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0beymean hour ago
Gently hugs Beel while trying to not emotionally fall apart.
Tumblr media
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asp-stilleto5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hope Beel
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www-artforoddballs6 hours ago
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obeymesideblog7 hours ago
Beelzebub: If i was a demon, would you still love me?
MC: You are a demon
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oceanatydes8 hours ago
Tumblr media
wanted to do this adorable relationship meme by blewbeary on twitter for nishith! I added a friends category bc I needed smth btw acquaintances and best friends for some of nishith鈥檚 relationships :)
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iameliseposts11 hours ago
Beel: Shake it.
Asmo: *Shimmies*
Beel: ...
Beel: The container, Asmo!
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modeloscachadasdelared11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hope Beel
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sasa-slayer12 hours ago
Beel: *hands MC a flower with no stem and barely any petals*
MC: ...
Beel: I wanted to give you a flower, but it tasted really good, so I ate most of it. Here鈥檚 what's left though.
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akakumo-yuri12 hours ago
Obey Me Masterlist - Akakumo Yuri
Obey Me Hard Mode Spoilers - Snippets
Season 2: Obey Me Chapter 31 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 32 Spoilers - Chat Obey Me Chapter 37 Spoilers - Part 1 Obey Me Chapter 37 Spoilers - Part 2 Obey Me Chapter 38 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 38 Spoilers - Chat Obey Me Chapter 39 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 40 Spoilers Season 3: Obey Me Chapter 41 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 42 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 43 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 44 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 45 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 45 Spoilers - Solomon Obey Me Chapter 46 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 46 Spoilers - Lucifer's Meow Obey Me Chapter 47 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 48 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 49 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 50 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 51 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 52 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 53 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 54 Spoilers Obey Me Chapter 55 Spoilers
Obey Me - Sheets and Tips/Others Obey Me Chapter 3: TSL Quiz Obey Me Chapter 27 and 28 Dance Invitations Obey Me Chapter 28: The Play Obey Me Season 2 Card Guide (Outdated but Strategy is Viable) Obey Me: Experience Sheet Obey Me: Cheat Point Sheet - Events Calculator Obey Me: Lonely Devil Calculator Obey Me: Beel's Underwear Chat (Going Commando) Obey Me: Group Hug Devilgram - Snippets ObeyMax/Obey Me Drawings Obey Max Day 1 - Demons Obey Max Day 2 - Angels Obey Max Day 3, 4, and 5 - Obey Max Obey Max Day 3, 4, and 5 - Obey Max - Ruri - Chan Obey Max Day 6 - Lucifer Obey Max Day 7 and 8: Mammon and Levi Obey Max Day 9: Satan Obey Max Day 10: Asmodeus Obey Max Day 11 and 12: Beelzebub and Belphegor Obey Max Day 13: Panda Obey Max Day 14: Error Message Obey Max Day 16: Yukata Obey Max Day 13, 17, 18, 21, and 22: Butler/Maids, Diavolo, Barbatos, and Solomon Obey Max Day 24: Ruri - Chan Event
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vcl-180713 hours ago
Someone might agree with me, others perhaps won鈥檛, but this has been on my mind for awhile:
Beel sounds like a Minecraft villager with one of his voiced lines
That is all...
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cutiedilly13 hours ago
most people thinking about obey me: I want lucifer to rail me
me thinking about obey me: I want to teach diavolo about memes so he calls lucifer his little pogchamp
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the-devils-girl9413 hours ago
Just A Thought #22
Me, a dumb bitch: *no thoughts, head empty*
Beelzebub: *exists*
Me, still a dumb bitch: *sweating profusely while having horny thoughts*
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one-master-to-rule-us-all13 hours ago
Hello, could you write the follow up with the fallen!Simeon please? Like how others and Mc help him with his pain and how Simeon comes to accept himself as a demon?
(You got it! This took 2 hours and a half to write was not expecting that)
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: A BIT OF A SPOILER IN LEVI'S PART! Body image issues (Mammon and Asmo's part)
Brothers And Side Characters Taking Care Of Simeon After His Fall
Simeon was found lying on the ground in pretty much the middle of nowhere. He was brought back to the House of Lamentation to rest. Michael has already made his retreat back to the Celestial Realm after ages of being convinced to let it go. When he awakes in the attic the brothers are left to take care of him.
