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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 2 days ago
Simeon: How's having your own actual kids?
Mc: Horrible. I never knew something could cry so much. It never stops.
Simeon: Oh, well, the kid will grow out of it eventually, right?
Mc: Oh no, the kid's great. She hardly ever cries.
Simeon: But I thought-
Asmo, sobbing while holding the baby: MC, I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
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humanityobmz · a day ago
Tumblr media
Preorders Closed ➜ Orders Open!
I'm so exctied to announce that regular orders of Humanity: an SWD: OM Charity Zine are now open!! To order, you'll follow the same steps as you would when preordering, which can be found here, and the PDF will be sent to your email as soon as I can manage! As of right now, there's not an end date to sales, however, I encourage you buy your zine ASAP!
The zine has a total of seventy-four pages now that all extra designs are included in it, with over sixty-five pages of content. It features art and writing from several different amazing collaborators, with a total of twenty-six peices!
The zine is only $10, though it is encouraged you donate more than that to our charities. Every dollar above the ten required will be matched by an anonymous donor, up to $100!
If you have any questions about anything, my dms are open, as is the askbox! I hope you enjoy the zine and tell me what you think about it!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The zine is full color and vibrant, featuring not only the brothers but also the dateables and Luke! The writing is all gn!MC so everyone can enjoy, and there’s a wonderful mix of angst and fluff, romantic and platonic, and silly and serious! If you love Obey Me, you will love this zine!
Donation links: BLM | Mission: Ending the Epidemic of Military Rape
To buy, click here!!
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pen-observing · 4 months ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems slightly...like vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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7kr · a month ago
Tumblr media
❛ featuring. satan, asmodeus, beelzebub & belphegor + fem!mc.
❛ content warnings. mature, smut, vulgar language, kitten play, overstimulation, thigh-riding, dacryphilia, impact play, lingerie, dumbification, pegging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral fixation, food play, size kink, praise kink, breeding kink, consensual somnophilia, thigh-fucking, rough sex, degradation, face-fucking.
❛ word count. 1803.
❛ love note. part one with the older brothers can be found here. part three with the side characters can be found here.
Tumblr media
☆ — 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍.
this one is a given, the demon is obsessed with cats. satan doesn’t mind which one of you is the pet, he’ll happily wear a pretty green collar and be your cute little kitty. however, he nearly loses all of his self-control if you put on a pair of cat ears, a collar (and a naughty little tail). his heart beats so damn fast that you think he might go into cardiac arrest. he gets flustered when you settle on his lap and ask him how you can please your master. lord, he nearly cums in his pants there and then.
this sort of ties in with his pet play kink. he loves it when you rut against his clothed thigh like a bitch in heat, desperately searching for some sort of friction. he’ll coo at you sweetly, teasingly asking if kitty needs some help getting off. his hands settle on your hips, fingertips gently pressing against your pelvic bone as he guides your hips back and forth, savouring the beautiful moans that spill past your lips.
satan can be a little cruel sometimes, which is why he wants to leave you a fucked-out mess on his bed after he’s finished with you. he loves using his hands on you; one rubbing circles on your clit, the other thrusting inside of your sopping wet pussy. if you whine out that you’re too sensitive, it’ll only encourage him to keep going. he’ll give you orgasm after orgasm just to see your body tremble and your cunt tighten around his fingers once more. yes, it’s mean, but it feels too good to complain.
this ties in with his overstimulation kink. satan finds your teary eyes so endearing, so pretty. he can’t help but make you want to cry sometimes. of course, it’s only out of pleasure, he couldn’t stand making you upset in any other circumstance.
again, satan can be a little cruel, so if you’re acting like a spoilt brat, he won’t let you get away with it. smacking your ass or thighs is his favourite form of punishment, he doesn’t go anywhere near your face. he prefers to use his hands rather than toys, but he won’t hesitate to use a paddle or a cane if you’ve been particularly out of line.
Tumblr media
this isn’t really considered a kink, but asmodeus loves it when you dress all prettily for him in the expensive lingerie he recommended you. the silk and lace embellishments contrasting beautifully against your skin, the particular design highlighting every gorgeous curve and crevice on your body. asmodeus had never seen someone more stunning in his life (than himself, of course). turning it on the flip side, asmo wouldn’t mind if you asked him to pick out a pretty l get-up to wear for you, in fact, he already has the perfect thing in mind <3
asmo doesn’t care which way it goes, he likes being the one fucked stupid just as much as he likes fucking you stupid. he reckons that he could cum just from seeing that hazy look in your eyes, moaning uncontrollably and unable to form a coherent sentence. on the other side of his kink, he enjoys it when you bounce on his cock, calling him your pretty little brainless boy. he makes the most beautiful ahegao face; tongue lolling out of his mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his skull. there isn’t a thought behind those eyes, other than pleasure.
asmo is open to literally everything, so pegging is definitely not out of the question. he’ll probably be the one to pick it out for you; a nine inch, hot pink strap. it just screams asmodeus. he’ll prep himself for you, ensuring that he puts on a little show before he begs you to put it inside. he lets out the most whorish moans when your hips slap against his ass, the tip of the plastic cock massaging his prostate. he’s rendered dumb by you, and he finds that a little embarrassing, but so arousing. i mean, pleasure is pleasure right? there’s no shame in a guy taking a huge strap up his ass and enjoying it <3
asmo creams at the thought of someone walking in on the two of you (especially if that certain someone happens to be solomon). he’ll suggest having sex in places where you could potentially get caught, like in an empty alleyway at night, or in the storage closet at the royal academy. there are days where he’s especially desperate for you and he just doesn’t regard any demon that might catch the two of you in the act, it just gives him an excuse to further exercise his kink.
this ties in with his exhibitionism kink. he honestly couldn’t care less if someone were to watch the two of you get intimate with each other. he finds it arousing that other demon’s (or angels/sorcerers) are watching the two of you have all the fun, while they sit back with their cocks in their fists. it’s as amusing as it is hot. after all, he gets to show the audience who that pretty pussy belongs to and they aren’t allowed to touch it.
Tumblr media
i am a strong believer of the ‘beel has an oral fixation’ headcanon. he just can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you when you suckle gently on a lollipop, or lick the tip of your finger before you turn a page in your textbook, or when you bit your lower lip while your concentrating. your lips, no matter the size, are so pretty to look at. he finds himself becoming flushed when he watches you in those moments, desperately trying to stop his cock from twitching in his sweatpants.
this one’s pretty obvious, he’s the avatar of gluttony, after all. like the good boy he is, he makes sure to organise everything beforehand. food play isn’t something that he does spontaneously. he’ll get the proper supplies to prevent unnecessary messes from being made and to clean up afterwards. he prefers to use syrups or cream-like substances, since they’re easier to consume, especially when he’s lapping desperately at your cunt. he wants the experience for you to be as pleasurable as it is for him, so he solely focuses on getting you off while he enjoys a nice treat <3
it’s no secret that this demon is absolutely huge, in both his full height and the size of his cock. it doesn’t matter how tall you are, beel will never fail to tower over you and make you look like you’re two feet tall. for some odd reason, it arouses him that you’re so much smaller than him. he enjoys it when you sit on his lap, looking so meek and pretty, while he watches you fuck yourself dumb on his huge cock. he also enjoys it when you give him head and struggle to fit even the tip of his cock in your mouth. it‘a pathetic in a cute sort of way <3
beel hates being scolded or degraded, it truly makes him upset when he gets into an argument with you or his brothers. he’s used to his brothers telling him that all he does is eat their food, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. praise is the way to go if you want to win his heart, both emotionally and sexually. tell him that he’s doing so well while he laps at your sopping cunt. tell him that he’s such a good boy for being patient for you. tell him that you love him while he’s fucking you dumb <3
there’s a common consensus among the fandom that beel has a huge breeding kink, and i wholeheartedly agree with it. he’s always had the thought in the back of his mind about starting a family with you, and he can’t help but subconsciously want to stuff you full of his cum and watch it leak out of your pussy. when tell him to fill you up, he’s ecstatic. he’ll probably cum inside you multiple times as well, just to ensure that you’ll definitely have to carry his child <3
Tumblr media
belphie loves being used in his sleep (consensually, of course). he doesn’t mind if you wake him up by sucking him off, or grinding desperately against his thigh while he’s napping. hell, he wouldn’t even care if you fucked his cock while he slept, in fact, he finds it so hot. it’s a great surprise to open his eyes to, and he tends to you immediately after he wakes up.
it’s a given that the avatar of sloth is a bit lazy sometimes, so when he’s feeling horny but doesn’t quite have the energy to fuck your brains out, he opts for thigh fucking. it doesn’t require a lot of energy, and he can practically do it while he’s half asleep anyway. he loves the feeling of your soft thighs massaging his cock with every stroke, and he loves it when you play with his soft dark locks while he gets himself off <3
this isn’t a common occurrence when the two of you have sex, mainly because belphie doesn’t have the energy to continuously have high-energy sex. but if he’s experiencing envy or fury, there’s a high chance that he’ll bend you over the edge of his bed and fuck your brains out. your pussy hugs him in all the right ways; dripping wet, clenching around his cock, tightening when you cum. he enjoys hearing your cute little noises, slurred words and incoherent sentences. his beautiful human is just so perfect, you can’t blame him for wanting to ruin you <3
this sort of ties in with the rough sex kink. degradation isn’t something common in your sex life, it only happens when he’s feeling especially angry or jealous. he’ll call you a desperate little whore, begging for his cock to split you open. he’ll call you a his cock-drunk slut when you take him in your mouth, gagging when his tip hits the back of your throat. belphie can be so cruel sometimes, but you have to admit, it’s pretty hot.
there’s something about seeing you choking and gagging on his cock that makes belphie so hard. he likes to lay back on his bed, hands gripping your hair to control the speed at which he fucks your mouth. your pretty face is ruined; eyes teary, drool dripping down your chin, lips slick with saliva and pre-cum. he thinks you look so beautiful like this, his beautiful little girl <3
Tumblr media
© OH-JOLYNE ☆ all rights reserved. please do not repost, reproduce or plagiarise my content + layouts. thank you.
