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#satan avatar of wrath
jmtzthehokage · 19 hours ago
How the demon brothers are with aftercare (after a nice rough fuck)
As he cums he will hug your body close to his body nice and tight
He will stay hugging you close for a little while
"Are you alright my dearest?"
Will gently pull out of you and go to get a nice warm towel to clean you up with, and himself
Gently will slip his shirt onto you
"one minute, wait here"
He will go to draw a hot bath for the two of you
He will then pick you up and hold you bridal style to the bath then will hold you very close to his body once in the bath
"Such a good girl/boy for me. You impress me everytime darling"
Once finished he will put you in his finest silk pj's (as he know you love to wear his clothing)
The rest of the night is spent cuddling in his bed while he gently strokes your hair and has some nice calming operatic albums playing.
You then fall asleep to the relaxing sounds of the music and his gentle hums.
When he finishes it's usually pretty loud and sloppy.
He will dig his fingers into your hips or ass and hold you super close to him
"fuck yeah baby that's my good human"
He will then roll onto his side with you as the little spoon
"mmm baby you rock my world"
Kisses your hair and smells you
"how bout a shower eh?"
He will give you a hand then you will take a nice hot shower together
A lot of it is spent making out against the shower wall
"Mammon??" "Eh? Yeah" "C-can I wear one of your shirts??" *Smirks*
He will then be all smug because his human adores him so much, will then put a shirt on you
Finally you spend the night on his couch watching some movies and cuddling
He will kiss your head and hold you close
"ya know I love you so much right??"
Will spend the night telling you how much you mean to him because he low-key gets emotional and soft after sex (sweetest tsundere boyo)
*he usually has mind numbing orgasms from being touch starved for so long*
"Kyaaahhh!!!!!" He will cum loudly and he will then need a second to recover
He will then proceed to pull out
"A-are you okay MC-ch-chan??"
Once you reassure him he will pull you in for a hug really close while you straddle his lap
"i-i love you so much MC"
He feels shy and a little awkward after, he will suggest a bath because he knows he will then feel better because he's in his element
Once your in the bath he will turn into his demon form and hold you close and his tail will stroke your back lovingly while it holds you tight
"i really do adore you so much, your mine MC you know that??"
Low key will sound slightly yandere but it's just because he loves and cherishes you so much
"wanna watch some anime now??"
Once you agree and get out of the bath you both will stay nude under his blankets in his bathtub bed
He will also keep his tail wrapped around your body to hold you even tighter, this boy can't get enough of your skin on his
He feels truly at peace and comfortable with you
You both fall asleep under his blankets with the sweet ambience of his fishtank glow and the water sloshing
He gets kinda aggressive when he cums
"mphm that's right take it for me kitten"
He will hold your head down with one hand and slam into you as he cums
"ahhh my sweet kitten, you did such a good job for me, such a good job" as he kisses your ass or back
He will pull out and come down from his high and then gets into protective comforting mode
He will prop you up and hold your face in his hands
"are you alright princess/prince?? I didn't hurt you did I sweetest?"
He will kiss your head and then pick you up and take you into the bathroom
He will then rest you on the sink and clean you up with a towel
"interested in a bath or are you too exhausted?"
Once you bathe together he will gently wash you with some nice enchanted soap that relaxes you
"I save this soap only for you my love"
Once your all done washing up he will pull his softest button up onto you and will pull you into bed and cuddle you with his arms wrapped protectively around you.
He will softly read a sweet story to you until you fall asleep
"my sweetest kitten, oh how I adore you"
He will kiss you nice and gente and then spoon you all night
As he cums you will be on top of him and he will be fucking you nice and fast as he grips your hips
"mmm that's right cum for me, cum nice and hard!"
He will just admire your face as you cum so hard from his expert moves
"such a beautiful face, my dear MC, but of course it's beautiful with the way I fuck you"
He will then pull out and lay you on his bed
"now now let me take care of you my little dove"
He will run a bath with only the finest oils and soaps, he will add flower petals
He will then lead you to the bath and have you sit on his lap
"shhhh my dear let me take care of you"
He will lather your hair in a sweet rose smelling soap and will massage lavender oil into your shoulders and back
Once your all done he will wrap you in a luxuriously soft, fluffy robe
"oh my dear are you alright??"
He will see that you wince as you sit down and then he will put some special cream onto you to soothe you
"c'mon my love let's rest, we cant be getting wrinkles now can we??"
He will then pull you into bed naked, onto his soft silk sheets with his lavender oil infused pillows
"goodnight my sweetest dove, I love you so much"
You then fall asleep nude on his buttery soft sheets in a lovers embrace
He will be hitting it from behind because he is afraid any other position will crush you
He will cum hard and mainly grunt and breathe heavy
"ohh baby" hell moan as he cums and will pull you as close as he can to him while still in you, he's a big guy so his cum will definitely spill out over onto his bed
"it's okay darlin' I'll clean it up, are you okay?? I didn't hurt you right sweetheart??"
As you reassure him he will gently pull out and lay you onto the bed
"wait here darlin'"
He will then go start the shower nice and hot
"can you walk?? Heh okay I understand why. It's okay I'll carry you sweetie"
He will carry you into the shower and gently wash your hair and back
"are you sure your alright?? Ah yes sorry I made you sore please please let me know if I can help"
He will feel a little guilty but it will also be a big boost in his pride
Once the shower is done he will pick you up again and kiss your head, he will then pull one of his shirts onto you
"hehe cutie, my shirts so big on you but I know it's probably comfortable right sweetie?"
