"
- "i had a scary dream"
- flustered nervous boy
- will join you two in bed but wont try to touch neither of you as to not bother you two
- it's like that once scene from that one anime where-
- when you wake up you'll find them both playing games on his phone on the floor next to the bed
- when you try to explain yourself to him and say sorry for having the kid drag him here to your room he'll just panic and say it was no issue
- "oh jajaja it was nothing really-" *nervous mode activated*
- he was still awake when the kid entered his room
- after your kid swims through the sea of books that cover satan's floor he asks the demon boy to sleep with you two
- "why dont i read you a bedtime story instead to get rid of the spooky dreams?"
- "cant you do both?"
- you wake up by satan reading your kid a children's book so that he can fall asleep
- i doubt he'd be the best with kids but he'd also try hard enough for situations like these
- "oh MC dont worry about last night i was just being a good friend to the kid"
- *wakes up annoyed*
- "wha.. why is this lost sassy child in my room??"
- yeah no, if you think asmodeus would be good with kids then my boy you are WRONG (at least to me)
- but that's fine he'll probably grow attached to it (or not)
- after the kid explains to asmo that he had a nightmare he will see why he is here and he will be more than glad to sleep with yo- i mean him AND you
- its him trying to flirt with you while the kid finally falls asleep that wakes you up
- "hey... hey gorgeous wake up its the love of your life here"
- will accept your apology for what happened but will, just like mammon, end up asking you to get a leash for your kid
- "i'd give you one but mine arent for children MC"
- "asmo i swear to fu-"
- definetely the most understandable out of then all
- will happily share the bed with you two
- "a bad dream you say? Sure i'll sleep with you two"
- prepare to be spooned by the gentle giant... and to be spooned on the other side if belphie ends up joining you three
- you might also end up waking up to neither beel nor the kid in bed since they both decided to get ahead and have breakfast first
- "dont worry about last night MC, i've been in similar situations before"
- angry sleepy noises
- "what do you f**king want kid? Cant you see its like 2am?"
- will literally fall asleep again as your kid explains what happened
- if you thought belphegor likes kids then your wrong too
- there is no way your kid would manage to drag him to your room, literally its imposible
- not even lucifer can do it without struggling what makes you think that some toddler could?
- you'll most likely wake up alone only to find your kid next to belphie in his bed
- or your kid will drag YOU to his bed
- either way belphie refuses to get up from his sleeping
- " MC look i accept the apology but im not doing this ever again please keepthat thing on a leash or something-"
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dreamkidddream · 7 months ago
So it’s basically where one partner is complaining about how their shirt smells and when the other person leans down to smell it their forehead gets kissed 🥺 so I had to write it for the bros 😭 I’m still doing the prompt special tho but take this as a thank you gift/self indulgent. Heavy on the ✨self indulgent✨ Reader is gender neutral!
The Brothers and Forehead Kisses (Tiktok Trend)
MC ew, he doesn’t want to smell your shirt if it stinks
Why would he want to do that
But you were so persistent and would not stop pestering him until he sniffed it, and he has paperwork to do so he doesn’t have time to waste
If this was a prank and Satan and/or Belphie put you up to you’re going to regret it
Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to smell only to feel your lips gently kiss his forehead
Very confused until you asked him if he smelt it. He did the same thing and got the same result
So this was your little prank, huh?
Honeslty doesn’t mind it, and is a little smug about it too
If you just wanted to kiss him, why didn’t you say so? He will happily grant your request
He rather do the kissing and on another body part, but he can never complain when it comes to you
10/10 recommend forehead kisses with Lucifer
He won’t outright ask you for them, but he will be expecting them for now on (especially when he’s stressed). Your kisses are possibly his only weakness (not that he’ll ever say that), and makes him feel all warm inside
You make him feel warm inside MC
He’s definitely done the sniff test on his own clothes more than once, so has no problem smelling
The only problem he had was the instant butterflies in his stomach and the blush across his face after you kissed his forehead
“Oi human! W-what do ya think ya doin’?!”
Is embarrassed and acts like the kisses are unwanted (he’s not fooling anyone), until you do it again and again and again
Very dopey and starts to complain when you pull away
“Hey! You started this, s-so ya gotta finish it! And I’m- I’m not done yet!”
You dumb human! Making him feel all these emotions for you. Now you gotta take responsibility! He’s the Great Mammon after all, and he only gets the best!
He’s lying MC don’t ever stop loving on him you’re already the best
Bonus: give him forehead kisses whenever he’s upset during your pep talks and he’ll marry you on the spot. Also becomes his favorite kiss and expects them everyday
KING of the sniff test
Man almost never leaves his room and is either gaming or binging anime (sometimes both) 25/8 what do you expect?
Has a heart attack when you kissed his forehead
Not really but he felt like he was
Face completely red, including ears, he couldn’t even stutter out his question of why you were doing this
Were you pranking him? Was this a trick?! Why would someone like you (WAAY out of his league) kiss a yucky otaku like him?
You saw that he was getting that look again, so you pecked his forehead over and over
Completely shuts down, but in a good way!
Give him forehead kisses forever MC, especially when he’s upset in his degrading mood or about to go in a jealous rage
Becomes exclusively your thing
Another one that doesn’t want to smell your shirt
If you think it smells then change??? He doesn’t understand why you’re still wearing it
Have to practically FORCE his head to your chest, and he finally gives in
Was pleasantly surprised to feel the kiss
You make him fluster so bad MC that he chokes lmao
Tries to act smug about it at first, but you caught him off guard and he is not mad about that
Kisses your forehead everyday before you leave the house: whether it’s for RAD, hanging out, whatever reason doesn’t matter
Does it everyday, and in front of everyone ESPECIALLY in front of Lucifer, he lives to spite this man
Makes him feel like he’s a part of his own love story, and that he finally had a happy ending
You are NOT fooling this man
If you want him to smell you, you gotta lie and say you sprayed some perfume or cologne and want his opinion
Well why didn’t you say so? He’ll be honored that you want his opinion but who wouldn’t? He’s Asmodeus, the best-
Did you just kiss his forehead?
Naughty MC, if it’s a kiss you wanted you didn’t have to trick him to get it~
But he didn’t mind. It makes him feel loved, a different kind, way different than what he feels from his fans, if the deep blush on his face is anything to go off of
Forehead kisses are something reserved just for you! And it doesn’t matter if it’s him kissing yours or the opposite, he loves it. He lives for it now, but only for you. This is something that his fans can never have, and they feel just a little salty about it, but they can’t stay mad for long. It’s Asmo, and MC always brings out this glow from him, and they do kinda look cute together...
Surprisingly he rather do this behind closed doors. Has no problem with kissing you in public, but it’s just more personal when it’s just you two
Keep this up MC and he may start loving you more than himself-
JK he’s obviously first place
But you have him doubting that sometimes, and it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought it would
Does the sniff test sometimes, but only because if he smells food on it he gets hungry and sometimes tempted to eat the shirt
He can’t help it
You want him to smell you- your shirt? Doesn’t mind, you already smell good and he does have the strongest sense of smell in the house (probably ever tbh), so it makes sense
Now Beel is one tall demon. All the brothers are pretty tall, but he’s the tallest (even if he isn’t he’s still huge), so kissing his forehead was a challenge on his own
Is deathly quiet for a few seconds, expression serious. Then...
You see the widest smile along with the red spreading across his cheeks. Purposely continues to do it even after he knows it’s a prank, doesn’t care
You awakened the beast MC
Fully expects these kisses for now on. Every. Single. Day. Not that you mind in the slightest
He goes to you whenever he feels like he needs it. Feeling famished and food isn’t working? Forehead kisses make him feel full. Need good luck for practice and on game days? Those kisses give him an extra boost. Bored? You and your kisses are more than enough to entertain him
Comes to you literally any time of the day to get your kisses. It’s better than anything he ever eats. Makes him feel better too!
Anything filled with love from you is better
MC what do you want?? He’s trying to sleep, and he doesn’t want to smell your smelly sweatshirt
Does the sniff test on his own clothes, but is petty enough to turn his nose at you
Maybe if you lay down and cuddle with him, he can probably take a whiff...
You fall for it (or so he thinks). So when he feels your soft lips on him, it’s enough to wake him up
You humans, always finding a way to trick people! Not that he cares that this trick has his heart racing and the tip of his ears burning
We all know he’s a sucker for affection no matter how much he tries to lie and deny it. So imagine how much he’s loving something so domestic like this
Is acting so shy, complaining about how unfair you are in teasing him, but you don’t miss the way his eyes flick from your lips to your own eyes, and the way that he positions himself for you to have easy access to kiss him again
Becomes your thing whether you like or not (spoiler alert: you do) and I mean just your thing. Besides from Beel, he’s pouting if you decide to do this to his other brothers. He’s the only one that should have your kisses, not his annoying and undeserving brothers! If you’re really sorry, you can apologize by giving him 10x the usual pecks and sleeping in his arms
Forehead kisses before napping and before going to bed >>>
The thought that he shouldn’t be forgiven still lingers in the back of his head, but whenever you give him that soft smooch on his forehead, it’s forgotten momentarily
You’re too good for him MC
You make him feel so cherished, so loved. He doesn’t know how he can repay you, make you feel the same, but these kisses are a good start
SN: should I do this for the BSD and MHA crew too 🤔? Cause I will 🌚 it’ll probably get done anyway lmao
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baalism · 3 months ago
Belphie x reader + 'I want you' + 'I need you so bad'
🔞 cw for consensual somnophilia.
Always at midnight, under the covers; his warm touch feeling like anything but him, grabbing and pulling you closer —no, flush against his body.
It's the spectral drag of his claws up the flesh of your hips, ungodly, what is sending pinpricks up your skin and waking you, yet not fully. Belphegor does not want that. He needs you hazy, in the doorway between wakefulness and the dreamscapes and nightmares he weaves for you (...)