Tumblr media
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undying-vagabond · 2 months ago
slapping their 🍑 in public
with a great ass, comes great responsibility
he’s gonna be taken so off guard “HEY!” especially because it’s in a public setting
secretly likes it
“waddaya think you’re doing to the Great Mammon’s ass?”
he will turn to look at you, bat his pretty eyelashes, wink and say how you’ve been naughty
stop before lucifer scolds you for public indecency
nearly has a stroke cuz it came out of the nowhere
super red, but kinda turned on
eyes will widen.
he’ll be like ?? what do you think you’re doing
when he sees you pout, he will answer “never said i didn’t like it”
assumes it’s an accident but doesn’t mind it either way
“you have such a phat ass i couldn’t resist” (basically that nemo scene of don’t touch the butt)
he’ll chuckle because you’re cute
thought he was still asleep.
if he was sleepy, that woke him right up.
mf will smirk and be like “ooh so that’s how you wanna play”
has an ass that won’t quit
will raise an eyebrow.
admires your boldness, like you really did that huh
however, you will receive the bedroom eyes so
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jellymoonbear · 6 months ago
Revoking Their Kisses and Cuddles Privileges
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
acts like it isn’t a big deal and will get on with things like normal
but it actually is a big deal
in fact it’s the biggest deal he’s ever had to deal with
bc he never actually realised how much he relies on your hugs and kisses until you stop doing it 
would probably go a week at most before he caves in bc how can you expect him to get through all that damn paperwork without you dropping in and giving him a smooch on the cheek 
he’ll sit you down and talk through whatever he did to upset you, heck, maybe he’ll even apologise like man would get down on his knees just for you to touch him again
Tumblr media
he’s not wrong
it is his legal right for you to give him kisses and cuddles whenever he demands and if you don’t agree then you’re the most evil person I’ve ever come across
baby would be so sulky, like he’d sit cross-legged on the bed with his back to you and his arms crossed. he wouldn’t cry, but he would brood so heavily that it becomes more of a punishment for you than for him
man has puppy eyes and he knows how to use them
he’d promise to never sell your things again or never spend all his grimm or whatever he did to upset you, he promises not to do it again and will nag you to the end of the devildom for you to forgive him
and he also makes you promise to never do that again bc that shit really hurts
Tumblr media
immediately locks himself up in his room and will not answer for anyone even if you get the password right
“of course you wouldn’t want to kiss a yucky otaku like me...” he mumbles and walks away from you
and this was all probably bc he watched the next episode of a show you watch together without you
I don’t wanna say he manipulates you, but he makes you feel really bad even if it was meant as a light-hearted joke
so you gotta ambush him when he finally leaves his room for food lmao give him all the smooches he deserves and let him know ur sorry for playing around like that
he’ll also apologise too, just make sure you’re not late next time or he’ll watch it without you again
Tumblr media
no. 2 at acting like it’s not a big deal
but with satan he just knows you’re gonna come around eventually
don’t get him wrong he seriously does miss all the body contact - specifically hand holding - but this man ain’t weak and will tell you that you need to get over it to convince you to touch him again
obviously if he seriously upset you he will try and talk it out, but if not he’ll go to the garden and look for some cats to snuggle with instead
and then the day comes when you find him in the library reading and you sit on his lap, cuddling him. he is surprised bc damn that was quicker than he thought, but he hugs you back and gives you all the kissies in the world
he will never EVER let go of you after this, don’t even try and deprive him again
Tumblr media
pls this bby thinks you’re joking at first, or like this is a fun game you want to try so he’s down for it
but when he realises that you’re actually serious he is like “really? why tf would you be so mean to me?” 
and he just... doesn’t care lmao. as if ur actually gonna get away with this haha stop it or you’ll give him wrinkles
he tries to be his cheery self until your done with your mood, but at night when he puts his arm around you in bed and you don’t snuggle into him... he will literally tear up
he doesn’t do it in a forceful way but he will still find ways to touch you throughout the day, like grabbing your hand when you’re not looking or running his fingers through your hair when you’re distracted and his heart melts at the moments when you don’t even realise so you can’t scold him
when you finally give him attention again he will be so happy, will literally squeeze you so hard you cant breathe
Tumblr media
first of all how dare you
secondly, it really must have been some mad shit for you to actually say no to him - like he ate your pudding or smth
we know how bad he gets when someone eats his food but none of that compares to you taking hugs and kisses away from him for doing the exact same thing
it’s just so cruel but at the same time he will just let you get on with it, of course he misses being all touchy with you but he loves and respects you so if you don’t wanna touch him that’s fine he says with a sad face
would definitely make it up to you tho - like he buys you any food you want, plans a fun date with you, helps you clean and rearrange your room whatever it is he is down
he doesn’t even realise that he’s being extra sweet to get those brownie points but hey at least his touch deprivation doesn’t last for more than a few hours
Tumblr media
the last one who will act like it’s no biggie
y’all never acknowledge the softie that he really is but I do and I’m telling you he will cry in secret when you don’t cuddle him
it’s truly devastating - his entire day is ruined because you didn’t give him his morning kiss and so he is noticeably more cranky during the day
whether he apologises to get his privileges back or not depends - like if he understands he did wrong then he will muster the courage to apologise with a weak smile while grabbing your pinky and carrying his cow cushion in his arm, ready to just collapse and snuggle with you as soon as you forgive him
but if it was over something minor or petty then hell no there is no way he will apologise bc he knows you will come crawling back at some point. he’ll just sulk alone quietly until then
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
hiyaaa i rlly enjoy your blog :>> and itll be my first time to try a request hehehe but is it alright for me to request where MC used men’s shampoo (because why not, its cool on the scalp tho-) and what would be the brothers’ + side characters (if its too much iz okiee, i dont mind ) reaction whilst cuddling XD
using their shampoo
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gin!reader, diavolo x/& gn!reader, simeon x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .8k | rated g | m.list
a/n: hello and ty!! i hope you don't mind i took it a step further and made mc wearing their shampoo instead of just mens shampoo. thank you for requesting and i hope you have a good day!! my inbox is open to chat, request, or leave feedback, so come say hello!!
please reblog >,,<
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer notices it right away, though he doesn’t say anything, running through scenarios in his head on why you would have washed with his shampoo. maybe you were out of your own? he can’t deny the little thrill that runs through him when he smells his scent surrounding you. “like how i smell so much you had to take it for yourself?” he asks, curious. was it intentional? why were you wearing it? he’s burning with the need to know but doesn’t want you to realize it.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon blushes immediately when he smells his shampoo on you. it’s a distinctive scent, so he knows it’s not mistaken, but you don’t seem to notice his flustered state as you snuggle further into him. “um,” he starts, and you look up, eyes innocently wide. “is that, uh, my shampoo?” he manages, and you smile, nodding. “i borrowed it… asmo has mine and i dodn’t realize until i was in the shower. you don’t mind, do you?” him, mind you using his snampoo? never. “nope,” he squeaks, and you immediately begin planning to never use your own again.
Tumblr media
➳ levi doesn’t notice at first, since he doesn’t use very scented stuff, but when he does, he freezes, wondering if he’s imagining it. he’s not, but he doesn’t know how to confront you about it, so he doesn't, just swallowing hard and wrapping his arms around you. you don’t mention it, not that you’d have a reason to, but levi can’t stop thinking about it, the fire in his stomach oddly satiated by the idea of you smelling like him all of the time. maybe if he doesn’t bring it up you’ll keep doing it. please keep doing it.
Tumblr media
➳ satan notices right away, a smile curving across his lips. he’d been hoping when you rook a shower in his room you’d used his products, and it appears you had. you smell like him, all crisp and fresh, and satan has to wonder if you like the scent. you’ve never said you didn’t, but then again you never said you did. “you know,” you say conversationally, “your shampoo made my hair really soft. maybe i should move away from using human world products.” check and mate. “yeah, maybe,” satan replies. “i’ve got some extra bottles of shampoo if you want it.”
Tumblr media
➳ asmo doesn’t even notice at first. he’s so used to smelling you in a wide range of sencts, and sometimes he forgets he’s wearing a particular product until he can smell it. when he realizes you’re wearing his personal shampoo, he has to hold back his glee. “like my shampoo and conditioner?” he asks, running a hand down your back. “i sure like it on you.” you huff out a laugh, nodding. “it’s nice. i’m sure my hair will be really healthy if i continue to use it.” asmo grins, waving his hand. “by all means, use it as much as you want!”
Tumblr media
➳ beel literally doesn’t care, not that you expected him to. as long as you're clean and happy, he’s happy. he does notice it, but since he’s used your products before in a pinch he doesn’t mind. beel has a very ‘what’s mine is yours’ mentality, so it’s unlikely he’ll pitch a fit or anything. he does tell you you smell good, though, making you laugh. at least he likes the products he’s using on himself.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie smells his scent on you as soon as you climb into bed with him, making him more awake. “is that my shampoo?” he asks, brushing a finger across your damp hair. you nod, and he resists the urge to crush you into his chest, inhaling deeply. you smell like him, and belphie wants to take you out around town like this, when you’re practically dripping in him, his scent, showing all of devildom that you’re his.
Tumblr media
➳ diavolo is another one of the boys who doesn’t mind. he loves sharing his stuff with you, wants you to use them, and when you do it makes him happy. “you used my shampoo!” he chirps, burying his face into your neck, making you squirm away. “stop! that tickles,” you admonish. “but yes, i did. i forgot mine.” diavolo taps his chin. “i can buy you some.” shaking your head, you take his phone from his hand, closing akuzon. “no, it’s alright. i’m only here for a few days. i can use yours until then.”
Tumblr media
➳ simeon is the one who offered you use his shampoo in the first place. you’d been lamenting about your lackluster hair, and he’d jumped on the opportunity, offering his. angel shampoo and conditioner would no doubt restore your hair to its previous glory, as it was specially made to be healing and rejuvenating. “i like my smell on you,” he says plainly, and you flush. you like it too and he knows it, making him want to send you home with a bottle or two.
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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leviathans-body-pillow · 2 months ago
Brothers if Mc gets pregnant and wants the baby
Warnings: pregnancy, mentions of abortion, baby drama
Most to least excited:
Beel, Asmo, Mammon, Lucifer, Satan, Levi, Belphie
Most to least ready:
Lucifer, Beel, Satan, Asmo, Mammon, Levi, Belphie
He couldn’t say he was too shocked when you told him. Admittedly he could’ve been more careful in preventing this from happening but you make him reckless.
Although he isn’t particularly excited about being a father, he’s the most mature about the situation.
“That’s wonderful my love.” Holding you close but more gentle now that he knows your condition.
Wether you want to keep the baby or not he’s supportive.
Honestly a little stressed when you decide to keep it. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be a father it’s just that he already has 6 kids to look after. And trying to be a father on top of all his work?? Kill him now.
He’ll never let you know this though. You may have your suspicion about his stress level but he’ll never give you any reason to believe it.
Always makes sure you have everything you need and can be a bit territorial while you’re pregnant.
In the end he’s an amazing father and husband
Husband? You say. Yes husband, do you really think he would let you be the mother of his child but not his wife?
Honestly he didn’t even consider you getting pregnant was a possibility.
Extremely shocked when you tell him.
“You’re what!? I’m gonna be a…” mammon.exe has stopped working.
Quickly recovers however pulling you into his arms. “Of coarse your first is the father of your child! You’re mine after all!”
At first it’s all love and kisses and happiness.
However as you get further along reality starts to set in. The financial reality.
Babies are expensive. Clothes, formula, diapers, medicine, toys… the list goes on and on.
He doubles down on gambling, stealing, and scamming at first.
That is until you chew him out.
He just wants to be sure he can provide a comfortable life for his wife and child.
Oops did that slip out
He may also have been saving for a nice wedding ring for you.
He may not be the most responsible demon in devildom but he’s loyal and dedicated to being a father
He makes sure his baby always knows how special and loved they are
This man child is not ready or excited to be a father.
You bring the topic of of children first before telling him your pregnant and his response is essentially
Raising kids is for normies
Sensing this answer doesn’t satisfy you, he not so subtly changes the topic
It’s not that he completely hates the idea of raising a baby with you it’s just that he’d much rather be free to play video games or watch anime. Not to mention all the money he’d have to stop using for merch.
