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#satan avatar of wrath

Gn! Mc sings Wap around the Obey me boys

( Nsfw 18+) ( felt it would be funny to see how the boys react to Mc singing Wap)

Lucifer: Avatar of Pride

You were listening to the human music you managed to get Solomon to download a music app on your D.D.D, you had your head phone in so as you did your homework you started singing along to WAP

  • Boy nearly has a heart attack when he hears you say “Hit that dangle thing on the back of my throat!”
  • Comes into your room, locking the door immediately making it sound proof before his brothers hear!
  • Tugs out your head phone as you did not hear him do to the volume.
  • Lucifer: “ Mc! Why are you being so …naughty and so loud my brothers might of took it as an invitation?!
  • You quickly explained that it was a song from the human world.
  • Lucifer quickly, pulled you down onto the ground giving you smile.
  • "Oh, mc…but what if I want to hit the back of your throat?”
  • Your mouth became his fuck toy for the rest of the day.
  • Oddly having a note from Lucifer to explain why, your homework was turned in late is an amazing charm.
  • You decided to sing for him more of the raunchy human song, making note to prepare yourself.

Mammon: Avatar of Greed

You had the song stuck in your head, as a result your ended up singing some of the verses as you walked with Mammon to school.

  • Mammon .exe has crashed as soon as you said Wet ass pussy.
  • Picked your ass up taking you to a nearby alley way, covering your mouth.
  • Pins you against the wall uncovering it.
  • Mammon : “ Mc! What the fuck you doing?! Other demons can hear you!.
  • You had never seen Mammon this pissed, but you explained it was a song from your world.
  • Mammon: ” Yeah?..well know this you are to never sing that song in public! Your mine and I own your cock/cunt! Understand?!“
  • Nodding furiously he had yet to put you down.
  • Let’s just say you made that a Wet ass alleyway and we’re late for class.

Satan: Avatar of Wrath

You see humming the tune, as you helped him organize his books. He said it looked wet outside and you randomly said not as Wet as this wet as pussy.

  • What in Diavolos name?!
  • Charges toward you asking what the hell you just said ?
  • Blushing furiously.
  • You explained it was a song.
  • Immediately pulls down your pants and underwear, demanding to see if you were wet or throbbing.
  • You ended up making a bigger mess in his room than originally.

Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

You heard a similar tune in one of the games to the beat of wap, and decided to sing and you managed to get to ” I need weed smoker" before you were stopped.

  • At fist Leviathan crashed 🥺 someone come get him.
  • Blushes and stunned!
  • Then came the verse of what you needed and since some of it didn’t describe him he got jealous.
  • Covers your mouth and pulls you into his lap.
  • Leviathan: “ Mc? , Do I need to remind you who you belong to ?”
  • A firm slap came across your ass, as you blushed you explain it was a song.
  • Nope, does not care ends up fucking you until you remember that he is your boyfriend and the only one you should mention in that way.

Belphie: Avatar of Sloth

You were listening to the song as, you were getting prepared to go to bed with Belphie. You sung along as you brushed your teeth and soon your hips were grabbed by Belphie.

  • He kissed your neck telling you if you wanted to be filled just ask?
  • You managed to brush your teeth, explaining it was a song.
  • Drags you to the bed, spreading your legs smiling up at you.
  • Belphie : “ Well…since you sing about it so loudly and proudly maybe you will not serving as my cocks sheath tonight ?”
  • You ended up staying up together and in the morning you were to sore to go to school.

Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust

Actually knew the song before hand, but was shook you were singing it when you were helping him shop that day.

  • You made it to his bedroom before being flung onto the bed.
  • Asmodeus: “ When did my, little flower become so Lewd?!”
  • You explained as he stripped off your clothes.
  • Asmodeus: “ Honey, i was there when the song was relax and let me see how much you want this Big Mac truck in your little garage .”
  • You did not come out of that room for a long time.
  • You had to have home use make up to cover your hickeys so you could at least go to school and not have sex written on you.

Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony.

You were helping him, pick out a new snowboard online in his room as he mentioned he was hungry and you sang “ Gobble me, swallow me, drip down inside of me.”