Always at midnight, under the covers; his warm touch feeling like anything but him, grabbing and pulling you closer —no, flush against his body.
It's the spectral drag of his claws up the flesh of your hips, ungodly, what is sending pinpricks up your skin and waking you, yet not fully. Belphegor does not want that. He needs you hazy, in the doorway between wakefulness and the dreamscapes and nightmares he weaves for you, so he can be the one to pull you away from them and into his arms.
His lips latch on the side of your neck that's exposed, soft, tender; you feel them as hypnagogia rather than anything vivid, mere hot flashes on the spots Belphie chooses to suck on. And there is this spinning sensation so familiar accompanying it all, that doubles when Belphie starts to rub himself against you, adding to the arousal coiling in your navel.
He isn't even touching you, not where you need him the most: those gaps are for your dream-foggied mind to fill up, and it does such a good job at that, it's like his own hand is caressing you at just the right pace.
Still his warmth feels bright on the exposed skin of the back of your thighs, and so does the way he's clawing at them so he can get more friction, selfish. It pulls a whimper out of your lips and that sets him off completely.
'I need you' a rasp hot in your ear, thick like honey as he's nibbles and pulls on your lobe with sharp teeth, and that you can hear perfectly, like underwater but words are still ever clear.
'I need you...' over and over and even the way his voice turns breathy as his cock hardens manages to pass through the veil of slumber ' bad, '
You push yourself against him yet refuse to open your eyes, wanting to prolong the foggy quality of the moment for as long as possible, let it be vulnerable and dreamlike as Belphegor gets his way with you.
Then comes the sting and burn of his tail ensnaring tight around your waist, a futile attempt at bringing you even closer, even though there is no such thing as closer, and there won't ever be for Belphegor. Because nothing satisfies him, because he wants you a little too much, needs so desperately to be in you, on you as he grunts against the back of your neck.
'...all of you, hah—' pushing inside slow but without a warning or even stopping to let you adjust until he bottoms out, stretching you this much all of a sudden.
'B-belphie...' you whine, burning up around him, and he begins to move in lazy, strong thrusts, catching your lips on his the moment he realizes you're completely awake, tongue rasping over yours.
'Mhm...' reassuring, on the corner of you mouth, he means every word, 'all the damn time.' and you feel safe like this.
Pleasure spreads; Belphie nips wherever his lips can reach, hits harder, moans for you and makes you squeeze, smothers and marks you up with all he has so you have something to show for, and himself to brag about.
Sleep and this closeness never fail to expose him. Belphegor will leave the teasing demeanor for the morning, and so all there's left now is this urge to have you, possess you, fuck you over and over again until you're full, dripping and aching for him and him only, just the way he does for you.
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sleepy-belphie · 11 months ago
The Demon Bros reaction to MC getting their nails painted the same color as theirs
This idea popped into my head so I had to give it a shot. This is my first time doing headcanons and first time writing for Obey Me! So I hope it’s okay and you enjoy it! :)
MC is already in a relationship with the boys in these btw!
He’s working in his study and you head in to just be around him for a bit
You sit on the armrest of his chair and just watch him for a little with your hands in your lap
After a few minutes, he glances over and that’s when he notices your nails
Lucifer was very observant, so you knew he would notice but not if he would comment
He gently takes your hand and brings it closer for a look
You watch as his gloved thumb brushes over your fingers
At this angle you can’t see his face so you wait in silent agony for his reaction
Would he think it was too much? 
Your worries are quelled when Lucifer gently kisses your knuckles and looks up at you with a smile
“This is one of those human matching couple things, correct? I see why you indulge in it, it’s nice seeing my color on you.”
He would let you choose if you wanted to keep up with the color
But you do notice he glances at your hands more often now
Your nails stick out like a sore thumb to him
He notices it immediately when he sees you at breakfast
“Hold on MC, give me your hand”
He smiles proudly, boasting to the entire table about how his color is on your nails
“Of course you’d want to have the same nail color as THE Great Mammon! You’re my human and everyone will know now!”
“As if anyone was unsure. You basically live up MC’s ass.”
“Shut up, Asmo!”
He would want you to keep it up
Any sign of you being his was welcomed
Because you are, in fact, his
He was handing you a controller to play a game with him when he noticed
He starts blushing and his mind immediately starts racing
Did you get it for him?
No, there’s no way
You probably just happened to pick that color and it means nothing to you
He shouldn’t think too hard about it
“Hey Levi, you okay?”
It’s then he realizes he hasn’t moved in a few minutes
“S-sorry! Your, your nails are...nice.”
“Oh, thanks! I was hoping you wouldn’t mind! I wanted us to match.”
…..what? You got them done with him in mind?
Levi.exe has stopped working
It takes you placing your hand over his for him to come back to reality
He stares at your hands for a moment before his entire face turns red 
He turns away and pretends to be plugging in his controller but really he’s just flustered
He would like it if you kept up with it
But there’s no way in hell he would tell you that
You were handing him one of his books from his shelf when he notices
“Nice color. Any reason you chose it?”
Your flustered expression makes him smirk
He loved how easily you squirmed under his stare
“Yeah, makes me think of a certain someone.”
He gets off his bed to embrace you from behind
His lips brush against the shell of your ear
“Wonder who that could be?”
He lets you choose if you want to keep it up or not
But you never miss his small satisfied smirk when he sees you with a fresh coat 
You were in his room for a spa and self-care day
You both were in his bath and you reached over to pick up a bottle of body wash
Before you can pick it up he’s lacing his fingers with yours
His eyes are bright and excited as he looks at your locked hands
The aesthetic of his and his lover’s hand adorned with the same colors pleases him immensely
“Look how cute we are with matching nails! You’re adorable, MC. Almost as adorable as me.”
He’ll keep looking at them throughout the entire day
“Let’s do them together next time.”
You bet your sweet ass he’s gonna keep doing matching nails 
Unless you request another color
Which makes him a pouty boy 
He came into the kitchen while you were cooking dinner
He was being nosy and peeking at what’s being made
As you stir something, he sees your nails
“MC, have you always had orange nails?”
“No, I got them because yours are orange. Is that okay?”
Beel doesn’t say anything as he takes a bite of a cream puff and chews
Then he walks over and places a gentle kiss on your forehead before smiling at you
“I let you steal some of my secret stash snacks and share half my food with you.”
He finds a lot of joy in seeing your matching nails as you feed him various snacks
So while he doesn’t outright say to keep it up, you can tell he enjoys it a lot
He’s napping (shocker)
You walk past him on the couch, intending to go to the kitchen
But as you pass him he grabs your hand and peeks an eye open to look at you
That’s when he sees your nails
He was already going to pull you over to him because he wants to cuddle
But this time he holds your hand to his chest while he sleeps
That alone is enough to tip you off that he saw your nails
You keep getting the same color because the sight of Belphie curled up and holding on to your hand like its the only thing keeping him grounded is too precious to let go of
You would get your nails painted the same color for the rest of your days if it meant you could see this sight every day
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weebsontherun · 20 days ago
Yandere! Obey Me Characters
Warning: Manipulation, punishments, decapitation, invasion of privacy, possessiveness, gaslighting, and violence
I did the Seven brothers for this one (Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Satan, Beelzebub, and Belphagor) Other characters (Simeon, Barbatos, diavolo, and Solomon) have been posted! You can find it here
Tumblr media
We all know he’s a sadist. But he takes it to a whole new level once he gets super attached to you.
If you get even slightly close to another person, he’ll punish you.
He might degrade you, use belts, or simply take away some of your things.
“You shouldn’t be talking to them.” “They’re a bad influence.” “You deserve this.” “Didn’t I tell you not to talk to them?” “Do you think they’ll make you feel as good as I make you feel?” He’ll say
Do Not test him. He will take away more important things if you keep on talking to other people. All the way up to your food.
“Good pets get to eat. But you, you’ve only served to anger me.” He’ll say
He’ll ruin your grades so you can get a detention with him or study with him.
At first, it’s slow. You were cutting your grades close, and now all of a sudden you were doing worse.
He doesn’t mind if he has to put a spell on you to make you fail or just twist around your test. Anything to have you with him.
When you finally get him to snap, he’ll simply just lock you in his room. Telling others that you went to the human world.
If you fight, he’ll handcuff and gag you.
After a while, when you become obedient, maybe then he’ll let you back out into the world. If he does, he’ll remind you.
“No one would want to know about our little relationship. Speak about anything that has happened, and you’ll face the consequences.”
Tumblr media
He had tried his best to act cool to get you to like him.
He’ll buy expensive clothes and gifts for you.
Bragging about how only he could give you these special things.
If that doesn’t work he’ll start doing more risky stuff.
He’ll start by stealing things from those you’re talking to. (He’ll even have the audacity to try a steal from Lucifer!)
He’ll try wearing it in front of you, thinking that you might like their fashion
If that doesn’t work, he’ll rewrite his entire personality.
And finally, when everything fails, he snaps. He’ll completely lose himself.
This is where things start to get violent.
He’ll lock himself in his room and cry, until he gets an idea.
If he can’t have your entire body, why can’t he just take little pieces until he has all of you?
He’ll plan a way to lure you away and little tools he could use to make the job easier.
“Maybe I’ll gouge out those beautiful eyes of yours. Or chop off your soft hand.”
Little by little, piece by piece, he’ll have all of you
Tumblr media
When he originally got these feelings. He thought it was just the anime and jealousy getting to his head.
But after a while, it started getting plain out unhealthy.
He has a secret room behind one of his bookshelves that no one knows about.
He finds himself taking pictures of you. It doesn’t matter if you are aware or not. He’ll save it and put it in his secret room.
He finds himself just sitting in there with the lights off. Gently daydreaming about you and him.
But, when he finds out you’re hanging out with others, he snaps.
He makes it look like nothing, but he takes even more pictures of you.
One day, you end up finding the secret room. But when you try to leave leviathan blocks your way.
“Do you see what you do to me?”
He’ll ask.