And anime dads always suck, what if he’s like that?
Or worse what if his kid becomes a normie!? And they hate their loser otaku dad.
You start trying to warm him up to the idea with cute family animes and cosplay couples that include their kid and telling him he’ll get the experience of introducing an easily influenced mind to the things he loves.
Eventually he catches on but he’s too anxious to flat out ask you as he already knows the answer.
And eventually you do have to tell him.
Even though he already suspected that you were pregnant, he doesn’t respond very well.
Some thing like. You probably don’t even want a yucky loser otaku like me to be a father anyways. You probably hate me for doing this too you blah blah blah
I’m gonna be real with you, he’s not going to be super supportive and mature about it.
Of course he loves you and he’ll try but it’s not going to be anything beyond how he normally supports you
General comfort, love, distractions but anything above that is completely out of his depth
Thankfully you live on a house full of demons who love you and ultimately love your child as well
Lucifer and Beel help out the most.
Lucifer because he feels a sense of responsibility for you
And Beel because you’re family to him
In the end Levi isn’t the worst father in the world, he does enjoy spending time with his child and showing them all the things he loves
But he was never really there in a way that truly mattered
You didn’t even have to tell him
By the time you’re aware of the pregnancy, Sherlock homes has already diagnosed you himself.
He sits you down one day and asks you if you want to be a mother
When you tell him you do he has to take a second to collect him thoughts and nerves
“Very well”
Fatherhood isn’t really something he ever saw for himself. And it’s not like he very really knew what having a father was like. The closest thing he had is Lucifer after all
But he does know children are insufferable and infuriating. They cry and whine, they argue, their hands are sticky…
He’s worried he’ll fall victim to his sin and do something he’ll regret or even that he won’t be a good father due to his temper.
He’s an adult about this though and is open with you about his concerns
Just reassure him that he’s never hurt you and he’d never hurt his child regardless of how angry he gets. And that he should stress being a father, that he’s intelligent and you love him so your sure your child will too
He’s read every book he can get his hands on about human pregnancy and parenting. He could’ve earned a doctorate in child psychology with all the studying he put in.
He becomes extremely fussy over you while your pregnant. Always making sure you’re resting and eating a proper diet. You’re not allowed out of his site.
Reading about everything that can go wrong during pregnancy and child birth has him paranoid
God help anyone that tries to even so much as touch you while you’re carrying his child.
He’ll lash out at everyone and everything while your delivering.
His parenting style is very textbook but he always stands up for his baby future bullies beware.
He loves reading them, books become even more precious when they’re something he can share with his child.
You’ve heard thousands of nasty rumors people whisper about Asmo. One in particular being the millions of baby mamas he’s abandoned.
Usually you ignore the gossip but once you got a positive test that one stuck in the back of your head.
Every time you try to tell him a little voice in your head tells you he’ll abandoned you as well.
Eventually you start avoiding him altogether
At first he gives you your space but when you don’t come back around quick enough he confronts you. He can’t handle being the one getting ghosted.
Practically corners you and begs you to tell him why you’ve been avoiding him.
Do you not love him anymore? He’s in tears
“Asmo I’m pregnant!” You blurt out
He steps back and takes a second. “You’re what?”
Just when you fear the worst, he pulls you into his arms kissing you with enough love and passion to make you cry.
He pulls away but not letting you out of his arms.
“No wonder you’ve been glowing lately! Mc this is wonderful!”
Although the rumors about his past baby drama is true, he’s never loved someone like he loves you.
You make him want to do crazy things like be monogamous, get married, have kids.
He also might low key have a breading kink it’s only natural with how possessive he is. There’s no better way to claim you then to have you carry his child.
Tells you you get more beautiful everyday.
Comes in clutch with the skin care routines for your stretch marks
Treats you like a princess. You’re not allowed to lift a finger
Makes sure you have the most extravagant pregnancy photo shoot ever!
Cries when he fist sees your baby. Claims their the most beautiful thing in all creation!
Dresses your baby like a doll
He’ll make it impossible to feel self conscious about your post pregnancy body.
He’s a doting father and devoted husband.
He’s over the moon when you tell him.
Having a family with you is a dream!
High key has a breeding kink
He wants to hug you more than anything but what if he crushes the baby???
He’s so happy but he becomes nervous around you. He’s so strong he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt the baby.
You have to drill it into his head that you’re not made of glass
Once he gets over his fear he can’t keep his hands off of you.
Weird pregnancy food cravings? He’s got you covered pass him the pickles and peanut butter.
Wants to name the baby Lilith if you have a girl
Insists that you get married right away
He’s an amazing father. Patient, playful, loving, protective. Always makes sure his kid is full and happy
Once your fist born is a few years old he’ll beg to have another, the more family the better
He could tell you wanted to tell him something important
But he’s always pretend to be asleep when ever you’d try to tell him
So he knows but he doesn’t want to deal with it
Eventually you are able force him to listen to what you have to tell him
“So? Just get rid of it.”
When you explain that you want to start a family he just shrugs you off
You try to convince him a few more times and he tries to convince you to abort it
Beel even tries to get him to come around
Eventually you two start to drift apart
Beel steps in to take care of you and your baby
After all he loves you and his brothers child he won’t let you go through this alone.
Belphagor never warms up to the child become a distant estranged father
Thankfully your kid has 6 loving uncles to pick up the slack
(I just can’t see Belphie being a father sorry guys lol)
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dreamkidddream · a month ago
Could I request the obey me brothers reacting to the tiktok trend where mc raises their arms up until their s/o removes their hoodie (I hope that makes sense I saw it on my fyp and thought it was adorable / I immediately thought of mammon getting all confused and it just sounds adorable-)
So I haven’t seen this trend but it sounds so cute hope I got it right 🥺 thanks for the support btw 💓 reader is gender neutral!
CW: mild suggestive/spicy in Lucifer’s part
The Brothers and MC’s Hoodie (TikTok Trend)
He doesn’t understand why you’re doing this. Are you showing him your outfit? Your jacket? Quite a…peculiar way of doing it but it’s not the first odd thing you’ve done and certainly not the last he’s sure of
You look nice (as always). Now leave him be, you’re distracting him and he has a lot of paperwork to fill out-
…why are you still here?
He’s trying to ignore you, but the longer you’re standing there with your arms up, the more his curiosity (and aggravation) is eating at him
“It’s obvious that you’re not going to leave until I do what you want me to do, correct? *sigh* fine. But leave me be after this.”
What you weren’t expecting was getting pulled into his lap, if the noise you made was any indication, which confused him even more, but then he smirked. “Hm? Was this not what you wanted?”
You stammered out that you just wanted him to take your hoodie off, but that you didn’t necessarily mind this, which he just chuckled at. He started on his paperwork again, absentmindedly rubbing circles into your side with one hand and signing things with the other. Having you in his arms felt calming and it felt…nice. He comes to the realization that he needs to steal you away more often
But you wouldn’t sit still and if you kept shifting on his lap like this…oh he’ll take your hoodie off and more
It’s time for a small break, wouldn’t you agree MC?
Your first man is confused. Do you want a high five or something?
“Oi, MC. Is this a prank or something? If it is, you better cough up some Grimm for wastin’ my time!”
You’re never wasting his time but he is so lost but doesn’t want you to leave
He really has no idea what you want him to do, likes he’s confused. Is this some type of test? Do you stink for real this time? Or do you…want a hug? We’ll all you had to do was say something, but either way you’re getting personal attention from the GREAT Mammon!
Oh but he can’t even hide the blush either way
He’s standing with his arms wrapped around you, just blushing and holding you gently in the middle of his room. His ears are burning red, but he’s ON CLOUD NINE AND DOESNT WANT TO LET YOU GO- okay with this for now, but only now though got it?!
He’s lying he would hold you all day and WILL if you let him please let him
He is visibly dazed when he hears you laughing and can’t fight back a smile no matter how hard he tries
But his feelings are hurt when you explain that it was a prank, and he’s close to stomping off because he’s embarrassed and you didn’t really want him to hold you and that bothers him more than he likes because he really wanted to hold you okay? :(
But you’re not letting him go and you end up tumbling down onto his couch, him shielding the impact but also you’re on top of him and his heart is going to combust at any second-
You still wanna be held by him?? Fine, but you’re staying like that for a while until he gets sick of it (which is no time soon)
Also you’re wearing one of his hoodies for now on, so better pick a favorite
He’s confused????
Very confused and it’s making him more awkward than usual
You can see the question marks hovering over his head, and he keeps darting his eyes away from yours because it’s starting to get embarrassing for him
🎶Prolonged eye contact🎶
But your arms are still up, and then his mind flashes back to the other prank that you pulled last time. While the result was…very nice (and he still gets super flustered just thinking about it), he won’t fall for your normie tricks again you fiend!
“Give it up MC! I won’t fall to your devilish tricks agai-“
And then he sees you eyeing his hoodie laying on his gaming chair, and he feels like he’s going to pass out any second cause YOU WANT TO WEAR HIS HOODIE?? HIS??
AND YOU WANT HIM TO PUT IT ON YOU???? He’s about to faint in 5, 4, 3, 2-
His hands are shaking as he lifts your hoodie up and he can barely hold eye contact, and he’s trying to ignore just how close you are right now, and he gets that this is another one of your pranks, but it just feels…really intimate for him. When you place your own hands over his, it makes those feelings intensify so much more
Okay he lost the battle but you HAVEN’T WON THE WAR MC
But now he wants to see you in more of his clothes, which he now made a new rule (aka shyly asked you) whenever you had sleepovers/anime marathons
He’s also started to look for matching hoodies, but just pretend that you didn’t see it yet for his sake
He’s trying to catch up on his story, about to get to the final battle when a shadow appears over him and he can’t make out the words, he groans and begins to see who dares interrupts his- oh, never mind it’s you
All of a sudden most of his irritation went away and was placed with genuine thought on what you were doing
So he peers up and sees you standing with your arms up, just barely holding in a laugh at the look of his face
MC, if this is like that forehead kiss prank you did and you’re gonna smash his head into your collarbone again, he swears-
But he’s weighing the pros and cons in his head, and he comes to the conclusion that you won’t quit until you get what you want (and having one on one time with you is never a bad option). You’re following him around like his own stray cat and he surrenders before one of his many tower of books collapse on you
He just sighs when he sees that you won’t stop anytime soon until you’re victorious and just submits himself to your trap, rolling his eyes when you cheer in victory (but he did get to see you smile, so did he really lose?)
He’s seen the trend, so he just slides your hoodie off and instead placed his own jacket around you. A gentleman and romantic wrapped in one-
Then he pulls you into his lap, his chin laying in the crook of your neck, “Now, can I get back to reading my book?”
He claims that he’s lost his place and has to start all over now, not sounding close at all being the least bit upset or disappointed at the issue
And you two stayed like that long after the book was finished
He was lost…but just for a second. You don’t have to get his attention like this, you know? There are plenty of other ways you can-
Actually wait. He’s seen this trend, but he’ll still indulge you~
He can’t help it that you look so adorable doing it MC!