He will then lay you on belphies bed and put a tv show on (belphie isn't there obviously) he will change the sheets to something nice and soft
"okay pumpkin come here"
When you struggle to walk because he big-big
"oh! That's right heh" he will pick you up and lay you onto the bed and cover you up
He will grab some snacks from his secret stash and spoon you as the tv is on softly in the background
"I love you so much sweetie, you are my everything"
He will just be a big sweet teddy bear as he kisses you and rubs your back softly while you fall asleep
He's a tad sadistic so as he cums he will have one hand wrapped around your neck gently choking you as he thrusts into you
"mph little human show me how much I've pleased you, cum for me now"
He will moan as he cums deep into you and will release his hand on your neck and hug you close to his body
"damn princess/prince you make me crazy"
He will then cup your face gently as he kisses you softly
"such a good human for me"
He will low-key be too tired and lazy to shower and or bathe
"why don't we just rest hm? We can worry about this mess later"
He will then pull out and lay back onto his back naked with one arm covering his eyes
"fuck you wore me out, heh that's okay though, I love claiming you as mine"
"I hope those don't hurt too much prince/princess but you need them to let the others know who makes you feel so damn good"
He will turn onto his side facing you and will gently stroke the love bites on your neck with his thumb
"how can't I fuck you like that though? Besides that, are you alright?"
When you reassure him he will let out a content sigh
"c'mon babe let's take a rest yeah??"
He will then pull you close to him, as you both face each other in a close comfortable embrace
He will then turn into his demon form and wrap his tail around your waist to ensure you don't go anywhere
"sweet dreams my love, I love you so much, you are my sun"
He will then place a gentle loving kiss to your lips and pull the covers onto your nude body's
You will fall asleep to the nice whooshing of his tail against your skin and the star projector on the ceiling
There we are!! My first headcannons I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did making them!!! Send me an ask if you have any ideas :)
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cutiecweepy · 2 days ago
Mc: I bought you a book
Satan: thanks Mc
Mc: can I say what's it about?
Satan: no
Mc: alright see you later then
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i44tsushi · 4 days ago
satan (obey me) users please!!
hello there, anon!! thank you for your request <3
here are your users! hopefully, at least one is to your liking!! :D
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i44tsushi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for some of the users with numbers + “TEARS0FSATAN”, that’s the number 0, not an uppercase O!! :D
p.s. sorry that most of them are uppercase!!
Tumblr media
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cutiecweepy · 5 days ago
Satan: I talked with Mc today
Mammon: what did they say?!
Satan: they screamed and crawled under their blanket
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designatedbreadbox · 5 days ago
Making the headcanon right now that Satan woulf absolutely play the song Fly Me To The Moon by Count Basie and Frank Sinatra during a date.
He'd look at you, extending a hand with a soft look as the song plays. A beautiful fruit tray is arranged, along with fitting wine and delivious cake. He's a hopeless romantic for a demon representing Wrath, so he's totally go all out.
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xxblueravenxx · 9 days ago
incorrect quotes #12
gender neutral reader
Lucifer: *points at Satan* A human turtleneck, *points at Asmo* a narcissistic monster, *points at Mammon* and literally the dumbest person I’ve ever met. Mammon: And who am I? Describe me now.
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evelinamox · 11 days ago
Satan uses cat apps on his DDD to calm down. If studying he'll be reading and have a afk cat game open to gather points as he reads.
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cryininstars · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
pov: the cute nerdy boy placed a love note in your locker and he's hoping you didn't see him
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pcrdiseseekers · 14 days ago
@demontragedy​ ♡’d FOR A STARTER ( SATAN & JEANNE )
  LOOKING FOR some time alone within this rowdy house wasn’t simple to do when his BROTHERS desired attention from their new toy. The avatar preferred keeping it solely to that instinct, solely from their lack of anything unique to pull his attention away. It’s rare for the AVATAR OF WRATH to harbor those kind of sentiments of fascination over a HUMAN...not when their kind are easy to read. It’s nothing more than reopening a book that’s lost its touch, being left alone in the shelves to gather dust. That could be an easy comparison SATAN offered but those old books had their use of being disposable when not entertaining anymore. His glance moved away from the pages’ words and at the girl who was standing in front of him, clearly bothered by that interruption. THEY SAY DEMONS CARRY NO MANNERS BUT THE SAME APPLIED TO HUMANS who thought their selfishness could be pardoned all the time. If it hadn’t been for LORD DIAVOLO’S orders, this girl’s body would be tortured by the fourth whose smile was fabricated.
Tumblr media
 WHATEVER MADE HER special to everyone did nothing to SATAN, simply giving her the cold shoulder this entire time. But it wouldn’t last long when the house appeared to grow silent...if only this girl left along with the others. WRATH wasn’t in the mood to entertain a HUMAN at the moment, maybe when boredom struck. To her luck there’s a chance at offering her some words before ignoring her again. “Before you ask what I’m doing, try using those eyes of yours first and then you can ask me something else. That would be simple enough for a HUMAN to do, right?”
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cutiecweepy · 15 days ago
Mc: I have a Cat
Satan: you mean I have a Cat (steals it)
Mc: saying this was a bad idea
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cutiecweepy · 15 days ago
Mc: (smiling)
Mammon: why does Mc look like they murdered somebody?
Satan: they probably did
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qtipcottonbuds · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
to be continued
rising tensions
to be continued
to be continued
to be continued
to be continued
to be continued
Tumblr media
to be continued
to be continued
to be continued
to be continued
Tumblr media
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