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#satan avatar of wrath
sanjigrl · 2 days ago
pairing: satan x gn!reader
genre: fluff
request: Heyy I saw your post that you wanted to write, so I'm here to ask! I'm slightly sick right now, so maybe could you write an Obey Me! Satan x reader fic of him taking care of the reader when they're sick (gender neutral if possible)
warning: none
note: thank you so much for your request i hope that you'll like it, sorry that i took so many time to write it :/
Tumblr media
When Satan came out of his room for breakfast, everyone was already there, and surprised to see you weren't with him "Y/n isn't with you?" ask Asmodeus, putting back his pocket mirror on the table after arranging his hair "Oh no, they're not, I thought they'll be there because I came later than usually" he say, sitting at the table "You'll go check if they're awake, I don't want them late to their class" say Lucifer, being ignored by his younger brother.
But after their breakfast, Satan walk to your bedroom, wanting to know why you weren't already up. He knock on your door, almost not hearing your voice telling him to come in and he open the door to you, still being in bed, your eyes still closed "It's me" say Satan and you open your eyes, smiling at him "Oh hi" you say, your voice weak and raspy "I think I won't be able to attend the classes today" you say.
He nod, understanding the situation "Then, I'll stay with you," he cleans up some things that were on your floor "someone has to make sure you're alright.", "No, Lucifer will be mad, just tell him that I'm sick and that I'll-", "I could care less about what he says" he chuckles. "But I don't want you to get sick" you pout. "Come on" he teases, putting the back of his hand on your forehead "I won't" he just says, smiling at you before putthing his fist on his waist "Did you take your medicine?" he ask, you nod "Okay"
He remove his jacket, putting it on the chair at your desk that already had too many clothes on it and came to lay beside you "Want me to read something for you?" he ask, you nod smiling at him, thankfull that he stayed.
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long-furby6 · 28 days ago
The Younger Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
What I probably should be doing rn is getting through all the asks I have in my inbox but not finishing this idea was bothering me for the past few weeks so here. I also want to do one for the side characters sometime
Also @backalleykat since they asked to be tagged 👌👌
Tumblr media
Satan realizes he likes someone when he starts mimicking them
It doesn’t seem like anything important, but to him, a demon who spent most of his life searching for individuality, it’s huge
He pauses mid sentence one day, blinking in surprise as he realizes what he just said was the same thing you always did, and the realization that a few of his recent small habits came from you came right after
Did he really spend so much time observing you without even realizing it? Enough to pick up on your seemingly insignificant mannerisms?
Asmo’s just staring at him like ?? Cause he’s still standing there with his eyes wide 💀
After that realization, he suddenly can’t stop noticing every little thing you do. The way you walk, laugh, fidget, how you act when you’re nervous, or excited. He perks up immediately when he catches a sign of repressed anger, especially if it’s at Lucifer. Gotta see where that goes, ya know?
Eventually, you’re going to have to notice the amount of times he stares at you, only to quickly avert his gaze when you turn to look at him, a tint of red on his cheeks as he pretends to have been reading the whole time
Don’t bring it up though he will short circuit. He thinks he’s being sneaky
It’s also kinda ruining his life bc he’ll catch himself doing something he got from you in public or in the middle of a test and just… man he’s distracted now. How can you expect him to focus when the thought of you just entered his mind?
What’s worse, other people can probably see the flustered, panicked expression on his face as he scrambles to get back on task
You Are Killing This Man Softly
Tumblr media
Asmo realizes he likes someone when he doesn’t think about himself around them
Ok, let me explain. In most situations, he’s always subconsciously thinking about how he looks in the moment, the way he acts, the words he’s saying. It’s not uncommon for him to move into an uncomfortable position or stand a certain way to ‘play up his natural beauty’
He’s constantly analyzing how other people are seeing him without even having to really think about it, it’s just an ingrained response at this point
After all, what if he wasn’t pretty? What if he loses all the people that have ever looked up at him in awe? What if he loses his only source of validation? What if he’s completely alone?
And most of all, how would you, the one person he puts above himself, have to say about it?
However, those thoughts seem to just… dissipate, when you two are alone
It’s not like he’s suddenly not insecure anymore, it’s more like he simply doesn’t think about it. When with you, all he can really focus on is the way your lips move, or that small spark in your eye when he says something that makes you laugh, and oh god, that laugh
Within 5 minutes tops, he’s doing things he wouldn’t be doing normally. Snorting when he laughs, saying things that are most definitely not cute or hot but plain stupid, sitting in unelegant, but comfortable, positions, and a goofy grin on his face, one that could only be pure and happy and, above all, genuine
Things that he’s usually suppressing the hell out of come out when you’re around. Which is strange, wouldn’t you be the person he wants to impress the most? Aren’t people usually overly conscious of themselves around someone they like?
In any case, seconds after you leave when his excitement dissipates and the memories start coming back to him, he freaks
Gotta stare himself down in the mirror and scream bloody murder
Please just. Play with his hair and tell him he’s good enough. Let him have some fun and goof off without astronomical amounts of alcohol. Let him lay his head in your lap and dramatically rant about his day while you add in equally dramatic agreements
Not only will it be wildly appreciated and make him near feral, but he’ll definitely try doing a few favours back
Tumblr media
Beel realizes he likes someone when he wants to impress them
He’s not exactly the type to care about what others think of him, let alone wanting to show off around them. He’s not Mammon, of course
So he was, undoubtably, quite confused as to why that changes around you
Picking up large objects that he really didn’t need to, working out twice as hard, saying some joke in a group of people and turning to you to gauge your reaction, then feeling heat bloom in his chest when you laugh or smile along, or the cold disappointment when you remain unfazed
He doesn’t realize it at first, but it seems that everyone else did. Even Luke mentioned it, pointing it out while Simeon smiled and agreed
Asmo, of course, was the most ruthless, constantly on his case about it and lowkey acts offended that he doesn’t try to impress him, too
He just tilted his head in confusion the first time it was brought up. Impress you? Why would he want to do that?