He does take it off, but oh no you’re not getting away that easy! Prepare to try on the many different hoodies and jackets that he owns
Has turned his room into a fashion show, but for his eyes only. And the pout on your face just makes everything better
“Sorry honey, but you didn’t really think you could trick an influencer like me? Now try this one on, don’t be shy~”
But he’s not really sorry. Not when he gets to sees you strutting in his own clothes and coming out of your shell, or as he glides his fingers up your sides with each outfit changes (oh the shivers that you give are just teasing him at this point!)
However, seeing you being comfortable around him has him smiling in his own way. This has honestly become such a fond moment for him; first the forehead kisses and now this!
He’s definitely looking forward to your “pranks” in the future <3
As long as they aren’t gross or involve any of his brothers, ESPECIALLY MAMMON
He’s just about to bite down when you approached him, arms up and face beaming
…Up? You want him to pick you up?
Well you don’t have to tell him twice!
With the way that you squeaked he figures that he did the right thing-
…until you still try to put your arms up, which made him adjust his grip and balance his food all at once. You caught him in the middle of his 2nd midday feast, but he’ll still play along (as long as he gets to finish eating)
“Is this okay MC?” He’s holding his burger between his teeth and trying not to drop the other 10 but he’s asking if this is okay for you-
We don’t deserve you Beel
When you explained the prank to him, he didn’t get the point of it. If you just wanted him to take it off for you then you could’ve just asked. Same if you ever wanted to wear one of his, he doesn’t mind (and kinda wants you to wear one but only if you want to)
You make a mental note to act on that later
While your prank didn’t go as planned unfortunately, not all was lost. Beel isn’t loosening his grip, and he’s got this look in your eyes like he isn’t ready for you to leave just yet
Well he won’t be done with his meal(s) anytime soon and you would feel bad if you interrupted him again…
You ended up being hand fed some french fries while you unwrapped more burgers for him to devour, you two lost in your own little world not paying attention at all to your surroundings
Eventually some people (*cough* Mammon and Asmo *coughcough*) walked in and thought it was time for you two to separate
But Beel did invite to his room later on that night with the promise of any hoodie you want and free cuddles, and of course you took his offer because who wouldn’t?
He is NOT picking you up, so you might as well put your arms down- and they’re still up, of course they are
MC he’s too sleepy to figure out what or why you’re doing this, spare him please! But don’t leave him though
But he can’t just ignore you, so he tries (aka paws) at your arms to be put down, and whining when you just put them back up. This just goes on until he finally gives up, pouting
…then you start giggling and he feels some shuffling next to him
It seems that you’ve given up too, and he’s smirking knowing that he’s won. Now you’re laying down next to him, he can finally go back to sleep with the bonus of curled up next to you-
But now he’s not getting comfortable fast enough, and he needs payback for all the moving that you made him do!
So he slides into your hoodie to where you’re touching nose to nose. His heart is beating so fast and his face is red, but he’ll just hide it in the crook of your neck, which just makes his face turn even redder in hindsight, but he is getting cozy…
Humans are weird
But you’re his weird human
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r33zy · a month ago
〄 name; mc being mad at the demon brothers (for stupid-ish reasons)
☬ featuring; lucifer, mammon, leviathan, asmodeus, satan, beelzebub, belphegor
〄 genre; absolute crack
☬ tw; your "mad"😃
〄 summary; ITS THE TITLE🤨
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He used that tone.
Hoe who tf you think you talking to? I was being nice and brought you lunch just for you to reply with "thanks." WHERES THE ACKNOWLEDGMENT? No "Oh thank you, baby. You didn't have to."???? Are you talking to one of your brothers or sum?🤔 Cuz it's not me.
And the way he said it got under your skin HE DIDN'T EVEN LOOK UP AT YOU👉🏽🚪.
"You're welcome."
Panik. That's when he started panicking. You always use some type of cutesy nickname when you're talking to him so when you don't, he's a dead man.
You don't get what's the big deal, you just reciprocated how he talked to you🤷🏽‍♀️
You locked yourself in his room☺️
The thing is he already knew the door was locked so he just teleported in. enderman looking ass🙄
Slumps himself over your back with his face buried in your neck, a few kisses here and there. soft ass hoe😄
"My tone was unnecessary, I have nothing to give you at the moment, I sincerely apologize."
"Your existence is unnecessary. Love you♪😚"
Going on social media to start their day before saying anything to you.
Oh, so you have time to ‘like’ pictures on Instagram & Tweet about modeling but you can’t turn over and say good morning? That’s cool, enjoy me being really short and cheeky for the next three hours while you wonder what you did wrong.
Seems like the only thing catching my attention is my phone
Boyfriend, who? I don't have a first man😄
He's clinging onto your feet like a lost puppy, repeatedly apologizing.
"Ayo, dude. Get offa me."
"Mc, I aint your ‷Dude‷, 'm sorry!"
YO- JWJAWKJS HE- you closed the door on him so hard it actually banged on his head.
Cue the annoying ass crying for a half an hour.
He stopped after 10 minutes which actually made you upset bc he gave up so quickly.
5 minutes into staring out your window your door flew open<33
Mammon, with all full intention that he picked the lock it was in his mouth and a bunch of bags in his hands.
Yes, yes, you're supposed to be mad at him, yes. But mf you pounced on him he lowkey almost fell over
Seal that bad boy with a kiss and he's sold.
"There's a limo waiting for us outside. I'm the best boyfriend ever, praise me."
"Get your praise from your phone, jerk."
"Oi! I thought you forgave me!:("
Customizing a pizza without considering your taste buds.
As a pepperoni pizza lover I can tell you from past experience how often people add meats and veggies and fruits and sauces without giving other folks’ personal preferences a second thought.
This shouldn’t happen in a relationship. Your lover should be someone you can count on to provide pizza that isn’t decorated with disenchantment. It’s 2014, the technology to customize portions of each pizza exists!🙄
There’s room for you to add banana peppers and me to have strictly pepperoni, the only thing there isn’t room for is excuses. 
Don’t make it worse by suggesting that your partner “just pick off” what they don’t like because BREAKING MOTHERFUCKING NEWS: green pepper residue is detectable. Sausage residue is detectable. Pepperoni residue is detectable. Olive residue is detestable. Do you get it, wildly irresponsible topping choosers currently involved in relationships? With every inconsiderate pizza, you are tearing your love apart.
Levi is C R Y I N G.
You said you were going to the bathroom and he said he was gonna order pizza, you didn't care, you were hungry.
When you came back the pizza was here✨
I mean, there is nothing wrong with mushrooms sometimes but PINEAPPLE?
this is pineapple pizza lover slander.
You turned around and walked your fine ass out of his room, hell. no.
packed your shit and left.
Levi wont bang on your door or anything, he'll sit outside. You come out of your room = clingy idiot.
He's kissing every part of your exposed skin, apologizing after each kiss.
"I should've asked, MC. I'm sorry—"
"How was the pizza?"
Posting a picture that he looks phenomenal in, regardless of your dissatisfaction with your own appearance in said photo.
I. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK. How flawless your mfin hair is, if your PARTNER has their eyes closed and is captured in an unflattering moment, you’ve got to refrain from sharing that photo. Crop it all you want, but don’t leave the unedited, original image to fend for itself.
I'm pretty sure everybody hates when people do that.
Let's go outside.
You ignored him for aN hour and this dude is ANNOYING😭
Even when you locked him out of your room he was banging on your door, the door was gonna break.
Mf really said: 🚪💥🚪🚪💥🚪💥🚪💥🚪💥🚪💥🚪💥🚪💥🚪🚪💥👹💥💥
Honestly you felt like there was a possessed woman outside of your door by the way this man sounded like a whistle when he screams‧‧‧ 
When you actually do open the door you're almost hit bruh.
"There you are! Hi, baby~!♪"
His tone completely changed just from an open piece of wood
Happily loops his arm with yours and drags you to a clothes shop, not for him but for you
He would pick out a dress with a zipper purposely so you need help with it🙄
once you do actually need help with it, he zips you up then clings on you
"I'm sorry, I deleted the photo‧‧‧ will you forgive meeee?"
"I dunno. Ask the unedited picture."
"Mccccc‧‧‧~ I said I was sorryyyy."
Skipping ahead on a TV show that you began watching together.
You've been open in the past about your disdain for this type of treacherous behavior, but you'd like to reiterate that doing this to your significant other could, in fact, be just as hurtful as cheating. 
Walking in on your boyfriend in the middle of making whoopee with your worst enemy is only slightly more traumatizing than entering the living room and being greeted by them five episodes deep into season two of House Of Cards.
Now Satan isn't one to beg but mf is on his fkn knees
You were taking too long to get home from class. He couldn't help it, you wouldn't even talk to him.
You locked your room door but SOMEHOW he got in
"Hehe, uh‧‧‧ your window was open dear. That's dangerous." 
Talk to him, he'll cry.
You only look up from your D.D.D when you hear something thump onto the floor.
He was facing away from you with a stack of different movies while he found the exact show you both watched
"We can start from the beginning if you want, I do apologize for starting without you. Is there anything I can do?"
"Ask your books."
"Cursed books won't help in his situation. Forgive me.😭"
Finishing your edible & drinkable belongings without your express written consent.
Now, see, I share my food☺️
I said, y'know, like a LIAR😚
Was it your idea to order crab ragoon? 
Then why are you shoving the last delicious, deep-fried dumpling down your non-permission-asking-throat? The last serving of something that tastes good belongs to the original buyer unless they say otherwise, lovers or not.
You worked the weirdly good shift at a food joint nearby to get your food
And Beel has the audacity to take the last of it.
Instead of locking yourself in your dorm you locked yourself in his lmao.
"Hi Belphie."
Now Beel is a kind-hearted demon, he'll do anything to make you forgive him including his weekly saved food.
He acted so casually about it too. Normally walked over to Belphegor who was lying by your side, said he was going to borrow you, Belphie said k, and now you're over his shoulder.
Don't squirm, he'll drop you. Not on purpose. maybe
"Hey, Mammon. Tell Lucifer I broke my door, thanks."
"You WHAT?"
He wouldve taken you out but the couch is comfier, Beel lays over you with his cheek adorably squished to your chest.
"I'm sorry, it was my fault, I 100% take the blame."
"No, you ate my food."
"You ate my custard."
He chose sleep over a date night.
A good sleep is all well and good but at least pretend to be torn for the love of God.
You lowkey sat at the restaurant until 12, you purposely made it at a late time (10) so BELPHIE could have enough energy to be out for two hours.
Oh look he never showed up and you just sat at a table for two hours straight. I mean, honestly you wouldn't be mad if he showed up late like 5-10 minutes but bro didn't even show up.
Lazy ass bitch, Avatar of Sloth my ass😐
Belphie is really whiny about him missing out too, don't let him touch you please he'll stick onto you like a koala.
He won't make any excuses either, it's his fault, he takes full responsibility, he needs to make it up to you.
But he can't do that if you're ignoring him>:(
He'll become annoying rq.
"I'm sorry, forgive me, love me, stop ignoring me, babe, love of my life, babe, babe, baby, sugar, hon, bub," 
That'll continue and each nickname will more and more cringey.
You're my honeybunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin you're my sweetie pie you're my cuppycake, gumdrop, snoogums-boogums you're the apple of my eye😋
Kiss him. Please. Shut him up.