  • He was surprised but soon climbed on top of you kissing your ear.
  • Beelzebub: “ i mean if you want I definitely can do that.”
  • You quickly explained in-between moans that it was a song.
  • Beelzebub was already slowly taking off your pants, kissing down your abdomen.
  • Beelzebub: “Yeah..but now I am hungry for my favorite meal.”
  • Both of you ended up going to dinner late, and Beelzebub had to bring yours to the room as he had fucked you until you could not move.
  • You reminded yourself to never sing that again around him, …except on the weekends.

The Extras

Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

You were humming the song as you waited for Lord Diavolo, as he finished up his last meeting. He insisted you come by so you two could catch up. When you entered you were stilling humming it and Diavolo ask about the song as you seemed to be enjoying yourself.

  • You explained the song and the dance trend singing it for him and doing the Dance.
  • He has you teach him both, because he wants in on the human trend.
  • You clap in his honor and soon we’re picked up onto his desk.
  • Diavolo: “Now for teaching me this i think i will fulfill your request for a King Cobra?”
  • You tried to explain in a blushing manor that it was the song.
  • Nope…you are fucked literally your scent ends up everywhere in the office.
  • You come home hella late, yet with the Demon Prince beside you no one asked questions.

Barbatos: Butler

You were studying with Barbatos as you needed personal help, with your Culinary class. you were listening to the song as you cooked one headphone in as you listened and cooked you forgot about Barbatos.

  • Barbatos takes the spare headphone, nearly scaring you to death.
  • You quickly explained that this was a human song, and you liked to listen to music as you cooked.
  • Barbatos puts the phone up to speaker so you both can enjoy it.
  • After your done cooking he, grabs ahold of your waist smiling.
  • Barbatos: “ Lord/Lady MC, you see the only reason I did not want to test your sweet throat…was because then your cake would have burn.”
  • You got an A for your cake.
  • Barbatos ended up making you cook to similar songs since then.
  • You passed you culinary class with flying colors, and sore legs.

Solomon: Wizard

He sat up the app so you could listen to the music, so you naturally tried it out ending up on WAP and singing.

  • Sings along with you cause ya know it’s what humans do.
  • Enjoys seeing you look like a derp.
  • As you begin to leave he grabs your hand.
  • Solomon: “ Mc? You forgot that you owe me interest from this little favor…”
  • You ended up just staying the night.
  • When you came home Asmodeus was all over you about it.

Simeon : Sweet Angel

Simeon was helping you, clean your room as he was the only one not to tease you about your clothing. You began singing the song as you played music when you cleaned and it popped up in your playlist.

  • Simeon blushed !!!
  • Once back to reality found it adorable !
  • Ends up singing it with you!
  • Once the song is over he steps behind you pushing you into the bed head first.
  • Simeon: “ Sweet …pure..Mc…if you are going to sing such sinful things you should preform them”
  • You ended up in your room a loooong time.
  • The demon bros were not happy with you having sex with an angel..but at least you were not causing trouble.
35 notes

My OC! Hitting Mammon

(so like last entry I figured Juniper would hit mammon for messing with her braids and breaking a ribbon ( these are Irish braids i will add a picture of them later)

I was coming out of my room wearing sweats and a tank top, it had been three weeks since coming to stay in Devildom. I was more comfortable showing my body, hoping none of the boys realized some of my tattoos were magic symbols.

All the sudden I heard Mammon come up behind me as I was trying to go to the kitchen for dinner.

Mammon : “ Hey Rainbow, why do you always wear that ribbon in your hair ?”

I managed to make it down the stairs before answering, Mammon behind me.

Oc: “ Oh…um my mom and my family all wear their hair like this .”

Mammon found it cute, but was doing his normal Tsundere act as you two came into the dinning room with his brothers.

Mammon: “ Well I think, you look like a kid with them in.”

Mammon ruffled your braided hair again, but this time the green ribbon it it snapped due to him being rough with his claws.

You froze, seeing the ribbon now on your shoulders your long silver curly locks falling to your tail bone. The mid-length and ends dyed multiple colors the braids loosely now keeping your hair together without the ribbon.

You heard Mammon apologize, and Asmodeus telling you he could sow it back together. You let out one tear as you saw Mammon get in your face about how sorry he was.

Lucifer had invited everyone to the House for a special dinner to fully welcome you. Your face turned blood red as you had enough and decked Mammon in his face sending him to the ground as you yelled.