It suddenly hit him what exactly he wants from you. For you to be proud of him, proud to have him, for you to run your hands down his sides and tell him so with nothing but love and adoration in your eyes. It’s an embarrassing thought for him, but also a quite enticing one
If only…
He doesn’t deny it like SOME of the others. Instead, he accepts it, and continues to show off around you, this time with more self awareness
Tumblr media
Belphie realizes he likes someone when he dreams about them
He’s said before that he doesn’t have many dreams, even with how often he’s sleeping. So when he does wake up with even the fuzziest of memories, it’s a bit of an exciting thing for him. Unfortunately, the only vivid ones he has are nightmares
However, lately, that began to change
It started while he was still up in the attic, when he would drift off after one of your visits, only to see your face again
He was confused at first. And, dare I say, a little angry. The only dream he had in the last few months and it’s about a human? A human that smiled down at him and laid next to him on the grass, looking up at the stars?
Why was he having these thoughts about you? Why would his subconscious throw him for a loop like this? And, most importantly, why did he feel so giddy when he woke up?
The more time he spent with you, the more he started to get it
With every evening spent napping in your lap, with every time you smiled and ruffled his hair, with that ethereal feeling he got just from seeing you first thing in the morning. Little by little, the realization was coming on to him
It finally hit on a strangely ordinary day, all but for the dream he just woke up from
‘Dream’ wouldn’t be the right word, it would be ‘nightmare’ or ‘night terror’. No matter what you called it, he woke up shaking, grabbing the nearest object and pulling it closer to him
He was too shaken up to fully he realize what he was doing, but he had already nuzzled into your neck and secured his arms tightly around your waist, eyes squeezed shut tightly that slowly relaxed when you finally reacted, sleepily burying your fingers in his hair
God, he hated feeling weak
So why did he feel so comfortable right now? Was he not at his most vulnerable?
He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what that meant
After that night, the dreams of you grew more frequent, but this time, they weren’t unwelcome. Through them, he was able to say and do things he would’ve never even considered while awake. No fear of rejection, am I right?
And let’s just say dream-you did their own fair share of things that left him not even being able to look you in the eye the next day
One day he’s gonna mess up and confuse talking to you irl as a dream, but that’s a story for another time
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antiomnia · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
04 / meaningless wrath
Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 8 months ago
Hello, can I have some head canons for the brothers? When their s/o gains a demon form (maybe the form is similar to theirs?) due to being pacts with them
Brothers When MC Is Reborn As A Demon And Gains A Similar Form To Their Own 
Tumblr media
Paired these two together. Hope you both like it! 
Your death was both expected, and unexpected at the same time. Humans were fragile like that, but it still didn’t make it any easier for him to get over it. He could tell that you were back, although not the way he wanted you to be, he could see the little orb that was you, and with that orb would come your familiar scent. Usually you’d visit him in his office, and he’d quietly talk to you, and if he focused hard enough he could almost hear you talking back to him. It didn’t last long though, and soon your orb stopped coming around, it was almost as if you had died a second time… that is until you showed up at his office. You weren’t an orb anymore, but you weren’t yourself, at least not the you he remembered. You had horns, they resembled his so clearly, and the black diamond birthmark that he wore so proudly on his forehead when in his own form, you had a matching one on your sternum. You were… beautiful, to say the least. The resemblance filled him with pride and stroked his ego more than he’d like to admit. You had always been his, but now you truly looked the part. 
“Welcome back home, Darling.” 
He didn’t take your death well, at all. He sat in his room crying for days after you had passed, and he refused to leave for anyone or anything. Even the promise of Goldie didn’t drag him out of his somber state. When your orb first appeared, that was the first time he left his room, screaming as he ran out the door. You were such a bright ball of light, and it hurt his eyes to stare at it for too long, but he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of it, off of you. The sense of comfort it brought when it was around, he knew that it was you. He started expecting to see it, and when your orb stopped showing up he searched the entire house, slumping back to his room when he couldn’t find his little ball of light, he couldn’t find you. When he opened the door he was shocked. There you were, sitting proudly on his couch. Your horns were exactly like his, and he slowly walked toward you, noticing the golden lines that traced along your torso, much like his own. Gold… his favorite color, his favorite thing, it was a way of showing everyone that you were his. His human… not anymore… not quite. You were his… demon. 
“Oi! Why’d it take so long for ya tah come back?!” 
Broken, that’s how he felt when he lost you. He wasn’t okay, and according to him nothing would be okay again. Everyone knew he had the tendency to be just the slightest bit over dramatic about things, but your death even had them upset, not like he was though. He was sitting in his room, he had been gaming for about 16 hours straight when he first saw the orb of light, dancing in front of the screen. He thought it was just the light of the screen reflecting off his eyes, that is, until the orb moved, going around his head a few times only to stop next to the bathtub. Your name slipped from his tongue in a whisper, finally pushing himself away from his desk and following you to the bathtub. It was like a blanket of peace enveloped him when your orb was around, just like when you were alive. Then you stopped coming, your light stopped showing up in his room. Even as a spirit you got tired of him, at least, that’s what he thought. He was heading back to his room after getting a package from the front door, impulse buying to try to make himself feel slightly better about losing you a second time. At first he didn’t notice, going straight to his computer to begin unboxing, then he heard your voice, his name, his head turning around so fast he could have broken his own neck. You were sitting in his bathtub, smiling up at him as a tail… your tail… you had a tail now, flicking happily over the side of the tub. Your head was adorned with horns that looked so much like his, but instead of four points on each horn, you only had two. He loved it, you looked like him, you looked like you were his… and now you really were. 
“Y-You’re back, I missed you so much!”
Death was such a beautiful thing to him, beautiful and bittersweet. Your death was no different, seeing you layed out so peacefully, you looked as gorgeous in death as you did in life. Still, once your body had been removed, there was an emptiness, a strange loneliness that engulfed him. Not even his own reflection could make him smile, how strange that a human like you could cause such a hole in his life. He tried to fill the void with self-care days and shopping trips, but it was useless if he wasn’t doing it with you. Sitting at his vanity, he stared at his own reflection, his eyes dull, not glowing nearly as bright as they used to. That’s when the little ball of light caught his eye, darting back and forth behind his head, trying to make him look, you were trying to get his attention. He smiled softly, knowing immediately that it was you, his eyes glistening with tears as they followed your orb. You became a constant presence in his room, one that he held onto dearly. He might have lost the sparkle in his eye when he lost you, but you had come back as the physical manifestation of that sparkle. He came back to his room, calling out for you quietly, knowing that you’d be there, his favorite little ball of light, except this time you called back to him. He pushed open his door so quickly, his eyes wide and a beautiful smile gracing his features as he took you in. Your horns matched his to a T, right down to the pink tips, you had one heart shaped birthmark right over where your heart was that matched the hearts that adorned his left arm. You had one tiny set of wings, much smaller than his own, and instead of having double on each side, you only had one wing on each side. You were beautiful, and dare he say it, almost as beautiful as him. 