He’ll make you stay in his room. No matter how loud you scream or try to, he’ll make sure nobody comes to check on you or help. After a while, you might gain Stockholm syndrome. Then, he’ll play little games with you, and make you tell him you love him over and over and over again.
“You love me with all your heart right....? RIGHT?!”
Tumblr media
He’ll let you walk over him for a while. He may be the sin of wrath, and sure his blood does boil when he sees you with other people, but he tries his best to suppress it.
Once his possessiveness increases, he can’t hold any of it back anymore
He doesn’t really snap, but he does stalk.
He’ll watch you from afar.
It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. He’ll be watching.
And, when you leave your room, he’ll sneak into it.
He’ll steal unrecognizable things like small pencils or erasers. But after a while, he’ll start stealing clothes if you don’t realize anything.
We all know this man is smart.
He’ll find out the password to your phone after a while. And once he does, he looks through everything as fast as he can.
Things in your schedules, pesky friends he need to get rid of, and the books you want or read.
When he hears or feels like you’re coming back to your room, he’ll take a swab out of his pocket, and wipe the screen and case.
Not even your own finger prints will be left, but you don’t realize.
But, after a while, he becomes more and more greedy. Testing his luck over and over and over again. Until you finally catch him.
Once you do, he’ll find a clever way of making an excuse and running away.
That very same day he’ll kidnap you. Taking you far away from everyone else.
“It’s for your safety. I’ve seen who you text at night, and I can assure you they’re not the person you think they are.” “Do you not understand? If you want, I can use my first plan. Killing all those pesky humans and weak devils you’ve been talking to in class. I’ll kill them all! Is this what you want?! Do you really want to test how fast I can blow up!? ANSWER ME!!”
Tumblr media
It surprises him when you don’t fall into his arms immediately. He’s gotten so used to people, demons, and some angels falling head over heels for him, that when the one he loves doesn’t, he can’t help but be stumped.
He’ll try to get close to you. Laughing and getting into your conversations.
And, if that does work, he’ll just trap you in a behind room at a bar.
He’ll make to stay there until he feels like you’ve accepted your fate with him.
Similar to Leviathan, he’ll have pictures up on the wall. But instead of it being pictures of you, it’s pictures of him.
So many photos staring and haunting you. Reminding you of the pain of being severed from the outside world.
“You’ll learn to love me. No matter what I have to do.”
And, do to him being the sin of lust, he may gaslight you into making the room get... ‘steamy’ at times. (I don’t know if this will get me censored by tumblr so I’m trying my best to play it safe with my wording-)
But, once you do it once, Asmo has you wrapped around his fingers.
He’ll gaslight you. Telling you he has photos of you, and if you don’t stay quiet he’ll post them everywhere.
“Nobody needs to know that you’re a filthy, disobedient, little pet. And nobody needs to know you’re trapped here. They’ll only get in the way of my love for you. So if you keep your dirty, disobedient, little mouth shut, these things won’t happen. Okay?”
Tumblr media
Similar to Satan, he’ll let you talk to other for a while.
It’ll eat him up inside for a long time, and finally when he gets close to snapping, he’ll try to talk to you.
He’ll tell you that he feels conflicted about you being away from him. And how his heart aches every time he sees you talk to someone else
Poor boy T^T
But when you hear him talk about it, you’ll try your best to give him more attention.
Yet there’s still a part of him that wants to destroy everything that even glances in your direction. It makes him shake with rage.
And when he can’t take it anymore, he’ll act on his thoughts.
He’ll write down anybody that talks to you. Even if they’re just thanking you for something.
Everyone written down will go missing after school.
And once you start trying to distance yourself from everyone, he’ll strike.
He’ll comfort you from the pain he’s has caused you.
Depending on how far gone they are, he might share you with Belphegor.
Together they’ll sever you from the world, all the while spoiling with their love.
You would have no idea of what Beelzebub had done.
He’ll had several thoughts of eating you in order to keep you with him. Maybe he’ll save a few pieces, maybe he’ll just eat it all so you can fully be stored in his heart.
He’ll push these thoughts away. He doesn’t like the thought of hurting you. No matter what happens, he’ll never want to inflict pain on you.
Tumblr media
He’ll hate to do this, but he will lock you away like Lucifer did to him.
You might accuse him of projecting his experience onto you. But he’ll try to ignore your cries.
No one else (except Beelzebub) will be allowed around you.
If he shares you with his Beelzebub, he’ll most likely join him with writing down names. All until he locks you away.
He’ll do everything for you. When you ask why you can’t leave, he’ll simply manipulate you.
“Do you want more of your friends to disappear?”
Deep down he knows it’s wrong. But his desires block his reasoning.
He’ll cuddle with you, read you his favorite night time stories, and shower you with his love.
If he thinks that one of his brothers have caught on to where he’s hiding you, he’ll quickly evacuate with Beelzebub.
“Come on sleepy sheep. We’ve gotta get up. It’s not safe here anymore.” “We’re sorry for waking you up all of a sudden. I’ll give you a little treat when we find a place to say for how good you’ve been.
Unlike Beelzebub, Belphegor would harm you if he needs to.
“Come on, get up. The others are coming...You want to see them? Ha...Haha! Cant you see? They don’t want you! Besides, you don’t need them anyway... Now come on! If I have to tell you again, I promise I’m going to break your arm.”
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gxr-dove · 28 days ago
Hi! I just found your blog and I love your work! Can I request the brothers reactions to seeing a super cute photo of MC from when they were young? Thanks! 💕
Obey Me!Brothers React to Photo of Young MC
Aww I love this request and the “Kid You Not” event seems to fit this prompt!
Everyone is curious since you have been able to see the brothers cursed in a child-like state, but they have yet to see you when you were young
As he poured his second cup of coffee he tried to ignore the loud commotion of his brothers as they hovered over you
He planned on staying close by to keep an eye on the trouble makers, but something else peaks his interest in staying around
His ears perked to the sound of Beel asking if you had any pictures from when you were young
“I’ll try to find some” That’s all Lucifer needed to hear before he started to slowly walk in your direction without bringing to much attention to his presence. He didn’t want his brothers to notice that he also wanted to see this adorable photo
You pull up a picture of you outside with a very adorable expression on your face
His heart immediately melts. It brings him back to when Satan was still a child
As much as he tries he can’t prevent the kind smile and warmth he feels seeing you look so adorable
When his presence is noticed by Beel he quickly clears his throat and rushes out of the living room hoping Beel saw nothing
After seeing your old photo he can’t help but give in to his dad instincts. Throughout the day you notice he’s a bit more protective of you than usual, and he keeps doing small things like checking up on you, even wiping your mouth at one point during dinner, and you had to stop him when he told you it was “bed time” and it was only 8
Mammon was sitting by you and everyone else as you talked about how funny it was to see them cursed in their child-like state
“Oi just forget everythin’ ya saw alright!” A small blush flushes his cheeks as he crosses his arms in embarrassment
Beel asks you about your own baby photos and if he could see them
Pushing through a few of his brothers he tries to see the screen first
His intentions were to make fun of ya to cover up his own embarrassment of you witnessing him act like a child, but all of his thoughts have disappeared and are replaced with your cuteness
His heart is struck, he feels like your killing him by how adorable you look
He tries his best to make it look like he doesn’t care
“Y-Ya don’t look that adorable anyway…” He mumbles while turning his face away from you
He can’t help but keep looking at the photo to see how tiny your hands would be compared to his
Later during the day he’ll demand Asmo to send him that photo of you. In the end he knows he’ll have to do a favor for Asmo but it’s better than asking you for it and letting you find out that he thinks you looked adorable even though it was very obvious
Playing on his DDD he’s not exactly sure what’s going on around him until he hears Beel ask you about your childhood photos
All he feels is a sudden push from Mammon moving him aside to see the photo first
“Moron don’t shove me” His anger stops abruptly to the sight of your childhood photo
You look so small how could someone so small be so cute
He almost voices an “awww” but he covers his mouth
Your outfit is so adorable in your photo he wishes he could’ve made you some small clothes when you were still a small child
Afterwards you’ll hear a knock at your door as Levi hands you an outfit made by him. A bright red flush covering his face
Satan was trying to read peacefully near you in the living room
He tried to focus on the words, but he couldn’t help but glance at you frequently
He looked at you momentarily to see his brothers crowd in your direction
He could feel a pulse of irritation seeing this sudden gathering around you
Closing his book he quickly walked over to see what all the commotion was about
Looking over your shoulder he could see a rather small child that he realizes is you
His heart is struck as if he found a new born kitten, you are equally if not more adorable than that
He tries to compose himself by quietly adoring your cute photo and slightly covering his face, but you can clearly see through his facade
Later that night you here a small knock on your door, and outside Satan has an array of books for you to chose from. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he would’ve liked to read to you as a child, so why not let him read to you now
Just let this man read to you he’s excited to read a bed time story
Asmo was on the other side of you, opposite of Mammon, trying to get your attention
You were paying attention to Beel asking you a question about photos from your childhood
He’s already squealing before even seeing the photo
A cute adorable photo of you a child he already predicts that you are the cutest human child
He wraps his arm around yours moving closer to your DDD
The photo of you pops up of you playing outside
He squeals even higher pitched than before and lists everything that makes you so adorable in your photo
“Uwaaa you’re so tiny MC! So adorable!”