Oc: “ My mom! Gave me that ribbon ! When I turned 13!!.”

You hit him there times after ever word, as you and trapped him under your crying as your mom’s ribbon was now torn.

The Brothers reactions

Lucifer: Avatar of Pride

  • Honestly understood Junipers anger but was the person to throw her off his brother.
  • Held Mammon back from retaliation.
  • Was impressed by her strength and knowledge of fighting.
  • Called for his younger brother help as soon as he saw your fist fly into his baby brothers face.

Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust

  • Had collected the ribbon and saw it was pure satin, tucked into his pocket to fix.
  • Was amazed how fast you could move.
  • Loved you with your hair down tbh but would bring that out later.
  • Turned on at the sight of you holding your own.
  • Was the first to make sure your hands and hair were okay after the fight.
  • The person to call for Satan to help get you off since he was not the one to get physical.

Satan: Avatar of Wrath

  • Ran toward Juniper, once Lucifer threw her off catching her and holding her back.
  • Damn how can a five foot 2 woman be so strong.
  • Honestly heard her cursing in Gaelic at Mammon..was shook that she was bilingual.
  • Easily restrained her but damn she was not making it easy.

Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

  • Recording the thing to use on Mammon.
  • Tagged it with Human normie kicks ass!
  • Saw you now as a small anime character with extreme power.
  • Tags the fight with Tsunderes fight !

Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony

  • Shook a small human could do this.
  • Stands between you and Mammon.
  • Picks you up and takes you to your, room so Barbatos can tend to you.
  • Ask you how you learned how to fight.
  • Tries to give you food from the dinner party to calm yourself.

The extras

Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

  • Stunned at the display.
  • Makes a note that humans are not as fragile as they all thought.
  • Keeps Mammon from harming you as you were swept away.
  • The one to calm down Lucifer
  • Joins Lucifer later to lecture you about fighting.

Barbatos: Butler

  • Amazed at your skill
  • The nurse to both parties.
  • The one to help both sides go back to being friends.
  • Offers Juniper lessons on fighting.
  • Trains Juniper later on to fight with swords.

Solomon: Wizard

  • Yells praises at you and hypes you up.
  • Gives you both healing potions.
  • Find out your little witchy secret that night as he recognized your tattoo of Awen and protection on your shoulder.
  • Demands you tell him of all your gifts.

Simeon: Sweet Angel

  • He praised you for your win but, lectures you on fighting demons.
  • Ends up looking after you, as you rest.
  • Part of the calm the demons down squad.
  • Is excited to see his father’s children display so much strength.

Luke: Sweet Angel baby.

  • Has questions for Micheal when he returns about this.
  • Ask you ton of questions when Barbatos and Beelzebub take you away.
  • Brings you a pastries when he learns why you got upset.
  • Pairs up with Asmodeus to bring you back your now repaired ribbon with some upgrades to make sure nothing can break it again.
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Mammon gets hit by F!Mc

So the reason for this one is that I love me some Mammon, but I feel like the amount of time he picks on you in the game and ask you for money Just One day you haul off and hit him!

Will do a GN and M Mc in different stories ♥️ ( I will do one with my Own Oc as well Later)

Mammon finally did it, he pissed you off. You were hanging out with the other brothers in the living room reading, you happened to be cuddling with Satan but your version was having your feet in his lap.

None of the brothers thought it was odd, as you had done this with all of them except Lucifer. Mammon however could not stand you even touching another man so he ran over sitting in between you two playing your legs on him.

You grumbled as, you did not mind but during being moved you lost your place in your new mystery book.

Satan grumbled because it was Mammon. The other brothers chuckled as this was normal of their Tsundere of a brother. Then it happened Mammon thought he would show all his brothers that only he could truly cuddle you and that you were his little human!

Mammon tugged on your bracelet on the hand nearest to him. This was a tact that you would moved your hand to where he would grab it holding it briefly to toy with you and his brothers. This time however the bracelet broke and small beads flew.

You sat up putting your book down, gasping at your bracelet now in pieces! Mammon mumbled apologies to buy you a new one. This was the last straw that bracelet was actually a friendship bracelet given to you by your friend in the human world before going to Devildom and now like everything else in your like had been shattered.

Your face got red as you stood up, you tried to get away you were pissed!

