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shamylicious-blog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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iamdslr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
please do not repost my artworks
des ü // @iamdslr // @saradesuchiha
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intheticklecloset · a day ago
Pick-Me-Up (Haikyuu!!)
Primary Universe
Tumblr media
Summary: After a really rough week, the last thing Suga wants is to go to a sleepover. But once there, it turns out his friends have something special planned for him to help him feel better.
Word Count: 1,298
Suga hadn’t even wanted to come to this sleepover, yet here he was.
They were at Daichi’s house. He sat on the floor, back leaning against the couch where Daichi, Asahi, and Tanaka were all perched, all of them fixated on the show they were watching. Technically Hinata and Kageyama were watching, too, but they were also busy fighting over who got to actually sit in the armchair and who had to sit…well, on the arm of it. It was distracting, but Suga didn’t care.
He’d be the first to admit he’d been in a funk all week. He’d bombed a test on Monday morning and it all seemed to go downhill from there. One thing bad after another happened in rapid succession to the point where he wouldn’t have been surprised if aliens decided, “Yeah, that one. Let’s abduct that one.”
Still, he tried to put on a brave face and be polite when he was asked if he wanted to sleep over at Daichi’s on Friday night with a few other teammates. He didn’t really want to, but he didn’t want to stay home sulking, either. Begrudgingly he’d agreed, and now here he was – twenty minutes into a show he didn’t care about – trying to pretend for the sake of the host and his friends that he was “just tired.”
Finally the two first-years in the room settled, with Kageyama triumphantly sat in the armchair and a pouty Hinata on the floor, and everyone was able to really focus on the show. They watched two episodes before Suga decided he’d had enough and sat up straighter to stretch, intending to go to bed.
“You know, guys, I’m really tired,” he said through his stretch, letting out a satisfied sigh at the pop in his spine. “I think I’m going to go—”
Suddenly his arms were pinned to the couch seat behind his head, heavy pressure on them preventing him from moving them anywhere. He tugged, confused, and titled his head back just as Tanaka yelled, “Now!”
Everyone moved at once.
Daichi and Asahi slid off the couch and sat on either side of him, while Hinata and Kageyama abandoned their beloved armchair to pin his legs to the floor. Suga didn’t even have time to ask what they were doing before he felt wiggling fingers in his ribs, belly, and under his knees, making him squeal in surprise and burst into unexpected – but very much needed – giggles.
“Ahahahaha! Whahahahat?! Guys, whahahahahat are you—?!”
“We’ve been planning this all day,” Daichi told him with a smile, wiggling a finger in his armpit, making him jerk away. “You’ve had a rough week, huh?”
Suga felt himself flush in shame and embarrassment, guilt washing over him despite his ticklish predicament. “I’m – I’m sohohohorry if I’ve beheheheen mehehehean—”
“You haven’t been mean at all.” Asahi squeezed his ribs. “You’ve handled it way better than I would have.”
“But we think it’s time something good happened to you for a change!” Hinata interrupted, beaming as he scribbled over Suga’s socked feet.
Sugawara twisted his head to hide in his own shoulder, unable to stop giggling hysterically at their gentle, playful touches. To be honest, he didn’t really want to stop giggling. It felt so good, especially after the awful week he’d endured to get to this point.
“Hey! Don’t hide your face!” Tanaka exclaimed, pushing Daichi aside to lean down and dig into both of his underarms at once. Suga tossed his head back and shrieked, giggles becoming laughter in an instant. “We want to see your smile! We’ve missed it, you know.”
“I’m sohohohohohohorry!” Suga cried, tugging desperately at his arms to no avail. He couldn’t even kick because of the first-years sitting on his legs. “Plehehehehehehease!”
“Stop apologizing,” Kageyama grunted. “That’s not the point of this.”
Daichi smirked. “He’s right. We’re all interested in something a little more…you.” He slipped his hand under Suga’s t-shirt and scribbled over his bare belly teasingly.
Suga instantly knew where this was going. He shook his head, eyes wide and pleading, but something inside his chest leapt at the knowledge that it was all useless. He’d have his worst spot tickled until he couldn’t breathe, and while he knew it would be unbearable, he also knew that it would feel amazing to be made to laugh uncontrollably for the first time in days. He squirmed in place, squeezing his eyes shut when Daichi swirled his finger around the tiny tickle spot.
“Say ‘volleyball’ when you really can’t take it anymore, okay?” the captain instructed, then slipped his finger into the setter’s navel and wiggled. “Tickle, tickle, tickle~”
“NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! NOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!!” Suga screamed, laughter exploding from him just as he knew it would, in wave after crashing wave of pure, desperate mirth. “NOT THAT SPOHOHOHOHOHOT, DAHAHAHAHAICHI!! PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!”
The others laughed along with him, going all-out on their assigned spots – underarms, ribs, knees, feet – until the silver-haired third-year finally dissolved into his famous hyena cackles, making it so that everyone in the room couldn’t stop laughing, albeit for different reasons.
Kageyama blushed slightly at the increasing hysterics, earning a sly grin from the redhead next to him. He shot him a look that said “not a word” and continued tickling his upperclassman, following Daichi’s lead.
Asahi smiled at his friend, happy to make him genuinely smile for a change. Seeing Suga sad had made him sad, so he was thrilled to be able to help him feel better with such a simple thing as tickling. He didn’t even realize he’d been teasing Suga along with Daichi until the setter screeched his name through his laughter.