Makes you send him that photo
Beel was eating while listening to you express your thoughts about everyone in their child-like state that was caused by the forbidden book
It got him thinking about what you were like as a child, how you acted or how you looked
“MC do you have any photos of you as a child?” He curiously asked
He moves closer to you to get a better view
An old picture of you as a child appears. You’re playing outside and you look very adorable
He stops eating, shocked by how small you look
He feels a familiar loving warmth in his heart as it reminds him of his twin and Lilith when they were younger
He smiles brightly and also asks for the photo
He becomes a bit more protective of you than he usually is. He walks around with you, and reaches things for you, picks things up for you, and if you want him to pick you up for fun he will gladly do so
Belphie was napping next to Beel
Even though his thoughts are cloudy with sleep he can hear Beel ask you about childhood photos
He sleepily opens his eyes and sits up to look over Beel
If he wasn’t fully awake he definitely is now
He underestimated your cuteness
Leaning his chin over Beel’s shoulder he smiles slightly
His heart feels the way one would feel when they see a cute animal
He gets the photo from Beel
Similarly to Beel he’ll follow you around, and the rest of the day you and the twins spend time eating and sleeping together
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Belphie as parent
Baby: *crying*
Belphie: *wakes up* What the fuck do you want?!!
Mc: Hey be gentle, try singing to him.
Belphie,singing: What the fuck do you want?!!
Mc: That's not-
Baby: *stopped crying*
Belphie: Hey it worked *goes back to sleep*
Mc & Baby:
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exchangestudentmicha · 4 months ago
The Brothers with a Chubby S/O
Warning: Suggestive
“Just focus on your paperwork, you’re better than your idiot brothers, just don’t think about their delicious thighs and succulent ass- Wait…”
He tries so hard to convince himself that he can control himself better than his brothers
But guess what, he can’t
Wear some leggings or booty shorts and he can’t concentrate on anything
Bend over while they’re on and suddenly his paperwork isn’t important anymore ;)
He likes to have you sit in his lap while he does his paperwork
Just don’t wiggle too much or his belt might poke you ;)
Can’t decide if he wants you to model for Majolish with him or not
On one hand, he would LOVE to show off your curves and show everyone that you’re his
On the other hand, he doesn’t want to show anyone since you’re his
Man can’t keep his hands off your ass
He swears, he doesn’t mean for his hand to go that low, it just has a mind of its own
Man loves to cuddle your soft body so much, especially after a bad day
Just hugs your legs and nuzzles into your thighs and stomach as you run your hands through his hair
*sneakily tries to take a photo*
Poor snek boi is too shy to come up and hug your curves
So instead you have to go up and hug him
Leviathan.EXE has stopped working
Man cannot handle how cute and soft you are
Likes to snuggle into your stomach while his tail curls and squeezes around you like you’re one of his body pillows
If you feel something poke you, don’t mention it unless you want him to spontaneously combust
Loves reading to you while you’re sitting in his lap
Wanna see this man lose it?
Get cat thigh highs, you won’t be leaving his room or even standing for a while
It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, or something in-between, man will lose it once he sees those kitty thighs
But besides that, he loves squeezing you and being squeezed by your thighs
You can always tell when he’s upset because he just takes you to his room and gently squeezes your curves
This man loves all body types
Chubby stomach? Thick thighs? More to grab, more to kiss, more to love.
You just thought Mammon was handsy, get ready to have Asmo’s hands glued to you permanently
Will absolutely try to get you to take a bath with him so that he can admire your curves
Insecurity does not exist while you’re with this man
He will GLADLY point out everything he loves about your soft and curvy body and will worship it all night
Man loves how soft and small you are compared to him (face it, he’s like 6’9 so unless you’re freakishly tall you’re small next to him)
Nippy, nippy boi
Loves to squeeze and nip at your thighs and stomach
Will give you so many hugs and kisses if you’re insecure about your weight
This man loves you so damn much and does not care about how you look
Will absolutely start carrying you everywhere if you think you’re too heavy for him to show that you’re absolutely perfect
Man speaks through actions, not words
Congratulations your name is now pillow
He would sleep all day on your stomach or thighs if he could (trust me, he’s tried) they’re just so soft and warm
Just, just let him sleep on you his snores are so cute as he snuggles into your soft curves
Loves to nip at your thighs while you think he’s asleep and hear you yelp
Also likes to smack you ass at random, sometimes when you’re cuddling, or maybe when you’re just walking by him
Be careful if you wanna wear tight clothing like leggings, because after you wear them once, your baggier clothing might start disappearing
Yup, this little cow bastard steals your clothes so that he can see your ass and thighs in leggings more
Just go up to him and ask for them back and he’ll give them back (ok but maybe not your sweater bc its comfy)
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hell-temptations · 2 months ago
Will you love me again?
Synopsis: mc dies due to an earthy illness but they promise brothers that they'll be back to them. Now finally the time has come for reunion but does mc remember the past? And what will be the brother's reaction on that?(idea inspired from ikevamp’s our love written in the stars event)
Genre: SFW,Drama, Reborn, Angst, Happy ending
Pairing; Brothers(-Satan) x Gn! Mc(no mention of gender actually)
Tumblr media
Two tantalizing yet despondent gaze skimmed through the papers lying peacefully on his bed. Millions of emotions started swirling inside his head as warm clear droplets laid down on the sheets from his jewel toned eyes.
He picked the papers up and walked up to the window. Gentle yet ominous breeze of Devildom night brushed through his loose strand of hairs from his forehead. He closed his eyes and a deep voice rang inside his head,
"The time has come"
That Demon has been waiting for this day for more than a century now. He has been waiting silently for something impossible to happen, and today looks like all his nights filled with blood curdling screams of seeking answers from his father has been been answered.
He could still remember the day when you were lying on his bed cupping his tear stained cheeks as his eyes refused to stop pouring.
Some unknown earthy illness has started rotting your body slowly and no spell,no potion could heal your mortal body. He has scavenged through hell and back,but no one could cure you. Even though he was believing silently that father won't torment him like that.
Back in the days when he used to soar his magnificent white feathers with older angels, they used to say even though they have finished their basic studies, their exams are never ending and father takes test everytime, now that he has fallen from his grace eons ago, could this still be something like that?
Through those were the moments he never wanted to remember, he wanted to believe it's one of those tests.
But as the time passed he realised, that cruel old man was nowhere close to be satisfied even after witnessing of the pain he has given all of them already, there were more to come.
Tears kept falling down from his eyes without listening to any restrain you had to say, he spoke through his hoarse voice,
"Y/n...if I ask you to take me with you,will you hate me?"
Your eyes twitched by realisation and weight of the words he said, It didn't take you more than a moment to realise what he was trying to convey, your heart dropped at that moment.
The man you loved more than anyone else in your entire life was nowhere near to this broken man sitting infront of you,he was slowly falling into the abyss of destruction again, where he was nothing more than mere darkness without any hope.
You didn't know how to answer or what to answer instead your hold on his face became a bit firm and you spoke through your low yet serene voice,
"If I ask you to wait for me, will you wait ?"
He blinked in confusion while he tried to understand your words.
"please look at me"
"I don't know if things like reborn or reincarnation exists, but I want to believe it does, and I will be back someday in this same form, will you wait for me? Will you love me again?"
"Will you make a promise with me? That if I come back again you will find me again and love me like you did till now?"
"Say, will you love me again? Will you make this promise?"
He didn't know what to say or rather he didn't get the time to say anything because before he could speak you had closed your eyes and never opened them afterwards.
After your eyes closed, everytime he fell into the same abyss of dark destruction he crawled back again just for the sake of those last words you spoke in your last moments.
Years after years passed, he never visited your grave. He refused to believe that, a mere box and some cement could confined your soul there, there's no way you'd be lying there and waiting for his father's verdict.
His inner voice screamed inside his head that you will come back, you will find your way to come back and then he will find you, even if he has to upturn three realms to find you.
Then oneday something happened, a tingling sensation inside his chest made him restless, as if something eminent has happened and somehow some invisible golden strings which have been inert for very long suddenly has started to tug at his heart,
it didn't take him much to guess and then some frantic search through three realms for a half year brought him to the realisation that it's real, that you are back and finally the day has come to meet you and somehow his legs were shaking as he proceeded towards to portal leading to the human world.
'Do you remember him?'
'Will you accept him again'
'Will you Love him again?'
Without realising he was now standing infront the bridge as he waited for your classes to end. His pulse was humming through his veins as millions of thoughts crossed through his mind.
But his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar and probably the most beautiful melody he has ever listened in his life, your laughter.
He turned his head with a swift movement and suddenly you were standing some mere inches apart and facing him . Time seemed to stop around both of you as your eyes fell on him with unconscious movement His tinged gaze weavered.
You were same...his same little ever so beautiful human, those two eyes, even in his darkest night which brought him back to sanity, he could never mistook them even in his grave,
But there's no way you still remember him right?
Even if he tried to make you remember, what will he say?
That he's an epitome of one of the seven greatest sin, a Demon and you were his human lover? There's no way any sane human would believe that.
He breath hitched by the realisation, Tears threatened to fall but somehow his strong restrain on his emotions made him hold them back but he couldn't mutter a single word but what happened next was far beyond his wildest dream...
Tumblr media
Your eyes were glistening in the dying grace of setting sun,
"A-are you Lucifer?"
Lucifer wanted to scream, he wanted to scream with highest possible pitch so that even the father in the heaven could hear, 'YES' 'YES I AM LUCIFER',But somehow his nerves were betraying him, he was unable to breath,his chest was tightening,
'what if everything happening right now is a dream? How could you possibly remember him? what if if he tried to say something and you will vanish in the thin air like all of his dreams?'
Your eyes started to water as you took two steps back,
"S-sorry I seem to have mistaken y-you for someone, nevermind have a great d-"
Before you could finish, Lucifer has moved forward like the wind of winter night and captured you in a bone crushing hug, and the rain he was holding in his eyes for so long started to pour.
He couldn't believe everything, he couldn't believe how after so many years you remembered him? How after so long you are still same? Is this one of his father's petty tricks with him since he was desperate?
"-H-how? How do you remember me? How in the three realms is this possible?"
You raised your hands to cup his cheeks carefully.
"I remember you Lucifer, I remember everything"
"This is not real I know, nothing is real, but please, please let me stay like this for a while, I promise I will go back but for now please..."
"Shut up! You are not going anywhere!"
Lucifer was taken aback momentarily, there was only one being in entire 3 realms who could have the courage to raise their voice in front him.