Mammon stood up and tapped your shoulder and apologized, saying it looked cheap that’s why it broke!

That is when you hit him square in the face, you decked this poor boy so hard he feel to the floor his eye turning purple on his tan skin.

The Brothers reacting

Satan: Avatar of Wrath

  • Was shook
  • Impressed that a small female human could do that.
  • Person number one of the Hold her back squad.
  • Made a mental note to not make you this angry.
  • Finds it kind of cute.

Leviathan: Avatar of Envy

  • Recorded the whole thing and now it was on the gram.
  • Would never let Mammon live it down.
  • You looked like an anime character who unlocked their final form
  • Person yelling worldstar.

Asmodeus: Avatar of Lust:

  • Yass beat his ass Queen
  • Was prepared to have supplies ready incase you got hurt, so your face would be still pretty.
  • The first person to tend to your hands.
  • Amazed you manged to knock down one of his brothers BY YOURSELF!!! DEFINITELY HIDING THE FACT HE TURNED ON.

Lucifer: Avatar of Pride

  • Making sure Mammon does not retaliate.
  • Surprised you actually hit him, and it hurt his brother.
  • Impressed.
  • Gives you a lecture how in the future to not use violence.
  • Uses this against Mammon in private.

Belphie: Avatar of Sloth

  • Napped through the arguing
  • Woke up in time to see you knocking the shit out of his brother.
  • Impressed
  • Goes back to sleep.

Beelzebub: Avatar of Gluttony

  • Hold her back squad before you end up getting yourself her.
  • Impressed you could do this to his brother.
  • Decides to ask you, how you learned to fight .
  • Leaves your sweets in the fridge alone for a month.

Extras If they had been there.

Diavolo: Prince of Devildom

  • Laughs and impressed
  • Helps Lucifer hold back Mammon
  • Also reminds you not to fight demons.
  • Writes in his report that humans are suprisingly strong.

Barbatos: Butler

  • Gets every medical supplies kit imaginable.
  • Tends to both wounds.
  • Gives you praise on your win.
  • Offers to teach you different types of fighting styles.

Solomon: Wizard and other Human

  • Was the real person to scream world star!
  • Laughs at Mammon
  • Eggs it on for you to finish it.
  • Helps with any wounds and makes note that you were not as weak as he thought even though you were not magical.

Simeon: Angle

  • Last person of the Hold her back Squad.
  • Impressed yet not surprised as humans did have a record for showing impressive feats in combat.
  • Keeps watch over you so Mammon doesn’t try to do anything when you’re being tended to.

Luke: Sweet Angle Baby

  • Shooketh
  • Amazed
  • Feels safer with you around now since he knows you can kick ass.
  • Also lectures you about not fighting.
  • Ask you to teach him some moves.
  • Also gaurd you as you are tended to and teases Mammon.
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Time for some

✨I’ve lost my sense of time thoughts ✨

Satan edition!

Spoilers for how Satan was created/born!

So if Satan has daddy issues

And Lucifer has daddy issues

This makes Satan, Daddy Issues 2.0


We never hear about their god’s father.

So does that mean he has daddy issues too?

So that would make Satan Daddy issues 3.0.


Satan = God.

And he can create and ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

Out of SPITE.

Of Lucifer.

And it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.

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for all you’ve overcome

Pairing: Mammon & Satan (PLATONIC)

Tags: Kid Fic, Pre-Canon, Emotional Hurt/Comfort


Truthfully, it’s hard to get the rest of his brothers onboard with the let’s try and help the kid control his anger program because they just simply aren’t around to be party to it. Asmodeus is off starting wars with his dick and Leviathan hasn’t come out of the sea since he left all those years ago. Belphegor and Beelzebub do help out, but more often than not they’re clinging to one another like they’re each other’s security blankets, staying in their room and emerging only to eat. Lucifer—he bites back a curse.

(Satan is a child with a temper to rival the gods. Mammon tries to help, but he’s never been much of a parent.)