"OH MY GOD! YOU PAYED ATTENTION TO ME!:D Let's take a nap. I wanna show my forgiveness with cuddles.♡"
"Go hug a pillow, bitch."
"Mm-hm-hm☺️. Sleep now."
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Punishing Asmodeus
Tumblr media
m!reader x Asmodeus
sub!Asmo, daddy kink, rough sex, cockring, hair pulling, slapping/pinching, orgasm denial
Tumblr media
An overdramatic gasp falls from Asmo's lips, pretending to be shocked by the cockring you swiftly slid over his lubed cock, but the way his hips twitch reveals how turned on he is. You glance up, scowling upon seeing the excited grin on your partner's face.
"No matter how I punish you, you'll always like it, huh?" you roll your eyes, flipping Asmodeus over while doing so.
Your rough handling makes him squeak in delight, his cheeks turning a seductive red as he nods enthusiastically, too turned on to speak. Your hand grabs his nodding head, holding the already disheveled hair tight to pull back, forcing the demon to arch his back lewdly.
Without another warning, you thrust into Asmodeus' hole, feeling it clench around you, fighting the aggressive penetration, though the slutty moan from Asmo's glossy lips contradicts his body's pain. He immediately starts circling his hips, delighted whines pouring off his tongue like his personal sinphony, using your cock like the mindless brat he is. A loud yelp disrupts his moans, the slap on his ass unexpected but wanted.
"At least pretend like this is a punishment..." you complain through gritted teeth while your hands grip Asmo's hips tightly, stopping his movement to thrust into him at a fast pace.
The demon's petit body helplessly succumbs to your rough treatment, dragging along the mattress every time your hips collide with his. Asmodeus can't help but moan, the loud sound filling out the whole room as always, and his delicate hands find the sheets to tightly grab onto, letting his personal sin flow through the air like smoke.
"P-ple-ase, daddy!"
Asmodeus' cry makes you groan, your thighs stinging by the force you put into your thrusts, your cock slamming against Asmo's prostate so brutally, it pushes him to his first orgasm faster than he'd thought if it wasn't for the cockring sitting tight at the base of his swollen dick. He whines into the pillow, the feeling of his favorite toy causing drool to slip from his lips.
"Y'know 'm not letting you cum tonight, right?" you taunt through gritted teeth, one hand freeing Asmo's hips to pinch his ass provocatively. "Maybe tomorrow night, neither. You won't cum 'til you learn t'be a good slut for your daddy, got that?"
If it wasn't for the cockring, Asmo would cum all over the sheets at your words, loving how merciless they sound and how vulnerable he is to them. The idea of you using him for yourself only, without regard for his pleasure, makes the avatars whole body tingle, craving more of your cruelty.
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smolchildlevy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Obey Me! Boys seeing MC being harassed
Characters: Asmodeus, Satan, Lucifer, Simeon
Warnings: mentions of sa, harassment, fluff, language, reminder that this is f!reader (lemme know if there’s any more)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-You two were shopping at Majolish.
-There’s lots of demons, of all kinds as normal.
-It’s not that you haven’t been there, it’s just that you feel as though their eyes are all on you, and not in a good way.
-You and Asmo had separated, going in different sections to check out the products.
-While looking at the latest trending perfumes, a tall, lanky demon comes up to you.
-“Are you all alone here, cutie?” He says.
-You whip around to face him.
-“W-Well.. no. I have someone I know here.” You say, backing up.
-“I don’t see them around here~”
-You’re quiet now, still shifting your body away from the demon.
-“Aww, how cute.” He grabs your chin.
-“Uh.. I better go to my boyfriend..”
-“So soon?”
-He didn’t let you go. Instead, he continued to flirt with you.
-“My, My, what is a dirty-looking demon doing here with my darling?” Asmodeus finally gets to you.
-“What did you say?”
-“Ah, a stupid one you are huh?”
-“Hah?? You looking to start something?”
-“Asmo-“ you squeak.
-“Shhh, MC.”
-“Tch. You’re not worth it anyways.” The demon scoffed and headed the other way.
-“Are you ok?” Asmo weaves his fingers through yours.
-“Mhm, thanks for that. It was funny seeing him after you said that.” You laugh.
-“Yep! Now let’s go home!”
Tumblr media
-The both of you were at the library, looking for the next book you’re gonna read.
-He went off to the history section, while you stayed at the fiction one.
-A male demon takes that chance to creep up on you.
-“Hey pretty lady~”
-You jumped, turning around. “Hi?”
-“What’s a cutie like you doing here?” He says, slowly snaking his arm around your shoulder.
-“My boyfriend and I came to get books..” you say nervously.
-“Hmm, what a shame.” He says this, but doesn’t let go of you.
-Well he doesn’t until Satan gets there.
-“What are you doing?” Satan burns a hole through the demons head with his eyes.
-“Who are you?”
-“Her fucking boyfriend. Leave her alone or things will get ugly.”
-“Ugh. Fine.” The demon scoffs before leaving the two of you.
-You sigh. “Thanks Satan.”
-“No problem kitten. Be wary of people like that.”
-“I will.” You giggle.
-“Good.” He smiled.
Tumblr media
-It was a normal day. You and him were walking through the halls of RAD.
-To be honest, the skirt you had for school wasn’t necessarily long.
-Occasionally, you had perverts look at you, which made one of the demon brothers angry.
-The one you would never want to make mad— Lucifer.
-It’s one of those days.
-He was turned away from you, talking to Diavolo, who was checking in on everyone.
-Meanwhile, a random demon stalked up to you while you sat, waiting for Lucifer to finish talking.
-“Well hey there sexy~” He says, sitting next to you.
-“Uhm, hi?”
-“Nice thighs~” His hands go to touch your lower thigh.
-You froze, scared.
-“Just what do you think you’re doing?” A stern voice is heard from in front of you.
-“Saying hi to the pretty la- oh.” The demon realizes who’s in front of him and retracted his hands from you.
-Lucifer’s glare was piercing and frightening to say the least.
-The demon scurries away.
-Lucifer takes your hand helping you up.
-“Did he hurt you?”
-“No, he was just being gross. Thanks for saving me.” You smile.
-“Yeah, yeah.” He chuckled. “I guess I need to show people you’re mine, hm?”
-“I-“ your face flushed.
-“Let’s go back home then. We got some things we need sorted out.” Smirking, he leads you back to the HOL.
Tumblr media
-You and Simeon were at a local park.
-Earlier, Simeon had noticed someone staring at you. And not with good intent.
-He didn’t let you know though, so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
-But the moment he looks away for one second, the demon is all up on you.
-When he turns around, he sees this.
-Simeon almost broke when the demon tried grabbing your ass.
-He grabs the demon’s arm before he can do that and pushes the arm back to their chest.
-He had a kind smile on, but his eyes said otherwise.
-“Touch her again and you’ll lose that arm of yours, okay?” He whispered into their ear.
-The demon goes quiet and decides to walk away, frightened by Simeon’s threatening words.
“You okay darling?” He asked.
-“Yeah.. what a creepy person. You rescued me from him though, so thank you love.” You kiss his cheek.
-The kind smile comes back, this time he means well. “I wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you.”
-“Let’s go back to Purgatory Hall and bake with Luke, sound good?” You suggest.
-“Of course, I’d be delighted.”
Tumblr media
Requests are open! <3
Tumblr media
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asmobrim · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
humans are horrifying part 11  shut them up with a kiss
← prev part    next part →
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undying-vagabond · 2 months ago
om! boys react to “ppl i would cheat on my bf with”
✩ lucifer ✩
Tumblr media
- the audacity you have to say that to him
- he’s already plotting murder.
- his pride is hurt, shattered, if you will
- briefly wonders where he went wrong
- not happy even after you say “no one”
✩ mammon ✩
Tumblr media
- words absolutely do hurt him
- he acts confident but is actually kinda insecure
- he’s already wiping his tears with cash
- suuuuper jealous
- who the hell would you even cheat on him with?!
- relaxes when you say “no one”
- still upset about it so make it up to him with lots of cuddling and loving words
✩ levi ✩
Tumblr media
- now why would you say that to him
- congrats levi, new fear unlocked
- he’s a bundle of insecurities so this might actually break him
- he thinks you’re too good for him
- please comfort him so much.
✩ belphie ✩
Tumblr media
- mf is so petty
- will hit you with the reverse card and say “well this is who i would cheat on you with”
- yikes, because he didn’t let you finish so now you’re both upset
- realized you were joking but it stung a little so
- now he looking like the whole circus
- will become more attached to you and protective and jealous
✩ beel ✩
Tumblr media
- pls he’s like a puppy
- thinks you’re being serious
- crushes you in a hug when you say “no one” because he was so scared
- baby treasures you so much so he’d be genuinely sad if you ever cheated on him
- still trusts you tho
✩ asmo ✩
Tumblr media
- pouty
- whines a lot because why would you ever want someone else when you have him
- he’s your biggest simp
- after a while he acts like “hmph! good riddance”
- might try to flirt with others but he just ends up coming back to you
- very touchy after that
✩ satan ✩
Tumblr media
- sigh
- lmao don’t even try to say “lucifer” as a joke because he will kill everyone in the room.
- initially tries to be mature but he might snap if you don’t say “no one”
- so stressed after the whole ordeal
- loves you so much but sometimes you take years off his life
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royalelusts · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
real quick warning. beel’s part might be a bit triggering for some <3 part 1
It was a stupid argument really. So stupid in fact that the both of you didn’t even remember what it was about. You just knew that all the pent up frustrations from the past few weeks were finally coming out. “I don’t even know why I bother. All you see is Lilith in me anyway.”
Tumblr media
he paused and looked at you
true, he never physically met her but he is from lucifer
he’s feels the fondness that the ladder felt for her but it’s nothing more than that
a memory
“is this what this is about?”
He didn’t notice how it sounded until you scoffed
Nothing was said until you reached the door
“i often wonder what it would be like to actually love her. to hug her, share moments with her, to genuinely be able to cherish her but i’ll never get that experience. i, luckily, am able to love you and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. i wouldn’t replace you for all of devildom. please know you mean so much more than those faded emotions.”
He let out an audible gasp
He wanted to say something snooty back but nothing came up
Instead he started ushering you out of his room
“get out. the stress will only give me bags and spots”
once you’re gone he’ll sit at his vanity and just stare at himself in the mirror
then and only then will he let himself break
time stopped when the words left your mouth
no words were needed. you could see the storm going on behind his eyes
all the pain and guilt from the war came rushing back at him
“i’m sorry…”
the words were so soft and broken that if you weren’t paying attention you would have missed it
“i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m-”
he sobbed between each apology. slowly sinking to his knees. without noticing he started grabbing handfuls of his hair
though the guilt had sunk in from bringing up the topic…
you couldn’t help but wonder if the apology was for you or his sister
slowly he sat up and glared at you
“do you really think someone like you could even compare to her?”
he hadn’t meant to say it but it’s wasn’t his fault
besides you started it so it was only fair he was petty back, right?