The first one Simeon sees when he wakes up. He checks on how his pain is and the conversation ends up being about both of their guilt, mainly Simeon's though. He's there to reassure no one blames him and that everyone's alright. Checks on his pain and mental state daily and lets him talk about anything he needs to. Probably won't admit it but he does feel a bit of nostalgia from their conversations. Wonders what it'd be like if they were brothers once again.
Keeps him company for the most part. Talks about whatever comes to mind. Latest schemes, something his brothers did ages ago, how one of subjects at RAD makes no sense. Simeon's bedridden for a bit so he keeps him up to date on things. The conversations usually get a bit more serious. Mostly issues about his new form. New appendages reminding him everyday about how this is all real and he really isn't an angel anymore. The guilt makes him feel disgusted with himself and body. Mammon tries to hype him up with his own demon form. He looks cool and so does Simeon! It isn't much but it does cheer him up. And sometimes they talk about you. Mammon's not sure what to think about the fact Simeon also has feelings for you. But even with his greed he considers maybe he'd be okay with you being with the ex angel... Maybe. As long as everyone's happy he can manage...
Also there for help with distractions. Doesn't come up too often but Simeon let's him ramble on about something and watches him play games on his hand held devices. Wonders about the future of TSL. Will it be abandoned? Is Simeon even going to continue writing at all? Their conversations don't get too serious but Levi can tell when he's internally beating himself up. So occasionally he'll tell him how good he'd be at this game when he can move enough to play it or how nice his company is. The two will probably grow fairly close. He wonders if him, Solomon, Simeon, and you could hang out together. Maybe Mammon too...
Takes note on his physical state and how to reduce the pain. Maybe even find a potion that could help. He doesn't have a lot of experience with the pain of loosing your grace, he's born from wrath and was never an angel. So this all feels a bit odd to him but he's always had respect for Simeon and still does. So he'll do what he can to help. When he's able to move Satan lends him some of his books. And on some very few occasions reads to him before that. On the agreement he doesn't tell anyone though...
Has some creams and lotion left over that helped him and his brothers after the fall. Starts doing his self care sessions with Simeon while talking about the latest gossip. He may be bedridden for a while but he can still keep his spark! And whenever he feels down about his new form Asmo tells him he doesn't need to be an angel to be beautiful. Asmo was the jewel of the Celestial Realm but now he's the most beautiful being the Devildom has! He also assists Simeon with hygiene. Sure, he has to start with grabbing a soapy rag and just wiping him down a bit but after some time he's able to help Simeon walk to the bathroom (always waits outside so he has privacy of course). Eventually he'll be able to walk on his own but Asmo's happy to help for the meantime.
The one who helps him with eating. He knows he's probably nauseous with the pain so he keeps the food light for now. Crackers and soup are what most of his meals are. Simeon doesn't complain much though. Beel also hangs around while he eats and a bit after that. It's mostly comfortable silence. When he's able to eat heavier food Beel gets pretty happy. He cares about Simeon and he's happy when people he cares about are able to eat what they like. Beel's also good comfort if Simeon wants to talk about any troubles he has. Overall Beel's good company and good at taking care of others.
He doesn't come up to see Simeon extremely often. Not when he's awake. Whenever Simeon's asleep and Belphie's awake he makes sure he's having good dreams through his powers. And when the two hang out when they're both awake chances are they're watching a movie or messing with a star projectector. The two aren't the closest and Belphegor's company is mostly silent but neither of them mind. A lot of the time Beel brings food Belphegor's following (usually making sure Beel doesn't eat it). Normally passes out after not that long but Simeon doesn't mind.