“I’ve been waiting so long for you! Come here, beautiful!” 
Getting attached to you was the best thing, and the worst thing he could have done. Allowing himself to get close to you and love you, it was the greatest decision he had ever made, while simultaneously being the most awful. He had never lost someone he loved before, only hearing stories of how hard it had been on his brothers when they lost Lilith. The pain was foreign to him, so when he experienced it, it hit way harder than it would have hit anyone else. He locked himself in the library, burying himself in books and meaningless research that he had no need for, it was just something to get his mind off of you. The ball of light that began to circle him, at first, was irritating. He just wanted to read, and he thought that Mammon was messing with him, like an owner would tease their cat with a laser light. Then he felt the coldness, the calming chill that almost felt like your touch when the orb landed on his shoulder. That’s when he knew it was you, and, although he knew that you were there, it didn’t ease the pain much more than his books did, but he tried. He would read his books quietly to you, to your orb, just as he had read to you when you were alive. It became a daily occurrence, going down to the library to read to your spirit, but this time was different. He opened the doors to the library and saw your form sitting in front of the fireplace. The shape of your horns… his horns… protruding from the side of your head, a long black tail wrapped around your body, the tip flicking back and forth as you watched the flames. His body filled with pride as he walked toward you, stroking his fingers along your new horns, before kneeling down behind you. 
“It’s wonderful to see you, kitten. Shall we continue our story?” 
Losing you was the second hardest thing for him, only next to Lilith. He knew it would happen at some point, you were only human, but it didn’t make it any easier for him to handle. He only had two moods, eat away the sadness, or let the sadness eat away at him. His days were either spent in the kitchen devouring everything, or laying in his bed and not eating at all, letting his stomach burn and ache with hunger, but it still wasn’t nearly as close to the pain he felt in his chest. Your name was whispered from his lips late at night, the room empty other than him, Belphie had already moved himself up to the attic so he could actually sleep at night and not be woken by Beels crying. The bright light seemed to blind him, illuminating the dark room with brilliant white. It was as if someone was shining a flashlight straight at him, but he didn’t feel angry or irritated by it which he usually would have been. His urge to cry seemed to fade completely, his hunger seemed to disappear as well, it was a feeling only you could give him. His eyes couldn’t move from the light, and he actually reached out to touch it, his fingertips feeling cold as he moved his hand closer to the orb. A shiver ran down his spine, but even with the chill, he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. In some way you were back, and even a small orb of comfort was enough for him. He hadn’t seen your orb at all that morning, and while it was upsetting, he knew that you’d come visit the room. For now, he was hungry, and for once he felt like he could actually eat, walking quickly down to the kitchen and stopping dead in his tracks. There you were, leaning against the counter and smiling sweetly to him. The horns on your head, they were like his but pointing downwards instead of up like his were. You had birthmarks, much like his own along your lower back, a small set of wings protruding from your upper back. Everything about your form was a reverse of his own, but when together, it was like you fit together like puzzle pieces. Not only did you fit together, but you looked like you belonged together, and you did. He would never let you go, not anymore. 
“You’re home! You’re finally home!” 
Of course you died, at least this time it wasn’t his fault though, it was just… time. Time, which had a sick way of giving and taking. First Lilith, and now you, death wasn’t anything new to him, that didn’t make it hurt any less though. It was time to sleep away the pain, it was all he knew how to do. He didn’t want to talk about his feelings, not with anyone, not even Beel. It was easier to deal with these things without actually facing them, he didn’t have to face the reality that you were gone while he was sleeping, because in his dreams you were still there, you were still with him. Your voice called his name, and even in his dreams it sounded so clear, like you were right next to him, and somehow it even felt like you were. His eyes shot open, looking around the room for you or for whoever would have been stupid enough to play this kind of prank on him. The light was blurry at first, sleep still clouding his vision. He quickly wiped the sleep from his eyes, finally focusing on the orb that hovered over the end of his bed. It was you, he could tell it was. Only you and Beel were allowed up in the attic, and he had locked the door so no one else could get in. It wasn’t the same, not even close. He couldn’t hold a tiny orb in his arms at night to help him fall asleep, but the presence of your orb brought about your scent, your emotions, your aura of calmness, it was all felt when you were around, he could even feel it when he was sleeping. When he woke up, the room was dark, too dark. You weren’t there and he desperately searched the room with his eyes to try to find his favorite little ball of light only for his eyes to land on the outline of something or someone on the edge of the bed. He quickly turned on his light, gasping quietly when he saw you. It was a different version of you though, a version of you that looked more fitting to stand by his side, a version that he knew he’d never have to worry about losing. Your horns curled around only once, they were smaller than his, as was your tail that flicked back and forth excitedly when you saw him. The left side of your body, from your neck and all the way down your arm was covered with cow like birth marks that matched his own. You were his match, and you always would, and always will be, just the way it should be. 
“Come to bed, it’s been too cold without you here.”
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Mc isn't a very affectionate person, while Satan cherishes every moment they get with mc. One day while Satan is cooking breakfast, mc comes up and surprises Satan with a hug from behind. (Bonus + Mc buries their head into the back of Satan shirt.)
domestic morning with satan
Tumblr media
includes: satan x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .4k | rated g | m.list
a/n: this is a really sweet prompt and i hope i did it justice! thanks for requesting!! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, and req, so drop in!
please reblog mwah
Tumblr media
satan looks over at you when he sees you walk into the kitchen. “morning, love,” he says, turning off the tap. “did you sleep well?”
you grunt out an affirmative, grabbing a mug from the cabinet. satan turns back to the counter, smiling to himself. morning-you is so cute.
taking the fruit he had sliced and putting it into a bowl, satan allows an easy silence to fall over the kitchen, only broken by the sounds of him cooking. the two of you didn’t do big breakfasts during the week, saving them for the weekends, but satan always really enjoyed them- the food prep, the actual cooking, actually eating with you; all were moments satan knew he’d remember when he was on his deathbed. just. relaxing and being with you.
neither of you were very affectionate people, something that satan thought made you well-suited for each other. of course, there were times when you both were, but it wasn’t the norm. the breakfasts were a way you two spent time together and showed your love, but without being over the top.
your lack of affection wasn’t an issue for satan. he didn’t mind it and it only made the times you were affectionate even more precious.
pouring oil into the pan, satan looks behind him, at you. you catch his gaze, giving him a small smile, still looking half asleep. again, cute. focusing on the cooking once more, satan doesn’t notice as you stand, walking over to him.
he does notice when your arms snake around him, wrapping around his waist. you press yourself into his back, the warmth for your skin soaking into his, and bury your face into the back of his shirt, which is thin enough that he could feel your cheek and the edge of your nose against his spine.