“she was better than you in so many ways. she could do a lot more things than you. the most important thing though, she meant a lot more to me than you ever will. don’t project your insecurities on her.”
with that he grabbed his pillow and headed toward the attic making sure to bump into your shoulder on the way
Tumblr media
taglist: @potoostuff @elegantstatesmanrebelalieb @silenteyes @sscarchiyo @bakugo-th0t
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leviathans-watching · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
art in this post belongs to noé, @/mattieisheer :: permission to post was allowed by the artist
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leviathans-body-pillow · a month ago
Beauty and the Beast
Asmo x fem!Mc teratophillia smut
Warnings: +18 very R rated, teritophillia (monster fetish), smut, monster genitalia, tentacles, knotting, slight breeding kink, r@pe threat (but no actual non con just an empty threat), angst
Ooo boy this one is long lmao
Summary: so what if part of Asmo’s curse as the avatar of lust is he can only have sexy in his full released demon form. Usually this isn’t a problem since he usually charms his partners and can make them forget his true form. However his new lover Mc is immune to his charm. His solution? Avoid sex at all cost. With a little masturbation all goes well until Mc begins to believe he doesn’t find her attractive. Angry and hurt she goes to confront him. ((angst with a very fluffy ending, I tried to put the smut under a cut but I’m on mobile so well so if it works))
After about a year of constant flirting and lingering touches and a serious conversation about love and boundaries you and Asmo finally made things official. Now it has been about 5 months into your relationship. He had been everything you could ask for: loving, affectionate, considerate, loyal, sensitive… everything except passionate. Which was very odd considering he was the avatar of lust. It’s not like you hadn’t tried to get things moving but every time things start to heat up he has some reason to stop. “Why rush a good thing” or “I want the first time to be special” or simply running away claiming he forgot something important. It’s not that you wanted to pressure him into sex, you respect his consent but at this point you at least felt like you deserved a serious explanation as to why he was holding back from you.
Asmo sat next to you on your bed, one hand caressing you cheek while the other wrapped snuggly around your waist. You hands rubbed up his chest and into his soft hair as your tongue tangled with his. Taking a chance you moved to sit in his lap gently grinding on him to make your intentions clear. Asmo paused for a moment but just when you thought he would push you off, his hands moved to hold you hips against him. You and Asmo made out and humping each other like desperate horny kids. Feeling the heat of the moment you pulled away from his kiss just enough so you could look into his eyes.
“Asmodeus please I want you to make love to me.” You confessed combing your fingers through his hair. You fingers hit something hard at the top of his head, taken aback you pulled back further to fully see your lover. His horns were growing out from the top of his head, his teeth grew long and sharp, as his wing struggled to be freed from under his shirt. His gaze was intense but there was an anxiety growing behind his burning amber eyes.
“Asmo are you ok?” You asked growing concerned by the fearful look in his eyes. It was nothing you hadn’t seen before, it’s not like you didn’t know he was a demon. So why did he seem so frightened?
With out giving you an answer, Asmo swiftly lifted you off of him with a strength you didn’t know he had and gently laid you on the bed. With out meeting you eyes he left you there only muttering something along the lines of “sorry have to go.”
You were to stunned to run after him. He really left you there, concerned, horny, and feeling more rejected than ever. After the initial shock wore off you felt sad and sorry for your self. Did he not love you? Was he not attracted to you? Was flirting with you all that time and telling you he loved you just some twisted game? Ya let’s play lead on and sexually frustrate and humiliate the human girl. Now you were angry. This isn’t the first time this had happened but it was going to be the last one way or another.
You matched your way down the hall to Asmo room hoping to find him there. As you approached the door you could hear something faint coming from the room. Curious you pressed your ear to the door. It was the sound of Asmo’s voice calling your name mixed with soft moans and gasps. Either he was mastorbating or crying. ‘And for his sake’, you thought, ‘he better be crying.’
Feeling bold you tried the door handle to find that it was unlocked. Quietly you turned the handle and pushed open the door. His usually bright and warm room was now cold and dark. Something in the atmosphere felt off. Your instincts told you to not reveal your presence as you tiptoed into the room. His canopy bed had the veils pulled shut. Between the dark and the silky drapes you could barley make out the strange figure on the bed. Logic told you it had to be Asmo but instinct told you to run.
Steeling your nerves and trying to conjure up the anger that had brought you here, you approach the bed. Asmo’s stops as he hears you approach now aware of your presence.
He doesn’t need to look to see it’s you, there no mistaking the sound of your blood pounding in your chest or your soft breath leaving you lungs or the distinct sent of your pheromones.
You can hear a soft monsteras clicking as you watch the figure move from behind the thin veil still not able to figure out what exactly you’re seeing. You take a deep breath repeating in your head it’s just Asmo it’s just Asmo. “Why did you leaving me like that?” Your voice coming out more fightedned than you had wanted.
“Go away!” The creature roared in a voice the sounded like your lovers but there was a tonality to it that didn’t sound quite right.
“No! Please just talk to me!” You took a hesitant step closer.
“Don’t come any closer!” He pleaded with you as you continued to move towards the bed. “I’ll kill you human!”
“Asmo please do you not love me?” You questioned taking another step closer.
“I’ll rip open you belly and gut you like a pig!”
“Please tell me what’s wrong!” You where at the foot of the bed now reaching up to pull back the veil.
The whole time Asmo continued to threatened you. “Damn you human! If you look I’ll rape you! I’ll slit open your throat and fuck the hole!”
Ignoring his warnings you threw back the veil only to be met by a black stinger pointed at your throat. Asmo was on all four, crouching back like a cornered animal ready to pounce. He used his now large black wings to cover his face.
Hesitantly at first you reach up to the stinger. Asmo released a threatening clicking from the back of his throat as you gently placed your hands on the appendage moving it out of the way. Despite his threats Asmo didn’t resist you as you moved to sit on the bed. He retreated to the head of the bed huddling up behind his great black wings to hide himself from your gaze. His stinger looming above the cocoon of wings, as a warning.
You studied what you could see of his body. His usually small wings were now at least triple their usual size. Their usually soft smooth texture replaced with rough leathery flesh that appeared to be torn and wounded at the bottom. He stinger looked to be that of a scorpions, black and shiny from the exoskeleton. From behind his wings you could see his familiar horns and soft strawberry blonde hair. Poking out from beneath he wings appeared to be the toes of rooster’s feet but with the talons of a bird of prey.
You broke the silence by calling his bluff, “are you going to gut and rape me now?”
“No, I don’t want to hurt you.” Asmo’s voice cracked as his voice came out in a choked sob. “I can’t hurt you, please just go away.” He wailed as his wings shook from the sobs racking through his body.
You’re anger completely vanished as his pained cries broke your heart. You crawled closer, now sitting in front of him. Gently you reached a hand out to smooth over his leathery wings. When he didn’t stop you, you raised your other hand to his wings. Softly you tried to open them so you could hold him.
In a flash Asmodeus had you pushed under him by the throat with a monsterus strength. “Is this what you wanted!? You wanted to come gauche at the beast!? Well here I am!” Asmo roared tightening his grip on you pushing you down further into the mattress. Hot tears fell from his eyes, wetting your face.
You saw him fully now, his teeth razor sharp and protruding from his soft lips. He stared down at you with his amber eyes against on ocean of black where the white should be. Under his normal eyes he had a ring of what at first appeared to be three black dots under each eye, but as you stared into them they blinked. He had six spider like eyes giving him a total of eight. Jutting out from his jaw were what looked like razor sharp pincers. His torso appeared rather normal, but as your eyes traveled down to his hips you could see the start of red feathers.
“Asmo…” was all you could choke out with his hands around you throat.
“No I told you not to look!” He cried but his actions betrayed his words as he loosened his grip of you. He eventually released you, sitting back on his feathery knees bringing his hand up to cover his face.
“I’m hideous,” he weeped, his voice growing rough from crying.
“I don’t think you are” you answered sitting up.
“Liar!” He accused, not moving his hands to meet your eyes.
You both sat there for a while in silence. Asmo lost in his self hatred and you letting him get his feeling out.
After what felt like hours you finally spoke, “can I touch you’re feathers?”
Asmo just whimpered in response, hesitantly nodding yes.
Slowly you moved towards him not wanting to startle him again. Kneeling in front of you, you reached out with one hand to gently stroke the scarlet feathers that covered his thighs and hips. They were soft! Unbelievably soft and silky. You hummed quietly as you combed your hands through his feathers. Feeling confident, you moved to bury your face in his lap. Asmo huffed out a sigh of relief, comforted by your closeness.
Carefully you felt you way up his torso, cautious of any change in Asmo’s behavior. But he lets you touch him, running your hand over his chest. His skin was as soft and warm as ever. Slowly you moved to place your hands over his. Taking them into yours, he allowed you to pull them away from his face. You both sat there holding each other’s hands. Asmo didn’t look up to meet your gaze, he face red and puffy from crying.
“Asmo,” you spoke, “please tell me what’s going on.”
Asmo let out sigh, “this is who I really am Mc. This is my true form.” More tear threatened to fall. “It’s a curse, our punishment for falling from grace. Normally we can control our form easily, but when ever I have sexual contact with another I loose control. I’m stuck like this until I get off. Normally I hypnotize my victims to forget my true nature but you!” He meets your gaze as he says this, “I can’t make you forget!”
“Asmo,” you moved a hand to caress his face as best you could with his pincer in the way. “I don’t want to forget any part of you, I love you.”
He began to cry again. This time you moved to sit on his lap so you could properly hug him. He wrapped his arms and wings around you, resting his head on your shoulder.
“So this is why you’d run away when ever I’d try to seduce you.” You hummed petting his soft hair.
“I’m sorry,” Asmo muttered holding you closer. “I didn’t want you to see me like this.”
“I thought maybe you didn’t find me attractive.” You confessed, feeling silly now.
“Do you think I would be stuck in the accursed form if I wasn’t attracted to you?” Asmo wanted to feel insulted but he knew how you must’ve felt when ever he left you.
“I suppose not. What do you do when you run away?” You asked fearing the answer may be that he finds someone he can hypnotize.
“I hide somewhere private close by and jack off.” He admitted, you might as well know everything at this point. “I just want to get out of this form as soon as possible.”
“Can I help you this time?” You ask.
“What?” Asmo looks up at you shocked by your proposition.
You blush holding the gaze of his 8 eyes, “Asmodeus, I want to have sex with you.”
“Ok,” Asmo consents, his voice barely above a whisper.
You lean in for a kiss, carful not to get cut on his sharp pincers that open up to let you in. Asmo meets you half way placing a soft kiss on your lips. You deepen the kiss pressing forward. Asmo carefully open his mouth to let you in, you gladly take his invitation carful not to cut your self on his fangs.
His tongue was different now, like nothing you had ever felt. His mouth felt like a mess of tentacles, swirling around your tongue and invading your mouth. A familiar warmth pooled in you stomach as you imagined what it would feel like for him to eat you out.
With out breaking the kiss, you reached down to feel between his feathery legs, eager to explore his foreign body. Asmo moaned into you kiss as you fingers found a wet slit. Feeling brave you ran you fingers over the opening, the skin was silky and soft. It didn’t feel like vulva, there were no soft lips or folds, just a simple moist gash. Pleased with his reaction you continued to stroke it as his slick coated your fingers. Confident now you pressed gently at his entrance. Asmo’s head lolled back as your fingers entered him. Slowly you began to pump your fingers in and out l. Asmo had no shame as he moan from you ministrations. As he loosened up and you fingers sunk deeper in to him. As you pushed deeper your fingers hit the rounded tip of something hard.