"Now listen carefully first! I-I remember everything. I had dreams every night where I saw you, I saw us! I didn't want to believe everything in the beginning, I was scared"
" but today when I saw you from afar, I knew it was real, everything I saw was real. I didn't believe but I tried every way to reach you from the information I got from those scattered dreams, but I couldn't find you,...
I tried to summon you but I realised I don't have your pact mark anymore, I tried to find Solomon but I couldn't.."
You paused to breath, then you looked at him in the eyes, his ruge tinged eyes piercing like ever.
"I love you Lucifer, I still love you so much. I thought you'd never come to find me, sorry I made you wait so long, I'm so sorry..."
Your kept sobbing in his chest as he held you in his arms hiding his own tears in your shoulders.
After a brief moment he took a deep breath and raised his head from your shoulder,while you were still sniffling.
" you remember that question you asked me that day Y/n?"
He raised your chin with his one hand and looked firmly into his eyes, You crooked your eyebrows in confusion,
"I love you Y/n, I, the avatar of pride Lucifer Morningstar am taking the oath infront of three realms I will love you in your every lifetime, no matter how many eons away we are, I will find you. We will find each other in every lifetime"
He pressed his forehead to yours, brushing away the tears rolling down from your eyes,
"Thank you for coming back again,thank you for remembering me darling,thank you"
"Thank you for finding me Lucifer"
Tumblr media
Mammon's legs were wobbly, as if they'll give out as soon as he will try to take step towards you. His heart was thumping so loud in his chest that he feared if you could hear them from that distance too.
" t-that-"
Mammon didn't wait for you to finish, he ran towards you and hugged you with all the strength he had left in his body. Soon you heard his muffled sobs in your hair,he was shaking vigorously, you raised your hand to touch his hair.
You both crouched down on the pavement, you spoke through your own hoarse voice,
"Mammon..shhh, I'm here Mammon,I-I am not going anywhere, everything is okay, everything will be fine I promise"
Somehow slowly his trembling body became even after hearing those words.
"Y-ya, are ya real? H-how do ya remember me Me? I-is this a conspiracy again of those damn witches? P-please tell me... please"
Mammon had to pause there to bite back another sob, the desparate plea in his voice broke your heart, what have you done to your love...
"No Mammon, it's not. Look at me, once please?"
Mammon finally looked at your face again, this time with your eyelashes trembled with the weight of tears. You pressed a kiss on his forehead.
"I remember you Mammon, I promise this is not a dream.
I remember each and everything about us. I remember my past life. I tried to summon you through your witches, but you didn't answer my call, you thought they were trying to torment you for your debts..
My body in this life has no mana, so I couldn't summon you through spells, I prayed every night to see you just one last time again, I know I have hurt you mammon, but please please believe me, I'm real, I'm here I love you... I love you so much"
It was his turn to hush you, he pressed his forehead to yours.
"Yeah ya hurt me,ya hurt me so much mc, I felt like dying everyday y'know, I even wanted to, but I am glad I didn't.."
"Mammon don't s-"
"I'm not done yet, ya hurt me so ya have to compensate me now, and t of life with me,and this time I won't let you go, even if I have to fight my damn old father, I will fight.
I waited for ya, now ya have to promise me, promise me... please?"
"I promise my love, I promise"
for the passers-by of the streets it was just like two lovers union after a gray November ,but for you two, it was a reunion of two souls, and this time,for eternity.
Tumblr media
Levi's legs were glued to the ground, his face was pale as if all the blood from his body was drained by creatures of night.
He couldn't breathe, He couldn't think straight, his mind was going blank,the lack of air in his lungs was forcing him to hyperventilate now, you ran to him.
"Levi Levi, breath Levi, calm down, it's okay it's okay, I got you, breath Levi, follow my lead, please"
Levi's desparate gaze fell upon your face and his cheeks started to get soppy as warm strem found their ways from his weavering eyes.
He was nowhere near to be able to speak, you knew him, he was never good with such heavy emotions so all you could do was spread your hands towards him with the yearning of a raging sea in your eyes hoping for him to embrace you like the shore,
He didn't disappoint you, he almost leaped on you ignoring all the wailed up swirling insecurities and disbelieves,
there was not much talk, but the steady rhythm of both of your heartbeats remained witness of a silent promise.
A promise to never let go of each other, ever again.
Tumblr media
Tears were pricking in his eyes, was this really happening? It was almost like Satan's human world fairy-tale both were silent, no one dared to speak anything.
Fears, insecurities were dragging Asmo's soul back to hell once again, but asmo didn't want to leave yet, he wanted to try, he didn't want to let go of the moment he was waiting for till now, doesn't matter even if you don't remember him, at least he will know you are safe and happy at least-
" that you?"
'Did you....did you just call him by his name? No wait, your voice... how's that still same? Do you-'
"It's you right Asmo?"
Asmo was now shaking, hiding his face in his palms. You took step forward towards him, and reached out to touch his hands. As soon as your fingertips brushed through his palms, a shock electricity run through his veins.
He looked at you, his coral eyes were grief-stricken yet beautiful, you both peered into each others eyes searching for millions of questions and answers, he raised his arms to wrap around you but then flinched back, what if you only remember his name?
He didn't want to scare you off by his assertiveness, he mind was going insane,he wanted to hug you, he wanted to sunk himself in your warmth but will you let him? He has to know,he has to try, he can't back down now...
"....Mx pardon me but Did you call me Asmodeus?"
"I did, you're not... Asmodeus?"
"I am not dreaming right? You really did call me Asmodeus? You really said my name!? It's real right it's real?!"
Asmo wiped his eyes and spoke through his shaky voice,
"Mx, m-may I ask how do you know my name?"
"Asmodeus...I-I am Mc, do you not remember me? You are avatar of lust asmodeus? I was an exchange student in your school R.A.D, I lived in your house,house of lamentation, we fell in love and-"
you paused, your breathing was heavy, eyes were full of tears, you were about to start again when you noticed,
Asmodeus was slumped on your feet and tears were falling from his eyes. You also slumped down infront of him and mustard the courage to hug him, Asmo wrapped his arms around you without wasting anymore time, were really back? When he refused to visit your grave, when he told everyone that you'll be back, no one believed him, everyone called him names and finally he stopped showing up in gatherings holding onto only one single thing and that was your promise to him.
Now when you're infront of him, he wanted to scream, scream with his carnal demonic growl that you aren't just some mere human, you were his Mc! You will never betray him, you will never break your promise! But all he could do was cry.
"Do you even know how much I missed you? What took you so long?" His voice faltered,
"I-I am sorry, I am sorry my love, I know how much pain you had to bear till now, I know everything"
You let go of him and took his knuckles to kiss them, asmo was still sobbing.
"But now that I'm back, won't you forgive me? Please forgive me for making you wait this long, but please know that no matter wherever I go, I will always come back to you, I will always find my way back to you, you are my home my love, you are my home"
Asmo looked at you with the familiar gentle adoration in his eyes, he was smiling while tears were still rolling down his cheeks, he wrapped his arms around you once again tucking your head in his chest.
"Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise"
Tumblr media
Beel's mind was going blank, everything is fake, yes it's one of those dreams, there's is no way it could be real right?
everything was twisting inside him, he wanted to breath but his muscles weren't moving, no! No no please Stop this dream, please stop! He can't take anymore!Failure, first Lilith then you, he should've died instead of you, he's such a looser-
"Beelzebub?is that you?"
What? How on the earth- this is the first time he's hearing your voice in his dream, all the dreams he had till now you only looked at him with a dejected smile and mouthed a sorry,
he tried to reach you, he tried to listen to your voice but the only sound he got was of insatiable rage of his sin.
Just like his every dream he reached out a hand towards you, without expecting yours in return, Beel closed his eyes not wanting to witness another sick game of his mind. But then something happened....
He felt warmth, warmth of a palm,brush of fingertips...the warmth was familiar,so familiar, he never had such a vivid dream, Beel couldn't hold back his tears anymore.
"Beel, are you okay?!"
You hurried to cup his cheeks and his eyes flew open, the scenery infront of him was something more than familiar, yet distant,the concern in those eyes of yours, the tears craving their path through your cheeks...
could this really be real? He didn't know but he wanted to try, even if for one last time, he raised his own hand to touch yours and you returned his by lacing his fingers with yours...
"Are you really here Mc?"
"Yes I am Beel, I am here"
"I-..can I hold you?"
Beel let go of your hand and wrapped his arms around you, all of this is unbelievable,yet he wanted to believe it was real, your warmth,your smell everything was real, yet he couldn't figure out how that was possible
" do you remember me still?"
"Did I not promise you Beel? How could I forget that? How could I possibly forget you Beel?"
Beel's heart clenched after You talk about the promise, you didn't only come back, you remember him and your promise too...
Beel couldn't hold back anymore and he pressed a firm yet yearning kiss on your lips,
"P-pardon me mc, I-I didn't ask for your permission"
Beel lowered his head,
You chuckled and pressed your lips to his once again with same yearning.
" we are even"
Beel's face flushed and he hid his face in your shoulder, you giggled petting his head.
Being the fallen angel he is, he isn't supposed to believe in something like miracle anymore but all he could do now is thank whoever it was, who decided to let you walk back into his life, and this time, he won't fail.
(potential TW: a slap :'', some self destructive talks)
Tumblr media
"B-Belphie? Is t-that yo-"
You were about to take a step towards him before his outburst.His breathing was ragged, cold dark aura was almost eminent around him, his vision was dazed like foggy breath of deep rainforest
"Belphie, I-"
Your hid your face in your hands unable to hold back your sobs.
You looked up only to see avatar of sloth's trembling figure on his knees, facing the ground,he muttered under his breath.
"Don't come any closer... please"
You finally reached out to him, Belphie wasn't moving, wasn't saying anything anymore,the silence was ominous.