“what’s this for?” he asks and feels you shrug against him.
“just wanted to,” you say against his skin. satan smiles, reaching behind him to smooth his hand down your side, enjoying how you press into his touch. “love you.”
“and i love you,” satan replies, voice soft. this is one of those moments he’ll remember he can feel it now. it’s a weird feeling, but eclipsed by the feelings of adoration and warmth filling his heart.
he continues to cook, you shuffling behind him as he moves, still wrapped around him. it’s a little inconvenient, but satan would be lying if he said he minded it.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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kitaminx · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Might still tweak some things bc I'm still learning how to color but we'll call that done for now uwu
I tried the underneath light colored hair thing but I'm not sure it works with this kind of render 😅
One day I will learn to properly shade for now am shadow idiot
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moonlightmiya · 13 days ago
[ Kinktober; Day 4 - Pet Play - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Satan x F!Reader
Includes; Degrading, cat tail butt plug <3, teasing, groping, blowjobs, ass play/fingering, pussy eating, penetration, creampie
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - Satan I’ll be your kitten. Also pee after sex people
Tumblr media
You look up at your boyfriend with begging eyes from your space on the bed, letting out small whines as he pulls the black cat tail plug in your ass, the tugging making you clench down hard
“S-Satan, please, d-do something” you feel his hard glare in your body, watching it in delight as you squirm around, gripping his duvet tightly and curling your legs together,
“please just, put the book down, want you to touch me, now!” You shake your head, screaming at him in a demanding voice
He slams his book closed, pulling at both your nipples harshly, making you cry out more, “watch your tone” his voice stays static, but his harsh hands on your body say different,
“j-just want you to touch me..” you cry, tears pricking at the corner of your eyes from frustration
“I told you to wait, brat” he finally puts his book down, using one of his hands to grip your hair and the other to hold your stomach, keeping you in place,
“Is this what you wanted, huh?” His hand trails down from your stomach to your tail, tugging on it along with your hair, your head shakes to the side from the force of his nails digging into your scalp, you stutter on your words as he forcefully sucks on your breasts, leaving purple marks with every time his mouth leaves your chest
The constant ravaging of your body makes your mind haze, your vision fogging as he continues to grin and tug at both your plug and tail, constantly increasing the pleasure every time his tongue flicks one of your perky nipples
Suddenly he stops his movements, gripping your jaw to silence your moans, “on all fours, now” his voice is dominating, making you look up at him submissively, he looks at you with an angry expression, flipping you around effortlessly with his own strength,
“there we go, that’s so much better” he walks into your line of vision, palming his cock in his tight jeans
“Unzip it, kitten” he demands, watching your back arch onto the bed as you pull his cock out of his jeans, as soon as you see his girthy cock your hips sway side to side in excitement, visually pleasing Satan
You look up at his eyes then back down to his crotch, waiting for his approval to touch him, “go ahead baby” he groans as you lick up every vein of his dick, purring as he pulls your tail every time you mouth at a sensitive part of him
“Stop playing with me kitten” he breaths heavily, moving your face to the tip of his cock, using his long slender fingers to part your lips as he thrusts into your mouth, choking you a bit
You claw at his thighs until he pulls you off his cock, “what’s the matter baby, can’t take it?” He questions you, his deep laughing making your face go redder than it already was, you softly shake your head as you take the tip of his cock in your mouth, sucking and licking at it like a lollipop
“There’s a good girl” he pets your hair as you continue taking him in your mouth inch by inch, making it slowly getting harder to keep your composure, you moan around his cock, making his knees fall into the bed
Satan holds the back of your head, moving it up and down his dick at his own pace, humming whenever you get to a sensitive part, as you bottom him out in your mouth you can taste the pre cum leaking from him,
“Fuck, kitten, making me feel so good, that’s it” he releases pretty moans as your mouth tightens around him, licking his tip eagerly when he pulls you off of his dick
“Such a pretty girl, gonna take my cum down your throat, hmm?” You hum around him, letting him take full control of your movements, and almost instantly he is thrusting into your mouth at a fast pace
“Ah, ngh, uh, taking me so well, fuck mm” his voice shakes as he holds your head in place, pleasuring himself off hearing you choke and sob with his dick in your down your throat
“Gonna take all of my cum, kitten, don’t let a single drop hit the bed” he slowly stops with a loud raspy moan, spilling his seed into your mouth, he kneels down beside the bed, staring into your eyes as he watches you choke and swallow his cum, some of it catching on his finger as it coats your mouth beautifully
“So good for me, kitten, let me repay you” you let your head fall down onto the mattress as Satan walks to behind you, ridding of all his clothes before pulling at your tail again, making you shake
“Mmh, sir, please d-don’t tease, ‘ve been so good, a good girl, please” your begging continues as he thrusts the plug into your ass deeper, making your mouth go wide as you try to reach behind you to grab a hold of his hand
“There, there kitty, I was only playing” he softly laughs as he slowly pulls your tail plug out, only to push it back in with force, making your eyes go wide and mouth open whole
He laughs as your legs shake from his teasing, finally taking the toy out your ass, “that better?” Satan looks at you with a sly smirk plastered on his face, his words with a teasing tone added to them
You slowly nod your head up and down, trying to keep your posture how he wants it. You watch carefully as your boyfriend goes out of view, feeling the mattress sink down behind you
Suddenly a harsh hand hold the back of your neck to the bed, accompanied with Satan’s spitting words, “fucking stay like this kitten, and don’t bother complaining either, you begged for it, now you’ll take everything I give you” his grip gets tighter with every new word, nodding your head as he grips your hips and ass to pull you up farther,
A cold blow of breath hits your ass, followed by a wet spit trailing from your puckered hole and catching on your clit, dripping onto the sheets below you. “Such a slutty girl” Satan caresses your jaw, then moving his hands down your body back to your thighs, spreading your legs farther apart
“Stay still for me” he breaths, the tip of his pointed finger poking at your ass, lightly pushing in and curling up, using his spit and your own wetness as he makes makeshift lube, he soon bottoms out one finger, curling it and thrusting it in and out of your ass, making you hide your face in embarrassment at how wet Satan makes you by simply using his fingers
