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Mammon: how do I ask out MC?

Simeon: that’s easy! Just be yourself!

Lucifer: that’s terrible advice. No one likes him.

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dia/simeon/mc w mc domming them both and teaching simeon how to dom dia okay goodnight

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just woke up from a simeon dream and i gotta go back to sleep if i wanna be functional at work tonight but like 🥴🥴 gimme simeon on his knees???? gimme 🤲🏻 his back perfectly straight, knees spread, make him hump the air pathetically and try to cum just from the head of his cock catching on the elastic of his pretty panties. he’s so sensitive, he could do it, but he keeps losing his posture and hunching his shoulders, letting his eyes slip shut or losing focus on you, and you have to keep correcting him. he’ll get it eventually, he really is trying, but he can’t help it. he just feels so good.

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*telling stories at RAD*

You: Anyways, I broke his jaw.

Simeon:… Why do all your stories end that way?

Satan: ? Mine normally end with mutilation.

Belphie: *nodding* People are assholes.

Me: Belphie, you normally don’t even do anything-

Belphie: Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t wreck anyone’s shit.

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Simeon *sees Solomon take out food*: You can cook?!

Solomon: I made a cake once.

MC: He did, it was very good.

Solomon: Really?

MC: Please don’t make me lie twice

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Rain, a Fire, and Simeon - Devil Flower Locked and Unlocked

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I’ve summoned 111 times from Nightmare desperately trying to get Simeon’s card and it’s just not happening (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)


Originally posted by knightjimmy

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it’s noon and i’m obsessing over freshly fallen simeon latching onto mc as a beacon amidst the chaos and hurt and disorientation of his new existance. gravitating to their bright soul and not realizing that he no longer desires it as he did when he was an angel, to preserve its purity and vibrance, but rather the opposite. his wild demonic nature calls him towards them and urges him to destroy their radiance and grind it into filth, but you’re the only thing he has left, the only constant he can trust not to judge him for his sins or gloat over his inevitable corruption, the only truly good thing he’s ever known, and he’s so confused.

so confused and lost and vulnerable and begging so sweetly for you to tell him what to do and-

he’s so stunning, there on his knees, and you’re only human.

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For context first part: here

Reblog so other people can see that my Asks are OPEN :)

MC’s Poker night with God pt. 2

*After hearing a scream, Solomon and Barbatos rush into Diavolo’s room to see Simeon looking under the bed while Diavolo holds his face shaking.*

MC, get out from underneath there this instant!

MC: No!

Solomon: I take it that Poker night didn’t end well.

Barbatos: *Sighs* No, it ended too well in MC’s favor.

*Simeon reaches for them only to get his hand swatted at by MC.*

Simeon: Ugh, MC!!!

MC: No, it’s mine!

Solomon: Ok, what did they win?

Simeon: *Snapping his head to Solomon* They took God’s left eye!

*At that exact moment, Solomon and Diavolo bursts out laughing and nearly collapse where they stand.*

Simeon: Diavolo, stop laughing and help me!

Barbatos: It’s Lord Dia-

*Simeon glares at Barbatos who stops while Diavolo’s laughing dies down.*

Diavolo: Ok, ok, I’m good now.

*Diavolo crouches down next to his bed*

Diavolo: MC…

MC: No, I won it fair and square.

Diavolo: That is true but you can’t keep it, God kind of needs it.

MC: But he’s all seeing!

Solomon: Yeah but he didn’t see that coming.

*Simeon glares at Solomon and he shuts up*

MC: Rule #1 of Poker is don’t bet anything you aren’t prepared to lose.

Diavolo: That is also true but that’s kind of null and void when you take it with a spork. Now give it back before you go insane from staring at it.

MC: ….But it’s shiny. :(

Diavolo: Yes, I know but it’s for your own good.

*The room is silent for a moment before a bottle with a glowing orb rolls from underneath the bed. Diavolo picks it up and hands it to Simeon.*

Diavolo: Thank you MC. Now are we going to come out from underneath the bed?

MC: …Is Simeon still mad?

Simeon: I’m not mad anymore, I’m just disappointed.


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“I have no idea why but Simeon reminds me of a CLAMP character. I don’t even know which one. Maybe it’s just his design? It drives me bonkers when I think too much about it.”

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Undateables with a Child MC

Yes!!! I had some much fun writing this for the bros! Thanks for the request!


  • Omg. This man is so childish and since Luke is so extremely scared of demons, well, he now has another reason to get out of work.
  • Much to Barbatos’s dismay.
  • He will take you everywhere.
  • No joke.
  • You want to go to a park? He’ll push you on the swing. Wanna eat? You, him and Barbatos are either going out or baking together.
  • He loves it when you babble and just go on nonsensical rambles, stumbling over your words with a frustrated pout.
  • He’s honestly one of the few people patient enough listen and help.
  • You asked to help with his paperwork one day and he just straight up melted.
  • He would help you read through the documents until you fall asleep on his lap.


  • He’s so stressed out when you show up.
  • Like seriously.
  • There was supposed to be a human adult. He swears he didn’t fuck up the paperwork.
  • Though looking to see Diavolo’s pleased look, he sighs.
  • Of course it was intentional.
  • If you want to help him bake, his eyes are constantly on you.
  • You’re not an angel or a demon. You’re delicate.
  • Sitting on his shoulders while he cooks? Hell yes.


  • Is immediately setting up playdates between you and Luke.
  • Is so protective over you it’s scary. Like, any of the demons look at you wrong, they’re getting his rath. Or well, what little rath he has.
  • He will sing you to sleep. He has the softest, most calming voice.
  • Loves giving you sweet.
  • Overall, just amazing.


  • YES!
  • You’re his best friend now.
  • He drags you around everywhere. Will help you read, lets you sample what he’s baked, everything.
  • Shields you from all the demons, no matter what you say.


  • I mean, he honestly doesn’t care.
  • Doesn’t talk with you much, but considering you’re a child in devildom, he’s keeping an close eye on you.
  • He’s around every fucking corner and will defend you with his life.
  • Not that you know.
  • Will deny it until he dies.
  • He “doesn’t like children”. Maybe you’re an exception.
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i wanna see simeon drenched in blood. fallen and angry and sinful and uncontrolled. hurting and lost and destroying everything that has the misfortune of coming across him. newly sharp teeth bared in a defensive snarl, weathered wings flared around him in warning. hands tacky with dried blood and clinging viscera and curled into fierce claws, ready to lash out in an instant.

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