Cupping his cheeks you tried to make him face you, his once shimmering amethyst eyes were now shadowed under the cloud of countless sleepless night's dark circles,
you were about to say something but Belphie spoke,
"You are not real are you? I am dreaming like everyday right? Do you realise how pathetic I have become? Lucifer calls me pitiful you know?
Why are you so cruel Mc?why must you torment me like this everyday like this? Why?"
"Belphie no-"
"Every night, every damn night you come to my dreams, I try to reach you, but as soon as I touch your hands ,the next moment you are lying on that stupid wooden this what I get for loving a human again?"
"Don't say that Belphie-"
"But don't worry Mc, I have found a way to reach to you this time for real, after tonight I will accept the offer of grim reaper"
"Grim reaper? Belphie what are you-"
Belphie kept blabbering as if he was under some kind of sedating spell,
"After tonight I will let grim reaper take my breath of life, and then he will free my soul from my body and will let my soul cross the barrier and finally I will be able to reach-"
Some pairs of curious passer-by eyes glanced at your direction before averting back, where you both were on your knees on the ground and Belphie was holding his cheek with one hand.
The stinging sensation in his cheek has dissipated the dark mist from his amethyst eyes and now he was looking at your anger flushed face.
"Say one more word and I will slap you AGAIN! I am asking you constantly to look at me but YOU WON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME! I am trying to tell you that I am back, I remember my past life,
I remember you but you won't even bat an ear to me! And you! How dare you talk about giving up your life?
HOW DARE YOU?! After one lifetime, we finally found each other and now you want to runaway? You want to give up your life? Fine do it! I will also see how you will be able to do it in my presence!"
"For the love of Diavolo, say something now! Or should I go away?"
You got up and turned your back at him,as soon as you took a step two strong arms wrapped around your torso from behind.
".... don't go, I am sorry"
You couldn't help but gave a bitter chuckle, yes it's still Belphie, the same impudent yet sweet Belphie.
You turned to face him and Belphie finally leaped in your arms, tucking his head in your chest.
You wrapped your arms around him, running hands through his hair. You both inhaled each others scent, enveloping each other in warmth of each other's body and heart.
Even if Belphie's head was still on trance,his heart couldn't deny anymore that you were really back,
"Thank you so much for coming back"
"Thanks to you for waiting for me Belphie and thank you for finding me, I will never leave you again I promise"
"As if I will let you heh"
Well you are already in for another ride to hell aren't you?
Tumblr media
Author's note: I didn't include satan here, because the prologue is not suitable for him, even though satan has witnessed the fall,he is still not a fallen angel,he is a born demon and ahem his father is someone else. So let me know if you want me to write him.
Also I am still learning how to write gn! MC content,so if I did any mistake in this one, please let me know and go easy on me :''
Thank you so much for reading,stay healthy and love
@mammonprotectionsquad <3
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plungerswritting · a month ago
Demon Brothers with a Sick!MC
Warnings: General Illness Mentioned,
Tumblr media
Doesn't understand how you got sick even though your immune system is probably hella weak from the lack of sun down there
He doesn't really know what he's doing
Sure he read up on a few human sickness before the exchange program
But he only knows the deadly ones
So he literally thinks your dieing
Keeps you in his room at all times and provides everything for you
Plays your favorite music even if he doesn't like it
Brings you your favorite meals (he thinks it'll be your last)
And prepares himself for the paperwork that will be your death
And when you get better he's all like
He thought you were dieing
You had symptoms of a CAD
You have to explain to him that it was probably just your weak immune system and that you only need some vitamins
Is grateful you're not dead, but is still confused how your body just attacks itself like that
Tumblr media
"Why is you face leaking?" "Its called a runny nose Mammon, and im sick" "hUh?"
Straight up takes you to Solomon and is like "Fix them"
He literally just gives you vitamins and tells mammon to make you some soup
He somehow ruins the soup
So he makes you cup noodles instead
He has you tucked in his bed watching TV
When you sit up to try and feed yourself he's like
"No <3"
And feeds you himself
"My human, my responsibility"
Which ig includes feeding you sometimes
When you start to get better you have to give him credit for taking care of you or he will be upset
Tumblr media
Haha the normie got sick
Make sound of you until he realizes you can't do anything without getting exhausted
Tries to be cute and all bubbly about getting to take care of his sick friend that could maybe become more
Until he realizes taking care of you also means rubbing your back as you spew vomit into the toilet
Literally thought that all he'd have to do was cuddle and make/feed you soup
Not clean up your tissue messy because you have a snot nose
He's upset
He thought this was gonna be cutsie and nice tending to you
Giving you a little ice pack
Tucking you in
Maybe kiss your forehead
But no
0/10 don't get sick again
Tumblr media
Finally someone that knows what he's doing
Has read enough books to know its not serious/deadly
Can immediately tell you're sick even before you can
He's v observant
And know what he's doing
You're not sick for long
But he lowkey wishes you were sick for longer so he could ask more questions about human sickness
"So your body is identifying a threat, and making you sick in order to get rid of it?" "Yes Satan"
"Your skin becomes raw after rubbing it so much?" "Yes Satan"
"You feel cold, but I should keep you from being too warm?" "Yes Satan"
He bothers you with a bunch of questions but takes v v good care of you
Tumblr media
Literally quarantines you
He's not willing to help lmao
But when he sees that your literally miserable he pampers you
From a distance
3 feet apart
Hes not catching whatever it is you have
He will however, make you look like a catch
Stuffy red nose and allHe unintentionally taking care of you
Okay maybe doing your nails and makeup isn't helping but putting and ice pack on your head while he rubbs you face with one of those rolly things
He'll probably take pity and peck you cheek or forehead
You do actually get better a lot faster because he has a humidifier and that helps greatly
Tumblr media
Immediately goes to Solomon and Satan asking why your not okay
Gets told your sick and that it'll take some time for you to be better
Goes to each of his brothers and asks for advice
buys a bunch of warm foods in hope it'll help with your sore throat
Wants you to take warm shower to help with you stuffy nose
borrows Asmo's humidifier for a good week just to help you
He's trying so hard give him credit
You end up getting better pretty quick with him because he listens and does what you say
Like give him some basic info on what's going on and he's on it
So the book Satan lent him on human Sickness really helped
Tumblr media
Literally doesn't care LMAO
More cuddles for him
Doesn't help you get better and literally only complains that you're leaving a mess with all this tissues
Gets Beel to do all the work
Which I mean, he does it gladly but like
Yeah he does nothing and just let's you get better on your own
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obeymedreams · 8 months ago
Bunny Boys
Author notes: yeah the brain rot from the event got to me, I am weak for the geometric ears.
All brothers included, read the rest under the cut
18+ MINORS Do not interact
Warning: spicy content, general bunny boys nonsense, long post
Length: 2.7K
Tumblr media
Warning: cockwarming, desk sex, mild spanking
Lucifer acts blasé even though he insists you spend time together. Maybe it’s just you sitting in his lap while he does paperwork or you’re both doing your own things in the same space
Want to make his prideful visage crumble? Lay on the praise about how cute he is! His ears twitch and the blush that blossoms on his cheeks is undeniable
In the privacy of his own room, with his favourite records playing and perhaps a glass of Demonus or two, he does enjoy when you pet his ears and comb through his hair. It’s a very relaxing and intimate experience
But he certainly has other ways of having a nice time, and he adores making you warm his cock as he works at his desk. If he’s going to sit there and sift through all that paper, it might as be with your velvety walls wrapped around him
Nuzzle your nose into his neck and you can feel the way his body relaxes. Having your body warm him and your affection manifest in adorable actions fuels his pride
Be careful, if you’re too needy and clenching a little too often, a swift smack to your rear will be delivered. He’s not against leaving several red handprints if that’s what it takes, even if you can feel his dick twitch whenever you successfully entice him
“Be patient, I only have one form left,” he scolds as you start to lay butterfly kisses on his neck.
“Please,” you whine, “You’re the only who can make me feel good.” You feel his cock throb within you but that does nothing to stop the swift smack to your bottom, which now has two matching red marks on it. He rubs your back as you whimper but continues to write. You swear, you hate sound of a pen scrawling against paper now. You try to think about anything except how good it feels to be full but when Lucifer adjusts his position, your trance is shattered and a whine leaves your lips.
You let out a moan as he lifts you, feeling every ridge and vein of his cock as it leaves you. Lucifer swiftly turns you over so you’re bent over his desk, and you can feel arousal build at the idea of finally getting what you’ve wanted all night.
“Good job.” His praise is whispered against your skin in a husky tone and the hot breath sends shiver down your spine.  You’re not given a chance to respond when his hips snap forward and slams you down you on his cock, all coherent speech leaving as each thrust hits your sweet spot.
Tumblr media
Warning: marking, tail, blowjob
Pretends he’s stretching but suddenly he’s conveniently right beside you and the perfect height for head pats and cuddles? The only person he’s fooling is himself but you play along
When you stop petting him, his ears perk up and he looks so genuinely confused. Um, excuse me? What is possibly more important than the Great Mammon? Come back here!
Quite the sociable bunny, hopping from one place to another, but it’s pretty obvious you’re his favourite. Lots of chinning, especially around other demons, and does not hesitate to cover you in his scent
His tail is sensitive and if you tug on it, you’re guaranteed to get quite the reaction. Pulling on his cute little fluffy tail while you’re fucking, and the odds are he’ll cum on the spot.
So twitchy when you give him a blowjob, feet thumping, long ears flattened against his head, a complete panting mess
“Ya ... hah-feel so good.” Mammon ruts into you like it’s his job. His grip on your hips stays firm and the sound of his balls smacking your ass remains a constant sound in the room. Not like you can complain when he feels so good filling you up, evident by your slick covered thighs. Each drag of his cock between your walls has the pleasure mounting higher and higher, and the promise of release is sweet.
“Ah!” A sharp pain on your neck is soothed over by insistent licks. Another bite that you won’t be able to explain away tomorrow, just the way Mammon likes it. And well, if his brothers just happen to overhear your moans tonight, he won’t complain.