You’re cunt is dripping onto the bed sheets as Satan readies another finger to thrust into your ass, using his spare hand to gather the wetness of your pussy to ease his second finger into you,
“So wet baby, I could just eat you up” your eyes widen as you feel his face between your legs, his tongue instantly darting out to fuck into your dripping hole, the stimulation of both his slender fingers and long tongue making you sob through your moans
He groans into your cunt as you clench around him, tongue and fingers synchronising as they both stretch your holes out nicely, “you like being fucked like a whore, huh?” Satan pulls away from you, keeping his fingers inside your tight hole and delivering a slap to your clit before pressing his lips against it, kissing your pussy passionately
It doesn’t take long for you to come undone, your limbs shaking as you struggle to hold yourself upright, the only thing helping you is his harsh grip on your thigh, “p-please I can’t take anymore, please, take your fingers out, mmh” you moan into the mattress, silent sobs escaping your mouth as he overstimulates you
“I said to take everything I give you, you don’t want to disappoint me, do you?” Satan puts on a fake sympathy voice, moving away from your spasming cunt, his fingers still stimulating your ass,
“N-No, but, I’m gonna ngh make a mess, ahh” you whine, clawing at his bed sheets as he refuses to pull his long fingers from your ass, holding your head down as he shushes you
“Go ahead baby, make a mess for me,” he lets go of your hair, using his thumb to circle your clit as he kisses away the juices dripping down your soft thighs,
“F-Fuck, Satan I’m gonna, mmh” your cunt clenches around nothing, your hands trying to reach behind you to scratch as his forearm,
He grabs your hands, restraining them behind your back as he watches your cunt gush for him, soaking his lower stomach and bed with your cum
“Fuck that was so hot” Satan fully pulls away from you, watching in delight as your shaky limbs fail you, making you collapse on the bed, cry’s and moans still falling from your lips
Satan sits beside you, his back resting against the headboard of his bed, “hey, hey, calm down kitten” he pulls you onto his lap, placing gentle kisses along the side of your face until your orgasm fully passes,
“T-That was s-so good, ‘m tired though” you say through slurred words, your body lax in your boyfriends hold
“Tired, kitten?” He coos, “you wanna rest for awhile?” You look at him and shake your head, gripping onto his shoulders, “No? Then tell me, what do you need?”
You slowly start to grind on his lap, “I need you to fill me up, to help me sleep,” Satan smooths out your hair, holding your hips in place as he takes off his shirt,
“I don’t want to over do it kitten, your a fragile thing” Satan hums, pulling you onto his lower stomach as he undoes his belt, pulling his jeans and boxers down as he lets his cock spring up, hitting your ass
“Get on, go at your own pace kitten” you whimper as you slowly lower yourself down on his tip, clenching around him when you hear his heavy pants of finally being able to touch you,
You gasp as his cock inches inside of you, your soft walls tightening around him as he brushes against the gummy spot in your cunt,
“Mmh, ahh, Satan more” you rest your hands on his shoulders, bouncing up and down on his cock at a quick pace, enjoying the way he instantly Mamés you feel full
His hands lay at his side, his head thrown back as you pleasure his cock, pre cum already leaking from the tip
Your moans fill his ears, making his stomach twist in pleasure from the sounds of your cute voice accompanied with the lewd squelching coming from where you’re both connected.
Satan groans as you continuously bounce and grind on his cock, his orgasm coming close as your tight cunt wraps around him in the most pleasurable ways
“F-Fuck, baby ‘m so close” you yelp, the sensation of his cock ravaging your walls whilst his pubic bone nudges against your clit, making you closer to your orgasm by stimulating your sensitive pussy
“Go ahead kitten, cum with me” Satan looks into your lust filled eyes as you clench around his girth, watching as they roll to the back of your head from the weight of your orgasm
You moan and shiver on-top of him, the sole sight of you making him release ropes of cum into your creaming cunt,
“Fuck take it all kitten, milk me dry, that’s it” he praises you as you continue to bounce on his pretty cock, your walls spasming around him as you both catch your breath,
You eventually get off of him, laying down instantly as his hot cum oozes from your cunt, making a mess of the bedsheets. Your body twitches and eyes flutter shut as you calm down from your orgasm, tiredness taking over you
Satan looks at you, smiling, as he watches your fucked out form slowly fall asleep in his bed, knowing he will have to clean you gently to not wake you from your slumber
After all, he’d have to fuck his cum back into you
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- , @kurooslove @cosmosassassin
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cactus-stories · 17 days ago
MC giving Satan a pink Hello Kitty notebook as a joke and him falling in love with it. He would use it for notes in class and no one dared say anything because, come on, are you really gonna try and judge the Avatar of Wrath himself?
After that, MC makes it their mission to give him as much Hello Kitty merchandise they can get their hands on, you name it, they probably got it. Stickers, notebooks, stationary, even some pins for him to put on his RAD uniform and match them. Someone in the HoL gets a paper cut and Satan offers a bandaid, only to pull out a pack of pink Sanrio bandaids with bows and little flowers imprinted on them.
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Hi! Can I request a headcanon of the brothers +(un)datables reacting to a gn MC coming back to the Devildom with tattos around the pact marks.
Like, for example, Mammon's as grimm and a crow and Diavolo's was a crown.
I don't know if you can make a pact/blessing with angels but that sounds pretry cool!
How would the boys react? Like they had make a pact with everyone and then they had to go home and when they got back to the Devildom, they were super exited to show them off!
Just pure fluf :3
Awww. This is so cute! I love this so much! They would all definitely appreciate all the effort MC went through to get them
I tried to add pictures, but I can only put 10 per post so the brothers will be in two parts!
The older (Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, and Satan) and the Younger (Asmo, Beel, and Belphie). Then there are still the Dateables.
Brothers Masterlist | Dateables Masterlist
Brothers' Reaction to MC Having Tattoos Around Their Pact Mark
💙 Lucifer -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Of course his sigil would be next to the pact. He thought this was fine and pretty standard. He likes that is immediately shows all demons who MC belongs to.
But he was impressed at how the tattoo artist made a peacock feather around the pact mark (you know like the blue part of the feather is the pact mark).
He would love the beauty of it and how it hides the pact so simply.
And then it would light up when you summon each other making the tattoo glow!!!