“DAHAHAHAHAHAI!! AHAHAHAHASAHI, PLEASE!! GUYS – AHAHAHAHALL OF YOU – PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!!” Suga felt like he was going to lose his mind if they didn’t let up soon, but though he remembered his safe word, he couldn’t bring himself to say it just yet.
“Jeez, Suga,” Tanaka laughed from somewhere above him, “I knew your belly button was ticklish but this seems to be driving you insane!”
Daichi grinned wickedly at Asahi, then up at Tanaka. “Oh, yeah. He loves it when you say ‘belly button.’ It makes it tickle even more, doesn’t it, Suga?”
“Aww, does someone have a ticklish belly button?” Hinata cooed, beating all three of them to it. He grinned at Kageyama. “I know a certain someone else who loves being teased like that! Tickle, tickle, tickle the ticklish little belly button~”
Suga cursed through his laughter, making all of them laugh with him in response. “STAHAHAHAHAHAP IT PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE I CAHAHAHAHAN’T—!!”
Suddenly all five of his friends began bombarding him with teases at once, sending Suga to a whole other level of ticklish distress he hadn’t even known existed until now.
It broke him instantly, and he screamed “VOLLEYBALL!!” at the top of his lungs, desperate for a reprieve.
They stopped, climbing off of him so he could curl up on himself, still giggling breathlessly into his hands as he covered his face with them.
“Ah-ah-ah, don’t hide that smile,” Daichi reprimanded gently, grabbing his wrists and pulling them away so they could all see his bright, beaming grin. “That’s what we’ve been missing all week. It’s good to see you happy again, Suga.”
Sugawara collapsed into him unconsciously, chest heaving as he caught his breath. “You guys are so mean,” he muttered, still smiling. “The actual worst.”
“Hey, don’t make us tickle you to death again,” Tanaka warned. “We will!”
“No, I’m good.” Suga chuckled, grinning at each of them in turn. “…thank you.”
Daichi ruffled his hair. “Of course. You needed a major pick-me-up after the week you’ve had.”
“Yeah…but, uh…” Suga bit his lip, looking sheepish. “I really am tired now, though.”
They all laughed again.
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naruhinamybeloveds · a day ago
Can someone pls recommend me the best nh fics🙏🏿
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nejihinata · 2 days ago
Hello, dear followers!
We are already accepting prompts for NejiHina Week 2021!
You can send prompts as sentence starters, color (or a palette), an AU, a word or whatever you think that fits in our event. Feel free to send us the asks!
Stay tuned for more updates!
Please only send them through the ask box. It is better for us to gather all the suggestions.
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aneclecticone · 2 days ago
Babeyyy I know the nh antis are sick to they stomachs!🤣
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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steklywko · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Битва против Пейна
Планирую выполнить эту работу в цвете, а пока ловите скетч с накинутыми тенями:3
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ps4peter · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a collection of the tiniest hinatas!
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suncelia-art · 5 months ago
Jujutsu Stroll - Haikyu!! Version
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introloves · 3 months ago
Jax my sweetie! Haven’t you heard? It’s sundress and no panties season!! Who do you think would feel their s/o’s up while they’re out having a cute picnic in the park?
ohh,, the list for this is long...
Tumblr media
› bokuto, meian, atsumu, oikawa, hinata-
unashamedly wanders his heavy hand down to your ass- fingers playing with the cute little sundress you're wearing, smiles at you when you squeak and try to pry his thick hands from your form. you don't want to flash the people walking behind the two of you, but wearing a pretty little number like that, for him- has him insatiable. doesn't take long for him to take you further away from wandering eyes and fucking you against a tree, one hand holding onto your face so you don't go bumping it against the tree and the other laying against the curve of your spine, sundress bunched up and used as leverage to bring you back onto his thick cock over and over, watching your pretty, shaking hands press helplessly on the tree to get more, more, more. knees knocking against one another while you’re nearly suspended with each thrust- so pretty and desperate, all spurred on by the sight of you in a simple little dress. 
› aone, aran, suna, osamu, kageyama-
can't really articulate what it does to him seeing you in something so pretty, fitting for the hot temperatures while you're sitting outside- happily sipping on cold drinks in the shade. he doesn’t even know you’ve opted for no panties, not until you uncross your legs and reach over for more food- and he slowly feels his world tilt on its axis. it takes no time for him to reach over the food, knocking things out of the way in order to land his hands on you- tugging your body closer, fingers digging into the softness of your body, letting himself tug and pinch and grab at the dress you’ve adorned yourself in. asking you with little humor, ‘what were you thinking, hm?’ before flipping your body over and sliding a thick and heavy cock into your cunt- the same one he caught glimpses of mere seconds ago- puts your body into a pretty little arch, both hands on your ass, grabbing and pushing you down at the same time so he can see his monstrous cock slide in and out of you. mewls and cries coming from your muffled mouth already drooling onto the picnic blanket only spurring him on.
› iwaizumi, ushijima, gao, kyoutani-
doesn't even let you walk out the door- fucks you on the floor of your living room. lets swung up over his shoulders so he can see your body jiggle underneath the dress slowly hitching up your tummy with the way he’s fucked you into a mating press, dead set on cumming inside your tight little cunt so he can see every load run down your legs when he finally does let you walk out of the house. he’s not even undressed, cock tugged out of the waistband of his pants- letting you cream and make a mess of his own clothes with every thrust that meets your wet cunt, chuckling once he’s finally spent after furiously fucking you down onto the floor- small little apologies for ‘acting like an animal’ that are just empty words and its not like you mind- too fucked out and shaking to care. 
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inky-cap · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he was raised by lesbians
this is based on this post which I found so funny I had to draw it
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