Read on AO3: Link

9 notes

Heyyy! I’m glad you enjoy my writing! I loved the idea of this and definitely went a different route than I originally planned. I just couldn’t help myself! MC is a total badass and deserves to be portrayed as such. I hope you love it!! @sundaezznap

Homesick MC Taking It Out on The Demon Brothers

⚠️TWs: Cursing, yelling, crying, derogatory terms (not aimed at reader), hanging with rope (male being hung by his feet), abusive behavior, hitting, angst, threatening⚠️

Gender neutral reader. ✅

Word count: 1,393

Glancing over at the photo that laid on your night stand, a deep feeling of anger and resentment began to reside in the back of your mind. Sitting up, you reached over and grabbed the photo. It had been taken a long time ago; specifically when you had last seen your family. Your last birthday before the Devildom.

Keep reading

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Mc: I’m pure cringe

Satan: saying this makes it even worse

Mc: I know

17 notes

Mc: you’re all bastards and I hate you (locks themself in their room)

Satan: what happened now?

Asmo: Beel ate the last of their favourite candy

24 notes

I don’t have time to answer requests tonight so I’m continuing with this cool series

ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚SATAN proposing headcanons ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

  • Marriage… its not even unimaginable 
  • He’s thought about it quite a few times actually. Maybe not his own, but everytime he reads a good romance series, a wedding at the end is a must. The tension, the action, the climax, the anxiety on whether or not s/he will show up to the reception… 
  • Of course, weddings arent necessarily like they are in books 
  • Although they could be.
  • Satan knew the minute he laid eyes on you that you’d be the one he’d end up proposing to, as cliché as that sounds 
  • However, he has never truly thought about his own wedding before, or his own proposal 
  • He knows it has to be romantic. It has to capture him. It cant be half assed and it can’t be taken lightly, but even with all of this in mind, he cant seem to come to a good census. 
  • One thing is for certain: the ring has to look enchanted, one of a kind. He wont settle for just a measly diamond because you deserve way better than that, but he also wants it to represent him, since he is, officially, making you his. 
  • The ring will be a yellow gold diamond filigree with an emerald in the middle. It reminds him of a enchanted fairy tale, which is perfect because to him you are an enchanted fairytale. The emerald, of course, represents him and by placing it in the middle, he’s making sure youre not forgetting him. 
  • As for the actual proposal? Well he wouldn’t be Satan if he didnt do something romantic 
  • Now, of course part of him HAS to be cliché
  • Candlelight, rose petals, a picnic blanket under the stars with food that he definitely prepared himself. He’ll hide it under the disguise of a nice date because cmon, you deserve it
  • But in reality, he has everything figured out, and he added his own twist to it as well 
  • “You look stunning underneath the moonlight…" 
  • Hes been giving you compliments all evening. What can he say, hes quite the charmer 
  • Although there’s definitely a blush evident on his cheeks 
  • He’ll invite you for a nice walk, making sure to hold your hand tightly as he talks, or lets you talk. 
  • But then he’ll suddenly stop you under a random tree, or at least you think it’s random 
  • "You know, trees have layers, much like an onion. Much like you and me. Some people don’t care for trees and their layers, others are fascinated by it. I think that perfectly describes people. Some you don’t care about, others you find deeply mesmerizing. I find you deeply mesmerizing, (Y/N), and you are one of the few trees I am fascinated by. Your bark, your leaves, your roots… I want to see and hold and cherish it all. That’s why…" 
  • He pulls out the ring box, which he added his own personal twist to. As he opens the box, you see a bunch of papers scurry downward before coming together in a small book, a beautifully drawn tree resting on the top page titled "the story of us”. Over that, the ring is being held, shimmering in the evening moonlight. He gets down on his knee, smiling softly 
  • “That’s why I want to spend the rest of our lives continuing to learn of your past, protect you in your present, and be there for the future. You are beautiful inside and out. You’re my fairytale come to life, for a lack of better phrasing, and what kind of Prince would I be, would i not take this chance. I ask you, (Y/N), with my love in your heart, and this ring in front of you, will you make me the happiest man by marrying me?”
246 notes

Satan: *walking up to mc in a trench coat* you got the stuff?

MC: *looks in both directions* yea……

MC:*passes satan a kitten*

26 notes

Mc: (screaming) who the Hell did this?!!

Lucifer: what did you do now? (looks at Mammon)

Mammon: it wasn’t me

Mc: (runs down) who did this to my hair?! (shows horrible dyed and cut hair)

Asmo: (shocked) Mc you look horrible

Mc: I know that

Satan: it was probably Mammon

Mammon: why me?!