Definitely traces it once or twice and is tempted to get one to match...
💛 Mammon -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So it is just one tattoo (the one on the right) but the Nordic runes are replaced with the pact mark and somewhere on the raven has his sigil (on the left). I could see the eye of the raven being gold or yellow to give it a pop of color. (I tried to find coin tattoos but they looked kinda silly so I thought this would look cooler)
Mammon is in love. He just keeps touching it. He named it too... (it's name is Judy)
Now his sigil can protect MC anywhere and if it is visible his crows can easily find them!
I like to think the entire crow turns gold when you summon each other...
🧡 Leviathan -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think MC would get a sea monster in a similar style to the famous Japanese art piece Kanagawa (of course with his sigil hidden in the detail to find and the Pact would be in the water)
Leviathan would be in awe. MC literally has a tattoo of an anime Lotan and it is beautiful.
He would make MC sit for hours while he stared at it trying to find his hidden sigil.
He definitely wants to get a tattoo of him that represents MC!
The water glows whenever they summon each other leaving the shadow of the sea monster.
💚 Satan -
Tumblr media
I couldn't actually find a sigil for Satan, I just kept getting Lucifer's... so he gets this. His pact will be above the cat and the cat's body kind molds around it while standing on a book.
He thinks the cat is so cute. It kinda looks like the cat him and MC hid from Lucifer in the House of Lamentations.
He likes to just stare at it and make the pact glow.
When the they summon each other, the pact glows giving the cat some light to read the book.
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https-sen · 2 months ago
Flirty S/O HC's
Featuring: Leviathan, Satan, and Mammon x gn!MC
Recommended to listen while reading!
Tumblr media
He's so shy whenever you initiate handholding and flusteres when you compliment him but when you pepper his face with kisses? Oh shit, his heart melts into a puddle of "UwU" and hides his face in the crook of your neck when you do so.
"Levi, Levi, Levi!", you peep from his right shoulder as he plays Minecraft. "Hm? I'm working on our house, whats up?", he takes off his headset to meet your eyes. * <3 mwa <3 * Oh? Everythings so blurry. Oh nevermind it's just Levi's self control vanishing as he swims in flustration and embarrassment. "W-Why'd you do that???", he burries his cherry red face in his hands as you laugh. "Sorry Lovely, you're just too cute to not be given kisses" apologizing through giggles while you hug him and stroke his hair. "Just.. just give me a heads up next time..", muffled from your chest.
He's not bothered by it at all actually. He finds it like one of your charming personality traits. Something that makes you special. He gets embarrassed if you kiss him or hug him off guard though but he'd laugh it off and give all his attention towards you.
"Boo!", you hugged him from behind and slightly pinch his cheeks before kissing his collarbone. Hiding his face in his book, he says quietly "Well, hello to you to darling." Rubbing your thumb on his cheek you kiss his nose and exclaimed, "Dear, your ears are red!" And here he goes again. Head in the book and heart throbbing. "You should take on my poor heart slowly, it can't handle too much of your stunning-ness, love.", peeping from his book and meeting your sparkling irises. You giggled and promised to greet him properly next time.
He'd shrug it off like, "The Great Mammon would never get flustered over such a mere affection!" even though he'd redder than Luke's strawberry jam tarts. You'd of course tease him for it and he'll quietly admit to it. Feeling proud, you'll make sure to treat him to an icecream date
*Boom* "Eh?" You kabedonned him to the wall unexpectedly and startled the demon. He started stuttering and 'ordered' you to get of 'The Great Mammon, Avatar of Greed' but teasing him further you got close to his ear and whispered a small but clear scentence, "Hello to you too, my precious darling." When I'm telling you he pissed himself, he took the biggest L and was stamerring as you grinned at the poor shy baby boy and he couldn't help hiding his face in your chest. He has a whole two weeks to tolerate his brothers teasing because of you but it's worth it since you're his precious human :)
Tumblr media
a/n: CUTIES BEING ALL MELTY UAVSHWHWJW SEN.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING- anyways, gimme a follow, reblog and like to support my small acc! it helps bunches <3
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usertala · 27 days ago
Characters: Satan, Beelzebub
Tumblr media
He had already known you were angry, but it was something different. Your anger seemed to be always there. He wanted to ask, but thinking he would be nosy, he just left it.
Until an event at Diavolo’s Castle when that anger had finally burst. One demon at the party had known who you were and always avoided you. It wasn’t until you caught sight of him.
He could feel you weakly grabbing his arm, “T-that man, why- why is he here?” He looked at where you were pointing to see a demon about to leave. The party had ended and demons were slowly leaving.
That demon. There’s no mistake. It was definitely him. He was someone you had known when he was alive, someone who had murdered someone so dear to you in cold blood. You couldn’t do anything, you were just a child.
Approaching the man, you grabbed his arm. Seeing him go pale just by looking at you made you smile, “You remember me?” by now you could tell the brothers were behind you. “I heard you committed suicide? What gives you the right, you coward? Even with death- even with death, you took the easy way out! You didn’t even pay for what you did!” Activating your pact mark with Satan, telling him to attack the demon.
He could only give a few punches when his brothers tried to stop him. “How could you do that to a young boy? To a young kid like that! He was warm, kind, a normal kid. Do you realize that?! And you harm a child like that?”
Feeling barbatos and mammon trying to pull you away, you struggled in their hold. “And you call yourself a man? Are you even human?! Let me go!” Satan told them to let you go, even if you wanted to go after the guy. He was already being escorted out by Lucifer and Diavolo.
You feel Satan’s arms wrapped around you. “It’s okay, you’re okay, he’s gone. You’ll never see him again. I’ll make sure of that. He hurt you before. He can’t do that anymore, not when you’re much stronger than he is.”
Seeing you cry made his heart sting, clinging to him like a child not wanting their parent to go to work. He promised you he will make that man pay.
Tumblr media
Really? He could feel gluttony oozing from you, but whenever he offered you food you’d always refuse or when it’s by the dining room, you never always seem to eat like him.
Although you spent a lot of time with both Satan and Lucifer, he always wondered why and he was slightly jealous because of that. Still, he wants to be close to you (not that he needs to try, ‘coz everyone loves beel) buying you a book he thinks you’d be interested in.
Seeing your eyes sparkle with delight, he can feel strong glutton within you. Deciding he can’t take this anymore, he asks you about it, “Hmm, maybe because I enjoy reading? You know there are a lot of things to learn about and especially with me being a human, I could only learn so much.”