Tumblr media
Warning: degradation kink, praise kink, phone sex, masturbation
Most of the time keeps his ears floppy, but you can tell when he’s excited because they perk up whether it be talking about his favourite anime or hearing you call out his name so sweetly
Builds a nest in his room consisting of pillows, bean bags, and whatever merch is soft and comfy. You are the only one allowed to join him in it.
Levi will be blushing all the way to the tip of his ears if you pet him, but he’ll also be leaning into your touch and if you stop unexpectedly a soft whine might leave his lips before he can even realize it
Levi is a bunny that stays in his room often and is no stranger to taking care of himself, but he loves when you direct him. Dirty talk gets him going and he’ll be eating out the palm of your hand
Being affectionate will have him flustered and melting, but degradation also gets him achingly hard. He’s always swayed by the words that come out of your mouth in such a silky tone
Can be quite the needy bunny and if he’s worked up or particularly jealous, neither of you are leaving his room for a while and he’ll remind you of bunnies’ infamous stamina. What better way to assure him that you’re his than to fill you up with his cum?
“Aww, does my bunny want some help? Why don’t you send a picture and prove to me how much you need me,” you tease, pleasantly surprised to receive Levi’s desperate call. The picture shows Levi’s flushed face and drooling cock covered in his pre-cum.
“You’re so needy my desperate little bunny, can’t even get off without me, can you? So pathetic.” You hear Levi moan and you can only imagine how hard he’s rutting into his hand.
“It’s alright, that’s what makes you perfect to me, my love. How about this? You do your best not to cum until I get there and I promise by the end of tonight all you’ll be able to think about is me and how good you feel.” Levi garbles out some affirmative and you end the call, excited as you plan out the night and think of all the little things you’ll goad him into.
Tumblr media
Warning: marking, rough sex
Bunnies don’t have claws, but Satan does and anyone who touches his tail or ears without permission find this out very quickly. Make no mistake, petting is reserved only for a select few
Satan headbutts you when he really wants your attention and his temper is starting to flare a bit.
Lightly grinds his teeth when he’s in the midst of a really good book
Lots of cuddling, especially while reading. There’s few things better than getting to read a book while the two of you are entangled together, soft comforting touches and the gentle sound of pages being flipped
Satan is pretty independent, so if you’re busy he is more than capable of taking care of himself. But more often than not, he’d rather have you indulge his carnal desires.
He’ll test the waters with a quick nip or two before he’s licking at the seams of your lips. Trace his ears as you make out and you’ll elicit a groan
Satan loves it when you’re feeling just as needy as turned on as he is, so he always grins when you moan into his mouth or start pawing at his clothes
Satan roughly slams back into you and you cry out. The wall is anything but soft, yet the way his hips grind up into you while pushing his dick deeper has you begging for more.  He pushes your knees closer to your chest and all you can think about is how his thick cock fills you. Every time it rubs against your sweet spot, you can feel a rush of pleasure.
Complete sentences haven’t left your lips in a while but slurs of how good he feels in combination with the way you coat him with your arousal are telling enough. Your nails leave angry red lines across his back, but the fucked out look on your face is reward enough.
“Sa-Satan, I’m close!” He silences you with a messy kiss. Several hard thrusts have you tipping over the edge and your walls spasm around his cock as he rides out your orgasm, planning on fucking you into the next one too.
Tumblr media
Warning: masturbation, voyeurism, overstimulation, humping
The cutest little bunny!
You know how bunnies can die if they’re lonely? Yeah this applies to Asmo. He definitely appreciates alone time, evident by when he takes time to pamper himself and run through his skin care routine. But eventually, Asmo will seek out company and has an extensive social circle to satisfy that
Perfectly groomed and you swear his ears are the softest and fluffiest you ever felt. He’s proud of how well he takes care of them, so feel free to pour on the compliments as you pet him
Accepts cuddles at any given time. Go ahead and sit on his lap, no matter the location, and Asmo will wrap his arms around you and begin nuzzling your neck like it’s second nature to him
Yeah, he encapsulates “Fuck like rabbits” very well. Asmo makes a show of masturbating while you watch, touching himself slowly, letting you get a good look at him in all his glory. He’s beautiful and he knows it, and by the end of it you’ll be more than ready to go
It’s not uncommon for you two to lose yourselves while making out, and grind on each other. The friction feels so good, underwear is getting wet, and more than once you’ve both cum while clothed
“A-Asmo! Please, please, I - “ A sharp gasp cuts you off. You don’t know what you’re begging for, too lost in pleasure to think straight anymore, maybe all you really want is Asmo. He hits every sweet spot with such precision like he designed you himself. A mix of his cum and yours spill with each thrust, but your hips keep bucking to meet his. Your body hurts but the pain is so pleasurable, it feels dangerously addictive.
“Oh sweetie, you’re doing so well,” he coos. Tears spill from your eyes but Asmo kisses each away. You couldn’t count how many times you’ve cum if your sanity depended on it. His tongue, his fingers, his cock, your body responds to him so well. You’re gushing an embarrassing amount, but all pretences have been stripped long ago. He pulls out just to watch your cute little hole clench around nothing and trickle cum.
“Are you tired already?” His tone is sickly sweet but the teasing lit is not lost on you. He rubs his pretty pink cockhead against your sensitive sex and you let out a whine. The night is far from over, but he takes a moment to relish the way your eyes are glazed over yet your hands still reach out for him.
Tumblr media
Warning: size kink, oral sex (receiving), praise kink, stomach bulge
Beel often lightly nips you as a way of getting your attention and displaying your affection. It’s never more than a brush of his teeth against your skin, he takes extra care to not hurt you, plus he looks so cute when he looks up at you with eyes filled with love
Speaking of, Beel uses those sweet bunny eyes to beg for food. It’s adorable and you’ll have to steal your heart if you want to be immune.
He’s usually nibbling on food when he’s not having a full blown meal to keep his hunger at bay
Likes to run! This bunny is filled with energy and enjoys physical exercises as a way to play. Beel likes any excuse to stretch his legs. On the field, he’ll run around or even hop
Beel adores using his tongue to bring you all kinds of pleasure. He kisses your thighs reverently before eating you out. He ruts his cock against the bed, but his focus is on you. Even when he’s covered with the mess of several releases, Beel continues to suck and lick with a hazy look in his eyes.
Go ahead and pull his hair or tug on his ears, and you’ll earn an instant moan. Beel’s an eager bunny, sincere in his endeavour to please you. Let him know what you enjoy, praise him for doing well, and he’s sure to double his efforts
“Beel, I’m so,” a garbled cry leaves your throat when you feel his dick hit that spot which floods your senses with pleasure, “so-so full!” He’s stretching you out and it feels deliriously good. At first, there was a bit of a sting, and Beel placed soft kisses across your face to distract you from the discomfort. But now, your hands are on his shoulders and you move your hips in time with his thrusts so he goes just that much deeper.
You remember how enamoured he looked when he finally bottomed out. Even simply straddling Beel was a stretch, because he was just that big. But his massive size was extremely evident, when the outline of his cock could be seen on your skin. He tenderly stroked it, applying pressure to your stomach bulge only to feel himself in you.
“You’re beautiful,” he murmured before pulling you in for a sloppy kiss. Since then, Beel hasn’t stopped guiding your hips to bounce you up and down his cock. You hope he won’t stop any time soon.
Tumblr media
Warning: consensual somnophilia, thigh riding, blowjob
Belphie rubs his nose against those he’s extremely close with, usually when he’s exhausted and about to sleep or still a little groggy in the morning and seeking affection
Lots of cuddling with this bunny! It’s a given when he’s sleeping that he enjoys being curled up next to you. He fills his bed with the softest pillows and lots of fluffy blankets, so there isn’t a comfier setting
Most definitely crepuscular so he’s active during twilight period; dusk to sunset and sunrise to dawn are the times you’re most likely to see your sleepy bunny lurking around
Your sleep schedules don’t always match up, but that doesn’t stop you two from fulfilling your sexual desires. Belphie is more than happy to wake with your lips wrapped around his dick or the sensation of your walls clamping down on him. Likewise, he enjoys all the soft cute expression you make in your sleep, especially when a whine slips out, as he ruts inside you
Belphie adores thigh riding both ways. He loves seeing you desperate and humping his thigh, grinding against for any sort of friction, then soiling his pants as proof of just how badly you wanted to get off. Belphie likes riding your thighs because it’s easy. No prep, you just have to keep your thigh between his legs and he gets to feel good
You feel stretched and full as a warm feeling blooms inside and grows. Your senses begin to return slowly. You can vividly feel the fuzzy texture of the blanket clenched in your hands. You hear wet squelching noises and by the time you finally peel your eyes open, you’re greeted with the sight of Belphie above you.
“Like being fucked awake?” He punctuates his question with a sharp thrust, sheathing his entire dick in you. Belphie rolls his hips against yours while waiting for an answer with a shit eating grin.
“Yes, yes! Now please make me cum!” The pressure you’re feeling is very real, and now that it absorbs all your thoughts, you can only think about how badly you want this.
“Mm, you haven’t even done anything yet. You’ll have to try a little harder than that.” You’d smack Belphie, except you’re sure he’d deny you an orgasm as punishment. For now, your mind is focused on ways to convince your devious bunny.
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im-not-a-simp-i-swear · 23 days ago
Hey!! Can I please request the brothers with a partner who is like constantly having energy drinks? Like no this isn’t coffee it’s a RED BULL AT 9am. Or like mixing 5 hour energy with sprite (not as horrible as it sounds) constantly shaking lol.
I’m aware this is not a healthy behaviour however I cannot chill tf out without caffeine and coffee is icky
Sorry for taking so long @pissboymcassface , but here it is!!