Satan: Levi watched a new season, Beel was out and Belphie was sleeping

Mammon: doesn’t mean it was me

Satan: who else would do that

Mammon: someone that doesn’t like Mc

Belphie: (secretly smiling)

Mc: (hits table) it was Belphie! I saw you smiling you damn bastard!

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Catch me out here simping for Satan 

This is my MC (which is literally just me lmao). He’s supposed to be holding me but it kinda looks like I’m just really tall (I’m not).

Anyway drawing this made me feel like I was 12 again

24 notes

Belphie: it’s nap time

Satan: it’s 2pm

Belphie: any time is nap time for me

35 notes

MY FUCKING HEART I CAN’T— Also I dont know much about being blind (other than my usual blindness because i wear contacts/glasses lol) or brail so forgive me if this is wrong. I also kept this GN because no genitals are mentioned or anything

You’re My Adventure (SATAN X BLIND!GN!READER)


Originally posted by brigh17

Keep reading

213 notes

Solomon: for my next trick I will make something appear that everyone loves

Beel: is it food?!

Belphie: a nice pillow?

Mammon: money?

Satan: a cat?

Solomon: no it’s (dramatic gesturing)

Mc: (appears) tada!

Diavolo: Mc! (hugs them)

Simeon: (chuckling) this is quiet a surprise

41 notes

I’m pairing you up with Satan!

  • As a fellow libra, he tends to isolate himself, favoring books over people. You definitely change that!
  • He tends to protect you from any sudden loud noises. Unfortunately, in House of Lamentation, that’s quite often.
  • He loves book dates. Take this boy to a bookstore. He’ll be gone.
  • Having said that, if you try and replicate any scene from one of his favorite books, he will be floored by the idea.
4 notes

satan x gn!reader, rated g, valentine’s day fluff

part 2/7 of my obey me v-day hcs!

pt 2: “words fail” with satan at 12 pm est

  • You check your phone, reaffirming the text Satan had sent you
  • Satan: come to the living room
  • Looking around, you don’t see him, which is odd. However, there’s something on the coffee table that catches your eye
  • Walking over to get a closer look, you see a single red rose and a note
  • ‘MC’ is scrawled on the front of the note in Satan’s elegant script.

“Dearest MC,

I struggle to find the words to say I love you when I try to say it aloud. Due to this, I’ve decided to compose a letter to you describing my utter devotion.

MC. You make my whole world better. You make me better.

When we were in the human realm, I managed to pick up a collection of human love poems, and I found one I think best describes my love to you.

‘This is my confession.

As dark as I am,

I will always

find enough light

to adore you to pieces,

with all of my pieces.’

The poem was written by Johnny Nguyen. I find most of his work beautiful.

Before you came, my world was so dark, Before you, all I felt was a never-ending sea of wrath, hot and burning, like lava in my throat. Occasionally, I would feel a sick sense of satisfaction or smugness, but I now know those emotions were just pale imitations of the real thing, something I only know because of you.

I now feel love, happiness, hope, all things I thought I could never achieve. And it’s all thanks to you.

So, MC, if you know nothing, at least know this. I will always love you. I will always be there for you. And all I can hope is you never get tired of me and feel the same way.

Yours completely,


Blinking back tears, you re-read the letter, tracing each carefully penned word with your finger. Fits that Satan would write you a letter. He always was better at communicating that way.

  • Smelling the rose, which was thornless, you press the letter to your chest, promising you’d never lose it.
  • It would be one of those things you pull out in a few decades that transports you to the past.
  • Folding up the letter, you set out on your next goal: finding that silly fourth-born.
  • Instinct tells you to head to his room, so you do, steps hurried against the stone floor. Once you make it to his room, you don’t bother knocking, instead throwing the door open in your haste.

Satan blinks in surprise as you barrel towards him.

“You boneheaded demon,” you say into his neck, hugging him tightly. “Of course I’m yours. Forever and always.”

Satan’s entire body untenses, and he hugs you back, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

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song for this: hanahaki (bloom) by molly ofgeography

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 Mc: emotional I’m non existent without outside force

Satan: Mc please shut up I’m trying to read here

Mc: one more?

Satan: alright but then shut up

Mc: alright you got me I’m empty, I’ll shut up now

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