Oh. Now he understands. That’s why you weren’t hungry for food, no- you were a glutton for knowledge and power, finding different ways to be more like Solomon and wanting to know how he prolonged his life and maintained his youthful appearance.
He feels something warm inside him whenever he feels glutton emerging from you, whenever you see the books he gives you.
Tumblr media
Obey Me Masterlist
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wemaryyyy · 2 months ago
Satan in normal mornings.
Satan: Lucifer you are a fucking old boomer. I hate you very much and I hope your life will be suffering.
Lucifer: Good morning Satan go sit down and have breakfast.
Satan when he is angry.
Satan: Good morning Lucifer. Today is another beautiful day in the grace of God and the light of angels. I hope God will bless you.
Lucifer: Satan you know I don't accept that kind of language. Go to your room.
You know? Because swearing is a devildom, the normal thing all about God is a devildom version of swearing words.
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 3 months ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
MC: I think our cats are gay
Satan: Why do you say that?
MC: They've been licking eachother for the past five minutes
Satan: Can I lick you?
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down-in-devildom · 2 months ago
Idk if you’d be interested in running with this concept, but I’ve always kind of liked the idea of Lesser Demons (or at least other demons) trying to get to the brothers through MC. How would the brothers (whichever you wanted to do ig) react to seeing that MC is being used? Originally I thought it would be extra angsty if the MC had a crush on the other demon, but you can take the idea wherever you want to if you’re interested!
First off, I am very sorry for taking so long with this prompt. My brain went on vacation and it was hard to get in contact with it. These turned out super long because I wouldn't shut up so I'm splitting these 3 and 3. Next part can be found here: Part 2 Anyways, thank you for your patience and enjoy!
MC being Used by Lesser Demons (Lucifer, Mammon, and Satan)
CW: Violence, Torture, Manipulation, Murder...general demonic behavior
Lucifer was used to demons wanting something from him. He was one of the most powerful demons in the Devildom and he did not make mistakes in his opinion. With power and prestige going hand to hand in the social hierarchy, it was in almost everybody’s best interest to try to get in a higher demon’s favor
To say Lucifer was hard to get close to was a severe understatement. He had built so many walls around himself after the fall and only Lord Diavolo was brazen enough to crash through them, until MC came along, that is. They were just so foolheartedly friendly and open to anybody that approached them. They demanded his attention, rather he wanted to grant it or not.  
It was hard not to notice the Lesser Demons that swarmed the MC like flies all of a sudden when he started to walk MC down the hallways at RAD from time to time. The other demons looked absolutely pathetic with how much they scrambled trying to impress the MC and do little favors for them. They would collect notes for them or conveniently find the pen MC had lost in their shared Spellcasting Class. It was all harmless to him at first until Lucifer started to notice one Lesser Demon in particular kept popping up almost like clock-work.
Lucifer brushed it off as a fragile budding friendship until MC started to look at the other demon with bright smiles and their eyes would shift to the demon in fleeting glances. No reason to get bent up by MC having a crush but the Lesser Demon appeared to have started to notice and was getting a bit too cocksure about their advantage. They would soon be found hanging around MC more than Mammon.
Usually MC would wait outside the student council office for him to get out when his workload wasn’t too hectic but soon it became both MC and the Lesser Demon. After a few times of Lucifer’s alone time with the human being interrupted by the other demon trying to lay on some thinly veiled praises to his hard work, Lucifer was getting irritated. The Lesser Demon would walk between Lucifer and MC and would sometimes not even give MC enough space in the hallways to walk side by side with them, leaving them to lag behind. MC would always hang on the Lesser Demon’s every word and wild gestures but not once did the demon look in their direction or give them time to speak.
One day, when Lucifer walked out of the student council room, it was only the Lesser Demon waiting for him. He asked where MC was and the other demon had the gall to say that the MC suddenly had an errand to run and could not make it. The Lesser Demon then started to commend Lucifer on putting up with such a weak human and how much self-control he had not to just consume them with how blindly trusting they were. Rather or not MC genuinely had errands to run that day or they were sent away to get something this demon wanted in an attempt to get Lucifer alone, the Avatar of Pride was not going to let this opportunity pass to get rid of some of the more annoying pest that have clung to him recently.
“You are correct. It is quite hard to hold back. You may understand more than anybody how irritating it is when you are being bombarded by demons that do not know their place trying to take advantage of Lord Diavolo’s exchange student. Or rather, I’m I speaking more from a personal experience?”
Lucifer takes a sickly amount of pleasure from watching the color drain from the Lesser Demon’s face as they try to stammer out excuses about having to find the MC to help them with their errands. The Lesser Demon does not get very far at all before being strangled by Lucifer in his full demon form and teleported to the dungeons where their screams echoed off the walls but nobody outside could hear.
The next day, Lucifer informed the MC about their little demon friend having to go to the countryside to take care of some family business and had to drop out of RAD. Rather or not MC knows enough about the Lesser Demon to know that would be a lie, Lucifer did not care. MC can heal from a little broken heart but the Lesser Demon will have a hard time healing from being torn limb from limb. It is so much easier to concentrate with one less fly buzzing around and it would seem like the other Lesser Demons picked up on the warning without him having to hang the corpse up from the rafters.
Mammon was used to people and demons alike wanting things from him. He was The Great Mammon and despite his attitude, he was really strong. There is a reason why so many witches want to do things for him or let him “borrow” something from them. They want to be repaid tenfold but too bad because Mammon owes nobody nothing!
Now, one thing that Mammon will have to begrudgingly admit is that he likes hanging out with MC almost as much as he likes getting expensive items and Grimm. So it comes to no surprise when a Lesser Demon first tried to spend time with the MC when they were already going to spend the whole day with him, although he didn’t tell them that, he was throwing a mini tantrum. The dumb demon had approached you both while at the cafeteria and asked to sit with you all. MC was way too nice sometimes and readily agreed and so now Mammon had to share.
Mammon’s tune quickly changed when the Lesser Demon nonchalantly gave both him and the MC some gold earrings that they claimed they bought on accident and couldn’t return. Ah, well, who was Mammon but a generous demon for taking these off their hands. And the gifts didn’t stop. Each day, Mammon was slowly losing his precious alone time with the MC but he was gaining so many luxury gifts and trinkets that he didn’t notice anything amiss right away.