“Aaaa! There! Mc right there!” Asmo cried out as you rubbed against the tip of what ever you had found. As you continued, the tip started to push back against you fingers. It continued to push you’re fingers back until it was peaking out of his entrance. Encouraged by Asmo’s reactions you continued to rub the swollen tip.
“Shit… Mc don’t stop I’m gonna…” however instead of an orgasm, a new appendage burst through Asmo’s slit. It looked somewhat like a fleshy pink flower. Pink tentacles blossomed like petals around a darker pink stem of the tip you had been stimulating.
You reach for one of the pink tentacles, it responds to your touch coiling in your hand. You’re mesmerized by the foreign appendage and wriggling and squirming as if they have a mind of their own. They don’t seems as sensitive as the stem but touching them still made Asmo squirm.
“Ah Mc I need you, please let me fuck you!” He begged desperate for release.
Who were you to deny him after all this time you had waited for this moment. You wanted to move into a position for him but honestly weren’t sure what would be best.
“Come here,” Asmo reached for you as if he could read your mind. Carefully now he laid you underneath him.
“Are you sure this is ok?” Asmo asked searching your eyes for any hint of disgust of fear.
“Yes Asmodeus! Please I want you to fuck me.” You answered with as much love and excitement as you could muster with words alone. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss him on the nose.
Asmo lined himself up with your entrance. You suck in a breath as you feel how large he truly was in this form.
“What’s wrong?” Asmo stops sensing your concern.
“Is it gonna fit?” You ask worried everything you both went through to get to this point will be for nothing just because you’re little.
Asmo couldn’t help but giggle at how cute you are. “Hush doll, don’t worry I think you’ll be surprised how far you can stretch.”
Before you could further voice you concern, you’re interrupted by the strange pleasure of one of Asmo’s petals rubbing your clit in circles. Another tentacle teases your entrance, barely entering you while swirling inside.
You fall back against the bed, “aaaa… Asmo don’t tease me. “ you whined.
“Oh? Don’t tease you?” Asmo cooed loving how desperate you were for him. “Is this better?” He asked as the tentacle playing at you entrance fulling enters you, coiling against your g-spot.
“Aaa yes there!” You moan arching your back. A familiar coil starts to tighten in your core. Another tentacle squeezes into your hole joining the other to stretch you. After giving you a few seconds to adjust another wriggled into you. You burn from the stretch but the pain is drowned out by the constant stimulation of the tentacles squirming against your clit and g-spot. It was too much, your mind went blank as your body began to shake. “Asmo…aaaaa….Asmo! I’m…. I’m gonaaaa….”
“What’s that Mc? You’re gonna what?” Asmodeus teased, adoring how fucked out of your mind you already were.
“I….I’m…..Aaaaaaaa” you couldn’t finish your thought as the coil in you core broke, releasing a flood. Asmo with drew his tentacles causing you to spray him with your juices.
“Fuck that’s hot!” Asmo practically moaned at the sight of you squirting for him. Your body went limp under him as you tried to catch your breath, over whelmed from your orgasm hot tears burned in your eyes. 
“Are you ok to keep going my precious Mc?” Asmo cooed, placing a soft kiss to your forehead while he ran his hands over you sensitive body.
You could only nod as the tears in your eye rolled down you cheeks, making a noise that sounded along the line of a yes.
“We can stop if it’s too much.” Asmo assured you as he lined his tip up with your aching hole. He starred deeply into your eyes. There was a storm of emotions behind his amber eyes: anxiety and lust, but also happiness and a love so deep it caused your heart to ache. As he began to gently push into your entrance, you pull him down into a passionate kiss careful of his sharp pincers and fangs. Asmo wraps his arms around your torso holding you tight against him as he bottoms out inside of you. You could feel a slight stretch but thanks to Asmo’s care you were properly stretched out.
Asmo started out slow wanting to savor this intimate moment. He rested his forehead against yours not wanting to loosen his hold on you. Despite his slow pace your previous orgasm had your nerves on fire. The gentle sensation of his member pumping in and out of you at a steady pace was enough to drive your crazy. A tentacle returned to its previous position, lightly stimulating you overly sensitive clit.
“Asmo!” You cried out your fingers digging angry red lines into his back and neck. You desperately tried to hold on but your second orgasm hit you hard. Asmo moaned at the feeling of your walls tightening around him as you came.
The sensation broke Asmo’s resolve making him now desperate for release. He began to fuck into you at a vicious pace. You kept your tight grip on his member, your walls pulling him in deeper. Asmo pulled you legs over his shoulder pushing you down into a mating press. You could feel the tip of his large member push against your cervix. Any pain you would have felt was downed out by the feeling of you third climax building. You couldn’t even think, lewd sounds poured from your lips as your mind melt from the pleasure. Asmo’s controlled thrusts grew sloppy but never slowed as he chased his orgasm.
“Fuck you’re so good Mc! Aaaa you’re so tight!” Asmo cried out. He buried his head in the crook of your neck as he tried to hold you even tighter. Asmodeus moan your name over and over like a prayer as he grew dangerously close to the edge.
With his release close, the base of his member swelled into a knot, locking you both together. The sudden strange sensation pushed you over the edge for a third time. The feeling of your orgasm pushed Asmo over the edge with you. You both cried out in ecstasy together as Asmo filled you with his seed. You felt impossible full as you abdomen swelled with his cum, his member and knot holding it in.
Asmo collapsed against you, carful not to crush you under his weight. “I love you,” he confessed trying to choke back tears that threatened to spill.
“I love you too Asmodeus” you returned his feeling lazily carding your fingers through his hair.
You laid together in each other’s arms exchanging sweet nothings until Asmo’s knot went down. As he pulled out, his body shifted back into his humanoid form. “Why don’t we take a bath?” He suggested as his seed started to leak from your used hole.
“That sounds nice.” You answered, letting him scoop you up in his arms far too spent to walk on your own.
You spent the rest of the night with Asmo caring for each other. Painting each other’s nails, trying out different face masks, as you fed each other snacks and wine. Later falling sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.
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animeomegas · 3 months ago
Kinktober - Day 10
[Asmo (Obey me!) + Comfort Sex]
Tumblr media
Premise: Asmo’s exhausted and all he wants to do is cuddle and sleep for the next hundred years. But no one said being the incarnation of lust was simple. Dom!Alpha!Reader
Warnings: Allusions to slut shaming. There’s actually so little smut in this one lmao bye
You yawned and stretched out on Asmo’s luxurious bed as you killed time scrolling on your phone, waiting for Asmo to get home.
He was staying late at RAD to redo an exam he’d failed last week. Asmo was nervous, but you believed in him. Lucifer had threatened to limit his water usage if he failed again, so Asmo had spent the last three days studying with your help to ensure his bath time remained free from Lucifer’s clutches. He’d pulled an all nighter last night. He was going to be exhausted. Hence why you were waiting for him, ready to spoil him all night.
Speaking of Asmo, your phone started to ring, his name flashing up on the screen with an selfie of him eat ice cream that he’d set as his contact picture in your phone. 
“Hello, my love, are you finished with your exam?”
“Yeah,” Asmo’s voice was quiet. He sounded defeated. “It went well, I’m just tired. Where are you?”
“Poor baby, I’m waiting in your room for you.”
“Okay… I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Alright, my love, I’ll see you soon.”
You ended the call and sat up ready to greet your tired mate with some good old-fashioned TLC.
Only a few minutes later, the bedroom door creaked open and Asmo stumbled in, looking like death warmed over. He had dark bags under his eyes, his hair was a mess, his lips were dry and cracking. He dropped his school bag on the floor with a bang and held up his arms towards you in the universal signal for a hug. Oh dear.
You didn’t make him wait, sweeping him into a well-deserved embrace while Asmo sniffed pitifully on your shoulder.
“Hush, baby,” you shushed him, running your fingers through his hair, careful to avoid the tangles. “Are you okay?”
“I’m tired,” he whined. “And I look awful. I haven’t been able to do anything but study for days.”
You cooed at him and wrapped your arms under his thighs and picked him up. Asmo gave a little watery giggle and wrapped his legs around your waist as he snuggled in.
“I think you need a nice spa session and a massage, but do you want some sleep first?”
“Yeah, as much as I want a bath, I think I’ll going to fall asleep right here if I don’t get to bed soon,” his voice was still a little quieter than normal, but the thought of a good sleep seemed to be perking him up a little bit.
You laughed.
“Sounds like a plan.”
“Can you pick out some pyjamas for me?”
“Mhmm,” you grumbled happily, snuggling under the blanket with your omega. “It’s nice and warm under here, huh?”
You and Asmo were cuddling in bed together, legs tangled, chests pressed together. You pressed a kiss on Asmo’s head and Asmo took a deep breath of your scent and relaxed completely at the familiar and safe scent, eyes finally fluttering closed.
And then you felt him getting hard against your thigh.
Asmo’s eyes shot open immediately.
“No, no, no,” he mumbled, pulling away. “I don’t want this, not now. I-“ he cut himself off with a frustrated sob. He extricated himself from your embrace and shuffled away, bringing up his hands to cover his face as he cried.
“Woah, woah, woah, calm down, Asmo, what’s going on?” You tried to keep your voice as steady as you could so as to not upset him any further, but you couldn’t help but let some of the surprise and confusion at his behaviour leak through.
“Why did I get this sin? I just want to cuddle, why is it always like this?”
Crystal tears were flowing freely down Asmo’s face now as he choked on sobs. Somehow his dark circles seemed to get even darker as you watched him breakdown.
“I ruin everything!” he sobbed, curling up into an even tighter ball.
“You don’t ruin anything, my love,” you tried to soothe him, but ultimately you weren’t sure what to say. “What makes you think that you ruin anything, huh?”
You scooped him up and tried to get him to settle back down next to you. Asmo leant into you but didn’t uncurl from his ball.
“I would take any other sin, I don’t want this one anymore! Everyone thinks that I have to be horny all the time, and look, they’re right!” he gestured angrily at the still present tent in his pyjama trousers. “All my brothers get to be other things too, but I need to be seductive and horny all the time, and I’m sick of it!”
As the yelling trailed off, Asmo just look defeated as he transitioned back into quiet crying. He’d obviously been keeping these feelings to himself for a long time, and you were sad that he’d never shared the burden with you.
“Here, sweetheart, lay down properly,” you said, pulling him around so that you were spooning him. “What we’re going to do is this, I’m going to get you off as quickly as I can and then you’re going to get some rest so that when you wake up, we can do a rose petal bath and spa session, does that sound good?”
You knew you needed to address the root of his issues surrounding his sin, but that was a job for later. Asmo was exhausted and addressing his insecurities would take a lot of energy.
Asmo hummed positively to your suggestion, nodded sluggishly into the pillow.
“Good boy,” you placed a firm kiss on the back of his head. “Now, I’m going to take care of this and hopefully calm your sin for a bit, just relax.”
You pulled his pyjama trouser down just enough to untuck his cock from the waistband, and after pausing for a moment to pour a little lube from Asmo’s bedside table onto your palm, you wrapped your hand around him and set what you hoped was a steady and relaxing pace, up and down.