Starts holding meetings with Lucifer at the House of Lamentation so he can visit Simeon while he's there. Usually assures him he'll deal with the exchange program and that he may stay in the Devildom. But he also helps with whatever he can while he's there. When he can eat sweets without getting sick he'll bring some stuff Barbatos made. Slightly worried Michael will do something but for now he's focused on Simeon's well being and managing the exchange program
Can't visit often since he has to do his job and has more paperwork to help Lord Diavolo sort out. But after a bit Simeon texts him and since then Barbatos checks on him through messages. Bakes him some sweets upon hearing he can keep down food better. He's checked the future and it seems pretty good so he's not the most concerned. Does look forward to seeing Simeon in person once he's fully recovered though
He hides his worry. But he does wonder what's to come. Michael is likely to come back. Luke probably won't be able to see Simeon again after the program is over. He just hopes it won't get violent again. It's been a while since he was worried about someone so much. All thrill and no stress is usually how he lived but he's grown to enjoy Simeon's company and considers him a friend. He watches over Luke for now and brings him with while visiting. He sticks to buying gifts since the brothers refuse to let him bring any food he made. He also wonders about you. What will become of your relationship with Simeon? He's curious...
Conflicted. Simeon's a demon now. Demons are bad. But Simeon still acts the same? So maybe Simeon isn't bad. He hopes so. He doesn't want to hate him. But he can't come back to the Celestial Realm. Will he never see Simeon again after he has to leave? Solomon gives them space for a bit when they visit. Luke lays next to Simeon and they talk about the complicated thoughts Luke has. Sometimes it ends with Luke passing out after an hour of sobbing into Simeon's chest. Solomon walks back in not long after. Luke will bake Simeon sweets too. He'll figure out how to send them from the Celestial Realm too. He still cares. He doesn't want Simeon to forget about him when the programs over.
Lucifer notified you that Simeon was awake a couple hours after he was bought to the House of Lamentation. You made your way up to the attic right away and Simeon locked eyes with you. He called your name and you sat down on the bed. When you ask him if he's alright he nods, now looking away from you. Eventually you talk about your relationship now that he has literally fallen for you. He's alright if you don't return his feelings. As long as you're safe he'll be okay. But if you do he'll weakly take your hand in his, nodding as his gaze returns to you. He'll let you take care of him regardless. He's glad to be in your company either way.
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kaitycole21 hours ago
waking up routines
Tumblr media
Summary: Various ways the OM boys act after their morning alarm goes off.
A/N: Feel free to drop some head canon ideas in the ask box. I really enjoy doing these.
Gets right up and starts getting ready:
Asmodeus, Diavolo, Simeon
Lays there, contemplating life for at least fifteen minutes:
Barbatos, Solomon
Hit snooze repeatedly until they only have 10 minutes before they need to leave:
Leviathan, Mammon
Wakes up before the alarm and lays there annoyed at that fact:
Satan, Lucifer
Gets up and goes for a run, making sure they have plenty of time to get ready afterwards:
Is still half asleep while standing in the shower:
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obeyme-ever22 hours ago
馃А *yells back* Okay! Don't eat the utensils please! *heats up a pan, pouring out some of the pancake batter after grabbing a spatula, letting one side cook to perfection before flipping it, soon having a big plate stacked high with chocolate chip pancakes for everyone, a second slightly smaller heap just for Beel, going to the fridge and grabbing out what she assumes to be devildom bacon and sausage, frying that up too and filling up separate plates* Hmm..what else would be good..*looks around and notices a loaf of bread on a high shelf* Oh! Toast! Hey beel? *calls for the tall demon but doesn't hear a reply, assuming he's probably too far away to hear her, not wanting to yell too loud and wake the whole house, looks back up to the shelf* Well, I don't have any other ideas..*goes over to the counter and hops up on it, slowly standing on top of it, careful to not fall off as the ground seems a tad too far down for comfort, eyes locked on the prize, leaning over off the edge of the counter to try and reach it, fingertips barely grazing the plastic*
The gluttony demon pouted at being told not to eat the utensils and he began setting out everything. He grabbed placemats and made sure the utensils were placed in their right places before going to the living room to grab a blanket for belphie just in case he passed out at the table. He didn鈥檛 hear when she had talked to him but when he got back to the dining room he spotted her climbing and came up behind her, 鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 climb that you could hurt yourself.鈥 He lifted her up to grab the loaf of bread before placing her back on the floor.
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