The Lesser Demon was always around whenever Mammon and the MC were together and they all started to get closer. Soon enough, when MC and Mammon were hanging out in his room one day after pretending to study and just laughing at videos on DevilTube, MC said they may actually like the Lesser Demon. Like, like like the demon?!
The two actually agreed to hang out that coming weekend and MC was super excited. This was the first demon outside of the student council that they have really interacted with and they were a bit nervous to see how things panned out. MC asked Mammon to kindly not try to tag along so that maybe they can move the relationship forward into something a little more than just friends.
Mammon was trying to act like he didn’t really care that the MC had a date but then he started to fidget around and couldn’t focus on the funny videos. Why would they decide spending time with the Lesser Demon was better than spending time with him? Sure, they gave some really awesome stuff away but he is pretty sure he can get more Grimm in a night at the casino than the Lesser Demon could earn in a year!....Maybe it wasn’t about the money though.
The day of the date, Mammon followed MC, ya know, to make sure that they were safe. Mammon peaked at the Lesser Demon and MC from his spot in the bushes at the public park and watched. MC walked up to the waiting demon and looked to be pretty excited judging from the large smile on their face. The Lesser Demon doesn’t really acknowledge them at first and keeps looking around searching for something. When the MC appear to speak again, the Lesser Demon’s face seems to contort out of its friendly façade and into one of irritation before they push a wrapped gift into the MC’s chest rather hard and walk away.
Mammon was rightly mad about the Lesser Demon just leaving the MC and decides to swoop in and save the day. He casually walks by the meeting place and “happens” to run into the MC. MC appears like they aren’t that surprised to see him but hands him the wrapped gift that Lesser Demon gave them with slightly watery eyes and says it was actually a gift for him. Mammon is too mad and busy sorting out his feelings about the MC possibly being ditched in hopes that he would show up, that he had to quickly remove himself with the excuse that he was going to run to catch up with the Lesser Demon and thank them for the present.
Mammon was unnaturally quick with how fast he ran after the other demon. He was sure the MC was out of sight before grabbing the demon and forcefully shoving the small, palm sized wrapped box into the Lesser Demon’s mouth, as far down the throat as he could get it while the other demon struggled against the assault and for air. When Mammon was satisfied about not even being able to see the present from the entrance of the demon’s mouth and the throat was expanded unnaturally, he rushed back to the MC’s side and offered to get them some ice cream, his treat...this time. If the MC wonders why the Lesser Demon suddenly stopped showing up at school, Mammon just said their luck ran out at the casino or something and they were too embarrassed to come back to RAD.
Satan is not very approachable to the average demon. He was polite, smart, snarky, and an unabashed animal lover, but not approachable. Maybe it had to do with him being the Avatar of Wrath or it can be because he would sometimes treat the demons around him more like lab rats than individuals. He was a gentleman though and it was fairly easy to build up some sort of rapport with him if a demon had a great thirst for knowledge and knew how to stay out of the way when his patience thinned. 
MC was one of those rare instances where he did not seem to expect for them to understand the finer workings of a particular particle spell to get his respect and it would seem other demons have taken notice. Satan enjoyed the quiet moments where he and the MC would spend hours reading their respective books in the royal library or when they would visit one of the local cat cafes and have laps full of lazy little kittens. The tranquility did not last forever it would seem because a few demons suddenly appear to think that they have what it takes to approach him.
Things were innocent enough. MC had texted Stan ahead of time that some Lesser Demon in their Potions class was really struggling and had begged to study with them to ace the next exam. It would come to no surprise that MC’s grades improved thanks to Satan’s meticulous note taking so the MC thought that he could help the Lesser Demon as well. Plus, the MC seemed a bit desperate to make some friends outside of the circle they found themselves forced into. Satan begrudgingly agreed. It was only an hour or two and he can still get some time in with MC away from his brothers afterwards.
The. Demon. Will. Not. Leave. Satan is practically grinding his teeth with how close the Lesser Demon decided to sit to him at the study table, spouting nonsense about having poor vision. Demons don’t even need eye corrective measures! MC bought the flimsy excuse though and was trying their best to quiz the Lesser Demon on material they went over in class. The other demon was doing suspiciously well answering the questions for a demon worried about their grades. When it was the MC’s turn to answer the questions on the cue cards, the Lesser Demon was being unnecessarily harsh. They wouldn’t give the MC enough time to reply before blurting out the answer or would snidely elaborate on certain topics well past the scope of the exam needed when the MC was able to speak in time.
Satan was trying to not cause a scene in the library but he could feel his resolve cracking. What made matters worse were the little glances the Lesser Demon would give him out of the corners of their eyes whenever they found themselves able to spew out more information about subjects. The more the Lesser Demon talked, the more MC seemed to shrink in on themselves and the Lesser Demon appeared to be getting some sort of pleasure out of it. Could this dimwit of a demon not feel the temperature of the room start to plummet?
Satan had to excuse himself from the library to catch his breath and walked down the halls for a bit to calm his nerves. He was on high alert so he wasn’t all that surprised when he heard footsteps try to quickly catch up with him before someone gently grabbed his elbow. He didn’t lash out because he recognized the sound of the MC approaching well before they caught up to him. He turned around to face them just to see the MC looking off to the side looking a bit embarrassed. They quietly explain that they were trying to impress the Lesser Demon with their knowledge of Potions but it did not appear to be going all that well.
Satan gave off a bit of an irritated snort but it wasn’t directed at the MC. Of course he could tell that the MC was trying to show off but the Lesser Demon seemed set on trying to make an idiot out of them. MC is way too kind and trusting to know when some demon was blatantly being malicious and trying to use them to make themselves look good. So Satan decided against fighting his sin and was going to release some steam. He told the MC he was going to get their stuff from the library really quick and they can head to the cat café to help unwind after a productive study session. “Wait just a moment, please, MC”.
When Satan stormed back into the library, his demon form was on full display. Not that it would serve as much of a warning to the Lesser Demon when Satan immediately captures them and uses his claws to gouge their eyes. While the other demon was wailing and crying about their eyes, he got fed up and threw them out one of the giant stained glass windows. The other demon should’ve known better than to cause such a ruckus in the library. When Satan met the MC in the hallway with both their stuff and without the Lesser Demon, he said that the other demon decided to drop out of RAD suddenly because they could not keep up with the studies. Suspicious? Yes. Does he care? Not particularly...
Did I need to describe the violence? No. But these guys are demons so I feel like making them not so friendly sometimes. Please keep an eye out for part 2-Leo
Part 2 found here
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