Asmo moaned and sniffled, his tears seeming to finally be dying down as he enjoyed your gentle attention.
“You’re so beautiful, Asmo,” you cooed into his ear, swirling your thumb around the head of his cock and dipping your nail into his slit the way he liked it. “And not just on the outside. You’re so kind, so fun, so passionate about everything you enjoy. There’s so much about you that has nothing to do with your sin, and if other people can’t see that, then they’re missing out.”
“I love you,” Asmo sobbed, tears starting up again. “I’ve never had someone who made me feel like this before, I don’t want to ruin it because of my stupid sin!”
“You’re not going to ruin anything,” you whispered into his ear. “I adore you, every part of you, including your sin.”
Asmo was starting to drip precum all over your hands now, so you reached back over to the nightstand and grabbed a tissue so you could keep the sheets clean for your post-orgasm cuddling session.
You had initially been worried about subduing your own arousal when faced with the pheromones and scent Asmo was putting out, but the sight of your mate crying, completely distraught, had killed any libido you may normally have had. You were sad that he was sad.
“I’m close, alpha. Bite me please, please mark me, don’t leave me,” he begged, wrapping his soft hands around your wrist as he did so.
You didn’t hesitate, sinking your teeth into his neck and renewing your mark. As you did, Asmo shuddered as his orgasm ran through him. It wasn’t huge, it wasn’t powerful. But it was enough.
You caught everything with the tissue and immediately threw it away, pulling up his pyjama trousers swiftly so you could put this behind you and coax Asmo to sleep as soon as possible.
“There, all done,” you reassured, peppering kisses around his fresh bite mark.
Asmo didn’t answer but he turned around in your embrace and snuggled in like he was trying to make himself seem as small as possible. You grabbed a fresh tissue and wiped away some of his tears, grateful that Asmo had the softest tissues money could buy on his nightstand.
“Thank you,” he whispered as he tangled his legs in yours again.
“Of course, beautiful,” you gently massaged the back of his head to try and relax him. “You’ve earned a break. Get some sleep, I’ll be right here when you wake up.”
“Okay,” he said softly, pushing as close to your chest as he could. “I love you.”
“I love you, too, and I’m so proud of you. Sweet dreams.”
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panicattheattic · 3 months ago
Falling Asleep on Them Headcanons
So you were in trouble right?
Yup, you aren't even sure what you did this time.
But here you were.
In Lucifer's room.
Getting a talking-to that's been going on for like 3 hours now.
At this point you were sitting beside Lucifer on his bed.
Kinda looking towards him, but not really paying attention.
But he just kept going on and on.
Eventually you started to get really sleepy.
Ah that's right, you were in trouble for staying out so late...
You tried to fight the drowsiness fearing you'd just get in trouble again.
That didn't work so well.
Soon you were slumped over, fast asleep.
Lucifer felt your weight on him and he knew immediately you had fallen asleep.
That may or may not have been part of his plan.
To be fair, he originally was just going to give you one of his extensive speeches about following the rules.
But once he saw you were barely staying awake, he decided to take advantage of it.
Can you blame him?
You look so adorable when you sleep.
Just don't be alarmed when you wake up tomorrow in Lucifer's bed all snuggled up in his sheets.
He was over at your room.
You were watching a compilation of the best Lord of Fools moments from the TSL anime.
Mammon was crying, but that's besides the point.
You held on to his arm in order to comfort him.
"I-I'm fine, ya dummy! Ya think the great Mammon needs someone to hold him??"
You managed to convince him it was for you instead of him, so he let it slide.
Not that that was something difficult for him to do.
The warmth that radiated off of him was calming, so calming infact, that you couldn't help snuggling into his side even more and drifting off to sleep.
At first when he noticed, Mammon nearly freaked out.
"W-Wha' do ya think your doin'?!"
But upon confirming that you really were asleep.
And since no one else was around.
He let his true feelings show.
He gently moved your hair from your face as he gazed upon you lovingly.
The position might have not been comfortable for either of you, but he didn't dare move for fear of waking you.
He didn't want the moment to end.
You were watching an anime from the human world.
The original Dragon Ball.
You wanted to show it to Levi because you thought he'd enjoy it's quirky humor.
But you didn't have the same magical energy that "Master Otaku Leviathan" had.
You really couldn't stay up all night as much as you tried.
It was well after midnight when your head fell on his shoulder.
You fell asleep without meaning to.
To say that Levi nearly died would be an understatement.
What was happening?
What were you doing?
This sorta thing only happens in animes!
And not to guys like him!
Yeah, if you woke up you'd probably be upset at him for allowing this...
B-but maybe not?
Levi was happy, scared, excited and mortified all at the same time.
He tensed up so bad that he was in more muscle pain than you when you woke up.
So this was a pretty usual occurrence actually.
Whenever you would read together, all cuddled up, it often ended with you falling asleep with your head on his chest.
Depending on the book (like if he knew you actually liked it) he'd stop reading and set the book aside.
He'd hold you and stare at you, mesmerized by the soothing rise and fall of your chest.
He'd stay wherever you were until you woke up, sometimes falling asleep himself.
But if couldn't sleep, he'd stroke your hair and enjoy the simplicity of your breathing.
You were sharing a bath in Asmo's super cushy bathroom.
You were wearing bathing suits, something Asmo half-heartedly pouted about.
He was going off about style and devilgram drama.
As much as you wanted to listen to him.
Because he was undeniably cute when he was honestly passionate about something.
You were starting to feel incredibly sleepy.
Probably because Asmo had kept you up the entire night before.
Just doing each other's make up and gossiping. (Get out of that gutter, please.)
You were kinda worried you'd drown if you fell asleep in here, but you knew Asmo would keep you safe.
So you eventually gave in to sleep.
Asmo noticed when you sank a bit lower in the water.
"MC? Are you-- Ooh~ How adorable!!"
He tried to keep his squeals of delight as quiet as possible.
He failed.
Thankfully you were well an truly down for the count at this point.
He wanted to let you sleep so he could just watch your cute sleeping face.
But he didn't want your skin to get pruny and dry so he did his best to carry you back to his room without waking you.
You did wake up, but just slightly.
All he could make out from your slurred, half-awake talking was his name.
He could have died from the cuteness then and there.
Though, not gonna lie, he was really curious about whatever you could be dreaming about.
Pushing that thought aside (for now) he set you down on a towel which he had placed on his bed and, after getting dry, laid down beside you.
He couldn't help but stroke your face as he too drifted off to sleep with a smile.
Okay, so you know how after you eat a lot you get really sleepy?
Well there was a big meal today, since Simeon showed up offering to cook Celestial realm food, and you jumped on the chance to stack your plate with heavenly goodies.
Through the meal, you were very aware of Beel eyeing your plate as he ate across from you.
You knew what he was thinking.
There was no way you could finish all that food.
And usually he would have been right.
You felt just about ready to burst.
But it wasn't every day you got to eat Simeon's cooking and, damnit, you were going to enjoy it!
It also didn't help that the way Beel kept hungrily eyeing your food made you all the more possessive over it.
It was your food!
And you were gonna eat it!
And that was a mistake.
You ate way too much and after your stomach ache went down all that was left was sleepiness.
And so that led to Beel checking up on you while you laid on your bed in receding pain.
He was reasonably worried after watching you eat much more food than you should physically be able to handle.
When he asked you how you felt you only responded with a groan and beckoned him over.
When he sat down on your bed, you placed your head in his lap.
Beel felt warmer than after eating a super spicy double cheeseburger from Hell's Kitchen.
So he happily let you sleep as he rubbed your back, hoping to help you feel better.
You honestly have no clue how you ended up falling asleep quicker than Belphie.
Well, you were pretty tired already from studying so much.
And your tutor did keep insisting on being a bad influence.
And when the person who's supposed to be helping you learn is purposely trying to lull you to sleep, going so far as to put his favorite cow patterned pillow under your head...
It's kinda hard to stay awake.
Belphie was really upfront about having no interest in studying, preferring to just cuddle and nap.
But when you persisted he "agreed" to help you study.
He knew sleep better than anyone, so putting you to sleep would be easy.
By the time you did fall asleep however, he hadn't expected to find your head on his arm rather than on his pillow.
Not that he was complaining.
He was definitely not complaining.
But now that he had you, he wasn't planning on letting go until he was no longer sleepy.
So if you don't like cuddling, you might want to get used to it.
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Tumblr media
amab!reader x afab!Asmodeus; nsfw
Asmodeus declared himself ready to hatch your children in his tummy.
Egg breeding, pussy slapping, dirty talk, large insertion (?), breeding kink, stomach bulging, ~500 words
Tumblr media
Asmodeus arches his back seductively, presenting you his dripping pussy while moaning like the utter slut he is for you.
"Look, Y/n!" he croons, one hand reaching to spread his folds for you, "There's so much space for your eggs in me, mhhh let's use it all up, yeah?"
His slim fingers daintily slip into himself, showing you how wet and lose he is, proving the amount of space he described. You lick your lips while listening to the lewd sounds of his cunt squelching, your hungry eyes teasing the demon with seductive eye contact.
His cheeks get redder with every second you're only watching, and you notice the face he makes when he's about to protest at your lack of action, but just at that moment, you finally join him on the mattress, your cock hard and eggs ready to be hatched by a mate. He cries in delight as your hand pulls his away and slaps his desperate pussy, the sting making him twitch beautifully.
"You're gonna take all of 'em like a good demon, right?"
Your growl makes Asmo shiver while he nods frantically, his hips pushing back to edge you on even further. You've grown tired of your own teasing, and with little patience left, you pull Asmo onto your cock, making him cry out at the sudden wide stretch of your pulsating dick.
You don't have time for foreplay, your eggs already beginning to push forward, so you have no other option but to pound into Asmo at a brutal pace. He starts squeaking with your thrusts, the bedposts nothing in comparison to his high-pitched noises. Asmo relaxes his body, letting you handle him like a doll, his pussy getting wetter by the second, getting more and more ready to take your children.
"You ready, baby?" you growl, your hand cupping his stomach, wanting to feel it stretch with your eggs.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Asmodeus cries out, his hips violently smacking back against yours, pure desperation leading his actions.
You finally let go, and the pre-mature eggs fiercely pass through your cock, into Asmodeus' pussy, stretching him further than ever before. Asmo screams, his body convulsing in discomfort, though he seems to find some sort of pleasure in the pain because as the second egg is finding its comfort inside his womb, he cums with an even louder outcry, his hands almost tearing the sheets under his grip.
The third egg is the hardest to take for him, his arms and legs quivering as you push it inside of him. Your hand rests on his stomach, rubbing over the stretching skin comfortingly.
A relieved sigh trails from your lips as you're able to pull out of Asmodeus' stretched pussy, the pressure from your eggs no longer compromising your thoughts. Asmo pants heavily while falling onto his side, his lower stomach bulging from your eggs. You coo at him, softly wiping a few sweaty strands from his face as he calms down. A lazy smile spreads on his lips as Asmo's breathing slows, his shaky fingers caressing his swollen tummy.
"Thank you, Y/n," he whispers softly before closing his eyes, needing you to clean him up in exhaustion.
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