Tumblr media
- "no MC please you'll get sick just go to bed early-"
- congrats he is now concerned for your health
- knowing this man banned wifi in his house because of memes dont be surprised if he bans energy drinks for you
- absolutely hates to see you shaking by the amount of caffeine in your system, he might just start shaking too just by wondering what to do to have you be more healthy
- "diavolo i swear the human is ok they're just- uuuuhhhh..."
- "this is what happens when you dont sleep MC, i-its not like i care t-though!"
- he'll claim not to care but the boy is deeply concerned, specially when you having to many drinks way too early
- if necesarry he'll accompany you to sleep, whether in you room or his, specially his since you would probably have red bull in your room just in case idk
- will agree with lucifer on banning energy drinks in the HoL
- "MC as your first man you should do as i say and im telling you to not drink that at 5 in the morning!"
- "no, no, MC's right"
- he too practices the red bull at 9 am ritual on a daily basis, so he can see where you are comming from
‐ might just join your side on having lucifer not ban energy drinks
- with that being said he does worry that you are practicing such a nasty otaku thing like drinking red bull at 3am
- "um.. M-MC? I can see why you are drinking but are you sure you should be drinking that first thing in the morning?"
- "maybe lucifer was right-"
- "hmm... MC i dont think 9 in the morning is a good time to drink that"
- is concerned but also finds it funny how your habits have lucifer be at constant edge
- if you are having a hard time to sleep you can count on satan to help you rest, you can also count on satan to knock you out asleep
- will have solomon help him figure a way to replace the energy drinks with water or something not caffeine-ish without you finding out
- " wow MC what are you drinking today- oops! Now its gone guess you'l have to sleep-"
- "MC please this is so unhealthy your skin will get damaged-"
- he is very concerned for your wellbeing, apperantely it isnt healthy to drink constantly red bull, specially as your beverage for breakfast
- will be much more direct to you about quitting such habits
- is secretly lending Satan a hand into changing the energy drinks into water or something healthy instead
- he likes food, he'll drink energy drinks every now and then, but not enough to reach your levels or addiction
- you WILL make this good boy panic when you start shaking
- he agrees with lucifer because he wants to make sure you are healthy
- please ask him of better alternatives for energy drinks he might just know
- "MC please, drinking that at this time isnt really good, maybe have tea or coffe instead?" "Oh... you dont like them? Its ok then let me help you find a different caffeine option"
- he is the sleepy avatar, sleeping is essential to him, so maybe you shaking and constantly drinking red bull isnt a good sign for him to cuddle you
- as funny as it is to see lucifer being stressed out, he is on his side when it comes to your health
- would help out on having you change your habits, but your stubborness makes him very tired and sleepy
- if luci isnt taking the red bull away from you then he is, thats it, its gone, you will never manage to find a single energy drink ever again
- "hmm? No MC i havent seen the red bull you just bought, now get over here and sleep"
- "no MC i didnt yeeted them out the window while you were looking away"
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dreamkidddream · 4 months ago
The Obey Me boys with an MC that has chubby cheeks 🥺
They’re so soft and squishy and they don’t mind it when people squish, kiss, or rub their face. You know how you can see the outline of someone’s face when they aren’t looking at you? MC just has this large lump on their’s cuz of how round their cheeks are, it’s adorable. If they pout, that’s a weapon of mass destruction and cuteness.
These are short so hope that’s okay and reader is gender neutral! And these were adorable 😫
The Brothers Reacting to MC with Chubby Cheeks
Okay even he can admit how cute you are
But don’t think about using this against him because it won’t work. His brothers may be weak willed enough to fall to you, but not him. What he says is final, no questions asked, no ifs ands or buts
Okay he might be able to make an exception this time, but don’t push your luck
Loves to tease you when it’s just you two. LOVES to touch them without his gloves on, he looks forward to it everyday
Come to his room when he’s working or stressed and sit on his lap, and watch him crumble internally. His hands will be on your cheeks before you know it and paperwork will be forgotten (he started to realize that when you do come in, it’s your way of saying that he needs a break, and he stopped trying to fight you after you pouted right in his face. Hasn’t even pretended to ignore you ever since, already putting his pen down when you open the door)
Just making you smile works for him. Just seeing your non-threatening pout or getting the chance to caress your cheeks is more than enough for him
MC, you have to stop looking at him like that, he can’t focus when you do and he has a reputation to keep up!
He can’t even do his tsundere act because as soon as you start to jut your lip out he blushes like crazy and caves in, acting annoyed but he really really likes it
“Fine MC, just stop lookin’ at me like that will ya?!”
He’s lying MC don’t stop because he’s a sucker for it lmao
Will unknowingly squish your cheeks together when A. when he gets super excited about a new way you guys can earn some Grimm, or B. when you save him from his brothers wrath after he messes up
He still blushes like crazy and acts like it was an accident but somehow still finds a way to do it every day, and you pretend that you don’t see the longing look in his eyes when he moves his hands
Please move his hands back to your cheeks, and he’ll be bragging about it for the next hundred years about how you can’t resist the Great Mammon
Pokes at your lumps to get your attention, and his heart races at the giggles you let out
Just let him hold your face after a rough day or when he’s being vulnerable and it makes him feel so much better
You make him feel so much better
Are your cheeks really like this?? Like this is real??? It’s not special effects???
The first time you pouted in front of him he froze and just...shut down. You went to put your hand on his forehead to check his temperature, and then he just had a very loud and energetic moment of fanboying over your cheeks
You’re very scared that he’ll either have a heart attack or spontaneously combust (honestly both)
Let him poke them after you said it’s okay for the 1000th time and he’s in heaven (how ironic). It’s just like in anime, but it’s real life and it’s you
Reenact anime scenes or do anime poses with your cheeks puffed out (even better if you’re in cosplay), and you’ll never be leaving his room
Pout while you’re losing the game and he might go easier on you the next round (or he might go harder just to see you pout lmao)
Your cheeks ARE a weapon of mass destruction to him, and it’s not fair when you use it on him! Do you know how fast his heart is already beating because of you, and now you do THIS?!
You don’t even know the power that you hold over him, do you? Your cuteness is too powerful for him to handle he’s not strong enough!!!
But for a normie you are kinda cute though and can be touched, unlike the 2D characters he’s used to...
You actually have your own fan club because of your cheeks that he may or may not have secretly started himself
Loves to tease you, and doesn’t care if it’s in front of people (ie. his brothers)
The CEO of squishing your cheeks. He LIVES for cupping your cheeks, the little squeaks that you make when he catches you off guard just makes his heart jump
He’s so used to doing this to cats that it’s second nature for him
When he starts to get irritated or when he gets sucked into reading and ignores everything else, plop your face against his and pout/puff your cheeks out and he won’t be able to resist for long
If you rub your cheeks against his he is PUTTY in your hands
Placing chaste kisses on them after a long study session >>>>>>
You’re just too delicate for your own good MC, and if you don’t stop pouting he might lose control. He’s so deep in love with you, it’s hard to maintain his composure sometimes, and your cheeks are not helping his situation
But trust me he’s not complaining
Maybe he should invite for another one on one study session...
MC you are just so adorable! You and your cheeks are just the cutest thing he has ever seen
Next to him of course
You guys take selfies everyday and it’s almost always cheek to cheek. He can’t help it, you’re too cute and his adoring fans just have to see it. You two are a power couple of cuteness ESPECIALLY when you pout
Your fan club and his fan club ships you guys because of how cute your pictures look together. Asmo’s fan club has set aside their differences with yours because let’s face it: you guys are the power couple
Kisses your cheeks all day, every day. Has no shame about it either. In public or behind closed doors, those cheeks are just begging for him!
Rub, squeeze, kiss, he does it all
But in all seriousness, he loves giving you affection. Giving affection to someone who is not only one of the most captivating beings he’s ever met, but someone that he is genuinely in love with makes him feel happiness that he’s never felt before
And he doesn’t want it to end anytime soon
Is the main one mesmerized by your cheeks (besides from Levi)
Do you have food stuffed in them? Like how squirrels do?
That’s honestly a good idea and wishes that he can do it but he’ll just end up eating it :(
Kept poking and stretching your cheeks out gently to see, didn’t believe you because you were giggling so much
Was surprised (and a little disappointed) when you didn’t have food in them, but your adorableness made up for it (and he likes to hear your laugh)
If he’s looking for you in the school’s hallways, he just has to look for your cheeks poking out and he’s already found you lmao
You actually got nervous one time when he approached you, expression deadly serious, and just stared at you. You began to question him (was that custard you ate his? If so, you need to start running ASAP) when he just placed his hands on them and started smiling
“Your cheeks are really soft MC, it reminds me of Madame Screams mini cupcakes...but they’re even softer.”
No seriously he is amazed by this revelation
He always asks if it’s okay before he touches them, now becomes his favorite part of his day
Likes to share/feed his food to see if they get bigger, (but also just wants to eat with you)
He isn’t into clubs but he’s a proud member of Levi’s secret fan club
He definitely tries to fall asleep on them, found out it was uncomfortable for you and begrudgingly agreed to just have some way of touching them when you guys nap
Actually just found a new way to cuddle: you’re laying on top and he gets to wrap his arms and tail around you. Everyone’s happy!
You and your cheeks are required for his daily naps, and if you want him to get his well-needed rest (and his cuddles that he whines about all day) then you have to nap with him. He doesn’t make the rules MC, he only follows them
Please go nap with him he always feel so relaxed when you’re around and instead of dreaming you by his side you’ll really be there, and he really misses you
Pokes and stretches your cheeks out when he wants to annoy/tease you, but really just wants to tease you
He tries to fight back a blush when you do that sweet laugh that he loves to hear when he does mess with you, fails miserably at it (but he doesn’t stop messing with them and he can’t hide his smile
Has compared them to pillows, and testify that your cheeks >>> regular pillows
If you do try to pout and ignore him, he just squishes and pokes at your lump and awaits for your giggles
He’s another one obsessed with your cheeks (really they all are lmao) but you’ll never hear him say it out loud
Has joined the fan club with Beel
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